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Rochester Courier Index 1900-1909

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      This is an index to the Rochester Courier. It contains entries from January 1900 through December 1909. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester. References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#).

     There are no page numbers on these issues. In some instances, an issue having two sections is bound so that the page sequence is 1-4, then 9 and 10, (or 9-12), then 5-8.

     In some cases the date of the event has a question mark in it. This is to indicate that the article says the event took place "last Wednesday" or "last Thursday". (The Courier was issued on Friday.) The entry had to guess which Wednesday or Thursday the word "last" applied to. Thus, the question mark indicates that the date may be off by a week. Some entries have one or two letters in parentheses appended. This code refers to the fact that the item is not a separate article but is included in one of the area columns. A list of these codes and the columns they represent appears at the end of the index. Some obituaries list females as "Mrs." followed by the husband's name. If an entry cannot be found with the female's first name, be sure to check for a "Last-name, Mrs." entry. The abbreviation M&M indicates Mr. and Mrs. There are also entries concerning anniversaries which are listed as "Last-name, M&M". Hence, the wife does not have a separate entry. Superscript numbers, as 1, refer to a note. These notes appear at the end of this file.

     It should be pointed out that the reproductions of these old issues on microfilm are not always clear and not always complete. Hence, some guessing in name spelling has been required at times. The notation "[sic]" indicates that the words or numbers preceding it are copied exactly as they appear in the newspaper.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Alexander L., died 5/28/08: 5/29/08p1

Abbott, Alexander, died 5/21/08: 6/5/08p3(B)

Abbott, Annie, weds Carl Iverson 9/2/08: 9/4/08p1

Abbott, Daniel Q., died ?/?/05: 3/24/05p1

Abbott, Ralph, weds Emma Mathes 6/10/09: 6/18/09p7(ER)

Abbott, Sarah (Moody), died 9/30/05: 10/6/05p6(F)

Abbott, Sarah, weds Edward Rice 3/20/01: 3/22/01p1

Adams, Henry, died 2/20/04: 2/26/04p1

Adams, Mildred, weds Bert Hanscome 4/7/07: 4/12/07p1

Akers, Frank W. died 11/20/05: 11/24/05p1

Allen, Alta, weds Frank Grover 11/18/01: 11/22/01p18

Allen, Charles, weds Maude Small 1/7/07: 1/11/07p1

Allen, Eveline (Higgins), died 8/9/06: 8/17/06p7(ER)

Allen, Fred, died 4/6/07: 4/12/07p7(G)

Allen, Peter D., died 6/18/06: 6/22/06p6(F)

Allen, Sarah (Dayton), died 6/20/05: 6/23/05p7(G)

Allen, Sarah A., died 7/1/04: 7/8/04p1

Allen, William, weds Josephine Morath 6/22/03: 6/26/03p7(ER)

Allen, William, died 11/5/09: 11/12/09p1

Almond, Harry, died 6/20/08: 6/26/08p1

Ames, Arthur, weds Sadie Streeter 9/16/08: 9/25/08p8

Ames, Florence, weds Maurice Potvin: 11/26/09p1

Ames, Hattie, weds Theodore Hayes 12/31/00: 1/4/01p3(M)

Anderson, Brnice (Rogers), died 12/5/08: 12/11/08p7(ER)

Anderson, G. Woodbury, died ?/?/04: 06/24/04p1

Anderson, John, died 1/21/09: 1/29/09p7(ER)

Anderson, Rudolph, weds Bernice Rogers 9/10/02: 9/12/02p1

Anderson, Rudolph, weds Olive Shapleigh 11/24?/09: 12/3/09p7(ER)

Andrews, John, died 9/10/02: 9/19/02p6(F)

Apple, Isaac, died 12/16/02: 12/19/02p8

Applebee, Mrs. John, died 3/18/00: 3/23/00p4(MM)

Appleby, John, died 11/4/02: 11/7/02p7(MM)

Arlin, George A., died 1/28/01: 1/31/02p8; 2/7/02p3(B)

Arlin, Hannah, died 12/28/03: 1/1/04p1

Arlin, Louis, died 6/17/09: 6/25/09p1

Arling, Charlotte, diedf 12/7?/09: 12/10/09p3(EB)

Armstrong, Charles M., died 11/4/08: 11/13/08p4

Ashton, John, died 8/?/05: 8/25/05p3(G)

Aspinwall, Frances (Perkins), died 2/18/04: 2/26/04p6(F)

Aubert, Allie, weds Ludgar Jacques 1/23/05: 1/27/05p1

Averill, Herbert, weds Lillian Wedgeworth 2/?/00: 2/16/00p6(F)

Averill, John, weds Angeline Melancon 2/14/05: 2/17/05p7(G)

Averill, John, weds Maud Rines 10/13/06: 10/19/06p6

Avery, Ellen L., died 4/4/01: 4/12/01p8

Avery, Elsie G., died 2/6/02: 2/14/02p4(M)

Ayers, Bessie, weds Joseph Willett 2/11/03: 2/13/03p8

Ayers, Blanche, weds Horatio Brackett 8/28/01: 9/6/01p4(N)

Ayers, Mary (Locke), died 1/10/00: 1/26/00p8

Ayers, William S., died 1/10/00: 1/12/00p8

Babb, Charles W., died 2/16/02: 2/21/02p8

Babb, Charles, weds Mary Marsden 1/29/07: 2/7/08p1

Babb, Effie, weds Eugene Hurd 8/?/02: 8/29/02p1

Babb, Frank H., died 9/25/09: 10/1/09p1

Babb, Lottie (Johnson), died 4/?/03: 5/1/03p7(G)

Babb, William, died 12/28/03: 1/1/04p1

Babb. Lottie, weds Fred Gassett 7/10/06: 7/20/06p1

Babcock, Kenneth, died 10/27/04: 11/4/04p1

Babcock, Kenneth, weds Emma Wentworth 9/24/02: 10/3/02p8(MM)

Bailey, Byron, died 5/11/08: 5/15/08p1

Bailey, Frank, weds Anna Hodgdon 4/3/01: 4/5/01p1

Bailey, Mary, died 4/11/03: 4/17/03p6(F)

Bailey, Edward, weds Lillian Rowe 12/31/03: 1/2/03p7(M)

Baker, Orianna, weds George Clow: 9/8/05p1

Baldwin, Asenath P., died 3/26/05: 3/31/05p1

Baldwin, Frank, weds Rebecca Harrington 5/6/08: 5/15/08p6(F)

Ball, Dolly (Hurd), died 5/22/02: 5/23/02p8

Bannon, Josephine, died 12/?/09: 12/24/09p4(CN)

Barbian, Hester S., died 7/2/09: 7/9/09p1

Barker, Charles, weds Minnie Davis 4/8/01: 4/12/01p6(F)

Barker, Edith (Dr.), died 11/21/04: 11/25/04p111

Barker, Emily Edgerly, died 2/?/01: 2/22/01p6(F)

Barker, George W., died 2/21/03: 2/27/03p6(F)

Barker, H. Edwin, died 3/?/02: 3/14/02p6(F)

Barker, Hiram B., died 2/21/02: 2/28/02p6(F)

Barker, Joy W., died 11/28: 12/8/05p7(ER)

Barker, Louis, died 5/6?02: 5/9/02p6(F)

Barker, Mary E., died 4/1/01: 4/12/01p6(F)

Barker, May, died 9/14/01: 9/20/01p4(F)

Barnard, Joseph, weds Florina Sylvaine 7/29/07: 8/2/07p7(G)

Barrett, Alexander G., died 8/5/07: 8/9/07p6(F)

Barrett, Sarah (Randall), died 12/20/04: 1/6/05p6(F)

Bartlett, Ethelyn, died 12/21/04: 1/13/05p13

Baruch, Clara, died 5/20/08: 5/22/08p1

Bass, Lucia R., died 10/?/02: 10/10/02p8

Bassett, Glena, died 7/?/09: 7/9/09p1

Bassett, Mary E., died 8/30/06: 9/7/06p1

Bassette, Mrs. Wealthy A., died 8/2/08: 8/7/08p1

Batchelder, Henry, weds Alta Blinn 11/8/03: 11/13/03p1

Batson, Thomas E., died 9/3/03: 9/11/03p6(F)

Baxendale, Thomas, weds Mary Brown 9/24/04: 9/30/04p8(ER)

Beals, Annie E., died 8/14/02: 8/22/02p1

Bean, Fannie, weds Herman Perkins 11/4/05: 11/10/05p1

Bean, Frank E., died ?/?/01: 3/15/01p1

Bean, Herbert L., died 10/31/08: 11/6/08p2(M)

Bean, Mrs. Samuel (Thompson), died 12/4/05: 12/15/05p8

Beaudoin, Emma, weds David Morin 7/19/09: 7/30/09p1

Beaudoin, Francis, died 2/22/07: 3/1/07p1

Beaulieu, Henry, weds Bernadette Bernier 6/10/07: 6/21/07p6(G)

Beecher, John A., died 9/30/06: 10/5/06p1

Belanger, Emile, weds Mary Cadran 4/16/06: 4/20/06p1

Bennett, Alma, weds Charles Huntress: 9/13/07p1

Bennett, Edna A., died 2/21/04: 2/26/04p1

Bennett, Edna, weds Fred Young 2/2/07: 2/8/07p1

Bennett, Ethel, weds Ralph Glover 11/22/06: 11/30/06p1

Bennett, Grace (Hersom), died 9/19/06: 9/21/06p1

Bennett, Jeremiah, weds Carrie Huston 3/10/06: 3/23/06p1

Bennett, Preston, weds Grace Hersom 5/2/02: 5/9/02p1

Benson, Winnifred (Avery), died 1/29/08: 2/7/08p6(F)

Benson[?], Sarah, died 1/27/07:2/1/07p1

Bergeron, Louis, weds Albina Therrien 1/11/09: 1/15/09p1

Berry, Abbey (French), died 10/21/01: 11/8/01p6(F)

Berry, Addie F., died ?/?/04: 4/15/04p6(F)8

Berry, Antoinette, weds William Burrill7/27/07: 8/2/07p2(MM)

Berry, Arthur L., died 10/15/03: 10/23/03p1

Berry, Betsey (Scruton), died 12/27/04: 1/6/05p7(N)

Berry, Clifford, weds Annie Goodwin 6/19/01: 6/28/01p4

Berry, Eben E., died 10/25/06: 11/2/06p5(F)

Berry, Edith, weds Charles Horne 3/24/03: 1/30/03p1

Berry, Emily, died 2/7/04: 2/12/04p1

Berry, Fannie, weds C. K. Emery 10/31/09: 11/5/09p4

Berry, Frances Maude, died 5/28/06: 6/1/06p1

Berry, George W., died 2/6/00: 2/9/00p1

Berry, Grace, weds Henry Felker 10/26/09: 10/29/09p1

Berry, Hannah, died 6/12/05: 6/16/05p7(MM)

Berry, Harold, died 2/8/02: 2/14/02p8(CN)

Berry, Ichabod P., died 8/30/00: 9/7/00p6(F)

Berry, John W.., died 10/13/04: 10/14/04p1

Berry, Jonathan, died 7/19/07: 7/26/07p2(MM)

Berry, Joseph, died 11/13?/03: 11/20/03p1

Berry, Lucie, weds Charles Wentworth 1/19/05: 1/27/05p1

Berry, M&M Eben, celebrate 50th: 2/3/05p6(F)

Berry, M&M J. Y., celebrate 50th: 01/10/02p6(F)

Berry, Mary (Scruton), died 4/12/00: 4/20/00p2

Berry, Nathaniel, died 1/15/08: 1/24/08p6(F)

Berry, Nettie, died 2/4/02: 2/7/02p8

Berry, Olive (Place), died 4/17/06: 4/27/06p6(F)

Berry, Sarah (Cloutman), died 11/29/04: 12/2/04p6(MM)

Berry, Serena (Hilton), died 5/12/03: 5/15/03p8(FN)

Berry, Willam A., died 4/24/04: 4/29/04p1

Berry, Charles F., died 3/1/05: 3/3/05p1; 3/10/05p3(B)

Betsch, Joseph, weds Agnes McFarlane 6/30/08: 7/3/08p2(M)

Betts, Ralph, weds Myrtle McIntire 1/31?/07: 2/8/07p1

Bickford, Albion M., we3ds Bertha Rines 9/17/04: 9/23/04p1

Bickford, Ansel, died 10/16/09: 10/22/09p1

Bickford, Arthur, weds Mamie Clough 7/19/05: 7/21/05p5; 7/28/05p1

Bickford, Charles W., died 8/9/08: 8/14/08p1

Bickford, Charles, weds Laura Hussey 7/2/06: 7/13/06p1

Bickford, Cora, died 2/21/00: 2/23/00p4(CN)

Bickford, Edwin, weds Jennie Johnson 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

Bickford, Elmine, died 10/28/08: 11/6/08p4

Bickford, Etta, weds Edwin Emerson 11/15/07: 11/22/07p1

Bickford, Florence, weds Ernest Morrill 6/30/00: 7/6/00p1

Bickford, Grace, weds Edgar Cobb 1/27/04: 1/29/04p1

Bickford, Grace, weds Freeman Corson 12/20/04: 1/6/05p1

Bickford, Harry, weds Annie Kimball 7/22/03: 7/24/03p1

Bickford, Harry, weds Harry Bickford 12/31/02: 1/2/03p1

Bickford, Horace, died 1/12/02: 1/17/02p1

Bickford, Ira L., died 2/20/00: 2/23/00p1

Bickford, Isaac, died 6/5/04: 6/10/04p1

Bickford, J. Henry, died 5/26/03: 5/29/03p1

Bickford, John, died 1/10/01: 2/15/01p1

Bickford, Lillian, weds Laurel Roberts 12/17/04: 12/23/04p1

Bickford, M&M John W., co-celebrate birthdays: 1/1/09p1

Bickford, Mary (Henderson), died 12/11/03: 12/18/03p1

Bickford, Mrs. Isaac, died 6/12/03: 6/19/03p1

Billings, John, died 2/19/08: 2/21/08p1

Bilodeau, Curille, died 8/16/02: 8/22/02p1

Bilodeau, Donat, weds Mary Sanfacon 11/20/05: 11/24/05p1

Bilodeau, J. D., weds Alfredine Rheaume 8/9/05: 8/18/05p1

Bilodeau, Marie F., died 11/3/08: 11/6/08p4

Bilodeau, Mary, weds Joseph Grassi 12/26/04: 12/30/04p1

Bilodeau, Thomas, weds Vina Biron 6/18/04: 06/24/04p1

Bingham, Annie M., died 1/1/18/07: 1/24/08p1

Biron, Vina, weds Thomas Bilodeau 6/18/04: 06/24/04p1

Bisson, Kilda, weds Octave Tessier 10/26/08: 10/30/08p5

Bisson, Marcelline, died 4/6/03: 4/10/03p1

Blackmar, Charles E., died 9/30/07: 10/4/07p7

Blackmar, Mattie, weds Leroy March 8/23/01: 8/28/03p1

Blair, Catherine, weds William lowe 10/17/06: 10/19/06p1

Blair, Elizabeth, weds John Connell 4/26/05: 5/5/05p1

Blair, Frank W., died 11/19/05: 11/24/05p6(F)

Blair, Frank, weds Mary Weeks 6/27?/05: 6/30/05p6(F)

Blair, Robert Jr., weds Flora Winifred 4/3/06: 4/6/06p1

Blair, Robert Sr., died 2/7?/08: 2/14/08p4

Blair, William, weds Mary Ross 9/26/03: 10/2/03p1

Blaisdell, Charles H?., died 8/13/09: 8/20/09p1

Blaisdell, Chesley, died 7/20/04: 7/22/04p1

Blaisdell, Eliza, died 6/30/02: 7/4/02p4(ER)

Blaisdell, Elmer, died 4/10?/06: 4/20/06p2(ER)

Blaisdell, Grace, weds George Mills 8/20/05: 8/25/05p1

Blaisdell, JohnW>, died 3/19?/03: 3/27/03p6(ER)

Blaisdell, Leslie M., died 12/2/04: 12/9/04p1

Blaisdell, Levi, died 8/18/09: 8/27/09p7(ER)

Blaisdell, M&M Willard, celebrate 25th: 3/29/07p1

Blaisdell, Nancy W., died 2/25/08: 2/28/08p1

Blaisdell, Roy, weds Florence Clark 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

Blake, Annie (Lary), 12/31/03: 1/8/04p1

Blake, Charles F., died 9/1/04: 9/9/04p1

Blake, Warren P., died 2/15/05: 2/23/06p6(F)

Blanchard, George V. died 1/14/00: 1/19/00p6(F)

Blanchard, Grace, weds Robert Bride 6/11/03: 6/19/03p1

Blanchard, Richard, weds Ruth Seavey 6/10/08: 6/12/08p1

Blodgett, Eliza J., died 3/?/01: 3/29/01p1

Blood, Drusilla (Dudley), died 3/7/01: 4/5/01p8

Blouin, Philomine, died 4/8/00: 4/13/00p8(M)

Bobst, Addie, weds Ezra Smart 9/19/05: 9/22/05p1

Bodge, Mrs. John, died 1/6/08: 1/31/08p3(B)

Bodwell, Susan (Murray), died 8/5/09: 8/13/09p7(ER)

Boivin, Emma, died 11/16/05: 11/24/05p1

Boivin, Mrs. Theodore, died 8/5/07: 8/9/07p1

Boldoc, George, weds Delia Houle 10/30/04: 11/4/04p1

Bolvin, Joseph, weds Mary Poullot 8/21/05: 8/25/05p1

Bonenfont, Theophile, weds Albertine LaPierre 12/26/04: 12/30/04p7(G)

Boody, Mrs. Tamson L., died 8/16/01: 8/23/01p4(N); 8/30/01p6(F)

Boody, Sylvester O., died 2/9/08: 2/14/08p4

Boston, Alvina S., died 5/12/01: 5/17/01p8

Boston, Myra, weds Freeman Rollins 6/7/03: 6/12/03p4

Bouchard, Albert, weds Jennie Morin 5/?/08: 5/15/08p3(G)

Boulanger, Rosanna, weds Fred Lefebvre 12/27/04: 12/30/04p1

Boutin, Annie, died 2/13/08: 2/21/08p1

Boyle, Lottie (Reed), died 9/19/00: 9/21/00p1

Brackett, Almira, died 10/13/05: 10/20/05p2(MM)

Brackett, Clara, weds James Rankins 12/14/03: 12/18/03p4(MM)

Brackett, Grace, weds Herman Buck 9/3/02: 9/12/02p8(MM)

Brackett, Irwin, weds Kate Perkins 7/29/03: 8/7/03p6(F)

Brackett, Jacob, died 2/2/02: 2/7/02p7(MM)

Brackett, Moses, died 7/22/01: 7/26/01p4(ER)

Bradford, George, died 3/20/08: 3/27/08p1

Bradford, Llewellyn R., died 1/5/02: 01/10/02p7(MM)

Bradford, Margaret, weds William Nelson 9/3/09: 9/10/09p1

Bradlee, Annie, weds Archie Austin 8/15/08: 8/28/08p1

Bradley, Mary, weds Wilmer Hayes 1/12/01: 1/16/03p1

Bragdon, Stephen M., died 3/4?/09: 3/5/09p1;3/12/09p2(M)

Brahaney, Thomas, died 12/21/08: 12/25/08p1

Brandis, Walter H., died 8/23/09: 8/27/09p1

Braun, Betsey (Lougee), died 4/29/00: 5/4/00p614

Brennan, Sarah J., died 9/28/04: 9/30/04p1

Brewster, David J., died 7/21/01: 8/2/01p3(B)

Bride, Robert, weds Grace Blanchard 6/11/03: 6/19/03p1

Brierly, Bertha, weds Harry Jones 10/21/03: 10/30/03p7(MM)

Brierly, Edward J., died 1/30/06: 2/2/06p2(MM)

Brierly, Helen, weds Edwin Fineman 9/23/04: 9/30/04p8(MM)

Brierly, Leroy T., died 3/31?/04: 4/8/04p7(MM)

Brochu, Alfred, weds Lizzie Spain 4/28/03: 5/1/03p1

Brochu, Jennie, weds Alphonse Marquis 5/7/00: 5/11/00p1

Brochu, Lugie, weds Mary Laignon 2/24/03: 2/27/03p8

Brochu, Peter, died 9/30/06: 10/5/06p1

Brock, Lucy H., died 5/2/03: 5/8/03p1

Brock, William, weds Bertha Burroughs 3/24/02: 3/28/02p1

Brooke, Mary (Jenkins), died 1/?/04p6(F)

Brooks, Charles, died 10/31?/05: 11/3/05p6(F)

Brooks, Ethel, weds Arthur Hayes 10/14/05: 10/20/05p6(F)

Brooks, George, weds Crissie Lovejoy 1/1/02: 01/3/02p8

Brooks, Mary (Elkins), died 11/17/06: 11/23/06p6(F)

Brooks, Pelen, weds Philemon Stevens 8/29/09: 9/3/09p1

Brown, Anna, weds Frederick Brown 7/7/04: 7/8/04p1

Brown, Augusta, died 2/20/05: 2/24/05p1

Brown, Charles P., died 4/20/05: 4/28/05p1

Brown, Charles W., died 10/11/03: 10/16/03pp1,4

Brown, Clara (Hall), died 1/24/07:2/1/07p3

Brown, Clement, died 12/17/06: 12/21/06p2(MM)

Brown, David, weds Elizabeth Melancon 2/14/05: 2/17/05p7(G)

Brown, John L., died ?/?/08: 9/11/08p18

Brown, Minnie, weds Thomas Morin 7/17/09: 7/30/09p1

Brown, Mrs. Orison, died 1/22/01: 2/1/01p5(B)

Brown, Sarah (Bullard), died 2/5/02: 2/7/02p8

Brown, William, died 6/30/00: 7/6/00p4(B)

Browne, Lydia (Davis), died 4/4/04: 4/8/04p6(F)

Buck, Herman, weds Grace Brackett 9/3/02: 9/12/02p8(MM)

Buck, Horatio, weds Alice Chandler 8/28/07: 9/6/07p2(MM)

Bumford, Haleville, died 12/29/03: 1/8/04p3(B)

Bunker, Elizabeth (Stevens), died 11/27/02: 12/5/02p6(F)

Bunker, Jacob, died 5/10/08: 5/15/08p3(B)

Bunker, Joseph S., died 7/29/07: 8/2/07p6(F)

Bunker, Nellie, weds Eugene Kenney 1/30/04: 2/5/04p1

Burke, John, died ?/?/03: 3/27/03p

Burke, William E., died 2/27/00: 3/2/00p8(MM)

Burley, John, died 5/25/00: 6/1/00p3(B)

Burnam, Georgr W., died 9/27/03: 10/2/03p6(F)

Burnham, Eliza A., died 3/10/04: 3/18/04p4

Burnham, Nathaniel, died 12/4/04: 12/9/04p1

Burnham, Nellie (Perkins), died 10/27/05: 11/3/05p6(F)

Burnham, Samuel H., died 7/6?/00: 8/3/00p1

Burns, Kathleen, weds John Haley 11/17/03: 11/20/03p1

Burns, Michael, died 11/29/09: 12/3/09p4

Burr, Julia (Emerson), died 5/3/00: 5/11/00p1

Burrell, Edward, weds Adela Hurd 5/29/05: 6/2/05p1

Burrill, Mary Nute, died 3/8/01: 3/15/01p1

Burroughs, Bertha, weds William Brock 3/24/02: 3/28/02p1

Burroughs, Leon, died 8/?/05: 8/25/05p6(F)

Burroughs, Nelson, weds Emma Morgan 6/15/09: 6/18/09p1

Burroughs, William E., died 6/6/07: 6/14/07p6(F)

Burrows, Frances H., died 3/3/11?/04: 3/18/04p4

Burrows, Giles, died 8/14/00: 8/17/00p8(CN)

Buss, George B., died 7/15/00: 7/20/00p6(F)

Bussier, Florida M., died 9/23/08: 10/2/08p1

Butler, Cleveland, weds Mary Nutter 6/?/06: 7/6/06p5(F)

Butler, James, died 4/?/00: 4/27/00p6(F)

Butler, John, died 9/ 20/05: 9/29/05p6(F)

Butler, Roland, died 5/27/07: 5/31/07p2(M)

Butterfield, Samuel C., died 7/12/09: 7/16/09p1

Buzzell, Bertha, weds Joseph Thompson 9/26/03: 10/2/03p1

Buzzell, Howard, weds ANna Lowe 12/24/01: 12/27/01p4

Buzzell, Nellie, weds Romeo Norton 5/14/02: 5/16/02p3(B)

Buzzell, Orin P., died 4/10/08: 4/17/08p3(B)

Buzzell, William W., died 12/15/06: 12/21/06p8

Cadran, Mary, weds Emile Belanger 4/16/06: 4/20/06p1

Caldwell, Daniel T., died 3/15/04: 3/18/04p4

Calef, Edith D., died 1/21/05: 1/27/05p1

Calef, Emily, died 9/15/01: 9/20/01p1

Calef, Grace D., died 2/3/05: 2/10/05p8

Calef, James, died 7/23/04: 7/29/04p1

Calef, John S., died 3/13/05: 3/17/05p1

Calef, Mary (Brock), died 2/?/00: 2/16/00p8

Calkins, Edna, weds Charles Tucker 6/17/05: 6/23/05p7(M)

Calkins, Josie, weds Joseph Garland 11/23?/09: 12/3/09p6(M)

Callahan, Michael, died 11/20/02: 11/28/02p8

Came, Charles M., died 12/23/09: 12/31/09p1

Came, Charles, weds Worcester woman: 8/6/09p1

Came, George W., died 9/20/02: 9/26/02p4

Came, Nellie, died 4/21/08: 4/24/08p1

Came, Sarah J., died 2/7/05: 2/10/05p8

Campbell, Charles W., died 4/28/04: 4/29/04p1

Campbell, Hattie, died 8/31/07: 9/6/07p2(MM)

Campbell, John, died 11/23/03: 11/27/03p8

Campbell, Phoebe A., died 2/25/01: 3/8/01p3(MM)

Canney, Charles, weds Adah Jones 4/23/05: 5/5/05p3(B)

Canney, Cora, weds Harry Hurd 8/11/01: 8/16/01p6(F)

Canney, Edmund B., died ?/?/07: 12/13/07p6(F)8

Canney, Frank, weds Edith Osborne 7/27/03: 7/31/03p1

Canney, Mary H., died 8/15/03: 8/21/03p1

Canney, Mary W., weds Horace Hill 1/19/07: 1/25/07p1

Cannovan, Hannah, died 6/16/04: 06/24/04p1

Capon, Rhoda, died 12/9/09: 12/17/09p3(EB)

Card, Abram A., died 11/26/04: 12/2/04p6(F)

