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Rochester Courier Index 1920-1929

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from October 15, 1920 through the last issue of December 1929. The bound volume #57) of issues from mid-1919 through October 8, 1920, is missing. Hence, January through mid-October of 1920 is not included herein. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester. References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#).      Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing. When seeking a married female, be sure to check for "Mrs." after the last name. Some articles do not list a woman's first name.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Abbie M., died 6/6/25: 6/5/25p3

Abbott, Emma C., died 7/30/27: 8/5/27p9

Abbott, John Q., died 4/5/25: 4/10/25p13

Ackely, George, weds Mildred Hurley 4/18/25: 4/24/25p7

Ackerman, Carl, weds Nora O'Brien 5/1/22: 5/5/22p1

Adams, Bernice, weds Richmond Parshley 11/23/24: 11/28/24p1

Adams, John, weds Marie Larochelle 1/28/24: 2/1/24p10

Adams, Josephine, weds Leon Blaisdell 11/?/20: 11/12/20p7

Adams, Mrs. George, died 4/23/26: 4/30/26p13

Adjutant, Joseph, weds Evelyn Hill 11/23/29: 11/29/29p5

Akers, Elmer, weds Maude Mallett 11/15/20: 11/26/20p1

Albee, Allen, weds Lillian Locke 5/1/28: 5/25/28p13

Albee, Wiliam, weds Mildred Shaw 6/18/27: 6/24/27p1

Albert, Joseph, weds Eleanor Garland 7/15/22: 7/21/22p11

Alexander, Annie D., died 3/18/28: 3/23/28p16

Alexander, Charles E., died 6/13/25: 6/19/25p7

Alger, Elmer D., died 3/13/26: 3/19/26p7

Allaire, Eva, weds David Stewart 8/11/24: 8/15/24p1

Allaire, Phoebe, weds Theodore Laurion 11/26?/25: 12/4/25p12

Allen, Edna, weds Forrest Hodgden 2/?/24: 2/29/24p8

Allen, Fannie W., died 3/19/28: 3/23/28p16

Allen, Henry, weds Mamie Hussey 1/14/22: 1/20/22p1

Allen, James S., died 3/6/25: 3/13/25p7

Allen, Ouelina, weds Joseph Duntley 4/5/24: 4/11/24p1

Allen, Ruth, weds Will Babbitt 9/9/25: 9/11/25p1

Allison Jr., Joseph, weds Iva Dockham 5/27/28: 6/1/28pp8,9

Allison, Susan J., died 6/10/28: 6/15/28p9

Ames, James W., died 8/15/22: 8/18/22p12

Ames, Melville, weds Beulah Hastings 10/6/29: 10/11/29p8

Anderson, Carl G., died 5/15/22: 5/19/22p8

Anderson, Matilda, died 4/2/22: 4/7/22p12

Andrews, Carroll, weds Edna Blake 10/4/20: 10/22/20p11

Andrews, Charles, weds Etta Merrow 9/23/22: 10/6/22p5

Andrews, Everett J., died 11/?/23: 11/9/23p2

Andrews, Helen, weds Walter McCornile 4/?/23: 5/4/23p8

Andrews, Paul, weds Ruth Lord 10/8/26: 10/15/26p5

Andrews, Sarah A., died 2/5/22: 2/10/22p11

Annis, Al S., died 2/23/27: 2/25/27p1;3/4/27p12

Annis, Lucy, died 1/18/25: 1/23/25p8

Antil, Luce, weds Lillian Nadeau 4/20/25: 4/24/25p8

Arfemault, Leon, died 3/10/27: 3/11/27p1

Arlin, George W., died 2/12/23: 2/16/23p5

Arlin, Leslie, weds Amy Brown 7/14/23: 7/20/23p3

Arlin, Martha, died 2/22/21: 2/25/21p7

Arlin, Norman W., died ?/?/26: 4/9/26p5

Arlin, Priscilla, died 12/24/25: 1/1/26p5

Armand, Alcide, weds Edna Vachon 9/10/23: 9/14/23p5

Armstrong, Cora, weds William VanBuskirk 10/19/21: 10/28/21p7

Arnold, M. Adelle, died 12/16/24: 12/19/24p8

Aube, Laurentine, weds Harold Hartford 9/5/27: 9/9/27p1

Auctil, John, weds Edith Gagnon 4/23/23: 4/27/23p7

Auger, Carl, weds Edna Young 7/9/21: 7/15/21p1

Auger, Philias E., died 3/28/28: 3/30/28p1;4/6/28p9

Avel, Lillian, weds Guy Ferry 2/19/21: 2/25/21p5

Averill, Almena, died 11/?/25: 11/20/25p15

Averill, Elizabeth, died 1/?/22: 1/27/22p3

Avery, Solomon D., died 7/1/26: 7/9/26p3

Ayers, Hazel, weds Frederick Harmon 8/2/24: 8/8/24p5

Babb, John C., died 5/19/24: 5/23/24p

Babb, Mary F., died 10/9/22: 10/13/22p12

Babb, Prudence, weds E. W. Gayer 8/23/24: 8/29/24p1

Babbitt, Will, weds Ruth Allen 9/9/25: 9/11/25p1

Bagley, Lura, died 5/?/27: 5/20/27p9

Bailey, Charlotte F., died 3/15/27: 3/18/27p4;3/25/27p1

Bailey, Cora M., died 9/13/26: 9/17/26p4

Baker, Carlisle, weds Alice(?) Goodwin 3/?/27: 3/11/27p9

Baldwin, Henry, weds Alice Grassie 11/?/23: 11/9/23p6

Balou, J. Wesley, died 2/24/23: 3/2/23p2

Bancroft, Wilfred, died 6/25/22: 6/30/22p7

Bannon, Catherine, weds Albert Jones 3/28/24: 4/4/24p1

Barber, George, weds Margaret Durwood 12/22/20: 12/24/20p1

Baril, Thomas A., died 5/11/24: 5/16/24p8

Barker, Charles S., died 12/5/22: 12/8/22p9

Barker, Etta, L., died 1/4/28: 1/6/28p9

Barlomenas, Costas, weds Velma VanBuskirk 2/23/25: 2/27/25p4

Barrett, Esther M., died 11/29/25: 12/4/25p5

Barrett, Isaac, weds Ruby Holland 8/18/23: 8/24/23p2

Barrett, Ruby, weds Harold Shepard 7/26/24: 8/1/24p10

Bartlett, Minerva, weds Charles Corbett 11/29/21: 12/2/21p11

Barton, Edward, weds Dorothy Thompson 2/9/28: 3/9/28p9

Bassett, Mildred, weds Fred Bratton 9/8/28: 9/14/28p4

Bateman, John H., died 12/18/25: 12/25/25p3

Baxendale, Margaret, died 11/5/21: 11/11/21p7

Beach, Vivian, died 2/6/23: 2/9/23p1

Bean, Ellen F., died 7/26/28: 8/3/28p4

Bean, Ruth, weds Ernest Stevenson 2/12/21: 2/18/21p11

Beard, Blanche M., died 5/31/25: 6/5/25p8

Beauchemin, Sister Albertine, died 12/19/27: 12/23/27p8

Beaudoin, Edgar, weds Georgia Tolman 3/11/22: 6/15/22p8

Beaudoin, Edna, weds Leo Ruell 10/16/25: 10/16/25p1

Beaudoin, Jeanette, weds Sylva Sirois 9/3/28: 9/7/28p8

Beaudoin, Mildred, weds Albert Dubois 4/?/28: 4/20/28p9

Beaudoin, Paul, weds Elsie Ricker 10/2/22: 10/6/22p1

Beaudoin, Raymond, weds Hazel Weeks 3/27/25: 4/3/25p1

Beaulieu, Beatrice, weds Valmore Gagne 9/5/27: 9/9/27p8

Beaulieu, Mary J., died 10/31/21: 11/4/21p11

Beckingham, James, weds Alice Page 5/30/28: 6/8/28p8

Beckwith, Burt, weds Louise Sanborn 5/13/25: 5/15/25p1

Bedard, Joseph, weds Isola Dubois 6/20/21: 6/24/21p8

Beecher, Phoebe I., died 1/5/25: 1/9/25p13

Belanger, Annabel, weds Joseph Landry 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Belanger, Helen, weds Edward Turmelle 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Belanger, Oliver, died 4/26/25: 5/1/25p13;5/8/25p13

Bell, Charles W., died 2/18/21: 2/25/21p11

Bell, Henry, died 8/12/23: 8/17/23p7

Bell, Margaret, weds George Riggs 8/19/28: 8/24/28p16

Bell, Robert, weds Amy Phillips 9/6/22: 9/9/22p12

Bell, Sophia A., died 9/24/24: 10/3/24p7

Bell, Vera, weds Frank Pinkham 10/21/20: 10/29/20p1

Belleville, Frederick B., died 9/20/27: 9/23/27p12

Bennett, Emily, died 1/22/25: 1/30/25p8

Bennett, Estelle, weds E. W. Holden 12/18/23: 12/21/23p5

Bennett, Flora E., died 9/16/29: 9/27/29p8

Bennett, George W., Rev., died 10/13?/21: 10/21/21p2

Bennett, Harry, weds Jennie Boody 8/2/26: 8/6/26p3

Bennett, Lovina M., died 5/15/24: 5/23/24p3

Bennett, Mary, died 4/17/23: 4/20/23p4

Bennett, Stephen A., died 5/28/22: 6/2/22p7

Bent Finegan, Abbie A., died 11/24/21: 12/2/21p2

Bergeron, Beatrice, weds Alexander Larkin 6/1/25: 6/5/25p8

Bergeron, Ernest, weds Cecelia Vachon 4/21/24: 4/25/24p3

Bergeron, Eva, weds Arthur Grenier 10/13/24: 10/17/24p8

Bergeron, Joseph, weds Marie Pelletier 10/9/22: 10/13/22p1

Bergeron, Simeon, died 7/16/24: 7/18/24p6;7/25/24p7

Bernard, Eugene, weds Albertine Leblond 6/5/23: 6/8/23p8

Bernier, Wilfred, weds Juliet Ward 7/21/24: 7/25/24p2

Berry, A. Freeman, celebrates 67th birthday: 11/17/22p3

Berry, Aimee J., died 4/4/21: 4/8/21p8;4/15/21pp3,7

Berry, Alta, weds Irving Gray 12/21/29: 12/27/29p10

Berry, Augusta A., died 6/6/25: 6/7/25p6

Berry, Caroline, died 9/10/21: 9/16/21p7

Berry, Charles F., died 5/16/21: 5/20/21p1

Berry, Ernest E., died 12/18/24: 12/26/24p3

Berry, Florence, weds Maurice Nickerson 9/25/23: 10/5/23p1

Berry, George F., died 7/12/21: 7/15/21p8

Berry, Henry L., died 1/26/25: 1/30/25p1

Berry, Lavina, celebrates 87th birthday: 9/16/27p12

Berry, Lua, weds Cecil Pike 9/26/26: 10/8/26p13

Berry, M&M Charles L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/27/21p7

Berry, Maitland, weds Tessie Hooper 4/1/23[sic]: 10/19/23p1

Berry, Mary S., died 4/25/21: 4/29/21p5;5/6/21p3

Berry, Mary, weds Peter Pickard 12/27/20: 12/31/20p7

Berry, Thelma, weds Raymond Pugsley 6/6/22: 6/9/22p11

Berry, William L., died 2/11/28: 2/17/28p4

Berube, Wilford, weds Wilda Jacques 10/17/27: 10/21/27p5

Bessey, Lila, weds Charles Coleman Jr. 8/20/27: 8/26/27p1

Bickford, Clara, died 7/13/28: 7/20/28pp8,13

Bickford, Ed, weds Nellie Gray 11/?/23: 12/7/23p2

Bickford, Edwin A., died 8/2/28: 8/3/28p4;8/10/28p8

Bickford, Edwin R., died 7/25/25: 7/31/25p6

Bickford, Everett, weds Bernice Tebbetts 10/28/22: 11/3/22p7

Bickford, Florence B., died 12/9/25: 12/11/25p8;12/18/25p12

Bickford, Fred, weds Ethelyn Gray 7/31/25: 9/11/25p7

Bickford, George A., died 1/9/26: 1/15/26p2

Bickford, Georgianna G., died 6/21/23: 6/29/23p5

Bickford, John P., died 3/15/23: 3/23/23p1

Bickford, Nellie L., died 11/10/27: 11/11/27p8;11/18/27pp5,13

Bigelow, Sarah, died 12/4/20: 12/10/20p7

Billings, George W., died 12/2/29: 12/6/29p4;12/13/29p13

Billings, Luke, weds Florence Stevens 11/30/29: 12/6/29p9

Billings, Myra C., died 7/23/24: 7/25/24p12

Bills, William, died 5/8/26: 5/14/26p4

Bilodeau, J.E., weds Mabel Dodier 10/14/29: 10/18/29p1

Bilodeau, Marie, weds Antonio Cyr 5/30/27: 6/3/27p13

Bilodeau, Marie, weds Joseph Nadeau 11/19/23: 11/23/23p8

Bilodeau, Odelle, died 12/23/23: 12/28/23p12

Bilodeau, Rosalie T., died 4/11/26: 4/16/26p4

Bilodeau, Valaire, weds Beatrice Vachon 8/31/25: 9/4/25p9

Birch, Charles A., died 10/12/25: 10/16/25p4

Biron, Alphonse, weds Mary Marcotte 9/5/27: 9/9/27p1

Biron, Victor, died 1/?/27: 1/28/27p8

Bissette, Jemima, died 11/?/26: 11/12/26p8

Bisson, Arthur, weds Laura Larochelle 4/23/23: 4/27/23p8

Blackmar, Florence, weds Herbert Ramsey 1/?/21: 1/21/21p11

Blackmar, Rose D., died 1/?/28: 2/3/28p16

Blair, Flora, weds Charles Swain 8/26/28: 8/31/28p16

Blair, Gould, weds Rena Paey 4/3/26: 4/9/26p8

Blair, John, weds Mary Foss 11/27/25: 12/4/25p8

Blair, Mary, died 4/2/22: 4/7/22p12

Blair, Robert, died 9/?/22: 9/29/22p1;10/6/22p8

Blaisdell, Beatrice, weds Louis Joblonski 11/9?/23: 11/16/23p7

Blaisdell, Ellen, died 12/1/20: 12/3/20p7

Blaisdell, Ellsworth, weds Isabel Fanning 10/?/24: 10/10/24p8

Blaisdell, George, weds Annie Taylor 6/2/23: 6/8/23p7

Blaisdell, Ina C., died 9/16/24: 9/19/24p5

Blaisdell, J. Wesley, died 5/4/24: 5/9/24p2B

Blaisdell, Leon, weds Josephine Adams 11/?/20: 11/12/20p7

Blaisdell, Mary L., died 8/?/28: 8/10/28p5

Blaisdell, Mattie A., died 1/4/25: 1/9/25p11

Blaisdell, Ruth, weds Chester Whitney 7/?/28: 8/3/28p1

Blaisdell, Samuel, is feted by Milton folks: 3/30/28p12

Blake, Basil, weds Althea Carpenter 9/3/27: 9/9/27p9

Blake, Edna, weds Carroll Andrews 10/4/20: 10/22/20p11

Blake, Frank H., died 5/1/21: 5/6/21p6

Blake, Hannah, died 7/23/24: 7/25/24p12

Blake, Holman, weds Annie Calcutt 5/6/22: 5/12/22p13

Blake, John H., died 8/19/23: 8/24/23p6

Blake, Thelma, weds Mahlon Stevens 9/3/28: 9/7/28p8

Blake, Thomas, died 7/6/22: 7/14/22p1

Blakeslee, Ruth, weds Ralph Dunlap 10/3/25: 10/9/25p5

Blanchard, Elizabeth, weds Clarence Sinclair: 2/29/24p11

Blanchette, Gideon, weds Alice Boulet 6/23/25: 6/26/25p8

Bland, Pearl P., died 10/20/22: 10/27/22p5

Blazo, Charles, died 10/20?/26: 10/22/26p1;10/29/26p8

Blouin, Florence, weds Gordon Foss 2/28/24: 3/7/24p8

Blue, Wesley, died 2/24/23: 3/2/23p11

Bodge, Charles R., died 5/?/28: 5/11/28p4

Bodge, Charles F., died 2/11/24: 2/15/24p5

Bodge, Mary, weds Wayne Davis 6/28/24: 7/4/24p1

Boire, Mary P., died 5/19/22: 5/26/22p7

Boire, Orlandeau, died 11/15/20: 11/19/20p7

Boisvert, Joseph, weds Edna Labrie 8/16/27: 8/19/27p1

Boivin, Damase, died 10/12/20: 10/15/20p8

Boivin, Flora, weds Arthur Duchesneau 2/1/27: 2/4/27p9

Boivin, Henry, weds Amander Trepanier 1/19/25: 1/23/25p8

Bond, Ada E., died 5/31/26: 6/4/26p4

Bonenfont, Elizabeth, weds Jonathan Nixon 7/?/28: 7/13/28p4

Boodey, Daniel W., died 9/6/25: 9/11/25p3

Boodey, Ida, weds Roy Pulsifer 8/2/26: 8/6/26p3

Boody, Cecile, weds Dorothy Mitchell 6/26/26: 7/2/26p3

Boody, Jennie, weds Harry Bennett 8/2/26: 8/6/26p3

Boothby, Ruth, weds Erlon Farmer 1/10/25: 1/16/25p7

Bosquin, Ernest, weds Audina Vachon 7/11/21: 7/15/21p8

Bosquin, Ethel, weds Howard Hanson 1/15/21: 1/21/21p11

Bosquin, Joseph, died 6/11/23: 6/15/23p2

Boston, Hannah, died 12/19/26: 12/24/26p8

Boston, Stephen A., died 10/5/25: 10/9/25p8

Bouchard, Delvina, weds Alfred Landry 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Bouchard, Yvonne, weds Nazarie Dubois 10/19/25: 10/23/25p8

Boucher, Jennie, weds William Lacroix 11/12/23: 11/16/23p7

Boucher, Julia, weds Kirke Dearborn 11/27/22: 12/1/22p4

Boudieu, Ephege, weds Hermeline Coulumbe 10/12/24: 10/17/24p8

Boudreau, Laurence, weds Jeannette Perreault 5/29/28: 6/1/28p1

Boulanger, Louise, weds Raine Rainville 11/11/29: 11/15/29p8

Boulet, Alice, weds Gideon Blanchette 6/23/25: 6/26/25p8

Bourget, Claude, weds Blanche Desjardins 4/?/28: 4/20/28p4

Bowie, Hilda, weds Elphie Lanoix 4/4/25: 4/10/25p6

Bowker, John, weds Doris Dennett 8/20/27: 8/26/27p1

Bowman, Mary C., died 6/30/26: 7/2/26p4

Boyce, Barbara L., died 1/6/22: 1/13/22p12

Bradford, Joseph, died 4/11/22: 4/14/22p5

Bradley, Charles W., celebrates 99th birthday: 4/15/27p8

Bradley, Charles W., celebrates 97th birthday: 4/17/25p1

Bradley, Charles W., celebrates 100th birthday: 4/13/28p1

Bradley, Charles W., flies at age 99: 9/16/27p4

Bradley, M&M C. W., drive across the continent and back: 8/29/24p4

Bradley, M&M William G., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/13/22p6

Bradley, William G., died 12/18/26: 12/24/26p1

Brainard, Caroline T., died 12/9/21: 12/16/21p5

Brainard, Mary J., died 7/29/28: 8/3/28p4

Brainard, William S., died 11/12/29: 11/15/29p8;11/22/29p6

Brainerd, William, weds Mary Graham 12/22/22: 12/29/22p1

Brassaw, Arthur, weds Rosie Judd 8/6/25: 8/14/25p7

Bratton, Fred, weds Mildred Bassett 9/8/28: 9/14/28p4

Bray, James S., died 10/18/29: 10/25/29p1

Brennan, Elizabeth, weds Arthur Demers 11/22/20: 11/26/20p1

Brennan, Leo, weds Harriet Rogers 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Brennan, Mary, weds J. L. Greaney 6/18/28: 6/22/28p8

Brennan, Mary, weds Napolean Cote 6/28/26: 7/2/26p3

Brennan, Mary M., died 9/12/22: 9/15/22p8

Brennen, Catherine M., died 3/24/25: 3/27/25p4;4/3/25p6

Breton, Arthur, weds Rose Routhier 5/23/27: 5/27/27p3;6/3/27p16

Breton, Lea, died 7/26/28: 7/27/28p5

Bretton, Angelina, weds Edward Martineau 1/27/25: 1/30/25p3

Brigham, Ethel, weds Walter Seavey 11/2/25: 11/6/25p5

Brochu, Arlene, weds Albert Mitchell 6/29/25: 7/3/25p1

Brochu, Flavie, died 6/6/21: 6/10/21p12

Brochu, Leander, died 10/4/21: 10/7/21p11

Brochu, Odelie, weds Edward Crotty 10/11/21: 10/21/21p11

Brock, Annette, died 8/28/23: 8/31/23p5

Brock, Bertha, died 6/29/24: 7/4/24p7

Brock, Charles, weds Emma Livingstone 1/7/22: 1/13/22p12

Brock, Earl, weds Hazel Pratt 5/19/23: 5/25/23p9

Brock, H. Frank, died 5/24/24: 5/30/24p3

Brock, Izera, died 3/15/22: 3/17/22p7

Brock, James, weds Ethel Hurd 2/14/22: 2/17/22p1

Brock, James W., died 11/6/21: 11/11/21pp8,9

Brock, Kenneth, weds Ruth Wilson 4/28/23: 5/4/23p7

Brock, Lydia F., died 8/7/25: 8/14/25p12

Brock, Stephen, died 10/3/22: 10/6/22p8

Broderick, William, weds Sadie Folsom 1/?/27: 1/28/27p9

Brooks, John, died 6/29/23: 7/6/23p5

Brouillard, Lucy, weds Edgar Lacasse 9/1/24: 9/5/24p1

Brouillard, Nancy, weds Leslie Nason 2/7/22: 2/10/22p6

Brouillard, Stanislas 6/23/25: 6/26/25p8

Brown, Amy, weds Leslie Arlin 7/14/23: 7/20/23p3

Brown, Benjamin, weds Elizabeth McIntire 1/?/28: 2/3/28p1

Brown, Bertha, weds Rene Poisson 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Brown, Carolyn, weds Raymond Chandler 4/16/24: 4/18/24p8

