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Rochester Courier Index 1950-1959

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from 1950 through 1959. Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). The papers were printed in more than one section. Rather than continue the sequential numbering in the additional sections, the page numbers for these additional sections start with "1" followed by the letter "a" for the first additional section, and again "1" followed by the letter "b" for the second additional section, if there is one. Thus, "p5a" would indicate page 5 in the first additional section of the paper. A letter in parentheses after the reference indicates the item is in an area column. See the end of the file for a list of these letters and the towns they represent.

      Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association
  1. This is a photograph only. The story may be in the 9/22/55 issue which is missing.
  2. It is assumed this was a reunion of SHS students, although the story does not so specify.


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Abbott, Alice C., died 8/10/55: 8/11/55p3

Abbott, Annie B., died 9/2/53: 9/5/57p3

Abbott, Arlene, and Carl Contois are wed 5/31/58: 6/5/58p4

Abbott, Arlene, and Paul Pecola are wed 12/24/55: 1/6/55p4

Abbott, Emily F., died 5/18/52: 5/22/52p3

Abbott, Ernest R., died 2/10/54: 2/11/54p3

Abbott, George, and Barbara Randall are wed 10/31/53: 11/5/53p4

Abbott, Joanne, and John Dodge are wed 2/21/53: 3/5/53pB2

Abbott, Judith, and Richard Van Lunen are wed 3/28/53: 4/2/53p4

Abbott, Robert, and Ellamae Foss are wed 6/3/53: 6/11/53pB2

Abolin, John D., died 6/22/52: 6/26/52p3

Ackerman, Carl W., died 3/30/52: 3/27/52p3

Adams, Albert, and Marion Downs are wed 12/31/51: 1/10/52p4

Adams, Beatrice, and Kenneth Goodale are wed 10/6/50: 10/12/50p8

Adams, Dexter, and Josephine Patterson wed 8/6/50: 8/24/50pB4

Adams, Donald, and Jeanne McNeil are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Adams, Dorothy, weds Stanley Place 4/29/50: 5/11/50p22

Adams, Durwood B., died 11/16/57: 11/21/57p3

Adams, E.A. "Dan", is retiring County agent: 7/2/59p1

Adams, Eugene I, died 12/22/54: 12/30/54pB2

Adams, Gordon, and Gretchen Seavey are wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4

Adams, Harry, and Nora Hobbs are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Adams, Herbert, and Mable Canney are wed 12/2/56: 12/13/56p4

Adams, John, and Agnes Diemar are wed 5/12/55: 5/26/55p5

Adams, Mary, weds Ralph Russell 7/8/50: 7/13/50pA6

Adams, Maude A., died 3/9/59: 3/12/59p3

Adams, Maude M., died 3/11/52: 3/13/52p3

Adams, Rose, and Fernand Hebert are wed 5/30/52: 6/5/52p4

Adjutant, Shirley, and Paul Garland are wed 1/1/55: 1/6/55p4

Ahern, Joan, and Edwin Thompson are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Ahern, Patrick, died 9/24/51: 9/27/51p3

Ainslie, Arthur H., died 11/15/56: 11/22/56p1

Albee, Mildred S., died 2/25/54: 3/4/54p3

Albert, Elizabeth, and Charles Greenwood are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Albert, John S., died in Korea 8/5/50: 8/24/50p1,10/5/50p1

Albert, Matthew A., died 1/?/57: 1/24/57p1

Aldrich, James, and Helen Smith are wed 9/15/56: 9/27/56p4

Alexander, Richard T., died 2/17/53: 2/19/53p1

Alimi, Arthur, and Jeannette Huppe are wed 4/14/56: 4/19/56p4

Allain, Roy--People Who Make Rochester: 7/20/50p3

Allaire, Nellie K., died 9/22/59: 9/24/59p3

Allaire, Wilfred, died 8/6/58: 8/7/58p3

Allard, Lillian, and Dwight Pennell are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56pA8

Allard, Paul, and Arlene Williams are wed 10/4/50: 10/26/50pB8

Allard, Pauline, and Henry Eaton are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

Allard, Roger, and Estelle Bouchard are wed 8/22/56: 8/30/56p4

Allen, Anne, and Stanley Campbell are wed 4/12/53: 4/16/53pB2

Allen, Arabella, and Weston Phillips are wed 9/17/56: 9/20/56p4

Allen, Bessie M., died 3/12/59: 3/19/59p3

Allen, C. Roscoe, died 2/2/50: 2/9/50p5

Allen, Florence, and Jesse Hill are wed 12/8/50: 12/14/50pA5

Allen, Florence, died 6/29/55: 6/30/55p3

Allen, Grace, died 11/22/50: 11/30/50pB5

Allen, Harland, and Beverly Thompson are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p4

Allen, Herbert, still laying bricks at 76 years old: 9/18/52pA5

Allen, Hosea, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/19/57p1

Allen, Leroy E., died 12/17/58: 12/18/58p3

Allen, Lillian, and Allan Hodgkins are wed 6/14/53: 6/18/53p4

Allen, M&M Harry, celebrate 34th anniversary: 1/19/56p4

Allen, M&M Henry G., celebrate 28th anniversary: 1/19/50p4

Allen, M&M Herbert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/26/56p2

Allen, Marguerite, is State Head of Pocahontas: 10/8/59p1

Allen, William O., died 6/14/58: 6/19/58p3

Allicon, William, died 10/21/50: 10/26/50p1

Almond, Lloyd, and Paula Herries are wed 5/29/54: 6/3/54p4

Amazeen, Audry, weds Elno Auclair 2/4/50: 2/23/50p15

Ambrose, Edna V., died 7/8/56: 7/12/56p3

Ames, Ada B., died 4/14/59: 4/16/59p3

Ames, Elsie M., died 8/19/54: 8/26/54p3

Ames, Frank, and Ida March are wed 7/6/59: 8/6/59p4

Ames, M&M Delbert, celebrate 35th anniversary: 9/6/56p3

Ames, Marilyn, weds Haley Sawyer 7/2/51: 7/12/51p4

Amidon, Frank, and Shirley Merritt are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Anastide, Georgia, and Richard Balomenos are wed 12/6/53: 12/24/53p4

Anctil, Corrine, and Robert Brochu are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Anctil, Marcelline, and Richard Donlon are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p5

Anderson, Albert, and Betty Harding are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p5

Anderson, Barbara, weds James Ferguson 3/9/50: 3/16/50p16

Anderson, Charene, weds Frederick Steadman 7/31/51: 8/9/51p4

Anderson, Dolores, and Walter Nisbet are wed 1/9/54: 1/14/54p4

Anderson, Elizabeth P., died 6/29/59: 7/2/59p3

Anderson, Hazel A., died 7/6/58: 7/10/58p3

Anderson Jr., John, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 11/12/59p1

Anderson, Robert D., died 2/9/58: 2/13/58p3

Andreason, Ramona, and Elson Lupien are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p4

Andreassi, maria, and Lawrence Hamilton are wed 8/30/56: 9/27/56p4

Andrews, Howard A., died 10/10/56: 10/11/56p3

Andrews Jr., Haven, and Edwina Leighton are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Andrews, Patricia, and William Richmond are wed 8/13/55: 8/18/55p4

Andrews, Ruby M., died 11/1/57[: 11/7/57p3

Andrews, Ruth, and Walter Goodale are wed 9/16/53: 9/24/53p4

Annia, S. Blanche, died 8/11/57: 8/15/57p3

Anthony, Milton, and Effie Pallas are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Anthony, Stephen, died 2/19/58: 2/27/58p3

Anton, Lorraine, and Harry Pelhank Jr. are wed 2/14/51: 3/1/51p4

Appleby, M&M James E., celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/17/55p4

Archambault, Norman A.--People Who Make Rochester: 7/17/52pA2

Arkwell, Barbara, and Edward Sanville are wed 1/31/53: 2/5/53p4

Arlin, Elinor, and Harvey Fox are wed 6/19/54: 6/24/54p4

Arlin, Francis, died 11/3/57: 11/7/57p3

Arlin, Ida W., died 5/24/58: 5/29/58p3

Arlin, Mary E., died 1/5/51: 1/11/51p3

Armory, Mary, died 8/1/57: 8/8/57p3

Armstrong, Charles W., died 10/11/57: 10/17/57p3

Armstrong, Charlotte, died 4/25/53: 4/30/53p3

Armstrong, Clara M., died 9/?/50: 9/28/50p3

Armstrong, Mildred D., died 1/18/52: 1/24/52pB2

Arsenault, M&M Joseph J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/7/55pC4

Arsenault, Martha, and Roland Tremblay are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p5

Atkinson, Fred B., died 7/5/58: 7/10/58p3

Atkinson, Melvin, weds Charlotte Dagenais 6/5/50: 6/8/50pC1

Aube, Josephine, died 7/25/52: 7/31/52p3

Aubert, Armand, and Jean Hinkley are wed 8/7/53: 8/20/53p4

Aubert, Fortunat J., died 6/30/50: 7/6/50p3

Aubert, Joseph, died 11/4/52: 11/6/52p3

Aubert, Lionel, and Elsie Perry are wed 4/25/52: 5/1/52p4

Aubin, Adrien, died 12/10/55: 12/15/55p3

Auclair, Elno, weds Audry Amazeen 2/4/50: 2/23/50p15

Auclair, Paul, and Doris Costantino are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Audette, Marjorie, and Steven Bickford are wed 10/6/50: 10/19/50p4

Audibert, Elzear J., died 12/2/55: 12/8/55p3

Auger, Carl E., died 5/4/53: 3/5/53p3,3/12/53p3

Austin, Florence D., died 4/15/55: 4/21/55p3

Austin, George T., died 3/13/56: 3/15/56p3

Austin, Gladys M., died 8/22/59: 8/27/59p3

Austin, Richard, and Vivienne Story are wed 7/1/55: 7/14/55p5

Authier, Clifford, died 4/11/58: 4/17/58p3

Authier, Nellie L., died 6/28/53: 7/2/53pB2

Autotte, Maurice, died 2/8/53: 2/12/53p3

Averill, Maude R., died 4/2/52: 4/10/52pB2

Avery, Gay, and Richard Parsons are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Avery, Geraldine, and Donald Thurston are wed 1/2/54: 1/7/54p4

Avery, Lorraine, and Richard Sanborn are wed 5/26/53: 6/4/53pB8

Avery, Robert, and Winnifred Cheney are wed 8/22/59: 9/3/59p4

Aylward, Louise B., died 2/16/54: 2/18/54p3

Ayotte, Loretta, and Raymond Dumont are wed 10/20/56: 10/25/56p4

Babkirk, Lee R., died 8/12/56: 8/16/56p3

Bacalbassis, Aris, and Marilyn Gile are wed: 12/19/57p4

Bahros, Anthony, and Elizabeth Lee are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Bailey, Betty, and Bradford Batchelder Jr. are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Bailey, Earl, and Martha Faist are wed 8/1/53: 8/6/53pp4,7

Bailey, Eleanor, weds Meldean Corson 2/5/50: 2/9/50p10 ,2/16/50p4

Bailey J., Raymond, and Edith Norris are wed 2/26/55: 3/10/55p3

Baker, Eli, and Ethel Cohen are wed 7/6/52: 7/31/52pB1

Baker, Harold, and Beatrice Potvin are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Baker, John H., died 1/26/56: 2/2/56p3

Baker, John R., died 5/15/58: 5/22/58p5

Baker, Katherine, and Ralph Booth are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Baker, M&M Samuel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/8/59p3

Baker, Paul, and Margaret Burns are wed 7/2/52: 7/10/52pB4

Baker, Paul, earns Purple Heart: 12/18/52p1

Baker, Susan, and Henry Kast are wed: 10/15/59p4

Ballou, Joseph, and Carolyn Waller are wed 6/27/59: 7/9/59p4

Ballou, Joseph, to graduate from USN Academy at Annapolis: 5/30/57p1

Ballou, Marjorie, and Edgar Hawkins are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

Balodis, Ilze, is Strafford County spelling champion: 3/10/55p1

Balodis, Wilhelm, and family, refugees, settle in Milton: 11/9/50pB6

Balomenos, Costas, and Josephine Hughes are wed 9/5/53: 9/10/53p4

Balomenos, Richard, and Georgia Anastide are wed 12/6/53: 12/24/53p4

Balomenos, Virginia, weds Norman Sharples 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Banks, Howard, and Martha Laney are wed 9/12/51: 9/20/51p4

Barba, Richard, and Anne Cassavant are wed 2/15/58: 2/20/58p4

Barba, Theresa R., died 10/24/55: 10/27/55p3

Barber, Arthur W., dued 5/20/58: 5/22/58p5

Barber, Margeret--A Pertinent Personality: 11/16/50p4

Barber, Maurice, weds Carolyn Scruton 4/9/50: 4/13/50p4,5/25/50p18

Barcomb, Albert E.--People Who Make Rochester: 9/7/50pA2

Barcomb, Albert, feted by C/C: 3/20/52p1

Barcomb, Beatrice, and Daniel Sullivan are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Barcomb, Jeanne, and William Oakes are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Barcomb, Jeanne, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/10/52p1

Barcomb, Juanita, and John Casey are wed 12/26/53: 12/31/53p4

Barcomb, Lorraine, and Maurice Gagnon are wed 5/5/56: 5/10/56p4

Baril, Harold, died 7/16/53: 7/23/53p3

Barisano, Louis, and Gail Schneider are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Barisano, Louis, to graduate US Military Academy at West Point: 5/30/57p1

Barisano, Ralph, and Sally McDuffee are wed 1/2/51: 1/4/51p4

Barker, Charles B., died 9/30/56: 10/4/56p3

Barlett, Alice S., died 10/?/56: 10/11/56p3

Barnes, Albert, and Betty Young are wed 3/9/57: 3/14/57p4

Barnett, Geneva, and Francis Taylor are wed 4/21/56: 5/10/56p4

Barney, Joanne, and Bruce Tutein are wed 5/5/57: 5/9/57p4

Barrett, Abbie F., died 12/24/53: 1/7/54p3

Barrett, Herbert S., died 5/22/55: 5/26/55p3

Barry, Dorothy, and Bernie Gubrell are wed 4/28/57: 5/9/57p4

Bartlett, Ernest M., died 3/28/52: 4/3/52p1,4/10/52p3

Bartlett, Frank H., died 7/5/52: 7/10/52pB4

Bartlett, Phyllis, and William Harriman are wed 3/7/59: 3/12/59p4

Baston, Elfreda, and Norman Otis are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50pB5

Baston, Marion, and Donald Emmett are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54pB4

Batchelder Jr., Bradford, and Betty Bailey are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Batchelder Jr., Ralph, and Phyllis Masse are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53pB2

Batchelder, Laura, and 86-year-old twin sister are feted: 7/23/59p2

Batchelder, Martha, and Clifford Gorton wed 6/?/52: 6/26/52pB3

Batchelder, Walter, and Marie Cabana are wed 9/17/51: 9/27/51pB3

Batcheler, M&M Ralph M., celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/23/53pB3

Batchelor, Joan, and Wendell Brown are wed 9/11/56: 9/20/56p4

Bate, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/5/59p8

Baud, Thelma, and Clayton Buck are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52pB4

Baxter, Alfred W., died 11/25/56: 11/29/56p4

Baxter, Charles A., died 11/21/50: 11/23/50pB3

Baxter, Jonh A., died 10/14/52: 10/16/52pA2

Baxter, M&M Oliver C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/25/56pB3

Baxter, Martha, and John Stevens are wed 8/25/56: 8/30/56p4

Beal Jr., Willard, and Carmelyn Birch are wed 7/13/52: 7/17/52p4

Beals, Donald, and Marie Roy are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Bean, Chester, and Florence York are wed 6/19/52: 6/26/52p4

Bean, Clayton W., died ?/?/51: 4/5/51pB6

Bean, Harold, and Beverly Gerrish are wed 2/12/55: 2/24/55p4

Bean, Josephine, and Raymond Tremblay are wed 3/28/55: 3/31/55p4

Beane, M&M Frank L., celebrate 57th anniversary: 10/15/53pB4

Beard, Bertha C., died 10/18/53: 10/22/53p3

Beard, Cleveland, died 6/1/54: 6/3/54p3

Beard, Llewellyn, and Edith Read are wed 10/13/50: 10/19/50p4

Beardsworth, Frances, weds Arthur Reynolds 1/12/57: 1/17/57p4,1/24/57p4

Beardsworth, Norma, and Richard Merrill are wed 1/3/53: 1/8/53p4

Beaton, Myrtle H., died 3/5/55: 3/10/55p3

Beauchemin, Janet, and Richard Wilson are wed 10/10/54: 10/14/54p4

Beaudoin, Alfred J., died 6/7/53: 6/11/53p3

Beaudoin, Alice E., died 10/8/58: 10/9/58p3

Beaudoin, Aurel, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/17/58p8

Beaudoin, Berthe, and Arthur Brown III are wed 1/20/59: 2/5/59p4

Beaudoin, Clarissa S., died 7/19/52: 7/24/52p3

Beaudoin, Cyril J., died 2/2/54: 2/4/54p3

Beaudoin, Donald, and Cecile Bedard are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Beaudoin, Edgar J., died 7/7/55: 7/14/55p3

Beaudoin, Janet, and Bruce Hescock are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Beaudoin, Kenneth, and Lois Parshley wed 10/13/50: 10/19/50pB5

Beaudoin, Lea, celebrates 85th birthday: 7/23/53p5

Beaudoin, Lucille, weds George Willett 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Beaudoin, Marlene, and James Cressey are wed 7/14/56: 7/19/56p4

Beaudoin, Napolean J., died 12/13/54: 12/16/54p3

Beaudoin, Norman, and Cynthia Lunt are wed 4/17/53: 4/23/53p4

Beaudoin, Paula, and Roger Doisneau are wed 5/29/54: 6/3/54p4

Beaudoin, Pauline, and Robert Bennett are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Beaudoin, Raymond, and Ann Morency wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4,10/25/51p4

Beaudoin, Robert, and Marie Rumney are wed 11/24/54: 12/2/54p4

Beaudoin, Robert, weds Teresa Couture 7/8/50: 7/13/50pB1

Beaudoin, Victoria J., died 10/15/51: 10/18/51p3

Beaudoin, Yvonne, and William Boen are wed 6/6/53: 6/11/53p4

Beaulieau, Ubald J., died 10/28/57: 10/31/57p3

Beaulieu, Arthur J., died 11/25/56: 11/29/56p3

Beaulieu, Diane, and Robert Felong are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Beaulieu, Edgar J., died 12/6/50: 12/7/50p3,12/14/50p3

Beaulieu, Estelle, and Walter Lagotte are wed 11/19/55: 12/1/55p4

Beaulieu, Fannie R., died 1/19/57: 1/24/57p3

Beaulieu, Florence, and George Hurley are wed 7/12/52: 7/17/52p4

Beaulieu, M&M Eugene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/12/59p4

Beaulieu, Raymond, and Alice Curren are wed 6/5/55: 6/9/55p4

Beaupre, Gerard, and Gladys Issa are wed 4/12/52: 5/1/52p4

Beaupre, Ingeburg, and Conrad Poisson are wed 7/3/59: 7/23/59p4

Beaupre, Irene, weds Fernand Letourneau 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p5

Bebris, Ivars, student, chosen for special studies: 5/28/59p1

Bebris, Veltra, is reunited with parents after seven years: 12/29/55p1

Beck, Charles W., died 2/17/52: 2/21/52pB4

Bedard, Cecile, and Donald Beaudoin are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Bedard, Jacqueline, weds Reginald Cossette 6/9/51: 6/14/51p4

Bedard, Jeannette, and Chester Richardson are wed 10/28/50: 11/2/50p4

Bedard, Rene, weds Doris Turgeon 5/19/51: 6/7/51p4

Bedford Jr., Clay, and Carolyn Stevenson are wed 12/27/51: 1/3/52p4

Begin, Lorraine, and Elmo Rainville are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Begin, M&M Alcide, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/28/51p4

Begin, Stella, and Norman Marcotte are wed 5/2/53: 5/7/53p4

Belair, Joseph, and Sally Nolan are wed 6/11/56: 6/21/56p4

Belander, Joseph, died 1/1/58: 1/2/58p3

Belanger, Germaine, and Richard Foster are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51p4

Belanger, Jr., Arthur and Eleanor Lucey are wed 9/5/53: 9/10/53p4

Belanger, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/20/54p4

Belanger, Paula, and Thomas Gilbert are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Belanger, William, died 8/22/55: 8/25/55p3

Belinsky, Anna, celebrates her birthday: 1/20/55p4

Belinsky, Mrs. Samuel, returns from 6-week Israeli tour: 5/25/50p6

Belinsky, Mrs. Samuel--A Pertinent Personality: 3/23/50p4

Beliveau, Henry J., died 11/24/56: 11/29/56p3

Bell, Byron F., died 11/18/50: 11/23/50p3

Bell, Doris B., died 2/1/58: 2/6/58p3

Bell, Florence, and John Cotton Jr. are wed 3/16/53: 3/26/53p4

Bell, Henry F., died 6/11/56: 6/14/56p3

Bell, Lydia F., died 11/13/52: 11/13/52p3

Bell, M&M Clarence, celebrate 49th anniversary: 11/9/50ppA3 ,B5

Bell, Mary C., died 3/7/53: 3/12/53p7

Bell, Pearl, and Allen Sawyer are wed 8/20/56: 8/30/56p4

Belleau, Jeannette, and Millard Blevins are wed 2/9/57: 2/14/57p4

Belleau, John, and Edna Laroche are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Bellefontaine, Marie, and Frank Wilson are wed 2/16/57: 2/28/57p4

Bellemeur, Lois F., died 4/9/55: 4/14/55p3

Belleville, Janet, and John McKenna Jr. are wed 2/7/56: 2/16/56p4

Belleville, Leo, and Patricia Berry are wed 5/16/59: 5/21/59p4

Belliveau, Philip, and Estelle Marcotte are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Benner, Mary, and Alvah Pike are wed 2/14/55: 2/24/55p4

Benner, Robert, and Priscilla Farrington are wed 2/26/55: 3/2/55p4

Bennett, Alda M., died 6/6/52: 6/12/52pB1

Bennett, Anna M., died 8/5/50: 8/17/50p3

Bennett, Arthur F., died 1/13/58: 1/16/58p3

Bennett, Dorothy, and Robert Marble are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Bennett, Edith, 91, has vigor reflected in her art: 4/9/59p8

Bennett, Jacqueline, and Joseph Brennan are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Bennett, James E., died 10/22/50: 10/26/50p3

Bennett, Katherine, died 8/9/57: 8/15/57p3

Bennett, lawrence, weds Mabel Pierce 6/16/51: 6/28/51p4

Bennett, Leverne, and Evelyn LaBonte are wed 11/17/56: 11/22/56p4

Bennett, Linda, died 7/4/58: 7/10/58p4

Bennett, Lorraine, and Roger Bumford are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Bennett, M&M Arnold, celebrate 10th anniversary: 1/12/56p4

Bennett, M&M Arthur, celebrate 38th anniversary: 7/14/55p5

Bennett, Madeline, and Donald Harrington are wed 2/8/54: 2/18/54p4

Bennett, Mary A., died 5/1/58: 5/8/58p3

Bennett, Mary, and Elmer Elliott Jr. are wed 8/6/55: 8/11/55p4

Bennett, Philip, and Jacqueline Marble are wed 7/2/53: 7/9/53p4

Bennett, Robert, and Pauline Beaudoin are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Bennett, William, died 11/14/56: 11/15/56p3

Benton, Alfred, and Cynthia Clement are wed 2/19/56: 2/23/56p4,3/8/56p4

Benton, Avard, and Patricia Moore are wed 7/23/55: 7/28/55p4

Benton, Joan, and Raymond Watters are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Bergergon, M&M Louis S., celebrate 49th anniversary: 1/16/58p2

Bergeron, Ann, and Franklin Torr are wed 6/6/59: 6/11/59p4

Bergeron, Joan, and Joseph Couture are wed 8/9/58: 8/14/58p4

Bergeron, Joseph C., died 5/4/51: 5/10/51p3

Bergeron, Lawrence, and Garmaine Desmerais are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Bergeron, M&M Emilio, celerate 40th anniversary: 5/10/56p4

Bergeron, M&M Fabian, celebrate 15th anniversary: 2/20/58p3

Bergeron, M&M Louis S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/15/59p1

Bergeron, M&M Lucien, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/20/55pp4,5

Bergeron, Theresa, and William Melanson are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Bergeron, Wayne, and Ann Veator are wed 11/23/56: 11/29/56p4

Beriault, Joseph, died 1/17/57: 1/24/57p3

Beriault, Yvonne, and Raymond Veno are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Bernard, Andrew, died 11/12/58: 11/13/58p1

Bernard, Joseph, and Dorothy Colburn are wed 1/10/58: 1/16/58p4

Bernard, Olida, and Alfred Blanchette are wed 10/7/50: 10/12/50p4

Bernard, Stanley, and Marjorie Scruton wed 5/24/52: 5/29/52pB3

Bernier, Conrad, and Doris Bouchard are wed: 7/14/55p5

Bernier, Donald, and Lorraine Duchesneau are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

Bernier, Edward P., died 12/21/51: 12/27/51p3

Bernier, Georgette, and Robert Roy are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Bernier, Gerard, and Elaine Druin are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Bernier, Gloria, and George Potvin are wed 5/30/58: 6/5/58p4

Bernier, Leo, and Stella Smith are wed 4/26/52: 5/1/52p4

Bernier, Lorette I., died 9/27/51: 10/4/51p3

Berrett, Walter E., died ?/?/52: 11/27/52p3

Berry, Arthur L., died 6/4/51: 6/7/51pB6

Berry, Bernard, and Georgianna Richards are wed 9/2/55: 9/8/55p4

Berry, David, and Sylvia Lyons are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Berry, Donald, and Loretta Forcier are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Berry, Elmer, weds Ellen Woods 2/11/50: 2/16/50p15

Berry, Erleen, and Charles Weimert are wed 8/30/57: 9/12/57p4

Berry, Eva M., died 12/29/57: 1/2/58p3

Berry, Fidelia F., died 1/11/59: 1/15/59p3

Berry, Gertrude, and Bartholeme Madore are wed 4/25/53: 4/30/53p4

Berry, Grace G., died 11/26/54: 12/2/54p3

Berry, Guy A., died 1/21/52: 1/31/52pB3

Berry, Irving B., died 12/20/53: 12/24/53p3

Berry, Irving N., died 4/?/55: 5/5/55p3

Berry, Isa, and Edward Normand are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Berry, Janice, and Paul Lizotte are wed 4/3/55: 4/7/55p4

Berry, Kenneth, and Marva Dickerson are wed 3/8/52: 4/17/52pA6

Berry, Luella, celebrates 88th birthday: 11/19/53p4

Berry, Mary A., died 10/16/50: 10/19/50pA4

Berry, Mary C., diede 11/18/50: 11/23/50p3

Berry, Mrs. Norman J.--A Pertinent Personality: 11/9/50p4

Berry, Myrtle S., died 3/16/51: 3/22/51pB2

Berry, Nellie G., died 12/2/58: 12/4/58p3

Berry, Patricia, and Leo Belleville are wed 5/16/59: 5/21/59p4

Berry, Robert, and Janet Campbell are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pB4

Berry, Warren W., died 5/17/55: 5/19/55p3

Berry, Wayne A., died 8/22/57: 8/29/57p3

Berry, William, and Kathleen Dean are wed 12/30/50: 1/4/51p4

Berube, Eugenie V., died 10/8/54: 10/14/54p3

Berube, M&M Wilfred L., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/52p4

Berube, Philip J., died 6/11/51: 6/14/51p3

Berube, Robert, and Norma Place are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Bessett, Alphonse, and Jeannette Cardin are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p6

Betz, Donald, and Barbara Drapeau are wed 8/27/55: 9/8/55p5

Biancavilla, Dominic, and Mary Sirois are wed 9/5/53: 9/17/53p4

Bibeau, Adgenor, died 8/17/56: 8/23/56p3

Bibeau, Gerald, and Helen Richard are wed 7/12/58: 7/17/58p4

Bibeau, Priscilla, and Robert Chase are wed 8/6/55: 8/11/55p4

Bickford, Barbara, and Donald O'Brien are wed 3/12/59: 3/19/59p4

Bickford, Betty-Lou, and Fred Colbroth are wed 2/5/55: 2/10/55p4

Bickford, Carolyn, and Richard Burton are wed 2/20/55: 2/24/55p4

Bickford, Dorothy, and Paul Christie are wed 7/2/55: 7/21/55p4

Bickford, Edward H., died 1/6/57: 1/10/57p3

Bickford, Edythe, and Ralph Leib are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Bickford, Emma F., died 10/15/53: 10/22/53p3

Bickford, Everett S.., died 2/26/53: 3/5/53p3

Bickford, George D., died 7/14/56: 7/19/56p3

Bickford, Georgianna, weds Edward Caverly 6/17/51: 6/21/51pB3

Bickford, June, and Arnold Burclaff are wed 7/2/56: 7/12/56p4

Bickford, Kenneth, and Jean Yates are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pA1

Bickford, Lillian M., died 11/29/52: 12/4/52p3

Bickford, M&M Ernest, celebrate 47th anniversary: 6/5/58p4

Bickford, Mattie C., died 7/14/53: 7/16/53pB6

Bickford, Mrs. Harold E., died 6/1/55: 6/2/55p3,6/9/55p3

Bickford, Phyllis, and Roger Hedberg are wed: 11/12/59p4

Bickford, Steven, and Marjorie Audette are wed 10/6/50: 10/19/50p4

Bigelow, Florence, and Octave Jarest are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Bigelow, Henry, and Roma Buzek are wed: 8/9/56p4

Bigelow, Victor E., died 10/19/50: 10/26/50pB2

Billings, Luke, and Constance Tessier are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Bilodeau, Clara, died 4/4/56: 4/5/56p3

Bilodeau, J.E.A., feted after 40 years as City bandmaster: 8/21/58p1

Bilodeau, James E. (Alcide)--People Who Make Rochester: 2/15/51p8

Bilodeau, M&M J.E.A., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/21/54p4

Bilson, Joan, and Donald Seavey are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Binette, Annette, and Fernand Gagnon are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Binette, Donald, and Aline Turgeon are wed 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4

Birch, Carmelyn, and Willard Beal Jr. are wed 7/13/52: 7/17/52p4

Birch, Ellen, and Robert Potvin are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Bird, M&M Irving, celebrate 49th anniversary: 4/24/52p4

Bird, M&M Irving, celebrate 56th anniversary: 4/23/59p4

Bird, M&M Irving P., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/23/53p5

Biron, Hubert F., died 12/31/49: 1/5/50pp3,12

Biron, Jeannine, and Robert Spear are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Biron, Raymond E., died 4/16/59: 4/23/59p3

Bisson, Anna, died 2/1/59: 2/5/59p3

Bisson, Marie G., died 2/24/50: 3/2/50p5

Bisson, Patricia, and Harold Carle are wed 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Bisson, Raymond, has City armory named after him: 9/4/58p1

Bisson, Robert, and Jeanne LaFleur are wed 8/31/57: 9/5/57pp3,4

Bisson, Roland W., died 7/20/57: 7/25/57p1

Bitton, Russell H.--People Who Make Rochester: 7/13/50p3

Blackadar, M&M Walter, hold family reunion: 8/15/57p4

Blackburn, Rhoda G., died 11/24/56: 11/29/56p3

Blackman, Carl G., died 9/19/54: 9/23/54p3

Blackmore, Dorothy P., died 8/30/59: 9/3/59p3

Blair, Betty, and Raymond Couture are wed 4/11/53: 4/16/53pp4,5

Blair, Harry A., died 6/30/59: 7/2/59p3

Blair, Harry, and Margaret Whitehouse are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Blair, John N., died 7/7/59: 7/9/59p3

Blair, M&M William J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/24/53p4,10/1/53p4

Blair, Mary R., died 11/30/53: 12/3/53p3

Blair, Pauline, and Kenneth Carpenter are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Blais, Joan, and Gerald Callaghan are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Blaisdell, Ada, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/8/51pB2

Blaisdell, Ada, celebrates 95th birthday: 3/8/56pB2

Blaisdell, Ada E., 93, awarded Farmington Boston Post Cane: 9/30/54p1

Blaisdell, Adah, celebrates 97th birthday: 3/6/58pB2

Blaisdell, Adah E., celebrates 92nd birthday: 3/5/53pB2

Blaisdell, Adah E., died 11/16/58: 11/20/58p1

Blaisdell, Catherine, and Stanley Ditmer wed 2/23/53: 3/5/53p4,4/9/53pB5

Blaisdell, Cora, died 4/11/53: 4/16/53p3

Blaisdell, Electa G., died 3/5/58: 3/13/58p3

Blaisdell, Ernest O., died 10/4/56: 10/11/56p3

Blaisdell, Georgianna, celebrates 97th birthday: 11/23/50p8

Blaisdell, Gerogianna P., died 11/25/51: 11/29/51p3

Blaisdell, John, and Betty Shumaker are wed 5/26/54: 6/3/54p4

Blaisdell, Mary S., died 2/216/51: 2/22/51p3

Blaisdell, Pamela J., died 1/11/53: 1/15/53p3

Blaisdell, Rose A., died 12/14/53: 12/17/53p3

Blaisdell, Sarah B., died 4/14/58: 4/17/58p3

Blaisdell, Shirley, and Everett Carlsen are wed 10/14/59: 10/22/59pB1

Blake, Barbara, and Norman Gilbert are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Blake, Basil F., died 11/2/50: 11/9/50p3

Blake, Eva M., died 8/14/54: 8/19/54p3

Blake, George, and Maureen Forrest are wed 1/7/56: 3/1/56p4

Blake, George W., died 11/11/57: 11/14/57p3

Blake, M&M George W., celebrate 59th anniversary: 10/30/52p4

Blake, Minnie, celebrates 91st birthday: 2/13/58p4

Blanchard, Richard H., died 4/13/51: 4/19/51p3

Blanchard, Ruth, and Luman Burrows are wed 6/16/56: 7/5/56p5

Blanchard, Valentine, greets sister after 50 years: 9/6/51p1

Blanchette, Albert, and Helen Leclerc are wed 6/15/59: 6/25/59p4

Blanchette, Albert, is Governor of ME/NH Moose: 9/11/52p1

Blanchette, Alfred, and Marie St. Germain are wed 2/11/56: 2/23/56p4

Blanchette, Alfred, and Olida Bernard are wed 10/7/50: 10/12/50p4

Blanchette, James, died 7/25/54: 7/29/54p11

Blanchette, Louis, and Joan Boyle are wed 12/29/51: 1/3/52p4

Blanchette, M&M Albert J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/9/54p5

Blanchette, Paul, and Evelyn Evans are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4

Blanchette, Philip, weds Brenda Nesbitt 5/30/58: 6/12/58p5,6/26/58p4

Blanchette, Regina, and Forrest Kimball are wed 2/25/56: 3/1/56p4

Blanchette, Robert, and Theresa Mansur are wed 7/4/55: 7/7/55p1

Blanchette, Rose I., died 8/24/56: 8/30/56p3

Bleckadar, Paul, and Ellen Peregoy are wed 2/6/54: 2/11/54p4

Blevins, Millard, and Jeannette Belleau are wed 2/9/57: 2/14/57p4

Blisky, Violet--A Pertinent Personality: 12/14/50p4

Blomberg, Jean, and Reginald Grenier are wed 3/17/56: 3/29/56p4

Blood, Carlisle, weds Annette Paquin 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Blood, Leon L., died 10/23/50: 10/26/50p3

Blood, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/17/54p4

Blougouras, Charles, and Mary Raizes are wed 6/2/57: 6/6/57p4

Blouin, Richard, and Claire Gagne are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Boardman, Carolyn, and David Evans are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57pB3

Boardman, Harold W., died 10/10/52: 10/16/52p3

Bodge, Gertrude G., died 10/10/57: 10/17/57p3

Bodge, John W., died 10/24/58: 10/30/58p3

Bodwell, Chester A., died 4/2/53: 4/9/53p3

Boen, William, and Yvonne Beaudoin are wed 6/6/53: 6/11/53p4

Bogan, James F., died 9/7/56: 9/13/56p3

Boisclair, Richard, weds Marie Cartier 7/1/50: 7/20/50p4

Boisvert, Annette, and Robert Jacques are wed 2/4/56: 2/16/56p4

Boisvert, Bernice, and Ethard Rhoades wed 4/10/53: 4/16/53pB2

Boisvert, Beverly, and Hollis Rogers are wed 12/14/57: 12/19/57p4

Boisvert, Edouard A., died 1/12/57: 1/17/57p3

Boisvert, Robert, and Margaret Martineau are wed 1/11/58: 1/16/58p4

Boivin, Janet, and Robert Lebrecque are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

Bolduc, Georgiana, died 3/8/51: 3/15/51p3

Bolduc, Jeannette, weds William Ormsby 7/1/57: 7/4/57p4,7/11/57pB3

Bolduc, Theresa, and Kenneth Grondin are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Boles, George, and Thelma Burrows are wed 2/7/53: 2/12/53p7

Bolton, Robert, and June Cole are wed 3/23/57: 3/28/57p4

Bonanfont, Roy, died 3/19/51: 3/22/51p3

Bonenfont, Alphonse, died 5/29/52: 5/29/52p1

Bonenfont, Arthur J., died 4/19/58: 4/24/58p3

Bonser, M&M Byron, celebrate 40th anniversary: 6/21/51p4

Bonser, Mary S., died 5/23/55: 5/26/55p3

Bonser. Byron, retires after 39 years' B&M service: 1/31/52p1,2/7/52pB8

Boodey, Alice A., died 1/29/50: 2/2/50p9 ,2/9/50p10

Boone, Ada, and John Harrison are wed 6/3/56: 6/7/56p4

Booth, Ralph, and Katherine Baker are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Borden, Frank H., died 1/27/57: 1/31/57p3

Boseker, James, and Deveda McClintock are wed 4/25/53: 4/30/53p4

Bosquin, Clayton, and Florence Brock are wed 6/28/59: 7/16/59p5

Bostrom, Judith, weds Joseph Plourde 6/10/50: 6/15/50ppA2,A3

Bostrum, Alexander E., died 11/25/54: 12/2/54p3

Boswell, Mary, and Gerald Rodrique are wed 7/9/55: 7/28/55p4

Bouchard, Doris, and Conrad Bernier are wed: 7/14/55p5

Bouchard, Estelle, and Roger Allard are wed 8/22/56: 8/30/56p4

Bouchard, Priscilla, and John Dickie Jr. are wed 10/20/56: 10/25/56p4

Bouchard, Robert, and Helen Sceggell are wed 1/13/51: 1/18/51pB8

Boucher, Armand, and Lucienne Gagnon are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p4

Boucher, Bernice, and Raymond Cormier are wed 11/22/55: 12/1/55p4

Boucher, Pauline, and Paul DeWitt are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Boucher, Theresa, and Donald Spurling are wed 8/10/57: 8/15/57p4

Boudreau, Albert, and June Furber are wed 11/9/58: 11/13/58p4

Boudreau, Alberta, and Floyd Waters are wed 6/13/52: 7/17/52p4

Boudreau, M&M Albert J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/19/54p1

Boudreau, Noella, and Wendall Warburton are wed 11/26/52: 12/4/52p4

Boudreau Sr., M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/12/54p1

Boudreau, Wilbur, and Lillian Brooks are wed 4/22/55: 5/12/55p4

Bougie, Rheal, and Rolande Laurion are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Boulanger, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/2/54p4

Boulanger, Pierre C., died 10/11/58: 10/16/58p3

Boulanger, Priscilla, and Edmond Turgeon are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Boulay, Raymond, and Mildred Therrien are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Boulet, Harriet F., died 10/30/53: 11/5/53p3

Boulet, Wilfred, and Dorothy McLellan are wed 11/25/59: 12/3/59p4

Boulogne, Pierre, and Barbara Waitt are wed 12/26/54: 12/30/54p4

Bourdeau, Robert, and Margeurite Wheeler are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Bourre, Mary, and Joseph Kirouac are wed 10/4/55: 10/13/55p4

Bousquin, Anora, and Alexander Yaworsky are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Bousquin, Clarence E., died 2/13/50: 2/16/50p5

Bousquin, Marion, and Lawrence Kimball are wed 8/8/59: 8/13/59p4

Bowdoin, Ella T., died 3/25/53: 3/27/52p3

Bowen, Fred O., died 2/?/58: 2/27/58p3

Bowen, George H., died 9/12/59: 9/17/59p1

Bowen, Paul, and Patricia Chasse are wed 9/6/58: 9/11/58p4

Bowen, Richard, and Sally Clark are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Bowen, Robert, and Ann Murphy are wed 7/7/56: 7/26/56p4

Bowen, Robert F., helped save French town in WWII: 12/30/54p1

Bowering, Helen K., died 12/22/54: 12/30/54p3

Bowers, Dorothea, weds Charles Gatteys on 12/2/50: 12/14/50pB1

Bowers, William M., died 11/30/56: 12/6/56p3

Bowlin, Fernie M., died 10/20/51: 10/25/51p3

Bowman, William J., died 10/24/58: 10/30/58p3

Bowser, Clarence H., died 9/13/58: 9/18/58p3

Boyce, Bessie M., died 7/27/52: 7/31/52p3

Boyce, M&M Ralph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/10/57p4

Boyd, Abbie M., died 1/4/57: 1/10/57p6

Boyd, Helen, and Edward Pouliot Jr. are wed 7/4/52: 7/24/52pB4

Boyd Sr., Joseph A., died 2/21/59: 2/26/59p3

Boyd, Thelma, and Arthur Caverly are wed 11/23/50: 11/30/50p4

Boyle, Joan, and Louis Blanchette are wed 12/29/51: 1/3/52p4

Boyle, Richard, and Gloria Levesque are wed 5/30/53: 6/4/53p4

Boyle, Velma E., died 11/8/57: 11/21/57p3

Brackett, Emma, died 8/2/55: 8/11/55p3

Brackett, Lorraine, weds Maurice Gordon 4/22/50: 5/4/50p16

Brackett, Mary, died 1/29/57: 1/31/57p3

Brackett, Russell S., died 1/2/55: 1/6/55p3

Bradbury, Beatrice, and Raymond Burke are wed: 1/10/52p4

Bradbury, Joan, and Frank Danner are wed 3/21/59: 4/2/59p4

Bradford, Honora, and Roland Guay are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Bradford, John, weds Eleanor Vance 1/27/50: 2/2/50p4

Bradlee, Louise M., died 11/14/56: 11/22/56p3

Bradley, James T., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/10/52pB2

Bradley, James T., died 1/24/57: 1/31/57p3

Bradt Jr., Richard, and Barbara Vayo are wed 12/30/55: 1/12/56p4

Brady, Eileen, and John Printy are wed 2/16/52: 3/6/52p4

Bragdon, Stillman, and Norma O'Brien are wed 2/20/54: 2/25/54p4

Bragg, Helen B., died 12/23/53: 12/31/53pC2

Bragg, Jacqueline, and Elvington Robbins are wed 4/6/57: 4/11/57p4

Bragg, Jeannine, and Robert Hobbs are wed 8/28/54: 9/2/54p4

Bragg, Robert, and Shelby Sutherland are wed 10/25/57: 11/21/57p4

Brainard, Vera, died 7/31/51: 8/2/51p1

Branch, Donald, and Elsie Dame are wed 8/3/57: 8/8/57p4

Brandt, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/30/57p2

Brannan, Catherine, died 2/26/58: 2/27/58p3

Brannan, George, and Beverly Rouleau are wed 2/21/59p4

Brasse, Peter, and Helen Garrish are wed: 8/9/56p4

Braudis, Harold, died 11/?/55: 11/17/55p3

Braudis, Harold L., died 11/5/55: 11/10/55p3

Braudis, Mrs. Lennar G., died 2/12/56: 2/16/56p3

Brennan, Dennis, died 11/23/53: 11/26/53p3

Brennan, Ellen H., died 3/3/51: 3/8/51p3

Brennan, Joseph, and Jacqueline Bennett are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Brennan, Peter J., died 12/13/59: 12/17/59p3

Brennan, Thomas, and Ann Hennessey are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Breton, Adelard, and Irene Lourion are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Breton, Aldina D., died 9/14/59: 9/24/59p3

Breton, Arthur E., died 8/11/59: 8/13/59p3

Breton, Emile D., died 6/9/54: 6/17/54p3

Breton, Eva A., died 11/18/52: 11/20/52p3

Breton, Joseph, is MIA in Korea: 1/11/51p1 MIA

Breton, Lorraine, and Robert Langdon are wed 6/30/56: 7/19/56p4

Breton, Lt. Joseph, home from POW camp: 9/10/53p1,9/24/53p1

Breton, Napoleon J., died 10/15/58: 10/16/58p3

Breton, Paul, risks life to save dog from icy Cocheco: 1/27/55p1

Brezinski, James, and Cynthia Foster are wed 6/20/55: 6/30/55p4

Bride, Pike, and Richard Frohock are wed 3/20/54: 3/25/54p4

Bridle, Barbara, and Richard Peyser are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Briggs, LLewellyn, and Marjorie Hebert are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

Brittingham, Lois, and Maurice Emerson Jr. are wed 4/20/57: 5/2/57p4

Britton, Joseph, and Catherine MacPhail are wed 8/6/55: 8/4/55p4

Britton, Russell H., died 2/18/52: 2/28/52p1

Broch, Martin S., died 8/?/56: 8/30/56p3

Brochu, Adjutor J., died 8/12/57: 8/15/57p3

Brochu, Joseph L., died 1/10/54: 1/14/54p3

Brochu, Robert, and Corrine Anctil are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Brock, Alice, died 7/21/56: 7/26/56p3

Brock, Celia, and Carl Conrad are wed 9/9/51: 9/13/51p4

Brock, Elizabeth, and Lionel Rocheleau are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Brock, Emma A., died 8/9/57: 8/15/57p3

Brock, Florence, and Clayton Bosquin are wed 6/28/59: 7/16/59p5

Brock, M&M Martin, celebrate 30th anniversary: 4/12/51p7

Brock, Ruth W., died 11/13/57: 11/14/57p3,11/21/57p3

Bronson, Lois, and Elmer Haskell are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Brooks, Annie J., died 5/12/58: 5/15/58p3

Brooks, Donna, and George Glidden are wed 11/23/57: 12/5/57p4

Brooks, Faith, and Carl Harriman are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54pC2

Brooks, John C., Association, holds reunion: 7/4/57p8

Brooks Jr., Robert, and Muriel Gray are wed 2/23/57: 3/7/57p4

Brooks, Laura, died 11/16/52: 11/20/52p3

Brooks, Lillian, and Wilbur Boudreau are wed 4/22/55: 5/12/55p4

Brooks, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/8/55p4

Brooks, Richard, and Ann Johnson are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52p4

Brooks, William, died 11/1/55: 11/10/55p3

Brough, Shirley, and Charles Currier are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Brouillard, Marie, died 3/3/51: 3/8/51p3

Brouillard, Patricia, and Robert Marsh Jr. are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

Brouillard, Philomene, died 11/27/53: 12/3/53p3

Brouillard, Rita, and Donald Delisle are wed 1/25/58: 2/6/58p5

Brow, Alfred, and Elizabeth McDuffee are wed 5/2/55: 5/12/55p4

Browley, Louise, weds Kenneth Woods 12/31/49: 1/5/50p7

Brown, Ada, and Verne Preston are wed 7/12/56: 7/19/56p4

Brown, Adelbert L., died 7/12/55: 7/21/55p8

Brown, Amy M., died 4/29/59: 5/7/59p5

Brown, Ann, and Charles Grassie are wed 12/26/58: 1/1/59p4

Brown, Anna M., died 6/10/55: 6/16/55p3

Brown, Barbara, and Donald LeClerc are wed 9/16/50: 9/21/50p4

Brown, Benjamin F., died 7/22/57: 7/25/57p3

Brown, Blanche W., died 1/19/56: 1/26/56p3

Brown, Charles L., died 6/26/53: 7/2/53p3

Brown, Doris, and Richard Spaulding are wed 9/3/50: 9/7/50pA3

Brown, Dorothy, and Mervale Canney Jr. are wed 8/19/55: 8/25/55p5

Brown, Dorothy, weds Floyd Fleming 4/29/50: 5/4/50p4

Brown, Eliza A., dued 5/12/50: 5/18/50p5

Brown, Fred L., died 3/14/59: 3/19/59p3

Brown, Harold U., died 6/8/56: 6/14/56p1

Brown III, Arthur, and Berthe Beaudoin are wed 1/20/59: 2/5/59p4

Brown, John, and Carol Giera are wed 11/30/57: 12/12/57pC1

Brown, Judith, and Marshall Newton are wed 10/24/59: 11/5/59p4

Brown, Kathryn E., died 5/4/59: 5/7/59p2

Brown, Kenneth, and Gladys Corson are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Brown, Laforest, and Malia Cliche are wed 7/5/59: 7/9/59p4

Brown, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/2/55p4

Brown, M&M Harold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/16/53pB5

Brown, M&M William T., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/23/50pB2

Brown, Margaret E., died 12/16/54: 12/23/54p3

Brown, Mary, feted as missionary in India: 9/20/56p1

Brown, Mary Susan, died 2/21/52: 2/28/52p3

Brown, Mary, will be missionary in India: 11/16/50p3

Brown, Maryjane, weds James Viola 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Brown, Nellie R., died 8/6/58: 8/7/58p6

Brown, Robert, and Anne Greenfield are wed 2/23/58: 2/27/58p3

Brown, Ruth, and Bernard Grenier are wed 11/24/54: 12/9/54p4

Brown, Wendell, and Joan Betchelor are wed 9/11/56: 9/20/56p4

Brown, William H., died 5/2/51: 5/3/51p3,5/10/51pA4

Browne, Fred W., died 3/29/58: 4/3/58p3

Browne, Herbert D., died 7/28/50: 8/3/50pA5

Browne, M&M Fred W., celebrate 55th anniversary: 2/27/58p1

Brownell, Jean, and Robert Gerry are wed 6/6/53: 6/11/53p4

Brownell, Sarah S., died 10/29/57: 10/31/57p3

Bruce, Charles, died 4/30/55: 5/5/55p3

Bruce, Emma M., died 12/8/58: 12/11/58p3

Bruce, Linnie M., died 3/17/53: 3/19/53p3,3/26/53p3

Bruce, Marion, and Robert Russell are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p4

Brulotte, Marion, and Clyde Nutter are wed 5/2/52: 5/8/52pB5

Brunelle, Joanne, and Raymond Lacasse are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Brunelle, Pauline, weds Anthony Dubois 8/12/50: 8/17/50p4

Brunette, Mary, and Edgar Lemire are wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4

Bryant, Berton, and Lois Wakelee are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Bryant, Florence, and Roscoe Sawyer are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Bryant, Harry, and Donna Wittkopf are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

Bryant, Jane, and Charles Goodrow are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

Bryant Jr., John, and Marilyn Hurd are wed 10/11/53: 10/15/53p4

Bryant, Leonard, and Hazel Tromblay are wed 5/17/52: 5/22/52p4

Bryant, Robert, and Winnifred Knapp are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Bryson, Alice, and Richard Saunders are wed 9/3/50: 9/7/50p4

Bubier, Victor, and Mildred Frost are wed 9/23/50: 9/28/50pB2

Buchanan, M&M Herbert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/28/56pA3,7/12/56p8

Buck, Clayton, and Thelma Baud are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52pB4

Buckley, Robert, and Madelene Roy are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

Buckley, Sarah H., died 1/24/51: 1/25/51p3

Buckley, William T., died 1/19/53: 1/22/53p3

Buckman, Anita, and Frances Murdo are wed 10/1/58: 10/16/58p4

Buckman, Anita, and George Pratt Jr. are wed 8/22/59: 8/27/59p4

Budlong, John, and Lila Turcotte are wed 11/14/51: 11/22/51p7

Buelduc, Verna, died 8/20/54: 8/26/54p3

Bullis, Steven, and Norma Willey are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Bumford, Roger, and Lorraine Bennett are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Buncehall, Patricia, and Frank Morin are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p4

Bunker, Herbert N., died 5/4/53: 5/7/53p3

Bunker, Josie S., died 6/25/58: 7/3/58p3

Burbank, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/3/59p4

Burbank, M&M Peter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/15/56p8

Burbank, Norma, and Gerard Maxfield are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Burbank, Paul, and Sally Sullivan are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Burbank, Paula H., died 7/9/56: 7/12/56p3

Burbank, Thomas, and Nancy Thompson are wed 11/8/58: 11/20/58p4

Burbank, Thomas H., died 6/21/51: 6/28/51p1,7/5/51p3

Burbine, Margaret, died 1/?/50: 1/19/50p22

Burclaff, Arnold, and June Bickford are wed 7/2/56: 7/12/56p4

Burgess, Percy, and Etta Cilley are wed 9/15/50: 9/21/50p4

Burke, Charles, weds Norma Hayes 6/2/51: 6/7/51p4

Burke, Dana L., died 7/17/53: 7/23/53pB3

Burke, Gladys, weds Clyde Hayes 5/14/50: 5/18/50p4

Burke, Raymond, and Beatrice Bradbury are wed: 1/10/52p4

Burleigh, Charles P., died 11/9/57: 11/14/57p3

Burnham, Leroy L., died 10/29/58: 11/6/58p3

Burnham, Marietta T., died 8/20/54: 8/26/54p3

Burnham, Ralph H., died 5/31/59: 6/4/59p3

Burns, James, and Lola Tanner are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Burns, Jennie, and Ancil Clark are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Burns, Joanne, and Richard Waitt are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Burns, Lois, and Harold Thompson are wed 2/9/52: 2/21/52p4

Burns, Margaret, and Paul Baker are wed 7/2/52: 7/10/52pB4

Burns, Robert J., died ?/?/54: 11/4/54p3

Burns, W. Frank, died 7/15/55: 7/21/55p3

Burroughs Jr., Warren, weds Rosamond Pecunies 1/14/51: 1/25/51pB6

Burroughs, Norma, and Ernest Woodbury are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Burrows, Edgar, and Miriam Huse are wed 7/10/55: 7/14/55p4

Burrows, Lucille G., died 10/9/50: 10/19/50pB5 ,pB8

Burrows, Luman, and Ruth Blanchard are wed 6/16/56: 7/5/56p5

Burrows, Marjorie, and Rene Lagasse are wed 2/28/54: 3/4/54p4

Burrows, Pauline F., died 8/8/57: 8/15/57p3

Burrows, Thelma, and George Boles are wed 2/7/53: 2/12/53p7

Burtlow, Bill, and Marilyn Thompson are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pp4,6

Burton, Richard, and Carolyn Bickford are wed 2/20/55: 2/24/55p4

Busch, Floyd H., gets patent for sealing electric meters: 12/27/56p1

Bushway, Germaine, and Earl Carpenter are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Bushway, Harold L., died 8/3/58: 8/7/58p3

Buswell, Doris--Our Teachers/SHS: 6/15/50pB4

Buswell, Lucy C., died 12/27/53: 12/31/53p3

Butler, Annette, died 9/6/55: 9/15/55p3

Butler, Edward T., died 2/5/57: 2/7/57p3

Butler, George F., died 6/16/51: 6/21/51pB3

Butler, Maynard, and Lillian Roberts wed 10/27/51: 11/1/51pB6

Butler, Rutherford H., died 4/28/59: 4/30/59p3

Butler, Simeon W., died 10/21/52: 10/23/52p3

Buyer, Rose, weds Reuben Weinstein 6/5/51: 6/14/51p4

Buzek, Rona, and Henry Bigelow are wed: 8/9/56p4

Buzek, Walter, and Delores Zarrillo are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Buzzell, Beatrice, and Joseph LaFay are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Buzzell, Harold B., died 11/3/55: 11/10/55p3

Buzzell, Howard C., died 7/16/51: 7/19/51p3

Buzzell, Levi H., died 6/13/58: 6/19/58p3

Buzzell, M&M Maurice, celebrate 35th anniversary: 2/22/51pA3

Buzzell, Phyllis, and Clarence Kyreages wed 5/18/52: 5/22/52pB6

Cabana, Marie, and Walter Batchelder are wed 9/17/51: 9/27/51pB3

Cable, George, and Olevia Haley are wed 8/8/53: 8/13/53p4

Cadorette, E. B., died 10/27/58: 10/30/58p3

Cafaso, Josephine, and Francis Fralinger Jr. are wed 9/7/53: 9/10/53p4

Cafasso, Janette, and Prentiss Taylor are wed 6/27/52: 8/7/52p4

Calef, Catherine, and Ernest Martineau are wed 7/2/57: 7/11/57p5

Calef, Clellie C., celebrates 78th birthday: 4/6/50p10

Calef, David A., is wounded in Korean war: 11/13/52p1

Calef, John, and Shirley McKenna are wed 9/5/55: 9/8/55p4

Calef, M&M Austin, celebrate 58th anniversary: 2/15/51p2

Calef, M&M Austin, celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/19/53p3

Calef, Patricia, is County Poultry Queen: 2/23/50p1,3/2/50p1

Calif, Austin L., died 7/29/54: 7/29/54p1,8/5/54p1

Callaghan, Donald E., died 10/16/58: 10/23/58p3

Callaghan, Esther G., died 4/10/59: 4/16/59p3

Callaghan, Frank D., died 10/17/56: 10/18/56p3,10/25/56p3

Callaghan, George, ordained to the priesthood: 5/24/56p1

Callaghan, Gerald, and Joan Blais are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Callaghan, John, elected NH Order of Hibernians president: 7/3/58p1

Callaghan, John, elected president of NH Hibernians: 5/27/54p1

Callaghan, Mary A., died 12/6/54: 12/9/54p3

Callaghan, Michael J., died 7/25/57: 8/1/57p3

Callaghan, Robert, and Constance Ramsey are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Callahan, James B., died 1/31/50: 2/2/50p5

Callahan, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/12/59p4

Cambourelis, Alma T., died 12/29/52: 1/1/53p3

Came, Abbie J., died 7/1/51: 7/5/51p3

Came, Charles A., died 7/11/56: 7/12/56p3

Came, Virginia, and Robert Cartier are wed 1/18/52: 1/24/52p4

Cameron, Dawn, and Charles Tucker are wed 10/25/56: 10/30/58p4

Cameron, Robert, and Delores Perry are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Campbell, Arlene, weds Frederick Harrington 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Campbell, Betty, and Malcolm Cummings are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Campbell, Beverly, and Frank knights are wed 9/30/51: 10/4/51p4

Campbell, Beverly, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 12/21/50pB1

Campbell, Donald, and Wanda Davis are wed 11/18/59: 12/10/59p4

Campbell, Ernest W.--People Who Make Rochester: 9/14/50pA2

Campbell, Evelyn P., died 8/15/53: 8/20/53p3

Campbell, Forrest, and Katherine Lucey are wed 1/27/51: 2/1/51p8

Campbell, Forrest F., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/3/53p4

Campbell, Janet, and Robert Berry are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pB4

Campbell, Kathleen, and Roland Caron are wed 12/30/50: 1/4/51p4

Campbell, Lila, and Frederick Foster are wed 7/18/53: 8/6/53p4

Campbell, Lorraine, weds Donald Durkee 2/11/50: 2/16/50p18

Campbell, M&M Ernest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/30/54p4

Campbell, Mrs. Ernest--A Pertinent Personality: 1/18/51p4

Campbell, Stanley, and Anne Allen are wed 4/12/53: 4/16/53pB2

Campbell, Sylvia, and James Pacquette are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Campbell, Virginia, and Leo Winkley are wed 12/24/56: 1/3/57p5

Campbell, Walter F., died 5/15/59: 5/21/59p3

Campbell, William H., died 2/22/52: 2/28/52p3

Campbell, Winnifred, weds Maurice Grant 5/6/50: 5/11/50p22

Cann, Oscar E., died 12/7/50: 12/14/50pB2

Canney, Clayton, weds Theresa Howard 12/31/49: 1/12/50p14

Canney, Delwin C., died 10/18/51: 10/25/51p3

Canney, Frank C., died 7/1/50: 7/6/50p3

Canney, Herbert, and Helen Stringer are wed 12/12/54: 12/30/54p4

Canney, Isaac A., celebrates 94th birthday: 4/6/50p19

Canney, Isaac A., died 5/30/51: 6/7/51p3

Canney, Isaac, celebrates 95th birthday: 4/12/51pB4

Canney Jr., Ralph, weds Eleanor Lucey 5/12/51: 5/17/51p4

Canney, June, and Arthur Vitello are wed 11/19/55: 12/8/55p4

Canney, Lizzie E., died 2/18/56: 2/23/56p3

Canney, Lucille, weds Charles Woollett 4/16/50: 4/20/50p19

Canney, Mable, and Herbert Adams are wed 12/2/56: 12/13/56p4

Canney, Mary E., died 7/19/54: 7/22/54p3

Canney, Mrs. Ralph, has winning rooster: 1/26/50p1

Canney, Paul, and Nancy Neal are wed 9/18/54: 9/30/54p4,10/7/54p4

Canney, PFC Sherman C., died 6/18/53: 9/10/53p1

Canney, Robert, and Constance March are wed 1/28/52: 2/7/52p4

Canney, Ronald, died 7/1/54: 7/8/54p1

Canney, Sadie E., died 4/12/50: 4/13/50p5

Canney, Sherman C., died 6/18/53: 6/25/53p1

Cansler, Alcide, weds Eva St. Peter 2/20/50: 2/23/50p4,3/2/50p4

Cantelli, Anthony, and Bettyann Cole are wed 10/17/59: 10/22/59pB1

Cantin, Georges E., died 1/16/52: 1/17/52p3

Cantin, Jeanne, and Robert Ferland are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

