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Rochester Courier Index 1970-1979

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier" for issues from January 1970 through December 1979. Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#). The papers were printed in more than one section. Rather than continue the sequential numbering in the additional sections, the page numbers for these additional sections start with "1" followed by the letter "a" for the first additional section, and again "1" followed by the letter "b" for the second additional section, if there is one. Thus, "p5a" would indicate page 5 in the first additional section of the paper.

      Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association
  1. The story does not reveal The Doll Lady's real name.
  2. Because of a binding error, the second section (page numbers followed by an "a") of the 8/18/76 issue is bound in following the second section (page numbers followed by an "a") of the 8/25/76 issue.


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Abbott, Clifton O., died 4/2/76: 4/7/76p2

Abbott, Evelyn, died 6/3/76: 6/9/76p2

Abbott, Everett W., died 4/27/77: 5/4/77p3

Abbott, Hylas T., died 2/22/78: 2/28/78p3

Abbott, M&M Clifton, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/14/71pA14

Abbott, Robert, and Linda Turmelle are wed 4/1/72: 5/4/72p6

Abbott, Sandra, and John Beaupre are wed 10/20/73: 10/25/73p7

Abry, Cynthia, and Arthur Hosser are wed 8/21/76: 9/8/76p2a

Ackerman Jr., Richard, and Kathy Sylvain are wed 4/9/76: 5/5/76p2a

Ackerman Jr., William, and Inga Regnell are wed 9/23/72: 9/28/72p6

Ackerman, Richard, and Joyce Cullen are wed 2/5/72: 2/14/72p4

Adabahr, Harold L., died 4/23/71: 4/29/71p3

Adams, Albert E., died 4/5/77: 4/13/77p2

Adams, Deborah, and Frederick Johnson Jr. are wed 6/18/72: 7/6/72p6

Adams, Horace, died 6/15/76: 6/23/76p2

Adams Jr., Peter, and Kathleen Morrison are wed 8/21/76: 9/15/76p2a

Adams, M&M Edgar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/12/73pA5

Adams, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/31/75p7

Adams, Marion D., died 2/8/77: 2/16/77p2

Adams, Pamela, and Dennis Mosher are wed 10/18/75: 11/12/75p2a

Adams, R. Arnold, died 3/1/71: 3/4/71p3

Adams, Raymond, elevated to position of Monsignor: 4/30/70p12

Adams, Robert, and Lovina Doolin are wed: 6/27/78p2b

Adjutant, Ethel, died 5/29/76: 6/9/76p2

Aichler, M&M Alonzo, celebrate 35th anniversary: 12/14/72p6

Aiken, Oscar S., died 4/29/73: 5/3/73p5

Ainslie, Gertrude L., died 5/6/73: 5/10/73p5

Akles, Susan, and John Alimi are wed: 8/14/79p9a

Alden, Arthur, celebrates 93rd birthday (photo): 12/13/77p7

Alex Jr., Willam J., died 10/31/76: 11/3/76p2

Alimi, Beatrice J., died 12/27/77: 1/3/78p3

Alimi, John, and Susan Akles are wed: 8/14/79p9a

Allain Jr., Roy, enjoys his family on Father's Day: 6/15/72p7

Allaire, Gregory, honored for life-saving action: 5/7/70p16

Allan, Angus N., died 11/4/76: 11/17/76p4

Allan, Christabel H., died 4/29/71: 5/6/71p3

Allard, Claire, died 11/27/75: 12/3/75p3

Allard, Jeffery, and Cheryl Gray are wed 3/3/72: 3/9/72p6

Allard, Luanne, is City's first female driving instructor: 7/26/73pA1

Allard, Paul, and Sheila Dubois are wed 10/9/71: 10/14/71p4

