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Rochester Courier Index 1910-1919

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                                This is an index to the “Rochester Courier”.  It contains entries from January 1910 through December 1919.  These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.  References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). 

                                There are no page numbers on the early issues.   The page number referred to in the location reference for these issues requires the seeker to start on the first page of the issue, which is page 1, and count pages until the desired one is reached.    Effective with the issue of April 12, 1918, page numbers appear at the top of the newspaper pages.  Therefore, starting with that issue, the page numbers herein are the page numbers appearing in the issue, not necessarily the number of the page starting with the first page and counting sequentially.

                                In some cases the date of the event has a question mark in it.  This is to indicate that the article says the event took place “last Wednesday” or “last Thursday”. (The Courier was issued on Friday.) The entry had to guess which Wednesday or Thursday the word “last” applied to.  Thus, the question mark indicates that the date may be off by a week.  Some entries have one or two letters in parentheses appended.  This code refers to the fact that the item is not a separate article but is included in one of the area columns.  A list of these codes and the columns they represent appears at the end of the index.   Some obituaries list females as “Mrs.” followed by the husband’s name.  If an entry cannot be found with the female’s first name, be sure to check for a “Last-name, Mrs.” entry.  The abbreviation M&M indicates Mr. and Mrs.  There are also entries concerning anniversaries which are listed in the newspaper as "Last-name, M&M".  Hence, the wife does not have a separate entry.  Superscript numbers, as 1, refer to a note with that number at the end of this file.

                                It should be pointed out that the reproductions of these old issues on microfilm are not always clear and not always complete.  Hence, some guessing in name spelling has been required at times.  The notation “[sic]” indicates that the words preceding it are copied exactly as they appear in the newspaper.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Charles W., died 11/8/16: 11/10/16p8
Abbott, Edson, weds Margaret McDonald 6/29/18: 7/5/18p1
Abbott, Emma (Holmes), died 12/1/16: 12/8/16p1
Abbott, John J., died 2/3/12: 2/9/12p1
Abbott, John, died 6/5/30/12: 6/7/12p7(ER)
Abbott, Lillian, died 7/24/14: 7/31/14p7(ER)
Abbott, Priscilla J., died 9/6/11: 9/8/11p1;9/15/11p7(ER)4
Abbott, William P., died 4/22/13: 4/25/13p1
Adams, James F., died 4/8/11: 4/14/11p8(G);4/21/11p7(G)
Adams, Narcissa (Varney), died 5/8?/17: 5/11/17p7(EB)
Adams, William G., weds Eva H. Stone 9/15/15: 9/17/15p1
Adams, William H., died 6/16/13: 6/20/13p7(ER)
Akers, Charles, died 4/11/17: 4/20/17p4
Alaire, Eva, weds Arthur Britton 10/27/15: 10/29/15p1
Alberts, Hazel, weds Perley Roberts 9/17/13: 9/19/13p1
Alden, Arthur, weds Florence Rundlett 8/?/18: 9/6/18p1
Alexander, Constantine, weds Elizabeth Bafiedou 1/30/16: 2/4/16p5
Allen, Amasa, died 7/5/10: 7/8/10p1
Allen, Angie, weds Wesley Hurd 5/14/17: 5/18/17p8
Allen, Ardella, weds Frank Thomas 12/24/13: 1/2/14p1
Allen, Bessie, weds Leland Gile 9/23/14: 9/25/14p1
Allen, Charles W., died 3/14/11: 3/17/11p1;3/24/11p7
Allen, George W., died 2/2/17: 2/9/17p7
Allen, John, weds Ethel Carlisle 10/19/16: 10/27/16p7
Allen, Mary (Yeaton), died 12/25/16: 12/29/16p8
Allen, Mary A., celebrates 83rd birthday: 7/22/10p1
Allen, Mary A., celebrates 87th birthday: 7/24/14p1
Allen, Mattie, weds Willis Blaisdell 10/28/14: 11/6/14p7(ER)
Allen, Winnefred, weds Carroll Kimball 10/21/12: 10/25/12p1
Almond, Kay, weds James Callaghan 2/21/18: 3/1/18p1
Amazeen, Clarence, weds Gladys Wentworth 8/?/11: 8/18/11p1
Ames, Lydia (York), died 10/21/11: 10/27/11p1
Ames, Margaret Titcomb, remains received: 1/1/15p1
Ames, Mrs. David, died 9/16/18: 9/20/18p6
Ames, Ralph H., died 5/31/14: 6/12/14p1
Ames, Sarah, weds Herbert Cole 8/16/11: 8/18/11p1
Anderson, Mary, weds Clyde Edgerly 5/?/12: 5/24/12p5(CN)
Andrews, Charles H., died 5/31/18: 6/7/18p9
Andrews, Helen, died in accident 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Annis, Jeannette E., weds Richard Vachon 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Annis, Mary (Foss), died 5/10/15: 6/11/15p1; 6/18/15p7
Appleby, Carl, weds Alma Bois 10/?/16: 10/13/16p1
Archambault, George, weds Rosa Perreault 10/28/12: 11/1/12p5
Archambault, Gurlie, weds Predent Frenette 9/2/16: 9/8/16p5
Archibald, Emma, weds James Gerrish 10/18/15: 10/22/15p2(MM)
Arlen, Ida (Leighton), died 3/25/15: 4/2/15p3(ST)
Arlin, Abbie, died 12/3/14: 12/11/14p3(EB)
Arlin, Daniel W., died 7/20/13: 7/25/13p3(EB)
Arlin, Lizize[sic], weds Karley Locke 7/17/11: 5/19/11p1
Atkins, Owen, died 2/23/17: 3/2/17p7(ER)
Austin, John, died 3/7?/13: 3/14/13p4
Authier, Arthur, died 3/14/16: 3/17/16p1
Authier, Clifford, weds Nellie Danforth 8/23/15: 8/27/15p1
Avery, Brackett F., died 5/30/11: 6/2/11p2(M)
Avery, Solomon, weds Mary Estes 6/30/13: 7/4/13p1
Ayer, Charles, died 2/12/13: 2/14/13p8
Ayers, Charles, died 2/12/13: 2/21/13p3(EB)
Ayers, Mrs, John A., died 2/18/11: 2/24/11p1
Ayre, Frances, weds Fred Carswell 2/4/14: 2/13/14p2

Babb, Edgar, died 6/?/14: 7/10/14p1
Babb, Grace, weds Erlon Tilton 4/18/14: 4/24/14p7(ER)
Babb, Guy, weds Florence Otis 4/4/11: 4/7/11p1
Babb, Mary, weds James Callahan 1/18?/11: 1/20/11p8
Babb, Minnie, weds Anthony Gregoire 8/?/17: 8/17/17p4
Babb, Sarah, weds Harry Champion 11/20/10: 11/25/10p1
Babb, Sumner, weds Florence Colt 6/15/18: 6/21/18p6
Babcock, Emanuel, died 6/23/12: 6/28/12p1
Bailey, Charles M., died 6/22/14: 6/26/14p1;7/3/14p1
Bailey, Franklin H., died 12/15/14: 12/18/14p1
Bailey, Madelene, died 10/6/14: 10/9/14p8
Baker, Charles F., died 18/10: 1/21/10p8
Baker, Josephine, weds John McInerney 10/16/12: 10/18/12p1
Baker, Lydia (Curtis), died 9/4/13: 9/12/13p7(ER)
Baker, Sarah (Gage), died 9/22/13: 9/26/13p8
Ballentine, Emily (Brackett), died 2/13?/13: 2/21/13p2(MM)
Ballou, Helen (Nye) died 10/3/17: 10/19/17p4(G)
Ballou, M&M Wesley, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/20/10p2(G)
Ballou, Mrs. Wesley, died 10/5/17: 10/5/17p8
Banfield, Lizzie, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/28/13p2(W)
Banfield. Elizabeth (Place), died 1/21/15: 1/29/15p2(W)
Bannister, Muriel, weds Claudis Edgerly 7/4/18: 7/5/18p1
Barker, Hiram H., died 11/14/15: 11/19/15p1
Barker, Maria (Horne), died 4/6/14: 4/10/14p7(ER)
Barker, Maude, weds Herbert Horne3 6/16/18: 6/21/18p6
Barrett, Frank, died 2/8/17: 2/16/17p7
Bartlett, Caroline, weds Ralph Bartlett 8/20?/14: 8/28/14p7(ER)
Bartlett, Ethel, weds Ira Frost 8/1/15: 8/6/15p7(ER)
Barton, Grover, weds Dora Lyons 12/4/11: 12/8/11p1
Bassett, William G., died 3/12/15: 3/19/15p1
Bassett, William H., died 1/29/13: 1/31/13p1
Baston, James, died 2/?/13: 2/14/13pp7(G),8
Batchelder, Goerge H., died 8/1/12: 8/9/12p1
Bates, Maude, died 3/10?/15: 3/19/15p7
Baxendale, Robert, died 5/9/17: 5/18/17p7(ER)
Baxter, Marie, weds Moses Cavanaugh 6/5/13: 6/6/13p7(ER)
Bean, Austin, died 6/19/12: 6/21/12p1
Bean, Grace (Pease), died 10/30/12: 10/4/12p1
Beaudoin, Alfred, weds Clarinda Sanfacon 10/12/14: 10/16/14p5
Beaudoin, Gideon, died 12/14/10: 12/16/10p12
Beaudoin, Hattie, weds Alfred Pelletier 1/13/13: 1/17/13p8
Beaudoin, Leo, weds Edelsburge  Michaud 8/26/17: 8/31/17p1
Beaudoin, Pauline,. died 1/1/11: 1/6/11p8
Beaudoin, Ubina, weds Frank Poisson 10/30?/12: 11/1/12p5
Beaulieu, Arthur, weds Flossie Laurendeau 5/15/16: 5/19/16pp1,7(G)
Beaulieu, Caroline (Richard), died 6/6/18: 6/7/18p9(G)
Beaulieu, Eugene, weds Matilda Crateau 5/5/14: 5/8/14p6(G)2
Beaulieu, Ubald, weds Marie Terrien 10/26/14: 10/30/14p6(G)
Beebe, Ellen (Cater), died 12/8/14: 12/11/14p1
Beers, Alfred W., weds Ardella Clancy 7/10/15: 7/16/15p5
Belanger, Mary, weds Paulias Pineault 10/26/17: 10/26/17p8
Bell, William, died 3/23/13: 3/28/13p1
Belleville, Vena, weds Peter Sevigney 2/9/14: 2/13/14p2(NR)
Bennett, Alice, weds George Winn 5/9/12: 5/17/12p1
Bennett, Carrie (Worcester), died 2/26/17: 3/2/17p8
Bennett, John, died 10/25/11: 11/3/11p6
Bergeron, Anita, died 13/21/13: 3/28/13p1
Bergeron, Emilio, weds Edna Grondin 5/2/16: 5/5/16p6
Bergeron, Fred R., died 1/30/14: 2/6/14p1
Berry, Arianna (Canney), died 3/9/17: 3/16/17p1
Berry, Bertha, weds Joseph Hughes 10/6/13: 10/10/13p4
Berry, Georgie, weds Fred Whitehouse 5/8/15: 5/14/15p6
Berry, Harry, weds Mary Meserve 9/26/16: 10/6/16p6
Berry, Jonathan F., died 9/19/14: 9/25/14p3
Berry, Nahum L., died 11/24/11: 12/1/11p1
Berry, Nellie M., died 1/4?/12: 1/12/12p1
Berry, Ruth (Haskell), died 5/5?/11: 5/12/11p8
Berry, Una, weds George Emery 6/18/13: 6/20/13p1
Berryman, George W., died 12/17/13: 12/26/13p2(M)
Bertwell, Eva, died 7/9/14: 7/17/14p1
Betts, Byron L., died 9/26/17: 9/28/17p8
Betts, Idella, weds Elmer Webster 7/?/18: 7/26/18p1
Bickford, Arthur, weds Dorcas Boston 9/27/15: 10/1/15p4
Bickford, Edna L., weds William J. Daly 8/30/15: 9/3/15p1
Bickford, Ernest, weds Frances Kendall 5/31/11: 6/2/11p1
Bickford, Eva, weds Earl Knox 10/11?/11: 10/13/11p5
Bickford, Harold, weds Janet Davidson 6/20?/17: 6/29/17p7(ER)
Bickford, Horace, weds Edna Meserve 8/5/13: 8/8/13p1
Bickford, Hosea L., died 1/?/17: 1/19/17p5
Bickford, John W., died 7/20?/11: 7/21/11p1; 7/28/11p1
Bickford, Levina (Scruton), died 11/3/10: 11/4/10p8
Bickford, Vina M., entered in beauty pageant: 5/21/15p1
Bickford, Vina M., weds B. Elmer Richardson 6/16/15: 6/18/15p4
Bickford, Wesley, weds Jennie Knopp 10/8/10: 10/14/10p1
Billings, Fred, weds Ethel Williams 5/28/17: 7/6/17p1
Billings, Susan (Grover), died 9/28/14: 10/2/14p1
Bilodeau, Celina, died 2/24/14: 2/27/14p1
Bilodeau, Donat, died 3/15/10: 3/18/10p1
Bilodeau, Emma, weds Gideon Roulx 10/28/13: 10/31/13p8
Bilodeau, John, died 7/13/14: 7/17/14p1
Bilodeau, Mrs. Peter (Lessard) died 1/28/16: 2/4/16p9
Bingham, Margaret 1/15/10: 1/21/10p1
Birch, Lucy (Ham), died 2/?/14: 2/27/14p7(ER)
Bisson, Arthur, weds Edwidge Letourneau 4/15/12: 4/19/12p1
Bisson, Charles, died 6/12/18: 6/14/18p10
Bisson, Evangeline, weds Frank Guimont 10/12/14: 10/16/14p6
Bisson, Joseph A., weds Exalia Pepin 1/8/12: 1/12/12p1
Bisson, Joseph N., died 5/15/14: 5/22/14p8
Bisson, Joseph, died 11/22/16: 11/24/16p4
Bisson, Olida D., weds David Berube 11/25?/15: 12/3/15p6
Blackburn, Laura (Chesley), died 6/2/17: 6/8/17p5
Blackmar, Mary (Pike), died 6/26/17: 6/29/17p5
Blair, Martha, weds Frank Clark 7/17/13: 7/25/13p1
Blair, Samuel, weds Sadie Lombard 10/31/11: 11/3/11p1
Blais, Joseph A., died 4/11/13: 4/18/13p1
Blaisdell, A. Randall, died 2/6/10: 2/11/10p1
Blaisdell, Adelbert, died 4/19/10: 4/22/10p1
Blaisdell, Dorothy, died 2/3/15: 2/5/15p1
Blaisdell, Edith, died in accident 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Blaisdell, Florence, weds Lucien Hussey 1/3/14: 1/16/14p7(ER)
Blaisdell, George W., died 3/5/16: 3/10/16p7(ER)
Blaisdell, Henri G., died 8/3/14: 8/7/14p8
Blaisdell, Jennie (Hoyt), died 8/31/17: 9/14/17p8(ER)
Blaisdell, Leona, died in accident 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Blaisdell, Lucy W., died 3/28/14: 4/3/14p1
Blaisdell, Muriel, died in accident 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Blaisdell, Willis, weds Mattie Allen 10/28/14: 11/6/14p7(ER)
Blaisdell, Woodberry, died 5/11?/16: 5/12/16p9
Blaisdell, Woodbury, weds Sarah Bryant 6/25/10: 7/1/10p1
Blaisdell,ElizA (Wingate), died 4/25/15: 5/7/15p4(ER)
Blake, Blake, weds Frank McGurdy 4/?/11: 4/21/11p1
Blake, Cecil J., weds Elizabeth Gourley 5/9/16: 5/12/16p1
Blake, Frank, weds Minnie Chase 6/4/14: 6/12/14p1
Blanchard, Valentine, weds Emma Roubillard 11/7/11: 11/10/11p4
Blazo, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th: 6/29/17p1
Blood, Helen M., 10/16/15:10/22/15p7(ER)
Blood, Helen M., died 10/16/15: 10/22/15p7
Blossom, Mary (Moore), died 8/31/16: 9/8/16p1
Blouin, Eli, died 11/18/10: 11/25/10p5
Boburn, Bernice, weds F. O. Trafton 10/3/17: 10/12/17p8
Bodge, Mattie (Jewell) died 1/31/15: 2/5/15p3
Bodwell, Charles L., died 5/5/13: 5/9/13p2(M)
Bodwell, Ernest, weds Madgle Atkinson 4/20?/10: 4/29/10p7(ER)
Bois, Alma, weds Carl Appleby 10/?/16: 10/13/16p1
Boivin, Edmund, died 11/8/13: 11/14/13p1
Bolduc, Delvina, weds Alfred Cormier 10/6/13: 10/10/13p10
Bolduc, Philp, weds Valerie Boulieu 5/3/15: 5/7/15p4(G)
Bollivar, Lillian, weds Byron Fernald 6/10/17: 6/15/17p1
Bolster, Arthur, weds Gertrude Pierce 10/29?/13: 10/31/13p8
Bonenfont, Alphonse, died 5/15/13: 5/30/13pp1,6(G)
Boocock, Elizabeth (Topham), died 5/2/14: 5/8/14p7(ER)
Booth, George, weds Myrtle Creamer 10/11?/16: 10/20/16p7
Boston, Dorcas, weds Arthur Bickford 9/27/15: 10/1/15p4
Boston, Elizabeth S., died 8/25/10: 9/23/10p9
Boston, M&M Stephen A., cele4brate 50th anniversary: 11/24/11p1
Boston, Sabina, died 10/13/14: 10/23/14p2(MM)
Boswell, Elvira, died 6/2/13: 6/6/13p1
Boucher, William, died 7/24/15: 8/6/15p5
Boufford, Ella, weds George Sanfacon 8/13/17: 8/17/17p1
Bouford, Gideon, weds Ruth Harrington 4/16/17: 4/20/17p1
Boulanger, Delia, weds Francois Shapdelaine 6/26/11: 6/30/11p1
Boulanger, Emile, died 12/18/16: 12/22/16p1
Boulanger, Marilda, weds George Delory 1/7/14: 1/9/14p8
Boulanger, Olida, weds Peter McAdam 9/24/17: 9/28/17p6
Boulanger, Thomas, died 3/31/17: 4/6/17p5
Bourgingon, Cleophas, died 4/21/18: 4/26/18p1
Bovine, Philomene, died 11/11/11: 11/17/11p4
Bowers, Velma, weds Leon McCombe 4/20/16: 5/3/18p11
Boyce, Charles, weds Nellie Corson 7/7/11: 7/14/11p1
Boyce, Thomas W., died 6/25/16: 6/30/16p1
Bradbury, George, died 6/14/13: 6/20/13p4
Bradford, Nellie, weds John Connelly 10/16/17: 10/19/17p1
Bradford, William, weds Annie Crennan 10/12/10: 10/14/10p1
Brady, John T., died 2/27/11: 3/3/11p1
Brahaney, Mary (Hughes), died 11/24/12: 11/29/12p1
Brandis, Arthur, weds Bernis Page ?/?/18: 2/8/18p1
Brawn, Gordon, weds Martha Roger 12/24/17: 12/28/17p2(NR)
Bray, Anna, died 3/5/13: 3/7/13p2
Brayley, Walter G., died 7/2/16: 7/7/16p7
Breen, Timothy E., died 3/23/12: 3/29/12p1
Brennan, George, weds Ellen Hartigan 4/29/18: 5/3/18p11
Breton, Joseph, died ?/?/18: 7/19/18p1
Breton, Marie, weds Joseph Fleury 11/28/16: 12/1/16p7(G)
Breton, Mary, died 5/20/17: 5/25/17p4
Breton, Mary, weds Roland St. Cyr 8/?/15: 8/13/15p6(G)
Bridge, John, weds Abbey Pitman 6/29/16: 7/7/16p1
Brierley, Ella (Hurd), died 4/4/26/18: 5/3/18p11
Brierly, J. Edward, died 12/18/14: 12/25/14p1
Brierly, Ralph, weds Gertrude Ricker 10/16/10: 10/28/10p1
Brigham, Chesley H., diedn 5/13/10: 5/20/10p1
Britton, Marion, died 1/17/10: 1/21/10p1
Brochu, Delia, weds Elliott Weston 9/14/14: 9/18/14p1
Brochu, Lena, weds George Henderson 11/28?/12: 12/6/12p10
Brock, Bernard, weds Flora Holt 11/15/11: 11/17/11p8
Brock, Blanche L., weds Charles Jones 6/19/15: 6/25/15p8
Brock, Clara, weds Preston Chapman 6/24/16: 6/30/16p8
Brock, David M., died 8/15/12: 8/23/12p1
Brock, Harry I., died 4/7/13: 4/11/13p1
Brock, Lura M., weds Lloyd Bean: 4/18/13: 4/18/13p1
Brock, Mary (Meader), died 6/10/15: 6/18/15p6
Brock, Ruth A., weds E. Guy Huckins, 6/30/15: 7/2/15p1
Brock, Ruth, weds Willie Grassie 12/28/12: 1/3/13p4
Brock, Susan (Evans), died 4/15/18: 4/19/18p1
Brooks, Edward, weds Gladys York 12/?/15: 12/24/15p1
Brooks, Lila, weds Merton Hale 5/30/18: 6/7/18p9
Brooks, Mildred, weds Sumner Tilton 7/5/13: 7/11/13p7(ER)
Broullard, Angeline, weds Mederic Leggott 8/2/15: 8/6/15p5
Brown, Alice M., weds Fred Drew 9/12/15: 9/17/15p1
Brown, Benjamin, weds Flora Peck 12/?/15: 12/31/15p1
Brown, Esther, weds Raymond Chisholm 4/?/16: 5/5/16p9
Brown, Ethel, weds Kenneth McRay 8/10/18: 8/16/18p1
Brown, Ezra B., died 5/20/11: 5/26/11p3(B)
Brown, Leon, weds Mae Boyce 12/29/17: 1/25/18p1
Brown, Minnie, weds Myron Davis 6/12/12: 6/21/12p1
Brown, Orison J., died 4/7/16: 4/14/16p3(EB)
Brown, Rebecca, died 7/?/13: 7/18/13p7(G)
Brown, Vernon, weds Ethelle Tibbetts 3/28/13: 4/4/13pp4,7(G)
Browning, Edna, weds Lawrence Willey 7/26/11: 8/4/11p1
Browning, Edward L., died 2/16/12: 2/23/12p1
Bryant, Iva, weds Edward Massey 5/3/13: 5/9/13p1
Bryant, Olive (Cilley), died 12/30/12: 1/3/13p4
Bryant, Sarah, weds Woodbury Blaisdell 6/25/10: 7/1/10p1
Buckley, William, weds Florence Foss 8/14/17: 8/24/17p1
Bunce, Charles, died 4/2/10: 4/8/10p8
Bunford, Forrest G., died 12/25/15: 12/31/15p3(EB)
Bunker, Ellen (Foss), died 12/22/13: 12/26/13p8
Bunker, Joseph, died 12/2/10: 12/9/1
Burleigh, Dorothy L, died 2/21/15: 2/26/15p1
Burley, Laurel, weds Strutto Stryleaide: 1/10/13p3(EB)
Burnham, Alice, weds C. Samuel Seavey 6/26/12: 6/28/12p1
Burnham, Elizabeth (Ricker), died 2/23/17: 3/2/17p1
Burnham, Florence, engaged to Charles Severence: 4/19/12p1
Burnham, Florence, weds Charles Severance 9/18/12: 9/20/12p1
Burns, Mary, weds John McMechan 9/?/12: 10/4/12p3(G)
Burpee, Lena, weds John Hartigan 9/17/14: 9/18/14p1
Burrows, Emma (Morgan), died 2/8/18: 2/15/18p1
Butler, Elizabeth, weds Raymond Conrad 1/26?/16: 2/4/16p7(ER)
Butler, Orista, weds Charles Woodward 10/28/14: 10/30/14p1
Buzzell, Angie, died 1/16/17: 1/19/17p3
Buzzell, Ellen J., died 5/?/10: 5/20/10p4(EB)
Buzzell, George, weds Lovey Day 4/1/14: 4/10/14p2(MM)
Buzzell, Horace, died 12/31/09: 1/7/10p8(MM)
Buzzell, M&M Lyman R. celebrate 60th: 4/7/16p2
Buzzell, Mary S., died 5/24/14: 6/5/14p3
Buzzell, Maurice, weds Laura Ednay 5/?/16: 5/26/16p3(EB)
Buzzell, Maurice, weds Laura Edney 2/16/16: 2/18/16p1
Buzzell, Samuel H., died 10/14/11: 10/20/11p6

