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1884 through 1899

This is an index to the Rochester Courier for issues from April 1884 through December 1899.  These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.  References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#).        There are no page numbers on these issues.  Therefore the reader must count in pages as the film is being scrolled through.  Supplements are separate entities.  Thus, entries found in supplements have the page number preceded by “Supp”. 

                                Sometimes a first or last name will be followed by [?].  This indicates that the reproduction of these old issues on microfilm are not always clear and not always complete.  Hence, some guessing in name spelling has been required at times.  The notation “[sic]” indicates that the words or numbers preceding it are copied exactly as they appear in the newspaper. 

                                In some cases the date of the event has a question mark in it.  This is to indicate that the article says the event took place “last Wednesday” or “last Thursday”. (The Courier was usually issued on Friday.) The entry had to guess which Wednesday or Thursday the word “last” applied to.  Thus, the question mark indicates that the date may be off by a week.  Some entries have one or two letters in parentheses appended.  This code refers to the fact that the item is not a separate article but is included in one of the area columns.  A list of these codes and the columns they represent appears at the end of the index.   

                                Deaths and marriages were rarely reported in these early years.  However, there is often a small box on page 2 or 3 in which deaths and, occasionally, marriages are recorded.  Those entries are not included herein. Some obituaries list females as “Mrs.” followed by the husband’s name.  If an entry cannot be found with the female’s first name, be sure to check for a “Last-name, Mrs.” entry.  The abbreviation M&M indicates Mr. and Mrs.  There are also entries concerning anniversaries which are listed as "Last-name, M&M".  Hence, the wife does not have a separate entry.  Superscript numbers, as 1, refer to a note .  These notes appear at the end of the file. 

                                In addition, it was the custom in some issued to list all of the marriages and deaths for the year in an early issue of the following year’s paper.  These references are recorded in note A at the end of the file.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y

Abbott, Abigail T., died 9/9/95: 9/13/95p3(LM)
Abbott, Ada, weds Martin Jones 6/?/92: 6/10/92p1(ER)
Abbott, Alice, weds Edward Bartow 9/3/95: 9/6/95p1
Abbott, Ben, died 4/9/88: 4/13/88p3
Abbott, Edith, weds Leslie Stillings 11/23/91: 11/27/91p2(ER)
Abott, Mary S., died 12/?/89: 1/3/90p3
Adams, Charles, died 4/28/99: 5/5/99p4(N)
Adams, Cissie A., died 12/?/84: 12/19/84p3(ER)
Adams, Hannah H. (Varney), died 1/17/91: 1/30/91p3
Adams, Harriet S., died 12/24/89: 12/27/89p3
Adams, Meville, weds Emma Wallingford 11/1/92: 11/4/92p1
Adams, Sarah E., died 6/23?/92: 7/1/92p5(LM)
Agnew, Blanche, weds Frederick Plummer 4/26/92: 4/29/92p4
Agnew, James R., died 11/14/93: 11/24/93p1(ER)
Albert, Freddie, dieed 2/12/87: 2/18/87p3
Aldridge, Waldo, weds Georgie York 4/22/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Allen, Alta M., wins Courier piano contest: 9/22/99p1
Allen, Eliza, died 1/12?/99: 1/13/99p4
Allen, James L., died 10/18/98: 10/21/98p1
Allen, Lester H., died 8/?/88: 8/17/88p2(F)
Allen, Levi W., died 1/22/99: 2/3/99p8
Allen, Levi W., died 1/24/99: 1/27/99p1
Allen, Sarah (Nute), died 3/28?/87: 4/22/87p3(LM)
Allen, William, to wed Nellie Cloutman 11/8/97: 11/5/97p6(F); 11/12/97p6(F)
Allen, William, weds Anna Littlefield 11/23/87: 12/2/87p3
Allison, George, died 5/?/84: 5/23/84p3(G)
Amassen, Mrs. Aldan, died : 5/27/87p2(F)
Amazeen, Myra (Trefethan), died 1/16/96: 1/24/96p1(F)
Ames, Sarah A., died 3/?/96: 3/13/96p5(CN)
Anderson, Florence, weds Willard Cushing 1/1/93: 1/6/93p5
Anderson, George W., died 3/18/96: 3/20/96p8; 3/27/96p8
Anderson, George W., died 5/20/93: 5/26/93p1
Applebee, Ellen (Raines), died 3/10/92: 3/18/92p5
Appleby, Frank, weds Gertrude Foss 12/24/92: 12/30/92p5(LM)
Archibald, Bernice, weds Ralph Cloutman 8/27?/99: 9/1/99p4(MM)
Arinna, Mrs. Joseph, died 8/9/85: 8/14/85p3(LM)7
Armstrong, Andrew, weds Clara Yeaton 9/27/99: 9/29/99p1
Armstrong, Everett, died 9/14/91: 9/18/91p3(LM)
Aspinwall, Cyrus G., died 6/14/98: 6/17/98p1
Atkinson, George W., died 4/29/90: 5/2/90p3
Atwood, Charles B., died 5/18/90: 5/23/90p3
Austin, David, died 7/30/95: 8/2/95p5(LM)
Austin, Mrs. David, died 2/16/92: 2/19/92p5(LM)
Avery, Linwood, died 8/?/85: 8/14/85p3(LM)
Ayers, Ida, weds William Montelth 5/?/95: 5/24/95p5(LM)

Babb, Fred, weds Sadie Marsden 12/31/87: 1/6/88p3(G)
Babb, Ida A., died 5/14/91: 5/22/91p3(G)
Babb, O. F., weds Mary Furlong 11/11/91: 11/20/91p3(G)
Bailey, C. F., died 10/8/99: 10/13/99p8((M)
Bailey, Clifford, weds Annie Dyer 7/18/91: 7/24/91p3(M)
Bailey, Patrick, weds Maria Leary 10/26/97: 10/29/97p8
Baisdell, Joseph, died 1/3/98: 1/14/98p1(F)
Baker, Cora, weds Charles Berry 4/11?/93: 4/14/93p8(F)
Baker, George, weds Nellie Sanborn 5/17/84: 5/23/84p3(F)
Baker, Jacob H., died: 9/16/98p4(CN)
Ball, Banjamin W., died 7/13/96: 7/17/96p1
Ball, Benjamin W.--short bio: 3/3/93p1
Ballentine, Fred, died 10/?/91: 11/13/91p2(MM)
Baril, Thomas, weds Minnie Firbush 11/11/93: 11/17/93p5(LM)
Barker, Caroline M., died 4/16/92: 4/22/92p1
Barker, Harriet S., died 3/29/97: 4/2/97p8(M)
Barker, Hiram, died 3/26/87: 4/1/87p2(F)
Barker, John, funeral on 5/25/93: 6/2/93p4(F)
Barker, Robert, weds Alice Thompson ?/?/97: 12/3/97p8
Barnes, Lura, weds John Howland 11/1/99: 11/10/99p4(MM)
Baruch, Lewis, died 4/?/84: 4/11/84p3(LM)
Baruch, Rebecca,died 1/30/88: 2/3/88p3
Batchelder, May, weds John Sanborn 10/26/99: 11/3/99p4(M)
Batchelder, Mayhew, died 1/24/91: 1/30/91p3(LM)
Batchelder, Myron, died 7/18/96: 7/24/96p1
Bean, Fred W., died 2/22/94: 3/2/94p8(G)
Beaudoin, George, died 4/17/87: 4/22/87p3
Beecher, Herbert L., died 3/23/97: 4/30/97p1
Beecher, Nancy, died 2/21/87: 2/25/87p3
Beede, Abigail (Hanson), died 10/26?/87: 11/4/87p3(G)
Bell, Lizzie, weds John Copp 6/14/98: 6/17/98p8(CN)
Bennett, Carey (Sleeper), died 12/16/99: 12/22/99p5(CN)
Bennett, Mildred, weds W. E. Phillips 12/9/96: 12/11/96p5(CN)
Berrish, Mary A., died 11/10/92: 11/18/92p8(M)
Berry, Arthur, weds Lucy Standley 8/14?/95: 8/16/95p5(LM)
Berry, Caroline T., died 5/9/93: 5/12/93p8(LN)
Berry, Charles, weds Cora Baker 4/11?/93: 4/14/93p8(F)
Berry, Daniel R., died 9/10/97: 9/17/97p3(B)
Berry, Ellen F., died 3/13/96: 3/20/96p4(CN)
Berry, Geneva, weds Charles Beal 5/27?/96: 5/29/96p5(CN)
Berry, George, weds Almedia Howard 3/26/93: 3/3/93p5(LM)
Berry, Hattie, weds Henry Locke 8/23/93: 8/25/93p5(LM)
Berry, Henry, weds Martha Norris 7/13/96: 7/17/96p5(CN)
Berry, J. Herman, died 12/?/95: 12/20/95p8(LM)
Berry, John M., died n8/4/93: 8/18/93p3(F)
Berry, Joseph L., died 12/4/97: 12/10/97p5(CN)
Berry, Meta, weds Herbert Stevens 4/31/93: 5/5/93p5
Berry, Percy, weds Grace Randall 12/15/92: 12/23/92p5(LM)
Berry, Victoria, weds William Morrill 6/29/99: 6/30/99p1
Berry, Z. Taylor, died 9/3/87: 9/9/87p3
Bickford, Bertha, weds John Hoburn 6/21/99: 6/23/99p1
Bickford, Clara J., died 4/4/93: 4/14/93p8(LN)
Bickford, Elizabeth, died 2/17/88: 2/24/88p3(LM)
Bickford, George, died 4/11/95: 4/19/95p1
Bickford, Hannah (Demeritt), died 11/25/92: 12/9/92p5(LM)
Bickford, John H., died 11/23/87: 12/9/87p3(LM)
Bickford, Mary, died 5/3/99: 5/5/99p1
Bickford, May, weds Linville Varney 8/10/93: 8/18/93p5(LM)
Bickford, Mrs. Ira, died 9/8/96: 9/11/96p5(CN)
Bickford, Mrs. Samuel, died 12/20/86: 12/24/86p3(LM)
Bickford, Sarah (Downing), died 8/18/87: 8/26/87p3(G)
Bickford, Thomas S., died 3/?/94: 3/23/94p4(MM)
Billedeau, John, died 7/16/97: 7/23/97p5(CN)
Billings, Everett, weds Edith Nichols 7/4 /95: 7/12/95p1(ER)
Billodeau, Rose, weds Joseph Lachance 9/18/93: 9/22/93p5(LM)
Bingham, George C. Jr., died 11/30?/97: 12/3/97p8(CN)
Bingham, Hanora, died 5/14/93: 5/19/93p5(LM)
Bisbee, Susie, weds George Fisher 8/30/92: 9/2/92p4(M)
Bisson, Emeline, died 2/11/98: 2/18/98p1
Bisson, Mary, weds Joseph Gagnier 1/20/94: 1/26/94p5(LM)
Bisson, Narres, died 12/27/99: 12/29/99p4
Bisson, Paul, died 11/17/99: 11/24/99p1
Blackmar, Ebenezer C., died 10/7?/86: 10/15/86p3
Blaisdell, Annie C., died 9/?/90: 9/12/90p3
Blaisdell, Annie, died 9/3/80: 9/5/90p3(LM)
Blaisdell, Aunt Ann--see McCrillis, Relief A.
Blaisdell, E. B., died 6/2?/96: 6/5/96p5(CN)
Blaisdell, Eli, died 7/97: 11/12/97p8(ER)
Blake, Albert C., died 12/26/84: 1/2/85p3
Blake, Della, weds S. S. Connor 8/9/97: 8/13/97p8
Blake, George, died 12/?/93: 12/29/93p8(F)
Blake, John, died 11/30/92: 12/2/92p4
Blake, Katherine, died 5/19/99: 5/26/99p8(CN)
Blake, William, weds Delia Clority 9/21/87: 9/23/87p3(LM)
Blazo, Kathleen, weds Fred Townsend 6/29/99: 6/30/99p1
Blood, Byron, weds Drusilla Dudley 9/22/97: 10/15/97p8(M)
Blow, Mrs. David, died 8/21/90: 9/5/90p3(G)
Boodey. Mrs. S. O., died 8/1/92: 8/12/92p5(LM)
Boothby, Lizzie, weds Edwin Shorey 1/?/88: 1/6/88p3(ER)
Borassa, Mrs. John, died 3/10/89: 3/15/89p3(G)
Boston, Mrs. Charles (Smith), died 11/17/99: 11/24/99p1
Boston, Paulina, died 11/15/98: 11/18/98p8(CN)
Boswell, Sarah R., died 1/21?/92: 1/22/92p3
Brackett, Benjamin, died 1/14/94: 1/26/94p1(MM)
Brackett, Eunice, died 12/20/95: 12/27/95p8(LM)
Brackett, Ida, weds Willie Meader 8/9/93: 8/11/93p8
Brackett, Lizzy (Furlong), weds Charles Keates 2/21/92: 2/26/92p4(G)
Brackett, Mrs., died 3/?/94: 3/23/94p4(MM)
Bradford, John, died 11/24/95: 11/29/95p5(LM)
Bradford, Mary, died 9/19/91: 9/22/91p3(LM)3
Bradford, Mrs. George Sr., died 6/3/87: 6/10/87p3(LM)
Bradford, Willie, died 4/?/84: 4/11/84p3
Bragden, Nellie8, died 2/27/86: 3/5/86p2(M)
Bragdon, Charles H., died 12/9/99: 12/15/99p1
Bragdon, Mrs. Charles, died 9/8/92: 9/23/92p8(LN)
Brahaney, Michael, died 7/15/92: 7/22/92p5(LM)
Breckenridge, Will, died 4/?/90: 5/2/90p2(F)
Brennan, Dennis, weds Catherine McShane 10/25/87: 10/28/87p3(LM)
Brennan, Frank, died 8/8/28/92: 9/2/92p5
Brennan, Mrs. Michael, died 4/22/92: 4/29/92p5(LM)
Breton, Leon, dieed 4/2/89: 4/12/89p3
Brewer, Julia, died 1/10/92: 1/15/92p3(G)
Brierly, Leroy, weds Hattie Webber 2/13/98; 2/25/98p8
Brierly, Mrs James, died 1/20/99: 1/27/99p1
Brochu, Clarida, weds Leopold Larose 10/31/92: 11/4/92p5(G)
Brochu, Rose D., died 12/20/91: 12/25/91p3(G)
Brock, Gertrude, weds Albert Covey 11/28/95: 12/6/95p5(LM)
Brock, Harry, weds Emma Heath 12/9/96: 12/11/96p8
Brock, Ida (Roberts), died 4/1/94: 4/6/94p5(LM)
Brock, John F., died 3/6/93: 3/10/93p1
Brock, Marston, weds Nettie Gray 10/16/86: 10/22/86p3(LM)
Brock, Mrs. Nicholas, died 1/3/90: 1/10/90p3(LM)
Brock, Nicholas, died 1/18?/94: 1/19/94p5(LM)
Brody, Joseph M., died 1/31/90: 2/7/90p2(N)
Brooks, Sarah J., died 7/21?/91: 7/24/91p3(ER)
Brown, Ann (Cloutman), died 1/16/91: 1/23/91p2
Brown, Fred, weds Eva Nute 12/24/91: 1/1/92p2(M)
Brown, Gertie, weds Willie Usher 4/?/86: 4/30/86p2(M)
Brown, John T., died 7/12/95: 7/19/95p5(LM)
Brown, John, died 9/6/92: 9/16/92p1(F)
Brown, John, weds Augusta Dorr 5/8/92: 5/13/92p8(M)
Brown, Mary A., died 10/29/97: 11/5/97p8
Brown, Minnie, died 3/12/86: 3/19/86p3
Brown, Mrs. Dennis, died 4/?/99: 4/14/99p3(B)2
Brown, Mrs. John, died 5/1/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Brown, Nathan, died 5/6/87: 5/13/87p3(LM)
Brown, Sarah (Bullard), celebrates 90th: 6/23/99p1
Brown, Thomas, died 2/12/86: 2/19/86p3
Browne, Evangeline, weds Herbert Cox 12/20/98: 12/23/98p6(F)
Bruce, Charles, weds Emma Brown 8/30/96: 9/4/96p8(M)
Brusch, Frank J., died 10/3/98: 10/7/98p4(ER)
Buck, Mrs. J. C., died 8/5/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Buguay, Mary E., died 4/23/96: 4/24/96p1
Bumford, Herbert, weds Gertrude Wallace 3/28/94: 3/30/94p8
Bunker, Mary (Ham), died 12/27/95: 1/3/96p3(F)
Burdette, Mrs. Robert--letter about: 9/19/84p1
Burke, Franklin, died 2/3/99: 2/10/99p4(M)
Burke, William, weds Jennie Rayner 6/28/99: 7/7/99p8(M)
Burnham, Thomas E., died 1/17/92: 1/22/92p3
Burr, M. L., died 2/17/96: 2/21/96p8
Burrows, Alvah G., died 4/9/93: 4/14/93p1(M)
Burrows, Will, died 4/28/90: 5/2/90p2(F)
Butler, Fred, died 11/18/99: 11/24/99p8
Butler, Mary Ann, died 3/31/99: 4/7/99p5(CN)
Buzzell, John A., died 1/2/93: 1/6/93p4(EB)
Buzzell, John S., died 2/8/98: 2/18/98p4(B)
Buzzell, Walter, weds Julia Serls 2/17/94: 2/23/94p5(LM)
Buzzell, William H., died 3/20/96: 3/27/96p8

