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Rochester Courier Index 1940-1949

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from 1940 through 1949. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

      References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). The papers were printed in more than one section. Rather than continue the sequential numbering in the additional sections, the page numbers for these additional sections start with "1" followed by the letter "a" for the first additional section, and again "1" followed by the letter "b" for the second additional section, if there is one. Thus, "p5a" would indicate page 5 in the first additional section of the paper. A letter in parentheses after the reference indicates the item is in an area column.

     Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association
  1. There are two entries in this column on the Abbott death; the second is the more complete.
  2. Bottom of obituary is missing (see 1 above).
  3. Obituary starts in column 8 and is continued on the same page at the top of the previous column, column seven.


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Abbott, Charlene M., died 4/25/42: 4/30/42p1

Abbott, Claude A., died 9/1/49: 9/8/49p15

Abbott, Edson M., died 5/14/49: 5/19/49p1

Abbott, Emma F., died 12/22/44: 12/28/44p4

Abbott, Ethel F., died 11/25/44: 11/23/44p4

Abbott, Floyd, weds Helen Lord 12/29/45: 1/10/46p3

Abbott, Frank L., died 5/9/48: 5/13/48p4

Abbott, Ida T., died 8/21/47: 8/28/47p4

Abbott, Irving J., died 6/6/46: 6/13/46p5

Abbott, James F., died 5/7/44: 5/11/44p3

Abbott, John, weds Anne Skelly 9/26/43: 10/7/43p5

Abbott, Mary, died 5/19/46: 5/23/46p4

Abbott, Wilbur F., died 2/?/49: 2/17/49p18

Abolin, Anna S., died 2/6/49: 2/10/49p4

Adams, Dexter, weds Dorothy Fall 2/17/42: 2/26/42p6

Adams, Hubert, weds Verna Corson 2/24/40: 2/29/40p5

Adams, Jane, weds William Seale 1/23/48: 2/5/48p14

Adams, Joan, weds Victor Garland 8/27/49: 9/1/49p12

Adams, Richard, weds Miriam Cooper 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Adjutant, Alice, weds Myron Sanborn 9/3/44: 9/7/44p10

Aherne, Mary, weds George Philbrick Jr. 7/2/48: 7/8/48p4

Aiken, Flora, weds Raymond Rollins 6/4/49: 6/9/49p14

Aiken, Mary E., died 4/16/42: 4/23/42p8

Akers, Elmer W., died 9/30/42: 10/1/42p3;10/8/42p3

Akers, Maude, died 9/27/48: 9/30/48p4

Albany, Silvia, weds Alfred Turmelle 2/23/47: 2/27/47p2

Albee, Virginia, weds Paul Wohlforth 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Albert, Lionel, weds Dorothy Hatch 11/9/40: 11/14/40p5

Alden, Florence M., died 2/8/44: 2/10/44p4

Aldrich, Brenda, weds Frederick Stevens 11/30/46: 12/5/46p16

Aldrich, Eleanor, weds Lawrence Ham 6/18/46: 6/27/46p16

Aldrich, Elizabeth, weds Will Peavey 9/27/41: 10/2/41p14

Aldrich, Stabley, weds Avis Hall 2/25/41: 3/6/41p5

Alimi, Eva, weds Anthony Rigazio 5/5/47: 5/8/47p3;5/15/47p5

Alimi, George, weds Beatrice Johnson 10/25/47: 10/30/47p10

Allain, Yvette, weds Ralph Brock Jr. 9/4/48: 9/16/48p3,9/23/48p3

Allaire, Mary C., died 2/26/46: 2/28/46p6

Allaire, Mrs. Thomas, died 3/5/46: 3/7/46p4

Allaire, Pauline, weds Alphonse Chesnel 7/27/46: 8/1/46p3;8/15/46p2

Allaire, Thomas, died 9/28/47: 10/2/47p4

Allard, Leopold, weds Yvette Bedard 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Allen, Abbie R., 4/23/49: 4/28/49p4

Allen, Alice E., died 8/23/45: 8/30/45p4

Allen, Anna S., died 3/5/43: 3/11/43p1

Allen, Barbara, weds Gordon Kendall 3/29/47: 4/3/47p2

Allen, Bessie, died 9/3/47: 9/11/47p15

Allen, Betty, weds Raymond Fifield 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3

Allen, Chester A., died 1/17/46: 1/24/46p4

Allen, Edward, weds Marie Lonnroth 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Allen, Florence, weds John Saturley 8/3/40: 8/8/40p5

Allen, Gertrude H., died 4/2/49: 4/7/49p4

Allen, I. Belmont, died 1/10/45: 1/18/45p4

Allen, Isabelle J., died 4/25/45: 5/3/45p4

Allen, John C., died 7/30/45: 8/2/45p4

Allen, John, weds Ruth Doherty 6/6/43: 6/10/43p5

Allen, Timothy, weds Vanette Pierce 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Allen, Wilbur H., died 5/3/49: 5/5/49p5

Allen, Will D., died 1/29/46: 11/7/46p10

Allison, Carol, weds Chester Whitney 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Almgren, Neal, weds Cynthia Kenhardt 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Almond, Bernice, weds Robert Horne 10/26/46: 10/31/46p3,11/28/46p4

Alton, Floyd, weds Frances Perkins 5/3/46: 5/9/46p12

Amadon, Frank M., died 5/17/45: 5/24/45p4

Amazeen, Alice, weds Stanley Merrill 4/11/41: 4/17/41p5

Amazeen, Martha A., died 4/10/46: 4/18/46p14

Amero, Alberta, weds Orville Sanborn 4/20/42: 4/23/42p5

Amero, Anna, weds Harold Thompson 7/5/41: 7/17/41p5

Amero, John, weds Phyllis Whitten 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5

Ames, Doris, weds Edward Knox 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Ames, Lydia, weds Roland Roberts 8/20/43: 8/26/43p2

Ames, William P., died 7/4/47: 7/10/47p4

Anctil, Barbara, weds Eugene Gravel 8/6/47: 8/14/47p16

Anctil, Juliette, weds George Sargent 2/22/41: 2/27/41p3

Anctil, Neree, weds Ila O'Neil 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

Anderson, Elaine, weds Alfred Blair 9/8/42: 9/17/42p10

Anderson, Katherine, weds Wallace Gilman 10/8/43: 10/21/43p11

Anderson, Kenneth, weds Gloria Wentworth 3/2/49: 3/10/49p3

Anderson, Neal, weds Barbara Tilton 6/12/43: 6/17/43p12

Anderson, Norris, weds Meredith Goss 7/?/42: 7/30/42p5

Andrews, Clarence L., died 9/30/42: 10/1/42p3

Andrews, Dorothea, weds Dennis Capodestria 1/12/47: 1/16/47p2

Andrews, Eva W., died 2/23/41: 2/27/41p4

Andrews, Ralph H., died 2/22/44: 3/8/45p1

Angevine, Wallace, weds Isabelle Faulkingham 5/9/42: 5/21/42p6

Angwin, Everett, weds Miriam Buzzelle 7/1/43: 7/8/43p6

Annia, Annah R., died 12/4/41: 12/11/41pC3

Annis, Aura E., died 3/19/47: 3/20/47p4

Annis, Frank, weds Susie Scruton 8/31/46: 9/5/46p43

Annis, Harley E., died 9/28/42: 10/1/42p3

Annis, Lorraine, weds Kenneth Miller 6/29/43: 7/1/43p5

Apostol Sophia, weds Francis Rouillard 7/27/46: 8/1/46p14

Appleby, Edith, weds Raymond Patch 12/10/44: 12/21/44p5

Archambault, Lucille, weds Paul Seaman 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3,10/24/46p4

Archambeault, Yvonne T., died 8/5/41: 8/7/41p4

Archameault, Norman, weds Claire Bernier 10/20/45: 11/1/45p2

Archinski, William, weds Grace Kondrup 9/28/46: 10/10/46p3

Arlin, Bertha, weds Raymond Merrill 5/26/45: 5/31/45p3

Arlin, Jessie, weds Fred Reynolds 9/29/41: 10/2/41p5

Arlin, Ruth, weds Bernard Tebbetts 7/17/42: 7/23/42p6

Armstrong, Mary K., died 7/29/42: 7/30/42p3

Armstrong, Mortimer R., died 3/24/44: 3/30/44p13

Armstrong, Theodore, died 1/31/40: 2/1/40p4 ;2/8/40p11

Arno, Claribel, weds Donald Lacroix 2/5/40: 2/8/40pp4,5

Arnold, John, weds Ethel Beckwith 3/8/41: 3/13/41p5

Arnold, Mary, weds Sidney White 4/13/45: 4/19/45p11

Arnold, Patricia, weds Wendall Blackney 1/15/48: 1/22/48p10

Arnold, Robert, weds Irene Coffman 5/14/43: 5/27/43p10

Arnold, Samuel, weds Helen Gage 5/3/40: 5/9/40p13

Arnold, William, weds Regene O'Neil 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3,9/9/48p3

Atkins, Alma V., died 9/13/48: 9/16/48p4

Atkinson, Fredina, weds Willis Hayes 3/23/40: 9/5/40p5

Atwood, Joan, is DAR Citizen of the Year/FHS: 2/8/40p6

Aubert, Pauline, weds Gerard Trottier 8/10/46: 8/15/46p3

Aubin, Janet, weds Charles Norton 6/30/46: 7/4/46p2

Auclair, Doris, weds Robert Beaudry 8/30/46: 9/5/46p11

Auclair, Frederic, weds Doris Goodwin 11/8/41: 11/13/41pp6 ,9

Auger, Pauline E., died 1/25/44: 1/27/44p3;2/3/44p4

Auger, Pauline, weds Edward Woodward 9/11/44: 9/28/44p5

Aukstikalnis, Walter, weds Louise Sass 9/2?/46: 9/5/46p3

Austin, George, weds Vermille Welch 9/8/46: 9/12/46p3

Austin, Helen, weds Fernand Bernier 6/27/47: 7/10/47p3

Austin, Lotta, weds Victor Dureault 6/18/49: 6/23/49p20

Austin, Thelma, weds Edgar Ellison 11/14/42: 12/3/42p5

Autotte, Laurent, weds Rita Marquis 12/29/41: 1/1/42p5

Autrey, Marilyn, weds Charles Massey 7/30/46: 8/1/46p3

Avery, Alice Y., died 7/27/40: 8/1/40p8

Avery, Emma B., died 6/3/49: 6/9/49p18

Avery, Flora F., died 3/22/42: 3/26/42p6

Avery, George, weds Lydia Libby 11/19/49: 11/24/49p4

Avery, Louise P., died 5/12/42: 5/14/42p12

Avery, Nelson, weds Ruth Hartford 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Avery, Nolan, weds Naomi Mitchell 2/28/43: 3/4/43p5

Avery, Oscar J., celebrates 79th birthday: 5/25/44p10

Avery, Oscar J., died 11/29/45: 12/6/45p10

Avery, Ruth, weds Maynard Briggs 10/5/46: 10/10/46p14

Ayers, Charles F., died 7/26?/44: 7/27/44p1

Aylward, John, died 9/15/40: 9/19/40p3

Babb, Alma B., died 5/16/48: 5/20/48p4

Babb, Fred O., died 12/3/49: 12/8/49p18

Babb, Henry H., died 1/25/40: 2/1/40p14

Babb, Lorraine, weds Victor Bagley Jr. 9/26/43: 10/21/43p5

Babb, Ruth, weds Wayne Meyette 4/28/40: 5/2/40pp4,6

Babcock, Fred, weds Fernande Belanger 5/30/47: 6/5/47p5

Bachelor, Demarice, weds Kenneth Lewis 6/26/49: 6/30/49p4

Bacon, Alonzo, died 9/13/49: 9/15/49p5

Bacon, Edward L., died 5/15/45: 5/17/45p4

Bacon, Marie, weds Henry Dufault 9/23/44: 9/28/44p5

Badger, Ruth, weds Anthony brooks 7/21/45: 7/26/45p2

Bagley, Anna A., died 1/20/42: 1/22/42p2

Bagley, Bryant, weds Ruth Glidden 11/24/40: 11/28/40p4

Bagley, Charles H., died 5/19/41: 5/22/41p3

Bagley Jr., Victor, weds Lorraine Babb 9/26/43: 10/21/43p5

Bagley, Leila, weds George Smith 11/13/45: 11/22/45p2

Bagley, Martha, weds Robert Carpenter 3/15/45: 3/22/45p3

Bagley, Phyllis, weds Raymond Connelly 12/29/40: 3/20/41p5

Bailey, Melvin, weds Mereline Pierce 2/28/42: 3/12/42p5

Bailey, Patrick E., died 6/9/48: 6/10/48p4,6/17/48p4

Bailey, Ralston, weds Christine White 2/19/49: 2/24/49p2

Baird Jr., Arthur, weds Vianna Perry 1/13/47: 1/23/47p3

Baker, Albert, weds Frances Lincoln 11/15/40: 11/28/40p4

Baker, Albert, weds Helen McLaughlin 10/20/46: 10/24/46p12

Baker, Luella, weds Fletcher Phillips 4/17/49: 5/5/49p4

Baker, Maude P., died 8/11/44: 8/17/44p4

Baker, Mrs. Albert, died 7/15/48: 7/15/48p1

Baker, Sidney, weds Elizabeth Van Brocklin 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Balcom, Albert, weds Sara Berry 2/16/41: 2/20/41p5

Balcom, Joseph E., died 8/16/40: 8/22/40p3

Baldwin, Carlyne, weds Harry Durant Jr. 5/29/41: 6/5/41pp2(F),5

Ball, Alberta, weds Roger Calef 6/6/48: 6/10/48p13 ,6/17/48p11

Ball, Marguerite, weds Earl Colby 3/30/40: 4/11/40p10

Ball, Owen M., died 3/25/41: 3/27/41p17

Ball, Shirley, weds Neil Gibb 8/25/45: 8/30/45p11 ;9/6/45p10

Ballew, Hal, weds Emily Otto 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Ballou, Edmund F., died 1/30/45: 2/1/45p11

Ballou, Laurence, weds Lucy Blackadar 11/11/49: 11/17/50p4

Ballou, William, weds Melba Parshley 7/21/46: 8/15/46p3;8/15/46p15

Ballou, William, weds Myrtle Otis 6/28/41: 7/3/41p3

Balomenos, Betty, weds William Pallas 10/19/47: 10/23/47p3

Balomenos, Richard, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 6/28/45p1

Barber, Agnes, weds Arthur Gray 3/2/46: 3/7/46p10

Barber, Betty, weds Walter Williams 2/2/46: 2/7/46p2

Barber, George J., died 9/21/46: 9/26/46p1

Barber, Isabelle, weds Edward Quimby Jr. 10/5/41: 10/9/41p5

Barber Jr., Joseph, weds Jeanette Davis 7/26/48: 8/5/48p3

Barber, M&M George J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/3/46p1

Barber, Maurice A., died 6/22/49: 6/30/49p17

Barber, Mildred, weds Herbert Morgan 3/14/42: 3/19/42p10

Barber, Ruth, weds Ovila Lacasse 1/27/45: 2/1/45p5

Barber, Thelma, weds Charles Tremblay 11/16/40: 12/5/40p5

Barber, Viotti M., died 9/29/46: 10/3/46p11

Barcomb, Louis, weds Evelyn Waldron 3/20/48: 4/1/48p8

Baril, Daniel W., died 7/5/44: 7/13/44p4

Baril, Harold, weds Isabel Hughes 7/26/47: 7/31/47p3

Baril, Minnie, died 5/19/48: 5/20/48p4,5/27/48p4

Barnaby, Roland, weds Ina Taylor 5/11/40: 5/16/40p13

Barnett, Ella, weds Erwin Brown 1/7/43: 4/22/43p5

Barrett, Daniel W., died 7/5/44: 7/6/44p3

Barry, Edward, weds Arlene Montgomery 9/2/47: 10/2/47p3

Barry, Ruth, weds Burnard Willey 11/9/46: 11/14/46p8

Barsantee, Albert H., died 10/?/48: 10/28/48p18

Bartlett, Clarence, weds Jeanette Bonser 10/2/49: 10/6/49p15

Bartlett, Edna M., died 4/29/49: 5/5/49p5

Bartlett, Francis W., died 6/17/49: 6/23/49pp1,20

Bartlett, Francis, weds Edna Scruton 8/30/46: 9/5/46p11

Bartlett, Harry, weds Edna Williams 4/5/44: 3/9/44p5

Barton, Florence, weds Edgar Ham 7/28/48: 8/5/48p3

Bashaar, Charles, weds Emma Campbell 9/27/47: 10/2/47p3

Batchelder, Inez, celebrates 87th birthday: 3/9/44p9

Batchelder, Inez, celebrates 91st birthday: 3/4/48p18

Batchelder, Inez, celebrates 92nd birthday: 3/3/49p12

Batchelder, Mrs. E. K., celebrates 90th birthday: 3/6/47p14

Bateman, John F., died 1/19/45: 1/25/45p11

Bates, John H., died 3/17/46: 3/21/46p1

Battershall, Shirley, weds Wesley Broome 5/25/46: 6/6/46p9

Baumgaertner, Grace, weds Leslie O'Leary 9/?/48: 9/16/48p14

Baxendale, Annie, died 3/17/44: 3/23/44p4

Baxter, Clarence, died ?/?/44: 12/7/44p1

Baxter, Clarence M., WWII victim, to return: 7/15/48p12(F),8/5/48p13(F)

Baxter, Clarence, weds Marjorie Gerrish 10/31/42: 11/5/42p3

Baxter, Eleanor, weds Richard Gale 8/31/46: 10/3/46p3,10/10/46p12

Baxter, Everett, weds Germaine Bousquin 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Baxter, Fannie, weds Wayland Tarbell 2/12/44: 3/2/44p9

Baxter, Hibbert B., died 7/28/42: 7/30/42p6

Baxter, James, weds Ethel McRae 11/28/40: 12/5/40p5

Baxter, James, weds Hazel Huff 3/6/43: 3/11/43p4

Baxter, Leota L., died 10/19/45: 10/25/45p9

Baxter, Sherman, weds Luverne Swaine 10/6/45: 10/11/45p6

Baxter, Walter, died 7/3/45: 7/5/45p1;7/12/45p4

Beach, Kenneth E., died 7/6/47: 7/10/47p1

Beach, Patricia, weds Stanley Wenmark 6/11/49: 6/16/49p4

Beadoin, Joseph, died 6/15/49: 6/23/49p5

Beals, George, weds Barbara O'Leary 2/23/46: 2/28/46p12

Beals, John, weds Deborah Small 12/10/49: 12/15/49p4

Bean, Beverly, weds Herbert Person 10/27/42: 11/12/42p5

Bean, Ida M., died 8/13/45: 8/16/45p10

Beane, Frances, weds Harry Wentworth 4/17/46: 4/25/46p10

Beane, John, weds Muriel Russell 2/27/42: 3/5/42p10

Beard, Charles, weds Ruth Young 11/27/46: 12/5/46p16

Beard, Geraldine, weds Frank Parshley 7/2/49: 7/7/49p5

Beard, Harriet, weds Walter Heath 11/13/46: 12/12/46p3

Beaton, Hugh A., died 2/12/40: 2/15/40p14 ;2/29/40p6

Beauchain, Pauline, weds Ralph Boodey 5/1/44: 5/4/44p12

Beaudoin, Achille, died 7/2/46: 7/4/46p4;7/11/46p4

Beaudoin, Aurelie, died 4/1/45: 4/5/45p4

Beaudoin, Edward, weds Germaine LeBrecque 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Beaudoin, Eugene, weds Alma Huppe 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Beaudoin, Katherine, died 6/19/41: 6/26/41p2

Beaudoin, Palma, weds Raymond Turner 3/20/43: 3/25/43p5

Beaudoin, Paula, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/23/47p1,1/30/47p1

Beaudoin, Raymond, weds Marie Langlier 5/14/45: 5/24/45p2

Beaudoin, Wilfred, died 2/23/49: 2/24/49p4,3/3/49p4

Beaudry, Robert, weds Doris Auclair 8/30/46: 9/5/46p11

Beaulieu, Anna, weds Roland Dozois 11/23/40: 11/28/40p4

Beaulieu, Felix O., died 6/26/42: 7/2/42p3

Beaulieu, Jerome, weds Virginia Witham 5/7/49: 5/12/49p4

Beaulieu, Junian, weds Georgia Petropoulos 7/3/49: 7/14/49p4

Beaulieu, Ludgar, weds Juliet Berrault 8/15/42: 8/20/42p10

Beaulieu, Paul, weds Edwina Lanoie 5/4/46: 5/9/46p2

Beaulieu, Pauline, weds Charles Marble 6/28/47: 7/3/47p3;7/10/47p5

Beaupre, Gerard, weds Inge Koch 7/18/49: 8/4/49p4

Beaupre, Helene, weds William Copp 3/14/46: 3/28/46p2;4/4/46p3

Beaupre, Robert, weds Ruhama Hayes 6/28/41: 7/3/41p3 ;7/10/41p4

Beauregard, Joseph, died 4/22/49: 4/28/49p4

Beaven, John W., died 5/27/46: 5/30/46p4

Beckingham, Mrs. James, died 3/21/48: 3/25/48p4

Beckwith, Ethel, weds John Arnold 3/8/41: 3/13/41p5

Bedard, Arthur J., died 10/15/44: 10/19/44p4

Bedard, Dora, weds Raymond Boucher 1/6/40: 1/11/40p5

Bedard, George, weds Betty Lucey 7/25/45: 8/9/45p2

Bedard, Marie J., died 1/26/49: 1/27/49p4,2/3/49p4

Bedard, Maurice, weds Mildred Harmon 11/10/45: 11/22/45p2

Bedard, Raymond, weds Priscilla Croteau 1/1/49: 1/6/49p3

Bedard, Yvette, weds Leopold Allard 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Beebe, Alonzo, weds Irene Waterhouse 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Beecher, George A., died 9/19/41: 9/25/41p10

Befera, Jr., Nicholas J., died 7/2/40: 7/4/40p2;7/11/40p3

Begin family, Francois, holds first family reunion in 28 years: 9/18/47p1

Beland, Roger, died 2/10/44: 2/17/44p1;2/24/44p3

Belanger, Edgar W., feted by City organizations: 12/9/43p6

Belanger, Fernande, weds Fred Babcock 5/30/47: 6/5/47p5

Belanger, Maurice, weds Mabel Gallant 9/22/45: 9/27/45p2

Belanger, Vincent, welcomes bride from England after 7 months: 3/21/46p2

Belinsky, Hyman, weds Ruth Norman 10/2/42: 10/8/42p6

Belinsky, Marcia, weds Alvin Kozminski 2/11/43: 6/24/43p3

Belinsky, Samuel, died 7/19/45: 7/26/45p3

Bell, Henry, weds Ethel Tibbetts 12/31/41: 1/15/42p4

Bell, Margaret, weds Jasper Flint 6/29/40: 7/4/40p16

Bellemeur, Pauline, weds Raymond Jenness 3/9/46: 3/14/46p2

Belleville, Mary, died 8/13/48: 8/19/48p4

Bellevue, Wilfred R., has Liberty ship named for him: 3/1/45p1

Belville, Walter, died 7/1/44: 7/6/44p3

Benjamin, Catherine, weds Murray Jenness 4/9/49: 4/14/49p4

Benner, Barbara, weds Eldore Daudelin 9/14/40: 9/19/40p16

Benner, Marie O., died 7/24/48: 7/29/48p4

Benner, Robert, weds Mary Dunlap 9/1/45: 9/6/45p2

Bennett, Albert, died 7/22/40: 7/25/40p10 ;8/1/40p10

Bennett, Arnold, weds Lola Davis 1/5/46: 1/31/46p5

Bennett, Charles F., died 6/30/44: 7/6/44p9 (Notes F & N)

Bennett, Constance C., died 7/17/46: 7/25/46p4

Bennett, George W., died 1/27/41: 1/30/41p10

Bennett, Geraldine, weds Ralph Fisher 12/14/44: 12/28/44p3

Bennett, Gordon P., died 11/30/42: 12/3/42p10

Bennett, Hester D., died 9/27/45: 10/18/45p6

Bennett, Jospeh L., died 3/18/41: 3/20/41p8

Bennett, Lulu, weds Allison Tuttle 2/15/41: 2/20/41p15

Bennett, M&M Charles F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/4/40p3

Bennett, Sadie S., died 11/22/40: 11/28/40p2

Benoit, Bernard, weds Beatrice Owen 10/25/47: 10/30/47p10

Benson, Marion, weds Leo Lowry 11/?/43: 11/25/43p8 ;12/2/43p6

Benton, Frances, weds Richard Watson 7/3/48: 7/8/48p14

Berard, Desanges B., died 4/5/45: 4/5/45p4;4/12/45p4

Berard, Emelda, weds Maurice Gourgue 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3;9/11/31pB1

Berard, Grazilda, weds James Leclaire 4/28/49: 5/5/49p4

Berard, Joseph, died 8/31/46: 9/5/46p4

Berger, Mildred, weds E. J. McAllister 9/28/47: 10/9/47p21

Bergeron, Auline, weds Charles Brown 6/9/45: 6/21/45p3

Bergeron, Donaldo G., died 12/19/46: 12/26/46p4

Bergeron, Fabien, weds Rosalie Boller 2/16/43: 4/8/43p5

Bergeron, Isidore, weds Lucille Dupont 1/1/43: 1/7/43p5

Bergeron, Joseph, weds Irene Marcoux 10/7/44: 10/12/44p2

Bergeron, Lillian, weds Frederick Hammond 12/15/46: 1/2/47p13

Bergeron, Lionel, weds Roberta Splaine 11/29/45: 12/6/45p2

Bergeron, Lucille, weds Roland Morin 11/21/44: 11/23/44p2

Bergeron, Martin, weds Margaret Linehan 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Bergeron, Mrs. Victoria, attenda family reunion: 1/2/41p5

Bergeron, Paul, weds Mabel Thomas 8/29/44: 8/31/44p2

Bergeron, Theresa, weds Albert George 7/21/41: 7/24/41p5

Bergeron, Theresa, weds Paul Lamie 12/29/47: 1/1/48p3

Bergeron, Victoria M., died 3/30/42: 4/2/42p2

Beriault, Beatrice, weds Gordon Tuck 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4

Beriault, Norman, weds Virginia Campbell 4/24/48: 4/29/48p5

Bernard, Alphonsine G., died 2/26/49: 3/3/49p4

Bernard, Argie, weds Keith Ricker 3/15/41: 3/20/41p5

Bernard, Florence, weds Peter Nadeau 5/10/41: 5/15/41pp4,5

Bernard, Jeanette R., died 12/17/41: 12/25/41p3

Bernard, John, died 7/30/40: 8/1/40p8

Bernard, Louise, weds Kenneth Ricker 7/25/42: 7/30/42p5

Bernier, Claire, weds Norman Achambeault 10/20/45: 11/1/45p2

Bernier, Fernand, weds Helen Austin 6/27/47: 7/10/47p3

Berrault, Juliet, weds Ludgar Beaulieu 8/15/42: 8/20/42p10

Berry, Albert C., died 1/24/43: 1/28/43p3

Berry, Alberton N., died 1/30/42: 2/5/42p9

Berry, Arlene, weds Roland Gray 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Berry, Barbara, weds Everett Dyer Jr. 8/8/48: 8/12/48p11

Berry, Beryl, weds Frederick Nutter 3/9/46: 3/14/46p2

Berry, Charles F., died 5/16/49: 5/19/49p5

Berry, Charles, weds Margaret Ehrnfelt 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Berry, Charles, weds Ruth Lyons 1/1/39: 1/4/40p5

Berry, Christina, weds Kenneth Rice Jr. 3/9/46: 3/14/46p6

Berry, Elizabeth, weds Howard Power 9/11/44: 9/14/44p6

Berry, Emma I., died4/2/46: 4/4/46p10 ;4/11/46p10

Berry, Eunice J., died 11/9/41: 11/13/41p3

Berry, Fannie, died 12/29/39: 1/4/40p8

Berry, Flavius J., died 5/22/42: 5/28/42p1

Berry, Frank, weds Emma Elliott 8/19/45: 8/23/45p3

Berry, Gertrude F., died 3/14/44: 3/16/44p6

Berry, Joseph E., died 4/25/41: 5/1/41p14

Berry, Lily H., died 9/5/43: 9/9/43p3

Berry, Lura D., died 4/23/45: 4/26/45p4;5/3/45p4

Berry, M&M Albertin N., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/2/41p7

Berry, M&M Lovell W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/23/41p12

Berry, Magene E., died 7/27/46: 8/1/46p14

Berry, Manette E., died 5/5/44: 5/11/44p12

Berry, Martha A., died 5/29/49: 6/2/49p5

Berry, Mary, weds Harvey Thomas 11/20/42: 11/26/42p5

Berry, Mary, weds Joseph Scagliotti 9/20/47: 9/25/47p3

Berry, Maurice, weds Adele Gammons 2/17/45: 3/8/45p2

Berry, Mildred, weds Edward Bruce 11/29[sic]/47: 11/6/47p10

Berry, Minnie E., died 6/22/49: 6/30/49p5

Berry, Minnie E., died 6/22/49: 6/23/49p5

Berry, Myron, died 4/?/42: 4/16/42p8

Berry, N&N Roy W., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/13/49p11

Berry, Nellie A., died 1/16/44: 1/20/44p3

Berry, Ruth, weds Edward Duhaime 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

Berry, Sara, weds Albert Balcom 2/16/41: 2/20/41p5

Berry, Sarah E., died 6/4/48: 6/10/48p4

Berube, Eva, weds William Coulumbe 6/7/47: 6/12/47p14

Bery, Martha, celebrates 75th birthday: 1/2/47p2

Betts, Mildred, weds Henry Newbury Jr. 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Bibeau, Laurette, weds Wilfred Currier Jr. 10/4/47: 10/9/47p5

Bibeau, Margaret, weds Albert LaRoche 6/7/47: 6/12/47p3;6/26/47p10

Bickerstaffe Jr., Robert, weds Claire Coyne 7/22/48: 7/29/48p13

Bickford, Albert A., died 11/30/43: 12/9/43p12

Bickford, Alice, weds Wilfred Boulet 7/3/41: 7/10/41pp3,5

Bickford, Bertha, weds Roger Blaisdell 9/13/40: 9/19/40p5

Bickford, Burton, weds Esther Sherburne 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Bickford, Carroll, weds Marlene Rawley 2/18/49: 2/24/49p3

Bickford, Ethelyn, weds Frank Hull 9/26/42: 10/1/42p5

Bickford, Evelyn, weds Kenneth Waters 2/14/47: 2/20/47p2

Bickford, Frances H., died 12/12/43: 12/16/43p1

Bickford, George F., died 4/12/45: 4/19/45p11

Bickford, George O., died 12/28?/43: 1/6/44p9

Bickford, George, weds Eloise Wyatt 1/22/49: 1/27/49p12

Bickford, Harry, died 3/4/49: 3/10/49p9

Bickford, Lawrence R., died ?/?/44: 12/21/44p1

Bickford, Lawrence R., died 2/19/44: 9/21/44p1

Bickford, Lawrence R., WWII victim, returns: 7/15/48p1,7/29/48p1

Bickford, Leon, weds Maxine Burke 1/17/42: 1/29/42p8

Bickford, Leona, weds Ralph Henderson 1/17/48: 1/29/48p3

Bickford, Mary A., died 5/19/42: 5/21/42p3;5/28/42p3

Bickford, Nathlie, weds George Pray 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Bickford, Rita, weds Sylvester Stevens 3/31/48: 4/8/48p19

Bickford, Robert, weds Roberta Miles 8/9/41: 8/14/41p4

Bickford, Virginia, weds Charles Govey 1/28/45: 2/1/45p5

Bickford, Wilbur, weds Nellie Fickett 6/1/47: 6/5/47p5

Bideau, Joseph, weds Doris Bartier 7/9/49: 7/14/49p4

Bilodeau, Alice, weds Roland Richard 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Bilodeau, Anita, weds Leonard Churchman 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5,7/1/48p4

Bilodeau, Cleophas, died 2/13/42: 2/19/42p3

Bilodeau, Hormisdas, died 5/?/41: 5/22/41p3

Bilodeau, Josephine T., died 4/25/48: 4/29/48p4

Bilodeau, Laurea, weds Rita Pateur 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Bilodeau, Leona, weds Paul Fontaine 5/25/46: 5/30/46p5

Bilodeau, Mattheur J., died 12/?/46: 1/2/47p1,1/9/47p4

Bilodeau, Rosaire, weds Doris Chevalier 8/1/42: 8/6/42p5

Binder, William, weds Gladys Grace 12/15/45: 12/20/45p2

Birch, Charles, died 5/5/44: 5/11/44p3

Birch, Nettie S., died 2/22/43: 2/25/43p2

Biron, Alphonse J., died 10/7/42: 10/8/42p3

Biron, Francois, died 8/27/43: 9/2/43p3

Biron, Muriel, weds George Charpentier 9/6/47: 9/11/47pp3,4

Bish, Rita, weds Malcolm Hayden 9/13/42: 9/17/42p6

Bishop, George, weds Naomi Newell 5/12/46: 5/16/46p2

Bisson, Florence, weds Harold Stevens 7/27?/44: 8/10/44p2

Bisson, George, weds Lucille Desaulnier 9/1/47: 9/4/47p2

Bisson, Madeleine, weds John Tillery Jr. 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 82nd birthday 3/29/41: 4/3/41p4

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 84th birthday: 4/1/43p5

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 85th birthday: 4/6/44p4

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 87th birthday: 4/11/46p2

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 88th birthday: 4/3/47p4

Bisson, Marie, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/31/49p1

Bisson, Marie G., celebrates 89th birthday: 4/1/48p1

Bisson, Raymond, awarded Silver Star posthumously: 6/28/45p5A

Bisson, Raymond, died 8/28/44: 9/14/44p1

Bisson, Raymond, receives Croix De Guerre posthumously: 4/24/47p1

Bisson, Theresa, weds Stephen Capodestria 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Blackadar, George, weds Estelle Lavallee 5/25/46: 6/6/46p3;6/20/46p5

Blackadar, Lucy, weds Laurence Ballou 11/11/49: 11/17/50p4

Blackadar, Paul, earns BSAEagle Badge: 4/5/45p4

Blackadar, Walter, weds Rachel Roberts 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Blackney, Wendall, weds Patricia Arnold 1/15/48: 1/22/48p10

Blackwell, Ellen A., died 1/22/46: 1/24/46p4

Blaidell, Willard A., died 12/23/47: 1/1/48p4

Blair, Alfred, weds Elaine Anderson 9/8/42: 9/17/42p10

Blair, Belmont, weds Helen Kane 12/7/42: 12/17/42p5

Blair, David J., died 6/17/49: 6/23/49p5

Blair, Delvina F., died 2/14/49: 2/17/49p4,2/24/49p4

Blair, Robert, died 12/13/45: 12/20/45p16

Blais, Alice, weds Ralph Bunker 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Blaisdell, Ada, celebrates 88th birthday: 3/3/49p16

Blaisdell, Alice G., died 8/15/41: 8/21/41p3

Blaisdell, David H., died 4/2/45: 4/12/45p1

Blaisdell, Gerturde L., died 8/15/41: 8/21/41p3

Blaisdell, Harry F., died 8/2/46: 8/8/46p4

Blaisdell, Ida B., died 4/?/42: 4/30/42p3

Blaisdell, Jennie A., died 7/16/49: 7/21/49p4

Blaisdell Jr., Nathan, weds June Copp 3/13/48: 3/18/48p3

Blaisdell, Louise, weds John Fowler 2/22/42: 3/5/42p5

Blaisdell, Norman, weds June Farmer 5/10/47: 5/15/47p5

Blaisdell, Pauline, weds Joseph Comeau 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3

Blaisdell, Roger, weds Bertha Bickford 9/13/40: 9/19/40p5

Blaisdell, Roy L., died 10/17/43: 10/21/43p3

Blaisdell, Ruth, weds William Savage 4/1/44: 4/13/44p9

Blaisdell, William, weds Ruth Blood 10/10/42: 10/15/42p5

Blajda, Wanda, weds James Miller 3/?/43: 3/18/43p10

Blake, Albert W., died 10/24/42: 10/29/42p3

Blake, Alma U., died 2/2/42: 2/5/42p2

Blake, Elizabeth L., died 4/5/49: 4/7/49p4

Blanchard, Doris, weds Norman Foss 11/1/41: 11/13/41p3

Blanchard, Joseph, died 4/22/49: 4/28/49p4 (See Beauregard)

Blanchard, Richard, died 9/27/41: 10/2/41p3

Blanchette, Florence, weds Franklin Marchand 4/19/41: 4/24/41p5

Bliss, Henry A., died 12/26/46: 1/2/47p4

Bliss, Susan A., died 5/13/49: 5/26/49p5

Blood, Charles, weds Dorothy Knight 2/13/41: 3/6/41p5

Blood, Ruth, weds William Blaisdell 10/10/42: 10/15/42p5

Blouin, Edward, died 1/28/46: 1/31/46p1

Boak, Harriet, weds Porter Harris 2/1/41: 2/20/41p5

Boak Jr., Robert, weds Ruth Iovine 10/27/4/6: 10/31/46p3

Bocher Jr., Frederick, weds Arlene Flower 7/24/42: 7/30/42p9

Bodge, Charles, weds Mildred Emerson 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Bodge, James, weds Doris Fogarty 12/27/43: 1/6/44p8

Bodge, John, weds Elizabeth Ward 1/26/46: 1/31/46p5

Bodge, Mary, celebrates 86th birthday: 7/3/47p8

Bodge, Mary M., died 6/14/48: 6/17/48p11

Bogart, Doris, weds William Lamontagne Jr. 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Boggs, Ethel M., died 3/26/44: 3/30/44p6

Boggs, Richard, weds Muriel Osborne 4/18/40: 4/25/40p4

Boissonnault, Adele M., died 4/17/45: 4/19/45p4;4/26/45p4

Boissonneau, Lionel, weds Eva Deshaies 8/8/42: 8/13/42p5

Boissonneau, Marie, weds Maurice Simoneau 5/27/44: 6/1/44p3

Boissonneault, Joseph F., died 7/18/46: 7/25/46p4

Boisvert, Marie, died 9/2/48: 9/9/48p12

Boivin, Corrine, weds Norman Turcotte 6/4/49: 6/9/49p4

Boivin, Elizabeth, weds Robert Turmelle 3/17/49: 3/24/49p4

Boivin, Elmire L., died 10/27/41: 10/30/41p3

Boivin, Fabiola C., died 9/11/45: 9/13/45p4

Boivin, Felix, died 6/?/41: 6/26/41p2

Boivin, Henry, weds Rose McCannon 11/25/40: 12/5/40p5

Boivin, Joseph D., died 2/29/40: 3/7/40p3

Boivin, Rita, weds Raymond Lagasse 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3

Bolce, Betty, weds John Hall 9/14/42: 10/1/42p5

Bolduc, Mathias, died 4/28/47: 5/1/47p4

Bolduc, Valerie B., died 6/29/44: 7/6/44p3

Boller, Rosalie, weds Fabien Bergeron 2/16/43: 4/8/43p5

Bond, Cynthia, weds Allyn Joyce 8/26/42: 9/10/42p5

Bond, Franklin, weds Muriel Devens 12/14/41: 12/25/41p5

Bonenfant, Gerard, weds Audry Purrington 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Bonenfont, June M., died 7/8/43: 7/15/43p1

Boneski, Walter, weds Lorraine Martin 2/9/49: 2/17/49p3

Bonnenfont, Dorothy, weds Leon Lachapelle 10/7/40: 10/10/40p5

Bonser, Elmer, weds Jeannette Maxfield 6/2/45: 6/14/45p3

Bonser, Elmer, weds Sarah Stevens 8/17/42: 9/3/42p5

Bonser, Jeanette, weds Clarence Bartlett 10/2/49: 10/6/49p15

Bonser, Robert, weds Mary McNamara 7/25/42: 7/30/42p5

Bonser, Sarah, weds John Mikula 7/19/46: 7/25/46p2;8/1/46p3

Bontaites, Dorothy, weds Ernest Horne 3/12/49: 3/24/49p4

Boodey, Lucille, weds Daniel Hill 6/26/48: 7/1/48p8

Boody, John U., died 4/18/49: 4/21/49p21 ,4/28/49p16

Boodye, Ralph, weds Pauline Beauchain 5/1/44: 5/4/44p12

Boone, George H., died 2/28/43: 3/4/43p1

Borden, Helen, weds Roland Ferland 3/25/41: 3/27/41p5

Borden, Irene, weds Frederick Head 12/29/46: 1/2/47p13

Borrows, George, weds Janet Bullis 7/3/47: 7/10/47p11

Bosivert, Wilfred, weds ??? Rhodes 4/28/45: 5/10/45p13

Bosquin, Robert, weds Viola Dow 12/23/39: 1/11/40p5

Bosquin, William, weds Mabel Wiggin 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Bossie, Diana M., died 1/4/43: 1/7/43p3

Boston, Annie L., died 7/23/49: 7/28/49p5

Boston, Carlton, weds Kathleen Corson 4/6/47: 4/10/47p2

Boston, Flossie T., died 5/23/40: 5/30/40p2

Boston, Frank H., died 10/8/46: 10/10/46p4,10/17/46p4

Boston, Raymond, died in WWII ?/?/43: 6/24/43p1

Bouchard, Andrew H., awarded Air Medal: 4/20/44p1

Bouchard, Andrew, weds Georgette Lavallee 10/7/44: 10/12/44p2

Bouchard, Delores T., died 11/2/47: 11/6/47p4

Bouchard, Madeline, weds Henry Downs 9/21/47: 10/2/47p3

Bouchard, Roland, weds Marion Foster 8/22/42: 8/27/42p5

Boucher, Delvina, died 5/29/43: 6/3/43p3

Boucher, Joseph, died 12/24/45: 12/27/45p4,1/3/46p4

Boucher, Marie, weds Earl Parker 1/21/48: 2/12/48p5

Boucher, Paul, weds Marie Labonte 7/6/48: 7/15/48p5

Boucher, Raymond, weds Dora Bedard 1/6/40: 1/11/40p5

Boucher, Robert, weds Joan Leach 4/28/49: 5/5/49p4

Boudoin, Margeurite, weds Edward Goddard 7/19/47: 7/24/47p3;7/31/47p3

Boudreau, Arthur, weds Ruth Morrill 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Boudreau, Emeline, died 1/30/49: 2/3/49p4

Boudreau, Leonard, weds Marion Quimby 7/20/40: 7/25/40p4

Boudreau, Wilbur, weds Patricia Lamora 11/26/49: 12/1/49p4

Boudreau, William, weds Ferne Pomroy 8/23/46: 8/29/46p2

Bouffard, Alma, weds Maurice Jacques 9/6/47: 9/18/47p3

Bouffard, Delvina B., died 3/4/41: 3/6/41p8

Boulamnger, Honore, died 12/20/41: 12/25/41p3;1/1/42p3

Boulanger, Josephine, weds Frank Cross Jr. 11/24/49: 12/1/49p4,12/8/49p4

Boulanger, Rita, weds Kermit Thurston 9/12/49: 9/15/49p4

Boulet, Exilda C., died 12/1/40: 12/5/40p3

Boulet, Frank, died 2/19/41: 2/20/41p2;2/27/41p4

Boulet, Gideon P. died 9/30/47: 10/2/47p4,10/9/47p4

Boulet, Marie A., died 2/21/48: 2/26/48p4

Boulet, Pauline, weds Marc Lemoyne 5/22/48: 5/27/48p6

Boulet, Roland, weds Etheline St. Cyr 12/14/46: 12/19/46p2

Boulet, Wilfred, weds Alice Bickford 7/3/41: 7/10/41pp3,5

Bourque, Leo, weds Rita Gagne 11/30/46: 12/5/46p16

Bourque, Lionel, weds Pauline Hebert 1/2/43: 1/14/43p5

Bourque, Orina, weds Leo Larochelle 11/27/41: 12/4/41p3

Bousquin, Edison G., died 2/19/45: 2/22/45p4

Bousquin, Germaine, weds Everett Baxter 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Boutin, Amanda L., died 8/30/43: 9/2/43p3

Boutin, Andre, died 5/14/43: 5/20/43p3

Bowden, Elizabeth, weds Woodrow Woods 12/24/41: 1/1/42p11

Bowden, Harold, weds Lottie Loesch 8/26/47: 8/28/47p10

Bowden, Pearl, weds Hazel Tilton 9/5/42: 9/10/42p8

Bowden, Robert, weds Roberta Cate 6/20/47: 6/26/47p16

Bowden, Roscoe, died 11/26/40: 12/5/40p3

Bowden, Seymour, weds Mary Gordon 10/12/46: 10/17/46p12

Bowen, Myron E., died 7/6/42: 7/9/42p3

Bowering, Herbert, weds Helen Tucker 5/1/43: 5/6/43p5

Bowering Jr., James, weds Oresa Curtis 9/9/42: 9/24/42p3

Bowering Sr., James, died 9/?/46: 9/19/46p4

Bowers, Beverly, weds Charles Padgett 3/1/6/46: 3/21/46p2;3/28/46p5

Bowers, Edith, died 4/7/43: 4/15/43p3

Bowers, Lois, weds Edward Ellis 7/29/41: 8/7/41p5

Bowers, Mrs. Charles, died 8/?/40: 9/5/40p6

Bowhay, George, weds Ruth Hoey 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

Bowle, Arta, weds Robert Heaney 6/16/46: 6/27/46p2

Bowley, Fred E., died 4/21/42: 4/30/42p10

Bowley, Winifred, weds Albert Lincoln 10/20/41: 11/27/41p14

Bowley, Winifred, weds Peter Collay 11/1/47: 11/6/47p14

Bowman, Jean, weds Ralph Ellender 12/27/44: 1/4/45p5

Bowman, William, weds Edna Winchell 11/11/46: 11/28/46p3

Boyd, Fred T., died 2/16/49: 2/24/49p14

Boyd, John, weds Stella Jefferson 12/9/41: 12/25/41p5

Boyer, Edgar, weds Geraldine Pluff 10/?/43: 10/21/43p5

Boyle, Walter J., died 10/14/47: 10/16/47p4,10/23/47p4

Brace, Charles, weds Beulah Thurston 9/?/41: 10/2/41p8

Brackett, Clara A., died 9/17/48: 9/23/48p4

Brackett, Erwin H., died 9/25/46: 10/3/46p8

Bradbury, Dexter A., died 2/10/45: 2/15/45p4

Bradbury, Fred, died 7/21/44: 7/27/44p4

Braga, Alfred, weds Eloise Roberts 8/22/44: 8/24/44p10

Bragg, Dean, weds Frances Comberford 8/24/42: 10/29/42p5

Bragg, Perce W., died 11/17/40: 11/21/40p9

Bragg, Wilbur, weds Rose Elwell 11/28/47: 12/4/47p9

Braley, Frances J., died 1/13/41: 1/16/41p3

Braun, James W., died 7/15/45: 7/19/45p4

Brennan, Alice, weds John Hughes 10/27/46: 11/7/46p5

Brennan, Christopher L., died 1/2/47: 1/9/47p4

Brennan, Frank, died 4/20/42: 4/23/42p1;4/30/42p3

Brennan, James J., died 12/24/44: 12/28/44p4;1/4/45p4

Brennan, Jospeh, weds Joan Lucey 10/3/42: 11/12/42p5

Brennan, June, weds Thomas McCarthy Jr. 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

Brennan, Mary, weds Walter Kelley 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

Brennan, Robert, weds Helen Pike 6/25/42: 7/2/42p6

Brennan, Rose A., died 8/14/43: 8/19/43p3

Brennan, Rose, weds Robert Russell 12/7/45: 12/13/45p3

Brennan, Susan E., died 12/4/42: 12/10/42p3

Breton, Beatrice, weds Gerard Couture 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Breton, Edmond E., died (unknown): 4/12/45p1

Breton, Jacqueline, weds Florian Roseberry 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3,9/19/46p3

Breton, Jospeh, weds Corrine Ferland 4/27/42: 5/7/42p6

Breton, Raymond D., died 10/18/49: 10/20/49p1,10/27/49p1

Breton, Rita, weds Albert Routhier 10/4/41: 10/9/41p5;10/23/41p5

Breton, Viola, weds Emile Cantin 9/26/42: 10/1/42p5

Brewer, Mildred, weds Robert Ricker 12/18/48: 12/23/48p19

Brideau, Samuel, weds Myra Thompson 11/30/44: 12/21/44p5

Bridges, Carlton, weds Marjorie O'Leary 10/30/43: 11/11/43p3

Bridges, Charlotte, weds Bernard Wood 4/2/49: 4/7/49p15

Bridges, Lester, weds Florence Lajoie 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Brierley, Jeanette, weds Adrean Carignan 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3

Briggs, Annie J., died 11/22/49: 11/24/49p1

Briggs, Maynard, weds Ruth Avery 10/5/46: 10/10/46p14

Briggs, Winston, weds Virginia Dolan 8/10/48: 8/12/48p7

Brigham, Cora F., died 1/2/47: 1/9/47p4

Brigham, Edward A., died 5/5/47: 5/8/47p4

Brissette, Warren, weds Geraldine Schofield 10/7/40: 10/10/40p12

Britton Jr., Russell, died 2/8/45: 6/28/45p1

Britton Jr., Russell H., earns Bronze Star posthumously: 10/7/48p1

Britton, Richard, weds Mureil Whyte 4/2/49: 4/7/49p3

Brochu, Alfred A., died 2/21/48: 2/26/48p4

Brochu, Elizabeth, weds Hazen Hoyt III 7/2/47: 7/24/47p3

Brochu, Emile A., to be ordained in Montreal: 3/18/43p1

Brochu, Euclid, died 2/11/47: 2/13/47p4

Brochu, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/5/46p1

Brochu, Odelie V., died 12/8/49: 12/15/49p5

Brochu, Robert, weds Marguerite Gagne 4/25/46: 5/9/46p11

Brock, Charles S., died 3/26/46: 3/28/46p4

Brock, Edward A., died 5/15/46: 5/16/46p4

Brock, Edwood W., died 3/6/46: 3/7/46p4;3/14/46p4

Brock, Emelda, weds Norman Raitt 10/24/49: 10/27/49p4

Brock, George, died 3/25/48: 4/1/48p4

Brock, Hazel, weds Samuel Corbett 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Brock, Janet, weds Roger Keller 9/21/47: 9/25/47p3

Brock Jr., Ralph, weds Yvette Allain 9/4/48: 9/16/48p3,9/23/48p3

Brock, Lorraine, weds Maurice Meader 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Brock, Priscilla, weds Philip Dooley 6/9/46: 6/13/46p3;6/20/46p5

Brock, Ralph A., died 3//21/49: 3/24/49p1

Brock, Roscoe, died 11/18/41: 11/20/41p3;11/27/41p3

Brock., Edgar A., died 5/16/46: 5/23/46p4

Brooks, Anthony, weds Ruth Badger 7/21/45: 7/26/45p2

Brooks, Christina M., died 9/10/43: 9/16/43p3

Brooks, Elizabeth, weds William Lord 7/3/47: 7/17/47p14

Brooks, Joseph P., died 4/12/40: 4/25/40p12

Brooks, Kenneth, weds Ethel Burke 2/4/49: 2/17/49p3

Brooks, Margaret, weds William Rippett 10/31/41: 11/6/41p5

Brooks, Norman, weds Carlyne Cook 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Brooks, Ruth, weds Charles King Jr. 9/9/46: 9/19/46p3

Broome, M&M Wesley, feted at wedding reception: 7/11/46p3

Broome, Wesley, weds Shirley Battershall 5/25/46: 6/6/46p9

Brouillette, Rosalie M., died 8/5/40: 8/8/40p2

Brousseau, Yvette, weds Norman Grenier 5/7/49: 5/12/49p4

Brown, Ambrose, died 6/?/44: 8/3/44p1;8/10/44p8

Brown, Ambrose M., died 2/19/46: 2/21/46p9

Brown, Annie, died 7/7/48: 7/15/48p12

Brown, Barbara, weds Lester Waterhouse 9/1/44: 9/14/44p6

Brown, Bouchard R., is MIA: 4/8/43p1

Brown, Burchard, weds Hazel Poland 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Brown, Carolyn F., died 10/28/47: 10/30/47p4

Brown, Charles, weds Auline Bergeron 6/9/45: 6/21/45p3

Brown, Charlotte, weds Robert Palmer 6/21/49: 6/23/49p20

Brown, Clarence, weds Harriet Chase 11/11/49: 11/17/50p4

Brown, Diana, weds George Dole 9/16/47: 10/2/47p10

Brown, Donald G., died 1/9/45: 2/1/45p1;2/8/45p3

Brown, Earl, weds Shirley Pearson 9/6?/44: 9/14/44p6

Brown, Eliza A., celebrates 79th birthday: 7/29/48p4

Brown, Erwin, died 6/21?/44: 7/6/44p1

Brown, Erwin M., awarded Air Medal with clusters: 4/5/45p3

Brown, Erwin, weds Ella Barnett 1/7/43: 4/22/43p5

Brown, Ethel, weds Roger Cormier 3/9/42: 3/12/42p5

Brown, Florence, weds Maynard Morgan 9/29/43: 10/7/43p5

Brown, Frank, died 2/?/41: 2/13/41p2

Brown, Gertrude V., died 3/12/40: 3/14/40p3

Brown, Ilene, weds Tracy Laney 12/14/40: 1/2/41p7

Brown, Ina, weds Frederick Jackson 9/22/46: 10/3/46p12

Brown, Jess L., died 5/21/49: 6/2/49p1

Brown, Jesse, weds Gertrude Hutchinson 3/22/41: 3/27/41p5

Brown, Joyce, weds Arthur Putt 4/5/42: 4/9/42p5

Brown, Joyce, weds Chandler Rollins 11/8/46: 11/21/46p3

Brown Jr., Ambrose, WWII casualty, returns for burial: 6/9/49p5

Brown Jr., Jack, weds Priscilla Dow 9/7/47: 9/11/47pp3,4

Brown, Lawrence, weds Barbara Wakefield 8/16/47: 9/18/47p12

Brown, Lawrence, weds Emelda Gauthier 1/4/44: 1/6/44p9

Brown, M&M Harold, hold family reunion: 10/25/45p9

Brown, Margaret, weds Merlon Farrell 4/19/42: 4/23/42p4

Brown, Marshall, weds Winifred Morrison 6/2/46: 6/20/46p14

Brown, Ossian C., died 3/25/40: 3/28/40p2;4/4/40p2

Brown, Philip, weds Constance Perkins 11/14/42: 11/19/42p3

Brown, Robert, weds Irene Meatty 12/4/48: 12/16/48p7B

Brown, Roscoe, saluted as "Good Neighbor" on radio: 11/18/48p2

Brown, Sumner, weds Janet Stevens 12/14/47: 12/18/47p3

Brown, Weston F., died 1/28/46: 1/31/46p4

Brown, Z. Hamlin, died 12/7/48: 12/16/48p2

Browne, Ethel V., died 10/6/43: 10/14/43p8

Brownell, Gerald, died 2/2/4/49: 3/3/49p1

Bruce, Edward, weds Mildred Berry 11/29[sic]/47: 11/6/47p10

Bruce, Kenneth, weds Marion Cole 7/10/47: 7/17/47p6

Bruce, M&M Charles P., celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/29/46p3,9/5/46p14(M)

Brunelle, Robert, weds Diane Gagnon 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Brush, Barbara, weds Edward Merrill 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Bryant, Irene, weds John Kessler 12/22/47: 1/23/47p3,1/30/47p2

Bryant, John B., died 10/29/40: 10/31/40p10

Bryant, John, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/25/40p14

Bubier, Gertrude, weds John Frost 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Bubier, Scottenie, weds Allan Wood 12/28/46: 1/2/47p13

Buchanan, John, weds Ruth Hale 8/11/49: 8/18/49p4

Buffam, June, weds Herbert Gagne 10/2/48: 10/14/48p1

Buker, Wayne, weds Erlene Kelley 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Bullis, Janet, weds George Borrows 7/3/47: 7/10/47p11

Bumford, Charles W., celebrates 91st birthday: 4/2/42p11

Bumford, Charles W., died 4/10/43: 4/15/43p10

Bumford, Grace E., died 6/29/41: 7/3/41p12

Bunker, Amelia, weds Frederick Hunt 8/9/40: 8/15/40p9

Bunker, Donald, weds Grace Lord 7/3/44: 7/20/44p9

Bunker, Eva C., died 7/16/48: 7/22/48p4

Bunker, Fay L., died 5/16/44: 5/25/44p10

Bunker, M&M Benjamin, celebrate 61st anniversary: 12/9/48p1

Bunker, Margaret, weds James Parfitt 7/3/48: 7/15/48p12

Bunker, Ralph, weds Alice Blaise 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Buonaiuto, Ralph, weds Rita Couture 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Burbank, Cecile, weds Albert Lord 5/3/41: 5/8/41p5

Burbank, Effie S., died 1/3/49: 1/6/49p1

Burbank, Lindley A., died 2/13/47: 2/20/47p11

Burbank, Rachel, weds Edward Grieg 6/25/49: 6/30/49p4

Burbank, Thomas, weds Muriel Chesley 11/?/49: 12/22/49p4

Burke, Ethel, weds Kenneth Brooks 2/4/49: 2/17/49p3

Burke, Geneva, weds Harry Perkins 9/9/44: 9/14/44p6

Burke, John, weds Laurel Glidden 8/28/41: 9/4/31p10

Burke, June, weds William Lessard 5/12/45: 5/17/45p2

Burke, Louise, weds Ray Francis 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

Burke, Margaret, weds Joseph Herne 8/28/48: 9/2/48p3

Burke, Maxine, weds Leon Bickford 1/17/42: 1/29/42p8

Burke, Minnie, weds Ivan Jenkins 6/19/47: 7/10/47p3

Burke, Theresa, weds Lewis Montrone 11/26/41: 12/4/41p3

Burleigh, Flora A., died 1/12/44: 1/20/44p3

Burleigh, Harry A., died 5/1/44: 5/4/44p11

Burleigh, Henry, died 12//23/49: 12/29/49p5

Burleigh, Mildred, weds Tenney Wheeler 9/1/46: 9/5/46p3

Burnham, Addie L., died 10/23/45: 10/25/45p11

Burnham, Charles T., died 8/3/46: 8/8/46p4

Burnham, Cjarles, died 11/11/40: 11/14/40p8

Burnham, Frank, died 3/19/43: 3/25/43p11

Burnham, George D., died 4/26/43: 5/6/43p9

Burnham, George H., died 9/23/43: 9/30/43p10

Burnham, Hattie P., died 3/16/42: 3/19/42p3

Burnham, Orland M., died 2/11/44: 3/1/45p1

Burnham, Orland N., WWII victim, final rites held: 5/5/49p1

Burno, Clifford, weds Ruby Davis 8/7/41: 8/14/41pC2

Burns, Dorothy, weds Frederick Smith 10/30/42: 11/5/42p8

Burns, Marie, weds Arland Gray 7/5/47: 7/10/47p11

Burns, Minnie L., celebrates 82nd birthday: 5/2/46p12

Burns, Stanley, weds Lois Gaskell 5/15/46: 5/30/46p2

Burnsed, Helen, weds Ladd Canney 5/3/42: 5/28/42p6

Burres, Doris, weds George Worster 10/4/44: 10/12/44p8

Burrill, Adella S., died 1/9/49: 1/13/49p4

Burroughs, Howard, weds Evelyn Tufts 7/22/44: 7/27/44p10

Burrows, David, weds Doris Eugly 8/9/47: 8/14/47p16

Burrows, Edna A., died 11/15/44: 11/23/44p4

Burrows, Freda, weds Dean Jackson 3/9/43: 3/18/43p2

Burrows, Freda, weds Victor Cardosi 5/5/48: 5/13/48p5

Burrows, Jaunita, weds Henry Morin 11/17/48: 11/25/48p14

Burtman, A., weds Avalyn Frey 8/?/45: 8/30/45p10

Burtman, Robert, weds Eleanor Sall 6/16/46: 7/4/46p11

Busbee, Betty, weds Roland Cullen 12/5/45: 12/13/45p3

Bushaw, Henry J., died 10/19/41: 10/23/41p3

Bussell, Ida M., died 3/25/47: 4/3/47p17

Bussiere, Joseph G., died 1/8/44: 1/13/44p3

Buswell, Douglas, weds Cynthia Clements 12/17/49: 12/22/49p4

Buswell, Edgar, weds Geraldine Thurston 7/4/40: 7/11/40p4

Butler, Arthur, weds Catherine Sullivan 11/16/41: 11/27/41p8

Butler, Benjamin, died 3/16/47: 3/20/47p4

Butler, Benjamin, weds Ruby Lee 12/20/45: 1/24/46p12

Butler, Clifton, adopted, is united with family: 4/3/41p1

Butler, Cora B., died 2/?/41: 2/20/41p2

Butler, Doris, weds Robert Sanfacon 9/27/41: 10/2/41p5

Butler, Margaret J., died 11/27/49: 12/1/49p26

Butler, Muriel H., died 5/30/45: 6/7/45p4

Buzzell, Anna B., died 6/22/44: 6/29/44p3

Buzzell, Arthur, weds Marion Dudley 12/15/44: 12/21/44p10

Buzzell, Bessie A., died 8/13/41: 8/21/41p6

Buzzell, Charles, died 6/?/46: 6/13/46p5

Buzzell, Eloise, weds Robert Eaton 11/10/42: 11/19/42p9

Buzzell, Sarah, weds Kenneth Ramage 7/25/42: 7/30/42p9

Buzzelle, Miriam, weds Everett Angwin 7/1/43: 7/8/43p6

Byerly 3rd, Charles, weds Elna Clark 2/2/44: 2/10/44p2

Byron, William, weds Charlotte Campbell 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Calef, Leon, weds Arlene Rowe 9/19/45: 9/27/45p10;10/4/45p10