Card, Alvie (Miller), died 4/25/06: 5/4/06p6(F)

Carey, Nellie (Blanchard0, died 2/6/02: 2/14/02p6(F)

Carll, Arthur, weds Lillian Otis 10/10/06: 10/19/06p1

Carlton, Amanda (Pearl), died 8/10/03: 8/14/03p6(F)

Carlton, Charles G., died 5/3/06: 5/11/06p6(F)

Carpenter, Alma B., died 2/24/07: 3/1/07p1

Carpenter, Ernest, weds Hattie Wentworth 7/31/04: 8/5/04p7(ER)

Carroll, Margaret, died 8/11/02: 8/15/02p4(ER)

Carroll, Owen, died 7/17/05: 7/21/05p1

Carroll, Thomas, died 10/14/04: 10/21/04p1

Carson, Hattie, weds Alvin Young 5/10/05: 5/12/05p1

Carter, Albert, weds Lizzie Wood 6/25?/01: 7/5/01p6(F)

Carter, Etta, weds Walter Wallace 7/4/07: 7/19/07p6(F)

Carter, Fred A., died 2/20?01: 3/1/01p6(F); 3/8/01p6(F)

Carter, Leonora F., died 5/5/01: 5/10/01p1

Cartier, Alexander, weds Helen Caswell 2'/3/08: 2/7/08p1

Cassette, Lena, died 4/?09: 5/7/09p7(G)

Cassidy, Andrew F., died 4/3/03: 4/10/03p1

Cassidy, Catherine, died 12/30/06: 1/4/07p

Cassidy, Margaret, died 6/3/00: 6/8/00p8

Cassidy, Peter, died 10/2/04: 10/7/04p1

Caswell, Arthur, weds Alice Johnson 2/24/04: 2/26/04p1

Cate, Hiram S., died 8/25/03: 8/28/03p7(M)

Cate, Ralph, died 3/31/00: 4/6/00p8

Cate, Sarah A., died 9/9/09: 9/17/09p3(EB)

Cater, Harry B., died 11/1/09: 11/5/09p1

Cater, Harry, weds Belle Jordan 6/11/02: 6/13/02p1

Cater, Horace G., died 4/13/03: 4/24/03p3(B)

Cater, Sarah (Foss), died 3/27/05: 3/31/05p1

Cathcart, Alice, died 2/25?/02: 2/28/02p6(F)

Cathcart, Allen Jr., weds Ethel Dore 8/16/09: 8/20/09p7(ER)

Catler, Joseph, died 5/8/05: 5/12/05p7(G)

Caverly, Charles F., died 3/6?/09: 3/12/09p1

Caverly, Lydia A., died 4/5?/04: 4/8/04p3(B)

Caverno, Pike, died 4/?/00: 5/4/00p3(B)

Chadboure, Charles I., died 1/23/07: 1/25/07p1

Chalmers, Ernest, weds Mary Hamilton 6/21/05: 6/30/05p1

Chalmers, Jessie, died 1/30/07: 2/8/07p7(ER)

Chamberlain, Arthur, weds Bertha Roberts 9/24/07: 9/27/07p8

Chamberlain, Rachel P., died 2/7/02: 01/10/02p1

Chamberlin, Adella, died 5/11/08: 5/15/08p1

Chamberlin, George E., died 12/5/09: 12/10/09p1

Champion, George A., died 3/20/06: 3/23/06p1

Champlon, Merle, died 2/?/09: 2/12/09p8

Chaney, Charles D., died 7/8/04: 7/15/04p1

Chapdeline, Orise, died 9/13/07: 9/20/07p1

Chapman, George, weds Nellie Charles 6/4/07: 6/7/07p1

Charles, Leroy, weds Lucy Connell 7/26/05: 7/28/05p1

Charpentier, Elmere, weds Alfred Sylvain 7/14/01: 7/19/01p5

Chase, Albert, weds Florence McMasters 9/1/02: 9/12/02p1

Chase, Alfred B., died 8/8/08: 8/14/08p1

Chase, Charles S., died 1215/11/01: 12/20/01p9

Chase, Nellie, weds Charles Hayes 6/10/03: 6/19/03p7(M)

Chauvette, Lawrence, died 1/23/05: 1/27/05p2(M)

Cheney, Laura, died 3/18/07: 3/22/07p1

Chesley, Addie, weds Charles Wyatt 3/19/05: 3/24/05p1

Chesley, Adliza M., died 9/5/03: 9/11/03p1

Chesley, B. Frank, died 9/19/08: 10/2/08p1

Chesley, Benjamin P., died 2/9/06: 2/16/06p6(F)

Chesley, Clara (Hall), died 1/1/05: 1/6/05p3(B); 1/13/05p3(B)

Chesley, Elizabeth, died 11/19/06: 11/23/06p1

Chesley, Emeline S., died 6/?/02: 6/27/02p4(B)

Chesley, Evan, died 5/25/o5: 6/2/05p1

Chesley, Evelyn, weds A. W. Purdy 6/17?/06: 6/22/06p6(F)2

Chesley, Hannah (Garland), died 3/?/07: 3/22/07p6(F)

Chesley, Inez, weds Warren Hall 10/4/05: 10/6/05p1

Chesley, Isabel, weds Stanley Locke 5/18?/04: 5/27/04p3(B)

Chesley, J. Edward, died 5/24/04: 5/27/04p1

Chesley, John F., died 9/10/00: 9/14/00p6(F)

Chesley, Joshua R., died 5/16/02: 5/23/02p3(B)

Chesley, Martha E., died 2/24/07: 3/1/07p1

Chesley, Mrs. George (Stevens), died 8/28/01: 9/6/01p6(F)

Chesley, Roger, died 12/19/06: 12/21/06p1

Chessman, John W., died 3/15/03: 3/20/03p1

Chick, Carol, died 12/5/07: 12/13/07p1

Chisholm, Edna, weds Thomas Labby 7/2/04: 7/8/04p7(ER)

Chisholm, Fred, died 1/30?/01: 2/8/01p3(ER)

Chisholm, Lottie, weds Sanford Fowler 5/27/03: 6/5/03p7(ER)

Churchill, Amanda (Place), weds Herman Pike 12/23/03: 12/25/03p1

Cilley, Irving, weds Abbie Cotter 12/22/08: 12/25/08p7(ER)

Cilley, Sewell J., died 3/5/05: 3/10/05p4(G)

Clark, Anna, died 2/20/03: 2/27/03p1

Clark, Carollee, weds Winship Trott 1/24/05: 1/27/05p1

Clark, Daniel G., died 5/2/03: 5/8/03p1

Clark, Dorothy died 3/26/01: 3/29/01p1

Clark, Frances J., died 5/9/01: 5/17/01p1

Clark, George, weds Ellen Gibbons 1/8/06: 1/12/06p1

Clark, Herman, weds Catherine Rich 12/31/03: 1/1/04p1

Clark, Jane (Wentworth), died 10/23/06: 10/26/06p6(F)

Clark, Mrs. Charles, died 1/26/03: 1/30/03p7(ER)

Clark, Nellie (Locke), died 4/11/00: 4/13/00p1

Clark, Richmond H., died 7/13/01: 7/19/01p1

Clark, Sarah, died 3/3/08: 3/13/08p8

Clark, Smith, died 10/16/04: 10/21/04p1

Clark, Susie B., died Oliver Douglass 4/17/07: 4/19/07p1

Clay, Rhonda, died 3/6/00: 3/9/00p3(B); 3/23/00p1

Clements, John, weds Addie Houghton 6/16/03: 6/19/03p7(M)

Clements, Maude, weds George Wentworth 11/28?/01: 12/6/01p8

Clements, Myrta, weds Goy Hayes 4/14/00: 4/27/00p4(M)

Clifford, Lura, weds Guy Hand 1/9/08: 1/17/08p1

Clifford, William, weds Catherine DeWitt 1/18/04: 1/22/04p1

Cloudman, H. E., died 11/?/11: 11/18/04p8

Clough, John, died 8/22/06: 8/24/06p1

Clough, Mamie, weds Arthur Bickford 7/19/05: 7/21/05p5; 7/28/05p1

Clough, Sarah (Hodgdon), died 2/11/03: 2/13/03p1

Cloutman, Eliza, weds John Pike 6/17/07: 6/28/07p3(F)5

Cloutman, John F., died 12/7/05: 12/15/05p4(F)

Cloutman, John F., honored: 4/29/04p6(F)

Cloutman, John, weds Bessie Wentworth 7/12/02: 7/18/02p6(F)

Clow, George, weds Orianna Baker: 9/8/05p1

Clow, Maria, died 7/30/08: 8/7/08p1

Cobb, Judith S., died 12/26/04: 12/30/04p1

Cobb, Ralph, weds Harriet Horne 6/4/07: 6/7/07p1(M)

Coburn, Alonzo G., died 2/16/00: 2/23/00p1

Coburn, Don, weds Ida Stuart 11/18/09: 11/26/09p1

Coehey?, Charles A., died 2/?/04: 3/4/04p7(M)

Coffin, Elden, weds Georgie Farrand 7/22/00: 7/27/00p1

Colbath, Ada, weds Loring Hill 5/29/06: 6/8/06p6(F)

Colbath, John Jr., weds Annie Jellerson 10/26/07: 11/1/07p1

Colbath, John S., died 8/6/08: 8/14/08p1

Colbath, Susan (Peavey), 5/26/05: 6/2/05p6(F)

Colbath, Warren L., died 10/?/07: 10/11/07p6(F)

Colby, Allston, weds Gladys Kenerson 9/22/06: 9/28/06p8

Colby, Harold, died 6/?/08: 6/12/08p1

Colby, John, weds Mabel King 10/6/06: 10/12/06p1

CoLe, Frank, weds Lizzie Haskell 11/21/06: 11/30/06p8

Collins, Agnes, died 8/15/09: 8/20/09p1

Collins, Alice, died 9/28/07: 10/4/07p8

Collins, Ellen, died 7/24/05: 7/28/05p1

Collins, James, died 12/17/06: 12/21/06p8

Collins, Laura, weds Lester Parshley 10/25/05: 11/3/05p1

Collins, Mary (Murray), died 4/6/09: 4/9/09p1

Collins, Patrick, died 1/9/00: 1/12/00p1

Colomy, Frank, died 11/?/08: 11/27/08p1

Colomy, Georgia, weds Winslow Thompson 12/1/01: 12/6/01p6(F)

Colomy, Harriet, weds Harry Smart 10/24?/05: 10/27/05p6(F)

Colomy, Horatio S., died 2/26/06: 3/2/06p6(F)

Colt, Fred, died 3/27/00: 3/30/00p4

Colt, Fred, died 3/28/00: 4/6/00p8

Conant, Drucilla, died 11/29/03: 12/4/03p1

Connell, James, died 4/17/09: 4/23/09p1

Connell, Jane, weds Samuel McClelland 4/30/02: 5/2/02p1

Connell, Lucy, weds Leroy Charles 7/26/05: 7/28/05p1

Connell, Mattie(?), weds Fred Cormier 2/2/07: 2/8/07p1

Connell, Sarah, weds John Stewart 7/4/00: 7/6/00p1

Connell, William, weds Vila Kimball 8/10/07: 8/16/07p5

Connelly, Patrick, weds Emma Duchane 4/22/03: 4/24/03p1

Connolly, Elsie, weds Odillon Hall 9/?/06: 10/5/06p2(MM)

Connolly, Grace, weds John Hooper 9/20/05: 9/29/05p2(MM)

Connor, Michael, died 3/9/01: 3/15/01p6(F)

Connor, Michael, died 3/9/01: 3/15/01p6(F)

Connor, W. Alonzo, died 12/17/01: 12/20/01p6(F)

Conway, Arthur C., died 6/15/06: 6/15/06p1

Conway, Lydia, died 7/3/09: 7/9/09p1

Cook, Addie (Burnham), died ?/?/07: 12/20/07p6(F)7

Cook, Elwin, died 4/8/00: 4/13/00p8(M)

Cook, Mary A., died 9/17/04: 9/23/04p8

Cooley, Elisa, weds Jospeh Goselin 1/23/07: 1/25/07p4

Cooper, Sarah E., died 1/26/05: 2/3/05p1

Copp, George I., died 4/6/02: 4/11/02p8

Copp, Martha died 1/19/05: 1/27/05p6(F)

Copp. Belinda, died 8/7/00: 8/10/00p6(F)

Corkery, Daniel, died 9/15/02: 9/19/02p7(M)

Corkery, Elizabeth, died ?/?/07:2/1/07p2(M)

Corman, William C., died 4/6/08: 4/10/08p8

Cormier, Annie, weds Joseph Daigle 11/4/07: 11/8/07p1

Cormier, Flora, weds Henry Lamontague 8/8/08: 8/14/08p1

Cormier, Fred, weds Mattie(?) Connell 2/2/07: 2/8/07p1

Corson, Aaron F., died 7/28/01: 8/2/01p1

Corson, Augusta (Berry), died 5/4/02: 5/9/02p6(F)

Corson, Bessie, weds Louis Duquette 10/23/09: 11/5/09p9

Corson, Charles W., died 8/20: 8/24/00p3(CN)

Corson, Charles, died 10/20/05: 10/27/05p2(M)

Corson, Cora R., died 1/20/01: 1/25/01p1

Corson, Edna, weds S. A. Capron 8/27/04: 9/2/04p1

Corson, Ellen, died 3/31/02: 4/4/02p4(ER)

Corson, Emma, weds Harry Page 12/25/04: 1/6/05p1

Corson, Ezra T., died 1/2/07: 1/4/07p4

Corson, Freeman, weds Grace Bickford 12/30/04: 1/6/05p1

Corson, George, died 6/29/07: 7/5/07p16

Corson, Grace, weds Eldred White 4/29/08: 5/1/08p1

Corson, Hiram, died 12/4/04: 12/9/04p1

Corson, Lucania (Wallingford), died 11/7/07: 11/15/07p1

Corson, Mary, died 2/14?/07: 2/22/07p2(M)

Corson, Maude, weds Edwin Crotty 2/17/089: 9/25/08p8

Corson, Millie, weds Arthur Lord 6/15/04: 06/24/04p1

Corson, Oscar F., died 3/20/08: 3/27/08p3

Corson, Susan, died 9/20/00: 9/28/00p1

Cossette, Ophelia, died 1/19/05: 1/20/05p1; 1/27/05p2(G)

Cotter, Abbie, weds Irving Cilley 12/22/08: 12/25/08p7(ER)

Cotter, mamie, died 8/19/05: 8/25/05p2(ER)

Coture, Louis, died 9/27/04: 9/30/04p1

Couture, Sophia, died 10/30/08: 10/30/08p1

Covey, Gertrude L., died 12/30/05: 1/5/06p1

Covey, Philip, died 5/2/08: 5/8/08p1

Cragin, Mary, died 3/5/06: 3/9/06p1

Craig, Hattie, died 8/22/06: 8/24/06p1

Crateau, Malvina, weds Ame Les-Chapelle 11/?/04: 11/18/04p7(G)

Crcoker, Francena (Seavey), died 8/22/06: 8/24/06p1

Crennan, Julia. died 2/13/03: 2/20/03p1

Critchett, John, died 12/27/05: 1/5/06p2(SL)

Critchett, M&M J. Loring, celebrate 25th: 2/26/09p1

Crockett, John, celebrates 83rd birthday: 8/23/01p1

Crosby, Ida M., died 9/18/04: 9/23/04p6(F)

Cross, Abbie (Roberts), died 1/12/00: 1/19/00p8

Cross, Nathaniel, died 5/18/07: 5/24/07p1

Cross, Rodney E., died 9/15/01: 9/20/01p

Crotty, Edwin, weds Maude Corson 2/17/089: 9/25/08p8

Cullen, Andrew, died 6/28/00: 7/6/00p1

Cummings, Elizabeth (Smith), died 11/?/04: 12/2/04p6(F)

Currier, Pierre, died 2/?/04: 2/12/04p7(G)

Curry, Alfred, died 4/13//04: 4/22/04p6(ER)

Curtis, Mary (Hayes), died 6/19?/03: 6/26/03p8

Curtis, Matilda (White), died 1/1/06: 1/5/06p6(F)

Curtis, Rufus, died 2/4/03: 2/13/03p6(F)

Curtis, William, weds Bessie Gilman 3/19?/03: 3/27/03p6(F)

Cushing, Isaiah, weds Lennie Folsom 4/25/05: 4/28/05p1

Cushing, Willard, weds Maude Parker 4/25/05: 4/28/05p1

Cutts, Fred H., died 3/30/02: 4/4/02p4(MM)

Cutts, Julia, died 11/8/03: 11/13/03p7(MM)

Cyr, Marie, weds Arthur Turcotte 9/13/09: 9/17/09p4

Daggett, James, weds Annie O'Malley 2/26/06: 3/2/06p1

Daigle, Joseph, weds Annie Cormier 11/4/07: 11/8/07p1

Dalrymple, Alice, weds Rev. Joseph Adams 7/26/04: 7/29/04p1

Daly, Lula, weds Charles Keggon 5/24/02: 5/30/02p1

Dame Iris, weds John Furnans 6/14/05: 6/16/05p4; 6/23/05p6(F)

Dame, Abbie H., died 12/17/08: 12/25/08p1

Dame, Albert W., died 5/20/03: 5/29/03p6(F)

Dame, Amy, weds Albert Rockwell 9/5/05: 9/29/05p1

Dame, Caleb, died 11/16/01: 11/22/01p8

Dame, Charles H., died 11/20/01: 11/22/01p8

Dame, Charles, weds Edna Piper 10/21/03: 10/30/03p1

Dame, Frank H., weds ????: 8/?/04: 8/19/04p6(F)

Dame, Herbert, weds Ismay Hodgson 12/1/01: 12/6/01p8

Dame, Ida, weds Fred Downs 11/25/08: 12/4/08p4

Dame, Joseph A., died 1/16/02: 1/24/02p4

Dame, M&M Amasa, celebrate 56th: 4/6/00p1

Dame, Martha (Dame), died 2/4/06: 2/9/06p6(F)

Dame, Mary (Jenness), died 1/24/08: 1/31/08p8

Dame, Mrs. Albert (Roberts), died 5/10/01: 5/17/01p6(F)

Dame, Olive, died 2/4/02: 2/7/02p8

Dame, Phylura, weds Albert Weeks 11/28/02: 12/5/02p4

Daniells, Martelle, died 6/14/07: 6/21/07p8

Daniels, Elizabeth T., died 11/15/04: 11/18/04p1

Dapointe, Dina, died 1/11/07: 1/18/07p1

Darling, John E., died 9/1/01: 9/6/01p1

Davidson, Jeannette, wets Joseph Bernard 9/21/04: 9/23/04p1

Davidson, Mary, died 3/14/07: 3/22/07pp1,7(ER)

Davidson, Thomas G., died 4/29/07: 5/3/07p1

Davis, Blanche, weds Martini Dechene 4/23/05: 5/5/05p3(B)

Davis, Carolyn (Hayes), died 5/14/02: 5/23/02p6(F)

Davis, Emily, died 4/22/00: 4/27/00p6(F)

Davis, George N., died 1/26/08: 1/31/08p6(F)

Davis, Irma, weds George Lovering 7/23/05: 7/28/05p6(F)

Davis, James E., died 9/26/01: 10/4/01p6(F)

Davis, Jane, died 11/24/08: 11/27/08p1

Davis, John B., died 10/27/04: 11/4/04p6(N)

Davis, John, died 4/5/06: 4/13/06p2

Davis, Lucy, weds Richard Goodwin 10/24?/06: 10/26/06p6(F)

Davis, Mary E., died 1/5/03: 1/9/03p6(F)

Davis, Mehitabel, died 2/14/07: 2/22/07p1

Davis, Minnie, weds Charles Barker 4/8/01: 4/12/01p6(F)

Davis, Mrs. John, died 3/?/04: 4/1/04p6(F)

Davis, Nellie, weds Frank Marston 1/1/05: 1/6/05p6(F)

Davis, Ralph E., died 4/14/05: 4/21/05p6(F)

Davis, Rosetta M., died 3/26/04: 4/1/04p8

Davis, Sadie, weds Daniel Dore 5/22/08: 5/29/08p6(F)

Day, Aurena A., died 7/26/08: 7/31/08p2(MM)

Day, Freeman, died 11/1/07: 11/8/07p2(M)

De Merritt, Merribel A., died 7/28?/04: 8/5/04p7(MM)

Deardon, Edmund, died 3/27/01: 4/5/01p4(MM)

Dearorn, Fannie M., died 10/3/06: 10/5/06p1

Decatur, Ethel, weds Leon Ball 6/16/04: 06/24/04p3(B)

Dechene, Martini, weds Blanche Davis 4/23/05: 5/5/05p3(B)

Decker, Joanna (Reynolds), died 12/24/09: 12/31/09p7(ER)

Delouche, Mrs. Edward, died 2/17/07: 2/22/07p1

Demar, Delvina, died 7/24/01: 7/26/01p5

Demeritt, Mary (Spinney), died 2/26/03: 3/6/03p7(MM)

Demerritt, Mary A., died 12/16/05: 12/22/05p1

Dennet, Ira, weds Susan Willey 1/16/08: 1/24/08p1

Dennett, Mrs. H. B., died 8/11/00: 8/17/00p1

Derby, John I., died 5/6/09: 5/14/09p8

Desmarais, Maria, died 6/22/07: 6/28/07p1

Dexter, Frank, weds Bertha Pike 12/?/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Dexter, Gertrude, weds John Furnald 9/30/03: 10/2/03p4

Dicey, Maude, weds John Hamlin 8/3/05: 8/11/05p1

Dickey, Maurice W., weds Lilla Mellus(?) 12/?/07: 12/27/07p2(M)

Dickey, Mrs. Myron P. (Shumway), died ?/?/08: 10/23/08p2

Dickey, Ora, weds Arthur Smith 11/15/06: 11/23/06p2(M)

Dinsmore, Mrs. Arthur, died 11/18/09: 11/26/09p7(ER)

Dixon, Elizabeth, died 3/11/03: 3/13/03p1

Dixon, Martha, died 7/22/06: 7/27/06p1

Dodge, Bertha (Garland), died 7/19/04: 7/22/04p1

Dodge, Fred, died 12/28/00 1/4/01p1

Dodge, J. Thorne, died 9/2/01: 9/6/01p1

Dodge, Myrtle, died 6/7/07: 6/14/07p1

Doe, Edith M., died 5/5/00: 5/11/00p4(M)

Doherty, Dora, died 7/11/08: 7/17/08p6(ER)

Dolby, Henry I., died 1/4/00: 1/12/00p6(F)

Doliver, Mary (Ring), died 6/22/02: 6/27/02p6(F)

Dolloff, Charles, died ?/?/00: 5/25/00p1

Dore, Daniel, weds Sadie Davis 5/22/08: 5/29/08p6(F)

Dore, Mrs. Eugene (Davis), died 2/?/08: 2/14/08p6(F)

Dore, Susan (Rollins), died 3/24/04: 4/1/04p6(F)

Douglass, Evelyn, weds Arthur Burnham 6/23/06: 6/29/06p1

Dow, Nellie, weds Clarence Pinkham 6/14/02: 6/20/02p1

Dow, Sabrina L., died 10/18/06: 10/26/06p1

Dowbridge, Norman, weds Margaret McAuliffe 1/12/07: 1/18/07p1

Downing, Blanche, weds Everett Wallingford 12/20/05: 12/22/05p1

Downing, Daisy A., died 1/7/00: 1/12/00p4(M)

Downing, Della, weds Lincoln Tanner 12/24/04: 1/6/05p3

Downing, Etta, weds E. T. Miller 10/7/03: 10/16/03p6(F)

Downing, Grace, weds Frank McIntire 10/17/03: 10/30/03p1

Downing, Samuel H., died 11/8/01: 11/15/01p6(F)

Downing, Thomas J., died 11/21/02: 11/28/02p8

Downs, Charles, weds Sarah Gorman 5/9/00: 5/18/00p4(M)

Downs, Christine (Hanson), died 4/30/05: 5/5/05p7(M)

Downs, Fred, weds Ida Dame 11/25/08: 12/4/08p4

Downs, Isaac C., died 5/10/07: 5/17/07p7(ER)

Downs, John, died 5/2/00: 5/4/00p4(M)

Downs, Joseph C., died 3/5/01: 3/8/01p8

Downs, Leroy, weds Ethel Gates 5/3/04: 5/6/04p1

Downs, Lura M., died 12/31/03: 1/8/04p7

Downs, Mary J., died 2/11/03: 2/20/03p1

Downs, Mrs, mother of Joseph C., died 3/14/01: 3/15/01p5

Drago, John, died 7/26/02: 8/1/02p1

Drew, Clara E., died 2/11/02: 2/14/02p4(M)

Drew, Frank P., died 1/16?/08: 1/17/08p1

Drew, Mary E., died 11/20/03: 11/27/03p3

Drew, Mesach, died 3/1/04: 3/4/04p(G); 3/11/04p4(G)

Drew, Sarah (Perkins), died 10/23/06: 10/26/06p1

Dube, Mrs. Henry, died 10/7/09: 10/15/09p8

Duchame, Fred, died 2/6/03: 2/13/03p7(G)

Duchane, Emma, weds Patrick Connelly 4/22/03: 4/24/03p1

Duchane, Ora, weds John Mylott 6/18/00: 6/22/00p1

Ducharme, Joseph, died 2/3/02: 2/7/02p8

Duclow, Peter, weds Gertrude Hartford 7/1/08: 7/3/08p1

Dudley, Charles C., died 2/21/08: 2/28/08p6(F)

Dudley, Charles C., died 3/3/05: 3/10/05p6(F)

Dudley, Hollis O., died 3/31/06: 4/6/06pp1,2(B)

Dudley, Lydia (Hayes), died ?/?/08: 11/6/08p6(F)

Dudley, Mary, weds Samuel Felker 7/5/01: 7/5/01p1

Duncan, Hattie E., died 4/13/08: 5/1/08p8

Duntley, Elizabeth A., died 7/12/07: 7/19/07p2(M)

Dupuy, Albina, weds Edward Maxfield 11/26/02: 11/28/02p1

Duquet, Adelard, weds Albertine Lapointe 11/26/04: 12/2/04p1

Duquette, Louis, weds Bessie Corson 10/23/09: 11/5/09p9

Durgin, Charles G., died 3/15/00: 3/16/00p1

Durgin, Elizabeth, died 2/25/06: 3/2/06p7(ER)

Durgin, Mary Thurston, died 5/15/00: 5/18/00p4(M)

Durgin, Mehitabel C., died /3/?/08: 4/10/08p6

Durgin, Sarah J., died 10/3/07: 10/11/07p7(ER)

Dustin, Mary R., died 10/13/03: 10/23/03p3(B)