Calef, Ernest L., died 2/17/98: 2/25/98p8
Calef, M&M John F., celebrate 50th: 6/10/98p4
Callahan, Patrick, died 7/24/93: 7/28/93p5(LM)
Canney, Deborah P., died 9/22/89: 9/27/89p3(LM)
Canney, Onslow E., died 1/11/87: 1/14/87p3(LM)
Canney, Victoria, died 1/9/99: 1/13/99p4(B)
Cannovan, Hazel, died 10/7/99: 10/13/99p8(CN)
Carignan, Moise, weds Ada Morrow 11/13/92: 11/18/92p4(G)
Carr, Frank, died 12/16/91: 12/18/91p3(LM)
Carr, Louise, weds Timothy Hurley 6/?/95: 6/21/95p8(LM)
Carriveault, Mrs. Arthur, died 11/19/93: 11/24/93p5(LM)
Carroll, Ellen, died 3/24/90: 3/28/90p3(LM)
Carter, James F., died 5/2/99: 5/5/99p5(CN)
Carter, Katie (Dame), died 3/7/97: 3/12/97p8(F)
Casildy[?], Michael, died 10/3/84: 10/10/84p3
Cassidy, Annie, weds Joseph Mangin 5/1/95: 5/3/95p8(LM)6
Cassidy, Sarah, weds George Marcotte 11/?/93: 11/24/93p5(LM)
Cassidy[?], James, died 3/3/85: 3/6/85p3(LM)
Caswell, Samuel C., died 12/26/98: 12/30/98p4(B)
Cate, H. L., weds Carrie Smith 11/23?/87: 11/25/87p3
Cate, Joshua N., died 9/29/90: 10/3/90p3(LM)
Cater, Daniel, died 4/8/95: 4/12/95p1(F)
Cater, Irving, died 5/?/87: 5/27/87p3(LM)
Cater, Mary (Roberts), died 8/31/95: 9/6/95p5(LM)
Cater, Wesley, died 6/30/88: 7/6/88p3(LM)
Cathcart, Catherine, weds Charlie Grey 5/14/87: 5/20/87p3(ER)
Catur, M&M Horace, celebrate 50th: 5/6/98p3
Caverly, Charles Jr., weds Lottie Walker 11/18/90: 11/21/90p3
Caverly, Charles S., died 6/19/97: 6/25/97p1
Caverly, Julia (Wallace), died 9/8/89: 9/13/89p3
Caverno, Eliza (Jones) died 4/?/98: 4/29/98p6(F)
Chadbourne, Mrs. George, died 7/28/93?: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Chalmers, Mrs. George, died 3/21?/95: 3/29/95p8(ER)
Chamberlain, Daniel, died 10/22/86: 10/29/86p2(N)
Chamberlin, Enoch, died 3/28/88: 3/30/88p3
Chamberlin, Mrs. Gardner, died 10/?/90: 11/14/90p2(M)
Chambermain, Gilbert, died 6/13/87: 6/17/87p3(LM)
Chase, Charles K., died 2/13/87: 2/18/87p3
Chase, Enoch W., died 4/6/97: 4/16/97p1
Chase, Maud H., died 9/8/96: 9/11/96p1
Chase, Sarah F., died 1///16/99: 1/20/99p1
Cheney, Chase, weds Stella Perkins 6/23/97: 6/25/97p8
Chesley, Arthur, weds Mrs. Muns 1/?/94: 2/9/94p1
Chesley, Edna, weds Weston Garland 9/20/93: 9/22/93p8
Chesley, Edna, weds Weston Garland 9/21/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Chesley, Frank H., died 4/4/84: 4/11/84p3(G)
Chesley, George W., died 12/19/97: 12/24/97p6(F)
Chesley, Guy, weds Winifred Kelley 8/25/97: 8/27/97p1
Chesley, Jonathan H., died 2/2/97: 2/5/97p3(B)
Chesley, Lizzie, weds Frank Davis 10/12/97: 10/22/97p3(B)
Chesley, Margaret, died 11/?/96: 11/20/96p3(B)
Chesley, Mary (Swain), died 7/29/98: 8/5/98p3(B)
Chessman, Lucinda. died 1/7/94: 1/12/94p5(LM)
Chick, Everett, weds Emma Shorey 3/5/94: 3/9/94p8(ER)
Chick, Mary, weds Charles Shorey 11/26/91: 12/4/91p3(ER)
Childs, Mr., died 2/16/96: 2/21/96p4(F)
Cilley, Adelaide (Haynes), died 4/20/96: 4/24/96p1(F)
Cilley, Daniel P., died 11/?/88: 11/23/88p2
Cilley, Joseph B., died 1/12/85: 1/15/86p2(F)
Cilley, Rebbecca, died 3/13/87: 3/18/87p3(G), 4/1/87p3(LM)
Cisey, Sarah A., died 9/5?/99: 9/8/99p4(M)
Clark, Abigail (Henderson), died 5/11/91: 5/15/91p3
Clark, Alberta, weds Frank Prescott 9/20/97: 10/1/97p8
Clark, Arthur, weds Emma Kendall 12/22/96: 1/1/97p6(CN)
Clark, Dennis, died 2/15/96: 2/21/96p3(BS)
Clark, Emma G., died 3/30/92: 4/1/92p5(LM)
Clark, Emma, died 3/22/97: 3/26/97p8
Clark, Fannie, weds Eugene Foss 6/6/61: 6/12/91p3(LM)
Clark, Frank, weds Gertrude Hervey 8/29/92: 9/2/92p8(ER)
Clark, George E., died 4/26/86: 4/30/86p3(LM)
Clark, Hanna M., died 12/6/99: 12/8/99p1
Clark, Hattie, weds George Manter 11/29/93: 12/8/93p5(LM)
Clark, Jacob, died 11/5/96: 11/13/96p8(CN)
Clark, Mary, weds Moses Jacobs 5/30/92: 6/3/92p4(ER)
Clark, Mrs. Frank W., died 2/13/91: 2/20/91p3(ER)
Clark, Samuel, died 5/27/88: 6/1/88p1(LM)
Clark, Walter, weds May Batchelder 10/26/99: 11/3/99p4(M)
Clay, Susie, weds Frank Selby: 3/10/93p3(F)
Clayton[?], John B., died 2/13/86: 2/19/86p3(LM)
Clements, Austin, died 4/1/95: 4/5/95p5(LM)
Clements, Harry, died 5/11?/92: 5/20/92p8(M)
Clority, Delia, weds William Blake 9/21/87: 9/23/87p3(LM)
Clough, John, celebrates 85th birthday: 3/31/99p1
Cloutman, James A., died 10/?/98: 11/4/98p6(F)
Cloutman, John F., died 2/27/97: 3/5/97p1
Cloutman, Nellie, to wed William Allen 11/8/97: 11/5/97p6(F); 11/12/97p6(F)
Cloutman, Samuel, died 10/11/96: 10/16/96p6(F)
Coates, Charles, weds Bertha Horne 2/22/94: 2/23/94p5(LM)
Coates, Mrs. H. C., died 2/11/91: 2/13/91p3(LM)
Cobb, Eliza (McDuffee). died 6/6/88: 6/8/88p3
Coburn, Mrs. Orrin B., died 7/21/86: 7/30/86p2(ND)
Colbath, Almira (Whitehouse), died 9/9/1/99: 9/8/99p6(F)
Colbath, Bertha, weds John Tripp 4/6/98: 4/8/98p1
Colbath, Emma, died 6/29/91: 7/3/91p3(LM)
Colbath, Freeman, died 4/?/98: 5/6/98p6(F)
Colbath, Jed, died 11/24/95: 11/29/95p6(F)
Colbath, Lyman A., died 1/12/99: 1/27/99p6(F)
Colbath, Richmond, died 3/8/99: 3/17/99p6(F)
Colby, Joseph, weds Carrie Goodwin 3/10/92: 3/18/92p8(ER)
Colby, Louis M., died 8/22/92: 8/26/92p8
Colby, Margaret E., died 9/27/95: 10/4/95p5(LM)
Colby, Mrs. Donald, died 7/31/84: 8/8/84p3(LM)
Colby, William, died 5/25/86: 5/28/86p3(LM)
Cole, Charles H., died 4/10/97: 4/23/97p1
Cole, James D., died 3/1/90: 3/7/90p3(ER)
Cole, Lucretia, died 4/3/96: 4/10/96p5(CN)
Cole, Lydia (Varney), died 3/29/92: 4/1/92p4(ER)
Cole, Sarah Jane, died 1/14/89: 1/18/89p3
Cole, Thomas, 2/25/97: 3/12/97p8(ER)
Collins, Gertrude, weds Wilbur Duntley 1/4?/93: 1/6/93p5
Collins, Ira A., died 3/20/94: 3/23/94p8(LM)
Collins, Martin, weds Catherine Hughes 10/28/91: 11/13/91p3(LM)
Collins, Mary, weds John Sweeney 10/26/92: 10/28/92p8
Collins, Mrs. John, died 12/13/98: 12/16/98p8(CN)
Colomey, Clifton, died 1/22?/92: 1/29/92p8(F)
Colomy, Cora (Leighton), died 6/25/97: 7/2/97p8(M)
Colomy, Ida, weds Phillip Cobb 12/23/95: 12/27/95p1
Colomy, Sarah, died 2/23/91: 2/27/91p3(LM)
Colony[?]], Nellie E., died 11/1/87: 11/4/87p3(LM)
Connell, Patrick, died 10/24/99: 10/27/99p8
Connell, William, weds Harriet Folsom 5/28/98: 6/10/98p1
Connelly, Clara, died ?/?/99: 11/10/99p4(MM)
Connelly, Mattie, weds John Nixon 3/2/94: 3/9/94p8(G)
Conway, Luther M., died 4/14/91: 4/17/91p4(LM)
Conway, Mrs. Arthur (Effie Hayes), died 2/2?/87: 2/4/87p3(LM)
Cook, Hannah, died 1//11/99: 1/20/99p4
Cook, Ira A., died 4/3/98: 4/8/98p8(M)
Cooke,Sarah C., died 8/30?/95: 9/6/95p4(F)
Cookson, Carrie, weds George Mills 11/29/93: 12/8/93p4(ER)
Cooper, Lydia, died 11/2/99: 11/10/99p8(CN)
Cooper, Lydia, died 11/2/99: 11/10/99p8(CN)
Copp, John, weds Lizzie Bell 6/14/98: 6/17/98p8(CN)
Copp, Reuben H., died 4/?/99: 4/28/99p6(F)
Cormier, Mrs. Joseph, died 12/17/99: 12/22/99p5(CN)
Corsdon, Elihu, weds Annie Noyes 10/28/89: 11/1/89p3(ER)
Corson, Allie, weds Arnest Dickson 10/28/99: 11/3/99p4(M)
Corson, Carl E., died 12/29/96: 1/1/97p8(M)
Corson, Carrie, weds George Varney 6/28/87: 7/1/87p3(ER)
Corson, Chester, died 1/15/96: 1/24/96p8(ER)
Corson, Cora, died 10/26/90: 10/31/90p3(ER)
Corson, George W., died 2/20/97: 2/25/97p4
Corson, George, weds Clara Gotts 10/2/92: 10/7/92p1(ER)
Corson, Irving, weds Lou Corson 11/6/92: 11/11/92p5(ER)
Corson, James H., died 7/12/93: 7/21/93p5(LM)
Corson, Lily M., died 12/29/96: 1/1/97p8(CN)
Corson, Lou, weds Irving Cosdon 11/6/92: 11/11/92p5(ER)
Corson, Lydia, died 10/22/91: 10/30/91p3(ER)
Corson, M. Emerson, dued 4/12/89: 5/17/89p3
Corson, Mary (Simpson), died 2/1/99: 2/3/99p8
Corson, Oscar L., died 1/19/90: 1/24/90p3
Corson, William, died 9/15?/91: 9/22/91p33
Corson, Zimri, died 9/24/99: 9/29/99p4(ER)
Corswon, Mary, died 3/3/88: 3/9/88p3(LM)
Cossette, Clophie, died 2/21?/94: 2/23/94p8(G)
Cossette, Matilda, weds Napolean Lanoix 1/15/93: 1/20/93p4(G)
Cotter, Francis, died 9/5/86: 10/9/96p55(CN)
Cottle, Druzilla, died 9/27/99: 9/29/99p1
Cotton, Myrtle T., died 9/18/98: 9/23/98p5(CN)
Cotton, Sarah A., died 8/12/84: 8/15/84p3
Couture, Ashel, weds Elena Cretteau 1/6/95: 1/11/95p8(G)
Covey, Albert, weds Gertrude Brock 11/28/95: 12/6/95p5(LM)
Cox, Annie, died 1/31/99: 2/3/99p1
Crannon[?], Michael, died 10/16/85: 10/23/85p3
Crawford, Thomas, weds Genie Knights 2/10/94: 2/16/94p5(LM)
Crennan, John J., died 6/5/99: 6/9/99p5(CN)
Cretteau, Elena, weds Ashel Couture 1/6/95: 1/11/95p8(G)
Critchett, Richard, died 10/?/87: 11/4/87p3(LM)
Crocker, Fred, weds Louise Smith 9/28/93: 10/6/93p5(LM)
Crockett, Mercy (Henderson) died 7/30/98: 8/5/98p5(CN)
Crosby, Ethel May, died 8/19/197: 8/27/97p4(B)
Crosby, John, weds Eva Hale 6/22/92: 6/24/92p5(B)
Cross, Mrs. Richard T., died 11/30/86: 12/3/86p3(LM)
Cross, Mrs. Rodney E., died 5/1/96: 5/8/96p5(CN)
Cross, Richard, died 8/24/96: 8/28/96p5(CN)
Crotty, Kate, weds Anthony McMann 1/29/94: 2/2/94p8(ER)
Cullen, Walter, died 8/30/92: 9/2/92p5
Currie, True, weds John Curry 9/7/92: 9/9/92p8(ER)
Currier, John, weds Margaret Patterson 6/?/98: 6/10/98p8(M)
Currier, Micajah, died 2/15/94: 3/2/94p5(LM)
Curtis, Cyrus K., died 3/10/93: 3/17/93p8(ER)
Curtis, Sarah, weds Cornelius McDonald 11/2/99: 11/10/99p3(B)
Cushing, Josiah P., died 11/27/99: 12/1/99p1
Cushing, Willard, weds Florence Anderson 1/1/93: 1/6/93p5

Daggett, Ann, died 1/13/93: 1/20/93p4(G)
Dallerid, Lewis, died 11/?/92: 11/18/92p5(LM)
Daly,Cornelius, died 4/5/98: 4/8/98p8(CN)
Dame, C. W., died 7/15/93: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Dame, Charles H., died 3/?/96: 3/27/96p1(F)
Dame, Daniel W., died ?/?/95: 1/31/96p4
Dame, Henry, child of, died 7/8/85:7/10/85p3(ER)
Dame, John B., died 11/3?/86: 11/5/86p3(LM)
Dame, Joseph, died 9/12/84: 9/19/84p3(LM)
Dame, Joseph, died 9/5/84: 9/19/84p3(LM)
Dame, Mehitable, died 11/4/95: 11/8/95p8(LM)
Dame, Mrs. Silas, died 8/30/92: 9/2/92p5
Dame, Susan, died 8/8/84: 8/15/84p3
Dame, Willikam H., died 10/21/93: 10/27/93p5(LM)
Damias, Mary, died 12/8/88: 12/14/88p3(G)
Daniels, Ira T., died 3/?/97: 4/2/97p4(B)
Daniels, John S. (Dr.), died 3/6/96: 3/13/96p1
Dautley, Alice, weds Leverett Saunders 4/23/90: 4/25/90p3(LM)
Davis, Addie S., died 2/2/99: 2/3/99p4(M)
Davis, Alonzo, weds Effie Goodwin 5/18/99: 5/26/99p6(F)
Davis, Emma (Hurd) died 12/?/97: 12/31/97p6(F)
Davis, Ira, died 9/26/92: 9/30/92p1(B)
Davis, James B., died 2/27/86: 3/5/86p2(M)
Davis, James, died 4/3/89: 4/12/89p2(F)
Davis, Lella, weds James Adams 10/?/95: 11/1/95p3(F)
Davis, Mrs. Frank E.(Willey), died 1/?/96: 2/7/96p5(LM)
Davis, William, weds Annie Haley 3/14/96: 3/20/96p8
Dawley, William, died 12/28/90: 1/2/91p2(G)
Day, Horace, died 6/2/93: 6/9/93p8(LN)
Day, Jane, died 4/15/98: 4/29/98p8(M)
Day, Lorenze D., died 3/26/87: 3/25/87p3(LM)
Day, Mary, died 1/3/87: 1/7/87p3(LM)
Deane, Thomas, died 1/8/90: 1/10/90p3
Demeritt, Charles  M., died 6/24/97: 7/2/97p1
Dennett, Eugene, weds Sadie Noble 6/21/99: 6/23/99p8(CN)
Dennett, Mrs. Ira B., died 93/18/99: 3/24/99p8
Denning, J. L., died 3/22/89: 3/29/89p3(LM)
Devoy, Caroline, weds Damase Jacques 8/25/91: 8/28/91p3(LM)
Dicey, Nellie, died 5/15/97: 5/21/97p6(F)
Dickson, Ernest, weds Allie Corson 10/28/99: 11/3/99p4(M)
Dixon, Alice H., died 11/3/95: 11/8/95p8(LM)
Dixon, George, died 11/8/95: 11/15/95p5(LM)
Dixon, George, died 8/?/90: 8/29/90p2(M)
Dixon, Oliver, died 1/?/97: 1/15/97p6(F)
Dixon,Mrs. A., died 3/5/93: 3/10/93p3(F)
Dodge, Harry, died 12/16/90: 12/19/90p3
Dodge, Sarah (Hanson), died 11/1/89: 11/8/89p3
Doe, Mary A., died 8/4/98: 8/5/98p1
Doe, Minnie, weds Will Dunlap 7/21/84: 7/25/84/p3(LM)
Doe. Ira. died 1/30/87: 2/4/87p3(LM)
Donahue, Michael, weds Kate McGuiness 4/30/88: 5/4/88p3(LM)
Donnahue, Mrs, Asa, died 7/5/87: 7/8/87p3(LM)
Donohue, Michael, died 12/5/98: 12/9/98p8(CN)
Dore, Charity, died 1/?/52[sic]: 8/28/85p3
Dorman, Nathaniel, died 10/22/96: 10/23/96p8(CN)
Dorr, Augusta, weds John Brown 5/8/92: 5/13/92p8(M)
Dorr, Charles, died 4/30?/90: 5/2/90p2(M)
Dorr, Charles, weds Winnie Duntley 3/9/93: 3/17/93p3(M)
Dorr, Charlie, died 7/31/85: 8/7/85p3
Dorr, Musetta, weds Berthol Demeritt 7/9/92: 7/15/92p4(M)
Dorway, Henry M., died 5/25/86: 5/28/86p3(LM)
Douglass, Mary, died 2/13/97: 2/19/97p1(ER)
Dow, Ethel, weds William Noyes 8/19/97: 8/20/97p3(F); 8/27/97p8(F)
Dow, John F., weds Amy White 12/31/87: 1/6/88p2(N)
Downes, Frank, weds Augusta Kimball 5/21/91: 6/12/91p2(M)
Downing, Alice, weds Levi Gilson 5/20?/90: 5/23/90p2(F)
Downing, Jeremiah W., died 10/21/98: 10/28/98p6(F)
Downing, Mrs. Thomas, died 5/15/92: 5/20/92p5(LM)
Downs, Arthur, passed away 9/25/91: 10/16/91p2(M)
Downs, Charles, died 10/22?/96: 10/23/96p5(CN)
Downs, Frank, weds Augusta Kimball 5/31/91: 6/12/91p2(M)
Downs, Hattie, weds Fred Hartford 7/25/91: 7/31/91p2(M)
Downs, Jennie, died 4/1/98: 4/8/98p8(M)
Downs, Joshua H., died 12/7?/98: 12/16/98p4(M)
Downs, Sophia (Savery), died 5/21/97: 5/28/97p8(M)
Downs, W. B. (Dr.), died 11/14/96: 11/20/96p8(CN)
Drago, George, weds Josephine Drago 4/29/95: 5/3/95p8(LM)
Drago, Josephine, weds George Drago 4/29/95: 5/3/95p8(LM)
Drawbridge, Robert, weds Miss C. R. Davis 9/22?/97: 10/1/97p1(F)
Drew, Charles E., died 11/23/88: 11/30/88p3
Drew, David F., died 2/?/86: 2/19/86p2
Drew, Emma, weds A. B. Pierce 7/15/95: 7/19/95p5(LM)
Drew, Jonathan R., died 3/?/93: 3/17/93p4(EB)
Drew, Mary E., died 6/12/99: 6/23/99p3(B)
Drew, Mrs. Wesley, died 10/?/98: 10/7/98p6(F)
Drew, Phebe, died 1/25/98: 1/28/98p5(CN)
Drew, Samuel, weds Ina Wentworth 8/25/92: 9/2/92p4(M)
Dubois, Rapth[?], weds Marie Plourde 11/21/87: 11/25/87p3(G)
Dudley, Drusilla, weds Byron Blood 9/22/97: 10/15/97p8(M)
Duffy, John, died 4/22/93: 4/29/93p2(F)
Duffy, Susan (Whittier), died 11/?/98: 11/25/98p6(F)
Dunlap, Will, weds Minnie Doe 7/21/84: 7/25/84/p3(LM)
Duntleey, John H., died 8/1/96: 8/14/96p8(M)
Duntley, Addie, weds Robert McIntosh 8/26,97: 9/3/97p8(M)
Duntley, Mary (Sawyer), died 1/9/97: 1/15/97p1(M)
Duntley, Wilbur, weds Gertrude Collins 1/4?/93: 1/6/93p5
Duntley, Winnie, weds Charles Dorr 3/9/93: 3/17/93p3(M)
Durgin, Cora, weds Rupert Bennett 9/17/91: 9/23/91p33
Durgin, R. I., weds Alta Knox[?] 11/19?/90: 12/5/90p2(M)
Durgin, Thomas, died 11/14/97: 11/19/97p5(CN)
Dyer, Annie, weds Clifford Bailey 7/18/91: 7/24/91p3(M)

