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Rochester Courier Index 1960-1969

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      This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from January, 1960 through all of 1969. Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). The papers were printed in more than one section. Rather than continue the sequential numbering in the additional sections, the page numbers for these additional sections start with "1" followed by the letter "a" for the first additional section, and again "1" followed by the letter "b" for the second additional section, if there is one. Thus, "p5a" or "pA5" would indicate page 5 in the first additional section of the paper.

      Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abad, Ronald, and Marie-Elena George are wed 1/26/63: 2/7/63p5

Abbott, Charles R., died 3/?/62: 3/15/62p3

Abbott, Franklin, and Erla Gower are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4

Abbott, John, and Mona Bouchard are wed 9/3/67: 10/12/67p5

Abbott, Raymond E., died 5/29/60: 6/2/60p3

Achurian, Alwine, grows sunflower 14 feet tall: 9/28/67pA8

Adabahr, James, and Diane Vachon are wed 2/2/63: 2/7/63pA8

Adabahr, Louis, and Barbara Hooper are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Adams, Clarence W., died 1/1/65: 1/7/65p3

Adams, Dorothy, and Donald Weathers are wed: 3/25/65p4

Adams, Duncan, and Nora Carrier are wed 7/14/64: 7/16/64p5

Adams, Grant L., died 8/13/65: 8/19/65p3

Adams, Ida F., died 4/24/63: 5/2/63p3

Adams, Jean, and Roger Lachance are wed 6/28/69: 7/3/69p4

Adams Jr., Harold, and Sandra Gregor are wed 6/12/65: 6/24/65p4

Adams, Kenneth L., died 7/28/65: 8/5/65p3

Adams, Patricia, and Carlton Woods are wed 6/4/66: 6/16/66p4

Adams, Peter, and Sandra Lucian are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Adams, Sarah L., died 1/13/68: 1/18/68p10

Adams, Sharon, and Bernard Barron are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Adjutant, Carl R., died 2/25/69: 2/27/69p3

Adjutant, Kathleen, and Fred Tuttle are wed 4/9/66: 4/14/66p4

Adjutant, Kenneth, and Dorothy Perkins wed 7/18/61: 7/20/61p4,7/27/61pB6

Adjutant, Kenneth, and Shirley Ruotolo are wed: 1/27/66p4

Adjutant, Lester, and Judy Kimball are wed 6/26/65: 7/8/65p4

Adjutant, Robert, and Gail Senter are wed: 8/23/62pB2

Adkison, Jill, and Bernard Garnett are wed: 1/11/62p4

Aguire, Katherine, and Robert Drew are wed: 11/18/65p5

Aichler, Jennifer, and Albert Johnson Jr. are wed 8/19/67: 8/31/67p2

Aiken, David, and Nancy Gilman are wed: 11/1/62p4

Aiken, Louis F., died 2/20/68: 2/22/68p3

Aiken, Robert, and Claudia Susi are wed 10/26/63: 11/7/63pA6

Ainsworth, Betty, and Oliver Kennamer are wed 10/9/64: 10/15/64p11

Ainsworth, M&M Carlton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/8/62p4

Albert, Barry, and Andrea Dame are wed 8/30/69: 9/4/69p4

Alderman, Robert, and Marlene Freeman are wed 9/5/64: 9/17/64p5

Aldrich, Mills C., died 6/13/69: 6/19/69p3

Alken, M&M Lewis, celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/9/67p4

Allain, Ann, and Randall Swanson are wed 9/11/65: 9/16/65p4

Allain, Judith, and Robert Laurion are wed: 9/12/63p4

Allain, Ray--A Community Portrait: 11/10/60pA3

Allaire, Edmund T., died 9/23/69: 9/25/69p3

Allaire, Elaine, and James St. Onge are wed: 5/10/62p4

Allaire, Gregory, and Gudith Estes are wed 9/2/67: 9/7/67p4

Allaire, Lorraine, and Richard Powell wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p4,10/18/62p4

Allaire, M&M Don, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/11/69p4

Allaire, Rose M., died 12/3/69: 12/11/69p3

Allard, Joanne, and Raymond Paterneau are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Allard, Muriel, and Charles Browne are wed 4/28/62: 5/10/62p4

Allen, Bertha F., died 6/17/64: 6/18/64p4

Allen, David, and Sharion Reynolds are wed 6/30/61: 7/13/61p4

Allen, Donald, and Anita Dubois are wed 5/6/60: 5/19/60p4

Allen, Ernest A., died 7/8/61: 7/13/61p3

Allen, Gwendolyn, and Richard Brooks are wed 4/19/69: 5/1/69pA15

Allen, Henry G., died 8/24/66: 9/1/66p3

Allen, Herbert A., died 8/3/61: 8/5/61p3

Allen, Hosea, celebrates 95th birthday: 12/13/62p1

Allen, Hosea, celebrates 98th birthday: 12/16/65p4

Allen, Hosea O., celebrates 100th birthday: 12/14/67p16

Allen, Hosea O., celebrates 101st birthday: 12/19/68p2

Allen, Howard G., died 8/23/62: 8/30/62p3

Allen, Mary, and Stewart Hurd are wed: 10/8/64p4

Allen, Myrtis E., died 5/9/65: 5/13/65p3

Allen, Philip N., died 10/23/60: 10/27/60p3

Allen, Robert, and Velma Bickham are wed 6/30/62: 7/19/62p4

Allfray, Anne, and Lawrence Dewing are wed: 8/4/66p4

Allfrey, Kathleen, and John LeClair are wed: 12/15/66p4

Almond, John, and Doris Ortman are wed 3/10/62: 3/15/62p4

Amazeen, Walyer, died 4/25/65: 4/29/65p2

Amero, Michael, and Carol Lacroix are wed 1/6/68: 1/11/68p4

Ames, Delbert, died 12/11/66: 12/15/66p3

Ames, Frank H., died 5/26/64: 5/28/64p1,6/4/64p3

Ames, Iva M., died 9/11/66: 9/22/66p3

Amith, Arthur E., died 6/27/69: 7/3/69p3

Anctil, John B., died 8/13/61: 8/17/61p3

Anctil, Stephen, and Gail Weeks are wed 6/1/68: 6/6/68p4

Anctil, William, and Gwen Nesbitt are wed 7/31/65: 8/12/65p4

Anderson, Amber, and Thad Hall are wed 10/27/67: 11/9/67p4

Anderson, Amber, is Miss Blue Hill Snow Queen: 1/17/63pp1,8

Anderson, Joel, and Sandra Cormier are wed 12/11/65: 1/6/66p4

Anderson, Maude B., died 3/12/64: 3/19/64p3

Anderson, Nancy, and Roger Van Doorn are wed 7/8/61: 7/13/61p4

Anderson, William, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 4/25/63p8

Andrews, Charlotte, and Gerald Pacelli are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Andrews, Josie J., died 5/1/64: 5/7/64p3

Andrews, Raymond B., died 10/7/62: 10/11/62p3

Andrews, Russell J., died 4/9/66: 4/14/66p3

Antonapoulis, Adam, and Patricia Naimie are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Appleby, Carl E., died 10/6/61: 10/12/61p3

Appleby, Georgia, and James Van Alstine are wed 1/1/65: 4/22/65p4

Appleby, Jennifer, and Robert Silberblatt are wed 7/19/69: 7/31/69p4

Appleby Jr., James, and Betsy Chase are wed 2/13/65: 2/18/65p4

Archambault, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/1/62p5

Archambault, M&M Louis, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/18/64pA9

Archambault, Philip, died 9/10/62: 9/13/62p3

Archambeault, Rose A., died 4/29/66: 5/5/66p2

Archinski, William, died 4/8/67: 4/13/p3

Arendtson, Robert, and Jeannette Bouchard are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Arigo, Betty-Mae, and Raymond Russo are wed: 1/3/63p5

Arlin, Dale, and Harold Swenson are wed 7/3/64: 7/9/64p5

Arlin, Leslie C., died 5/3/63: 5/9/63p3

Arlin, M&M Norman, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/10/60pB3

Arlin, Neil, and Ardys Jacobs are wed 9/22/62: 9/27/62p6

Arlin, Robert, and Jane Spinney are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p3

Armstrong, Dana, and Rita Tanner are wed: 7/25/63p4

Armstrong, Judith, and Robert Murphy are wed 7/11/64: 7/16/64p4

Armstrong, Loene F., died 5/6/68: 5/9/68p3

Arnault, Donna, and Alan Chesley are wed 2/18/67: 3/2/67p4

Arnault, Gary, and Gail Hockenhull are wed 2/14/69: 2/20/69p4

Arnold, Joan, and Dennis Joy are wed 3/16/63: 3/28/63p4

Arnold, Robert, and Pamela Skillin are wed 11/14/64: 11/19/64p4

Arsenault, Joseph J., died 9/26/67: 9/28/67p13

Arsenault Jr., George, and Cecilia Tuck are wed 10/4/69: 10/9/69p2

Arsenault, Sheila, and Richard Libby are wed: 12/2/65p4

Arthur, Chester W., died 12/16/60: 12/22/60p3

Arthur, John, and Sarah Dorsey are wed 8/4/61: 8/17/61p4

Ashland, George, died 8/15/69: 8/21/69p7

Atkinson, Ruby, and Thomas Slager are wed 5/14/60: 5/26/60p4

Aube, Arsene J., died 11/11/62: 11/15/62p3

Aubert, Richard, and Judith Place are wed 9/18/65: 9/30/65p4

Aubert, Rose, celebrates 75th birthday: 8/3/67p4

Aubert, Rose S., died 2/?/63: 2/28/63p3

Aubin, Janette, and Jacob Swinerton are wed 1/27/62: 2/1/62p4

Auclair, Albany W., died 4/20/67: 4/27/67p3

Auclair, Alfred, died 5/8/60: 5/12/60p3

Auclair, Evelyn V., died 10/16/61: 10/19/61p3

Auger, Donald R., died 11/10/69: 11/13/69p3

Auger, Judith, and Richard Creteau are wed 6/6/64: 6/11/64pC3

Auger, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/29/65p4

Auger, Paul, and Madeleine Grondin are wed 5/17/69: 5/22/69p4

Auger, Raymond K., died 7/24/69: 7/31/69p2

Auger, Victoria, and Ivan James are wed 11/25/67: 12/21/67p4

Austin, Eugene, and Joan Hussey are wed: 2/23/61p4

Autotte, Alma V., died 8/20/63: 8/22/63p3,8/29/63p3

Autotte, Judith, and Leon Corson are wed 9/12/64: 9/17/64p4

Autotte, M&M Theophile, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/11/61p4,5/11/61p4

Autotte, Rita F., died 6/16/67: 6/22/67p3

Autotte, Theophile J., died 5/5/63: 5/9/63p3

Avery, Cora E., died 3/19/68: 3/21/68p3

Avery, Frank, died 5/15/60: 5/19/60p3

Avery, Hattie H., died 3/26/67: 3/30/67p3

Avery, Reuben, died 12/9/63: 12/12/63p3

Avery, Sallie C., died 2/26/60: 3/3/60p3

Avery, Theron W., died 4/26/65: 4/29/65p2

Ayers, John W., died 12/29/62: 1/3/63p3

Babb, Helen K., died 1/10/69: 1/16/69p3

Babb, John L., died 4/21/61: 4/27/61p3

Babb, Michael J., died 5/13/64: 5/21/64p3

Babin, Doris, and Ernest Bolduc are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

Bach, Barbara S., died 11/5/65: 11/11/65p3

Bahr, Marietta, died 3/13/65: 3/18/65p3

Bailey, Alden H., died 2/10/64: 2/13/64p3

Bailey, David, earns C/C Distinguished Service Award: 1/28/65p1

Bailey, David, elected president of Jaycees: 5/17/62pB6

Bailey, Frances, honored after 40 year in the classroom: 9/18/69p4

Bailey, Irene, and Leslie Caverly are wed 6/25/60: 7/21/60p4

Bailey, Irvin C., died 11/25/67: 11/30/67p3

Bailey, Jessie A. died 10/12/69: 10/23/69p3

Bailey, John, and Trudy Frost are wed 6/24/67: 7/6/67p4

Baird, Carl, and Anita Berry are wed 11/12/60: 11/17/60p4

Baker, Aurore B., died 3/6/63: 3/7/63p3

Baker, Bert R., died 4/1/64: 4/2/64p3

Baker, Carlyle B., died 9/12/69: 9/18/69p3

Baker, Cora M., died 8/24/63: 8/29/63p3

Baker, Doris Arlene, retires after 40 years in City employ: 12/12/63p3

Baker, Eli B., died 12/1/62: 12/6/62p3

Baker, Eva M., died 4/21/63: 4/25/63p3

Baker, Evelyn, fulfills dream of landing a sailfish: 1/18/62p3

Baker, George, died 12/2/69: 12/11/69p3

Baker, Linda, wins Jaycees essay contest: 2/24/66p1

Baker, M&M Carlyle, celebrate 38th anniversary: 3/25/65p4

Baker, Mary E., died 5/31/68: 6/6/68p3

Baker, Mrs. George, prepares for big OES night: 2/2/67p5

Balch, Constance, and William Canney are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

Balcom, Albert E., died 5/30/65: 6/3/65p3

Balcom, Jane, and David Ridings are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62p4

Balodis, Anna L., died 6/8/65: 6/17/65p3

Balodis, Eve, is Tenerif Sports Club Queen: 3/24/60pB6

Balomenos, Costas A., died 5/28/65: 6/3/65p3

Balomenos, Roger, and Jacqueline Foster are wed 1/16/60: 1/21/60p4

Balomenos, Velma L., died 9/14/69: 9/18/69p3

Bammarito, Rose, and Alan Weinstein are wed: 7/27/67p4

Banis, Carole-Lynn, and Richard Lenfest are wed: 3/2/67p4

Banister, Rolfe G., died 11/24/64: 12/3/64p3

Banks Jr., Sgt. Raymond, is in charge of Vietnam radio: 7/31/69p10

Barba, Emilio, recalls WWI in Italy: 4/7/60p5

Barba, Joyce T., died 3/8/63: 3/14/63p3

Barber, Ralph, and Kay Brooks are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69p4

Barcomb, Albert, honored by NH Medical Society: 7/20/67p1

Barcomb, Dr. Albert, is C/C Man of the Year: 4/4/68p1

Barcomb, Frederick, and Elizabeth LeBrun are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63p4

Barcomb II, Albert, and Deborah Meeker are wed 12/1/67: 2/8/68p4

Barcomb, Jerold, and ??? Keniston are wed: 1/20/66p4

Barcomb, Nancy, and Richard Bergeron are wed 2/24/62: 3/1/62p4

Barden, Brian, and Jean Baxter are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68pA12

Barisano, Ralph, retires after 22 years in US Air Force: 11/20/69pA13

Barisano, Richard, and Marie Vittum are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Barker, Eileen E., died 10/23/67: 10/26/67p3

Barker, Ethel, died 10/26/64: 10/29/64p3

Barker, Frank, and Barbara Jacobs are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Barker, John H., died 12/12/69: 12/18/69p3

Barker, Linda, and Thomas Kitchens are wed: 3/5/64p4

Barker, Shirley, died 11/18/65: 11/25/65p1

Barker, Shirley, has 12th book published: 4/20/61p3

Barnable, John F., died 6/17/63: 6/20/63p3

Barnard, Melvin L., died 12/5/65: 12/9/65p3

Barnett, Kim L., died 3/7/62: 3/15/62p3

Barney, Ronald, and Susan Bergeron are wed 8/11/67: 8/17/67p4

Barney Sr., Joseph T., died 3/?/64: 3/19/64p3

Barrell, Ferdinand M., died 9/26/62: 9/27/62p3

Barrett, James, and Carol Provencher are wed: 7/15/65p5

Barrett, Ruby E., died 2/7/61: 2/9/61p3

Barron, Bernard, and Sharon Adams are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Barry, Eileen M., died 11/5/67: 11/9/67p3

Barry, Joe, celebrates 73rd birthday: 8/24/67pA8

Barry, Tobey, and Sandra Stone are wed 10/18/69: 10/23/69p4

Bartlett, John, and Marcia Scott are wed 7/22/61: 7/27/61p4

Barton, Lewis, and Betty Lurvey are wed: 12/3/64p4

Bartsch, Pauline M., died 1/31/69: 2/6/69p2

Batchelder, Katherine, and Calvin Swain are wed 5/28/60: 6/16/60p4

Batchelder, Laura H., died 12/27/60: 12/29/60p3

Batchelder, Philip S., died 12/20/66: 12/22/66p3

Battles, Francine, and Raymond Tanguay are wed 7/20/68: 7/25/68p4

Baud, Harrison, and Ruth Cunningham are wed 1/1/60: 1/7/60p4

Baud, M&M Leonard, celebrate 49th anniversary: 12/4/69pA16

Baussmann, Peter, and Patricia Menard are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Baxter, Alvina A., died 6/25/67: 6/29/67p3

Baxter, Charles, honored as Small Businessman of Year: 6/15/67pA10

Baxter, Evelyn M., died 3/17/60: 3/24/60p3

Baxter, Jean, and Brian Barden are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68pA12

Baxter, Joanne, and Gerard Dumont are wed 10/22/66: 10/27/66p5

Baxter, Linda, and Roger Chouinard are wed 10/29/66: 11/3/66p4

Beal, Jerry, and Pamela Griffith are wed: 5/14/64p4

Beane, Agnes G., died 2/15/60: 2/18/60p3

Beane, John A., died 7/9/62: 7/12/62p3

Beard, John, and Gloria Monser are wed: 8/27/64p5

Beardsworth, Jane, and Richard Day are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Beardsworth, Ruth, and Charles Scott are wed 1/21/61: 7/13/61p4

Beardworth, Mary P., died 4/13/61: 4/20/61p3

Beasley, Glen, and RoseMarie Haggenmiller are wed 5/12/62: 5/17/62p4

Beaudet, Linda, and Joseph LeMere are wed 4/3/65: 4/8/65p4

Beaudoin, Brenda, and Albert Dumont are wed 10/8/60: 10/13/60p4

Beaudoin, Elsie R., died 6/7/62: 6/14/62p3

Beaudoin, Joseph E., died 6/8/63: 6/13/63p3

Beaudoin, Lea, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/21/60p4

Beaudoin, Leah S., died 1/16/62: 1/18/62p3

Beaudoin, Leo, leaves City School Board after 25 years: 12/28/61p1

Beaudoin, Linda, is Betty Crocker Homemaker: 2/1/68p1

Beaudoin, Marie, died 10/8/69: 10/16/69p3

Beaudoin, Norma, and Rodney Wotton are wed 8/5/61: 8/17/61p4

Beaudoin, Raymond A., died 1/28/66: 2/3/66p1

Beaudoin, Robert J., died 6/3/69: 6/5/69p3

Beaudoin Sr., M&M Raymond, celebrate 41st anniversary: 4/2/64p4

Beaudry, Doris M., died 9/25/69: 10/2/69p3

Beaudry, M&M James, celebrate 52nd anniversary: 9/11/69pA1

Beaulieu, Cecile, and Melvin Thomas are wed 5/28/60: 6/2/60p6,6/16/60p4

Beaulieu, Cecile, died 11/4/60: 11/10/60p3

Beaulieu, Dennis, and Jo-Ann Gagne are wed 8/24/68: 8/29/68p4

Beaulieu, Elliott L., died 6/3/63: 6/6/63p43

Beaulieu, Eugene, died 12/2/69: 12/4/69p3

Beaulieu, Gisele, and Richard Lord are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63p3

Beaulieu, Henry, died 9/5/68: 9/12/68p3

Beaulieu, Henry P., died 4/6/69: 4/10/69p3

Beaulieu, James, and Gloria George are wed 5/4/68: 5/9/68p4

Beaulieu, Linda, and Roger Rouleau are wed 5/25/68: 6/6/68p4

Beaulieu, M&M Elliot, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/20/61p4

Beaulieu, Mary, and Wayne Colby are wed 3/16/68: 3/28/68p4

Beaulieu, Mary M., died 4/6/64: 4/9/64p3

Beaulieu, Raymond F., died 3/6/60: 3/10/60p3

Beaulieu, Roland, and Dolores Verville are wed 7/23/60: 8/4/60p4

Beaulieu, Viola, and Paul Lizotte are wed 9/16/61: 9/21/61p4,10/5/61pC4

Beaulieum Antoinette, and Richard Ring are wed: 10/1/64p4

Beauparant, Joseph L., died 3/12/67: 3/16/67p2

Beaupre, Barbara, and Frank Leary are wed 6/3/61: 6/8/61p4

Beaupre, Ronald, and Paula Bergeron are wed 9/16/67: 9/21/67p4

Beaupre, Ruhama K., died 6/23/62: 6/28/62p3

Beauregard, David, and Helen Lanoie are wed 11/24/60: 12/1/60p4

Bebris, Ivars, and Dorothy Ferry are wed 12/25/68: 1/2/69p4

Bebris, John J., died 5/2/69: 5/8/69p16

Bebris, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/26/67p5

Bedard, Joseph D., died 7/6/61: 7/13/61p3

Bedard, Marie, and Joseph Drapeau are wed 1/7/67: 1/12/67p4

Bedard, Philip J., died 3/10/60: 3/17/60p3

Bedell, Foster, and Carolyn Cormier are wed: 11/21/63p4,11/28/63p5

Bedell, John, and Carol Withrow are wed: 6/4/64p4

Beetar, George, and Helen Richards are wed 2/20/60: 3/10/60p4

Belair, Muriel, and Leslie Bridges are wed 9/4/61: 9/14/61p4

Beland, Edith, died 7/12/61: 7/13/61p3

Beland, Rachel, and James DeLeo III are wed 8/17/68: 8/22/68p4

Belander, Dennis, and Ellen Siblukin are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p10

Belanger, Delia L., died 8/1/66: 8/4/66p3

Belcher, Margaret, and David Wuesthoff are wed: 9/6/62p4

Bell, David L., killed in Vietnam 2/14/69: 2/27/69p3

Bellavance, Annie W., died 2/8/67: 2/16/67p3

Belleau, Susan, is Little Miss Rochester Fair: 9/24/64p1

Bellefeulle, Rev. Robert, died 3/25/64: 3/26/64p1,4/2/64p3

Bellemeur, William N., died 6/29/62: 7/5/62p3

Bellen, George, and Nancy Howard are wed: 1/9/69p4

Belleville, Irene, and Ronald Dupuis are wed 9/17/60: 9/22/60p4

Belleville Jr., Ernest, and Nancy Mazur are wed 8/28/65: 9/9/65p4

Bengston Jr., Richard, and Marion Neal are wed 10/2/65: 10/14/65p4

Benner, Howard E., died 10/1/62: 10/4/62p3

Benner, Hudson, died 6/2/65: 6/3/65p3

Benner, Richard, and Sara Colbath are wed 2/14/69: 3/20/69pA12

Benner, Ronald, and Deborah Emrich are wed 10/25/68: 11/7/68pA1

Benner, Walter T., died 8/4/62: 8/9/62p3

Bennett, Carol, and John Devereaux Jr. are wed 2/11/61: 2/16/61p4

Bennett, Earle G., died 12/12/64: 12/17/64p3

Bennett, Edith A., died 5/5/64: 5/7/64p3

Bennett, Emma L., died 11/29/60: 12/1/60p3

Bennett, Gertude A., died 11/26/68: 12/5/68p3

Bennett, Katherine L.,died 7/11/64: 7/23/64p3

Bennett, Parker T., died 9/15/64: 9/17/64p3

Bennett, Philip S., died 3/5/65: 3/11/65p3

Benson, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/17/61p5

Bently, John W., died 5/10/62: 5/17/62p3

Benton, Alfred W., died 1/30/64: 2/6/64p3

Berard, Richard, and Barbara Wescott are wed 10/22/66: 11/3/66p4

Berenson, Lucille, and Paul Proulx are wed: 10/11/62p6

Bergeron, Albina T., died 10/1/63: 10/3/63p3

Bergeron, Denise, and Raymond Copp are wed 5/24/69: 6/5/69p4

Bergeron, Emilio V., died 1/30/64: 2/6/64p3

Bergeron, Fabian P., died 3/3/62: 3/8/62p3

Bergeron, George, and Marie Hebert are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Bergeron, Joseph, and Rita Dion are wed: 4/28/66p4

Bergeron, Joseph J., died 1//22/65: 12/2/65p3

Bergeron, Lawrence M., died 7/9/66: 7/14/66p1

Bergeron, Louis, and Florrie Callahan are wed: 12/1/60p4

Bergeron, Louis E., died 10/8/68: 10/10/68p1

Bergeron, Lucien, is Community Leader of America: 2/8/68p1

Bergeron, M&M Antonio, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/30/63p4

Bergeron, Marc, and Marcia LaChance are wed 8/2/69: 8/7/69p4

Bergeron, Paula, and Ronald Peaupre are wed 9/16/67: 9/21/67p4

Bergeron, Priscilla, and Edward Burke are wed: 6/15/67p4

Bergeron, Richard, and Linda Rippett are wed: 12/2/65p4

Bergeron, Richard, and Nancy Barcomb are wed 2/24/62: 3/1/62p4

Bergeron, Ronald, and Susan Maxfield are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

Bergeron, Sr. Emilen, celebrates 50 years with Holy Cross: 7/6/61p1

Bergeron, Susan, and Ronald Barney are wed 8/11/67: 8/17/67p4

Berkley, Vincent, and Carol Lachance are wed: 3/29/62p4

Bernard, Emily, died 7/3/69: 7/10/69p3

Bernard, George, and Carol Howard are wed: 5/11/67p4

Bernard, Judith, and Robert Raymond are wed 4/24/65: 4/29/65p4

Bernard, Leontine D., died 11/17/62: 11/22/62p3

Bernard, Louis A., died 4/20/62: 4/26/62p3

Bernard, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/12/68p4

Bernier, Carole, and Gerard Couture Jr. are wed 9/6/65: 9/9/65p4

Bernier, Lillian M., died 9/25/67: 9/28/67p3

Bernier, M&M Harvey, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/13/61p4

Bernier, Patricia, and John Remmers are wed 5/26/62: 5/31/62p4

Bernier, Patricia, highlighted in Sunday Globe magazine: 10/18/62p1

Bernier, Sylvia, and Carl Binette are wed 7/4/60: 7/14/60p4

Berry, Alice, and Roderic Cartier are wed 7/5/65: 7/15/65p4

Berry, Alice, is NH's Miss Congeniality: 5/9/63p7

Berry, Alice, wins Pythias Jubilee Queen title: 5/31/62p1

Berry, Anita, and Carl Baird are wed 11/12/60: 11/17/60p4

Berry, Bonnie, and Leroy Chretien are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p3

Berry, Dorothy B.--A Woman of Purpose: 8/4/60p4

Berry, Ernest E., died 4/19/69: 4/24/69p3

Berry, Izah P., died 8/22/60: 8/25/60p3

Berry, John R., died 7/3/61: 7/6/61p3

Berry, Mary A., died 11/8/62: 12/6/62p3

Berry, Maurice J., died 5/7/69: 5/15/69p3

Berry, Paul, and Barbara Langis are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63pB2,5/30/63p7

Berry, Percy N., died 7/12/69: 7/17/69p2

Berry, Robert, and Marilyn Robidas are wed 12/30/67: 1/11/68p4

Berry, Roy W., died 7/10/68: 7/18/68p3

Berry, Sadie G., died 8/1/62: 8/9/62p3

Berry, William D., died 11/1/66: 11/3/66p3

Berube, Anna M.,. died 2/1/65: 2/4/65p3

Berube, Wilfred J., died 7/29/65: 8/5/65p3

Bessey, Grace C., died 11/26/63: 12/5/63p3

Beste, Celestine, and Raymond Converse are wed 2/8/64: 2/27/64p4

Bethke, Barbara, and Donald Emerson are wed 6/8/63: 6/13/63p4

Betts, Marcia, and Barry Elliott are wed 7/6/68: 7/18/68p8

Bianchi, Richard, and Carol Coulumbe are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Bibeau, Real C., died 3/2?/67: 3/9/67p3

Bickford, Annie M., died 1/28/62: 2/1/62p3

Bickford, Beth, and Floyd Ricker are wed 6/12/66: 6/16/66p4

Bickford, Bruce, and Sally Bowyer are wed: 7/9/64p4

Bickford, Carolyn, and Alfred Ranagan are wed 1/26/63: 1/31/63p4

Bickford, Donald, and Rita Tremblay are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Bickford, Dorcas F., died 9/9/69: 9/11/69p3

Bickford, Erenest W., died 2/4/65: 2/11/65p3

Bickford, Jackson B., died 6/29/69: 7/3/69p3

Bickford, Jeannette T., died 7/29/69: 7/31/69p2

Bickford, Lorenzo C., died 12/8/65: 12/23/65p3

Bickford, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/1/61p4

Bickford, M&M Louis, celebrate 35th anniversary: 12/19/68p4

Bickford, Marlene, and Melvin Harris are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Bickford, Patricia, and Robert Doleman are wed 4/20/60: 4/28/60p5

Bickford, Robert G., died 8/10/69: 8/14/69p3

Bickford, Waldo L., died 11/13/66: 11/17/66p3

Bickham, Velma, and Robert Allen are wed 6/30/62: 7/19/62p4

Billings, Marion, and William Erikson are wed 4/21/62: 4/26/62p4

Bilodeau, Armand A., died 9/20/60: 9/29/60p3

Bilodeau, Beatrice M., died 6/2/68: 6/6/68p3

Bilodeau, Dennis, and Francine Ferland are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p4

Bilodeau, Flossie M., died 9/9/64: 9/17/64p3

Bilodeau, J. E., celebrates 79th birthday: 1/23/64p4

Bilodeau, Joseph E., died 4/4/65: 4/8/65p1

Bilodeau, Joseph, feted as City Band director for 60 years: 8/6/64p1

Bilodeau, Laura L., died 1/26/63: 1/31/63p3

Bilodeau, Leo B, died 9/7/66: 9/8/66p1,9/15/66p3

Bilodeau, M&M L. Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/27/67p4

Bilodeau, M&M Rosaire, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/17/67p4

Bilodeau, Richard, and Barbara Patch are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Bilodeau, Valere J., died 2/17/64: 2/20/64p3

Bilodeau, William, died 6/10/65: 6/17/65p3

Binette, Carl, and Sylvia Bernier are wed 7/4/60: 7/14/60p4

Binette, Carlene, and Henry Pinkham Jr. are wed 8/20/66: 8/25/66p5

Birch, Arthur, and Grace Brown are wed 8/11/62: 8/16/62p4

Birch, Arthur L., died 12/9/62: 12/13/62p3

Bird, Irving P., died 2/13/60: 2/18/60p3

Biron, Joseph A., died 9/21/63: 9/26/63p3

Biron, Mary I., died 12/7/69: 12/11/69p3

Biron, Wilfred, died 3/16/60: 3/17/60p3

Bisbee, James, and Cynthia Varney are wed 6/8/60: 6/16/60p4

Bishop, Everett J., died 8/1/66: 8/11/66p3

Bishop, Joyce, and Richard Blaisdell are wed 6/10/61: 7/6/61p3

Bishop, Roger, and Virginia Ramsdell are wed 10/18/69: 10/30/69p12

Bissaillon, Gerald, and Clair Sanfacon are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Bissaillon, Nelson, and Penelope Fitzpatrick are wed 11/7/65: 11/18/65p4

Bisson, Arthur, died 9/9/64: 9/17/64p3

Bisson, Margaret, and Gerard Rainville Jr. are wed 6/17/67: 6/29/67p4

Black, Clara B., died 1/6/68: 1/11/68p3

Black, Eleanor, and Frank Dore Jr. are wed 5/20/61: 5/25/61p4

Black, Norman E., died 3/22/63: 3/28/63p3

Black, Robert, and Carole Darling are wed 2/22/65: 2/25/65p4

Blackadar, Fred K., died 4/8/66: 4/14/66p3

Blackadar, John, and Karen Kozzoru are wed: 7/6/67p4

Blackadar, Sharon, and Richard Parker Jr. are wed 8/16/69: 8/21/69p4

Blair Jr., Theodore, and Judith Mansfield are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68pA12

Blair, Raymond W., died 2/4/62: 2/8/62p3

Blair, Wendy--A Woman of Purpose: 9/15/60p4

Blais, Elaine, and Valmore Deschenes are wed 6/13/64: 6/18/64pp5,A12

Blais, Joseph A., died 3/24/62: 3/29/62p3

Blais, Maurice, and Rachel Poire are wed 4/30/66: 5/5/66p4

Blais, Ronald, and Rose Hanscom are wed 8/17/68: 9/12/68p4

Blaisdell, Annie R., died 12/5/68: 12/12/68p3

Blaisdell, Beverly, and David Lambert are wed 1/21/67: 2/2/67p4

Blaisdell, Beverly, and Henry Corriveau are wed 8/3/63: 8/8/63p4

Blaisdell, Daniel F., died 4/8/62: 4/12/62p3

Blaisdell, Eleanor, and Arthur Harding are wed 10/8/66: 10/20/66p5

Blaisdell, John, is a mechanic's mechanic: 11/14/63pA8

Blaisdell Jr., Nathaniel, and Esther Varney are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Blaisdell Jr., Samuel, and Ruth Stone are wed 11/6/64: 11/12/64p4

Blaisdell, Keith, and Linda Campbell are wed 5/6/67: 5/11/67p4

Blaisdell, Leon E., died 9/21/64: 9/24/64p3

Blaisdell, Lillian M., died 12/6/62: 12/13/62p3

Blaisdell, Linda, and Richard Merrill are wed 9/23/67: 10/5/67p4

Blaisdell, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/5/63p5

Blaisdell, Martha, and William Monbleau wed 12/31/60: 1/5/61p4,1/19/61p4

Blaisdell, Martha, is Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: 2/4/60p1

Blaisdell, Richard, and Joyce Bishop are wed 6/10/61: 7/6/61p3

Blaisdell, Wesley J,. died 9/6/68: 9/12/68p3

Blaisdell, Willard, and Linda Greenfield are wed 8/4/66: 8/18/66p4

Blake, Alfred M., died 6/11/64: 6/18/64p3

Blake, Donna, and Robert Bouchard are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p5

Blake, John, and Victoria Hinch are wed 12/8/68: 2/6/69p4

Blake, Minnie F., died 6/8/60: 6/16/60p3

Blake, Robert, and Sylvia Hooper are wed 6/1/63: 6/13/63p4

Blake, Thomas, and Norma Remick are wed 7/22/60: 8/4/60p4

Blake, Warren, awarded Joint Services Commendation Medal: 2/20/69p1

Blanchard, Betty, and David Page are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p2

Blanchard, Carl C., died 11/30/67: 12/7/67p16

Blanchard, Emma M., died 4/2/69: 4/3/69p3

Blanchard, Margaret J., died 10/7/69: 10/9/69p3

Blanche, Ernestine, and Robert Kerdus are wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4

Blanchette, Albert J., died 3/7/66: 3/10/66p3

Blanchette, James S., died 9/28/65: 9/30/65p3

Blanchette, Joseph, and Marlene Fontaine are wed 8/30/69: 9/4/69p4

Blanchette, M&M Paul, celebrate 15th anniversary: 11/25/65p4

Blanchette, Raymond, and Betty McDuffee are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63p4

Blanchette, Zoel, and Stella Taylor are wed 10/1/66: 10/6/66p12

Blessing, James, and Linda Feineman are wed 6/13/64: 6/18/64p4

Blidberg, David, and Sheila Drew are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63pB4

Blidberg, Florence S., died 6/30/67: 7/6/67p3

Blidberg, Harry G., died 11/26/66: 12/8/66p3

Blinsky, Violet is C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/23/67p4

Blisky, Violet, is BPW Woman of the Year: 10/23/69p5

Blisky, Violet, nurse, retires, had 32 years in public service: 6/23/66p1

Blisky, Violet S.--A Woman of Purpose: 9/1/60p4

Bliss, Phyllis, honored as founder of BPW: 4/11/63p4

Bliven, James E., died 4/17/67: 4/20/67p3

Blondin, Bernadette, died 9/9/68: 9/12/68p3

Blood, John S., died 8/6/62: 8/9/62p3

Blouin, Andrew, and Jacqueline Mailhot are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Blouin, Doris, and William Eldridge are wed 3/3/62: 3/8/62p4

Bly, Dustan, and Carol Patch are wed 9/13/69: 10/9/69p4

Boak, Robin, and John Pierce Jr. are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Boardman, Ronald, and Judy Jenness are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62p4

Bober, Edward, and Carol Lepene are wed 10/26/68: 10/31/68p4

Bodge, Mildred E., died 11/12/62: 11/15/62p3

Boggs, Jacqueline, and Peter Howland are wed 3/15/62: 3/22/62p

Boggs, Juliette, and Paul Leavitt are wed 10/5/62: 10/11/62p6

Boisvert, Gerard A., died 11/25/61: 11/30/61p3

Boisvert, Theresa, and Raymond Hebert are wed 6/11/66: 6/16/66p4

Boivin, Albert G.--A Community Portrait: 6/2/60pA2

Boivin, Alphonsine R., died 3/3/65: 3/4/65p4

Boivin, Henry J., died 10/28/68: 10/31/68p3

Boivin, Louise T., died 1/30/66: 2/3/66p3

Boivin, Marie M., died 7/8/61: 7/13/61p3

Bokle, James J., died 12/28/65: 1/6/66p3

Bolduc, Ernest, and Doris Babin are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

Bolduc, Kathryn, and Lionel Lachapell are wed: 7/18/63pB1

Boldue, Robert, and Sonja Yeaton are wed 1/20/62: 1/25/62p4

Bond, Jessie E., died 2/4/61: 2/9/61p3

Bonin, Eva M., died 9/27/66: 10/6/66p3

Bonin, Robert A., died 1/?/63: 1/24/63p3

Bonney, George H., died 3/24/69: 3/27/69p3

Bonser, Byron S., died 7/26/62: 8/2/62p3

Bonser, Donna, and Erwin Fenske are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63p4

Boocock, Hazel, died 6/22/68: 6/27/68p3

Boodey, Julia, and Floyd Mundy are wed: 6/29/67p4

Boomer, Sandra, and Alan Hodsdon are wed 5/3/69: 5/8/69p4

Booth, Frank, ran fishing and hunting lodge in Cuba: 3/12/64pA3

Boothby, Deborah, and Norman Poitras are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p8

Boothby, Lloyd B., died 2/14/69: 2/20/69p3

Boothby, M&M Lloyd, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/15/65pA10

Bossie, Stephen, and Donna Solsky are wed: 6/24/65p4

Boston, Asa W., died 2/4/60: 2/11/60p3

Boston, Ernest M., died 1/8/66: 1/13/66p3

Boston, Floyd E., died 12/12/64: 12/17/64p3

Boston, Herman D., died 1/26/67: 2/2/67p3

Boston, Louise, and Edward Hendrickson wed 4/23/60: 5/12/60p4,5/19/60p4

Boston, Steven, died 8/17/60: 8/18/60p3

Bostrom, David, and Gladys Campbell are wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4

Bouchard, Donna, and Paul Leclair are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

Bouchard, Drina, and Drew Denmead are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Bouchard, Drina, competes for the Miss America title: 9/8/60p1,9/15/60p1

Bouchard, Drina, is Miss New Hampshire 1960: 5/26/60p1,6/2/60p2,6/9/60pA1

Bouchard, George, and Jacqueline Turner are wed: 9/22/66p5

Bouchard, Jeannette, and Robert Arendtson are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Bouchard Jr., George, and Gloria Mayo are wed 3/20/65: 3/25/65p4

Bouchard, Marion E., died 10/29/69: 10/30/69p3

Bouchard, Mona, and John Abbott are wed 9/3/67: 10/12/67p5

Bouchard, Peter, and Margaret Welch are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p3

Bouchard, Philip, died 11/23/68: 11/28/68p1

Bouchard, Robert, and Donna Blake are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p5

Bouchard, Robert, and Judith Hanover are wed 7/27/63: 8/1/63p4

Boucher, John W., died 9/?/63: 9/19/63p3

Boucher, Katherine, and Russell Pope are wed 8/23/69: 8/28/69p4

Boucher, Kathy, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/6/66p1

Boucher, Lucien, and Frances Burrows are wed: 7/11/63pB1

Boucher, Lucien J., died 9/22/66: 9/29/66p3

Boucher, Mattie A., died 12/18/61: 12/21/61p3

Boucher, Ronald, and Christine Waldron are wed 10/10/64: 10/22/64p4

Boucher, RoseAnna, died 5/31/67: 6/1/67p3

Boudreau, Clara O., died 5/6/69: 5/8/69p3

Boudreau III, Francis, and Linda Daudelin are wed 6/20/66: 7/7/66p4

Boudreau, Janet, and Ira Shannahof are wed 12/10/68: 12/19/68p4

Boudreau, Joan, and Stanley Focht Jr. are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Boudreau, Joseph, died 4/1/69: 4/3/69p3

Boudreau, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/2/61p1

Boudreau, M&M Albert, celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/20/64p4

Boudreau, M&M Leonard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/12/65pA7

Boudreau, Marie, and Arthur Roussin are wed 2/?/69: 4/3/69p4

Boudreau, Mary P., died 1/27/62: 2/1/62p3

Boudreau, Patricia L., died 11/6/68: 11/7/68p3

Boudreau, Richard, and Geraldine Day are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

Boudreau, Richard, and Pamela LaGasse are wed 9/4/65: 9/9/65p4

Bouffard, Richard P., died 11/18/65: 11/25/65p3

Bougas, George, died 11/6/60: 11/10/60p3

Boulanger, Ovila, died 1/9/60: 1/14/60p3

Boulanger, Wilfred R., died 5/?/67: 5/18/67p3

Bourque, Katherine, and Ralph Swain are wed 8/17/68: 8/29/68p4

Bourque, Lionel J., died 1/13/68: 1/18/68p10

Bousquin, Jeanne, died 1/28/67: 2/2/67p3

Bousquin Jr., Clayton, and Bonnie Fitzpatrick are wed: 6/10/65p4

Boutin, Ida M., died 8/16/62: 8/23/62p3

Bowden, Clydia R., died 6/16/65: 6/17/65p3

Bowden, James, and Sandra Roulx are wed 5/4/63: 5/9/63p3

Bowen, Alton F., died 3/21/65: 3/25/65p3

Bowen, Bessie M., died 5/2/61: 5/11/61p3

Bowering, Florrie B., died 12/25/68: 1/9/69p3

Bowering Jr., James. died 9/16/68: 9/19/68p1

Bowering, William B., died 10/13/65: 10/21/65p3

Bowers, Flora B., died 12/11/60: 12/15/60p3

Bowers, Marguerite, and Charles Leach are wed 9/24/69: 10/2/69p5

Bowman, Barbara J., died 10/26/69: 10/30/69p3

Bowyer, Sally, and Bruce Bickford are wed: 7/9/64p4

Boyce, Ralph J., retires after 45 years of mailman: 6/29/61p1

Boyce, Ralph, retires after 42 years with Post Office: 8/17/61p1

Boyd, Abbie E., died 5/5/63: 5/9/63p3

Boyd, John A., died 6/7/65: 6/10/65p3

Boyd, John, to be ordained: 3/6/69p7

Boyd, Katherine, and Robert MacDonald are wed 5/25/68: 5/30/68p4

Boyd, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/3/67p4

Boyd, William, and Evelyn Nason are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p8

Boyer, Geraldine P., died 12/13/65: 12/16/65p3

Boyer, Ira E.--A Community Portrait: 9/8/60pA3

Boyle, Gertrude A, died 9/28/60: 10/6/60p3

Boyle, Gloria L., died 10/26/60: 10/27/60p1,11/3/60p3

Boyle, Michael B., died 1/26/62: 2/1/62p3

Boyle, Raymond H., died 1/20/68: 1/25/68p3

Boyle, Richard, and Jeanne Levesque are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63p4,5/30/63p4

Boyle, Walter F., died 2/7/68: 2/15/68p3

Braccio, Lou, and Charlotte Kingsbury are wed 3/16/67: 3/23/67p5

Brackett, Candace, and William Conrad are wed 1/28/67: 2/9/67p4

Bradbury, Mark, and Sandra Witmer are wed: 9/2/65p4

Bradbury, Richard, and Carol Turner are wed: 7/6/67p4

Bradford, Anna, died 8/6/69: 8/7/69p3

Bradford, John W., died 1/31/64: 2/6/64p3

Bradley, Nellie T., died 6/6/69: 6/12/69p3

Bradshaw, Marjorie, and Phillippe Gervais are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p12

Bradstreet, Charles O., died 11/9/67: 11/16/67p3

Bradt, Richard W.--A Community Portrait: 11/17/60pA2

Bragdon, Cheryl, and Philip Shepard are wed 7/8/62: 7/19/62p4

Brandis, Arthur E., died 4/10/62: 4/12/62p3

Brann, Marian H., died 5/44/64: 5/28/64p3

Brann, Percy W., died 3/4/62: 3/8/62p3

Branscombe, George, wins BPO Achievement Award: 4/29/65p1

Brazeau, Anna, and Joseph Tarney are wed 5/20/67: 5/25/67p4

Brazeau, Erbnest A., died 8/16/60: 8/18/60p3

Brazeau, Roxanne, and Brenton Merrill are wed 2/5/60: 2/11/60p4

Bready, Frank A., died 7/4/63: 7/11/63p3

Breil, Karen, and John Wingate are wed 6/12/60: 6/23/60p10,6/30/60p4

Brelsford, Cynthia, and James Howard are wed 6/3/67: 6/8/67p4

Brennan, Bernadine, died 2/14/67: 2/16/67p3

Brennan, Brian, and Diane Gilbert are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Brennan, Francis X., died 3/1/66: 3/3/66p3

Brennan, James A., died 5/4/64: 5/7/64p3

Brennan, James, and Margery Metziger are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Brennan, Stephen C., died 7/17/68: 7/18/68p3

Breton, Clifford J., died 4/20/68: 4/25/68p3

Breton, Julie, and Arthur Massingham Jr. are wed 11/18/61: 11/23/61p4

Breton, Laura M., died 6/17/67: 6/22/67p3

Breton, Lorraine, and Robert Demers are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4

Breton, Philias, died 10/29/62: 11/1/62p3

Breton, Rosilda C., died 5/2/69: 5/8/69p3

Breton, Sharon, and Norris Young are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4

Breton, Theodule, died 2/22/60: 2/25/60p3

Brewer, Norma, and Paul Hodgdon are wed: 7/9/64p4

Brewster, William, and Ida Hale are wed 5/1/64: 5/7/64p4

Bridges, Leslie, and Muriel Belair are wed 9/4/61: 9/14/61p4

Bridges, Robert, and Marvis Hilliard are wed 8/9/69: 8/14/69p4

Briggs, Llewellyn E., died 8/13/62: 8/16/62p3

Briggs, Marjorie, and Victor Hartford are wed: 11/22/62p5

Briggs, Mary J., died 12/7/67: 12/14/67p3

Brigham, William, and Gertrude Lanoie are wed 9/4/61: 9/7/61p4

Bright, Robert, and Elaine Tremblay are wed 11/22/68: 12/12/68p4

Brisacoe, Gladys E., died 8/12/69: 8/14/69p3

Britton III, Darrell, and Barbara Quint are wed 2/17/60: 2/25/60p4

Britton, Paul, and Elaine Letendre are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Britton, Philip, died 8/25/68: 8/29/68p3

Broadbent, Richard, and Carole Ferm are wed 6/23/68: 6/27/68p2,7/4/68p8

Broadbent, Richard, earns Army Commendation medal: 1/23/64p2

Broadbent, Richard, nominated for US Army Soldier's Medal: 4/18/63pB2

Broadbent, Robert, wins BPO Achievement Award: 4/29/65p1

Brochu, Carlene, and Don Day are wed 9/10/60: 9/15/60p4

Brochu, Elizabeth S., died 9/17/68: 9/19/68p3

Brochu, Henry L., died 5/5/69: 5/8/69p3

Brochu, O'Neil, and Joyce Pierce are wed 7/20/68: 8/8/68p6

Brock, Fred S., died 11/7/66: 11/17/66p3

Brock, Grace H., retires after 37 years in education: 6/30/60p1

Brock, Kenneth H., died 6/19/65: 6/24/65p3

Brodsky, Leanor, and Paul Rosenberg are wed 8/19/62: 8/23/62p4

Brogan, Alice M., died 4/22/67: 4/27/67p3

Brooks, Donald, and Sharon Hall are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Brooks, Ernest P., died 4/30/68: 5/9/68p3

Brooks, Frank W., died 8/17/65: 8/19/65p3

Brooks, Gladys M., died 1/21/61: 1/26/61p3

Brooks, H. Bruce, and Charlotte Stanley are wed 3/23/66: 3/30/66p4

Brooks, John C., family holds reunion: 9/21/61p4

Brooks, John C., family reunion held: 6/30/60p4

Brooks, John C., family reunion held: 9/13/62pA3

Brooks, John, family reunion held: 9/16/65p2

Brooks, Kay, and Ralph Barber are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69p4

Brooks, Linda, and Elias Locke are wed 9/7/68: 9/12/68pA10

Brooks, Linda, celebrates 18th birthday: 3/5/64pC6

Brooks, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/30/67pA12

Brooks, Melvyn D., died 12/9/62: 12/13/62p7

Brooks, Nancy, and Frederick Rodney Jr. are wed: 11/29/62p6,12/6/62pA7

Brooks, Olive, and Randolph West are wed 10/28/67: 11/2/67p3

Brooks, Pearl H., died 1/16/65: 1/21/65p3

Brooks, Richard, and Gwendolyn Allen are wed 4/19/69: 5/1/69pA15

Brooks, Rodney, and Linda Taylor are wed 9/29/62: 10/4/62p4

Brooks, Vincent Y., died 10/9/64: 10/15/64p3

Brooks, Wayne, and Margaret Lachance are wed: 12/3/64p4

Broome Jr., M&M Paul, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/8/68pA12

Brough, Marjorie, and Harold Mallock Jr. are wed 1/18/64: 1/23/64pB7

Brough, Natalie, and Steven Gardner are wed: 9/28/61pA1

Brouillard, Clara, died 12/31/62: 1/3/63p3

Brouillard Sr., Ernest S., died 8/12/62: 8/16/62p3

Brown, Anne E., died 6/19/67: 6/22/67p1

Brown, Arthur O., died 8/6/66: 8/11/66p3

Brown, Billy, earns Thom McAn "MVP" award: 12/12/68p2

Brown, Carl, and Bernice Eastmen are wed 3/19/60: 3/24/60p4

Brown, Carol, and Milo Maynard are wed: 3/16/61p8

Brown, Carolyn, and Michael Guyer are wed: 10/10/63p4

Brown, Charles, died 11/13/69: 11/20/69p3

Brown, Clarence L., died 6/25/69: 7/3/69p2

Brown, Edward, celebrates 74th birthday: 8/22/68p4

Brown, Florence, and Frank Davis are wed 6/1/63: 6/13/63pB2

Brown, Gail, and Warren Merrill are wed 12/17/66: 1/5/67p4

Brown, George M., died 12/15/61: 12/21/61p3

Brown, George T., died 3/27/61: 3/30/61p3

Brown, Grace, and Arthur Birch are wed 8/11/62: 8/16/62p4

Brown, Grace D., died 2/16/62: 2/22/62p3

Brown, Harold R., died 1/18/65: 1/21/65p3

Brown, Ida M., died 10/12/63: 10/31/63p3

Brown Jr., Lloyd E., died 1/5/65: 1/7/65p3

Brown Jr., M&M Charles, hold family reunion: 7/4/63p6

Brown, Leslie M., died 12/8/68: 12/12/68p16

Brown, Lillie, celebrates 96th birthday: 1/9/69p4

Brown, Linda, and Judson Marriotti are wed 7/15/67: 7/13/67p4

Brown, Lloyd C., died 3/3/60: 3/10/60p3

Brown, M&M Chester, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/1/60pB5

Brown, M&M Ira, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/10/68pA1

Brown, Margaret L., died 2/6/64: 2/13/64p3

Brown, Marshall, co-authors book on language: 1/4/68p10

Brown, Martha, and Avery Spurrell are wed: 6/29/67p4

Brown, Mary, missionary to India, returns: 5/1/69p3

Brown, Pamela, and Robert Taylor are wed 11/20/65: 12/2/65p4

Brown, Paul, and Janice Remick are wed 11/8/69: 11/13/69p4

Brown, Ralph E. obituary 11/6/69

Brown, Richard, and Sandra Mitchell are wed 10/19/68: 11/7/68p4

Brown, Robert, and Sharon Mitchell are wed 10/19/68: 10/31/68p4

Brown, Robert E.., died 11/7/66: 11/10/66p3

Brown, Ronald, and Carol Dame are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p4

Brown, Sandra, and Ronald Foss are wed: 7/2/64p4

Brown, Sarah P., died 11/29/61: 11/30/61p3

Brown, Stephen, and Susan Morrill are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p5

Brown/Stimpson family reunion held: 7/27/61pB3

Browne, Charles, and Muriel Allard are wed 4/28/62: 5/10/62p4

Browne, Henry A., died 4/3/62: 4/5/62p3

Bruce, Marrion, and Amedee Perreault Jr. are wed 2/9/68: 2/29/68p4

Brunelle, Richard, and Janet Gagnon are wed 6/6/64: 6/18/64pB6,12/6/62pA7

Bruni, Rev. Philip, is Jaycees' Outstanding Man of the Year: 3/28/63pB1

Brunner, Richard, and Barbara Davis are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Brusso, Charles L., died 6/10/63: 6/13/63p3

Bryant, Edward, and Gladys Starkes are wed: 5/3/62p4

Bryant, Ernest F., died 7/21/60: 7/28/60p3

Bryant, M&M Ralph, celebrate 48th anniversary: 2/29/68p4

Bryl, Wanda, and Stephen Busshaert are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p12

Bryson, Melvin F., died 7/26/67: 8/3/67p3

Bryson, William, and Sharon Christie are wed: 12/10/64pA5

Buchanan, Edwina G., died 6/2/69: 6/5/69p3

Buchanan, Herbert H., died 2/3/69: 2/6/69p3

Buchanan, Robert, and Nancy Clark are wed 12/28/67: 2/15/68p4

Buckler, Sherburn M., died 10/20/60: 11/3/60p3

Buckley, Robert, and Theresa Horn are wed: 7/28/66p4

Buckman, Andrew, and Judith Jones are wed: 8/11/66p4

Buffum, Katherine F., died 4/17/60: 4/21/60p3

Bullis, Richard, and Dorothy Irish are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63pB4

Bumford, Roland W., died 6/29/69: 7/3/69p3

Bunker, Alonzo H., died 11/23/62: 11/29/62p3

Bunker, Della, and Forrest Rollins are wed: 4/25/63pC1

Bunker, Eosemarie, and Richard Glidden are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Bunker, Grace M., died 3/21/60: 3/24/60p3

Bunker, Rosanne, earns DAR Good Citizen Award: 1/7/65p1

Bunstein, Robert, and Sylvia Robinson are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p5

Bunten, Dennis, and Marcia Remsdell are wed 8/5/67: 8/10/67p4

Burbank, Caleb B., died 10/16/62: 10/18/62p3

Burbank, M&M Peter, celebrate 60th anniversary: 11/24/66p3

Burke, Charles I., died 1/20/64: 1/23/64p3,1/30/64p3

Burke, Edward, and Priscilla Bergeron are wed: 6/15/67p4

Burke, Gertrude M., died 1/5/67: 1/12/67p3

Burke, Kathleen, and Gerald Dexter are wed 8/11/68: 8/22/68p4

Burke, Thomas, and Arlene Marsh are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

Burleigh, Alden, died 4/20/60: 4/28/60p3

Burnham, Arthur E., died 5/7/62: 5/10/62p3

Burns, Amber, and Marc Cote are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p3

Burns, Mary, and William Lynch are wed 5/25/63: 6/6/63pA7

Burrows, Carl M., died 3/10/67: 3/16/67p2

Burrows, David I., died 12/10/68: 12/12/68p3

Burrows, Frances, and Lucien Boucher are wed: 7/11/63pB1

Burrows, Fred M., died 11/18/60: 11/24/60p3

Burrows, Ivadell M., died 6/25/63: 8/29/63p3

Burrows, Judith, and Richard Moulton are wed 8/6/65: 8/12/65p4

Burrows, Lincoln, died 5/16/63: 5/23/63p3

Burrows, Lloyd, and Nancy Henderson are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63pB8

Burrows, M&M Carl, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/16/67p4

Bush, Wesley A., died 1/10/68: 1/18/68p3

Bushey, Dwight A., died 11/19/68: 11/21/68p3

Bushway, Cathy, and Frank Condon are wed 8/17/68: 8/22/68p2

Bushway, Helen W., died 7/11/65: 7/15/65p3

Bushway, Kathy, saves her brother's life: 12/21/67p1,7/11/68p1

Buskirk, Vera L., died 7/9/63: 7/11/63p3

Bussell, Anna P., died 7/15/69: 7/17/69p3

Busshaert, Stephen, and Wanda Bryl are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p12