Dyer, Eben S., died 6/25/08: 7/3/08p1

Edgerly, Addie, died 4/24/02: 4/25/02p8; 5/2/02p7(M)

Edgerly, Charles W., died 3/6/05: 3/10/05p1

Edgerly, Ella, died 7/8/02: 7/11/02p6(F)

Edgerly, Erville, weds Minnie Cates 6/5/01: 6/21/01p5(CN)

Edgerly, Helen P,. died 5/18/04: 5/27/04p6(M)

Edgerly, Hiram, died 6/22/09: 7/9/09p2(M)

Edgerly, Maria (McDuffee), died 12/12/08: 12/18/08p1

Edgerly, Nellie A., died 6/11/00: 6/15/00p6(F)

Edgerly, Sarah A., died 3/6/01: 3/8/01p8

Edgerly,Lydia Ann, died 2/20/06: 3/2/06p2(M)

Edmands, Mrs. G. L., died ?/?/01: 10/4/01p6(F)

Eley, Lillian (Willey), died 10/24/01: 10/30/03p6(F)

Elgee, Mrs Arthur (nee Gray), died 3/12/09: 3/19/09p1

Elkins, Cyrus E., died 4/9/02: 4/18/02p6(F)

Elkins, Jeremiah S., died 8/5/05: 8/11/05p6(F)

Elkins, Leroy, weds Maud Littlefield 4/30/06: 5/4/06p6(F)

Ellerson, Charles O., died 9/5/01: 9/13/01p6(B)

Elliot, Agnes, died 4/14/08: 4/17/08p7(ER)

Elliot, Stephen, died 3/29/00: 4/6/00p4(ER)

Elliot, William C., died 10/7/04: 10/14/04p1

Elliott, Jesse M., died 2/23/03: 2/27/03p6(F)

Elliott, Lizzie, weds Charles Philbrick 4/14/02: 4/18/02p1

Elliott, William C., died 12/16/01: 12/20/01p4

Elliottt, Stephen E., died 3/29/00: 3/30/00p4

Ellis, Alonzo S., died 2/16/01: 2/22/01p

Ellis, Benjamin, weds Maggie Hadlock: 6/1/06p1

Ellis, Hattie bA., died 8/23/00: 8/30/00p1

Ellis, Joathan, died 5/5/00: 5/11/00p1

Ellis, Julia, died 11/11/01: 1/25/01p1

Ellis, Mrs. Charles (Marsh), died 4/19/05: 4/28/05p7(MM)

Ellis, Nancy, died 9/26/04: 9/30/04p1

Ellison, FRrank R., died 9//10/08: 9/18/08p4

Elson, George W., died 3/25/00: 3/30/00p8

Emerald, Emanual J., died 8/6/09: 8/13/09p1

Emerson, Adelia F., died 1/27/04: 1/29/04p8

Emerson, Edwin, weds Etta Bickford 11/15/07: 11/22/07p1

Emerson, Electa L., died 3/22/00: 3/30/00p3(B)

Emerson, Esther A., died 8/19/06: 8/24/06p1

Emerson, Harriet, weds Bernard Piper 10/3/05: 10/6/05p1

Emerson, John W., died 7/18/09: 7/23/09p1

Emerson, Mrs. John, died 1/12/03: 1/16/03p1

Emerson, Sarah, weds James Whipple 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

Emery, Almira (Edgerly), died 4/8/07: 4/12/07p6(F)

Emery, C. K., weds Fannie Berry 10/31/09: 11/5/09p4

Emery, Deborah H., died 5/24/09: 5/28/09p1

Emery, Harriet L., died 7/?/09: 7/30/09p1

Estes, Earl, died 12/23/04: 12/30/04p1

Estes, John, died 627/04: 7/1/04p1

Estes, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th: 01/10/02p4

Estes, Mabel, weds George Farnum 6/29/06: 7/6/06p1

Ethridge, Mary, dieed 6/29/04: 7/8/04p1

Evans, Eliza, died 10/2/03: 10/9/03p3(B)

Evans, Ezra H., died 3/26/04: 4/1/04p6(F)

Evans, Frank B., died 10/1/09: 10/8/09p1

Evans, Hanson, died 11/10/03: 11/13/03p7

Evans, Henry, weds Annie Willey 8/?/05: 8/11/05p1

Evans, Isaac, weds Susie Rollins 12/20/09: 12/24/09p1

Evans, Isabel (Blodgett), died 12/3/03: 12/11/03p1

Evans, John J., died 12/1/05: 12/22/05p1

Evans, Leah (Kimball), died 10/6/02: 10/10/02p4(F)

Evans, Lena (Stackpole), died 2/2/02: 2/7/02p8

Evans, Rhoda, died 3/12/02: 3/21/02p3(B)

Evans, Roscoe, weds Grace Scruton 5/19/00: 5/25/00p1

Evans, Thomas H., died 7/3/08: 7/10/08p1

Evans, Winnifred, weds Eva Howes 6/22/08: 6/26/08p1

Fall, Blanche, weds Joseph Guillette 12/?/05: 12/8/05p6(F)

Fall, Katherine, weds Carl Richmond 76/26/01: 7/12/01p6(F)

Fall., E. F. weds Jennie Gatdner 11/28?/07: 12/6/07p1

Farrand, Georgie, weds Elden Coffin 7/22/00: 7/27/00p1

Farrington, James, died 1/11/02: 1/24/02p1

Faunce, Anngie (Sinclair), died 5/28/08: 5/29/08p7(ER)

Feeney, Bartholomew W., died 1/10/04: 1/15/04p1

Feineman, Minnie R., died 5/8/05: 5/12/05p1

Felker, Annie, weds Irving Foss 12/23/01: 12/27/01p4

Felker, Betsy (Canney), died 4/29/05: 5/5/05p1

Felker, Deborah (Demeritt), died 4/8/04: 4/15/04pp4.7(G)

Felker, Elias V., died 7/5/;09: 7/9/09p1

Felker, Henry, weds Grace Berry 10/26/09: 10/29/09p1

Felker, Mrs. B. Frank, died 2/1/07: 2/8/07p1

Felker, Samuel, weds Mary Dudley 6/26/01: 6/28/01p1

Felker, William, weds Margaret Felker: 10/15/09p1

Ferber, Albert L., died 1/28/06: 2/2/06p1

Ferland, Eleanor, weds William Langevin 1/7/07: 1/11/07p1

Fernald, Jane (Tibbetts), died 11/22/08: 11/27/08p1

Fernald, Jane, celebrates 94th birthday: 7/6/06p1

Fernald, Jane, celebrates 96th birthday: 7/3/08p1

Fernald, Mary P., died 3/11/03: 3/20/03p6(BW)

Fernald, Mrs. John C., died 6/23/01: 6/28/01p1

Fernald, Sophronia, died 7/28/06: 8/3/06p6(F)

Finegan, Dorothy B., died 2/9/06: 2/16/06p(M)

Fineman, Edwin, weds Helen Brierly 9/23/04: 9/30/04p8(MM)

Fisher, Albert C., died 2/8/09: 2/12/09p6

Flagg, William, died 4/12/08: 4/17/08p1

Flanders, Arthur W., died 2/7/06: 2/9/06p4

Flemming, Annie, weds Walter LeVallely 8/10/08: 8/21/08p11

Fletcher, Tristram, died 7/12/06: 7/20/06p6(F)

Fleury, Charles, died 10/?/07: 10/11/07p8(G)

Fogg, Blanche, died 1/27/06: 2/2/06p1

Fogg, Cora, weds Frank Greenfield 9/5/02: 9/12/02p1

Folsom, Lennie, weds Isaiah Cushing 4/25/05: 4/28/05p1

Fortier, Treffle, died 2/14/04: 2/19/04p1

Foss, Abigail (Place) 2/4/01: 2/8/01p1

Foss, Alonzo, died 3/30/03: 4/3/03p4

Foss, Alvah H., died 2/25/09: 2/26/09p1

Foss, Amy L., died 3/3/09: 3/5/09p1

Foss, Andrew W., died 12/29/04: 1/6/05p4

Foss, Clark, died 8/27/01: 8/30/01p6

Foss, Cyrus K., died 8/20/02: 8/22/02p1

Foss, Emma S., died 4/15/07: 4/19/07p1

Foss, Ernest, weds Blanche Meader 7/3/02: 7/11/02p1

Foss, Fannie, weds Felix Beaulieu 6/16/02: 6/20/02p1

Foss, Fidelia, weds Irvin Berry 4/27/04: 4/29/04p1

Foss, George W., died 10/7/01: 10/11/01p1

Foss, H. Edward, died 6/17/04: 06/24/04p1

Foss, Hannah, died 8/31/02: 10/3/02p4

Foss, Henry E., died 10/27/02: 10/31/02p6(F): 10/7/02p

Foss, James F., died 2/6/00: 3/9/00p1

Foss, James S., died 3/13/00: 3/23/00p3(B)

Foss, Jennie, weds Howard Walton 12/25/08: 12/4/08p4

Foss, Lydia, died 10/15?/08: 10/16/08p1

Foss, Mary (Waldron), died 2/10/07: 2/15/07p8

Foss, Mary A., died 2/5/02: 2/7/02p8

Foss, Mary E., died 6/?/05: 6/30/05p1

Foss, Mary, weds Horace Clough 12/11/06: 12/14/06p1

Foss, Priscilla M., died 1/15/07: 1/18/07pp1,7(G)

Foss, Roy, weds Harriet Furnald 6/1/07: 6/7/07p1

Foss, Walter W., died 6/28/08: 7/3/08p1

Foss, Warren F., died ?/?/00: 3/2/00p1

Foster, A. C., weds Edith Rice 10/18/05: 10/20/05p1

Fowler, Fred, weds Lewis, Miss., 9/17/06: 9/21/06p1

Fowler, Sanford, weds Lottie Chisholm 5/27/03: 6/5/03p7(ER)

Fox, Bridget J., died 8/30/00: 9/7/00p8(CN)

Fox, Emmeline, died 2/11/05: 2/17/05p4(M)

Fox, Mrs. George E., died 6/2/01: 6/7/01p6(MM)

Fox, Sarah A., died 12/18/03: 12/25/03p7(MM)

Francis, John B., died 11/28/19: 12/4/08p1

Freeman, G. I., weds Annie Kimball 2/4/04: 2/12/04p6(F)

Freman, Gladys, died 10/31/08: 11/6/08p4

French, George, died 3/11/00: 3/16/00p1

French, Harriet, weds Clark Weeks 6/7/05: 6/16/05p4

French, Jeremiah e., died ?/?/06: 6/8/06p6(F)

Frye, Eben, died 5/2?/01: 5/10/01p6(F)

Frye, Melvin A., died 2/8/03: 2/13/03p1

Fugere, Marcelline, died 10/5/02: 10/10/02p4(CN)

Fuller, William W., died 5/8/00: 5/11/00p6(F)

Furber, Etta (Neally), died 4/2/09: 4/9/09p8

Furber, Frank, died 6/15/06: 6/15/06p1

Furber, Mary, died 11/9/01: 11/15/01p4

Furbish, Ira, died 2/3/04: 2/5/04p1

Furbush, Carrie, weds William Ricker 1/27/03: 1/30/03p1

Furbush, Emina L., died 1/19/02: 1/24/02p1

Furbush, G. William, died 10/9/02: 10/17/02p1

Furbush, George F., died 4/7/05: 4/14/05p1

Furbush, Lois M., died 1/23/07: 1/25/07p1

Furbush, Louisa N., died 1/23/07:2/1/07p1

Furbush, Mrs. Edward, died 7/30/00: 8/3/00p8(ER)

Furbush, Sally D., died 1/18?/00: 1/26/00p8

Furnald, Harriet, weds Roy Foss 6/1/07: 6/7/07p1

Furnald, John, weds Gertrude Dexter 9/30/03: 10/2/03p4

Gafney, Ida (Peavey)., died 9/15/00: 9/21/00p6(F)

Gage, Clara, died 2/5/03: 2/13/03p6

Gagne, Georgianna, weds Alfred Rogers 10/25/09: 10/29/09p1

Gagne, Lea (Landry), died 10/13/09: 10/15/09p8

Gale, Lydia (Horne), died 2/5/06: 2/9/06p1

Gallagher, Thomas A., died 12/17/03: 12/25/03p4

Gallant, Jennie, weds Gordon McDonald 10/7/03: 10/16/03p4

Galley, John, weds Jennie Grant 11/16/03: 11/20/03p1

Galway, Mary, weds William Herron 11/25/03: 12/4/03p1

Gaqtes, John B., died 2/27/02: 3/7/02p1

Gardner, Jennie, weds F. E. Fall 11/28?/07: 12/6/07p1

Garland, Ethelyn, weds John Gilman 7/7/06: 7/13/06p2(M)

Garland, George H., died 6/10/03: 6/12/03p8

Garland, Gertrude, weds John Rhodes 10/14/03: 10/16/03p6(F)

Garland, Harriet (Woodman), died 12/13/02: 12/19/02p4

Garland, Joseph, weds Josie Calkins 11/23?/09: 12/3/09p6(M)

Garland, Lila, weds Scott Palmer 8/10/04: 8/19/04p1

Garland, M. S., died 11/15/05: 11/21/02p4

Garland, Sherebiah, died 8/6/06: 8/10/06p1

Garneau, Alfred, died 7/10/04: 7/15/04p1

Garneau, Alice, died 5/11/07: 5/17/07p1

Garneau, Wilfred, died 9/17/04: 9/23/04p8

Garnett, Edgar, weds Sadie Hill 11/15/05: 11/17/05p1

Garrett, Benjamin, weds O. Sylvain 5/15/09: 5/21/09p7(ER)

Garside, Mrs. James L., died 1/3/03: 1/9/03p1

Gary, Newman A., died 4/12/03: 4/17/03p6(F)

Gates, John B., died 2/12?/04: 2/19/04p1

Gauthier, Antoinette, weds Leonide Dube 2/22/09: 2/26/09p1

Geddis, James, died 8/22/05: 8/25/05p1

Geddis, John, weds Altie Jordan 2/13/00: 2/16/00p5(CN)

George, Agnes, died 12/14/06: 12/21/06p7(ER)

Gerrish, Daniel, weds Myra Hurd 8/4/02: 8/8/02p1

Gerrish, Emma (Dillingham), died 3/11/01: 3/15/01p1

Gerrish, Hannah E., died 2/15/04: 2/19/04p1

Gerrish, Hattie (Blackmar), died 5/31/04: 6/3/04p1

Gerrish, Josiah W., died 6/13/03: 6/19/03p7(MM)

Gerrish, Lillian, weds George Torr 10/5/04: 10/7/04p1

Gerrish, Winthrop, weds Alice Ricker 8/1/08: 8/7/08p1

Getchell, Frederick, weds Myra Marvell 12/24/02: 1/2/03p4

Gibbons, Ellen, weds George Clark 1/8/06: 12/06p1

Gilbert, Alfred, weds Ann Rodier 4/24/05: 4/28/05p8

Gilbert, John, died 2/15/04: 2/19/04p1

Giles, George S., died 1/29/08: 2/7/08p6(F)

Gilkerson, Helen, died 4/18/06: 4/27/06p6(F)

Gilliland, John, died 5/20/06: 5/25/06p1

Gilman, Amanda (Cross), died 10/28/02: 10/31/02p6(F)

Gilman, Beatrice, weds Edward Gilman 11/19/04: 11/25/04p6(F)

Gilman, Bernice, weds Carl Thomas 6/11/08: 7/17/08p7

Gilman, Besie, weds William Curtis 3/26/03: 4/3/03p6(F)

Gilman, Bessie, weds William Curtis 3/19?/03: 3/27/03p6(F)

Gilman, Carrie, died 5/28/03: 6/5/03p6(F)

Gilman, Cordelia M., died 8/25/08: 8/28/08p1

Gilman, John S., died 11/10/06: 11/16/06p1

Gilman, Joseph O., died 11/28/06: 12/7/06p1

Gilman, Louis, weds Catherine Cunningham 8/11/02: 8/22/02p1

Gilman, Lydia, weds H. B. Lary 7/?/07: 7/19/07p6(F)

Gilman, Phoebe, died 10/5/07: 10/11/07p1

Gilman, William H., died 2/25/07: 3/1/07p6(F)

Gilmore, Melinda R., died 4/13/06: 4/20/06p6(M)

Gilmqan, Winslow H., died 6/?/00: 6/15/00p6(F)

Girard, Michel, died 7/24/05: 7/28/05p1

Glidden, Frances (Tebbetts), died 3/11/04: 3/18/04p6(F)

Glidden, Louise (Taylor), died 9/8/08: 9/11/08p1

Going, Charles, weds Annie Twombly 10/24/06: 10/26/06p1

Goodall, Clara A., died 7/1/02: 7/4/02p1

Goodrich, John R., died 3/23/00: 3/30/00p4

Goodrich, Mary, died 4/23/03: 5/1/03p1

Goodwin, Arthur A., died 1/20/02: 1/24/02p8

Goodwin, Augustine P., died 11/14/30: 11/20/03p7(W)

Goodwin, Clara A., died 9/25/01: 9/27/01p1

Goodwin, Ernest M., died 4/11/08: 4/17/08p1

Goodwin, Forrest, died 5/5/6/05: 5/12/05p7(MM)

Goodwin, Herbert, weds Nellie Weare 4/21/06: 4/27/06p1

Goodwin, Johnnie, died 12/10/01: 12/13/01p10(ER)

Goodwin, Lavinia, died 11/10/04: 11/18/04p6(F)

Goodwin, Leon, weds Alice Lowd 9/20/05: 9/29/05p2(MM)

Goodwin, Mrs. Roland (Austin), died 3/?/024: 3/21/02p7(ER)

Goodwin, Sherwin W., died 2/20/07: 2/22/07p1

Goselin, Joseph, weds Elisa Cooley 1/23/07: 1/25/07p4

Gotts, Frances, died 8/16/00: 8/24/00p66(ER)

Gotts, Francis, died 1/26/01: 2/1/01p7(ER)

Gould, Annie E., died 10/12/07: 10/25/07p1

Gracie, Louis, weds Pommela St. Germain 8/7/05: 8/11/05p1

Grady, Etta L., died 5/23/04: 5/27/04p1

Graham, Lillie, weds John Malone 6/26/07: 6/28/07p1

Granger, Adelaid (Hayes), died 11/3/03: 11/6/03p6(F)

Grant, Elizabeth (Lee), died 5/13/04: 5/20/04p7

Grant, Elizabeth, weds Arthur Barber 1/1/06: 1/5/06p1

Grant, Jennie, weds John Galley 11/16/03: 11/20/03p1

Grassi, Joseph, weds Mary Bilodeau 12/26/04: 12/30/04p1

Gray, Archie, weds Rosie Nadeau 9/1/08: 9/4/08p1

Gray, Arthur L. M., died 5/12/03: 5/15/03p1

Gray, Darius, died 6/17/08: 6/19/08p1

Gray, F. S., weds Bessie Hoyt 6/14/05: 6/16/05p4

Gray, Gladys, died 5/?/04: 5/27/04p18

Gray, Jasper, died 9/20/00: 9/28/00p1

Gray, Joseph, celebrates 88th birthday: 1/18/07p1

Gray, Lindsey M., died 11/29/09: 12/3/09p4;12/10/09p7(G)

Gray, M&M Samuel N., celebrate 50th: 12/16/04p1

Gray, Mary (Corson), died 4/12/05: 4/14/05p1

Gray, Otis M., died 9/24/07: 9/27/07p6(F)

Gray, Sally (Thompson), died 6/8/02: 6/13/02p1

Gray,Mary T., died 4/2/06: 4/6/06p6(F);4/13/06p6(F)

Greenfield, Frank, died 11/24/08: 11/27/08p1

Greenfield, Frank, weds Cora Fogg 9/5/02: 9/12/02p1

Greenfield, Harriet, weds Harry Wentworth 6/8/04: 6/10/04p1

Greenier, Alice, weds Maurice Greenier 9/2/07: 9/6/07p1

Greenier, Joseph A., died 2/10/08: 2/14/08p4

Greenier, Joseph, weds Edith Kimball 11/23/01: 11/29/01p7(ER)

Greenier, Marie, died 23/03: 5/29/03p1

Greenier, Maurice, weds Alice Greenier 9/2/07: 9/6/07p1

Greenier, Wilfred, weds Bertha McCrillis 4/25/08: 5/1/08p7(ER)

Grenier, Doris, died 6/24/00: 6/29/00p1

Grenier, Malvina, weds William Laundry 11/23/04: 12/2/04p1

Grenier, Mary, weds Aime Lemire 6/22/08: 6/26/08p1

Grenier, Virginia, died 10/13/03: 10/16/03p1

Grey, Ethel, weds Frank Powell 6/29/07: 6/7/07p7(G)

Grey, Frank P., died 8/9/07: 8/16/07p1; 8/16/07p7(G)

Griffen, Michael H., died 12/31/00: 1/4/01p1

Griffin, Florence E., weds Percy Tuck 8/13/07: 8/16/07p1

Grogan, Bessie, weds Edwin Dorr 6/24/04: 7/1/04p7(ER)

Grondin, M&M Michel, celebrate 50th: 3/8/01p8

Grondin, Michael, died 9/20/08: 9/25/08p8

Grondin, Vitaline, died 10/10/06: 10/12/06p1

Gronsin, Flora, weds Ernest Literneau 10/12/03: 10/16/03p4

Grover, Frank, weds Alta Allen 11/18/01: 11/22/01p8

Grover, Mary H., died 3/11/01: 3/15/01p1

Guillette, Joseph, weds Blanche Fall 12/?/05: 12/8/05p6(F)

Guppey, Sarah, weds Lewis Stoughton 1/18/05: 1/20/05p1

Guppy, George F., died 8/27/00: 8/30/00p1

Haines, Charles T., died 12/22/01: 12/27/01p4

Hale, Samuel, weds Lavina Twombly 3/12/02: 3/14/02p4(EB)

Hale, William T., died 11/?/08: 11/20/08p3(B)

Haley, Frank (Rev.), died 3/28/04: 4/1/04p7(M)

Haley, John, weds Kathleen Burns 11/17/03: 11/20/03p1

Haley, M&M George B., celebrate 25th: 5/13/04p1

Hall, Abbie (Tuttle), died 7/1/09: 7/16/09p1

Hall, Adrian, weds Lena Shackford 6/11/05: 6/16/05p4

Hall, Alice, weds Earl Priestly 9/6/02: 9/12/02p1

Hall, Alice, weds F. E. Whitney 0/30/01: 11/1/01p1

Hall, Andrew J., died 2/25/03: 2/27/03p1

Hall, Angeline (Willey), died 4/1/05: 4/7/05p1; 4/7/05p3(B)

Hall, Frank F., died 7/10/04: 7/15/04p1

Hall, Fred L., died 2/18/09: 2/26/09p1

Hall, George W., died 10/28/04: 11/4/04p1

Hall, Grace, weds Ira Lucas 7/28/06: 8/3/06p1

Hall, Lucy, weds Nolan Varney 3/?/09: 3/12/09p1

Hall, Maria (Stanton), died 1/18/00: 1/26/00p6(F)

Hall, Mary P., died 12/2/04: 12/16/04p1

Hall, Mildred, weds Harry Wormhood 9/21/07: 9/27/07p8

Hall, Minnie, weds Marshall Haslett 12/9/06: 12/14/06p1

Hall, Odillon, weds Elsie Connolly 9/?/06: 10/5/06p2(MM)

Hall, Oram R., died 12/7/01: 12/13/01p6(F)

Hall, Ossie[?], weds Joseph Woodes 12/12/06: 12/14/06p1

Hall, Sarah B., died 11/18/01: 11/22/01p8

Hall, Sarah E., died 10/1/07: 10/4/07p8

Hall, Smith, died ?/?/04: 8/19/04p1

Hall, Thomas, 12/15/08: 12/18/08p7(ER)

Hall, Tobias R., died 7/20/07: 7/26/07p3(B)

Hall, Warren, weds Inez Chesley 10/4/05: 10/6/05p1

Hall, William, died 4/22/00: 4/27/00p3(B)

Hall, William, weds Grace Olsen 12/29/06: 1/4/07p1

Halpin, James H., died 2/7/00: 3/9/00p1

Ham, David F., died 9/3/00: 9/7/00p1

Ham, Edgar, weds Mattie Reberts 6/10/00: 6/15/00p1

Ham, George W., died 8/27/04: 9/2/04p1

Ham, Hannah, died 12/28/00 1/4/01p1

Ham, Herman, died 1/5/03: 1/9/03p6(F)

Ham, Inez, weds Harry Tibbetts 1/14/00: 2/9/00p6(F)

Ham, Mary, died 3/25/08: 4/3/08p1

Ham, Penuel C., died 3/12/04: 3/18/04pp3(N),6(F)

Hamilton, Annie M., died 11/1/04: 11/4/04p1

Hamilton, Mary, weds Ernest Chalmers 6/21/05: 6/30/05p1

Hamilton, Nettie, weds George Johnson 5/2/00: 5/11/00p1

Hamlin, Belle, died 7/8/04: 7/15/04p1

Hamlin, John, weds Maude Dicey 8/3/05: 8/11/05p1

Hammond, Lillian, weds Bayfield Shaw 8/7/07: 8/9/07p1

Hand, Guy, weds Luta Clifford 1/9/08: 1/17/08p1

Hanna, Madge, weds Eben Locke 4/20/05: 4/28/05p3

Hannon, Parker, died 3/12/09: 3/26/09p1

Hanscam, Elizabeth M., died 5/20/04: 5/27/04p1

Hanscam, Forest, died 4/2/03: 4/10/03p1

Hanscam, Henry, weds Lillian Standley 6/29/02: 7/4/02p8

Hanscam, Mildred, died 5/12/08: 5/15/08p1

Hanscam, Samuel, died 11/18/06: 11/23/06p1

Hanscome, Bert, weds Mildred Adams 4/7/07: 4/12/07p1

Hanson, Caleb, died 3/25/04: 4/1/04p6(F)

Hanson, Dominicus, died 6/1/07: 6/7/07p1

Hanson, Jennie, weds Daniel Philbrick 5/1/03: 6/5/03p7

Hanson, Julian, weds Maud Smith 7/30/02: 8/8/02p6(F)

Hanson, Lois (Wentworth), died 5/17/00: 5/25/00p1

Hanson, Marquis A., died 4/2/06: 4/6/06p1

Hanson, Meader, died 2/8/08: 2/14/08p4

Hanson, Nancy (Goodwin), died 3/6/03: 3/13/03p6(F)

Hanson, Rooxbe (Kimball), died 12/11/01: 01/10/02p8

Hapgood, Carrie, died 6/22/02: 6/27/02p7(MM); 7/4/02p7(MM)

Hapgood, Wilbur, died 11/6/08: 11/13/08p2(MM)