Allard, Ubal J., died 12/8/79: 12/11/79p2

Allen, Bertha E., died 9/28/71: 9/30/71p3

Allen, Cecil S., died 2/27/74: 3/4/74p4

Allen, David, and Donna Howard are wed 10/10/70: 10/15/70p2

Allen, Ervin L., died 1/5/71: 1/7/71p3

Allen, Fred L., died 7/30/70: 8/6/70p3

Allen, Helen B., died 12/8/73: 12/13/73p5

Allen, Henry J., died 6/11/70: 6/18/70p3

Allen, Hosea O., died 9/7/70: 9/10/70p3

Allen, Howard W., died 5/7/75: 5/12/75p2

Allen, Jessie A., died 8/4/72: 8/10/72p5

Allen, Marion, celebrates 80th birthday: 12/20/77p2a

Allen, Mary O., died 5/7/75: 5/12/75p2

Allen, Norman E., died 12/15/75: 12/24/75p2

Allen, Patricia, and Stephen Nickerson are wed 12/27/69: 1/8/70p4

Allen, Rebecca, and David Anctil are wed 7/5/75: 7/10/75p4

Almond, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/30/72p6

Amadon, Gerald S., died 10/6/71: 10/14/71p3

Amadon, Irene M., died 8/26/75: 8/28/75p2

Amero, John, elected president of Shriners: 1/24/78p6

Ames, Francis, and Jean Michaud are wed 11/26/76: 12/8/76p1b

Ames, Ida M., died 5/27/77: 6/7/77p3

Ames, Jessie M., died 12/22/76: 12/29/76p2

Ames, Pauline H., died 10/8/75: 10/15/75p2

Amiralion, Sharon, and Marc Frigon are wed: 11/17/76p1b

Ammerman, Dawn, and Scott Burchfield are wed 6/14/78: 7/11/78p3a

Anctil, Bertrand H., died 10/26/76: 11/3/76p2

Anctil, Conrad, and Elaine Huppe are wed 11/14/75: 12/10/75p2a

Anctil, David, and Rebecca Allen are wed 7/5/75: 7/10/75p4

Anctil, James, and Pamela Cox are wed 6/26/76: 7/28/76p7a

Anctil, Luc, died 11/15/77: 11/22/77p4

Anctil, M&M Luke, celebrate 45th anniversary: 4/30/70p4

Anctil, M&M Luke, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/8/75p6

Anctil, Maureen, and Carl Sneirson are wed 7/11/70: 7/30/70p4

Anderson, Charles L., died 12/22/70: 12/31/70p3

Anderson, Florence T., died 1/15/74: 1/17/74p5

Anderson, Karen, takes part in Senate Youth Program: 2/9/77p2a

Anderson, Marcia, and Alan Werner are wed 8/25/74: 9/5/74p6

Anderson, William E., died 2/7/75: 2/13/75p4

Andes, Gene, installs wind machine in his orchard: 5/22/79p4a

Andrews, Elizabeth, and Craig MacDonald are wed: 6/25/70pp4,5

Andrews Jr., James, and Nancy Gerry are wed 10/11/74: 11/11/74p6

Andrews, Paul, died 7/26/75: 7/31/75p2

Andross, Andrew N., died 12/4/78: 1/9/79p2

Apac, Raymond, and Karen Heselton are wed 7/16/77: 8/9/77p8

Appleby, John B., died 8/14/74: 8/19/74p4

Archambault, Arthur, is Boys' Club Boy of the Year: 4/16/73p5

Archambault, Florence A., died 11/25/79: 12/4/79p2

Archambault, George J., died 7/19/74: 7/22/74p5

Archambault, Louis T. died 5/20/78: 5/23/78p2

Archibald, Stewart C., died 4/6/76: 4/14/76p2

Argentina, Vincent, died 5/27/70: 6/4/70p3

Arguin, Henry W., died 2/18/78: 2/21/78p2

Arigo, Ellen, is BPW Young Career Girl of the Year: 4/14/76p4

Arigo, Marlene, and Donald Semco are wed 11/15/75: 12/17/75p3a

Arlin, Harry L., died 4/8/74: 4/11/74p4

Arlin, Norman W., feted at retirement party: 1/6/75p8A

Armstrong, Dana W., died 12/28/74: 1/6/75p9

Armstrong II, Mark, and Paula Russ are wed: 8/28/79p15

Arno, Bertha M., died 4/20/78: 4/25/78p3

Arnold, Hazel L., died 8/3/79: 8/7/79p2

Arnold, Samuel V., died 2/16/79: 2/20/79p2

Arnold Sr., George, died 2/28/77: 3/9/77p3