Bussiere, Goldie, celebrates 80th birthday: 3/17/60p4

Butler, Lelia F., died 9/3/61: 9/7/61p3

Butler, Maude B., diued 11/22/64: 11/26/64p3

Butler, Sandra, and Alan Place are wed 8/31/68: 9/5/68p4

Butterfield, Laurie A., died 5/1/61: 5/4/61p3

Buzzell, Ethel R., died 5/1/60: 5/5/60p3

Buzzell, Frank W., died 8/24/66: 8/25/66p14

Buzzell, Kaura E., died 8/28/61: 8/31/61p3

Buzzell, Martha W., died 1/27/68: 2/1/68p3

Buzzell, Maurice T., died 12/26/60: 12/29/60p3

Byron, Elizabeth G., died 8/9/69: 8/14/69p3

Cadorette, Alexandre, died 5/19/63: 5/23/63p3

Cafasso, John, earns Jaycees Outstanding Boss award: 2/20/69p1

Cahill, George, and Lois Tremblay are wed 1/11/60: 1/14/60p4

Cahill, George, died in Vietnam: 9/7/67p1

Cahoon, Maude M., died 4/13/62: 4/19/62p3

Caldwell, Harold D., died 4/27/61: 5/4/61p3

Calef, Albert, died 3/12/60: 3/24/60p3

Calef, Clellie M., died 7/11/63: 7/18/63p3

Calef, Dorothy, died 6/7/69: 6/12/69p3

Calef, George, and Arvilla Twombly are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Calef, Paul, and Valerie Winter are wed: 4/6/67p4

Caler, Cassie L., died 4/16/67: 4/20/67p3

Calistra, Joseph, and Audrey Gilroy are wed 11/8/67: 12/14/67p4

Calkins, Alice M., died 1/19/60: 1/21/60p3

Callaghan, Barbara, and Frank Provenzano are wed 11/23/63: 11/28/63p5

Callaghan, Frank, and Dorothy McGettigan wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4,7/18/63pA8

Callaghan, John B., died 6/6/61: 6/8/61p3

Callaghan, Lorraine, and William Flanagan are wed 12/26/64: 1/21/65p4

Callaghan, Lorraine, is new Postmistress: 7/13/61p1,7/20/61p1

Callaghan, Louise F., died 3/29/64: 4/2/64p3

Callahan, Florrie, and Louis Bergeron are wed: 12/1/60p4

Callahan, John R., died 2/16/67: 2/23/67p1

Cameron, William, and Aloha Morin are wed: 12/17/64p4

Camillo, Charles P., died 12/3/63: 12/5/63p3

Camire, Ronald, and Theresa Gagnon are wed 10/7/61: 10/12/61p4

Campbell, Carolyn, and Gordon Casey Jr. are wed 2/24/67: 3/9/67p5

Campbell, Carrie M., died 9/10/67: 9/14/67p3

Campbell, Donald, and Mariana Hanson are wed: 1/7/65p4

Campbell, Gladys, and David Bostrom are wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4

Campbell, Linda, and Keith Blaisdell are wed 5/6/67: 5/11/67p4

Campbell, Linda, is Rochester's Winter Festival Queen: 3/4/65p1

Campbell, Marcia, and Patrick McHarg are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

Campbell, Winifred M., died 3/21/66: 3/24/66p3

Canfield, Rebecca, and Clair Fogle Jr. are wed 9/6/69: 9/25/69p4

Cann, Maryellen, and Ralph McCrillis are wed 10/29/66: 11/3/66p4

Canney, Carl B., died 11/13/66: 11/17/66pA1

Canney, Carl--Meet Your Correspondent: 12/8/60pB5

Canney, Carolyn, and Arthur Zins are wed 9/10/65: 9/16/65p4

Canney, Dr. Philip C., died 7/12/62: 7/19/62p3,7/26/62p8

Canney Jr., Everett S., died 5/15/68: 5/23/68p10

Canney, Linwood B., died 10/27/69: 10/30/69p3

Canney, M&M Melvin, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/7/63p6

Canney, Marilyn, and Gerald McDougal are wed 11/16/63: 11/21/63p4

Canney, Mervale V., died 12/6/65: 12/9/65p3

Canney, Norman A., died 2/3/61: 2/9/61p3

Canney, Raleigh D., died 6/27/67: 6/29/67p3

Canney, Victor T., died 6/16/65: 6/17/65p3

Canney, William, and Constance Balch are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

Cantelo, John W., died 2/12/60: 2/18/60p3

Cantin, Donald, and Jean Johnson are wed 1/28/61: 2/9/61p4

Cantin, Richard, and Jeannine Ross are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Cantrell, Voorhis, and Edith Stritch are wed 7/8/67: 8/31/67p5

Caplett, Linda, and Richard McGregor are wed 9/11/65: 9/23/65p4

Caplette, Aldea M., died 4/27/68: 5/2/68p3

Caplette, Carol, and David Ogilvie are wed: 10/27/66p5

Caplette, Diana, and Leo Tessier are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Caplette, Joan, and Everett Fader are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Caplette, Leon, died 3/30/69: 4/3/69p3

Caplette, M&M Philip, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/14/66p4

Caplette, Oliver J., died 12/18/63: 12/19/63p8

Caplette, Pierre J., died 8/1/66: 8/4/66p3

Caplette, Richard, and Emma Desmarais are wed 11/6/65: 11/11/65p4

Carbonneau, M&M Henry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/11/69p10

Card, Alvin W., died 8/10/62: 8/16/62p3

Card, Carrie M., died 5/12/61: 5/18/61p3

Card, Elizabeth B., died 10/4/62: 10/11/62p3

Card, Mamie H., died 1/20/61: 1/26/61p3

Card, Ralph H., died 12/14/64: 12/17/64p3

Cardin, Raymond, and Sharon Mikula are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Cardin, Richard, and Evelyn Duquette are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p4

Cardin, Rosilda H., died 11/21/61: 11/30/61p3

Cardinal, Ernest, and Judith Hunt are wed 9/16/67: 10/5/67p2

Cardinal, John, and Sandra Whalen are wed 4/6/63: 4/11/63pB4

Cardinal, John, died 9/23/68: 9/26/68p3

Cardinal Jr., John, celebrate 45th anniversary: 5/11/67pA1

Cardinal, Leon, died 12/30/65: 1/6/66p3

Cardinal, Linda, and Ronald McNeil are wed 9/27/69: 10/2/69p4

Cardinal, Nancy, and Arthur Cutter III are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Cardosi, William, and Sylvia Zinck are wed 9/9/61: 9/14/61p4

Carerier Sr., Wilfred, died 9/7/69: 9/11/69p3

Carey, Joanne, and David Tuttle are wed: 7/20/67p4

Carier, Elmire, died 10/20/67: 10/26/67p3

Carignan, Arcinia A., died 1/19/65: 1/28/65p3

Carignan, Laurenda, celebrates 90th birthday: 6/19/69p5

Carignan, M&M Edgar, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/27/67p4

Carignan, Rene, and Cheryll Hutchins are wed 9/5/64: 9/17/64p4

Carignan, Robert A.--A Community Portrait: 4/21/60pA2

Carignan, Velea B., died 10/5/67: 10/12/67p3

Carle, Patricia B., died 2/23/66: 3/3/66p3

Carlisle, Billie, and Roland Ouellette are wed: 10/7/65p5

Carll, Irving R., died 10/20/67: 10/26/67p3

Carlsen, Bernice C., died 1/29/68: 2/1/68p3

Carlson, Donna, and Ronald Hunsberger are wed 12/12/64: 12/17/64p4

Carlton, M&M Kenneth, cvelebrate 50th anniversary: 12/26/68p4

Carole, Lawrence, and John Day are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p5

Caron, Arthur D., died 8/30/64: 9/3/64p3

Caron, Faith, and Donald Phipps are wed: 5/11/67p4

Caron, Joyce, and Francis Rivier are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Caron, Paul, and Toni-Gayle Laramie are wed: 6/22/67p4

Caron, Rachel, and Donald Chase are wed 5/8/65: 5/13/65p4

Caron, Raymond G., died 11/12/69: 11/13/69p12

Carpenter, Eliza I., died 2/?/61: 2/23/61p3

Carpenter Jr., Horace, and Gloria Hayes are wed 10/11/68: 10/17/68p4

Carr, John, and Eileen Ellison are wed: 2/6/69pA1

Carrier, Nora, and Duncan Adams are wed 7/14/64: 7/16/64p5

Carrier, Olevine L., died 1/8/63: 1/17/63p3

Carrigan Jr., John, and Sylvia Robie are wed: 5/4/61p4

Carroll, Paul, and Christine Langevin are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p4

Carros, Elizabeth, takes part in Washington D.C. training: 7/28/66p1

Carswell, Peter, and Dawn Worden are wed 9/19/64: 10/1/64p4

Carter, Allan, and Linda Laverdiere are wed 9/2/61: 9/7/61p4

Carter, Catherine, and Robert Hanson are wed 9/5/60: 9/15/60p4

Cartier, Eugene, died 5/22/60: 5/26/60p3

Cartier, Malvina E., died 12/20/62: 12/20/62p3

Cartier, Roderic, and Alice Berry are wed 7/5/65: 7/15/65p4

Casavant, Paul, and Carol Johnson are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Casey, Carol, and John Willard are wed 10/1/60: 11/3/60p4

Casey Jr., Gordon, and Carolyn Campbell are wed 2/24/67: 3/9/67p5

Cassidy, Andrew R., died 12/13/66: 12/15/66p3

Castonguay, Germaine L., died 4/3/63: 4/4/63p3

Castonguay, Loretta, and Joseph Dallaire wed 12/31/60: 1/5/61p4,1/19/61p4

Castonguay, Louisa M., died 1/2/68: 1/4/68p3

Castonguay, Roland, and Sharon Leary are wed 12/28/63: 1/2/64p4

Caswell, M&M Clyde, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/21/64p4

Cate, Carol. and Paul LaRose are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63p4

Cate, Harry C., died 4/5/62: 4/12/62p3

Cate, Laurence, and Lois Greenfield are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p5

Cater-Decater descendants hold reunion: 9/22/66p4

Cates, Charles A., died 9/25/64: 10/1/64p3

Cathcart, Gwen, promoted to US Army Captain: 7/20/61p1

Cathcart, Hubert, andmJeanne Sargent are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p4

Cathcart, Paul, and Beverly Patch are wed 8/15/64: 8/20/64p4

Catheart, Gwen T., receives 4th Army Commendation Medal: 9/7/67p3

Caverly, Leslie, and Irene Bailey are wed 6/25/60: 7/21/60p4

Caya, Diana, died 5/27/65: 6/3/65p3

Caya, Emile A., died 12/9/61: 12/14/61p3

Cegiel, John A., died 10/11/67: 10/12/67p16

Cegiel, Mary G., died 12/213/61: 12/14/61p3

Cerney, Myron, and Mary Emhardt are wed 9/5/69: 9/11/69p8

Cerullo, Joseph, and Joyce Lagasse are wed 5/19/62: 5/24/62p4

Chabot, Joseph, died 12/16/66: 12/22/66p3

Chabot, Paul, and Marion Gagnon are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61pB2

Chadbourne, Miriam L., died 5/16/64: 5/21/64p3

Chagnon, Richard L., died 8/15/67: 8/17/67p3

Chagnon, Robert, and Lorraine Jones are wed 6/30/62: 7/12/62p4

Chalmers, Albert R., died 9/4/65: 9/9/65p3

Chalmers, Ernest D., died 2/25/68: 2/29/68p3

Chalmers, Forrest S., died 2/2/69: 2/6/69p3

Chalmers, Harry D., died 6/1/60: 6/2/60p3

Chalmers, Jennie E., died 2/2/64: 3/5/64p3

Chamberlain, Annie F., diesd 7/9/68: 7/11/68p3

Chamberlain, Howard R., died 5/19/63: 5/23/63p3

Chamberlain, Lucie H., died 6/16/66: 6/23/66p3

Chamberlin, Ruth, and Carl Vold are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4,12/7/61pA3

Champagne, Antonio, and Judith Smith are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Champlin, Susan, and Richard Leavitt are wed: 9/12/63p4

Chandler, Joseph L., died 9/19/67: 9/21/67p3

Chapin, Carl W., died 9/27/60: 9/29/60p3

Chaplin, Lester, and Jacqueline Dupont are wed 11/15/69: 11/20/69p4

Chapman, Carl, and Georgia Sintz are wed 3/3/67: 3/9/67p4

Chapman, Harris, celebrates 80th birthday: 11/20/69p7

Chapman, Joseph B., died 6/13/64: 6/18/64p3

Chapman, Katherine, and Thomas Crowley are wed 8/27/60: 9/8/60p4

Chapman, Kathleen, and Kenneth Rouleau are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Charette, Donald, and Anita Langevin are wed 9/2/61: 9/14/61p4,9/21/61p4

Charette, Eleanor, and Everett Waterhouse are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63p4

Charette, Laurette M., died 6/26/66: 6/30/66p3

Charette, Lorraine, and Delma Enman are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Charles, Carol, and Charles Holland Jr. are wed 3/18/61: 3/23/61p4

Charles, Geraldine, and Charles Gray are wed 8/1/64: 8/13/64p4

Charles, Leroy, and Sigrid Yeaton are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Charles, Lucy E., died 1/?/61: 1/12/61p3

Charon, Pearl O., died 6/10/67: 6/15/67p3

Charpentier, Rose A., died 11/25/66: 12/1/66p3

Charpentier, Suzanne, and Francis McGurty are wed 11/22/69: 12/18/69p4

Charron, Anita M., died 4/20/66: 4/21/66p3

Chartier, William J., died 1/5/62: 1/11/62p3

Chase, Annabelle F., died 7/29/63: 8/1/63p3

Chase, Ardelle, and Leslie Gile are wed 6/29/69: 7/10/69p4

Chase, Barbara, and Ivers Wetherbee are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4

Chase, Betsy, and James Appleby Jr. are wed 2/13/65: 2/18/65p4

Chase, Charles R., died 1/27/67: 2/2/67p3

Chase, Donald, and Carol MakePeace are wed 9/7/68: 9/26/68p6

Chase, Donald, and Rachel Caron are wed 5/8/65: 5/13/65p4

Chase, Edward C., died 9/27/69: 10/2/69p1

Chase, Frank H., died 9/20/69: 9/25/69p3

Chase, Frank, retires after 42 years as City worker: 7/11/63p1

Chase, Gene, and Jacqueline Larochelle are wed: 6/20/63p4

Chase, George E., died 8/12/67: 8/17/67p1

Chase, George H., died 11/30/67: 12/7/67p3

Chase, John G., died 11/28/66: 12/1/66p1

Chase Jr., Albert H., died 5/17/67: 5/25/67p3

Chase, Kendall, and Gail Peabody are wed 3/2/69: 3/27/69pA10

Chase, Lorraine, and Bruce Grempler are wed 2/20/60: 3/3/60p4

Chase, Sadie A., died 5/5/68: 5/9/68p3

Chase, Wallace A., died 12/14/65: 12/16/65p3

Chase, Zane, and Junellen Osborn are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4,7/7/60p4

Chasse, Felix L., died 12/31/68: 1/9/69p3

Chasse, Gilbert, and Gail Columbus are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61pB6,7/13/61p5

Chasse, James, and Judith Regnell are wed 8/31/68: 9/26/68p4

Chasse, Richard, and Anna Desmarais are wed 5/3/69: 5/8/69p2

Chasse, Ronald, and Ethel Parker are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63pB1

Chasse, Thomas J., died 1/25/62: 2/1/62p3

Chasse. Lucy M., died 5/23/68: 5/30/68p3

Chatterton, Jacquelyne, is Miss Rochester: 4/16/64p1

Chellis, Doris, and John Monroe are wed: 11/3/60p4

Cheney, Donald, and Dianne Varney are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Cheney, Joyce, and Timothy Morrill are wed 7/21/61: 8/5/61p4

Cheney, Joyce, and Walter McIntire are wed 1/23/60: 1/28/60p4

Cheney, Myrtle L., died 6/17/68: 6/20/68p3

Cheney, Myrtle, retires after 44 years in City School Dept.: 10/19/61p1

Cheney, Myrtle--A Woman of Purpose: 7/28/60p4

Cheney, Walter L., died 5/13/67: 5/18/67p3

Chenue, Jule, and Everett Gerrish are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p5

Cherrette, Mildred A., died 11/9/69: 11/13/69p12

Chesley, Alan, and Donna Arnault are wed 2/18/67: 3/2/67p4

Chesley, Annie M., died 8/27/67: 8/31/67p3

Chesley, Donna, and Kenneth Evans are wed: 8/28/69p4

Chesley, Douglas, and Donna Tarmey are wed 12/15/61: 12/21/61pB6

Chesley, Gladys M., died 10/23/61: 10/26/61p3

Chesley, Pauline, and William Taylor are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4

Chesley, Ruby A., died 7/30/67: 8/3/67p3

Chesley, Sharon, and James Langis are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA3

Chesnel, Eva B., died 4/27/66: 4/28/66p2

Chesnell, Alphonse E., died 7/23/69: 7/31/69p2

Chevalier, Aime J., died 10/10/63: 10/17/63p3

Chick, Abbie B., died 11/17/62: 11/22/62p3

Chick, John, and Diana Grass are wed 6/20/68: 7/25/68p4

Chick, Mabel I., died 6/3/65: 6/10/65p3

Chick, Myra, and Joseph Moorhouse are wed 2/8/69: 2/27/69p4

Chick, Sally, and Werner Schloesser are wed 1/25/64: 1/30/64p4

Childs, James, and Nancy Millette are wed 7/26/69: 8/7/69p4

Childs, Juanita, and Harold Goodwin are wed 9/21/62: 9/27/62p6

Chisholm, Alice E., died 8/6/68: 8/8/68p3

Chisholm, Fred, lauded for Meritorious Civilian Service: 5/26/66p1

Chisholm, M&M Clyde, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/29/62pC1

Chisholm, Raymond, died 3/2/69: 3/6/69p3

Chisholm, William M., died 2/16/60: 2/18/60p3

Chisolm, Esther B., died 4/3/61: 4/13/61p3

Chod, Stephanie, and Craig Whitcomb are wed 12/14/68: 1/2/69p4

Chouinard, Roger, and Linda Baxter are wed 10/29/66: 11/3/66p4

Chretien, Eugene V., died 2/10/60: 2/18/60p3

Chretien, Leroy, and Bonnie Berry are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p3

Christie, Barry, and Amanda Locke are wed: 10/15/64p11

Christie, Sharon, and William Bryson are wed: 12/10/64pA5

Christman, Rudy, and Judith Smiley are wed 6/14/63: 6/20/63p4

Chrsitie, Paul, and Marilyn Hamilton are wed 6/4/60: 6/16/60p4

Ciccotelli, Douglas died 10/29/64: 11/5/64p3

Cilley, Clifton H., died 1/13/68: 1/18/68p3

Cilley, Ralph W., died 9/11/64: 9/17/64p3

Cilley, Rhona, and James George Jr. are wed 5/31/69: 6/19/69p4

Cilley, Robert, and Marilyn Ricker are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4

Cilley, Rosetta C., died 4/19/64: 4/23/64p2

Clair, Alfred W., died 1/12/63: 1/17/63p3

Clair, George A., died 12/9/65: 12/16/65p3

Clair, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/18/68p7

Clancy, Grace M., died 7/19/68: 7/25/68p3

Clark, Carol, and Gary Golledge are wed: 9/17/64p5

Clark, Dean, and Mary Tompson are wed 4/25/69: 5/8/69p4

Clark, Ernest R., died 1/31/66: 2/3/66p3

Clark, Eva M., died 5/6/61: 5/11/61p3

Clark, Everett E., died 9/?/66: 9/22/66p3

Clark, Gail, and Dorian Huppe are wed: 7/15/65p4

Clark, Harvey, and Anita Richard are wed 8/23/69: 8/28/69p4

Clark, John S., died 11/24/63: 12/5/63p3

Clark, Lew B., died 7/22/63: 7/25/63p3

Clark, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/5/61p4

Clark, M&M Ernest, celebrate 60th anniversary: 5/31/62pB4

Clark, M&M Roger, hold family reunion: 7/21/66p4

Clark, Marilyn, and William Ross are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p5

Clark, Martha B., died 5/27/60: 6/2/60p3

Clark, Nancy, and Robert Buchanan are wed 12/28/67: 2/15/68p4

Clark, Pamela, amd Herbert Farrington are wed 12/31/65: 1/6/66p4

Clark, Roy E., died 4/6/64: 4/9/64p3

Clark, Sarah E., died 9/14/67: 9/14/67p3

Clark Sr., William G., died 2/4/68: 2/8/68p2

Clark, Vera, and Donat Richer are wed: 6/15/67p5

Clark, Wallace, and Arleen Drapeau are wed 9/15/62: 9/20/62p6

Clark, William R., died 1/10/64: 1/16/64p3

Clarke, Marilyn, and Edward Ross are wed: 9/8/60p4

Clarkson, Luther A., died 4/18/61: 4/20/61p3

Clay, Wendall, and Miss Sullivan are wed 6/?/68: 7/25/68p4

Cleary, Carole, and Roger Lajoie are wed 12/29/67: 1/11/68p4

Cleary, Lawrence, and Linda Rogers are wed 9/24/66: 9/29/66p4

Cleaves, Joanna, and Robert Howard are wed 9/3/60: 9/15/60p4

Cleaves Jr., Joseph, and Columbine Derby are wed 6/24/61: 6/29/61p4

Cleaves. Flossie H., died 2/22/61: 3/2/61p3

Clement, Jean, and Bruce Turner are wed 12/19/59: 1/14/60p4

Clement, Linda, and Richard Gagnon are wed 2/15/69: 2/20/69p4

Clement, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/31/67p4

Clement, Paul, and Camilla Hutchins are wed 4/29/67: 5/4/67p4

Clements, Frederick, died 6/3/64: 6/11/64p3

Clements, Marilyn, and George Ulrich are wed 7/13/63: 7/18/63pA6

Clements, Shirley, and Stanley Zinck are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Clements, Susan, and Robert Leferte are wed 7/15/67: 7/13/67p4

Clevenson, Sadie, died 3/4/64: 3/19/64p3

Clifford, Brian, and Irene Gagnon are wed 8/26/61: 8/31/61p4

Clough, Barry, and Susan Lawrence are wed 5/6/66: 5/19/66p9

Clough, Dawn, and Thomas Weymouth are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Clough, Forest A., died 8/1/62: 8/2/62p3

Clough, Grace M., died 5/12/63: 5/16/63p3

Clough, Leland, retires after 24 years in USAF: 12/8/66p14

Clough, Mamie P., died 8/24/64: 8/27/64p3

Clough, Nelson E., died 4/27/64: 4/30/64p3

Clough, Rebecca, and Raymond Turgeon are wed 3/3/62: 3/15/62p4

Clough, Rena L., died 11/21/65: 11/25/65p3

Clough, Warren, and Grace Twombly are wed 6/25/67: 6/29/67p4

Clough, Warren C., died 3/24/68: 3/28/68p3

Clow, Myrtle F., died 11/29/69: 12/4/69p3

Coban, William, family greets grandfather for first time: 3/17/66p4

Cobb, Henrietta H., died 1/14/64: 1/23/64p3

Coburn, Don P., died 12/5/68: 12/12/68p16

Coburn, Dorothy M., died 6/7/69: 6/12/69p3

Coburn, Dorothy, retires after 30+ years with post office: 4/2/64p1

Coe, Lucille D., died 10/20/69: 10/23/69p3

Coffee, Cathy, and David Gilroy are wed: 5/1/69p4

Coffman, Barbara, and William Fielding are wed: 6/15/67p4

Coffran, Neil, and Diane Larochelle are wed 10/4/69: 10/9/69p7

Cogswell, Dorothy, retires after 45 years with NE Tel.: 7/28/66p1

Cogswell, Leander, and Judith Weathers are wed: 1/5/67p4

Cohn, Myron, and Nancy Gotz are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Colbath, Diane, and John Gray are wed 10/14/66: 10/27/66p4

Colbath, Guy S., died 4/23/65: 5/6/65p3

Colbath, Sara, and Richard Benner are wed 2/14/69: 3/20/69pA12

Colbroth, Dorothy, and Donald Hawkins Sr. are wed 10/25/69: 11/6/89p4

Colbroth, Harold L., died 8/17/66: 8/25/66p3

Colbroth, Raymond, and Marlene Proulx are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Colburn, Clarence H., died 4/20/68: 4/25/68p3

Colby, Donald, and Marilyn Morse are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p4

Colby, Louis R., died 2/16/65: 2/25/65p3

Colby, M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/9/64p4

Colby, Marguerite A., died 4/27/66: 4/28/66p3

Colby, Mary A., died 9/28/69: 10/2/69p3

Colby, Mary E., died 2/26/61: 3/2/61p1

Colby, Mrs. John (Mary), celebrates 100th birthday: 12/1/60p1

Colby, Rodena C., died 10/16/63: 10/24/63p3

Colby, Veronica W., died 7/13/60: 7/21/60p3

Colby, Wayne, and Maru Beaulieu are wed 3/16/68: 3/28/68p4

Cole, Anne P., died 9/24/61: 9/28/61p3

Cole, Clarence, and Evelyn Dupuis are wed 11/26/60: 12/1/60p4

Cole, M&M Clarence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/9/65p4

Cole, Ronald, and Joyce Deshon are wed 1/30/60: 2/4/60p4

Cole, Thursby, and Lorraine Treble are wed 2/6/60: 2/11/60p4

Coleman, Phineas P., died 10/16/65: 10/21/65p3

Collins, Alice, and Benjamin Mooney Jr. are wed 9/1/63: 9/5/63p4

Collins, Carol, and Ricky Smith are wed 11/15/69: 12/11/69p4

Collins, Douglas, and (unknown) Weiman are wed 8/31/68: 11/7/68p4

Collins, Jake, and Thelma Columbus are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Collins, James, died 11/27/62: 11/29/62p3

Collins, Kathleen, and Robert Varney are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68pA12

Collins, Mattie E., died 12/13/63: 12/19/63p3

Collins, Patricia, and John Torres Jr. are wed 6/12/65: 6/24/65p4

Collins, Raymond B., died 11/4/67: 11/9/67p3

Collins, Warner, and Annette Roy are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Colman, Eleanor A., died 9/1/62: 9/6/62p3

Columbus, Albert, and Elaine Muldowny are wed 6/7/69: 6/12/69pA16

Columbus, Albert--Meet Your Correspondent: 1/12/61pB6

Columbus, Gail, and Gilbert Chasse are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61pB6,7/13/61p5

Columbus, Marjorie, died 2/12/63: 2/14/63p3

Columbus, Thelma, and Jake Collins are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Colwell Jr., Kenneth, and Helen Weymouth wed 6/3/60: 6/9/60p6,6/16/60p4

Colwell Jr., M&M Kenneth celbrate 25th anniversary: 2/23/61p4

Colwell Sr., Kenneth W., died 2/7/69: 2/13/69p3

Comtois, Suzanne, and Ronald Zielfelder are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p7

Comtois, Wilfred, and Jeanette Perreault are wed 8/8/64: 8/20/64p2

Condon, Frank, and Cathy Bushway are wed 8/17/68: 8/22/68p2

Conley, Roger, and Gloria Hebert are wed 11/28/68: 12/5/68p4

Connelly, Carolyn, and Louis Gregoire are wed 5/12/62: 5/17/62p4

Connelly, Chester J., died 7/3/61: 7/6/61p3

Connelly, Cynthia, and Fred Quimby are wed: 9/9/65p4

Connelly, Daniel, and Lorna Francoeur are wed: 9/30/65p5

Connelly, Jean, and Anthony Schneider are wed 2/6/65: 2/18/65p4

Connelly, Kathleen, is top SHS graduate: 6/20/63p1

Connor, Frederick W/. died 6/9/67: 6/15/67p3

Connor, Robert, and Peggy Phillips are wed 4/9/66: 4/14/66p4

Connorton, Mildred E., died 9/28/61: 10/5/61p3

Conrad, Andrew R., died 3/23/69: 3/27/69p3

Conrad, Frank P.--A Community Portrait: 6/9/60pA2

Conrad, Laurentine V., died 3/4/67: 3/9/67p3

Conrad, Lelia J., died 10/6/60: 10/13/60p3

Conrad, Randolph H., died 5/3/67: 5/4/67p3

Conrad, William, and Candace Brackett are wed 1/28/67: 2/9/67p4

Converse, Raymond, and Celestine Beste are wed 2/8/64: 2/27/64p4

Conway, Mary A., died 9/23/61: 9/28/61p3

Cook, Albert, and Annette Pomerleau are wed 9/10/60: 9/22/60p4

Cook, Cleon L., died 10/21/69: 10/23/69p3

Cook, David, and Judith Himes are wed: 10/6/60p4

Cook, David, and Marie Wiggin are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

Cook, Helen, amd Robert Gadbois are wed 4/2/66: 4/14/66p4

Cook, Herbert, died 10/20/62: 10/25/62p3

Cook, Hervey A., died 10/15/66: 10/20/66p3

Cook, John W., died 9/6/68: 9/12/68p3

Cook, Kenneth, and Mary Winkley are wed 9/21/63: 9/26/63p4

Cook, Robert, and Carolyn French are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

Cook, Robert, and Elaine Giguere are wed: 7/7/66p4

Cookson, Nellie H., died 12/31/67: 1/4/68p3

Cooley, Alice M., died 5/11/66: 5/19/66p3

Cooley, Alma M., died 9/25/60: 9/29/60p3

Cooley, Joseph M.,. died 9/22/63: 9/26/63p3

Cooley, Sadie M., died 6/10/64: 6/18/64p3

Cooper, Candance, undergoing training at Jackson Lab: 8/27/64pA1

Cooper, Charles, awarded Vietnam Medal of Honor: 6/6/68pA5

Cooper, James, and Nina George are wed 6/2/62: 6/7/62p4

Cooper, Lillian, honored for her 50 years as teacher: 11/15/62p1

Cooper, M&M Henry, inherit $2 million dollars: 10/13/60p1

Cooper, Thomas C., died 4/6/67: 4/13/p3

Copeland, M&M Harold, celebrate 39th anniversary: 1/14/60p2

Copp, Helen, and Alfred Patch are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p7

Copp, Linda, and James Sherman are wed 11/2/68: 11/7/68p4

Copp, Raymond, and Denise Bergeron are wed 5/24/69: 6/5/69p4

Copp, Ronald, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 4/4/63pp1,5

Copp, Ronald, participates in BSA Jamboree in Athens, Greece: 9/12/63pA1

Copp, William, and Beverly Pierce are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Cormeir, Sandra, and Joel Anderson are wed 12/11/65: 1/6/66p4

Cormier, Alphonse N., died 5/13/68: 5/16/68p3

Cormier, Bella M., died 3/18/61: 3/23/61p3

Cormier, Bernard, and Marlene Wilson are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Cormier, Carolyn, and Foster Bedell are wed: 11/21/63p4,11/28/63p5

Cormier, David, and Carol McIntosh are wed 9/15/62: 9/20/62p6

Cormier, Joseph W., died 6/17/60: 6/23/60p3

Cormier, Leo J., died 2/5/64: 2/6/64p3

Cormier, Marie D., died 3/8/68: 3/14/68p2

Cormier, Mattie, celebrates 75th birthday: 5/13/65p4

Cormier, Patricia, and Peter Lanoix are wed 11/8/69: 11/13/69p4

Cormier, William, and Carol Wall are wed 8/22/64: 9/17/64p4

Cornellier, Jacqueline, and Lewis Goodwin are wed 2/23/63: 2/28/63p4

Corr, Linda, and Ronald Webber are wed 2/4/67: 2/9/67p4

Corr, Ralph, and Ella Donnolly are wed 10/26/68: 11/14/68pA16

Correveau, Louine, and Roland LaRoche are wed 2/8/64: 2/13/64p4,2/27/64p4

Corriveau, Alice, and Dennis Vernette are wed: 6/1/67p4

Corriveau, Anthony J., died 4/6/68: 4/11/68p1

Corriveau, Henry, and Beverly Blaisdell are wed 8/3/63: 8/8/63p4

Corriveau, Jerrine, and Wilfred Larochelle are wed 9/19/64: 9/24/64p4

Corson, Anna I., died 9/7/69: 9/11/69p3

Corson, Catherine, and Joseph Gillespie are wed 6/20/69: 8/7/69p4

Corson, Constance, and Wallace Welch are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Corson, Diane, and Peter Mudgett are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Corson, Donna, and Albert Pichette are wed: 12/17/64pA7

Corson, Fay M., died 10/19/67: 10/26/67p3

Corson, Frank I., died 9/16/66: 9/22/66p3

Corson, Grace B., died 1/27/62: 2/1/62p3

Corson, Harry W., died 10/16/64: 10/22/64p10

Corson, Hazel D., died 10/16/63: 10/24/63p3

Corson, Herbert D., died 12/27/62: 1/3/63p3

Corson, Joseph R., died 9/20/69: 9/25/69p3

Corson, Leon, and Judith Autotte are wed 9/12/64: 9/17/64p4

Corson, Terri L., died 10/5/65: 10/7/65p3

Corson, Willis R., died 1/5/64: 1/9/64p3

Cosgrove, Carl, and Susan Gagne are wed 6/12/69: 7/17/69p4

Cosgrove Jr., Elliot, and Dorothy Goulet are wed 1/16/65: 1/21/65p4

Costeau, Closilda, died 8/21/65: 8/26/65p3

Cota, Susan, and Harold Lincoln III are wed 2/14/69: 2/27/69p4

Cote, Alphonse C., died 2/?/67: 2/9/67p3

Cote, Elixia L., died 1/15/64: 1/23/64p3

Cote, George, and Isabelle O'Leary are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

Cote, Jeannine, and Donald Fournier are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p3

Cote, M&M Larry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/10/64pA4

Cote, M&M Rene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/5/65p4

Cote, Malvena, died 12/22/65: 12/30/65p3

Cote, Marc, and Amber Burns are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p3

Cote, Maryellen, and Albert Janutolo are wed 7/1/61: 7/13/61p4

Cote, Patricia, and Lawrence Smith are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Cote, Robert, and Karen Waterhouse are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p4

Cote, Sharon, and Jon Mitchell are wed 11/23/63: 12/5/63p4

Cotta, Charles A., died 7/26/67: 7/27/67p3

Cotta, Zelda L., died 11/15/60: 11/17/60p3

Cotten, M&M Harry, died 7/15/66: 7/21/66p3

Cotter III, Arundel, and Diane Jones are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Cotton, Phobie L., died 3//8/62: 3/15/62p3

Cotton, Vivian C., died 3/8/66: 3/10/66p3

Coty Jr., Paul, and Sigrun Rode are wed: 1/14/60p4

Couch, Barbara, and Ronald Lemieux are wed 5/26/62: 5/31/62p4,6/21/62p4

Couch, Mary, and Richard Grassie are wed 9/7/63: 9/12/63pB6

Coulombe, William J., died 6/3/68: 6/6/68p3

Coulumbe, Carol, and Richard Bianchi are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Coulumbe, Marjorie, and Robert Hosack are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Countryman, Don, and Mrs. John Lepene are wed 4/10/68: 4/11/68p4

Courier, Alice H., died 10/28/64: 10/29/64p3

Courville, Laura S., died 8/22/68: 8/29/68p3

Cousineau, Barbara, and Robert Lemieux are wed 10/26/63: 10/31/63p4

Cousineau, Robert, and Marie Vilandry wed 11/25/61: 11/30/61p4,12/7/61pA3

Couture, Betty R., died 6/22/65: 7/1/65p3

Couture, Carol, and Blaine Wood are wed 5/19/62: 5/24/62p4

Couture, Ernest O., died 10/9/69: 10/16/69p3

Couture, Gregory K., died 2/9/65: 2/18/65p3

Couture Jr., Gerard, and Carole Bernier are wed 9/6/65: 9/9/65p4

Couture, Lois, and Steadman Worster are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Couture, M&M Emilio, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/4/69p4

Couture, Martha, and Leslie Thornhill are wed 10/25/63: 10/31/63p4

Couture, Maurice, and Ursula Sinotte are wed 7/15/61: 8/5/61p4

Couture, Paul, and Cheryl Place are wed 9/21/68: 10/3/68pA3

Couture, Paul, and Constance Parent are wed 2/20/60: 3/3/60p4

Couture, Raoul J., died 6/30/68: 7/4/68p3

Couture, Richard, and Lorraine Langelier are wed 4/23/66: 4/28/66p5

Cox, Donna, and Paul Junkins Jr. are wed 8/6/68: 8/15/68p4

Cox, John, and Mary Waterhouse are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Cox Jr., Alvah, and Kathleen Wells are wed 6/25/66: 6/30/66p4

Cox, Lorraine, and Hnery Tripp are wed: 11/18/65p5

Cox, Priscilla, and Kennett Kendall Jr. are wed 9/8/62: 9/13/62p4

Craig, Allison, and Edward Fremeau Jr. are wed: 12/10/64p4

Craig, Peter & Allison, win Elks Leadership Contest: 1/17/63p1,2/14/63p1

Cram, Doris, and Newell Frost are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Cram, Jon, and Pauline LaBree are wed 12/9/61: 12/14/61p4

Crawford, Cheryl, and Norman Ouellette are wed 12/6/69: 12/11/69p4

Crawford, Samuel, and Margaret Guay are wed: 9/22/66p4

Crennan, Delia T., died 8/11/65: 8/12/65p: 8/12/65p3

Creteau, Alfred J., died 7/26/65: 7/29/65p3

Creteau, Irene, is a specialist in promoting NH: 3/16/67p1

Creteau, Irene, is Supervisor of NH exhibit at World's Fair: 4/29/65pA11

Creteau, Irene, will "sell" NH at NY World's Fair: 2/13/64p1

Creteau, Nellie L., died 2/1/67: 2/9/67p3

Creteau, Richard, and Judith Auger are wed 6/6/64: 6/11/64pC3

Crisp, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/5/69p9

Critchet, Emma F., died 8/3/61: 8/10/61p3

Crosby, Emma D., died 10/29/67: 11/2/67p3

Crosby, Joyce, and Roland LaPlume are wed: 7/4/63p4

Crosby, Richard, and Elaine Gallagher are wed 9/1/62: 9/13/62p4

Crosby, Steven, and Diane May are wed: 8/28/69p4

Crossley, Leo W., died 12/28/59: 1/7/60p3

Croteau, Alphonse, died 6/30/68: 7/4/68p3

Croteau, Rachel, and Robert Dubois are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Croteau, Xavier N., died 9/28/64: 10/1/64p3

Crowell, M. Craig, died 1/17/67: 1/26/67p3

Crowley, Charles, and Suzanne Malham are wed 11/11/61: 11/16/61p4

Crowley, John P., died 5/14/67: 5/18/67p1

Crowley, Thomas, and Katherine Chapman are wed 8/27/60: 9/8/60p4

Cullen, Barbara, and John Lawrence are wed 7/15/61: 7/20/61p4

Cullen, Paul, and Mary Merrill are wed 6/14/69: 7/17/69p4

Cullinan, Patricia, and Albert Lachance are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Cullinane, Dennis E., died 8/27/65: 9/2/65p3

Cummiskey, Nancy, and Dennis Richard are wed 5/23/64: 6/4/64p4

Cundy, Donald, serves at BSA exhibit at NY World's Fair: 6/17/65p11

Cunningham, Helen, and Robert Leighton are wed 3/19/60: 3/24/60p4

Cunningham, Mrs. Emills, died 10/8/63: 10/17/63p3

Cunningham, Ruth, and Harrison Baud are wed 1/1/60: 1/7/60p4

Curil, Helen F., died 12/31/67: 1/4/68p3

Curran, Donna, and Kirby Flanagan are wed 7/9/60: 7/21/60p4

Curran, Donna, and Kirby Flanagan are wed: 8/11/60p6

Currier, Albert, included in University Students Who's Who: 11/6/69pA8

Currier, Catherine M., died 7/1/60: 7/7/60p3

Currier, Emma G., died 2/5/65: 2/11/65p3

Currier, G. Richard, died 6/27/62: 6/28/62p3

Currier, Guy B., died 5/25/64: 5/28/64p3

Currier, Hazen, and Margaret Lincoln are wed: 7/13/67p5

Currier, James E., died 1/15/64: 1/16/64p3

Currier, John, earns US Air Force Commendation Medal: 8/10/67p1

Currier Jr., Charles, and Linda Gordon are wed 10/16/65: 11/4/65p4

Currier, Lawrence L., died 9/28/62: 10/4/62p3

Currier, Lorene, and Richard Stuart are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Currier, Lorraine, and Carleton McBride wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4,7/28/66p4

Currier, Norma S., appointed to post by President Eisenhower: 2/11/60p1

Currier, Norma S.--A Community Portrait: 4/7/60pA2

Currier, William G., died 4/14/66: 4/21/66p3

Curtis, Bessie G., died 6/24/63: 6/27/63p3

Curtis, Carrie H., died 6/3/65: 6/10/65p3

Curtis, Doris F., died 4/?/66: 4/28/66p2

Curtis, Richard E., died 1/1/69: 1/9/69p3

Custeau, John B., died 7/7/61: 7/13/61p3

Custeau, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/15/66p4

Custeau, Patricia, and Lester Newhall Jr. are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Cutler, Alan, and Patricia Timm are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Cutter III, Arthur, and Nancy Cardinal are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Cutter, Louise N., died 3/31/61: 5/4/61p3

Cutter, Wade J., died 9/18/60: 9/22/60p1

Cyr, Edward M., died 5/17/65: 5/20/65p3

Cyr, Marie A., died 12/14/69: 12/18/69p3

Dadura, Robert, and Ellen Reinholz are wed 9/4/65: 9/16/65p4

Daggett, Donald, and Barbara Horne are wed: 1/14/65p4

Daggett, Dwight, and Linda Gravel are wed: 11/3/66p4

Daggett, Gertrude M., died 9/11/66: 9/15/66p3

Daggett, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/18/69p14

Daggett, Shirley, and Gerald Libby are wed: 6/29/67p5

Dagostino Jr., Benjamin, and Ruthan Sanborn are wed 3/23/68: 3/28/68p4

Daigle, Anna C., died 10/26/65: 10/28/65p3

Daigle, Richard, and Gail Rousseau are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Daigle, Robert, and Patricia Fogerty are wed 9/7/64: 9/10/64p4

Daley, Chester F., died 12/5/64: 12/10/64p3

Dallaire, Ernest J., died 3/17/68: 3/21/68p1

Dallaire, Joseph, and Loretta Castonguay wed 12/31/60: 1/5/61p4,1/19/61p4

Dame, Andrea, and Barry Albert are wed 8/30/69: 9/4/69p4

Dame, Bertha M.., died 2/6/69: 2/13/69p3

Dame, Blanche B., died 12/4/63: 12/5/63p3

Dame, Carol, and Ronald Brown are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p4

Dame, Dorothy, and George Nau are wed 6/6/64: 6/25/64p2

Dame, Edna L., died 6/11/63: 6/13/63p3

Dame, Frances G., died 11/24/64: 12/3/64p3

Dame, Linda, enjoys an island-hopping cruise: 11/18/65p7

Dame, Richard, and Marilyn Varney are wed: 6/14/62pB2

Damon, M&M Leslie, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/26/62p4

Damon, M&M Leslie, celebrate 55th anniversary: 4/27/67p4

Damon, Sheldon, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 12/16/65p1

Dandrow, Ruth A., died 7/1/62: 7/5/62p3

Daniels, Gloria, and Herman Meyer are wed: 6/1/61p4

Danis, Robert, and Barbara Sullivan are wed 1/19/63: 1/24/63pB2

Darling, Carole, and Robert Black are wed 2/22/65: 2/25/65p4

Darrell, Marjorie, and James Hummel are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Darrell, Walter L.--A Community Portrait: 5/26/60pA2

Dasmarais, Lucille, and Rene Toussaint are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Datson, Diane, and Kenneth Osborne are wed: 6/23/60p11

Daudelein, M&M Alfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/11/65p4

Daudelin, Daniel, and Julia Miles are wed 10/13/62: 10/18/62p4

Daudelin, Gail, and Martin Gilman are wed 5/28/66: 6/9/66p5

Daudelin Jr., Albert O., died 4/28/63: 5/2/63p3

Daudelin, Linda, and Francis Boudreau III are wed 6/20/66: 7/7/66p4

Daudelin, Robert, receives Purple Heart in Vietnam: 12/8/66pA1

Davenhall, Katherine K., died 8/25/66: 9/1/66p3

Daverio, Adolphe, to visit his Italian homeland: 1/11/62p5

David, Annie E., celebrates 90th birthday: 1/27/66p4

David, M&M Eugene, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 12/11/69p4

Davidson, Mary P., died 6/11/65: 6/17/65p3

Davis, Arthur, celebrates 98th birthday: 10/2/69p1

Davis, Barbara, and Richard Brunner are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Davis, Bryan, and Mary Loughlin are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62pC2

Davis, Calvin O., died 12/24/65: 12/30/65p3

Davis, Carol, and Mark Thompson are wed 8/26/67: 8/31/67p4

Davis, Cart T., died 5/4/69: 5/8/69p3

Davis, Claire M., died 3/8/68: 3/14/68p1

Davis, Coran, authors book of poetry: 12/13/62p1

Davis, E. Christine, died 12/3/67: 12/7/67p3

Davis, Effie E., died 9/10/62: 9/13/62p3

Davis, Eugene J., died 4/14/63: 4/18/63p3

Davis, Frank, and Florence Brown are wed 6/1/63: 6/13/63pA2

Davis, Fred M., died 10/14/69: 10/16/69p3

Davis, Frederick A., died 1/9/69: 1/16/69p3

Davis, Grace B., died 2/12/69: 2/20/69p3

Davis, Hazel L., died 10/20/61: 10/26/61p3

Davis, Helen B., died 4/20/61: 4/27/61p3

Davis, Hilda E., died 4/10/69: 4/17/69p3

Davis, Jean, and John Hersom are wed 6/6/65: 6/10/65p5

Davis, Joan, and Edward Parker are wed: 10/29/64p4

Davis, John, is Jaycees Man of the Year: 6/23/66pA3

Davis, Judith, and Howard Paquette are wed 9/22/62: 9/27/62p6

Davis, Lorraine, and David Plante are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p4

Davis, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/69pA12

Davis, M&M Clifford celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/12/67p4

Davis, M&M Harry, celebrate 59th annuversary: 4/14/66p4

Davis, Madeleine N., died 6/23/68: 6/27/68p16

Davis, Maria, and Barry Goslin are wed 4/29/67: 5/11/67p5

Davis, Maurice E., died 6/6/61: 6/8/61p3

Davis, Merton E., died 8/15/65: 8/19/65p12

Davis, Patricia, and Ronald Grenier are wed 10/11/60: 10/27/60p4

Davis, Phyllis, and Prisco DiPrizio are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62p6

Davis, Raymond, and Rose Downs are wed 9/5/64: 9/10/64pp4,A3

Davis, Sandra, and Anthony Simpson are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p8

Davis, Sheila, and Norman Lacasse are wed: 11/1/62p4

Davis, W. Earl, died 7/28/64: 7/30/64p3

Davoll, Harold, died 12/12/66: 12/15/66p3

Day, Don, and Carlene Brochu are wed 9/10/60: 9/15/60p4

Day, Edna C., died 7/18/69: 7/24/69p3

Day, George, celebrates 85th birthday: 1/30/64

Day, Geraldine, and Richard Boudreau are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

Day, John, and Carole Lawrence are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p5

Day, Muriel J., died 5/3/64: 5/7/64p3

Day, Richard, and Elaine Page are wed 10/26/63: 11/7/63pA1

Day, Richard, and Jane Beardsworth are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Dean, Jeanice Y., died 2/2/65: 2/11/65p3

Dean, John, and Mary Wilson are wed 12/19/64: 12/24/64p4

Dean, Sylvia, and Frank Familgetti are wed 5/16/69: 5/29/69p4

Dearborn, Forrest G., died 1/11/66: 1/13/66p3

Dearborn, Pauline, and Gordon Geddes are wed 7/31/65: 8/12/65p5

Deavey, Fred H., died 3/6/66: 3/10/66p3

DeButts, Merland, and Helen Flanagan are wed: 2/8/62p4

DeCourt, Ronald, and Corrine Gervais are wed 9/26/64: 10/1/64p4

Degrace, Susan, died ?/?/62: 7/5/62p3

Deibel, Mary, and Willis Moore are wed: 10/15/64p4

Del Ciello, M&M Amadeo, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/4/61p4,5/11/61p3

DelCiello, Carmela V., died 12/23/67: 12/28/67p3

DeLeo III, James, and Rachel Beland are wed 8/17/68: 8/22/68p4

Dellaire, Eugenie, died 7/15/65: 7/22/65p3

Delzell, Mary O., died 12/30/59: 1/7/60p3

DeMeritt, William H., died 11/14/67: 11/16/67p3

Demers, Alexis, died 6/1/63: 6/6/63p3

Demers, Norman, and Claire Desmarais are wed 11/14/69: 11/20/69p4

Demers, Robert, and Lorraine Breton are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4

Denmead, Drew, and Drina Bouchard are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Dennis, Paul, and Bonnie Thompson are wed 7/14/62: 7/26/62p4

Densmore, Albert L., died 12/6/60: 12/8/60p3

Denton, Kenneth C.--A Community Portrait: 3/17/60pA2

Denton, Kenneth, is C/C Man of the Year: 3/3/66p1

Denton, Linda, and Richard Wentworth are wed 1/15/66: 1/20/66p4,2/10/66p4

DePalma, Marie, and Michael Scala Jr. are wed 7/25/64: 7/30/64p4

DePalma, Marie, is Miss Rochester of 1960: 5/19/60p1

Derby, Columbine, and Joseph Cleaves Jr. are wed 6/24/61: 6/29/61p4

Desaulnier, Arthur P., died 9/2/65: 9/9/65p3

Descary, Charles F., died 2/15/67: 2/23/67p3

Descheneau, Arthur I., died 5/22/62: 5/31/62p3

Deschenes, Anita, and Fernand Doyon are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Deschenes, Valmore, and Elaine Blais are wed 6/13/64: 6/18/64pp5,A12

Deshaies, Annie, celebrates 90th birthday: 6/15/61p3

Deshon, Joyce, and Ronald Cole are wed 1/30/60: 2/4/60p4

Desmarais, Anna, and Richard Chasse are wed 5/3/69: 5/8/69p2

Desmarais, Carol, and William Morgridge Jr. are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Desmarais, Claire, and Norman Demers are wed 11/14/69: 11/20/69p4

Desmarais, Emma, and Richard Caplette are wed 11/6/65: 11/11/65p4

Desmarais, Florence R., died 9/6/68: 9/12/68p3

Desmarais, Glenn, and Anna Dionne are wed 1/25/69: 2/6/69p4

Desmarais, Rita, and Richard Hamel are wed 2/22/64: 2/27/64p4

Desmarais, Robert, and Billie Wernecke are wed 7/4/64: 7/16/64p5

DesMarais, Alfred G., died 3/16/68: 3/21/68p1

DesMarais, Dr. Alfred, DMD, honored by Tufts University: 3/30/67p1

DesMarais, M&M A. G., celebrate 35th anniversary: 6/8/61p4

DesMarais, Paul, and Edith Goff are wed 7/20/63: 7/25/63p4

Desmarais. Emilien J., died 6/13/64: 6/18/64p3

Desmerais, Normand, and Barbara Foster are wed 2/13/65: 2/18/65p4

Desrochers, Daniel, died 2/8/69: 2/13/69p3

Devereaux Jr., John, and Carol Bennett are wed 2/11/61: 2/16/61p4

Devoid, Clarence E., died 8/19/62: 8/23/62p3

Dewing Jr., Robert, and Henrietta Mattocks are wed 11/25/61: 12/7/61p4

Dewing, Lawrence, and Anne Allfray are wed: 8/4/66p4

DeWing Jr., Robert, and Juliet Roy are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4

Dexter, Gerald, and Kathleen Burke are wed 8/11/68: 8/22/68p4

DeYoung, Mae, and Lucien Levesque are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Diambri, Peter, died 5/1/67: 5/4/67p3

Dickie, Bessie M., died 9/9/60: 9/15/60p3

Dickie, Charles W., died 4/16/69: 4/24/69p3

Dickie, Howard A., died 10/26/67: 11/2/67p3

Dickie, John B., died 5/30/64: 6/4/64p3

Dickie, Kenneth, and Sandra Langevin are wed: 9/13/62pB6

Dickie, Shirley, and Roy Flaker are wed 6/24/61: 6/29/61p4

Dickson, Franklin B., died 11/14/69: 11/20/69p3

Dickson, Grace H., died 3/21/63: 3/28/63p3

Dickson, Mary, is area spelling champ; goes to State finals: 4/13/61p1

DiFruscio, Justine, and Carl Hosier are wed 2/6/60: 2/11/60p4

Dimmock, Carrie, died 6/27/66: 6/30/66p3

Dimmock, Grace M., died 3/24/65: 4/1/65p3

Dimon, Jane, and Delmont Robbins Jr. are wed 2/4/62: 2/8/62p4

Dimon, Shirley, and Loren Drake are wed 11/9/68: 11/21/68p4

Dimond, Mabel I., died 3/9/69: 3/13/69p3

Dion, Rita, and Joseph Bergeron are wed: 4/28/66p4

Dion, Robert, and Susan Lepene are wed 10/14/67: 11/2/67pA8

Dionne, Anna, and Glenn Desmarais are wed 1/25/69: 2/6/69p4

Dionne, Linda, and William Place are wed 5/13/61: 5/18/61p44

Dionne, Michael A., died 1/?/69: 1/30/69p3

DiPrizio, Prisco, and Phyllis Davis are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62p6

DiPrizio, Priscoe, to visit his roots in Italy: 1/11/62p5

Dixon, Abbie, died 4/?/63: 4/4/63p3

Dixon, Annie L., died 6/16/64: 6/18/64p3

Dixon, Florence, died 2/12/69: 2/13/69p3

Dixon, Mary, died 4/?/63: 4/4/63p3

Dixon, Mildred E., died 5/20/64: 5/21/64p3

Dixon, Winslow, died 4/21/67: 4/27/67p3

Doble, Henry L., died 11/5/69: 11/13/69p12

Dodier, Evangeline C., died 11/11/67: 11/16/67p3

Doe, Etta F., died 3/28/63: 4/4/63p3

Doherty, Richard A., died 4/9/69: 4/10/69p3

Dolbec, Alcide P., died 11/19/60: 11/24/60p3

Dolbec, Paul, and Irene Rivard are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Dolbes, Acquilina M., died 3/20/61: 3/23/61p3

Doleman, Robert, and Patricia Bickford are wed 4/20/60: 4/28/60p5

Dolliver, Stanley M., died 7/19/62: 7/26/62p3

Donnell, Dale, died 9/30/68: 10/3/68p3

Donnelly, Colleen G., died 9/7/63: 9/12/63p1

Donnolly, Ella, and Ralph Corr are wed 10/26/68: 11/14/68pA16

Donovan, Craig, and Charlotte King are wed 4/20/68: 5/9/68pA4

Dore, Barbara, and Norman Ellis are wed 4/2/60p4

Dore, Charles E., died 5/22/64: 5/28/64p3

Dore, Dorothy, and Wayne Shaw are wed 5/13/61: 5/18/61p4

Dore Jr., Frank and Eleanor Black are wed 5/20/61: 5/25/61p4

Dore, M&M Kenneth, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/9/65p2

Dorr, Catherine, celebrates 95th birthday: 11/14/63pA1

Dorr, Catherine M., died 1/1/65: 1/7/65p3

Dorr, Elliott C., died 4/7/68: 4/11/68pp1,3

Dorr, Noreen, and Raymond Pippin Jr. are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p5

Dorsey, Sarah, and John Arthur are wed 8/4/61: 8/17/61p4

Doucet, Robert, and Julia LaRoche are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p4

Doucette, Marianne, and Donald Plante are wed 1/27/62: 2/1/62p4

Doucette, Paul, and Sally McLain are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Douglas, Harry P., died 4/12/62: 4/19/62p3

Douglas III, John, and Eileen Hanson are wed 8/3/68: 8/15/68p4

Douglas, Jack, honored as Crusader coach: 4/6/67pp1,10

Douglas, John, and Dorcas Hodsdon are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p5

Douglas, Kenneth, died 12/1/62: 12/6/62p3

Douglas, M&M Robert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/6/62pB6

Douglas, Patricia, and Karl Goldthwaite are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Douglas, Robert R., died 3/22/64: 3/26/64p3

Douglas, Susie B., died 8/10/66: 8/11/66p12

Douglas, William, and Edith Miller are wed 2/4/61: 2/9/61p4

Douglass, Donald R., died 4/3/68: 4/11/68p3

Douglass, Howard, died 3/26/64: 4/2/64p3

Dow, Abbie T., died 5/29/60: 6/2/60p3

Dow, Arianna F., died 12/30/60p: 1/5/61p3

Dow, Frank N., died 4/24/61: 4/27/61p3

Dow, Irving L., died 3/?/63: 3/28/63p3

Dow, Marion, retires after 39 years of teaching: 4/25/63pC1

Dow, Mrs. John, celebrates 95th birthday: 11/24/60p4

Dow, Robert, and Edwina Gullison are wed 12/30/62: 1/3/63pA4

Dow, Ruth L., died 2/8/64: 2/13/64p3

Downes, Charles, and Mary Morang are wed 10/14/67: 11/2/67p4

Downes, Charlotte A., died 4/28/63: 5/2/63p7

Downing, Annie F., died 12/31/68: 1/9/69p3

Downing, C. Earl, died 11/11/6: 11/17/60p3

Downing, George E., die d12/24/64: 12/31/64p3

Downing, Jonathon, and Joyce Wiggin are wed 8/5/67: 8/17/67p4

Downing, Judith, and Robert Gustafson are wed 11/13/65: 11/18/65p4

Downing, Ralph E., died 4/15/66: 4/21/66p3

Downing, Thomas, died 9/?/62: 9/20/62p3

Downs, Barbara, and Bernard Gallant are wed 8/26/67: 8/31/67p4

Downs, Bernard, and Barbara Whitney are wed 3/19/66: 3/30/66p4

Downs, Donna, and Robert Sanfacon Jr. are wed 4/1/67: 4/6/67p4

Downs, Eva M., died 6/12/60: 6/16/60p3

Downs, Larry, and Vicki Garland are wed 9/20/69: 9/25/69p18

Downs, Leroy, died 6/11/60: 6/16/60p3

Downs, Myrtle, died 10/15/66: 10/20/66p3

Downs, Rose, and Raymond Davis are wed 9/5/64: 9/10/64pp4,A3

Downs, Roy M., died 3/24/68: 3/28/68p3

Dowst, Frederick T., died 11/28/60: 12/1/60p3

Dowst, Margaret T., died 8/29/61: 8/31/61p3

Doyle, Joanne, and Michael Dubois are wed 11/22/69: 12/4/69p9

Doyle, Nellie, is a certified doll doctor: 9/14/61pA1

Doyon, Fernand, and Anita Deschenes are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Doyon, M&M Ernest, celebrate 45th anniversary: 10/26/67p5