Harding, Ida (Pearl), died 8/5/06: 8/10/06p6(F)

Hardy, Elizabeth, died 2/4/00: 2/9/00p4(M)

Harmon, Jessie, weds Oscar Sargent 1/2/05: 1/6/05p6(F)

Harriman, Hannah M., died 11/26/04: 12/2/04p6(F)

Harriman, May, died 11/24/04: 12/2/04p6(W)

Harrington, Annie, died 9/7/05: 9/15/05p1

Harrington, Arthur W., died 10/15/02: 10/24/02p6(F)

Harrington, Bessie, weds Sidney Young 11/9/04: 11/18/04p1

Harrington, Ida, weds Carl Brown 8/28/02: 9/5/02p6(F)

Harris, Abner, died 11/9/01: 11/13/03p7(ER)

Harris, Blanche (Downs), died ?/?/00: 4/6/00p4(M)

Hart, Cyrus F., died 7/27/02: 8/1/02p7(MM)

Hart, Harold, weds May Moore 11/18/07: 11/29/07p7(ER)

Hart, John S., died 11/6/08: 11/13/08p2(W)

Hart, Lydia, died 2/1/07: 2/8/07p2(MM)

Hart, Roscoe, died 10/22/03: 10/23/03p7(G)

Hart, Vienna E., died 5/18/04: 5/20/04p1

Hartford, Albert B., died 4/12/02: 4/18/02p1

Hartford, Albert, weds Frances Richards 10/27/09: 10/29/09p1

Hartford, Clarence, died 2/16: 2/23/00p8(ER)

Hartford, George H., died 3/14/08: 3/20/08p1

Hartford, Gertrude, weds Peter Duclow 7/1/08: 7/3/08p1

Hartford, Grace B., died 2/13/03: 2/20/03p1

Hartford, Harry S., died 1/?/05: 1/13/05p8

Hartford, John T., died 8/22/05: 8/25/05p1

Hartford, Ruth, celebrates 97th birthday: 2/19/09p6

Hartford, Solomon, weds Fannie Spaulding 9/1/06: 9/7/06p1

Hartigan, Edmund, weds Nora Keating 1/11/05: 1/13/05p1

Hartigan, Ella, weds Matthew O'Brien 11/10/08: 11/13/08p1

Hartigan, Mary, weds David Lucy 4/18/06: 4/20/06p1

Harvey, Fannie (Pray), died 6/?/05: 6/30/05p5(CN)

Haskell, Lizzie, weds Frank Cole 11/21/06: 11/30/06p8

Haskell, Louisa B., died 7/4/07: 2/8/07p1

Haskell, William H., died 3/5/06: 3/9/06p1

Hastle, Roberta E., died 7/15/00: 7/20/00p1

Hatch, Lydia W., died 2/23/03: 2/27/03p6(F)

Hayes, Abbie B., died 12/19/01: 12/27/01p1

Hayes, Abilgail (Nute), died 6/4?/04: 6/10/04p7(W)

Hayes, Annie, weds Fred Thayer 6/27/04: 7/1/04p6(F)

Hayes, Arinine (Garland), died 12/12/05: 12/22/05p7(ER)

Hayes, Arthur H., celebrates 50th birthday: 12/24/09p4

Hayes, Arthur, weds Ethel Brooks 10/14/05: 10/20/05p6(F)

Hayes, B. F., died 10/15/02: 10/24/02p7(M)

Hayes, Charles F., died 3/5/00: 3/9/00pp1,4(M)

Hayes, Charles M., died 5/14/05: 5/19/05p1

Hayes, Charles, weds Nellie Chase 6/10/03: 6/19/03p7(M)

Hayes, Edith, weds Arthur Shorey 4/27/04: 4/29/04p1

Hayes, Edna, weds Herman Christophe 5/29/01: 5/31/01p1

Hayes, Edward B., died 9/14/01: 9/20/01p(B)8

Hayes, Eliza (Wentworth), died 1/31/08: 11/6/08p4; 11/13/08p2(M)

Hayes, Eva (Caswell), died 2/19/05: 2/24/05p6(F)

Hayes, Ezekiel C., died 10/9/06: 11/2/06p5(F)

Hayes, Festus, died 10/16/03: 10/23/03p1

Hayes, Frank P.l, died 1/14/00: 1/19/00p6(F)

Hayes, Guy, weds Myrta Clements 4/14/00: 4/27/00p4(M)

Hayes, Hattie E., died 2/10/09: 2/12/09p8

Hayes, Ira C., died 4/12/08: 4/17/08p6(F)

Hayes, Jane, died 7/10/03: 8/14/03p7(ER)

Hayes, Joseph M., died 9/25/01: 9/27/01p1

Hayes, Joseph P., died 7/31/02: 8/1/02p4

Hayes, Luella, died 4/?/05: 4/7/05p1

Hayes, Luther, weds Cora McDuffee 9/2/03: 9/4/03p1

Hayes, Mary (Lynch), died 10/7/09: 10/15/09p8

Hayes, Mary (Robinson), died 1/6/03: 1/16/03p6(F)

Hayes, Ralph A., died 11/15/03: 11/20/03p1

Hayes, Sarah H., died 8/16/;04: 8/19/04p1

Hayes, Theodore, weds Hattie Ames 12/31/00: 1/4/01p3(M)

Hayes, William, weds Inez Roberts 2/21/06: 3/2/06p6(F)

Heagney, Michael, died 4/18/07: 4/26/07p1

Hebert, Antoinette, died 9/3/06: 9/7/06p1

Henderson, Etta, weds Frank Webster 1/14/00: 2/9/00p6(F)

Henderson, George F., died 2/15/08: 2/21/08p1

Henderson, John H., died 1/30/04: 2/5/04p1

Henderson, Leroy P., died 8/16/01: 8/23/01p5

Henderson, Mary A., died 4/21/08: 4/24/08p1; 5/1/08p1

Henderson, Mary A., died 9/2/08: 9/11/08p1

Henderson, Ruth, died 10/8/02: 10/10/02p8

Henderson, Sarah (Burnham), died 2/1/05: 2/10/05p6(F)

Henderson, Sarah E., died 2/1/05: 2/10/05p8

Hennem, Thomas C., died 6/22/05: 6/30/05p1

Herron, Eliza, died 1/25/04: 1/29/04p8

Herron, William, weds Mary Galway 11/25/03: 12/4/03p1

Hersey, Elizabeth, weds Frank Osgood 10/29/05: 11/3/05p1

Hersom, Grace, weds Preston Bennett 5/2/02: 5/9/02p1

Hersom, Isabel, died 5/8/05: 5/12/05p1

Hersom, Maude, died 6/20/05: 6/23/05p1

Hersom, Sarah, died 2/12/09: 2/26/09p1

Herson, Ethel, weds Leon Williams 12/?06: 12/28/06p7(ER)

Higgins, Abbie, died 10/22/02: 10/24/02p1

Higgins, James, died 9/30/03: 10/9/03p1

Higgins, Willis, weds Alice Jenness 7/25/05: 7/28/05p1

Hill, Cyrus S. died 7/28/06: 8/3/06p1

Hill, Hannah J., died 5/18/00: 5/25/00p1

Hill, John, died 1/8/03: 1/16/03p7(ER)

Hill, Loring, weds Ada Colbath 5/29/06: 6/8/06p6(F)

Hill, Lyman A., died 12/30/04: 1/6/05p4

Hill, Maria (Sumner), died 4/?/00: 4/13/00p6(F)

Hill, Mary (Hurd), died 8/5/00: 8/10/00p8

Hill, Ruth J., died 4/?/05: 4/7/05p1

Hill, Sadie, weds Edgar Garnett 11/15/05: 11/17/05p1

Hodgdon, Anna, weds Frank Bailey 4/3/01: 4/5/01p1

Hodgdon, Charles F., died 10/28/01: 11/1/01p1

Hodgdon, George F, died 4/23/02: 5/2/02p7(M)

Hodgdon, George W., died 8/6/01: 8/9/01p1

Hodgdon, Ines, weds Ernest Quimby 10/20/06: 10/26/06p1

Hodgdon, Mary, weds Harry King: 4/4/05: 4/7/05p1

Hodgdon, Nancy (Hanson), died 2/9/00: 2/16/00p8

Hodgdon, Oliver A., died 3/19/00: 3/30/00p3(B)

Hoey, Henry, weds Leah Osbourne 3/?/05: 3/31/05p7(G)

Holland, Ethelyn, died 12/13/07: 12/20/07p17

Holmes, Albert, weds Clara Huntress 11/7?/01: 11/15/01p4

Holmes, Nettie, weds Perry Poor 10/12/04: 10/21/04p7(MM)

Holt, Fred, weds Albina Robillard 8/6/06: 8/10/06p1

Holt, John, died 4/6/00: 4/13/00p1

Hooper, Ann B., died 9/16/08: 9/25/08p2(MM)

Hooper, Charles, died 7/10/01: 7/12/01p5(CN)

Hooper, Hugh, died 3/15/07: 3/22/07p2(MM)

Hooper, John, weds Grace Connolly 9/20/05: 9/29/05p2(MM)

Hooper, Sarah, died 8/28/02: 9/5/02p8

Horn, Alice, died 7/9/03: 7/24/03p7(MM)

Horn, James, died 2/27/08: 4/3/08p2(MM)

Horn, Matilda, died 10/7/07: 10/11/07p2(MM)

Horne, Abigail, died 1/9/03: 1/16/03p1

Horne, Aurelia C., died 10/8/01: 10/11/01p1

Horne, Charles W., died 5/21/00: 5/25/00p4(M)

Horne, Charles, weds Annie Kippenberger 7/4/03: 7/10/03p1

Horne, Charles, weds Edith Berry 3/24/03: 1/30/03p1

Horne, Dora (Nutter), died 7/11/04: 7/15/04p1

Horne, Elijah C., died 12/28/06: 1/4/07p2(M)

Horne, Ethel M., died 2/23/04: 2/26/04p1

Horne, Frank, died 5/15?/01: 5/24/01p8(ER)

Horne, George W., died 7/?/08: 7/24/08p6(ER)

Horne, Harriet, weds Ralph Cobb 6/4/07: 6/7/07p1(M)

Horne, Helen S., died 1/24/01: 1/25/01p1

Horne, Horace E., died 9/1/09: 9/3/09p1

Horne, Irving, died 5/4/00: 5/11/00p1

Horne, John, weds Ethel Roberts 12/25/01: 12/27/01p4

Horne, Leora, weds Albert Otis 10/6/03: 10/9/03p6(F)

Horne, Lorenzo, weds Elsie Pinkham 6/18/06: 6/22/06p1

Horne, Lorenzo, weds Ethel Randall 10/19/03: 10/23/03p1

Horne, Mary A., celebrates 75th birthday: 7/18/02p1

Horne, Mrs. Wesley R., died 4/?/04: 4/29/04p1

Horne, Rosa, weds Dana Grover "two months ago": 11/5/09p9

Horne, Roy, weds Lucy Favor 11/26/02: 11/28/02p1

Horne, Sarah (Thompson), died 8/16/09: 8/20/09p1

Horne, Simon L., died 12/4/04: 12/9/04p

Horne, Stephen B., died 7/20/07: 7/26/07p6(F)

Horne, Susan F., died 10/13/06: 10/19/06p2(M)

Horne, Wesley, died 11/3/0: 11/6/08p4

Horne, Wilbur, weds Dora Nutter 12/22/01: 12/27/01p4

Horne, William N., died 7/17/05: 7/21/05p6(F)

Horne, Willie E., died 1/14/02: 1/24/02p4

Horney, Charles G., died 6/7/04: 06/24/04p1

Houghton, Addie, weds John Clements 6/16/03: 6/19/03p7(M)

Houle, Delia, weds George Boldoc 10/30/04: 11/4/04p1

Howard, Annie, weds Joseph Lique 7/19/05: 7/21/05p5

Howard, Arthur, weds Laura Wingate 11/23/01: 11/25/04p1

Howard, Beatrice, died 5/?/05: 6/2/05p1

Howard, Charles E., 6/9/07: 6/14/07p1

Howard, George N., died 7/13/04: 7/15/04p1

Howard, Harry, weds Lillian Sanborn 3/14/03: 3/20/03p1

Howard, John E., died 11/21/06: 11/30/06p1

Howard, Lovey, died 6/3/08: 6/5/08p1

Howard, Lucy J., died 2/9/08: 2/14/08p4

Howard, Nellie (Foss), died 3/2?/00: 3/9/00p1

Howard, Nellie, died 1/22/08: 1/31/08p3(NB)

Howard, Richard C., died 11/26/05: 12/1/05p1

Howe, Charles H., died 3/10/05: 3/17/05p6(F)

Howe, Charles W., died 9/4/01: 9/6/01p1; 9/13/01p8(CN)

Howe, Daniel, died 2/3/06: 2/9/06p3(B)

Howe, Dorothy, died 4/1?/06: 4/6/06p5(MM)

Howe, Isaac, died 9/22/02: 9/26/02p4

Howe, M&M Samuel, celebrate 50th: 4/17/03p4(G)

Howe, Samuel, died 8/7?/03: 8/14/03p1

Howe, Walter, weds Eva Kimball 12/2/01: 12/13/01p6(F)

Howe[?], Miss, weds Lewis Smith 5/19?/06: 5/25/06p33

Hoyt, Eliza H., died 2/4/07: 2/8/07p1

Hoyt, Emeline, died 8/24/00: 8/30/00p3(CN)

Hoyt, Horace, died 9/22/09: 9/24/09p1

Hoyt, Lucy (Drew), died 3/29/09: 4/2/09p5

Hoyt, Marion M. (Smith), died 10/13/02: 10/17/02p1; 10/17/02p6(F)

Hoyt, Martha (Place), died 10/1/09: 10/8/09p1

Hoyt, Mrs, Thomas, died 4/25/03: 5/1/03p7(ER)

Hoyt, Thomas, died 11/18/05: 11/24/05p7(ER)

Hubbard, Joseph, died 8/31/02: 9/5/02p8

Hughes, Francis, died 7/19/00: 7/27/00p5(CN)

Hughes, John, died 1/1/01: 1/4/01p8

Hughes, Mary, weds Benjamin Stokes 12/28/08: 1/1/09p1

Hull, Arthur, weds Lillian Parshley 10/25/05: 11/3/05p1

Hull, Doris M., died 11/15/09: 11/19/09p1

Hunt, Mrs. Patrick, died 3/3/05: 3/10/05p1

Hunt, William F., died 5/5/05: 5/12/05p1

Hunter, William S., died 9/30?/02: 10/10/02p8

Huntoon, George W., died 11/17/06: 11/23/06p1

Huntoon, Melvina R., died 10/2/06: 10/5/06p1

Huntress, A. L., died 1/24/04: 1/29/04p5(F)

Huntress, Clara, weds Albert Holmes 11/7?/01: 11/15/01p4

Hurd, Adela, weds Edward Burrell 5/29/05: 6/2/05p1

Hurd, Charles, died 7/?/07: 12/20/07pp7(ER)7

Hurd, Cyrus, weds Grace Lowd 11/27/06: 11/30/06p1

Hurd, Elizabeth (Babb), died 8/15/01: 8/23/01p6(F)

Hurd, George W., died 3/30/06: 4/6/06p1

Hurd, Harry, weds Cora Canney 8/11/01: 8/16/01p6(F)

Hurd, Henry, died 7/23/07: 7/26/07p6(F)

Hurd, Johanna S., died 12/26/02: 1/2/03p1

Hurd, John W., died 10/24/05: 10/27/05p1; 11/3/05p1

Hurd, Seth T., died 8/1/04: 8/5/04p1

Hurley, Alice M., died 5/5/06: 5/18/06p6(F)

Hussey, Abbie, died 9/4/04: 9/9/04p7(ER)

Hussey, Charles, engaged to Harriet Tooker: 12/18/08p1

Hussey, Daniel, died 10/11/09: 10/15/09p1

Hussey, Daniel, died 5/28/05: 6/16/05p1

Hussey, George D., died 9/3/09: 9/10/09p1

Hussey, George S., died 3/14/00: 3/16/00p1

Hussey, Grace D., died 4/14/08: 4/17/08p1

Hussey, Hattie (Dame), died 1/5/02: 01/10/02p1

Hussey, Laura, weds Charles Bickford 7/2/06: 7/13/06p1

Hussey, Melvina W., died 6/11/07: 6/14/07p1

Hutchins, Bion[?], weds Martha Sleeper 10/1/07: 10/4/07p1

Hutchins, Florence S., died 9/15?/04: 9/23/04p6(F)

Hutchins, Hattie T., died 3/5/06: 3/9/06p1

Hutchinson, Bessie, weds Edward Barney 11/?/09: 12/3/09p1

Hutchinson, John F., died 7/3/02: 7/11/02p6(F)

Iredale, Elizabeth (Hanson), died 10/1/07: 11/8/07p7(G)

Irish, Philip, weds Grace Noyes 10/5/07: 10/11/07p1

Jackson, Charles D., died 10/?/09: 10/15/09p8

Jackson, Ernest, weds Lillian Osgood 4/18/08: 4/24/08p1

Jackson, Frank, died 3/26/00: 3/30/00p4

Jackson, James, died 1/?/00: 1/19/00p8

Jackson, Lucy (Merrifield), died 7/30/08: 8/7/08p5

Jacobs, Abbie, weds Fred Walker 11/19/01: 11/22/01p8

Jacobs, George E., died 3/18/05: 3/24/05p1

Jacobs, M&M Elbridge, celebrate 50th: 1/1/04p1

Jacobs, Mary (Downs), died 3/13/09: 3/19/09pp1,7(ER)

Jacobs, Mary B., died 11/13/08: 11/20/08p4

Jacques, Damase C., died 5/3/03: 6/5/03p4

Jacques, Ludgar, weds Allie Aubert 1/23/05: 1/27/05p1

Jacques, Maud, weds Edmond Savole 7/1/03: 7/3/03p4

Jacques, Napolean, weds Emma Larochelle 2/11/07: 2/15/07p4

Jacques, Sophia, died 1/29/03: 2/6/03p1

Jamieson, Ella, weds Henry Sanderson 9/29/03: 10/9/03p3

Jellerson, Annie, weds John Colbath Jr. 10/26/07: 11/1/07p1

Jellerson, Charles A., died 6/24/08: 6/26/08p1; 7/3/08p4

Jellerson, Charles, weds Stella Sanborn 1/8/08: 1/10/08p1

Jellerson, Dorothy A., died 12/7/06: 12/14/06p4

Jellerson, Samuel, died 2/17/04: 2/19/04p1

Jenkins, Edward, 5/28/04: 6/3/04p7(G)

Jenkins, Margaret, weds Charles Wron 2/25/01: 3/1/01p1

Jenkins, Margaret, weds Charles Wron 2/25/01: 3/1/01p1

Jenkins, Sally, died 5/23/03: 5/29/03p4(MM)

Jenkins, William P., died 3/26/06: 3/30/06p6(F)

Jenness, Alice, weds Willis Higgins 7/25/05: 7/28/05p1

Jenness, Charles, weds Ann Randall 4/9/06: 4/13/06p1

Jenness, David H., died 3/8/05: 3/10/05p8

Jenness, George M., died 6/21/09: 6/25/09p81

Jenness, James B., died 10/25?/01: 11/1/01p1

Jenness, N. Addison, died 10/8/09: 10/15/09p4(G)

Jenness, Sarah (Wallingford), died 5/19/05: 5/26/05p1

Jenness, Sarah M., died 3/6/01: 3/8/01p8

Jenness, William, died 12/11/05: 12/15/05p4(F)

Johnson, Alice, weds Arthur Caswell 2/24/04: 2/26/04p1

Johnson, Budd, weds Hittle[?] Cox 10/25/05: 11/3/05p6(F)

Johnson, Estelle, died 4/1/09: 4/9/09p1

Johnson, Fannie (Rollins), died 4/24/04: 4/29/04p1

Johnson, G. H., (Rev.), weds Edith Parker 7/10/02: 7/18/02p6(F)

Johnson, George B., died 6/30/02: 7/4/02p6(F)

Johnson, George A., died 1/7/09: 1/8/09p1

Johnson, George, weds Nettie Hamilton 5/2/00: 5/11/00p1

Johnson, Hannah (Perkins), died 10/21/06: 10/26/06p6(F)

Johnson, James M., died 10/20/05: 10/27/05p6(F)

Johnson, Jennie, weds Edwin Bickford 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

Johnson, John G., died 6/21/07: 6/28/07p3(F)5

Johnson, Mabel (Rich), died 12/15/05: 12/22/05p5(F)

Johnson, Margaret, weds Wesley Page 3/13/06: 3/16/06p8

Johnson, Marie, weds Albert Carr 1/1/08: 1/3/08p5

Johnson, Mrs. George A., died 3/20?/03: 3/27/03p1

Johnson, N. Charles, died 4/12/02: 4/18/02p6(F)

Jones, Alice, weds Leland Smith 11/25/05: 12/1/05p1

Jones, Amasa F., died 5/29/00: 6/1/00p4

Jones, Ann, died 2/5?/03: 2/6/03p1

Jones, Arthur, weds Lucy Worster 9/3/05: 9/8/05p6(F)

Jones, Austin G., died 11/27/01: 12/6/01p6(F)

Jones, C. D., died 7/2/08: 7/10/08p2(M)

Jones, Charles A., died 4/27/05: 5/5/05p7(ER)

Jones, Charles T., died 10/20/04: 10/28/04p7(ER)

Jones, Dana, weds Ella Jones 5/21/05: 5/26/05p6(F)

Jones, Edward, died 12/?/01: 12/27/01p6(F)

Jones, Elizabeth (Downs), died 10/13/04: 10/21/04p7(M)

Jones, Ella, weds Dana Jones 5/21/05: 5/26/05p6(F)

Jones, Ethel, weds Harry Reed 11/23/01: 11/29/01p7(ER)

Jones, Etta, died 9/22/00: 9/28/00p7(ER)

Jones, Frances [sic], weds Blanche Thompson 10/31/06: 11/2/06p1

Jones, George F., died 2/19/08: 2/28/08p6(F)

Jones, George R., died 3/15/01: 3/23/00p4(M)

Jones, George W., died 2/20/00: 2/23/00p1

Jones, Harry, weds Bertha Brierly 10/21/03: 10/30/03p7(MM)

Jones, John, died 2/?/01: 2/8/01p6(M)

Jones, Maria (Page), died 2/13/03: 2/20/03p1

Jones, Mary (Whitehouse), died 12/7/08: 12/11/08p2(M)

Jones, Mrs. Eben, died 3/12/02: 3/14/02p4(ER)

Jones, Nancy (Hutchinson), died 7/30/00: 8/3/00p6(F)

Jones, Nettie, weds Ernest Lord 6/10/09: 6/18/09p2(M)

Jordan, Belle, weds Harry Cater 6/11/02: 6/13/02p1

Jordan, Esther, weds Elmer Hill 9/27/08: 10/2/08p1

Jordan, Fannie, weds Clarence Mead 6/17/03: 6/19/03p1

Jordan, Frank H., died 10/21/05: 10/27/05p1

Jordan, Hollis, died 10/15/03: 10/23/03p1

Jordan, Mrs. Frank (Pinkham), died 10/5/03: 10/9/03p7(M)

Jordan, Nettie, weds Thomas McMaster 1/22/08: 1/24/08p1

Joy, Nellie, to wed Charles Willson 8/14/07: 8/16/07p6(F)

Junkins, Henry, died 6/7/09: 6/11/09p1

Kay,. Margaret M., died 6/4/04: 6/10/04p1

Kean, Willa, weds Frank Long 11/27/02: 12/5/02p4

Keates, Charles N., died 9/21/05: 9/22/05p2

Keating, Nora, weds Edmund Hartigan 1/11/05: 1/13/05p1

Keay, Frank, died 11/24/06: 11/30/06p1

Keay, Hawley, died 5/1/00: 5/4/00p4

Keeler, S. C. (Rev), died 9/18?/00: 9/21/00p8(ER)

Keggon, Charles E., died 8/5/02: 8/8/02p1

Keggon, Charles, weds Lula Daly 5/24/02: 5/30/02p1

Keggon, Mr., died 4/26/01: 5/3/01p1

Keir, John B., died 10/12/02: 10/17/02p1

Kelley, Lydia A., died 9/10/07: 9/13/07p1

Kelley, Mary, weds Nelson Morrill 11/12/03: 11/13/03p1

Kenerson, Carlton, weds Genevieve, Burns 10/20/09: 10/22/09p1

Kenerson, Gladys, weds Allston Colby 9/22/06: 9/28/06p8

Kenney, Eugene, weds Nellie Bunker 1/30/04: 2/5/04p1

Kenney, Mary (Wentworth), died 10/27/02: 10/31/02p6(F)

Kennison, Martha (Wallingford), died 12/13/07: 12/20/07p6(F)7

Kenniston, Harry W., died 9/15/07: 9/20/07p1

Kent, Comrade J., died 4/27/05: 5/5/05p6(F)

Kimball, Annie, weds G. I. Freeman 2/4/04: 2/12/04p6(F)

Kimball, Annie, weds Harry Bickford 7/22/03: 7/24/03p1

Kimball, Arthur, died 11/3/07: 11/8/07p2(M)

Kimball, Edith, weds Joseph Greenier 11/23/01: 11/29/01p7(ER)

Kimball, Ethelyn, weds George Holland 1/17/06: 1/19/06p1

Kimball, Eva, weds Walter Howe 12/2/01: 12/13/01p6(F)

Kimball, Fred, died 11/28/06: 12/7/06p1p1

Kimball, M&M Daniel, celebrate 50th: 8/11/05p6(F); 8/18/05p6(F)

Kimball, Mrs. Nathaniel, died 2/9?/08: 2/14/08p1

Kimball, Sarah (Derby), died 11/26/09: 12/3/09p7(ER)

Kimball, Vila, weds William Connell 8/10/07: 8/16/07p5

King, Andrew, died 3/24/00: 3/30/00p4

King, Ida M., died 8/29/02: 9/5/02p8

King, Mabel, weds John Colby 10/6/06: 10/12/06p1

King, Michael, weds Bridget Scahill 9/7/09: 9/10/09p1

King, Walter, weds Matilda Weeks 12/20/05: 12/22/05p1

Kingman, John W., died 12/?/03: 12/25/03p4

Kingston, George, died 8/3/04: 8/5/04p1

Kippenberger, Annie, weds Charles Horne 7/4/03: 7/10/03p1

Kittridge, Catherine, weds Thomas Scahill 11/6/06: 11/9/06p1

Klukey, Nora, weds Roland Stinneford 6/21?/04: 7/1/04p7(ER)

Knight, John (Dr.), died 10/26/04: 11/4/04p6(F)

