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Rochester Courier Index 1930-1939

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from January 1930 through 1939. Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     The Courier changed its issue date from Friday to Thursday effective with the issue of May 12, 1933 with no announcement in the paper. This editor did not realize the change until the issue of August 11, 1933. Hence some dates, which are inserted when a story refers only to the day of the week of the occurrence and does not list the date, may be off by one day during this interim period. He regrets the error. References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). A letter in parentheses after the reference indicates the item is in an area column. See the end of the file for a list of these letters and the towns they represent.

     Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing. When seeking a married female, be sure to check for "Mrs." after the last name. Some articles do not list a woman's first name.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Charles O., died 5/18/33: 5/26/33p8

Abbott, Daniel H., died 8/23/30: 8/29/30p1

Abbott, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/27/35p7;1/3/36p5

Abbott, Mildred, weds Lester Allen 7/?/32: 7/8/32p8

Abdou, Michael, weds Doris Boyle 8/26/33: 9/1/33p8

Aboli, John D., died 6/17/34: 6/22/34p1

Ackerman, Carl, weds Lizzie Edgerly 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Ackerman, Nora, died 8/24/36: 8/28/36p3

Adams, Altice, weds John Lawrence 7/9/37: 7/15/37p11

Adams, Esther, weds Charles Murray 5/30/37: 6/3/37p6

Adams, Frank A., died 9/?/32: 9/9/32p12

Adams, Gertrude, weds Charles Hayes 8/?/30: 8/29/30p9

Adjutant, Anna, weds Lawrence Swinerton 2/4/34: 2/9/34p12

Ahearn, Thomas, doed 2/8/35: 2/15/35p1

Aichler, Alonzo, weds Dorothea Tufts 12/4/37: 12/16/37pB1

Aiken, Mary, died 6/22/38: 6/30/38p9

Aldrich, Clayton H., died 12/12/37: 12/16/37pB3

Aldrich, Goldie, weds Arthur Mortimer 11/11/39: 11/23/39p5

Alimi, Angelo, died 12/12/30: 12/19/30p8

Allain, Roy, weds Marie Corriveau 4/10/37: 4/15/37p2

Allaire, Marceline D., died 11/5/34: 11/9/34p1

Allaire, Wilfred, weds Mable Clark 8/1/38: 8/4/38p2

Allard, Uball, weds Mary Boucher 10/17/32: 10/21/32p1

Allard, Wallie, weds Claire Masse 8/21/37: 8/26/37p2

Allen, Alice A., died 7/2/38: 7/7/38p3

Allen, Alice, weds Douglas Crossman 10/18/30: 10/24/30p8

Allen, Anna, feted for 50 years as English teacher: 4/3//36p1

Allen, Bertha L., died 4/3/30: 4/11/30p9

Allen, Curtis S., died 1/11/30: 1/17/30p8

Allen, Edrick M., died 1/18/31: 1/22/32pp8,9

Allen, Edrick M., died 1/18/32: 1/22/32pp8,9

Allen, Elizabeth, weds Leslie Annis 1/3/31: 1/9/31p8

Allen, James J., died 9/8/30: 9/12/30p8

Allen, John K., died 6/6/38: 6/9/38p3

Allen, Lester, died 12/17/32: 12/23/32p8

Allen, Lester, weds Mildred Abbott 7/?/32: 7/8/32p8

Allen, Mary A., died 1/29/36: 1/31/36p7;2/7/36p14

Allen, Nellie C., died 12/28/34: 1/4/35p6

Allen, Roger, weds Elsie Foss 6/21/30: 6/27/30p1

Alley, Clifford, weds Agnes Burns 9/15/35: 9/20/35p6

Allison, Joseph R., died 4/8/37: 4/15/37p8

Almgren, Lucille, weds John Parsons 5/11/31: 5/15/31p4

Almond, Harry, weds Margaret Martin 1/18/36: 1/31/36p3

Amazeen, Lillian P., died 11/26/35: 11/29/35p5

Amazeen, Melvin, weds Helen Brock 6/14/36: 6/19/36p6

Amazen, Alden, died 1/21/38: 1/27/38p5

Ames, David M., died 11/18/34: 11/23/34p2

Ames, Frank, earns Purple Heart: 2/24/33p5

Anaire, Alfred, weds Margaret Connell 10/25/30: 10/31/30p8

Anderson, Ellen, weds Victor Lachance 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5;9/22/38p5

Anderton, Katherine, weds Thomas Seaward 4/29/39: 5/4/39p4

Andrews, Charles, weds Marie Bailey 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Andrews, Joseph, died 7/22/38: 7/28/38p12

Angell, Fred, weds Doris Ross: 7/20/34p8

Angell, Malcolm, weds Marie Wieslander 8/?/33: 9/1/33p1

Angevine, Ruth, weds Arthur Cale 5/30/30: 6/6/30p5

Annis, Charles, died 5/4/38: 5/12/38p9

Annis, Leslie, weds Elizabeth Allen 1/3/31: 1/9/31p8

Annis, Lillian L., died 1/14?/34: 1/26/34p8

Annis, Maude, died 2/?/35: 2/15/35p1

Archambault, Oscar, weds Yvonne Turcotte 5/5/35: 5/10/35p4

Archambeault, Louis, weds Alberta Daudelin 6/17/39: 6/22/39p5

Arlin, Augusta, died 2/21/38: 2/24/38p14

Arlin, Lorenzo D., died 12/4/35: 12/6/35p3

Arlin, Melissa J., died 4/25/33: 5/5/33pp8,9(EB)

Arlin, Norman, weds Dorothy Gibb 11/5/35: 11/8/35p2

Armitstead, Johnson N., earns Purple Heart: 2/2/34p3

Arnold, Dwight P., died 10/7/30: 10/10/30p1

Arnold, Sarah, died 1/20/35: 1/25/35p12

Atwood, Basil, weds Bertha Cloudman 11/15/33: 11/24/33p1;12/29/33p8

Atwood, Bertha H.--A Personality Portrait: 3/6/31p2

Atwood, May B., died 12/4/38: 12/8/38p6B

Atwood, Ruth, weds Ernest Blackwell 3/11/39: 3/16/39p5

Atwood, William, died 7/6/32: 7/15/32p9

Aube, Antoinette, weds Henry Tremblay 4/19/36: 4/24/36p2

Aube, Jeanette, weds Oscar Gilbert 4/15/34: 4/20/34p6

Aubin, Peter, weds Yvonne Nadeau 11/11/31: 11/13/31p8

Aubin, Ralph, weds Yvonne Nedeau 11/11/31: 11/13/33p8

Auburn, Anita, weds Gerald Plante 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

Auger, Joseph, died 8/7/35: 8/9/35p2

Austin, Marjorie, weds Philip Mooreside 3/?/39: 3/23/39p5

Autotte, Wilda, weds Emile Raymond Jr. 4/?/34: 4/27/34p1

Avery, Anna B., diedo 1/30/35: 2/8/35p6

Avery, Cecile , died 12/15/35: 12/20/35p6

Avery, Emma H., died 11/?/33: 11/24/33p12

Avery, George, weds Mary Pike 4/30/36: 5/8/36p3

Avery, Harold L., died 9/30/36: 10/8/36p1

Avery, Inez E., died 10/16/37: 10/21/37p5

Avery, John, died 3/6/36: 3/13/36p6

Avery, Joseph H., died 9/27/37: 9/30/37p11

Avery, Josephine M., died 8/12/31: 8/14/31p8

Avery, Sarah B., died 4/26/38: 4/28/38p9

Ayers, Nellie M., died 1/11/38: 1/13/38p5

Babb, Charles H., died 3/18/36: 3/27/36p5

Babb, Frank H., died 4/12/35: 4/19/35p8

Babb, Lawrence, died 12/3/34: 12/14/34p12

Babb, Malcolm, weds Alice Collins 9/14/36: 9/17/36p14

Babb, Mary, weds George Heath 5/16/31: 5/22/31p1

Babb, Melvin E., died 9/?/30: 9/12/30p8

Babb, Sarah M., died 11/4/34: 11/9/34p1

Babb, Walter H., died 12/6/33: 12/8/33p8

Babineau, William, weds Virginia Irvings 11/5/38: 11/10/39p8

Babson Jr., Clifford, weds Arlene Shaw 7/30/32: 8/5/32p4

Bacon, Edward L., selected VP of 40 et 8: 10/2/31p8

Bagley, Natalie, weds Harold Jillson 4/20/38: 4/21/38p2

Bailey, Frances--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 3/15/35p9

Bailey, Margaret, weds Richard Shorey 9/7/37: 10/7/37p6

Bailey, Maria A., died 4/9/38: 4/14/38p5

Bailey, Marie, weds Charles Andrews 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Baker, Alfred E., died 5/25/37: 5/27/47p8

Baker, George W., died 1/21/30: 1/24/30p8

Baker, Jessie C., died 9/2/35: 9/6/35p9

Baker, Major H., died 4/?/37: 4/29/47p5

Baker, Norris, weds Bertha Burnham 10/3/31: 10/9/31p1

Balcomb, Jane,W., died 7/16/39: 7/20/39p2

Ballou, Dorothy P., died 4/25/38: 4/28/38p5

Ballou, Frank J., died 1/8/36: 1/10/36p8

Ballou, Lawrence, weds Dorothy Pearson 9/30/34: 10/12/34p8

Baltzer, Albert, weds Addie Otis 6/30/31: 7/3/31p5

Bankart, Ada H., died 1/22/32: 1/29/32p8

Barber, Dan, weds Lorraine LaVallee 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Barber, Lizzie, died 5/25/33: 6/2/33p8

Barel, Spencer F., died 2/19/30: 2/21/30p1;2/28/30p8

Baril, Roberre, weds Josephine Parker 12/24/31: 1/8/32p1

Barker, Will T., died 8/20/36: 8/28/36p2

Barnard, Hilda, weds Herbert Thyng 4/9/39: 4/13/39p5

Barnard Jr., Harvey, weds Frances Chase 10/18/38: 10/20/38p9

Barnes, Blanche S., died 12/19/39: 12/21/39p3

Baron, Samuel, died 7/20/32: 7/29/32p8

Bartlett, Philip, weds Marcia Marble 2/7/39: 2/9/39p6

Bartley, Ethel M., died 6/1/38: 6/2/38p5;6/9/38p8

Batchelder, Louis S., died 11/7/31: 11/13/31p8

Bates, John, weds Bertha Rivers 10/1/30: 10/3/30p9

Bates, Katherine, died 12/10/31: 12/18/31p9

Baxter Jr., Charles J., died 7/30/38: 8/4/38p1

Baxter, Madeline, weds Henry Bell 6/11/32: 6/17/32p4

Baxter, Marcia, weds Harvey Robbins 4/9/34: 4/13/34p8

Baxter, Mary, weds Edward Brock 2/26/36: 3/6/36p6

Baxter, Medeline, weds Henry Bell 6/11/32: 6/17/32pp4,9(ER)

Beadoin, M&M Aurelle, celebrate 51st anniversary: 10/21/37p2

Beals, Blanch, weds Robert Watson 10/17/34: 10/26/34p2

Bean, Frank R., died 6/2/33: 6/9/33p9

Bean, Richard, died 2/23/38: 3/3/38p14

Beane, Edward, weds Arline Hayes 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Beard, Mary G., died 11/17/31: 11/20/31p8

Beaton, Gladys, weds Edgar Bruce 6/27/31: 7/3/31p12

Beauchemin, Laurette, weds Theodore Boivin 8/5/39: 8/10/39p5

Beaudoin, Bunny, weds Harold Colby 1/15/35: 1/18/35p3

Beaudoin, Edgar, weds Yvonne Corriveau 11/27/37: 12/2/37p2

Beaudoin, Lucille, weds John Weymouth 12/31/36: 1/21/37p5

Beaudoin, M&M Aurelle, celebrte 50th anniversary: 10/22/36p2

Beaudoin, M&M Cyril J., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 5/11/34p1

Beaudoin, M&M Cyrille, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/19/38p2

Beaudoin, M&M Peter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/20/32p4

Beaudoin, M&M Peter, celebrate 55th anniversary: 5/20/47p2

Beaudoin, Marie B., died 11/?/39: 11/23/39p2

Beaudoin, Nettie C., died 8/11/36: 8/14/36p3

Beaulieu, Bernadette, died 12/?/32: 12/30/32p12

Beaulieu, Clarice, weds Dennis Cullinane 7/5/35: 7/12/35p14

Beaulieu, Delia, weds Charles Vickers 9/3/33: 9/22/33p8

Beaulieu, Edgar, weds Emma Labelle 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Beaulieu, Emilio R., died 8/22/37: 8/26/37p5

Beaulieu, Janet, weds Walter DesMarais 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2

Beaulieu, Lucienne, weds Romeo Tremblay 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

Beaulieu, Madeline, weds Gerard Bonenfant 10/31/38: 11/3/39p8

Beaulieu, Marcel, died 7/17/35: 7/19/35p2

Beaulieu, Margaret R., died 9/20/39: 9/28/39p3

Beaulieu, Paul, weds Pauline Perreault 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Beaulieu, Rita, weds Merritt Keith 9/17/38: 9/29/38p5

Beaulieu, Stella, weds Richard Cole: 8/18/38p6

Beauregard, Raymond, weds ??? LaVallee 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

Bedard, Marie, weds Sylvio Tanguay 6/26/33: 6/30/33p9

Beland, William, weds Laura Gilbert 10/6/35: 10/11/35p2

Belander, Rachel, weds Leslie Keene 11/25/37: 12/2/37pp2,5

Belanger, Edgar, weds Florence Berube 4/23/31: 5/1/31p1

Belanger, Eugene, weds Lena Huppee 6/15/31: 6/19/31p1

Belanger, Robert, weds Irene Lamontagne 9/3/35: 9/6/35p2

Bell, Henry, weds Madeline Baxter 6/11/32: 6/17/32pp4,9(ER)

Bell, William N., died 11/21/37: 11/25/37p5

Bellacome, Gilando, weds Helen Martineau 5/8/34: 5/11/34p1

Bellemeur, Helen, weds Russell Johnson 7/23/37: 8/12/37p2

Belleville, Ernest, weds Juliette Letourneau 6/?/30: 6/27/30p1

Belleville, Frank, died 9/9/35: 9/13/35p6

Belleville, Walter, weds Estelle Grenier 11/?/37: 11/25/37p8

Belmore, Ellen, died 10/28/31: 11/6/31pp4,8

Bemis, Manley, weds Pauline Bickford 8/6/38: 8/18/38p7

Bennett, Charles F., celebrates 83rd birthday: 8/3/39p10

Bennett, Doris, weds Leo Mailhot 10/2/39: 10/5/39p5

Bennett, Edith C., died 11/?/32: 12/2/32p8

Bennett, Ella, died 6/6/37: 6/17/37p8

Bennett, Jeremiah, died 3/9/37: 3/11/37p5

Bennett, Josephine G., died 1/26/34: 2/2/34p8

Bennett, M&M Charles F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/28/39p10

Bennett, Rena, weds Harold Hamel 4/?/33: 4/7/33p1

Bennett, Robert, weds Mildred Brown 4/23/38: 4/28/38p2

Bennett, Russell, weds Lorella Pecor 9/21?/38: 9/29/38p5

Benson, Charles, died 7/16/32: 7/22/32p8

Benson, Edward F., died 12/11/34: 12/14/34p1

Benson, Florence, weds George Reed 12/11/32: 12/16/32p8

Bent, Marion, weds Donald Weathers 6/3/39: 6/8/39p5

Bentley, Frank, weds Hazel Huntly 9/4/36: 9/10/36p9

Bergeron, Albertine, weds Floyd Fitzgerald 5/31/30: 6/6/30p9

Bergeron, Antonio, weds Irene Provencher 5/28/38: 6/2/38p2

Bergeron, John, died 8/28/39: 8/31/39p6

Bergeron, Victoria, celebrates 76th birthday: 8/25/38p2

Bernard, Alfred, weds Anna Gagne 6/3/39: 6/8/39p9

Bernard, Laura, weds Lloyd Varney 8/16/30: 8/22/30p8

Bernier, Fernando, weds Lillian Landry 3/28/32: 4/1/32p4

Bernier, Harvey, weds Marie Lasante 7/?/36: 7/17/36p2

Berry, Ada B., died 6/9/32: 6/17/32p8

Berry, Anthony, died 2/19/31: 2/26/32p8

Berry, Charles H., died 7/6/36: 7/10/36p2

Berry, Charles J., celebrates 96th birthday: 2/24/33p8

Berry, Charles L., died 6/14/31: 6/19/31p4

Berry, Charles, weds Gertrude Senter 9/?/38: 9/15/38p11

Berry, Dana, died 3/3/35: 3/8/35p3

Berry, Dana, weds Agnes Blaisdell 10/27/34: 11/2/34p8

Berry, Dorothy, weds George McGregor 7/27/34: 8/3/34p8

Berry, Elizabeth B., died 9/29/39: 10/5/39p15

Berry, Elmer, died 3/18/31: 3/20/31pp8,12(NB,GH)

Berry, Ernest, weds Irene Snierson 8/12/34: 10/19/34p1

Berry, Ethel, weds Maurice Pierce 1/21/38: 1/27/38p2

Berry, Etta J., died 11/15/32: 11/25/32p12

Berry, Fannie S., died 2/3/38: 2/10/38p5

Berry, Fred P., died 3/26/35: 3/29/35p1;4/5/35p7

Berry, George C., died 1/?/35: 1/25/35p8

Berry, Horace, weds Malvina Picard 7/5?/34: 7/13/34p1

Berry, John K., died 1/9/31: 1/16/31p8

Berry, Levina, died 6/2/33: 6/9/33p8

Berry, M&M Frank P., celebrate 59th anniversary: 12/2/37pB3

Berry, Marion, weds Leroy Woodworth 7/15/37: 7/22/37p2

Berry, May A., died 7/?/32: 7/15/32p8

Berry, Nettie F., died 9/29/38: 10/6/38p13

Berry, Percy R., died 6/11/34: 6/15/34p2

Berry, Sarah E., celebrates 83rd birthday: 12/15/39p5

Berry, Sarah F., died 11/28/36: 12/3/36p5

Berry, Zanello D., died 11/24/31: 11/27/31p4;12/4/31p8

Berube, Elizabeth T., died 10/15/32: 10/21/32p9

Berube, Florence, weds Edgar Belanger 4/23/31: 5/1/31p1

Berube, Joseph P., died 10/24/38: 10/27/38p2

Bessey, Arline, weds Charles Daley 4/18/31: 4/24/31p1

Bessey, Eli P., died 10/21/37: 10/28/37p5

Betts, George, weds Vivian Chaplin 8/8/38: 8/11/38p2

Beville, Jennie, died 9/26/37: 10/7/37p10

Bickers, Luther F., died 8/7/30: 8/15/30p13

Bickford, Albert, weds Beatrice Hartfield 4/?/34: 4/27/34p1

Bickford, Albert, weds Harriet Brown 7/15/39: 7/27/39p5

Bickford, Arolin B., died 3/18/38: 3/10/38p9 ;3/17/38p9

Bickford, Arthur H., died 8/12/39: 8/17/39p3

Bickford, Charles, E., died 1/6/33: 1/13/33p8

Bickford, Frederick S., died 3/20/30: 3/28/30pp8,9(ER)

Bickford, George E., died 4/9/32: 4/15/32p8

Bickford, George W., died 4/13/37: 4/15/37p5

Bickford, Harry G., died 7/2/35: 7/5/35p1;7/12/35p9

Bickford, Herbert, weds Lillian Smith: 1/12/34p9

Bickford, Horace A., died 3/9/32: 3/11/32p8

Bickford, Lawrence A., died 8/3/37: 8/5/37p1

Bickford, Lillie M., died 4/?/37: 4/29/47p2

Bickford, Louis, weds Wilhelmina Rogers 12/11/33: 12/22/33p6

Bickford, Pauline, weds Manley Bemis 8/6/38: 8/18/38p7

Bickford, Roger, weds Agnes Ryan 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Bickford, Violet, weds John Guptill 1/4/37: 1/7/37p2;1/28/37p2

Bickford, Walter H., died 7/25/35: 8/2/35p8

Bieringer, Theodore, weds Welver Dennis 5/13/39: 5/18/39p16

Bigelow, Cora M., died 2/16/37: 2/18/37p8

Billings, Isabelle, died 6/25/31: 7/3/31p8

Bilodeau, Anita: A Personality Portrait: 6/26/36p2

Bilodeau, Antoinette, weds Gerald Lapierre 8/27/38: 9/1/38p2

Bilodeau, J.E.A., cited nationally: 11/22/35p2

Bilodeau, Lucia, weds Raymond Sanfacon 10/13/30: 10/17/30p1

Bilodeau, Rose, weds Joseph Normand 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Bilodeau, Sadie, weds James Sanfacon 9/3/33: 9/8/33p10

Bilodeau, Theodore, died 10/23/37: 10/28/37p5

Bingham, George, died 6/16/30: 6/20/30p7

Biron, Joseph, weds Marguerite Enaire 7/16/38: 7/21/38p2

Biron, Marjory, weds Norman Maxfield 6/9/36: 6/12/36p2

Bisson, Alfred, died 5/24/39: 6/1/39p4

Bisson, Andre, died 1/17/36: 1/24/36p3

Bisson, Ludgar, died 7/5/33: 7/7/33p8;7/14/33p8

Bisson, M&M Andre, celebrate 55th anniversary: 2/8/35p1

Bisson, M&M Andre, celebrate 54th anniversary: 2/9/34p9

Bisson, M&M Andre, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/7/30p1

Bisson, Marie L., died 4/14/35: 4/19/35p7

Bisson, Vitaline G., died 7/23/37: 7/29/37p5

Black, Gladys, weds Gardner Hall 9/3/33: 9/22/33p8

Blackford, George E., died 4/9/32: 4/15/32p8

Blackington, Ella J., died 8/?/31: 9/4/31p8

Blackmar, Frank A., died 2/7/31: 2/13/31p8

Blackmore, George, weds Dorothy Nangle 10/5/36: 10/8/36p2

Blackwell, Ernest, weds Ruth Atwood 3/11/39: 3/16/39p5

Blaidell, Herman, weds Lillie Landry: 3/7/30p1

Blair, David, weds Delvina English 4/27/32: 5/6/32p8

Blair, Elenor, weds Milford Jones 4/15/39: 4/20/39p5

Blais, Adelard, weds Emma Drolette 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Blais, Victorias L., died 6/15/30: 6/20/30p1

Blaisdell, Agnes, weds Dana Berry 10/27/34: 11/2/34p8

Blaisdell, Clarence L., died 9/26/34: 9/28/34p1;10/5/34p10

Blaisdell, Dorothy, weds Carleton Wingate 6/30/35: 7/5/35p7

Blaisdell, Edith, weds Joseph Houle 5/12/39: 5/18/39p16

Blaisdell, Effie M., died 1/9/32: 1/15/32p12(Green Hill)

Blaisdell, Elwin, weds Janet Gerry 11/27/36: 12/3/36p8

Blaisdell, Frank T., died 8/10/39: 8/17/39p3

Blaisdell, George, died 5/14/32: 5/20/32p9

Blaisdell, Herman L., died 12/?/34: 12/30/34p6

Blaisdell, Isabelle, weds Brooks Harding 11/30/30: 12/5/30p12

Blaisdell, Jennie, died 3/26/30: 3/28/30p9

Blaisdell, Marion, weds Adolph Raab Jr. 3/11/34: 3/16/34p6

Blaisdell, Marjorie, weds Mervale Canney 9/?/32: 9/23/32p1

Blaisdell, Marvin T., died 3/19/33: 3/24/33p5 ;3/31/33p8

Blaisdell, Nellie M., died 12/5/36: 12/10/36p17

Blaisdell, Victor, weds Marjorie Durgin 9/7/38: 9/15/38p5

Blake, Frances, weds Alfred Smith 2/6/31: 2/12/32p4

Blake, Lewis, weds Albertha Haseltine 6/10/39: 6/15/39p14

Blanchard, Beatrice, weds Francis Skinner Jr. 6/21/37: 7/1/37p4

Blanchard Jr., Richard, weds Elizabeth Glasz 6/12/37: 6/17/37p2

Blanchard, Louis, weds Genevieve Perreault 5/30/32: 6/3/32p4

Blanchard, Mary L., died 5/29/37: 6/3/37p4

Blanchard, Ruth K., died 11/18/38: 11/24/39p2

Blazo, Augusta G., died 5/5/35: 5/10/35p8

Blinn, Edward, weds Arline Tebbetts 2/19/38: 2/24/38p2

Bliskey, Violet S.: A Personality Portrait: 9/4/36p2

Blood, Willis, weds Dora Godbout 5/31/37: 6/3/37pp2,5

Blue, Dorothy, weds Leo Camire: 3/9/39p8

Bly, John H., died 4/9?/36: 4/17/36p5

Blye, John, died 1/7/30: 1/10/30p16

Boardman, Harold, weds Virginia Crockett 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Bodge, Dorothy, weds Stanley Wright 12/10/29: 6/20/30p16

Bodge, Harry O., died 4/23/39: 4/27/39p2

Bodge, Winifred J., died 8/11/39: 8/17/39p14

Bogan, Dorothea, weds Frank Purdy 6/2/37: 6/17/37p2

Boisvert, Antoine, died 6/29/31: 7/3/31p1

Boisvert, Mary, weds Oscar Gosselin 8/28/33: 9/1/33p1

Boivin, Beatrice B.: A Personality Portrait: 7/3/36p2

Boivin, Beatrice, is Secretary of State BPW: 7/3/36p1

Boivin, Beatrice, weds Charles Hopkins 11/26/36: 12/3/36p2

Boivin, Bernadette, weds Walter Lagotte 9/26/32: 9/30/32p16

Boivin, Paul, died 2/4/30: 2/7/30p8

Boivin, Rose, weds Ralph Ferland 1/1/36: 1/3/36p4

Boivin, Theodore, weds Laurette Beauchemin 8/5/39: 8/10/39p5

Bolduc, Alpha, weds Lucia Laurion 8/27/38: 9/1/38p2

Bolduc, Donald, weds Elizabeth Sullivan 5/21/38: 5/26/38p2

Bolduc, Exila, weds Joseph Larion 10/16/37: 10/21/37p9

Bolduc, Henry, weds Pauline Masse 6/24/39: 6/29/39p5

Bond, Bernard Q., died 11/26/34: 11/30/34p1

Bond, Marguerite, weds Clifton Stafford 6/1/37: 6/3/37p2

Bond, Marguerite, weds Ralph Goodrich 7/25/34: 8/3/34p1

Bonenfant, Gerard, weds Madeline Beaulieu 10/31/38: 11/3/39p8

Bonenfant, Olive, weds Raymond Tabguay 4/29/39: 5/4/39p5

Boneski, Antoinette, weds Alfred Jouret 9/2/39: 9/7/39p5

Bonser, Elsie, weds Henry Card 2/16/34: 2/23/34p9

Bonser, Naomi, weds Gerald Diabal 2/27/31: 3/6/31p1

Boody, M&M John, host family reunion: 8/12/32p1

Bosquin, Clayton, weds Marion Johnson 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Bosquin, Edison, weds Betty Knapp 5/9/36: 5/15/36p9

Bosquin, Leona L., died 2/14/36: 2/21/36p9

Bouchard, Geogianna, died 12/?/38: 1/6/38p8

Bouchard, Julien, weds Leona Martineau 10/12/32: 10/14/32p1

Boucher, Loretta, weds Joseph Portrie Jr. 6/29/39: 7/6/39p3

Boucher, Mary, weds Uball Allard 10/17/32: 10/21/32p1

Boucher, Robert, weds Janet Couture 6/12/37: 6/17/37p2

Boucher. Beatrice, weds Leon Cormier 6/25/38: 6/30/38p9

Boudon, Loen, weds Alice Burleigh 4/15/39: 4/20/39p5

Boudreau, Alexina, died 8/25/38: 9/1/38p5

Boudreau, Arthur, weds Freda Baker 3/?/30: 3/14/30p9

Boudreau, Freda B., died 12/2/39: 12/7/39p3

Boudreau, Louis, weds Helen Perreault 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Boudreau, Yvonne, weds Edmund Hardy Jr. 6/29/31: 7/3/31p4

Bougoin, George, weds Lois Hartford 4/3/37: 4/15/37p8

Boulanger, Carolyn F., died 6/3/39: 6/8/39p3

Boulanger, Oliva, weds Alice Lachapelle 2/28/38: 3/3/38p2

Boulduc, Annette, weds Vernand Elliott 5/20/31: 6/5/31p9

Boule, Emile, weds Rosina Levesque 12/26/29: 1/3/30p8

Boulet, Cyril, weds Mildred Grenier 11/24/30: 11/28/30p8

Bourgoyne, Eva, weds Warren Howard 5/?/31: 5/29/31p1

Bousquin, Etiennette, weds Leo Cormier 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Bousquin, Gelina, died 1/18/31: 1/23/31p9

Bousquin, Joseph, weds Shirley Sillon 4/22/35: 5/3/35p8

Boutin, Rosanna, weds Paul Pare 10/31/36: 11/5/36p3

Bowen, Doris, weds Vincent Lucey 11/28/36: 12/3/36p2

Bowen, Herbert, died 12/24/34: 12/30/34p1;1/4/35p5

Bowering, James, celebrates 70th birthday: 11/19/36p3

Bowering, James--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 3/20/36p4

Bowering, Selina B., died 11/26/32: 12/2/32p1

Boyce, Mation, weds Bloise Fownes 6/26?/30: 6/20/30p1

Boyce, Ralph, weds Blanche Potvin 10/10/32: 10/14/32p1

Boyd, James H., died 4/24/34: 4/27/34p5

Boyle, Doris, weds Michael Abdou 8/26/33: 9/1/33p8

Boyle, Flora, weds Chauncey Potter 8/29/31: 9/4/31p1

Boyle, Harrison J., died 5/1/33: 5/12/33p8

Brackett, Augusta F., died 2/28/37: 3/4/37p3

Brackett, Bertha, died 7/?/39: 7/13/39p9

Brackett, Charles R., celebrates 91st birthday 9/8/35: 9/13/352p

Brackett, Charles R., died 4/13/37: 4/15/37p1

Brackett, Erwin, weds Blanche Butler: 3/21/30p1

Brackett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 60th anniversary: 3/14/30p1

Brackett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 65th anniversary: 3/15/35p1

Brackett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 3/19/32p1

Brackett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 63rd anniversary: 3/17/33p1

Brackett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 64th anniversary: 3/16/34p1

Bradford, Honora, died 5/30/39: 6/1/39p4

Bradley, Alice F., died 7/16/36: 7/17/36p1

Bradley, Charles W., died 1/12/30: 1/17/30p1

Bradshaw, Grace J., died 11/20/36: 11/26/36p5

Bragdon, James R., died 4/10/35: 4/12/35p7;4/19/35p7

Bragg, Elton, weds Gladys Chapman 12/23/30: 1/2/31p1

Braids, Ralph, weds Zilpha Capron 7/29/37: 8/5/37p12

Brailey, Fred B., died 10/15/37: 10/21/37pp5,11

Braudis, Bernis L., died 11/22/37: 11/25/37p5

Braudis, Irving, died 1/14/31: 1/23/31p8

Braudis, Mattie W., died 10/10/32: 10/14/32p8

Bray, Barbara, weds William Whitmore 1/15/38: 1/20/38p2

Breckenridge, Joseph, died 9/15/35: 9/20/35p8

Breckett, M&M Charles R., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 3/18/32p1

Breen, Ardena B., died 2/16/39: 2/23/39p8

Brennan, Bernard, weds Alice Smith 11/17/36: 11/19/36p2

Brennan, Dennis, weds Madeline Labbe 6/21/37: 6/24/37p2

Brennan, James, died 2/13/37: 2/18/37p8

Brennan, Mary E., died 10/3/36: 10/8/36p5

Breton, Cleophas, died 3/5/38: 3/10/38p5

Breton, Cora, weds Odias Lessarde 1/15/38: 1/20/38p9

Breton, Estras, died 1/?/38: 2/3/38p5

Breton, Henry, weds Pauline Dallaire 4/23/38: 4/28/38p2

Breton, Jean, died 12/4/37: 12/9/37p5

Breton, Joseph, weds Amanda LaFlamme 10/17/33: 10/27/33p9

Brewster, Mary, weds Warren Parsons 10/6/30: 10/10/30p16

Bridges, Ruth, weds Fred Tapper 8/2/36: 8/7/36p2

Brigham, Emma J., died 7/?/34: 7/27/34p5

Britton, Russell H.--Meet Your Neighbor: 2/28/36p4

Brochu, Helen G., died 12/24/37: 12/30/37p5

Brochu, Julia, weds O'Neil Duquette 4/23/35: 4/26/35p5

Brochu, Lena, weds Frank Novillis 10/7/39: 10/12/39p5;10/19/39p5

Brochu, Lillian, weds Anthony Egan 10/16/37: 10/21/37p4

Brochu, Louise, weds Charles Hart 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2;8/12/37p5

Brochu, Marie, weds Lorenzo Ross 4/28/38: 5/5/38p2

Brock, Annie M., died 6/30/30: 7/4/30p8;7/11/30p12

Brock, Bernard E., died 2/1/34: 2/9/34p8

Brock, Edward, weds Mary Baxter 2/26/36: 3/6/36p6

Brock, Emma E., died 11/10/34: 11/16/34p10

Brock, Ethel, weds Raymond Hill 4/22/34: 4/27/34p12

Brock, Evelyn, weds Sumner Foss 9/29/38: 10/6/38p5

Brock, Flora D., died 1/21/33: 1/27/33p8

Brock, Helen, weds Melvin Amazeen 6/14/36: 6/19/36p6

Brock, Lillian S., died 11/3/36: 11/5/36p8

Brock, Marjorie, weds John Longley 12/24/30: 1/2/31p8

Brock, Marston W., died 10/19/34: 10/26/34p4

Brock, Mary B., died 12/11/31: 12/18/31p8

Brock, Sarah A., died 3/24/31: 3/27/31p1;4/3/31p1

Brock, Willis E., died 4/2/38: 4/7/38p5

Brodeur, Eugene, weds Ednah Evans 3/1/30: 3/7/30p3

Brogan, Blanche, weds Frank Walker 6/30?/37: 7/8/37p2

Bronson, Elizabeth, weds Leland Maxfield 7/21/38: 7/28/38p12

Bronson, Emery, weds Lois Fownes 4/17/37: 4/22/47p2

Brooks, Alonzo S., died 8/13/35: 8/16/35p3

Brooks, Harding, weds Isabelle Blaisdell 11/30/30: 12/5/30p12

Brooks, Jon C., family holds annual reunion: 7/31/36p9

Brooks, Robert, weds Pauline Henderson 8/25/36: 8/28/36p2

Brouillard, Arthur, weds Vivian Ward 9/22/31: 9/25/31p1

Brouillard, Arthur, weds Vivian Ward 9/22/31: 9/25/31p1

Browb, Roland, weds Helen Cutter 9/19/36: 9/24/36p2

Brown, Addie L., died 7/14/39: 7/20/39p2

Brown, Athelinda S., died 4/18/33: 4/21/33p8;4/28/33p9(ER)

Brown, Bernice H., died 3/5/31: 3/13/31p8

Brown, Bernice, weds Arnold Fall 7/5/30: 7/11/30p5

Brown, Dorothy, weds Harold Wescott 3/10/38: 3/24/38p2

Brown, Edward J., died 12/31/35: 1/3/36p4

Brown, Frank, weds Lillian Leach 4/25/31: 5/8/31p8

Brown, George, died ?/?/32: 5/6/32p8;5/6/32p12

Brown, Gladys G., died 6/13/39: 6/15/39p2

Brown, Guy, weds Catherine Lenfest 3/?/32: 4/1/32p4

Brown, Harriet, weds Albert Bickford 7/15/39: 7/27/39p5

Brown, Ina, weds Wendell Wood 5/6/33: 5/12/33p8

Brown, Jessie, weds Paul Ricker 10/12/35: 10/18/35p5

Brown, John W., died 11/?/30: 11/21/30p8

Brown, John, weds Helen Whitehouse 5/17/36: 5/22/36p4

Brown, M&M FRank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/17/38p1

Brown, Marguerite, weds Raymond Downs 10/1/34: 10/5/34p10

Brown, Mary A., died 6/15/37: 6/17/37p4

Brown, Mary A., died 10/26/33: 11/3/33p4;11/10/33p9

Brown, Mildred, weds Robert Bennett 4/23/38: 4/28/38p2

Brown, Ora, died 2/7/33: 2/10/33p12

Brown, Richard, weds Elinor Wells 11/19/39: 11/23/39p16

Brown, Roscoe, weds Idella Wiggin 4/12/37: 4/15/37p6

Brown, Rose L., died 10/28/36: 11/5/36p8

Brown, Ruth, weds Francis Cote 8/14/39: 8/17/39p5

Brown, Walter, died 5/20/38: 5/26/38p9

Browne, Thelma, weds Telesphore St. Laurent 2/13/34: 2/16/34p1

Brownsett, Joseph H., died 2/18/31: 2/27/31pp8,12(MB)