Cantwell, Edward. and Cynthia Landry are wed 7/6/57: 7/25/57p4

Caouette, Lorraine, and Robert Nadeau are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Caplette, Wilfred, and Doris Gray are wed 3/2/51: 3/8/51pp4,B2

Card, Lenora E., died 4/21/50: 5/4/50p16

Card, M&M Henry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/19/59p4

Carden Jr., Arthur, and Amerlia Chapman are wed 8/22/56: 10/11/56p4

Cardin, Jeannette, and Alphonse Bessett are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p6

Cardin, Raoul, and Doris Dutilly are wed 8/11/51: 8/23/51p3

Cardinal, Betty, weds Alfred Smith 4/3/50: 4/13/50p11

Cardinal, Carroll, and Pauline Gelinas are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Cardinal, Gladys, and Ralph Crosby are wed 1/21/56: 1/26/56p4

Cardinal, Jeannette, and Joseph Donovan wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pB1

Cardinal, Joseph, died 8/18/52: 8/28/52pB4

Cardinal Jr., M&M John, celebrate 35th anniversary: 5/9/57p3

Cardinal, M&M John A.,celebrate 30th anniversary: 5/15/52pB1

Cardinal, M&M Leon J., celebrate 23rd anniversary: 3/5/53p4

Cardinal, Rosanna R., died 7/15/56: 7/19/56p3

Cardosi Jr., Victor, and Lorraine Cross are wed 6/13/56: 6/21/56p4

Carey, Mary J., died 6/23/50: 6/29/50p5

Carignan, Albert G.--People Who Make Rochester: 10/19/50pA2

Carignan, Bertrand, and Estelle Doyon are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

Carignan, Maria, died 2/8/58: 2/13/58p3

Carignan, Robert, and Georgia Drivas are wed 8/29/53: 9/3/53p4

Carl, Lillian M., died 1/17/50: 1/26/50p5

Carle, Harold, and Patricia Bisson are wed 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Carlisle, Clara M., died 12/20/50: 12/28/50p3

Carll, Arthur W., died 3/13/54: 3/18/54p3

Carll, Dora, weds Edward Morrison 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Carll, Josie E., died 6/12/55: 6/16/55p3

Carlsen, Everett, and Shirley Blaisdell are wed 10/14/59: 10/22/59pB1

Carlson, Carl R., died 8/18/51: 8/23/51p3

Carlson, Gurlie G., died 1/3/55: 1/6/55p3

Carlton, Edward E., died 12/30/53: 1/7/54pB2

Carnegie, Mary J., died 5/23/58: 5/29/58p3

Caron, Ernest, died 9/?/51: 9/6/51pB6

Caron, Louis, died 7/9/55: 7/14/55p3

Caron, Roland, and Kathleen Campbell are wed 12/30/50: 1/4/51p4

Caron, Victoria B., died 3/13/55: 3/17/55p3

Carpenter, Brad, died 6/30/57: 7/4/57p1

Carpenter, Earl, and Germaine Bushway are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Carpenter, Hattie, died 7/8/55: 7/14/55p3

Carpenter, John, weds Jean Elliott 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Carpenter, Joyce, and Frederick Tapper Jr. are wed 7/18/59: 7/30/59p4

Carpenter, Kenneth, and Pauline Blair are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Carpenter, M&M Ernest, celebrate 46th anniversary: 8/3/50p8

Carpenter, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/5/54p1

Carpenter, Mary, and Walter Wood Jr. are wed 6/14/52: 6/19/52p4

Carpenter, Phillip, and Betty Hoage wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50pB5

Carr, Beatrice, and Floyd Colbath are wed 1/?/56: 1/19/56p4

Carr, Charles R., died 5/5/52: 5/8/52p3

Carr, Grace, died 4/?/52: 4/17/52pB4

Carr Jr., William, and Blanche Snyder are wed 3/7/53: 3/26/53p4

Carr, Walter, and Elizabeth Kimball are wed 8/3/52: 8/7/52p4

Carrier, Kay, and Harold Dame are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Carrigan, Sylvia, and Norman Mireault are wed 10/18/52: 10/23/52p4

Carroll, Edna, and Paul Phillips are wed 11/4/50: 11/16/50p4

Carroll, George, died 9/4/50: 9/7/50p3

Carroll, Geraldine, and Hervey Maxfield are wed 4/14/52: 4/17/52p4

Carroll, Leo, and Eileen Souter are wed 11/16/57: 11/28/57p4

Carroll, William, and Marjorie Henderson are wed 2/19/55: 3/2/55p4

Carter, Elizabeth M., died 10/17/51: 10/25/51pB2

Carter, Frederick E., died 4/26/592: 4/30/59p1

Carter, Louis, died 2/8/58: 2/13/58p3

Carter, M&M Louis, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 5/3/51p4

Carter, Marie H., died 5/3/53: 5/7/53p3

Carter, Mason, and Marcia Pratt are wed 12/21/57: 1/2/58p4

Carter, Robert, and Barbara Holden are wed 11/11/56: 11/15/56p4

Carter, Robert, and Elizabeth Sessler are wed 11/1/52: 11/6/52p4

Cartier, Alphe J., died 2/6/58: 2/13/58p3

Cartier, Florida, died 9/?/55: 9/29/55p3

Cartier, Geraldine, weds Wallace Nelson 4/10/50: 4/27/50p4

Cartier, Joseph H., died 12/31/56: 1/3/57p3

Cartier, Joseph O., died 6/6/51: 6/7/51p3

Cartier, Louis, died 2/4/57: 3/7/57p3

Cartier, M&M Dorilla, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/4/51p4

Cartier, Marie, weds Richard Boisclair 7/1/50: 7/20/50p4

Cartier, Paul, weds Vivian Nadeau 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Cartier, Robert, and Virginia Came are wed 1/18/52: 1/24/52p4

Casavant, Joseph, weds Florence Moulton 7/1/50: 7/13/50pB2

Casey, Bernard M., died 1/?/56: 1/26/56p3

Casey, Gerard, and Jacqueline St. Laurent are wed 8/31/57: 9/12/57p5

Casey, John, and Juanita Barcomb are wed 12/26/53: 12/31/53p4

Casey, Patrick F., died 2/12/51: 2/15/51p3

Casey, William E., died 7/14/58: 7/17/58p3

Casperson, Bettyann, and Marcel Letourneau are wed 8/18/56: 8/23/56p4

Cassavant, Anne, and Richard Barba are wed 2/15/58: 2/20/58p4

Cassell, David, and Elaine Gowen are wed 9/1/50: 9/7/50p4

Cassell, Loretta, and Harold Cromeenes are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53p4

Cassell, Mark, died 12/4/56: 12/6/56p3

Cassidy, Mary A., died 7/8/53: 7/16/53p3

Cassily, Philip, and Anita Guillemette are wed 5/25/57: 5/30/57p4

Castelli Jr., Rudolph, and Alice Jennings wed 2/2/51: 2/22/51p8

Castonguay, Albertine M., died 5/12/58: 5/15/58p3

Castonguay, Alfred J., died 3/12/55: 3/17/55p3

Castonguay, Joseph, and Betty Lord are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54pp4,5

Castonguay, Maurice, earns Bronze Star in Korea: 12/6/51p1

Castonguay, Ovide L., died 9/14/54: 9/16/54p3

Caswell, Minnie L., died 1/28/56: 2/2/56p3

Cate, Jean, and Delma Enman are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Cate, Laura E., died 10/31/51: 11/1/51p3,11/8/51p3

Cate, M&M Rayburn G., celevrate 10th anniversary: 11/13/52p3

Cate, Norma, and Raymond Cormier are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p4

Cate, Rita, and Reginald Davis are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Cate, Ronald, and Doris Lebrecque are wed 11/21/58: 12/4/58p4

Cater, May B., died 11/?/54: 11/25/54p3

Cater-Decatur family holds 75th reunion: 9/14/50pA5

Cates, Alfred, died 3/2/58: 3/6/58p3

Cates, Valaura E., died 3/13/54: 3/18/54p3

Catron, Virginia, weds Herman Cilley 12/16/49: 1/12/50p4

Cavanaugh, Paul, and Alice Nugent are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

Cavanaugh, Richard, and Kathleen O'Neil are wed 4/19/58: 4/24/58p4

Cave, Georgia A., died 4/?/53: 4/23/53p3

Caverly, Arthur, and Thelma Boyd are wed 11/23/50: 11/30/50p4

Caverly, Edward, weds Georgianna Bickford 6/17/51: 6/21/51pB3

Caverly, Elizabeth, and Robert Hughes are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Caverly, Elsie E., died 7/18/56: 7/19/56p3

Cegiel, Arthur, and Genevieve Morrissey are wed 11/17/50: 11/23/50p4

Cegiel Jr., Thomas J., died 10/19/56: 10/25/56p3

Chadborne, Ray S., died 4/24/53: 4/30/53p3

Chagnon, Roland, and Imogene McCormack are wed 8/16/53: 8/20/53pB2

Chalmers, Addie C., died 6/20/52: 6/26/52p1

Chalmers, Alice V., died 4/26/52: 5/1/52p3

Chalmers, Fred R., died 5/16/56: 5/17/56p3,5/24/56p3

Chamberlain, Bertha J., died 6/27/50: 6/29/50p5,7/6/50p3

Chamberlain, George, and Carolyn Fogg are wed 1/6/52: 1/10/52pA5

Chamberlain, John B., died 9/28/51: 10/4/51pB1

Chamberlain, Moses G., celebrates 89th birthday: 2/8/51p5

Chamberlin, Clyde, and Almee Morrill are wed 6/27/54: 7/1/54p4

Chamberlin, Helen M., died 11/15/51: 11/22/51pA3

Champagne, Rosamund, and Henry Laurion are wed 7/4/59: 7/16/59p4

Champlin, Helen Hussey--A Pertinent Personality: 7/27/50p4

Champlin Jr., M&M William H., celebrate 10th anniversary: 6/14/51p4

Champlin, William H., died 11/26/53: 12/4/52p1

Chandler, Anthony F., died 2/8/51: 2/15/51p3

Chapdelaine, Louise, weds Edward Plourde 5/12/51: 5/17/51p4

Chapdelaine, Marie-Jeanne, and John Sylvain are wed 7/19/52: 7/24/52p4

Chaplin, Glenn, died 9/19/50: 9/21/50p1

Chapman, Alice, and Edward Roy are wed 4/14/58: 5/8/58p4

Chapman, Amelia, and Arthur Carden Jr. are wed 8/22/56: 10/11/56p4

Chapman, Charles, died 7/10/56: 7/12/56p3

Chapman, Elaine, and Carl Hamilton are wed 2/7/59: 2/12/59p4

Chapman, Jessie, and Colin Wagner are wed 3/31/56: 4/12/56p4

Charest, Louis, and Dorothy Therrien are wed 9/?/50: 9/14/50pB1

Charette, Marjorie, weds Charles Schofield 2/11/50: 2/16/50p15

Charette, Rachel, and Arthur Grenier are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Charette, William C., died 2/2/50: 2/9/50p5

Charles, Clara J., celebrates 94th birthday: 12/21/50p3

Charles, Clara J., died 7/14/52: 7/17/52p3,7/24/52p3

Charles, Lucille, weds John Eastman 6/30/51: 7/19/51p4

Charles, Mary, weds Arthur Chase 4/21/50: 4/27/50p4

Charles, Ruth S.,. died 8/15/58: 8/21/58p3

Charles, Shirley, and Malcolm Hunt wed 12/19/53: 12/24/53p4,1/21/54pB8

Charles, Wilton C., died 6/23/58: 6/26/58p3

Charrette, Richard, and Dolores Paradis are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Chartrain, Marie, and Arthur Harris are wed 8/29/59: 9/24/59p4

Chase, Albert H., died 3/1/55: 3/2/55p3

Chase, Albert H., died 6/27/52: 7/3/52p3

Chase, Arthur, and Marguerite Merrill are wed 8/20/55: 9/1/55p4

Chase, Arthur, weds Mary Charles 4/21/50: 4/27/50p4

Chase, Bernard, and Geraldine Shafer are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Chase, Betty, and Stephen Jacobs are wed 5/4/52: 5/8/52p4

Chase, Dorothea, and Preston Mason are wed 6/1/52: 6/12/52p4

Chase, Ella M., died 2/23/57: 2/28/57p3

Chase, George W., died 11/26/59: 12/3/59p5

Chase, Gertrude, and Dennis Grassie are wed 6/5/53: 6/11/53p4

Chase, Gladys, and Deane Percy are wed 9/22/51: 9/27/51p4

Chase, Harry, weds Jacqueline Couture 7/22/50: 7/27/50p5

Chase, Helen F., died 11/26/59: 12/3/59p5

Chase, Helen F.--Our Teachers/SHS: 5/18/50p12

Chase, Horace, died 2/22/51: 3/1/51pB6

Chase, Lena, weds Arnold Jones 6/10/51: 6/14/51p4

Chase, Leslie, and Marilyn Hoadley are wed 7/19/58: 7/24/58p4

Chase, M&M Fred H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/5/51pB4

Chase, Marion G., died 2/27/55: 3/2/55p3

Chase, Nancy, and Marshall Hall are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59pB6,7/9/59pB6

Chase, Richard, and Roberta LeClair are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p4

Chase, Robert, and Priscilla Bibeau are wed 8/6/55: 8/11/55p4

Chasse, Adrian, weds Florence Gagne 4/24/50: 4/27/50p4

Chasse, Georgette, and Jacques Couture are wed 2/22/52: 2/28/52p4

Chasse, Jeannette, and Roland Tanguay are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Chasse, M&M Thomas, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/24/53p4

Chasse, Patricia, and Paul Bowen are wed 9/6/58: 9/11/58p4

Chasse, Robert, and Jean Lassor are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Chasse, Roland, and Dolores Horsepool are wed: 11/12/53p4

Chenette, Margaret, and Howard Miller are wed 12/6/58: 12/11/58p4

Cheney, Carolyn, and Robert Collette are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p5

Cheney, Gertrude L., died 2/5/54: 2/11/54p3

Cheney, Joyce, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Nute: 12/15/55p1

Cheney, Robert, and Joan Hayes are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p5

Cheney, Winnifred, and Robert Avery are wed 8/22/59: 9/3/59p4

Chesley, Agnes A., died 1/11/56: 1/12/56p3

Chesley, Annie E., died 1/7/53: 1/8/53p3

Chesley, George H., died 1/20/52: 1/24/52p3

Chesley, Grover E., died 2/18/59: 2/26/59p3

Chesley, Guy E.--People Who Make Rochester: 10/5/50pA2

Chesley, Josephine, and Gosta Thoren are wed 12/12/53: 1/14/54p4

Chesley, Norman, and Donna Hoage are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Chesley, Norman K., died 4/12/56: 4/26/56p3

Chevalier, Marie T., died 9/2/59: 9/17/59p3

Chick, Conrad, and Loretta LaFleur are wed 10/1/55: 10/6/55p4

Chick, Hathaway A., died 3/22/58: 3/27/58p1

Chick, Mary G., died 12/20/54: 12/23/54p3

Chipman, Mary B., died 1/2/57: 1/10/57p3

Chisholm, Irma, died 7/3/54: 7/8/54p3

Choate, Cynthia, and James Mansfield are wed 2/2/58: 2/6/58p5

Chretien, Anna, and Alfred MacDonald are wed 12/26/53: 12/31/53p4

Chretian, Jean, and Frank Gray are wed 10/29/55: 11/3/55p4

Christie, Geraldine, and Richard Emerson are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56pA1

Christie, Paul, and Dorothy Bickford are wed 7/2/55: 7/21/55p4

Christie, Shirley, and William Mains are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4

Christis, Corothy, and David Paey are wed 8/14/59: 8/20/59p4

Churchill, Nancy, and Edward Lyons are wed 12/24/50: 12/28/50p4

Ciccitelli, Vito, and Arlene Monroe are wed 3/25/51: 3/29/51p4

Ciccotelli, Salvatore, and Winifred Hurd are wed 2/4/51: 2/8/51p4

Cilley, Etta, and Percy Burgess are wed 9/15/50: 9/21/50p4

Cilley, Herman, weds Virginia Catron 12/16/49: 1/12/50p4

Cilley, Rosetta, feted by "Visiting Around"=Spiller: 6/17/54pA1

Claire, Margaret, and Charles Poulin Jr. are wed 5/4/59: 5/7/59p4

Clark, Ancil, and Jennie Burns are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Clark, Audrey, and Philip Guptill are wed 12/16/55: 12/22/55p4

Clark, Charles H., died 9/25/57: 9/26/57p3

Clark, Gladys, and Irving Mann are wed 2/21/59: 2/26/59p4

Clark, Herman E., died 8/25/55: 9/8/55p3

Clark, Jean, and Stanley Smith are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Clark, Katherine, weds Walter Morrison 6/10/50: 6/15/50pA3

Clark, M&M Irving, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/15/51pB2

Clark, Mrs. Murdoch--A Pertinent Personality: 7/20/50p4

Clark, Norah M., died 5/9/59: 5/14/59p3

Clark, Paul, and Jeanne Smith are wed 5/16/54: 5/20/54p4

Clark, Richard, and June Marshall are wed 5/18/52: 5/22/52p4

Clark, Sally, and Richard Bowen are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Clark, Vera, and Lawrence Merrill are wed 5/8/52: 5/15/52pB1

Clark, William, weds Lorraine Nadeau 7/6/50: 7/13/50p4

Clayton, Manora, retires after 35 years of teaching: 6/12/58pA6

Cleary, Doris, and Edward Maxfield Jr. are wed 7/6/57: 7/11/57p5

Clement, Carlene, and Waymss Scott Jr. are wed 6/28/52: 9/11/52p4

Clement, Charles, and Rachel Vanesse are wed 5/22/55: 5/26/55p4

Clement, Cynthia, and Alfred Benton are wed 2/19/56: 2/23/56p4,3/8/56p4

Clement, Frank A., died 5/16/51: 5/17/51p3

Clement, June, and Frank Styles are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

Clements, Nancy, and Haven Jewett Jr. are wed 12/25/54: 12/30/54pB2

Clermont, Ruth, and George Grondin are wed: 9/25/58p4

Cleveland, George E., died 8/9/56: 8/16/56p3

Cliche, Gerard, and Norma Ellis are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Cliche, Malia, and Laforest Brown are wed 7/5/59: 7/9/59p4

Cline, Antoinette, died 4/14/59: 4/23/59p3

Cline, Faith, and Joseph Thomas Jr. are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Clough, Adeline F., died 3/26/50: 3/23/50p19

Clough, Beverly, and David Faist are wed 1/15/55: 1/20/55p4

Clough, Evelyn, and Gerald Lang are wed 1/11/59: 1/15/59p4

Clough, J. Edward, died 1/6/59: 1/8/59p3

Clough, Leland, and Ruth Greene are wed 10/3/53: 10/22/53p4

Clough, Llewellyn A., died 10/11/50: 10/19/50p3

Clough, M&M James E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/31/52p4

Clough, Madeline, and Donat St. Hilaire are wed 4/2/59: 4/9/59p4

Clough, Nelson, and Sharon Meader are wed 12/5/59: 12/10/59p4,12/17/59p4

Clough, Perley, and Rita Morin are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Cloutman, John F., celebrates 75th birthday: 5/22/52pB4

Cloutman, John F., died 11/24/59: 12/3/59p3

Cloutman, Mrs. John F.--A Pertinent Personality: 10/5/50p4

Cloutman, Ralph D., died 3/15/59: 3/19/59p3

Clow, Arlington I., died 6/22/53: 6/25/53pB5

Clow, Fred, died 8/31/58: 9/4/58p3

Cochrane, Charlotte, and Ernest Poire are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pp4,5

Cochrane, Laura P., died 8/20/50: 8/24/50p3

Cochrane, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/19/56p4

Cochrane, William, and Constance Thurston are wed 8/31/57: 9/12/57p4

Coffin, Grace, died 1/16/54: 1/21/54p3

Coffin, Lottie B., died 6/29/58: 7/3/58p3

Coffin, Marion, and David Giberson are wed 11/7/53: 11/12/53p4

Coggio, Charles, and Thelma Witham are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51p4

Cohen, Ethel, and Eli Baker are wed 7/6/52: 7/31/52pB1

Cohen, Sylvia, and Ronald Towle are wed 7/10/54: 7/22/54p4

Colbath, Floyd, and Beatrice Carr are wed 1/?/56: 1/19/56p4

Colbath, Hattie M., died 9/8/57: 9/12/57p3

Colbath, Lauren G., died 10/11/59: 10/15/59p3

Colbath, Philip N., died 9/21/50: 9/28/50pB2

Colbroth, Fred, and Betty-Lou Bickford are wed 2/5/55: 2/10/55p4

Colbroth, Minnie M., died 2/9/54: 2/11/54p3

Colburn, Dorothy, and Joseph Bernard are wed 1/10/58: 1/16/58p4

Colburn, Ruth, and Wilfred Larochelle are wed 1/3/52: 1/10/52p4

Colby, Bert E., died 3/28/57: 4/4/57p3

Colby, John S., died 1/17/57: 1/24/57p3

Colby, Lois, and Elmer Stillings are wed 5/10/52: 5/15/52pC3

Colby, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/6/55p1

Colby, Sharon, and Robert Wingate are wed 5/23/59: 5/28/59p4

Colby, Wesley A., died 1/15?/58: 1/16/58p3

Cole, Bettyann, and Anthony Cantelli are wed 10/17/59: 10/22/59pB1

Cole, Frank L., died 12/6/54: 12/9/54p3

Cole, John F., died 1/12/57: 1/17/57p3

Cole, June, and Robert Bolton are wed 3/23/57: 3/28/57p4

Cole, Thelma M., died 8/25/51: 8/30/51p3

Coleman, Mabelle--A Pertienent Personality: 4/13/50p4

Coles, Abbie, celebrates 97th birthday: 4/27/50p22

Coles, Abbie, celebrates 98th birthday: 4/26/51p7

Coles, Abbie M., died 3/31/52: 3/27/52pB8

Collette, Robert, and Carolyn Cheney are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p5

Collins, Fred W., died 10/29/53: 11/5/53p3

Collins, John, and Jeannine Therrien are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Collins, Oral, and Joyce Towle are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52p4,6/19/52p4

Collins, Philip M., died 9/9/55: 9/15/55p3

Collins, Thomas J., died 7/4/54: 7/8/54p3

Colman, Arthur E., died 3/2/57: 3/7/57p3

Colman, Ira, died 9/8/51: 9/13/51pB4

Colomy, Core E., died 7/4/52: 7/10/52pB4

Colomy, Ralph S., died 6/11/51: 6/14/51pC4

Columbus, Marilyn, and Norman Dupuis are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Colwell, Frances, weds Carl Jones 8/11/51: 8/16/51pp4,5

Colwell, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/24/58p4

Comfort, Annie E., died 6/21/50: 6/22/50p5,6/29/50p5

Comisky, Peter J., died 5/?/58: 5/8/58p1

Condon, Clarence M., died 1/?/53: 1/29/53p3

Condylis, Rudolph, and June Gibbs are wed 11/24/56: 11/29/56p4

Congram, Avis, and Earlon Stuart are wed 9/15/51: 9/20/51p4

Congram, Thomas, died 2/13/57: 2/21/57p3

Conley, Eleanor, and Richard St. Cyr are wed 5/2/58: 5/8/58p4

Connell, Albert P., died 12/6/54: 12/9/54p3

Connelly, Ellen M., died 3/17/51: 3/22/51p3

Connolly, Patrick, died 10/25/57: 10/31/57p3

Connolly, William, and RuthAnn Frye are wed 1/5/57: 1/10/57p5

Connor, Patricia, and Donald Gray are wed 1/15/56: 1/19/56p4

Conrad, Carl, and Celia Brock are wed 9/9/51: 9/13/51p4

Conrad, Lelia, celebrates 754th birthday: 5/1/52p6

Conroy, Roger, and Mary Moore are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Contois, Carl, and Arlene Abbott are wed 5/31/58: 6/5/58p4

Conway, Raymond, and Carolyn Lowe are wed 10/22/55: 11/10/55p4

Conwell, Cora P., died 7/?/55: 7/7/55p3

Cook, Duane, and Fernande Gagne are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

Cook, Florence, and Norman Wynkoop are wed 2/14/58: 2/27/58p3

Cook, Harold M., died 2/25/58: 2/27/58p3

Cook, Hervey [Harvey?], and Mary Penley wed 9/15/51: 9/20/51pB4

Cook, James B.--Our Teachers/SHS: 6/8/50pB3

Cook, Joan, and Vallainhim Nisbeth are wed 8/25/57: 8/29/57p4

Cook, M&M Herbert, hold family reunion: 7/2/59p3

Cook, Roy, weds Janice Osgood 3/10/50: 3/16/50p16 ,3/23/50p4

Cook, Russell, weds Mildred Hill 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4

Cookson, Joanne, and James Monroe are wed 11/7/59: 11/19/59p4

Cooley, Claire M., died 7/12/55: 7/14/55p3

Cooley, Everett B., died 1/1/57: 1/3/57p3

Cooley, James, died 9/13/52: 9/18/52p3

Cooper, Burt R., died 2/17/59: 2/19/59p1

Cooper, Burt R.--People Who Make Rochester: 7/6/50pA2

Cooper, Jane, and Norman Fall are wed 5/25/57: 5/30/57p4

Cooper, Walter, and Shirley Palmer are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p5

Copp, Mildred, and Charles Henderson are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51p4

Copp, Rena V., died 11/1/50: 11/2/50p3,11/9/50p3

Copp, William, and June King are wed 4/20/52: 4/24/52p4

Coran, Beverly, and Robert Remington are wed 7/17/54: 7/22/54p4

Coran, Gail, and Edmund Desautel are wed 2/2/57: 2/7/57p4

Coran, Jane, and Merland Herbert are wed 6/6/52: 6/12/52p4

Corbett, Barbara, and Cecil Tasker are wed 6/29/56: 7/12/56p4

Corbett, Hazel A., died 7/31/59: 8/6/59p3

Corbett, Norma, and Richard Doherty are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Corbin, Claudette, and Donald Nickless are wed 12/13/58: 12/18/58p4

Cormier, Albina B., died 4/10/50: 4/13/50p5

Cormier, Alfred J., died 11/1/57: 11/7/57p3

Cormier, Arline, and Harvey Couch are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

Cormier, Avis G., died 3/21/55: 3/24/55p3

Cormier, Cecile, and Edward Stelmach are wed 7/21/56: 7/26/56p4

Cormier, Constance, and Wendell Leavitt are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Cormier, Constance, is Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: 3/14/57p1

Cormier, Constance, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/17/57p4

Cormier, Edward P., died 11/17/59: 11/19/59p3

Cormier, Eugene, and Marguerite Morin are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p5

Cormier, Gerine, and Wayne Lavoie are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Cormier, Leo, and Pauline Lemoyne are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Cormier, Leo, is president of the Community Chest: 1/29/53p1

Cormier, Paul, and Jeannette Laurion are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Cormier, Raymond, and Bernice Boucher are wed 11/22/55: 12/1/55p4

Cormier, Raymond, and Norma Cate are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p4

Cormier, Richard, and Alma Thurston are wed 2/20/51: 3/1/51p4

Cormier, Robert, and Jane Drinkwater are wed 7/14/57: 7/18/57p4

Cormier, Robert, and Norma Stevens are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

Cormier, Robert, weds Sonia Pepin 5/27/50: 6/1/50p13 ,6/8/50pC4

Corriveau, Alfred J., died 10/22/54: 10/28/54p3

Corriveau, Joseph H., died 12/3/57: 12/5/57p3

Corriveau, M&M Amable, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/9/58p4

Corson, Agnes L., died 6/14/51: 6/21/51p3

Corson, Altice M., died 12/24/59: 12/31/59p3

Corson, Annie M., died 9/27/55: 9/29/55p3

Corson, Charles, died 12/19/51: 12/20/51pA4 ,12/20/51pB3

Corson, Donald, and Phyllis Gifford are wed 6/19/55: 7/14/55p4

Corson, Earl, and Janet Soucy are wed 9/22/51: 10/4/51p4

Corson, Eva, died 2/29/53: 3/5/53p3

Corson, Eva M., died 7/17/54: 7/22/54p3

Corson, Fred L., died 6/7/59: 6/11/59p3

Corson, Freeman, died 10/8/53: 10/15/53p3

Corson, George A., died 11/16/50: 11/23/50pB3 ,11/30/50pB5

Corson, George D., died 2/11/58: 2/13/58p3

Corson, Gladys, and Kenneth Brown are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Corson, Harris, and Norma Woodman are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52pB5

Corson, Lola, and William Stemmerman Jr. are wed 9/11/55: 9/15/55p5

Corson, Maldean, weds Eleanor Bailey 2/5/50: 2/9/50p10 ,2/16/50p4

Corson, Nellie R., died 3/22/59: 3/26/59p3

Corson, Pauline, and William Doucette are wed 11/12/55: 11/17/55p4

Corson, Willis, weds Stella Jones 2/11/51: 3/15/51pA6 ,3/22/51pB2

Corson, Zilla M., died 10/29/58: 10/30/58p3

Corsos, Trevelyan A., died 1/18/59: 1/22/59p3

Cossette, Donald, and Constance Nesbitt are wed 8/18/56: 8/23/56p4

Cossette, Edward E., died 10/31/52: 11/6/52p3

Cossette, Gerard, and Lorraine Trask are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p4

Cossette, Reginald, weds Jacqueline Bedard 6/9/51: 6/14/51p4

Cossette, Roland, died 10/21/55: 10/27/55p3

Cossette, Sylvia, and Eddie St. Germaine are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

Cossette, Valerie, and Arestidi Demonsthenes are wed 10/19/51: 10/25/51p4

Costantino, Anthony, and Jeannine Gagnon are wed 1/5/52: 1/17/52p4

Costantino, Doris, and Paul Auclair are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Costantino, Robert, and Mary Cowing are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Cote, Dominic, and Annette Richard are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp3,4

Cote, Evelyn, and Ernest Morin are wed 7/14/54: 7/22/54p4

Cote, Nelson, died 3/31/58: 4/3/58p3

Cote, Paul, died 8/18/56: 8/23/56p3

Cote, Raymond, and Helen Roy are wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51p4,4/12/51p4

Cote, Robert, and Amelia Lord are wed 4/28/59: 4/30/59p4

Cote, Simone, weds Charles Nealand 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Cotta, Joan, weds Norman Hemenway 7/15/50: 8/10/50p4

Cotton, Alice M., died 12/8/50: 12/14/50p3

Cotton, Elizabeth, weds Carl Potter Jr. 8/5/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p4

Cotton, Harry, and Thelma Maynard are wed 5/22/54: 5/27/54p4

Cotton, Jesse W., died 1/15/54: 1/21/54p3

Cotton, John M.--People Who Make Rochester: 11/16/50pA2

Cotton Jr., John, and Florence Bell are wed 3/16/53: 3/26/53p4

Cotton, Vivian, and Nellie Morrison are wed 10/20/53: 10/29/53p4

Cotton, Winifred S.--A Pertinent Personality: 1/11/51p4

Couch, Harvey, and Arline Cormier are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

Coughlin, Maureen, and Pasquale Stadile are wed 10/12/57: 10/17/57p4

Coulumbe, Nelson E., died 7/3/59: 7/9/59p3

Counter, George H., died 4/16/56: 4/19/56p3

Courcy, Mary J., died 11/4/58: 11/6/58p3

Court, William, and Beverly Seavey are wed 9/17/57: 10/3/57p4

Coussoule, Angela, weds Edmund Schneider 4/23/50: 5/4/50p4

Couture, Alfred, died 5/11/51: 5/17/51p3,5/24/51p3

Couture, Beatrice, and Warren Libby are wed 2/15/58: 2/20/58p4

Couture, Edna S., died 3/26/52: 3/27/52p3

Couture, Eudore, died 11/23/56: 11/29/56p3

Couture, Helen, weds Arthur Ouellette 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Couture, Jacqueline, weds Harry Chase 7/22/50: 7/27/50p5

Couture, Jacques, and Georgette Chasse are wed 2/22/52: 2/28/52p4

Couture, Joseph, and Joan Bergeron are wed 8/9/58: 8/14/58p4

Couture, Pauline, and Richard Gagnon are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Couture, Raoul, and Constance Cutter are wed 1/23/54: 1/28/54p4

Couture, Raymond, and Betty Blair are wed 4/11/53: 4/16/53pp4,5

Couture, Teresa, weds Robert Beaudoin 7/8/50: 7/13/50pB1

Couture, Theresa, and Donald Haggett are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Cowing, Mary, and Robert Costantino are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Cox, Clara, and Roger Griffen are wed 6/26/54: 7/15/54p4

Cox, Francis, and Marjorie Horne are wed 2/9/51: 2/15/51pB4

Cox, Lester G., died 8/17/54: 8/26/54p3

Cox, Thomas J., died 3/3/51: 3/8/51p3

Cox, William, and Carol Moon are wed 4/19/58: 4/24/58p4,5/8/58p4

Coyn, Robert, and Hazel Lanoix are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4

Coyne, Francis, and Arlene LePage are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Cragin, Ellen F., died 7/17/55: 7/21/55p3

Craig, Elizabeth F., died 10/18/59: 10/22/59p3

Cramer, Robert, and Nancy Spurling are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Crateau, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/26/57p8

Crawford, Amanda T., died 2/3/58: 2/6/58p3

Crawford, Gladys G., died 5/16/50: 5/18/50p5

Crawford, Gladys L. died 5/23/50: 5/25/50p5

Crawford, Henry W., died 1/26/55: 1/27/55p3

Crawford, Irving E., died 4/2/52: 4/10/52p3

Crawford, Jr., Henry, and Mary Douglas are wed 4/10/59: 4/16/59p4

Crawford, Margaret, weds Donald Stuart 5/13/50: 6/8/50p4

Crediford, Laeta, and Donald Smith are wed 6/28/59: 7/2/59p4

Crennan, Dorothy, and Irvine Poor are wed 8/16/53: 8/20/53p4

Cressey, James, and Marlene Beaudoin are wed 7/14/56: 7/19/56p4

Creteau, Albert W., died 11/21/53: 11/26/53p3

Creteau, Charles J., died 2/18/54: 2/25/54p3

Creteau, Paul, and Jeannette Lemore are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50p4

Crisp, Florence, weds Arnold Gilmore 6/2/51: 6/7/51p4

Crisp, George, and Barbara Gilmore are wed 8/8/53: 8/13/53p4

Crisp, Mary, and William Osborne are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p5

Critchett, Mrs. J. Loring, celebrates 84th birthday: 1/25/51p1

Crockett, James, died 8/?/58: 8/14/58p3

Croft, Joseph, and Rachel Fournier are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Cromeenes, Christine, and Henry Lanouette are wed 7/16/55: 7/21/55p4

Cromeenes, Edna, and Eugene Shaw Jr. are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp2,4

Cromeenes, Harold, and Loretta Cassell are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53p4

Cronin, John, and Theresa Vachon are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50pB6

Crosby, Audrey, and Wilfred Martineau are wed 11/10/51: 11/15/51p4

Crosby, Christine, and Robert Davis are wed 12/30/56: 1/3/57p5

Crosby, Diane, and George LeFebvre are wed 11/22/58: 12/4/58p5

Crosby, George W., died 11/26/55: 12/1/55p3

Crosby, Ralph, and Gladys Cardinal are wed 1/21/56: 1/26/56p4

Crosby, Ray W., died 2/14/54: 2/18/54p3

Crosby, Sharon, and Jackson Cutter are wed 6/18/54: 6/24/54p4

Cross, Frank T., died 10/10/56: 10/11/56p3

Cross, Hazel, and Fenelon Perkins are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52p4

Cross, Lorraine, and Victor Cardosi Jr. are wed 6/13/56: 6/21/56p4

Crossan, John, and Sylvia Grassie are wed 9/28/56: 10/4/56p4

Croteau, George A., died 7/23/59: 7/30/59p3

Crowe, Ada, and Alphonse St. Lawrence are wed 3/12/55: 3/31/55p4

Crowe, Frank A., died 1/21/52: 1/24/52pB2

Crummy, Eileen, and Albert Johnson are wed 3/11/54: 3/18/54p4

Culber, Ray W., died 1/5/55: 1/6/55p3

Cullen, Annie T., died 5/23/55: 5/26/55p3

Cullen, John, and Mary Ring are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Cullen, Nellie C., died 6/18/58: 6/19/58p3

Culver, Mary, and Gilman Jones are wed 5/8/59: 5/14/59p4

Cummings, Elizabeth, and Robert Roy are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Cummings, Malcolm, and Betty Campbell are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Cummings, Malcolm and Betty, leave City to teach in Korea: 8/13/59p1

Cummisky, Rose B., died 8/19/54: 8/26/54p3

Cunningham, E. Edward,. died 10/30/52: 11/6/52p3

Cunningham, Jennie, died 12/5/58: 12/11/58p3

Curnew, Robert, and Lorraine Knight are wed: 6/20/57p4

Curran, Jean, and William Johnstone are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Curren, Alice, and Raymond Beaulieu are wed 6/5/55: 6/9/55p4

Currier, Charles, and Shirley Brough are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Currier, Everett B., died 3/6/50: 3/9/50p17

Currier, Fred E., died 10/29/59: 11/5/59p3

Currier, James, entertains 21 snakes in his garden: 10/2/58p8

Currier, Josephine, and Harold Jacobs are wed 3/30/57: 4/4/57p4

Currier, Kathleen, weds George Downs 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4

Currier, Ray, and Norma Studley are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Currier, Ruth, and Henry Dean are wed 2/17/51: 2/22/51p8

Curtis, Henry B., died 7/7/56: 7/12/56p3

Curtis Jr., Clifton, and Nancy Morrison are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Curtis, M&M William B., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/2/53pC4

Curtis, Mary, weds Lorin Eastman 1/1/50: 1/5/50p7

Curtis, Will, died 5/10/55: 5/19/55p3

Cutter, Constance, and Raoul Couture are wed 1/23/54: 1/28/54p4

Cutter, Ernest, and Norma Lambert are wed 11/24/51: 12/6/51p4

Cutter, Frank R., died 6/29/56: 7/12/56p3

Cutter, Helen, and Alfred Steele are wed 4/16/54: 4/22/54p4

Cutter, Isabelle, and James Tebbetts are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p5

Cutter, Jackson, and Sharon Crosby are wed 6/19/54: 6/24/54p4

Cutter, Mearl, and Norma Drew are wed 6/20/53: 7/9/53pB2

Cutton, Charles, weds Marylouise Picard 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4

Cyr, Dennis, died 4/29/50: 5/4/50p5

Cyr, Ernestine L., died 3/2/59: 3/5/59p3

Cyr, Jacqueline, and William Wheeler are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Cyr, Jean, and Elwyn Drew are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54pB2

Cyr, Marie, celebrates 95th birthday: 3/29/51p5,4/5/51p4

Cyr, Marie, died 9/24/51: 9/27/51p3

D'Errico, Leonard, and Barbara Nadeau are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p4

Dagenais, Charlotte, weds Melvin Atkinson 6/5/50: 6/8/50pC1

Dagenais, Reginald, weds Pauline Gordon 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Daigle, Desire J., died 7/30/56: 8/2/56p3

Daigle, Joseph, and Shirley Downs are wed 12/11/59: 12/17/59p4

Daigle, Marie, and Richard Trafton are wed 9/20/52: 9/25/52p4

Dale, Arthur, and Gertrude Richards are wed 10/14/50: 10/26/50p4

Dallaire, Carolyn, and Robert Sprinkle are wed 12/8/56: 12/13/56p4

Dallaire, Emile, died 2/23/53: 2/26/53p3

Dallaire, Paula, and James Davis are wed 11/16/57: 11/21/57p4

Dallaire, Polycarpe, died 7/2/51: 7/5/51p3

Dallaire, Richard, and Lorraine Rocheleau are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Dallaire, Sylvia, and Linwood Gagnon are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Dalton, John F., died 10/1/56: 10/4/56p3

Dame, Clayton, and Clara Parcell are wed 11/20/54: 12/2/54p4

Dame, Constance, and Charles Scott are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Dame, Daniel O., died 7/19/58: 7/24/58p3

Dame, Diana, and Richard Johnson are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Dame, Edna W., died 7/31/59: 8/6/59p3

Dame, Edward, weds Elizabeth Leavit 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Dame, Elsie, and Donald Branch are wed 8/3/57: 8/8/57p4

Dame, Ernest J., died 2/21/58: 2/27/58p3

Dame, Florence, feted for 44 years as teacher: 6/5/52p1,6/12/52p1

Dame, Frank H., died 1/3/53: 1/8/53pB5

Dame, George D., died 8/25/55: 8/25/55p1,9/1/55p3

Dame, Harold, and Kay Carrier are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Dame, Inez L., died 10/?/54: 10/28/54p3

Dame, John, weds Marilyn Emro 7/23/50: 7/27/50p5

Dame, Richard, and Jean Gowen are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Damon, Beatrice, and Tracey Laney are wed 12/25/55: 12/29/55p4

Damon, Sheldon, and Elaine Sutherland are wed 6/1/52: 6/5/52pB6

Damon, Sheldon, died 3/12/57: 3/14/57p3

Dandrow, Herbert, and Dorothy Kinkaid are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

Dandrow, Michael, and Elizabeth Stamm are wed 6/1/57: 6/6/57p4

Dandrow, Robert J., died 3/2/56: 3/15/56p3

Danforth, Alfred H., died 2/4/52: 2/7/52pB2

Danforth, Edward S., died 3/28/50: 3/23/50p5

Daniel, Alban W., died 8/25/57: 8/29/57p3

Daniels, Ruth, elected president of NH Rebekah: 5/10/56p4

Danner, Frank, and Joan Bradbury are wed 3/21/59: 4/2/59p4

Darling, Jaff & Susan, died 6/11&12/59: 6/18/59p3

Darling, Robert, and Betty Jackson are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Dauphin, Joseph, and Anita Emond are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Davenhall, William H., died 1/6/58: 1/9/58p3

Davenport, Carrie, and Samuel Garabedian are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Davenport, Guy, and Eleanor Monson are wed 1/28/56: 2/16/56p4

Daverio, Adolfo, master craftsman in stone: 5/17/56pC6

Daverio, Adolph G.--People Who Make Rochester: 10/16/52pA2

Daverio, Ida J., died 4/15/57: 4/18/57p3

Davidson, Corrine, weds Frank O'Day 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

Davis, Arline, and Thomas Deary are wed 2/9/52: 2/21/52pB4

Davis, Beatrice A., died 11/6/58: 11/13/58p3

Davis, Charles B., died 1/30/50: 2/2/50p1

Davis, Coran, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/10/59p8

Davis, Ethel K., died 4/15/57: 4/18/57p3

Davis, Eva J., died 9/11/50 are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50pB4

Davis, Flora A., died 3/11/54: 3/18/54p3

Davis, George, 83, invited to Queen Elizabeth's coronation: 5/28/53p1

Davis, George A, died 9/18/53: 9/24/53p1

Davis, George, and Sylvia Freeman are wed 12/19/52: 12/25/52pB3

Davis, Glenn A., died 10/25/55: 10/27/55p3

Davis, Harry F., died 8/12/59: 8/20/59p3

Davis, Helen B., died 8/14/58: 8/21/58p3

Davis, Horace J., died 12/20/57: 12/26/57p1

Davis, James, and Paula Dallaire are wed 11/16/57: 11/21/57p4

Davis Jr., Forrest, and Mildred Marone are wed 5/2/53: 5/14/53p4

Davis Jr., George, weds June Haley 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Davis Jr., Russell, and Jeanette Stevenson are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

Davis, Kenneth, and Beverly Howard are wed 8/29/58: 9/25/58p4

Davis, Louise, and Ernest Hughes are wed 12/8/51: 12/13/51p4

Davis, M&M Eugene F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/12/57p6

Davis, Norma, and John Eason are wed 3/17/56: 3/22/56p4

Davis, Reginald, and Rita Cate are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Davis, Robert, and Christine Crosby are wed 12/30/56: 1/3/57p5

Davis, Sandra, and Wesley French are wed 8/16/58: 8/21/58p4

Davis, Sidney, weds Norma Paul 6/16/51: 6/21/51pB8

Davis, Sylvia, and Joseph Hinkle are wed 5/23/58: 5/29/58p4

Davis, Violet M.--Our Teachers/SHS: 5/25/50p14

Davis, Wanda, and Donald Campbell are wed 11/18/59: 12/10/59p4

Dawson, Mrs. Seth F.--A Pertinent Personality: 8/24/50p4

Dawson, Seth F., died 4/15/55: 4/14/55p3

Day, Alden, and Elaine Gauthier are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

Day, Ann, and Paul Toof are wed 12/27/58: 1/8/59p8

Day, Earline, and Fred Turmelle are wed 10/26?/55: 11/3/55p4

Day, George, and Leannette Gagne are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52p4

Day, Neil, and Helen Gallagher are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

De Leon, Fabustine, died 2/12/50: 2/16/50p5

De Vittori, Ernando--Our Teachers/SHS: 3/1/51pA4

Dean, Donald, and Patricia Weeden are wed 9/26/54: 10/7/54pB5

Dean, Harriet M., died 12/30/59 are wed 12/19/59: 12/31/59p3

Dean, Henry, and Ruth Currier are wed 2/17/51: 2/22/51p8

Dean, Kathleen, and William Berry are wed 12/30/50: 1/4/51p4

Dearborn, Ernest L., died 1/29/50: 2/2/50p5

Dearborn, Josephine B., died 4/5/55: 4/7/55p3

Deary, Thomas, and Arline Davis are wed 2/9/52: 2/21/52pB4

Decoeur, Robert, and Irene Dore are wed 10/16/53: 10/29/53p4

DeFalco, Frank, and Constance Houghtaling are wed 5/9/53: 5/14/53p4

DeGrace, Edmund, and Ethel Pratt are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54pB2

Delan, Alfred R., died 1/11.53: 1/15/53pB4

Delisle, Annette--A Pertinent Personality: 3/1/51p4

Delisle, Donald, and Rita Brouillard are wed 1/25/58: 2/6/58p5

Delisle, June, and Donald Potvin are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Delorier Jr., Harry, and Louise Maxam are wed 6/21/53: 6/25/53p4

Demerais, Normand, will be a deep-sea diver: 11/5/59pA1

Demeritt, Alice M., died 4/30/54: 5/20/54p3

DeMeritt Jr., Delphin, and Rita Harwell are wed 4/18/59: 4/30/59p4

Demerritt, Philip, and Janice Roy are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Demers, Donald, died 6/22/56: 6/28/56p1

Demick, Minnie H., died 1/12/51: 1/25/51p3

Demonsthese, Arestidis, and Valerie Cossette are wed 10/19/51: 10/25/51p4 Dengee, Edna, and Edwin Walker are wed 4/23/53: 4/30/53p4

Dennis, Alice, and Leslie Towle are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Dennis, Ruth, and George Murphy are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Densmore, Albert, and Ruth Dexter are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51pB4

Dent, Marlene, and Albert Wiggin are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Denton, M&M Kenneth, celbrate 25th anniversary: 11/11/54p4

DeRoy, Paul, died at 105 years old on 10/14/51: 10/18/51p3

Desaulniers, Wilfred, and Fay Lowry are wed 3/24/51: 3/29/51pB3

Desautel, Edmund, and Gail Coran are wed 2/2/57: 2/7/57p4

Desautel, Leo, weds Claire St. Amand 6/10/50: 6/15/50pA3

Descheneau, Palma, and Gerard Gravel are wed 7/4/59: 7/16/59p4

Descheneau, Rose C., died 12/23/51: 12/27/51p3

Deshaise, Rita, and Raymond LaPierre are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p8

Deshong, George, and Germaine Gardner are wed 7/27/57: 8/8/57p4

Desmarais, Germaine, and Lawrence Bergeron are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Desmarais, Patricia, and Adolph Mayo are wed 5/28/55: 6/2/55p4

Desmarais, Rachel, and Maurice Gelinas Jr. are wed 2/20/54: 2/25/54p4

Desmarais, Raymond, weds Pauline Lacasse 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Desmarais, Sylvio, and Sylvia Portrie are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

Desmarais, Walter H., died 3/2/57: 3/7/57p3

DesMarais, Martin, and Ernestine Laitres are wed 5/30/59: 6/4/59p4

DesMarais, Richard, and Norma Lawrence are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Desrocher, Lucille, weds Frederick Woodward 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4

Desroches, Paul, and Janet Raiche are wed 12/20/58: 1/1/59p4

Desrosiers, Lea, died 7/17/55: 7/21/55p3

Desrosiers, Walter J., died 5/9/52: 5/15/52p3

Desseault, Richard, and Rita Sylvain are wed 11/21/53: 11/26/53p4

Deveau, Alphie D., died 11/10/56: 11/15/56p3

Deveau, Ronald, and Betty Jacobs are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Devoe, Fred C., died 9/2/54: 9/9/54p3

Dewall, Blanche M., died 7/6/54: 7/8/54p3

DeWitt, Paul, and Pauline Boucher are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Dexter, James, and Marie Duprey are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Dexter, Patricia, and Jerald Stewart are wed 11/11/56: 11/15/56p4

Dexter, Ruth, and Albert Densmore are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51pB4

Dexter, Shirley, weds Donald Moore 8/11/50: 8/17/50p4

Diabal, Neoma N., died 1/29/56: 2/2/56p3

Diack, Oliver, died 5/30/57: 6/6/57p3

Dick, Walter, and Mary Learson are wed 9/11/53: 9/24/53p4

Dickerson, Marva, and Kenneth Berry are wed 3/8/52: 4/17/52pA6

Dickie Jr., John, and Priscissa Bouchard are wed 10/20/56: 10/25/56p4

Dickie, M&M Howard A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/1/56p4

Dickie, Thomas P., died 4/25/51: 4/26/51p3,5/3/51p3

Dickinson, Herbert, and Priscilla Marple are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Dickson, Ernest F., died 9/15/56: 9/20/56p3

Dickson, Ernest F., died 9/15/56: 9/20/56p3

Dickson, Leon E., died 9/17/59: 9/24/59p3,10/1/59p3

Diemer, Agnes, and John Adams are wed 5/12/55: 5/26/55p5

Diemer, George, and Anna Hall are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Dietrich, Wergin, and Gloria Lemieux are wed 9/8/59: 9/17/59p6

Dillon, Janet, and Edward O'Soro are wed 10/29/50: 11/2/50p4

Dimond, Ralph, and Joanne Grant are wed 1/21/53: 1/29/53p4

Dionne, Beatrice C., died 1/11/59: 1/15/59p3

Dionne, George, died 3/7/50: 4/27/50p5

Dionne, Irene, and Robert Printy are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Dionne, Jennie, and Philip Dionne are wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51p4,4/12/51p4

Dionne, Philip, and Jennie Dionne are wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51p4,4/12/51p4

Dionne, Richard, and Virginia Savory are wed 10/14/50: 10/26/50p4

Ditmer, Stanley, and Catherine Blaisdell wed 2/23/53: 3/5/53p4,4/9/53pB5

Dixon, Charles P., died 10/6/50: 10/12/50p3

Dixon, Frank, is new C/C director: 10/21/54p1

Dixon, James P., died 8/5/51: 8/16/51pB2

Dlabel, Barbara, and Keith Richardson are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

Doble, Cecelia M., died 12/16/51: 12/20/51p3

Dockham, Eliza M., died 2/21/57: 2/28/57p3

Dockham, Victor, and Mary Edgerly are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Dodge, Edwin F., died 3/20/51: 3/22/51p3

Dodge, Ernest E., died 2/4/57: 2/7/57p3

Dodge, John A., died 4/6/51: 10/11/51p3

Dodge, John, and Joanne Abbott are wed 2/21/53: 3/5/53pB2

Dodge Jr., Kenneth, and Jean Tebbetts are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Dodge, Kenneth W., died 3/1/9/54: 3/25/54p1

Dodge, Mary, weds Calvin Tompson 7/28/50: 8/3/50p5

Dodge, Patricia, and David Northrup are wed 6/?/59: 7/2/59p4

Dodge, Phyllis A., died 5/30/53: 6/4/53pB2

Dodier, Alma D., died 9/22/54: 9/30/54p3

Dodier, Jean, and Norman Poisson are wed 9/18/54: 9/30/54p4

Dodier, Margaret, weds William Twichell 7/29/50: 8/3/50pA1(S),8/10/50p4

Doe, Edith S., died 5/7/55: 5/12/55p3,5/19/55p3

Doe, Joanne, and William Sperr are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p4

Doe, Kendrick, and Nancy McCrackin are wed 8/25/57: 9/5/57p4

Doe, Sandra, and Donald Whitney are wed 7/7/54: 7/15/54p4

Doerrman, Ralph, and Marcia Laverture are wed 11/2/57: 11/7/57p4

Doherty, Margaret, weds Robert Moore: 7/6/50p4

Doherty, Richard, and Norma Corbett are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Doherty, Wiley, and Ruth Montgomery are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Doisneau, Roger, and Paula Beaudoin are wed 5/29/54: 6/3/54p4

Dolan, Evelyn, weds Armand Maxfield 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4,4/27/50p4

Dolbec, Telles, died 7/?/57: 8/8/57p1

Dole, Annie W., celebrates 100th birthday, still knits for GIs: 1/1/53p1

Dole, Annie W., celebrates 102nd birthday: 1/13/55p1

Dole, Annie W., died 5/23/57: 5/30/57p3

Dole, George E., died 2/19/58: 2/27/58p3

Dolliver, Harvey, and Dorothy Todd are wed: 7/3/52p4

Donahue, William, and Harriett Paquette are wed 2/10/59: 2/19/59p4

Donlon, James, and Estelle Ouillette are wed: 9/11/58p4

Donlon, Richard, and Marcelline Anctil are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p5

Donnelly Jr., John, and Ella Tanner are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB6

Donohue, Bessie C., died 1/14/56: 1/19/56p3

Donovan, Joseph, and Jeannette Cardinal wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pB1

Dore, Ernest, died 8/1/55: 8/4/55p3

Dore, Franklin, and Ethelyn Lord are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Dore, Irene, and Robert Decoeur are wed 10/16/53: 10/29/53p4

Dore, Roy, and Sylvia Knights are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Dorr, Grace L., died 3/4/50: 3/9/50p17

Dorr, Harold L., died 5/7/50: 5/11/50p1

Dorr, Harvey W., died 11/12/56: 11/15/56p3

Dorr Jr., Horace, and Dorothy Towle are wed 5/30/57: 6/6/57p4

Dorr, M&M Hervey, celebrate 50th anniversdary: 10/29/53pC6

Dorr, Ray N., died 5/7/50: 5/11/50p1

Dorr, Ronald, and Eleanor Webber are wed: 1/21/54p4

Dorr, Samuel, and Jean Wilson are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Dorrer, Joyce, weds Flint Jasper 6/24/51: 7/5/51pA1

Dorsey, Robert, and Anne Stetson are wed 3/16/57: 3/21/57p4

Dostie, Amanada F., died 9/4/58: 9/11/58p3

Dostie, Odias E., died 8/22/57: 8/29/57p3

Doty, Fannie, and Edward Young are wed 11/20/50: 11/30/50pB5

Doucette, William, and Pauline Corson are wed 11/12/55: 11/17/55p4

Dougherty, Ruth, and Richard Sevigny are wed 11/30/57: 12/12/57p4

Dougherty, William J., died 8/9/54: 8/12/54p3

Douglas, Edmund, and Ethel Odom are wed 12/1/58: 12/11/58p4

Douglas, Emery, and Marion Scala are wed: 10/2/58p4

Douglas, Kenneth, and Clair Sweeney are wed 10/23/55: 11/10/55p4

Douglas, Mary, and Henry Crawford Jr., are wed 4/10/59: 4/16/59p4

Douglas, R. Bruce, died 7/8/54: 7/15/54p3

Douglass, Mary E., died 2/2/51: 2/8/51p3

Dow, Arline, and James Hamel are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p6

Dow, Henry K., died 11/3/58: 11/6/58p3

Dow Jr., Chester, weds Priscilla Hodgman 4/23/50: 4/27/50p4,5/4/50p4

Dow, Robert, and Joan Tufts are wed 11/29/55: 12/1/55p5

Downing, Dixie, weds Benoit Doyon 7/6/51: 7/12/51p4

Downing, Edna, and Kenneth Guild are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Downing, Frank A., died 2/5/55: 2/10/55p3

Downing, George H., died 3/8/50: 3/16/50p5

Downing, Jeanne L., died 12/18/50: 12/21/50p3

Downing, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/28/54p4

Downing, Perley, died 7/13/53 are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53pB3

DOwning, Robert V., died 5/16/56: 5/17/56p3

Downs, Addie, and Peter Wallace are wed 7/2/54: 7/22/54p4

Downs, Anna L., died 9/13/51: 9/20/51pB6

Downs, Arthur L., died 2/15/56: 2/16/56p3

Downs, Cora E., died 6/7/55: 6/9/55p3

Downs, Elston, died 8/27/58: 8/28/58p3

Downs, George, weds Kathleen Currier 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4

Downs, Marion, and Albert Adams are wed 12/31/51: 1/10/52p4

Downs, Marion, and Michael Lapihuska are wed 3/25/51: 3/29/51p4

Downs, Paul, and Priscilla Hibbard are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Downs, Perley E., died 9/12/50: 9/14/50p3

Downs, Raymond F., died 6/26/50: 6/29/50pA6

Downs, Robert J., died 10/4/50: 10/12/50p3

Downs, Shirley, and Joseph Daigle are wed 12/11/59: 12/17/59p4

Dowst, Robert, and Sylvia Hurlock are wed 6/17/56: 6/21/56p4

Dowst, Ronald, and Kathleen Ryan are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Doyle, Fred L., died 6/28/50: 6/29/50p5,7/6/50p3

Doyon, Alberta, and George Hogan are wed 12/24/55: 12/29/55p4

Doyon, Benoit, weds Dixie Downing 7/6/51: 7/12/51p4

Doyon, David, and Madeleine Ramsey are wed 1/26/57: 1/31/57p4

Doyon, Elsie M., died 4/16/51: 4/19/51p3

Doyon, Estelle, and Bertrand Garignan are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

Doyon, Gloryanne, and Paul Prue are wed 8/31/57: 9/5/57p4

Doyon, June, and Mitchell Doyon are wed 12/25/51: 2/21/52p4

Doyon, Marie, weds Paul McCann 6/24/50: 7/6/50p4

Doyon, Mitchell, and June Doyon are wed 12/25/51: 2/21/52p4

Doyon, Robert, and Jacqueline Maxfield are wed 2/21/53: 2/26/53p4

Doyon, Roger, and Marcia Proulx are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Doyon, Roland, and Shelby Rondow are wed 9/3/55: 9/15/55p4

Doyon, Violet, and Laurence Jacques are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Drapeau, Barbara, and Donald Betz are wed 8/27/55: 9/8/55p5

Drapeau, Edward, and Pauline Shepard are wed: 2/10/55p4

Drapeau, Frances, and Norman Grenier are wed 10/29/55: 11/10/55p4

Drapeau, George R., died 1/24/56: 1/26/56p3

Drapeau, Geraldine, and Charles Grassie are wed 2/16/52: 3/6/52p4

Drapeau, Irma, and Albert Pepin are wed 6/19/54: 6/24/54p4

Drapeau, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/16/50p4

Drapeau, Minnie V., died 6/5/55: 6/9/55p3

Drapeau, Robert, weds Frances Morin 2/4/50: 2/9/50p4

Drew, Abigail J., died 2/25/50: 3/2/50p5

Drew, Alice, and Robert Nadeau are wed 5/25/57: 6/6/57p4

Drew, Beverly, and James Lyndes are wed 12/22/56: 12/27/56p4

Drew, Clifton H., died 10/25/52: 10/30/52p3

Drew, Earl, and Florine Huff are wed 12/29/53: 1/28/54p4

Drew, Elizabeth, weds Robert Varney 7/1/51: 7/5/51p4

Drew, Elwyn, and Jean Cyr are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54pB2