Doyon, Pauline, and Denis Moore are wed 8/19/61: 8/31/61p4

Drake, James, and Carol Hamilton are wed 11/30/68: 12/19/68p4

Drake, Loren, and Shirley Dimon are wed 11/9/68: 11/21/68p4

Drapeau, Arleen, and Wallace Clark are wed 9/15/62: 9/20/62p6

Drapeau, Beverly, and Edward Sisler are wed: 3/23/67p4

Drapeau, Constance, and Norbert Hamann are wed 5/4/63: 5/9/63p3

Drapeau, Elaine, and Richard Sanfacon are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Drapeau, Elizabeth, and Patrick Taylor are wed: 12/14/61p4

Drapeau, Helen, and Carl Worster Jr. are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA3

Drapeau, Henry, and Audrey Marchiony are wed 1/27/62: 2/8/62p4

Drapeau, Joseph, and Marie Bedard are wed 1/7/67: 1/12/67p4

Drapeau, Linda, and Darrell Tarmey are wed 6/29/68: 7/11/68p4

Drapeau, M&M Napolian, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/11/64pA8

Drapeau, M&M Walter, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/3/66p4

Drapeau, Mary E., died 8/2/69: 8/7/69p3

Drapeau, Phillip, and Claire Jacques are wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p11

Draper, Stacy A., died 9/10/60: 9/15/60p3

Drawbridge, Charlotte, holds Boston Post cane: 12/21/61pB6

Drawbridge, Charlotte R., died 2/13/63: 2/14/63p3

Drew, Alice M., died 11/3/65: 11/4/65p3

Drew, Betty, and Leroy Patten are wed 12/14/63: 12/26/63p4

Drew, Bonnie, and Frederick Jenner are wed 3/10/67: 3/30/67p4

Drew, Edwin C., died 1/8/60: 1/14/60p3

Drew, Frederick W., died 1/6/64: 1/9/64p3

Drew, John J., died 4/29/63: 5/2/63p7

Drew, Linda, and Wilfred Zukeran are wed: 3/7/68p4

Drew, Lizzie M., died 5/27/60: 6/2/60p3

Drew, M&M Fred, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/7/60pA6

Drew, Matilda V., died 9/7/61: 9/14/61p3

Drew, Regina, and Albert Menard Jr. are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Drew, Robert, and Katherine Aguire are wed: 11/18/65p5

Drew, Sandra, and Donald Roberge are wed: 6/15/67p4

Drew, Sheila, and David Blidberg are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63pB4

Drew Sr., Frederick E., died 5/11/68: 5/16/68p3

Drew, William B., died 5/3/61: 5/4/61p3

Driscoll, Edmond, and Kathleen Jenness are wed: 11/29/62p6,12/6/62pA7

Drondin, Madeleine, and Paul Auger are wed 5/17/69: 5/22/69p4

Drouin, Leo N., died 11/28/65: 12/2/65p3

Drown, Joel P., died 3/28/60: 3/31/60p3

Druin, Arthur A., died 11/19/62: 11/22/62p3

Dube, Alida E., died 11/12/63: 11/14/63p3

Dube, Ethrilla A., died 11/29/69: 12/4/69p3

Dube, George, and Estelle Dupont are wed 8/5/67: 8/17/67p2

Dube, Helen, and Robert Poisson are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Dube, Marie O., died 9/15/66: 9/22/66p3

Dube, Rose, and Gerard Gregoire are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Dubois, Alma E., died 10/10/63: 10/17/63p3

Dubois, Anita, and Donald Allen are wed 5/6/60: 5/19/60p4

Dubois, Anne M., died 11/24/61: 11/30/61p3

Dubois, Armand O., died 10/27/60: 11/3/60p3

Dubois, Carole, and Melton Zinck Jr. are wed 5/14/66: 5/19/66p2

Dubois, Clement J., died 3/21/67: 3/23/67p3

Dubois, Constance, and Walter King are wed 6/18/60: 6/30/60p4

Dubois, Frances L. died 12/26/67: 12/28/67p3

Dubois, Leon H., died 12/24/67: 12/28/67p3

Dubois, M&M Leon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/19/64p4

Dubois, Michael, and Joanne Doyle are wed 11/22/69: 12/4/69p9

Dubois, Michael, and Nancy Pelletier are wed 9/5/64: 9/10/64p4

Dubois, Nellie, died 7/26/66: 7/28/66p3

Dubois, Rachel, and Ronald Hamel are wed: 7/26/62p4

Dubois, Rachel, is HRH Spring Festival Queen: 5/18/61p1

Dubois, Robert, and Rachel Croteau are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Dubois, Thomas E., died 6/4/66: 6/9/66p3

Dubreuil, Jean, and Lawrence Edgerly are wed 2/16/63: 2/21/63p4

Ducette, Richard, and Barbara Jennison are wed: 7/26/69pA8

Ducharme, Thomas, and Dale Stevens are wed 11/15/69: 12/4/69p9

Duchesneau, Dennis, and Bernadette Huppe are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Duchesneau, Sylvia, and Philip Pelletier are wed 2/15/69: 2/20/69p4

Duchesneau, Thomas, is Top Graniteer of the Year: 2/24/66p1

Dudley, Patricia, and Norman Michel are wed 10/14/61: 10/26/61p4

Dufault, Josephine L., died 7/12/63: 7/18/63p3

Duff, Bessie M., died 5/8/62: 5/10/62p3

Duffy, James M., died 3/24/68: 3/28/68p3

Duguay, Henry C., died 6/15/63: 6/20/63p3

Dumais, Janet, and Donald Harmon are wed 5/25/63: 5/30/63p3

Dumais, Linda, and David Lamprey are wed: 10/10/63p4

Dumais, Lucille, and George Panteledes are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Dumont, Albert, and Brenda Beaudoin are wed 10/8/60: 10/13/60p4

Dumont, Gerard, and Jeanne Baxter are wed 10/22/66: 10/27/66p5

Dumont Jr., Walter, and Carmen Sargent are wed 5/29/65: 6/10/65p4

Dumont, M&M Arthur, celebrate 40th anniversary: 5/18/61p4

Dumont, M&M Emile, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/24/68p4

Dumont, Michael, and Carol Willard are wed 10/12/68: 11/21/68p4

Dumont, Ovila, died 5/12/65: 5/13/65p3

Dumont, Paul, plays 11 chess challengers at the same time: 4/2/64pA5

Dunbar, Edith C., died 11/14/61: 11/16/61p3

Duncan, Deborah, and Peter Dutton are wed 10/25/68: 11/7/68p4

Dunells, M&M Otis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/27/66p4

Dunlap, Arthur W., died 3/10/64: 3/12/64p3

Dunlap, Ralph, retires from Fire Departement after 34 years: 12/12/63p1

Dunlop, Mercia, died 10/3/67: 10/5/67p3

Dunn, Edward F., died 3/14/65: 3/18/65p3

Dunnells, Dacy-anne, and Leslie Locke are wed 6/18/66: 6/23/66p5

Dunnells, Laura C., died 7/13/68: 7/18/68p3

Dunnells, Philip W., died 11/18/65: 11/25/65p3

Duntley, Annie B., died 1/2/61: 1/5/61p3

Duntley, Roy A., died 10/12/60: 10/13/60p3

Duperre, Alfred, died 9/13/67: 9/14/67p3

Duponmt, Olivine L., died 8/10/64: 8/13/64p3

Dupont, Estelle, and George Dube are wed 8/5/67: 8/17/67p2

Dupont, Jacqueline, and Lester Chaplin are wed 11/14/69: 11/20/69p4

Duprey, Louis W., died 3/9/65: 3/11/65p3

Duprez, Edmond N., died 6/7/68: 6/13/68p3

Dupuis, Armand, and Simone Lavoie are wed 9/5/60: 9/15/60p5

Dupuis, Ellen H., died 6/13/69: 6/19/69p3

Dupuis, Evelyn, and Clarence Cole are wed 11/26/60: 12/1/60p4

Dupuis, Francis, and Elaine Cartier are wed 4/27/64: 5/7/64p4

Dupuis, George S., died 1/25/61: 2/2/61p3

Dupuis, Joanne, and Lester Wilson are wed 9/1/62: 9/20/62pB8

Dupuis, Keith M., died 11/13/64: 11/19/64p3

Dupuis, Lorraine, pronounces perpetual religious vows: 8/23/62p3

Dupuis, Malvina, died 11/26/61: 11/30/61p3

Dupuis, Pricsilla, and Chester Hale are wed: 2/24/66p4

Dupuis, Richard, and Rachel Nadeau are wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68p4

Dupuis, Ronald, and Irene Belleville are wed 9/17/60: 9/22/60p4

DuPuis, Marie, and Robert Nadeau are wed 4/24/65: 5/6/65p4

Duquette, Arthur, died 1/30/66: 2/3/66p3

Duquette, Evelyn, and Richard Cardin are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p4

Duquette, Roger H., died 12/19/64: 12/24/64p3

Duquette, Wilfred J., died 8/30/64: 9/10/64p3

Durant, Cheryl, and Russell Reid are wed 9/20/69: 10/2/69p4

Durant Jr., M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/26/66p9: 6/2/66p9

Durant, Maude, died 6/19/62: 6/21/62p3

Dureau, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/3/69p4

Durgin, Clyde M., died 2/23/64: 2/27/64p3

Durgin, Inge O., died 1/5/64: 1/9/64p3

Durgin, John J., died 12/2/60: 12/8/60p3

Durocher, Elaine H., died 2/10/62: 2/15/62p3

Dustan, Marcia, and James Henderson Jr. are wed: 9/29/60p6

Dustin, Margaret E., died 11/20/68: 11/21/68p3

Dustin, Miles H., died 6/6/60: 6/9/60p1

Dutilley, Rosalie C., died 8/1/62: 8/2/62p3

Dutilly, Hervey J., died 2/18/68: 2/22/68p3

Dutton, Althorne E., died 12/10/60: 12/15/60p3

Dutton, Charles, and Joan Lancey are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p3

Dutton, Peter, and Deborah Duncan are wed 10/25/68: 11/7/68p4

Dwyer, Richard--A Community Portrait: 3/24/60pA2

Dyer, Percy C., died 2/15/69: 2/20/69p3

Dyer, Sadonia Y., died 10/23/69: 10/30/69p3

Dyer, William L., died 7/18/69: 7/24/69p3

Dyne, Jennie W., died 10/9/61: 10/12/61p3

Dysart, Louis H., died 4/9/63: 4/11/63p3

Eames, Florence M., died 6/15/64: 6/18/64p3

Eames, Robert, and Cynthia Saliba are wed 2/19/66: 3/3/66p10

Earl III, John, died 1/19/68: 1/25/68p3

Earl, John E., died 5/28/64: 6/4/64p2

Earle, Amnna A., died 9/24/61: 9/28/61p3

Earle, Melvin F., died 5/24/62: 5/31/62p3

Earnshaw, George, & Janet Herron are wed 9/10/67: 10/26/67p4,12/21/67pA7

Eastman, Bernice, and Carl Brown are wed 3/19/60: 3/24/60p4

Eaton, Craig, and Christie Hanson are wed 6/8/63: 6/27/63pA8

Eaton, Henry O., died 11/11/67: 11/16/67p3

Eaton-Hacketts have three sons in the Armed Services: 7/6/67pA1

Eayres, Thomas, and Theresa Menegoni are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63pB8

Eckhardt, Ralph, and Marilyn Keefe are wed 8/25/62: 8/30/62p4

Edan, Martha J., died 7/14/65: 7/22/65p3

Edgerly, Beverly, and Henry Smith are wed 11/19/60: 11/24/60p4

Edgerly, Eugene F., died 12/25/59: 1/14/60p3

Edgerly, George H., died 11/1/67: 11/2/67p3

Edgerly, J. Hervey, died 7/9/69: 7/17/69p1

Edgerly Jr., Royal, and Geri Harrison are wed: 5/31/62p4

Edgerly, Lawrence, and Jean Dubreuil are wed 2/16/63: 2/21/63p4

Edgerly, M&M Royal, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/23/64p4

Edgerly, Mary V., died 10/9/60: 10/13/60p3

Edwards, Martha, and leo Gordon are wed 5/18/68: 5/30/68p3

Eisner, Ray W., died 7/30/66: 8/4/66p3

Eldridge, Celia, died 3/12/66: 3/17/66p3

Eldridge, Chauncey, and Carol Tanner are wed 8/20/60: 8/25/60p4

Eldridge, Jeanne, and Richard Petrin are wed 7/24/65: 7/29/65p5

Eldridge Jr., Roland, and Annette Thivierge are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Eldridge, Lillian M., died 12/28/68: 1/2/69p3

Eldridge, M&M Fred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/22/65p5

Eldridge, Moses O., died 6/3/64: 6/11/64p3

Eldridge, William, and Doris Blouin are wed 3/3/62: 3/8/62p4

Elkins, Mary C., died 8/2/61: 8/5/61p3

Elliot, Ronald, reports on his Peace Corps assignment: 1/16/64p1

Elliott, Barry, and Marcia Betts are wed 7/6/68: 7/18/68p8

Elliott, Don, and Shirley Haskins are wed 11/22/69: 11/27/69p7

Elliott, Erlon, and Katherine Mondoux are wed 1/23/60: 2/4/60p4

Elliott, Katherine, and John Keen are wed: 7/4/63p4

Elliott, Maynard E., died 2/11/63: 2/14/63p3

Ellis, Dora, and Frank Hazelton are wed: 3/8/62p4

Ellis, Elvira M., died 11/20/68: 11/28/68p3

Ellis, Erwin, and Doris Stevens are wed 4/27/68: 5/9/68p4

Ellis, Fred W., died 5/23/65: 5/27/65p3

Ellis, Herman W., died 10/11/61: 10/12/61p3

Ellis, Ida M., died 7/3/63: 7/11/63p3

Ellis, Inez G., died 11/9/63: 11/14/63p3

Ellis, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/10/63p4

Ellis, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/14/60p2

Ellis, Norman, and Barbara Dore are wed 4/2/60: 4/7/60p4

Ellis, Patricia, and David Hebert are wed 4/21/66: 4/28/66p4

Ellis, Peter, and Bonita Wentworth are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Ellis, Richard, and Norma Jenness are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Ellison, Beatrice E., died 5/5/69: 5/8/69p3

Ellison, Eileen, and John Carr are wed: 2/6/69pA1

Ellison, Violet L., died 10/28/65: 11/4/65p3

Ellison, William, died 8/13/65: 8/19/65p3

Elms, Laura S., died 9/10/68: 9/19/68p3

Elwell, Katie L., died 12/11/69: 12/18/69p3

Ely, James, and Paula Williams are wed: 10/7/65p5

Emack, William H., died 12/7/63: 12/12/63p3

Emerson, ???, and Bernard Fitzmorris are wed: 12/2/65p5

Emerson, Donald, and Barbara Bethke are wed 6/8/63: 6/13/63p4

Emerson, Etta, and Charles Hamel are wed 12/14/63: 12/19/63p4

Emerson, Everett W., died 7/13/66: 7/14/66p3

Emerson, Grace A., died 8/?/64: 8/6/64p3

Emerson, Harriet E., died 2/4/65: 2/11/65p3

Emerson, John J., died 1/14/60: 1/21/60p3

Emerson, Paulette, and William Griffen are wed: 10/8/64p4

Emerson, Theodore F., died 87/31/64: 8/6/64p3

Emery, Daniel K., died 11/20/65: 11/25/65p3

Emery, Una L., died 2/5/65: 2/11/65p3

Emhardt, Mary, and Myron Cerney are wed 9/5/69: 9/11/69p8

Emmond, Bonnie, and Donald Meroth are wed: 6/30/66p4

Emrich, Deborah, and Ronald Benner are wed 10/25/68: 11/7/68pA1

Emro, Guy V., died 12/17/66: 12/29/66p3

Emro, Robert B., died in Vietnam 4/18/67: 5/4/67p1

Emro, Vernon, awarded US Army Bronze Star: 2/20/69p1

Enaire, Margaret C., died 12/11/63: 12/19/63p3

England, Sandra, and Carl Worster are wed 10/14/67: 10/26/67pA11

English, Elaine, and Henry Quinby are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Enman, Delma, and Lorraine Charette are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Enman, Erick, died 12/16/63: 12/19/63p3

Enman, Geraldine, and Roland Watson are wed 3/18/61: 3/23/61p4

Enman, Judith, died 6/19/64: 6/25/64p3

Enman, Russell R., died 1/20/66: 1/27/66p3

Ercoline, Frank M., died 7/6/67: 7/13/67p3

Ercoline, Hattie C., died 11/1/66: 11/10/66p3

Erikson, William, and Marion Billings are wed 4/21/62: 4/26/62p4

Eschmann, Cynthia, and Daniel Hughes are wed: 3/11/65p4

essard, Frank O., died 11/11/68: 11/14/68p3

Estes, Judith, and Gregory Allaire are wed 9/2/67: 9/7/67p4

Estes, M&M Philip, celebrate 30th anniversary: 9/3/64p5

Evans, David, and Geraldine Swett are wed 11/11/61: 11/16/61p4

Evans, Emma, celebrates 97th birthday: 7/27/61p4

Evans, Emma E., died 12/12/62: 12/13/62p3

Evans, Grace E., died 4/29/60: 5/5/60p3

Evans, Harriet B., died 12/31/61: 1/4/62p3

Evans, Kenneth, and Donna Chesley are wed: 8/28/69p4

Evans, Linda, and Fred Weiler are wed 9/18/65: 9/23/65p5

Evans, Mrs. William, celebrates 98th birthday: 7/26/62p1

Evans, Shirley, and Charles Twitchell are wed 4/9/60: 4/21/60p4

Evans, Sumner R., died 5/4/62: 5/10/62p3

Evans, Susan R., died 3/22/61: 3/23/61p3

Fabian, Edward R.--A Community Portrait: 6/16/60pA2

Fabian, Henry E., died 2/22/62: 3/8/62p3

Fabian, M&M Edward, celebarte 45th anniversary: 4/18/68p4

Fabian, William A., died 5/1/69: 5/8/69p3

Fader, Everett, and Joan Caplette are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Fairweather, Katherine M., died 4/5/64: 4/9/64p3

Fall, Arnold A., died 10/16/61: 10/19/61p3

Fall, Henry, and Rose Perkins are wed 2/27/60: 3/31/60p4

Fall, Henry S., died 4/11/69: 4/17/69p3

Familgetti, Frank, and Sylvia Dean are wed 5/16/69: 5/29/69p4

Familgetti, Frank S., died 9/26/62: 10/4/62p3

Familgetti, Harriet E., died 5/11/63: 5/16/63p3

Farmer, Charles H.--A Community Portrait: 11/3/60pA3

Farmer, Thomas B., died 10/15/61: 10/19/61p3

Farmer, Tressie A., died 1/8/61: 1/12/61p3

Farnum, Clarence E., died 9/27/63: 10/3/63p3

Farnum, Gloria, and Wesley Sayer are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63pB5

Farrell, Lois, and Keith Wiggin are wed: 6/29/67p5

Farrington, Herbert, and Pamela Clark are wed 12/31/65: 1/6/66p4

Farrington Jr., Ernest R., died 2/27/62: 3/1/62p3

Faulk, Barbara, and Philip Tomassini are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Fay, Janet-lee, and Roger Stanley are wed 3/21/64: 4/2/64p4

Fay, Merrill, and Nan Tracy are wed 10/28/61: 11/2/61p4

Feineman, Helen C., died 1/25/62: 1/25/62p1,2/1/62p3

Feineman, Linda, and James Blessing are wed 6/13/64: 6/18/64p4

Felker, Annie L., died 8/28/61: 8/31/61p3

Felker, Elliott, and Patricia Rippett are wed: 9/17/64p5

Felker, Henry, celebrates 92nd birthday: 8/25/66p4

Felker, Lafayette, died 12/5/60: 12/8/60p3

Felker, William H., died 6/29/69: 6/5/69p3

Fenderson, Leigh G., died 3/1/63: 3/7/63p3

Fenske, Erwin, and Donna Bonser are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63p4

Fenton, Charles C., died 3/10/60: 3/17/60p3

Ferber, Flora A., died 7/16/65: 7/22/65p3

Ferber, Marguerite F., died 3/24/69: 3/27/69p3

Ferguson, Robert E., died 6/11/61: 6/22/61p3

Ferland, Edwina, and Cecil Warburton are wed 5/20/61: 5/25/61p4

Ferland, Eva B., died 2/1/69: 2/6/69p3

Ferland, Francine, and Dennis Bilodeau are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p4

Ferland, Helena, and Kenneth Nichols wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4,10/13/60p4

Ferland, Homer, died 7/9/64: 7/16/64p3

Ferland, M&M Oldilon J., both died 5/13/57: 5/18/67p3

Ferland, Marc, and Rita Savoie are wed 8/20/66: 9/1/66p4

Ferland, Martin, and Arie Legerstee are wed 10/6/68: 10/17/68p4

Ferland, Mary, died 12/5/62: 12/6/62p3

Ferland, Robert, and Eileen Place are wed: 10/8/64p4

Ferland, Thomas J., died 6/21/67: 6/22/67p3

Ferm, Carole, and Richard Broadbent are wed 6/23/68: 6/27/68p2,7/4/68p8

Fernald, Edna, and Edward Fox are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Fernald, Frank H., died 6/10/62: 6/14/62p3

Fernald, Lulu A., died 7/16/64: 7/23/64p3

Fernald Sr., Brackett B., died 12/9/68: 12/12/68p16

Ferry, Dorothy, and Ivars Bebris are wed 12/25/68: 1/2/69p4

Feyler, Pamela, and Richard Hayes are wed: 1/19/67p4

Fielding, William, and Barbara Coffman are wed: 6/15/67p4

Fifield, Alfred D., celebrates 80th birthday: 3/28/68p4

Fifield, Cecil, awarded US Navy Achievement Medal: 5/1/69pA1

Fifield, George, died 8/3/64: 8/6/64p3

Fifield, John, and Rita Gagnon are wed: 10/17/63p4

Fifield, Lyn, and Phyllis Patch are wed: 7/1/65p4

Fifield, M&M Wesley, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/11/68p2

Fifield, Virginia, and Francis Stoddard are wed 6/22/68: 7/11/68pA3

Filgate, Martha, and David Towle are wed: 1/14/65p4

Fillion, Rev. Normand--Portrait of a marriage counselor: 3/27/69p1

Firth, Sandra, and Carroll Jacobs are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Fisher, Carol, and Gerald Harriman are wed: 10/21/65p4

Fisher, David, and Jean Waterhouse are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Fisher, Ethel P., died 2/15/66: 2/24/66p3

Fisher, Lydia E., died 2/24/68: 2/29/68p3

Fisher, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/1/62p4

Fisher, Margaret, and Stefan Wittner are wed: 9/15/66p4

Fisher, Russell E., died 7/22/63: 7/25/63p3

Fittz, Robin, and David Zupco are wed 5/21/66: 6/2/66p4

Fitzgerald, Alice M., died 12/11/65: 12/16/65p3

FitzGerald, Margaret, and John Greenfield are wed: 7/8/65p4

Fitzmorris, Bernard, and ??? Emerson are wed: 12/2/65p5

Fitzpatrick, Bonnie, and Clayton Bousquin Jr. are wed: 6/10/65p4

Fitzpatrick, Penelope, and Nelson Bissaillon are wed 11/7/65: 11/18/65p4

Fizz, Eva, and David Waterhouse are wed: 7/9/64p5

Flaker, James, and Judith Topham are wed 8/5/61: 8/10/61p4

Flaker, Roy, and Shirley Dickie are wed 6/24/61: 6/29/61p4

Flanagan, Barry, earns UA Nave Commendation: 8/24/67p1

Flanagan, Helen, and Merland DeButts are wed: 2/8/62p4

Flanagan, James P., died 3/20/63: 3/28/63p3

Flanagan, Kirby, and Donna Curran are wed: 8/11/60p6

Flanagan, Kirby, and Donna Curran are wed 7/9/60: 7/21/60p4

Flanagan, Lila R., died 9/15/61: 9/21/61p3

Flanagan, Michael, and Joyce Kelley are wed 4/18/69: 5/1/69p4

Flanagan, William, and Lorraine Callaghan are wed 12/26/64: 1/21/65p4

Flanders, Eva W., died 7/3/63: 7/4/63p3

Fleming, Jerry, and Joanne Hurd are wed 8/20/60: 8/25/60p4

Fletcher, Laura E., died 12/12/66: 12/15/66p3

Fletcher, Mary L., died 12/26/60: 12/29/60p3

Fleurie, Bertha, died 5/17/62: 5/24/62p3

Fleurie Sr., Joseph H., died 3/24/62: 3/29/62p3

Fleury, Adelard J., died 3/23/62: 3/29/62p3

Fleury, George W., died 9/5/65: 9/9/65p3

Fleury, Joseph J., died 4/5/69: 4/10/69p3

Flint, Raymond F., died 6/16/60: 6/30/60p3

Flood, James, died 6/5/68: 6/13/68p3

Flood, James, honored by Masons for 25 years of service: 3/4/65pA16

Flood, Margaret E., died 6/20/61: 6/22/61p3

Flower, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/31/69pA1

Floyd, Jessie, died 12/22/62: 12/27/62p3

Focht Jr., Stanley, and Joan Boudreau are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Fogelin, Karen, and Robert Ouellette are wed 6/12/69: 7/17/69p4

Fogerty, Leonard C., died 6/21/63: 6/27/63p3

Fogerty, Patricia, and Robert Daigle are wed 9/7/64: 9/10/64p4

Fogg, David R., died 7/1/65: 7/8/65p3

Fogg, Donna, and John Moore Jr. are wed 1/28/69: 2/20/69pB8

Fogg, Edith A., died 12/9/66: 12/15/66p3

Fogg, Lorraine, and Alfred Wallingford are wed 4/29/67: 5/4/67p4

Fogle Jr., Clair, and Rebecca Canfield are wed 9/6/69: 9/25/69p4

Foglio, Elaine, and Harmon Whitcomb are wed 5/31/69: 6/5/69p4

Foley, Edward P., died 6/22/60: 6/23/60p3

Foley, Joseph. earns BSA Eagle Badge: 2/18/65p1

Foley, Maryellen, and Steven Loring are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Folsom, John B., died 9/12/62: 9/13/62p3

Fontaine, Armand, and Adrienne Mercier are wed 6/2/62: 6/7/62pB6

Fontaine, Marlene, and Joseph Blanchette are wed 8/30/69: 9/4/69p4

Forbes, Elizabeth E., died 6/9/64: 6/11/64p3

Forcier, Alma D., died 3/3/65: 3/4/65p3

Forcier, David, and Barbara Libby are wed 6/26/65: 7/8/65p5

Ford, Leroy J., died 12/14/66: 12/22/66p3

Forde, Barbara, and Thomas Lyle are wed 10/12/63: 10/17/63pB8

Fornier, Jerry F.--A Community Portrait: 8/25/60pA2

Forsey Sr., Daniel, died 6/21/67: 6/29/67p3

Fortier, Doris, and Norman Turgeon are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Fortier, Raymond F., died 9/5/63: 9/12/63p3

Fortin, Ida R., died 10/21/66: 10/27/66p3

Fortin, Mary, and Ronald Woodes are wed: 4/27/67p4

Fortin, Paul, died 10/25/65: 10/28/65p3

Fortuna, Richard, and Charlene Vachon are wed: 10/27/66pA13

Fortune, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/9/66p4

Foss, E. Dexter, died 8/23/61: 8/31/61p3

Foss, Edith E., died 4/3/61: 4/6/61p3

Foss, Erla, and Richard Gower are wed 3/8/60: 3/10/60p4

Foss, Frank C., died 5/?/61: 6/1/61p3

Foss, Fred L., died 12/12/67: 12/14/67p3

Foss, Harold D., died 5/16/61: 5/25/61p1

Foss, Henry T., died 9/5/67: 9/7/67p3

Foss, Iona H., died 11/13/66: 11/17/66p3

Foss, James, is C/C Man of the Year: 3/20/69p1

Foss, James L.--A Community Portrait: 7/28/60pA2

Foss, Minnie E., died 12/30/65: 1/6/66p3

Foss, Nellie R., died 5/8/63: 5/9/63p3

Foss, Raymond J., died 12/4/66: 12/8/66p3

Foss, Ronald, and Sandra Brown are wed: 7/2/64p4

Fosse, Lois P., died 7/13/67: 7/20/67p1

Foster, Barbara, and Normand Desmerais are wed 2/13/65: 2/18/65p4

Foster, Bessie, died 8/8/61: 8/10/61p3

Foster, Jacqueline, and Roger Balomenos are wed 1/16/60: 1/21/60p4

Foster, Leona, and Alec Haskell are wed 6/19/61: 6/29/61pB2

Fourier, John D., died 11/16/63: 11/21/63p2

Fournier, Donald, and Jeannine Cote are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p3

Fournier, Dudie (dog) is 128 (human) years old: 5/23/63pA1

Fournier, Jeanne, and Timothy Hanover Jr. are wed 6/27/68: 9/5/68p4

Fournier, Mrs. Charles, celebrates 77th birthday: 4/18/68pA16

Foutch, M&M O.D., celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/7/61pB8

Fowler, Algea R., died 6/13/60: 6/16/60p3

Fowler, Charles A., died 11/20/68: 11/21/68p3

Fowler, Deborah, and Keenan Skillin are wed 1/27/68: 2/1/68p2

Fowler, Herbert E., died 4/27/64: 4/30/64p3

Fowles, Sarah F., died 11/9/66: 11/10/66p5

Fownes, George B., died 1/17/64: 1/23/64p3

Fownes, Robert C., died 9/3/61: 9/7/61p3

Fownes, Rose G., died 1/31/69: 2/6/69p3

Fox, Edward, and Edna Fernald are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Fox, Ronald, and Sandra Ramsdell are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p2

Francis, Stanley, and Vicki Hayes are wed: 7/31/69pA4

Francoeur, Lawrence L., died 9/12/64: 9/17/64p3

Francoeur, Lorna, and Daniel Connelly are wed: 9/30/65p5

Franson, Carl, and Adele Haselton are wed 10/?/68: 12/26/68p4

Fraser, Margaret M., died 2/27/63: 2/28/63p3,4/25/63p3

Freeman, Arthur, and Jacqueline Goulet are wed 11/9/63: 11/21/63p4

Freeman, Eva M., died 2/21/60: 2/25/60p3

Freeman, Linda, and James Wood are wed 11/24/66: 12/1/66p4

Freeman, Marlene, and Robert Alderman are wed 9/5/64: 9/17/64p5

Fremeau Jr., Edward, and Allison Craig are wed: 12/10/64p4

French, Agnes I., died 3/20/65: 3/25/65p3

French, Alice C., died 12/20/68: 12/26/68p3

French, Anne E., died 9/23/60: 10/6/60p3

French, Bruce, featured in 5/8/62 issue of Look magazine: 5/3/62p1

French, Carolyn, and Robert Cook are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

French, Elaine, and Robert Scott are wed 10/20/66: 10/27/66p5

French, Franklin J., died 10/15/68: 10/24/68p3

French, Leslie F., died 6/22/66: 6/30/66p3

French, Wesley, and Nancy Jewett are wed 1/11/63: 1/24/63p4

French, William I., died 4/30/65: 5/6/65p3

Frenette, Elaine, and Bruce Smith are wed 4/15/66: 4/21/66p5

Frenette, Gloria, and Roland LeBonte are wed 1/6/62: 1/11/62p4,1/18/62p4

Friend, Mary R., died 1/18/63: 1/24/63p3

Frost, Albert, and Judith Whitehouse are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Frost, Arline, and Charles Weed are wed 8/12/61: 8/17/61p4

Frost, Bernard H., died 6/3/63: 6/6/63p3

Frost, James E., died 6/19/66: 6/23/66p3

Frost, John, and Rowena Morgan are wed: 9/23/65p5

Frost, Newell, and Doris Cram are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Frost, Trudy, and John Bailey are wed 6/24/67: 7/6/67p4

Frost, Vernie F., died 11/10/64: 11/12/64p3

Frost, Winfield, and Norma Kenyon are wed 8/5/66: 8/18/66p4

Frothingham, Florence M., died 12/15/60: 12/22/60p3

Fuller, Earl L., died 3/15/63: 3/21/63p3

Fuller, Helen S., died 12/24/62: 12/27/62p3

Fuller, Milton S., died 6/7/67: 6/8/67p3

Fuller, Sarah, died ?/?/66: 5/5/66p2

Fulton, Albert E., died 9/3/60: 9/8/60p3

Fulton, Nancy, and Clark Hackett are wed 6/29/62: 7/5/62p5

Furber, Dale E., died 4/5/66: 4/14/66p3

Furber, David, and Carolyn Griffin are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63pB4

Furber, Flora A., died 7/16/65: 7/22/65p3

Furber, Otto J., died 11/20/66: 11/24/66p3

Furber, Richard, and Dorothy Russell are wed 2/5/65: 2/11/65p4

Furbush, Effie E., died 5/27/64: 6/4/64p3

Furbush, Erlon, and Mary Jordan are wed: 1/19/61p4

Furbush, Fred M., died 2/7/61: 2/9/61p3

Furbush, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/6/60p4

Furbush, Myrtle M., died 4/22/62: 5/3/62p3

Furbush, Ronald, and Janet Zinck are wed 10/22/60: 11/3/60p4

Furbush, Susan M., died 7/17/69: 7/24/69p3

Furbush, Thirza, and William Giera are wed 7/14/64: 7/16/64p7

Furlong, Leo P., died 8/11/66: 8/18/66p3

Furnans, Iris D., died 11/21/63: 11/28/63p3

Gadbois, Robert, and Helen Cook are wed 4/2/66: 4/14/66p4

Gadbois, Walter, and Gail Portrie are wed 8/9/69: 8/14/69p4

Gagne, Barbara, and Jean Richard are wed 2/27/65: 3/4/65p4

Gagne, David, and Norma Ross are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Gagne, Elizabeth, and Ronald Yost are wed 3/17/62: 3/22/62p4

Gagne, Florien D., died 4/6/66: 4/7/66p3

Gagne, Francis T., died 12/11/61: 12/14/61p3

Gagne, Frank A. died 8/8/69: 8/14/69p3

Gagne, Gabrielle, and Roland Nadeau are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Gagne, Gerard, and Lucille Pratt are wed 10/26/68: 11/14/68p4

Gagne, Gilbert, and Diane Smith are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Gagne, Helen, and Richard Gagnon are wed 11/5/60: 11/10/60p4

Gagne, Jennie, celebrates 90th birthday: 6/9/66p1

Gagne, Jo-Ann, and Dennis Beaulieu are wed 8/24/68: 8/29/68p4

Gagne, Leo J., died 6/19/61: 6/29/61p3

Gagne, Linda, and John Sanders are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Gagne, Louis, and Nancy Waikiki are wed: 9/18/69p5

Gagne, Lydia, died 7/21/66: 7/28/66p3

Gagne, M&M Alfred, celebrate 36th anniversary: 9/18/69p4

Gagne, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/21/64p4

Gagne, Margaret, and Alvin Walbridge Jr. are wed: 8/2/62p4

Gagne, Mary, died 8/10/61: 8/10/61p3

Gagne, Maurice, and Sandra Wilson are wed 10/13/62: 10/18/62p4

Gagne, Susan, and Carl Cosgrove are wed 6/12/69: 7/17/69p4

Gagne, Terrance, and Maureen Lyons are wed: 9/4/69p4

Gagne, Wilhemina R., died 3/27/68: 3/28/68p3

Gagnon, Carline, and Edwin Waterhouse are wed 8/19/61: 8/31/61p4

Gagnon, Claude J., died 12/7/69: 12/11/69p1

Gagnon, David, and Donna Wilkens are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63pA6

Gagnon, Donna, crowned Little Miss Rochester Fair: 9/26/63p1

Gagnon, Irene, and Brian Clifford are wed 8/26/61: 8/31/61p4

Gagnon, Jacques, and Theresa Gregoire are wed 9/27/69: 10/16/69p2

Gagnon, Janet, and Richard Brunelle are wed 6/6/64: 6/18/64pB6,12/6/62pA7

Gagnon, Laura G., died 10/9/68: 10/17/68p3

Gagnon, Leo, awarded Army Commendation Ribbon: 4/20/67pA7

Gagnon, Lucien J., died 10/8/66: 10/13/66p3

Gagnon, Marion, and Paul Chabot are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61pB2

Gagnon, Richard, and Helen Gagne are wed 11/5/60: 11/10/60p4

Gagnon, Richard, and Linds Clement are wed 2/15/69: 2/20/69p4

Gagnon, Theresa, and Ronald Camire are wed 10/7/61: 10/12/61p4

Gahagan, Nancy, and Steven Kossin are wed: 3/2/67p4

Gaines, Jean, and Jean Glidden are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p4

Galarneau, Joseph A., died 8/2/61: 8/5/61p3

Galarneau, M&M Milford, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/15/66p4

Gale, Chester, and Priscilla Dupuis are wed: 2/24/66p4

Gallagher, Ann, and John Hourigan are wed 12/26/66: 1/12/67p4

Gallagher, Elaine, and Richard Crosby are wed 9/1/62: 9/13/62p4

Gallant, Bernard, and Barbara Downs are wed 8/26/67: 8/31/67p4

Galledge, Ida E., died 4/22/66: 4/28/66p2

Gamblin, Jean, and Allen Murdock are wed 11/3/67: 11/9/67p2

Gamblin, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/18/65p4

Ganelle, Gerald, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross: 8/24/67p1

Garand, Marion M., died 11/4/67: 11/9/67p3

Gardiner, George T., died 1/23/61: 1/26/61p3

Gardner, Gerard, and Mary Gorman are wed 12/10/60: 12/15/60p4

Gardner, James, and Dawna Weeks are wed 4/29/61: 5/4/61p4

Gardner, Ruth M., died 9/22/69: 9/25/69p3

Gardner, Sadie C., died 11/?/66: 11/10/66p3

Gardner, Steven, and Natalie Brough are wed: 9/28/61pA1

Gareau, Jeannette, and Marcel Peruse are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p4

Garland, Charles H., died 8/26/66: 9/1/66p3

Garland, David, and Susan Swett are wed 7/18/64: 7/30/64p4

Garland, M&M Luther, celebhrate 25th anniversary: 7/3/69p4

Garland, M&M Raymond, hold family reunion: 7/16/64pB5

Garland, Mildred D., died 9/18/63: 9/26/63p3

Garland, Raymond I., died 1/29/66: 2/3/66p3

Garland, Vicki, and Larry Downs are wed 9/20/69: 9/25/69p18

Garnett, Bernard, and Jill Adkison are wed: 1/11/62p4

Garside, Helen C., died 3/9/67: 3/16/67p3

Garvey, Florence D., died 5/3/67: 5/11/67p3

Garvin, Ross, and Donna Jackson are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p4

Gaskell, Carol, and Victor Lapierre are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62pB4

Gates, Beverly, and Harold Varney Jr. are wed 11/2/68: 11/21/68p4

Gaulin, Robert, and Karen Lawrence are wed: 5/27/65p4

Gault, Beverly, and Lucien Paradis Jr. are wed 12/29/62: 1/3/63p4

Gauthier, Lorraine, and Carl Smith are wed 8/12/61: 8/24/61p4

Gauthier, Omer J., died 6/15/68: 6/20/68p3

Gauthier, Sharon, and David Smiley IV are wed 2/3/68: 2/8/68p6

Geary, Anthony W., died 6/3/63: 6/6/63p3

Gebhardt, Frederick, and Paula Portrie are wed 6/2/67: 6/8/67p5

Geddes, Gordon, and Pauline Dearborn are wed 7/31/65: 8/12/65p5

Geddes, Ruth C., died 7/2/69: 7/10/69p3

Geddis, Harriet M., died 1/12/67: 1/19/67p3

Gelinas, Dale, and Norman Thomas are wed 12/6/68: 12/26/68p4

George, Bert, and Nancy Johnson are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p12

George, Bert, is Jaycees Man of the Year: 1/21/60p1

George, Edythe H., died 7/15/65: 7/22/65p3

George, Gloria, and James Beaulieu are wed 5/4/68: 5/9/68p4

George Jr., James, and Rhona Cilley are wed 5/31/69: 6/19/69p4

George, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/28/66p2

George, Marie-Elena, and Ronald Abad are wed 1/26/63: 2/7/63p5

George, Nina, and James Cooper are wed 6/2/62: 6/7/62p4

Geralds, Ethel M., died 2/24/61: 3/2/61p3

Gerdes, Johannes, died 7/2/60: 7/7/60p3

Gerdes, Pauline E., died 2/14/65: 2/18/65p3

Germon, M&M Harry, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/14/65p5

Germon Sr., Harry, died 11/11/67: 11/16/67p3

Gerrish, Charles, and Nancy Scruton are wed 8/4/61: 8/10/61p4

Gerrish, Everett, and Jule Chenue are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p5

Gerrish Jr., Randolph, and Sarah Hope are wed 7/11/64: 8/6/64p4

Gerrish, Mary E., died 8/26/63: 8/29/63p3

Gerrish, Philip, and Ann Warburton are wed 7/23/60: 8/4/60p4

Gerrish, Thomas, and Sheryl Ledford are wed: 1/30/64p4

Gerry, Margaret J., died 7/12/66: 7/14/66p3

Gerry, Norris, and Irene Turgeon are wed 2/5/66: 2/10/66p4

Gervais, Corrine, and Ronald DeCourt are wed 9/26/64: 10/1/64p4

Gervais, Norman, and Dorothy Goodfield are wed 5/17/69: 5/22/69p4

Gervais, Phillippe, and Marjorie Bradshaw are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p12

Gervais, Rodney, and Bettina Harriman are wed 12/5/64: 12/10/64p4

Gervais, Ronald, and Jane Larochelle are wed 11/26/64: 12/3/64p4

Gibb, Alice, and Franklin Glidden are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Gibb, Carole, and John Hamilton are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p13

Gibb, Diane, and Joseph Listner Jr. are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Gibb, M&M Herbert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/17/66p4

Gibb, Neil H., died 12/29/67: 1/4/68p3

Gibbs, Marshall F., died 6/1/65: 6/10/65p3

Gibbs, Ralph H., died 3/6/60: 3/10/60p3

Gibbs, Una C., died 1/15/61: 1/19/61p3

Giera, William, and Thirza Furbush are wed 7/14/64: 7/16/64p7

Giff, Edith, runner-up in Miss New Hampshire contest: 5/24/62p8

Giguere, Amie D., died 11/28/63: 12/5/63p3

Giguere, Elaine, and Robert Cook are wed: 7/7/66p4

Giguere, Joseph, died 1/25/63: 1/31/63p3

Giguere, Laurier D., died 11/2/65: 11/4/65p3

Giguere, Rene G., died 8/4/68: 8/8/68p3

Giguerre, Mary, and Robert Vachon are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Giguerre, Mrs. Joseph, died 12/25/64: 12/31/64p3

Gilbert, Ann, and Joseph Wade Jr. are wed: 9/12/68p10

Gilbert, Carol, and Jack Hobson are wed 1/27/68: 2/1/68p4

Gilbert, Celina P., died 9/19/62: 9/27/62p3

Gilbert, Diana, and Robert Gilbert Jr. are wed 5/20/67: 6/1/67p5

Gilbert, Diane, and Brian Brennan are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Gilbert, Donald, and Ruth O'Neil are wed 10/26/63: 10/31/63pB6

Gilbert, Emile, died 5/?/66: 5/26/66p3

Gilbert, Jeannine, and David Hartung are wed 9/24/60: 9/29/60p6

Gilbert Jr., Robert, and Diana Gilbert are wed 5/20/67: 6/1/67p5

Gilbert, Oliver, and Ann Willett are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Gilbert, Rosanna M., died 3/23/64: 3/26/64p3

Gilbert, Wilfred, died 9/5/65: 9/9/65p3

Gile, Albert, and Priscilla Scott are wed 7/1/61: 7/13/61p4

Gile, Leslie, and Ardelle Chase are wed 6/29/69: 7/10/69p4

Gile, Leslie, brings new ideas to Nepalese in Peace Corps: 6/27/63pA8

Gile, Leslie, to Nepal as Peace Corps volunteer: 9/20/62p1,7/2/64p1

Gile, Linda, and Charles Pitman are wed 1/12/62: 1/18/62p4

Gile, Penny, and William Nehring are wed 5/7/67: 5/11/67p4

Giles, Elbridge E., died 8/27/63: 8/29/63p3

Gillam, Claude H., died 3/23/65: 3/25/65p3

Gillen, Rita, and Andre Therrien are wed 10/15/66: 10/20/66p5

Gillespie, Joseph, and Catherine Corson are wed 6/20/69: 8/7/69p4

Gillespie, Mary T., die 9/29/65: 9/30/65p3

Gilman, Gemma, and Joseph Hardy are wed 8/10/68: 8/22/68p4

Gilman, George "Gus"--A Community Portrait: 11/24/60p10

Gilman, Ivan F., died 7/17/64: 7/23/64p3

Gilman, M&M Donald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/69p4

Gilman, M&M Erman, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/30/65p4

Gilman, Martin, and Gail Daudelin are wed 5/28/66: 6/9/66p5

Gilman, Nancy, and David Aiken are wed: 11/1/62p4

Gilmore, John, and Anne Schulte are wed: 6/8/67p5

Gilmour, Deane, and Donald Marsh are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p5

Gilpatrick, Mildred, and Willie Osgood are wed 7/25/66: 8/4/66p4

Gilroy, Audrey, and Joseph Calistra are wed 11/8/67: 12/14/67p4

Gilroy, David, and Kathy Coffee are wed: 5/1/69p4

Gilroy, Harold A., died 11/18/68: 11/21/68p3

Gilson, Lillian M., died 11/14/61: 11/16/61p3

Gingras, Adolphe J., died 1/14/66: 1/20/66p3

Gingras, Elise, died 5/28/67: 6/1/67p3

Gingras, Idea, died 6/5/66: 3/10/66p3

Gingras, Jeannine, listed in University Students Who's Who: 1/16/69p11

Gingras, M&M Alphonse, celebrate 35th anniversary: 1/5/61p4

Ginty, Phyllis, and George Petty are wed: 2/20/64p4

Gisis, Madolia E., died 10/29/60: 11/3/60p3

Glasz, Anton, died 1/28/62: 2/1/62p3

Glennon, Josephine E., died 1/16/68: 1/18/68p3

Glidden, Allison W., died 10/?/67: 10/26/67p3

Glidden, Antoinette C., died 1/25/66: 1/27/66p3

Glidden, Charles H., died 9/29/67: 10/5/67p3

Glidden, Clyde R., died 12/19/66: 12/22/66p3

Glidden, Diann, and Joseph Pitrie Jr. are wed 10/7/67: 10/19/67p10

Glidden, Ernest F., died 4/5/65: 4/22/65p3

Glidden, Franklin, and Alice Gibb are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Glidden, Harry F., died 6/22/65: 6/24/65p3

Glidden, James, and Sarah Livermore are wed 5/22/65: 5/27/65p4

Glidden, Jean, and Jean Gaines are wed 4/8/67: 4/13/p4

Glidden, Joyce, and William King are wed: 7/11/63p4

Glidden, M&M Clyde, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/26/65p4

Glidden, Malcolm, and Sharon Lawrence are wed: 7/13/67p4

Glidden, Nancy, and John MacKay are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60pA8

Glidden, Richard, and Rosemarie Bunker are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Glidden, Rita A., died 2/1/67: 2/9/67p3

Glidden, Robert G., died 9/2/64: 9/10/64p3

Glidden, Stanley, and Roberta Rouillard are wed: 12/15/66p5

Glidden, Stanley M., died 10/27/60: 11/3/60p3

Glover, Eileen M., died 2/2/61: 2/9/61p3

Glover Jr., Archie, and Carol Merrill are wed 4/28/69: 5/8/69p3

Glover, Mrs. Alta G., died 10/4/69: 10/9/69p3

Gluth, John, and Anita Reed are wed 6/11/61: 6/15/61p4

Godbout, Rose M., died 2/1/64: 2/6/64p3

Goddard, Albert H., died 10/28/68: 10/31/68p3

Goeppner, Randall, and Brenda Munroe are wed 10/15/66: 11/3/66p5

Goff, Edith, and Paul DesMarais are wed 7/20/63: 7/25/63p4

Goff, Edith, is Miss Rochester of 1962: 4/19/62p1

Goff, John H., died 3/21/63: 3/28/63p3

Goff, Pearl--Meet Your Correspondent: 9/22/60pB4

Goff, Robert, and Frances McKenna are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63p4

Goff, William, and Anne Wetherell are wed: 6/25/64p4

Golden, Bruce, and Patricia Van Buskirk are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Golden, Judith, and Thomas Tully are wed 10/8/62: 10/11/62pB6

Goldthwait, Marilla H., died 1/12/65: 2/18/65p12

Goldthwaite, Karl, and Patricia Douglas are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Golightly, James, and Julia MacKay are wed 11/9/69: 11/13/69p4

Golledge, Gary, and Carol Clark are wed: 9/17/64p5

Gonneville, Donald, and Gloria Smith are wed: 11/19/64p4

Gooden, David, and Jean Hill are wed 6/3/67: 6/8/67p9

Goodfield, Dorothy, and Norman Gervais are wed 5/17/69: 5/22/69p4

Goodrich, Lois E, died 7/18/63: 7/25/63p3

Goodrow, James, died 4/12/60: 4/7/60p3

Goodrow, Middie F., died 10/4/67: 10/12/67p3

Goodwin, Agnes, died 2/12/66: 2/17/66p3

Goodwin, Bernice L., died 2/24/61: 3/2/61p3

Goodwin, Blanche, and Russell Quint are wed 12/17/60: 12/29/60p4

Goodwin, Edward R., died 8/8/65: 8/19/65p3

Goodwin, George H., donated Farmington library 32 years ago: 5/12/60pC6

Goodwin, Harold, and Juanita Childs are wed 9/21/62: 9/27/62p6

Goodwin, Harriet, died 2/8/68: 2/15/68p3

Goodwin Jr., Eugene, and Willa Hatch are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p5

Goodwin, Lewis, and Jacqueline Cornellier are wed 2/23/63: 2/28/63p4

Goodwin, M&M Neal, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/2/69p6

Goodwin, Michael J., died 6/9/67: 6/22/67p3

Goodwin, Minnie F., died 2/16/61: 2/23/61p3

Goodwin, Ora M., died 7/14/67: 7/20/67p3

Goodwin, Sandra, and Wayne Salisbury are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p7

Goodwin, Steven, and Carol Sprague are wed 11/20/65: 11/25/65p4

Gordon, Edward, and Lorraine Lamper are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61p4

Gordon, Frank, died 3/20/61: 3/23/61p3

Gordon Jr., John, and Joyce Mann are wed 7/15/61: 7/20/61p4

Gordon, Leo, and Martha Edwards are wed 5/18/68: 5/30/68p3

Gordon, Linda, and Charles Currier Jr. are wed 10/16/65: 11/4/65p4

Gordon, Lucia, 95, receives Farminton's Boston Post Cane: 11/10/66pA1

Gordon, Nellie Y., died 12/22/67: 12/28/67p3

Gorman, Mary, and Gerard Gardner are wed 12/10/60: 12/15/60p4

Gormley, Susan, and Peter Jacklin are wed 10/8/66: 10/20/66p4

Gorton, Charles, and Loretta Hagar are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62pB4

Gorton, Clifford H., died 6/17/68: 6/20/68p3

Goslin, Barry, and Maria Davis are wed 4/29/67: 5/11/67p5

Goslin, Francis, and Dorothy Witham are wed 1/16/65: 1/28/65p5

Goslin, Randall, and Donna Nickols are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Goslin, Ronald, and Margaret Hanson are wed 1/20/62: 1/25/62pB8

Gosselin, Lawrence J., died 3/4/61: 3/9/61p3

Gosselin, Lucy E., died 8/22/68: 8/29/68p3

Gotz, Nancy, and Myron Cohn are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Gould, Mona, and James Mitchell are wed: 5/9/68p4

Gould, Philip, and Christine Soucy are wed 1/19/63: 1/31/63p4

Goulet, Dorothy, and Elliot Cosgrove Jr. are wed 1/16/65: 1/21/65p4

Goulet, Helen, and Leonard Littlefield are wed 11/14/64: 11/26/64p2

Goulet, Jacqueline, and Arthur Freeman are wed 11/9/63: 11/21/63p4

Goupil, Joseph F., died 4/12/63: 4/18/63p3

Goupil, Paul J., died 2/24/61: 3/2/61p3

Gover, Albert K., died 2/27/68: 2/29/68p3

Gowen, James, and Sharon Wood are wed: 1/2/64p4

Gower, Erla, and Franklin Abbott are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4

Gower, Richard, and Erla Foss are wed 3/8/60: 3/10/60p4

Gowin, Mary A., died 2/11/61: 2/16/61p3

Grace, Annie L., died 4/30/68: 5/9/68p3

Grace, Carl L., died 1/29/60: 2/4/60p3

Grace, Elsie M., died 12/31/62: 1/3/63p3

Grace, M&M Bert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/5/61p4

Grady Jr., James, and Constance Vachon are wed 1/9/65: 1/14/65p4

Grant, Chandler L., died 5/4/65: 5/6/65p3

Grant, Donna, and John Lynch are wed: 4/6/67p4

Grant, George, died 12/3/64: 12/10/64p3

Grant, Joanne, and Eugene Richard are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Grant, Kathleen, and William Spears Jr. are wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68p4

Grant, Lillian M., died 1/19/61: 2/2/61p3

Grant, Louis P., died 7/16/68: 7/18/68p3

Grant, Robert, and Loretta Meserve are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

Grant, Ronald, and June Weinstein are wed 8/25/63: 9/5/63p4

Grasie, Elizabeth, and Raymond LaCouture are wed 11/30/62: 12/6/62pB1

Grass, Diana, and John Chick are wed 6/20/68: 7/25/68p4

Grasse, Ethel, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/25/68p4

Grassie, Bernard--A Community Portrait: 2/25/60pA2

Grassie, Betty, and David Hurd are wed 12/31/61: 1/4/62p4

Grassie, Ethel C., died 11/30/69: 12/4/69p3

Grassie, Leo J., died 8/30/69: 9/4/69p3

Grassie, Louis A., died 1/30/60: 2/4/60p3

Grassie, Mary A., died 11/11/60: 11/17/60p3

Grassie, Richard, and Mary Couch are wed 9/7/63: 9/12/63pB6

Grassie, William, died 2/8/65: 2/11/65p3

Gravel, Cheryl, and Eugene Pozdziak Jr. are wed: 12/9/65p4

Gravel, Linda, and Dwight Daggett are wed: 11/3/66p4

Gravel, M&M Aime, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/26/68p4

Graves, Everett, and Louise Whalen are wed 9/9/61: 9/14/61p4

Gray, Adelaide C., died 1/1/66: 1/6/66p3

Gray, Annie F., died 11/26/61: 11/30/61p3

Gray, Annie W., died 2/6/60: 2/11/60p3

Gray, Arthur, and Linda Woodbury are wed 8/23/69: 9/18/69p4

Gray, Aubrie B., died 11/6/66: 11/10/66p3

Gray, Charles, and Geraldine Charles are wed 8/1/64: 8/13/64p4

Gray, Danny C., died 3/24/62: 3/29/62p3

Gray, John, and Diane Colbath are wed 10/14/66: 10/27/66p4

Gray, Leland, and Charlotte Ray are wed 6/30/69: 7/10/69p4

Gray, M&M Herbert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/18/62p4

Gray, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/21/69pA8

Gray, M&M Ralph, operate the "Coke Club": 6/16/60pB1

Gray, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/25/68pA16

Gray, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/2/65p13

Gray, Marion R., died 6/3/61: 6/8/61p3

Gray, Mrs. Francis, celebrates 92nd birthday: 9/25/69pA1

Gray, Patricia, and Lawrence Wentworth are wed 4/17/65: 4/29/65p4

Gray, Penni, and Maurice Hudson Jr. are wed 6/5/65: 6/17/65p16

Gray, Rebecca, and Mark MacKenzie are wed 3/8/68: 3/14/68p4

Gray, Robert S., died 12/?/63: 1/2/64p3

Gray, Samuel J., died 12/27/60: 12/29/60p3

Gray, Sandra, and Ralph Young are wed 4/6/63: 4/11/63pA7

Gray, Thomas, and Claudia Harmon are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Gray, Walter, saves life of child in Guam: 5/18/67p1

Greeley, Arthur M., died 5/31/65: 6/3/65p3

Greemore II, Henry, and Rachel Larochelle are wed 4/27/68: 5/9/68p4

Green, Frank D., died 9/15/61: 9/21/61p3

Green, Glendon, and Louise Hamel are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Green, Mable G., died 3/10/61: 3/16/61p3