Calef, M&M Austin celebrate 47th anniversary: 2/15/40p4

Calef, M&M Austin L., celebrate 54th anniversary:2/20/47p12

Calef, M&M Austin L., celebrate 50th anniversary 2/18/43p9

Calef, May, died 2/20/43: 2/22/43p1

Calef, Roger, weds Alberta Ball 6/6/48: 6/10/48p13 ,6/17/48p11

Calef, Ruth, weds Clarence Corson 11/23/46: 12/5/46p16

Callaghan, Donald, weds Lorraine Lessard 5/17/47: 5/22/47pp2,5

Callaghan, James E., died 2/4/45: 2/8/45p4

Callaghan, John, weds Alberta Massey 9/11/43: 9/23/43p3

Callaghan, John, weds Dorothy Dow 1/27/46: 1/31/46p5

Callaghan, Madelyn, weds Bruce Elliott 8/20/49: 8/25/49p5,9/8/49p3

Callaghan, mary, weds Philip Harding 8/14/48: 8/19/48pp2,5

Callaghan, Patricia, weds Gordon Hanson 11/14/48: 11/18/48p3

Callahan, Alfred, weds Olive Kay 12/31/39: 1/4/40p5

Callahan, James B., greets his brother after 35 years: 6/13/40p2

Calvert, Wilhelmina W., died 6/11/44: 6/15/44p3

Calvery, Ellen, weds William Cole 5/17/46: 5/22/47p5

Camire, Irene, weds Adrien Gilbert 5/23/46: 6/6/46p3

Campbell, Emma, weds Charles Bashaar 9/27/47: 10/2/47p3

Campbell, Ethel, weds Royal Wells 6/1/46: 6/6/46p12

Campbell, Forrest, weds Shirley Connor 12/24/49: 12/29/49p4

Campbell, Virginia, weds Norman Beriault 4/24/48: 4/29/48p5

Campbell, William, weds Alvena Hayes 7/3/41: 7/10/41pp5,10

Canfield, Robert, weds Rita Poisson 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Canney childrens' three combined ages total 269 years: 6/9/49p14

Canney, Edgar, died 3/31/41: 4/3/41p2;4/10/41p8

Canney, George W., died 2/18/42: 2/19/42p3;2/26/42p3

Canney, Ladd, weds Helen Bernsed 5/3/42: 5/28/42p6

Canney, Lois, weds Prisco DiPrizio 8/4/46: 8/8/46p3;8/15/46p3

Canney, Philip, weds Vida Gibson 7/7/48: 7/15/48p5

Cantin, Emile, weds Viola Breton 9/26/42: 10/1/42p5

Capeless, Frances, weds Roger Lenfest 4/10/44: 4/20/44p2

Capen, Clifford, weds Pauline Chretien 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Caplette, Edward, died 3/4/42: 3/12/42p3

Caplette, Emil, died 6/14/49: 6/16/49p1

Caplette, Jerome, weds Priscilla Dellaire 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2,9/19/46p3

Caplette, Leon, weds Arline Willard 10/5/42: 10/22/42p5

Caplette, Roy, weds Ida Ouellette 9/?/41: 9/11/31pB1

Capodestria, Dennis, weds Dorothea Andrews 1/12/47: 1/16/47p2

Capodestria, Stephen, weds Theresa Bisson 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Capraro, Girolani, weds Carlton Libby 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Card, M&M Olion H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/4/42pp1,8

Cardin, Adelard, weds Germaine Roy 5/31/48: 6/3/48p5

Cardinal, Carroll, weds Gladys Whitehouse 8/30/41: 9/4/31p10

Cardinal, Ernest, weds Aline Weeks 3/29/42: 4/2/42p8

Cardinal, Leon, weds Yvette Lamontagne 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Cardinal, Samuel, weds Norma Smith 11/2/46: 11/7/46p10

Cardosi, Lorna, weds Edward Page 12/18/47: 1/1/48p3

Cardosi, Victor, weds Freda Burrows 5/5/48: 5/13/48p5

Carel, Gladys, weds Robert Lefavour 10/20/46: 11/7/46p10

Carier, Joseph, died 11/14/46: 11/21/46p1

Carignan, Adrean, weds Jeanette Brierley 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3

Carignan, Alfreda, died 5/19/47: 5/22/47p4

Carignan, Bernard, weds Arcinia Dube 9/6/48: 9/9/48p3,10/7/48p5

Carignan, Edgar, weds Rita Lambert 4/18/42: 4/23/42p5

Carignan, John, died 1/7/49: 1/13/49p4

Carignan, Rita, weds Ovila Thivierge 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Carlisle, Albert L., died 8/3/40: 8/8/40pp1,4

Carll, Bertha, died 12/1/49: 12/8/49p5

Carll, Lois, weds Clifford Kinkaid 4/6/46: 4/11/46p2

Carll, Vena, weds Robert Davis 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Carmichael, Douglas, weds Helen Edgerly 6/26/49: 6/30/49p4

Carnegie, Esther, weds Silas Gove 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Caron, Berthe, weds Oscar Lapierre 9/18/49: 9/22/49p4

Caron, Blanche, weds Harold Osgood 5/24/47: 6/12/47p3

Caron, Robert, weds Eileen Goodwin 2/11/45: 2/15/45p5

Carpenter, Carolyn H., died 12/26/49: 12/29/49p5

Carpenter, Carrie C., died 3/6/43: 3/11/43p3

Carpenter, Ernest L., died 12/14/43: 12/16/43p16

Carpenter, Ernest, weds Augusta Schur 7/15/44: 7/20/44p5;7/27/44p3(ER)

Carpenter, Jennie B., died 5/19/47: 5/22/47p4

Carpenter, John H., died 11/?/41: 11/26/41p6

Carpenter, Lillian, weds Robert Secord 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Carpenter, Marion, weds Roland Eldridge 8/29/46: 9/5/46p3

Carpenter, Muriel, weds Oscar Smith 4/11/40: 4/18/40p4

Carpenter, Robert, weds Martha Bagley 3/15/45: 3/22/45p3

Carr, Dora, weds Joseph Guilbault 2/7/48: 2/19/48p3

Carrier, Robert, weds Earline Nedeau 8/30/41: 9/4/31p10(F);9/11/31pB1

Carroll, Catherine, died 1/3/40: 1/4/40p8

Carroll Jr., James, weds Marcia Gibbs 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Carros, James, weds Virginia Christodoulou 6/13/43: 6/17/43p10

Carter, Edgar T., died 12/15/46: 12/19/46p4

Carter, M&M Louis C., celebrate 55th anniversary: 5/6/43p2

Carter, M&M Louis C., celebrate 60th anniversary: 5/5/49p1

Carter, Susan F., died 12/23/46: 12/26/46p4

Carter, Walter J., died 11/6/46: 11/14/46p4

Cartier, Henry, died 6/14/49: 6/16/49p5;6/23/49p5

Cartier, Joseph, 85, earns Harmonie cane: 5/9/40p1

Cartier, Joseph, celebrates 91st birthday: 6/7/45p2

Cartier, Joseph L., celebrates 90th birthday: 6/22/44p5

Cartier, Louisa T., died 1/28?/42: 1/29/42p3;2/5/42p3

Cartier, M&M Joseph, celebrate 56th anniversary: 8/1/40p3

Casavant, Elsie, weds Henry Roulx 11/18/44: 11/23/44p2

Casavant, Leon, weds Jeannette Dubois 3/25/40: 3/28/40p7

Casavant, Lionel, weds Rita Cyr 4/27/40: 5/2/40p6

Casey, John, weds Marjorie Turcotte 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3;6/13/46p3

Casey, Maria L., died 6/21/49: 6/23/49p5;6/30/49p5

Casey, Ralph, weds Eileen Ludden 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Casey, Robert, weds Grace Horne 8/7/48: 8/12/48p8

Casey, Teresa, weds Carlton Jenness 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Cassidy, Andrew R., died 5/19/41: 5/22/41p3

Cassidy, Rosa L., died 3/13/47: 3/20/47p4

Castonguay, Alfred, died 6/25/47: 6/26/47p4;7/3/47p4

Castonguay, Anita, weds Napolean Courchene 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Castonguay, Cecile, weds Sidney Libby 8/21/48: 8/26/48p3

Castonguay, Donat, weds Theresa Lavoie 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Castonguay, Dora, weds Maurice Jacques 1/18/41: 1/23/41p5

Castonguay, Henry, weds Jeanne Cote 5/31/41: 6/5/41p4

Castonguay, Noel, weds Florence Fortin 5/15/48: 5/20/48p5

Cate, Aaron J., died 3/?/45: 3/22/45p16

Cate, Edgar M., died 12/9/41: 12/11/41p3

Cate, Harry, weds Norma Willey 3/26/43: 4/1/43p5

Cate, Herbert H., died 10/17/46:11/7/46p4

Cate, Roberta, weds Robert Bowden 6/20/47: 6/26/47p16

Cates, Aleatha, weds Edwin Pike 7/4/45: 7/12/45p4

Cates, Virginia, weds Richard Douglas 7/17/48: 7/22/48p2

Caverly, Virginia, weds Albert Varney 3/7/46: 3/14/46p10

Cegiel, Eleanor, weds Laurence DeVeau 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Cegiel, Ellen, died 8/12/49: 8/18/49p5

Ceigel, Thomas J., died 11/12/44: 11/16/44p3

Chadbourn, Frederick, weds Myrtle Morrell 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5

Chadbourne, Edna, weds James Cilley 12/22/43: 12/30/43p2

Chadbourne, Frances, weds Armand Therrien 10/31/40: 11/14/40p5

Chadwick, Ethel, weds Verne Chase 6/15/45: 7/5/45p10

Chagnon, Richard, weds Elaine Lawrence 6/20/47: 6/26/47p16

Chalmers, Flora, celebrates 82nd birthday: 1/25/40p6

Chalmers, George L., died 5/4/43: 5/6/43p3;5/13/43p3

Chalmers, Harry O., died 3/16/45: 3/22/45p4

Chalmers, Maybelle C., died 12/20/46: 12/26/46p3

Chamberlain, Alma E., died 5/7/42: 5/14/42p8

Chamberlain, Arthie E., died 12/28/43: 12/30/43p4

Chamberlain, Arthur D., died 4/4/43: 4/8/43p3

Chamberlain, Howard, awarded Silver Star: 2/10/44p12

Chamberlain, Lewis, weds Irene Duff 11/5/49: 11/10/49p17

Chamberlain, Ted, weds Elaine Roy 6/16/41: 6/19/41p4

Chamberlin, Edith M., died 9/5/48: 9/9/48p18

Chamberlin, Nelson, weds Freda Smith 11/14/46: 11/21/46p12

Champagne, Evelyn, weds Thomas Kerley 6/10/44: 6/15/44p9

Champagne, Hervey, weds Rita Fowle 10/15/45: 10/18/45p6

Champagne, Victoria L., died 5/27/47: 6/5/47p14

Champlin, William, weds Virginia Spaulding 6/10/41: 6/12/41p3

Chandler, Clara, weds Frank Goodwin 6/4/43: 6/10/43p10

Chandler, Edward L., died 5/27/40: 6/6/40p6

Chandler, Raymond E., died 1/11/43: 1/14/43p3;1/21/43p3

Chapelle, Phyllis, weds Albert Gagne Jr. 7/24/48: 7/29/48p3

Chaplin, Alice, died 12/3/40: 12/5/40p16

Chaplin, Harold, weds Julia Stiles 1/3/45: 1/11/45p4

Chapman, Carl R., died 7/26/44: 8/17/44p1

Chapman, Charles, weds Eva Hanlon 10/3/49: 10/6/49p4

Chapman, Charles, weds Muriel Purington 8/17/47: 8/28/47p4

Chapman, Cora., died 3/16/49: 3/17/49p4;3/24/49p4

Chapman, Dorothy R., died 6/17/44: 6/22/44p13

Chapman, Florence, weds Armand Distie 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Chapman, Harris, weds Beulah Strong 12/12/47: 1/1/48p5

Chapman, Norah, weds Leeman Wormwood Jr. 10/12/44: 11/2/44p9

Chapman, Paul, weds Ilga Osepchook 6/29/44: 7/20/44p8

Chapman. Carl, weds Florence Guillemette 5/31/43: 6/3/43p5

Charette, Marjorie, weds Lewis Mackenzie 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Charles, Clara B., celebrates 84th birthday: 1/1/42p3

Charles, John, weds Marion Richard 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

Charles, Leroy W., died 3/14/42: 3/19/42p3

Charles, Wilton, weds Geraldine Worster 10/12/46: 10/17/46p4

Charpentier, George, weds Muriel Biron 9/6/47: 9/11/47pp3,4

Charrette, Doris, weds Albert Lessard 1/25/47: 1/30/47p9

Chase, Blanche D., died 8/19/44: 8/31/44p10

Chase, Calie, weds Vival Oakes 9/25/48: 9/30/48p3

Chase, Clara J., died 11/19/40: 11/21/40p3;11/18/40p2

Chase, Fae, weds Thornton Tilton 7/21/46: 8/1/46p14

Chase, Forence M., died 3/3/49: 3/10/49p4

Chase, Fred E., died 10/16/46:10/17/46p11

Chase, Harriet, weds Clarence Brown 11/11/49: 11/17/50p4

Chase, Melvin M., died 4/11/49: 4/21/49p22

Chase, Muriel, weds Russell Foster 6/19/42: 6/25/42p5

Chase, Richard, weds Irene Sauersbrey 6/13/44: 6/22/44p2

Chase, Verne, weds Ethel Chadwick 6/15/45: 7/5/45p10

Chasse, Lionel, weds Jane Nadeau 9/5/49: 9/8/49p4,9/15/49p4

Chasse, Lorraine, weds Roland Roberge 10/12/48: 10/14/48p3

Chatigney, Onezphore J., 11/28/49: 12/1/49p15

Cheney, Mildred, weds Edward Schneider 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Cheney, Phyllis, weds Wilfred Gauthier 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Chesley, Emma L., died 9/7/41: 9/11/41p3

Chesley, Fred, weds Mary Stevens 10/27/44: 11/2/44p11

Chesley, Harold J., died 11/6/41: 11/13/41p13

Chesley, Lois, weds Edwin York 3/24/45: 4/5/45p3

Chesley, Muriel, weds Thomas Burbank 11/?/49: 12/22/49p4

Chesley, Norman, weds Jeanne Lizotte 2/18/46: 2/28/46p2

Chesley, Sarah H., died 11/2/41: 11/6/41p16

Chesley, Wilbur L, died 9/23/48: 9/30/48p13

Chesley. Emma, died 3/12/40: 3/14/40p10

Chesnel, Annonciade, weds Edmund Dallaire 7/23/45: 8/2/45p2

Chevalier, Doris, weds Rosaire Bilodeau 8/1/42: 8/6/42p5

Child, Flora A., died 7/19/43: 7/22/43p3

Childs, Ruth A., died 3/2/40: 3/7/40p13

Chisholm, Fred, weds Althea Dunbar 7/3/48: 7/15/48p5

Chisholm, June, weds Robert Malone 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Chisholm, M&M Raymond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/1/41p3

Chretien, Pauline, weds Clifford Capen 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Christie, Addie M., died 11/26/43: 12/2/43p11

Christodoulou, Virginia, weds James Carros 6/13/43: 6/17/43p10

Christodoulous, George, died 12/7/46: 12/12/46p7

Churchman, Leonard, weds Anita Bilodeau 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5,7/1/48p4

Cilley, James A., died 10/14/46:10/17/46p4

Cilley, James, weds Edna Chadbourne 12/22/43: 12/30/43p2

Cilley, Ralston, weds Edythe Gray 7/17/47: 7/31/47p3

Clark, Charles S., died 2/25/40: 2/29/40p2

Clark, Elizabeth, weds Grosvenor Wadman 6/1/41: 6/5/41p4

Clark, Elna, weds Charles Byerly 3rd 2/2/44: 2/10/44p2

Clark, Ethel, weds George Dubois 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Clark, Everett, weds Barbara Heath 4/19/47: 5/1/47p3

Clark, Florence B., died 9/25/44: 9/28/44p6

Clark, Georgia, weds Abbott Geyer 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Clark, Howard, weds Vera Mason 3/18/45: 3/22/45p3

Clark, Ida, died 2/21/41: 2/27/41p3

Clark, Lizzie V., died 9/13/40: 9/19/40p10

Clark, Marjorie, weds Allen Drew 10/15/47: 12/4/47p19

Clark, Martha, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/23/41p1

Clark, Martha, weds Bernard Corson 4/22/43: 4/29/43p2

Clark, Mildred E., died 5/20/42: 5/28/42p3

Clark, Mrs. Everett, is accomplished rug hooker: 4/18/40p16

Clark, Nellie M., died 11/16/41: 11/20/41p3

Clark, Rosella, weds Otis Stanhope 4/25/47: 5/1/47p3

Clark, Susie B., died ?/?/43: 6/17/43p3

Clark, William J., died 11/26/43: 12/2/43p4

Clark, William, weds Margaret Newhall 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Clarke, Arthur E., died 4/31/49: 5/5/49p5

Clarke, Earl, weds Corrine Walsh 12/29/41: 1/1/42p11

Clement, Evelyn, weds Leo Huppe 1/31/45: 2/15/45p5

Clement, Reginald, weds Mary Towle 9/19/42: 10/8/42p8

Clements, Cynthia, weds Douglas Buswell 12/17/49: 12/22/49p4

Clements, Martha, died 10/4/44: 10/19/44p14

Clements, Robert, weds Anita Robidas 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

Cleveland, Raymond, weds Lucille Poutbriand 6/8/43: 6/10/43p4

Cleveland, Ruth O., died 10/22/48: 10/28/48p18

Clough, Ada F., died 4/4/45: 4/5/45p4;4/12/45p4

Clough, Celina, died 2/7/49: 2/10/49p4

Clough, Donald, weds Lorna Tripp 8/15/48: 8/19/48p5

Clough, Ella R., died 2/25/40: 2/29/40p2

Clough, Millard H., died 1/20/44: 1/27/44p3

Clough, Moses, died 2/10/40: 2/22/40p2

Cloutman, M&M Ralph D., celebrate 50th anniversary 9/1/49p5

Coburn, Ida M., died 5/4/44: 5/11/44p3

Coburn, Stella E., died 10/28/41: 10/30/41p3

Coco, Lucy, weds Roland Millette 7/1/44: 7/6/44p3

Coffin, Alice, weds Clyde Glidden Jr. 10/19/49: 11/3/49p15

Coffin, Charles S., died 7/25/43: 7/29/43p3

Coffman, Irne, weds Robert Arnold 5/14/43: 5/27/43p10

Cohl, Alice C., died 2/10/43: 2/11/43p3

Colbath, Emma A., died 6/15/41: 6/19/41p9

Colbath, Emma C., died10/28/49: 11/3/49p15

Colbath, Grace, weds J. G. Hurd 7/22/45: 7/26/45p7

Colbath, Robert, weds Grace Gurney 11/10/46: 12/26/46p11

Colbroth, Arthur, weds Helen Pray 12/23/43: 1/20/44p5

Colbroth, Dolores, weds Everett Goodwin 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4

Colbroth, Phyllia, weds Raymond Ellis 1/1/48: 1/8/48p3,1/15/48p2

Colbroth, Robert E., died 6/12/44: 7/27/44p1

Colbroth, Robert E., WWII casualty's body returned: 10/7/48p1;10/21/48p1

Colby, Carrie G., died 10/12/40: 10/17/40p3

Colby, Earl, weds Marguerite Ball 3/30/40: 4/11/40p10

Colby, Hazel, weds Sidney Hurley 5/9/46: 5/16/46p2

Colby, Joseph G., died 2/8/45: 2/15/45p4

Colcord, M&M Ralph S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/10/42pp3,11

Cole, Hannah S., died 3/28/40: 4/4/40p2

Cole, Marion, weds Kenneth Bruce 7/10/47: 7/17/47p6

Cole, William, weds Ellen Calvery 5/17/46: 5/22/47p5

Coleman, Arthur, weds Florence Shinsky 6/?/44: 7/13/44p2

Coles, Abbie, celebrates 88th birthday: 5/1/41p10

Coles, Abbie M., celebrates 90th birthday: 4/29/43p6

Collay, Peter, weds Winifred Bowley 11/1/47: 11/6/47p14

Collins, Francis L., died 7/10/42: 7/16/42p3

Collins, Hiram H., died 9/21/48: 9/23/48p4;9/30/48p4

Collins, James J., died 12/18/42: 12/24/42p3

Collins, John M., died 12/30/43: 1/6/44p4

Collins, Mary G., died 3/22/49: 3/24/49p4

Collins, Mary G., died 1/1/41: 1/9/41p6

Colman, Alicem weds Levin Miksch 9/?/43: 9/9/43p5

Colomy, George A., died 2/24/41: 2/27/41p3

Columb, Charles, weds Betty Mullen 8/6/46: 8/15/46p3

Columbus, Muriel, weds Herman Toof 10/31/42: 11/5/42p12

Columbus, Thelma, weds Antonio Pina 9/3/49: 9/8/49p18

Comberford, Frances, weds Dean Bragg 8/24/42: 10/29/42p5

Comeau, Doris, weds Gene Remick 1/18/47: 1/23/47p3

Comeau, Joseph A., died 10/2/48: 10/7/48p4

Comeau, Joseph, weds Peuline Blaisdell 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3

Comfort, Frederick, weds Carmela Dauria 7/14/46: 7/18/46p12

Commisky, Peter, weds Lucille Weymouth 1/13/48: 1/15/48p3

Congram, Earl, weds Ruth Stanhope 1/20/49: 1/27/49p3

Conklin, Regina, weds Lewis Dexter 5/2/47: 5/8/47p21

Conlin, Norman, weds Marguerite Tibbetts 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Connelly, Earl, weds Beatrice Woodman 6/1/40: 6/6/40p4

Connelly, Edward, weds Clairette Lapierre 1/1/41: 6/26/41p5

Connelly, Raymond, weds Phyllis Bagley 12/29/40: 3/20/41p5

Connoly, Joseph, weds Barbara Weeks 6/9/45: 6/14/45p3

Connor, Amber R., died 10/26/46:10/31/46p12

Connor, Jeanette, weds Kenneth Noseck 1/31/43: 2/4/43p5

Connor, Shirley, weds Forrest Campbell 12/24/49: 12/29/49p4

Connors, Charles W., died 7/30/44: 8/3/44p4

Connors, Charlotte, weds George Oakes 8/4/41: 8/7/41p3

Connors, Margaret, weds Charles Lawrence 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

Connors, Margaret, weds Valmore Gagne 12/18/43: 12/23/43p5

Conrad, John F., died 12/20/44: 12/21/44p1;12/28/44p1

Constantine, Parker, weds Lorraine Stevenson 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4,9/29/49p4

Conway, Philip, weds Freda Joy 6/23/40: 7/4/40p14

Conway, Ralph, weds Elizabeth McClory 10/12/41: 10/16/41p16

Cook, Carlyne, weds Norman Brooks 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Cook, Gertrude, weds Herman Horne 6/?/43: 7/8/43p3

Cook, Herbert, weds Amy Hartford 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6

Cook Jr., Herbert, weds Abbie Geddes 3/12/48: 3/18/48p3

Cook, Nancy W., died 11/?/46: 12/5/46p4

Cook, Roland, weds Eleanor Stetson 10/5/47: 10/9/47p5

Cookson, Celie, weds Albert Goddard 9/16/49: 9/22/49p14

Cookson, Fred H., died 10/11/40: 10/17/40p3

Cooley, Manuel P., confirmed WWII casualty: 7/24/47p1;2/10/49p1

Cooper, Alice, weds Richard Goddard 7/5/41: 7/10/41p5

Cooper, Barbara, weds Charles Thompson 6/8/41: 6/12/41p4

Cooper, Dorothy, weds Andross Lamb 9/14/46: 9/19/46p3

Cooper, J. Edward, died 2/18?/45: 5/3/45p1

Cooper, James H., died 10/1/49: 10/6/49p15

Cooper, Miriam, weds Richard Adams 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Cooper, Richard, weds Elizabeth Wentworth 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Copeland, Normajane performs dentistry in French Alps: 10/24/46p1

Copeland, Normajane, weds Henry Wittner 12/30/47: 1/8/48p3

Copp, Arthur L., died 9/9/42: 9/10/42p3

Copp, Blanch, weds Roy Rogers 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Copp, June, weds Nathan Blaisdell Jr. 3/13/48: 3/18/48p3

Copp, Louise, weds Leonard Prescott 6/3/45: 6/7/45p11

Copp, Ramona, weds Fred Little 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

Copp, Thomas, weds Josephine Rouleau 1/1/42: 1/8/42p8

Copp, Thomas, weds Verna Packard 10/20/46: 10/24/46p7

Copp, William, weds Helene Beaupre 3/14/46: 3/28/46p2;4/4/46p3

Copp. Dana, weds Shirley Simons 7/3/48: 7/8/48pp2,4

Coram, Eliza S., died 9/24/49p5

Coram, William A., died 12/3/43: 12/9/43p3

Coran, William, weds Henrietta Jacques 9/1/41: 9/4/31p3

Corbett, Rose, died 6/4/41: 6/12/41p3

Corbett, Sameon, died 7/14/49: 7/21/49p1

Corbett, Samuel, weds Hazel Brock 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Corliss, Sarah J., died 8/9/41: 8/14/41pC6

Cormier, Armand, weds Evelyn Filiau 7/25/43: 7/29/43p5

Cormier, Bertrand, weds Esther Graves 11/27/47: 12/4/47p13

Cormier, Edward, weds Della Paradis 7/24/43: 8/5/43p5

Cormier, Feodora, died 9/14/42: 9/17/42p3;9/24/42p3

Cormier, Florida T., died 1/6/49: 1/13/49p4

Cormier, Leo. weds Rena Jacques 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Cormier, M&M Trafle, celebrate 50th anniversay: 4/24/41p5

Cormier, Raymond, weds Avis Johnson 3/17/49: 3/24/49p4

Cormier, Roger, weds Ethel Brown 3/9/42: 3/12/42p5

Cormier, Roland, weds Beverly stevenson 1/8/49: 1/13/49p3

Cormier, Treffle, died 2/19/44: 2/24/44p3

Cormier, Yvan, weds Lorraine Therrien 12/1/45: 12/6/45p2

Corriveau, Anthony, weds Dorothy Pellerin 1/16/46: 1/24/46p2

Corsault, Oscar, weds Victoria Tessier 4/20/40: 4/25/40p4

Corsaut, Oscar M., died 4/26/45: 5/10/45p1

Corson, Bernard, weds Martha Clark 4/22/43: 4/29/43p2

Corson, Bert, weds Mildred Gerry 11/9/46: 11/14/46p2

Corson, Charles E., died 12/29/39: 1/4/40p8

Corson, Charles F., died 3/10/44: 3/16/44p4

Corson, Charles, weds ??? Derby 4/11/43: 4/22/43p11

Corson, Clarence, weds Ruth Calef 11/23/46: 12/5/46p16

Corson, Constance, weds Thomas Rippett Jr. 7/2/46: 7/11/46p2

Corson, Emma, F., died 7/8/47: 7/10/47p4

Corson, Fay, weds Edna Richardson 7/2/48: 7/8/48p4

Corson, Gerald, weds Frances Jackson 1/26/46: 2/7/46p2

Corson, Gladys A., died 6/11/44: 6/15/44p3

Corson, Hattie R., died 2/16/44: 2/24/44p3

Corson, Ida H., died 6/5/41: 6/12/41p3

Corson, Julia P., died 3/9/44: 3/16/44p4

Corson, Kathleen, weds Carlton Boston 4/6/47: 4/10/47p2

Corson, Kenneth, weds Eileen Thompson 3/13/43: 3/25/43p5

Corson, Lorraine, weds Donald Tibbetts 8/31/45: 9/6/45p2

Corson, Lucretia S., died 3/21/43: 3/25/43p3

Corson, Maralyn, weds Harold Daudelin 5/29/47: 6/5/47p5

Corson, Marjorie, weds Albert Fos 1/11/47: 1/16/47p2s

Corson, Mary E., died 7/5/41: 7/10/41p6

Corson, Mildred, weds John Gault 11/22/41: 11/27/41p11

Corson, Minnnie A., died 1/27/41: 1/30/41p3

Corson, Ralph, weds Mary St. Lawrence 12/4/48: 12/9/48p3

Corson, Raymond?, weds Harriet Worster 7/5/45: 7/12/45p7

Corson, Robert, weds Doris Jacobs 12/28/39: 1/4/40p5

Corson, Sabra J., died 3/8?/40: 3/14/40p3

Corson, Sadie F., died 6/23/43: 7/1/43p3

Corson, Thelma, weds Richard Trask 7/25/41: 7/31/41p6

Corson, Verna, weds Hubert Adams 2/24/40: 2/29/40p5

Corson, William, weds Muriel Deaman 12/13/41: 1/1/42p5

Cote, Elizabeth M., died 3/13/40: 3/21/40p1

Cote, Henry, weds Judith LaCroix 1/26/42: 1/29/42p5

Cote, Jeanne, weds Henry Castonguay 5/31/41: 6/5/41p4

Cote, Stella, weds Paul Grondin 6/7/47: 6/12/47p4;6/19/47p5

Cotta, Evangeline, weds Henry Drapeau 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Cotter Jr., Arundel, weds Madelyn Mitchell 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Cotton, Nelson, died 7/18/49: 7/21/49p4

Coulumbe, Constance, weds Robert Veno 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4,7/15/48p5

Coulumbe, Emelda M., died 7/24/44: 7/27/44p9

Coulumbe, Theresa, weds Paul Townsend 12/30/39: 1/4/40p8

Coulumbe, William, weds Eva Berube 6/7/47: 6/12/47p14

Countryman, Don, weds Corrine Griffen 4/19/47: 4/24/47p2;5/22/47p2

Courchene, Napolean, weds Anita Castonguay 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Coury, Joseph, weds Rosanna Portrie 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Coutrue, Rita, weds Ralph Buonaiuto 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Couture, Gerard, weds Beatrice Breton 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Couture, Hattie E., died 4/14/47: 4/17/47p4

Couture, Leon, weds Priscilla LaCroix 11/8/47: 11/13/47p3,11/20/47p5

Couture, Lloyd, weds Martha Lowe 1/30/42: 2/5/42p5

Couture, Louise, weds Mozart St. Germain 9/7/46: 9/19/46p3

Couture, Paul, weds Lucia Guignard 10/24/44: 10/26/44p7

Couture, Romeo, weds Florence Dasmarais 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Couturier, Philip, weds Stella Plante 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Cox, Joseph, weds Gertrude Maguire 11/28/42: 12/3/42p5

Cox, Thomas H., died 6/14/44: 6/15/44p3;6/22/44p5

Coy, James C., died 1/23/44: 1/27/44p3

Coyne, Catherine, weds Kenneth Hogan 6/27/47: 7/3/47p10

Coyne, Claire, weds Robert Bickerstaffe Jr. 7/22/48: 7/29/48p13

Coyne, William, weds Shirley Hooper 3/3/49: 3/10/49p16

Crawford, Gertrude M., died 9/16/42: 9/24/42p3

Crawford, Lois, weds George Sargent 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3

Crawford, Warren, weds Elaine Gibbs 8/21/46: 8/22/46p3

Crawford, William H., died 5/21/44: 5/25/44p3

Crego, Frances, weds William Nesbitt 4/19/42: 4/23/42p5

Creteau, Marjorie, weds John Scully 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3,3/17/49p4

Creteau, Raymond J., died 8/23/48: 8/26/48p1;9/2/48p4

Creteau, Wilfrid W., died 2/22/49: 2/24/49p1;3/3/49p4;5/12/49p1

Crisp, Ruth, weds Louis Lamontagne 6/5/48: 6/17/48p5

Critchett, Grace, died 11/22/44: 12/7/44p14

Crocker, Louise B., died 10/17/49: 10/20/49p5

Crockett, Willard E., died 11/5/48: 11/11/48p4

Crosby, Charles M., died 5/21/40: 5/23/40p12

Crosby, Edith, weds Donald Hoey 10/26/47: 11/6/47p2

Crosby, Gloria, weds Norman Daniels 10/6/45: 10/11/45p2

Crosby, Lloyd R., died 8/6/44: 8/10/44p5

Crosby, Ruth, weds Lester Spooner 5/25/40: 5/30/40p5

Cross Jr., Frank, weds Josephine Boulanger 11/24/49: 12/1/49p4,12/8/49p4

Cross, June, weds Melvin Perkins 5/23/47: 5/29/47p5

Croteau, Priscilla, weds Raymond Bedard 1/1/49: 1/6/49p3

Crotty, Edard J., died 11/19/40: 11/21/40p3

Crowly, Phyllis, weds Raymond Lemire 10/19/46: 10/24/46p9

Crummy, John J., awarded second Oak Leaf Cluster: 6/29/44p9

Cullen, Annie, weds Russell Quint 10/2/48: 10/7/48p3

Cullen, Bernard, weds Evelyn Hartford 3/7/42: 3/12/42p5

Cullen Jr., Thomas, weds Patricia Dearborn 10/3/41: 10/9/41pp5,8

Cullen, Magaret B., died 10/15/46:10/17/46p4

Cullen, peter, weds Blanche Rogers 5/1/48: 5/6/48p7

Cullen, Raymond, weds Lucille Plante 8/16/46: 8/22/46p3

Cullen, Roland, weds Betty Busbee 12/5/45: 12/13/45p3

Cullen, Thomas B., died 10/23/43: 10/28/43p3

Cullinane, Isabelle, weds Romeo Hebert 11/9/46: 11/14/46p8

Cummings, Archer, weds Ethel Johnson 10/1/44: 10/5/44p3

Cummings, Donald, weds Marion Wentworth 8/12/47: 8/21/47p3

Cummiskey, Mary, weds Arnold Nash 6/16/45: 7/5/45p3

Cunningham, Mildred, weds Harold Stillings 10/29/43: 11/4/43p12

Curil, Margaret T., died 1/12/42: 1/15/42p6

Curley, Ellen V., died 6/13/49: 6/16/49p5

Currier, A. Burns, died 1/19/43: 1/28/43p6

Currier, Abbie R., died 6/30/40: 7/4/40p16

Currier, Annette, weds Richard Young 6/2/46: 6/6/46p3

Currier, Annie A., died 1/?/42: 1/29/42p8

Currier, Arlene, weds Fred Mooers 7/4/48: 7/15/48p8

Currier, Corrine, weds Walter Greeley 10/26/46: 10/31/46p12

Currier, Elizabeth R., dued 4/13/45: 4/19/45p11

Currier, Elizabeth, weds Edward Mros Jr. 9/3/49: 9/8/49p15

Currier, Ellery, saves a life: 7/25/40p1

Currier, Everett, weds Gloria Gelinas 5/3/45: 5/10/45p12

Currier, John T., died 4/13/43: 4/15/43p9

Currier Jr., Wilfred, weds Laurette Bibeau 10/4/47: 10/9/47p5

Currier, Margaret, weds Harry Grant 6/14/42: 6/18/42p5

Currier, Perley, weds Elsie Waterhouse 9/7/49: 9/15/49p4

Currier, Sarah A., died 8/20/48: 8/26/48p11

Curry, Lena M., died 12/11/41: 12/18/41p3

Curtis, Fannie C., died 1/29/49: 2/3/49p15

Curtis, Hattie, weds Frank Parkhurst 1/1/44: 1/13/44p9

Curtis, Oresa, weds James Bowering Jr. 9/9/42: 9/24/42p3

Curtis, Reginald, weds Pauline Emerson 1/12/40: 1/25/40p5

Curtis, Richard, weds Doris Foss 9/8/45: 9/13/45p12

Curtis, Wilma, died 1/27/43: 2/4/43p6

Cushing, Constantine, weds Dorothea Wilkens 11/27/43: 12/2/43p5

Cushing, Willard I., died 1/20/41: 1/23/41p2

Custeau, George, weds Mildred Witham 11/29/41: 12/4/41pC2

Custeau, Leon, died 3/13/49: 3/17/49p4

Cutts, Cora E., died 6/5/45: 6/7/45p4

Cyr, Beatrice, weds Mathias Laurion 5/22/43: 5/27/43p7

Cyr, Carmen, weds Bedford Kingsbury 7/?/44: 8/10/44p7

Cyr, Doris, weds Paul Desmarais 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Cyr, Edward, weds Barbara Lesparance 3/?/47: 4/17/47p14

Cyr, Jean/John, died 5/23/40: 5/30/40pp2,12

Cyr, Lucille, weds John Nesbitt 4/19/42: 4/23/42p5

Cyr, Maria, weds Robert Perreault 4/26/41: 5/1/41p5

Cyr, Rita, weds Lionel Casavant 4/27/40: 5/2/40p6

Cyr, Rita, weds Lionel Therberge 10/26/46: 10/31/46p12

Cyr Sr., Joseph A., died 4/28/42: 4/30/42p3

Daggett, William W., died 4/11/43: 4/22/43p3

Daigle, Norman, weds Bessie McDuffee 5/8/48: 5/13/48p5

Dale, Clifford, died 7/19/45: 7/26/45p3

Dale, Evelyn, weds Carl Tozer 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Daley, Arline, weds Clarence Woodman 2/19/49: 3/3/49p3

Daley, Charles P., died 6/13/48: 6/17/48p1

Dallaire, Amedee, died 8/17/46: 8/22/46p4

Dallaire, Edmund, weds Annonciade Chesnel 7/23/45: 8/2/45p2

Dallaire, Priscilla, weds Jerome Caplette 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2,9/19/46p3

Dame, Emerson, weds Esther Theoret 7/29/44: 8/3/44p2

Dame, Ethel M., died 9/1/42: 9/3/42p12

Dame, Fannie A., died 9/13/49: 9/15/49p5,9/22/49p4

Dame, J. Harry, died 2/23/45: 3/1/45p4

Dame, M&M Ernest J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/16/49p4

Dame, Mabel P., died 12/26/48: 12/30/48p4,p10

Damon, Ardys, weds Robert Feineman 10/2/40: 10/10/40p5

Damon, Beatrice, weds Jerry Stuart 9/29/46: 10/3/46p11

Damon, Sheldon, weds Beatrice Richardson 4/13/47: 4/17/47p14

Danforth, M&M Alfred H., celebrate60th anniversary: 7/19/45p11

Danforth, Sarah E., died 5/28/46: 5/30/46p8

Daniels, Norman, weds Gloria Crosby 10/6/45: 10/11/45p2

Daudelin, Elaine, weds Charles Hopkinson 10/30/48: 11/4/48p11

Daudelin, Eldore, weds Barbara Benner 9/14/40: 9/19/40p16

Daudelin, Harold, weds Maralyn Corson 5/29/47: 6/5/47p5

Daudelin Jr., Alfred, weds Lorraine Howard 9/5/41: 9/11/31pp3,B3

Daudelin, Lloyd, weds Mildred Derby 5/29/43: 6/3/43p9

Daudelin, M&M Alfred O., celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/7/40p1

Daudelin, Murray, weds Eileen Gray 12/25/43: 12/30/43p5

Daudelin, Norman, weds Grace Sharpe 7/25/42: 8/13/42p8

Dauria, Carmela, weds Frederick Comfort 7/14/46: 7/18/46p12

Davenhall, George B., died 10/13/46: 10/17/46p12

Davenhall, Thomas, weds Frances Young 12/25/43: 1/13/44p9

Davenport, Hollis, weds Phylis Marshall 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

David, Robert W., died 7/?/44: 8/17/44p1

Davies, Edith, died 5/30/45: 6/7/45p11

Davies, Edward M., died 2/17/48: 2/26/48p10

Davies, John, weds Eleanor Evans 7/2/42: 7/9/42p6

Davis, Alonzo I., died 3/13/43: 3/18/43p10

Davis, Annie M., died 11/13/45: 11/8/45p4

Davis, Chales F., died 5/25/49: 6/2/49p8

Davis, Daisy D., died 9/28/44: 10/5/44p5

Davis, Donald, weds Irene Goodwin 11/16/40: 11/21/40p9

Davis, Dorothy, weds Paul Ouellette 6/11/49: 6/16/49p4

Davis, Edith A., died 5/18/48: 5/20/48p4

Davis, Eliza D., died 6/29/43: 7/1/43p9

Davis, Elizabeth, weds Harmon Sargent 9/26/42: 10/1/42p12

Davis, Fannie S., died 4/18/42: 4/23/42p3

Davis, George E., died 12/19/40: 12/26/40p6

Davis, Harry, weds Eudora Sykes 9/29/45: 10/4/45p9

Davis, Harry, weds Pauline Goupil 1/18/41: 1/23/41p5

Davis, Henry, weds Marjorie Gowen 10/12/45: 10/18/45p3

Davis, Jeanette, weds Joseph Barber Jr. 7/26/48: 8/5/48p3

Davis, John, weds Marguerite Lovering 7/19/42: 8/6/42p10

Davis, Laurice, died 4/10/41: 4/10/41p1;4/17/41p18

Davis, Lola, weds Arnold Bennett 1/5/46: 1/31/46p5

Davis, Louis, weds Mabel Nichols 4/?/42: 5/7/42p10

Davis, M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/17/41p5

Davis, Madeline, weds Leslie Hood Jr. 10/26/44: 11/2/44p12

Davis, Margaret, weds Harvey Morphy 1/17/41: 1/23/41pp4,16

Davis, Marjorie, weds Joseph Hatton 8/12/40: 8/15/40p5

Davis, Marvin A., died 4/8/47: 4/10/47p4

Davis, Maurice, weds Helen Dion 5/18/41: 5/22/41p6

Davis, Nathaniel, died 10/9/49: 10/13/49p5

Davis, Robert W., awarded Bronze Star posthumously: 1/31/46p1

Davis, Robert W., died 7/10/45 in invasion of Japan: 11/4/48p4

Davis, Robert W., honored by Marine Corps League: 7/3/47p1

Davis, Robert, weds Vena Carll 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Davis, Ruby, weds Clifford Burno 8/7/41: 8/14/41pC2

Davis, Walter, weds Leona Guilmette 5/10/41: 5/15/41pp4,5

Davis, William S., died 2/22/45: 3/1/45p4

Davis, William S., died 4/?/45: 5/3/45p11

Davis, William, weds Ruth Littlefield 9/20/41: 9/25/41p5

Day, Albert, weds Margaret Maguire 2/19/44: 2/24/44p5

Day, Evalyn, weds Charles Sullivan 8/14/44: 8/17/44p2

Day, Myrtle I., died 8/29/43: 9/2/43p3

de La Breuer, Louis, weds Anne Fox 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3,4/29/48p3

Dealand, Velzora, celebrates 84th birthday: 4/10/41p8

Deaman, Muriel, weds William Corson 12/13/41: 1/1/42p5

Dean, james, weds Frances Goodwin 1/1/40: 1/4/40p5

DeAngelis, Frank, weds Phyllis Libby 3/10/46: 3/14/46p2

Dearborn, Patricia, weds Thomas Cullen Jr. 10/3/41: 10/9/41pp5,8

Dearborn, Ruth, weds Robert Ricker 8/12/44: 8/24/44p2

Del Ciello, Elda, weds Angelo Gazzaniga 8/2/42: 8/6/42p10

Dellaire, Clara V., died 7/18/42: 7/23/42p3

Demeritt, Musetta A., died 4/?/46: 4/18/46p4

Demeritt, Philip O., died 9/14/46: 9/19/46p1

Demerritt, Margie, weds John Hayes 6/4/47: 6/12/47p14(F);6/19/47p16(N)

DeMerritt Jr., Bruce, weds Hazel Dickerson 10/11/41: 10/16/41pp5,8

Demers, Florence L., died 5/23/45: 5/31/45p4

Demers, Jeanette, weds Harold Lamontagne 5/10/47: 5/15/47p5

Demers, Paul, weds Florence Laurion 4/11/42: 4/16/42p5

Derby, ???, weds Charles Corson 4/11/43: 4/22/43p11

Derby, Charles L., died 5/2/42: 5/7/42p10

Derby, Leona, weds Preston Haycock Jr. 5/24/46: 5/30/46p8

Derby, Merle, weds Wilbur Lover 6/20/42: 6/25/42pp10 ,14

Derby, Mildred, weds Lloyd Daudelin 5/29/43: 6/3/43p9

Derby, Paul, died 11/25/43: 12/2/43p11

Derby, Richard, weds Evelyn Sargent 11/28/40: 12/5/40p16

Derbyshire, Robert, weds Marion Rickards 9/21/46: 10/3/46p3

DeRoy, Della, weds Anson Hill 2/28/45: 3/15/45p3

DeRoy, Paul, celebrates 100th birthday: 6/27/46p3

DeRusha, Theresa, weds Robert Gould 12/11/49: 12/15/49p4

Desaulnier, Beatrice, weds Frederick Mater 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Desaulnier, Louise, weds Rosario Viel 5/29/43: 6/3/43p5

Desaulnier, Lucille, weds George Bisson 9/1/47: 9/4/47p2

Deschaise, Rev. Charles J., died 8/9/46: 8/15/46p1

Deschamp, Joseph, weds Dolores Giguere 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Deschamps, Henri, weds Cecile Lapierre 4/20/40: 4/25/40p4

Descheneau, Irene, died 1/6/48: 1/8/48p4,1/15/48p4

Descheneaux, Joseph, died 2/3/42: 2/5/42p2

Deshaies, Eva, weds Lionel Boissonneau 8/8/42: 8/13/42p5

Deshaies, George N., died 6/25/49: 6/30/49p5

Desjardin, Raymond, weds Hazel Morris 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Desjardins, Alfred J., died 1/5/49: 1/6/49p1,1/13/49p4

Desjardins, John, weds Valeda Marcotte 11/3/45: 11/8/45p2

Desmarais, Armand, weds Rosemary McDonough 7/27/40: 8/1/40p5

Desmarais, Arthur, diedo 8/31/45: 9/6/45p4

Desmarais, Cecile, weds Ephram Savoie 12/26/40: 1/2/41p5

Desmarais, Emma L., died 12/18/40: 12/26/40p6

Desmarais, Florence, weds Romeo Couture 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Desmarais, Paul, weds Doris Cyr 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Desmarais, Valmore J., 10/13/47: 10/16/47p4

Desrosiers, Walter, weds Olive Giguere 7/4/41: 7/10/41p5

Desseto, Joseph, weds Eva Dowling 10/30/48: 11/4/48p11

Deveau, Laurence, weds Eleanor Cegiel 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Devens, Muriel, weds Franklin Bond 12/14/41: 12/25/41p5

DeWolfe, William, weds Constance Raiche 12/26/49: 12/29/49p4

Dexter, Cora E., died 4/9/49: 4/14/49p4

Dexter, Ernest F., died 3/30/41: 4/3/41p11

Dexter, Jennie C., died 9/23/49: 9/29/49p16

Dexter, Lewis, weds Edna Jewell 11/24/45: 11/29/45p10

Dexter, Lewis, weds Regina Conklin 5/2/47: 5/8/47p21

Dickenson, James G., died 2/8/45: 2/15/45p4

Dickenson, Sadie A., died 1/31/48: 2/5/48p4

Dickenson., H. Spencer, died 8/30/42: 9/3/42p3

Dickerman, Robert, weds Beatrice Ham 2/16/40: 2/22/40p5

Dickerson, Hazel, weds Bruce DeMerritt Jr. 10/11/41: 10/16/41pp5,8

Dickie, Alberton C., died 3/22/43: 3/25/43p11

Dickie, Erlon T., died 3/28/47: 4/3/47p4

Dickie, Robert, died (date unknown): 3/1/45p1

Dickie, Robert, weds Myrtle Durkee 1/1/43: 1/7/43p5

Dickson, Charles, weds Ruby Snow 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Dickson, Marion, weds J. H. Sanderson 5/2/41: 5/15/41p12

Dickson, William F., died 5/9/41: 5/15/41p12

Dierauer, Wiliam T., died 11/29/44: 1/4/45p1

Dillon, Edgar, weds Gertrude Whitaker 9/7/46: 10/3/46p3

Dillon, John, weds Jeannette Dorr 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Dimmock, Elizabeth, weds Charles Webster 9/1/42: 9/3/42p12

Dimond, Mrs. Chester, died 7/16/40: 7/25/40p12

Dinan, Frances, weds Charles Hussey 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Dion, Helen, weds Maurice Davis 5/18/41: 5/22/41p6

Dionne, Arthur, died 7/25/47: 7/31/47p4

Dionne, Arthur, weds Lila Young 12/31/47: 1/8/48p14

Dionne, Irene, weds Clevard Poulin 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Dionne, Leo, weds Gertrude Ellis 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Dionne, Mary, weds Clarence York 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

DiPrizio, Prisco, weds Lois Canney 8/4/46: 8/8/46p3;8/15/46p3

Dixon, Alice B., died 9/29/49: 10/6/49p17

Dixon, Donald, weds ??? Necker 11/30/46: 2/20/47p5

Dixon, Frederick W., died 12/?/40: 12/12/40p3

Dixon, June, weds Russell Taylor 3/2/46: 3/7/46p2

Dixon, M&M Charles P., celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/23/47p1

Dixon, M&M Ernest L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/10/49p18

Dixon, Ruth, weds William Warnecke Jr. 1/24/41: 1/30/41p10

Dixon, Stephen E., died 6/7/46: 6/13/46p18

Dixon, Wanda, weds Robert Perry 3/28/42: 4/2/42p4

Dme, George H., died 4/27/47: 5/1/47p4

Dockham, James W., died 9/3/40: 9/5/40p2

Dodds, Rose E., died 7/21/46: 7/25/46p4

Dodge, Edna M., died 7/3/44: 7/6/44p3

Dodge, Edwin, weds Isabel Harrington 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Dodge, Eunice L., died 12/31/44: 1/4/45p4

Dodge, Forrest H., dieed 7/21/41: 7/24/41p1

Doe, Jennie, died 2/22/47: 2/27/47p4

Doherty, Ruth, weds John Allen 6/6/43: 6/10/43p5

Dolan, Charles F., awarded Silver Star: 12/31/42p1

Dolan, Charles F., died 1/7/43: 8/19/43p1

Dolan, Charles F., is MIA: 2/4/43p1

Dolan, Charles, weds Virginia Mooney 10/26/41: 10/30/41p13

Dolan, Dorothy, weds Richard Rogers 9/21/44: 9/28/44p5

Dolan, Virginia, weds Winston Briggs 8/10/48: 8/12/48p7

Dolbec, Mrs. Telles, died 4/6/40: 4/11/40p6

Dolbec, Rina, weds Jean Nadeau 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Dole, George, weds Diana Brown 9/16/47: 10/2/47p10

Dole, George, weds Georgia Marshall 6/6/44: 6/8/44p9

Dole, Georgia T., died 2/21/47: 2/27/47p15

Donahue, Arthur F., died 5/10/42: 5/14/42p3;5/21/42p3

Donahue, Thomas J., died 12/23/49: 12/29/49p5

Donle, Kenneth, weds Donna Pratt 8/13/40: 8/15/40p5;8/22/40p5

Donohue, Michael, died 12/3/43: 12/9/43p3

Dooley, Philip, weds Priscilla Brock 6/9/46: 6/13/46p3;6/20/46p5

Dore, Ellen E., died 2/27/47: 3/6/47p14

Dore, Emma A., died 3/10/43: 3/18/43p10

Dore, Flora E., died 4/?/43: 4/8/43p11

Dore, Frank, weds Ethel Marcoux ?/?/40: 1/11/40p12

Dore, John, weds Virginia Pollard 12/21/41: 12/25/41p6

Dore, Marcia L., died 4/2/45: 4/5/45p4

Dore, Virginia, weds Donald Huntress 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Dorr, Blanche, weds Robert McKeagney 6/3/44: 6/8/44p2

Dorr, Ethelyn, weds Floyd Symons 11/5/44: 11/9/44p3

Dorr, George E., died 7/5/46: 7/11/46p4

Dorr, Grace E., died 2/9/40: 2/15/40p3

Dorr, Harry, weds Phyllis Stevens 10/11/40: 10/17/40p5

Dorr, Jeannette, weds John Dillon 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Dorr, John W., died 4/20/47: 4/24/47p4; 5/1/47p4

Dorr, Norman, weds Norma Johnson 7/2/49: 7/14/49p18 ,7/21/49p4

Dorr, Thornton, Weds Phyllis Richards 6/30/45: 7/5/45p3

Dostie, Armand, weds Florence Chapman 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Doty, Benjamin F., died 4/9/42: 4/16/42p4

Doucet, Benoit, weds Florence Perreault 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Dougherty, Edward, weds Marie Duperre 2/4/46: 2/21/46p2

Douglas, Richard, weds Virginia Cates 7/17/48: 7/22/48p2

Dow, Abby J., died 3/18/42: 3/19/42p3 (see "Three Deaths"...);3/26/42p3

Dow, David B., died 3/7/42: 3/12/42p1

Dow, Dorothy, weds John Callaghan 1/27/46: 1/31/46p5

Dow, Robert, weds Arline Seavey 9/15/48: 9/23/48p3,9/30/48p2

Dow, Viola, weds Robert Bosquin 12/23/39: 1/11/40p5

Dowling, Eva, weds Joseph Desseto 10/30/48: 11/4/48p11

Downing, Fannie I., died 4/24/42: 4/30/42p10

Downing, George A., died 10/16/40: 10/24/40pp16(M),17

Downing, Harry C., died 2/27/41: 3/6/41p15

Downing, Jorace, died 10/4/46: 10/10/46p4

Downing, Pauline, weds Norman Luneau 8/10/40: 8/15/40p5

Downing, Thomas J., died 6/28/49: 6/30/49p5

Downing, Woodbury H., died 3/3/49: 3/10/49p16

Downs, Augusta O., died 11/30/40: 12/5/40p14

Downs, Chester, blind, is competent aircraft spotter: 3/12/42p12

Downs, Emma R., died 4/4/41: 4/10/41p14

Downs, Frank L., died 3/?/48: 3/18/48p20

Downs, Fred, died 3/7/49: 3/10/49p4

Downs, Helen M., died 11/21/45: 11/29/45p4

Downs, Henry, weds Madeline Bouchard 9/21/47: 10/2/47p3

Downs, Louise, weds Everett Hersom 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Downs, Lucy, weds George Worster 6/1/46: 6/6/46p12

Downs, Nettie L., died 5/26/42: 5/28/42p3

Downs, Roy, weds Anna Shaw 7/4/48: 7/22/48p18

Doyle, Gloria, weds Roland Rochon 8/10/44: 8/17/44p2

Dozois, Roland, weds Anna Beaulieu 11/23/40: 11/28/40p4

Drapeau, Amos J., died 12/2/42: 12/3/42p3;12/10/42p3

Drapeau, Arthur, weds Alexina Lamie 9/23/44: 9/28/44p5

Drapeau, Charles, died 3/20/43: 3/25/43p11

Drapeau, Henry, weds Evangeline Cotta 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Drapeau, Henry, weds Gloria Goodwin 11/21/46: 11/28/46p12

Drapeau, John, weds Olive Walsh 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Drapeau, Kenneth, weds Leona LaRoche 12/19/45: 1/18/45p5

Drapeau, Margaret, died 9/11/40: 9/12/40p3;9/19/40p3

Drapeau, Maurice, weds Irene Huppe 6/21/41: 6/26/41p5

Drapeau, Olive E., died 10/21/45: 10/25/45p4

Draper, Alva E., died 10/31/46: 11/7/46p3

Draper, Delia F., died 9/16/46: 9/19/46p4

Draper, Evelyn, weds Benjamin Parshley 10/23/42: 10/29/42p5

Draper, Stacey, weds Elizabeth Gray 2/19/48: 2/26/48p3

Drew, Alizabeth, died 10/11/42: 10/15/42p3

Drew, Allen, weds Marjorie Clark 10/15/47: 12/4/47p19

Drew, Audrey, weds Lester Wiggin Jr. 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Drew, Carolyn, weds Roland Pike 6/7/47: 6/19/47p5

Drew, Doris, weds Lester Peterson 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Drew, Eizabeth, died 10/11/42: 10/22/42p13

Drew, George M., died 4/8/45: 4/12/45p13

Drew, Gladys M., died 1/22?/47: 1/30/47p4,2/6/47p5

Drew, Henry W., died 9/23/46: 9/26/46p14

Drew Jr., Frederick E., awarded Silver Star: 8/16/45p11

Drew Jr., John, weds Barbara Grant 6/21/41: 6/26/41p11

Drew, Margaret, weds Robert Laker 12/4/48: 12/9/48p16

Drew, Ralph, weds Isabelle Russell 9/25/43: 9/30/43p5

Drew, Robert, weds Esther Flower 2/1/48: 2/12/48p10 ,2/19/48p11

Drew, Samuel C., died 7/1/40: 7/11/40p16

Drew, Wilbur, weds Carolyn Willard 6/21/47: 6/26/47p7

Driscoll, John J., died 8/2/47: 8/7/47p4

Drogue, John J., died 4/15/45: 4/19/45p11

Drolette, Margaret E., died 3/30/47: 4/3/47p4

Drolette, Ovide C., died 6/13/40: 6/20/40p3

Drouin, George, died 1/6/43: 1/14/43p5

Drouin, Hilaire, died 8/27/42: 9/3/42p3

Drouin, Rita, weds Leonard Malenfant 12/31/43: 1/13/44p9

Drouin, Yvonne, weds Louis Houle 5/27/44: 6/8/44p9

Dube, Agnes, weds John Richardson 2/20/48: 3/4/48p18

Dube, Albert, weds Alice Frenette 6/14/41: 6/19/41p4

Dube, Arcinia, weds Bernard Carignan 9/6/48: 9/9/48p3,10/7/48p5

Dube, Leo P., died 5/8/42: 5/14/42p12

Dube, Roger, weds Rita Plante 10/6/45: 10/11/45p9

Duboid, Jean B., died 5/30/40: 6/6/40p6

Dubois, Alfred, died 8/10/41: 8/14/41p4

Dubois, Ann, weds John Gallagher 4/21/49: 4/28/49p14

Dubois, Armand, weds Brendiena Smith 2/15/47: 2/20/47p3

Dubois, Delina, died 5/22/40: 5/30/40p2

Dubois, Eugene, weds Bertha Masse 4/6/40: 4/11/40p9

Dubois, George, weds Ethel Clark 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Dubois, Jeannette, weds Leon Casavant 3/25/40: 3/28/40p7