Drew, Florence T., died 3/11/52: 3/13/52p3

Drew, Herbert M., died 8/6/51: 8/9/51p1

Drew, Isabelle, and Bernard Mortimer are wed 5/2/53: 5/28/53p4

Drew Jr., Charles, and Betty Tappan are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Drew Jr., Frederick, weds Mary Emhardt 2/27/50: 3/9/50p10

Drew, Norma, and Mearl Cutter are wed 6/20/53: 7/9/53pB2

Drew, Rena, and William Fortier wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51pB6 ,4/12/51pB8

Drew, Sarah, and Albert Foss are wed 7/20/57: 7/25/57p4

Drew Sr., M&M Fred, hold family reunion: 6/29/50pA1

Drew, Wilbur C., died 2/19/59: 2/26/59p3

Drinkwater, Jane, and Robert Cormier are wed 7/14/57: 7/18/57p4

Drinkwine, Joseph, died 6/8/52: 6/12/52pB6

Drivas, Georgia, and Robert Carignan are wed 8/29/53: 9/3/53p4

Drolette, Louis O., died 11/?/53: 11/19/53p3

Drouin, Goerge, and Agnes Mickelonis are wed 7/20/57: 8/1/57p4

Drouin, Richard, to bake cherry pies for US Navy: 12/13/56p8

Drouin, Robert, and Sandra Forbes are wed 6/2/56: 6/14/56p4

Drowne, Dolly D., died 12/27/57: 1/2/58p3

Druin, Elaine, and Gerard Bernier are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Dube, Anna M.--A Pertinent Personality: 12/7/50p4

Dube, Eudore, and Madeleine Gauthier are wed 10/27/51: 11/1/51p4

Dube, Samuel X., died 9/4/55: 9/8/55p3

Duboid, Louis A., died 10/20/51: 10/25/51p3

Dubois, Agnes, and Daniel Potvin are wed 7/6/53: 7/9/53p4

Dubois, Ann, and Danny Hixson are wed 4/13/58: 5/8/58p4

Dubois, Anthony, weds Pauline Brunelle 8/12/50: 8/17/50p4

Dubois, Armand, died 12/23/54: 12/30/54p3

Dubois, Caroline L., died 3/29/51: 4/5/51p3

Dubois, Elaine, and Richard Roy are wed 11/27/58: 12/4/58p5

Dubois, Leon, and Madeline Hardy are wed 7/3/54: 7/15/54p4

Dubois, M&M Leon, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/25/54p4

Dubois, Marie, and Robert Gerry are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Dubois, Pierre, died 2/12/51: 2/15/51p3,2/22/51p3

Dubois, Raymond, and Nancy McDaniel are wed 8/20/58: 9/25/58p4

Dubois, Richard, and Gail Francoeur are wed 3/12/59: 3/26/59p4

Dubreuil, Leopold, and Laurette Tremblay are wed 8/22/53: 8/27/53p4

Dubreuil, M&M Gideon, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/15/55p5

Dubreuil, Rejean, and Rachel Huppe are wed 11/24/56: 11/29/56p4

Duby, Arthur G., died 5/9/58: 5/15/58p3

Duchesneau, Aurelie C., died 8/3/57: 8/8/57p3

Duchesneau, Lorraine, and Donald Bernier are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

Duchesneau, Patricia, and Lewis Young are wed 8/18/51: 8/23/51p3

Duchesneau, Pauline, and Herbert Powlesland are wed 7/19/52: 7/24/52p4

Dudley, Darrell, and Sallyanne Stevens are wed 11/12/55: 11/17/55p4

Dudley, Elizabeth, died 11/10/59: 11/19/59p3

Dudley, Frances, and Carlisle Lurvey Jr. are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Dufault, Evelyn, weds Clifton Howard 2/18/50: 3/2/50p4

Duffy, Marguerite M., died 10/26/53: 10/29/53p3

Dugal, Arthur, and Constance Strachan are wed 9/5/55: 9/8/55p4

Dugas, Conrad, and Jeannine Vachon are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Dugas, Josephine, celebrates 83rd birthday: 10/7/54p4

Dugas, Josephine L., died 7/7/55: 7/14/55p3

Dugas, Terrence, and Muriel Larose are wed 4/14/51: 4/19/51p4

Dumais, Valmore, and Doris Lacasse are wed 8/23/52: 8/28/52p4

Dumont, Adelard, and Madeline Morency are wed 5/8/54: 5/13/54p4

Dumont, M&M Emile, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/22/53p4

Dumont, Raymond, and Loretta Ayotte are wed 10/20/56: 10/25/56p4

Dumont, Thelma, and Carl Lilljedahl are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Dunbar, Emdon, and Marjorie Fort are wed 12/10/50: 12/14/50pA5

Dunbar, Irene E., died 11/18/55: 12/1/55p3

Dunbar, Richard, and Irene Jones are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Dunham, Burley, and Hazel Smith are wed 9/5/59: 9/17/59p6

Dunlap, Harriet B., died 10/4/59: 10/8/59p3

Dunlap, Margaret, and John Pridham are wed 11/15/58: 11/20/58p4

Duntley, Earl R., died 6/15/58: 6/19/58p3

Dupont, Claire, and Alfred White are wed 1/7/56: 1/12/56p4

Duprey, Harvey, and Alice St. Onge are wed 9/24/55: 9/29/55p4

Duprey, Marie, and James Dexter are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Dupuis, James, and Joan Lapington are wed 4/4/53: 4/9/53pp4,B8

Dupuis, Lorraine, enters Daughters of The Holy Ghost: 4/18/57p1

Dupuis, M&M Wilfred celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/22/50pB8

Dupuis, Norman, and Marilyn Columbus are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Duqette. M&M Phil, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/17/54p3

Duquette, Emma H., died 4/25/58: 5/1/58p3

Duquette, Jeremiah, and Jacqueline Reny are wed 9/17/55: 9/29/55p4

Duquette, Leon J., died 9/29/58: 10/2/58p3

Duquette, Louis W., died 6/11/50: 6/15/50pA4

Duquette, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/28/57p4

Durant, Alice L., died 7/4/55: 7/7/55p3

Durant, William S., died 8/7/56: 8/9/56p3

Dureau, Doris, and Frank Forest are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Dureault, Lotta E., died 7/30/51: 8/2/51pB4

Durgin, Amy H., died 10/31/56: 11/8/56p3

Durgin, Bertha E., died 1/19/50: 1/26/50p5

Durgin, Dora M., died 12/26/58: 1/1/59p3

Durgin, James F., died 6/22/59: 6/25/59p3

Durgin, Mary J., died 3/16/58: 3/20/58p3

Durkee, Donald, weds Lorraine Campbell 2/11/50: 2/16/50p18

Durling, Leonard, and Janet Griffen are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Durocher, Charles, and Patricia Kane are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4,7/8/54p4

Duryea, Justine, and Weston Palmer Jr. are wed 8/20/58: 9/25/58p4

Dustin, Dr&M Cecil, celebrate 27th anniversary: 10/23/52pC4

Dustin, Margaret--A Pertinent Personality: 6/8/50p4

Dustin, Miles, 92, resigns City post: 5/7/59p1

Dustin, Miles H., celebrates 90th birthday: 11/29/56p1,12/6/56p1

Dustin, Miles H., celebrates 92nd birthday: 12/4/58p8

Dustin, Miles H., celebrates 93rd birthday: 12/3/59p1

Dustin, Miles H., creates history scholarship fund: 9/18/57p1

Dustin, Miles H., honored on 89th birthday: 12/1/55p3

Dustin, Miles H., reminisces about his 92 years: 11/27/58p3

Dustin, Miles H.--People Who Make Rochester: 8/17/50pA2

Dutilly, Doris, and Raoul Cardin are wed 8/11/51: 8/23/51p3

Dutton, Everett, is president of Guernsey Breeder's Ass'n: 3/17/55p7

Dutton, Ruth, and William Stone are wed 12/15/52: 1/8/53p4

Dutton, Willa E., died 1/12/57: 1/17/57p3

Dwyer, Donald, and Violet Horne are wed 10/28/50: 11/2/50p4

Dyer, Nancy, and Russell Eldridge are wed ?/?/55: 7/7/55p5

Dyer, O'Neil, weds Fernande Wilkens 4/22/50: 5/4/50p4

Dzuba, Denise, and Edgar Edgerly are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Earle, Chester G., died 9/26/57: 10/3/57p3

Earle, Ellen D., died 6/1/55: 6/9/55p3

Earle, Geraldine, and Henry Roberts III are wed 10/25/52: 10/30/52p4

Earle, Ida A., died 12/12/51: 12/13/51p3

Earle, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/27/56p4

Earle, Nancy, and Melvin Saltzman are wed 11/30/55: 12/8/55p4

Eason, John, and Norma Davis are wed 3/17/56: 3/22/56p4

Eason, Robert, and Shirley Perry are wed 11/16/55: 12/1/55p5

Eason, Robert, and Sylvia Merrill are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53p4

Eastman, Angeline, weds Earle Hayes 4/1/50: 4/6/50p19

Eastman, Carlos A., died 7/2/9/51: 8/2/51pB4

Eastman, John, weds Lucille Charles 6/30/51: 7/19/51p4

Eastman, Lorin, weds Mary Curtis 1/1/50: 1/5/50p7

Eastman, Minnie A., died 4/30/57: 5/2/57p3

Eastman, Roger, and Maryalice Joy are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Eastman, Rosa, weds Leland Noyes 1/21/50: 1/26/50p16

Eastwood, Jonas, and Ethel Vittum are wed 4/29/52: 5/8/52pB5

Eaton, Harry E., died 10/2/52: 10/9/52p3

Eaton, Henry, and Pauline Allard are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

Eaton, Minnie F., died 10/18/59: 10/22/59p3

Eaves, Cynthia, and Lester Martin are wed 2/13/54: 2/18/54p4

Eaves, Robert, and Jeanne Tousignant are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Edelman, Elec, died 7/31/59 are wed 7/5/59: 8/6/59p3

Eden, M&M Reuben, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/13/50pA3

Edgecomb, Harry I., died 6/8/52: 6/19/52pB2

Edgerly, Earl R., died 11/17/59: 11/19/59p3

Edgerly, Edgar, and Denise Dzuba are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Edgerly, Frank, and Beatrice Paul are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52pB5

Edgerly, Gladys L., died 10/29/50: 11/2/50p3

Edgerly Jr., James, and Jean Waterhouse are wed 4/24/55: 4/28/55p4

Edgerly, Lawrence, and Cynthia Sprunger are wed 9/15/57: 9/19/57p4

Edgerly, Lawrence, drove Russians during Khrushchev D.C. visit: 10/1/59p1

Edgerly, M&M J. Hervey, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/26/52p4

Edgerly, Mary, and Victor Dockham are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Edgerly, Roland, and Judith Randlett are wed 1/1/58: 1/9/58p4

Edgerly, Royal, and Carole Emro are wed 8/21/55: 8/25/55p4

Edgerly, Serenna M., died 2/26/52 are wed 2/16/52: 3/6/52pB5

Edmonds, David, and Frances Jones are wed 9/21/57: 9/26/57p4

Edmunds, William A., died 4/13/59: 4/16/59p3

Edney, Orin M., died 11/18/58: 11/20/58p3

Edson, Ada P., died 10/19/51: 10/25/51p3

Ehle, Barbara, and Alfred Plante are wed: 9/23/54p4

Eisner, Bernice, and Gerard Lacroix are wed 11/13/54: 11/18/54p4

Eisner, Gordon, and Patricia Larochelle are wed 11/22/53: 11/26/53p4

Ekstrom, Amanda C., died 2/24/54: 3/4/54p3

Eldridge, Barbara, and Alexander Miller wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Eldridge, Everett S., died 10/16/56: 10/25/56p3

Eldridge, Frances, and Chester Gray are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Eldridge, Geraldine, and Charles Foster Jr. wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Eldridge, Lee, and Helen Lovett are wed 10/11/56: 10/18/56p4

Eldridge, M&M Chauncey, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/26/56p3

Eldridge, Oradon J., died 6/20/51: 6/28/51pA8

Eldridge, Raymond, and Florence Kluesener are wed 7/31/53: 8/6/53p4

Eldridge, Russell, and Nancy Dyer are wed ?/?/55: 7/7/55p5

Eldridge, Sheila, and John Frost are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Elford, Patrick J., died 9/3/52: 9/11/52p3

Elkins, Albert, died 10/24/58: 10/30/58p3

Elkins, Henry E., died 3/28/56: 4/5/56p3

Elliot, Barry, aka "Chippa Granite", meets President: 3/10/55p1,3/17/55p1

Elliot, Harry, 6 years old, is "Chippa Granite": 9/16/54p1

Elliott, Jean, weds John Carpenter 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Elliott Jr., Elmer, and Mary Bennett are wed 8/6/55: 8/4/55p4

Elliott, Kelley E., died 10/28/56: 11/1/56p3

Elliott, Robert A., to get Seeing Eye dog: 3/31/55pC2

Elliott, Sarah H., died 10/26/59: 10/29/59p3

Ellis, Carroll, and Mildred Hamel are wed 9/27/58: 10/2/58p4

Ellis, Charles, and Rachel Letourneau are wed 11/24/55: 12/1/55p4

Ellis, Edward G., died 1/24/58: 1/30/58p3

Ellis, Leslie, died 9/14/53: 9/17/53p3

Ellis, M&M Harold R., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/11/52p4

Ellis, Norma, and Gerard Cliche are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Ellis, Richard, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/6/58pA1

Ellis, Roger, and Betty Gerry are wed 3/6/54: 3/11/54p4

Ellison Etta D., died 8/23/55: 9/1/55p3

Ellison, Evelyn E., died 4/12/59: 4/16/59p3

Ellison, Walter S., died 3/15/59: 3/19/59p3

Ellison, William A., died 4/27/52: 5/1/52pB6

Elms, Laure, retires after 44 years in education: 6/7/51p1

Elwell, Ida M., died 4/14/53: 4/23/53pA3

Elwell, Louise, and Clarence Perkins are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52pB3

Elwood, Zilpha E., died 12/5/59: 12/10/59p3

Emerson, Ansel, died 9/18/53: 9/24/53p3

Emerson, Augustus F., died 4/11/52: 4/17/52pB4

Emerson, Burton E., died 2/26/56: 3/1/56p3

Emerson, Charles, and Bernice French are wed 5/2/58: 5/8/58p4

Emerson, Charles H., died 11/7/59: 11/12/59p3

Emerson, Cleon H., died 5/?/57: 5/16/57p3

Emerson, Edwin S., died 7/2/59: 8/6/59p3

Emerson, Etta, and Earle Tanguay are wed 8/23/54: 8/26/54p4

Emerson, Flora B., died 10/28/59: 11/5/59p3

Emerson, George M., died 3/24/51: 3/29/51p3

Emerson, Grace E., died 4/4/53: 4/9/53p3

Emerson, Joseph, and Marguerite Gagnon are wed 12/13/58: 12/25/58p4

Emerson Jr., Maurice, and Lois Brittingham are wed 4/20/57: 5/2/57p4

Emerson, Marjorie, and Albert Lancey Jr. are wed 3/30/51: 4/5/51p4

Emerson, Mary R., died 12/22/54: 12/23/54p3

Emerson, Richard, and Geraldine Christie are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56pA1

Emery, Austin A., died 9/4/52: 9/4/52p1,9/11/52p2

Emery, George E., died 7/2/59: 7/9/59p3

Emery, Irene, and Raymond Patch are wed 3/7/54: 3/11/54p4

Emery, Jennie E., died 12/30/57: 1/2/58p3

Emery, Mary E., died 5/8/55: 5/12/55p3

Emhardt, Mary, weds Frederick Drew Jr. 2/27/50: 3/9/50p10

Emmett, Donald, and Marion Baston are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54pB4

Emmond, Roberta, and Harvey Paquin are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Emond, Alfred, died 8/?/53: 9/3/53p3

Emond, Anita, and Joseph Dauphin are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Emro, Carole, and Royal Edgerly are wed 8/21/55: 8/25/55p4

Emro, Florence, and Richard Grenier are wed 10/19/58: 10/23/58p4

Emro, Marilyn, weds John Dame 7/23/50: 7/27/50p5

Emro, Robert B., earns award in Korea: 3/15/51p1,8/16/51p1

Emro, Robert B., earns DSCross and Silver Star: 10/18/56p1

Enair, Elizabeth, and William Reddy are wed 1/1/55: 2/3/55p4

Engblom, Joyce, and Donald Phillips are wed 10/29/53: 12/3/53p4

Enman, Delma, and Jean Cate are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Erickson, Bert, died 3/20/57: 3/28/57p3

Erickson, Ida A., died ?/?/56: 4/5/56p3

Ericson, Mildred, and Frederick Michael are wed 1/9/54: 1/21/54p4

Eriksen, Frances, died 11/14/56: 10/18/56p3

Erikson, Onnie, and Esther Hill are wed 8/22/57: 9/26/57p4

Erikson, Ruth, and Leonard Strong Jr. are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Erikson, Verna, weds Maurice Farr 6/9/51: 6/14/51pp4,C4

Eschmann, Nelson, and Madeleine Marin are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Estes, Alfred, and Barbara Sullivan are wed 10/4/58: 10/9/58p4

Estes, Ethel, and Arthur Trahan are wed 3/7/58: 3/13/58p4

Estes, Ethel, and Ronald Tebbetts are wed 8/1/5/59: 8/20/59p4

Estes, M&M Philip J., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/3/59p5

Etcheberry, Jacqueline, and Donald Mills are wed 9/11/55: 10/6/55p4

Evans, David, and Carolyn Boardman are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57pB3

Evans, Edna, and William Ratcliffe are wed 5/8/56: 5/17/56p4

Evans, Evelyn, and Paul Blanchette are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4

Evans, Isaac C., died 5/2/53: 3/5/53p3

Evans, Mary P., died 2/13/52: 2/14/52p3

Evans, Mrs. William, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/29/54p1

Evans, Nellie A., died 8/25/58: 8/28/58p3

Evans, Robert, and Barbara King are wed 1/25/57: 1/31/57p8

Evans, Susan, and Richard Young are wed 11/6/59: 12/3/59p4

Everson, Jeannette, weds Bernard Marison 8/5/50: 8/10/50pA1

Fabian, Frederick P., died 8/25/50: 8/24/50p3

Fabian, Henry, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/16/56p3

Fabian, M&M Eugene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/8/53p4

Fabian, Richard, and Judith Ramsey are wed 8/30/58: 9/11/58p4

Faist, David, 16, is Barrington Grange Master: 1/11/51pA3,3/1/51p1

Faist, David, and Beverly Clough are wed 1/15/55: 1/20/55p4

Faist, Martha, and Earl Bailey are wed 8/1/53: 8/6/53pp4,7

Falkenham, Glenn, and Joy Johnson are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Fall, Norman, and Jane Cooper are wed 5/25/57: 5/30/57p4

Fall, Vernon, weds Gertrude Walley 6/18/50: 6/22/50pB6 ,6/29/50p4

Fancey, Helen, and Donald Hoage are wed 1/17/53: 1/29/53pB5

Fanning, David B., died 2/18/50: 3/9/50p18

Farmer, Erlon D., died 12/10/58: 12/11/58p3

Farnham, Norris, weds June Rogers 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Farnum, Virginia, and John Huckins are wed 10/15/54: 10/21/54p4

Farr, Maurice, weds Verna Erikson 6/9/51: 6/14/51pp4,C4

Farrar, Laurena M., died 3/10/57: 3/21/57p3

Farrington, Priscilla, and Robert Benner are wed 2/26/55: 3/2/55p4

Faunsworth, Elizabeth, and John Hartford are wed 4/24/52: 5/15/52p4

Fay, Wilbur M., died 2/2/59: 2/5/59p3

Fay, Wilbur M., named in Who's Who in American Art: 12/29/55p7

Fecteau, James, and Barbara Tebbetts are wed 1/30/53: 2/5/53pB3

Fee, Helen, and Frederick LaFlamboise are wed 9/2/53: 9/10/53p4

Feeney, Laura W., died died 3/21/53: 3/26/53p3

Feineman, Robert E.--People Who Make Rochester: 5/17/51pA2

Feineman, Ruth E., died 8/18/56: 8/23/56p3

Felix, Norman, and Bernice Spurling are wed 11/12/52: 11/27/52p4

Felker, Charles, family reunion held: 9/1/55p5

Felker, M&M W. Felker, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/1/55p1

Fellows, Annie P., died 3/28/53: 4/2/53pC4

Felong, Robert, and Diane Beaulieu are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Fennerty, M&M Timothy, celebrate 51st anniversary: 3/13/52p4

Fennerty, M&M Timothy J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/15/51pC2

Fennerty, Timothy L., died 12/19/57: 12/26/57p3

Fenton, Carol, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Farmington: 1/21/54pB5

Fenton, M&M Charles G., celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/8/54p1

Ferguson, James, weds Barbara Anderson 3/9/50: 3/16/50p16

Ferland, Alfred, died 1/?/59: 1/8/59p3

Ferland, Armand, weds Goris Lizotte 5/26/51: 5/31/51p4

Ferland, Emile A., died 1/19/59: 1/22/59p3

Ferland, Gideon, died 9/4/50: 9/7/50p3,9/14/50p3

Ferland, Gloria, and Lawrence Woodward are wed 9/18/53: 9/24/53pB5

Ferland, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/20/50p1

Ferland, Marion, and Joseph Lemieux are wed 2/19/51: 3/1/51pB2

Ferland, Raphael, and Venna Sawyer are wed 6/1/55: 6/16/55p4

Ferland, Raymond, died 1/20/51: 1/25/51p1

Ferland, Robert, and Jeanne Cantin are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

Ferland, Rose M., died 9/20/57: 9/26/57p3

Fernald, Adela, died 3/7/52: 3/13/52p3

Fernald, Carl, and Catherine Twitchell are wed 5/3/58: 5/29/58p4

Fernald, Jane, and Charles Hervey are wed 8/17/55: 8/25/55p4

Fernald, Mary, and Ronald Myers are wed 6/2/59: 6/11/59p4

Ferrigan, Betty, is "Miss VFW of Rochester": 6/1/50p1

Ferrigan, Elizabeth, and James Young are wed 9/27/58: 10/2/58p4

Ferris, Elizabeth, and George Samia are wed 7/8/59: 7/30/59p4

Ferry, Effie M, died 3/2/53: 3/12/53pB3

Fickett, Alice, died 6/30/51: 7/5/51p1

Fickett, Byron A., died 6/30/51: 7/5/51p1

Fickett, Irving, and Simone Milne are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Field, Harold, and Erileen Harmon are wed 9/27/52: 10/2/52p4

Fielding, Shirley, and James Pritchard are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Fielding Sr., M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/25/59p4

Fielding, William, died 12/15/59: 12/17/59p3

Fields, Evelyn, weds Kenneth Norton 6/6/51: 6/7/51pB1

Fields, Henry, and Arlene Sceggell are wed 7/9/55: 7/14/55p5

Fields, M&M Harold, celebrate 5th anniversary: 10/3/57p5

Filgate, Valna, and James Wilson are wed 3/28/53: 4/2/53p4

Filiau, George, and Rachel Gosselin are wed 9/?/59: 9/17/59p6

Finnessy, Elizabeth, weds Harry King 3/17/50: 3/23/50p4

Fish, Blanche, died 6/8/54: 6/10/54p3

Fisher, Caroline, and George Goodell are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Fisher, Doris P., died 6/25/52: 7/3/52p3

Fisher, Keith, and Paula Marr are wed 11/7/53: 11/12/53pB4

Fisk, Beatrice, and Bernard King are wed 5/15/54: 5/20/54p4

Fisk, M&M Mark, celebrate 59th anniversary: 3/13/52p5

Fitzpatrick, Viola S., died 6/9/55: 6/16/55p3

Flagg, Carl A., died 7/8/50: 7/13/50pB6

Flagg, Hattie H., died 11/26/58: 12/4/58p3

Flaker, Roy H., honored by US Dept. of Agriculture: 5/21/59p1

Flanagan, Dennis, and Jeanette Marcoux are wed: 3/5/59p4

Flanagan, James H., died 4/2/56: 4/5/56p3

Flanagan Jr., Edward J., died 10/7/51: 10/11/51pB6

Flanagan, Nancy, and Rodney Hemenway are wed 5/24/58: 5/29/58p4

Fleming, Floyd, weds Dorothy Brown 4/29/50: 5/4/50p4

Fleming, Sadie, celebrates 82nd birthday: 9/16/54p4

Fleming, Sadie F., died 3/9/58: 3/13/58p3

Fleurie, Charlotte, and Garnett Lutigg are wed 12/19/59: 12/24/59pB2

Flint, George F., died 6/5/56p3

Flint, Helen M., died 1/23/51: 1/25/51p3

Flint, Jasper, weds Joyce Dorrer 6/24/51: 7/5/51pA1

Flint, Murray, weds Georgia Fowler 6/23/50: 7/27/50pA1

Flood, Kenneth, and Shirley Hesketh are wed 2/28/59: 3/5/59p4

Floryk, Frank, died 5/4/58: 5/8/58p3

Flower, M&M Harold, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/23/59p5

Floyd, Elwood, and Ethel Miles are wed 12/23/50: 12/28/50pA4

Flykt, Wilbur, and Dorothy Marchand are wed 7/11/59: 7/16/59p4

Flynn, Denis, and Loretta Lyons are wed 12/27/58: 1/1/59p4

Fogarty, Leonard, died 9/11/58: 9/18/58p3

Fogg, Carolyn, and George Chamberlain are wed 1/6/52: 1/10/52pA5

Fogg, Edna, and Roger Waterman are wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4

Fogg, Leon, and Arlene Merrifield are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Fogg, Neil, and Joyce March are wed 12/24/51: 12/27/51p7

Foley, Charles, and Ellen Sanphy are wed 3/28/59: 4/9/59p4

Foley, Geraldine, and Maurice Huppe are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Foley, Marie, and Hebrert Nute are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Foley, Martha, and Richard LaJoie are wed 12/19/53: 12/24/53p4

Folsom, Frank R., died 3/25/54: 3/4/54p3

Fonatine, Joseph A., heading home as result of POW exchange: 8/13/53p1

Fontaine, Aime (Joe), weds Juliette Poulot 11/21/53: 11/26/53p4,12/3/53p4

Fontaine, Ann, and Richard Gagne are wed 11/20/54: 11/25/54p4,12/2/54p4

Fontaine, Joseph A., is MIA: 12/7/50p1 MIA

Fontaine Jr., Russell, and Mary York are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Fontaine, Lorraine, and Claude Gagnon are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Fontaine, Sgt. Joseph, home from POW camp: 8/27/53p1,9/3/53p1,9/10/53p1

Forbes, Dorothy, and Ronald Sessler are wed 6/6/56: 6/14/56p4

Forbes, Dorothy, weds Allie Oakley Jr. 7/3/50: 7/13/50pB2

Forbes, Douglas, and Marion Veator are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Forbes, Eva, and Arthur Jenness are wed 6/14/53: 7/2/53p5

Forbes, Lewis A., died 2/16/50: 2/23/50p4

Forbes, Sandra, and Robert Drouin are wed 6/2/56: 6/14/56p4

Forcier, Loretta, and Donald Berry are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Forcier, M&M Julian, celebnrate 25th anniversary: 5/2/57p4

Forcier, Ralph, and Anita Lessard are wed 4/14/52: 4/17/52p4

Ford, Arthur, died 6/10/58: 6/12/58p3

Ford, Emma M., died 11/5/52: 11/13/52p3

Forest, Clarence, and Anna Hutchins are wed 11/11/50: 11/23/50p4

Forest, Frank, and Doris Dureau are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Forrest, Maureen, and George Blake are wed 1/7/56: 3/1/56p4

Forrester, Austin P?., 4/24/56: 4/26/56p3

Forsythe, Joan, and Allard MacIver are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Fort, Marjorie, and Emdon Dunbar are wed 12/10/50: 12/14/50pA5

Fortier, Doris, and Ernest Hughes are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Fortier, William, and Rena Drew wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51pB6 ,4/12/51pB8

Fortin, Jeannie, and David Smart are wed 9/8/50: 9/14/50pB4

Fortin, Laurette, and Harold Marble are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55pB1

Foss, Albert, and Sarah Drew are wed 7/20/57: 7/25/57p4

Foss, Almon, died 2/10/58: 2/13/58p3

Foss, Annie F., died 8/16/54: 8/26/54p3

Foss, Bernice, and Herbert Greenaway are wed 12/2/55: 12/8/55p4

Foss, Carlyle, weds Carrie Kendall 4/29/50: 5/11/50p4

Foss, Charles A., died 11/15/56: 10/18/56p3

Foss, Charles, and Barbara Spaulding are wed 4/9/53: 4/16/53pB2

Foss, Charles H., died 4/5/58: 4/10/58p3

Foss, Conred, and Majella Richard are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Foss, Edna L., died 11/25/59: 12/3/59p5

Foss, Eli W., celebrates 95th birthday: 3/15/51pC6

Foss, Eli W., died 4/3/52: 4/10/52pC8

Foss, Ellamae, and Robert Abbott are wed 6/3/53: 6/11/53pB2

Foss, Eugene C., died 11/5/51: 11/8/51p3

Foss, Frank C., retires after 58 years as druggist: 6/9/55p1

Foss, Gordon H., died 12/27/59 are wed 12/19/59: 12/31/59p3

Foss, Grace D., died 6/22/54: 6/24/54p3

Foss, Harold D.--People Who Make Rochester: 6/15/50pD6

Foss, Helen C., died 5/9/50: 5/11/50p5

Foss, Ida M., died 5/9/58: 8/7/58p6

Foss, Ida M., died 5/9/58: 5/22/58p5

Foss, Irving, died 9/12/53: 9/17/53p3

Foss, Janice, and Charles Garran are wed 7/1/59: 8/6/59p4

Foss Jr., Charles A., ordained to Christian ministry: 12/11/52p1

Foss, Katie M., died 5/17/57: 5/23/57p3

Foss, Kenneth A., died 4/6/56: 4/12/56p3

Foss, M&M Charles, celebrate 35th anniversary: 8/23/56p4

Foss, Mollie, died 11/26/54: 12/2/54p3

Foss, Roscoe H., died 5/19/53: 5/28/53pA6

Foss, Wilbur E., died 6/18/53: 6/25/53p3

Foster, Barbara, and Clyde Gibbs are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Foster, Bessie M., died 7/16/55: 7/21/55p8

Foster, Carl, and Eda Glover are wed 3/6/58: 3/13/58p4

Foster, Cynthia, and James Brezinski are wed 6/20/55: 6/30/55p4

Foster, Dawn, and Douglas Hatch are wed 10/10/54: 10/14/54p4

Foster, Effie, and Albert Laroche are wed 6/13/53: 6/25/53p4

Foster, Frederic, and Patricia Russell are wed 7/23/58: 7/31/58p5

Foster, Frederick, and Lila Campbell are wed 7/18/53: 8/6/53p4

Foster, Frederick L., died 4/30/51: 5/3/51p3

Foster, George A., die d10/21/50: 11/2/50p3

Foster Jr., Charles, and Geraldine Eldridge wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Foster Jr., M&M Frank, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/7/57p2

Foster Jr., Telesphore, and Beverly Fuerst are wed 12/8/56: 1/10/57p5

Foster, Leon, earns Silver Star in Korea: 3/8/51p1

Foster, Leon H., is MIA in Korea: 9/28/50p1

Foster, Leona, Farmington educator, to teach in Germany: 4/16/59pA6

Foster, Leona, leaves to teach in Germany: 8/6/59p8

Foster, M&M Charles W., celebrate 52nd anniversary: 3/23/50p16

Foster, Patricia, and Jerome Kelley are wed: 1/8/59p8

Foster, Patricia, is DAR Citizen of the Year/Nute: 12/16/54p4

Foster, Raymond, weds Claire Lanois 6/24/50: 6/29/50p4

Foster, Richard, and Germaine Belanger are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51p4

Foster, Walter J., died 6/20/57: 6/27/57p3

Founce, Angie M., died 10/3/59: 10/8/59p3

Fournier, Charles, died 10/11/52: 10/16/52p3

Fournier, Rachel, and Joseph Croft are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Fowler, Arthur, and Eileen Goodwin are wed 5/22/59: 6/4/59p4

Fowler, Georgia, weds Murray Flint 6/23/50: 7/27/50pA1

Fowler, Herbert E., proves dairy farming can succeed: 4/13/50p12

Fowler, M&M Herbert E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/10/58p1

Fowler, M&M Howard E., celebrate 45th anniversary: 7/16/53p4

Fowler, Verne, weds Mary Tonkin 6/16/50: 6/22/50p4

Fowly, Elizabeth M., died 4/4/57: 4/11/57p3

Fownes, Bloise F., died 5/15/56: 5/17/56p3

Fox, George, celebrates 80th birthday: 11/1/51p4

Fox, Harvey, and Elinor Arlin are wed 6/19/54: 6/24/54p4

Fralinger Jr., Francis, and Josephine Cafaso are wed 9/7/53: 9/10/53p4

Francis, Eilliam A., died 4/28/58: 5/1/58p3

Francouer, Gail, and Richard Dubois are wed 3/12/59: 3/26/59p4

Frankenberger, Genofeva, and Maurice Rowe are wed 8/23/55: 8/25/55p5

Fraser, Edward, weds Margaret McCauley 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4

Freeman, John E., died 8/1/54: 8/5/54p3

Freeman, Joyce, weds Richard Lepene 6/16/50: 6/22/50pB6

Freeman, Lorraine, and Charles Hutchins are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Freeman, Sylvia, and George Davis are wed 12/19/52: 12/25/52pB3

French, Bernice, and Charles Emerson are wed 5/2/58: 5/8/58p4

French, Elaine, and Melvin Hastey are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p5

French, Ella B., died 4/2/58: 4/10/58p3

French, Leander H., died 11/3/52: 11/6/52pB5

French, Louise, and Ralph Treadwell are wed 10/20/53: 10/29/53p4

French, Minerva, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/17/53p4

French, Wesley, and Sandra Davis are wed 8/16/58: 8/21/58p4

Frenette, Albert, and Jacqueline Gauvin are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p7

Frenette, Alphonse J., died 2/13/58: 2/20/58p3

Frenette, Lucienne N., died 5/15/55: 5/19/55p3

Frenette, Thomas, died 1/6/53: 1/8/53p3

Friend, Clarence H., died 9/5/59: 9/10/59p3

Frohock, Richard, and Pike Bride are wed 3/20/54: 3/25/54p4

Frost, Carol, and Charles Naimie are wed 5/16/59: 5/28/59p4

Frost, Eleanor, and Robert Ham are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Frost, John, and Bernadette Greene are wed 2/10/51: 2/15/51pB4

Frost, John, and Sheila Eldridge are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Frost, Mildred, and Victor Bubier are wed 9/23/50: 9/28/50pB2

Frost, Ralph, and Sherrill Towle are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Frost, Richard, and Sandra Kanada are wed 4/14/56: 4/19/56p4

Frye, Bernice, retires after 44 years in City education: 5/14/59p1

Frye, John H.--People Who Make Rochester: 10/30/52pA6

Frye, Mary A., died 2/18/51: 2/22/51p3

Frye, Richard, and Geraldine Peabody are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Frye, RuthAnn, and William Connolly are wed 1/5/57: 1/10/57p5

Fuerst, Beverly, and Telesphore Foster Jr. are wed 12/8/56: 1/10/57p5

Fuller, Gloria, weds Robert Purdy 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Furber, Ada N., died 11/16/55: 11/24/55p3

Furber, Annie M., died 12/16/50: 12/21/50p3

Furber, Donald, and June Hill are wed 5/28/55: 6/9/55p4

Furber, June, and Albert Boudreau are wed 11/9/58: 11/13/58p4

Furbush, Bruce, and Beverly Giara are wed 2/9/57: 2/14/57p4

Furbush, George P., died 4/10/56: 4/12/56p1

Furbush, Mary D., died 5/27/53: 5/28/53p3

Gabbert, Magdalene, and Alan Rogers are wed 7/1/56: 7/5/56p4

Gagne, Amanda G., died 1/27/51: 2/1/51p3

Gagne, Andrea, sells poppies "for old times' sake": 5/6/54p1

Gagne, Claire, and Richard Blouin are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Gagne, Emma, died 5/6/59: 6/11/59p3

Gagne, Fernande, and Duane Cook are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

Gagne, Florence, and John Sullivan are wed 6/13/59: 6/25/59p4

Gagne, Florence E., died 11/16/52: 11/20/52p3

Gagne, Florence, weds Adrian Chasse 4/24/50: 4/27/50p4

Gagne, George, and Virginia Jones are wed 12/27/52: 1/8/53p4

Gagne, Helene, and Israel Puryea are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Gagne, Jeannette, and George Day are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52p4

Gagne, Lucien, and Jeannette Langelier wed 3/8/52: 3/13/52p4,3/20/52p4

Gagne, M&M Richard, celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/16/52p4

Gagne, Richard, and Ann Fontaine are wed 11/20/54: 11/25/54p4,12/2/54p4

Gagne, Richard, and Patricia Spooner are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54p4

Gagne, Richard, died 2/?/57: 2/7/57p3

Gagne, Roland E., died 9/22/52: 9/18/52p1

Gagne, Theresa, and Walter Mains Jr. are wed 12/22/53: 12/31/53p4

Gagne, Yvonne, and Albert St. Pierre are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Gagnon, Arthur, and Joan Gaskell are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Gagnon, Claude, and Lorraine Fontaine are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Gagnon, Claude, and Marie Laurion are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Gagnon, Conrad, weds Cecile Huppe 5/6/50: 5/11/50p4

Gagnon, Fernand, and Annette Binette are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Gagnon, Flora R., died 8/21/52: 8/28/52p3

Gagnon, Irene, and Roland Laurion are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Gagnon, Jeannine, and Anthony Costantino are wed 1/5/52: 1/17/52p4

Gagnon, Joseph R., died 8/29/59: 9/3/59p3

Gagnon, Linwood, and Sylvia Dallaire are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Gagnon, Lucienne, and Armand Boucher are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p4

Gagnon, Marguerite, and Joseph Emerson are wed 12/13/58: 12/25/58p4

Gagnon, Maurice, and Lorraine Barcomb are wed 5/5/56: 5/10/56p4

Gagnon, Noel, died 3/22/59: 3/26/59p3

Gagnon, Oscar A., died 3/23/59: 3/26/59p3

Gagnon, Richard, and Pauline Couture are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Galinas, Dorothy, and John Valleton are wed 7/17/54: 7/29/54p4

Gallagher, Arthur, and Shirley Stevens are wed 2/16/56: 2/23/56p4

Gallagher, Helen, and Neil Day are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

Gallant, Henry, and Marie McCrillis are wed 10/5/56: 11/8/56p4

Gamache, Mary J., died 3/3/56: 3/8/56p3

Garabedian, Samuel, and Carrie Davenport are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Garand, Bruce, sells grinders to get through Princeton: 2/28/57pA1

Gardiner, Wilbrod, died 1/27/50: 2/2/50p5

Gardner, Edna, and Robert Lawrence are wed 3/6/59: 3/12/59p4

Gardner, Germaine, and George Deshong are wed 7/27/57: 8/8/57p4

Garland, Albert R., died 6/2/53: 6/4/53pB2

Garland, Bessie G., died 9/12/57: 9/19/57p3

Garland, Donald, and Julia Williams are wed 8/2/52: 8/7/52pB2

Garland, Eva M., died 10/30/50: 11/2/50pB3

Garland, Frances, is a busy hostess: 10/27/55p5

Garland, Frances M.--A Pertinent Personality: 10/12/50p4

Garland, Kenneth, and Carole Hathaway are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p4

Garland, Paul, and Shirley Adjutant are wed 1/1/55: 1/6/55p4

Garnet, Elizabeth, died 6/11/53: 6/11/53p3

Garnet, Mary E., died 6/11/53: 6/18/53p3

Garnett, Edgar L., died 10/25/52: 10/30/52p3

Garran, C. Stevens, died 8/27/53: 8/27/53p1

Garran, Judith, and Roger Whiting are wed 12/14/57: 12/19/57p4

Garren, Charles, and Janice Foss are wed 7/1/59: 8/6/59p4

Garrett, Bertha, and Raymond Martineau are wed 1/23/55: 1/27/55pB3

Garrow, Joseph, died 12/27/58: 1/1/59p3

Garrow, Joseph, weds Ethel O'Neil 6/23/51: 6/28/51p8

Garry, Robert, and Jean Brownell are wed 6/6/53: 6/11/53p4

Garvin, Clyde--People Who Make Rochester: 7/10/52p4A2

Garyait, Barbara, and Donald Pomroy Jr. are wed 3/31/56: 4/5/56p4

Garyait, Richard A., died 2/1/57: 2/7/57p1,2/21/57p3

Garyait, Richard, and Evelyn Sanders wed 10/4/50: 10/26/50pB8

Gaskell, Jane, and Edwin Partridge are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Gaskell, Joan, and Arthur Gagnon are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Gaskell, Lawrence, and Rachel Richard wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4,11/19/51p4

Gaspard, John J., died 12/4/54: 12/9/54p3

Gates, Mrs. Eugene C., died 4/?/55: 4/28/55p3

Gathmann, Paul J., died 11/18/55: 11/24/55p3

Gatteys, Charles, weds Dorothea Bowers on 12/2/50: 12/14/50pB1

Gaulin, Lorraine, and Francis Marble are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Gaulin, M&M Leon, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/4/57p4

Gauthier, Alice, weds Paul Gelinas 7/3/50: 7/6/50p4

Gauthier, Alphonse E., died 10/12/55: 10/13/55p3

Gauthier, Dolores, and Edgar Hardy are wed 11/26/59: 12/3/59p4,12/17/59p4

Gauthier, Elaine, and Alden Day are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

Gauthier, Flora A., died 12/29/52: 1/1/53p3,1/15/53p3

Gauthier, George, weds Elaine Richard 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Gauthier, Irene, weds Roland Lavoie 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4,7/19/51p4

Gauthier, Lorraine, and Roland Nadeau are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52pp4,B1

Gauthier, M&M Joseph, hold family reunion: 8/30/51p1

Gauthier, Madeleine, and Eudore Dube are wed 10/27/51: 11/1/51p4

Gauthier, Virginia, and Leonard Silver Jr. are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Gauvin, Jacqueline, and Albert Frenette are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p7

Geddes, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/18/51p4

Geddis, James A., died 8/15/57: 8/22/57p3

Geddis, Norman H., died 3/20/57: 3/21/57p3,3/28/57p3

Gelinas, Ernest, retires after 30 years in grocery business: 1/15/59pB3

Gelinas Jr., Maurice, and Rachel Desmarais are wed 2/20/54: 2/25/54p4

Gelinas, Paul, weds Alice Gauthier 7/3/50: 7/6/50p4

Gelinas, Pauline, and Carroll Cardinal are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Gelinas, Robert, and Gloria Swinerton are wed 5/11/57: 5/23/57p4

Gelinas, Victoria P., died 5/7/50: 5/11/50p5

George, James, died 11/11/58: 11/13/58p3

George, John J., died 3/23/54: 3/25/54p3

Germon, Grace, and Carrol Leone are wed 6/29/56: 7/5/56p5

Germon, Richard, and Lorraine Whitehouse are wed 2/17/51: 2/22/51p4

Gerrish, Alice G., died 7/5/50: 7/6/50p3

Gerrish, Beverly, and Harold Bean are wed 2/12/55: 2/24/55p4

Gerrish, Helen, and Peter Brasse are wed: 8/9/56p4

Gerrish, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/24/56p3

Gerrish, Winthrop, and Mary Smith are wed 8/28/51: 8/30/51p4

Gerrish, Winthrop R., died 8/22/55: 8/25/55p3

Gerry, Betty, and Roger Ellis are wed 3/6/54: 3/11/54p4

Gerry, Robert, and Marie Dubois are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Gervait, Robert, died 10/3/56: 10/18/56p3

Giara, Beverly, and Bruce Furbush are wed 2/9/57: 2/14/57p4

Gibbins, Gertrude, and Harry Otis are wed 8/19/52: 8/21/52p4

Gibbs, Clyde, and Barbara Foster are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Gibbs, Edward C., died 4/?/56: 4/26/56p3

Gibbs, Grace P., died 5/29/59: 6/4/59p3

Gibbs, June, and Rudolph Condylis are wed 11/24/56: 11/29/56p4

Gibbs, M&M Ralph P., celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/23/58p1

Gibbs, Marshall, and Elaine Tillinghast are wed 11/24/55: 12/1/55p4

Gibbs, Roberta, and David Mattair are wed 8/20/52: 9/11/52pB2

Giberson, David, and Marion Coffin are wed 11/7/53: 11/12/53p4

Giera, Carol, and John Brown are wed 11/30/57: 12/12/57pC1

Giera, Robert, and Mary White are wed 12/19/54: 12/23/54p4

Gifford, Phyllis, and Donald Corson are wed 6/19/55: 7/14/55p4

Giguere, Delores, and Roland Marcotte are wed 3/26/56: 6/28/56p4

Giguere, Doris, and Leo Marcotte are wed 6/27/53: 7/9/53p4

Giguere, Joseph, and Dorothy Nison [Nelson?] are wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4

Giguere, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/11/57p8

Gilbert, Anne, and Armand Letourneau are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56pp4,C6

Gilbert, Arthur, and Justine Lacasse are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Gilbert, George E., died 10/?/57; body found: 10/16/58pB2

Gilbert, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Thomas wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51pB3

Gilbert, Msgr. Napolean J., died 9/11/56: 9/13/56p3,9/20/56p1

Gilbert, Norman, and Barbara Blake are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Gilbert, Raymond, died 11/25/51: 11/29/51p3

Gilbert, Thomas, and Paula Belanger are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Gilbert, Thomas, died 3/18/51: 3/22/51p3

Gilbert, Yvonne, weds Clarence Hersom 7/6/51: 7/12/51p8

Gile, Albert E., died 11/3/58: 11/6/58p3

Gile, Kenneth, and Patricia Gould are wed 9/1/57: 9/26/57p4

Gile, Marilyn, and Aris Bacalbassis are wed: 12/19/57p4

Giles, Harley A., died 4/14/58: 4/24/58p3

Gillen, James J., died 10/7/51: 10/18/51pA2

Gilman, Byron C., celebrates 93rd birthday: 9/21/50pB4

Gilman, Byron C., celebrates 95th birthday: 9/25/52pB4

Gilman, Elizabeth H., died 1/21/51: 1/25/51p3

Gilman, Mary, and Lindsay King are wed 1/19/58: 1/23/58p4

Gilman, Melissa M., died 6/24/51: 6/28/51p8

Gilman, Robert, and Lorraine Kellogg are wed 5/26/56: 5/31/56p4

Gilmore, Arnold, weds Florence Crisp 6/2/51: 6/7/51p4

Gilmore, Barbara, and George Crisp are wed 8/8/53: 8/13/53p4

Gilmore, M&M William, celebrate35th anniversary: 6/19/52pA1

Gilmore, Richard, and Shirley Landry are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Gilmore, William L., died 1/4/58: 1/9/58p3

Gingras, Elise, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/19/56p8

Gingras, Fortunat, died 11/29/54: 12/2/54pp1,3

Gingras, Jeannine, and Roger Therrien are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Gingras, Lea, weds Lucien Vaillencourt 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4,5/9/57p4

Gingras, M&M Alphonse, host family reunion: 1/8/59p6

Gingras, Roger, and Beverly Woodard are wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59p4

Girardin, Rita, and George MacLeod are wed 11/8/52: 11/27/52p4,12/18/52p4

Giroux, Palma, and Cleo Labbe are wed 10/14/50: 10/19/50p4

Gleason, Hazel M., died 8/14/55: 8/18/55p3

Glidden, Bertha, and Paul Paradis are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Glidden, Carl, and Patricia Miller are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

Glidden, Donna, and George Jerome are wed 12/5/59: 12/10/59p4,12/17/59p4

Glidden, Elaine, and Stanley Gove are wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59pB3,12/3/59p4

Glidden, George, and Donna Brooks are wed 11/23/57: 12/5/57p4

Glidden, James, and Jean Sprague are wed 8/29/52: 9/4/52p4

Glidden, Kenneth, and Joyce Merrill are wed 3/29/59: 4/9/59p4

Glidden, Marlene, and Theodore Moulton wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53pA3

Glidden, Nellie A., died 6/3/51: 6/7/51pB6

Glidden, Norma, and Robert Park are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Glidden, Pauline, and Earl Ramsdell are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Glidden, Shirley, and Richard MacDonald are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54pp4,6

Glidden, Verna, weds Miles Hill 8/11/50: 8/17/50p4

Glidden, Wayne N., died 2/25/56: 3/1/56p3

Glode, Edward H., died 1/12/50: 1/12/50p1,1/19/50p6

Glover, Eda, and Carl Foster are wed 3/6/58: 3/13/58p4

Glover, Ernest, and Norma Turcotte are wed 11/14/51: 11/22/51p4

Glover, Jesse W., died 3/1/9/54: 3/25/54p3

Glovinski, Stella, and Norbert Therrien are wed 1/20/51: 2/1/51p4

Gobeil, James, has MS; will attend school on the telephone: 9/10/59p1

Goddard, Lucy, and Donald Hebert are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Godin, George, died 10/11/58: 10/16/58p3

Godin, Olida M., died 10/22/57: 10/24/57p3

Golledge, Florence, and Louis Duprey Jr. are wed 6/19/57: 6/27/57p4

Goltz, Agnes E., died 6/21/54: 6/24/54p3

Good, Chester, died 7/19/56: 7/26/56p3

Goodale, Kenneth, and Beatrice Adams are wed 10/6/50: 10/12/50p8

Goodale, Walter, and Ruth Andrews are wed 9/16/53: 9/24/53p4

Goodell, George, and Caroline Fisher are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Goodnoe, George V., earns Bronze Star in Korea: 1/24/52p1

Goodrich, Carlisle R., died 9/9/54: 9/16/54p3

Goodrich, Carol, and George Pratt are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Goodrich, Lenore, and Hyman Ross are wed 10/?/55: 10/13/55p4

Goodrow, Charles, and Jane Bryant are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

Goodrow, James E., died 4/15/51: 4/19/51pA6

Goodwin, Allen, and Dorothy Silva are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Goodwin, Barbara, and Walter Long Jr. are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Goodwin, Bessie T., died 5/26/59: 6/4/59p3

Goodwin, C. E., retires as school attendance officer: 1/18/51p1

Goodwin, C. Edward, died 10/24/54: 10/28/54p3

Goodwin, Derald, and Madeline Hall are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Goodwin, Eileen, and Arthur Fowler are wed 5/22/59: 6/4/59p4

Goodwin, Elizabeth H., died 7/9/56: 7/12/56p3

Goodwin, Erma R., died 2/28/58: 3/6/58p3

Goodwin, Ernest S., died 4/11/56: 4/12/56p3

Goodwin, Harold E., died 6/24/59: 7/2/59p3

Goodwin, Laurence, and Marion Smith are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Goodwin, Lewis, died 1/29/56: 2/2/56p3

Goodwin, Muriel M., died 8/10/59: 8/13/59p3

Goodwin, Ruth, and Lawrence Sessler are wed 3/13/51: 3/22/51p2

Goodwin, Sarah M., died 5/19/56: 11/22/56p3

Gordon, Louise M., died 1/20/56: 1/26/56p3

Gordon, Lucia, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/6/51pB4

Gordon, Maurice, weds Lorraine Brackett 4/22/50: 5/4/50p16

Gordon, Pauline, weds Reginald Dagenais 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Gordon, Richard, and Esther Neal are wed 8/31/51: 9/6/51pB3

Gordon, Richard, and Theresa Labrecque are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Gorman, Evelyn G., died 7/24/55: 7/28/55p3

Gorman, Paul, and Louise McKeage are wed 8/17/50: 9/14/50p4

Gorman, Philip, and Helen Wycik are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Gorrill, Harry, and Elaine Turner are wed 10/13/56: 10/18/56p4

Gorton, Clifford, and Martha Batchelder wed 6/?/52: 6/26/52pB3

Gorton, Clifford, and Rita Howe are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Gorton, Ila, weds Richard Maxfield 6/9/51: 6/14/51pC4

Goss, George H., died 8/25/50: 8/24/50p3

Gosselin, Carla, and Richard Howard are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Gosselin, Charlene, and Robert Smith are wed 3/8/58: 3/13/58p4

Gosselin, Donald A., died 8/15/55: 8/18/55p1

Gosselin, Joseph, died 11/25/52: 11/27/52p3

Gosselin, Oscar J., died ?/?/51: 6/21/51p3

Gosselin, Rachel, and George Filiau are wed 9/?/59: 9/17/59p6

Gosselin, Raymond, and Gertrude Williams are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Gosselin, Richard, and Pauline Lambert are wed 9/6/58: 9/18/58p5

Gotz, Roberta, and Martin Leibowitz are wed 2/27/54: 3/4/54p4

Gould, Barbara, and George Lemay are wed 5/3/52: 5/8/52p4

Gould, Mary C., died 12/20/50: 12/21/50p3

Gould, Patricia, and Kenneth Gile are wed 9/1/57: 9/26/57p4

Goulet, Marie, and Robert Hill are wed 5/4/57: 5/16/57p4

Goupil, Louis, died 12/28/50: 1/4/51p3

Goupil, Louis, makes every cane different: 12/7/50pC3

Gourque, Robert, and Madeline Laurion are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Gove, Stanley, and Elaine Glidden are wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59pB3,12/3/59p4

Gover, Ralph E., died 8/31/56: 9/6/56p3

Govey III, Charles, and Joyce Johnson are wed 10/17/59: 10/22/59p4

Gowen, Elaine, and David Cassell are wed 9/1/50: 9/7/50p4

Gowen, Jean, and Richard Dame are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Gowen, Lida B., died 11/24/50: 11/30/50p3

Gowen, Paul, and Sara Record are wed 7/20/57: 7/22/57p4

Grace, Irving S., died 7/24/51: 7/26/51pB4

Grace, Joanne, and John Hamilton are wed 12/22/56: 12/27/56p4

Grace, Lodema S., died 9/21/50: 9/28/50pB2

Grace, M&M Carl, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/27/50p4

Grady, Ruth G., died 3/9/51: 3/15/51p3

Grandmaison, Paul, weds Rita Poulin 5/26/51: 5/31/51p4

Grant, Betty, and Robert Weeks are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p7

Grant, Chandler, and Rena Otis are wed 6/17/56: 6/21/56p4

Grant, David G., died 1/23/55: 1/27/55p3

Grant, Frank S., died 5/25/52: 5/29/52p3

Grant, Joan, weds Alexander Haskell Jr. 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Grant, Joanne, and Ralph Dimond are wed 1/21/53: 1/29/53p4

Grant, John, died 10/?/50: 10/12/50p3

Grant, Margaret A., died 4/21/52: 4/24/52p3

Grant, Maurice, weds Winnifred Campbell 5/6/50: 5/11/50p22

Grassie, Bernard A.--People Who Make Rochester: 6/26/52p4A2

Grassie, Charles, and Ann Brown are wed 12/26/58: 1/1/59p4

Grassie, Charles, and Geraldine Drapeau are wed 2/16/52: 3/6/52p4

Grassie, Dennis, and Gertrude Chase are wed 6/5/53: 6/11/53p4

Grassie, Dennis, died 9/3/54: 9/9/54p1

Grassie, Esther, and Willis Hayes are wed 12/7/53: 12/10/53p4

Grassie, Marilyn, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Rochester: 1/15/59p1

Grassie, Robert, weds Rita Turcotte 5/19/51: 5/24/51p4

Grassie, Rose, died 4/1/54: 4/8/54p3

Grassie, Sylvia, and John Crossan are wed 9/22/56: 10/4/56p4

Gravel, Claire, and Joseph McHale are wed 6/8/59: 6/11/59p4

Gravel, Gerard, and Palma Descheneau are wed 7/4/59: 7/16/59p4

Gravel, Lionel, and Marion Worster are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Gravel, Raymond, and Lorraine Parker are wed 5/12/56: 5/24/56p4

Graves, Ethel P., died 9/26/50: 9/28/50p3

Gray, Anna, celebrates 75th birthday: 9/17/53p4

Gray, Arlene K., died 6/15/55: 6/23/55p3

Gray, Chester, and Frances Eldridge are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Gray, Clifton W., died 8/2/52: 8/28/52pB4

Gray, Clyde, and Nancy Osborne are wed 10/23/54: 11/4/54p4

Gray, Donald, and Constance Conor are wed 1/15/56: 1/19/56p4

Gray, Donald, died 10/12/55: 10/13/55p3

Gray, Dora L., died 1/26/59: 1/29/59p3

Gray, Doris, and Wilfred Caplette are wed 3/2/51: 3/8/51pp4,B2

Gray, Elsie M., died 7/2/59: 7/9/59p3

Gray, Ervin, weds Sarah Woodard 6/16/50: 6/22/50pB6

Gray, Everett S., died 4/3/50: 4/6/50p19

Gray, Frank, and Dorothy Hayes are wed 4/20/51: 4/26/51pA6

Gray, Frank, and Jean Cretian are wed 10/29/55: 11/3/55p4

Gray, Fred, and Lucinne Larochelle are wed 11/5/54: 11/11/54p4

Gray, Fred S., died 4/24/51: 4/26/51p1

Gray, George, weds Elizabeth Hutchins 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

Gray, Gloria, and Clarence Hussey are wed 10/1/55: 10/6/55p4

Gray, Harry L., died 4/13/51: 4/19/51pA3

Gray, John M., died 2/23/57: 2/28/57p3

Gray, Joseph P., died 6/3/56: 6/7/56p3

Gray, M&M Clyde, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/21/55p4

Gray, M&M Walter, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/24/55p4

Gray, Maude A., died 1/14/52: 1/17/52pB2

Gray, Muriel, and Robert Brooks Jr. are wed 2/23/57: 3/7/57p4

Gray, Perley A., died 10/30/56: 10/4/56p3

Gray, Richard, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 11/6/58p1

Gray, Robert, and Jean Hatt are wed 9/2/50: 10/5/50p4

Gray, Robert, weds Marilyn Stacy 6/30/51: 7/5/51pA6

Gray, Sarah C., died 10/17/50: 10/19/50p3

Gray, William, and Rita King are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Greely, Denise, and Frederick Howard are wed 9/1/56: 9/6/56p6

Greely, Nina V., died 5/18/56: 5/24/56p3

Green, Lilla W., died 1/16/59: 1/22/59p3

Green, William R., granted patent for Writing Instrument Guide: 1/22/59p1

Green. M&M Fred A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/2/58p1

Greenaway, Herbert, and Bernice Foss are wed 12/2/55: 12/8/55p4

Greene, Bernadette, and John Frost are wed 2/10/51: 2/15/51pB4

Greene, Ruth, and Leland Clough are wed 10/3/53: 10/22/53p4

Greenfield, Anne, and Robert Brown are wed 2/23/58: 2/27/58p3

Greenfield, Delia M., died 6/5/55: 6/9/55p3

Greenfield, George E., died 9/5/53: 9/10/53p3

Greenfield, M&M George E., celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/4/51p1

Greenfield, M&M George E., celebrate 68th anniversary: 1/1/53p5

Greenfield, Maurice H., died 1/4/50: 1/12/50p2,1/19/50p6

Greenwood, Charles, and Elizabeth Albert are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Greenwood, Lorraine, and Fred Sowards are wed 4/19/55: 4/28/55p4

Gregoire, Leopold, weds Sylvia Roberts 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Gregoire, Lionel, weds Arlene Strachan 6/24/50: 7/6/50pB1

Gregoire, Sylvia, and James Parent are wed 12/16/55: 12/29/55p4

Gregoiry, Minnie M., died 12/25/53: 12/31/53p3

Grenier, Armand, weds Helen Taffe 2/4/50: 2/9/50p4,2/16/50p4

Grenier, Arthur, and Rachel Charette are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Grenier, Bernard, and Ruth Brown are wed 11/24/54: 12/9/54p4

Grenier, Dorothy L., died 8/11/54: 8/12/54p3

Grenier, Gedion, died 7/13/58: 7/17/58p3

Grenier, Hervey, died 6/9/50: 6/15/50pA4

Grenier, Honore, doed 7/26/53: 8/6/53p3

Grenier, Joseph A., died 10/28/56: 11/1/56p3

Grenier, Kathleen A., died 3/15/59: 3/19/59p3,3/26/59p3

Grenier, Kenneth, and Joyce Norris are wed 7/20/58: 8/14/58p4

Grenier, Leger L., died 4/15/55: 4/21/55p3

Grenier, Ludgar, died 10/30/59: 11/5/59p3

Grenier, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/5/52p4

Grenier, Marilyn, and George O'Brien are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4,9/16/54p4