Arsenault, Beatrice, teacher, says children need direction: 4/13/72p2

Arsenault, Dora, died 12/26/77: 1/3/78p3

Arsenault, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/16/73pA3

Arsenault, Monique, and Wayne Tibbetts are wed 5/29/76: 6/23/76p11a

Arseneault, Dora, has match for her rare blood type: 3/3/75p1

Arthur, Maude C., died 5/28/72: 6/1/72p3

Ashley, Barbara, techer, says it takes patience: 11/25/71p2

Ashley, Kevin, and Maureen O'Brien are wed 12/21/75: 1/21/76p2a

Asselin, Michael, and Darlene Bouthot are wed 5/31/75: 6/5/75p4

Atherton, David, family bikes around Winnepesaukee: 11/11/71p5

Atkins, Judy, and Bradford Stevens are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Atkinson, Melvin, and Sherry Blaisdell are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

Atwood, Richard C., died 7/17/73: 7/30/73p5

Aubert, Rose, died 1/5/77: 1/12/77p4

Aubin, Yvonne N., died 6/19/74: 6/24/74p4

Auclair, Existe C., died 5/15/71: 5/20/71p3

Audet, Diane, and David Duchesneau are wed 10/3/70: 10/22/70p4

Audibert, Edward J., died 7/20/77: 7/26/77p3

Auger, Albert L., died 10/19/70: 10/22/70p2

Auger, Carol, and Dennis Lepene are wed: 5/2/78p2b

Auger, Phillip, and Caroline Jackson are wed: 3/23/77p4a

Aukstikalnis, M&M Walter, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/7/71p12

Austin, Amy R., died 6/4/74: 6/6/74p4

Austin, Merton E., died 11/18/78: 11/28/78p2

Autotte, Robert E., died 10/22/71: 10/28/71p3

Avery, Dorothy E., died 1/2/75: 1/6/75p9

Avery, Everett F., died 4/18/75: 4/24/75p2

Avery, Georgia I., died 5/29/70: 6/4/70p3

Ayer, Mause F., died 3/29/70: 4/2/70p3

Ayers, Bruce E., died 8/11/73: 8/13/73p1

Ayers, Edith E., died 5/1/72: 5/4/72p3

Ayers, Judith, died 8/11/73: 8/13/73p1

Ayotte, Camille J., died 3/25/78: 3/21/78p3

Babcock, Fred M., died 6/2/72: 6/5/72p2

Babcock, Patrice, and Richard Blaisdell are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71p2

Babin, M&M George, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/5/74p6

Babin, Roger, and Beverly Hockenhull are wed 6/17/73: 6/25/73p11

Bagley Jr., Victor, died 2/1/78: 2/7/78p2

Bahr, Charles H., died 7/1/79: 7/10/79p2

Bailey, Albert T., died 8/25/77: 8/30/77p2

Bailey, Alice, died 6/8/77: 6/14/77p3

Bailey, Frances B., died 4/30/77: 5/4/77p3

Bailey, James L., died 1/4/76: 1/7/76p2

Bailey Jr., Paul, and Stephanie Jacobs are wed 6/1/74: 6/6/74p10

Bailey, Ronald, and Roann Hildreth are wed 2/19/72: 3/16/72p6

Bailey, Susan, and Ralph Warburton are wed 4/17/70: 4/23/70p4

Baker, Alice G., died 12/28/74: 12/30/74p4

Baker, Beulah S., died 5/23/73: 5/31/73p4

Baker, George, honored by Air Force for Vietnam service: 12/17/70p14

Baker, Keith, and Dorothy Marvel are wed 6/17/72: 7/17/72p6

Baker, Keith and Suzanne are both in the Air Force: 4/29/74p5

Baker, Kerry A., died 7/30/77: 8/2/77p3

Baker, Samuel A., died 4/27/72: 5/1/72p3

Baker, Stacey, and Larry Gravel are wed 7/15/78: 8/1/78p2b

Balakier II, Anthony, and Annellen Strong are wed 7/4/70: 7/9/70p4

Balavich, Isabelle M., died 5/?/75: 5/29/75p2

Bald, Francis, and Pamela Lavallee are wed 9/4/72: 9/7/72p6

Baldwin, Alice G., died 1/15/79: 1/23/79p2

Baldwin, Alice, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Baldwin, Henry A., died 3/15/70: 3/19/70p2