Calef, Grace, weds Charles McDuffee 12/25/12: 2/21/13p1
Calef, Pauline, weds Albert Moulton 8/31/10: 9/9/10p1
Calef, Rebecca (Page), died 1/29/15: 2/5/15p6
Calef, Ruth, weds Plone Hutchinson 3/6?/18: 3/8/18p3(B)
Calkins, Emma, weds Leroy Cooper 9/10/14: 9/18/14p1
Callaghan, James, weds May Almond 2/21/18: 3/1/18p1
Callahan, Alfred, weds Clara Hersom 10/17/14: 10/23/14p1
Callahan, Annie (Gray), died 11/9/17: 11/16/17p5
Callahan, Frank, weds Esther Rogers 3/5/16: 3/10/16p4
Callahan, James, weds Mary Babb 1/18?/11: 1/20/11p8
Came, Ralph E., weds Floss Plummer 12/17/15: 12/24/15p1
Canfield, Herbert, weds Gladys Jacobs 8/28/18: 8/30/18p8
Cannavan, Catherine, weds Peter Cullen 5/18/14: 5/22/14p1
Canney, Abbie A., died 4/23/15: 4/30/15p1
Canney, Andrerw J., died 7/28/18: 8/2/18p8
Canney, Annie, died 10/ 12/12: 10/18/12p8
Canney, Carl, weds Alice Brownell 6/28/11: 7/7/11p2(W)
Canney, Florence, weds Howard Ormsbury 5/19/12: 5/24/12p1
Canney, Herbert A. died 1/8/10: 1/28/10p10
Canney, James, died 9/21/16: 9/29/16p8
Canney, John H., died 5/?/11: 6/9/11p1
Canney, John H., died 9/25/17: 9/28/17p8
Canney, Ladd, died 8/5/12: 8/9/12p1
Canney, Mildred F., weds Nelson Berry 1/?/15: 1/22/15p3
Canney, Sarah (Canney[sic]), died 5/9/10: 5/13/10p1
Canney, Velma, died 9/8/12: 9/13/12p1
Cannon, Mary (Cassidy), died 3/28/17: 3/30/17p4
Caplette, M., weds Miss LeCross [no first names given] 10/11/15: 10/15/15p7(G)
Card, Sarah (Sanborn), died 5/26/12: 5/31/12p1
Carey, Mary A., died 1/23/12: 1/26/12p1
Caril, Hattie (Morrison), died 6/20/17: 6/22/17p8
Carlino, Joseph, died 5/?/14: 5/29/14p1
Carll, Irving, weds Harriet Marison 8/7/12: 8/16/12p1
Carpenter, Helen, weds Frank Hartley 6/10/18: 6/14/18p1
Carpenter, Lawrence, weds Ruth Varney 10/1/14: 10/9/14p7(ER)
Carr, Ada, weds George White 4/15/13: 4/18/13p1
Carr, Katie, is arrested on insane charge: 12/13/12p1
Carswell, Fred, weds Frances Ayre 2/4/14: 2/13/14p2
Cartier, Lena, weds Ernest Lamy 2/20/14: 2/20/14p1
Cartier, Wilda, weds Napolean Masse 9/2/16: 9/8/16p7(G)
Cartier, Wilda, weds Napolean Masse 9/3/17: 9/7/17p8
Casey, Michael, died 2/22/12: 3/1/12p1
Cassidy, Andrew, died 2/14/15: 2/19/15p6
Cassidy, John, weds Mary Schlenker 6/19/12: 6/21/12p1
Cate, Grace, weds Milton Wood 6/29/17: 7/6/17p7(G)
Cate, Joseph, died 12/23/13: 12/26/13p3(EB)
Cate, Nellie (Strange), died 5/27/12: 5/31/12p1
Cater, Cora (Huntoon), died 6/5/16: 6/9/16p4
Cater, Gertrude J., weds Eugene Nason 9/30/15: 10/8/15p9
Cater, John, family reunion held: 8/20/15p3
Cater, John, weds Annie Proulx 2/15/15: 2/19/15p7(G)
Cater, Nellie, weds John McMechen 3/6/12: 3/8/12p1
Catfish, Jennie: See Wilson, Amelia
Caulstone, Emil, weds Vila Connell 4/1/16: 4/7/16p6
Cavanaugh, Elizabeth (O'Hara), died 10/16/17: 10/19/17p5
Cavanaugh, John W., died 1/17/14: 1/23/14p8
Cavaneugh, Moses, weds Marie Baxter 6/5/13: 6/6/13p7(ER)
Cave, Byron, died 5/4/17: 5/11/17p8
Cave, Minnie, died 8/19/17: 8/24/17p5
Caya, Adelard, died 6/1?/16: 6/16/16p7(WT)
Cays, Adelard, died 3/16/12: 3/22/12p7(G)
Chadbourne, Everett, weds Edna Graham 10/6/17: 10/12/17p1
Chadbourne, Myra A., died 8/29/15: 9/3/15p7(ER)
Chadbourne, Ray, weds Jennie Meader 2/28/11: 3/3/11p1
Chalmers, Angie, died 7/10/17: 7/13/17p5
Chalmers, David, died 9/19?/13: 9/26/13p1
Chalmers, Roger D., died 1/26/17: 2/2/17p1
Chamberlain, Abbey, died 5/24/15: 5/28/15p2(M); 5/28/15p7(ER)
Chamberlain, Hannah (Seavey), died 5/12/15: 5/21/15p7(ER)
Chamberlain, Lovey Bickford, died 2/12/12: 2/16/12p7(ER)
Chamberlain, Sarah, celebrates 99th birthday: 7/19/12p1
Chamberlin, Gardiner, died ?/?/11: 1/6/11p2(W);1/13/11p2
Chamberlin, Sara, died 11/27/12: 12/6/12p9
Champion, Harry, weds Sarah Babb 11/20/10: 11/25/10p1   
Champion, Lulu (Drew), died 12/28/10: 12/30/10p1
Champlin, Lillian, weds Jesse Tenvado 7/31/17: 8/3/17p1
Champlin, William, weds Helen Hussey 11/29/13: 12/5/13p1
Chandler, Edna, died 9/10/15: 9/17/15p4
Chaney, Edgar F., died 12/23/12: 12/27/12p1
Chaplain, Clayton, C., died 1/?/18: 1/18/18p1
Chapman, Grace, weds Lewis Smith 11/1/16: 11/10/16p1
Chapman, Preston, weds Clara Brock 6/24/16: 6/30/16p8
Chappron, M. (Mr.), died 2/24/12: 3/1/12p1
Charles, Abbie (Foss), died 1/5/17: 1/5/17p45
Chase, Charles R., weds Helen Golden 4/28/15: 5/7/15p4
Chase, Edith, weds John Colt 4/15/18: 5/3/18p1
Chase, Elizabeth (Bean), died 3/15/14: 3/20/14p1
Chase, Jennie, died 10/18/16: 10/20/16p5
Chase, Minnie, weds Frank Blake 6/4/14: 6/12/14p1
Cheever, Lydia (Bartlett), died 3/?/10: 3/11/10p7(ER)
Chesley, Joel M., died 4/4/10: 4/15/10p3(EB)
Chesley, Lewis A., died 1/31/16: 2/4/16p8
Chesley, Mrs. Joel M., died 12/12/16: 12/15/16p3
Chick, Carrie, weds William Dummer 10/26/11: 11/3/11p2(M)
Chick, Winslow O., died 3/31?/10: 4/1/10p1
Chipman, Alta, weds Frank Cleaves 9/3/16: 9/8/16p2(M)
Chisholm, Charles W., died 10/13/13: 10/17/13p7(ER)
Chisholm, Lucy (Wingate), died 1/28/15: 2/5/15p7(ER)
Chisholm, Raymond, weds Esther Brown 4/?/16: 5/5/16p9
Chisohlm, Clyde, weds Hattie Rolfe 3/27/12: 3/29/12p1
Chivers, Jane (Stackpole), died 4/20/10: 4/22/10p1
Cilley, Emma (Harris), died 6/18/14: 6/26/14p8
Clancy, Ardella, weds Alfred Beers 7/10/15: 7/16/15p5
Clancy, Frank weds Eda Barker 4/15/12: 4/26/12p8
Clapp, Laurence, weds Helen Rhone 3/23?/10: 3/25/10p6
Clark, Abigail (Clough), died 6/28/13: 7/4/13p4
Clark, Charles A., died 5/3/16: 5/5/16p1
Clark, Charles E., died 4/18?/17: 4/20/17p8
Clark, Charles T., died 3/4/17: 3/9/17p7(ER)
Clark, Florence, died 1/7/10: 1/14/10p7
Clark, Frank, weds Martha Blair 7/17/13: 7/25/13p1
Clark, Harriet F., died 11/20/15: 11/26/15pp7(ER),9
Clark, Hiram T., died 4/25/17: 4/27/17p8
Clark, James F., died 11/23?/16: 12/1/16p8
Clark, John T., died 9/20/13: 9/26/13p8
Clark, Luydia J., died 4/?/16: 4/21/16p10(CN)
Clark, Mary (Varney) died 5/25/16: 6/2/16p1
Clark, Sarah (Bean), died 5/25/15: 5/28/15p5
Clark,Julia, died 7/1/17: 7/6/17p8
Clayton, Betsy (Warren), died 7/5?/16: 7/14/16p4
Cleaves, Frank, weds Alta Chipman 9/3/16: 9/8/16p2(M)
Clements, Hanson died 9/25/14: 10/2/14p2(M)
Clifford, Fred, died 12/18?/12: 12/20/12p6(G)
Clifford, Fred, died 12/8/12: 12/13/12p1
Clifford, Welthie, died 11/21/12: 11/29/12p1(G)
Clough, Ada, died 10/29/14: 11/6/14p7(ER)
Clough, Elsie (Tinker), died 6/15?/10: 6/17/10p2(MM)
Clough, George, weds May Moison 7/7/17: 7/13/17p1
Clough, Horace, died 5/4/18: 5/10/18p5
Clough, Mary (Bickford), died 1/12/18: 1/18/18p3
Clough, Turner, died 6/7/12: 6/14/12p4
Cloutier, Mabel, weds John Daley 10/26/14: 10/30/14p7(ER)
Cloutman, Charles, died 12/17/13: 12/26/13p3(EB)
Cloutman, Lavina A., died 8/?/15: 8/20/15p7
Clow, George H., died 4/28/17: 5/4/17p7(ER)
Clow, Joshua, weds Maude Bosworth 9/7/10: 9/16/10p1
Cobb, Annie Cochrane, died 5/9/15: 5/14/15p4
Cochran, Miles H., died 8/8/11: 8/11/11p1
Cochrane, Ella (Hayes), died 5/31/12: 6/7/12p1
Cochrane, George E., died 12/5/12: 12/13/12p3
Coffin, Cleaon, weds Anna Dougherty 5/29/12: 6/7/12p1
Coffin, Louise (Came),Died 2/18?/15: 2/26/15p1
Colbath, Henry W., died 8/24/10: 8/26/10p1
Colbath, Mattie J., died 2/5/17: 2/9/17p7
Colburn, Mary E., weds Stephen Farnum 10/4/15: 10/8/15pp9,7(ER)
Colby, Nellie, died 11/21/15: 11/26/15p8
Cole, Clarence, weds Nellie Dickey 12/1/15: 12/3/15p7
Cole, Eva, weds William Dickie 4/18/14: 4/24/14p7(ER)
Cole, John, weds Annie Phelps 11/15/12: 11/22/12p8
Cole, Ruth D., died 1/25/17: 2/2/17p1
Collier, Alice, weds Robert Heaney 3/16/18: 3/22/18p7(ER)
Collins, James A., died 2/17/12: 2/23/12p1
Collins, Martin L., died 2/2/13: 2/7/13p1
Collins, Nellie, weds John Mahaney 6/29/10: 7/1/10p1
Collins, Nora, died 6/27/17: 6/29/17p1
Collins, Ralph, died 3/19/10: 3/25/10p1
Colomy, Jonas H., died 2/?/10: 2/18/10p1
Colomy, Nattie (Durgin), died 3/30/17: 4/6/17p8
Colomy, Stephen, died 7/18/16: 7/21/16p4
Colt, Florence, weds Sumner Babb 6/15/18: 6/21/18p6
Colt, John, weds Edith Chase 4/25/18: 5/3/18p1
Colt, John, weds Florence Sheridan 4/25/13: 5/9/13p1
Colt, John, weds Florence Sheridan 5/3/12: 5/10/12p1
Colt, Maurice F., died 4/20/14: 4/24/14p1
Connell, Elizabeth (Green), died 2/21/10: 2/25/10p1
Connell, Nellie (Wills), died 4/14/13: 4/18/13p1
Connell, Sarah, weds Harvey Wallingford 5/28/17: 6/1/17p1
Connell, Susan, died 1/28/16: 2/4/16p8
Connell, Vila, weds Emil Caulstone 4/1/16: 4/7/16p6
Connell, William G., died 5/3/14: 5/8/14p1
Connelly, John, weds Nellie Bradford 10/16/17: 10/19/17p1
Connolly,Emma Duchame, died 3/13/15: 3/19/15p4(G)
Conrad, Ethel, weds Herbert Bartlett 10/7/11: 10/13/11p7(ER)
Cook, Frank P., died 8/16/13: 8/22/13p2(W)
Cook, Lizzie (Sanborn), died 6/?/14: 6/12/14p2(W)
Cook, Lucy J., died 7/30/14: 8/7/14p2(W)
Cook, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/12/10p2
Coombs, Abbie, weds Frank Hartford 4/28/17: 5/4/17p1
Cooper, C. S. (Dr.), died 5/17/15: 6/4/15p5(CN)
Cooper, Leroy G., weds Maude Austin 2/6/12: 2/9/12p1
Cooper, Leroy, weds Emma Calkins 9/10/14: 9/18/14p1
Cooper, Lucy (Edgerly), died 2/28/10: 3/4/10p1
Cooper, Susan (Austin), died 12/17/13: 12/19/13p1
Coran, Albert E., died 7/11/15: 7/16/15p8
Coran, Mary, weds Harry Gould 4/28/16: 5/5/16p7(ER)
Corbett, Ethel, weds Fred Perkins 10/9/14: 10/16/14p7(ER)
Corbett, Ruth, weds Clarence Willey 4/4?/17: 4/13/17p3(ER)
Cormier, Alfred, weds Delvina Bolduc 10/6/13: 10/10/13p10
Cormier, Harriet, weds Frank O’Brien 9/20/15: 9/24/15p7
Cormier, Joseph, died 3/29/10: 4/1/10p8
Cormier, Mary, weds John Fortier 5/28/17: 6/1/17p5
Cormier, Olivine, weds Napolean Houle 1/16/16: 1/21/16p1
Corr, Charles C., died 9/24/13: 10/3/13p2(M)
Corson, Annie M., died 2/13/13: 2/21/13p3
Corson, Benjamin, died 2/16?/10: 2/25/10p7(ER)
Corson, Bert, weds Catherine Finlayson 6/7/16: 6/9/16p1
Corson, Charles A., died 11/11/10: 11/18/10p7(ER)
Corson, Draxa (Pierce), died 10/31/14: 11/6/14p2(M)
Corson, Eliza, died 11/21/12: 11/29/12p7(ER)
Corson, Emma (Rand), died 8/24/18: 8/30/18p4
Corson, Frank H., weds Georgiana Whitehorn 11/26/15: 12/10/15p7(ER)
Corson, George, died 10/4/17: 10/12/17p2(M); 10/19/17p2(M)
Corson, James M., died 4/5/13: 4/11/13p2(M)
Corson, John, died 7/18/11: 7/21/11p1;7/28/11p1
Corson, Laurana (Duntley), died 1/18?/11: 1/20/11p2(M)
Corson, Mary (Burns), died 8/28/11: 9/1/11p1
Corson, Mrs. Benjamin, celebrates 87th birthday: 2/6/14p7(ER)
Corson, Nellie (Mellen), died 4/15/14: 4/24/14p7(ER)
Corson, Nellie, weds Charles Boyce 7/7/11: 7/14/11p1
Corson, Oliver P., died 5/10/16: 5/12/16p1
Corson, Royal, weds Zilla Southard 6/25/13: 7/4/13p7(ER)
Corson, Sarah, died 6/7/10: 6/17/10p7(ER)
Cosmas, John, died 10/3/17: 10/5/17p1
Cote, Edward, died 9/6/12: 9/13/12p1
Cotter, Bridget (Murray), died 2/8/13: 2/14/13p8
Couplet, Joseph, weds Marion Forgues 6/21/15: 6/25/15p4
Courcey, Donald F., died 12/29/12: 1/3/13p4
Couture, Edward, weds Anna Grenier 7/22/12: 7/26/12p1
Couture, John, died 7/7/18: 7/12/18pp7,8
Couture, Mary, weds Alfred Martin 5/28/17: 6/1/17p1
Couture, Wilbrod, weds Victoria Marcotte 1/8/17: 1/12/17p8
Cox, Caroline, died 3/13/16: 3/17/16p7(ER)
Cragin, Sarah, died 4/29/18: 5/3/18p8
Crateau, Matilda, weds Eugene Beaulieu 5/5/14: 5/8/14p6(G)2
Crawford, Irving, weds Gladys Lane 7/2/17: 7/6/17p1
Crawford, Sarah E., died 10/4/16: 10/6/16p8
Crennan, Annie, weds William Bradford 10/12/10: 10/14/10p1
Crennan, James M., died 8/13/17: 8/17/17p5
Crennan, James, died 2/27/11: 3/3/11p1
Crocker, Fred W., died 2/16/15: 2/19/15p1;2/26/15p4
Crocker, Gladys, weds Wilbur Jackson 12/?/14: 12/11/14p1   
Crockett, John, died ?/?/15: 12/3/15p4
Cross, Zoe, weds Walter Kimball 5/18/12: 5/24/12p1
Crossley, Leo, weds Hazel Roberts 10/27/15: 10/29/15p1
Crotty, Nellie, weds Thomas Igo 11/28?/13: 12/5/13p1
Crowto, Joseph B., died 4/16/11: 4/21/11p1
Cummings, Earl, weds Frances Fownes 7/2/18: 7/5/18p1
Cummings, Georgia, died 2/18/13: 2/21/13p4
Currier, Luillian (Dunn), died 8/1/16: 8/4/16p8
Cushing, Annie M., died 9/23/16: 9/29/16p8
Cushing, Isaiah, died 9/8/15: 9/10/15p1
Cushing, Lennie Estelle, wedsw Ray Sims 8/24/15: 9/1/16p1
Cushing, M&M Samuel H., celebrate 59th anniversdary: 2/26/15p1
Custeau, Jean, died 3/21/12: 3/29/12p1
Cutts, William F., died 2/24/10: 3/4/10p2(MM)
Cyr, Ernestine, weds Napolean Drapeau 6/1/14: 6/5/14p1

Daggett, Andrew N., died 2/10/17: 2/16/17p7
Daggett, Mary (McCarty), died 9/18/10: 9/23/10p1
Daley, John, weds Mabel Cloutier 10/26/14: 10/30/14p7(ER)
Daly, Annie E., weds Charles Brooks 6/7/15: 6/11/15p1
Daly, William J., weds Edna L. Bickford 8/30/15: 9/3/15p1
Dame, Bell (Foss?), died 11/7/10: 11/11/10p1
Dame, Emily (Perkins), died 4/7/10: 4/15/10p1
Dame, Frank, weds Lucy Drew 11/?11: 11/24/11p1
Dame, Josephine (Richardson), died 9/4/16: 9/8/16p5
Dame, Oscar, weds Gladys Wentworth 7/28/18: 8/2/18p2
Damon, Bess, weds Erlon Neal 6/1/12: 6/7/12p1
Danahy, Jerry, died 1/11/12: 1/19/12p7(ER)
Danforth, Nellie, weds Clifford Authier 8/23/15: 8/27/15p1
Darres, Kenneth, weds Bertha Hanscom 12/25/11: 12/29/11p1
Davidson, Jane (Piercy), died 3/12/13: 3/14/13p1
Davidson, Janet, weds Harold Bickford 6/20?/17: 6/29/17p7(ER)
Davidson, Joseph L., died 3/10/13: 3/14/13p1
Davis, Beatrice, weds Harry Salomon 1/2/14: 1/16/14p1
Davis, Clara B., died 2/20/11: 2/24/11p1
Davis, Daisy E., weds John W. Dorr 8/23/15: 8/27/15p1
Davis, Fed H., died 6/16/18: 6/21/18p4
Davis, Flora (Willey), died 1/22/11: 1/27/11p1
Davis, Fred, weds Lena Pearson 4/8/18: 4/12/18p1
Davis, Harry, weds Alkice Chamberlin 4/15/16: 4/21/16p4(WF)
Davis, Isabella, died 7/?/18: 7/26/18p3
Davis, Myron, weds Minnie Brown 6/12/12: 6/21/12p1
Davis, Nathaniel, weds Mamie Bickford 5/21/12: 5/24/12p1
Davis, Roger H., weds Florence Day 10/20/15: 10/22/15p1
Davis, Spencer E., died 4/14/12: 4/19/12p1;4/26/12p1
Davis, Wayne, weds Ada Rounds 8/9/16: 8/11/16p1
Dawley, Melvina (Garland), died 12/1/13: 12/5/13p1
Day, Alden, died 9/2/14: 9/4/14p2(MM)
Day, Lovey, weds George Buzzell 4/1/14: 4/10/14p2(MM)
Day, Mrs. John, died 2/23/17: 3/30/17p2(MM)
Daynino, Inez, died 7/8/16: 7/14/16p2(MC)
Daynino, Lelia, weds Ferdinand Gianfranchi 6/28/16: 7/7/16p2(MP)
Dayton, Samuel, died 1/11/10: 1/14/10p1
Dayton, Samuel, died 1/11?/10: 1/14/10p6
Deane, Lilia, weds Ralph Tuttle 6/22/10: 6/24/10p1
Dehaise, Olie, died 6/9/17: 6/15/17p8
DeHaze, Lena, weds Robert Stone 10/21/12: 10/25/12p7(G)
DeMeritt, Bonibel, weds Ralph Whitehouse 11/7/12: 11/15/12p2
Demerriit, Joseph L., died 10/28/15: 11/5/15p1
Demerritt, Fred O., died 3/22/14: 3/27/14p1
Demick, Lizzie (Bickford), died 9/14/13: 9/19/13p4
Dennett, Ira B., died 11/10/11: 11/17/11p1
Dennett, Susan (Clark), died 3/25/13: 3/28/13p1
DeRochemont, Allan, weds Mary Evans 6/17/14: 6/26/14p8
Desmarais, Walter, weds Lena Duschneu 9/4/16: 9/8/16p5
Devenish, Alfred A., died 3/23/10: 4/1/10p1
Dickenson, Mildred, weds William Smith 7/27/13: 8/1/13p1
Dickey, Nellie, weds Clarence Cole 12/1/15: 12/3/15p7
Dickie, Myron, weds Nellie Wentworth 1/12/10: 1/14/10p1
Dickie, William, weds Eva Cole 4/18/14: 4/24/14p7(ER)
Dickson, Leon, weds Ethel Paquette 3/11/10: 3/11/10p1
Dickson, William, weds Grace Harwood 5/21/18: 5/24/18p1
Dilene, Belonna, to wed Albert Lavoie 6/3/12: 5/31/12p6(G)
Dillon, Jerold C., died 2/25/15: 3/5/15p7(ER)
Dinsmore, Ellen I., died 11/13?/14: 11/20/14p1
Dodge, Gertrude M., died 10/6?/15: 10/8/15p4
Dodge, Herman, died 4/30/18: 5/3/18p5(B)
Doe, Loring, died 7/5/18: 7/12/18p8
Doe, Ralph, died 2/8?/16: 2/11/16p2(M)
Doherty, Eliza T., died 2/9/18: 2/15/18p1
Doherty, Elizabeth (McKenna), died 2/9/18: 2/15/18p7(G)
Donohoe, Alice, died 9/18/16: 9/22/16p7
Donovan, Mary, weds George Morgan: 1/25/11: 1/27/11p1
Dore, Auguta Fox, died 4/1/14: 4/10/14p2(MM)
Dore, Herbert W., died 6/28/12: 7/5/12p3(M)
Dore, Julia, weds Lafayette Geralds 4/9/13: 4/11/13p1
Dorr, Essie I., weds Dana Tuttle 5/4/16: 5/12/16p2(M)
Dorr, Freeman, died 11/23/12: 11/29/12p2(MM)
Dorr, Hannah, died 4/6/11: 4/14/11p2(M)
Dorr, John W., weds Daisy E. Davis 8/23/15: 8/27/15p1
Dorr, Mrs. Augusta, celebrates 100th birday: 5/16/13p2
Dorr, Simon, died 10/2or3/13: 10/10/13p2(M)
Douglas, George H., died 11/13/13: 11/14/13p1;11/21/13p7(ER)
Douglass, Alice, weds Thomas Hickey 2/22/10: 2/25/10p7(ER)
Douglass, Charles A., died 9/30/16: 10/6/16p7(ER)
Dow, Henry, weds Ruth Lightbody 12/7?/12: 6/7/12p1
Downing, Annie (Remington), died 3/30/17: 4/6/17p4
Downing, Charles, died in France: 9/20/18p10
Downing, George T., died 12/3/15: 12/10/15p9
Downing, Gertrude (Goodwin), died 3/15/18: 3/22/18p1
Downing, John H., died 12/21/13: 12/26/13p8
Downing, Mary (Wentworth), died 2/4//14: 2/6/14p1
Downing, Robert, weds Lillian Rowe 5/4/14: 5/8/14p4
Downs, Harriet (Legro), died 3/4/15: 3/12/15p7
Downs, Hazen W., died 11/10/16: 11/17/16p2(M)
Downs, Lewis F., died 6/15/18: 6/21/18p6
Downs, Louis F., died 6/15/18: 6/28/18p12
Downs, Marie (Horne), died 9/17/11: 9/22/11p1
Doyen, Flora, died 11/14/16: 11/17/16p4
Doyen, Grace, weds Donal Grondin 7/24/18: 7/26/18p1
Doyon, Adelard, died 6/11/15: 6/18/15p7
Doyon, Eddie, died 6/12/18: 6/14/18p1
Drapeau, Mary L., died 5/6/18: 5/10/18p6
Drapeau, Napolean, weds Ernestine Cyr 6/1/14: 6/5/14p1
Drapeau, Rosa, died 7/6/14: 7/10/14p4
Drew, Charles, died 4/11/17: 4/13/17p4
Drew, Charles, weds Eva Reed 3/21/14: 3/27/14p1
Drew, Eva (Glidden), died 1/26/17: 2/2/17p8
Drew, Fred, weds Alice M. Brown 9/12/15: 9/17/15p1
Drew, George A., died 8/26/10: 9/2/10p7(ER)
Drew, Lottie, weds John Hodges 2/14/14: 2/20/14p1
Drew, Lydia (Ham), die 7/19/11: 7/21/11; 7/28/11p7(G)
Drew, Mary (Chase), died 11/2/11: 11/10/11p8
Drew, Samuel, weds Rose Levigne 12/6/11: 12/8/11p1
Drew, Sarah N., died 4/23/14: 5/1/14p2(EB)
Drew,Angie M., died 6/24/16: 6/30/16p2(MM)
Dubois (Wood), Adelon, weds Alma Vachon 9/2/16: 9/8/16pp8,7(G)
Dubois, Joseph, weds Lydia Laliberte 9/22/13: 9/26/13p7
Dubois, Leo, weds Eva LaCroix 11/18/14: 11/20/14p4
Dubois, Leocadie (Grenier), died 9/21?/17: 9/28/17p7
Dubois, Marie (Wood), died 4/4/6/18: 4/12/18p178
Dubois, Mary (Plourde), died 4/6/18: 4/12/18p178
Dubois, Mary, weds Adelard Thivierge 1/10/10: 1/14/10p1
Dubois, Wilfred, weds Leocadie Grenier 5/10/15: 5/14/15p1
Ducet, Laura, weds Carl Schnorr 1/?/16: 1/21/16p7(G)
Dufour, Fred, died 4/14/16: 4/21/16p12
Dufree, Frank, died 12/23/15: 12/31/15p6
Dugas, Frank, weds Oleda Grenier 7/10/15: 7/16/15p6
Duncan, Emma (Decatur), died 2/17/12: 2/23/12p1
Dunlap, Grace, weds Frank Foss 10/7/13: 10/10/13p1
Dunlap, Kilda (Grenier), died 1/5/17: 1/5/17p45
Dunlap, Louise, weds Chester Jenkins 6/30/13: 7/4/13p1
Dunlap, William J., died 5/6/10: 5/6/10p1
Dunnells, Otis, weds Winona Dustin 10/27/16: 11/3/16p5
Duntley, Clarence, died 1/16/18: 1/18/18p2(M)
Duntley, Ira W., died 3/20/16: 3/24/16p2(M)
Duntley, J. Leighton, died 1/7/14: 1/16/14p1
Duntley, Sarah, died 1/1/14: 1/9/14p2(M)
Dunyon, Claris M., died 12/19/15: 12/24/15p9
Duperre, Julien (Nadeau), died 10/12/16: 10/20/16p5
Dupont, Delia, weds Romeo Faubert 4/17/11: 4/21/11p1
Dupont, Zotique, died 6/20/12: 6/28/12p1
Dupuis, Lydia, died 4/16/11: 4/21/11p4
Duquette, Eva, weds Charles Dunbar 11/9/13: 11/14/13p2(M)
Dureharme(?), Alice, died 5/25/10: 5/27/10p1
Durgin, Alexander H., died 7/29/31: 7/31/14p1;8/7/14p1
Durgin, Fred, weds Adorilda Gagny 5/4/16: 5/12/16p7(ER)
Durgin, Jane, died 6/?/17: 6/29/17p7(G)
Durgin, Mrs. Darius, died 2/12/17: 2/16/17p3EB)
Duschneu, Lena, weds Walter Desmarais 9/4/16: 9/8/16p5
Dustin, Genevieve, weds Delmar Small 8/19?/13: 8/29/13p7(G)
Dustin, Genevieve, weds Delmar Small 8/20/13: 8/22/13p1
Dustin, Winona, weds Otis Dunnells 10/27/16: 11/3/16p5
Duval, Ernest, died 11/23/12: 11/29/12p1