Grenier, Maurice J., died 10/18/56: 11/1/56p3

Grenier, Norman, and Dorothy Hutchins are wed 5/17/52: 5/22/52p4

Grenier, Norman, and Frances Drapeau are wed 10/29/55: 11/10/55p4

Grenier, Ovide J., died 7/15/57: 7/18/57p3

Grenier, Reginald, and Jean Blomberg are wed 3/17/56: 3/29/56p4

Grenier, Rene, and Waneta Lyons are wed 8/7/54: 8/12/54p4

Grenier, Richard, and Florence Emro are wed 10/19/58: 10/23/58p4

Grenier, Virginia P., died 2/23/53: 2/26/53p3

Grierson, Harry W., granted Doctor of Education degree: 10/18/56p1

Grierson, John, and Beulah Thorpe are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Grierson, John W., died 1/16/56: 1/19/56p1

Griffen, Janet, and Leonard Durling are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Griffen, Julia F., died 10/28/56: 11/1/56p3

Griffen, mary E., died 12/2/52: 12/4/52p3

Griffen, Roger, and Clara Cox are wed 6/26/54: 7/15/54p4

Griffin, Katherine V., died 12/5/53: 12/10/53p3

Griffin, Norman, and Blanche Tucker are wed 1/15/55: 1/20/55p4

Grigg, Percy C., feted by Surgeons Fellowship: 11/2/50p1

Grignon, Virgil, and Marilyn Winkley are wed 2/3/51: 2/8/51p4

Groblicki, Tadeus, and Cecelia Therrien are wed 4/4/53: 4/9/53p4

Grondin, Alphonse M., died 6/24/58: 6/26/58p3

Grondin, Delima L., died 5/1/50: 5/4/50p5

Grondin, Delvina died 2/2/8/53: 3/12/53p3

Grondin, George, and Ruth Clermont are wed: 9/25/58p4

Grondin, Joseph W., died 11/19/56: 11/29/56p3

Grondin Jr., Ernest, and Norma Hebert are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Grondin, Kenneth, and Theresa Bolduc are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Grondin, M&M Ernest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/6/54p4

Grondin, Nola, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/6/55p1

Grondin, Robert, and Betty Morrison are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p4

Gross, Ruby, and Roy Neill are wed 9/2/59: 9/17/59p6

Guay, Angelina C., died 4/27/55: 5/5/55p3

Guay, Roland, and Honora Bradford are wed 9/4/50: 9/7/50p4

Gubrell, Bernie, and Dorothy Barry are wed 4/28/57: 5/9/57p4

Guignard, Melanie, died 9/25/59: 10/1/59p3

Guild, Edna, and Robert Hartford Jr. are wed 2/28/59: 3/12/59p4

Guild, Frederick, and Cecilia Lambert are wed 2/3/51: 2/8/51pp4,5

Guild, Kenneth, and Agnes Twitchell are wed 9/27/59: 10/22/59p4

Guild, Kenneth, and Edna Downing are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Guillemette, Anita, and Philip Cassily are wed 5/25/57: 5/30/57p4

Guillemette, Benoit, and Harriet Hoyt are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Guillemette, M&M Emile, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/29/58p1

Guillemette, M&M Emile J., hold family reunion: 8/19/54p4

Guillmette, Raymond, weds Jacqueline Marr 6/23/51: 6/28/51p8

Guillory, Rita, and Harold Hurd are wed 4/4/59: 4/9/59p4

Guptil, Josephine A., died 3/3/58: 3/6/58p3

Guptill, Estelle D., died 10/9/50: 10/12/50p3

Guptill, Joan, and Edward Shafer are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Guptill, Philip, and Audrey Clark are wed 12/16/55: 12/22/55p4

Guyette, Alice, and Herman Kenison are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p6

Haas, J. Nevin, died 8/7/56: 8/23/56p3

Hackett, Betty, and Donald Morgan are wed 9/22/51: 9/27/51pB3

Hackett, Gertrude E., died 8/25/50: 8/24/50pB4

Hackett, William, and Doris Hill are wed 3/1/58: 3/6/58p3

Hagerman, Gerald, weds Dorothy Witham 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Haggenmiller, Louis, and Lois Young are wed 11/30/56: 12/6/56p4

Haggett, Donald, and Theresa Couture are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Haigh, Mabel H., died 4/17/57: 4/25/57p3

Hale Jr., Richard, and Barbara Towle are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58p4

Hale, Lavina T., died 7/5/57: 7/11/57p3

Hale, M&M Samuel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/20/52p4

Hale, Marjorie, weds Joseph Vachon 7/21/51: 7/26/51pB6 ,8/2/51p4

Hale, Samuel., died 11/27/53: 12/3/53p3

Hale, Sr., John W., died 12/17/54: 12/23/54p3

Haley, Cassie C., died 7/17/59 are wed 7/11/59: 7/23/59p3

Haley, Eliza L., died 12/28/54: 12/30/54p3

Haley, Emma R., died 12/8/52: 12/11/52p3

Haley, Fredona M., died 1/26/55: 2/3/55p3

Haley, Jennie, celebrates 91st birthday: 12/25/52p4

Haley, Joseph L., died 12/10/53: 12/17/53p3

Haley, June, weds George Davis Jr. 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Haley, Olevia, and George Cable are wed 8/8/53: 8/13/53p4

Haley, Susan T., died 12/18/55: 12/22/55p3

Haley, Waldo C., died 7/8/56: 7/12/56p3

Haley, William, and Josephine Hoyt are wed 1/7/54: 1/14/54p4

Hall, Adrian E., died 5/15/51: 5/17/51p3

Hall, Alta M., died 6/27/57: 7/4/57p3

Hall, Anna, and George Diemer are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Hall, Ardala, and Richard Houle are wed 1/7/56: 1/12/56p4

Hall, Blanche T., died 12/?/51: 12/20/51p3

Hall, Edith F., died 8/18/57: 8/22/57p3

Hall, Eleanor, and Henry Lewis are wed 2/18/51: 2/22/51p4

Hall, Elizabeth H., died 12/4/53: 12/24/53p3

Hall, Etta, and Wendell Mathews are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Hall, Eugene, weds Viola Weymouth 7/15/51: 7/19/51pB2

Hall, George L., is a Wizard of Light: 1/8/59p1

Hall, Gordon E., died 1/16/53: 1/22/53p3

Hall, Jenefer A., died 12/11/55: 12/15/55p4

Hall, Joan, and Don McCarter are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51p4

Hall, Kenneth A., died 12/29/56 are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p5

Hall, Laura C., died 3/2/57: 3/7/57p3

Hall, Laura C., died 3/2/57: 3/21/57p3

Hall, Lena F., died 4/18/53: 4/23/53p3

Hall, M&M George W., died 8/1/52: 8/7/52p1

Hall, Madeline, and Derald Goodwin are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Hall, Marilyn, and John McKernan are wed 12/23/50: 12/28/50p4

Hall, Marshall, and Nancy Chase are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59pB6,7/9/59pB6

Hall, Sally, and John Riveglia are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Hall, Sandra, and James Mitchell are wed 1/1/56: 1/5/56p4

Hall, Thad, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/14/57p1

Hall, Walter, died 8/4/51: 8/9/51pB3

Haller, Robert W., missing since 9/1/50: 9/7/50p1

Haller, Walter, died 4/25/59: 4/30/59p3

Ham, Carrie E., died 5/3/52: 5/8/52pB5

Ham, Edgar J., died 3/21/51: 3/22/51p2

Ham, Elwin, died 2/10/52: 2/14/52pB5

Ham, Ethel F., died 2/3/57: 2/7/57p3

Ham Jr., John H., died 10/7/57: 10/10/57p3

Ham Jr., John, weds Dorothy Pratt 4/22/50: 4/27/50p8

Ham, Lucille, and William Smith are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Ham, Robert, and Eleanor Frost are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Ham, Sadie F., died 6/30/50: 7/6/50p3

Hamel, Annette, and Norman Lanoie are wed 7/12/58: 7/17/58p4

Hamel, Daniel J., died 12/12/55: 12/15/55p3

Hamel, Doris, and Henry Moreau are wed 5/31/52: 6/5/52p224

Hamel, James, and Arline Dow are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p6

Hamel, Jeannine, and Joseph Lambert are wed 11/10/56: 11/15/56p4

Hamel, M&M Albert C., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/22/53p4

Hamel, M&M Daniel, celebrate 55th anniversary: 1/19/50p1

Hamel, M&M Edward, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/20/55p4

Hamel, M&M Victor, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/11/59p4

Hamel, Mary, weds Henry Vachon 8/12/50: 8/17/50pp4,5

Hamel, Melina, died 10/4/53: 10/8/53p3

Hamel, Mildred, and Carroll Ellis are wed 9/27/58: 10/2/58p4

Hamel, Patricia, and Roland Sylvain are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54p4

Hamel, Theresa, and Robert Lanoix are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52pp4,6

Hamel, Therese, and Maurice Sanfacon are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Hamilton, Carl, and Elaine Chapman are wed 2/7/59: 2/12/59p4

Hamilton, Elizabeth, and Charles Johnson wed 3/26/51: 3/29/51p4,4/12/51p4

Hamilton, Francis G., died 6/6/51: 6/7/51p3

Hamilton, Harold C., died 6/22/52: 7/3/52p3

Hamilton, Howard R., died 9/14/57: 9/19/57p3

Hamilton, Jeanne, and Jack Werkema are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Hamilton, John, and Joanne Grace are wed 12/22/56: 12/27/56p4

Hamilton, John H., died 11/20/50: 11/30/50pA6

Hamilton, Lawrence, and Maria Andreassi are wed 8/30/56: 9/27/56p4

Hamilton, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/4/51p5

Hamilton, M&M William, celebrate 57th anniversary: 10/2/58p1

Hamilton, M&M William F., celebrate 53rd anniversary: 9/30/54p4

Hamilton, Phyllis, and Charles Roy are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Hamilton, Richard, and Jean Paige are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4,12/18/52p3

Hamilton, Roy C., died 9/20/56: 9/20/56p3

Hammond, Horace, and Thelma Smith are wed 4/13/52: 4/17/52p4

Hanchette, George, weds Gloria Moulton 8/11/51: 8/16/51p8

Hanmore, Virginia L., died 4/27/57: 5/2/57p3

Hannah, Leona, and Russell Pecunies are wed 10/14/50: 10/19/50p4

Hannah, Leonidas, died 11/15/56: 11/15/56p3

Hanratty, Robert, and Phyllis Seavey are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Hanscom, Fannie, died 1/4/57: 1/10/57p3

Hanscom, Fred E., died 7/14/53: 7/16/53p3

Hanscom, Irving, died 12/18/57: 12/19/57p3

Hanscom, M&M Francis, honor Nat'l Baby Week with 10 children: 4/30/59pB4

Hanscom, Walter H., died 4/17/56: 4/19/56p3

Hansen, Donna J., died 2/27/55: 3/2/55p3

Hanson, Austin, weds Grace Lord 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Hanson, Barbara, and Daniel Murray Jr. are wed 9/15/51: 9/20/51p4

Hanson, Barbara, and Roy Stevens are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Hanson, Bertha E., died 2/3/50: 2/9/50p5

Hanson, Charles E., died 12/9/54: 12/16/54p3

Hanson, Edna M., died 2/23/50: 3/2/50p16

Hanson, Emma T., died 8/9/57: 8/15/57p3

Hanson, Ethel M., died 12/10/54: 12/16/54p3

Hanson, Harold W., died 6/15/59: 6/18/59p1

Hanson, John F., died 3//15/52: 3/20/52p3

Hanson Jr., Charles, and Lucia Provencher are wed 10/2/56: 10/11/56p4

Hanson, Lula A., died 11/25/56: 11/29/56p3

Hanson, Minnie K., died 4/1/51: 4/5/51pB3

Hanson, Ruby H., died 3/13/55: 3/17/55p3

Hanson, Willis C., died 3/16/57: 3/21/57p3

Haradon, Harvey, died 4/11/52: 4/17/52p3

Harding, Betty, and Albert Anderson are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p5

Hardwick, Leonard G.--People Who Make Rochester: 5/18/50p10

Hardy, Edgar, and Dolores Gauthier are wed 11/26/59: 12/3/59p4,12/17/59p4

Hardy, Madeline, and Leon Dubois are wed 7/3/54: 7/15/54p4

Harmon, Corrie, died 5/22/54: 5/27/54p3

Harmon, Earl M., died 12/14/57: 12/19/57p3

Harmon, Erileen, and Harold Field are wed 9/27/52: 10/2/52p4

Harmon, Lawrence, and Carolyn Smith are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Harriman, Carl, and Faith Brooks are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54pC2

Harriman, Frederick L., died 6/3/56: 6/7/56p3

Harriman, Nancy, and Melvin Long are wed 11/25/55: 12/1/55p4

Harriman, Nettie, and Amaziah Irwin are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

Harriman, Rhea, and Llewellyn Prince are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Harriman, Rodney E., died 12/20/58: 12/25/58p1

Harriman, Willian, and Phyllis Bartlett are wed 3/7/59: 3/12/59p4

Harrington, Donald, and Madeline Bennett are wed 2/8/54: 2/18/54p4

Harrington, Frederick, weds Arlene Campbell 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Harrington, Gertrude L., died 10/24/57: 10/31/57p3

Harrington, Marilyn, weds Clayton Jewett 8/11/51: 8/16/51p4

Harris, Arthur, and Marie Chartrain are wed 8/29/59: 9/24/59p4

Harris, Bertha I., died 7/10/51: 7/12/51p3

Harris, John A., died 4/26/54: 4/29/54p3

Harris, Mrs. Raymond, died 10/2/53: 10/8/53p1

Harris, Pearl L., died 7/3/52: 7/10/52p3

Harris, Rex, and Alma Place are wed 10/27/50: 11/9/50p4

Harris, Wendall, and Constance Weeks are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

Harrison, Guy E., died 10/5/52: 10/9/52p1

Harrison, John, and Ada Boone are wed 6/3/56: 6/7/56p4

Harrison, Nellie W., died 11/27/57: 11/28/57p3

Harrison, Ralph H., died 11/10/58: 11/13/58p3

Hart, Gloria, and Maurice Pierce are wed 11/23/50: 11/30/50pB5

Hart Jr., Donald, and Louise Vicbeire wed 7/15/50: 8/24/50pB4

Hart, M&M Walter, return from tour of South America: 11/14/57p1

Hart, Olla, died 2/9/57: 2/14/57p3

Hart Sr., Donald B., died 3/29/57: 4/4/57p3

Hartfiel, Ruth E., died 1/29/59: 2/5/59p3

Hartford, Albert J., died 4/22/58: 4/24/58p3

Hartford, Annie B., died 4/13/52: 4/17/52p3

Hartford, Bertha, and Charles Leach are wed 12/18/50: 12/21/50p4

Hartford, Blanche, and Harry Kempton are wed 9/20/52: 9/25/52p4

Hartford, Evelyn, and Albert LaRoche are wed 7/3/59: 7/9/59p4

Hartford, Gordon, and Pauline Pepin are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p5

Hartford, Grace, weds Peter Rusinski 6/9/50: 6/15/50pA3

Hartford, Hattie B., died 6/6/52: 6/12/52p3

Hartford, John, and Elizabeth Faunsworth are wed 4/24/52: 5/15/52p4

Hartford Jr., Robert, and Edna Guild are wed 2/28/59: 3/12/59p4

Hartford, Lyle, and Barbara Wilson are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p5

Hartford, Marion, died 9/15/50: 9/21/50p3

Hartford, Nellie E., died 12/3/57: 12/5/57p3

Hartford, Phyllis, and Roland Plante are wed 10/27/56: 11/8/56p4

Hartford, Sarah E., died 5/11/53: 5/14/53p3

Hartigan, Edmund J., died 7/4/54: 7/8/54p3

Hartigan, John, still playing solitaire after 11 years: 2/1/51pA4

Hartman, Barbara, and Harvel Winkley are wed 12/15/50: 12/28/50p4

Harvell, John, died 8/15/51: 8/16/51p7

Harvey, Delima D., died 7/9/52: 7/10/52p3,7/17/52p3

Harvey, Leroy F., died 10/?/51: 10/25/51p3

Harway, Mabel J., died 7/55: 7/14/55p3

Harwell, Rita, and Delphin DeMeritt Jr. are wed 4/18/59: 4/30/59p4

Haselton, Guy F., died 7/7/51: 7/19/51p3

Haskell, Adelaide J., died 9/21/59: 9/24/59p3

Haskell, Elmer, and Lois Bronson are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Haskell Jr., Alexander, weds Joan Grant 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Hastey, Melvin, and Elaine French are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p5

Hastings, A. Josephine, died 3/21/57: 3/28/57p3

Hatch, Douglas, and Dawn Foster are wed 10/10/54: 10/14/54p4

Hatch Jr., Ellis, and Barbara Horne are wed 5/11/54: 5/13/54p4

Hatch, Mabel E., died 2/7/59: 2/12/59p3

Hathaway, Carole, and Kenneth Garland are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p4

Hatt, Jean, and Robert Gray are wed 9/2/50: 10/5/50p4

Hawkins, Donald, and Ramona Sprague are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Hawkins, Edgar, and Marjorie Ballou are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

Hawkins, Madeline, weds Leo Mailhot 7/7/51: 7/12/51p4

Hawkins, Mary A., died 3/20/58: 3/27/58p3

Hawkins, Mildred, and Wayne Osborne are wed 6/21/58: 7/3/58p4

Hayden, Blanche J., died 6/5/58: 6/12/58p3

Hayden, Clarence, died 5/12/54: 5/13/54p3

Hayes, Alice G., died 3/13/51: 3/15/51p3

Hayes, Angelina, and John Philbrick are wed 7/18/59: 7/23/59pB2

Hayes, Bessie E., died 3/7/59: 3/12/59p3

Hayes, Carrie F., died 3/13/53: 3/19/53p3

Hayes, Charles F., died 11/16/54: 11/18/54p3

Hayes, Clyde, weds Gladys Burke 5/14/50: 5/18/50p4

Hayes, Dorothy, and Frank Gray are wed 4/20/51: 4/26/51pA6

Hayes, Earle, weds Angeline Eastman 4/1/50: 4/6/50p19

Hayes, George W., died 10/26/57: 10/31/57p3

Hayes, Grace--A Perinent Personality: 2/8/51p5

Hayes, Inez R., died 5/10/51: 5/17/51pB3

Hayes, Jane, and James McCallum Jr. are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Hayes, Jennie, died 1/11/51: 1/18/51p3

Hayes, Joan, and Robert Cheney are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p5

Hayes, John O., died 10/14/54: 10/21/54p3

Hayes Jr., Archie, and Patricia Langley are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Hayes, Luther C., died 6/25/52: 6/26/52p3

Hayes, Norma, weds Charles Burke 6/2/51: 6/7/51p4

Hayes, Rose, died 12/22/54: 12/30/54p3

Hayes, Sidney, died 3/29/53: 4/2/53p3

Hayes, Walter W., died 10/18/59: 10/22/59p3

Hayes, Willis, and Esther Grassie are wed 12/7/53: 12/10/53p4

Hayes, Wilmer W., died 4/14/55: 4/21/55p3

Haynes, Horace F., died 4/6/56: 4/12/56p3

Haynes, John L., died 11/15/56: 11/22/56p3

Hayward, Alton, and Janet Weymouth are wed 3/6/55: 3/10/55pB2

Hayward, Charles H., died 8/29/57: 9/5/57p3

Haywood, Benjamin F., died 1/25/50: 2/2/50p15

Hazen, Elois, and Harry Van Dyke are wed 3/24/52: 3/27/52p4

Healy, Catherine B., died 10/30/52: 11/6/52p3

Heaney, Gerald C., is ordained to the ministry: 4/16/53p3

Heaney, Joanne, weds James McBride 7/3/50: 7/6/50p4

Heaney, Richard, and Marjory Stubbs are wed 4/30/52: 5/8/52p4

Heaney, Richard C., is ordained to the ministry: 8/13/53p1

Hebert, Armand, weds Emily Hebert 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4

Hebert, Donald, and Jane Nadeau are wed 12/1/56: 12/6/56p4

Hebert, Donald, and Lucy Goddard are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Hebert, Emily, weds Armand Hebert 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4

Hebert, Fernand, and Rose Adams are wed 5/30/52: 6/5/52p4

Hebert, Francine, died 7/31/55: 8/4/55p3

Hebert, Gloria, and Warren Lupien are wed 5/1/53: 5/7/53p4

Hebert, John, and Helen Sullivan are wed 5/30/59: 6/11/59p4

Hebert, Joseph, died 1/22/52: 1/24/52p3

Hebert, Joyce A., died 12/30/51: 1/3/52p1

Hebert, M&M Otis, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/10/57p5

Hebert, Marjorie, and Llewellyn Briggs are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

Hebert, Norma, and Ernest Grondin Jr. are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Hebert, Odelie A., died 6/6/3/54: 6/10/54p3

Hebert, Shirley, and Leon Pouliot are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Hedberg, Roger, and Phyllis Bickford are wed: 11/12/59p4

Heiseler, M&M Howard F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/5/57pB4

Heisler, Howard S., died 2/26/59: 3/5/59p3

Heitschel, Francoise, and George Lacroix are wed 5/24/52: 5/29/52p4

Hellman, Alma L., died 12/3/52: 12/4/52p3

Hellman, Arlene, and Charles Peabody are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Hellman, Baby, died 10/18/57: 10/24/57p3

Hellman Jr., Eric, weds Eleanor Lund 6/10/50: 7/20/50p4

Hemenway, Norman, weds Joan Cotta 7/15/50: 8/10/50p4

Hemenway, Rodney, and Nancy Flanagan are wed 5/24/58: 5/29/58p4

Henderson, Alice H., died 4/5/51: 4/12/51p3

Henderson, Charles, and Mildred Copp are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51p4

Henderson, Donna L., died 3/13/58: 3/20/58p3

Henderson, Doris, and Robert Taylor are wed 6/21/52: 7/3/52p4

Henderson, Earl R., died 7/3/51: 8/9/51p3

Henderson, Esther, weds Earl Skidds 4/21/50: 4/27/50p4

Henderson, Ethel M., died 5/7/53: 5/14/53p3

Henderson, Franklin, and Leona Herrick are wed 8/23/57: 8/29/57p4

Henderson, Helen, and Richard Melanson are wed 3/14/59: 3/26/59p4

Henderson, Janet, weds James Lincoln: 7/30/53pB3 ,8/13/53p4

Henderson, Leon C., died 6/2/56: 6/7/56p3

Henderson, Marjorie, and William Carroll are wed 2/19/55: 3/2/55p4

Henderson, Richard, and Marilyn MacDougall are wed 5/22/53: 5/28/53p4

Hennelly, William, and Madeleine Levesque are wed 7/9/55: 7/14/55p5

Hennessey, Ann, and Thomas Brennan are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Henry, Margaret, weds Harold Simes 7/24/50: 7/27/50p5

Herbert, Merland, and Jane Coran are wed 6/6/52: 6/12/52p4

Herman, Edward H., died 5/23/53: 5/28/53p1

Herrick, Leona, and Franklin Henderson are wed 8/23/57: 8/29/57p4

Herries, Norma, and James MacDonald are wed 9/28/56: 10/4/56p4

Herries, Paula, and Lloyd Almond are wed 5/29/54: 6/3/54p4

Herron, Daisy E., died 2/3/56: 2/9/56p3

Herron, Fred E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/2/54p4,9/9/54pB8

Herron, M&M William T., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/3/53p4

Herron., Frederick E., died 5/7/57: 5/9/57p3

Hersom, Anna, and Joseph Washburn are wed 6/18/52: 6/26/52p4

Hersom, Clarence, weds Yvonne Gilbert 7/6/51: 7/12/51p8

Hersom, Dorothy, and Ernest Kingsbury are wed 7/28/57: 8/1/57p4

Hersom, Everett L., died 11/16/50: 11/23/50pB6

Hersom, Geraldine, and David Hoag are wed 7/28/54: 8/5/54p4

Hersom, John, and Dorothy Pillsbury are wed 5/31/52: 6/5/52pB6

Hersom, Martha, and Charles McLaighlin are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p4

Hersom, Nellie G., died 11/1/56: 11/8/56p3

Hersom, Prudence, weds John Weismantel: 6/7/51p4

Hersome, Herbery, weds Janet Poulin 7/29/50: 8/3/50p5

Hervey, Albert C., died 3/17/59: 3/19/59p3,3/26/59p3

Hervey, Charles, and Jane Fernald are wed 8/17/55: 8/25/55p4

Hervey, Richard A., died 10/5/58: 10/9/58p3

Hescock, Bruce, and Janet Beaudoin are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Hescock, Carolyn, and Robert Johnson are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Hescock, George C., died 8/7/52: 8/7/52p3

Hesketh, Shirley, and Kenneth Flood are wed 2/28/59: 3/5/59p4

Hess, M&M Charles A., celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/27/50p4

Hett, Walter, and Geraldine Moon are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Hewitt, Sarah M., died 6/30/57: 7/4/57p3

Hibbard, Priscilla, and Paul Fowns are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Hickel, James, and Hazel Newhall are wed 9/3/51: 9/6/51pp4,7

Hickey, Annie N., died 8/29/59: 9/3/59p3

Hickey, Jean, and Rolland Marsh are wed 6/15/58: 6/19/58p4

Hickey, Jean, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/5/56p1

Hickey, John F., died 5/1/59: 5/7/59p3

Hight, Norman E., died 7/25/57: 8/1/57p3

Hildreth, Bertha S., died 9/9/57: 9/12/57p3

Hill, Curtis H., died 8/7/53: 8/13/53p3

Hill, Doris, and William Hackett are wed 3/1/58: 3/6/58p3

Hill, Elizabeth, and Earl Palmer are wed 9/25/55: 9/29/55p4,10/6/55p5

Hill, Esther, and Onnie Erikson are wed 8/22/57: 9/26/57p4

Hill, Florence, and Bernard Lamper are wed 10/2/50: 10/5/50p4

Hill, Iva, and Ralph Kingsbury are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Hill, Jerine L., died 2/12/50: 2/16/50p5

Hill, Jesse, and Florence Allen are wed 12/8/50: 12/14/50pA5

Hill, June, and Donald Furber are wed 5/28/55: 6/9/55p4

Hill, M&M Loring S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/7/56pA5

Hill, Mildred, weds Russell Cook 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4

Hill, Miles, weds Verna Glidden 8/11/50: 8/17/50p4

Hill, Robert, and Marie Goulet are wed 5/4/57: 5/16/57p4

Hill, Robert, risks life to save drowning boy: 7/18/57p1

Hill, Ruby I., died 1/13/58: 1/16/58p3

Hill, Sylvester J., died 5/24/50: 5/25/50p7

Hilton, George, and Helen Rancourt are wed 4/25/59: 5/14/59p4

Hilton, Jeannette, and Frank Nelson are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4,9/4/58p5

Hilton, Margaret, and Robert KcKeon are wed 7/27/56: 8/2/56p4

Hilton, Ruth M., died 3/6/50: 3/16/50p5

Hinkle, Joseph, and Sylvia Davis are wed 5/23/58: 5/29/58p4

Hinkley, Jean, and Armand Aubert are wed 8/7/53: 8/20/53p4

Hird, Elizabeth, and Walter Peterson are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Hirtle, Nancy, and Carl Johnson are wed 12/6/59: 12/10/59p4

Hixson, Danny, and Ann Dubois are wed 4/13/58: 5/8/58p4

Hoadley, Douglas, and Alice Hogge are wed 9/3/55: 9/15/55pp5,7

Hoadley, Marilyn, and Leslie Chase are wed 7/19/58: 7/24/58p4

Hoadley, Nancy, and Richard Hurd are wed 1/14/56: 1/26/56p4

Hoag, David, and Geraldine Hersom are wed 7/28/54: 8/5/54p4

Hoag, Edward, and Lynda St. Cyr are wed 5/16/58: 5/22/58p4

Hoage, Betty, and Phillip Carpenter wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50pB5

Hoage, Donald, and Helen Fancey are wed 1/17/53: 1/29/53pB5

Hoage, Donna, and Norman Chesley are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Hoar, Scott, and Christina Stone are wed 5/6/55: 5/12/55p4

Hoard, John, died 12/16/56: 12/20/56p3

Hobart, Pauline, weds Robert Lefavour 7/1/51: 7/5/51pB1

Hobbs, Joanne, and Laurence Martin are wed 6/6/53: 6/18/53p4

Hobbs, Nora, and Harry Adams are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Hobbs, Robert, and Jeannine Bragg are wed 8/28/54: 9/2/54p4

Hodgdon, Ethel T., died 4/?/59: 4/30/59p3

Hodgdon, Mary H., died 6/24/50: 6/29/50p5

Hodgdon, Mrs. Frank E., died 11/5/56: 11/8/56p3

Hodgkins, Adrian W., died 9/15/56: 9/20/56p3

Hodgkins, Allan, and Lillian Allen are wed 6/14/53: 6/18/53p4

Hodgman, Priscilla, weds Chester Dow Jr. 4/23/50: 4/27/50p4,5/4/50p4

Hodsdon, Beverly, and Philip Mathews are wed 7/13/57: 7/18/57p4

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 100th birthday: 8/23/56p4,8/30/56p4

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 101st birthday: 8/29/57p1

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 102nd birthday: 8/21/58p1,9/4/58p2

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 103rd birthday: 8/27/59p1

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 97th birthday: 9/3/53p4

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 98th birthday: 9/9/54p5

Hoffman, Alsada, celebrates 99th birthday: 9/1/55p5

Hoffman, Alsada L., died 12/13/59: 12/17/59p1

Hoffman, Alzeda L., celebrates 95th birthday: 8/30/51pp1,4

Hogan, Carol, and Albert Lefebvre are wed 9/26/59: 10/1/59p4

Hogan, Cecelia, and John Torr are wed 11/17/56: 11/22/56p4

Hogan, Edward F., died 8/29/59: 9/3/59p3

Hogan, George, and Alberta Doyon are wed 12/24/55: 12/29/55p4

Hogan, Richard, weds Paula Pulsifer 7/10/50: 7/13/50pB2

Hogge, Alice, and Douglas Hoadley are wed 9/3/55: 9/15/55pp5,7

Holden, Barbara, and Robert Carter are wed 11/11/56: 11/15/56p4

Holland, James, died 12/28/52: 1/1/53p3

Holland, Mary E., died 11/20/58: 11/27/58p3

Holmes, Georgia C., died 9/28/56: 10/4/56p3

Holmes, Lemuel B., died 3/22/52: 3/27/52p3

Holmes, Marion F.--A Pertinent Personality: 8/17/50p4

Holmes, Raymond, died 6/16/55: 6/23/55p3

Holmes, Ronald, and Martha Karcher are wed 12/31/55: 1/5/56p4

Holt, Erik O., died 6/3/58: 6/5/58p3

Holt, Fred M., died 1/2/6/52: 1/31/52p3

Holt, Howard, and Jesse Speedie are wed 4/14/51: 4/19/51p4

Hooper, Andrew F., celebrates 86th birthday: 7/2/53p5

Hooper, Andrew F., celebrates 90th birthday: 7/11/57p1

Hooper, Grace L., died 6/6/59: 6/11/59p3

Hooper Jr., Lawrence F., wins 7-state oratory competition: 3/10/55p1

Hooper Jr., Lawrence F., wins Elks Leadership contest: 5/5/55p1

Hooper, Lillian, died 11/15/56: 10/18/56p3

Hooper, Theodore H.--People Who Make Rochester: 5/29/52pA2

Hope Jr., William, and Lucille Michaud are wed 7/16/55: 7/21/55p4

Hopey, Bessie, died 3/1/53: 3/5/53p3

Hopey, Walter C., died 7/7/58: 7/10/58p3

Hopkins, Donald, and Nancy Hunt are wed 3/11/53: 3/19/53p4

Hopkins, M&M Reuben, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/24/57p8

Horne, Adwin, and Dorothy Vinson are wed 7/18/56: 7/26/56p4

Horne, Barbara, and Calvin Tompson are wed 9/13/51: 9/20/51pp4,5

Horne, Barbara, and Ellis Hatch Jr. are wed 5/11/54: 5/13/54p4

Horne, Byron H., died 10/12/55: 10/13/55p3

Horne, Dwight, and Shirley Horne are wed 12/24/53: 12/31/53p4

Horne, Edward, died 3/21/56: 3/29/56p3

Horne, Erna, and Edward Wanser are wed 10/1/50: 10/5/50p4

Horne, Ernest A., died 9/7/54: 9/9/54p3

Horne, Ernest E., died 3/5/52: 3/6/52p3

Horne, H. Gertrude, died 3//15/58: 3/20/58p3

Horne, James, and Marjorie Parker are wed 6/29/52: 7/10/52pB4

Horne, Kenneth, and Arlayne Knox are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p5

Horne, Lorenzo A., died 1/14/56: 1/19/56p3

Horne, Lorraine, and Richard Turgeon are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Horne, Marjorie, and Francis Cox are wed 2/9/51: 2/15/51pB4

Horne, Ralph T., died 8/25/58: 8/28/58p3

Horne, Shirley, and Dwight Horne are wed 12/24/53: 12/31/53p4

Horne Sr., John B., died 4/9/56: 4/12/56p3

Horne, Violet, and Donald Dwyer are wed 10/28/50: 11/2/50p4

Horne, Wilbur E., died 2/22/50: 2/23/50p1,3/2/50p

Horne, Wilbur F., died 5/9/55: 5/12/55p3

Horr, Carrie E., died 6/13/56: 6/14/56p3

Horsepool, Dolores, and Roland Chasse are wed: 11/12/53p4

Horton, Bessie F., died 9/13/58: 9/18/58p3

Hosser, Charles, and Sarah Seccus are wed 3/18/51: 3/22/51p2

Houghtaling, Constance, and Frank DeFalco are wed 5/9/53: 5/14/53p4

Houle, Joseph, weds Winona Martin 7/5/50: 7/6/50p4

Houle, Richard, and Ardala Hall are wed 1/7/56: 1/12/56p4

Houle, Roland, and Irene Worster are wed 10/13/56: 10/18/56p4

Hourigan, David, and Beth Sanborn are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4

Hourihane, Eileen, and Homer Vachon are wed 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4

Howard, Beverly, and Kenneth Davis are wed 8/29/58: 9/25/58p4

Howard, Clifton, weds Evelyn Dufault 2/18/50: 3/2/50p4

Howard, Florence G., died 10/28/56: 11/1/56p3

Howard, Fred, died 2/1/50: 2/9/50p5

Howard, Frederick, and Denise Greely are wed 9/1/56: 9/6/56p6

Howard, Gloria, and David Matthews are wed 9/12/59: 9/17/59p6

Howard, Harry H., died 1/12/52: 1/17/52p3

Howard, John, and Claire Palmer are wed 9/25/54: 9/30/54p4

Howard, Josephine, died 2/3/51: 2/8/51p3

Howard, Leah C., died 3/25/52: 3/27/52p3

Howard, Leslie S., died 10/30/54: 11/4/54p3

Howard, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/18/58p3

Howard, Mabel L., died 6/20/53: 7/2/53p3

Howard, Richard, and Carla Gosselin are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Howard, Stephen, died 8/20/50: 8/24/50p3

Howard, Theresa, weds Clayton Canney 12/31/49: 1/12/50p14

Howe, Rita, and Clifford Gorton are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Howland, Prudence N., died 7/18/55: 7/21/55p3

Hoyt, Harriet, and Benoit Guillemette are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Hoyt, John, weds Gertrude Paul 6/24/50: 6/29/50pp8,A6

Hoyt, Josephine, and William Haley are wed 1/7/54: 1/14/54p4

Hoyt, Lottie, died 4/12/51: 4/19/51p3

Hubbard, John M., died 3/28/52: 3/27/52p3

Hubbard, Margaret A., died 2/2/59: 2/5/59p3

Hubbard, Philip, has worked 51 year at Feineman's: 9/11/58p1

Huckins, Alden D., died 4/11/55: 4/14/55p3

Huckins, Edith, and Glenn Smith are wed 4/28/51: 5/3/51p4

Huckins, John, and Virginia Farnum are wed 10/15/54: 10/21/54p4

Huff, Donald, and Ruth Stewart are wed 9/10/51: 9/20/51p4

Huff, Florine, and Earl Drew are wed 12/29/53: 1/28/54p4

Hughes, Ernest, and Doris Fortier are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Hughes, Ernest, and Louise Davis are wed 12/8/51: 12/13/51p4

Hughes, Henry, died 6/20/50: 6/22/50p5

Hughes, Josephine, and Costas Balomenos are wed 9/5/53: 9/10/53p4

Hughes, Robert, and Elizabeth Caverly are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Hull, Arthur S., died 6/27/57: 7/4/57p3

Hull, James, died 2/10/51: 2/15/51p1

Hull, Lillian M., died 9/6/59: 9/10/59p3

Hull, M&M Arthur S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/27/55p3

Hulswit, Elsie, died 10/7/55: 10/13/55p3

Hunt, Howard W., died 2/17/56: 2/23/56p3

Hunt, Malcolm, and Shirley Charles wed 12/19/53: 12/24/53p4,1/21/54pB8

Hunt, Marshall, and Noel Smith are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Hunt, Marshall W, ordained in Order of Sacred Deacons: 6/14/56p1

Hunt, Nancy, and Donald Hopkins are wed 3/11/53: 3/19/53p4

Hunt, Paul M., died 11/16/50: 11/23/50p3

Hunter, Larry, completes 6-month tour with night club show: 11/27/58p5

Hunter, Louise, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/17/59p5

Huntress, Eugene E., died 7/26/52: 7/31/52pB4

Huppe, Alice, and Thomas Roux are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Huppe, Amelia G., died 3/15/55: 3/17/55p3

Huppe, Antoinette, died 5/10/51: 5/17/51p3

Huppe, Cecile, weds Conrad Gagnon 5/6/50: 5/11/50p4

Huppe, Estelle, and Raymond Talon are wed 3/17/52: 3/20/52p4

Huppe, Jeannette, and Arthur Alimi are wed 4/14/56: 4/19/56p4

Huppe, Lionel, and Rosalyn LaChance are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50p4

Huppe, M&M Joseph, hold family reunion: 1/6/55p4

Huppe, M&M Leo, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/2/55p4

Huppe, Maurice, and Geraldine Foley are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Huppe, Rachel, and Rejean Dubreuil are wed 11/24/56: 11/29/56p4

Hurd, David, and Vivian Tibbetts are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Hurd, Ena, and Frederick Sabine are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pB4

Hurd family (Capt. John Heard [sic]) holds reunion: 8/23/56p3

Hurd family holds 55th reunion: 8/25/55p4

Hurd, Grace, and Herman Twombly are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Hurd, Harold, and Rita Guillory are wed 4/4/59: 4/9/59p4

Hurd, Lizzie M., died 1/13/52: 1/17/52pB2

Hurd, M&M Arthur, celebrate 54th anniversary: 9/6/51pB4

Hurd, M&M Wesley G., celebrate 35th anniversary: 5/15/52p5

Hurd, Marilyn, and John Bryant Jr. are wed 10/11/53: 10/15/53p4

Hurd, Martha R., died 9/22/58: 9/25/58p3

Hurd, Nellie A., died 2/12/52: 2/21/52pB4

Hurd, Richard, and Nancy Hoadley are wed 1/14/56: 1/26/56p4

Hurd, Roxie L., died 8/15/54: 8/19/54p3

Hurd, Winifred, and Salvatore Ciccotelli are wed 2/4/51: 2/8/51p4

Hurley, Francis J., died 9/2/54: 9/9/54p3

Hurley, George, and Florence Beaulieu are wed 7/12/52: 7/17/52p4

Hurley, John J., entertains WWI pals after 40 years: 9/4/58p8

Hurlock, Sylvia, and Robert Dowst are wed 6/17/56: 6/21/56p4

Hurly, Bessie, and Eugene Sullivan are wed 11/5/55: 11/10/55p4

Huse, Miriam, and Edgar Burrows are wed 7/10/55: 7/14/55p4

Hussey, Clarence, and Gloria Gray are wed 10/1/55: 10/6/55p4

Hussey, George, and Louise Massingham are wed 8/17/52: 8/21/52p4

Hussey, George, and Patricia Stevenson are wed 9/2/51: 9/6/51p4,9/13/51p4

Hussey, J. Wyman, celebrates 80th birthday: 11/20/52p4

Hussey, John W., died 2/11/56: 2/16/56p3

Hussey, Kenneth, and Betty Roy are wed 4/30/55: 5/5/55p4

Hussey, Kenneth, and Virginia Russell are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Hussey, M&M Walter, celebrate 35th anniversary: 11/28/57p4

Hussey, Maude E., died 12/15/53: 12/24/53p3

Hussey Sr., Clarence A., died 7/24/59: 7/30/59p1

Hussey, Wanita, and Fred Marsh Jr. are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55pB3

Hussey. M&M George, celebrate 24th anniversary: 2/9/50p4

Hutchins, Anna, and Clarence Forest are wed 11/11/50: 11/23/50p4

Hutchins, Charles, and Lorraine Freeman are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Hutchins, Dorothy, and Norman Grenier are wed 5/17/52: 5/22/52p4

Hutchins, Elizabeth, weds George Gray 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

Hutchins, Mary, and Sherman Wilson are wed 1/26/52: 2/7/52p4

Hutchins, Roland, and Norma Young are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Hutchison, Philo, weds Earline Mitchell 6/6/50: 6/22/50p4

Ibitson, Laura L., died 5/13/56: 5/17/56p3

Igo, Nellie C., died 3/28/50: 3/23/50p5

Ineson, John, is NH representative at D.C. conclave: 6/28/56p1,7/19/56p1

Innes, Hugh, weds Mary Jones 7/1/50: 7/6/50pB6

Irwin, Amazieh, and Nettie Harriman are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

Issa, Gladys, and Gerard Beaupre are wed 4/12/52: 5/1/52p4

Jackson, Betty, and Paul Proulx are wed 5/4/57: 5/9/57p4

Jackson, Betty, and Robert Darling are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Jackson, Carl, and Marjorie Stapleton are wed 4/29/51: 5/3/51p4

Jackson Jr., William, and June Vachon are wed 6/8/57: 6/20/57p4

Jackson, Nellie, died 2/11/51: 2/15/51p3

Jackson, Walter, and Dorothy Milligan are wed 2/20/51: 3/8/51pB3

Jacobs, Betty, and Ronald Deveau are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Jacobs, Edith F., died 9/19/57: 9/26/57p3

Jacobs, Elaine, and Earl Lord are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p5

Jacobs, Elizabeth G., died 9/7/59: 9/10/59p3

Jacobs, Georgianna, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/8/51p2

Jacobs, Georgianna, celebrates 98th birthday: 3/5/59p8

Jacobs, Harold, and Josephine Currier are wed 3/30/57: 4/4/57p4

Jacobs, Janice, and David Torr are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Jacobs, Jennie, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/18/52p3

Jacobs, Jennie E., died 4/17/54: 4/22/54p3

Jacobs, Joseph, and Mary Ward are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Jacobs, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/4/58p5

Jacobs, M&M Steven, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/19/59p4,11/26/59p8

Jacobs, Sara W., died 1/16/51: 1/18/51p3

Jacobs, Stephen, and Betty Chase are wed 5/4/52: 5/8/52p4

Jacobs, Stephen S., celebrates 90th birthday: 7/17/58p7

Jacobs, Steven, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/31/58p1

Jacobs, Steven S., celebrates 87th birthday: 8/4/55p4

Jacques, Adele L., died 4/16/57: 4/18/57p3

Jacques, Alvina P., died 3/3/51: 3/8/51p3

Jacques, Antoinette, and Charles Tessier are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Jacques, Constance, and Alfred Kay are wed 8/29/53: 9/3/53p4

Jacques, Joseph A., died 6/2/54: 6/3/54p3

Jacques, Joseph L., awarded Bronze Star in Korea: 8/9/51p1

Jacques, Laurence, and Violet Doron are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Jacques, Leo, died in Korea 8/17/50: 8/31/50p1,5/10/51p1

Jacques, M&M Edmond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/1/55p5

Jacques, M&M Ludgar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/26/53p4

Jacques, Robert, and Annette Boisvert are wed 2/4/56: 2/16/56p4

Jacques, Romeo, and Marceline Mireault are wed 9/5/59: 9/10/59p2

Jacques, Rosa, and Benoit Thivierge are wed 5/7/55: 5/12/55p4

Jacques Sr., Edmund, died 5/5/54: 5/6/54p8

Jacques Sr., M&M Edmund, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/2/52pp1,4

Janas, Dorothy, weds George Mucher Jr. 4/12/58: 4/17/58p4,5/8/58p4

Jarest, Octave, and Florence Bigelow are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Jean, August, died 8/21/55: 8/25/55p3

Jefferson, Chester D., died 11/15/54: 11/18/54p3

Jeffrey, Mattie M., died 6/12/59: 6/18/59p3

Jenkins, Arthur E., died 6/4/51: 6/7/51p1

Jenkins, Bernice M., died 8/7/57: 8/8/57p3

Jenkins, Betty, and Valmore St. Lawrence are wed 4/13/58: 4/17/58pB8

Jenkins, Louise D., died 6/3/58: 6/12/58p3

Jenkins, Mary A., died 7/25/57: 8/1/57p3

Jenness, Arthur, and Eva Forbes are wed 6/14/53: 7/2/53p5

Jenness, Beatrice, weds Orrin Tufts 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

Jenness, Charles G., died 2/22/52: 2/28/52p1

Jenness, Charles G., feted by BSA for 20 years of service: 11/1/51p1

Jenness, Charles, G., voted life membership in VNA: 1/19/50p1

Jenness, Edith L., died 7/18/58: 7/24/58p3

Jenness, Eliza J., died 4/23/59: 4/30/59p3

Jenness, Grace S., died 9/20/54: 9/23/54p3

Jenness, Josephine, weds Burtion McIver 6/3/50: 6/8/50p4

Jenness, Natalie, and Albert Tessier are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Jenness, William H., died 4/10/54: 4/15/54p3

Jennings, Alice, and Rudolph Castelli Jr. wed 2/2/51: 2/22/51p8

Jennings, Ann, weds John Taussig Jr. 5/6/50: 5/11/50p11

Jennings, Ralph E., died 3/20/50 3/9/50: 3/23/50p1

Jennison, Harold F., died 5/8/56: 5/17/56p3

Jerome, George, and Donna Glidden are wed 12/5/59: 12/10/59p4,12/17/59p4

Jette, Elizabeth, and James Jones are wed 7/2/58: 7/17/58p4

Jewell, Arthur E., died 10/22/55: 10/27/55p3

Jewett, Arthur, wounded, saves 27 lives, in Korea: 8/24/50p1,12/21/50p5

Jewett, Barbara, and Richard O'Brien are wed 7/26/57: 8/1/57p4

Jewett, Clayton, weds Marilyn Harrington 8/11/51: 8/16/51p4

Jewett Jr., Haven, and Nancy Clements are wed 12/25/54: 12/30/54pB2

Johnson, Albert, and Eileen Crummy are wed 3/11/54: 3/18/54p4

Johnson, Ann, and Richard Brooks are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52p4

Johnson, Bessie, celebrates 70th birthday: 6/19/52p5

Johnson, Beverly, wins world's title for women bowlers: 6/4/59p1

Johnson, Carl, and Nancy Hirtle are wed 12/6/59: 12/10/59p4

Johnson, Charles, and Elizabeth Hamilton wed 3/26/51: 3/29/51p4,4/12/51p4

Johnson, David, and Betty Sanford are wed 9/15/56: 9/27/56p4

Johnson, Edith, and Arthur Lambert are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Johnson, Edward, died 2/219/51: 2/22/51p3

Johnson, Elmer, and Evelyn Varney are wed 6/21/59: 6/25/59p4

Johnson, Eva L., died 3/22/53: 3/26/53p3

Johnson family holds reunion at Nellie Howard's home: 8/23/51p3

Johnson, Frances H., died 2/21/51: 2/22/51p3,3/1/51p3

Johnson, Frank B., died 9/18/52: 9/25/52p3

Johnson, George M., died 1/13/56: 1/19/56p3

Johnson, Harry L., died 4/30/50: 5/4/50p5

Johnson, Helen S., died 11/27/58: 12/4/58p3

Johnson, James, and Alice Sanborn are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Johnson, Josephine G., died 3/30/51: 4/5/51p3

Johnson, Joy, and Glenn Falkenham are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Johnson, Joyce, and Charles Govey III are wed 10/17/59: 10/22/59p4

Johnson Jr., Russel O., died 1/9/59: 1/15/59p1

Johnson, Justin W., died 7/28/55: 8/4/55p3

Johnson, L. Melvin, died 1/30/58: 2/6/58p3

Johnson, M&M Harry S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/9/56p1

Johnson, Martha M., died 3/11/53: 3/19/53p3

Johnson, Mary E., died 4/24/58: 5/1/58p3

Johnson, Rachel, and Archie Lizotte are wed 1/29/55: 2/10/55p4

Johnson, Richard, and Diana Dame are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Johnson, Robert, and Carolyn Hescock are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Johnson, Robert, and Hattie Vincent are wed 4/24/53: 4/30/53p4

Johnson, Robert, and Joan Woods are wed 8/27/54: 9/2/54p4,9/9/54p4

Johnston, Arline M., died 8/6/57: 8/15/57p3

Johnston, Roy, and Barbara Morrison are wed 8/31/52: 9/4/52pB5

Johnstone, William, and Jean Curran are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Jones, Ada N., died 10/22/55: 10/27/55p3

Jones, Addie M., died 4/11/58: 4/17/58p3

Jones, Albert D., died 12/8/54: 12/9/54p3

Jones, Arnold, weds Lena Chase 6/10/51: 6/14/51p4

Jones, Barbara, and Daniel Webber are wed 3/5/58: 3/13/58p4

Jones, Carl, weds Frances Colwell 8/11/51: 8/16/51pp4,5

Jones, Charles, died 3/20/56: 4/5/56p3

Jones, Cleotus, and Juanita Whitehouse are wed 10/25/58: 10/30/58p4

Jones, Clyde, and Angelina Laurion are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Jones, Clyde M., died 2/16/54: 2/18/54p3

Jones, Donald, and Beatruce Stahl are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pp4,6

Jones, Doris--A Pertinent Personality: 3/23/50p4

Jones, Evelyn, and Clyde Woods are wed 4/27/57: 5/16/57p4

Jones, Frances, and David Edmonds are wed 9/21/57: 9/26/57p4

Jones, Gilman, and Mary Culver are wed 5/8/59: 5/14/59p4

Jones, Irene, and Richard Dunbar are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Jones, James, and Elizabeth Jette are wed 7/2/58: 7/17/58p4

Jones, L. Frances, died 7/21/50: 7/27/50p3

Jones, Madalyn, and Thomas Murphy are wed 8/22/55: 8/25/55p4

Jones, Marion, and Clarence Rumney are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p8

Jones, Mary, weds Hugh Innes 7/1/50: 7/6/50pB6

Jones, Pauline E., died 2/7/56: 2/9/56p3

Jones, Raymond V., died 4/18/55: 4/21/55p3

Jones, Stella, weds Willis Corson 2/11/51: 3/15/51pA6 ,3/22/51pB2

Jones, Virginia, and George Gagne are wed 12/27/52: 1/8/53p4

Jones, William A., died 3/26/52: 3/27/52p3

Josephson, Ann, and George Stearns wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59p5,11/26/59p6

Joy, Maryalice, and Roger Eastman are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Julin, Eunice, and Dennis Wegge are wed 10/28/55: 11/24/55p4

Junkins, Eleanor, and Perley Warden are wed 7/21/56: 7/26/56p4

Junkins, Evelyn, and Ernest Schafer are wed 8/24/57: 8/29/57p4

Junkins, M&M Eugene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/7/50p4

Juster, Robert, and Roberta LaChance are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

Jutras, Alfred, and Lucy Larcome are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51pB4

Jutras, Arthur, died 3/5/52: 3/13/52pA4

Kanada, Sandra, and Richard Frost are wed 4/14/56: 4/19/56p4

Kane, Patricia, and Charles Durocher are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4,7/8/54p4

Karcher, Martha, and Ronald Holmes are wed 12/31/55: 1/5/56p4

Kasimer, Barbara, and Charles Lind Jr. are wed 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Kast, Henry, and Susan Baker are wed: 10/15/59p4

Kathios, Spiros, and Verna McAllister are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52p4

Katwick, Bonnie, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/HRH: 2/6/58pA4

Katz, Mrs. J. Rudolph, makes 23rd crossing of the Atlantic: 8/30/56p4

Katz, Samuel J., feted on 25th anniversary of show company: 1/19/56p1

Kay, Alfred, and Constance Jacques are wed 8/29/53: 9/3/53p4

Kazanowski, John, is first president of newly-formed Jaycees: 11/27/58p1

Keay, Dorothy, and John Maloney are wed 1/31/59: 2/5/59p4

Keay, Forrest L., celebrates 90th birthday: 3/31/55p1,4/7/55p1

Keay, Harry C., died 4/24/55: 4/28/55p3

Keay. Forrest L., celebrates 87th birthday: 3/27/52p4

Keene, Sandra, and George Woodill are wed: 6/27/57p3

Keller, Donald C., died 8/10/57: 8/15/57p1

Kelley, George, died 5/7/58: 5/8/58p3,5/15/58p3

Kelley, Jerome, and Patricia Foster are wed: 1/8/59p8

Kelley, Jimmie, and Eva LaFleur are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

Kelley, Joseph A., died 3/25/51: 3/29/51p4B2

Kelley, Lucille, weds Eugene Tuttle 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Kelley, Michael J., died 1/10/55: 1/13/55p3

Kellogg, Lorraine, and Robert Gilman are wed 5/26/56: 5/31/56p4

Kelly, Donald, and Beverly Morse are wed 6/16/56: 7/5/56p4

Kempton, Harry, and Blanche Hartford are wed 9/20/52: 9/25/52p4

Kendall, Bessie D., died 2/12/51: 2/15/51p3

Kendall, Carrie, weds Carlyle Foss 4/29/50: 5/11/50p4

Kendall, Charles H., died 1/16/52: 1/17/52p3

Kendall, Claude H., died 1/5/57: 1/10/57p3

Kendall, Raymond A., died 2/21/50: 3/2/50p5

Kenison, Herman, and Alice Guyette are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p6

Keniston, Frank, died 5/8/52: 5/8/52p4,5/15/52pA4

Keniston, Lester R., died 12/25/52: 1/1/53p3

Kennedy, Alice L., died 12/2/54: 12/9/54p3

Kenney, Grace E., died 2/9/51: 2/15/51p3

Kenney, John, and Norma Stevens are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58pB8

Kenney, Nettie M., died 4/15/55: 4/21/55p3

Kenny, Frank, and Barbara Vachon are wed 6/26/54: 7/8/54p4

Kent, Ruth, and Harold Whitehouse Jr. are wed: 5/26/55p4

Kenyon, Francis D., died 6/21/59: 7/2/59p3

Kenyon, Shirley, and Richard Laurion are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p4

Kenyon, Wilfred, and Geraldine Perrault are wed 7/11/59: 7/16/59p4

Kerr, Alice L., died 11/26/52: 12/4/52p3

Kerr, Eva L., died 2/22/50: 2/23/50p1,3/2/50p5

Kerr, Stanley, died 8/4/57: 8/8/57p3

Kidder, Marilyn, and Richard Marchant are wed 6/5/55: 6/9/55p4

Kidder, Oliver F., died 9/19/57: 9/26/57p3

Kigins, Fannie W., died 10/21/59: 10/29/59p3

Kilcoyne, Ellen, died 7/12/58: 7/17/58p3

Kilcoyne, Owen, died 3/29/55: 3/31/55p3

Kimball, Benjamin F., died 3/11/51: 3/15/51pB1

Kimball, Edna M., died 9/?/56: 9/13/56p3

Kimball, Elizabeth, and Walter Carr are wed 8/3/52: 8/7/52p4

Kimball, Forrest, and Regina Blanchette are wed 2/25/56: 3/1/56p4

Kimball, Harry C., died 5/3/52: 5/8/52p3

Kimball, Kenneth, and Teresa Patriquin are wed 5/27/55: 6/2/55p4

Kimball, Lawrence, and Marion Bousquin are wed 8/8/59: 8/13/59p4

Kimball, Leslie, weds Mary Tinker 1/21/50: 1/26/50p4

Kimball, William K., died 6/17/53: 6/18/53p1

Kimball, Winnefred E., died 3/17/58: 3/20/58p3

Kimball, Winslow B., died 4/7/58: 4/10/58p3,4/17/58p3

King, Arlene, and Roland White are wed 3/12/55: 3/17/55p4

King, Barbara, and Robert Evans are wed 1/25/57: 1/31/57p8

King, Bernard, and Beatrice Fisk are wed 5/15/54: 5/20/54p4

King, Donald A., died 6/1/57: 6/6/57p1

King, Harry, weds Elizabeth Finnessy 3/17/50: 3/23/50p4

King, June, and William Copp are wed 4/20/52: 4/24/52p4

King, Lindsay, and Mary Gilman are wed 1/19/58: 1/23/58p4

King, Margaret, died 11/8/55: 11/10/55p3

King, Richard, and Louise Nadeau are wed 4/13/56: 4/19/56p4

King, Rita, and William Gray are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

King, Walter E., died 7/14/57: 7/18/57p3

King, Warren J., died 2/15/54: 2/18/54p3

Kingsbury, Edward, and Theresa Pozzi are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58pB8

Kingsbury, Ernest, and Dorothy Hersom are wed 7/28/57: 8/1/57p4

Kingsbury, Ralph, and Iva Hill are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Kingston, John W., died 2/28/59: 3/12/59p3

Kinkaid, Dorothy, and Herbert Dandrow are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

Kirouac, Joseph, and Mary Bourre are wed 10/4/55: 10/13/55p4

Kirouac, Marie C., died 10/18/51: 10/25/51p3

Klaker, Roy, and Nedra Small are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Klefos, Brede, authors book WWII in Norway: 8/13/59p1,9/17/59p1,9/24/59p1

Kline, Paul, and Dorothy Knowles are wed 3/10/57: 3/14/57p4

Kluesener, Florence, and Raymond Eldridge are wed 7/31/53: 8/6/53p4

Klugz, Roger A., died 2/14/50: 2/16/50p5

Knapp, Winnifred, and Robert Bryant are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Knight, Edwin, and Maureen Winkley are wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Knight, Eugene L., died 10/23/53: 10/29/53p1

Knight, Fred, and Roberta Turner are wed 6/2/56: 6/7/56p4

Knight, Lorraine, and Robert Curnew are wed: 6/20/57p4

Knight, M&M Frank G., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/5/57p5

Knight, Maureen, is scuba diving aficionado: 5/28/59p1

Knights, Frank, and Beverly Campbell are wed 9/30/51: 10/4/51p4

Knights, Sylvia, and Roy Dore are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Knowles, Bessie, died 5/20/52: 5/29/52p3

Knowles, Dorothy, and Paul Kline are wed 3/10/57: 3/14/57p4

Knowles, Hattie M., celebrates 95th birthday: 8/9/51pB6

Knowles, Hattie M., died 4/29/53: 5/7/53pB8

Knowles, William, amd Elizabeth Lunt are wed: 9/4/58p4

Knowlton, Arthur W., died 3/1/52: 3/6/52p3

Knox, Arlayne, and Kenneth Horne are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p5

Knox, Clifford, and Dorothy Laroe are wed 7/6/55: 7/14/55p5

Knox, Elmer, celebrates 89th birthday: 1/25/51pB3

Knuuti, Sylvia, and Richard Skillin are wed 10/18/58: 10/23/58p4

Kochanek, Louis, and Cynthia Martin are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Kohler, John, and Rose LeClair are wed 3/31/56: 4/5/56p4

Kondrup, Alfred B., died 7/13/54: 7/15/54p3

Kondrup, Pauline, and Donald Manning are wed 1/30/55: 2/3/55p4

Korn, Gertrude, and Normand Raiche are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p5,7/3/52p4

Krapohl, William, and Mildred Sabine are wed 11/5/55: 11/10/55p4

Kyreages, Clarence, and Phyllis Buzzell wed 5/18/52: 5/22/52pB6

L'Heureux, Henry, and Barbara Ward are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p4

Labbe, Cleo, and Palma Giroux are wed 10/14/50: 10/19/50p4

Labonte, Marjorie E., died 4/1/59: 4/2/59p3

LaBonte, Evangeliste J., died 1/23/52: 1/24/52p3

LaBonte, Evelyn, and Leverne Bennett are wed 11/17/56: 11/22/56p4

LaBonte, Leo, and Alice Morrison are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