Eastman, G. M., died 4/28/92: 5/6/92p8(F)
Eastman, Mrs. E. F., died 10/29/96: 11/6/96p6(F)
Eaton, Mrs. S. P., died 11/16/86: 11/26/86p3(LM)
Edgerly, Adison C., died 3/6/95: 3/8/95p5(LM)
Edgerly, Bejamin W. died 8/26/99: 9/1/99p5(CN)
Edgerly, Florence (Boston), died 3/9/88: 3/16/88p3(LM)
Edgerly, Frank W., died 1/13/96: 1/17/96p8(LM)
Edgerly, Harrison, died 6/1/96: 6/5/96p4
Edgerly, J. Bartlett, died 4/8/88: 4/13/88p2
Edgerly, James H., died 11/26/92: 12/9/92p1
Edgerly, James T. B., died 12/29/91: 1/1/92p3(LM)
Edgerly, Maria (Wentworth), died 12/27/95: 1/3/96p8
Edgerly, Mary A., died 3/1/99: 3/10/99p6(F)
Edgerly, Mrs. Elias (Mary), died 12/20/98: 12/23/98p4(M)
Edgerly, Mrs. James (Roberts), died 12/11?/84: 12/19/84p3(LM)
Edgerly, Nellie, weds Fred Foss 1/30/89: 2/1/89p3(LM)
Edgerly, Sallie, weds I. D. Piercy 11/18/22: 11/22/89p3(LM)
Eldredge, Alice B., died 1/25/99: 1/27/99p8(CN)
Eldridge, Isabelle, died 11/14/90: 11/21/90p(LOM)
Eldridge, John, died 4/5/99: 4/7/99p1
Elkins, John P., died 9/8/95: 9/13/95p5(F)
Elliot, Mary, died 4/27?/95: 5/3/95p1
Elliott, Abbie, weds Albert Nute 10/2/95: 10/4/95p8
Elliott, Hattie, died 4/19/91: 4/24/91p3(LM)
Elliott, Mary, weds Charles Richardson 11/20/91: 11/27/91p3(G)
Elliott, Robert, died :8/27/88 8/31/88p3(LM)
Ellis, Alonzo, weds Ida Walker 12/20/99: 12/22/99p8(CN)
Ellis, John, weds Addie Pickering 10/6/97: 10/8/97p1
Ellis, Mrs. Jonathan, died 3/1:96 3/6/96p1(ER)
Ellkis, Jihn T., died 3/8?/93: 3/17/93p3(M)
Elsen, George, weds Jennie, Steeves 7/29/99: 8/4/99p5(CN)
Emerson, Julia, died 8/14/89: 8/16/89p212
Emerson, Mrs. Joseph (George), died 4/26/86: 4/30/86p3(LM)
Emery, Carrie, weds Arthur Hayes 1/25/88: 2/10/88p3(G)
Emery, Daniel C., died 2/4/98: 2/11/98p1(M)
Emery, Grace, weds Ralph Gibbs 1/?/98: 2/4/98p3(F)
Ericson, Karen, died 1/23/91: 1/27/99p1
Estes, Albert V., died 5/3/87: 5/6/87p3; 5/13/87p3
Estes, George, weds Mabel Kendall 12/24/96: 1/1/97p1
Estes, John, died 3/22/89: 3/29/89p3(LM)
Estes, Mary E., died 7/16/99: 7/21/99p5(CN)
Estes, Mrs. John, died 1/16/85: 1/23/85p3(LM)
Etier, Burton, weds Helen Nason 10/?/92: 10/21/92p5(LM)
Evans, Eleanor (Garland), died 5/24/95: 5/31/95p5(LM)
Evans, Harriet, died 9/30/86: 10/15/86p3
Evans, Jeremiah D., died 8/30?/87: 9/2/87p2(F)
Evans, Mrs. Hanson (Foss?), died 9/30/86: 10/8/86p3(LM)
Evans, Phebe L., died 2/1/92: 2/5/92p8(N)
Evans, Solomon, died 7/19/98: 7/22/98p1
Evans, Williams, weds Ethie Calnan 10/29/95: 11/1/95p8(LM)
Everett, George O., died 12/15/91: 12/18/91p3(LM)

Fall, Mary A., died 1/3/98: 1/7/98p1
Fall, Mrs. Thomas, died 2/10/97: 2/12/97p5(CN)
Farland, Elizabeth M., died 11/4/89: 11/8/89p3(LM)
Farnham, Mina, sentences for murder of her baby: 5/14/86p3
Farrington, Jenny (Wentworth), died 6/19/95: 6/28/95p5(LM)
Farrington, Joseph, died 12/10/95: 12/13/95p8(LM)
Farrington, Leda (Farrington), died 5/29/88: 6/1/88p3
Faunce, Irving, weds Angie Sinclair 10/4/98: 10/7/98p4(ER)
Feineman, Eva (Mrs. Frederick), died 4/26/90: 5/30/90p3
Feineman, Frederic, died 4/27/88: 5/4/88p3
Feineman, Solomon H., died 3/10/86: 3/12/86p3
Felker, Charles S., died 4/20/92: 4/22/92p1
Felker, Charles, died 4/8/87: 4/15/87p3(LM)
Felker, Hiram, died 4/12/92: 4/15/92p5
Felker, Mehitable, died 1/28/94: 2/2/94p5(LM)
Felker, Rienzl F., died 9/9/95: 9/13/95p3(LM)
Fernald, Ann, died 8/17/92: 8/26/92p8(M)
Fernald, George W., died 11/2/90: 11/7/90p2(F)
Fernald, James E., died 7/28/95: 8/2/95p8
Fernald, Jonathan, died 4/21/93: 4/28/93p2(F)
Fessenden, Jasmes M., died 7/24/86: 7/30/86p3
Fifield, S. B., died 11/15/86: 11/19/86p3(LM)
Finch, Alexander, weds Margaret Reed 3/10/93: 3/17/93p5(LM)
Finnegan, James, died 5/27/99: 6/2/99p8(CN)
Finnegan, Mrs. James, died 6/2/91: 6/5/91p3(LM)
Finnigan, Annie, weds Thomas Ludden 10/30/95: 11/1/95p5(LM)
Fish, Mary, weds Jeremiah Shaw 12/?/97: 12/17/97p8(CN)
Fisher, George, weds Susie Bisbee 8/30/92: 9/2/92p4(M)
Flagg, Eva B., died 2/12?/90: 2/21/90p3(G)
Flagg, George, weds Hattie Houston 9/3/92: 9/9/92p8(G)
Flanders, Langdon S., died 3/9/99: 3/17/99p6(F)
Flanders, Lilla, weds Fred Huntress 11/20/89: 11/22/89p3(LM)
Flanders, Lillian, weds Charles Wingate 12/27/99: 12/29/99p1
Fleming, Mary, weds Leonard Stone 4/22/95: 4/26/95p5(LM)
Fogg, Mabel, weds William Ames 9/2/96: 9/4/96p1
Fogg, Walter, weds Carrie Littlefield 11/14?/95: 11/15/95p8(LM)
Folsom, Amasa, died 1/2/97: 1/8/97p8(CN)
Folsom, Annie S., died 6/?/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Folsom, Charles W., died 3/5/92: 3/11/92p1
Folsom, Harriet, weds William Connell 5/28/98: 6/10/98p1
Folsom, John A., died 12/14/91: 12/18/91p3(LM)
Foos, Henry, died 3/20/97: 3/26/97p8
Ford, Harriet Abbey, died 11/29/91: 12/4/91p3
Foss, Betsey, died 9/22/87:9/30/87p2(LM)
Foss, Charles A., died 6/29/93: 6/30/93p5(LM); 7/7/93p5(LM)
Foss, Charles W., died 7/2/99: 7/7/99p8(CN)
Foss, Charlotte, died 1/4/96: 1/17/96p5
Foss, Deborah J., 7/5/98: 7/8/98p5(CN)
Foss, Dexter S., died 1/28?/86: 2/5/86p3(LM)
Foss, Edwin J., died 8/26/93: 9/1/93p5(LM)
Foss, Ella A., died 6/8/88: 6/15/88p3(LM)
Foss, Eugene, weds Fannie Clark 6/6/61: 6/12/91p3(LM)
Foss, Fred, weds Nellie Edgerly 1/30/89: 2/1/89p3(LM)
Foss, George W., died 10/22/87: 10/28/87p3
Foss, Gertrude, weds Frank Appleby 12/24/92: 12/30/92p5(LM)
Foss, James M., died 12/24/93: 12/29/93p1
Foss, Laura, died 5/28/93: 6/9/93p4(M)
Foss, Levina, died 7/30/97: 8/6/97p1
Foss, May, weds Herbert Small 11/24?/98: 12/2/98p5(CN)
Foss, Mrs. James A. (Varney), died 4/28/95: 5/3/95p8(LM)
Foss, Mrs. Loring, died 9/10/92: 9/23/92p8(LN)
Foss, Mrs. Warren, died 12/23/92: 12/30/92p5(LM)
Foss, Richard, died 5/30/85:6/5/85p3(LM)
Foss, Sylvester, died 3/7/99: 3/10/99p8
Foster, George C., died 5/12/89: 5/17/89p3
Fowle, Frank B., died 5/1/86: 5/7/86p3(LM)
Fownes, Archie, weds Marion Hilton 4/24/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Fox, Asa, weds Sarah Webster 4/?/97: 4/30/97p6(MM)
Fox, Drucilla E., died 12/6?/93: 12/8/93p8(M)
Fox, Frank, weds Kitty McIntire 9/30/90: 10/3/90p3(LM)
Fox, Harry L., died 3/?/94: 3/23/94p4(MM)
Fox, Henry L., died 3/10/94: 3/16/94p4(MM)
Foye, Patrick, died 4/18/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Francis, Pardon R., died 8/4/99/: 8/11/99p1
French, Byron, died 10/11/89: 10/18/89p2(F)
French, Mabel, weds William Wingate 12/30/96: 1/1/97p1
French, Sylvester, died 1/25/99: 2/3/99p6(F)
Frost, Annie A., died 3/23/86: 3/26/86p3(LM)
Frost, Annie, died 5/22/92: 5/27/92p8(M)
Frye, Catherine T., died 2/2/98: 2/4/98p5(CN)
Frye, George H., died 5/24/84: 5/30/84p3
Fuce, Awbury, died 6/29/93: 7/7/93p5(LM)
Fuller, George O., died 12/11/98: 12/16/98p6(F)
Fuller, Mrs. W. W., died 3/23/97: 3/26/97p6(F)
Furber, Emerson, died 6/2/95: 6/7/95p8(LM)
Furbush, Abbie A., died 10/4/90: 10/10/90p3(LM)
Furbush, Charles H., died 2/23?/88: 3/2/88p3(ER)
Furbush, Edward, died 6/13/84: 6/20/84p3(ER)
Furbush, Millard F., died 4/17/99: 4/21/99p5(CN)
Furbush, Minnie, weds Thomas Baril 11/11/93: 11/17/93p5(LM)
Furbush, Olive G., died 11/13?/89: 11/22/89p3(ER)
Furbush, Steven, died 12/5/91: 12/11/91p3(ER)
Furbush, Susie E., died 5/9/93: 5/12/93p1
Furbush, William, died 10/24/91: 10/30/91p3(ER)
Furlong, Mary, weds O. F. Babb 11/11/91: 11/20/91p3(G)

Gafney, Charles B., died 1/15/89: 1/28/98p1; 2/4/98pp4,8
Gafney, Mary E., died 1/13?/87: 1/28/87p3(LM)
Gagne, Mrs. Abraham, died 6/21/92: 6/24/92p5(LM)
Gagne, Ovi, died 1/29/99: 2/3/99p1
Gagner, Augeas[?], died 12/15/88: 12/21/88p3(G)
Gagnier, Joseph, weds Mary Bisson 1/20/94: 1/26/94p5(LM)
Gale, Eva, weds David Meander 8/10/93: 8/18/93p5(LM)
Gardine, Mrs. Louis, died 5/30?/95: 5/31/95p8(LM)
Garland, George & Lucy--brief bios: 3/3/99p1
Garland, Hannah, died 2/5/88: 2/10/88p3(ER)
Garland, James, died 5/10/90: 5/16/90p3(G)
Garland, Patience, died : 3/7/90p2(B)
Garland, Weston, weds Edna Chesley 9/20/93: 9/22/93p8
Garland, Weston, weds Edna Chesley 9/21/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Gear, Albert S. H., died 1/?/92: 1/29/92p4
Gear, Justin, weds Mary Meader 12/21/92: 12/30/92p8(G)
Gear, Nancy (Caverly), died 8/19/87: 8/26/87p3(G)
Gear, Samuel, died 10/22/96: 10/30/96p7(B)
Geer, George M., died 5/29?/99: 6/2/99p3(B)
Gelinas, A. G., weds Virginie Rhu 11/19/93: 11/24/93p5(G)
Gelinas, Adelard, weds Victoria Plourde 4/24/92: 4/29/92p8(G)
Gerrish, Georgia A., died 4/20/90: 4/25/90p2(M)
Gerrish, Ida, weds Henry Greenfield 6/19/95: 6/21/95p5(LM)
Gerrish, Mrs. A. D., died 2/7?/93: 2/10/93p4(ER)
Getchell, Ralph, weds Emma Derossea 6/27/96: 7/3/96p4(CN)
Gibbs, Clara, weds O. L. Temple 11/19?/90: 11/21/90p3
Gibbs, Ralph, weds Grace Emery 1/?/98: 2/4/98p3(F)
Gildea, Bridget, weds James Nixon 10/14/91: 10/16/91p3(ER)
Giles, Frank, died 12/8/84: 12/12/84p3
Giles, Rosette, died 1/?/90: 1/17/90p3
Gillmore, Frank, died 4/?/87: 5/6/87p2(F)
Gilman, Andrew S., died 6/25/92: 7/1/92p5(LM)
Gilman, Betsey, died 12/11/99: 12/15/99p1
Gilman, William S., died 6/12/93: 6/16/93p1
Gilson, Levi, weds Alice Downing 5/20?/90: 5/23/90p2(F)
Glidden, Emma, died 6/3/99: 6/9/99p6(F)
Glidden, John F., died 5/1/91: 5/8/91p3
Glidden, Mamie, weds Walter Glidden 7/26/92: 7/29/92p5(LM)
Glidden, Ruth A., died 8/6/97: 8/13/97p5(CN)
Glidden, Walter, weds Mamie Glidden 7/26/92: 7/29/92p5(LM)
Goodall, Mark, died 1/9/97: 1/15/97p6(F)
Goodell, George, died 1/28/92: 2/5/92p8(N)
Goodman, Kate, weds Fred Warren 10/15/95: 10/18/95p8(LM)
Goods, Mrs. George, died 1/13/90: 1/17/90p3(G)
Goodwin, C. E., weds Sadie Moore 7/5/87: 7/8/87p3(LM)
Goodwin, Carrie, weds Joseph Colby 3/10/92: 3/18/92p8(ER)
Goodwin, George, died : 11/4?/84: 12/12/84p3
Goodwin, Mary (Tanner), died 3/21/88: 3/23/88p3(LM)
Goodwin, Mattie, died 4/19/91: 4/24/91p3(ER)
Goodwin, Wentworth, died 1/8?/91: 1/9/91p3
Goodwyn, Asa Y., died 9/2/90: 9/12/90p2
Gordon, Mrs. Orrin, died 3/26/94: 3/30/94p1(ER)
Gosnell, Clara Colbath, died 6/2/96: 6/12/96p5(CN)
Goss, Jennie, weds Charles Ricker 12/20/95: 12/27/95p8(LM)
Gotts, Willis, died 6/15/88: 6/22/88p3(ER)
Gouchee, Mary, weds Walter Lewis 9/28/95: 10/4/95p4(M)
Goulet. Edward, weds Latitia Roy 7/12/91: 7/17/91p3(LM)
Goulette, Marie, died 1/?/92: 1/22/92p3(LM)
Gourde, Paul, died 9/1?/99: 9/8/99p5(CN)
Gowell, H. L., died ?/?/86: 12/17/86p3(ER)
Gowell, Lydia (Wentworth), died 3/25?/92: 4/1/92p4(ER)
Grace, Irving, weds Allie Horne 8/8/91: 8/14/91p2(F)
Grace, Mrs. William (Clark), died 5/31/92: 6/3/92p5(LM)
Grace, Robert, died 8/5/93: 8/11/93p8(F)
Grace, Willie, weds Gertrude Hartford 1/7/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Graffam, Arthur F., died 4/1/88: 4/6/88p3(LM)
Graham, Albert, died 8/27/97: 9/3/97p1
Graham, Catherine H., died 4/1/96: 4/10/96p5(CN)
Grant, John, died 6/21/93: 6/23/93p5(LM)
Grant, Willard, weds May McDuffee 6/28/99: 6/30/99p1
Gray, Lilla, weds Charles Wentworth 8/26/84: 8/29/84p3(LM)
Gray, Lucy, died 9/27/98: 9/30/98p1
Gray, Nettie, weds Marston Brock 10/16/86: 10/22/86p3(LM)
Gray, Sarah F., died 1/17/98: 1/28/98p3(B)
Green, Charles H., died 12/8/98: 12/16/98p4(M)
Green, Daniel, died 3/19?/86: 4/2/86p3
Green, Linwood, weds Mabel Horn 12/25/97: 12/31/97p8
Greenfield, Henry, weds Ida Gerrish 6/19/95: 6/21/95p5(LM)
Greenfield, Herbert E. [item]: 12/9/92p8
Gregory, Napolean, died 3/11/94: 3/16/94p5(LM)
Grey, Charlie, weds Catherine Cathcart 5/14/87: 5/20/87p3(ER)
Griffen, Mamie, weds George McCrillis 11/16/98: 11/18/98p4
Griffin, Iva, weds Lewis Tuttle 8/6/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Grimes, Patrick, weds Mary Short 5/24/92: 5/27/92p5(LM)
Grondin, Abel, died 8/11/88: 8/17/88p3(G)
Gunnison, William, weds Grace Horney 10/11/98: 10/14/98p1
Guppy, E. Albert, died 8/9/88: 8/17/88p3
Guppy, Mrs. George (Hayes) died 10/22/97: 10/29/97p6(F)
Guppy,l Jennie (Hayes), died 10/22/97: 10/29/97p1