Green, William R., died 4/?/60: 4/28/60p3

Greenblatt, Nathan, died 2/28/63: 3/7/63p3

Greene, Andrew, and Kathleen Jackson are wed 8/20/66: 9/1/66p4

Greene, Lloyd, died 6/17/61: 6/22/61p3

Greenfield, John, and Margaret FitzGerald are wed: 7/8/65p4

Greenfield, Linda, and Willard Blaisdell are wed 8/4/66: 8/18/66p4

Greenfield, Lois, and Laurence Cate are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p5

Greenwood, Ralph L., died 9/8/62: 9/13/62p3

Gregoire, Alice, and John Seavey are wed 2/10/68: 2/22/68p4

Gregoire, Dennis, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/28/63pB1

Gregoire, Flora, died 4/15/61: 4/20/61p3

Gregoire, Gerard, and Delores Locey are wed 9/27/69: 10/16/69p2

Gregoire, Gerard, and Rose Dube are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Gregoire, Louis, and Carolyn Connelly are wed 5/12/62: 5/17/62p4

Gregoire, Theresa, and Jacques Gagnon are wed 9/27/69: 10/16/69p2

Gregor, Sandra, and Harold Adams Jr. are wed 6/12/65: 6/24/65p4

Grempler, Bruce, and Lorraine Chase are wed 2/20/60: 3/3/60p4

Grenier, Alfred J., died 4/19/69: 4/24/69p3

Grenier, Anna M., died 3/18/62: 3/22/62p3

Grenier, Clement, awarded Bronze Star in Vietnam: 2/9/67p1

Grenier, Clement, earns USAF Commendation Medal: 1/30/69p16

Grenier, Edma E., died 4/4/69: 4/10/69p3

Grenier, Eugene J., died 3/17/60: 3/24/60p3

Grenier, Evelyn H., died 5/7/63: 5/9/63p3

Grenier, Frederick J., died 7/30/64: 8/6/64p3

Grenier Jr., Achille H., died 4/4/69: 4/10/69p3

Grenier, Leon C., died 12/7/62: 12/13/62p3

Grenier, Martha L., died 5/527/62: 5/31/62p3

Grenier, Nancy, and Michael Lagueux are wed 10/26/68: 10/31/68p4

Grenier, Olivine M., died 10/20/61: 10/26/61p3

Grenier, Rene, died 2/14/65: 2/18/65p3

Grenier, Ronald, and Patricia Davis are wed 10/11/60: 10/27/60p4

Grenier, Shirley, and Donald Lebreque are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p4

Grenier, Wilfred O., died 1/26/60: 1/28/60p3

Griffen, Frances F., died 9/11/66: 9/15/66p3

Griffen, Guy L., died 11/28/69: 12/4/69p3

Griffen, Lois, and Joseph Pavolaitis are wed 9/3/67: 9/21/67p4

Griffen, Warren, honored with National Engineers' Week award: 2/25/65p1

Griffen, William, and Paulette Emerson are wed: 10/8/64p4

Griffin, Carolyn, and David Furber are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63pB4

Griffith, Pamela, and Jerry Beal are wed: 5/14/64p4

Griffith, Robert, and Sandra Lagasse are wed 2/19/66: 2/24/66p4

Grigalus, Sheila, and Robert Trafton are wed 7/27/68: 8/15/68p4

Grigas, Michael, and Gail Halley are wed 9/29/68: 10/17/68p3

Grigg, Charlotte, and Robert Stacy are wed: 3/16/67p4

Grigg, James, and Sandra Thompson are wed 5/1/65: 5/6/65p4

Grignon, Susan M., died 6/16/60: 6/23/60p3

Griswold, Ronald, and Madlyn Walker are wed: 5/16/63p6

Grocott, Nancy L., died 8/2/64: 8/6/64p1

Grondin, Albert J., died 5/3/63: 5/9/63p3

Grondin, Louise M., died 4/7/65: 4/8/65p3

Grondin, Nola, and David Rolfe are wed 4/30/66: 5/5/66p4

Grondin, Olive, exemplifies Hospital Week Career theme: 5/16/63p8

Grondin, Raymond P., died 5/5/61: 5/11/61p3

Grondin, Riocker R., died 11/4/68: 11/7/68p3

Grondin, Rodney, and Nancy Macaulay are wed 6/30/62: 7/12/62p4

Grosjean, Arthur A., died 6/12/67: 6/15/67p3

Guay, Arthur J., died 10/27/64: 11/5/64p3

Guay, George J., died 5/23/63: 5/30/63p3

Guay, Margaret, and Samuel Crawford are wed: 9/22/66p4

Guay, Peter, and Rachel Horiuchi are wed 8/?/68: 11/7/68pA7

Guay, Sarah, and Gary Vigue are wed 7/6/68: 7/25/68pA8

Guerin, Elaine, and William Nelson are wed 2/17/62: 3/29/62p4

Guerin, Elaine, is Miss Rochester: 4/13/61p1

Guerin, Paul, and Lettye Wilson are wed 12/19/64: 12/24/64p4

Guerin, Paul, honored as USAF Airman of the Year: 6/18/64pA12

Guild, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/18/62p4

Guild Sr., M. James, died 1/2/63: 1/3/63p3

Guilmet, Rudolph, and Dianne Noel are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Guilmette, Emile, died 1/28/63: 1/31/63p3

Guilmette, Raymond, and Juliette Larochelle are wed 4/24/65: 5/6/65p5

Gullison, Edwina, and Robert Dow are wed 12/30/62: 1/3/63pA4

Gullison, Ralph, and Ruth Warburton are wed 4/15/60: 4/21/60p4

Gullison, Ralph W., died 8/8/64: 8/13/64p3

Gunnels, Ronald, and Kathryn Timm are wed 4/21/66: 5/5/66p4

Gustafson, Robert, and Judith Downing are wed 11/13/65: 11/18/65p4

Guyer, Michael, and Carolyn Brown are wed: 10/10/63p4

Hackett, Carole, and Ronald Rumberger are wed 3/30/64: 4/9/64p8

Hackett, Clark, and Nancy Fulton are wed 6/29/62: 7/5/62p5

Hackett, George, awarded Silver Star in Vietnam: 5/4/67p1

Hackett, Luna B., died 6/20/69: 6/26/69p3

Hackett, Wesley, died 3/2/63: 3/7/63p3

Hagar, Loretta, and Charles Gorton are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62pB4

Hagen, Joy Ann, died 9/21/64: 9/24/64p1

Haggenmiller, Elizabeth, and Richard Scahill are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Haggenmiller, RoseMarie, and Glen Beasley are wed 5/12/62: 5/17/62p4

Haigh, Dorothy, and Romald Picard are wed 12/16/67: 12/21/67pA1

Haines, Harriet B., died 7/22/64: 7/30/64p3

Hakin, Rhoda, and Harold Haley are wed 9/30/62: 10/11/62p6

Hale, Ida, and William Brewster are wed 5/1/64: 5/7/64p4

Hale, Nina M., died 7/26/67: 8/3/67p3

Hale, Samuel, died 7/25/63: 8/1/63p3

Hale, William, and Patricia Hayes are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Haley, Catherine S., died 8/6/66: 8/11/66p3

Haley, Harold, and Rhoda Hakin are wed 9/30/62: 10/11/62p6

Haley, Josephine, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/11/68p4

Haley, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/1/68p11

Haley, Winifred, and George Tucker are wed 6/1/63: 6/6/63p4

Hall, Alice G., died 8/27/68: 8/29/68p3

Hall, Annie, and John Rich are wed 9/23/63: 9/26/63p4

Hall, Bette, and Emerson Spurling Jr. are wed 6/17/67: 6/29/67p4

Hall, Carrie E., died 1/19/69: 1/23/69p3

Hall, Elma L., died 7/28/63: 8/1/63p3

Hall, Errol S., celebrates 70th birthday: 4/7/60p1

Hall, Errol S., retires after 30 years as court justice: 6/23/60p1

Hall, Gary, and Sue Moody are wed 8/12/67: 8/24/67p4

Hall, George F., died 12/8/60: 12/15/60p3

Hall, George L., died 12/31/59: 1/7/60p3

Hall, Jean, and Earl Marsh Jr. are wed 10/5/62: 10/11/62pB3

Hall, Joanne, and Michael Sallee are wed 6/17/62: 6/21/62p4

Hall Jr., Kenneth, and Brenda Sanborn are wed 9/30/61: 10/5/61p4

Hall Jr., Leon, and Betty Plante are wed 8/26/67: 8/26/67p4

Hall, Kenneth, and Nancy Lanlois are wed 10/23/65: 11/4/65p4

Hall, Linda, and Aduard Schmidt are wed 12/14/63: 12/19/63p4

Hall, M&M Cecil, celebrate 40th anniversary: 12/3/64p5

Hall, Mary E., died 1/28/61: 2/2/61p3

Hall, Richard, and Sandra Homlberg are wed: 6/10/65p4

Hall, Sharon, and Donald Brooks are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Hall, Thad, and Amber Anderson are wed 10/27/67: 11/9/67p4

Hall, Velma A., died 5/12/68: 5/16/68p2

Hall, Wesley J., died 2/12/65: 2/18/65p12

Hall, William B., died 8/31/68: 9/5/68p3

Hall. Errol S., died 11/11/62: 11/15/62p1

Halley, Gail, and Michael Grigas are wed 9/29/68: 10/17/68p3

Halliday, Lois M., died 9/17/60: 9/22/60p3

Ham, Everett A., died 3/28/69: 4/3/69p3

Ham, Florence J., died 8/15/65: 8/19/65p3

Ham, Kenneth S., died 12/27/62: 1/3/63p3

Ham, Leslie E., died 2/13/64: 2/20/64p3

Ham, Theron, died 9/1/65: 9/9/65p3

Ham, Thomas C., died 10/29/60: 11/3/60p3

Ham, Victor, died 10/1/69: 10/9/69p3

Hamann, M&M Rudolph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/24/65p5

Hamann, Norbert, and Constance Drapeau are wed 5/4/63: 5/9/63p3

Hamel, A. J., died 10/7/62: 10/11/62p3

Hamel, Alice, and Howard Sidwell Jr. are wed 12/28/68: 1/2/69p4

Hamel, Blanche R., died 6/6/66: 6/9/66p3

Hamel, Carmen, and Clarence Wyatt Jr. are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

Hamel, Charles, and Etta Emerson are wed 12/14/63: 12/19/63p4

Hamel, Helen E., died 8/9/68: 8/15/68p3

Hamel, Louise, and Glendon Green are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Hamel, M&M Victor, celebrate 27th anniversary: 6/1/61p4

Hamel, M&M Victor, celebrate 35th anniversary: 6/12/69p4

Hamel, Mary A., died 11/30/69: 12/4/69p3

Hamel, Paul, and Elizabeth Reade are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Hamel, Peter J., died 4/18/63: 4/25/63p3

Hamel, Rebecca, is interested in old coins: 6/23/60p12

Hamel, Richard, and Rita Desmarais are wed 2/22/64: 2/27/64p4

Hamel, Ronald, and Rachel Dubois are wed: 7/26/62p4

Hamilton, Arlene, and Roger Tracy are wed: 6/29/67p5

Hamilton, Betty, and Noel Spruce are wed 11/26/60: 12/8/60p4

Hamilton, Carol, and James Drake are wed 11/30/68: 12/19/68p4

Hamilton, Elizabeth R., died 11/13/62: 11/15/62p3

Hamilton, Harold F., died 2/18/61: 2/23/61p3

Hamilton, Harry, died 10/23/63: 10/31/63p3

Hamilton, John, and Carole Gibb are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p13

Hamilton, M&M William, celebrate 59th anniversary: 9/29/60p1

Hamilton, M&M William, celebrate 60th anniversary: 9/28/61p4

Hamilton, Marilyn, and Paul Christie are wed 6/4/60: 6/16/60p4

Hamilton, Raymond E., died 12/6/65: 12/9/65p3

Hamilton, William F., died 2/14/62: 2/22/62p3

Hammer, Donald, and Ann Shea are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Hammond, Edward, died 4/14/66: 4/21/66p1

Hammond, Howard, & Nancy Mansfield wed 10/18/69: 10/23/69pAll,11/6/69pA7

Hamor, M&M Clarence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/24/62p4

Hampe, Richard, and Judith Russ are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Hanbury, Evan E., died 5/22/65: 5/27/65p3

Hanchette, Eveline, died 1/12/63: 1/17/63p3

Haney, Donald M., died 12/5/64: 12/10/64p3

Haney, Harland V., died 5/11/62: 5/17/62p3

Haney, Sadie O., died 9/2/60: 9/8/60p3

Haney, Warren C., died 4/4/69: 4/10/69p3

Hanner Sr., Roland J., died 12/28/68: 1/2/69p3

Hanover Jr., Timothy, and Jeanne Fournier are wed 6/27/68: 9/5/68p4

Hanover, Judith, and Robert Bouchard are wed 7/27/63: 8/1/63p4

Hanscom, Freeman J., died 2/12/65: 2/18/65p3

Hanscom, Jeannette, and Robert Patch are wed 11/7/64: 11/12/64p5

Hanscom, Joyce, and Ralph Hussey Jr. are wed 7/6/61: 7/13/61p4

Hanscom, Marion R., died 6/3/68: 6/6/68p3

Hanscom, Rose, and Ronald Blais are wed 8/17/68: 9/12/68p4

Hanson, C. Walter, died 1/15/64: 1/16/64p3

Hanson, Charles P., died 10/30/61: 11/2/61p3

Hanson, Christie, and Craig Eaton are wed 6/8/63: 6/27/63pA8

Hanson, Eileen, and John Douglas III are wed 8/3/68: 8/15/68p4

Hanson, Grace, honored with family reunion: 9/10/64p4

Hanson Jr., M&M Ralph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/21/68p4

Hanson, Margaret, and Ronald Goslin are wed 1/20/62: 1/25/62pB8

Hanson, Mariana, and Donald Campbell are wed: 1/7/65p4

Hanson, Robert, and Catherine Carter are wed 9/5/60: 9/15/60p4

Hanton, Elaine L.--A Woman of Purpose: 9/22/60p4

Haqll, Nella B., died 1/30/69: 2/6/69p3

Harding, Arthur, and Eleanor Blaisdell are wed 10/8/66: 10/20/66p5

Harding, General Stanley, commands Second Infantry: 11/22/62pA6

Harding, Herbert E., died 4/18/66: 4/21/66p3

Harding, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/30/61p4

Harding, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/16/61p7

Harding, Stanley, awarded Distinguished Service Medal: 6/30/66p1

Hardwick, Judge Leonard honored on retirement: 2/13/69p1

Hardwick, Leonard, is C/C Man of the Year: 3/21/63p1

Hardwick, Leonard, retires from the bench: 11/28/68p1

Hardy, Joseph, and Gemma Gilman are wed 8/10/68: 8/22/68p4

Hardy, Louis, and Diane Parmerleau are wed 7/23/60: 7/28/60p4

Hardy, Louis, named USAF Airman of the Year: 12/30/65p1

Hardy, Myron A., died 11/25/60: 12/1/60p3

Harkins, George, and Mary Tobin are wed 6/10/61: 6/22/61p4

Harkins, Mary T., died 6/14/66: 6/16/66p3

Harkinson, David, and Elaine LaRoche are wed 6/22/68: 7/4/68p4

Harmon, Claudia, and Thomas Gray are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Harmon, Donald, and Janet Dumais are wed 5/25/63: 5/30/63p3

Harriman, Bettina, and Rodney Gervais are wed 12/5/64: 12/10/64p4

Harriman, Ealr H., died 1/30/60: 2/4/60p3

Harriman, Gerald, and Carol Fisher are wed: 10/21/65p4

Harriman, Richard, and Carol Kinney are wed 6/19/65: 7/1/65p2

Harrington, Louise, and Paul Simmons are wed 5/4/68: 5/9/68pA16

Harrington, Mrs. Fred, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/25/66p4

Harris, Melvyn, and Merlene Bickford are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Harris, Raymond F., died 4/3/69: 4/10/69p3

Harrison, Geri, and Royal Edgerly Jr. are wed: 5/31/62p4

Harrison, Lewis B., died 12/12/60: 12/15/60p1

Hart, Jerone, named Ford Foundation Scholar in History: 4/20/67pA1

Hart Sr., Walter E., died 1/28/68: 2/1/68p3

Hart Sr., Walter H., died 12/11/69: 12/18/69p3

Hart, Susan, and Andrew Merton are wed: 12/30/65p4

Hartford, Bertha, died 11/22/65: 12/2/65p3

Hartford, Blanche L., died 10/23/61: 10/26/61p3

Hartford, Carl, and Margaret Maguire are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Hartford, Ernest, and Carol Mounlton are wed 12/12/64: 12/17/64p4

Hartford, Fannie E., died 12/9/61: 12/14/61p3

Hartford, Mary E., died 8/26/68: 8/29/68p3

Hartford, Roger, and Mary Zaprzalka are wed 5/25/63: 5/30/63pB6

Hartford, Rufus, and Shirley King are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Hartford, Solomon, died 4/14/62: 4/19/62p3

Hartford, Victor, and Marjorie Briggs are wed: 11/22/62p5

Hartford, Victor, died 7/7/62: 7/12/62p1

Hartigan, John L., died 2/12/63: 2/14/63p3

Hartigan Jr., John L., died 8/21/65: 8/26/65p1

Hartigan, Mary Ann, is Jaycees Outstanding Young Educator: 4/21/66p1

Hartigan, Peter, and Carol Laverdiere are wed 5/25/68: 5/30/68p4

Hartigan, Winifred E.--A Woman of Purpose: 8/18/60p4

Hartman, David V., died 10/12/66: 10/20/66p3

Hartung, David, and Jeannine Gilbert are wed 9/24/60: 9/29/60p6

Harvey, Diane G., died 2/26/65: 3/4/65p3

Harvey, Russell, and Donna Lempke are wed 7/12/66: 7/21/66p4

Haselton, Adele, and Carl Franson are wed 10/?/68: 12/26/68p4

Haselton, Alice D., died 12/7/61: 12/14/61p3

Haskell, Alex, and Leona Foster are wed 6/19/61: 6/29/61pB2

Haskins, Shirley, and Don Elliott are wed 11/22/69: 11/27/69p7

Hastings, Neal, and Madeline Wells are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p4

Hatch, Herbert O., died 8/10/68: 8/15/68p3

Hatch, Hilda, retires from Frisbie after 16 years: 3/27/69p4

Hatch, Hugh N.--A Community Portrait: 10/20/60pA2

Hatch, Marjorie, and Robert Turner are wed 2/27/60: 3/10/60p4

Hatch, Nelson, retires after 47 years as patrolman: 5/11/61p1,6/22/61p1

Hatch, Nelson S., died 10/29/68: 10/31/68p16

Hatch, Willa, and Eugene Goodwin Jr. are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p5

Hathaway, Daniel, and Donna Reed are wed 8/30/69: 9/25/69p4

Hausman, Sophie, died 2/22/62: 3/1/62p3

Hawkins Sr., Donald, and Dorothy Colbroth are wed 10/25/69: 11/6/69p4

Hawxwell, Timothy W., died 9/10/66: 9/22/66p3

Hayes, Abbot N., died 8/13/69: 8/21/69p7

Hayes, Alphonso C., died 1/22/64: 1/23/64p3

Hayes, Arnold, and Shirley Vien are wed: 4/6/67p4

Hayes, Bertha, celebrates birthday: 12/9/65p5

Hayes, Blanche P., died 11/20/67: 11/23/67p2

Hayes, Charles T., died 1/31/69: 2/6/69p3

Hayes, Doris R., died 4/9/69: 4/10/69p3

Hayes, Edith M., died 8/12/66: 8/18/66p3

Hayes, Elihu W., died 4/23/61: 4/27/61p3

Hayes, Esther G., died 4/21/67: 4/27/67p1

Hayes, Gertrude M., died 1/20/60: 1/28/60p3

Hayes, Gloria, and Horace Carpenter Jr. are wed 10/11/68: 10/17/68p4

Hayes, Janet, and Richard Shorey are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Hayes, Lillian A., died 2/4/67: 2/9/67p3

Hayes, Linda, and Larrie Upton are wed 11/25/67: 12/14/67pA3

Hayes, Linda, and Roland Meehan Jr. are wed 7/10/65: 7/15/65p4

Hayes, M&M Forrest, celebrate 30th anniversary: 2/11/65p4

Hayes, M&M Warren, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/4/69pA5

Hayes, Mabel H., died 11/29/64: 12/3/64p3

Hayes, Maurice F., died 6/12/61: 6/15/61p3

Hayes, Maurice, is an experienced berry farmer: 4/12/62pA1

Hayes, Patricia, and William Hale are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Hayes, Ralph T., died 12/22/61: 12/28/61p3

Hayes, Richard, and Pamela Feyler are wed: 1/19/67p4

Hayes, Rodney, and Patricia Jones are wed 4/3/65: 4/8/65p4

Hayes, Roy E., died 1/18/67: 1/26/67p3

Hayes, Russell, and Elizabeth Maple are wed 10/7/61: 10/26/61p4

Hayes, Shirley, and Nelson Hersom are wed 2/12/60: 2/18/60p4

Hayes, Vicki, and Stanley Francis are wed: 7/31/69pA4

Hayes, Wilbert K., died 4/3/65: 4/15/65p3

Hayes, William T., died 3/28/61: 4/6/61p3

Hayes, Willis, honored by Kiwanis as Mr. Ambassador: 12/8/66pA12

Hayes, Winthrop, and Sandra Seavey are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Haynes, Thomas A., died 10/14/67: 10/19/67p3

Haynes, Veber J., died 12/15/61: 12/21/61p3

Hazelton, Frank, and Dora Ellis are wed: 3/8/62p4

Hazelton, Frank V., died 10/23/65: 10/28/65p3

Hazlett, Marshall B., died 8/5/60: 8/11/60p3

Heaney, Richard C., died 10/10/60: 10/13/60p3

Heath, Charles, died 9/18/64: 9/24/64p3

Heath, Charles E., celebrates 94th birthday: 11/29/62p7

Heath, George W., died 2/18/63: 2/21/63p3

Heath, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/26/60p5

Hebert, Alice M., died 10/25/66: 10/27/66p3

Hebert, Armand, died 2/25/66: 3/3/66p3

Hebert, David, and Patricia Ellis are wed 4/21/66: 4/28/66p4

Hebert, Dennis, and Pamela Walker are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Hebert, Edward, and Susan Nixon are wed 5/4/68: 5/16/68p4

Hebert, Ellis N., died 9/11/65: 9/16/65p3

Hebert, Ernest J., died 11/14/62: 11/22/62p3

Hebert, George, died 6/3/69: 6/5/69p3

Hebert, Gloria, and Roger Conley are wed 11/28/68: 12/5/68p4

Hebert, Janet, and Eldred Stanley are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Hebert, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/2/66p5

Hebert, Marie, and George Bergeron are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Hebert, Mrs. Rene, feted for 40 years at NE Telephone: 10/2/69pA6

Hebert, Raymond, and Theresa Boisvert are wed 6/11/66: 6/16/66p4

Hebert, Roger, and Antoinette Smith are wed: 7/16/64p4

Hebert, Ronald, and Betty Sherman are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Hebert, Rose E., died 3/22/67: 3/23/67p5

Hebert, Thomas, died 1/27/60: 1/28/60p3

Hefferman, Alice, died 3/13/62: 3/15/62p3

Heisler, Agnes, died 11/?/66: 12/1/66p3

Helen M. Gosselin, died 2/8/69: 2/13/69p3

Helfenstein II, Edward, and Susan Varney are wed 3/20/65: 3/25/65p4

Hellman, Erick H., died 2/2/69: 2/6/69p3

Hemenway Jr., Norman, died 8/25/60: 9/1/60p3

Henderson, Harvey G., died 6/12/60: 6/16/60p3

Henderson, Herbert J., died 2/16/65: 2/18/65p3

Henderson, John, and Juanita Lefebvre are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Henderson Jr., James, and Marcia Dustan are wed: 9/29/60p6

Henderson, Mrs. Charles, is cinsistent culinary winner: 8/27/64p5

Henderson, Nancy, and Lloyd Burrows are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63pB8

Henderson, Norman, and Caroline Smith are wed 8/5/67: 8/10/67p4

Hendrick, Athena, and James Perry are wed: 1/10/63pB1

Henrickson, Edwards, and Louise Boston wed 4/23/60: 5/12/60p4,5/19/60p4

Henry, Ethel A., died ?/?/67: 9/7/67p3

Henshaw, Effie M., died 12/4/61: 12/7/61p3

Herbert, Walter, and Madelynn Nason are wed 6/3/61: 6/8/61p4

Heron, Robert, and Gloria Parent are wed 8/5/61: 8/10/61p4

Heroux, Pauline, and Richard Lunt are wed 11/4/61: 11/9/61p4

Herries, Maggie A., died 7/17/66: 7/21/66p3

Herron, Janet, & George Earnshaw are wed 9/10/67: 10/26/67p4,12/21/67pA7

Herron, M&M Lewis celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/1/66p4

Herron, Mary N., died 2/19/62: 2/22/62p3

Herron, William, celebrates 93rd birthday: 8/6/64p4

Herron, William, celebrates 94th birthday: 8/5/65p4

Herron, William, celebrates 95th birthday: 8/4/66p4

Herron, William, is 96-year-old wedding guest: 12/21/67pA7

Herron, William T., celebrates 96th birthday: 8/3/67p4

Herron, William T., died 1/23/68: 1/25/68p3

Hersey, Helen P., died 3/21/68: 3/21/68p3

Hersey, Jeanne, and Lee Pouliot are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p5

Hersey, Phyllis, and Paul Jacques are wed 7/10/60: 8/18/60p4

Hersom, Chester M., died 8/28/68: 8/29/68p3

Hersom, Doris M., died 5/13/61: 5/18/61p3

Hersom, Edith, died 9/7/66: 9/8/66p3

Hersom, John, and Jean Davis are wed 6/6/65: 6/10/65p5

Hersom, Nelson, and Shirley Hayes are wed 2/12/60: 2/18/60p4

Hersom, Vernon E., died 7/6/60: 7/7/60p3

Hervey, George, and Irene Levesque are wed 2/9/63: 2/14/63p4

Hervey, Richard A., died 2/7/61: 2/9/61p3

Hescock, Anne, and Peter King are wed 6/10/63: 6/20/63p4

Hescock, George, and Charlene Maguire are wed 8/16/69: 9/4/69p4

Hescock Jr., John, and Linda Thompson are wed 8/14/65: 8/26/65p5

Hewinson, Grace M., died 2/20/63: 2/28/63p3

Heyster, Bertha F., died 9/30/67: 10/5/67p3

Hichens, Jared, and Irene Tuttle are wed 5/24/69: 6/12/69p4

Hickey, Anita, and Paul Tanguay are wed 4/1/67: 4/6/67p4

Hickey, Robert, and ??? Pratt are wed: 4/28/66p4

Hickey, Thomas L., died 3/13/62: 3/15/62p3

Higgin, Helen M., died 12/25/63: 1/2/64p3

Higgins, Eliza H., died 4/27/66: 5/5/66p2

Higgins, Herbert L., died 1/12/66: 1/20/66p3

Higgins, Jessie M., died 7/21/60: 7/28/60p3

Higgins, Robert, and Martha Stevens are wed 8/6/60: 8/11/60p4

Higgins, Thelma W., died 10/22/69: 10/23/69p3

Highsmith, Ida M., died 7/7/62: 7/12/62p3

Hildreth, Janet, and Robert Kothman are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Hildreth, Louella M., died 3/12/69: 3/13/69p3

Hill, Ada C., died 4/30/60: 5/5/60p3

Hill, George B., died 9/25/61: 9/28/61p3

Hill, George E., died ?/?/60: 1/14/60p3

Hill, Jean, and David Gooden are wed 6/3/67: 6/8/67p9

Hill, Leon, died 7/11/64: 7/16/64p3

Hill, Loring S., died 10/20/60: 10/27/60p3

Hill, Michael, and Carolyn Lord are wed 7/11/69: 8/7/69pA12

Hilliard, Alfred, died 10/4/60: 10/6/60p3

Hilliard, Kathleen, and Mark Whitehead II are wed 9/8/62: 9/13/62p4

Hilliard, Marvis, and Robert Bridges are wed 8/9/69: 8/14/69p4

Hillsgrove, Harry, died 3/9/66: 3/17/66p3

Hilton, Frank W., died 3/6/60: 3/10/60p3

Hilton, Sandra, and Alden MacKay are wed 9/24/60: 9/29/60p6

Hilton, Stuart, and Alice Smith are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Hilton, Theodore, and Elaine Taylor are wed 6/5/65: 6/10/65p4

Himes, Judith, and David Cook are wed: 10/6/60p4

Hinch, Victoria, and John Blake are wed 12/8/68: 2/6/69p4

Hiscock, Olive E., died 6/22/67: 6/29/67p3

Hiscock, U. S. Grant, died 10/9/67: 10/12/67p3

Hislop, Bertha M., died 5/4/7/60: 5/5/60p2

Hoag, Michael R., died 3/20/65: 3/25/65p3

Hoage, James H., died 8/28/68: 9/5/68p3

Hoage, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/11/65p4

Hobson, Jack, and Carol Gilbert are wed 1/27/68: 2/1/68p4

Hobson, Janet, and William Keefe are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63p4

Hockenhull, Gail, and Gary Arnault are wed 2/14/69: 2/20/69p4

Hodgdon, Louis O., died 3/9/67: 3/16/67p3

Hodgdon, Paul, and Norma Brewer are wed: 7/9/64p4

Hodgdon, Wayne, and Theresa Thurston are wed 11/3/68: 11/28/68pA8

Hodges, Paula, and Russell Miles are wed 7/2/62: 7/19/62p4

Hodsdon, Alan, and Sandra Boomer are wed 5/3/69: 5/8/69p4

Hodsdon, Charles S., died 8/6/66: 8/11/66p3

Hodsdon, David, and Prudence Pine are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p5

Hodsdon, Dorcas, and John Douglas are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p5

Hodsdon Jr., Charles, and Marcia Peck are wed 6/27/64: 7/9/64p5

Hoey, Leah, celebrates 80th birthday: 3/17/66p4

Hogan, Florence M., died 3/26/68: 3/28/68p3

Hogan, Katherine E., died 3/9/65: 3/18/65p3

Hogan, Robert, and Mary Howard are wed 10/30/61: 11/2/61p4

Holder, Beverly, and William Tarallo are wed 7/14/68: 8/15/68p4

Holder, Blanche L., died 11/29/63: 12/5/63p3

Holder, Mary B., died 2/21/66: 2/24/66p3

Holland, Carl, and Penny Nutter are wed 2/17/68: 2/29/68p4

Holland Jr., Charles, and Carol Charles are wed 3/18/61: 3/23/61p4

Holland, Richard, and Donna Spinner are wed 4/8/62: 4/12/62p4

Holmberg, Helen E., died 9/29/68: 10/3/68p3

Holmberg, Sandra, and Richard Hall are wed: 6/10/65p4

Holmberg, William, and Lucille Houle are wed: 8/7/69p4

Holmes, Janice, and John Stankiewicz are wed: 5/10/62p4

Holmes, Laura A., died 1/21/62: 2/1/62p3

Holmes, Warren E., died 7/17/68: 7/25/68p3

Holt, Howard R.--A Community Portrait: 3/30/61pA2

Holt, Verl, and JoAnn Leavitt are wed 1/5/63: 1/17/63p4

Holton, Annette R., died 2/17/68: 2/22/68p3

Holup, Doris, died 11/?/66: 11/17/66p3

Hooper, Andrew F., died 1/19/65: 1/21/65p3

Hooper, Barbara A., died 7/28/63: 8/1/63p3

Hooper, Barbara, and Louis Adabahr are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Hooper, Carolyn, and Calvin Wallace are wed 3/8/69: 3/27/69pA3

Hooper, Eugene E., died 10/22/63: 10/24/63p3

Hooper, Lawrence H., died 5/22/68: 5/30/68p3

Hooper, M&M Theodore, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/13/67p5

Hooper, Sylvia, and Robert Blake are wed 6/1/63: 6/13/63p4

Hooper, Theodore H., died 1/17/68: 1/18/68p10

Hope, Sarah, and Randolph Gerrish Jr. are wed 7/11/64: 8/6/64p4

Hopkins, Reuben A., died 12/31/66: 1/5/67p3

Horiuchi, Rachel, and Peter Guay are wed 8/?/68: 11/7/68pA7

Horn, Theresa, and Robert Buckley are wed: 7/28/66p4

Horn, Vikki, and Paul Reid are wed 3/27/65: 4/8/65p4

Horn, Wendy, and James Marcoux are wed 7/19/68: 7/25/68p47

Horne, Barbara, and Donald Daggett are wed: 1/14/65p4

Horne, Delphine M., died 12/22/65: 12/30/65p3

Horne, Earl E., died 3/31/61: 5/4/61p3

Horne, Esther, and Persy Hussey are wed 6/14/61: 6/15/61p4

Horne, Harold, and Alberta Peterson are wed 10/15/62: 10/25/62p4

Horne, Harold E., died 4/16/66: 4/21/66p3

Horne, Harriette, and John Jacobs are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4,6/30/60p4

Horne Jr., Leslie, and Susan Sicard are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Horne, Maude B., died 6/6/69: 6/12/69p3

Horne, Ralph, City's "Mr. Firefighter", has served 44 years: 3/1/62p1

Horne, Susan, and James Locke are wed 2/23/65: 3/4/65p4

Hosack, Robert, and Marjorie Coulumbe are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Hosier, Carl, and Justine DiFruscio are wed 2/6/60: 2/11/60p4

Hough, Richard G., died 5/5/62: 5/10/62p3

Hough, Sharon, and James Meader are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Houle, Louis J., died 10/26/69: 10/30/69p3

Houle, Lucille, and William Holmberg are wed: 8/7/69p4

Hourigan, John, and Ann Gallagher are wed 12/26/66: 1/12/67p4

Hourigan, John J., died 8/9/63: 8/15/63p3

Hourigan, Margaret, and Sidney Leavitt are wed 9/9/67: 9/21/67p4

Houssen, Ahmen (aka Charlie Johnson) died 6/15/63: 6/20/63p3

Hovelsen, Martha E., died 17/66: 4/21/66p3

Howard, Abbey E., died 4/11/65: 4/15/65p4

Howard, Arnold, and Elizabeth Wilson are wed 11/23/62: 11/29/62p6

Howard, Arthur W., died 1/?/66: 1/20/66p3

Howard, Carl A., died 4/7/68: 4/11/68p3

Howard, Carol, and George Bernard are wed: 5/11/67p4

Howard, Clara P., died 1/5/61: 1/12/61p3

Howard, Edith M., die 10/14/69: 10/16/69p3

Howard, Ella, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/30/68p12

Howard, Exsire C., died 4/3/60: 4/7/60p3

Howard, Francis O., died 10/21/67: 10/26/67p3

Howard, Herman, died 11/27/65: 12/2/65p3

Howard, James, and Cynthia Brelsford are wed 6/3/67: 6/8/67p4

Howard Jr., Llewellyn, died 10/20/66: 10/27/66p3

Howard, Loren R., died 1/12/63: 1/17/63p3

Howard, Louis, and Yvonne Plourde are wed: 8/23/62p4

Howard, Lura E., died 8/?/66: 8/25/66p3

Howard, Mary, and Robert Hogan are wed 10/30/61: 11/2/61p4

Howard, Nancy, and George Bellen are wed: 1/9/69p4

Howard, Nancy, and Richard Langevin are wed 7/9/66: 7/21/66p4

Howard, Robert, and Joanna Cleaves are wed 9/3/60: 9/15/60p4

Howard, Roger, and Jo-Anne Zimmerman are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p4

Howard, Sylvia, and Elmer Rowe are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60pB4

Howe, Amerlia G., died 1/4/64: 1/9/64p3

Howe, Joseph C., died 4/2/68: 4/4/68p3

Howland, Gail, honored posthumously by Girl Scouts: 3/24/66p4

Howland, Gail L., died 3/19/65: 3/25/65p3

Howland, Peter, and Jacqueline Boggs are wed 3/15/62: 3/22/62p4

Howland, Walter M., died 12/24/61: 12/28/61p3

Hoyt, Cheryl, is DAR Good Citizen Award recipient: 12/14/67p10

Hoyt, Evelyn, and Charles Staples are wed 11/13/60: 11/17/60pB4

Hoyt, Ida M., died 11/1/61: 11/2/61p3

Hoyt, Owen R., died 1/23/63: 1/31/63p3

Hubbard, Alonzo D., died 7/20/61: 7/27/61p3

Hubbard, Clayton, and Jean Routhier are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Hubbard, Phillip G., died 11/21/61: 11/30/61p3

Hubscher, Lucy, died 7/30/61: 8/5/61p3

Huckins, J. Leslie, died 6/25/61: 6/29/61p3

Huckins, Walter L., died 10/28/68: 10/31/68p3

Hudson Jr., Maurice, and Penni Gray are wed 6/5/65: 6/17/65p16

Huges, Richard, died 10/?/65: 10/7/65p3

Hughes, Bertha L., died 12/26/66: 1/5/67p3

Hughes, Daniel, and Cynthia Eschmann are wed: 3/11/65p4

Hughes, Joseph, died 5/9/65: 5/13/65p3

Hughes, Kathleen, wows talent show crowd: 4/4/63p5

Hull, Frank, died 9/8/69: 9/11/69p3

Hulsman, Lois, and Richard Witham are wed: 7/26/62p4

Hultberg, Robert, and Sallyann Morgan wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4,10/13/60p4

Hummel, James, and Marjorie Darrell are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Hunsberger, Ronald, and Donna Carlson are wed 12/12/64: 12/17/64p4

Hunt, Alice G., died 10/1/68: 10/3/68p3

Hunt, Fred W., died 6/19/61: 6/22/61p3

Hunt, Gerald S.--A Community Portrait: 6/23/60pA2

Hunt, Judith, and Ernest Cardinal are wed 9/16/67: 10/5/67p2

Hunt, Robert, and Cynthia Page are wed 7/19/69: 7/31/69p4

Hunt, Robert, and Marjorie Winsor are wed 6/18/60: 6/30/60p5

Hunt, William B., died 9/6/65: 9/9/65p3

Hunter, Charles O., died 10/5/67: 10/12/67p3

Hunter, Frederick W., died 3/1/61: 3/2/61p3

Huntley Jr., Floyd S., died 4/7/68: 4/11/68p1

Huntoon, Eugene C., died 7/10/67: 7/13/67p3

Huppe, Bernadette, and Dennis Duchesneau are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Huppe, Blanche F., died 2/11/62: 2/15/62p3

Huppe, Dorian, and Gail Clark are wed: 7/15/65p4

Huppe, Leonidas J., died 1/21/69: 1/23/69p3

Huppe, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/8/65pA11

Huppe, M&M Joseph, each celebrate a birthday: 2/25/60p4

Huppe, Robert, and Henrietta Laroche are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Hurd, Arthur L., died 1/5/67: 1/12/67p3

Hurd, Carleton, and Joyce Sleeper are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Hurd, Carlton, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 12/12/63p1

Hurd, Cassandra T., died 12/20/60: 12/29/60p3

Hurd, Cora P., died 1/5/61: 1/12/61p3

Hurd, Daisy G., died 2/12/60: 2/18/60p3

Hurd, David, and Betty Grassie are wed 12/31/61: 1/4/62p4

Hurd, Grace B., died 6/22/69: 6/26/69p3

Hurd, J. G., died 4/7/67: 4/13/p3

Hurd, Joanne, and Jerry Fleming are wed 8/20/60: 8/25/60p4

Hurd, John C., died 11/26/63: 12/5/63p3

Hurd, John P., died 11/13/60: 11/17/60p3

Hurd, M&M Lester, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/3/64p4

Hurd, Nancy, and Raymond Rigazio are wed 3/24/62: 3/29/62p4

Hurd, Ralph H., died 6/25/68: 6/27/68p16

Hurd, Stewart, and Mary Allen are wed: 10/8/64p4

Hurd, Wilber, died 5/10/61: 5/18/61p3

Hurley, George F., died 8/21/68: 8/29/68p3

Hurley, John J., died 9/20/63: 9/26/63p3

Hurley, Muriel, died 6/20/61: 6/22/61p3

Hurley, Victoria D,m died 11/8/65: 11/11/65p3

Hussey, Daniel, wins NH Republican Women's Club essay contest: 5/13/65p1

Hussey, Frank W., died 6/6/69: 6/12/69p3

Hussey, Joan, and Eugene Austin are wed: 2/23/61p4

Hussey Jr., Ralph, and Joyce Hanscom are wed 7/6/61: 7/13/61p4

Hussey, Lucien H., died 10/?/66: 10/27/66p3

Hussey, Michael, died 10/25/61: 10/26/61pB5

Hussey, Peter, and Esther Horne are wed 6/14/61: 6/15/61p4

Hutchins, Alice M., died 11/3/62: 11/8/62p3

Hutchins, Camilla, and Paul Clement are wed 4/29/67: 5/4/67p4

Hutchins, Cheryll, and Rene Carignan are wed 9/5/64: 9/17/64p4

Hutchinson, Deborah, and Francis Schulte are wed 8/10/67: 8/24/67pA1

Hutman, Paula, and David Wade are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

Hyrcuna, Philip, and Christine Souter are wed: 3/28/63p4

Ingram, Charles, and Yvonne Sylvain are wed 11/24/60: 12/1/60p4

Innes, Hugh M., died 1/12/65: 1/14/65p3

Innes, Mary J., died 12/?/66: 12/29/66p3

Ireland, George, and Ruthann Oakley are wed 2/10/68: 2/15/68p14

Irish, Almarose, and Leo Murphy are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63pB2,5/30/63p7

Irish, Betty, and Donald Raymond are wed 2/27/60: 3/3/60pB4

Irish, Dorothy, and Richard Bullis are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63pB4

Irving, William H., died 8/30/60: 9/1/60p3

Iseman, Donald, and Susan Phillips are wed: 12/19/68p3

Jacklin, Peter, and Susan Gormley are wed 10/8/66: 10/20/66p4

Jackman, Jennie M., died 10/17/61: 10/19/61p3

Jackson, Donna, and Ross Garvin are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p4

Jackson, James, and Brenda Watson are wed: 11/7/63pA1

Jackson, Kathleen, and Andrew Greene are wed 8/20/66: 9/1/66p4

Jackson, Kendall C., died 1/26/68: 2/1/68p3

Jackson, Kenith, and Audrey Perry are wed: 7/27/67p4

Jackson, Verdo, died 8/25/66: 9/1/66p3

Jackson, Verna O., died 10/30/60: 11/3/60p3

Jackson, Wilbur, died 9/7/68: 9/12/68p3

Jacobs, Ardys, and Neil Arlin are wed 9/22/62: 9/27/62p6

Jacobs, Barbara, and Frank Barker are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Jacobs, Betty J., died 8/28/68: 9/5/68p3

Jacobs, Cark F., died 7/23/63: 7/25/63p3

Jacobs, Carroll, and Sandra Firth are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Jacobs, David, and Paulette Nadeau are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Jacobs, Douglas E., died 8/4/67: 8/10/67p3

Jacobs, Georgianna, celebnrates 99th birthday: 3/3/60p5

Jacobs, Georgianna, celebrates 100th birthday: 2/23/61p4,3/2/61p2

Jacobs, Georgianna, died 3/13/61: 3/23/61p3

Jacobs, John, and Harriette Horne are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4,6/30/60p4

Jacobs, Kathleen, and William Malsbury are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Jacobs, Mary L., died 11/25/67: 11/30/67p3

Jacobs, Myra, and Donald Main are wed: 12/8/60p4

Jacobs, Robin F., died 6/8/66: 6/9/66p3

Jacobs, Stephen S., died 1/31/68: 2/1/68p12

Jacobs, Steven L., is City's oldest registered voter: 11/8/62p1

Jacques, Alice A., died 1/23/65: 1/28/65p3

Jacques, Arline, and John Kennedy are wed 9/2/67: 9/7/67p4

Jacques, Claire, and Phillip Drapeau are wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p11

Jacques, Leo, and Gloria Shaw are wed 2/6/65: 2/18/65p4

Jacques, Ludger F., died 1/?/61: 1/12/61p3

Jacques, M&M Ernest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/9/60p6

Jacques, M&M Ludger, celebrate 57th anniversary: 12/8/60p1

Jacques, Mary L., died 9/30/61: 10/5/61p3

Jacques, Mary Y., died 5/4/67: 5/11/67p3

Jacques, Paul, and Phyllis Hersey are wed 7/10/60: 8/18/60p4

Jacques, Phillip, and Shirley Lazzara are wed 8/9/69: 8/21/69p4

Jacques, Rosa, died 8/3/60: 8/11/60p3

Jacques, Rose A., died 12/21/62: 12/27/62p3

Jacques, Theresa J., died 10/2/68: 10/10/68p3

James, Ivan, and Victoria Auger are wed 11/25/67: 12/21/67p4

Janelle, Gerald, and Lea Lagasse are wed 6/17/67: 6/22/67p4,7/6/67p4

Janelle, Paula, and Joseph Lavoie are wed 8/24/68: 8/29/68p4

Janutolo, Albert, and Maryellen Coit are wed 7/1/61: 7/13/61p4

Jefferson, Fannie O., died 8/19/66: 8/25/66p3

Jefferson, M&M Wesley, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/23/61p4

Jefferson, Martha, and Russell Mersereau are wed 6/16/68: 6/20/68p2

Jenisch, Richard, and Margaret Veno are wed 11/23/68: 11/28/68p4

Jenkins, Charles, and Dolores Tebbetts are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Jenkins, Hazel E., died 8/19/66: 8/25/66p3

Jenkins, Ivam H., died 12/29/62: 1/10/63p3

Jenkins, Robert, keeps the roads clean as a hobby: 6/15/67p1

Jenner, Frederick, and Bonnie Drew are wed 3/10/67: 3/30/67p4

Jenness, Carol, and Roger Weeman are wed 2/5/66: 2/10/66p4

Jenness, Dorothy S., died 3/4/61: 3/9/61p3

Jenness, Edda M., died 11/5/64: 11/12/64p3

Jenness, Elizabeth S., died 5/13/68: 5/16/68p3

Jenness, Ethel R., died 3/18/66: 3/24/66p3

Jenness, Judy, and Ronald Boardman are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62p4

Jenness, Kathleen, and Edmond Driscoll are wed: 11/29/62p6,12/6/62pA7

Jenness, Leroy S., died 9/7/60: 9/8/60p3

Jenness, Myron I., died 12/?/61: 12/14/61p3

Jenness, Norma, and Richard Ellis are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Jenness, Wilbur H., died 1/3/69: 1/9/69p3

Jennings, Ellen, authors first history of New Durham: 8/16/62pA8

Jennison, Barbara, and Richard Ducette are wed: 7/26/69pA8

Jessup, James, and Ellen Silverman are wed 8/19/69: 8/28/69p4

Jewel, Ellen M., died 6/28/68: 7/4/68p3

Jewett, Harold, and Linda Kelley are wed: 4/14/66p4

Jewett, Nancy, and Wesley French are wed 1/11/63: 1/24/63p4

Jodrie, Mary B., died 12/4/62: 12/6/62p3

Johns, Matthew--"Not a single leaf stirred anywhere": 10/12/67p10

Johnson, Alan, amd Donna Secord are wed 8/31/68: 9/19/68p8

Johnson, Alfred, and Cynthia Vasoli are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4

Johnson, Carol, and Paul Casavant are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Johnson, Charlie (aka Ahmed Houssen) died 6/15/63: 6/20/63p3

Johnson, Clancy M., died 2/27/66: 3/3/66p3

Johnson, Elizabeth G., died 4/6/63: 4/11/63p3

Johnson, Harry S., died 6/5/68: 6/13/68p3

Johnson, Harry S., died 8/5/64: 8/6/64p3

Johnson, Henry, died 10/1/64: 10/8/64p3

Johnson, Irving O., died 4/1/69: 4/3/69p3

Johnson, Jean, and Donald Cantin are wed 1/28/61: 2/9/61p4

Johnson, John E., died 1/27/68: 2/1/68p3

Johnson, Josephine K., died 10/13/65: 10/28/65p3

Johnson Jr., Albert, and Jennifer Aichler are wed 8/19/67: 8/31/67p2

Johnson, Judith, and Robert Morrison are wed: 10/21/65p4

Johnson, Judith Ann, died 9/20/64: 9/24/64p3

Johnson, Karen, and Michael Pleva are wed 9/7/68: 9/12/68p4

Johnson, Karen, graduates SHS with numerous awards: 6/20/63p1

Johnson, Karen, is BPW Young Career Girl: 6/15/67p1

Johnson, Karen, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 12/13/62p1

Johnson, Nancy, and Bert George are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p12

Johnson, Nancy, and William Redden are wed: 7/16/64p7

Johnson, Nellie M., died 6/22/66: 6/23/66p3

Johnson, Paul, and Carolyn Jordan are wed: 5/18/67p4

Johnson, Shirley, and Allen Rowell are wed 4/1/66: 4/21/66p4

Johnson, Waldemar L., died 12/3/61: 12/7/61p3

Johnston, A. Jennie, died 10/?/66: 10/27/66p3

Jolly, David A., died 12/?/66: 12/15/66p3

Jones, Bertha A., died 10/2/67: 10/5/67p3

Jones, Charlotte, wins First prize in painting competition: 8/6/64p4

Jones, Diane, and Arundel Cotter III are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Jones, Florence F., died 4/23/66: 4/28/66p2

Jones, George H., died 1/29/62: 2/1/62p3

Jones, Irene A., died 8/3/69: 8/7/69p3

Jones, James G., died 4/13/63: 4/18/63p3

Jones, Joan, airline stewardess, safe after hijacking: 7/27/61p1

Jones, John, celebrates 93rd birthday, 62nd anniversary: 6/26/69pA1

Jones Jr., Kenneth, and Roberta Karbowniczak are wed 12/22/68: 1/23/69p4

Jones, Judith, and Andrew Buckman are wed: 8/11/66p4

Jones, Lorraine, and Robert Chagnon are wed 6/30/62: 7/12/62p4

Jones, Lucy A., died 9/12/64: 9/17/64p3

Jones, M&M Perley, show off sharpshooting awards: 7/26/62pA1

Jones, M&M Wilbur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/30/60p2

Jones, Mark N., died 3/18/63: 3/21/63p3

Jones, Maurice A., died 4/29/64: 4/30/64p1,5/7/64p3

Jones, Myra J., died 2/20/65: 2/25/65p3

Jones, Patricia, and Rodney Hayes are wed 4/3/65: 4/8/65p4

Jones, Richard, and Natalie Tarmey are wed 9/14/68: 10/3/68p4

Jones, Rose, and Roland Rogers are wed 9/3/62: 9/6/62p4

Jones, Samuel L., died 10/10/63: 10/17/63p3

Jones, Sarah W., died 11/8/65: 11/11/65p3

Jones, Wilbur C., died 10/28/69: 10/30/69p3

Joos, David, and Maryls Newton are wed 12/10/66: 12/15/66p4

Joos, Victor, reports on his Peace Corps assignment: 1/16/64p1

Joran, Sarah E., died 6/27/67: 6/29/67p3

Jordan, Alice B., died 5/19/68: 5/23/68p10

Jordan, Carolyn, and Paul Johnson are wed: 5/18/67p4

Jordan, George E., died 2/26/61: 3/2/61p3

Jordan, Mary, and Erlon Furbush are wed: 1/19/61p4

Jordan, Olive H., died 12/4/68: 12/5/68p3

Jordon, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/21/66p4

Joy, Dennis, and Joan Arnold are wed 3/16/63: 3/28/63p4

Joy, Fred E., died 9/10/60: 9/15/60p1

Joy, Leslie, and Nancy Pageau are wed 8/27/66: 9/1/66p4

Joy, Mildred P., died 10/27/64: 10/29/64p3

Joy, Samuel O., died ?/?/63: 5/30/63p3

Junkins, Charles F., died 6/13/61: 6/15/61p3

Junkins, Estella A., died 3/15/60: 3/24/60p3

Junkins, Ethel--Meet Your Correspondent: 11/3/60pB1

Junkins, Eugene, died 8/11/61: 8/17/61p3

Junkins Jr., Paul, and Donna Cox are wed 8/6/68: 8/15/68p4

Junkins, M&M Eugene, celebrate 35th anniversary: 12/22/60p4

Jutras, Alfred L., died 8/28/67: 8/31/67p3

Kaltsas, Evangelos C., died 8/22/65: 8/19/65p3

Karbowniczak, Roberta, and Kenneth Jones Jr. are wed 12/22/68: 1/23/69p4

Kasprzyk, Louis G., died 10/9/69: 10/16/69p3

Kaufman, Arthur, places first in NH Speech Tourney: 3/22/62p1

Kean, Leonard A., died 2/12/67: 2/16/67p3

Keane, Mary A., died 7/30/63: 8/1/63p3

Kearns, Thomas, and Patricia Martin are wed 2/19/66: 3/3/66p4

Keay, Harry D., died 7/4/69: 7/10/69p10

Keefe, Marilyn, and Ralph Eckhardt are wed 8/25/62: 8/30/62p4

Keefe, Thomas P., died 4/12/69: 4/17/69p3

Keefe, William, and Janet Hobson are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63p4

Keen, John, and Katherine Elliott are wed: 7/4/63p4

Keene, ???, and Robert Thompson are wed 7/30/60: 8/11/60p6

Keene, Eva M., died 9/10/63: 9/12/63p3

Keene, Francine, and Robert Thompson are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Keene, Gilbert, and Joy Purrington are wed 7/29/61: 8/10/61p4

Keene, Rose E., died 4/?/60: 5/5/60p3

Keith, Vaughn, and Mary Sylvain are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Keliher, Mable A., died 10/30/67: 11/2/67p3

Keller, Alan, and Diane Lachance are wed 7/16/66: 7/28/66p4

Keller, Janet, and Henry Vachon are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p5

Keller, Roger F., died 8/31/62: 9/6/62p3

Keller, Susan, and Donald Raab are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Kelley, Elizabeth T., died 12/10/64: 12/17/64p3

Kelley, Gladys D., died 1/28/68: 2/1/68p3

Kelley, Joan, wins Miss Talent contest at KSC: 2/23/67pA16

Kelley, Joyce, and Michael Flanagan are wed 4/18/69: 5/1/69p4

Kelley, Judith, and John Prince are wed: 1/27/66p4

Kelley, Kirle, and Paula Timmons are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Kelley, Linda, and Harold Jewett are wed: 4/14/66p4

Kelley, Lucy--A Woman of Purpose: 9/29/60p6

Kelley, Lynn M., died 8/23/66: 8/25/66p3

Kelley, Maurice W., died 6/1/64: 6/4/64p3

Kelley, Oscar "Kell"--A Comminity Portrait: 10/13/60pA2

Kelley, Oscar A., died 10/30/64: 11/5/64p3

Kelley, Richard, and Judith Timmins are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Kelley, Richard B., died 1/26/64: 1/30/64p3

Kelley, Verne A., died in Vietnam 2/?/69: 2/20/69p1,2/27/69p3

Kellogg, Donald, and Nancy Wormhood are wed 6/16/68: 6/27/68p3

Kelly, Mary, and Richard Main are wed 11/24/62: 12/6/62pB1

Kempner, Jane, and Robert King are wed 6/12/60: 6/23/60p11

Kempton, William, endures 24 hours in the woods: 10/20/60p10

Kendal, Anne, and Gerard Landry are wed 9/17/66: 9/22/66p4

Kendall, Brenda, and Albert Theroux are wed 12/8/62: 12/13/62pC3

Kendall, Ella M., died 1/1/62: 1/4/62p3

Kendall, Joyce, and David Morrison are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Kendall Jr., Kennett, and Priscilla Cox are wed 9/8/62: 9/13/62p4

Kendall, Mary, and Vaughan Moore Jr. are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p4

Kendall, Robert, and Lily Rice are wed 12/18/65: 12/23/65p4

Kenison, Marion D., died 12/14/67: 12/21/67p3

Keniston, ???, and Jerold Barcomb are wed: 1/20/66p4

Keniston, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/9/64p4

Kennamer, Oliver, and Betty Ainsworth are wed 10/9/64: 10/15/64p11

Kennedy, John, and Arline Jacques are wed 9/2/67: 9/7/67p4

Kennett, Sarah, and John Perrow are wed: 3/9/67p4

Kenney, Herbert N., died 6/20/62: 6/21/62p3

Kensy, Erwin, and Peggy Wood are wed 8/21/66: 8/25/66p4

Kenyon, Jack, and Donna Rheaume are wed 9/30/67: 10/12/67p4

Kenyon, Norma, and Winfield Frost are wed 8/5/66: 8/18/66p4

Kerdus, Robert, and Ernestine Blanche are wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4

Kevorkian, Margaret, and Robert Leary are wed 8/20/65: 9/2/65p4,9/9/65pA6

Kilcoyne, Peter, died 10/8/63: 10/10/63p3

Kilda, Sr. Mary, celebrates 25 years of service: 8/5/65p4

Kimball, Carroll "Cuddy", celebrates 75th birthday: 8/18/60pB4

Kimball, Hattie D., died 11/23/65: 12/2/65p3

Kimball, Helen R., died 11/17/68: 11/21/68p3

Kimball, Irving L., died 10/7/61: 10/12/61p3

Kimball, Judy, and Lester Adjutant are wed 6/26/65: 7/8/65p4

Kimball, Lester, and Mary Shatford are wed 4/20/63: 4/25/63pC1

Kimball, Mary, and Daniel MacKay are wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p6

Kimball, Paul, and Patricia Waterhouse wed 7/22/61: 7/27/61p4,8/5/61p4

Kimball, Roland G., died 5/17/64: 5/21/64p3

King, Alan, and Ann Watson are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p4