Knight, Mary Locke (Doloff?), died 5/27/06: 6/1/06p1

Knox, Carrie (White), died 9/13/07: 9/20/07p6(F)

Knox, Jesse W., died 2/23/03: 2/27/03p6(F)

Knox, M&M Ira S. celebrates 50th: 1/26/00p8(M)

Korney, Henry B., died 6/23/04: 7/1/04p1

Labby, Thomas, weds Edna Chisholm 7/2/04: 7/8/04p7(ER)

Labre, Mary, weds Peter Sylvain 4/4/04: 4/8/04p8

Labrie, Alzilda, weds Eugene Pare 12/31/06: 1/4/07p1

Lacasse, Diana, weds Nelson Lefebure 5/25/03: 5/29/03p1

Lachance, Albert, weds Marianna Lamontagne 2/2/09: 2/5/09p1

Lachance, Mrs. Basile, died 5/12/02: 5/16/02p1

LaChance, Sophie, died 2/7/03: 2/13/03p8

Lafebure, Nelson, weds Diana Lacasse 5/25/03: 5/29/03p1

Laignon, Joseph, died 12/21/02: 12/26/02p1

Laignon, Mary, weds Lugie Brochu 2/24/03: 2/27/03p8

Lambert, Elzear, weds Lena Pelletier 4/2/07: 4/5/07p1

Lambert, Pierre Jr., weds Albina Ruel 4/15/07: 4/19/07p1

Lambert, Walter, weds Annie Turgeon 4/16/06: 4/20/06p1

Lamontagne, Marianna, weds Albert Lachance 2/2/09: 2/5/09p1

Lamontague, Henry, weds Flora Cormier 8/8/08: 8/14/08p1

Lamy, Alphonse A., died 12/14/09: 12/17/09p1

Lane, Mary J., died 11/13/06: 11/23/06p1

Lane, Winthrop N., died 6/23/04: 7/1/04p1

Lang, Jennie (Tilton), died 9/14/06: 9/21/06p1

Lang, Mary, died 11/16/05: 11/21/02p6(F)

Langerin, Joseph, weds Naide Laplante 5/1/05: 5/5/05p1

Langevin, William, weds Eleanor Ferland 1/7/07: 1/11/07p1

Langley, Gilbert, died 12/?/09: 12/31/09p3(EB)

Langley, Thomas J., died 2/27/04: 3/4/04p1

Lanoix, Aglee (Larose), died 10/24/09: 10/29/09p1

Lanoix, Ernest, died 5/10/05: 5/12/05p1

Lanoix, Mrs. Thomas, died 10/24/09: 10/29/09p7(G)

Lanoix, Xavier, died 3/?/03: 3/6/03p7(G)

Lanouette, Ida, died 10/9/06: 10/12/06p1

LaPierre, Albertine, weds Theophile Bonenfont 12/26/04: 12/30/04p(G)

Laplante, Naide, weds Joseph Langerin 5/1/05: 5/5/05p1

Lapointe, Albertine, weds Adelard Duquet 11/26/04: 12/2/04p1

Larochelle, Emma, weds Napolean Jacques 2/11/07: 2/15/07p4

Larochelle, Ovid, weds Clara Perrault 4/4/04: 4/8/04p8

Lary, Charlotte (Barrett), died 2/15/07: 2/22/07p1

Lary, George F. S., died 10/25/06: 11/2/06p4

Lary, H. B., weds Lydia Gilman 7/?/07: 7/19/07p6(F)

Laskey, Alice, weds John Roberts 1/29/02: 2/7/02p7(MM)

Laundry, William, weds Malvina Grenier 11/23/04: 12/2/04p1

Laurens, Sarah S., died 5/010/03: 5/15/03p6(F)

Lawrence, Eliza (Balcam?), died 8/8/08: 8/14/08p1

Layte, Eva, died 2/3/08: 2/7/08p8(G)

Lea, Martha J., died 10/20/02: 10/24/02p1

Leader, Thomas, died 8/28/04: 9/2/04p1

Leary, James, died 2/6/04: 2/12/04p1

LeBlond, Dophus, died 5/23/09: 5/28/09p1

LeClair, John, weds Rosa Moisan 5/4/08: 5/8/08p1

LeClaire, Frank, weds Annie Vallie 2/8/04: 2/12/04p1

Lee, Flora (Furbush), died 11/22/02: 11/28/02p7(ER)

Lefay, Rosie, died 3/2/067: 3/9/06p1

Lefebre, Mary, weds Adelard Blais 2/24/08: 2/28/08p1

Lefebre, Rosalie, weds Joseph Lessard 11/26/06: 11/30/06p1

Lefebure, Mina, weds Alfred Poullot 10/10/03: 10/23/03p1

Lefebvre. Fred, weds Rosanna Boulanger 12/27/04: 12/30/04p1

Legro, David, died 10/27/04: 11/11/04p8

Legro, John, died 9/25?/03: 10/2/03p4

Legro, Lucy J., died 10/3/01: 10/4/01p1

Leighton, Abbie F., died 5/29/06: 6/1/06p1

Leighton, Alice Edgerly, died 2/2/16/08: 2/21/08p6(F)

Leighton, Ann (Furber), died 3/14/01: 3/22/01p4

Leighton, Charles, died 7/3/03: 7/10/03p4

Leighton, George E., died 3/30/07: 4/5/07p6(F)

Leighton, Hannah (Tanner), died 8/3/06: 8/10/06p6(F)

Leighton, Mark, weds Fannie Lord 11/?/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Leighton, Mary E., died 3/?/09: 3/26/09p1

Leighton, Mrs. Charles L., died 12/?/07: 12/27/07p6(F)

Leighton, Varnum, died 4/23/02: 4/25/02p8

Leighton, Verule, weds Harry Morrison 3/9/07: 3/15/07p2(M)

Lemire, Aime, weds Mary Grenier 6/22/08: 6/26/08p1

Lemire, Eugene, died 10/19/07: 10/25/07p1

Lemire, Parmella, died 4/2/05: 4/7/05p1

LePiere, Leona, weds Phillip Brooks 6/21/04: 06/24/04p7(G)

Les-Chapelle, Ame, weds Malvina Crateau 11/?/04: 11/18/04p7(G)

Lessard, George, died 9/6/08: 10/9/08p1

Lessard, Joseph, weds Lydia Trucotte 11/6/06: 11/10/05p1

Lessard, Joseph, weds Rosalie Lefebre 11/26/06: 11/30/06p1

Lessard, Nelson, died 8/19/07: 8/23/07p2(M)

Lessard, Rose D., died 4/27/09: 4/30/09p1

Lessard, Rose, weds Joseph Vachon 8/16/09: 8/20/09p1

Letourneau, Ludgar, weds Odena Marcoux 4/25/04: 4/29/04p1

Letourneau, Mrs. Pierre, died 2/26?/04: 3/4/04p1

LeValley, Angeline, weds Joseph Perreault 1/19/04: 1/22/04p1

Lewis, Olive E., died 2/24/064: 3/2/06p2(MM);3/9/06p2(MM)

Libbey, Ellen, died 11/9/04: 11/18/04p7(MM)

Libbey, Joseph T. S., died 3/18/07: 3/22/07p1

Libby, Edward H., died 10/16/08: 10/23/08p7(ER)

Libertie, Mrs. Joseph, died 4/22/05: 4/28/05p1

Liberty, ???, [son of Joseph], died 7/23/02: 7/25/02p1

Lique, Joseph, weds Annie Howard 7/19/05: 7/21/05p5

Literneau, Ernest, weds Flora Grondin 10/12/03: 10/16/03p4

Littlefield, Bertha, weds George Palmer ?/?/04?: 1/15/04p1

Littlefield, Hannah, weds George Tilton 2/6/09: 2/12/09p1

Livingston, Jennie M., died 8/10/01: 8/16/01p1

Lock, Mary A., died 5/28?/00: 6/1/00p3(B)

Locke, Ann M., died 33/29/00: 4/6/00p3(B)

Locke, Cordelia (Gray), died 4/13/05: 4/21/05p1

Locke, Eben, weds Madge Hanna 4/20/05: 4/28/05p3

Locke, Emma, died 9/23/07: 9/27/07p6(F)

Locke, Flora, weds Irving Johnson 9/30/03: 10/2/03p1

Locke, Ira, died 9/27/07: 10/4/07p3(B)

Locke, Mrs. Lyman, died 7/5/01: 7/12/01p1; 7/10/03p4

Locke, Stanley, weds Isabel Chesley 5/18?/04: 5/27/04p3(B)

Loew, William, weds Catherine Blair 10/17/06: 10/19/06p1

Lone, Patrick, died 10/6/02: 10/10/02p8

Long, Frank, weds Willa Kean 11/27/02: 12/5/02p4

Looney, Charles H., died 4/23?/02: 4/25/02p7(M); 5/2/02p7(M)

Lord, Arthur, weds Helen Lowd 3/18/03: 3/27/03p4(MM)

Lord, Draxa (Dixon), died 12/20/09: 12/24/09p2(M)

Lord, Eliza N., died 6/26/04: 7/1/04p1

Lord, Ernest, weds Mettie Jones 6/10/09: 6/18/09p2(M)

Lord, Fannie, weds Mark Leighton 11/?/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Lord, Flossie, died 11/26/05: 12/1/05p

Lord, May, died 7/11/00: 7/13/00p8(CN)

Loring, Marion, weds Harvey Smith 5/11/05: 5/19/05p1

Loring, Susie A., died 5/13/04: 5/20/04p1

Lougee, Ellen (Wheeler), died 7/5/03: 7/10/03p4

Lovejoy, Crissie, weds George Brooks 1/1/02: 01/3/02p8

Lovering, Frank A., died 11/23/05: 12/1/05p6(F)

Lovering, George, weds Irma Davis 7/23/05: 7/28/05p6(F)

Lovering, Jennie Stevens, died 3/26/01: 4/5/01p4(MM)

Lowd, Alice, weds Leon Goodwin 9/20/05: 9/29/05p2(MM)

Lowd, Clinton S., died 8/21/03: 8/28/03p7(MM)

Lowd, Flora D., died 3/28/03: 4/3/03p7(MM)

Lowd, Lena, weds Albert Farnum 10/2/01: 10/11/01p7(MM)

Lowe, Anna, weds Howard Buzzell 12/24/01: 12/27/01p4

Lowe, Homer, weds Eva Webber 3/20/05: 3/24/05p1

Lowe, Lizzie, weds Fred Seavey 10/6/03: 10/9/03p1

Lowe, Robert, died 1/4/05: 1/6/05p4

Lowe, Robert, died 4/21/05: 4/28/05p1

Lucas, Ira, weds Grace Hall 7/28/06: 8/3/06p1

Luce, Eben, died 4/?/00: 4/6/00p8

Lucey, James, weds Mary O'Brien 10/31/05: 11/3/05p1

Lucey, Mamie A., died 2/21/08: 2/28/08p1; 2/28/08p7(G)

Lucy, David, weds Mary Hartigan 4/18/06: 4/20/06p1

Ludden, Katherine, died 11/22/02: 11/28/02p8

Ludden, Mary, weds John Wallace 10/1/07: 10/4/07p1

Lunt, Frederick H., died 8/26/09: 8/27/09p1;9/3/09p1

Lyman, Andrew H., died 9/14/06: 9/21/06p2(M)

Lyman, George, died 6/19/00: 6/22/00p4(M)

Lyman, John D., died : 7/31/02: 8/8/02pp4,6(F)

Lynch, Lizzie, weds Carroll Page 1/15/09: 1/19/06p1

Lynch, Sarah, weds Jeremiah Winkley 4/23/06: 4/27/06p1

Lynch, Winifred, died 7/21/02: 7/25/02p8

Lyon, Elijah W., died 7/13/02: 7/18/02p1

Lyons, Jane, died 4/13/05: 4/21/05p1

MacDonald, Annie, died 8/16/0o1: 8/23/01p1

MacDonald, Hilda, weds Victor Salinger ?/?/04: 11/25/04p1

MacDonald, Mrs. James, died 1/13/02: 1/17/02p1

Mace, Asel, died 8/6/01: 8/9/01p1

Maguire, Lucy, weds James Sanborn 6/19/05: 6/23/05p1

Maher, Katherine, died 3/1/09: 3/5/09p7(ER)

Mahoney, John, died 7/27/02: 8/1/02p1

Mahoney, Margaret E., died 5/17/02: 5/23/02p8

Mahoney, Mary, weds Jerome Reagan 5/3/01: 6/5/03p1

Main, Charles, died 1/15/06: 1/19/06p8

Main, Hannah, died 8/17/07: 8/23/07p2(M)

Main, Mariella, died 4/16/06: 4/20/06p1

Malone, Bessie, weds Joseph McClelland 6/20/00: 6/22/00p1

Malone, John, weds Lillie Graham 6/26/07: 6/28/07p1

Malonski, Michael, weds Veroda Favarraski 11/8/08: 11/13/08p1

Maloon, Elizabeth (Hall), died 6/2/09: 6/11/09p1

Manning, John, weds Alice Nowell 11/5/02: 11/7/02p8

Manson,Mary A., died 10/24/05: 11/3/05p1

March, Leroy, weds Mattie Blackmar 8/23/01: 8/28/03p1

Marchand, Bernard, weds Mabel Shaw 2/18/07: 2/22/07p4

Marcotte, Mrs. Alfred J., died 12/15/03: 12/18/03p1

Marcoux, Justine, died 9/5/03: 9/11/03p1

Marcoux, Odena, weds Ludgar Letourneau 4/25/04: 4/29/04p1

Marden, Emma (Gear), died 5/19?/03: 6/5/03p7(G)

Marden, William, died 4/7/00: 4/13/00p7

Mardin, Ada M., died 7/15/07: 7/19/07p1

Mareden, Thomas, weds Susie Jenkins 9/30/04: 10/7/04p2(G)

Marginson, Eliza, died 12/30/99: 1/5/00p1

Marison, Maria, died 7/1/00: 7/6/00p4(B)

Marland, Charles H., died 8/24/03: 8/28/03p7(MM)

Marlon, Marion, died 11/18/03: 11/20/03p8

Marsden, Mary, weds Charles Babb 1/29/07: 2/7/08p1

Marsh, Everett, died 4/16?/01: 04/26/01p8(MM)

Marsh, Letitia, died 7/12/08: 7/17/08p2(MM)

Marsh, Thomas, weds Bessie Clark 5/?/03: 6/5/03p1

Marshall, John, died 4/23/09: 5/7/09p1;5/14/09p3(G)

Marson, Ada (Davis), died 6/22/02: 6/27/02p6(F)

Marston, Frank, weds Nellie Davis 1/1/05: 1/6/05p6(F)

Marston, George, weds Ellen Sibley 3/12/02: 3/14/02p1

Martin, Frank, died 5/19/06: 5/25/06p1

Martin, Mrs. Nathan, died 10/21/05: 10/27/05p1

Martin, Rosa, weds Hilaire Poullot 10/10/03: 10/23/03p1

Martineau, Arthur, died 1/29/06: 2/2/06p1

Martineax, Felix, died 2/17/06: 2/23/06p1

Mason, Ada, weds Vinton Preston 8/27/02: 8/29/02p1

Mason, Donald, weds Margaret Williamson 1/17/07: 1/25/07p1(ER)

Mason, Levina J., died 4/13/04: 4/15/04p4

Massey, Albert, weds Olga Olsen 6/27/06: 6/29/06p1

Massey, Henry O., died 4/6/07: 4/12/07p1

Mathes, Albert O., died 7/20/07: 7/26/07pp1,4(M),6(F)

Mathes, Mary (Moulton), died 9/8/07: 9/13/07pp2(M),6(F)

Mathews, Louise, died 12/7/01: 12/13/01p4

Mathews, Mrs. Nelson, died 2/14/06: 2/23/06p6(F)

Matters, Mary (Moulton), celebrates 90th birthday: 5/10/07p2(M)

Mattews, Mrs. Frank, died 4/16/00: 4/20/00p1

Matthews, Fred, weds Velzora Nutter 6/17/03: 6/26/03p6(F)

Matthews, Mrs. Frank, died 4/?/00: 4/27/00p6(F)

Maxfield, Edward, died 1/6/03: 1/9/03p8

Maxfield, Edward, weds Albina Dupuy 11/26/02: 11/28/02p1

Maxfield, Fred, weds Fannie Sylvain 4/12/09: 4/16/09p8

May, Sylvester, weds Georgiana Young 1/?/03: 1/16/03p3(BS)

Maynard, Christopher, died 2/7/02: 2/14/02p6(F)

Maynard, Ethel, weds Arthur Miller 3/3/04: 3/11/04p3(B); 3/18/04p3(B)

McAuliffe, Margaret, weds Norman Dowbridge 1/12/07: 1/18/07p1

McCabe, Annie, weds Thomas Comiskey 2/18/08: 2/21/08p8

McCabe, M&M Patrick, celebrate 50th: 10/19/06p1

McCabe, Susanna, died 10/27/07: 11/1/07p1

McCabe, Susie, died 11/16/04: 11/18/04p1

McClelland, Joseph, weds Bessie Malone 6/20/00: 6/22/00p1

McComb, Harold, died 4/25/00: 4/27/00p5(CN)

McCombe, Anna, weds James Dougin 5/10/09: 5/14/09p5(CN)

McCombe, Rachel, weds Stacey Tripp 5/1/00: 5/4/00p1

McCray, Blanche, weds William Lewis 9/6/05: 9/8/05p1

McCray, William, weds Lula Stetson 9/6/05: 9/8/05p1

McCrillis, Bertha, weds Wilfred Greenier 4/25/08: 5/1/08p7(ER)

McCrillis, Daniel, died 4/16/06: 4/20/06pp1

McCrillis, Joel, died 9/21/00: 9/28/00p7(ER)

McCrillis, Lorenan, died 1/1/04: 1/8/04p6

McCrillis, Mary J., died 7/21/04: 7/29/04p7(ER)

McCrillis, Walter, weds Ethel Sinclair 9/13/00: 9/21/00p8(ER)

McDaniel, Arthur W., honored in school: 4/29/04p3

McDonald, Gordon, weds Jennie Gallant 10/7/03: 10/16/03p4

McDonald, Harry, weds Albina Meader 8/9/09: 8/13/09p1

McDonald, Honora, died 3/1?/05: 3/10/05p3(B)

McDonald, Joseph, weds Mary Sullivan 8/1/07: 8/9/07p1

McDonald, Phillip, weds Mary Walker 8/25?/09: 9/3/09p2

McDuffee, Charles B., died 9/1/03: 9/4/03p1

McDuffee, Cora, weds Luther Hayes 9/2/03: 9/4/03p1

McDuffee, Grace, weds Harry Meader 9/18/06: 9/21/06p1

McDuffee, J. Edgar, died 3/25/00: 3/30/00pp1;7(ER)

McDuffee, Jabez, died 11/28/03: 12/4/03p1

McDuffee, Lovey, died 4/30/05: 5/5/05p1

McDuffee, Mary (Smith), died 2/13/00: 2/16/00p8

McDuffee, Maurice, died 12/25/03: 1/1/04p1

Mcduffee, Wilbur F., died 7/21/99: 3/23/00p1

McDuffie, Charles D., died 7/6/02: 7/11/02p1

McDugffee, Ora, weds J. W. Butler 1/4/02: 01/10/02p1

McElroy, Thomas (Davidson), died 10/28/08: 11/6/08p7(ER)

McElwaine, David, died ?/?/05: 4/14/05p7(G)

McFarlane, Agnes, weds Joseph Betsch 6/30/08: 7/3/08p2(M)

McGillicuddy, Bertha (Downs), died 10/31/05: 11/3/05p1

McGrory, Patrick, weds Mary Rafferty 11/26/01: 11/29/01p1

McIntire, Alice, weds James Bray 6/19?/02: 6/20/02p1

McIntire, Annier, weds George Bartlett 1/?/06: 1/19/06p1

McIntire, Grace, weds Walter Boulter 4/26/06: 5/4/06p1

McIntire, John, died 8/9/06: 8/17/06p1

McIntire, Kate, died 9/16/09: 9/17/09p1

McIntire, Myrtle, weds Ralph Betts 1/31?/07: 2/8/07p1

McIntosh, Robert D., died 8/31/05: 9/8/05p2(M)

McIntyre, Peter, died 12/28/03: 1/1/04p1

McKay, Bessie, weds Charles Torr 5/12/09: 5/14/09p1

McKee, Lizzie, weds John Wright 11/27/01: 12/6/01p1

McKenzie, Lizzie, died 5/22/00: 5/25/00p4(M)

McLeod, Mrs. John, died 2/23/05: 3/3/05p1

McManus, Eddie, died 9/12/01: 9/20/01p3

McMaster, Thomas, weds Nettie Jordan 1/22/08: 1/24/08p1

McMillan, Alice, died 8/15/04: 8/19/04p1

McNally, Frank Jr., died 5/4/00: 5/11/00p8(ER)

McNamara, Mrs. Thomas, died 12/17/09: 12/24/09p1

McNish, William C., died 11/20/06: 11/23/06p1

McQuade, Jane, died 4/15/00: 4/20/00p1

McQuade, John, weds Elizabeth Vallely 11/26/02: 11/28/02p1

McRae, Thomas, died 12/11/03: 12/18/03p12(B)

Meader, Ablina, weds Harry McDonald 8/9/09: 8/13/09p1

Meader, Albert, weds Eunietta Scruton 11/15/05: 11/17/05p1

Meader, Blanche, weds Ernest Foss 7/3/02: 7/11/02p1

Meader, Ephraim K., died 7/11/00: 7/13/00p8(CN)

Meader, Gertrude, weds Henry Andrews 6/17/08: 6/19/08p1

Meader, Harry, weds Grace McDuffee 9/18/06: 9/21/06p1

Meader, James J., died 7/23/09: 7/30/09p1

Meader, John E., 8/5/09: 8/6/09p1;8/13/09p7(G

Melancon, Angeline, weds John Averill 2/14/05: 2/17/05p7(G)

Melancon, Elizabeth, weds David Brown 2/14/05: 2/17/05p7(G)

Melanson, Andrew, weds Blanch Ames 11/8/08: 11/13/08p1

Melkie, Helen, weds Joseph Rhodes 6/20/00: 6/29/00p4(MM)

Mercier, Wilfred, weds Mary Vashon 2/5/06: 2/5/06p1

Merrill, George W., died 3/7/07: 3/15/07p2(MM)

Merrill, Nettie (Stevens), died 11/19/08: 11/27/08p2(MM)

Merrill, Sadie, weds Charles Stevens 11/25/03: 12/4/03p1

Merrow, Charles F., died 12/9/08: 12/18/08p1

Merrow, Susan, weds Wilbur Jones 7/6/06: 7/6/06p4

Mertz, Felker S., died 12/28/p5: 1/5/06p1

Meserve, Fred, died 2/?/07: 2/22/07p2(M)

Meserve, Mary (Stackpole), died 4/7/03: 4/10/03p1

Meserve, Samuel, died 3/3/00: 3/9/00p1

Meserve, Sarah A. (Currier), died ???: 5/1/08p8

Meserve, Sarah R., died 5/6/00: 5/11/00p1

Meserve, Susie, weds Norman Otis 4/25?/06: 4/27/06p6(F)

Milinsky, Edward, weds Mattie Technikly 8/8/08: 8/14/08p1

Miller, Carrie T., died 5/18?/05: 5/26/05p6(F)

Miller, Charles H., died 3/25/04: 4/1/04p6(F)

Miller, Elias L., died 2/24/05: 3/3/05p7(MM)

Miller, Fred, weds Marion Webber 3/29/04: 4/1/04p1

Miller, Ira, died 12/12/02: 12/19/02p4(MM)

Miller, Joseph C., died 4/?/00: 4/13/00p6(F)

Mills, George, weds Grace Blaisdell 8/20/05: 8/25/05p1

Mills, Jessie, died 9/?/08 : 9/25/08p7(ER)

Mitchell, Dora E., died 11/17/01: 11/22/01p8

Mitchell, William, weds Lillian Durkee 8/29/06: 9/7/06p2(M)

Moisan, Rosa, weds John LeClair 5/4/08: 5/8/08p1

Montee, Emma, weds Herbert Willey 5/21?/05: 5/26/05p6(F)

Montee, Lucy (Winter), died 6/7/06: 6/22/06p6(F)

Mooney, George W., died 12/10/07: 12/20/07p17

Moore, Charles E., died 7/2/02: 7/11/02p1

Moore, Eliza S., died 11/29: 12/8/05p1

Moore, Laura I., died 2/29/08: 3/6/08p1

Moore, May, weds Harold Hart 11/18/07: 11/29/07p7(ER)

Moore, William H., died 4/23/00: 4/27/00p6(F)

Moran, Emma, weds ??? Burke 2/5/02: 2/14/02p3(B)

Morath, Josephine, weds William Allen 6/22/03; 6/26/03p7(ER)

Morehead, Della, weds John Morrison 2/18/03: 2/20/03p1

Morgan, Arthur J., died 5/5/07: 5/10/07p1

Morgan, Emma, weds Nelson Burroughs 6/15/09: 6/18/09p1

Morgan, John, weds Katherine Vallely 10/25/05: 10/27/05p1

Morgan, Joseph, weds Jennie Laskey 6/13/03: 6/26/03p7(MM)

Morgan, Josie, weds Llewellyn Bradford 9/18/09: 9/27/01p7(MM)

Morgan, Mary, weds James Hamel 8/25/27: 8/27/09p1

Morin, David, weds Emma Beaudoin 7/19/09: 7/30/09p1

Morin, Jennie, weds Albert Bouchard 5/?/08: 5/15/08p3(G)

Morin, Mrs. Theophile, died ?/?/08: 10/23/08p(G)8

Morin, Thomas, weds Minnie Brown 7/17/09: 7/30/09p1

Morin, Victoria, weds Hermine Roulx 8/10/03: 8/14/03p1

Moroux, Ernest, weds Lydia Jacques 2/18/01: 2/22/01p1

Morrell, Silas V., died 7/22/05: 7/28/05p1

Morrill, Ernest, weds Florence Bickford 6/30/00: 7/6/00p1

Morrison, John, weds Della Morehead 2/18/03: 2/20/03p1

Morrison, Peter, weds Josephine Riley 11/25/07: 11/29/07p1

Morrison, Rhona, died 3/24/01: 3/29/01p4(ER)

Morrison, Sadie, weds Frank Welch 11/30/05: 12/15/05p1

Morse, Alice, weds Wendell Phillips 10/17/05: 10/20/05p1

Mortenson, Andera, died 12/24/09: 12/31/09p1

Moulton, Ethel, weds George Ricker 9/24/01: 9/27/01p1

Moulton, Eveline E., died 2/27/07: 3/1/07p1

Moulton, Lillian, died 7/27/03: 7/31/03p6(F)

Moulton, Seth, weds Elfrida Peacock 9/3/03: 9/11/03p7(M)