Hain, Charles, weds Lena Varney 10/11/97: 10/15/97p8(M)
Haines, Mattie B., weds Ernest Osbourne 1/3/96: 1/3/96p4(G)
Hale, Calvin, died 5/16/87: 5/20/87p3
Hale, Mary, weds Lewis Young 10/31/99: 11/3/99p8
Hale, Matthew, died 5/29/97: 6/4/97p1
Hale, Samuel H., died 4/?/84: 4/11/84p3(LM)
Haley, Annie, weds William Davis 3/14/96: 3/20/96p8
Haley, Dora, weds Willie McDuffee 7/22/97: 7/23/97p1
Haley, John P., died 6/3/99: 6/16/99p3
Haley, William, weds Mary Vellaly 10/18/99: 10/20/99p1
Hall, A. I., weds Esther Young 10/8/90: 10/17/90p3(LM)
Hall, Abbie T., died 5/22/86: 5/28/86p3
Hall, Bessie, weds Frank Foss 8/16/93: 8/18/93p8
Hall, Charlotte, died 4/?/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Hall, Dyer P., died 10/19/96: 10/23/96p8
Hall, Emma, died 7/?/91: 7/24/91p(M)
Hall, Frank, weds Nellie Nute 12/11/97: 12/17/97p8
Hall, Hannah (Temple), died 5/9/93: 5/12/93p5
Hall, John S., died 11/23/91: 11/27/91p3(LM)
Hall, John, died 12/12/99: 12/15/99p1
Hall, Mamie W., died 2/6/99: 2/10/99p1
Hall, Ralph, weds Edith Rowe 10/27/92: 11/4/92p1
Hall, Roscoe, died 6/21/96: 6/26/96p5(CN)
Hall, Sadie, weds Harry Leighton 6/24/97: 6/25/97p8(CN)
Hall, Sarah (Nutter), died 10/17/99: 10/20/99p8
Halloran, Mary, weds George Rogers 1/12/93: 1/20/93p5(LM)
Halpin, Patrick, died 3/28/09: 4/4/90p3(LM)
Ham, Amanda S., died 5/?/87: 5/13/87p3
Ham, Captain--history: 2/21/90p3(H)
Ham, Edward, died 11/?/98: 12/2/98p5(CN)
Ham, Joseph W., died 1/13/91: 1/16/91p3
Ham, Nathan F., died 8/17/91: 8/21/91p3(LM)
Ham, Samuel, died 3/26/88: 3/30/88p3
Ham, Sarah A., died 3/3/99: 3/10/99p8(CN)
Hamilton, George H., died 2/21/98: 2/25/98p8
Hamilton, Octavus A., died 4/19/90: 4/25/90p3(EF)
Hamlin, John, weds Amelia Jordan 5/28/99: 6/2/99p1
Hammett, Ephraim, died 1/23/99: 1/27/99p1
Hanratty, Owen, died 7/?/95: 7/12/95p5(LM)
Hanscam, Jeremiah, died 4/7/91: 4/10/91p3
Hanscam, Reuben, died 12/30/91: 1/1/92p3(LM)
Hanscom, Lemont, diede 7/2/97: 7/9/97p5(B)
Hanscomb, James, died 1/22?/90: 1/31/90p2(M)
Hansen, Lewis, died 2/9/86: 2/12/86p3(LM)
Hanson, Betsey (Chase), died 4/8?/86: 4/16/86p3
Hanson, Caleb--short bio: 9/22/99p6(F)
Hanson, Charles B., died 1/30/99: 2/3/99p6(F)
Hanson, Cora, weds Samuel Bowden 4/26/99: 4/28/99p1
Hanson, Elizabeth (Furber), died 5/24/95: 5/31/95p1
Hanson, Hanna H., died 12/25/94: 1/11/95p1
Hanson, James T., died 4/6/89: 4/12/89p3
Hanson, Joseph M., died 4/29/96: 5/8/96p5
Hanson, Orrin B., died 6/20/91: 7/3/91p2(F)
Hanson, Sarah (Henderson), died 9/12/87: 9/16/87p3(LM)
Hardwood, Mary, weds Thomas Trimine 11/19/93: 11/24/93p5(LM)
Harker, Charles, weds Rose Sheasby 7/27/93: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Harrigan, Cornelius, died 1/8/98: 1/14/98p8(M)
Harriman, Alfred J., died 12/28/86: 12/31/86p3(LM)
Harriman, Lydia, died 1/29/92: 2/5/92p5
Harriman, Mabel, died 7/6/99: 7/14/99p5(CN)
Harrington, Ethel E., died 7/5/95: 7/12/95p1(F)
Harrington, Larkin, died 7/?/86: 8/13/86p3
Harrington, Lucy, to wed Erving Libby 12/23/98: 12/23/98p6(F)
Harrington, Sophia (Scates), died 12/22/98: 12/30/98p1
Harris, Fannie L., died 11/14/98: 11/18/98p8(M)
Harris, Herny, died 9/3/96: 9/11/96p1(M)
Hart, Bertha L., died 4/23/97: 4/30/97p8(M)
Hart, John F., died 1/3/96: 1/10/96p4
Hart, Mary E., died 12/30/91: 1/1/92p3(LM)
Hart, Mary Stanton, died 1/4/92: 1/8/92p4(M)
Hart, Mrs. F., died 9/14/91: 9/18/91p2(M)
Hart, Pauline, weds Dana Jones 4/5/86: 4/9/86p3(LM)
Hart, Sally W., died 5/21/97: 5/28/97p8(MM)
Hart, Samuel S., died 12/22/92: 12/23/92p8(LM)
Hartford, Catherine, died 6/?/85:6/26/85p3(ER)
Hartford, Fred, weds Hattie Downs 7/25/91: 7/31/91p2(M)
Hartford, Gertrude, weds Willie Grace 1/7/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Hartford, Mrs. Benjamin, died 11/8/92: 11/11/92p5(ER)
Hartford, Ruth T., died 3/21/97: 3/26/97p8
Hartford, William M., died 8/1/92: 8/5/92p5(LM)
Hastings, Ben, weds Lilla French 9/17/90: 9/26/90p2(LM)
Hastings, Dantel E., died 5/30/85:6/5/85p3(LM)
Hatch, Catherine M., died 12/18/87: 12/23/87p3
Hatch, John, died 4/26/98: 5/6/98p1(MM)
Hayes, Adelaide, weds Albert Blaisdell 6/21/98: 7/1/98p8
Hayes, Albert A., died 4/7/98: 4/15/98p8(CN)
Hayes, Alice, died 8/27/95: 9/6/95p8(M)
Hayes, Ann (Ricker), died 7/24/98: 7/29/98p4
Hayes, Arthur, weds Carrie Emery 1/25/88: 2/10/88p3(G)
Hayes, Betsey, died 10/1/99: 10/6/99p1
Hayes, Charles C., died 2/10/93: 2/17/93p8(M)
Hayes, Charles H., died 12/19/91: 12/25/91p3(ER)
Hayes, Charles H., died 2/?/99: 2/24/99p7(F)
Hayes, Cynthia (Hall), died 10/4/98: 10/14/98p8(CN)
Hayes, David, died 2/5/97: 2/12/97p8(ER)
Hayes, David, died 5/31/98: 6/3/98p1
Hayes, Elihu, died 11/21/89: 11/29/89p3(N)
Hayes, Elsie, died 4/9/95: 4/19/95p4(G)
Hayes, Emma (Stone), died 10/15/93: 10/20/93p1
Hayes, Ethel, weds Edwin Talbot 7/31/95: 8/2/95p5(LM)
Hayes, Fred, died 7/7/96: 7/17/96p6(BS)
Hayes, George H., died 5/24/84: 5/30/84p3
Hayes, George P., died 11/17/88: 11/23/88p3
Hayes, Henry H., died 12/20/85: 12/25/85p2(F)
Hayes, Henry, died 11/14/90: 11/21/90p3
Hayes, Henry, weds Alice Bowman: 8/13/90: 8/15/90p3
Hayes, Ivory, died 11/18?/93: 11/24/93p1(B)
Hayes, James D., died 9/1/98: 9/9/98p1
Hayes, James Y., died 1/8/93: 1/13/93p1
Hayes, Johanna (Winkley), died 6/8/87: 6/17/87p3
Hayes, Luther, died 3/28/95: 3/29/95p5(LM)
Hayes, Luther, died 3/28/95: 4/5/95p8(M)
Hayes, Mary, weds H. H. French 4/8?/84: 4/11/84p3(ER)
Hayes, Mrs. Eugene (Severance), died 2/?/88: 3/2/88p3(LM)
Hayes, Mrs. Ezekiel, died 1/8/92: 1/15/92p2(F)
Hayes, nAnn (Mrs. Israel), died 11/12/89: 11/15/89p3(LM)
Hayes, Saerah, died 11/?/90: 12/5/90p2(F)
Hayes, Tracey E., died 12/4/95: 12/13/95p4; 12/20/95p4(BS)
Hayes, Vernor, died 10/2/99: 10/6/99p1
Hayes, William W., died 4/3/87: 4/8/87p2
Haynes, John, weds Ellen Varney 9/23/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Heath, Emma, weds Harry Brock 12/9/96: 12/11/96p8
Henderson, Leon, weds Alice Hodgdon 7/26/97: 7/30/97p1
Henderson, Nancy, died 6/9/86: 6/18/86p3(LM)
Henward, Rebecca, died 5/20/91: 5/22/91p3(LM)
Herd, Joseph D., died 6/19/85:6/26/85p3
Herron, Margurite, weds John Lowe 9/30/91: 10/2/91p3(LM)
Hersom, Adeline, died 3/17/91: 3/20/91p3(LM)
Hersom, Elihu, died 10/13/86: 10/22/86p2(M)
Hersom, Etta, died 7/27/98: 7/29/98p8(CN)
Hersom, John L., died 9/11/91: 9/18/91p2(M)
Hibbard, Emma, weds Samuel Jordan 1/20/92: 1/22/92p3
Hickey, Sarah, died 8/2/96: 8/7/96p5(CN)
Hickock, Hannah D., died 7/22/98: 8/5/98p1
Higgins, Orrin G., died 5/10/87: 5/13/87p310
Hill, Maude, weds Arba Marsh 2/23/98: 2/25/98p1
Hill, Mrs. John, died 5/1/86: 5/7/86p3(LM)
Hill, Mrs. L. A., died 10/12/90: 10/17/90p3(LM)
Hill, S. B., died 2/1/96: 2/7/96p11(ER)
Hilton, Marion, weds Archie Fownes 4/24/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Hilton, Mrs. Eben, died 1/28?/92: 1/29/92p8(ER)
Hislop, Walter, weds Ina Horne 12/22?/98: 12/23/98p8(CN)
Hobson, Harry, weds Bessie Kay 4/?/98: 5/6/98p1
Hodgdon, Alice M., died 5/11?/93: 5/12/93p8(LN)
Hodgdon, Alice, weds Leon Henderson 7/26/97: 7/30/97p1
Hodgdon, Allie, weds Carl Wilbur 6/23/98: 7/1/98p8(M)
Hodgdon, Belle, weds Charles Evans 10/?/84: 10/10/84p3(LM)
Hodgdon, Frank, weds Lillian Ricker 1/1/94: 1/5/94p5(LM)
Hodgdon, Mamie, weds Oscar Smith 1/?/93: 1/13/93p8(M)
Hodgdon, Mary (Hobbs), died 1/21?/92: 1/29/92p5(LM)
Hodgdon, Mrs. Jonathan: More on her death: 10/21/98p1
Hodgdon, William, died 7/7/92: 7/15/92p5(LM)
Hodsdon, Augusta, weds Elbridge Shorey 11/16/92: 11/18/92p5
Hodsdon, Eliza, died 1/18/94: 1/26/94p8(ER)
Hoitt, Charles, died 11/14/07: 11/19/97p3(B)
Hoitt, george3, died 2/1/30/96: 2/7/96p3(BS)
Hooper, Jacob, died 6/1/95: 6/7/95p8(LM)
Hooper, Samuel, died 10/13/93: 10/20/93p5(LM)
Horan, Daniel, weds Almeda Farley 10/: 10/14/92p8(M)
Horn, Arthur, weds Mary Keir 3/27/95: 3/29/95p5(LM)
Horn, Benjamin, died 1/28?/88: 2/3/88p3
Horn, Mabel, weds Linwood Green 12/25/97: 12/31/97p8
Horne, Abbie E., died 6/27/90: 7/4/90p3(LM)
Horne, Alice, weds Charles Jellerson 1/5/92: 1/15/92p3(LM)
Horne, Allie, weds Irving Grace 8/8/91: 8/14/91p2(F)
Horne, Amanda (Colbath), died 9/9/18/98: 9/23/98p6(CN)
Horne, Bertha, weds Charles Coates 2/22/94: 2/23/94p5(LM)
Horne, Byron, weds Delphine Vallee 5/29/98: 6/3/98p5(CN)
Horne, Charles, weds Clara Knight 12/21/97: 12/31/97p4(M)
Horne, Charlotte A., died 9/22/93: 9/29/93p3(M)
Horne, Eddie J., died 12/13/96: 12/18/96p8(CN)
Horne, Emma F., died 3/11/95: 3/15/95p3(LM)
Horne, Estella, weds Arthur Lafeyette 10/26/92: 10/28/92p1
Horne, Gershom, died 11/24/96: 12/4/96p5(CN)
Horne, Grace, died 9/3/98: 9/9/98p1
Horne, Henry B., died 11/8/99: 11/10/99p1
Horne, Henry L., died 7/2/87: 7/8/87p3
Horne, James H., died 10/28/90: 10/31/90p3(LM)
Horne, James R., died 5/11?/86: 5/21/86p2(M)
Horne, Jesse, died 3/20/86: 3/26/86p3(LM)
Horne, John G., died 2/18/98: 2/25/98p8
Horne, John, died 1/23/95: 1/25/95p5(LM)
Horne, Jonathan W., died 8/6/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Horne, Lewis F., died 12/26?/90: 1/2/91p3
Horne, M. B., died 1/14/97: 1/29/97p1
Horne, Mahala (Whitehouse), died 7/11/99: 7/14/99p8(CN); 7/21/99p1
Horne, Mattie, weds Eugene Watson 4/2/84: 4/4/84p3(LM)
Horne, Mrs. Charles F., died 6/16/88: 6/22/88p3(LM)
Horne, Mrs. Fred S., died 3/21/92: 3/26/92p5(LM)
Horne, Mrs. Henry B., died 12/26/98: 12/30/98p8
Horne, Mrs. Jonathan, died 6/?/93: 6/9/93p8(LN)
Horne, Parker W., died 11/27/91: 12/4/91p3
Horne, Rose, died 5/11?/86: 5/21/86p3(G)
Horne, Sibyl, died 3/1/94: 3/9/94p5(LM)
Horne, Stephen F., died 1/7?/95: 1/11/95p4(F)
Horne, Veranus, died 8/4/95: 8/9/95p5(LM)
Horney, Grace, weds William Gunnison 10/11/98: 10/14/98p1
Houston, Hattie, weds George Flagg 9/3/92: 9/9/92p8(G)
Howard, Almedia, weds George Barry 3/26/93: 3/3/93p5(LM)
Howard, Harry, weds Josephine Harden 12/12/99: 12/15/99p8(CN)
Howard, Mrs. Locke, died 6/30/96: 7/3/96p5(CN)
Howard, William H., died 1/13/98: 1/28/98p3(B)
Howe, Elizabeth (Henderson), died 6/27/84: 7/18/84/p3(LM)
Howe, Ithamar S., died 1/6/98: 1/14/98p3(CN)
Howe, John B., died 8/?/84: 8/22/84p3
Howe, John W., died 12/5/90: 12/12/90p3(LM)
Howe, Lulla C., died 5/?/93: 6/2/93p5(LM)
Howland, John, weds Lura Barnes 11/1/99: 11/10/99p4(MM)
Hoye, Bidget, died 4/3/87: 4/8/87p3(LM)
Hoyt, Charles W., died 5/16/98: 5/20/98p5(CN)
Hoyt, George E., died 2/17/91: 2/20/91p3(LM)
Hoyt, Henry H., died 10/7/87: 10/14/87p3
Hoyt, Izetta P., died 7/6/98: 7/15/98p3(B)
Hoyt, Judith, died 1/16?/90: 1/31/90p2(F)
Hoyt, Lenora[?], died 8/29/84: 9/5/84p3(LM)
Hoyt, Lovey (Tibbetts), died 8/17/89: 8/23/89p3(LM)
Hoyt, Mabala, died 10/14/99: 10/20/99p3(B)
Hsyes, Israel, died 3/27/98: 4/1/98p6(F)
Hubbard, Aaron, died 6/?/90: 7/4/90p2(M)
Hubbard, Joshua R., died 11/15/90: 11/21/90p3(LM)
Huckins, Cora, weds Curtis Palmer 11/23/93: 12/1/93p5(LM)
Huckins, Lulu T., weds W. D. Pitman 4/2/99: 4/7/99p5(CN)
Huckins, Mrs. John I., died 1/25/98: 1/28/98p5(CN)
Hughes, Ann (Mrs. Patrick), died 2/1/99: 2/3/99p8
Hughes, Catherine, weds Martin Collins 10/28/01: 11/13/91p3(LM)
Hunt, Will, weds Addie Moulton 7/21/84: 7/25/84/p3(LM)
Hunter, John, died 11/1/86: 11/12/86p3(LM)
Hunter, Matthew, died 2/6/98: 2/11/98p1
Huntoon, Clara (Roberts), died 1/12/92: 2/19/92p5(LM)
Huntress, Ada, weds Hartley Nutter 7/23?/93: 7/28/93p8(M)
Huntress, Fred, weds Lilla Flanders 11/20/89: 11/22/89p3(LM)
Hurd, Arthur, weds Cora Gray 1/9/92: 1/15/92p3
Hurd, Charles, died 1/21/92: 1/22/92p3
Hurd, Edward C., died 10/23/85: 10/30/85p3
Hurd, Jonas, died 5/28/90: 5/30/90p3(LM)
Hurd, Mrs. George W., died 4/11/98: 4/15/98p5(CN)
Hurd, Roxanna A., died 9/19/91: 9/25/91p33
Hurd, Timothy W., died 1/14/93: 1/20/93p1(F)
Hussey, Albert W., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p5(LM)
Hussey, Annie M., died 8/4/90: 8/8/90p3
Hussey, Arthur, son of, died 1/17/87: 1/21/87p3(ER)
Hussey, Clara, weds William Young 8/12/93: 8/18/93p5(LM)
Hussey, Frank, died 4/18/96: 4/24/96p5(CN)
Hussey, Frank, weds Emma Wentworth 11/23/97: 11/26/97p1
Hussey, Mary J., died 9/18/86: 9/24/86p3(LM)
Hussey, Nancy Bickford, died 12/?/95: 12/27/95p1(F)
Hutchins, Lizzie, implicated in murder: 2/3/99p1

Idella,Gladys, died 8/26/99: 9/1/99p5(CN)
Ingalls, Julia, died 8/14/89: 8/16/89p212
Ireland, Flora, weds Simon Shorey 11/5?/85: 11/13/85p3(ER)

Jackson, Angie (Corson), died 12/5/91: 12/11/91p3(ER)
Jackson, Asa M., died 10/28/92: 11/4/92p5(LM)
Jackson, Lizzie, weds John Smart 3/13/95: 3/15/95p3(LM)
Jackson, Martha R., died 12/25/93: 12/29/93p5(LM)
Jackson, Nellie, died 5/?/93p1
Jacobs, John, died  11/26/86: 12/3/86p3(ER)
Jacobs, Joseph, died 4/29/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Jacobs, Moses, weds Mary Clark 5/39/92: 6/3/92p4(ER)
Jacobs, William, weds Edith Varney 11/22/99: 11/24/99p8
Jacques, Damase, weds Caroline Devoy 8/25/91: 8/28/91p3(LM)
Jacques, Delvina, weds Joseph Julian 6/25/88: 6/29/88p3(LM)
Jacques, Philomen, died 5/22/93: 5/26/93p8(LN)
Jellerson, Alice M,, died 9/2/99: 9/8/99p1
Jellerson, Benjamin, died 10/?/89: 10/18/89p3
Jellerson, Charles T., died 12/20/98: 12/23/98p8
Jellerson, Charles, weds Alice Horne 1/5/92: 1/15/92p3(LM)
Jellerson, Lydia (Hurd), died 12/?/91: 1/1/92p3(LM)
Jenkins, Arthur W., died 8/21/91: 8/28/91p3
Jenkins, Henry A., died 12/?/89: 12/6/89p3
Jenkins, Juliette, weds Edward Twombly 10/14/97: 10/22/97p1
Jenkins, Rebecca. died 5/4/96: 5/22/9p1
Jenness, Abbie (Hooper), died 12/22/99: 12/29/99p8
Jenness, Bessie, weds Thomas Boyce 9/22/96: 10/2/96p8(CN)
Jenness, Charles, weds Eliza Woodes 8/6/95: 8/9/95p5(LM)
Jenness, Dorothy, died 12/4/86: 12/10/86p3(LM)
Jenness, Iva, weds William March 11/6/95: 11/8/95p8(LM)
Jenness, Mercy (McDuffee), died 8/?/89: 9/6/89p311
Jenness, Mrs. Charles (Willey), died 5/16/87: 5/20/87p3(LM)
Jenness, Stephen, died 10/5/90: 10/10/90p3
Jenness, Stephen, died 5/27/90: 5/30/90p3
Jewett, William G., died 34/2/94: 4/6/94p1
Johnson, Annie, weds Herman Clough 12/26/90: 1/9/91p2(F)
Johnson, Hattie, weds John Legro 11/24/97: 11/26/97p1
Johnson, Isabel, weds William Smith 8/18/97: 8/20/97p1(G)
Johnson, Mrs. Bradford H., died 8/21/95: 8/23/95p5(LM)
Johnson, Mrs. F. D. (Chamberlin), died 3/30/99: 4/14/99p6(F)
Jones, Adah, died 5/?/93: 5/19/93p8(LN)
Jones, Albert, weds Sarah Warren 9/14/98: 9/23/98p1
Jones, Anne, died 2/15/97: 2/19/97p5(F)
Jones, Charles, weds Nellie Crocker 12/6/98: 12/9/98p4(M)
Jones, Charlotte, died 11/12/88: 11/16/88p3(LM)
Jones, Cora, died 8/23/90: 8/29/90p3(LM)
Jones, Cyrus, diedc 4/17/90: 4/25/90p3(LM)
Jones, Dana, weds Pauline Hart 4/5/86: 4/9/86p3(LM)
Jones, Henry, died 12/30/93: 1/6/93p5(LM)
Jones, Jonathan, died 3/18/86: 3/26?/86p2(N)
Jones, Lizzie, died 3/29/92: 4/1/92p8(M)
Jones, Lottie, weds Lester Remick 1/24?/94: 2/2/94p8(ER)
Jones, Louise, died 11/1/89: 11/8/89p2(M)
Jones, Martin, weds Ada Abbott 6/?/92: 6/10/92p1(ER)
Jones, Mrs. George R., died 6/15/91: 6/19/91p2(M)
Jones, Mrs. Lewis [Edgerly], died 3/14/98: 4/1/98p6(F)
Jones, Sally W., died ?/?/97: 12/17/97p1(M)
Jones, Samuel, died 1/6/97: 1/15/97p4CN)
Jones, Samuel, died 6/27/98: 7/1/98p8(M)
Jones, Warren, young son of, died 2/21/92: 2/26/92p1(ER)
Jones, William, died 6/16/99: 6/23/99p4(M)
Jones, Willie I., died 11/27/86: 12/10/86p3(F)
Jones,Jane, died 3/20/97: 3/26/97p8(ER); 3/26/97p8(SM)
Jordan, Amelia, weds John Hamlin 5/28/99: 6/2/99p1
Jordan, Frank, weds Sadie Pinkham 6/2/86: 6/4/86p2(F)
Jordan, Lillian, weds Will Mitchell 2/?/89: 2/15/89p3(M)
Jordan, Samuel, weds Emma Hibbard 1/20/92: 1/22/92p3
Josselyn, Mary (McDuffy), died 1/7/90: 1/10/90p3
Julian, Joseph, weds Delvina Jacques 6/25/88: 6/29/88p3(LM)
Junkins, Sydney, weds Harriette Page 11/30/87: 12/2/87p3