Dubois Jr., Thomas, weds Lillian LaFond 7/2/49: 7/7/49p9

Dubois, Juliette, weds Eugene Dugas 11/27/41: 12/4/41pB1

Dubois, Marie, weds Raymond Vachon 10/16/48p: 10/21/48p3

Dubois, Omer J., died 4/29/47: 5/1/47p4;5/8/47p4

Dubois, Paul, weds Florence Duprey 1/6/40: 1/11/40p5;1/18/40p5

Dubois, Roland, weds Pauline Poisson 6/5/48: 6/10/48p2

Dubois, Wilfred C., died 10/13/43: 12/7/44p1

Dubois, Wilfrid C., milling in WWII action: 10/28/43p1

Ducette, Earl, weds Ruth Eldridge 8/30/40: 9/5/40p6

Duchano, Theresa, weds Robert Vachon 8/30/47: 9/4/47p16(M),9/11/47p18(M)

Ducheneay, Robert, weds Angela Ferland 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Duchesneau, George, died 3/20/47: 3/27/47p4

Dudley, Horace I, died 9/30/49: 10/6/49p17

Dudley, Laura A., celebrates 84th birthday: 8/5/43p9

Dudley, Laura A., died 10/11/45: 10/18/45p6

Dudley, Marion, weds Arthur Buzzell 12/15/44: 12/21/44p10

Dudley, Martha J., died 8/14/40: 8/22/40p14

Dudley, Thomas J., died 6/6/42: 6/11/42p3

Dufault, Dorothy, weds Albion Hartford 5/1/48: 5/13/48p5

Dufault, Henry, weds Marie Bacon 9/23/44: 9/28/44p5

Duff, Irene, weds Lewis Chamberlain 11/5/49: 11/10/49p17

Duff, Margaret, weds Everett Rogers 5/4/46: 5/9/46p12

Duffy, Peter, weds Gloria Kennett 7/4/49: 7/14/49p11

Dufresne, Chandler, weds Shirley Robie 9/11/49: 9/15/49p16(B),9/29/49p14

Dugan Jr., Harry, weds Margaret Williams 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Dugas, Arthur G., died 2/4/45: 2/8/45p4

Dugas, Dora, weds Ernest Paquette 7/10/48: 7/15/48p5

Dugas, Eugene, weds Juliette Dubois 11/27/41: 12/4/41pB1

Dugas, Jeannette, weds Charles Hopkins 4/26/43: 4/29/43p2

Dugas, Roger, weds Rita Vielleux 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Dugas, Thomas C., died 10/20/42: 10/22/42p3;10/29/42p3

Duhaime, Edward, weds Ruth Berry 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

Dumont, Denise, weds Ray Lasky 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Dumont, Florence, weds Joseph Shaw 12/29/45: 1/3/46p2

Dumont, Lorraine, weds Raymond Lachance 12/31/45: 1/3/46p7

Dumont, Margaret, weds Maurice Hayes Jr. 5/22/43: 5/27/43p9

Dumont, Rena, weds Armand Houde 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3

Dumont, Roland, weds Alice Roulx 11/20/48: 11/25/48p3

Dunbar, Althea, weds Fred Chisholm 7/3/48: 7/15/48p5

Duncan, Dorothea, weds Frank Zeo 6/27/42: 7/9/42p6

Dunlap, Mary, weds Robert Benner 9/1/45: 9/6/45p2

Dunlap, Minnie D., died 7/22/41: 7/24/41p3

Dunn, Dell M., died 10/15/40: 10/17/40p3

Dunnel, M&M Otis. celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/30/41p5

Dunnells, Bernard N., died 12/14/46: 12/19/46p4

Duntley, Robert, weds Lucille Turmelle 4/13/46: 4/18/46p3

Duntly, M&M Roy, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/7/49p3

Duperre, Celina B., died 10/15/44: 10/19/44p4

Duperre, Edmond, weds Yvonne Landry 5/11/46: 5/16/46p2

Duperre, Ernest, died 3/18/42: 3/26/42p3

Duperre, Isidore, weds Antoinette Gauvin 1/13/40: 1/25/40p5

Duperre, Joseph, died 2/5/42: 2/12/42p3

Duperre, Marie, weds Edward Dougherty 2/4/46: 2/21/46p2

Duplessis, Alma, weds Jachin Gagnon 4/29/47: 5/1/47p3

Duplin, Charles, weds Gertrude Spickler 11/12/49: 11/17/50p4

Dupont, Leo, weds Gertrude Horak 10/17/46: 11/21/46p3,12/26/46p3

Dupont, Lucille, weds Isidore Bergeron 1/1/43: 1/7/43p5

Dupont, Lucy M., died 2/14/49: 2/17/49p4,2/24/49p4

Dupont, Philip, weds Ida Carr 10/17/47: 10/23/47p3

Duprey, Florence, weds Paul Dubois 1/6/40: 1/11/40p5;1/18/40p5

Dupuis, Mary, weds Walter Lessard 8/19/44: 8/24/44p12

Duquette, Albertine, died 12/8/49: 12/15/49p5

Duquette, Joseph, died 1/3/46: 1/10/46p4

Duquette, Leon, died 12/30/45: 1/25/45p1

Duquette, Louise, weds Thomas Nesbitt 9/18/43: 9/23/43p3

Duquette, M&M Leon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/5/40p14

Duquette, M&M Louis W., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/25/45p5

Duquette, Roxanna O., died 2/24/49: 3/3/49p4

Durant, Bernard, weds Lena Glover 4/17/49: 4/21/49p4,4/28/49p4

Durant Jr., Harry, weds Carlyne Baldwin 5/29/41: 6/5/41pp2(F),5

Dureault, Victor, weds Lotta Austin 6/18/49: 6/23/49p20

Durgin, Charles E., awarded Bronze Star: 8/23/45p1

Durgin, Clifford R., died ?/?/45: 4/26/45p1

Durkee, M&M Porter, observe 25th anniversary: 4/22/48p16(M),4/29/48p18(M)

Durkee, Myrtle, weds Robert Dickie 1/1/43: 1/7/43p5

Dusseault, Albert, Army Air Force pilot, died 6/19/45: 3/17/49p2

Dusseault, Albert W., died 12/26/45: 1/3/46p4

Dusseault Jr., Albert W., died 6/19/45: 7/26/45p1

Dusseault, Roland, weds Annette Lizotte 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2;5/22/47p2

Dustin, Miles, celebrates 82nd birthday by working: 12/2/48p1

Dustin, Miles H., celebrates 81st birthday by working: 12/4/47p1

Dutilly, Claude, weds Leda Lachapelle 1/26/46: 1/31/46p5

Dutilly, Jeannette, weds Leo Gamblin 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

Dyer Jr., Everett, weds Barbara Berry 8/7/48: 8/12/48p11

Dzen, John L., died 1/6/45: 1/11/45p10

Earle, John, weds Rita LaLiberty 4/20/46: 4/25/46p10

Eaterhouse, Lester, weds Barbara Brown 9/1/44: 9/14/44p6

Eaton, Bertha F., died 10/?/48: 10/21/48p4

Eaton, Charles C., died 1/16/47: 1/23/47pp4,12

Eaton, Frederick A., died 8/9/42: 8/13/42p11

Eaton, Julia, died 7/12/44: 7/20/44p9

Eaton, Robert, weds Eloise Buzzell 11/10/42: 11/19/42p9

Eck, Kenneth, weds Henrietta Vachon 11/23/46: 11/28/46p3

Edgecomb, Gertrude E., died 3/13/42: 3/19/42p3

Edgerly, Alice, weds Felix Plourde 2/6/48: 2/12/48p5

Edgerly, Brenda, weds Carmen Hassen 10/17/45: 10/25/45p11

Edgerly, Carrie A., died 7/2/43: 7/8/43p8

Edgerly, Clyde H., died 12/4/43: 12/9/43p12

Edgerly, Earl, weds Anastasia Lynch 6/4/44: 6/15/44p9

Edgerly, Edna A., died 5/22/40: 5/23/40p3;5/30/40p2

Edgerly, Eleanor M., died 4/26/40: 5/2/40p3

Edgerly, Ella, weds Kenneth Foss 8/19/44: 8/24/44p2

Edgerly, Erville M., died 4/25/44: 5/4/44p11

Edgerly, Harold E., died 9/22/46: 9/26/46p1

Edgerly, Helen, weds Douglas Carmichael 6/26/49: 6/30/49p4

Edgerly, Lula M., died 3/31/44: 4/6/44p4

Edgerly, Mary E., died 7/28/44: 8/10/44p4

Edgerly, Myra L., died 4/4/46: 4/11/46p10

Edgerly, William H., died 1/18/42: 1/22/42p3

Edison, Frank W., died 9/2/40: 9/5/40p2

Edson, Ben M., died 3/24/42: 3/26/42p3

Edwards, Arthur, weds Dora Stearns 7/12/42: 7/16/42p6

Ehrnfelt, Margaret, weds Charles Berry 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Eisele, Emma, weds William Haley 11/15/47: 11/20/47p5

Eisener, Frances, weds Nelson Wentworth 8/10/45: 8/23/45p10

Eisner, Gordon, weds Bernice Evans 3/12/49: 3/24/49p4

Eisner, Shirley, weds Raymond Wagner 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3

Eldridge, Arlene, weds Daniel Shannon Jr. 2/28/48: 3/4/48p3

Eldridge, Barbara, weds Norman Libby 2/28/47: 3/6/47p3

Eldridge, Eleanor, weds Samuel Plourde 10/22/49: 11/17/50p4

Eldridge, Fae, weds Roland Peloquin 12/10/48: 12/23/48p3

Eldridge, Fred, weds Isabelle Hoyt 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Eldridge, Lillian, weds Erwin Londo 12/30/47: 1/8/48p3

Eldridge, M&M Oradon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/5/42p12

Eldridge, Pauline, weds Chauncey Hodgdon 6/29/47: 7/10/47p3

Eldridge, Roland, weds Marion Carpenter 8/29/46: 9/5/46p3

Eldridge, Ruth, weds Earl Ducette 8/30/40: 9/5/40p6

Elkins, Ruth, weds Otto McCrillis 10/6/41: 10/9/41p5

Elkins, Leroy T., died 7/12/41: 7/17/41p3

Elkins, Maude, weds Alfred Williams 12/22/46: 1/2/47p13

Ellender, Ralph, weds Jean Bowman 12/27/44: 1/4/45p5

Ellingwood, Stanley, weds Anna Vittum 8/24/41: 8/28/41p5

Elliot, Christine, weds Walter Weymouth 7/24/43: 7/29/43p5

Elliott, Bruce, weds Madelyn Callaghan 8/20/49: 8/25/49p5,9/8/49p3

Elliott, Emma, weds Frank Berry 8/19/45: 8/23/45p3

Elliott, George A., died 6/28/42: 7/2/42p3

Elliott Jr., Robert, weds Ardis Parshley 12/25/45: 1/3/46p8

Elliott, Leon, weds Eleanor Lamper 11/21/45: 11/29/45p2

Elliott, Robert, awarded Army Air Medal: 8/12/43p1

Elliott, Robert, weds Martha Watt 8/17/44: 8/24/44p2

Elliott, WEilliam B., died 8/17/49: 8/18/49p5

Elliott, William V., died 8/?/49: 8/25/49p3

Ellis, Betty, weds Roland Loubier 2/14/49: 2/24/49p3

Ellis, Carrie, weds Louis Mantouvales 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Ellis, Carrie, weds Louis Walker 3/25/49: 3/31/49p4

Ellis, Edward, weds Lois Bowers 7/29/41: 8/7/41p5

Ellis, Florence, weds Howard Fickett 10/17/47: 11/6/47p2

Ellis, George W., died 2/5/41: 2/6/41p3

Ellis, Gertrude, weds Leo Dionne 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Ellis, Laura F., died 11/10/41: 11/13/41p3

Ellis, Lillian, weds Archie Lessard 4/12/43: 4/22/43p5

Ellis, Raymond, weds Phyllis Colbroth 1/1/48: 1/8/48p3,1/15/48p2

Ellis, Robert, one of City's war dead, returns: 10/21/48p1

Ellis, Robert H., died 7/19/45: 8/2/45p1

Ellis, Russell, weds Thelma Verville 7/12/47: 7/17/47p6;7/31/47p8

Ellison, Edgar, weds Thelma Austin 11/14/42: 12/3/42p5

Ellison, Maude M., died 3/22/42: 3/26/42p13

Elwell, Frederick B., died 2/25/45: 3/1/45p4

Elwell, George F., died 9/6/43: 9/9/43p3

Elwell, Rose, weds Wilbur Bragg 11/28/47: 12/4/47p9

Emerich, Dana, weds Mary Giberson 4/1/49: 4/7/49p3

Emeron, John N., died 2/10/46: 2/14/46p4

Emerson, Ethelyn, weds Glenn Gibb 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

Emerson, George Y., died 2/28/41: 3/6/41p4

Emerson, Kenneth, weds Florence Sanborn 9/25/42: 10/1/42p5

Emerson, Mildred, weds Charles Bodge 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Emerson, Nellie, died 1/6/48: 1/8/48p4

Emerson, Pauline, weds Reginald Curtis 1/12/40: 1/25/40p5

Emerson, Robert, weds Evelyn Vanasse 12/12/45: 12/20/45p2

Emery, Ethel, weds Joseph Judd 9/21/42: 10/1/42p12

Emery, Justin A., Judge, feted by City: 3/20/47p1

Emery, Viola, weds Gordon Turner 5/21/47: 5/29/47p5

Emmond Jr., Robert, weds Doris Harriman 10/4/47: 10/9/47p5

Emmond, Lorraine, weds Donald Libby 2/15/41: 2/20/41p5

Emmond, Margaret, weds Olin Tarleton 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

Enaire, Zelire, died 9/16/41: 9/18/41p3;9/25/41p3

Eood Jr., Charles, weds Althea Smith 4/7/44: 3/9/44p5

Eowe, Levi H., died 1/12/49: 1/20/49p4

Erickson, Earl, weds Beatrice Tirrell 8/2/42: 8/6/42p11

Erickson, Edward, died 9/9/45: 9/13/45p4

Erickson, Norman, weds Mary Harvey 3/9/47: 3/27/47p3

Erickson, Onnie, died 1/27/46: 1/31/46p1

Erikson, Earl, weds Elizabeth Folsom: 5/12/49p4

Estes, George, died 4/15/44: 4/20/44p4

Estes, James B., died 1/18/41: 1/23/41p2

Eugly, Doris, weds David Burrows 8/9/47: 8/14/47p16

Evams, Sumner, weds Gladys Robinson 1/14/47: 1/16/47p2

Evans, Bernice, weds Gordon Eisner 3/12/49: 3/24/49p4

Evans, Charles F., died 6/3/46: 6/13/46p4

Evans, Clara A., died 8/17/47: 8/21/47p16

Evans, E. Roscoe, died 7/16/41: 7/17/41p4;7/24/41p3

Evans, Eleanor, weds John Davies 7/2/42: 7/9/42p6

Evans, Ethie A., died 12/14/40: 12/19/40p3

Evans, Florence, weds Robert Hayes 2/21/42: 2/26/42p6

Evans, Grace B., died 4/22/43: 4/29/43p2

Evans, Robert C., died 4/12/46: 4/18/46p14

Evans, William J., died 6/23/41: 6/26/41p2

Fabian, Jean, weds James Wilson: 12/2/48p3

Fair, Jeanne, weds John McGrail 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3;7/17/47p3

Fairbanks, Ida M., died 1/?/44: 1/13/44p9

Fairweather, Paul, received Mariner's Medal posthumously: 10/4/45p4

Fairweather, Robert, died 3/5/49: 3/10/49p4

Fall, Dorothy, weds Dexter Adams 2/17/42: 2/26/42p6

Fall, Lizzie L., died 6/4/43: 6/10/43p3

Fallon, Ellen, died 1/4/46: 1/10/46p4

Fallon, Harold, weds Elizabeth Geddis 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Fanning, Mary J., died 12/29/46: 1/2/47p4

Farmer, June, weds Norman Blaisdell 5/10/47: 5/15/47p5

Farmer, Margaret E., died 10/18/41: 10/23/41p3

Farnham, Ansel A., died 8/31/45: 9/6/45p4

Farnum, Wilbur, weds Hazel Perry 7/20/40: 7/25/40p4

Farrar, Annie L., died 6/7/46: 6/13/46p4

Farrell, Margaret F., died 6/11/44: 6/15/44p3

Farrell, Merlon, weds Margaret Brown 4/19/42: 4/23/42p4

Farwell, Angie W., died 3/11/44: 3/16/44p6

Faulkingham, Isabelle, weds Wallace Angevine 5/9/42: 5/21/42p6

Faulkner, Georgianna V., died 7/8/43: 7/15/43p3

Faulkner, Louise, weds Robert Gilmore 6/21/42: 7/16/42p6

Fawcette, Fred G., died 1/6/40: 1/11/40p12 ;1/18/40p13

Fay, Gilbert, weds Thelma Gamblin 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Fay Jr., Thomas, weds Norma Shafer 4/24/49: 4/28/49p4

Fearon, William, weds Bernice Robie 12/12/43: 12/16/43p14

Fecteau, Girard, weds Pauline Sylvain 4/27/46: 5/2/46p2,5/16/46p2

Feineman, Edward S., died 12/2/44: 12/14/44p1

Feineman, Robert, weds Ardys Damon 10/2/40: 10/10/40p5

Feineman, Solomon H., died 9/1/46: 9/5/46p1

Felker, Andrew L., died 10/17/46: 10/24/46p1

Felker, Belle M., died 1/?/46: 1/24/46p4

Felker, Charles H., died 5/23?/48: 5/27/48p1

Felker, Edson C., died 5/?/47: 5/8/47p4;5/15/47p4

Felker, Grace A., died 3/25/41: 3/27/41p1;4/3/41p2

Fenderson, Franklin J., died 2/10/47: 2/13/47p11 ,2/20/47p12(B)

Fenton, Francis, weds Rita LaPlante 5/30/47: 6/5/47p5

Ferguson, Marjorie, weds Stephen Shorey 3/19/42: 4/9/42p5

Ferland, Alcide J., died 9/?/45: 10/4/45p4

Ferland, Angela, weds Robert Ducheneau 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Ferland Jr., Brackett, weds Catherine Goodwin 11/17/44: 12/28/44p3

Ferland, Catherine, weds James Willard 11/14/42: 11/26/42p5

Ferland, Corrine, weds Joseph Breton 4/27/42: 5/7/42p6

Ferland, Dora, weds Norman Hatch 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6

Ferland, Dorothy, weds William Vincent 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Ferland, Edmond, weds Antoinette Huppe 10/6?/43: 10/14/43p7

Ferland, Lionel, weds Louise Murphy 8/25/41: 8/28/41p5

Ferland, Louisiana, weds Edmond Labrie 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Ferland, Lucille, weds George Wagner Jr. 8/5/42: 8/6/42p5

Ferland, Muriel, weds Clarence Longley 10/2/43: 10/21/43p5

Ferland, Pauline, weds Leonard Quirion 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Ferland, Roland, weds Helen Borden 3/25/41: 3/27/41p5

Ferland, Verta, weds Roland Routhier 5/30/40: 6/6/40p4

Ferland, Wilfred, died 7/8/46: 7/11/46p4;7/18/46p4

Fernald, Alphonse, weds Lillian Nedeau 1/6/40: 1/11/40p9

Fernald, Edward F., died 2/2/49: 3/3/49p1

Fernald, Frank E., died 12/14/44: 12/21/44p16

Fernald, Gordon, weds Marion Otis 10/17/42: 10/22/42p5

Fernald, Margaret B., died 11/11/47: 11/13/47p4,11/20/47p4

Fernald, Margaret, celebrates 80th birthday: 2/13/47p1

Fernald, Paul, weds Ada Neal 10/23/48: 10/28/48p11

Ferrigan, Ellen, weds Buford Rowland 10/25/48: 11/4/48p3

Ferrigan Jr., John, weds Phyllis Freeman 7/1/49: 7/7/49p5

Ferrin, George I., died 2/4/47: 2/6/47p12

Ferry, Robert, weds Dorothy Otis 9/15/47: 9/18/47p3,10/16/47p3

Fickett, Howard, weds Florence Ellis 10/17/47: 11/6/47p2

Fickett, Mary, weds Edward Kusnierz 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Fickett, Nellie, weds Wilbur Bickford 6/1/47: 6/5/47p5

Fielder, Helen E., died 11/5/45: 11/22/45p8

Fields Jr., Harold, weds Dorothy Hunter 8/2/46: 8/8/46p6

Fifield, Albert, snow-sculpts 17-foot steam engine: 3/18/48p1

Fifield, Francis, weds Edna Tarmey 6/20/42: 6/25/42p5

Fifield, Raymond, weds Betty Allen 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3

Fifield, Robert, weds Phyllis Osborne 11/21/49: 11/24/49p4

Files, Blanche, weds Ralph Keating 6/13/42: 6/18/42p5

Files, Katherine, weds Leo Wiggin 1/24/42: 1/29/42p5

Files, Roscoe L., died 9/4/41: 9/11/31p3

Filiau, Cyril, weds Bernadette St. Laurent 10/25/47: 11/20/47p5

Filiau, Evelyn, weds Armand Cormier 7/25/43: 7/29/43p5

Finegan, Clara B., died 4/4/43: 4/22/43p16

Finnegan, Ruth, weds Arnold Nangle 7/8/40: 7/11/40p4;7/18/40p5

Fisher, Charles E., died 6/8/49: 6/9/49p1,6/16/49p1

Fisher, Florence, weds Stanley Harding 7/20/40: 8/8/40p5

Fisher, Joseph, weds Helen Chase 10/28/49: 11/3/49p4

Fisher, Martha E., died 5/3/48: 5/6/48p4

Fisher, Pauline, weds Richard Hervey 2/6/45: 2/15/45p5

Fisher, Ralph, weds Geraldine Bennett 12/14/44: 12/28/44p3

Fisher, Raymond, weds Lorette Martinbeau 6/16/41: 6/19/41p4

Fisher, Robert, weds Fernande Morgan 7/26/48: 7/29/48p3

Fisher, Wallace, weds Marjorie Oakley 11/12/45: 11/8/45p2

Fisk, M&M Mark, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/11/43p2

Fisk, M&M Mark, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/11/48p3

Fitzgerald, Irving, weds Evelyn Hurd: 8/9/45p2

Flaker, Hazel M., died 12/24/45: 12/27/45p1

Flanders, Cora E., died 5/22/42: 5/28/42p10

Flanders, Flora A., died 3/28/42: 4/2/42p2

Flanders, James, weds Yvonne Hardy 2/21/48: 3/4/48p3

Flavin, Hattie M., died 4/29/42: 4/30/42p8

Fletcher, James H., died 1/17/47: 1/23/47p12

Fleury, Alfed, died 5/19/42: 5/21/42p3

Fleury, Joseph, died 5/27/44: 6/1/44p3

Fleury, Julia P., died 5/2/48: 5/6/48p4

Flinnin, John, weds Rosemary Roberts 6/28/41: 7/10/41p1

Flint, Jasper, weds Margaret Bell 6/29/40: 7/4/40p16

Flint, Raymond, weds Gertrude McMullen 1/14/45: 2/8/45p9

Flis, Stephen, weds Gloria Holton 6/11/49: 6/16/49p17

Flower, Arlene, weds Frederick Bocher Jr. 7/24/42: 7/30/42p9

Flower, Esther, weds Robert Drew 2/1/48: 2/12/48p10 ,2/19/48p11

Floyd, Carolyn, weds Harold Greif 11/3/40: 11/7/40p17

Flynn, Herbert, weds Adrienne Towle 4/24/47: 5/1/47p3

Fogarty, Doris, weds James Bodge 12/27/43: 1/6/44p8

Fogerty, Cecil, weds Theresa Hill 1/17/48: 1/22/48p15

Fogg, Clara, died 9/?/47: 9/18/47p4

Fogg, Elizabeth M., died 8/16/45: 8/23/45p12

Foley, Edward, weds Bertha McKeil 2/26/45: 3/8/45p2

Foley, Mary R., died 8/14/41: 8/21/41p3

Foley, Mary, weds Alwyn Marble 6/1/48: 6/17/48p5

Foley, Mary, weds Elmer Hall 6/27/46: 7/4/46p2

Folsom, Elizabeth, weds Earl Erikson: 5/12/49p4

Fontaine, Paul, weds Leona Bilodeau 5/25/46: 5/30/46p5

Forbes, F. H., weds Ruth Richard 7/3/41: 7/17/41p5

Ford, Emma M., celebrates 90th birthday: 5/26/49p4

Ford, Virginia, weds Edward Pearson 6/9/45: 8/9/45p2

Forest, Anna M., died 11/5/44: 11/9/44p4

Fornier, Lawrence D., died 10/15/41: 10/23/41p3

Forsaith, Mildred, weds William Mullen 3/30/46: 4/25/46p6

Fortier, Helen, weds James Laverdiere 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Fortier, Irene, weds Edgar Nadeau 11/25/43: 12/2/43p5

Fortier, Theresa, weds Norman Furlong 7/13/48: 7/15/48p8

Fortin, Florence, weds Noel Castonguay 5/15/48: 5/20/48p5

Fortin, Paul, weds Celine Langevin 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3,11/7/46p2

Foss, Abbie, died 10/22/47: 10/23/47p4

Foss, Albert, weds Marjorie Corson 1/11/47: 1/16/47p2

Foss, Alfred W., died 4/18/42: 4/23/42p3

Foss, Alice G., died 3/9/48: 3/18/48p10

Foss, Alice M., died 2/2/43: 2/11/43p3

Foss, Barbara, weds Albert Lincoln 11/10/46: 11/14/46p8

Foss, Calvin, weds Beulah Gillis 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Foss, Doris, weds Richard Curtis 9/8/45: 9/13/45p12

Foss, Edwin S., died 3/31/40: 4/4/40p2

Foss, Eli, celebrates 85th birthday: 3/27/41p13

Foss, Emma J., died 1/14/48: 1/22/48p4

Foss, Ernest J., died 12/15/42: 12/17/42p3

Foss, Ernest R., died 10/28/46: 10/31/46p4

Foss, Ernest R., feted on his retirement from P.O.: 8/7/41p4

Foss, Etta B., died 1/12/45: 1/18/45p4

Foss, Fannie L., died 10/5/46: 10/10/46p4

Foss, Fred G., died 7/9/43: 7/15/43p3

Foss, Harry, weds Theresa LaBranche 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

Foss, Irving, celebrates 81st birthday: 10/28/43p9

Foss, James, weds Patricia Howland 9/14/47: 9/18/47p3

Foss Jr., Harold, weds Bertha Picard 12/24/45: 12/27/45p2

Foss, Kenneth, weds Dorothy Lawson 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Foss, Kenneth, weds Ella Edgerly 8/19/44: 8/24/44p2

Foss, Lizzie S., died 3/8/46: 3/14/46p4

Foss, Loren I., died 3/11/49: 3/17/49p2

Foss, M. Isabelle, died 7/4/43: 7/8/43p3

Foss, M&M Eugene C., celebrate 50th annivcersary: 6/12/41p5

Foss, Mary E., died 9/13/48: 9/23/48p4

Foss, Natalie, weds Ray Miller 10/15/43: 10/21/43p5

Foss, Newton C., died 5/5/42: 5/14/42p3

Foss, Norman, weds Doris Blanchard 11/1/41: 11/13/41p3

Foster, ???, weds Philip Jackson 7/31/46: 8/15/46p10

Foster, Augustus C., died 6/4/40: 6/6/40p1

Foster, Charles, weds Dorothy Ricker 8/24/45: 8/30/45p10

Foster, Eugene, weds Mavis Howard 7/30/44: 8/3/44p2

Foster, Fred R., died 8/25/41: 8/28/41p3

Foster, Fred T., died 2/9/41: 2/13/41p2

Foster, M&M Charles W., celebnrate 50th anniversary: 3/25/48p10

Foster, Marion, weds Roland Bouchard 8/22/42: 8/27/42p5

Foster, Russell, weds Muriel Chase 6/19/42: 6/25/42p5

Foster, Sarah M., died 4/24/48: 4/29/48p18

Fourgues, Napolean, died 2/20/45: 2/22/45p4;3/1/45p4

Fowle, Rita, weds Hervey Champagne 10/15/45: 10/18/45p6

Fowler, Bruce, weds Barbara Lunt 10/2/49: 10/6/49p4

Fowler, Eleanor, weds Sidney Littlefield 5/30/41: 6/5/41p4

Fowler, Hollis, weds Ruth Lowe 7/1/44: 7/6/44p3

Fowler, John, weds Louise Blaisdell 2/22/42: 3/5/42p5

Fowler, Priscilla, weds Donald Thomas 11/21/46: 11/28/46p3

Fownes, Archer H., died 7/14/43: 7/22/43p3

Fox, Anne, weds Louis de La Breuer 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3,4/29/48p3

Fox, Frank, died 2/19/43: 2/25/43p2

Francis, Ray, weds Louise Burke 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

Freeman, Arthur, died 3/8//49: 3/10/49p4,3/17/49p16

Freeman, Evelyn, weds Carl March 4/14/44: 5/4/44p5

Freeman, Flagg, weds Helen Sleeper 5/1/41: 5/8/41p5

Freeman, Forrest, weds ??? Sylvaine 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Freeman, Gladys M., died 7/15/46: 7/18/46p4

Freeman, June, weds Lawrence Malone 11/2/45: 11/8/45p2

Freeman, Maria, weds Leo Moriarity 1/19/46: 1/31/46p8

Freeman, Millard, weds Louise Rand 6/11/49: 6/16/49p17

Freeman, Phyllis, weds John Ferrigan Jr. 7/1/49: 7/7/49p5

Freeman, William N., died 5/13/45: 5/17/45p4

French, Barbara, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 2/14/46p1;2/21/46p1

French, Barbara, weds Clayton Lane 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4

French, Burton L., died 2/27/43: 3/4/43p8

French, Charles P., died 8/2/41: 8/7/41p6

French, Harold, weds Alice Wood 8/8/43: 8/12/43p5

French, Henrietta B., died 11/13/43: 11/25/43p9

French, Lawrence, weds Adelaide Sampson 12/5/42: 12/10/42p10

French, Leander, celebrates 93rd birthday: 11/10/49p 6

French, Lizzie M., died 3/1/46: 3/7/46p10

French, Nettie B., died 1/3/46: 1/10/46p8

Frenette, Alice, weds Albert Dube 6/14/41: 6/19/41p4

Frenette, Raymond, weds Theresa Wallingford 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Frey, Avalyn, weds A. Burtman 8/?/45: 8/30/45p10

Friel, Michael, died 12/5/48: 12/9/48p4

Friend, M&M Clarence H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/1/49p5

Friend, Richard B., died 12/16/45: 1/31/46p1

Frisbie, Frank, died 12/25/42: 1/14/43p3

Frizzell, Bernard, weds Marion Stearns 1/25/47: 1/30/47p2

Frizzell, Edwin, weds Annie Stearns 6/8/44: 6/22/44p2

Frohoch, Roland A., died 8/27/47: 9/4/47p12

Frost, Edna M., died 1/20/44: 1/27/44p3

Frost, John, weds Gertrude Bubier 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Frost, Ora T., died 8/24/47: 8/28/47p4

Fuller, Herbert L., died 4/16/43: 4/22/43p11

Fuller, Wallace C., died 6/23/42: 6/25/42p3

Fulton, Eleanor, weds John Wicks 2/16/47: 2/20/47p11

Furber, Ada, celebrates 83rd birthday: 10/7/48p15

Furber, F. Leon, died 11/12/47: 11/20/47p13

Furber, Jeanette, weds Frank Lord 6/29/41: 7/3/41p3 ;7/10/41p14

Furbish, Howard, weds Olive Staples 11/7/42: 11/12/42p5

Furbush, Alice E., died 12/?/39: 1/4/40p8

Furbush, Irving P., died 7/30/47: 8/7/47p4

Furlong, Hattie W., died 3/9/40: 3/14/40p10

Furlong, Hollis, weds Helen Hannon 8/28/49: 9/1/49p5

Furlong, Imogene, weds Stuart Gray 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5,7/8/48p8

Furlong, John, weds Margaret Stacey 8/22/42: 8/27/42p5

Furlong, Mildred W., died 10/6/45: 10/11/45p4

Furlong, Norman, weds Theresa Fortier 7/13/48: 7/15/48p8

Gage, Bertha, weds Fred Young 2/21/48: 2/26/48p10

Gage, Helen, weds Samuel Arnold 5/3/40: 5/9/40p13

Gage, S. F. R., died 7/30/40: 8/1/40p8;8/8/40p2

Gagne, Adrian, weds Marion McGurty 10/27/47: 10/30/47p10

Gagne, Alice, weds Fernand Ouellette 6/3/44: 6/8/44p2;6/15/44p5

Gagne, Anita, weds Philip Perreault 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Gagne, Antoinette R., died 10/5/42: 10/8/42p3

Gagne, Archille, died 6/16/48: 6/24/48p4

Gagne, Delia R., died 10/25/45: 11/1/45p4

Gagne, Fernande, weds Ernest Wade 12/20/41: 12/25/41p12

Gagne, Florence, weds Ralph Hurd 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4,11/3/49p4

Gagne, Francis, weds Lorraine Turcotte 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3;5/8/47p3

Gagne, Francois, died 4/12/47: 4/24/47p4

Gagne, Helen, weds Bernard Liberi Jr. 6/28/47: 7/3/47p9

Gagne, Henry, weds Theresa Plourde 8/7/48: 8/12/48p13

Gagne, Herbert, weds June Buffam 10/2/48: 10/14/48p1

Gagne, Herve, weds Blamche Weare 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Gagne Jr., Albert, weds Phyllis Chapelle 7/24/48: 7/29/48p3

Gagne, Leo, weds Evelyn Raab 4/26/41: 5/1/41p5

Gagne, Louis D., died 9/6/47: 9/11/47p1

Gagne, M&M Richard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/29/42p3

Gagne, M&M Richard, celebrate 55th anniversary: 11/13/47p1

Gagne, Marguerite, weds Robert Brochu 4/25/46: 5/9/46p11

Gagne, Minnie B., died 4/7/44: 4/13/44p4

Gagne, Pauline, weds Maurice Janelle 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Gagne, Rita, weds Leo Bourque 11/30/46: 12/5/46p16

Gagne, Roland, weds Pauline Marquis 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Gagne, Roland, weds Theresa Therrien 1/16/45: 1/18/45p5

Gagne, Theodore, dird 12/3/40: 12/5/40p3;12/12/40p4

Gagne, Valmore, weds Margaret Connors 12/18/43: 12/23/43p5

Gagne, Wilfred J., died 12/29/48: 12/30/48p4,1/6/49p4

Gagne, Wilfred, weds Theresa Ouellette 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Gagnon, Diane, weds Robert Brunelle 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Gagnon, E. Gideon, died 10/3/43: 10/7/43p3

Gagnon, Eda, weds Raymond Lagasse 4/27/40: 5/2/40p6

Gagnon, Irene, weds Albert Libby 2/13/47: 2/27/47p2

Gagnon, Jachin, weds Alma Duplessis 4/29/47: 5/1/47p3

Gagnon, Leo O., died 12/17/45: 12/20/45p16

Gagnon, Pierre, weds Lucille Nadeau 9/26/49: 9/29/49p4

Gagnon, Reneaud, weds Catherine Jackson 10/13/41: 10/23/41p5

Gagnon, Roland, weds Henrietta Ouellette 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Gagnon, Wilfred, weds Rena Potvin 9/28/46: 10/3/46p3

Gahan, Margaret, weds Corridon Trask Jr. 10/27/45: 11/8/45p2

Galanis, George, weds Lucille Young 12/25/43: 1/7/42p5

Galarneau, Lauren, weds Madelyn MacIlvane 8/30/41: 9/4/31pp2,3

Gale, Austin F., died 3/7/49: 3/10/49p4

Gale, Herbert E., died 7/8/44: 8/31/44p1

Gale, Lottie L., died 2/15/47: 2/20/47p4

Gale, M&M Eugene C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/10/44pp1,3

Gale, Richard, weds Eleanor Baxter 8/31/46: 10/3/46p3,10/10/46p12

Gallagher, John, weds Ann Dubois 4/21/49: 4/28/49p14

Gallant, Mabel, weds Maurice Belanger 9/22/45: 9/27/45p2

Gallant, Theresa, weds Gerard Potvin 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Gallant, Wayne, weds Madeline Masse 7/20/40: 7/25/40pp4,5

Gamache, Theodore J., 5/3/49: 5/5/49p16

Gamblin, Leo, weds Jeannette Dutilly 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

Gamblin, Thelma, weds Gilbert Fay 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Gammons, Adele, weds Maurice Berry 2/17/45: 3/8/45p2

Garey, Theresa, weds Philip Sargent 5/25/42: 6/4/42p5

Garison, Preston, weds Orene Sewell 10/6/45: 10/11/45p5

Garland, Annie F., died 12/15/43: 12/30/43p4

Garland, Charles H., died 4/11/40: 4/18/40p3

Garland, Cora B., died 2/11/44: 2/17/44p9

Garland, Elmer A., died 12/1/47: 12/4/47p4

Garland, Forrest, weds Patricia Witham 12/24/46: 1/2/47p14(M),1/30/47p6

Garland, George, died 11/17/46: 11/21/46p4

Garland, George F., died 11/13/44: 11/16/44p9

Garland Jr., Aldo B., died 9/29/41: 10/2/41p3

Garland, Luther, weds Frances Tebbetts 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

Garland, M&M Charles H., celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/26/48p3

Garland, M&M George, celebrate 56th anniversary: 8/23/45p2

Garland, Mary E., died 9/26/46: 10/3/46p4

Garland, Victor, weds Joan Adams 8/27/49: 9/1/49p12

Garnett, James R., died 1/1/40: 1/4/40p8

Garnsey, Richard, weds Carolyn McDuffee 8/12/45: 8/16/45p3

Garon, Annie, died 12/23/43: 12/30/43p4

Garrow, Delia, died 8/22/49: 8/25/49p14

Garrow, M&M Joseph A., celebrate 56th anniversary: 12/23/48p19

Garvin, William R., died 3/28/43: 4/1/43p3

Gary, John, weds Thelma Tufts 8/11/44: 8/17/44p5

Gaskell, Carl, weds Charlotte Teel 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Gaskell, Lois, weds Stanley Burns 5/15/46: 5/30/46p2

Gates, Abbie H., died 5/10/46: 5/16/46p14

Gates, Eugene, weds Gladys Percy 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Gathmann, Janet, weds Leonard Horner 6/23/45: 7/5/45p12

Gault, John, weds Mildred Corson 11/22/41: 11/27/41p11

Gauthier, Beatrice, weds Henry Corriveau 4/18/42: 4/23/42p5

Gauthier, Emelda, weds Lawrence Brown 1/4/44: 1/6/44p9

Gauthier, Ernest, weds Ida Sunderland 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Gauthier, Lucille, weds Robert Lambert 6/8/42: 6/18/42p2

Gauthier, Nelson, died 11/8/42: 11/12/42p3

Gauthier, Rose A., died 4/5/43: 4/8/43p3;4/15/43p3

Gauthier, Wilfred, weds Phyllis Cheney 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Gauthier, William A., died 1/26/44: 2/3/44p10

Gauvin, Antoinette, weds Isidore Duperre 1/13/40: 1/25/40p5

Gauvin, Henry J., died 10/24/43: 10/28/43p3

Gazzaniga, Andelo, weds Elda Del Ciello 8/2/42: 8/6/42p10

Gear, Justin M., died ?/?/43: 11/4/43p3

Geary, Richard, weds Marjorie Houle 7/4/41: 7/10/41p5

Geddes, Abbie, weds Herbert Cook Jr. 3/12/48: 3/18/48p3

Geddis, Elizabeth, weds Harold Fallon 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Gelinas, Armand, weds Geraldine Long 6/12/45: 6/28/45p3

Gelinas, Gloria, weds Everett Currier 5/3/45: 5/10/45p12

Gelinas, Marie, weds Charles Bell 1/1/42: 1/8/42p5

Gelinas, Oscar, weds Lorraine Winkley 8/10/47: 8/14/47pp2,16

Gelinas, Paul, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 6/21/45p1

Gelinas, Roland, weds Dorothy Hussey 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3

Gendron, Joseph, died 2/25/45: 3/1/45p4

George, Albert, weds Theresa Bergeron 7/21/41: 7/24/41p5

George, Bert, weds Edythe Horne 12/27/47: 1/1/48p3

George, Georgia, weds Theodore Zorbas 6/4/44: 6/8/44p2

George, Henry, died 8/31/42: 9/3/42p3

George, Joseph, weds Lena Parent 1/25/42: 1/29/42p8

George, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/6/41p1

Germon, Harry, weds Cecile Grenier 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4,11/3/49p4

Germon, Mary, weds Herman Ham 4/29/49: 5/5/49p4

Gerrish, Betty, weds Gordon Martin 9/28/46: 10/3/46p3

Gerrish, Charles W., died 10/5/41: 10/9/41p3

Gerrish, Josephine M., died 6/13/41: 6/19/41p9

Gerrish, Marjorie, weds Clarence Baxter 10/31/42: 11/5/42p3

Gerrish, Myra E., died 3/17/47: 3/20/47p4

Gerrish, Walter, weds Hilda Hoey 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

Gerry, H. Arthur, died 3/11/44: 3/16/44p1

Gerry, Lillian, weds Nelson Keene 6/21/42: 6/25/42p5

Gerry, Mildred, weds Bert Corson 11/9/46: 11/14/46p2

Geyer, Abbott, weds Georgia Clark 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Gibb, Glenn, weds Ethelyn Emerson 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

Gibb, Herbert, weds Florence Page 11/?/41: 11/13/41p12 ;11/20/41p6

Gibb, Neil, weds Shirley Ball 8/25/45: 8/30/45p11 ;9/6/45p10

Gibb, Nellie, weds Roscoe Holmes 10/?/40: 10/17/40p16

Gibbs, Elaine, weds Warren Crawford 8/21/46: 8/22/46p3

Gibbs, M&M Ralph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/29/48p16

Gibbs, Marcia, weds James Carroll Jr. 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Gibbs, Pauline F., died 7/10/49: 7/14/49p5

Giberson, Mary, weds Dana Emerich 4/1/49: 4/7/49p3

Gibson, Patricia, weds Malcolm Lowe 6/14/44: 8/3/44p2

Gibson, Vida, weds Philip Canney 7/7/48: 7/15/48p5

Giff, William, weds Corinne Hall 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Giguere, Dolores, weds Joseph Deschamp 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Giguere, Gertrude, weds Henry Pinkham 6/29/40: 7/4/40pp4,5

Giguere, Olive, weds Walter Desrosiers 7/4/41: 7/10/41p5

Gilbert, Adrien, weds Irene Camire 5/23/46: 6/6/46p3

Gilbert, Annie B., died 3/18/44: 3/23/44p1

Gilbert, Annie V., died 3/18/44: 3/23/44p4

Gilbert, Archille. died 6/28/49: 6/30/49p5

Gilbert, Armand, weds Doris Gowen 4/24/41: 5/1/41p5

Gilbert, Fernande, weds Donald Stevens 2/15/47: 2/20/47p3

Gilbert, Lucille, weds Donald Lachance 5/26/45: 5/31/45p3

Gilbert, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/11/43p1

Gilbert, M&M Thomas, celebrate 47th anniversary: 2/8/40p3

Gilbert, M&M Thomas, celebrate 49th anniversary: 2/12/42p1

Gilbert, Marie, weds Gideon Marcoux 11/22/41: 11/27/41p9

Gilbert, Mary R., died 3/23/48: 3/25/48p4

Gilbert, Rita, weds Anthony Scala 7/22/44: 7/27/44p5

Gilbert, Roland, weds Rachel Huppe 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp3,4

Gilbert, Wallace, weds Sylvia Michel 2/7/48: 2/12/48p5

Gilbert, Walter A., earns Air Medal for meitorious acts: 10/15/42p1

Gile, Lucy M., died 4/2/43: 4/8/43p3

Giles, Fred A., celebrates 84th birthday: 5/7/42p10

Giles, Fred A., died 2/9/48: 2/12/48p14

Giles, Ida G., died 2/7/41: 2/13/41p6

Giles, Oscar A., died 7/14/47: 7/24/47p10

Gillis, Beulah, weds Calvin Foss 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Gilman, Annie B., died 3/25/47: 4/3/47p9

Gilman, Beatrice M., died 4/?/48: 4/22/48p7

Gilman, Beryl, weds Charles McDuffee 12/21/46: 12/26/46p3,1/9/47p3

Gilman, Beryl, wins Bathing Beauty Queen contest 8/31/40: 9/5/40p1

Gilman, Byron C., celebrates 90th birthday: 9/25/47p11

Gilman, Byron C., celebrates 89th birthday: 9/26/46p12

Gilman, Christine W., died 10/?/43: 11/4/43p11

Gilman, Harry W., died 7/19/48: 7/22/48p4

Gilman, Helen, died 10/30/46: 10/31/46p4

Gilman, Leo D., died 6/18/44: 6/22/44p12

Gilman, Leon P., died 3/15/49: 3/17/49p1

Gilman, Louis L., died 4/12/40: 4/18/40p1

Gilman, M&M Byron C., celebrate 68th anniversary: 7/12/45p8

Gilman, M&M Byron C., celebrate 67th anniversary: 7/13/44p9

Gilman, M&M Byron C., celebrate 65th anniversary: 7/9/42p8

Gilman, Wallace, weds Katherine Anderson 10/8/43: 10/21/43p11

Gilmore, Charles, weds Lida Hahn 11/19/48: 11/25/48p3

Gilmore, Charles, weds Viola Young 3/6/41: 3/20/41p5

Gilmore, Margaret, weds Arthur Raab 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Gilmore, Robert, weds Louise Faulkner 6/21/42: 7/16/42p6

Gilmore, William, weds Mary Gotham 8/15/46: 8/22/46p9

Gilmore, William, weds Viola Young 3/6/41: 3/20/41p8

Gingra, M&M Fortunat, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/6/42p1

Gingras, Cedulie F., died 7/20/44: 7/27/44p4

Gingras, M&M Barthelmi, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/6/41p1

Gingris, M&M Berthelmi, celebrate 52nd anniversary: 2/1/40p5

Ginras, Berthelmi, died 8/6/42: 8/13/42p6

Giorgi, Vincenzo, died 12/25/45: 12/27/45p

Glennon, Anna, weds Francis Magnon 11/23/40: 11/28/40p4

Glennon, William, weds Gloria Secord 11/5/49: 11/10/49p15

Glidden, Corrine, weds Ernest Hamel 9/1/41: 9/4/31p10

Glidden, Edward B., died 9/8/42: 9/10/42p3

Glidden, Frank, died 2/8/43: 2/11/43p3

Glidden, George Z., died 4/19/43: 4/22/43p11

Glidden, Helen, weds Philip Tarmey 5/291/46: 6/6/46p12

Glidden, Josie W., died 2/5/45: 2/8/45p4

Glidden Jr., Clyde, weds Alice Coffin 10/19/49: 11/3/49p15

Glidden, Laurel, weds John Burke 8/28/41: 9/4/31p10

Glidden, Lester, weds ??? Spear 8/3/45: 8/16/45p10

Glidden, Lynda, weds Irving Smith 8/30/40: 9/5/40p3

Glidden, Patricia, died 2/16/46: 2/21/46p1

Glidden, Ruth, weds Bryant Bagley 11/24/40: 11/28/40p4

Glidden, Stanley, weds Dorothy Rollins 6/26/47: 7/3/47p10

Glidden, Willis, weds Dorothy Jenkins 7/19/41: 7/24/41p12

Gliddon, George, weds Nellie Robinson 7/22/44: 7/27/44p5

Glover, Austin, weds Arline Roberts 9/22/49: 10/6/49p4

Glover, Earle, weds Rose Weeks 12/10/49: 12/15/49p21

Glover, Lena E., died 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Glover, Lena, weds Bernard Durant 4/17/49: 4/21/49p4,4/28/49p4

Gobson, Edwin J., died 3/12/43: 3/18/43p3

Godbout, Gloria, weds Vincent Vittum 10/25/41: 10/30/41p5

Goddard, Albert, weds Celia Cookson 9/16/49: 9/22/49p14

Goddard, Edward, weds Margeurite Boudoin 7/19/47: 7/24/47p3;7/31/47p3

Goddard, Richard, weds Alice Cooper 7/5/41: 7/10/41p5

Goddard, Rosea D., diued 1/5/49: 1/6/49p4

Godin, Lucille, weds Alcide Therrien 2/15/41: 2/20/41pp4,5

Going, Dorothy, weds Wallace Warren 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3

Golden, Dorothy, weds Saul Katz 7/26/42: 7/30/42p5

Goldthwaite, Lillian, weds Robert Hersom 7/6/47: 7/10/47p3;7/24/47p2

Goodchild, Russel J., died 6/6/44: 8/3/44p1

Goodchild, Russell L., went down with his place in WWII: 6/19/47p2

Goodchild, Shirley, weds Anthony Solsky 11/10/45: 11/8/45p2

Goodfield, Dorothy, weds Clarence Lafontaine 4/25/42: 4/30/42p8

Goodhue, Irene, weds John Murphy 9/28/42: 10/8/42p11

Goodrich, Ida M., died 5/5/45: 5/10/45p4

Goodrich, Lillian, weds Joseph Jackson 8/17/42: 8/20/42p5

Goodrow, Andrew, weds Ruth Young 11/16/46: 11/21/46p12

Goodwin, Alice L., died 7/17/41: 7/24/41p5

Goodwin, Bernice, weds Joseph Thiberge 10/23/43: 10/28/43p5

Goodwin, Bertha M., died 2/2/48: 2/5/48p4

Goodwin, Beverly, weds Willis Kelley 9/12/48: 9/16/48p3,10/7/48p2

Goodwin, C. Edward, celebrate 59th anniversary: 7/11/46p8

Goodwin, Catherine, weds Brackett Ferland Jr. 11/17/44: 12/28/44p3

Goodwin, Charles A., died 10/30/49: 11/3/49p5

Goodwin, Charles E., died 2/18/48: 2/26/48p10

Goodwin, Doris, weds Frederic Auclair 11/8/41: 11/13/41pp6 ,9

Goodwin, Eileen, weds Robert Caron 2/11/45: 2/15/45p5

Goodwin, Elsie M., died 7/8/41: 7/10/41p14

Goodwin, Everett E. died 10/18/42: 10/22/42p3

Goodwin, Everett, weds Dolores Colbroth 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4,9/15/49p4

Goodwin, Frances, weds James Dean 1/1/40: 1/4/40p5

Goodwin, Frank, weds Clara Chandler 6/4/43: 6/10/43p10

Goodwin, Gloria, weds Henry Drapeau 11/21/46: 11/28/46p12

Goodwin, Herbert M., died 4/8/45: 4/12/45p4

Goodwin, Hilton, died 9/27/41: 10/2/41p3

Goodwin, Howard, weds Glenna Riley 6/29/42: 7/9/42p8

Goodwin, Irene, weds Donald Davis 11/16/40: 11/21/40p9

Goodwin, Lemuel E., died 10/19/47: 10/23/47p4

Goodwin, Lloyd, weds Barbara Tufts 8/28/42: 9/3/42p12

Goodwin, Loren, died 12/20/48: 12/23/48p4

Goodwin, M&M C. Edward, celebrate 58th aniversary: 7/5/45p3;7/12/45p4

Goodwin, M&M C. Edward, celebrate 61st anniversary: 7/8/48p1

Goodwin, M&M C. Edward, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/10/47p1

Goodwin, Nellie, weds Norman Hutchins 6/12/40: 6/20/40p5

Goodwin, Nelta, weds Austin Grant 4/11/43: 4/15/43p5

Goodwin, Olive A., died 6/18/47: 6/26/47p4

Goodwin, Rena E., died 1/18/48: 1/22/48p4

Goodwin, Susie, weds Horace Haskins 7/16/47: 7/31/47p3

Goodwin, Warren, weds Bernice Rogers 12/31/48: 1/6/49p12

Gordon, Mary, weds Seymour Bowden 10/12/46: 10/17/46p12

Gordon, Murray W., died 7/31/41: 8/7/41p4

Gordon, Norman, weds Doris Pitman 6/17/44: 6/22/44p12

Gorton, Pauline, weds Bernard McGlone 4/29/44: 5/4/44p11

Goslin, Charles C., died 6/26/42: 7/2/42p10

Goss, Meridith, weds Norris Anderson 7/?/42: 7/30/42p5

Gosselion, Victoria F., died 5/10/47: 5/15/47p4

Gotham, Mary, weds William Gilmore 8/15/46: 8/22/46p9

Gotts, Thomas H., died 10/31/41: 11/6/41p3

Gouin, Celina, weds Alphonse Marquis 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4

Gould, Amanda P., died 10/30/47: 11/6/47p14

Gould, Annie B., died 1/21/47: 1/23/47p4

Gould, George W., died 2/5/44: 2/10/44p9

Gould, Robert, weds Theresa DeRusha 12/11/49: 12/15/49p4

Goulet, Albert, weds Yvette Huppe 7/4/46: 7/11/46p2

Goupil, Germaine, weds Charles Holland 2/10/40: 2/15/40p5

Goupil, Hervey, weds Anne Wheeler 6/15/40: 6/20/40p5

Goupil, Pauline, weds Harry Davis 1/18/41: 1/23/41p5

Goupil, Raymond, weds Alice Kirouac 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Gourde, John T., died 7/30/43: 8/5/43p3

Gourgue, Lorraine, weds Emile Theroux 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Gourgue, Maurice, weds Emelda Berard 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3;9/11/31pB1

Gove, Silas, weds Esther Carnegie 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Govey, Charles, weds Virginia Bickford 1/28/45: 2/1/45p5

Gowen, Doris, weds Armand Gilbert 4/24/41: 5/1/41p5

Gowen, Marjorie, weds Henry Davis 10/12/45: 10/18/45p3

Gowen, William T., died 10/12/41: 10/16/41p11

Grace, Gladys, weds William Binder 12/15/45: 12/20/45p2

Granett, William, died 9/19/42: 9/24/42p3

Grant, Austin, weds Nelta Goodwin 4/11/43: 4/15/43p5

Grant, Barbara, weds John Drew Jr. 6/21/41: 6/26/41p11

Grant, Carrie S., died 7/7/42: 7/9/42p3;7/16/42p3

Grant, Elizabeth, died 12/19/46: 12/26/46p4

Grant, Evelyn C., died 1/12/41: 1/16/41p3

Grant, Harry, weds Margaret Currier 6/14/42: 6/18/42p5

Grassie, Elaine, weds Leo Nute 1/18/41: 1/30/41p5

Grassie, George, died 4/8/48: 4/15/48p5

Grassie, John,m weds Jeannette Tanguay 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Grassie, John, weds Irene Perreault 10/11/40: 10/17/40p5

Grassie, Margaret, weds Clarence Smith 9/19/42: 10/1/42p5;10/1/42p12(F)

Gravel, Arthur, weds Jeannette Hoage 4/19/47: 4/24/47p14

Gravel, Eugene, weds Barbara Anctil 8/6/47: 8/14/47p16

Gravel, Lorenzo, died 6/2/43: 6/10/43p3

Gravel, Robert, died 7/28/44: 8/10/44p4

Gravelyn, Mary, weds Walter Pittsley 8/6/49: 8/11/49p14

Graves, A. Melchior 6/3/44: 6/8/44p4

Graves, Beatrice E., died 2/7/43: 2/11/43p3

Graves, Esther, weds Bertrand Cormier 11/27/47: 12/4/47p13

Gray, Alice, weds Richard Taylor 9/3/49: 9/8/49p15

Gray, Arland, weds Marie Burns 7/5/47: 7/10/47p11

Gray, Arthur C., died 7/23/49: 7/28/49p5

Gray, Arthur, weds Agnes Barber 3/2/46: 3/7/46p10

Gray, Charles H., died 8/25/46: 10/3/46p4

Gray, Dorothy, weds Lucien Lachance 10/12/45: 10/18/45p3

Gray, Edgar, weds Alma Meader 6/27/43: 7/1/43p5

Gray, Edythe, weds Ralston Cilley 7/17/47: 7/31/47p3

Gray, Eileen, weds Murray Daudelin 12/25/43: 12/30/43p5

Gray, Elizabeth L., died 1/26/48: 1/29/48p16

Gray, Elizabeth, weds Donald Meader 9/5/49: 9/8/49p4,9/15/49p4

Gray, Elizabeth, weds Stacey Draper 2/19/48: 2/26/48p3

Gray, Ethel, weds Raymond Scruton 5/24/47: 5/29/47p14 ;6/12/47p3

Gray, Everett, weds Claire Harriman 3/29/46: 4/4/46p10

Gray, Flora E., died 10/7/42: 10/15/42p3

Gray, Francis E., died 6/12/40: 6/13/40p22

Gray, Frank, weds Elsie Roberge 1/11/47: 1/16/47p11

Gray, Gertrude S., died 12/27/45: 1/3/46p4

Gray, John I., died 7/9/40: 7/11/40p3;7/18/40p3

Gray, John M., died 3/6/45: 4/5/45p1

Gray, John, weds Ruth Stacy 4/23/46: 5/2/46p11

Gray Jr., John F., WWII casualty, body returns: 4/28/49p1,5/5/49p1

Gray, Kenneth, weds Natalie Weaver 6/21/41: 6/26/41p11

Gray, Leroy, weds Hazelle Warburton 8/4/46: 8/8/46p4

Gray, Lester, weds Norma Young 5/28/46: 5/30/46p2

Gray, Lillian G., died 4/14/41: 4/17/41p3

Gray, M&M William E., celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/24/46p3

Gray, Margaret, weds James Merrill 9/3/46: 9/12/46p3

Gray, Marion, weds Donald Villard 9/3/49: 9/8/49p11

Gray, Mrs. John I., died 11/3/44: 11/9/44p4

Gray, Ralph, weds Ruth Gray 9/14/42: 9/17/42p6

Gray, Robert, weds Eunice Willey 7/19/43: 7/22/43p5

Gray, Roland, weds Arlene Berry 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Gray, Ruth, weds Ralph Gray 9/14/42: 9/17/42p6

Gray, Stuart, weds Imogene Furlong 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5,7/8/48p8

Gray, Virginia, weds Walter Lafavour 6/30/46: 7/4/46p8

Gray, Walter, weds Beatrice White 9/?/48: 9/16/48p3

Gray, William, weds Joan Richardson 8/15/46: 8/22/46p3

Grazio, Dom, weds Albertina Regis 9/7/41: 9/11/31p5

Greeley, Robert, weds Barbara Parker 8/27/46: 9/19/46p13

Greeley, Walter, weds Corrine Currier 10/26/46: 10/31/46p12

Greely, Edna, weds Richmond Parshley Jr. 8/18/48: 8/26/48p5

Green, Albert, died 10/31/45: 11/8/45p4

Green, Annie N., died 4/6/48: 4/15/48p7

Green, George A., died 2/16/40: 2/22/40p14

Green, Michael, weds Elaine Turner 3/23/47: 3/27/47p15

Greene, Annie, celebrates 83rd birthday: 10/2/47p10

Greenfield, Henry W., died 5/28/47: 6/5/47p4

Greenfield, Herbert E., died 12/14/42: 12/17/42p3

Greenfield, Mary A., died 7/13/40: 7/18/40p3

Greenwood, Frank, weds Iris Tufts 3/20/48: 4/1/48p8

Gregoire, Joseph, weds Irene Mayo 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Gregoire, Philip, weds Margaret Wiggin 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3,9/19/46p3