Eastman, Everett, weds Mary Willey 4/22/18: 5/3/18p1
Eastman, Myra A., died 5/17/16: 5/26/16p1
Eaton, Harry, weds Bertha Sylvester 10/10/17: 10/12/17p8
Eaton, Serepta, weds Edwin Pinfold 8/14/17: 8/17/17p2(MM)
Edgerly, Alice, died 1/13/12: 1/19/12p1
Edgerly, Charles B., celebrates 86th birthday: 1/21/10p1
Edgerly, Charles B., died 4/21/11: 4/28/11p1
Edgerly, Claudis, weds Muriel Bannister 7/4/18: 7/5/18p1
Edgerly, Clyde, weds Mary Anderson 5/?/12: 5/24/12p5(CN)
Edgerly, Edna, weds Eugene Labonte 1/3/10: 1/7/10p4
Edgerly, Elizabeth (Dame), died 7/4/13: 7/4/13p4
Edgerly, Ella (Tebbetts), died 8/19/11: 8/25/11p1
Edgerly, Emma A., died 2/10/13: 2/14/13p8
Edgerly, Frank S., weds Caroline Mooer 9/29/15: 10/1/15p1
Edgerly, Fred A., died 5/13/17: 5/18/17p1
Edgerly, Georgianna (Pinkham), died 1/14/13: 1/17/13p1
Edgerly, Hollis W., died 2/25/16: 3/3/16p6
Ednay, Laura, weds Maurice Buzzell 5/?/16: 5/26/16p3(EB)
Edney, Laura, weds Maurice Buzzell 2/16/16: 2/18/16p1
Edney, Nellie, weds Roland Smith 4/4/21?/10: 4/29/10p1
Eis, Anna, weds Henry Terrien 1/?/11: 1/20/11p7(ER)
Eldridge, J. A., died 10/18/16: 10/27/16p6(MM)
Eldridge, May (Pollard), died 11/7/17: 11/16/17p2(MM)
Elias, Samuel, died 7/15?/15: 7/23/15p6(ER)
Elliott, Goerge E., died 5/24/24: 5/27/10p1
Elliott, Ida (Corson), died 6/3/15: 6/11/15p7(ER)
Ellis, Fred, died 10/5?/10: 10/7/10p1
Ellis, Fred, died 12/28/12: 1/3/13p4
Ellis, Fred, weds Tressa(?) Jenness 1/1/13: 1/10/13p8
Ellis, Jonas E., died 6/21/12: 6/28/12p1
Ellis, Ruby, weds Nelson Hill 4/8/13: 4/11/13p1
Ellis, Walter D., died 10/12/16: 10/13/16p8
Ellis. Emma Nickerson, died 3/26/15: 4/2/15p9
Emerson, Archie, weds Bernice Lord 4/26/11: 5/5/11p1
Emerson, Bernice (Lord), died 8/28/17: 8/31/17p5
Emerson, Charles, died 8/3/11: 8/11/11p1
Emerson, Dorothy (Gray), died 7/14/18: 7/19/18p5
Emerson, Dorothy, died 8/8/29/18: 9/6/18p8
Emerson, Etta (Bickford), died 2/22/14: 2/27/14p8
Emerson, George, weds Delia Johnson 1/1/10: 1/7/10p1
Emerson, John A., died 11/1/16: 11/3/16p1
Emerson, Robert F. (Rev.), died 3/6/14: 3/13/14p7(ER)
Emery, Abby, died 2/21/13: 2/28/13p1
Emery, George, weds Una Berry 6/18/13: 6/20/13p1
Emery, James Y., died 5/28/12: 5/31/12p1
Emery, Joshua, died 6/8/12: 6/14/12p4
Emery, Justin A., has walked 50,000 miles: 2/9/12p8
Emmond, Henry B., died 2/27/17: 3/2/17p4
Emmonds, Abbie, weds Herbert Barrett 8/31/18: 9/6/18p8
Emmonds, Leroy, weds Leona Vachon 10/11/15: 10/15/15p4
Endish, Jacob J., died 7/30/12: 8/2/12p1
Esser, Dorothy L., died 8/11/15: 8/27/15p1
Estes, Bernice, weds Earl Howard 8/26/18: 8/30/18p8
Estes, M&M Charles, celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/12/12p1
Estes, Mercy (Varney), died 5/8/15: 6/11/15p1; 7/2/15p4
Evans,  Mabel (Hodgdon), died 3/27/15: 4/2/15p9
Evans, Annie M., died 5/19/15: 5/21/15p5
Evans, Charles M., died 11/22/10: 11/25/10p5
Evans, Charles, weds Harriet Parsons 8/29/17: 9/7/17p1
Evans, Edward E., died 2/28/18: 3/8/18p1
Evans, Elizabeth (Swain), 11/11/10: 11/18/10p2
Evans, James I., died 11/3/15: 11/12/15p9
Evans, Lydia B., died 1/2/15: 1/8/15p1
Evans, Lyman A., died 7/15/10: 7/22/10p1
Evans, M&M Charles W., celebrate 50th: 11/24/16p1
Evans, Mary, weds Allan DeRochemont 6/17/14: 6/26/14p8
Evans, Sumner, weds Blanche O'Brien 7/3/16: 7/7/16p1
Evans, William R., died 10/29/16: 10/6/16p8

Falkner, Robert, died 1/24/12: 1/26/12p1
Fall, Loraine, died 5/5/16: 5/5/16p4
Fall, Stephen, died 3/2/18: 3/8/18p7(ER)
Fanning, Monson, died 12/2/16: 12/8/16pp1,3(EB)
Farnham, Charles W., died 1/14/13: 1/17/13p7(ER)
Farnham, Ella, died 3/22?/15: 4/2/15p7(ER)
Farnham, Horace, died 3/?/16: 3/10/16p2(MM)
Farnum, Stephen, weds Mary E. Colburn 10/4/15: 10/8/15pp9,7(ER)
Farrand, Neda[?], died 11/?/16: 11/24/16p4
Farrell, Bertram, died 8/?/13: 8/22/13p7(ER)
Farrington, Mary P., died 5/29/15: 6/4/15p4
Faubert, Romeo, died 5/28?/17: 6/1/17p7(E)
Faulkner, Lilla, weds Willard Crockett: 10/31/13p1
Faunce, Edith M., died 1/21/10: 1/28/10p7(ER)
Faunce, Hazel M., died 7/30/14: 8/7/14p5
Feeney, Victor, died 6/?/18: 7/5/18p8
Feineman, Frederick, died 11/8/12: 11/15/12p4
Feineman, Louis P., died 2/8/11: 2/10/11p1
Feineman, Sara M, weds Wallace George 6/30/15: 7/2/15p1
Feineman, Virginia E., died 5/11/14: 5/15/14p1
Felker, B. Frank, died 1/20/17: 1/26/17p5
Felker, William H., died 3/21/11: 3/24/11p1;3/31/11p1
Fennerty, James J., died 6/4/16: 6/9/16p1
Ferland, Odilon, weds Lumene Landry 4/12/15: 4/16/15p1
Ferland, Olida, weds Noel Skillings 2/5/17: 2/9/17p8
Ferland, Wilfrd R., died 8/7/14: 8/14/14p1
Ferland, Wilfred, weds Rosa Martineau 8/29/10: 9/2/10p1
Fernald, Frank, weds Lulu Tuttle 4/23/12: 5/3/12p1
Fernald, Frank, weds Lulu Tuttle 4/23/13: 5/2/13p1
Fernald, Laura (Whitehouse), died 3/14/13: 3/21/13p1
Fickett, Greenville, died 8/22/14: 8/28/14p7(ER)
Finlayson, Catherine, weds Bert Corson 6/7/16: 6/9/16p1
First, John C., descendents hold 40th reunion: 8/25/16p3
Fisher, John, weds Aurore Vachon 10/24/10: 10/28/10p1
Fissette, Napolean, died 2/24/17: 3/2/17p4
Fitch, Doris, died 7/31/10: 8/5/10p7(ER)
Flagg, Charles, weds Florence Rubino 3/31/15: 4/2/15p4
Flagg, Emeline (Bickford), died 5/25/14: 5/29/14p1
Flake, Pauline, weds George Rolfe 8/15/18: 8/23/18p6(ER)
Flanders, Julia (Merkley), died 7/30/11: 8/4/11p7
Flanders, Philip J., died 4/5/10: 4/8/10p1
Flannagan, John H., died 7/18/17: 8/24/17p5
Flannigan, Jennie, weds Fred Lavigne 9/3/12: 9/6/12p4
Fleury, Charles, died 11/21/13: 11/28/13p4(G)
Fleury, Lucy, died 7/13/11: 7/21/11p1;7/21/11p7
Flint, Eva (Dore), died 7/28/10: 8/5/10p7(ER)
Flint, Harry D., died 1/15/10: 1/21/10p1
Fogg, George E., died 3/15/12: 3/22/12p1
Fogg, Phoebe S., died 11/24/14: 12/4/14p1
Folsom, Earl, weds Abigail Henkley 6/20/17: 6/22/17p8
Folsom, Ethel, weds Oliver Peterson 1/1/10: 1/7/10p4
Folsom, Melvin H., died 3/9/14: 3/13/14p1
Forbes, Marjorie, weds Robert Sweet Jr. 12/2/16: 6/1/17p1
Forgues, Mation, weds Joseph Couplet 6/21/15: 6/25/15p4
Forgues, Vellada, weds Joseph Nadeau 4/17/11: 4/21/11p1
Fortier, Euclide, died 12/8/17: 12/14/17p8
Fortier, Lottie, died 10/6?/10: 10/14/10p1
Fortier, Sylvia, died 4/20?/13: 4/25/13p1
Foss, Albert H., died 12/26/12: 12/20/12p3
Foss, Benjamin W., died 9/13/13: 9/19/13p2(M)
Foss, Bernice, weds Albert Jacobs 3/2/11: 3/10/11p8
Foss, Cecil, weds Edna LeBlond 11/4/16: 11/10/16p8
Foss, David, died 12/8/10: 12/9/10p8
Foss, Edgar E., died 1/1/13: 1/3/13p4
Foss, Elizabeth, weds Arthur Lemke 5/20/16: 5/26/16p5
Foss, Emily, weds Burt Cooper 6/23/14: 6/26/14p3
Foss, Eugene, weds Dianna Rainville 6/19/18: 6/21/18p6
Foss, Florence, weds William Buckley 8/14/17: 8/24/17p1
Foss, Frank, weds Grace Dunlap 10/7/13: 10/10/13p1
Foss, Harold, weds Lillian Leavitt 1/?/18: 1/18/18p3
Foss, Irene, (Mrs. Hanson), died 11/6/12: 11/8/12p4
Foss, Joel W., died 4/10/12: 4/12/12p1
Foss, Laurel, weds Florence Henderson 10/13/13: 10/24/13p1
Foss, Leslie J., died 7/24?/12: 7/26/12p1;8/2/12p3(EB)
Foss, Lucretia (Brooks), died 3/13/12: 3/15/12p1
Foss, M&M Oceola, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/9/10p9
Foss, Marion, weds Howard Packard 6/15/12: 6/21/12p1
Foss, Mary J., died 4/21/13: 4/25/13p1
Foss, Melvin, died 1/11/13: 1/17/13p1
Foss, Mildred, weds Leroy Laskey 6/27/14: 7/3/14p1
Foss, Nancie, weds Albert Evans 9/15/14: 9/18/14p1
Foss, Nathaniel, died 4/5/10: 4/8/10p1
Foss, Osceola F., died 12/3/15: 12/3/15p1;12/10/15p3(ST)
Foss, Roy T., died 3/7/14: 3/13/14p1
Foss, Ruby, weds Louis Gilman 11/20/16: 11/24/16p8
Foss, Ruth J., died 1/23?/14: 1/30/14p1
Foss, Sampson B., died 10/12/11: 10/20/11p6
Foss, Samuel D., died 1/9/16: 1/14/16p1
Foss, Walter H., died 11/4/13: 11/7/13p9
Foss, Wilbur, weds Minnie Tuttle 8/22/19: 8/26/10p5
Foss/Jones hold family reunion: 9/10/15p3
Foster, Alvina, weds Fred Parsons 8/12/16: 8/25/16p1
Foster, Elmer, weds Florence Gilbert 9/30/11: 10/6/11p1
Foster, Frank, died 1/2/13: 1/10/13p4
Foster, John, died 9/30/16: 10/6/16: 10/6/16p7(ER)
Fownes, Frances, weds Earl Cummings 7/2/18: 7/5/18p1
Fox, A. Augustus, died 11/18/13: 11/21/13p2(MM);12/5/13p2
Fox, Charles D., died 3/31/16: 4/7/16p2(MM); 4/14/16p2(MM)
Fox, Elbridge W., died 4/6/12: 4/12/12p2
Fox, Sarah (Buck), died 5/21/14: 5/29/14p2(MM)
Francis, Betsy (Moore), died 3/10/18: 3/15/18p5
Freeman, George H., died 5/5?/11: 5/12/11p3
Freeman, Mrs. Stephen, died 5/18/14: 5/22/14p3(EB)
French, Alice, weds Charles Jordan 11/30/16: 12/8/16p8
French, Leslie, weds Agnes Pike 12/23/16: 12/29/16p8
Frenette, Aexavier, weds Mireda Turgeon: 8/30/12p1
Frenette, Alphonse, weds Marie Turgeon 6/24/12: 6/28/12p1
Frenette, Predent, weds Gurlie Archambault 9/2/16: 9/8/16p5
Friel, Edward, died 9/11/10: 9/16/10p1
Frisbie, J. F. (Dr.), died 12/17?/13: 12/19/13p1
Frost, Ira, weds Ethel Bartlett 8/1/15: 8/6/15p7(ER)
Frye, Walter F., died 7/9/14: 7/24/14p1
Fuller, John  J., stands up his bride: 10/6/11p1
Furber, Frank A., died 12/10/11: 12/15/11p1
Furber, Maude, weds William Parrock 2/2/10: 2/11/10p1
Furbush, Bertha, weds Fred Bauman 9/1/16: 9/8/16p8
Furbush, Charles H., died 6/12/16: 6/16/16p7 (ER)
Furbush, Edith, died 11/20?/13: 11/28/13p7(ER)
Furbush, Eli, died 3/11/14: 3/13/14p1
Furbush, Erlon, weds Susie Harmon 7/31/18: 8/9/18p7(ER)
Furbush, Fred, weds Gertrude Sanderson 2/6/11: 2/10/11p1
Furbush, Jennie (Richards), died 5/7/12: 5/10/12p4(ER)
Furbush, John H., died 2/28/14: 3/6/14p7(ER)
Furbush, Lilla B., died 7/22/16: 7/28/16p7(ER)
Furbush, Rebecca (Furbush[sic]), died 9/21/13: 9/26/13p7(ER)
Furner, Laura (Furber[sic]), died 7/29/10: 8/5/10p1

Gage, James M., died 12/29/14: 1/1/15p2;1/8/2(M)
Gagne, Avon, weds Fred Wentworth 5/24/15: 5/28/15p2(NR)
Gagne, Laura, weds Herbert McMaster 11/8/15: 11/12/15p1
Gagne, Marie, died 7/15/11: 7/21/11p1
Gagne, Mrs. Theodore, died 5/21/18: 5/24/18p1
Gagne, Rebecca, weds Edwin Minard 6/5/17: 6/8/17p2(NR)
Gagne, Urban, died 10/15/10: 10/21/10p1
Gane, Sarah, weds Simon Goodheart 8/24/16: 9/1/16p2
Garland, Charles H., died 7/30/10: 8/5/10p1
Garland, Delana (Henderson), died 12/20/13: 12/26/13p8
Garland, Edgar, weds Lena Randall 8/26/18: 8/30/18p5(ER)
Garland, Sarah, died 5/11/15: 5/14/15p1
Garnett, Alta, weds Olin White 4/24/18: 5/3/18p10
Garnett, Annie, weds William Shaw 5/23/17: 6/1/17p7(ER)
Garnett, William Sr., died 8/2/10: 8/12/10p7(ER)
Gauthier, Rosaire, weds Jennie Welch 8/14/16: 8/18/16p1
Gay, Emma (Calef), died 3/16/10: 3/18/10p1
Gear, Sarah, died 12/29/15: 12/31/15p1;1/7/16p7(G)
Gelinas, Adelard A., died 8/27/14: 9/4/14p1
Gelinas, Odele, died6/20/15: 6/25/15p8
Geralds, Lafayette, weds Julia Dore 4/9/13: 4/11/13p1
Gerrish, Alphonse D., died 5/15: 1/8/15p7(ER)
Gerrish, Elisha, died 4/4/13: 4/11/13p2(WM)
Gerrish, Henry T., died 3/1/17: 3/9/17p6
Gerrish, Nellie (Hersey), died 6/?/12: 6/27/13p2(MM)
Gerrish, Phebe (Hobbs), died 3/27/12: 3/29/12p1
Gerry, Anthony, weds Alice Perkins 10/8/10: 10/14/10p1
Gibbons, Michael, weds Margaret Grady 1/22/12: 1/26/12p1
Gilbert, Ada, marriage to Justin Potter on hold: 2/28/13p1
Gilbert, Florence, weds Elmer Foster 9/30/11: 10/6/11p1
Gilbert, Jean, died 2/18/17: 2/23/17p1
Gilbert, Marcel, died 10/2/17: 10/5/17p8
Gilbert, Mary, weds Adolph Messier 9/25/16: 9/29/16p5
Gilbert, Peter, died 2/26/13: 2/28/13p1
Giles, Amanda, died 2/?/17: 2/16/17p8(CN)
Gilman, Celestia (Powers), died 10/12/12: 11/1/12p1
Gilman, Kathryn M., died 20/15: 7/23/15p1
Gilman, Leo, weds Caroline Goodrich 8/?/11: 9/1/11p4
Gilman, Louis, weds Ruby Foss 11/20/16: 11/24/16p8
Gilman, Martha (Lougee), died 10/19/17: 10/19/17p5
Gilmore, William, weds Frances Witham 6/20/17: 6/29/17p7(ER)
Gilson, Clara (Jones), died 8/31/11: 9/8/11p3
Gingras, Lucy, died 5/3/16: 5/5/16p4
Gleason, Addie, died 7/19/18: 7/26/18p2(MC)
Gleason, J. Henry, died 1/20/15: 1/29/15p2(NR)
Glidden, Charles, died 2/25/14: 2/27/14p4(G)
Glover, Ethel (Bennett), died 1/21/17: 1/25/18p4
Glyek, Arthur, weds Grace Nason 12/23/11: 12/29/11p1
Going, William, weds Esther Perkins 9/11/12: 9/20/12p2(NR)
Goodall, Almarette (Edgerly), died 7/26/15: 7/30/15p2(W)
Goodbear, Ovid, weds Marie Vachon 6/17/12: 6/21/12p8
Goode,Mitchell, died 7/19/16: 7/21/16p1
Goodheart, Simon, weds Sarah Gane 8/24/16: 9/1/16p2
Goodrich, Caroline, weds Leo Gilman 8/?/11: 9/1/11p4
Goodwin, Abbie McCrillis, died 5/12/12: 5/17/12p7(ER)
Goodwin, Albion N., died 6/17/10: 6/24/10p1
Goodwin, Amaziah F., died 7/18/16: 7/26/18p1
Goodwin, Edith, weds Arthur Bennett7/7/17: 7/13/17p1
Goodwin, Elbridge A., died 1/29/12: 2/9/12p2
Goodwin, Estelle (Horne), died 4/30/11: 5/5/11p1
Goodwin, Gertrude (Francis), died 3/25/10: 4/1/10p1
Goodwin, Helen, stood up by future husband: 10/6/11p1
Goodwin, Huram L., died 10/13/15:10/22/15p7(ER)
Goodwin, Lincoln, died 9/30/17: 10/5/17p2(MM)
Goodwin, Lizzie (Lord), died 7/27/10: 7/29/10p1;8/5/10p1
Goodwin, Sarah (Canney), died 1/24/17: 1/26/17p5
Goodwin, Williams, weds Ethel Otis 5/26/10: 6/10/10p1
Gordon, Helen, weds Harold Erickson 4/16/16: 4/21/16p11
Goss, Hiram, died 2/19/17: 2/23/17p1
Gotts, Josephine, lauded as canning expert: 7/27/17p7
Gotts, Thomas, weds Mabel Church 4/24?/12: 5/3/12p7(ER)
Gotts, Thomas, weds Mabel Church 4/24?/13: 5/2/13p7(ER)
Gould, Harry, weds Mary Coran 4/28/16: 5/5/16p7(ER)
Gould, Susan (Jones), died 2/12/12: 2/16/12p1
Gourde, Joseph, died 11/6/10: 11/11/10p1
Gourley, Elizabeth L., weds Cecil Blake 5/9/16: 5/12/16p1
Gover, Nellie S., died 1/29/10: 2/4/10p1
Grace, Mrs. [sic], died 11/3/14: 11/6/14p3(EB)
Grady, Edward, died 4/20/15: 4/30/15p4
Grady, Nora, weds Martin Walsh 6/20/16: 6/23/16p4
Graham, David, died 5/26/15: 5/28/15p8
Graham, Edna, weds Everett Chadbourne 10/6/17: 10/12/17p1
Graham, Frances, weds Ralph Washburn 10/12/16: 10/20/16p8
Grant, Alanson, died 6/29/14: 7/3/14p4
Grant, Alice (Jenness), died 3/18/15: 3/19/15p1
Grant, John R., died 1/14/15: 1/14/16p1;1/21/16p1
Grant, Lester, weds Dorothy Roberts 7/1/17: 7/13/17p1
Grant, Mrs. Daniel, died 2/2/14: 2/6/14p7(ER)
Grassie, Lena, weds Raymond Knox 4/18/11: 4/21/11p1
Grassie, Willie, weds Ruth Brock 12/28/12: 1/3/13p4
Gray, Alice, weds Roland Sanborn 6/28/13: 7/4/13p1
Gray, Charles E., died 12/9/11: 12/15/11p8(G);12/22/11p8(G)
Gray, Edgar, died 8/31/16: 9/8/16p1
Gray, Edith, weds William Martin 4/15/11: 4/21/11p1
Gray, Eliza J., died 9/5/10: 9/9/10p1
Gray, Emma (Varney), died 1/2/11: 1/6/11p8
Gray, Ernest E., died 2/25/15: 3/5/15p1
Gray, Etta (Southard), died 1/28/12: 2/2/12p1(G)
Gray, Flora B., died 5/21/14: 5/29/14p1
Gray, George W., died 4/5/16: 4/7/16p4
Gray, Henry, died 4/23/15: 4/30/15p9
Gray, Herbert, weds Rhetta Chisholm 1/13/12: 1/19/12p7(ER)
Gray, Ida (Cilley), died 2/?/14: 2/13/14p2(G)
Gray, M&M William E., celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/4/10p4
Gray, Mary (Nadeau), died 4/26/15: 4/30/15p1
Gray, Patience, died 3/28?/12: 3/29/12p1
Gray, Samuel N, died 3/4/13: 3/7/13p1
Gray, Tamson (Berry), died 2/17/17: 2/23/17p1
Gray, WAddie L., died 6/14/12: 6/21/12p8(CN)
Gray, Walter C., weds Vera Patterson 11/20/15: 11/26/15p7(ER)
Green, Albert N., died 5/9/17: 5/11/17p8
Greenfield, Aroline (Downs), died 4/27/18: 5/3/18p8
Greenfield, Cora (Clay), died 3/13/17: 3/16/17p4
Greenfield, Lucia, weds Harold Sanders 9/18/01: 9/23/10p1
Gregoire, Anthony, weds Minnie Babb 8/?/17: 8/17/17p4
Gregoire, Lucy, died 9/16/16: 9/22/16p8
Grenier, Albina, weds Ernest Massey 5/1/11: 5/5/11p1
Grenier, Alfred, weds Orianna Loignan 1/12/14: 1/16/14p8
Grenier, Amelia, died 5/2/18: 5/3/18p12
Grenier, Anna, weds Edward Couture 7/22/12: 7/26/12p1
Grenier, Austin, died 11/27/15: 12/3/15p6
Grenier, Edith (Kimball), died 4/14/12: 4/19/12p7(ER)
Grenier, Joseph, died 11/1/14: 11/6/14p8
Grenier, Leocadie, weds Wilfred Dubois 5/10/15: 5/14/15p1
Grenier, Marie (Sylvain), died 3/6/18: 3/15/18p5
Grenier, Marie, died 6/4/14: 6/12/14p5
Grenier, Oleda, weds Frank Dugas 7/10/15: 7/16/15p6
Grenier, Phileas, died 12/27/14: 1/1/15p1
Griffen, Mary E., died 10/?/16: 11/3/16p2(MM)
Griffin, Lillian, weds Gordon Hartford 4/11/15: 4/16/15p3
Grives, Estella, weds Byron Nute 8/8/10: 8/26/10p8
Grondin, Bernadette, died 9/6/13: 9/12/13p1
Grondin, Donat, weds Grace Doyen 7/24/18: 7/26/18p1
Grondin, Edna, weds Emilio Bergeron 5/2/16: 5/5/16p6
Grondin, Florida (Grenier), died 3/16/11: 3/24/11p1
Grondin, Marilda, weds Louis Lachance 10/19/12: 10/25/12p1
Grondon, Letitia, weds Joseph Huppe 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Guptill, Marion, weds Arthur Matthews 1/18/13: 1/24/13p8