King, Ann, and Don Layman are wed 6/14/64: 6/25/64p4

King, Brenda, and Donald McBride are wed: 1/30/64p4

King, Charlotte, and Craig Donovan are wed 4/20/68: 5/9/68pA4

King, Frederick, died 7/23/66: 7/28/66p3

King, Germaine E., died 12/27/63: 1/2/64p3

King, Harry A., died 12/12/64: 12/17/64p3

King, M&M John, celebrate 61st anniversary: 9/4/69pA5

King, Matilda W., died 9/2/65: 9/9/65p3

King, Napolean, died 11/20/66: 11/24/66p3

King, Peter, and Anne Hescock are wed 6/10/63: 6/20/63p4

King, Robert, and Jane Kempner are wed 6/12/60: 6/23/60p11

King, Samuel J., died 12/29/64: 12/31/64p1

King, Shirley, and Rufus Hartford are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

King, Susan, and Gerald Stewart are wed: 8/11/66p4

King, Walter, and Constance Dubois are wed 6/18/60: 6/30/60p4

King, William, and Joyce Glidden are wed: 7/11/63p4

Kingsbury, Charlotte, and Lou Braccio are wed 3/16/67: 3/23/67p5

Kingsbury, Sandy, died 11/16/63: 11/21/63p2

Kingston, Elizabeth C., died 4/8/65: 4/15/65p3

Kinney, Carol, and Richard Harriman are wed 6/19/65: 7/1/65p2

Kinville, Robert, and Cathy Thompson are wed 11/29/69: 12/11/69pB10

Kirk, Elwin, and Susan Logan are wed 2/25/67: 3/9/67p4

Kirk, Millen, and Evelyn Marchand are wed 12/17/60: 12/22/60p4

Kirkland, Dorcas A., died 9/25/68: 10/3/68p3

Kitchens, Thomas, and Linda Barker are wed: 3/5/64p4

Kjellman, Marcia, and Gerard Lemoyne are wed: 12/10/64pA5

Klefos, Brede H., died 10/19/60: 10/20/60p1

Klein, Karen, and James Richardson are wed 8/20/65: 8/26/65p4

Klinger, Bernard, is member of Boston Youth Symphony: 2/24/66pA6

Klotz, Louis, and Virginia Roll are wed 4/3/66: 4/7/66p4

Knapp, Arthur C., died 7/31/65: 8/5/65p3

Knight, Clara C., died 3/25/62: 3/29/62p3

Knight, Eugene A., died 4/28/64: 4/30/64p3

Knight, Florence E., died 2/11/62: 2/15/62p3

Knight, Frank G., died 12/10/68: 12/12/68p2

Knight, John, and Luanne Robbins are wed 7/27/63: 8/8/63p4

Knight, Sara B., died 12/13/60: 12/15/60p3

Knight, Thomas A., died 5/28/68: 5/30/68p3

Knight, Wilbur C., died 1/5/69: 1/9/69p3

Knowlton, Lillian, died 3/11/60: 3/17/60p3

Knox, Ardith, and Robert Yoder are wed 10/16/61: 10/19/61p5

Knox, Carl, died 7/31/66: 8/4/66p8

Knox, Charles E., died 2/3/64: 2/6/64p3

Knox, Clifford R., died 8/21/66: 8/25/66p3

Knox, Harry, died 11/6/63: 11/7/63p3

Knox, Harry, feted for 50 year in fire department: 4/14/60pA5

Knox Jr., Edward C., died 5/18/64: 5/21/64p1

Knox, M&M Chester, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/9/67p4

Kobelski, Gerald, and Carol Mosher are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63p4

Koialovitch, Joseph, retires after 34 years in Mill: 10/13/60p1

Kondrup, Richard, and Margaret Taylor are wed: 7/16/64p4

Kossin, Steven, and Nancy Gahagan are wed: 3/2/67p4

Kothman, Robert, and Janet Hildreth are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Kozzoru, Karen, and John Blackadar are wed: 7/6/67p4

Kramer, Anna C., died 5/22/69: 5/29/69p14

Krupski, Nellie Z., died 9/25?/63: 9/26/63p3

Kunz, Robert, and Natalie Tessier are wed 12/10/61: 12/21/61p4

Kusnierz, Rosanna, is NH State Grange Princess: 12/25/69p4

Kydd, Lena M., died 1/15/60: 1/21/60p3

L'Heureux, Ludgar G., died 12/8/60: 12/15/60p3

Labby, Thomas, died 3/25/61: 3/30/61p3

Labelle, Olivine C., died 12/30/61: 1/4/62p3

Labonte, Hester L., died 1/30/64: 2/6/64p3

Labonte, Rosanna, died 5/2/65: 5/6/65p3

Labonte, Vina, died 2/25/60: 2/25/60p3

LaBonte, Malvina L., died 2/25/60: 3/3/60p3

LaBranch, Daniel, and Elosia Robinson are wed: 9/10/64p4

Labranche, M&M Archie, hold family reunion: 7/28/66p5

Labrecque, Rita N., died 6/20/64: 6/25/64p3

Labrecque, Roland W., died 1/9/67: 1/12/67p3

LaBrecque, Alice E., died 9/1/63: 9/5/63p3

LaBree, Clayton W., died 6/24/63: 6/27/63p3

LaBree, Pauline, and Jon Cram are wed 12/9/61: 12/14/61p4

Labreque, Donald, and Shirley Grenier are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p4

Labrie, Irene, and Barry Nichols are wed 9/3/66: 9/8/66p4

Labrie, Stephen, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 10/30/69ppA5,A16

Lacasse, Helen C., died 7/28/68: 8/1/68p3

Lacasse, M&M Lucien, celebrate 40th anniversary: 6/20/63p4

Lacasse, Norman, and Sheila Davis are wed: 11/1/62p4

Lachance, Albert A., died 1/18/61: 1/19/61p3

Lachance, Albert, and Florence Scott are wed 9/30/67: 10/5/67p4

Lachance, Albert, and Patricia Cullinan are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Lachance, Albert O.--A Community Portrait: 9/22/60pA2

Lachance, Beatrice L., died 1/25/61: 1/26/61p3

Lachance, Bernadette, and Leo Scarponi are wed 12/18/65: 12/23/65p4

Lachance, Carol, and Vincent Berkley are wed: 3/29/62p4

Lachance, Carol, Frisbie's first baby, becomes a mother: 5/2/63pp1,5

Lachance, Charlene, and Doyglas Stevens are wed 10/28/67: 11/2/67p4

Lachance, Diane, and Alan Keller are wed 7/16/66: 7/28/66p4

Lachance, Geneva, celebrates 100th birthday: 3/4/65p4

Lachance, Geneva, celebrates 98th birthday: 3/7/63p1

Lachance, Geneva P., died 11/3/67: 11/9/67p3

Lachance, M&M Armand, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/7/67p4

Lachance, Margaret, and Wayne Brooks are wed: 12/3/64p4

Lachance, Mrs. Joseph, celebrates 97th birthday: 3/22/62p4

Lachance, Oliver J., died 2/20/62: 3/1/62p3

Lachance, Richard, remembers D-Day very well: 6/2/60pA1

Lachance, Roberta, and Charles Slaby Jr. are wed: 8/8/63p4

Lachance, Roger, and Jean Adams are wed 6/28/69: 7/3/69p4

Lachance, Victor G., died 12/2/63: 12/5/63p3

LaChance, Eva, celebrates 101st birthday: 3/10/66p4

LaChance, Geneva, celebrates 99th birthday: 3/5/64p4

LaChance, Marcia, and Marc Bergeron are wed 8/2/69: 8/7/69p4

Lachapell, Lionel, and Kathryn Bolduc are wed: 7/18/63pB1

Lachapelle, Malvina M., died 8/1/61: 8/5/61p3

Lachapelle, Theobold, died 1/18/62: 1/25/62p3

LaCouture, Raymond, and Elizabeth Grassie are wed 11/30/62: 12/6/62pB1

Lacroix, Carol, and Michael Amero are wed 1/6/68: 1/11/68p4

LaCroix, Donald, and Darlene Nickerson wed 3/12/66: 3/24/66p4,3/30/66p4

LaCroix, Sally, and Robert Rindfleisch are wed 7/17/65: 7/22/65p4

Lade, Mary L., died 5/21/60: 5/26/60p3

LaFay, Gladys M., died 12/23/67: 12/28/67p3

Laferte, Jacqueline, and Norbert Lambert are wed 10/2/65: 10/7/65p4

Laferte, Jacqueline, is Betty Crocker Homemaker of Year: 1/19/61p8

Laferte, Robert, and Susan Clements are wed 7/15/67: 7/13/67p4

Lafontaine, Carlene, and George Rogers III are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p4

Lafontaine, Donat J., died 12/20/60: 12/22/60p3

Lagasse, Hervey, is C/C Man of the Year: 2/4/65p1

Lagasse, Joyce, and Joseph Cerullo are wed 5/19/62: 5/24/62p4

Lagasse, Lea, and Gerald Janelle are wed 6/17/67: 6/22/67p4,7/6/67p4

Lagasse, Robert, and Bernice Leichner are wed 10/18/69: 10/30/69p4

Lagasse, Sandra, and Robert Griffith are wed 2/19/66: 2/24/66p4

LaGasse, Pamela, and Richard Boudreau are wed 9/4/65: 9/9/65p4

Lagueux, Diane, and Norbert Soucy are wed 6/28/69: 7/3/69p4

Lagueux, Michael, and Nancy Grenier are wed 10/26/68: 10/31/68p4

Lajoie, Roger, and Carole Cleary are wed 12/29/67: 1/11/68p4

Lajoie, Wilbrod J., died 1/27/64: 1/30/64p3

Laliberte, Philippe J., died 8/31/63: 9/5/63p3

Lalibertes, M&M Phil, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/15/60p4

Lamb, Nellie M., died 5/18/60: 5/26/60p3

Lamb, Timothy, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 4/25/63p8

Lambert, Alphonse, died 9/15/62: 9/20/62p3

Lambert, Alphonse J., died 3/11/69: 3/13/69p3

Lambert, Clara L., died 3/14/68: 3/21/68p3

Lambert, David, and Beverly Blaisdell are wed 1/21/67: 2/2/67p4

Lambert, Norbert, and Jacqueline Laferte are wed 10/2/65: 10/7/65p4

Lambert, Peter, died 12/16/67: 12/21/67p3

Lambert, Philomene, died 10/10/61: 10/12/61p3

Lambert, Ruth, and Charles Maggio Jr. are wed 5/22/65: 5/27/65p4

Lamie, Diana M., died 10/28/65: 11/4/65p3

Lamie, Terry, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 11/21/68p1

Lamontagne, Constance, and Raymond Lefebvre are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p5

Lamontagne, David L., died 12/8/66: 12/15/66p3

Lamontagne, Harriet L., died 3/6/67: 3/9/67p3

Lamontagne, Ida L., died 3/19/60: 3/24/60p3

Lamontagne, Joseph A., died 10/?/60: 10/20/60p3

Lamontagne, Linda, and George Veator are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Lamontagne, M&M Jerome, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/15/61p8

Lamontagne, Raymond F., died 4/26/63: 5/2/63p3

Lamontagne, Robert, and Sandra Mattocks are wed 6/29/68: 7/25/68p4

Lamontagne, William A., died 3/11/64: 3/12/64p3

LaMontagne, Anita, and Joseph Lailloux are wed 3/14/64: 3/19/64p4

Lamontaigne, Nancy, and Ronald Vachon are wed 5/3/68: 5/9/68p4

Lamper, Charles D., died 12/17/62: 12/20/62p3

Lamper, Estella E., died 6/26/63: 6/27/63p3

Lamper, Lorraine, and Edward Gordon are wed 7/1/61: 7/6/61p4

Lamprey, David, and Linda Dumais are wed: 10/10/63p4

Lance, Sharon, and Manny Mikula are wed 8/12/60: 8/18/60p4

Lance, Sylvia, and Maurice Vincent are wed 2/20/60: 2/25/60p4

Lancey, Joan, and Charles Dutton are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p3

Lancey, Richard E., died 10/18/65: 10/21/65p3

Landmesser, Rev. & Mrs. Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/13/67p4

Landrey, Alfred J., died 7/14/63: 7/18/63p3

Landry, Aime, died 8/15/61: 8/17/61p3

Landry, Elmire E., died 9/11/60: 9/15/60p3

Landry, Gerard, and Anne Kendal are wed 9/17/66: 9/22/66p4

Landry Jr., James, and Joan Loring are wed 2/10/62: 2/22/62pC3

Landry Jr., Marquis, and three sons died 4/6/69: 4/10/69pp1,3;4/24/69p10

Landry, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/2/61p4

Lane, Richard, and Ann Tabor are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Lang, Benny--His best friend is an apple tree: 10/19/67pA10

Langelier, Lorraine, and Richard Couture are wed 4/23/66: 4/28/66p5

Langelier, M&M Lucien, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/29/68p9

Langelier, Robert, and Elizabeth Ruel are wed 11/20/65: 12/2/65p4

Langelier, Roland A, died 10/24/63: 10/31/63p3

Langelier, Rose--A Woman of Purpose: 8/25/60p4

Langevin, Anita, and Donald Charette are wed 9/2/61: 9/14/61p4,9/21/61p4

Langevin, Christine, and Paul Carroll are wed 4/20/68: 4/25/68p4

Langevin, Christine, is Miss Rochester 1966: 5/5/66p1

Langevin, Christine, is Miss Rochester Fair: 9/24/64p1

Langevin, Christine, reaches finals in Cover Girl contest: 12/3/64p1

Langevin, Eugene E., died 2/7/62: 2/8/62p3

Langevin, Richard, and Nancy Howard are wed 7/9/66: 7/21/66p4

Langevin, Sandra, and Kenneth Dickie are wed: 9/13/62pB6

Langiell, Alfred R., died 12/26/60: 12/29/60p3

Langis, Barbara, and Gerald McCarthy are wed 11/26/64: 12/3/64p5

Langis, Barbara, and Paul Berry are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63pB2

Langis, James, and Sharon Chesley are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA3

Langlois, Nancy, and Kenneth Hall are wed 10/23/65: 11/4/65p4

Lanoie, Gertrude, and William Brigham are wed 9/4/61: 9/7/61p4

Lanoie, Helen, and David Beauregard are wed 11/24/60: 12/1/60p4

Lanoie, Irene, takes final vows as a nun: 12/8/60p1

Lanoix, Peter, and Patricia Cormier are wed 11/8/69: 11/13/69p4

LaPage, Alice R., died 12/12/65: 12/16/65p3

Lapierre, David, discharged with tales of the Vietnam War: 7/29/65p1

Lapierre, Emelienne G., died 12/21/69: 12/25/69p3

Lapierre, Florida M., died 2/23/62: 3/1/62p3

Lapierre, Marcia, and Harold Loft are wed 9/4/65: 9/16/65p5

Lapierre, Neil, and Diane Waterhouse are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68p4

Lapierre, Victor, and Carol Gaskell are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62pB4

Laplume, Edward, and Audrey Valley are wed 7/5/69: 7/10/69p4

LaPlume, Roland, and Joyce Crosby are wed: 7/4/63p4

Lapointe, Leo, and Carlene LeBlond are wed 4/27/63: 5/2/63pB3

LaPointe, Armand R., died 3/26/65: 4/1/65p3

LaPointe, Maurice G., died 7/25/66: 7/28/66p3

LaPointe, Richard, and Priscilla Normand are wed 10/24/64: 10/29/64p4

Laramee, Aldea C., died 10/18/69: 10/23/69p3

Laramie, M&M H. D., celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/9/65p4

Laramie, Toni-Gayle, and Paul Caron are wed: 6/22/67p4

Lariviere, Albert J., died 9/4/62: 9/6/62p3

Larkin, Robert, and Barbara Reed are wed: 6/16/66p5

Laroche, Eugene, died 10/6/60: 10/13/60p3

Laroche, Henrietta, and Robert Huppe are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

LaRoche, Elaine, and David Harkinson are wed 6/22/68: 7/4/68p4

LaRoche, Jane, chosen Miss Clough Beach: 8/27/64p9

LaRoche, Julia, and Robert Doucet are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p4

LaRoche, Paul, and Lesley Morphy are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

LaRoche, Roland, and Louine Correveau are wed 2/8/64: 2/13/64p4,2/27/64p4

Larochelle, Agnes P., died 12/20/68: 12/26/68p3

Larochelle, Alex, died 12/18/60: 12/22/60p3

Larochelle, Alfred J., died 12/19/68: 12/26/68p3

Larochelle, Capt. Larry, describes Vietnam fighting: 1/10/63pA3

Larochelle, Diane, and Neil Coffran are wed 10/4/69: 10/9/69p7

Larochelle, Emilienne, died 4/15/67: 4/20/67p3

Larochelle, Jacqueline, and Gene Chase are wed: 6/20/63p4

Larochelle, Jane, and Ronald Gervais are wed 11/26/64: 12/3/64p4

Larochelle, Janet, and William St. Laurent are wed 9/27/69: 10/2/69p4

Larochelle, John, and Kathleen Winchell are wed 6/14/69: 6/19/69p4

Larochelle, Joseph H., died 11/30/63: 12/12/63p3

Larochelle, Juliette, and Raymond Guilmette are wed 4/24/65: 5/6/65p5

Larochelle, M&M Alfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/10/66p4

Larochelle, M&M Armand, celebrate 39th anniversary: 2/18/65p4

Larochelle, Mrs. Alfred, died 1/25/67: 2/2/67p3

Larochelle, Rachel, and Henry Greemore II are wed 4/27/68: 5/9/68p4

Larochelle, Wilfred, and Jerrine Corriveau are wed 9/19/64: 9/24/64p4

LaRochelle, Andreas J., died 3/12/63: 3/14/63p3

LaRochelle, Romeo, promoted to Major in US Army: 5/20/65p4

Larose, Clorida, died 5/22/63: 5/23/63p3

Larose, Paul, and Nancy Whatman are wed 10/5/68: 10/10/68p4

LaRose, Paul, and Carol Cate are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63p4

Larrabee, John S., died 2/?/63: 2/21/63p3

Larrabee, Peter, and Juanita Thompson are wed: 10/18/62pA5

Larson, Norval, and Sandra Ruel are wed: 2/9/67p4

Lascombe, Lydia B., died 7/19/60: 7/21/60p3

Laskey, Roger, and Beatrice Lavoie are wed 3/26/69: 4/3/69p2

Laubengeyer, Richard, and Donna Libby are wed: 7/30/64p8

Laurence, Lydia J., died 3/26/61: 3/30/61p3

Laurent, Marcel, and Carol McCarthy are wed 4/1/65: 4/8/65p4

Laurion, Aimee, died 8/13/67: 8/17/67p3

Laurion, Edward, and Marie Lavoice are wed 11/4/61: 11/9/61p4

Laurion, Edward I., died 5/10/63: 5/16/63p3

Laurion, Joanne, and Martin Steitz are wed 6/4/60: 6/9/60p6

Laurion, Leon, and Rita Vallee are wed 11/12/60: 11/17/60p4

Laurion, Malvena, died 7/26/64: 7/30/64p3

Laurion, Robert, and Judith Allain are wed: 9/12/63p4

Lavallee, Donna, and Raymond Pippin Jr. are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

LaValley, M&M Joseph, celebrate 55th anniversary: 9/10/64pA4

LaValley, M&M Joseph, celebrate 60th anniversary: 9/11/69p4

Laverdiere, Carol, and Peter Hartigan are wed 5/25/68: 5/30/68p4

Laverdiere, Helen M., died 5/19/62: 5/24/62p3

Laverdiere, Henry J., died 11/10/63: 11/14/63p3

Laverdiere, Linda, and Allan Carter are wed 9/2/61: 9/7/61p4

Laviolette, Bruce, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/25/65p1

Lavoice, Marie, and Edward Laurion are wed 11/4/61: 11/9/61p4

Lavoice, Theresa, and Traffle Turgeon Jr. are wed 6/1/68: 6/6/68p4

Lavoie, Beatrice, and Roger Laskey are wed 3/26/69: 4/3/69p2

Lavoie, Gerine, and Warren Ranagan Jr. are wed: 7/16/64p5

Lavoie, Joseph, and Paula Janelle are wed 8/24/68: 8/29/68p4

Lavoie, Simone, and Armand Dupuis are wed 9/5/60: 9/15/60p5

Lavoie, Wayne, sets sail on submarine USS Thresher: 4/18/63p1

Law, Nellie A., died 8/4/67: 8/10/67p3

Lawrence, Carole, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/14/60p8

Lawrence, Flora D., died 2/7/66: 2/10/66p3

Lawrence, John, and Barbara Cullen are wed 7/15/61: 7/20/61p4

Lawrence, John, decorated for Vietnam service: 3/16/67pA1

Lawrence, Karen, and Robert Gaulin are wed: 5/27/65p4

Lawrence, Sharon, and Malcolm Glidden are wed: 7/13/67p4

Lawrence, Susan, and Barry Clough are wed 5/6/66: 5/19/66p9

Lay, Benny, and Claudia Marcoux are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Layman, Don, and Ann King are wed 6/14/64: 6/25/64p4

Lazzara, Shirley, and Phillip Jacques are wed 8/9/69: 8/21/69p4

Leach, Charles, and Marguerite Bowers are wed 9/24/69: 10/2/69p5

Leach, Ralph W., died 7/4/66: 7/7/66p3

Leahy, Mary, died 10/?/61: 10/26/61p3

Leahy, Michael, died 1/7/62: 1/11/62p3

Leary, Christopher, and Janel Lord are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Leary, Frank, and Barbara Beaupre are wed 6/3/61: 6/8/61p4

Leary, Frank G., died 8/18/69: 8/21/69p7

Leary, James, and Susan Slade are wed: 7/10/69pA3

Leary, John J., died 4/1/60: 4/7/60p3

Leary, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/21/68p11

Leary, Marcia, and Leslie Stewart are wed 10/21/67: 11/23/67p7

Leary, Marcia is NH Blueberry Princess: 7/23/64pB10

Leary, Robert, and Margaret Kevorkian are wed 8/20/85: 9/2/65p4,9/9/65pA6

Leary, Sharon, and Roland Castonguay are wed 12/28/63: 1/2/64p4

Leavett, Arthur W., died 8/?/66: 8/11/66p3

Leavitt, Bertha E., died 11/29/66: 12/1/66p3

Leavitt, Elizabeth, and Albert Weeden are wed 1/30/60: 3/3/60p4

Leavitt, Florence R., died 1/26?/67: 2/2/67p3

Leavitt, JoAnn, and Verl Holt are wed 1/5/63: 1/17/63p4

Leavitt, Leon, died 4/?/66: 4/14/66p3

Leavitt, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/12/60pA5

Leavitt, Otto F., died 4/27/61: 5/4/61p3

Leavitt, Paul, and Juliette Boggs are wed 10/5/62: 10/11/62p6

Leavitt, Richard, and Susan Champlin are wed: 9/12/63p4

Leavitt, Sidney, and Margaret Hourigan are wed 9/9/67: 9/21/67p4

Leavitt, Vivian P., died 9/27/69: 10/2/69p3

LeBlond, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/16/64p7

LeBonte, Roland, and Gloria Frenette are wed 1/6/62: 1/11/62p4,1/18/62p4

Lebouthillier, Leo, and Ellen Sheffield are wed 10/19/68: 10/31/68p4

Lebrecque, Florence died 10/?/69: 10/16/69p3

Lebrecque, Valere, died 7/29/69: 7/31/69p2

LeBrun, Elizabeth, and Frederick Barcomb are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63p4

Leclair, Grazella (Grace), doed 10/26/65: 10/28/65p3

Leclair, Paul, and Donna Bouchard are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

LeClair, John, and Kathleen Allfrey are wed: 12/15/66p4

Leclerc, Marie A., died 8/29/66: 9/1/66p3

Ledford, Sheryl, and Thomas Gerrish are wed: 1/30/64p4

Lee, Alvina A., died 11/14/62: 11/15/62p3

Lee, Florence E., died 12/14/68: 12/19/68p3

Lee, Gwendolyn, and Richard Tripp are wed: 4/13/p5

Lefavour, Ernest F., died 6/7/65: 6/10/65p3

Lefavour, Harriet T., died 12/22/60: 12/29/60p3

Lefebvre, Claire, and Terrance McGarghan are wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p6

Lefebvre, Joann, and Richard Rainville are wed 2/2/63: 2/7/63p5,2/14/63p4

Lefebvre, Juanita, and Jihn Henderson are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Lefebvre, M. Laura, died 2/23/63: 2/28/63p3

Lefebvre, M&M Gerard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/5/64p11

Lefebvre, M&M Homer, celebrate 60th anniversary: 9/11/69p4

Lefebvre, M&M Wilbrod, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/18/65p5

Lefebvre, Raymond, and Constance Lamontagne are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p5

Legarde, Eolia E., died 4/14/64: 4/16/64p3

Legasse, Herve E.--A Community Portrait: 5/19/60pA2

Legasse, Herve, is C/C Outstanding Citizen of the Year: 1/28/65p1

Legere, Colette, and Ronald Thomas are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

Legerstee, Arie, and Martin Ferland are wed 10/6/68: 10/17/68p4

Lehman, Helen M., died 7/8/64: 7/16/64p3

Leichner, Bernice, and Robert Lagasse are wed 10/18/69: 10/30/69p4

Leighton, Charlotte, died 7/21/69: 7/24/69p3

Leighton, Ethel L., died 7/15/61: 7/20/61p3

Leighton, Frank, died 3/26/66: 3/30/66p3

Leighton, Grace, died 8/1/68: 8/8/68p3

Leighton, Hazel M., died 10/30/67: 11/2/67p3

Leighton, Mary, and Jerry Ruble are wed 7/1/66: 7/14/66p4

Leighton, Robert, and Helen Cunningham are wed 3/19/60: 3/24/60p4

Leighton, Rodney, and Vickii Lessard are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

Lemay, Clarence E., died 5/9/67: 5/11/67p3

Lemay, Ellen F., died 6/1/64: 6/4/64p2

Lemeline, Catherine M., died 2/10/68: 2/15/68p3

LeMere, Joseph, and Linda Beaudet are wed 4/3/65: 4/8/65p4

Lemieux, Joseph W., died 2/14/65: 2/18/65p3

Lemieux, Melvin, and Gail Murray are wed 5/21/66: 6/2/66p4

Lemieux, Robert, and Barbara Cousineau are wed 10/26/63: 10/31/63p4

Lemieux, Ronald, and Barbara Couch are wed 5/26/62: 5/31/62p4,6/21/62p4

Lemieux, William, and Anite Letourneau are wed 7/25/64: 7/30/64p4

Lemire, Alfred E., died 10/30/66: 11/3/66p3

Lemire, Donald, and Mary Vallee are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Lemire, Donald, and Rose Raymond are wed 11/17/62: 11/22/62p4,12/6/62pA7

Lemnoyne, Adrien, died 5/30/69: 6/5/69p3

Lemoyne, Albert A., died 7/22/65: 7/29/65p3

Lemoyne, Gerard, and Marcia Kjellman are wed: 12/10/64pA5

Lemoyne, M&M Hector, celebrate 35th anniversary: 7/21/66p4

Lemoyne, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/10/64pA4

Lemoyne, Mrs. Henri, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/19/67p4

Lemoyne, Mrs. Henry, celebrates 86th bnirthday: 10/17/63p4

Lemoyne, Olivine M., died 8/2/66: 8/4/66p8

Lempke, Donna, and Russell Harvey are wed 7/12/66: 7/21/66p4

Lenfest, Harry N., died 12/15/67: 12/21/67p3

Lenfest, John E., died 8/5/61: 8/10/61p3

Lenfest, Richard, and Carole-Lynn Banis are wed: 3/2/67p4

Lenzi, George F., died 3/3/60: 3/10/60p3

Leocha, Alice, and Robert Upton are wed: 12/1/66p4

Leonardi, Arnold, and Sally Whelan are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Lepene, Carol, and Edward Bober are wed 10/26/68: 10/31/68p4

Lepene Jr., John A., died 11/9/66: 11/17/66p3

Lepene, Mrs. John, and Don Countryman are wed 4/10/68: 4/11/68p4

Lepene, Nellie, died 7/17/62: 7/19/62p3

Lepene, Patricia, and Leon Moore are wed 8/13/60: 8/18/60p4

Lepene, Susan, and Robert Dion are wed 10/14/67: 11/2/67pA8

Lesperance, Harriet, died 9/25/62: 9/27/62p3

Lesperance, M&M Peter, celebrate 50th anniversay: 5/12/60p4

Lesperance, Peter B., died 10/17/69: 10/23/69p3

Lessard, Archie J., died 9/26/64: 10/1/64p3

Lessard, Belona M., died 11/15/60: 11/17/60p3

Lessard, Clothaire, died 3/5/61: 3/9/61p3

Lessard, Forrest G., died 10/30/62: 11/1/62p3

Lessard, Jean A., died 10/20/60: 10/27/60p3

Lessard, Joseph A., died 12/30/67: 1/4/68p3

Lessard, Joseph A., died 8/6/67: 8/10/67p3

Lessard, Leslie, and Robert Packard are wed: 6/8/67p4

Lessard, Mona, and Daniel McDonald are wed 7/27/63: 8/1/63p4

Lessard, Narcisse W., died 1/3/62: 1/4/62p3

Lessard, Noel N., died 1/31/69: 2/6/69p3

Lessard, Norman A., died 1/9/63: 1/10/63p3

Lessard, Norman, died 1/?/63: 1/17/63p3

Lessard, Paul, and Joan Vaas are wed 4/15/66: 4/21/66p5

Lessard/Turcotte family reunion held: 8/29/68pA16

Lessard, Vickii, and Rodney Leighton are wed 6/23/62: 6/28/62p4

Letch, Ida, 94, is oldest member of 200 NH senior clubs: 7/6/61p2

Letch, Ida, celebrates 101st birthday: 5/23/68p13,5/30/68p4

Letch, Ida, celebrates 93rd birthday: 5/26/60p4

Letch, Ida, celebrates 99th birthday: 5/26/66p4

Letch, Ida, to celebrate 100th birthday: 5/18/67p1

Letendre, Elaine, and Paul Britton are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Letendre, M&M Azarias, celebrate 60th anniversary: 6/6/68p4

Letorneau, Henry J., died 1/10/66: 1/13/66p3

Letourneau, Anita, and William Lemieux are wed 7/25/64: 7/30/64p4

Letourneau, Archie J., die 9/10/66: 9/22/66p3

Letourneau, Cyprien, died 3/1/61: 3/2/61p3

Letourneau, Elsa, died 7/8/67: 7/13/67p3

Letourneau, Joseph J., died 10/11/67: 10/12/67p16

Letourneau, Louis H., died 7/26/61: 8/5/61p3

Letourneau, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/9/65p4

Letourneau, Rose, celebrates 85th birthday: 6/1/67p4

Levasseur, Cora, and Walter Michaud are wed 10/17/64: 10/22/64p4

Leveille, Marie L., died 3/25/64: 3/26/64p3

Leveillee, Marie A., died 3/18/64: 3/19/64p3

Levesque, Ernest, and Joan Morphy are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Levesque, Irene, and George Hervey are wed 2/9/63: 2/14/63p4

Levesque, Jeanne, and Richard Boyle are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63p4,5/30/63p4

Levesque, Lucien, and Mae DeYoung are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Levesque, M&M Sylvio, hold family reunion: 1/28/60pA1

Levesque, Mary C., died 3/15/68: 3/21/68p3

Levesque, Nancy, is NH Cherry Blosson Queen: 4/13/61p5

Levesque, Rev. Paul, to be ordained to the priesthood: 9/7/61p1

Levesque, Robert, is Peace Corp volunteer in Tunisia: 9/30/65p10

Levesque, Roger, and Mary Maxfield are wed 4/30/60: 5/5/60p4,5/19/60p4

Levesque, Sandra, and Ronald Perry are wed 2/5/67: 2/16/67p4

Levesque, Sr. Nancy, joins medical Order: 8/19/65p1

Levitt, Minnie, died 4/23/68: 4/25/68p3

Lewis, Addie D., died 3/21/67: 3/23/67p3

Lewis, Annie A., died 6/7/63: 6/13/63p3

Lewis, Arthur P.., died 1/7/62: 1/11/62p3

Lewis, Louis, died 10/14/69: 10/16/69p3

Lewis, M&M Benjamin, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/20/66p4

Lewis, Mary P., died 2/12/66: 2/17/66p3

Lewis, Walter J., died 10/10/62: 10/11/62p3

Libbey, Lucy H., died 4/29/61: 5/4/61p3

Libby, Barbara, and David Forcier are wed 6/26/65: 7/8/65p5

Libby, Brenda, and Kenneth Ricker are wed 3/26/66: 3/30/66p4

Libby, Donald F., died 6/1/64: 6/4/64p3

Libby, Donna, and Richard Laubengeyer are wed: 7/30/64p8

Libby, Gerald, and Shirley Daggett are wed: 6/29/67p5

Libby, Leslie G., died 10/9/60: 10/13/60p3

Libby, Richard, and Sheila Arsenault are wed: 12/2/65p4

Libby, Thomas P., died 3/1/64: 3/12/64p3

Liberty, Sandra, and Joseph Wilcox are wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p9

Lic, Judith, and John O'Mahoney are wed 8/16/69: 8/28/69p4

Lilljedahl Sr., Carl H., died 2/14/68: 2/22/68pA1

Limbnick, Michael, and Claudia Viator are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p9

Linaberry, Rosamonde, and Robert Roy are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p5

Lincoln III, Harold, and Susan Cota are wed 2/14/69: 2/27/69p4

Lincoln, Janet H., died 1/?/61: 2/2/61p3

Lincoln, Janet H., died 1/23/61: 1/26/61p3

Lincoln, M&M Harold, celebrate 45th anniversary: 1/9/64p4

Lincoln, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/9/69p4

Lincoln, Margaret, and Hazen Currier are wed: 7/13/67p5

Lingard, Grover C., died 8/16/66: 8/18/66p3

Lingard, Josie M., died 3/7/63: 3/14/63p3

Listner Jr., Joseph, and Diane Gibb are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Little, Fred E., died 7/6/69: 7/10/69p10

Little, Robert, and Sandra Wilcox are wed 6/25/66: 6/30/66p5

Littlefield, Andre, died 1/25/69: 1/30/69p1

Littlefield, Bessie N., died 2/24/66: 3/3/66p3

Littlefield, Dana, and Elizabeth Malone are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p4

Littlefield, Donald A., died 7/28/63: 8/1/63p3

Littlefield, George F., died 11/16/65: 11/18/65p3

Littlefield, George L., died 1/15/65: 1/21/65p3

Littlefield, Laura J., died 8/21/68: 8/29/68p3

Littlefield, Leonard, and Helen Goulet are wed 11/14/64: 11/26/64p2

Littlefield, Maude, died 4/4/68: 4/11/68p3

Littlefield, Srtanton J., died 10/3/66: 10/6/66p3

Livermore, Sarah, and James Glidden are wed 5/22/65: 5/27/65p4

Livingston, Matilda D., died 1/27/69: 1/30/69p3

Lizotte, Francois G., died 11/18/63: 11/21/63p2

Lizotte, Paul, and Viola Beaulieu are wed 9/16/61: 9/21/61p4,10/5/61pC4

Locey, Delores, and Gerard Gregoire are wed 9/27/69: 10/16/69p2

Locke, Amanda, and Barry Christie are wed: 10/15/64p11

Locke, Edna F., died 11/8/65: 11/11/65p3

Locke, Elias, and Linda Brooks are wed 9/7/68: 9/12/68pA10

Locke, James, and Susan Horne are wed 2/23/65: 3/4/65p4

Locke, Leslie, and Dacy-anne Dunnells are wed 6/18/66: 6/23/66p5

Locke, Linna M., died 12/13/62: 12/27/62p3

Loft, Harold, and Marcia Lapierre are wed 9/4/65: 9/16/65p5

Logan, Charles W., died 6/1/65: 6/10/65p3

Logan, Florence Y., died 5/18/61: 5/25/61p3

Logan, Laura G., died 1/5/66: 1/13/66p3

Logan, Susan, and Elwin Kirk are wed 2/25/67: 3/9/67p4

Lombard, Carl J., died 5/15/61: 5/18/61p3

Londo, Erwin, designs radical new engine: 2/4/60p9A1

Londo, Mildred G., died 5/18/66: 5/26/66p3

Long, Nina E., died 7/24/62: 7/26/62p3

Longee, Walter S., died 5/27/64: 5/28/64p3

Lorange, J. Francis, died 8/24/69: 8/28/69p3

Lord, Carolyn, and Michael Hill are wed 7/11/69: 8/7/69pA12

Lord, Charles, and Louise Ricker are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Lord, Dr&M Robert, are "Most Milk Drinkingest Family": 6/13/63p7

Lord, Elizabeth, and Daniel Price are wed 9/10/61: 9/14/61p4

Lord, Ella E., died 6/7/64: 6/11/64p3

Lord, Elsie, died 6/19/66: 6/23/66p3

Lord, Janet, and Christopher Leary are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Lord, Janet, is Ski Carnival Queen: 1/25/62p1

Lord, Jennie, celebrates 85th birthday: 8/17/61p8

Lord, Jennie, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/18/66p4

Lord Jr., Robert, and Sharon Whalen are wed 11/8/68: 11/14/68p4

Lord, Leon B., died 7/19/68: 7/25/68p3

Lord, Lillian E., died 1/19/66: 1/27/66p3

Lord, M&M Clayton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/4/63p2

Lord, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/17/66p5

Lord, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/15/65pA4

Lord, Natalie L., died 3/4/68: 3/7/68p3

Lord, Richard, and Gisele Beaulieu are wed 9/14/63: 9/19/63p3

Lord, Russell H., died 11/14/66: 11/17/66p3

Lord, Sybil E., died 2/4/67: 2/9/67p3

Loring, Jennie L., died 1/31/63: 2/7/63p3

Loring, Joan, and James Landry Jr. are wed 2/10/62: 2/22/62pC3

Loring, Josephine, and Anthony Szimbor are wed 11/6/60: 11/10/60p4

Loring, Steven, and Maryellen Foley are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Loring, Winthrop, rock hound, builds own mobile home: 9/28/61pA1

Loud, Ray A., died 2/18/69: 2/20/69p3

Lougee, Carrie B.,, died 12/24/64: 1/7/65p3

Lougee, Leona died 10/23/60: 10/27/60p3

Lougee, Orin H., died 4/16/66: 4/21/66p3

Loughlin, Mary, and Bryan Davis are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62pC2

Lovejoy, George, elected president of Jaycees: 5/18/61pA1

Lovejoy, John H., died 12/31/63: 1/2/64p3

Lovejoy Jr., John, earns Jaycees Distinguished Service Award: 2/20/69p1

Lover, Lawrence, and Dail Varney are wed 5/11/69: 5/22/69p4

Lover, M&M Peter, celebrate 60th anniversary: 5/13/65p4

Lover, Peter J., died 8/30/69: 9/4/69p3

Low, Agnes R., died 5/23/67: 6/1/67p3

Low, Gilbert M., died 11/3/62: 11/8/62p3

Low, M&M Edgar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/27/67p4

Lowd, Allan R., died 8/6/66: 8/11/66p3

Lowd, Wayne, and Betty Price are wed 10/1/66: 11/3/66p4

Lowe, John, celebrates 95th birthday: 10/26/61pB8

Lowe, John, died 5/31/62: 6/7/62p3

Lowell, Cora, celebrates 95th birthday: 4/19/62p4

Lowell, Cora E., died 5/7/62: 5/10/62p3

Lowell, Helen M., died 12/28/63: 1/2/64p3

Luby, Guy R., died 8/143/66: 8/18/66p3

Lucas, Harriet C., died 3/21/65: 3/25/65p3

Lucian, Sandra, and Peter Adams are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Ludden, Mary K., died 3/30/69: 4/3/69p3

Ludden, Thomas J., died 7/22/68: 7/25/68p3

Lufkin, Adelaide V., died 5/16/63: 5/23/63p3

Lund, Lura B., died 8/?/65: 8/12/65p3

Lund, Maurice C., died 7/9/65: 7/15/65p3

Luneau, Albertine J., died 1/24/63: 1/31/63p3

Lunt, Lawrence C., died 10/31/69: 11/6/89p3

Lunt, Lena T., died 8/5/66: 8/18/66p3

Lunt, Richard, and Pauline Heroux are wed 11/4/61: 11/9/61p4

Lurvey, Betty, and Lewis Barton are wed: 12/3/64p4

Lyle, Thomas, and Barbara Forde are wed 10/12/63: 10/17/63pB8

Lyle, Thomas, wrote lyrics for possible hit song: 2/4/60p8

Lynch, John, and Donna Grant are wed: 4/6/67p4

Lynch, Mary E., died 10/24/68: 10/31/68p3

Lynch, William A., died 6/1/68: 6/6/68p3

Lynch, William, and Mary Burns are wed 5/25/63: 6/6/63pA7

Lyndes, Elery "Doc", is C/C Man of the Year: 2/27/64p1

Lyndes, Elery J., died 10/25/67: 10/26/67p1

Lyndes, Elery J., retires as Rochester Courier editor: 8/6/64p1

Lyons Jr., Lincoln, and Phyllis Pappajohn are wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4

Lyons, Maureen, and Terrance Gagne are wed: 9/4/69p4

Lyons Sr., Fred, died 6/4/60: 6/9/60p3

Mabbitt, Albert L., died 1/29/68: 2/1/68p3

Macaulay, Nancy, and Rodney Grondin are wed 6/30/62: 7/12/62p4

MacCormac, Harry, and Doris Walley are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60p4

MacDonald, Peter J., died 8/9/66: 8/11/66p3

MacDonald, Robert, and Katherine Boyd are wed 5/25/68: 5/30/68p4,6/6/68p4

MacDonald, Theresa K., died 11/22/69: 11/27/69p3

Macey, Lydia, and Nathan Torr are wed: 7/15/65p5

MacGregor, Marjorie H., died 7/1/63: 7/4/63p3

MacIlvaine, George H., died 1/17/68: 1/18/68p10

Mack, Robert J., died 11/6/62: 11/8/62p3

Mackay, Donald, and Sarah Meader are wed 9/25/65: 9/30/65p5

MacKay, Alden, and Sandra Hilton are wed 9/24/60: 9/29/60p6

MacKay, Daniel, and Mary Kimball are wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p6

MacKay, John, and Nancy Glidden are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60pA8

MacKay, Julia, and James Golightly are wed 11/9/69: 11/13/69p4

MacKay, Kathleen, and Paul Parker are wed 8/19/67: 8/31/67p2

MacKay, Phyllis J., died 12/27/68: 1/2/69p3

MacKay, William, genius and practical joker: 7/21/60p1

MacKenzie, Mark, and Rebecca Gray are wed 3/8/68: 3/14/68p4

MacKey, William, and Florence Philbrick are wed: 10/4/62p4

MacMillan, Robert R., died 3/20/69: 3/27/69p3

MacRae, Josephine E., died 6/27/65: 7/1/65p3

Macriyanis, Charles, died 4/16/62: 4/19/62p3

Madore, Bartholome L., died 5/17/69: 5/22/69p3

Magee, Walter R., died 12/5/60: 12/8/60p1

Maggio Jr., Charles, and Ruth Lambert are wed 5/22/65: 5/27/65p4

Maguire, Charlene, and George Hescock are wed 8/16/69: 9/4/69p4

Maguire, Doris A., died 6/28/69: 7/3/69p3

Maguire, George F., died 5/14/62: 5/17/62p3

Maguire, Margaret, and Carl Hartford are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Mahoney, John, died 1/18/67: 1/26/67p3

Mahoney, Judith, and William Royce are wed 3/4/61: 3/23/61p4

Mahoney, Nelle C., died 12/10/61: 12/21/61p3

Mailhot, Jacqueline, and Andrew Blouin are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Mailloux, Joseph, and Anita LaMontagne are wed 3/14/64: 3/19/64p4

Mailloux, Joseph E., died 6/8/68: 6/13/68p3

Mailoux, M&M Napolean, celebrate 60th anniversary: 11/28/68p4

Main, Donald, and Myra Jacobs are wed: 12/8/60p4

Main, Richard, and Mary Kelly are wed 11/24/62: 12/6/62pB1

Main, Robert, died 12/19/65: 12/23/65p3

Mains, Bertha, and Robert Therrien are wed 7/22/61: 8/5/61p4

Mains, William A., died 3/23/62: 3/29/62p3

MakePeace, Carol, and Donald Chase are wed 9/7/68: 9/26/68p6

Maleham, M&M Herbert, celebrate 38th anniversary: 8/11/66p4

Maleham, Marion, and Clifford Trafton are wed 3/5/66: 3/10/66p4

Malham, Suzanne, and Charles Crowley are wed 11/11/61: 11/16/61p4

Mallett, Richard R., died 11/20/62: 11/29/62p3

Mallock, Harold, and Jane Potvin are wed: 3/2/67p4

Mallock Jr., Harold, and Marjorie Brough are wed 1/18/64: 1/23/64pB7

Malone, Cecil J., dued 5/21/62: 5/24/62p3

Malone, Elizabeth, and Dana Littlefield are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p4

Malone, M&M John, celebrate 60th anniversary: 6/29/67p4

Malone, M&M John, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 7/3/69p4

Malone, M&M John, to celebrate 59th anniversary: 6/23/66p5

Malone, Ronald, and Sharon White are wed 1/4/69: 1/9/69p4

Malone Sr., M&M John, celebrate 56th anniversary: 6/27/63p4

Malsbury, Minnie E., died 2/27/64: 3/5/64p3

Malsbury, William, and Kathleen Jacobs are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Manis, Georghe, died 4/22/68: 4/25/68p3

Mann, Joyce, and John Gordon Jr. are wed 7/15/61: 7/20/61p4

Mann, Louann, and Bentley Pierce are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63p3,7/18/63pA8

Mann, Michael O., died 7/16/64: 7/23/64p3

Manousos, Alexander, and Bessie Raizes are wed 10/16/66: 10/20/66p4

Mansfield, Benjamin W., died 12/24/66: 12/29/66p3

Mansfield, Judith, and Theodore Blair Jr. are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68pA12

Mansfield, MaryJo, and Anthony Zingarelli are wed 1/15/66: 1/27/66p4

Mansfield, Nancy, and Howard Hammond wed 10/18/69: 10/23/69pAll,11/6/69A7

Manson, Robert, and Suzanne Towle are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63pB2

Mansur, Mary T., died 11/26/69: 12/4/69p3

Maple, Elizabeth, and Russell Hayes are wed 10/7/61: 10/26/61p4

Marble, A. Raymond, died 1/5/69: 1/9/69p3

Marble, Norman S., died 6/1/61: 6/8/61p3

Marble, Ruby L., died 3/28/65: 4/1/65p3

Marcel, Emma D., died 3/9/64: 3/19/64p3

March, Carlton, died 11/10/66: 11/17/66p3

March, Evelyn M., died 12/16/67: 12/21/67p3

March, Walter C., died 3/13/61: 3/16/61p3

March, Willard M., died 1/19/62: 1/25/62p1

Marchand, Evelyn, and Millen Kirk are wed 12/17/60: 12/22/60p4

Marchand, Gail, and Albert Varney are wed 11/30/68: 12/12/68p4

Marchand, Goodyear A., died 1/23/63: 1/31/63p3

Marchand, Janice I., died 11/5/64: 11/12/64p3

Marchand, Maybelle L., died 3/9/62: 3/15/62p3

Marchand, Walter M., died 1/27/64: 1/30/64p3

Marchaud, Florence F., died 6/16/62: 6/21/62p3

Marchiony, Audrey, and Henry Drapeau are wed 1/27/62: 2/8/62p4

Marchiony, Robert L., died 3/23/60: 3/24/60p2

Marcot, Barbara, and Kenneth Spencer are wed: 12/5/63p4

Marcotte, Albert J., died 11/17/63: 11/21/63p2

Marcotte, Arthur J., died 11/14/66: 11/17/66p1

Marcotte, Edward G., died 5/6/62: 5/10/62p3

Marcotte, J. Arthur, died 7/31/66: 8/4/66p3

Marcotte, Louis F., died 11/3/62: 11/8/62p3

Marcotte, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/17/68p13

Marcoux, Claudia, and Benny Lay are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Marcoux, Henry A., died 12/2/63: 12/5/63p3

Marcoux, James, and Wendy Horn are wed 7/19/68: 7/25/68p7

Marineau, Hazel A., died 1/?/64: 1/30/64p3

Marison, Mary L., died 4/1/64: 4/2/64p3

Markey, Kathleen, and Stan Orzechowski are wed: 8/1/68p4

Marquis, David, and Arlene Poire are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Marquis, Diana R., died 9/?/61: 9/14/61p3

Marriotti, Judson, and Linda Brown are wed 7/15/67: 7/13/67p4

Marsan, Maureen, and Ronald Rouleau are wed 9/29/62: 10/11/62pB6

Marsan, Maurice E., died 5/16/68: 5/23/68p10

Marsh, Arlene, and Thomas Burke are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

Marsh, Donald, and Deane Gilmour are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p5

Marsh, Earle L., died 4/24/62: 4/26/62p3

Marsh, Elsie W., died 11/5/65: 11/11/65p3

Marsh III, Earl E., died 9/6/63: 9/12/63p3

Marsh Jr., Earl, and Jean Hall are wed 10/5/62: 10/11/62pB3

Marsh, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/12/64pp4,B1

Marshall, Anna A., died 10/3/65: 10/7/65p3

Marshall, Claudia C., died 7/14/63: 7/18/63p3

Marsters, David, and Frances Ross are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60p4

Martel, Adele M., died 3/3/69: 3/6/69p3

Martel, Claudia, died 6/27/65: 7/1/65p3

Martel, Edmund R., died 8/14/62: 8/16/62p3

Martell, Clayton, died 3/22/69: 3/27/69p3

Martin, Ella M., died 2/18/62: 2/22/62p3

Martin, Laura B., died 12/14/66: 12/22/66p3

Martin, Patricia, and Thomas Kearns are wed 2/19/66: 3/3/66p4

Martin, Susan, and Clayton Randall are wed 8/2/69: 8/14/69ppA1,A8

Martineau, Donald, and Dianne Mick are wed 6/14/69: 6/19/69p4

Martineau, Edith W., died 1/28/69: 1/30/69p3

Martineau, Hormidas F., died 4/3/66: 4/7/66p1

Martineau, Lafayette, died 6/3/66: 6/16/66p3

Martineau, Paul, and Janet Moore are wed 10/18/68: 10/24/68p4

Masse, Ernest R., died 4/22/65: 4/29/65p2

Masse, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/4/61p4

Masse, Mrs. Albina, died 11/29/64: 12/3/64p3

Massingham Jr., Arthur, and Julie Breton are wed 11/18/61: 11/23/61p4

Matcotte, leo, died 9/14/67: 9/21/67p3

Mathews, S. Luella, died 2/28/65: 3/4/65p3

Matthews, Arlene, and Robert Rozell are wed 9/16/67: 9/28/67p4

Matthews, Gertrude C., died 3/7/64: 3/12/64p3

Mattocks, Henrietta, and Robert Dewing Jr. are wed 11/25/61: 12/7/61p4

Mattocks, Lora, and Paul Richardson are wed 4/22/61: 4/27/61p4

Mattocks, Rita, and Robert Thivierge are wed 5/24/69: 6/19/69p4

Mattocks, Sandra, and Robert Lamontagne are wed 6/29/68: 7/25/68p4

Maurice, Leo, and Brenda Smith are wed 7/3/66: 7/14/66p4

Maxfield, Albina B., died 2/15/62: 2/22/62p3

Maxfield, Deborah, died 8/2/66: 8/4/66p8

Maxfield, Fannie S., died 11/12/61: 11/16/61p3

Maxfield, Frederick, died 11/2/66: 11/3/66p3

Maxfield, George A., died 6/17/64: 5/21/64p3

Maxfield, George J., died 9/23/68: 9/26/68p1

Maxfield, George J.--A Community Portrait: 1/12/61pA2

Maxfield, George, remembers Pearl Harbor; he was there: 12/8/60p1

Maxfield, Henry J., died 11/23/69: 11/27/69p3

Maxfield, Hervey J., died 3/11/63: 3/14/63p3

Maxfield, Mary, and Roger Levesque are wed 4/30/60: 5/5/60p4,5/19/60p4

Maxfield, Napolean F., died 2/16/65: 2/18/65p3

Maxfield, Ronald, and Gloria Witham are wed 6/6/64: 6/11/64pp2,5

Maxfield, Susan, and Ronald Bergeron are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

May, Diane, and Steven Crosby are wed: 8/28/69p4

Maynard, Milo, and Carol Brown are wed: 3/16/61p8

Mayo, Gloria, and George Bouchard Jr. are wed 3/20/65: 3/25/65p4

Mayo, Sally, and Clifford Ruemmler are wed 5/2/64: 5/7/64p4

Mazur, Nancy, and Ernest Belleville Jr. are wed 8/28/65: 9/9/65p4

Mazur, Nancy, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/3/62p1

McAllister, Donald G., died 11/29/69: 12/4/69p3

McAllister, John, and Yvonne Vigneault are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p5

McBride, Carleton, and Lorraine Currier wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4,7/28/66p4

McBride, Donald, and Brenda King are wed: 1/30/64p4

McBride, Martha E., died 10/20/64: 10/22/64p10

McCallion, Shirley A., died 4/?/62: 4/26/62p3

McCallister, David, and Carolyn Morrill are wed: 9/29/60p6,10/6/60p4

McCann, Richard, and Sally Weathers are wed 8/1/64: 8/6/64p4

McCarey Jr., John, and Helen Tierney are wed 5/4/68: 5/16/68p4

McCarn, Edward, and Roberta Rogers are wed 7/31/65p4

McCartan, Patrick W., died 10/2/60: 10/6/60p3

McCarthy, Carol, and Marcel Laurent are wed 4/1/65: 4/8/65p4

McCarthy, Gerald, and Barbara Langis are wed 11/26/64: 12/3/64p5

McCarthy, Joseph M., died 12/11/66: 12/15/66p3

McCarthy, Verna G., died 10/3/60: 10/6/60p3

McClelland, Robnert J., died 12/16/62: 12/20/62p3

McClintock, Roger G., died 5/5/64: 5/7/64p3

McCrillis, Otto W., died 3/10/68: 3/14/68p2

McCrillis, Ralph, and Maryellen Cann are wed 10/29/66: 11/3/66p4

McCrillis, Ruth E., died 4/18/67: 4/20/67p3

McCullough, Jeanie M., died 7/8/64: 7/16/64p3

McDaniel family has reunion: 8/3/67p4

McDaniel Family reunion held on 8/15/65: 8/19/65p4

McDaniel, Grace D., died 8/30/68: 9/5/68p3

McDaniel, M&M George, celebrate 45th anniversary: 11/29/62p6

McDaniel, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/30/67pB2

McDaniel, M&M George host family reunion: 8/25/66p2

McDonald, Daniel, and Mona Lessard are wed 7/27/63: 8/1/63p4

McDonald, Felix J., died 5/24/66: 5/26/66p3

McDonald, Francis J., died 12/3/64: 12/10/64p3

McDonald, Jessamine, died 8/22/64: 8/27/64p3

McDougal, Gerald, and Marilyn Canney are wed 11/16/63: 11/21/63p4

McDuffee, Betty, and Raymond Blanchette are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63p4

McDuffee, Dora, died 6/9/63: 6/13/63p1

McDuffee, Grace C., died 1/14/68: 1/18/68p3

McDuffee, Marjorie, and Gordon Warren are wed 9/18/65: 9/23/65p4

McDuffee, Richard, died 6/19/66: 6/23/66p3

McElwain, Marion D., died 12/4/63: 12/5/63p5

McEntire, Kathleen, authors article in national magazine: 12/20/62pA6

McGarghan, Terrance, and Claire Lefebvre are wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p6

McGarry, William J., died 4/7/65: 4/8/65p3

McGee, Kimberly J., died 9/26/61: 9/28/61p5

McGettigan, Dorothy, and Frank Callaghan wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4,7/18/63pA8

McGinn, Anna M., died 12/22/63: 12/26/63p3

McGinnis, Martha D., died 9/17/68: 9/19/68p3

McGlone, Bernard V., died 4/6/63: 4/11/63p3

McGrath, Sylvia, and John St. Lawrence are wed 4/30/66: 5/12/66p5

McGregor, Ferne, retires after 45 years in education: 6/15/61p3

McGregor, Richard, and Linda Caplett are wed 9/11/65: 9/23/65p4

McGregor, Ronald W., died 11/12/68: 11/14/68p3

McGurly, Kathleen, and Carl Waterhouse are wed 11/1/69: 11/6/89p4

McGurty, Francis, and Suzanne Charpentier are wed 11/22/69: 12/18/69p4

McGurty, Mary F., died 4/8/66: 4/14/66p3

McHarg, Patrick, and Marcia Campbell are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

McHugh, Donald R., died 7/10/60: 7/7/60p3

McInerney, Josephine R., died 2/18/63: 2/21/63p3

McInerny, Charles, is 50-year member of Knights of Columbus: 4/18/63p2

McIntire, Earl D., died 10/10/67: 10/12/67p3

McIntire, Peter S., died 7/15/69: 7/17/69p2

McIntire, Robert E., died 7/2/65: 7/8/65p3

McIntire, Walter, and Joyce Cheney are wed 1/23/60: 1/28/60p4

McIntosh, Carol, and David Cormier are wed 9/15/62: 9/20/62p6

McIsaac, John H., died 9/11/61: 9/14/61p3

McKay, Charles, and Donna Rand are wed 12/26/64: 12/31/64p4

McKay, Hazel B., died 10/29/62: 11/1/62p3

McKay, Martha E., died 5/20/63: 5/23/63p3

McKeage, Claude A., died 6/28/64: 7/2/64p3

McKeen, Constance, and Patrick Sullivan are wed 4/22/66: 4/28/66p5

McKenna, Frances, and Robert Goff are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63p4