Ball, Kenneth, and Amelia Bryant are wed 6/24/72: 7/6/72p7

Ballenger, Annie S., died 12/21/70: 12/31/70p3

Ballentine, Ralph O., died 4/2/72: 4/6/72p3

Balmforth, Ezra H., died 1/22/70: 1/29/70p3

Balomenos, Sandra, and Roland Keans are wed 1/9/76: 2/4/76p10

Bamford, Bea, lauded by Jaycees: 2/9/77p2

Bamford, Beatrice, is BPW Woman of Achievement: 5/8/79p9a

Bancroft, Maude W., died 5/15/75: 5/19/75p2

Bannister, Ralph, and Susan Radey are wed 8/9/75: 8/28/75p4

Barbarisi, Francis, died 1/17/77: 1/26/77p2

Barber, Faith, and Timothy Moore are wed 6/16/79: 7/24/79p6b

Barber, Margaret D., died 7/4/74: 7/8/74p5

Barber Sr., Charles R., died 7/12/76: 7/21/76p2

Barbin, Richard, and Gail McLaughlin are wed: 4/9/70p15

Barboza, Cynthia, and Robert Spence are wed 10/30/76: 11/17/76p1b

Barcomb, Albert, honored by Holy Rosary Church: 2/4/71p1,2/25/71pp1,8

Barcomb, Albert, is BSA Distinguished Citizen: 10/13/76p10a

Barcomb, Dr. Albert, retires from practice: 12/19/74p1

Barcombe, Dr. Albert, to be honored by NCCJ: 4/30/73p1

Barden Leslie, named VP of New England Oxmen: 3/25/71p7

Barden, Rhona, completes 4-H citizenship course in DC: 7/30/73p5

Barger, Steven, and Gayle Gauvin are wed 9/20/74: 10/10/74p6

Baril, Felice, retires after 52 years at Library: 6/25/70p1,7/2/70p2

Baril, Isabelle P., died 10/10/77: 10/18/77p3

Barisanos, M&M Vespucci, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/3/78p13

Barker, Gary, teacher, revising social studies curriculum: 5/1/72p2

Barker, Mitzi, and Ronald Coty are wed 5/19/73: 5/31/73p7

Barker, Pamela, and Larry Smith are wed 9/12/70: 10/1/70p4

Barlett, Josephine M., died 11/28/75: 12/3/75p3

Barratt, Joyce, and Robert Hamor are wed 4/17/71: 6/17/71p2

Barrell, B. Marjorie, died 6/14/74: 6/20/74p5

Barrett, Patricia, and Kenneth Hussey Jr. are wed 7/28/79: 8/28/79p22

Barry, Edward A., died 12/15/77: 12/20/77p2

Barry, Joseph, and Linda Jellison are wed 8/28/76: 10/13/76p2a

Barry, Sadie, died 10/29/71: 11/11/71p3

Bartlett, Dennis D., died 4/26/70: 4/30/70p1

Bartlett, Michael, and Natalie Wood are wed 7/25/70: 8/6/70p6

Bartlett, Sheryl, and Richard Horn are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70p4