Hadlock, Margaret, died 9/14/15: 9/17/15p5
Haines, Anna (Stevens), died 2/?/18: 3/8/18p7(G)
Haines, Nellie, weds Guy Stevens 8/9/15: 8/15/13p1
Hale, Merton, weds Lila Brooks 5/30/18: 6/7/18p9
Hale, Samuel S., died 9/25/10: 9/30/10p3(EB)
Hale, Thomas W., died 2/1?/11: 2/3/11p3(EB)
Haley, Burt, died 2/?/18: 3/1/18p1
Haley, Joseph, weds Nellie Vallely 5/10/10: 5/13/10p4
Haley, Lawrence, weds Eliza Libby 10/22/12: 11/1/12p7(ER)
Haley, Mary (Vallely), died 4/1/12: 4/5/01p1
Haley, Nellie (Vallely), died 8/31/13: 9/5/13p1
Haley, Patrick, died 7/26/16: 7/28/16p1
Haley, Sumner, weds Rena Wiley 8/27/13: 8/29/13p4
Haley, William, weds Gertrude Hayes 7/31?/18: 8/9/18p3(EB)
Hall, Adeline, weds William Schofield 6/25/10: 7/1/10p1
Hall, Alicer, died 8/4/12: 8/9/12p1
Hall, Annie (Otis), died 3/26/10: 4/1/10p8
Hall, Earle, weds Pauline Vachon 7/16/17: 7/20/17p1
Hall, Edyth (Rowe), died 3/11/14: 3/13/14p1
Hall, Eliza J. (Ham), died 5/16/16: 5/19/16p1
Hall, Elizabeth A., died 12/24/13: 12/26/13p1
Hall, Elmer E., died 5/28/13: 6/6/13p1
Hall, Esther (Young), died 7/15/13: 7/18/13p1
Hall, Jeremiah W., died 4/13/11: 4/21/11p4
Hall, Laura, died 9/13/12: 9/20/12p2(MM)
Hall, M. Feade, weds Mariomn Davis 2/15?/11: 2/24/11p2(EB)
Hall, Richard R., died 10/?/15: 10/8/15p3
Hall, Sarah (Shapleigh), died 9/22/16: 9/29/16p7(ER)
Hall, William, died 7/5/18: 7/12/18p8
Ham, Edgar, weds Mrs. Charles Seavey 4/29?/14: 5/1/14p8(G)
Ham, Florence, weds Sumner Watson 8/3/10: 8/5/10p1
Ham, Hannah (Varney), died 6/21/13: 6/27/13p4
Hamilton, Fred, weds Grace Jenkins 12/23/11: 1/26/12p6(G)
Hamilton, Henry R., weds Mildred Willey 12/25/15: 12/31/15p7(ER)
Hamlin, Olive A., died 8/8/10: 8/12/10p1
Hamm, Martha (Roberts), died 8/25/13: 8/29/13p1;9/5/13p1
Hammett, Charles E., died 9/?/12: 9/20/12p1
Hammond, Daniel F., died 5/25/51: 5/28/15p5
Hammond, Francis, died 1/12/17: 1/19/17p8
Hammond, Hazel, weds Bayfield Shaw 12/30/13: 1/9/14p10
Hanagan, Walter H., died 6/6/15: 6/11/15p1
Hanley, Ellen, weds John Hanagan 5/5/10/11: 5/19/11p7(ER)
Hannon, Mary, weds Dennis Mahaney 6/10/14: 6/19/14p1
Hannon, Patrick, died 7/29/10: 7/29/10p8
Hanscom, Abbie, weds Paul Ritchen 5/?/12: 6/7/12p1
Hanscom, Bertha, weds Kenneth Darres 12/25/11: 12/29/11p1
Hanscom, Leander, died 8/11/12: 8/16/12p3(EB)
Hanscome, Charles H., died 6/18/11: 6/23/11p1
Hanscome, Mary Ellen (Foss), died 4/18/16: 4/21/16p6
Hanson, Asa P., died 1/3/12: 1/12/12p1
Hanson, Edward, died 3/21/10: 3/25/10p1
Hanson, John, died 3/5/17: 3/9/17p7(G)
Hanson, Laura, weds George Hayes 12/31/13: 1/2/14p1
Hanson, Martha (Bickford), died 7/19/10: 7/22/10p1
Harding, Joseph D., died 4/29/16: 5/5/16p4
Hardy, Chester, weds Mildred Severance 2/26/14: 3/6/14p1
Hargraves, Alberta (Cutts), died 3/26/17: 3/30/17p2(MM)6
Harmon, Sadie, weds Fred Mortimer 6/2/13: 6/6/13p7(ER)
Harmon, Susie, weds Erlon Furbush 7/31/18: 8/9/18p7(ER)
Harrigan, Walter, disappears; whereabouts unknown: 7/28/16p1
Harriman, M&M Charles E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/11/16p1
Harrington, Lottie, weds Frank Jones 1/12/11: 1/20/11p1
Harrington, Ruth, weds Gideon Bouford 4/16/17: 4/20/17p1
Harris, Gertrude, weds Wilfred Johnson 11/23/10: 12/2/10p1
Harrity, Peter, died 9/8/18: 9/13/18p8
Hart, Alice E., died 4/1/17: 4/6/17p4
Hart, Daniel Q., died 10/30/16: 10/6/16p8
Hart, Marion, weds Elise Nicholas 9/1/14: 9/18/14p2(M)
Hart, Martha (Gray), died 3/22/14: 3/27/14p1
Hart, Mrs. Oliver (Bingham), died 5/3/18: 5/10/18p8
Hartford, Alice, weds D. Leroy Wilkens 11/16/15: 11/26/15p7(ER)
Hartford, Anna/Annie (Webber), died 6/16/17: 6/22/17pp7(ER),8
Hartford, Daniel, weds Nora Knox 9/1/17: 9/7/17p8
Hartford, Elmer, weds Sarah McGowan 8/4/14: 8/7/14pp1,7(ER)
Hartford, Frank, died 11/19/13: 11/28/13p2(NR)
Hartford, Frank, weds Abbie Coombs 4/28/17: 5/4/17p1
Hartford, George E., 4/3/14: 4/10/14p4
Hartford, George E., died 4/3/14: 4/10/14p2(NR)
Hartford, Gordon, weds Lillian Griffin 4/11/15: 4/16/15p3
Hartford, J. Frank, died 3/17/15: 3/19/15p1
Hartford, Levi, weds Blanche Labossere 4/24/16: 4/28/16p5
Hartford, Lucy (Otis), died 12/15/11: 12/22/11p1
Hartford, Lucy, weds Leslie Wilkins 4/7?/15: 4/16/15p7
Hartford, Mahala[?] (Hayes), died 12/21/13: 12/26/13p8
Hartford, Martha, weds Loring Goodwin 6/29/18: 7/5/18p1
Hartford, Moses B., died 6/19/11: 6/23/11p1
Hartford, Mrs. George H., died 10/10/17: 10/12/17p8
Hartford, Rufus, weds Zelia Clemmons 7/3/17: 7/13/17p6
Hartford, Ruth (Tebbetts), died 9/25/14: 10/2/14p1
Hartford, Ruth, celebrates 102nd birthday: 2/13/14p1
Hartford, Ruth, celebrates 102nd birthday: 2/20/14p2(NR)
Hartford, Ruth, celebrates 98th birthday: 2/18/10p7
Hartford, Ruth, celebrates 99th birthday: 2/17/11p1
Hartford, Samuel, weds Ruth McIntire 2/24/17: 3/2/17p1
Hartford, Sarah (McIntire), died 6/22/12: 6/28/12p4
Hartford, William F., died 11/19/13: 11/28/13p1
Hartigan, Bridget, died 8/2/17: 8/10/17p1
Hartigan, Ellen, weds George Brennan 4/29/28: 5/3/18p11
Hartigan, John, weds Lena Burpee 9/17/14: 9/18/14p1
Hartigan, M&M Patrick, celebrate 38th anniversary: 2/13/14p1
Hartigan, Ptrick H., died 4/30/15: 5/7/15p9
Hartigan, Thomas, died 9/9/15: 9/10/15p1
Hartley, Frank, weds Helen Carpenter 6/10/18: 6/14/18p1
Harwood, Grace, weds William Dickson 5/21/18: 5/24/18p1
Haskell, Ezra, died 6/23/16: 6/30/16p3
Hastings, Benjamin S, is an inventor: 7/7/16p1
Hastings, William N., died 8/11/11: 8/18/11p1
Hates, Florence, weds Wilbur Lunt 9/7/10: 9/9/10p1
Hayes, A. W., founder of Fair, died 10/3/15: 10/8/15p6
Hayes, Beulah, weds Maurice Sherman 7/26/18: 8/2/18p8
Hayes, Charles, died 11/8/13: 11/14/13pp7(G),9
Hayes, Chester G., died 9/26?/12: 10/4/12p1
Hayes, Eleazer C., died 2/11/12: 2/16/12p1
Hayes, Elizabeth A., died 3/21/18: 3/29/18p5
Hayes, Fannie (Young), died 4/14/18: 4/19/18p1
Hayes, Frances (Whitney), died 1/14/11: 1/20/11p1
Hayes, George B., died 7/3/13: 7/4/13p1;7/11/13p1
Hayes, Gertrude, weds William Haley 7/31?/18: 8/9/18p3(eb)
Hayes, Isabelle, weds Herbert Breed 10/10/14: 10/16/14p7(ER)
Hayes, Kenneth H., died 5/17/14: 5/22/14p8
Hayes, Mary E., died 4/8/12: 4/12/12p1
Hayes, Maurice L., weds Grace Stevens 10/12/15: 10/22/15p2(M)
Hayes, Maurice, weds Addie MacDonald 12/?/13: 12/19/13p10(CN)
Hayes, Mrs. C. C., died 4/10/13: 4/18/13p2(BR)
Hayes, Mrs. Frank C., died 1/?/11: 1/27/11p2(W)
Hayes, Rachel (Garland), died 5/6/11: 5/12/11p7(G)
Hayes, William C., died 2/?/16: 2/25/16p1
Hayes, Willis, weds Ora Marchand 10/9/15: 10/15/15p11
Hazen, Mary (Garland), died 10/14/14: 10/16/14p1
Heaney, Robert, weds Alice Collier 3/16/18: 3/22/18p7(ER)
Heath, Thelma, died 2/27/12: 3/1/12p2(MM);3/8/12p2(MM)
Henderson, D. Frank, died 2/18/17: 2/23/17p1
Henderson, George, weds Lena Brochu 11/28?/12: 12/6/12p10
Henderson, Louella (Woodward), died 4/23/18: 4/26/18p12
Henderson, Sarah E., died 1/6/16: 1/14/16p3(G and ST)
Hepponstone, Samuel, weds Janet Walls 9/2/16: 9/8/16p7(ER)
Herries, George, weds Maggie Snowdon 5/11/15: 5/17/12p7(ER)
Herries, Margaret, died 10/11/13: 10/17/13p7(ER)
Hersom, Ann A., died 12/27/10: 12/30/10p2(M)2
Hersom, Clara, weds Alfred Callahan 10/17/14: 10/23/14p1
Hersom, John H., died 2/15/12: 2/23/12p1
Hersom, Mildred, weds Clyde Stetson 6/4/16: 6/9/16p7(ER)
Hersom, Mrrs. Charles (Elliott) died 5/3/11: 5/5/11p1
Herson, Sylvia (Clark), died 7/28/10: 8/5/10p1
Hickey, Terrance J., died 7/17/16: 7/21/16p7(ER)
Hickey, Thomas, weds Alice Douglass 2/22/10: 2/25/10p7(ER)
Hill, Emma, died 2//9?10: 2/18/10p7(ER)
Hill, Grace (Phillips), died 8/31/18: 9/6/18p8
Hill, John, died 3/29?/16: 3/31/16p1
Hill, Melvin, weds Mildred Pearl 7/29/11: 8/4/11p1
Hill, Nelson, weds Ruby Ellis 4/8/13: 4/11/13p1
Hines, Ida B., died 3/28/12: 4/5/01p1
Hines, Ida, died 3/28/12: 4/5/01p2(NR)
Hobbs, John F., died 7/16/16: 7/21/16p1
Hobbs, M&M John F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/7/13p6
Hodgdon, Sarah Pickering, died 11/11/10: 11/18/10p1
Hodges, John, weds Lottie Drew 2/14/14: 2/20/14p1
Holegrove, Thomas A., died 3/17/10: 3/25/10p1
Holland, Ada (Osbrone), died 4/28/10: 5/6/10p8(G)
Holland, Viola, died 1/8?/11: 1/13/11p8(G)
Hollister, Anna, weds Andrew Page 9/1/17: 9/7/17p8
Holmes, Bertha, weds William McGerry 9/25/16: 9/29/16p5
Holmes, Clara (Huntress), died 1/4/27: 1/12/17p8
Holmes, Margaret, weds James Tebbetts 2/3/16: 2/11/16p1
Holt, Flora, weds Bernard Brock 11/15/11: 11/17/11p8
Holton, Leila (Robbins), died 7/5/13: 7/11/13p1
Hooper, Irving A., died 5/14/12: 5/17/12p1
Hooper, John, died 7/12/14: 7/17/14p1
Horne, Abbie, weds John Willand 6/29/11: 7/7/11p1
Horne, Albert M., died 11/26/13: 11/28/13p1;12/5/13p8
Horne, Augustus E., died 8/10/13: 8/15/13p1
Horne, Charles H., died 4/25/17: 4/27/17p8
Horne, Charles V., died 9/19?/13p1
Horne, Clytie, weds Fred Lacasse 9/1/13: 9/5/13p1
Horne, Edith, weds Herbert Henderson 9/6/11: 9/8/11p1
Horne, Elizabeth, weds Herbert Tuttle 5/9/15: 5/14/15p4
Horne, Emma, died 5/1/14: 5/8/14p1
Horne, Frank, died 7/25/10: 7/29/10p1
Horne, Joseph (Pvt.), died 1/?/18: 1/11/18p7(ER)
Horne, Lizzie, weds Homer Waldron 11/21?/12: 11/22/12p8
Horne, Mary (Nowell), died 9/9/18: 9/20/18p6
Horne, Mary (Pierce), died 3/24/12: 3/29/12p7(ER)
Horne, Mary Ann, died 6/27/16: 6/30/16p1
Horne, Mrs. Charles (Knight), died 6/18/13: 6/27/13p2(M);7/4/13p4p2(W)
Horne, Newell, weds Lottie Whitehouse 8/25/17: 8/31/17p1
Horney, Edward, died 3/29/10: 4/1/10p1
Horney, Lavinia, died 5/3/10: 5/6/10p1
Horton, Charles, weds Bessie Rollins 6/22/11: 6/30/11p7(ER)
Houle, Amelia, weds Leon Blood 1/7/14: 1/9/14p8
Houle, Delia, died 6/21/10: 6/24/10p1
Houston, Mary, died 5/25/10: 6/3/10p1
Houston, Mary, died 6/1/10: 6/3/10p2(eb)
Howard, Atlas B., died 5/?/13: 5/23/13p1
Howard, Charles W., died 4/27/15: 4/30/15p1
Howard, Cinnie (Blaisdell), died 8/27/11: 9/1/11p1
Howard, Earl, weds Bernice Estes 8/26/18: 8/30/18p8
Howard, Eliza (Smith), died 2/5/11: 2/10/11p1
Howard, Elizabeth (Pearl), died 10/29/12: 11/1/12p1
Howard, Georgia M., 1/6/12: 1/12/12p1
Howard, John H., died 10/26/10: 10/28/10p1
Howard, Ormsbury, weds Florence Canney 5/19/12: 5/24/12p1
Howard, Rena (Watts),died 5/27/16: 6/9/16p1
Howe, Elizabeth (Clark), died 4/?/13: 4/18/13p6
Howe, Elizabeth (Clark), died 4/9/13: 4/11/13p1
Howe, Frank L., died 3/3/16: 3/10/16p3
Howe, Izetta (Parker), died 6/17/18: 6/21/18p6
Howe, T. J.., died 1/23/15: 1/29/15p2(W)
Howell, Lois (Hadley), died 9/13/12: 9/20/12p1
Howes, Cora (Bennett), died 12/3/10: 12/9/10p1
Hoyle, Abbie (Witham), died 3/5/16: 3/10/16p7
Hoyt, Benjamin F., died 1/24/14: 1/30/14p3(EB)
Hoyt, Charles E., died 11/21/10: 12/2/10p3(EB)
Hoyt, Clarence R., died 4/8/12: 4/12/12p1
Hoyt, Clarence R., died 4/8/12: 4/12/12p1
Hoyt, Elvie (Wixon), died 12/4/11: 12/8/11p7(ER)
Hoyt, Emma (Blaisdell), died 3/28/12: 4/5/01pp1,7(ER)
Hoyt, Harry, weds Josephine Turmelle 10/2/16: 10/6/16p5
Hoyt, Hazel, weds Earle Rand 8/15/17: 8/24/17p1
Hoyt, Sadie E., died 7/31/10: 8/5/10p1
Hubbard, Mary E., died 10/3/14: 10/23/14p2(MM)
Hubbard, Nellie (Churchill), died 4/10/18: 4/19/18p1
Huckins, E. Guy, weds Ruth A. Brock, 6/30/15: 7/2/15p1
Huckins, John I., died 11/8/11: 11/10/11p8
Hughes, Adelphine, weds James Ricker 2/2/13: 2/7/13p8
Hughes, Joseph, weds Bertha Berry 10/6/13: 10/10/13p4
Hull, Janet (McIlroy), died 11/2/12: 11/8/12p4
Hull, Robert, weds Marie Vachon 6/24/12: 6/28/12p1
Hunt, Ethel, died 3/29/14: 4/3/14p1
Hunter, Helen (Warburton), died 4/21/10: 4/29/10p13
Hunter, James C., died 10/24/10: 10/28/10p1
Huntoon, Elnora (Garland), die3d 6/1/17: 6/8/17p5
Huppe, Joseph, weds Letitia Grondon 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Hurd, Ann (Roberts), died 1/14/18: 1/18/18p3
Hurd, Cora E., died 1/9/16: 1/14/16p1
Hurd, Elizabeth (Downs), died 4/5/14: 4/10/14p7(ER)
Hurd, Etta, died 2/7/16: 2/11/16p2(W)
Hurd, Frank Herbert, died 12/17/12: 12/20/12p1
Hurd, Fred, died 9/6/13: 9/12/13p1
Hurd, George W., died 12/11?/12: 12/13/12p2(W)
Hurd, John S., died  5/7/12: 5/10/12p4(ER)
Hurd, Louis F., died 1/16/17: 1/19/17p1
Hurd, Lydia (Wentworth), died 10/26/17: 11/2/17p8
Hurd, Wesley, weds Angie Allen 5/14/17: 5/18/17p8
Hurd, Wilbur S., weds Christine Stokes 2/24/12: 3/1/12p1
Hurlburt, William, died 11/1/14: 11/6/14p1
Huse, Henry, weds Gertrude Ross 10/13/13: 10/24/13p3(EB)
Hussey, Caroline Watson, died 3/17/15: 3/19/15p1
Hussey, Charles E., died 10/17/15: 10/22/15p1
Hussey, Charles L., promoted in US Navy: 9/1/11p1
Hussey, Helen, weds William Champlin 11/29/13: 12/5/13p1
Hussey, J. D., weds Bessie De La Haye 6/29/15: 7/2/15p1
Hussey, Louis M., died 5/12/13: 5/20/10p1
Hussey, Martion J., died 2/25/17: 3/2/17p5
Hussey, Mary (Evans), died 3/27/12: 3/29/12p1
Hussey, Mary (McDuffee), died 5/7/13: 5/23/13p1
Hussey, Mrs. James F., died 7/?/18: 8/9/18p5(CN)
Hussey, Rosena (Hussey) [sic], died 9/23/12: 9/27/12p1
Hussey, Silas, died 3/22/13: 3/28/13p1
Hussey, Teresa (Burger), died 8/25/17: 8/31/17p5
Hutchins, Lavina (Walker), died ?/?/18: 6/7/18p9(ER)
Hutchins, Lois C., died 5/5/15: 5/7/15p1
Hutchins, Sarah A., died 12/?/10: 1/6/11p7
Hutchinson, Marion, weds Harold Hinman 8/26?/13: 8/29/13p4
Hyatt, Myra, died 2/19/10: 2/25/10p1

Igo, Thomas, weds Nellie Crotty 11/28?/13: 12/5/13p1
Ingalls, Helen E., died 2/23/18: 3/1/18p1
Inman, Fred H., died 7/?/10: 7/29/10p1
Inman, Mary (Tebbetts), died 5/7/17: 5/11/17p8