Bruce, Edgar, weds Gladys Beaton 6/27/31: 7/3/31p12

Bryant, Etta C., died 12/2/35: 12/6/35p8

Bryant, M&M John, celebrate 57th anniversary: 4/14/33p12

Buckley, Florence, died 5/21/31: 5/29/31p8

Buelduc, Mary E., died 10/18/33: 10/27/33p5

Bunker, Avis, weds Leroy Griffiths 1/1/32: 1/8/32p9

Bunker, Forrest, died 4/1/35: 4/5/35p8

Bunker, Kenneth J., died 4/9/33: 4/14/33p1

Bunker, Sophia C., died 12/12/30: 12/19/30p8

Burbank, Edward, weds Paula Hartfiel 7/6/35: 7/19/35p4

Burbank, George, weds Palma Lambert 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Burbank, Ida L., died 10/?/30: 10/31/30p8;11/7/30p4

Burbank, Rita, weds Bernard Ham 10/28/39: 11/2/39p8

Burch, Frances, weds Louis Colby 12/?/31: 12/18/31p1

Burch, Frances, weds Louis Colby: 12/18/31p1

Burch, Joseph, died 3/9/36: 3/13/36p8

Burke, Annie G., died 4/8/39: 4/13/39p7

Burke, Charles F., died 1/?/35: 1/11/35p9

Burke, George, died 4/?/34: 4/13/34p8

Burke, Harriet M., died 5/3/33: 5/12/33p8;5/12/33pp9(ER),12(M)

Burke, M&M Charles F., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 1/20/33p9

Burleigh, Alice, weds Leon Boudon 4/15/39: 4/20/39p5

Burleigh, Celia, weds Frederick Estes 7/25/33: 7/28/33p4

Burleigh, Joseph, died 9/12/31: 9/18/31p1

Burnham, Bertha, weds Norris Baker 10/3/31: 10/9/31p1

Burnham, Ella F., died 10/21/39: 10/26/39p2

Burnham, Lewis G., died 9/13/38: 9/22/38p2

Burnham, Lillian O., died 6/24/39: 6/29/39p1

Burns, Agnes, weds Clifford Alley 9/15/35: 9/20/35p6

Burrell, Edward L., died 5/1/35: 5/3/35p5

Burrows, Charlotte, weds George Scott Jr.: 11/25/32p1

Burrows, Freda, weds Rosaire Martineau 10/2/32: 10/21/32p1

Burrows, Marjorie, weds Harold Grenier 10/25/30: 10/31/30p9

Burt, Lillian, weds Ralph Goodrich 8/19/37: 8/26/37p2

Bush, Wesley, weds Hazel Hanscom 4/19/30: 4/25/30p1

Buswell, Edgar, died 5/8/33: 5/12/33p8

Butler, Blanche, weds Erwin Brackett: 3/21/30p1

Butler, Conrad W., died 5/15/36: 5/22/36p4

Butler, George, weds Margaret Hunt 8/?/35: 8/23/35p3

Butler, Lorana, died 10/4/39: 10/12/39p3

Butler, Ora B., died 12/15/36: 12/17/36p5

Butters, Thelma, weds Linwood McIlvaine 7/24/38: 7/28/38p12

Buzzell, Omar, weds Beatrice Woodman 11/19/33: 11/24/33p9

Buzzell, Sarah, celebrates 94th birthday: 7/3/31p1

Caddell, Hope M.,. died 5/16/33: 5/19/33p4

Calcutt, Arthur, weds Alice Robins 9/4/36: 9/10/36p2

Cale, Arthur, weds Ruth Angevine 5/30/30: 6/6/30p5

Calef, Clara, died 1/5/36: 1/10/36p3

Calef, Ellen E., died 6/25/32: 7/1/32p8

Calef, Robert, weds Katherine Miller 2/22/31: 2/27/31p5

Calhoun, Jean, weds Frederick Perkins 7/?/33: 7/28/33p5

Came, Edson W., died 4/24/30: 5/2/30p1

Camire, Leo, weds Dorothy Blue: 3/9/39p8

Campbell, Ernest, weds Marion Gleason 1/18/30: 1/24/30p9

Campbell, Helen, weds Maurice O'Leary 6/?/33: 6/30/33p1

Canney, Abbie E., died 3/20/32: 3/25/32p8

Canney, Assie H., died 11/25/39: 11/30/39p12

Canney, Benjamin L., died 5/8/34: 5/11/34p8

Canney, Caroline, celebrates 89nd birthday: 7/3/36p2

Canney, Charles A., died 2/17/31: 2/27/31p16

Canney, Charles O., died 12/?/34: 12/30/34p3

Canney, Edith M., died 1/3/37: 1/7/37p4

Canney, Frank, emulates Houdini as a hobby: 12/29/33p1

Canney, Laura, died 12/14/30: 12/19/30p8

Canney, Martha E., died 7/21/33: 7/28/33p8

Canney, Mervale, weds Marjorie Blaisdell 9/?/32: 9/23/32p1

Cannoughton, Edward, weds Betty McAndrews 4/22/36: 4/24/36p2

Capron, Zilpha, weds Ralph Braids 7/29/37: 8/5/37p12

Card, Edward F., died 8/8/38: 8/18/38p7

Card, George V., celebrates 95th birthday: 8/5/37p3

Card, George V., celebrates 94th birthday: 8/3/34p3

Card, George V., died 1/17/38: 1/27/38p1

Card, Henry, weds Elsie Bonser 2/16/34: 2/23/34p9

Card, Mary J., celebrates 82nd birthday: 3/6/31p1

Card, Mary J., died 10/30/35: 11/1/35p4

Cardinal, Leo, weds Jeanette Coulombe 5/14/38: 5/26/38p9

Cardinal, Rosanna, weds Bernard Glidden 5/21/38: 6/2/38p9

Cardinal, Ruth, weds Carl Watson 4/30/38: 5/12/38p9

Careau, Jeanette, weds Gerald Otis 1/?/38: 1/6/38p9

Carey, Marcus, weds Marion Montgomery 9/4/36: 9/10/36p11

Carey, Marion, weds Hnery Lawrence Jr. 10/13/35: 10/18/35p4

Carey, Virginia, weds Norman Hayes 7/29/38: 8/4/38p2

Carignan, Armand, weds Florence Francoeur 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Carignan, Omar, weds Alfreda Milidonis 9/31/39: 10/5/39p7

Carlisle, Kenneth, weds Esther Hale 8/4/35: 8/9/35p2

Carlisle, M&M Albert L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/28/37p1;11/4/37p5

Carll, Bertha, celebrates 75th birthday: 9/24/36p2

Carlson, Roy, weds Phyllys Gilbert 12/25/36: 12/31/36p2

Carnegie, Elizabeth, weds George Rogers 8/24/31: 8/28/31p9

Caron, Celina S., died 6/26/39: 6/29/39p4

Caron, Edward, died 8/17/35: 8/23/35p2

Caron, Joseph, died 12/3/32: 12/9/32p1

Caron, June, weds Ronald Richey 9/?/38: 9/22/38p5

Caron, Richard, died 4/27/33: 5/5/33p9

Carpenter, Melvin F., died 11/8/36: 11/12/36p5

Carpenter, Ruth, weds Roland White 6/5/38: 6/9/38p2

Carpenter, Shirley, weds Francis Vittum 10/5/38: 10/20/38p5

Carr, Katherine, died 5/30/36: 6/5/36p5

Carrigan, Jeannette, weds Sterling Hilton 7/3/37: 7/8/37p8

Carter, Agnes, weds Charles Dubois 6/9/30: 6/13/30p16

Carter, Albert E., celebrates 80th birthday: 2/6/31p1

Carter, Albert E., died 1/2/38: 1/6/38p9

Carter, Gertrude, weds Lester Herron 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

Carter, M&M Louis C., celebrate 49th anniversary: 5/5/38p2

Cartier, Lucienne, weds Edmund Verville 1/26/31: 2/6/31p4

Cartier, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/17/34p4

Cartier, M&M Joseph, celebrate 52nd anniversary: 7/31/36p2

Cartier, M&M Joseph, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 8/5/37p2

Cartier, M&M Joseph, celebrate 55th anniversary: 8/3/39p1

Cary, Guy, died 7/9/35: 7/12/35p3

Casey, Eldridge, weds Emma Nesbitt 8/14/37: 8/26/37p2

Casey, Katherine, died 4/10/37: 4/15/37p5

Casey, William, weds Anna McQuade 6/16/30: 6/20/30p10A

Cassidy, Andrew, weds Frances O'Laughlin 6/16/35: 6/21/35p1

Cassidy, Beatrice, weds Arthur Files 8/25/35: 8/30/35p8

Cassidy, Elsie, weds Gordon Stanton 4/7/35: 4/12/35p6

Cassidy, Margaret, died 2/6/39: 2/9/39p2

Castonguay, Lucien, weds Germaine Letendre 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Caswell, Avis, weds Thurlow Garnet 2/21/31: 2/27/31p9

Caswell, Charles, weds Helen Tuck 12/24/35: 1/3/36p4

Caswell, Priscilla, weds Roger Gibb 9/13/36: 9/17/36p2

Cate, Antoinette T., died 4/16/39: 4/20/39p2

Cate, M&M Amasa J., celebrate 51st anniversary: 11/18/32p1

Cate, M&M Edgar, celebrate 54th anniversary: 1/7/37p2

Cate, M&M Edgar M., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 1/11/35p1

Cate, M&M Edgar M., celebrate 55th anniversary: 1/6/38p2

Cate, M&M Edgar M., celebrate 53rd anniversary: 1/10/36p5

Cate, Mary E., died 1/17/38: 1/20/38p3

Cater, Annie A., died 1/25/39: 2/2/39p2

Cater, Augusta F., died ?/?/31: 3/6/31p8

Cater, John W., died 12/20/37: 12/23/37p5

Cater, M&M John W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/7/34p1

Cater, May E., died 1/18/35: 1/25/35p1

Cathcart, Roland, weds Pauline Laney 11/20/37: 11/25/37p6

Caverly, Thomas, died 3/22/35: 3/29/35p11

Cayer, Grace H., died 8/15/38: 8/18/38p3

Chadbourne, Everett, died 11/16/35: 11/22/35p9

Chadbourne, Richard, died 10/1/35: 10/4/35p9

Chaffe, Robert, weds Dorcas Dixon 8/24?/38: 8/24/38p2;9/1/38p2

Chalmers, Mabelle, celebrates 80th birthday: 8/4/38p2

Chalmers, Wiliam, died 8/18/34: 8/24/34p5

Chamberlain, Agnes C., died 4/?/34: 4/27/34p1;5/4/34p8

Chamberlain, Christina A., died 4/10/38: 4/14/38p5

Chamberlain, Fred, died 5/29/35: 6/7/35p9

Chamberlain, Muriel, weds Winston Pinkham 5/28/37: 6/3/37p3

Champion, Alice, weds Homer Glidden 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

Champion, Ellen, weds Fred Dexter 6/1/30: 6/6/30p16

Champlin, Helen M.--A Personality Portrait: 4/10/36p3

Chandler, Henry, died 7/21/37: 7/22/37p5

Chaplin, Clyde L., died 11/12/37: 11/18/37p5

Chaplin, Vivian, weds George Betts 8/8/38: 8/11/38p2

Chapman, Ella J., died 6/24/35: 6/28/35p3(EB);7/5/35p12(EB);7/12/35p14

Chapman, Gladys, weds Elton Bragg 12/23/30: 1/2/31p1

Chapman, Marjorie, weds Harry Garland 9/14/39: 9/21/39p5

Charette, Albert, weds Loretta Maxfield 6/8/31: 6/12/31p4

Charette, Marjorie, weds Ernest Cook 4/24/37: 4/29/47p2

Charles, Esther, weds George Randall 7/?/30: 7/11/30p9

Charles, Flora, weds Robert Wotton 9/24/38: 9/29/38p5

Charon, Albert, weds Anita Labrecque 9/17/35: 9/20/35p2

Chase, Alton A., died 1/5/34: 1/12/34p8

Chase, Chistopher B., died 2/?/39: 2/9/39p2

Chase, Ella, died 8/8/37: 8/12/37p5

Chase, Frances, weds Harvey Barnard Jr. 10/18/38: 10/20/38p9

Chase, Ida, weds Henry Hackett 5/6/39: 5/11/39p20

Chase Jr., George E., died 1/21/39: 1/26/39p2

Chasse, Tressa, died 11/7/34: 11/9/34p1

Cheney, Olive F., died 12/28/34: 1/4/35p5

Chesley, Emma, celebrates 90th birthday: 11/9/39p5

Chesley, Fred L., died 4/8/32: 4/8/32p8

Chesley, George, weds Gladys Palmer 9/?/38: 12/8/38p5

Chesley, Marion L., died 4/13/36: 4/17/36p7

Chesley, Norman, weds Muriel Gilman 11/8/30: 11/14/30p1

Chesley, Raymond W., died 1/3/38: 1/6/38p1

Chesley, Sarah H., celebrates 91st birthday: 12/7/39p15

Chick, Dorothea A., died 12/?/30: 12/12/30p8

Chick, Rodney, died 1/16/33: 1/20/33p8

Chick, Sarah, died 4/6/30: 4/11/30p9

Childs, Marjorie, weds Kenneth Welch 2/17/33: 2/24/33p1

Chipman, Edward, died 9/14/33: 9/22/33p12

Chisholm, Doris, weds Alden MacKay 5/21/37: 9/2/37p8

Chretien, Annette, weds Charles Lebrecque 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

Chretien, Olivine, weds Hector Lemayne 9/7/31: 9/11/31p8

Church, Martha D., died 4/15/38: 4/21/38p3

Cilley, Cleon, weds Dorothy Glode 12/3/32: 12/9/32p11;12/16/32p9(ER)

Cilley, Dorothy, weds Jere Torr 4/12/36: 4/17/36p2

Cilley, Herman, weds Marguerite Hall 9/24/38: 9/29/38p5

Cilley, Irving, weds Arletta Luby 7/28/35: 8/2/35p9

Cilley, Mattie, weds Amos Paquette 7/12/36: 7/17/36p2

Cilley, Velma W., died 8/6/37: 8/12/37p11

Cilley, William P., died 3/17/37: 3/18/37p5

Clairmont, Arline, died 9/13/35: 9/20/35p9

Clark, Charles, & twin celebrate 71st birthday: 5/4/39p1

Clark, Charles, and twin celebrate 70th birthday: 5/5/38p1

Clark, Elizabeth, died 11/8/35: 11/15/35p9

Clark, Elme C., died 2/3/39: 2/9/39p2

Clark, Everett, weds Mary Daniels 6/17/31: 6/19/31p1

Clark, Frank W., died 9/15/31: 10/2/31p8

Clark, Gilford G., died 8/21/37: 8/26/37p14

Clark, James, weds Mildred Ellis 10/28/39: 11/2/39p5

Clark, Jennie F., died 10/24/36: 10/29/36p9

Clark, Kate G., died 4/?/34: 4/6/34p8

Clark, Lucy B., died 6/?/34: 7/6/34pp8,9

Clark, Mabel, weds Wilfred Allaire 8/1/38: 8/4/38p2

Clark, Marshall, died 2/5/38: 2/10/38p8

Clark, Muriel, weds Donald Tebbetts 7/1/35: 7/5/35p12

Clark, Norah T.--A Personality Portrait: 4/17/36p2

Clark, Richard, weds Edwina Haley 7/6/38: 7/14/38p5

Clark, Samuel, died 4/?/32: 5/6/32p8

Clark, Sarah E., died 12/11/33: 12/15/33p8

Clarke, Elizabeth D., died 12/1/37: 12/9/37p5

Clarke, Roger, weds Blanche Stanton 7/17/39: 7/20/39p5

Clavett, Catherine, weds Herman Clough 1/3/35: 1/4/35p7

Clay, Dorothy, weds Fred Marchand 8/17/32: 8/19/32p1

Cleaves, Alta C., died 7/6/38: 7/14/38p12

Clements, Gordon, weds Rita Prescott 9/4/36: 9/10/36p11

Cleveland, Bennett S., died 9/16/30: 9/19/30p5

Cloudman, Bertha, weds Basil Atwood 11/15/33: 11/24/33p1;12/29/33p8

Clough, Gilbert, weds Hazel Holland 6/26/35: 7/5/35p7;7/12/35p14

Clough, Herman, weds Catherine Clavett 1/3/35: 1/4/35p7

Clough, Velma, weds Clarence Curtis Jr. 9/23/35: 9/27/35p3

Cloutman, Emma S., died 12/?/38: 1/5/39p9

Cluff, Algie E., died 12/18/36: 12/24/36p3

Cochran, Jennie H., died 7/18/36: 7/24/36p5

Colbath, Grace F., died 7/4/36: 7/10/36p4

Colburn, Jeannette, weds Wesley Martin 8/26/34: 8/31/34p1

Colby, Allton T., died 11/6/34: 11/9/34p1

Colby, Annie L., died 10/16/31: 10/23/33p8

Colby, Arthur, weds Edith Woodbury 9/12/36: 9/17/36p2

Colby, Franklin, weds Lillie Spiney 7/12/32: 7/15/32p1

Colby, Harold, weds Bunny Beaudoin 1/15/35: 1/18/35p3

Colby, Harry, weds Lucille Dupont 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Colby, Louis M., died 2/25/30: 2/28/30p12

Colby, Louis, weds Frances Burch 12/?/31: 12/18/31p1

Colby, Royal, weds Florence Littlefield 12/25/34: 12/30/34p1

Cole, Clinton, weds Mary Kehaides 5/2/39: 5/18/39p16

Cole, Richard, weds Stella Beaulieu: 8/18/38p6

Cole, Wilbur F., died 10/31/30: 11/7/30p9

Colell, Michael, weds Josephine Lambert 1/7/39: 1/19/39p5

Coleman, Charles P., died 3/6/30: 3/14/30p1

Coleman, Harold, weds Rith Stanhope 2/3/34: 2/16/34p5

Coleman, Lela, weds Frank Spencer 2/10/38: 2/17/38p2

Coles, Abbie, celebrates 80th birthday: 5/5/33p12

Coles, Abbie, celebrates 86th birthday: 5/4/39p9

Coles, Harry D., died 8/29/30: 9/5/30p12

Collins, Alice, weds Malcolm Babb 9/14/36: 9/17/36p14

Collins, Catherine H., died 2/22/34: 3/2/34p3

Collins, John F., died 10/29/38: 11/3/39p3

Collins, Madeline, died 3/4/31: 3/6/31p8

Collins, Mary, weds Deus Levesque 6/6/32: 6/10/32p9

Collins, Mrs. Stephen, died 9/?/35: 9/13/35p6

Columbus, Malvina, died 6/18/31: 6/26/31p12

Columbus, Raymond, weds Florence Rowe 9/29/39: 10/5/39p14

Colwell, Clarence, weds Abbie Nason 7/3/33: 7/7/33p9

Colwell, Jeanette, weds Harold Stevens 1/21/34: 1/26/34p9

Commiskey, Steven, weds Rose Pennell 1/1/30: 1/10/30p8

Commisky, Joseph, weds June Furber 9/10/39: 9/14/39p5

Connell, Joseph, died 12/12/38: 12/15/39p2

Connell, Margaret, weds Alfred Anaire 10/25/30: 10/31/30p8

Connell, William, died 12/21/34: 12/30/34p1

Connell, William S., died 3/8/33: 3/10/33p8;3/17/33p12

Connors Jr., Joseph, weds Anna Ludden 6/5/37: 6/10/37p2

Cook, Burleigh, weds Lera Howard 1/5/38: 1/20/38p2

Cook, Dorothy, weds Joseph Winkley: 1/8/32p8

Cook, Edna, weds Reaumer Stearnes Jr. 2/20/31: 2/27/31p20

Cook, Ernest, weds Marjorie Charette 4/24/37: 4/29/47p2

Cook, Harry R., died 6/30/35: 7/5/35p1

Cook, Henry M., died 4/23/32: 4/29/32p8;5/6/32p8

Cook, Myrtle, weds Bayfield Shaw 4/1/30: 4/4/30p1

Cookson, Frederick, weds Dorothy Coram 8/13/38: 8/18/38p2

Cooley, Frank, died 3/8/33: 3/10/33p8

Cooper, Edward, weds Dorothy Johnson 11/14?/35: 11/22/35p2

Cooper, Lillian F.--A Personality Portrait: 4/3/36p2

Copp, Jacqueline, 12, is Milton Winter Carnival Queen: 2/25/37p8

Copp, John L., died 9/26/36: 10/1/36p1

Copp, John L.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 4/10/36p4

Copp, Laura H., died 10/6/36: 10/8/36p3

Coram, Albert E., died 11/4/39: 11/9/39p1

Coram, Dorothy, weds Frederick Cookson 8/13/38: 8/18/38p2

Coran, Celina M., died 7/4/37: 7/8/37p5

Corbett, Mattie H., died 9/29/36: 10/1/36p5

Corbett, Samuel, weds Mattie Hersom 9/23/34: 10/5/34p7

Corliss, George H., died 8/16/34: 8/17/34p8

Corliss, Herbert, weds Elizabeth Swift 7/20/36: 7/24/36p5

Cormier, Dora C.: A Personality Portrait: 7/17/36p2

Cormier, Estelle, weds John MacDougall 7/29/33: 8/18/33p1

Cormier, Eugene, weds Lillian Tapscott 9/14/36: 9/17/36p14

Cormier, Hilda, weds Nelson Hatch 6/2/39: 6/8/39p5

Cormier, Leo, weds Etiennette Bousquin 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Cormier, Leon, weds Beatrice Boucher 6/25/38: 6/30/38p9

Cormier, William, died 9/7/30: 9/12/30p8

Cormier. Fred U., died 10/30/39: 11/2/39p2

Corriveau, Aimable, weds Yvette Paree 9/26/33: 9/29/33p7

Corriveau, Marie, weds Roy Allain 4/10/37: 4/15/37p2

Corriveau, Yvonne, weds Edgar Beaudoin 11/27/37: 12/2/37p2

Corson, Agnes, weds John O'Neil 12/29/30: 1/2/31p1

Corson, Annie, weds Warren Ramsdell 7/12/30: 7/18/30p12

Corson, Benjamin, family holds reunion: 9/22/33p1

Corson, Bertha, died 7/?/35: 8/2/35p2

Corson, Catherine F., died 4/24/36: 5/1/36p6

Corson, Catherine, weds Warren Tibbetts 3/30?/34: 4/6/34p4

Corson, Elbridge H., died 2/11/33: 2/17/33pp8,9

Corson, Elihu A., died 12/21/32: 12/23/32p9;12/30/32p5

Corson, Elizabeth P., died 10/22/36: 10/29/36p5

Corson, Emerson, weds Ruth Davis 2/23/32: 3/4/32p1

Corson, Emma T., died 4/20/31: 4/24/31p8

Corson, Henry, died 4/5/31: 4/10/31p4

Corson, Irving, died 2/7/38: 2/10/38p8

Corson, John M., died 8/6/35: 8/16/35p6

Corson, M&M Samuel F., celebrate 51st anniversary: 4/19/35p3

Corson, M&M Samuel F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/20/34p1

Corson, Mary O., died 3/4/34: 3/9/34p9

Corson, Pearl, weds Elwin Stevens 3/27/37: 4/1/37p6

Corson, Philip, weds Dorothy Sanders 7/15/38: 7/21/38p2

Corson, Sadie W., died 4/30/37: 5/6/47p5

Corson, William A., died 12/26/29: 1/3/30p8

Cossette, Eugene, died 8/7/37: 8/12/37p8

Cossette, Noel, weds Yvette Forcier 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Cota, Rachel, weds Ralph Gullison 6/10/39: 6/15/39p15

Cote, Alyce, weds Burns Hutchins 4/30/38: 6/9/38p2

Cote, Amanda D., died 5/7/31: 5/15/31p8

Cote, Emile, weds Beatrice Couture 7/2/38: 7/7/38p2

Cote, Francis, weds Ruth Brown 8/14/39: 8/17/39p5

Cote, Joseph E., died 11/19/35: 11/22/35p6

Cote, Lawrence, weds Velna Glidden 11/25/39: 12/7/39p6

Cote, Leonie, weds Fred Downs 9/11/39: 9/14/39p10

Cotton, Clyde R., weds Henrietta Roe 1/?/39: 1/12/39p1

Cotton, Cyrus S., died 3/4/33: 3/10/33p1

Cotton, John C., died 2/15/34: 2/23/34p8

Coulombe, Jeanette, weds Leo Cardinal 5/14/38: 5/26/38p9

Coulumbe, Alexander, died 4/24/30: 5/2/30p8

Coulumbe, Philip, weds Betty Ham 1/1/38: 1/6/38p2

Courier, Ruth R., died 8/?/34: 8/17/34p12

Couture, Beatrice, weds Emile Cote 7/2/38: 7/7/38p2

Couture, Blanch, weds David Stewart 3/2/34: 3/9/34p4

Couture, Elaine, weds Everett Gates 6/20/38: 6/23/38p2

Couture, Janet, weds Robert Boucher 6/12/37: 6/17/37p2

Couture, Lloyd, weds Annie Perry 5/10/30: 5/16/30p5

Couture, Olida, died 5/13/36: 5/15/36p20;5/22/36p9

Couture, Robert, weds Leodina Gauthier 10/23/39: 10/26/39p4

Couture, Romeo, weds Bertha Hurley 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Couture, Virginia, weds Thomas Polumbo 9/16/37: 9/30/37p2

Couturie, Albania, weds Lester Lebeau 8/28/37: 9/2/37p2

Covey, Albert B., died 9/11/39: 9/14/39p3

Cowey, Margaret, weds Vernon Swain 1/29/38: 2/3/38p5

Coy, May, died 1/30/32: 2/5/32p8

Coyle, Mary A., died 8/20/36: 8/21/36p2

Cragin, Minnie, died 11/15/32: 11/18/32p8

Cram, Sarah E., died 4/1/34: 4/6/34p8

Crawford, Margaret L., died 2/19/30: 2/21/30p12

Crediford, James D., died 4/16/33: 4/21/33p9

Creggy, Byron, died 4/?/34: 4/13/34p8

Crennan, Ellen, died 3/7/39: 3/9/39p2

Crennan, William, died 1/?/35: 1/11/35p5

Cress, Phyllis, weds Edward Littlefield 2/5/38: 2/24/38p2

Creteau, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th birthday: 7/28/38p2

Creteau, Marie, died 2/20/39: 2/23/39p2

Creteau, Ora, weds Arthur Jutras 2/23/36: 2/28/36p2

Creteau, Wilfred, weds Lucienne Roy 6/23/35: 6/28/35p16

Crippa, Fred, weds Celia Nixon 6/8/31: 6/12/31p1

Crockett, Virginia, weds Harold Boardman 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Crosby, Ralph, weds Betty Fairweather 2/10/35: 3/1/35p1

Cross, Elizabeth A., died 1/28/38: 2/3/38p5

Cross, Ernest A., died 6/7/32: 6/10/32p8;6/17/32p8

Cross, M&M Ernest A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/20/31p1

Crossman, Douglas, weds Alice Allen 10/18/30: 10/24/30p8

Croteau, Jeannette, weds Raymond FErland 11/18/39: 11/23/39p9

Crotty, Edward J., celebrates 90th birthday: 8/11/38p2

Crowney, John P., died 5/27/30: 5/30/30p8

Cuddy, Samuel, died 1/5/32: 1/8/32p1

Cullen, Thomas, weds Zerella Dore 8/12/33: 8/18/33p1

Cullen, William H., died 6/19/32: 6/24/32p8

Cullinane, Dennis, weds Clarice Beaulieu 7/5/35: 7/12/35p14

Cullinane, Timothy, weds Isabelle Downing 11/6/38: 11/17/39p5

Cunningham, Clayton C. died 9/2/38: 9/8/38p2

Currier, Eva, died 4/23/38: 4/28/38p5;5/5/38p9(F)

Currier, George A., died 7/29/35: 8/2/35pp1,3

Currier, James, weds Minnie Hamel 11/24/35: 11/29/35p7

Currier, Joseph, weds Mary Shepard 6/30/39: 7/6/39p3

Currier, Nettie F., died 3/6/38: 3/10/38p5;3/17/38p5

Curry, John, weds Jeanette Vachon 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Curtis Jr., Clarence, weds Velma Clough 9/23/35: 9/27/35p3

Curtis, Lillian R., died 7/8/38: 7/14/38p12

Cushing, Gordon, weds Marion Wentworth 4/27/33: 5/5/33p4

Custeau, John, weds Marie Willett 8/31/31: 9/4/31p1

Custeau, Virginia, weds Theodore Routhier 9/20/30: 9/26/30p1

Cutter, Helen, weds Roland Brown 9/19/36: 9/24/36p2

Cutting, Verna, weds Guy Sawyer 4/4/34: 4/6/34p5

Dadmun, Blanche, weds Wilfred Thomas 10/4/36: 10/8/36p6

Daggett, George, died 8/8/36: 8/14/36p1

Daley, Charles, weds Arline Bessey 4/18/31: 4/24/31p1

Dallair, Mabel, weds Cyprien Letourneau 10/5/31: 10/9/31p1

Dallaire, Alfred, weds Margaret Nally 10/5/37: 10/7/37p2

Dallaire, Antoinette, weds Charles Fisher 5/5/36: 5/8/36p2

Dallaire, Louise, weds Herman Toof 6/3/37: 6/10/37p2

Dallaire, M&M Amade, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/19/36p2

Dallaire, Pauline, weds Henry Breton 4/23/38: 4/28/38p2

Dallaire, Raymond, weds Annette Masse 9/16/39: 9/21/39p5

Dame, Edward, weds Hazel Horne 10/30/32: 11/4/32p5

Dame, Eldredge, weds FRances Malone 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Dame, Etta, weds Brendon Smith 6/23/38: 6/30/38p2

Dame, Franklin, weds Florence Hayes 6/17/31: 6/26/31p1

Dame, Helen H., died 7/11/36: 7/17/36p4

Dame, Kenneth, weds Madeline Lovering 6/28/37: 7/8/37p2

Dame, May, weds Frank Hoyt 1/14/37: 1/21/37p5

Dame, Norman, weds Mildred Fulton 11/19/32: 11/25/32p1

Dame, Walter S., died 4/5/39: 4/6/39p4;4/13/39p14

Dame, William E., died 3/16/31: 3/20/31p8

Dame. George, weds Gladys Lincoln 12/31/30: 2/27/31p1

Dandelin, June, weds Anton Folger 6/21/37: 7/1/37p10

Danforth, Lucy A., died 6/16/39: 6/22/39p3

Daniels, John C., died 3/28/31: 4/3/31p13

Daniels, Mary, weds Everett Clark 6/17/31: 6/19/31p1

Daudelin, Alberta, weds Louis Archambeault 6/17/39: 6/22/39p5

Davenhall, Alice, weds Donald Peterson 9/5/31: 9/11/31p4

Davenport, Esther O., died 2/18/39: 2/23/39p8

Daverio, Evelyn, weds Rigo Vasoli 2/26/38: 3/3/38p2

Daverio, Evelyn, weds Rodolphe Druin 9/1/30: 9/5/30p2

Davidson, Robert H., died 12/6/36: 12/10/36p17

Davis, Abe L., died 6/15/39: 6/22/39p3

Davis, Annie M., died 8/8/38: 8/18/38p7

Davis, Annie, weds Samuel Perkins 1/10/31: 1/16/31p8

Davis, Beverly, weds Gertrude Tinker 5/20/37: 5/27/47p2

Davis, Edwin M., died 3/4/31: 3/13/31p8

Davis, Harry, died 2/20/36: 2/21/36p1

Davis, Ida E., died 8/21/37: 8/26/37p5

Davis, Meander H., died 5/?/31: 5/29/31p8

Davis, Ray, weds Frances Lord 9/5/35: 9/20/35p6

Davis, Ruth, weds Emerson Corson 2/23/32: 3/4/32p1

Davis Seth W., died 8/17/31: 8/21/31p1;8/28/31p1

Davis, Stella, weds Scott Morrill 8/31/30: 9/5/30p1

Dawson, Elizabeth T., died 10/29/33: 11/3/33pp1;12

Dawson, Seth, weds Ruth Iovine 9/5/36: 9/10/36p2

Day, Alden, weds Irene Tessier 9/3/33: 9/8/33p10

Day, Austin, weds Evalyn Lane 12/5/36: 12/10/36p2

Day, Leslie, weds Myrtle Farnham 4/11/31: 4/17/31p1

Dearborn, Ernest L., died 7/7/38: 7/7/38p3

Dearing, Mrs. Frank, died 3/21/30: 3/28/30p13

DeGrace, Lange, died 1/2/30: 1/9/31p1

Demeritt, Samuel P., died 3/4/33: 3/10/33p2

DeMeritt, Hannah, weds Edmund Smith 10/14/35: 10/18/35p8

Demerrit, Fannie L., died 5/?/35: 5/17/35p5

Dennett family reunion held: 6/26/36p2

Dennis, Welner, weds Theodore Bieringer 5/13/39: 5/18/39p16

Derby, Frances, weds William Twombly 4/?/33: 4/7/33p1

Derby, Myrtle, weds Raymond Smith 6/25/38: 6/30/38p10(F);/7/38p7(F)

Deroche, Lorina, weds Victor Thompson 2/?/34: 2/16/34p5

Derwin, Bernice, weds Howard Neal 12/3/38: 12/8/38p2B

Desaulnier, Antoinette, weds Ernest Tremblay 6/18/35: 6/21/35p3

Desaulnier, Lillian, weds Rudolph Routhier 10/10/33: 10/13/33p4

Desaulnier, Yvonne, weds John Kittredge 11/23/31: 11/27/31p1

Desmarais, Evelyn, weds Philip Laliberte 9/3/35: 9/6/35p3

Desmarais, Paul, died 2/23/32: 2/26/32p8

DesMarais, Andre, weds Alice LaPlante 10/14/37: 10/14/37p2

DesMarais, Walter, weds Janet Beaulieu 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2

Deveau, Alphie, weds Martha Huntsman ?/?/35: 6/7/35p5

Devoie, Florence, weds Floyd Huntley 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Dexter, Edwin, weds Frances Leavitt 8/24/32: 8/26/32p5

Dexter, Edwin, weds Viola Leavitt 8/24/32: 8/26/32p5

Dexter, Fred, weds Ellen Champion 6/1/30: 6/6/30p16

Dexter, Fred, weds Florence Otis 6/7/36: 6/12/36p5

Dexter, Georgianna, died 8/6/35: 8/9/35p3;8/16/35p13(EB)

Dexter, Gilwin, died 5/19/36: 5/22/36p4

Dexter, John, died 12/22/34: 12/30/34p2

Diabal, Gerald, weds Naomi Bonser 2/27/31: 3/6/31p1

Dickenson, Emma L., died 2/16/39: 2/23/39p2

Dickenson, Louise, weds Cecil Howell 12/27/32: 12/30/32p1

Dickenson, Lucy N., died 8/9/30: 8/15/30p8

Dickey, Alexander D., died 5/6/33: 5/12/33p8;5/12/33p9(ER)

Dickey, Erlon, weds Dorothy VanBuskirk 3/8/36: 6/26/36p9

Dickey, George P., died 10/18/36: 10/22/36p5

Dickey, John, weds Mary Egan 6/15/31: 6/19/31p1

Dickey, Lorraine, weds Ellesworth Hartley 10/25/34: 4/12/35p12

Dickey, Rexford, weds Justine Novak 4/14/36: 4/24/36p2

Dickey, William T., died 3/22/39: 3/23/39p2;3/30/39p2

Dickinson, Jane B., died 5/25/37: 5/27/47p5

Dickson, Franklin, weds Mary Timmins 8/11/35: 8/16/35p6

Dillingham, John A., died 4/12/32: 4/15/32p5

Dillon, Elizabeth B., died 5/8/30: 5/16/30p8

Dixon, Amy, weds Elmer Seavey 7/3/38: 7/7/38p8

Dixon, Dorcas, weds Robert Chaffe 8/24?/38: 8/25/38p2;9/1/38p2

Dixon, Elmer, weds Anna Dyer 5/17/36: 5/22/36p4

Dixon, John H., died ?/?/36: 9/4/36p1

Dixon, Oscar B., died 12/13/33: 12/22/33p16

Dixon, Wayne, weds Jessie Smith 5/29/30: 6/6/30p12

Dobas, William, weds Albena Mayo 6/?/30: 7/4/30p4

Dockham, Alphonso, died 3/?/34: 3/9/34p9

Dockham, Viola A., died 11/12/37: 11/25/37p11

Dodge, Frank S., died 3/2/35: 3/8/35p3

Dodge, Rosella P., died 4/29/34: 5/4/34p7

Dodier, Frank, died 10/2/35: 10/4/35p2

Dohm, Mrs. Gustave, died ?/?/33: 12/8/33p12

Dohrn, Gustave, died 9/23/33: 9/29/33p12

Dolan, Louise, weds Joseph Laurion 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Dolbec, Diana, weds George Lachapelle 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Dolbec, Irene, died 5/14/32: 5/20/32p8