Greif, Harold, weds Carolyn Floyd 11/3/40: 11/7/40p17

Grenier, A. Earl, died 5/2/45: 5/3/45p4;5/10/45p4

Grenier, Achille D., died 2/21/42: 2/26/42p3

Grenier, Archille, died 12/24/41: 1/1/42p3

Grenier, Arthur E., died 3/22/40: 3/28/40p2

Grenier, Bernard, weds Patricia Larochelle 7/1/49: 7/14/49p4

Grenier, Betty, weds Glenn Paige 1/2/49: 1/6/49p3

Grenier, Carlene, weds Thomas Keays 3/16/46: 3/28/46p2

Grenier, Cecile, weds Harry Germon 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4,11/3/49p4

Grenier, Claire, weds Grover Scott 8/1/42: 8/6/42p5

Grenier, Clovis A., died 5/?/47: 5/22/47p4

Grenier, Gloria, weds Richard Tinker 10/7/45: 10/11/45p2

Grenier, Joseph, weds Olia Morin 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Grenier, Lola J., died 7/19/47: 7/24/47p4

Grenier, Ludgar, weds Virginia Pepin 5/21/42: 5/28/42p6

Grenier, Mary, celebrates 72nd birthday: 1/4/40p14

Grenier, Norman, weds Yvette Brousseau 5/7/49: 5/12/49p4,5/19/49p4

Grenier, Raymond A., died 3/27/44?: 3/28/46p1

Grenier, Raymond R., awarded Bronze Star: 5/31/45p3

Grenier, Robert, weds Catherine Scott 10/30/48: 11/18/48p3

Grenier, Robert, weds Virginia Osborne 10/24/47: 11/6/47p2

Grenier, Thelma, weds Robert White 7/12/40: 7/18/40p5

Grenier, Vitaline N., died 8/12/46: 8/15/46p4

Grenier, Wilfred, died 12/20/47: 12/25/47p4

Grenier, Wilfred, died 12/??/47: 1/1/48p4

Grieg, Edward, weds Rachel Burbank 6/25/49: 6/30/49p4

Griffen, Corrine, weds Don Countryman 4/19/47: 4/24/47p2;5/22/47p2

Griffin, Gerald, weds Evelyn Michael 9/1/40: 9/5/40p3

Griffin, Mary E., celebrates 70th birthday 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Grimes, James, weds Alexandrine Ouellette 8/19/40: 8/22/40p5

Groga, Everett S., died 4/1/42: 4/2/42p2

Grogan, Ida B/. died 6/8/45: 6/14/45p7

Grondin, Albert F., died 3/?/44: 3/23/44p1

Grondin, Alphomnse M., died 9/22/44: 9/28/44p4

Grondin, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/28/46p1,12/5/46p4

Grondin, Paul, weds Stella Cote 6/7/47: 6/12/47p4;6/19/47p5

Guay, Angelina, died 11/5/42: 11/19/42p10

Guay, Francis, weds Anna Tuttle 1/25/41: 1/30/41p3

Guay, George M., died 7/?/45: 8/2/45p6

Gugenheim, Nancy, weds Ralph Howard 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Guibalt, Mary G., died 2/13/49: 2/17/49p4

Guignard, Lucia, weds Paul Couture 10/24/44: 10/26/44p7

Guilbault, Joseph, died 11/29/43: 12/2/43p4

Guilbault, Joseph, weds Dora Carr 2/7/48: 2/19/48p3

Guild, Josephine C., died 7/25/46: 8/1/46p4

Guillemette, Florence, weds Carl Chapman 5/31/43: 6/3/43p5

Guilmet, Melina M., died 9/3/44: 9/7/44p12

Guilmette, Leona, weds Walter Davis 5/10/41: 5/15/41pp4,5

Guilmette, Richard, weds Madeline Lafebvre 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

Gullison, Howard, weds Helen Pearson 6/5/44: 6/22/44p12

Guptil, Regina, weds Everett Otis 5/4/42: 5/7/42p6

Guptill, Irving S., died 9/4/43: 9/9/43p3

Gurney, Grace, weds Robert Colbath 11/10/46: 12/26/46p11

Gurney, Mary, weds George Tibbetts 12/?/46: 12/26/46p11

Guyer, Leon, weds Annette Letourneay 5/20/40: 5/23/40p12

Haas, Edwin, weds Bette Spaulding 6/13/43: 6/17/43p5

Hackett, Alfred T., died 9/7/43: 9/9/43p3

Hahn, Lida, weds Charles Gilmore 11/19/48: 11/25/48p3

Hale, Clayton, weds Catherine Weeks 6/19/43: 6/24/43p9

Hale, Elizabeth, died 7/10/46: 7/18/46p8

Hale, Lila, weds Clarence Nevers 8/25/44: 9/7/44p12

Hale, Robert, died 6/11/44: 6/15/44p8

Hale, Ruth, weds John Buchanan 8/11/49: 8/18/49p4

Haley, Adele, weds Leighton Harris 7/5/40: 7/11/40p4

Haley, George, Weds Florence Turner 7/31/42: 8/6/42p11

Haley, Kathleen, weds Paul Sanfacon 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

Haley, Lawrence E., died 4/26/48: 4/29/48p1,5/6/48p4

Haley, Mrs. Philip, died 5/23/43: 5/27/43p13

Haley, Philip, died 11/11/46: 11/21/46p13

Haley, Waldron, weds Grace McDaniel 3/17/43: 3/25/43p12

Haley, William F., died 10/28/41: 10/30/41p3

Haley, William, weds Emma Eisele 11/15/47: 11/20/47p5

Hall, Albert I., died 2/23/49: 3/3/49p4,4/28/49p4

Hall, Alva, weds Maurice Mason 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Hall, Arthur, weds Dorothy Horan 5/3/49: 5/5/49p4

Hall, Avis, weds Stanley Aldrich 2/25/41: 3/6/41p5

Hall, Charles J., died 10/3/45: 10/11/45p4

Hall, Corinne, weds William Goff 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Hall, Eleanor, weds Elwin Thebault 3/6/42: 3/12/42p5

Hall, Elmer, weds Mary Foley 6/27/46: 7/4/46p2

Hall, Fred A., died 11/19/46: 11/21/46p4

Hall, Gardner S., died 4/?/46: 4/11/46p1

Hall, Grace O., died 12/23/43: 12/30/43p4

Hall, J. Frank, died 10/8/42: 10/8/42p3;10/15/42pp3,9(B)

Hall, John E., died 4/29/49: 5/5/49p1

Hall, John W., died 9/25/48: 9/30/48p4

Hall, June, weds Clyde Place 12/5/41: 12/11/41pC3

Hall, Linza B., died 12/13/41: 12/18/41p3

Hall, M&M Cecil, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/1/49p24

Hall, Percy E., died 12/10/42: 12/17/42p3

Hall, Ralph H., died 4/10/43: 4/15/43p3

Hall, Raymond L., died 4/29/42: 5/7/42p13

Hall, Raymond; Hold memorial service for: 5/6/43p10

Hall, Stacy, weds Sarah Mallett 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Haller, Robert, weds Glenna Lanoix 7/4/48: 7/8/48p4

Halley, George J., is MIA: 3/11/43p1

Halliday, Patricia, is Rainbow Grand Worthy Advisor: 5/29/47p5

Ham, Alice C., died 3/?/40: 3/21/40p6

Ham, Barbara, died 4/13/49: 4/14/49p1,4/21/49p3

Ham, Beatrice, weds Robert Dickerman 2/16/40: 2/22/40p5

Ham, Cora E., died 2/?/41: 2/6/41p3

Ham, Edgar, feted by City officials upon retirement: 8/7/41p1

Ham, Edgar, weds Florence Barton 7/28/48: 8/5/48p3

Ham, Eliza E., died 12/3/44: 12/7/44p10

Ham, Lawrence, weds Eleanor Aldrich 6/18/46: 6/27/46p16

Ham, M&M Malcolm, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/6/41p5

Ham, Merman, weds Mary Germon 4/29/49: 5/5/49p4

Ham, Mildred, weds George Michael 7/13/42: 7/16/42p6

Ham, Norma, weds Norbert Therrien 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5;6/26/47p3

Ham, Norman, weds Barbara Jaeger 4/21/44: 5/11/44p2

Ham, Rita, weds George Lord 11/23/49: 12/8/49p4

Ham, Sarah F., died 8/29/43: 9/2/43p3

Ham. Walter F., died 11/24/44: 11/30/44p4

Hamel, Ernest, weds Corrine Glidden 9/1/41: 9/4/31p10

Hamel, Ferdinand. died 8/22/46: 8/29/46p4

Hamel, Harry E., died 10/4/41: 10/9/41p3

Hamel, Joseph A., died 9/17/46: 9/19/46p4

Hamel, Rena, died 5/3/44: 5/11/44p1;5/18/44p10

Hamel, Sylvia, weds Hector LaFerte 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Hamel, Theresa, wins 4-H Club prize trip to Chicago: 11/25/48p1

Hamilton, Gordon, weds Marcelle LaBranche 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Hamilton, Minnie R., died 6/30/47: 7/3/47p10

Hamilton, Virginia, weds Robert Lapierre 11/28/40: 12/5/40p5

Hamm, Blanche C., died 2/14/46: 2/21/46p9

Hammond, Ethel, weds Don Whipple 9/17/41: 9/25/41p10

Hammond, Frederick, weds Lillian Bergeron 12/15/46: 1/2/47p13

Hamson, Flora B., died 11/25/44: 11/30/44p4

Hanagan, Christine, weds Robert Vachon 11/25/44: 11/30/44p9

Haney, Richard, weds Mary Rennebu 9/13/47: 9/25/47p3

Hanlon, Eva, weds Charles Chapman 10/3/49: 10/6/49p4

Hannon, Helen, weds Hollis Furlong 8/28/49: 9/1/49p5

Hannon, James J., died 10/30/45: 11/1/45p4

Hannon, John E., died 11/8/43: 11/11/43p3

Hannon, Thomas F., died 5/13/44: 5/18/44p3

Hanscam, Etta R., died 12/30/41: 1/1/42p3

Hanscom, Dorothy, weds Joseph LePage 8/6/49: 8/11/49p4

Hanscom, Walter, weds Helen Hodsdon 10/18/41: 10/23/41p5

Hanselman, Robert, weds Gloria Marshall 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Hansen, Pauline, weds John Reagan 12/?/47: 1/1/48p3

Hansom Family 30th annual reunion held: 8/29/40p1

Hanson, Alvah H., died 6/6/40: 6/13/40p22

Hanson, Edna, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/7/43p10

Hanson, Edna, celebrates 84th birthday: 10/9/47p10

Hanson, Eleanor, weds Roland Jewell 1/16/43: 1/21/43p2

Hanson, Frances, weds Lindell Perkins 6/29/44: 7/6/44p3

Hanson, George, weds Elaine Herries 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Hanson, Gordon, weds Patricia Callaghan 11/14/48: 11/18/48p3

Hanson, Harriet M., died 11/26/48: 12/2/48p15

Hanson, Helen H., died 5/14/48: 5/20/48p9

Hanson, J. Herman, died 12/24/42: 12/31/42p3

Hanson, John S., died 10/15/40: 10/17/40p3

Hanson, June, feted for saving life of companion: 3/14/40pp1,4

Hanson, Leonard, weds Claire Lothrop 7/26/47: 8/28/47p4

Hanson, Lewis A., died 2/21/40: 2/29/40p2

Hanson, Lloyd, weds Natalie Hanson 12/7/45: 12/13/45p3

Hanson, Martha N., died 5/?/41: 5/8/41p2

Hanson, Maynard W., died 4/21/42: 4/23/42p3;4/30/42p3

Hanson, Natalie, weds Lloyd Hanson 12/7/45: 12/13/45p3

Hanson, Richard H., was WWII casualty: 9/27/45p14

Hanson, Willis C., celebrates 65th birthday: 11/12/42p1

Hardie, Alexander G., died 2/9/45: 2/15/45p4

Harding, Beatrice, weds Robert Vittum 10/14/43: 10/28/43p5

Harding, Elinor, weds Harold Schulte 5/9/42: 5/21/42p10

Harding, Philip, weds Mary Callaghan 8/14/48: 8/19/48pp2,5

Harding, Stanley, weds Florence Fisher 7/20/40: 8/8/40p5

Hardy, Yvonne, weds James Flanders 2/21/48: 3/4/48p3

Harkenson Jr., Ralph, weds Lucille Jenness 5/18/42: 5/21/42p6

Harkins, William J., died 8/25/45: 8/30/45p11

Harmon, Arthur, weds Rita Stevens 6/15/47: 6/19/47p5

Harmon, Mildred, weds Maurice Bedard 11/10/45: 11/22/45p2

Harmon, Walter, weds Kathleen Lincoln 9/12/48: 9/16/48p3

Harpin, Eleanore, weds Carlton Reynolds 3/12/43: 3/18/43p10

Harriman, Charles F., died 2/21/45: 3/1/45p4

Harriman, Charlotte, weds Richard Thurston 11/9/45: 11/22/45p8

Harriman, Claire, weds Everett Gray 3/29/46: 4/4/46p10

Harriman, Doris, weds Robert Emmond Jr. 10/4/47: 10/9/47p5

Harriman, Earl, weds Doris McGrath 9/24/44: 9/28/44p5

Harriman, Florence, weds Jean Pouliot 7/14/45: 7/19/45p3

Harriman, Herbert, weds Shirley Rogers 12/14/46: 1/16/47p2

Harriman, Maude E., died 3/14/41: 3/20/41p16

Harrington, Bradford, weds Annie Lamper 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Harrington, Isabel, weds Edwin Dodge 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Harrington, Virgil D., died 1/18/44: 1/27/44p8

Harris, Frank E., died 8/18/40: 8/29/40p3

Harris, Jennie E., died 5/28/40: 6/6/40p6

Harris, John E., died 1/21/45: 1/25/45p4

Harris, Leighton, weds Adele Haley 7/5/40: 7/11/40p4

Harris, Porter, weds Harriet Boak 2/1/41: 2/20/41p5

Harrison, Jesse G., died 5/4/42: 5/7/42p10

Harrison, Lewis, weds Doris Hutchins 11/27/46: 12/5/46p10

Harrity, Bernard, weds Anita Magnan 12/29/45: 1/3/46p2

Hart, Charles F., died 12/2/48: 12/9/48p1

Hart, Clifford M., died 8/20/43: 8/26/43p3

Hart, Dana B., died 11/27/41: 12/4/41pC5

Hart, Dora E., died 9/4/48: 9/9/48p4

Hart, Estelle L., died 6/20/46: 6/27/46p16

Hart, Florence E., died 10/20/48: 10/21/48p4,10/28/48p4

Hart Jr., Walter, weds Margaret Tilton 4/11/49: 4/14/49p4

Hart, Julia K., died 2/3/46: 2/7/46p4

Hart, Lizzie A., died 10/10/46: 10/17/46p4

Hart, M&M Malcolm A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/18/40p5

Hart, Malcolm A., died 1/17/49: 1/27/49p1

Hart, Mildreth, weds Harry Pike 3/26/49: 3/31/49p20

Hart, Nelson R., died 10/1/41: 10/2/41p3

Harte, Charles, weds Edith Hert 5/31/47: 6/12/47p3

Hartfeil, Norman, weds Helen Hunter 8/30/42: 9/3/42p12

Hartfiel, Beatrice, weds Samuel Morris 5/6/45: 5/10/45p12

Hartford, Albion, weds Dorothy Dufault 5/1/48: 5/13/48p5

Hartford, Amy, weds Herbert Cook 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6

Hartford, Carl, weds Edith Preble 3/15/47: 3/20/47p2

Hartford, Erma, weds Aldin Moulton 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4

Hartford, Evelyn, weds Bernard Cullen 3/7/42: 3/12/42p5

Hartford, Frank G., died 7/22/47: 7/24/47p4

Hartford, George H., died 9/24/45: 9/27/45p4;10/4/45p11

Hartford, Herbert C., died 12/7/41: 1/1/42p1

Hartford, Leon, weds Ora Carr 6/7/47: 6/19/47p5

Hartford, Lewis M., died 3/6/49: 3/10/49p16

Hartford, Lizzie, died 9/27/43: 9/30/43p3

Hartford, M&M George, celebrate 55th anniversary: 5/20/43p2

Hartford, M&M George, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 5/22/41p8

Hartford, M&M George H., celebrate 57th anniversary: 5/24/45p13

Hartford, M&M George H., celebrate 54th anniversary: 5/21/42p8

Hartford, M&M George H., celebrate 56th anniversary: 5/25/44p8

Hartford, M&M Lyle, celebrates 25th anniversary: 11/6/41p8

Hartford, Mabel, weds Ronald Robichaud 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Hartford, Mildred, weds Theodore Verville 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4,9/11/47p4

Hartford, Ruth, weds Nelson Avery 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Harton, Francoise, weds Armand Landrey 10/23/43: 10/28/43p7

Harvey, Delinia, celebrates 86th birthday: 10/27/49p4

Harvey, Georgianna C., died 3/25/44: 3/30/44p6

Harvey, Mary, weds Norman Erickson 3/9/47: 3/27/47p3

Harvey, Perry L., died 3/16/49: 3/24/49p22

Harway, Ida H., died 5/1/44: 5/4/44p12

Haselton, Anna, F., died 2/7/49: 2/10/49p4

Haskell, Bertha, weds Bayfield Shaw 10/31/41: 11/6/41p5

Haskell, Chevis, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 2/15/45p1

Haskins, Horace, weds Susie Goodwin 7/16/47: 7/31/47p3

Hassen, Carmen, weds Brenda Edgerly 10/17/45: 10/25/45p11

Hassen, James, weds Pauline Ladd 5/?/41: 5/15/41p3

Hastings, Agnes, died 12/28/47: 1/1/48p4

Hastings, Harriet M., died 11/2/45: 11/8/45p4

Hastings, William, weds Esther Howard 5/23/41: 5/29/41p4

Hatch, Alden, weds Juliette Lamy 6/19/40: 6/20/40p5

Hatch, Charles R., died 7/12/47: 7/17/47p14

Hatch, Dorothy, weds Lionel Albert 11/9/40: 11/14/40p5

Hatch, Harley A., died 10/14/43: 10/21/43p3

Hatch, Joyce, weds Quentin McKinney 3/13/48: 3/18/48p3

Hatch, Nelson, 30 years a cop and still "growing up": 3/7/40p1

Hatch, Norman N., awarded Purple Heart: 3/9/44p1

Hatch, Norman, weds Dora Ferland 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6

Hathaway Jr., Maurice, weds Gloria Ward 11/9/47: 11/20/47p5

Hathaway, Verna, weds Karldon McCrillis 11/22/46: 11/28/46p3

Hatton, Joseph, weds Marjorie Davis 8/12/40: 8/15/40p5

Hawkes, Harriet L., died 4/21/43: 4/22/43p3

Hawkins, Alice, weds Earl Wheeler Jr. 9/6/47: 9/11/47p4

Haycock, Gertrude, weds Rensford Nichols 7/4/46: 7/11/46p8

Haycock Jr., Preston, weds Leona Derby 5/24/46: 5/30/46p8

Hayden, Lottie A., died 7/5/43: 7/8/43p3

Hayden, Malcolm, weds Rita Bish 9/13/42: 9/17/42p6

Hayes, Abbie S., died 2/23/46: 2/28/46p11

Hayes, Alice E., died 6/19/49: 6/23/49p5

Hayes, Alvena, weds William Campbell 7/3/41: 7/10/41pp5,10

Hayes, Arnold, weds Virginia Wyatt 11/24/44: 12/7/44p3

Hayes, Arthur G., died 12/6/42: 12/10/42p10

Hayes, Arthur H., died 1/29/43: 2/4/43p4

Hayes, Betty E., died 5/17/42: 5/21/42p10

Hayes, Carrie E., died 4/18/48: 4/22/48p4

Hayes, Clarence T., died 1/14/46: 1/18/46p10

Hayes, Dorothy, weds Mahlon Ramsey 6/15/46: 6/27/46p2;8/1/46p5

Hayes, Edwin F., died 12/19/42: 12/24/42p3

Hayes, Effie, died 1/17/48: 1/22/48p10

Hayes, Elaine, weds Frank Shaw Jr. 6/15/40: 6/20/40p5

Hayes, Elizabeth C., died 4/6/49: 4/7/49p4

Hayes, Elizabeth C., died 4/13/49: 4/14/49p4

Hayes, Elizabeth, weds Gilbert Shaw 10/26/47: 10/30/47p10

Hayes, Elizabeth, weds Robert Parker 6/25/48: 7/1/48p16 ,7/29/48p3

Hayes, Ernest, weds Edith Langley 10/6/42: 10/15/42p3

Hayes, Fannie P., died 5/16/41: 5/22/41p6

Hayes, Frank I., died 9/?/48: 9/30/48p13

Hayes, George G., died 5/1/46: 5/2/46p4

Hayes, Guy L., died 1/10/49: 1/13/49p4

Hayes, James B., dieed 9/17/42: 9/24/42p8

Hayes, Janice, weds Albert Zins 2/6/44: 2/17/44p9

Hayes, John, weds Margie Demerritt 6/7/47: 6/12/47p14(F);6/19/47p16(N)

Hayes, Joseph, weds Mary Russell 11/13/46: 11/21/46p12

Hayes Jr., Maurice, weds Margaret Dumont 5/22/43: 5/27/43p9

Hayes, Leon, weds ??? Parent 5/2/43: 5/13/43p11

Hayes, Leon, weds Arlene Hussey 9/4/48: 9/16/48p3

Hayes, M&M Roger H., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 1/25/40p4

Hayes, M&M S. Lyman, celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/11/45p12

Hayes, Nellie R., died 9/3/46: 9/5/46p4

Hayes, Nellie S., died 3/4/41: 3/6/41p8;3/13/41p3

Hayes, Orill, weds Helen McGrath 4/6/42: 4/9/42p5

Hayes, Pauline, weds David Morrill 4/4/45: 4/12/45p5

Hayes, Robert, weds Florence Evans 2/21/42: 2/26/42p6

Hayes, Roberta, weds Gilbert Shaw 12/22/41: 12/25/41p5

Hayes, Ruhama, weds Robert Beaupre 6/28/41: 7/3/41p3 ;7/10/41p4

Hayes, S. Lyman, died 9/29/46: 10/3/46p14

Hayes, Willis, weds Fredina Atkinson 3/23/40: 9/5/40p5 sic date

Hayes, Winfield S., died 4/8/42: 4/16/42p8

Haynes, Carrie B., died 9/30/48: 10/7/48pp4,10

Haynes, Dorothy, weds Kenneth Jones 1/27/41: 1/30/41p5

Haynes, Ellen H., died 5/23/44: 6/1/44p9

Haywood Jr., Eugene, weds Thelma Thompson 8/25/45: 8/30/45p4

Hazlitt, Minnie, died 4/4/47: 4/17/47p12

Head, Frederick, weds Irene Borden 12/29/46: 1/2/47p13

Heald, Grace, weds William Lamontagne Jr. 3/30/46: 4/4/46p2

Healy, John, died 7/21/49: 7/28/49p5

Heaney, Robert, weds Arta Bowle 6/16/46: 6/27/46p2

Heath, Barbara, weds Everett Clark 4/19/47: 5/1/47p3

Heath, Charlotte, weds Morrill Wright 4/12/42: 4/16/42p5

Heath, M. Evelyn, died 4/22/45: 4/26/45p4

Heath, Walter, weds Harriet Beard 11/13/46: 12/12/46p3

Hebert, Albert, weds Clotilde Turgeon 1/20/47: 1/23/47p9

Hebert, Archillis, died 9/22/49: 9/29/49p5

Hebert, Charles C., died 8/6/46: 8/8/46p4;8/15/46p4

Hebert, Delia, died 11/9/45: 11/8/45p4

Hebert, Eleanor, weds Alfred Oullette 10/30/43: 11/4/43p3

Hebert, Irene, weds Donald Lessard are wed 8/12/49: 8/18/49p4

Hebert, Joseph, weds Isabelle Landry 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4;6/5/41p5

Hebert, Mary, died 7/11/41: 7/17/41p4

Hebert, Norman J., died 4/24/44: 5/18/44p1;6/29/44p1

Hebert, Norman, WWII victim, returns: 7/15/48p1,8/5/48p1,8/12/48p4

Hebert, Pauline, weds Lionel Bourque 1/2/43: 1/14/43p5

Hebert, Rene, died 9/2/49: 9/8/49p1

Hebert, Romeo, weds Isabelle Cullinane 11/9/46: 11/14/46p8

Hebert, Wilfred, died 11/30/47: 12/4/47p4

Hebert, Yvonne, weds Emile Marion 2/19/49: 2/24/49p3

Heiss, Wilbert, weds Ruth Waterhouse 10/15/49: 10/20/49p5

Henderson, Alden, weds Ruth Smith 6/24/45: 6/28/45p10

Henderson, Frances M., died 6/28/46: 7/4/46p4;7/11/46p4

Henderson, Horace L., died 2/19/43: 2/25/43p2

Henderson, James, weds Doric Stone 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4

Henderson, Norman, weds Irene Maxfield 6/7/47: 6/12/47p3

Henderson, Ralph, weds Leona Bickford 1/17/48: 1/29/48p3

Henry, Jackson, earns Navy letter of Commendation: 1/24/46p3

Henry, Jackson, weds Constance Rhodes 4/4/43: 4/8/43p5

Heon, Michael, weds Madeleine Vachon 8/18/47: 8/21/47p3

Herne, Joseph, weds Margaret Burke 8/28/48: 9/2/48p3

Herries, Arleen, weds Kenneth MacRae 6/21/41: 6/26/41p5

Herries, Elaine, weds George Hanson 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Herries, Elizabeth, weds Evarest Paquette 1/1/44: 1/4/45p5

Hersom, Edward B., died 11/7/46: 11/21/46p4

Hersom, Everett, weds Louise Downs 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Hersom, Lawrence F., died 10/19/48: 10/21/48p1

Hersom, Pauline, weds Alfred Pine 6/25/45: 6/28/45p3

Hersom, Prudence, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/13/49p1

Hersom, Robert, weds Lillian Goldthwaite 7/6/47: 7/10/47p3;7/24/47p2

Hersom, Roscoe C., died 7/20/48: 7/22/48p4

Hersom, Virginia, weds George Sintz 3/30/45: 4/5/45p3

Hersom, William F., died 12/17/48: 12/23/48p4

Herson, Helen, weds Burton Lesperance 9/29/45: 10/4/45p2

Hert, Edith, weds Charles Harte 5/31/47: 6/12/47p3

Hert, Elsie, weds Leo Carter 8/28/48: 9/2/48p3

Hervey, Richard, weds Pauline Fisher 2/6/45: 2/15/45p5

Heselton, Emma F., died 12/2/41: 12/11/41p3

Hess, John, weds Barbara Palmer 6/14/41: 6/19/41p4

HGall, Fred C., died 10/23/48: 10/28/48p11

Hickey, Gertrude, weds Arthur Lagassie 6/4/49: 6/9/49p4

Hickey, Lawrence, weds Evelyn Palmer 5/26/44: 6/1/44p3

Hicks, Josephine, weds Payson Littlefield 6/10/45: 6/14/45p3

Higgins, Carl, weds Dorothy O'Leary 6/28/47: 7/3/47p10

Higgins, Elizabeth, weds Leslie Twombley 8/17/40: 8/22/40p14

Hildreth, Ernest A., died 2/11/40: 2/15/40p3

Hildreth, Herbert W., died 11/9/49: 11/17/50p5

Hill, Anson, weds Della DeRoy 2/28/45: 3/15/45p3

Hill, Daniel, weds Lucille Boodey 6/26/48: 7/1/48p8

Hill, Donald, weds Louise Pray 2/8/46: 2/14/46p2

Hill, Edith V., died 7/4/45: 7/12/45p4

Hill, Effie W., died 4/9/44: 4/13/44p9

Hill, M&M Sylvester G., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/1/42p6

Hill, Thelma, weds George McKeagney 7/8/41: 9/11/31p5

Hill, Theresa, weds Cecil Fogerty 1/17/48: 1/22/48p15

Hilton, Dorothy L., died 1/12/48: 1/15/48p4

Hilton, Ora, weds Dorothy Worcester 12/31/41: 1/8/42p5

Hines, Ruby, weds Charles Nason 1/23/43: 2/11/43p2

Hirst, Philip B., died in 11/6/43: 12/2/43p1;1/20/44p1

Hirst, Philip, WWII victim, body returns home: 11/11/48p1,11/25/48p4

Hirth, Ella M., died 3/12/42: 3/19/42p10

Hislop, Ina M., died 3/1/41: 3/6/41p8

Hoadley, Jesse E., died 2/14/43: 2/18/43p8

Hoadley, Virginia, weds Walter Rouilard: 6/7/45p11

Hoage, James A., died 5/24/48: 5/27/48p20

Hoage, Jeannette, weds Arthur Gravel 4/19/47: 4/24/47p14

Hoage Jr., James, weds Barbara Nason 6/29/46: 7/4/46p8

Hoage, Lillian, weds Harold Smith 10/31/41: 11/6/41p10

Hoage, Robert, weds Annie Ring 4/27/46: 5/2/46p12

Hobbs, Justin, died 3/1/47: 3/6/47p4

Hobbs, Maude, weds Horton Martin 10/9/42: 10/15/42p10

Hodgdon, Chauncey, weds Pauline Eldridge 6/29/47: 7/10/47p3

Hodgdon, Ellsworth, 10/?/49: 10/20/49p21

Hodgdon, Emma J., died 11/7/41: 11/13/41p3

Hodgdon, Forrest A., died 11/21/46: 11/28/46p4

Hodgdon, Frederick W., died 12/22/44: 12/28/44p4

Hodgedon, Muriel, weds Ransom Tufts 7/14/47: 7/17/47p14

Hodgens, Gladys, weds John Ring 11/28/47: 12/4/47p9

Hodges, Carrie L., died ?/?/45: 7/5/45p12

Hodgkins, Jennie A., died 5/30/45: 6/7/45p4

Hodsdon, Helen, weds Walter Hanscom 10/18/41: 10/23/41p5

Hoeard, Estella, died 6/19/41: 6/26/41p2

Hoey, Donald, weds Edith Crosby 10/26/47: 11/6/47p2

Hoey, Hilda, weds Walter Gerrish 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

Hoey, Ruth, weds George Bowhay 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

Hoffman, Hebert T., died 1/16/40: 1/18/40p3

Hoffman, Mary C., died ?/?/48: 4/8/48p4

Hogan, Barbara, died 10/18/44: 10/19/44p1;10/26/44p1

Hogan, Kenneth, weds Catherine Coyne 6/27/47: 7/3/47p10

Hogan, Patricia, died 10/18/44: 10/19/44p1;10/26/44p1

Hogan, Ruth, weds William Smith Jr. 12/31/45: 1/11/45p4

Hoitt, Angie R., died 11/3/40: 11/7/40p9

Holder, Irving C., died 5/16/42: 5/21/42p10

Holdt, Roy D., died 3/15/45: 3/22/45p11

Holland, Charles, weds Germaine Goupil 2/10/40: 2/15/40p5

Holland, John E., died 3/19/45: 3/22/45p11

Holmes, Harold C., died 3/2/46: 3/1/46p4

Holmes, Marion, heads State BPW: 5/14/42p3;5/28/42p1

Holmes, Ralph, died 1/22/42: 1/29/42p12

Holmes, Roscoe, weds Neddie Gibb 10/?/40: 10/17/40p16

Holton, Gloria, weds Stephen Flis 6/11/49: 6/16/49p17

Holton, Mildred, weds Ronald Parrock 2/1/47: 2/6/47p12

Holtz, Albert, died 4/12/46: 4/18/46p16

Hood Jr., Leslie, weds Madeline Davis 10/26/44: 11/2/44p12

Hooper, Delina T., died 9/3/47: 9/11/47p15

Hooper, Frank, died 6/12/43: 6/17/43p10

Hooper, John W., died 8/18/42: 8/27/42p3

Hooper, Rev&M Frank, celebrate 57th anniversary: 7/2/42p10

Hooper, Shirley, weds William Coyne 3/3/49: 3/10/49p16

Hopey, Anna, weds Paul Clement 4/7/42: 4/9/42p13

Hopey, Madelyn, weds Harold Swenson 6/25/42: 7/2/42p11

Hopkins, Charles, weds Jeannette Dugas 4/26/43: 4/29/43p2

Hopkins, Donald, weds Frances Hurd 2/12/43: 2/18/43p4

Hopkinson, Charles, weds Elaine Daudelin 10/30/48: 11/4/48p11

Horak, Gertrude, weds Leo Dupont 10/17/46: 11/21/46p3,12/26/46p3

Horan, Dorothy, weds Arthur Hall 5/3/49: 5/5/49p4

Horne, Agnes L., died 6/12/41: 6/19/41p9

Horne, Arthur T., died 4/19/47: 4/24/47p4

Horne, Beatrice, weds Normand LaBrecque 12/24/48: 12/30/48p3

Horne, Clarence A., died 2/17/45: 2/22/45p4

Horne, Clarence E., died 2/12/42: 2/19/42p7

Horne, Clyde, weds Mary Masse 5/14/48: 5/20/48p9

Horne, Edythe, weds Bert George 12/27/47: 1/1/48p3

Horne, Ernest, weds Dorothy Bontaites 3/12/49: 3/24/49p4

Horne, Ethel, weds Paul Rinaldo 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Horne, Eva C., died 1/27/45: 2/1/45p11

Horne, Evelyn, weds Weld Schoonmaker 6/28/41: 7/3/41p5

Horne, Florence, weds Willard Smith 1/17/42: 1/22/42p4

Horne, Fred A., died 6/22/43: 6/24/43p3

Horne, Grace, weds Robert Casey 8/7/48: 8/12/48p8

Horne, Hannah R., died 9/9/42: 9/17/42p3

Horne, Herbert E., died 10/13/46: 10/17/46p4

Horne, Herbert F., died 4/10/41: 4/10/41p4;4/17/41p5

Horne, Herman, weds Gertrude Cook 6/?/43: 7/8/43p3

Horne, Irving E., died 3/14/40: 3/21/40p12

Horne, John V., died 12/15/47: 12/18/47p4,12/25/47p4

Horne, Lewis, died 5/2/49: 5/5/49p5

Horne, Lorenzo, weds Lois Pomroy 7/4/42: 7/9/42p8

Horne, Louise, weds Robert Pierce 5/28/42: 6/4/42p5

Horne, Mary K., died 10/27/42: 10/29/42p3

Horne, Mary K., died 10/28/42: 11/5/42p3

Horne, Norma, weds Albert Locke 2/?/42: 10/8/42p6

Horne, Norman, earns Bronze Star: 2/21/46p1

Horne, Ralph D., died 12/24/45: 12/27/45p1

Horne, Robert, weds Bernice Almond 10/26/46: 10/31/46p3,11/28/46p4

Horne, Shirley, weds Fred Moulton 12/17/49: 12/22/49p20

Horner, Leonard, weds Janet Gathmann 6/23/45: 7/5/45p12

Horr, Martha W., died 1/14/46: 1/18/46p4

Horr, Virgil, weds Carrie Tillman 12/?/49: 12/22/49p4

Houde, Armand, weds Rena Dumont 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3

Houle, Gerard, weds Lucille Richard 6/27/46: 7/11/46p2

Houle Jr., George, weds Florence Laliberty 8/11/45: 8/16/45p3

Houle, Lena, weds Harry Laderbush 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4,7/28/49p4

Houle, Louis, weds Yvonne Drouin 5/27/44: 6/8/44p9

Houle, Marjorie, weds Richard Geary 7/4/41: 7/10/41p5

Houlton, Howard W., died 10/15/42: 10/22/42p3

Housel, William, weds Madeline Walker 8/21/43: 8/26/43p2

Houston, Mary G., died 1/28/43: 2/4/43p4

Howard, Bernice, weds Elmer Stevens 2/6/43: 2/11/43p2

Howard, Cora B., died 5/21/43: 5/27/43p3

Howard, Earle, died 12/19/40: 12/26/40p3

Howard, Elizabeth C., died 1/25/43: 1/28/43p3

Howard, Elizabeth, died 1/9/44: 1/13/44p9

Howard, Elroy C., died 7/19/44: 7/27/44p9

Howard, Elroyce, weds Charles Makely 9/5/45: 9/27/45p13

Howard, Esther, weds William Hastings 5/23/41: 5/29/41p4

Howard, Ethelyn, weds Robert Stearns 7/4/42: 7/9/42p8

Howard, Eugene C., died 6/20/47: 6/26/47p4

Howard, Frank E., died 12/3/47: 12/4/47p4

Howard, Hanson, died 1/16/40: 1/18/40p3;1/25/40p9

Howard, Harry F., died 10/25/48: 10/28/48p4

Howard, Harry I., died 4/25/41: 5/1/41p3

Howard, Hazel, weds Fred Soper 10/22/48: 10/28/48p7

Howard, Herbert, died 9/11/43: 9/16/43p9

Howard, Laura R., died 12/5/46: 12/12/46p4

Howard, Leon, weds Olevine Taylor 12/24/47: 1/1/48p3

Howard, Levi F., died 2/28/41: 3/6/41p8

Howard, Loren, weds Ellen Reynolds 8/3/45: 8/9/45p10

Howard, Lorraine, weds Alfred Daudelin Jr. 9/5/41: 9/11/31pp3,B3

Howard, M&M Eugene C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/13/47p2

Howard, Marguerite, weds Henry Trojano 6/29/45: 7/12/45p8

Howard, Mary, weds James Richie 2/3/44: 2/24/44p9

Howard, Mavis, weds Eugene Foster 7/30/44: 8/3/44p2

Howard, Ralph, weds Nancy Gugenheim 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Howard, Rita, died 8/7/42: 8/13/42p6

Howard, Sadie G., died 12/26/49: 12/8/49p5

Howard, Sherman, weds Edith Wallace 2/3/40: 2/8/40p5

Howard, Thelma C., died 3/9/42: 3/12/42p3

Howarth, Madolyn, weds Norman Putnam 5/11/41: 5/22/41p6

Howe, Carline, weds Carl Sprich 6/24/46: 6/27/46p2

Howe, Daisy, weds Roland Trask 1/21/42: 1/29/42p5

Howe, John, weds Rita Kirouac 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Howe, Lena D., died 5/4/43: 5/6/43p3;5/13/43p3

Howe, Warren, weds June Sunderland 4/5/42: 4/9/42p5

Howieson, J. Bert, died 10/6/40: 10/10/40p3

Howieson, Lillian, died 8/27/41: 8/28/41p1

Howieson, Maude E., died 8/27/41: 8/28/41p1

Howland, Elmer H., died 11/7/47: 11/13/47p4

Howland, Eugenia, weds Edgar Varney Jr. 9/14/47: 9/18/47p3

Howland, Jennie, died 10/10/41: 10/16/41p3

Howland Jr., Ehrick, weds Prudence Poisson 12/26/49: 12/29/49p4,1/5/50p4

Howland, Patricia, weds James Foss 9/14/47: 9/18/47p3

Hoyt, Alice L., died 1/13/44: 1/20/44p9

Hoyt, Charles H., died 5/30/47: 6/5/47p14

Hoyt, Elizabeth A., died 3/31/47: 4/3/47p4

Hoyt, Frank, died 4/2/44: 3/9/44p4

Hoyt, Frank R., celebrates 93rd birthday: 7/20/44p4

Hoyt, Frank R., died 1/13/47: 1/16/47p4

Hoyt, Hazen III, weds Elizabeth Brochu 7/2/47: 7/24/47p3

Hoyt, Henry H., died 12/17/44: 12/21/44p4

Hoyt, Isabelle, weds Fred Eldridge 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Hoyt, Katherine, died 10/24/46: 10/31/46p16

Hoyt, William E., died 9/21/42: 9/24/42p8

Huard, Priscilla, weds Frank Walsh 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Hubbard, Alberta, weds Harold Paquette 9/25/48: 10/7/48p3

Hubley, Laura E., died 7/7/48: 7/8/48p4

Huckins, Annabelle E., died 5/24/47: 5/29/47p4;6/5/47p14

Huckins, Ethel M., died 3/6/48: 3/11/48p4

Huckins, Robert, weds Sarah Johnson 7/20/47: 7/24/47p3

Hudson, Lloyd, weds Alma Vachon 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Huestis, Edward, weds Gertrude Lord 8/31/41: 9/11/31p5

Huff, Hazel, weds James Baxter 3/6/43: 3/11/43p4

Hughes, Ella L., died 12/23/49: 12/29/49p5

Hughes, Isabel, weds Harold Baril 7/26/47: 7/31/47p3

Hughes, John, weds Alice Brennan 10/27/46: 11/7/46p5

Hughes, Margaret, weds Harris Monroe Jr. ?/?/42: 9/10/42p5

Hughes, Mary A., died 11/14/46: 11/21/46p4

Hughes, Peter, died 8/7/46: 8/15/46p4

Hughes, William G., died 10/12/44: 11/2/44p1

Hughes, William G., WWII victim, body returns home: 11/11/48p1,11/25/48p1

Hughson, Robert, weds Lois Turner 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Hull, Eva B., died 2/19/42: 2/26/42p8

Hull, Frank, weds Ethelyn Bickford 9/26/42: 10/1/42p5

Hull, Thomas W., died 6/25/41: 7/3/41p3

Hulswit, Charles, weds Elsie Sweet 11/8/47: 11/13/47p3

Hunt, Alice, weds John Malone 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

Hunt, Archie G., died 3/26/48: 4/1/48p14

Hunt, Barbara, weds Clarence Jenness 3/23/46: 3/28/46p12(F);4/4/46p10

Hunt, Barbara, weds George Wormstead 11/15/41: 11/20/41p16

Hunt, Barbara, weds Herbert Taylor 4/6/47: 4/10/47p6;4/24/47p3

Hunt, Edith, weds Alden Jenness 6/30/45: 7/5/45p10

Hunt, Frederick, weds Amelia Bunker 8/9/40: 8/15/40p9

Hunt, Irving W., died ?/?/43?: 11/2/44p1

Hunt, James G., died 1/18/44: 1/20/44p3

Hunt, Loren D., died 10/19/47: 10/23/47p15

Hunt, M&M Gerald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/7/49p1

Hunter, Arthur, died 3/2/47: 3/6/47p4

Hunter, Dorothy, weds Harold Fields Jr. 8/2/46: 8/8/46p6

Hunter, George S., died 6/15/44: 6/22/44p12

Hunter, Helen, weds Norman Hartfeil 8/30/42: 9/3/42p12

Hunter Jr., Charles, weds Virginia Staples 9/19/47: 9/25/47p10

Huntoon, Clarence, died 2/14/46: 2/21/46p4

Huntress, Donald, weds Virginia Dore 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Huntress, Flora B., died 1/?/40: 1/18/40p15

Huntress, Grace, weds Solon Thibedeau 5/9/47: 5/15/47p14

Huntress, Matilda A., died 4/19/45: 4/26/45p4

Huntress, Ralph, weds Jeanette Potvin 9/9/49: 9/15/49p4

Huppe, Alma, weds Eugene Boudoin 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Huppe, Antoinette, weds Edmond Ferland 10/6?/43: 10/14/43p7

Huppe, Armand, weds Beatrice Thibault 2/8/47: 2/20/47p2

Huppe, Arthur, died 3/14/47: 3/20/47p4

Huppe, Bertrand, weds Thais Vachon 4/22/44: 4/27/44p3

Huppe, Eliette, weds Vincent MacDonald 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

Huppe, Gerard, weds Rita Tessier 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Huppe, Irene, weds Maurice Drapeau 6/21/41: 6/26/41p5

Huppe, Leo, weds Evelyn Clement 1/31/45: 2/15/45p5

Huppe, M&M Gedeon, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/1/47p2

Huppe, M&M Joseph, celebnrate 25th anniversary: 7/4/40pp4,5

Huppe, Rachel, weds Roland Gilbert 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp3,4

Huppe, Rita, weds Ernest Johnson 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Huppe, Roaldn, weds Norma Masse 11/27/48: 12/2/48p3

Huppe, Yvette, weds Albert Goulet 7/4/46: 7/11/46p2

Hurd, Ann H., died 1/1/40: 1/4/40p8;1/11/40p3

Hurd, Carl, weds Betty Ramsey 8/1/41: 8/7/41p11

Hurd, Evelyn, weds Irving Fitzgerald: 8/9/45p2

Hurd, Frances, weds Donald Hopkins 2/12/43: 2/18/43p4

Hurd, George, weds Jennie Ramsey 8/22/47: 8/28/47p16

Hurd, Grace G., died 12/13/46: 12/19/46p14

Hurd, Harry W., died 11/5/43: 11/11/43p9

Hurd, J. G., weds Grace Colbath 7/22/45: 7/26/45p7

Hurd, Lillian R., died 5/25/42: 5/28/42p3;6/4/42p3

Hurd, M&M Arthur L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/4/47p12

Hurd, M&M Wesley G., celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/14/42p3

Hurd, Ralph, weds Florence Gagne 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4

Hurd, Will G., died 12/31/39: 1/4/40p8

Hurley, Sidney, weds Hazel Colby 5/9/46: 5/16/46p2

Hussey, Addie F., died 1/1/42: 11/5/42p3

Hussey, Arlene, weds Leon Hayes 9/4/48: 9/16/48p3

Hussey, Bessie, weds Charles Kendall 3/14/48: 3/18/48p3

Hussey, Carrie H., died 11/10/49: 11/17/50p5

Hussey, Charles, weds Frances Dinan 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Hussey, Dorothy, weds Roland Gelinas 4/17/48: 4/22/48p3

Hussey, Frank E., died 10/21/48: 10/21/48p1,10/21/48p4

Hussey, Kenneth, weds Ivadell Moulton 8/27/49: 9/1/49p12

Hussey, Marguerite, weds Lorenzo Lapierre 6/24/44: 6/29/44p7

Hussey, Nellie C., died 3/25/46: 3/28/46p12

Hussey, Orin N., died 4/25/42: 4/30/42p1

Hussey, Philip, weds Muriel Turner 7/17/48: 7/29/48p3

Hussey, Ralph, weds Hattie Thibedeau 6/7/47: 6/19/47p18

Huston, Sarah M., died 11/23/48: 11/25/48p13

Hutchins, Alyce M., died 9/25/43: 9/30/43p3

Hutchins, Aurora, weds Clarence Otis 7/30/45: 8/16/45p3

Hutchins, Doris, weds Lewis Harrison 11/27/46: 12/5/46p10

Hutchins, Norman C., died 6/16/42: 6/18/42p3;6/25/42p3

Hutchins, Norman, weds Nellie Goodwin 6/12/40: 6/20/40p5

Hutchinson, Gertrude, weds Jesse Brown 3/22/41: 3/27/41p5

Huthrin, Sonia, weds Philip Pallas 8/15/46: 8/29/46p2

Hyland, Lola M., died 12/12/41: 12/18/41pB2

Ingham, Mrs. Thomas W., died 11/6/41: 11/13/41p3

Iovine, Ruth, weds Robert Boak Jr. 10/27/4/6: 10/31/46p3

Irish, Neal, weds Virginia Morgan 2/3/40: 2/8/40p15

Issoire, John H., died 11/16/44: 11/23/44p11

Jachson, Frederick, weds Ina Brown 9/22/46: 10/3/46p12

Jackman, Doris L., died 11/9/42: 11/12/42p3

Jackson, Alma, weds Willaim Wood 11/25/43: 12/2/43p5

Jackson, Amy E., died 12/17/46: 12/19/46p4,12/26/46p4

Jackson, Betty, weds Edmund Morphy 1/20/46: 1/24/46p2

Jackson, Catherine, weds Reneaud Gagnon 10/13/41: 10/23/41p5

Jackson, Dean, weds Freda Burrows 3/9/43: 3/18/43p2

Jackson, Frances, weds Gerald Corson 1/26/46: 2/7/46p2

Jackson, Harry A., died 11/11/45: 11/8/45p4

Jackson, Joseph. weds Lillian Goodrich 8/17/42: 8/20/42p5

Jackson, Lillian B., died 4/14/43: 4/15/43p3

Jackson, Lillian P., died 12/1/49: 12/8/49p5

Jackson, Philip, weds ??? Foster 7/31/46: 8/15/46p10

Jacobs, Doris, weds Robert Corson 12/28/39: 1/4/40p5

Jacobs, George A., died 9/19/40: 9/26/40p4

Jacobs, Georgia A., celebrates 87th birthday: 3/4/48p14

Jacobs, Harry C., died 4/27/46: 5/2/46p4

Jacobs, William E., died 4/1/43: 4/8/43p1

Jacobs, William F., died 2/7/48: 2/12/48p4

Jacques, Achillie R., died 6/6/40: 6/6/40p6

Jacques, Donat T., died 4/24/47: 5/1/47p4

Jacques, Edgar, weds Alida Letourneau 10/6/45: 10/11/45p2

Jacques, Henrietta, weds William Coran 9/1/41: 9/4/31p3

Jacques, Louise, weds Carlo Scagliotti 10/?/48: 10/28/48p3

Jacques, Maurice, weds Alma Bouffard 9/6/47: 9/18/47p3

Jacques, Maurice, weds Dora Castonguay 1/18/41: 1/23/41p5

Jacques, Norman F., died 10/10/47: 10/16/47p4

Jacques, Norman, weds Lillian Marcotte 10/3/42: 10/8/42p6

Jacques, Rena, weds Leo Cormier 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Jacques, Rita, weds George Lemoyne 6/25/49: 6/30/49p4

Jaeger, Narnara, weds Norman Ham 4/21/44: 5/11/44p2

Jameison, Edith, weds Moise Robilalle 5/19/49: 5/26/49p4

James, Alice, weds Robert Johnson 6/26/43: 8/5/43p5

Janelle, Maurice, weds Pauline Gagne 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Jean, Martin, weds Jeannine Roberts 2/19/49: 2/24/49p3

Jefferson, Stella, weds John Boyd 12/9/41: 12/25/41p5

Jeffrey, Phyllis, weds Albert MacKay 3/19/44: 3/23/44p5

Jellerson, Annie, died 1/12/43: 1/14/43p3

Jellison, Josephine N., died 1/25/44: 1/27/44p1;42/3/44p4

Jenkins, Dorothy, weds Willis Glidden 7/19/41: 7/24/41p12

Jenkins, Evan, weds Evelyn Moulton 10/12/46: 10/24/46p12

Jenkins, Grace B., died 5/2/46: 5/16/46p4

Jenkins, Ivan, weds Minnie Burke 6/19/47: 7/10/47p3

Jenness, Adella, weds Charles Ramsey 2/28/48: 4/1/48p12 (photo)

Jenness, Alden, weds Edith Hunt 6/30/45: 7/5/45p10

Jenness, Arthur L., died 8/5/41: 8/7/41p4

Jenness, Carlton, weds Teresa Carey 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Jenness, Carolyn, weds Paul Magoon 3/6/48: 3/11/48p3

Jenness, Charles A., died 5/30/42: 6/4/42p3

Jenness, Charles G., feted by Kiwanis for City service: 1/29/48p1

Jenness, Clarence, weds Barbara Hunt 3/23/46: 3/28/46p12(F);4/4/46p10

Jenness, Daniel F., died 11/24/49: 12/1/49p5

Jenness, James G., died 2/6/48: 2/12/48p4

Jenness, Lucille, weds Ralph Harkenson Jr. 5/18/42: 5/21/42p6

Jenness, Murray, weds Catherine Benjamin 4/9/49: 4/14/49p4

Jenness, Phyllis, weds Leroy Smith Jr. 6/15/47: 6/19/47p5

Jenness, Raymond, weds Pauline Bellemeur 3/9/46: 3/14/46p2

Jenness, Robert, weds Katherine Ward 8/30/40: 9/5/40p3

Jenness, Roger, weds Dorothy Littlefield 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4

Jenness, Sarah J., died 3/6/47: 3/13/47p4

Jennings, Irving E., celebrated his birthday: 7/8/48p6

Jewell, B. Irving, died 4/25/44: 4/27/44p4

Jewell, B. Irving, died 5/2/44: 5/4/44p3

Jewell, Edna, weds Lewis Dexter 11/24/45: 11/29/45p10

Jewell, Priscilla, weds Frank Laney 5/11/46: 7/18/46p8

Jewell, Roland, weds Eleanor Hanson 1/16/43: 1/21/43p2

Johnson, Anna M., died 12/6/49: 12/8/49p5

Johnson, Avis, weds Raymond Cormier 3/17/49: 3/24/49p4

Johnson, Beatrice, weds George Alimi 10/25/47: 10/30/47p10

Johnson, Carrie C., died 11/26/42: 12/3/42p10

Johnson, Chester, weds Elsie Miller 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Johnson, Ellsworth M., died 6/26/44: 6/29/44p3

Johnson, Ernest, died 10/15/44: 10/19/44p3

Johnson, Ernest, weds Rita Huppe 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Johnson, Ethel, weds Archer Cummings 10/1/44: 10/5/44p3

Johnson, Fay, weds Donald McLean 11/13/47: 1/1/48p5

Johnson, George A., died 2/25/41: 2/27/41p3

Johnson, George F., died 9/29/45: 10/4/45p9

Johnson, Helen, weds Charles Tanner 1/13/40: 1/25/40p5

Johnson, Henry, died 5/24/47: 5/29/47p4

Johnson, Joseph, weds Edith Kuhn 9/24/49: 10/6/49p4

Johnson, Marione E., died 1/19/46: 1/24/46p11

Johnson, Mary S., died 3/18/42: 3/19/42p3 (see "Three Deaths"...)