Jackson, George A., died 9/10/13: 9/12/13p1
Jackson, Joseph A., died 4/12/13: 4/18/13p1
Jackson, Sarah (Pearl), died 9/13/17: 9/21/17p7
Jackson, Wilbur, weds Gladys Crocker 12/?/14: 12/11/14p1
Jacobs, Albert, weds Bernice Foss 3/2/11: 3/10/11p8
Jacobs, Amanda, died 7/?/16: 8/4/16p7(G)
Jacobs, David, died 3/27/17: 3/30/17p7(ER)
Jacobs, Elbridge S., died 4/10/16: 4/14/16p6
Jacobs, George S., died 11/4/17: 11/9/17p7(ER)
Jacobs, Gladys, weds Herbert Canfield 8/28/18: 8/30/18p8
Jacobs, Melissa H., died 11/14/14: 11/11/20/15:19/15p7
Jacobs, Noaman E., died 1/24/13: 1/31/13p7(ER)
Jacque, Vital, died 5/2/14: 5/8/14p9
Jacques, Albertine, weds Joseph Luneau 5/9/10: 5/13/10p1
Jacques, Archie, weds Rosa Plourde 4/13/15: 4/16/15p1
Jacques, Joseph A., died 8/14/11: 8/18/11p1
Jacques, Ludgar, died 10/6/13: 10/10/13p1
Jacques, Mrs. Peter (Grondin): 2/1/18p6
Jacques, Obed, died 12/6/16: 12/8/16p5
Jacques, Philomene (Pouliotte), died 12/3/14: 12/11/14p1
Jacques, Rosalie (Simoneau), died 6/14/18: 6/21/18p6
Jalbert, Louis, died 5/3/14: 5/8/14p9
Jellerson, Martha (Leary) died 6/12/17: 6/15/17p8
Jellison, Mary A., died 1/16/11: 1/20/11p1
Jenkins, Adeline (Jenkins), died 4/10/16: 4/14/16p6
Jenness, Alma (Hawkins),died 2/9/16: 2/18/16p2(BR)
Jenness, Charles G., died 7/30/14: 8/7/14p1
Jenness, Charles, weds Elizabeth Sargent 10/5/16: 10/13/16p1
Jenness, Clara, died 3/29/11: 4/7/11p2(M)
Jenness, Cyrus, weds Mary Prescott 9/?/12: 9/6/12p4
Jenness, Earle, weds Clara Little 5/25/18: 5/31/18p10
Jenness, Elwood, weds Helen Brewster 6/?/16: 6/23/16p1
Jenness, Lucy (Chesley), died 5/12/18: 5/17/18p11
Jenness, Myron, weds Ruth Libbey 12/27/16: 12/29/16p8
Jenness, S. (Miss), died 3/22/11: 3/31/11p2(M)
Jenness, Stephen, died 2/17/16: 2/25/16p7
Jenness, Tressa(?), weds Fred Ellis 1/1/13: 1/10/13p8
Jenness, William, celebrates 80th birthday: 1/23/14p1
Jenness, William, weds Etta Router 8/4/10: 8/12/10p1
Jewell, Samuel F., died 11/22/11: 11/24/11p8
Jewett, Daniel G., died 7/1/16: 7/7/16p1
Jewett, Mary A., died 8/7/10: 8/12/10p1(MM)
Johnson, Arthur, died 1/22/18: 1/25/18p7(G)
Johnson, Benjamin F., weds Susie Smith 3/8/16: 3/10/16p1
Johnson, Delia, weds George Emerson 1/1/10: 1/7/10p1
Johnson, Fred, weds Stella Murray 9/20/11: 9/29/11p2(MM)
Johnson, Jane H., died 4/19/10: 4/22/10p1
Johnson, Mildred (Philpot), died 2/5/15: 2/12/15p1
Johnson, Niles, died 1/13/18: 1/25/18p4
Johnson, Wilfred, weds Gertrude Harris 11/23/10: 12/2/10p1
Johnston, James, died 12/?/10: 12/30/10p4(G)2
Jones, Annie M. (Hall), died 6/22/15: 6/25/15p7(ER): 7/2/15p7(ER)
Jones, Christie L., died 3/6/14: 3/13/14p2(M)
Jones, Frank, died 5/1/15: 5/7/15p7(ER)
Jones, Frank, weds Lottie Harrington 1/12/11: 1/20/11p1
Jones, Harriet (Grover), died 7/?/17: 8/3/17p7(ER)
Jones, Hattie (Grover), died 7/?/17: 8/3/17p1
Jones, Katherine, weds Fred Livinstone 11/2?/10: 11/11/10p2(M)
Jones, Lena (Hart), died 2/12/10: 2/18/10p2(M);2/25/10p2(M)
Jones, Linnie (Sweet), died 6/7/10: 6/10/10p1;6/17/10p1
Jones, Mabel, weds James Rankin 6/8?/10: 6/10/10p7(ER)
Jones, Raymond, weds Ruth Reynolds 5/19/13: 5/23/13p1
Jones, Raymond, weds Ruth Reynolds 5/19/13: 5/23/13p7(ER)
Jordan, Dorothy M.,  died 9/3/16: 9/8/16p1
Jordan, Lucy A., died 9/4/13: 9/5/13p1
Jordan, Lydia, died ?/?/13: 12/5/13p1
Jordon, Charles, weds Alice French 11/30/16: 12/8/16p8
Joy, Joseph F., died 6/13/12: 6/21/12p8
Joy, Roland, weds Mary Waterhouse 10/4/11: 10/6/11p1
Joyce, Leon A., died 11/6/12: 11/8/12p4
Junkins, Emily (Fernald), died 11/1/17: 11/9/17p4

Kaler, Annettee, died 6/12/14: 6/19/14p1
Kay, James A., died 8/1/14: 8/7/14p1
Keating, Ellen, died 9/21/13: 9/26/13p8
Keating, John, weds Teresa Hanlon 10/11/11: 10/20/11p1
Keay, Lewis, died 7/2/14: 7/3/14p7(ER)
Kelley, Carrie (Grace), died 11/26/14: 12/4/14pp1,3(EB)
Kelley, Clarence, weds Marion Gardner: 1/28/10p2(M)
Kelley, Dinette (Verrill), died 8/22/19: 8/26/10p5
Kelley, Henry M., died 11/21?/12: 11/29/12p1
Kelley, Katherine (Foye), died 7/28/12: 8/2/12p1
Kendall, Edna (Kelley), died 9/9/11: 9/15/11p7
Kendall, Russell, dued 6/24/14: 6/26/14p1
Kendall, William H., died 4/10/11: 4/14/11p1
Kilcoin, Mary (Quinn), died 8/14/12: 8/16/12p1
Kilcoine, Kathleen (Casey), died 2/9?/17: 2/16/17p5
Kilcolne, Mary, weds Thomas Ludden 4/12/10: 4/15/10p1
Killcoyne, Owen, weds Briggie Grady 7/28/14: 7/31/14p1
Kimball, Annie, died 12/10/17: 12/14/17p2(M); 12/21/17p2(M)
Kimball, Ardena, died 8/10/11: 8/18/11p1
Kimball, Carroll, weds Winnefred Allen 10/21/12: 10/25/12p1
Kimball, Clara (Walker), died 3/10/17: 3/16/17p4
Kimball, Ella, weds Moses Peavey 4/23/13: 4/25/13p1
Kimball, Emily (Jewett), died 3/17/14: 3/20/14p1
Kimball, Florence, weds John Ring 5/7/17: 6/22/17p8
Kimball, George A., died 12/?/17: 12/28/17p2(M)
Kimball, Henry W., weds Rena Lang 10/27/15: 11/5/15p1
Kimball, Henry, weds Josephine Place 2/12/11: 2/24/11p7(ER)
Kimball, John S., retires as postmaster: 3/3/16p1
Kimball, Jonathon E., died 7/25/14: 7/31/14p7
Kimball, M&M E. L., to celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/27/14p1
Kimball, M&M Oscar F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/2/15p10
Kimball, Marion, weds Leroy Walsh 7/?/18: 7/19/18p1
Kimball, Sabina, celebrates 98th birthday: 4/29/10p2(M)
Kimball, Sarah K., died 1/2/10: 1/7/10p5
Kimball, Walter, weds Zoe Cross 5/18/12: 5/24/12p1
King, Daniel, died 6/11?/15: 6/18/15p6
King, Lucius, weds Lillian Collins 10/20/17: 10/26/17p8
King, Michael, died 7/8/18: 7/12/18p8
Kingsbury, Georgianna (Thomas), died 3/12/18: 3/15/18p1
Knight, John E., died 2/14/18: 2/22/18p7(ER)
Knight, Laverne, weds Walter Roscoe 5/3/13: 5/9/13p1
Knight, Mary died 10/27/15: 11/5/15p7(ER)
Knox, Abbie, died 1/24/17: 2/2/17p2(M)
Knox, Alvah W., died 4/28/14: 5/1/14p1
Knox, Amos, died 3/?/12: 3/8/12p7(ER)
Knox, Eleanor, weds Royb Turner 9/9?/12: 9/13/12p7(ER)
Knox, Frances, weds Herman Mooney 3/24/16: 4/7/16p6
Knox, Josephine, weds Benjamin Smith 6/6/3/16: 6/9/16p7(ER)
Knox, M&M Ira, celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/28/10p2(M)
Knox, Mrs. Simeon, died 2/19/11: 2/24/11p1
Knox, Muriel F., died 12/12/14: 12/18/14p8
Knox, Nora, weds Daniel Hartford 9/1/17: 9/7/17p8
Kramer, Rudolph, died 1/1/18/12: 1/19/12p1
Kremeston, Sadie, weds Caviss Darbe 3/10/15: 3/19/15p1

Labrie, Etienne, died 6/5/14: 6/12/14p4
Lacasse, Fred, weds Clytie Horne 9/1/13: 9/5/13p1
Lachance, Clara, died 4/16/12: 4/19/12p1
Lachance, Clara, weds Walter Lambert 5/10/15: 5/14/15p1
Lachance, Delina, died 4/7/18: 4/12/18p178
Lachance, Louis, weds Marilda Grondin 10/19/12: 10/25/12p1
Lachance, Wilbur, died 4/2/13: 4/4/13p4
LaCroix, Eva, weds Leo Dubois 11/18/14: 11/20/14p4
Lacroix, Joseph, weds Yvonne Virvelle 8/6/17: 8/10/17p7(G)
Laliberte, Lydia, weds Joseph Dubois 9/22/13: 9/26/13p7
Lambert, Annie (Turgeon), died 9/12/14: 9/18/14p1
Lambert, Mary (Cadrant), died 3/1?/16: 3/3/16p4
Lambert, Walter, weds Clara Lachance 5/10/15: 5/14/15p1
Lamontagne, Annette, died 4/28/14: 5/1/14p1
Lamper, Frank, died 3/16/17: 3/23/17p7(ER)
Lamy, Ernest, weds Lena Cartier 2/20/14: 2/20/14p1
Landry, Joseph, died 9/20/16: 9/29/16p8
Landry, Lillian, died 8/10/11: 8/18/11p1
Landry, Mary, died 7/9/14: 7/17/14p8
Landry, Thomas, died 12/30/16: 1/5/17p45
Lane, Gladys, weds Irving Crawford 7/2/17: 7/6/17p1
Lang, Rena A., weds Henry Kimball 10/27/15: 11/5/15p1
Langelier, M&M Napolean, celebrate 25th: 11/17/16p4
Langevin, Alfred, died 8/31/11: 9/8/11p8
Lanoix, Olivine, weds Felix Labonne 10/27/14: 10/30/14p6(G)
LaPierre (Stone), Alice, weds Fernando Verville 6/5/16: 6/9/16p7(G)
Lapierre, Joseph Jr., weds Alma Vallier 9/15/13: 9/19/13p1
Lapierre, Virginia (Richer), died 7/13/17: 7/20/17pp1,8(G)
Laplante, Reno, died 11/3/10: 11/11/10p1
Lapointe, Oleida, weds August Tetrault 11/25/12: 11/29/12p1
Larochelle, Adolph, died 9/28/10: 10/7/10p1
LaRochelle, Alfred, weds Alice Sylvain 3/6/16: 3/10/16p4(G)
Larochelle, Flora, weds Lucien Remy 9/17/17: 9/21/17p7
Larochelle, Fred, weds Rosa Vachon 11/10/13: 11/14/13p9
Larochelle, Georgianna, weds Ernest LeBlond 11/4/13: 11/7/13p8
Larochelle, Georgie, (Mrs.), weds Albert Perreault 10/27/10: 9/30/10p4
Larochelle, Ida, weds Ludgar Vachon 9/22/13: 9/26/13p7
Larochelle, Lea, weds Arthur Rancour 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Larochelle, Leda, weds Charles Maher 5/6/12: 5/10/12p1
Larochelle, Louise, weds Ernest Derome 6/19/18: 6/21/18p6
Larochelle, Mary, weds Simeon Rainville 1/7/13: 1/10/13p8
Larochelle, Melda, weds Philip LaVallie 11/25?/15: 12/3/15p6
Larochelle, Mrs. Pierre (Bourgault), died 4/29?/10: 5/6/10p1
Larochelle, Phoebe, weds Alphonse Lambert 9/27/15: 10/1/15p1
LaRose, Clorida, weds Edward Boucher 11/27/16: 12/1/16p7(G)
Laskey, Charles H., died 12/5?/12: 12/13/12p2(MM)
Laskey, Edith (Meserve), died 10/24/12: 11/1/12p1
Laskey, Leroy, weds Mildred Foss 6/27/14: 7/3/14p1
Laskey, Mary (Rogers), died 8/3/14: 8/7/14p1
Lasxkey, Sarah, died 3/21/10: 4/15/10p2
Laurendeau, Flossie, weds Arthur Beaulieu 5/15/16: 5/19/16pp1,7(G)
LaVallie, Philip, weds Melda Larochelle 11/25?/15: 12/3/15p6
Lavertue, Joseph, died 11/14/17: 11/16/17p5
Lavigne, Fred, weds Jennie Flannigan 9/3/12: 9/6/12p4
Lavoie, Albert, to wed Belonna Dilene 6/3/12: 5/31/12p6(G)
Lawler, Mrs. James, died 7/4/11: 7/14/11p4(G)
Lawrence, Annie L., died 6/27/16: 6/30/16p1
Lawrence, Marion, weds Peter Wallace 5/15/10: 5/20/10p1
Leader, John J., died 2/7/15: 2/12/15p1
Leary, Mary E., died 11/2/17: 11/9/17p4
Leavitt, Frederick, weds Lillian Webber 3/23/18: 3/29/18p1
Leavitt, Lena, weds William Jacobs 3/14/14: 2/20/14p1
Leavitt, Ovid, weds Louise Schaff 6?/?/18: 7/12/18p1
LeBlond, Edna, died 8/30/14: 9/4/14p4(CN)
LeBlond, Edna, weds Cecil Foss 11/4/16: 11/10/16p8
LeBlond, Ernest, weds Georgianna Larochelle 11/4/13: 11/7/13p8
LeBlond, Flossie, weds Joseph Maxfield 5/26/14: 5/29/14p1
LeClair, Anna (Valley), died 4/28/18: 5/3/18p8
LeClair, Charles, died 9/6/13: 9/12/13p1
LeClair, Louis, weds Clara Pelletier 4/7/13: 4/11/13p1
LeCross, Miss, weds M. Caplette [no first names given] 10/11/15: 10/15/15p7(G)
Lectinsky, George, died 9/17/17: 9/21/17p1
Lefay, Bertha, weds Eugene Mondville 12/23/11: 12/29/11p1
Lefebre, Olida (Fecteau), died 2/2/14: 2/6/14p1
Leggott, Mederic, weds Angeline Broullard 8/2/15: 8/6/15p5
Legro, Ebe, died 12/6/10: 12/9/10p7(ER)
Leighton, Earl, weds Alma Perreault 11/11/12: 11/15/12p4
Leighton, Hannah E., died 1/28/11: 2/3/11p1
Leighton, James, died 10/6/17: 10/12/17p8
Leighton, Mary A., died 1/23/11: 1/27/11p1
Lemire, Eugenie, weds Joseph Gagne 6/1/11: 6/2/11p8
Lemke, Arthur, weds Elizabeth Foss 5/20/16: 5/26/16p5
Lessard, Archie, weds Hazel Rollins ?/?/17: 6/8/17p8
Lessard, Demerise, weds Charles Plourde 8/12/12: 8/16/12p1
Lessard, Edward, died 8/17/11: 8/25/11p1
Lessard, Lizzie (Piercey), died 9/19/14: 9/25/14p6
Letch, Jason, died 1/4/10: 1/7/10p5
Letch, M&M William, celebrate 46th anniversary: 11/10/11p8
Leterneau, Florida (Grondin), died 12/30/17 1/4/18p6
Letourneau, Leo, died 9/10/14: 9/18/14p8
Letteney, Rachel (Quinn), died 2/7/14: 2/13/14p1
Levesque, Charles, died 11/25/16: 12/1/16p8
Levesque, Mary, weds Charles Morse 2/8/13: 2/14/13p8
Lewsi, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/26/15p2(MM)
Libbey, Ruth, died in accident 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Libbey, Ruth, weds Myron Jenness 12/27/16: 12/29/16p8
Libby, Frank H., died 10/7/14: 10/16/14p4
Libby, George T., died 5/?/17: 6/8/17p7(ER)
Libby, Ralph A., died 2/9/13: 2/14/13p8
Libby, Reuben, died 3/25/10: 4/1/10p3(EB)
Lightbody, Ruth, weds Henry Dow 12/7?/12: 6/7/12p1
Lincoln, Susie E., died 12/30/15: 1/7/16p5
Lindsay, Arthur, died 2/10/17: 2/16/17p2(MM)
Lique, Anna (Howard), died 9/16/16: 9/22/16p8
Lique, Frank, died 7/30/16: 8/4/16p1
Little, Norman, died 7/19/18: 8/9/18p1
Littlefield, Bertha, weds Lionel O'Brien 10/6/17: 10/12/17p8
Littlefield, Edwin J., died 4/18/13: 4/25/13p1
Littlefield, Lillian V., died 9/26/14: 10/2/14p8
Littlefield, Perly, died 10/14/15: 10/15/15p1
Littlefield, Rose M., weds Ira P. Lucas 11/7/15: 11/12/15p1
Livingston, Irving, weds Gladys Hayes 6/6/10: 6/10/10p1
Locke, Alice H., weds Harold Yeaton 9/2/15: 9/10/15p1
Locke, Amy, weds Percy Crosby 8/21/12: 8/30/12p5(CN)
Locke, Florence E., weds Herman Page 9/16/15: 10/1/15p1
Locke, Gertrude, weds Albion Weeks 10/25/16: 11/3/16p3
Locke, Karley, weds Lizize[sic] Arlin 5/17/11: 5/19/11p1
Locke, Samuel S., died 11/28?/13: 12/5/13p1
Locke, Samuel, died 12/4?/13: 12/5/13p3(EB)
Locke, Sarah (Smith), died 6/4/15: 6/11/15p6
Loignan, John, weds Marie Vachon 11/5/17: 11/9/17p5
Loignan, Mary, died 5/9/17: 5/11/17p8
Loignan, Orianna, weds Alfred Grenier 1/12/14: 1/16/14p8
Looney, Ned F., died 4/19/18: 4/26/18p2(M)
Lord, Anna J., died 12/31/14: 1/8/15p1 OK
Lord, Bernice, weds Archie Emerson 4/26/11: 5/5/11p1
Lord, Clifford, weds Grace Rand 11/7/16: 11/10/16p1
Lord, Dora, died 1/?/16: 1/28/16p2(MM)
Lord, Elizabeth, weds Lester Perkins 12/25/13: 1/2/14p2(MM)
Lord, George, weds Grace Rolfe 11/15/16: 11/17/16p1
Lord, Josephine D., died 10/22/14: 10/30/14p2(M)
Lord, Lafeyette E., died 9/25/14: 10/2/14p1
Lord, Rose, died 6/3/11: 6/9/11p1
Lord, Vesta, died 3/1/14: 3/6/14p2(MM)
Loring, Melvin L., weds Eudoxine Gaudette 2/?/15: 3/5/15p1
Loring, William S., died 12/7/15: 12/10/15p1
Loud, Ida (Hayes), died 6/16/11: 6/16/11p1
Loud, John S., died 5/9/17: 5/11/17p8
Loud, John, weds Julia Sanborn 12/18/12: 12/20/12p1
Lougee, Marianna, died 8/18/13: 8/22/13p1
Loughlin, Celia, weds Henry Doble 8/30/10: 9/2/10p2(M)
Loughlin, Ellen, died 12/8/10: 12/16/10p2(M)2
Loughlin, John, died 10/18/10: 11/25/10p5
Lovejoy, William K., died 8/16/13: 8/22/13p1
Lovell, H., weds Iola MacIntire 10/18/13: 10/24/13p2(M)
Lowd, Freeman, weds Mary Wentworth 9/19/19: 9/28/17p(MM)
Lowd, Sarah, died 10/8/15: 10/15/15p4(MM)
Lowd, Viola, died 10/10/10: 10/14/10p2(MM)
Lowe, Sarah, weds David Shields 10/26/10: 11/4/10p1
Lowell, Eliza (Nichols), died 11/2/17: 11/9/17pp2(M),4
Lowell, Hazel V., weds C. H. Randall ?/?/15: 7/2/15p7(ER)
Lucas, Ira P., weds Rose M. Littlefield 11/7/15: 11/12/15p1
Lucey, Agnes, weds Ralph Corson 6/23/14: 6/26/14p4(G)
Ludden, Margaret, died 4/6/17: 4/13/17p4
Ludden, Margaret, weds Charles McInerney 6/30/13: 7/4/13p1
Ludden, Michael, died 3/29/18: 4/5/18p4
Ludden, Thomas, died 12/17/14: 12/25/14p8
Ludden, Thomas, weds Mary Kilcolne 4/12/10: 4/15/10p1
Luneau, Joseph, weds Albertine Jacques 5/9/10: 5/13/10p1
Lunt, Hannah (Stacey), died 6/15/17: 6/22/17p8
Lunt, Wilbur, weds Florence Hayes 9/7/10: 9/9/10p1
Lupien, Henry M., died 3/17/13: 3/21/13p7(ER)
Lupien, John, weds Clara Parsons 9/24/12: 10/4/12p7(ER)
Lynch, Winnifred, died 3/3/10p1
Lyons, Dora, weds Barton Grover 12/4/11: 12/8/11p1