Mudgett, James H., died 3/23/05: 3/31/05p7(MM)

Murray, Mary A., died 10/20/04: 10/28/04p1(MM)

Mylott, John, weds Ora Duchane 6/18/00: 6/22/00p1

Nadeau, Delphine, weds Alphonse Hughes 1/20/02: 1/24/02p8

Nadeau, Emile, died 8/28/03: 9/11/03p1

Nadeau, Florida, weds Joseph Patenaude 5/24/09: 5/28/09p1

Nadeau, Rosie, weds Archie Gray 9/1/08: 9/4/08p1

Nanglr, John, weds Bridget Trainer 10/17/05: 10/20/05p1

Nason, Laureston N., died 10/26/03: 10/30/03p6(F)

Nason, Mary, died 3/17/09: 3/19/09p1

Neal, Carroll, weds Marion Hawkes 4/14/09: 4/16/09p1

Neal, Wilder B., is cadet at West Point: 8/3/00p1

Nelson, Albert, weds Gertrude Godfrey 9/1/09: 9/3/09p1

Nelson, Charles, honored for bravery: 1/22/09p2

Nelson, Christopher, died 7/22/07: 7/26/07p1

Nelson, Emily I., died 8/29/06: 8/31/06p1

Nelson, William, weds Margaret Bradford 9/3/09: 9/10/09p1

Nesmith, Martha J., died 3/8/05: 3/17/05p1

Newbury, Isaac, died 2/22/07: 3/1/07p7

Newbury, Lucy, died 9/4/09: 9/10/09p3(G)

Newt, Lewis W., died 10/26/01: 11/1/01p6(M)

Nickerson, William, died 6/4?/03: 6/12/03p888

Niles, Jennie E., died 12/12/07: 12/20/07p6(F)7

Nixon, Joseph, died 3/3/03: 3/6/03p7(G)

Nixon, Martha (Conley), died 5/20/05: 5/26/05p7(G)

Noble, Archibald A., died 4/12/09: 4/23/09p1

Noble, Mrs. Fred, and child, died 1/?/02: 2/7/02p4

Nolan, Catherine, died 3/2/03: 3/6/03p6(ER)

Nolan, Thomas, died 8/30/07: 9/6/07p3(M)

Norris, Arthur, died 1/?/00: 1/19/00p4(M)

Norris, Josie, weds Stephen Jacobs 3/19/04: 3/25/04p1

Nowell, Alice, weds John Manning 11/5/02: 11/7/02p8

Noyes, Blanche, weds Roy Percival 6/12/03: 6/19/03p6(F)

Nute, Abigail, died 1/14/02: 1/17/02p1

Nute, Addie, weds George Dunnells 11/1/05: 11/3/05p1

Nute, Audrey B., died 2/3/00: 2/9/00p4(M)

Nute, Helen, died 11/10/08: 11/20/08p2(W)

Nute, Jeremy O., died 1/12/05: 1/20/05p6(F)

Nute, Lizzie (Huntress), died 1/19/00: 1/26/00p6(F)

Nute, Martha S.. died 3/15/03: 3/20/03p1

Nute, Mary Hodgdon, died 3/28/01: 4/5/01p6

Nute, Nellie, weds Grover Aldrich 7/17/07: 7/19/07p1

Nute, Sarah (Stillings), died 6/12?/03: 6/19/03p1

Nute, William, weds Bertha Pike 12/24/01: 01/3/02p7(M)

Nutter, Almira, died 12/11/01: 12/13/01p4

Nutter, Charity, died 9/17/06: 9/21/06p1

Nutter, Charles E., died 4/27/05: 5/5/05p6(F)

Nutter, Dora, weds Wilbur Horne 12/22/01: 12/27/01p4

Nutter, Edwin F., died 9/7/05: 9/15/05p1

Nutter, James M., died 7/7/00: 7/13/00p6(F)

Nutter, Lyman S., died 9/16/07: 9/20/07p2(M)

Nutter, Mary (Legro), died 3/26/09: 4/2/09p5

Nutter, Mary, weds Cleveland Butler 6/?/06: 7/6/06p5(F)

Nutter, Velzora, weds Fred Matthews 6/17/03: 6/26/03p6(F)

Nye, Daniel, weds Hattie Mabel 5/15/01: 5/17/01p1

O/Malley, Annie, weds James Daggett 2/26/06: 3/2/06p1

O'Brien, Bernice, weds Joseph Schlenker 6/7/01: 6/14/01p

O'Brien, Mary, weds James Lucey 10/31/05: 11/3/05p1

O'Hagan, Felix, died 3/17/02: 3/21/02p8

O'Loughlin, Infant (of M&M James), died 1/26/04: 2/5/04p(M)

Olsen, Gertrude, weds Arthur Phelps 7/2/09: 7/9/09p1

Olsen, Grace, weds William Hall 12/29/06: 1/4/07p1

Olsen, Lillian, weds Everett Towle 1/18/05: 2/24/05p1

Olsen, Olga, weds Albert Massey 6/27/06: 6/29/06p1

O'Neal, Mary A., died 8/11/03: 8/14/03p1

Orne, Clara A., died 8/30/07: 9/6/07p3(F)

Orne, Erastus, died 9/?/03: 9/4/03p6(F)

Orr, Louisa (Eddy), died 5/16/08: 5/22/08p1

Osborne, Edith, weds Frank Canney 7/27/03: 7/31/03p1

Osborne, Hazel, died 12/1/03: 12/11/03p10

Osbourne, Leah, weds Henry Hoey 3/?/05: 3/31/05p7(G)

Osgood, Arthur J., died 9/12/08: 9/18/08p1

Osgood, Frank, weds Elizabeth Hersey 10/29/05: 11/3/05p1

Osgood, Lillian, weds Arnest Jackson 4/18/08: 4/24/08p1

Osgood, Mary S., died 8/10/06: 8/17/06p1

Otis, Al, died 8/16/06: 8/24/06p1

Otis, Albert, weds Leora Horne 10/6/03: 10/9/03p6(F)

Otis, Jethro, died 1/31/00: 2/2/00p5(CN)

Otis, John D., died 2/2/05: 2/10/05p6(F)

Otis, John, died 11/19/01: 11/22/01p8

Otis, John, weds Gertrude Colbath 8/23/08: 8/28/08p1

Otis, Lillian, weds Arthur Carll 10/10/06: 10/19/06p1

Otis, Lorenzo, died 10/11/07: 10/18/07p6(F)

Otis, Norman, weds Susie Meserve 4/25?/06: 4/27/06p6(F)

Otis, Winslow, weds Marion Prescott 9/16/08: 9/25/08p8

Padelford, Mabel, weds Noah Warburton 5/29/00: 6/1/00p8

Page, Alice, died 11/6/01: 11/8/01p1

Page, Carroll, weds Lizzie Lynch 1/15/09: 1/19/06p1

Page, Frances, died 11/8/60: 11/16/06p1

Page, Fred, died 3/31/00: 4/6/00p4(ER)

Page, Harry, weds Emma Corson 12/25/04: 1/6/05p1

Page, Homer, died 7/20/06: 7/27/06p3(F)

Page, Lillian, weds Herbert Harvey 4/7/04: 4/15/04p1

Page, Mae, weds Frank Scruton 8/14/01: 8/23/01p1

Page, Mary Ann, died 1/30/02: 2/7/02p7(MM)

Page, Mrs. Sylvester, died 6/17/04: 06/24/04p1

Page, Samuel F., died 4/15/00: 4/20/00p1

Page, Walter B., died 7/29/06: 8/3/06p6(F)

Page, Wesley, weds Margaret Johnson 3/13/06: 3/16/06p8

Palmer, Bertha (Dame), died 11/14/03: 11/20/03p1

Palmer, John R., died 7/28?/00: 8/10/00p3(B)

Palmer, Oe L., died 2/17/04: 2/19/04p1

Palmer, S. W., died 10/25/05: 10/27/05p1

Palmer, Sarah J., died 9/11:00 9/14/00p8

Palmer, Scott, weds Lila Garland 8/10/04: 8/19/04p1

Palmer, William, weds Addie Canney 1/7/09: 1/15/09p3(B)

Paquette, Charles, died 3/6/05: 3/10/05p1

Pare, Eugene, weds Alzilda Labrie 12/31/06: 1/4/07p1

Parker, Charles, weds Olive Greenwood 11/27/04: 12/9/04p1

Parker, George S., died 7/12/09: 7/16/09p1

Parker, Maude, weds Willard Cushing 4/25/05: 4/28/05p1

Parker, Rufus, weds Minnie Winslow 5/17/02: 5/23/02p3(EB)

Parlin, Caroline (Corson), died ???: 5/15/08p2(M)

Parshley, Alvin, weds Elizabeth Parshley 6/19/06: 6/22/06p1

Parshley, Augustine S., died 12/12/01: 12/20/01p1

Parshley, Elizabeth, weds Alvin Parshley 6/19/06: 6/22/06p1

Parshley, Lester, weds Laura Collins 10/25/05: 11/3/05p1

Parshley, Lillian, weds Arthur Hull 10/25/05: 11/3/05p1

Parshley, Martha, weds Freeman Varney 12/24/03: 1/1/04p1

Parshley, Mrs. Fred W., died 2/20/05: 2/24/05p1

Parshley, Orissa, died 2/18/08: 2/21/08p1

Parsons, Charles W., died 12/?/03: 12/25/03p4

Parsons, Edward E., died 7/27/00: 8/3/00p1

Parsons, Everett, died 5/16/00: 5/18/00p1

Parsons, Frank, died 1/10?/00: 1/19/00p4(ER); 1/26/00p8(ER)

Parsons, Leslie, weds Harry Masterman 11/11/07: 11/15/07p8

Parsons, Lovey (Gray), died 11/12/06: 11/16/06p6(F)

Pass, John, died 12/19/07: 12/27/07p17

Patch, Mrs. Ed, died 1/26/07:2/1/07p2(MM)

Pattee, Mary R., died 1/2/00: 1/5/00p8

Paul, Julia A., died 5/?/04: 5/27/04p6(M)

Payne, Cora E., died 5/ 19/02: 5/23/02p8

Peacock, Elfrida, weds Seth Moulton 9/3/03: 9/11/03p7(M)

Pearl, Florence (McDougal, died 7/2/07: 7/12/07p7(G)

Pearl, Florence H., died 4/16/04: 4/22/04p6(F)

Pearl, George W., died 10/22/07: 10/25/07p1; 11/1/07p6(F)

Pearl, Lois, died 3/11/00: 3/16/00p1

Pearl, Louise (Johnson), died 9/13/07: 9/20/07p6(F)

Pearl, Nancy Yelden, died 4/13/07: 4/19/07p1

Pearl, Raymond, earns his Ph.D.: 7/4/02p6(F)

Pearl, Susie, weds James McGoldrick 4/2/02: 4/4/02p1

Pearsons, Horace B., died 4/15/08: 4/24/08p6(F)

Pease, Abigail M., died 9/8/31/08: 9/4/08p4

Pease, Dorothy, died 9/9/03: 9/11/03p1

Peaslee, Mary, weds Perley Keniston 5/12/08: 5/15/08p1

Peavey, Benjamin R., died 1/6/07: 1/18/07p1

Peavey, Lillian, weds George Gutterson 8/1/00: 8/3/00p1

Peavey, Mary (Beals), died 3/20/04: 3/25/04p666(F)

Peavey, Paul, weds Edna Berry 7/28/02: 8/1/02p6(F)

Pelletier, Lena, weds Elzear Lambert 4/2/07: 4/5/07p1

Penniman, George A., died 9/21/08: 10/2/08p1

Percival, Roy, weds Blanche Noyes 6/12/03: 6/19/03p6(F)

Perkins, James H., died 7/2/7/03: 7/31/03p6(F)

Perkins, Kate, weds Irwin Brackett 7/29/03: 8/7/03p6(F)

Perkins, Mary (Dixon), died 6/9/01: 6/14/01p6(F)

Perkins, Mrs. Lorenzo (Wyatt), died 11/2?03: 11/6/03p4

Perkins, Robert R., died 7/7/07: 7/12/07p6(F)

Perkins, Sarah (Deland), died 5/13/08: 5/22/08p6(F)

Perrault, Clara, weds Ovid Larochelle 4/4/04: 4/8/04p8

Perreault, Egdar, died 7/30?/09: 7/30/09p8

Perreault, Joseph, weds Angeline LeValley 1/19/04: 1/22/04p1

Perreault, Marie (Laundry), died 11/5/08: 11/13/08p4

Perreault, Mrs. Pierre, died 1/20/06: 1/26/06p1

Perreault, Theodore, weds Bridget Spain 2/9/04: 2/12/04p1

Perron, Arthur, died 5/26/01: 5/31/01p1

Perron, Rudolph A., died 1/11/06: 1/19/06p1

Perry, William, died 7/30/00: 8/10/00p3(B)

Peterson, Elsie, weds Willard Libby 11/6/01: 11/8/01p4

Pettigrew, Mabel L., died 10/14/05: 10/20/05p8

Phelps, Arthur, weds Gertrude Olsen 7/2/09: 7/9/09p1

Philbrick, Daniel, weds Jennie Hanson 5/1/03: 6/5/03p7

Philbrick, Ruth, died 7/25/02: 8/1/02p7(MM)

Phillips, Mrs. Wendell, died 3/10/02: 3/14/02p8

Phillips, Wendell, weds Alice Morse 10/17/05: 10/20/05p1

Philpot, Ruth (Nutter), died 11/9/09: 11/12/09p4

Phoenix, Leon, died 7/24/04: 7/29/04p1

Pickering, Frances B., died 10/18/02: 10/24/02p1

Pickering, George W., died 7/24/00: 7/27/00p1

Pickering, John R., died 2/17/04: 2/19/04p1

Pickering, Joseph, weds Etta Trombly 10/19/02: 10/24/02p1

Pickering, Laura E., died 3/27/03: 4/3/03p1

Pickering, Theophilus D., died 3/?/09: 3/5/09p8

Piercey, Jane A., died 2/28/04: 3/4/04p1

Piercey, Mrs. Irving, died 7/14/03: 7/17/03p8

Pike, Bertha, weds Frank Dexter 12/?/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Pike, Bertha, weds William Nute 12/24/01: 01/3/02p7(M)

Pike, Charles E., died 1/27/09: 2/5/09p1

Pike, Eugene, weds Eugene Wentworth 10/?/03: 10/23/03p7(MM)

Pike, George H., died 9/2/01: 9/6/01p1

Pike, Grace, weds Henry Sheehan 9/?/05: 9/8/05p6(F)12

Pike, Herman, weds Amanda (Place) Churchill 12/23/03: 12/25/03p1

Pike, Irving, weds Agnes Rines 7/8/05: 7/14/05p6(F)

Pike, John, weds Eliza Cloutman 6/17/07: 6/28/07p3(F)5

Pike, Josephine, died 2/26/06: 3/30/06p6(F)

Pike,Maria S., died 11/14/01: 11/22/01p14(ER)

Pillsbury, William E., died 2/9/07: 2/15/07p2(MM); 2/22/07p2(MM)

Pinkham, Annie, weds Harry Roberts 7/17/04: 7/22/04p1

Pinkham, Eliza, died 6/20/07: 6/28/07p3(F)5

Pinkham, Elsie, weds Lorenzo Horne 6/18/06: 6/22/06p1

Pinkham, Frank, died 11/2/02: 11/7/02p6(F)

Pinkham, G. Woodbury, died 10/24/03: 10/30/03p6(F)

Pinkham, James Y., died 8/4/06: 8/10/06p6(F)

Pinkham, John P. died 2/11/07: 2/15/07p2(M); 2/22/07p2(M)

Pinkham, N. G., died 5/29?/06: 6/8/06p4(M)

Piper, Arthur L., died 8/2/09: 8/6/09p1

Piper, Bernard, weds Harriet Emerson 10/3/05: 10/6/05p1

Piper, Elizabeth C., died 5/29/03: 6/5/03p7(MM)

Piper, Gladys, weds James Allen 5/1/07: 5/10/07p1

Pitcher, Carlotta, weds James Hill ?/?/??: 1/5/00p7

Place, Almira, died 2/?/04: 2/26/04p7(G)8

Place, Clifton W., died 1/7/03: 1/16/03p6(F)

Place, David, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/1/03p7(G)

Place, David, died 12/13/03: 12/18/03p7(G)

Place, George K., died 3/22/06: 3/30/06p6(F)

Place, James D., died 1/5/06: 1/12/06p6(F)

Place, Ulysses I., died 3/22/07: 3/29/07p6(F)

Place. John F., died 7/12/03: 7/17/03p6(F)

Plantier, Octavie, died 12/20/03: 12/25/03p4

Plourde, H. M., weds Desagne Rioux 5/21/00: 5/25/00p4

Plumer, Hattie (Moulton), died 2/16/00: 2/23/00p1

Plumer, Joseph, died 3/5/07: 3/15/07p2

Plumer, Joseph, died 4/12/07: 4/19/07p2(M)

Plumer, Lewis, died 4/13/03: 5/1/03p6(M)

Plummer, Annie H., died 2/24/06: 3/2/06p1

Plummer, Bessie, weds Bertrand Twombly 6/30/03: 7/3/03p7(M)

Plummer, Eva (Pillsbury), died 11/4/06: 11/16/06p1

Plummer, John C., died 9/20/02: 9/26/02p4

Plummer, Laura B., died 9/16/05: 9/29/05p1

Plummer, Lucia, weds George Fox 9/20/06: 9/28/06p6(M)

Plummer, Lucinda, died 11/12/05: 11/17/05p1

Plummer, Mrs. A. P., died 2/15/02: 2/21/02p8

Podvin, Louis, weds Eva Russier 3/4/05: 3/10/05p1

Poisson, Charles, weds Delvina Vachon 5/4/08: 5/8/08p1

Pollack, Margaret, died 6/22/05: 6/30/05pp1,7(ER)

Pomer5oy, Winfred M., died 8/17/05: 8/25/05p1

Poors, George, weds Nancy Chappell 10/27/09: 11/5/09p7(ER)

Potvin, Maurice, weds Florence Ames: 11/26/09p1

Poullot, Alfred, weds Mina Lefebure 10/10/03: 10/23/03p1

Poullot, Helaire, weds Rosa Martin 10/10/03: 10/23/03p1

Poullot, Mary, weds Joseph Bolvin 8/21/05: 8/25/05p1

Powell, Frank, weds Ethel Grey 6/29/07: 6/7/07p7(G)

Pray, Amasa, died 3/7/09: 3/12/09p7(ER)

Pray, Dudley, died 3/23/00: 4/6/00p8

Pray, Edwin, weds Harriet Twombly 9/15?/04: 9/23/04p1

Preeper, Lottie (Dorr), died 10/8/09: 10/15/09p2(MM)

Prescott, Ethel, weds Albert White 5/3/03: 5/8/03p1

Prescott, Lizzie, weds George Wilson 6/9/01: 6/14/01p1

Prescott, Marion, weds Otis Winslow 9/16/08: 9/25/08p8

Prescott, Merilla, weds Erwin Fall 10/10/1/02: 10/10/02p7(MM)

Preston, Emma (Pierce), died 2/7/05: 2/10/05p8

Preston, Fannie C., died 5/10/07: 5/17/07p7

Preston, Laura, weds William Cochrane 4/19/05: 4/21/05p1

Preston, M&M A. D., celebrate 25th: 4/16/09p4

Preston, Vinton, weds Ada Mason 8/27/02: 8/29/02p1

Price, Mary, weds Lewis Ricker 11/25/01: 11/29/01p1

Pugsley, Alvin, weds Clara Tufts 8/1/07: 8/9/07pp1,5(G)

Pugsley, John M., died 5/27/05: 6/16/05pp1,6(G)

Pugsley,Martha (Grant), died 3/11/03: 3/13/03p1; 3/20/03p3(G)

Pulin, Mary, died 2/22/07: 3/1/07p1

Pulsifer, Harriet (Pinkham), died 11/9/05: 11/17/05p6(F)

Quimby, Ann, died 6/29/07: 7/5/07p16

Quimby, Charles E., died 3/13/04: 3/18/04p1

Quimby, George, weds Alice Saunson 11/14/01: 11/22/01p1

Quinby, Dorcas L., died 6/9/01: 6/14/01p1

Quinlan, John, weds Olive Sampson 10/7/03: 10/9/03p1

Quinlan, Lizzie (Killeen), died 3/27/02: 4/4/02p1

Quint, Georgie W., weds Lewis Power 12/24/07: 1/3/08p2(M)

Rabb, Emeline, died 7/20/01: 8/2/01p1

Rafferty, Mary, weds Patrick McGrory 11/26/01: 11/29/01p1

Ramsdell, Fred, weds Blanche Tufts 4/6/07: 4/12/07p1

Ramsdell, Marilla T., 2/7/05: 2/10/05p8

Ramsell, Clara, weds John Welch 11/11/03: 11/20/03p7(M)

Ramsey, Carrie, died 7/15/00: 7/20/00p1

Rand, Annie, died 5/1/02: 5/2/02p8(CN)

Rand, Caroline A., died 8/?/06: 8/17/06p6(F)

Rand, Jeremiah, died 5/29/04: 6/3/04p6(F)

Rand, Nettie, died 11/18/02: 11/21/02p4

Rand, Sarah, died 4/27/04: 4/29/04p1

Randall, Ann, weds Charles Janness 4/9/06: 4/13/06p1

Randall, Ardella (Cook), died 3/24/07: 3/29/07p6(F)

Randall, Deborah (Towle), died 10/21/06: 10/26/06p6(F)

Randall, Ethel, weds Lorenzo Horne 10/19/03: 10/23/03p1

Randall, Frank F., died 9/29/03: 10/2/03pp3(G),4

Randall, James T., died 1/14/04: 1/22/04p1

Randall, M&M Jeremiah, celebrate 50th: 3/15/07p8

Randall, Scott, weds Ethel Tebbetts 9/4/09: 9/10/09p7(ER)

Randall, Thomas, died 2/?/03: 3/27/03p1

Randall, Willie, weds Ella Trafton 12/5/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Randlett, Lucy, died 5/4/08: 5/8/08p1

Rankin, Helen (Donnell), died 3/21/04: 3/25/04p1

Rankin, Mrs. John I. (Abbott), died 5//14/09: 5/21/09p7(ER)

Rankin, Mrs. William G., died 3/21/04: 3/25/04p7(ER)

Rankins, James, weds Clara Brackett 12/14/03: 12/18/03p4(MM)

Rankions, Fannie, died 6/23/00: 6/29/00p4(ER)

Rawcliffe, Lizzie, died 8/13/05: 8/18/05p1

Rawcliffe, William, died 10/29/06: 11/2/06p7(E#R)

Ray, Alire, weds Locadie Lamontagne 12/31/06: 1/4/07p1

Reagan, Jerome, weds Mary Mahoney 5/3/01: 6/5/03p1

Reagan, John, died 9/5/08: 9/11/08p2(M)

Redmayne, Joseph,died 1/23/06: 1/26/06p3(B)

Reed, Harry, weds Ethel Jones 11/23/01: 11/29/01p7(ER)

Reed, Holmes, died 6/28/03: 7/3/03p; 7/10/03p4

Reed, Myra E., died 4/1/00: 4/6/00p8

Reed, Myra, died 4/1/00: 4/6/00p4(ER)

Remick, Charles D., died 8/?/05: 8/11/05p6(F)

Remick, Clara (Wentworth), died 8/29?/06: 9/7/06p2(MM)

Remick, William, died 12/28/09: 12/31/09p4(MM)

Reno, Laura, died 1/6/06: 1/19/06p1

Reynolds, James O., died 3/9/00: 3/16/00p1

Reynolds, Sally (Dorr), died 10/10/2605: 11/3/05p2(MM)

Reynolds, Teresa, died 7/6/00: 7/13/00p1

Rhines, Alvah, died ?/?/04: 3/4/04p6(F)8

Rhodes, Orrin, died 3/30/00: 4/6/00p4(M)

Rice, Edith, weds A. C. Foster 10/18/05: 10/20/05p1

Rich, Lizzie, weds John Sloper 3/?/03: 4/3/03p3(B)

Richards, Charles F., died 1/27/09: 1/29/09p1

Richards, Frances, weds Albert Hartford 10/27/09: 10/29/09p1

Richards, Silas F., died 4/25/00: 5/4/00p614

Richardson, Arthur W., died 5/16/04: 5/20/04p1

Richardson, Jerry, died 1/29/00: 2/2/00p1

Richardson, Mrs. Jeremiah, died 8/14/09: 8/20/09p5(G)

Richardson, Susan (Wiggin), died 10/31/03: 11/6/03p6(F)

Richmond, Willis L., died 8/26/09: 9/3/09p1

Ricker, Adelaid, weds George Smart 5/1/00: 5/4/00p1

Ricker, Alice, weds Winthrop Gerrish 8/1/08: 8/7/08p1

Ricker, Augustus, died 2/3?/03: 2/6/03p6(F)

Ricker, Charles H., died 6/13/01: 6/21/01p6(F)

Ricker, Emma D., died 4/7/05: 4/14/05p1

Ricker, George, weds Ethel Moulton 9/24/01: 9/27/01p1

Ricker, Guy H., died 1/18/02: 1/24/02p1

Ricker, Lewis, weds Mary Price 11/25/01: 11/29/01p1

Ricker, Mary (Hall), died 5/23/04: 5/27/04p6(F); 6/3/04p6(N)

Ricker, Olive, died 8/30/02: 9/5/02p5(CN)

Ricker, Rosetta H., died 2/15/03: 2/20/03p7(ER)

Ricker, William, weds Carrie Furbush 1/27/03: 1/30/03p1

Ricker,Daniel H., died 3/18/01: 3/29/01p4(N)

Ricker,l Mercy A., died 6/26?/01: 6/28/01p5

Ridley, Eliza, died 9/24/01: 10/4/01p7(MM)

Rieple, Sophia, weds David Finch 3/3/00: 3/9/00p5(CN)

Riley, Josephine, weds Peter Morrison 11/25/07: 11/29/07p1

Rines, Agnes, weds Irving Pike 7/8/05: 7/14/05p6(F)

Rines, Joseph O., died 6/10/07: 6/14/07p2(M)

Rines, Maud, weds John Averill 10/13/06: 10/19/06p6

Rioux, Desagne, weds H. M. Plourde 5/21/00: 5/25/00p4

Ritchie, Julie, died 10/6?/04: 10/14/04p3(G)

Roach, Lavina, died 3/28/09: 4/2/09p7(WO)

Robbins, Horace, died 12/16/06: 12/21/06p1

Roberts, Addie B., died 6/24/02: 6/27/02p8; 7/4/02p1

Roberts, Albert, weds Bertha Wing 9/20/05: 9/22/05p1

Roberts, Amos M., died 8/107: 8/16/07p2p(M),6(F)