Johnson, Maurice A., died 7/15/45: 8/9/45p1

Johnson, Mrs. Daniel (Titherington), died 9/25/45: 9/27/45p4

Johnson, Norma, weds Norman Dorr 7/2/49: 7/14/49p18 ,7/21/49p4

Johnson, Paul, weds Doris Mailhot 11/9/46: 11/14/46p2

Johnson, Richard, weds Joan Philbrook 6/28/47: 7/3/47p3

Johnson, Robert, weds Alice James 6/26/43: 8/5/43p5

Johnson, Sarah, weds Robert Huckins 7/20/47: 7/24/47p3

Johnson, Winnifed E., died 3/16/44: 3/23/44p4

Johnston, Angie D., died 8/27/41: 8/28/41p3

Johnston, Edyth, weds James Piper Jr. 8/16/41: 8/21/41p5

Johnstone, Hugh, weds Margaret Menard 3/2/46: 3/28/46p2

Jolin, Theodore, weds Viola Rouleau 6/4/49: 6/9/49p4

Jones, Ada N., is Pythian Sisters officer for 50 years: 1/15/48p8

Jones, Barbara, weds James Mitchell 6/28/41: 7/3/41p5

Jones, Clara A., died 1/2/40: 1/4/40p8

Jones, Emma C., died 4/13/41: 4/17/41p13

Jones, Evelyn, weds Charles Tucker 12/21/42: 12/24/42p6

Jones, Fred P., died 11/?/41: 11/20/41p14

Jones, Hannah I., died 2/28/41: 3/6/41p15

Jones, Harry T., died 7/15/47: 7/17/47p14 ;7/24/47p8

Jones, Ira W., died 4/17/46: 4/25/46p1

Jones, John, weds Mary Marble 11/8/47: 11/20/47p5

Jones, Kenneth, weds Dorothy Haynes 1/27/41: 1/30/41p5

Jones, Lewis, weds Florence Wagner 5/5/45: 5/17/45p9

Jones, Lucia A., died 9/3/49: 9/8/49p18

Jones, M&M George H., celebarte 50th anniversary: 6/26/47p3

Jones, Maurice is President of C/C: 11/22/45p1

Jones, Rosilla R., died 4/4/46: 4/4/46p10

Jones, Ursula B., died 9/16/44: 9/21/44p4

Jordan, Charles E., died 11/24/47: 12/4/47p14

Jordan, Samuel A., died 9/?/44: 9/7/44p4

Jordan, Stella, weds Herbert Taylor 11/1/47: 11/6/47p14

Joy, Armantha, died 9/6/40: 9/12/40p3

Joy, Clarence L., died 2/7/48: 2/12/48p4

Joy, Freda, weds Philip Conway 6/23/40: 7/4/40p14

Joy, Lester, weds Polly Scoolicas 3/30/40: 4/4/40p9

Joyal, Eleanor, weds Thomas Lazzara 5/4/40: 5/9/40p7

Joyce, Allyn, weds Cynthia Bond 8/26/42: 9/10/42p5

Judd, Joseph, weds Ethel Emery 9/21/42: 10/1/42p12

Judd, Josephine, died 3/1/48: 3/4/48p18

Junkins, Elmer, weds Helen Runnels 12/30/45: 1/3/46p2

Junkins, Estelle M., died 1/18/43: 1/28/43p3

Kaltsas, Andrew, weds Irene Lambert 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Kaltsas, Louis, died 6/?/44: 8/10/44p1

Kaltsas, Louis, killed in WWII returns: 7/1/48p1,7/8/48p8,7/15/48p12

Kaltsas, Olga, weds Edgar LaChance 6/7/41: 6/12/41p10

Kane, Helen, weds Belmont Blair 12/7/42: 12/17/42p5

Karcher, Addie, weds Elwin MacKay 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Karcher, Christine, weds Joseph Lessard 5/3/47: 5/15/47p5

Katavolos, Charles, weds Irene LaClair 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Katz, Saul, weds Dorothy Golden 7/26/42: 7/30/42p5

Kaufman, Harold, weds Rosanna Rutstein 11/26/42: 12/3/42p5

Kay, Janice, weds Lee Masury 8/17/45: 8/23/45p3

Kay, Olive, weds Alfred Callahan 12/31/39: 1/4/40p5

Keating, Ralph, weds Blanche Files 6/13/42: 6/18/42p5

Keay, Clifford R., died 5/3/49: 5/5/49p5

Keay, Forrest L., feted at opening of Keay Field: 9/16/48p1

Keay, Forrest W., celebrates 80th birthday: 3/29/45p1

Keay, Lillian M., died 11/12/44: 11/16/44p3

Keays, Thomas, weds Carlene Grenier 3/16/46: 3/28/46p2

Keefe, Philip, weds Anne Wallace 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

Keene, Nelson, weds Lillian Gerry 6/21/42: 6/25/42p5

Kehaeya, Aspasia, weds Lambros Markasinos 6/8/41: 6/12/41p4

Kehoe, Dorothy M., died 2/3/48: 2/5/48p4

Keir, Jeanie J., died 1/28/48: 1/29/48p1,2/5/48p4

Keith, Eva, weds John Waterhouse 12/13/48: 12/23/48p3

Keith, George, weds Arlene Wallace 2/3/40: 2/8/40p5

Keliher, John E., WWII victim, to be buried: 5/19/49p1

Kelleher, Bella M., died 8/14/42: 8/20/42p3

Keller Jr., Roger, weds Arline Schram 3/21/48: 4/1/48p3

Keller, Roger, weds Janet Brock 9/21/47: 9/25/47p3

Kelley, Elvah M., died 2/5/48: 2/12/48p14

Kelley, Erlene, weds Wayne Buker 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Kelley, Isaac, weds Edith Meader 5/31/41: 6/5/41p4

Kelley, John, weds Frances White 6/25/49: 7/14/49p4

Kelley, Philip, weds Mary Williams 4/10/48: 4/15/48p3

Kelley, Robert, weds Flossie Stanley 8/16/42: 8/27/42p8

Kelley, Walter, weds Mary Brennan 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

Kelley, Willis, weds Beverly Goodwin 9/12/48: 9/16/48p3,10/7/48p2

Kempton, Maloenia, weds Albert Leonard 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Kendall, Algen W., died 7/20/44: 7/27/44p10

Kendall, Alvin, weds Barbara LaPointe 6/23/44: 6/29/44p3

Kendall, Charles, weds Bessey Huusey 3/14/48: 3/18/48p3

Kendall, Elizaeth C., died 5/4/42: 5/7/42p3

Kendall, Gordon, weds Barbara Allen 3/29/47: 4/3/47p2

Kendall, Paul, weds Arline Weare 10/5/40: 10/10/40p10

Kendall, Sarah E., died 8/2/47: 8/7/47p1

Kendall, William H., died 9/?/40: 10/3/40p4

Kendall, Wiona, weds Wendell Mauser 12/13/42: 12/17/42p5

Kenhardt, Cynthia, weds Neal Almgren 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Kenison, Emma L., died 11/7/44: 11/9/44p4

Kenison, Muriel, weds Harold Lincoln Jr. 2/24/46: 2/28/46p2

Keniston, M&M Frank P., celebrate 60th anniversary: 12/17/42p8

Keniston, Pearl, weds Herbert Sutherland 7/29/49: 8/4/49p4

Kennedy, Mary, weds Frederick Kidder 8/29/44: 9/7/44p3

Kennett, Augusta L., died 8/?/40: 8/8/40p2

Kennett, Gloria, weds Peter Duffy 7/4/49: 7/14/49p11

Kenney, Alice, weds Roland Rogers 11/16/46: 11/21/46p3,12/26/46p9

Kenniston, Minnie M., died 3/5/43: 3/11/43p8

Kerley, Thomas, weds Evelyn Champagne 6/10/44: 6/15/44p9

Kern, Nancy, weds Charles Clark 10/10/45: 10/18/45p2

Kerr, Isabelle R., died 11/28/43: 12/2/43p4

Kerr, James, weds Leona Scott 5/27/44: 6/1/44p3

Kessler, John, weds Irene Bryant 12/22/47: 1/23/47p3,1/30/47p2

Keyes, Cora, died 9/17/43: 9/23/43p4

Keyes, Vera, weds Harry Patterson 10/31/42: 11/5/42p3

Kidder, Frederick, weds Mary Kennedy 8/29/44: 9/7/44p3

Kier, Plan memorial for late Jeanie: 2/26/48p1,5/13/48p1

Kigins, Harry P., died 12/22/41: 12/25/41p3;1/1/42p3

Kilcoyne, Bridget G., died 4/8/48: 4/15/48p5

Kimball, Annie H., died 9/22/44: 9/28/44p6

Kimball, Annie H., died 8/9/48: 8/12/48p4

Kimball, Carrie W., died 11/21/49: 11/24/49p1

Kimball, Charles H., died 12/29/39: 1/4/40p8

Kimball, Clara F., died 1/14/48: 1/22/48p4

Kimball, Doris, weds Charles Spear 4/6/41: 4/10/41p14

Kimball, Forrest, awarded Purple Heart: 3/18/43p1

Kimball, Forrest E., awarded Silver Star: 7/1/43p1

Kimball, George, weds Edna Midura 6/12/44: 7/27/44p5

Kimball, Ida J., died 6/6/45: 6/7/45p4;6/14/45p7

Kimball, John S., died 1/26/48: 1/29/48p4

Kimball, John S., is Masonic Secretary for 23 years: 1/11/40p4

Kimball, Lillian E., died 8/18/46: 8/22/46p9

Kimball, M&M William, celebrate 61st anniversary: 1/18/46p3

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/25/45p2

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 62nd anniversary: 1/16/47p1

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 57th anniversary: 1/15/42p5

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 56th anniversary: 1/16/41p1

Kimball, M&M William K., celebrate 55th anniversary: 1/18/40p4

Kimball, Martin L., died 4/8/45: 4/12/45p12

Kimball, Norman, weds Marion Messer 12/18/43: 12/30/43p5

Kimball, Ralph H., died 5/11/49: 5/26/49p15

Kimball, Ralph H., died 5/18/49: 5/19/49p5

Kimball, Winslow Y., died 5/15/42: 5/21/42p3

Kincaid, Clifford, weds Lois Carll 4/6/46: 4/11/46p2

King, Elizabeth, weds Harry Phillips Jr. 3/18/45: 3/22/45p3

King, Joseph E., died 12/27/48: 12/30/48p8

King Jr., Charles, weds Ruth Brooks 9/9/46: 9/19/46p3

King, Julia, weds Adam Millette 4/7/44: 4/13/44p4

King, Napoleon, weds Dorothy Merrill 7/12/41: 7/17/41p5

King, Stephen R.,, died 3/9/46: 3/14/46p1

Kingsbury, Bedford, weds Carmen Cyr 7/?/44: 8/10/44p7

Kingsbury, Lois, weds William Kingsbury 1/5/47: 1/9/47p9

Kingsbury, Ralph, weds Elinor Richardson 7/12/46: 7/18/46p8

Kingsbury, William, weds Lois Kingsbury 1/5/47: 1/9/47p9

Kinsbury, Ada, weds William Montgomery 9/3/43: 9/9/43p9

Kirouac, Alice, weds Raymond Goupil 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Kirouac, Arthur, died 9/1/46: 9/5/46p4

Kirouac, Irene, weds Adrian Vincent 7/16/49: 7/21/49p4

Kirouac, Rita, weds John Howe 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Kitchen, Abbie L., died 4/4/42: 4/9/42p9

Knauff, Betty, weds Angelo Loomis 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3

Knight, Dorothy, weds Charles Blood 2/13/41: 3/6/41p5

Knight, Paul W., Army plane crash victim; body returned: 3/10/49p1

Knights, Frank A., died 6/15/47: 6/19/47p4

Knowles, Alberta, weds Raymond Pierce 6/8/47: 6/12/47p3

Knowles, Frances, weds Leslie Wood Sr. 6/12/47: 6/19/47p17

Knowles, J. Franklin, died 11/25/45: 11/29/45p4

Knowlton, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/26/49p4

Knox, ???, weds Donald Rowe 4/4/47: 4/17/47p14

Knox, Edward, weds Doris Ames 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Knox, Fred L., died 7/23/47: 7/31/47p11

Knox, Lulu W., died 9/15/45: 9/20/45p4

Knox, M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/26/48p10

Knox, Sarah A., died 12/?/42: 12/17/42p16

Koch, Inge, weds Gerard Beaupre 7/18/49: 8/4/49p4

Kondrup, Gladys, weds Conrad Poisson 5/3/47: 5/8/47p3

Kondrup, Grace, weds William Archinski 9/28/46: 10/10/46p3

Kondrup Jr., Alfred, weds Beatrice Welsh 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Kopp. Eliza, died 6/21/40: 6/27/40p3

Kozminski, Alvin, weds Marcia Belinsky 2/11/43: 6/24/43p3

Krisiak, Friedolph, weds Esther Place 11/15/47: 11/20/47p13

Kuhn, Edith, weds Joseph Johnson 9/24/49: 10/6/49p4

Kukuda, Katherine, died 3/22/49: 3/31/49p20

Kurtz, William, weds Noreen Willis 9/5/42: 9/10/42p12

Kushner, Abraham, died 1/20/46: 1/24/46p4

Kusnierz, Edward, weds Mary Fickett 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Labbe, Thomas J., died 10/21/43: 10/28/43p3

Labbey, Raymond, weds Bertha Willey 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

LaBelle, Norman, weds Pauline Lamontagne 10/18/47: 10/23/47p3

Labonte, Delvina G., died 11/18/41: 11/20/41p3

Labonte, Marie, weds Paul Boucher 7/6/48: 7/15/48p5

LaBranche, Bertha, weds Francis O'Neil 9/25/48: 9/30/48p3,10/21/48p2

LaBranche, Marcelle, weds Gordon Hamilton 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

LaBranche, Priscilla, weds John McNeil 9/21/46: 9/26/46p3

LaBranche, Theresa, weds Harry Foss 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

LaBrecque, Normand, weds Beatrice Horne 12/24/48: 12/30/48p3

Labresque, Roland died 12/4/43: 12/9/43p1

Labrie, Edmond, weds Louisiana Ferland 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Labrie, Mary, weds Malcolm Miller 3/5/46: 3/14/46p2

Labrie, Raymond, weds Thelma Mansfield 5/29/48: 6/3/48p8

Lacasse, Joseph, weds Lillian Theroux 6/21/47: 7/17/47p6;7/24/47p3

Lacasse, Ovile, weds Ruth Barber 1/27/45: 2/1/45p5

Lacasse, Rollande, weds Bertrand Therrien 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Lachance, Adelard, died 6/9/40: 6/13/40p3

Lachance, Armand, weds Rose Levesque 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Lachance, Cedelice, died 11/28/47: 12/4/47p4

Lachance, Donald, weds Lucille Gilbert 5/26/45: 5/31/45p3

Lachance, John, weds Maria Laurion 11/21/42: 11/26/42p5

Lachance, Joseph O., died 4/8/44: 4/13/44p4

Lachance, Leon T., died 2/17/41: 2/20/41p2

Lachance, Lucien, weds Dorothy Gray 10/12/45: 10/18/45p3

Lachance, Merilda G., died 3/24/47: 3/27/47p4

Lachance, Raymond, weds Lorraine Dumont 12/31/45: 1/3/46p7

LaChance, Edgar, weds Olga Kaltsas 6/7/41: 6/12/41p10

LaChance, Jerome, weds Virginia Worster 9/18/48: 9/23/48pp2,3

LaChance, Richard, weds Kathryn Veno 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Lachapelle, Leda, weds Claude Dutilly 1/26/46: 1/31/46p5

Lachapelle, Leon, weds Dorothy Bonnenfont 10/7/40: 10/10/40p5

Lachnce, George, weds Pauline Vachon 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

LaClair, Irene, weds Charles Katavolos 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Lacombe, Arlene, died 5/1/42: 5/7/42p3

LaCouture, Armand, died 3/16/49: 3/24/49p4,3/31/49p4

Lacroix, Donald, weds Claribel Arno 2/5/40: 2/8/40pp4,5

Lacroix, Josephine, died 7/24/46: 8/1/46p4

Lacroix, William, WWII victim, returns: 7/15/48p1,7/29/48p1

LaCroix, Judith, weds Henry Cote 1/26/42: 1/29/42p5

LaCroix, Priscilla, weds Leon Couture 11/8/47: 11/13/47p3,11/20/47p5

LaDame, Harry A., died 1/28/40: 2/1/40p3

Ladd, Edwin G., died 3/28/46: 4/4/46p4

Ladd, Eva L., died 9/25/47: 10/2/47p4

Ladd, Ora G., died 3/4/43: 3/11/43p3

Ladd, Pauline, weds James Hassen 5/?/41: 5/15/41p3

Laderbush, Harry, weds Lena Houle 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4,7/28/49p4

Lafavour, Walter, weds Virginia Gray 6/30/46: 7/4/46p8

LaFay, Dorothe, weds Maurice Valley 4/2/45: 5/24/45p2

Lafayette, Gerald, died 4/28/49: 5/5/49p5

Lafebvre, Madeline, weds Richard Guilmette 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

LaFerte, Hector, weds Sylvia Hamel 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Laflamme, Addie B., died 4/24/40: 5/2/40p3

LaFond, Lillian, weds Thomas Dubois Jr. 7/2/49: 7/7/49p9

Lafontaine, Audrey, weds Jesse Terwadow 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Lafontaine, Clarence, weds Dorothy Goodfield 4/25/42: 4/30/42p8

LaFontaine, Raoul T., died 7/11/44: 7/13/44p4

LaFrance, Frances, weds James McBride 8/31/46: 9/5/46p11

Lafrinia, Annie D., died 10/25/48: 10/28/48p4

Lagasse, Herve, weds Louise Roy 10/6/41: 10/9/41p5

Lagasse, M&M Alfred W., have three sons in the Armed Services: 12/23/43p1

Lagasse, Philomene, died 7/1/48: 7/1/48p1

Lagasse, Raymond, earns Air Medal: 3/15/45p6

Lagasse, Raymond, weds Eda Gagnon 4/27/40: 5/2/40p6

Lagasse, Raymond, weds Rita Boivin 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3

Lagasse, Rene, awarded Presidential citation: 3/9/44p1

Lageux, Richard, weds Doris Southard 6/18/45: 6/21/45p3

Lagotte, Angelina B., dioed 4/6/44: 4/13/44p4

Lagotte, Donat, died 12/?/45: 12/20/45p16;12/27/45p4

Lagotte, Marie, died 6/19/43: 6/24/43p3

Laib, Charlotte, weds Studley Nesbitt 1/7/43: 1/21/43p2

Lajoie, Florence, weds Lester Bridges 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Laker, Robert, weds Margaret Drew 12/4/48: 12/9/48p16

Laliberty, Florence, weds George Houle Jr. 8/11/45: 8/16/45p3

LaLiberty, Rita, weds John Earle 4/20/46: 4/25/46p10

Lamb, Andross, weds Dorothy Cooper 9/14/46: 9/19/46p3

Lamb, Franklin, weds Martha Watts 12/28/46: 1/18/46p2

Lambert, Irene, weds Andrew Kaltsas 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Lambert, Joseph, died 6/8/49: 6/9/49p4

Lambert, Joseph E., died 7/10/48: 7/15/48p4

Lambert, Pauline, weds Gerard Rainville 1/7/41: 1/9/41p5;1/23/41p5

Lambert, Rita, weds Edgar Carignan 4/18/42: 4/23/42p5

Lambert, Robert, died 2/14/44: 2/17/44p1;2/24/44p3

Lambert, Robert, weds Lucille Gauthier 6/8/42: 6/18/42p2

Lambertson, George D., died 2/15/41: 2/20/41p1

Lamie, Alexina, weds Arthur Drapeau 9/23/44: 9/28/44p5

Lamie, Alfred L., died 9/15/49: 9/22/49p4

Lamie, Fred, weds Rea Rouleau 8/22/46: 8/29/46p2

Lamie, Harry J., died 3/28/43: 4/1/43p3

Lamie, Paul B., receives Presidential citation: 12/30/43p1

Lamie, Paul, weds Theresa Bergeron 12/29/47: 1/1/48p3

Lamont, Ernest J., died 5/16/44: 5/18/44p3;5/25/44p3

Lamontagne, Georgianna B., died 5/28/42: 6/4/42p3

Lamontagne, Godias, died 3/20/42: 3/26/42p3

Lamontagne, Harold, weds Jeanette Demers 5/10/47: 5/15/47p5

Lamontagne Jr., William, weds Grace Heald 3/30/46: 4/4/46p2

Lamontagne Jr., William, weds Doris Bogart 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Lamontagne, Louis, weds Ruth Crisp 6/5/48: 6/17/48p5

Lamontagne, Lucien, weds Norma Vachon 8/16/41: 8/21/41p5;8/28/41p6

Lamontagne, Melvina, died 3/25/44: 3/30/44p6

Lamontagne, Ovide, celebrates 80th birthday: 4/18/40p5

Lamontagne, Ovide, died 11/26/44: 11/30/44p4

Lamontagne, Pauline, weds Norman LaBelle 10/18/47: 10/23/47p3

Lamontagne, Yvette, weds Leon Cardinal 6/28/41: 7/10/41p5

Lamora, Patricia, weds Wilbur Boudreau 11/26/49: 12/1/49p4

Lamoreau, Elias W., died 11/12/41: 11/20/41p3

Lamper, Annie, weds Bradford Harrington 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Lamper, Eleanor, weds Leon Elliott 11/21/45: 11/29/45p2

Lamper, George W., died 3/11/48: 3/18/48p4

Lamper, Herbert, weds Louise Littlefield 11/16/45: 11/22/45p2

Lamper, Maude L., died 5/25/43: 5/27/43p3;6/3/43p3

Lampher, Russell D., finds wedding ring after 24 years: 7/22/48p1

Lamy, Eugenie, died 1/?/48: 1/29/48p4

Lamy, Juliette, weds Alden Hatch 6/19/40: 6/20/40p5

Landevin, Victor, died 7/26/47: 7/31/47p1

Landrey, Armand, weds Francoise Harton 10/23/43: 10/28/43p7

Landry, Dorothy, weds Alphie Lemire 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Landry, Isabelle, weds Joseph Hebert 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4;6/5/41p5

Landry Jr., Marquis, weds Beatrice Morin 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Landry, M&M Alfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/6/47p1

Landry, Yvonne, weds Edmond Duperre 5/11/46: 5/16/46p2

Lane, Barbara, weds Wayne Spear 9/29/49: 10/6/49p17

Lane, Clayton, weds Barbara French 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4

Lane, Elizabeth, died 4/21/43: 5/6/43p3

Laney, Cecil, weds Virginia Thurston 7/10/48: 7/22/48p9

Laney, Frank, weds Priscilla Jewell 5/11/46: 7/18/46p8

Laney, George E., dued 5/27/49: 6/2/49p8

Laney Jr., George, weds Geraldine Shannon 6/14/47: 6/19/47p16

Laney, Tracy, weds Ilene Brown 12/14/40: 1/2/41p7

Langelier, Gloria, weds John Roy 1/4/47: 1/9/47p3

Langelier, M&M Lucien, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/26/48p3

Langelier, Napoleon, celebrates 80th birthday: 1/4/40p4

Langen, Margot, weds Fred Sullivan Jr. 7/26/47: 8/28/47p10

Langevin, Aime, weds Elizabeth Olsen 7/6/46: 7/18/46p2

Langevin, Celine, weds Paul Fortin 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3,11/7/46p2

Langevin, Eugene E., awarded Bronze Star: 7/19/45p6

Langevin, Ida, weds Ernest Levesque 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Langley, Edith, weds Ernest Hayes 10/6/42: 10/15/42p3

Langley, Fred A., died 10/16/48: 10/21/48p12

Langlier, Marie, weds Raymond Beaudoin 5/14/45: 5/24/45p2

Langlier, Napoleon, died 4/23/42: 4/30/42p3

Langmaid, Alicemarilyn, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/18/45p1

Langmaid, Norma, weds Lawrence VanBuskirk 9/17/49: 9/22/49p4

Lanoie, Clovis A., died 9/9/48: 9/16/48p4

Lanoie, Edwina, weds Paul Beaulieu 5/4/46: 5/9/46p2

Lanoie, M&M Clovis, hosts famile reunion: 9/5/40p8

Lanoie, Theresa, weds Joseph Turgeon 9/2/46: 9/5/46p3

Lanoix, Adeline, died 3/10/47: 3/13/47p4

Lanoix, Armand, weds Eva Proulx 6/29/40: 7/4/40p9

Lanoix, George L., died 2/25/43: 3/4/43p3

Lanoix, Glenna, weds Robert Haller 7/4/48: 7/8/48p4

Lanoix, Marie A., died 2/?/41: 2/13/41p2

Lanoix, Mary, weds Richard Lytle 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4

Lanoix, Mary-Louise, weds Leo Lavoie 9/11/48: 9/16/48p3

Lanoix, Mathilda, died 10/31/42: 11/5/42p3

LaPage, Joseph, weds Dorothy Hanscom 8/6/49: 8/11/49p4

Lapierre, Cecile, weds Henri Deschamps 4/20/40: 4/25/40p4

Lapierre, Clairette, weds Edward Connelly 1/1/41: 6/26/41p5 sic date

Lapierre, Gerard, died 9/9/44: 9/14/44p1

Lapierre, Lorenzo, weds Marguerite Hussey 6/24/44: 6/29/44p7

Lapierre, Oscar, weds Berthe Caron 9/18/49: 9/22/49p4

Lapierre, Robert, weds Virginia Hamilton 11/28/40: 12/5/40p5

Lapierre, Roger, weds Elizabeth Corpening 4/28/48: 4/29/48p5,5/27/48p3

Lapierre Sr., Robert, died 9/21/42: 9/24/42p3

Laplante, Joseph, died 12/23/40: 12/26/40p6;1/2/41p3

LaPlante, Rita, weds Francis Fenton 5/30/47: 6/5/47p5

LaPointe, Barbara, weds Alvin Kendall 6/23/44: 6/29/44p3

LaPointe, Maurice, weds Ruth Weed 7/5/48: 7/15/48p5

Laramie, Adelard, died 1/27/41: 1/30/41p3

Large, Alberta S., died 7/26/42: 7/30/42p3

LaRoche, Albert, weds Margaret Bibeau 6/7/47: 6/12/47p3;6/26/47p10

LaRoche, Alphonse, died 3//10/49: 3/17/49p2

LaRoche, Leona, weds Kenneth Drapeau 12/19/45: 1/18/45p5

Larochelle, Eugene, weds Mildred Terrien 11/26?/41: 12/4/41p5

Larochelle, Joseph, died 1/11/40: 1/18/40p3

Larochelle, Leo, weds Oruna Bourque 11/27/41: 12/4/41p5

Larochelle, M&M Alfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/6/41p5

Larochelle, Patricia, weds Bernard Grenier 7/1/49: 7/14/49p4

Larochelle, Thomas, celebrates 75th birthday: 3/12/42p4

Larochelle, Thomas, died 7/23/49: 7/28/49p5

Larose, Leonel, died 8/2/7/48: 9/2/48p4

Larose, Romeo I., died 11/17/47: 11/20/47p4

Laskey, Effie M., died 11/11/42: 11/19/42p3

Laskey, George H., died 10/1/7/48: 10/21/48p4

Lasky, Ray, weds Denise Dumont 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Laurendeau, George A., died 1/4/43: 1/7/43p3;1/14/43p3

Laurendeau, Oscar, weds Janet Marcoux 5/25/46: 5/30/46p2;6/6/46p3

Laurion, Adelard, died 3/28/47: 4/3/47p4

Laurion, Betty, weds Raymond Tanguay 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

Laurion, Florence, weds Paul Demers 4/11/42: 4/16/42p5

Laurion, Maria, weds Jahn Lachance 11/21/42: 11/26/42p5

Laurion, Mathias, weds Beatrice Cyr 5/22/43: 5/27/43p7

Laurion, Teresa, weds Ronald Peavey 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Lavallee, Elmer, weds Margaret Nesbitt 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Lavallee, Estelle, weds George Blackadar 5/25/46: 6/6/46p3;6/20/46p5

Lavallee, Georgette, is Queen of Rochester Winter Carnival: 2/27/41p1

Lavallee, Georgette, weds Andrew Bouchard 10/7/44: 10/12/44p2

LaVallee, Fernande, weds George Morgan 9/28/40: 10/3/40p5

LaVallee, Philip, died 4/23/48: 4/29/48p

Lavaseurr, Irene, weds Richard Leavitt 8/4/45: 8/16/45p3

Lavasseur, Alexander, died 9/30/47: 10/2/47p1,10/9/47p4

Laverdiere, Helen, weds John Story 9/7/41: 9/11/31pp5,6

Laverdiere, James, weds Helen Fortier 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Laverdiere, Malvina died 10/19/41: 10/23/41p3

Lavertue, Henry, died 12/25/45: 1/10/46p1,1/18/46p1

Lavoie, Albine, died 10/14/48: 10/21/48p4

Lavoie, Alfred, weds Doris Weeks 2/9/42: 2/12/42p9

Lavoie, Antoine, weds Brenda Parsons 4/8/46: 4/11/46p2

Lavoie, Edward T., died 9/9/1/49: 9/8/49p4

Lavoie, Leo, weds Mary-Louise Lanoix 9/11/48: 9/16/48p3

Lavoie, Marie, weds Herbert Philips 6/28/45: 7/12/45p4

Lavoie, Palma, weds Wilfred Sylvain 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5;3/12/42p6

Lavoie, Patricia, weds Robert Marcotte 1/8/44: 1/13/44p5

Lavoie, Theresa, weds Donat Castonguay 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Lawlor, William F., died 3/20/41: 3/27/41p3

Lawrence, Charles, weds Margaret Connors 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

Lawrence, Elaine, weds Richard Chagnon 6/20/47: 6/26/47p16

Lawrence, M&M Henry S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/27/47p8

Lawson, Betsy, weds Ralph Parsons 8/10/46: 8/22/46p3

Lawson, Dorothy, weds Kenneth Foss 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Lawson, Henry R., died 7/29/46: 8/1/46p16 ;8/8/46p12

Lawson, Pauline, weds Paul Meader 6/12/48: 6/17/48p5

Lawton, Gertrude, weds Arthur Merrill 11/27/48: 12/2/48p9

Lay, Edith, weds Donald Palmer 10/25/47: 11/13/47p3

Lazzara, Beatrice, weds Levi MacKay 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

Lazzara, Thomas, weds Eleanor Joyal 5/4/40: 5/9/40p7

Leach, Charles A., died 8/11/47: 8/14/47p4

Leach, Joan, weds Robert Boucher 4/28/49: 5/5/49p4

Leach, Nelson, weds Priscilla Waterhouse 4/6/46: 5/23/46p3

Leahey, Charles F., died 8/19/43: 8/26/43p6

Leahy, Jospeh, celebrates 80th birthday: 5/6/48p18

Leary, M&M Frank G., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/25/43p11

Leary, Robert, weds Nelzina Miller 5/29/41: 6/5/41pp2 ,5

Leather, Charles, weds Gloria Poisson 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Leavitt, Arthur, weds Vivian Lowell 5/7/42: 5/14/42p3

Leavitt, Richard, weds Irene Lavaseurr 8/4/45: 8/16/45p3

Lebrecque, Albert, weds Pauline Salice 10/6/47: 10/16/47p3

LeBrecque, Germaine, weds Edward Beaudoin 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Lebrun, Malvina, died 2/20/45: 2/22/45p4;3/1/45p4

LeCain, Rowland, weds Dorothy Munroe 8/21/48: 8/26/48p3

LeClair, Florence, weds Albert Walker 9/14/46: 9/19/46p3

LeClair, Richard, weds Virginia Reid 7/1/49: 7/7/49p5

Leclaire, James, weds Grazilda Berard 4/28/49: 5/5/49p4

Leclerc, Eli, died 11/15/49: 11/17/50p5

LeCroix, Yvonne, weds Arthur Wade 8/3/48: 9/16/48p14

Ledburry, Harry, weds Ruth Stearns 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

LeDuc, Greta, weds Haven Wiggin 6/25/48: 7/1/48p5

Lee, Alice F., died 2/28/49: 3/3/49p4

Lee, Arthur E., died 10/26/46: 10/31/46p4

Lee, Henry M., died 12/2/42: 12/10/42p10

Lee, Nellie L., died 6/12/41: 6/19/41p3

Lee, Ruby, weds Benjamin Butler 12/20/45: 1/24/46p12

Leeman, Milledge G., died 6/6/44: 6/8/44p4

Leet, Ethel, weds Franklin Lord 8/30/41: 9/11/31p5

Lefavour, Robert, weds Gladys Carel 10/20/46: 11/7/46p10

Lefebvre, Albert C., died 11/14/47: 11/20/47p4

Lefebvre, Wilbrod, weds Rose Mondoux 11/9/40: 11/14/40p5;11/21/40p5

Legasse, Philomene, died 7/1/48: 7/8/48p4

Leighton, A. Freeman, died 6/1/41: 6/5/41p2

Leighton, Grace C., died 3/31?/48: 4/8/48p4

Leighton, Harry R., died 12/15/44: 8/2/45p1

Leighton, Isaac, descendants hold family reunion: 9/9/48p1

Leighton, Jennie, celebrates 91st birthday: 4/16/42p8

Leighton, Mary E., died 7/4/45: 7/12/45p8

Leighton, Nancy J., 90, earns Farmington Cane: 5/8/41p6

Leighton, Nancy J., celebrates 92nd birthday: 4/8/43p11

Leighton, Nancy J., died 1/16/44: 1/20/44p9

Leighton, William W., died 7/28/44: 8/10/44p4

Lemelin, Alfred L., died ?/?/43: 7/8/43p1

Lemelin, M&M Donat, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/5/40p18

Lemire, Alphie, weds Dorothy Landry 2/7/42: 2/12/42p6

Lemire, Geraldine, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 3/4/43p1

Lemire, Geraldine, weds Robert Shockney 4/28/46: 5/2/46p2

Lemire, Jerrine, weds Raymond Perreault 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6;7/16/42p3

Lemire, Mary G., died 11/16/49: 11/24/49p5

Lemire, Raymond, weds Phyllis Crowly 10/19/46: 10/24/46p9

Lemoyne, George, weds Rita Jacques 6/25/49: 6/30/49p4

Lemoyne, Henri, died 4/15/44: 4/20/44p4

Lemoyne, Marc, weds Pauline Boulet 5/22/48: 5/27/48p6

LeMoyne, Gerard, died 11/24/43: 12/2/43p4

Lenfest, Roger, weds Frances Capeless 4/10/44: 4/20/44p2

Lenzi, Frank, weds Florence Parsons 11/15/40: 1/2/41p14

Lenzi, Mildred, weds George Ray 8/31/46: 9/12/46p3

Leocha, Mitchell, weds Muriel Turner 5/5/45: 5/10/45p14

Leonard, Albert, weds Maloenia Kempton 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Leonard, Elinor, weds Robert Rollins 10/13/45: 10/18/45p2

Leonard, Margaret, weds Lester Chaplin 11/3/45: 11/22/45p8

Leonard, Ralph, weds Elizabeth Pence 5/30/42: 6/4/42p8

Lepene Jr., John, weds Eleanor Wilson 8/23/41: 8/28/41p5

Lepene, Murray, weds Gladys Walley 6/22/47: 6/26/47p16

Leslie, Edward, weds Shirley Richardson 3/1/47: 3/6/47p3

Lesparance, Barbara, weds Edward Cyr 3/?/47: 4/17/47p14

Lesperance, Burton, weds Helen Hersom 9/29/45: 10/4/45p2

Lessard, Albert, weds Doris Charrette 1/25/47: 1/30/47p9

Lessard, Archie, weds Lillian Ellis 4/12/43: 4/22/43p5

Lessard, Arlene F., died 9/?/47: 9/18/47p4

Lessard, Benonie, died 8/24/43: 8/26/43p8

Lessard, Donald, weds Irene Hebert are wed 8/12/49: 8/18/49p4

Lessard, Joseph, weds Christine Karcher 5/3/47: 5/15/47p5

Lessard, Lorraine, weds Donald Callaghan 5/17/47: 5/22/47pp2,5

Lessard, Pauline, died 11/16/44: 11/23/44p11

Lessard, Roger, weds Barbara Stewart 8/16/44: 8/24/44p8

Lessard, Theodore. died 12/8/40: 12/12/40p3

Lessard, Walter, weds Mary Dupuis 8/19/44: 8/24/44p12

Lessard, William, weds June Burke 5/12/45: 5/17/45p2

Letendre, Delphis, weds Jeannette Ouelette 7/27/46: 8/1/46p3

Letourneau, Alida, weds Edgar Jacques 10/6/45: 10/11/45p2

Letourneau, Annette, weds Leon Guyer 5/20/40: 5/23/40p12

Letourneau, Audiana M., died 6/25/48: 7/1/48p1

Letourneau, Elise, died 12/11/45: 12/13/45p4

Letourneau, Estelle, weds Frank Sabik 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Letourneau, Frederick, died 11/27/47: 12/4/47p4

Letourneau, Henry, weds Marjorie Letourneau 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Letourneau, Marjorie, weds Henry Letourneay 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Letourneau, Mrs. George, died 12/18/45: 12/20/45p16

Letourneau, Rene, is MIA: 8/5/43p1

Letourneau, Rene, weds Cecilia Messier 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

Leveillee, Joseph L., died 8/24/44: 8/31/44p2

Levesque, Ernest, weds Ida Langevin 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Levesque, Rose, weds Armand Lachance 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Levitt, George, weds Marion Ryan 12/20/49: 12/29/49p4

Lewandoski, Stephanie, weds Charles Sylvain 7/14/46: 8/1/46p3

Lewis, Frank E., died 2/13/42: 2/19/42p3

Lewis Jr., Benjamin H., died 4/6/48: 4/15/48p7

Lewis, Kenneth, weds Demarice Bachelor 6/26/49: 6/30/49p4

Lewis, Kenneth, weds Marion Parr 3/20/44: 3/23/44p5

Lewis, Matthew, weds Thelma Tozier 4/16/42: 4/23/42p5

Libby, Albert, weds Irene Gagnon 2/13/47: 2/27/47p2

Libby, Carlton, weds Girolani Capraro 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Libby, Charles E., died 3/?/41: 3/13/41p3

Libby, Donald, weds Lorraine Emmond 2/15/41: 2/20/41p5

Libby, Edna, weds Warren Wood 4/10/41: 4/17/41p9

Libby, Eva D., died 1/28/40: 2/1/40p3

Libby, Ida E., died 6/16/47: 6/19/47p4

Libby, Leo J., died 10/23/43: 10/28/43p3

Libby, Lydia, weds George Avery 11/19/49: 11/24/49p4

Libby, Norman, weds Barbara Eldridge 2/28/47: 3/6/47p3

Libby, Phyllis, weds Frank DeAngelis 3/10/46: 3/14/46p2

Libby, Sidney, weds Cecile Castonguay 8/21/48: 8/26/48p3

Liberi Jr., Bernard, weds Helen Gagne 6/28/47: 7/3/47p9

Liberty, James, weds Louise Thibodeau 6/8/40: 6/13/40p22

Lidback, Eldora, weds Warren Manchester 10/22/44: 11/2/44p5

Lightbody, Helen, weds Paul Smith 1/11/42: 1/15/42p4

Lightbody, Samuel S., died 2/14/41: 2/20/41p1

Lincoln, Albert, weds Barbara Foss 11/10/46: 11/14/46p8

Lincoln, Albert, weds Winifred Bowley 10/20/41: 11/27/41p14

Lincoln, Frances, weds Albert Baker 11/15/40: 11/28/40p4

Lincoln Jr., Harold, weds Muriel Kenison 2/24/46: 2/28/46p2

Lincoln, Kathleen, weds Walter Harmon 9/12/48: 9/16/48p3

Lincoln, M&M Harold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/13/44p5;1/20/44p5

Linehan, Margaret, weds Martin Bergeron 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Litchfield, Stella E., died 1/17/48: 1/22/48p4

Little, Fred, weds Ramona Copp 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

Little, Stanley, weds Rita Pariseau 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Littlefield, Dorothy, weds Carlisle Purvis 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Littlefield, Dorothy, weds Roger Jenness 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4

Littlefield, Ethel B., died 9/22/46: 9/26/46p12

Littlefield, Eugene R., died 4/8/47: 4/10/47p6,4/17/47p4

Littlefield, Louise, weds Herbert Lamper 11/16/45: 11/22/45p2

Littlefield, M&M George A., celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/7/47p2

Littlefield, M&M Perley E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/20/41pp5,6

Littlefield, Payson, weds Josephine Hicks 6/10/45: 6/14/45p3

Littlefield, Perley E., died 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4

Littlefield, Roxella J., died 5/3/45: 5/10/45p4

Littlefield, Ruth, weds William Davis 9/20/41: 9/25/41p5

Littlefield, Sarah I., died 1/22/44: 1/27/44p3

Littlefield, Sidney, weds Eleanor Fowler 5/30/41: 6/5/41p4

Littlefield, William, greets neice first time in 50 years: 3/27/41p5

Livermore, John, weds Hazel Locke 5/4/41: 5/8/41p10

Livingston, Gladys H., died 4/25/47: 5/1/47p4

Lizotte, Annette, weds Roland Dusseault 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2;5/22/47p2

Lizotte, Jeanne, weds Norman Chesley 2/18/46: 2/28/46p2

Lizotte, Orena, weds Albert Menard 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Lloyd, Margaret, weds Collis Wallingford Jr. 9/9/43: 9/16/43p5

Locke, Abbie M., died 5/17/45: 5/24/45p4

Locke, Albert, weds Norma Horne 2/?/42: 10/8/42p6

Locke, Althea L., died 12/2/45: 12/6/45p4

Locke, Augusta, weds James Locke 6/12/41: 6/19/41p4

Locke, Charles E., died 7/4/43: 7/8/43p6

Locke, Flora, weds Henry Wentworth 8/9/40: 8/15/40p9

Locke, George W., died 7/28/44: 8/3/44p3

Locke, Hazel, weds John Livermore 5/4/41: 5/8/41p10

Locke, Hazel, weds Walter Scott 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Locke, James, weds Augusta Locke 6/12/41: 6/19/41p4

Locke, Lizzie, died 2/28/47: 3/6/47p4

Locke, M&M Henry W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/26/43p3

Locke, Stanley A., died 7/5/47: 7/10/47p12

Locke, Stanley, died 7/?/47: 7/17/47p12

Lockwood, Paul, weds Maxine McCormack 1/29/44: 2/3/44p10

Loesch, Lottie, weds Harold Bowden 8/26/47: 8/28/47p10

Logan, Benjamin W., died 11/18/49: 11/24/49p5

Logan, Charles, weds Patricia Parsons 10/18/43: 10/21/43p5

Logan, Marion, weds Jack Potts 5/30/44: 6/1/44p3

Logan, Robert B., awarded Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster: 4/13/44p1

Loignon, Israel, died 11/26/44: 11/30/44p4

Londo, Erwin, weds Lillian Eldridge 12/30/47: 1/8/48p3

Londress, Bernard, weds Francisco Teel 10/23/42: 10/29/42p5

Long, Geraldine, weds Armand Gelinas 6/12/45: 6/28/45p3

Long, Madeline, weds Irving Vigneault 7/19/42: 7/23/42p6

Long, William J., died 5/19/42: 5/21/42p10

Longely, Clarence, weds Muriel Ferland 10/2/43: 10/21/43p5

Longley, Clarence J., died 7/27/48: 7/29/48p4,7/31/48p4

Lonnroth, Marie, weds Edward Allen 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Loomis, Angelo, weds Betty Knauff 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3

Lord, Albert, weds Cecile Burbank 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Lord, Antonio, weds Lucienna Mondeaux 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Lord, Barbara, weds Leon Tutt 6/17/42: 6/25/42p5

Lord, Barbara, weds Ronald Richey 1/21/48: 1/29/48p3

Lord, Edgar, family hold reunion: 8/28/47p1

Lord, Edwin, escapes electrocution: 9/30/43p12

Lord, Emma T., died 9/3/40: 9/5/40p2

Lord, Frank, weds Jeanette Furber 6/29/41: 7/3/41p3 ;7/10/41p14

Lord, Franklin, weds Ethel Leet 8/30/41: 9/11/31p5

Lord, George, weds Rita Ham 11/23/49: 12/8/49p4

Lord, Gertrude, weds Edward Huestis 8/31/41: 9/11/31p5

Lord, Grace, weds Donald Bunker 7/3/44: 7/20/44p9

Lord, Helen, weds Floyd Abbott 12/29/45: 1/10/46p3

Lord Jr., Clifford, weds Doris Thompson 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3

Lord, Marion, weds James Ross 12/21/40: 1/2/41p14

Lord, William, weds Elizabeth Brooks 7/3/47: 7/17/47p14

Lothrop, Claire, weds Leonard Hanson 7/26/47: 8/28/47p4

Loubier, Roland, weds Betty Ellis 2/14/49: 2/24/49p3

Lougee, Harry C., earns Bronze Star: 1/10/46p1

Lougee, Julia E., died 12/21/42: 12/24/42p6

Lougee, M&M Allie J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/6/48p18

Lougee, Walter, weds Lena Turcotte 9/25/42: 10/1/42p12

Lougee, Wilbur S., 1/12/41: 1/16/41p14

Lover, Florence, weds George Nutter 9/19/42: 9/24/42p8

Lover, Nellie, weds James Perkins 12/14/46: 12/19/46p14

Lover, Wilbur, weds Merle Derby 6/20/42: 6/25/42pp10 ,14

Lovering, Marguerite, weds John Davis 7/19/42: 8/6/42p10

Lowe, M&M John, celebrate 57th anniversary: 9/30/48p1

Lowe, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/2/41p6

Lowe, M&M John, clebrate 49th anniversary: 10/3/40pp1,4

Lowe, Malcolm, died ?/?/45: 6/14/45p1

Lowe, Malcolm, weds Patricia Gibson 6/14/44: 8/3/44p2

Lowe, Margaret H., died 11/4/48: 11/11/48p4

Lowe, Martha, weds Lloyd Couture 1/30/42: 2/5/42p5

Lowe, Ruth, weds Hollis Fowler 7/1/44: 7/6/44p3

Lowell, Edwin, weds Anna Moody 12/25/47: 1/1/48p2

Lowell, Erlene, weds Glen Tebbetts 7/20/46: 8/8/46p3

Lowell, Kenneth, weds Eleanor Moody 7/13/46: 7/25/46p2

Lowell, Myra, weds Arva Tebbetts 10/14/44: 10/19/44p7

Lowell, Stillman R., died 1/15/40: 1/18/40p15

Lowell, Vivian, weds Arthur Leavitt 5/7/42: 5/14/42p3

Lowry, Caroline, weds Robert Michaud 10/23/49: 10/27/49p16

Lowry, Leo, weds Marion Benson 11/?/43: 11/25/43p8 ;12/2/43p6

Lowry, Muriel, weds Gilbert McCarthy 9/20/42: 9/24/42p11

Lucas, Barbara, weds Robert Mansfield 1/18/46: 1/24/46p11

Lucas, Frank J., died 8/31/48: 9/2/48p16

Lucas, Frank J., died 8/24/48: 9/2/48p5

Lucey, Betty, weds George Bedard 7/25/45: 8/9/45p2

Lucey, Gerald J., died 3/28/42: 4/2/42p2

Lucey, James E., died 1/12/44: 1/20/44p3;1/27/44p3

Lucey, Joan, weds Joseph Brennan 10/3/42: 11/12/42p5

Ludden, Anna M., died 1/28/46: 1/31/46p4

Ludden, Eileen, weds Ralph Casey 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Lund, Marion, weds Kenneth Rollins 6/8/46: 6/20/46p3

Luneau, Norman, weds Pauline Downing 8/10/40: 8/15/40p5

Lunt, Barbara, weds Bruce Fowler 10/2/49: 10/6/49p4

Lunt, Florence H., died 3/29/40: 4/4/40p2

Lunt, Virginia, weds Neil Sargent 4/6/45: 4/12/45p5

Lunt, William T., died 4/11/49: 4/14/49p4

Lupien, Henrietta J., died 12/24/42: 12/31/42p3

Lynch, Anastasia, weds Earl Edgerly 6/4/44: 6/15/44p9

Lyons, Albert G., died 3/16/49: 3/17/49p2

Lyons, Ruth, weds Charles Berry 1/1/40: 1/4/40p5

Lyons, Sarah, weds Handy Stevens 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Lytle, Richard, weds Mary Lanoix 10/22/49: 10/27/49p4,11/3/49p4

Maaser, Ruth, weds Curtis Meinelt 8/3/46: 8/22/46p10

Mabbett, Emma L., died 11/23/47: 11/27/47p4

MacCumber, Raymond, weds Leonetta Woodes 6/19/49: 6/23/49p3

MacDonald, Frank P., died 9/26/47: 10/2/47p4

MacDonald, Howard E., earns Distinguished Flying Cross: 10/28/43p1

MacDonald, Jack, died 11/?/45: 11/29/45p10

MacDonald, Vincent, weds Eliette Huppe 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

MacDuffee, Maude, weds Philip Wheelwright 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Mace, Norman, weds Edna Waitt 5/?/47: 5/22/47p16

Macfarland, Thomas, weds Lola Thompson 2/2/45: 3/1/45p3

MacIlvane, Madelyn, weds Lauren Galarneau 8/30/41: 9/4/31pp2,3

MacKay, Albert, weds Phyllis Jeffrey 3/19/44: 3/23/44p5

MacKay, Elwin, weds Addie Karcher 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

MacKay, Levi, weds Beatrice Lazzara 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

Mackenzie, Lewis, weds Marjorie Charette 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

MacKenzie, Clarence, died 7/?/43: 7/22/43p7

Mackie, George, weds Florence Stevens 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

MacLeod, Frances L., died 1/3/47: 1/9/47p4

MacRae, Hilda, weds Maurice Marson 2/12/40: 2/15/40p5

MacRae, Kenneth, weds Arleen Herries 6/21/41: 6/26/41p5

Madigan, Mabel, weds Norman Roe Jr. 11/16/46: 11/28/46p3

Magnan, Anita, weds Bernard Harrity 12/29/45: 1/3/46p2

Magner, Mary P., died 11/?/49: 12/8/49p5

Magnon, Frances, weds Anna Glennon 11/23/40: 11/28/40p4

Magoon, George H., died 12/6/43: 12/9/43p3

Magoon, M&M George H., celebrate 50th anniversdary: 8/20/42p1

Magoon, Paul, weds Carolyn Jenness 3/6/48: 3/11/48p3

Magoone, Helen F., died 12/23/43: 12/30/43p4

Maguire, Gertrude, weds Joseph Cox 11/28/42: 12/3/42p5

Maguire, Margaret, weds Albert Day 2/19/44: 2/24/44p5

Mahoney, Arthur J., body of hero, returns home: 11/4/48p1,11/11/48p1

Mahoney, Arthur J., died 5/?/44: 6/1/44p1

Mahoney, Daniel, died 10/4/42: 10/8/42p11 ;10/15/42p3

Mahoney, Katherine L., died 9/23/48: 9/30/48p4

Mahoney, Minnie, died 9/26/48: 9/30/48p4

Mailhot, Doris, weds Paul Johnson 11/9/46: 11/14/46p2

Mailhot, M&M Archie, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/47p1

Mailhot, Omer, died 3/18/42: 3/19/42p3(see "Three Deaths"...);3/26/42p3

Main, Parson, (City's statue) is discussed: 11/14/46p1

Makechnie, Lois, weds Dwight Meader 9/7/47: 9/11/47p4

Makely, Charles, weds Elroyce Howard 9/5/45: 9/27/45p13

Malenfant, Leonard, weds Rita Drouin 12/31/43: 1/13/44p9

Mallett, Sarah, weds Stacy Hall 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Malone, John, weds Alice Hunt 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

Malone, Lawrence, weds June Freeman 11/2/45: 11/8/45p2

Malone, Robert, weds June Chisholm 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Maloney, Geraldine, weds Richard Waldron 11/7/47: 11/13/47p3

Maloney, Matilda J., died 10/28/47: 10/30/47p13

Malsbury, William A., died 10/19/47: 10/30/47p7

Manchester, Albert, weds Hazel Russell 5/10/46: 5/23/46p3

Manchester, Mary J., died 1/23/44: 1/27/44p3

Manchester, Prudence, weds Lawrence Tuttle 7/20/46: 7/25/46p2

Manchester, Warren, weds Eldora Lidback 10/22/44: 11/2/44p5

Mangar, James R., died 1/30/48: 2/5/48p1

Mangar, Nellie, died 1/30/48: 2/5/48p1

Manion, Patrick J., died 6/5/42: 6/11/42p3

Manning, Anna H., died 1/14/41: 1/16/41p3;1/23/41p2

Manning, John M., died 12/30/48: 12/30/48p1,1/6/49p4

Manning, Timothy J., died 3/19/43: 3/25/43p1

Mansfield, Robert, weds Barbara Lucas 1/18/46: 1/24/46p11

Mansfield, Thelma, weds Raymond Labrie 5/29/48: 6/3/48p8

Mansur, Charles H., died 10/24/46: 10/31/46p4

Manter, Stuart, weds Barbara Woodes 4/17/46: 4/25/46p2;5/2/46p6

Mantouvales, Louis, weds Carrie Ellis 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Manzur, Eliza, died 10/30/47: 10/30/47p4

Marble, Alwyn, weds Mary Foley 6/1/48: 6/17/48p5

Marble, Charles, weds Pauline Beaulieu 6/28/47: 7/3/47p3;7/10/47p5

Marble, Dorothy, weds John Poulis 7/30/44: 8/10/44p2

Marble, M&M Oliver N., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/12/46p2,9/19/46p6

Marble, Mary, weds John Jones 11/8/47: 11/20/47p5

Marble, Oliver N., celebrates 70th birthday: 2/12/42p5

Marceau, Rosa, weds Robert Maxfield 9/15/47: 9/18/47p9

March, Carl, weds Evelyn Freeman 4/14/44: 5/4/44p5

March, Leroy L., died 5/27/48: 6/3/48p4

Marchand, Dorothy, weds Rawlins Purkhiser 10/5/46: 10/17/46p3

Marchand, Ernest, weds Rosella Oliver 11/30/40: 12/5/40p5

Marchand, Franklin, weds Florence Blanchette 4/19/41: 4/24/41p5

Marchand, Helen M., died 6/21/42: 6/25/42p3

Marcinkowski, Anthony, weds Harriet Vincent 11/12/42: 11/19/42p5

Marcotte, Alcide, died 12/18/46: 12/19/46p4

Marcotte, Alfred J., died 5/22/42: 5/28/42p3

Marcotte, Alfred M., died 8/13/45: 8/16/45p4;8/23/45p4

Marcotte, Amanda S., died 2/14/43: 2/18/43p3

Marcotte, Clea R., died 3/7/43: 3/11/43p3

Marcotte, Lillian, weds Norman Jacques 10/3/42: 10/8/42p6

Marcotte, M&M Louis F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/12/42p4

Marcotte, M&M Louis F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/5/42p5

Marcotte, Philomena, died 7/?/47: 7/10/47p4

Marcotte, Robert, weds Patricia Lavoie 1/8/44: 1/13/44p5

Marcotte, Valeda, weds John Desjardins 11/3/45: 11/8/45p2

Marcoux, Archie, weds Beverly Young 1/26/46: 1/31/46p12

Marcoux, Ethel, weds Frank Dore ?/?/40: 1/11/40p12

Marcoux, Gideon, weds Marie Gilbert 11/22/41: 11/27/41p9

Marcoux, Irene, weds Joseph Bergeron 10/7/44: 10/12/44p2

Marcoux, Janet, weds Oscar Laurendeau 5/25/46: 5/30/46p2;6/6/46p3

Marcoux, Mary, weds Stephen Tufts 11/11/47: 11/20/47p13

Marineau, Delvina, died 10/12/48: 10/14/48p4,10/21/48p4

Marineau, Joseph D., died 8/26/44: 8/31/44p2

Marion, Emile, weds Yvonne Hebert 2/19/49: 2/24/49p3

Markasinos, Lambros, weds Aspasia Kehaeya 6/8/41: 6/12/41p4

Marquis, Alphonse, weds Celina Gouin 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4

Marquis, Barbara, weds Edmund Portrie 4/19/47: 4/24/47p2

Marquis, Imelda, died 1/29/46: 1/31/46p4;2/7/46p4

Marquis, Joseph T., awarded Navy Cross posthumously: 7/15/43p1

Marquis, Pauline, weds Roland Gagne 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Marquis, Rita, weds Laurent Autotte 12/29/41: 1/1/42p5

Marquis, Thomas, died 1/2/43: 1/14/43p1

Marquis, Thomas O., awarded Navy Cross: 3/19/42p1;3/26/42p1

Marsden, Elizabeth S., died 11/17/42: 11/19/42p3

Marsden, Martha W., died 6/?/44: 6/22/44p5

Marsh, Annie E., died 2/?/40: 2/29/40p2

Marsh, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/8/49p4

Marsh, Phyllis, weds Charles Wingate 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Marshall, Frank A., died 7/9/45: 7/19/45p11

Marshall, Georgia, weds George Dole 6/6/44: 6/8/44p9

Marshall, Gloria, weds Robert Hanselman 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Marshall, Harold L., died 11/?/41: 11/27/41pp4,14

Marshall, Kathleen, weds Elwin Moody 7/20/40: 7/25/40p8

Marshall, Leonard, weds Anna Taylor 6/12/43: 6/17/43p5

Marshall, Phylis, weds Hollis Davenport 6/14/41: 6/19/41p9

Marson, Maurice, weds Hilda MacRae 2/12/40: 2/15/40p5

Marston, Jennie M., died 4/25/44: 5/4/44p11

Martell, Anthony, died 9/1/46: 9/5/46p11

Martin, Celia, cel;ebrates 95th birthday: 7/2/42p6

Martin, Elise C., died 8/20/46: 8/22/46p4

Martin, Elise, died 8/21/46: 8/29/46p4

Martin, Frederick V., WWII victim, returns: 7/15/48p1

Martin, Gordon, weds Betty Gerrish 9/28/46: 10/3/46p3

Martin, Horton, weds Maude Hobbs 10/9/42: 10/15/42p10

Martin Lorraine, weds Walter Boneski 2/9/49: 2/17/49p3

Martin, Marion D., died 5/3/45: 5/10/45p4

Martin, Wiliam, died 2/25/45: 3/1/45p4

Martineau, Clifford, died 6/2/49: 6/9/49p1

Martineau, Eddie, weds Madeline Richard 10/10/40: 10/17/40p5

Martineau, Ina H., died 7/8/45: 7/12/45p4

Martineau, Laura, died 5/22/44: 5/25/44p3

Martineau, Lorettte, weds Raymond Fisher 6/16/41: 6/19/41p4

Martineau, Napoleon, died 7/16/41: 7/24/41p3

Martineau, Valmore, weds Leona Pageau 5/17/41: 5/22/41p6

Mason, Archibald D., died 12/26/43: 12/30/43p4

Mason, Donald, died 9/9/48: 9/16/48p4

Mason, Maurice, weds Alva Hall 10/25/47: 11/6/47p2

Mason, Vera, weds Howard Clark 3/18/45: 3/22/45p3

Masse, Bertha, weds Eugene Dubois 4/6/40: 4/11/40p9

Masse, Eugenie D., died 11/23/41: 11/27/41p3;12/4/41p3

Masse, Madeline, weds Wayne Gallant 7/20/40: 7/25/40pp4,5

Masse, Mary, weds Clide Horne 5/14/48: 5/20/48p9

Masse, Norma, weds Roland Huppe 11/27/48: 12/2/48p3

Massey, Albert, died 6/29/46: 7/4/46p4

Massey, Alberta, weds John Callaghan 9/11/43: 9/23/43p3

Massey, Ambrose, died 7/18/49: 7/21/49p1

Massey, Charles, weds Marilyn Autrey 7/30/46: 8/1/46p3

Masury, Barbara, weds Donald Pickup 11/11/42: 12/24/42p5

Masury, Lee, weds Janice Kay 8/17/45: 8/23/45p3

Masury, Rose Z., died 7/28/40: 8/1/40p8

Mater, Frederick, weds Beatrice Desaulnier 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Mathews, Chrissie A., died 5/30/45: 6/7/45p4

Mathews, George A., died 12/26/44: 12/28/44p4;1/4/45p4

Mauser, Wendell, weds Wiona Kendall 12/13/42: 12/17/42p5

Maxfield, Clara J., died 1/?/48: 1/29/48p4

Maxfield, George, died 11/1/48: 11/4/48p4,11/11/48p4

Maxfield, George J., died 12/7/41: 12/18/41p1

Maxfield, Irene, weds Norman Henderson 6/7/47: 6/12/47p3

Maxfield, Jeannette, weds Elmer Bonser 6/2/45: 6/14/45p3

Maxfield, Louis A., died 12/9/42: 12/10/42p3;12/17/42p3

Maxfield, Louise, weds Clement Poulin 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Maxfield, M&M HGenry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/8/43p1

Maxfield, Mildred A., died 11/10?/43: 11/25/43p4

Maxfield, Pauline died 6/8/48: 6/10/48p4,6/17/48p4

Maxfield, Robert F., earns Distinguished Service Cross: 4/4/46p1

Maxfield, Robert, weds Rosa Marceau 9/15/47: 9/18/47p9

Maynard, Carrie, celebrates 86th birthday: 2/17/44p10

Maynard, Carrie S., died 7/13/44: 7/20/44p8

Maynard, Genevieve B., died 11/8/44: 11/9/44p4

Mayo, Irene, weds Joseph Gregoire 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Mayo, Jerine, weds Francis Ruel 11/26/46: 12/5/46p16

McAdams, Elizabeth, weds Carroll Wiggin 3/27/47: 4/3/47p16

McAlister, Elmer D., died 10/1/42: 10/8/42p3

McAllister, E. J., weds Mildred Berger 9/28/47: 10/9/47p21

McAllister, Ella R., died 11/19/49: 11/24/49p5

McAllister, James, died 9/2/40: 9/5/40p2

McBride, James, weds Frances LaFrance 8/31/46: 9/5/46p11

McCallister, Grace, died 4/26/42: 4/30/42p3

McCann, Thomas F., died 12/2/43: 12/30/43p1;1/6/44p4

McCannon, Rose, weds Henry Boivin 11/25/40: 12/5/40p5

McCarthy, Cornelius, died 7/13/42: 7/16/42p8

McCarthy, Florence, weds Albert Sherburne 7/25/42: 7/30/42p9

McCarthy, Gilbert, weds Muriel Lowry 9/20/42: 9/24/42p11

McCarthy, John, died 1/13/49: 1/13/49p1

McCarthy Jr., Thomas, weds June Brennan 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

McClelland, Norma, weds Harold Sands 9/24/49: 9/29/49p4

McClory, Elizabeth, weds Ralph Conway 10/12/41: 10/16/41p16

McCormack, Maxine, weds Paul Lockwood 1/29/44: 2/3/44p10

McCoy, Richard, weds Merlyn Palmer 10/16/48: 10/21/48p3

McCrillis, Arnold, weds Lorraine Vachon 5/17/41: 5/29/41p4

McCrillis, Arthur L., died 1/13/42: 1/15/42p6

McCrillis, Charles W., died 3/6/45: 3/8/45p4

McCrillis, Frederick H., died 10/19/46: 10/24/46p4

McCrillis, Karldon, weds Verna Hathaway 11/22/46: 11/28/46p3

McCrillis, Minnie E., died 1/26/45: 2/1/45p4

McCrillis, Otto, weds Ruth Elkins 10/6/41: 10/9/41p5

McCue, Margaret, weds Thomas Nangle 7/2/46: 7/11/46p2

McDaniel family holds reunion: 8/18/49p9

McDaniel, Grace, weds Waldron Haley 3/17/43: 3/25/43p12

McDaniels, M&M George T., celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/26/42p9

McDonald, Bridget C., died 6/9/45: 6/14/45p7

McDonald, Frances, weds George Page 9/18/48: 10/7/48p3

McDonald, Hattie P., died 11/12/41: 11/20/41p11

McDonough, Rosemary, weds Armand Desmarais 7/27/40: 8/1/40p5

McDuffee, Bessie, weds Norman Daigle 5/8/48: 5/13/48p5

McDuffee, Carolyn, weds Richard Garnsey 8/12/45: 8/16/45p3

McDuffee, Charles, weds Beryl Gilman 12/21/46: 12/26/46p3,1/9/47p3

McDuffee, Daniel, died 12/23/40: 12/26/40p6

McDuffee, Frances, weds John Mee 9/23/44: 10/5/44p3

McDuffee, George, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/18/40pB4

McDuffee, George W., died 6/19/43: 6/24/43p3

McDuffee, Harry A., died 4/24/40: 5/2/40p3

McDuffee, Herman A., died 12/?/42: 12/31/42p3

McDuffee, Nellie, celebrates 90th birthday: 11/23/44p1

McDuffee, Nellie F., died 4/26/48: 4/29/48p4

McDuffee, Wayne, died 2/28/45: 3/22/45p1

McDuffee, Zelma, weds George Bumner 7/13/48: 8/12/48p5

McGibbon, Cora A., died 8/6/42: 8/13/42p8

McGibbon, James, died 11/26/42: 12/3/42p10

McGinn, Francis L., died 11/2/45: 11/8/45p4

McGlone, Bernard, weds Pauline Gorton 4/29/44: 5/4/44p11

McGrail, John, weds Jeanne Fair 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3;7/17/47p3

McGrath, Doris, weds Earl Harriman 9/24/44: 9/28/44p5

McGrath, Ernest, died 10/2/45: 10/4/45p3

McGrath, Helen, weds Orill Hayes 4/6/42: 4/9/42p5

McGrath, Madelyn, weds Edward Wood 12/24/47: 1/1/48p3

McGregor, Fred, died 6/?/47: 6/26/47p18

McGregor, Ronald, died 2/11/47: 2/13/47p4,2/20/47p4

McGregor, Ronald, is Master of Eastern NH Pamona Grange: 11/26/42p4

McGuinness, James, died 4/2/43: 4/8/43p1

McGurty, Frank, weds Elaine Morre 4/6/47: 4/10/47p2

McGurty, Marion, weds Adrian Gagne 10/27/47: 10/30/47p10

McInerney, Jean, weds Carl Wentworth 6/1/40: 6/6/40p4

McInerney, John A., died 3/17/40: 3/21/40p 6

McIntire, Frank B., died 12/19/49: 12/22/49p26

McIntosh, John P., died 2/1/46: 2/7/46p4

McIntyre, Doris, weds Edward Piater 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