LaBranche, Conrad, and Jeanne Paradise are wed 10/19/57: 10/24/57p4

LaBranche Jr., Gerard, died 3/9/53: 3/12/53p3

LaBranche, Roger, and Jean Martin are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4,11/23/50p4

Labrecque, Arthur C., died 12/27/59: 12/31/59p3

Labrecque, George, died 11/23/56: 11/29/56p3

Labrecque, Gerard, and Henriette Letourneay are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Labrecque, M&M Arthur Z., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/2/58p1

Labrecque, Roland, and Virginia Lord wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4,12/11/52p4

Labrecque, Rose D., has reunion with brother after 34 years: 1/3/52p1

Labrecque, Theresa, and Richard Gordon are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Labrie, Donald J., died 8/22/59: 8/27/59p1

Lacasse, Doris, and Valmore Dumais are wed 8/23/52: 8/28/52p4

Lacasse, Edgar J., died 1/30/50: 2/2/50p5,2/9/50p5

Lacasse, Jacques, and Betty Meissner are wed 6/19/54: 7/1/54p4

Lacasse, Justine, and Arthur Gilbert are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Lacasse, Mary, OSU, to be missionary to Rio de Janeiro: 7/22/54p1

Lacasse, Pauline, weds Raymond Desmarais 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Lacasse, Raymond, and Joanne Brunelle are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Lachance, Appolinaire, died 12/16/54: 12/23/54p3

Lachance, Bertha, and George Sprague are wed 2/26/54: 3/4/54p4

Lachance, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/5/59p1

LaChance, Louis B., died 5/5/54: 5/6/54p3,5/13/54p3

LaChance, Roberta, and Robert Juster are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

LaChance, Rosalyn, and Lionel Huppe are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50p4

Lachapelle, Lorraine, and Richard Ward Jr. are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Lachapelle, M&M Aime, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/11/54p4

Lachapelle, M&M Aime, celebrate 54th anniversary: 11/6/58p1

Lachapelle, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/26/57p3

Lacroix, George, and Francoise Heitschel are wed 5/24/52: 5/29/52p4

Lacroix, Gerard, and Bernice Eisner are wed 11/13/54: 11/18/54p4

LaCroix, Emile J., died 2/1/56: 2/2/56p3

LaCroix, Pierre, died 6/4/55: 6/9/55p3

Ladd, Charles, and Ruth Perkins are wed 4/25/52: 5/1/52p4

Laderbush, Harry, saves life of drowning girl: 5/24/51p1

LaFay, Beatrice, and Real Roseberry are wed 1/13/51: 1/18/51p4

LaFay, Joseph, and Beatrice Buzzell are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

LaFay, Joseph, died 6/15/51: 6/21/51p3

Laferte, Jacqueline, is County spelling champion: 4/18/57p4

Laferte, Jacqueline, is State spelling champion: 5/16/57p1

LaFlamboise, Frederick, and Helen Fee are wed 9/2/53: 9/10/53p4

LaFleur, Eva, and Jimmie Kelley are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

LaFleur, Jeanne, and Robert Bisson are wed 8/31/57: 9/5/57pp3,4

LaFleur, Loretta, and Conrad Chick are wed 10/1/55: 10/6/55p4

LaFoe, Luthia, weds Raymond Sargent Jr. 11/25/51: 11/29/51pB3

Lafontaine, Catherine, and Lucien Lemelin are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Lafontaine, Muriel, and Martin McNulty are wed 8/9/58: 8/14/58p4

Lagarde, Hilaire, died 2/26/53: 3/5/53p3

Lagasse, Alfred W., died 2/9/51: 2/15/51p1

Lagasse, Alfred W.--People Who Make Rochester: 6/8/50pB2

Lagasse, Rene, and Marjorie Burrows are wed 2/28/54: 3/4/54p4

Lagotte, Bernadette B., died 12/15/53: 12/17/53p3

Lagotte, Clair, enters Carmelite Order: 9/13/56p3

Lagotte, Walter, and Estelle Beaulieu are wed 11/19/55: 12/1/55p4

Laitres, Ernestine, and Martin DesMarais are wed 5/30/59: 6/4/59p4

Lajoie, Albert, died 7/4/51: 7/12/51p8

LaJoie, Richard, and Martha Foley are wed 12/19/53: 12/24/53p4

Lake, Henry, and Florence Sindorf are wed 2/7/53: 2/12/53p7

Lakin, Hattie E., died 5/2/53: 5/7/53pB5

Laliberte, Roseanna, weds Napolean Richards 6/30/50: 7/6/50p4

Lamb, Kenton W., died 8/22/55: 8/25/55p5

Lambert, Arthur, and Dawn Lesperance are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p7

Lambert, Arthur, and Edith Johnson are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Lambert, Carmen, and Gale Varney are wed 7/30/56: 8/2/56p4

Lambert, Cecilia, and Frederick Guild are wed 2/3/51: 2/8/51pp4,5

Lambert, Janet, and William Pelley are wed 6/28/52: 7/10/52p4

Lambert, Joan, and Carl LeClair are wed 10/10/59: 10/29/59p4

Lambert, Joseph, and Jeannine Hamel are wed 11/10/56: 11/15/56p4

Lambert, M&M Eddie, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/27/55p4

Lambert, Madeleine, and Bertram Murphy are wed 7/4/55: 7/7/55p5

Lambert, Norma, and Ernest Cutter are wed 11/24/51: 12/6/51p4

Lambert, Pauline, and Richard Gosselin are wed 9/6/58: 9/18/58p5

Lambert, Walter, died 3/13/56: 3/15/56p3

Lambert, Mrs. Joseph, died 10/31/57: 11/7/57p3

Lamontagne, Janet, and Roger Tremblay are wed 10/29/55: 11/3/55p4

Lamontagne, Paul, and Yvette Vachon are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Lamontagne, Richard, died 9/11/55: 9/15/55p3

Lamper, Bernard, and Florence Hill are wed 10/2/50: 10/5/50p4

Lamper, Helen E., died 7/18/53: 7/23/53p3

Lancaster, Amos, and Alice Sanborn are wed 3/8/53: 7/9/53p4

Lance, Ethel M., died 12/14/53: 12/17/53p3

Lance, Salvatore, died 6/5/56: 6/7/56p3

Lancey Jr., Albert, and Marjorie Emerson are wed 3/30/51: 4/5/51p4

Lancey, Marjorie, and Theodore Rodis are wed 8/23/57: 8/29/57p4

Lancey, Norma, and David Weeks are wed 1/20/56: 1/26/56p4

Landevin, William, died 12/29/50: 1/4/51p3

Landry, Cynthia, and Edward Cantwell are wed 7/6/57: 7/25/57p4

Landry, Geneva, weds Robert Lemerise 7/22/50: 7/27/50pp4,5

Landry, M&M Charles W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/19/56p4

Landry, Shirley, and Richard Gilmore are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Lane, Mona, saves life of drowning boy: 7/29/54p1

Lane, Nancy B., died 7/15/52: 7/17/52p3

Laney, Martha, and Howard Banks are wed 9/12/51: 9/20/51p4

Laney, Tracey, and Beatrice Damon are wed 12/25/55: 12/29/55p4

Lang, Edith M., died 3/20/56: 3/29/56p3

Lang, Gerald, and Evelyn Clough are wed 1/11/59: 1/15/59p4

Langdon, Robert, and Lorraine Breton are wed 6/30/56: 7/19/56p4

Langelier, Irene, and Joseph Rigazio are wed 10/2/54: 10/7/54p4

Langelier, Jeannette, and Lucien Gagne wed 3/8/52: 3/13/52p4,3/20/52p4

Langelier, Richard, and Jeannette Mondoux are wed 6/1/57: 6/6/57p4

Langille, Douglas, died 9/25/55 are wed 9/10/55: 9/29/55p3

Langille, Mabel, died 8/1/57: 8/8/57p3

Langley, Albert, weds Madeline Spurling 2/11/50: 2/23/50p8

Langley, Patricia, and Archie Hayes Jr. are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54p4

Langlier, Mrs. Lucien, is head of State Emblem Association: 6/25/59p1

Langlois, Wilfred, and Laurette Laroche are wed 4/21/56: 4/26/56p4

Lannerd, M&M Richard, retire after working a combined 77 years: 8/7/58pB1

Lanoie, Claire, weds Raymond Foster 6/24/50: 6/29/50p4

Lanoie family holds 25th reunion: 9/4/58p4

Lanoie, Irene, is novitiate in Carmelite order: 3/18/54p1

Lanoie, Lena, and Real Poulin are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4,11/23/50p4

Lanoie, Norman, and Annette Hamel are wed 7/12/58: 7/17/58p4

Lanoix, Hazel, and Robert Coyn are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4

Lanoix, Robert A., died 11/12/56: 11/15/56p3

Lanoix, Robert, and Theresa Hamel are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52pp4,6

Lanouette, Henry, and Chrustine Cromeenes are wed 7/16/55: 7/21/55p4

Lanouette, Marion A., died 1/12/57: 1/17/57p3

Lapanne, Delia, weds Roland Veno 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Lapierre, Helena D., died 8/28/57: 8/29/57p3

Lapierre, Oscar J., died 2/27/54: 3/4/54p3

Lapierre, Sylvio, and Norma Stevens are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

LaPierre, Glorine, and Frank Lombardo are wed 5/18/57: 5/23/57p4

LaPierre, Linda T., died 11/10/54: 11/11/54p1

LaPierre, Raymond, and Rita Deshaise are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p8

LaPierre, Wanda S., died 2/6/50: 2/9/50p5

Lapihuska, Michael, and Marion Downs are wed 3/25/51: 3/29/51p4

Lapington, Joan, and James Dupuis are wed 4/4/53: 4/9/53pp4,B8 Laplante, Cyrille J., died 5/17/55: 5/19/55p3

Laplante, Napolean J., died 5/3/59: 5/7/59p3

LaPlante, Mary G., died 2/6/55: 2/10/55p3

Larcome, Lucy, and Alfred Jutras are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51pB4

Laroche, Albert, and Effie Foster are wed 6/13/53: 6/25/53p4

Laroche, Edna, and John Belleau are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Laroche, Laurette, and Wilfred Langlois are wed 4/21/56: 4/26/56p4

LaRoche, Albert, and Evelyn Hartford are wed 7/3/59: 7/9/59p4

LaRoche, Margaret B., died 10/18/52: 10/23/52p3

Larochelle, Armand, and Joyce Wells are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Larochelle, Bernadette R., died 10/29/53: 11/5/53p3

Larochelle, Clara P., died 2/13/58: 2/20/58p3

Larochelle, Jeannette, and Alexander Paradis are wed 11/3/51: 11/8/51p4

Larochelle, Joseph E., died 1/9/54: 1/14/54p3

Larochelle, Lucinne, and Fred Gray are wed 11/5/54: 11/11/54p4

Larochelle, M&M Ovide, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/8/54p1

Larochelle, Patricia, and Gordon Eisner are wed 11/22/53: 11/26/53p4

Larochelle, Romeo, and NormaJane Morrison are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Larochelle, Wilfred, and Ruth Colburn are wed 1/3/52: 1/10/52p4

Laroe, Dorothy, and Clifford Knox are wed 7/6/55: 7/14/55p5

Larose, Muriel, and Terrence Dugas are wed 4/14/51: 4/19/51p4

Larose, William H., died 6/23/52: 6/26/52p3

LaRose, Arthur, and Bertha Weare are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Larpochelle, Archie, died 11/18/51: 11/22/51p3

Larrabee, Marcia P., died 3/4/56: 3/8/56p3

Larson, Muriel, weds John Pierce 6/17/51: 6/28/51p8

Laskey, Elizabeth A., died 5/16/55: 5/19/55p3

Laskey, Oscar, died 6/20/53: 6/25/53p3

Lassor, Jean, and Robert Chasse are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Laurendeau, Oriana T., died 9/10/57: 9/12/57p3

Laurion, Angelina, and Clyde Jones are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Laurion, Diana, and Richard Riley are wed 5/30/55: 6/2/55p4

Laurion, Henry, and Rosamund Champagne are wed 7/4/59: 7/16/59p4

Laurion, Israel B., died 2/26/59: 3/5/59p3

Laurion, Jeannette, and Paul Cormier are wed 7/18/53: 7/23/53p4

Laurion, Lucienne, and George Scott are wed 10/25/52: 10/30/52p4

Laurion, Madeline, and Robert Gourque are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Laurion, Marie, and Claude Gagnon are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Laurion, Mathias J., died 4/19/52: 4/24/52p3

Laurion, Raymond, and Rita Ruel are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Laurion, Richard, and Shirley Kenyon are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p4

Laurion, Roger, and Constance Pitre are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Laurion, Roland, and Irene Gagnon are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Laurion, Rolande, and Rheal Bougie are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Laurion, Theodore E., died 2/28/57: 2/28/57p3,3/7/57p3

Laurion, Willie A., died 1/7/598: 1/15/59p3

Lavalle, Michele N., died 10/30/55: 11/3/55p3

Lavallee, Ronald, and Jacqueline Strachan are wed 9/25/54: 9/30/54p4

LaVallee, Germaine, and Fred Morgan are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

LaValley, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/3/59p4

Laverdiere, James, died 9/4/53: 9/10/53p3

Laverture, Marcia, and Ralph Doerrman are wed 11/2/57: 11/7/57p4

Lavigne, Blanche, and Ralph Woodes are wed 7/8/52: 7/17/52p4

Lavoice, Marie, reigns over Holy Rosary Parish Anniversary Ball: 5/7/59p1

Lavoie, Joseph C., died 9/3/52: 9/11/52p3

Lavoie, Kenneth, and Sylvia Weare are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Lavoie, Mrs. Clovis, holds family reunion: 1/9/58p4

Lavoie, Paul, and Priscilla Lizotte are wed 11/27/52: 12/4/52p4

Lavoie, Roland, weds Irene Gauthier 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4,7/19/51p4

Lavoie, Wayne, and Gerine Cormier are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Lawrence, Blanche C., died 6/19/58: 6/26/58p3

Lawrence, Charles, weds Marie Whitehouse 8/12/50: 8/17/50p4

Lawrence Jr., John, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 2/11/54p1

Lawrence, Norma, and Richard DesMarais are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Lawrence, Robert, and Edna Gardner are wed 3/6/59: 3/12/59p4

Lawrence, Roger, and Madolyn Vernal are wed: 7/18/57p4

Lawson, Jonh "Jack", died 4/18/59: 4/23/59p3

Lawson, Mary, and Lloyd Perkins are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Lawson, Ralph O., died 5/3/52: 5/8/52p3

Lawton, Edmond J., died 4/30/52: 5/8/52pB5

Lawton, Flora M., died 8/30/58: 9/4/58p3

Layton, Monte E., died 9/12/59: 9/17/59p3

Lazarus, James, and Catherine Raizes are wed 11/25/51: 11/29/51p4

Leach, Charles, and Bertha Hartford are wed 12/18/50: 12/21/50p4

Leach, Evelyn, and Leo Silveri are wed 10/8/55: 10/13/55p4,10/20/55p4

Leach, Fred, died 6/25/53: 7/2/53pB2

Leach, Fred, died 6/25/53: 7/2/53p3

Leahy, John, and Debra Low are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Leahy, John, weds Gloria Witham 12/31/49: 1/5/50p14

Leahy, Joseph P., died 5/30/53: 6/4/53pB2

Learned, Ellen, and George Servetas are wed 4/28/56: 5/3/56p4

Learson, Mary, and Walter Dick are wed 9/11/53: 9/24/53p4

Leary, Frank, and Brenda Tyrer are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Leary, Honora M., died 2/23/51: 2/8/51p3

Leary, Mary M., died 1/11/59: 1/15/59p3

Leathers, Bertha, and Richard Lord are wed 7/8/53: 7/16/53p4

Leavett, M&M Ralph H., celebrate 43rd anniversary: 9/30/54p4

Leavit, Elizabeth, weds Edward Dame 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Leavitt, Isabell L., died 6/3/52: 6/12/52pB1

Leavitt, Iva B., doed 7/11/56: 7/12/56p3

Leavitt, Paul, weds Irene Strong 4/15/50: 4/27/50p4

Leavitt, Ralph W., died 5/15/57: 5/23/57p3

Leavitt, Wendall, is New England Science Fair winner: 5/13/54p1

Leavitt, Wendell, and Constance Cormier are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Lebel, Mariette, and Louis Levesque are wed 9/2/57: 9/12/57pB1

LeBelle, Mrs. Arthur, celebrates 80th birthday: 8/6/53p4

Leblond, Angela, died 3/31/51: 4/5/51p3

LeBlond, Lorraine, and Arthur Norman are wed 10/31/59: 11/5/59p4

Lebrecque, Doris, and Ronald Cate are wed 11/21/58: 12/4/58p4

Lebrecque, Robert, and Janet Boivin are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

LeClair, Carl, and Joan Lambert are wed 10/10/59: 10/29/59p4

LeClair, James A., died 10/31/55: 11/3/55p3

LeClair, John, died 5/3/55: 5/5/55p3

LeClair, Roberta, and Richard Chase are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p4

LeClair, Rose, and John Kohler are wed 3/29/56: 4/5/56p4

Leclerc, Helen, and Albert Blanchette are wed 6/15/59: 6/25/59p4

Leclerc, Valmore, and Rachel Legere are wed 9/12/53: 9/17/53p4

LeClerc, Donald, and Barbara Brown are wed 9/16/50: 9/21/50p4

Lecroix, Gerard, and Beverly Smith are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51p4

Leddy, Thomas, and Elizabeth Smith are wed 8/27/51: 8/30/51p4

Lee, Elizabeth, and Anthony Bahros are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Lee, Evelyn, and Martin Therrien are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52p4

Lee Jr., William, and Barbara Twitchell are wed 9/27/52: 10/2/52p4

Lee, June, and Ralph Sanders are wed 10/11/51: 10/18/51p4

Lefavour, Robert, weds Pauline Hobart 7/1/51: 7/5/51pB1

Lefebvre, Albert, and Carol Hogan are wed 9/26/59: 10/1/59p4

Lefebvre, Alfred, died 6/17/58: 6/19/58p3

Lefebvre, Laura B., died 2/25/59: 3/5/59p3

Lefebvre, M&M Omer, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/17/59p6,9/24/59p4

Lefebvre, Robert, and Thelma Titcomb are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52pp4,5

Lefebvre, Roger, and Marie Ouellette are wed 11/22/56: 11/29/56p4

LeFebvre, George, and Diane Crosby are wed 11/22/58: 12/4/58p5

Leffel, Alfred W., died 10/19/58: 10/23/58p3

Leffel, Barry, and Joan Pease are wed 3/14/59: 3/19/59p4

Legere, Rachel, and Valmore Leclerc are wed 9/12/53: 9/17/53p4

Legro, Etta M., died 4/25/58: 5/1/58p3

Legro, Virginia H.--A Pertinent Personality: 7/26/51pA5

Leib, Ralph, and Edythe Bickford are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Leibowitz, Martin, and Roberta Gotz are wed 2/27/54: 3/4/54p4

Leighton, Edwina, and Haven Andrews Jr. are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Leighton, Fred L., died 6/5/51: 6/7/51p3

Leighton, George F., died 6/17/50: 6/22/50pB6

Leighton, Nellie A., died 1/1/50: 1/19/50p16

Lemay, George, and Barbara Gould are wed 5/3/52: 5/8/52p4

Lemelin, Donat, died 11/8/50: 11/9/50p3,11/16/50p3

Lemelin, Lewis O., died 9/12/56: 9/13/56p3

Lemelin, Lucien, and Catherine Lafontaine are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Lemerise, Robert, weds Geneva Landry 7/22/50: 7/27/50pp4,5

Lemieux, Gloria, and Wergin Dietrich are wed 9/8/59: 9/17/59p6

Lemieux, Joseph, and Marion Ferland are wed 2/19/51: 3/1/51pB2

Lemieux, Perley, and Lucille Wood are wed 7/10/54: 7/15/54pB8

Lemiline, Irene, and Delphis St. Sauveur are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

Lemire, Edgar, and Mary Burnette are wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4

Lemire, Ernest H., died 1/18/56: 1/26/56p3

Lemire, Jeannette, and Paul Creteau are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50p4

Lemoyne, M&M Adrien, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/21/58p4

Lemoyne, Marie, and Russell Preston Jr. are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Lemoyne, Mrs. Henri, celebrates 74th birthday: 10/18/51p4

Lemoyne, Mrs. Henry, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/17/57p7

Lemoyne, Pauline, and Leo Cormier are wed 2/4/56: 2/9/56p4

Lemoyne, Rita, and Philip Martin are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Lenfest, Harry N., earns gold Lifetime RR Pass on B&M: 7/16/53p1

Lenfest Sr., Harry, retires after 55 years of railroading: 10/11/56p1

Lenfest, Theresa E., died 9/27/54: 10/7/54p3

Lenihan, LaVerne, and James Trousdale are wed 5/1/52: 5/8/52p4

Lenoix, E. Joseph, died 3/11/52: 3/13/52p3

Leonard, George H., died 5/27/51: 5/31/51pB2

Leone, Carrol, and Grace Germon are wed 6/29/56: 7/5/56p5

Lepage, Angelina D., died 12/13/52: 12/18/52p3

LePage, Arlene, and Francis Coyne are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

LePage, Charles, died 11/19/59: 11/26/59p3

LePage, Emil, reaps earliest crop of garden peas: 7/4/57p1

Lepene, Donald, and Patricia Stevens are wed 9/28/56: 10/4/56p4

Lepene, John, died 11/7/56: 11/8/56p3

Lepene, Richard, weds Joyce Freeman 6/16/50: 6/22/50pB6

Lesperance, Christine, weds Ernest Maxfield 4/27/50: 5/4/50p4

Lesperance, Dawn, and Arthur Lambert are wed 9/3/56: 9/6/56p7

Lessard, Anita, and Ralph Forcier are wed 4/14/52: 4/17/52p4

Lessard, Barbara, and Allen Shea are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Lessard, Constance, and Armand Robidas wed 8/25/51: 8/30/51pB1

Lessard, Delvina D., died 7/27/51: 8/2/51pB6

Lessard, Delyina, and Adrian Roulx are wed 11/26/52: 12/4/52p4

Lessard, Elizabeth R., died 3/26/52: 3/27/52p3

Lessard, Fred J., died 5/5/3/58: 5/8/58p3

Lessard, Lydia S., died 9/1/59: 9/3/59p3

Lessard, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/1/56p2

Lessard, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/17/55pB8

Letendre, Lucille, and Paul Letourneau are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Letendre, M&M Joseph A., celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/15/58p7

Letourneau, Armand, and Anne Gilbert are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56pp4,C6

Letourneau, Ernest, died 3/22/57: 3/28/57p3

Letourneau, Fernand, weds Irene Beaupre 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p5

Letourneau, Henriette, and Gerard Labrecque are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Letourneau, Leontine, died 3/22/57: 3/28/57p3

Letourneau, M&M Archie, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/2/59pB4

Letourneau, M&M Cy, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/11/56p4

Letourneau, Marcel, and Bettyann Casperson are wed 8/18/56: 8/23/56p4

Letourneau, Paul, and Lucille Letendre are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Letourneau, Pierre, died 3/26/55: 3/31/55p3

Letourneau, Rachel, and Charles Ellis are wed 11/24/55: 12/1/55p4

Letourneau, Shirley, and Robert Vanasse are wed 6/11/55: 6/16/55p4

Letourneay, Arthur D., died 4/16/52: 4/17/52p3

Levasseur, Barbara, and Maurice Wheeler are wed 1/16/54: 1/28/54p4

Leveille, Annette, and Raymond Tetreault are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Leveillee, Marie, and Robert Rouleax are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB4

Levesque, Alexandrine R., died 4/3/52: 3/27/52p3,4/10/52p3

Levesque, Donald, and Stella Roulx are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Levesque, Gloria, and Richard Boyle are wed 5/30/53: 6/4/53p4

Levesque, Lorraine, and Richard Lowden are wed 7/23/56: 8/2/56p4

Levesque, Louis, and Mariette Lebel are wed 9/2/57: 9/12/57pB1

Levesque, M&M Charles, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/6/57p2

Levesque, M&M Sylvio, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/25/52p4

Levesque, Madeleine, and William Hennelly are wed 7/9/55: 7/14/55p5

Levesque, Roger, and Doris Rocheleau are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Levesque, Rose, and Peter Rutherford are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Levesque, Sons of Sylvio, have sold Couriers for 17 years: 10/22/59p1

Levesque, Wilda G., died 8/6/56: 8/9/56p3

Levielle, Simone, and Albert Stevens are wed 10/27/56: 11/1/56p4

Lewis, Elizabeth B., died 1/26/50: 11/30/50p3

Lewis, Henry, and Eleanor Hall are wed 2/18/51: 2/22/51p4,3/8/51p4

Lewis, John H., died 7/3/51: 8/9/51p3

Lewis, Lena W., died 8/24/50: 8/24/50p3

Lewis, M&M Benjamin F., celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/25/51pB2

Lewis, M&M Walter, celebrate 55th anniversary: 10/5/50pp1,2

Lewis, M&M Walter, celebrate 61st anniversary: 10/4/56p3

Lewis, M&M Walter J., celebrate 63rd anniversary: 10/2/58p1

Libby, Donald, and Josephine Paul are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Libby, Dwight, and Doretta Winkley wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4,11/19/51p4

Libby, Frank H., died 11/4/57: 11/7/57p3

Libby, Gladys, and Alfred Richardson Jr. are wed 2/12/55: 2/17/55pC1

Libby, Lucie A., and 86-year-old twin sister are feted: 7/23/59pB2

Libby, Marseille, and Carleton Richardson are wed 12/3/55: 12/8/55p4

Libby, Nellie B., died 12/15/55: 12/22/55p3

Libby, Norma, and Merle Treadwell are wed 6/27/52: 7/3/52p4

Libby, Warren, and Beatrice Couture are wed 2/15/58: 2/20/58p4

Liberty, Sara, and John Zanes are wed 8/?/56: 1/31/57p4

Lightbody, Emma J., died 5/23/56: 5/24/56p3,5/31/56p3

Lilljedahl, Carl, and Thelma Dumont are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Lilljedahl, Robert, and Ann Minnicucci wed 12/9/52: 12/11/52p4,12/18/52p4

Lilljedahl, Shirley, and Howard Sceggel are wed 6/6/54: 6/10/54p4

Lincoln, Eunice, is arts and crafts authority: 11/12/59pA1

Lincoln, George H., died 2/10/51: 2/15/51p3

Lincoln, James, weds Janet Henderson: 7/30/53pB3 ,8/13/53p3

Lincoln, M&M Harold G., celebrate 35th anniversary: 1/14/54p4

Lincoln, Raymond E., died 8/17/56: 8/23/56p3

Lind Jr., Charles, and Barbara Kasimer are wed 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Lingl, Josephine, and Robert Stewart are wed 6/17/53: 6/25/53pB2

Linscott, Emma D., celebrates 95th birthday: 4/19/51p5

Linscott, Emma D., died 11/28/55: 12/1/55p3

Linscott, Emma--A Pertinent Personality: 11/30/50p4

Lipscott, Emma D., celebrates 99th birthday: 4/14/55p1

Lique, Henry, died 10/10/58: 10/16/58p3

Littlefield, Fannie W., died 5/9/56: 5/10/56p3

Littlefield, Fred E., died 5/6/51: 5/10/51p3

Littlefield, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/23/50p8

Littlefield, Marion E., died 10/23/52: 10/30/52p3

Littlefield, Perley, pilots his plane 5,000 miles: 7/31/58p1

Littlefield, Ralph W., died 5/22/59: 5/28/59p3

Littlefield, Susie E., died 5/29/54: 6/3/54p3

Littlefield, William H., died 9/20/56: 9/27/56p3

Lizotte, Archie, and Rachel Johnson are wed 1/29/55: 2/10/55p4

Lizotte, Dolores, and Joseph Pomerleau wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4,6/4/53p4

Lizotte, Doris, weds Armand Ferland 5/26/51: 5/31/51p4

Lizotte, Henry, and Florence Parmerleau are wed 11/18/50: 11/23/50p4

Lizotte, Muriel, and William Watson Jr. are wed 3/24/51: 3/29/51p4

Lizotte, Paul, and Janice Berry are wed 4/3/55: 4/7/55p4

Lizotte, Priscilla, and Paul Lavoie are wed 11/27/52: 12/4/52p4

Lizotte, Roger, and Diane Smith are wed 6/6/59: 6/11/59pB4

Lloyd, George F., died 2/17/58: 2/27/58p3

Locke, Augusta M., died 10/6/50: 10/12/50p3

Locke, Clarence B., died 10/2/55: 10/6/55p3

Locke, Edward N., died 9/27/50: 10/5/50p8

Locke, Elizabeth H., died 3/21/58: 3/27/58p3

Locke, Harriet B., died 5/29/58: 6/5/58p3

Locke, Henry W., died 2/26/56: 3/1/56p3

Locke, James I., died 20/50: 1/26/50p4

Locke, M&M Henry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/23/51pB2

Locke, M&M Henry, celebrate 59th anniversary: 8/28/52p3

Locke, M&M Henry W., celebrate 25th anniversay: 8/24/50pA3

Locke, M&M Henry W., celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/27/53p1

Locke, Mattie E., died 1/4/56: 1/5/56p8,1/12/56p3

Locke, Samuel, died 4/21/58: 4/24/58p3

Logan, Marion, and Richard Quimby are wed 7/2/59: 7/23/59p4

Loiselle, Damase P., died 12/26/57: 1/2/58p3

Lombardo, Frank, and Glorine LaPierre are wed 5/18/57: 5/23/57p4

Long, John, and Catherine Perkins are wed 2/1/52: 2/14/52pB5

Long Jr., Walter, and Barbara Goodwin are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Long, Melvin, and Nancy Harriman are wed 11/25/55: 12/1/55p4

Long, Yvonne, and Glen Tilton are wed 3/17/56: 3/29/56p4

Loomis, Bradley, and Ruth Ricker are wed 7/20/57: 7/22/57p4

Lopez, Enival T., died 9/8/50: 9/14/50p3

Lord, Amelia, and Robert Cote are wed 4/28/59: 4/30/59p4

Lord, Arthur A., died 7/20/53: 7/23/53p3

Lord, Betty, and Joseph Castonguay are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54pp4,5

Lord, Delbert W., died 3/11/57: 3/14/57p3

Lord, Earl, and Elaine Jacobs are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p5

Lord, Ethelyn, and Franklin Dore are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Lord, Grace, weds Austin Hanson 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Lord, Harriet L., died 10/20/53: 10/29/53p3

Lord, Norman E., died 8/11//57: 8/15/57p3

Lord, Orion, and June Marston are wed 10/29/58: 11/6/58p5

Lord, Richard, and Bertha Leathers are wed 7/8/53: 7/16/53p4

Lord, Virginia, and Roland Labrecque wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4,12/11/52p4

Lord, William J., died 12/4/51: 12/13/51p3

Lord. M&M Clayton, celebrate 20th anniversary: 7/10/58p5

Loring, Melvin, and Auralie Senter are wed 9/23/55: 9/29/55p4

Loring, Melvin L., died 6/5/56: 6/14/56p3

Loring, Ruby F., died 5/14/44: 5/19/55p3

Loring, Sarah F., died 5/4/53: 5/7/53p3

Lougee, Allie A., died 6/27/57: 7/4/57p3

Lougee, Hattie M., died 9/21/56: 9/27/56p3

Lougee, Jacob A., died 4/11/50: 4/13/50p19

Lougee, Jean, weds Gary Randall 7/1/50: 7/6/50pB2 ,7/13/50p4

Lougee, Joan, and John Pulsifer are wed 2/21/53: 2/26/53pB2

Lougee, Mariann, and Donald Welch are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p2

Lougee, Maybelle R., died 12/?/59: 12/10/59p3

Lougee, William W., died 1/10/54: 1/14/54p1

Lourion, Irene, and Adelard Breton are wed 4/7/56: 4/12/56p4

Lovejoy, George, and Joyce Rouleau are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Lovejoy, John, and Rhona Roy are wed 5/30/53: 6/4/53p4

Lover, M&M Peter J., celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/12/55p1

Lovett, Helen, and Lee Eldridge are wed 10/11/56: 10/18/56p4

Low, Debra, and John Leahy are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Low, Gilbert, and Agnes Nevers are wed 9/22/57: 9/26/57p4

Lowd, Patricia, and Albert Small are wed 9/25/59: 10/1/59p4

Lowd, William, died 3/7/53: 3/12/53p3

Lowden, Richard, and Lorraine Levesque are wed 7/23/56: 8/2/56p4

Lowe, Carolyn, and Raymond Conway are wed 10/22/55: 11/10/55p4

Lowe, Catherine J., died 3/12/59: 3/19/59p3

Lowe, John, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/25/56p4

Lowell, Herbert S., died 10/7/54: 10/14/54p3

Lowry, Ellis, and Beverly McGregor are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

Lowry, Fay, and Wilfred Desaulniers are wed 3/24/51: 3/29/51pB3

Lowry, William, and Madeleine Richard are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Lucas, Abbie J., died 12/3/56: 12/6/56p3

Lucas, Ira P., died 6/23/58: 6/26/58p3

Lucey, Donald, and Josephine Pike are wed 12/5/50: 12/14/50p4

Lucey, Eleanor, and Arthur Belanger Jr. are wed 9/5/53: 9/10/53p4

Lucey, Eleanor, weds Ralph Canney Jr. 5/12/51: 5/17/51p4

Lucey, Katherine, and Forrest Campbell are wed 1/27/51: 2/1/51p8

Lucey, Mary H., died 7/17/55: 7/21/55p3

Luciano, Pasquale, and Marlene Titus are wed 9/11/55: 9/29/55p4

Lucy, Eleanor, is Queen of City's Winter Carnival: 2/16/50p1

Lucy, Elizabeth, celebrates 90th birthday: 6/10/54p4

Ludden, Helen, died 5/6/56: 5/10/56p3

Ludemann, Henry, and Irene Michel are wed 2/2/52: 2/7/52p4

Lund, Eleanor, weds Eric Hellman Jr. 6/10/50: 7/20/50p4

Lunt, Betty and Mary, audition for Ted Mack Show in NYC: 7/24/52p1

Lunt, Cynthia, and Norman Beaudoin are wed 4/17/53: 4/23/53p4

Lunt, Elizabeth, and William Knowles are wed: 9/4/58p4

Lunt, Elizabeth, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 1/15/53p1

Lunt, Esther, and Gilbert Ross are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Lunt, Wilma, weds Stanley Macora 6/5/50: 6/8/50p4

Lupien, Elson, and Ramona Andreason are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p4

Lupien, Warren, and Gloria Hebert are wed 5/1/53: 5/7/53p4

Lurvey Jr., Carlisle, and Frances Dudley are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Lutigg, Garnett, and Charlotte Fleurie are wed 12/19/59: 12/24/59pB2

Lydon, Mary E., died 3/8/50: 3/9/50p5

Lydon, Thomas, died 5/2/52: 5/8/52p3

Lylis, Theodore C.--Our Teachers/SHS: 6/1/50p11

Lyndes, James, and Beverly Drew are wed 12/22/56: 12/27/56p4

Lyndes, Mrs. Elery J., feted for 22 years of Red Cross service: 1/31/52p1

Lyons, C. Wesley, died 12/16/59: 12/17/59p1

Lyons, C. Wesley--People Who Make Rochester: 4/27/50p10

Lyons, Donald, and Gail Small are wed 8/30/57: 9/12/57p4

Lyons, Dorothy--A Pertinent Personality: 8/24/50p4

Lyons, Edward, and Nancy Churchill are wed 12/24/50: 12/28/50p4

Lyons, Florence M., died 7/6/59: 7/9/59p3

Lyons, John E., died 3/2/53: 3/5/53p3

Lyons, Loretta, and Denis Flynn are wed 12/27/58: 1/1/59p4

Lyons, Sylvia, and David Berry are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Lyons, Waneta, and Rene Grenier are wed 8/7/54: 8/12/54p4

Marble, Joyce, weds Robert Thebeault 2/2/52: 2/7/52pB1

MacAllister, Raymond, and Constance Pare are wed 10/2/54: 10/7/54p4

MacCloud, Martha, and Donald Marcotte are wed 9/22/56: 10/4/56p4

MacDonald, Alfred, and Anna Chretien are wed 12/26/53: 12/31/53p4

MacDonald, Carolyn, and Daniel Yaklevich are wed 8/5/57: 8/29/57p4

MacDonald, James, and Norma Herries are wed 9/28/56: 10/4/56p4

MacDonald, Jane, died 12/20/57: 12/26/57p3

MacDonald, Richard, and Shirley Glidden are wed 7/3/54: 7/8/54pp4,6

MacDonald, Theodore, and Ann Seavey are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

MacDougall, John, and Shirley Riley are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

MacDougall, Marilyn, and Ricgard Henderson are wed 5/22/53: 5/28/53p4

Machette, Eric, and Patricia Witherell are wed 11/22/50: 12/7/50p4

MacIver, Allard, and Joan Forsythe are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

MacIver, Beverly, weds Joseph Shackford 7/9/50: 7/20/50pB2

MacIver, Neil, died 3/3/57: 3/7/57p3

Mack, Henry, died 11/8/53: 11/12/53p3

MacLeod, Daniel A., died 4/11/54: 4/17/52p3

MacLeod, George, and Rita Girardin are wed 11/8/52: 11/27/52p4,12/18/52p4

MacMillan, Edith, died 10/?/53: 10/15/53p3

Macora, Stanley, weds Wilma Lunt 6/5/50: 6/8/50p4

MacPhail, Catherine, and Joseph Britton are wed 8/6/55: 8/4/55p4

MacRae, Alice, died 8/19/53: 8/20/53p3

Madden, Edward, has composition played by BU Symphonic Band: 4/30/59p5

Madore, Bartholeme, and Gertrude Berry are wed 4/25/53: 4/30/53p4

Magnon, Hazel A., died 7/28/59: 7/30/59p1

Maguire, Richard, weds Betty Stuart 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Mahoney, Bridget, died 12/27/57 are wed 11/30/57: 12/12/57p3

Mailhot, Alphonsine L., died 4/24/57: 4/25/57p3,5/2/57p3

Mailhot, Archie, retires after 44 years of barbering: 4/9/59p1

Mailhot, Fred, and Natalie Prime are wed 12/27/58: 1/22/59p4

Mailhot, Fred, and Natalie Prime are wed 12/27/58: 1/1/59p4

Mailhot, Leo, died 5/?/58: 5/15/58p1

Mailhot, Leo, weds Madeline Hawkins 7/7/51: 7/12/51p4

Mailhot, Thelma, and Leonard Ramsey are wed 1/6/51: 1/11/51p4

Mailman, Issia W., died 12/29/56: 1/3/57p3

Mains, Doris, and Rene Therrien are wed 1/21/53: 1/29/53p4

Mains Jr., Walter, and Theresa Gagne are wed 12/22/53: 12/31/53p4

Mains, M&M Walter R., celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/22/54p4

Mains, Shirley, and Charles McKuhen are wed 4/?/58: 6/12/58p4

Mains, William, and Shirley Christie are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54p4

Mallett, Jane Q., died 9/29/58: 10/2/58p3

Malone Sr., M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/4/57p1

Maloney, James, and Judith Sutphin are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Maloney, John, and Dorothy Keay are wed 1/31/59: 2/5/59p4

Maloney, Lea A., died 10/1/57: 10/3/57p3

Manchester, Albert, died 9/19/58: 9/25/58p1

Manchester, George A., died 3/16/58: 3/20/58p3

Mann, Dwight, and Theresa Ouellette are wed 8/15/58: 8/21/58p4

Mann, Irving, and Gladys Clark are wed 2/21/59: 2/26/59p4

Mann, M&M Orman celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/9/59p4,4/16/59p1

Mann, Thomas, and Constance Seavey are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Manning, Alice N., died 3/2/7/55: 3/31/55p3

Manning, Donald, and Pauline Kondrup are wed 1/30/55: 2/3/55p4

Manning, Mabel, sees son Timothy as Regimental Adjutant: 9/27/56p1

Mansfield, Dianne, and Charles Morgan are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Mansfield, James, and Cynthia Choate are wed 2/2/58: 2/6/58p5

Mansfield Jr., Benjamin, died 12/?/55: 12/22/55p3

Mansfield Jr., Raymond, weds Eleanor Owen 6/3/50: 6/8/50p4

Manson, Robert, and Ruby Nedeau are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Mansur, Theresa, and Robert Blanchette are wed 7/4/55: 7/7/55p1

Marble, Francis, and Lorraine Gaulin are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Marble, Harold, and Laurette Fortin are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55pB1

Marble, Jacqueline, and Philip Bennett are wed 7/2/53: 7/9/53p4

Marble, Oliver E., died 6/?/53: 6/18/53p3

Marble, Raelene, and Gerard Tremblay are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52pp4,5

Marble, Robert, and Dorothy Bennett are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

March, Constance, and Robert Canney are wed 1/28/52: 2/7/52p4

March, Ida, and Frank Ames are wed 7/6/59: 8/6/59p4

March, Iva M., died 12/17/58: 12/18/58p3,12/25/58p3

March, Joyce, and Neil Fogg are wed 12/24/51: 12/27/51p7

March Jr., Fred, and Priscilla Townsend are wed 1/28/51: 2/1/51p8

March, M&M Willard M., celebrate 60th anniversary: 11/10/55p5

March, Marion, and Robert Marsh are wed 5/10/52: 5/22/52p4

March, Mildred, retires as Ward School principal: 4/18/57p6

March, William N., celebrates 80th birthday: 1/20/55p1,2/10/55p8

Marchand, Alphone (Fred), died 12/29/49: 1/12/50p1

Marchand, Bernard M., died 10/30/51: 11/1/51p3

Marchand, Dorothy, and Wilbur Flykt are wed 7/11/59: 7/16/59p4

Marchand, Edgar T., died 6/?/53: 6/25/53p3

Marchand, Russell, and Jane Reed are wed 9/22/52: 9/25/52p4

Marchant, Richard, and Marilyn Kidder are wed 6/5/55: 6/9/55p4

Marchiony, Paul, died 4/4/58: 4/10/58p3

Marchiony, Robert, weds Audrey Moulton 1/1/50: 1/19/50p4

Marcil, Alfred J., died 5/8/59: 5/14/59p3

Marcotte, Donald, and Martha MacCloud are wed 9/22/56: 10/4/56p4

Marcotte, Estelle, and Philip Belliveau are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Marcotte, Jeannette, and Robert Vachon are wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4

Marcotte, Leo, and Doris Giguere are wed 6/27/53: 7/9/53p4

Marcotte,, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/11/52p4

Marcotte, M&M Leo, celebrate 30th anniversary: 2/10/55p4

Marcotte, Minnie, died 6/24/54: 7/1/54p3

Marcotte, Norman, and Stella Begin are wed 5/2/53: 5/7/53p4

Marcotte, Roland, and Delores Giguere are wed 3/26/56: 6/28/56p4

Marcou, Alfred, died 9/28/56: 10/4/56p3

Marcoux, Claire, and Yvan Robitaille are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Marcoux, Edmond J., died 5/19/54: 5/20/54p1

Marcoux, Edna, and Floyd Tanner are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB6

Marcoux, Gideon J., died 10/13/52: 10/16/52p3

Marcoux, Jeanette, and Dennis Flanagan are wed: 3/5/59p4

Marcoux, Mary, and Alfred Vaillancourt are wed 12/31/55: 1/6/55p4

Marcoux, Raymond, and Marie Nadeau are wed 11/25/54: 12/2/54pB1

Marden, Horton D., died 9/11/50: 9/14/50pB4

Marginson, Ida, died 3/7/50: 3/9/50p5

Marginson, William E., died 1/15/56: 1/19/56p3

Marin, Madeleine, and Nelson Eschmann are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Marison, Bernard, weds Jeannette Everson 8/5/50: 8/10/50pA1

Marone, Mildred, and Forrest Davis Jr. are wed 5/2/53: 5/14/53p4

Marple, Priscilla, and Herbert Dickinson are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Marquis, Eugene, died 4/29/57: 5/9/57p3

Marquis, Joseph, died 2/4/57: 2/7/57p3

Marquis, Rose, has typed hot metal for 31 years: 1/6/55pp1,4

Marquis, Wilbrod, died 5/17/55: 5/19/55p3

Marr, Jacqueline, weds Raymond Guillmette 6/23/51: 6/28/51p8

Marr, Paula, and Keith Fisher are wed 11/7/53: 11/12/53pB4

Marr, Pauline, amd Harold Morse are wed 8/15/52: 8/21/52pA8

Marsh, Evamae, and Robert Wilson are wed 10/4/58: 10/9/58p4

Marsh, Frank, and Kathleen McGrath are wed 5/23/53: 6/11/53pC6

Marsh Jr., Fred, and Wanita Hussey are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55pB3

Marsh Jr., Robert, and Patricia Brouillard are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

Marsh, Robert, and Marion March are wed 5/10/52: 5/22/52p4

Marsh, Rolland, and Jean Hickey are wed 6/15/58: 6/19/58p4

Marshall, Elizabeth, died 7/6/53: 7/9/53p3

Marshall, June, and Richard Clark are wed 5/18/52: 5/22/52p4

Marsters, Elizabeth, died 7/20/57: 7/25/57p3

Marston, Ellen B., died 3/31/59: 4/2/59p3

Marston, June, and Orion Lord are wed 10/29/58: 11/6/58p5

Marston, Maude L., died 8/21/50: 8/24/50pB4

Martel, Frank X., died 11/10/58: 11/13/58p3

Martell, Antoin, died 3/19/56: 3/22/56p3

Martell, Infant, died 11/6/55: 11/10/55p1

Martell Jr., Clayton, and Patience Stuart are wed 3/30/51: 4/5/51p4

Martin, Charles E., died 4/16/56: 4/19/56p3

Martin, Cynthia, and Louis Kochanek are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Martin, George, died 2/28/50: 3/2/50p5

Martin, Helen, and Jerald Quimby are wed 7/8/56: 7/19/56p4

Martin, Jean, and Roger LaBranche are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4,11/23/50p4

Martin, Laurence, and Joanne Hobbs are wed 6/6/53: 6/18/53p4

Martin, Lester, and Cynthia Eaves are wed 2/13/54: 2/18/54p4

Martin, Philip, and Rita Lemoyne are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Martin, Winona, weds Joseph Houle 7/5/50: 7/6/50p4

Martineau, Ernest, and Catherine Calef are wed 7/2/57: 7/11/57p5

Martineau, Ernest, died 1/6/58: 1/9/58p3

Martineau, Joseph, died 2/16/59: 2/26/59p3

Martineau, Margaret, and Robert Boisvert are wed 1/11/58: 1/16/58p4

Martineau, Raymond, and Bertha Garrett are wed 1/23/55: 1/27/55pB3

Martineau, Wilfred, and Audrey Crosby are wed 11/10/51: 11/15/51p4

Martshall, Everett J., died 6/19/56: 6/28/56p3

Mason, Arthur L., died 6/12/57: 6/20/57p3

Mason, Lilla W., died 9/21/52: 9/25/52p3

Mason, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/23/50p8

Mason, Preston, and Dorothea Chase are wed 6/1/52: 6/12/52p4

Masse, Alice, weds Stanley Sprague Jr. 11/15/52: 11/20/52pp4,B1

Masse, Marie, and Julian Roberge are wed 10/3/56: 10/11/56p4

Masse, Phyllis, and Ralph Batchelder Jr. are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53pB2

Masse, Wilda--A Pertinent Personality: 5/25/50p4

Massey, Edard H., died 1/9/53: 1/15/53p3

Massey, Fred G., died 1/25/54: 1/28/54p3

Massey, Olga O., died 1/3/50: 1/12/50p4

Massingham, Louise, and George Hussey are wed 8/17/52: 8/21/52p4

Massingham, Shirley, and James Reagan are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Masterson, Mary, and Benjamin Skeggell are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

Masury, Donald T., died 3/14/52: 3/20/52p3

Masury, Eleanor F., died 5/9/57: 5/16/57p3

Mathews, Philip, and Beverly Hodsdon are wed 7/13/57: 7/18/57p4

Mathews, Wendell, and Etta Hall are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Mattair, David, and Roberta Gibbs are wed 8/20/52: 9/11/52pB2

Matthews, David, and Gloria Howard are wed 9/12/59: 9/17/59p6

Matthews, Hannah M., died 5/11/54: 5/13/54p3

Matthews, Lois, and Edgar Roussin are wed 1/3/58: 1/9/58p4

Mattocks, Charles, and Delia Moffett are wed 4/28/51: 5/3/51p4,5/17/51p4

Maxam, Louise, and Harry Delorier Jr. are wed 6/21/53: 6/25/53p4

Maxfield, Armand, weds Evelyn Dolan 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4,4/27/50p4

Maxfield, Constance, weds Paul Therrien 12/29/56: 1/3/57p5,1/10/57pA6

Maxfield, Ernest, weds Christing Lesperance 4/27/50: 5/4/50p4

Maxfield, Gerard, and Norma Burbank are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Maxfield, Henry J., died 3/5/50: 3/16/50p5

Maxfield, Hervey, and Geraldine Carroll are wed 4/14/52: 4/17/52p4

Maxfield, Jacqueline, and Robert Doyon are wed 2/21/53: 2/26/53p4

Maxfield, Joseph, died 5/23/52: 5/29/52p3

Maxfield Jr., Edward, and Doris Cleary are wed 7/6/57: 7/11/57p5

Maxfield, Leo E., died 10/27/53: 11/5/53p3

Maxfield, Norman J., died 12/28/59: 12/31/59p3

Maxfield, Richard, weds Ila Gorton 6/9/51: 6/14/51pC4

May, Janice, and Frank Splain Jr. are wed 8/9/52: 8/21/52p4

May, Janice, and Frank Splaine are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

May, Luella, died 7/8/59: 7/9/59p8

Maynard, Colin, & Judith Whitehouse wed 12/12/59: 12/17/59p4,12/24/59pB2

Maynard, Lampert S., died 1/?/50: 2/2/50p9

Maynard, Thelma, and Harry Cotton are wed 5/22/54: 5/27/54p4

Mayo, Adolph, and Patricia Desmarais are wed 5/28/55: 6/2/55p4

Mayo, Eugene E., died 11/22/50: 11/23/50p1,11/30/50p3

Mayo, James J., died in the Korean war: 1/7/54p1

Mayo, James J., is MIA in Korea: 1/18/51p1 MIA

Mayo, Pauline, weds Richard Smith 1/27/50: 2/2/50p4

Mayotte, Alfred J., died 6/21/51: 6/28/51p3

McAllister, Barbara, and Malcolm Shaw are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

McAllister, Lester C., died 3/25/54: 3/25/54p1,4/1/54p3

McAllister, Margaret, died 8/25/56: 8/30/56p3

McAllister, Nancy, and David McVicar Jr. are wed 10/17/56: 10/25/56p4

McAllister, Verna, and Spiros Kathios are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52p4

McBride, James, weds Joanne Heaney 7/3/50: 7/6/50p4

McBride, Marcia, and Robert Melanson are wed 2/23/51: 3/1/51pB2

McCallion, M&M Neil, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/6/59p4

McCallum Jr., James, and Jane Hayes are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

McCann, Paul, weds Marie Doyon 6/24/50: 7/6/50p4

McCarn, Lois, and Norman Richard are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

McCarter, Don, and Joan Hall are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51p4

McCarter, Fannie, died 5/4/56: 5/17/56p3

McCarthey, William E., died 2/24/58: 2/27/58p3

McCarthy, Eunice, and Albert Tapscott are wed 9/24/55: 10/6/55p4

McCarthy, Hilda B., died 12/14/56: 12/20/56p3

McCauley, Charles F., died 1/25/56: 1/26/56p1,2/2/56p3

McCauley, Margaret, weds Edward Fraser 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4

McClary, M&M Horance, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/16/59p4

McClelland, Elizabeth, and Robert York are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

McClelland, Maude B., died 1/11/52: 1/17/52p3

McClelland, Robert, retires after 49 years in post office: 1/31/57p1

McClintock, Deveda, and James Boseker are wed 4/25/53: 4/30/53p4

McCormack, Imogene, and Roland Chagnon are wed 8/16/53: 8/20/53pB2

McCormack, Perley E., died 12/9/59: 12/17/59p3

McCrackin, Nancy, and Kendrick Doe are wed 8/25/57: 9/5/57p4

McCrillis, Joel W., died 1/21/56: 1/26/56p3

McCrillis, Joseph, celebrates 80th birthday: 1/18/51p8

McCrillis, Joseph W., celebrates 79th birthday: 1/19/50p4

McCrillis, Marie, and Henry Gallant are wed 10/5/56: 11/8/56p4

McCullough, Andrew G., died 4/2/58: 4/3/58p3

McDaniel, Nancy, and Raymond Dubois are wed 8/20/58: 9/25/58p4

McDonald, Elizabeth G., died 2/14/50: 2/16/50p5

McDonald, Frank, and Vera McMann are wed 7/5/52pB4

McDonald, Peter, died 6/2/52: 6/5/52p3

McDuffee, Carolyn M., died 11/10/58: 11/13/58p3

McDuffee, Charles, died 7/7/59: 7/9/59p3

McDuffee, Elizabeth, and Alfred Brow are wed 5/2/55: 5/12/55p4

McDuffee, Louis H.--People Who Make Rochester: 9/21/50pA2

McDuffee, Luella, died 2/2/51: 2/8/51p3

McDuffee, Nellie E., died 7/25/50: 7/27/50p3

McDuffee, Sally, and Ralph Barisano are wed 1/2/51: 1/4/51p4

McElwain, William L., died 10/?/55: 10/13/55p3

McEntee, Alfred P., died 12/19/53: 12/24/53p3

McEwen, Virginia, weds Carl Stone 5/25/51: 5/31/51p4

McGloan, Robert, and Ann Wiggin are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

McGrath, Elizabeth A., died 1/28/57: 1/31/57p3

McGrath, Kathleen, and Frank Marsh are wed 5/23/53: 6/11/53pC6

McGrath, Marshall, weds Carolyn Pike 7/7/51: 7/12/51p4

McGrath, Mavis, and John McIsaac are wed 11/22/56: 11/29/56p4

McGrath, Rodney J., died 1/21/55: 1/27/55p3

McGrath, Thomas J., died 11/8/51: 11/15/51pB6

McGregor, Beverly, and Ellis Lowry are wed 9/10/55: 9/15/55p4

McHale, Joseph, and Claire Gravel are wed 6/8/59: 6/11/59p4

McIntire, Grace M., died 7/24/51: 7/26/51pB6

McIntosh, Addie C., died 3/5/59: 3/12/59p3

McIsaac, John, and Mavis McGrath are wed 11/22/56: 11/29/56p4

McIver, Burton, weds Josephine Jenness 6/3/50: 6/8/50p4

McKay, Mary F., died 11/18/50: 11/23/50p3

McKeage, Louise, and Paul Gorman are wed 9/9/50: 8/17/50p4

McKeagney, Patrick, died 2/?/56: 3/1/56p3

McKenna, Elaine, and Hugh Miller are wed 4/7/58: 4/17/58pB8

McKenna Jr., John, and Janet Belleville are wed 2/7/56: 2/16/56p4

McKenna, Shirley, and John Calef are wed 9/5/55: 9/8/55p4

McKenney, Elizabeth B., died 9/19/50: 9/28/50p3

McKeon, Robert, and Margaret Hilton are wed 7/27/56: 8/2/56p4

McKernan, John, and Marilyn Hall are wed 12/23/50: 12/28/50p4

McKuhen, Charles, and Shirley Mains are wed 4/?/58: 6/12/58p4

McLaughlin, Charles, and Martha Hersom are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p4

McLean, Joyce, weds Donald Sidney 5/1/53: 5/14/53pA4 ,7/9/53p4

McLellan, Dorothy, and Wilfred Boulet are wed 11/25/59: 12/3/59p4

McMann, Andrew J., died 4/20/55: 4/28/55p3

McMann, Inez G., died 8/6/51: 8/9/51p3

McMann, Vera, and Frank McDonald are wed 7/5/52pB4

McMillan, Bessie T., died 12/7/55: 12/8/55p3

McMullen, Maud H., died 8/30/59: 9/3/59p3

McNally, Richard F., died 7/25/50: 7/27/50p3

McNamara, Virginia E.--Our Teachers/SHS: 2/1/51pA9

McNeil, Jeanne, and Donald Adams are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

McNulty, Martin, and Muriel Lafontaine are wed 8/9/58: 8/14/58p4

McPhee, John, died 1/18/59: 1/22/59p3

McQuaid, Katherine, died 3/15/55: 3/17/55p3

McQuillen, Nettie, died 7/17/53: 7/23/53p

McRae, Kenneth, died 11/?/56: 11/29/56p3

McvCarton, Mary K., died 6/23/53: 6/25/53p3

McVicar Jr., David, and Nancy McAllister are wed 10/17/56: 10/25/56p4

Meacham, John H., died 8/27/56: 8/30/56p3

Mead. Abbott C., died 3/23/58: 3/27/58p3

Meader, Dwight, weds Betty Neal 7/29/50: 8/3/50p5,8/10/50p4

Meader, Ella, died 3/?/52: 3/20/52pA1

Meader, Emma, celebrates 100th birthday: 6/2/55p1

Meader, Emma, is NE Sunday School Teacher of the Year: 10/24/57p3

Meader, Grace F., died 3/21/56: 3/22/56p3

Meader, Harry H., died 12/12/57: 12/19/57p3

Meader, Harry H.--People Who Make Rochester: 8/24/50pA2

Meader, Lela M., died 1/20/58: 1/23/58p3

Meader, M&M Dana, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/3/58p1

Meader, M&M Harry, celebrate 45th anniversary: 9/20/51p2

Meader, M&M Harry H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/27/56pp1,8

Meader, Sharon, and Nelson Clough are wed 12/5/59: 12/10/59p4,12/17/59p4

Measley, Clifford, and Lillian Smith are wed 5/16/53: 5/28/53p4

Meatty, Herbert E., died 3/22/59: 3/26/59p3

Meatty, Richard, and Jacquelyn Stacy are wed 6/?/59: 7/2/59pA5

Meikle, Clara G., died 8/10/57: 8/15/57p3

Meikle, John S., died 2/28/54: 3/4/54p3

Meikle, William A., died 6/16/55: 6/23/55p3

Meissner, Betty, and Jacques Lacasse are wed 6/19/54: 7/1/54p4

Melanson, Richard, and Helen Henderson are wed 3/14/59: 3/26/59p4

Melanson, Robert, and Marcia McBride are wed 2/23/51: 3/1/51pB2

Melanson, William, and Theresa Bergeron are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Menard, Robert, and Jeannette Thivierge are wed 8/8/59: 8/13/59p4

Menten, Anna G., died 12/25/59: 12/31/59p3

Menton, Anne, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/16/56p1

Merchant, Henry S., died 5/30/59: 6/4/59p3

Merchant, Wayne, and Donna Tuck are wed 8/17/57: 8/22/57p4

Mercier, Oliver J., died 9/22/56: 9/27/56p3

Merrifield, Arlene, and Leon Fogg are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Merrill, Charles E., died 2/16/53: 2/19/53p3

Merrill, Irene, and Lloyd Scruton are wed 9/9/51: 9/27/51pB3

Merrill, Joyce, and Kenneth Glidden are wed 3/27/59: 4/9/59p4

Merrill, Lawrence, and Vera Clark are wed 5/8/52: 5/15/52pB1

Merrill, Marguerite, and Arthur Chase are wed 8/20/55: 9/1/55p4

Merrill, Richard, and Norma Beardsworth are wed 1/3/53: 1/8/53p4

Merrill, Rose, celebrates 89th birthday: 3/5/53pB2

Merrill, Sylvia, and Robert Eason are wed 6/19/53: 6/25/53p4

Merrithew, Frederick, and Alice Sturtevant are wed 11/13/55: 11/24/55p4

Merritt, Shirley, and Frank Amidon are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Merz, Dorothy, and Kenneth Roy are wed 2/11/56: 3/8/56p4

Michael, Frederick, and Mildred Ericson are wed 1/9/54: 1/21/54p4

Michael, Joseph, died 7/19/56: 7/26/56p1

Michael, Joseph, weds Helen Richards 1/28/50: 2/2/50p4

Michaud, Anna B., died 11/25/53: 12/3/53p3

Michaud, Antonio, and Ruth Roy are wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p7