Dolliver, Charles, weds Rossa Lowe 10/26/39: 11/2/39p9

Domerritt, Dorothea, weds Paul Wilton 12/31/34: 1/4/35p6

Donaldson, Mamie, died 3/15/38: 3/24/38p5

Door, Clifford, weds Esther Hangland 4/15/39: 4/20/39p3

Dore, Esther, weds Percy Place 11/?/30: 11/14/30p8

Dore, Zerella, weds Thomas Cullen 8/12/33: 8/18/33p1

Dorr, Evelyn, weds Edwin Prescott 11/23/38: 12/1/39p5

Dorr, Harold, weds Lucille Grenier 10/?/35: 10/18/35p9

Doughty, Thelma, weds Charles Thompson 10/28/39: 11/2/39p9

Douglas, Kenneth, weds Constance Laverdiere 12/19/36: 12/24/36p2

Douglas, Roberta, weds Samuel Rogers 7/24/39: 8/3/39p5

Doull, Charles A., died 2/11/33: 2/17/33p8

Dow, Mary, weds John Woodman 1/24/37: 4/8/37p2

Dow, William L., died 2/16/35: 2/22/35p8

Downing, Angie J., died 10/12/33: 10/27/33p8

Downing, Isabelle, weds Timothy Cullinane 11/6/38: 11/17/39p5

Downing, Joseph T., died 10/28/39: 11/2/39p2

Downing, Vera M., died 2/6/31: 2/12/32p8

Downs, Annette, died 9/10/36: 9/17/36p9

Downs, Annie, weds John Jacobs 2/15/30: 2/21/30p5

Downs, Doris, weds Norman Dupuis 9/25/37: 9/30/37p11

Downs, Fred, weds Leonie Cote 9/11/39: 9/14/39p10

Downs, George A., died 11/27/30: 12/5/30p8

Downs, George J., died 1/23/35: 2/1/35p8

Downs, Herbert, weds Wilma Warnecke 5/2/36: 5/8/36p15

Downs, John A., died 10/6/35: 10/11/35p3

Downs, Lizzie M., died 2/6/38: 2/10/38p14

Downs, Ralph, died 2/7/34: 2/9/34p1

Downs, Ralph M., died 7/23/33: 7/28/33p1

Downs, Raymond, weds Marguerite Brown 10/1/34: 10/5/34p10

Doyon, Maurice, weds Priscilla Lemire 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Drago, Antonio, died 2/?/30: 2/28/30p12

Drapeau, Annie, weds William Foss 10/20/32: 10/28/32p4

Drapeau, Cleophas, died 1/26/30: 1/31/30p12

Drapeau, Howard, weds Mary Scott 2/6/34: 2/9/34p5

Draper, Dorothy, weds Ernest Jackson 2/24/31: 2/26/32p4

Drew, Abbie I., died 1/15/38: 1/20/38p5

Drew, Albert A., celebrates 86th birthday: 11/3/39p5

Drew, Albert R., died 6/18/39: 6/22/39p3

Drew, Cora N., died 6/8/35: 6/14/35p5

Drew, Crissie, weds Charles Hoyt 2/?/31: 2/20/31p9

Drew, Earl M., died 3/15/39: 3/23/39p2

Drew, Fred S. died 1/21/34: 1/26/34p8

Drew, Samuel, died 4/17/38: 4/21/38p4

Drew, Warren J., died 10/21/32: 10/28/32p8

Drolet, Irene, weds Emile Richard 9/4/39: 9/7/39p5

Drolette, Albina, died 6/7/36: 6/12/36p7

Drolette, Emma, weds Adelard Blais 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Drolette, Wilfred, weds Juliette Marquis 5/14/38: 5/19/38p9

Drouin, Joseph, weds Veronica Morin 4/30/38: 5/5/38p8

Drown, Maude G., died 12/19/36: 12/24/36p3

Druin, Rodolphe, weds Evelyn Daverio 9/1/30: 9/5/30p2

Dube Jr., Alphonse, weds Almoza Martinaeu 6/26/33: 6/30/33p1

Dubois, Alcide, weds Lorenza Perreault 6/25/38: 6/30/38p9

Dubois, Charles, weds Agnes Carter 6/9/30: 6/13/30p16

Dubois, Jacob, died 12/?/36: 12/24/36p3

Duchesneau, Jeanette, weds Clarence Maxfield 9/6/37: 9/9/37p2

Duchesneau, Ludgar, died 1/19/37: 1/21/37p1;1/21/37p3

Dugas, Louise, weds Anthony St. Jean 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Dumais, Albert, died 7/17/36: 7/24/36p9

Dumont, Jessie, weds Laurier Letourneau 8/14/37: 8/19/37p2

Dunlap, Harriet D.--A Personality Portrait: 5/15/36p2

Dunlap, Irving, weds Helen Pray 5/24/36: 5/29/36p7

Duperre, Abel, died 5/25/31: 5/29/31p8

Dupont, Lucille, weds Harry Colby 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Dupont, Mrs. Octave, died 7/29/36: 7/31/36p5;7/7/36p9

Duprez, Antoinette, weds Alfred Gagne 9/7?/33: 9/8/33p1

Dupuis, Norman, weds Doris Downs 9/25/37: 9/30/37p11

Duquette, Carolyn, died 1/19/32: 1/22/32p8

Duquette, Joseph, died 4/20/39: 4/27/39p2

Duquette, Marie, weds Edward Maxfield 4/4/32: 4/8/32p4

Duquette, O'Neil, weds Julia Brochu 4/23/35: 4/26/35p5

Duquette, Philomene B., died 12/5/32: 12/9/32p1

Duquette, Wilfred, weds Roxanna O'Dowd 2/11/34: 2/16/34p7

Durbois, Thomas J., died 2/18/37: 2/25/37p8

Durgin, Clara, nee Young, and two sisters are octogenarians: 12/18/31p3

Durgin, Marjorie, weds Victor Blaisdell 9/7/38: 9/15/38p5

Durwood, Alexander, died 6/22/36: 6/26/36p5

Dustin, Elaine, weds Arthur Mahoney 7/5/37: 8/26/37p2

Dustin, Miles H., geneology traced back 375 years: 12/11/31p6

Dutton, Everett, weds Laura Richardson 10/6/38: 10/13/38p3(F);10/20/38p5

Dutton, George A., died 7/29/35: 8/2/35p1

Duval, Mary, weds Theodore Perreault 2/5/31: 2/20/31p5

Dyer, Anna, weds Elmer Dixon 5/17/36: 5/22/36p4

Dynan, Noreen, weds Scott Winkley 4/20/30: 4/25/30p8

Eagan, Nettie B., died 12/20/31: 12/25/31p12

Eastman, Margaret L., died 4/4/31: 4/10/31p8

Edgerly, David W., died 10/10/31: 10/16/33p1

Edgerly, Frank E., died 7/?/30: 7/18/30p8

Edgerly, Harold, weds Alice O'Loughlin 5/7/38: 5/12/38p2

Edgerly, John, weds Doris Lavalley 5/3/36: 5/8/36p2

Edgerly, Lizzie, weds Carl Ackerman 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Edgerly, Mrs. Walter, died 9/1/37: 9/9/37p16

Edgerly, Royal, weds Lois Hendrickson 1/1/39: 5/11/39p5

Edgerly, Silas W., died 6/14/38: 6/16/38p5

Edgerly, Wilson C., died 10/24/31: 10/30/31p8

Edwards, Marjory, weds Everett Patch Jr. 10/13/35: 10/18/35p6

Egan, Anthony, weds Lillian Brochu 10/16/37: 10/21/37p4

Egan, Mary, weds John Dickey 6/15/31: 6/19/31p1

Egan, Nettie B., died 12/21/31: 12/25/31p12

Eldredge, Moses, weds Lilian Johnson 8/?/33: 9/1/33p2

Eldridge, Arlene, weds Clifton Littlefield 11/14/36: 11/26/36p2

Eldridge, Helen, weds Ralph Richardson 9/23/38: 9/29/38p5

Eliot, Lila Y., died 10/25/36: 11/5/36p8

Elkins, Arthur, weds Olga Langford: 8/17/34p4

Elkins, Charles, died 12/?/33: 12/15/33p8

Elkins, Fred W., died 9/30/32: 10/7/32p8

Elliot, Henry E., died 1/28/35: 2/1/35p1

Elliot, Theodore, weds Maybelle Swaine 9/7/30: 9/19/30p1

Elliott, Edwin D., died 1/15/31: 1/23/31p8

Elliott, Ernest, weds Parmelia Guilbault 2/21/38: 2/24/38p2

Elliott, Horace H., dieed 2/?/35: 2/22/35p4

Elliott, Nora E., died 10/7/39: 10/12/39p3

Elliott, Vernard, weds Annette Boulduc 5/20/31: 6/5/31p9

Ellis, Addie F., died 3/20/34: 3/23/34p1

Ellis, George, died 9/18/33: 9/22/33p12

Ellis, Harry, died 10/24/39: 11/9/39p2

Ellis, Mildred, weds James Clark 10/28/39: 11/2/39p5

Ellison, Mrs. Walter (nee Glover), died 2/21/38: 2/24/38p14

Elwell, Annie L., died 7/30/35: 8/2/35p2

Elwell, Cecelia, weds Albini Pare 5/26/35: 5/31/35p8

Elwell, George W., died 11/3/39: 11/9/39p15

Emerson, Dorothy, weds Wendell Palmer 2/27/39: 3/2/39p5

Emerson, Edward L., died 11/24/39: 11/30/39p2

Emerson, Edwin I., died 8/19/31: 9/18/31p5

Emerson, Elizabeth, died 2/25/35: 3/1/35p8

Emerson, George R., died 1/8/35: 1/11/35p12

Emerson, George Y., elected State Elks head: 8/12/37p1

Emerson, Hattie, died ?/?/31: 7/10/31p8

Emerson, Lois, weds Lester McCallister 10/10/36: 10/15/36p2

Emerson, Mary G., died 4/26/32: 5/6/32p8

Emerson, Mary M. died 4/26/32: 5/6/32p8

Emerson, Maurice, weds Annie Parshley 5/26/32: 6/3/32p12

Emerson, Sadie L., died 5/?/37: 6/3/37p4

Emerson, Vienna, died 3/5/39: 3/9/39p3 ;3/16/39p2

Emerson, Vienna F., celebrates 92nd birthday: 8/18/38p7

Emmons, Doris, weds William Kenyon 10/26/36: 10/29/36p2

Enaire, Marguerite, weds Joseph Biron 7/16/38: 7/21/38p2

Enaire, Moses, died 6/11/35: 6/14/35p5

Engen, William O., died 1/26/39: 2/2/39p2

English, Delvina, weds David Blair 4/27/32: 5/6/32p8

Entwhistle, Mary B., died 4/20/34: 4/27/34p1

Esselstyne, Stephen, weds Mary Sissman 11/18/36: 11/26/36p2

Estes, Celia, weds Alphonse Therrien 12/22/37: 12/30/37p2

Estes, Charles H., helped carry Lincoln's body from theater: 2/21/30p5

Estes, Frederick, weds Celia Burleigh 7/25/33: 7/28/33p4

Estes, George H., died 7/17/33: 7/21/33p8

Estes, Ida J., died 9/1/35: 9/6/35p1

Estes, Margaret C., died 5/15/32: 5/20/32p8

Estes, Philip, weds Annie Freeman 9/2/34: 9/7/34p2

Estes, Robert, weds Louise Smith 6/26?/30: 6/20/30p1

Estey, Alice H., died 5/13/39: 5/18/39p2

Estey, Helen, weds Robert Reynolds 2/?/32: 7/22/32p1

Evans, Brackett, weds Lillian Ladebauche 4/21/39: 4/27/39p5

Evans, Charles W., died 1/30/30: 2/7/30p8

Evans, Charles W., died 2/23/32: 3/4/32p8

Evans, Clara A., died 8/27/31: 9/4/31p1

Evans, Ednah, weds Eugene Brodeur 3/1/30: 3/7/30p3

Evans, Jennie C., died 11/4/39: 11/9/39p2

Evans, Marion L., died 12/30/36: 1/7/37p5

Evans, William W., died 2/3/34: 2/9/34p8

Eyber, Amalie K., died 6/8/33: 6/16/33p8

Fairbanks, Ann M., died 2/5/36: 2/14/36p3

Fairbanks, Charles, died 10/16/31: 10/23/31p1 (2 items)

Fairweather, Arthur, died 7/27/38: 8/4/38p5

Fairweather, Betty, weds Ralph Crosby 2/10/35: 3/1/35p1

Fall, Arnold, weds Bernice Brown 7/5/30: 7/11/30p5

Fall, George C., 5/27/33: 6/2/33p12

Fanning, Frances, weds Jasper Wiggin 8/17/33: 8/25/33p8

Farmer, Thomas, died 4/30/35: 5/3/35p9;5/10/35p12

Farnham, Myrtle, weds Leslie Day 4/11/31: 4/17/31p1

Farnum, Dorothy, weds Wilbur Van Dyne 9/2or13/39: 9/7/39p10(F);9/21/39p5

Farrell, Kenneth, weds Arline Libbey 6/9/39: 6/15/39p5

Farwell, Fred T., died 11/23/38: 12/1/39pC4

Fate, Adeline, weds Reynard Garnett 6/3/38: 6/9/38p2

Faulkingham, Lester, weds Beatrice Littlefield 3/7/39: 3/23/39p5

Faulkingham, Lilian, weds Carlisle Roberts 6/22/39: 6/29/39p5

Faunce, A. Lester, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/12/32p1

Faunce, Irving C., died 8/26/31: 8/28/31p9;9/4/31p9(ER)

Fein, Wanda A., died 12/?/35: 12/20/35p2

Felker, Henry W., died 5/11/31: 5/15/31p1

Felker, Jennie L., died 4/14/36: 4/17/36p5

Felker, Samuel D., died 11/7/32: 11/18/32pp1,4

Fenton, Sally., died 5/10/38: 5/12/38p6

Fenton, Vera, weds Clarence Magner: 5/9/30p16

Ferguson Jr., Warren, weds Dorothy Roberts 9/16/39: 9/21/39p5;9/28/39p5

Ferland, Amie, weds Isabelle Gayette 9/5/32: 9/9/32p1

Ferland, Celanire S. (Mrs. Francis), died 9/?/38: 9/29/38p2;10/6/38p6

Ferland, Emile, died 10/17/36: 10/22/36p1

Ferland, Jeanne, weds Maurice Maxfield 9/5/36: 9/10/36p2

Ferland, Montezuma, died 8/14/35: 8/16/35p2

Ferland, Ralph, weds Rose Boivin 1/1/36: 1/3/36p4

Ferland, Raymond, weds Jeannette Croteau 11/18/39: 11/23/39p9

Ferland, Robert, weds Alberta Osgood 6/4/37: 6/17/37p2

Ferland, Robert, weds Ann Walsh 7/8/39: 7/13/39p5

Ferland, Rollande, weds Walter Sanfacon 5/20/39: 5/25/39p5

Ferland, Viola, weds Walter Taylor 6/21/36: 6/26/36p2

Fernald, Bertha M., died 4/4/33: 4/7/33p8;4/14/33p13

Fernald, Lillian--A Personality Portrait: 5/1/36p2

Fernald, Violet, weds Vincent MacDonald: 12/13/35p3

Fernald, Winfield, weds Abbie Huckins 5/29/33: 6/9/33p4

Ferrin, Mrs. George, died 11/?/30: 11/28/30p8

Ferry, Forest E., died 7/4/33: 7/7/33p8

Files, Arthur, weds Beatrice Cassidy 8/25/35: 8/30/35p8

Filiau, Paul, weds Marie Nadeau 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Finegan, Herbert, died 11/18/33: 11/24/33p12

Finnegan, Margaret, weds Early Myler 4/30/38: 5/5/38p2

Finnessey, Dermont M., died 3/31/38: 4/7/38p5

Fish, Eugene W., died 1/21/37: 1/28/37p5

Fisher, Albert C., died 11/5/33: 11/10/33p1

Fisher, Charles, weds Antoinette Dallaire 5/5/36: 5/8/36p2

Fisher, Jane S., died 1/7/30: 1/10/30p8

Fisher, Marie, weds Robert Stone 4/15/34: 4/27/34p1

Fitch, Henry G., died 7/17/33: 7/21/33pp8,9(ER)

Fitzgerald, Floyd, weds Albertine Bergeron 5/31/30: 6/6/30p9

Flanagan, Martin, weds Mary Nesbitt 11/30/39: 12/7/39p9

Flanders, Herman T., died 3/?/34: 3/9/34p5

Flavin, William J., died 3/17/35: 3/22/35p9

Fleury, John B., died 3/?/39: 3/30/39p2

Fleury, Mrs. Fred, died 11/2/35: 11/8/35p8

Floyd, Charles W., died 9/9/39: 9/14/39p8

Flynn, Ida, weds Donald Harriman 3/15/30: 3/21/30p1

Folger, Anton, weds June Dandelin 6/21/37: 7/1/37p10

Follansbee, Margaret, weds Frederick Liberty 3/2/35: 3/22/35p9

Folsom, Edward, weds Annie Jacobs 4/19/36: 4/24/36p3

Folsom, Minnie C., died 5/3/33: 5/12/33p8

Fontaine, Jean, weds Alfred Vachon 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Forcier, Alice, weds Cleon Howard 7/7/35: 7/12/35p8

Forcier, Paul, weds Leona Miller 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2;8/12/37p5

Forcier, Theophile, died 7/26/37: 7/29/37p5

Forcier, William, weds Rose Hebert 6/29/35: 7/5/35p5

Forcier, Yvette, weds Noel Cossette 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Ford, Mrs. A. J., died 2/?/33: 3/3/33p2

Fortier, Peter, died 12/10/30: 12/12/30p8;12/19/30p8

Fortin, Maya A., died 5/18/36: 5/22/36p1

Fortin, Rita, weds Carl Tozier 8/5/39: 8/10/39p12

Foss, Arthur A., died 5/8/38: 5/12/38p1

Foss, Cecil A., died 4/30/37: 5/6/47p5

Foss, Charles F., died 11/3/31: 11/6/31p8;11/13/31p9

Foss, Clara S., died 5/1/38: 5/5/38p5

Foss, Earline, weds Frank Gray 11/1/37: 11/11/37p16

Foss, Earlon, died 11/?/38: 11/17/39p12

Foss, Ellen C., died 7/13/38: 7/21/38p7

Foss, Elsie, weds Roger Allen 6/21/30: 6/27/30p1

Foss, Emma L., died 5/17/35: 5/24/35p1;5/31/35p7

Foss, Eugene C.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 3/27/36p4

Foss, Eugene I., died 2/20/38: 2/24/38p5

Foss, Fabina, died 6/5/36: 6/12/36p18

Foss, Flora J., died 3/7/31: 3/13/31p8

Foss, George M., died 1/8/34: 1/12/34p8

Foss, Gladys B., died 7/26/38: 7/28/38p3

Foss, Helen--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 2/15/35p9

Foss, Ida M., died 9/18/36: 9/24/36p1

Foss, James H., died 10/4/37: 10/7/37p1

Foss, Jane G., died 4/9/31: 4/17/31p12

Foss, Jennie, weds Frank Leavitt 7/8/34: 7/20/34p8

Foss, Mabel H., died 2/18/36: 2/21/36p5

Foss, Nellie M., died 7/21/35: 7/26/35p2

Foss, Newell B., died 4/10/38: 4/14/38p5

Foss, Oliver, C., died 12/?/33: 1/5/34p8

Foss, Otis E., died 2/20/31: 2/26/32p8

Foss, Ruth, weds Rolland Watson 9/2/34: 9/7/34p2

Foss, Sumner, weds Evelyn Brock 9/29/38: 10/6/38p5

Foss, William, weds Annie Drapeau 10/20/32: 10/28/32p4

Foster, Kenneth, weds Gladys McAllister 8/2/32: 8/5/32p8

Foster, Marjorie, weds Charles Garran 7/?/35: 7/12/35p8

Fournier, Jeanette, weds Oliver Lafontaine 2/18/39: 2/23/39p9

Fowler, William, weds Helen Gustafson 9/20/32: 9/23/32p8

Fownes, Bloise, weds Marion Boyce 6/26?/30: 6/20/30p1

Fownes, Lois, weds Emery Bronson 4/17/37: 4/22/47p2

Fox, Catherine M., died 3/4/30: 3/7/30p8

Francis, Hattie R., died 4/2/38: 4/7/38p5

Francoeur, Florence, weds Armand Carignan 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Franham, Lizzie A., died 6/3/38: 6/9/38p3

Freeman, Annie, weds Philip Estes 9/2/34: 9/7/34p2

French, Frank, died 3/31/35: 4/5/35p8

French, Hugh, died 5/19/35: 5/24/35p7

French, Millet, died 8/12?/30: 8/22/30p13

French, Ruth, weds Wilton Snow 4/11/31: 4/17/31p1

Frenett, Wilfred, weds Lucienne Gagne 9/8/35: 9/13/35p2

Frenette, Leo, weds Olive Maxfield 4/29/39: 5/4/39p5

Friel, Catherine G., died 9/26/36: 10/1/36p5

Frost, Harriett, weds Gilbert White 2/23/36: 2/28/36p8

Fullerton, Charles E., died 12/29/36: 1/7/37p5

Fulton, Mildred, weds Norman Dame 11/19/32: 11/25/32p1

Furber, June, weds Josepb Commisky 9/10/39: 9/14/39p5

Furbush, Annie A., died 11/?/34: 11/23/34p2

Furbush, Jessie, died 1/16/33: 1/20/33p9

Furbush, Levi, died 9/16/32: 9/23/32p8

Furbush, Nellie M., died 6/11/38: 6/16/38p5

Furbush, Nora C., died 1/22/36: 1/24/36p3

Furlong, Bertha, weds David Hanson 6/2/39: 6/8/39p5

Gagne, Agnes J., died 8/3/30: 8/8/30p8

Gagne, Albert, died 1/9/30: 1/17/30p8

Gagne, Alfred, weds Antoinette Duprez 9/7?/33: 9/8/33p1

Gagne, Anna, weds Alfred Bernard 6/3/39: 6/8/39p9

Gagne, Bernard, weds Blanche Michaud 10/12/37: 10/14/37p2

Gagne, Donatine, weds Marie Theberge 6/24/39: 6/29/39p9

Gagne, George, died 5/19/38: 5/26/38p5

Gagne, Joseph P., died 4/10/38: 4/14/38p5

Gagne, Leo, weds Beatrice Letendre 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Gagne, Leon, weds Alida Lachance 10/16/37: 10/21/37p4

Gagne, Lucia, weds Joseph Nadeau 9/5/36: 9/17/36p14

Gagne, Lucienne, weds Wilfred Frenett 9/8/35: 9/13/35p2

Gagne, Pierre, died 6/25/32: 7/1/32pp1,8

Gagne, Pierre F., died 6/25/32: 7/1/32p8

Gagne, William F., died 2/22/39: 3/2/39p2

Gagnon, Arthur, died 4/9/37: 4/15/37p6

Gagnon, Exzilda, died 7/24/39: 7/27/39p16

Gagnon, Joseph, weds Rose Poulin 6/28/36: 7/3/36p9

Gale, Sarah F., died 11/5/38: 11/17/39p2

Garland, Bert, weds Hazel Grant 4/2/32: 4/15/32p9

Garland, Edith, weds Earl Haedt 1/7/39: 1/12/39p5

Garland, Esther, weds Wilbur Horne 6/23/37: 7/1/37p4

Garland, George M., died 8/10/30: 8/15/30p8

Garland, Harry, weds Marjorie Chapman 9/14/39: 9/21/39p5

Garland, Ida F., died 4/15/38: 4/21/38p4

Garland, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/24/39p3

Garnet, Thurlow, weds Avis Caswell 2/21/31: 2/27/31p9

Garnett, Catherine, died 8/3/31: 8/7/31p9

Garnett, Clayton, weds Edith Richards 8/10/38: 8/18/38p2

Garnett, John, died 9/2/36: 9/10/36p9

Garnett, Reynard, weds Adeline Fate 6/3/38: 6/9/38p2

Garnett, Sarah, died 2/10/38: 2/17/38p8

Garnett, Steven C., died 4/30/30: 5/2/30p8

Garran, Charles, weds Marjorie Foster 7/?/35: 7/12/35p8

Garvey, Leo, weds Evelyn Morin 3/3/30: 3/7/30p1

Garyiat, Frederick, died 8/10/36: 8/14/36p1

Gaskill, Harry C., died 9/26/31: 10/2/31p8

Gates, Everett, weds Elaine Couture 6/20/38: 6/23/38p2

Gates, Olga, weds Richard Mulnoe 6/?/36: 6/26/36p9

Gauthier, Leodina, weds Robert Couture 10/23/39: 10/26/39p4

Gauthier, Marie, weds Harold Newhall 2/26/38: 3/3/38p2

Gauthier, Philomine L., died 5/18/32: 5/20/32p8

Gayer, Earl W., died 8/?/34: 8/24/34p10

Gayette, Isabelle, weds Amie Ferland 9/6/32: 9/9/32p1

Geddis, John, died 1/9/35: 1/11/35p8;1/18/35p3

Geddis, Margaret S., died 1/16/32: 1/22/32p8

Gelinas, Adelard, died 1/26/37: 1/28/37p5

Gelinas, Adelard G., died 1/31/31: 2/5/32p8

Gelinas, Alice, weds Charles Hodgdon 5/6/39: 5/11/39p5

Gelinas, William, weds Florence Leighton 10/?/32: 10/28/32p1

Gendron, Estelle, weds George Murray 6/4/35: 6/7/35p15

George, Bart D., died 5/21/39: 5/25/39p1

George, Sarah F., died 11/24/35: 11/29/35p5

George, Thelma, weds William Mattocks 4/10/39: 4/13/39p5

Gerrish, Charles, weds Florence Nye 3/14/31: 5/8/31p8

Gerrish, Emma, weds James Waterhouse 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Gerrish, John O., died 5/23/33: 6/2/33p12

Gerrish, Randolph, weds Barbara Haley 10/21/38: 10/27/38p3

Gerry, Janet, weds Elwin Blaisdell 11/27/36: 12/3/36p8

Gessis, Mary, died 1/7/39: 1/12/39p2

Getting, Elizabeth M., died 4/9/32: 4/15/32p8

Gibb, Dorothy, weds Norman Arlin 11/5/35: 11/8/35p2

Gibb, Roger, weds Priscilla Caswell 9/13/36: 9/17/36p2

Giberson, Anna M., died 2/11/37: 2/18/37p5

Gilbert, Alfred J., died 5/24/32: 5/27/32p8

Gilbert, Beatrice, weds Albert Lachance Jr. 5/14/38: 5/19/38p2

Gilbert, Edna, weds Edward Ryan 7/4/32: 7/8/32p1

Gilbert, Harold, weds Helen Pauquette 5/3/36: 5/8/36p2

Gilbert, Jeanette, weds William Meiklejohn Jr. 5/6/39: 5/11/39p5

Gilbert, Laura, weds William Beland 10/6/35: 10/11/35p2

Gilbert, Oscar, weds Jeanette Aube 4/15/34: 4/20/34p6

Gilbert, Phyllis, weds Roy Carlson 12/25/36: 12/31/36p2

Gile, Albert, weds Sarah Weeks 10/24/31: 10/30/31p8

Gile, Elbridge, weds Audrey Weeks 10/24/31: 10/30/31p8

Gile, Madison, weds Frieda Yeaton 1/27/37: 2/4/37p2

Giles, Viola A., died 5/19/35: 5/24/35p9

Gilman, Annie B., died 8/?/30: 8/15/30p8

Gilman, Blanche, weds Albert McKay 12/27/31: 1/29/32p1

Gilman, Blanche, weds Joseph Swain 11/25/30: 12/5/30p1

Gilman, Florence, weds Arthur Hill 9/17/32: 9/23/32p1

Gilman, Frank I., died 5/3/38: 5/12/38p9

Gilman, Frank L., handcrafted elaborate clock: 6/19/36p4

Gilman, John A., died 12/26/35: 1/3/36p5

Gilman, M&M Byron C., celebrate 61st anniversary: 7/7/38p7

Gilman, M&M Byron C., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 7/6/39p4

Gilman, M&M Byron, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/15/37p11

Gilman, Muriel, weds Norman Chesley 11/8/30: 11/14/30p1

Gilman, Samuel E., celebrates 96th birthday: 9/19/30p6

Gilmore, Charles A., died 11/29/36: 12/3/36p8

Gilmore, M&M Charles A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/22/33p6

Gilmore, William, weds Doris Goodwin 10/28/32: 11/18/32p12

Gingras, M&M Bartelmi, elebrate 51st anniverary: 2/2/39p5

Gingras, M&M Barthelimi, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/3/38p2

Giroux, Hilda B., died 8/29/37: 9/2/37p5

Glasz, Elizabeth, weds Richard Blanchard Jr. 6/12/37: 6/17/37p2

Gleason, Marion, weds Ernest Campbell 1/18/30: 1/24/30p9

Glick, Martha H., died 5/4/36: 5/8/36p5

Glidden, Bernard, weds Rosanna Cardinal 5/21/38: 6/2/38p9

Glidden, Frank, weds Rose Patenaude 6/9/35: 6/14/35p11

Glidden, Homer, weds Alice Champion 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

Glidden, Isaac, died 10/16/36: 10/22/36p5

Glidden, Martin V. died 11/1/39: 11/2/39p1;11/9/39p12(N)

Glidden, Rita, weds Raymond Grondin 9/4/34: 9/7/34p5

Glidden, Thurlow, weds Gertrude Taylor 10/28/35: 11/1/35p6

Glidden, Velna, weds Lawrence Cote 11/25/39: 12/7/39p6

Glode, Dorothy, weds Cleon Cilley 12/3/32: 12/9/32p11;12/16/32p9(ER)

Glover, John, weds Pauline Tardy 2/22/39: 3/2/39p5

Godbout, Dora, weds Willis Blood 5/31/37: 6/3/37pp2,5

Going, Agnes G., died 9/10/38: 9/15/38p2

Going, Florence A., died 1/7/39: 1/12/39p2

Goodale, Eva, died 1/19/30: 1/24/30p8

Goodale, Ora W., died 5/31/34: 6/8/34p3

Goodall, Anni T., died 10/9/38: 10/13/38p10

Goodhue, Sarah E., celebrates 83rd birthday: 11/13/31p4

Goodhue, Sarah E., died 4/9/39: 4/13/39p2

Goodrich, Clarence E., died 7/1/38: 7/7/38p3

Goodrich, Ralph, weds Lillian Burt 8/19/37: 8/26/37p2

Goodrich, Ralph, weds Marguerite Bond 7/25/34: 8/3/34p1

Goodridge, Eben, died 5/14/38: 5/19/38p5

Goodwin, Doris, weds William Gilmore 10/28/32: 11/18/32p12

Goodwin, Dorothy, weds Francis Keay 7/3/38: 7/7/38p8(M);7/14/38p9(F)

Goodwin, Frank O., died 11/11/34: 11/16/34p5

Goodwin, Frederick, weds Rena Lee 5/27/38: 6/2/38p2

Goodwin, George H., died 1/23/30: 1/31/30p12

Goodwin, Helen, weds Victor Hartford 6/6/38: 6/16/38p2

Goodwin, Herman G., died 2/16/35: 2/22/35p1

Goodwin, John, died 10/24/34: 10/26/34p6

Goodwin, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/8/37p2

Goodwin, M&M Charles E., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 7/13/39p1

Goodwin, Mabel, weds Ellsworth Rines 7/2/33: 7/7/33p12 (Lebanon)

Gordon, Alice M., died 12/17/37: 12/30/37p16

Gorton, William, weds Ruby Leeman 9/4/33: 9/8/33p1

Gosselin, Albert, weds Thelma Smith 4/22/34: 4/27/34p1

Gosselin, Ella R., died 5/23/31: 5/29/31p8

Gosselin, Margaret, weds Paul Grassi 7/?/36: 7/10/36p16

Gosselin, Mary, weds Antonio Pepin 10/17/36: 10/22/36p2

Gosselin, Oscar, weds Mary Boisvert 8/28/33: 9/1/33p1

Gotts, Thomas H., celebrates 75th birthday: 7/21/33p9

Gotts, Thomas H., worked for same factory for 64 years: 8/8/30pp3,8

Gould, Donald, died 2/28/33: 3/3/33p5

Gould, Frank, died 3/27/33: 3/31/33p9

Gould, Fred, died 12/27/32: 12/30/32p7

Goulet, Jacob J., died 5/22/32: 5/27/32p8

Goulet, Roger, weds Jeannita Letendre 6/17/39: 6/22/39p5

Goulet, Theresa, weds Edward Marcotte 9/26/36: 10/1/36p8

Goupil, Hervey, weds Celia Lavoie 8/28/33: 9/1/33p1

Grady, Alice L., died 12/15/37: 12/16/37pB3;12/23/37p5

Grady, Catherine, weds Bert Perreault 9/28/31: 10/2/31p9

Grady, Walter J., died 10/13/37: 10/21/37p8

Grant, Granville F., died 7/28/36: 7/31/36p5

Grant, Hazel, weds Bert Garland 4/2/32: 4/15/32p9

Grant, Herbert L., died 9/27/35: 10/4/35pp2,3

Grant, Howard E., died 5/3/36: 5/8/36p5

Grant, James C., died 4/2/34: 4/6/34p8

Grant, Mary F., died 4/?/30: 5/2/30pp8,9(ER)

Grant, Mrs. Philip (nee Watson) died 12/27/39: 12/28/39p6

Grant, Orin B., died 7/5/37: 7/8/37p5

Grant, Philip, weds Marjorie Watson 5/13/39: 5/18/39p5

Granville, Mary, died ?/?/30: 8/8/30p1

Grassi, Paul, weds Margaret Gosselin 7/?/36: 7/10/36p16

Grassie, Bernard, weds Ruth Kerr 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Grassie, John, weds Alva Roy 5/27/39: 6/1/39p9

Grassie, Joseph, died 10/16/35: 10/18/35p6

Grassie, Palmana S., died 12/15/36: 12/17/36p5

Gravel, Lorenzo, weds Henrietta Richard 4/17/33: 5/5/33p4

Graves, Lois, weds Maurice Greenfield 8/26/33: 9/1/33p1

Gray, Adelbert, died 10/31/37: 11/4/37p5

Gray, Carl, weds Pearl Hill 5/?/33: 6/2/33p4

Gray, Charles O., died 2/25/32: 3/4/32p8

Gray, Clyde, weds Leola Meader 4/23/30: 5/2/30p8

Gray, Dorothy, weds Edwin Piper 6/13/36: 6/19/36p11

Gray, Edith, weds Edwin Thornton 9/17/32: 9/23/32p9

Gray, Ellenar S., died 10/5/37: 10/7/37p5

Gray, Frank, died 3/24/35: 3/29/35p6

Gray, Frank, weds Earline Foss 11/1/37: 11/11/37p16

Gray, Ida B., died 11/5/34: 11/9/34p12

Gray, Ida, died 12/?/35: 12/20/35p9

Gray, John I., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/21/37p2

Gray, Mattie F., died 3/16/30: 3/21/30p8;3/28/30p8

Gray, Myra 7/15/38: 7/28/38p7

Gray, Sarah A., died 9/?/34: 9/28/34p1

Gray, Willie E., died 2/?/32: 2/12/32p8;2/19/32p8

Green, Almeda, weds Archie Stuart 2/15/30: 2/21/30p5

Green, Lillian, weds Donald Lawrence 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Greene, Herman R., celebrates 88th birthday: 5/6/32p9

Greene, Herman R., died 12/14?/32: 12/23/32p9

Greenfield, Ida, died 6/16/33: 6/23/33p8

Greenfield, John, died 7/29/30: 8/1/30p1;8/8/30p1

Greenfield, Mary A., celebrates 91st birthday: 6/29/39p1

Greenfield, Maurice, weds Lois Graves 8/26/33: 9/1/33p1

Greenwood, George, died 10/15/34: 10/26/34p12

Gregoire, Christine L., died 10/?/30: 10/24/30p8

Gregoire, Georgia, died 2/8/34: 2/16/34p12

Gregory, Carlton, weds Thelma Whitehouse 7/27/39: 8/3/39p5

Grenier, Annie, died 2/12/38: 2/17/38p5

Grenier, Charlene, weds Wilfred Legasse 5/31/37: 6/3/37pp2,5

Grenier, Estelle, weds Walter Belleville 11/?/37: 11/25/37p8

Grenier, Harold, weds Marjorie Burrows 10/25/30: 10/31/30p9

Grenier, Hattie A., died 5/26/38: 6/2/38p5

Grenier, John, died 1/18/30: 1/24/30p12

Grenier, Lucille, weds Harold Dorr 10/?/35: 10/18/35p9

Grenier, Margaret, weds Alexander Shaw 12/24/32: 12/30/32p5

Grenier, Mildred, weds Cyril Boulet 11/24/30: 11/28/30p8

Grenier, Raymond, weds Virtoria Martineau 11/18/34: 11/23/34p3

Grenier, Roland, weds Muriel Hayes 8/29/36: 9/4/36p9

Griffen, M&M Herbert E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/26/36p4