Brown, Doris, weds Miles Hill 8/17/27: 8/26/27p1

Brown, Edgar F., died 10/19/29: 10/25/29p8

Brown, Eleanor, weds Henry Hewson 11/27/26: 12/3/26p9

Brown, Elmer E., died 8/29/27: 9/2/27p8;9/16/27p1

Brown, Frances, died 4/8/26: 4/16/26p2a

Brown, George, weds Mildred Guppy 12/25/24: 1/2/25p6

Brown, Harold, weds Irene Stimpson 7/8/28: 7/13/28p13

Brown, Hattie, weds Edward Hatch 4/20/27: 4/22/27p8

Brown, Ida, died 4/12/22: 4/21/22p5

Brown, J. Frank, died 10/2/29: 10/4/29p8;10/11/29p8

Brown, Jennie S., died 6/27/24: 8/1/24p5

Brown, Joseph, died 2/24/24: 2/29/24p8

Brown, Julia, died 10/28/23: 11/2/23p3

Brown, Lincoln, died 10/13/29: 10/18/29p9

Brown, Paul P., died 1/11/23: 1/19/23p11

Brown, Ralph, weds Elsie Chickering 10/2/27: 10/7/27p8

Brown, Ruth J., died 6/27/22: 6/30/22p8

Browne, Ethel, weds Charles Clark 11/18/22: 11/24/22p3

Browning, Sarah V., died 4/8/26: 4/9/26p1;4/16/26p2a

Brownset, Hattie, weds Charles Cook 7/8/28: 7/13/28p9

Bruce, E. B., died 10/21/21: 10/28/21p3

Bruce, Martha F., died 8/31/22: 9/1/22p12

Buck, Frank, died 9/30/24: 10/3/24p7

Bucklin, A.M., weds Cora Southard 11/4/21: 11/11/21p7

Buelduc, John A., died 4/11/26: 4/16/26p2a

Buffam, Leon, weds Louise Grassie 8/28/26: 9/3/26p4

Bumford, Sarah J., died 6/12/21: 6/17/21p3

Bunker, Beatrice, weds Collis Wallingford 11/23/22: 11/17/22p7

Bunker, George, died 1/12/26: 1/15/26p4

Bunker, Gertrude, weds Frederick Grenier 4/1/28: 4/6/28p9

Burbine, Josephine, weds Louis Rouleau 12/28/20: 1/7/21p2

Burley, Clara A., died 6/3/25: 6/5/25p8

Burnham, R. Dewitt, died 2/17/24: 2/22/24p1

Burnham, Ruth, weds Vernon Hersom 6/3/23: 6/8/23p6

Burrell, Mary J., died 12/28/27: 12/30/27p8;1/6/28p9

Burroughs, Nelson, weds Isabel Morton 12/?/23: 12/7/23p13

Busch, Wesley, weds Leona Rollins 8/5/25: 8/14/25p12

Bussiere, John B., died 3/29/28: 4/6/28pp13,16

Butler, Charles, died 1/17/28: 1/20/28p8

Butler, George E., died 1/29/23: 2/2/23p2

Butler, Leroy, weds Muriel Hanseam 10/10/22: 10/13/22p1

Buzzell, Anna, died 6/9/27: 6/17/27p13

Caddell, Walker, weds Hope McAllister 1/21/28: 1/27/28p9

Cahill, Philip, died 3/27/24: 4/4/24p7

Calcutt, Annie, weds Blake Holman 5/6/22: 5/12/22p13

Caldwell, Isaiah, died 8/5/22: 8/11/22p5

Calef, Leon, weds Ruth Morrill 10/5/29: 10/11/29p8

Calef, Robert, weds Louise Titus 12/14/25: 12/18/25p3

Callaghan, Mary, died 12/10/24: 12/12/24p8;12/19/24pp6,12

Callahan, Margaret, died 12/11/20: 12/17/20p17

Callahan, T. Frederick, died 11/?/27: 11/25/27p9

Came, Amanda L., died 8/7/26: 8/13/26p4

Cameron, Edith, weds Sumner Pike 5/?/22: 5/19/22p7

Camm, Stuart, weds Edna Stevens 5/14/23: 5/18/23p1

Campbell, Florence, weds Chester Freeman 12/17/21: 12/23/21p5

Campbell, James E., died 6/5/24: 6/6/24p8

Campbell, Lettie, weds Forrest Davis 10/21/20: 11/5/20p5

Campbell, Mary J., died 10/?/27: 10/28/27p5

Canney, Edward, died 8/7?/26: 8/13/26p4

Canney, Elizabeth, died 11/27/23: 11/30/23p3

Canney, Ruby, weds William Fabyan 5/12/23: 5/18/23p13

Canney, Sarah, weds George Watkins 10/23/25: 10/30/25p5

Canney, Vera, weds Warren Howard 5/20/22: 5/26/22p9

Canney, Wilson, weds Ethel Hayes 9/18/21: 9/23/21p3

Cardona, Frances, weds Paul Streeter 12/?/25: 1/1/26p12

Carll, Arthur, weds Gladys Osborne 10/8/21: 10/14/21p9

Carll, Irving, weds Josephine Farnham 1/1/25: 1/9/25p6

Carll, Walter H., died 5/3/25: 5/8/25p5

Carll, Walter, weds Bertha Littlefield 9/5/22: 9/9/22p12

Carnegie, James, died 5/23/25: 5/29/25p4

Caron, Beatrice, weds George Potvin 11/16/25: 11/20/25p5

Caron, Joseph, weds Marie Marcotte 1/8/23: 1/12/23p1

Caron, Raymond, weds Alma Thompson 4/?/28: 4/20/28p9

Carpenter, Althea, weds Basil Blake 9/3/27: 9/9/27p9

Carpenter, Earl, weds Ethel Remick 1/30/22: 2/3/22p5

Carpenter, Herbert, weds Edrie McCrillis 7/3/22: 7/7/22p11

Carpenter, Melvin, weds Carrie Mills 9/9/22: 9/15/22p7

Carpenter, Myra J., died 1/18/22: 1/20/22p12;1/27/22p7

Carr, Agnes, weds Charles Evans 9/26/27: 9/30/27p8

Carr, Edward G., died 3/29/25: 4/3/25p7

Carr, Howard, died 10/2/21: 10/7/21p12

Carr, John, died 5/16/22: 5/19/22p8

Carroll, Abbie C., died 8/13/27: 8/26/27p8

Carroll, Hattie, weds Arthur Hines 7/30/21: 8/5/21p12

Carter, Myrtle, weds Cecil Roberts 11/30/27: 12/9/27p16

Carter, Vera, weds Melvin Downing 2/19/27: 2/25/27p13

Carter, Walter, weds Pauline Seavey 7/25/24: 8/1/24p10

Cartier, Florence, weds George Leclair 11/27/26: 12/3/26p8

Cartier, Leda, weds Richard McNalley 1/12/25: 1/16/25p3

Cartier, Ralph, weds Doris Nadeau 5/5/24: 5/9/24p8

Casey, Mary M., died 4/13/21: 4/15/21p8

Casey, Patrick, weds Marion McManus 6/5/22: 6/9/22p11

Casey, Patrick, died 7/16/22: 7/21/22p12

Casey, Teresa, died 7/27/27: 7/29/27p5

Casey, Theresa, died ?/?/27: 8/5/27p16

Cassidy, James O., died 1/8/25: 1/16/25p4

Castonguay, Fred, weds Claudia Nadeau 11/5/23: 11/9/23p7

Caswell, Ruby, weds Edward Voeth 10/?/25: 10/9/25p13

Cater, Katherine, died 5/31/21: 6/3/21p11

Cavanaugh, John, died 10/23/22: 10/27/22p12

Cavanaugh, Thomas, weds Laura Therrien 9/8/26: 9/10/26p5

Caverly, Lottie W., died 2/20/27: 2/25/27p8

Chalmers, Harry, weds Bernice Cook 8/29/21: 9/2/21p12

Chamberlain, Christine, weds Leslie Libby 6/4/27: 6/10/27p12

Chamberlain, Clarence, died 12/24/25: 1/1/26p12

Chamberlain, Everett A., died 4/18/25: 4/24/25p2

Chamberlain, George E., died 1/28/23: 2/2/23p2

Chamberlain, Henry E., died 8/7/28: 8/10/28p8

Chamberlain, Sarah M., died 10/15/21: 10/21/21p9

Champion, Sadie, weds Horace Gardiner 9/18/21: 9/23/21p1

Chandler, Gladys H., died 9/23/23: 9/28/23p5

Chandler, Raymond, weds Carolyn Brown 4/16/24: 4/18/24p8

Chaney, Helen, weds Ben Hersom 10/19/25: 10/23/25p7

Chapman, Henry E., died 1/30/22: 2/3/22p7

Chapman, Mary F., died 12/2/27: 12/9/27p16

Charest, John, weds Desneiges Richard 1/27/25: 1/30/25p8

Charier, Frederick, weds Doris Diggles 2/11/27: 2/18/27p1

Charles, Edith V., celebrates 75th birthday: 2/24/28p1

Chartier, William, weds Albina Houle 6/27/21: 7/1/21p8

Chase, Abbie M., died 4/12/26: 4/16/26p5

Chase, Alonzo A., died 12/6/29: 12/13/29p16

Chase, Bertha B., died 5/16/25: 5/22/25p3

Chase, George, weds Marion Mathews 8/3/21: 8/5/21p1

Chase, Lorenzo D., died 5/13/25: 5/15/25p5

Chasse, Edward, weds Lucy Dubois 8/7/22: 8/11/22p12

Cheney, Arthur, weds Myrtle Rowe 8/9/26: 8/13/26p8

Cheney, Walter, weds Valena Ellis 8/12/22: 8/18/22p12

Chertine, Mary, weds Walter Sanfacon 12/28/25: 1/1/26p10

Chesley, Hazel, weds Walter Smith 11/14/29: 11/22/29p6

Chesley, Ralph, weds Ethel Thompson 6/14/21: 6/17/21p5

Chick, Bessie, died 12/13/22: 12/15/22pp5,6

Chick, Nathan C., died 1/5/28: 1/13/28p8

Chickering, Elsie, weds Ralph Brown 10/2/27: 10/7/27p8

Chipman, Clara, weds Nathaniel Kimball Jr. 9/7/23: 9/14/23p2

Churchill, Edgar W., died 10/23/29: 11/1/29p1

Churchill, Minnie, weds George Shorey 11/?/25: 11/20/25p5

Cilley, Anthony, celebrates 85th birthday: 5/4/23p7

Cilley, Ralph, weds Rhona Foss 9/14/29: 9/27/29p8

Clark, Arthur F., died 5/22/27: 5/27/27p12

Clark, Bernice, weds Albert Thompson 2/?/27: 2/25/27p1

Clark, Catherine, weds Leonard Purvis 2/17/23: 2/23/23p11

Clark, Charles, weds Ethel Browne 11/18/22: 11/24/22p3

Clark, Eliza J., died 6/8/22: 6/15/22p3

Clark, Etta, weds George Currier 11/4/22: 11/10/22p7

Clark, Evelyn, weds Samuel Stanley 6/17/25: 6/26/25p3

Clark, Frank, died 5/15/27: 5/20/27p4

Clark, Frank B., died 8/11/27: 8/19/27p8

Clark, Herbert A., died 6/7/21: 6/10/21p12

Clark, John, died 1/16/26: 1/22/26p7

Clark, Laura, weds Gustav Svensson 5/?/28: 5/11/28p4

Clark, Lewis S., died 6/18/24: 6/20/24p5

Clark, William, weds Lillian Ward 12/25/23: 12/28/23p7

Cleaves, Cora I., died 4/17/26: 4/23/26p4

Cleaves, George M., died 2/24/24: 2/29/24p8

Cleaves, Roydon, weds Virginia Hurd 9/3/27: 9/9/27p9

Cleaves, William, weds Gertrude Smith 8/16/27: 8/26/27p1

Clement, Abbie H., doied 1/20/22: 1/27/22p12

Clement, Charles, weds Helen Plumer 9/1/26: 9/3/26p4

Clement, Olive, weds Clifford Marden 1/25/28: 2/3/28p9

Clements, Abbie, died 1/25/23: 2/2/23p8

Cleveland, Melinda E., died 10/4/25: 10/9/25p5

Clough, Edgar, died 9/254/25: 10/2/25p7

Clough, Edward, weds Mary Pray 4/17/22: 4/21/22p11

Clough, Gertrude, weds George Littlefield 8/5/22: 8/11/22p12

Clough, Herbert, died 1/9/27: 1/14/27p8

Clough, Mabelle, wedsPhineas Coleman 6/28/27: 7/8/27p1

Clow, John T., died 11/26/27: 12/2/27p15

Cobb, George, weds Ethelle Hayes 7/11/27: 7/15/27p1

Coffin, M&M J. G., died 5/16/21: 5/20/21pp1,2

Colbath, Eldon, weds Mildred Jacobs 11/27/27: 12/2/27p8

Colbath, John S., died 8/13/22: 8/18/22p1

Cole, Charles, weds Thelma Sinclair 7/1/22: 7/7/22p11

Cole, James A., died 11/28/22: 12/8/22p3

Cole, Marion, weds Urban Winter 11/20/20: 11/26/20p7

Coleman, Helen C., died 9/2/24: 9/5/24p7

Coleman Jr., Charles, weds Lila Bessey 8/20/27: 8/26/27p1

Coleman, Phineas, weds Mabelle Clough 6/28/27: 7/8/27p1

Collins, Ellen A., died 7/24/21: 7/29/21p7

Collins, Ernest, weds Eunice Sawyer 5/24/24: 5/30/24p5

Collins, Herman, weds Beatrice Hodges 10/23/20: 10/29/20p7

Collins, Hiram, weds May Greenwood 1/15/28: 1/20/28p1

Collins, Jennie, died 12/19/20: 12/24/20p12

Collins, Laura, weds George Dunnells 11/?/27: 11/11/37p2

Colomy, S. E., died 1/20/24: 1/25/24p12

Connaughton, Richard, died 5/29/24: 6/6/24p14

Connell, Albert, weds Irma Grover 2/27/26: 3/5/26p6

Connell, Harriet G., died 12/4/29: 12/6/29p4

Connell, Henry, died 12/?/27: 12/30/27p1

Conrad, Andrew, weds Gladys Towle 6/24/26: 7/2/26p3

Conrad, Gladys, weds Bernard Tebbetts 12/3/21: 12/9/21p7

Conrad, Mary, weds John Prood 11/28/29: 12/6/29p3

Cook, Bernice, weds Harry Chalmers 8/29/21: 9/2/21p12

Cook, Charles, weds Hattie Brownset 7/3/28: 7/13/28p9

Cook, Cynthia, weds John Wentworth 6/27/22: 7/7/22p11

Cook, Mary, died 3/20/26: 3/26/26pp4,9

Cooley, Marie, weds Earl Terrill 12/?/27: 12/16/27p4

Cooley, Mary P., died 7/25/27: 7/29/27p5

Cooper, Leroy G., died 10/14/23: 10/19/23p7

Cooper, Thomas, died 12/21/20: 12/24/20p11

Copeland, Brenda, weds Edward Marshall 10/12/29: 10/18/29p1

Coram, Arthur, weds Laura Lachapelle 9/3/28: 9/7/28p9

Coran, Eugene, weds Winnifred Edgerly 10/12/29: 10/18/29p1

Corbett, Charles, weds Minerva Bartlett 11/29/21: 12/2/21p11

Corbett, Mary, died 12/24/20: 12/31/20p11

Corbett, Minerva, died 1/13/25: 1/16/25p7

Cormier, Edward, died 3/2/24: 3/7/24p5

Cormier, Ernest, weds Hilda Preston 2/12/28: 2/17/28p4

Cormier, Irene, weds Louis Delaurie 4/22/24: 4/25/24p8

Cornell, Franklin, weds Blanche Hayes 5/17/27: 5/27/27p8;6/10/27p8

Corson, Albert O., died 4/1/22: 4/7/22p4

Corson, Barbara, weds Sidney Corson 6/30/24: 7/4/24p1

Corson, Bertha, weds Nelson Palmer 3/25/28: 3/30/28p9

Corson, Bessie, weds Thomas Norman 5/27/22: 6/2/22p2

Corson, Clara G., died 12/30/23: 1/5/23pp8,11

Corson, Delia H., died 11/24/29: 11/29/29pp8,9

Corson, Fay, weds Celia White 10/29/21: 11/4/21p11

Corson, Frank W., died 10/15/29: 10/18/29p9

Corson, Gladys, weds George Kimball 4/11/21: 4/15/21p2

Corson, Hattie, weds Arthur Pierce 9/9/21: 9/16/21p7

Corson, Henry O., died 9/12/28: 9/14/28p8

Corson, Henry, weds Nellie Thompson 4/11/26: 4/16/26p8

Corson, James, died 12/22/23: 12/28/23p11

Corson, James A., died 9/30/27: 10/7/27p9;p10/14/27p8

Corson, Leon, weds Hazel Ricker 12/31/22: 1/5/23p12

Corson, Mary, weds Roger Morrison 6/3/22: 6/9/22p2

Corson, Melissa F., died 4/?/21: 4/29/21p12

Corson, Nahum, died 8/6/21: 8/12/21p11

Corson, Seth, died 1/28/23: 2/2/23p11

Corson, Sidney, weds Barbara Corson 6/30/24: 7/4/24p1

Cosette. Edward, weds Antoinette Ferland 10/18/26: 10/22/26p16

Cossette, Mrs. Eugene, died 3/4/23: 3/9/23p11

Cote, Napolean, weds Mary Brennan 6/28/26: 7/2/26p3

Cottuli, Josephine B., died 4/19/21: 4/22/21p8

Cottuli, Josephine, died 4/18/21: 4/22/21p8;5/13/21p5

Coulumb, Charles, weds Kilda Sylvain 2/4/24: 2/8/24p10

Coulumbe, Hermeline, weds Ephege Boudieu 10/12/24: 10/17/24p8

Courier, Missouri E., died 7/31/22: 8/4/22p12

Courier, William, weds Bernice Mills 12/?/29: 12/20/29p9

Cousens, Mary E., died 3/3/28: 3/9/28p12

Couture, Amadee, weds Beatrice Harrity 5/31/26: 6/4/26p1

Couture, Amedee, weds Mabel Kiroac 6/8/26: 6/11/26p1

Couture, Flora P., died 4/19/28: 4/20/28p8

Couture, Roland, weds Edna Sylvain 9/13/27: 9/16/27p7

Cragin, Michael, died 6/1/26: 6/4/26p4

Craig, Ralph, weds Cecilia Sylvain 9/3/28: 9/7/28p5

Cram, William W., died 4/6/23: 4/13/23p5

Crawford, James H., died 8/28/22: 9/1/22p6;9/9/22p6

Creteau, Della, weds Patrick LeBouthillier 5/15/22: 5/19/22p9

Creteau, George, weds Nellie Nangle 3/3/24: 3/7/24p13

Creteau, Raymond, weds Marguerite Perreault 4/21/25: 4/24/25p6

Cretien, Yvonne, weds George Lebrecque 7/4/28: 7/13/28p4

Critchett, L. Dwight, died ?/?/27: 5/6/27p6

Crotty, Bridget, died 2/9/23: 2/16/23p11

Crotty, Edward, weds Odelie Brochu 10/11/21: 10/21/21p11

Crowney, Frances M., died 3/30/23: 4/6/23pp3,16

Cullen, James, died 1/15/28: 1/20/28p9

Cummings, Charles, weds Lizzie McKenney 4/4/22: 4/7/22p12

Curley, Mary, weds Maurice Rowe 10/28/29: 11/1/29p8

Currier, Edithe, weds Theodore Weare 11/?/22: 12/8/22p2

Currier, George, weds Etta Clark 11/4/22: 11/10/22p7

Currier, Mary, weds Thomas Quinn 3/31/23: 4/6/23p7

Currier, Philip, died 10/5/24: 10/10/24p4

Curtis, Fannie, died 2/19/26: 2/26/26p5

Cushing, Lenora, weds Carlisle Goodrich 5/28/27: 6/3/27p4

Cushing, Roxanna, died 5/4/21: 5/6/21p4;5/13/21p7

Cushing, Samuel H., died 12/21/20: 12/24/20p11

Cushman., Lee, weds John Maloney 10/?/29: 10/25/29p1

Custeau, Albia, weds Alphonse Gingras 1/1/26: 1/8/26p12

Custeau, Leonelda, weds Albert Ouilette 5/30/28: 6/1/28p1

Custeau, Michael, died 10/21/24: 10/24/24p4

Cyr, Antonio, weds Marie Bilodeau 5/30/27: 6/3/27p13

Cyr, Paul, died 7/4/22: 7/7/22p6

Cyr, Violet, weds Ansel Rogers 8/?/21: 9/2/21p11

Daggett, Warren W., died 2/24/22: 3/3/22p11

Daigle, Louise, weds Ernest Dellaire 10/14/29: 10/18/29p1

Dallaire, Wilfred, weds Gladys Marchand 10/12/25: 10/16/25p8

Dame, Charles, weds Georgie Milne 8/4/25: 8/7/25p12

Dame, Forrest, weds Susan Johnstone 5/15/26: 5/21/26p7

Dame, George E., died 1/18/28: 1/27/28p9

Dame, Lucy, died 2/18/21: 2/25/21p11

Dame, Mildred, weds Leon Drapeau 2/10/23: 2/23/23p1

Dame, Sarah F., died 8/17/22: 8/25/22p12

Dame, Vivian, weds Karl Waldron 10/6/24: 10/17/24p1

Daniels, Philip F., died 8/3/25: 8/7/25p11

Darling, Charles, weds Gladys Smith 1/18/27: 1/21/27p4

Darling, Edgar, weds Alice Mathews 11/3/20: 11/12/20p12

Darling, Ellen S., died 4/5/21: 4/8/21p5

Davidson, Janel, died 5/210/27: 5/27/27p9

Davis, Angelina M., died 8/27/21: 9/2/21p11

Davis, Arabella A., died 3/1/23: 3/9/23p7

Davis, Charles A., died 11/14/21: 11/18/21p9

Davis, Effie G., died 1/27/23: 2/2/23p7

Davis, Forrest, weds Lettie Campbell 10/21/20: 11/5/20p5

Davis, Frank E., died 3/3/28: 3/16/28p8

Davis, Harry T., died 3/5/22: 3/10/22p7

Davis, Helen T., died 7/8/28: 7/13/28p9

Davis, Holland P., died 1/20/26: 1/22/26p1

Davis, Mary O., died 1/10/27: 1/14/27p8

Davis, Nellie M., died 12/?/25: 12/25/25p13

Davis, Olive E., died 12/31/20: 1/7/21p11

Davis, Thomas E., died 10/28/20: 11/5/20p3

Davis, Virginia, weds Henry Guyette 10/?/29: 11/1/29p8

Davis, Wayne, weds Mary Bodge 6/28/24: 7/4/24p1

Dearborn, Ellen, died 8/17/23: 8/17/23p1

Dearborn, Emma, died 1/5/26: 1/7/27p8

Dearborn, Kirke, weds Julia Boucher 11/27/22: 12/1/22p4

Decater, John, family holds 50th reunion: 8/27/26p3

Decatur, Nellie S., died 1/23/24: 1/25/24p12;2/1/24p5

Delaurie, Louis, weds Irene Cormier 4/22/24: 4/25/24p8

Dellaire, Emile, weds Randah Gagnon 7/23/23: 7/27/23p8

Dellaire, Ernest, weds Louise Daigle 10/14/29: 10/18/29p1

Demerritt, Andrew J., died 1/17/21: 1/21/21p1

DeMerritt, Rachael, weds Edward Tenney 12/27/22: 1/13/22p4

Demers, Arthur, weds Elizabeth Brennan 11/22/20: 11/26/20p1

Demers, Joseph, weds Mary Levesque 6/18/23: 6/22/23p5

Demick, Edwin M., died 6/11/26: 6/18/26p4

Dennett, Doris, weds John Bowker 8/20/27: 8/26/27p1

Dennett, Laura, weds William Wilson 11/16/27: 11/18/27p1

Dennett, Lillian, weds Harold Vickery 8/23/23: 8/24/23p1

Deroscher, Donat, weds Blanche Dubay 3/?/27: 3/11/27p9

Desaulnier, Arthur, weds Wilhelmina Larochelle 11/6/22: 11/10/22p5

Deshaies, Charles, weds Marie Hamel 9/?/23: 9/28/23p5

Deshaise, Moise, died 10/26/23: 10/26/23p5

Desjardins, Blanche, weds Claude Bourget 4/?/28: 4/20/28p4

Desmarais, Alfred, weds Aurora Grondin 6/1/26: 6/4/26p1

Desmarais, Antonia, weds Alcide Pelletier 8/2/26: 8/6/26p5

Desmerais, Emillian, weds Ann Rainville 10/27/24: 10/31/24p2

Desonier, Cecile, weds Edward Poisson 9/13/24: 9/19/24p11

Devoe, Lucy P., died 5/26/25: 5/29/25p1

Devopoulos, Anthipy, weds Peter Raizes 1/16/28: 1/20/28p16

Dexter, James R., died 7/13/26: 7/16/26p8

Dexter, John, weds Georgiana May 2/23/26: 3/5/26p5

Diambri, Peter, weds Lydia Rocheleau 6/?/24: 6/13/24p10

Dickenson, Edmund, weds Mary White 4/1/22: 4/7/22p11

Dickenson, Harold, weds Mildred Dow 1/?/22: 1/13/22p11

Dickey, Annie A., died 11/2/27: 11/4/37p8

Dickey, Thomas, weds Emma Jarest 9/21/29: 9/27/29p8

Dickson, Carlyne, weds Ward Whitman 9/2/28: 9/7/28p5

Diggles, Doris, weds Frederick Charier 2/11/27: 2/18/27p1

Dixon, Charles, weds Mildred Howard 1/21/22: 1/27/22p9

Dixon, Elwood, weds Gladys St. John 6/24/23: 6/29/23p2

Dixon, Ethel, died 11/9/26: 11/12/26p9

Doane, Clara, weds Frank Heaney 1/18/23: 1/26/23p11

Dockham, Harry, weds Grace Springfield 4/19/24: 4/25/24p1

Dockham, Iva, weds Joseph Allison Jr. 5/27/28: 6/1/28pp8,9

Dodge, Addie M., died 5/13/28: 5/18/28p16

Dodge, Idella, weds Otto Wiggin 6/26/24: 7/4/24p11

Dodier, Mabel, weds J.E. Bilodeau 10/14/29: 10/18/29p1

Doherty, Winifred, died 6/6/25: 6/12/25p8

Dondreau, Fred, died 5/?/25: 5/29/25p8

Dore, Alphonse, died 5/3/27: 5/6/27p12;5/13/27p7

Dore, Emma, weds Fred Lincoln 6/16/25: 6/19/25p4

Dore, Irvin G., died 7/6/22: 7/21/22p2

Dore, Marcia, weds Wilmot Grant 11/26?/25: 12/4/25p15

Doren, Elizabeth, weds William O'Kane 7/10/28: 7/13/28p4

Dorer, Henrietta, weds John Noone 12/26/25: 1/1/26p10

Dorr, Julia C., died 7/12/25: 7/24/25p2

Dostie, Amaie, weds Marie Lessard 6/18/28: 6/22/28p5

Doughty, William J., died 9/29/29: 10/4/29p8

Douglass, Charles, weds Mona Hough 10/20/24: 10/24/24p5

Douglass, Earl, weds Marion Stevens 7/19/25: 7/24/25p8

Douglass, Florence, died 7/15/21: 7/22/21p7

Dow, Mary D., died 3/26/25: 4/3/25p8

Dow, Mildred, weds Harold Dickenson 1/?/22: 1/13/22p11

Dow, Zebulon, died 7/31/22: 8/4/22p12

Dowd, John, weds Jessie Whitaker 6/26/22: 6/30/22p8

Downing, Alice H., died 2/9/23: 2/16/23p7

Downing, George, weds Fannie Pinkham 3/18/26: 3/26/26p2

Downing, Joseph, weds Mary Mawson 1/21/22: 1/27/22p9

Downing, Lucille H., died 9/26/29: 10/4/29p8

Downing, Marion, weds Alvin Roberts 2/8/25: 2/13/25p2

Downing, Melvin, weds Vera Carter 2/19/27: 2/25/27p13

Downs, Arthur, weds Ethel Hanson 10/23/27: 10/28/27p9

Downs, David W., 12/2/20: 12/10/20p7

Downs, Dora, died 1/11/24: 1/18/24p2

Downs, George, died 6/18/21: 6/24/21p12

Downs, George A., died 6/11/24: 6/13/24p8

Downs, Sarah J., died 3/17/23: 3/23/23p1

Doyen, Cecile, weds Fred Labrie 6/9/24: 6/13/24p8

Drapeau, Emma, weds Forrest Hemenway 10/11/21: 10/14/21p1

Drapeau, George, weds Belora Lachance 2/2/25: 2/5/25p7

Drapeau, John W., died 6/15/27: 6/24/27p13

Drapeau, Joseph W., died 6/15/27: 6/17/27p5

Drapeau, Leon, weds Mildred Dame 2/10/23: 2/23/23p1

Draper, Jason S., died (unknown): 10/15/20p7;10/22/20p11

Draper, Mary A., died 10/24/22: 10/27/22p12;11/3/22p7

Drew, Erle, weds Doris Hamel 11/19/27: 11/25/27p9

Drew, Frank E., died 3/27/26: 4/2/26p3;4/9/26p3

Drew, Gardner E., died 11/18/29: 12/6/29p6

Drew, Georgiana, died 4/22/26: 4/30/26pp8,13

Drew, Ina, died 5/6/22: 5/12/22p2

Drew, Irene, weds Alfred Grassie 6/4/24: 6/6/24p7

Drew, Joseph, died 9/?/23: 9/14/23p7

Drew, Roscoe C., died 1/13/24: 1/18/24p2

Drown, Addie C., celebrates 80th birthday: 6/17/27p12

Drown, Marcia T., died 8/18/23: 8/24/23p6

Dubay, Blanche, weds Donat Deroscher 3/?/27: 3/11/27p9

Dubois, Albert, weds Mildred Beaudoin 4/?/28: 4/20/28p9

Dubois, Alfred, weds Odile Theriault 8/16/26: 8/20/26p4

Dubois, Isola, weds Joseph Bedard 6/20/21: 6/24/21p8

Dubois, Lucy, weds Edward Chasse 8/7/22: 8/11/22p12

Dubois, Marie, weds Arthur Grenier 8/27/23: 8/31/23p7

Dubois, Nazarie, weds Yvonne Bouchard 10/19/25: 10/23/25p8

Dubois, Thomas, weds Frances Shepard 8/6/23: 8/10/23p5

Dubrielle, Aimee, weds Mary Verveille 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Duchane, Joseph, weds Marie Sylvain 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