Michaud, Joseph, died 4/23/58: 4/24/58p3

Michaud, Lucille, and William Hope Jr. are wed 7/16/55: 7/21/55p4

Michel, Irene, and Henry Ludemann are wed 2/2/52: 2/7/52p4

Mickelonis, Agnes, and George Drouin are wed 7/20/57: 8/1/57p4

Middleton, Harry C., died 11/19/59: 11/26/59p3

Midwood, Aleatha, died 3/11/57: 3/14/57p3

Mielke, Robert, and Marjorie Timm are wed 7/5/58: 7/10/58p5

Miles, Edward L., died 9/6/56: 9/13/56p3

Miles, Ethel, and Elwood Floyd are wed 12/23/50: 12/28/50pA4

Miles, Sarah, and family hold birthday/reunion fete: 5/14/59p5

Miles, Violetta M., died 5/7/52: 5/15/52pB1

Miller, Alexander, and Barbara Eldridge wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Miller, Alice, and Oscar Turmelle are wed 8/28/51: 9/13/51p4

Miller, Amelia A., died 3/10/55: 3/17/55p3

Miller, Amy B., died 8/31/58: 9/4/58p3

Miller, Arthur G., died 8/26/50: 8/24/50p3

Miller, Betty, and Carl Stanley are wed 12/1/56: 12/6/56p4

Miller, Carol, and Clyde Preble are wed 8/20/54: 9/2/54p1

Miller, Eda J., died 2/9/50: 2/16/50p11

Miller, High, and Elaine McKenna are wed 4/7/58: 4/17/58pB8

Miller, Howard, and Margaret Chenette are wed 12/6/58: 12/11/58p4

Miller, Leona, and Harold Shepard are wed 2/10/51: 2/15/51p4

Miller, Merilyn, and Fred Zazac Jr. wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51pB2

Miller, Natalie, and Theodore Snyder are wed 12/27/50: 2/1/51p4

Miller, Patricia, and Carl Glidden are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

Miller, Richard, and Shirley Thurston wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50pB5

Milligan, Dorothy, and Walter Jackson are wed 2/20/51: 3/8/51pB3

Milliken, Everett L., died 11/4/57: 11/7/57p3

Mills, Bruce, is MIA: 12/7/50p3 MIA

Mills, Donald, and Jacqueline Etcheberry are wed 9/11/55: 10/6/55p4

Mills, Edward, and Constance Rogers are wed 5/2/59: 5/14/59p4

Mills, Horace H., died 2/26/50: 3/2/50p1

Mills, Nettie O., died 3/4/51: 3/8/51pB6

Milne, Simone, and Irving Fickett are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Miner, Edith E., died 7/27/58: 7/31/58p3

Minnicucci, Ann, and Robert Lilljedahl wed 12/9/52: 12/11/52p4,12/18/52p4

Mireault, Marceline, and Romeo Jacques are wed 9/5/59: 9/10/59p2

Mireault, Norman, and Sylvia Carrigan are wed 10/18/52: 10/23/52p4

Mitchell, Barbara, and James Mitchell are wed 12/25/53: 12/31/53p4

Mitchell, Berna B., died 5/3/57: 5/9/57p3

Mitchell, Dorothy, and Elmer Thompson are wed 3/1/52: 3/13/52p4

Mitchell, Earline, weds Philo Hutchison 6/6/50: 6/22/50p4

Mitchell, Edith F., retires after 42 years in education: 6/2/55p1

Mitchell, Edith F.--A Pertinent Personality: 3/22/51p4

Mitchell, James, and Barbara Mitchell are wed 12/25/53: 12/31/53p4

Mitchell, James, and Sandra Hall are wed 1/1/56: 1/5/56p4

Mitchell, Joyce, weds Sheldon Varney 8/13/50: 8/17/50p4

Moffett, Delia, and Charles Mattocks are wed 4/28/51: 5/3/51p4,5/17/51p4

Moffett, Nelson, and Karen Weeden are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Moffett, Yolande, and Chester Warden are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Mondou, M&M Antonio, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/5/59p5

Mondoux, Jeannette, and Richard Langelier are wed 6/1/57: 6/6/57p4

Mondville, Albert, died 11/2/57: 11/7/57p3

Monegan Jr., Ralph, weds Mary Stevenson 5/8/32 on TV: 5/14/53p4,5/21/53p4

Monroe, Arlene, and Vito Ciccitelli are wed 3/25/51: 3/29/51p4

Monroe, Elizabeth T., died 10/30/59: 11/5/59p3

Monroe, James, and Joanne Cookson are wed 11/7/59: 11/19/59p4

Monson, Eleanor, and Guy Davenport are wed 1/28/56: 2/16/56p4

Monteith, Frank, and Ruth Weeks are wed 4/17/53: 4/23/53p4

Montgomery, Claire, and Arnold Williams are wed 7/5/54: 7/15/54p4

Montgomery, Fred, celebrates 86th birthday: 11/9/50pB2

Montgomery, Ralph, weds Arline Quint 3/17/50: 3/23/50p4

Montgomery, Ruth, and Wiley Doherty are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Montie, Herbert E., died 11/2/57: 11/7/57p3

Montie, Herman, and Nellie Van Anden are wed 6/20/54: 7/1/54p4

Moody, Joanne, and David Taylor are wed 3/17/56: 3/23/56p4,4/5/56p4

Moody, Patricia, and Bradley Wiggin are wed 3/17/56: 3/23/56p4,4/5/56p4

Moody, Patricia, is Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow/Milton: 3/2/55pB8

Moody, Robert, body returns home from Korea: 12/27/51p1

Moody, Robert J., died in Korea 3/7/51: 3/29/51p1

Moody, Sandra, and Wayland Pike are wed 6/14/59: 6/18/59p4

Moon, Carol, and William Cox are wed 4/19/58: 4/24/58p4,5/8/58p4

Moon, Geraldine, and Walter Hett are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Mooney, Alice, died 4/23/50: 4/27/50p5

Mooney, Benjamin, receives "Most Valuable Teachers Award": 2/14/57p1

Mooney, Benjamin W.--Our Teachers/SHS: 2/15/51pA5

Mooney, Elizabeth, and James Nelson are wed 4/9/56: 4/12/56p4

Mooney, Francis O., died 2/6/51: 2/8/51p3

Moore, Donald, weds Shirley Dexter 8/11/50: 8/17/50p4

Moore, Harriet F., died 5/23/57: 5/30/57p3

Moore, Julien, and Delvina Tessier are wed 2/16/52: 2/21/52p4

Moore, Mary, and Roger Conroy are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Moore, Mary E., died 12/28/49: 1/5/50p7

Moore, Patricia, and Avard Benton are wed 7/23/55: 7/28/55p4

Moore, Robert, weds Margaret Doherty: 7/6/50p4

Moore, Warren, and Betty Treahey are wed 7/13/57: 7/18/57pp3,4

Moors, Carole, and Bruce Reynolds are wed 6/27/59: 9/3/59p4

Moreau, Carroll, died in Korea 3/8/51: 3/29/51p1

Moreau, Carroll J., died in Korea 3/8/51: 10/25/51p1

Moreau, Joseph, died 11/19/58: 11/20/58p3

Moreau. Henry, and Doris Hamel are wed 5/31/52: 6/5/52p4

Moreland, Nelson, and Corrine Poisson are wed 3/16/52: 3/20/52p4

Morency, Ann, and Raymond Beaudoin wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4,10/25/51p4

Morency, Madeline, and Adelard Dumont are wed 5/8/54: 5/13/54p4

Morest, Treflee, died 5/4/57: 5/9/57p3

Morey, Frederick A., died 2/11/54: 2/18/54p3

Morgan, Ann, and Frederick Nader Jr. are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p4

Morgan, Charles, and Dianne Mansfield are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52p4

Morgan, Donald, and Betty Hackett are wed 9/22/51: 9/27/51pB3

Morgan, Fred, and Germaine LaVallee are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

Morgan, John P., died 9/28/59: 10/1/59p3

Morgan, Richard S., died 7/30/50: 8/3/50p1

Morin, Dr. J. J.--People Who Make Rochester: 11/2/50pA2

Morin, Ernest, and Evelyn Cote are wed 7/14/54: 7/22/54p4

Morin, Frances, weds Robert Drapeau 2/4/50: 2/9/50p4

Morin, Frank, and Patricia Buncehall are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p4

Morin, Gabrielle, and Gordon Richardson are wed 9/23/50: 9/28/50p4

Morin, Jeremaih J., died 3/20/51: 3/22/51p1,3/29/51p1,4/19/51p1

Morin, Marguerite, and Eugene Cormier are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p5

Morin, Olia, (Sister Mary), died 8/19/57: 8/29/57p3

Morin, Palma, and Joseph Suska are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Morin, Rita, and Perley Clough are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Morin, Robert, earns Best New Story of the Year honor: 1/22/59p1

Morin, Robert. reminisces about his WWII experiences: 11/6/58p1

Morin, V. William, died 10/24/53: 10/29/53p3

Morrill, Almee, and Clyde Chamberlin are wed 6/27/54: 7/1/54p4

Morrill, Ernest M., died 2/20/59: 2/26/59p3

Morrill, Jedediah A., died 7/5/59: 7/9/59p3

Morrill, John, and Ruthe Rouleau are wed 7/2/52: 7/17/52p4

Morrill, Linnie M., died 1/4/56: 1/5/56p3

Morrill, Mildred V., died 3/3/57: 3/7/57p3

Morrill, Nancy R., is winner on TV's "Queen For a Day": 9/18/52p1

Morrill, Nason P. (Jed)--People Who Make Rochester: 10/12/50pA2

Morrill, Rodman, and Nancy Remick are wed 5/13/52: 5/15/52p4,5/22/52p4

Morrill, William O., celebrates 85th birthday: 5/21/59p4

Morris, Frederick, and Norma Wood are wed 1/29/56: 2/2/56p4

Morris, John, and Clara Warburton are wed 3/27/52: 3/27/52p4

Morrison, Alice, and Leo LaBonte are wed 12/20/52: 1/8/53p4

Morrison, Barbara, and Roy Johnston are wed 8/31/52: 9/4/52pB5

Morrison, Betty, and Robert Grondin are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p4

Morrison, Cecil A., died 7/12/54: 7/15/54p3

Morrison, Clarence, died 10/1/55: 10/6/55p3

Morrison, Edward, weds Dora Carll 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Morrison, Gladys M., died 11/12/56: 11/15/56p3

Morrison, Harry, died 6/29/50: 7/6/50pB6

Morrison, Harry F., died 6/22/58: 6/26/58p3

Morrison, Isabel, died 1/2/51: 1/4/51p3

Morrison, Isabell, celebrates 92nd birthday: 3/2/50p4

Morrison, Isabelle W., died 12/26/50: 12/28/50p3

Morrison, M&M Philip, celebrate 33rd anniversary: 8/12/54p4

Morrison, mary, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Farmington: 1/29/53pB5

Morrison, Nancy, and Clifton Curtis Jr. are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Morrison, Nellie, and Vivian Cotton are wed 10/20/53: 10/29/53p4

Morrison, NormaJane, and Romeo Larochelle are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Morrison, Walter, weds Katherine Clark 6/10/50: 6/15/50pA3

Morrissey, Genevieve, and Arthur Cegiel are wed 11/17/50: 11/23/50p4

Morse, Beverly, and Donald Kelly are wed 6/16/56: 7/5/56p4

Morse, Charles E., died 8/20/55: 9/1/55p3

Morse, Harold, and Pauline Marr are wed 8/15/52: 8/21/52pA8

Mortimer, Albert C., 43-year veteran of B&M railroad, laid off: 1/8/59p1

Mortimer, Bernard, and Isabelle Drew are wed 5/2/53: 5/28/53p4

Mortimer, L. Goldie, died 5/20/59: 5/21/59p3

Mott, Orrie W., died 1/17/58: 1/23/58p3

Moulton, Audrey, weds Robert Marchiony 1/1/50: 1/19/50p4

Moulton, Carrie B., died 3/25/57: 3/28/57p3

Moulton, Charles T., died 3/?/53: 3/26/53pC4

Moulton, Daniel W., died 5/31/54: 6/10/54p3

Moulton, Florence, weds Joseph Casavant 7/1/50: 7/13/50pB2

Moulton, Gloria, weds George Hanchette 8/11/51: 8/16/51p8

Moulton, Luellel, died 12/14/50: 12/21/50p3

Moulton, M&M Chester, celebrate 32nd anniversary: 9/15/55pC6

Moulton, M&M Chester E., celebrate 28th anniversdary: 8/23/51pB3

Moulton, Theodore, and Marlene Glidden wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53pA3

Mountain, Roland, weds Alberta Whitehouse 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Mountian, Orrie, died 5/22/54: 5/27/54p3

Mucher Jr., George, weds Dorothy Janas 4/12/58: 4/17/58p4,5/8/58p4

Mueller, Antoinette, and Reginald Storrs are wed 12/6/58: 12/11/58p4

Munroe, Gladys, and Robert Spurling are wed 2/18/56: 2/23/56p4

Munsey, Madelaine, weds Franklin Walsh 5/21/50: 5/25/50p4

Murdo, Frances, and Anita Buckman are wed 10/1/58: 10/16/58p4

Murphy, Alice, died 12/9/54: 12/16/54p3

Murphy, Ann, and Robert Bowen are wed 7/7/56: 7/26/56p4

Murphy, Bertram, and Madeleine Lambert are wed 7/4/55: 7/7/55p5

Murphy, David A., is a veteran mink farmer: 1/8/59p8

Murphy, George, and Ruth Dennis are wed 4/5/58: 4/10/58p4

Murphy, Grace, died 12/20/57: 1/9/58p3

Murphy, James E., died 8/26/58: 9/4/58p3

Murphy, Thomas, and Madalyn Jones are wed 8/20/55: 8/25/55p4

Murray, Gary, and Lyn O'Riordan are wed 3/27/51: 4/26/51p4

Murray Jr., Daniel, and Barbara Hanson are wed 9/15/51: 9/20/51p4

Murray, Ruby A., died 4/15/50: 4/20/50p1

Myers, Ronald, and Mary Fernald are wed 6/2/59: 6/11/59p4

Nadeau, Barbara, and Leonard D'Errico are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p4

Nadeau, Cynthia, and Kenneth St. Clair are wed 6/20/53: 6/25/53p4

Nadeau, Delima, celebrates 78th birthday: 8/4/55p4

Nadeau, Delima, celebrates birthday: 8/29/57p4

Nadeau, Jane, and Donald Hebert are wed 12/1/56: 12/6/56p4

Nadeau, Lorraine, weds William Clark 7/6/50: 7/13/50p4

Nadeau, Louise, and Richard King are wed 4/13/56: 4/19/56p4

Nadeau, Marie, and Raymond Marcoux are wed 11/25/54: 12/2/54pB1

Nadeau, Richard, and Grace Tanner are wed 9/8/56: 9/13/56p4

Nadeau, Richard, and Jean Parent are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57p5

Nadeau, Rita, and Robert Vaillancourt are wed: 12/11/52p4

Nadeau, Robert, and Alice Drew are wed 5/25/57: 6/6/57p4

Nadeau, Robert, and Lorraine Caouette are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Nadeau, Roland, and Lorraine Gauthier are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52pp4,B1

Nadeau, Vivian, weds Paul Cartier 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Nader Jr., Frederick, and Ann Morgan are wed 7/7/56: 7/12/56p4

Nadoeau, Delima, died 4/23/58: 4/24/58p3

Naimie, Charles, and Carol Frost are wed 5/16/59: 5/28/59p4

Nangle, Annie T., died 5/6/59: 5/14/59p3

Nason Family Asssociation holds reunion: 8/28/58p8

Nason, Rodney, and Betty Provencher are wed 3/17/57: 3/21/57p4

Nason, Wyman, holds family reunion: 8/25/55p5

Neal, Barbara, and Michael Newsky are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57pB3

Neal, Betty, weds Dwight Meader 7/29/50: 8/3/50p5,8/10/50p4

Neal, Esther, and Richard Gordon are wed 8/31/51: 9/6/51pB3

Neal, Horace U., died 4/8/56: 4/12/56p3

Neal, M&M Edwin, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/25/54p4

Neal, Nancy, and Paul Canney are wed 9/18/54: 9/30/54p4,10/7/54p4

Neal, Norma, and Robert Otash are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Neal, Susan M., died 1/20/57: 1/24/57p3

Nealand, Charles, weds Simone Cote 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Nedeau, Ralph I., died 11/25/58: 12/4/58p3

Nedeau, Ruby, and Robert Manson are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Nedeau, Walter S., died 9/5/51: 9/13/51pB4

Neill, Lucina M., died 7/7/58: 7/17/58p3

Neill, Roy, and Ruby Gross are wed 9/2/59: 9/17/59p6

Nelson, Albert, earsn Masonic 50-year pin: 6/10/54p1

Nelson, Charles, died 10/2/56: 10/4/56p3

Nelson, Frank, and Jeannette Hilton are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4,9/4/58p5

Nelson, Fred W., died 2/28/58: 3/6/58p3

Nelson, Helen, died 6/27/58: 7/3/58p3

Nelson, James, and Elizabeth Mooney are wed 4/9/56: 4/12/56p4

Nelson, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/3/59p4

Nelson, Wallace, weds Geraldine Cartier 4/10/50: 4/27/50p4

Nelson [Nison?], Dorothy, and Joseph Giguere are wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4

Nesbit, Arthur, and Marjorie Winkley are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Nesbit, Elbert, died 3/13/53: 3/19/53p3

Nesbitt, Brenda, weds Philip Blanchette 5/30/58: 6/12/58p5,6/26/58p4

Nesbitt, Constance, and Donald Cossette are wed 8/18/56: 8/23/56p4

Nesbitt, James M., died 3/25/55: 3/31/55p3

Nesbitt, Marie M., died 4/19/56: 4/26/56p3

Nesbitt, Shirley, and Valentine Wilson are wed 2/6/54: 2/11/54p4

Nevers, Agnes, and Gilbert Low are wed 9/22/57: 9/26/57p4

Newhall, Hazel, and James Hickel are wed 9/3/51: 9/6/51pp4,7

Newhall, John, and Mary Thompson are wed 10/10/59: 10/15/59p4,10/22/59pA1

Newsky, Michael, and Barbara Neal are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57pB3

Newton, Frasier L., died 3/21/55: 4/7/55p3

Newton Jr., William, and Jean Whalen are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Newton, Marshall, and Judith Brown are wed 10/24/59: 11/5/59p4

Nichols, Amelia E., died 8/17/57: 8/22/57p3

Nichols, Leona M., died 2/1/51: 2/8/51pB2

Nichols, Leverett, and Carolyn Woodes are wed: 7/10/58p4

Nichols, M&M Walter O., celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/29/54p4

Nickerson, Florence B., died 8/24/51: 8/30/51p3

Nickerson, Florence G., died 5/30/58: 6/5/58p3

Nickerson, June, and Earl Rogers are wed 2/4/51: 2/8/51p4

Nickerson, Vane E., is City's new Marshal: 5/3/51p1

Nickless, Abel H., died 1/28/51: 2/1/51p3

Nisbet, Richard, and Joanne Pike are wed 6/18/55: 6/30/55p4

Nisbet, Walter, and Dolores Anderson are wed 1/9/54: 1/14/54p4

Nisbeth, Vallainhim, and Joan Cook are wed 8/25/57: 8/29/57p4

Nison [Nelson?], Dorothy, and Joseph Giguere are wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4 Nixon, Marie M., died 12/23/54: 12/30/54p3

Noble, Clare E., died 12/5/51: 12/13/51p3

Nolan, Mildred L., died 4/18/55: 4/21/55p3

Nolan, Sally, and Joseph Belair are wed 6/11/56: 6/21/56p4

Nordholm Jr., Joel, and Elaine Peterson are wed 9/10/51: 9/13/51p4

Norman, Arthur, and Lorraine LeBlond are wed 10/31/59: 11/5/59p4

Norman, Dorothy, and Steven Ward are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pB2

Normand, Edward, and Isa Berry are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Normand, Lucille, and Andrew Tremblay are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

Norris, Edith, and Raymond Bailey Jr. are wed 2/26/55: 3/10/55p4

Norris, Joyce, and Kenneth Grenier are wed 7/20/58: 8/14/58p4

Northrup, David, and Patricia Dodge are wed 6/?/59: 7/2/59p4

Norton, Effie L., died 8/1/54: 8/5/54p1

Norton, Kenneth, weds Evelyn Fields 6/6/51: 6/7/51pB1

Norton, Lulu L., died 9/1/59: 9/3/59p3

Norton, Norma H., died 9/19/51: 9/27/51pB3

Norwood, Effie, and Armand Therrien are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51p5

Norwood, Georgia, died 9/25/53: 10/1/53p3

Notkin, M&M Harry, celebrate 20th anniversary: 9/25/52p4

Novins, Celie--A Pertinent Personality: 4/27/50p4

Novins, Murray H.--People Who Make Rochester: 12/7/50pA2

Noyes, Leland, weds Rosa Eastman 1/21/50: 1/26/50p16

Nugent, Alice, and Paul Cavanaugh are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

Nutbrown, Marie, died 7/20/57: 7/25/57p3

Nute, Alfred D., 100, is oldest Mason in the world: 7/23/53p1,8/6/53p1

Nute, Alfred D., is oldest living Mason in the world: 7/29/54p1

Nute, Charlotte, and Robert Pelletier wed 6/22/52: 6/26/52pB3

Nute, Elizabeth, died 6/18/57: 6/20/57p3

Nute, Harry Y., died 10/28/59: 10/29/59p3

Nute, Helen E., died 8/?/58: 8/7/58p3

Nute, Herbert, and Marie Foley are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Nute, L. Maude, died 11/24/56: 11/29/56p3

Nute, Louis S., died 12/12/56: 12/20/56p3

Nute, Mary E., died 6/?/57: 6/27/57p3

Nute, Stanley P., died 11/28/50: 11/30/50p1

Nutter, Clyde, and Marion Brulotte are wed 5/2/52: 5/8/52pB5

Nutter, Edith G., died 9/15/56: 9/20/56p3

Nutter, M&M Harry F., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/11/54p1

Nutting, Harry, and Frances Patten are wed 12/?/55: 12/29/55p4

Nye, Gertrude, died 2/27/53: 3/5/53p3

Nyland, Jean, died 8/29/55: 9/1/55p3

O'Brien, Adlopha B., died 8/6/57: 8/8/57p3

O'Brien, Donald, and Barbara Bickford are wed 3/12/59: 3/19/59p4

O'Brien, Fred J., died 4/12/54: 4/15/54p3

O'Brien, George, and Marilyn Grenier are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4,9/16/54p4

O'Brien, Harriet M., died 2/9/57: 2/14/57p3

O'Brien, Norma, and Stillman Bragdon are wed 2/20/54: 2/25/54p4

O'Brien, Richard, and Barbara Jewett are wed 7/26/57: 8/1/57p4

O'Brien, Rita, died 7/23/55: 7/28/55p3

O'Brien, Robert J., died 5/29/53: 6/4/53p1

O'Brien, Ruby P., died 11/10/56: 11/15/56p3

O'Day, Frank, weds Corrine Davidson 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

O'Donnell, Eva M., died 7/30/59: 8/6/59p3

O'Donnell, John W., died 8/11/57: 8/15/57p3

O'Donnell, Thomas L., died 2/11/53: 2/12/53p3

O'Hagan, John Q., died 10/28/57: 10/31/57p3

O'Leary, Charles, died 2/26/51: 3/1/51pB2

O'Leary, Grace M., died 5/17/57: 5/23/57p3

O'Malley, Anne B., died 2/14/50: 2/16/50p5

O'Malley, Denise, and Martin Turmelle are wed 9/8/56: 9/13/56p4,9/27/56p4

O'Malley, Honora, died 5/6/59: 5/14/59p3

O'Malley, James F., new director of C/C: 7/12/51p1

O'Neil, Diane, and John Staples are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p4

O'Neil, Ethel, weds Joseph Garrow 6/23/51: 6/28/51p8

O'Neil, Guy F., died 4/22/51: 4/26/51p3

O'Neil, Kathleen, and Richard Cavanaugh are wed 4/19/58: 4/24/58p4

O'Neil, M&M Bernardm celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/31/58p5

O'Neil, Roberta, and John Silvia are wed 7/20/57: 8/1/57p4

O'Neil, Ruth, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Farmington: 1/22/59p1

O'Riordan, Lyn, and Gary Murray are wed 3/27/51: 4/26/51p4

O'Soro, Edward, and Janet Dillon are wed 10/29/50: 11/2/50p4

Oakes, William, amd Jeanne Barcomb are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Oakley Jr., Allie, weds Dorothy Forbes 7/3/50: 7/13/50pB2

Odom, Ethel, and Edmund Douglas are wed 12/1/58: 12/11/58p4

Oldford, Lillian D., died 12/13/54: 12/16/54p3

Olin, Lawrence, and Dorothy Russell are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p6

Oliver, Fred H., died 2/8/51: 2/15/51pB8

Oliver, Jean, weds John Teger 7/21/51: 7/26/51p4

Oliver, Marion D., died 3/28/55: 3/31/55p3

Olsen, Harries E., died 8/30/56: 9/6/56p3

Ormsby, William, weds Jeannette Bolduc 7/1/57: 7/4/57p4,7/11/57pB3

Orr, Lillian M., died 8/15/59: 8/20/59p3

Osborn, Lizzie B., died 12/28/50: 1/4/51p3

Osborne, Ellen L., died 12/10/51: 12/13/51p3

Osborne, Frank L., died 12/4/58: 12/11/58p3

Osborne, Martha J., died 12/25/51: 12/27/51p3

Osborne, Nancy, and Clyde Gray are wed 10/23/54: 11/4/54p4

Osborne, Wayne, and Mildred Hawkins are wed 6/21/58: 7/3/58p4

Osborne, William, and Mary Crisp are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p5

Osgood, Alfred F., died 9/15/57: 9/19/57p3

Osgood, Amelia B., died 6/10/54: 6/17/54p3

Osgood, Carlisle, and Jean Wentworth are wed 8/25/56: 8/30/56p4

Osgood, Donald M., ordained to the priesthood: 6/9/55p1

Osgood, George N., died 5/3/59: 5/7/59p3

Osgood, Janice, weds Roy Cook 3/10/50: 3/16/50p16 ,3/23/50p4

Osgood, Lawrence, completes 25 years as RFD postman: 5/13/54p1

Osgood, M&M Harold G., celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/19/54p4

Osgood, Paul S., died 1/?/56: 1/26/56p3

Otash, Robert, and Norma Neal are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Otis, Elizabeth, celebrates 87th birthday: 5/3/51p4

Otis, Ella F., died 9/26/51: 10/4/51p3

Otis, Harry, and Gertrude Gibbons are wed 8/19/52: 8/21/52p4

Otis, Julia, weds Raymond Tompson 8/9/50: 8/17/50p4

Otis, M&M William, celebrate 65th anniversary: 11/23/50p1

Otis, Norman, and Elfreda Naston are wed 11/25/50: 11/30/50pB5

Otis, Rena, and Chandler Grant are wed 6/17/56: 6/21/56p4

Otis, Sarah E., died 10/17/53: 10/22/53p3

Otis, William, celebrates 89th birthday: 10/4/51p3

Ouelette, Marie, and Roger Lefebvre are wed 11/22/56: 11/29/56p4

Ouellette, Arthur, weds Helen Couture 6/16/51: 6/21/51p4

Ouellette, Claire, and Andrew Provencher are wed 1/26/57: 1/31/57p4

Ouellette, Davie, and died 6/5/56: 6/7/56p3

Ouellette, Jeannine, and Wilfred Roy Jr. are wed 6/6/53: 6/18/53p4

Ouellette, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/2/59p3

Ouellette, M&M Antonio, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/5/58p4

Ouellette, Theresa, and Dwight Mann are wed 8/15/58: 8/21/58p4

Ouellette, Yvonne, and Ronald Tremblay are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pp4,5

Ouillette, Estelle, and James Donlon are wed: 9/11/58p4

Owen, Eleanor, weds Raymond Mansfiedl Jr. 6/3/50: 6/8/50p4

Owen, Eliza M., died 10/11/55: 10/13/55p3

Packard, Hattie L., died 9/3/58: 9/4/58p3

Packard, M&M Arthur L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/19/53p4

Pacquette, James, and Sylvia Campbell are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Pacy, George W., died 3/20/56: 3/22/56p1

Paey, Cynthia, and Ronald Sprague are wed 5/12/56: 5/17/56p4

Paey, David, and Dorothy Christie are wed 8/14/59: 8/20/59p4

Page, Charles H., died 7/11/50: 7/20/50pB2

Page, Fannie B., died 4/21/59: 4/23/59p3

Page, Grace L., died 12/28/59: 12/3/59p5

Page, Laura C., died 1/6/50: 1/19/50p6

Page, Wesley L., died 5/13/56: 5/17/56p3

Pageau, M&M Lewis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/9/52pB2,10/16/52pA4

Paglino, Ameglio, and Hermine Tremblay are wed 4/21/51: 4/26/51p4

Paige, Jean, and Richard Hamilton are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4,12/18/52p3

Paine III, Richard, and Norma Proulx are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Pallas, Effie, and Milton Anthony are wed 6/7/53: 6/11/53p4

Palmer, Claire, and John Howard are wed 9/25/54: 9/30/54p4

Palmer, Earl, and Elizabeth Hill are wed 9/25/55: 9/29/55p4,10/6/55p5

Palmer, Elmira G., died 5/1/59: 5/7/59p2

Palmer, Frank L., died 11/6/58: 11/13/58p3

Palmer, Infant, died 6/23/57: 6/27/57p3

Palmer, Joan, and Norman Watson are wed 1/1/53: 1/8/53pp4,5

Palmer Jr., Weston, and Justine Duryea are wed 8/20/58: 9/25/58p4

Palmer, M&M George, celebrate 64th anniversary: 10/22/59p1

Palmer, M&M Harold, celebrate 40th anniversary: 6/20/57p3

Palmer, Mary P., died 11/11/59: 11/12/59p3

Palmer, Patricia, and Cortis Wingerson are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pp4,7

Palmer, Shirley, and Walter Cooper are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p5

Palmer, Vickie A., died 9/5/55: 9/8/55p3

Papa, Joseph, and Ida Regis are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Paquette, Amos J., died 7/12/58: 7/17/58p3

Paquette, Harriett, and William Donahue are wed 2/10/59: 2/19/59p4

Paquin, Annette, weds Carlisle Blood 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Paquin, Ardelle, and James Upham are wed 9/4/54: 9/9/54p4

Paquin, Harvey, and Roberta Emmond are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Paradis, Alexander, and Jeannette Larochelle are wed 11/3/51: 11/8/51p4

Paradis, Dolores, and Richard Charrette are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Paradis, Jeannette C., died 9/17/59: 9/24/59p3

Paradis, Lorene, died 7/1/50: 7/6/50p1

Paradis, Octave P., died 12/28/58: 1/1/59p3

Paradis, paul, and Bertha Glidden are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Paradis, Paula A., died 3/26/55: 3/31/55p3

Paradis, Philip, and Geraldine Vincent are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

Paradise, Jeanne, and Conrad LaBranche are wed 10/19/57: 10/24/57p4

Parcell, Clara, and Clayton Dame are wed 11/20/54: 12/2/54p4

Pare, Constance, and Raymond MacAllister are wed 10/2/54: 10/7/54p4

Pare, Cyrille, died 7/31/59: 8/6/59p3

Pare, M&M Eugene, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/3/57p5,1/10/5/7p4

Parent, James, and Sylvia Gregoire are wed 12/16/55: 12/29/55p4

Parent, Jean, and Richard Nadeau are wed 6/29/57: 7/11/57p5

Parent, Mary, and Richard Welch are wed 7/12/55: 7/28/55p4

Park, Robert, and Norma Glidden are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Parker, Daniel, and Gloria Woods are wed 8/20/55: 8/25/55p4

Parker, Dorothy, and Leroy Seaman are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p4

Parker, Earl S., died 2/16/52: 2/21/52p1

Parker, Harold, and Frances Weeks are wed 12/23/54: 12/23/54p4

Parker, Katherine, died 5/23/59: 5/28/59p3

Parker, Lorraine, and Raymond Gravel are wed 5/12/56: 5/24/56p4

Parker, Marjorie, and James Horne are wed 6/29/52: 7/10/52pB4

Parker, Ned L., celebrates 87th birthday: 12/13/56pB5

Parker, Ned L., celebrates 88th birthday: 12/12/57pB5

Parker, Ned L., cvelebrates 90th birthday: 12/17/59pC3

Parker, Ned L., feted by Historical Society: 12/8/55p1

Parker, Susie P., died 9/13/52: 9/18/52p3

Parmerleau, Elizabeth, and Lawriston Tufts are wed 3/21/53: 3/26/53p4

Parmerleau, Florence, and Henry Lizotte are wed 11/18/50: 11/23/50p4

Parmerleau, Theresa, and Leslie Tolman are wed 12/7/57: 12/12/57p4

Parshley, Alice F., died 5/16/59: 5/21/59p3

Parshley family holds reunion: 8/23/51p1

Parshley family holds reunion: 8/28/52p1

Parshley family holds reunion: 8/26/54p4

Parshley family holds sixth reunion: 8/25/55p5

Parshley, Lois, and Kenneth Beaudoin wed 10/13/50: 10/19/50pB5

Parshley, M&M Raymond H., celebrate 30th anniversary: 12/2/54pB5

Parsons, Richard, and Gay Avery are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Parsons, Robert, and Betty Tebbetts are wed 4/18/59: 4/23/59p4

Partridge, Edwin, and Jane Gaskell are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Patch, Donald L., died 12/20/58: 12/25/58p1

Patch, Margaret M., died 2/211/58: 2/13/58p3

Patch, Raymond, and Irene Emery are wed 3/7/54: 3/11/54p4

Patch, Rev. Don I., died 6/6/53: 6/11/53pB2

Patrick, Donald T., died 4/10/58: 4/17/58p3

Patriquin, Teresa, and Kenneth Kimball are wed 5/27/55: 6/2/55p4

Patten, Frances, and Harry Nutting are wed 12/?/55: 12/29/55p4

Patterson, Josephine, and Dexter Adams wed 8/6/50: 8/24/50pB4

Paul, Amede O., died 11/15/59: 11/19/59p3

Paul, Angeline G., died 3/23/56: 3/29/56p3

Paul, Beatrice, and Frank Edgerly are wed 4/19/52: 4/24/52pB5

Paul, Gertrude, died 3/23/56: 3/29/56p3

Paul, Gertrude, weds John Hoyt 6/24/50: 6/29/50pp8,A6

Paul, Josephine, and Donald Libby are wed 10/16/54: 10/21/54p4

Paul, Mattie, died 5/19/57: 5/23/57p3

Paul, Norma, weds Sidney Davis 6/16/51: 6/21/51pB8

Paulson, M&M John A., leaving their farm after 50+ years: 8/27/53pB4

Pay, James, feted by family after US Army discharge: 2/11/54p4

Payeur, Robert, and Priscilla Roberts are wed 1/29/55: 2/3/55p4

Peabody, Charles, and Arlene Hellman are wed 9/22/56: 9/27/56p4

Peabody, George, died 7/1/55: 7/7/55p1,7/14/55p3

Peabody, Geraldine, and Richard Frye are wed 4/25/59: 4/30/59p4

Pearault, Hilda M., died 2/19/50: 2/23/50p4

Pearl, Albert H., died 10/6/57: 10/10/57p3

Pearl, Ina C., died 7/28/51: 8/2/51pB4

Pearson, Edward and Sally, 1/19/55: 1/27/55p1,2/3/55p1

Pearson, Nora M., died 4/30/53: 5/7/53pB5

Pearson, Norma M., died 4/30/53: 5/7/53p3

Pease, Joan, and Barry Leffel are wed 3/14/59: 3/19/59p4

Peavey, Will, 93, earns Farmington's Boston Post Cane: 1/1/59pA6

Peavey, Will L., celebrates 90th birthday: 4/7/55pC4

Pecunies, Rosamond, weds Warren Burroughs Jr. 1/14/51: 1/25/51pB6

Pecunies, Russell, and Leona Hannah are wed 10/14/50: 10/19/50p4

Pelhank Jr., Harry, and Lorraine Anton are wed 2/14/51: 3/1/51p4

Pelletier, Delozo (Pete), died 7/5/58: 7/10/58p3

Pelletier, Robert, and Charlotte Nute wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52pB3

Pelley, William, and Janet Lambert are wed 6/28/52: 7/10/52p4

Penley, Mary, and Hervey [Harvey?] Cook wed 9/14/51: 9/20/51pB4

Penley, Mellen T., died 5/25/56: 5/31/56p3

Penley, Susie B., died 4/26/51: 4/26/51p3,5/3/51p3

Pennell, Dwight, and Lillian Allard are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56pA8

Pensavalle, Conrad, weds Elizabeth Taylor 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Pepin, Albert, and Irma Drapeau are wed 6/19/54: 6/24/54p4

Pepin, Pauline, and Gordon Hartford are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p5

Pepin, Raymond, and Leona Whitehouse are wed 4/11/53: 4/16/53pB2

Pepin, Sonia, weds Robert Cormier 5/27/50: 6/1/50p13 ,6/8/50pC4

Percy, Deane, and Gladys Chase are wed 9/22/51: 9/27/51p4

Peregoy, Ellen, and Paul Blackadar are wed 2/6/54: 2/11/54p4

Perkins, Alvaro A., died 2/18/59: 2/26/59p3

Perkins, Anton, slowly "collects" relatives from Europe: 7/26/56p1

Perkins, Arthur L., died 6/28/56: 7/5/56p3

Perkins, Arthur R., died 1/13/57: 1/17/57p3

Perkins, Catherine, and John Long are wed 2/1/52: 2/14/52pB5

Perkins, Clarence, and Louise Elwell are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52pB3

Perkins, Eleanor W., died 4/24/56: 5/3/56p3

Perkins, Elizabeth R., died 10/2/50: 10/5/50p3

Perkins, Ernest, and Lucy Tripp are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Perkins, Fenelon, and Hazel Cross are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52p4

Perkins, Florence, and Henry Perkins are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Perkins, George L., died 2/16/59: 2/19/59p3

Perkins, Georgianna E., died 3/28/56: 4/5/56p3

Perkins, Henry, and Florence Perkins are wed 4/12/52: 4/17/52p4

Perkins, Howard, died 3/20/59: 3/26/59p3

Perkins, Lloyd, and Mary Lawson are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Perkins, M&M Benjamin, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/29/59p11

Perkins, Ruth, and Charles Ladd are wed 4/25/52: 5/1/52p4

Perkons, M&M Anton, reunited with daughter after seven years: 12/29/55p1

Perrault, Fortunat, died 5/?/51: 5/10/51pB3

Perrault, Geraldine, and Wilfred Kenyon are wed 7/11/59: 7/16/59p4

Perreault, Albert, died 10/5/53: 10/8/53p3

Perreault, Deus E., died 3/30/58: 4/3/58p3

Perreault, Edgar, and Lois Stewart are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55p4

Perreault, Edna, died 6/15/59: 6/18/59p3

Perreault, Freeman, is survivor of 1898 Spanish-American war: 3/13/52pC4

Perreault, John C., died 1/1/58: 1/2/58p3

Perreault, M&M Bert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/27/56p8

Perreault, Mary J., died 11/14/54: 11/18/54p3

Perreault, Raymond R., died 7/27/52: 7/31/52p1,8/7/52p3

Perreault, Sadie, died 6/21/53: 6/25/53p3

Perreault, Theodore, and Claire Rainville are wed 11/23/57: 11/28/57p4

Perrie, Mary, died 1/31/53: 2/5/53pB3

Perron, Norman, and Rita St. Onge are wed 10/19/57: 10/24/57p4

Perry, Christina L. died 2/12/50: 2/16/50p5

Perry, Clara L., died 2/23/55: 2/24/55p3

Perry, Delores, and Robert Cameron are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Perry, Dorothy, and John Sindorf are wed 6/29/56: 7/5/56p4

Perry, Elsie, and Lionel Aubert are wed 4/25/52: 5/1/52p4

Perry, Ruth W., died 9/29/55: 10/6/55p3

Perry, Shirley, and Robert Eason are wed 11/16/55: 12/1/55p5

Pervere, Roger, and Ida Scott are wed 3/27/54: 4/1/54p4

Pester, Donald, and Louise Thompson are wed 11/28/57: 1/9/58p4

Peters Jr., Louis, and Shiela VanBuskirk are wed 5/15/53: 5/28/53p4

Peters, Shiela, and Lawrence Van Buskirk are wed 6/6/58: 6/19/58p4

Peters, Shirley, and Bradbury Sherwood are wed 5/28/55: 6/16/55p4

Peterson, Clayton A., died 7/24/53: 7/30/53p3

Peterson, Elaine, and Joel Nordholm Jr. are wed 9/10/51: 9/13/51p4

Peterson, Elinor, and Norman Reiffarth are wed 1/2/55: 1/20/55p4

Peterson, James, and Anne Sichert are wed 6/16/58: 7/3/58p4

Peterson, Marion L., died 5/21/57: 5/23/57p3

Peterson, Marshall G., died 7/31/54: 8/5/54p3

Peterson, Oliver C., celebrates 70th birthday: 10/2/58p5

Peterson, Walter, and Elizabeth Hird are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Peyser, Richard, and Barbara Bridle are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Philbrick, John, and Angelina Hayes are wed 7/18/59: 7/23/59pB2

Philbrick, John W., died 9/6/59: 9/10/59p3

Phillips, Bonnie, is Strafford County hula hoop champ: 12/18/58p4

Phillips, Donald, and Joyce Engblom are wed 10/29/53: 12/3/53p4

Phillips, Harry, died 4/10/58: 4/17/58p3

Phillips, Janice, twirls hula hoop for 3 hours winning contest: 11/6/58p8

Phillips, Norma, and Harold Wiles are wed 5/22/53: 5/28/53p4

Phillips, Paul, and Edna Carroll are wed 11/4/50: 11/16/50p4

Phillips, Wendell, died 4/29/51: 5/3/51p4A6

Phillips, Weston, and Arabella Allen are wed 9/17/56: 9/20/56p4

Philpot, Joseph F., died 1/24/50: 1/26/50p18

Phinney, John H., died 5/6/56: 5/10/56p3

Piader, Jewel E., died 5/9/55: 5/12/55p3

Picard, Marylouise, weds Charles Cutten 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4

Pickering, Winthrop, died 7/19/59: 7/30/59p3

Pierce, Amelia, died 623/56: 6/28/56p3

Pierce, Clarence, died 2/26/52: 3/6/52p3

Pierce, Doris, and Donald Pray are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Pierce, James C., 82, retires after 28 years handling lumber: 10/7/54p1

Pierce, James C., died 5/23/58: 5/29/58p3

Pierce, John, weds Muriel Larson 6/17/51: 6/28/51p8

Pierce, M&M Maurice, celebrate 20th anniversary: 1/23/58p3

Pierce, Mabel, weds Lawrence Bennett 6/16/51: 6/28/51p4

Pierce, Maurice, and Gloria Hart are wed 11/23/50: 11/30/50pB5

Piercy, Emily M., died 3/19/50: 3/23/50p5

Pieroni, Charles, and Kathleen Prendergast are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Pike, Alvah, and Mary Benner are wed 2/14/55: 2/24/55p4

Pike, Carolyn, weds Marshall McGrath 7/7/51: 7/12/51p4

Pike, James, amd Addie Trainor are wed 7/19/56: 7/26/56p4

Pike, Joanne, and Richard Nisbet are wed 6/18/55: 6/30/55p4

Pike, John E., died 12/17/50: 12/21/50pB3

Pike, Josephine, and Donald Lucey are wed 12/5/50: 12/14/50p4

Pike Jr., George, and Corrine Veno are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp4,5

Pike Jr., Roland, and Barbara Trask are wed 12/10/55: 12/22/55p4

Pike, Lincoln A., died 12/4/50: 12/7/50p3

Pike, Louise, and Arthur Westgate are wed 5/24/53: 5/28/53p4

Pike, M&M Roland, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/29/54p4

Pike, mary B., died 7/17/57: 7/18/57p3

Pike, Wayland, and Sandra Moody are wed 6/14/59: 6/18/59p4

Pillips, Sherman E., died 6/14/53: 6/18/53p3

Pillsbury, Dorothy, and John Hersom are wed 5/31/52: 6/5/52pB6

Pinfold, William F., died 4/1/51: 4/5/51p3,4/12/51p3

Pingree, Arthur, is survivor of 1898 Spanish-American war: 3/13/52pC4

Pinkham, Charles H., died 6/7/55: 6/9/55p3

Pinkham, Frank, is veteran ox teamster: 7/30/59p1

Pinkham, Harry, and Joyce Sanborn are wed 2/3/57: 2/7/57p4

Piper, Edwin C., died 7/23/55: 7/28/55p3

Piper, Edythe--A Pertinent Personality: 9/28/50p4

Piper, Hattie L., died 12/8/57: 12/12/57p3

Piper, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/8/59pC6

Pitman, Harriett, and Alfred Wilson are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53pB2

Pitman, Ruth, weds Henry Tebbetts 4/28/50: 5/11/50p22

Pitre, Constance, and Roger Laurion are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Place, Albert D., died 4/30/59: 5/7/59p2

Place, Alma, and Rex Harris are wed 10/27/50: 11/9/50p4

Place, John M., died 12/27/56: 12/27/56p3,1/3/57p3

Place, Lawrence, and Lillian Tarlton are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Place, Maude--A Pertinent Personality: 2/1/51p4

Place, Norma, and Robert Berube are wed 12/6/52: 12/11/52p4

Place, Stanley, weds Dorothy Adams 4/29/50: 5/11/50p22

Plaisted, Hazel V., died 11/13/58: 11/20/58p3

Plante, Alfred, and Barbara Ehle are wed: 9/23/54p4

Plante, Antoinette, and Wallace Vickers are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Plante, Joanne, and John Skidds are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

Plante, Roland, and Phyllis Hartford are wed 10/27/56: 11/8/56p4

Plourde, Charles, died 12/1/59: 12/3/59p5

Plourde, Edward, weds Louise Shapdelaine 5/12/51: 5/17/51p4

Plourde, Joseph, weds Judith Bostrom 6/10/50: 6/15/50ppA2,A3

Plourde, Oliver, died 1/14/55: 1/20/55p3

Pluff, Alvin A.--People Who Make Rochester: 4/17/52pA2

Plumer, Agnes H,. died 11/15/59: 11/19/59p3

Plummer, Joseph L., died 10/7/57: 10/10/57p3

Plummer, Lyman, died 8/29/59: 9/3/59p1

Poire, Ernest, and Charlotte Cochrane are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pp4,5

Poisson, Adelie J., died 2/4/56: 2/9/56p3

Poisson, Armand, and Helen Vigneault are wed 1/3/59: 1/29/59p4,2/5/59p4

Poisson, Bertha G., died 10/1/58: 10/2/58p3

Poisson, Conrad, and Ingeberg Beaupre are wed 7/3/59: 7/23/59p4

Poisson, Corrine, and Nelson Moreland are wed 3/16/52: 3/20/52p4

Poisson, Hervey, died 4/7/54: 4/15/54p3

Poisson, Norman, and Jean Dodier are wed 9/18/54: 9/30/54p4

Poitras, Maxim, died 3/14/59: 3/19/59p3

Poliquin, Delores, and Franklin Thurber are wed 5/14/55: 5/19/55pC2

Pollard, Richard L., died 1/28/52: 2/7/52pB2

Pollock, Mary, died 12/225/51: 12/27/51p3

Pomerleau, Ernest A., died 10/2/57: 10/10/57p3

Pomerleau, Joseph, and Dolores Lizotte wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4,6/4/53p4

Pomeroy, Louis A., died 5/28/57: 5/30/57p3,6/6/57p3

Pomroy, Birlem--Tomorrow's Businessman: 10/16/52pA7

Pomroy Jr., Donald, and Barbara Garyait are wed 3/31/56: 4/5/56p4

Poor, Irvine, and Dorothy Crennan are wed 8/16/53: 8/20/53p4

Poors, Nancy C., died 10/15/50: 10/19/50p3

Porier, Mary, and John Spear are wed 10/17/53: 11/5/53pC2

Portrie, Sylvia, and Sylvio Desmarais are wed 6/7/58: 6/12/58p4

Potter, Herbert F., died 9/22/57: 10/3/57p3

Potter Jr., Carl, weds Elizabeth Cotton 8/5/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p4

Potter, Lester, and Alberta Staples are wed 4/13/52: 4/17/52p4

Potter, Marion S., died 9/27/57: 10/3/57p3

Potvin, Alphonse, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/26/51p1

Potvin, Alphonse, celebrates 87th birthday: 7/24/58p3

Potvin, Alphonse, celebrates 88th birthday: 7/30/59p4

Potvin, Antonia A., died 8/29/50: 8/24/50p3,9/7/50p3

Potvin, Beatrice, and Harold Baker are wed 7/28/56: 8/2/56p4

Potvin, Daniel, and Agnes Dubois are wed 7/6/53: 7/9/53p4

Potvin, Donald, and June Delisle are wed 11/29/58: 12/4/58p4

Potvin, George, and Gloria Bernier are wed 5/30/58: 6/5/58p4

Potvin, Joseph E., died in Korea 8/12/50: 9/7/50p1,12/7/50p1,6/7/51p1

Potvin, M&M A. F., celebrate 66th anniversary: 1/29/59p1

Potvin, M&M A.F., celebrate 61st Anniversary: 1/28/54p3

Potvin, M&M Alphonse, celebrate 60th anniversary: 3/12/53p1

Potvin, M&M Alphonse F., celebrate 57th anniversary: 2/2/50p4

Potvin, M&M Alphonse F., celebrate 65th anniversary: 1/16/58p3,1/30/58p4

Potvin, M&M Fred, celebrate 64th anniversary: 1/31/57p8

Potvin, Mrs. A.F., celebrates 80th birthday: 5/5/55p4

Potvin, Mrs. A.F., celebrates 84th birthday: 5/14/59p4

Potvin, Mrs. Alphonse, celebrates 75th birthday: 5/4/50p4

Potvin, Mrs. Alphonse, celebrates 78th birthday: 5/7/53p4

Potvin, Pauline, and Owen Webster are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Potvin, Philias, died 5/28/57: 5/30/57p3

Potvin, Robert, and Ellen Birch are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Poulin, Janet, weds Herbert Hersome 7/29/50: 8/3/50p5

Poulin Jr., Charles, and Margaret Claire are wed 5/4/59: 5/7/59p4

Poulin, M&M Ulric, celebrate 35th anniversary: 6/16/55p4

Poulin, Marie L., died 11/21/51: 11/29/51p3

Poulin, Real, and Lena Lanoie are wed 11/11/50: 11/16/50p4,11/23/50p4

Poulin, Rita, weds Paul Grandmaison 5/26/51: 5/31/51p4

Poulin, Ulric P., died 10/25/58: 10/30/58p3

Pouliot, Amanda L., died 2/13/58: 2/20/58p3

Pouliot, Joseph, died 7/10/52: 7/17/52p3

Pouliot Jr., Ewdard, and Helen Boyd are wed 7/4/52: 7/24/52pB4

Pouliot, Leon, and Shirley Hebert are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Pouliot, Rose B., died 1/27/52: 1/31/52p3

Poulot, Juliette, weds Aime (Joe) Fontaine 11/21/53: 11/26/53p4,12/3/53p4

Powell, M&M Frank, celebrate 45th anniversary: 6/5/52p4

Powell, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/30/57p1

Powers, Thomas, and Virginia Ratcliffe wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4,11/1/51p4

Powers, Thomas, printer turned salesman: 8/8/57pA2

Powlesland, Herbert, and Pauline Duchesneau are wed 7/19/52: 7/24/52p4

Pozzi, Theresa, and Edward Kingsbury are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58pB8

Pratt, Donald, and Ruth Vickers are wed 3/18/55: 3/24/55pB4

Pratt, Dorothy, weds John Ham Jr. 4/22/50: 4/27/50p8

Pratt, Ethel, and Edmund DeGrace are wed 6/26/54: 7/1/54pB2

Pratt, George, and Carol Goodrich are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Pratt Jr., George, and Anita Buckman are wed 8/22/59: 8/27/59p4

Pratt, Marcia, and Mason Carter are wed 12/21/57: 1/2/58p4

Pray, Cordelia B., died 6/9/57: 6/13/57p3

Pray, Donald, and Doris Pierce are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Pray, Edwin, died 1/25/50: 2/2/50p5

Pray, Hazel L., died 6/6/53: 6/11/53p3

Preble, Clyde, and Carol Miller are wed 8/20/54: 9/2/54p4

Prendergast, Kathleen, and Charles Pieroni are wed 10/5/57: 10/10/57p4

Preston, Ada E., died 5/?/54: 5/20/54p3

Preston Jr., Russell, and Marie Lemoyne are wed 4/16/55: 4/21/55p4

Preston, Verne, and Ada Brown are wed 7/12/56: 7/19/56p4

Price, Barry, has pledge for full expenses for UNH education: 11/20/58p3

Price, Chester B., died 10/31/59: 11/5/59p3

Pridham, John, and Margaret Dunlap are wed 11/15/58: 11/20/58p4

Prime, Natalie, and Fred Mailhot are wed 12/27/58: 1/1/59p4,1/22/59p4

Prince, Llewellyn, and Rhea Harriman are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Pringree, Arthur M., died 2/21/59: 2/26/59p3

Printy, John, and Eileen Brady are wed 2/16/52: 3/6/52p4

Printy, John S., died 4/11/53: 4/16/53p3

Printy, Robert, and Irene Dionne are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Prior, Marion W., died 11/2/54: 11/4/54p3

Pritchard, James, and Shirley Fielding are wed 9/7/57: 9/12/57p4

Proulx, Marcia, and Roger Doyon are wed 5/11/57: 5/16/57p4

Proulx, Norma, and Richard Paine III are wed 5/9/59: 5/14/59p4

Proulx, Paul, and Betty Jackson are wed 5/4/57: 5/9/57p4

Proulx, Paul, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/6/58pA1

Proulx, William L., died 8/4/59: 8/13/59p3

Provencher, Andrew, and Claire Ouellette are wed 1/26/57: 1/31/57p4

Provencher, Betty, and Rodney Nason are wed 3/17/57: 3/21/57p4

Provencher, Dale, died 3/2/57: 3/7/57p1

Provencher, Dennis, and new wife Hella return to U.S.: 8/9/56p6

Provencher, Draxa, and Donald Tuck are wed 6/27/59: 7/9/59p4

Provencher, Lucia, and Charles Hanson Jr. are wed 10/2/56: 10/11/56p4

Prue, Paul, and Gloryanne Doyon are wed 8/31/57: 9/5/57p4

Pugh, Shirley, and Kenneth Varney are wed 3/17/56: 3/22/56p4

Pulsifer, John, and Joan Lougee are wed 2/21/53: 2/26/53pB2

Pulsifer, Paula, weds Richard Hogan 7/10/50: 7/13/50pB2

Purdy, Robert, weds Gloria Fuller 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Puryea, Israel, and Helene Gagne are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Puryea, Louis O., died 13/53: 7/16/53p3,7/30/53p3

Putney Jr., Warren, and Christine Williams are wed 6/29/57: 7/18/57p4

Qualey, Thomas A., died 5/?/51: 5/31/51p1,6/7/51pA1

Quimby, Bertha H., died 4/16/57: 4/18/57p3

Quimby, Jerald, and Helen Martin are wed 7/8/56: 7/19/56p4

Quimby, Richard, and Marion Logan are wed 7/2/59: 7/23/59p4

Quimby Sr., Edward H., died 6/28/57: 7/4/57p3

Quinlan, Annie E., died 8/28/51: 8/30/51p3

Quint, Arline, weds Ralph Montgomery 3/17/50: 3/23/50p4

Raab, George F.(?), died 2/8/59: 2/19/59p3

Raab, Katie S., died 11/1/57: 11/7/57p3

Raab, marie K., died 11/17/50: 11/23/50p3

Racette, Adrian, died 1/28/52: 1/31/52p3

Ragusa, Joseph, and Jean York are wed 6/3/56: 6/21/56p4

Raiche, Elizer, died 8/18/53: 8/20/53p3

Raiche, Janet, and Paul Desroches are wed 12/20/58: 1/1/59p4

Raiche, M&M Major, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/8/54p4

Raiche, Normand, and Gertrude Korn are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p5,7/3/52p4

Rainaud, Betty, and Alfred Weeks are wed 10/6/53: 10/8/53p4

Rainville, Claire, and Theodore Perreault wed 11/23/57: 11/28/57p4

Rainville, Elmo, and Lorraine Begin are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Rainville, Roger, becomes Benedictine Abbey novice: 7/17/58p1

Rainville, Rosalie L., died 5/12/51: 5/17/51p3

Rainville, Yvonne L., died 7/?/50: 7/20/50p5

Raitt, Norman J., died 4/27/59: 4/30/59p3

Raizes, Anastasia, and George Savramis are wed 3/3/57: 3/7/57p4

Raizes, Catherine, and James Lazarus are wed 11/25/51: 11/29/51p4

Raizes, Charles, and Emelie Savramis are wed 9/20/53: 9/24/53p4

Raizes, Katherine, and William Strameris are wed 4/28/57: 5/2/57p4

Raizes, Mary, and Charles Blougourus are wed 6/2/57: 6/6/57p4

Ramage, M&M John J., celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/31/57p5

Ramsdell, Chester, makes $600 model of whaling bark "Sunbeam": 4/24/52pB2

Ramsdell, Earl, and Pauline Glidden are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Ramsdell, M&M Chester, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/20/57p1

Ramsdell, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/11/57p3

Ramsey, Constance, and Robert Callaghan are wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51p4

Ramsey, Emma P., is NH's Mother of the Year: 4/20/50p1

Ramsey, Judith, and Richard Fabian are wed 8/30/58: 9/11/58p4

Ramsey, Leonard, and Thelma Mailhot are wed 1/6/51: 1/11/51p4

Ramsey, Sophia M., died 9/27/57: 10/3/57p3

Ramsey. Madeleine, and David Doyon are wed 1/26/57: 1/31/57p4

Ranagan, M&M Warren, celebrate 35th anniversary: 9/25/58p4

Rancourt, Helen, and George Hilton are wed 4/25/59: 5/14/59p4

Rand, Alice S., died 12/13/56: 12/20/56p3

Rand, Carleton B., died 10/18/59: 10/22/59p3

Rand, Ethel G., died 8/25/52: 8/28/52p3

Rand, Ida E., died 6/?/52: 6/26/52pB8

Rand, Josephine R., died 12/1/56: 12/6/56p3

Rand, Kenneth, weds Helen Robbins 1/28/50: 2/2/50p4

Randall, Barbara, and George Abbott are wed 10/31/53: 11/5/53p4

Randall,Corneilia F., died 6/17/52: 6/19/52p3

Randall, Elizabeth M., died 12/28/57: 1/2/58p3

Randall, Ethel M., died 12/13/56: 12/20/56p3

Randall, Gary, weds Jean Lougee 7/1/50: 7/6/50pB2 ,7/13/50p4

Randall, Jennie M., died 8/1/54: 8/5/54p3

Randall, Sam, and Jane St. Cyr are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

Randall, William A., died 7/16/59: 7/16/59p3

Randlett, Judith, and Roland Edgerly are wed 1/1/58: 1/9/58p4

Ratcliff, Gladys I., died 4/30/55: 5/5/55p3

Ratcliffe, Virginia, and Thomas Powers wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4,11/1/51p4

Ratcliffe, William, and Edna Evans are wed 5/8/56: 5/17/56p4

Raymond, Rochelle, and Benjamin Thomas Jr. are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Read, Edith, and LLewellyn Beard are wed 10/13/50: 10/19/50p4

Reagan, James, and Shirley Massingham are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Reber, Dale, and Constance Varney are wed 7/6/56: 8/2/56p4

Record, Sara, and Paul Gowen are wed 7/20/57: 7/22/57p4

Reddy, William, and Elizabeth Enair are wed 1/1/55: 2/3/55p4

Redfield, Louis W., died 2/3/57: 2/7/57p3

Redlon, Gladys G., to retire after 30+ years in education: 12/13/51p1

Redlon, Leroy S., retires after 35 years in service to schools: 6/7/51p1

Reed, George H., died 8/12/50: 8/17/50p3

Reed, Jane, and Russell Marchand are wed 9/22/52: 9/25/52p4

Reed, Lester, died 1/27/57: 1/31/57p3

Reeves, Erle D., died 1/16/51: 1/25/51pB3

Reeves, Howard V., feted for 40 years in shoe busines: 6/26/58p1

Regan, James V., died 11/18/59: 11/19/59p3

Regis, Celia, and Carmen Urcuioli are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Regis, Ida, and Joseph Papa are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Regis, Peter, died 8/3/57: 8/8/57p3