Kaey, Lilia, weds William Watson 12/25/99: 12/29/99p9(CN)
Kay, Bessie, weds Harry Hobson 4/?/98: 5/6/98p1
Keates, Charles, weds Lizzy (Furlong) Brackett 2/21/92: 2/26/92p4(G)
Keats, Mrs. Charles (Slater), died 4/11/91: 4/17/91p4
Keggeon, Frank, died 8/?/97: 8/27/97p5(CN)
Keir, Annie, weds Herman Wormwood 12/15/97: 12/17/97p9
Keir, Mary, weds Arthur Horn 3/27/95: 3/29/95p5(LM)
Kelley, Wendell S., died 3/25?/92: 3/26/92p5
Kelley, Winifred, weds Guy Chesley 8/25/97: 8/27/97p1
Kendall, Emma, weds Arthur Clark 11/22/96: 1/1/97p6(CN)
Kendall, Mabel, weds George Estes 12/24/96: 1/1/97p1
Kendall, William H. Jr., weds Lillian Churchill 9/?/98: 9/9/98p10
Keyes, Bessie, weds Charles Knowles 10/5/98: 10/14/98p4(M)
Keyes, Nancy, died 2/1/3/98: 2/18/98p(M)
Killeen, Mary, died 8/7/88: 9/14/88p3(LM)
Kimball, Annie, died 4/22/97: 4/30/97p3(F)
Kimball, Arthur D., died 8/6?/85: 8/14/85p3(LM), 8/21/85p3(LM)
Kimball, Augusta, weds Frank Downes 5/21/91: 6/12/91p2(M)
Kimball, Augusta, weds Frank Downs 5/31/91: 6/12/91p2(M)
Kimball, Ephraim, died 6/9/90: 6/13/90p3(LM)
Kimball, Flora (Marden), died 10/25/99: 10/27/99p8
Kimball, Irene, died 10/21/98: 10/28/98p8
Kimball, Mabel, died 8/15/99: 9/1/99p4
Kimball, Mary F., died 8/9/86: 8/13/86p3(LM)
Kimball, Nancy (Nutter), died 5/6/89: 5/10/89p3
Kimball, Sylvester, weds Maria Hadley 1/31/97: 2/12/97p1
Kimball, William A.,  died 1/9/92: 1/15/92p3
Kimball, William K., died 5/?/84: 5/16/84p3(LM)
King, Mrs. Lewis, died 10/11/90: 10/17/90p3(G)
Knight, Addie, weds James O'Laughlin 4/8/93: 4/14/93p1(M)
Knight, Clara, weds Charles Horne 12/21/97: 12/31/97p4(M)
Knight, Louisa, died 6/8/99: 6/16/99p4(M)
Knights, Genie, weds Thomas Crawford 2/10/94: 2/16/94p5(LM)
Knowles, Charles, weds Bessie Keyes 10/5/98: 10/14/98p4(M)
Knox, Frank, weds Laura Stewart 6/30/96: 7/3/96p1(M)
Knox, Mrs. James, died 3/25/93: 3/31/93p4(ER)
Kramer, Edith, weds William Spokesfield 10/26/99: 11/3/99p5(CN)

Labree, Marie A., died 5/17/88: 5/25/88p3(LM)
Lacey, Peter, died 3/30/95: 4/5/95p5(LM)
Lachan, Joseph, died 4/23?/84: 4/25/84p3
Lachance, Joseph, weds Rose Billodeau 9/18/93: 9/22/93p5(LM)
Lafayette, Arthur, weds Estella Horne 10/26/92: 10/28/92p1
Lamos, George D., died 1/5/88: 1/6/88p2, 1/13/88p3
Landry, Mrs. France, died 6/10/92: 6/10/92p5(LM)
Lane, Albion C., died 10/?/92: 11/11/92p5
Lang, Martin V. B., died 9/2/99: 9/8/99p6(F)
Langley, Lavina, died 3/19/97: 3/26/97p8
Lanoix, Napolean, weds Matilda Cossette 1/15/93: 1/20/93p4(G)
Lanoix, Oliver, died 4/24/97: 4/30/97p1
Laplante, Joseph, died 2/6/93: 2/10/93p5(LM)
Larochelle, Adolphe, weds Sarah Lessard 12/25/97: 12/31/97p5(CN)
Larochelle, Felix, weds Maude Lessard 12/25/97: 12/31/97p5(CN)
Larose, Leopold, weds Clarida Brochu 10/31/92: 11/4/92p5(G)
Larsen, Dora, died 9/22/84: 9/26/84p3(LM)
Laskey, Rose, 6/16/97: 5/21/97p8
Lawlor, James Sr., died 1/8?/90: 1/10/90p3(G)
Lawrence, Kate, died 4/19/91: 4/24/91p3
Lawrence, Lydia G., died 3/30/93: 4/7/93p4(ER)
Lea, Daniel, died 12/1/95: 12/6/95p5(LM)
Leary, Bridget, weds Peter McDonald 7/25/93: 7/28/93p5(LM)
Leary, John, died 4/12/87: 4/15/87p3(LM)
Leary, Maria, weds Patrick Bailey 10/26/97: 10/29/97p8
Leavitt, Oval (Babb), died 7/20/90: 7/25/90p3(G)
Legro, Ellen, died 10/26?/97: 10/29/97p8
Legro, Grace, weds Samuel Norwan 11/8/01: 11/20/91p3(LM)
Legro, James, died 2/8/85: 2/13/85p3
Legro, John, died 7/2/88: 7/6/88p3
Legro, John, weds Hattie Johnson 11/24/97: 11/26/97p1
Legro, Lucinda, died 1/9/99: 1/13/99p4
Legro, Mrs. John (Mathes), died : 4/1/92p5(LM)
Leighhton, Edwin, weds Carrie Remick 5/30/92: 6/3/92p8(M)
Leighton, Almira Legro, died 11/?/96: 12/4/96p3(F)
Leighton, Amasa R., died 1/18/99: 1/20/99p1
Leighton, Angie Hussey, died 7/22/90: 7/25/90p3(LM)
Leighton, Bessie, died 12/?/96: 1/8/97p3(B)
Leighton, Frank, died 3/30/91: 4/3/91p3(M)
Leighton, George, died 1/6/87: 1/14/87p3(LM)
Leighton, George, died 3/25/90: 3/28/90p3(LM)
Leighton, Harry, weds Sadie Hall 6/24/97: 6/25/97p8(CN)
Leighton, J. Frank, died 5/15/84: 5/30/84p2(F)
Leighton, Susan (Bennett), died 9/8/99: 9/15/99p6(F)
Lessard, Maude, weds Felix Larochelle 12/25/97: 12/31/97p5(CN)
Lessard, Sarah, weds Adolphe Larochelle 12/25/97: 12/31/97p5(CN)
Letourneau, George, weds Eliza Perreault 2/21/98: 2/25/98p8(CN)
Lewis, Walter, weds Mary Gouchee 9/28/95: 10/4/95p4(M)
Libbey, Isaac C., died 11/22/89: 11/29/89p2(N)
Libbey, Lydia (Hall), died 8/21/88: 8/31/88p3
Libbey, Mrs. Isaac, died 3/11/88: 3/16/88p3
Libby, Erving, to wed Lucy Harrington 12/23/98: 12/23/98p6(F)
Libby, Mrs. Linwood, died 2/6/92: 2/12/92p8((ER)
Linscott, George H., died 21/98: 2/25/98p5(F)
Littlefield, Cora, died 12/3/86: 12/10/86p3(LM)
Locke, Ada, weds Edward Miles 10/5/99: 10/6/99p1
Locke, Alfred, died 4/8/92: 4/15/92p5
Locke, Charles D., died 11/13/95: 11/22/95p4(BS)
Locke, Charles S., died 4/28/91: 5/1/91p3(ER)
Locke, Helen, weds Ernest Stone 4/12/99: 4/21/99p3
Locke, Henry W., died 3/12/95: 3/22/95p8
Locke, Henry, weds Hattie Berry 8/23/93: 8/25/93p5(LM)
Locke, Irving, weds Linna[?] Buzzell 2/2/97: 2/12/97p3(B)
Locke, James M., died 10/27/90: 10/31/90p90p3
Locke, Mrs. James, died 6/21/84: 6/27/84p2(F)
Locke, Stanley, weds Isabel Thompson 6/1/98: 6/10/98p3(B)
Logan, Ellen (Walker), died 3/1/93: 3/3/93p8(LN)
Logan, Johnston C., died 1/27/91: 1/30/91p3
Longee, Pally, died 8/27/96: 9/4/96p5(CN)
Looney, Rhoda, died 6/22/96: 6/26/96p1
Lord, Ezekiel R., died 4/29?/91: 5/8/91p2(M)
Lord, Mrs. James, died 11/?/98: 11/25/98p6(F)
Lothrop, John C., died 5/5/95: 5/10/9p5(LM)
Loud, Eda, weds John Townsend 1/28?/96: 1/31/96p8(MM)
Loud, Fannier Miller, died ?/?/98: 6/3/98p4(MM)
Lougee, Isaac W., died 1/4/93: 1/6/93p1
Lovejoy, Sarah, died 2/8/88p3(LM)
Lowe, John, weds Margurite Herron 9/30/91: 10/2/91p3(LM)
Lowe, Lizzie B., died 6/11?/91: 6/26/91p3(LM)
Ludden, Annie, weds Patrick Nangle 10/30/93: 11/3/93p5(LM)
Ludden, Thomas, weds Annie Finnigan 10/30/95: 11/1/95p5(LM)
Lydecker, Abraham, died 8/22/98: 9/2/98p6(F)
Lyman, Theodore, died 8/1/91: 8/7/91p2(M)

Mace, Carrie (Nutter), died 3/15/98: 3/18/98p5(CN)
Maddox, Eugene, died 9/3/93: 9/8/93p8(M)
Magoon, Emma, weds A. D. Gerrish 3/31?/9: 3/2/94p8(ER)
Main, Hannah--short bio: 7/19/95p1
Main, Lizzie, to wed John Wendt 10/?/93: 10/6/93p5(LM)
Mallon, John, died 9/4/97: 9/17/97p5(CN)
Mangin, Joseph, weds Annie Cassidy 5/1/95: 5/3/95p8(LM)6
Manning, Elizabeth, weds Napolean St. John 12/30/96: 1/1/97p1
Manson, Charles E., died 10/10/98: 10/14/98p1
Manter, George, weds Hattie Clark 11/29/93: 12/8/93p5(LM)
March, William, weds Iva Jenness 11/6/95: 11/8/95p8(LM)
Marcott, Isidore, died 8/1/93: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Marcotte, Florida, died 4/11/99: 4/14/99p5(CN)
Marcotte, Florida, weds Raoul Raux 10/9/99: 10/13/99p5(CN)
Marcotte, George, weds Sarah Cassidy 11/?/93: 11/24/93p5(LM)
Marcotte, Marie A., died 1/26/97: 1/29/97p8(CN)
Marcotte, Mary, weds Thomas Jones 11/28/95: 12/6/95p8
Marsden, Sadie, weds Fred Babb 12/31/87: 1/6/88p3(G)
Marsden, Thomas, weds Emma Gear 10/30/95: 11/1/95p4(G)
Marston, Georgiella, weds William Stacey 9/21/93: 10/6/93p8(M)
Martin, Charles, died 10/12/99: 10/13/99p5(CN)
Martin, Sally E., 1/?/92: 1/29/92p5(LM)
Martineau, Archille, died 9/4/99: 9/8/99p8(CN)
Mason, Alfred W., died 10/11/88: 10/19/88p3
Mason, Emily, died 3/27/97: 4/2/97p8(M)
Mason, Eva, weds Will Wilder 11/18/91: 11/27/91p2(ER)
Mathes, John, died 11/1/99: 11/3/99p1
Mathes, Martha E., died 3/23/93: 4/7/93p4(M)
Mathes, Mary E., died 2/21/99: 2/24/99p3(B)
Maxfield, Mrs. John, died 9/?/99: 9/29/99p6(F)
Maxwell, Mrs. John S., died 4/?/97: 4/30/97p3(B)
Mayer, Carrie, weds Charles Osborne 5/?/93: 6/9/93p1(G)
Maynard, Mrs. Christopher (Walker), died 1/27/92: 1/29/92p5(LM)
McCabe, Andrew C., died 3/22/89: 3/1/89p3(LM)
McCabe, Mary, died 9/1/99: 9/8/99p5(CN)
McClellan, John, died 10/5?/98: 10/7/98p1; 10/14/98p8
McClelland, Lillian, died 3/28/92: 4/1/92p5
McCrillis, Delia, died 11/1/97: 11/5/97p8(ER)
McCrillis, George, weds Mamie Griffen 11/16/98: 11/18/98p4
McCrillis, Lorenzo, died 12/30/91: 1/1/92p3(ER)
McCrillis, Mra. Sumner N., died 10/14?/96: 10/23/96p8(ER)
McCrillis, Newton, died 4/4/86: 4/16/86p2(F)
McCrillis, Relief A., died 4/17/93: 4/21/93p4(ER)
McCrillis, Will, weds Minnie Norris 12/11/95: 12/13/95p5(LM)
McCuddy, Mrs. John, died 8/29/95: 9/6/95p5(LM)
McDaniels, T. E., died 5/23/92: 5/27/92p55(LM)
McDonald, Cornelius, weds Sarah Curtis 11/2/99: 11/10/99p3(B)
McDuffee, Harriet R., died 9/20/99: 9/22/99p5(CN)
McDuffee, James, arrested for murder: 4/24/91p3
McDuffee, James, died 5/20/91: 5/22/91p3
McDuffee, John F., died 12/27/88: 1/4/89p3
McDuffee, John, died 12/7/90: 12/12/90p3
McDuffee, Louis, weds Carolyn McDowell /11/19/98: 12/2/98p5(CN)
McDuffee, Louis, weds Carolyn McDowell 11/19/98: 11/25/98p8(CN)
McDuffee, Martha, died 11/2/91: 11/6/91p3
McDuffee, May, weds Willard Grant 6/28/99: 6/30/99p1
McDuffee, Mrs. John (Hanson), died 10/10/84: 10/17/84p3
McDuffee, Sarah J., died 1/9/92: 1/15/92p3
McDuffee, Willia, weds Dora Haley 7/22/97: 7/23/97p1
McElwaine, William, weds Mary Varney 9/12/93: 9/15/93p1
McGaffey, Irene, died 9/12/88: 9/14/88p3(LM)
McGlynn, Annie A., died 11/11/15: 11/15/89p3(G)
McGrath, Mary, died 9/27/91: 10/2/91p3(LM)
McIlroy, Frank, weds Grace Burner: 1/18/93p8(LN)
McIntire, Kitty, weds Frank Fox 9/30/90: 10/3/90p3(LM)
McIntire, Mrs. James, died 10/2/84: 10/10/84p3(LM)
McIntire, Samuel, died 9/19/98: 9/23/98p1
McLeod, John Sr., died 5/23/91: 5/29/91p3(LM)
McMann, Anthony, weds Kate Crotty 1/29/94: 2/2/94p8(ER)
McShane, Catherine, weds Dennis Brennan 10/25/87: 10/28/87p3(LM)
McShane, Frank, died 1/15/97: 1/22/97p1
Meader, Alice, weds Bela Kingman 6/15/98: 6/24/98p1
Meader, Benjamin, died 2/20/92: 2/26/92p5(LM)
Meader, Eda, died 8/27/97: 9/3/97p1
Meader, Lavina (Otis), died 5/7/88: 5/11/88p3(LM)
Meader, Mary, weds Justin Gear 12/21/92: 12/30/92p8(G)
Meader, May, weds Charles Brock 6/22/95: 6/28/95p8(LM)
Meader, Mrs. Levi, died 3/24/88: 3/30/88p3
Meader, Otis, weds Grace Dew 5/5/96: 5/8/96p5(CN)
Meader, Tobias, died 11/12/89: 11/15/89p3
Meader, Willie, weds Ida Brackett 8/9/93: 8/11/93p8
Meander, David, weds Eva Gale 8/10/93: 8/18/93p5(LM)
Mellows, Adriana Libby, died 8?/?/97: 8/6/97p10(F)
Mertz, Merton, weds Jessie Sanborn 2/22/99: 2/24/99p1
Meserve, Elsie J., died 12/3/87: 12/16/87p3
Meserve, Mary (Hanson), died 11/17/87: 11/25/87p3
Miles, Edward, weds Ada Locke 10/5/99: 10/6/99p1
Miller, Mrs. Charles, died 10/26/96: 10/30/96p6(F)
Mills, George, weds Carrie Cookson 11/29/93: 12/8/93p4(ER)
Mitchell, Lillian A. (Jordan), died 6/?/98: 6/17/98p4(M)
Mitchell, Will, weds Lillian Jordan 2/?/89: 2/15/89p3(M)
Mithee, Philip, died 9/6/92: 9/9/92p5(LM)
Montgomery, Hannah (Applebee), died 6?/?/98: 7/8/98p8(MM)
Montgomery, Samuel P., died 11/?/85: 12/4/85p2(B)
Moody, John B., died 7/24/91: 7/31/91p3(LM)
Moody,Mary, died 12/21/97: 12/24/97p4(ER)
Mooney, Katie, weds Mr. Havman 6/5/93: 6/9/93p8(LN)
Mooney, Patrick, died 11/19/88: 11/23/88p3
Moore, Algernon G., died 8/24/91: 8/28/91p2(G)
Moore, Henrietta, weds William Riley 3/22/93: 3/24/93p5(LM)
Moore, Mary, weds George Pineo 3/8/93: 3/17/93p3(M)
Moore, Mildred F., died 1/30/96: 2/7/96p1(G)
Moore, Nellie, weds George Mason 2/9/92: 2/19/92p5(LM)
Moore, Sadie, weds C. E. Goodwin 7/5/87: 7/8/87p3(LM)
Morgan, James, died 5/2/95: 5/10/95p5(LM)
Morrill, Jedediah, weds Bertha Ayer 10/26?/98: 10/28/98p1
Morrison, Agnes, weds John Skillings 2/?/88: 2/17/88p2(F)
Morrison, Charles S., died 3/18?/97: 3/26/97p8(ER)
Morrison, Esther (Hall), died 3/16?/97: 3/26/97p8(ER)
Morrow, Ada, weds Moise Carignan 11/13/92: 11/18/92p4(G)
Moultin, Larkin B., died 10/9/92: 10/14/92p5
Moulton, Abbie (Trask), died 1/6/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Moulton, Addie, weds Will Hunt 7/21/84: 7/25/84/p3(LM)
Moulton, Aggie (Grover), died 9/10/88: 9/14/88pp3
Moulton, Fernando, died 1/17/96: 1/24/96p8
Moulton, Willie E., died 12/31/85: 1/8/86p3(LM)
Mudgett, John, weds Ella Clough 8/4/97: 8/13/97p2(B)
Murray, Abbie, died 9/15/93: 9/22/93p5(MM)
Murray, Edward, died 4/9/99: 4/14/99p8(CN)
Murray, Frank, died 2/11/93: 2/17/93p4(G)