Griffin, Minnie D., died 6/9/33: 6/16/33p8

Griffith, Carroll, weds Hattie Jacobs 1/1/31: 1/9/31p9

Griffiths, Leroy, weds Avis Bunker 1/1/32: 1/8/32p9

Grimsted, Marie, weds Stanley Wiggin 9/4/32: 9/23/32p16

Griney, Florence--A Personality Portrait: 6/5/36p2

Griney, John W., died 12/14/35: 12/20/35p2

Grondin, Amanda T., died 7/4/38: 7/7/38p3

Grondin, Demerise T., died 9/13/35: 9/20/35p2

Grondin, Edgar, weds Dora Guerin 5/23/32: 5/27/32p1

Grondin, Honore L., died 1/21/38: 1/27/38p5

Grondin, Raymond, weds Rita Glidden 9/4/34: 9/7/34p5

Grondin, Regina P., died 3/19/37: 3/25/37p5

Grover, Ellen A., died 6/?/33: 6/16/33p6

Grover, Ellen, nee Young, and two sisters are octogenarians: 12/18/31p3

Grover, Irma, weds Walter Rogers 10/13/31: 10/16/33p1

Grover, Irving, weds Walter Rogers 10/13/31: 10/16/31p1

Guerin, Dora, weds Edgar Grondin 5/23/32: 5/27/32p1

Guerin, Dora, weds Edgar Grondin 5/23/32: 5/27/32p1

Guerin, Joseph, weds Alice Paul 6/26/39: 6/29/39p5

Guerrin, Emma, died 1/1/31: 1/9/31p8

Guilbault, Parmelia, weds Ernest Elliott 2/21/38: 2/24/38p2

Guilmet, Napolean, died 7/?/34: 8/3/34p8

Guilmette, Rudolph, weds Mary Ring 9/25/35: 9/27/35p3

Gullison, Ralph, weds Rachel Cota 6/10/39: 6/15/39p15

Gunnison, Grace H., died 9/7/36: 9/10/36p5

Gunnison, John, weds ??? Harvey 7/10/32: 7/22/32p1

Guptil, Alvero, died 3/4/35: 3/8/35p7

Guptill, Elinor, weds Carroll Mathews 4/5/36: 4/10/36p3

Guptill, John, weds Violet Bickford 1/4/37: 1/7/37p2;1/28/37p2

Guptill, Louis A., died 4/16/33: 4/21/33p8

Guptill, M&M Irving, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/2/39p1

Gustafson, Helen, weds William Fowler 9/20/32: 9/23/32p8

Gutterson, Lilian P., died 12/23/32: 12/30/32p12

Guy, John, weds Sara Morgan 7/24/37: 7/29/37p2;8/12/37p5

Hackett, Edward, weds Lena Pinkham: 9/22/33p8

Hackett, Henry, weds Ida Chase 5/6/39: 5/11/39p20

Hackett, Maude, weds Charles Palmer 2/11/33: 2/17/33p4

Haedt, Earl, weds Edith Garland 1/7/39: 1/12/39p5

Hale, Esther, weds Kenneth Carlisle 8/4/35: 8/9/35p2

Hale, George W., died 3/11/31: 3/20/31p8

Hale, Merton H., died 3/22/36: 3/27/36p8

Haley, Barbara, weds Randolph Gerrish 10/21/38: 10/27/38p3

Haley, Edwina, weds Richard Clark 7/6/38: 7/7/38p2;7/14/38p5

Haley, Josephine H., died 5/25/38: 6/2/38p12

Haley, Josephine H., visited by pupil of 50 years ago: 6/22/34p8

Haley, Lucie G., died 3/?/31: 3/20/31p8

Haley, Mary J., died 5/21/38: 5/26/38p5

Haley, Sarah P., died 4/10/31: 4/17/31p1

Haley, William A., finds long-lost siblings: 5/29/31p1

Haley, William., died 1/7/38: 1/13/38p5

Hall, Annie M., died 11/7/33: 11/10/33p8

Hall, Charles A., died 10/?/34: 11/2/34p12

Hall, Charles D., died 12/25/37: 12/30/37p4

Hall, E. Elvira, died 10/28/31: 11/6/31pp1,8

Hall, Edward, weds Elsie Shaw 5/6/39: 5/11/39p4

Hall, Edythe, weds Fred Lyons Jr. 11/26/38: 12/1/39p5

Hall, Elvira, died 2/1/34: 2/9/34p5

Hall, Francis, weds Antoinette Lebel 11/26/36: 12/3/36p4

Hall, Frank, died 2/24/30: 2/28/30pp12,13

Hall, Gardner, weds Gladys Black 9/3/33: 9/22/33p8

Hall, Harry W., died 4/17/35: 4/19/35p6

Hall, M&M Charles S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/2/32p16

Hall, Marguerite, weds Hemran Cilley 9/24/38: 9/29/38p5

Hall, Ralph, weds Louise Hobbs: 6/29/34p8;7/6/34p1

Halley, Elizabeth, died 11/2/30: 11/7/30p8

Ham, Beatrice--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 3/22/35p11

Ham, Bernard, weds Rita Burbank 10/28/39: 11/2/39p8

Ham, Betty, weds Philip Coulumbe 1/1/38: 1/6/38p2

Ham, Charles, died 2/19/30: 2/28/30p12

Ham, Charles, weds Winnie Page 1/?/30: 1/31/30p9

Ham, Cyrus A., died 11/20/33: 11/24/33p8

Ham, Katherine, weds Albert Tessier 2/9/36: 2/14/36p3

Ham, Muriel, weds James Tuttle 7/15/38: 7/21/38p2

Ham, Samuel D., died 7/24/31: 7/31/31p8

Ham, William M., died 12/20/34: 12/30/34p2

Hamel, Annette, weds James Vincent 10/?/35: 10/18/35p4

Hamel, Harold, weds Rena Bennett 4/?/33: 4/7/33p1

Hamel, Henry T., died 5/12/39: 5/18/39p16

Hamel, Irene, weds Albert Parenteau 12/29/29: 1/3/30p16

Hamel, Lillian, weds Granville Rogers 6/23/35: 6/28/35p9

Hamel, Minnie, weds James Currier 11/24/35: 11/29/35p7

Hamilton, Carl, weds Winnifred Lindgren 3/13/38: 3/24/38p4

Hamilton, Frances, weds Alfred McIntosh 7/8/33: 7/14/33p1

Hamilton, Lloyd, weds Hylda Shaw 4/5/35: 4/12/35p12

Hamm, Martha D., died 3/19/38: 3/24/38pB1

Hammond, Walter B., died 12/6/39: 12/7/39p4

Haney, Emma N., died 7/8?/33: 7/14/33p8

Hangland, Esther, weds Clifford Dorr 4/15/39: 4/20/39p3

Hanks, Violet, weds Harold Huntington 5/26/38: 6/2/38p9

Hanley, Marilla, weds Rodney Hobbs 11/2/37: 11/4/37p2

Hanna, Madge, died 2/13/31: 2/20/31p5

Hannah, Eva, died 3/14/37: 3/18/37p5

Hanratty, Rosa, died 4/11/30: 4/18/30p8

Hanscom, Harriet, weds William Hersom 4/27/32: 5/6/32p9

Hanscom, Hazel, weds Wesley Bush 4/19/30: 4/25/30p1

Hanscom, Margaret, died 3/13/38: 3/17/38p5

Hansom, Thomas, family holds 24th reunion: 9/7/34p4

Hanson, Annie C., died 4/5/31: 4/10/31p8

Hanson, David, weds Bertha Furlong 6/2/39: 6/8/39p5

Hanson, Edwin, died 4/14/38: 4/21/38p3

Hanson family holds 29th reunion: 9/7/39p3

Hanson Family association holds 25th annual reunion: 9/6/35p1

Hanson, Fred J., died 1/26/36: 1/31/36p8

Hanson, Harold, died 4/9/36: 4/10/36p1;4/17/36p5

Hanson, Horace C., died 7/21/31: 7/24/31p1

Hanson, Jane, died 1/22/31: 1/30/31p8

Hanson, John M., died 7/26/33: 7/28/33p8;8/7/33p8

Hanson, M. Ellen, died 2/14/36: 2/21/36p5

Hanson, M&M Fred J., celebrate 53rd anniversary: 1/27/33p1

Hanson, Martha N., host Hanson family reunion: 9/1/38p1

Hanson, Mary E., died 12/?/36: 1/14/37p5

Hanson, Mary T., died 10/27/30: 10/31/30p8

Hanson, Sydney I., died 11/23/39: 12/7/39p14

Hanson, Thomas, family hold 22nd reunion: 9/2/32p1

Hanson, Thomas, family holds 26th reunion: 9/4/36p1

Hanson, Thomas, family holds 27th annual reunion: 9/2/37p1

Harding, Walter, weds Cora Tibbetts 9/23?/31: 10/2/31p12

Hardy Jr., Edmund, weds Yvonne Boudreau 6/29/31: 7/3/31p4

Harriman, Charles E., died 7/21/34: 7/27/34p5

Harriman, Cyrus, died 4/15/38: 4/21/38p9

Harriman, Donald, weds Ina Flynn 3/15/30: 3/21/30p1

Harris, Arthur, died 5/9/38: 5/12/38p1

Harris, Flora, died 5/9/38: 5/12/38p1

Harris Jr., Arthur, died 5/9/38: 5/12/38p1

Hart, Charles, weds Louise Brochu 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2;8/12/37p5

Hart, Minnie, weds Albanis White 1/13/34: 1/19/34p9

Hartfiel, Paula, weds Edward Burbank 7/6/35: 7/19/35p4

Hartfield, Beatrice, weds Albert Bickford 4/?/34: 4/27/34p1

Hartford, Abbie C., died 9/12/30: 9/19/30p8

Hartford, Arvilla C., died 1/?/34: 1/19/34p8

Hartford, Charles, died 12/12/30: 12/19/30p8

Hartford, Fred S., died 6/25/39: 6/29/39p1

Hartford, Geneva, weds Thomas Quimby 10/30/37: 11/4/37p8

Hartford, Lois, weds George Bougoin 4/3/37: 4/15/37p8

Hartford, M&M George H., celebrate 56th anniversary: 5/19/38p2

Hartford, Robert, weds Marjory Maguire 3/6/36: 3/6/31p9;3/13/36p9

Hartford, Victor, weds Helen Goodwin 6/6/38: 6/16/38p2

Hartigan, Honora A., died 4/1/35: 4/5/35p2

Hartigan, James P., died 5/13/34: 5/18/34p7

Hartley, Ellesworth, weds Lorraine Dickey 10/25/34: 4/12/35p12

Hartley, Katherine A., died 5/26/36: 5/29/36p5

Harvey, ???, weds John Gunnison 7/10/32: 7/22/32p1

Harvey, ???, weds John Gunnison 7/10/32: 7/22/32p1

Harvey, Delima, celebrates 76th birthday: 11/16/39p8

Harvey, Edward, weds Alice Wilson 8/23?/39: 8/31/39p5

Haseltine, Albertha, weds Lewis Blake 6/10/39: 6/15/39p14

Haselton, Eleanor, weds Jeremiah Stuart 6/10?/33: 6/16/33p9

Haselton, Forrest, weds Delima Prefontaine 5/26/38: 6/2/38p2

Haskell, Lydia E., died 4/?/34: 4/13/34p8

Hatch, Charline, weds Joseph McDonald 5/11/35: 6/14/35p2

Hatch, Chesley G., died 1/8/35: 1/11/35p8

Hatch, Marjory, weds George Tassier 5/30/31: 6/5/31p12

Hatch, Nelson, weds Hilda Cormier 6/2/39: 6/8/39p5

Hathaway, Charles A., died 8/?/34: 8/17/34p4

Hawkes, Ezra H., died 7/18/37: 7/22/37p5

Haydon, Charles F., died 12/22/30: 1/9/31p8

Hayes, Arline, weds Edward Beane 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Hayes, Blooma E., died 5/19/30: 5/23/30p8

Hayes, Charles, weds Gertrude Adams 8/?/30: 8/29/30p9

Hayes, Clara L., died 8/23/39: 8/24/39p2;8/31/39p8

Hayes, E. Pauline, died 2/16/31: 2/19/32p4

Hayes, Elizabeth C., died 6/2/35: 6/7/35p16

Hayes, Ethel, weds Fred York 9/12/38: 9/15/38p5

Hayes, Flora M., died 10/31/39: 11/2/39p2

Hayes, Florence, weds Franklin Dame 6/17/31: 6/26/31p1

Hayes, Forrest, weds Flora Rollins 2/2/35: 2/8/35p1

Hayes, Frank R., died 8/12/35: 8/16/35p2

Hayes, Hattie E., died 6/22/37: 6/24/37p4

Hayes, Hattie T., died 7/5/39: 7/13/39p12

Hayes, Ida P., died 5/16/38: 5/19/38p5

Hayes, Jennie Y., died 2/5/38: 2/10/38p5

Hayes, Kirk B., died 6/?/34: 6/8/34p2

Hayes, Linnie E. died 4/11/39: 4/13/39p2

Hayes, M&M Arthur H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/27/38p2

Hayes, M&M Lyman, celebrate 52nd anniversary: 9/9/37p16

Hayes, M&M Lyman, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/25/35p6

Hayes, M&M S. Lyman, host family reunion: 9/1/38p15

Hayes, Marjorie, weds Carl Rhines 7/9/38: 7/14/38p2

Hayes, Mary H., died 6/13/32: 6/17/32p8

Hayes, Milton, weds Valna Lover 6/?/30: 7/4/30p12

Hayes, Mrs. Guy, died 5/6/35: 5/10/35p6

Hayes, Mrs. O. H., died 2/11/30: 2/14/30p14

Hayes, Muriel, weds Roland Grenier 8/29/36: 9/4/36p9

Hayes, Myrtle, weds John Schlenker 7/3/37: 7/22/37p2

Hayes, Nellie, died 5/18/31: 5/22/31p9(ER);5/29/31p9(ER)

Hayes, Norman, weds Virginia Carey 7/29/38: 8/4/38p2

Hayes, Sudney B., died 12/3/32: 12/9/32p13

Hayes, Susan, weds Wyman Shaw 11/26/31: 12/4/31p6

Hayes, William T., died 9/17/32: 9/23/32p8

Haynes, Margaret D., died 1/?/34: 1/12/34p8

Hazelton, Myrtle, weds Daniel Toomey Jr. 10/5/36: 10/29/36p2

Heany, Mary E., died 6/?/38: 6/23/38p3

Heath, George, weds Mary Babb 5/16/31: 5/22/31p1

Heath, Talmon S., died 3/6/37: 3/11/37p5

Hebert, Flora, weds Ernest Mailhot 7/2/38: 7/7/38p2

Hebert, George, weds Amelia LeBrun 4/29/34: 5/4/34p7

Hebert, Gerald, weds Rose Nadeau 12/26/32: 12/30/32p5

Hebert, Gerard R., died 6/17/37: 6/24/37p4

Hebert, Helen, weds Joseph Willet 7/3/33: 7/7/33p1

Hebert, Jeanette, weds Vincent Traniello 9/9/39: 9/14/39p5

Hebert, Otis, weds Alice Lachapelle 10/3/32: 10/7/32p8

Hebert, Robert, weds Norella Lanoie 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Hebert, Rose, died 11/12/38: 11/17/39p2

Hebert, Rose, weds William Forcier 6/29/35: 7/5/35p5

Heher, Frank--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 5/29/36p4

Heimbach, Leroy T., died 2/?/33: 2/10/33pp8,9

Henderson, Annie I., died 6/27/34: 6/29/34p8;7/6/34p8

Henderson, Clifford, weds Geraldine Horton 8/26/39: 8/31/39p12

Henderson, Hazel, weds Sterling Hilton 11/12/38: 11/17/39p5

Henderson, Louis, weds Eva Horne 10/7/38: 10/13/38p3

Henderson, Pauline, weds Robert Brooks 8/25/36: 8/28/36p2

Hendrickson, Lois, weds Royal Edgerly 1/1/39: 5/11/39p5

Henry, Percy A., died 12/5/38: 12/8/38p2

Herries, George, weds Tryphena Marcotte 10/17/36: 10/22/36p2

Herron, Gertrude, weds Robert Tebbetts: 4/6/34p16

Herron, Lester, weds Gertrude Carter 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

Hersey, Prestina, died 8/29/37: 9/2/37p8

Hersom, Alice, died 2/14/30: 2/21/30p12

Hersom, Edith, telephone operator for 25 years: 9/28/39p1

Hersom, George A., died 4/28/38: 4/28/38p3

Hersom, George E., died 6/20/39: 6/29/39p4

Hersom, Grace, weds Norris Jacobs 2/19/31: 2/27/31pp1,9(ER)

Hersom, M&M George A., celebrate 56th anniversary: 2/7/36p3

Hersom, Mary F., died 2/27/38: 3/3/38p5

Hersom, Mary M., died 3/13/37: 3/18/37p5

Hersom, Mattie, weds Samuel Corbett 9/23/34: 10/5/34p7

Hersom, Orrin, died 2/24/39: 3/2/39p2

Hersom, William, weds Harriet Hanscom 4/27/32: 5/6/32p9

Hersome, Mary F., died 7/30/38: 8/4/38p5

Hescock, George, weds Pauline Jones 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

Heselton, Ruth, weds Lawrence Ramsey 6/4/38: 6/16/38p9

Hickey, Catherine R., died 4/10/31: 4/17/31p9

Hickey, Gertrude, weds Wealon Holland 3/14/38: 3/17/38p2

Higgins, Helen, weds Clayton Lord 6/25/38: 6/30/38p2;7/7/38p3

Higgins, Willis, died 1/16/32: 1/22/32p8

Hill, Archelaus A., died 6/1/38: 6/2/38p8

Hill, Arthur, weds Florence Gilman 9/17/32: 9/23/32p1

Hill, Effie T., died 6/?/30: 7/4/30p8

Hill, Flora, weds Frank Morrill 9/3/37: 9/9/37p2

Hill, John, weds Julia Murray 6/4/38: 6/9/38p2

Hill, Lawrence, weds Ruth Hutchinson 3/19/30: 3/21/30p1

Hill, Pearl, weds Carl Gray 5/?/33: 6/2/33p4

Hill, Raymond, weds Ethel Brock 4/22/34: 4/27/34p12

Hill, Walter, weds Alice Plourde 4/19/36: 4/24/36p3

Hilton, Frank, weds Ruth Pearl: 1/23/31p8

Hilton, Philip, weds Pauline Rhoades 11/?/37: 12/2/37p8

Hilton, Sterling, weds Hazel Henderson 11/12/38: 11/17/39p5

Hilton, Sterling, weds Jeannette Carrigan 7/3/37: 7/8/37p8

Hislop, H. Walter, died[ 8/1/31: 8/7/31p8

Hitchinson, Ruth, weds Lawrence Hill 3/19/30: 3/21/30p1

Hoard, Lilla C., died 1/17/36: 1/31/36p3

Hobbs, Louise, weds Ralph Hall: 6/29/34p8;7/6/34p1

Hobbs, Rodney, weds Marilla Hanley 11/2/37: 11/4/37p2

Hodgden, Frank E., died 6/27/37: 7/1/37p5

Hodgdon, Charles, weds Alice Gelinas 5/6/39: 5/11/39p5

Hodgdon, Cora, died 10/?/34: 10/12/34p12

Hodgdon, Ida M., died 12/2/36: 12/3/36p5

Hodgdon, Victoria, celebrates 86th birthday: 2/13/31p1

Hoey, Henry S., died 12/15/33: 12/29/33p2

Hoffman, Mary C.--A Personality Portraiy: 3/20/36p2

Holland, Hazel, weds Gilbert Clough 6/26/35: 7/5/35p7;7/12/35p14

Holland, Wealon, weds Gertrude Hickey 3/14/38: 3/17/38p2

Holmes, Addie I., died 7/26/38: 8/4/38p5

Holmes, Albert I., died 10/1/35: 10/4/35p2

Holmes, Marion--a Personality Portrait: 2/28/36p2

Holmes, Rose, died 11/5/32: 11/11/32p5

Holmes, Thelma, weds George Malven 10/18/30: 10/24/30pp1,9(G)

Hooper, Emily H., died 1/10/37: 1/14/37p5

Hooper, James P., died 2/25/37: 3/4/37p5

Hooper, Lawrence, weds Emmiline Wallace 9/16/35: 9/20/35p2

Hooper, Sarah F., died 9/22/32: 9/30/32p9

Hopey, Austin M., died 5/26/38: 6/2/38p5

Hopey, Margaret E., died 12/24/33: 12/29/33p12

Hopkins, Charles, weds Beatrice Boivin 11/26/36: 12/3/36p2

Hopkins, Lily B., died 10/9/39: 10/19/39p11

Hopkinson, Carrie, weds Raymond Peabody 4/2/32: 4/8/32p4

Horne, Chester A., died 7/10/38: 7/14/38p5;7/28/38p3

Horne, Clarence E., celebrates 83rd birthday: 10/5/34p10

Horne, Clarence E., celebrates 86th birthday: 10/7/37p10

Horne, Doris, weds Robert Nathan 4/16/39: 4/20/39p5

Horne, Edwin J., died 1/?/33: 1/27/33p8

Horne, Eva, weds Louis Henderson 10/7/38: 10/13/38p3

Horne, Everett W., died 6/23/39: 6/29/39p9

Horne, George E., died 11/24/30: 11/28/30p1

Horne, Hazel, weds Edward Dame 10/30/32: 11/4/32p5

Horne, John R., died 4/11/38: 4/21/38p4

Horne, Marion A., died 6/24/34: 6/29/34p8

Horne, Martha A., died 10/?/38: 10/27/38pC1

Horne, Martha A., died 1/7/33: 1/13/33p8

Horne, Mary E., died 3/29/35: 4/5/35p9

Horne, Maude, died 2/3/39: 2/9/39p1;5/11/39p1

Horne, Newell B., died 7/28/38: 8/4/38p5

Horne, Ralph A., died 10/?/34: 10/12/34p4

Horne, Roy C., died 11/30/30: 12/5/30p1

Horne, Sarah B., died 6/19/31: 6/26/31p8

Horne, Susan C., died 1/7/34: 1/12/34p8

Horne, Wilbur, weds Esther Garland 6/23/37: 7/1/37p4

Horne, William H., died 7/?/34: 7/13/34p8

Horney, Janet P., died 1/30/32: 2/5/32p8

Horton, Geraldine, weds Clifford Henderson 8/26/39: 8/31/39p12

Hosking, Mary A., died 7/14/33: 7/21/33p8

Hough, Joan, weds Robert Lord 7/4/37: 7/8/37p2

Hough, Richard, died 5/24/32: 5/27/32p8

Hough, Sarah E., died 5/6/38: 5/12/38p5

Houle, Joseph, weds Edith Blaisdell 5/12/39: 5/18/39p16

Houle, Mary I., died 3/15/38: 3/17/38p5

Houle, Uldoric, died 12/11/36: 12/17/36p5

Houston, Abram, died 10/1/36: 10/8/36p11

Howard, Alfred, weds Cecile Maxfield 5/9/33: 5/12/33p8

Howard, Carrie B., died 6/?/33: 6/30/33p8

Howard, Cleon, weds Alice Forcier 7/7/35: 7/12/35p8

Howard, Elbridge. died 9/?/32: 9/9/32p8

Howard, Emma F., died 4/5/30: 4/11/30p9

Howard, Emma F., died 7/4/38: 7/7/38p3

Howard, Ernest, died 1/8/38: 1/13/38p5

Howard, Greta, died 4/19/30: 4/25/30p9

Howard, Ida B., died 2/?/32: 3/4/32p1

Howard, Josephine, weds Leslie Pike 7/29/35: 8/2/35p8

Howard, Laura J., died 5/25/32: 6/3/32p12

Howard, Lera, weds Burleigh Cook 1/5/38: 1/20/38p2

Howard, Pauline, weds Edward Huckins 12/10/38: 12/15/39pB6

Howard, Perley W., died 8/?/33: 9/1/33p12

Howard, Roger, weds Natalie Jenness 6/18/38: 6/23/38p2

Howard, Sarah E., died 1/?/34: 1/12/34p8

Howard, Thomas, died 9/16/35: 9/20/35p2

Howard, Walter S., celebrates 81st birthday: 10/21/32p1

Howard, Warren, weds Eva Bourgoyne 5/?/31: 5/29/31p1

Howe, Leslie, died 8/?/31: 8/14/31p8

Howe, Sarah A., died 5/24/31: 5/29/31p1

Howell, Cecil, weds Louise Dickenson 12/27/32: 12/30/32p1

Howes, Clara L., died 12/5/38: 12/8/38p2

Hoyt, Charles, weds Crissie Drew 2/?/31: 2/20/31p9

Hoyt, Elizabeth A., celebrates 80th birthday: 2/16/39p1

Hoyt, Frank R., celebrates 86th birthday by retiring from B&M: 7/29/37p12

Hoyt, Frank, weds May Dame 1/14/37: 1/21/37p5

Hoyt, George L., died 1/1/33: 1/6/33p12

Hoyt, Nahum F., died 6/8/32: 6/17/32p9

Huckins, Abbie, weds Winfield Fernald 5/29/33: 6/9/33p4

Huckins, Edward, weds Pauline Howard 12/10/38: 12/15/39pB6

Huckins, Fannie, weds Louis Mardanes 2/28/37: 3/4/37p3

Huckins, John A., died 5/24/30: 5/30/30p13

Huckins, Sylvester B., died 9/2/39: 9/7/39p10 ;9/14/39p12

Hudson, Alfred, died 12/?/32: 12/16/32p8

Hull, Emma A., died 1/31/37: 2/4/37p3

Hull, James M., died 6/10/32: 6/17/32p9

Hull, Robert, weds Ruth Nacsin 10/14/39: 10/19/39p5

Hunt, Margaret, weds George Butler 8/?/35: 8/23/35p3

Hunt, Paul, weds Gladys Slocum 11/21/31: 11/27/31p9

Huntington, Harold, weds VIolet Hanks 5/26/38: 6/2/38p9

Huntley, Floyd, weds Florence Devoie 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Huntly, Hazel, weds Frank Bentley 9/4/36: 9/10/36p9

Huntoon, Bessie R., died 4/?/36: 4/17/36p5

Huntress, Frank, died 6/5/30: 6/13/30p8

Huntsman, Martha, weds Alphie Deveau ?/?/35: 6/7/35p5

Huppe, Marie, weds Raymond Lemoyne 8/20/38: 8/25/38p2;9/1/38p2

Huppee, Lena, weds Eugene Belanger 6/15/31: 6/19/31p1

Hurd, Albion, weds Florence Skillings 12/2/38: 12/8/38p5

Hurd, Ann, celebrates 80th birthday: 5/8/36p2

Hurd, Chester A., died 2/12/38: 2/17/38p8

Hurd, Cora B., died 5/14/31: 5/22/31p12

Hurd, Dean, weds Irene Lizotte: 12/31/36: 1/7/37p6

Hurd, Emma, died 12/10/32: 12/16/32p12

Hurd, Fred, died 8/?/33: 8/11/33p12

Hurd, Hannah E., died 5/14/33: 5/19/33p5

Hurd, J. G., weds Minnie LeFair 2/?/38: 2/10/38p9

Hurd, Lester, weds Marguerite Stewart 8/27/39: 8/31/39p5

Hurd, Minnie A., died 4/13/39: 4/20/39p7

Hurd, Sarah M., died 9/10/39: 9/14/39p8

Hurdt, Ferdinand, died 12/15/36: 12/17/36p5

Hurley, Bertha, died 4/4/30: 4/11/30p9

Hurley, Bertha, weds Romeo Couture 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Hurley, Edward, died 9/8/30: 9/12/30p9

Hussey, Charles L., died 12/5/34: 12/7/34p1

Hussey, Emma W., died 1/12/34: 1/19/34p8

Hussey, Frank, died 2/20/32: 2/26/32p8

Hussey, Frank, weds Ethel Swanson 5/30/31: 6/5/31p1

Hussey, Jay D., died 8/29/39: 8/31/39p5

Hussey, Mary F., died 1/13/31: 1/22/32p12

Hussey. Sadie J., died 1/4/30: 1/10/30p8

Hutchins, Burns, weds Alyce Cote 4/30/38: 6/9/38p2

Hutchins, Joseph D., died 12/6/31: 12/25/31p12

Hutchins, Karene J., died 2/2/37: 2/4/37p3

Hutchins, Martha, weds Louis Marsden 5/1/32: 5/13/32p1

Hutchins, Mildred, weds James Moreside 10/29/33: 11/3/33p3

Ingham, Donald, weds Julia Larrabee 4/19/37: 4/22/47p2

Iovine, Ruth, weds Seth Dawson 9/5/36: 9/10/36p2

Irvings, Virginia, weds William Babineau 11/5/38: 11/10/39p8

Irwin, Annie, died ?/?/38: 8/4/38p9

Jablonski, Nellie, weds Bernard Kochinowski 10/12/38: 10/27/38p3

Jacgues, Velma, weds Frederick Labonte 11/26/31: 12/4/31p4

Jackson, Ernest, weds Dorothy Draper 2/24/31: 2/26/32p4

Jackson, James A., died 8/13/38: 8/18/38p3

Jackson, Martha, died 2/7/30: 2/14/30p15

Jackson, Martha E., died 4/1/36: 4/3/36p5

Jackson, Mildred, weds George Lord 4/30/32: 5/13/32p15

Jackson, Vienna, died 2/?/30: 2/28/30p12

Jackson, Wesley, died 4/16/33: 4/21/33p5

Jacobs, Annie, weds Edward Folsom 4/19/36: 4/24/36p3

Jacobs, Carl, weds Eunice Smith 6/2/35: 6/7/35p9

Jacobs, Hattie, weds Carroll Griffith 1/1/31: 1/9/31p9

Jacobs, Ina, died 11/10/32: 11/18/32p9

Jacobs, John, weds Annie Downs 2/15/30: 2/21/30p5

Jacobs, Leon, weds Sarah Wallace 7/3/30: 7/11/30p1

Jacobs, Mary & twin, celebrate 71st birthday: 5/4/39p1

Jacobs, Mary, and twin, celebrate 79th birthday: 5/5/38p1

Jacobs, Norris, weds Grace Hersom 2/19/31: 2/27/31pp1,9(ER)

Jacques, Adeline B., died 5/24/33: 5/26/33p8

Jacques, Archille A., died 5/?/36: 6/5/36p5

Jacques, Auguste, died 1/30/31: 2/6/31p8

Jacques, Cecile, weds Alberic Routhier 6/20/32: 6/24/32p1

Jacques, Cecile, weds Joseph Routhier 6/20/32: 6/24/32p1

Jacques, Ernest, weds Fernand Lassond 6/2/35: 6/7/35p9

Jacques, Isabel, weds Benoit Langevin 11/21/36: 11/26/36p2

Jacques, Joseph L., died 11/25/36: 11/26/36p5;12/3/36p5

Jacques, Mary E., died 10/?/34: 10/19/34p6

Jacques, Odile, died 5/6/35: 5/10/35p2

Jacques, Velma, weds Frederick Labonte 11/26/31: 12/4/31p5

Jacques, Wilfred, died ?/?/3?: 1/6/33p8

Jacquith, Aldore E., died 8/14/30: 8/22/30p8

Janell, Eugene, weds Madelaine Nealand 11/23/36: 6/3/37p2

Janelle, Joseph, weds Genevieve Larochelle 9/17/38: 9/22/38p5

Jarvis, Janice, weds Frank Long Jr. 4/?/38: 4/21/38p14

Jefferson, Chester, weds Fannie Wotton 10/31/36: 11/5/36p3

Jefferson, George, weds Adeline Morgan 6/30/35: 7/5/35p5

Jefferson, Wesley, weds Louise Wexley 3/14/36: 3/27/36p2

Jenkins, Eva, weds Thomas Kidder 7/9/39: 7/13/39p5

Jenkins, Ivan, weds Grace Ricker 2/18/39: 2/23/39p5

Jenkins, Victoria, died 12/12/30: 12/19/30p8

Jenness, Ella, died ?/?/30: 11/7/30p8

Jenness, Inez, died ?/?/31: 7/3/31p13

Jenness, Isaac B., died 2/23/32: 2/26/32p8

Jenness, Natalie, weds Roger Howard 6/18/38: 6/23/38p2

Jenness, Sumner, weds Helen Massey 7/15/39: 7/20/39p5

Jenness, Viola W., died 10/12/35: 10/18/35p4

Jennings, Bertha M., died 6/28/39: 6/29/39p4

Jenson, Mildred, weds Charles Smith 11/30/34: 12/7/34p2

Jewel, Vienna, celebrates 84th birthday: 7/17/31p13

Jewell, Clarence, weds Priscilla Webster 5/14/38: 5/26/38p9

Jewell, Vienna G., died 3/4?/34: 3/9/34p12

Jewett, John, diedo 4/11/31: 4/17/31p9

Jewett, Mary E., died 4/29/34: 5/4/34p7

Jillson, Harold, weds Natalie Bagley 4/20/38: 4/21/38p2

Johnson, Charles, died 8/7/33: 8/11/33p9

Johnson, Charlotte L., died 9/3/32: 9/9/32p12

Johnson, Daniel M., died 2/28/31: 3/6/31p5

Johnson, Dorothy, weds Edward Cooper 11/14?/35: 11/22/35p2

Johnson, E. W., died 10/16/39: 10/19/39p1;10/26/39p2

Johnson, Earl, weds Avis Junkins 1/28/33: 1/27/33pp1,9(ER)

Johnson, Edgar, weds Dorothy Place 11/11/39: 11/16/39p5

Johnson, Edna W., died 6/?/31: 6/19/31p9

Johnson, Joseph, presented with Framington Boston Post cane: 12/5/30p16

Johnson, Joseph W., died 11/?/30: 11/7/30p3

Johnson Jr., Clarence, 9/29/32: 10/7/32p8

Johnson, Lilian, weds Moses Eldredge 8/?/33: 9/1/33p2

Johnson, Marion, weds Clayton Bosquin 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Johnson, Mary, weds Lewis Knox 6/18/38: 6/30/38p9

Johnson, Minnie C., died 5/9/32: 5/13/32p8;5/20/32p8

Johnson, Russell, weds Helen Bellemeur 7/23/37: 8/12/37p2

Johnston, David S., died 4/18/33: 4/21/33p9;4/28/33p9(ER)

Jones, Arthur R., died 1/14/33: 1/20/33p8

Jones, Charles A., died 11/27/34: 12/7/34p1

Jones, Clarence L., died 9/24/34: 10/5/34p7

Jones, Dana P., died 6/24/37: 7/1/37p10

Jones, Edith E., died 6/10/32: 6/17/32p8;6/17/32p12

Jones, Ella, died 2/?/35: 2/22/35p2 ;3/1/35p2

Jones, George A., died 8/2/37: 8/5/37p5

Jones, Gertrude M., died 2/9/31: 2/13/31p8

Jones, Ida W., died 1/28/36: 1/31/36p14

Jones, Kenneth, weds Ethelyn Kelley 12/24/35: 1/3/36p4

Jones, Leslie C., died 12/23/34: 12/30/34p1

Jones, Levi, died 5/19/32: 5/27/32p12

Jones, Martin E., died 11/1/35: 11/8/35p9

Jones, Milford, weds Elenor Blair 4/15/39: 4/20/39p5

Jones, Olive E., died 1/22/38: 1/27/38p5

Jones, Pauline, weds George Hescock 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

Jones, Reuben, died 5/3/30: 5/9/30p8

Jones, Rosabelle M., died 10/?/34: 10/5/34p1;10/12/34p8

Joos, Rev. Joseph, died 3/6/36: 3/13/36p1

Jordan, Bernice M.--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 1/25/35p11

Jordan, Bernice, weds Donald Mitchell 12/1/39: 12/7/39p6

Jordan, Ida P., died 3/25/32: 4/1/32p8

Josselyn, Edward, celebrates 80th birthday: 11/4/32p1

Josselyn, Edward, died 10/8/33: 10/13/33p1

Josselyn, Mary E., died 7/29/36: 7/31/36p5

Jouret, Alfred, weds Antoinette Boneski 9/2/39: 9/7/39p5

Joy, Lewis, weds Susan Spencer 11/30/39: 12/7/39p20

Joy, Nelson, weds Mildred Pike 7/22/35: 7/26/35p2

Joy, Roland E., died 7/29/31: 7/31/31p8;8/7/31p8

Joyal, Elizabeth, weds Leon Richardson 9/4/37: 9/9/37p9

Judd, Delia, died 8/13/36: 8/21/36p7

Judkins, Nellie P., died 7/15/38: 7/21/38p3

Junkins, Avis, weds Earl Johnson 1/28/33: 1/27/33pp1,9(ER)