Duchesneau, Arthur, weds Flora Boivin 2/1/27: 2/4/27p9

Dudley, Amy A., died 4/11/26: 4/16/26p4

Dugas, Romeo, weds Mary Lemire: 6/29/23p8

Dumas, Mary M., died 10/18/24: 10/24/24p5

Dumont, Arthur, weds Marianna Larochelle 4/18/21: 4/22/21p9

Dumont, Ovilla, weds Delvina Lacroix 10/25/26: 10/29/26p2

Dunlap. Ralph, weds Ruth Blakeslee 10/3/25: 10/9/25p5

Dunnells, Addie N., died 10/16/26: 10/22/26p5

Dunnells, George, weds Laura Collins 11/?/27: 11/11/37p2

Duntley, Amos G., died 11/23/22: 12/1/22p8

Duntley, Earl, weds Dorothy Trask 10/31/23: 11/9/23p6

Duntley, Emma A., died 7/17/22: 7/21/22p1

Duntley, Joseph, weds Ouelina Allen 4/5/24: 4/11/24p1

Duntley, Nellie H., died 3/25/28: 3/30/28p4

Dupuis, Wilfred, weds Gertrude Harrity 6/22/25: 6/26/25p8

Duquette, Adelard, died 1/24/28: 1/27/28p8;2/3/28p16

Duquette, Louis, weds Gladys Hull 10/21/20: 10/29/20p7

Durkee, Abbie M., died 12/30/24: 1/9/25p14

Durwood, Margaret, weds George Barber 12/22/20: 12/24/20p1

Dustin, Cecil, weds Edith Hodgdon 10/18/25: 10/23/25p8

Dustin, Hannah E., died 7/10/24: 7/11/24p7;7/18/24p12

Dwyer, Loretta, weds William Stickels 11/25/24: 11/28/24p5

Eastman, Charles, died 4/4/21: 4/8/21p8

Eastman, Charles, died 12/23/24: 12/26/24p1

Eastman, Eva, weds Robert Hodgdon 6/30/25: 7/3/25p7

Eastman, Vena M., died 9/6/22: 9/9/22p11;9/15/22pp7,7("A Tribute")

Eaton, Doris, died 10/27/23: 11/2/23p8

Edgerly, Carolyn M., died 8/23/22: 8/25/22p12;9/1/22p11

Edgerly, Evangeline, weds Clarence Wentworth 4/23/27: 4/29/27p8

Edgerly, Frank S., died 9/7/23: 9/7/23p8

Edgerly, James, weds Olga Henrickson 6/22/27: 6/24/27p1

Edgerly, James B., died 11/1/22: 11/10/22p9

Edgerly, Mrs. Frank E., died 10/?/24: 10/17/24p8

Edgerly, Winnifred, weds Eugene Coran 10/12/29: 10/18/29p1

Edney, James M., died 11/5/20: 11/12/20p12

Edney, Orin, weds Helen Willett 5/23/21: 5/27/21p7

Edwards, Peter, died 1/?/25: 2/5/25p5

Elkins, Laura I., died 11/27?/23: 12/7/23p13

Elliot, Ethel, weds Ivan Sharpe 3/?/28: 3/16/28p1

Elliott, Christina, died 1/7/23: 1/12/23p1

Elliott, Frances E., died 9/24/22: 9/29/22p7

Ellis, Leon, weds Jennette Ward 5/13/28: 5/18/28p9

Ellis, Nellie, weds Arthur Harmon 11/24/21: 12/2/21p1

Ellis, Valena, weds Walter Cheney 8/12/22: 8/18/22p12

Ellis, Walter E., died 4/6/22: 4/7/22p12

Elms, Miriam S., died 6/8/24: 6/13/24p8

Elwell, Frank, died 1/23/22: 1/26/23p1

Emerson, Charles, weds Belle Smith 9/22/26: 10/1/26p13

Emerson, Charles, died 5/19/27: 5/27/27p5

Emerson, Evelyn C., died 3/23/24: 3/28/24p7

Emery, Esther, weds Lester Smith 6/30/28: 7/6/28p5

Enger, Jake, died 7/23/21: 7/29/21p11

English, Adolphe, died 11/9/29: 11/15/29p8

Estes, Freeman, died 1/29/28: 2/3/28p16

Estes, Marjorie, weds Willis Harriman 8/23/23: 8/24/23p7

Estes, Mrs. Charles, died 11/20/27: 11/25/27p8

Estey, Etta, died 8/3/26: 8/6/26p8

Evans, Alfred, weds Mary Parshley 6/4/21: 6/10/21p5

Evans, Annie, died 1/11/26: 1/15/26p4

Evans, Charles, weds Agnes Carr 9/26/27: 9/30/27p8

Evans, Charles W., celebrates 85th birthday: 2/4/27p8

Evans, Clara, died 7/5/21: 7/8/21p12;7/15/21p8

Evans, Eugene, died 10/17/29: 10/25/29p8

Evans, Flora B., died 11/20/20: 12/3/20p2

Evans, Florence, weds Carl Pearl 6/18/22: 6/23/22p8

Evans, Louise, weds Lyle Hall 10/?/21: 10/14/21p4

Evans, M&M Charles W., celebrate 60th anniversary: 11/26/26p8

Evans, M&M Charles W., celebrate 61st anniversary: 11/25/27p8

Evans, M&M Charles W., celebrate 63rd anniversary: 11/29/29p4

Evans, M&M Charles W., celebrate 56th anniversary: 11/24/22p5

Evans, Sarah, weds Irving Smith 10/3/25: 10/9/25p5

Evans, Sumner, weds Edna McLeod 7/27/25: 7/31/25p12

Fabyan, Sarah, died 4/27/27: 5/6/27p5

Fabyan, William, weds Ruby Canney 5/12/23: 5/18/23p13

Fall, Mary G., died 12/6/24: 12/12/24p2

Fanning, Isabel, weds Ellsworth Blaisdell 10/?/24: 10/10/24p8

Farmer, Bernard, weds Marion White 2/18/22: 2/24/22p11

Farmer, Erlon, weds Ruth Boothby 1/10/25: 1/16/25p7

Farmer, Lorna, weds Napolean Richards 7/5/25: 7/10/25p7

Farmer, Mrs. Thomas, died 4/?/24: 4/11/24p2

Farnham, Josephine, weds Irving Carll 1/1/25: 1/9/25p6

Farnham, Stephen, died 6/17/27: 6/24/27p9

Farrington, Hannah, died 2/27/23: 3/2/23p7

Faulkner, Mary E., died 12/10/21: 12/16/21p24

Faunce, Lawrence, weds Gertrude Gaddis 4/11/25: 4/17/25p7

Feineman, Herman E., died 7/29/24: 8/1/24p1;8/8/24pp6,12

Felker, Samuel F., died 2/17/21: 2/25/21p3

Ferguson, Bessie, weds Uriah McNeil 2/15/22: 2/17/22p12

Ferguson, Pearl, weds William Kendall 6/9/26: 6/25/26p3

Ferland, Alexina, weds Ernest Seavey 11/20/22: 11/24/22p3

Ferland, Antoinette, weds Edward Cosette 10/18/26: 10/22/26p16

Ferland, Theodule, died 12/23/20: 12/31/20p12

Fernald, Brackett M., died 3/16/22: 3/17/22p7

Fernald, Frank, weds Xenia Gayait 3/11/25: 3/20/25p4

Fernald, Mary C., died 6/25/21: 7/1/21p4

Ferry, Guy, weds Lillian Avel 2/19/21: 2/25/21p5

Fickett, Edward, died 12/14/27: 12/16/27p1

Files, Orra J., died 5/30/28: 6/1/28p8

Filteau, Beatrice, weds Leon Roy 7/30/23: 8/3/23p7

Finnegan, Abbie A., died 11/24/21: 12/2/21p2

Fitch, Mabel, weds James Hurley 4/2/23: 4/6/23p7

Fleming, Ellen, died 8/15/25: 8/21/25p12

Fleury, Celia, weds Adelmore Spurling 10/21/22: 10/27/22p11

Fleury, Evangeliste, weds Ida Hull 11/20/22: 11/24/22p8

Follansbee, Katherine, weds Roland Wilmot 8/27/21: 9/2/21p2

Folsom, John, died 2/15/21: 2/18/21p11

Folsom, Sadie, weds William Broderick 1/?/27: 1/28/27p9

Folson, Lillian B., died 2/17/23: 2/23/23p10

Forro, Fred, weds Augusta Hayes 7/3/23: 8/3/23p8

Forstberg, Annie, died 2/1/23: 2/9/23p11

Fortier, Delphine J., died 12/14/21: 12/16/21p5

Foss, Addie W., died 10/28/22: 11/3/22p9

Foss, Annie, died 1/25/26: 1/29/26p8

Foss, Annie E., died 2/25/23: 3/2/23p9;3/9/23p3

Foss, Blanche, died 1/28/21: 2/4/21p11

Foss, Charles, weds Mabel Morrill 7/28/21: 8/5/21p1

Foss, Emma F., died 3/25/22: 3/31/22p3

Foss, Gordon, weds Florence Blouin 2/28/24: 3/7/24p8

Foss, Harry R., died 10/15/29: 10/18/29p1;10/25/29p8

Foss, Helen, weds Ralph Watson 5/12/24: 5/16/24p1

Foss, James W., died 7/11/21: 7/15/21p8;7/29/21p1

Foss, Lora, weds Harry Wormhood 6/18/26: 7/2/26p3

Foss, Luther, died 6/3/23: 6/8/23p8

Foss, Mabel B., died 2/19/28: 2/24/28p13

Foss, Mary H., died 12/12/26: 12/17/26p1

Foss, Mary, weds John Blair 11/27/25: 12/4/25p8

Foss, Mrs. Neal, celebrates 101st birthday: 2/17/28p13

Foss, Rhona, weds Ralph Cilley 9/14/29: 9/27/29p8

Foss, Russell, died 2/24/23: 3/2/23p9

Foss, Sarah, celebrates 101st birthday: 8/24/28p1

Foss, Sylvia, weds Herbert McCullough 2/2/24: 2/8/24p4

Foss, Vienna S., died 9/4/28: 9/14/28p8

Foss, William S., died 8/30/22: 9/9/22p5

Fountain, Belle W., died 4/1/22: 4/7/22p4

Fownes, Eleanor, weds John Masury 11/19/21: 11/25/21p11

Fox, James, weds Susie Short 10/24/21: 10/28/21p9

Francona, Pietro, died 6/?/24: 6/20/24p5

Frazier, Anne S., died 6/30/23: 7/6/23p5

Freeman, Annie K., died 7/?/25: 7/24/25p2

Freeman, Chester, weds Florence Campbell 12/17/21: 12/23/21p5

French, Lester W., died 5/25/26: 5/28/26p8

Fuller, Lizzie, died 10/?/27: 10/21/27p21

Furbur, Leslie A., died 1/3/21: 1/7/21p5;1/14/21p5

Furbush, Celia A., died 4/10/26: 4/16/26p2a

Furbush, Hannah, died 6/8/21: 6/10/21p12

Furbush, Harold, weds Lera Seavey 12/21/22: 12/29/22p7

Furbush, Harry A., died 10/30/24: 11/7/24p7

Gaddis, Gertrude, weds Lawrence Faunce 4/11/25: 4/17/25p7

Gagne, Alfred, weds Jeannette Letourneau 10/12/25: 10/16/25p5

Gagne, Aurorie, weds Joseph Larochelle 10/?/20: 10/29/20p4

Gagne, Delina, died 3/27/22: 3/31/22p8

Gagne, Joseph, died 12/8/21: 12/16/21p5

Gagne, Leonidas, died 10/14/23: 10/19/23p7

Gagne, Lorenzo, weds Hilda Pinkham 2/24/25: 2/27/25p1

Gagne, Marie, died 10/10/29: 10/18/29p8

Gagne, Valmore, weds Beatrice Beaulieu 9/5/27: 9/9/27p8

Gagne, Wilda, weds Albert Leveaque 5/3/27: 5/6/27p5

Gagne, Wilfred, weds Gladys Sylvain 8/9/26: 8/13/26p4

Gagnon, Edith, weds John Auctil 4/23/23: 4/27/23p7

Gagnon, Louise, weds Walter Symonds 7/5/24: 7/11/24p1

Gagnon, Oscar, weds Laura Gelinas 9/3/23: 9/7/23p8

Gagnon, Randah, weds Emile Dellaire 7/23/23: 7/27/23p8

Gardiner, Horace, weds Sadie Champion 9/18/21: 9/23/21p1

Gardner, Edward D., died 11/?/27: 11/11/27p12

Garland, Bert, weds Stella Hall 2/19/26: 2/26/26p11

Garland, Edgar E., died 11/23/29: 11/29/29p1

Garland, Eleanor, weds Joseph Albert 7/15/22: 7/21/22p11

Garland, Lena M., died 11/23/29: 11/29/29p1

Garland, Mildred, weds Noe Tanguay 6/24/28: 6/29/28p1

Garneau, Octave, died 11/5/22: 11/10/22p5

Garnett, Elizabeth, weds Harry Jacobs 5/16/25: 5/22/25p7

Gary, Marion, weds William Messier 10/19/29: 10/25/29p12

Gault, Edwin L., died 12/15/24: 12/19/24p8

Gauthier, Ernestine, weds Cyrille Pare 7/?/24: 7/25/24p2

Gauthier, Louis, weds Annie Kenyon 5/18/26: 5/21/26p8

Gauthier, Narcisse, died 7/4/28: 7/13/28p5

Gauthier, Odellie 3/28/24: 4/4/24p8

Gayait, Xenia, weds Frank Fernald 3/11/25: 3/20/25p4

Gayer, E.W., weds Prudence Babb 8/23/24: 8/29/24p1

Gelinas, Ernest, weds Yvonne Messier 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Gelinas, Laura, weds Oscar Gagnon 9/3/23: 9/7/23p8

Gelinas, Maurice, weds Beatrice Larochelle 10/16/22: 10/20/22p12

Gendron, Paul, weds Evangeline Stone 11/?/27: 12/2/27p13

George, Teresa, weds Ernest Morin 8/?/25: 8/14/25p11

Gerald, Julia E., died 11/9/20: 11/12/20p5

Gerald, Lafayette, weds Ethel Perry 10/?/25: 10/30/25p8

German, Harry, weds Frances Hersom 10/2/25: 10/9/25p7

Gerrish, Annie D., died 6/25/23: 6/29/23p5

Gerrish, Daniel W., died 4/29/26: 4/30/26p8

Gerrish, Ethel, weds Eugene Junkins 11/5/25: 11/13/25p1

Gerrish, Marion G., died 11/14/27: 11/18/27p5

Gerrish, Ruth, weds Edwin Henderson 4/24/27: 6/10/27p5

Gerrish, William, died 8/27/28: 8/31/28p9

Gilbert, Arthur, weds Blanche Rowe 2/?/21: 3/4/21p1

Gilbert, Catherine, weds Walter Hussey 11/27/22: 12/1/22p5

Gilbert, Flora, died 12/30/22: 1/5/23p2

Gilbert, Yvonne, weds Edmond Laurion 6/14/26: 6/18/26p5

Gile, William, died 10/11/24: 10/17/24p1

Gillis, Lizzie J., died 12/?/24: 1/2/25p12

Gillispie, Nora, weds Harry Kelley 2/?/24: 2/22/24p6

Gilman, Leroy, weds Nellie Wescott 4/30/24: 5/2/24p1

Gilman, Lydia, died 8/4/21: 8/12/21p12

Gingras, Alphonse, weds Albia Custeau 1/1/26: 1/8/26p12

Glidden, Charles W., died 11/25/27: 12/2/27p4

Glidden, George W., died 5/25/23: 6/8/23p3

Glidden, Mrs. George E., died 5/25/26: 5/28/26p4

Glidden, Norman, weds Hazel Kendall 10/26/25: 10/30/25p8

Glidden, Sarah, died 6/20/21: 6/24/21p12

Glidden, W. M., died 9/6/25: 9/11/25p8

Gliddin, Robert, weds Evelyn Smith 1/?/27: 1/14/27p1

Goggins, Katherine, weds George Lenoix 10/7/20: 10/15/20p3

Goodrich, Carlisle, weds Lenora Cushing 5/28/27: 6/3/27p4

Goodrich, Edward, died 4/9/24: 4/11/24p1

Goodwin, Alice(?), weds Carlisle Baker 3/5/27: 3/11/27p9

Goodwin, Blanche, weds Alvin Latonnette 4/26/24: 5/2/24p16

Goodwin, Cecil, weds Jennie Nalibow 4/11/22: 4/21/22p11

Goodwin, Clara P., died 9/11/28: 9/14/28p8

Goodwin, Cora, weds Charles Winkley 6/7/23: 6/15/23p12

Goodwin, Ellen, died 5/30/28: 6/8/28p4

Goodwin, Laurence, weds Erma Reed 8/25/25: 8/28/25p8

Goodwin, Sarah D., died 6/12/28: 6/15/28p9

Goodwin, Thomas W., died 5/27/28: 6/1/28p8

Gosselin, Josephine, weds Clarence Johnson 8/28/26: 9/3/26p2

Gosselin, Yvonne, weds Alfred Richards 10/7/29: 10/11/29p8

Goudreau, Frank, weds Rose Richard: 7/6/23p9

Gould, Grace V., died 8/11/23: 8/17/23p7

Gourde, Celina P., died 12/18/26: 12/24/26p8

Graham, Mary, weds William Brainerd 12/22/22: 12/29/22p1

Grant, Clyde, weds Marguerite Phillips 6/11/27: 6/17/27p6

Grant, Ella M., died 4/25/24: 5/2/24p7

Grant, George E., died 8/16/27: 8/26/27p8

Grant, John, died 12/25/22: 12/29/22p8

Grant, Louise, weds Carleton Meader 5/28/21: 6/3/21p1

Grant, Mona, weds Oscar Turmelle 6/4/21: 6/10/21p7

Grant, Wilmot, weds Marcia Dore 11/26?/25: 12/4/25p15

Grasse, Ruth B., died 6/8/24: 6/13/24p8

Grassie, Alfred, weds Irene Drew 6/4/24: 6/6/24p7

Grassie, Alice, weds Hnery Baldwin 11/?/23: 11/9/23p6

Grassie, Leo, weds Ida Libby 12/20/23: 12/28/23p11

Grassie, Louis, died 3/?/26: 3/26/26p4

Grassie, Louise, weds Leon Buffam 8/28/26: 9/3/26p4

Grathmann, Paul, weds Catherine Willey 4/27/21: 5/6/21p2

Gray, Ethelyn, weds Fred Bickford 7/31/25: 9/11/25p7

Gray, Irving, weds Alta Berry 12/21/29: 12/27/29p10

Gray, John O., died 8/8/28: 8/17/28p13 (See Green Hill)

Gray Jr., John, weds Rosa Howard 10/17/24: 10/24/24p5

Gray, Nellie, weds Harry Johnson 10/1/21: 10/14/21p8

Gray, Nellie, weds Ed Bickford 11/?/23: 12/7/23p2

Greaney, J. L., weds Mary Brennan 6/18/28: 6/22/28p8

Green, Marjorie, weds Chester Tupper 6/30/28: 7/6/28p9

Greenwood, May, weds Hiram Collins 1/15/28: 1/20/28p1

Gregoire, Sophia, died 6/2/22: 6/2/22p7

Grenier, Alice, weds Ariole Lebrecque 4/17/22: 4/21/22p11

Grenier, Arthur, weds Marie Dubois 8/27/23: 8/31/23p7

Grenier, Arthur, weds Eva Bergeron 10/13/24: 10/17/24p8

Grenier, Dorothy, weds Harold Jewett 1/13/23: 1/19/23p11

Grenier, Eliza G., died 5/24?/28: 5/25/28p5

Grenier, Frederick, weds Gertrude Bunker 4/1/28: 4/6/28p9

Grenier Jr., Archie, weds Thelma Vachon 5/30/28: 6/1/28p1

Grenier, Louis, died 8/30/25: 9/4/25p8

Grenier, Lucia, weds Arsene Huard 7/27/25: 7/31/25p12

Grenier, Marie, died 5/21/22: 5/26/22p8

Grenier, Wilfred, weds Vivian Vachon 5/31/27: 6/3/27p4

Gridley, Sarah, died 4/16/22: 4/21/22p9

Griffin, Beatrice, weds Ralph Horne 11/21/26: 11/26/26p8

Griffin, Clarence, weds Maybelle Jackson 9/13/25: 11/27/25p3

Griffin, Norman, weds Katherine Hussey 4/2/27: 4/8/27p4

Griffin, Russell, weds Doris Rumford 2/19/27: 2/25/27p13

Grondin, Aurora, weds Alfred Desmarais 6/1/26: 6/4/26p1

Grondin, Honore, celebrates 50th birthday: 1/21/27p1

Grondin, Michael, died 5/30/28: 6/1/28p8

Grondin, Yvonne, weds Leo Marcotte 1/26/25: 1/30/25p7

Grover, Ellen, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/17/25p8

Grover, Irma, weds Albert Connell 2/27/26: 3/5/26p6

Gunnison, William T., died 2/3/28: 2/10/28pp1,4;2/24/28p4

Guppy, Mildred, weds George Brown 12/25/24: 1/2/25p6

Guptil, Lizzie S., died 10/15/23: 10/19/23p7

Guy, Marjorie, weds Angus McIver 7/3/26: 7/9/26p2

Guyette, Henry, weds Virginia Davis 10/?/29: 11/1/29p8

Haggerty, Mary, weds Arthur Jenkins 10/16/20: 10/22/20p7

Hahn, Annie, died 8/2/26: 8/6/26p7

Hale, Corie, weds Flora Johnson 2/?/28: 2/10/28p12

Haley, Edwin L., died 2/14/24: 2/15/24p8;2/22/24p7

Haley, George B., died 8/10/23: 8/17/23p3;8/24/23p4

Haley, Marcia A., died 4/6/23: 4/13/23p7

Haley, Waldo, weds Winnie Hutchins 9/12/28: 9/14/28p1

Hall, Agnes W., died 9/1/25: 9/4/25p7;9/11/25p7

Hall, Cecil, weds Doris Hislop 11/27/24: 12/5/24p16

Hall, E. Melvin, died 5/1/25: 5/8/25p3

Hall, Emma F., died 8/?/24: 8/29/24p1

Hall, Frank J., died 8/10/21: 8/19/21p7

Hall, Gilman 2/?/26: 2/19/26p8

Hall, Gladys, weds Everett Otis 12/10/21: 12/16/21p1

Hall, John, died 12/10/24: 12/12/24p8

Hall, Lillian, died 4/19/24: 4/25/24p7

Hall, Lucy D., died 9/30/24: 10/3/24p7

Hall, Lyle, weds Louise Evans 10/?/21: 10/14/21p4

Hall, Mary O., died 9/15/26: 9/17/26p4

Hall, Stella, weds Bert Garland 2/19/26: 2/26/26p11

Halliday, Howard, weds Lois Meader 1/23/26: 1/29/26p7

Ham, Harold, weds Edith Jenness 8/11/23: 8/17/23p4

Hamel, Doris, weds Erle Drew 11/19/27: 11/25/27p9

Hamel, Marie, weds Charles Deshaies 9/?/23: 9/28/23p5

Hamilton, Annie, died 4/3/23: 4/6/23p8

Hamlin, Leander D., died 11/?/29: 11/29/29p4

Hamlin, M&M E. F., celebrate 58th anniversary: 12/2/27p16

Hammond, George L., died 1/17/26: 1/22/26p1

Hanks, John, weds Violet Roukey 9/14/26: 9/17/26p8

Hanon, Mary, died 3/4/21: 3/11/21p5

Hanscam, John, died 6/11/21: 6/17/21p7

Hanscom, Arline, weds Everett Stackpole 7/10/26: 7/16/26p2

Hanscom, Mabel, weds Frank Manning 10/10/21: 10/14/21p4

Hanscom, William A., died 11/13/26: 11/19/26p9

Hanseam, Muriel, weds Leroy Butler 10/10/22: 10/13/22p1

Hansen, Hanson P., died 4/7/24: 4/11/24p1

Hanson, Alma J., died 5/7/23: 5/11/23p11

Hanson, Charles A., died 5/?/24: 5/23/24p4

Hanson, Chester P., ordained to ministry: 8/22/24p5

Hanson, Emery I. died 3/18/22: 3/24/22p11

Hanson, Ethel, weds Arthur Downs 10/23/27: 10/28/27p9

Hanson family holds 18th reunion: 8/17/28p16

Hanson, Harriet S., died 11/30/24: 12/5/24p7

Hanson, Herman, weds Bessie Smith 6/10/23: 6/15/23p7

Hanson, Horace, weds Jean Rollins 3/?/25: 3/27/25p1

Hanson, Howard, weds Ethel Bosquin 1/15/21: 1/21/21p11

Hanson, Ina, died 12/7/22: 12/15/22p7

Hanson, Joseph, died 12/11/25: 12/18/25p7

Hanson Jr., William H., died 5/23/24: 5/30/24p7

Hardie, Elizabeth M., died 12/2/20: 12/10/20p8

Harlow, William E., died 10/8/23: 10/12/23p8

Harmon, Arthur, weds Nellie Ellis 11/24/21: 12/2/21p1

Harmon, Earl, weds Florence Rowe 12/17/21: 12/30/21p5

Harmon, Frederick, weds Hazel Ayers 8/2/24: 8/8/24p5

Harmon, Nellie B., died 4/14/25: 4/17/25p5

Harriman, Eugene, died 10/16/26: 10/22/26p2

Harriman, Euphemia, died 2/28/28: 3/2/28p8

Harriman, Frank, died 7/29/23: 8/3/23p2

Harriman, M&M Charles E., celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/12/26p7