Nangle, Patrick, weds Annie Ludden 10/30/93: 11/3/93p5(LM)
Nason, Sarah ("Aunt"), celebrates 90th birthday: 5/2/84p3
Nason, Sarah F., died 5/30?/96: 6/5/96p5(CN)
Nate, Lydia (Colcord), died 10/16/97: 10/22/97p5(CN)
Neal, Ennoch B., died 10/28/90: 10/31/90p2
Neal, Jacob S., died 4/18/90: 4/25/90p2
Neal, Sarah (Plumer), died 2/8/94: 2/16/94p4(M)
Nealand, Martin, died 6/12/92: 6/17/92p5(LM)
Nelson, Robert, weds Leta Griffin 10/2/98: 10/7/98p1
Newbury, Millie, died 2/23/91: 2/27/91p2(G)
Newcomb, John D., died 8/20/97: 8/27/97p5(CN)
Nichols, Edith, weds Everett Billings 7/4/95: 7/12/95p1(ER)
Nichols, James T., died 12/31/90: 1/3/90p3
Nichols, Joseph E., died 2/17/99: 2/24/99p1
Nichols, Lilah E., died 9/?/91: 9/18/91p3
Nixon, James, weds Bridget Gildea 10/14/91: 10/16/91p3(ER)
Nixon, John, weds Mattie Connelly 3/2/94: 3/9/94p8(G)
Nixon, Nancy J., died 3/11/98: 3/18/98p8(M)
Norris, Minnie, weds Will McCrillis 12/11/95: 12/13/95p5(LM)
Norwan, Samuel, weds Grace Legro 11/8/01: 11/20/91p3(LM)
Noyes, Mrs. Timothy, died 11/14/85: 11/20/85p3(ER)
Noyes, William, weds Ethel Dow 8/19/97: 8/20/97p3(F); 8/27/97p8(F)
Nute, Albert, weds Abbie Elliott 10/2/95: 10/4/95p8
Nute, Alonzo, died 12/24/92: 12/30/92p1
Nute, Annie L., died 6/3/98: 6/10/98p8(CN)
Nute, Caroline D., died 3/6/95: 3/8/95p5(LM)
Nute, Eva, weds Fred Brown 12/24/91: 1/1/92p2(M)
Nute, George A., died 4/5/89: 4/12/89p3
Nute, Isabel A., died 1/9/99: 1/13/99p4
Nute, L. W., died 10/20/88: 10/26/88p2(M)
Nute, Mrs. Freeman, died 12/18/98: 12/23/98p6(F)
Nute, Nellie, weds Frank Hall 12/11/97: 12/17/97p8
Nute, Nicholas, died 2/6/97: 2/12/97p8
Nute, Samuel F., died 8/14/93: 8/18/93p8
Nute, Zenas H., died 12/26/97: 12/31/97p1
Nutter, Emeline, died 5/2/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Nutter, Enoch J., died 12/8/95: 12/13/95p5(LM)
Nutter, Etta May, died 11/?/84: 12/5/84p3
Nutter, Frank, died 2/9/93: 2/17/93p5(LM)
Nutter, Hartley, weds Ada Huntress 7/23?/93: 7/28/93p8(M)
Nutter, James W., died 12/21?/92: 12/23/92p4(M)
Nutter, Jerry N., died 3/2/91: 3/6/91p3(LM)
Nutter, Joseph, died 2/?/96: 2/14/96p1(F)
Nutter, M&M Jerry, child of, died 12/31/90: 1/2/91p2(LM)
Nutter, Mary E., died 1/12/98: 1/14/98p8(M)
Nutter, Nathan, died 12/17/86: 12/24/86p3(LM)
Nutter, Richard--history: 2/21/90p3(H)
Nutter, Willard, died 4/5/89: 4/12/89p3(LM)
Nye, Mary M., died 10/20/96: 10/23/96p8(CN)

O'[Bren, Maud, weds Elmer Howe 5/20/84: 5/30/84p2
O'Dea, Annie, died 1/25/89: 2/1/89p3(LM)
O'Donnell, Lizzie, died 1/10/97: 1/15/97p4(ER)
O'Laughlin, James, weds Addie Knight 4/8/93: 4/14/93p1(M)
O'Leary, Mrs., child died 11/15/89: 11/22/89pp2(B)
Orcutt, Frank, weds Emma Verity 1/?/88: 2/17/88p3(LM)
Orino, Victoria, weds Charles Rumanza 8/8?/95: 8/16/95p5(LM)
Orr, Abbie E., died 11/14/96: 11/20/96p8(CN)
Orr, Frank, weds Sally Ellis 6/?/92: 7/1/92p5(LM)
Osborne, Charles, weds Carrie Mayer 5/?/93: 6/9/93p1(G)
Osbourne, Ernest, weds Mattie B. Haines 1/3/96: 1/3/96p4(G)
Osgood, Burr, died 8/22/92: 8/26/92p5(LM)
Osgood, George, died 8/14/91: 8/21/91p3(LM)

Page, George H., died 1/19/95: 1/25/95p5
Page, George, died 1/21/90: 1/24/90p3(LM)
Page, Henriette, weds Sydney Junkins 11/30/87: 12/2/87p3
Page, I. Dana, died 9/11/91: 9/18/91p3
Page, Isabel, weds Frank Esser 7/11/93: 7/14/93p1
Page, Mary5, died 3/4/1/93: 4/7/93p5(LM)
Page, Nancy, died 10/26/86: 11/5/86p3(LM)
Palmer, Annie, died 1/25/92: 1/29/92p1(M)
Palmer, Charles W., died 7/1?/98: 7/8/98p1
Palmer, Curtis, weds Cora Huckins 11/23/93: 12/1/93p5(LM)
Palmer, Dudley S., died 5/18/86: 5/21/86p3(LM)
Palmer, Fred, weds Ervina Davidson 12/24/97: 12/31/97p5(CN)
Palmer, John, died 20/99: 2/24/99p8(M)
Palmer, John, weds Eva Carlen 11/24/97: 12/3/97p5(CN)
Palmer, Mrs. George B., died 11/11/95: 11/15/95p8
Palmer, Mrs. George D., died 9/16/87: 9/23/87p3
Palmer, Topsy (Nutter), died 2/13?/99: 2/17/9p1
Pare, Evangeliste, died 9/23/99: 9/29/99p1
Parker, Annie L., died 3/15/93/20/91p3(LM)
Parker, George W., died 8/11/95: 8/16/95p5(LM)
Parker, Marian B., died 3/30/92: 4/1/92p5(LM)
Parker, Mrs. Charles (Corson), died 10/23/99: 10/27/99p8
Parshley, Abbie F., died 10/29/89: 11/1/89p3(LM)
Parshley, Albert J., died 1/30/99: 2/3/99p1
Parshley, Charles A., died 2/15?/99: 2/17/99p5
Parshley, Lola G., died 1/31/85: 2/6/85p3(LM)
Parshley, Lula[?] G., died 1/31/85: 2/6/85p3(LM)
Parshley, Nahum, died 10/21/96: 10/23/96p5(CN)
Parsons, Charles, weds Hattie Robbins 8/31/92: 9/2/92p5(LM)
Parsons, Daniel J., died 2/24/93: 3/3/93p1
Parsons, John S., died 3/21/94: 3/23/94p8(LM)
Parsons, Mrs. Daniel (Greenfield), died 11/15/86: 11/19/86p3(LM)
Parsons, Mrs. Everett, died 11/18?/97: 11/19/97p8(CN)
Patterson, Margaret, weds John Currier 6/?/98: 6/10/98p8(M)
Pearl, Belinda, died 9/12/91: 9/18/91p3(G)
Pearl, I. E., died 8/22?/95: 8/23/95p1
Pearl, Jennie, died 9/21/91: 9/25/91p33
Pearl, Levi, died 3/27/99: 3/31/99p6(F)
Pearl, Levi, died 4/?/95: 4/12/95p1(F)
Pearl, Mary Jane, died 4/2/87: 4/8/87p3(LM)
Pearl, Mrs. Levi, died 3/?/95: 4/5/95p1(F)
Pearl, Odell G., died 2/25?/91: 2/27/91p2(G)
Pearl, Preston A., died 8/28/98: 9/2/98p6(F)
Pearson, Peter, died 2/25/92: 3/4/92p5(LM)
Peaslee, Sarah G., died 12/22/95: 12/27/95p1
Peavey, Emily, died 5/7;/92: 5/13/92p5(LM)
Peavey, Gertrude, weds Wingate Tuttle 1/29/92: 2/5/92p8(ER)
Perkins, Edwin, died 8/28?/86: 9/3/86p3(LM)
Perkins, Fannie, died  7/9?/96: 7/17/96p5(CN)
Perkins, Martha, died 7/20/98: 7/29/98p3(B)
Perkins, Stella, weds Chase Cheney 6/23/97: 6/25/97p8
Petree[?], Curtis H., died 11/21/84: 11/28/84p3
Pettigrew, Mamie, died 1/24/92: 1/29/92p8(F)
Pettigrew, Mrs. Charles, died 9/?/98: 9/23/98p6(F)
Philander, Downing, died 2/25/86: 3/12/86p2
Philbrick, Adella, died 3/10/93: 3/17/93p8(ER)
Philbrook, Eva, died 10/2/85: 10/9/85p3(LM)
Philbrook, Thomas--Thumbnail sketch :3/18/98p1
Pickering, Addie, weds John Ellis 10/6/97: 10/8/97p1
Pickering, Albert, died 9/18/96: 9/25/96p5
Pickering, Betsey, died 3/8/96: 3/13/96p5(CN)
Pickering, George A., died 12/22/91: 12/25/91p3(LM)
Pickering, Hattie, weds Elihu Webster 4/24/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Pickering, Mrs. John, died 6/18/95: 6/21/95p5(LM)
Pickering, Samuel K., died 8/21/86: 8/27/86p3
Pierce, Almira, died 1/?/99: 1/27/99p3(B)
Pierce, Louise E., died 5/22/91: 5/29/91p3(LM)
Pierce, Moses, died : 1/13/99: 1/20/99p4(B)
Pierce, Mrs. John, died 4/19/89: 4/26/89p3(ER)
Pierce, Mrs. W. H., died 11/22/92: 11/25/92p8(F)
Pierce, Oliver, died 6/24/85:6/26/85p3(LM)
Pierce, William B., died 3/6/98: 3/18/98p3(F)
Piercy, I. D., weds Sallie Edgerly 11/18/22: 11/22/89p3(LM)
Piercy, Irving, weds Lizzie Tanner 8/24/93: 8/25/93p5(LM)
Piercy, William J., died 6/27/95: 7/5/95p8(LM)
Pike, George B., died 11/18/87: 11/25/87p3(LM)
Pike, Mrs. Charles E., died 4/15/95: 4/19/95p5(LM)
Pingree, Nathan, died 5/3/97; 5/7/97p1
Pinham, Betsey (Gray), died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p5(LM)
Pinkham, Cora E., died 8/29/88: 8/31/88p3(LM)
Pinkham, David, died 3/22/97: 3/26/97p6(F)
Pinkham, Emma, died 4/3/94: 4/6/94p1(ER)
Pinkham, George C., died 4/?/92: 4/22/92p1
Pinkham, John, funeral on 5/26/93: 6/2/93p4(F)
Pinkham, Levi L., died 3/30/99: 4/7/99p7(F)
Pinkham, Martha P., died 5/11/92: 5/20/92p5(LM)
Pinkham, Moses, died 1/6?/92: 1/8/92p4(N)
Pinkham, Sadie, weds Frank Jordan 6/2/86: 6/4/86p2(F)
Pinkham, Tilly, died 4/6/95: 4/12/95p8(LM)
Pinkham, Willard, died 12/2/89: 12/6/89p3(F)
Pitman, W. D., weds Lulu Huckins 4/2/99: 4/7/99p5(CN)
Place, Adelaide, died 6/17/95: 6/21/95p8(LM)
Place, Arabella, died 6/1/84: 6/13/84p3(G)
Place, Charles, died 3/28/88: 3/30/88p3
Place, David, celebrates 84th birthday: 4/30/97p1
Place, J. Frank--biography: 1/25/89p1
Place, Mrs. James (Chesley), died 12/?/91: 12/18/91p3(G)
Place, Sarah E., died 2/23/88: 3/2/88p3(LM)
Place[?], James H/. died 2/28/85: 3/6/85p3(G)
Ploalean, Chedore[?], died 9/22/84: 9/26/84p3
Plourde, Marie, weds Rapth[?] Dubois 11/21/87: 11/25/87p3(G)
Plourde, Victoria, weds Adelard Gelinas 4/24/92: 4/29/92p8(G)
Plumer, E. W., died 6/18/96: 6/26/96p1
Plumer, Jonas M., died 5/3/95: 5/10/95p5(LM)
Plummer, Annie, weds Albert Wilkenson 4/27/93: 5/5/93p5(LM)
Plummer, Charles A., died 101/22/96: 10/30/96p1(M)
Plummer, Elmira O., died 5/22/91: 5/29/91p3(LM)
Plummer, Francis, died 10/8/88: 10/12/88p3
Plummer, Gorshom D., died 12/12/86: 12/17/86p3(LM)
Plummer, H. N., died 2/12/94: 2/16/94p1(ER)
Plummer, Johnnie, died 7/7?/91: 7/17/91p2(M)
Plummer, Mrs. William, died 12/18/91: 12/25/91p2 (F)
Plummer, William, died 12/4/96: 12/11/96pSupp1(F)
Pollard, Sarah E., died 5/24/87: 5/27/87p3
Pratt, Joseph H., died 12/25/90: 1/9/91p3
Pray, Frances F., died 9/10/96: 9/18/96p4(CN)1
Pray, Frank, died 3/13/87: 3/18/87p3(ER)
Pray, George E., died 12/31/88: 1/4/89p2
Pray, Mary J., died 8/25/92: 9/2/92p5
Prescott, Charles, weds Mrs. Tibbetts 1/22/93: 1/27/93p8(MM)
Prescott, Frank, weds Alberta Clark 9/20/97: 10/1/97p8
Prescott, Mes. Perley (Dudley), died ?/?/?: 1/8/97p6(F)
Prescott, Mrs. George, died 6/?/98: 6/24/98p5(MM)
Prescott, Mrs. Perley, died 12/29/96: 1/1/97p9(F)
Proctor, Frances, weds James Smith 4/15/95: 4/19/95p1
Prowse. Luella, died 4/26/98: 4/29/98p8(CN)
Pugsley, M&M John M., celebrate 50th: 10/28/98p1
Pulsifer, C. H., died 6/25/92: 7/1/92p8(M)
Putney, F. V. (Miss), weds Arthur Ferguson 12/20/98: 12/23/98p6(F)

Quimby, Hannah E., died 5/17/91: 5/22/91p3(LM)
Quimby, James, died 12/27/93: 12/29/93p1(ER)
Quimby, John, died 10/30/87: 11/4/87p3(LM)
Quimby, Larkin J., died 9/7/88: 9/14/88p3(ER)
Quimby, Levi, died 6/4/92: 6/10/92p1
Quimby, Sallie A., died 5/12/93: 5/19/93p1(ER)
Quinlan, Margaret, weds Simon Kelley 10/2/95: 10/4/95p5(LM)
Quinn, John, died 3/27/91: 4/3/91p3(LM)

Ramsdell, David, died 4/22/93: 4/28/93p5(LM)
Rand, Lola D., died 10/14/87: 10/28/87p2(F)
Randall, Alexander T., died 12/4/97: 12/10/97p6(F)
Randall, Grace, weds Percy Berry 12/15/92: 12/23/92p5(LM)
Randall, Susan R., died 8/27/92: 9/2/92p5
Randall, William S., died 1/27/89: 2/1/89p2(N)
Rankins, Annie, weds John White 8/25?/95: 10/4/95p8(ER)
Rankins, Jonathan, died 2/16/97: 2/25/97p4
Raux, Raoul, weds Florida Marcotte 10/9/99: 10/13/99p5(CN)
Rayner, Jennie, weds William Burke 6/28/99: 7/7/99p8(M)
Reardon, Ann, died 3/2/99: 3/10/99p8
Reardon, Dennis, died 11/22/86: 12/3/86p3(LM)
Reed, Edgar, died 1/9/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Reed, Margaret, weds Alexander Finch 3/10/93: 3/17/93p5(LM)
Remick, Carrie, weds Edwin Leighton 5/30/92: 6/3/92p8(M)
Remick, Lester, weds Lottie Jones 1/24?/94: 2/2/94p8(ER)
Rewliner[?], Enos, died 9/10/89: 9/13/89p3
Reynolds, Bertha, weds E. E. Wiggin 8/24/91: 9/4/91p2(M)
Reynolds, Edward, weds Mary Scahill 4/19/97: 4/23/97p5(CN)
Reynolds, Emina, weds Fred Meader 3/5/92: 3/11/92p8(M)
Reynolds, Peter, died 7/29/92: 8/5/92p5(LM)
Rhu, Virginie, weds A. G. Gelinas 11/19/93: 11/24/93p5(G)
Rich, Lew, died 10/14?/91: 10/23/91p2(F)
Rich[?], William, died 1/13?/85: 1/23/85p2(F)
Richards, Bernice, died 12/9/95: 12/13/95p1(ER)
Richards, Mrs. Orrin, died 2/5?/96: 2/14/96p4
Richards, Orin I., died 5/30/99: 6/2/99p1(ER)
Richardson, Dana, died 5/6/95: 5/10/95p8(LM)
Richardson, Mrs. Pearson, died 5/4?/89: 5/17/89p3(B)
Ricker, Abbie (Hammet), died 4/5/89: 4/12/89p3(LM)
Ricker, Allie, weds Edward Mitchell 12/23/91: 12/25/91p2(M)
Ricker, Charles, weds Jennie Goss 12/20/95: 12/27/95p8(LM)
Ricker, Cora E. (Trask), died 2/7/99: 2/10/99p8
Ricker, Daniel, died 1/19/94: 1/26/94p5(LM)
Ricker, Elizabeth D. C., died 4/18/99: 4/21/99p8(CN)
Ricker, Ezekiel, died 5/29/95: 5/31/95p1
Ricker, George H., died 6/8/89: 6/14/89pe
Ricker, George W., died 7/25/99: 7/28/99p1
Ricker, J. Munroe, died 5/8/99: 5/12/99p6(F)
Ricker, John, died 7/17/85: 7/24/85p3(LM)
Ricker, Lillian, weds Frank Hodgdon 1/1/94: 1/5/94p5(LM)
Ricker, Marston W., died 10/28/91: 10/30/91p3
Ricker, Mehitable, died 1/20/95: 1/25/95p4(F)
Ricker, Nicholas F., died 1/19/95: 1/25/95p5(LM)
Riley, James, died 12/14/89: 12/20/89p3(G)
Riley, William, weds Henrietta Moore 3/22/93: 3/24/93p5(LM)
Rines, Angie (Browne), died 3/?/99: 3/24/99p6(F)
Rines, Carrie, died 7/?/91: 7/24/91p2(M)
Rioux, Alfred, weds Emily Morrow 1/26/90: 1/31/90p3(G)
Rixford, William H., died 7/21/90: 8/1/90p2
Rllins, Hannah, died 2/27/94: 3/2/94p5(LM)
Roberts, Abbie Allura, died 10/15/96: 10/23/96p7(F)
Roberts, Addie (Murphy),died 12/28/95: 1/3/96p8
Roberts, Caroline C., died 1/31/99: 2/3/99p4(M)
Roberts, Eliza, died 8/26/96: 9/4/96p5(CN)
Roberts, Eugene C., died 12/8/99: 12/15/99p5(CN)
Roberts, Fred S., died 1/24/94: 2/9/94p4(MM)
Roberts, George E., died 11/2/90: 11/7/90p2(F)
Roberts, George, died 2/24/87: 3/4/87p3(G)
Roberts, George, died 5/16/87: 5/20/87p3(LM)
Roberts, Gertrude (Lund), died 8/7/97: 10/15/97p6(F)
Roberts, Herman W., died 9/5/92: 9/9/92pp1(F),5(LM)
Roberts, Horatio G., died 3/24/95: 3/29/95p4(F)
Roberts, Joseph (Capt.), died 8/25/86: 8/27/86p3
Roberts, Mark, died 11/8/91: 11/13/91p3(LM)
Roberts, Mary, died 6/13/99: 6/23/99p4(M)
Roberts, Mrs. George B., died 12/11/95: 12/13/95p5(LM)
Roberts, Mrs. George, died 11/3/87: 11/11/87p3
Roberts, Mrs. Henry K., died 8/22/95: 8/23/95p5(LM)
Roberts, Mrs. J. Davos, died 11/?/93: 11/24/93p4(F)
Roberts, Rebekah, died 5/26/88: 6/1/88p1(LM)
Roberts, Samuel, died 8/16/95: 8/23/95p5(LM)
Roberts, Samuel, dieed 4/21/90: 4/25/90p3(LM)
Roberts, Susan G., died 11/20/89: 11/29/89p3
Robinson, John W., died 4/14?/93: 4/21/93p5(LM)
Robinson, Martha, died 626/92: 7/1/92p5(LM)
Roeper, Mrs. Phillomen, died 8/?/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Rogers, Abbie,died 5/31/88: 6/8/88p3(LM)
Rogers, Ann (Mrs. Patrick), died 2/2/99: 2/10/99p8
Rogers, Celia, died 11/20/99: 11/24/99p1
Rogers, Clara G. (Hall), died 12/20/91: 12/25/91p3(ER)
Rogers, Ernest, weds Nellie Wentorth 9/29/97: 10/1/97p8
Rogers, George, weds Mary Halloran 1/12/93: 1/20/93p5(LM)
Rogers, Georgietta R., died 11/7/95: 10/11/95p8(LM)
Rogers, Maggie, died 11/?/96: 11/13/96p8(CN)
Rogers, Richard T., died 10/28/90: 10/31/90p3
Rogers, Sarah F., died 3/30/93: 4/7/93p7
Rollins, Grace, weds James Marden 7/12/99: 7/14/99p1
Rollins, Grover T., died 6/?/97: 6/18/97p6(F)
Rollins, Josiah L., died 5/14/89: 5/17/89p3
Rollins, Julia A. 1/10/99: 1/13/99p4(MN)
Rollins, Thornton, died 4/1/94: 3/2/94p8(LM)
Rosenbury, Pearl M., died 9/13/90: 9/19/90p3(LM)
Rosenfield, Moses, died 4/21/93: 4/28/93p1
Ross, Joseph, died 1/?/97: 2/5/97p5(CN)
Rowe, Edith, weds Ralph Hall 10/27/92: 11/4/92p1
Rowe, Ichabod, died 5/2/90: 5/9/90p3(LM)
Rowe, John W., daughter died 11/11?/89: 11/22/89p2(B)
Rowe, Lulie, weds Edward Wright 1/25/99: 2/17/99p8(M)
Rowe. Alvah, died 7/17/86: 7/23/86p2(B)
Rumanza, Charles, weds Victoria Orino 8/8?/95: 8/16/95p5(LM)
Runnels, Seth T., died 8/8/90: 8/8/90p/90p
Rushton, Forrest, died 3/7/90: 3/14/90p3(LM)
Russell, Hattie E., died 4/5/89: 4/12/89p3(G)