Junkins, Elmer L., died 1/9/31: 1/16/31p8

Junkins, Millard E., died 3/2/32: 3/4/32p5;3/11/32p8

Jutras, Arthur, weds Ora Creteau 2/23/36: 2/28/36p2

Kaltsas, Mary, weds Rene Pelletier 6/11/38: 6/23/38pB1

Kay, Alfred W., died 11/11/39: 11/16/39p3

Keats, Charles H., died 5/16/32: 5/20/32p8

Keay, Clifford, weds Ernestine Sleeper 9/23/34: 9/28/34p9

Keay, Francis, weds Dorothy Goodwin 7/3/38: 7/7/38p8(M);7/14/38p9(F)

Keays, Thomas, weds Laura Marcotte 2/18/35: 2/22/35p4

Keefe, Charles, weds Honora McGurty 4/27/39: 5/4/39p5

Keene, Leslie, weds Rachel Belander 11/25/37: 12/2/37pp2,5

Keene, Nelson, weds Arlene Stanhope 12/31/38: 1/6/38p3

Kehaides, Mary, weds Clinton Cole 5/2/39: 5/18/39p16

Keir, Jane K., died 6/3/30: 6/13/30p1

Keith, Merritt, weds Rita Beaulieu 9/17/38: 9/29/38p5

Kelley, Doris, weds Wilburt Olsen 8/5/33: 8/18/33p1

Kelley, Edward H., died 10/27/34: 11/2/34p12

Kelley, Ethelyn, weds Kenneth Jones 12/24/35: 1/3/36p4

Kelley, Margaret E., died 11/16/37: 11/18/37p5

Kendall, Kennett, weds Mary Neal 9/8/35: 9/13/35p2

Kenyon, William, weds Doris Emmons 10/26/36: 10/29/36p2

Kerr, Ruth, weds Bernard Grassie 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Keyser, George W., died 5/?/33: 5/12/33p9

Kidder, Thomas, weds Eva Jenkins 7/9/39: 7/13/39p5

Kimball, Charles H., died 7/3/38: 8/11/38p7

Kimball, Ida E., died 2/?/32: 3/4/32p8

Kimball, Ina M., died 1/16/33: 1/20/33p9

Kimball, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/18/35p1

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 1/14/37p2

Kimball, Nathaniel T., died 1/16/36: 1/17/36p8

Kimball, William H., died 12/5/32: 12/9/32p13

Kimball, Zoe B., died 10/18/36: 10/22/36p5

King Jr., Stephen, weds Marguerite Willey 6/10/39: 6/15/39p15

King, Margaret, weds Grover Miller 8/5/39: 8/17/39p3

Kingston, George L., died 1/23/35: 1/18/35p8

Kittredge, Edward, died 11/3/35: 11/8/35p2

Kittredge, John, weds Yvonne Desaulnier 11/23/31: 11/27/31p1

Knapp, Betty, weds Edison Bosquin 5/9/36: 5/15/36p9

Knesel, Edward, weds Barbara Stevens 11/26/36: 12/3/36p3

Knight, Roland, weds Christine Souter 4/?/35: 4/26/35p2

Knowlton, Estelle C., died 2/22/33: 3/3/33p3

Knox, Addie E., died 8/24/30: 8/29/30p8

Knox, Arlene, weds Wilfred Leverdiere 12/26/36: 1/7/37p5

Knox, Eliza, died 2/17/31: 2/20/31p8;2/27/31p8

Knox, Eva B., died 5/18/33: 5/26/33p8

Knox, Lewis, weds Mary Johnson 6/18/38: 6/30/38p9

Kochinowski, Bernard, weds Nellie Jablonski 10/12/38: 10/27/38p3

Krueger Jr., Richard, weds Frances Lenfest: 6/10/32p4

Labbe, Madeline, weds Dennis Brennan 6/21/37: 6/24/37p2

Labbe, Zelma, weds William Murphy 3/28/32: 4/1/32p4

Labelle, Emma, weds Edgar Beaulieu 7/3/37: 7/8/37p2

Labonte, Frederick, weds Velma Jacques 11/26/31: 12/4/31p4

Labonte, J., weds Hester Stone 8/4/30: 8/8/30p9

LaBonte, Eva, weds Leo Vaillencourt 7/2/32: 8/26/32p3

Labrecque, Achillie, weds Rita Latourneau 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Labrecque, Anita, weds Albert Charon 9/17/35: 9/20/35p2

Labrie, Laurette, weds Arthur Savard 4/11/34: 4/13/34p8

Labrie, Obeline, died 5/26/33: 6/2/33p8

Lacasse, Clodia B., died 5/6/30: 5/9/30p8

Lacasse, Dora, weds Foster Tebbetts 11/26/38: 12/15/39p5

Lacasse, Onesaphone, died 1/25/37: 1/28/37p5

Lachance, Alida, weds Leon Gagne 10/16/37: 10/21/37p4

Lachance, Annette, weds John Lucas 11/10/35: 11/15/35p2

Lachance, Appolinaire, weds Geneva Lorens: 7/6/39p3

Lachance, Bernard, weds Lorraine Richey 5/15/37: 5/20/47p6

Lachance, Joseph, died 12/?/37: 12/16/37pB3

Lachance Jr., Albert, weds Beatrice Gilbert 5/14/38: 5/19/38p2

Lachance, Victor, weds Ellen Anderson 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5;9/22/38p5

Lachance, Wilford, weds Odalie Letourneau 6/2/30: 6/6/30p9

Lachapelle, Alice, weds Oliva Boulanger 2/28/38: 3/3/38p2

Lachapelle, George, weds Diana Dolbec 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Ladebauche, Lillian, weds Brackett Evans 4/21/39: 4/27/39p5

LaFlamme, Amanda, weds Joseph Breton 10/17/33: 10/27/33p9

LaFlamme, Helen, weds Adolph Raab 12/?/33: 12/15/33p9

Lafontaine, Donat, weds Antoinette Mondeaux 11/17/35: 11/22/35p2

Lafontaine, Oliver, weds Jeanette Fournier 2/18/39: 2/23/39p9

Lagasse, Jeanette, died 9/6/36: 9/10/36p1

Lagasse, Rene, weds Vivian Rothwell 6/18/32: 12/23/32p5

Lagotte, Walter, weds Bernadette Boivin 9/26/32: 9/30/32p16

Lahey, Mrs. George, died 4/1/32: 4/8/32p12

Laliberte, Philip, weds Evelyn Desmarais 9/3/35: 9/6/35p3

Lamb, Jessie H., died 4/?/33: 5/5/33p8

Lamb, Nelson, weds Nellie Smith 2/10/34: 2/16/34p1

Lamb, Susan, died 7/13/32: 7/22/32p8

Lambert, Alfred, weds Phyllis Shorey 11/11/39: 11/30/39p5

Lambert, Josephine, weds Michael Colell 1/7/39: 1/19/39p5

Lambert, Lucille, weds Peter Tremblay 6/11/38: 6/16/38p2

Lambert, Marie, died 3/18/39: 3/23/39p2

Lambert, Palma, weds George Burbank 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Lambert, Rose L., died 10/21/39: 10/26/39p2

Lamont, Ernest, weds Elexina Plante 9/2/38: 9/8/38p5

Lamontagne, Amelia, died 9/6/39: 9/7/39p5;9/14/39p3

Lamontagne, Henry, died 5/2/38: 5/5/38p5

Lamontagne, Irene, weds Robert Belanger 9/3/35: 9/6/35p2

Lamper, Robert, died 6/4/36: 6/12/36p5

Lamy, Robert, weds Myrtle McAllister 10/29/38: 11/10/39p5

Landry, Demerise. died 4/27/39: 4/27/39p8

Landry, Denise, died 4/27/39: 5/4/39p2

Landry, Lille, weds Herman Blaisdell: 3/7/30p1

Landry, Lillian, weds Fernando Bernier 3/28/32: 4/1/32p4

Landry, Mary S., died 5/1/33: 5/5/33p8

Lane, Evalyn, weds Austin Day 12/5/36: 12/10/36p2

Laney, Pauline, weds Roland Cathcart 11/20/37: 11/25/37p6

Lang, Alice, weds Rensford Nichols 7/18/39: 7/27/39p16

Lang, Theodore E., died 1/24/35: 1/25/35p8

Langelier, Anna G., died 10/21/37: 10/28/37p5

Langely, George H., died 5/29/33: 6/2/33p8

Langevin, Adrienne, weds Tristam Towle 1/23/37: 1/28/37p3

Langevin, Aurore, died 2/1/31: 2/6/31p9

Langevin, Benoit, weds Isabel Jacques 11/21/36: 11/26/36p2

Langevin, Lena, weds Paul Laroche 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Langevin, Leo, weds Eva Raymond 11/24/35: 11/29/35p7

Langevin, Zenaide L., died 10/29/35: 11/1/35p5

Langford, Olga, weds Arthur Elkins: 8/17/34p4

Langford, Olga, weds Maurice Stevens 1/26/38: 2/10/38p2

Langford, Stella, weds Lewis Litchfield 5/8/32: 5/13/32p1

Langiell, Alfred R., died 10/26/39: 11/2/39p11

Lanoie, Norella, weds Robert Hebert 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Lanoix, Alphonse, died 11/6/32: 11/11/32p8

Lanoix, Robert, weds Evelyn Webber 11/12/32: 11/18/32p8

Lapham, Bertha A., died 11/16/37: 11/25/37p11

Lapierre, Gerald, weds Antoinette Bilodeau 8/27/38: 9/1/38p2

Lapierre, Gideon, died 9/23/34: 9/28/34p9

Lapierre, Tancrede J., died 2/20/37: 2/25/37p3

LaPlante, Alice, weds Andre DesMarais 10/14/37: 10/14/37p2

Larion, Joseph, weds Exila Bolduc 10/16/37: 10/21/37p9

Laroche, Paul, weds Lena Langevin 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

LaRoche, Lionel, weds Ethel Lord 7/3/37: 7/15/37p11

Larochelle, Adolph, died 4/28/33: 5/5/33p8

Larochelle, Alice, weds Otis Hebert 10/3/32: 10/7/32p8

Larochelle, Genevieve, weds Joseph Janelle 9/17/38: 9/22/38p5

Larochelle, Joseph, died 5/12/39: 5/18/39p2

Larochelle, Mary A., died 5/8/34: 5/11/34p8

Larochelle, Sarah L., died 3/18/37: 3/25/37p5

Larose, Leopold, died 11/12/34: 11/16/34p1

Larrabee, Julia, weds Donald Ingham 4/19/37: 4/22/47p2

Lasante, Marie, weds Harvey Bernier 7/?/36: 7/17/36p2

Laskey, Allie J., died 1/?/37: 1/21/37p4

Laskey, Ida, died 1/10/35: 1/18/35p2

Laskey, William H., died 10/8/34: 10/12/34p4

Lassond, Fernand, weds Ernest Jacques 6/2/35: 6/7/35p9

Latourneau, Rita, weds Achillie Labrecque 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Laurendeau, Beatrice, weds Robert Lefebvre 5/27/39: 6/1/39p5

Laurion, Joseph, weds Louise Dolan 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Laurion, Lucia, weds Alpha Bolduc 8/27/38: 9/1/38p2

LaVallee, ???, weds Raymond Beauregard 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

LaVallee, Lorraine, weds Dan Barber 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Lavalley, Doris, weds John Edgerly 5/3/36: 5/8/36p2

Laverdiere, Constance, weds Kenneth Douglas 12/19/36: 12/24/36p2

Laverdiere, John, diede 8/3/31: 8/7/31p8

Lavertue, Florence, P., died 1/7/37: 1/14/37p14

Lavoie, Celia, weds Hervey Goupil 8/28/33: 9/1/33p1

Lavoie, Florence, weds Marshall Scott 2/13/33: 2/17/33p4

Lavoie, Wilfred, weds Dorothy Metevier 9/16/34: 9/21/34p9

Lawrence, Arthur, weds Ruth Wilton 5/27/38: 6/2/38p9

Lawrence, Donald, weds Lillian Green 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Lawrence, James, weds Mary maxey 7/22/39: 8/17/39p5

Lawrence, John C., died 2/7/36: 2/14/36p9

Lawrence, John, weds Altice Adams 7/9/37: 7/15/37p11

Lawrence Jr., Henry, weds Marion Carey 10/13/35: 10/18/35p4

Lawrence, Samuel, died 3/11/35: 3/15/35p2

Lawson, Dorothy, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/RHS: 1/26/39p1

Leach, Lillian, weds Frank Brown 4/25/31: 5/8/31p8

Leahy, Alice J., died 6/23/39: 6/29/39p9

Leary, Annie T., died 1/?/37: 1/7/37p4

Leary, Mildred, weds Vernon Randlett 9/3/34: 9/7/34p2

Leavitt, Frances, weds Edwin Dexter 8/24/32: 8/26/32p5

Leavitt, Frank, weds Jennie Foss 7/8/34: 7/20/34p8

Leavitt, Josephine G., died 7/24/35: 7/26/35p8;8/2/35p2

Leavitt, Matilda C., died 4/18/37: 4/22/47p3

Leavitt, Ovid, died 12/25/34: 1/4/35p5

Leavitt, Viola, weds Edwin Dexter 8/24/32: 8/26/32p5

Lebeau, Lester, weds Albania Couturie 8/28/37: 9/2/37p2

Lebel, Antoinette, weds Francis Hall 11/26/36: 12/3/36p4

Leblanc, Ernest, weds Ada Tromblay 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

Leblond, Rachel, weds Gerard Lefebvre 11/4/39: 11/9/39p5

Leblond, Zenaid, weds Edgar Letourneau 7/5/36: 7/10/36p2

LeBlond, Arthur, weds Dorothea Spear 7/1/39: 7/6/39p14

LeBlond, Louis, died 4/20/39: 4/27/39p2

Lebrecque, Charles, weds Annette Chretien 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

LeBrun, Amelia, weds George Hebert 4/29/34: 5/4/34p7

LeClair, Amelia M., died 4/16/39: 4/20/39p2

Lee, Henry, weds Margaret Stone 9/7/38: 9/15/38p11

Lee, James, weds Marion Priestly 12/25/29: 1/3/30p8

Lee, Rena, weds Frederick Goodwin 5/27/38: 6/2/38p2

Leeman, Ruby, weds William Gorton 9/4/33: 9/8/33p1

Leeman, Ruth, weds Forrest Sceggel 2/14/31: 2/20/31p12

LeFair, Minnie, weds J. G. Hurd 2/?/38P 2/10/38p9

Lefay, Sophie D., died 6/5/32: 6/10/32p8;6/17/32p8

Lefbvre, Joseph, died 4/29/36: 5/1/36p4

Lefebvre, Alice, weds Isidore Ouellette 8/26/39: 8/31/39p5

Lefebvre, Gerard, weds Rachel Leblond 11/4/39: 11/9/39p5

Lefebvre, Raymond, died 1/31/35: 2/8/35p3

Lefebvre, Robert, weds Beatrice Laurendeau 5/27/39: 6/1/39p5

Lefebvre, Vitalina, died 7/26/34: 8/3/34p8

Lefenvre, Maurice, died 6/23/33: 6/30/33p1

Legasse, Wilfred, weds Charlene Grenier 5/31/37: 6/3/37pp2,5

Legro, Clara B., died 1/31/38: 2/10/38p5

Legro, Edwin, died 3/?/30: 3/21/30p8

Lehoux, Yvonne, weds Lloyd Turmelle 2/6/37: 2/11/37p2

Leighton, Edward, died 2/21/35: 3/1/35p2

Leighton, Florence, weds William Gelinas 10/?/32: 10/28/32p1

Leighton, Guy, died 6/30/35: 7/5/35p7

Leighton, Harry F., died 2/21/38: 2/24/38p5

Leighton, Lucy A., died 3/1/38: 3/10/38p9

Leighton, Nellie F., died 6/12/32: 6/17/32p8

Leighton, Ralph, died 4/2/32: 4/8/32p8

Leighton, Sadie, weds Otis Merriam 8/24/31: 9/4/31p9

Lemay, George D., died 10/30/35: 11/1/35p2

Lemayne, Hector, weds Olivine Chretien 9/7/31: 9/11/31p8

Lemfest, Frances, weds Richard Krueger Jr. ?/?/32: 6/10/32p4

Lemire, Alfred B., died 7/?/36: 7/17/36p3

Lemire, Genevieve, weds Samuel Seavey 11/18/39: 11/23/39p5

Lemire, Muriel, weds Valmore Renaud 9/5/32: 9/9/32p1

Lemire, Priscilla, weds Maurice Doyon 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Lemire, Vivian, weds Miles Russell 6/2633: 7/7/33p1

Lemoyne, John, weds Louise Paul 11/18/39: 11/23/39p5

Lemoyne, Raymond, weds Marie Huppe 8/20/38: 8/25/38p2;9/1/38p2

LeMoyne, Adien, weds Irene Poisson 8/15/33: 8/18/33p1

Lenfest, Catherine, weds Guy Brown 3/?/32: 4/1/32p4

Lenfest, Dorothy S. died 3/13/33: 3/17/33p12

Lenfest, Frances, weds Richard Krueger Jr.: 6/10/32p4

Lennon, Michael, died ?/?/38: 5/5/38p5

Leonard, Ethel W., died 2/3/30: 2/7/30p9

Lepine, Joseph, died 4/20/32: 4/29/32p8

Lesperance, William, weds Margaret Nealand 9/3/38: 9/15/38p5

Lessard, Emile, weds Pauline Morin 6/19/37: 6/24/37p2

Lessard, Mariette, weds Edmund Letourneau 11/29/35: 12/6/35p9

Lessard, Marion, weds Charles Walbridge 6/15/36: 6/19/36p3

Lessard, Mary L., died 4/26/33: 5/5/33p8

Lessard, Pauline, weds Francis Rousseau 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Lessard, Pierre, died 12/?/33: 12/8/33p8

Lessard, Yvonne, weds Harvey Tanner 12/18/33: 1/19/34p12

Lessarde, Odias, weds Cora Breton 1/15/38: 1/20/38p9

Lesser, Mildred, weds Richard McDuffee 8/16/30: 8/22/30p1

Letch, William E., died 11/?/32: 11/18/32p8

Letendre, Beatrice, weds Leo Gagne 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Letendre, Germaine, weds Lucien Castonguay 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Letendre, Irene, weds Joseph Raymond 10/24/36: 10/29/36p2

Letendre, Jeannita, weds Roger Goulet 6/17/39: 6/22/39p5

Letourneau, Cyprien, weds Mabel Dallair 10/5/31: 10/9/31p1

Letourneau, Edgar, weds Zenaid Leblond 7/5/36: 7/10/36p2

Letourneau, Edmund, weds Mariette Lessard 11/29/35: 12/6/35p9

Letourneau, Joseph H., died 6/5/33: 6/9/33p8

Letourneau, Juliette, weds Ernest Belleville 6/?/30: 6/27/30p1

Letourneau, Laurier, weds Jessie Dumont 8/14/37: 8/19/37p2

Letourneau, Marie B., died 2/14/34: 2/16/34p12

Letourneau, Marie, weds Walter Leveille 6/21/36: 6/26/36p6

Letourneau, Raymond, died 12/4/32: 12/9/32p1

Leveille, Walter, weds Marie Letourneau 6/21/36: 6/26/36p6

Leverdiere, Wilfred, weds Arlene Knox 12/26/36: 1/7/37p5

Levesque, Deloria, weds Walter Stafford 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Levesque, Deus, weds Mary Collins 6/6/32: 6/10/32p9

Levesque, Rosina, weds Emile Boule 12/26/29: 1/3/30p8

Lewis, Elizabeth, weds John Wright 9/5/34: 9/7/34p2

Lewis, Frances W., died 6/2/35: 6/7/35p9

Lewis, Rainsford W., died 6/25/32: 7/1/32p8

Libbey, Arline, weds Kenneth Farrell 6/9/39: 6/15/39p5

Libbey, Walter A., died 2/25/35: 3/1/35p9

Libby, Constance, weds Myron Shorey 12/26/38: 12/30/39p5

Libby, Eben H., died 1/14/35: 1/18/35p3

Libby, Harry, weds Frances Wallingford 6/?/30: 6/20/30p9

Libby, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/24/35p9

Libby, Raymond, weds Lydia McKay 4/27/34: 5/4/34p7

Liberty, Frederick P., died 7/?/32: 7/22/32p1

Liberty, Frederick, weds Margaret Follansbee 3/2/35: 3/22/35p9

Lightbody, Helen--A Personality Poprtrait: 5/29/36p2

Lincoln, Alice D., died 4/8/34: 4/13/34p8

Lincoln, Gladys, weds George Dame 12/31/30: 2/27/31p1

Lindberg, Alfred, weds Elizabeth Stokes 6/20/38: 7/7/38p2

Lindgren, Winnifred, weds Carl Hamilton 3/13/38: 3/24/38p4

Linscott, Annie, weds Robert Tuttle 10/13/35: 10/18/35p4

Litchfield, Lewis, weds Stella Langford 5/8/32: 5/13/32p1

Littlefield, Beatrice, weds Lester Faulkingham 3/7/39: 3/23/39p5

Littlefield, Clifton, weds Arlene Eldridge 11/14/36: 11/26/36p2

Littlefield, Edward, weds Phyllis Cress 2/5/38: 2/24/38p2

Littlefield, Emma G., died 11/7/38: 11/10/39p2

Littlefield, Florence, died 12/13/31: 12/18/31p8

Littlefield, Florence, weds Royal Colby 12/25/34: 12/30/34p1

Littlefield, Frad A., died 11/?/31: 11/20/31p13

Littlefield, Fred, died 11/6?/31: 11/13/31p6;11/20/31p13

Littlefield, John, died 9/?/34: 9/7/34p4

Littlefield Jr., Perley, listens to world vis shortwave: 2/14/36p1

Littlefield, Lucy J., died 5/?/33: 6/2/33p8

Littlefield, Priscilla, weds Kenneth Preston 1/22/38: 1/27/38p2

Littlefield Sr., Perley, still barbering at 76: 11/9/39p6

Lizotte, Irene, weds Dean Hurd: 12/31/36: 1/7/37p6

Locke, Clarence E., died 2/11/36: 2/14/36p3;2/21/36p5

Locke, Eben, died 4/10/36: 4/17/36p6

Locke, Effie A., died 3/29/35: 4/5/35p4

Locke, Irving C., died 1/17/33: 1/20/33p5

Locke, Irving M., died 7/30/30: 8/1/30p8;8/8/30p13

Locke, Isabelle C., died 2/21/31: 2/26/32p12

Locke, James M., died 3/24/32: 4/1/32p12

Locke, Madge H., died 2/13/31: 2/20/31p12

Lockhart, Daniel, died 3/?/35: 3/8/35p8

Loenard, Florence, weds Ralph Seavey: 1/4/35p5

Loignon, Marie, died 5/7/37: 5/13/47p5

Long, Catherine T., died 2/24/39: 3/2/39p2

Long Jr., Frank, weds Janice Jarvis 4/?/38: 4/21/38p14

Longley, A. Mae, died 5/23/32: 6/3/32p5

Longley, John, weds Marjorie Brock 12/24/30: 1/2/31p8

Looney, Robert M., died 7/22/32: 7/29/32pp9,12

Lord, Clayton, weds Helen Higgins 6/25/38: 6/30/38p2;7/7/38p3

Lord, Ethel, weds Lionel LaRoche 7/3/37: 7/15/37p11

Lord, Frances, weds Ray Davis 9/5/35: 9/20/35p6

Lord, George, weds Mildred Jackson 4/30/32: 5/13/32p15

Lord, Hattie B., died 8/?/30: 8/29/30p8

Lord, John H., died 3/13/39: 3/16/39p2

Lord, M&M William N., celebrate 54th anniversary: 3/2/34p12

Lord, Robert, weds Joan Hough 7/4/37: 7/8/37p2

Lorens, Geneva, weds Appolinaire Lachance: 7/6/39p3

Loud, Elmer, died 5/9/33: 5/12/33p1

Loud, Julia S., died 7/25/31: 7/31/31p1

Loud, William H., died 12/27/32: 12/30/32p5 ;1/6/33p9

Lougee, Arthur J., died 12/21/33: 12/29/33p2

Lougee, Jennie B., died 8/30/36: 9/4/36p8

Lougee, Lilla H., died 12/2/38: 12/8/38p6B

Lougee, William S., died 7/7/31: 7/10/31p16;7/17/31p12

Lover, Valna, weds Milton Hayes 6/?/30: 7/4/30p12

Lovering, Medeline, weds Kenneth Dame 6/28/37: 7/8/37p2

Lowe, Rossa, weds Charles Dollover 10/26/39: 11/2/39p9

Lowe, William, died 4/18/38: 4/21/38p4

Lskey, Martha E., died 1/31/39: 2/9/39p2

Luby, Arlette, weds Irving Cilley 7/28/35: 8/2/35p9

Lucas, John, weds Annette Lachance 11/10/35: 11/15/35p2

Luce, Eleanor, weds Ralph Mott 5/24/39: 6/8/39p5

Luce, Lelia P., died 6/28/34: 7/6/34p8

Lucem Cyrus F., died 7/23/35: 7/26/35p2

Lucey, George, died 9/15/38: 9/22/38p2

Lucey, James, died 12/14/34: 12/21/34p1

Lucey, Vincent, weds Doris Bowan 11/28/36: 12/3/36p2

Ludden, Anna, weds Joseph Connors Jr. 6/5/37: 6/10/37p2

Luneau, Palma, weds Stephen Proulx 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Lusby, Dora, weds George McDermott 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

Lyle, Mattie W., died 8/8/39: 8/10/39p3

Lynch, Gerald, weds Barbara Ruel 5/27/33: 6/2/33p1

Lynch, Nellie, died 4/29/30: 5/2/30p8

Lyons Jr., Fred, weds Edythe Hall 11/26/38: 12/1/39p5

Lyons, Wesley, weds Dorothy Shaw 7/2/32: 7/8/32p4

MacDonald, Vincent, weds Violet Fernald: 12/13/35p3

MacDougall, John, weds Estelle Cormier 7/29/33: 8/18/33p1

Macintosh, Robert, died 7/17/33: 7/21/33p12;7/28/33p12

MacKay, Albert E., died 2/10/39: 2/16/39p5

MacKay, Alden, weds Doris Chisholm 5/21/37: 9/2/37p8

MacKeigan, Archibald, died 8/13/33: 8/25/33p12

Magee, Charles, died 6/25/38: 6/30/38p1

Magner, Clarence, weds Vera Fenton: 5/9/30p16

Magood, Mary A., died 11/?/33: 12/2/33p12

Magoon, George, weds Mary Paveglio 10/25/34: 11/2/34p5

Maguire, Marjory, weds Robert Hartford 3/6/36: 3/6/31p9;3/13/36p9

Mahoney, Arthur, weds Elaine Dustin 7/5/37: 8/26/37p2

Mailhot, Cora, died 3/17/31: 3/27/31p8

Mailhot, Ernest, weds Flora Hebert 7/2/38: 7/7/38p2

Mailhot, Leo, weds Doris Bennett 10/2/39: 10/5/39p5

Mallett, Harry A., died 6/18/37: 6/24/37p4

Mallett, Kate, celebrates 84th birthday: 8/7/33p1

Mallett, Kate M., died 2/11/35: 2/15/35p1

Mallett, M&M W.C., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 1/27/33p1

Mallett, M&M W.C., celebrate 61st anniversary: 2/5/32p1

Mallett, M&M W.C., celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/6/31p1

Mallett, M&M W.C., celebrate 59th anniversary: 1/31/30p1

Mallett, W.C., celebrate 63rd anniversary: 2/2/34p3

Mallett, W.C., celebrates 84th birthday: 2/26/32p1

Mallett, W.C., died 1/27/35: 2/1/35p1

Malone, Frances, weds Eldredge Dame 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Maloney, James F., died 8/2/30: 8/8/30p1

Maloon, Kenneth, weds Mildred Mathews 10/28/39: 11/2/39p5

Malven, George, weds Thelma Holmes 10/18/30: 10/24/30pp1;9(G)

Mann, Orman, weds Geraldine Maxfield 10/20/35: 10/25/35p2

Manning, Lizzie B., died 2/15/37: 2/18/37p8

Manning, M&M Timothy J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/18/37p2

Manning, Timothy J., celebrates 80th birthday: 6/1/39p1

Marble, Edward, weds Ruby Walbridge 12/27/30: 1/2/31p9

Marble, Marcia, weds Philip Bartlett 2/7/39: 2/9/39p6

March, Martha A., died 5/5/38: 5/12/38p5

March, Nellie E., died 7/26/32: 8/12/32p2

Marchand, Emma J., died 1/25/37: 1/28/37p5

Marchand, Emma, weds Roscoe Prescott 8/1/38: 12/30/39p5

Marchand, Fred, weds Dorothy Clay 8/17/32: 8/19/32p1

Marchand, Goodyear, weds Helen Riley 3/24/35: 3/29/35p8

Marchand, Louis E., died 1/16/38: 1/20/38p5

Marchand, Philanese, died 12/?/34: 12/30/34p3

Marcott, Jeanette, weds Homer Parker 9/3/33: 9/8/33p1

Marcotte, Edward, weds Theresa Goulet 9/26/36: 10/1/36p8

Marcotte Jr., Albert, weds Albia Turmelle 6/15/31: 6/19/31p4

Marcotte, Laura, weds Thomas Keays 2/18/35: 2/22/35p4

Marcotte, Pauline, weds Thomas Scahill 6/30/35: 7/12/35p9

Marcotte, Thelma, weds Roland Randall 5/10/30: 5/16/30p9

Marcotte, Tryphena, weds George Herries 10/17/36: 10/22/36p2

Marcotte, Vera, weds Kenneth Prime 3/12/32: 3/25/32p9

Marcoux, Alice T., died 7/?/33: 7/21/33p8

Marcoux, Dina R., died 12/9/38: 12/15/39p2

Marcoux, Major, died 9/2/32: 9/9/32p12

Marcoux, Major, died 9/2/32: 9/9/32p12

Marcoux, Napolean O., died 4/2/37: 4/8/37p1

Mardanes, Louis, weds Fannie Huckins 2/28/37: 3/4/37p3

Marden, Josephine H., died 6/3/39: 6/8/39p 6/3/39: 6/8/39p3

Marginson, Mary A., died 7/29/32: 8/5/32p8

Marison, John H., died 4/30/32: 5/6/32p12

Mark, M&M Hayes, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/30/38p9

Marquis, David, weds Annette Perreault 1/26/35: 2/1/35p6

Marquis, Juliette, weds Wilfred Drolette 5/14/38: 5/19/38p9

Marquis, Wilbur, weds Rose Ruel 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Marsden, Louis, weds Martha Hutchins 5/1/32: 5/13/32p1

Marshall, Berzilla B., died 9/10/38: 9/15/38p2

Marshall, Catherine R., died 11/27/30: 12/5/30p8

Martin, Celia, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/6/39p4

Martin, Edith (or Ada) M., died 4/19/39: 4/20/39p2;4/27/39p2

Martin, Laura H., died 8/3/36: 8/7/36p5

Martin, Margaret, weds Harry Almond 1/18/36: 1/31/36p3

Martin, Pauline, weds Harold Williams 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Martin, Wesley, weds Jeannette Colburn 8/26/34: 8/31/34p1