Harriman, M&M Charles E., celebrate 58th anniversary: 2/15/24p7

Harriman, M&M Charles, celebrate 59th anniversary: 2/13/25p7

Harriman, M&M Charles E., celebrate 56th anniversary: 2/17/22p11

Harriman, Thomas S., died 2/6/28: 2/10/28p8

Harriman, Willis, weds Marjorie Estes 8/23/23: 8/24/23p7

Harris, Viola, weds Fred Webber 9/14/21: 9/16/21p8

Harrity, Beatrice, weds Amadee Couture 5/31/26: 6/4/26p1

Harrity, Gertrude, weds Wilfred Dupuis 6/22/25: 6/26/25p8

Harrity, Martin, weds Yvonne Therrien 10/23/22: 10/27/22p11

Harrity, Phoebe, weds Edwrad Turmelle 12/17/21: 12/30/21p5

Hart, Clifford, weds Julia Kelliher 5/7/28: 6/1/28p1

Hart, Ezra, weds Barbara Russell 6/14/24: 7/4/24p2

Hart, Fannie, died 3/11/22: 3/17/22pp7;11

Hart, Jennie, died 1/30/28: 2/3/28p8

Hart, Malcolm, weds Irene Stone 7/11/27: 7/15/27p1

Hartford, Beatrice, weds Milton Thurston 11/25/25: 12/11/25p7

Hartford, Greta, weds Leon Howard 9/26/27: 9/30/27p8

Hartford, Harold, weds Laurentine Aube 9/5/27: 9/9/27p1

Hartford, Irene, weds Fred Pierce 10/26/29: 11/1/29p9;11/8/29p1

Hartford, Isabelle, weds Norman Young 3/25/23: 3/30/23p7

Hartford, James M., died 10/29/23: 11/2/23p4

Hartford, Minnie, weds Richard Varney 5/15/24: 5/23/24p1

Hartford, Roman, died 11/15/25: 11/27/25p4

Hartford, Roscoe, weds Amy Hough 1/24/24: 2/1/24p11

Hartigan, Bridget C., died 4/27/21: 5/6/21p5

Hartigan, Mary, died 7/23/24: 7/25/24p12

Hartigan, Mary, died 12/?/22: 1/5/23p2

Hartley, Katherine, weds Conrad Snaw 10/26/21: 10/28/21p1

Hartley, Laura P., died 12/27/27: 12/30/27p1

Harvey, Roy, weds Georgie Lamonte 3/28/21: 4/1/21p3

Haskell, William, died 7/23/24: 7/25/24p1

Hastie, Mary C., died 11/2/21: 11/4/21p12

Hastings, Beulah, weds Melville Ames 10/6/29: 10/11/29p8

Hatch, Edward, weds Hattie Brown 4/20/27: 4/22/27p8

Hatch, Esther, weds William Morrill 7/5/27: 7/8/27p1

Hatch, Mrs. Charles, died 1/31/25: 2/5/25p8

Hatch, Walter, weds Sarah Herron 6/1/27: 6/3/27p4

Hawkes, Doris, weds James Peterson 7/17/26: 7/23/26p1

Hayden, Thomas F., died 10/9/20: 10/15/20p4

Hayes, ???, weds Joseph Parshley 5/14/25: 5/22/25p3

Hayes, Abbie L., died 7/?/27: 7/8/27p12

Hayes, Augusta, weds Fred Forro 7/3/23: 8/3/23p8

Hayes, Benjamin F., died 4/22/25: 4/24/25p8;5/1/25p7

Hayes, Blanche, weds Franklin Cornell 5/17/27: 5/27/27p8;6/10/27p8

Hayes, C. Henry, died 8/15/24: 8/22/24p9

Hayes, Cora B., died 11/13/20: 11/19/20p7

Hayes, Ethel, weds Wilson Canney 9/18/21: 9/23/21p3

Hayes, Ethelle, weds George Cobb 7/11/27: 7/15/27p1

Hayes, Florence, weds Leroy Tripp 9/?/21: 9/30/21p5

Hayes, George A., died 1/13/24: 1/18/24p2

Hayes, Harry, died 2/1/27: 2/4/27p8

Hayes, Harry, weds Effie Maxey 3/3/22: 3/17/22p11

Hayes, Henry, celebrates 75th birthday: 6/1/28p12

Hayes, Henry T., died 4/15/24: 4/18/24p8

Hayes, M&M George A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/5/22p1

Hayes, Mary E., died 6/10/24: 6/13/24p8

Hayes, Norman, weds Lucille Richards 2/4/24: 2/8/24p10

Hayes, Norman, weds Beatrice Lord 6/23/25: 6/26/25p5

Hayes, Norman, weds Harriett Lord 7/1/25: 7/3/25p2

Hayes, O. H., died 8/?/21: 8/26/21p5

Hayes, Reginald, weds Beulah Morrison 6/25/27: 7/1/27p7

Hayes, Scharleen, died 5/2/25: 5/29/25p8

Hayes, Theora, weds Carl Weymouth: 12/6/29p12

Haynes, John, died 4/26/22: 5/5/22p2

Head, Sadie W., died 10/27/24: 10/31/24p7

Heaney, Frank, weds Clara Doane 1/18/23: 1/26/23p11

Heaney Sr., Robert, died 9/14/21: 9/23/21p7

Heath, David, died 1/16/26: 1/22/26p1

Heath, Hazel, weds Alfred Wetherhouse 6/?/25: 6/12/25p8

Heath, Lucien, died 2/21/21: 2/25/21p7;3/4/21p12

Hebert, Diana, weds Kenneth Magoon 10/1/21: 10/7/21p4

Hebert, Emilienne, weds Richard Larochelle 10/11/27: 10/14/27p4

Hebert, Ernest, weds Eva Larochelle 10/29/23: 11/2/23p7

Heinsburg, Mrs. Leroy, died 4/3/27: 4/8/27p5

Hemenway, Forrest, weds Emma Drapeau 10/11/21: 10/14/21p1

Henderson, Edwin, weds Ruth Gerrish 4/24/27: 6/10/27p5

Henderson, Harold, weds Katherine Wiggin 6/29/23: 7/6/23p3

Henderson, Lois S., died 11/3/21: 11/11/21p9

Henrickson, Olga, weds James Edgerly 6/22/27: 6/24/27p1

Herries, George, weds Dorothy Warren 11/23/21: 12/2/21p11

Herron, James, died 3/28/24: 4/4/24p8

Herron, Sarah, weds Walter Hatch 6/1/27: 6/3/27p4

Hersom, Ben, weds Helen Chaney 10/19/25: 10/23/25p7

Hersom, Frances, weds Harry Herman 10/2/25: 10/9/25p7

Hersom, George, weds Nellie Weir 11/19/27: 11/25/27p9

Hersom, Mary, weds Hugh Miller 6/11/22: 6/15/22p8

Hersom, Richard, weds Hope Sturtevant 8/31/22: 9/9/22p6

Hersom, Vernon, weds Ruth Burnham 6/3/23: 6/8/23p6

Hervey, Irene R., died 6/25/23: 6/29/23p5

Hescock, Harriet, died 2/28/26: 3/5/26p6

Hewson, Henry, weds Eleanor Brown 11/27/26: 12/3/26p9

Hickey, Elizabeth R., died 5/7/23: 5/11/23p7;5/18/23p7

Higgins, Etta S., died 10/8/23: 10/19/23p3

Higgins, John, died 11/28/23: 12/7/23p7

Hildreth, Elizabeth, weds Everett May 9/5/25: 9/11/25p7

Hill, Clinton F., died 1/14/22: 1/20/22p11

Hill, Evelyn, weds Joseph Adjutant 11/23/29: 11/29/29p5

Hill, Hervey, died 1/2/25: 1/16/25p4

Hill, Miles, weds Doris Brown 8/17/27: 8/26/27p1

Hill, Nellie, died 11/23/27: 12/2/27p12

Hill, Vera, weds Edward Osborne 8/3/24: 8/8/24p12

Hilsop, Gladys, weds Philip Morrison 8/2/21: 8/5/21p12

Hinds, Arthur, died 10/17/27: 10/21/27p1

Hines, Arthur, weds Hattie Carroll 7/30/21: 8/5/21p12

Hislop, Doris, weds Cecil Hall 11/27/24: 12/5/24p16

Hixon, Sophie, died 1/17/25: 1/23/25p7

Hobard, Russell, weds Hazel Hull 11/?/27: 12/2/27p5

Hobbs, Melinda, died 10/12/21: 10/14/21p8

Hodgden, Forrest, weds Edna Allen 2/?/24: 2/29/24p8

Hodgdon, Abbie M., died 5/14/21: 5/20/21pp3,7

Hodgdon, Charles E., died 12/16/24: 12/19/24p8

Hodgdon, Clarence died 5/16/27: 5/20/27p5

Hodgdon, Edith, weds Cecil Dustin 10/18/25: 10/23/25p8

Hodgdon, Florence, weds Charles Stevens 6/25/24: 6/27/24p1

Hodgdon, I. Dana, died 1/10/24: 1/11/24p1;1/18/24p1

Hodgdon, M&M Dana, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/13/22p10

Hodgdon, Robert, weds Eva Eastman 6/30/25: 7/3/25p7

Hodges, Beatrice, weds Herman Collins 10/23/20: 10/29/20p7

Hodsdon, Annie, weds Benjamin Mooney 6/22/21: 7/1/21p8

Hoffer, Grace, weds Arthur Jenness 12/6/22: 12/15/22p2A

Holden, E.W., weds Estelle Bennett 12/18/23: 12/21/23p5

Holland, Ruby, weds Isaac Barrett 8/18/23: 8/24/23p2

Hollard, Elva, weds Clayton Remick 9/25/26: 10/1/26p2

Holmes, Arlene, died 11/30/21: 12/2/21p7

Holmes, Herbert J., died 1/4/26: 1/7/27p8

Holmes, Marion, weds Raymond Morrison 11/15/24: 11/21/24p7

Holmes, Susie W., died 12/4/21: 12/9/21p1

Holmes, Verna, weds Eben Thompson 4/11/24: 4/18/24p4

Holt, James H., died 6/6/24: 6/13/24p8

Holt, Mary F., died 11/8/22: 11/10/22p5

Holton, Howard, weds Annette Loveland 12/18/22: 12/22/22p5

Holton, John W., died 12/21/24: 12/26/24p1

Hooper, Tessie, weds Maitland Berry 4/1/23[sic]: 10/19/23p1

Hopkins, Celia, died 3/1/23: 3/9/23p11

Horne, Charles H., died 3/8/26: 3/12/26p8;3/19/26p8

Horne, Charles M., died 1/1/26: 1/7/27p9

Horne, Edith M., died 9/25/26: 10/1/26p2

Horne, Elizabeth, weds Everett Jackson III 1/3/24: 1/25/24p11

Horne, Ethel, died 10/26/26: 10/29/26p8;11/5/26p15

Horne, Frank G., died 11/27/23: 12/14/23p8

Horne, Harlan P., died 9/?/22: 9/15/22p8

Horne, Herbert M., died 4/4/26: 4/16/26p13

Horne, Izah, weds Jennie Whitehouse 11/21/25: 11/27/25p2

Horne, M&M George E., celebtrate 50th anniversary: 11/21/24p4

Horne, Nellie S., died 6/4/21: 6/10/21p12

Horne, Olive A., died 6/9/24: 6/20/24p2 (See "Obituary")

Horne, Ralph, weds Beatrice Griffin 11/21/26: 11/26/26p8

Horne, Sarah C., died 6/25/21: 7/1/21p5

Horney, Albert, died 4/26/25: 5/1/25p8

Horney, Mary C., died 5/13/25: 5/15/25p8

Hough, Amy, weds Roscoe Hartford 1/24/24: 2/1/24p11

Hough, Bernard, weds Irene Moy 6/26/27: 7/8/27p1

Hough, Mona, weds Charles Douglass 10/20/24: 10/24/24p5

Houle, Albina, weds William Chartier 6/27/21: 7/1/21p8

Houston, Samuel, died 12/7/23: 12/14/23p1

Howard, Albert, died 7/8/28: 7/13/28p4

Howard, Albert, died 7/7/28: 7/13/28p5

Howard, Almeda B., died 8/12/27: 8/26/27p8

Howard, Annie M., died 2/6/22: 2/10/22p6

Howard, Bertha H., died 11/17/24: 11/21/24p5

Howard, Edward S., died 10/19/29: 10/25/29p8

Howard, Evelyn, weds Harold Moore 6/3/28: 6/8/28p8

Howard, Fred, died 11/11/21: 11/18/21p13

Howard, Gladys, weds Horace Slocum 9/24/27: 9/30/27p8

Howard, Harry, weds Bessie McMennamin 11/25/27: 12/2/27p8

Howard, Harry, weds Clara Ruell 8/22/25: 9/4/25p4

Howard, Ida, weds Xavier Turcotte 8/28/25: 9/4/25p5

Howard, John, weds Ida Wentworth 5/9/28: 5/11/28p1

Howard, Leon, weds Greta Hartford 9/26/27: 9/30/27p8

Howard, Mildred, weds Charles Dixon 1/21/22: 1/27/22p9

Howard, Oscar, died 6/12/24: 6/20/24p3

Howard, Phoebe M., died 6/13/26: 6/18/26p4

Howard, Rosa, weds John Gray Jr. 10/17/24: 10/24/24p5

Howard, Warren, weds Vera Canney 5/20/22: 5/26/22p9

Howe, Mary A., died 11/8/22: 11/17/22p8

Howe, Temperance A., died 4/17/26: 4/23/26p5

Hoyle, Benjamin, died 1/10/23: 1/12/23p1

Hoyt, Ada L., died 5/26/21: 6/3/21p11

Hoyt, Carl, weds Irene Tuttle 5/25/26: 5/28/26p4

Hoyt, Clara A., died 4/25/26: 4/30/26p13

Hoyt, Georgia, weds Joseph Schaffer 5/31/23: 6/8/23p6

Hoyt, Henry M., died 1/23/26: 1/29/26p7

Hoyt, James T., died 11/16/22: 11/24/22p7

Hoyt, Martha, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/12/26p11

Huard, Arsene, weds Lucia Grenier 7/27/25: 7/31/25p12

Hubbard, Ellen, weds Cecil Shepard 6/30/23: 7/6/23p9

Hubbard, Philip, weds Marjory Young 7/1/22: 7/7/22p1

Huber, Dorothy, weds Clayton Storms 9/22/23: 9/28/23p5

Huckins, Alden, weds Geraldine Kennan 6/3/22: 6/9/22p4

Hudson, Dorothy, weds Charles Scruton 6/29/21: 7/8/21p11

Hughes, Catherine, weds John Johnstone 11/12/21: 11/18/21p7

Hughes, James, died 4/8/22: 4/14/22p5

Hull, Frank, died 2/23/27: 2/25/27p9

Hull, Gladys, weds Louis Duquette 10/21/20: 10/29/20p7

Hull, Hazel, weds Russell Hobard 11/?/27: 12/2/27p5

Hull, Ida, weds Evangeliste Fleury 11/20/22: 11/24/22p8

Hull, Janet, weds Harvey Warburton: 5/11/23p7

Hull, Robert, died 8/5/21: 8/12/21p12

Huppe, Maphilda, died 12/16/29: 12/20/29p8

Hurd, Charles, died 11/?/20: 11/12/20pp5,9

Hurd, Charles, died 12/13/24: 12/19/24p8

Hurd, Cora B., died 1/22/28: 1/27/28p8

Hurd, Cyrus G., died 3/12/28: 3/16/28p9

Hurd, Ethel, weds James Brock 2/14/22: 2/17/22p1

Hurd, Eva, weds Edward Young 5/10/24: 5/16/24p1

Hurd, Frank, died 6/30/26: 7/2/26p4

Hurd, Howard W., died 2/11/25: 2/13/25p8

Hurd, James C., died 8/21/25: 8/28/25p8

Hurd, Reginald, weds Alberta Perry 1/14/28: 1/27/28p9

Hurd, Sarah, died 2/5/22: 2/10/22p11

Hurd, Virginia, weds Roydon Cleaves 9/3/27: 9/9/27p9

Hurley, James, weds Mabel Fitch 4/2/23: 4/6/23p7

Hurley, Mildred, weds George Ackely 4/18/25: 4/24/25p7

Huse, Abbie A., died 2/23/22: 3/10/22p2

Hussey, Charles L., promotd to Rear Admiral in US Navy: 6/25/26p1

Hussey, Charles, weds Evvie Longley 10/19/29: 11/1/29p8

Hussey, Effie B., died 1/3/22: 1/6/22p2

Hussey, Eva M., died 2/?/25: 2/27/25p8

Hussey, Katherine, weds Norman Griffin 4/6/27: 4/8/27p4

Hussey, Mamie, weds Henry Allen 1/14/22: 1/20/22p1

Hussey, Walter, weds Catherine Gilbert 11/27/22: 12/1/22p5

Hutchins, Alonzo, weds Edna Willey 6/30/25: 7/24/25p5

Hutchins, Bion I., died 8/20/21: 8/26/21p11;9/2/21p11

Hutchins, Frank died 2/23/23: 3/2/23p9

Hutchins, Winnie, weds Waldo Haley 9/12/28: 9/14/28p1

Hyde, Henry, died 10/10/23: 10/19/23p4

Jackson III, Everett, weds Elizabeth Horne 1/3/24: 1/25/24p11

Jackson, Matilda, died 3/18/21: 3/25/21p12

Jackson, Maybelle, weds Clarence Griffin 9/13/25: 11/27/25p3

Jacobs, Harry, weds Elizabeth Garnett 5/16/25: 5/22/25p7

Jacobs, John C., died 6/11/21: 6/17/21p3

Jacobs, Mildred, weds Eldon Colbath 11/27/27: 12/2/27p8

Jacobs, Sarah, died 2/27/24: 2/29/24p7

Jacobs, Stephen S., died 1/11/25: 1/16/257

Jacobs, Susan B., died 10/21/20: 10/29/20p9

Jacques, Exilia, died 5/30/26: 6/4/26p4

Jacques, Wilda, weds Wilford Berube 10/17/27: 10/21/27p5

Jarest, Emma, weds Thomas Dickey 9/21/29: 9/27/29p8

Jellerson, Alvah, died 8/4/25: 8/7/25p12

Jellison, Daniel, died 8/20/27: 8/26/27p8

Jenkins, Alfred T., died 9/23/22: 9/29/22p5

Jenkins, Arthur, weds Mary Haggerty 10/16/20: 10/22/20p7

Jenkins, Charles E., died 3/4/28: 3/9/28pp12,13;3/16/28p13

Jenkins, Edwin K., died 2/15/27: 2/18/27p16;2/25/27p6

Jenness, Arthur, weds Grace Hoffer 12/6/22: 12/15/22p2A

Jenness, Charles W., died 4/18/23: 4/27/23p9

Jenness, Edith, weds Harold Ham 8/11/23: 8/17/23p4

Jenness, Edward, died 3/?/22: 3/17/22p11

Jenness, Francis, died 12/3/24: 12/5/24p1

Jenness, Gertrude, weds Arthur Rinden 6/30/26: 7/2/26p1

Jenness, Ida M., died 1/23/25: 1/30/25p7

Jenness, James M., died 5/9/26: 5/14/26p4

Jenness, John, died 9/15/29: 9/20/29p8

Jenness, Noah A., died 11/9/26: 11/12/26p16

Jenness, William, died 4/12/28: 4/13/28p5

Jenness, William R., died 10/20/26: 10/22/26p5

Jewett, Harold, weds Dorothy Grenier 1/13/23: 1/19/23p11

Jewett, Haven R., died 2/5/24: 2/22/24p2

Joblonski, Louis, weds Beatrice Blaisdell 11/9?/23: 11/16/23p7

Johnson, Alice, died 6/6/21: 6/10/21p12

Johnson, Antoinette, died 4/10/23: 4/13/23p8

Johnson, Arthur, died 2/9/26: 2/12/26p7

Johnson, Clarence, weds Josephine Gosselin 8/28/26: 9/3/26p2

Johnson, Edith, weds Charles Twombley 4/16/22: 4/21/22p5

Johnson, Flora, weds Corie Hale 2/?/28: 2/10/28p12

Johnson, Harry M., died 3/23/22: 3/31/22p9

Johnson, Harry, weds Nellie Gray 10/1/21: 10/14/21p8

Johnson, Ingrid, died 6/15/24: 6/20/24p5

Johnson, John W., died 6/?/28: 6/22/28p6

Johnson, Joseph W., celebrates 95th birthday: 10/11/29p12

Johnson, Joseph, died 1/8/21: 1/14/21p7

Johnson, Levi, died 1/1/24: 1/4/24p11

Johnson, Louisa M., died 12/21/25: 12/25/25p4

Johnson, Mary E., died 1/1/28: 1/6/28p9

Johnson, Ruby, weds Thomas O'Brien 5/9/21: 5/13/21p1

Johnston, William, died 1/24/22: 1/27/22p5

Johnstone, John, weds Catherine Hughes 11/12/21: 11/18/21p7

Johnstone, Susan, weds Forrest Dame 5/15/26: 5/21/26p7

Jones, Albert, weds Catherine Bannon 3/28/24: 4/4/24p1

Jones, Clara R., died 2/28/28: 3/2/28p9

Jones, Elizabeth, weds Mark McCarthy 5/5/22: 5/12/22p7

Jones, Georgia L., died 11/13/24: 11/21/24p8

Jones, John P., died 9/16/24: 9/19/24p7

Jones, Martha, died 10/7/21: 10/14/21p8

Jones, Susan, died 10/6/27: 10/7/27p8

Jones, Warren C., died 7/21/28: 7/27/28p9

Josselyn, Edward, works 57 years for B&M railroad: 4/2/26p1

Josselyn, Horace, died 4/25/24: 5/2/24p16

Joyal, Rose, weds June Rainville 6/5/28: 6/8/28p9

Joyce, Asbury J., died 4/10/26: 4/16/26p4

Judd, Rosie, weds Arthur Brassaw 8/6/25: 8/14/25p7

Junkins, Clarence E., died 6/8/28: 6/15/28p9

Junkins, Eugene, weds Ethel Gerrish 11/5/25: 11/13/25p1

Kay, Joseph, weds Lucy O'Malley 8/27/23: 8/31/23p7

Keating, Patrick died 1/3/25: 1/8/26p1

Keene, Josie, weds Frank Lake 4/2/21: 4/8/21p4

Kelley, Florence, died 2/5/27: 2/9/27p8

Kelley, Frank, died 11/7/26: 11/12/26p12

Kelley, Harry, weds Nora Gillispie 2/?/24: 2/22/24p6

Kelley, Michael, weds Belle Mayette 10/11/26: 10/15/26p8

Kelley, Mrs. Joseph, died 4/?/27: 5/6/27p8

Kelliher, Julia, weds Clifford Hart 5/7/28: 6/1/28p1

Kelly, Paul, died 1/18/23: 1/26/23p5

Kendall, Hazel, weds Norman Glidden 10/26/25: 10/30/25p8

Kendall, Mrs. William H., died 2/10/23: 2/16/23p12

Kendall, Pearl F., died 3/10/27: 3/18/27p4

Kendall, William, weds Pearl Ferguson 6/9/26: 6/25/26p3

Kendell, William, weds Ella Swett 10/24/27: 10/28/27p8

Kendrick, Kate D., died 6/11/23: 6/15/23p2

Kennan, Geraldine, weds Alden Huckins 6/3/22: 6/9/22p4

Kenney, Bernice, weds Frank Wallace 12/2/22: 12/8/22p1

Kenney, Daniel, weds Marion Shepard 7/27/23: 8/3/23p1

Kenyon, Annie, weds Louis Gauthier 5/18/26: 5/21/26p8

Kerr, Rose, weds Charles Willett 9/26/21: 9/30/21

Keyes, Lizzie S., died 10/12/29: 10/18/29p8

Kidney, Maurice, weds Olivia Snow 11/15/27: 11/18/27p9

Kilcoine, Michael, died 10/1/24: 10/3/24p7

Kilcoine, Thomas, died 1/23/25: 1/30/25p10

Kimball, Charles A., died 1/1/28: 1/6/28p9

Kimball, Edward L., died 5/12/24: 5/16/24p8

Kimball, Eleanor, died 5/28/25: 6/5/25p7

Kimball, Ella, weds Harry Otis 7/19/24: 7/25/24p2

Kimball, George, weds Gladys Corson 4/11/21: 4/15/21p2

Kimball, Henry W., died 9/12/28: 9/14/28pp8,9

Kimball Jr., Nathaniel, weds Clara Chipman 9/7/23: 9/14/23p2

Kimball, Ralph M., died 2/16/22: 2/24/22p12;3/3/22p2

Kimball, Ralph, weds Gladys Wingate 9/9/21: 9/16/21p8

King, Eliza, died 7/22/25: 7/31/25p12

King, Ellen, died 4/10/23: 4/13/23p8

Kingston, Ellen, died 11/18/29: 11/22/29p12

Kiroac, Mabel, weds Amedee Couture 6/8/26: 6/11/26p1

Knell, Leon, weds Jeanette Malcomb 8/7/26: 8/13/26p2

Kramer, Isabelle, died 10/23/27: 10/28/27p5

Labby, Ruth, weds Berbert Randall 10/17/25: 10/30/25p7

Labrie, Aurelle, died 1/5/25: 1/9/25p12

Labrie, Edna, weds Joseph Boisvert 8/16/27: 8/19/27p1

Labrie, Fred, weds Cecile Doyen 6/9/24: 6/13/24p8

Labrie, Hormidas, died 9/7/27: 9/9/27p5

Labrie, Joseph, weds Marjorie Wiggin 5/14/23: 5/18/23p1

Labrie, Louis, died 11/9/23: 11/16/23p5

Labrodor, Joseph, died 4/13/26: 4/16/26p4

Lacasse, Aureli, died 1/?/25: 1/30/25p5

Lacasse, Edgar, weds Lucy Brouillard 9/1/24: 9/5/24p1

Lachance, Belora, weds George Drapeau 2/2/25: 2/5/25p7

Lachance, Joseph, weds Ruth Mathews 12/25/24: 1/2/25p1

Lachance, Leontine, died 6/20/25: 6/26/25p4

Lachance, Lillian, weds Wilfred Nutbrown 8/10/25: 8/14/25p6

Lachance, Richard, died 3/1/26: 3/5/26p7

Lachapelle, Laura, weds Arthur Coram 9/3/28: 9/7/28p9

Lachapelle Jr., Joseph, weds Marie Turgeon 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