Salinger, Leopold, died 3/18/97: 3/19/97p1; 3/26/97p1
Salinger, Rebecca, died 7/29/93: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Salinger, Rudolph, weds Lilly Strauss 5/3/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Sallinger, Rudolph, baby died 12/28/88: 1/4/89p3(LM)
Sampson, James, died 10/21/87p3(LM)
Sampson, Jane, died ?/?/96: 5/29/96p4(F)
Sampson, Luther, died 5/24/84: 5/30/84p3
Sanborn, Cyrus K., died 10/11/96: 10/15/86p3
Sanborn, Frank D. ("Christie"), died 7/3/93: 7/7/93p1
Sanborn, Fred H., weds Etta Hall 3/15/93: 3/24/93p8(M)
Sanborn, George H., died 6/9/88: 6/15/88p3
Sanborn, George, weds Nellie Winn 2/145/92: 2/19/92p5(LM)
Sanborn, Jessie, weds Merton Mertz 2/22/99: 2/24/99p1
Sanborn, John, died ?/?/99: 11/3/99p1
Sanborn, Kersiah, died 3/31/86: 4/2/86p3(LM)
Sanborn, Mary (Estes), died 1/27/99: 2/3/99p4(MM)
Sanborn, Mrs. John, died 10/27/95: 11/1/95p3(F)
Sanborn, Owen, died 8/1/85: 8/7/85p3(LM)
Sanders, David, died 3/31?/93: 4/7/93p7(F)
Saunders, Leverett, weds Alice Dautley 4/23/90: 4/25/90p3(LM)
Sayward, George, died 3/3/98: 3/4/98p1
Sayward, Mrs. Joseph, died 3/6/96: 3/6/96p8
Scates, John, Comments on: 3/4/87p2
Schofield, Charles, died 11/18/92: 11/25/92p1
Scruton, Charles H., died 8/9/95: 8/16/95p5
Scruton, David, died 8/31/91: 9/4/91p3(LM)
Scruton, Frank, died 10/3/98: 10/7/98p6(F)
Scruton, Hiram, died 9/27/90: 10/3/90p3
Scruton, Mrs. James, died 1/?/99: 1/27/99p6(F)
Scruton, Mrs. Miles (Yeaton), died 9/26/98: 9/30/98p6(F)
Seavey, Alma E., died 5/1/4/92: 5/20/92p8
Seavey, Daniel A., died 10/15/97: 10/29/97p3(B)
Seavey, Deborah, died 10/10/95: 10/18/95p1(G)
Seavey, Eliza, died 2/10/94: 2/16/94p4(G)
Seavey, Leslie (Lizzie Piercy), died 12/25/97: 12/31/97p1
Seavey, Maude B., died 6/8/86: 6/18/86p3
Seavey,Jonathan T., died 10/16/96: 10/23/96p8(CN)
Selman, Anna, died 12/19/87: 12/30/87p3(G)
Serls, Julia, weds Walter Buzzell 2/17/94: 2/23/94p5(LM)
Severence, Sarah C., died 4/18/92: 4/22/92p1
Shannon, Angie, weds Edward Emerson 10/?/93: 11/17/93p5(LM)
Shannon, Ernest L., died 3/29/91: 4/3/91p3(LM)
Shannon, Nathaniel H., died 10/26/89: 11/1/89p3(LM)
Shapleigh, Sarah, died 12/26?/93: 12/29/93p4(M)
Shattuck, Mrs. C. O., died 12/7?/92: 12/16/92p4(M)
Shaw, Charles, weds Mary Stevens 9/21/91: 9/23/91p33
Shaw, Fred, weds Cora Fogg: 3/15/89p2(ER)
Shaw, Jeremiah, weds Mary Fish 12/?/97: 12/17/97p8(CN)
Sheasby, Rose, weds Charles Harker 7/27/93: 8/4/93p5(LM)
Shebann, Persis Mae, died 4/23?/96: 5/1/96pSupp1
Sherburn, Marinda, died 4/10/96: 4/17/96p3(BS)
Sherburne, Jennie, died 1/?/994(B)
Sherburne, Sarah, died 12/?/92: 1/6/93p4(EB)
Sherwood, Ellen, died 10/27/99: 11/3/99p5(CN)
Shorey, Abbie J., died 4/29/97; 5/7/97p8(ER)
Shorey, Charles, weds Mary Chick 11/26/91: 12/4/91p3(ER)
Shorey, Edwin, weds Lizzie Boothby 1/?/88: 1/6/88p3(ER)
Shorey, Elbridge, weds Augusta Hodsdon 11/16/92: 11/18/92p5
Shorey, Emma, weds Everett Chick 3/5/94: 3/9/94p8(ER)
Shorey, M&M Nathaniel, celebrate 50th: 2/13/85p3
Shorey, Mrs. S. Frank, died 5/11/84: 5/16/84p3(ER)
Shorey, Nathaniel, died 4/27/99: 4/28/99p3
Shorey, Simon, died 10/4/99: 10/6/99p1
Shorey, Simon, weds Flora Ireland 11/5?/85: 11/13/85p3(ER)
Short, Mary, weds Patrick Grimes 5/24/92: 5/27/92p5(LM)
Sibley, Lyman E., died 5/6?/92: 5/13/92p1
Simes, Eda, died 3/12/99: 3/17/99p8(MM)
Simes, Hervey, weds Lulu Manson 8/3/98: 8/19/98p8(MM)
Sinclair, Angie, weds Irving Faunce 10/4/98: 10/7/98p4(ER)
Slater, Jennie (Buchanan), died 8/14/88: 8/17/88p(G)
Slater, John, died 1/23/93: 1/27/93p4(G)
Sleeper, Addie, weds Eugene Hubbard 9/20/95: 9/25/85p3(LM)
Sleeper, Eddie F., 6/18/97: 6/25/97p5(CN)
Sleeper, Miriam J., died 10/25/93: 10/27/93p5(LM)
Slelley, Michael, died 1/21/92: 1/29/92p5(LM)
Small, Clara, weds Frank Willard 4/22/95: 4/26/95p1(F)
Small, Edward B., died 4/11/87: 4/15/87p2(F)
Small, Fannie (Wallace), died 1/11/92: 1/15/92p3
Small, Jennie, weds Horatio Babb 12/31/98: 1/6/99p6(F)
Small, Jessie B., died ?/?/96: 7/3/96p3(F)
Smart, Chester, weds Abbie Varney 11/5/91: 12/11/91p3(LM)
Smart, Elwood E., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p5(LM)
Smart, Grace M., died 12/13/92: 12/16/92p8(LM)
Smart, John, died 5/31/92: 6/3/92p1
Smart, John, weds Lizzie Jackson 3/13/95: 3/15/95p3(LM)
Smart, Mrs. Ezra S., died 7/8?/96: 7/10/96p5
Smith, Betsey, died 3/12/93: 3/17/93p5(LM)
Smith, Carrie, weds H. L. Cate 11/23?/87: 11/25/87p3
Smith, Cyril C., attempts suicide: 2/15/89p3
Smith, George H., died 6/?/98: 6/10/98p6(F)
Smith, Leonard W., died 10/23/93: 10/27/93p5(LM)
Smith, Leonard, died 10/23/93: 10/27/93p8(ER)
Smith, Louise, weds Fred Crocker 9/28/93: 10/6/93p5(LM)
Smith, Mahala, died 10/30?/90: 11/7/90p3(LM)
Smith, Mrs. Daniel, died 2/4/98: 2/11/98p5(B)
Smith, Sarah (Wentworth), died 10/19/97: 11/5/97p1
Smith, Sheriff, died 5/?/91: 5/29/91p2(B)
Smith, Viola, weds Adelbert Covey 8/17/95: 8/23/95p5(LM)
Smith, William, weds Isabel Johnson 8/18/97: 8/20/97p1
Smith, William, weds Isabel Johnson 8/18/97: 8/20/97p1(G)
Snell, Daniel W., died 8/20/87: 8/26/87p3(LM), 9/2/87p3
Snow, Amos, died 6/?/99: 6/23/99p1
Snow, Mrs. L. P., died 6/6/92: 6/10/92p4
Sonson, Peter, died 4/18/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Soule, Harrison, died 11/22/93: 11/24/93p1
Sousman, Lydia (Hodge?) died 6/15/88: 6/22/88p3(LM)
Spain, Mrs. Michael, died 1/2/94: 1/5/94p5(LM)
Spendlove, Hannah, died 8/21/99: 9/1/99p3(B)
Spinney, James, died 3/?/94: 3/23/94p4(MM)
Springfield, Clara (Nutter), died 1/6/88: 1/13/88p3
Springfield, I. W., weds Alice Orne 10/29/91: 11/6/91p3(LM)
St. John, Napolean, weds Elizabeth Manning 12/30/96: 1/1/97p1
Stacey, William, weds Georgiella Marston 9/21/93: 10/6/93p8(M)
Stackpole, Bertha M., died 2/26?/91: 2/27/91p3(LM)
Stackpole, George L., died 5/18/89: 5/24/89p3
Stackpole, Lena, weds Fred Evans 6/24/95: 6/28/95p8(LM)
Standley, Ed, weds Abbie Cushing 2/9?/87: 2/11/87p3(LM)
Standley, Edwin W., died 10/17/96: 10/23/96p1
Standley, Ezra, died 12/1/99: 12/8/99p1
Standley, Lucy, weds Arthur Berry 8/14?/95: 8/16/95p5(LM)
Stanton, Sarah E., died [unknown]: 6/15/88p2(N)
Stanton, Sarah M., died 8/16/98: 8/26/98p5
Staples, Ezra, died 1/23/85: 2/27/85p3(LM)
Steeves, Jennie, weds George Elsen 7/29/99: 8/4/99p5(CN)
Stevens, Daniel, died 12/5/95: 12/13/95p1
Stevens, Dr. J. Herbert, weds Meta Berry 4/31/93: 5/5/93p5
Stevens, Louisa J., died 4/11/97:4/16/97p4(CN)
Stevens, Mary, weds Charles Shaw 9/21/91: 9/23/91p33
Stevens, Mrs. James (Wingate), died 1/29/92: 2/5/92p5
Stevens, Sarah E., died 9/7/90: 9/12/90p2(N)
Stevens, Sophronia E. died 5/24/99: 5/26/99p8(CN)
Stewart, I. D. (Rev.), died: 6/8?/87: 6/10/87p2
Stewart, Laura, weds Frank Knox 6/30/96: 7/3/96p1(M)
Stillings, Edith, died 2/3?/92: 2/5/92p(ER)
Stillings, Leslie, weds Edith Abbott 11/23/91: 11/27/91p2(ER)
Stokes, Lester E., died 9/4/98: 9/9/98p1
Storey, Nathaniel, dies 4/23/99: 4/28/99p8(ER)
Stott, Abigail H., died 3/7/94: 3/9/94p5(LM)
Stott, John, died 10/10/91: 10/16/91p3
Strange, Mrs. Henry, died 12/6/92: 12/9/92p8
Strauss, Lilly, weds Rudolph Salinger 5/3/87: 5/6/87p3(LM)
Sullivan, Daniel, died 6/16/97: 6/18/97p5(CN)
Sullivan, Jeramiah, died 3/30/91: 4/3/91p3(LM)
Sullivan, Maud W., died 3/17/85: 3/6/85p3(LM)
Sutherland, Bert, died 10/14/89: 10/18/89p2(F)
Suydahm, Abbie (Horne), died 3/13/90: 3/14/90p3(G)
Swain, Daniel, died 11/1/92: 11/4/92p5(LM)
Swain, Green, died 11/9/86: 11/19/86p2(B)
Swain, Harry E., died 11/29/99: 12/8/99p4(B)
Swain, Mrs. Daniel, died 12/24/86: 12/31/86p3(LM)
Swaine, Edith (Caverly), died 5/30/89: 6/7/89p3
Swaine, Hazel, died 3/31/91: 4/10/91p2(B)
Swaine, Sally, died 1/7/98: 1/14/98p5(B)
Swan, Frank W., died 12/23/99: 12/29/99p1
Swasey, Harry, died 5/21/88: 5/25/88pp2(M),3
Swazey, George A., died 12/27/95: 1/3/96p8
Swazey, Mrs. Joseph P., died 4/3/99: 4/7/99p1
Sweeney, John, weds Mary Collins 10/26/92: 10/28/92p8
Sweet, Robert, weds Josephine Wallace 6/28/92: 7/1/92p1
Sweetzer, Mary (Hayes), died 2/7/91: 2/13/91p3(LM)
Sylvain, Archie, died 8/27/99: 9/1/99p5(CN)

Taft, Anna (Hayes), died 3/28/94: 4/6/94p5(LM)
Takser, Lydia (Jones), dieed 4/3/90: 4/11/90p2(M)
Talbot, E. E., died 5/1/97; 5/7/97p1
Talbot, Edwin, weds Ethel Hayes 7/31/95: 8/2/95p5(LM)
Tanner, John, died ["last week"]: 10/2/91p2B
Tanner, Lizzie, weds Irving Piercy 8/24/93: 8/25/93p5(LM)
Tash, John F., died 8/2/88: 8/10/88p2(N)
Tasker, Nellie, weds Royal Webber 9/24/90: 10/3/90p2(M)
Teague, James, died 6/10/92: 6/17/92p5(LM)
Tebbetts, Clara, died 4/20/96: 4/24/96p1(ER)
Tebbetts, Clarence J., died 11/?/96: 12/4/96p8(SM)
Tebbetts, Gay, died 6/15/91: 6/19/91p2(F)
Tebbetts, Mrs. Joshua, died 4/6/89: 4/12/89p2(F)
Tebbetts, Sarah, died 2/22/99: 2/24/99p8(CN)
Telford, Mary, died 4/9/95: 4/19/95p1(ER)
Tewksbury, Adeline, died 11/13/96: 11/20/96p5(CN)
Thayer, Laurence, weds Alice Wheatley 9/21/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Therrien, Narburt, died 12/20/95: 12/27/95p8(LM)
Thomas, Sophia, died 1/22/88: 1/27/88p3(LM)
Thompson, Alice, weds Robert Barker ?/?/97: 12/3/97p8
Thompson, Lizzie, weds Fred Wood 8/13/90: 8/15/90p3
Thompson, Mrs. George J., died 2/7/88: 2/10/88p3(ER)
Thurston, Stephen D., died 10/9?/99: 10/13/99p1
Tibbets, Herbert, died 10/13/91: 10/16/91p3(LM)
Tibbets, James, died 2/27/88: 3/2/88p3(LM)
Tibbetts, Amanda, died 1/9/99: 1/13/99p4
Tibbetts, Avie[?] E., died 1/14/90: 1/17/90p3(ER)
Tibbetts, Clara (Chesley), died 3/?/99: 3/31/99p6(F)
Tibbetts, Georg F., died 2/8/97: 2/12/97p4(F)
Tibbetts, Jared P., died 12/8/96: 12/11/96pSupp1(F)
Tibbetts, Malvina, died 8/15/96: 8/21/96p3(F)
Tibbetts, Mary, died 10/?/93: 10/13/93p4(ER)
Tibbhetts, Mrs. George F., died 7/29?/95: 8/2/95p8(F)
Tilton, Cora, weds Henry Knight 12/4/95: 12/6/95p8(LM)
Tilton,Charles D., died 3/24/88: 3/30/88p3(LM)
Titus, Mrs. B. A., died 1/7/99: 1/13/99p4
Tobin, William F., died 1/26/99: 2/3/99p8
Tobin, William, weds Mary Cragin 4/17/95: 4/19/95p1
Torr, John F., died 6/10/89: 6/14/89p3
Torr, Simon A., died 3/28/97: 4/9/97p4(CN)
Towle, Abner S., 12/30/95: 1/3/96p8(ER)
Towle, Annie, weds Elmore Dixon 12/24/96: 1/1/97p9(F)
Townsend, Fred, weds Kathleen Blazo 6/29/99: 6/30/99p1
Townsend, John, weds Eda Loud 1/28?/96: 1/31/96p8(MM)
Trafton, Mrs.Mark, died 10/9/95: 10/18/95p3(F)
Trask, A. W., died 1/27?/88: 1/27/88p3(LM)
Trask, Alfred W., died 5/1/93: 5/5/93p5(LM)
Trask, Hattie, died 4/18/93: 4/21/93p1
Trask[?], M&M A. W.--family tree: 12/4/85p2(MR)
Trickey, Bertie, died 9/25?/84: 9/26/84p3; 10/17/84p3
Trickey, Daniel C., died 10/17?/88: 10/19/88p3
Trickey, Gracie, died 12/?/88: 12/21/88p3(LM)
Trickey, J. Fred, died 3/6/88: 3/9/88p3(LM)
Trickey, John P., died 6/12/93: 6/16/93p4
Trimine, Thomas, weds Mary Hardwood 11/19/93: 11/24/93p5(LM)
Tripp, Arlie J. died 1/?/91: 1/9/91p2(M)
Tripp, John. weds Bertha Colbath 4/6/98: 4/8/98p1
Tripp, Lucie A., died 3/13/99: 3/24/99p4(MM)
Tripp, Mrs. Robert, died 6/7/91: 6/12/91p3(LM)
Tripp, Mrs. Robert, died 6/7/91: 6/12/91p3(LM)
True, Harry P., died 2/2/98: 2/4/98p8(CN)
True, Mrs. (Rev.) Ezekiel, died 8/22/92p5(LM)
Tucker, Angie, died 2/13/98: 2/18/98p1
Tucker, Charles died 11/17/98: 11/25/98p6(F)
Tufts, Everett M., died 8/27/91: 9/4/91p3(G)
Tufts, Sarah (Gray), died 9/15/88: 9/21/88p3(LM)
Turner, Frederick, weds Augusta Faulkner 4/5/99: 4/14/99p8(CN)
Turner, Lydia, died 11/14/90: 11/21/90p2(M)
Tuttle, George S., died 12/1/99: 12/8/99p4(B)
Tuttle, Irving W., died 8/6/93: 8/11/93p1
Tuttle, Lewis, weds Iva Griffin 8/6/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Tuttle, Myra, weds Frank Wheeler 6/?/98: 6/10/98p6(F)
Tuttle, Wingate, weds Gertrude Peavey 1/29/92: 2/5/92p8(ER)
Twombly, Isaac, died 11/?/99: 11/10/99p5(CN)
Twombly, J. H. (Rev.), died 1/?/93: 1/13/93p4
Twombly, Mrs. Joseph B., died 915/97: 9/17/97p5(CN)
Twombly, Ralph, died 4/29/97; 5/7/97p3(B)
Twombly, Sarah, died 10/27/87: 11/4/87p3(B)
Twombly. Lewis B., died 3/11/92: 3/26/92p8(M)
Tyler, Eliza J., died 6/9/98: 6/17/98p5(CN)