Barton, Diane, and Glenn Blanchette are wed 8/10/74: 8/22/74p6

Barton, N. Herbert, died 4/4/70: 4/9/70p3

Bascom, Daniel, and Kimber Pelton are wed 8/14/76: 9/15/76p2a

Bassett, Dorothy, honored on retirement: 6/26/75p4

Bassett Jr., Ralph, and Cindy Parker are wed: 6/28/77p2a

Batchelder, Florence C., died 4/28/75: 5/1/75p2

Batchelder, Leroy S., died 11/10/78: 11/14/78p3

Batell, Leslie C., died 9/8/74: 9/12/74p4

Battista, Anita, and Stephen Lachance are wed: 8/29/78p3a

Battista, Carmen, died 8/4/78: 8/8/78p2

Baud, Leonard, died 3/22/76: 3/31/76p2

Baud, M&M Ernest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/29/73p8A

Baud, M&M Leonard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/27/70pA12

Baxter, Alden E., died 11/20/72: 11/27/72p4

Baxter, Ethel L., died 9/26/70: 10/1/70p3

Baxter, Everett, died 1/3/77: 1/5/77p5

Baxter, Geraldine,is president of BWC: 4/17/75p12A

Baxter, James A., died 10/11/71: 10/14/71p3

Baxter, James H., died 12/5/74: 12/9/74p4

Baxter, Linda, and Ralph Nienhouse Jr. are wed 7/17/71: 8/19/71pA5

Baxter, Milton R., died 9/19/73: 9/24/73p4

Beach, Gertrude M., died 11/29/74: 12/2/74p9

Beach, Martha, died 3/4/73: 3/8/73p4

Beal, Martha J., died 10/25/75: 10/29/75p2

Beals, Hallett, reunites with his siblings: 7/31/75p6

Beamis, Burton A., died 11/4/78: 11/7/78p2

Bean, Ernest H., died 11/21/77: 11/29/77p3

Bean, Janet, and Gary Desmarais are wed 5/18/73: 5/31/73p7

Bean, Maude I., died 5/17/70: 6/11/70p3

Beane, Edward, and Sandra Guenther are wed 6/10/72: 6/22/72p6

Beane, Eloise, died 12/31/69: 1/8/70p3

Beanne, Merle e., died 1/22/79: 1/30/79p2

Beard, Arthur L., died 4/2/77: 4/6/77p3

Beard, Darlene, and Roland Grassie are wed 7/10/71: 7/22/71p4

Beard, M&M Charles, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/27/72pA4