Lacroix, Delvina, weds Ovilla Dumont 10/25/26: 10/29/26p2

Lacroix, William, weds Jennie Boucher 11/12/23: 11/16/23p7

LaFay, Joseph, weds Gladys Nichols 5/16/25: 5/22/25p3

Lagasse, Pauline, weds Edward Rumazza 10/19/29: 10/25/29p9

Lagotte, Belia, died 6/5/28: 6/8/28p4

Lajoie, Wilbrod, weds Exilia Willett 11/10/24: 11/14/24p3

Lake, Frank, weds Josie Keene 4/2/21: 4/8/21p4

Lambert, Rosanne, died 2/26/23: 3/2/23p9

Lamontagne, Edgar, weds Anna Lessard 10/26/29: 11/1/29

Lamonte, Georgie, weds Roy Harvey 3/28/21: 4/1/21p3

Lamper, Herbert, weds Hazel Littlefield 12/30/22: 1/5/23p7

Landry, Alfred, weds Delvina Bouchard 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Landry, Arline, weds Wilfred Turgeon 7/3/28: 7/6/28p1

Landry, Elsie, weds Gideon Letourneay 6/4/27: 6/10/27p1

Landry, Joseph, weds Annabel Belanger 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Lane, Kathleen, weds James McKenney 4/25/22: 4/28/22p1

Lane, Nellie, weds George Watkins 6/6/23: 6/8/23p4

Lane, Thomas W., died 2/12/23: 2/16/23p6

Langelier, Lucien, weds Rose Potvin 8/20/23: 8/24/23p2

Langevin, Joseph, died 8/18/24: 8/22/24p12

Langford, Calvin H., died 4/22/25: 5/1/25p10

Langley, Alonzo D., died 5/22/23: 5/25/23p5

Langley, Nellie K., died 11/22/22: 11/24/22p5;12/1/22p7

Lanoie, Natalie, died 9/28/29: 10/4/29p16

Lanoix, Edgar, weds Madeline Perreault 8/21/22: 8/25/22p1

Lanoix, Elphie, weds Hilda Bowie 4/4/25: 4/10/25p6

Lanoixe, Damase, died 10/4/22: 10/6/22p8

Larion, Emma, died 1/9/23: 1/12/23p1

Larkin, Alexander, weds Beatrice Bergeron 6/1/25: 6/5/25p8

Larochelle, Amanda, weds Hilaire Pouliot 11/23/21: 12/2/21p9

Larochelle, Beatrice, weds Maurice Gelinas 10/16/22: 10/20/22p12

Larochelle, Emma, died 5/15/27: 5/20/27p5

Larochelle, Eva, weds Ernest Hebert 10/29/23: 11/2/23p7

Larochelle, Eva, weds Wilfred Valley 11/27/24: 12/5/24p16

Larochelle, Evelyn, weds Ernest Mireault 6/6/27: 6/10/27p1

Larochelle, Joseph, weds Aurorie Gagne 10/?/20: 10/29/20p4

Larochelle, Laura, weds Arthur Bisson 4/23/23: 4/27/23p8

Larochelle, Marianna, weds Arthur Dumont 4/18/21: 4/22/21p9

Larochelle, Marie, weds John Adams 1/28/24: 2/1/24p10

Larochelle, Marie, weds Joseph Turcotte 5/8/22: 5/12/22p8

Larochelle, Norman, died 12/1/26: 12/3/26p5

Larochelle, Richard, weds Emilienne Hebert 10/11/27: 10/14/27p4

Larochelle, Wilhelmina, weds Arthur Desaulnier 11/6/22: 11/10/22p5

Larose, Leo, weds Alma Sylvain 10/18/20: 10/22/20p7

Lary, Lydia died 6/3/24: 6/13/24p5

Latonnette, Alvin, weds Blanche Goodwin 4/26/24: 5/2/24p16

Laurion, Angeline, died 6/23/26: 6/25/26p8

Laurion, Edmond, weds Yvonne Gilbert 6/14/26: 6/18/26p5

Laurion, Theodore, weds Phoebe Allaire 11/26?/25: 12/4/25p12

Laverdiere, Clement, died 11/29/26: 12/3/26p5

Lavertue, Mary B., died 6/2/28: 6/8/28p4

Lawes, Vincent A, died 5/20/28: 5/25/28p8

Lawrence, C.E., weds Florence Tuck 4/26/23: 5/4/23p9

Lawrence, C. E. S., died 6/12/26: 6/18/26p4

Lea, Daniel, died 5/29/28: 6/1/28p8

Leary, Patrick, died 4/11/21: 4/15/21p8

Leavitt, Anna W., died 9/5/27: 9/9/27p5

Leavitt, Annie W., died 9/5/27: 9/16/27p7

Leavitt, Charles S., died 3/31/27: 4/1/27p8

Leblond, Albertine, weds Eugene Bernard 6/5/23: 6/8/23p8

Leblond, Ernest, died 11/26/29: 11/29/29p8

Leblond, Honore, weds Alexandrine Routhier 9/?/23: 9/14/23p10

LeBlond, Peter, died 7/5/27: 7/8/27p1

LeBouthillier, Patrick, weds Della Creteau 5/15/22: 5/19/22p9

Lebrecque, Ariole, weds Alice Grenier 4/17/22: 4/21/22p11

Lebrecque, George, weds Yvonne Cretien 7/4/28: 7/13/28p4

LeBrun, Helena, weds Joseph Ramsey 1/27/23: 2/2/23p11

Leclair, George, weds Florence Cartier 11/27/26: 12/3/26p8

Leeman, Reginald, weds Ruby Pike 8/18/23: 8/24/23p2

Lefebvre, Ellen G., died 10/5/22: 10/13/22p12

Legro, David A., died 4/6/26: 4/23/26p2

Leigh, George, died 1/10/24: 1/11/24p12;1/18/24p11

Leigh, Ruth, died 6/21/25: 6/26/25p7

Leighton, James A., died 3/3/23: 3/9/23p2

Leighton, Mary A., died 3/23/27: 4/1/27p8

Leighton, Sadie A., died 11/19/23: 11/23/23p8

Leighton, Sophia E., died 4/29/22: 5/5/22p4

Lemay, Clarence, weds Ellen O'Hagan 4/?/28: 4/27/28p8

Lemire, Alfred, weds Amelia Roberge 7/5/24: 7/11/24p11

Lemire, Emerand, died 9/6/23: 9/14/23p5

Lemire, Julia, died 7/6/23: 7/13/23p9

Lemire, Mary, weds Romeo Dugas: 6/29/23p8

Lempke, Elizabeth, weds Carl Wyberg 3/14/23: 3/16/23p8

Lenoix, George, weds Katherine Goggins 10/7/20: 10/15/20p3

Leperpe, Wilfred, weds Marie Letourneau 1/1/23: 1/5/23p12

Lessard, Anna, weds Edgar Lamontagne 10/26/29: 11/1/29p8

Lessard, Christine, died 3/9/23: 3/16/23p16

Lessard, Georgianna, died 5/11/22: 5/12/22p8

Lessard, Marie, weds Amaie Dostie 6/18/28: 6/22/28p5

Lessard, Narcisse, weds Marie Tremblay 7/7/26: 7/9/26p8

Letch, Carl, weds Mildred Parker 7/22/25: 7/31/25p12

Letourneau, Gideon, weds Elsie Landry 6/6/27: 6/10/27p1

Letourneau, Jeannette, weds Alfred Gagne 10/12/25: 10/16/25p5

LeTourneau, Joseph died 2/28/27: 3/4/27p8

Letourneau, Marie, weds Wilfred Leperpe 1/1/23: 1/5/23p12

Letourneau, Yvonne, weds Paul Rainville 6/15/25: 6/19/25p4

Levesque, Albert, weds Wilda Gagne 5/3/27: 5/6/27p5

Levesque, Mary, weds Joseph Demers 6/18/23: 6/22/23p5

Libby, Daniel D., celebrates 83rd birthday: 3/6/25p11

Libby, Daniel D., died 10/22/26: 10/29/26p5

Libby, Frank H., died 9/27/23: 10/5/23pp4,7;10/5/23p8

Libby, Ida, weds Leo Grassie 12/20/23: 12/28/23p11

Libby, Leslie, weds Christine Chamberlain 6/4/27: 6/10/27p12

Lincoln, Fred, weds Emma Dore 6/16/25: 6/19/25p4

Linguard, Joseph, died 3/2/22: 3/10/22p5

Linscott, Albert L., died 12/26/25: 1/1/26p11

Littlefield, Bertha, weds Walter Carll 9/5/22: 9/9/22p12

Littlefield, Edna, weds Sumner Reynolds 10/1/24: 10/3/24p1

Littlefield, George, weds Gertrude Clough 8/5/22: 8/11/22p12

Littlefield, Harry, died 8/5/27: 8/12/27p1

Littlefield, Hazel, weds Herbert Lamper 12/30/22: 1/5/23p7

Littlefield, Martha M., died 12/14/24: 12/26/24p1

Livingstone, Emma, weds Charles Brock 1/7/22: 1/13/22p12

Livingstone, J. Edward, died 5/30/24: 6/6/24p7

Locke, Clarence, weds Lillian Morrison 3/15/22: 3/24/22p5

Locke, Elisha E., died 12/30/27: 1/6/28p13

Locke, J. W., died 12/?/24: 1/2/25p6

Locke, Lillian, weds Allen Albee 5/1/28: 5/25/28p13

Locke, Saphronia, celebrates 91st birthday: 6/8/23p3

Locke, Saphronia, celebrates 92nd birthday: 6/6/24p3

Locke, Saphronia, celebrates 94th birthday: 6/4/26p3

Longley, Evvie, weds Charles Hussey 10/19/29: 11/1/29p8

Looney, Emily E., died 4/22/21: 4/29/21p2;5/6/21p9

Lord, Beatrice, weds Norman Hayes 6/23/25: 6/26/25p5

Lord, Charles F., died 6/17/27: 6/24/27p4

Lord, Frank H., died 10/2/22: 10/27/22p2

Lord, Frederick J., died 2/16/26: 2/19/26p8

Lord, George, weds Louise Quincy 1/22/27: 2/4/27p12

Lord, Harriett, weds Norman Hayes 7/1/25: 7/3/25p2

Lord, Hiram, died 6/?/25: 6/26/25p3

Lord, Ruth, weds Paul Andrews 10/8/26: 10/15/26p5

Lorendeau, Hazel, weds Joseph Rodrique 9/15/24: 9/19/24p11

Lougee, Mary A.., died 5/15/23: 5/18/23p7

Loveland, Annette, weds Howard Holton 12/18/22: 12/22/22p5

Lowd, Abbie S., died 8/25/24: 8/29/24p11

Lowd, Nancy M., died 10/17/23: 10/19/23p7;10/26/23p7

Lowe, Elizabeth, died 1/7/22: 1/13/22p11

Lowe, Robert, weds Corrinne McKane 3/20/27: 3/25/27p8

Lowell, Elizabeth J., died 5/18/23: 5/25/23p5

Lowell, Elwyn, weds Helen Newcombe 11/25/21: 12/2/21p9

Lowell, LLewellyn 6/?/27: 6/24/27p12

Lucas, Doris, weds Ivan Tattersall 11/?/27: 11/18/27p8

Lucey, Annie, died 11/26/24: 12/5/24p7

Lucey, David J., died 12/17/22: 12/22/22pp2B,5

Lucey, Joanna D., died 3/15/22: 3/17/22p7;3/24/22p11

Luneau, Eugene, died 10/30/29: 11/1/29p8;11/8/29p16

MacDonald, Sarah B., died 12/23/25: 12/25/25p4

Maddox, Daniel, died 12/15/24: 12/19/24p7

Magnom, Antonio, weds Hazel Veno 6/4/27: 6/10/27p1

Magnon, Joseph, died 2/26/28: 3/2/28p12

Magood, J. Frank, celebrates 81st birthday: 7/17/25p7

Magood, J. Frank, died 5/15/26: 5/21/26p7

Magoon, Kenneth, weds Diana Hebert 10/1/21: 10/7/21p4

Mahoney, Dennis, died 4/18/23: 4/20/23p8

Malcomb, Jeanette, weds Leon Knell 8/7/26: 8/13/26p2

Mallett, Maude, weds Elmer Akers 11/15/20: 11/26/20p1

Mallett, W. C., is survivor of Civil War: 11/29/29p13

Mallette, M&M W. C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/4/21p1

Maloney, John, weds Lee Cushman 10/?/29: 10/25/29p1

Manion, Michael, died 10/16/20: 10/22/20p11

Manning, Ada L., died 3/8/22: 3/17/22p11

Manning, Frank, weds Mabel Hanscom 10/10/21: 10/14/21p4

Marble, George F., died 3/16/24: 3/21/24p8

Marble, Hannah, died 4/26/22: 4/28/22p7

March, Hazel, weds Raymond Palmer 11/20/27: 11/25/27p9

March, Jennie M., died 2/8/25: 2/13/25p8

Marchand, Arthur, died 1/22/28: 1/27/28p8

Marchand, Gladys, weds Wilfred Dallaire 10/12/25: 10/16/25p8

Marchand, Goodyear, weds Celia Parent 10/13?/27: 10/14/27p4

Marcotte, ???, weds Freeman Parshley 12/15/23: 12/21/23p3

Marcotte, Leo, weds Yvonne Grondin 1/26/25: 1/30/25p7

Marcotte, Marie, weds Joseph Caron 1/8/23: 1/12/23p1

Marcotte, Mary, weds Alphonse Biron 9/5/27: 9/9/27p1

Marcotte, Rilla F., died 3/11/27: 3/18/27p4

Marcoux, Archie, weds Irene Marshal 6/20/21: 6/24/21p7

Marcoux, Archie, died 5/31/27: 6/3/27p12

Marcoux, Gaspard, died 4/29/26: 4/30/26p8

Marcoux, Gideon, weds Odena Ruel 6/19/22: 6/23/22p12

Marcoux, Henry, weds Lucy Willett 10/11/20: 10/15/20p8

Marcoux, M&M Marjorique, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/27/28p9

Marden, Clifford, weds Olive Clement 1/25/28: 2/3/28p9

Marden, Mary J., died 3/3/25: 3/6/25p12

Marquis, Ferdinand, died 2/27/21: 3/4/21p5

Marquis, Leon, weds Emilda Vachon 9/11/22: 9/15/22p1

Marrison, J. Linlay, died 4/2/23: 4/27/23p3;5/4/23p3

Marsden, Mary, died 4/19/24: 4/25/24p7;5/2/24p7

Marsh, Martha J., died 7/8/21: 7/15/21p7

Marsh, Mildred T., died 12/11/21: 12/16/21p20

Marsh, Robert, weds Louise Page 3/27/26: 4/2/26p7

Marshal, Irene, weds Archie Marcoux 6/20/21: 6/24/21p7

Marshall, Edward, weds Brenda Copeland 10/12/29: 10/18/29p1

Martin, Etienne, died 7/21/25: 7/24/25p8

Martineau, Chester, died 3/3/24: 3/7/24p8

Martineau, Edward, weds Angelina Bretton 1/27/25: 1/30/25p3

Martineau, Estras, died 10/29/29: 11/1/29p8

Mason, Albert F.--a profile: 9/12/24p2

Mason, Albert F., died 8/28/28: 8/31/28pp4,16;9/7/28p13;9/14/28p4

Massey, Cecile, died 8/30/24: 9/5/24p12

Massey, Emil, died 1/2/22: 1/6/22p11

Masury, Eleanor, weds Burton Sylvaster 1/28/28: 2/3/28p8

Masury, John, weds Eleanor Fownes 11/19/21: 11/25/21p11

Mathews, Alice, weds Edgar Darling 11/3/20: 11/12/20p12

Mathews, Marion, weds George Chase 8/3/21: 8/5/21p1

Mathews, Ruth, weds Joseph Lachance 12/25/24: 1/2/25p1

Mawson, Mary, weds Joseph Downing 1/21/22: 1/27/22p9

Maxfield, Beatrice, weds Herbert Young 6/7/24: 6/13/24p8

Maxfield Jr., Henry, weds Lena Poisson 9/7/25: 9/11/25p1

Maxfield, Leo, weds Nester Young 3/27/25: 4/3/25p4

Maxfield, Olivia, died 8/22/22: 8/25/22p12

May, Everett, weds Elizabeth Hildreth 9/5/25: 9/11/25p7

May, Georgiana, weds John Dexter 2/23/26: 3/5/26p5

May, Joseph, died 3/30/21: 4/1/21p1

Mayette, Belle, weds Michael Kelley 10/11/26: 10/15/26p8

Mayo, John, weds Mary Moore 11/24/24: 12/5/24p16

Mayo, John, weds Blanche Pouliot 6/26/23: 6/29/23p1

McAllister, Hope, weds Walker Caddell 1/21/28: 1/27/28p9

McCallister, John, died 11/22/22: 11/24/22p4

McCarthy, Mark, weds Elizabeth Jones 5/5/22: 5/12/22p7

McClelland, Elizabeth, died 8/17/23: 8/17/23p8

McCome, Velma, died 2/15/23: 2/16/23p12

McCornile, Walter, weds Helen Andrews 4/?/23: 5/4/23p8

McCrillis, Edrie, weds Herbert Carpenter 7/3/22: 7/7/22p11

McCrillis, Eileen, weds Richard Mealey 10/19/29: 10/25/29p9

McCrillis, Lydia C., celebrates 90th birthday 1/7/22: 1/13/22p11

McCrillis, Lydia A., died 3/30/23: 4/6/23p7

McCrillis, Marjorie, weds Carl Tenney 10/3/23: 10/5/23pp5,7

McCrillis, Mary, weds Seth Sylvester 6/?/22: 7/21/22p11

McCrillis, Norma, weds Joshua Studley 6/27/25: 7/3/25p9

McCullough, Herbert, weds Sylvia Foss 2/2/24: 2/8/24p4

McDonald, Annie, died 1/31/21: 2/4/21p12

McDonald, Felix, weds Marie Poisson 2/5/23: 2/9/23p1

McDonald, Ralph W., died 7/14/27: 7/22/27pp7,9

McDonald, Stuart, weds Eugenia Morrill 11/3/22: 11/10/22p5

McDuffee, Carrie, died 811/25: 8/14/25p12

McDuffee, Frank, honored at Oxford University: 6/6/24p6

McDuffee, George T., died 10/20/21: 10/28/21p8

McDuffee, George, died 6/3/23: 6/8/23pp8,9

McDuffee, John, weds Mavis Weddington 12/29/21: 1/27/22p3

McDuffee, Martha J., died 5/19/28: 5/25/28p8

McDuffee, Mary E., died 12/17/23: 12/21/23p2

McDuffee, Mary F., died 3/22/23: 3/30/23p9

McDuffee, Maude, weds Frederick Neilson 5/15/23: 5/25/23p9

McDuffee, Nancy J., died 6/29/27: 7/1/27p8

McDuffee, Noah, died 4/9/22: 4/14/22p5

McDuffee, Ruth A., died 12/10/21: 12/16/21p24;5/26/22p13("A Tribute")

McDuffee, Sarah E., died 7/20/23: 7/27/23p8

McDuffy, James W., died 2/16/22: 2/24/22p9

McElroy, Susan, died 2/8/23: 2/16/23p11

McGinn, Michael, died 11/13/22: 11/17/22p4

McIntire, Elizabeth, weds Benjamin Brown 1/?/28: 2/3/28p1

McIntire, Frances, weds Howard Sceggel 12/21/29: 12/27/29p2

McIntire, Mabel, weds Ernest Stillings 11/29/23: 12/7/23p4

McIver, Angus, weds Marjorie Guy 7/3/26: 7/9/26p2

McKane, Corrinne, weds Robert Lowe 3/20/27: 3/25/27p8

McKay, Alice, died 1/9/28: 1/13/28p8;1/20/28p16

McKeen, Doris, weds Harold Rollins 3/26/21: 4/1/21p5

McKenney, James, weds Kathleen Lane 4/25/22: 4/28/22p1

McKenney, Lizzie, weds Charles Cummings 4/4/22: 4/7/22p12

McKenny, Ronald, weds Maude Purrington 3/?/21: 3/11/21p11

McKenzie, George W., died 11/27/27: 12/2/27p5

McLean, Lydia A., died 6/6/25: 6/12/25p8

McLeod, Edna, weds Sumner Evans 7/27/25: 7/31/25p12

McLeod, John, died 11/24/26: 12/3/26p7

McLeod, Maude, weds Elmer Thompson 12/27/24: 1/2/25p12

McManus, Marion, weds Patrick Casey 6/5/22: 6/9/22p11

McMennamin, Bessie, weds Harry Howard 11/25/27: 12/2/27p8

McNalley, Richard, weds Leda Cartier 1/12/25: 1/16/25p3

McNally, Alice, weds William O'Neil 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

McNeil, Angeline, weds Joseph Paul 10/?/29: 10/25/29p14

McNeil, Uriah, weds Bessie Ferguson 2/15/22: 2/17/22p12

McNeill, Edward C., died 1/26/24: 2/1/24p12

McNish, Lavina J., died 6/30/23: 7/6/23p7

McQuade, Andrew, died 12/2/22: 12/8/22p15

McQuade, Rose, died 10/3/27: 10/7/27p8

McShane, Elizabeth R., died 11/5/21: 11/11/21p9

McSweeney, John, died 3/25/28: 3/30/28p16

Meader, Carleton, weds Louise Grant 5/28/21: 6/3/21p1

Meader, Eli, died 3/3/21: 3/4/21p12

Meader, Ellen F., died 2/1/24: 2/8/24p6

Meader, James V., died 12/?/26: 12/24/26pp8,13

Meader, Jessie B., died 7/17/24: 7/18/24p6

Meader, Lizzie H., died 12/15/25: 12/18/25p4

Meader, Lois, weds Howard Halliday 1/23/26: 1/29/26p7

Meader, Raymond, weds Gladys Nixon 6/21/21: 6/24/21p8

Mealey, Richard, weds Eileen McCrillis 10/19/29: 10/25/29p9

Merrifield, Sumner Q., died 2/23/21: 2/25/21p12;3/4/21p5;3/11/21p2

Merrill, Herbert, died 5/21/23: 5/25/23p8

Merrow, Etta, weds Charles Andrews 9/23/22: 10/6/22p5

Messier, Cancie, weds Louis Pinot 6/9/24: 6/13/24p8

Messier, William, weds Marion Gary 10/19/29: 10/25/29p12

Messier, Yvonne, weds Ernest Gelinas 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Miles, Martha, weds Norman Young 9/1/28: 9/14/28p9