Mace, Hiram A., died 12/20/11: 1/5/12p4
Mace, Myrtle, weds George Smith 11/1/16: 11/3/16p1
MacIntire, Iola, weds H. Lovell 10/18/13: 10/24/13p2(M)
Maddox, Hazel, weds Fred Martineau 7/9/10: 7/15/10p1
Maguire, Farnk B., died 3/25/16: 3/31/16p1
Mahaney, Dennis, weds Mary Hannon 6/10/14: 6/19/14p1
Mahaney, John, weds Nellie Collins 6/29/10: 7/1/10p1
Maher, , John, died 12/23/15: 12/31/15p6
Maher, Charles, weds Leda Larochelle 5/6/12: 5/10/12p1
Mahoney, Daniel, weds Bessie Sheehan 7/?/13: 7/11/13p1
Mahoney, Jeremiah, died 5/?/14: 6/5/14p8
Malbon, Hannah (Hanson), died 4/25/17: 4/27/17p8
Malbon, Samuel F., died 2/27/18: 3/1/18p1
Manion, Mary, died 5/28/14: 6/5/14p1
Manson, George E., died 9/30/10: 10/7/10p7(ER)
Manson, George, died 10/5/11: 10/13/11p2(MM)
Manson, Lizzie, died 2/27/12: 3/1/12p2(MM);3/8/12p2(MM)
Marchand, Alphonse, weds Emma Morrison 4/24/16: 4/28/16p5
Marchand, Henry E., died 8/27/18: 8/30/18p8
Marchand, Ora, weds Willis Hayes 10/9/15: 10/15/15p11
Marcotte, Dona, died 2/19/12: 2/23/12p1
Marcotte, Leonida, died 3/21?/18: 3/29/18p9
Marcotte, Louis, died ?/?/17: 4/27/17p1
Marcotte, Victoria, weds Wilbrod Couture 1/8/17: 1/12/17p8
Marcotte, Virginia (Beaudoin), died 4/12/17: 4/20/17p8
Marcoux, Adelaide (Cyr), died 7/12/16: 7/14/16p8
Marcoux, Joseph, died 1/10/13: 1/17/13p1
Marcoux, Joseph,died 8/27/14: 9/4/14p1
Marison, Harriet, weds Irving Carll 8/7/12: 8/16/12p1
Marison, Hattie, weds Albert Nason 6/?/18: 6/14/18p7(CN)
Marison, Mary (Hanson), died 10/19/14: 10/23/14p4(G)
Marison, Walter, died 3/2/15: 3/5/15p1;3/12/15p7(G)
Mark, Fred A., died 11/?/11: 1/20/11p1
Mark, Nettie, died 12/?/12: 12/20/12p2(M)
Marquis, Alphonse, weds Alice Thivierge 6/4/17: 6/8/17p1
Marquis, Georgianna (Drolet), died 2/13/18: 2/15/18p1
Marquis, M&M Ferdinand, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/3/11p6
Marrison, Nellie, weds Fauntleroy Tripp 6/18/16: 6/23/16p2(WM)
Marsden, John, weds Mary Walsh 12/24/11: 12/29/11p1
Martin, Alfres, weds Mary Couture 5/28/17: 6/1/17p1
Martin, William, weds Edith Gray 4/15/11: 4/21/11p1
Martineau, Fred, weds Hazel Maddox 7/9/10: 7/15/10p1
Martineau, Lafayette, weds Ina Harrington 2/27/15: 3/5/15p1
Martineau, Mary, died 11/4/13: 11/7/13p1
Martineau, Rosa, weds Wilfred Ferland 8/29/10: 9/2/10p1
Mason, Annie, weds Increase Watson 10/7/16: 10/13/16p1
Mason, Elvira (Shepard), died 7/2/18: 7/12/18p7(EB)
Mason, Florence, weds Leo Parsons 3/23/12: 3/29/12p1
Mason, Magaret, died 2/2/15: 2/5/15p1
Mason, Maggie (Williamson), died 3/22/15: 4/2/15p7(ER)
Mason, Mary (Mooney), died 10/2/13: 10/3/13p1
Mason, Susie Maloon, died 11/28/11: 12/1/11p1
Masse, Napolean, weds Wilda Cartier 9/2/16: 9/8/16p7(G)
Masse, Napolean, weds Wilda Cartier 9/3/17: 9/7/17p8
Massey, Edward, weds Iva Bryant 5/3/13: 5/9/13p1
Massey, Ernest, weds Albina Grenier 5/1/11: 5/5/11p1
Mathes, Louise, died 10/3/17: 10/5/17p8
Mathews, Betsy (Horne), died 7/14/16: 7/21/16p1
Maxfield, George, died 6/13/18: 7/19/18p1; 8/2/18p1
Maxfield, Joseph, weds Flossie LeBlond 5/26/14: 5/29/14p1
Maxfield, Mary, weds Francis O'Brien 9/20/17: 9/21/17p1
May, Mildred, weds Irving Stewart 10/31/17: 11/9/17p7(ER)
McCabe, Elizabeth, died 6/19,15: 6/25/15p8
McCabe, Patrick, died 1/21/16: 1/28/16p10
McCabe, Sarah J., died 8/21/17: 8/31/17p5
McCallough, Mrs. Andrew, died 1/13/11: 1/13/11p1
McCauley, James O., died 5/5/10: 5/13/10p1
McCauley, Miles E., died 3/29?/12: 4/5/01p1
McClelland, Mary, died 7/?/14: 7/31/14p7
McCombe, Leon, weds Velma Bowers 4/20/18: 5/3/18p11
McCrillis, Alice (Chisholm), died 2/26/10: 3/4/10p7(ER)
McCrillis, George,died 9/12/16: 9/22/16p7(ER)
McCrillis, Mary (Davis), died 1/26/10: 1/28/10p1
McDaniels, Lovina, died 2/14/12: 2/23/12p1
McDonald, Nellie (Whitehouse), died 1/27/14: 1/30/14p3(EB)
McDowell, Nora B., died 1/?/13: 1/31/13p4(G)
McDuffee, Charles, weds Grace Calef 12/25/12: 2/21/13p1
McDuffee, Dana H., died 7/31/15: 8/6/15p6
McDuffee, Frances, weds John Cochrane 4/14/17: 4/20/17p7(G)
McDuffee, George C., died 5/1/17: 5/4/17p8
McDuffee, George, weds Eva Whipple 11/13/13: 11/21/13p1
McDuffee, J. Arthur, died 4/25/11p1(G);5/5/11p8(G)
McDuffee, Lucy (Carpenter), died 8/23/10: 8/26/10p1
McDuffee, Lydia (York), died 12/5/13: 12/12/13p3
McDuffee, Mary (Flagg), died 4/?/12: 4/12/12p1(G)
McDuffee, Mary (Hartford), died 1/8/10: 1/14/10p1
McDuffee, Sarah A., died 7/17/17: 7/20/17p1
McDuffee, Walter, weds Lillian Thompson 6/17/14: 6/26/14p5
McElroy, Andrew, died 2/5/14: 2/13/14p7(ER)
McElroy, Thomas, died 1/8/16: 1/14/16p7(ER)
McElwaine, George B., died 1/25/14: 1/30/14p8
McGerry, William, weds Bertha Holmes 9/25/16: 9/29/16p5
McGowen, Elizabeth, died 2/1/14: 2/6/14p7(ER)
McGowen, Sarah, weds Elmer Hartford 8/4/14: 8/7/14p1
McGregor, Donald, weds Mineola Hunt 12/22/16: 12/29/16p1
McGregor, Nellie, died 11/12/15: 11/19/15p2(NR)
McIlroy, John, died 6/24?/17: 6/29/17p5
McInerney, Charles, weds Margaret Ludden 6/30/13: 7/4/13p1
McInerney, John, weds Josephine Baker 10/16/12: 10/18/12p1
McIntire, Ruth, weds Sameul Hartford 2/24/17: 3/2/17p1
McIntire, Thomas, weds Mamie, O,Malley 6/56/10: 6/10/10p1
McIntyre, Arthur, died 5/18/13: 5/23/13p1
McKay, Edward J., died 7/13/12: 7/19/12p8
McKay, Mary (Drew), died 3/21/17: 3/23/17p5; 3/30/17p4
McLaughlin, William, died 11/15/16: 11/17/16p4
McMann, John, died 3/13/11: 3/17/11p3(EB)
McMechan, John, weds Mary Burns 9/?/12: 10/4/12p3(G)
McMechen, John, weds Nellie Cater 3/6/12: 3/8/12p1
McNally, Frank, died 10/2/10: 10/7/10p7(ER)
McPherson, W. S., died 5/23/11: 5/26/11p1
McQuade, Eliza (Vallely), died 10/8/10: 10/14/10p1
McRay, Kenneth, weds Ethel Brown 8/10/18: 8/16/18p1
Meader, Eunice (Scruton), died 4/30/17: 5/11/17p3
Meader, Harry L., weds Alice Weare 11/13/15: 11/19/15p1
Meader, James, weds Mildred Hanlon 6/30?/17: 7/6/17p1
Meader, Jennie, weds Ray Chadbourne 2/28/11: 3/3/11p1
Meader, Sarah V., died 3/29?/16: 3/31/16p1
Meader, Stephen C., died 5/?/15: 6/11/15p1,9; 6/11/15p7(G)
Meader, William H., died 12/5/10: 12/16/10p12;1/20/11p1
Meikle, William Sr., died 9/13?/11: 9/15/11p2(W)
Melkie, Maria, died 3/7/10: 3/18/10p4(MM)
Mercie, Clara, weds George Tryon 1/10/16: 1/14/16p7
Merrill, Frederic H., died 9/16/12: 9/20/12p1
Meserve, Edith, weds Leroy Laske 7/3/12: 7/12/12p1
Meserve, Edna, weds Horace Bickford 8/5/13: 8/8/13p1
Meserve, Eunice (Abbott), died 7/3/11: 7/7/11p1
Meserve, Mary, weds Harry Berry 9/26/16: 10/6/16p6
Meserve, Samuel Y., died 7/?/18: 7/19/18p5(CN)
Messier, Adolph, weds Mary Gilbert 9/25/16: 9/29/16p5
Messier, Eliza, weds Emile Coutier 8/28/16: 9/1/16p5
Messier, Exilda, died 11/6/15: 11/12/15p1
Messier, Florence, weds George Martin 10/2/16: 10/6/16p5
Messier, May, weds Wilfred Bergeron 4/15/18: 4/19/18p1
Messier, Merilda, weds Arthur Anderson 10/30/11: 11/3/11p1
Metcalf, Sarah, died 4/10/18: 4/12/18p188
Miller, Daniel, weds Clara Tozier 7//?/18: 7/19/18p5(CN)
Miller, Sarah Hodgdon., died 3/23/16: 3/31/16p2
Mills, Amanda (Page), died 6/17/18: 7/5/18p8
Mills, George, weds Henrietta Staples 10/20/17: 10/26/17p8
Mills, Joseph F., died 7/4/10: 7/8/10p1
Mills, Olive (Canney), died 4/20/11: 4/28/11p1
Mills, William F., died 5/2/13: 5/9/13p2(BR)
Minard, Edwin, weds Rebecca Gagne 6/5/17: 6/8/17p2(NR)
Mitchell, Edgar, died 8/22/14: 8/28/14p1
Mitchell, Emma T., died 1/13/16: 1/21/16p1
Mitchell, Florence, died ?/?/14: 4/3/14p7(ER)
Mithee, Frank S., weds Lillian Palmer 4/29/16: 5/5/16p4
Moison, May, weds George Clough 7/7/17: 7/13/17p1
Molaan, Arthur, died 9/2/14: 9/4/14p1
Molsen, Obeline, died 2/16/17: 2/23/17p1
Moody, Beulah, weds Ray Southard 2/23/18: 3/1/18p1
Moody, Charles O., died 4/?/10: 4/8/10p7(ER)
Mooney, Benjamin H., died 11/1/17: 11/9/17p4
Mooney, Herman, weds Frances Knox 3/24/16: 4/7/16p6
Mooney, Myra (Granville), died 4/21/11: 4/28/11p1
Moore, Mary, weds Edward Blossom 4/6/10: 4/8/10p1
Moore, Sarah (Downs), died 8/1/17: 8/10/17p2(M)
Morgan, Ellen, died 11/29/15: 12/3/15p1
Morgan, Frederick T., died 9/3/13: 9/12/13p8(CN)
Morgan, Helen (McQuade), died 10/27/10: 10/28/10p1
Morgan, James,. died 4/17/12: 4/26/12p1
Morin, David O., pardoned by governor: 5/25/17p7
Morin, Ida, weds Emeleo Beaulieu 10/25/10: 10/28/10p1
Morin, J. J., weds Mary Daley 7/2/13: 7/4/13p1
Morin, Minnie (Hersom), died 7/9/11: 7/14/11p1
Morrell, Victoria (Berry), died 6/14/12: 6/21/12p1
Morrill, Gladys B., weds Edward W. Tate 8/27/15: 9/3/15p6
Morrill, Jedediah, died 5/29/10: 6/3/10p1
Morrill, Lucy (Tebbetts), died 8/1/17: 8/3/17p1
Morrill, Rebecca, died 12/23/16: 12/29/16p8
Morrison, Emma, weds Alphonse Marchand 4/24/16: 4/28/16p5
Morse, Charles, weds Mary Levesque 2/8/13: 2/14/13p8
Mortenson, Valfred, weds James Callahan 4/23/17: 4/27/17p1
Mortimer, Fred, weds Sadie Harmon 6/2/13: 6/6/13p7(ER)
Moulton, William, weds Mabel Nitingale 10/2/15: 10/8/15p7(ER)
Murray, Forence A., weds Harry Freto 6/26/16: 6/30/16p3(MM)
Murray, Mamie (Worcester), died 1/23/17: 1/26/17p4
Murray, Stella, weds Fred Johnson 9/20/11: 9/29/11p2(MM)
Murrey, Daniel, died 8/10/17: 8/17/17p2(MM)

Nadeau, Albina, weds Eudor Sylvain 11/22/16: 12/8/16p5
Nadeau, Joseph, died 8/6/16: 8/11/16p1
Nadeau, Joseph, weds Vellada Forgues 4/17/11: 4/21/11p1
Nadeau, Ludger, weds Rose Vachon 4/24/11: 4/28/11p1
Nadeau, Olida, weds George Godin 7/9/17: 7/13/17p1
Nason, Albert, weds Hattie Marison 6/?/18: 6/14/18p7(CN)
Nason, Edith O., died 3/12/10: 3/18/10p1
Nason, Grace, weds Arthur Glyek 12/23/11: 12/29/11p1
Nason, Richard, family reunion held: 8/27/15p7
Nasson, Lorenzo F., died 4/30/15: 4/2/15p1
Neal, Carrol W.--short bio: 9/21/17p7
Neal, Carroll, promoted to USA captain: 7/14/16p1
Neal, Lucille4, weds Malcolm Almgren 7/11/14: 7/17/14p1
Neal, Wrlon, weds Bess Damon 6/1/12: 6/7/12p1
Nealand, James, died 3/?/12: 3/15/12p1
Nelson, Anthony, died 3/7/11: 3/10/11p1;3/17/11p8
Newbury, Leo, weds Ethel Wright 1/22/17: 2/9/17p7(G)
Newell, Aaron, died 1/20/11: 1/27/11p7(ER)
Newell, William V., died 12/19/14: 12/25/14p3(M)
Nichols, James E., died 8/10/17: 8/10/17p5
Nickerson, Joseph C., died 2/2/14: 2/6/14p1
Nickerson, Lorenzo W., died 2/6/14: 2/6/14p1
Nitingale, Mabel, weds William Moulton 10/2/15: 10/8/15p7(ER)
Nixon, Daniel died 2/7/10: 2/11/10p1
Nixon, John, died 7/?/10: 7/29/10p1(G)
Nixon, Mrs. John, died 12/10/15: 12/24/15p1
Noble, Melissa (Ross), died 2/10/17: 2/16/17p7
Norris, F. F., died 11/19/14: 11/27/14p3(EB)
Norris, J. Sherman, weds Louise A. Sibley 8/13/15: 9/3/15p1
Noyes, Marjorie, weds Louis DeWitt 2/22/17: 3/2/17p7
Nute, Andrew, died 7/13/18: 7/19/18p7
Nute, Byron, weds Estella Grives 8/8/10: 8/26/10p8
Nute, Charles E., weds Ella Jenness 6/21/15: 6/25/15p2(W)
Nute, Nettie (Pickering), died 4/3/10: 4/8/10p1
Nute, Willis F., died 12/2/12: 12/6/12p1
Nutter, Addis S., died 10/4/15: 10/15/15p2(M)
Nutter, George S., died 6/29/13: 7/4/13p4
Nutter, Harley, died 11/29?/10: 12/9/10p2(M)
Nutter, Henry, died 11/10/14: 11/13/14p1
Nutter, John H., died 1/5/18: 1/11/18p8
Nutter, Oscar W., died 3/1/12: 3/8/12p2
Nutter, Sarah (Roberts), died 3/4/15: 3/12/15p8

O’Brien, Frank, weds Harriet Cormier 9/20/15: 9/24/15p7
O'Brien, Edith, weds Levi Jones 12/14/15: 12/24/15p2(M)
O'Brien, Francis, weds Mary Maxfield 9/20/17: 9/21/17p1
O'Brien, John A., died 12/1/13: 12/5/13p1
O'Brien, Joseph, died 6/27/17: 6/29/17p1
O'Brien, Lionel, weds Bertha Littlefield 10/6/17: 10/12/17p8
O'Donnell, John, died 11/1/14: 11/6/14p6
O'Donnell, Katheryn, died 11/4/16: 11/10/16p7(ER)
O'Hagan, Kate (Quinn), died 11/19/12: 11/22/12p8
Olsen, Agnes, weds Frank Viccaro 10/12/17: 10/19/17p1
O'Malley, Ellen (Kilcoine), died 12/4/14: 12/11/14p1
O'Neil, Edwin, died 1/28/14: 1/30/14p1
Orino, Bartholomew, died 10/13/13: 10/17/13p1
Orino, Mrs. Bartholomew, died 12/7/12: 12/13/12p1
Orr, Catherine E., died 4/14/16: 4/14/16p1
Orr, Frank H., died 11/9/14: 11/13/14p8
Osborne, Benjamin, died 3/16?/17: 3/23/17p5
Osborne, Hiram S., died 1/14/11: 1/20/11p7
Osborne, John, died 3/27/17: 3/30/17p7(G)
Osborne, M&M David, celebrate 50th: 12/28/17p1
Osborne, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/6/11p7(G)
Osborne, Sarah (Hanson), died 3/24/14: 3/27/14p7(G)
Osgood, Charles L., died 10/9/15: 10/15/15p1
Osgood, Edgar F., died 7/9/18: 7/12/18p8
Osgood, Edward, weds Mary Palmer 12/24/14: 1/1/15p7
Osgood, Elmira B., died 10/18/16: 10/27/16p6(MM)
Osgood, Fred L., weds Inez Yeaton 6/14/15: 6/18/15p1
Osgood, Hattie, weds Charles Van Brocklin 3/1/16: 4/7/16p9
Otis, Addie F., died 2/19/14: 2/27/14p1
Otis, Eliza, died 5/?/11: 6/9/11p1
Otis, Elmira (Pinkham), died 2/19/14: 2/27/14p1
Otis, Florence, weds Guy Babb 4/4/11: 4/7/11p1
Otis, Frank P., died 10/31/15: 11/5/15p1
Otis, Ida (Garland), died /9/18: 1/11/18pp5,8(G)
Otis, Joseph, weds Emma Tripp 9/14/10: 9/16/10p1
Otis, P. Thomas, died 3/28/15: 4/2/15p9
Otis, Rose E., died 4/9/15: 4/9/15p1
Ouellette, Lucy, weds Edgar Moris 4/1/18: 4/12/18p8

Page, Andrew, weds Anna Hollister 9/1/17: 9/7/17p8
Page, Annette (Marsh?), died 12/23/16: 12/29/16p2(MM)
Page, Bernis, weds Arthur Brandis ?/?/18: 2/8/18p1
Page, Emeline (Freeman) 5/7/10: 5/13/10p1
Page, Frances (Gerrish), died 1/8/17: 1/12/17p1
Page, George, funeral held: 10/7/10p2(M)1
Page, John A., died 12/22/16: 12/29/16p8
Page, John, died 12/17?/12: 12/27/12p2(MM)
Page, Josiah, died 2/10/11: 2/17/11p2(MM)
Page, Mary (Twombly), died 12/2/12: 12/6/12p1
Page, Sarah, died 1/14/12: 1/19/12p1
Pageot, Cyrille, died 8/31/12: 9/6/12p1
Paine, Anson S., died 3/19/12: 3/22/12p1
Palmer, Alta R., died 12/29/09: 1/7/10p3(EB)
Palmer, Carl, died 5/26/18: 5/31/18p1
Palmer, Earl R., died 2/18/16: 2/25/16p7
Palmer, George D., died 4/18/16: 4/21/16p1
Palmer, Harold, weds Blanche Lucas 6/18/17: 6/22/17p8
Palmer, Harry, died 5/26/18: 5/31/18p1
Palmer, Lillian M., weds Frank Mithee 4/29/16: 5/5/16p4
Palmer, Mary, weds Edward Osgood 12/24/14: 1/1/15p7
Palmer, Mrs. Harry (Langley),died 5/26/18: 5/31/18p1
Palmer, Scott,died 5/26/18: 5/31/18p1
Palmer, Susan (Brown), died 10/?/17: 10/19/17p5
Palmer, Theodore, died 11/15?/12: 11/22/12p1
Palmer, Vaughn,died 5/26/18: 5/31/18p1
Paquette, Ethel, weds Leon Dickson 3/11/10: 3/11/10p1
Pare, Abraham, died 9/15/18: 9/20/18p6
Pare, Henry, weds Rosa Virgin 11/5/13: 11/7/13p1
Parker, Alzina B., died 5/21/18: 6/14/18p3(CN)
Parker, Charles S., died 1/9/17: 1/12/17p8
Parker, Harry, died 1/16/12: 1/19/12pp2(WM),4
Parre, M&M Abraham, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/7/16p4
Parrock, William, weds Maude Furber 2/2/10: 2/11/10p1
Parry, William A., died 2/28/17: 3/16/17p7(G)
Parshley, Bessie, weds Lauris Brown 5/3/10: 5/6/10p7(ER)
Parshley, Fred, weds Jessie Trafton 12/25/16: 12/29/16p8
Parshley, Gertrude L., died 2/10/11: 2/17/11p1
Parshley, Laurel A., died 10/4/14: 10/9/14p6
Parsons, Clara, weds John Lupien 9/24/12: 10/4/12p7(ER)
Parsons, Fred, weds Alvina Foster 8/12/16: 8/25/16p1
Parsons, Goss, died 12/23/13: 1/2/14p1
Parsons, Harriet, weds Charles Evans 8/29/17: 9/7/17p1
Parsons, Lizzie F., died 12/28/14: 1/1/15p7(ER)
Parsons, Mary (Hall), died 7/5/11: 7/7/11p1
Parsons, Nancy (Clough), died 6/5/10: 6/10/10p1
Patrick, John, died 7/12/18: 7/26/18p1
Patrson, Etta, weds Charles Torno 6/6/18: 6/14/18p1
Patterson, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/9/13p2;5/16/13p2(ltr)
Paulson, John, weds Alice Huckins 10/1/13: 10/3/13p5
Pearl, Emma (Verity), died 11/15//12: 11/22/12p1
Pearl, Mildred, weds Melvin Hill 7/29/11: 8/4/11p1
Pearl, Nellie S. (Bragdon), died 5/5/16: 5/5/16p4
Pearl, Olin, weds Cora Junkins 7/12/14: 8/14/14p1
Pearson, May, died 5/21/15: 5/28/15p2(MC)
Pease, Edgar T., died 3/15/18: 3/22/18p1
Pease, Gertrude (Sanborn), died 4/3/13: 4/4/13p1
Peavey, Moses, weds Ella Kimball 4/23/13: 4/25/13p1
Peavey, Sarah C., died 7/17/15: 7/23/15p4
Peavey, Thomas W., died 11/26/14: 12/4/14p7(ER)
Pelletier, Alfred, weds Hattie Beaudoin 1/13/13: 1/17/13p8
Pelletier, Clara, weds Louis LeClair 4/7/13: 4/11/13p1
Pendexter, George W., died 11/17/16: 11/24/16p5
Penney, Millicent, weds Frank Spiers 2/15/11: 2/17/11p1
Perham, Eliza A., died 9/9/14: 9/18/14p1
Perkins, Alice, weds Anthony Gerry 10/8/10: 10/14/10p1
Perkins, Asa D., died 9/4/10: 9/9/10p2(M)
Perkins, Charles C., died 1/3/11: 1/6/11p1
Perkins, Charles H., died 2/10/18: 2/22/18p8
Perkins, Charles R., died 11/14/15: 11/19/15p3
Perkins, Clarence L., died in Flanders: 5/24/18p1
Perkins, Cyrus B., died 5/2/16: 5/5/16p5(CN)
Perkins, Elizabeth, weds Frank Richardson 9/15/16: 9/22/16p1
Perkins, Frank A., died 10/?15: 10/15/15p10
Perkins, John M., died 1/?/11: 2/3/11p1
Perkins, John T., died 12/15/13: 12/19/13p1
Perkins, Kate, died 6/?/16: 6/9/16p2
Perkins, Lester, weds Elizabeth Lord 12/25/13: 1/2/14p2(MM)
Perlins, Fred, weds Ethel Corbett 10/9/14: 10/16/14p7(ER)
Permberton, Charles H., died 4/3/17: 4/6/17p5
Perreault, Aglale, died 9/4/17: 9/7/17p5
Perreault, Alma, weds Earl Laighton 11/11/12: 11/15/12p4
Perreault, Bidget (Spain), died 3/14/14: 3/20/14p1
Perreault, Calinoe (lessard), died 7/21/13: 7/25/13p1
Perreault, Emeline (Therrien), died 1/11/10: 1/14/10p1
Perreault, Evangeliste, died 10/14/17: 10/19/17p7
Perreault, Peter, died 10/11/15: 10/15/15p5
Perreault, Peter, died 4/3/18: 4/5/18p4
Perreault, Rosa, weds George Archambault 10/28/12: 11/1/12p5
Perron, Hattie (Plantier), died 3/23/11: 3/31/11p8
Perry, Charles M., died 5/27/13: 6/6/13p3(EB)
Perry, Grace M., died 8/26/13: 8/29/13p1
Perry, Harry, weds Ethel Morrison 5/5/12: 5/10/12p3(EB)
Peterson, Oliver, weds Ethel Folsom 1/1/10: 1/7/10p4
Pettis, Louise, weds Henry Vigne 8/27/14: 9/4/14p1
Phelps, Annie, weds John Cole 11/15/12 :11/22/12p8
Phelps, Emma (Lincoln), died 9/7/18: 9/13/18p
Philbrick, Bertha, died 11/2/15: 11/5/15p2(MM)
Philbrook, Eva, weds Chester Wakefield 9/8/13: 9/12/13p7(ER)
Philpot, Mildred, weds Benjamin Johnson 6/15/10: 6/17/10p1
Picard, Mary (Langley), died 5/9/11: 5/12/11p1
Pickering, Cora, weds Raymond Pike 7/24/16: 7/28/16p1
Pickering, Mary E., died 6/7/10: 6/10/10p1
Pierce, Clarence, weds Odena Tucker 6/29/18: 7/5/18p1
Pierce, Eben(ezer), died 11/7/15: 11/12/15p1
Pierce, Frank, weds Laura Barnes 11/3/17: 11/9/17p7(ER)
Pierce, Raymond, weds Ruth Parker 6/29/16: 7/7/16p1
Piercy, Andrew, died 10/15/14: 10/23/14p1
Piert, Agnes, died 3/?/11: 3/17/11p1
Pike, Agnes, weds Leslie French 12/23/16: 12/29/16p8
Pike, Cynthia A., died 12/8/16: 12/15/16p1
Pike, Drusilla (Hodge), died 10/23/12: 10/25/12p1
Pike, Freeman D., died 3/9/13: 3/14/13p2(M)
Pike, George D., died 10/30/11: 11/3/11p1
Pike, Raymond, weds Cora Pickering 7/24/16: 7/28/16p1
Pile, Irving F., died 2/24/10: 3/4/10p1
Pineault, Paulias, weds Mary Belanger 10/26/17: 10/26/17p8
Pinfold, Edwin, weds Sarepta Eaton 8/14/17: 8/17/17p2(MM)
Pinfold, Lucy, weds Patrick Thibodeau 9/26/17: 10/5/17p2(MM)
Pingree, Myra S., died 2/11/14: 2/20/14p1
Pinkham, Emily, died 1/28/13: 1/31/13p2(M)
Pinkham, Henry, died 7/25/15 : 7/30/15p2(W)
Pinkham, William D., died 12/23?/15: 12/24/15p1
Piper, Alice, weds Harry Tardy 8/20/13: 8/22/13p1
Piper, Edwin L., died 2/23/18: 3/1/18p1
Place, Sarah H. (Potter), died 6?/?/15: 7/9/15p8
Plante, Mary G., died 1/1/13: 1/3/13p4
Plourde, Charles, weds Demerise Lessard 8/12/12: 8/16/12p1
Plourde, Rosa, weds Archie Jacques 4/13/15: 4/16/15p1
Plourde, William, died 10/9/10: 10/14/10p1
Plourde, Zora, died 9/18/18: 9/20/18p6
Plummer, Floss C., weds Ralph Came 12/17/15: 12/24/15p1
Plummer, Fred, died 6/8/17: 6/15/17p7(ER)
Plummer, Goerge, died 10/5/15: 10/15/15p2(W)
Plummer, Joseph, died 8/15/12: 8/23/12p1
Plummer, Mary (Hayes), died 11/2/16: 11/10/16p4(W)
Plummer, Minnie, died 7//8/13: 7/11/13p2(BR)
Plummer, Mrs. Moses, died 5/15/18: 5/31/18p2(M)
Plummer, Nettie E., died 9/13/16: 9/22/16p2
Plummer, Ursilla (French), died 6/6/15: 6/11/15p7(ER)
Poisson, Frank, weds Ubina Beaudoin 10/30?/12: 11/1/12p5
Poisson, Philomene, died 3/21/11: 3/24/11p1
Postelton, Francena (Paul), died 7/24/18: 7/26/18p1
Potvin, Adelard, died 12/7/14: 12/11/14p1
Potvin, Flora, weds Henry St. Martin 4/18/10: 4/22/10p1
Potvin, Matilda died 1/16/12: 1/19/12p1
Poulin, Pierre, died 6/8/14: 6/12/14p1
Pouliot, Nazaire, died 9/1/16: 9/8/16p5
Pratt, Summer, weds Grace Walker 12/31/14: 1/8/15p1
Pray, Ezra, died 4/5/18: 4/5/18p1
Pray, Helen E., died 10/18/17: 10/26/17p5
Preeper, Mrs. William C., died 3/7/10: 3/18/10p4(MM)
Prescott, Aaron, died 10/20/16: 10/27/16p1
Prescott, Annie M., died 11/2/14: 11/6/14p1
Prescott, Erlon C., weds Mary A. Smith 9/2/15: 9/10/15p7(ER)
Prescott, Sarah (Emery), died 1/10/17: 1/19/17p5
Preston, Wingate T., died 3/31/13: 4/4/13p7
Pride, Joshua T., died 5/24?/12: 5/31/12p1
Pugsley, Branche B., weds Harold Clifford 12/20/15: 12/24/15p4(G)
Pugsley, Everett A., died 2/21/17: 2/23/17p1
Pugsley, Frank died 2/8/15: 2/12/15pp1,3(ST)
Pugsley, Mahala (Hamilton), died 1/31/17: 2/2/17p8
Putman, George, weds Addie Welch 12/18/17: 12/28/17p1