Martineau, Almoza, weds Alphonse Dube Jr. 6/26/33: 6/30/33p1

Martineau, Amelia, weds John Walsh 8/?/30: 8/22/30p9

Martineau, Archie J., died 5/11/37: 5/13/47p5

Martineau, Estras, weds Edna Turcotte 4/3/34: 4/6/34p4

Martineau, Helen, weds Gilando Bellacome 5/8/34: 5/11/34p1

Martineau, Leona, weds Julien Bouchard 10/12/32: 10/14/32p1

Martineau, Phelanse M., died 9/?/36: 9/24/36p4

Martineau, Raymond, weds Muriel Osgood 9/15/38: 9/22/38p9

Martineau, Rosaire, weds Freda Burrows 10/2/32: 10/21/32p1

Martineau, Virtoria, weds Raymond Grenier 11/18/34: 11/23/34p3

Mason, Alfred B., died 10/9/36: 10/15/36p9

Mason, Calvin, died 10/?/34: 10/26/34p12

Mason, Ella I., died 4/29/34: 5/4/34p1

Mason, Lydia A., died 2/1/33: 2/10/33p12

Masse, Annette, weds Raymond Dallaire 9/16/39: 9/21/39p5

Masse, Claire, weds Wallie Allard 8/21/37: 8/26/37p2

Masse, M&M Napolean, celebrate 54th anniversary: 8/4/38p2

Masse, M&M Noel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/15/32p1

Masse, Noe, died 11/17/38: 11/24/39p2

Masse, Pauline, weds Henry Bolduc 6/24/39: 6/29/39p5

Massey, Helen, weds Sumner Jenness 7/15/39: 7/20/39p5

Massey, Ida A., died 6/22/35: 6/28/35p8

Massey, Jessie, celebrates 85th birthday: 4/22/32p1

Massey, Jessie, celebrates 87th birthday: 4/13/34p1

Massey, Jessie, celebrates 88th birthday: 4/12/35p1

Massey, Mary J., died 3/29/37: 4/1/37p3

Mathes, Fannie H., died 5/7/36: 5/15/36p20

Mathews, Carroll, weds Elinor Guptill 4/5/36: 4/10/36p3

Mathews, John H., died 12/30/31: 1/1/32p1;1/8/32p4

Mathews, Mildred, weds Kenneth Maloon 10/28/39: 11/2/39p5

Mattocks, William, weds Thelma George 4/10/39: 4/13/39p5

Maxey, Mary, weds James Lawrence 7/22/39: 8/17/39p5

Maxfield, Annie, died 2/4/30: 2/7/30p8

Maxfield, Cecile, weds Alfred Howard 5/9/33: 5/12/33p8

Maxfield, Clarence, weds Jeanette Duchesneau 9/6/37: 9/9/37p2

Maxfield, Edward, weds Marie Duquette 4/4/32: 4/8/32p4

Maxfield, Geraldine, weds Orman Mann 10/20/35: 10/25/35p2

Maxfield, Leland, weds Elizabeth Bronson 7/21/38: 7/28/38p12

Maxfield, Loretta, weds Albert Charette 6/8/31: 6/12/31p4

Maxfield, Maurice, weds Jeanne Ferland 9/5/36: 9/10/36p2

Maxfield, Norman, weds Marjory Biron 6/9/36: 6/12/36p2

Maxfield, Olive, weds Leo Frenette 4/29/39: 5/4/39p5

Maxfield, Walter, weds Mary Scahill 11/16/36: 11/19/36p2

May, Elizabeth, died 6/7/32: 6/17/32p9

May, Frank E., died 2/?/37: 2/18/37p8

May, Franklin E., died 2/14/37: 2/18/37p8

Maynard, Edward K., died 2/20/33: 3/3/33p5

Mayo, Albina, weds William Dobas 6/?/30: 7/4/30p4

Mayo, Edmund L., died 4/26/36: 5/1/36p4

Mayo, Gertrude, weds Hadley Smith 4/1/39: 4/6/39p5

Mayott, Harry, weds Marion Wyatt 7/8/38: 7/14/38p9

McAllister, Elmer, weds Mildred Price 12/15/30: 12/19/30p1

McAllister, Elmer, weds Rose Minikello 4/1/33: 4/14/33p16

McAllister, Gladys, weds Kenneth Foster 8/2/32: 8/5/32p8

McAllister, John J., died 3/?/37: 3/25/37p1;4/1/37p1

McAllister, Myrtle, weds Robert Lamy 10/29/38: 11/10/39p5

McAndrews, Betty, weds Edward Cannaughton 4/22/36: 4/24/36p2

McCabe, Ella G., died 4/26/31: 5/1/31p8

McCallion, Neil, weds Bertha Scott 8/4/34: 8/10/34p8

McCallister, Lester, weds Lois Emerson 10/10/36: 10/15/36p2

McCannon, Thomas H., died 4/21/39: 4/27/39p2

McCarthy, Verna, weds Otis Osgood 1/23/37: 1/28/37p2

McCauley, Maude O., died 12/18/36: 12/24/36p3

McClelland, George, died 5/12/36: 5/15/36p20

McCombe, Martha, weds Paul Willis 6/11/39: 6/15/39p5

McCrilles, Blanche E., died 2/10/39: 2/16/39p2

McCrillis, Frank P., died 10/1/31: 10/9/31p9

McCrillis, George M., died 3/?/38: 3/24/38pB5

McCrillis, Georgia, died 4/24/39: 4/27/39p2

McCrillis, Susan A., died 6/?/33: 6/23/33p9

McDaniel, Mildred, weds Harold Taylor 9/21/39: 9/28/39p16

McDermott, Charles, died 11/21/35: 11/29/35p1

McDermott, George, weds Dora Lusby 7/1/33: 7/7/33p1

McDonald, Cornelius, died 1/18/30: 1/24/30p5

McDonald, Flora, weds Francis Sargent 9/?/37: 9/9/37p2

McDonald, Joseph, weds Charline Hatch 5/11/35: 6/14/35p2

McDonald, Sr. Philomene, died 2/21?/39: 3/2/39p2

McDonnell, Harriet, weds Charles White: 12/10/36p2

McDuffee, Frank P., died 6/?/32: 6/10/32p8

McDuffee, George W., celebrates 90th birthday: 7/28/38p1

McDuffee, Georgietta M., died 6/11/36: 6/19/36p5

McDuffee, Richard, weds Mildred Lesser 8/16/30: 8/22/30p1

McDuffee, Willis, died 6/23/34: 6/29/34pp1,5;7/6/34p4

McElwain, William, weds Marion Stuart 1/16/32: 1/22/32p16

McGinn, Mary M., died 8/7/37: 8/12/37p5

McGregor, George, weds Dorothy Berry 7/27/34: 8/3/34p8

McGuire, Francis, weds June Morin 6/28/37: 7/1/37pp1,2,5

McGurty, Honora, weds Charles Keefe 4/27/39: 5/4/39p5

McIlvaine, Linwood, weds Thelma Butters 7/24/38: 7/28/38p12

McInnerney, Tillie M.--A Personality Portrait: 6/12/36p2

McIntire, Ann, died 10/17/34: 10/19/34p6

McIntire, Daisy B., died 11/30/34: 12/7/34p2

McIntire, Francis P., died 9/8/30: 9/12/30p8

McIntire, John J., died 3/29/34: 3/30/34p1

McIntire, Joseph S., died 7/31/37: 8/5/37p5

McIntire, M&M Frank, host famile reunion: 10/14/37p6

McIntire, Suzanne, died 5/2/37: 5/6/47p5

McIntire, William T., died 9/17/30: 9/26/30p12

McIntosh, Alfred, weds Frances Hamilton 7/8/33: 7/14/33p1

McKay (MacKay?), Daniel, died 5/28/30: 6/6/30p1;6/6/30p9

McKay, Agnes M., died 2/15/30: 2/21/30p12

McKay, Albert, weds Blanche Gilman 12/27/31: 1/29/32p1

McKay, Lydia, weds Raymond Libby 4/27/34: 5/4/34p7

McKeen, Flora D., died 8/16/38: 8/25/38p5

McKeen, Flora T., died 12/6/38: 12/15/39pC1

McKenney, James A., died 10/5/39: 10/12/39p3

McKinney, Norman, weds Madeline Smith 10/29/36: 11/5/36p9

McMechan, Mary A., died 1/21/33: 1/27/33p8

McNamara, John J., died 7/2/38: 7/7/38pp1,4

McNeill, Julia R., died 6/18/37: 6/24/37p4

McQuade, Anna, weds William Casey 6/16/30: 6/20/30p10A

McQuade, Jane, weds William Murphy 9/20?/34: 9/21/34p1

McQuade, John A., died 10/30/36: 11/5/36p8

McQuade, Margaret, died 1/5/36: 1/10/36p3

McRae, Clarinda, died 7/27/30: 8/1/30p8

McShane, Peter, died 10/13/32: 10/21/32p8

Meacham, Mary A., died 10/25?/34: 11/2/34p5

Meader, Ann, weds Irving Toomey 2/?/37: 2/11/37p2

Meader, Charles, weds Wilma Otis 11/11?/33: 11/24/33p5

Meader, Clara V., died 6/22/31: 6/26/31p1

Meader, Effie, died 10/22/34: 10/26/34p7

Meader, Elwyn, weds Virginia Park 7/11/38: 7/14/38p2

Meader, Faith, weds Edward Wood 4/14/35: 5/3/35p8

Meader, Frank P., died 7/17/34: 7/20/34p8

Meader, Grace M.--A Personality Portrait: 3/13/36p2

Meader, Harry L., died 4/26/39: 5/4/39p2

Meader, J., Levi, feted by Elks and friends: 4/20/34p1

Meader, Leola, weds Clyde Gray 4/23/30: 5/2/30p8

Meader, Lola, weds George Springfield 6/28/37: 7/1/37p2

Meader, Maurice, weds Pearl Reeves 3/8/36: 3/13/36p2

Meader, Norman, weds Amelia Shapleigh 9/25/34: 9/28/34p1

Meader, Otis, died 6/7/35: 6/14/35p11

Meader, Ralph, weds Louise Tripp 9/9/39: 9/14/39p5

Meiklejohn Jr., William, weds Jeanette Golbert 5/6/39: 5/11/39p5

Merriam, Otis, weds Sadie Leighton 8/24/31: 9/4/31p9

Merrill, Charles F., died ?/?/35: 12/6/35p9

Merrill, Charles, weds June Nicols 5/17/36: 5/22/36p2

Merrill, Lillian, weds Robert Pringle 8/20?/30: 8/22/30p9

Merrill, Oren P., died 8/18/37: 8/26/37p10

Meserve, Joseph H., splits six cords of wood at 85: 4/13/34p9

Meserve, Nellie E., died 9/15/39: 9/21/39p2

Messier, Elvida, died 11/8/31: 11/13/31p8

Metevier, Dorothy, weds Wilfred Lavoie 9/16/34: 9/21/34p9

Mewhall, Harold, weds Marie Gauthier 2/26/38: 3/3/38p2

Michael, Antanette, died 8/1/38: 8/4/38p1

Michael, Athena, weds James Nadeau 6/5/37: 6/10/37p2;6/17/37p5

Michaud, Blanche, weds Bernard Gagne 10/12/37: 10/14/37p2

Michel, Andre, weds Kathleen Nealand 10/16/37: 10/21/37p6

Miles, Roberta, weds Elmer Mills 6/4/38: 6/16/38p9

Miles, Russell, weds Vivian Lemire 6/26/33: 7/7/33p1

Milidonis, Alfreda, weds Omar Carignan 9/31/39: 10/5/39p7

Miller, Grover, weds Margaret King 8/5/39: 8/17/39p3

Miller, Katherine, weds Robert Calef 2/22/31: 2/27/31p5

Miller, Leona, weds Paul Forcier 7/31/37: 8/5/37p2;8/12/37p5

Miller, Nellie M., died 8/23/39: 8/24/39p2

Miller, Russell R., died 2/25/38: 3/10/38p9

Mills, Archibald, weds Madelyn Palmer 6/30/30: 7/4/30p1

Mills, Elmer, weds Roberta Miles 6/4/38: 6/16/38p9

Mills, George E., died 8/15/30: 8/22/30p9

Mills, George, weds Lillian Schleicher 7/1/34: 7/6/34p1

Minard, Mrs. August, died 5/?/37: 6/10/37p6

Minikello, Rose, weds Elmer McAllister 4/1/33: 4/14/33p16

Minnon, Doris, weds Arthur Portrie 7/4/33: 7/7/33p1

Mitchell, Allie R., died 11/26/35: 11/29/35p14

Mitchell, Donald, weds Bernice Jordan 12/1/39: 12/7/39p6

Mitchell, Edith F.--A Personality Portrait: 4/3/36p2

Mitchell, Fred O., died 5/25/39: 6/1/39p4

Mitchell, Nellie, M., died 3/26/33: 3/31/33p8

Mix, Ursula, died 12/24/39: 12/28/39p2

Moisan, Edgar, died 10/30/31: 11/6/33p8

Moisan, Joseph. died 7/?/34: 7/13/34p1

Moisan, Myrtle F., died 10/19/34: 10/26/34p4

Moison, Alphonse, weds Myrtle Shorey 2/22/34: 3/2/34p4

Molloy, Jane F., died 12/24/39: 12/28/39p3

Mondeaux, Antoinette, weds Donat Lafontaine 11/17/35: 11/22/35p2

Mondeaux, Antonio, weds Mary Turgeon 11/29/34: 12/7/34p2

Mondou, Philip, died 2/14/36: 2/21/36p5

Mondou, Rose, weds Edward Turgeon 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Monrow, Dorothy D.--A Personality Portrait: 6/19/36p2

Montgomery, Marion, weds Marcus Carey 9/4/36: 9/10/36p11

Moody, Ida R., died 5/5/30: 5/9/30p9

Moody, Martha G., died 12/19/38: 12/22/39p2

Mooney, Mary, died 3/9/31: 3/13/31p8

Mooney, Mary F., died 6/19/30: 6/27/30p5

Moore, Emma E., died 12/14/33: 12/15/33p8

Moore, Raymond, died 4/24/38: 4/28/38p1

Moore, Thomas, weds Alice Nedeau 7/23/38: 7/28/38p2

Mooreside, Philip, weds Marjorie Austin 3/?/39: 3/23/39p5

Moreside, James, weds Mildred Hutchins 10/29/33: 11/3/33p3

Morgan, Adeline, weds George Jefferson 6/30/35: 7/5/35p5

Morgan, Adeline--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 4/26/35p8

Morgan, Anne, died 3/17/36: 3/20/36p5

Morgan, Annie R., died 7/19/36: 7/24/36p5

Morgan, John A., died 12/22/33: 12/22/33p6

Morgan, Joseph, weds Esther Whitten 6/7/30: 6/13/30p5

Morgan, Sara, weds John Guy 7/24/37: 7/29/37p2;8/12/37p5

Morgan, Thomas, died 12/29/34: 1/4/35p4

Morgan, Thomas, weds Emma Roulx 6/26/37: 7/1/37p5

Morin, David O., died 4/2/38: 4/7/38p5

Morin, Doris M., died 12/9/33: 12/15/33p8

Morin, Evelyn, weds Leo Garvey 3/1/30: 3/7/30p1

Morin, Gerine, weds Thomas Printy 8/21/36: 8/21/36p2;7/28/36p4

Morin, Henry E., died 9/2/39: 9/7/39p5

Morin, June, weds Francis McGuire 6/28/37: 7/1/37pp1,2,5

Morin, Pauline, weds Emile Lessard 6/19/37: 6/24/37p2

Morin, Veronica, weds Joseph Drouin 4/30/38: 5/5/38p8

Morine, John, weds Donna Tee 9/1/38: 9/8/38p5

Morley, Mary A., died 2/21/31: 2/27/31p8

Morrell, Charles H., died 9/7/32: 9/16/32p8

Morrill, Clyde, weds Almee (Alnee?) White 6/17/34: 6/22/34p9

Morrill, Edith, weds Paul Reynolds 2/13/35: 2/15/35p1

Morrill, Etta, died 4/15/35: 4/19/35p1

Morrill, Florence B., died 11/?/38: 11/10/39p2

Morrill, Frank, weds Flora Hill 9/3/37: 9/9/37p2

Morrill, Mary K., died 6/19/33: 6/23/33p8

Morrill, Mildred, weds Adrian Thompson 9/10/30: 9/19/30p9

Morrill, Scott, weds Stella Davis 8/31/30: 9/5/30p1

Morris, M&M August L., celebrate 59th nniversary: 3/3/38p9

Morrison, Elizabeth F., died 9/3/37: 9/9/37p5

Morrison, Elizabeth L., died 7/?/33: 7/7/33p9

Morrison, Franklin, weds Ruth Southwick 8/2/34: 8/17/34p11

Morrison, George W., died 7/4/38: 7/7/38p3

Morrison, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/2/37p12

Morrison, Raymond, died 4/11/33: 4/14/33p9

Morrison, Sarah A., died 4/1/35: 4/5/35p3

Morse, Clyde, weds Marion Whipple 6/23/30: 6/27/30p1

Mortimer, Albert J., died 7/8/34: 7/13/34p1

Mortimer, Arthur, weds Goldie Aldrich 11/11/39: 11/23/39p5

Mortimer, Emily W., died 11/13/37: 11/18/37p6

Morton, Sumner B., died 11/4?/33: 11/10/33p8

Mosher, Catherine A., died 5/12/39: 5/18/39p16

Mosher, Eugene, died 4/22/39: 4/27/39p14

Mosher, Harold, weds Alberta Willard 9/5/36: 9/10/36p8

Mott, Clara, died 12/1/30: 12/5/30p9

Mott, Ralph, weds Eleanor Luce 5/24/39: 6/8/39p5

Moulton, Edwin P., died 3/12/31: 3/20/31p9

Moulton, Helen, weds Waldo Tanner 11/16/32: 11/25/32p2

Muggleston, Frank, died 3/10/38: 3/10/38p5;3/17/38p5

Mulloney, James, weds Pauline Pouliot 9/4/34: 9/7/34p12

Mulnoe, Richard, weds Olga Gates 6/?/36: 6/26/36p9

Murdock, Harry, weds Dorothea Wotton 6/14/36: 6/19/36p6

Murphy, William, weds Jane McQuade 9/20?/34: 9/21/34p1

Murphy, William, weds Zalma Labbe 3/28/32: 4/1/32p4

Murray, Charles, weds Esther Adams 5/30/37: 6/3/37p6

Murray, George, weds Estelle Gendron 6/4/35: 6/7/35p15

Murray, Julia, weds John Hill 6/4/38: 6/9/38p2

Mutch, Adelaide, weds George Wyatt 12/29/29: 1/17/30p13

Myler, Early, weds Margaret Finnegan 4/30/38: 5/5/38p2

Nacsin, Ruth, weds Robert Hull 10/14/39: 10/19/39p5

Nadeau, Alice, weds Thomas Moore 7/23/38: 7/28/38p2

Nadeau, James, weds Athena Michael 6/5/37: 6/10/37p2;6/17/37p5

Nadeau, Joseph, died 11/25/34: 11/30/34p5

Nadeau, Joseph, weds Lucia Gagne 9/5/36: 9/17/36p14

Nadeau, Marie, weds Paul Filiau 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Nadeau, Philomene, died 2/28/30: 3/7/30p8

Nadeau, Rose, weds Gerald Hebert 12/26/32: 12/30/32p5

Nadeau, Yvonne, weds Peter Aubin 11/11/31: 11/13/31p8

Nally, Margaret, weds Alfred Dallaire 10/5/37: 10/7/37p2

Nangle, Agnes, weds Frank Sullivan 4/23/35: 4/26/35p5

Nangle, Dorothy, weds George Blackmore 10/5/36: 10/8/36p2

Nangle, John, weds Emma[?] Portrie 4/3/34: 4/6/34p5

Nangle, Philip, weds Marion Parks 10/8/38: 10/13/38p5

Nason, Abbie, weds Clarence Colwell 7/3/33: 7/7/33p9

Nason, Ernest, weds Dorothy Thyng 4/5/36: 4/10/36p3

Nason, William H., died 4/30/35: 5/3/35p10

Nathan, Robert, weds Doris Horne 4/16/39: 4/20/39p5

Neal, Edward C., died 8/18/31: 8/21/31p1

Neal, Emma J., died 6/6/37: 6/10/37p4

Neal, Howard, weds Bernice Derwin 12/3/38: 12/8/38p2B

Neal, Lilian B., died 3/30/39: 4/6/39p2

Neal, M&M Wilder B., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/26/30p1

Neal, M&M Wilder B., celebrate 54th anniversary: 12/30/34p1

Neal, Mary, weds Kennett Kendall 9/8/35: 9/13/35p2

Neal, Mrs. Edward C., celebrates 90th birthday: 8/14/36p2

Neal, Wilder B., died 3/16/36: 3/20/36p5

Neal, William, weds Barbara Watson 6/18/33: 6/23/33pp1,9(G)

Nealand, Kathleen, weds Andre Michel 10/16/37: 10/21/37p6

Nealand, Madelaine, weds Eugene Janell 11/23/36: 6/3/37p2

Nealand, Margaret, died ?/?/34: 3/9/34p8

Nealand, Margaret, weds William Lesperance 9/3/38: 9/15/38p5

Nealand, Patrick died 12/?/33: 1/5/34p8

Nedeau, Beatrice, weds Joseph Tanguay 4/27/35: 5/3/35p13

Nesbitt, Emma, weds Eldridge Casey 8/14/37: 8/26/37p2

Nesbitt, Mary, weds Martin Flanagan 11/30/39: 12/7/39p9

Newberry, John, died 2/13/31: 2/19/32p8

Newbury, Helen, weds John Stone 6/27/38: 6/30/38pp2,5

Newbury, John, died 2/12/32: 2/19/32p8

Newcomb, Myra E., died 3/13/34: 3/16/34p12

Newling Jr., Carroll J., died 9/4/39: 9/7/39p1

Nichols, Rensford, weds Alice Lang 7/18/39: 7/27/39p16

Nickerson, Lillian, died 4/28/38: 5/5/38p12

Nickerson, Mary L., died 5/3/38: 5/5/38p5;5/12/38p5

Nicols, June, weds Charles Merrill 5/17/36: 5/22/36p2

Niles, Ida R., died 12/16/37: 12/23/37pB5

Nixon, Celia, weds Fred Crippa 6/8/31: 6/12/31p1

Noble, Abbie, died 7/22/38: 7/28/38p12

Norman, Thomas, died 3/11/33: 3/17/33p2

Normand, Joseph, weds Rose Bilodeau 9/26/32: 9/30/32p1

Norris, Joseph S., died 5/16/30: 5/23/30p1

Novak, Justine, weds Rexford Dickey 4/14/36: 4/24/36p2

Novillis, Frank, weds Lena Brochu 10/7/39: 10/12/39p5;10/19/39p5

Nowell, Rose T., died 9/12/30: 9/19/30p8

Noyes, Charles F., died 2/13/35: 2/22/35p8

Nutbrown, Alice, weds Philip Roy 9/19/32: 9/23/32p16

Nutbrown, John, weds Marie Perreault 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Nute, Agnes, died 3/13/38: 3/17/38p9

Nute, George D., died 2/?/35: 2/15/35p8

Nute, George E., died 11/?/33: 11/24/33p12

Nute, John F., died 6/22/38: 6/23/38p1

Nute, John S., died 4/?/33: 4/28/33p9

Nute, Louise, weds Raymond Welch 1/26/35: 2/1/35p6

Nute, Sadie B., died 8/1/36: 8/7/36p5

Nute, Velma, weds Basil Varney 9/2/34: 9/7/34p4

Nutter, Abbie R., died 6/25/31: 6/26/31p8

Nutter, Belle, died 4/12/32: 4/15/32p12

Nutter, Frank O., died 2/24/35: 3/1/35p8

Nutter, Frank, weds Ernestine Witham 6/30/39: 7/6/39p8

Nutter, George D., died 3/1/32: 3/4/32p8

Nutter, Hartley, died 12/31/33: 1/5/34p12

Nutter, Haven T., died 9/20/36: 9/24/36p5

Nutter, Jacob H., died 1/1/33: 1/6/33p1

Nutter, Jerry A, died 9/12/31: 9/18/31p8

Nutter, Jerry O., died 9/12/31: 9/18/31p8

Nutter, Lottie, died 12/9/31: 12/18/31p12

Nutter, Nelson, died 12/8/30: 12/12/30p8

Nutter, Rhona, died 6/28/30: 7/4/30p8

Nutter, Roger, weds Lucille Ware 8/28/36: 9/4/36p8

Nutter, Thelma, weds Clarence Peterson 9/1/35: 9/6/35p8

Nye, Florence, weds Charles Gerrish 3/14/31: 5/8/31p8

O'Brien, Alice M., died 1/23/38: 1/27/38p5

O'Brien, Bertha M., died 3/18/35: 3/22/35p8

O'Brien, Ellen M., died 6/4/34: 6/8/34p8

O'Brien, Frederick, died 9/8/30: 9/12/30p8;9/19/30p8

O'Brien, Katherine: A Personality Portrait: 9/10/36p2

O'Brien, Thomas F., died 1/6/30: 1/10/30p8

O'Cormier, Oscar, died 2/18/34: 2/23/34p1

O'Day, Mary, died 1/19/36: 1/24/36p8

O'Dowd, Roxanna, weds Wilfred Duquette 2/11/34: 2/16/34p7

O'Laughlin, Frances, weds Andrew Cassidy 6/16/35: 6/21/35p1

O'Leary, Maurice, weds Helen Campbell 6/?/33: 6/30/33p1

O'Loughlin, Alice, weds Harold Edgerly 5/7/38: 5/12/38p2

O'Neil, John, weds Agnes Corson 12/29/30: 1/2/31p1

Ochren, Bennie, weds Beryl Small 7/22/33: 3/2/34p3

Olson, Wilburt, weds Doris Kelley 8/5/33: 8/18/33p1

Ordway, Edwin D., died 2/28/34: 3/9/34p8

Ormondroyd, Irene, weds Myron Weeks 4/15/33: 4/28/33p4

Orne, Charles W., died 10/?/33: 10/27/33p8

Osborne, Addie N., died 12/24/38: 12/30/39p2

Osborne, Downing, weds Greta Welch 5/?/30: 5/30/30p9

Osborne, George W., died 9/2/35: 9/6/35p3

Osborne, M&M Henry L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/1/38p1

Osborne, William A., died 7/13/32: 7/15/32p8;7/22/32p8

Osgood, Alberta, weds Robert Ferland 6/4/37: 6/17/37p2

Osgood, Lydia, died 5/24/34: 5/25/34p1;6/1/34p1

Osgood, Muriel, weds Raymond Martineau 9/15/38: 9/22/38p9

Osgood, Otis, weds Verna McCarthy 1/23/37: 1/28/37p2

Osgood, Stephen C., died 3/11/33: 3/17/33p12

Otis, ???, weds James Regan 3/?/33: 3/10/33p2

Otis, Addie, weds Albert Baltzer 6/30/31: 7/3/31p5

Otis, Emma J., died 3/27/37: 4/1/37p3

Otis, Florence, weds Fred Dexter 6/7/36: 6/12/36p5

Otis, Gerald, weds Jeanette Careau 1/?/38: 1/6/38p9

Otis, M&M Will, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/22/35p2

Otis, Nellie, died 12/?/30: 12/12/30p8

Otis, Willis, died 1/29/37: 2/4/37p3

Otis, Wilma, weds Charles Meader 11/11?/33: 11/24/33p5

Ouellette, Adeline, weds Joseph Routhier Jr. 8/26/39: 8/31/39p5

Ouellette, George, died 1/13/31: 1/16/31p1;1/30/31p1

Ouellette, Isidore, weds Alice Lefebvre 8/26/39: 8/31/39p5

Ouellette, Rose, weds Alfred Steele 12/30/34: 1/4/35p7

Ouellette, Wilfred, weds Laura Voyer 11/27/37: 12/2/37pp2,B5

Packard, Martha R., died 5/30/37: 6/3/37p8

Pacquette, Melinda, died 4/3/34: 4/13/34p8

Page, Carroll, died 7/8/36: 7/17/36p3

Page, Ella F., died 9/3/39: 9/7/39p5

Page, Florence, weds Norman Woodes 10/30/36: 11/5/36p2

Page, Olive, weds Earl Tufts 1/7/30: 1/10/30p8

Page, Winnie, Weds Charles Ham 1/?/30: 1/31/30p9

Pagidas, Moshos, died 10/28/31: 10/30/31p8

Paige, Dudley M., died 4/22/33: 4/28/33p8

Paine, Alice, died 10/28/31: 11/6/33p1

Paine, Alice E., died 10/28/31: 10/30/31p8;11/6/31p1

Paine, Edgar C., died 10/28/31: 10/30/33p8

Palmer, Abbie J., died 10/10/34: 10/12/34p8

Palmer, Addie C., died 9/28/31: 10/2/31p8;10/9/31p1

Palmer, Charles, weds Maude Hackett 2/11/33: 2/17/33p4

Palmer, Charlotte, weds Robert Wilson 9/23/34: 9/28/34p9

Palmer, Gladys, weds George Chesley 9/?/38: 12/8/38p5

Palmer, John H., died 2/1/36: 2/7/36p4

Palmer, Kenneth, weds Elizabeth Rublee 5/28/39: 6/1/39p5

Palmer, Madelyn, weds Archibald Mills 6/30/30: 7/4/30p1

Palmer, Osmer, died 9/21/34: 9/28/34p1

Palmer, Osmer, weds Maude Wilkens 5/19/35: 5/24/35p3

Palmer, Robert, weds Evelyn Young 4/9/32: 4/15/32p5

Palmer, Verna, weds William Redden 5/22/33: 5/26/33p1

Palmer, Wendall, weds Dorothy Emerson 2/27/39: 3/2/39p5

Paquette, Amos, weds Mattie Cilley 7/12/36: 7/17/36p2

Paradis, Fred, died 10/15/33: 10/20/33p1

Pare, Albini, weds Cecelia Elwell 5/26/35: 5/31/35p8

Pare, Jack, died 6/23/35: 6/28/35p3

Pare, Paul, weds Rosanna Boutin 10/31/36: 11/5/36p3

Paree, Yvette, weds Aimable Corriveau 9/26/33: 9/29/33p7

Parenteau, Albert, weds Irene Hamel 12/29/29: 1/3/30p16

Park, Marion, weds Linwood Young 2/9/36: 2/14/36p3

Park, Virginia, weds Elwyn Meader 7/11/38: 7/14/38p2

Parker, Homer, weds Jeanette Marcott 9/3/33: 9/8/33p1

Parker, Josephine, weds Roberre Baril 12/24/31: 1/8/32p1

Parker, Lilla C., died 9/2/31: 9/11/31p8

Parker, Mary E., died 11/?/38: 11/10/39p8

Parker, Melvin, weds Bernice Seavey 8/5/33: 8/11/33p8

Parker, Samuel S., died 9/8/31: 9/11/31p4

Parkins, Lena W., died 6/23/38: 7/7/38p7

Parks, Isaac, died 6/9/31: 6/12/31p8

Parks, Marion, weds Philip Nangle 10/8/38: 10/13/38p5

Parry, Julienne G., died 7/8/33: 7/14/33p8

Parshley, Annie, weds Maurice Emerson 5/26/32: 6/3/32p12

Parshley, Charles E., died 2/14/30: 2/21/30p2

Parshley, John W., died 1/20/35: 1/25/35p12

Parshley, Lillian E.--a Personality Portrait: 2/21/36p2

Parsons, Angeline, died 8/?/34: 8/17/34p4

Parsons, John V., died 5/18/39: 5/25/39p1

Parsons, John, weds Lucille Almgren 5/11/31: 5/15/31p4

Parsons, Lizzie, died 3/10/35: 3/15/35p7

Parsons, Loren D., died 10/11/37: 10/14/37p8

Parsons, Milton E., "making it" in the movies: 9/28/39p8

Parsons, Warren, weds Mary Brewster 10/6/30: 10/10/30p16

Patch, Clarence, weds Cordelia Potvin 8/7/37: 8/12/37p2

Patch Jr., Everett, weds Marjory Edwards 10/13/35: 10/18/35p6

Patenaude, Rose, weds Frank Glidden 6/9/35: 6/14/35p11

Paterson, Almyra D., died 4/24/32: 4/29/32p8

Paul, Alice, weds Joseph Guerin 6/26/39: 6/29/39p5

Paul, Louise, weds John Lemoyne 11/18/39: 11/23/39p5

Pauquette, Helen, weds Harold Gilbert 5/3/36: 5/8/36p2

Paveglio, Mary, weds George Magoon 10/25/34: 11/2/34p5

Payeur, Joseph, weds Delphine Sylvain 2/17/31: 2/20/31p4

Peabody, Raymond, weds Carrie Hopkinson 4/2/32: 4/8/32p4

Pearl, Fred L., died 1/?/31: 1/23/31p8

Pearl, Isaac, died 4/14/39: 4/20/39p2

Pearl, M&M A. Y., celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/26/35p2

Pearl, Ruth, weds Frank Hilton: 1/23/31p8

Pearson, Dorothy, weds Lawrence Ballou 9/30/34: 10/12/34p8

Pearson, Edwin L., died 11/17/37: 11/25/37p11

Pease, Perley, weds Mary Wright 8/22/31: 8/28/31p1

Peaslee, Henry, died 2/5/31: 2/13/31p8

Peaslee, Henry L., died 4/21/39: 4/27/39p2

Peavey, Claa E., died 7/?/30: 7/11/30p5

Peavey, Cynthia, died 2/18/32: 2/26/32p9

Peavey, Cynthia H., died 2/18/31: 2/26/32p9

Peavey, Dana M., died 12/8/39: 12/14/39p2

Peavey, Ernest F., celebrates 80th birthday: 4/14/38pB1

Pecor, Lorella, weds Russell Bennett 9/21?/38: 9/29/38p5

Pellerin, George M., died 4/13/36: 4/17/36p5

Pelletier, Rene, weds Mary Kaltsas 6/11/38: 6/23/38pB1

Pennell, Elinor, weds Harold Whitehouse 1/9/37: 1/28/37p2

Pennell, Rose, weds Steven Commiskey 1/1/30: 1/10/30p8

Pepin, Antonio, weds Mary Gosselin 10/17/36: 10/22/36p2

Pepin, Charles, died 4/12/37: 4/15/37p5

Pereault, Lucienne, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/20/31p5

Perkins, Benjamin, died 7/6/39: 7/13/39p1

Perkins, Daniel M., died 7/5/35: 7/12/35p3

Perkins, Frederick, weds Jean Calhoun 7/?/33: 7/28/33p5

Perkins, Llewellyn G., died 2/4/35: 2/8/35p9

Perkins, Lucy S., died 2/20/34: 2/23/34p5

Perkins, Mary, celebrates 88th birthday: 9/18/37p3

Perkins, Mary, died 3/6/38: 3/10/38p9

Perkins, Samuel, celebrates 83rd birthday: 11/26/36p2

Perkins, Samuel, died ?/?/36: 8/7/36p5

Perkins, Samuel, died 5/21/39: 5/25/39p2

Perkins, Samuel, weds Annie Davis 1/10/31: 1/16/31p8

Perreault, Annette, weds David Marquis 1/26/35: 2/1/35p6

Perreault, Bernadette, weds Albert Vincent 9/5/32: 9/9/32p1

Perreault, Bert, weds Catherine Grady 9/28/31: 10/2/31p9

Perreault, Blanche R., died 5/22/32: 5/27/32p8

Perreault, Della, weds Wilbur Wotton 4/1/39: 4/6/39p5

Perreault, Etienne, celebrates 91st birthday: 2/19/32p4

Perreault, Etienne, died 3/15/32: 3/18/32p8;3/25/32p9

Perreault, Genevieve, weds Louis Blanchard 5/30/32: 6/3/32p4

Perreault, Helen, weds Louis Boudreau 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Perreault, Jospeh A., died 3/12/38: 3/17/38p5

Perreault, Lorenza, weds Alcine Dubois 6/25/38: 6/30/38p9

Perreault, Marie, weds John Nutbrown 11/24/32: 12/2/32p7

Perreault, Pauline, weds Paul Beaulieu 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Perreault, Reina, weds Raymond Turcotte 10/8/38: 10/13/38p9

Perreault, Rudolph, weds Margaret Williams 6/15/35: 6/28/35p8

Perreault, Samuel E., died 2/12/37: 2/18/37p8

Perreault, Simeon, died 9/28/32: 10/7/32pp1,8

Perreault, Theodore, weds Mary Duval 2/5/31: 2/20/31p5

Perry, Annie, weds Lloyd Couture 5/10/30: 5/16/30p5

Perry, June, weds Allie Story 11/12/33: 11/24/33p5

Peterson, Clarence, weds Thelma Nutter 9/1/35: 9/6/35p8

Peterson, Donald, weds Alice Davenhall 9/5/31: 9/11/31p4

Phelps, Jerome P., died 3/23/37: 3/25/37p6

Philiau, George, died 4/13/37: 4/15/37p5

Phillips, Charles, died 11/28/36: 12/3/36p1

Picard, Malvina, weds Horace Berry 7/5?/34: 7/13/34p1

Pickering, Joseph W., died 2/11/33: 2/17/33p8

Pierce, Abbie H., died 6/15/34: 6/29/34p8

Pierce, Estelle M., died 1/8/36: 1/10/36p1

Pierce, Laura I., died 1/28/36: 1/31/36p14

Pierce, Lewis M., died 5/22/39: 5/25/39p16

Pierce, Maurice, weds Ethel Berry 1/21/38: 1/27/38p2

Pierce, Willard, died 11/25/37: 12/2/37p5

Piercy, Isaac D., died 12/30/31: 1/1/32p1

Piercy, Isabella, died 2/8/34: 2/16/34p12

Pike, Dorothy, weds Merton Mann 1/22/39: 2/2/39p5

Pike, Ethel, weds Lester Waterhouse 8/22/36: 10/1/36p2

Pike, Ewin L., died 5/15/38: 5/19/38p5

Pike, Leslie, weds Josephine Howard 7/29/35: 8/2/35p8

Pike, Mary, weds George Avery 4/30/36: 5/8/36p3

Pike, Mildred, weds Nelson Joy 7/22/35: 7/26/35p2

Pike, Mrs. F. D., elebrates 95th birthday: 2/17/38p14

Pike, Sophia, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/17/33p5

Pike, Sophia R., celebrates 93rd birthday: 2/14/36p2

Pike, Sophia R., celebrates 94th birthday: 12/3/36p8

Pike, Sophia R., died 2/27/38: 3/3/38p5

Pike, Susan D., died 11?/?38: 11/10/39p8

Pillsbury, Janet, died 11/30/34: 12/7/34p3

Pinkham, Eva, died 10/8/35: 10/11/35p9

Pinkham, Harold, weds Edith Stoehrer 10/21/38: 11/3/39pC1

Pinkham, Henry C., died 8/?/39: 8/17/39p10

Pinkham, J. D., retires after 75 years selling newspapers: 4/3/36p6

Pinkham, Janes, died 12/15/37: 12/23/37p7

Pinkham, Lena, weds Edward Hackett: 9/22/33p8

Pinkham, M&M J. D., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/18/35p8

Pinkham, William E., died 4/9/32: 4/15/32p8

Pinkham, Winston, weds Muriel Chamberlain 5/28/37: 6/3/37p3

Piper, Arthur, weds Arlene Royce 10/?/35: 10/11/35p2

Piper, Bertha T., died 8/?/39: 8/24/39p2

Piper, Edwin, weds Dorothy Gray 6/13/36: 6/19/36p11

Piper, Frank J., died 2/11/34: 2/23/34p8

Piper, James A., died 5/31/38: 6/9/38p4

Piper, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/21/37p2

Piper, Rita, weds George Tanner 10/17/31: 10/23/31p12

Place, Addie, died 7/25/30: 8/1/30p16

Place, Dorothy, weds Edgar Johnson 11/11/39: 11/16/39p5

Place, Martha J., died 1/?/30: 1/10/30p8

Place, Percy, weds Esther Dore 11/?/30: 11/14/30p8

Plante, Elexina, weds Ernest Lamont 9/2/38: 9/8/38p5

Plante, Gerald, weds Anita Auburn 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

Plourde, Alice, weds Walter Hill 4/19/36: 4/24/36p3

Plumer, Ada, died 1/2/31: 1/16/31p5

Plumer, George L., died 1/5/35: 1/11/35p1

Plummer, Charles A., died 1/2/30: 1/10/30p5

Plummer, Hazen, died 4/?/35: 4/12/35p8

Plummer, Lila V., died 1/12/37: 1/14/37p5

Plummer, Moses, died 9/27/38: 9/29/38p2

Plummer, Olive M., died 10/25/35: 11/1/35p5

Plummer, Samuel, died 2/2/31: 2/12/32p12

Plunket, Robert J., died 10/12/38: 10/20/38p9

Poisson, Adolph, died 8/?/31: 8/21/31p8

Poisson, Emma F., died 5/23/32: 6/3/32p8

Poisson, Ernest, died 2/1/30: 2/7/30p1

Poisson, Irene, weds Adien LeMoyne 8/15/33: 8/18/33p1

Poisson, Maria, weds Joseph Rainville 8/22/31: 8/28/31p1

Poisson, Mary S., died 7/15/32: 7/22/32p8

Poisson, Pierre, died 4/25/36: 5/1/36p6

Polumbo, Thomas, weds Virginia Couture 9/16/37: 9/30/37p2

Poor, Emma J., died 5/23/37: 5/27/47p5

Poors, George, died 5/12/35: 5/17/35p9

Poors, M&M George, celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/2/31p9