McKay, Clarence H., died 2/?/44: 3/2/44p4

McKeagney, George, weds Thelma Hill 7/8/41: 9/11/31p5

McKeagney, Robert, weds Blanche Dorr 6/3/44: 6/8/44p2

McKeen, James M., died 8/21/44: 9/7/44p11

McKenny, David, weds Joyce Wilkens 8/21/49: 8/25/49pp2,14

McKenzie, Florence D., died 4/7/45: 4/19/45p4

McKeon, Margaret, weds Norman Ruel 6/3/40: 6/6/40p17

McKiel, Bertha, weds Edward Foley 2/26/45: 3/8/45p2

McKinney, Quentin, weds Joyce Hatch 3/13/48: 3/18/48p3

McLaughlin, Cornelius V., died 8/11/40: 8/15/40p22

McLaughlin, Gerald, weds Lillian Ramsey 6/28/41: 7/3/41p8(NR);8/7/41p5

McLaughlin, Helen, weds Albert Baker 10/20/46: 10/24/46p12

McLean, Donald, weds Fay Johnson 11/13/47: 1/1/48p5

McLeod, Mary G., died 1/10/44: 1/13/44p3

McMann, William, weds Vera Smith 12/20/47: 1/1/48p3

McMullen, Gertrude, weds Raymond Flint 1/14/45: 2/8/45p9

McNamara, Mary, weds Robert Bonser 7/25/42: 7/30/42p5

McNeil, John, weds Priscilla LaBranche 9/21/46: 9/26/46p3

McNeill, Alice M., died 2/1/42: 2/5/42p2

McQuade, Jane E., died 9/30/40: 10/3/40p4

McQuillen, Roy M., died 5/18/41: 5/22/41p3

McRae, Ethel, weds James Baxter 11/28/40: 12/5/40p5

Meader, Addie, celebrates 91st birthday: 3/30/44p1

Meader, Addie E., celebrates 90th birthday: 3/25/43p1

Meader, Addie E., celebrates 88th birthday: 3/27/41p5

Meader, Addie E., died 4/23/47: 5/1/47p4

Meader, Alma, weds Edgar Gray 6/27/43: 7/1/43p5

Meader, Anne, weds Ralph Piper 8/21/40: 10/24/40p3 sic date

Meader, Donald, weds Elizabeth Gray 9/5/49: 9/8/49p4,9/15/49p4

Meader, Dwight, weds Lois Makechnie 9/7/47: 9/11/47p4

Meader, Edith, weds Isaac Kelley 5/31/41: 6/5/41p4

Meader, Fred P., died 1/18/44: 1/20/44p1

Meader, Ida B., died 9/19/48: 9/23/48p4

Meader, J. Levi, died 4/10/47: 4/10/47p1;4/17/47p2

Meader, M&M Fred P., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/5/42p1

Meader, Marjory, weds Glenn Wright 7/4/40: 7/11/40p4

Meader, Maurice, weds Lorraine Brock 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Meader, Paul, weds Pauline Lawson 6/12/48: 6/17/48p5

Meader, Richard, weds Helen Peasley 8/9/40: 8/15/40p5

Mealey, John F., died 5/25/46: 5/30/46p4

Meatty, Doris, weds Albert Morris 8/5/48: 8/12/48p13

Meatty, Irene, weds Robert Brown 12/4/48: 12/16/48p7B

Mee, John, weds Frances McDuffee 9/23/44: 10/5/44p3

Meikle, M&M William A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/6/48p7

Meinelt, Curtis, weds Ruth Maaser 8/3/46: 8/22/46p10

Menard, Albert, weds Orena Lizotte 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Menard, Auguste, died 1/21/47: 1/23/47p4

Menard, Margaret, weds Hugh Johnstone 3/2/46: 3/28/46p2

Menard, Orena, weds Winston Merrill 11/9/46: 11/21/46p3

Merrill, Arthur, weds Gertrude Lawton 11/27/48: 12/2/48p9

Merrill, Austin W., died 8/24/42: 8/27/42p8

Merrill, Dorothy, weds Napoleon King 7/12/41: 7/17/41p5

Merrill, Edward, weds Barbara Brush 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Merrill, James, weds Margaret Gray 9/3/46: 9/12/46p3

Merrill, Leona M., died 11/9/46: 11/14/46p4

Merrill, Pauline, died 12/5/48: 12/9/48p1

Merrill, Raymond, weds Bertha Arlin 5/26/45: 5/31/45p3

Merrill, Stanley, weds Alice Amazeen 4/11/41: 4/17/41p5

Merrill, Winston, weds Orena Menard 11/9/46: 11/21/46p3

Messer, Addie, died 12/6/47: 12/11/47p4

Messer, Marion, weds Norman Kimball 12/18/43: 12/30/43p5

Messier, Cecilia, weds Rene Letourneau 4/30/49: 5/5/49p4

Meyette, Wayne, weds Ruth Babb 4/28/40: 5/2/40pp4,6

Michael, Evelyn, weds Gerald Griffin 9/1/40: 9/5/40p3

Michael, George, weds Elizabeth Palmer 10/19/46: 10/24/46p7

Michael, George, weds Mildred Ham 7/13/42: 7/16/42p6

Michael, Jr., Joseph, weds Shirley Whiting 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Michaud, Donalda, weds Roland Viel 5/5/45: 5/10/45p4

Michaud, Gertrude, weds Ernest Murby 1/3/42: 1/8/42p12

Michaud Jr., Thomas, weds Rita Woodbury 8/3/47: 8/7/47p3

Michaud, Robert, weds Caroline Lowry 10/23/49: 10/27/49p16

Michaud, Ruth, weds Albert Parent 5/5/42: 5/7/42p6

Micheal, Juliette, weds Charles Trygg 5/18/46: 5/23/46p3

Michel, Sylvia, weds Wallace Gilbert 2/7/48: 2/12/48p5

Midura, Edna, weds George Kimball 6/12/44: 7/27/44p5

Miksch, Levin, weds Alice Colman 9/?/43: 9/9/43p5

Mikula, John, weds Sarah Bonser 7/19/46: 7/25/46p2;8/1/46p3

Miles, John F., died 9/23/47: 9/25/47p4

Miles, Roberta, weds Robert Bickford 8/9/41: 8/14/41p4

Miller, Adolphe, died 10/21/49: 10/27/49p5

Miller, Annie, weds John Whitworth 11/28/43: 12/16/43p12

Miller, Clara T., died 6/19/46: 6/27/46p10

Miller, Elizabeth T., died 4/19/41: 5/1/41p3

Miller, Elsie, weds Chester Johnson 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Miller, James, weds Wanda Blajda 3/?/43: 3/18/43p10 (N0te N)

Miller, John, died 3/27/46: 4/4/46p4

Miller, John, weds Doris Robinson 4/7/45: 7/5/45p3

Miller Jr., Douglas, weds Barbara Young 1/27/40: 2/1/40p5

Miller, Kenneth, weds Lorraine Annis 6/29/43: 7/1/43p5

Miller, Lenore, weds Richard O'Brien 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3

Miller, Malcolm, weds Mary Labrie 3/5/46: 3/14/46p2

Miller, Nelzina, weds Robert Leary 5/29/41: 6/5/41pp2 ,5

Miller, Ray, weds Natalie Foss 10/15/43: 10/21/43p5

Miller. Ella G., died 2/3/44: 2/10/44p9

Millette, James, died 3/14/46: 3/21/46p4

Millette, Monroe, weds Michael O'Brien 6/11/43: 7/1/43p5

Millette, Roland, weds Lucy Coco 7/1/44: 7/6/44p3

Millette, Sylvia, weds Wilfred Turcotte 8/1/47: 8/14/47p16

Mills, Donald, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 2/17/49p1

Mills, Grace H., died 1/?/43: 1/21/43p3

Mireault, Ernest J., died 6/26/43: 7/1/43p3

Mitchell, James, weds Barbara Jones 6/28/41: 7/3/41p5

Mitchell, Lewis, weds Bertha Palmer 11/14/45: 12/27/45p2

Mitchell, Madelyn, weds Arundel Cotter Jr. 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Mitchell, Mary, weds Ralph Witherell 4/29/49: 5/12/49p4

Mitchell, Naomi, weds Avery Nolan 2/28/43: 3/4/43p5

Moirrison, M&M George W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/16/43p9

Mondeaux, Lucienna, weds Antonio Lord 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Mondoux, Rose, weds Wilbrod Lefebvre 11/9/40: 11/14/40p5;11/21/40p5

Mone, Edward, weds Barbara Pulsifer 4/3/48: 4/8/48p15

Monroe, Dorothy, died 11/29/46: 12/5/46p1

Monroe, Gloria, weds Glenn Williams 7/26/45: 8/2/45p2

Monroe Jr., Harris, weds Margaret Hughes ?/?/42: 9/10/42p5

Monroe, Lois, chosen for Westminster choir: 4/11/40p1

Monroe, Lois, makes debut in "La Boheme": 3/20/41p1

Monroe, Roger, weds Barbara Rollins 10/21/45: 11/1/45p12

Monte, Helen F., died 2/3/48: 2/5/48p4

Monteveir Jr., Joseph S., died 1/31/42: 2/5/42p2

Montgomery, Arlene, weds Edward Barry 9/2/47: 10/2/47p3

Montgomery, Emma T., died 3/22/48: 3/25/48p16

Montgomery, Fred, celebrates 85th birthday: 11/10/49p15

Montgomery, Ralph, weds Arline Morrill 6/28/41: 7/3/41p8

Montgomery, William, weds Ada Kinsbury 9/3/43: 9/9/43p9

Montrone, Lewis L., died 11/?/44: 11/9/44p1;11/16/44p1

Montrone, Lewis, weds Theresa Burke 11/26/41: 12/4/41p3

Moody, Alice M., died 10/9/47: 10/16/47p16

Moody, Alice, weds Joseph Newman Jr. 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Moody, Anna, weds Edwin Lowell 12/25/47: 1/1/48p2

Moody, Eleanor, weds Kenneth Lowell 7/13/46: 7/25/46p2

Moody, Elwin, weds Kathleen Marshall 7/20/40: 7/25/40p8

Moody, Hilda, weds Carl Tompson 8/5/46: 8/22/46p3

Mooers, Fred, weds Arlene Currier 7/4/48: 7/15/48p8

Mooney, Betty, is DAR Citizen of the Year/FHS: 3/11/43p8

Mooney, Francis, weds Mildred Peasley 6/27/42: 7/2/42p10

Mooney, Ina B., died 5/4/48: 5/13/48p15

Mooney, Virginia, weds Charles Dolan 10/26/41: 10/30/41p13

Moore, Abbie H., died 5/1/49: 5/5/49p5

Moore, Abbie H., died 4/24/49: 4/28/49p4

Moore, E. Mildred, died 12/1/44: 12/7/44p4

Moore, Elaine, weds Frank McGurty 4/6/47: 4/10/47p2

Moore, Lela M., died 1/18/48: 1/22/48p4

Moore, Louise, weds Orin Willson 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Moore, William A., died 7/21/47: 7/24/47p4

Morgan, Catherine F., died 4/17/44: 4/20/44p4

Morgan, Fernande, weds Robert Fisher 7/26/48: 7/29/48p3

Morgan, George E., died 9/14?/43: 9/16/43p1;9/23/43p1

Morgan, George, weds Fernande LaVallee 9/28/40: 10/3/40p5

Morgan, Herbert, weds Mildred Barber 3/14/42: 3/19/42p10

Morgan, Maynard, weds Florence Brown 9/29/43: 10/7/43p5

Morgan, Virginia, weds Neal Irish 2/3/40: 2/8/40p15

Moriarity, Leo, weds Maria Freeman 1/19/46: 1/31/46p8

Morin, Ada L., died 5/15/48: 5/20/48p15

Morin, Annette, weds Sherman Reed 4/9/49: 4/14/49p4

Morin, Beatrice, weds Marquis Landry Jr. 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Morin, Elaine, died 5/8/46: 5/9/46p4;5/16/46p4

Morin, Henrietta, weds John Newberry 7/2/44: 7/13/44p2

Morin, Henry, weds Juanita Burrows 11/17/48: 11/25/48p14

Morin, Hermine, died 2/1/48: 2/5/48p1,2/12/48p4

Morin, Louise, weds Philip Roy 9/11/43: 9/23/43p3

Morin, Lucille, weds Henry Utz 2/9/45: 2/15/45p5

Morin, M&M Alcide, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/9/49p4

Morin, Marie, died 10/30/40: 10/31/40p5

Morin, Michael, died 3/21/44: 3/23/44p4;3/30/44p6

Morin, Olia, weds Joseph Grenier 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4

Morin, Roland, weds Lucille Bergeron 11/11/44: 11/23/44p2

Morin, Zatae, weds Albert Trudel 7/6/43: 7/15/43p5

Morphy, Edmund, weds Betty Jackson 1/20/46: 1/24/46p2

Morphy, ERlizabeth B., died 7/25/46: 8/1/46p14

Morphy, Harvey, weds Margaret Davis 1/17/41: 1/23/41pp4,16

Morrell, Frances M., died 3/5/45: 3/8/45p4

Morrell, Myrtle, weds Frederick Chadbourn 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5

Morrell, Sarah I., died 8/1/43: 8/5/43p3

Morrill, Arline, weds Ralph Montgomery 6/28/41: 7/3/41p8

Morrill, David, weds Pauline Hayes 4/4/45: 4/12/45p5

Morrill, Nelson E., died 11/17/44: 11/23/44p4

Morrill, Philip, weds Jean Rouleau 8/12/49: 8/25/49p5

Morrill, Ruth, weds Arthur Boudreau 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Morris, Albert, weds Doris Meatty 8/5/48: 8/12/48p13

Morris, Alfred J., died 12/21/48: 12/30/48p10

Morris, Augustus L., died 8/11/41: 8/14/41p4

Morris, Catherine C., died 8/17/45: 8/23/45p4

Morris, Hazel, weds Raymond Desjardin 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Morris, Samuel, weds Beatrice Hartfiel 5/6/45: 5/10/45p12

Morrison, Carlotta, weds Manuel King 3/15/47: 3/20/47p2

Morrison, Lena B., died 10/29/40: 10/31/40p3

Morrison, M&M George, celebrate 55th anniversary: 9/16/48p14

Morrison, Melinda G., died 11/1/43: 11/4/43p3

Morrison, Minnie, died 12/14/46: 12/19/46p22

Morrison, Walter A., died 5/7/45: 5/10/45p4

Morrison, Winifred, weds Marshall Brown 6/2/46: 6/20/46p14

Morse, Alice R., died 2/9/41: 2/13/41p2

Mortimer, Jacqueline, weds Alwyn Poulin 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Moses, Goerge, weds Anne Wedd 8/20/49: 8/25/49p5

Mott, Constance, weds Ena Pomerleau 10/18/46: 10/24/46p12

Mott Jr., Clarence, weds Germaine Chamberlain 2/?/47: 2/27/47p15

Mott, Orrie W., celebrates 70th birthday: 10/21/48p14

Moulton, Aldin, weds Erma Hartford 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4

Moulton, Doris, weds Nelson Phillips 4/27/46: 5/2/46p12

Moulton, Evelyn, weds Evan Jenkins 10/12/46: 10/24/46p12

Moulton, Fred, weds Shirley Horne 12/17/49: 12/22/49p20

Moulton, Harry, weds Lucille Roscoe 10/28/43: 11/4/43p3

Moulton, Herbert P., died 11/30/47: 12/4/47p1

Moulton, Ivadell, weds Kenneth Hussey 8/27/49: 9/1/49p12

Moulton, Mabel L., died 1/11/48: 1/15/48p4,1/22/48p4

Moulton, Robert, weds Althena Rendall 12/11/48: 12/23/48p19

Mountain, Omer, weds Annette Smith 5/3/47: 5/15/47p5

Mros Jr., Edward, weds Elizabeth Currier 9/3/49: 9/8/49p15

Mros, Mary, weds Arthur Scott 6/22/46: 6/27/46p10 ;7/25/46p5A

Mros, Shirley, died 9/1/43: 9/16/43p9

Muddleston, Alice, died 1/11/47: 1/16/47p4

Mugridge, Carrie P., died 8/16/49: 8/18/49p18

Mullen, Betty, weds Charles Columb 8/6/46: 8/15/46p3

Mullen, Delia, weds James Steadman 4/6/40: 4/18/40p8

Mullen, William, weds Mildred Forsaith 3/30/46: 4/25/46p6

Munroe, Dorothy, weds Rowland LeCain 8/21/48: 8/26/48p3

Munsey, Richard M., died 5/30/48: 6/3/48p4

Munsey, Richard, weds Muriel Turner 11/27/40: 12/5/40pp4,10

Murby, Ernest, weds Gertrude Michaud 1/3/42: 1/8/42p12

Murby, Guy, weds Bernice Valrant 3/30/46: 4/4/46p10

Murphy, Ellen P., died 3/21/48: 3/25/48p16

Murphy, John, weds Irene Goodhue 9/28/42: 10/8/42p11

Murphy, Louise, weds Lionel Ferland 8/25/41: 8/28/41p5

Murphy, Robert, weds Eileen Toomey 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Nadeau, Edgar, weds Irene Fortier 11/25/43: 12/2/43p5

Nadeau, Jane, weds Lionel Chasse 9/5/49: 9/8/49p4,9/15/49p4

Nadeau, Jean B., died 12/24/43: 12/30/43p4

Nadeau, Jean, weds Rina Dolbec 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Nadeau, Leopold, weds Rose Roy 2/7/47: 2/13/47p2

Nadeau, Lucille, weds Pierre Gagnon 9/26/49: 9/29/49p4

Nadeau, Paul E., died 10/21/44: 10/26/44p1

Nadeau, Peter, weds Florence Bernard 5/10/41: 5/15/41pp4,5

Naismith, Carrie B., died 10/7?/44: 10/12/44p1

Naismith, James B., died 10/7?/44: 10/12/44p1

Nalor, Joseph, died 11/10/45: 11/8/45p4

Nangle, Arnold, weds Ruth Finnegan 7/8/40: 7/11/40p4;7/18/40p5

Nangle, John, died 2/23/43: 2/25/43p2

Nangle, John P., died 2/6/41: 2/13/41p2

Nangle, Patrick, died 2/14/41: 2/20/41p2

Nangle, Thomas, weds Margaret McCue 7/2/46: 7/11/46p2

Nash, Arnold, weds Mary Cummiskey 6/16/45: 7/5/45p3

Nasom, Bernard, weds Alice Strong 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Nason, Barbara, weds James Hoage Jr. 6/29/46: 7/4/46p8

Nason, Charles, weds Ruby Hines 1/23/43: 2/11/43p2

Nason, Ethel R., died 5/26/44: 6/1/44p9

Nason, Rosa B., died 9/29/49: 10/6/49p17

Neal, Ada, weds Paul Fernald 10/23/48: 10/28/48p11

Neal, Erlon, weds Billie Nees 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

Neal, Janet, weds Frederick Noseworthy II 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Neal Jr., Carroll W., confirmed WWII casualty: 9/13/45p1

Neal, Robert, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross: 7/1/43p1

Neal, Robert, weds Elizabeth Thompson 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Necker, ???, weds Dobald Dixon 11/30/46: 2/20/47p5

Nedeau, Earline, weds Robert Carrier 8/30/41: 9/4/31p10(F);9/11/31pB1

Nedeau, Lillian, weds Alphonse Fernald 1/6/40: 1/11/40p9

Nedeau, Roland, weds Mary Phalen 8/3/46: 8/15/46p10

Nedeau, Ronland, weds Priscilla Vachon 2/3/40: 2/8/40p15

Nees, Billie, weds Erlon Neal 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

Nelson, Alberta, weds Richard Roberts 10/27/47: 10/30/47p10,11/6/47p2

Nelson, Hannah, died 1/4/49: 1/6/49p4

Nelson, Hannah, died 12/28//48: 12/30/48p4

Nelson, Robert, died 1/17/49: 1/20/49p4

Nelson, Thomas, weds Doris Williams 7/5/40: 7/25/40p10

Nesbitt, John, weds Lucille Cyr 4/19/42: 4/23/42p5

Nesbitt, Margaret, weds Elmer Lavallee 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Nesbitt, Studley, weds Charlotte Laib 1/7/43: 1/21/43p2

Nesbitt, Thomas, weds Louise Duquette 9/18/43: 9/23/43p3

Nesbitt, William, weds Frances Crego 4/19/42: 4/23/42p5

Nevers, Clarence, weds Lila Hale 8/25/44: 9/7/44p12

Newall Jr., Alfred, awarded Purple Heart posthumously: 1/20/44p1

Newberry, John, weds Henrietta Morin 7/2/44: 7/13/44p2

Newbury, Joan, weds John Stanley Jr. 1/22/48: 1/29/48p3

Newbury Jr., Henry, weds Mildred Betts 6/26/43: 7/1/43p5

Newell Jr., Alfred R., died 10/13/43: 11/25/43p1

Newell, Lucille C., died 4/1/40: 4/4/40p11

Newell, Naomi, weds George Bishop 5/12/46: 5/16/46p2

Newhall, Margaret, weds William Clark 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Newman Jr., Joseph, weds Alice Moody 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Newton Jr., Henry, weds Rosilda St. Onge 11/24/49: 12/1/49p4

Nichols, Agnes L., died 11/23/48: 11/25/48p3

Nichols, Clyde, died 10/2/41: 10/9/41p3

Nichols, Emily, weds Frank Twichell 3/4/44: 3/16/44p6

Nichols, Fidelia M., died 2/4/47: 2/13/47p12

Nichols, Mabel, weds Louis Davis 4/?/42: 5/7/42p10

Nichols, Rensford, weds Gertrude Haycock 7/4/46: 7/11/46p8

Nickerson, Edwin O., died 6/5/49: 6/9/49p18

Nickerson Jr., Harry, weds Irene Senter 3/2/49: 3/10/49p3

Nickerson, Vane E., awarded USN Victory Medal: 5/29/47p1

Nickerson, Vane E., wounded in WWII Pacific action: 10/31/46p1

Nickerson, Wendell, weds Leone Richards 7/20/45: 7/26/45p2

Nilson, Carl O., died 1/15/44: 1/27/44p3

Nims, Margaret, weds James Watson 10/19/42: 10/29/42p5

Nisbet, Dorothy, weds Alvin Sheldon 10/31/43: 11/4/43p3

Nixon, Bernard, weds Shirley Trubenback 5/7/45: 5/10/45p4

Nixon, Elsie, died 8/13/48: 8/19/48p4

Nixon, James A., died 1/16/46: 1/18/46p4;1/24/46p4

Nixon, Jane, died 11/2/49: 11/3/49p5,11/10/49p5

Noftle, Gladys, weds Joseph Sanfacon 12/24/42: 12/31/42p8

Norman, Ruth, weds Hyman Belinsky 10/2/42: 10/8/42p6

Norman, Silas L., died 4/15/46: 4/18/46p4

Norton, Charles, weds Janet Aubin 6/30/46: 7/4/46p2

Noseck, Kenneth A., awarded Bronze Star: 3/15/45p8

Noseck, Kenneth A., awarded Purple Heart: 10/19/44p3

Noseck, Kenneth, weds Jeanette Connor 1/31/43: 2/4/43p5

Noseworthy II, Frederick, weds Janet Neal 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Nowe, M&M Alfred, celebrate 71st anniversary: 12/22/49p1

Nutbrown, Mary, celebrates 78th birthday: 1/9/47p3

Nute, Alfred D., earns 75-year Masonic award: 9/8/49p1,9/15/49p1

Nute, Charles F., celebrates 82nd birthday: 5/1/41p6

Nute, Charles F., died 11/13/44: 11/16/44p9

Nute, Charles H., died 4/11/40: 4/18/40p3

Nute, Joseph H., died 4/3/46: 4/11/46p2

Nute, Leo, weds Elaine Grassie 1/18/41: 1/30/41p5

Nute, M&M Harry A., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/14/43p8

Nute, Mildred, weds Henry Vachon 2/20/43: 2/25/43p4

Nute, Norma, weds William Roy 5/10/46: 5/16/46p14

Nute, William H., died 8/27/43: 9/2/43p8

Nutter, Carrie M., died 1/19?/44: 1/27/44p3;2/3/44p4

Nutter, Charles D., died 2/28/48: 3/4/48p4

Nutter, Elwin A., died 8/7/43: 8/12/43p3

Nutter, Everet W., died 8/1/46: 8/8/46p4

Nutter, Florence E., died 12/16/43: 12/23/43p10

Nutter, Frederick, weds Baryl Berry 3/9/46: 3/14/46p2

Nutter, George, weds Florence Lover 9/19/42: 9/24/42p8

Nutter, Harry, weds Jessie Willett 5/25/40: 5/30/40p12

Nutter, Jennie H., awarded Farmington's Post Cane: 5/6/48p18

Nutter, Jennie H., died 8/17/48: 8/26/48p5

Nye, Daniel F., died 2/10/42: 2/12/42p3

Nye, Ida B., died 2/14/42: 2/19/42p3

O'Brien, Lionel H., died 1/11/49: 1/13/49p4

O'Brien, Margaret L., died 7/20/42: 7/30/42p3

O'Brien, Michael, weds Monrow Millette 6/11/43: 7/1/43p5

O'Brien, Richard, died 9/10/41: 9/11/31p3

O'Brien, Richard, weds Lenore Miller 6/21/47: 6/26/47p3

O'Donnell, William, died 10/31/40: 11/7/40p9

O'Leary, Barbara, weds George Beals 2/23/46: 2/28/46p12

O'Leary, Dorothy, weds Carl Higgins 6/28/47: 7/3/47p10

O'Leary, Leslie, weds Grace Baumgaertner 9/?/48: 9/16/48p14

O'Leary, Marjorie, weds Carlton bridges 10/30/43: 11/11/43p3

O'Neil, Francis, weds Bertha LaBranche 9/25/48: 9/30/48p3,10/21/48p2

O'Neil, Ila, weds Neree Anctil 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

O'Neil, Regene, weds William Arnold 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3,9/9/48p3

Oakes, George, weds Charlotte Connors 8/4/41: 8/7/41p3

Oakes, Vival, weds Calie Chase 9/25/48: 9/30/48p3

Oakley, Marjorie, weds Wallace Fisher 11/12/45: 11/8/45p2

Oliver, Jean, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/15/48p1

Oliver, Rosella, weds Ernest Marchand 11/30/40: 12/5/40p5

Olney, Buna S., died 7/31/42: 8/6/42p3

Olsen, Eleanor, weds Herbert Prescott 4/12/46: 4/18/46p14

Olsen, Elizabeth, weds Aime Langevin 7/6/46: 7/18/46p2

Olsen, Elmer F., died 10/30/42: 11/5/42p3

Olsen, Oscar, weds Marjorie Rogers 10/21/43: 10/28/43p5

Ordway, Clara M., died 3/11//49: 3/17/49p2

Orr, Wendell E., died 12/31/39: 1/4/40p8

Orrell, John, died 3/14/43: 3/18/43p12

Osborn, Muriel, weds Robert Turner 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Osborne, Amy M., died 6/2/42: 6/4/42p3;6/11/42p3

Osborne, Downing V., died 1/1/41: 1/9/41p14

Osborne, Emma E., died 3/15/47: 3/20/47p4

Osborne, Emma, weds Ralph Paige 4/10/43: 4/22/43p5

Osborne, Henry, died 10/24/47: 10/30/47p7

Osborne, Henry F., died 12/10/41: 12/11/41p3;12/18/41p3

Osborne, Kate A., died 12/23/40: 12/26/40p6

Osborne, Marquis, died 5/2/42: 5/7/42p3

Osborne, Muriel, weds Richard Boggs 4/18/40: 4/25/40p4

Osborne, Phyllis, weds Robert Fifield 11/21/49: 11/24/49p4

Osborne, Virginia, weds Robert Grenier 10/24/47: 11/6/47p2

Osepchook, Ilga, weds Paul Chapman 6/29/44: 7/20/44p8

Osgood, Donald, weds Shirley Scott 2/14/46: 2/21/46p3

Osgood, Ethel M., died 10/8/44: 10/12/44p8

Osgood, Ethel M., died 10/8/44: 10/12/44p8

Osgood, Frank, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/10/40p5

Osgood, Frank H., died 7/19/45: 7/26/45p3

Osgood, Frank, weds Dorothy Pinkham 4/17/46: 4/25/46p2

Osgood, Fred, weds Florence Washburn 12/5/48: 12/23/48p3

Osgood, Harold, weds Blanche Caron 5/24/47: 6/12/47p3

Osgood, Harold, weds Theresa Sargent 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

Osgood Jr., Robert, weds Shirley Wood 9/13/47: 9/18/47p3

Osgood, M&M Thomas W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/19/41p4

Osgood, Thomas W., died 10/25/47: 10/30/47p7

Osgood, Wilfred, weds Donna Tilton 1/17/46: 1/24/46p10

Oshier, Percy J., died 5/4/42: 5/7/42p10

Otis, Albert J., died 12/6/49: 12/8/49p18

Otis, Alvah E., died 9/23/40: 9/26/40p4

Otis, Carrie Q., died 2/15/47: 2/20/47p11

Otis, Clarence, weds Aurora Hutchins 7/30/45: 8/16/45p3

Otis, Dorothy, weds Robert Ferry 9/15/47: 9/18/47p3,10/16/47p3

Otis, Everett E., died 7/9/47: 7/10/47p4

Otis, Everett, weds Regina Guptil 5/4/42: 5/7/42p6

Otis, Joseph P., died 3/16/44: 3/23/44p4

Otis, Levi T., died 2/19/47: 2/20/47p4

Otis, Marion, weds Gordon Fernald 10/17/42: 10/22/42p5

Otis, Mrs. Forrest, heads ARC Production Unit: 5/4/44p4

Otis, Myrtle, weds William Ballou 6/28/41: 7/3/41p3

Otis, Walter, died 6/24/48: 7/1/48p4

Otis, William H., died 2/1/49: 2/3/49p4

Otto, Emily, weds Hal Ballew 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Ouelette, Jeannette, weds Delphis Letendre 7/27/46: 8/1/46p3

Ouellette, Alexandrine, weds James Grimes 8/19/40: 8/22/40p5

Ouellette, Bernadette, weds Alfred Sylvain 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Ouellette, Clarina, celebrates 76th birthday: 12/30/48p1

Ouellette, Fernand, weds Alice Gagne 6/3/44: 6/8/44p2;6/15/44p5

Ouellette, Henrietta, weds Roland Gagnon 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Ouellette, Ida, weds Roy Caplette 9/?/41: 9/11/31pB1

Ouellette, Paul, weds Dorothy Davis 6/11/49: 6/16/49p4

Ouellette, Theresa, weds Sumner Robbins 11/2/46: 11/21/46p3

Ouellette, Theresa, weds Wilfred Gagne 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Oullette, Adelard, weds Ruth Riley 9/28/40: 10/3/40p5

Oullette, Alfred, weds Eleanor Hebert 10/30/43: 11/4/43p3

Owen, Beatrice, weds Bernard Benoit 10/25/47: 10/30/47p10

Packard, Verna, weds Thomas Copp 10/20/46: 10/24/46p7

Padgett, Charles, weds Beverly Bowers 3/1/6/46: 3/21/46p2;3/28/46p5

Paey, Josephine M., died 7/?/45: 7/12/45p10

Page, Edith M., died 7/7/44: 7/13/44p4

Page, Edward, weds Lorna Cardosi 12/18/47: 1/1/48p3

Page, Eleanor, weds Reuben Snyder 2/8/48: 2/12/48p5

Page, Fay, weds Glenn Stafford 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Page, Florence, weds Herbert Gibb 11/?/41: 11/13/41p12 ;11/20/41p6

Page, George H., died 5/22/42: 5/28/42p3

Page, George, weds Frances McDonald 9/18/48: 10/7/48p3

Page, Harry, died 11/9/43: 11/11/43p3

Page, Jeannette A., died 10/2/45: 10/4/45p4;10/11/45p14

Page, Josephine W., died 10/1/47: 10/2/47p4

Page Jr., Wesley, weds Faye Sawyer 9/1/44: 9/7/44p3

Page, Victor E., died 10/15/41: 10/16/41p3;10/23/41p3

Pageau, Leona, weds Valmore Martineau 5/17/41: 5/22/41p6

Pageotte, Elaine, weds Kenneth Stone 9/7/47: 9/11/47p7

Paige, Glenn, weds Betty Grenier 1/2/49: 1/6/49p3

Paige, Ralph, weds Emma Osborne 4/10/43: 4/22/43p5

Pallas, Philip, weds Sonia Huthrin 8/15/46: 8/29/46p2

Pallas, William, weds Betty Balomenos 10/19/47: 10/23/47p3

Palmer, Annie L., died 8/23/49: 8/25/49p3

Palmer, Barbara, weds John Hess 6/14/41: 6/19/41p4

Palmer, Bertha, weds Lewis Mitchell 11/14/45: 12/27/45p2

Palmer, Donald, weds Edith Lay 10/25/47: 11/13/47p3

Palmer, Elizabeth, weds George Michael 10/19/46: 10/24/46p7

Palmer, Ervina A., died 6/2/47: 6/5/47p4

Palmer, Evelyn, weds Lawrence Hickey 5/26/44: 6/1/44p3

Palmer, Fred R., died 6/27/42: 7/2/42p3

Palmer, Mary E., died 2/12/43: 2/18/43p3

Palmer, Merlyn, weds Richard McCoy 10/16/48: 10/21/48p3

Palmer, Nelson A., died 9/4/41: 9/11/31p3

Palmer, Robert, weds Charlotte Brown 6/21/49: 6/23/49p20

Paquette, Ernest, weds Dora Dugas 7/10/48: 7/15/48p5

Paquette, Evarest, weds Elizabeth Herries 1/1/44: 1/4/45p5

Paquette, Geraldine, weds King Snow 11/8/41: 11/13/41p13(F);11/20/41p13

Paquette, Harold, weds Alberta Hubbard 9/25/48: 10/7/48p3

Paquette, Louis D., died 11/25/43: 12/2/43p4

Paquette, Marguerite, weds Wendell Pinkham 6/22/46: 6/27/46p2

Paradis, Adrienne, weds Herbert Varney 2/24/45: 3/1/45p3

Paradis, Alfred O., WWII victim, body returns home: 11/11/48p1

Paradis, Amanda, died 4/5?/44: 4/13/44p4

Paradis, Della, weds Edward Cormier 7/24/43: 8/5/43p5

Paradis, Lionel, weds Barbara Sprague 9/13/47: 10/2/47p3

Pareks, Henry W., died 5/26/49: 6/2/49p5

Parent, ???, weds Leon Hayes 5/2/43: 5/13/43p11

Parent, Albert, weds Ruth Michaud 5/5/42: 5/7/42p6

Parent, Eugene O., died 6/24/44: 8/3/44p1

Parent, Eugene O., killed 6/24/44 in WWII, returns: 7/1/48p1,7/8/48p1

Parent, Frank, died 11/12/46: 11/14/46p4

Parent, Lena, weds Joseph George 1/25/42: 1/29/42p8

Parent, Ralph, weds Winona Pinkham 12/13/41: 12/18/41pB2

Parfitt, James, weds Margaret Bunker 7/3/48: 7/15/48p12

Pariseau, Rita, weds Stanley Little 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Parker, Barbara, weds Robert Greeley 8/27/46: 9/19/46p13

Parker, Earl, weds Marie Boucher 1/21/48: 2/12/48p5

Parker, Frank S., died 8/5/45: 8/9/45p10

Parker, Madeline, weds Edgar Raab 7/10/43: 7/15/43p5

Parker, Ned, weds Alice Rogers 10/?/41: 10/16/41p11

Parker, Robert, weds Elizabeth Hayes 6/25/48: 7/1/48p16 ,7/29/48p3

Parkhurst, Frank, weds Hattie Curtis 1/1/44: 1/13/44p9

Parr, Marion, weds Kenneth Lewis 3/20/44: 3/23/44p5

Parrock, Ronald, weds Mildred Holton 2/1/47: 2/6/47p12

Parshley, Ardis, weds Robert Elliott Jr. 12/25/45: 1/3/46p8

Parshley, Asa L., died 12/24/49: 12/29/49p5

Parshley, Benjamin, weds Evelyn Draper 10/23/42: 10/29/42p5

Parshley, Frank, weds Geraldine Beard 7/2/49: 7/7/49p5

Parshley Jr., Richmond, weds Edna Greely 8/18/48: 8/26/48p5

Parshley, Lillian E., died 1/15/45: 1/18/45p1

Parshley, M&M Richmond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/1/49p15

Parshley, Melba, weds William Ballou 7/21/46: 8/15/46p3;8/15/46p15

Parsons, Arthur M., died 8/21/45: 8/23/45p4

Parsons, Brenda, weds Antoine Lavoie 4/8/46: 4/11/46p2

Parsons, Florence, weds Frank Lenzi 11/15/40: 1/2/41p14

Parsons, Frederick B., died 2/10/40: 2/15/40p3

Parsons, Minnie A., died 1/2/43: 1/7/43p3

Parsons, Patricia, is Queen of Milton Carnival: 2/13/41p1

Parsons, Patricia, weds Charles Logan 10/18/43: 10/21/43p5

Parsons, Ralph, weds Betsy Lawson 8/10/46: 8/22/46p3

Partridge, Mae, weds Carl Worster 12/10/42: 12/17/42p10

Pasqualino, Salvatore, weds Bernice Wynne 12/10/41: 12/18/41p5

Patch, Albert, weds Effie Cole 5/24/47: 6/5/47p14

Patch, Alfred, weds Margaret Rouleau 2/7/45: 2/15/45p12

Patch, Dorothy, weds Raymond Proctor Jr. 10/9/49: 10/13/49p4

Patch, Harland, died 7/10/40: 7/11/40p1;7/18/40p3

Patch, Marion, weds Bernard Veno 1/20/48: 1/29/48p3

Patch, Raymond, weds Edith Appleby 12/10/44: 12/21/44p5

Patrick, Effie M., died 9/28/47: 10/2/47p4

Patterson, Harry W., died 3/12/46: 3/14/46p4;3/21/46p4

Patterson, Harry, weds Vera Keyes 10/31/42: 11/5/42p3

Patterson, Helen, weds Bronald Vasall 5/1/43: 5/6/43p5

Patterson, Ruth G., died 7/21/41: 7/31/41p2

Patterson, William H., died 9/8/42: 9/17/42p10 (Notes F and N)

Paul, Lea, weds Leo Theberge 6/29/40: 7/4/40pp4,5

Paul, Leon J., died 6/4/44: 7/6/44p1

Paulson, Robert A., died 4/16/41: 4/24/41p3

Payeur, Rita, weds Laurea Bilodeau 7/11/42: 7/16/42p6

Peabody, Clara J., died 4/4/49: 4/7/49p4

Peabody, Ernest, weds Ruth Perry 4/12/47: 4/24/47p16

Peabody, Josephine P., died 5/31/45: 6/7/45p14

Pearce, Winifred, weds Herbert Willey 7/24/43: 7/29/43p10

Pearl, Hervey, died 9/25/45: 9/27/45p13

Pearl, Lillian G., died 8/5/40: 8/15/40p6

Pearson, Barbara, weds Chester Seaward 10/4/46: 10/10/46p3

Pearson, Carl, died 3/24/43: 4/1/43p6

Pearson, Edward, weds Virginia Ford 6/9/45: 8/9/45p2

Pearson, Helen, weds Howard Gullison 6/5/44: 6/22/44p12

Pearson, Shirley, weds Earl Brown 9/6?/44: 9/14/44p6

Pease, John B., died 7/31/48: 8/5/48p4

Pease, Saundra, weds Harlan Taylor 4/13/46: 4/18/46p3;5/2/46p3

Peaslee, Charles H., died 3/9/40: 3/14/40p1

Peaslee, Walter, died 9/20/47: 10/2/47p17

Peasley, Helen, weds Richard Meader 8/9/40: 8/15/40p5

Peasley, Mildred, weds Francis Mooney 6/27/42: 7/2/42p10

Peavey, Elizabeth W., died 3/?/43: 3/25/43p11

Peavey, Ernest F., celebrates 83rd birthday: 4/4/40p6

Peavey, Ernest F., celebrates 83rd birthday: 4/10/41p16

Peavey, Ernest F., died 9/2/44: 9/7/44p12

Peavey, Isadore E., died 11/26/48: 12/2/48p9 ,12/9/48p16

Peavey, Josephine A., died 1/18/44: 1/20/44p9

Peavey, Ronald, weds Teresa Laurion 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Peavey, Will L., celebrates 84th birthday: 4/7/49p16

Peavey, Will, weds Elizabeth Aldrich 9/27/41: 10/2/41p14

Peavy, Ella, weds Fred Stevens 9/5/43: 9/9/43p5

Pellerin, Dorothy, weds Anthony Corriveau 1/16/46: 1/24/46p2

Pelletier, Daniel, died 3/14/44: 3/16/44p4

Pelletier, Joseph, died 7/29/44: 8/3/44p4

Pelletier, Samuel A., died 4/9/42: 4/16/42p8

Peloquin, Roland, weds Fae Eldridge 12/10/48: 12/23/48p3

Pence, Elizabeth, weds Ralph Leonard 5/30/42: 6/4/42p8

Pence, Horace, weds Barbara Rollins 8/20/44: 8/24/44p8

Pennell, Dora L., died 6/3/44: 6/8/44p12

Pennell, John W., died 3/9/46: 3/14/46p1

Penney, Belle E., died 4/30/40: 5/2/40p3;5/9/40p3

Pepin, Virginia, weds Ludgar Grenier 5/21/42: 5/28/42p6

Pepon, Yvonne, weds Richard Timmons 7/2/49: 7/14/49p4

Percy, Gladys, weds Eugene Gates 11/25/48: 12/2/48p9

Perkins, Alton M., died 3/15/41: 3/20/41p16

Perkins, Blanche S., died 12/13/43: 12/16/43p12

Perkins, Constance, weds Philip Brown 11/14/42: 11/19/42p3

Perkins, Erland R., died 8/17/46: 8/22/46p1

Perkins, Frances, weds Floyd Alton 5/3/46: 5/9/46p12

Perkins, Harry I., died 4/7/43: 4/15/43p3

Perkins, Harry, weds Geneva Burke 9/9/44: 9/14/44p6

Perkins, James N., died 5/23/48: 5/27/48p16

Perkins, James, weds Nellie Lover 12/14/46: 12/19/46p14

Perkins, John F., died 7/3/40: 7/11/40p9

Perkins, Lindell, weds Frances Hanson 6/29/44: 7/6/44p3

Perkins, Mame R., died 12/19/46: 12/26/46p11

Perkins, Marion F., died 1/19/43: 1/21/43p3

Perkins, Melvin, weds June Cross 5/23/47: 5/29/47p5

Perreault, Albert, weds Yvette Vanasse 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

Perreault, Eleanor G., died 7/15/48: 7/15/48p4

Perreault, Florence, weds Benoit Doucet 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Perreault, Georgianna L., died 7/24/48: 7/29/48p4

Perreault, Irene, weds John Grassie 10/11/40: 10/17/40p5

Perreault, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/14/46p1

Perreault, Philip, weds Anite Gagne 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Perreault, Raymond, weds Jerrine Lemire 7/4/42: 7/9/42p6;7/16/42p3

Perreault, Robert, weds Maria Cyr 4/26/41: 5/1/41p5

Perreault, Theresa, weds Edgar Wallingford 10/26/40: 10/31/40p5

Perry, Ella, and sister Ida, died 12/24/43: 12/30/43p6

Perry, Francis E., died 12/24/44: 1/18/45pp1,4;1/25/45p3

Perry, Francis W., WWII victim, to return: 7/15/48p12

Perry, Hazel, weds Wilbur Farnum 7/20/40: 7/25/40p4

Perry, Ida, and sister Ella, died 12/24/43: 12/30/43p6

Perry, Ida, celebrates 91st birthday: 8/6/42p11

Perry, Mary E., died 3/10/43: 3/18/43p3

Perry, Robert, weds Wanda Dixon 3/28/42: 4/2/42p4

Perry, Ruth, weds Ernest Peabody 4/12/47: 4/24/47p16

Perry, Vianna, weds Arthur Baird Jr. 1/13/47: 1/23/47p3

Person, Herbert, weds Beverly Bean 10/27/42: 11/12/42p5

Peterson, John T., died 3/6/49: 3/10/49p16

Peterson, Lester, weds Doris Drew 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Peterson, M&M Donald, host second family reunion: 7/30/42p5

Petrini, Francis, weds Primina Regis 10/20/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Petropoulos, Georgia, weds Julian Beaulieu 7/3/49: 7/14/49p4

Pettigrew, Rena A., died 10/1/43: 10/7/43p3

Phalen, Mary, weds Roland Nedeau 8/3/46: 8/15/46p10

Phaneuf, Antoine, died 11/26/45: 11/29/45p4

Philbrick, Elizabeth O., died 4/7/45: 4/12/45p4

Philbrick Jr., George, weds Mary Aherne 7/2/48: 7/8/48p4

Philbrook, Joan, weds Richard Johnson 6/28/47: 7/3/47p3

Philips, Herbert, weds Marie Lavoie 6/28/45: 7/12/45p4

Phillips, Esther A., died 6/10/46: 6/13/46p4

Phillips, Fletcher, weds Luella Baker 4/17/49: 5/5/49p4

Phillips, George H., died 4/4/47: 4/10/47p4

Phillips, Gretchen, weds George Robinson 7/1/47: 7/10/47p11

Phillips Jr., George W., presumed dead in WWII: 2/14/46p2

Phillips Jr., Harry, weds Elizabeth King 3/18/45: 3/22/45p3

Phillips, Nelson, weds Doris Moulton 4/27/46: 5/2/46p12

Philpot, LeRoy C., died 8/6/43: 8/12/43p3

Philpot, May, died 2/18/43: 2/25/43p2

Piater, Edward, weds Doris McIntyre 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

Picard, Arthur H., awarded Bronze Star: 7/19/45p1

Picard, Bertha, weds Harold Foss Jr. 12/24/45: 12/27/45p2

Picard, Delina F., died 8/9?/44: 8/17/44p4;8/24/44p4

Picard, Lucinda B., died 4/5/47: 4/10/47p4

Pichette, Joseph, died 3/2/40: 3/7/40p3

Picken, John, weds Jeannette Young 9/26/47: 10/2/47p3

Pickering, Sarah M., died 3/7/48: 3/11/48p10

Pickup, Donald, weds Barbara Masury 11/11/42: 12/24/42p5

Pierce, Comfort, died 10/?/46: 10/10/46p9

Pierce, Dawn, weds Warren Varney 7/1/49: 7/7/49p4

Pierce, Frank L., died 6/12/45: 6/14/45p7

Pierce, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/1/43p6

Pierce, Merleine, weds Melvin Bailey 2/28/42: 3/12/42p5

Pierce, Norman, weds Margaret Wright 5/30/40: 6/6/40p4

Pierce, Raymond, weds Alberta Knowles 6/8/47: 6/12/47p3

Pierce, Robert, weds Louise Horne 5/28/42: 6/4/42p5

Pierce, Vanette, weds Timothy Allen 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Pierce, Velma, weds Roger White 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4

Pike, Alice M., died 10/27/42: 10/29/42p3;11/5/42p8

Pike, Edwin, weds Aleatha Cates 7/4/45: 7/12/45p4

Pike, Ellen C., died 7/15/46: 7/18/46p8

Pike, Elmer E., died 3/24/40: 3/28/40p13

Pike, Etta M., died 11/24/44: 11/30/44p14

Pike, Harry, weds Mildreth Hart 3/26/49: 3/31/49p20

Pike, Helen, weds Robert Brennan 6/25/42: 7/2/42p6

Pike, Herman J., died 2/26/46: 2/28/46p12

Pike, J. Everett, died 19/1/49: 10/6/49p5

Pike, Lawrence, weds Dorothy Rouleau 6/28/49: 7/7/49p4

Pike, Leslie, died 1/2/44: 1/6/44p1

Pike, Lloyd, weds Alice Williams 6/19/41: 6/26/41p14 ;7/17/41p10

Pike, Mary B., celebrates 70th birthdayp: 2/3/49p1

Pike, Mary M., died 10/30/45: 11/1/45p4

Pike, Robert, weds Doris Wheeler 4/18/42: 4/23/42p5

Pike, Roland, weds Carolyn Drew 6/7/47: 6/19/47p5

Pillsbury, Marie, died 9/16/41: 9/25/41p10

Pina, Antonio, weds Thelma Columbus 9/3/49: 9/8/49p18

Pine, Alfred, weds Pauline Hersom 6/25/45: 6/28/45p3

Pinkham, Annie M., died 3/2/41: 3/6/41p8

Pinkham, Ardele, weds Harleem Samaha 10/26/46: 10/31/46p3,12/12/46p19

Pinkham, Dorothy, weds Frank Osgood 4/17/46: 4/25/46p2

Pinkham, Fred, died 2/25/46: 2/28/46p11

Pinkham, Henry, weds Gertrude Giguere 6/29/40: 7/4/40pp4,5

Pinkham, M&M Frank P., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/25/45p3

Pinkham, Sarah A., died 12/11/42: 12/17/42p16

Pinkham, Sophronia C., died 1/21/43: 1/28/43p6

Pinkham, Vella W., died 1/17/41: 1/23/41p2

Pinkham, Wendell, is youngest Grange Master in US: 1/1/42p5

Pinkham, Wendell, weds Marguerite Paquette 6/22/46: 6/27/46p2

Pinkham, Winona, weds Ralph Parent 12/13/41: 12/18/41pB2

Piper, Dorothy, heads NH Daughters of Pocahontas: 10/13/49p1

Piper Jr., James, weds Edyth Johnston 8/16/41: 8/21/41p5

Piper, Ralph, weds Anne Meader 8/21/40: 10/24/40p3 sic date

Pitman, Carrie L., died 3/1/42: 3/5/42p10

Pitman, Doris, weds Norman Gordon 6/17/44: 6/22/44p12

Pittsley, Walter, weds Mary Gravelyn 8/6/49: 8/11/49p14

Place, Betty, weds John Saunders 3/7/42: 3/12/42p5

Place, Clyde, weds June Hall 12/5/41: 12/11/41pC3

Place, Esther, weds Friedolph Krisiak 11/15/47: 11/20/47p13

Place, Maude, is chair of the ARC Canteen Corps: 3/30/44p1

Place, Norman, weds Miriam Willey 6/9/49: 6/16/49p17

Place, Percy, died 3/17/46: 3/21/46p10

Plady, Theodore, died 9/28/41: 10/2/41p3

Plante, Irene, weds Norman Ramsey 2/14/49: 2/17/49p3

Plante, Joseph A., died 7/29/42: 8/6/42p3

Plante, Joseph, weds Lucille Robichaud 8/6/45: 8/9/45p2

Plante, Lucien R., died 8/1/48: 8/5/48p4

Plante, Lucille, weds Raymond Cullen 8/16/46: 8/22/46p3

Plante, Rita, weds Roger Dube 10/6/45: 10/11/45p9

Plante, Stella, weds Philip Couturier 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Plante, Yvonne M., died 12/18/44: 12/21/44p4

Pleschinger, Jessie B., died 3/18/41: 3/27/41p3

Plouff, Alexander, died 12/5/45: 12/13/45p4

Plourde, Alfred, died 9/9/45: 9/13/45p4

Plourde, Felix, weds Alice Edgerly 2/6/48: 2/12/48p5

Plourde, Michael H., died 1/18/44: 1/20/44p3;1/27/44p3

Plourde, Samuel, weds Eleanor Eldridge 10/22/49: 11/17/50p4

Plourde, Theresa, weds Henry Gagne 8/7/48: 8/12/48p13

Plourde, Yvonne, died 11/26/44: 11/30/44p4

Pluff, Geraldine, weds Edgar Boyer 10/?/43: 10/21/43p5

Pluff., Alvin A., elected governor of District Lions: 7/1/48p1

Plummer, Ambrose WE., died 1/21/47: 1/23/47p12

Plummer, Charles E., died 4/16/41: 4/24/41p3

Plummer, Charles L., died 11/13/48: 11/18/48p1

Plummer, Charles L., retires after 25 years with Fire Dept.: 10/7/48p1

Plummer, Grace, weds Lincoln Ross 6/?/41: 6/19/41p12

Plummer, Lyman, weds Ruth Whitehouse 3/21/42: 3/26/42p6

Poire, Roland, weds Mauriel Skilling 9/2/40: 9/5/40p3

Poisson, Conrad, weds Gladys Kondrup 5/3/47: 5/8/47p3

Poisson, Gloria, weds Charles Leather 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Poisson, Onesime J., died 4/19/48: 4/22/48p4,4/29/48p4

Poisson, Pauline, weds Roland Dubois 6/5/48: 6/10/48p2

Poisson, Prudence, weds Ehrick Howland Jr. 12/26/49: 12/29/49p4,/5/50p

Poisson, Rita, weds Robert Canfield 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Poitras, Claudia B., died 1/6/49: 1/13/49p4

Poland, Hazel, weds Burchard Brown 1/10/42: 1/15/42p4

Pollack, John, weds Beatrice Sylvaine 12/15/45: 12/20/45p2

Pollard, Mary B., died 1/14/44: 1/20/44p9

Pollard, Richard, weds Gladys Twombley 6/28/46: 7/4/46p8

Pollard, Virginia, weds John Dore 12/21/41: 12/25/41p6

Pollett, Mildred, weds Frederick Spencer 6/19/43: 7/15/43p5

Pomerleau, Ena, weds Constance Mott 10/18/46: 10/24/46p12

Pomroy, Ferne, weds William Boudreau 8/23/46: 8/29/46p2

Pomroy, Lois, weds Lorenzo Horne 7/4/42: 7/9/42p8

Portrie, Edmund, weds Barbara Marquis 4/19/47: 4/24/47p2

Portrie, Edward, weds Virginia Wright 10/?/40: 10/24/40p3

Portrie, Joseph, died 9/24/47: 9/25/47p4,10/2/47p4

Portrie, Paul, weds Lillian Rouleau 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Portrie, Rosanna, weds Joseph Coury 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Potts, Jack, weds Marion Logan 5/30/44: 6/1/44p3

Potvin, Adolph A., died 8/15/48: 8/19/48p1

Potvin, Arthur, died 8/17/45: 8/23/45p4

Potvin, Gerard, weds Theresa Gallant 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Potvin, Jeanette, weds Ralph Huntress 9/9/49: 9/15/49p4

Potvin, Louis D., died 1/1/44: 1/6/44p4

Potvin, M&M A. F., host family reunion: 1/2/41p5

Potvin, M&M A.F., celebrate 55th anniversary: 1/29/48p1,2/5/48p3

Potvin, M&M Alphonse, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/4/43p5

Potvin, M&M Frederick, celebrate 56th anniversary: 2/3/49p1

Potvin, Rena, weds Wilfred Gagnon 9/28/46: 10/3/46p3

Potvin, Robert, weds Gertrude Roy 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Poulin, Alwyn, weds Jacqueline Mortimer 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Poulin, Clement, weds Louise Maxfield 5/3/41: 5/8/41pp4,5

Poulin, Clevard, weds Irene Dionne 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Poulin, Jeanne, weds Randolph Robinson 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Poulin, Walter, weds Marie Roy 6/6/42: 6/18/42p2

Pouliot, Jean, weds Florence Harriman 7/14/45: 7/19/45p3

Poulis, John, weds Dorothy Marble 7/30/44: 8/10/44p2

Poutbriand, Lucille, weds Raymond Cleveland 6/8/43: 6/10/43p4

Power, Barbara, weds ROland Turmelle 4/21/46: 4/25/46p2

Power, Howard, weds Elizabeth Berry 9/11/44: 9/14/44p6

Powers, Janis, weds AlfredRatcliffe 10/24/44: 11/2/44p5

Pratt, Donna, weds Kenneth Donle 8/13/40: 8/15/40p5;8/22/40p5

Pratt, Doris, weds Ralph Woodes 4/4/44: 4/6/44p10

Pratt, Jean, weds Thomas Vachon 9/6/48: 9/9/48p3

Pray, Charles E., died 1/28/44: 2/3/44p4

Pray, George A., died 12/23/43: 12/30/43p4

Pray, George, weds Nathlie Bickford 6/26/48: 7/1/48p5

Pray, Helen, weds Arthur Colbroth 12/23/43: 1/20/44p5

Pray, Louise, weds Donald Hill 2/8/46: 2/14/46p2

Preble, Edith, weds Carl Hartford 3/15/47: 3/20/47p2

Prescott, Herbert, weds Eleanor Olsen 4/12/46: 4/18/46p14

Prescott, Leonard, weds Louise Copp 6/3/45: 6/7/45p11

Preston, Ernest E., died 7/30/47: 8/7/47p4;7/31/47p4

Preston, George W., died 3/22/41: 3/27/41p3

Preston, Mrs. Herbert (Jacobs) died 5/15/41: 5/22/41p3

Preston, Vinton W., died 9/4/49: 9/8/49p1

Priest, Georgianna, died 8/25/46: 8/29/46p4

Pringle, Christine H., died 5/23/48: 5/27/48p4

Pritchett, Beatrice P., died 1/26/47: 1/30/47p4

Proctor Jr., Raymond, weds Dorothy Patch 10/9/49: 10/13/49p4

Proulx, Eva, weds Armand Lanoix 6/29/40: 7/4/40p9

Prouty, Laura J., died 3/10/47: 3/13/47p4

Pulsifer, Barbara, weds Edward Mone 4/3/48: 4/8/48p15

Pulsifer, Patricia, weds Byron Sprague 6/26/48: 7/1/48p17

Purdy, Dorothy, weds Everett Wydler 8/31/40: 9/19/40p5

Purington, Muriel, weds Charles Chapman 8/17/47: 8/28/47p4

Purkhiser, Rawlins, weds Dorothy Marchand 10/5/46: 10/17/46p3

Purrington, Audry, weds Gerard Bonenfant 12/10/46: 12/19/46p2

Purvis, Carlisle, weds Dorothy Littlefield 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Purvis, M&M E. Leonard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/19/48p1

Putnam, Henry C., died 5/19/46: 5/23/46p4

Putnam, Norman, weds Madolyn Howarth 5/11/41: 5/22/41p6

Putt, Arthur, weds Joyce Brown 4/5/42: 4/9/42p5

Quimby, Carrie E., died 12/29/46: 1/2/47p4

Quimby, Frank A., died 4/2/44: 4/6/44p4

Quimby Jr., Edward, weds Isabelle Barber 10/5/41: 10/9/41p5

Quimby, Marion, weds Leonard Boudreau 7/20/40: 7/25/40p4

Quimby, Ora, died 9/?/45: 9/13/45p4

Quinn, Patrick, died 7/4/49: 7/7/49p5

Quint, Dalbert H., died 12/9/46: 12/12/46p1

Quint, Russell, weds Annie Cullen 10/2/48: 10/7/48p3

Quirion, Leonard, weds Pauline Ferland 10/19/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Raab, Arthur, weds Margaret Gilmore 2/8/42: 2/12/42p6

Raab Edgar, weds Madeline Parker 7/10/43: 7/15/43p5

Raab, Eleanor, weds Arthur Sullivan 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3

Raab, Evelyn, weds Leo Gagne 4/26/41: 5/1/41p5

Radoslavoff, Theodore, died 6/3/44: 6/8/44p4

Raiche, Constance, weds William DeWolfe 12/26/49: 12/29/49p4

Rainville, Gerard, weds Pauline Lambert 1/7/41: 1/9/41p5;1/23/41p5

Rainville, Mrs. Louis, prepares Thanksgiving Dinner for 41: 1/4/40p2

Raitt, Blanche A., died 12/10/47: 12/18/47p4

Raitt, Norman, weds Emelda Brock 10/24/49: 10/27/49p4

Ramage, Kenneth, weds Sarah Buzzell 7/25/42: 7/30/42p9

Ramsey, Betty, weds Carl Hurd 8/1/41: 8/7/41p11

Ramsey, Charles, weds Adella Jenness 2/28/48: 4/1/48p12 (photo)

Ramsey, Hubert, weds Cecile Simard 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Ramsey, Jennie, weds George Hurd 8/22/47: 8/28/47p16