Quimby, Willis, weds Gladys Fiske 8/26/18: 8/30/18p5(ER)
Quinlan, John C., died 7/28/10: 8/5/10p1
Quinlan, Mary A., died 8/18/13: 8/22/13p1
Quinn, Winifred, died 12/24/12: 11/29/12p1
Quint, Dalbert, weds Nellie McLaughlin 11/1/16: 11/3/16p1

Rainville, Imelda, weds Clavis Lenoix 5/1/16: 5/5/16p6
Rainville, Simeon, weds Mary Larochelle 1/7/13: 1/10/13p8
Raitch, M., died 7/?/12: 8/2/12p7(G)
Ramsbottom, John H., died 9/4/11: 9/8/11p1
Ramsey, Osman W., died 12/18/15: 12/24/15p9
Rancour, Arthur, weds Lea Larochelle 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Rand, Abigail (Hamm), died 10/7/12: 10/11/12p1
Rand, Earle, weds Hazel Hoyt 8/15/17: 8/24/17p1
Rand, Grace, weds Clifford Lord 11/7/16: 11/10/16p1
Rand, Rose A., died 10/3/13: 10/10/13p1
Randall, C. H., weds Hazel V. Lowell ?/?/15: 7/2/15p7(ER)
Randall, Clara (Wiggin), died 6/8/17: 6/15/17p8
Randall, Emily, died 9/27/13: 10/3/13p1(MM)
Randall, Jeremiah, died 11/1/11: 11/3/11p8
Randall, John M., died 1/19/17: 1/26/17p5
Randall, Lavina, died 3/28/16: 3/31/16p1
Randall, Lena, weds Edgar Garland 8/25/18: 8/30/18p5(ER)
Randall, Samuel L., died 11/25/10: 12/2/10p8
Randall, Sarah (Keay), died 12/25/16: 12/29/16p1
Randall, William, died 3/12/14: 3/20/14p7(ER)
Rankin, James, weds Mabel Jones 6/8?/10: 6/10/10p7(ER)
Rankin, William G., died 4/15/14: 4/17/14p8
Raymond, Elizabeth J., died 5/?/13: 5/30/13p1
Raymond, Vernon A., died 11/22/11: 11/24/11p8
Redlon, William A., died 1/2/15: 1/8/15p1 OK
Reed, (Ella?),Mrs.J. F., died 10/14/12: 10/18/12p1(G);10/25/12p7(G)
Reed, Annie G., died 6/?/15: 6/11/15p6
Reed, Charles, died 7/27/17: 8/3/17p3
Reed, Sarah (Hall), died 11/14/17: 11/16/17p5
Remick, Eleanor N., died 3/17/13: 3/21/13p1
Remy, Lucien, weds Flora Larochelle 9/17/17: 9/21/17p7
Remy, Noe L., died 7/28/16: 8/4/16p1
Reynolds, Della, died 10/13/17: 10/19/17pp2(W),3(EB)
Reynolds, Jacob, died 11/15/14: 11/27/14p7(ER)
Reynolds, Lena B., died 4/4/11: 4/14/11p2
Reynolds, Ruth, weds Raymond Jones 5/19/13: 5/23/13p1
Reynolds, Ruth, weds Raymond Jones 5/19/13: 5/23/13p7(ER)
Rhines, Addie, weds Bernice Willey 10/?/11: 10/13/11p7(ER)
Rhodes, Wilbert, weds Nellie Stewart 11/20/15: 11/26/15p7(ER)
Rice, Edward E. Jr., died 1/28/10: 2/4/10p7
Rice, Oscar W., died 7/25/14: 7/31/14p1
Rice, Oscar W., died 7/25/14: 7/31/14p1
Richard, Angelina (Boulanger), died 5/1/18: 5/3/18p7
Richard, Demerise, weds Fideon Therrion 1/26/10: 1/28/10p1
Richard, Edward, weds Mary Sylvain 8/13/18: 8/16/18p1
Richards, Alice (Hartford), died 5/18/13: 5/23/13p1
Richards, Benjamin T., died 1/15/17: 1/19/17p5
Richards, Florence, weds Everett McClain 6/9/18: 6/14/18p4
Richards, Frank, died 8/10/11: 8/18/11p7(ER)
Richards, Ruth, weds Albion Marston 11/30/11: 12/8/11p2(MM)
Richardson, Frank, weds Elizabeth Perkins 9/15/16: 9/22/16p1
Richardson, George F., died 1/13/14: 1/16/14p1
Richardson, J. Sherman, died 11/?/17: 11/9/17p8
Richardson, Lizzie (Buzzell), died 12/1/12: 12/6/12p3(EB)
Richardson, Mary (Donnell), died 3/25/13: 3/28/13p1
Richmond, Charles A., died 11/25/13: 11/28/13p1
Richmond, Mrs. Velasco (Wallingford), died 11/17/13: 11/21/13p7(ER)
Richmond, Vasco, died ?/?/14: 3/6/14p7(ER)
Ricker, Charles A., died 8/?/18: 8/30/18p2
Ricker, Charles E., died 1/9/17: 1/12/17p8
Ricker, Charles, died 2/10/13: 2/14/13p2(M)
Ricker, Clara, weds Robert Toas 11/6/15: 11/12/15p7
Ricker, Gertrude, weds Ralph Brierly 10/26/10: 10/28/10p1
Ricker, James, weds Adelphine Hughes 2/2/13: 2/7/13p8
Ricker, M&M Leslie, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/18/14p7
Ricker, Mary (Gowen), died 8/27/10: 9/2/10p1
Ricker, Mary J., died 12/7/10: 12/9/10p1
Ricker, Mary, died 11/28/13: 12/5/13p2(M)
Ricker, Mrs. Webster, died 3/5/17: 3/9/17p2(MM)
Ricker, Nathaniel J., died 2/16/17: 2/23/17p1
Ring, John, weds Florence Kimball 5/7/17: 6/22/17p8
Rioux, Irene, died 8/9/15: 8/15/13p1
Ritchen, Paul, weds Abbie Hanscom 5/?/12: 6/7/12p1
Ritchie, Laura, weds Edward Vizeau 12/20/12: 5/24/12p6(G)
Robbins, Leona, weds Chester Teel ?/?/16: 10/6/16p5
Roberts, Clara (Downs), died 11/3/12: 11/8/12p4
Roberts, Hannah A., died 9/26/16: 10/6/16p4(MM)
Roberts, Hazel, weds Leo Crossley 10/27/15: 10/29/15p1
Roberts, Joseph A., died 7/30/11: 8/4/11p7
Roberts, Lucy (Wentworth), died 2/11/11: 2/17/11p1
Roberts, Millet, died 7/19/17: 7/27/17p2
Roberts, Perley, weds Hazel Alberts 9/17/13: 9/19/13p1
Roberts, Rachael (Harriman), died 1/2/11: 1/6/11p7
Roberts, Sarah (Willey), died ?/?/18: 9/6/18p8
Roberts, Walter J., weds Idella Ross 12/28/10: 12/30/10p1
Roberts, Walter, died 1/11/17: 1/19/17p1
Roberts, Winfield S., died 4/?/11: 4/21/11p4
Robinson, George W., died 3/9/11: 3/10/11p1;3/17/11p1
Robinson, Margaret (Morrison), died 2/25/15: 3/12/15p7(G)
Robinson, Margaret, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/15/10p7(G)
Robinson, Mary Fletcher, died 10/27/11: 11/3/11p1
Rocheleau, Laura, weds Charles Ronco 6/12/17: 6/15/17p1
Rodger, REobert, died 8/28/17: 9/7/17p2(NR)
Roger, Martha, weds Gordon Brawn 12/24/17: 12/28/17p2(NR)
Rogers, Esther, weds Frank Callahan 3/5/16: 3/10/16p4
Rogers, Ethel (Thompson), weds George Scott 12/15?/12: 10/18/12p7(ER)
Rogers, Joseph R., died 7/29/13: 8/1/13p1
Rogers, Marey Holleran), died 10/31/17: 11/2/17p8
Rogers, Stillman M., died 6/6/10: 6/10/10p7(ER)
Rolfe, Charles, weds Gladys Page 12/122/15: 12/31/15p7(ER)
Rolfe, George, weds Pauline Flake 8/15/18: 8/23/18p6(ER)
Rolfe, Grace, weds George Lord 11/15/16: 11/17/16p1
Rolfe, Hattie, weds Clyde Chisholm 3/27/12: 3/29/12p1
Rollins, Albert E., died 8/20/12: 8/23/12p1;8/30/12p1
Rollins, Bessie, weds Charles Horton 6/22/11: 6/30/11p7(ER)
Rollins, George W., died 12/13/14: 12/18/14p6
Rollins, George, weds Alice Pike 12/3/10: 12/9/10p8
Rollins, Hazel, weds Archie Lessard ?/?/17: 6/8/17p8
Rollins, Sarah (Howard?), died 10/10?14: 10/16/14p7(ER)
Rollins, T. Richard, died 9/16/17: 9/21/17p4
Ronco, Charles, weds Laura Rocheleau 6/12/17: 6/15/17p1
Roscoe, Walter, weds Laverne Knight 5/3/13: 5/9/13p1
Rose, Arlette, weds Herbert Feeney 10/13/14: 10/23/14p7(ER)
Rose, Elvira (Shepard), died 7/2/18: 7/12/18p7(EB)
Rosenfield, Semmy, weds Celia Reinheimer 3/?/14: 3/13/14p1
Ross, Gertrude, weds Henry Huse 10/13/13: 10/24/13p3(EB)
Ross, Mary (Barron), died 4/27/14: 5/1/14p1
Roubillard, Emma, weds Valentine Blanchard 11/7/11: 11/10/11p4
Rouix, Louis, died 8/25/17: 8/31/17p5
Roulx, Fred, died 8/14/16: 8/18/16p1
Roulx, Gideon, weds Emma Bilodeau 10/28/13: 10/31/13p8
Router, Etta, weds William Jenness 8/4/10: 8/12/10p1
Rowe, Dora B., died 2/27?/16: 3/3/16p1
Rowe, Elizabeth, died 1/9?/14: 1/16/14p8
Rowe, George W., died 11/22/10: 11/25/10p5
Rowe, Laura (Howard) died 6/9/17: 6/15/17p8
Rowe, Lillian, weds Robert Downing 5/4/14: 5/8/14p4
Rowe, Nancy, died 5/?/16: 5/26/16p3
Rowe, Ruth, weds Fred Ryder ?/?/18: 6/7/18p9
Ruel, Louis J., died 11/3/11: 11/10/11p8
Rumazza, Frank, died 10/10/21/14: 10/23/14p1
Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/19/10p1
Rundlett, Florence, weds Arthur Alden 8/?/18: 9/6/18p1
Runnels, Clarta (Tash), died 12/26/13: 1/2/14p1
Russell, Ellem (Jackson), died 11/14/14: 11/20/14p1
Ryan, Ada (Barrett), died 2/18/14: 2/20/14p8
Ryan, Catherine, weds Paul Leonard 10/30/11: 11/3/11p1

Safford, Martha (Hayes), died 10/9/12: 10/11/12p1
Salinger, Isidore, died 10/3/17: 10/5/17p
Salinger, Julius, died 5/28/17: 6/1/17p1
Sampson, M&M Luther B., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/13/14p1
Sampson, Philindia (Garnett), died 4/16/14: 4/24/14p1
Sanborn, Amy, weds Nathan Rawson 12/1/16: 12/8/16p7(G)
Sanborn, Harvey, weds Bernice Monl(?) 6/10?/10: 6/17/10p1
Sanborn, Hattie A., died 3/18/12: 3/22/12p4(BR)
Sanborn, Julia, weds John Loud 12/18/12: 12/20/12p1
Sanborn, M&M Nathan, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/3/13p1;1/10/13p4
Sanborn, Marion, weds Guy Smart 11/9/16: 11/10/16p1
Sanborn, Orville, weds Mary Castle 10/4/10: 10/14/10p1
Sanborn, Roland, weds Alice Gray 6/28/13: 7/4/13p1
Sanborn, Susan A., died 4/14/10: 4/22/10p1
Sanborn, Thornton F., died 3/24/17: 3/30/17p4
Sanborn, William H., died 9/19/10: 9/23/10p1
Sanders, John F., died 5/4/13: 5/9/13p1
Sanfacon, Clarinda, weds Alfred Beaudoin 10/12/14: 10/16/14p5
Sanfacon, George, weds Ella Boufford 8/13/17: 8/17/17p1
Sanfacon, Jean J., died 8/14/11: 8/18/11p1
Sanger, Clarissa (Carpenter), died 2/19/10: 2/25/10p1
Sargent, Elizabeth, weds Charles Jenness 10/5/16: 10/13/16p1
Sargent, George W., died 12/12/10: 12/16/10p12
Saumson, Hilma L., died 7/5/12: 7/12/12p1
Sawyer, Aaron, died 2/15/17: 2/23/17p1
Sawyer, Agnes, weds Dudley Blanchard 8/19/11: 8/25/11p1
Sawyer, Fred H., died 2/12/10: 2/18/10p1
Scahill, John, died 12/12/16: 12/15/16p1
Scannell, Mary (moynihan), died 8/5/17: 8/10/17p1
Schlenker, Josie, died 6/?/11: 7/7/11p1
Schlenker, Mary, weds John Cassidy 6/19/12: 6/21/12p1
Schlenkert, John, died 27/16: 12/1/16p8
Schmidt, Thora, died 8/26/12: 8/30/12p1
Schofield, William, weds Adeline Hall 6/25/10: 7/1/10p1
Scruton, Albion S., died 8/4/16: 8/4/16p1
Scruton, Anna Denman (Foss), died 5/25/17: 6/1/17p5
Scruton, Nathaniel G., died 2/24/16: 3/3/16p7
Scruton, William, family reunion held: 8/27/15p1
Sears, Arthur, died 11/19/10: 11/25/10p5
Seavey, C. Samuel, weds Alice Burnham 6/26/12: 6/28/12p1
Seavey, Julia (VanBuskirk), died 1/13/14: 1/16/14p1
Seavey, Lillian, weds Henry Waterhouse 1/?/13: 1/10/13p8
Seavey, Mary (Foss), died 8/2/13: 8/8/13p1
Seavey, Mrs. Charles, weds Edgar Ham 4/29?/14: 5/1/14p8(G)
Seavey, Sarah, died 1/18/17: 1/26/17p3
Secomb, Mary (Turner), died 7/30/18: 8/23/18p1
Semard, Benjamin, died 3/23/18: 3/29/18p9
Severance, Charles, weds Florence Burnham 9/18/12: 9/20/12p1
Severance, Mildred, weds Chester Hardy 2/26/14: 3/6/14p1
Severence, Charles, engaged to Florence Burnham: 4/19/12p1
Shackford, Amasa W., died 2/2/13: 2/7/13p6
Shapdelaine, Francois, weds Delia Boulanger 6/26/11: 6/30/11p1
Shapleigh, Annie E., died 4/4/18: 4/12/18p17(ER)8
Shapleigh, Charles A., died 11/18/13: 11/21/13p7(ER)
Shapleigh, Fred L., died 2/14/17: 2/16/17p2
Shapleigh, Frederick, weds Elizabeth Zeilitz 12/13/12: 8/23/12p7(er)
Shapleigh, Julia (Dodge), died 3/18/17: 3/23/17p5
Shattock, Hilbert S., died 1/23/12: 1/26/12p1
Shattock, Nora, died 5/5/16: 5/12/16p7(ER)
Shattuck, Ella (Durgin), died 1/25/18: 2/1/18p7
Shattuck, George, weds Mildred Tebbetts 8/23?/16: 9/1/16p7
Shaw, Bayfield, weds Hazel Hammond 12/30/13: 1/9/14p10
Shaw, Frank H., weds Marion Boulter 12/22/10: 12/30/10p1
Shaw, George E., died 1/16/13: 1/17/13p1
Shaw, Lillian (Hammond), died 10/8/11: 10/13/11p1
Shaw, William, weds Annie Garnett 5/23/17: 6/1/17p7(ER)
Sherborn, John T., died 8/13?/14: 8/14/14p3(EB)
Sherburne, Walter A., died 3/17/16: 3/17/16p1
Sheridan, Florence, weds John Colt 4/25/13: 5/9/13p1
Sheridan, Florence, weds John Colt 5/3/12: 5/10/12p1
Sherman, Horatio, died 11/20/11: 11/24/11p8
Sherman, Sarah A., died 1/1/16: 1/7/16p8
Shields, Alexander, weds Florence Page 4/27/18: 5/3/18p6
Shields, David, weds Sarah Lowe 10/26/10: 11/4/10p1
Shorey, Abbie (Bickford), died 1/21/12: 1/26/12p7(ER)
Shorey, Annie (Mrs.), weds Charles Alexander 1/24/11: 1/27/11p6(G)
Shorey, Levi, died 5/9/17: 5/11/17p8
Shorey, Lillian (Varney), died 3/19/10: 3/25/10p8
Shorey, Martha (Davidson), died 10/1/10: 10/7/10p7(ER)
Shorey, Mary E., died 1/26/16: 1/28/16p1
Shorey, Nathaniel, died 9/27/14: 10/2/14p7(ER)
Shorey, Rufus, weds Lillia Osgood 6/5/12: 6/14/12p4
Sibley, Charles, died 2/26/10: 3/4/10p1
Simard, Emile, died 2/9/15: 2/12/15p1
Simes, Alberta, weds George French 6/21/17: 7/13/17p2(MM)
Simes, George, died 11/14/14: 11/20/14p2(MM)
Simonds, Goergie, died ?/?/15: 8/6/15p7(ER)
Simoneau, Henry B., died 8/15/13: 8/22/13p1
Sims, John, died 7/7/18: 7/12/18p7
Sinclair, Colon, died 6/?/18: 6/7/18p10
Sinclair, Everett M., died 1/27/12: 2/2/12p7(ER)
Sinclair, Willis W., died 3/25/14: 4/3/14p7(ER)
Skelley, Edward J., died 3/11/11: 3/17/11p4
Skillings, Noel, weds Olida Ferland 2/5/17: 2/9/17p8
Sleeper, Ara (Sleeper), died 4/23/15: 4/30/15p1
Sleeper, Corydon A., died 12/5/17: 12/14/17p7(ER)
Sleeper, Sumner, weds Grace Shorey 10/30/11: 11/3/11p7(ER)
Sleeper, Sumner, weds Mildred Thompson 4/22/17: 4/27/17p7(ER)
Small, Delmar, weds Genevieve Dustin 8/19?/13: 8/29/13p7(G)
Small, Edwin E., died 11/16/11: 1/20/11p1
Smallcon, George A., died 5/26/12: 5/31/12pp1,3(EB)
Smart, Blanche, weds Stuart Barnes 10/19/10: 10/21/10p1
Smart, Guy. weds Marion Sanborn 11/9/16: 11/10/16p1
Smith, Charles, died 5/28/16: 6/2/16p1
Smith, Grace, died 2/7/17: 2/9/17p1
Smith, Harold, weds Agnes Greene 8/?/11: 9/1/11p4
Smith, John G., died 7/7/18/14: 7/24/14p3
Smith, Lavinia (Knipe), died 8/?/12: 8/23/12p7(ER)
Smith, Lenora (Roberts), died 11/21/14: 11/27/14p8
Smith, Leola (Hill), died 4/30/17: 5/4/17p8
Smith, Lewis, weds Grace Chapman 11/1/16: 11/10/16p1
Smith, Lyle, weds Sarah Smith 8/30/17: 9/7/17p3(EB)
Smith, Marion, weds Albert Rockwood 10/21/14: 10/30/14p2(M)
Smith, Marion, weds Albert Rockwood 10/21/14: 11/6/14p2(M)
Smith, Marjorie I., died 12/19/13: 12/26/13p1
Smith, Mary A., weds Erlon C. Prescott 9/2/15: 9/10/15p7(ER)
Smith, Mildred, weds Charles Hussey 6/4/13: 6/6/13p1
Smith, Tristam, died 5/12/16: 5/12/16p1
Smith, W. Wilson, died 9/6/12: 9/13/12p3(EB)
Smith, William, weds Mildred Dickinson 7/27/13: 8/1/13p1
Snow, Conrad, escapes the war in Germany: 8/28/14p1
Southard, Ray, weds Beulah Moody 2/23/18: 3/1/18p1
Southard, Zilla, weds Royal Corson 6/25/13: 7/4/13p7(ER)
Spain, Annie, weds Timothy Cullinan 4/19/11: 4/21/11p1
Spain, Michael, died 4/24/12: 4/26/12p1
Spear, John, weds Florence Stackpole 7/3/13: 7/11/13p1
Speedlove, William, died 5/31/10: 6/3/10p1
Spiers, Frank, weds Millicent Penney 2/15/11: 2/17/11p1
Spiller, Alice, died 9/24/11: 9/29/11p7(ER)
Spiller, Burton, weds Mildred Moulton 3/30/11: 4/7/11p7(ER)
Spinney, Addie (Nason), died 9/1/18: 9/13/18p6
St. Cyr, Roland, weds Mary Breton 8/?/15: 8/13/15p6(G)
Stackpole, Martha (McDuffee), died 10/27/11: 11/3/11p1
Stamat, George, weds Bessie Pagida 3/3/17: 3/15/18p1
Stanley, Earl C., died 6?/?/18: 7/5/18p1; 7/12/18p1
Stanton, Ora, weds Ellsworth Berry 1/20/15: 1/22/15p1
Stanton, William J., weds Freda A. Tufts 8/18/15: 8/20/15p1
Staples, Henrietta, weds George Mills 10/20/17: 10/26/17p8
Stark, Ethel, died 6/19/11: 6/23/11p1
Stetson, Charles, weds Rose Forrest 2/5/18: 2/15/18p1
Stetson, Clyde, weds Mildred Hersom 6/4/16: 6/9/16p7(ER)
Stevens, Abbie T., died 2/14/14: 2/19/15p6
Stevens, Guy, weds Nellie Haines 8/9/15: 8/15/13p1
Stevens, Linnie G., died 7/21/17: 7/27/17p1
Stevens, Muriel, weds Laurence Irving 8/?/17: 8/24/17p1
Stewart, Irving, weds Mildred May 10/31/17: 11/9/17p7(ER)
Stewart, Lena, died 6/5/15: 6/11/15p7(ER)
Stewart, Lester, weds Addie Hayes 7/19/17: 7/27/17p2
Stewart, Nellie (Jacobs), died 2/18/16: 2/25/16p7
Stiles, Lida M., weds Guy Carr 12/11/15: 12/17/15p3
Stillings, Albert D., died 4/7/14: 4/10/14p1
Stokes, Stephen A., died 3/19/16: 3/24/16p1
Stone, Alice, weds Fernando Verville 6/5/16: 6/9/16p7(G)
Stone, Eva H., weds William G. Adams 9/15/15: 9/17/15p1
Stone, Helen, died 5/7/13: 5/9/13p2(EB)
Stone, Robert, weds Lena DeHaze 10/21/12: 10/25/12p7(G)
Sullivan, William, died 12/28/11: 1/5/12p2(MM)
Swain, John Q., died 3/12/12: 3/22/12p3(EB)
Swaine, William, weds Mary Sanders 6/20/17: 6/29/17p3
Swasey, Joseph P., died 7/30/15: 8/6/15p6
Sweet, Robert Jr., weds Marjorie Forbes 12/2/16: 6/1/17p1
Swinerton, Reginald, died 4/25/17: 5/4/17p2(W)
Swinerton, Richard, died 3/29/14: 5/8/14p2(W)
Sylvain, Alice, weds Alfred LaRochelle 3/6/16: 3/10/16p4(G)
Sylvain, Clara (Gagne), died 2/18/16: 2/25/16p7
Sylvain, Elsie (Larochelle), died 4/28/18: 5/3/18p11
Sylvain, Ernest, weds Rosanna Landry 10/8/17: 10/12/17p7(G)
Sylvain, Eudor, weds Albina Nadeau 11/22/16: 12/8/16p5
Sylvain, Fred, weds Viola Routhier 6/27/18: 7/5/18p1
Sylvain, Louise, died 5/19/16: 5/26/16p5
Sylvain, Mary, weds Edward Richard 8/13/18: 8/16/18p1
Sylvain, Phoebe, died 12/28/14: 1/1/15p7(G) OK
Sylvain, Theodore, died 8/20/13: 8/22/13p1
Sylvester, Bertha, weds Harry Eaton 10/10/17: 10/12/17p8
Sylvester, Celia (Delano), died 1/2/10: 1/7/10p7(ER)