Upham, Francis W., died 10/?/95: 10/25/95p1
Usher, Willie, weds Gertie Brown 4/?/86: 4/30/86p2(M)

Vallee, Delphine, weds Byron Horne 5/29/98: 6/3/98p5(CN)
Vallie, Louis, died 10/3/93: 10/13/93p5(LM)
Vallie, Marie, died 3/30/92: 4/1/92p5
Valliere, M&M Frank, child died 8/8?/88: 8/10/88p3(G)
Valliere, Mrs. Frank, died 10/29/89: 11/1/89p3(G)
Varney, Abram, died 1/15/88: 1/20/88p3(LM)
Varney, Charles A., funeral on 6/5/93: 6/9/93p4(M)
Varney, Charles W., died 8/7/91: 8/14/91p3(ER)
Varney, Daniel, died 9/14/91: 9/18/91p3(LM)
Varney, Downing, died 1/20/92: 1/22/2p3(G); 1/29/92p4
Varney, Eben, died 10/14/91: 10/16/91p3
Varney, Edith, weds William Jacobs 11/22/99: 11/24/99p8
Varney, Eliza H., died 2/8/92: 2/12/92p1
Varney, Eliza, died 3/8/95: 3/15/95p8(ER)
Varney, Ellen, weds John Haynes 9/23/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Varney, George W., died 6/29?/86: 7/16/86p3
Varney, George, weds Carrie Corson 6/28/87: 7/1/87p3(ER)
Varney, Grace, weds Warren Rogers 12/19/96: 1/1/97p1
Varney, Lena, weds Charles Hain 10/11/97: 10/15/97p8(M)
Varney, Linville, weds May Bickford 8/10/93: 8/18/93p5(LM)
Varney, Martha A., died 10/9/90: 10/17/90p3(LM)
Varney, Mary, weds William McElwaine 9/12/93: 9/15/93p1
Varney, Mrs. George ("Aunt"), died 5/?/84: 5/30/84p3
Varney, N. B., weds Ella Champion 4/16/91: 4/24/91p2(M)
Varney, Naline M., died 7/29/98: 8/12/98p8(CN)
Varney, Nancy (Smith), died 8/2/90: 8/8/90p3(LM)
Varney, Nellie, died 2/9/86: 2/12/86p3(LM)
Varney, Orin, died 4/?/86: 5/7/86p2(M)
Varney, Philander, died 1/21/97: 1/22/97p1; 1/29/97p8
Varney, Sharington, died 5/15/95: 5/17/95p1(ER)
Vellaly, Mary, weds William Haley 10/18/99: 10/20/99p1
Vickery, Joshua, died 5/31/87: 6/10/87p3
Vickery, Mary (Meader), died 2/2/94: 2/9/94p8
Vickery, William H., died 9/13/89: 9/30/89p3(LM)

Wadleigh, Harriet O., died 4/11/93: 4/14/93p8(LM)
Walbridge, W. H. (Rev.), weds Alma Adams 4/15/97: 4/23/97p1
Waldron, daughter of John, is married 9/5/92: 9/16/92p1(F)4
Waldron, Elizabeth, died 1/3/87: 1/7/87p3(LM)
Waldron, Hannah, died 10/6/85: 10/9/85p2(F)
Waldron, John H., died 1/5/93: 1/13/93p(B)
Waldron, Mrs. James, died 6/5?84: 6/13/84p3(LM)
Walker, Charles F.,. died 12/14/84: 12/19/84p3
Walker, Ida, weds Alonzo Ellis 12/20/99: 12/22/99p8(CN)
Walker, Julia M., died 1/26/94: 2/2/94p8(LM)
Walker, Lottie, weds Charles Caverly Jr. 11/18/90: 11/21/90p3
Walker, Lydia (Mrs. Charles), died 2/23/85: 2/27/85p3(LM)
Walker, Lydia, died 2/23/85: 2/27/85p3(LM)
Walker, Mrs. Mark, died 1/10/93: 1/13/93p1(F)
Wallace, Alice L., died 11/97: 7/16/97p1
Wallace, Carrie (Hussey), died 1/2/91: 1/9/91p3
Wallace, Ebenezer G., died 8/23/93: 8/25/93p1; 9/1/93p4
Wallace, Etta, weds Thomas Pratt 1/27/97: 1/29/97p1
Wallace, Gertrude, weds Herbert Bumford 3/28/94: 3/30/94p8
Wallace, Hiram, died 3/12/89: 3/15/89p3
Wallace, Ina J., died 2/6?/87: 2/8/87p3(LM)
Wallace, Josephine, weds Robert Sweet 6/28/92: 7/1/92p1
Wallace, Lavina G., died 11/2/97: 11/5/97p8
Wallace, Lillian, weds Arthur Sager 10/10/97: 10/15/97p8(M)
Wallace, Mary (Lander), died 11/10/89: 11/15/89p3
Wallace, Maude, weds Joseph Gahm 1/1/96: 1/10/96p1
Wallace, Rosalie (Burr), died 9/23/88: 9/28/88p2
Wallingford, Edgar, weds Lucy Kimball 6/9/91: 6/12/91p2(ER)
Wallingford, Emma, weds Meville Adams 11/1/92: 11/4/92p1
Wallingford, Herbert, weds Lucy Wallingford 10/17/99: 10/20/99p1
Wallingford, Lucy, weds Herbert Wallingford 10/17/99: 10/20/99p1
Wallingford, Mrs. Eben, died 2/15?/92: 2/17/93p1(ER)
Wallingford, Mrs. Moses, died 1/19/92: 1/22/92p3(ER)
Wallingford, Nellie M., died 8/5/93: 8/11/93p5(LM)
Wallingford, Samuel W., died 5/27/99: 6/2/99p4(M)
Walsh, Eva (Root), died 10/15/98: 10/21/98p8(CN)
Warburton, Joseph, died : 4/2/87: 4/8/87p3(LM)
Warburton, Martha, weds E. F. Sleeper 4/7/95: 4/12/95p8(LM)
Warren, Frank S., died 1/29/96: 1/31/96p8(LM)
Warren, Fred, weds Kate Goodman 10/15/95: 10/18/95p8(LM)
Warren, Sarah, weds Albert Jones 9/14/98: 9/23/98p1
Waterhouse, Albert H., died 12/10/86: 12/17/86p2(B)
Waterhouse, Arthur, weds Mattie Young 9/27/99: 10/13/99p3(B)
Waterhouse, Jeremiah H., weds Myra Gage 9/?/96: 11/20/96p1
Waterhouse, Martha (Winkley), died 1/19/94: 1/26/94p4(B)
Watson, Abigail, died 11/14/97: 11/19/97p5(CN)
Watson, Lucy, died 10/12/96: 10/16/96p8(CN)
Watson, Mary C., died 1/22/91: 1/27/99p1
Watson, Mrs. ?? (Allen), died 5/?/84: 5/23/84p3
Watson, Orison, died 6/26/99: 6/30/99p1
Watson, Sarah A., died 11/20/92: 11/25/92p8(B)
Watson, Sprig, died 6/14/92: 6/17/92p8(F)
Watson, William, weds Lilia Kaey 12/25/99: 12/29/99p8(CN)
Webber, Alexander, died 3/31/99: 4/7/99p1
Webber, David H., died 3/17?/92: 3/26/92p5(LM)
Webber, Eliha[?], died 8/2/97: 8/12/87p3(LM)
Webber, Hattie, weds Leroy Brierly 2/13/98: 2/25/98p8
Webber, nHerbert S., died 10/22/30: 11/6/96p5(CN)
Webster, Elihu, weds Hattie Pickering 4/24/95: 4/26/95p8(LM)
Webster, Sarah, weds Asa Fox 4/?/97: 4/30/97p6(MM)
Wedgewood, Elbridge L., died 11/14/98: 11/18/98p6(F)
Weeden, Mrs. George, died 1/26/96: 1/31/968(BS); 2/7/96p3(SB)
Welch, Edwin, died 10/6/90: 10/10/90p3(LM)
Welch, Jasper, died 3/19/91: 3/27/91p3(G)
Welch, William, died 8/?/91: 8/21/91p2F
Wendt, John, to wed Lizzie Main 10/?/93: 10/6/93p5(LM)
Wentworth, Annie, weds H. Chamberlain 4/21/91: 4/24/91p2(M)
Wentworth, Belinda S., died 12/30/95: 1/3/96p8
Wentworth, Benjamin, died 3/?/91: 4/10/91p4
Wentworth, Charles, weds Lilla Gray 8/26/84: 8/29/84p3(LM)
Wentworth, Emma, weds Frank Hussey 11/23/97: 11/26/97p1
Wentworth, Frank, daughter died 12/30/93: 1/5/94p4(F)
Wentworth, George W., died 8/9/88: 8/17/88p3(ER)
Wentworth, Henry R., died 3/12/99: 3/17/99p8(CN)
Wentworth, Hiram V., died 9/29/90: 10/3/90pp2(M),3
Wentworth, Ina, weds Samuel Drew 8/25/92: 9/2/92p4(M)
Wentworth, Jane, died 4/30/95: 5/3/95p8(M)
Wentworth, Joseph C., died 11/27/98: 12/2/98p5(ER)
Wentworth, Judith (Waldron), died 5/10/91: 5/15/91p3(LM)
Wentworth, Laura, weds Byron Richards 9/15/96: 9/18/96p11
Wentworth, Lillian, weds Nathaniel Cooledge 12/8/98: 12/16/98p1
Wentworth, Louise, weds George Smallcon: 10/27/99p8
Wentworth, Lucinda (Hayes), died 12/20/87: 12/23/87p3
Wentworth, Lucy J., died 3/19/97: 3/26/97p8
Wentworth, M&M Martin, daughter died 3/12/94: 3/16/94p4(F)
Wentworth, Mary E., died 5/28/93: 6/2/93p4(ER)
Wentworth, Mr. Aaron, died 12/15/84: 12/19/84p3
Wentworth, Mrs. David (Corson), died 9/?/98: 9/30/98p6(F)
Wentworth, Mrs. George H., died 10/14/90: 10/17/90p3(M)
Wentworth, Mrs. Hiram, died 2/2/94: 2/9/94p4(MM)
Wentworth, Mrs. J. Frank (Foss), died 11/24/96: 11/27/96p5(CN)
Wentworth, Mrs. Jonathan, died 3/25/91: 4/10/91p3(LM)
Wentworth, Mrs. Samuel, died 5/18/88: 5/25/88p3(LM)
Wentworth, Nellie, weds Ernst Rogers 9/29/97: 10/1/97p8
Wentworth, William E., died 12/?/97: 12/31/97p1
Wheatley, Alice, weds Laurence Thayer 9/21/93: 9/29/93p3(F)
Wheeler, Frank, weds Myra Tuttle 6/7/98: 6/10/98p6(F)
Whipple, Charles H., died 12/31/94: 1/5/94p1
Whipple, Grace, weds George Duffy 10/21/96: 10/23/96p8(CN)
Whipple, Sarah T., died 11/8/96: 11/13/96p8(CN)
White, Fred, died 7/19/97: 7/23/97p1
White, John, died 12/28/91: 1/1/92p3(LM)
White, John, weds Annie Rankins 9/25?/95: 10/4/95p8(ER)
White, Mary (Johnson), died 12/2/97: 12/10/97p6(F)
Whitehouse Mrs. (Watson), died 7/30/87: 8/5/87p3(LM)
Whitehouse, Addie (Canney), died 4/?/95: 4/12/95p1(F)
Whitehouse, Charles S., died 3/4/99: 3/10/99p1
Whitehouse, George L., died 11/19/87: 11/25/87p2
Whitehouse, Harriet Place, died 8/?/98: 9/2/98p6(F)
Whitehouse, Mrs. Judge, died 11/?/20: 11/27/85p3(LM)
Whitehouse, Susan (Place), died 5/9/88: 5/11/88p3
Whitney, Grace (Chase), died 2/15/98: 2/18/98p1
Whitten, M&M Henry A., celebrate 50th: 9/17/97p6(F)
Whittier, Josiah H., died 9/13/99: 9/22/99p8
Wiggin, Louis R, died ?/?/?: 1/8/97p6(F)
Wilder, Will, weds Eva Mason 11/18/91: 11/27/91p2(ER)
Wilins, Nettie L., died 1/7/93: 1/13/93p5(LM)
Wilkenson, Albert, weds Annie Plummer 4/27/93: 5/5/93p5(LM)
Wilkenson, Henry J., died 6/28/99: 6/30/99p1
Wilkinson, John A., died 12/1/98: 12/2/98p8(CN)
Willand, Charles S., died 6/10/98: 6/17/98p8
Willey, Comfort H., died1/13/89: 1/18/89p3(LM)
Willey, Edwin F., died 5/30/92: 6/3/92p1
Willey, Enoch T., died 10/14/84: 10/17/84p3
Willey, George F., died 7/29/92: 8/5/92p1
Willey, J. E., died 10/8/95: 10/18/95p3(F)
Willey, Luke B., died 9/30/93: 10/13/93p5(LM)
Willey, Mrs. George F., died 7/4/84: 7/11/84p3(LM)
Willey, Sarah, died 1/11/89: 1/18/89p3(LM)
Willey, Viola K., died 9/12/86: 9/17/86p2(N)
Willey, William E., died 3/27/94: 3/30/94p8
Willson, Elizabeth, died 4/28/92: 5/6/92p8(F)
Wilson, Mary, weds Henry Canney 10/2/95: 10/11/95p5(LM)
Wingate, Benjamin, died 10/1/87: 10/7/87p2(F)
Wingate, Charles, weds Lillian Flanders 12/27/99: 12/29/99p1
Wingate, Hattie, weds Myers Dempsey 9/8/92: 9/23/92p8(LN)
Wingate, Julia F., died 11/28/95: 12/6/95p8
Wingate, Mrs. Orrin (Knox), died 12/27/99: 12/29/99p8
Wingate, Sameul N., died 12/7?/99: 12/8/99p1
Wingate, William, weds Mabel French 12/30/96: 1/1/97p1
Winkley, Elizabeth M., died 5/29/99: 6/2/99p5(CN)
Winn, Sally, died 4/4/89: 4/12/89p3(ER)
Winn, Samuel, died 11/8/99: 11/17/99p8
Wise, Maria (Hayes), died 2/6/95: 2/11/98p8(CN)
Witham, Joshia M., died 6/23/84: 6/27/84p2(F)
Witham, Lydia, died 12/28/85: 1/1/86p2(ND)
Woodes, Eliza, weds Charles Jenness 8/6/95: 8/9/95p5(LM)
Woodman, James A., died 11/1/98: 11/4/98p1
Woodman, Samuel, died 3/21/90: 4/4/90p3(LM)
Woodward, Hervey, weds Elizabeth Oglesby 12/7?/93: 12/29/93p8(MM)
Worcester, Horace L.--short bio: 12/8/99p4
Worcester, John F., died 1/4/99: 1/6/99p8
Worcester, William, weds Maud Webber 4/17/95: 4/19/95p1
Worcestor, Mrs. John, died 10/22/91: 10/30/91p2(G)
Wormwood, Herman, weds Annie Keir 12/15/97: 12/17/97p9
Worster, Lemuel, died 1//5/91: 1/9/91p3(LM)
Wright, Arthur, died 5/29/92: 6/3/92p8(M)
Wright, Jean, died 5/29/92: 6/3/92p5(LM)
Wyatt, Mrs. Lyman, died 4/29/90: 5/2/90p3(LM)
Wyatt, Mrs. Lyman, died 8/8/98: 8/19/98p5(CN)

Yeaton, Anna, weds Edward Jenness 2/10/97: 2/12/97p5(CN)
Yeaton, Charles T., died 4/?/90: 4/11/90p3(LM)
Yeaton, Charles Wesley, died 6'/22/96: 6/26/96p8
Yeaton, Clara, weds Andrew Armstrong 9/27/99: 9/29/99p1
Yeaton, Edward T., died 10/13/95: 10/18/95p5(LM)
Yeaton, Esther, died 5/6/89: 5/17/89p3(LM)
Yeaton, Harriet S., 12/7/95: 12/20/95p5(LM)
Yeaton, M&M Louis, son died 3/26/06: 4/2/86p3
Yelden, Auisten, died 9/10/87: 9/16/87p3
York, Nancy P., died 3/1/91: 3/6/91p3(LM)
Youing, Nathaniel, died [unknown]: 4/17/91p2(F)
Young, Annie (Remick), died 11/5/97: 11/12/97p4(M)
Young, Clara (Hussey), died 9/27/93: 9/29/93p5(LM)
Young, Frances A., died 10/1/97: 10/15/97p1(ER)
Young, George, died 1/24/93: 2/3/93p5(LM)
Young, Horace, died 12/?/90: 12/12/90p2
Young, Ithamar, died 11/5/95: 11/8/95p5(LM)
Young, John F., died 10/21/;92: 11/4/92p5(LM,G)
Young, Joseph, died 3/16?/94: 3/23/94p8(LM)
Young, Karl, died 2/16/96: 2/28/96p1
Young, Mabel, died 11/10/87: 11/18/87p3(LM)
Young, Mary Ann, died 11/4?/84: 12/12/84p3
Young, Mary J., died 1/?/86: 1/29/86p3(LM)
Young, Mary, died 1/30?/94: 2/2/94p5(LM)
Young, Mattie, weds Arthur Waterhouse 9/27/99: 10/13/99p3(B)
Young, Mrs. Monroe, died 11/4/89: 11/8/89p2(F)


A:  A list of all marriages registered in Rochester during 1884 appears on page 3 of the 1/2/85 issue.  A list of all deaths registered in Rochester during 1884 appears on page 3 of the 2/6/85 issue.  A list of deaths of members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Rochester who died between May 11, 1884 and April 8?, 1885 appears on page 3 of the 5/14/86 issue.


1.   Page one of the 9/18/96 issue of the newspaper is dated 9/17/96 in error.  The correct date is 9/18/96.

2.             There is no mention of this deceased in the previous week's Barrington column.

3.             In September 1891, the Courier was published daily during the Rochester Fair, from 9/22 through 9/25.

4.             Neither the bride's first name nor the groom's full name are listed.

5.             This article erroneously lists the deceased's first name as Nancy.  A correction occurs in 4/14/93p(LM).

6.             The entry in the 5/3/95 issue erroneously lists the bride as Lizzie Teague.  Her name is corrected in 5/10/95p8(LM).

7.             The issue of 8/14/85 is erroneously dated 8/12/85 on the front page.

8.             Nellie Bragdon's married name is unreadable in the newspaper.  Bragdon is her maiden name.

9.             The date of death is listed as "...the 26th ult.", and it is in the issue of 3/25/87.

10. There are two articles: a brief mention in the Local Matters column, and a separate article in column four on this page.

11. There are two separate stories on the death of Mrs.Jenness on page 3.

12. Julia's last name is Ingalls in the headline, but Emerson in the article.



                                Following is a list of the area column letter codes used in this index:


LM--Local Matter

OD--Old Dover Road

BR--Milton Branch

LN--Local News


BS--South Barrington



CN--City News

MB--Meaderboro Road

SL--Strafford Bow Lake

DR--Dover Road

MC--Milton Camp News

SM--South Milton

EB--East Barrington

MM--Milton Mills


ER--East Rochester

MP--Milton Ponds

T--Ten Rod Road


N--New Durham

W--West Milton

FN--Late Farmington News

NB--North Barrington

WG--Walnut Grove


NR--North Rochester

WO--Ward One

H--Early Rochester History

OB--Old Barrington

WT--Ward Three