McKenna, John J., died 7/6/69: 7/10/69p3

McKenney, Catherine, celebrates her birthday: 5/20/65p4

McKenney, Ella M., died 11/30/61: 12/7/61p3

McKenney, Mary C., died 9/?/68: 9/12/68p3

McKenney, Norman R., died 2/5/61: 2/9/61p3

McKenney, Richard F., died 5/6/67: 5/11/67p3

McKergan, Anna, died 5/23/64: 5/28/64p3

McLain, Sally, and Paul Doucette are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

McLaughlin, Joseph, honored by NH Medical Society: 6/8/61pB6

McLaughlin, Joseph L., died 5/3/64: 5/7/64pC1

McManus, M&M James, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/5/69p4

McMaugh Jr., Thomas, and Jacqueline Rumazza are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

McNamara, Mary J., died 4/1/60: 4/7/60p3

McNeil, Louise M., died 10/14/69: 10/16/69p3

McNeil, Ronald, and Linda Cardinal are wed 9/27/69: 10/2/69p4

McNelley, Jane, and Barney Williams are wed 7/3/65: 7/15/65p4

McQuarrie, Margaret, and Matthew Salisbury are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

McSheehan, John, and Marie Scott are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Meader, Alice W., died 11/29/69: 12/4/69p3

Meader, Annie E., died 12/29/64: 1/7/65p3

Meader, Dana A., died 1/22/64: 1/23/64p3

Meader, Emma, celebrates 95th birthday: 6/2/60p1

Meader, Florence G., died 2/5/64: 2/6/64p3

Meader, Grace M., died 11/14/68: 11/21/68p1

Meader, James, and Sharon Hough are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Meader, John, and Karen Rienert are wed 6/5/65: 6/10/65p4

Meader, Marion E., died 10/27/68: 10/31/68p3

Meader, Robert, creates written languages in South America: 2/22/62p6

Meader, Roger W., died 9/8/63: 9/19/63p3

Meader, Sarah, and Donald Mackay are wed 9/25/65: 9/30/65p5

Meatty, Matthew, died 6/30/69: 7/3/69p1

Meeham, William, is VISTA volunteer in Venezuela: 10/19/67p9

Meehan Jr., Roland, and Linda Hayes are wed 7/10/65: 7/15/65p4

Meeker, Deborah, and Albert Barcomb II are wed 12/1/67: 2/8/68p4

Meiklejohn, Clair, and Ronald Sylvain are wed 9/25/65: 9/30/65p4

Meinelt, William E., died 1/15/64: 1/23/64p3

Meisner, Burton, and Janet Novins are wed 6/19/66: 6/23/66p4

Melanson, Louise, and Paul Thivierge are wed 5/27/67: 6/8/67p4

Melcher, Martha N., died 11/3/68: 11/7/68p3

Menard Jr., Albert, and Regina Drew are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Menard, Marie R., died 7/16/64: 7/23/64p3

Menard, Patricia, and Peter Baussmann are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Mendler, Roberta, and John Turner are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Menegoni, Theresa, and Thomas Eayres are wed 8/24/63: 8/29/63pB8

Mercier, Adrienne, and Armand Fontaine are wed 6/2/62: 6/7/62pB6

Meroth, Donald, and Bonnie Emmond are wed: 6/30/66p4

Merrill, Beryl W., died 2/10/64: 2/13/64p3

Merrill, Brenton, and Roxanne Brazeau are wed 2/5/60: 2/11/60p4

Merrill, Carl L., died 8/19/67: 8/24/67p3

Merrill, Carol, and Archie Glover Jr. are wed 4/28/69: 5/8/69p3

Merrill, Charles F., died 12/12/65: 12/16/65p3

Merrill, Della, died ?/?/67: 10/5/67p3

Merrill, Elizabeth R., died 6/17/62: 6/21/62p3

Merrill, Harold W., died 2/4/63: 2/7/63p3

Merrill, Herbert H., died 1/21/63: 1/24/63p3

Merrill, Mary, and Paul Cullen are wed 6/14/69: 7/17/69p4

Merrill, Richard, and Linda Blaisdell are wed 9/23/67: 10/5/67p4

Merrill, Rose M., died 12/9/64: 12/17/64p3

Merrill, Warren, and Gail Brown are wed 12/17/66: 1/5/67p4

Merrill, Wilbur E., died 8/20/63: 8/22/63p3

Merry, Mabel F., died 8/16/60: 8/18/60p3

Mersereau, Russell, and Martha Jefferson are wed 6/16/68: 6/20/68p2

Merton, Andrew, and Susan Hart are wed: 12/30/65p4

Meserve, Connie, and Robert Withan are wed 9/14/68: 10/3/68p4

Meserve, Loretta, and Robert Grant are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

Messier, Francine, and Paul Pearson are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p4

Methany, Angel, died 2/23/69: 3/6/69p3

Metz, William J., died 10/23/61: 10/26/61p3

Metziger, Margery, and James Brennan are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Meyer, Herman, and Gloria Daniels are wed: 6/1/61p4

Meyer, Herman, died 7/19/63: 7/25/63p3

Michaels, Marsha, and David Miller are wed 6/4/66: 6/23/66p4

Michaud, Blanche T., died 10/8/62: 10/11/62p3

Michaud, Grace M., died 1/?/66: 1/20/66p3

Michaud, M&M Leon, celebrate 30th anniversary: 11/23/61p4

Michaud, Walter, and Cora Levasseur are wed 10/17/64: 10/22/64p4

Michel, Frances, and Patrick Turner are wed 10/28/61: 11/9/61p4

Michel, Norman, and Patricia Dudley are wed 10/14/61: 10/26/61p4

Mick, Clara E., died 1/27/61: 2/2/61p3

Mick, Dianne, and Donald Martineau are wed 6/14/69: 6/19/69p4

Mikula, Anita, and Harlie Winkley are wed 6/15/68: 6/27/68p12

Mikula, Manny, and Sharon Lance are wed 8/12/60: 8/18/60p4

Mikula, Sharon, and Raymond Cardin are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Miles, Julia, and Daniel Daudelin are wed 10/13/62: 10/18/62p4

Miles, Nancy, and James Watson are wed 5/2/64: 5/14/64p4

Miles, Russell, and Paula Hodges are wed 7/2/62: 7/19/62p4

Miles, Sarah B., died 7/16/68: 7/18/68p3

Miliner, Keith, and Sandra Taylor are wed 12/21/68: 1/16/69p4

Miller, Annie G., died 2/24/66: 3/3/66p3

Miller, Carrie M., died 11/3/68: 11/7/68p3

Miller, David, and Marsha Michaels are wed 6/4/66: 6/23/66p4

Miller, Douglas F., died 1/31/69: 2/6/69p3

Miller, Edith, and William Douglas are wed 2/4/61: 2/9/61p4

Miller, Edith G., died 6/29/68: 7/4/68p3

Miller, Etta F., died 9/10/61: 9/14/61p3

Miller, George B., died 7/26/66: 7/28/66p3

Miller, Grover C., died 8/26/67: 8/31/67p3

Miller, Isabella, died 3/2/66: 3/10/66p3

Miller, Linda, and Micahel Miller are wed 8/2/69: 8/7/69p4

Miller, M&M Grover, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/7/63pA7

Miller, Mary H., died 10/16/64: 10/22/64p10

Miller, Michael, and Linda Miller are wed 8/2/69: 8/7/69p4

Miller, Richard, died 1/20/67: 1/26/67p3

Millette, Nancy, and James Childs are wed 7/26/69: 8/7/69p4

Mills, George W., died 3/2/63: 3/7/63p3

Mills, Gordon, and Ann Robinson are wed 3/26/66: 4/7/66p4

Mills, Raymond W., died 8/30/68: 9/5/68p3

Milter, Albert is Jaycees Outstanding Young Man: 2/20/69p1

Mirazo, Julio I, died 7/27/62: 8/2/62p3

Mireault, Lydia M., died 8/13/60: 8/18/60p3

Missel, Grace, died 8/15/65: 8/19/65p3

Missel, Louis W., died 1/25/63: 1/31/63p3

Missel, Louis W., died 4/25/63?: 5/2/63p3

Mitchell, Edith, and Carl Springfield are wed 9/10/63: 9/12/63p4

Mitchell, Frank, died 7/3/61: 7/20/61p3

Mitchell, James, and Mona Gould are wed: 5/9/68p4

Mitchell, Jon, and Sharon Cote are wed 11/23/63: 12/5/63p4

Mitchell, Karl P., died 6/21/60: 6/23/60p3

Mitchell, Sandra, and Richard Brown are wed 10/19/68: 11/7/68p4

Mitchell, Sharon, and Robert Brown are wed 10/19/68: 10/31/68p4

Mock, Anna B., died 8/13/67: 8/17/67p3

Mockel, Ella T., died 4/?/66: 4/14/66p3

Moffett, Joseph H., died 8/28/61: 9/7/61p3

Moisan, Alphonse J., died 3/7/67: 3/9/67p3

Moisan, Josephine M., died 12/24/67: 12/28/67p3

Molloy, Alberta M.--A Community Portrait: 7/21/60pA2

Monbleau, William, and Martha Blaisdell wed 12/31/60: 1/5/61p4,1/19/61p4

Monchamp, Louis S., died 2/25/63: 2/28/63p3

Mondou, Leo, and Patricia Warden are wed 9/2/61: 9/7/61p4

Mondou, Marie L., died 9/26/68: 10/3/68p3

Mondoux, Katherine, and Erlon Elliott are wed 1/23/60: 2/4/60p4

Mondville, Rose A., died 1/28/68: 2/1/68p3

Monroe, John, and Doris Chellis are wed: 11/3/60p4

Monroe, Ruth H., died 6/21/60: 6/23/60p3

Monser, Gloria, and John Beard are wed: 8/27/64p5

Montgomery, Ruth, and Fred Shaw are wed 3/5/61: 3/9/61pB4

Montgomery, William P., died 8/10/66: 8/18/66p3

Montpaisir, Sr. Yvette, died 11/19/69: 11/27/69p1

Moody, Blanche L., died 1/13/69: 1/16/69p3

Moody, Chadwick, died 9/2/63: 9/5/63p3

Moody, Cira B., died 10/13/69: 10/16/69p3

Moody, Dorothy, died 1/5/65: 1/7/65p3

Moody, Harland P., died 10/18/67: 10/19/67p3

Moody, M&M Harland, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/13/63p4

Moody, Nancy, and William Rudd are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Moody, Stella R., died 3/5/63: 3/7/63p3

Moody, Sue, and Gary Hall are wed 8/12/67: 8/24/67p4

Mooer, Leon, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 12/16/65p1

Mooney, Catherine, and Robert Place are wed 12/17/66: 12/22/66p4

Mooney, Edith C., died 2/11/64: 2/13/64p3

Mooney, Joan, and John Pearson are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63pC4

Mooney, Joan, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/19/61pB4

Mooney Jr., Benjamin, and Alice Collins are wed 9/1/63: 9/5/63p4

Mooney Jr., Benjamin, receives BSA Silver Beaver award: 11/14/68p1

Mooney, M&M Francis, celebrate 45th anniversary: 10/20/60pB5

Mooney, M&M Francis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/14/65p4

Mooney, M&M Francis, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 10/17/68p3

Mooney, Mation H., died 1/20/65: 1/28/65p3

Mooney, Richard, and Betty Morphy are wed 8/9/64: 8/27/64p4

Moore, Denis, and Pauline Doyon are wed 8/19/61: 8/31/61p4

Moore, Janet, and Paul Martineau are wed 10/18/68: 10/24/68p4

Moore, Joseph, died 4/26/61: 4/27/61p3

Moore Jr., John, and Donna Fogg are wed 1/28/69: 2/20/69pB8

Moore Jr., Vaughan, and Mary Kendall are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p4

Moore, Leon, and Patricia Lepene are wed 8/13/60: 8/18/60p4

Moore, Olive, died 11/1/64: 11/5/64p3

Moore, Richard, and Gail Potter are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68pp2,11

Moore, Robert, illustrates a newly published book: 3/30/61p1

Moore, Sylvia, and Ira Storrs are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Moore, Willis, and Mary Deibel are wed: 10/15/64p4

Moorhouse, Joseph, and Myra Chick are wed 2/8/69: 2/27/69p4

Moors, Daniel, is Presidential Scholar, meets President: 7/18/68pA16

Moors, Daniel, serves at BSA exhibit at NY World's Fair: 6/17/65p11

Morang, Mary, and Charles Downes are wed 10/14/67: 11/2/67p4

Morey, Edna V., died 2/20/60: 2/25/60p3

Morgan, Anne, and Reginald Pennell are wed 6/18/65: 7/1/65p2

Morgan, Bradley, receives US Army Commendation Medal: 3/20/69pA16

Morgan, M&M Herbert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/27/67p4

Morgan, Rowena, and John Frost are wed: 9/23/65p5

Morgan, Sallyann, and Robert Hultberg wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4,10/13/60p4

Morgridge Jr., William, and Carol Desmarais are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Morin, Aloha, and William Cameron are wed: 12/17/64p4

Morin, Barbara M., died 2/18/64: 2/20/64p3

Morin, Charles, died 1/21/69: 1/23/69p3

Morin, Joseph W., died 10/6/62: 10/11/62p3

Morin, Juliette C., died 2/18/64: 2/20/64p3

Morin, Ludger J., died 5/30/60: 6/2/60p3

Morin, Mary D., died 8/21/69: 8/28/69p3

Morin, Rev. John F., died 1/17/60: 1/21/60p3

Morin, Theodore, is touring the world: 9/2/65p12

Morin, Victor M., died 7/?/66: 8/4/66p3

Morphy, Betty, and Richard Mooney are wed 8/9/64: 8/27/64p4

Morphy, Carol, and Paul Roberts are wed 12/10/66: 12/15/66p4

Morphy, Lesley, and Pail LaRoche are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

Morphy, Linda, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/19/61p2

Morphy, Thomas H., died 2/12/69: 2/13/69p3

Morrill, Bertha M., died 4/7/62: 4/12/62p3

Morrill, Carolyn, and David McCallister are wed: 9/29/60p6,10/6/60p4

Morrill, Charlotte E., died 6/21/66: 6/30/66p3

Morrill, Hattie C., died 12/2/68: 12/5/68p3

Morrill, Susan, and Stephen Brown are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p5

Morrill, Timothy, and Joyce Cheney are wed 7/21/61: 8/5/61p4

Morrill, William C., died 4/17/60: 4/21/60p3

Morris, Bea, and Martin Schiff are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Morrison, Brenda, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 11/20/67p1

Morrison, David, and Joyce Kendall are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Morrison, Harriet M., died 7/25/64: 7/30/64p3

Morrison, James, and Betty Tuck are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

Morrison, Joseph A., died 5/22/65: 5/27/65p3

Morrison, Joseph, retires after 44 years with the City: 5/6/65p10

Morrison, Larry, and Evelyn Rider are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Morrison, M&M Philip, celebrate 44th anniversary: 8/5/65p4

Morrison, Robert, and Judith Johnson are wed: 10/21/65p4

Morrow, Eldon T., died 7/31/60: 8/4/60p3

Morse, Marilyn, and Donald Colby are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p4

Morsehad, Mildred E., died 4/29/64: 4/30/64p3

Morthy, Joan, and Ernest Levesque are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Mortimer, Arthur F., died 1/20/62: 1/25/62p3

Mortimer, Bernard, died 10/27/69: 10/30/69p3

Mortimer, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/6/63p4,6/13/63pA5

Mortimer, Sadie L., died 3/1/65: 3/4/65p3

Mosher, Carol, and Gerald Kobelski are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63p4

Mott, Clarence M., died 1/15/65: 1/21/65pA9

Moulton, Carol, and Ernest Hartford are wed 12/12/64: 12/17/64p4

Moulton, Chester A., died 5/2/62: 5/10/62p3

Moulton, Ethel R., died 6/25/63: 6/27/63p3

Moulton, Frances D., died 6/18/64: 6/25/64p3

Moulton, Frank L., died 3/5/64: 3/12/64p3

Moulton, Gloria, and David Vachon are wed 7/27/68: 8/29/68pA1

Moulton, Harold W., died 7/11/60: 7/7/60p3

Moulton, Irving H., died 2/24/64: 2/27/64p3

Moulton, Kenneth A., died 6/11/62: 6/14/62p3

Moulton, Larry, died 12/7/69: 12/11/69p1

Moulton, Lorraine, and Ronal Patch are wed 10/29/60: 11/3/60p4

Moulton, Richard, and Judith Burrows are wed 8/6/65: 8/12/65p4

Mountain, Omer P.--A Community Portrait: 12/1/60pA2

Mros Sr., Edward J., died 7/28/67: 8/3/67p3

Mucher, James, and Betty Richard are wed 1/14/61: 1/19/61p4

Mudgett, Elizabeth W., died 3/12/63: 3/14/63p4

Mudgett, Peter, and Diane Corson are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Mugridge, Frank, died 7/5/60: 7/7/60p3

Muldowny, Elaine, and Albert Columbus are wed 6/7/69: 6/12/69pA16

Mull, Mary B., died 5/2/60: 5/5/60p3

Mullen Jr., William W., died ?/?/65: 4/1/65p3

Mullen, Thomas J., died 8/14/61: 8/17/61p3

Mundy, Floyd, and Julia Boodey are wed: 6/29/67p4

Munroe, Brenda, and Randall Goeppner are wed 10/15/66: 11/3/66p5

Munson, Kenneth E., died 10/30/66: 11/3/66p3

Murdock, Allen, and Jean Gamblin are wed 11/3/67: 11/9/67p2

Murphy, Adrian, died 7/31/66: 8/4/66p8

Murphy, Edward J., died 10/31/68: 11/7/68p3

Murphy, Leo, and Almarose Irish are wed 5/18/63: 5/23/63pB2

Murphy, Robert, and Judith Armstrong are wed 7/11/64: 7/16/64p4

Murray, Gail, and Melvin Lemieux are wed 5/21/66: 2/6/66p4

Murray, Katherine J., died 9/8/69: 9/11/69p3

Murray, M. Ruth, died 4/23/64: 4/30/64p3

Murray, Ruth M., died 6/13/67: 6/15/67p3

Nadeau, Eudore J., died 7/11/66: 7/14/66p3

Nadeau, M&M Arthur, celebrate 35th anniversary: 6/30/60p5

Nadeau, M&M Eudore, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/27/61p4

Nadeau, Paulette, and David Jacobs are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Nadeau, Rachel, and Richard Dupuis are wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68p4

Nadeau, Robert, and Marie Dupuis are wed 4/24/65: 5/6/65p4

Nadeau, Roland, and Gabrielle Gagne are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Nadeau, Teresa C., died 2/19/68: 2/22/68p3

Nadeau, Valeda, died 8/20/66: 8/25/66p3

Nagle Jr., Philip, and Betty Weaver are wed 2/13/60: 2/18/60p4

Naimie, Patricia, and Adam Antonapoulos are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Nangle, M&M John, celebrate 32nd anniversary: 4/14/66p4

Nangle, Michael, is a VISTA volunteer: 9/29/66p16

Nangle, Philip--A Community Portrait: 7/14/60p4A2

Nason, Evelyn, and William Boyd are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p8

Nason, Madelynn, and Walter Herbert are wed 6/3/61: 6/8/61p4

Nason, Winnie F., died 8/15/68: 8/22/68p3

Nau, George, and Dorothy Dame are wed 6/6/64: 6/25/64p2

Nau, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/31/63p4

Neal, Carroll W., died 12/6/68: 12/12/68p3

Neal, Edwin C., died 4/10/69: 4/17/69p3

Neal, Marion, and Richard Bengston Jr. are wed 10/2/65: 10/14/65p4

Neal, Marion H., died 5/29/68: 6/6/68p3

Neal, Thomas J., died 5/17/62: 6/7/62p3

Nebesky, Daniel, and Patricia Pelletier are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Nedeau, Linda, is first Rochester volunteer for Job Corps: 5/5/66p3

Nedeau, Maude M., died 8/15/61: 8/17/61p3

Nehring, William, and Penny Gile are wed 5/7/67: 5/11/67p4

Nelson, Gertrude G., died 8/4/67: 8/10/67p3

Nelson, John, and Donna Nutter are wed: 6/15/67p5

Nelson, M&M Albert, celebrate 51st anniversary: 9/8/60p5

Nelson, M&M Albert, celebrate 55th anniversary: 9/10/64pA4

Nelson, M&M Albert, celebrate 56th anniversay: 9/9/65p4

Nelson, William, and Elaine Guerin are wed 2/17/62: 3/29/62p4

Nelson. Evelyn A., died 5/5/63: 5/9/63p3

Nesbitt, Gwen, and William Anctil are wed 7/31/65: 8/12/65p4

Nesbitt, Richard E., died 5/4/69: 5/8/69p16

Nevers, Clarence E., died 11/26/69: 12/4/69p3

Nevers, Lila B., died 4/22/62: 4/26/62p3

Newall, Florence M., died 1/2/60: 1/7/60p3

Newberry, Edith M., died 10/4/67: 10/12/67p3

Newbury, Henry L., died 11/3/60: 11/10/60p3

Newbury, Myrtle H., died 7/3/66: 7/7/66p3

Newcomb, Charles, and Virginia Ross are wed 5/20/66: 6/9/66p4

Newcomb, Charles E., died 3/21/64: 3/26/64p3

Newcomb, Ed, 90 years old and still a-going: 6/15/61pA1

Newell, Etta, died 3/4/68: 3/7/68p3

Newhall Jr., Lester, and Patricia Custeau are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Newton, Maryls, and David Joos are wed 12/10/66: 12/15/66p4

Newton, Pauline D., died 9/28/65: 9/30/65p3

Niblett, Cynthia, and Ronald Poloske are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62p6

Niblock, Clifton H., died 3/27/69: 4/3/69p3

Nichols, Albert J., died 2/10/61 are wed 2/4/61: 2/16/61p3

Nichols, Barry, and Irene Labrie are wed 9/3/66: 9/8/66p4

Nichols, Cora, died 8/25/65: 9/2/65p3

Nichols, Donald, and Lise Tremblay are wed 2/11/61: 2/16/61p4

Nichols, Donna, and Randall Goslin are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Nichols, Henry, and sister Harriet reunite after 44 years: 9/24/64p10

Nichols, Kenneth, and Helena Ferland wed 10/1/60: 10/6/60p4,10/13/60p4

Nickerson, Carrie M., died 1/22/64: 1/23/64p3

Nickerson, Darlene, and Donald LaCroix wed 3/12/66: 3/24/66p4,3/30/66p4

Nickerson, George G., died 12/16/68: 12/19/68p3

Nickerson, Laurena L., died 5/27/67: 6/8/67p3

Nickerson, Maurice, died 11/25/66: 12/1/66p3

Nickerson, Vane E., died 1/23/64: 1/30/64p3

Nickless, Ruby F., died 10/5/63: 10/10/63p3

Nickols, Walter O., died 8/1/64: 8/6/64p3

Nilson, Augusta J., died 7/?/63: 7/25/63p3

Nixon, Bernard F., died 12/9/67: 12/14/67p3

Nixon, Bridget A., died 1/25/65: 1/28/65p3

Nixon, James H., died 6/11/67: 6/15/67p3

Nixon, Jonathon, died 2/27/66: 3/3/66p3

Nixon, Susan, and Edward Hebery are wed 5/4/68: 5/16/68p4

Noel, Dianne, and Rudolph Guilmet are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Noftall, Frederick J., died 12/30/62: 1/3/63p3

Nomand, Edna V., died 5/19/62: 5/24/62p3

Normand, Paul, and Linda Sanfacon are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p4

Normand, Priscilla, and Richard LaPointe are wed 10/24/64: 10/29/64p4

Normand, William, died 11/13/64: 11/19/64p3

Normandin, Pierre, died 11/21/69: 11/27/69p3

Norris, John H., died 9/25/61: 9/28/61p3

Norton, Heidi, and Steven Rice are wed 10/4/69: 12/4/69pA4

Norton, Jean M., died 12/3/65: 12/9/65p3

Norton, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/26/64p4

Norton, Paul E., died 7/3/69: 7/10/69p3

Norton, Robert, and Elizabeth Whitaker are wed 8/12/67: 8/17/67p4

Norton, William, and Edna Watson are wed 7/30/66: 8/4/66p4

Norwood, Frank L., died 9/18/62: 9/20/62p3

Norwood, Manuel B., died 9/7/63: 9/12/63p3

Notkin, Arnold, and Sandra Small are wed 8/14/60: 8/25/60p4

Novillis, Elizabeth, and Willard Smith Jr. are wed 5/21/66: 5/26/66p4

Novillis, Sharon, and Norman Pouliot are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63pB1

Novins, Janet, and Burton Meisner are wed 6/19/66: 6/23/66p4

Novins, M&M Murray--A Community Portrait: 4/14/60pA2

Noyes, Ella H., died 11/11/60: 11/17/60p3

Noyes, Leland W., died 10/17/69: 10/23/69p3

Noyes Sr., Leroy W., died 1/25/63: 1/31/63p3

Nugent, Arthur J., died 3/19/66: 3/24/66p3

Nutbnrown, Lillian M., died 4/30/69: 5/1/69p3

Nutbrown, Carol, and Richard Roy are wed: 8/6/64p4

Nute, Harry A., died 6/25/66: 6/30/66p3

Nute, Harry, retires after 39 years with Postal Service: 3/16/61p7

Nute, Herbert R., died 6/1/65: 6/10/65p3

Nute, Inez, celebrates 95th birthday: 11/30/61p1

Nute, Inis O., died 11/2/64: 11/5/64p3

Nute, Lena E., died 12/8/60: 12/15/60p3

Nute, M&M Wilfred, celelbrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/69pA13

Nutter, Ada H., died 1/31/66: 2/3/66p3

Nutter, Donna, and John Nelson are wed: 6/15/67p5

Nutter, Eliza, celebrates 96th birthday: 9/26/63p4

Nutter, Eliza E., died 11/2/63: 11/7/63p3

Nutter, Harry F., died 7/11/63: 7/18/63p3

Nutter, M&M Chester, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/1/60p5

Nutter, Penny, and Carl Holland are wed 2/17/68: 2/29/68p4

Nutter, Wilbur G., died 10/15/67: 10/19/67pA1

Nutting, Marion D., died 2/25/68: 2/29/68p: 2/29/68p3

O'Brien Jr., Eugene, off to Thailand in Peace Corps: 2/3/66p5

O'Brien, Katherine T., died 9/?/66: 9/8/66p3

O'Brien, Margaret. M., died 9/24/61: 9/28/61p3

O'Brien, Olive S., died 5/8/62: 5/10/62p3

O'Brien, Patrick F., died 3/16/65: 3/18/65p: 3/18/65p2

O'Brien, William R., died 11/23/63: 11/28/63p3

O'Connor, Mildred, retires after 34 years in education: 6/2/60pA1

O'Der, James, and Theresa St. Pierre are wed: 12/10/64pA4

O'Laughlin, Michael C., died 12/18/62: 12/20/62p3

O'Leary, Isabelle, and George Cote are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

O'Leary, Leslie, died 8/29/69: 9/4/69p3

O'Loughlin, Mary M., died 2/14/63: 2/21/63p3

O'Mahoney, John, and Judith Lic are wed 8/16/69: 8/28/69p4

O'Neil, Ruth, and Donald Gilbert are wed 10/26/63: 10/31/63pB6

Oakes, Elija P., died 2/14/69: 2/20/69p3

Oakley, Ruthann, and George Ireland are wed 2/10/68: 2/15/68p14

Ogilvie, David, and Carol Caplette are wed: 10/27/66p5

Oikle, Mabel L., died 8/15/65: 8/19/65p3

Oleson, Margaret, celebrates 80th birthday: 5/5/66p5

Oliver, Harvey A., died 10/4/65: 10/7/65p3

Olsen, Dennis, died 5/18/66: 5/19/66p1,5/26/66p3

Olsen, Ella F., died 6/15/68: 6/20/68p3

Omand, Anne, and Bruce Smith are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p3

Ortman, Doris, and John Almond are wed 3/10/62: 3/15/62p4

Orzechowski, Stan, and Kathleen Markey are wed: 8/1/68p4

Osborn, Junellen, and Zane Chase are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4,7/7/60p4

Osborne, Addie E., died 2/8/63: 2/21/63p3

Osborne, Kenneth, and Diane Datson are wed: 6/23/60p11

Osgood, Donald, retires after 20 years with US Army: 3/8/62pA1

Osgood, Edward L., died 11/15/62: 11/22/62p3

Osgood, Harold G., died 8/20/67: 8/24/67p3

Osgood, Willie, and Mildred Gilpatrick are wed 7/25/66: 8/4/66p4

Osterman, Rolfe A., died 6/19/69: 6/26/69p3

Otis, Harry E., died 8/19/65: 8/26/65p3

Otis, Leora, died 1/10/65: 1/14/65p3

Otis, Nora O., died 3/15/65: 3/18/65p3

Otis, Norman L., died 5/3/64: 5/7/64p3

Otis, Oscar O., died 2/24/61: 3/2/61p3

Otis, Russell B., died 12/22/62: 12/27/62p3

Otis, Winslow W., died 7/9/68: 7/11/68p3

Otto, George A, died 2/9/61: 3/9/61p3

Ouellette, Antonia T., died 7/29/67: 8/3/67p3

Ouellette, Beatrice R., died 6/24/69: 6/26/69p3

Ouellette, Louise, and Martin Parent are wed 5/30/63: 6/6/63p4

Ouellette, Mrs. Philones, died 6/19/66: 6/23/66p3

Ouellette, Norman, and Cheryl Crawford are wed 12/6/69: 12/11/69p4

Ouellette, Robert, and Karen Fogelin are wed 6/12/69: 7/17/69p4

Ouellette, Roch T., died 11/?/64: 11/5/64p3

Ouellette, Roland, and Billie Carlisle are wed: 10/7/65p5

Ouellette, Roland, died 4/?/69: 4/24/69p3,5/1/69p3

Outwater, Howard T., died 6/25/61: 6/29/61p3

Owen, Geneva F., died 1/24/65: 1/28/65p3

Pacelli, Gerald, and Charlotte Andrews are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Packard, Arthur L., died 1/21/61: 2/2/61p3

Packard, Robert, and Leslie Lessard are wed: 6/8/67p4

Packer, Elva H., died 3/15/61: 3/16/61p3

Page, Cynthia, and Robert Hunt are wed 7/19/69: 7/31/69p4

Page, David, and Betty Blanchard are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p2

Page, Edward H., died 6/18/64: 6/18/64p4

Page, Elaine, and Richard Day are wed 10/26/63: 11/7/63pA1

Page, Georgianna S., died 2/27/63: 2/28/63p3

Page, Nellie, died 6/30/65: 7/1/65p3

Page, Norman L., died 5/16/65: 5/20/65p3

Pageau, Elizabeth C., died 6/7/60: 6/9/60p3

Pageau, Elziar, died 5/19/67: 5/25/67p3

Pageau, Nancy, and Leslie Joy are wed 8/27/66: 9/1/66p4

Painter, Cora L., died 11/1/64: 11/5/64p3

Pallas, Samuel T., died 9/18/67: 9/21/67p3

Pallas, William S., died 8/10/69: 8/14/69p3

Palmer, Arthur W., died 11/11/69: 11/13/69p12

Palmer, Erlene, and Charles Roberts are wed 12/2/62: 12/6/62pB5

Palmer, George C., died 8/23/61: 8/24/61p3

Palmer, M&M George, clebrate 65th anniversary: 10/20/60p4

Palmer, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/15/67p5

Panteledes, George, and Lucille Dumais are wed 6/10/61: 6/15/61p4

Pappajohn, Phyllis, and Lincoln Lyons Jr. are wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4

Pappas, Maria, and Demetrios Raizes are wed 9/25/60: 10/27/60p4

Paquet, Edward D., died 6/28/65: 7/1/65p3

Paquette, Howard, and Judith Davis are wed 9/22/62: 9/27/62p6

Paquette, Joseph D., died 6/25/68: 6/27/68p16

Paquette, Mattie C., died 11/3/62: 11/8/62p3

Paquette, Owen J., died 2/13/68: 2/15/68p3

Paquin, Miriam P., died 7/13/69: 7/17/69p3

Paradis, Claudette, and Ernest Pouliot are wed 10/24/64: 10/29/64p4

Paradis, Ethelyn, and Kenneth Young are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Paradis, Jill, and Dennis Weeks are wed 6/27/64: 7/2/64p4

Paradis Jr., Lucien, and Beverly Gault are wed 12/29/62: 1/3/63p4

Paradis, Marilyn, and Larry Pate are wed 5/10/69: 5/15/69p4

Paradis, Ronald, and Roberta Shaw are wed 10/10/69: 10/23/69p4

Paradise, Charles A, died 4/23/60: 4/28/60p3

Pare, Azilda L., died 1/16/60: 1/21/60p3

Pare, Eugene J., died 2/15/68: 2/22/68p3

Parent, Constance, and Paul Couture are wed 2/20/60: 3/3/60p4

Parent, Gloria, and Robert Heron are wed 8/5/61: 8/10/61p4

Parent, Martin, and Louise Ouellette are wed 5/30/63: 6/6/63p4

Parenteau, George H., died 1/1/64: 1/2/64p3

Parenteau, Raymond, and Joanne Allard are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Parker, Edward, and Joan Davis are wed: 10/29/64p4

Parker, Ethel, and Ronald Chasse are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63pB1

Parker, Harold F., died 4/14/69: 4/17/69p3

Parker, John B., died 12/18/67: 12/21/67p1

Parker Jr., Richard, and Sharon Blackadar are wed 8/16/69: 8/21/69p4

Parker, Lauren E., died 11/10/69: 11/13/69p12

Parker, Mrs. Carl F., died 72163: 7/25/63p3

Parker, Ned L., died 11/29/61: 11/30/61p3

Parker, Paul, and Kathleen MacKay are wed 8/19/67: 8/31/67p2

Parker, Philip E., died 11/6/66: 11/10/66p3

Parker, Richard, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/25/65p1

Parker, Robert, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 5/23/68p1

Parker, Sumner L., died 8/1/65: 8/5/65p3

Parkhurst, Frank W., died 11/14/62: 11/15/62p3

Parkhurst, Hattie A., died 1/24/61: 1/26/61p3

Parks, John, and Pamela Vachon are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p4

Parmenter Jr., Theodore, and Marcia Wood are wed 9/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Parmerleau, Diane, and Louis Hardy are wed 7/23/60: 7/28/60p4

Parshley, Bennie E., died 6/4/63: 6/6/63p3

Parshley, Bernice, has article published nationally: 2/15/68p2

Parshley, Elizabeth, celebrates 80th birthday: 6/23/60p11

Parshley family reunion held 8/10/69: 8/14/69p4

Parshley family reunion held 8/15/65: 8/19/65p4

Parshley family reunion held: 8/30/62p4

Parshley Family reunion, 12th, held: 8/24/61pA5

Parshley, M&M Richmond, celebrate 42nd anniversary: 12/1/66p6

Parshley, Robert V., died 6/3/63: 6/6/63p3

Parshley, Sheldon, and Betty Turner are wed 10/1/65: 10/14/65p4

Parshley Sr., M&M Richmond, celebrate 44th anniversary: 12/5/68pA8

Parshley Sr., M&M Richmond, celebrate 45th anniversary: 12/4/69pA3

Parsons, Florence H., died 5/18/64: 5/21/64p3

Parsons, Frank W., died 6/28/66: 7/7/66p3

Parsons, Leo F., died 10/?/62: 10/18/62p3

Patch, Alfred, and Helen Copp are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p7

Patch, Barbara, and Richard Bilodeau are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Patch, Beverly, and Paul Cathcart are wed 8/15/64: 8/20/64p4

Patch, Carol, and Dustan Bly are wed 9/13/69: 10/9/69p4

Patch, Clarence L., died 8/2/64: 8/6/64p1

Patch, M&M Everett, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/2/60p1,6/9/60p6

Patch, M&M Everett, celebrate 55th anniversary: 6/17/65p53

Patch, Margaret D., died 1/1/62: 1/18/62p3

Patch, Phyllis, and Lyn Fifield are wed: 7/1/65p4

Patch, Robert, and Jeannette Hanscom are wed 11/7/64: 11/12/64p5

Patch, Ronal, and Lorraine Moulton are wed 10/29/60: 11/3/60p4

Pate, Larry, and Marilyn Paradis are wed 5/10/69: 5/15/69p4

Patten, Leroy, and Betty Drew are wed 12/14/63: 12/26/63p4

Patterson, Linda, and Robert Regan are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63pB6

Paulson, Alice M, died 7/30/63: 8/1/63p3

Paulson, John A., died 4/13/61: 4/20/61p3

Pavolaitis, Joseph, and Lois Griffen are wed 9/3/67: 9/21/67p4

Peabody, Ernest W., died 12/25/66: 1/5/67p3

Peabody, Gail, and Kendall Chase are wed 3/2/69: 3/27/69pA10

Pearl, Florence C., died 12/11/63: 12/12/63p5

Pearson, Cora W., died 6/19/66: 6/23/66p3

Pearson, Ellen, shows great talent as an artist: 7/2/64p3

Pearson, John, and Joan Mooney are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63pC4

Pearson, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/17/64pA12

Pearson, Nancy, and Loran Smith are wed 8/6/60: 8/11/60p4

Pearson, Paul, and Francine Messier are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p4

Peavey Jr., M&M Fred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/9/65p4

Peavey, Karen, and Robert Zajicek are wed 2/11/67: 2/16/67p4,3/2/67p4

Peavey, Will, celebrates 96th birthday: 4/13/61pB5

Peavey, Will L., celebrates 95th birthday: 4/7/60pB6

Peavey, Will L., died 9/23/61: 9/28/61p3

Peck, Marcia, and Charles Hodsdon Jr. are wed 6/27/64: 7/9/64p5

Peck, Marilyn, and Richard Pike are wed 8/20/65: 8/26/65p5,9/23/65p4

Peck, Marilyn, is Miss Rochester 1963: 5/2/63pp1,5

Peebles, Margaret K., died 12/7/68: 12/12/68p2

Pelletier, Alina M., died 7/9/61: 7/13/61p1

Pelletier, Antonia M., died 2/23/67: 3/2/67p3

Pelletier, Archie J., died 11/27/67: 11/30/67p3

Pelletier, Carolyn P., died 10/2/62: 10/4/62p3

Pelletier, Florence, died 7/18/65: 7/22/65p3

Pelletier, Joseph R., died 11/17/68: 11/21/68p3

Pelletier, Mary E., died 1/31/66: 2/3/66p3

Pelletier, Nancy, and Michael Dubois are wed 9/5/64: 9/10/64p4

Pelletier, Patricia, and Daniel Nebesky are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Pelletier, Philip, and Sylvia Duchesneau are wed 2/15/69: 2/20/69p4

Pelley, M&M Alfred, celebrate 45th anniversary: 9/5/68p4

Pence, Edward L., died 4/2/69: 4/10/69p3

Pennell, Reginald, and Anne Morgan are wed 6/18/65: 7/1/65p2

Pennock, George, and Joanne St. Pierre are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Pepin, M&M Antonia, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/19/61p4

Pepin, Sylvia, and Peter Weathers are wed 7/24/65: 7/29/65p4

Perant, Inez F., died 7/7/62: 7/12/62p3

Percival, Blanche N., died 12/?/68: 12/12/68p3

Perkins, Alice, is Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: 2/7/63pB8

Perkins, Bridget, died 2/10/66: 2/17/66p3

Perkins, Dolores, and David Warburton wed 11/5/60: 11/10/60p4,11/17/60pA6

Perkins, Dorothy, and Kenneth Adjutant wed 7/18/61: 7/20/61p4,7/27/61pB6

Perkins, Eva, and Ernest Turcotte are wed 1/19/63: 1/24/63p4

Perkins, Hattie K., died 2/4/63: 2/7/63p3

Perkins, James A., died 11/22/67: 11/30/67p3

Perkins, John D., died 7/24/60: 7/28/60p3

Perkins, Lillian T., died 3/4/69: 3/6/69p3

Perkins, M&M Robert, celebrate 10th anniversary: 10/14/65p9

Perkins, Mary A., died 4/19/64: 4/23/64p2

Perkins, Rose, and Henry Fall are wed 2/27/60: 3/31/60p4

Perley, Alexina B., died 4/8/66: 4/14/66p3

Perrault, Leontine M., died 9/14/63: 9/19/63p3

Perrault, Lottie C., died 5/14/68: 5/16/68p3

Perreault, Cathy, 6, performs on TV show: 10/26/61p8

Perreault, Edgar W., died 12/18/66: 12/22/66p3

Perreault, Jeanette, and Wilfred Comtois are wed 8/8/64: 8/20/64p2

Perreault, Jerrine Z., died 2/15/64: 2/20/64p3

Perreault, John, died 10/9/65: 10/14/65p3

Perreault Jr., Amedee, and Marrion Bruce are wed 2/9/68: 2/29/68p4

Perreault, M&M Rudolph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/16/60pC3

Perreault, Margaret W., died 8/8/66: 8/11/66p3

Perreault, Mary C., died 2/16/64: 2/20/64p3

Perreault, Rudolph J., died 5/30/68: 6/6/68p3

Perreault, Theodore H., died 4/26/69: 5/1/69p3

Perreault, Theodore J., died 7/2/60: 7/7/60p3

Perrie, Louise, died 3/7/67: 3/9/67p3

Perrow, John, and Sarah Kennett are wed: 3/9/67p4

Perry, Arthur C., died 8/13/63: 8/15/63p3

Perry, Audrey, and Kenith Jackson are wed: 7/27/67p4

Perry, Dennis, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/10/66pp1,11

Perry, Francis, died 2/11/64: 2/20/64p3

Perry, James, and Athena Hendrick are wed: 1/10/63pB1

Perry, Ronald, and Sandra Levesque are wed 2/5/67: 2/16/67p4

Peruse, Marcel, and Jeannette Gareau are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p4

Peterson, Alberta, and Harold Horne are wed 10/15/62: 10/25/62p4

Peterson, Ethel L., died 8/23/68: 8/29/68p6

Peterson, James C., died 5/18/66: 5/26/66p3

Peterson, Lester A., died 3/31/67: 4/6/67p3

Peterson, M&M Oliver, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/7/60p4

Peterson, Maude L., died 12/7/69: 12/11/69p3

Peterson, Oliver C., died 5/25/61: 6/1/61p3

Petrin, Richard, and Jeanne Eldridge are wed 7/24/65: 7/29/65p5

Pettingill, Robert F., elected president of NH Jaycees: 5/28/64p1

Petty, George, and Phyllis Ginty are wed: 2/20/64p4

Phelps, Arthur C., died 1/28/60: 2/4/60p3

Philbrick, Florence, and William MacKey are wed: 10/4/62p4

Phillips, Agnes E., died 10/15/67: 10/19/67p3

Phillips, Arlene A., died 10/4/69: 10/16/69p3

Phillips, Lawrence J., died 6/18/69: 6/26/69p3

Phillips, Peggy, and Robert Connor are wed 4/9/66: 4/14/66p4

Phillips, Susan, and Donald Iseman are wed: 12/19/68p3

Phillips, Warren S., died 2/10/69: 2/13/69p3

Phipps, Donald, and Faith Caron are wed: 5/11/67p4

Picard, Ronald, and Dorothy Haigh are wed 12/16/67: 12/21/67pA1

Pichette, Albert, and Donna Corson are wed: 12/17/64pA7

Pichette, Archie, died 6/28/68: 7/4/68p3

Picquett, Mary W., died 4/23/62: 4/26/62p3

Picquette, Homer, died 6/14/65: 6/24/65p3

Pierce, Bentley, and Louann Mann are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63p3,7/18/63pA8

Pierce, Beverly, and William Copp are wed 5/27/67: 6/1/67p4

Pierce, Dora M., died 2/16/64: 2/20/64p3

Pierce family reunion held: 8/11/66p4

Pierce, J. Maurice, died 2/26/69: 3/6/69p3

Pierce, James B., died 8/22/69: 8/28/69p5

Pierce, Joyce, and O'Neil Brochu are wed 7/20/68: 8/8/68p6

Pierce Jr., John, and Robin Boak are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Pierce, Lora I., died 8/21/66: 8/25/66p3

Pierce Sr., M&M Carl, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/8/68p6

Piercy, Evelyun L., died 12/27/67: 12/28/67p3

Pieroni, Oreste, died 5/23/66: 5/26/66p3

Pike, Harriet, wins Lions Club essay contest: 2/9/67pA1

Pike Jr., George A., died 11/25/66: 12/1/66p3

Pike, M&M Cecil, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/29/66p4

Pike, M&M Raymond, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/28/66p4

Pike, Mary A., died 3/16/61: 3/23/61p3

Pike, Nannie E., died 8/9/62: 8/16/62p3

Pike, Richard, and Marilyn Peck are wed 8/20/65: 8/26/65p5,9/23/65p4

Pike, William J., died 9/8/64: 9/10/64p3

Piller, William, died 2/24/65: 3/11/65p3

Pillsbury, Edith M., died 3/13/64: 3/19/64p3

Pinard, William, died 11/8/66: 11/10/66p3

Pine, Prudence, and David Hodsdon are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p5

Pineault, Joseph P., died 3/14/63: 3/21/63p3

Pineo, Adam P., died 6/5/63: 6/13/63p3

Pinkham, Clifton C., died 54/18/63: 4/25/63p3

Pinkham, Harold B., died 3/28/67: 3/30/673p

Pinkham Jr., Henry, and Carlene Binette are wed 8/20/66: 8/25/66p5

Pinkham, Nancy, chosen to intern at Jackson Lab: 4/28/66p1

Piper, David E., died 8/10/65: 8/19/65p3

Piper, Forrest E., died 9/20/67: 9/21/67p3

Piper, Helen P. died 9/26/65: 9/30/65p3

Piper, James, and Bertha Ramsden are wed 2/26/65: 3/11/65p4

Piper, Mrs. James L., died 3/6/64: 3/12/64p3

Pippin Jr., Raymond, and Donna Lavallee are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Pippin Jr., Raymond, and Noreen Dorr are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p5

Pitman, Charles, and Linda Gile are wed 1/12/62: 1/18/62p4

Pitrie Jr., Joseph, and Diann Glidden are wed 10/7/67: 10/19/67p10

Place, Alan, and Sandra Butler are wed 8/31/68: 9/5/68p4

Place, Cheryl, and Paul Couture are wed 9/21/68: 10/3/68pA3

Place, Clyde P., died 4/13/68: 4/18/68p3

Place, Eileen, and Robert Ferland are wed: 10/8/64p4

Place, Judith, and Richard Aubert are wed 9/18/65: 9/30/65p4

Place, Robert, and Catherine Mooney are wed 12/17/66: 12/22/66p4

Place, Terry, and Nancy Worster are wed 2/12/66: 2/17/66p4

Place, William, and Linda Dionne are wed 5/13/61: 5/18/61p4

Plante, Betty, and Leon Hall Jr. are wed 8/26/67: 8/26/67p4

Plante, David, and Lorraine Davis are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p4

Plante, Diana M., died 3/19/67: 3/23/67p3

Plante, Donald, and Marianne Doucette are wed 1/27/62: 2/1/62p4

Plante, M&M Alphonse, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/15/64p4

Plante, Wilbrod A., died 3/17/68: 3/21/68p3

Pleva, Michael, and Karen Johnson are wed 9/7/68: 9/12/68p4

Plourde, Alma, died 4/1/67: 4/6/67p3

Plourde, Delmeriste L., doed 3/7/63: 3/14/63p3

Plourde, Eleanor, and Marshall Smith wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4,2/9/61p4

Plourde, Yvonne, and Louis Howard are wed: 8/23/62p4

Plummer, Ruth L., died 7/10/60: 7/7/60p3

Pocino, Luigi, died 5/16/63: 5/23/63p3

Poire, Arlene, and David Marquis are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Poire, Rachel, and Maurice Blais are wed 4/30/66: 5/5/66p4

Poisson, Placide, died 5/24/64: 5/28/64p3

Poisson, Rene M., died 10/19/69: 10/23/69p3

Poisson, Robert, and Helen Dube are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p4

Poitras, Norman, and Deborah Boothby are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p8

Poloske, Ronald, and Cynthia Niblett are wed 11/17/62: 11/29/62p6

Polychronis, Bernard, died 1/4?/61: 1/12/61p3

Pomerleau, Annette, and Albert Cook are wed 9/10/60: 9/22/60p4

Pomeroy, William, and Patricia Thompson are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Poole, Walter H., died 2/26/61: 3/2/61p3

Pope, Russell, and Katherine Boucher are wed 8/23/69: 8/28/69p4

Porter, Abbie H., died 9/11/62: 9/13/62p3

Porter, Fred L., died 10/21/64: 10/29/64p3

Porter Jr., Fred, and Lois Reid are wed 9/7/63: 9/12/63p4

Portrie, Gail, and Walter Gadbois are wed 8/9/69: 8/14/69p4

Portrie, Marie, died 7/24/62: 7/26/62p3

Portrie. Paula, and Frederick Gebhardt are wed 6/2/67: 6/8/67p5

Potter, Gail, and Richard Moore are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68pp2,11

Potvin, Eva O., died 5/?/67: 5/18/67p3

Potvin, F. A., celebrates 91st birthday: 7/26/62p2

Potvin, Jane, and Harold Mallock are wed: 3/2/67p4

Potvin, Louis F., died 12/2/67: 12/7/67p3

Potvin, M&M A. F., celebrate 68th anniversary: 2/9/61p1

Potvin, M&M A. F., celebrate 67th anniversary: 1/28/60p1

Potvin, M&M A. F., celebrate 69th anniversary: 2/1/62p1

Potvin, Mrs. A., celebrates 87th birthday: 5/10/62p4

Potvin, Mrs. A.F., celebrates 85th birthday: 5/12/60pB1

Potvin, Mrs. Fred, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/6/65p5

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 91st birthday: 5/5/66p5

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 93rd birthday: 5/9/68p4

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 94th birthday: 5/8/69p3

Poulin, Clement J., died 11/27/64: 12/3/64p3

Poulin, Lumina A., died 7/24/62: 7/26/62p3

Poulin, Mary, and Edward Talauska are wed 5/15/68: 5/23/68p4

Poulin, Naise D., died 1/30/62: 2/1/62p3

Pouliot, Edward J., died 5/20/60: 6/2/60p3

Pouliot, Ernest, and Claudette Paradis are wed 10/24/64: 10/29/64p4

Pouliot, Lee, and Jeanne Hersey are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p5

Pouliot, Norman, and Sharon Novillis are wed 7/6/63: 7/11/63pB1

Pouliot, Patricia, and Barry Weeks are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Poulis, Evangelea, and George Roberts IV are wed 9/13/69: 10/2/69p4

Poulliot, Gloria, and Loring Reinholtz wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p9,6/30/60p4

Powell, Emily F., died 10/3/62: 10/11/62p3

Powell, Frank H., died 8/23/64: 8/27/64p3

Powell, George N., died 9/5/60: 9/15/60p3

Powell, M&M Frank, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 5/26/60p5

Powell, Richard, and Lorraine Allaire wed 10/6/62: 10/11/62p4,10/18/62p4

Powell, Tressa M., died 4/2/68: 4/4/68p3

Pozdziak Jr., Eugene, and Cheryl Gravel are wed: 12/9/65p4

Pratt, ???, and Robert Hickey are wed: 4/28/66p4

Pratt, George R., died 2/11/65: 2/18/65p12

Pratt, Lucille, and Gerard Gagne are wed 10/26/68: 11/14/68p4

Pratt, M&M Sumner, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/7/65p4

Pratt, Nettie, died 5/4/63: 5/9/63p3

Pratt, Sumner W., died 8/10/67: 8/17/67p3

Preble, Clyde R., died 2/24/68: 3/7/68p3

Prescott, Cynthia, and Douglas Reynolds are wed 9/26/64: 10/1/64p4

Prescott, Dennis, died in Vietnam ?/?/68: 1/25/68p1

Prescott, George A., died 5/6/68: 5/9/68p3

Prescott, Ida V., died 8/25/66: 9/1/66p3

Prescott, Timothy S., died 7/7/67: 7/13/67p3

Preston, Florence P., died 2/16/67: 2/23/67p3

Preston, Herbert M., died 2/13/62: 2/15/62p3

Preswcott, Roscoe e., died 12/5/68: 12/12/68p3

Price, Betty, and Wayne Lowd are wed 10/1/66: 11/3/66p4

Price, Daniel, and Elizabeth Lord are wed 9/10/61: 9/14/61p4

Price, Ethel P., died 11/28/65: 12/2/65p3

Price, Lincoln, is C/C Executive Director: 2/4/60p1

Prince, John, and Judith Kelley are wed: 1/27/66p4

Printy, Miriam, spends four years in Tokyo, Japan: 8/10/61pA1

Proulx, M&M Stephen, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/10/64p4

Proulx, Marlene, and Raymond Colbroth are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Proulx, Paul, and Lucille Berenson are wed: 10/11/62p6

Provencher, Carol, and James Barrett are wed: 7/15/65p5

Provenzano, Frank, and Barbara Callaghan are wed 11/23/63: 11/28/63p5

Provost, Roger, and Joanne Ryan are wed: 9/16/65p4

Pullen, Rita, and Chellis Weeks are wed 11/24/60: 12/8/60p4

Pulsifer, Bernice B., died 12/15/69: 12/18/69p3

Pulsifer, Walter, 98, awarded Farmington's Boston Post Cane: 8/5/65pA6

Pulsifer, Walter H., celebrates 94th birthday at the dentist: 3/30/61p1

Pulsifer, Walter H., died 10/23/66: 10/27/66p3

Purrington, Joy, and Gilbert Keene are wed 7/29/61: 8/10/61p4

Purvis, Catherine S., died 2/21/67: 2/23/67p3

Purvis, M&M Leonard, celebrate 40th anniversary: 2/21/63p4

Putnam, Ethel M., died 3/29/63: 4/4/63p3

Putney, Cris A., died 3/3/67: 3/9/67p3

Pwell, M&M Frank, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 6/2/60p4

Quiet, Kevin, is Troop 357 Scout of the Year: 5/25/67p9

Quimby, Albert D., died 6/8/64: 6/11/64p3

Quimby, Charles E., died 10/14/62: 10/25/62p3

Quimby, Edward H., died 1/14/64: 1/16/64p3

Quimby, Fred, and Cynthia Connelly are wed: 9/9/65p4

Quimby, Laura A., died 9/22/65: 9/23/65p3

Quinby, Henry, and Elaine English are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Quinn, Dora T., died 3/31/60: 4/7/60p3

Quinn, Philomene, died 8/10/65: 8/12/65p3

Quint, Barbara, and Darrell Britton III are wed 2/17/60: 2/25/60p4

Quint, Charles W., died 6/17/61: 6/22/61p3

Quint, Nellie K., died 12/12/64: 12/17/64p3

Quint, Russell, and Blanche Doodwin are wed 12/17/60: 12/29/60p4

Quinton, George F., died 1/20/68: 1/25/68p3

Quirion, Adjutor R., died 4/1/68: 4/4/68p3

Quirion, Gertrude L., died 7/3/63: 7/11/63p3

Raab, Bruce, and Beatrice York are wed 7/14/69: 7/24/69pA16

Raab, Donald, and Susan Keller are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Raab, Elizabeth, and Eric Willard are wed 11/16/68: 11/28/68p4

Raab, M&M Edgar, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/11/68p4

Raab, Margaret F., died 6/26/65: 7/1/65p3

Rabdall, John, died 10/20/69: 10/23/69p3

Racicot, Philip E., died 10/12/63: 10/17/63p3

Radey, Patricia L., died 8/18/67: 8/24/67p3

Raiche, Victoria, celebrates 88th birthday: 7/21/60pB1

Raiche, Victoria L., died 6/26/68: 7/4/68p3

Rainaud, Warren C., died 22/5/62: 2/8/62p3

Rainville, Joseph A., died 10/19/65: 10/21/65p3

Rainville Jr., Gerard, and Margaret Bisson are wed 6/17/67: 6/29/67p4

Rainville, Jude R., died 11/?/66: 11/24/66p3

Rainville, Maria F., died 6/29/60: 6/30/60p3

Rainville, Richard, and Joann Lefebvre are wed 2/2/63: 2/7/63p5,2/14/63p4

Raizes, Bessie, and Alexander Manousos are wed 10/16/66: 10/20/66p4

Raizes, Demetrios, and Maria Pappas are wed 9/25/60: 10/27/60p4

Ramsdell, Blanche T., died 11/12/69: 11/13/69p3

Ramsdell, Chester H., died 11/16/65: 11/18/65p3

Ramsdell, Daisy D., died 2/18/60: 2/25/60p3

Ramsdell, John, and Janet Rollins are wed: 11/17/66p4

Ramsdell, Kate P., died 7/2/60: 7/7/60p3

Ramsdell, M&M Fred, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/27/67p4

Ramsdell, Marcia, and Dennis Bunten are wed 8/5/67: 8/10/67p4

Ramsdell, Sandra, and Ronald Fox are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p2

Ramsdell, Sandra, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/9/64p7

Ramsdell, Virginia, and Roger Bishop are wed 10/18/69: 10/30/69p12

Ramsden, Bertha, and James Piper are wed 2/26/65: 3/11/65p4

Ramsey, Frank, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/5/63pB6

Ramsey, Larry, and June Tanguay are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Ramsey, Lawrence S., died 5/5/64: 5/7/64p3