Miller, Hugh, weds Mary Hersom 6/11/22: 6/15/22p8

Miller, Margaret H., died 4/10/26: 4/16/26p4

Miller, Marion D., died 7/1/27: 7/8/27p9

Milliken, Harry L., died 3/8/24: 3/14/24p14

Mills, Bernice, weds William Courier 12/?/29: 12/20/29p9

Mills, Carrie, weds Melvin Carpenter 9/9/22: 9/15/22p7

Mills, Carrie B., died 6/19/27: 6/24/27p9

Milne, Georgie, weds Charles Dame 8/4/25: 8/7/25p12

Minon, Josephine, weds Joseph Moison 11/19/23: 11/23/23p8

Mireault, Ernest, weds Evelyn Larochelle 6/6/27: 6/10/27p1

Mitchell, Albert, weds Arlene Brochu 6/29/25: 7/3/25p1

Mitchell, Dorothy, weds Cecile Boody 6/26/26: 7/2/26p3

Mitchell, Joseph F., died 10/26/22: 11/3/22p2

Moison, Joseph, weds Josephine Minon 11/19/23: 11/23/23p8

Monge, Joseph, died 4/20/23: 4/27/23p8

Moody, Lula, weds William VanBuskirk 1/27/27: 4/8/27p9

Moody, Teresa, weds Robert Ramsdell 2/17/26: 2/26/26p11

Mooney, Benjamin, weds Annie Hodsdon 6/22/21: 7/1/21p8

Mooney, Herbert O., died 8/30/28: 9/7/28p16

Mooney, William W., died 3/23/28: 3/23/28p1

Moore, Etta N., died 6/22/25: 6/26/25p2

Moore, George F., died 1/8/27: 1/14/27p8

Moore, Harold, weds Evelyn Howard 6/3/28: 6/8/28p8

Moore, Mary, weds John Mayo 11/24/24: 12/5/24p16

Morehouse, Oscar G., died 11/?/20: 11/12/20p2

Morgan, Maggie, died 3/5/25: 3/6/25p1

Morin, Ernest, weds Teresa George 8/?/25: 8/14/25p11

Morley, Joseph A., died 7/27/24: 8/1/24p6

Morrill, Eugenia, weds Stuart McDonald 11/3/22: 11/10/22p5

Morrill, Florence, weds Guy Sanborn 6/20/25: 6/26/25p1

Morrill, Lillian, weds Herbert Worster: 10/28/27p9

Morrill, Mabel, weds Charles Foss 7/28/21: 8/5/21p1

Morrill, Marjorie, weds Bert Woodward 6/27/25: 7/3/25p9

Morrill, Ruth, weds Leon Calef 10/5/29: 10/11/29p8

Morrill, William, weds Esther Hatch 7/5/27: 7/8/27p1

Morrison, Beulah, weds Reginald Hayes 6/25/27: 7/1/27p7

Morrison, Cecil, weds Harriet Munson 9/14/29: 9/20/29p1

Morrison, Ellen, died 1/23/27: 1/28/27p8;2/4/27p13

Morrison, Frank H., died 6/30/25: 7/3/25p5;7/10/25p3

Morrison, George S., died 11/9/29: 11/15/29p9

Morrison, Harry, weds Melinda Picard 11/6/22: 11/10/22p8

Morrison, Lillian, weds Clarence Locke 3/15/22: 3/24/22p5

Morrison, Philip, weds Gladys Hilsop 8/2/21: 8/5/21p12

Morrison, Raymond, weds Marion Holmes 11/15/24: 11/21/24p7

Morrison, Roger, weds Mary Corson 6/3/22: 6/9/22p2

Mortimer, Mrs. Albert, died 6/15/21: 6/17/21p1;6/24/21p8

Morton, Georgie, died 2/6/26: 2/12/26p8

Morton, Isabel, weds Nelson Burroughs 12/?/23: 12/7/23p13

Mortenson, Charles, died 11/9/27: 11/11/27p8

Moy, Irene, weds Bernard Hough 6/26/27: 7/8/27p1

Munson, Harriet, weds Cecil Morrison 9/14/29: 9/20/29p1

Murphy, James, weds Josephine Rumazza 6/25/23: 6/29/23p8

Nadeau, Claudia, weds Fred Castonguay 11/5/23: 11/9/23p7

Nadeau, Cora, weds Joseph Paquette 10/?/24: 10/17/24p8

Nadeau, Doris, weds Ralph Cartier 5/5/24: 5/9/24p8

Nadeau, Joseph, weds Doris Ward 6/23/25: 6/26/25p8

Nadeau, Joseph, weds Marie Bilodeau 11/19/23: 11/23/23p8

Nadeau, Lillian, weds Luce Antil 4/20/25: 4/24/25p8

Nadeau, Rose, died 1/19/27: 1/21/27p8;1/28/27p9

Nadeau, Thomas, died 11/7/21: 11/11/21p9

Nadeau, Valia, weds Phillipe Pepin 8/17/25: 8/21/25p1

Nalibow, Jennie, weds Cecil Goodwin 4/11/22: 4/21/22p11

Nangle, Mary, weds John Piercy 12/26/23: 12/28/23p1

Nangle, Nellie, weds George Creteau 3/3/24: 3/7/24p13

Nason, Fannie G., died 10/7/21: 10/14/21p8

Nason, Leslie, weds Nancy Brouillard 2/7/22: 2/10/22p6

Neal, Alvan, died 2/14/24: 2/22/24p8

Needham, Luvilla, died 2/4/25: 2/5/25p8

Neilson, Frederick, weds Maude McDuffee 5/15/23: 5/25/23p9

Newbury, Edward, weds Louise Watson 9/14/26: 9/17/26p1

Newbury, Leo, weds Edith Wescott 4/7/23: 4/13/23p7

Newbury, Mildred, died 8/3/28: 8/10/28p8

Newcombe, Helen, weds Elwyn Lowell 11/25/21: 12/2/21p9

Nichols, Eva J., died 12/26/27: 12/30/27p8

Nichols, Gladys, weds Joseph LaFay 5/16/25: 5/22/25p3

Nickerson, Della E., died 8/23/24: 8/29/24p12

Nickerson, Maurice, weds Florence Berry 9/25/23: 10/5/23p1

Nixon, Gladys, weds Raymond Meader 6/21/21: 6/24/21p8

Nixon, John, died 11/29/21: 12/2/21p11

Nixon, Jonathan, weds Elizabeth Bonenfont 7/?/28: 7/13/28p4

Noone, John, weds Henrietta Dorer 12/26/25: 1/1/26p10

Norman, Bessie M., died 10/1/29: 10/11/29p12

Norman, Grace L., died 7/18/21: 7/22/21p12

Norman, Thomas, weds Bessie Corson 5/27/22: 6/2/22p2

Norris, George, weds Ruby Rittner 5/1/23: 5/4/23p8

Northrup, Charles, died 2/9/24: 2/15/24p5

Norton, Helen, died 7/20/25: 7/24/25p10

Norton, Joseph, died 8/14/25: 8/21/25p1

Noyes, Mary, died 9/27/22: 10/6/22p7

Nutbrown, Wilfred, weds Lillian Lachance 8/10/25: 8/14/25p6

Nute, Alonzo E., died 4/1/21: 4/8/21p2

Nute, Byron T., died 11/5/21: 11/11/21p9

Nute, Clara, died 9/6/21: 9/16/21p12

Nute, Irving, died 4/10/26: 4/16/26p2a

Nute, M&M John S., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 3/23/28p9

Nute, Lizzie, died 8/18/24: 8/22/24p9

Nute, M&M John S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/20/25p7

Nute, M&M John S., celebrate 58th anniversary: 3/21/24p7

Nutter, Abbie, died 2/4/22: 2/10/22p11

Nutter, Clarence, died 6/10/21: 6/17/21p8

Nutter, Ellen, died 4/5/26: 4/9/26p8

Nutter, John M., died 5/?/28: 6/1/28p8

Nutter, Wesley, died 9/?/26: 10/1/26p8

O'Brien, Nora, weds Carl Ackerman 5/1/22: 5/5/22p1

O'Brien, Thomas, weds Ruby Johnson 5/9/21: 5/13/21p1

O'Hagan, Ellen, weds Clarence Lemay 4/?/28: 4/27/28p8

O'Kane, William, weds Elizabeth Doren 7/10/28: 7/13/28p4

O'Malley, Lucy, weds Joseph Kay 8/27/23: 8/31/23p7

O'Malley, Peter, died 4/2/24: 4/4/24p8

O'Neil, William, weds Alice McNally 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

O'Niell, William, died 9/12/21: 9/16/21p8

Olsen, Matilda, died 5/27/23: 6/1/23p8

Olsen, Olaus, died 3/29/21: 4/1/21p5

Ordway, Edson A., died 1/3/25: 1/9/25pp2,12

Ordway, Frances A., died 6/11/26: 6/18/26pp2,13

Orne, Charles, weds Mary Sanborn 9:24/24: 9/26/24p8

Osborne, Beatrice, weds George Wilson 6/28/24: 7/4/24p11

Osborne, Clarenda, died 3/30/24: 4/4/24p8

Osborne, Edward, weds Vera Hill 8/3/24: 8/8/24p12

Osborne, Florence, died 11/29/26: 12/3/26p8

Osborne, Florence J., died 6/10/25: 6/19/25p7

Osborne, Gladys, weds Arthur Carll 10/8/21: 10/14/21p9

Osborne, Henry, weds Frances Varney 9/8/21: 9/16/21p7

Osborne, Mary, died 2/5/28: 2/10/28p5

Osbourne, David, died 5/17/25: 5/22/25p6

Osbourne, Florence J., died 6/11/25: 6/12/25p8

Osgood, Amanda., died 6/16/23: 6/22/23p7

Osgood, Charles W., died 4/28/22: 5/5/22p7

Otis, Carl, died 11/11/21: 11/18/21p13

Otis, Caroline E., died 4/23?/28: 4/27/28p13

Otis, David, died 1/2/26: 1/7/27p5

Otis, Etta J., died 9/?/29: 9/20/29p8

Otis, Everett, weds Gladys Hall 12/10/21: 12/16/21p1

Otis, Frank, died 6/4/21: 6/10/21p11

Otis, George E., died 2/21/25: 3/6/25p4

Otis, Gladys, died 8/23/24: 8/29/24pp11,12

Otis, Harry, weds Ella Kimball 7/19/24: 7/25/24p2

Otis, James F., died 6/1/21: 6/3/21p12

Otis, Maria T., died 7/9?/23: 7/13/23p8

Ouilette, Albert, weds Leonelda Custeau 5/30/28: 6/1/28p1

Paey, Rena, weds Gould Blair 4/3/26: 4/9/26p8

Page, Alice, weds James Beckingham 5/30/28: 6/8/28p8

Page, Beatrice, weds Virgil Pritchett 9/15/23: 9/21/23p10

Page Dorothy, weds William Watson 3/12/27: 3/18/27p4

Page, Elizabeth, died 4/24/24: 5/2/24p7

Page, Gladys, weds Donald Reed 9/4/26: 9/10/26p5

Page, Louise, weds Robert Marsh 3/27/26: 4/2/26p7

Page, Mrs. Charles, died 2/27/28: 3/2/28p8

Palmer, Abbie M., died 9/12/25: 9/18/25p3

Palmer, Bessie, died 6/3/23: 6/8/23p8

Palmer, Doris, weds Albert Perreault 11/?/23: 11/16/23p1

Palmer, George C., died 10/29/20: 11/5/20p8

Palmer, Gladys, weds Harry Phillips 4/25/21: 4/29/21p1

Palmer, Helen, weds Richard Robie 2/23/28: 7/13/28p9

Palmer, Nelson, weds Bertha Corson 3/25/28: 3/30/28p9

Palmer, Osmer, weds Gladys Stevens: 9/27/29p8

Palmer, Raymond, weds Hazel March 11/20/27: 11/25/27p9

Paquette, Emma, died 10/15/25: 10/23/25p13

Paquette, J. Harry 6/12/26: 6/18/26p4

Paquette, Joseph, weds Cora Nadeau 10/?/24: 10/17/24p8

Pare, Cyrille, weds Ernestine Gauthier 7/?/24: 7/25/24p2

Pare, Delphine, weds Frank Salice 10/23/22: 10/27/22p11

Pare, Francis, died 10/9/20: 10/15/20p8

Parent, Celia, weds Goodyear Marchand 10/13?/27: 10/14/27p4

Parker, Mildred, weds Carl Letch 7/22/25: 7/31/25p12

Parshley, Freeman, weds ??? Marcotte 12/15/23: 12/21/23p3

Parshley, Joseph, weds ??? Hayes 5/14/25: 5/22/25p3

Parshley, Mary, weds Alfred Evans 6/4/21: 6/10/21p5

Parshley, Mary E., died 7/?/27: 7/29/27p13

Parshley, Richmond, weds Bernice Adams 11/23/24: 11/28/24p1

Parsons, Addie F., died 12/25/23: 12/28/23p1

Parsons, Bernard, weds Mary Regan 12/7/24: 12/12/24p7

Parsons, Harold, weds Thelma Tebbetts 12/25/20: 12/31/20p11

Parsons, Ralph, weds Zilda Warburton 9/?/23: 10/5/23p7

Paul, Joseph, died 9/17/29: 9/27/29p8

Paul, Joseph, weds Angeline McNeil 10/?/29: 10/25/29p14

Payeur, Alice, died 7/18/26: 7/23/26p9

Pearl, Carl, weds Florence Evans 6/18/22: 6/23/22p8

Pearl, Charles, died 6/26/28: 6/29/28p8

Pearl, Olin H., died 6/16/28: 6/22/28p8

Pease, Thomas S., died 12/21/22: 12/29/22p8

Pease, Willis, weds Edith Perry 1/20/25: 3/20/25p4

Peck, Sarah, died 4/15/27: 4/22/27p8

Pelletier, Alcide, weds Antonia Desmarais 8/2/26: 8/6/26p5

Pelletier, Marie, weds Joseph Bergeron 10/9/22: 10/13/22p1

Pelletier, Mary, died 6/18/28: 6/22/28p8

Pelletier, Odeanna, weds Wilfred Turmelle 2/?/21: 2/11/21p7

Pennell, Drucilla, died 11/4/29: 11/8/29p8;11/15/29p8

Pennell, Edward S., died 2/14/24: 2/15/24p8

Pennell, Evelyn, weds Piper Forrest 2/5/27: 2/11/27p1

Pennell, Willis, died 5/3/26: 5/7/26p4

Pepin, Phillipe, weds Valia Nadeau 8/17/25: 8/21/25p1

Perkins, B. Frank, died 5/2/27: 5/6/27p2A

Perkins, Charles C., died 6/19/25: 6/26/25p3

Perkins, Louise, weds Harry Sawyer 5/3/21: 5/6/21p8

Perkins, Vila, died 3/13/22: 3/17/22p7

Perks, Nancy, weds Morton Wiggin 6/30/25: 7/3/25p3

Perreault, Albert, weds Doris Palmer 11/?/23: 11/16/23p1

Perreault, Jeannette, weds Laurence Boudreau 5/29/28: 6/1/28p1

Perreault, Joseph, died 9:29/24: 10/3/24p1

Perreault, Madeline, weds Edgar Lanoix 8/21/22: 8/25/22p1

Perreault, Marguerite, weds Raymond Creteau 4/21/25: 4/24/25p6

Perreault, Mrs. Frank, died 12/21/25: 12/25/25p4

Perreault, Philip, died 11/?/27: 11/18/27p5

Perron, Thomas, weds Elsie Turcotte 8/25/24: 8/29/24p1

Perry, Alberta, weds Reginald Hurd 1/14/28: 1/27/28p9

Perry, Edith, weds Willis Pease 1/18/25: 3/20/25p4

Perry, Ethel, weds Lafayette Gerald 10/?/25: 10/30/25p8

Peterson, Carl, weds Selma Seavey 1/26/23: 2/2/23p12

Peterson, James, weds Doris Hawkes 7/17/26: 7/23/26p1

Peterson, Sarah M., died 1/22/24: 1/25/24p12

Philbrick, Abbie M., died 11/3/29: 11/8/29p8;11/15/29p8

Philbrick, M&M John D., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/1/21p16

Philbrick, John D., died 5/14/26: 5/21/26p6

Philbrick, Seth, died 12/2/21: 12/9/21p7

Philbrook, William E., died 10/13/27: 10/14/27p8

Phillips, Amy, weds Robert Bell 9/6/22: 9/9/22p12

Phillips, Harry, weds Gladys Palmer 4/25/21: 4/29/21p1

Phillips, Marguerite, weds Clyde Grant 6/11/27: 6/17/27p6

Philpot, Hiram, celebrates 80th birthday: 5/27/27p8

Picard, Edward, died 12/17/27: 12/23/27p16

Picard, Melinda, weds Harry Morrison 11/6/22: 11/10/22p8

Pickard, Napolean, weds Sarah Winkley 2/23/25: 2/27/25p1

Pickard, Peter, weds Mary Berry 12/27/20: 12/31/20p7

Pickering, Leander P., died 11/19/23: 11/23/23p1

Pierce, Arthur, weds Hattie Corson 9/9/21: 9/16/21p7

Pierce, Fred, weds Irene Hartford 10/26/29: 11/1/29p9;11/8/29p1

Pierce, George, died 8/1/27: 8/5/27p8

Pierce, John C., died 10/16/21: 10/21/21p11

Pierce, Susan, died 5/18/21: 5/20/21p3

Piercy, Charles, weds Stella Vanbuskirk 2/12/26: 2/26/26p11

Piercy, John, weds Mary Nangle 12/26/23: 12/28/23p1

Piercy, William O., died 1/31/28: 2/3/28p8

Pike, Cecil, weds Lua Berry 9/26/26: 10/8/26p13

Pike, George, died 7/7/23: 7/13/23p8

Pike, Ruby, weds Reginald Leeman 8/18/23: 8/24/23p2

Pike, Sumner, weds Edith Cameron 5/?/22: 5/19/22p7

Pineo, Mary C., died 8/6/26: 8/13/26pp4,13

Pinfold, Annie E., died 10/24/21: 10/28/21p9

Pinkham, Fannie, weds George Downing 3/18/26: 3/26/26p2

Pinkham, Frank, weds Vera Bell 10/21/20: 10/29/20p1

Pinkham, George F., died 8/19/21: 8/26/21p9

Pinkham, Henry G., died 5/1/24: 5/2/24p8

Pinkham, Hilda, weds Lorenzo Gagne 2/24/25: 2/27/25p1

Pinkham, Laura E., died 9/20/29: 9/27/29p8

Pinot, Louis, weds Cancie Messier 6/9/24: 6/13/24p8

Piper, Forrest, weds Evelyn Pennell 2/5/27: 2/11/27p1

Piper, Marshall, died 4/1/22: 4/7/22p11

Place, James F., died 4/25/21: 5/6/21p2

Plourde, Anna C., died 2/27/28: 3/2/28p8

Plourde, Thomas, died 11/3/25: 11/6/25p5

Plumer, Helen, weds Charles Clement 9/1/26: 9/3/26p4

Plummer, Mrs. Charles F., died 1/?/28: 1/13/28p5

Plummer, Milton H., died 6/20/22: 6/23/22p12

Poisson, Edward, weds Cecile Desonier 9/15/24: 9/19/24p11

Poisson, Lena, weds Henry Maxfield Jr. 9/7/25: 9/11/25p1

Poisson, Marie, weds Felix McDonald 2/5/23: 2/9/23p1

Poisson, Narcisse, died 7/26/24: 8/1/24p10

Poisson, Onesine, weds Marie Sylvain 5/26/23: 6/1/23p8

Poisson, Rene, weds Bertha Brown 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Potvin, Ada, weds Harry Winkley 6/4/23: 6/8/23p8