Ramsey, Lillian, weds Gerald McLaughlin 6/28/41: 7/3/41p8(NR);8/7/41p5

Ramsey, Mahlon, weds Dorothy Hayes 6/15/46: 6/27/46p2;8/1/46p5

Ramsey, Mary, weds Donald Stowe 11/1/41: 11/6/41p11

Ramsey, Norman, weds Irene Plante 2/14/49: 2/17/49p3

Rand Jr., Carleton B., died 1/21/42: 1/22/42p2;1/29/42p3

Rand, Louise, weds Millard Freeman 6/11/49: 6/16/49p17

Rand, Melvin, died 7/30/44: 8/31/44p1

Rand, Melvin, killed at St. Lo in '44, returns home: 9/16/48p14

Randall, Ella T., died 8/11/41: 8/14/41pC2

Randall, James A, died 12/2/49: 12/8/49p5

Randall, Roswell, weds Lillian Trask 8/5/45: 8/9/45p10

Randall, Walter L., died 12/9/44: 12/14/44p12

Ratcliff, Linda L.,died 1/13/48: 1/15/48p4

Ratcliffe, Alfred, weds Jans Powers 10/24/44: 11/2/44p5

Rawley, Marlene, weds Carroll Bickford 2/18/49: 2/24/49p3

Ray, George, weds Mildred Lanzi 8/31/46: 9/12/46p3

Raymond, Paul A., died 6/10/45: 6/14/45p7

Read, Alice M., died 5/12/47: 5/15/47p4

Ready, Etta R., died 2/9/45: 2/15/45p4

Reagan, John, weds Pauline Hansen 12/?/47: 1/1/48p3

Recaido, Dalmacio, weds Mary Walsh 1/26/46: 2/7/46p10

Redden, Patricia, died 4/10/49: 4/14/49p4

Redlon, Helen P., died 5/25/45: 5/31/45p4

Reed, Anne, died 9/24/47: 9/25/47p4

Reed, Sherman, weds Annette Morin 4/9/49: 4/14/49p4

Regan, Jeremiah J., died 6/3/47: 6/5/47p16

Regis, Albertina, weds Dom Grazio 9/7/41: 9/11/31p5

Regis, Primina, weds Francis Petrini 10/20/40: 10/24/40pp4,13

Reid, Virginia, weds Richard LeClair 7/1/49: 7/7/49p5

Reidel, Marie, weds Wilfred Roulx 2/14/46: 3/7/46p2

Remick, Charles E., died 5/11/42: 5/21/42p10

Remick, Everett R., died 10/2/42: 10/8/42p8

Remick, Gene, weds Doris Comeau 1/18/47: 1/23/47p3

Remick, M&M Otis D., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/9/47p12

Remick, Maude K., died 10/11/47: 10/23/47p8

Remick, Otis B., died 5/22/47: 5/29/47p4

Rendall, Althena, weds Robert Moulton 12/11/48: 12/23/48p19

Renebu, Donald, weds Doris Vachon 3/3/47: 3/6/47p3

Rennebu, Mary, weds Richard Haney 9/13/47: 9/25/47p3

Reveil, Edith V., died 7/21/42: 7/23/42p3

Reynolds, Arthur D., died 12/18/43: 12/23/43p3

Reynolds, Carlton, weds Eleanore Harpin 3/12/43: 3/18/43p10

Reynolds, Ellen, weds Loren Howard 8/3/45: 8/9/45p10

Reynolds, Fred, weds Jessie Arlin 9/29/41: 10/2/41p5

Reynolds, Harriet A., is DAR Good Citizem of the Year/SHS: 2/10/44p1

Reynolds, Helen L., died 8/?/40: 8/22/40p3

Reynolds, William, weds Ethel York 1/11/47: 1/16/47p2

Rheaume, Theresa, weds John Tarlton 11/9/46: 11/21/46p3

Rhines, Irving C., died 5/5/43: 5/13/43p11

Rhines, Lucy, braids 9x12-foot rugs, quilts, crochets: 6/12/47p8

Rhines, Mabel G., died 3/16/42: 3/19/42p16

Rhodes, ???, weds Wilfred Bosivert 4/28/45: 5/10/45p13

Rhodes, Constance, weds Jackson Henry 4/4/43: 4/8/43p5

Rhodes, Evelyn, weds Fred Shorey Jr. 11/?/42: 11/26/42p5

Rhodes, Harry, weds Virginia White 4/1/44: 3/9/44p5

Rhodes, M&M Wilbur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/21/40p8

Rice Jr., Kenneth, weds Christina Berry 3/9/46: 3/14/46p6

Richard, Jeannette, weds Martin Tanguay 5/18/46: 5/23/46p3

Richard, Joseph, died 7/2/46: 7/4/46p4;7/11/46p4

Richard, Lucille, weds Gerard Houle 6/27/46: 7/11/46p2

Richard, Madeline, weds Eddie Martineau 10/10/40: 10/17/40p5

Richard, Marion, weds John Charles 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

Richard, Roland, weds Alice Bilodeau 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Richard, Ruth, weds F. H. Forbes 7/3/41: 7/17/41p5

Richard, Thomas, died 12/19/48: 12/23/48p4

Richards, Barbara, weds Lee Russell 2/23/46: 2/28/46p12

Richards, David E., died 12/26/44: 12/28/44p4

Richards, Ella A., died 3/17/44: 3/23/44p4

Richards, Ella H., died 4/1/49: 4/7/49p4

Richards, Floyd, weds Katherine Whelan 5/19/45: 5/24/45p6

Richards, Gertrude, weds Verne Rogers 9/18/48: 9/23/48p3,9/30/48p4

Richards, Joseph, died 8/9/43: 8/12/43p1

Richards, Leone, weds Wendell Nickerson 7/20/45: 7/26/45p2

Richards, Leone, wins County 4-H honors: 11/20/41p1

Richards, Nagella, weds George Samia 1/10/44: 1/13/44p5

Richards, Phyllis, weds Thornton Dorr 6/30/45: 7/5/45p3

Richardson, Barbara, weds Brumley Whitman 9/24/45: 9/27/45p2

Richardson, Beatrice, weds Sheldon Damon 4/13/47: 4/17/47p14

Richardson, Dorothy, weds Robert Watson ?/?/43: 12/9/43p12

Richardson, Edna, weds Fay Corson 7/2/48: 7/8/48p4

Richardson, Edwin O., died 3/25/40: 3/28/40p12 ;4/4/40p6

Richardson, Elinor, weds Ralph Kingsbury 7/12/46: 7/18/46p8

Richardson, Jennie E., died 2/14/41: 2/20/41p8

Richardson, Joan, weds William Gray 8/15/46: 8/22/46p3

Richardson, John, weds Agnes Dube 2/20/48: 3/4/48p18

Richardson, M&M Alfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/16/42p8

Richardson, Maude C., died 12/28/47: 1/1/48p5

Richardson, Maude C., died 1/5/48: 1/8/48p13

Richardson, Oman, weds Louise Stewart 7/4/48: 7/15/48p12

Richardson, Shirley, weds Edward Leslie 3/1/47: 3/6/47p3

Richer, Sarah K., died 1/5/47: 1/9/47p4

Richey, Romeo, died 7/24/47: 7/31/47p4

Richey, Ronald, weds Barbara Lord 1/21/48: 1/29/48p3

Richie, James, weds Mary Howard 2/3/44: 2/24/44p9

Rickards, Marion, weds Robert Derbyshire 9/21/46: 10/3/46p3

Ricker, Dorothy, weds Charles Foster 8/24/45: 8/30/45p10

Ricker, George B., died 3/26/42: 4/2/42p8

Ricker, Keith, weds Argie Bernard 3/15/41: 3/20/41p5

Ricker, Kenneth, weds Louise Bernard 7/25/42: 7/30/42p5

Ricker, Louis D., died 3/29/43: 4/1/43p3;4/8/43p3

Ricker, Robert, weds Mildred Brewer 12/18/48: 12/23/48p19

Ricker, Robert, weds Ruth Dearborn 8/12/44: 8/24/44p2

Riddle, Wilbur J., died 3/12/40: 3/21/40p12

Rigazio, Anthony, weds Eva Alimi 5/5/47: 5/8/47p3;5/15/47p5

Rigazio, Eugene, died 8/19/48: 8/26/48p4

Rigazio, John B., died 8/7/49: 8/11/49p4

Riley, Glenna, weds Howard Goodwin 6/29/42: 7/9/42p8

Riley, James K., died 4/8?/42: 4/30/42p1

Riley, Ruth, weds Adelard Oullette 9/28/40: 10/3/40p5

Rimes, Walter, weds Alta Clemons 11/28/48: 12/2/48p3

Rinaldo, Paul, weds Ethel Horne 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Rines, Ellsworth B., died 11/14/48: 11/18/48p15

Ring, Annie, weds Robert Hoage 4/27/46: 5/2/46p12

Ring, John, weds Gladys Hodgens 11/28/47: 12/4/47p9

Rioux, Alfred J., died 12/21/41: 12/25/41p3

Rippett Jr., Thomas, weds Constance Corson 7/2/46: 7/11/46p2

Rippett, William, weds Margaret Brooks 10/31/41: 11/6/41p5

Ritter, Ida C., died 11/10/42: 11/19/42p10

Roark, Hattie E., died 12//3/49: 12/8/49p18

Robbins, Catherine, died 12/2/48: 12/9/48p4,12/1//6/48p2

Robbins, Fancis L., died 5/20/43: 5/27/43p3

Robbins, Helen, weds Robert Tukey 10/27/45: 11/8/45p2

Robbins, Sumner, weds Theresa Ouellette 11/2/46: 11/21/46p3

Roberge, Elsie, weds Frank Gray 1/11/47: 1/16/47p11

Roberge, Roland, weds Lorraine Chasse 10/12/48: 10/14/48p3

Roberts, Albert A., died 2/2/44: 2/10/44p4

Roberts, Arline, weds Austin Glover 9/22/49: 10/6/49p4

Roberts, Cora B., died 3/23/49: 3/31/49p4

Roberts, Doris, weds Joseph Woodes 9/14/40: 9/19/90p5

Roberts, Eloise, weds Alfred Braga 8/22/44: 8/24/44p10

Roberts, Ernest, weds Alice Wentworth 11/26/48: 12/2/48p9

Roberts, Ethel M., died 6/4/43: 6/10/43p10

Roberts, Fred B., died 10/31/43: 11/4/43p12

Roberts, George H., died 9/9/46: 9/12/46p4

Roberts, Jeannine, weds Martin Jean 2/19/49: 2/24/49p3

Roberts, John P., died 4/14/48: 4/22/48p7

Roberts, Laurel T., died 1/28/47: 1/30/47p4,2/6/47p5

Roberts, Lizzie A., died 9/14/44: 9/21/44p4

Roberts, Martha J., died 3/8/44: 3/16/44p4

Roberts, Meddie, died 9/23/44: 9/28/44p12

Roberts, Rachel, weds Walter Blackadar 2/10/45: 2/15/45p5

Roberts, Richard, body given Marine final rites: 1/20/49p1

Roberts, Richard, weds Alberta Nelson 10/27/47: 10/30/47p10,11/6/47p2

Roberts, Roland, weds Lydia Ames 8/20/43: 8/26/43p2

Roberts, Rosemary, weds John Flinnin 6/28/41: 7/10/41p1

Roberts, Simone, weds Ernest Sylvain 11/15/47: 11/20/47p5

Roberts, Walter, weds Alice Stewart 9/11/46: 9/12/46p3

Robichaud, Lucille, weds Joseph Plante 8/6/45: 8/9/45p2

Robichaud, Ronald, weds Mabel Hartford 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Robidas, Anita, weds Robert Clements 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

Robie, Bernice, weds William Fearon 12/12/43: 12/16/43p14

Robie, Shirley, weds Chandler Dufresne 9/11/49: 9/15/49p16(B),9/29/49p14

Robillard, Elizabeth D., died 11/12/47: 11/20/47p4

Robinson, Charlotte M., died 4/11/46: 4/18/46p4

Robinson, Donald, weds Pearl Walker 6/5/48: 6/10/48p2

Robinson, Doris, weds John Miller 4/7/45: 7/5/45p3

Robinson, G. Henry, died 2/26/45: 3/1/45p4

Robinson, George, weds Gretchen Phillips 7/1/47: 7/10/47p11

Robinson, Gladys, weds Sumner Evans 1/14/47: 1/16/47p2

Robinson, Nellie, weds George Gliddon 7/22/44: 7/27/44p5

Robinson, Philip L., died 7/9/44: 3/8/45p1

Robinson, Randolph, weds Jeanne Poulin 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Robinson, Rose, weds Carl Winkley 8/15/43: 8/26/43p2

Rocheleau, Matilda T., died 12/1/49: 12/8/49p5

Rocherleau, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/12/44p2

Rochon, Roland, weds Gloria Doyle 8/10/44: 8/17/44p2

Rodger, Janet W., died 11/28/48: 12/2/48p4

Rodger, Robert, died 3/16/48: 3/18/48p4,3/25/48p4

Rodier, Georgiana, weds Alphonse Sylvain 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Rodier, Louis, died 4/29/48: 5/6/48p4

Roe Jr., Norman, weds Mabel Madigan 11/16/46: 11/28/46p3

Rogers, Alice, weds Ned Parker 10/?/41: 10/16/41p11

Rogers, Anna G., died 3/27/47: 4/3/47p4

Rogers, Bernice, weds Warren Goodwin 12/31/48: 1/6/49p12

Rogers, Blanche, weds Peter Cullen 5/1/48: 5/6/48p7

Rogers, Edward J., died 11/10/47: 11/13/47p4

Rogers, Everett, weds Margaret Duff 5/4/46: 5/9/46p12

Rogers, George L., died ?/?/44: 11/16/44p1

Rogers, Marjorie, weds Oscar Olsen 10/21/43: 10/28/43p5

Rogers, Melvin A., died 2/27/41: 3/6/41p8

Rogers, Muriel, weds Raymond Trueworthy 4/23/49: 4/28/49p4

Rogers, Richard, weds Dorothy Dolan 9/21/44: 9/28/44p5

Rogers, Roland, weds Alice Kenney 11/16/46: 11/21/46p3,12/26/46p9

Rogers, Roy, weds Blanch Copp 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Rogers, Roy, weds Elaine Rouleau 3/31/49: 4/7/49p16

Rogers, Shirley, weds Herbert Harriman 12/14/46: 1/16/47p2

Rogers, Theo, weds Ivan Tattersall 2/12/42: 3/12/42p5

Rogers, Verne, weds Gertrude Richards 9/18/48: 9/23/48p3,9/30/48p4

Rollins, Barbara, weds Horace Pence 8/20/44: 8/24/44p8

Rollins, Barbara, weds Roger Monroe 10/21/45: 11/1/45p12

Rollins, Chandler, weds Edith Williamson 7/22/44: 8/17/44p2

Rollins, Chandler, weds Joyce Browe 11/8/46: 11/21/46p3

Rollins, Dorothy, weds Stanley Glidden 6/26/47: 7/3/47p10

Rollins, George T., died 1/2/46: 1/10/46p8

Rollins, Harold C., died 10/31/44: 11/9/44p9

Rollins, Irving H., died 4/?/42: 4/23/42p8

Rollins, June, is DAR Best Citizen of the Year/FHS: 1/23/41p1

Rollins, June, weds Lloyd Tilton 3/15/46: 3/21/46p10

Rollins, Kenneth, weds Marion Lund 6/8/46: 6/20/46p3

Rollins, Lillian M., died 1/13/41: 1/16/41p14

Rollins, Raymond, weds Flora Aiken 6/4/49: 6/9/49p14

Rollins, Robert, weds Elinor Leonard 10/13/45: 10/18/45p2

Rollins, Ruth L., died 5/2/47: 5/8/47p21

Rollins, Vinnie E., died 11/30/44: 12/7/44p10

Rollins, William H., died 7/3/41: 7/10/41p1

Rolphe, Helen, weds Donald Stewart 1/23/44: 1/27/44p6

Rondeau, Henry O., died 8/18/46: 8/22/46p1

Roscoe, Lucille, weds Harry Moulton 10/28/43: 11/4/43p3

Roseberry, Florian, weds Jacqueline Breton 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3,9/19/46p3

Ross, Carrie B., died 8/30/43: 9/2/43p3

Ross, James, weds Marion Lord 12/21/40: 1/2/41p14

Ross, Lincoln, weds Grace Plummer 6/?/41: 6/19/41p12

Roswell, Edward, weds Ruth Taylor 6/24/47: 7/3/47p12

Roth, Nellie E., died 1/21/44: 1/27/44p3

Rouilard, Walter, weds Virginia Hoadley: 6/7/45p11

Rouillard, Edward, died 12/14/42: 12/17/42p10

Rouillard, Francis, weds Sphia Apostol 7/27/46: 8/1/46p14

Rouleau, Alice, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 12/29/49p1

Rouleau, Dorothy, weds Lawrence Pike 6/28/49: 7/7/49p4

Rouleau, Elaine, weds Roy Rogers 3/31/49: 4/7/49p16

Rouleau, Jean, weds Philip Morrill 8/12/49: 8/25/49p5

Rouleau, Josephine, weds Thomas Copp 1/1/42: 1/8/42p8

Rouleau Jr., George, weds Carol Silvia 10/7/46: 10/10/46p11

Rouleau, Lillian, weds Paul Portrie 2/9/46: 2/14/46p2

Rouleau, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/1/44p10

Rouleau, Margaret, weds Alfred Patch 2/7/45: 2/15/45p12

Rouleau, Marion, weds Donald Warnecke 12/18/44: 12/28/44p10

Rouleau, Nelson, weds Lucille Silver 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3,11/20/47p5

Rouleau, Rea, weds Fred Lamie 8/22/46: 8/29/46p2

Rouleau, Viola, weds Theodore Jolin 6/4/49: 6/9/49p4

Roulx, Alice, weds Roland Dumont 11/20/48: 11/25/48p3

Roulx, Hedwidge died 11/3/42: 11/5/42p3

Roulx, Henry, weds Elsie Casavant 11/18/44: 11/23/44p2

Roulx, Joseph L., died 3/20/45: 4/12/45p1

Roulx, Joseph L., WWII victim, body returns home: 3/25/48p1,4/8/48p1

Roulx, Wilfred, weds Marie Reidel 2/14/46: 3/7/46p2

Routhier, Albert, weds Rita Breton 10/4/41: 10/9/41p5;10/23/41p5

Routhier, Francois, died 9/1/40: 9/5/40p2

Routhier, Roland, weds Verta Ferland 5/30/40: 6/6/40p4

Routhier, Rose E., died 12/6/49: 12/8/49p5,12/15/49p5

Rowe, Arlene, weds Leon Calef 9/19/45: 9/27/45p10;10/4/45p10

Rowe, Donald, weds ??? Knox 4/4/47: 4/17/47p14

Rowe Jr., Norman, earns Distinguished Flying Cross: 9/30/43p1

Rowe, Lloyd, weds Aurelie Sanford 9/20/45: 10/11/45p2

Rowe, Norman, earns Distinguished Flying Cross: 12/2/43p2

Rowe, Sadie J., died 3/5/46: 3/7/46p4;3/14/46p4

Rowland, Buford, weds Ellen Ferrigan 10/25/48: 11/4/48p3

Roy, Andrew, died 8/10/46: 8/15/46p4

Roy, Elaine, weds Ted Chamberlain 6/16/41: 6/19/41p4

Roy, Germaine, weds Adelard Cardin 5/31/48: 6/3/48p5

Roy, Gertrude, weds Robert Potvin 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Roy, John, weds Gloria Langelier 1/4/47: 1/9/47p3

Roy, Louise, weds Herve Lagasse 10/6/41: 10/9/41p5

Roy, M&M Philias, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/27/40p5

Roy, Marie, weds Walter Poulin 6/6/42: 6/18/42p2

Roy, Philip, weds Louise Morin 9/11/43: 9/23/43p3

Roy, Rose, weds Leopold Nadeau 2/7/47: 2/13/47p2

Roy, William, weds Norma Nute 5/10/46: 5/16/46p14

Ruel, Delina S., died 10/29/42: 11/5/42p3

Ruel, Edward F., died 10/26/42: 10/29/42p3

Ruel, Frances, weds Jerine Mayo 11/26/46: 12/5/46p16

Ruel Joaseph A., died 1/15/46: 1/18/46p4

Ruel, Lena, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/20/42p5

Ruel, Norman, weds Margaret McKeon 6/3/40: 6/6/40p17

Ruest, Theresa, weds Ernest Kirouac 5/28/49: 6/2/49p4

Rumazza, Alyce, weds Albert Vince 12/28/46: 1/2/47p2

Rumazza, Carlo, died 5/14/40: 5/23/40p3

Rumazza, Charles, featured on retirement: 12/12/40p3

Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/9/45p2;8/23/45p2

Rumazza, Mary F., died 7/10/41: 7/17/41p4

Runnels, Carrie E., died 12/15/42: 12/17/42p3

Runnels, Helen, weds Elmer Junkins 12/30/45: 1/3/46p2

Russell, David, weds Hilda Wallace 2/13/43: 2/25/43p6

Russell, Fred A., died 3/31/44: 4/6/44p14

Russell, Hazel, weds Albert Manchester 5/10/46: 5/23/46p3

Russell, Isabelle, weds Ralph Drew 9/25/43: 9/30/43p5

Russell, Lee, weds Barbara Richards 2/23/46: 2/28/46p12

Russell, Mary, weds Joseph Hayes 11/13/46: 11/21/46p12

Russell, Muriel, weds John Beane 2/27/42: 3/5/42p10

Russell, Robert, weds Rose Brennan 12/7/45: 12/13/45p3

Rutstein, Rosanna, weds Harold Kaufman 11/26/42: 12/3/42p5

Ryan, Edward L., died 12/10/49: 12/15/49p5

Ryan, Joseph F., died 10/6/47: 10/9/47p4

Ryan, Marion, weds George Levitt 12/20/49: 12/29/49p4

Ryder, Frederick W., died 8/6/48: 8/12/48p4

Sabik, Frank, weds Estelle Letourneau 6/15/46: 6/20/46p3

Sabine, M&M Fred, remarry 5/12/43: 5/20/43p8

Sackett, Alice R., died 5/31/48: 6/10/48p14

Salice, Pauline, weds Albert Lebrecque 10/6/47: 10/16/47p3

Sall, Eleanor, weds Robert Burtman 6/16/46: 7/4/46p11

Salyards, Betty, weds Richard Tarlton 4/3/48: 4/8/48p5

Samaha, Harleem, weds Ardele Pinkham 10/26/46: 10/31/46p3,12/12/46p19

Samia, George, weds Nagella Richards 1/10/44: 1/13/44p5

Sampson, Adelaide, weds Lawrence French 12/5/42: 12/10/42p10

Sampson, Mrs. Sam, celebrates 88th birthday: 10/16/47p14

Sampson, Samuel, died 3/17/46: 3/21/46p11 ;3/28/46p11

Samuelson, Elaine, weds George Wright 8/3/46: 8/15/46p3

Sanbord, Walter P., died 11/26/45: 11/29/45p16

Sanborn, Aloice A., died 9/27/44: 9/28/44p4

Sanborn, Esther E., died 9/29?/43: 10/7/43p12

Sanborn, Florence, weds Kenneth Emerson 9/25/42: 10/1/42p5

Sanborn, George A., died 6/5/49: 6/9/49p1

Sanborn, Harriet B., died 11/26/48: 12/2/48p4

Sanborn, James M., died 5/15/48: 5/20/48p1

Sanborn, Josephine W., died 4/15/42: 4/16/42p3

Sanborn, Josephine, weds Richard Melick 11/27/49: 12/1/49p4

Sanborn, Lillian K., died 9/16/41: 9/18/41p3

Sanborn, M&M James F., celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/10/41p9

Sanborn, Myron, weds Alice Adjutant 9/3/44: 9/7/44p10

Sanborn, Norman, weds Ruth Whetnall 5/29/47: 6/12/47p14

Sanborn, Orville, weds Alberta Amero 4/20/42: 4/23/42p5

Sanders, Lucia, weds Clark Varney 8/9/41: 8/14/41p4

Sanderson, J. H., weds Marion Dickson 5/2/41: 5/15/41p12

Sands, Harold, weds Norma McClelland 9/24/49: 9/29/49p4

Sanfacon, Felix, died 12/17/49: 12/22/49p5

Sanfacon, Joseph, weds Gladys Noftle 12/24/42: 12/31/42p8

Sanfacon, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/20/42p8Hersom, Sanfacon, M&M Honore, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/1/47p1;5/8/47p4

Sanfacon, Paul, weds Kathleen Haley 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3,6/30/49p3

Sanfacon, Robert, weds Doris Butler 9/27/41: 10/2/41p5

Sanfacon, Rosa A., died 7/13/48: 7/15/48p4

Sanford, Aurelie, weds Lloyd Rowe 9/20/45: 10/11/45p2

Sansouci, Elizabeth, died 6/7/41: 6/12/41p10

Sargent, Evelyn, weds Richard Derby 11/28/40: 12/5/40p16

Sargent, George, weds Juliette Anctil 2/22/41: 2/27/41p3

Sargent, George, weds Lois Crawford 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3

Sargent, Harmon, weds Elizabeth Davis 9/26/42: 10/1/42p12

Sargent, Neil, weds Virginia Lunt 4/6/45: 4/12/45p5

Sargent, Philip, weds Theresa Garey 5/25/42: 6/4/42p5

Sargent, Theresa, weds Harold Osgood 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

Sargent, Winfield, weds Lorraine Veno 7/4/46: 7/11/46p8

Sass, Louise, weds Walter Aukstikalnis 9/2?/46: 9/5/46p3

Sass, Minnie, died 7/12/48: 7/15/48p4,7/22/48p4

Saturley, John, weds Florence Allen 8/3/40: 8/8/40p5

Sauersbrey, Irene, weds Richard Chase 6/13/44: 6/22/44p2

Saunders, John, weds Betty Place 3/7/42: 3/12/42p5

Savoie, Delia B., celebrates 80th birthday: 12/22/49p19

Savoie, Ephram, weds Cecile Desmarais 12/26/40: 1/2/41p5

Savoie, Mary J., died 7/8/47: 7/10/47p1;7/17/47p4

Savoie, Maurice, weds Helen Cheney 7/2/49: 7/14/49p18

Sawyer, Caroline H., died 10/22/48: 10/28/48p4

Sawyer, Faye, weds Wesley page Jr. 9/1/44: 9/7/44p3

Sawyer, Harry L., died 11/29/47: 12/4/47p4

Sawyer, Martha R., died 8/31/40: 9/5/40p2

Sayward, Helen A., died 10/14/46: 10/17/46p4

Sayward, Nettie M., died 7/31/45: 8/2/45p4

Scagliotti, Angelina R., died 12/16/42: 12/17/42p3;12/24/42p3

Scagliotti, Carlo, weds Louise Jacques 10/?/48: 10/28/48p3

Scagliotti, Joseph, weds Mary Berry 9/20/47: 9/25/47p3

Scahill Sr., Thomas, died 8/18/42: 8/20/42p3

Scala, Anthony, weds Rita Gilbert 7/22/44: 7/27/44p5

Scannell, Daniel D., died 4/21/42: 4/23/42p1;4/30/42p3

Scannell, Juliette S., died 6/22/40: 6/27/40p3

Scarpignato, Josephine, weds Cecil Smith 1/4/47: 1/16/47p14

Sceggal, Mrs. Forrest, saves life of 3-year-old: 11/20/47p1

Schaefer, Frank, died 7/9/40: 7/11/40p3;7/18/40pC2

Schlenker, Bernice M., died 7/29/48: 8/5/48p4

Schlenker, John J., died 5/22/44: 7/27/44p1

Schneider, Edward, weds Mildred Cheney 10/12/40: 10/17/40p5

Schoffirld, Milton, died 10/28/46: 10/31/46p4

Schofield, Ernest J., died 7/23/49 7/16/49: 7/28/49p5

Schofield, Florette, died 12/4/46: 12/12/46p4

Schofield, Geraldine, weds Warren Brissette 10/7/40: 10/10/40p12

Schoonmaker, Weld, weds Evelyn Horne 6/28/41: 7/3/41p5

Schram. Arline, weds Roger Keller Jr. 3/21/48: 4/1/48p3

Schulte, Harold, weds Elinor Harding 5/9/42: 5/21/42p10

Schur, Augusta, weds Ernest Carpenter 7/15/44: 7/20/44p5;7/27/44p3(ER)

Scoolicas, Polly, weds Lester Joy 3/30/40: 4/4/40p9

Scott, Arthur, weds Mary Mros 6/22/46: 6/27/46p10 ;7/25/46p5A

Scott, Catherine, weds Robert Grenier 10/30/48: 11/18/48p3

Scott, Chester, weds Ellerena Tanner 6/25/44: 7/6/44p9

Scott, George W., has seccessful showing of his art: 8/8/46p1

Scott, Gladys, weds Raymond Watson 6/13/47: 6/19/47p5

Scott, Grover, weds Claire Grenier 8/1/42: 8/6/42p5

Scott, Lena, died 5/?/47: 5/29/47p4

Scott, Leona, weds James Kerr 5/27/44: 6/1/44p3

Scott, Shirley, weds Donald Osgood 2/14/46: 2/21/46p3

Scott, Walter, weds Hazel Locke 11/28/46: 12/5/46p16

Scrima, Frank, died 10/24/47: 11/6/47p4

Scruton Association family holds reunion: 8/18/49p1

Scruton, C. Ida, died 4/7/42: 4/9/42p3

Scruton, Edna, weds Francis Bartlett 8/30/46: 9/5/46p11

Scruton, Fred, died 3/6/43: 3/11/43p3

Scruton, Laura, celebrates 84th birthday: 4/11/40p4

Scruton, Laura, celebrates 85th birthday: 4/10/41p9

Scruton, Laura M., died 3/31/45: 4/5/45p4

Scruton, Norma C., died 9/25/47: 10/2/47p17

Scruton, Raymond, weds Ethel Gray 5/24/47: 5/29/47p14 ;6/12/47p3

Scruton, Russell G., died 10/3/41: 10/9/41p14

Scruton, Susie, weds Frank Annis 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3

Scully, John, weds Marjorie Creteau 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3,3/17/49p4

Seale, William, weds Jane Adams 1/23/48: 2/5/48p14

Seaman, Paul, weds Lucille Archambault 10/12/46: 10/17/46p3,10/24/46p4

Seaney, Maurice L., died 8/17/42: 8/20/42p1;8/27/42p3

Sears, Abbie, weds Collis Wallingford Jr. 9/21/46: 9/26/46p3

Seavey, Arline, weds Robert Dow 9/15/48: 9/23/48p3,9/30/48p2

Seavey, Eugene H., died 11/24/40: 11/28/40p2

Seavey, Ralph F., died 6/9/45: 6/14/45p7

Seavey, Walter J., died 11/14/43: 11/25/43p4

Seavey, William H., died 3/15/42: 3/19/42p3

Seaward, Chester, weds Barbara Pearson 10/4/46: 10/10/46p3

Secord, Gloria, weds William Glennon 11/5/49: 11/10/49p15

Secord, Robert, weds Lillian Carpenter 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Seigrist, Ella, weds Leon Stevens 10/16/48: 10/21/48p14

Senter, Clarence, weds Irene Smith 5/31/42: 6/4/42p5

Senter, Eunice, weds Fred Thayer 3/22/41: 3/27/41p16

Senter, Irene, weds Harry Nickerson Jr. 3/2/49: 3/10/49p3

Sewell, Orene, weds Preston Garison 10/6/45: 10/11/45p5

Shafer, Norma, weds Thomas Fay Jr. 4/24/49: 4/28/49p4

Shannon, Geraldine, weds George Laney Jr. 6/14/47: 6/19/47p16

Shannon Jr., Daniel, weds Arlene Eldridge 2/28/48: 3/4/48p3

Shapleigh, Alice M., died 6/3/43: 6/10/43p10

Shapleigh, Ida, died 4/?/46: 4/11/46p2

Shapleigh Jr., Frederick, weds Janet Witham 8/23/47: 9/4/47p16

Shaponick, Lillian, weds Maurice Weinstein 8/24/41: 8/28/41p5

Sharkey, Owen R., died 8/19/41: 8/21/41p3

Sharpe, Grace, weds Norman Daudelin 7/25/42: 8/13/42p8

Shaw, Barbara, weds Albert Cameron 6/3/46: 6/13/46p5

Shaw, Bayfield, weds Bertha Haskell 10/31/41: 11/6/41p5

Shaw, Benjamin H., died 1/30/42: 2/5/42p2

Shaw, Gilbert, weds Elizabeth Hayes 10/26/47: 10/30/47p10

Shaw, Gilvert, weds Roberta Hayes 12/22/41: 12/25/41p5

Shaw, Grace E., died 10/26/49: 10/27/49p5

Shaw, Joseph, died 10/28/47: 10/30/47p4,11/6/47p4

Shaw, Joseph, weds Florence Dumont 12/29/45: 1/3/46p2

Shaw, Margaret C., died 1/28/42: 1/29/42p3;2/5/42p2

Shaw, Sandra L., died 12/30/46: 1/9/47p4

Shaw, Susan E., died 11/19/45: 11/22/45p4

Shaw. Anna, weds Roy Downs 7/4/48: 7/22/48p18

Sheldon, Alvin, weds Dorothy Nisbet 10/31/43: 11/4/43p3

Shepard, Cecil, died 2/10/49: 2/17/49p4

Shepard, Ellen A., died 6/?/45: 6/14/45p7

Shepard, Harold, weds Edith Wentworth 2/10/42: 2/12/42p6

Shepard, Helen A., dieed 6/6/45: 6/7/45p4

Shepard, John H., died 10/25/49: 10/27/49p5

Sherburne, Albert, weds Florence McCarthy 7/25/42: 7/30/42p9

Sherburne, Esther, weds Burton Bickford 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Sherman, Phyllis, weds Robert Clukay 4/18/49: 4/21/49p4

Shields, David, died 7/14/49: 7/21/49p4

Shinsky, Florence, weds Arthur Coleman 6/?/44: 7/13/44p2

Shockney, Robert, weds Geraldine Lemire 4/28/46: 5/2/46p2

Shorey, Charles E., died 5/17/46: 5/23/46p4

Shorey, Frank I., died 12/13/41: 12/18/41p3

Shorey, Fred, died 6/10/44: 6/15/44p3

Shorey Jr., Fred, weds Evelyn Rhodes 11/?/42: 11/26/42p5

Shorey, L. Almon. died 7/21/48: 7/29/48p4

Shorey, Lillia C., died 9/9/45: 9/13/45p4

Shorey, Minnie, died 11/21/48: 11/25/48p14

Shorey, Stephen, weds Marjorie Ferguson 3/19/42: 4/9/42p5

Sicard, Norma, weds Richard York 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Silver, Ernest L., died 1/4/49: 1/6/49p4

Silver, Lucille, weds Nelson Rouleau 10/11/47: 10/16/47p3,11/20/47p5

Silvia, Alice M., died 3/19/45: 3/22/45p11

Silvia, Carol, weds George Rouleau Jr. 10/7/46: 10/10/46p11

Simard, Cecile, weds Hubert Ramsey 11/22/45: 11/29/45p2

Simard, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/28/40p8

Simonds, Jesse C., awarded Distinguished Flying Cross: 10/19/44p7

Simoneau, Maurice, weds Marie Boissonneau 5/27/44: 6/1/44p3

Simons, Erwin W., died 8/14/45: 8/16/45p4

Simons Jr., Jesse, weds Mary Wooten ?/?/45: 6/7/45p3

Simons, Shirley, weds Dana Copp 7/3/48: 7/8/48pp2,4

Sinclair, Eleanor, weds Donald Stansfield 1/1/47: 1/23/47p3

Sinclair, George, weds Bessie Taylor 6/2/49: 6/9/49p4

Sinclair, Mylo M., retirers after 48 years in shoe mfg.: 1/13/49p1

Sinniger, Carolyn E., died 7/30/48: 8/5/48p13

Sinniger, Curtis, weds Barbara Sullivan 3/14/47: 3/27/47p17

Sintz, George, weds Virginia Hersom 3/30/45: 4/5/45p3

Sjaw Jr., Frnak, weds Elaine Hayes 6/15/40: 6/20/40p5

Skelly, Anne, weds John Abbott 9/26/43: 10/7/43p5

Skidds, William E., died 12/13/46: 12/19/46p14

Skilling, Ludger, died 12/20/41: 12/25/41p3

Skilling, Muriel, weds Roland Poire 9/2/40: 9/5/40p3

Sleeper, B. Leroy, died 5/26/43: 6/3/43p3

Sleeper, Helen, weds Flagg Freeman 5/1/41: 5/8/41p5

Sleeper, Sumner C., died 12/28/45: 1/3/46p1

Sloper, Joshua, died 9/20/41: 9/25/41p11

Small, Deborah, weds John Beals 12/10/49: 12/15/49p4

Small, Frederic E., died 4/20/49: 4/21/49p1

Small, Frederick E., celebrates 83rd birthday: 10/3/46p1

Smallcon, Elmira, died 4/7/40: 4/11/40p6

Smallwood, Mary E., died 9/28/49: 10/6/49p17

Smart, Guy E., died 10/9/46: 10/10/46p1,10/17/46p1

Smart, William, died 12/20/48: 12/30/48p4

Smith, Althea, weds Charles Wood Jr. 4/7/44: 3/9/44p5

Smith, Annette, weds Omer Mountain 5/3/47: 5/15/47p5

Smith, Annie D., died 4/19/44: 4/27/44p4

Smith, Beatrice I., died 3/1/48: 3/4/48p18

Smith, Brendiena, weds Armand Dubois 2/15/47: 2/20/47p3

Smith, Cecil, weds Josephine Scarpignato 1/4/47: 1/16/47p14

Smith, Charles D., died4 9/28/46: 10/3/46p4

Smith, Clarence, weds Blanche Stewart 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Smith, Clarence, weds Margaret Grassie 9/19/42: 10/1/42p5;10/1/42p12(F)

Smith, Corran M., died 10/11/47: 10/16/47p11

Smith, Edith M., died 5/4/44: 5/11/44p3

Smith, Elizabeth, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/2/44p8

Smith, Elizabeth H., died 1/5/41: 1/9/41p6

Smith, Elizabeth S., celebrates 93rd birthday: 2/27/47p16

Smith, Elizabeth S., celebrates 87th birthday: 2/27/41p12

Smith, Elizabeth S., celebrates 88th birthday: 2/26/42p12

Smith, Elizabeth S., died 9/15/47: 9/18/47p12 ,9/25/47p13

Smith, Florence H., died 4/25/47: 5/1/47p4

Smith, Frank W., died 3/7/41: 3/13/41p3

Smith, Freda, weds Nelson Chamberlin 11/14/46: 11/21/46p12

Smith, Frederick, weds Dorothy Burns 10/30/42: 11/5/42p8

Smith, George W., celebrates 91st birthday: 7/29/43p9

Smith, George W., died 4/29/47: 5/1/47p12

Smith, George, weds Leila Bagley 11/13/45: 11/22/45p2

Smith, Gertrude, weds Jefferson Williams 9/5/42: 9/10/42p12

Smith, Harold, weds Carolyn Warren 1/20/46: 1/24/46p2

Smith, Harold, weds Lillian Hoage 10/31/41: 11/6/41p10

Smith, Harvey D., died 8/15/45: 8/16/45p1;8/23/45p4

Smith, Horace, died 11/11/44: 11/16/44p3

Smith, Irene, weds Clarence Senter 5/31/42: 6/4/42p5

Smith, Irving E., died 7/6/47: 7/10/47p11

Smith, Irving, weds Lynda Glidden 8/30/40: 9/5/40p3

Smith Jr., Leroy, weds Phyllis Jenness 6/15/47: 6/19/47p5

Smith Jr., William, weds Ruth Hogan 12/31/45: 1/11/45p4

Smith, LaForrest, died 7/23/44: 7/27/44p8

Smith, Linwood N., died 6/17/49: 6/23/49pp1,20

Smith, Lloyd B., retires after 41 years as mail carrier: 10/7/48p10(B)

Smith, Mary T., died 7/14/44: 7/20/44p8

Smith, Mildred, weds Grover Wentworth 7/3/48: 7/15/48p5

Smith, mMry E., died 4/23/45: 4/26/45p4

Smith, Nellie M., died 8/13/42: 8/20/42p3

Smith, Norma, weds Samuel Cardinal 11/2/46: 11/7/46p10

Smith, Olive, weds Rodney Trask 12/12/47: 12/18/47p3

Smith, Oscar, weds Muriel Carpenter 4/11/40: 4/18/40p4

Smith, Paul, weds Helen Lightbody 1/11/42: 1/15/42p4

Smith, Raymond, weds Florence Young 11/25/49: 12/1/49p4

Smith, Ruth, weds Alden Henderson 6/24/45: 6/28/45p10

Smith, Sarah I., died 4/5/45: 4/12/45p13

Smith, Shirley, weds Albion Weeks 11/25/49: 12/1/49p4

Smith, Vera, weds William McMann 12/20/47: 1/1/48p3

Smith, Walter E., died 3/11/41: 3/13/41p3

Smith, Willard, weds Florence Horne 1/17/42: 1/22/42p4

Smith, William, weds Ellie Thomas 8/24/46: 9/5/46p12

Smith, William, weds Ruth Waterhouse 7/26/47: 7/31/47p3

Sneirson, Alice C., died 5/18/45: 5/24/45p6 ;5/31/45p4

Snider, Nathan, died 7/9/46: 7/11/46p4

Snierson, Casper, died 5/16/46: 5/23/46p4

Snitcher, Warren, died 3/8/49: 3/10/49p4

Snow, King, weds Geraldine Paquette 11/8/41: 11/13/41p13(F);11/20/41p13

Snow, Mrs. Leslie P., feted by Rochester Women's Club: 11/28/40p1

Snow, Norma C., died 8/3/1/48: 9/2/48p1

Snow, Ruby, weds Charles Dickson 5/29/41: 6/5/41p4

Snyder, Arthur, weds Helen Tuttle 2/7/47: 2/13/47p2

Snyder, Reuben, weds Eleanor Page 2/8/48: 2/12/48p5

Solsky, Anthony, weds Shirley Goodchild 11/10/45: 11/8/45p2

Somers, Sadie R., died ?/?/43: 7/8/43p6

Soper, Fred, weds Hazel Howard 10/22/48: 10/28/48p7

Soucey, Louis, weds Eleanor Wentworth 1/?/42: 1/29/42p8

Soucy, Alice, weds Harold Thompson 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Soucy Jr., Joseph, weds Elizabeth Vachon 7/4/46: 7/11/46p2

Soucy, Rene, weds Elizabeth Tessier 10/?/40: 10/17/40p5

Soule, Bertha A., died 8/9/42: 8/13/42p6

Southard, Doris, weds Richard Lageux 6/18/45: 6/21/45p3

Souza, Lydia B., died 11/15/48: 11/18/48p4

Spalding, Leontine, died 11/3/48: 11/11/48p4

Spaulding, Bette, weds Edwin Haas 6/13/43: 6/17/43p5

Spaulding, Huntley N., celebrates 80th birthday: 10/27/49p1

Spaulding, Huntley N., lauded as NH's #1 Citizen: 8/25/49p1

Spaulding, Rolland H., died 3/14/42: 3/19/42pp1,4

Spaulding, Virginia, weds William Champlin 6/10/41: 6/12/41p3

Spear, ???, weds Lester Glidden 8/3/45: 8/16/45p10

Spear, Charles, weds Doris Kimball 4/6/41: 4/10/41p14

Spear, Wayne, weds Barbara Lane 9/29/49: 10/6/49p17

Spencer, Olive, died 1/25/46: 1/31/46p4

Spenser, Frederick, weds Mildred Pollett 6/19/43: 7/15/43p5

Spickler, Gertrude, weds Charles Duplin 11/12/49: 11/17/50p4

Spiller. Leonal, died 4/6/49: 4/14/49p4

Splaine, Roberta, weds Lionel Bergeron 11/29/45: 12/6/45p2

Spooner, Lester, weds Ruth Crosby 5/25/40: 5/30/40p5

Sprague, Annie M., died 6/15/48: 6/17/48p19

Sprague, Barbara, weds Lionel Paradis 9/13/47: 10/2/47p3

Sprague, Byron, weds Patricia Pulsifer 6/26/48: 7/1/48p17

Sprague, George, weds Irene Wilkins 1/22/49: 1/27/49p10

Sprague, Ralph, weds Phyllis Towle 1/12/46: 1/18/46p10

Sprich, Carl, weds Carline Howe 6/24/46: 6/27/46p2

Springfield, Carrie E., died 1/21/42: 1/22/42p2;1/29/42p3

Spurling, Patricia, weds Joseph Woodward 10/23/47: 11/6/47p2

Spurling, Robert E., awarded the Bronze Star: 6/14/45p6

St. Cyr, Etheline, weds Roland Boulet 12/14/46: 12/19/46p2

St. Germain, Mozart, weds Louise Couture 9/7/46: 9/19/46p3

St. Hilaire, M&M Ludger, celebnrate 25th anniversary: 4/8/43p5

St. Laurent, Bernadette, weds Cyril Filiau 10/25/47: 11/20/47p5

St. Laurent, Elzear, died 10/10/43: 10/14/43p3

St. Laurent, Marie C., died 6/20/42: 6/25/42p3

St. Laurenty, Nazaire, died 5/25/44: 6/1/44p4

St. Laurenyt, Anna M., died 6/11/45: 6/14/45p7;6/21/45p5

St. Lawrence, Mary, weds Ralph Corson 12/4/48: 12/9/48p3

St. Onge, Rosilda, weds Henry Newton Jr. 11/24/49: 12/1/49p4

St. Peter, Joseph, weds Brenda Wallingford 12/23/42: 12/31/42p8

Stacey, Margaret, weds John Furlong 8/22/42: 8/27/42p5

Stacey, William R., died 1/6/49: 1/13/49p14

Stacy, Eleanor, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 2/1/40p1

Stacy, Muriel, weds Raymond Witherell 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Stacy, Ruth, weds John Gray 4/23/46: 5/2/46p11

Stadig, Albert, weds Adeline Swain 6/19/48: 6/24/48p20

Stafford, Glenn, weds Fay Page 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Stanhope, Otis, weds Rosella Clark 4/25/47: 5/1/47p3

Stanhope. Ruth, weds Earl Congram 1/20/49: 1/27/49p3

Stanley, Donald, weds Catherine Thompson 2/25/41: 3/6/41p5

Stanley, Flossie, weds Robert Kelley 8/16/42: 8/27/42p8

Stanley, Helen F., died 8/24/45: 8/30/45p10

Stanley Jr., John, weds Joan Newbury 1/22/48: 1/29/48p3

Stansfield, Donald, weds Eleanor Sinclair 1/1/47: 1/23/47p3

Stanton, Fred T., died 9/6/43: 9/9/43p3;9/16/43p3

Stanton, M&M William J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/22/40p4

Staples, Catherine R., died 2/3/47: 2/6/47p12

Staples, Irene, weds George Stevens 2/27/45: 3/1/45p3

Staples, Joseph W., died 11/21/45: 11/29/45p10

Staples, Olive, weds Howard Furbush 11/7/42: 11/12/42p5

Staples, Virginia, weds Charles Hunter Jr. 9/19/47: 9/25/47p10

Steadman, James, weds Delia Mullen 4/6/40: 4/18/40p8

Stearns, Annie, weds Edwin Frizzell 6/8/44: 6/22/44p2

Stearns, Dora, weds Arthur Edwards 7/12/42: 7/16/42p6

Stearns, Marion, weds Bernard Frizzell 1/25/47: 1/30/47p2

Stearns, Robert, weds Ethelyn Howard 7/4/42: 7/9/42p8

Stearns, Ruth, weds Harry Ledburry 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Stein, Lucille, weds Robert Wentworth 6/7/43: 6/17/43p10

Stetson, Eleanor, weds Roland Cook 10/5/47: 10/9/47p5

Stetson Jr., Clyde, weds Jeanne Colby 4/30/42: 5/14/42p3

Stevens, Andrew, died 12/1/40: 12/5/40p1

Stevens, Carrie E., died 6/?/41: 6/26/41p2

Stevens, Clinton, earns VFW Heroism medal: 2/15/40p1

Stevens, Donald, weds Fernande Gilbert 2/15/47: 2/20/47p3

Stevens, Edgar, weds ??? Sweet 8/19/44: 8/24/44p2

Stevens, Elmer, weds Bernice Howard 2/6/43: 2/11/43p2

Stevens, Florence, weds George Mackie 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3

Stevens, Fred, weds Ella Peavy 9/5/43: 9/9/43p5

Stevens, Frederick. weds Brenda Aldrich 11/30/46: 12/5/46p16

Stevens, George D., died 8/22/42: 8/27/42p3

Stevens, George, weds Irene Staples 2/27/45: 3/1/45p3

Stevens, Guy E., died 8/19/47: 8/28/47p10

Stevens, Hamie A., died 4/8/43: 4/15/43p3

Stevens, Handy, weds Sarah Lyons 7/3/40: 7/11/40p4

Stevens, Harold, weds Florence Bisson 7/27?/44: 8/10/44p2

Stevens, Janet, weds Sumner Brown 12/14/47: 12/18/47p3

Stevens, John M., died 12/5/48: 12/9/48p1

Stevens, Leon, weds Ella Seigrist 10/16/48: 10/21/48p14

Stevens, Louise, weds Burns Willey 10/23/48: 10/28/48p7

Stevens, Lucy B., died 1/22/45: 1/25/45p4

Stevens, Mary, weds Fred Chesley 10/27/44: 11/2/44p11

Stevens, Mattie J., died 7/12/47: 7/17/47p4

Stevens, Percival, died 3/27/43: 4/1/43p9

Stevens, Phyllis, weds Harry Dorr 10/11/40: 10/17/40p5

Stevens, Rita, weds Arthur Harmon 6/15/47: 6/19/47p5

Stevens, Rockwell J., died 4/10/41: 4/17/41p5

Stevens, Sarah, weds Elmer Bonser 8/17/42: 9/3/42p5

Stevens, Sylvester, weds Rita Bickford 3/31/48: 4/8/48p19

Stevenson, Beverly, weds Roland Cormier 1/8/49: 1/13/49p3

Stevenson, Lorraine, weds Parker Constantine 9/3/49: 9/8/49p4,9/29/49p4

Stevenson, William H., died 1/18/45: 1/25/45p4

Stevenson, William, went to sea at 14 years of age: 5/8/41p1

Stewart, Alice, weds Walter Roberts 9/11/46: 9/12/46p3

Stewart, Barbara, weds Roger Lessard 8/16/44: 8/24/44p8

Stewart, Blanche, weds Clarence Smith 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Stewart, David, died 11/5/46: 11/7/46p4

Stewart, Donald, weds Helen Rolphe 1/23/44: 1/27/44p6

Stewart Family, Frank, holds first reunion: 8/29/40p6

Stewart, Lester E., died 12/1/47: 12/4/47p4

Stewart, Louise, weds Oman Richardson 7/4/48: 7/15/48p12

Stewart, Roberta A., earns Ph.D./Chemistry at Smith: 6/9/49p1

Stiles, Julia, weds Harold Chaplin 1/3/45: 1/11/45p4

Stillings, Charles O., died 3/7/47: 3/13/47p16

Stillings, Harold, weds Mildred Cunningham 10/29/43: 11/4/43p12

Stillings, Mabel M., died 12/13/43: 12/16/43p3

Stone, Doris, weds James Henderson 7/2/49: 7/7/49p4

Stone, Emma A., died 7/18/44: 7/20/44p4

Stone, Kenneth, weds Elaine Pageotte 9/7/47: 9/11/47p7

Stone, Russell, Weds Norma Wheeler 11/30/44: 12/7/44p3

Storer, Arthur, died 9/15/49: 9/22/49p4

Storey, S. Clara, died 12/1/41: 12/4/41p3

Story, John, weds Helen Laverdiere 9/7/41: 9/11/31pp5,6

Stowe, Donald, weds Mary Ramsey 11/1/41: 11/6/41p11

Strachan, Carolyn, weds Robert Warburton 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Streeter, Margaret, died 12/15/47: 12/18/47p4

Strong, Alice, weds Bernard Nason 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5

Strong, Beulah, weds Harris Chapman 12/12/47: 1/1/48p5

Stuart, Jerry, weds Beatrice Damon 9/29/46: 10/3/46p11

Stuart, Kenneth, weds Harriet Vincent 10/10/47: 10/23/47p3

Stuart, mary E., dieed 12/3/43: 12/9/43p3

Stuart, Walter G., died 1/14/48: 1/15/48p4

Studley, Annie, weds Stacy Tripp 4/20/49: 4/21/49p4

Sturgeon, Elizabeth W., died 6/?/42: 7/9/42p8

Sullivan, Arthur, weds Eleanor Raab 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3

Sullivan, Barbara, weds Curtis Sinniger 3/14/47: 3/27/47p17

Sullivan, Catherine, weds Arthur Butler 11/16/41: 11/27/41p8

Sullivan, Charles, weds Evalyn Day 8/14/44: 8/17/44p2

Sullivan, Jeremiah F., died 7/14/42: 7/16/42p3

Sullivan, Joseph A., died ?/?/43: 7/22/43p1

Sullivan Jr., Fred, weds Margot Langen 7/26/47: 8/28/47p10

Sullivan, Mortimer F., died 12/14/42: 12/17/42p10

Sullivan, Nellie, feted for 25 years service to Frisbie: 11/4/48p1

Sunderland, Ida, weds Ernest Gauthier 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Sunderland, June, weds Warren Howe 4/5/42: 4/9/42p5

Sutherland, Herbert, weds Pearl Keniston 7/29/49: 8/4/49p4

Sutherland, Robert, weds Aroline Turcotte 2/24/44: 3/2/44p9

Swain, Adeline, weds Albert Stadig 6/19/48: 6/24/48p20

Swain, Effie L., died 3/18/49: 3/24/49p11

Swaine, Luverne, weds Sherman Baxter 10/6/45: 10/11/45p6

Sweet, ???, weds Edgar Stevens 8/19/44: 8/24/44p2

Sweet, Edward G., died 9/28/47: 10/9/47p4

Sweet, Elsie, weds Charles Hulswit 11/8/47: 11/13/47p3

Sweet, Joseph F., died 3/17/44: 3/23/44p4

Sweet, Robert V., died 6/15/46: 6/20/46p1

Swensiski, Lawrence, died 3/6/48: 3/11/48p4

Swenson, Harold, weds Madelyn Hopey 6/25/42: 7/2/42p11

Sykes, Eudora, weds Harry Davis 9/29/45: 10/4/45p9

Sylvain, Alfred, weds Bernadette Ouellette 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Sylvain, Alphonse, weds Georgiana Rodier 1/3/42: 1/8/42p5

Sylvain, Archie, retires at age 71: 7/31/41p6

Sylvain, Arthur died 1/5/47: 1/9/47p4

Sylvain, Charles, weds Stephanie Lewandoski 7/14/46: 8/1/46p3

Sylvain, Ernest, weds Simone Roberts 11/15/47: 11/20/47p5

Sylvain, Josephine D., died 9/30/49: 10/6/49p5

Sylvain, Paul, weds Jeanne Tremblay 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Sylvain, Pauline, weds Girard Fecteau 4/27/46: 5/2/46p2,5/16/46p2

Sylvain, Wilfred, weds Palma Lavoie 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5;3/12/42p6

Sylvaine, ???, weds Forrest Freeman 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Sylvaine, Beatrice, weds John Pollack 12/15/45: 12/20/45p2

Sylvaine, Eugenie, died 11/11/49: 11/17/50p5

Symons, Floyd, weds Ethelyn Dorr 11/5/44: 11/9/44p3

Syze, Laura S., died 2/7/47: 2/13/47p4

Talbot, Alphone E., died 14/16/40: 11/21/40p3

Talbot, E. Richard, died 10/11/40: 10/17/40p3

Talbot, Thomas, died 2/3/47: 2/6/47p5

Tanguay, Jeannette, weds Joihn Grassie 7/26/41: 7/31/41p6

Tanguay, Martin, weds Jeannette Richard 5/18/46: 5/23/46p3

Tanguay, Raymond, weds Betty Laurion 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

Tanner, Charles, weds Helen Johnson 1/13/40: 1/25/40p5

Tanner, Ellerena, weds Chester Scott 6/25/44: 7/6/44p9

Tarbell, Wayland O., died 6/19/46: 6/27/46p4

Tarbell, Wayland, weds Fannie Baxter 2/12/44: 3/2/44p9

Tardy, Allie M., died 4/18/43: 4/22/43p3

Tarler, Edward C., died ?/?/46: 6/13/46p12

Tarleton, Olin, weds Margaret Emmond 6/8/46: 6/13/46p3

Tarlton, John, weds Theresa Rheaume 11/9/46: 11/21/46p3

Tarlton, Richard, weds Betty Salyards 4/3/48: 4/8/48p5

Tarmey, Carroll, weds Margaret Tarmey 7/17/43: 7/29/43p9

Tarmey, Edna, weds Francis Fifield 6/20/42: 6/25/42p5

Tarmey, John, weds Carol Vien 2/12/46: 2/21/46p10

Tarmey, Margaret, weds Carroll Tarmey 7/17/43: 7/29/43p9

Tarmey, Philip, weds Helen Glidden 5/29/46: 6/6/46p12

Tatro, Mary L., died 2/15/47: 2/20/47p16

Tattersall, Ivan, weds Theo Rogers 2/12/42: 3/12/42p5

Taylor, Alice, weds Arthur Jacques 5/4/48: 5/6/48p18

Taylor, Anna, weds Leonard Marshall 6/12/43: 6/17/43p5

Taylor, Bessie, weds George Sinclair 6/2/49: 6/9/49p4

Taylor, Betty, crowned Miss New Hampshire: 7/29/48p1

Taylor, Burleigh M., died 2/5/40: 2/8/40p3

Taylor, Etta, weds Joseph Ziromskis 2/?/43: 3/4/43p5

Taylor, Harlan, weds Saundra Pease 4/13/46: 4/18/46p3;5/2/46p3

Taylor, Henry, died 1/10/48: 1/15/48p4

Taylor, Herbert, weds Barbara Hunt 4/5/47: 4/10/47p6;4/24/47p3

Taylor, Herbert, weds Stella Jordan 11/1/47: 11/6/47p14

Taylor, Ina, weds Roland Barnaby 5/11/40: 5/16/40p13

Taylor, Mary P., died 1/18/41: 1/23/41p2

Taylor, Olevine, weds Leon Howard 12/24/47: 1/1/48p3

Taylor, Richard, weds Alice Gray 9/3/49: 9/8/49p15

Taylor, Russell, weds June Dixon 3/2/46: 3/7/46p2

Taylor, Ruth, weds Edward Roswell 6/24/47: 7/3/47p12

Taylor, T. Daniel, died 9/9/46: 9/12/46p4

Taylor, Viola, weds Fred Tibbetts 11/22/41: 12/4/41p5

Teague, Nellie M., died 5/14/47: 5/15/47p4

Tebbets, Alta B., died 11/13/47: 11/13/47p4,11/20/47p4

Tebbetts, Arthur E., died 12/28/47: 1/1/48p1

Tebbetts, Arva, weds Myra Lowell 10/14/44: 10/19/44p7

Tebbetts, Bernard, weds Ruth Arlin 7/17/42: 7/23/42p6

Tebbetts, Celia E., died 2/8/49: 2/10/49p4,2/17/49p4

Tebbetts, Charles H., died 12/15//43: 12/16/43p3

Tebbetts, Edward E., died 7/31/42: 8/6/42p3

Tebbetts, Frances, weds Luther Garland 6/30/44: 7/6/44p3

Tebbetts, Glen, weds Erlene Lowell 7/20/46: 8/8/46p3

Tebbetts, Jessica, died 4/15/44: 4/20/44p4

Tebbetts, Lucinda, died 7/31/43: 8/5/43p3

Tebbetts, Mildred, weds Leslie White 3/28/42: 4/2/42p4

Tebbetts, Warren E., died 11/6/45: 11/22/45p8

Teel, Charlotte, weds Carl Gaskell 9/28/47: 10/2/47p3

Teel, Francisco, weds Bernard Londress 10/23/42: 10/29/42p5

Ter Bush, Elwin, weds Vivian Yates 3/15/46: 4/11/46p2;4/25/46p3

Terrien, Mildred, weds Eugene Larochelle 11/26?/41: 12/4/41p5

Terwadow, Jesse, weds Audrey Lafontaine 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Tessier, Charles, died 5/26/42: 5/28/42p3