Ranagan, Alfred, and Carolyn Bickford are wed 1/26/63: 1/31/63p4

Ranagan Jr., Warren, and Gerine Lavoie are wed: 7/16/64p5

Ranagan, Warren, and Carol Redman are wed: 12/26/63p4

Ranagan, Warren F., died 3/23/69: 3/27/69p3

Rand, Donna, and Charles McKay are wed 12/26/64: 12/31/64p4

Rand, Earl K., died 4/30/64: 5/14/64p3

Rand, Elizabeth M., died 4/17/67: 4/20/67p3

Rand, Hazel, died 4/8/67: 4/13/p1

Rand Jr., Nathan, and Cecile Woodman are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Rand, Raymond, died 2/11/62: 2/15/62p3

Rand, Richard, wins NH Soapbox Derby: 7/4/63p1

Randall, Beatrice L., died 4/2/66: 4/7/66p3

Randall, Clayton, and Susan Martin are wed 8/2/69: 8/14/69ppA1,A8

Randall, Elizabeth, and Timothy Reid are wed: 7/15/65p5

Randall Jr., Charles died 6/12/67: 6/15/67p3

Ratcliffe, M&M Alfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/6/69p4

Rawley, Arthur M., died 7/11/64: 7/23/64p3

Rawson, Prentiss F., died 12/16/60: 12/22/60p3

Ray, Charlotte, and Leland Gray are wed 6/30/69: 7/10/69p4

Raymond, Donald, and Betty Irish are wed 2/27/60: 3/3/60pB4

Raymond, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 25th anniverary: 11/2/61p3

Raymond, Normand, and Marilyn Smith are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p7

Raymond, Robert, and Judith Bernard are wed 4/24/65: 4/29/65p4

Raymond, Rose, and Donald Lemire are wed 11/17/62: 11/22/62p4,12/6/62pA7

Reade, Elizabeth, and Paul Hamel are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Reagan, Raymond J., died 5/24/69: 5/29/69p3

Reber, Bonnie R., died 10/24/65: 10/28/65p3

Redden, William, and Nancy Johnson are wed: 7/16/64p7

Redlon, Leroy, honored for 50 years in Masons: 7/11/68p7

Redman, Carol, and Warren Ranagan are wed: 12/26/63p4

Reed, Anita, and John Gluth are wed 6/11/61: 6/15/61p4

Reed, Barbara, and Robert Larkin are wed: 6/16/66p5

Reed, Charles, and Diane Van Alstine are wed 5/1/65: 5/6/65p4

Reed, Cora C., died 7/24/65: 8/5/65p3

Reed, Corliss, died 7/31/66: 8/4/66p3

Reed, Donna, and Daniel Hathaway are wed 8/30/69: 9/25/69p4

Reed, Evelyn, and Mark Shevelin are wed 10/26/61: 11/16/61p4

Reed, Paul S., died 10/12/66: 10/20/66p3

Regan, Robert, and Linda Patterson are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63pB6

Regbell, Judith, and James Chasse are wed 8/31/68: 9/26/68p4

Regis, Joseph, and Theresa Regis are wed 10/15/60: 10/27/60p4

Regis, Joseph, recalls WWI in Italy: 4/7/60p5

Regis, M&M Peter, to visit Argentinian relatives: 1/26/67p4

Regis, Theresa, and Joseph Regis are wed 10/15/60: 10/27/60p4

Reid, Lois, and Fred Porter Jr. are wed 9/7/63: 9/12/63p4

Reid, Paul, and Vikki Horn are wed 3/27/65: 4/8/65p4

Reid, Peter N., died 8/21/67: 8/24/67p1

Reid, Russell, and Cheryl Durant are wed 9/20/69: 10/2/69p4

Reid, Timothy, and Elizabeth Randall are wed: 7/15/65p5

Reinholtz, Loring, and Gloria Poulliot wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p9,6/30/60p4

Reinholz, Ellen, and Robert Dadura are wed 9/4/65: 9/16/65p4

Remick, David O., died 7/7/62: 7/12/62p1

Remick, George E., died 12/1/63: 12/5/63p3

Remick, Janice, and Paul Brown are wed 11/8/69: 11/13/69p4

Remick, Norma, and Thomas Blake are wed 7/22/60: 8/4/60p4

Remick, Theodore H., died 4/4/66: 4/7/66p3

Remmers, John, and Patricia Bernier are wed 5/26/62: 5/31/62p4

Rew, Verna, and Herbert varney are wed: 1/23/64p4

Reynolds, Douglas, and Cynthia Prescott are wed 9/26/64: 10/1/64p4

Reynolds, Gary B., died 5/7/60: 5/12/60p3

Reynolds, Sharon, and David Allen are wed 6/30/61: 7/13/61p4

Rheaume, Donna, and Jack Kenyon are wed 9/30/67: 10/12/67p4

Rhines, Herbert A., died 1/25/63: 1/31/63p3

Rhines, Lucy, doed 10/13/63: 10/17/63p3

Rhodes, M&M Wilbert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/2/65p5

Rhodes, Mary A., died 6/20/68: 6/27/68p3

Rice Jr., Sam, and Judith Jones are wed 8/31/69: 9/11/69p3

Rice, Lily, and Robert Kendall are wed 12/28/65: 12/23/65p4

Rice, Steven, and Heidi Norton are wed 10/4/69: 12/4/69pA4

Rich, Cynthia I., died 2/2/60: 2/11/60p3

Rich, John, and Annie Hall are wed 9/23/63: 9/26/63p4

Rich, John R., died 9/19/67: 9/21/67p3

Richard, ???, and Frank Spiers are wed 10/13/62: 10/25/62p4

Richard, Alfred J., died 6/29/61: 7/6/61p3

Richard, Alice, and Wesley York are wed 4/24/65: 4/29/65p4

Richard, Anita, and Harvey Clark are wed 8/23/69: 8/28/69p4

Richard, Betty, and James Mucher are wed 1/14/61: 1/19/61p4

Richard, Dennis, and Nancy Cummiskey are wed 5/23/64: 6/4/64p4

Richard, Edward B., died 9/14/65: 9/16/65p3

Richard, Eugene, and Joanne Grant are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Richard, Jean, and Barbara Gagne are wed 2/27/65: 3/4/65p4

Richard, M&M Oliva, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/21/69p4

Richard, Marie L., died 6/18/64: 6/25/64p3

Richard, Napolean, died 8/22/66: 8/25/66p3

Richard, Paul E., died 12/17/60: 12/22/60p3

Richard, Roseanna, died 7/?/67: 7/27/67p3

Richards, Fred L., died 1/24/65: 1/28/65p3

Richards, Helen, and George Beetar are wed 2/20/60: 3/10/60p4

Richards, M&M William, celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/24/63pB2

Richards, Ronald, and Anna Rousseau are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Richards, William E., died 2/1/68: 2/8/68p2

Richardsin, Edythe--A Woman of Purpose: 8/11/60p4

Richardson, Cassie G., died 11/10/64: 11/12/64p3

Richardson, Cassie, retires after 20 years in SHS cafeteria: 6/14/62p4

Richardson, James, and Karen Klein are wed 8/20/65: 8/26/65p4

Richardson, John C., died 9/1/68: 9/5/68p1

Richardson, Paul, and Lora Mattocks are wed 4/22/61: 4/27/61p4

Richer, Donat, and Vera Clark are wed: 6/15/67p5

Richer, Kenneth, and Brenda Libby are wed 3/26/66: 3/30/66p4

Richey, J. Ernest, died 6/26/61: 6/29/61p3

Ricker, Alta M., died 1/4/60: 1/7/60p3

Ricker, Asa A., died 9/28/62: 10/4/62p3

Ricker, Delphine H., died 5/4/60: 5/5/60p3

Ricker, Floyd, and Beth Bickford are wed 6/12/66: 6/16/66p4

Ricker, James L., died 4/30/60: 5/5/60p3

Ricker, Keith, cited for Meritorious Service in Vietnam: 6/29/67p16

Ricker, Lillian P., died 120/60: 1/28/60p3

Ricker, Louise, and Charles Lord are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Ricker, Marilyn, and Robert Cilley are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63p4

Ricker, Mary C., died 10/29/60: 11/3/60p3

Ricker, Mary M., died 11/5/69: 11/13/69p3

Ricker, Peter, died 6/14/60: 6/16/60p3

Ricker, Stella, died 3/16/65: 3/25/65p3

Rider, Douglas, and Colleen Wilson are wed 11/1/69: 12/4/69p4

Rider, Evelyn, and Larry Morrison are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Ridings, David, and Jane Balcom are wed 10/27/62: 11/1/62p4

Ridley, Arthur D., died 10/30/62: 11/1/62p3

Ridley, Dennis P., died 1/11/67: 1/19/67p3

Ridley, Laura L., died 2/3/62: 2/8/62p3

Rief, Marjorie, died 1/31/66: 2/10/66p3

Rienert, Karen, and John Meader are wed 6/5/65: 6/10/65p4

Rigazio, Dominic, died 3/17/64: 3/19/64p3

Rigazio, Kevin J., died 7/11/64: 7/16/64p3

Rigazio, Mary B., died 10/5/60: 11/10/60p3

Rigazio, Raymond, and Nancy Hurd are wed 3/24/62: 3/29/62p4

Riley, Henrietta M., died 8/25/62: 8/30/62p3

Riley IV, Fred, and Patricia Rowell are wed 3/7/69: 3/27/69p4

Riley, Lloyd, died 10/8/68: 10/10/68p12

Riley, Lottie M., died 4/17/62: 4/19/62p3

Riley, Mattie M., died 2/7/64: 2/13/64p3

Rinaud, Burton E., died 3/18/67: 3/23/67p1

Rindfleisch, Robert, and Sally LaCroix are wed 7/17/65: 7/22/65p4

Ring, Richard, and Antoinette Beaulieu are wed: 10/1/64p4

Ring, William, died 4/13/61: 4/20/61p3

Ripett, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/11/60p4

Rippett, Linda, and Richard Bergeron are wed: 12/2/65p4

Rippett, Patricia, and Elliott Felker are wed: 9/17/64p5

Rivard, Irene, and Paul Dolbec are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Rivers, Doris, and Harlan Wentworth are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Rivier, Francis, and Joyce Caron are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Robarge, Louis E., died 12/16/65: 12/23/65p3

Robbins Jr., Delmont, and Jane Dimon are wed 2/4/62: 2/8/62p4

Robbins, Luanne, and John Knight are wed 7/27/63: 8/8/63p4

Robbins, Susan L., died 9/1/61: 9/7/61p3

Roberge, Donald, and Sandra Drew are wed: 6/15/67p4

Roberts, Cecil E.--A Community Portrait: 9/15/60pA2

Roberts, Charles, and Erlene Palmer are wed 12/2/62: 12/6/62pB5

Roberts, Ernest L., died 7/1/63: 7/4/63p3

Roberts, Florence I., died 6/30/67: 7/6/67p3

Roberts, Harriet W., died 11/2/61: 11/9/61p3

Roberts, Harry A., died 9/15/60: 9/22/60p3

Roberts, Harry S., died 2/6/63: 2/14/63p3

Roberts, Hazel R., died 5/11/60: 5/19/60p3

Roberts, Helen, died 1/12/60: 1/21/60p3

Roberts, Henry K.--A Community Portrait: 8/18/60pA2

Roberts, Henry, named president of NH Jaycees: 5/25/61p1

Roberts IV, George, and Evangelea Poulis are wed 9/13/69: 10/2/69p4

Roberts, Lillian A., died 7/8/65: 7/15/65p3

Roberts, M&M Roland, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/12/68p4

Roberts, Mary J., died 5/22/60: 5/26/60p3

Roberts, Paul, and Carol Morphy are wed 12/10/66: 12/15/66p4

Roberts, Perley H., feted by NH Dental Society: 4/21/60p1

Roberts, Perley, writes of Japan on around-the-world tour: 1/3/63p6

Robichard, Mathurin J., died 12/30/64: 1/7/65p3

Robichaud, David J., died 10/17/67: 10/19/67p3

Robichaud, William A., died 5/2/64: 6/4/64p2

Robidas, Albert, died 7/19/68: 7/25/68p3

Robidas, Marilyn, and Robert Berry are wed 12/30/67: 1/11/68p4

Robideaux, William J. died 4/1364: 4/16/64p3

Robie, Sylvia, and John Carrigan Jr. are wed: 5/4/61p4

Robinson, Ann, and Gordon Mills are wed 3/26/66: 4/7/66p4

Robinson, Bruce, and Rachel Tremblay are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Robinson, Elosia, and Daniel LaBranch are wed: 9/10/64p4

Robinson, George W., died 5/?/63: 5/23/63p3

Robinson, M&M Harold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/11/69p4

Robinson, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/14/61pA1

Robinson, Nellie M., died 10/10/65: 10/14/65p3

Robinson, Robert, and Theresa Savoie are wed 9/5/64: 9/24/64p4

Robinson, Sylvia, and Robert Bunstein are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p5

Robinson, Tom, celebrates 80th birthday: 6/30/66pA3

Roche, Robert, reknown painter, sets up shop in New Durham: 7/22/65p1

Rocker, Beatrice E., died 4/23/65: 4/29/65p2

Rode, Sigrun, and Paul Coty Jr. are wed: 1/14/60p4

Rodier, Wilfred J., died 8/20/64: 8/27/64p3

Rodney Jr., Frederick, and Nancy Brooks are wed: 11/29/62p6,12/6/62pA7

Rodrique, Stella, and Paul Seavey are wed: 12/13/62pC3

Rogers, Alice K., died 1/28/61: 2/2/61p3

Rogers, Bruce, and Patricia Taylor are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p4

Rogers, Clarence A., died 12/16/64: 12/24/64p3

Rogers, Clarence E., died 2/20/65: 2/25/65p3

Rogers, George III, and Carlene Lafontaine are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p4

Rogers, Irene, died 10/21/66: 10/27/66p3

Rogers, Kenneth, and Bernadette Smith are wed: 7/16/64p4

Rogers, Linda, and Lawrence Cleary are wed 9/24/66: 9/29/66p4

Rogers, M&M Clarence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/2/60p6

Rogers, Roberta, and Edward McCarn are wed 7/31/65: 8/5/65p4

Rogers, Roland, and Rose Jones are wed 9/3/62: 9/6/62p4

Rogers, Roland H., died 3/5/64: 3/12/64p3,4/30/64p3

Rogers, Sarah, and Arthur White are wed 12/20/63: 1/9/64p4

Rolfe, David, and Nola Grondin are wed 4/30/66: 5/5/66p4

Roll, Virginia, and Louis Klotz are wed 4/3/66: 4/7/66p4

Rollins, Ella D., died 2/2/67: 2/9/67p3

Rollins, Forrest, and Della Bunker are wed: 4/25/63pC1

Rollins, Harry F., died 6/3/69: 6/5/69p3

Rollins, Janet, and John Ramsdell are wed: 11/17/66p4

Rollins, Ruth P., died 4/4/63: 4/18/63p3

Rollins, William A., died 6/29/64: 7/9/64p3

Roper, George O., died 8/27/61: 8/31/61p1

Roscoe, Francis W., died 3/6/65: 3/11/65p3

Rosenberg, Paul, and Leanor Brodsky are wed 8/19/62: 8/23/62p4

Ross, Albert M., died 8/31/64: 9/10/64p3

Ross, Bertha A., died 12/22/61: 12/28/61p3

Ross, Edward, and Marilyn Clarke are wed: 9/8/60p4

Ross, Elviney, and Donald Weathers are wed 4/27/68: 5/23/68p9

Ross, Frances, and David Marsters are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60p4

Ross, George E., died 1/13/60: 1/14/60p1,1/21/60p3

Ross, Jeannine, and Richard Cantin are wed 6/17/61: 6/22/61p4

Ross, Norma, and David Gagne are wed 9/24/66: 10/6/66p4

Ross, Robert S.--A Community Portrait: 7/13/61pA2

Ross, Robert, to represent NH at Civil War dedication: 3/30/61pA1

Ross, Virginia, and Charles Newcomb are wed 5/20/66: 6/9/66p4

Ross, William, and Marilyn Clark are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p5

Ross, William R., died 3/29/68: 4/4/68p3

Rouillard, Roberta, and Stanley Glidden are wed: 12/15/66p5

Rouleau, Armand, and Norma Sawyer are wed 2/27/60: 3/3/60p4

Rouleau, Kenneth, and Kathleen Chapman are wed 7/4/64: 7/9/64p5

Rouleau, Marie L., died 5/17/65: 5/20/65p3

Rouleau, Roger, and Linda Beaulieu are wed 5/25/68: 6/6/68p4

Rouleau, Ronald, and Maureen Marsan are wed 9/29/62: 10/11/62pB6

Roulx, Henry H., died 9/?/60: 9/8/60p3

Roulx, Joseph A., died 10/27/61: 11/2/61p3

Roulx, Sandra, and James Bowden are wed 5/4/63: 5/9/63p3

Rousseau, Anna, and Ronald Richards are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Rousseau, Gail, and Richard Daigle are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Roussin, Arthur, and Marie Boudreau are wed 2/?/69: 4/3/69p4

Roussin, Edgar J., died 6/15/63: 6/20/63p3

Routhier, Jean, and Clayton Hubbard are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Routhier, Joseph L., died 10/8/68: 10/10/68p12

Routhier, M&M Lionel, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/7/60p4

Rova, Arthuir J., died 1/19/69: 1/23/69p3

Rowe, Elmer, and Sylvia Howard are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60pB4

Rowe, Frank, died 11/19/60: 11/24/60p3

Rowe, M&M Wallace, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 2/16/61p4

Rowe, Wallace J., died 8/13/62: 8/16/62p3

Rowell, Allen, and Shirley Johnson are wed 4/1/66: 4/21/66p4

Rowell, Patricia, and Fred Riley IV are wed 3/7/69: 3/27/69p4

Roy, Adelia B., died 7/19/62: 7/26/62p3

Roy, Alire J., died 5/16/60: 5/19/60p3

Roy, Annette, and Warner Collins are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Roy, Delzira, died 4/8/65: 4/15/65p3

Roy, Diane M., died 10/8/65: 10/14/65p3

Roy, Elie A., died 3/19/63: 3/21/63p3

Roy, Francis, died 1/14/65: 1/21/65pA9

Roy, Juliet, and Robert DeWing Jr. are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4

Roy, Marie R., died 10/30/68: 10/31/68p3

Roy, Philias, died 5/5/64: 5/7/64p3

Roy, Richard, and Carol Nutbrown are wed: 8/6/64p4

Roy, Robert, and Rosamonde Linaberry are wed 4/23/60: 4/28/60p5

Roy, Romauld, died 12/13/62: 12/20/62p3

Royce, Mildred F., died 7/9/69: 7/10/69p3

Royce, William, and Judith Mahoney are wed 3/4/61: 3/23/61p4

Rozell, Robert, and Arlene Matthews are wed 9/16/67: 9/28/67p4

Ruble, Jerry, and Mary Leighton are wed 7/1/66: 7/14/66p4

Rudd. William, and Nancy Moody are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Ruel, Elizabeth, and Robert Langelier are wed 11/20/65: 12/2/65p4

Ruel, George J., died 3/17/62: 3/22/62p3

Ruel, Lena M., died 3/36/68: 3/28/68p3

Ruel, Lucille, and Robert Spring are wed 9/5/60: 9/8/60p4

Ruel, Sandra, and Norval Larson are wed: 2/9/67p4

Ruel, Sarah T., died 2/7/69: 2/13/69p3

Ruemmler, Clifford, and Sally Mayo are wed 5/2/64: 5/7/64p4

Rumazza, Jacqueline, and Thomas McMaugh Jr. are wed 6/22/63: 6/27/63p4

Rumazza, Janet, cited by Elks for Youth Leadership: 1/16/64p1

Rumazza, Jean, and James Twombley are wed 10/31/64: 11/5/64p4

Rumazza, Victoria, died 1/6/67: 1/12/67p3

Rumberger, Ronald, and Carole Hackett are wed 3/30/64: 4/9/64p8

Ruotolo, Shirley, and Kenneth Adjutant are wed: 1/27/66p4

Russ, Judith, and Richard Hampe are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Russell, Dorothy, and Richard Furber are wed 2/5/65: 2/11/65p4

Russell, Mary L., died 2/27/66: 3/3/66p3

Russo, Raymond, and Betty-May Arigo are wed: 1/3/63p5

Rutstein, M&M Theodore, celebrate 50th anniversary early: 7/14/66p4

Ryan, Christine M., died 6/14/67: 6/15/67p3

Ryan, Joanne, and Roger Provost are wed: 9/16/65p4

Ryan, Lorraine A., died 12/12/61: 12/14/61p3

Ryder, Arlene S., died 9/13/61: 9/21/61p3

Ryder, Frederick H., died 12/7/62: 12/13/62p7

Ryder, Lawrence, and Barbara Tarmey are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Sabina, Ruby S., died 8/17/61: 8/24/61p3

Sabine, Fred E., died 7/16/64: 7/23/64p3

Sabol, Ruth P., died 11/?/68: 12/5/68p1

Safacon, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/17/67p2

Saliba, Cynthia, and Robert Eames are wed 2/19/66: 3/3/66p12

Salisbury, Clifford K., died 6/22/64: 6/25/64p3

Salisbury, M&M Clifford, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/7/64pB3

Salisbury, Matthew, and Margaret McQuarrie are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

Salisbury, Nina R., died 6/25/64: 7/2/64p3

Salisbury, Wayne, and Sandra Goodwin are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p7

Sallee, Michael, and Joanne Hall are wed 6/17/62: 6/21/62p4

Sampson, Mary E., died 6/1/66: 6/9/66p3

Sanborn, Brenda, and Kenneth Hall Jr. are wed 9/30/61: 10/5/61p4

Sanborn, Brenda, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 1/19/61pB8

Sanborn, Florence M., died 2/12/67: 2/16/67p3

Sanborn, James, and Elaine St. Pierre are wed 9/19/60: 10/6/60p4

Sanborn, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/8/67p4

Sanborn, Orvillle I., died 1/16/60: 1/21/60p3

Sanborn, Ruthan, and Benjamin Dagostino Jr. are wed 3/23/68: 3/28/68p4

Sander, Henry F., died 7/5/67: 7/13/67p3

Sanders, John, and Linda Gagne are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Sanders, William M., died 7/26/60: 7/28/60p3

Sanfacon, Clair, and Gerald Bissaillon are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p4

Sanfacon, Diane, and Robert Smith are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Sanfacon Jr., Robert, and Donna Downs are wed 4/1/67: 4/6/67p4

Sanfacon, Linda, and Paul Normand are wed 10/11/69: 10/16/69p4

Sanfacon, Richard, and Ekaine Drapeau are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Sanfacon, Walter A., died 11/18/61: 11/23/61p3

Sapp, Elton, and Myra Silverman are wed: 11/24/60p4

Sargent, Carmen, and Walter Dumont Jr. are wed 5/29/65: 6/10/65p4

Sargent, Jeanne, and Hubert Cathcart are wed 9/3/60: 9/8/60p4

Sargent, Sharon, and William Stawecki are wed 3/18/67: 3/23/67p4

Sass, William, died 6/26/66: 6/30/66p3

Saucier, Emma Z., died 8/10/61: 8/24/61p3

Saucier, Lucille, died 7/19/66: 7/21/66p3

Savoie, Bridget D., died 2/11/67: 2/16/67p3

Savoie, Rita, and Marc Fernald are wed 8/20/66: 9/1/66p4

Savoie, Theresa, and Robert Robinson are wed 9/5/64: 9/24/64p4

Sawtelle, Grace, died 10/29/64: 11/5/64p3

Sawyer, Annie B., died 8/22/61: 8/24/61p3

Sawyer, Annie, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/13/60p4

Sawyer, Annie, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/6/60p3

Sawyer, Caroline W., died 1/24/60: 1/28/60p3

Sawyer, Florence C., died 3/26/60: 3/31/60p3

Sawyer, Guy L., died 11/16/67: 11/23/67p2

Sawyer, Harry L., died 6/5/64: 6/18/64p3

Sawyer, Minnie C., died 12/27/63: 1/2/64p3

Sawyer, Norma, and Armand Rouleau are wed 2/27/60: 3/3/60p4

Sawyer, Reuben, died 12/21/66: 12/22/66p3

Sayer, Wesley, and Gloria Farnum are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63pB5

Sayward, Earl, died 10/3/63: 10/10/63p3

Scagliotti, Carlo, died 9/24/62: 9/27/62p3

Scagliotti, Mary, died 12/27/67: 12/28/67p1

Scahill, David L., to be ordained: 5/15/69p1

Scahill, Richard, and Elizabeth Haggenmiller are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Scala Jr., Michael, and Marie DePalma are wed 7/25/64: 7/30/64p4

Scala Jr., Michael, returns from 12,000 MMA cruise: 5/11/61pA1

Scala, M&M Michael, celebrate 35th anniversary: 8/19/65p4

Scannell, Nancy, and Robert Shorey are wed 6/20/64: 6/25/64p8

Scarponi, Leo, and Bernadette Lachance are wed 12/18/65: 12/23/65p4

Scehggell, Howard J., died 3/27/63: 3/28/63p3

Schafer, Joan, died 4/8/67: 4/13/p1

Schiff, Martin, and Bea Morris are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Schloesser, Werner, and Sally Chick are wed 1/25/64: 1/30/64p4

Schmidt, Aduard, and Linda Hall are wed 12/14/63: 12/19/63p4

Schneider, Angela C., died 4/9/62: 4/12/62p3

Schneider, Anthony, and Jean Connelly are wed 2/6/65: 2/18/65p4

Schoffield, Charles E., died 7/22/69: 7/24/69p3

Schofield, Nadine C., died 11/28/69: 12/4/69p3

Schulte, Anne, and John Gilmore are wed: 6/8/67p5

Schulte, Francis, and Deborah Hutchinson are wed 8/10/67: 8/24/67pA1

Schulte, M&M Harold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/8/67p5

Scott, Charles, and Ruth Beardsworth are wed 1/21/61: 7/13/61p4

Scott, Elizabeth H., died 4/29/69: 5/1/69p3

Scott, Evelyn S., died 9/3/62: 9/6/62p3

Scott, Florence, and Albert Lachance are wed 9/30/67: 10/5/67p4

Scott, Hannah F., died 5/7/63: 5/9/63p3

Scott, Lida, died 1/5/65: 1/7/65p3

Scott, Marcia, and John Bartlett are wed 7/22/61: 7/27/61p4

Scott, Marian E., died 4/15/63: 4/18/63p3

Scott, Marie, and John McSheehan are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p5

Scott, Marshall A., died 2/18/65: 2/25/65p3

Scott, Priscilla, and Albert Gile are wed 7/1/61: 7/13/61p4

Scott, Robert, and Elaine French are wed 10/20/66: 10/27/66p5

Scott, Verna T., died 6/5/63: 6/13/63p3

Scribner, Harry, died 6/6/67: 6/15/67p3

Scribner, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/11/68p4

Scrosati, Emile, died 11/25/64: 12/10/64p3

Scruton, Ann, has wall full of blue and red 4-H ribbons: 9/17/64p9

Scruton, Elizabeth F., died 7/6/61: 7/13/61p3

Scruton, Mabel K., died 10/8/61: 10/12/61p3

Scruton, Mae P., died 10/27/68: 11/7/68p3

Scruton, Nancy, and Charles Gerrish are wed 8/4/61: 8/10/61p4

Scruton, Ruth, died 10/18/69: 10/23/69p3

Scruton, Ruth, retires after 25 years of teaching: 6/6/68p4

Scudder, Cecil E., died 2/3/60: 2/4/60p3

Seacord, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/8/67p9

Sealey, Annie, died 10/24/61: 10/26/61p3

Seaman, Ernest R., died 7/9/65: 7/15/65p3

Searles, Judith, and Rodney Thompson wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68pA8,7/18/68pA5

Seavey, Elizabeth L., died 6/28/60: 6/30/60p3

Seavey, Ethel E., died 8/18/63: 8/20/63p3

Seavey, Fred F., died 9/12/64: 9/17/64p3

Seavey, Fred H., is only Spanish War veteran in City: 4/20/61p1

Seavey, John, and Alice Gregoire are wed 2/10/68: 2/22/68p4

Seavey, M&M Fred, celebrate 60th anniversary: 2/8/68p4

Seavey, Mary G., died 3/12/63: 3/14/63p3

Seavey, Paul, and Stella Rodrigue are wed: 12/13/62pC3

Seavey, Ralph, is "Smoke-Eater Extraodinaire": 10/10/63pC6

Seavey, Rosemary, wins national short story contest: 7/22/65pA4

Seavey, Sandra, and Winthrop Hayes are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Secord, Donna, and Alan Johnson are wed 8/31/68: 9/19/68p8

Secord, John M., died 4/8/68: 4/11/68p3

Seeley, Althenia E., died 7/18/66: 7/21/66p3

Senter, Gail, and Robert Adjutant are wed: 8/23/62pB2

Servetas, Joanne, died 6/3/63: 6/6/63p1

Sessler, Ella L., died 8/24/67: 8/31/67p3

Sessler, Margaret M., died 12/16/69: 12/18/69p3

Sessler, Marion, died 7/7/62: 7/12/62p1

Severence, Bishop C., died 4/15/67: 4/20/67p3

Sewall, Neil, and Joanne Sylvain are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Shackford, Beverly M., died 5/14/67: 5/18/67p3

Shannahof, Ira, and Janet Boudreau are wed 12/10/68: 12/19/68p4

Shapleigh Family Association to hold annual reunion: 8/12/65p12

Sharon, William J., died 9/23/63: 9/26/63p3

Shatford, Mary, and Lester Kimball are wed 4/20/63: 4/25/63pC1

Shaw, Bettylou, and Paul Wolters Jr. are wed: 8/27/64p4

Shaw, Clara E., died 3/26/62: 3/29/62p3

Shaw, Dorothy, is Queen (Sea-)Bee of the Year: 4/9/64pB5

Shaw, Ethel M., died 9/27/60: 9/29/60p3

Shaw, Fred, and Ruth Montgomery are wed 3/5/61: 3/9/61pB4

Shaw, Fred, died 1/?/65: 1/14/65p3

Shaw, Gloria, and Leo Jacques are wed 2/6/65: 2/18/65p4

Shaw, John, celebrates 91st birthday: 1/26/67pA1

Shaw, John, died 7/7/69: 7/10/69p3

Shaw, M&M Wayne, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/9/65p2

Shaw, Robert F., died 1/4/67: 1/12/67p3

Shaw, Roberta, and Ronald Paradis are wed 10/10/69: 10/23/69p4

Shaw, Ruth, and Ernest Spinney are wed 4/8/67: 4/20/67p4

Shaw Sr., Alexander, died 9/?/60: 9/8/60p3

Shaw, Wallace G., died 4/13/63: 4/18/63p3

Shaw, Wayne, and Dorothy Dore are wed 5/13/61: 5/18/61p4

Shea, Ann, and Donald Hammer are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Shearer, Alice A., died 9/26/69: 10/2/69p3

Sheets, Louis A., died 2/12/69: 2/13/69p1

Sheffield, Ellen, and Leo Lebouthillier are wed 10/19/68: 10/31/68p4

Shelly, Ellis S., died 4/14/64: 4/16/64p3

Shelton, Alphonse--Portrait of a Artist: 5/22/69pA16

Shepard, Isabel M., died 2/16/61: 2/23/61p3

Shepard, Philip, and Cheryl Bragdon are wed 7/8/62: 7/19/62p4

Shepard, Stella P., died 1/12/66: 1/13/66p3

Sherburne, Joel R., died 7/6/60: 7/7/60p3

Sherman, Betty, and Ronald Hebert are wed 10/22/60: 10/27/60p4

Sherman, James, and Linda Copp are wed 11/2/68: 11/7/68p4

Sherman, Raymond C., died 1/25/68: 2/1/68p3

Shevelin, Mark, and Evelyn Reed are wed 10/26/61: 11/16/61p4

Shields, Sarah J., died 8/14/63: 8/15/63p3

Shoen, Arthur, and Valerie Trace are wed 1/19/69: 6/5/69p4

Shorey, Mildred W., died 12/26/66: 1/5/67p3

Shorey, Myron, died 8/3/66: 8/11/66p3

Shorey, Richard, and Janet Hayes are wed 7/2/60: 7/14/60p4

Shorey, Robert, and Nancy Scannell are wed 6/20/64: 6/25/64p8

Shorey, Stella M., died 10/12/60: 10/20/60p3

Sibulkin, Ellen, and Dennis Belander are wed 8/31/68: 9/12/68p10

Sicard, Susan, and Leslie Horne Jr. are wed 6/29/68: 7/18/68p4

Sidwell Jr., Howard, and Alice Hamel are wed 12/28/68: 1/2/69p4

Sielian, Henry, died 1/21/64: 1/23/64p3

Silberblatt, Robert, and Jennifer Appleby are wed 7/19/69: 7/31/69p4

Silverman, Ellen, and James Jessup are wed 8/19/69: 8/28/69p4

Silverman, Myra, and Elton Sapp are wed: 11/24/60p4

Silvia Sr., John, died 10/4/64: 10/8/64p3

Simmons, Paul, and Louise Harrington are wed 5/4/68: 5/9/68pA16

Simpson, Anthony, and Sandra Davis are wed 4/4/64: 4/9/64p8

Sinotte, Ursula, and Maurice Couture are wed 7/15/61: 8/5/61p4

Sintz, George, and Christine Vallieres are wed 9/24/66: 9/29/66p4

Sintz, Georgia, and Carl Chapman are wed 3/3/67: 3/9/67p4

Sipe, Effie G., died 7/15/69: 7/17/69p3

Sisler, Edward, and Beverly Drapeau are wed: 3/23/67p4

Sjostrum, Pauline S., died 6/17/68: 6/20/68p3

Skahill, Catherine K., died 11/12/63 are wed 11/9/63: 11/14/63p4

Skidds, Gladys, and Robert Walker are wed 6/26/60: 6/30/60p4

Skillin, Keenan, and Deborah Fowler are wed 1/27/68: 2/1/68p2

Skillin, Pamela, and Robert Arnold are wed 11/14/64: 11/19/64p4

Skilling, M&M Noel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/9/67p4

Slaby Jr., Charles, and Roberta Lachance are wed: 8/8/63p4

Slack, George L., died 8/6/67: 8/10/67p3

Slade, Susan, and James Leary are wed: 7/10/69pA3

Slager, Ruby, died 11/14/64: 11/26/64p3

Slager, Thomas, and Ruby Atkinson are wed 5/14/60: 5/26/60p4

Sleeper, Joyce, and Carleton Hurd are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Sleeper, Mildred I., died 4/27?/67: 5/4/67p3

Sleeper, Stephen J.--A Community Portrait: 9/1/60pA3

Slocum, Gladys, mayoral secretary for 26 years, retires: 10/17/68p1

Slocum, Ruth E., died 11/4/65: 11/1165p3

Small, Sandra, and Arnold Notkin are wed 8/14/60: 8/25/60p4

Smart, Grace S., died 9/19/67: 9/21/67p3

Smart, Jerry E., died 4/16/65: 4/22/65p3

Smart, Tom L., died 5/11/68: 5/16/68p2

Smiley IV, David, and Sharon Gauthier are wed 2/3/68: 2/8/68p6

Smiley, Judith, and Rudy Christmas are wed 6/14/63: 6/20/63p4

Smith, Alice, and Stuart Hilton are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Smith, Annie L., died 11/19/68: 11/28/68p3

Smith, Antoinette, and Roger Hebert are wed: 7/16/64p4

Smith, Bernadette, and Kenneth Rogers are wed: 7/16/64p4

Smith, Bertha M., died 12/6/60: 12/8/60p3

Smith, Brenda, and Leo Maurice are wed 7/3/66: 7/14/66p4

Smith, Bruce, and Anne Omand are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p3

Smith, Bruce, and Elaine Frenette are wed 4/15/66: 4/21/66p5

Smith, Carl, and Lorraine Gauthier are wed 8/12/61: 8/24/61p4

Smith, Carol, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 12/27/62p16

Smith, Caroline, and Norman Henderson are wed 8/5/67: 8/10/67p4

Smith, Chester H., died 2/14/60: 2/18/60p3

Smith, Clifford A., died 7/19/61: 7/20/61p3

Smith, Diane, and Gilbert Gagne are wed 8/6/66: 8/11/66p4

Smith, Dorothy, and Donald Ward are wed 8/5/67: 8/24/67p4

Smith, Dr. Alexander, is Jaycees' Man of the Year: 2/21/63p1

Smith, Earl C., died 4/7/66: 4/14/66p3

Smith, Edna C., died 3/24/68: 3/28/68p3

Smith, Elizabeth, and George Webb are wed: 7/5/62p4

Smith, Evelyn (Mrs. Chester), died 7/24/63: 7/25/63p3

Smith, Florys E., died 11/29/69: 12/4/69p3

Smith, Frank P., died 7/25/65: 7/29/65p3

Smith, Gloria, and Donald Gonneville are wed: 11/19/64p4

Smith, Hannah F., died 4/17/60: 4/21/60p3

Smith, Harold R., died 11/2/63: 11/7/63p3

Smith, Helen L., died 1/28/67: 2/2/67p1

Smith, Henry, and Beverly Edgerly are wed 11/19/60: 11/24/60p4

Smith Jr., Willard, and Elizabeth Novillis are wed 5/21/66: 5/26/66p4

Smith, Judith, and Antonio Champagne are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Smith, Laura B., died 7/16/63: 7/18/63p3

Smith, Lawrence, and Patricia Cote are wed 9/6/69: 9/11/69p4

Smith, Leland C., died 11/1/69: 11/6/69p3

Smith, Leona M., died 12/27/68: 1/2/69p3

Smith, Lloyd M., died 4/1/62: 4/5/62p3

Smith, Loran, and Nancy Pearson are wed 8/6/60: 8/11/60p4

Smith, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/28/67pA1

Smith, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/19/67p4

Smith, Marcia, and Paul Vittum are wed: 3/18/65p4

Smith, Marilyn, and Normand Raymond are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p7

Smith, Marshall, and Eleanor Plourde wed 1/28/61: 2/2/61p4,2/9/61p4

Smith, Mary I., died 6/25/66: 3/30/66p3

Smith, Maude R., died 2/10/64: 2/13/64p3

Smith, Maybelle E., died 7/23/66: 7/28/66p3

Smith, Nellie F., died 4/5/61: 4/6/61p3

Smith, Paul is NH Pharmacist of the Year: 9/28/67pA4

Smith, Paula, stars in UNH production of "The Glass Menagerie": 5/13/65p5

Smith, Ricky, and Carol Collins are wed 11/15/69: 12/11/69p4

Smith, Robert, and Diane Sacfacon are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Smith, Robert, is NH Div. of Forestry Fire Chief: 2/11/60pA1

Smith, Verna M., died 7/15/66: 7/21/66p3

Smith, Vernard L., died 6/6/63: 6/13/63p3

Smith, William, and Lorene Wilkinson are wed 6/6/64: 6/18/64p4

Smith, William S., died 7/19/66: 7/21/66p1

Snart, Janice G., died 6/15/69: 6/19/69p3

Sneider, Ruben, died 23/5/62: 3/8/62p3

Snierson, Howard, died 11/9/64: 11/12/64p3

Snyder, Lynda, wins Pioneer Explorers Gold Key award: 5/20/65p1

Solari, Carol, and Robert Tremblay are wed: 9/30/65p4

Solomon, Frederick, artist, opens exhibition in Boston: 2/25/65p1

Solsky, Donna, and Stephen Bossie are wed: 6/24/65p4

Somers, Mary R., died 10/25/64: 10/29/64p3

Somerset Jr., Oscar, and Norma Winship are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Soucy, Ann, and Ronald Turmelle are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68p4

Soucy, Christine, and Philip Gould are wed 1/19/63: 1/31/63p4

Soucy, Donald, and Janine Tanguay are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p5

Soucy, Norbert, and Diane Lagueux are wed 6/28/69: 7/3/69p4

Soule, Darin E., died 4/5/68: 4/11/68p3

Soulia, Prescilla, and Charles Wheeler are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

Souter, Christine, and Philip Hyrcuna are wed: 3/28/63p4

Spaulding, Richard, earns USAF Oak Leaf Cluster: 8/30/62pA5

Spear, Fred R., died 9/5/62: 9/6/62p3

Spear, Howard M., died 11/10/62: 11/15/62p3

Spear, Ruth V., died 10/3/65: 10/7/65p3

Spear, Viola, celebrates 70th birthday: 12/15/66p4

Spears Jr., William, and Kathleen Grant are wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68p4

Spedding, Clive, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 12/12/63p1

Spedding, Clyde, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 6/3/65p1

Spencer, Althea Q., died 5/24/67: 5/25/67p3

Spencer, Frank F., died 7/22/66: 7/28/66p3

Spencer, Harold C., died 5/30/65: 6/3/65p1

Spencer, Kenneth, and Barbara Marcot are wed: 12/5/63p4

Sperling, Delmore H., died 3/29/65: 4/1/65p3

Spiers, Frank, and ??? Richard are wed 10/13/62: 10/25/62p4

Spiller, Burton, celebrates 80th birthday: 12/22/66p4

Spiller, Burton L.--A Community Portrait: 3/31/60pA2

Spinner, Donna, and Richard Holland are wed 4/8/62: 4/12/62p4

Spinney, Ernest, and Ruth Shaw are wed 4/8/67: 4/20/67p4

Spinney, Jane, and Robert Arlin are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p3

Sprague, Arthur L., died 10/?/69: 10/9/69p3

Sprague, Carol, and Steven Goodwin are wed 11/20/65: 11/25/65p4

Sprague, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/7/63p4

Sprague, M&M Stanley, celebrate 45th anniversary: 2/13/69p2

Sprich, Charlotte G., died 5/20/68: 5/23/68p10

Spring, Robert, and Lucille Ruel are wed 9/5/60: 9/8/60p4

Springfield, Carl, and Edith Mitchell are wed 9/10/63: 9/12/63p4

Springfield, Mabel W., died 11/19/60: 12/1/60p3

Sproul, Daniel, and Marilyn Sullivan are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p4

Spruce, Noel, and Betty Hamilton are wed 11/26/60: 12/8/60p4

Spurling Jr., Emerson, and Bette Hall are wed 6/17/67: 6/29/67p4

Spurrell, Avery, and Martha Brown are wed: 6/29/67p4

St, Pierre, Theresa, and James O'Der are wed: 12/10/64pA4

St. Cyr, Hazel E., died 3/21/61: 3/23/61p3

St. Laurent, Roderick, and Diana Tsakiris are wed: 12/10/64pA4

St. Laurent, William, and Janet Larochelle are wed 9/27/69: 10/2/69p4

St. Lawrence, John, and Sylvia McGrath are wed 4/30/66: 5/12/66p5

St. Lawrence, Ronald, and Rachel Theoret are wed: 9/23/65p5

St. Onge, James, and Elaine Allaire are wed: 5/10/62p4

St. Peter, Everett, died 1/25/69: 1/30/69p3

St. Peter, M&M Everett, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/2/65p5

St. Pierre, Angeline M.--A Woman of Purpose: 10/6/60p5

St. Pierre, Elaine, and James Sanborn are wed 9/19/60: 10/6/60p4

St. Pierre, Eva, died 7/9/66: 7/14/66p3

St. Pierre, Joanne, and George Pennock are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

St. Pierre, Roland, and Anne Vaillant are wed 10/9/65: 10/21/65p4

St. Pierre, Yvonne D., died 12/11/60: 12/15/60p3

St. Pierre. Albert J., died 12/7/69: 12/11/69p3

Stacy, Myrtle R., died 11/7/69: 11/13/69p1

Stacy, Myrtle R., retires after 25 years with "Courier": 1/14/65pA1

Stacy, Robert, and Charlotte Grigg are wed: 3/16/67p4

Stanhope, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/28/63p7

Stankiewicz, John, and Janice Holmes are wed: 5/10/62p4

Stanley, Charlotte, and H. Bruce Brooks are wed 3/23/66: 3/30/66p4

Stanley, Claude A., died 7/?/64: 7/23/64p3

Stanley, Edwin S., died 4/23/61: 4/27/61p3

Stanley, Eldred, and Janet Hebert are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Stanley, H. Bradley, died 6/29/62: 7/5/62p3

Stanley, Harry R., died 4/24/67: 4/27/67p3

Stanley, Morris C., died 2/20/64: 2/27/64p3

Stanley, Roger, and Janet-Lee Fay are wed 3/21/64: 4/2/64p4

Stanley, Samuel S., died 2/4/68: 2/8/68p3

Stanton, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/26/65p5

Staples, Charles, and Evelyn Hoyt are wed 11/13/60: 11/17/60pB4

Staples, Linda, and Clyde Wells are wed: 6/22/67p4

Starkes, Gladys, and Edward Bryant are wed: 5/3/62p4

Stawecki, William, and Sharon Sargent are wed 3/18/67: 3/23/67p4

Stead, Charles, and Carol Tripp are wed 9/21/68: 10/3/68pA10

Steadman, Delia H., died 4/21/64: 4/23/64p2

Stearns, Helen, and Walter Stone are wed 7/10/60: 7/14/60p4

Stearns, Jarry West--A Woman of Purpose: 10/13/60p4

Stearns, Rhoda M., died 1/9/61: 1/12/61p3

Stearns, Waldo G., died 8/12/64: 8/13/64p3

Steer, Paul D., died 7/4/67: 7/6/67p3

Steitz, Martin, and Joanne Laurion are wed 6/4/60: 6/9/60p6

Stetson Jr., M&M Clyde, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/4/67p4

Stetson, Mildred H., died 11/13/62: 11/15/62p3

Stevens, Dale, and Thomas Ducharme are wed 11/15/69: 12/4/69p9

Stevens, Donna, is Miss Rochester of 1968: 4/11/68p16

Stevens, Doris, and Erwin Ellis are wed 4/27/68: 5/9/68p4

Stevens, Douglas, and Charlene Lachance are wed 10/28/67: 11/2/67p4

Stevens, Elizabeth L., died 5/18/60: 5/19/60p3

Stevens, George, is first area 8-gallon blood donor: 3/28/68p1

Stevens, Hattie B., died 10/12/61: 10/19/61p3

Stevens, Howard N., died 5/30/64: 6/4/64p3

Stevens, Leon, died 5/30/63: 6/6/63p3

Stevens, Leslie, and Marcia Leary are wed 10/21/67: 11/23/67p7

Stevens, Lila B., died 9/30/63: 10/3/63p3

Stevens, Lillian A., died 5/16/61: 5/18/61p3

Stevens, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/16/64p7

Stevens, Martha, and Robert Higgins are wed 8/6/60: 8/11/60p4

Stevens, Meta B., died 4/21/65: 4/22/65p3

Stevens, Robert, died 6/17/69: 6/19/69p3

Stevens, Rudd O., died 3/15/61: 3/16/61p3

Stevenson, Joyce, and James Tilton are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Stewart, Avarita V., died 6/26/60: 6/30/60p3

Stewart, Gerald, and Susan King are wed: 8/11/66p4

Stewart, Joseph l., died 11/6/65: 11/11/65pp1,3

Stewart, M&M Leslie, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/23/67p4

Stewart, Maude E., died 4/9/64: 4/16/64p3

Stillings, Ernest F., died 2/10/60: 2/18/60p3

Stimpson, Urban A., died 6/15/63: 6/20/63p3

Stimson, Albert A., died 6/14/64: 6/18/64p3

Stoddard, Ethel G., died 7/26/67: 8/10/67p3

Stoddard, Francis, and Virginia Fifield are wed 6/22/68: 7/11/68pA3

Stone, Harry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/25/69p3: 12/25/69p4

Stone, John L., died 12/9/69: 12/18/69p3

Stone Jr., Reginald, wins Safe Driving Road-E-O: 4/20/61p1

Stone, M&M Harry, celebrate 45th anniversary: 12/24/64p12

Stone, May E., died 2/10/68: 2/15/68p3

Stone, Ronert L., died 3/26/69: 4/3/69p3

Stone, Ruth, and Samuel Blaisdell Jr. are wed 11/6/64: 11/12/64p4

Stone, Sandra, and Barry Tobey are wed 10/18/69: 10/23/69p4

Stone, Walter, and Helen Stearns are wed 7/10/60: 7/14/60p4

Storrs, Ira, and Sylvia Moore are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Story, June--A Woman of Purpose: 7/21/60p4

Stowe, Amy R., died 10/8/64: 10/15/64p3

Stowe, M&M Donald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/3/66p5

Stowell, William, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 9/28/67p1

Stowell, William, is Troop 237 Scout of the Year: 2/15/68p1

Strachan, Clarinda, died 7/19/65: 7/22/65p3

Strachan, George C., died 2/8/64: 2/13/64p3

Strachan, Mary, and Robert Twombly Jr. are wed 7/9/61: 7/13/61p4

Strang, Lawrence J., died 5/30/69: 6/5/69p3

Stritch, Anne, and Arnold Ward are wed 3/4/67: 3/16/67p4

Stritch, Edith, and Voorhis Cantrell are wed 7/8/67: 8/31/67p5

Stritch, Frederick A., died 5/11/64: 5/14/64p3

Strong, Annellen, listed in University Students Who's Who: 11/6/69p4

Strong, Fred E.--A Community Portrait: 3/3/60pA2

Stuart, Beatrice C., died 6/14/66: 6/16/66p3

Stuart, Richard, and Lorene Currier are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Stuart, Robert, and Glenita Tuttle are wed: 5/3/62p4

Studley, Horace F., died 12/22/63: 1/2/64p3

Studley, Lucy A., died 8/17/62: 8/23/62p3

Studley, Marian H., died 8/3/64: 8/6/64p3

Studley, Mrs. Ira, celebrates 90th birthday: 2/9/67p12

Stultz, Peter, and Cheryl Wentworth are wed: 9/3/64p4

Sullivan, Barbara, and Robert Danis are wed 1/19/63: 1/24/63pB2

Sullivan, Cornelius H., died 5/12/66: 5/19/66p3

Sullivan, Marilyn, and Daniel Sproul are wed 10/8/66: 10/13/66p4

Sullivan, Patrick, and Constance McKeen are wed 4/22/66: 4/28/66p5

Sullivan, Patrick J., died 5/25/64: 5/28/64p3

Sullivan, Robert P., died 9/7/69: 9/11/69p3

Sunderland, George A., died 9/3/63: 9/5/63p3

Susi, Claudia, and Robert Aiken are wed 10/26/63: 11/7/63pA6

Swain, Calvin, and Katherine Batchelder are wed 5/28/60: 6/16/60p4

Swain, Mary E., died 1/25/65: 1/28/65p3

Swain, Ralph, and Katherine Bourque are wed 8/17/68: 8/29/68p4

Swain, Roy V., died 9/22/64: 9/24/64p3

Swanson, Randall, and Ann Allain are wed 9/11/65: 9/16/65p4

Swanson, Rev. & Ms. Robert, adopt Hong Kong tot: 5/21/64p1

Swenson, Harold, and Dale Arlin are wed 7/3/64: 7/9/64p5

Swenson, Joseph G., died 1/27/69: 1/30/69p3

Swenson, M&M Harold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/20/67pA8

Swett, Geraldine, and David Evans are wed 11/11/61: 11/16/61p4

Swett, Susan, and David Garland are wed 7/18/64: 7/30/64p4

Swinerton, Herbert, celebrates 89th birthday: 8/1/68p11

Swinerton, Jacob, and Janette Aubin are wed 1/27/62: 2/1/62p4

Sylvain, Albina, died 9/3/63: 9/5/63p3

Sylvain, Archie, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/21/60p1

Sylvain, Archie, celebrates 92nd birthday: 7/26/62p6

Sylvain, Archille, celebrates 93rd birthday: 7/25/63p1

Sylvain, Archille J., died 5/27/65: 6/3/65p3

Sylvain, Arthur J., died 5/17/65: 5/20/65p3

Sylvain, Christopher J., died 2/14/63: 2/21/63p3

Sylvain, Donald T., died 9/25/65: 9/30/65p3

Sylvain, Elisa, died 1/2/64: 1/9/64p3

Sylvain, Joanne, and Neil Sewall are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Sylvain, Joseph T., died 8/15/68: 8/22/68p3

Sylvain, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/30/61p4

Sylvain, Mary, and Keith Vaughn are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Sylvain, Ronald, and Clair Meiklejohn are wed 9/25/65: 9/30/65p4

Sylvain, Thomas J., died 9/10/65: 9/16/65p3

Sylvain, Yvonne, and Charles Ingram are wed 11/24/60: 12/1/60p4

Szimbor, Anthony, and Josephine Loring are wed 11/6/60: 11/10/60p4

Tabor, Ann, and Richard Lane are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Tabor, Elizabeth, and David Thompson are wed 6/21/69: 6/26/69p4

Tabor II, George H., died 8/18/68: 8/22/68p12,8/29/68p3

Talauska, Edward, and Mary Poulin are wed 5/15/68: 5/23/68p4

Talmadge, Katherine, died 12/10/60: 12/15/60p3

Tanguay, Janine, and Donald Soucy are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p5

Tanguay, June, and Larry Ramsey are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Tanguay, Paul, and Anita Hickey are wed 4/1/67: 4/6/67p4

Tanguay, Raymond, and Francine Battles are wed 7/20/68: 7/25/68p4

Tanguay, Raymond R., died 11/12/68: 11/14/68p3

Tanguay, Ronald A., died 1/31/61: 2/2/61p3

Tanner, Carol, and Chauncey Eldridge are wed 8/20/60: 8/25/60p4

Tanner, Charlotte, and Harris Twitchell are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4,7/7/60p4

Tanner Jr., M&M Hervey, honored with house-warming party: 9/16/65p7

Tanner, Patrick, and Frances Michel are wed 10/28/61: 11/9/61p4

Tanner, Rita, and Dana Armstrong are wed: 7/25/63p4

Taplin, Olive B., died 6/11/63: 6/13/63p3

Tarallo, William, and Beverly Holder are wed 7/14/68: 8/15/68p4

Tarbell, Fannie B., died 10/1/68: 10/3/68p3

Tardy, J. Hemnry, died 10/17/60: 10/20/60p3

Tardy, June W., died 6/3/69: 6/5/69p3

Tarmey, Barbara, and Lawrence Ryder are wed 11/30/63: 12/5/63pC1

Tarmey, Darrell, and Linda Drapeau are wed 6/29/68: 7/11/68p4

Tarmey, Donna, and Douglas Chesley are wed 12/15/61: 12/21/61pB6

Tarmey. Natalie, and Richard Jones are wed 9/14/68: 10/3/68p4

Tarney, Joseph, and Anna Brazeau are wed 5/20/67: 5/25/67p4

Tasker, Beulah A., died 12/2/65: 12/9/65p3

Tasker, Harry, and Linda Wilson are wed: 3/18/65p4

Tasker, Maude A., died 6/14/61: 6/15/61p3

Tatham, M&M Wilbur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/20/65p4,6/10/65p4

Taylor, Agnes M., died 3/25/64: 3/26/64p3

Taylor, Arthur L., died 4/12/69: 4/17/69p3

Taylor, Elaine, and Theodore Hilton are wed 6/5/65: 6/10/65p4

Taylor, Fielding, died 11/14/68: 11/21/68p3

Taylor, Herbert L., died 7/?/66: 7/7/66p3

Taylor, Jeannette, and Richard Weeks are wed 11/26/60: 12/1/60p5

Taylor, Katherine A., died 5/30/69: 6/5/69p3

Taylor, Linda, and Rodney Brooks are wed 9/29/62: 10/4/62p4

Taylor, Louise M., died 10/3/60: 10/6/60p3

Taylor, Lucy R., died 8/8/69: 8/14/69p3

Taylor, Margaret, and Richard Kondrup are wed: 7/16/64p4

Taylor, Patricia, and Bruce Rogers are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p4

Taylor, Patrick, and Elizabeth Drapeau are wed: 12/14/61p4

Taylor, Robert, and Pamela Brown are wed 11/27/65: 12/2/65p4

Taylor, Sandra, and Keith Miliner are wed 12/21/68: 1/16/69p4

Taylor, Stella, and Zoel Blanchette are wed 10/1/66: 10/6/66p12

Taylor, William, and Pauline Chesley are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4

Tebbetts, Burton R., died 7/30/64: 8/6/64p1

Tebbetts, Dolores, and Charles Jenkins are wed 9/2/67: 9/14/67p4

Tebbetts, Georgia, died 1/28/63: 1/31/63p3

Tebbetts, Harry C., died 6/16/63: 6/20/63p3

Tebbetts, Terry L., died in Vietnam 4/26/68: 5/16/68p1

Temple, Christopher R., died 2/1/65: 2/4/65p3

Tessier, Leo, and Diana Caplette are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Tessier, Natalie, and Robert Kunz are wed 12/10/61: 12/21/61p4

Tessier, Octave G., died 2/11/62: 2/15/62p3

Tessier, Oliver, honored as USAF Airman of the Month: 11/2/61pA1

Theberge, Yvonne G., died 7/16/69: 7/17/69p2

Theoret, Rachel, and Ronald St. Lawrence are wed: 9/23/65p5

Thereault, Helen, honored as Gold Star Mother: 3/14/68p16

Theriault, Charles E., died 7/28/65: 8/5/65p3

Theriault, Samuel, awarded Bronze Star with "V": 7/13/67p1

Theriault, Samuel S,, died in Vietnam 11/27/67: 11/30/67p1

Theriault, Samuel S., recieves DSC posthumously: 4/11/68p1

Theroux, Albert, and Brenda Kendall are wed 12/8/62: 12/13/62pC3

Theroux, Diana M., died 11/26/60: 12/1/60p3

Theroux, Matilda, died 7/20/62: 7/26/62p3

Theroux, Patricia, and George Wyatt are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p16