Poors, Mrs. George, died 9/27/34: 9/28/34p9;10/5/34p9

Poors Sr., M&M George, celebrate 61st anniversary: 9/30/32p9

Portrie, Arthur, weds Doris Minnon 7/4/33: 7/7/33p1

Portrie, Emma[?], weds John Nangle 4/3/34: 4/6/34p5

Portrie, Ernest, died 9/1/36: 9/4/36p4;9/10/36p9

Portrie Jr., Joseph, weds Loretta Boucher 6/29/39: 7/6/39p3

Potter, Chauncey, weds Flora Boyle 8/29/31: 9/4/31p1

Potvin, Blanche, weds Ralph Boyce 10/10/32: 10/14/32p1

Potvin, Cordelia, weds Clarence Patch 8/7/37: 8/12/37p2

Potvin, Daniel M., died 12/7/39: 12/14/39p2

Potvin, Yvonne, died 5/3/36: 5/8/36p9

Poulin, Philomene B., died 1/15/30: 1/17/30p8

Poulin, Rose, weds Joseph Gagnon 6/28/36: 7/3/36p9

Pouliot, Pauline, weds James Mulloney 9/4/34: 9/7/34p12

Pouliot, Thomas, died 1/23/30: 1/31/30p8

Pound, Thomas H., died 7/4/33: 7/14/33p9

Pratt, Eugene, died 7/31/32: 8/5/32p1

Pratt, Martha, died 3/16/35: 3/22/35p1

Pratt, Oscar, weds Pearl Reeves 6/25/38: 6/30/38p2

Pray, Hattie A., died 11/19/36: 11/26/36p5

Pray, Helen, weds Irving Dunlap 5/24/36: 5/29/36p7

Prefontaine, Delima, weds Forrest Haselton 5/26/38: 6/2/38p2

Prescott, Adelaid J., died 5/1/36: 5/8/36p5

Prescott, Annie S., died 8/?/33: 8/18/33p12

Prescott, Edwin, weds Evelyn Dorr 11/23/38: 12/1/39p5

Prescott, June, weds Wilfred Vachon 5/?/39: 5/18/39p16

Prescott, Rita, weds Gordon Clements 9/4/36: 9/10/36p11

Prescott, Roscoe, weds Emma Marchand 8/1/38: 12/30/39p5

Preston, Addie G., died 1/31/31: 2/6/31p8

Preston, Fannie P., died 6/16/36: 6/19/36p16

Preston, Kenneth, weds Priscilla Littlefield 1/22/38: 1/27/38p2

Preston, Russell, weds Marie Rand 3/19/32: 3/25/32p5

Price, Mildred, weds Earl Wilson 4/26/33: 5/5/33p4

Price, Mildred, weds Elmer McAllister 12/15/30: 12/19/30p1

Priestly, Marion, weds James Lee 12/25/29: 1/3/30p8

Prime, Kenneth, weds Vera Marcotte 3/12/32: 3/25/32p9

Prince, Addison G., died 8/29/30: 9/5/30p8

Pringle, James C., died 7/30/37: 8/5/37p8

Pringle, Robert, weds Lillian Merrill 8/20?/30: 8/22/30p9

Printy, Thomas, weds Gerine Morin 8/21/36: 8/21/36p2;7/28/36p4

Proulx, Stephen, weds Palma Luneau 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Proulx, Wilfred, weds Valeda Roy 6/19/37: 6/24/37p2

Provencher, Irene, weds Antonio Bergeron 5/28/38: 6/2/38p2

Pugsley, John, died 4/30/35: 5/3/35p1

Purdy, Frank, weds Dorothea Bogan 6/2/37: 6/17/37p2

Putnam, Abbie, celebrates 88th birthday: 7/20/39p5

Quimby, Alice S., died 11/19/37: 11/25/37p8

Quimby, Lydia J., died 5/27/32: 6/3/32p9

Quimby, Mrs. C. E., died 8/23/35: 8/30/35p2

Quimby, Thomas, weds Geneva Hartford 10/30/37: 11/4/37p8

Quinlan, John F., died 1/1/34: 1/5/34p8;1/12/34p8

Quinn, Jennie B., died 6/5/38: 6/9/38p3

Quinn, Thomas, died 9/?/33: 9/8/33p5

Quint, George B., died 7/?/38: 7/14/38p12

Raab, Adolph, weds Helen LaFlamme 12/?/33: 12/15/33p9

Raab Jr., Adolph, weds Marion Blaisdell 3/11/34: 3/16/34p6

Raab, Lucille, weds Weldon Seavey 11/26/36: 12/3/36p2

Rafferty, John, died 10/3/30: 10/10/30p8

Railsback, Edward, weds Barbara Varney 8/5/38: 8/11/38p2

Rainville, Elce, weds Yvonne Rainville 3/29/37: 4/1/37p4

Rainville, Joseph, weds Maria Poisson 8/25/31: 8/28/31p1

Rainville, Yvonne, weds Elce Rainville 3/29/37: 4/1/37p4

Ramsdell, Clara E., died 1/30/38: 2/3/38p5

Ramsdell, Elmer E., died 10/9/33: 10/13/33p12

Ramsdell, Warren, weds Annie Corson 7/12/30: 7/18/30p12

Ramsey, Lawrence, weds Ruth Heselton 6/4/38: 6/16/38p9

Rand, Charles W., dird 1/2/38: 1/5/39p2

Rand, James, died 7/12/32: 7/15/32p8

Rand, Leo, weds Mabel Sanborn 2/?/36: 2/14/36p3

Rand, Marie, died 7/28/38: 8/4/38p9

Rand, Marie, weds Russell Preston 3/19/32: 3/25/32p5

Randall, Charles E., died 12/16/33: 12/22/33p12

Randall, Clarence F., died 8/15/37: 8/26/37p14

Randall, George D, died 12/25/34: 12/30/34p1

Randall, George G., died 1/1/35: 1/4/35p4

Randall, George, weds Esther Charles 7/?/30: 7/11/30p9

Randall, Ina M., died 7/17/35: 7/26/35p3

Randall, Roland, weds Thelma Marcotte 5/10/30: 5/16/30p9

Randall, Will I., died 11/?/38: 11/24/39p15

Randlett, Vernon, weds Mildred Leary 9/3/34: 9/7/34p2

Rasmussen, Iline M., died 1/9/33: 1/13/33p1

Raymond, Eva, weds Leo Langevin 11/24/35: 11/29/35p7

Raymond, Joseph, weds Irene Letendre 10/24/36: 10/29/36p2

Raymond Jr., Elime, weds Wilda Autotte 4/?/34: 4/27/34p1

Read, W. H., died 7/6/37: 7/8/37p8

Record, Alice C. died 6/?/38: 6/9/38p3

Redden, William, weds Verna Palmer 5/22/33: 5/26/33p1

Reddon, Thomas, weds Sara Watson 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Reed, David, died 3/?/30: 3/21/30p8

Reed, Frances M., died 7/2/31: 7/10/31p8

Reed, George, weds Florence Benson 12/11/32: 12/16/32p8

Reeves, Pearl, weds Maurice Meader 3/8/36: 3/13/36p2

Reeves, Pearl, weds Oscar Pratt 6/25/38: 6/30/38p2

Regan, James, weds ??? Otis 3/?/33: 3/10/33p2

Regis, M&M Peter, host family reunion: 8/2/35p10

Regis, Primina, crowned Queen of Carnival Ball: 2/9/39p1

Regis, Stella, died 1/20/37: 1/21/37p1;1/21/37p5

Remick, Charles E., died 2/12/36: 2/21/36p3

Remick, Cora C., died 11/16/37: 11/25/37p11

Renaud, Valmore, weds Muriel Lemire 9/5/32: 9/9/32p1

Reynolds, Gertrude M., died 4/23/39: 4/27/39p14

Reynolds, Jennie, weds Victor Thompson 5/22/37: 5/27/47p8

Reynolds, Paul, weds Edith Morrill 2/13/35: 2/15/35p1

Reynolds, Robert, weds Helen Estey 2/?/32: 7/22/32p1

Rhines, Carl, weds Marjorie Hayes 7/9/38: 7/14/38p2

Rhines, Nelson, died 1/29/31: 2/6/31p8

Rhoades, Pauline, weds Philip Hilton 11/?/37: 12/2/37p8

Rice, Frank E., died 3/11/36: 3/13/36p1

Richard, Emile, weds Irene Drolet 9/4/39: 9/7/39p5

Richard, Henrietta, weds Lorenzo Gravel 4/17/33: 5/5/33p4

Richard, Paul, weds Edna Robichaud 6/18/38: 6/23/38p2

Richard, Robert, died 7/17/39: 7/20/39p1;7/27/39p4

Richards, Albert L., died 3/2?/37: 3/4/37p8

Richards, Edith, weds Clayton Garnett 8/10/38: 8/18/38p2

Richards, Guy, died 2/28/30: 3/7/30p8

Richards, Jeanette, weds Alfred Turgeon 5/30/32: 6/3/32p9

Richards, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary 9/29/35: 10/4/35p9

Richards, Marilla E., celebrates 98th birthday: 10/28/32p1

Richards, Marilla E., died 12/?/33: 12/8/33p8

Richardson, Amanda, died 5/2/31: 5/8/31p8

Richardson, Laura, weds Everett Dutton 10/6/38: 10/13/38p3(F);10/20/38p5

Richardson, Leon, weds Elizabeth Joyal 9/4/37: 9/9/37p9

Richardson, Naaman W., died 10/27/33: 11/3/33p8

Richardson, Ralph, weds Helen Eldridge 9/23/38: 9/29/38p5

Richardson, Sarah J., died 3/26/33: 3/31/33p8

Richey, Lorraine, weds Bernard Lachance 5/15/37: 5/20/47p6

Richey, Ronald, weds June Caron 9/?/38: 9/22/38p5

Ricker, Carolyn--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 3/29/35p12

Ricker, Emma J., died 4/10/39: 4/13/39p2

Ricker, Grace, weds Ivan Jenkins 2/18/39: 2/23/39p5

Ricker, Irving J., died 5/31/38: 6/9/38p9

Ricker, Leslie W., died 1/?/32: 1/29/32p8

Ricker, Paul, weds Jessie Brown 10/12/35: 10/18/35p5

Ricker, Wilson, died 2/8/36: 2/14/36p3

Riley, Helen, weds Goodyear Marchand 3/24/35: 3/29/35p8

Rines, Ellsworth, weds Mabel Goodwin 7/2/33: 7/7/33p12 (Lebanon)

Ring, Mary, weds Rudolph Guilmette 9/25/35: 9/27/35p3

Robbins, Frank R., died 11/23/38: 12/1/39p2

Robbins, Harvey, weds Marcia Baxter 4/9/34: 4/13/34p8

Robbins, Ned W., died 3/4/39: 3/9/39p2

Roberts, Albert B., died 11/29/33: 12/2/33p1

Roberts, Burton, died ?/?/33: 12/8/33p12

Roberts, Carlisle, weds Lilian Faulkingham 6/22/39: 6/29/39p5

Roberts, Charles W., died 2/?/31: 2/27/31p8

Roberts, Clara M., died 6/7/31: 6/12/31p13;6/19/31p9

Roberts, Clyde, died 5/?/30: 5/23/30p12

Roberts, Cora E., died 9/1/32: 9/9/32p12

Roberts, Dorothy, weds Warren Ferguson Jr. 9/16/39: 9/21/39p5;9/28/39p5

Roberts, M&M Ray, host family reunion: 9/28/39p1

Roberts, William W., died 2/7/33: 2/17/33p4

Robichaud, Edna, weds Paul Richard 6/18/38: 6/23/38p2

Robichaud, John, died 4/3/32: 4/8/32pp4,8

Robins, Alice, weds Arthur Calcutt 9/4/36: 9/10/36p2

Robinson, David Y., died 7/10/34: 7/13/34p1

Robinson, George, weds Alice Woodfall 7/23/32: 7/29/32p1

Rodier, Alexander, died 2/28/38: 3/3/38p5

Rodier, Alfred L., died 2/19/36: 2/21/36p5

Rogers, Charles C., died 6/?/30: 6/13/30p3

Rogers, Edna S., died 10/22/37: 10/28/37p8

Rogers, Ella M., died 11/29/32: 12/9/32p13

Rogers, George, weds Elizabeth Carnegie 8/24/31: 8/28/31p9

Rogers, Granville, weds Lillian Hamel 6/23/35: 6/28/35p9

Rogers, Hugh D., died 1/4/37: 1/7/37p4

Rogers, Lydia A., died 10/28/31: 10/30/31p8;11/6/31p9

Rogers, Mary, weds Edgar Roy 5/4/31: 5/8/31p18

Rogers, Ralph, died 5/15/33: 5/19/33p9;5/26/33p9

Rogers, Samuel, died 2/20/34: 2/23/34p1

Rogers, Samuel, weds Roberta Douglas 7/24/39: 8/3/39p5

Rogers, Walter, weds Irma Grover 10/13/31: 10/16/33p1

Rogers, Wilhelmina, weds Louis Bickford 12/11/33: 12/22/33p6

Rogers, William, died 7/7/33: 7/14/33p8

Rolfe, Florence, weds Donald Smith 5/29/38: 6/9/38p8

Rolfe, Harry G., died 10/15/32: 10/21/32p9

Rollins, Arthur S.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 4/17/36p4

Rollins, Beatrice, died 4/?/39: 5/4/39p13

Rollins, Elmer, died 12/?/37: 12/23/37pB2

Rollins, Flora, weds Forrest Hayes 2/2/35: 2/8/35p1

Rollins, George W., died 2/15/30: 2/21/30p1

Rollins, Leon P., died 2/3/36: 2/7/36p6

Rollins, Walter J., died 12/25/30: 1/2/31p12

Roma, Almira J., died 1/?/34: 1/12/34p8

Root, Isabelle, weds James Scott 12/10/33: 12/15/33p4

Roper, Elizabeth R.: A Personality Portrait: 8/7/36p2

Rosenberg, Lena L.: A Personality Portrait: 7/31/36p2

Rosenbury, Rose M., died 8/14/35: 8/23/35p2

Ross, Doris, weds Fred Angell: 7/20/34p8

Ross, Ernest, died 5/28/38: 6/2/38p5

Ross, Lorenzo, weds Marie Brochu 4/28/38: 5/5/38p2

Ross, Marshall, died 7/30/35: 8/2/35p2

Ross, Mary E., died 1/11/39: 1/19/39p2

Rothwell, Vivian, weds Rene Lagasse 6/18/32: 12/23/32p5

Rouleau, Roland, weds Pauline Turmelle 10/2/37: 10/7/37p2

Roulx, Emma, weds Thomas Morgan 6/26/37: 7/1/37p5

Roulx, Henry, weds Emily Roy 10/?/33: 10/27/33p8

Roulx, Victor, weds Antoinette Turmelle 6/7/36: 6/12/36p2

Rousseau, Francis, weds Pauline Lessard 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Routhier, Alberic, weds Cecile Jacques 6/20/32: 6/24/32p1

Routhier, Joseph, died 4/27/35: 5/3/35p5

Routhier, Joseph, weds Cecile Jacques 6/20/32: 6/24/32p1

Routhier Jr., Joseph, weds Adeline Ouellette 8/26/39: 8/31/39p5

Routhier, Mary, died 1/14/30: 1/17/30p8

Routhier, Rudolph, weds Lillian Desaulnier 10/10/33: 10/13/33p4

Routhier, Theodore, died 4/12/36: 4/17/36p1

Routhier, Theodore, weds Virginia Custeau 9/20/30: 9/26/30p1

Rowe, Arthur H., died 1/16/38: 1/20/38p5

Rowe, Cora H., died 6/9/39: 6/15/39p2

Rowe, Elizabeth, weds Randolph Yuill 5/?/30: 6/6/30p3

Rowe, Estelle, died 4/?/33: 4/14/33p12

Rowe, Fannie, weds Benjamin Stillings 12/28/29: 1/3/30p8

Rowe, Florence, weds Raymond Columbus 9/29/39: 10/5/39p14

Rowe, Fred, died 7/6/38: 7/7/38p1

Rowe, Lydia M., died 3/12/32: 3/18/32p8

Rowe, Mrs. Annie S., died 10/16/32: 10/21/32p8

Rowe, Thelma, weds Herbert Young 1/1/30: 1/10/30p8

Roy, Alva, weds John Grassie 5/27/39: 6/1/39p9

Roy, Charles, weds Barbara Wentworth 11/30/39: 12/7/39p14

Roy, Edgar, weds Mary Rogers 5/4/31: 5/8/31p18

Roy, Emily, weds Henry Roulx 10/?/33: 10/27/33p8

Roy, Lucienne, weds Wilfred Creteau 6/23/35: 6/28/35p16

Roy, Philip, weds Alice Nutbrown 9/19/32: 9/23/32p16

Roy, Valeda, weds Wilfred Proulx 6/19/37: 6/24/37p2

Roy, Wilfred, weds Mary Schlenker 4/28/32: 5/6/32p9

Royce, Arlene, weds Arthur Piper 10/6/35: 10/11/35p2

Rublee, Elizabeth, weds Kenneth Palmer 5/28/39: 6/1/39p5

Rublee, George C., died 3/?/37: 4/1/37p1

Ruel, Barbara, weds Gerald Lynch 5/27/33: 6/2/33p1

Ruel, Delina, celebrates 86th birthday: 8/18/38p2

Ruel, Rose, weds Wilbur Marquis 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Rumazza, Peter J., died 8/1/33: 8/7/33p8

Russell, Chester C., died 11/16/39: 11/23/39p1

Russell, Nellie, died 7/22/38: 7/28/38p7

Ryan, Agnes, weds Roger bickford 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Ryan, Edward, weds Edna Gilbert 7/4/32: 7/8/32p1

Ryan, Gertrude, died 3/21/39: 3/23/39p2;3/30/39p2

Ryan, Mae P., died 8/1/38: 8/4/38p9

Sampson, Mary E., died 7/?/35: 7/19/35p2

Sanborn, Herbert L., died 2/?/38: 3/17/38p5

Sanborn, Mabel, weds Leo Rand 2/?/36: 2/14/36p3

Sanborn, Nellie, died 3/19/31: 3/27/31p8

Sanborn, Susan O., died 6/25/39: 6/29/39p4

Sanders, Dorothy, weds Philip Corson 7/15/38: 7/21/38p2

Sanfacon, Celina, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/28/32p1

Sanfacon, Celina, died 7/2/33: 7/7/33p8

Sanfacon, Ella B.: A Personality Portrait: 7/10/36p2

Sanfacon, Felix, died 1/1/32: 1/8/32p8

Sanfacon, Gloria T., died 1/13/38: 1/20/38p5

Sanfacon, James, weds Sadie Bilodeau 9/3/33: 9/8/33p10

Sanfacon, Joseph O., died 10/12/34: 10/19/34p1

Sanfacon, M&M Felix, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/18/30p2

Sanfacon, M&M Felix, celebrate 61st anniversary: 7/17/31p1

Sanfacon, Raymond, weds Lucia Bilodeau 10/13/30: 10/17/30p1

Sanfacon, Walter, weds Rollande Ferland 5/20/39: 5/25/39p5

Sargent, Francis, weds Flora McDonald 9/?/37: 9/9/37p2

Sargent, Fred, died 11/1/32: 11/4/32p8

Saulnier, Mabel, weds Leman Wormhood 11/27/38: 12/15/39p5

Savard, Arthur, weds Laurette Labrie 4/11/34: 4/13/34p8

Sawyer, Guy, weds Florence Wilkenson 11/11/39: 11/16/39p5

Sawyer, Guy, weds Verna Cutting 4/4/34: 4/6/34p5

Sawyer, John L., died 2/29/36: 3/6/36p9

Sawyer, Rosetta, celebrates 82nd birthday: 12/3/36p8

Scagniotti, Louis C., died 9/4/37: 9/9/37p5

Scahill, John, weds Velma Welch 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Scahill, Mary, weds Walter Maxfield 11/16/36: 11/19/36p2

Scahill, Thomas, weds Pauline Marcotte 6/30/35: 7/12/35p9

Scanlon, Mary A., died 3/4/37: 3/11/37p5

Sceggel, Forrest, weds Ruth Leeman 2/14/31: 2/20/31p12

Sceggell, Benjamin P., died 5/20/38: 5/26/38p3

Schleicher, Lillian, weds George Mills 7/1/34: 7/6/34p1

Schlenker, John, weds Myrtle Hayes 7/3/37: 7/22/37p2

Schlenker, Mary, weds Wilfred Roy 4/28/32: 5/6/32p9

Schlenker, Mary, weds Wilfred Roy 4/29/32: 5/6/32p9

Schultz, Martha K., died 10/18/38: 10/20/38p2

Scott, Bertha, weds Neil McCallion 8/4/34: 8/10/34p8

Scott, George W., died 12/29/38: 1/5/39p2

Scott, James, weds Isabelle Root 12/10/33: 12/15/33p4

Scott Jr., George, weds Charlotte Burrows: 11/25/32p1

Scott, Marshall, weds Florence Lavoie 2/13/33: 2/17/33p4

Scott, Mary, weds Howard Drapeau 2/6/34: 2/9/34p5

Scruton family holds 16th reunion: 8/22/30p8

Scruton family holds annual reunion: 9/2/37p1

Scruton, Laura, celebrates 81st birthday: 4/8/37p2

Scruton, Leon E., died 10/28/38: 11/3/39p3

Scruton, William, Family holds 21st reunion: 8/23/35p6

Scruton, William, Family reunion held: 8/21/31p1

Seavey, Ada W., died 7/5/33: 7/7/33p8;7/14/33p8

Seavey, Bernice, weds Melvin Parker 8/5/33: 8/11/33p8

Seavey, Elmer, weds Amy Dixon 7/3/38: 7/7/38p8

Seavey, Faye W., died 10/1/38: 10/6/38p6

Seavey, Ralph, weds Florence Leonard: 1/4/35p5

Seavey, Samuel, weds Genevieve Lemire 11/18/39: 11/23/39p5

Seavey, Weldon, weds Lucille Raab 11/26/36: 12/3/36p2

Seaward, Alice T., died 9/18/34: 9/21/34p4;9/28/34p5

Seaward, Thomas, weds Katherine Anderton 4/29/39: 5/4/39p4

Sederquest, Russell O., died 8/5/37: 8/12/37p1

Senter, Gertrude, weds Charles Berry 9/?/38: 9/15/38p11

Shackford, Clara A., celebrates 91st birthday: 10/11/35p4

Shackford, Clara A., celebrates 90th birthday: 10/12/34p1

Shapleigh, Amelia, weds Norman Meader 9/25/34: 9/28/34p1

Shapleigh, Elizabeth R., died in China 3/21/30: 5/2/30p2

Shaw, Alexander, weds Margaret Grenier 12/24/32: 12/30/32p5

Shaw, Arlene, weds Clifford Babson Jr. 7/30/32: 8/5/32p4

Shaw, Bayfield, weds Myrtle Cook 4/1/30: 4/4/30p1

Shaw, Carrie L., died 10/27/31: 11/6/31p8

Shaw, Cecil C., died 7/6/32: 7/8/32p1;7/15/32p1

Shaw, Dorothy, weds Wesley Lyons 7/2/32: 7/8/32p4

Shaw, Elsie, weds Edward Hall 5/6/39: 5/11/39p4

Shaw, Frank H., died 4/4/34: 4/6/34p1

Shaw, George A., died 6/?/31: 6/19/31p8

Shaw, Hylda, weds Lloyd Hamilton 4/5/35: 4/12/35p12

Shaw, Ida B., died 2/11/30: 2/14/30p1;2/21/30p12

Shaw, Kate P., died 9/1/35: 9/6/35p3

Shaw, Wyman, weds Susan Hayes 11/26/31: 12/4/31p6

Shepard, John J., died 2/11/38: 2/17/38p5

Shepard, Mary, weds Joseph Currier 6/30/39: 7/6/39p3

Sherberne, Emma A., died 11/19/30: 11/28/30p8

Shorey, Bertha M., died 3/18/32: 3/25/32p5

Shorey, Charles C., died 4/3/30: 4/4/30p8

Shorey, Matilda V., died 1/15/35: 1/18/35p7;1/25/35p9

Shorey, Myron, weds Constance Libby 12/26/38: 12/30/39p5

Shorey, Myrtle, weds Alphonse Moison 2/22/34: 3/2/34p4

Shorey, Phyllis, weds Alfred Lambert 11/11/39: 11/30/39p5

Shorey, Richard, weds Margaret Bailey 9/?/37: 10/7/37p6

Shorey, Sewell, died 1/28/33: 1/27/33p9

Shorey, Wilbur S., died 12/2/39: 12/7/39p3

Short, Eleanor F., died 2/22/30: 2/28/30p8

Sidney, Elizabeth, died 5/24/38: 6/2/38p9

Sillon, Shirley, weds Joseph Bousquin 4/22/35: 5/3/35p8

Simmonds, Clarence L., died 10/12/37: 10/21/37p11

Simpson, Gertrude W., died 9/?/39: 10/5/39p3

Sinniger, Christian E., died 11/7/39: 11/9/39p15

Sissman, Mary, weds Stephen Esselstyne 11/18/36: 11/26/36p2

Skillings, Florence, weds Albion Hurd 12/2/38: 12/8/38p5

Skinner Jr., Francis, weds Beatrice Blanchard 6/21/37: 7/1/37p4

Sleeper, Emma, died 10/26/30: 10/31/30p9

Sleeper, Ernestine, weds Clifford Keay 9/23/34: 9/28/34p9

Sleeper, Florence V., died 8/27/37: 9/2/37p8

Sleeper, John F., died 12/?/32: 12/30/32p12

Sleeper, Sarah E., died 11/25/30: 12/5/30p8

Slocum, Albert W., died 1/17/39: 1/19/39p1

Slocum, Gladys, weds Paul Hunt 11/21/31: 11/27/31p9

Sloper, Ada W., died 1/13/35: 1/18/35p8

Sloper, Myron J., died 4/17/33: 4/21/33pp8,12(EB)

Small, Adelia E., died 3/12/38: 3/17/38p5

Small, Beryl, weds Bennie Ochren 7/22/33: 3/2/34p3

Small, Elsie N., died 1/10/30: 1/17/30p9

Small, Frank H., died 6/30/39: 7/6/39p2

Small, Harriet, died 12/8/30: 12/12/30p8

Small, Nellie C., died 3/24/35: 3/29/35p9

Smith, Alfred, weds Frances Blake 2/6/31: 2/12/32p4

Smith, Alice, weds Bernard Brennan 11/17/36: 11/19/36p2

Smith, Bessie, celebrates birthday: 2/9/34p9

Smith, Brendon, weds Etta Dame 6/23/38: 6/30/38p2

Smith, Carrie E., died 12/21/34: 12/30/34p6

Smith, Charles, weds Mildred Jensen 11/30/34: 12/7/34p2

Smith, Donald, weds Florence Rolfe 5/29/38: 6/9/38p8

Smith, Edmund, weds Hannah DeMeritt 10/14/35: 10/18/35p8

Smith, Elizabeth N., died 8/12/39: 8/17/39p14

Smith, Elizabeth, weds Norman Varney 1/13/35: 1/18/35p7

Smith, Eunice, weds Carl Jacobs 6/2/35: 6/7/35p9

Smith, Grace H.--A Personality Portrait: 4/24/36p2

Smith, Grace, weds Charles Wentworth 8/27/34: 9/7/34p5

Smith, Hadley, weds Gertrude Mayo 4/1/39: 4/6/39p5

Smith, Harry, died 12/7/34: 12/14/34p1

Smith, Herbert W., died 4/14/35: 4/19/35p4

Smith, Horace H., died 5/29/35: 6/7/35p9

Smith, Irving, died 7/2/35: 7/5/35p5

Smith, Jessie, weds Wayne Dixon 5/29/30: 6/6/30p12

Smith, Joshua, weds Edith Temple: 2/19/32p4

Smith, Lillian, weds Herbert Bickford: 1/12/34p9

Smith, Lloyd, died 9/7/38: 9/15/38p13

Smith, Louise, weds Robert Estes 6/26?/30: 6/20/30p1

Smith, M&M Lewis N., celebrate 60th anniversary: 9/2/37p1

Smith, Madeline, weds Norman McKinney 10/29/36: 11/5/36p9

Smith, Marie, died 9/12/32: 9/16/32p8

Smith, Nellie, weds Nelson Lamb 2/10/34: 2/16/34p1

Smith, Raymond, weds Myrtle Derby 6/25/38: 6/30/38p10(F);7/7/38p7(F)

Smith, Simon T., died 6/?/36: 6/12/36p5

Smith, Thelma, weds Albert Gosselin 4/22/34: 4/27/34p1

Smith, Vera, weds Eugene Souza 10/1/38: 10/6/38p8

Smith, Wayne E., died 11/26/30: 12/5/30p1

Smith, William H., died 12/26/31: 1/1/32p2

Snierson, Irene, weds Ernest Berry 8/12/34: 10/19/34p1

Snow, Conrad E.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 3/13/36p4

Snow, Leslie P., died 3/17/34: 3/23/34p1

Snow, Wilton, weds Ruth French 4/11/31: 4/17/31p1

Snyder, Rose, died 1/19/33: 1/27/33p8

Sorenson, Albert E., died 6/8/31: 6/12/31p1

Sorenson, Louisa, died 3/22/33: 3/24/33p12

Souter, Christine, weds Roland Knight 4/?/35: 4/26/35p2

Southwick, Ruth, weds Franklin Morrison 8/2/34: 8/17/34p11

Souza, Eugene, weds Vera Smith 10/1/38: 10/6/38p8

Spaulding, Huntley N.--Meet Your Neighbor: 2/14/36p4

Spaulding, Rolland H.--Meet Your Neighbor: 2/21/36p4

Spear, Dorothea, weds Arthur LeBlond 7/1/39: 7/6/39p14

Speke, Jospeh, died 8/20/37: 8/26/37p5

Spencer, Frank, weds Lela Coleman 2/10/38: 2/17/38p2

Spencer, Robert, weds Roselle Sylvain 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Spencer, Susan, weds Lewis Joy 11/30/39: 12/7/39p20

Spicer, Frances, weds Roland Sylvain 11/19/38: 11/24/39p2

Spiers, Frank R., died 8/7/38: 8/11/38p5

Spiers, Ida W., died 12/8/39: 12/14/39p4

Spiers, Millicent J., died 4/14/31: 4/17/31p1;4/24/31p5

Spinny, Lillie, weds Franklin Colby 7/12/32: 7/15/32p1

Springfield, George H., died 5/30/35: 6/7/35p1

Springfield, George, weds Lola Meader 6/28/37: 7/1/37p2

St. Cyr, Harry, weds Irene St. Peter 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

St. Cyr, Pauline B., died 10/18/37: 10/21/37p5

St. Hilaire, Joseph, died 12/10/30: 12/12/30p8

St. Jean, Anthony, weds Louise Dugas 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

St. Laurent, Telesphore, weds Thelma Browne 2/13/34: 2/16/34p1

St. Peter, Irene, weds Harry St. Cyr 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

St. Sauveaur, Clarisse, died 2/3/36: 2/7/36p14

St.Hilaire, Simeon, died 1/7/38: 1/13/38p5

Stackpole, John J., died 2/1/31: 2/6/31p8

Stafford, Clifton, weds Marguerite Bond 6/1/37: 6/3/37p2

Stafford, Walter, weds Deloria Levesque 5/30/36: 6/5/36p2

Stahl, Herberty A., died 10/29/39: 11/2/39p2

Standley, Olive F., died 1/5/38: 1/13/38p5

Stanhope, Arlene, weds Nelson Keene 12/31/38: 1/6/38p3

Stanhope, Ruth, weds Harold Coleman 2/3/34: 2/16/34p5

Stanton, Blanche, weds Roger Clarke 7/17/39: 7/20/39p5

Stanton, Gordon, weds Elsie Cassidy 4/7/35: 4/12/35p6

Stanton, Lizzie M., died 8/6/32: 8/12/32p8

Stanton, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/4/31p1

Steadman, Edwin K., died 9/26/30: 10/3/30p8

Steadman, Emma A., died 7/9/38: 7/14/38p5

Stearnes Jr., Reaumer, weds Edna Cook 2/20/31: 2/27/31p20

Steele, Alfred, weds Rose Ouellette 12/30/34: 1/4/35p7

Sterett, Moses E., died 12/8/32: 12/16/32p8

Stevens, Barbara, died 6/17/37: 6/24/37p6

Stevens, Barbara, weds Edward Knesel 11/26/36: 12/3/36p3

Stevens, Elwin, weds Pearl Corson 3/27/37: 4/1/37p6

Stevens, Eugene, died 9/2/35: 9/6/35p3

Stevens, Harold, weds Jeanette Colwell 1/21/34: 1/26/34p9

Stevens, Ida S., died 6/23/35: 6/28/35p2

Stevens, J. Herbert, died 3/25/32: 4/1/32p4

Stevens, John M.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 3/6/36p2

Stevens, Mahlon, honored by Masons: 1/18/35p1

Stevens, Marjory, weds Walter Stevens 12/24/36: 12/31/36p8

Stevens, Maurice, weds Olga Langford 1/26/38: 2/10/38p2

Stevens, Walter, weds Marjory Stevens 12/24/36: 12/31/36p8

Stevenson, Douglas M.--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 5/10/35p11

Stevenson, Eva L.--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 2/8/35p11

Stevenson, Jennie, died 6/14/30: 6/20/30p9

Stewart, David, weds Blanch Couture 3/2/34: 3/9/34p4

Stewart, Glenn, weds Charlotte Trickey 8/5/39: 8/10/39p5

Stewart, Ida M., died 10/22/36: 10/29/36p9

Stewart, Lewis H., died 1/3/36: 1/10/36p9

Stewart, Marguerite, weds Lester Hurd 8/27/39: 8/31/39p5

Stillings, Benjamin, died 6/11/31: 6/19/31p8

Stillings, Benjamin, weds Fannie Rowe 12/28/29: 1/3/30p8

Stoakes, Dudley L., died 6/26/36: 7/3/36p1

Stoehrer, Edith, weds Harold Pinkham 10/21/38: 11/3/39pC1

Stokes, Elizabeth, weds Alfred Lindberg 6/20/38: 7/7/38p2

Stone, Elizabeth F., died 1/18/33: 1/27/33p8

Stone, Frank, died 6/7/32: 6/10/32p12

Stone, Hester, weds J. Labonte 8/4/30: 8/8/30p9

Stone, John, weds Helen Newbury 6/27/38: 6/30/38pp2,5

Stone, Leonard, died 7/7/38: 7/7/38p3

Stone, Margaret, weds Henry Lee 9/7/38: 9/15/38p11

Stone, Mary J., died 8/28/31: 9/4/31p8

Stone, Oralie, died 8/28/31: 9/4/31p13

Stone, Robert, weds Marie Fisher 4/15/34: 4/27/34p1

Story, Allie, weds June Perry 11/12/33: 11/24/33p5

Strout, Alicia, weds Harold Young 1/?/33: 1/27/33p1

Stuart, Archie, weds Almeda Green 2/15/30: 2/21/30p5

Stuart, Frank J., died 9/16/38: 9/22/38p2

Stuart, Jeremiah, weds Eleanor Haselton 6/10?/33: 6/16/33p9

Stuart, Marion, weds William McElwain 1/16/32: 1/22/32p16

Stuart, Reginald, weds Helen Tebbetts 10/29/32: 11/4/32p9

Studley, Joshua, is head of New England Florists: 8/28/31p1

Studley, Norma A.--A Personality Portrait: 3/27/36p2

Studley, Norma, is president of State BPW: 7/3/36p1

Studley, Norma M., heads NH BPW: 7/1/37p1

Sullivan, Brendon, weds Ruth Wallace 10/22/39: 10/26/39p4

Sullivan, Elizabeth, weds Donald Bolduc 5/21/38: 5/26/38p2

Sullivan, Frank, weds Agnes Nangle 4/23/35: 4/26/35p5

Sullivan, Mary B., died 11/28/33: 12/2/33p12

Swain, Joseph, weds Blanche Gilman 11/25/30: 12/5/30p1

Swain, Vernon, weds Margaret Cowey 1/29/38: 2/3/38p5

Swaine, Horace R., died 10/18/31: 10/23/31p1

Swaine, Joseph, died 12/12/30: 12/19/30pp1,8

Swaine, Maybelle, weds Theodore Elliot 9/7/30: 9/19/30p1

Swaine, Seorim, died 4/24/30: 5/2/30p8

Swanson, Ethel, weds Frank Hussey 5/30/31: 6/5/31p1

Sweet Jr., Robert, weds Marion Willcox 10/26/35: 11/8/35p2

Swift, Elizabeth, weds Herbert Corliss 7/20/36: 7/24/36p5

Swinerton, John R., died 2/8/34: 2/16/34p12

Swinerton, Lawrence, weds Anna Adjutant 2/4/34: 2/9/34p12

Sylvain, Annie, died 4/?/31: 4/17/31p9

Sylvain, Carolyn, celebrates 98th birthday: 9/25/31p1

Sylvain, Carolyn, celebrates 99th birthday: 3/25/32p1

Sylvain, Carolyn S., died 7/24/32: 7/29/32p1

Sylvain, Celina G., died 1/20/32: 1/22/32p8

Sylvain, Delphine, weds Joseph Payeur 2/17/31: 2/20/31p4

Sylvain, Ferdinand J., died 10/9/35: 10/11/35p2

Sylvain, George, died 10/?/37: 10/28/37p8

Sylvain, Leah, died 4/?/39: 4/6/39p2

Sylvain, Roland, weds Frances Spicer 11/19/38: 11/24/39p2

Sylvain, Roselle, weds Robert Spencer 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Syvail, Mary D., died 11/5/32: 11/11/32p8