Tafts, Dean, died 1/3/10: 1/7/10p1
Tanner, Charles, weds Ethel Goodinson 5/6/17: 5/18/17p1
Tanner, Joseph, died 2/?/10: 2/25/10p1
Tanner, Ralph G., died 4/22/12: 4/26/12p7(ER)
Tardy, Harry, weds Alice Piper 8/20/13: 8/22/13p1
Tasker, George W., died 3/13/11: 3/24/11p2(M)
Tate, Edward W., weds Gladys B. Morrill 8/27/15: 9/3/15p6
Taylor, Jane (Nutter), died 8/20/12: 8/23/12p1
Tebbetts, Alma, died 8/28/14: 9/4/14p7(ER)
Tebbetts, Andrew J., died 12/30/13: 1/2/14p1
Tebbetts, George S., died 1/11/16: 1/14/16p7
Tebbetts, James, weds Margaret Holmes 2/3/16: 2/11/16p1
Tebbetts, John W., celebrates 80th birthday: 1/13/11p7(ER)
Tebbetts, John W., died 10/28/15: 10/29/15p1;11/5/15p7(ER)
Tebbetts, Lewis W., died 5/11/14: 5/15/14p1
Tebbetts, Ruth M., weds Thomas Andrews 11/25?/15: 12/3/15p1
Tebbetts, Seth S., died 9/4/10: 9/9/10p1
Teel, Chester, weds Leona Robbins ?/?/16: 10/6/16p5
Tenvado, Jesse, weds Lillian Champlin 7/31/17: 8/3/17p1
Terrien, Henry, weds Anna Eis 1/?/11: 1/20/11p7(ER)
Terrien, Marie, weds Ubald Beaulieu 10/26/14: 10/30/14p6(G)
Tetrault, August, weds Oleida Lapointe 11/25/12: 11/29/12p1
Theriault, Joseph, weds Marie Perron 9/24/17: 9/28/17p6
Therrien, Celenire, died 9/26/17: 9/28/17p8
Therrien, Demerise, died 11/22/14: 11/27/14p8
Therrion, Fideon, weds Dedmeris Richard 1/26/10: 1/28/10p1
Thibadeau, Anna, weds Richard Bouford 9/18/16: 9/22/16p7
Thibodeau, Celina, died 5/23/14: 5/29/14p1
Thieverge, Alice, weds Alphonse Marquis 6/4/17: 6/8/17p1
Thivierge, Adelard, weds Mary Dubois 1/10/10: 1/14/10p1
Thomas, Frank, weds Ardella Allen 12/24/13: 1/2/14p1
Thomas, Guy, weds Mary Peters 7/7/13: 7/11/13p1
Thomas, Warren C., died 1/10?/18: 1/18/18p7(ER)
Thompson, Ellen, weds Ralph Wyatt 6/30/17: 7/13/17p1
Thompson, Grace E., died 3/22/16: 3/24/16p1
Thompson, Horace, died 10/29/17: 11/2/17p7(ER)
Thompson, Laura, died 8/20/15: 8/27/15p1
Thompson, Mildred, weds Sumner Sleeper 4/22/17: 4/27/17p7(ER)
Thompson, Wilbur, weds Lydia Parshley 11/29/11: 12/8/11p1
Tibbetts, Ethelle, weds Vernon Brown 3/28/13: 4/4/13pp4,7(G)
Tibbetts, Isaac H., died 8/21?/10: 8/26/10p7(ER)
Tibbetts, Mrs. S. E. (Evans?), died 3/4/13: 3/14/13p2(M)
Tilton, Earl, died 12/8/16: 12/15/16p2(M)
Tilton, Erlon, weds Grace Babb 4/18/14: 4/24/14p7(ER)
Tilton, George H., died 1/20/17: 1/25/18p1
Tinker, Jessie, weds Earl Walsh 4/8/17: 4/13/17p6(MM)
Titcomn, Ada, died 9/6/13: 9/12/13p2(MM)
Tobin, Margaret (Hughes), died 1/25/18: 2/1/18p6
Tobin, William E., died 7/7/18: 7/12/18p8
Toppan, John Q., died 9/26/13p1: 10/3/13p1
Torno, Charles, weds Etta Parsons 6/6/18: 6/14/18p1
Towle, Phoebe L., died 2/?/15: 2/12/15p5(CN)
Towne, Myrtle (Tibbetts), died 9/16/12: 9/20/12p7(ER)
Townes, Clara (Lewis), died 3/16/13: 3/21/13p1
Townsend, John C., died 2/14/16: 2/18/16p2;2/25/16p2(MM)
Townsend, John E., died 11/8?/14: 9/18/14p2
Townsend, John E., died 9/1/14: 9/11/1p8
Trafton, F. O., weds Bernice Coburn 10/3/17: 10/12/17p8
Trafton, Frank W., 4/2/11: 4/7/11p7(ER)
Trafton, Jessie, weds Fred Parshley 12/25/16: 12/29/16p8
Trafton, Lida (Stanley), died 7/5/12: 7/12/12p1
Trafton, M&M Ashton, baby died 9/14/14: 9/18/14p1
Treadwell, Helen, weds Blaine Grant 4/25/11: 5/5/11p2(MM)
Tremblay, George, died 11/21/13: 11/28/13p1
Tremblay, Jean, died 2/25/14: 2/27/14p8
Tremsine, Blanche (Lessard), died 2/10/10: 2/18/10p8
Trickey, Betsy J., died 8/19/14: 8/21/14p1
Trickey, Sarah (Furbush), died 9/29/11: 10/6/11p1
Tripp, Charles H., died 9/18/15: 9/24/15p5
Tripp, Emma, weds Joseph Otis 9/14/10: 9/16/10p1
Tripp, Fauntleroy, weds Nellie Marrison 6/18/16: 6/23/16p2(WM)
Tripp, James L., died 8/18/10: 8/26/10p1
Tripp, Nellie (Marison), died 3/24/18: 3/29/18p2
Tripp, William E., weds Ethel Sylvester 10/27/15: 10/29/15p1
Tryon, George E., weds Clara Mercie 1/10/16: 1/14/16p7
Tufts, Freda A., weds William J. Stanton 8/18/15: 8/20/15p1
Tufts, Marcia (Kelley?), died 13/17/13: 3/21/13p1
Turcotte, Helen (Vachon), died 5/24/15: 5/28/15p4
Turcotte, Ludger, died 6/19/16: 6/23/16p5
Turgeon, Anna, weds Peter Berube 9/19/10: 9/23/10p1
Turgeon, Marie, weds Alphonse Frenette 6/24/12: 6/28/12p1
Turgeon, Mireda, weds Aexavier Frenette: 8/30/12p1
Turmelle, Edward G., died 1/29/16: 2/4/16p5
Turmelle, Josephine, weds Harry Hoyt 10/2/16: 10/6/16p5
Turner, Dorothy, died 6/12/11: 6/16/11p1
Tuttle, Annie S., died 2/1/13: 2/7/13p3(EB)
Tuttle, Dana C., weds Essie Dorr 5/4/16: 5/12/16p2(M)
Tuttle, Daniel C., died 11/25/10: 12/2/10p3(EB)
Tuttle, Frank, died 11/?/10: 12/2/8
Tuttle, Herbert, weds Elizabeth Horne 5/9/15: 5/14/15p4
Tuttle, Lulu, weds Frank Fernald 4/23/12: 5/3/12p1
Tuttle, Lulu, weds Frank Fernald 4/23/13: 5/2/13p1
Tuttle, Ralph, weds Lilla Deane 6/15/10: 6/17/10p8
Twombley, Allen, died 2/21/17: 2/23/17p1
Twombly, Allen, celebrates 86th birthday: 7/25/13p1
Twombly, J. Frank, died 4/5/18: 4/5/18p4
Twombly, Josephine, died 9/3/15: 9/10/15p7(ER)
Twombly, Juliette (Jenkins), died 8/5/13: 8/8/13p4
Twombly, Sarah (Crawford), died 9/26/10: 9/30/10p2
Twombly, Sarah J., died 1/2/12: 1/5/12p3(EB)

Vachon, Albina, weds Adelard Emmond 2/20/11: 2/24/11p1
Vachon, Alma, weds Adelon Dubois (Wood) 9/2/16: 9/8/16pp8,7(G)
Vachon, Edith, weds Napolean Beland 4/4/21/13: 4/25/13p4
Vachon, Gideon, weds Regina Desmarais 3/6/16: 3/10/16p4
Vachon, Leona, weds Leroy Emmonds 10/11/15: 10/15/15p4
Vachon, Ludger, weds Ida Larochelle 9/22/13: 9/26/13p7
Vachon, Marie, weds John Loignan 11/5/17: 11/9/17p5
Vachon, Marie, weds Ovid Goodbear 6/17/12: 6/21/12p8
Vachon, Marie, weds Robert Hull 6/24/12: 6/28/12p1
Vachon, Mrs. Emile, died 10/11/13: 10/17/13p1
Vachon, Omer, died 3/3/11: 3/10/11p1
Vachon, Pauline, weds Earle Hall 7/16/17: 7/20/17p1
Vachon, Richard, weds Jeannette Annis 6/28/15: 7/2/15p1
Vachon, Rosa, weds Fred Larochelle 11/10/13: 11/14/13p9
Vallely, Charles, weds Alice Heeland 8/7/11: 8/11/11p1
Vallely, Nellie, weds Joseph Haley 5/10/10: 5/13/10p4
Vallier, Alma, weds Joseph Lapierre Jr. 9/15/13: 9/19/13p1
Varney, Emma (Mathews), died 5/12/15: 5/14/15p1
Varney, Freeman, died 2/24/17: 3/2/17p1
Varney, Gertrude A., died 8/27/11: 9/1/11pp1;7(ER)
Varney, Hester A., died 6/25/10: 7/1/10p6
Varney, Irving W., died 9/6/11: 9/8/11p1
Varney, J. William, died 4/10/16: 4/14/16p1
Varney, M&M George F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/7/13p66
Varney, Orrin T., died 7/19/12: 8/2/12p2(BR)
Varney, Ruth, weds Lawrence Carpenter 10/1/14: 10/9/14p7(ER)
Varney, Sarah M., died 2/9/18: 2/15/18pp1,7(G)
Varney, William H., died 2/10/17: 2/16/17p7(ER)
Verity, Sarah (Hayes), died 5/12/13: 5/16/13p1
Verrill, Leon G., weds Eunice French 6/1/10: 6/3/10p1
Verrill, Nellie, weds Albert Dwinal 11/16/12: 11/22/12p10
Verville, Fernando, weds Alice LaPierre (Stone) 6/5/16: 6/9/16p7(G)
Vickery, Cathalyn, weds Herbert Pickup 9/3/13: 9/12/13p1
Vignault, Laura, weds J. J. Letourneau 12/?/15: 12/24/15p9
Vigne, Henry, weds Louise Pettis 8/27/14: 9/4/14p1
Virgin, Rosa, weds Henry Pare 11/5/13: 11/7/13p1
Virvelle, Yvonne, weds Joseph Lacroix 8/6/17: 8/10/17p7(G)

Wakefield, Chester, weds Eva Philbrook 9/8/13: 9/12/13p7(ER)
Waldron, Abigail J., died 12/29/09: 1/7/10p1
Waldron, Edna C., died 5/5/12: 5/10/12p1
Wallace, Albert, died 9/28/16: 9/29/16p1
Wallace, Elyse, weds Rolf Osterman 8/16/18: 8/23/18p1
Wallace, Gertrude, weds Frank Simpson 2/3/10: 2/11/10p1
Wallace, John J., died 12/25/15: 12/31/15p6
Wallace, Peter Jr., weds Eva Johnson 2/17/18: 2/22/18p8
Wallace, Peter, weds Marion Lawrence 5/15/10: 5/20/10p1
Wallace, Sumner, weds Alice Forbes 7/27/10: 7/29/10p1
Wallingford, Cassie (Munroe), died 2/20/10: 2/25/10p7(ER)
Wallingford, Charles, died 5/26/14: 5/29/14p1
Wallingford, Cyrus G., died 3/16/14: 3/20/14p1
Wallingford, Cyrus, died 3/15/14: 3/20/14p7(ER)
Wallingford, Eben, died 6/27/10: 7/1/10p7(ER)
Wallingford, Edward W., died 11/8/14: 11/13/14p1
Walls, Janet, weds Samuel Hepponstone 9/2/16: 9/8/16p7(ER)
Walsh, Grace (Betts), died 2/28/17: 3/9/17p7(ER)
Walsh, Martin, weds Nora Grady 6/20/16: 6/23/16p4
Warburton, Rosanna, died 4/2/14: 4/10/14p4
Ward, Jasper, weds Margaret Bonnell 5/25/18: 6/7/18p11
Ware, Alfred F., died 10/15/10: 10/21/10p1
Warren, Harry, weds Lida Ferguson 4/22/14: 5/1/14p1
Warren, Horatio H., died 1/3/13: 1/10/13p4
Warren, Luella, died 12/?/16: 12/8/16p1; 12/15/16p7
Warren, Lydia (Goodwin), died 10/17/17: 10/19/17p5
Warren, Susan M., died 1/30/15: 2/5/15p1
Waterhouse, Elizabeth (Hale), died 4/2?/14: 4/10/14p3(EB)
Waterhouse, Lena, denies July wedding: 7/21/16p1
Waterhouse, Lena, weds Roscoe Brown 7/?/16: 7/14/16p8
Waterhouse, Mary, weds Joy Roland 10/4/11: 10/6/11p1
Waters, Mary A., died 1/29/11: 2/3/11p1
Watson, Esther, weds Miles Tremblay 9/27/16: 10/6/16p5
Watson, Frank S., died 6/25/16: 6/30/16p1
Watson, Increase, weds Annie Mason 10/7/16: 10/13/16p1
Watson, Perry A., died 4/28/15: 4/30/15p1
Watson, Sumner, weds Florence Ham 8/3/10: 8/5/10p1
Watson, Sylvester, died 1/31/10: 2/4/10p8
Weare, Alice M., weds Harry Meader 11/13/15: 11/19/15p1
Weare, Hannah (Vaney), died 12/11: 9/15/11p1
Weare, Herbert T., died 12/13/14: 12/18/14p7
Webber, Abbie (Webber), 7/6/12: 7/12/12p1
Webber, Ethel, weds George Hunt 2/?/15: 2/26/15p1
Webber, Lillian, weds Frederick Leavitt 3/22/18: 3/29/18p1
Webber, Verne F., died 2/19/12: 2/23/12p7(ER)
Webster, Augustus J., died 24/16: 7/28/16p7(ER)
Webster, Elmer, weds Idella Betts 7/?/18: 7/26/18p1
Webster, George H., died 1/21/15: 1/29/15p9
Webster, George, died 10/?/14: 11/6/14p3(EB)
Weeks, Ella, weds Archie Blaisdell 12/2/11: 12/8/11p2(M)
Weeks, Vivian, weds Arthur Bickford 11/?/16: 11/17/16p2(MM)
Weeks, William, died 1/19/13: 1/24/13p2(MM)
Welch, Addie, weds George Putman 12/18/17: 12/28/17p1
Welch, Jennie, weds Rosaire Gauthier 8/14/16: 8/18/16p1
Wellman, John L., died 9/21/14: 9/25/14p6
Wentworth, Abbie, celebrates 101st birthday: 2/21/13p2(NR)
Wentworth, Adeline (Canney), died 3/26/16: 3/31/16p9
Wentworth, Ambrose H., died 11/?/13: 11/14/13p8
Wentworth, Arvilla, died 5/9?/17: 5/25/17p2(BR)
Wentworth, Clara, weds Irving Brown 10/5/12: 10/18/12p1
Wentworth, Daniel R., died 3/4/14: 3/27/14p9
Wentworth, Daniel, died 2/1/16: 2/4/16p7(G);2/11/16p3(EB)
Wentworth, Emma, weds Herbert Page 3/27/11: 3/31/11p11
Wentworth, Fred B., weds Avon Gagne 5/24/15: 5/28/15p2(NR)
Wentworth, Gladys, weds Clarence Amazeen 8/?/11: 8/18/11p1
Wentworth, Gladys, weds Oscar Dame 7/28/18: 8/2/18p2
Wentworth, Henry, died 7/24/18: 8/2/18p8
Wentworth, Hiram, died 1/12/17: 1/19/17p2(MM)
Wentworth, Ira M., died 3/31/16: 4/14/16p9
Wentworth, Jennie, weds Charles Wooten 1/3/11: 1/13/11p2
Wentworth, Jonathan P., died 11/29/14: 12/4/14p1
Wentworth, Lizzie, died 3/6/17: 3/9/17p2(MM)
Wentworth, Loretta (Hayes), died 10/26/17: 11/2/17p8
Wentworth, Lucretia (Hayes), died 10/26/17: 11/2/17p2(NR)
Wentworth, Martin V., died 8/22/16: 8/25/16p7(ER)
Wentworth, Micajah H., died 4/1/13: 4/4/13p7
Wentworth, Nellie, weds Myron Dickie 1/12/10: 1/14/10p1
Wentworth, Noah, died 12/20/14: 12/25/14p1
Wentworth, Russell B., died 6/27/13: 7/4/13p4
Wentworth, Sarah A., died 10/30/10: 11/4/10pp1,2(W)
Wentworth, Sials J., died 1/?/11: 1/20/11p1
Wentworth, Stephen A. J., died 27/11: 9/29/11p1;10/6/11p1
Wentworth, Stephen G., died 8/8/16: 8/11/16p5
Wentworth, Thana (Pinkham), died 3/18/12: 3/22/12p2(M)
Wentworth, Walter S., died 9/14/14: 9/18/14p1
Wentworth, Walter S., died 9/14/14: 9/25/14p2(NR)
Wentworth, William, died 2/13/12: 2/16/12p1
Wentwroth, Sarah (Jenness), died 4/12/15: 4/16/15p1
Whipple, Cora, died 3/14/17: 3/16/17p1
Whipple, Eva, weds George McDuffee 11/13/13: 11/21/13p1
Whipple, Ralph C., weds Maude M. Wilmot 8/17/15: 8/20/15p1(G)
White, Edna (Hamilton), died 3/14/15: 3/19/15p1
White, George, weds Ada Carr 4/15/13: 4/18/13p1
White, Hervey E., died 5/8/15: 5/14/15p7(ER)
White, Lizzie, died 3/7?/12: 3/15/12p7(ER)
White, Lorenzo, died 10/9/16: 10/13/16p1
White, Martha (Blaisdell?), died 9/21?/16: 9/29/16p8
White, William, died 2/?/15: 2/26/15p2(M)
Whitehouse, Bertha weds Austin Yeaton 10/1/10: 10/7/10p1
Whitehouse, Daniel, died 5/27/12: 5/31/12p2(M)
Whitehouse, Enos G., died 5/?/12: 5/17/12p1
Whitehouse, Fred, weds Georgie Berry 5/8/15: 5/14/15p4
Whitehouse, Herbert F., died 2/5/17: 2/9/17p2(NR); 2/16/17p2
Whitehouse, Jane, died 1/22/16: 1/26/12p3
Whitehouse, Lottie, weds Newell Horne 8/25/17: 8/31/17p1
Whitehouse, Marguerite, died 6/5/29/13: 6/6/13p2(M)
Whitehouse, Mary (McDuffee), died 4/1/16: 4/7/16p9
Whitehouse, Mary A., celebrates 100th birthday: 7/9/15p1
Whitehouse, Mary, died 12/6/12: 12/13/12p3(EB)
Whitehouse, Ralph, weds Bonibel DeMeritt 11/7/12: 11/15/12p2
Whitehouse, Susan (Trickey), died 1/20/10: 1/21/10p1
Whitehpouse, William B., died 7/13/15: 7/16/15p8
Whiting, Henry, died 3/4/12: 3/8/12p1
Whiting, Margaret Robinson, died 2/10/11: 2/17/11p1;3/3/11p8
Whitney, Frank E., died 1/20/18: 1/25/18p1
Whittemore, A. J., died 1/2/12: 1/12/12p1
Whittemore, Martha (Wilson), died 7/20/18: 7/26/18p1
Wiggin, Bertha, weds Maurice Briggs 4/?/17: 4/13/17p3(ER)
Wiggin, Elbridge M., died 3/26/11: 3/31/11p2(MM)
Wiggin, George, died 11/20/15: 11/26/15p1
Wiggin, M&M Elmer, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/1/16p3
Wiggin, Marion, died 9/2/12: 9/6/12p2(MM)
Wilder, James M., died 4/19/15: 4/23/15p7
Wilken, Albert F., died 10/31/10: 11/4/10p8
Wilken, D. LeRoy, weds Alice Hartford 11/16/15: 11/26/15p7(ER)
Wilkenson, Aurie, weds Ernest Downing 6/?/11: 6/30/11p1
Wilkenson, Charles W., died 12/13/10: 12/16/10p12
Wilkineson, Eliza (Howard), died 2/9/11: 2/17/11p1
Wilkinson, Clara (Otis), died 10/1/10: 10/7/10p1
Willand, Charles W., died 1/2/11: 1/6/11p1
Willand, Edward A., died 7/8/15: 7/16/15p1
Willand, John, weds Abbie Horne 6/29/11: 7/7/11p1
Willand, Mrs. Edward A. (Chesley), died 7/17/15: 7/23/15p5
Willand, Phoebe (Pottle), died 7/26/10: 7/29/10p1
Willand, Ruth, died 8/26/16: 9/1/16p4
Willey, Bernice, weds Addie Rhines 10/?/11: 10/13/11p7(ER)
Willey, Caroline (Foss), died 8/28/12: 8/30/12p1
Willey, George, died 6/20/11: 6/30/11p3(EB)
Willey, John C., died 2/17/14: 2/20/14p8
Willey, Jonathan S., deied 9/18/17: 9/21/17p7(ER)
Willey, Josephy, died 3/8/12: 3/15/12p2(BR)
Willey, Lawrence, weds Edna Browning 7/26/11: 8/4/11p1
Willey, M&M John C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/9/10p7
Willey, Mary, weds Everett Eastman 4/22/18: 5/3/18p1
Willey, Sanborn, died 7/7/16: 7/14/16p7(ER)
Willis, Mary Glidden, died 1/?/11: 2/3/11p1
Wilmot, Maude M., weds Ralph C. Whipple 8/17/15: 8/20/15p1(G)
Wilson, Amelia, died 4/?/16: 4/21/16p
Wilson, Henry, died 1/29/10: 2/4/10p1
Wing, Sarah (Gerrish), died 2/?/18: 3/1/18p1
Wingate, Patience, died 4/6?/15: 4/9/15p7(ER)
Witham, Frances, weds William Gilmore 6/20/17: 6/29/17p7(ER)
Witham, Josiah, died 11/12/16: 11/24/16p2(MM)
Wood, M&M George D., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/27/14p9
Wood, Milton, weds Grace Cate 6/29/17: 7/6/17p7(G)
Woodbury, Oliver O., died 2/13/11: 2/17/11p1
Woodes, Fannie (Rogers), died 10/16/17: 10/19/17p5
Woodes, Ida (Tufts), died 8/1/11: 8/4/11p1;8/11/11p1
Woodman, Clarence, weds Clara Lang 6/29/10: 7/8/10p1
Woodsum, Alonzo F., died 6/14/14: 6/19/14p1
Woodward, Ashton S., died 8/15/10: 8/19/10p1
Woodward, Charles, weds Orista Butler 10/28/14: 10/30/14p1
Woodward, Ida (Cate), died 8/27/13: 8/29/13p1
Woodward, Olive M., died 6/3/17: 6/8/17p5
Woodward, Solon M., died 10/16/11: 10/27/11p1
Wooten, Charles, weds Jessie Wentworth 1/3/11: 1/13/11p2
Wootten, William, died 7/2/17: 7/27/17p2(MM)
Worcester, Millie (Greenfield), died 11/10/11: 11/17/11p11
Worm, Harry M., died 11/9?/16: 11/17/16p7
Wormell, Andrew T., died 2/16/17: 2/23/17p1
Wormhood, Carrie, weds John Ross 10/30/16: 11/3/16p1
Wright, Albert, died 7/2/12: 7/5/12p2(MM)
Wright, Frank C., died 3/18/18: 3/22/18p1
Wyatt, John, died 3/?/12: 4/5/01p1
Wyatt, Ralph, weds Ellen Thompson 6/30/17: 7/13/17p1

Yeaton, Helen (Sawyer), died 10/5/17: 10/12/17p77
Yeaton, Inez, weds Fred L. Osgood 6/14/15: 6/18/15p1
Yeaton, John, died 1/5?/10: 1/14/10p2(M)
York, Gladys, weds Edward Brooks 12/?/15: 12/24/15p1
Young, Ada, died 1/19/13: 1/24/13p3(EB)
Young, Alice A., died 2/2?/17: 5/11/17p3(EB)
Young, Charles L., died 1/27/15: 1/29/15pp1,7(G)
Young, Elvira, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/6/14p1
Young, George W., died 12/22/17: 12/28/17p1
Young, Hannah, died 12/8/15: 12/10/15p5;12/17/157
Young, Harry, weds Lillian Young 12/9/11: 12/15/11p1
Young, James M., died 7/9/11: 7/14/11p1
Young, Lyrtle4, weds Harry Wynne 6/24/14: 7/3/14p4(G)
Young, Myra (Prescott), died 3/10/11: 3/17/11p7(ER)
Young, Samuel, died 2/?/17: 2/23/17p1


1.    No death notice could be found.
2:    Beaulieu is listed as Cassette in error in this story.  The name is corrected in the 5/15/14p8 Gonic column.
3:    There are two separate articles on page 1 on the death of Helen Hunter, one for the death notice and one for the funeral.
4:     Subject is listed as Priscilla Jennie Abbott in the in 9/8/11 issue, but Jennie Priscilla Abbott in 9/15/11 issue.
5:    The date on the first page of the January 5, 1917 paper reads January 5, 1916 in error.
6:    This is a rather confusing entry.  The item reads "Mrs. Alberta Jewett Cutts, wife of William Hargraves..."  It is assumed herein that her married name was Hargraves.
7:     There are two entries: a separate article and a reference in the adjacent Gonic column.
8:    The pages for the April 12, 1918 issue are out of order.  They do have page numbers at the top of some pages.  However, the references to this issue in this index list the number of the page starting with page one, and do not necessarily match the number at the top of the page.