Roberts, Arthur W., died 7/30/07: 8/2/07p6(F)

Roberts, Benjamin, died 1/5/00: 1/12/00p8

Roberts, Bertha, weds Arthur Chamberlain 9/24/07: 9/27/07p8

Roberts, Charles H., died 12/2/08: 12/11/08p610

Roberts, Clara (Tibbetts), died 8/2/06: 8/10/06p6(F)

Roberts, Dana, weds Lizzie Varney 11/24?/04: 12/2/04p1

Roberts, E. K., died 1/3/08: 1/10/08p6(F)

Roberts, Edith, weds Hervey Scruton 5/6/02: 5/9/02p1

Roberts, Ellen B., died 9/27/03: 10/2/03p4

Roberts, Ethel, weds Guy Stoddard 6/9/06: 6/8/06p6(F)

Roberts, Ethel, weds John Horne 12/25/01: 12/27/01p4

Roberts, Frank H., died 3/16/07: 3/22/07p1

Roberts, Harry H., died 3/5/03: 3/13/03p6(F)

Roberts, Harry, weds Annie Pinkham 7/17/04: 7/22/04p1

Roberts, Inez, weds William Hayes 2/21/06: 3/2/06p6

Roberts, Iva, weds Charles Rogers 12/22/09: 12/31/09p11

Roberts, James A., died 7/6/09: 7/9/09p1

Roberts, James, died 9/26/09: 10/1/09p1

Roberts, John S., died 1/22/07:1/25/07p6; 2/1/07p6(F)

Roberts, Joseph A., died 9/7/04: 9/9/04p6(F)11

Roberts, Laurel, weds Lillian Bickford 12/17/04: 12/23/04p1

Roberts, Lydia (Roberts), died 4/8/00: 4/13/00p6(F)

Roberts, Mattie, weds Edgar Ham 6/10/00: 6/15/00p1

Roberts, Mrs. John, died 8/2/06: 8/10/06p1

Roberts, Thomas E., died 7/17/02: 8/1/02p1

Roberts, Thomas, weds Hattie Wilkenson 12/20/00: 1/4/01p1

Roberts, Tobias, died 3/9/06: 3/16/06p1

Roberts, William C., died 10/11/01: 10/18/01p6(F)

Robertsd, William J., died 2/28/00: 3/2/00p8

Robillard, Albina, weds Fred Holt 8/6/06: 8/10/06p1

Robinson, Florence L., died 3/?/09: 4/2/09p1

Rodier, Ann, weds Alfred Gilbert 4/24/05: 4/28/05p8

Rogers, Alfred, weds Georgianna Gagne 10/25/09: 10/29/09p1

Rogers, Charles, weds Iva Roberts 12/22/09: 12/31/09p1

Rogers, Lucy (Cross), died 10/7/09: 10/15/09p8

Rogers, Mrs. Ernest, died 3/23/00: 3/30/00p4(ER)

Rogers, Olive A., died 3/27/00: 3/30/00p4

Rolfe, Marshal, died 3/15/09: 3/26/09p1

Rollins, Ann (Hubbard), died 4/30/00: 5/4/00p614

Rollins, Charles I., died 12/10/05: 12/15/05p4(F)

Rollins, Freeman, weds Myra Boston 6/7/03: 6/12/03p4

Rollins, John P., died 6/?/07: 6/28/07p3(F)5

Rollins, Mrs. Eli, died 5/15/09: 5/21/09p1

Rollins, Susie, weds Isaac Evans 12/20/09: 12/24/09p1

Root, Stephen E., died 12/11/04: 2/19/04p1

Rosenbury, Asa, died 11/26/06: 11/30/06p1

Ross, Mary, weds William Blair 9/26/03: 10/2/03p1

Roulx, Hermine, weds Victoria Morin 8/10/03: 8/14/03p1

Roulx, Joseph, weds Exilda Roulx 11/?/06: 11/23/06p7(G)

Rowe, Emma J., died 3/17/03: 3/20/03p1

Rowe, Lillian, weds Edward Bailey 12/31/03: 1/2/03p7(M)

Ruel, Albina, weds Pierre Lambert Jr. 4/15/07: 4/19/07p1

Russell, Arolipe, 1/13/00: 1/19/00p8

Russell, Thomas, died ?/?/07: 12/20/07p6(F)7

Russier, Eva, weds Louis Podvin 3/4/05: 3/10/05p1

Rust, Charles A., died 11/14/07: 11/22/07p1

Safford, James F., died 6/1/04: 6/3/04p1; 6/10/04p6(F)

Salinger, Alex, weds Alice Dennison 4/25/00: 4/27/00p7

Salinger, Sarah, weds William Rogers 6/2/09: 6/4/09p1

Salinger, Victor, weds Hilda MacDonald ?/?/04: 11/25/04p1

Sampson, Isabelle (Bradford), died 5/?/09: 5/14/09p8

Sampson, Olive, weds John Quinlan 10/7/03: 10/9/03p1

Sanborn, Abram, died 4/13/02: 4/25/02p7(MM)

Sanborn, Bertha, weds Archie Stone 7/20/04: 7/22/04p1

Sanborn, Edwin L., died 10/9/01: 10/11/01p1

Sanborn, James, weds Lucy Maguire 6/19/05: 6/23/05p1

Sanborn, Lillian, weds Harry Howard 3/14/03: 3/20/03p1

Sanborn, Moses, died 4/29/05: 5/5/05p7(W)

Sanborn, Mrs. Joseph, died 11/?/06: 11/23/06p6(F)

Sanderson, Henry, weds Ella Jamieson 9/29/03: 10/9/03p3

Sanfacon, Mary, weds Donat Bilodeau 11/20/05: 11/24/05p1

Sargent, Arthur, weds Edna Simons 6/23/08: 7/3/08p4

Sargent, Eliza (Canney), died 7/16/00: 7/20/00p1

Sargent, Frank, died 1/?/00: 1/19/00p7

Sargent, Zebediah, died 7/9/04: 7/15/04p1

Saunders, Gertrude (Duntley), died 11/23/04: 12/2/04p1

Saunders, Mary, died 12/?/09: 12/24/09p1

Saunson, Alice, weds George Quimby 11/14/01: 11/22/01p1

Scahill, Bridget, weds Michael King 9/7/09: 9/10/09p1

Scahill, Thomas, weds Catherine Kittridge 11/6/06: 11/9/06p1

Scarff, John, died 1/15/02: 1/17/02p1

Scho field, Jessie, weds Preston Pace 5/14/08: 5/22/08p1

Schwartz, Charles L., died 7/?/09: 7/30/09p3(EB)

Scruton, Charles W., died 3/25/05: 3/31/05p6(F)

Scruton, Eunietta, weds Albert Meader 11/15/05: 11/17/05p1

Scruton, Hervey, weds Edith Roberts 5/6/02: 5/9/02p1

Scruton, Ida (Hall), died 3/25/05: 4/14/05p6(F)

Scruton, Lovey (Elkins), died 1/7/02: 1/17/02p6(F)

Scruton, Mattie A., died 12/13/07: 12/20/07p17

Scruton, Miles, died 9/24/01: 9/27/01p6(F)

Scruton, Walter S., died 2/4/04: 2/5/04p1

Scrutoo, Helen (Cotton), died 11/11/05: 11/17/05p6(F)

Searles, Emma (Howard), died 2/22/05: 3/3/05p1

Seavey, Charles H., died 6/9/09: 6/11/09p1;6/18/09p1

Seavey, Faith M., died 5/?/09: 5/21/09p1

Seavey, Fred, weds Faye Woodruff 9/7/03: 9/11/03p1

Seavey, Fred, weds Flora Wentworth 2/3/08: 2/7/08p1

Seavey, Jane (Foss), died 3/21/08: 3/27/08p1

Seavey, Ralph, weds Ada White 6/25/02: 6/27/02p1

Seavey, Ruth, weds Richard Blanchard 6/10/08: 6/12/08p1

Seeley7, Esther (Jenkins), died 5/12/06: 5/25/06p7(G)

Severance,, George V., died 11/14/04b1

Seward, Martin, died 5/?/00: 6/8/00p3(B)

Shackford, John S., died 6/28/00: 7/6/00p6(F)

Shackford, John W., died 7/10/00: 7/27/00p3(B)

Shackford, Lena, weds Adrian Hall 6/11/05: 6/16/05p4

Shapleigh, Mary (Downs), died 4/27/03: 5/1/03p7(ER)

Shapleigh, Olive, weds Rudolph Anderson 11/24?/09: 12/3/09p7(ER)

Shapleigh, Samuel, died ?/?/01: 4/5/01p4(M)

Shapleigh, Samuel, weds Minnie Hill 10/14/03: 10/16/03p4

Shattock, Mytle, died 1/27/06: 2/2/06p1

Shaw, Alonzo, died 5/27/07: 5/31/07p8

Shaw, Ann, died 918/06: 9/21/06p1

Shaw, Aratus, died 7/21?/09: 7/30/09p2(MM)

Shaw, Bayfield, weds Lillian Hammond 8/7/07: 8/9/07p1

Shaw, Effie, weds Eugene Watson 4/23/02: 4/25/02p1

Shaw, George, weds Carrie Yeaton 2/25/01: 3/4/04p4

Shaw, Gilbert, died 5/7/02: 5/9/02p1

Shaw, Jeremiah, died 3/3/05: 3/10/05p1

Shaw, Mabel, weds Bernard Marchand 2/18/07: 2/22/07p4

Sheehan, Henry, weds Grace Pike 9/?/05: 9/8/05p6(F)12

Shelley, Ellen A., died 9/18/02: 9/26/02p4

Shepard, Mrs. Olin, died 12/?/03: 12/25/03p7(MM)

Sherburne, Lena, weds Joseph Nute 11/17/06: 11/23/06p1

Shorep, Mamie, weds Oscar Wixon 7/11/08: 7/17/08p6(ER)

Shorey, Alberta, weds Harry Large 4/2/01: 4/5/01p5(CN)

Shorey, Arthur, weds Edith Hayes 4/27/04: 4/29/04p1

Shorey, Fred, weds Mattie Shorey 8/24/06: 8/31/06p7(ER)

Shorey, Horace, died 2/26/04: 3/4/04p7(ER)

Shorey, John C., died 2/21/07: 3/1/07p7(ER)

Shorey, Kate, died 9/?/07: 9/13/07p1

Shorey, Louisa, died 11/24/01: 11/29/01p7(ER)

Shorey, Mattie, weds Fred Shorey 8/24/06: 8/31/06p7(ER)

Shorey, Stephen F., died 3/12/05: 3/17/05p7(ER)

Shurburne, Greenleaf, died 6/19/01: 6/28/01p3(B)

Sibley, Antoinette (Preeper), died 9/5/08: 9/11/08p2(MM)

Sibley, Ellen, weds George Marston 3/12/02: 3/14/02p1

Sibley, Mark, died 10/2?/07: 10/11/07p2(MM)

Simes, Ann E., died 2/25/05: 3/3/05p7(MM)

Simes, Hervey, died 5/5/01: 5/10/01p4(ER)

Simes, John, died ?/?/09: 10/16/08p1

Simes, Mrs. John, died 10/24/08: 10/30/08p7(G)

Simes, Nancy, died 4/4/04: 4/8/04p7(MM)

Simons, Edna, weds Arthur Sargent 6/23/08: 7/3/08p4

Sinclair, Ethel, weds Walter McCrillis 9/13/00: 9/21/00p8(ER)

Sinclair, Lucretia Totman, died 5/13/00: 5/18/00p4

Sinclair, Silas T., died 9/2?/02: 9/5/02p7(ER); 9/12/02p7(ER)

Skelley, Elleh, died 4/19/09: 4/23/09p1

Skerry, Mary E., died 4/27/06: 5/11/06p1

Sleeper, Abbie, died 5/?/05: 6/16/05p1

Sleeper, Charles W., died 2/26/03: 2/27/03p1

Sleeper, Frank, died 12/28/09: 12/31/09p1

Sleeper, Harry, died 1/28/09: 2/5/09p7(ER)

Sleeper, Herbert M., died 6/20/07: 6/28/07p1

Sleeper, Leroy, weds Florence Varney 8/21?/06: 8/31/06p7(ER)

Sleeper, Martha, weds Bion[?] Hutchins 10/1/07: 10/4/07p1

Sleeper, Rebecca, died 1/8/08: 1/17/08p7(ER)

Small, Arthur, died 6/23/07: 6/28/07p2(MM)5

Small, Lucy A., died 12/4/07: 12/13/07p6(F)

Small, Maude, weds Charles Allen 1/7/07: 1/11/07p1

Small, Lula (Heath), died 2/?/05: 2/17/05p6(F)

Smallcon, Vinnie, weds Gerald Davis 10/8/02: 10/17/02p1

Smart, Ezra, weds Addie Bobst 9/19/05: 9/22/05p1

Smart, George, weds Adelaid Ricker 5/1/00: 5/4/00p1

Smart, Harry, weds Harriet Colomy 10/24?/05: 10/27/05p6(F)

Smith, Annie F., died 1/19/06: 1/26/06p1

Smith, Arthur, died 11/19/04: 11/25/04p1

Smith, Arthur, weds Ora Dickey 11/15/06: 11/23/06p2(M)

Smith, Barbara A., died 12/20/07: 12/27/07p27

Smith, Elias F., died 2/9/06: 2/16/06p8

Smith, Ellen, weds W. L. Beebe 6/20/01: 6/28/01p1

Smith, Frances, died 2/14?/07: 2/15/07p1

Smith, George K., died 12/29/02: 1/2/03p6(F)

Smith, George, died 2/14?/07: 2/15/07p1

Smith, Harvey, weds Marion Loring 5/11/05: 5/19/05p1

Smith, Irving "Patch", died 10/26/04: 11/4/04p1

Smith, John R., died 1/26/00: 2/2/00p8

Smith, John, died 5/26/06: 6/1/06p1

Smith, Josiah, died 1/30/04?: 2/5/04p1

Smith, Leland, weds Alice Jones 11/25/05: 12/1/05p1

Smith, Lewis J., died 3/20/08: 3/27/08p1

Smith, Lewis L., weds Miss Howe[?] 5/19?/06: 5/25/06p33

Smith, Lorenzo D., died 4/8/09: 4/16/09p7(ER)

Smith, Lottie E., died 3/18/05: 3/24/05p1

Smith, Mary (Varney), died 5/6/04: 5/13/04p7

Smith, Robert, died 2/14/01: 2/22/01p1

Smith, Sarah, died 1/15?/02: 1/31/02p6(F)

Spain, Bridget, weds Theodore Perreault 2/9/04: 2/12/04p1

Spain, Lizzie, weds Alfred Brochu 4/28 03: 5/1/03p1

Spain, Maggie, died 7/22/02: 7/25/02p1

Spaulding, Fannie, weds Solomon Hartford 9/1/06: 9/7/06p1

Speke, David, died 6/7/03: 6/12/03p7(G)

Spendlove, Mary A., died 4/26/06: 5/18/06p1

Spinney, Cora B., died 12/5/06: 12/14/06p2(M)

Spinney, Nathaniel, died 4/7/00: 4/13/00p8(M)

Springfield, George W., died 11/1/05: 11/3/05p1

Springfield, Sarah J., died 5/14/06: 5/18/06p5

St. Germain, Pommela, weds Louis Gracie 8/7/05: 8/11/05p1

St. Hilaire, Flaire, died 2/19/05: 2/24/05p1

Stackpole, John, died 10/27/01: 11/1/01p1

Standley, Ethel, weds John Fox 10/19/03: 10/23/03p1

Standley, Mary (Cushing?), died 2/4/04: 2/12/04p1

Stanley, Mary (Hickey), died 2/?/08: 2/28/08p7(ER)

Stanton, John, died 8/25/00: 8/30/00p8(CN)

Staples, Jacob F., died 10/17/06: 10/26/06p2(M)

Staples, Mrs. George, died 12/7/06: 12/14/06p2(M)

Staples, Mrs. William, died 6/8/03: 6/12/03p6(F)

Sterett, Mrs. Moses (Hussey), died 2/15/02: 2/21/02p8

Stetson, Lula, weds William McCray 9/6/05: 9/8/05p1

Stevens, Almeda P. died 1/21/05: 1/27/05p1

Stevens, Almee, weds [no entry] Booma 1/17/06: 1/26/06p2(MM)

Stevens, Anna, died 5/13/07: 5/17/07p2(MM)

Stevens, Annie D., died 2/1/00: 2/9/00p4(MM)

Stevens, Annie, died 12/5/06: 12/14/06p4

Stevens, Benjamin M., died 9/2/05: 9/8/05p1

Stevens, Carroll, weds Nellie Swineston 8/30/09: 9/3/09p1

Stevens, Charles, weds Sadie Merrill 11/25/03: 12/4/03p1

Stevens, Lydia (Sampson), celebrates 85th birthday: 5/29/03p4(G)

Stevens, Philemon, weds Helen brooks 8/29/09: 9/3/09p1

Stewart, Annie, died 3/31/00: 4/6/00p8

Stiles, Hannah S., died 11/5/03: 11/13/03p1

Stillings, Ernest, weds Mabel McNaughton 6/6/09: 6/11/09p1

Stillings, Mae, weds Justin Emery 12/9/03: 12/11/03p1

Stillings, Miss, weds Mr. Whitehouse 9/?/05: 9/8/05p6(F)12

Stoddard, Guy, weds Ethel Roberts 6/9/06: 6/8/06p6(F)

Stokes, Benjamin, weds Mary Hughes 12/28/08: 1/1/09p1

Stone, Albertine: See LaPierre, Albertine

Stoughton, Lewis, weds Sarah Guppey 1/18/05: 1/20/05p1

Strange, Arthur J., died 6/10/08: 6/19/08p1

Strange, Harry, died 5/29/05: 6/2/05p1

Strout, Arthur, weds Fannie Wyman 10/21/09: 10/29/09p7(ER)

Stuart, Ida, weds Don Coburn 11/18/09: 11/26/09p1

Sullivan, Nellie, weds Cornelius Thompson 3/7/05: 3/10/05p7(NR)

Sumner, Celinda, died 5/?/07: 5/31/07p6(F)

Sumner, William, died 7/10/05: 7/14/05p6(F)

Sutcliffe, Florence, weds Harry Rockwell 4/19/05: 4/21/05p1

Swain, Ansel, weds Maud Rand 6/?/08: 6/19/08p3(B)

Swaine, Mary, died 8/27/06: 8/31/06p1

Swineston, Nellie, weds Carroll Stevens 8/30/09: 9/3/09p1

Sylvain, Alferd, weds Elmere Charpentier 7/14/01: 7/19/01p5

Sylvain, Anna, died 6/31/08: 6/5/08p1

Sylvain, Emma, died 2/8/07: 2/15/07p1

Sylvain, Fannie, weds Fred Maxfield 4/12/09: 4/16/09p8

SyLvain, Joseph, died 7/18/00: 7/20/00p1

Sylvain, Joseph, weds Clara Fourning 8/21/06: 8/24/06p1

Sylvain, O., weds Benjamin Garrett 5/15/09: 5/21/09p7(ER)

Sylvain, Peter, weds Mary Labre 4/4/04: 4/8/04p8

Sylvain, Phoebe, weds Peter Harrity 4/25/04: 4/29/04p1

Sylvain, William, died 68/03: 6/12/03p1

Sylvaine, Florina, weds Joseph Barband 7/29/07: 8/2/07p7(G)

Sylvan, M&M John, celebrate 50th: 5/25/00p1

Tacier, Louis, weds Lucy Pouliot[?] 2/?/09: 2/19/09p1

Talpey, Addie, died 11/7/09: 11/12/09p1

Talpey, Charles V., died 12/25/05: 12/29/05p6(F)

Tanner, Frank, died 5/?/03: 5/22/03p6(F)

Tanner, Lincoln, weds Della Downing 12/24/04: 1/6/05p3

Tanner, Mary, died 2/?/08: 2/14/08p6(F)

Tanner, W. Henry, died 2/10/06: 2/16/06p6(F)

Tarlton, George, died 8/20/02: 8/22/02p1

Tash, Almira (Ham), died 1/15/06: 1/19/06p6(N)

Taylor, John, weds Bertha Lee 4/22/07: 5/3/07p1

Tebbetts, Andrew J., died 9/24/04: 9/30/04p8(ER)

Tebbetts, Charles P., died ?/?/00: 3/2/00p8

Tebbetts, Edward, died 9/2/02: 9/5/02p8

Tebbetts, Emiline (Whipple), died 10/30: 11/4/04p1

Tebbetts, Ethel, weds Scott Randall 9/4/09: 9/10/09p7(ER)

Tebbetts, Harry, weds Georgie Wilson 8/19/05: 8/25/05p1

Tebbetts, John, died 8/25/08: 8/28/08p1

Tebbetts, Lavina, died 3/31/02: 4/4/02p1

Tebbetts, Mark, died 4/4?/02: 4/11/02p8

Tebbetts, Mrs. Mark, died 2/17/06: 2/23/06p8(NR)

Tebbetts, Noah, died 11/?/01: 11/22/01p7

Tebbetts, Ruth, celebrates 95th birthday: 2/22/07p2

Tebbetts, Sarah (Hurd), died 2/17/06: 2/23/06p1

Tebbetts, Sarah M., died 12/11/09: 12/17/09p2

Tebbetts, William, died 3/29/04: 4/1/04p1

Tebbetts, Willis: son died 5/29/05: 6/2/05p1

Temple, Bertha, died 3/5/04: 3/11/04p8

Tessier, Octave, weds Kilda Bisson 10/26/08: 10/30/08p5

Tetherly, Oliver C., died 1/23/07:2/1/07p1

Thayer, Alice (Wheatley), died ?/?/04: 11/18/04p6(F)

Thayer, Fred, weds Annie Hayes 6/27/04: 7/1/04p6(F)

Therrien, Albina, weds Louis Bergeron 1/11/09: 1/15/09p1

Thibault, Eva, died 7/16/05: 7/21/05pp1,7(G)

Thomas, Carl, weds Bernice Gilman 6/11/08: 7/17/08p7

Thompson, Adeline (Smith), 2/17/05: 2/24/05p1

Thompson, Blanche, weds Frances Jones 10/31/06: 11/2/06p1

Thompson, Clara (Walker), died 3/8/04: 3/11/04p8; 3/18/04p4

Thompson, Clarence, died 1/17/05: 1/20/05p1

Thompson, Cornelius, weds Nellie Sullivan 3/7/05: 3/10/05p7(NR)

Thompson, Evelyn, weds Arthur Tuttle 3/25/03: 4/3/03p3(B)

Thompson, Hannah (Ferber), died 12/26/01: 01/3/02p6(F)

Thompson, Joseph, weds Bertha Buzzell 9/27/03: 10/2/03p1

Thompson, Mrs. John W., died 11/19/09: 11/26/09p1

Thompson, Nancy W., died 1/23?/07:2/1/07p2(M)

Thompson, Sarah AQ., died 7/29/07: 8/2/07p1

Thompson, Winslow, weds Georgia Colomy 12/1/01: 12/6/01p6(F)

Thompspn, Richard, died 2/23/01: 3/1/01p1

Thompspn, Richard, died 2/23/01: 3/1/01p1

Thomson, Mrs Samuel, died 7/13/00: 7/20/00p3(B)

Tibbets, Sarah (Copp), weds Howard Blethen 10/30/06:11/23/06p6(F)

Tibbettes, Harris C., died 5/4/07: 5/10/07p6(F)

Tibbetts, Angie, died 10/10/01: 10/18/01p6(F)

Tibbetts, Burton P., died 12/?/05: 12/29/05p6(F)

Tibbetts, Harry, weds Inez Ham 1/14/00: 2/9/00p6(F)

Tibbetts, Henry, weds Bertina Smith 3/26/07: 4/19/07p6(F)

Tibbetts, Leonard, died 7/?/02: 7/11/02p6(F)

Tibbetts, Lois (Grace), died 2/15/07: 2/22/07p6(F)

Tilton, Frances J. died 1/31/08: 2/7/08p1

Tilton, George, weds Hannah Littlefield 2/6/09: 2/12/09p1

Titcomb, George A., died 3/5/00: 3/23/00p6(F)

Torr, Charles, weds Bessie McKay 5/12/09: 5/14/09p1

Torr, George, weds Lillian Gerrish 10/5/04: 10/7/04p1

Torr, Mary C., died 2/1/04: 2/5/04p1; 2/19/04p5(F)

Towle, Everett, weds Lillian Olsen 2/18/05: 2/24/05p1

Towle, Henry W., died 9/2/04: 9/9/04p6(F)

Townsend, Henry H., died 6/24/04: 7/1/04p7(MM); 7/8/04p7(MM)

Trafton, Ella, weds Willie Randall 12/5/06: 12/14/06p6(F)

Trafton, Mrs. Charles, died 9/?/04: 9/23/04p4(ER)

Tremaine, Euclid, died 1/18/07: 1/24/08p1

Trickey, Abbie, weds Elmer Ellis 9/1/02: 9/5/02p1

Trickey, Alice, weds Lincoln Hall 10/15/02: 10/17/02p1

Trickey, Emma (Webber), died 10/25/07: 10/25/07p1

Trickey, Fred M., died 2/15/01: 2/22/01p3(B)

Trickey, George H., died 8/4/06: 8/17/06p1

Trickey, George W., died 8/17/08: 8/21/08p1

Trickey, William F., died 4/4/04: 4/8/04p1

Tripp, Edward, weds Geneva Berry 4/29/01: 5/3/01p1

Tripp, Stacey, weds Rachel McCombe 5/1/00: 5/4/00p1

Trucotte, Lydia, weds Joseph Lessard 11/6/06: 11/10/05p1

Tucker, Charles, weds Edna Calkins 6/17/05: 6/23/05p7(M)

Tufts, Amos, died 530/00: 6/1/00p4

Tufts, Blanche, weds Fred Ramsdell 4/6/07: 4/12/07p1

Tufts, Clara, weds Alvin Pugsley 8/1/07: 8/9/07pp1,5(G)

Turcotte, Arthur, weds Marie Cyr 9/13/09: 9/17/09p4

Turcotte, Flossie, died 7/1/01: 7/5/01p5(CN)

Turcotte, Mrs. Joseph, died 10/7/09: 10/15/09p8

Turgeon, Angelina 8/15/09: 8/20/09p1

Turgeon, Annie, weds Walter Lambert 4/16/06: 4/20/06p1

Tuttle, Edward, died 2/25/03: 2/27/03p1

Tuttle, Ida, weds Ernest Wesley 4/14/04: 4/22/04p1

Tuttle, Israel, celebrates 91st birthday: 7/24/08p1

Tuttle, L. Orlando, died 8/26/07: 8/30/07p1

Tuttle, Lang, died 5/?/04: 5/27/04p6(F)