Reid, Eleanor, and Melvin Stevens are wed 4/12/59: 4/16/59p4

Reid, Rev&M Wilbur, celebrate 25th amnniversary: 10/6/55p5

Reiffarth, Norman, and Elinor Peterson are wed 1/2/55: 1/20/55p4

Remick, Arthur F., died 6/2/56: 6/7/56p3

Remick, Bertha M., died 4/29/59: 5/7/59p3

Remick, Cora F., died 4/19/58: 4/24/58p3

Remick, Edgar B., died 7/16/58: 7/17/58p5

Remick, Mary, celebrates 80th birthday: 8/13/53pB3

Remick, Mary E., died 4/2/59: 4/9/59p2

Remick, Maxine, is struck by lightning: 5/30/57p1

Remick, Nancy, and Rodman Morrill are wed 5/13/52: 5/15/52p4,5/22/52p4

Remick, Raymond, died 12/31/51: 1/3/52p1

Remick, Vianna F., died 6/28/55: 7/7/55p3

Remington, Robert, and Beverly Coran are wed 7/17/54: 7/22/54p4

Reny, Jacqueline, and Jeremiah Duquette are wed 9/17/55: 9/29/55p4

Reynolds, Arthur, weds Frances Beardsworth 1/12/57: 1/17/57p4,1/24/57p4

Reynolds, Bruce, and Carole Moors are wed 6/27/59: 9/3/59p4

Reynolds, Elmer S., died 2/8/53: 2/12/53p7

Reynolds, Frederick E., died 1/25/57: 1/31/57p3

Reynolds, Harriet, weds Ralph Townsend 7/14/51: 8/2/51p4

Reynolds, Jessie F., died 2/4/59: 2/5/59p3,2/12/59p3

Reynolds, Mabel J., died 3/25/58: 3/27/58p3

Reynolds, Sumner H., died 10/?/55: 10/13/55p3

Rhines, Inez P., died 11/16/58: 11/20/58p3

Rhoades, Ethard, and Bernice Boisvert wed 4/10/53: 4/16/53pB2

Rhodes, M&M Wilburt, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/24/55p4

Rhodes, Mary, retires after 37 years in City education: 5/14/59p1

Rhodes, Thad, retires after 37 years in education: 6/11/59p2

Ricard, Arthur A., died 8/17/57: 8/22/57p3

Rice, Lawrence A., died 8/28/59: 9/3/59p3

Rich, M&M John, celebrate 29th anniversary: 9/6/56p2

Richard, Annette, and Dominic Cote are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp3,4

Richard, Elaine, weds George Gauthier 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Richard, Helen, and Gerald Bibeau are wed 7/12/58: 7/17/58p4

Richard, Irene, and Edward Riley are wed 1/27/51: 2/8/51p4

Richard, Leon, died 8/12/56: 8/16/56p3

Richard, M&M Oliva, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/1/54p4

Richard, Madeleine, and William Lowry are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Richard, Majella, and Conrad Foss are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Richard, Norman, and Lois McCarn are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

Richard, Rachel, and Lawrence Gaskell wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4,11/19/51p4

Richards, Arline, weds Erlon Roberts 6/30/51: 7/5/51p4

Richards, Arnold I., died 4/28/54: 4/29/54p3

Richards, Georgianna, and Bernard Berry are wed 9/2/55: 9/8/55p4

Richards, Gertrude, and Arthur Dale are wed 10/14/50: 10/26/50p4

Richards, Helen, weds Joseph Michael 1/28/50: 2/2/50p4

Richards, M&M Edward, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/14/58p4

Richards, Napolean, weds Roseanna Laliberte 6/30/50: 7/6/50p4

Richardson, Bertha E., died 2/21/53: 2/26/53p3

Richardson, Bertha T., died 8/2/57: 8/8/57p3

Richardson, Carlene, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/SHS: 12/24/53p1

Richardson, Carleton, and Marseille Libby are wed 12/3/55: 12/8/55p4

Richardson Chester, and Jeannette Bedard are wed 10/28/50: 11/2/50p4

Richardson, Elizabeth, and Richard Sanborn Jr. are wed 1/19/57: 1/24/57p4

Richardson, Gordon, and Gabrielle Morin are wed 9/23/50: 9/28/50p4

Richardson Jr., Alfred, and Gladys Libby are wed 2/12/55: 2/17/55pC1

Richardson, Keith, and Barbara Dlabel are wed 6/16/56: 6/21/56p4

Richmond, Katherine F., died 8/31/59: 9/10/59p3

Richmond, William, and Patricia Andrews are wed 8/13/55: 8/18/55p4

Ricker, Adelaide M., died 1/7/57: 1/10/57p3

Ricker, C. Kirk, retires from Fire Dept. after 54 years: 6/11/53p1

Ricker, Carrie M., died 11/29/53: 12/3/53p3

Ricker, Charles, and Pauline Whitten are wed 2/19/53: 2/19/53pB2

Ricker, Charles K., died 3/9/57: 3/21/57p3

Ricker, Chester, died 6/27/59: 7/2/59p3

Ricker, Ethel M., died 10/6/55: 10/20/55p3

Ricker, George R., died 3/21/50: 3/23/50p5

Ricker, M&M Chester C., celebrate 64th anniversary: 8/14/52pB4

Ricker, M&M Harry W., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/17/52pB2

Ricker, Ruth, and Bradley Loomis are wed 7/20/57: 7/22/57p4

Ricker, Susan J., died 8/9/53: 8/13/53pB3

Ricker, William A., died 10/27/50: 11/2/50p3

Riddley, Kenneth, died 5/21/55: 5/26/55p3

Rieckmann, Watler H., died 10/22/52: 10/30/52p3

Rigazio, John, and Joan Ward are wed 11/30/57: 12/5/57p4

Rigazio, Joseph, and Irene Langelier are wed 10/2/54: 10/7/54p4

Rigazio, Joseph, died 8/29/55: 9/8/55p3

Rigazio, June, and Valmore Tanguay are wed 5/4/57: 5/9/57p4

Rigazio, Lena--A Pertinent Personality: 5/18/50p4

Rigazio, M&M Domenic, celebrate 60th anniversary: 5/1/58p6

Riley, Dora Z., died 12/13/56: 12/20/56p3

Riley, Edward, and Irene Richard are wed 1/27/51: 2/8/51p4

Riley, Richard, and Diana Laurion are wed 5/30/55: 6/2/55p4

Riley, Shirley, and John MacDougall are wed 6/30/56: 7/5/56p4

Rinder, Gertrude J., to be published in chidrens magazine: 11/13/52p1

Ring, Charles E., died 2/17/52: 2/21/52pB4

Ring, Mary, and John Cullen are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Ring, Mary E., died 8/28/56: 8/30/56p3

Ring, Terence F., died 3/27/50: 3/23/50p18

Rioux, Emily, died 10/18/52: 10/23/52p3

Ritchie, Joseph, died 3/?/51: 3/29/51p3

Ritchie, Sandra J., died 9/5/52: 9/11/52p3

Rivard, Janet, and Valmond Vachon are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Riveglia, John, and Sally Hall are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Robbins, Bessie S., died 6/15/53: 6/18/53p3

Robbins, Elvington, and Jacqueline Bragg are wed 4/6/57: 4/11/57p4

Robbins, Helen, weds Kenneth Rand 1/28/50: 2/2/50p4

Robbins, Lucinda, celebrates 87th birthday: 10/5/50p4

Roberge, Julian, and Marie Masse are wed 10/3/56: 10/11/56p4

Roberge, Richard, and Constance Shaw are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p5

Roberts, Bruce, and June Ryan are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Roberts, Carl N., died 8/1/58: 8/7/58p1

Roberts, Conrad E., died 8/31/52: 9/4/52p1

Roberts, Dana H.--People Who Make Rochester: 3/1/51pA6

Roberts, Dana S., died 6/11/57: 6/13/57p3

Roberts, Edgar, and Dorothy Sherman are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56p4

Roberts, Edgar S., died 7/?/58: 7/10/58p3

Roberts, Erlon, weds Arline Richards 6/31/51: 7/5/51p4

Roberts, Ida FD., died 1/7/51: 1/11/51p3

Roberts III, Henry, and Geraldine Earle are wed 10/25/52: 10/30/52p4

Roberts, Lillian, and Maynard Butler wed 10/27/51: 11/1/51pB6

Roberts, M&M Dana S., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/25/54p1,12/2/54p5

Roberts, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/2/59pB4

Roberts, M&M Harry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/2/50pp5,B4

Roberts, Priscilla, and Robert Payeur are wed 1/29/55: 2/3/55p4

Roberts, Richard, and Simone Roy are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Roberts, Sylvia, weds Leopold Gregoire 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Roberts, Sylvianne, and Raymond Veilleux are wed 9/16/50: 9/21/50p4

Roberts, Walter J., died 3/18/54: 3/18/54p1

Roberts, William H., died 1/24/51: 1/25/51p3

Robertson, Annie W., died 11/11/54: 11/18/54p3

Robichard, Clovis, died 4/?/53: 5/7/53pB5

Robichaud, Clovis, died 4/25/53: 4/30/53p3

Robichaud, Evangeline, dued 6/5/55: 6/9/55p3

Robichaud, Marie, died 5/31/55: 6/2/55p3

Robidas, Armand, and Constance Lessard wed 8/25/51: 8/30/51pB1

Robidas, George, weds Jeanne Trudel 7/4/51: 7/12/51pB1

Robidas, Marcel, and Evelyn Silver are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Robie, Wayne, and Phyllis Seavey are wed 7/29/52: 7/31/52pB2

Robins, Lucinda A., died 2/27/54: 3/4/54p3

Robins, Lucinda, celebrates 91st birthday: 10/1/53p5

Robinson, Herbert W., died 9/7/59: 9/10/59p3

Robinson, Llewelen, died 7/7/59: 7/16/59p3

Robinson, Myrtland, weds Roberta Sunderland 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p4

Robinson, Phillip P., buried with military honors: 3/9/50p1

Robinson, Spencer, and Pearle Tucker are wed 7/28/52: 7/31/52p4,8/7/52p4

Robitaille, Yvan, and Claire Marcoux are wed 11/27/54: 12/2/54p4

Rocheleau, Doris, and Roger Levesque are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Rocheleau, Joseph, died 2/22/54: 2/25/54p3

Rocheleau, Lionel, and Elizabeth Brock are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Rocheleau, Lorraine, and Richard Dallaire are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Rocheleau, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/5/53p4

Rocheleau, Norman, and Lorraine Roulx are wed 5/19/56: 5/24/56p4

Rockwell, Amie D., died 8/21/59: 8/27/59p3

Rodd, Grace M., died 6/15/52: 6/19/52p3

Rodis, Pauline, and Harland Worster are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51p4

Rodis, Theodore, and Marjorie Lancey are wed 8/23/57: 8/29/57p4

Rodrigue, Gerald, and Mary Boswell are wed 7/9/55: 7/28/55p4

Rogers, Alan, and Magdalene Gabbert are wed 7/1/56: 7/5/56p4

Rogers, Amelia E., died 4/14/50: 4/20/50p5

Rogers, Charles H., died 2/12/57: 2/14/57p3

Rogers, Constance, and Edward Mills are wed 5/2/59: 5/14/59p4

Rogers, Earl, and June Nickerson are wed 2/4/51: 2/8/51p4

Rogers, Ernest C., died 2/4/56: 2/9/56p3

Rogers, Frederick W., died 2/19/53: 2/26/53p3

Rogers, George J., died 5/16/57: 5/23/57p3

Rogers, Hollis, and Beverly Boisvert are wed 12/14/57: 12/19/57p3

Rogers, June, weds Norris Farnham 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Rogers, Sarah S., died 9/?/59: 10/1/59p3

Rolfe, Annie L., died 6/12/51: 6/14/51p3

Rolfe, George, and Marjorie Stacy are wed 5/10/52: 5/29/52pB3

Rollins, Edwin F., died 4/4/50: 4/13/50p19

Rollins, Joanne, weds Alfred Therrien 7/22/50: 7/27/50pB2

Rollins, Nathan G., died 6/6/53: 6/11/53p3

Rollins, Pauline, and Charles Spencer wed 11/10/51: 11/15/51pB3

Rollins, Raymond J., died 4/8/55: 4/14/55p1

Rollins, Willis C., died 2/17/55: 2/24/55p3

Rollins, Winslow C., died 8/20/57: 8/22/57p3

Rollins, Winslow, died 8/21/57 are wed 8/24/57: 8/29/57p5

Rolphe, George H., died 3/11/57: 3/14/57p3

Rondow, Shelby, and Roland Doyon are wed 9/3/55: 9/15/55p4

Ronzello, Rosalie, and Richard St. Lawrence are wed 4/4/59: 5/21/59p4

Roode, Malcolm J., died 2//26/54: 3/4/54p3

Root, Maude V., died 6/15/59: 6/18/59p3

Roper, George, develops State's largest peach orchard: 9/10/59pB2

Roseberry, Real, and Beatrice LaFay are wed 1/13/51: 1/18/51p4

Rosenberg, Lena--A Pertinent Personality: 9/21/50p4

Ross, Charles E., died 3/30/53: 4/2/53p3

Ross, Gilbert, and Esther Lunt are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Ross, Gilbert S.--Tomorrow's Businessmen: 11/6/52pA7

Ross, Gussie, died 4/24/58: 5/1/58p3

Ross, Hyman, and Lenore Goodrich are wed 10/?/55: 10/13/55p4

Ross, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/14/50p5

Ross, Marion S.--A Pertinent Personality: 11/2/50p4

Rouleau, Barbara, and Gerald Simon are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Rouleau, Beverly, and George Brannan are wed 2/21/59p4

Rouleau, Della B., died 1/19/56: 1/26/56p3

Rouleau, Joyce, and George Lovejoy are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4 photo only

Rouleau Jr., George L, died 4/24/57: 4/25/57p1,5/2/57p3

Rouleau, Robert, and Marie Leveillee are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB4

Rouleau, Ruthe, and John Morrill are wed 7/2/52: 7/17/52p4

Roulx, Adrian, and Delyina Lessard are wed 11/26/52: 12/4/52p4

Roulx, Albina B., died 9/19/50: 9/21/50p3,9/28/50p3

Roulx, Emma B., died 9/17/58: 9/18/58p3

Roulx, Hormidas, died 6/5/51: 6/7/51p3

Roulx, Hormidas, died 9/11/55: 9/15/55p3

Roulx, Lorraine, and Norman Rocheleau are wed 5/19/56: 5/24/56p4

Roulx, Stella, and Donald Levesque are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Roussin, Edgar, and Lois Matthews are wed 1/3/58: 1/9/58p4

Router, Sarah R., died 11/17/55: 12/1/55p3

Routhier, Wilhemina D., died 1/1/52: 1/3/52p3

Roux, Thomas, and Alice Huppe are wed 2/23/52: 2/28/52p4

Rowe, Adele, died 10/8/56: 10/11/56p3

Rowe, Allan, died 2/8/55: 2/10/55p3

Rowe, George A., died 2/16/52: 2/21/52p3

Rowe, M&M Wallace J., celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/19/59p4

Rowe, M&M Wallace J., celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/12/59p8

Rowe, Mary C., died 7/13/54: 7/22/54p3

Rowe, Maurice, and Genofeva Frankenberger are wed 8/23/55: 8/25/55p5

Rowe, Nancy A., died 6/5/59: 6/11/59p3

Rowe, Susan L., died 10/9/50: 10/12/50p3

Roy, Armand, and Jacqueline Turcotte are wed 9/3/51: 9/6/51p4

Roy, Betty, and Kenneth Hussey are wed 4/30/55: 5/5/55p4

Roy, Charles, and Phyllis Hamilton are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Roy, Edward, and Alice Chapman are wed 4/14/58: 5/8/58p4

Roy, Fortunat P., died 12/5/53: 12/10/53p3

Roy, Helen, and Raymond Cote are wed 3/31/51: 4/5/51p4,4/12/51p4

Roy, Janice, and Philip Demerritt are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Roy Jr., Wilfred, and Jeannine Ouellette are wed 6/6/53: 6/18/53p4

Roy, Kenneth, and Dorothy Merz are wed 2/11/56: 3/8/56p4

Roy, Lea, died 10/30/58: 11/6/58p3

Roy, M&M Wilfred, celeberate 25th anniversary: 5/2/57p8

Roy, Madelene, and Robert Buckley are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

Roy, Marie, and Donald Beals are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Roy, Marie G., died 1/20/56: 1/26/56p3

Roy, Marie L., died 1/11/57: 1/17/57p3

Roy, Mary S.--A Pertinent Personality: 11/23/50p4

Roy, Rhona, and John Lovejoy are wed 5/30/53: 6/4/53p4

Roy, Richard, and Elaine Dubois are wed 11/27/58: 12/4/58p5

Roy, Robert, and Elizabeth Cummings are wed 10/11/52: 10/16/52p4

Roy, Robert, and Georgette Bernier are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Roy, Robert, and Gloria Woodard are wed 7/5/59: 7/30/59p4

Roy, Ruth, and Antonio Michaud are wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p7

Roy, Simone, and Richard Roberts are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Roy, Wilfred T.--People Who Make Rochester: 11/23/50p7

Royal, Gertrude C., died 7/18/50: 7/20/50p5

Ruel, Louis J., died 11/8/58: 11/13/58p3

Ruel, Rita, and Raymond Laurion are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Rumazza, Charles, died 4/5/56: 4/12/56p3

Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 55th anniversary: 8/17/50p1

Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 56th anniversary: 8/16/51p1

Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/18/55p4

Rumazza, M&M Charles, celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/11/55p3

Rumney, Clarence, and Marion Jones are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p8

Rumney, Marie, and Robert Beaudoin are wed 11/24/54: 12/2/54p4

Rusinski, Peter, weds Grace Hartford 6/9/50: 6/15/50pA3

Russ, Alfred, and Jane Wentworth are wed 9/9/51: 9/13/51p4

Russell, Dorothy, and Lawrence Olin are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p6

Russell, Nora R., died 9/20/58: 9/25/58p3

Russell, Patricia, and Frederic Foster are wed 7/23/58: 7/31/58p5

Russell, Ralph, weds Mary Adams 7/8/50: 7/13/50pA6

Russell, Robert, and Marion Bruce are wed 9/7/57: 9/19/57p4

Russell, Virginia, and Kenneth Hussey are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Russo, Agatha, and Raphael St. Pierre are wed 4/27/54: 4/29/54p4

Rutherford, Ann, and George Shibley Jr. are wed 9/2/57: 9/5/57p4

Rutherford, Jerome J., died 8/16/51: 8/23/51p3

Rutherford, Peter, and Rose Levesque are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Rutkowski, Agnes, and George Snyder are wed 2/11/58: 2/13/58p3

Ryan, Edward J., died 11/16/59: 11/19/59p3

Ryan, June, and Bruce Roberts are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Ryan, Kathleen, and Ronald Dowst are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Ryan, Mary B., died 2/?/53: 2/19/53p3

Sabine, Frederick, and Ena Hurd are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pB4

Sabine, Mildred, and William Krapohl are wed 11/5/55: 11/10/55p4

Safford, Eveleth W., died 5/4/57: 5/9/57p3

Safford, Fred H., died 8/18/55: 8/25/55p3

Safford, Percival H., died 11/22/59: 11/26/59p1,12/3/59p3

Salis, Frank, died 4/16/59: 4/16/59p3

Saltzman, Melvin, and Nancy Earle are wed 11/30/55: 12/8/55p4

Samia, George, and Elizabeth Ferris are wed 7/8/59: 7/30/59p4

Samia, Nagella R., died 5/5/58: 5/8/58p3

Sampson, John C., died 1/23/56: 1/26/56p3

Sampson, Theresa, and George Tanner Jr. are wed 7/10/54: 7/15/54pA8

Sanborn, Alice, and Amos Lancaster are wed 3/8/53: 7/9/53p4

Sanborn, Alice, and James Johnson are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Sanborn, Bertha, weds William Walker II 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Sanborn, Beth, and David Hourigan are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4

Sanborn, Elizabeth J., died 8/28/55: 9/1/55p3

Sanborn, George B., died 3/19/58: 3/20/58p2

Sanborn, Grace L., died 10/29/55: 11/3/55p3

Sanborn, James F., died 2/26/56: 2/9/56p3

Sanborn, Joseph M., died 1/1/56: 1/5/56p3

Sanborn, Joyce, and Harry Pinkham are wed 2/3/57: 2/7/57p4

Sanborn Jr., Richard, and Elizabeth Richardson are wed 1/19/57: 1/24/57p4

Sanborn, M&M Carleton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/4/58p4

Sanborn, Richard, and Lorraine Avery are wed 5/26/53: 6/4/53pB8

Sanders, Alce M., died 11/24/57: 11/28/57p3

Sanders, Evelyn, and Richard Garyait wed 10/4/50: 10/26/50pB8

Sanders, Harold W., died 4/27/56: 5/3/56p3

Sanders, Mina F., died 11/17/59: 11/19/59p3

Sanders, Ralph, and June Lee are wed 10/11/51: 10/18/51p4

Sanfacon, Florida P., died 4/2/50: 4/6/50p5

Sanfacon, George, on 63rd birthday, has 50 years at Feineman's: 7/9/53p1

Sanfacon, Grace M., died 7/2/53: 7/9/53p3

Sanfacon, Honore, died 3/16/53: 3/19/53p3

Sanfacon, Maurice, and Therese Hamel are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Sanfacon, Sadie B., died 11/23/54: 11/25/54p3

Sanfacon., Richard P., died 2/24/53: 2/26/53p1

Sanford, Betty, and David Johnson are wed 9/15/56: 9/27/56p4

Sanphy, Ellen, and Charles Foley are wed 3/28/59: 4/9/59p4

Sanville, Edward, and Barbara Arkwell are wed 1/31/53: 2/5/53p4

Sanville, Walter E., died 10/?/57: 10/31/57p3

Sargent Jr., Raymond, weds Luthia LaFoe 11/25/51: 11/29/51pB3

Sargent, Oscar F., died 5/17/52: 5/22/52pB4

Saturley, Florence A., died 6/20/59: 6/25/59p3

Saunders, Richard, and Alice Bryson are wed 9/3/50: 9/7/50p4

Savory, Virginia, and Richard Dionne are wed 10/14/50: 10/26/50p4

Savramis, Emilie, and Charles Raizes are wed 9/20/53: 9/24/53p4

Savramis, George, and Anastasia Raizes are wed 3/3/57: 3/7/57p4

Sawyer, Allen, and Pearl Bell are wed 8/20/56: 8/30/56p4

Sawyer, Annie, celebrates 88th birthday: 10/9/58p4

Sawyer, Annie P., died 7/3/55: 7/7/55p3

Sawyer, Haley, weds Marilyn Ames 7/2/51: 7/12/51p4

Sawyer, Harry L., died 10/6/53: 10/8/53p3

Sawyer, Louise, feted by ex-students on her birthday: 11/22/56p2

Sawyer, Louise P., retires after 42 years in education: 5/22/52p1

Sawyer, Roscoe, and Florence Bryant are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Sawyer, Venna, and Raphael Ferland are wed 6/1/55: 6/16/55p4

Scahill, Nora, is Kiwanis Woman of the Year: 6/10/54p1

Scala, John, and Marion Witham are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Scala, Marion, and Emery Douglas are wed: 10/2/58p4

Sceggel, Howard, and Shirley Lilljedahl are wed 6/6/54: 6/10/54p4

Sceggell, Arlene, and Henry Fields are wed 7/9/55: 7/14/55p5

Sceggell, Edna M., died 9/22/57: 9/26/57p3

Sceggell, Helen, and Robert Bouchard are wed 1/13/51: 1/18/51pB8

Schafer, Ernest, and Evelyn Junkins are wed 8/24/57: 8/29/57p4

Schiller, John A., died 12/7/56 are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p5

Schilling, Geraldine, and Donald Wheeler are wed 9/8/56: 9/13/56p4

Schneider, Edmund, weds Angela Coussoule 4/23/50: 5/4/50p4

Schneider, Gail, and Louis Barisano are wed 6/8/57: 6/13/57p4

Schnorr, Laura M., died 8/20/57: 8/29/57p3

Schoch, Joseph, wounded in Korea: 12/14/50p1

Schofield, Charles, weds Marjorie Charette 2/11/50: 2/16/50p15

Scholz, Warren, died 1/10/53: 1/15/53p3

Scott, Charles, and Constance Dame are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Scott, Charlotte B., died 4/19/52: 4/24/52p3

Scott, Edward H., died 11/27/53: 12/3/53p3

Scott, Florette, and Russell Tilton are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Scott, Ida, and Roger Pervere are wed 3/27/54: 4/1/54p4

Scott, James, and Barbara Winkley are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4

Scott Jr., Waymss, and Carlene Clemnet are wed 6/28/52: 9/11/52p4

Scott, Thoimas C., died 7/10/56: 7/12/56p3

Scott, Wellington H., died 8/12/53: 8/13/53p3

Scott. George, and Lucienne Laurion are wed 10/25/52: 10/30/52p4

Scruton, Carolyn, weds Maurice Barber 4/9/50: 4/13/50p4,5/25/50p18

Scruton, Lloyd, and Irene Merrill are wed 9/9/51: 9/27/51pB3

Scruton, Marjorie, and Stanley Bernard wed 5/24/52: 5/29/52pB3

Scruton, Virginia, and Frank Sepitch are wed 3/30/52: 3/27/52p4

Seaman, Alice M., died 12/21/52: 12/25/52p3

Seaman, Lena D., died 2/7/55: 2/10/55p3

Seaman, Leroy, and Dorothy Parker are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p4

Seaver, Ronald, and Elizabeth Witham are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Seavey, Adelle, and John Timmons are wed 10/22/55: 10/27/55pp4,5

Seavey, Ann, and Theodore MacDonald are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Seavey, Beverly, and William Court are wed 9/17/57: 10/3/57p4

Seavey, C. Samuel, died 6/4/58: 6/12/58p3

Seavey, Constance, and Thomas Mann are wed 1/14/56: 1/19/56p4

Seavey, Donald, and Joan Bilson are wed 1/18/58: 1/23/58p4

Seavey, Florence, and Howard Simonton are wed 4/24/55: 4/28/55p4,5/5/55p4

Seavey, Fred F., earns Masonic 50-year medal: 3/18/54p5

Seavey, Gail, and Donald Zimmerman are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Seavey, Gretchen, and Gordon Adams are wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4

Seavey, M. Leslie, died 9/5/55: 9/29/55p3

Seavey, M&M Fred L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/6/58pp1,2

Seavey, Mary I., died 7/15/52: 7/17/52p3

Seavey, Phyllis, and Robert Hanratty are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Seavey, Phyllis, and Wayne Robie are wed 7/29/52: 7/31/52pB2

Seavey, Ralph G., elected VP of NE Fire Chiefs association: 7/3/58p8

Seccus, Sarah, and Charles Hosser are wed 3/18/51: 3/22/51p2

Seekins, John, and Shirley Tibbetts are wed 10/16/54: 10/28/54p4

Segreves, Mary, died 9/18/58: 9/25/58p3

Senay, Henry G., died 4/3/58: 4/10/58p3

Senter, Auralie, and Melvin Loring are wed 9/23/55: 9/29/55p4

Sepitch, Frank, and Virginia Scruton are wed 3/30/52: 3/27/52p4

Servetas, George, and Ellen Learmed are wed 4/28/56: 5/3/56p4

Servetas, Georgia, and Roland Varney are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p4

Sessler, Elizabeth, and Robert Carter are wed 11/1/52: 11/6/52p4

Sessler, Lawrence, and Ruth Goodwin are wed 3/13/51: 3/22/51p2

Sessler, Ronald, and Dorothy Forbes are wed 6/6/56: 6/14/56p4

Severance, Bernard, is NH 4-H Meat Animal winner: 1/10/52p1

Sevigny, Richard, and Ruth Dougherty are wed 11/30/57: 12/12/57p4

Shackford, Joseph, weds Beverly MacIver 7/9/50: 7/20/50pB2

Shafer, Edward, and Joan Guptill are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Shafer, Geraldine, and Bernard Chase are wed 10/10/53: 10/15/53p4

Shaltry, Dewey L., died 2/23/59: 2/26/59p1

Shanly, Grace H., died 11/17/59: 11/26/59p3

Shapleigh, Jane F., died 5/26/50: 6/1/50p18

Shapleigh, Samuel E., died 7/23/52: 7/24/52p3

Share, Sarah E., died 10/21/54: 10/28/54p3

Sharples, Norman, weds Virginia Balomenos 5/5/51: 5/10/51p4

Shattock, John, and Anne Trousdale are wed 9/14/52: 9/25/52p4

Shattuck, John N., died 1/29/58: 1/30/58p3

Shaw, Addie M., died 1/29/55: 2/3/55p3

Shaw, Constance, and Richard Roberge are wed 7/2/55: 7/14/55p5

Shaw, Elizabeth, died 6/27/56: 6/28/56p3

Shaw, Frank, and Thelma Sullivan are wed 2/10/51: 2/22/51p8

Shaw, Gilbert E., died 5/18/57: 5/23/57p3

Shaw Jr., Eugene, and Edna Cromeenes are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp2,4

Shaw, M&M Fred I., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/6/55p5,10/13/55p6

Shaw, Malcolm, and Barbara McAllister are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

Shaw, Nellie R., died 6/28/58: 7/3/58p3

Shaw, William B., died 12/18/52: 12/25/52p3

Shaw, William, died 5/18/51: 5/24/51pA4

Shea, Allen, and Barbara Lessard are wed 5/1/54: 5/6/54p4

Shelly, Grace W., died 8/20/56: 8/23/56p3

Shepard, Edith, weds William Young 4/23/50: 4/27/50p4

Shepard, Harold, and Leona Miller are wed 2/10/51: 2/15/51p4

Shepard, Pauline, and Edward Drapeau are wed: 2/10/55p4

Shepard, Ruby S., died 9/?/58: 10/2/58p3

Shepard, Susan A., died 5/25/58: 5/29/58p3

Shepard, William C., died 5/21/59: 5/28/59p3

Sherman, Dorothy, and Edgar Roberts are wed 6/30/56: 7/12/56p4

Sherwood, Bradbury, and Shirley Peters are wed 5/28/55: 6/16/55p4

Sherwood, Edward B., died 1/28/57: 1/31/57p3

Sherwood, Louise, and Gerald Stewart are wed 12/31/50: 1/4/51p8

Sherwood, Rebecca, and Donald Tarlton are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51p4

Shibley Jr., George, and Ann Rutherford are wed 9/2/57: 9/5/57p4

Shirley, John C., died 1/11/56: 1/19/56p3

Shorey, Carrie B., died 12/13/54: 12/16/54p3

Shorey, Harry J., died 6/7/52: 6/12/52pA1

Shorey, Lorenzo F., died 4/10/55: 4/14/55p3

Shorey, Rufus A., died 11/13/58: 11/20/58p3

Shroyer, Jodell, and Michael Susi are wed: 3/19/59p4

Shumaker, Betty, and John Blaisdell are wed 5/26/54: 6/3/54p4

Sichert, Anne, and James Peterson are wed 6/16/58: 7/3/58p4

Sidney, Donald, and Joyce McLean are wed 5/2/53: 7/9/53p4

Sidney, Donald, weds Joyce McLean 5/1/53: 5/14/53pA4 ,7/9/53p4

Silva, B. Theresa, died 5/4/59: 5/7/59p3

Silva, Dorothy, and Allen Goodwin are wed 7/4/53: 7/9/53p4

Silver, Evelyn, and Marcel Robidas are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Silver Jr., Leonard, and Virginia Gauthier are wed 9/9/50: 9/14/50p4

Silveri, Leo, and Evelyn Leach are wed 10/8/55: 10/13/55p4,10/20/55p4

Silvia, John, and Roberta O'Neil are wed 7/20/57: 8/1/57p4

Simard, Joseph, died 10/5/56: 10/11/56p3

Simes, Harold, weds Margaret Henry 7/24/50: 7/27/50p5

Simmonds, Jessie C., died 3/8/53: 3/12/53p3,3/12/53pB3

Simon, Gerald, and Barbara Rouleau are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Simonton, Howard, and Florence Seavey are wed 4/24/55: 4/28/55p4,5/5/55p4

Simpson, Effie, adied 8/18/54: 8/19/54p3

Sinclair, Minnie F., died 3/31/56: 4/5/56p3

Sinclair, Mylo F., died 3/25/56: 3/29/56p3

Sindorf, Florence, and Henry Lake are wed 2/7/53: 2/12/53p7

Sindorf, John, and Dorothy Perry are wed 6/29/56: 7/5/56p4

Sirois, Mary, and Dominic Biancavilla are wed 9/5/53: 9/17/53p4

Sirrell, Isabelle, and Edgar Watson are wed 2/14/53: 2/19/53p4

Skeggell, Benjamin, and Mary Masterson are wed 11/29/58: 12/11/58p4

Skidds, Earl, weds Esther Henderson 4/21/50: 4/27/50p4

Skidds, John, and Joanne Plante are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

Skillin, Richard, and Sylvia Knuuti are wed 10/18/58: 10/23/58p4

Slack, Otto, died 3/28/53: 4/2/53p3

Sleeper, Eta H., died 1/25/50: 2/2/50p5

Small, Albert, and Patricia Lowd are wed 9/25/59: 10/1/59p4

Small, Chester W., died 12/28/57: 1/2/58p3

Small, Edmund, and Barbara Strong are wed 8/31/52: 9/4/52p4

Small, Gail, and Donald Lyons are wed 8/30/57: 9/12/57p4

Small, Nedra, and Roy Flaker are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Small, Nedra R.--Our Teachers/SHS: 1/25/51pA6

Smart, David, and Jeannie Fortin are wed 9/8/50: 9/14/50pB4

Smart, Eleanor, weds Ralph Williams 2/14/50: 2/16/50p15

Smart, John W., died 12/4/51: 12/6/51pB2

Smart, Marion F., died 3/25/55: 3/31/55p3

Smart, Suzie E., died 1/5/52: 1/10/52p3

Smith, Alfred, weds Betty Cardianl 4/3/50: 4/13/50p11

Smith, Annie M., died 3/25/54: 4/1/54p3

Smith, Beverly, and Gerard Lecroix are wed 9/8/51: 9/13/51p4

Smith, Brendon E., died 12/15/52: 12/18/52p3

Smith, Carolyn, and Lawrence Harmon are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Smith, Clara M., died 1/16/56: 1/19/56p3

Smith, Clarence E., died 7/17/55: 7/21/55p3

Smith, Della R., died 11/8/55: 11/10/55p3

Smith, Diane, and Roger Lizotte are wed 6/6/59: 6/11/59pB4

Smith, Donald, and Laeta Crediford are wed 6/28/59: 7/2/59p4

Smith, Dorothy, and Myron Wentworth are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Smith, Elizabeth, and Thomas Leddy are wed 8/27/51: 8/30/51p4

Smith, Esther T., died 10/19/56: 10/25/56p3

Smith, George A., died 6/9/54: 6/10/54p3

Smith, George A., died 6/9/54: 6/17/54p3

Smith, Gerald, died 5/1/53: 5/7/53pB8

Smith, Glenn, and Edith Huckins are wed 4/28/51: 5/3/51p4

Smith, Guy A., died 2/21/56: 2/23/56p3

Smith, Harry A., died 9/15/54: 9/30/54p3

Smith, Harry A., died 9/15/54: 9/23/54p3

Smith, Hazel, and Burley Dunham are wed 9/5/59: 9/17/59p6

Smith, Helen, and James Aldrich are wed 9/15/56: 9/27/56p4

Smith, Iona B., died 10/3/55: 10/6/55p3

Smith, James A., died 7/31/51: 8/9/51pB4

Smith, James E., earns Masonic 50-year award: 1/15/53p1

Smith, Jeanette R., died 10/6/54: 10/14/54p3

Smith, Jeanne, and Paul Clark are wed 5/16/54: 5/20/54p4

Smith, Lewis L., died 5/18/51: 5/24/51pB3

Smith, Lillian, and Clifford Measley are wed 5/16/53: 5/28/53p4

Smith, M&M Leland C., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/1/55pC3

Smith, M&M Lloyd, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/23/50p4

Smith, Marion, and Laurence Goodwin are wed 6/14/58: 6/19/58p4

Smith, Martha M., died 7/22/55: 7/28/55p3

Smith, Mary, and Winthrop Gerrish are wed 8/28/51: 8/30/51p4

Smith, Mary E., died 10/20/58: 10/23/58p3

Smith, Mary I, retires after many years in education: 6/2/55p1

Smith, Natalie, and William Vickery are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Smith, Noel, and Marshall Hunt are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Smith, Norma, and John Warburton Jr. are wed 5/24/53: 5/28/53p4

Smith, Ora S., died 8/15/52: 8/28/52pB8

Smith, Paul S.--People Who Make Rochester: 2/8/51pA2

Smith, Richard, and Susan Stearns are wed 3/31/56: 4/12/56p4

Smith, Richard, weds Pauline Mayo 1/27/50: 2/2/50p4

Smith, Robert, and Charlene Gosselin are wed 3/8/58: 3/13/58p4

Smith, Shirley, weds Samuel Waldron 5/21/50: 5/25/50p7

Smith, Stanley, and Jean Clark are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Smith, Stella, and Leo Bernier are wed 4/26/52: 5/1/52p4

Smith, Thelma, and Horace Hammond are wed 4/13/52: 4/17/52p4

Smith, Walter C., died 1/19/59: 1/22/59p3

Smith, William, and Lucille Ham are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Smith, William S., died 2/21/51: 3/1/51p3

Smojice, Elru, and Evelyn Wagner are wed 10/8/55: 10/13/55p4,10/20/55p4

Snyder, Blanche, and William Carr Jr. are wed 3/7/53: 3/26/53p4

Snyder, George, and Agnes Rutkowsky are wed 2/11/58: 2/13/58p3

Snyder, Noel, earns USN Good Conduct medal: 6/23/55p8

Snyder, Thelma B., died 9/7/57: 9/12/57p3

Snyder, Theodore, and Natalie Miller are wed 12/27/50: 2/1/51p4

Sorenson, Anna G., died 10/20/58: 10/23/58p3

Sorenson, Lilia M., died 12/8/53: 12/10/53p3

Soucy, Donald, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/6/58pA1

Soucy, Janet, and Earl Corson are wed 9/22/51: 10/4/51p4

Souter, Eileen, and Leo Carroll are wed 11/16/57: 11/28/57p4

Souter, Thomas, died 4/19/58: 5/1/58p3

Souter, Wilhelmina, died 5/12/54: 5/13/54p3

Southard, Cora A., died 4/12/51: 4/12/51p3,4/19/51p3

Sowards, Fred, and Lorraine Greenwood are wed 4/19/55: 4/28/55p4

Spaulding, Barbara, and Charles Foss are wed 4/9/53: 4/16/53pB2

Spaulding, Harriet M., died 7/31/54: 8/5/54p1

Spaulding, Huntley N., died 11/14/55: 11/17/55p1

Spaulding, Huntley N., to be feted by City: 10/26/50p1,11/2/50p1

Spaulding, Mrs. Day S.--A Pertinent Personality: 4/20/50p4

Spaulding, Richard, and Doris Brown are wed 9/3/50: 9/7/50pA3

Spear, John, and Mary Porier are wed 10/17/53: 11/5/53pC2

Spear, Madge T., died 4/19/92: 4/24/52pB5

Spear, Robert, and Jeannine Biron are wed 9/19/59: 9/24/59p4

Spedding, Ben, died 3/13/52: 3/20/52p3

Spedding, Lucy I., died 2/18/53: 2/26/53p3

Speedie, Jesse, and Howard Holt are wed 4/14/51: 4/19/51p4

Spencer, Charles, and Pauline Rollins wed 11/10/51: 11/15/51pB3

Spencer, Ernest L., died 8/29/58: 9/4/58p3

Spencer, Frank, and Frances Wiggin are wed 11/21/52: 11/27/52p4

Spencer, William A/. died 6/?/50: 6/15/50pA4

Sperr, William, and Joanne Doe are wed 6/21/58: 6/26/58p4

Spiller, Mildred, died 3/28/59: 4/2/59p3

Spinney, Tyler, and Jane Witham are wed 12/31/57: 1/23/58p4

Spiro, Nathan, died 3/3/57: 3/7/57p3

Spiro, Nathan, is president of B'nai B'rith: 3/31/55p5

Splain Jr., Frank, and Janice May are wed 8/9/52: 8/21/52p4

Splaine, Frank, and Janice May are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

Splaine Sr., M&M Frank E., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/26/57p4

Splaine, Stephanie, and Blaine Woodcock are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

Spongberg, Carl A., celebrates 80th birthday: 6/8/50pC3

Spooner, Norman, died 7/16/55: 7/21/55p1

Spooner, Patricia, and Richard Gagne are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54p4

Sprague, George, and Bertha Lachance are wed 2/26/54: 3/4/54p4

Sprague, Jean, and James Glidden are wed 8/29/52: 9/4/52p4

Sprague, Joan, weds Lloyd Varney Jr. 8/4/50: 8/10/50p4

Sprague Jr., Stanley, weds Alice Masse 11/15/52: 11/20/52pp4,B1

Sprague, Mary, and Earl White are wed 11/29/52: 12/11/52p4

Sprague, Ramona, and Donald Hawkins are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Sprague, Ronald, and Cynthia Paey are wed 5/12/56: 5/17/56p4

Springfield, J. Frank, died 3/9/55: 3/17/55p3

Springfield, Lola--Our Teachers/SHS: 5/11/50p16

Sprinkle, Robert, and Carolyn Dallaire are wed 12/8/56: 12/13/56p4

Spruance, M&M J. David, to be missionaries in Argentina: 10/15/53p1

Sprunger, Cynthia, and Lawrence Edgerly are wed 9/15/57: 9/19/57p4

Sprunger, Cynthia, is Betty Crocker Future Homemaker/SHS: 2/9/56p1

Spurling, Bernice, and Norman Felix are wed 11/12/52: 11/27/52p4

Spurling, Donald, and Theresa Boucher are wed 8/10/57: 8/15/57p4

Spurling, Madeline, weds Albert Langley 2/11/50: 2/23/50p8

Spurling, Nancy, and Robert Cramer are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Spurling, Robert, and Gladys Munroe are wed 2/18/56: 2/23/56p4

St. Amand, Claire, weds Leo Desautel 6/10/50: 6/15/50pA3

St. Clair, Kenneth, and Cynthia Nadeau are wed 6/20/53: 6/25/53p4

St. Cyr, Jane, and Sam Randall are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p5

St. Cyr, Lynda, and Edward Hoag are wed 5/16/58: 5/22/58p4

St. Cyr, Richard, and Eleanor Conley are wed 5/2/58: 5/8/58p4

St. Germain, Marie, and Alfred Blanchette are wed 2/11/56: 2/23/56p4

St. Germaine, Eddie, and Sylvia Cossette are wed 3/19/55: 3/24/55p4

St. Germaine, Phillip D., died 5/1/53: 3/5/53p3

St. Germaine, Sylvette, and Norman Vachon are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

St. Hilaire, Donat, and Madeline Clough are wed 4/2/59: 4/9/59p4

St. Hilaire, Leabe T., died 3/3/58: 3/6/58p3

St. Laurent, Jacqueline, and Casey Gerard are wed 8/31/57: 9/12/57p5

St. Laurent, Joseph P., died 2/24/55: 3/2/55p3

St. Laurent, Pauline, and Stephen Wallace are wed 5/17/58: 5/22/58p4

St. Laurent, Robert, and Pauline Stanley are wed 2/16/52: 2/21/52p4

St. Lawrence, Alphonse, and Ada Crowe are wed 3/12/55: 3/31/55p4

St. Lawrence, Richard, and Rosalie Ronzello are wed 4/4/59: 5/21/59p4

St. Lawrence, Valmore, and Betty Jenkins are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58pB8

St. Onge, Alice, and Harvey Duprey are wed 9/24/55: 9/29/55p4

St. Onge, Joseph E., died 6/16/54: 6/17/54p3

St. Onge, Laura, and Robert Staples are wed 10/7/50: 10/19/50p4

St. Onge, Rita, and Norman Perron are wed 10/19/57: 10/24/57p4

St. Peter, Eva, weds Alcide Cansler 2/20/50: 2/23/50p4,3/2/50p4

St. Pierre, Albert, and Yvonne Gagne are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

St. Pierre, Angeline G.--A Pertinent Personality: 8/3/50p4

St. Pierre, Raphael, and Agatha Russo are wed 4/27/54: 4/29/54p4

St. Raphaela, Sr. Mary, died 3/23/52: 3/27/52p3

St. Rose, Sister, founder of St. Charles, died 3/16/53: 3/19/53p3

St. Sauvaur, Malvina J., died 12/14/50: 12/21/50p3

St. Sauveur, Delphis, and Irene Lemiline are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

Stackpole, Norman B., died 5/11/57: 5/16/57p3

Stackpole, William T., died 12/9/52: 12/11/52p3

Stacy, Jacquelyn, and Richard Meatty are wed 6/?/59: 7/2/59pA5

Stacy, Marilyn, weds Robert Gray 6/30/51: 7/5/51pA6

Stacy, Marjorie, and George Rolfe are wed 5/10/52: 5/29/52pB3

Stacy, Myrtle, honored for weekly Rochester Courier column: 1/22/53p1

Stacy, Myrtle R.--A Pertinent Personality: 5/24/51p4

Stadile, Pasquale, and Maureen Coughlin are wed 10/12/57: 10/17/57p4

Stahl, Beatrice, and Donald Jones are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pp4,6

Stanley, Carl, and Betty Miller are wed 12/1/56: 12/6/56p4

Stanley, Charles A., died 4/3/50: 4/6/50p10

Stanley, Ellen M, died 5/21/56: 5/24/56p3

Stanley, Ira L. , died 4/6/52: 4/10/52p3

Stanley, Pauline, and Robert St. Laurent are wed 2/16/52: 2/21/52p4

Staples, Alberta, and Lester Potter are wed 4/13/52: 4/17/52p4

Staples, Harry W., died 3/14/51: 3/15/51p3,3/22/51pB8

Staples, John, and Diane O'Neil are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p4

Staples, M&M Charles, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/16/53pA4

Staples, M&M Walter, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/26/53p4

Staples, Robert, and Laura St. Onge are wed 10/7/50: 10/19/50p4

Stapleton, Marjorie, and Carl Jackson are wed 4/29/51: 5/3/51p4

Steadman, Frederick, weds Charene Anderson 7/31/51: 8/9/51p4

Steadman, James, died 2/24/59: 2/26/59p3

Stearns, George, and Ann Josephson wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59p5,11/26/59p6

Stearns George H., died 6/29/52: 7/3/52p1

Stearns, Grace E., died 7/13/54: 7/15/54p3

Stearns, Lulu E., died 4/26/57: 5/2/57p3

Stearns, Nellie O., died 6/23/52: 6/26/52p3

Stearns, Susan, and Richard Smith are wed 3/31/56: 4/12/56p4

Steele, Alfred, and Henel Cutter are wed 4/16/54: 4/22/54p4

Steele, Phyllis, and Earl Williams are wed 11/22/57: 11/28/57p4

Stelmach, Edward, and Cecile Cormier are wed 7/21/56: 7/26/56p4

Stemmerman Jr., William, and Lola Corson are wed 9/11/55: 9/15/55p5

Stetson, Anne, and Robert Dorsey are wed 3/16/57: 3/21/57p4

Stevens, Albert, and Simone Levielle are wed 10/27/56: 11/1/56p4

Stevens, Albert, died 6/26/58: 7/3/58p1

Stevens, Alice M., died 6/16/53: 6/25/53pB2

Stevens, Fred K., died 12/14/58: 12/18/58p3

Stevens, Gertrude, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/27/51p1

Stevens, Harold E., died in Korea 8/25/50: 9/28/50p1,8/2/51p1,8/9/51p1

Stevens, John, and Martha Baxter are wed 8/25/56: 8/30/56p4

Stevens, Mahlon H., is Grand Commander of NH Knights: 10/4/51p2

Stevens, Melvin, and Eleanor Reid are wed 4/12/59: 4/16/59p4

Stevens, Norma, and John Kenney are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58pB8

Stevens, Norma, and Robert Cormier are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

Stevens, Norma, and Sylvio Lapierre are wed 9/18/54: 9/23/54p4

Stevens, Patricia, and Donald Lepene are wed 9/28/56: 10/4/56p4

Stevens, Roy, and Barbara Hanson are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Stevens, Sallyanne, and Darrell Dudley are wed 11/12/55: 11/17/55p4

Stevens, Shirley, and Arthur Gallagher are wed 2/16/56: 2/23/56p4

Stevenson, Carolyn, and Clay Bedford Jr. are wed 12/27/51: 1/3/52p4

Stevenson, Eva L.--A Pertinent Personality: 3/2/50p4

Stevenson, Eva, moves on after 30 years at Spaulding High: 7/25/57p1

Stevenson, Jeanette, and Russell Davis Jr. are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

Stevenson, M&M Alexander, celebrate 35th anniversary: 8/15/57p4

Stevenson, M&M Ernest, celebrate 35th anniversary: 2/16/56p4

Stevenson, Mary, weds Ralph Monegan Jr. 5/8/53 on TV: 5/14/53p4,5/21/53p4

Stevenson, Myron, died 4/30/52: 5/1/52p1,5/8/52p3

Stevenson, Patricia, and George Hussey are wed 9/2/51: 9/6/51p4,9/13/54p4

Stevenson, Robert C., died 8/14/51: 8/16/51p3

Stevenson, Willis, and Carol Walker are wed 2/6/57: 2/7/57p4

Steves, Thomas, and Prudence Waterhouse are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Stewart, Albert, and Avarita Thebault are wed 1/6/55: 1/13/55p4

Stewart, Chester D., died 2/14/58: 2/20/58p3

Stewart, Donald H., died 5/6/57: 5/9/57p3

Stewart, Gerald, and Louise Sherwood are wed 12/30/50: 1/4/51p8

Stewart, Jerald, and Patricia Dexter are wed 11/11/56: 11/15/56p4

Stewart, Lloyd J., died 6/8/51: 6/21/51p3

Stewart, Lois, and Edgar Perreault are wed 1/22/55: 1/27/55p4

Stewart, Robert, and Josephine Lingl are wed 6/17/53: 6/25/53pB2

Stewart, Ruth, and Donald Huff are wed 9/10/51: 9/20/51p4

Stiles, Walter T., died 5/27/51: 5/31/51p3

Stillings, Elmer, and Lois Colby are wed 5/10/52: 5/15/52pC3

Stillings, Ernest F., earns Masonic 50-year award: 1/15/53p1

Stillings, Fannie R., died 5/12/57: 5/16/57p3

Stillings, Lucy F., died 6/26/58: 7/3/58p3

Stocker, Nellie E., died 1/29/50: 2/2/50p15

Stokes, Sarah F., died 10/27/51: 11/1/51p3

Stone, Bertha S., died 12/26/51: 1/3/52p3

Stone, Carl, weds Virginia McEwen 5/25/51: 5/31/51p4

Stone, Christina, and Scott Hoar are wed 5/6/55: 5/12/55p4

Stone, H. Archie, earns Masonic 50-year award: 1/15/53p1

Stone, Henry A., died 7/8/57: 7/11/57p3

Stone, M&M Harry, celebrate 34th anniversary: 12/24/53p4

Stone, Samuel N., died 3/27/58: 4/3/58p3

Stone, William, and Ruth Dutton are wed 12/15/52: 1/8/53p4

Stone, William D., died 9/12/54: 9/16/54p3

Stonebreaker, Leslie M., died 5/15/52: 5/15/52p3

Storer, Harriet A., died 12/11/59: 12/17/59p3

Storrs, Reginald, and Antoinette Mueller are wed 12/6/58: 12/11/58p4

Story, Vivienne, and Richard Austin are wed 7/1/55: 7/14/55p5

Strachan, Arlene, weds Lionel Gregoire 6/24/50: 7/6/50pB1

Strachan, Constance, and Arthur Dugal are wed 9/5/55: 9/8/55p4

Strachan, Jacqueline, and Ronald Lavallee are wed 9/25/54: 9/30/54p4

Strameris, William, and Katherine Raizes are wed 4/28/57: 5/2/57p4

Strang, Mary W., died 8/31/54: 8/5/54p3

Stratchan, Shirley, and Everett Yates are wed 2/7/59: 2/19/59p4

Streeter, Simeon, died 6/5/50: 6/8/50p5

Stringer, Helen, and Herbert Canney are wed 12/12/54: 12/30/54p4

Strong, Barbara, and Edmund Small are wed 8/31/52: 9/4/52p4

Strong, Fred L., is elected president of the C/C: 1/22/59p1

Strong, Heidi L., died 1/10/58: 1/15/59p3

Strong, Irene, weds Paul Leavitt 4/15/50: 4/27/50p4

Strong Jr., Leonard, and Ruth Erikson are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Stroutman, John, died 4/13/58: 4/17/58p3

Stuart, Betty, weds Richard Maguire 7/2/50: 7/6/50p4

Stuart, Deborah, died 6/21/57: 6/27/57p3

Stuart, Donald A., died in Korea 1/?/53: 1/29/53p1

Stuart, Donald, weds Margarey Crawford 5/13/50: 6/8/50p4

Stuart, Earlon, and Avis Congram are wed 9/15/51: 9/20/51p4

Stuart, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/7/54p4

Stuart, Patience, and Clayton Martell Jr. are wed 3/30/51: 4/5/51p4

Stuart, Richard, and Mary Waterhouse are wed 5/5/53: 5/7/53p4

Stubbs, Marjory, and Richard Heaney are wed 4/30/52: 5/8/52p4

Studley, Ira G., celebrates 74th birthday: 9/14/50p1

Studley, Ira G., died 5/22/51: 5/24/51p1

Studley, Ira G.--People Who Make Rochester: 8/24/50pA2

Studley, Joshua, died 6/9/52: 6/12/52p1,6/19/52p1

Studley, Joshua--People Who Make Rochester: 11/30/50pA2

Studley, M&M Joshua, celebnrate 25th anniversary: 6/29/50p4

Studley, Norma, and Ray Currier are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Studley, Norma--A Pertinent Personality: 6/1/50p4

Stumm, Elizabeth, and Michael Dandrow are wed 6/1/57: 6/6/57p4

Sturgeon, John, died 7/13/52: 7/17/52pB5

Sturtevant, Alice, and Frederick Merrithew are wed 11/13/55: 11/24/55p4

Styles, Frank, and June Clement are wed 9/13/52: 9/18/52p4

Sullivan, Barbara, and Alfred Estes are wed 10/4/58: 10/9/58p4

Sullivan, Daniel, and Beatrice Barcomb are wed 11/6/54: 11/11/54p4

Sullivan, Donald, and Jane Ward are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Sullivan, Edward J., died 1/8/55: 1/13/55p1

Sullivan, Eugene, and Bessie Hurly are wed 11/5/55: 11/10/55p4

Sullivan, Helen, and John Hebert are wed 5/30/59: 6/11/59p4

Sullivan, John, and Florence Gagne are wed 6/13/59: 6/25/59p4

Sullivan, John T., died 3/13/52: 3/20/52pB8

Sullivan, Lawrence, and Mabel White are wed 10/24/52: 10/30/52p4

Sullivan, Margaret, and Charles Wheeler are wed 4/11/53: 4/23/53p4

Sullivan, Mortimer, and Irene Worster are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Sullivan, Nellie--A Pertinent Personality: 3/9/50p4

Sullivan, Sally, and Paul Burbank are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Sullivan, Thelma, and Frank Shaw are wed 2/10/51: 2/22/51p8

Sunderland, Beverly, and Marcus Yates are wed 6/13/53: 6/18/53p4

Sunderland, Roberta, weds Myrtland Robinson 8/4/51: 8/9/51p4,8/16/51p4

Supray Jr., Louis, and Florence Golledge are wed 6/19/57: 6/27/57p4

Susi, Michael, and Jodell Shroyer are wed: 3/19/59p4

Suska, Joseph, and Palma Morin are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Sussman, Marie H., died 6/25/59: 7/2/59p3

Sutherland, Elaine, and Sheldon Damon are wed 6/1/52: 6/5/52pB6

Sutherland, Elizabeth I., died 8/18/57: 8/29/57p3

Sutherland, Shelby, and Robert Bragg are wed 10/25/57: 11/21/57p4

Sutphin, Judith, and James Maloney are wed 7/25/53: 7/30/53p4

Swain, M&M Roy V., celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/26/57p4

Swain, Maude L., died 12/14/51: 12/20/51pB2

Sweeney, Clair, and Kenneth Douglas are wed 10/23/55: 11/10/55p4

Sweet, Donald A., died 3/9/55: 3/17/55p3

Swenson, Karl, celebrates 80th birthday: 6/23/55p3

Swinerton, Esther M., died 5/16/56: 5/24/56p3

Swinerton, Gloria, and Robert Gelinas are wed 5/11/57: 5/23/57p4

Swinerton, M&M Hiley B., celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/5/50p1,p16

Sylvain, Archie, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/27/50p1

Sylvain, Armand, weds Lucille Treteau 5/30/51: 6/14/51p4

Sylvain, Arthur, died 1/28/53: 1/29/53p3

Sylvain, John, and Marie-Jeanne Chapdelaine are wed 7/19/52: 7/24/52p4

Sylvain, Richard, and Muriel Valliere are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Sylvain, Rita, and Richard Desseault are wed 11/21/53: 11/26/53p4

Sylvain, Roland, and Patricia Hamel are wed 4/24/54: 4/29/54p4

Symonds, Walter, died 6/30/53: 7/2/53p3

Syze, Albert, died 11/11/54: 11/18/54p3

Thebeault, Robert, weds Joyce Marble 2/2/52: 2/7/52pB1

Taffe, Helen, weds Armand Grenier 2/4/50: 2/9/50p4,2/16/50p4

Taffe, Joseph, and Jacqueline VanBuskirk are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Talbot, Ethel H., died 10/31/59: 11/5/59p3

Talon, Andrew, and Flore Tremblay are wed 9/4/54: 9/16/54p4

Talon, Raymond, and Estelle Huppe are wed 3/17/52: 3/20/52p4

Tanguay, Earle, and Etta Emerson are wed 8/23/54: 8/26/54p4

Tanguay, Roland, and Jeannette Chasse are wed 6/29/57: 7/4/57p4

Tanguay, Sylvio J., died 7/4/59: 7/9/59p3

Tanguay, Valmore, and June Rigazio are wed 5/4/57: 5/9/57p4

Tanner, Doris B., died 5/1/56: 5/3/56p3

Tanner, Ella, and John Donnelly Jr. are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB6

Tanner, Floyd, and Edna Marcoux are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59pB6

Tanner, George I., died 10/12/52: 10/16/52pA2

Tanner, George L., died 2/8/54: 2/11/54p3

Tanner, Gertrude M., died 5/24/51: 5/31/51pB3

Tanner Jr., George, and Theresa Sampson are wed 7/10/54: 7/15/54pA8

Tanner, Lola, and James Burns are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Tanner, Mary A., died 5/26/52: 5/29/52pB8

Taplin, Alvin E., died 5/8/55: 5/12/55p3

Tappan, Betty, and Charles Drew Jr. are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Tapper Jr., Frederick, and Joyce Carpenter are wed 7/18/59: 7/30/59p4

Tapscott, Albert, and Eunice McCarthy are wed 9/24/55: 10/6/55p4

Tarbell, Bertha E., died 12/29/52: 1/1/53p3

Tariton, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/19/57p2

Tarlton, Arthur S., died 8/9/58: 8/14/58p3

Tarlton, Donald, and Rebecca Sherwood are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51p4

Tarlton, Lillian, and Lawrence Place are wed 4/18/53: 4/23/53p4

Tarmey, Sharon, and William Yates are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Tash, Ellen E., died 5/5/52: 5/8/52pB5

Tasker, Cecil, and Barbara Corbett are wed 6/29/56: 7/12/56p4

Tasker, Edith B., died 3/13/59: 3/19/59p3

Taussig Jr., John, weds Ann Jennings 5/6/50: 5/11/50p11

Taylor, Bertha, and Lawrence Weeks are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Taylor, David, and Joanne Moody are wed 3/17/56: 3/23/56p4,4/5/56p4

Taylor, Elizabeth, weds Conrad Pensavalle 6/17/50: 6/22/50p4

Taylor, Francis, and Geneva Barnett are wed 4/21/56: 5/10/56p4

Taylor, Frank H., died 12/12/56 are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p4