Tessier, Elizabeth, weds Rene Soucy 10/?/40: 10/17/40p5

Tessier, Rita, weds Gerard Huppe 6/29/46: 7/4/46p2

Tessier, Victoria, weds Oscar Corsault 4/20/40: 4/25/40p4

Tetherly, Willia E., died 2/24/41: 3/13/41p12

Tetley, Josie M., died 8/11/42: 8/13/42p6

Teunick, Anna R., died 7/22/45: 7/26/45p7

Teuninck, Edward, died 5/3/46: 5/9/46p12

Thayer, Eunice, weds Elton Young 10/5/42: 10/8/42p8

Thayer, Fred I., died 8/11/41: 8/14/41p1

Thayer, Fred, weds Eunice Senter 3/22/41: 3/27/41p16

Thayer, Harry E., died 10/18/46: 10/24/46p12

Thayer, Norman W., died 1/26/45: 2/1/45p11

Thayer, Walter H., died 7/4/43: 7/8/43p7

Thebault, Elwin, weds Eleanor Hall 3/6/42: 3/12/42p5

Theberge, Leo, weds Lea Paul 6/29/40: 7/4/40pp4,5

Theoret, Esther, weds Emerson Dame 7/29/44: 8/3/44p2

Therberge, Lionel, weds Rita Cyr 10/26/46: 10/31/46p12

Theroux, Emile, weds Lorraine Gourgue 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Theroux, Lillian, weds Joseph Lacasse 6/21/47: 7/17/47p6;7/24/47p3

Therrien, Alcine, weds Lucille Godin 2/15/41: 2/20/41pp4,5

Therrien, Armand, weds Frances Chadbourne 10/31/40: 11/14/40p5

Therrien, Bertrand, weds Rollande Lacasse 8/3/46: 8/8/46p3

Therrien, Fiddian, died 9/16?/42: 9/17/42p3;9/24/42p3

Therrien, Lorraine, weds Yvan Cormier 12/1/45: 12/6/45p2

Therrien, Marie L., died 1/12/44: 1/20/44p3

Therrien, Norbert, weds Norma Ham 6/14/47: 6/19/47p5;6/26/47p3

Therrien, Theresa, weds Roland Gagne 1/16/45: 1/18/45p5

Thibault, Beatrice, weds Armand Huppe 2/8/47: 2/20/47p2

Thibedeau, Hattie, weds Ralph Hussey 6/7/47: 6/19/47p18

Thibedeau, Solon, weds Grace Huntress 5/9/47: 5/15/47p14

Thiberge, Joseph, weds Bernice Goodwin 10/23/43: 10/28/43p5

Thibodeau, Louise, weds James Liberty 6/8/40: 6/13/40p22

Thibodeau, Malvine P., died 3/22/42: 3/26/42p3

Thivierge, Ovila, weds Rita Carignan 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Thomas, Donald, weds Priscilla Fowler 11/21/46: 11/28/46p3

Thomas, Ellie, weds William Smith 8/24/46: 9/5/46p12

Thomas, Harvey, weds Mary Berry 11/20/42: 11/26/42p5

Thomas, Mabel, weds Paul Bergeron 8/29/44: 8/31/44p2

Thompson, Anna, died 4/24/46: 5/2/46p4;5/9/46p4

Thompson, Catherine, weds Donald Stanley 2/25/41: 3/6/41p5

Thompson, Charles, weds Barbara Cooper 6/8/41: 6/12/41p4

Thompson, Cornelius, died 4/1/43: 4/8/43p12

Thompson, Doris, weds Clifford Lord Jr. 2/26/49: 3/3/49p3

Thompson, Edith, died 7/6/45: 7/19/45p12

Thompson, Eileen, weds Kenneth Corson 3/13/43: 3/25/43p5

Thompson, Elizabeth, weds Robert Neal 6/22/40: 6/27/40p5

Thompson, Florida D., died 4/25/43: 4/29/43p2

Thompson, Harold, weds Alice Soucy 1/3/48: 1/8/48p3

Thompson, Harold, weds Anna Amero 7/5/41: 7/17/41p5

Thompson, Hervey J., died 11/14/44: 11/16/44p9

Thompson, Jennie I., died 7/24/43: 7/29/43p9

Thompson, Jennie L., died 3/15/40: 3/21/40p12

Thompson, Lanzarah V., died 12/15/40: 12/19/40p3

Thompson, Lola, weds Thomas Macfarland 2/2/45: 3/1/45p3

Thompson, Myra, weds Samuel Brideau 11/30/44: 12/21/44p5

Thompson, Phyllis, weds William Walter 12/7/46: 12/12/46p3

Thompson, Russell, weds Laurie West 7/10/44: 7/20/44p5

Thompson, Sarah E., died 5/8/46: 5/9/46p4

Thompson, Stillman B., died 4/6/40: 4/11/40p3

Thompson, Thelma, weds Eugene Haywood Jr. 8/25/45: 8/30/45p4

Thompson, Willia I., died 8/26/46: 8/29/46p4

Thornton, Florence L., died 10/16/43: 10/21/43p3

Thornton, Walter S., died 7/6/45: 7/12/45p6

Thurston, Beulah, weds Charles Brace 9/?/41: 10/2/41p8

Thurston, Charles H., died 9/24/42: 10/1/42p12

Thurston, Clara M., died 9/27/44: 10/5/44p5

Thurston, Geraldine, weds Edgar Buswell 7/4/40: 7/11/40p4

Thurston, Josiah W., died 6/22/48: 7/1/48p16

Thurston, Kermit, weds Rita Boulanger 9/12/49: 9/15/49p4

Thurston, Martin V., died 2/29/48: 3/4/48p10

Thurston, Richard, weds Charlotte Harriman 11/9/45: 11/22/45p8

Thurston, Virginia, weds Cecil Laney 7/10/48: 7/22/48p9

Tibbetts, Augusta E., died 4/8/46: 4/11/46p2

Tibbetts, Clarence L., died 12/4/43: 12/16/43p3

Tibbetts, Donald C., earns Distinguished Flying Cross: 3/1/45p3

Tibbetts, Donald, weds Lorraine Corson 8/31/45: 9/6/45p2

Tibbetts, Ethel, weds Henry Bell 12/31/41: 1/15/42p4

Tibbetts, Fred N., died 2/14/41: 2/20/41p15

Tibbetts, Fred, weds Viola Taylor 11/22/41: 12/4/41p5

Tibbetts, George, weds Mary Gurney 12/?/46: 12/26/46p11

Tibbetts, Marguerite, weds Norman Conlin 8/17/40: 8/29/40p5

Tibbetts, Mary A., died 5/17/40: 5/23/40p3

Tibbetts, Mary E., died 8/9/46: 8/15/46p10

Tillery Jr., John, weds Madeleine Bisson 11/25/48: 12/2/48p3

Tillman, Carrie, weds Virgil Horr 12/?/49: 12/22/49p4

Tilton, Barbara, weds Neal Anderson 6/12/43: 6/17/43p12

Tilton, Donna, weds Wilfred Osgood 1/17/46: 1/24/46p10

Tilton, Erma, weds George Ulrich 9/26/48: 9/30/48p3,10/7/48p3

Tilton, Hazel, weds Pearl Bowden 9/5/42: 9/10/42p8

Tilton, Lloyd, weds June Rollins 3/15/46: 3/21/46p10

Tilton, Margaret, weds Walter Hart Jr. 4/11/49: 4/14/49p4

Tilton, Robert, weds Cecile Turcotte 11/5/49: 11/10/49p4

Tilton, Thornton, weds Fae Chase 7/21/46: 8/1/46p14

Timmons, James, died 3/12/44: 3/16/44p4

Timmons, Richard, weds Yvonne Pepon 7/2/49: 7/14/49p4

Tinker, Richard, weds Gloria Grenier 10/7/45: 10/11/45p2

Tirrell, Beatrice, weds Earl Erickson 8/2/42: 8/6/42p11

Titus, Clifford, weds Geraldine Willey 6/23/40: 6/27/40p5

Tobey, Grace, died 12/20/46: 12/26/46p11

Tobin, M. Genevieve, died 12/24/47: 1/1/48p4

Tompson, Carl, weds Hilda Moody 8/5/46: 8/22/46p3

Toof, Herman, weds Muriel Columbus 10/31/42: 11/5/42p12

Toohill, Jeannette, weds William Bell 4/15/44: 4/27/44p3

Toomey, Eileen, weds Robert Murphy 5/30/42: 6/4/42p5

Topliffe, Ronald M., died 12/17/47: 12/25/47p4

Towle, Adrienne, weds Herbert Flynn 4/24/47: 5/1/47p3

Towle, Henrietta W., died 1/15/47: 1/23/47p12

Towle, Katherine E., died 12/29/39: 1/4/40p8

Towle, Mary, weds Reginald Clement 9/19/42: 10/8/42p8

Towle, Phyllis, weds Ralph Sprague 1/12/46: 1/18/46p10

Towle, Velna, weds Harold Carll 7/3/49: 7/14/49p11

Towle, Warren N., died 7/24/49: 7/28/49p5

Townsend, Paul, weds Theresa Coulumbe 12/30/39: 1/4/40p8

Tozer, Carl, weds Evelyn Dale 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Tozier, Thelma, weds Matthew Lewis 4/16/42: 4/23/42p5

Trafton, Everett E., died 5/7/40: 5/9/40p10

Trask, Edwin B., died 9/27/49: 9/29/49p5

Trask, Ida E., died 8/26/43: 9/2/43p8

Trask Jr., Corridon, weds Margaret Gahan 10/27/45: 11/8/45p2

Trask, Lillian, weds Roswell Randall 8/5/45: 8/9/45p10

Trask, Richard, weds Thelma Corson 7/25/41: 7/31/41p6

Trask, Rodney, weds Olive Smith 12/12/47: 12/18/47p3

Trask, Roland, weds Daisy Howe 1/21/42: 1/29/42p5

Tremblay, Charles, weds Thelma Barber 11/16/40: 12/5/40p5

Tremblay, Jeanne, weds Paul Sylvain 10/1/49: 10/6/49p4

Tremblay, Roger J., died 8/14/49: 8/18/49p1

Tremblay, Rose A., died 2/2/41: 2/6/41p3

Trickey, Mabel R., died 5/20/41: 5/22/41p3

Tripp, Charles H., died 5/3/45: 5/10/45p4

Tripp, Eleanor B., died 1/24/46: 1/31/46p4

Tripp, Lorna, weds Donald Clough 8/15/48: 8/19/48p5

Tripp, Rachel M., died 11/7/47: 11/13/47p4

Tripp. Stacy, weds Annie Studley 4/20/49: 4/21/49p4

Trojano, Henry, weds Marguerite Howard 6/29/45: 7/12/45p8

Trottier, Gerard, weds Pauline Aubert 8/10/46: 8/15/46p3

Trubenback, Shirley, weds Bernard Nixon 5/7/45: 5/10/45p4

Trudel, Albert, weds Zatae Morin 7/6/43: 7/15/43p5

Trueworthy, Raymond, weds Muriel Rogers 4/23/49: 4/28/49p4

Trygg, Charles, weds Juliette Michael 5/18/46: 5/23/46p3

Tuck, Gordon, weds Beatrice Beriault 5/24/41: 5/29/41p4

Tucker, Charles, weds Evelyn Jones 12/21/42: 12/24/42p6

Tucker, Helen, weds Herbert Bowering 5/1/43: 5/6/43p5

Tucker, Lawrence B., died 4/25/42: 4/30/42p3

Tufts, Barbara, weds Lloyd Goodwin 8/29/42: 9/3/42p12

Tufts, Beverly, weds Joseph Vachon 12/20/46: 1/2/47p13

Tufts, Evelyn, weds Howard Burroughs 7/22/44: 7/27/44p10

Tufts, Iris, weds Frank Greenwood 3/20/48: 4/1/48p8

Tufts, M. Corrine, died 7/5/45: 7/12/45p4

Tufts, Ransom, weds Muriel Hodgedon 7/14/47: 7/17/47p14

Tufts, Stephen, weds Mary Marcoux 11/11/47: 11/20/47p13

Tufts, Thelma, weds John Gray 8/11/44: 8/17/44p5

Tufts, Virginia A., died 10/17/45: 10/25/45p4

Tufts, William D., died 3/10/42: 3/12/42p9

Tukey, Robert, weds Helen Robbins 10/27/45: 11/8/45p2

Turcotte, Aroline, weds Robert Sutherland 2/24/44: 3/2/44p9

Turcotte, Cecile, weds Robert Tilton 11/5/49: 11/10/49p4

Turcotte, Lena, weds Walter Lougee 9/25/42: 10/1/42p12

Turcotte, Lorraine, weds Francis Gagne 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3;5/8/47p3

Turcotte, Marjorie, weds John Casey 6/1/46: 6/6/46p3;6/13/46p3

Turcotte, Norman, weds Corrine Boivin 6/4/49: 6/9/49p4

Turcotte, Wilfred, weds Sylvia Millette 8/1/47: 8/14/47p16

Turgeon, Clotilde, weds Albert Hebert 1/20/47: 1/23/47p9

Turgeon, Delvina, died 7/16/43: 7/22/43p3

Turgeon, Joseph, died 8/15/44: 8/17/44p4

Turgeon, Joseph, weds Theresa Lanoie 9/2/46: 9/5/46p3

Turgeon, Thomas., died 6/23/43: 6/24/43p3;7/1/43p3

Turgeon, Treffle, weds Beulah Wallace 10/5/40: 10/10/40p5

Turmelle, Alfred, weds Silvia Albany 2/23/47: 2/27/47p2

Turmelle, Anita, weds Winfield Varney 11/1/46: 11/7/46p5

Turmelle, Delia, died 11/24/47: 11/27/47p4,12/4/47p4

Turmelle, Joseph E., died 3/16/49: 3/24/49p4

Turmelle, Leo, died 11/17/48: 11/18/48p4

Turmelle, Louis, died 10/21/43: 10/28/43p3

Turmelle, Lucille, weds Robert Duntley 4/13/46: 4/18/46p3

Turmelle, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/29/43p1

Turmelle, Maria O., died 4/15/49: 4/21/49p4

Turmelle, Raymond, earns Silver Star: 11/25/43p1

Turmelle, Robert, weds Elizabeth Boivin 3/17/49: 3/24/49p4

Turmelle, Roland E., awarded Purple Heart: 4/13/44p1

Turmelle, Roland, weds Barbara Power 4/21/46: 4/25/46p2

Turner, Carrie L., died 11/24/45: 11/29/45p10

Turner, Elaine, weds Michael Green 3/23/47: 3/27/47p15

Turner, Florence, weds George Haley 7/31/42: 8/6/42p11

Turner, Gorson, weds Viola Emery 5/21/47: 5/29/47p5

Turner, Lois, weds Robert Hughson 8/14/48: 8/19/48p5

Turner, M&M William J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/22/45pp3,10

Turner, Muriel, weds Mitchell Leocha 5/5/45: 5/10/45p14

Turner, Muriel, weds Philip Hussey 7/17/48: 7/29/48p3

Turner, Muriel, weds Richard Munsey 11/27/40: 12/5/40pp4,10

Turner, Raymond, weds Palma Beaudoin 3/20/43: 3/25/43p5

Turner, Robert, weds Muriel Osborn 6/7/41: 6/12/41p4

Tutt, Leon, weds Barbara Lord 6/17/42: 6/25/42p5

Tuttle, A. Roscoe, died 7/26/43: 7/29/43p3

Tuttle, Allison E., died 10/26/47: 10/30/47p16,1/6/47p14

Tuttle, Allison, weds Lulu Bennett 2/15/41: 2/20/41p15

Tuttle, Andrew S., died 1/31/45: 2/8/45p12

Tuttle, Anna, weds Francis Guay 1/25/41: 1/30/41p3

Tuttle, Carrie E., died 10/?/45: 11/1/45p13

Tuttle, Catherine S., died 1/11/40: 1/18/40p15

Tuttle, Helen, weds Arthur Snyder 2/7/47: 2/13/47p2

Tuttle, Henry, died 6/12/49: 6/16/49p19

Tuttle, Lawrence, weds Prudence Manchester 7/20/46: 7/25/46p2

Tuttle, Nettie F., died 11/30/45: 12/6/45p4

Tuttle, Owen H., died 12/27/46: 1/2/47p4

Tuttle, Walter E.,. died 11/2/47: 11/6/47p4,11/13/47p4

Twichell, Doris M., died 3/19/45: 3/22/45p4

Twichell, Frank, weds Emily Nichols 3/4/44: 3/16/44p6

Twiss, Evelyn, weds George Woollette 8/14/49: 8/18/49p14

Twombley, Gladys, weds Richard Pollard 6/28/46: 7/4/46p8

Twombley, Leslie, weds Elizabeth Higgins 8/17/40: 8/22/40p14

Twombly, Bessie P., died 5/24/48: 6/3/48p14

Twombly family holds annual reunion: 8/28/41p5

Ulrich, George, weds Erma Tilton 9/26/48: 9/30/48p3,10/7/48p3

Utz, Henry, weds Lucille Morin 2/9/45: 2/15/45p5

Vachon, Albina G., died 5/17/47: 5/22/47p4

Vachon, Alma, weds Lloyd Hudson 10/5/46: 10/10/46p11

Vachon, Delia, died 12/24/43: 12/30/43p4

Vachon, Doris, weds Donald Renebu 3/3/47: 3/6/47p3

Vachon, Edward J., died 8/?/43: 9/1/43pp1,3

Vachon, Edward J., is WWII casualty: 2/17/49p1

Vachon, Elizabeth, weds Joseph Soucy Jr. 7/4/46: 7/11/46p2

Vachon, Georgianna, celebrates 86th birthday: 1/8/48p3

Vachon, Georgianna, celebrates 87th birthday: 1/6/49p2

Vachon, Henrietta, weds Kenneth Eck 11/23/46: 11/28/46p3

Vachon, Henry J., died 9/10/45: 9/6/45p4;9/13/45p4

Vachon, Henry, weds Mildred Nute 2/20/43: 2/25/43p4

Vachon, Joseph, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 4/29/43p6 ;5/6/43p1

Vachon, Joseph R., died 9/22/42: 9/24/42p3;10/1/42p3

Vachon, Joseph, weds Beverly Tufts 12/20/46: 1/2/47p13

Vachon, Lorraine, weds Arnold McCrillis 5/17/41: 5/29/41p4

Vachon, M&M Robert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/17/49p1

Vachon, M&M Thomas, celebrate 25th anniversdary: 10/9/41p4

Vachon, Madeleine, weds Michael Heon 8/18/47: 8/21/47p3

Vachon, Norma, weds Lucien Lamontagne 8/16/41: 8/21/41p5;8/28/41p6

Vachon, Pauline, weds George Lachance 8/31/40: 9/5/40p3

Vachon, Priscilla, weds Ronland Nedeau 2/3/40: 2/8/40p15

Vachon, Raymond, weds Marie Dubois 10/16/48p: 10/21/48p3

Vachon, Robert, weds Christine Hanagan 11/25/44: 11/30/44p9

Vachon, Robert, weds Theresa Duchano 8/30/47: 9/4/47p16(M),9/11/47p18(M)

Vachon, Thais, weds Bertrand Huppe 4/22/44: 4/27/44p3

Vachon, Thomas, weds Jean Pratt 9/6/48: 9/9/48p3

Vachon, Wilfred, died 9/7/43: 9/9/43p3

Vallaire, Honorine, died 2/14/44: 2/17/44p4

Valley, Maurice, weds Dorothe LaFay 4/2/45: 5/24/45p2

Valley, Norman, weds Blanche Williams 11/26/49: 12/1/49p26

Valliere, Joseph, died 8/18/40: 8/22/40p3

Valrand, Bernice, weds Guy Murby 3/30/46: 4/4/46p10

Valrand, Russell E., died 11/14/44: 11/23/44p11

Van Brocklin, Elizabeth, weds Sidney Baker 8/29/42: 9/3/42p5

Van Buskirk, Seymour T., died 1/28/43: 2/4/43p4

Vanasse, Evelyn, weds Robert Emerson 12/12/45: 12/20/45p2

Vanasse, Yvette, weds Albert Perreault 9/14/46: 9/26/46p3

VanBuskirk, Charles C., awarded Oak Leaf Cluster: 6/22/44p1

VanBuskirk, Lawrence, weds Norma Langmain 9/17/49: 9/22/49p4

VanBuskirk, Sadie B., died 11/24/42: 12/3/42p3

Varney, Abbie, celebrates 91st birthday: 7/20/44p3

Varney, Albert, weds Virginia Caverly 3/7/46: 3/14/46p10

Varney, Benjmin H., earns Soldier's Medal: 2/22/45p1

Varney, Charles, died 11/18/49: 11/24/49p5,12/29/49p5

Varney, Charles W., died 5/18/48: 5/20/48p1,5/27/48p1

Varney, Clara M., died 1/16/43: 1/21/43p3

Varney, Clark, weds Lucia Sanders 8/9/41: 8/14/41p4

Varney, Edith M., died 3/7/46: 3/14/46p4

Varney, Elvin V., died 12/20/42: 12/31/42p4

Varney, Emma F., died 7/27/44: 8/10/44p4

Varney, Fred L., died 12/14/41: 12/18/41pB2

Varney, Fred S., celebrates 80th birthday: 1/27/49p10

Varney, Herbert, weds Adrienne Paradis 2/24/45: 3/1/45p3

Varney, Hervey, weds Jeanette Wentworth 12/25/45: 12/27/45p5

Varney, James F., died 11/29/45: 12/6/45p4

Varney, John, died 5/11/41: 5/15/41p3

Varney, Josephine A., died 10/25/43: 10/28/43p8

Varney Jr., Edgar, weds Eugenia Howland 9/14/47: 9/18/47p3

Varney, Lillian B., died 11/25/43: 12/2/43p4

Varney, Lydia A., died 7/16/42: 7/23/42p10

Varney, M&M Walter, celebrate 51st anniversary: 1/18/40p6 (ER)

Varney, Robert G., and war bride arrive home: 3/7/46p1

Varney, Robert G., earns Air Medal: 10/7/43p1

Varney, Robert G., earns Distinguished Flying Cross: 2/10/44p1

Varney, Sarah E., died 5/12/47: 5/15/47p4

Varney Sr., Charles W., feted by NH State Grange: 12/23/43p1

Varney, Walter F., died 10/5/44: 10/12/44p4

Varney, Walter F., died 10/?/44: 10/12/44p4

Varney, Warren, weds Dawn Pierce 7/1/49: 7/7/49p4

Varney, Winfield, weds Anita Turmelle 11/1/46: 11/7/46p5

Vasall, Bronald, weds Helen Patterson 5/1/43: 5/6/43p5

Veno, Bernard, weds Marion Patch 1/20/48: 1/29/48p3

Veno, Joseph A., died 3/22/42: 3/26/42p3

Veno, Kathryn, weds Richard LaChance 10/5/46: 10/10/46p3

Veno, Lorraine, weds Winfield Sargent 7/4/46: 7/11/46p8

Veno, Robert, weds Constance Coulombe 7/3/48: 7/8/48p4,7/15/48p5

Verville, Emile, died 7/25/45: 8/2/45p4

Verville, Thelma, weds Russell Ellis 7/12/47: 7/17/47p6;7/31/47p8

Verville, Theodore, weds Mildred Hartford 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4,9/11/47p4

Veterans of WWII return to SHS to continue education: 9/26/46p1

Vezine, Victoria R., died 7/7/43: 7/8/43p3

Vickery, Lillian D., died 4/15/44: 4/20/44p4

Viel, Roland, weds Donalda Michaud 5/5/45: 5/10/45p4

Viel, Rosario, weds Louise Desaulnier 5/29/43: 6/3/43p5

Vielleux, Rita, weds Roger Dugas 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Vien, Carol, weds John Tarmey 2/12/46: 2/21/46p10

Vigent, Carl N., died 4/24/48: 5/6/48p13

Vigneault, Irving, weds Madeline Long 7/19/42: 7/23/42p6

Villard, Donald, weds Marion Gray 9/3/49: 9/8/49p11

Vince, Albert, weds Alyce Rumazza 12/28/46: 1/2/47p2

Vincent, Adrian, weds Irene Kirouac 7/16/49: 7/21/49p4

Vincent, Harriet, weds Anthony Marcinkowski 11/12/42: 11/19/42p5

Vincent, Harriet, weds Kenneth Stuart 10/10/47: 10/23/47p3

Vincent, Leon W., died 10/6/46: 10/10/46p4

Vincent, William, weds Dorothy Ferland 9/5/42: 9/10/42p5

Vining, Grace T., died 1/4/44: 1/6/44p4

Vittum, Anna, weds Stanley Ellingwood 8/24/41: 8/28/41p5

Vittum, Ray D., died 6/16/47: 6/19/47p4

Vittum, Robert, weds Beatrice Harding 10/14/43: 10/28/43p5

Vittum, Vincent, weds Gloria Godbout 10/25/41: 10/30/41p5

Voyer, Elias, died 3/6/40: 3/7/40p1;3/14/40p3

Wade, Arthur, weds Yvonne LeCroix 8/3/48: 9/16/48p14

Wade, Ernest, weds Fernande Gagne 12/20/41: 12/25/41p12

Wadman, Grosvenor, weds Elizabeth Clark 6/1/41: 6/5/41p4

Wagner, Florence, weds Lewis Jones 5/5/45: 5/17/45p9

Wagner Jr., George, weds Lucille Ferland 8/5/42: 8/6/42p5

Wagner, Raymond, weds Shirley Eisner 6/18/49: 6/23/49p3

Waitt, Edna, weds Norman Mace 5/?/47: 5/22/47p16

Wakefield, Barbara, weds Lawrence Brown 8/16/47: 9/18/47p12

Wakefield, Eva, inducted as Pythian Grand Temple head: 9/10/42p3

Waldo, Homer F., died 11/8/40: 11/14/40p8

Waldron, Arthur F., celebrates 90th birthday: 7/29/43p9

Waldron, Arthur F., died 3/14/44: 3/16/44p6

Waldron, Donald H., died 3/11/47: 3/20/47p16

Waldron, Evelyn, weds Louis Barcomb 3/20/48: 4/1/48p8

Waldron, Jeremy R., died 10/20/49: 10/27/49p1

Waldron, Richard, weds Geraldine Maloney 11/7/47: 11/13/47p3

Waldron, Robert, weds Aroline Wallace 6/8/42: 6/18/42p10

Waldron, Samuel H., died 10/18/44: 10/26/44p9

Walker, Albert, weds Florence LeClair 9/14/46: 9/19/46p3

Walker, Arthur F., died 4/30/44: 5/4/44p3

Walker, Charles E., died 5/?/49: 5/19/49p12

Walker, Edwin L., awarded Purple Heart: 8/19/43p1

Walker, Emma B., died 1/27/42: 1/29/42p4 ;2/5/42p9(N)

Walker, Emma, celebrates 87th birthday: 2/22/40p13

Walker, Louis, weds Carrie Ellis 3/25/49: 3/31/49p4

Walker, Madeline, weds William Housel 8/21/43: 8/26/43p2

Walker, Pearl, weds Donald Robinson 6/5/48: 6/10/48p2

Wallace, Achilles, weds Gertrude York 3/2/46: 3/14/46p10

Wallace, Anne, weds Philip Keefe 8/2/47: 8/7/47p3

Wallace, Annie, died 10/12/45: 10/18/45p4

Wallace, Arlene, weds George Keith 2/3/40: 2/8/40p5

Wallace, Aroline, weds Robert Waldron 6/8/42: 6/18/42p10

Wallace, Beulah, weds Treffle Turgeon 10/5/40: 10/10/40p5

Wallace, Clara E., died 7/17/41: 7/24/41p13

Wallace, Edith, weds Sherman Howard 2/3/40: 2/8/40p5

Wallace, George M., died 4/8/41: 4/10/41p16

Wallace, Hilda, weds David Russell 2/13/43: 2/25/43p6

Wallace, Marilla B., died 12/10/46: 12/19/46p9

Walley, Gladys, weds Murray Lepene 6/22/47: 6/26/47p16

Wallingford, Brenda, weds Joseph St. Peter 12/23/42: 12/31/42p8

Wallingford, Edgar C., died 12/16/45: 12/20/45p16

Wallingford, Edgar, weds Theresa Perreault 10/26/40: 10/31/40p5

Wallingford, Everett C., died 9/21/43: 9/23/43p4

Wallingford Jr., Collis, weds Margaret Lloyd 9/9/43: 9/16/43p5

Wallingford Jr., Collis, weds Abbie Sears 9/21/46: 9/26/46p3

Wallingford, Theresa, weds Raymond Frenette 5/14/49: 5/19/49p4

Walsh, Corrine, weds Earl Clarke 12/29/41: 1/1/42p11

Walsh, Frank, weds Priscilla Huard 5/4/46: 5/9/46p11

Walsh, M&M Frank W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/18/45p4

Walsh, Mary, weds Dalmacio Recaido 1.26/46: 2/7/46p10

Walsh, Olive, weds John Drapeau 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Walter, William, weds Phyllis Thompson 12/7/46: 12/12/46p3

Warburton, Hazelle, weds Leroy Gray 8/4/46: 8/8/46p4

Warburton, Robert, weds Carolyn Strachan 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Ward, Elizabeth, weds John Bodge 1/26/46: 1/31/46p5

Ward, Frank O., died 11/25/42: 11/26/42p1;12/3/42p3

Ward, Frank, weds Stella White 11/13/48: 11/25/48p3

Ward, Gloria, weds Maurice Hathaway Jr. 11/9/47: 11/20/47p5

Ward, Jasper G., died 4/3/48: 4/8/48p4

Ward, John, died 5/4/49: 6/9/49p7 ,6/16/49p19

Ward, Katherine, weds Robert Jenness 8/30/40: 9/5/40p3

Ward, Margaret E., died 7/17/46: 7/25/46p1

Ward, Thelma L., died 7/16/44: 7/20/44p4

Ward, Vernon C., died 12/3/44: 12/7/44p4

Ward, Viola S., died 9/28/44: 10/5/44p4

Warden, William A., died 9/21/45: 9/27/45p4

Warnecke, Donald, weds Marion Rouleau 12/18/44: 12/28/44p10

Warnecke Jr., William, weds Ruth Dixon 1/24/41: 1/30/41p10

Warnecke, M&M William, celebnrate 25th anniversary: 12/12/40pC6

Warren, Carolyn, weds Harold Smith 1/20/46: 1/24/46p2

Warren, Ellen E., died 3/10/40: 3/14/40p10

Warren, Frank C., died 2/19/45: 2/22/45p4;3/1/45p4

Warren, George W., died 7/18/42: 7/23/42p3

Warren, Wallace, weds Dorothy Going 4/26/47: 5/1/47p3

Washburn, Florence, weds Fred Osgood 12/5/48: 12/23/48p3

Waterhouse, Arthur C., died 11/15/48: 11/18/48p16(B),11/25/48p13(B)

Waterhouse, Elsie, weds Perley Currier 9/7/49: 9/15/49p4

Waterhouse, Henry D., died 4/14/45: 4/19/45p4

Waterhouse, Irene, weds Alonzo Beebe 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Waterhouse, John, weds Eva Keith 12/13/48: 12/23/48p3

Waterhouse, Priscilla, weds Nelson Leach 4/6/46: 5/23/46p3

Waterhouse, Prudence is City's Yule Queen: 12/9/48p1

Waterhouse, Ruth, weds Wilbert Heiss 10/15/49: 10/20/49p5

Waterhouse, Ruth, weds William Smith 7/26/47: 7/31/47p3

Waters, Kenneth, weds Evelyn Bickford 2/14/47: 2/20/47p2

Watkins, Nellie L., died 8/15/41: 8/21/41p3

Watson, Charles A., died 6/5/45: 6/7/45p4

Watson, Emily P., died 12/5/43: 12/9/43p3

Watson, Eugene A. died 6/29/47: 7/3/47p4

Watson, Frank E., reunites with sister after 50 years: 9/5/40p5

Watson, James, weds Margaret Nims 10/19/42: 10/29/42p5

Watson, Mary A., died 11/11/47: 11/20/47p4

Watson, Raymond, weds Gladys Scott 6/13/47: 6/19/47p5

Watson, Richard, weds Frances Benton 7/3/48: 7/8/48p14

Watson, Robert, weds Dorothy Richardson ?/?/43: 12/9/43p12

Watson, Sara A., died 4/30/46: 5/2/46p4

Watson, Sarah A., died 4/25/46: 5/9/46p4

Watt, Florence P., died 8/17/47: 8/21/47p12

Watt, Martha, weds Robert Elliott 8/17/44: 8/24/44p2

Watts, Martha, weds Franklin Lamb 12/28/46: 1/18/46p2

Weare, Arline, weds Paul Kendall 10/5/40: 10/10/40p10

Weare, Blanche, weds Herve Gagne 6/28/47: 7/10/47p3

Weare, Cora B., died 2/4/43: 2/11/43p3

Weare, Mary S., died 6/24/45: 6/28/45p4

Weaver Jr., Joseph M., died 11/30/46: 12/5/46p10

Weaver, Natalie, weds Kenneth Gray 6/21/41: 6/26/41p11

Webb, Anne, weds George Moses 8/20/49: 8/25/49p5

Webber, M&M Frank I., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 1/2/47p7

Webber, Roy, died 10/24/43: 10/28/43p3

Weber, Fred R., die 12/29/42 1/7/43p3

Webster, Charles, weds Elizabeth Dimmock 9/1/42: 9/3/42p12

Webster, Elihu L., died 9/24/40: 9/26/40p1;10/3/40p4

Webster, Harriet E., died 1/30/40: 2/1/40p3

Webster, Julia, died 12/6/46: 12/12/46p4

Webster, Melvin, died 9/16/43: 9/23/43p1

Weed, Ruth, weds Maurice LaPointe 7/5/48: 7/15/48p5

Weeks, A. Henry, died 3/21/47: 4/10/47p8

Weeks, Albion, heads County Farm Bureau: 11/4/48p1

Weeks, Albion, weds Shirley Smith 11/25/49: 12/1/49p4

Weeks, Alice, weds Ernest Cardinal 3/29/42: 4/2/42p8

Weeks, Barbara, weds Joseph Connolly 6/9/45: 6/14/45p3

Weeks, Catherine, weds Clayton Hale 6/19/43: 6/24/43p9

Weeks, Doris, weds Alfred Lavoie 2/9/42: 2/12/42p9

Weeks, Rose, weds Earle Glover 12/10/49: 12/15/49p21

Weeks, Ruth, weds Donald Cormier 9/4/48: 9/9/48p3

Weeks, Walter I., died 10/31/48: 11/4/48p4

Weeks, William C., died 11/9/40: 11/14/40p1

Weinstein, Maurice, weds Lillian Shaponick 8/24/41: 8/28/41p5

Welch, Harold H., died 1/4/43: 1/7/43p8

Welch, Vermille, weds George Austin 9/8/46: 9/12/46p3

Wellman, Martha A, died 10/26/40: 10/31/40p3

Wellman, Martha A., to celebrate 96th birthday: 5/9/40p1

Wells, Marcia, died 1/28/44: 2/3/44p4

Wells, Royal, weds Ethel Campbell 6/1/46: 6/6/46p12

Welsh, Beatrice, weds Alfred Kondrup Jr. 4/12/47: 4/17/47p2

Wenmark, Stanley, weds Patricia Beach 6/11/49: 6/16/49p4

Wentworth, Abbie F., celebrates 89th birthday: 2/1/45p12

Wentworth, Abbie F., celebrates 84th birthday 1/27/40: 2/1/40p8 (ER)

Wentworth, Abbie J., died 12/18/40: 12/19/40p3

Wentworth, Alice, weds Ernest Roberts 11/26/48: 12/2/48p9

Wentworth, Charles L., died 3/20/49: 3/24/49p1,3/31/49p4

Wentworth, Charles W., died 7/10/47: 7/10/47p1;7/17/47p4

Wentworth, Clara, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/20/43p1

Wentworth, Clara G., died 4/20/49: 4/21/49p3

Wentworth, Clarence A., died 10/21/48: 10/21/48p1,10/28/48p4

Wentworth, Edith, weds Harold Shepard 2/10/42: 2/12/42p6

Wentworth, Eleanor, weds Louis Soucey 1/?/42: 1/29/42p8

Wentworth, Elizabeth, weds Richard Booper 10/19/40: 10/24/40p13

Wentworth, Ernest L., died 12/13/44: 12/21/44p16

Wentworth, George A., died 9/20/44: 9/21/44p4

Wentworth, Gloria, weds Kenneth Anderson 3/2/49: 3/10/49p3

Wentworth, Grover, weds Mildred Smith 7/3/48: 7/15/48p5

Wentworth, Harry, weds Frances Beane 4/17/46: 4/25/46p10

Wentworth, Henry, weds Flora Locke 8/9/40: 8/15/40p9

Wentworth, Jeanette, weds Hervey Varney 12/25/45: 12/27/45p5

Wentworth, Joseph D., died 2/10/48: 2/12/48p14

Wentworth, Lillian V., died 11/18/45: 11/29/45p10

Wentworth, M&M Louis A., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/24/40p19

Wentworth, M&M Merle G., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/19/46p6

Wentworth, Marion, weds Donald Cummings 8/12/47: 8/21/47p3

Wentworth, Martin G., died 6/17/47: 6/19/47p4

Wentworth, Nelson, weds Frances Eisener 8/10/45: 8/23/45p10

Wentworth, Philip, weds Gladys Willis 10/3/42: 10/8/42p12

Wentworth, Robert, weds Lucille Stein 6/7/43: 6/17/43p10

Wentworth, Walter E., died 4/17/41: 4/24/41p3

Wentworth, William H., died ?/?/45: 5/24/45p1

West, Laurie, weds Russell Thompson 7/10/44: 7/20/44p5

Westworth, Carl, weds Jean McInerney 6/1/40: 6/6/40p4

Weymouth, Edwin L., died 4/22/49: 4/28/49p14

Weymouth, Jo-Ann, weds Angus White 7/3/48: 7/15/48p12

Weymouth, Lucille, weds Peter Commisky 1/13/48: 1/15/48p3

Weymouth, Walter, weds Christine Elliot 7/24/43: 7/29/43p5

Weymouth, Winnie B., died 2/18?/48: 2/26/48p10

Wheeler, Anne, weds Hervey Goupil 6/15/40: 6/20/40p5

Wheeler, Doris, weds Robert Pike 4/18/42: 4/23/42p5

Wheeler, Earle O., died 10/4/44: 10/5/44p1;10/12/44p4

Wheeler, Earle O., died 10/4/44: 10/12/44p4

Wheeler, Jenifer A., died 10/11/49: 10/13/49p5

Wheeler Jr., Earl, weds Alice Hawkins 9/6/47: 9/11/47p4

Wheeler, Norma, weds Russell Stone 11/30/44: 12/7/44p3

Wheelwright, Philip, weds Maude MacDuffee 6/8/40: 6/13/40p5

Whelan, Catherine, died 6/19/43: 6/24/43p3

Whelan, Katherine, weds Floyd Richards 5/19/45: 5/24/45p6

Whetnall, Ruth, weds Norman Sanborn 5/29/47: 6/12/47p14

Whipple, Don, weds Ethel Hammond 9/17/41: 9/25/41p10

Whipple, Mary E., died 11/7/41: 11/13/41p3

Whipple, Sarah E., died 7/16/43: 7/22/43p3

Whitaker, Gertrude, weds Edgar Dillon 9/7/46: 10/3/46p3

Whitcomb, Delphine, died 2/7/48: 2/12/48p10

Whitcomb, Don S., died ?/?/44: 1/4/45p10

White, Angus, weds Jo-Ann Weymouth 7/3/48: 7/15/48p12

White, Beatrice, weds Walter Gray 9/?/48: 9/16/48p3

White, Christine, weds Ralston Bailey 2/19/49: 2/24/49p2

White, Cora B., died 12/15/49: 12/22/49p5

White, Frances, weds John Kelley 6/25/49: 7/14/49p4

White, Gardner C., died 4/15/49: 4/21/49p4

White, Leslie, weds Mildred Tebbetts 3/28/42: 4/2/42p4

White, Priscilla, weds Howard Williams 5/4/46: 5/16/46p13

White, Robert, weds Thelma Grenier 7/12/40: 7/18/40p5

White, Roger, weds Valma Pierce 8/23/47: 8/28/47p4

White, Sidney, weds Mary Arnold 4/13/45: 4/19/45p11

White, Stella, weds Frank Ward 11/13/48: 11/25/48p3

White, Virginia, weds Harry Rhodes 4/1/44: 3/9/44p5

Whitehouse, Charles C., died 4/10/46: 4/18/46p14

Whitehouse, Gladys, weds Carroll Cardinal 8/30/41: 9/4/31p10

Whitehouse, Irene, weds Paul Willey 9/25/48: 9/30/48p16(M),10/7/48p18(M)

Whitehouse, James L., died 2/?/46: 2/28/46p6

Whitehouse, Jeremiah, died 4/11/43: 4/15/43p10

Whitehouse, John T., dieed 3/27/41: 4/3/41p2

Whitehouse, John W., died 6/28/44: 7/6/44p9

Whitehouse, Joseph H., celebrates 81st birthday: 9/20/45p10

Whitehouse, M&M Fred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/14/46p3

Whitehouse, Marilla H., died 12/2/40: 12/5/40p16

Whitehouse, Ruth, weds Lyman Plummer 3/21/42: 3/26/42p6

Whiting, Shirley, weds Joseph Michael Jr. 7/3/49: 7/7/49p4

Whitman, Brumley, weds Barbara Richardson 9/24/45: 9/27/45p2

Whitney, Chester A., died 10/28/41: 10/30/41p3

Whitney, Chester, weds Carol Allison 8/24/46: 8/29/46p2

Whitten, Phyllis, weds John Amero 2/14/42: 2/19/42p5

Whitworth, John, weds Annie Miller 11/28/43: 12/16/43p12

Whyte, Muriel, weds Richard Britton 4/2/49: 4/7/49p3

Wicks, John, weds Eleanor Fulton 2/16/47: 2/20/47p11

Wiggin, Arthur H., died 11/30/48: 12/2/48p1

Wiggin, Bertha R., died 1/18/46: 1/24/46p10

Wiggin, Carroll, weds Elizabeth McAdams 3/27/47: 4/3/47p16

Wiggin, Dorothy, weds Leroy Wiggin 6/27/41: 7/3/41p8

Wiggin, Fred N., died 5/17/47: 5/22/47p14

Wiggin, Harriet B., died 12/2/45: 12/6/45p10

Wiggin, Haven, weds Greta LeDuc 6/25/48: 7/1/48p5

Wiggin, Irene E., died 6/15/44: 6/22/44p16 ;6/29/44p12

Wiggin Jr., Lester, weds Audrey Drew 5/15/43: 5/20/43p5

Wiggin, Laura E., died 4/13/49: 4/14/49p4,4/21/49p4

Wiggin, Leo, weds Katherine Files 1/24/42: 1/29/42p5

Wiggin, Leroy, weds Dorothy Wiggin 6/27/41: 7/3/41p8

Wiggin, M&M Arthur H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/30/43p5

Wiggin, M&M Elmer A., celebrate 57th anniversary: 9/2/48p8

Wiggin, M&M Elmer, celebrate 50th anniversay: 8/28/41p1

Wiggin, M&M Elmer E., celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/29/46p11

Wiggin, Mabel, weds William Bosquin 8/30/41: 9/4/31p3

Wiggin, Margaret, weds Philip Gregoire 8/31/46: 9/5/46p3,9/19/46p3

Wigglesworth, Nora, died 5/?/45: 5/31/45p4

Wilfret, George W., died 3/13/48: 3/18/48p19

Wilkens, Dorothea, weds Constantine Cushing 11/27/43: 12/2/43p5

Wilkens, Joyce, weds David McKenny 8/21/49: 8/25/49pp2,14

Wilkens, Roy C., died 3/8/45: 3/15/45p11

Wilkenson, Henry, died 11/23/49: 12/1/49p4

Wilkins, Irene, weds George Sprague 1/22/49: 1/27/49p10

Wilkinson, Franklin, died 4/20/44: 4/27/44p4

Wilkinson, Josephine, died 1/?/42: 1/15/42p6

Willand, George H., died 10/?/40: 10/31/40p3

Willard, Arline, weds Leon Caplette 10/5/42: 10/22/42p5

Willard, Carolyn, weds Wilbur Drew 6/21/47: 6/26/47p7

Willard, James, weds Catherine Ferland 11/14/42: 11/26/42p5

Willard, Smith A., died 7/25/45: 8/2/45p4

Willard, Sterling, weds Hazel Woods 5/14/49: 5/19/49p12

Willett, Jessie, weds Harry Nutter 5/22/40: 5/30/40p12

Willey, Addie M., died 7/23/47: 7/31/47p11

Willey, Bertha, weds Raymond Labbey 6/29/40: 7/4/40p4

Willey, Burnard, weds Ruth Barry 11/9/46: 11/14/46p8

Willey, Burns, weds Louise Stevens 10/23/48: 10/28/48p7

Willey, Elizabeth B., died 9/28/40: 10/3/40p4

Willey, Eunice, weds Robert Gray 7/19/43: 7/22/43p5

Willey, Everett C., died 3/24/49: 3/31/49p1

Willey, Geraldine, weds Clifford Titus 6/23/40: 6/27/40p5

Willey, Herbery, weds Winifred Pearce 7/24/43: 7/29/43p10

Willey, James H., died 4/27/46: 5/2/46p14

Willey, John D., died 5/5/42: 5/7/42p10

Willey, Joseph E., died 11/27/42: 12/3/42p12

Willey, Miriam, weds Norman Place 6/9/49: 6/16/49p17

Willey, Norma, weds Harry Cate 3/26/43: 4/1/43p5

Willey, Paul, weds Irene Whitehouse 9/25/48: 9/30/48p16(M),10/7/48p18(M)

William, celebrates 75th birthday: 8/20/42p10

Williams, Alfred, weds Maude Elkins 12/22/46: 1/2/47p13

Williams, Alice, weds Lloyd Pike 6/19/41: 6/26/41p14 ;7/17/41p10

Williams, Bertha M., died 10/25/42: 10/29/42p3

Williams, Blanche, weds Norman Valley 11/26/49: 12/1/49p26

Williams, Doris, weds Thomas Nelson 7/5/40: 7/25/40p10

Williams, Edna, weds Harry Bartlett 4/5/44: 3/9/44p5

Williams, Ernest E., died 9/20/49: 9/22/49p4,9/29/49p5

Williams, Ernest L., died 7/23/42: 7/30/42p3

Williams, Glenn, weds Gloria Monroe 7/26/45: 8/2/45p2

Williams, Howard, weds Priscilla White 5/4/46: 5/16/46p13

Williams, Jefferson, weds Gertrude Smith 9/5/42: 9/10/42p12

Williams, Margaret, weds Harry Dugan Jr. 4/16/47: 4/24/47p2

Williams, Mary E., died 9/6/42: 9/10/42p8

Williams, Mary, weds Philip Kelley 4/10/48: 4/15/48p3

Williams, Walter, weds Betty Barber 2/2/46: 2/7/46p2

Williams, William I., died 3/9/46: 3/14/46p1

Williamson, Edith, weds Chandler Rollins 7/22/44: 8/17/44p2

Williamson, Mary, celebrates 82nd birthday: 5/4/44p8

Willis, Gladys, weds Philip Wentworth 10/3/42: 10/8/42p12

Willis, Noreen, weds William Kurtz 9/5/42: 9/10/42p12

Willoughby, Myra L., died 8/3/49: 8/4/49p4,8/11/49p4

Willson, Charles E., died 6/?/42: 6/18/42p1;7/16/42p1;7/23/42p10

Willson, Edward T., celebrates 90th birthday: 9/16/43p9

Willson, Edward T., died 9/5/44: 9/7/44p12

Willson, Edward T., died 1/2/47: 1/9/47p9

Willson, Henry C., died 1/21/44: 1/27/44p8

Willson, Orin, weds Louise Moore 6/29/46: 7/11/46p2

Wilson, Eleanor, weds John Lepene Jr. 8/23/41: 8/28/41p5

Wilson, Emma H., died 12/16/45: 12/20/45p14

Wilson, George A., died 5/29/46: 6/6/46p4

Wilson, George F., died 12/18/40: 12/26/40p6

Wilson, Harry F., died 5/10/47: 5/14/47p4

Wilson, James, weds Jean Fabian: 12/2/48p3

Winchell, Edna, weds William Bowman 11/11/46: 11/28/46p3

Wing, Eva W., died 10/12/48: 10/14/48p4

Wing, Frank L., died 8/30/45: 9/6/45p1

Wingate, Charles, weds Phyllis Marsh 6/27/42: 7/2/42p6

Wingate, Martha A., died 6/4/46: 6/6/46p4;: 6/13/46p4

Wingate, Willie A., died 5/11/43: 5/13/43p3

Winkley, Ardys, weds Philip Chase 8/24/46: 8/29/46pp2,6

Winkley, Carl, weds Rose Robinson 8/15/43: 8/26/43p2

Winkley, Hiram A., died 8/13/42: 8/20/42p3

Winkley, Jeremiah S., died 2/10/40: 2/15/40p3

Winkley, Leroy A., died 9/7/49: 9/15/49p5

Winkley, Lorraine, weds Oscar Gelinas 8/10/47: 8/14/47pp2,16

Winkley, M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/10/48p4

Witham, Janet, weds Frederick Shapleigh Jr. 8/23/47: 9/4/47p16

Witham, Mildred, weds George Custeau 11/29/41: 12/4/41pC2

Witham, Patricia, weds Forrest Garland 12/24/46: 1/2/47p14(M),1/30/47p6

Witham, Virginia, weds Jerome Beaulieu 5/7/49: 5/12/49p4,5/19/49p4

Witherell, Ralph, weds Mary Mitchell 4/29/49: 5/12/49p4

Witherell, Raymond, weds Muriel Stacy 6/23/45: 6/28/45p3

Wittner, Henry, weds Normajane Copeland 12/30/47: 1/8/48p3

Wohlforth, Paul, weds Virginia Albee 6/19/48: 6/24/48p5

Wood, Alice, weds Harold French 8/8/43: 8/12/43p5

Wood, Allan, weds Scottenie Bubier 12/28/46: 1/2/47p13

Wood, Bernard, weds Charlotte Bridges 4/2/49: 4/7/49p15

Wood, C. Ellen, died 12/19/41: 12/25/41p3

Wood, Edward, weds Madelyn McGrath 12/24/47: 1/1/48p3

Wood, L. Earl, earns Purple Heart: 3/15/45p13

Wood, Leslie E., cited with Air Force medal: 1/11/45p1

Wood, Milton E., died 9/5/46: 9/12/46p4

Wood, Ruth, weds George Young 7/27/40: 8/1/40p5

Wood, Shirley, weds Robert Osgood Jr. 9/13/47: 9/18/47p3

Wood Sr., Leslie, weds Frances Knowles 6/12/47: 6/19/47p17

Wood, Warren, weds Edna Libby 4/10/41: 4/17/41p9

Wood, William, weds Alma Jackson 11/25/43: 12/2/43p5

Woodard, Andress, died 9/?/45: 9/27/45p13

Woodbury, Gertrude M., died 6/15/41: 6/19/41p3

Woodbury, Gladys M., died 3/20/41: 3/27/41p3

Woodbury, Rita, weds Thomas Michaud Jr. 8/3/47: 8/7/47p3

Woodes, Barbara, weds Stuart Manter 4/17/46: 4/25/46p2;5/2/46p6

Woodes, Joseph, weds Doris Roberts 9/14/40: 9/19/90p5

Woodes, Leonetta, weds Raymond MacCumber 6/19/49: 6/23/49p3

Woodes, Ralph, weds Doris Pratt 4/4/44: 4/6/44p10

Woodman, Beatrice, weds Earl Connelly 6/1/40: 6/6/40p4

Woodman, Clara J., died 8/2/45: 8/9/45p4

Woodman, Clarence, weds Arline Daley 2/19/49: 3/3/49p3

Woodman, Emma J., died 1/28/40: 2/1/40p3

Woodman, Livona D., died 7/18/47: 7/24/47p8

Woods, Edna L., died 5/6/47: 5/8/47p4;5/15/47p4

Woods, Hazel, weds Sterling Willard 5/14/49: 5/19/49p12

Woods, Woodrow, weds Elizabeth Bowden 12/24/41: 1/1/42p11

Woodward, Edward, weds Pauline Auger 9/23/44: 9/28/44p5

Woodward, Joseph, weds Patricia Spurling 10/23/47: 11/6/47p2

Woollette, George, weds Evelyn Twiss 8/14/49: 8/18/49p14

Wooten, Mary, weds Jesse Simons Jr. ?/?/45: 6/7/45p3

Worcester, Dorothy, weds Ora Hilton 12/31/41: 1/8/42p5

Wormhood, Addie F., died 2/28/44: 3/2/44p4

Wormhood, Annie, died 6/30/46: 7/4/46p4

Wormhood, Elizabeth w., died 7/2/49: 7/7/49p5

Wormhood, Harley L., died 2/15/42: 2/19/42p3

Wormstead, George, weds Barbara Hunt 11/15/41: 11/20/41p16

Wormwood Jr., Leeman, weds Norah Chapman 10/12/44: 11/2/44p9

Worster, Carl, weds Mae Partridge 12/10/42: 12/17/42p10

Worster, Carl, weds Mae Worster 12/24/46: 1/2/47p5

Worster, George, weds Doris Burres 10/4/44: 10/12/44p8

Worster, George, weds Lucy Dowbs 6/1/46: 6/6/46p12

Worster, Geraldine, weds Wilton Charles 10/12/46: 10/17/46p4

Worster, Harriet, weds Raymond? Corson 7/5/45: 7/12/45p7

Worster, Hazel N., died 1/?/48: 1/15/48p10

Worster, Herbert, died 5/23/47: 5/29/47p1

Worster, Mae, weds Carl Worster 12/24/46: 1/2/47p5

Worster, Virginia, weds Jerome LaChance 9/18/48: 9/23/48pp2,3

Worthen, Elinor, weds Gordon Yeaton 10/10/47: 10/16/47p11

Worthen, Laura L., died 7/30/45: 8/2/45p6

Worthern, Grace G., died 1/13/47: 1/16/47p11

Wotton, Donald B., cited for gallantry in WWII: 7/29/43p1

Wotton, Donald, weds Vera Cole 5/23/48: 5/27/48p6

Wright, George, weds Elaine Samuelson 8/3/46: 8/15/46p3

Wright, Glenn, weds Marjory Meader 7/4/40: 7/11/40p4

Wright, John I., died 10/17/40: 10/24/40p17

Wright, Lelith J., died 6/26/47: 7/3/47p4

Wright, Margaret, weds Norman Pierce 5/30/40: 6/6/40p4

Wright, Morrill, weds Charlotte Heath 4/12/42: 4/16/42p5

Wright, Virginia, weds Edward Portrie 10/?/40: 10/24/40p3

Wright, William, died 6/6/42: 6/11/42p1

Wyatt, Eloise, weds George Bickford 1/22/49: 1/27/49p12

Wyatt, Louise A., died 5/11/49: 5/26/49p15

Wyatt, M&M Henry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/21/44p2

Wyatt, Virginia, weds Arnold Hayes 11/24/44: 12/7/44p3

Wydler, Everett, weds Dorothy Purdy 8/31/40: 9/19/40p5

Wynne, Bernice, weds Salvatore Pasqualino 12/10/41: 12/18/41p5

Yates, Vivian, weds Elwin Ter Bush 3/15/46: 4/11/46p2;4/25/46p3

Yeaton, Arthur, died ?/?/42: 7/9/42p12

Yeaton, Cora M., died 1/10/43: 1/14/43p3

Yeaton, Gordon, weds Elinor Worthen 10/10/47: 10/16/47p11

Yeaton, Helen, weds Herman Yeaton 9/15/47: 9/18/47p11

Yeaton, Herman, weds Helen Yeaton 9/15/47: 9/18/47p11

York, Clarence, weds Mary Dionne 5/29/48: 6/3/48p5

York, Edwin, weds Lois Chesley 3/24/45: 4/5/45p3

York, Ethel, weds William Reynolds 1/11/47: 1/16/47p2

York, Gertrude, weds Achilles Wallace 3/2/46: 3/14/46p10

York, Ida, died 1/6/40: 1/11/40p3

York, Margaret M., died 7/4/44: 7/6/44p3

York, Peter V., died 1/5/49: 1/6/49p4,1/13/49p4

York, Richard, weds Norma Sicard 10/11/41: 10/16/41p5

Young, Barbara, weds Douglas Miller Jr. 1/27/40: 2/1/40p5

Young, Beverly, weds Archie Marcoux 1/26/46: 1/31/46p12

Young, Dorothy, died 5/31/47: 6/5/47p4

Young, Edwin B., died 12/2/49: 12/8/49p5

Young, Eliza A., died 2/20/48: 2/26/48p4

Young, Elton, weds Eunice Thayer 10/5/42: 10/8/42p8

Young, Emphemia C., died 12/18/40: 12/19/40p3;12/26/40p6

Young, Florence, weds Raymond Smith 11/25/49: 12/1/49p4

Young, Frances, weds Thomas Davenhall 12/25/43: 1/13/44p9

Young, Fred, weds Bertha Gage 2/21/48: 2/26/48p10

Young, George, weds Ruth Wood 7/27/40: 8/1/40p5

Young, Jeannette, weds John Picken 9/26/47: 10/2/47p3

Young, John E., died 1/26/49: 1/27/49p4,2/3/49p4

Young, Lila, weds Arthur Dionne 12/31/47: 1/8/48p14

Young, Lucille, weds George Galanis 12/25/43: 1/7/42p5

Young, M&M Norris, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/30/48p1

Young, Norma, weds Lester Gray 5/28/46: 5/30/46p2

Young, Richard, weds Annette Currier 6/2/46: 6/6/46p3

Young, Rodney A., died 3/15/43: 3/18/43p3

Young, Ruth, weds Andrew Goodrow 11/16/46: 11/21/46p12

Young, Ruth, weds Charles Beard 11/27/46: 12/5/46p16

Young, Susan F., died 7/25/43: 7/29/43p3

Young, Sydney L., died 10/11/49:: 10/13/49p5

Young, Viola, weds Charles Gilmore 3/6/41: 3/20/41p5

Young, Harry C., died 4/1/42: 4/2/42p2

Zeo, Frank, weds Dorothea Duncan 6/27/42: 7/9/42p6

Zimmer, O. Joseph, died 7/25/47: 7/31/47p11 ;8/7/47p11

Zins, Albert, weds Janice Hayes 2/6/44: 2/17/44p9

Ziromskis, Joseph, weds Etta Taylor 2/?/43: 3/4/43p5

Zorbas, Theodore, weds Georgia George 6/4/44: 6/8/44p2


C/C 15-year history: 1/28/43p16

Elks celebrate 20th anniversary: 10/3/40p1;10/10/40p7

Franco-American Centennial Supplement: 6/2/49 issue

HRH celebrates 50th anniversary: 5/13/43p1; 6/17/43p1; 6/24/43p1

King's Daughters celebrate 40th anniversary: 3/20/47p1

Kiwanis celebrates 15th anniversary: 2/1/40p1

Pythians celebrate 40th anniversary: 3/20/47p2

Pythias officers: 3/28/40p5

Rebekah, Evangeline, marks 50th anniversary: 3/26/42p8

Rebekahs celebrate 75th anniversary: 3/14/46p1

RHS Class of 1938 holds reunion: 6/25/42p3

SHS Class of 1942 holds reunion: 11/7/46p2

St. Jean marks 70th anniversary: 6/16/49p1, 6/23/49p13, 6/30/49p1

WWII Service men and women listed: 5/27/43p6