Potvin, George, weds Beatrice Caron 11/16/25: 11/20/25p5

Potvin, Maurice, died (unknown): 11/12/20p9

Potvin, Rose, weds Lucien Langelier 8/20/23: 8/24/23p2

Pouliot, Blanche, weds John Mayo 6/26/23: 6/29/23p1

Pouliot, Elizabeth, died 7/17/22: 7/21/22p12

Pouliot, Fred, died 8/?/28: 8/31/28p4

Pouliot, Hilaire, weds Amanda Larochelle 11/23/21: 12/2/21p9

Pratt, Hazel, weds Earl Brock 5/19/23: 5/25/23p9

Pray, Martha J., died 10/31/20: 11/5/20p9

Pray, Mary, weds Edward Clough 4/17/22: 4/21/22p11

Pray, Otis, died 3/27/24: 3/28/24p1

Preeper, Caroline, weds William Rollins 5/17/22: 5/19/22p4

Prescott, Crosby H., died 12/8/21: 12/16/21p24

Prescott, Lillian O., died 5/11/23: 5/18/23p8

Preston, Frank B., died 8/29/27: 9/2/27p1;9/16/27p12

Preston, Harold, weds Doris Thompson 2/18/23: 2/23/23p10

Preston, Hilda, weds Ernest Cormier 2/12/28: 2/17/28p4

Priestly, Alice H., died 8/24/28: 8/31/28p8

Prince, Velma, died 5/4/28: 5/11/28p8

Pritchett, Virgil, weds Beatrice Page 9/15/23: 9/21/23p10

Proctor, Lewis, weds Velma Warburton 6/27/26: 7/2/26p7

Prood, John, weds Mary Conrad 11/28/29: 12/6/29p3

Prouty, James, died 3/26/28: 3/30/28p9

Pugsley, Raymond, weds Thelma Berry 6/6/22: 6/9/22p11

Pulsifer, Benjamin, weds Grace Woods 10/7/21: 10/7/21p6

Pulsifer, Roy, weds Ida Boodey 8/2/26: 8/6/26p3

Purrington, Maude, weds Ronald McKenny 3//21: 3/11/21p11

Putnam, Stanley, weds Barbara Sweet 11/27/26: 12/3/26p8

Purvis, Leonard, weds Catherine Clark 2/17/23: 2/23/23p11

Quimby, Alfred, weds Ruth Wallace 4/11/24: 4/18/24p13

Quimby, Ella , died 2/1/25: 2/13/25p2;2/5/25p2

Quimby, Frank, died 1/30/28: 2/3/28p8;2/10/28p4

Quimby, Frank K., died 6/17/23: 6/22/23p9

Quincy, Louise, weds George Lord 1/22/27: 2/4/27p12

Quinlan, William, died 6/22/24: 6/27/24p8

Quinn, Thomas, weds Mary Currier 3/31/23: 4/6/23p7

Rafferty, Charles, died 2/15/22: 2/17/22p12

Rainville, Ann, weds Emillian Desmerais 10/27/24: 10/31/24p2

Rainville, Jude, weds Rose Joyal 6/5/28: 6/8/28p9

Rainville, Paul, weds Yvonne Letourneau 6/15/25: 6/19/25p4

Rainville, Raine, weds Louise Boulanger 11/11/29: 11/15/29p8

Raizes, Peter, weds Anthipy Devopoulos 1/16/28: 1/20/28p16

Ramsbottom, Emma H., died 9/?/27: 9/9/27p8

Ramsdell, Doris, weds Frank Twitchell 11/10/23: 11/16/23p9

Ramsdell, Robert, weds Teresa Moody 2/17/26: 2/26/26p11

Ramsey, Ferma, weds Fredonia Turmelle 9/9/22: 9/15/22p7

Ramsey, Herbert, weds Florence Blackmar 1/?/21: 1/21/21p11

Ramsey, Joseph, weds Helena LeBrun 1/30/23: 2/2/23p11

Rand, Abbie B., died 3/21/28: 3/23/28p8;3/30/28p1

Rand, Ernest, died 7/27/24: 8/1/24p2

Rand Jr., Bickford, died 9/11/22: 9/15/22p9

Randall, Beatrice, died 8/17/25: 8/21/25p12

Randall, Herbert, weds Ruth Labby 10/17/25: 10/30/25p7

Rankin, Bertha, weds Walter Rollins 1/15/28: 1/20/28p1

Rankin, George R., died 5/28/25: 6/5/25p7

Rankins, Haven J., died 2/4/27: 2/11/27pp9,16

Rankins, Nellie, died 2/25/22: 3/3/22p11

Read, J. Frank, died 6/15/28: 6/22/28p8

Redman, William, died 11/10/22: 11/17/22p4

Reed, Donald, weds Gladys Page 9/4/26: 9/10/26p5

Reed, Erma, weds Laurence Goodwin 8/25/25: 8/28/25p8

Regan, Mary, weds Bernard Parsons 12/7/24: 12/12/24p7

Remick, Angie E., died 9/10/24: 9/12/24p8;9/19/24p2

Remick, Clayton, weds Elva Holland 9/25/26: 10/1/26p2

Remick, Colby, died 5/18/22: 5/19/22p8;5/26/22p7

Remick, Ethel, weds Earl Carpenter 1/30/22: 2/3/22p5

Remick, Margaret, died 7/22/26: 7/30/26p9

Remy, Euclid, weds Goldie Roberg 11/26/21: 12/2/21p9

Reynolds, Edward, weds Georgianna Wallace 9/10/22: 9/15/22p5

Reynolds, J. Fred, died 4/23/28: 5/4/28p1212

Reynolds, Mary 6/6/25: 6/10/25p8

Reynolds, Rachel, died 12/10/23: 12/14/23p7

Reynolds, Sumner, weds Edna Littlefield 10/1/24: 10/3/24p1

Rhines, Charles, weds Rachael Wiggin 8/?/27: 8/26/27p1

Rhodes, Gertrude G., died 11/6?/27: 11/11/27p12

Rhines, Esthena, died 5/17/24: 5/23/24p3

Richard, Cecile died 10/13/27: 10/21/27p8

Richard, Desneiges, weds John Charest 1/27/25: 1/30/25p8

Richard, Eliza, celebrates 92nd birthday: 8/10/23p7

Richard, Mary, died 5/6/28: 5/11/28p16

Richard, Rose, weds Frank Goudreau: 7/6/23p9

Richards, Alfred, weds Yvonne Gosselin 10/7/29: 10/11/29p8

Richards, Carrie, died 5/4/27: 5/6/27p4

Richards, Eliza T., died 9/2/24: 9/5/24p11

Richards, Frank I., died 9/1/28: 9/7/28p4

Richards, Grace K., died 5/28/21: 6/3/21p11

Richards, Lizzie A., died 12/9/27: 12/9/27p8

Richards, Lucille, weds Norman Hayes 2/4/24: 2/8/24p10

Richards, Napolean, weds Lorna Farmer 7/5/25: 7/10/25p7

Richards, Raymond, died 4/28/24: 5/2/24p3

Richards, Walter A., died 12/10/24: 12/19/24pp3,12;12/12/24p8

Richardson, Lillian R., died 10/10/20: 10/15/20p3

Richardson, Louis M., died 1/13/24: 1/18/24p10

Richardson, Louis M., weds Gertrude Clement 10/15/21: 10/21/21p11

Richardson, Morema S., died 5/12/28: 5/18/28p13

Ricker, Annie, died 10/7/22: 10/13/22p11

Ricker, Blanche, weds Thornton Tripp 12/11/20: 12/17/20p6

Ricker, Elsie, weds Paul Beaudoin 10/2/22: 10/6/22p1

Ricker, Fred R., died 2/3/22: 2/10/22p11

Ricker, Hazel, weds Leon Corson 12/31/22: 1/5/23p12

Ricker, John S., died 4/27/25: 5/1/25p8

Ricker, Lewis, died 5/2/23: 5/4/23p8

Ricker, William, family reunion held: 7/11/24p1

Ricker, Phoebe J., died 2/12/26: 2/19/26p8

Rigazio, John, weds Lena Rigazio 9/25/26: 10/1/26p8

Rigazio, Lena, weds John Rigazio 9/25/26: 10/1/26p8

Riggs, George, weds Margaret Bell 8/19/28: 8/24/28p16

Riley, Alton S., died 12/9/23: 12/14/23p13

Riley, Frank, died 6/8/27: 6/10/27p1

Riley, William H., died 2/15/22: 2/14/22p1;2/24/22p12

Rinden, Arthur, weds Gertrude Jenness 6/30/26: 7/2/26p1

Ritchie, Gideon, died 2/22/27: 2/25/27p9

Ritchie, Gideon, died 9/28/22: 10/6/22p7

Rittner, Ruby, weds George Norris 5/1/23: 5/4/23p8

Rivers, Georgianna, weds Sanborn Morrill 11/?/23: 11/9/23p6

Robbins, Frances, weds Thomas Varow 4/11/25: 4/17/25p14

Roberg, Goldie, weds Euclid Remy 11/26/21: 12/2/21p9

Roberge, Amelia, weds Alfred Lemire 7/5/24: 7/11/24p11

Roberts, Achsa S., died 5/6/28: 5/18/28p12

Roberts, Alvin, weds Marion Downing 2/8/25: 2/13/25p2

Roberts, Arabella, died 1/14/24: 1/18/24p1

Roberts, Asa, died 4/9/28: 4/13/28p9

Roberts, Beulah, weds Gerald Towle 6/25/27: 7/1/27p7

Roberts, Cecil, weds Myrtle Carter 11/30/27: 12/9/27p16

Roberts, Charles died 12/9/22: 12/15/22p1

Roberts, Charles A., died 5/22/23: 5/25/23p5

Roberts, Ella, died 5/23/28: 5/25/28p8

Roberts, Forrest, died 11/4/22: 11/10/22p7

Roberts, Fred H., died 5/16/25: 5/22/25p6

Roberts, Henry L., died 1/28/26: 2/5/26p5

Roberts, Henry, died 5/8/26: 5/14/26p4

Roberts, Horace H., died 3/4/21: 3/11/21pp5,12

Roberts, Mary H., died 1/15/24: 1/18/24p1

Roberts, Susanna, died 6/12/25: 6/19/25p6

Robie, Richard, weds Helen Palmer 2/23/28: 7/13/28p9

Robinson, Clara A., died 3/24/23: 3/30/23p3

Robinson, Dayton W., died 3/16/28: 3/23/28p16

Robinson, Lodema, died 1/20/28: 1/27/28p5

Robinson, Sybil, died 10/2/29: 10/11/29p8

Robinson, William E., died 5/17/27: 5/20/27p5

Rocheleau, Lydia, weds Peter Diambri 6/?/24: 6/13/24p10

Rodrique, Joseph, weds Hazel Lorendeau 9/15/24: 9/19/24p11

Rogers, Ansel, weds Violet Cyr 8/?/21: 9/2/21p11

Rogers, Delia, died 11/6/25: 11/13/25p8

Rogers, George C., died 6/21/25: 6/26/25p4

Rogers, Harriet, weds Leo Brennan 9/6/26: 9/10/26p5

Rogers, Lillian, died 1/12/27: 1/14/27p8

Rogers, Mary, died 12/7/26: 12/10/26p8

Rollins, Annie I., died 1/1/21: 11/4/21p5;11/11/21p8

Rollins, Caroline, died 10/5/29: 10/11/29p8

Rollins, Eliza A., died 8/3/21: 8/5/21p12

Rollins, George, died 10/20/21: 11/4/21p6

Rollins, Harold, weds Doris McKeen 3/26/21: 4/1/21p5

Rollins, Jean, weds Horace Hanson 3/?/25: 3/27/25p1

Rollins, Leona, weds Wesley Busch 8/5/25: 8/14/25p12

Rollins, Lottie W., died 4/9/25: 4/10/25p5;4/17/25p8

Rollins, Mary, died 6/19/26: 6/25/26p8

Rollins, Walter, weds Bertha Rankin 1/15/28: 1/20/28p1

Rollins, William, weds Caroline Preeper 5/17/22: 5/19/22p4

Roma, James, died 2/20/26: 2/26/26p5

Rookey, Peter, died 2/11/21: 2/18/21p12

Root, Almira C., died 5/7/28: 5/11/28pp4,8

Ross, Abbie, died 8/4/27: 8/12/27p8

Ross, Amasa L., died 3/1/25: 3/6/25p5

Ross, Annie, died 7/31/26: 8/6/26p8

Ross, William, weds Marion Shaw 9/12/25: 9/18/25p13

Roukey, Violet, weds John Hanks 9/14/26: 9/17/26p8

Rouleau, Louis, weds Josephine Burbine 12/28/20: 1/7/21p2

Roulx, Jane, died 4/?/27: 4/8/27p4

Routhier, Alexandrine, weds Honore Leblond 9/?/23: 9/14/23p10

Routhier, Rosaline, died 5/8/28: 5/11/28p4

Routhier, Rose, weds Arthur Breton 5/23/27: 5/27/27p3;6/3/27p16

Rowe, Annie V., died 12/18/21: 12/30/21p7

Rowe, Blanche, weds Arthur Gilbert 2/?/21: 3/4/21p1

Rowe, Charles C., died 3/23/23: 3/30/23p3

Rowe, Florence, weds Earl Harmon 12/17/21: 12/30/21p5

Rowe, Martha, died 9/29/25: 10/2/25p8

Rowe, Maurice, weds Mary Curley 10/28/29: 11/1/29p8

Rowe, Myrtle, weds Arthur Cheney 8/9/26: 8/13/26p8

Rowe, Norman, weds Martha Shaw 4/3/22: 4/7/22p12

Rowell, Elizabeth, died 4/1/25: 4/3/25p3

Rowell, Ralph J., died 3/?/26: 4/9/26p7

Roy, Elva C., died 4/9/25: 4/17/25pp3,5

Roy, Leon, weds Beatrice Filteau 7/30/23: 8/3/23p7

Royer, Emily, weds Leslie Snow 6/4/21: 6/10/21p3

Ruel, Odena, weds Gideon Marcoux 6/19/22: 6/23/22p12

Ruell, Clara, weds Harry Howard 8/22/25: 9/4/25p4

Ruell, Leo, weds Edna Beaudoin 10/16/25: 10/16/25p1

Rumazza, Edward, weds Pauline Lagasse 10/19/29: 10/25/29p9

Rumazza, Josephine, weds James Murphy 6/25/23: 6/29/23p8

Rumford, Doris, weds Russell Griffin 2/19/27: 2/25/27p13

Runnells, Laurentina, died 11/26/22: 12/1/22p5

Russell, Barbara, weds Ezra Hart 6/14/24: 7/4/24p2

Salice, Frank, weds Delphine Pare 10/23/22: 10/27/22p11

Sampson, Luther B., died 1/2/23: 1/5/23p7;1/12/23p9

Sampson, Susan P., died 7/29/22: 8/4/22p12

Sanborn, Guy, weds Florence Morrill 6/20/25: 6/26/25p1

Sanborn, Hannah, died 4/28/27: 5/6/27p13

Sanborn, Harriet G., died 5/2/21: 5/6/21p7;5/13/21p5

Sanborn, Louise, weds Burt Beckwith 5/13/25: 5/15/25p1

Sanborn, Mary, weds Charles Orne 9:24/24: 9/26/24p8

Sanborn, Mary S., died 10/?/20: 10/29/20p1

Sanborn, Morrill, weds Georgianna Rivers 11/?/23: 11/9/23p6

Sanborn, Roland, weds Viola Weed 9/?/23: 10/5/23p4

Sanfacon, Edward, weds Madeline Sylvain 9/13/27: 9/16/27p7

Sanfacon, Walter, weds Mary Chertine 12/28/25: 1/1/26p10

Sargent, Adeline E., died 6/1/22: 6/9/22p5

Sargent, Mandana, died 4/30/25: 5/1/25p4

Saunders, Annie, died 4/3/27: 4/8/27pp4,9

Saunders, Daniel J., died 12/8/22: 12/15/22pp2A,3

Saunders, Mabel, weds Fred Weber 12/4/29: 12/6/29p4

Sawyer, Eunice, weds Ernest Collins 5/24/24: 5/30/24p5

Sawyer, Harry, weds Louise Perkins 5/3/21: 5/6/21p8

Sawyer, Lucy R., died 1/31/23: 2/2/23p1

Scahill, Patrick, died 10/4/27: 10/7/27p8

Sceggel, Howard, weds Frances McIntire 12/21/29: 12/27/29p2

Schaffer, Joseph, weds Georgia Hoyt 5/31/23: 6/8/23p6

Schlenker, Joseph, died 3/3/28: 3/9/28p8

Scruton, Charles, weds Dorothy Hudson 6/29/21: 7/8/21p11

Scruton, Daniel, died 5/5/28: 5/11/28p13

Scruton, Denman, died 2/12/21: 2/18/21p5

Scruton, Hilda, died 8/8/28: 8/10/28p8

Scruton, John F., died 5/11/27: 5/13/27p8;5/20/27p13

Scruton, M&M Herbert S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/16/27p16

Scruton, Mary A., Died 3/6/22: 3/10/22p12

Scruton, Sarah F., died 10/26/23: 11/2/23p8

Scruton, William, Family reunion held: 8/26/21p1;8/31/23p12

Scruton, William, family holds 12th annual reunion: 8/20/26p8

Sealey, Cassie, died 10/16/22: 10/20/22p11

Sealey, Daniel D., died 11/24/29: 11/29/29pp4,13

Seavey, Alice L., died 11/?/21: 12/2/21p5

Seavey, Carlyle, weds Esther Whipple 2/16?/28: 2/17/28p1

Seavey, Elizabeth A. died 10/11/22: 10/13/22p12;10/20/22p11

Seavey, Ernest, weds Alexina Ferland 11/20/22: 11/24/22p3

Seavey, Fred S., died 1/3/25: 1/9/25p13

Seavey, Hattie E., died 2/8/27: 2/11/27p8

Seavey, James H., died 1/7/22: 1/13/22p11

Seavey, Lera, weds Harold Furbush 12/21/22: 12/29/22p7

Seavey, Mary J., died 6/20/22: 6/23/22p8

Seavey, Pauline, weds Walter Carter 7/27/24: 8/1/24p10

Seavey, Sarah, died 9/16/24: 9/19/24p5

Seavey, Selma, weds Carl Peterson 1/26/23: 2/2/23p12

Seavey, Walter, weds Ethel Brigham 11/2/25: 11/6/25p5

Sewell, F. George 3/5/22: 3/10/22p11

Shapleigh, Elisha, died 1/28/21: 2/4/21p11

Shapleigh, John J., died 4/16/23: 4/20/23p7;4/27/23p7

Shaplegh, Minnie H., died 8/14/26: 8/20/26p4

Shapleigh, Nicholas B., died 6/19/24: 6/27/24p7

Shapleigh, Paulina H., died 1/19/24: 1/25/24p11

Shapleigh, Sarah E., died 3/25/23: 3/30/23p5

Shapleigh, Sarah E., celebrates 84th birthday: 5/5/22p7

Sharpe, A., died 11/11/20: 11/12/20p1

Sharpe, Ivan, weds Ethel Elliot 3/?/28: 3/16/28p1

Shattuck, George died 12/6/24: 12/12/24p7

Shaw, Ardys, weds Edgar Varney 6/11/21: 6/17/21p16

Shaw, George A., celebrates 81st birthday: 2/17/28p8

Shaw, Gilbert F., died 2/4/23: 2/9/23p12

Shaw, Hebert G., died 9/20/23: 9/21/23p5

Shaw, Malcolm, died 9/29/22: 10/6/22p7

Shaw, Marion, weds William Ross 9/12/25: 9/18/25p13

Shaw, Martha, weds Norman Rowe 4/3/22: 4/7/22p12

Shaw, Mary L., died 1/9/27: 1/14/27p8

Shaw, Mildred, weds William Albee 6/18/27: 6/24/27p1

Shencer, Annie, weds Merle Whitehouse 10/30/25: 11/6/25p5

Shepard, Cecil, weds Ellen Hubbard 6/28/23: 7/6/23p9

Shepard, David, died 9/12/24: 9/19/24p11

Shepard, Frances, weds Thomas Dubois 8/6/23: 8/10/23p5

Shepard, Harold, weds Ruby Barrett 7/26/24: 8/1/24p10

Shepard, J. William 3/5/24: 3/7/24p5;3/14/24p14

Shepard, Marion, weds Daniel Kenney 7/27/23: 8/3/23p1

Shepard, William, weds Gladys White 7/?/24: 7/11/24p11

Sherburne, Estella, died 4/5/24: 4/11/24p3

Sherwin, Oscar, died 10/29/21: 11/4/21p5

Shorey, Clara M., died 3/17/23: 3/23/23p1

Shorey, Edwin L., died 11/29/25: 12/4/25pp5,16

Shorey, Ezra, died 7/20/22: 7/21/22p12;7/28/22p11

Shorey, George, weds Minnie Churchill 11/?/25: 11/20/25p5

Shorey, Grace, weds George Smart 10/15/26: 10/22/26p16

Shorey, M&M Sewell, celebrate 54th anniversary: 6/26/25p7

Shorey, Maynard J., died 11/27/27: 12/2/27p4

Shorey, Phoebe A., died 11/16/26: 11/19/26p9

Shorey, Sarah A., died 12/9/23: 12/14/23p7

Short, Charles E., died 4/22/24: 4/25/24p8;5/2/24p7

Short, Susie, weds James Fox 10/24/21: 10/28/21p9

Simpson, Barbara, weds Eben Wallace 12/9/24: 12/12/24p1

Sinclair, Clarence, weds Elizabeth Blanchard: 2/29/24p11

Sinclair, Thelma, weds Charles Cole 7/1/22: 7/7/22p11

Sirois, Sylva, weds Jeanette Beaudoin 9/3/28: 9/7/28p8

Sisk, Cleora, weds Howard Slayton 7/22/23: 7/27/23p8

Slack, Marion R., died 3/24/27: 4/1/27p13

Slayton, Howard, weds Cleora Sisk 7/22/23: 7/27/23p8

Slocum, Horace, weds Gladys Howard 9/24/27: 9/30/27p8

Smallcon, William E., died 5/2/23: 5/4/23p4;5/11/23p7

Smart, Elmer J., died 12/19/26: 12/24/26p1

Smart, George, weds Grace Shorey 10/15/26: 10/22/26p16

Smith, Belle, weds Charles Emerson 9/25/26: 10/1/26p13

Smith, Bessie, weds Herman Hanson 6/10/23: 6/15/23p7

Smith, Charles L., died 12/24/25: 1/1/26p5

Smith, Edward H., died 6/4/23: 6/8/23pp7,8

Smith, Ellen, died 2/8/22: 2/10/22p6

Smith, Ellston, weds Celia Wiggin 2/28/24: 3/7/24p4

Smith, Evelyn, weds Robert Gliddin 1/?/27: 1/14/27p1

Smith, Flora A., died 5/1/28: 5/4/28p13

Smith, Frank M., died 10/26/20: 10/29/20p1

Smith, Gertrude, weds William Cleaves 8/16/27: 8/26/27p1

Smith, Gladys, weds Charles Darling 1/18/27: 1/21/27p4

Smith, Hannah M., died 9/6/28: 9/14/28p8

Smith, Herbert E., died 8/15/27: 8/26/27p8

Smith, Irving, weds Sarah Evans 10/3/25: 10/9/25p5

Smith, James, died 12/28/23: 1/4/24p9

Smith, James W., died 4/14/24: 4/18/24p7;4/25/24p7

Smith, James W., died 3/4/22: 3/10/22p5

Smith, Lester, weds Esther Emery 6/30/28: 7/6/28p5

Smith, M&M Lewis M., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/2/27p13

Smith, Mildred D., died 6/19/25: 6/19/25p5

Smith, Richard, died 11/26/21: 12/2/21p12

Smith, Sarah A., died 4/18/28: 4/20/28p8

Smith, Walter H., died 7/4/26: 7/9/26p3

Smith, Walter, weds Hazel Chesley 11/14/29: 11/22/29p6

Smith, William A., died 4/23/28: 4/27/28p13

Snow, Conrad, weds Katherine Hartley 10/26/21: 10/28/21p1

Snow, Leslie, weds Emily Royer 6/4/21: 6/10/21p3

Snow, Olivia, weds Maurice Kidney 11/15/27: 11/18/27p9

Southard, Cora, weds A.M. Bucklin 11/4/21: 11/11/21p7

Southard, Flora D., died 11/14/23: 11/16/23p5

Southard, Sophia, died 10/25/25: 10/30/25p7

Southerland, Margaret D., died 6/13/26: 6/18/26p4

Spaulding, Marion, weds Walter Totter 9/26/22: 11/10/22p7

Spaulding. Leon C., died 9/11/24: 9/19/24p4

Speco, Mrs. James, died 10/28/20: 11/5/20p7

Speke, Walter, died 11/5/25: 11/13/25p7

Springfield, Alice, weds Shields Warren 8/11/23: 8/17/23p1

Springfield, Charles W., died 11/8/23: 11/9/23p8

Springfield, Grace, weds Harry Dockham 4/19/24: 4/25/24p1

Springfield, Jennie, died 7/5/25: 7/10/25p3

Springfield, Mary E., died 4/29/21: 5/6/21p16

Sprout, Frank, died 11/6/22: 11/10/22p8

Spurling, Adelmore, weds Celia Fleury 10/21/22: 10/27/22p11

St. John, Gladys, weds Elwood Dixon 6/24/23: 6/29/23p2

St. Pierre, Marion, died 11/9/29: 11/15/29p8

Stackpole, Ellen R., died 11/11/21: 11/18/21p13

Stackpole, Emily, died 11/25/20: 12/3/20p16

Stackpole, Everett, weds Arline Hanscom 7/10/26: 7/16/26p2

Standley, Walter S., died 12/11/22: 12/15/22p5

Stanley, Samuel, weds Evelyn Clark 6/17/25: 6/26/25p3

Steadman, Donald, weds Emily Walker 7/1/22: 7/14/22p11

Steadman, Donald, died 7/?/22: 7/14/22p12

Stevens, Charles, weds Florence Hodgdon 6/25/24: 6/27/24p1

Stevens, Edna, weds Stuart Camm 5/14/23: 5/18/23p1

Stevens, Florence, weds Luke Billings 11/30/29: 12/6/29p9

Stevens, Gladys, weds Osmer Palmer: 9/27/29p8

Stevens, Mahlon, weds Thelma Blake 9/3/28: 9/7/28p8

Stevens, Marion, weds Earl Douglass 7/19/25: 7/24/25p8

Stevens, Marion, weds Chauncey Stuart 8/5/22: 8/11/22p11

Stevenson, Alex, weds Vera Thompson 7/29/22: 8/4/22p11

Stevenson, Ernest, weds Ruth Bean 2/12/21: 2/18/21p11

Stevenson, Leona G., died 2/12/22: 2/17/22p7

Stewart, David, weds Eva Allaire 8/11/24: 8/15/24p1

Stickels, William, weds Loretta Dwyer 11/25/24: 11/28/24p5

Stillings, Emma B., celebrates 82nd birthday: 5/13/27p8

Stillings, Ernest, weds Mabel McIntire 11/29/23: 12/7/23p4

Stimpson, Irene, weds Harold Brown 7/8/28: 7/13/28p13

Stokes, Esther A., died 12/20/21: 12/30/21p7

Stone, Evangeline, weds Paul Gendron 11/?/27: 12/2/27p13

Stone, Irene, weds Malcolm Hart 7/11/27: 7/15/27p1

Stone, Lewis, died 5/2/25: 5/8/25p7

Storms, Clayton, weds Dorothy Huber 9/22/23: 9/28/23p5

Stowe, Merle L., died 2/10/25: 2/13/25p8

Stratton, Samuel, died 9/24/22: 9/29/22p3

Streeter, Paul, weds Frances Cardona 12/?/25: 1/1/26p12

Stuart, Chauncey, weds Marion Stevens 8/5/22: 8/11/22p11

Stuart, Elizabeth, died 9/20/21: 9/30/21p6

Stuart, Minnie B., died 9/4/28: 9/7/28p5

Stuart, Ray, died 3/10/26: 3/12/26p1;3/19/26p10

Studley, Joshua, weds Norma McCrillis 6/27/25: 7/3/25p9

Studley, M&M Gideon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/4/24p1

Sturtevant, Hope, weds Richard Hersom 8/31/22: 9/9/22p6

Svensson, Gustav, weds Laura Clark 5/?/28: 5/11/28p4

Swain, Ansel, died 3/5/26: 3/12/26p5

Swain, Charles, weds Flora Blair 8/26/28: 8/31/28p16

Sweet, Barbara, weds Stanley Putnam 11/27/26: 12/3/26p8

Sweet, Josephine W., died 1/21/25: 1/23/25p1;1/30/25p8

Swett, Ella, weds William Kendall 10/24/27: 10/28/27p8

Swinerton, Marie, died 4/18/24: 4/25/24p2

Swinterton, William M., died 6/14/21: 6/24/21p5

Sylvain, Alma, weds Leo Larose 10/18/20: 10/22/20p7

Sylvain, Carolyn S., is hale and hearty at 92: 5/28/26p1

Sylvain, Carolyn, celebrates 97th birthday: 9/20/29p1

Sylvain, Cecilia, weds Ralph Craig 9/3/28: 9/7/28p5

Sylvain, Delia, died 10/1/25: 10/9/25p8

Sylvain, Edna, weds Roland Couture 9/13/27: 9/16/27p7

Sylvain, Elise L., died 3/1/28: 3/2/28p8

Sylvain, Elsie, died ?/?/27: 5/6/27p8

Sylvain, Ferdinand, died 4/3/22: 4/7/22p12

Sylvain, Gladys, weds Wilfred Gagne 8/9/26: 8/13/26p4

Sylvain, Kilda, weds Charles Coulumb 2/4/24: 2/8/24p10

Sylvain, M&M Ferdinand, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/11/21p9

Sylvain, Madeline, weds Edward Sanfacon 9/13/27: 9/16/27p7

Sylvain, Marie, weds Onesine Poisson 5/26/23: 6/1/23p8

Sylvain, Marie, weds Joseph Duchane 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