Taylor, George A., died 2/16/59: 2/19/59p3

Taylor, Isey M., died 9/1/53: 9/3/53p3

Taylor, John J., died 10/31/53: 11/5/53p3

Taylor, Josephine D., died 1/30/50: 2/2/50p5

Taylor, Lula H., died 3/28/56: 3/29/56p3

Taylor, Prentice, and Janette Cafasso are wed 6/27/52: 8/7/52p4

Taylor, Priscilla, is Betty Crocker Homemaker/Farmington: 2/23/56pB3

Taylor, Robert, and Doris Henderson are wed 6/21/52: 7/3/52p4

Tebbette, Walter F., died 9/16/58: 9/18/58p3

Tebbetts, Barbara, and James Fecteau are wed 1/30/53: 2/5/53pB3

Tebbetts, Betty, and Robert Parsons are wed 4/18/59: 4/23/59p4

Tebbetts, Burton R.--People Who Make Rochester: 6/19/52pA2

Tebbetts, Donald, and Ellen Willey are wed 2/4/56: 2/16/56p4

Tebbetts, Emma, died 2/18/51: 2/22/51p3

Tebbetts, Everett J., died 5/6/59: 5/7/59p2

Tebbetts, Henry, weds Ruth Pitman 4/28/50: 5/11/50p22

Tebbetts, James, and Isabelle Cutter are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p5

Tebbetts, Jean, and Kenneth Dodge Jr. are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Tebbetts, Mary J., died 8/1/54: 8/5/54p3

Tebbetts, Ronald, and Ethel Estes are wed 8/1/5/59: 8/20/59p4

Tebbetts, Walter F., died 9/16/58: 9/25/58p3

Teger, John, weds Jean Oliver 7/21/51: 7/26/51p4

Terrien, Louis H., died 12/6/59: 12/10/59p3

Tessier, Albert, and Natalie Jenness are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Tessier, Albina C., died 9/16/54: 9/23/54p3

Tessier, Albina, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/1/54p4

Tessier, Charles, and Antoinette Jacques are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

Tessier, Constance, and Luke Billings are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Tessier, Delvina, and Julien Moore are wed 2/16/52: 2/21/52p4

Tessier, M&M Octave, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/30/58p4

Tessier, Mrs. Charles, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/3/52p3

Tessier, Mrs. Charles, celebrates 91st birthday: 7/2/53p3

Tetley, Mary A., died 3/14/55: 3/17/55p3

Tetley, Rev. Edmund B., died 9/13/56: 9/20/56p3

Tetreault, Raymond, and Annette Leveille are wed 7/2/55: 7/7/55p5

Thayer, Annie E., celebrates 85th birthday: 11/17/55p4

Thayer, Annie E., died 5/16/57: 5/23/57p4

Thayer, Ella M., died 2/8/58: 2/13/58p3

Thayer, Frank L., died 5/8/58: 5/22/58p5

Thayer, Sylvia, and Philip Zaeder are wed 6/18/58: 6/19/58p4

Thebault, Avarita, and Albert Stewart are wed 1/6/55: 1/13/55p4

Theberge, Alphonsine S., died 11/2/55: 11/3/55p3

Theroux, Joseph, died 2/16/56: 2/23/56p3

Therrien, Alfred, weds Joanne Rollins 7/22/50: 7/27/50pB2

Therrien, Alphonse and Martin--People Who Make Rochester: 6/12/52pA2

Therrien, Alphonse J., died 12/13/55: 12/15/55p3

Therrien, Armand, and Effie Norwood are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51p5

Therrien, Cecelia, and Tadeus Groblicki are wed 4/4/53: 4/9/53p4

Therrien, Dorothy, and Louis Charest are wed 9/?/50: 9/14/50pB1

Therrien, Elizabeth, weds Calvin Weeks 5/26/51: 6/7/51pB6(F),6/14/51pA3

Therrien, Frances, and Arthur Witham are wed 10/17/52: 10/30/52p4

Therrien, Jeannine, and John Collins are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Therrien, Marie A., died 8/29/59: 9/3/59p3

Therrien, Martin, and Evelyn Lee are wed 2/16/52: 2/28/52p4

Therrien, Mildred, and Raymond Boulay are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Therrien, Norbert, and Stella Glovinski are wed 1/20/51: 2/1/51p4

Therrien, Paul, weds Constance Maxfield 12/29/56: 1/3/57p5,1/10/57pA6

Therrien, Raymond, describes escape from crippled USAF plane: 8/21/52p1

Therrien, Rene, and Doris Mains are wed 1/21/53: 1/29/53p4

Therrien, Roger, and Jeannine Gingras are wed 11/22/51: 11/29/51pp4,5

Thibeau, Maria M., died 2/2/55: 2/3/55p3

Thibodeau, Alexis, died 1/?/52: 1/24/52p1

Thivierge, Adelard, died 7/8/50: 7/13/50p5

Thivierge, Benoit, and Rosa Jacques are wed 5/7/55: 5/12/55p4

Thivierge, Jeannette, and Robert Menard are wed 8/8/59: 8/13/59p4

Thivierge, Louis A., died 6/9/51: 6/14/51pC4

Thomas, Elizabeth, and Lawrence Gilbert wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51pB3

Thomas Jr., Benjamin, and Rochelle Raymond are wed 1/28/56: 2/2/56p4

Thomas Jr., Joseph, and Faith Cline are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Thomas, M&M Clark, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/24/58pB2

Thomas, Marion, and ??? Wood are wed 7/3/59: 7/30/59p4

Thompson, A. Roy, died 9/15/57: 9/19/57p3

Thompson, Albert F., died 2/11/50: 2/16/50p5

Thompson, Beverly, and Harland Allen are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p4

Thompson, Edwin, and Joan Ahern are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Thompson, Elmer, and Dorothy Mitchell are wed 3/1/52: 3/13/52p4

Thompson, Ernest H., died 5/25/51: 5/31/51p3

Thompson, Fred C., died 9/17/56: 9/20/56p3

Thompson, H. Tilghman, died 3/29/51: 3/29/51p3; 4/5/51pB2

Thompson, Harold, and Lois Burns are wed 2/9/52: 2/21/52p4

Thompson, Harold, died 9/16/51: 9/20/51p3

Thompson, Harry E., died 8/15/57: 8/22/57p3

Thompson, Louise, and Donald Pester are wed 11/28/57: 1/9/58p4

Thompson, M&M Elmer F., celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/5/50p4

Thompson, Marilyn, and Bill Burtlow are wed 7/5/52: 7/10/52pp4,6

Thompson, Mary, and John Newhall are wed 10/10/59: 10/15/59p4,10/22/59pA1

Thompson, Nancy, and Thomas Burbank are wed 11/8/58: 11/20/58p4

Thoren, Gosta, and Josephine Chesley are wed 12/12/53: 1/14/54p4

Thorpe, Beulah, and John Grierson are wed 6/21/52: 6/26/52p4

Thurber, Franklin, and Delores Poliquin are wed 5/14/55: 5/19/55pC2

Thurston, Alma, and Richard Cormier are wed 2/20/51: 3/1/51p4

Thurston, Constance, and William Cochrane are wed 8/31/57: 9/12/57p4

Thurston, Donald, and Geraldine Avery are wed 1/2/54: 1/7/54p4

Thurston, Donald H, on disability leave from Korea: 12/13/51p1

Thurston, M&M Herbert H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/8/53pB2

Thurston, M&M Milton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/30/50pB5

Thurston, Milton H., died 1/15/52: 1/17/52pB2

Thurston, Shirley, and Richard Miller wed 11/23/50: 11/30/50pB5

Thurston, Sylvia A., died 1/14/52: 1/17/52pB4

Tibbets, Karla, is DAV Good Citizen of the Year/Milton: 1/29/59pA1

Tibbets, Thelma--A Pertinent Personality: 6/22/50p3

Tibbetts, Forrest W., died 9/13/58: 9/18/58p3

Tibbetts, Fred, and Carol Titus are wed 11/9/57: 11/14/57p4

Tibbetts, Janet, is in Who's Who Among University Students: 12/9/54pC6

Tibbetts, Shirley, and John Seekins are wed 10/16/54: 10/28/54p4

Tibbetts, Thelma, elected president of NH BPW: 6/26/58p1

Tibbetts, Vivian, and David Hurd are wed 8/4/56: 8/9/56p4

Tibbetts, Williuam P., died 12/19/53: 12/24/53p3

Tillinghast, Elaine, and Marshall Gibbs are wed 11/24/55: 12/1/55p4

Tilton, Anna, died 6/28/53: 7/2/53p3

Tilton, Charles C., died 5/4/50: 5/11/50p22

Tilton, Glen, and Yvonne Long are wed 3/17/56: 3/29/56p4

Tilton, Russell, and Florette Scott are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Tilton, Sumner A., died 2/3/56: 2/9/56p3

Timm, Marjorie, and Robert Mielke are wed 7/5/58: 7/10/58p5

Timmons, John, and Adelle Seavey are wed 10/22/55: 10/27/55pp4,5

Tinker, Herbert W., died 1/7/59: 1/8/59p3

Tinker, Mary, weds Leslie Kimball 1/21/50: 1/26/50p4

Titcomb, Charlotte G., died 7/20/53: 7/23/53p3

Titcomb, Thelma, and Robert Lefebvre are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52pp4,5

Titus, Carol, and Fred Tibbetts are wed 11/9/57: 11/14/57p4

Titus, Marlene, and Pasquale Luciano are wed 9/11/55: 9/29/55p4

Todd, Dorothy, and Harvey Dolliver are wed: 7/3/52p4

Tolman, Kate S., died 4/30/50: 5/4/50p5

Tolman, Leslie, and Theresa Parmerleau are wed 12/7/57: 12/12/57p4

Tompson, Calvin, and Barbara Horne are wed 9/13/51: 9/20/51pp4,5

Tompson, Calvin, weds Mary Didge 7/28/50: 8/3/50p5

Tompson, Raymond, weds Julia Otis 8/9/50: 8/17/50p4

Tonkin, Mary, weds Verne Fowler 6/16/50: 6/22/50p4

Toof, Louise D., died 4/28/57: 5/2/57p3

Toof, Paul, and Ann Day are wed 12/27/58: 1/8/59p8

Topliffe, Michael, died 8/13/54: 8/19/54p1

Torr, David, and Janice Jacobs are wed 9/13/58: 9/18/58p5

Torr, Franklin, and Ann Bergeron are wed 6/6/59: 6/11/59p4

Torr, John, and Cecelia Hogan are wed 11/17/56: 11/22/56p4

Torr, M&M Franklin, celebrate 30th anniversary: 4/30/59p4

Tousignant, Jeanne, and Robert Eaves are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Towle, Barbara, and Richard Hale Jr. are wed 4/12/58: 4/17/58p4

Towle, Dorothy, and Horace Dorr Jr. are wed 5/30/57: 6/6/57p4

Towle, Joyce, and Oral Collins are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52p4,6/19/52p4

Towle, Leslie, and Alice Dennis are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Towle, Ronald, and Sylvia Cohen are wed 7/10/54: 7/22/54p4

Towle, Sherrill, and Ralph Frost are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Townsend, Kathleen B., died 11/24/54: 12/2/54p3

Townsend, Priscilla, and Fred March Jr. are wed 1/28/51: 2/1/51p8

Townsend, Ralph, weds Harriet Raynolds 7/14/51: 8/2/51p4

Trafton, Richard, and Marie Daigle are wed 9/20/52: 9/25/52p4

Trahan, Arthur, and Ethel Estes are wed 3/7/58: 3/13/58p4

Trainor, Addie, and James Pike are wed 7/19/56: 7/26/56p4

Trask, Barbara, and Roland Pike Jr. are wed 12/10/55: 12/22/55p4

Trask, Lorraine, and Gerard Cossette are wed 10/21/50: 10/26/50p4

Treadwell, Merle, and Norma Libby are wed 6/27/52: 7/3/52p4

Treadwell, Ralph, and Louise French are wed 10/20/53: 10/29/53p4

Treahey, Betty, and Warren Moore are wed 7/13/57: 7/18/57pp3,4

Tremblay, Andrew, and Lucille Normand are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

Tremblay, Arthur R., died 1/5/54: 1/7/54p3

Tremblay, Flore, and Andrew Talon are wed 9/4/54: 9/16/54p4

Tremblay, Gerard, and Raelene Marble are wed 10/4/52: 10/9/52pp4,5

Tremblay, Hermine, and Ameglio Paglino are wed 4/21/51: 4/26/51p4

Tremblay, Laurette, and Leoplod Dubrieul are wed 8/22/53: 8/27/53p4

Tremblay, M&M Adjutor, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/22/53p4

Tremblay, Raymond, and Josephine Bean are wed 3/28/55: 3/31/55p4

Tremblay, Roger, and Janet Lamontagne are wed 10/29/55: 11/3/55p4

Tremblay, Roland, and Martha Arsenault are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p5

Tremblay, Ronald, and Yvonne Ouellette are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pp4,5

Tremblay, Zoel, died 9/17/56: 9/20/56p3

Treteau, Lucille, weds Armand Sylvain 5/30/51: 6/14/51p4

Trickey, Alma C., died 7/1/55: 7/28/55p3

Tricky, Elizabeth D., died 5./11/57: 5/16/57p3

Tripp, Edwin, and Anne Twitchell are wed 5/23/59: 5/28/59p4

Tripp, Edwin P., celebrates 91st birthday: 6/24/54pB2

Tripp, Edwin P., died 11/13/54: 11/18/54p3

Tripp, Emma L., died 8/2/59: 8/6/59p3

Tripp, J. Stacy, died 8/5/57: 8/8/57p1

Tripp, J. Stacy, earns Masonic 50-year award: 1/15/53p1

Tripp, J. Stacy--People Who Make Rochester: 9/28/50pA2

Tripp, J. Thornton, elected Master of NH State Grange: 10/29/53p1

Tripp, M&M Thornton, celebrate 35th anniversary: 12/21/50p4

Tripp. Lucy, and Ernest Perkins are wed 6/22/57: 6/27/57p4

Tromblay, Hazel, and Leonard Bryant are wed 5/17/52: 5/22/52p4

Trousdale, Anne, and John Shattock are wed 9/14/52: 9/25/52p4

Trousdale, James, and LaVerne Lenihan are wed 5/1/52: 5/8/52p4

Trudel, Jeanne, weds George Robidas 7/4/51: 7/12/51pB1

Trueworthy, William H., died 11/2/8/56: 12/6/56p3

Tuck, Donald, and Draxa Provencher are wed 6/27/59: 7/9/59p4

Tuck, Donna, and Wayne Merchant are wed 8/17/57: 8/22/57p4

Tucker, Alice T., died 6/30/59: 7/2/59p3

Tucker, Blanche, and Norman Griffin are wed 1/15/55: 1/20/55p4

Tucker, Charles, and Dawn Cameron are wed 10/25/58: 10/30/58p4

Tucker, Pearle, and Spencer Robinson are wed 7/28/52: 7/31/52p4,8/7/52p4

Tufts, Addie, holds family reunion; 67 relatives show up: 12/3/59p1

Tufts, Joan, and Robert Dow are wed 11/29/55: 12/1/55p5

Tufts, Lawriston, and Elizabeth Parmerleau are wed 3/21/53: 3/26/53p4

Tufts, Margaret, and William Wilkins are wed 7/3/59: 7/9/59pB4

Tufts, Merton, and Geraldine Duprey are wed 11/3/50: 11/9/50pB2

Tufts, Orrin, weds Beatrice Jenness 6/30/51: 7/12/51p8

Turbaville, Lanora, died 8/1/59: 8/6/59p3

Turcotte, Albert T., died 3/14/59: 3/19/59p3

Turcotte, Domicile, died 4/14/52: 4/17/52p3

Turcotte, Edmund J., awarded Silver Star posthumously: 11/29/51p1

Turcotte, Edmund J., died 9/27/51 in Korea: 10/18/51p1,27/20/51p1

Turcotte, Ernest J., died 10/15/57: 10/17/57p3

Turcotte, J. Arthur, died 4/8/51: 4/12/51p3

Turcotte, Jacqueline, and Armand Roy are wed 9/3/51: 9/6/51p4

Turcotte, Lila, and John Budlong are wed 11/14/51: 11/22/51p7

Turcotte, Lillian L., died 1/30/51: 2/1/51p3,2/8/51p3

Turcotte, Maria L. died 2/2/53: 2/5/53p3

Turcotte, Norma, and Ernest Glover are wed 11/14/51: 11/22/51p4

Turcotte, Rita, weds Robert Grassie 5/19/51: 5/24/51p4

Turemelle, Thomas P., died 7/23/53: 7/30/53p3

Turgeon, Aline, and Donald Binette are wed 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4

Turgeon, Doris, weds Rene Bedard 5/19/51: 6/7/51p4

Turgeon, Edmond, and Priscilla Boulanger are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52p4

Turgeon, Joseph A., died 5/10/59: 5/14/59p3

Turgeon, Laura, weds Louis Venne 5/19/51: 6/7/51p4

Turgeon, Richard, and Lorraine Horne are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Turmelle, Edmond, died 6/30/53: 7/2/53p3

Turmelle, Elmira L., died 11/21/54: 11/25/54p3

Turmelle, Fred, and Earline Day are wed 10/26?/55: 11/3/55p4

Turmelle, George A., died 11/5/55: 11/10/55p3

Turmelle, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/29/54p4

Turmelle, M&M George, celebrate 58th anniversary: 4/19/51p4

Turmelle, M&M George, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/30/53p4

Turmelle, Martin, and Denise O'Malley are wed 9/8/56: 9/13/56p4,9/27/56p4

Turmelle, Oscar, and Alice Miller are wed 8/28/51: 9/13/51p4

Turmelle, Robert, died 2/17/55: 2/24/55p3

Turmette, Athanasse, died 1/12/52: 1/17/52p3

Turner, Elaine, and Harry Gorrill are wed 10/13/56: 10/18/56p4

Turner, M&M Arthur W., celebrate 38th anniversary: 7/27/50pB3

Turner, Roberta, and Fred Knight are wed 6/2/56: 6/7/56p4

Turner, Ruth, graduates at Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind: 6/27/57p1

Turner, William. celebrates 93rd birthday: 8/13/59p4

Tutein, Bruce, and Joanne Barney are wed 5/5/57: 5/9/57p4

Tuttle, Eugene A., died 12/?/53: 12/31/53p3

Tuttle, Eugene, weds Lucille Kelley 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Tuttle, Lulu V., died 5/22/58: 5/29/58p3

Tuttle, Ruth E., died 3/31/55: 4/7/55p3

Tuttle, Sarah M., died 4/15/50: 4/20/50p19

Tuttle, Wendelll T., died 11/5/56: 11/15/56p3

Twichell, William, weds Margaret Dodier 7/29/50: 8/3/50pA1(S),8/10/50p4

Twitchell, Agnes, and Kenneth Guild are wed 9/27/59: 10/22/59p4

Twitchell, Anne, and Edwin Tripp are wed 5/23/59: 5/28/59p4

Twitchell, Barbara, and William Lee Jr. are wed 9/27/52: 10/2/52p4

Twitchell, Catherine, and Carl Fernald are wed 5/3/58: 5/29/58p4

Twombly, Herman, and Grace Hurd are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Twomley, Sara J., died 2/15/57: 2/21/57p3

Tyrer, Brenda, and Frank Leary are wed 11/14/53: 11/19/53p4

Tyrrell, Verne, and Eleanor Ward are wed 4/24/53: 5/7/53p4

Tyson, William T., died 5/12/259: 5/21/59p3

Underhill, Marion D., died 11/24/54: 11/25/54p1,12/2/54p3

Upham, James, and Ardelle Paquin are wed 9/4/54: 9/9/54p4

Urcuioli, Carmen, and Celia Regis are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Urion, Paul B., is president of regional Phi Delta Theta: 7/14/55p1

Vachon, Amelia, died 9/14/54: 9/16/54p3

Vachon, Barbara, and Frank Kenny are wed 6/26/54: 7/8/54p4

Vachon, Georgianna, celebrates 88th birthday: 1/12/50p4

Vachon, Georgianna S., died 1/1/56: 1/5/56p3

Vachon, Gideon F., died 8/26/52: 8/28/52p3

Vachon, Henry R., died 12/8/52: 12/11/52p3

Vachon, Henry, weds Mary Hamel 8/12/50: 8/17/50pp4,5

Vachon, Homer, and Eileen Hourihane are wed 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4

Vachon, Jeannine, and Conrad Dugas are wed 3/1/58: 3/13/58p4

Vachon, Joseph, weds Marjorie Hale 7/21/51: 7/26/51pB6 ,8/2/51p4

Vachon, June, and William Jackson Jr. are wed 6/8/57: 6/20/57p4

Vachon, M&M Thomas J., celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/6/56p5

Vachon, M&M Thomas J., celebrate 38th anniversary: 10/14/54p4

Vachon, Mary R., died 12/5/55: 12/8/55p3

Vachon, Norman, and Sylvette St. Germaine are wed 10/20/51: 10/25/51p4

Vachon, Robert, and Jeannette Marcotte are wed 11/29/52: 12/4/52p4

Vachon, Robert J., died 2/8/54: 2/11/54p3

Vachon, Theresa, and John Cronin are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50pB6

Vachon, Valmond, and Janet Rivard are wed 10/17/53: 10/22/53p4

Vachon, William, and Betty Warburton are wed 8/1/52: 8/7/52pB2

Vachon, Yvette, and Paul Lamontagne are wed 12/26/55: 12/29/55p4

Vaillancourt, Alfred, and Mary Marcoux are wed 12/31/55: 1/6/55p4

Vaillancourt, Robert, and Rita Nadeau are wed: 12/11/52p4

Vaillencourt, Lucien, weds Lea Gingras 4/27/57: 5/2/57p4,5/9/57p4

Vaillencourt, Madolyn C., died 7/23/54: 7/29/54p3

Valee, Ludger, died 10/22/58: 10/23/58p3

Valleton, John, and Dorothy Gelinas are wed 7/17/54: 7/29/54p4

Valley, Gladys, died 3/22/59: 3/26/59p3

Valliere, Muriel, and Richard Sylvain are wed 7/4/59: 7/9/59p4

Van Anden, Nellie, and Herman Montie are wed 6/20/54: 7/1/54p4

Van Buskirk, Albert, died 1/?/53: 1/8/53p3

Van Buskirk, Lawrence, and Shiela Peters are wed 6/6/58: 6/19/58p4

Van Dyke, Harry, and Elois Hazen are weds 3/24/52: 3/27/52p4

Van Lunen, Richard, and Judith Abbott are wed 3/28/53: 4/2/53p4

Vanasse, Joseph B., died 9/15/58: 9/18/58p3

Vanasse, Robert, and Shirley Letourneau are wed 6/11/55: 6/16/55p4

VanBuskirk, Jacqueline, and Joseph Taffe are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4

VanBuskirk, John, died 8/29/50: 8/24/50p3

VanBuskirk, Shiela, and Louis Peters Jr. are wed 5/15/53: 5/28/53p4

Vance, Eleanor, weds John Bradford 1/27/50: 2/2/50p4

Vanderveen, Albertina, and Richard Walker are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Vanesse, Rachel, and Charles Clement are wed 5/22/55: 5/26/55p4

Varney, Carrie, died 2/4/57: 2/7/57p3

Varney, Charles W., honored by Masons: 3/5/59p4

Varney, Constance, and Dale Reber are wed 7/6/56: 8/2/56p4

Varney, Eldora B., died 10/19/50: 10/26/50pB5

Varney, Elsie L., died 8/15/55: 8/18/55p3

Varney, Evelyn, and Elmer Johnson are wed 6/21/59: 6/25/59p4

Varney, Evelyn, died 12/27/54: 12/30/54p1

Varney, Fred S., died 7/7/58: 7/17/58p3

Varney, Gale, and Carmen Lambert are wed 7/30/56: 8/2/56p4

Varney, Harry J., died 3/14/55: 3/17/55p3

Varney Jr., Lloyd, weds Joan Sprague 8/4/50: 8/10/50p4

Varney, Kenneth, and Shirley Pugh are wed 3/17/56: 3/22/56p4

Varney, Leon R., died 11/2/50: 11/9/50pB2

Varney, Lewis N., died 7/12/51: 7/19/51pB2

Varney, Lida, died 6/8/50: 6/15/50pA4

Varney, M&M William H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/23/50p3

Varney, Mary J., died 8/11/59: 8/13/59p3

Varney, Minniebelle, and Patrick Young are wed 12/31/55: 1/5/56p4

Varney, Robert, weds Elizabeth Drew 7/1/51: 7/5/51p4

Varney, Robin, wins Country Science Bee: 4/10/58p1

Varney, Roland, and Georgia Servetas are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p4

Varney, Sheldon, weds Joyce Litchell 8/13/50: 8/17/50p4

Vaughn, Donald R., died 7/9/57: 7/11/57p3

Vayo, Barbara, and Richard Bradt Jr. are wed 12/30/55: 1/12/56p4

Veator, Ann, and Wayne Bergeron are wed 11/23/56: 11/29/56p4

Veator, Marion, and Douglas Forbes are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Veilleux, Raymond, and Sylvianne Roberts are wed 9/16/50: 9/21/50p4

Venne, Louis, weds Laura Turgeon 5/19/51: 6/7/51p4

Veno, Corrine, and George Pike Jr. are wed 9/1/51: 9/6/51pp4,5

Veno, Mary G., died 1/28/57: 1/31/57p3

Veno, Raymond, and Yvonne Beriault are wed 7/24/54: 7/29/54p4

Veno, Roland, weds Delia Lapanne 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Veno, Samuel, died 1/21/50: 1/26/50p5

Vernal, Madolyn, and Roger Lawrence are wed: 7/18/57p4

Verville, Theodore, died 7/21/51: 7/26/51p1

Vickers, Ruth, and Donald Pratt are wed 3/18/55: 3/24/55pB4

Vickers, Wallace, and Antoinette Plante are wed 9/6/54: 9/9/54p4

Vickery, William, and Natalie Smith are wed 8/26/50: 8/24/50p5

Vickery, William, is president of SC Young Farmers: 10/16/52p1

Vicneire, Louise, and Donald Hart Jr. wed 7/15/50: 8/24/50pB4

Vien, Henry, died 3/17/53: 3/19/53p3

Vigneault, Helen, and Armand Poissan are wed 1/3/59: 1/29/59p4,2/5/59p4

Villanova, Tony, celebrates 65th birthday: 5/4/50p3

Vincent, Annette, H., diee 5/26/52: 5/29/52p3

Vincent, Bernadette P., died 1/13/50: 1/19/50p6

Vincent, Geraldine, and Philip Paradis are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p4

Vincent, Hattie, and Robert Johnson are wed 4/24/53: 4/30/53p4

Vinson, Dorothy, and Edwin Horne are wed 7/18/56: 7/26/56p4

Viola, James, weds Maryjane Brown 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Vitello, Arthur, and June Canney are wed 11/19/55: 12/8/55p4

Vittum, Ethel, and Jonas Eastwood are wed 4/29/52: 5/8/52pB5

Vittum, Shirley, died 11/30/50: 12/7/50p3

Vontell, Harry G., died 5/14/58: 5/15/58p3

Vontell, Henry G., died 5/7/58: 5/8/58p3

Wagner, Colin, and Jessie Chapman are wed 3/31/56: 4/12/56p4

Wagner, Evelyn, and Elru Smojice are wed 10/8/55: 10/13/55p4,10/20/55p4

Waitt, Barbara, and Pierre Boulogne are wed 12/26/54: 12/30/54p4

Waitt, Charles L., died 11/14/55: 11/17/55p3

Waitt, Richard, and Joanne Burns are wed 10/9/54: 10/14/54p4

Wakefield, Paul C., died 7/6/51: 7/12/51p3

Wakelee, Lois, and Bryant Berton are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Waldren, Margaret H., celebrates 90th birthday: 8/4/55p4

Waldron, Karl E., died 3/29/58: 4/3/58p3

Waldron, Lucy S., died 11/10/54: 11/18/54p3

Waldron, Margaret H., died 12/5/57: 12/12/57p3

Waldron, Samuel, weds Shirley Smith 5/21/50: 5/25/50p7

Waldron, Shirley, and Edward Yates are wed 12/7/57: 12/12/57p4

Walker, Addie M., died 6/21/59: 6/25/59p3

Walker, Carol, and Willis Stevenson are wed 2/6/57: 2/7/57p4

Walker, Edwin, and Edna Dengee are wed 4/23/53: 4/30/53p4

Walker, Ethel L., died 12/?/49: 1/5/50p12

Walker II, William, weds Bertha Sanborn 3/18/50: 3/23/50p4

Walker, James A., died 1/1/51: 1/11/51p3

Walker, Patricia, and Frank Wilkins are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p5

Walker, Richard, and Albertina Vanderveen are wed 7/11/53: 7/16/53p4

Walking, Rena E., died 2/6/56: 2/9/56p3

Wallace, Gertrude U., died 4/12/57: 4/18/57p3

Wallace, Margaret L., died 9/28/57: 10/3/57p3

Wallace, Peter, and Addie Downs are wed 7/2/54: 7/22/54p4

Wallace, Stephen, and Pauline St. Laurent are wed 5/17/58: 5/22/58p4

Wallace, Steven O., earns US Army Commendation Medal: 12/30/54p6

Wallace, Thomas L., died 9/17/58: 9/18/58p3

Waller, Carolyn, and Joseph Ballou are wed 6/27/59: 7/9/59p4

Walley, Gertrude, weds Vernon Fall 6/18/50: 6/22/50pB6 ,6/29/50p4

Walley, M&M Clyde, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/21/51pB3

Wallingford, Amos D., died 3/8/56: 3/15/56p3

Wallingford, Annie B., died 6/22/53: 6/25/53p3

Wallingford, Maynard C., died 11/24/58: 12/4/58p3

Walsh, Eva S., died 5/1/50: 5/4/50p5

Walsh, Frank W., died 12/30/55: 1/5/56p3

Walsh, Franklin, weds Madelaine Munsey 5/21/50: 5/25/50p4

Walsh, Leroy F., died 12/30/54: 1/6/55p3

Walsh, Ruth, weds Paul Welch 3/15/50: 3/23/50p4

Wanser, Edward, and Erna Horne are wed 10/1/50: 10/5/50p4

Warburton, Betty, and William Vachon are wed 8/1/52: 8/7/52pB2

Warburton, Clara, and John Morris are wed 3/27/52: 3/27/52p4

Warburton, Eva M., died 4/29/59: 4/30/59p3

Warburton Jr., John, and Norma Smith are wed 5/24/53: 5/28/53p4

Warburton, Mabel E., died 2/23/54: 2/25/54p3

Warburton, Wendall, and Noella Boudreau are wed 11/26/52: 12/4/52p4

Ward, Barbara, and Henry L'Heureux are wed 9/30/50: 10/5/50p4

Ward, Eleanor, and Verne Tyrrell are wed 4/24/53: 5/7/53p4

Ward, James M., died 12/27/59: 12/31/59p3

Ward, James S., died 11/3/59: 11/12/59p3

Ward, Jane, and Donald Sullivan are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Ward, Joan, and John Rigazio are wed 11/30/57: 12/5/57p4

Ward Jr., Richard, and Lorraine Lachapelle are wed 6/12/54: 6/17/54p4

Ward, Mary, and Joseph Jacobs are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Ward, Mary E., died 1/23/55: 1/27/55p3

Ward, Mary J., died 8/4/53: 8/6/53p3

Ward, Richmond E., died 7/23/59: 7/30/59p3

Ward, Steven, and Dorothy Norman are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51pB2

Warden, Chester, and Yolande Maffett are wed 11/22/52: 11/27/52p4

Warden, M&M Perley, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/1/55p7

Warden, Perley, and Eleanor Junkins are wed 7/21/56: 7/26/56p4

Ware, Nellie M., died 12/5/55: 12/8/55p3

Ware, William B., died 4/15/52: 4/17/52p3

Warnecke Sr., M&M William, have 35th anniversary: 12/14/50ppC4,C8

Warren, Belle A., died 4/25/56: 4/26/56p3

Warren, Gertrude E., died 3/14/54: 3/18/54p3

Warren, William J., resigns as C/C Secretary after 21 years: 2/1/51p1

Warren, William J.--People Who Make Rochester: 5/11/50p10

Washburn, Joseph, and Anna Hersom are wed 6/18/52: 6/26/52p4

Waterhouse, Jean, and James Edgerly Jr. are wed 4/24/55: 4/28/55p4

Waterhouse, M&M Alfred, celebrate 30th anniversary: 5/19/55p4

Waterhouse, Marrie E., died 5/12/57: 5/16/57p3

Waterhouse, Mary, and Richard Stuart are wed 5/5/53: 5/7/53p4

Waterhouse, Prudence, and Thomas Steves are wed 9/2/50: 9/7/50p4

Waterman, Roger, and Edna Fogg are wed 5/23/53: 5/28/53p4

Waters, Floyd, and Alberta Boudreau are wed 6/13/52: 7/17/52p4

Watson, Edgar, and Isabelle Sirrell are wed 2/14/53: 2/19/53p4

Watson, Eva M., died 11/1/54: 11/4/54p3

Watson, Florence M., died 5/?/54: 5/20/54p3

Watson, Helen M., died 10/28/53: 10/29/53p3

Watson, James O., died 3/22/57: 3/28/57p3

Watson Jr., William, and Muriel Lizotte are wed 3/24/51: 3/29/51p4

Watson Jr., William M., died 6/27/55: 6/30/55p1

Watson, M&M Sumner, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/3/50p4

Watson, Norman, and Joan Palmer are wed 1/1/53: 1/8/53pp4,5

Watson, Sarah A., died 1/17/51: 1/18/51p3

Watson, William J., died 11/22/55: 12/1/55p3

Watters, Raymond, and Joan Benton are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Weare, Bertha, and Arthur LaRose are wed 3/2/57: 3/7/57p4

Weare, Sylvia, and Kenneth Lavoie are wed 6/15/57: 6/20/57p4

Weaver, Sara G., died 5/9/56: 5/17/56p3

Webber, Alice F., died 2/?/53: 2/19/53p3

Webber, Cora E., died 10/19/50: 10/26/50p3

Webber, Daniel, and Barbara Jones are wed 3/5/58: 3/13/58p4

Webber, Eleanor, and Ronald Dorr are wed: 1/21/54p4

Webber, Frank I., died 10/31/51: 11/1/51p3

Webber, Mabel S., died 10/29/56: 11/1/56p3

Webber, Nellie B., died 5/7/55: 5/12/55p3

Webster, Annie M., died 11/19/59: 11/26/59p3

Webster, Charles W., died 2/7/56: 2/9/56p3

Webster, Elizabeth T., died 3/21/51: 3/22/51pB4

Webster, Frank E., died 8/10/50: 8/10/50pB2

Webster, Owen, and Pauline Potvin are wed 6/25/55: 6/30/55p4

Weed, Harry L., died 12/13/55: 12/15/55p3

Weed, M&M Harry L., celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/5/53p4

Weeden, Karen, and Nelson Moffitt are wed 3/23/56: 6/28/56p4

Weeden, Patricia, and Donald Dean are wed 9/26/54: 10/7/54pB5

Weeks, Alfred, and Betty Rainaud are wed 10/6/53: 10/8/53p4

Weeks, Calvin, weds Elizabeth Therrien 5/26/51: 6/7/51pB6(F),6/14/51pA3

Weeks, Constance, and Wendall Harris are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

Weeks, David, and Norma Lancey are wed 1/20/56: 1/26/56p4

Weeks, Frances, and Harold Parker are wed 12/23/54: 12/23/54p4

Weeks, Lawrence, and Bertha Taylor are wed 9/15/56: 9/20/56p4

Weeks, Lura B., died 4/3/52: 4/10/52p3

Weeks, Robert, and Betty Grant are wed 8/31/56: 9/6/56p7

Weeks, Ruth, and Frank Montieth are wed 4/17/53: 4/23/53p4

Weeks Sr., Mrs. Merritt, died 2/?/52p3

Wegge, Dennis, and Eunice Julin are wed 10/28/55: 11/24/55p4

Weimert, Charles, and Erleen Berry are wed 8/30/57: 9/12/57p4

Weinstein, Reuben, weds Rose Buyer 6/5/51: 6/14/51p4

Weismantel, John, weds Prudence Hersom: 6/7/51p4

Welch, Donald, and Mariann Lougee are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p2

Welch, Paul, died 12/21/52: 12/25/52p3

Welch, Paul, weds Ruth Walsh 3/15/50: 3/23/50p4

Welch, Richard, and Mary Parent are wed 7/12/55: 7/28/55p4

Welch, Vinnie M., died 2/21/54: 2/25/54p3

Wellander, John D., died 4/3/51: 4/12/51p3

Wells, Joyce, and Armand Larochelle are wed 6/27/59: 7/2/59p4

Wemntworth, Lewis A., died 1/18/56: 1/26/56p3

Wentworth, Beesie H.--A Pertinent Personality: 5/4/50p4

Wentworth, Cora M., died 12/25/53: 12/31/53p3

Wentworth, E. Blanche, died 3/26/59: 4/2/59p3

Wentworth, Edwaqrd L., died 1/5/51: 1/11/51p3

Wentworth, Golbert, died 1/3/52: 1/10/52p3

Wentworth, Irene N.--A Pertinent Personality: 10/26/50p4

Wentworth, Jane, and Alfred Russ are wed 9/9/51: 9/13/51p4

Wentworth, Jean, and Carlisle Osgood are wed 8/25/56: 8/30/56p4

Wentworth, Jennie M., died 5/5/57: 5/9/57p3

Wentworth, Mary C., died 11//8/50 are wed 10/28/50: 11/9/50p3

Wentworth, Merle T., died 2/14/58: 2/20/58p3

Wentworth, Myron, and Dorothy Smith are wed 11/26/53: 12/3/53p4

Wentworth, Verne F., died 4/27/57: 5/2/57p3

Werkema, Jack, and Jeanne Hamilton are wed 6/9/56: 6/14/56p4

Westcott, Harold W., died 7/12/54: 7/15/54p3

Westerburg, George L., died 7/?/58: 7/31/58p3

Westgate, Arthur, and Louise Pike are wed 5/24/53: 5/28/53p4

Weston, Grace G., died 8/15/57: 8/22/57p3

Wetherbee, Ivers, celebrates 87th birthday: 5/31/56pA1

Weymouth, Janet, and Alton Hayward are wed 3/6/55: 3/10/55pB2

Weymouth, M&M Carl H., celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/2/54pB5

Weymouth, Viola, weds Eugene Hall 7/15/51: 7/19/51pB2

Whalen, Jean, and William Newton Jr. are wed 4/26/58: 5/1/58p4

Wheeler, Charles, and Margaret Sullivan are wed 4/11/53: 4/23/53p4

Wheeler, Donald, and Geraldine Schilling are wed 9/8/56: 9/13/56p4

Wheeler, Earl, celebrates ??th birthday: 10/7/54p4

Wheeler, Joseph, died 7/23/59: 7/30/59p3

Wheeler, Lawrence E., died 7/23/53: 7/30/53p3

Wheeler, Margeurite, and Robert Bourdeau are wed 6/18/55: 6/23/55p3

Wheeler, Maurice, and Barbara Levasseur are wed 1/16/54: 1/28/54p4

Wheeler, Olive S., died 1/1/58: 1/16/58p3

Wheeler, Rose B., died 11/29/50: 11/30/50p3

Wheeler, William, and Jacqueline Cyr are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Whetnall, Leroy E., died 4/16/58: 4/17/58p3

White, Albanus M., died 12/23/53: 12/24/53p3

White, Albert R., died 5/24/52: 5/29/52p1

White, Alfred, and Claire Dupont are wed 1/7/56: 1/12/56p4

White, Earl, and Mary Sprague are wed 11/29/52: 12/11/52p4

White, Mabel, and Lawrence Sullivan are wed 10/24/52: 10/30/52p4

White, Mary, and Robert Giera are wed 12/19/54: 12/23/54p4

White, Minnie, died 10/12/54: 10/21/54p3

White, Roland, and Arlene King are wed 3/12/55: 3/17/55p4

White, Walter J., died 10/5/50: 10/12/50p3

Whitehgouse, Annie J., died 8/2/59: 8/6/59p3

Whitehouse, Alberta, weds Roland Mountain 7/1/50: 7/6/50p4

Whitehouse, Andrew J., died 1/10/56: 1/12/56p3

Whitehouse, Harry D., died 3/6/51: 3/8/51pB2

Whitehouse, Harry, died 2/27/51: 3/1/51pB2

Whitehouse, Harvey W., died 2/?/58: 2/13/58p3

Whitehouse Jr., Fred, discovers friends are understanding: 3/27/52p1

Whitehouse Jr., Harold, and Ruth Kent are wed: 5/26/55p4

Whitehouse, Juanita, and Cleotus Jones are wed 10/25/58: 10/30/58p4

Whitehouse, Judith, & Colin Maynard wed 12/12/59: 12/17/59p4,12/24/59pB2

Whitehouse, Leona, and Raymond Pepin are wed 4/11/53: 4/16/53pB2

Whitehouse, Lorraine, and Richard Germon are wed 2/17/51: 2/22/51p4

Whitehouse, Margaret, and Harry Blair are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53p4

Whitehouse, Marie, weds Charles Lawrence 8/12/50: 8/17/50p4

Whiting, Roger, and Judith Garran are wed 12/14/57: 12/19/57p4

Whitman, M&M Roscoe F., celebrate 47th anniversary: 3/2/55p4

Whitney, Alice H., celebrates 89th birthday: 10/23/52p4

Whitney, Alice M., celebrates 90th birthday: 10/22/53p2

Whitney, Alice M., died 7/20/57: 7/25/57p3

Whitney, Donald, and Sandra Doe are wed 7/7/54: 7/15/54p4

Whitney, Mrs. F.E., celebrates 92nd birthday: 10/27/55p2

Whitney, Pauline F., died 7/10/57: 7/11/57p3

Whitney, Ruth E., died 2/20/54: 2/25/54p3

Whitten, Pauline, and Charles Ricker are wed 2/19/53: 2/19/53pB2

Whitworth, John J., died 5/5/52: 5/8/52pB5

Wiggin, Albert, and Marlene Dent are wed 11/28/53: 12/3/53p4

Wiggin, Ann, and Robert McGloan are wed 10/23/54: 10/28/54p4

Wiggin, Anna B., died 8/11/57: 8/15/57p2

Wiggin, Bertha M., died 12/8/51: 12/13/51pB3

Wiggin, Bertha M., died 12/26/55: 12/29/55p3

Wiggin, Blanche, recovers from what seemed certain death: 12/29/55p5

Wiggin, Bradley, and Patricia Moody are wed 3/17/56: 3/23/56p4,4/5/56p4

Wiggin, Elmer E., died 3/11/56: 3/15/56p1

Wiggin, Elmer E., retires as Rochester Band Master at 92: 8/20/53p8

Wiggin, Elmer, leads the City band at 94: 8/18/55p5

Wiggin, Frances, and Frank Spencer are wed 11/21/52: 11/27/52p4

Wiggin, Harry, celebrates 76th birthday: 4/25/57p4

Wiggin, Harry F., died 7/22/55: 7/28/55p1

Wiggin, Harry L., died 6/20/59: 6/25/59p3

Wiggin, Katherine E., died 9/26/53: 9/3/53p3

Wiggin, Luther E., died 1/5/50: 1/12/50p4

Wiggin, M&M Elmer, celebrate 61st anniversary: 8/28/52p3

Wiggin, M&M Elmer E., celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/30/51pp1,8

Wiggin, M&M Elmer E., celebrate 59th anniversary: 8/24/50pA3

Wiggin, M&M Harry, celebnrate 57th anniversary: 11/28/57p3

Wiggin, M&M Harry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/30/50pp5,B8

Wiggin, M&M Harry, celebrate 55th anniversary: 12/1/55p3

Wiggin, M&M Harry, celebrate 58th anniversary: 11/27/58p1

Wiggin, Mary C., died 1/28/50: 2/2/50p15

Wight. Irene W.--Our Teachers/SHS: 6/22/50pA6

Wilcox, Sanford J., died 7/11/59: 7/16/59p1

Wiles, Harold, and Norma Phillips are wed 5/22/53: 5/28/53p4

Wilkens, Fernande, weds O'Neil Dyer 4/22/50: 5/4/50p4

Wilkens, Frank, and Patricia Walker are wed 6/28/58: 7/10/58p5

Wilkins, William, and Margaret Tufts are wed 7/3/59: 7/9/59pB4

Willard, Raymond C., died 5/20/52: 5/29/52pB4

Willett, George, weds Lucille Beaudoin 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Willey, Charles M., died 1/15/51: 1/18/51pB4

Willey, Ellen, and Donald Tebbetts are wed 2/4/56: 2/16/56p4

Willey, Eva C., died 6/2/52: 6/12/52pA6

Willey, George E., died 1/7/59: 1/15/59p3

Willey, George F., died 12/24/55: 12/29/55p4

Willey, Grace, died 7/7/58: 7/17/58p3

Willey, M&M Leon, celebrate 40th anniversary: 4/25/57p3

Willey, Norma, and Stuart Bullis are wed 8/27/55: 9/1/55p4

Williams, Arlene, and Paul Allard are wed 10/4/50: 10/26/50pB8

Williams, Arnold, and Claire Montgomery are wed 7/5/54: 7/15/54p4

Williams, Christine, and Warren Putney Jr. are wed 6/29/57: 7/18/57p4

Williams, Earl, and Phyllis Steele are wed 11/22/57: 11/28/57p4

Williams, Ellen W., died 12/24/54: 12/30/54p3

Williams, Gertrude, and Raymond Gosselin are wed 6/27/53: 7/2/53p4

Williams, H. Leighton, is new Director of C/C: 6/6/57p1

Williams, Julia, and Donald Garland are wed 8/2/52: 8/7/52pB2

Williams, M&M Richard, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/5/50pA3

Williams, Percy, died 9/3/50: 9/7/50p3

Williams, Ralph, weds Eleanor Smart 2/14/50: 2/16/50p15

Williams, Susie, died 5/13/55: 5/19/55p3

Williamson, John, died 10/14/57: 10/17/57p3

Williamson, Mame, celebrates 91st birthday: 4/30/53p4

Williamson, Mame, celebrates 93rd birthday: 4/28/55p5

Williamson, Mary E., died 11/20/55: 11/24/55p3

Willis, Alice D., died 9/16/58: 9/18/58p3

Willson, Allan T., died 4/7/56: 4/12/56p3

Willson, Jesse H., died 7/5/57: 7/11/57p3

Willson, M&M Orrin, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/22/57pB5

Wilmot, Mary M., died 3/21/54: 3/25/54p3

Wilson, Alfred, and Harriett Pitman are wed 8/15/53: 8/20/53pB2

Wilson, Barbara, and Lyle Hartford are wed 8/29/59: 9/3/59p5

Wilson, Charles W., died 1/12/58: 1/16/58p3

Wilson, Frank, and Marie Bellafontaine are wed 2/16/57: 2/28/57p4

Wilson, James, and Valna Filgate are wed 3/28/53: 4/2/53p4

Wilson, Jean, and Samuel Dorr are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

Wilson, M&M Robert P., celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/24/59p2

Wilson, Marion E., died 7/4/51: 7/12/51p3

Wilson, Mary E., died 7/4/51: 7/5/51p3

Wilson, Richard, and Janet Beauchemin are wed 10/10/54: 10/14/54p4

Wilson, Robert, and Evamae Marsh are wed 10/4/58: 10/9/58p4

Wilson, Sherman, and Mary Hutchins are wed 1/26/52: 2/7/52p4

Wilson, Valentine, and Shirley Nesbitt are wed 2/6/54: 2/11/54p4

Wilson, Wesley J., died 7/17/51: 7/19/51p3

Wingate, Charles C., died 1/27/55: 1/27/55p3

Wingate, George, died 9/11/52: 9/18/52p3

Wingate, Mabel L., died 9/6/56: 9/13/56p3

Wingate, Robert, and Sharon Colby are wed 5/23/59: 5/28/59p4

Wingate, William H., died 3/12/59: 3/19/59p3

Wingerson, Cortis, and Patricia Palmer are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pp4,7

Winkley, Barbara, and James Scott are wed 8/23/58: 8/28/58p4

Winkley, Bertha H., died 8/31/55: 9/1/55p3

Winkley, Cora, died 11/30/57: 12/5/57p3

Winkley, Doretta, and Dwight Libby wed 11/17/51: 11/22/51p4,11/19/51p4

Winkley, Harvel, and Barbara Hartman are wed 12/15/50: 12/28/50p4

Winkley, Leo, and Virginia Campbell are wed 12/24/56: 1/3/57p5

Winkley, M&M Harry, celebrate 30th anniversary: 6/11/53p4

Winkley, Marilyn, and Virgil Grignon are wed 2/3/51: 2/8/51p4

Winkley, Marjorie, and Arthur Nesbit are wed 10/12/50: 10/19/50p4

Winkley, Maureen, and Edwin Knight are wed 11/8/52: 11/13/52p4

Winkley, Mrs. Harry--A Pertinent Personality: 4/6/50p4

Winn, George E., died 3/?/55: 3/24/55p3

Winsor, Daniel H., died 6/28/59: 7/2/59p3

Witham, Arthur, and Frances Therrien are wed 10/17/52: 10/30/52p4

Witham, Dorothy, weds Gerald Hagerman 5/20/50: 5/25/50p4

Witham, Edward J., died 9/11/59: 9/17/59p3

Witham, Elizabeth, and Ronald Seaver are wed 6/5/54: 6/10/54p4

Witham, Gloria, weds John Leahy 12/31/49: 1/5/50p14

Witham, Jane, and Tyler Spinney are wed 12/31/57: 1/23/58p4

Witham, Marion, and John Scala are wed 12/5/53: 12/10/53p4

Witham, Nettie M., died 4/10/59: 4/16/59p3

Witham, Thelma, and Charles Coggio are wed 11/24/51: 11/29/51p4

Witherell, John, and Cynthia Woodword are wed 6/14/52: 6/19/52p4

Witherell, Patricia, and Eric Machette are wed 11/22/50: 12/7/50p4

Witherspoon, Annba J., died 9/11/57: 9/12/57p3

Wittkopf, Donna, and Harry Bryant are wed 8/9/52: 8/14/52p4

Wolf, Julius B., died 10/27/50: 11/2/50p3

Wood, ???, and Marion Thomas are wed 7/3/59: 7/30/59p4

Wood, Henry A., died 6/17/53: 6/25/53pB2

Wood Jr., Walter, and Mary Carpenter are wed 6/14/52: 6/19/52p4

Wood, Lucille, and Perley Lemieux are wed 7/10/54: 7/15/54pB8

Wood, Mary J., died 2/23/52: 2/28/52pB6

Wood, Norma, and Frederick Morris are wed 1/29/56: 2/2/56p4

Wood, Sumner E., died 5/27/58: 5/29/58p3

Woodard, Beverly, and Roger Gingras are wed 11/14/59: 11/19/59p4

Woodard, Gloria, and Robert Roy are wed 7/5/59: 7/30/59p4

Woodard, Sarah, weds Ervin Gray 6/16/50: 6/22/50pB6

Woodbury, Ernest, and Norma Burroughs are wed 9/3/55: 9/8/55p4

Woodcock, Blaine, and Stephanie Splaine are wed 8/30/58: 9/4/58p5

Woodes, Carolyn, and Leverett Nichols are wed: 7/10/58p4

Woodes, Joseph, feted after 50 years with B&M Railroad: 11/4/54p1

Woodes, Ralph, and Blamche Lavigne are wed 7/8/52: 7/17/52p4

Woodill, George, and Sandra Keene are wed: 6/27/57p3

Woodman, Alphonso T., died 12/31/58: 1/1/59p1

Woodman, Clarence C., died 2/1/52 in Korea: 2/21/52p1,4/10/52p1,5/1/52p1

Woodman, Clarence L.--People Who Make Rochester: 1/18/51pA2

Woodman, Cora B., died 9/11/50: 9/21/50p3

Woodman, Deborah A., died 3/1/59: 3/5/59p3

Woodman, Norma, and Harris Corson are wed 8/30/52: 9/4/52pB5

Woodman, Sarah F., died 8/4/59: 8/6/59p3

Woods, Clyde, and Evelyn Jones are wed 4/27/57: 5/16/57p4

Woods, Edith & Francella, missionaries, return home: 11/1/56p4,11/15/56p1

Woods, Edith and Francella, missionaries to Formosa: 9/11/52p1,12/4/52p4

Woods, Ellen, weds Elmer Berry 2/11/50: 2/16/50p15

Woods, Gloria, and Daniel Parker are wed 8/20/55: 8/25/55p4

Woods, Joan, and Robert Johnson are wed 8/27/54: 9/2/54p4,9/9/54p4

Woods, Kenneth, weds Louise Browley 12/31/49: 1/5/50p7

Woods, M&M Bernard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/18/58p4

Woodward, Frederick, weds, Lucille Desrocher 4/15/50: 4/20/50p4

Woodward, Lawrence, and Gloria Ferland are wed 9/18/53: 9/24/53pB5

Woodword, Cynthia, and John Witherell are wed 6/14/52: 6/19/52p4

Woollett, Charles, weds Lucille Canney 4/16/50: 4/20/50p19

Wormhood, Herbert E., died 3/30/53: 4/2/53p3

Wormhood, Minnie M., died 11/19/55: 11/24/55p3

Worster, Harland, and Pauline Rodis are wed 4/7/51: 4/12/51p4

Worster, Irene, and Mortimer Sullivan are wed 6/28/52: 7/3/52p7

Worster, Irene, and Roland Houle are wed 10/13/56: 10/18/56p4

Worster, M&M Henry H., celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/13/58p1

Worster, Marion, and Lionel Gravel are wed 9/29/51: 10/4/51p4

Worster, Maude, died 7/19/55: 7/21/55p1

Wotton, Wilbur, died 4/27/54: 4/29/54p3

Wright, Adeline E., died 3/7/55: 3/10/55p3

Wright, Elizabeth M., died 3/2/52: 3/6/52p3

Wright, Irwin, died 6/2/50: 6/8/50p5

Wright, John, died 7/20/57: 7/25/57p3

Wright, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/29/51p7

Wuesthoff, Virginia, is DAR Good Citizen of Year/SHS: 1/30/58p1

Wuesthoff, Virginia, is Elks National Youth Contest co-winner: 5/1/58p1

Wyatt, Charles F., died 5/?/58: 5/29/58p3

Wyatt, Clara A., died 11/15/56: 10/18/56p3

Wyatt, Harriet E., died 12/5/51: 12/13/51p3

Wyberg, Elizabeth G., died 1/7/53: 1/8/53p3

Wycik, Helen, and Philip Gorman are wed 6/28/58: 7/3/58p4

Wynkoop, Norman, and Florence Cook are wed 2/14/58: 2/27/58p3

Yaklevich, Daniel, and Carolyn MacDonald are wed 8/5/57: 8/29/57p4

Yates, Edward, and Shirley Waldron are wed 12/7/57: 12/12/57p4

Yates, Everett, and Shirley Stratchan are wed 2/7/59: 2/19/59p4

Yates, Jean, and Kenneth Bickford are wed 6/7/52: 6/12/52pA1

Yates, Marcus, and Beverly Sunderland are wed 6/13/53: 6/18/53p4

Yates, William, and Sharon Tarmey are wed 4/11/59: 4/16/59p4

Yaworsky, Alexander, and Anora Bousquin are wed 12/27/52: 1/1/53p4

Yeaton, Lulu G., died 10/16/53: 10/22/53p3

York, Florence, and Chester Bean are wed 6/19/52: 6/26/52p4

York, Francis K., died 8/11/58: 8/14/58p3

York, Frank J., died 8/10/58: 8/14/58p3

York, Jean, and Joseph Ragusa are wed 6/3/56: 6/21/56p4

York, Mary, and Russell Fontaine Jr. are wed 9/11/54: 9/16/54p4

York, Nellie M., died 5/10/56: 5/17/56p3

York, Robert, and Elizabeth McClelland are wed 6/20/59: 6/25/59p4

York, Rose E., died 12/23/58: 1/1/59p3

Young, Alfred, died 12/10/54: 12/16/54p3

Young, Betty, and Albert Barnes are wed 3/9/57: 3/14/57p4

Young, Blanche A., died 12/28/56: 1/10/57p3

Young, Edmund D., died 11/29/56: 12/6/56p3

Young, Edward, and Fannie Doty are wed 11/20/50: 11/30/50pB5

Young, Effie L., died 12/18/56: 12/20/56p3

Young, Eva L., died 5/16/50: 5/18/50p5

Young, Frank R., died 8/25/57: 9/19/57p3

Young, George W., died 5/1/53: 5/7/53pB5

Young, James, and Elizabeth Ferrigan are wed 9/27/58: 10/2/58p4

Young, John L., died 11/12/56: 11/15/56p3

Young, Lewis, and Patricia Dechesneau are wed 8/18/51: 8/23/51p3

Young, Lois, and Louis Haggenmiller are wed 11/30/56: 12/6/56p4

Young, M&M Ashbel, celebrate 45th anniversary: 12/3/59p8

Young, M&M Ashbel J., celebrate 40th anniversary: 12/16/54p4

Young, Maude M., died 12/7/56 are wed 12/6/56: 12/13/56p5

Young, Norma, and Roland Hutchins are wed 3/13/54: 3/18/54p4

Young, Patrick, and Minniebelle Varney are wed 12/31/55: 1/5/56p4

Young, Richard, and Susan Evans are wed 11/6/59: 12/3/59p4

Young, Roy, died 4/23/59: 4/30/59p3

Young, Walter E., died 5/15/56: 5/17/56p3

Zaeder, Philip, and Sylvia Thayer are wed 6/18/58: 6/19/58p4

Zanes, John, and Sara Liberty are wed 8/?/56: 1/31/57p4

Zarrillo, Delores, and Walter Buzek are wed 2/23/57: 2/28/57p4

Zazac Jr., Fred, and Merilyn Miller wed 10/13/51: 10/18/51pB2

Zerbinopoulos, Bessie, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year/Nute: 1/15/53pB8

Zimmer, Josephine M., died 1/15/56: 1/19/56p3

Zimmerman, Donald, and Gail Seavey are wed 11/8/58: 11/13/58p4


BPW marks 25th anniversary: 5/7/53p1

BPW officers: 5/4/50p1,5/10/51p3,5/12/55p4,6/14/56p4

Canado-Americaine charter members feted: 4/24/52p1

Grange celebrates 75th anniversary: 6/7/51p1

IOOF awards four 50-year pins: 12/27/56p8

Jaycees created: 11/20/58p8

Kiwanis observes 25th birthday: 10/19/50p1

Mason in the world, Alfred D. Nute is the oldest: 7/23/53p1,7/29/54p1

Moose Women take over City government: 11/2/50p1

Nute HS Class of 1900 holds reunion: 6/15/50p1,6/22/50p1

RHS Class of 1902 holds reunion: 8/2/51p4,7/3/52p1

RHS Class of 1905 holds reunion: 6/23/55pp1,4

RHS Class of 1906 holds reunion: 11/8/56p5

RHS Class of 1907 holds reunion: 12/26/57pp1,2;9/3/59p1

RHS Class of 1908 holds reunion: 7/24/58p1

RHS Class of 1909 graduation photo: 9/3/59 p1,9/10/59pA6

RHS Class of 1910 holds reunion: 7/20/50p1,6/27/57p1

RHS Class of 1915 graduation photo: 6/15/50p1,6/22/50p1

RHS Class of 1928 holds reunion: 8/27/53pp1,B6

RHS Class of 1930 holds reunion: 10/2/52p4

RHS Class of 1931 holds reunion: 6/28/51p1,8/2/56p12

RHS Class of 1932 holds reunion: 7/18/57p6

RHS Class of 1933 holds reunion: 9/3/53p1,8/14/58p5

RHS Class of 1934 holds reunion: 12/4/52p2

RHS Class of 1935 holds reunion: 10/19/50p8

RHS Class of 1937 holds reunion: 10/30/52p8

RHS Class of 1938 holds reunion: 6/26/58p1

RHS Class of 1939 holds reunion: 10/4/51pp1,3

Rochester VNA history reviewed on 45th birthday: 10/23/58p1

SHS Class of 1940 holds reunion: 9/18/52p3

SHS Class of 1941 holds reunion: 10/27/55p1

SHS Class of 1943 holds reunion: 7/16/53p1,8/7/58p1

SHS Class of 1944 holds reunion: 6/24/54pp1,3;7/30/59p5

SHS Class of 1945 holds reuntion: 6/23/55p4

SHS Class of 1946 holds reunion: 7/17/52p7

SHS Class of 1947 holds reunion: 6/25/59p48

SHS Class of 1948 holds reunion: 6/26/58p1

SHS Class of 1949 holds reunion: 6/15/50p1,9/3/59p2

SHS Class of 1950 holds reunion: 8/18/55p4

SHS Class of 1952 holds reunion: 6/19/58p1

SHS Class of 1953 holds reunion: 8/21/58p6

SHS Class of 1954 holds reunion: 8/20/59p3