Therrien, Alphonse & Martin--A Community Portrait: 10/6/60pA2

Therrien, Andre, and Rita Gillen are wed 10/15/66: 10/20/66p5

Therrien, Napolean G., died 5/?/60: 5/19/60p3

Therrien, Priscilla, and Fred Watson are wed 4/15/61: 4/20/61p4

Therrien, Robert, and Bertha Mains are wed 7/22/61: 8/5/61p4

Thibault, Franklin, and Mary Warden are wed 6/5/65: 6/17/65p4

Thivierge, Annette, and Roland Eldridge Jr. are wed 7/2/66: 7/7/66p4

Thivierge, Paul, and Louise Melanson are wed 5/27/67: 6/8/67p4

Thivierge, Robert, and Rita Mattocks are wed 5/24/69: 6/19/69p4

Thomas, Carl, becomes Life Member of the Elks: 10/6/60pC6

Thomas, Carl; S., died 2/17/67: 2/23/67p3

Thomas, Frank W., died 12/12/67: 12/14/67p3

Thomas, Guy E., died 10/31/61: 11/2/61p3

Thomas, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/19/63p4

Thomas, Melvin, and Cecile Beaulieu are wed 5/28/60: 6/2/60p6,6/16/60p4

Thomas, Norman, and Dale Gelinas are wed 12/6/68: 12/26/68p4

Thomas, Ronald, and Colette Legere are wed 5/5/62: 5/10/62p4

Thompson, Annie E., died 2/28/60: 3/3/60p3

Thompson, Bonnie, and Paul Dennis are wed 7/14/62: 7/26/62p4

Thompson, Calvin, will fly to nine South American countries: 2/23/61p1

Thompson, Cathy, and Robert Kinville are wed 11/29/69: 12/11/69pB10

Thompson, David, and Elizabeth Tabor are wed 6/21/69: 6/26/69p4

Thompson, Edna D., died 6/21/61: 6/29/61p3

Thompson, Eleanor, and Paual Towle are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Thompson, Florence, and Robert Watson are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Thompson, Gladys, has been dressmaking for 32 years: 12/7/61p8

Thompson, Herman, retires after 26 years in School Department: 6/14/62pC8

Thompson, John C., died 3/9/61: 3/16/61p3

Thompson, Juanita, and Peter Larrabee are wed: 10/18/62pA5

Thompson, Linda, and John Hescock Jr. are wed 8/14/65: 8/26/65p5

Thompson, Mark, and Carol Davis are wed 8/26/67: 8/31/67p4

Thompson, Nellie T., died 7/24/73: 7/25/63p3

Thompson, Patricia, and William Pomeroy are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Thompson, Ralph E., died 9/24/63: 9/26/63p3

Thompson, Robert, and ??? Keene are wed 7/30/60: 8/11/60p6

Thompson, Robert, and Francine Keene are wed 7/30/60: 8/4/60p4

Thompson, Robert, and Katherine Weare are wed 12/10/60: 12/29/60p4

Thompson, Rodney, and Judith Searles wed 7/6/68: 7/11/68pA8,7/18/68pA5

Thompson, Sandra, and James Grigg are wed 5/1/65: 5/6/65p4

Thompson, Wilbur R., died 2/9/65: 2/11/65p3

Thompspn, Ernest H., died 6/14/65: 6/17/65p3

Thoren, Arvid, died 10/20/67: 10/26/67p3

Thornhill, Leslie, and Martha Couture are wed 10/25/63: 10/31/63p4

Thulin, Carl W., died 4/8/60: 5/5/60p3

Thurston, Joseph, makes narrow escape from Vietnam death: 3/28/68p1

Thurston, Mary R., died 9/21/60: 9/29/60p3

Thurston, Mrs. Altie F., died 9/9/68: 9/12/68p3

Thurston, Theresa, and Wayne Hodgdon are wed 11/3/68: 11/28/68pA8

Tibbetts, Christopher H., died 6/19/63: 6/27/63p3

Tibbetts, Georgie M., died 12/19/63: 12/26/63p3

Tibbetts, Janet, and David Woodruff are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Tibbetts, M&M Chris, celebrate50th anniversary: 11/10/60pB3

Tibbetts, Nancy, and George Trask are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Tibbetts, Robert, and Judith Wiggin are wed 11/23/68: 11/28/68p4

Tibbetts, Sandra, and Michael Williams are wed: 6/17/65p4

Tibbetts, Viola F., died 7/21/68: 7/25/68p3

Tibbetts, Zelma, died 2/21/68: 2/29/68p3

Tierney, Helen, and John McCarey Jr. are wed 5/4/68: 5/16/68p4

Tilton, Charles A., died 4/5/67: 4/13/p3

Tilton, Fae C., died 7/3/61: 7/6/61p3

Tilton, James, and Joyce Stevenson are wed 6/25/60: 6/30/60p4

Tilton, Jeanette D., died 6/3/65: 6/10/65p3

Tilton, Norman V., died 8/29/61: 8/31/61p3

Tilton, Ruby, died 1/21/63: 1/24/63p3

Timm III, Frederick, and Lillian Winter are wed 9/25/60: 10/20/60p8

Timm, Kathryn, and Ronald Gunnels are wed 4/21/66: 5/5/66p4

Timm, Patricia, and Alan Cutler are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Timmins, Judith, and Richard Kelley are wed 10/14/61: 10/19/61p4

Timmins, M&M Vernon, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/26/67p5

Timmonds, Richard, and Mary Varney are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Timmons, Paula, and Kirle Kelley are wed 8/8/64: 8/13/64p4

Tingley Jr., Philip, died in Vietnam 1/2/68: 1/18/68p3

Tirrell, Charles M., died 4/24/64: 4/30/64p3

Tirrell, Todd C., died 10/21/63: 10/31/63p3

Titcomb, Charles L., died 6/14/63: 6/20/63p3

Titcomb, Robert P., died 9/9/69: 9/18/69p1,10/2/69p3

Toas, Clara B., died 5/12/68: 5/16/68p3

Tobin, Mary, and George Harkins are wed 6/10/61: 6/22/61p4

Tomassini, Philip, and Barbara Faulk are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Tompson, Mary, and Dean Clark are wed 4/25/69: 5/8/69p4

Tompson, Raymond, died 10/29/68: 11/7/68p3

Tompson, Steven, earns BSA EAagle Badge: 5/23/68p1

Tompson, Steven, is Troop 175 Scout of the Year: 2/15/68p3

Toohill, John J., died 10/24/64: 10/29/64p3

Toomey, Mrs. Daniel, died 1/5/61: 1/12/61p3

Toor, Nathan, and Lydia Macey are wed: 7/15/65p5

Topham, Judith, and James Flaker are wed 8/5/61: 8/10/61p4

Topliff, John M., died 12/8/68: 12/12/68p16

Torr, Lillian G., died 1/22/65: 1/28/65p3

Torres Jr., John, and Patricia Collins are wed 6/12/65: 6/24/65p4

Toussaint, Rene, and Lucille Desmarais are wed 4/27/68: 5/2/68p4

Towers, Minnie E., died 1/21/64: 1/23/64p3

Towle, Claude A., died 1/20/61: 2/2/61p3

Towle, David, and Anna White are wed: 8/29/63p4

Towle, David, and Martha Filgate are wed: 1/14/65p4

Towle, Frank E., died 8/7/66: 8/11/66p3

Towle, Gerald E., died 10/7/68: 10/10/68p1

Towle, M&M Harold, celebrate 45th anniversary: 5/23/68pA10

Towle, Paul, and Eleanor Thompson are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4

Towle, Suzanne, and Robert Manson are wed 6/29/63: 7/4/63pB2

Tozer, Annie M., died 3/29/65: 4/1/65p3

Tozer, Granville E., died 5/18/64: 5/21/64p3

Trace, Valerie, and Arthur Shoen are wed 1/19/69: 6/5/69p4

Tracy, Nan, and Merrill Fay are wed 10/28/61: 11/2/61p4

Tracy, Roger, and Arlene Hamilton are wed: 6/29/67p5

Trafton, Ashton R., died 4/28/69: 5/1/69p3

Trafton, Clifford, and Marion Maleham are wed 3/5/66: 3/10/66p4

Trafton, Robert, and Sheila Grigalus are wed 7/27/68: 8/15/68p4

Trask, E. Bertha, died 3/8/68: 3/14/68p2

Trask, Frank L., died 1/26/61: 2/2/61p3

Trask, George, and Nancy Tibbetts are wed 6/15/68: 6/20/68p4

Trask, Helen D., died 3/3/65: 3/11/65p3

Trask, Nellie M., died 7/4/64: 7/9/64p3

Travis, Frederick, died 7/30/62: 8/2/62p3

Treadwell, Alice L., died 5/10/63: 5/16/63p3

Treahey, Frank C., died 11/19/63: 11/21/63p2

Treble, Lorraine, and Thursby Cole are wed 2/6/60: 2/11/60p4

Trefery, Robert, and Sylvia Tuttle are wed 8/1/64: 8/6/64p4

Tremblay, Adelard, died 10/5/65: 10/7/65p3

Tremblay, Delphine, died 2/10/65: 2/18/65p3

Tremblay, Elaine, and Robert Bright are wed 11/22/68: 12/12/68p4

Tremblay, Emelda V., died 12/5/66: 12/8/66p3

Tremblay, Ernest A., died 11/7/68: 11/14/68p3

Tremblay, Joseph L., died ?/?/63: 6/20/63p1,6/27/63p3

Tremblay, Lise, and Donald Nichols are wed 2/11/61: 2/16/61p4

Tremblay, Lois, and George Cahill are wed 1/11/60: 1/14/60p4

Tremblay, Marie B., died 12/26/68: 1/2/69p3

Tremblay, Rachel, and Bruce Robinson are wed 8/22/64: 8/27/64p4

Tremblay, Rita, and Donald Bickford are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Tremblay, Robert, and Carol Solari are wed: 9/30/65p4

Tripp, Annie D., died 12/26/67: 12/28/67p3

Tripp, Henry, and Lorraine Cox are wed: 11/18/65p5

Tripp, Richard, and Gwendolyn Lee are wed: 4/13/p5

Tripp, Thornton, retires after 43 years in Post Office: 2/18/65p2

Tripp. Carol, and Charles Stead are wed 9/21/68: 10/3/68pA10

Tryon, Florence L., died 5/15/65: 5/20/65p3

Tsakiris, Diana, and Roderick St. Laurent are wed: 12/10/64pA4

Tuck, Betty, and James Morrison are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

Tuck, Betty, is Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: 2/11/65p1

Tuck, Mary, and Edward Watt are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68pA6

Tucker, George, and Winifred Haley are wed 6/1/63: 6/6/63p4

Tufts, Clyde, celebrates 65th birthday: 5/11/67p3

Tufts, Earle R., died 12/4/63: 12/5/63p3

Tufts, I. Frank, died 7/26/66: 7/28/66p3

Tufts, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/5/68pA1

Tufts, Olive P., died 8/26/66: 9/1/66p3

Tully, Thomas, and Judith Golden are wed 10/8/62: 10/11/62pB6

Turbaville, Thomas R., died 9/5/62: 9/6/62p3

Turcotte, Ernest, and Eva Perkins are wed 1/19/63: 1/24/63p4

Turcotte/Lessard family reunion held: 8/28/68pA16

Turgeon, Delia M., died 3/31/60: 4/7/60p3

Turgeon, Irene, and Norris Gerry are wed 2/5/66: 2/10/66p4

Turgeon Jr., Traffle, and Theresa Lavoice are wed 6/1/68: 6/6/68p4

Turgeon, Marie L., died 11/19/68: 11/21/68p3

Turgeon, Norman, and Doris Fortier are wed 8/19/61: 8/24/61p4

Turgeon, Raymond, and Rebecca Clough are wed 3/3/62: 3/15/62p4

Turmeille, Jeannette, and Dennis Veno are wed 10/25/69: 10/30/69p4

Turmelle, Alonzo, died 9/12/67: 9/14/67p3

Turmelle, Flora M., died 8/23/60: 8/25/60p3

Turmelle, Lydia B., died 5/13/64: 5/14/64p8

Turmelle, Mary E., died 6/27/60: 6/30/60p3

Turmelle, Oscar J., died 2/4/61: 2/9/61p1

Turmelle, Phoebe S., died 8/2/68: 8/29/68p3

Turmelle, Raymond, earns Jaycees Distinguished Service Award: 1/12/61p1

Turmelle, Ronald, and Ann Soucy are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68p4

Turmelle, Thomas R., died 12/14/68: 12/19/68p3

Turmelle, Wilfred E., died 12/12/60: 12/15/60p3

Turner, Arthur W., died 11/13/62: 11/15/62p3

Turner, Betty, and Sheldon Parshley are wed 10/1/65: 10/14/65p4

Turner, Bruce, and Jean Clement are wed 12/19/59: 1/14/60p4

Turner, Carol, and Richard Bradbury are wed: 7/6/67p4

Turner, Frederick, retires after 20 years in US Navy: 11/15/62pA1

Turner, Jacqueline, and George Bouchard are wed: 9/22/66p5

Turner, John, and Roberta Mendler are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68p4

Turner, Robert, and Marjorie Hatch are wed 2/27/60: 3/10/60p4

Turner, Roy, died 9/24/61: 9/28/61p3

Turner, William J., died 12/29/59: 1/7/60p3

Tuttle, Clarence E., died 4/29/61: 5/4/61p3

Tuttle, David, and Joanne Carey are wed: 7/20/67p4

Tuttle, Ellen, retires after 33 years in education: 6/2/60p1

Tuttle, Fred, and Kathleen Adjutant are wed 4/9/66: 4/14/66p4

Tuttle, Glenita, and Robert Stuart are wed: 5/3/62p4

Tuttle, Herbert E., died 2/2/64: 2/6/64p3

Tuttle, Irene, and Jared Hichens are wed 5/24/69: 6/12/69p4

Tuttle, Margaret C., died 8/8/60: 8/11/60p3

Tuttle, Maude, 75, rides her bike all over the City: 8/24/61p1

Tuttle, Maude R., died 8/3/67: 8/10/67p3

Tuttle, Mildred, diedl 1/26/69: 1/30/69p3

Tuttle, Nancy, receives US Navy Letter of Commendation: 4/17/69pA5

Tuttle, Ora G., died 1/6/67: 1/12/67p3

Tuttle, Sylvia, and Robert Trefery are wed 8/1/64: 8/6/64p4

Tway, Adam D., died 5/6/68: 5/9/68p3

Twitchell, Charles, and Shirley Evans are wed 4/9/60: 4/21/60p4

Twitchell, Franklin W., died 2/10/60: 2/18/60p3

Twitchell, Harris, and Charlotte Tanner are wed 7/2/60: 7/7/60p4,7/7/60p4

Twombley, James, and Jean Rumazza are wed 10/31/64: 11/5/64p4

Twombly, Arvilla, and George Calef are wed 5/6/61: 5/11/61p4

Twombly, Bernice M., died 1/26/62: 2/1/62p3

Twombly, Grace, and Warren Clough are wed 6/25/67: 6/29/67p4

Twombly Jr., Robert, and Mary Strachan are wed 7/9/61: 7/13/61p4

Twombly, Lucille, and Richard Zielfelder are wed 6/26/65: 7/1/65p2

Ulrich, George, and Marilyn Clements are wed 7/13/63: 7/18/63pA6

Upton, Larrie, and Linda Hayes are wed 11/25/67: 12/14/67pA3

Upton, Robert, and Alice Leocha are wed: 12/1/66p4

Urion, Katherine, volunteers for a year with VISTA: 8/14/69p4

Urion, Paul, honored by world-wide Dartmouth Club: 11/14/68p1

Vaas, Joan, and Paul Lessard are wed 4/15/66: 4/21/66p5

Vachon, Alderic J., died 11/7/65: 11/11/65p3

Vachon, Charlene, and Richard Fortuna are wed: 10/27/66pA13

Vachon, Constance, and James Grady Jr. are wed 1/9/65: 1/14/65p4

Vachon, David, and Gloria Moulton are wed 7/27/68: 8/29/68pA1

Vachon, Diane, and James Adabahr are wed 2/2/63: 2/7/63pA8

Vachon, Gerogianna L., died 2/28/64: 3/5/64p3

Vachon, Henry, and Janet Keller are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p5

Vachon, Henry L., died 9/23/64: 10/1/64p3

Vachon, Jean M., died 6/10/69: 6/12/69p3

Vachon, Jean p., died 7/16/69: 7/17/69p3

Vachon, M&M Thomas, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/31/61p4

Vachon, Mabel F., died 1/24/65: 2/4/65p3

Vachon, Mae M., died 10/17/66: 10/20/66p3

Vachon, May H., died 1/7/67: 1/12/67p3

Vachon, Mildred H., died 9/29/61: 10/5/61p3

Vachon, Pamela, and John Parks are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p4

Vachon, Peter, died 1/10/63: 1/17/63p3

Vachon, Robert, and Mary Giguerre are wed 9/1/62: 9/6/62p4

Vachon, Ronald, and Nancy Lamontaigne are wed 5/3/68: 5/9/68p4

Vaillancourt, Mary L., died 11/25/60: 12/1/60p3

Vaillant, Anne, and Roland St. Pierre are wed 10/9/65: 10/21/65p4

Vallee, Mary, and Donald Lemire are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Vallee, Rita, and Leon Laurion are wed 11/12/60: 11/17/60p4

Valley, Alexander, died 8/7/60: 8/11/60p3

Valley, Audrey, and Edward Laplume are wed 7/5/69: 7/10/69p4

Vallieres, Arthur T., died 3/20/68: 3/28/68p3

Vallieres, Christine, and George Sintz are wed 9/24/66: 9/29/66p4

Van Alstine, Diane, and Charles Reed are wed 5/1/65: 5/6/65p4

Van Alstine, Doris R., died 8/1/68: 8/8/68p3

Van Alstine, James, and Georgia Appleby are wed 1/1/65: 4/22/65p4

Van Buskirk, Patricia, and Bruce Golden are wed 8/10/63: 8/15/63p4

Van Doorn, Roger, and Nancy Anderson are wed 7/8/61: 7/13/61p4

Van Patten, Frank R., died 7/12/64: 7/16/64p1

Van Patten, Jean, died 7/12/64: 7/16/64p1

Varney, Albert, and Gail Marchand are wed 11/30/68: 12/12/68p4

Varney, Carol, and Lawrence Woodward are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63pB4

Varney, Charles T., died 7/18/61: 7/20/61p3

Varney, Cynthia, and James Bisbee are wed 6/8/60: 6/16/60p4

Varney, Dianne, and Donald Cheney are wed 9/23/61: 9/28/61p4

Varney, Elizabeth, still sews quilts at 83: 9/28/67p5

Varney, Esther, and Nathaniel Blaisdell Jr. are wed 6/14/69: 6/26/69p4

Varney, Gail, and Lawrence Lover are wed 5/11/69: 5/22/69p4

Varney, H. Willis, died 9/17/61: 9/21/61p3

Varney, Herbert, and Verna Rew are wed: 1/23/64p4

Varney, Herbert E., died 8/15/65: 8/19/65p3

Varney, Jennie M., died 1/2/66: 1/6/66p3

Varney, Joyce, is published in Readers Digest: 3/2/61p8

Varney Jr., Harold, and Beverly Gates are wed 11/2/68: 11/21/68p4

Varney, Marilyn, and Richard Dame are wed: 6/14/62pB2

Varney, Mary, and Richard Timmonds are wed 10/21/61: 10/26/61p4

Varney, Matilda W., died 12/27/62: 1/3/63p3

Varney, Minnie B., died 6/26/65: 7/1/65p3

Varney, Mrs. Clark, is Woman's Club 50-year member: 4/18/63p6

Varney, Paula, and Stanton Wentworth are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA6

Varney, Robert, and Kathleen Collins are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68pA12

Varney, Susan, and Edward Helfenstein II are wed 3/20/65: 3/25/65p4

Varney, Timothy, and Sally Watson are wed 8/24/68: 9/19/68p4

Varney, Wiliam H., died 9/27/68: 10/3/68p3

Varney, Will C., died 3/11/69: 3/13/69p3

Vartier, Elaine, and Francis Dupuis are wed 4/27/64: 5/7/64p4

Vasoli, Cynthia, and Alfred Johnson are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4

Vasques, Tracy L., died 3/11/64: 3/12/64p3

Vaugeois, Marie L., died 2/28/64: 3/5/64p3

Veator, George, and Linda Lamontagne are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Veator, Pauline, and Robert Wiggin are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Veno, Dennis, and Jeannette Turmeille are wed 10/25/69: 10/30/69p4

Veno, Margaret, and Richard Jenisch are wed 11/23/68: 11/28/68p4

Veno, Yvonne M., died 12/3/67: 12/7/67p3

Vermette, Dennis, and Alice Corriveau are wed: 6/1/67p4

Verow, Thomas R., died 11/22/61: 11/30/61p3

Verville, Dolores, and Roland Beaulieu are wed 7/23/60: 8/4/60p4

Verville, Jeffrey, died 5/5/68: 5/9/68p3

Viator, Claudia, and Michael Limbnick are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p9

Vickers, Charles S., died 1/23/61: 1/26/61p3

Vickers, William, honored by Army Reserve: 10/29/64p1

Vickery, Harold, honored with Grange Century Farm Award: 11/15/62p8

Vien, Shirley, and Arnold Hayes are wed: 4/6/67p4

Viens, Arthur A.--A Community Portrait: 7/20/61pA3

Vigneault, Yvonne, and John McAllister are wed 7/9/66: 7/14/66p5

Vigue, Doris A., died 9/24/66: 10/6/66p3

Vigue, Gary, and Sarah Guay are wed 7/6/68: 7/25/68pA8

Vigue, Gary J., died ?/?/69: 6/12/69p3

Vilandry, Marie, and Robert Cousineau wed 11/25/61: 11/30/61p4,12/7/61pA3

Villanova, Antonio, died 5/11/69: 5/15/69p3

Villanova, M&M Tony, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/23/63p4

Vincent, Maurice, and Sylvia Lance are wed 2/20/60: 2/25/60p4

Vittum, Marie, and Richard Barisano are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Vittum, Paul, and Marcia Smith are wed: 3/18/65p4

Vittum, Sharon, and Robert Whitehouse are wed 9/25/65: 10/7/65p4

Voeth, Ruby T., died 4/?/65: 4/15/65p3

Vold, Carl, and Ruth Chamberlin are wed 11/23/61: 11/30/61p4,12/7/61pA3

Wade, David, and Paula Hutman are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

Wade, George E.--A Community Portrait: 8/4/60pA2

Wade Jr., George, and Beulah Winship are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

Wade Jr., Joseph, and Ann Gilbert are wed: 9/12/68p10

Wade, Lulu J., died 3/?/63: 3/28/63p3

Wagner, M&M Burpiee, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/29/68p4

Waikiki, Nancy, and Louis Gagne are wed: 9/18/69p4

Wakefield, Irene, died 4/24/67: 4/27/67p3

Wakefield, Robert H.--A Community Portrait: 6/30/60pA2

Walbridge Jr., Alvin, and Margaret Gagne are wed: 8/2/62p4

Waldron, Christine, and Ronald Boucher are wed 10/10/64: 10/22/64p4

Walker, Gloria, earns Junior Engineer Certificate: 1/5/67p8

Walker, Joseph, celebrates 99th birthday: 4/20/67p4

Walker, Joseph F., died 5/31/69: 6/5/69p3

Walker, Joseph L., died 6/18/68: 6/20/68p3

Walker, Madlyn, and Ronald Griswold are wed: 5/16/63p6

Walker, Pamela, and Dennis Hebert are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Walker, Robert, and Gladys Skidds are wed 6/26/60: 6/30/60p4

Walker Sr., Charles E., died 2/15/61: 2/23/61p3

Wall, Carol, and William Cormier are wed 8/22/64: 9/17/64p4

Wallace, Calvin, and Carolyn Hooper are wed 3/8/69: 3/27/69pA3

Wallace, Margaret K., died 2/11/65: 2/18/65p3

Wallace, Peter E., died 11/30/64: 12/3/64p3

Wallace, Stephen O., died 9/3/68: 9/5/68p1

Wallace, Walter S., died 1/5/60: 1/7/60p3

Walley. Doris, and Harry MacCormac are wed 5/21/60: 5/26/60p4

Wallingford, Alfred, and Lorraine Fogg are wed 4/29/67: 5/4/67p4

Wallingford, Helen N., died 5/12/64: 5/14/64p3

Wallingford, Max B., died 1/23/63: 1/31/63p3

Walsh, James, died 3/17/62: 3/22/62p3

Warburton, Ann, and Philip Gerrish are wed 7/23/60: 8/4/60p4

Warburton, Cecil, and Edwina Ferland are wed 5/20/61: 5/25/61p4

Warburton, David, and Dolores Perkins wed 11/5/60: 11/10/60p4,11/17/60pA6

Warburton, Edith S., died 11/9/65: 11/11/65p3

Warburton, Harvey E., died 1/6/62: 1/11/62p3

Warburton Jr., Wendell, died 2/25/63: 2/28/63p3

Warburton, Ruth, and Ralph Gullison are wed 4/15/60: 4/21/60p4

Ward, Arnold, and Anne Stritch are wed 3/4/67: 3/16/67p4

Ward, Donald, and Dorothy Smith are wed 8/5/67: 8/24/67p4

Ward, Lillian T., died 2/9/63: 2/21/63p3

Warden, Mary, and Franklin Thibault are wed 6/5/65: 6/17/65p4

Warden, Patricia, and Leo Mondou are wed 9/2/61: 9/7/61p4

Warden Sr., Perley C., died 1/16/61: 1/19/61p3

Warnecke, Linda, is Milton Carnival Queen: 3/1/62pB8

Warnecke, William, died 4/13/60: 4/21/60p3

Warren, Gordon, and Marjorie McDuffee are wed 9/18/65: 9/23/65p4

Warren, William J., died 4/20/61: 4/27/61p1

Washok Jr., Benjamin, and Ruby Pike are wed: 11/17/66p5

Waterhouse, Alfred K., died 9/4/65: 9/9/65p3

Waterhouse, Carl, and Kathleen McGurly are wed 11/1/69: 11/6/89p4

Waterhouse, David, and Eva Fizz are wed: 7/9/64p5

Waterhouse, David H., writes of being stationed in Turkey: 11/29/62pA4

Waterhouse, David, USAF, tells of living in Istanbul: 1/24/63p5

Waterhouse, Diane, and Neil Lapierre are wed 10/12/68: 10/17/68p4

Waterhouse, Edwin, and Carline Gagnon are wed 8/19/61: 8/31/61p4

Waterhouse, Everett, and Eleanor Charette are wed 8/17/63: 8/22/63p4

Waterhouse, Jean, and David Fisher are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Waterhouse, Karen, and Robert Cote are wed 6/19/65: 6/24/65p4

Waterhouse, M&M Walter, celebrate 40th anniversary: 5/27/65p4

Waterhouse, Mary, and John Cox are wed 5/18/68: 5/23/68p4

Waterhouse, Merton A., died 2/5/69: 2/13/69p3

Waterhouse, Patricia, and Paul Kimball wed 7/22/61: 7/27/61p4,8/5/61p4

Waterman, Roger F., died 9/6/64: 9/10/64p3

Watman, Thomas, has article in national education magazine: 2/17/66pA1

Watman, Thomas, teacher, to be published nationally: 12/10/64pB2

Watson, Ann, and Alan King are wed 6/13/64: 6/25/64p4

Watson, Barry, and Barbara Worster are wed 8/31/68: 9/26/68p4

Watson, Bertha A., died 1/10/65: 1/14/65p3

Watson, Brenda, and James Jackson are wed: 11/7/63pA1

Watson, Edna, and William Norton are wed 7/30/66: 8/4/66p4

Watson, Elmer E., died 7/4/62: 7/12/62p3

Watson, Fred, and Priscilla Therrien are wed 4/15/61: 4/20/61p4

Watson, James, and Nancy Miles are wed 5/2/64: 5/14/64p4

Watson, Robert, and Florence Thompson are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Watson, Roland, and Geraldine Enman are wed 3/18/61: 3/23/61p4

Watson, Sally, and Timothy Varner are wed 8/24/68: 9/19/68p4

Watson, Sumner W., died 9/27/61: 9/28/61p1

Watt, Edward, and Mary Tuck are wed 6/8/68: 6/13/68pA6

Waymouth, Harold, and Sara Zanes are wed 12/28/63: 1/9/64pB6

Weare, Alonzon E., died 8/7/64: 8/13/64p3

Weare, Katherine, and Robert Thompson are wed 12/10/60: 12/29/60p4

Weare, Leon C., died 6/20/68: 6/27/68p3

Weare, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/22/62p3

Weatherbee, Ivers, celebrates 88th birthday: 5/12/60p12

Weathers, Donald, and Dorothy Adams are wed: 3/25/65p4

Weathers, Donald, and Elviney Ross are wed 4/27/68: 5/23/68p9

Weathers, Judith, and Leander Cogswell are wed: 1/5/67p4

Weathers, Marion B., died 1/10/64: 1/16/64p3

Weathers, Marion--A Woman of Purpose: 9/8/60p5

Weathers, Peter, and Sylvia Pepin are wed 7/24/65: 7/29/65p4

Weathers, Sally, and Richard McCann are wed 8/1/64: 8/6/64p4

Weaver, Alice, died 6/6/67: 7/13/67p3

Weaver, Betty, and Philip Nagle Jr. are wed 2/13/60: 2/18/60p4

Weaver, John, died 7/14/61: 7/20/61p3

Webb, George, and Elizabeth Smith are wed: 7/5/62p4

Webber, Ella B., died 12/1/69: 12/4/69p3

Webber, Homer F., died 9/21/69: 9/25/69p3

Webber, Ronald, and Linda Corr are wed 2/4/67: 2/9/67p4

Weber, Robert, and Beverly Young are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

Webster, Georgia C., died 10/2/68: 10/10/68p3

Webster, Maude R., died 2/26/61: 3/2/61p3

Weed, Charles, and Arline Frost are wed 8/12/61: 8/17/61p4

Weeden, Albert, and Elizabeth Leavitt are wed 1/30/60: 3/3/60p4

Weeks, Albion G., died 3/25/65: 4/1/65p3

Weeks, Barry, and Patricia Pouliot are wed 6/24/67: 6/29/67p5

Weeks, Chellis, and Rita Pullen are wed 11/24/60: 12/8/60p4

Weeks, Dawna, and James Gardner are wed 4/29/61: 5/4/61p4

Weeks, Dennis, and Jill Paradis are wed 6/27/64: 7/2/64p4

Weeks, Gail, and Stephen Anctil are wed 6/1/68: 6/6/68p4

Weeks, Gertrude L., died 1/6/64: 1/9/64p3

Weeks, Phylura D., died 4/17/62: 4/26/62p3

Weeks, Richard, and Jeannette Taylor are wed 11/26/60: 12/1/60p5

Weeks Sr., Merritt, died 7/2/62: 7/5/62p3

Weeman, Roger, and Carol Jenness are wed 2/5/66: 2/10/66p4

Weiler, Fred, and Linda Evans are wed 9/18/65: 9/23/65p5

Weiman, ???, and Douglas Collins are wed 8/31/68: 11/7/68p4

Weinstein, Alan, and Rose Bammarito are wed: 7/27/67p4

Weinstein, Esther, died 8/18/66: 8/25/66p3

Weinstein, June, and Ronald Grant are wed 8/25/63: 9/5/63p4

Welch, Harry K., died 3/23/60: 3/31/60p3

Welch, Lillian E., died 2/13/63: 2/14/63p3

Welch, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/24/68p4

Welch, Margaret, and Peter Bouchard are wed 6/22/68: 6/27/68p3

Welch, Nellie J., died 1/31/60: 2/4/60p3

Welch, Richard A.--A Community profile: 9/29/60pA2

Welch, Wallace, and Constance Corson are wed 8/21/65: 8/26/65p4

Wells, Clyde, and Linda Staples are wed: 6/22/67p4

Wells, Herbert, died 1/22/69: 1/30/69p3

Wells, Kathleen, and Alvah Cox Jr. are wed 6/25/66: 6/30/66p4

Wells, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/6/62p5

Wells, Madeline, and Neal Hastings are wed 7/9/60: 7/14/60p4

Wentworth, Bonita, and Peter Ellis are wed 8/3/68: 8/8/68p4

Wentworth, Charles A., died 11/7/68: 11/14/68p3

Wentworth, Cheryl, and Peter Stultz are wed: 9/3/64p4

Wentworth, Cynthia R., died 2/5/60: 2/11/60p3

Wentworth, David earns BSA Eagle Badge: 5/23/68p1

Wentworth Eaudivilla J., died 1/?/64: 1/30/64p3

Wentworth, George H., died 1/9/69: 1/16/69p3

Wentworth, Harlan, and Doris Rivers are wed 10/15/60: 10/20/60p4

Wentworth, Herbert A., died 3/10/67: 3/16/67p2

Wentworth, Horace A., died 2/26/62: 3/1/62p3

Wentworth, Irene, retires after 36 years in governm't service: 11/18/65p1

Wentworth, Lawrence, and Patricia Gray are wed 4/17/65: 4/29/65p4

Wentworth, Lowell E., died 6/25/65: 7/1/65p3

Wentworth, Lulu H., died 7/29/63: 8/1/63p3

Wentworth, Mary E., died 10/7/68: 10/10/68p3

Wentworth, Richard, and Linda Denton are wed 1/15/66: 1/20/66p4,2/10/66p4

Wentworth, Ruth M., died 11/28/67: 11/30/67p3

Wentworth, Stanton, and Paula Varney are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA6

Wernecke, Billie, and Robert Desmarais are wed 7/4/64: 7/16/64p5

Wescott, Barbara, and Richard Berard are wed 10/22/66: 11/3/66p4

West, Randolph, and Olive Brooks are wed 10/28/67: 11/2/67p3

Wetherbee, Ivers, and Barbara Chase are wed 6/11/60: 6/16/60p4

Wetherbee, Ivers L., died 10/21/60: 10/27/60p3

Wetherbee, Jennie, celebrates 92nd birthday: 11/21/63pB5

Wetherbee, Jennie F., died 12/18/64: 12/24/64p3

Wetherbeem Laura H., died 9/21/65: 9/23/65p3

Weymouth, Helen, and Kenneth Colwell Jr. wed 6/3/60: 6/9/60p6,6/16/60p4

Weymouth, Thomas, and Dawn Clough are wed 4/15/67: 4/20/67p4

Whalen, Louise, and Everett Graves are wed 9/9/61: 9/14/61p4

Whalen, Sally, amd Arnold Leonardi are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Whalen, Sandra, and John Cardinal are wed 4/6/63: 4/11/63pB4

Whalen, Sharon, and Robert Lord Jr. are wed 11/8/68: 11/14/68p4

Whatman, Nancy, and Paul Larose are wed 10/5/68: 10/10/68p4

Wheeler, Betty, and Clarence Whitehouse Jr. are wed: 9/10/64pA4

Wheeler, Charles, and Priscilla Soulia are wed 8/24/68: 9/5/68p4

Wheelwright, Maude M., died 10/13/68: 11/7/68p3

Wheldon, Leonora D., died 5/31/62: 6/7/62p3

Wheldon Sr., Roy M., died 1/29/69: 2/6/69p3

Whitaker, Elizabeth, and Robert Norton are wed 8/12/67: 8/17/67p4

Whitcomb, Craig, and Stephanie Chod are wed 12/14/68: 1/2/69p4

Whitcomb, Harmon, and Elaine Foglio are wed 5/31/69: 6/5/69p4

White, Anna, and David Towle are wed: 8/29/63p4

White, Annie L., died 3/27/62: 3/29/62p3

White, Arthur, and Sarah Rogers are wed 12/20/63: 1/9/64p4

White, Charles F., died 7/30/69: 8/7/69p3

White, Craig C., died 3/18/60: 3/24/60p1

White, David, elected president of Jaycees: 5/12/60p1

White, John, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 6/23/60p1

White, John W., died 8/5/67: 8/10/67p3

White, Sharon, and Ronald Malone are wed 1/4/69: 1/9/69p4

White, Sharon, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 12/15/66p1

Whitehead II, Mark, and Kathleen Hilliard are wed 9/8/62: 9/13/62p4

Whitehead, Ross, died 3/17/67: 3/16/67p3

Whitehorn, Alice, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/8/60pB2

Whitehorne, Alice L., died 6/26/63: 6/27/63p3

Whitehouse, Annie A., died 5/29/65: 6/3/65p3

Whitehouse, Charles W., died 10/12/69: 10/16/69p3

Whitehouse, Clarence D., died 4/25/69: 5/1/69p3

Whitehouse, Fannie C., died 7/29/61: 8/5/61p3

Whitehouse, Gary, and Shirley Wiggin are wed 3/30/68: 4/11/68p4

Whitehouse, Hazel L., died 10/18/67: 10/19/67p3

Whitehouse, Herbert C., died 2/16/62: 2/22/62p3

Whitehouse, Herbert L. died 1/2/63: 1/3/63p3

Whitehouse Jr., Clarence, and Betty Wheeler are wed: 9/10/64pA4

Whitehouse, Judith, and Albert Frost are wed 7/3/65: 7/8/65p4

Whitehouse, Merle, died 12/?/63: 1/9/64p3

Whitehouse, Mrs. Louie E., died 7/13/67: 7/20/67p3

Whitehouse, Mrs. Ralph, died 12/13/66: 12/15/66p3

Whitehouse, Robert, and Sharon Vittum are wed 9/25/65: 10/7/65p4

Whitmore, Ada B., died 7/4/63: 7/11/63p3

Whitney, Barbara, and Bernard Downs are wed 3/19/66: 3/30/66p4

Whitney, Vivian H., died 5/10/69: 5/15/69p3

Whitten, Grace F., died 6/9/66: 6/16/66p3

Whittier, Candace L., died 10/9/65: 10/14/65pB16

Whitworth, Angie D., died 4/25/61: 4/27/61p3

Whitworth, Annie, celebrates 90th birthday: 9/22/60pB6

Wiggin, B. Marcille, died 8/20/64: 8/27/64p3

Wiggin, Carroll A., died 10/24/62: 11/1/62p3

Wiggin family holds reunion: 11/30/67pB1

Wiggin, Joyce, and Jonathon Downing are wed 8/5/67: 8/17/67p4

Wiggin, Judith, and Robert Tibbetts are wed 11/23/68: 11/28/68p4

Wiggin, Keith, and Lois Farrell are wed: 6/29/67p5

Wiggin, Laura, died 9/12/69: 9/18/69p3

Wiggin, Mabel D., died 10/14/62: 10/18/62p3

Wiggin, Marie, and David Cook are wed 8/14/65: 8/19/65p4

Wiggin, Morton H., died 10/31/65: 11/4/65p3

Wiggin, Robert, and Pauline Veator are wed 10/5/63: 10/10/63p4

Wiggin, Rose M., died 7/9/63: 7/11/63p3

Wiggin, Shirley, and Gary Whitehouse are wed 3/30/68: 4/11/68p4

Wiggin, Winifred R., died 12/3/68: 12/5/68p3

Wilcox, Joseph, and Sandra Liberty are wed 6/18/60: 6/23/60p9

Wilcox, Sandra, and Robert Little are wed 6/25/66: 6/30/66p5

Wiley, Janice, and Donald Young are wed 6/30/61: 7/13/61p4

Wiley, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/22/65p4

Wilkens, Donna, and David Gagnon are wed 8/31/63: 9/5/63pA6

Wilkens, Mark B., died 7/24/63: 7/25/63p3

Wilkens, Robert R., died 5/8/65: 5/13/65pA7

Wilkins, Craig, died 11/?/67: 11/16/67p1

Wilkinson, Lorene, and William Smith are wed 6/6/64: 6/18/64p4

Willard, Angelina A., died 3/3/64: 3/5/64p3

Willard, Annie B., died 10/22/65: 10/28/65p3

Willard, Carol, and Michael Dumont are wed 10/12/68: 11/21/68p4

Willard, Clyde A., died 10/24/64: 10/29/64p3

Willard, Eric, and Elizabeth Raab are wed 11/16/68: 11/28/68p4

Willard, John, and Carol Casey are wed 10/1/60: 11/3/60p4

Willard, Thomas, died 6/18/69: 7/3/69p1

Willett, Ann, and Oliver Gilbert are wed 12/1/62: 12/6/62pB1

Willett, Bessie A., died 7/22/62: 7/26/62p3

Willett, Neil A., died 12/30/60: 1/5/61p3

Willett, Ruth A.., died 6/7/67: 6/8/67p3

Willey, Albert I., died 4/22/64: 4/30/64p3

Willey, Burns C., died 6/5/64: 6/11/64p3

Willey, Cortel W., died 3/23/69: 3/27/69p3

Willey, Flora M., died 4/10/65: 4/15/65p3

Willey, Mary B., died 2/27/66: 3/3/66p3

Williams, Barney, and Jane McNelley are wed 7/3/65: 7/15/65p4

Williams, Bonnie J. died 8/22/68: 8/29/68p3

Williams, M&M Richard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/29/60p6

Williams, M&M Richard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/6/60p4

Williams, Michael, and Sandra Tibbetts are wed: 6/17/65p4

Williams, Myrtle E., died 8/10/66: 8/18/66p3

Williams, Paula, and James Ely are wed: 10/7/65p5

Williams, Richard L., died 8/24/66: 8/25/66p3

Willson,. Charles W., died 4/28/62: 5/3/62p3

Willson, Charles, retires after 27 years as school custodian: 6/16/60pC3

Willson, Orrin, is NH Chicken Cooking Champion: 6/1/61p1

Willson, Orrin, is NH Men's National Cooking Champion: 1/10/63p1

Wilson, Colleen, and Douglas Rider are wed 11/1/69: 12/4/69p4

Wilson, Elizabeth, and Arnold Howard are wed 11/23/62: 11/29/62p6

Wilson, George F.--A Community Portrait: 8/11/60pA2

Wilson, John W., died 11/10/63: 11/14/63p3

Wilson, Lester, and Joanne Dupuis are wed 9/1/62: 9/20/62pB8

Wilson, Lettye, and Paul Guerin are wed 12/19/64: 12/24/64p4

Wilson, Linda, and Harry Tasker are wed: 3/18/65p4

Wilson, Margaret E., died 9/26/69: 10/2/69p3

Wilson, Marlene, and Bernard Cormier are wed 7/27/68: 8/1/68p4

Wilson, Mary, and John Dean are wed 12/19/64: 12/24/64p4

Wilson, Sandra, and Maurice Gagne are wed 10/13/62: 10/18/62p4

Wilson, Waldo L., died 3/21/68: 3/28/68p3

Winchell, Kathleen, and John Larochelle are wed 6/14/69: 6/19/69p4

Winchell, Kathleen, is Miss Rochester 1965: 5/27/65p1

Wingate, Dion C., died 9/16/69: 9/18/69p3

Wingate, John, and Karen Breil are wed 6/12/60: 6/23/60p10,6/30/60p4

Wingate, Karen N., died 10/?/69: 10/9/69p1

Wingate, May, died 6/?/65: 6/10/65p3

Winkley, Bridget M., died 11/5/67: 11/9/67p3

Winkley, Carrie, died 3/26/61: 3/30/61p3

Winkley, Harlie, and Anita Mikula are wed 6/15/68: 6/27/68p12

Winkley, M&M Ernest, celebrate 45th anniversary: 11/12/64p4

Winkley, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/13/69p4

Winkley, M&M Harry, celebrate 40th anniversary: 6/6/63p4

Winkley, M&M Harry, celebrate 46th anniversary: 6/5/69p4

Winkley, Mary, and Kenneth Cook are wed 9/21/63: 9/26/63p4

Winship, Beulah, and George Wade Jr. are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p4

Winship, Norma, and Oscar Somerset Jr. are wed 8/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Winsor, Marjorie, and Robert Hunt are wed 6/18/60: 6/30/60p5

Winter, Lillian, and Frederick Timm III are wed 9/25/60: 10/20/60p8

Winter, Valerie, and Paul Calef are wed: 4/6/67p4

Witham, Dorothy, and Francis Goslin are wed 1/16/65: 1/28/65p5

Witham, Gloria, and Ronald Maxfield are wed 6/6/64: 6/11/64pp2,5

Witham, Richard, and Lois Hulsman are wed: 7/26/62p4

Witham, Robert, and Connie Meserve are wed 9/14/68: 10/3/68p4

Withell, Harry W., died 8/26/68: 8/29/68p6

Witherell, Anne, and William Goff are wed: 6/25/64p4

Witherell, Anne, wins Frisbie essay contest: 5/16/63p8

Witherell, Ethel B., died 4/18/69: 4/24/69p3

Witherell, M&M Harry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/21/66p4

Withrow, Carol, and John bedell are wed: 6/4/64p4

Witmer, Carl died 8/?/66: 8/25/66p3

Witmer, Carl T., died 8/15/66: 8/18/66p3

Witmer, Sandra, and Mark Bradbury are wed: 9/2/65p4

Wittner, Stefan, and Margaret Fisher are wed: 9/15/66p4

Wollett, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/30/61pB1

Wolters Jr., Paul, and Bettylou Shaw are wed: 8/27/64p4

Wood, Albert I., died 9/8/66: 9/15/66p3

Wood, Blaine, and Carol Couture are wed 5/19/62: 5/24/62p4

Wood, Celia F., died 10/14/65: 10/21/65p3

Wood, James, and Linda Freeman are wed 11/24/66: 12/1/66p4

Wood, Lucy M., died 3/3/65: 3/4/65p3

Wood, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/5/68p4

Wood, Marcia, and Theodore Parmenter Jr. are wed 9/14/68: 9/19/68p4

Wood, Peggy, and Erwin Kensy are wed 8/21/66: 8/25/66p4

Wood, Sharon, and James Gowen are wed: 1/2/64p4

Wood, Walter G., died 12/23/61: 1/11/62p3

Wood, Walter H., died 2/3/2/60: 2/25/60p1

Wood, Wendell F., died 4/23/69: 5/1/69p3

Woodbury, Linda, and Arthur Gray are wed 8/23/69: 9/18/69p4

Woodes, George H., died 9/9/65: 9/16/65p3

Woodes, Joseph E., died 12/31/68: 1/9/69p3

Woodes, Mary E., died 7/12/66: 7/21/66p3

Woodes, Ronald, and Mary Fortin are wed: 4/27/67p4

Woodes, William J., died 5/3/62: 5/10/62p3

Woodman, Cecile, and Nathan Rand Jr. are wed 6/30/62: 7/5/62p4

Woodman, Clarence L., died 9/21/68: 9/26/68p3

Woodman, Doris L., died 1/17/64: 1/23/64p3

Woodman, Jennie S., died 8/6/67: 8/10/67p3

Woodruff, David, and Janet Tibbetts are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Woods, Carlton, and Patricia Adams are wed 6/4/66: 6/16/66p4

Woods, Edith, speaks of missionary work in Taiwan: 3/14/63p4

Woods, Horace F., died 2/10/69: 2/13/69p3

Woods sisters, missionaries to Taiwan, return for visit: 6/27/68pA5

Woods, William J., died 1/25/62: 2/1/62p3

Woodward, Lawrence, and Carol Varney are wed 6/15/63: 6/20/63pB4

Woodworth, Marion, died 10/29/69: 10/30/69p3

Woodworth, Marion L., died 10/29/69: 11/6/69p3

Wooster, John G., died 12/17/68: 12/19/68p3

Worcester, Eldora R., died 3/21/65: 3/25/65p3

Worden, Dawn, and Peter Carswell are wed 9/19/64: 10/1/64p4

Wormhood, Helen, died 4/21/62: 4/26/62p3

Wormhood, Herman H., died 3/4/67: 3/9/67p3

Wormhood, Leeman B., died 12/18/60: 12/22/60p3

Wormhood, Nancy, and Donald Kellogg are wed 6/16/68: 6/27/68p3

Worster, Barbara, and Barry Watson are wed 8/31/68: 9/26/68p4

Worster, Carl, and Sandra England are wed 10/14/67: 10/26/67pA11

Worster, Henry H., died 1/2/62: 1/4/62p3

Worster Jr., Carl, and Helen Drapeau are wed 6/28/69: 7/10/69pA3

Worster, Moses J., died 4/14/69: 4/17/69p3

Worster, Nancy, and Terry Place are wed 2/12/66: 2/17/66p4

Worster, Steadman, and Lois Couture are wed 8/18/62: 8/23/62p4

Wotton, Rodney, and Norma Beaudoin are wed 8/5/61: 8/17/61p4

Wright, Anna D., died 4/24/65: 5/6/65p3

Wright, Hannah G., died 9/15/63: 9/19/63p3

Wuesthoff, David, and Margaret Belcher are wed: 9/6/62p4

Wuesthoff, M&M John, serve Peace Corps in Sierra Leone: 5/26/66pA8

Wyatt, George, and Patricia Theroux are wed 5/11/68: 5/16/68p16

Wyatt, Joseph, died 2/20/62: 3/1/62p3

Wyatt Jr., Clarence, and Carmen Hamel are wed 9/9/67: 9/14/67p4

Wyatt, M&M Ralph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/13/67p4

Wyatt, Ruth W., died 12/2/67: 12/7/67p3

Wyberg, Vaughn C., died 7/22/64: 7/30/64p3

Wyman, Celina C., died 8/1/60: 8/4/60p3

Wyman, E. Frank, died 2/4/67: 2/9/67p1

Wyman, Earl B., died 10/23/64: 10/29/64p3

Yates, John, died 2/17/68: 2/22/68p3

Yeaton, C. Wilber, died 4/10/65: 4/15/65p3

Yeaton, Harold W., died 1/9/63: 1/17/63p3

Yeaton, Marie W., died 5/29/61: 6/1/61p3

Yeaton, Sigrid, and Leroy Charles are wed 4/28/62: 5/3/62p4

Yeaton, Sonja, and Robert Boldue are wed 1/20/62: 1/25/62p4

Yoder, Robert, and Ardith Knox are wed 10/16/61: 10/19/61p5

York, Alice L., died 2/4/66: 2/10/66p3

York, Beatrice, and Bruce Raab are wed 7/14/69: 7/24/69pA16

York, Edna F., died 4/25/68: 5/2/68p3

York, Harold V., died 6/29/65: 7/1/65p3

York, Mary A., died 1/20/69: 1/23/69p3

York, Nellie G., died 11/17/63: 11/21/63p2

York, Percy W., died 9/5/68: 9/12/68p3

York, Wesley, and Alice Richard are wed 4/24/65: 4/29/65p4

York, William W., died 5/2/63: 5/9/63p3

Yost, Ronald, and Elizabeth Gagne are wed 3/17/62: 3/22/62p4

Young, Bessie H., died 2/28/62: 3/1/62p3

Young, Beverly, and Robert Weber are wed 6/4/66: 6/9/66p4

Young, Beverly, is NH 4-H Dressmaking champion: 6/29/61p3

Young, Donald, and Janice Wiley are wed 6/30/61: 7/13/61p4

Young, Dorothy M., died 8/22/63: 8/29/63p3

Young, Ella Y., died 5/30/63: 6/6/63p3

Young, Fannie I., died 11/11/69: 11/13/69p3

Young, Ina M., died 2/5/67: 2/9/67p3

Young, Ivory L., died 7/10/64: 7/16/64p3

Young, Jean, died 4/3/64: 4/9/64p3

Young, Joy B., died 5/26/61: 6/1/61p3

Young, Kenneth, and Ethelyn Paradis are wed 8/27/60: 9/1/60p4

Young, Lendel A., died 12/21/66: 12/22/66p3

Young, M&M, Ashbel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/1/64p4,10/15/64p11

Young, M&M Clarence, honored with house warming: 5/6/65p5

Young, M&M Fred, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/5/67p6

Young, Mattie M., died 2/2/68: 2/8/68p2

Young, Nellie, died 12/12/62: 12/20/62p3

Young, Norman F., died 4/9/64: 4/16/64p3

Young, Norris, and Sharon Breton are wed 4/11/64: 4/16/64p4

Young, Perley L., died 7/23/67: 7/27/67p3

Young, Ralph, and Sandra Gray are wed 4/6/63: 4/11/63pA7

Young, Robert, died 4/8/69: 4/17/69p3

Young, Scott W., died 8/23/68: 8/29/68p6

Young, Willard, died 7/29/62: 8/2/62p4

Zajicek, Robert, and Karen Peavey are wed 2/11/67: 2/16/67p4,3/2/67p4

Zanes, Sara, and Harold Waymouth are wed 12/28/63: 1/9/64pB6

Zaprzalka, Mary, and Roger Hartford are wed 5/25/63: 5/30/63pB6

Zielfelder, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/27/68pA12

Zielfelder, Richard, and Lucille Twombly are wed 6/26/65: 7/1/65p2

Zielfelder, Ronald, and Suzanne Comtois are wed 6/29/68: 7/4/68p7

Zimmerman, Jo-Anne, and Roger Howard are wed 11/25/67: 11/30/67p4

Zinck, Janet, and Ronald Furbush are wed 10/22/60: 11/3/60p4

Zinck Jr., Melton, and Carole Dubois are wed 5/14/66: 5/19/66p2

Zinck Sr., Melvin D., died 5/21/65: 5/27/65p3

Zinck, Stanley, and Shirley Clements are wed 10/10/64: 10/15/64p11

Zinck, Sylvia, and William Cardosi are wed 9/9/61: 9/14/61p4

Zingarelli, Anthony, and MaryJo Mansfield are wed 1/15/66: 1/27/66p4

Zins, Arthur, and Carolyn Canney are wed 9/10/65: 9/16/65p4

Zins, M&M Albert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/13/69pA12

Zukeran, Wilfred, and Linda Drew are wed: 3/7/68p4

Zupco, David, and Robin Fittz are wed 5/21/66: 6/2/66p4

Zuromskis, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/8/68p4


48 et 8 elects new officers: 10/3/63p8

AL and Perkins Post, observes 50th anniversary: 3/28/68p4A8

AL Auxiliary is 50 year old: 3/20/69p2

BPW honors four charter members on 40th anniversary: 10/3/68p3

BPW, National, observes 50th year: 7/17/69pA2

BSA Troop 186 celebrates 50th anniversary: 2/18/60p1

Club Victoire celebrates 25th anniversary: 2/15/62pA1

DAR, Mary Torr, celebrates 75th birthday: 12/16/65p4

Frisbie honors candy stripers: 7/23/64ppA4,A5, 5/20/65p1, 5/18/67p5, 10/5/67p4

Grange awards 50 year pins: 3/11/65p2,4/21/66p4

Graniteers celebrates its 10th anniversary: 10/31/68p1

Graniteers march in inaugural parade in D.C.: 1/26/61pp1,8

HRH Class of 1950 holds reunuion: 6/30/60p1

HRH Class of 1957 holds reunion: 6/29/67p2

HRH graduates last class: 6/15/67p2

Knights of Pythias celebrate 100th anniversary: 2/13/64p4

Masons celebrate 150th birthday: 10/20/60p1,10/27/60p1

Nute HS Class of 1936 holds reunion: 6/22/61pB8

OES observes 75th anniversary: 11/24/66p1

Rebekah Odd Fellowship--An overview: 1/30/69pA4

Red Cross to mark 50th anniversary: 3/2/67p1

RHS Class of 1906 holds reunion: 10/5/61pp1,8

RHS Class of 1910 holds reunion: 6/30/60p1,7/22/65p4

RHS Class of 1910 holds reunion: 7/21/66p4,8/22/69p4

RHS Class of 1910--photo of seniors: 9/1/66p2

RHS Class of 1911 holds reunion: 6/22/61p2,6/29/61p1

RHS Class of 1916 holds reunion: 8/25/66p5

RHS Class of 1918 holds reunion: 8/22/69p4

RHS Class of 1919 holds reunion: 7/31/69p4

RHS Class of 1920 holds reunion: 8/25/60p1

RHS Class of 1922 holds reunion: 8/30/62pB8,8/10/67p4

RHS Class of 1927 holds reunion: 6/27/63pA1

RHS Class of 1930 holds reunion: 5/5/66p4

RHS Class of 1931 holds reunion: 8/11/66p4

RHS Class of 1936 holds reunion: 7/20/61p8

RHS Class of 1941 holds reunion: 11/3/66pA7

RHS Class of 1944 holds reunion: 8/21/69p4

RHS Class of 1949 holds reunion: 10/9/69p4

Rochester Country Club is 60 years old: 8/20/64ppA4,A5

Rochester [Pigeon] Flying Club--overview: 10/10/63pB1

Rotary Club is organized: 3/31/60p1

Shrine Club installs officers: 1/28/60pA1

SHS Class of 1942 holds reunion: 8/17/67p4

SHS Class of 1944 holds reunion: 8/20/64p2

SHS Class of 1945 holds reunion: 8/12/65pA6

SHS Class of 1950 holds reunion: 7/21/60p8,8/12/65p4

SHS Class of 1951 holds reunion: 6/29/61p2

SHS Class of 1952 holds reunion: 9/20/62p1

SHS Class of 1955 holds reunion: 7/8/65pA11

SHS Class of 1957 holds reunion: 7/5/62p1

SHS Class of 1958 holds reunion: 9/5/63p6

SHS Class of 1959 holds reunion: 7/9/64p4,7/3/69p4

SHS Class of 1963 holds reunion: 1/2/64p4,12/31/64p4,8/15/69p4

SHS Class of 1964 holds reunion: 8/21/69p4

SHS Class of 1966 holds reunion: 1/18/62p3

VFW Auxiliary observes 25th anniversary: 3/17/60p4