Sylvain, Mary, weds Alfred Valley 5/11/25: 5/15/25p1

Sylvain, Wilda, weds Wilfred Turmelle 6/23/24: 6/27/24p1

Sylvan, Theophile, died 4/5/23: 4/13/23p11

Sylvester, Burton, weds Eleanor Masury 1/28/28: 2/3/28p8

Sylvester, Mary G., died 6/30/28: 7/6/28p9

Sylvester, Seth, weds Mary McCrillis 6/?/22: 7/21/22p11

Symonds, Ella R., died 8/2/22: 8/4/22p1;8/11/22p12

Symonds, Walter, weds Louise Gagnon 7/5/24: 7/11/24p1

Tanguay, Noe, weds Mildred Garland 6/24/28: 6/29/28p1

Tanner, Patrick J., died 2/7/21: 2/18/21p2

Tarney, Martin, weds Grace Whitehouse 3/4/22: 3/10/22p7

Tasker, Nathaniel J., died 1/12/22: 1/20/22p5

Tattersall, Ivan, weds Doris Lucas 11/?/27: 11/18/27p8

Tanner, Jessie, died 10/11/21: 10/14/21p3

Taylor, Annie, weds George Blaisdell 6/2/23: 6/8/23p7

Taylor, John A., died 4/21/24: 4/25/24p8

Teague, James F., died 9/1/28: 9/7/28pp8,9

Tebbetts, Alice, died 7/24/26: 7/30/26p8

Tebbetts, Abbie, died 2/4/21: 2/11/21p7

Tebbetts, Bernard, weds Gladys Conrad 12/3/21: 12/9/21p7

Tebbetts, Bernice, weds Everett Bickford 10/28/22: 11/3/22p7

Tebbetts Family Association reunion held: 7/3/25p7

Tebbetts, Georgianna, died 9/14/21: 9/16/21p8

Tebbetts, Ruth J., died ?/?/28: 7/6/28p9

Tebbetts, Thelma, weds Harold Parsons 12/25/20: 12/31/20p11

Tenney, Carl, weds Marjorie McCrillis 10/3/23: 10/5/23pp5,7

Tenney, Edward, weds Rachael DeMerritt 12/27/22: 1/13/22p4

Terrill, Earl, weds Marie Cooley 12/?/27: 12/16/27p4

Tervadow, Lillian C., died 2/6/21: 2/11/21p12

Thayer, Elmer F., died 5/14/26: 5/21/26p2

Theriault, Odile, weds Alfred Dubois 8/16/26: 8/20/26p4

Therrien, Laura, weds Thomas Cavanaugh 9/8/26: 9/10/26p5

Therrien, Yvonne, weds Martin Harrity 10/23/22: 10/27/22p11

Thibault, Camile, died 12/12/24: 12/19/24p12

Thiberge, Mary, died 3/22/21: 3/25/21p6

Thibodeau, Minnie T., died 11/15/27: 11/18/27p9

Thompson, Albert, weds Bernice Clark 2/?/27: 2/25/27p1

Thompson, Alice, selected as America's representative girl: 7/16/26p1

Thompson, Alma, weds Raymond Caron 4/?/28: 4/20/28p9

Thompson, Doris, weds Harold Preston 2/18/23: 2/23/23p10

Thompson, Dorothy, weds Edward Barton 2/9/28: 3/9/28p9

Thompson, Eben, weds Verna Holmes 4/11/24: 4/18/24p4

Thompson, Elmer, weds Maude McLeod 12/27/24: 1/2/25p12

Thompson, Elmer, weds Marion Tuttle 11/7/25: 11/13/25p3

Thompson, Ethel, weds Ralph Chesley 6/14/21: 6/17/21p5

Thompson, Isabelle, died 8/20/22: 8/25/22p12

Thompson, J.E.V., died 4/16/22: 4/21/22p5

Thompson, Lawrence, jumped from a train in his pajamas: 8/8/24p11

Thompson, M. Agnes, died 3/8/28: 3/9/28p8

Thompson, Martha J., died 2/29/28: 3/2/28p8

Thompson, Nellie, weds Henry Corson 4/11/26: 4/16/26p8

Thompson, Sarah, died 2/22/28: 2/24/28p4

Thompson, Vera, weds Alex Stevenson 7/29/22: 8/4/22p11

Thurston, Carrie, died 7/24/26: 7/30/26p2

Thurston, Hananiah, died 10/27/22: 11/3/22p2

Thurston, Milton, weds Beatrice Hartford 11/25/25: 12/11/25p7

Thurston, William, died 3/12/28: 3/16/28p9

Tibbetts, Frank M., died 1/27/22: 2/3/22p2

Tilton, Clark A., died 10/12/29: 10/18/29p8

Tilton, Sumner, weds Florence Trask 7/12/24: 8/1/24p10

Timpson, Frank died 10/14/24: 10/17/24p4

Titus, Louise, weds Robert Calef 12/14/25: 12/18/25p3

Tolman, Georgia, weds Edgar Beaudoin 3/11/22: 6/15/22p8

Toomey, Daniel, died 5/29/27: 6/3/27p4

Torno, Etta M., died 12/9/24: 12/12/24p7;12/19/24p7

Totter, Walter, weds Marion Spaulding 9/26/22: 11/10/22p7

Towle, Gerald, weds Beulah Roberts 6/25/27: 7/1/27p7

Towle, Gladys, weds Andrew Conrad 6/24/26: 7/2/26p3

Townsend, Ellen D., died 2/7/22: 2/10/22p12;2/17/22p4

Trafton, Carrie G., died 12/15/26: 12/17/26p1

Trafton, Charles A., died 1/8/23: 1/12/23p1

Trask, Dorothy, weds Earl Duntley 10/31/23: 11/9/23p6

Trask, Florence, weds Sumner Tilton 7/12/24: 8/1/24p10

Trask, Harriet B., died 2/?/28: 3/2/28p8

Trembley, Alfred, weds Jennie Vachon 6/23/24: 6/27/24p8

Tremblay, Marie, weds Narcisse Lessard 7/7/26: 7/9/26p8

Tremblay, Marie, weds Clarence Whitehouse 6/24/28: 6/29/28p1

Tremblay, Napolean, died 7/12/28: 7/13/28p1

Tripp, Clara M., died 2/27/26: 3/5/26p11

Tripp, Leroy, weds Florence Hayes 9/?/21: 9/30/21p5

Tripp, Thornton, weds Blanche Ricker 12/11/20: 12/17/20p6

Tripp, William E., died 12/26/25: 1/1/26p1

Troy, Patrick, died 9/4/27: 9/9/27p5

Tuck, Florence, weds C.E. Lawrence 4/26/23: 5/4/23p9

Tucker, David, died 7/21/24: 7/25/24p6

Tufts, David H., died 1/?/27: 1/14/27p13

Tupper, Chester, weds Marjorie Green 6/30/28: 7/6/28p9

Turcotte, Elsie, weds Thomas Perron 8/25/24: 8/29/24p1

Turcotte, Joseph, weds Marie Larochelle 5/8/22: 5/12/22p8

Turcotte, Xavier, weds Ida Howard 8/28/25: 9/4/25p5

Turgeon, Marie, weds Joseph Lachapelle Jr. 4/9/23: 4/13/23p7

Turgeon, Wilfred, weds Arline Landry 7/3/28: 7/6/28p1

Turmelle, Edward, weds Helen Belanger 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Turmelle, Edward, weds Phoeby Harrity 12/20/21: 12/30/21p5

Turmelle, Fredonia, weds Ferma Ramsey 9/9/22: 9/15/22p7

Turmelle, Matilda E., died 3/13/28: 3/16/28p8

Turmelle, Oscar, weds Mona Grant 6/4/21: 6/10/21p7

Turmelle, Thomas T., died 5/29/24: 5/30/24p8

Turmelle, Wilfred, weds Wilda Sylvain 6/23/24: 6/27/24p1

Turmelle, Wilfred, weds Odeanna Pelletier 2/?/21: 2/11/21p7

Turner, Llewellyn B., died 12/2/27: 12/2/27p4

Turtin, Elize, died 3/1/22: 3/3/22p12

Tuttle, Irene, weds Carl Hoyt 5/25/26: 5/28/26p4

Tuttle, Levi, died 1/4/28: 1/6/28p9

Tuttle, Lucy A., died 4/24/26: 4/30/26p8

Tuttle, Marion, weds Elmer Thompson 11/7/25: 11/13/25p3

Tuttle, Mildred, died 3/31/25: 4/3/25p1;4/10/25p16

Tuttle, Sarah, died 2/4/24: 2/8/24p6

Tuttle, Sarah E., died 2/5/24: 2/15/24p3

Twitchell, Frank, weds Doris Ramsdell 11/10/23: 11/16/23p9

Twombley, Charles, weds Edith Johnson 4/16/22: 4/21/22p5

Twombley, Mary J., died 11/9/26: 11/12/26p1

Twombly, Ellen, died 5/?/27: 5/13/27pp8,12

Twombly, James H., died 10/30/22: 11/3/22p1

Twombly, Leander H., died 1/22/24: 1/25/24p12

Twombly, Mrs. Charles E., died 2/9/22: 2/10/22p5

Tyler, Olive A., died 5/22/23: 5/25/23p7;6/1/23p7

Vachon, Adele 11/7/25: 11/13/25p8

Vachon, Audina, weds Ernest Bosquin 7/11/21: 7/15/21p8

Vachon, Beatrice, weds Valaire Bilodeau 8/31/25: 9/4/25p9

Vachon, Cecelia, weds Ernest Bergeron 4/21/24: 4/25/24p3

Vachon, Edna, weds Alcide Armand 9/10/23: 9/14/23p5

Vachon, Emilda, weds Leon Marquis 9/11/22: 9/15/22p1

Vachon, Jennie, weds Alfred Trembley 6/23/24: 6/27/24p8

Vachon, Louise A., died 3/18/28: 3/23/28p4

Vachon, Raymond, died 12/2/26: 12/10/26p8

Vachon, Thelma, weds Archie Grenier Jr. 5/30/28: 6/1/28p1

Vachon, Vitaline, died 12/1/27: 12/2/27p8;12/9/27p16

Vachon, Vivian, weds Wilfred Grenier 5/31/27: 6/3/27p4

Vallee, Emelie, died 9/3/28: 9/7/28p8 (Two separate articles)

Valley, Alfred, weds Mary Sylvain 5/11/25: 5/15/25p1

Valley, Wilfred, weds Eva Larochelle 11/27/24: 12/5/24p16

VanBuskirk, Margaret M., died 5/9/27: 5/13/27p8

VanBuskirk, Stanley, weds Katherine Wallingford 7/21/27: 7/29/27p9

VanBuskirk, Stella, weds Charles Piercy 2/12/26: 2/26/26p11

VanBuskirk, Velma, weds Costas Barlomenas 2/23/25: 2/27/25p4

VanBuskirk, William, weds Cora Armstrong 10/19/21: 10/28/21p7

VanBuskirk, William, weds Lula Moody 1/27/27: 4/8/27p9

Varney, Albion F., died 10/29/21: 11/4/21p2

Varney, Edgar, weds Ardys Shaw 6/11/21: 6/17/21p16

Varney, Elias C., died 11/10/20: 11/12/20p5;11/19/20p3

Varney, Eliza C., died 11/24/25: 11/27/25p4

Varney, Eva L., died 3/22/28: 3/23/28p8;3/30/28p16;4/20/28p16

Varney, Frances, weds Henry Osborne 9/8/21: 9/16/21p7

Varney, George, died 12/?/28: 1/6/28p13

Varney, George W., died 7/29/24: 8/1/24p12

Varney, Henry H., died 1/11/23: 1/19/23p11

Varney, John E., died 10/?/21: 10/14/21p3

Varney, Laura R., died 9/?/23: 9/28/23p8

Varney, Laura R., died 9/17/23: 9/21/23pp5,7

Varney, Lewis, died 9/6/25: 9/11/25p7

Varney, Lewis, weds Edelle Webster 9/19/21: 9/30/21p11

Varney, Lydia, died 5/11/22: 5/19/22p8

Varney, Mary H., died 8/6/23: 8/10/23p8

Varney, Richard, weds Minnie Hartford 5/15/24: 5/23/24p1

Varney, Sophia J., died 7/12/27: 7/15/27p8

Varney, Stella B., died 6/24/24: 6/27/24p8

Varney, William C., died 7/4/27: 7/8/27p9

Varow, Thomas, weds Frances Robbins 4/11/25: 4/17/25p14

Veno, Hazel, weds Antonio Magnom 6/4/27: 6/10/27p1

Verveille, Mary, weds Aimee Dubrielle 4/25/27: 4/29/27p8

Vickery, Harold, weds Lillian Dennett 8/23/23: 8/24/23p1

Vickery, Ida G., died 8/25/27: 9/2/27p13

Vickery, Nancy L., died 10/3/29: 10/11/29p8

Vigeant, Hazel, died 2/22/25: 2/27/25p6

Vigeant, Noah, died 9/2/25: 9/11/25p8

Voeth, Edward, weds Ruby Caswell 10/?/25: 10/9/25p13

Voyer, M&M Elias, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/19/26p7

Waldron, John P., died 8/23/26: 8/27/26p5

Waldron, Karl, weds Vivian Dame 10/6/24: 10/17/24p1

Walker, Emily, weds Donald Steadman 7/1/22: 7/14/22p11

Walker, George, died 4/27/25: 5/1/25p8

Walker, Hannah M., died 12/?/20: 12/10/20p8

Wallace, Eben, weds Barbara Simpson 12/9/24: 12/12/24p1

Wallace, Fannie C., died 4/25/25: 5/1/25p4

Wallace, Frank, weds Bernice Kenney 12/2/22: 12/8/22p1

Wallace, Frank E., died 8/?/27: 8/12/27p1

Wallace, Georgianna, weds Edward Reynolds 9/10/22: 9/15/22p5

Wallace, Richardson J., celebrates 75th birthday: 10/14/21p4

Wallace, Richardson J., died 5/9/22: 5/12/22p8;5/19/22p8

Wallace, Ruth, weds Alfred Quimby 4/11/24: 4/18/24p13

Wallace, Sarah, diea 5/9/24: 5/16/24p7

Wallingford, Collis, weds Beatrice Bunker 10/23/22: 11/17/22p7

Wallingford, David W., died 10/18/26: 10/22/26p5

Wallingford, Ida, died 10/22/25: 10/30/25p2

Wallingford, Katherine, weds Stanley Vanbuskirk 7/21/27: 7/29/27p9

Wallingford, Lydia R., died 7/30/22: 8/4/22p11

Wallingford, Mary W., died 12/22/25: 12/25/25p4

Warburton, Clara, died 1/10/25: 1/16/25p7

Warburton, Harvey, weds Janet Hull: 5/11/23p7

Warburton, Mary E., died 5/14/24: 5/16/24p8;5/23/24p7

Warburton, Noah H., died 5/26/28: 6/1/28p9

Warburton, Velma, weds Lewis Proctor 6/27/26: 7/2/26p 7

Warburton, Zilda, weds Ralph Parsons 9/?/23: 10/5/23p7

Ward, Doris, weds Joseph Nadeau 6/23/25: 6/26/25p8

Ward, Frances G., died 2/23/22: 3/3/22p11

Ward, Jennette, weds Leon Ellis 5/13/28: 5/18/28p9

Ward, Juliet, weds Wilfred Bernier 7/21/24: 7/25/24p2

Ward, Lillian, weds William Clark 12/25/23: 12/28/23p7

Warren, Dorothy, weds George Herries 11/23/21: 12/2/21p11

Warren, Shields, weds Alice Springfield 8/11/23: 8/17/23p1

Washburne, Charles E., died ?/?/26: 12/10/26p9

Waterhouse, Daniel, died 4/24/27: 4/29/27p8

Watkins, George, weds Sarah Canney 10/23/25: 10/30/25p5

Watkins, George, weds Nellie Lane 6/6/23: 6/8/23p4

Watson, George D., died 3/7/23: 3/9/23p11

Warren, Mrs. George (nee Horne), died 9/24/27: 9/30/27p16

Watson, Hannah A., died 3/23/22: 3/24/22p12

Watson, Increase E., died 1/6/23: 1/12/23p1

Watson, John, died 10/25/23: 11/2/23p3

Watson, Louise, weds Edward Newbury 9/14/26: 9/17/26p1

Watson, Nancy G., died 3/1/24: 3/7/24p5

Watson, Nellie I., died 4/9/26: 4/16/26p4

Watson, Ralph, weds Helen Foss 5/12/24: 5/16/24p1

Watson, William, weds Dorothy Page 3/12/27: 3/18/27p4

Weare, Abigal, celebrates 100th birthday: 5/19/22p7

Weare, Albert M., died 7/22/22: 7/28/22p11

Weare, Harold, died 4/8/22: 4/14/22p5

Weare, Theodore, weds Edithe Currier 11/?/22: 12/8/22p2

Webber, Fred, weds Viola Harris 9/14/21: 9/16/21p8

Webber, Viola H., died 10/12/25: 10/16/25p1

Weber, Fred, weds Mabel Saunders 12/4/29: 12/6/29p4

Webster, Edelle, weds Lewis Varney 9/19/21: 9/30/21p11

Weddington, Mavis, weds John McDuffee 12/29/21: 1/27/22p3

Weed, Viola, weds Roland Sanborn 9/?/23: 10/5/23p4

Weeks, Hazel, weds Raymond Beaudoin 3/27/25: 4/3/25p1

Weir, Nellie, weds George Hersom 11/19/27: 11/25/27p9

Welch, Annie, died 3/30/26: 4/2/26p8

Welch, Everett, weds Lillian Wright 6/4/24: 6/6/24p7

Welden, Joseph, died 1/23/24: 1/25/24p12

Wentworth, Augusta, died 2/14/27: 2/18/27p8

Wentworth, Clarence, weds Evangeline Edgerly 4/23/27: 4/29/27p8

Wentworth, Dana, died 5/3/24: 5/9/24p7

Wentworth, Edwin H., died 10/27/21: 11/4/21p5

Wentworth, Frances J., died 6/7/21: 6/10/21p12

Wentworth, George, C., celebrates 88th birthday: 10/21/27p12

Wentworth, Grace F., died 4/15/24: 4/18/24p7

Wentworth, Hanna, died 3/15/26: 3/19/26p8

Wentworth, Ida, weds John Howard 5/9/28: 5/11/28p1

Wentworth, Isaac F., died 3/18/27: 3/25/27p5

Wentworth, John, weds Cynthia Cook 6/27/22: 7/7/22p11

Wentworth, Joseph H., died 2/?/21: 2/18/21p12

Wentworth, Martin V.B., died 9/1/23: 9/7/23p5

Wentworth, Mrs. Frank P., died 1/15/23: 1/19/23p5;2/2/23p4

Wentworth, Stephen D., died 7/11/23: 7/13/23p5

Wescott, Edith, weds Leo Newbury 4/7/23: 4/13/23p7

Wescott, Nellie, weds Leroy Gilman 4/30/24: 5/2/24p1

Wetherhouse, Alfred, weds Hazel Heath 6/?/25: 6/12/25p8

Weymouth, Carl, weds Theora Hayes: 12/6/29p12

Wheeler, Alonzo, died 10/20/21: 10/28/21p9

Wheeler, Merton, weds Berthina Winkley 12/22/21: 12/23/21p1

Whidden, George A., died 8/30/24: 9/5/24p5

Whipple, Esther, weds Carlyle Seavey 2/16?/28: 2/17/28p1

Whipple, James E., died 5/5/24: 5/9/24p8

Whitaker, Jessie, weds John Dowd 6/26/22: 6/30/22p8

White, Addie, died 11/4/29: 11/8/29p8

White, Celia, weds Fay Corson 10/29/21: 11/4/21p11

White, Gladys, weds William Shepard 7/?/24: 7/11/24p11

White, Harriet B., died 5/31/27: 6/3/27p9;6/10/27p9

White, Henry B., died 12/?/26: 12/31/26p8

White, Marion, weds Bernard Farmer 2/18/22: 2/24/22p11

White, Mary, weds Edmund Dickenson 4/1/22: 4/7/22p11

Whitehouse, Clarence, weds Marie Tremblay 6/24/28: 6/29/28p1

Whitehouse, Ellen F., died 1/31/22: 2/3/22p8

Whitehouse, Eula W., died 2/?/28: 2/10/28p12;2/24/28p12

Whitehouse, Frank, died 1/?/28: 1/20/28p12

Whitehouse, Frank P., died 3/8/27: 3/11/27p8

Whitehouse, Grace, weds Martin Tarney 3/4/22: 3/10/22p7

Whitehouse, Jennie, weds Izah Horne 11/21/25: 11/27/25p2

Whitehouse, John M., died 8/15/27: 8/26/27p8

Whitehouse, Joseph, died 12/22/25: 12/25/25p1

Whitehouse, Joseph, celebrates 92nd birthday: 10/23/25p1

Whitehouse, Merle, weds Annie Shencer 10/30/25: 11/6/25p5

Whitman, Ward, weds Carlyne Dickson 9/2/28: 9/7/28p5

Whitney, Chester, weds Ruth Blaisdell 7/?/28: 8/3/28p1

Whitten, Susan, died 12/16/27: 12/23/27p8

Whitymore, Imogen T., died 5/2/23: 5/4/23p8

Wiggin, Celia, weds Ellston Smith 2/28/24: 3/7/24p4

Wiggin, Edward, died 7/31/23: 8/10/23p7

Wiggin, Katherine, weds Harold Henderson 6/29/23: 7/6/23p3

Wiggin, Lizzie, died 10/21/24: 10/24/24p4

Wiggin, Marjorie, weds Joseph Labrie 5/14/23: 5/18/23p1

Wiggin, Morton, weds Nancy Perks 6/30/25: 7/3/25p3

Wiggin, Otto, weds Idella Dodge 6/26/24: 7/4/24p11

Wiggin, Rachael, weds Charles Rhines 8/?/27: 8/26/27p1

Wigglesworth, Fred, died 6/10/21: 6/17/21p3

Wilkenson, Helen, died 12/29/23: 1/4/24p9

Wilkenson, Lucy D., died 4/13/21: 4/15/21p8

Wilkenson, William H., died 1/23/26: 1/29/26p7

Willett, Charles, weds Rose Kerr 9/26/21: 9/30/21

Willett, Exilia, weds Wilbrod Lajoie 11/10/24: 11/14/24p3

Willett, Helen, weds Orin Edney 5/23/21: 5/27/21p7

Willett, Lucy, weds Henry Marcoux 10/11/20: 10/15/20p8

Willey, Angelina, died 1/31/21: 2/4/21p7

Willey, B. Frank, died 10/8/22: 10/13/22p7

Willey, Catherine, weds Paul Grathmann 4/27/21: 5/6/21p2

Willey, Charles, died 9/?/23: 10/5/23p4

Willey, Edna, weds Alonzo Hutchins 6/30/25: 7/24/25p5

Willey, Frank, died 12/19/26: 12/24/26p8

Willey, George, died 10/?/26: 10/15/26p3

Willey, James D., celebrates 76th birthday: 2/18/27p8

Willey, M&M James, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 8/26/27p12

Willey, Mattie S., died 10/10/21: 10/14/21p7

Willey, Nathaniel J., died 11/17/27: 11/25/27p8

Williams, Allston, died 11/4/23: 11/9/23p4

Wills, Viola B., died 2/20/21: 2/25/21p7

Wilmot, Roland, weds Katherine Follansbee 8/24/21: 9/2/21p2

Wilmot, Theodore, died 12/9/20: 12/17/20p7

Wilson, George, weds Beatrice Osborne 6/28/24: 7/4/24p11

Wilson, Mary A., died 7/10/25: 7/17/25p5

Wilson, Mary J., died 1/10/26: 1/15/26p4

Wilson, Ruth, weds Kenneth Brock 4/28/23: 5/4/23p7

Wilson, Sidney, died 3/?/25: 3/27/25p7

Wilson, William, weds Laura Dennett 11/16/27: 11/18/27p1

Wingate, Abigail J., died 7/22/22: 7/28/22p1

Wingate, Gladys, weds Ralph Kimball 9/9/21: 9/16/21p8

Wingate, Joseph, died 5/29/24: 5/30/24p8;6/6/24p7

Wingate, Sally N., died 2/23/26: 2/26/26p11;3/5/26p11

Winkley, Berthina, weds Merton Wheeler 12/22/21: 12/23/21p1

Winkley, Charles, weds Cora Goodwin 6/7/23: 6/15/23p12

Winkley, Cora G., died 12/7/23: 12/14/23p16

Winkley, Harry, weds Ada Potvin 6/4/23: 6/8/23p8

Winkley, Laura, died 5/2/26: 5/7/26p3

Winkley, Sarah, died 3/12/24: 3/14/24p8

Winkley, Sarah, weds Napolean Pickard 2/23/25: 2/27/25p1

Winter, Urban, weds Marion Cole 11/20/20: 11/26/20p7

Wittemore, Arthur W., died 1/?/23: 1/19/23p5

Wixen, Mary, died 6/5/22: 6/9/22p11

Wood, John, died 11/23020: 12/3/20p7

Wood, Joseph, died 11/29/20: 12/3/20p3

Wood, Margaret A., died 8/20/25: 8/28/25p8

Wood, Mrs. Joseph, died 6/9/22: 6/15/22p3

Woodes, Charles W., died 4/14/26: 4/16/26p4

Woodes, Elizabeth E., died 4/3/21: 4/8/21p7

Woodes, Frank P., died 3/7/22: 3/17/22p11 ;3/24/22p11

Woodes, Hattie M., died 3/19/27: 3/25/27p5

Woodes, Herman died 3/16/26: 3/19/26p8

Woodes, Mrs. George, died 3/2/26: 3/5/26p1

Woods, Grace, weds Benjamin Pulsifer 10/7/21: 10/7/21p6

Woodward, Bert, weds Marjorie Morrill 6/27/25: 7/3/25p9

Woodward, Charles E., died 10/20/25: 10/23/25p1

Woodward, Malvina, died 4/20/25: 4/24/25p8

Worcester, Eiza died 9/?/27: 9/23/27p13

Worcester, Horace L., died 4/15/28: 4/20/28p1;4/27/28p5

Worden, Annie C., died 12/21/23: 12/28/23p1

Wormhood, Harry, weds Lora Foss 6/18/26: 7/2/26p3

Wormhood, Merille J., died 11/2/20: 11/5/20p5

Worster, Herbert, weds Lillian Morrill: 10/28/27p9

Wright, Lillian, weds Everett Welch 6/4/24: 6/6/24p7

Wyatt, Evelyn, celebrates 75th birthday: 1/20/28p8

Wyatt, M&M E. J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/4/28p12

Wyatt, Guy A., died 12/18/24: 12/19/24p1

Wyberg, Carl, weds Elizabeth Lempke 3/14/23: 3/16/23p8

Yeaton, Sarah A., died 4/28/23: 5/4/23p4

Young, Ada E., died 12/12/21: 12/16/21p5

Young, Byron R., died 8/28/25: 9/4/25p8

Young, Dorcas F., died 12/9/24: 12/12/24p7;12/19/24p7

Young, Dr. Stephen, died 9:28/24: 10/3/24pp4,7,11

Young, Edna, weds Carl Auger 7/9/21: 7/15/21p1

Young, Edward, weds Eva Hurd 5/10/24: 5/16/24p1

Young, Herbert, weds Beatrice Maxfield 6/7/24: 6/13/24p8

Young, John, died 10/27/27: 11/4/27p16

Young, Marjory, weds Philip Hubbard 7/1/22: 7/7/22p1

Young, Nester, weds Leo Maxfield 3/27/25: 4/3/25p4

Young, Norman, weds Martha Miles 9/1/28: 9/14/28p9

Young, Norman, weds Isabelle Hartford 3/25/23: 3/30/23p7

Young, Peleg, died 1/23/21: 1/28/21p7


40 et 8 officers: 12/16/27p9

AL officers: 10/28/27p9

AL Auxiliary officers: 1/28/27p16

BPW formed; first officers: 4/20/28p1

C/C being planned for City: 11/25/27p1

C/C officers: 4/6/28p6;11/22/29p1

DAR officers: 5/6/27p4

DeMolay officers: 1/13/28p1

Elks dedicate new home on Main St.: 10/15/26p1

Elks officers: 3/11/27p1;4/13/28p1

Grance, Rochester, celebrates 5oth anniversary: 6/11/26p1

IOOF officers: 12/30/27p1

Mason officers: 3/5/26p5;3/11/27p1;3/9/28p1

Kiwanis officers: 12/9/27p9

K of C officers: 10/8/26p15

Odd Ladies officers: 10/11/29p1

Pythian officers: 12/23/27p8;7/20/28p8

Rebekah officers: 10/25/29p1;12/30/27p1

RHS Class of 1923 holds reunion: 1/1/26p12

IORM offciers: 1/20/28p16

St. Jean Baptiste officers: 1/6/28p12;12/27/29p1

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