Syvain, Octavien, weds Angelina Tetreau 5/28/38: 6/2/38p2

Tanguay, Joseph, weds Beatrice Nedeau 4/27/35: 5/3/35p13

Tanguay, Raymond, weds Olive Bonenfont 4/29/39: 5/4/39p5

Tanguay, Sylvio, weds Marie Bedard 6/26/33: 6/30/33p9

Tanner, George, weds Rita Piper 10/17/31: 10/23/31p12

Tanner, Harvey, weds Yvonne Lessard 12/18/33: 1/19/34p12

Tanner, Sarah E., died 6/1/37: 6/3/37p4

Tanner, Waldo, weds Helen Moulton 11/16/32: 11/25/32p2

Tapper, Fred, weds Ruth Bridges 8/2/36: 8/7/36p2

Tapscott, Lillian, weds Eugene Cormier 9/14/36: 9/17/36p14

Tarbell, W. E., died 1/10/36: 1/17/36p10

Tardy, Pauline, weds John Glover 2/22/39: 3/2/39p5

Tasker, Charles, died 7/16/39: 7/20/39p10

Tasker, Emily A., died 8/17/30: 8/29/30p8

Tassier, George, weds Marjory Hatch 5/30/31: 6/5/31p12

Tatro, Frank, died 10/30/37: 11/4/37pB4

Taylor, Annie L., died 7/2/31: 7/10/31p8

Taylor, Annie, weds Fred Ramsdall 9/1/39: 9/7/39p14

Taylor, George, died 5/24/30: 5/30/30p8

Taylor, Gertrude, weds Thurlow Glidden 10/28/35: 11/1/35p6

Taylor, Harold, weds Mildred McDaniel 9/21/39: 9/28/39p16

Taylor, Walter, weds Viola Ferland 6/21/36: 6/26/36p2

Teague, Charles H., died 9/29/32: 10/7/32p8

Teague, Mary M., died 4/3/33: 4/7/33p1

Tebbetts, Arline, weds Edward Blinn 2/19/38: 2/24/38p2

Tebbetts, Charles, died 3/25/32: 4/1/32p8

Tebbetts, Charles O., died 3/22/38: 3/24/38p1

Tebbetts, Donald, weds Muriel Clark 7/1/35: 7/5/35p12

Tebbetts, Edward, died 8/25/38: 9/1/38p5

Tebbetts, Edward L., died 5/14/34: 5/18/34pp1,8

Tebbetts, Foster, weds Dora Lacasse 11/26/38: 12/15/39p5

Tebbetts, George, died 9/13/38: 9/15/38p2

Tebbetts, George H., died 1/15/30: 1/17/30p8

Tebbetts, Helen, weds Reginald Stuart 10/29/32: 11/4/32p9

Tebbetts, Leroy H., died 1/23/38: 1/27/38p5

Tebbetts, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/4/31p1

Tebbetts, Mary L., died 12/12/35: 12/20/35p2

Tebbetts, Mary W., died 10/21/38: 11/3/39p3

Tebbetts, Moses, died 11/27/34: 11/30/34p1

Tebbetts, Robert, weds Gertrude Herron: 4/6/34p16

Tee, Donna, weds John Morine 9/1/38: 9/8/38p5

Temple, Edith, weds Joshua Smith: 2/19/32p4

Tessier, Albert, weds Katherine Ham 2/9/36: 2/14/36p3

Tessier, Irene, weds Alden Day 9/3/33: 9/8/33p10

Tessier, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/21/33p1

Tetreau, Angelina, weds Octavien Sylvain 5/28/38: 6/2/38p2

Theberge, Marie, weds Donatine Gagne 6/24/39: 6/29/39p9

Theroux, Roland, weds Yvette Tremblay 6/26/37: 7/1/37p5

Therrien, Alphonse, weds Celia Estes 12/22/37: 12/30/37p2

Therrien, Narcisse, died 5/25/31: 5/29/31p8

Thibault, Maria C., died 6/29/36: 7/3/36p13

Thomas, Edwin H., died 7/4/39: 7/6/39p1

Thomas, Wilfred, weds Blanche Dadmun 10/4/36: 10/8/36p6

Thompson, Adrian, weds Mildred Morrill 9/10/30: 9/19/30p9

Thompson, Charles W., died 10/3/37: 10/7/37p10

Thompson, Charles, weds Thelma Doughty 10/28/39: 11/2/39p9

Thompson, Gertrude M., died 5/22/39: 5/25/39p2

Thompson, Ida R., died 1/25/35: 2/1/35p6

Thompson, Lydia P., died 2/?/37: 2/18/37p8

Thompson, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/26/36pp6,8

Thompson, Mary, died 7/22/32: 7/29/32p9

Thompson, Victor, weds Jennie Reynolds 5/22/37: 5/27/47p8

Thompson, Victor, weds Lorina Deroche 2/?/34: 2/16/34p5

Thorne, Lee, died 2/11/37: 2/18/37p5

Thornton, Edwin, weds Edith Gray 9/17/32: 9/23/32p9

Thurston, M&M Josiah W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/26/39p12

Thyng, Dorothy, weds Ernest Nason 4/5/36: 4/10/36p3

Thyng, Herbert, weds Hilda Barnard 4/9/39: 4/13/39p5

Tibbetts, Carrie H., died 3/29/35: 4/5/35p8

Tibbetts, Cora, weds Walter Harding 9/23?/31: 10/2/31p12

Tibbetts, Emma, died 4/26/39: 5/4/39p13

Tibbetts, Frank, died 4/2/35: 4/5/35p8

Tibbetts, Lucinda G. celebrates 80th birthday: 8/3/34p1

Tibbetts, Susan, died 3/5/32: 3/11/32p8

Tibbetts, Warren, weds Catherine Corson 3/30?/34: 4/6/34p4

Tickey, Anson B., died 1/3/30: 1/10/30p8

Tilton, Jenny C., died 8/9/39: 8/10/39p3

Tilton, Ruth, weds Arthur Lawrence 5/27/38: 6/2/38p9

Timmins, Mary, weds Franklin Dickson 8/11/35: 8/16/35p6

Tinker, Gertrude, weds Beverly Davis 5/20/37: 5/27/47p2

Tobbetts, Clara E., died 2/17/36: 2/21/36p5

Tobey, Hartley, weds Mabel Wentworth 7/31/38: 9/8/38p10

Toof, Herman, weds Louise Dallaire 6/3/37: 6/10/37p2

Toomey, Eileen, is heroine in oil lamp blaze: 9/6/35p1

Toomey, Irving, weds Ann Meader 2/?/37: 2/11/37p2

Toomey Jr., Daniel, weds Myrtle Hazelton 10/5/36: 10/29/36p2

Torr, Charles C., died 2/5/34: 2/9/34p1

Torr, George H., died 4/27/31: 5/1/31p1

Torr, Jere, weds Dorothy Cilley 4/12/36: 4/17/36p2

Towle, Edwin, weds Patricia Willey 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Towle, Emma F., died 6/19/38: 6/30/38p9

Towle, Tristam F., died 1/5/37: 1/7/37p5

Towle, Tristam, weds Adrienne Langevin 1/23/37: 1/28/37p3

Tozier, Carl, weds Rita Fortin 8/5/39: 8/10/39p12

Trafton, Elmer, died 2/3/34: 2/9/34p8

Trafton, Robert, died 9/25/38: 9/29/38p2

Traniello, Vincent, weds Jeanette Hebert 9/9/39: 9/14/39p5

Tremblay, Ernest, weds Antoinette Desaulnier 6/18/35: 6/21/35p3

Tremblay, Henry, weds Antoinette Aube 4/19/36: 4/24/36p2

Tremblay, James, died 5/4/32: 5/13/32p8;5/20/32p8

Tremblay, Peter, weds Lucille Lambert 6/11/38: 6/16/38p2

Tremblay, Romeo, weds Lucienne Beaulieu 9/18/37: 9/23/37p2

Tremblay, Yvette, weds Roland Theroux 6/26/37: 7/1/37p5

Tremble, Elizabeth T., died 11/12/37: 11/18/37p5

Trickey, Charlotte, weds Glenn Stewart 8/5/39: 8/10/39p5

Trickey, Etta B., died 2/5/31: 2/12/32p8

Trickey, George C., died 2/24/30: 2/28/30p12

Tripp, Emma A., died 6/30/33: 7/7/33p8

Tripp, Louise, weds Ralph Meader 9/9/39: 9/14/39p5

Tripp, Thankful R., died 2/17/34: 2/23/34p8

Tromblay, Ada, weds Ernest Leblanc 9/4/37: 9/9/37p2

Troy, Margaret E., died 1/5/35: 1/11/35p9

Troy, Michel, died 2/19/34: 2/23/34p8

Trueworthy, Ada M., died 5/7/38: 5/12/38p5

Trueworthy, Mildred F., died 2/28/38: 3/3/38p5

Tuck, Helen, weds Charles Caswell 12/24/35: 1/3/36p4

Tucker, Alice J., died 10/24/37: 10/28/37pB6

Tucker, Raymond, weds Lauretta Turmelle 10/4/30: 10/10/30p3

Tufts, Charles E., died 4/?/36: 4/17/36p5

Tufts, Dorothea, weds Alonzo Aichler 12/4/37: 12/16/37pB1

Tufts, Earl, weds Olive Page 1/7/30: 1/10/30p8

Tufts, Emma F., died 1/4/37: 1/14/37p5

Turcotte, Edna, weds Estras Martineau 4/3/34: 4/6/34p4

Turcotte, Joseph A., died 3/8/30: 3/14/30p8

Turcotte, M&M Albert, host family reunion: 1/7/37p2

Turcotte, Philomene T., died 6/9/37: 6/10/37p4

Turcotte, Raymond, weds Reina Perreault 10/8/38: 10/13/38p9

Turcotte, Yvonne, weds Oscar Archambault 5/5/35: 5/10/35p4

Turgeon, Albert T., died 5/24/39: 5/25/39p1;6/1/39p4

Turgeon, Alfred, weds Jeanette Richards 5/30/32: 6/3/32p9

Turgeon, Delima, died 12/21/39: 12/28/39p6

Turgeon, Edward, weds Rose Mondou 11/25/37: 12/2/37p2

Turgeon, Irene, weds Bernard Turmelle 11/21/32: 11/25/32p1

Turgeon, Mary, weds Antonio Mondeaux 11/29/34: 12/7/34p2

Turmelle, Albia, weds Albert Marcotte Jr. 6/15/31: 6/19/31p4

Turmelle, Antoinette, weds Victor Roulx 6/7/36: 6/12/36p2

Turmelle, Bernard, weds Irene Turgeon 11/21/32: 11/25/32p1

Turmelle, Diana S., died 11/31/36: 1/7/37p4

Turmelle, Ernestine M., died 11/2/36: 11/5/36p8

Turmelle, Hattie S., died 7/15/31: 7/24/31p8

Turmelle, Lauretta, weds Raymond Tucker 10/4/30: 10/10/30p3

Turmelle, Lloyd, weds Yvonne Lehoux 2/6/37: 2/11/37p2

Turmelle, M&M Thomas, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/24/33p1

Turmelle, Pauline, weds Roland Rouleau 10/2/37: 10/7/37p2

Turner, Annie E., died 6/7/39: 6/8/39p3

Turner, Annie S., died 9/3/30: 9/5/30p8;9/12/30p16

Tuttle, Addison F., died 10/6/36: 10/8/36p3

Tuttle, Allison E., celebrates 81st birthday: 8/18/38p7

Tuttle, Anna, died 7/28/38: 8/4/38p1

Tuttle, James, weds Muriel Ham 7/15/38: 7/21/38p2

Tuttle, Lewis B., died 2/11/30: 2/14/30p1;2/28/30p12

Tuttle, Lizzie, died 7/19/34: 7/20/34p8;7/27/34p5

Tuttle, M&M Owen, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/17/38pp1,3;3/24/38p2

Tuttle, Robert, weds Annie Linscott 10/13/35: 10/18/35p4

Twombley, M. Alice, died 4/25/32: 5/6/32p12

Twombly, David O., died 3/3/38: 3/10/38p5

Twombly, Dorothy, died 6/4/39: 6/15/39p14

Twombly, Irving, died 8/2/33: 8/7/33p8

Twombly, Walter A., died 11/27/33: 12/2/33p12

Twombly, William, weds Frances Derby 4/?/33: 4/7/33p1

Vachon, Alfred, weds Jean Fontaine 6/28/36: 7/3/36p2

Vachon, Corrine, died 5/8/33: 5/12/33p8

Vachon, Cyrille, died 8/1/33: 8/7/33p8

Vachon, Emile, died 10/8/32: 10/14/32p12

Vachon, Jeanette, weds John Curry 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Vachon, Laura, died 1/25/39: 1/26/39p2;2/2/39p2

Vachon, Theodore, died 4/24/39: 4/27/39p2;5/4/39p2

Vachon, Wilfred, weds June Prescott 5/?/39: 5/18/39p16

Vaillencourt, Leo, weds Eva LaBonte 7/2/32: 8/26/32p3

Valenti, Florence, weds Arthur Walker 11/?/30: 11/28/30p8

Vallee, Alphonsine, died 12/26/36: 12/31/36p5

Vallee, Rose, died 12/15/32: 12/23/32p8

Vam Vlieb, Ethel D., died 6/?/35: 7/5/35p5

VanBuskirk, Dorothy, weds Erlon Dickey 3/8/36: 6/26/36p9

Varney, Adeline, died 8/5/31: 8/14/31p8

Varney, Arthur L., died 1/17/31: 1/22/32p5

Varney, Arthur L., died 1/17/32: 1/22/32pp5,12

Varney, Barbara, weds Edward Railsback 8/5/38: 8/11/38p2

Varney, Basil, weds Velma Nute 9/2/34: 9/7/34p4

Varney, Charles, died 4/28/32: 5/6/32p12

Varney, Eva, died 6/24/33: 6/30/33p8;7/7/33p8

Varney, Florence, died 5/7/34: 5/11/34p1

Varney, George, died 1/4/30: 1/3/30p9

Varney, George E., died 5/13/36: 5/15/36p1

Varney, George W., died 6/?/35: 6/14/35p5

Varney, Joseph H., died 3/11/35: 3/15/35p6

Varney Jr., Charles, weds Marjory Wainwright 3/4/38: 3/10/38p2

Varney, Lloyd, weds Laura Bernard 8/16/30: 8/22/30p8

Varney, M&M Owen M., celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/5/37p2;8/12/37p2

Varney, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/19/39p1

Varney, Mary E., died 1/20/33: 1/27/33p8

Varney, Norman, weds Elizabeth Smith 1/13/35: 1/18/35p7

Varney, Sarah C., died 1/?/39: 2/2/39p2

Varney, Winifred E., died 4/15/34: 4/27/34p5

Vasoli, Rigo, weds Evelyn Daverio 2/26/38: 3/3/38p2

Veno, Alice C., died 12/15/31: 12/18/31p8

Verville, Edmund, weds Lucienne Cartier 1/26/31: 2/6/31p4

Vickers, Charles, weds Delia Beaulieu 9/3/33: 9/22/33p8

Vigant, Alma C., died 9/?/33: 9/29/33p8

Vincent, Albert, weds Bernadette Perreault 9/5/32: 9/9/32p1

Vincent, James, weds Annette Hamel 10/?/35: 10/18/35p4

Vittum, Francis, weds Shirley Carpenter 10/5/38: 10/20/38p5

Vizina, Hector, died 8/15/39: 8/17/39p3;8/24/39p2

Voyer, Laura, weds Wilfred Ouellette 11/27/37: 12/2/37pp2,B5

Wainwright, Marjory, weds Charles Varney Jr. 3/4/38: 3/10/38p2

Walbridge, Charles, weds Marion Lessard 6/15/36: 6/19/36p3

Walbridge, Ruby, weds Edward Marble 12/27/30: 1/2/31p9

Waldron, Lula S., died 7/22/32: 7/29/32p8

Walker, Arthur, weds Florence Valenti 11/?/30: 11/28/30p8

Walker, Frank, weds Blanche Brogan 6/30?/37: 7/8/37p2

Walker, Henry C., died 2/4/33: 2/10/33p8

Walker, Sylvia F., died 5/23/38: 5/26/38p5

Wallace, Addie M., celebrates 83rd birthday: 3/25/32p4

Wallace, Albert S., died 7/16/35: 7/26/35p3

Wallace, Cora J., died 5/17/33: 5/26/33pp8,9(ER)

Wallace, Emmiline, weds Lawrence Hooper 9/16/35: 9/20/35p2

Wallace, Ruth, weds Brendon Sullivan 10/22/39: 10/26/39p4

Wallace, Sarah, weds Leon Jacobs 7/3/30: 7/11/30p1

Wallingford, Frances, weds Harry Libby 6/?/30: 6/20/30p9

Wallingford, Mary B., died 9/23/39: 9/28/39p12

Wallingford, Mary E., died 11/17/33: 11/24/33p8

Walsh, Ann, weds Robert Ferland 7/8/39: 7/13/39p5

Walsh, John, weds Amelia Martineau 8/?/30: 8/22/30p9

Ward, Charles H., died 8/7/39: 8/10/39p3;8/17/39p3

Ward, Thelma B., died 4/25/36: 5/1/36p11

Ward, Vivian, weds Arthur Brouillard 9/22/31: 9/25/31p1

Ware, Lucille, weds Roger Nutter 8/28/36: 9/4/36p8

Warnecke, Wilma, weds Herbert Downs 5/2/36: 5/8/36p15

Warren, Alice W., died 1/30/32: 2/5/32p8

Warren, Bessie, weds Norman Winter 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Warren, Sarah E., died 12/10/31: 12/18/31p8

Warren, Sarah E., died 12/10/31: 12/18/31p8

Warren, William J.--We Have With Us (personality portrait): 5/15/36p4

Waterhouse, James, weds Emma Gerrish 7/1/39: 7/6/39p3

Waterhouse, Lester, weds Ethel Pike 8/22/36: 10/1/36p2

Waterman, Martha D., died 6/?/31: 6/26/31p8

Watson, Barbara, weds William Neal 6/18/33: 6/23/33pp1,9(G)

Watson, Carl, weds Ruth Cardinal 4/30/38: 5/12/38p9

Watson, Effie L., died 2/4/38: 2/10/38p5

Watson, Ernest, died 9/17/35: 9/20/35p2

Watson, Lydia, died 12/17/36: 12/24/36p3

Watson, Marjorie, weds Philip Grant 5/13/39: 5/18/39p5

Watson, Robert, weds Blanch Beals 10/17/34: 10/26/34p2

Watson, Rolland, weds Ruth Foss 9/2/34: 9/7/34p2

Watson, Sara, weds Thomas Reddon 11/25/39: 11/30/39p5

Watts, Raymond C., died 6/5/39: 6/8/39p3

Waymouth, Genevieve C., died 1/3/37: 1/7/37p5

Weathers, Donald, weds Marion Bent 6/3/39: 6/8/39p5

Webber, Evelyn, weds Robert Lanoix 11/12/32: 11/18/32p8

Webber, George E., died 11/2/39: 11/9/39p2

Webber, Russell V., died 5/?/33: 6/2/33p8

Webber, Wilbur H., died 2/19/31: 2/26/32p8

Webber, William H., died 2/19/32: 2/26/32p8

Webster, Charles L., died 3/?/30: 3/28/30p8

Webster, Mary E., died 8/13/38: 8/18/38p3

Webster, Priscilla, Weds Clarence Jewell 5/14/38: 5/26/38p9

Webster, Ruth, died 12/24/34: 12/30/34p2

Wedndell, Isabelle F., died 6/5/36: 6/12/36p5

Weeks, Anna G., died 2/16/36: 2/21/36p3

Weeks, Audrey, weds Elbridge Gile 10/24/31: 10/30/31p8

Weeks, Charles, died 3/?/37: 4/1/37p5

Weeks, Henrietta J., died 9/21/36: 9/24/36p5

Weeks, Myron, weds Irene Ormondroyd 4/15/33: 4/28/33p4

Weeks, Nathan O., died 1/2/33: 1/5/34p8

Weeks, Sarah, weds Albert Gile 10/24/31: 10/30/31p8

Welch, Clyde, weds Mary Wiggin 12/5/30: 12/12/30p5

Welch, Greta, weds Osborne Downing 5/?/30: 5/30/30p9

Welch, Kenneth, weds Marjorie Childs 2/17/33: 2/24/33p1

Welch, Raymond, weds Louise Nute 1/26/35: 2/1/35p6

Welch, Velma, weds John Scahill 9/4/34: 9/7/34p2

Welch, Wanda J., died 2/17/35: 2/22/35p7

Welch, William G., died 9/28/30: 10/3/30pp4,9

Wells, Elinor, weds Richard Brown 11/19/39: 11/23/39p16

Wells, George H., died 9/4/32: 9/9/32p6 (See Green Hill)

Wells, George H., died 9/5/32: 9/16/32p8

Wells, William E., died 7/31/32: 8/5/32p9

Wentworth, Barbara, weds Charles Roy 11/30/39: 12/7/39p14

Wentworth, Byron, died 12/12/31: 12/18/31p8

Wentworth, Charles, weds Grace Smith 8/27/34: 9/7/34p5

Wentworth, Florence, died 8/22/30: 8/29/30p12

Wentworth, Frank, died 6/23/34: 6/29/34p1

Wentworth, Frank P., died 10/3/31: 10/9/31p1

Wentworth, George C., celebrates 92nd birthday: 10/23/31p5

Wentworth, George C., celebrates 93rd birthday: 10/21/32p12

Wentworth, Harriet A., died 7/2/32: 7/8/32p1

Wentworth, Harry H., died 2/25/33: 3/3/33p1

Wentworth, J. Frank, died 9/17/31: 9/25/31p8

Wentworth, Jennie A., died 2/11/34: 2/16/34p12

Wentworth, John E., died 9/12/37: 9/18/37p1

Wentworth, Lena A., died 6/25/32: 7/8/32p5

Wentworth, Lillian J., died 5/15/31: 5/22/31p8

Wentworth, Louise H., died 10/28/30: 10/31/30pp4(NR),8

Wentworth, Lucy E., died 8/7/37: 8/12/37p5

Wentworth, M&M Edgar L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/19/34p9

Wentworth, M&M Edgar L., celebrate 53rd anniversary: 1/21/37p6

Wentworth, Mabel, weds Hartley Tobey 7/31/38: 9/8/38p10

Wentworth, Marion, died 2/13/33: 2/17/33p4

Wentworth, Marion, weds Gordon Cushing 4/27/33: 5/5/33p4

Wentworth, Nellie E., died 10/16/34: 10/19/34p7

Wentworth, Robert W., died 9/18/31: 10/2/31p8

Wentworth, Shem C., died 4/16/39: 4/20/39p7

Wentworth, Stella, died 7/8/35: 7/12/35p8

Wescott, Frank, weds Roberta Young 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Wescott, Harold, weds Dorothy Brown 3/10/38: 3/24/38p2

Weymouth, John, weds Lucille Beaudoin 12/31/36: 1/21/37p5

Wheeler, James, died 6/25/35: 6/28/35p3

Whicher, Harold P., died 3/6/37: 3/18/37p5

Whipple. Marion, weds Clyde Morse 6/23/30: 6/27/30p1

White, Albanis, weds Minnie Hart 1/13/34: 1/19/34p9

White, Albert T., died 11/7/36: 11/12/36p3

White, Almee (Alnee?), weds Clyde Morrill 6/17/34: 6/22/34p9

White, Charles A., died 2/27/39: 3/2/39p2

White, Charles, weds Harriet McDonnell: 12/10/36p2

White, George I., died 7/27/38: 8/4/38p9

White, Gilbert, weds Harriett Frost 2/23/36: 2/28/36p8

White, John, died 1/19/37: 1/21/37p6

White, Olin, weds Frances Wixson 2/19/31: 2/27/31p9

White, Roland, weds Ruth Carpenter 6/5/38: 6/9/38p2

Whitehouse, Carrie J., died 4/?/39: 4/27/39p6 ,p14

Whitehouse, Charles F., died 4/2/31: 4/10/31p12

Whitehouse, Daniel, died 4/27/37: 4/29/47p8

Whitehouse, Ellen F., died 9/29/39: 10/5/39p11

Whitehouse, Harold, weds Elinor Pennell 1/9/37: 1/28/37p2

Whitehouse, Helen, weds John Brown 5/17/36: 5/22/36p4

Whitehouse, Ida M., died 10/5/34: 10/12/34p4

Whitehouse, Thelma, weds Carlton Gregory 7/27/39: 8/3/39p5

Whiting, Aurelian E., died 3/31/34: 4/6/34p8

Whitmore, William, weds Barbara Bray 1/15/38: 1/20/38p2

Whitten, Esther, weds Joseph Morgan 6/7/30: 6/13/30p5

Whitten, Mary E., died 9/29/32: 10/7/32p8

Wieslander, Marie, weds Malcolm Angell 8/?/33: 9/1/33p1

Wiggin, Elmer E., feted after 50 years with B&M Railroad: 4/20/34p12

Wiggin, George W., died 1/29/33: 1/27/33p12

Wiggin, Idella, weds Roscoe Brown 4/12/37: 4/15/37p6

Wiggin, Jasper, weds Frances Fanning 8/17/33: 8/25/33p8

Wiggin, M&M Elmer E., celebrate 48th anniversary: 8/31/39p14

Wiggin, Mary, weds Clyde Welch 12/5/30: 12/12/30p5

Wiggin, Stanley, weds Marie Grimsted 9/4/32: 9/23/32p16

Wiggin, William E., died 9/7/31: 9/11/31p4

Wilder, Mary V., died 2/?/36: 2/21/36p3

Wilenson, Ida, celebrates 79th birthday: 2/26/32p1

Wilkens, Maude, weds Osmer Palmer 5/19/35: 5/24/35p3

Wilkens, Maude--Who's Who in RHS Faculty: 2/22/35p9

Wilkenson, Florence, weds Guy Sawyer 11/11/39: 11/16/39p5

Wilkenson, Ida, died 2/17/33: 2/24/33p12;3/31/33p4

Willand, Bridget A., died 8/3/36: 8/7/36p5

Willard, Alberta, weds Harold Mosher 9/5/36: 9/10/36p8

Willard, Mrs. Frank, died 11/2/35: 11/8/35p9

Willcox, Marion, weds Robert Sweet Jr. 10/26/35: 11/8/35p2

Willet, Joseph, weds Helen Hebert 7/3/33: 7/7/33p1

Willett, Charles C., died 3/12/32: 3/19/32p1

Willett, Joseph, died 3/5/31: 3/13/31p8

Willett, Marie, weds John Custeau 8/31/31: 9/4/31p1

Willey, Annie R., died 4/12/37: 4/15/37p3

Willey, Ellen P., died 7/?/32: 7/22/32p8

Willey, Ellen P., died 7/?/32: 7/22/32p8

Willey, Frances D., died 6/15/36: 7/3/36p8

Willey, Gertrude M., died 3/22/36: 3/27/36p15

Willey, J. Henry 11/1/37: 11/4/37p5

Willey, James, died 12/25/32: 12/30/32p2

Willey, Jennie M., died 5/17/30: 5/23/30p8

Willey, Joseph D., died 9/3/31: 9/11/31p12

Willey, Lester L., died 1/?/35: 2/1/35p5

Willey, Marguerite, weds Stephen King Jr. 6/10/39: 6/15/39p15

Willey, Nellie M., died 12/11/37: 12/23/37pB2

Willey, Patricia, weds Edwin Towle 9/3/38: 9/8/38p5

Williams, Harold, weds Pauline Martin 4/22/39: 4/27/39p5

Williams, Margaret, weds Rudolph Perreault 6/15/35: 6/28/35p8

Willis, Paul, weds Martha McCombe 6/11/39: 6/15/39p5

Willoughby, George H., died 12/6/33: 12/8/33p8;12/15/33p8

Wilson, Alice, weds Edward Harvey 8/23?/39: 8/31/39p5

Wilson, Charles O., died 9/17/33: 9/22/33p1

Wilson, Earl, weds Mildred Price 4/26/33: 5/5/33p4

Wilson, Robert, weds Charlotte Palmer 9/23/34: 9/28/34p9

Wilton, Paul, weds Dorothea Domerritt 12/31/34: 1/4/35p6

Winchell, Harvey F., die 11/29/37: 12/2/37p8

Winfield, Nicholas, died 4/?/35: 4/12/35p8

Wingate, Carleton, weds Dorothy Blaisdell 6/30/35: 7/5/35p7

Winkley, John F., died 11/26/38: 12/1/39p2

Winkley, Joseph, died 2/?/34: 2/9/34p1

Winkley, Joseph H., celebrates 87th birthday: 9/7/34p1

Winkley, Joseph, weds Dorothy Cook: 1/8/32p8

Winkley, Scott, weds Noreen Dynan 4/20/30: 4/25/30p8

Winter, Norman, weds Bessie Warren 11/30/39: 12/7/39p6

Witham, Ernestine, weds Frank Nutter 6/30/39: 7/6/39p8

Wixson, Frances, weds Olin White 2/19/31: 2/27/31p9

Wixson, Louise, weds Wesley Jefferson 3/14/36: 3/27/36p2

Wood, Charles M., died 7/6/37: 7/8/37p1

Wood, Edward, weds Faith Meader 4/14/35: 5/3/35p8

Wood, Wendell, weds Ina Brown 5/6/33: 5/12/33p8

Woodard, Bert O., died 7/24/37: 7/29/37p10

Woodbury, Carl, died 5/25/37: 5/27/47p5

Woodbury, Edith, weds Arthur Colby 9/12/36: 9/17/36p2

Woodes, Harry R., died 4/9/34: 4/13/34p8

Woodes, Herschel M., died 12/2/38: 12/8/38p2

Woodes, Norman, weds Florence Page 10/30/36: 11/5/36p2

Woodes, Ossie H., died 2/8/38: 2/10/38p5;2/17/38p5

Woodfall, Alice, weds George Robinson 7/23/32: 7/29/32p1

Woodman, Beatrice, weds Omar Buzzell 11/19/33: 11/24/33p9

Woodman, John, weds Mary Dow 1/24/37: 4/8/37p2

Woodman, Miles C., died 3/25/33: 4/7/33p5

Woodman, Nahum F., died 5/22/34: 5/25/34p9;6/1/34p1

Woodward, Orista B., died 2/5/38: 2/10/38p5

Woodworth, Leroy, weds Marion Berry 7/15/37: 7/22/37p2

Worden, Joseph E., died 1/?/34: 2/2/34p8

Wormhood, Charles H., died 4/6/33: 4/14/33p9

Wormhood, Julia F., died 11/30/30: 12/5/30p8

Wormhood, Leman, weds Mabel Saulnier 11/27/38: 12/15/39p5

Wormhood, Sherburne M., died 4/10/36: 4/17/36p5

Worthly, Alonzo H., died 12/20/35: 12/27/35p7

Wotton, Dorothea, weds Harry Murdock 6/14/36: 6/19/36p6

Wotton, Fannie, weds Chester Jefferson 10/31/36: 11/5/36p3

Wotton, Robert, weds Flora Charles 9/24/38: 9/29/38p5

Wotton, Wilbur, weds Della Perreault 4/1/39: 4/6/39p5

Wright, John, weds Elizabeth Lewis 9/5/34: 9/7/34p2

Wright, Mary, weds Perley Pease 8/22/31: 8/28/31p1

Wright, Stanley, weds Dorothy Bodge 12/10/29: 6/20/30p16

Wriught, Bertha A., died 5/25/36: 5/29/36p1

Wyatt, Asa, celebrates 85th birthday: 3/3/33p1

Wyatt, Asa, celebrates 90th birthday 2/26/38: 3/3/38p1

Wyatt, Asa, died 12/26/38: 12/30/39p2

Wyatt, George, weds Adelaide Mutch 12/29/29: 1/17/30p13

Wyatt, Marion, weds Harry Mayott 7/8/38: 7/14/38p9

Wyatt, Susan E., died 1/27/36: 1/31/36p1

Yeaton, Frieda, weds Madison Gile 1/27/37: 2/4/37p2

Yeaton, Henry D., died 3/18/36: 3/20/36p5

Yeaton, Sarah A., died 1/20/30: 1/24/30p8;1/31/30p8

York, Austin, died 1/28/33: 1/27/33p8

York, Fred, weds Ethel Hayes 9/12/38: 9/15/38p5

York, Hattie, died 6/26/33: 6/30/33p8

York, Mary, died 11/9/37: 11/18/37p4

Young, Lillian L., died 5/24/36: 5/29/36p5

Young, C. Linwood, died 4/20/38: 4/21/38p4

Young, Ellen, died 3/19/36: 3/20/36p9

Young, Evelyn, weds Robert Palmer 4/9/32: 4/15/32p5

Young, Fred J., died 3/2/32: 3/4/32p5;3/11/32p8

Young, George W., died 11/22/35: 11/29/35p5

Young, Harold, weds Alicia Strout 1/?/33: 1/27/33p1

Young, Herbert, weds Thelma Rowe 1/1/30: 1/10/30p8

Young, Isaac H., died 1/23/34: 2/9/34p8

Young, James B., died ?/?/34: 9/7/34p1

Young, Jennie M., died 8/12/34: 8/17/34p12

Young, Linwood, weds Marion Park 2/9/36: 2/14/36p3

Young, Marjorie B., died 4/5/31: 4/10/31p1

Young, Mary E., and two sisters are octogenarians: 12/18/31p3

Young, Mary E., died 5/31/33: 6/2/33p8

Young, Roberta, weds Frank Wescott 10/1/38: 10/6/38p5

Young, Sadie A., died 7/16/35: 7/26/35p3

Yuill, Randolph, weds Elizabeth Rowe 5/?/30: 6/6/30p3


40 et 8: Origin of name discussed: 7/10/31p6

AL officers: 10/31/30p4;10/16/31p1;10/27/38p3;9/21/39p6;10/13/39p1

BPW officers: 9/4/31p4;9/18/31p1;6/15/34p6;6/14/35p3

C/C officers: 12/5/30p1;12/2/33p1;11/22/35p1;11/19/36p1;11/25/37pp1,3; 11/9/39p1

Club Harmonie officers: 1/10/36p3;12/3/36p2;12/7/39p1

Court St. Mary creation, officers: 7/13/34p16

Court St. Mary officers: 5/8/36p2;6/10/37p3

DAR officers: 5/4/34p1;5/8/36p2

DeMolay officers: 5/2/30p2;11/21/30p4;7/6/34p1;12/13/35p2

Elks officers: 4/14/33p1;6/15/34p1;5/17/35p1;5/6/37p2;1/20/38p1

Emblem Club organized by Elks: 5/19/33p8

Emblem officers: 1/24/36p2;5/22/36p2;4/22/37p2;6/9/38p1

Grange celebrates 60th anniversary: 5/22/36p1

Grange officers: 1/11/35p16;11/26/36p1

Hibernian officers: 2/9/39p6

IOOF officers: 10/15/36p2;9/23/37p3;10/26/39p5

Kiwanis officers: 12/12/30p3;1/13/33p1;1/12/34p1;1/11/35p16;1/10/36p1; 12/16/37p1

KofC officers: 6/14/35p5: 6/14/35p5

Masons officers: 3/7/30p1;3/6/31p1;3/11/32p1;3/10/33p1;3/24/38p5

OES officers: 2/5/32p1;1/27/33p1;1/18/35p3;1/10/36p2;12/23/37p2;1/21/37p1

Pocahontas officers: 7/6/34p1;12/23/37p2

Pocahontis celebrates 50th anniversary: 5/13/47p2

Pythian officers: 1/1/32p1;7/22/32p1;8/7/33p1; 12/15/33p8; 1/5/34pp5,9; 1/17/36p9; 12/17/36p8; 1/21/37p6

Rebekah officers: 10/31/30p1;10/27/33p1;10/22/36p9;10/7/37p2;11/2/39pp4,5

RHS Class of 1905 holds reunion: 6/27/30pp6,16

RHS Class of 1912 holds reunion: 6/27/30p6

RHS Class of 1918 holds reunion: 6/23/38p4;5/25/39p5

RHS Class of 1936 holds reunion: 7/1/37p4

RHS Class of 1937 holds reunion: 6/23/38p4

RHS Classes of 1909, 1910 and 1911 hold reunion: 7/1/37p1

RWC officers: 5/8/36p2;5/13/47p3

SHS dedication held: 9/14/39p1

St. Jean officers: 1/20/38p1;1/26/39p5;12/21/39p6

Ste. Victoire officers: 11/5/36p2;10/28/37p1

Union Lodge celebrates 30th anniversary: 7/1/37p2

Union Lodge officers: 10/14/37p2

VFW Ladies' Auxiliary created: 3/22/35p1

VFW officers: 11/14/30p1;10/25/35p1;11/29/35p1;10/29/36p1;4/13/39p1; 5/4/39p5

Villa Isabella officers: 1/10/36p2;11/5/36p2;9/23/37p3;10/28/37p1; 10/27/38p3;10/26/39p5

WCTU celebrates 60th anniversary: 4/15/37p2

WCTU officers: 10/22/36p2;11/4/37p3

Women's Club officers: 10/1/36p2

WRC celebrates 50th anniversary: 1/14/37p2;1/21/37p2

WRC officers: 1/19/34p1