Tuttle, Louis, died ?/?/01: 4/5/01p5(B)

Tuttle, Mary (Haines/Pearl), died 12/29/05: 1/5/06p6

Tuttle, Mrs. Mary (Savage), died 2/1/07: 2/8/07p2(M)

Tuttle3, Ethelyn, died ?/?/01: 4/5/01p5(B)

Twombly, Annie, weds Charles Going 10/24/06: 10/26/06p1

Twombly, Bertrand, weds Bessie Plummer 6/30/03: 7/3/03p7(M)

Twombly, Daughter of M&M Charles, died 3/8/00: 3/16/00p1(B)

Twombly, George, died 7/25/04: 7/29/04p1

Twombly, Hanson, died 8/25/02: 8/29/02p8(G)

Twombly, Harriet, weds Edwin Pray 9/15?/04: 9/23/04p1

Twombly, Joel, died 12/23?/03: 12/25/03p3(B)

Twombly, Lavina, weds Samuel Hale 3/12/02: 3/14/02p4(EB)

Twombly, Lizzie (Downs), died 1/?/03: 1/16/03p7(M)

Twombly, Lizzie, died 10/19/05: 10/27/05p1

Twombly, Mattie E., died 12/25/03: 1/1/04p1

Twombly, Mrs. Nathaniel, died 3/13/09: 3/19/09p1

Twombly, Stephen E., died 12/18/01: 12/27/01p7(M)

Tyler, George A., died 10/21?/09: 10/22/09p1

Upham, Cjharles, died 10/22/05: 10/27/05p1

Vachon, Albina, weds John Belanger 9/2/07: 9/6/07p1

Vachon, Ernest, died 12/28/08: 1/1/09p1

Vachon, Joseph, weds Rose Lessard 8/16/09: 8/20/09p1

Vachon, Treffle, died 5/19/03: 5/22/03p1

Vachon, Vidal, died 1/18/09: 1/22/09p1

Valleley, John, died 3/25/00: 3/30/00p4

Vallely, Ann, died 9/6/07: 9/13/07p1

Vallely, Elizabeth, weds John McQuade 11/26/02: 11/28/02p1

Vallely, James, weds Viola Lewis 4/20/04: 4/29/04p1

Vallely, Katherine, weds John Morgan 10/25/05: 10/27/05p1

Vallie, Annie, weds Frank LeClaire 2/8/04: 2/12/04p1

Varcney, Mrs. W. Harrison (Shorey), died 9/9/08: 9/18/08p7

Varney, Abby, died 5/?/08: 5/29/08p2(W)

Varney, Beard, died 6/14/08: 6/26/08p2(W)

Varney, Carolin (McDuffee), died 10/8/09: 10/15/09p8

Varney, Charles, weds Matilda Shepherd 10/13/06: 10/19/06p1

Varney, Child of M&M Fred, died 3/?/00: 3/23/00p6(F)

Varney, Eliza (Walker), died 6/24/04: 7/8/04p6(F)

Varney, Elmira, died 10/15/05: 10/20/05p8

Varney, Florence, weds Leroy Sleeper 8/21?/06: 8/31/06p7(ER)

Varney, Freeman, weds Martha Parshley 12/24/03: 1/1/04p1

Varney, Herbert, weds Ida Stevens 10/?/09: 10/15/09p1

Varney, Isaac A.,died 2/29/04: 3/4/04p1

Varney, Job, died 8/22/02: 8/29/02pp6(F),8

Varney, John F., died 4/25/06: 4/27/06p8

Varney, John O., died 1/14/00: 1/19/00p6(F)

Varney, Lewis D., died 7/15/09: 7/23/09p1

Varney, Lidia, died 12/2/08: 12/11/08p2(M)

Varney, Lizzie, weds Dana Roberts 11/24?/04: 12/2/04p1

Varney, Lizzie, weds William Ware 12/20/03: 12/18/03p1

Varney, Martha, weds Charles Wood 1/23/07: 1/25/07p1

Varney, Mary E., died 8/11/05: 8/25/05p6(F)

Varney, Minnie (Bamfield), died ?/?/08: 11/6/08p6(F)

Varney, Moses, died 1/31/03: 2/6/03p7(ER)

Varney, Mrs. Frank, died 2/6/00: 2/9/00p4(G)

Varney, Myron, weds Elizabeth Ricker 10/9/07: 10/11/07p1

Varney, Oben, died 5/6/01: 5/11/00p6(F)

Varney, Othniel, died 2/16/02: 2/21/02pp6(F),8 2/28/02p6

Varney, Sarah, weds William Clark, 12/25/09: 12/31/09p1

Varney, Tamson, died 3/16/02: 3/21/02p8

Varney, Thomas G., died 12/23/01: 12/27/01p1

Vashon, Mary, weds Wilfred Mercier 2/5/06: 2/9/06p1

Vilas, May E., died 3/16/02: 3/28/02p3(B)

Vincent, Fred, weds Lydia Gilbert 1/19/03: 1/23/03p4

Vining, Elbridge E., died 6/28?/01: 7/5/01p1

Wade, Laura, weds 12/27/02: 1/2/03p1

Waldron, Adelaide (Cilley), died 6/16/09: 6/18/09p1

Waldron, Dudley B., died 7/9/04: 7/15/04p1

Waldron, George E., died 10/24/08: 10/30/08p1

Walker, Alice, died 4/2/04: 4/8/04p1

Walker, Alice, weds Joseph Swaine 9/12/04: 9/16/04p1

Walker, Caroline, died 11/4/03: 11/6/03p1

Walker, Fred A., is Boston newpsper editor: 2/19/04p1

Walker, Fred, weds Abbie Jacobs 11/19/01: 11/22/01p8

Walker, George A., died 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

Walker, Grace, died 4/15?/08: 4/24/08p6(F)

Walker, Henry F., died 4/28/05: 5/5/05p1

Walker, James, died 3/1/00: 3/9/00p8

Walker, John E., died 8/?/06: 8/24/06p6(F)

Walker, Mary, weds Phillip McDonald 8/25?/09: 9/3/09p2

Walker, William H., died 11/6/09: 11/12/09p1

Wallace, Clyde, died 12/1/01: 12/6/01p6(F)

Wallace, Harriet (Curtis), died 7/13/07: 7/19/07pp1,6(F)

Wallace, Mellie (Nutter), died 1/7/02: 01/10/02p1

Wallace, Pansy, weds Ernest Peavey 3/8/02: 3/14/02p6(F)

Wallace, Sadie I., died 10/23/20/05: 10/27/05p2(M)

Wallace, Sarah (Greenfield), died 3/17/00: 3/23/00p8

Wallace, Scott, died 10/15/01: 10/18/01p1

Wallace, Walter, weds Etta Carter 7/4/07: 7/19/07p6(F)

Wallace, William F., died 9/5/06: 9/7/06p1

Wallingford, Everett, weds Blanche Downing 12/20/05: 12/22/05p1

Wallingford, Ira, died 9/28/09: 10/1/09p1(M)

Wallingford, Jane, died 4/9/02: 4/11/02p1

Wallingford, Jonathan, died 12/28?/05: 1/5/06p7(ER)

Wallingford, Lafayette, died 5/21/05: 5/26/05p7(ER)

Wallingford, Mary E., died 3/30/07: 4/5/07p1

Wallingford, Susan, died 4/20/05: 4/28/05p1

Wallingford, Tristram, died 2/7/05: 2/10/05p8

Walsh, Fred, died 10/24?/05: 10/27/05p7(G)

Walsh, John, died 7/8/09: 7/16/09p1

Walterhouse, William, died 9/13/07: 9/20/07p3

Walton, Howard, weds Jennie Foss 12/25/08: 12/4/08p4

Warburton, Edward H., died 6/26/00: 6/29/00p1

Warburton, Mary, died 11/28/01: 12/6/01p1

Warburton, Matthew, died 1/8/04: 1/15/04p1

Warburton, Noah, weds Mabel Padelford 5/29/00: 6/1/00p8

Warburton, Wendell, died 6/24?/03: 7/3/03p7(ER)

Ward, Juliet D., died 10/29/07: 11/1/07p1

Ward, Sadie, weds Ernest Gale 12/25/02: 1/2/03p1

Ware, William, weds Lizzie Varney 12/10/03: 12/18/03p1

Warren, Clara A., died 2/19/06: 23/06p1

Warren, Hilda, died 1/13/01: 1/18/01p5(CN)

Warren, O. B., honored by GAR: 4/8/04p1

Warren, Osman B., died 1/25/08: 1/31/08p1

Warren, Wilbur F., died 5/12/03: 5/15/03p1

Waterhouse, Fred, died 11/12/06: 11/16/06p1

Waterhouse, Margaret, weds George Haynes 8/19/03: 8/28/03p1

Waterhouse, Sylvester, died 2/?/02: 2/28/02p3(B)

Waterhouse, William E., died 11/29/02: 12/5/02p3

Waterhouse, William, celebrates 86th birthday: 9/5/02p8

Waterman, Martha A., died 3/8?/05: 3/17/05p7(ER)

Watson, Eugene, weds Effie Shaw 4/23/02: 4/25/02p1

Watson, Isabel, weds James Barker 5/3/00: 5/11/00p4

Watson, Martha A., died 4/4/00: 4/6/00p8

Watson, Mrs. S. M., died 10/19: 10/21/04p1

Watson, William H., died 5/30/02: 6/6/02p4

Weare, Herbert, died 2/28/03: 3/6/03p1

Weare, Mary, weds James Garnett 6/22/03: 6/26/03p7(ER)

Weare, Nellie, weds Herbert Goodwin 4/21/06: 4/27/06p1

Webber, Eva, weds Homer Lowe 3/20/05: 3/24/05p1

Webber, George, died 10/21/03: 10/23/03p1

Webber, Marion, weds Fred Miller 3/29/04: 4/1/04p1

Webber, Mary E., died 9/1/09: 9/3/09p1

Webber, Paul, died 7/22/06: 7/27/06p2(M);8/3/06p2(MM)

Webster, Ellie M., died 6/24/01: 6/28/01p5

Webster, Frank, weds Etta Henderson 1/14/00: 2/9/00p6(F)

Webster, George, weds Mary Willand 5/1/05: 5/5/05p1

Webster, Hattie M., died 12/17/08: 12/25/08p1

Webster, Sarah, died 4/4/06: 4/13/06p2(F)

Weeks, Albert, weds Phylura Dame 11/28/02: 12/5/02p4

Weeks, Clark, weds Harriet French 6/7/05: 6/16/05p4

Weeks, Mary, weds Frank Blair 6/27?/05: 6/30/05p6(F)

Weeks, Matilda, weds Walter King 12/20/05: 12/22/05p1

Weeks, William B., died 9/?/04: 9/30/04p6(F)

Welch, Fred E., died 10/19/05: 11/3/05p7(G)

Wellman, Cora, weds Arthur Cutts 1/10/04: 1/22/04p1

Wellman, Mattie, weds Wilbur Yeaton 1/26/05: 12/1/05p1

Wentworth, Abbie A., died 4/12/07: 4/19/07p2(M)

Wentworth, Abbie, died 7/17/00: 7/20/00p10(CN)

Wentworth, Abegail, died 3/19/05: 3/24/05p6(F)

Wentworth, Almon F., 3/24/02: 3/28/02p6(MM)

Wentworth, Alonzo P., died 12/1204: 12/16/04p1

Wentworth, Alvin, died 11/26/09: 12/3/09p4

Wentworth, Bessie, weds John Cloutman 7/12/02: 7/18/02p6(F)

Wentworth, Charles F., died 7/?/00: 7/27/00p1

Wentworth, Charles H., died 12/31/05: 1/5/06p1

Wentworth, Charles W., died 8/5/08: 8/14/08p2(M)

Wentworth, Charles, weds Georgia Kendall 10/9/06: 10/12/06p8

Wentworth, Charles, weds Lucie Berry 1/19/05: 1/27/05p1

Wentworth, David W., died 4/29/08: 5/8/08p6(F)

Wentworth, Emma, weds Kenneth Babcock 9/24/02: 10/3/02p8(MM)

Wentworth, Eugene, weds Nellie Pike 10/?/03: 10/23/03p7(MM)

Wentworth, Ezekiel, died 5/10/05: 5/12/05p1

Wentworth, Flora, weds Fred Seavey 2/3/08: 2/7/08p1

Wentworth, George, weds Maude Clements 11/28?/01: 12/6/01p8

Wentworth, Hattie Lowd, died 6/21/08: 6/26/08p2(MM)

Wentworth, Hattie, weds Ernest Carpenter 7/31/04: 8/5/04p7(ER)

Wentworth, Isaac, died 2/12/09: 2/19/09p2

Wentworth, Isaac, died 4/13/07: 4/19/07p1

Wentworth, James, died 6/8/08: 6/12/08p1

Wentworth, John A., died 2/13/04: 2/19/04p7(M)

Wentworth, John F., died 1/31/01: 2/8/01p1

Wentworth, John, died 1/?/07:2/1/07p6(F)

Wentworth, John, died 5/26/05: 6/2/05p7(MM)

Wentworth, John, weds Elizabeth Power 8/5/01: 8/9/01p1

Wentworth, Jonas, died 6/26/03: 7/3/03p1

Wentworth, Leonard, weds Grace Wyatt 4/22/03: 4/24/03p1

Wentworth, Lilla (Gray), died : 9/25/03p1

Wentworth, Mark, died 3/26?/03: 4/3/03p1

Wentworth, Mrs. Charles W., died 9/?/03: 10/2/03p7(W)

Wentworth, Ora B., died 10/11/04: 10/14/04p1

Wentworth, Patience, died 11/?/07: 11/22/07p1

Wentworth, Simon, died 12/6/07: 12/13/07p1

Wentworth, Thomas D., died 3/24/03: 3/27/03p1

Wentworth, Walter died 11/23/05: 12/8/05p2(G)13

Wheatley, Hannibal P., died 1/29/08: 2/7/08p6(F); 2/14/08p6(F)

Wheatley, Josephine (Frost), died 3/6/07: 3/15/07p6(F)

Wheller, Laurin, died 7/21/01: 7/26/01p1

Whipple, Annie B., died 8/28/09: 9/3/09p1

Whipple, Carrie E., died 4/27/02: 5/2/02p4

Whipple, James, weds Sarah Emerson 3/24/06: 3/30/06p1

White, Ada, weds Ralph Seavey 6/25/02: 6/27/02p1

White, Albert, weds Ethel Prescott 5/3/03: 5/8/03p1

White, Benjamin F., died 3/3/04: 3/11/04p8

White, Eldred, weds Grace Corson 4/29/08: 5/1/08p1

White, Henry (aka Henry Dias), died 10/6/07: 10/11/07p1

White, Mrs. Sylvester, died 4/22/00: 4/27/00p4

White, Teresa, died 5/22/02: 5/30/02p1

White, Washington, died 2/2/02: 2/7/02p6(F)

Whitehouse, George W., died 1/30/03: 2/6/03p6(F)

Whitehouse, Jacob P., died 3/25/08: 3/27/08p4; 4/3/08p1

Whitehouse, Joseph, weds Louise Hunter 11/6/06: 11/16/06p4

Whitehouse, Mary J., died 9/3/05: 9/8/05p1

Whitehouse, Mehitable (Hayes), died 12/28/02: 1/2/03p1

Whitehouse, Mr., weds Miss Stillings 9/?/05: 9/8/05p6(F)12

Whitham, Mary, died 4/13?/09: 4/23/09p2(W)

Whitney, Ora, weds George McGregor 1/24?/06: 2/2/06p6(F)

Whitney, W. E., weds Winnie Wiggin 11/14/01: 11/22/01p6(F)

Whitney. F. E., weds Alice Hal1 0/30/01: 11/1/01p1

Whitten, Augustus, died 7/?/03: 7/17/03p7(W)

Whitten, Henry A.,died 7/9/034: 7/17/03p6(F)

Whitten, Jesse, died 1/2/05: 1/5/06p8

Whittier, Nancy (Moody), died 3/17/06: 3/23/06p6(F)

Wiggin, Adeline (Kimball), died 3/29/09: 4/2/09p5

Wiggin, Ester, died 12/24/01: 01/3/02p6(F)

Wiggin, Lafayette, died 4/25?/02: 5/2/02p1

Wiggin, Oscar E., died 5/5/00: 5/11/00p6(F)

Wiggin, Perley, died 10/27/01: 11/1/01p1

Wiggin, Winnie, weds W. E. Whitney 11/14/01: 11/22/01p6(F)

Wiggins, Sarah (Wingate), died 12/21/07: 12/27/07p6(F)

Wiley, Hattie, weds William Woodes 10/14/08: 10/16/08p8

Wilkens, Lulu, weds Carlton Emerson 4/3/30/04: 4/8/04p6(F)

Wilkenson, Clara, celebrates 88th birthday: 6/8/06p1

Wilkenson, Hattie, weds Thomas Roberts 12/30/00: 1/4/01p1

Wilkenson, Isaiah N., died 1/27?/05: 2/3/05p1

Wilkinson, Clara D., celebrates 85th birthday: 6/5/03p1

Wilkinson, Nancy J., died 1/17/00: 1/19/00p8

Willand, Eliza, died 9/29/08: 10/2/08p1

Willand, L. Emily (Leighton), died 10/11/09: 10/16/08p1

Willand, Mary, weds George Webster 5/1/05: 5/5/05p1

Willand, May, weds Ernest Folsom 6/25/02: 6/27/02p1

Willand, Myabelle, weds David Baker 4/18/04: 4/22/04p3(NR)

WiLland, Noah,died 9/24/01: 9/27/01p1

Willand, Rebekah, 5/18/05: 5/26/05p1

Willard, Mary F., died 10/17/03: 10/23/03p1

Willett, Joseph, weds Bessie Ayers 2/11/03: 2/13/03p8

Willett,Cora B., died 12/9/05: 12/8/05p7(ER)

Willey, Annie, weds Henry Evans 8/?/05: 8/11/05p1

Willey, Charles H., died 3/3/05: 3/10/05p6(F)

Willey, Charles W., died 3/2/04: 3/4/04p1

Willey, Cora, died 4/10/08: 4/17/08p1

Willey, Cora, weds Frank Marshall 10/27/01: 11/1/01p3(B)

Willey, George F., 4/21/01: 04/26/01p1

Willey, George W., died 8/8/02: 8/15/02p1

Willey, Herbert, weds Emma Montee 5/21?/05: 5/26/05p6(F)

Willey, John M., died 7/05/01: 7/12/01p6(F)

Willey, M&M Joseph F., celebrate 50th: 11/20/08p2(MM)

Willey, Nathaniel A., died 12/?/01: 12/13/01p6(F)

Willey, Susan, weds Ira Dennet 1/16/08: 1/24/08p1

Willey,Josephine (Libby), died 6/?/01: 6/14/01p6(F)

Williamson, John, died 9/27/06: 10/5/06p6(ER)

Williamson, Margaret, weds Donald Mason 1/17/07: 1/25/07p1(ER)

Willingford, William, died 7/15/06: 7/20/06p1

Wills, Charles H., died 12/27/08: 1/1/09p1

Willson, Charles, to wed Nellie Joy 8/14/07: 8/16/07p6(F)

Willson, Edward T., weds Jessie Willson 8/22?/06: 8/31/06p6(F)

Willson, Emma (Hayes), died 3/3/04: 3/11/04p6(F)

Wilson, Alfred, died 11/2/05: 11/10/05p1

Wilson, George, weds Lizzie Prescott 6/9/01: 6/14/01p1

Wilson, Georgie, weds Harry Tebbetts 8/19/05: 8/25/05p1

Wilson, Henry, VP. discussed: 7/31/03p6(F)

Wilson, Sadie D., died 5/20/01: 5/24/01p1

Wing, Bertha, weds Albert Roberts 9/20/05: 9/22/05p1

Wingate, Aaron P., died 5/6/06: 5/18/06p1

Wingate, Charles B., died 11/18/05: 11/24/05p6(F)

Wingate, Elizabeth, died 1/17/01: 2/1/01p7(ER)

Wingate, John, died 7/29/03: 7/31/03p1

Wingate, Laura, weds Arthur Howard 11/23/04: 11/25/04p1

Wingate, Lyman, died 12/3/08: 12/4?/08p1

Wingate, Mary E.(Clough), died 9/16/08: 9/25/08p2

Wingate, William, died 2/5/05: 2/10/05p6(F)

Winkley, Bessie, weds Andrew Hawkins: 12/4/08p4

Winkley, Jeremiah, weds Sarah Lynch 4/23/06: 4/27/06p1

Winkley, Leon, died 8/19/08: 8/28/08p1

Winkley, Lulu I., died 9/19/08: 9/25/08p8

Winn, Andrew J., died ?/?/07: 10/11/07p7(ER)

Winn, Emma McCrillis, died 1/3/03: 1/9/03p7(ER)

Winn, Harold, weds Anna Young 11/25/08: 12/4/08p4

Winslow, Minnie, weds Rufus Parker 5/17/02: 5/23/02p3(EB)

Winslow, Nellie (Stiles), died 3/?/04: 3/11/04p3(B)

Wiswell, Catherine E., died 8/2/08: 8/7/08p1

Witham, Alvin C., died 6/24/01: 7/1/04p6(F)

Witham, John E., died 12/28/09: 12/31/09p1

Witham, Mrs.John E. (nee Gray), died 6/29/07: 7/12/07p1

Wixon, Oscar, weds Mamie Shorey 7/11/08: 7/17/08p6(ER)

Wood, Charles, weds Martha Varney 1/23/07: 1/25/07p1

Wood, Lizzie, weds Albert Carter 6/25?/01: 7/5/01p6(F)

Woodes, Fannie, weds Charles Gilman 10/6/07: 10/11/07p1

Woodes, Harry, weds Bessie Blake 11/10/30/07: 11/8/07p1

Woodes, Joseph, weds Ossie[?] Hall 12/12/06: 12/14/06p1

Woodes, Olive (Clark), died 4/18/03: 4/24/03p1

Woodes, Pearly C., died 5/2/9/05: 6/16/05p1

Woodes, William H., died 7/7/04: 7/15/04pp1,7(ER)

Woodes, William, weds Hattie Wiley 10/14/08: 10/16/08p8

Woodman, Roy, weds Icoline Watrous 9/?/02: 9/19/02p1

Woodsum, Mary A., died ?/?/04: 11/4/04p6(N)

Woodward, Mary A., died 9/14/00: 9/21/00p1

Woodward, Solon, celebrates 85th birthday: 3/13/03p1

Worcester, George O., died 6/2/7/01: 7/5/01p1

Worcester, Joseph H., died 4/11/00: 4/13/00p1

Works, George T., died 4/23/04: 4/29/04p6(F)

Wormhood, Harry, weds Mildred Hall 9/21/07: 9/27/07p8

Wormhood, Roscoe L., died 11/?/02: 12/5/02p1

Worster, Lucy, weds Arthur Jones 9/3/05: 9/8/05p6(F)

Wright, Frank, weds Clara Robbins 12/2/02: 12/5/02p4

Wright, Irving, weds Hannah Galway 9/4/07: 9/6/07p1

Wright, John, weds Lizzie McKee 11/27/01: 12/6/01p1

Wright, Sarah, died 5/16/04: 5/20/04p1

Wyatt, Arabelle (Ricker), died 12/4/05: 12/8/05p5: 12/22/05p

Wyatt, Charles, weds Addie Chesley 3/19/05: 3/24/05p1

Wyatt, Grace, weds Leonard Wentworth 4/22/03: 4/24/03p1

Wyatt, Joseph S., died 9/14/08: 9/18/08p4

Yeaton, Alice, weds James Estey 6/19?/06: 6/29/06p8(G)

Yeaton, Arthur, weds Ella Sylvester 7/25/00: 7/27/00p1

Yeaton, Carrie, weds George Shaw 2/25/01: 3/4/04p4

Yeaton, Josephine, died 4/14/04: 4/22/04p1

Yeaton, Nahum, died 4/18/09: 4/23/09p1

Yeaton, Wilbur, weds Mattie Wellman 1/26/05: 12/1/05p1

Young, Alvin, weds Hattie Carson 5/10/05: 5/12/05p1

Young, Charles A., 2/12/05: 2/17/05p1

Young, Clara, died 11/6?/03: 11/13/03p1

Young, Daniel, died 11/7/05: 11/10/05p7(ER)

Young, Eugene C., died 3/24/07: 3/29/07p4

Young, Fred, weds Edna Bennett 2/2/07: 2/8/07p1

Young, George W., died 10/?/04: 10/21/04p1

Young, George W., died 12/3/04: 12/9/04p1

Young, Georgiana, weds Sylvester May 1/?/03: 1/16/03p3(BS)

Young, John W., died 1/21/01: 2/1/01p5(B)

Young, Lavicy A., died 2/1/02: 2/7/02p8

Young, Lewis H., died 7/30/00: 8/10/00p3(B)

Young, Luella (Towle), died 12/20?/02: 12/26/02p6(F)

Young, Mary, weds Leon Phoenix 6/23/04: 7/1/04p1

Young, Mrs. Fred, died 4/?/00: 4/6/00p8

Young, Mrs. W. H., died 11/3/07: 11/1/07p6(F)

Young, Preston B., died 7/29/00: 8/3/00p6(F)

Young, Rhoda, died 4/28/01: 5/3/01p6(F)

Young, Susan, died 8/21/05: 8/25/05p6(F)

Young. Phoebe, died 12/13/04: 12/16/04p1


1: Article is in lower left corner of the page.

2: The groom's name is Edward Locke in the 6/22/06p6 Farmington column, but is corrected to A. W. Purdy in the 6/29/06p6 column.

3: No details about the wedding itself were found. Hence, the wife's name is a guess based on her uncle's surname.

4: The article lists "Saturday night, the 24th". Saturday in March 1907 was the 23rd.

5: There is apparently some problem with the pages following the first page of the 6/28/07 issue. Two of the pages have been copied twice. None of the pages carries a page number. The reader will have to scan the pages to find the Farmington column.

6. The July 5, 1907 issue is dated July 5, 1908. To confirm that it is July 5, 1907, scroll the fourth page. The date in the masthead (upper left corner of page) is 1907.

7. Pages 9 through 19 of the 12/20/07 issue precede pages 1 through 8.

8. This reference is the funeral. No obituary could be found.

9. Although the date of the newspaper is "9" (September), the article does date the wedding as "2" (February).

10: Pages 5-8 follow the 8-page Christmas section.

11: See also 9/2/04p6(F)

12: This wedding is alluded to in 9/8/05p6(F) has having previously occurred. It is assumed it was reported in the 9/1/05 issues of the paper that is missing from this roll of film.

13: The paper lists the date of death as "Thanksgiving". It is assumed Thanksgiving was on the 23.

14: See column headed "Brief Farmington Items".