Beasley, Catherine, and Randy Nichols are wed 6/29/79: 7/31/79p4a

Beasley, George L., died 5/22/72: 5/25/72p3

Beauchain Jr., Phillip, died 4/25/71: 4/29/71p3

Beaudoin, Barbara, and Barry Corriveau are wed 8/26/72: 8/31/72p6

Beaudoin, Cynthia, and Stephen Waterhouse are wed 5/20/72: 6/1/72p6

Beaudoin, Dehlia, and Steven Bryant are wed 5/13/73: 5/31/73p7

Beaudoin, Edward R., died 8/9/79: 8/14/79p2

Beaudoin III, Raymond, and Judith Grant are wed 6/17/72: 6/19/72p6

Beaudoin Jr., Kenneth, and Cathleen Crist are wed 5/8/76: 5/12/76p4a

Beaudoin, Leo E., died 7/1/74: 7/8/74p5

Beaudoin, Rita, and Mark Stokes are wed 6/10/77: 6/21/77p2a

Beaudoin, Sylvia, and Roger Hickey are wed 7/12/71: 7/22/71p4

Beaudoin, Yvonne M., died 5/1/78: 5/9/78p3

Beaulieu, Henry, died 11/2/76: 11/10/76p2

Beaulieu, Ida, died 2/11/70: 2/26/70p3

Beaulieu, Ida M., died 2/11/70: 2/19/70p3

Beaulieu, Kristina, and Michael Rocheleau are wed 6/16/79: 8/21/79p5b

Beaulieu, Leo, and Elaine Desmarais are wed 3/4/72: 3/9/72p6

Beaulieu, Mary E., died 3/31/70: 4/2/70p3

Beaulieu, Octave E., died 1/18/78: 1/24/78p3

Beaulieu, Ronald, and Jeanne Grondin are wed 6/4/77: 6/7/77p1b

Beaulieu, Rosario, died 6/9/76: 6/16/76p2

Beaumier, Judith, and Ralph Parent are wed 8/26/78: 10/31/78p2b

Beaupre, John, and Sandra Abbott are wed 10/20/73: 10/25/73p7

Beaupre, Mary G., died 7/23/73: 7/26/73p4

Bedard, Paul, and Kay Young are wed 8/17/74: 9/23/74p6

Bedell, John, and Carol Davis are wed 9/23/72: 10/2/72p6

Bedell, Lillian M., died 6/28/70: 7/2/70p3

Bedford, Thomas, and Caroline Dehls are wed 8/25/73: 8/30/73pA1

Beeder, Doris L., died 8/17/75: 8/21/75p2

Beeder, Paul W., died 3/8/78: 3/14/78p3

Beetar, Helen R., died 4/19/72: 4/20/72p3

Begin, Eilfred J., died 1/7/76: 1/14/76p2

Begin, M&M Alcid, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/4/76p2a

Beland, Brenda, and Richard Cordella are wed 4/20/74: 4/29/74p6

Belanger, Marie A., died 10/2/70: 10/8/70p3

Belanger, Olive, and Kenneth Boston Sr. are wed 7/3/76: 7/28/76p6a

Belanger, Sherry, and Normand Ferland are wed 10/6/72: 10/16/72p6

Belanger, Victoria, died 2/11/72: 2/14/72p3

Bell, Ethel G., died 12/29/76: 12/29/76p2

Bell, Ethel L., died 9/19/70: 9/24/70p3

Bell, James, and Susan Sanfacon are wed 11/20/71: 12/9/71p4

Bell Jr., Robert, joins Society of Magicians: 7/12/77p7

Bell, Robert, and Bonnie Harrington are wed 3/27/76: 4/14/76p4a

Bellamy-Choate, Ernestine, and Oley Firth are wed 10/1/77: 11/29/77p4a

Belleau, Susan, and Robert Swasey are wed 7/21/78: 8/8/78p3a

Bellemeur, Alta M., died 2/28/71: 3/4/71p3

Bellemeur, Marcia, and Paul Montminy are wed 6/7/75: 6/30/75p4

Belletete, Eugene, died 4/10/72: 4/13/72p3

Beloin, Paul, and Cheryl Cook are wed 1/30/71: 2/11/71p4

Benenate, Antoinette, and Donald Coco are wed 9/6/75: 9/17/75p2a

Benham Sr., M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/5/72p6

Benner, Wilson, died 3/10/75: 3/13/75p4

Bennett, Dana, and Patricia Stewart are wed 8/5/78: 9/5/78p2a

Bennett, David, and Mary Lizotte are wed 2/28/76: 3/17/76p4a

Bennett, Deborah, and Donald Kingsbury are wed 8/2/75: 8/25/75p4

Bennett, Delmore M., died 10/17?/73: 10/25/73p4

Bennett, Doris M., died 9/4/72: 9/7/72p4

Bennett, Frank, and Kathleen Keddie are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

Bennett Jr., Raymond, and Susan LeClair are wed 4/21/73: 5/10/73p7

Bennett, Lena, died 8/3/77: 8/9/77p2

Bennett, Lillian, loves Mothers' Day: 5/4/77p2b

Bennett Sr., Donald K., died 9/7/78: 9/12/78p3

Bennett, Susan, and Ronald Moody are wed 6/2/73: 6/18/73p11

Bennett, Wayne, and Sheila White are wed 5/31/71: 6/3/71p4

Benoit, Deloria, loves Mothers' Day: 5/4/77p2b

Benoit, Leon E., died 5/19/73: 5/21/73p4

Benoit, Napoleon J., died 4/4/75: 4/7/75p2

Benoit, Scott, and Roseann Wallace are wed: 4/25/78p2b

Benton, E. Maynard, died 7/7/72: 7/10/72p2

Beranger, John, and Delight Foss are wed 9/3/77: 9/20/77p1b

Beranger, Sylvia A., died 7/22/77: 7/26/77p3

Bergan, Van, and Eileen Carr are wed: 8/11/76p2a

Bergeron, Cecelia V., died 3/10/74: 3/14/74p4

Bergeron, Edna A., died 8/4/70: 8/6/70p3

Bergeron, Juliette, and Joseph Lamb are wed 7/10/71: 7/15/71p4

Bergeron, M&M Lucien, celebarte 40th anniversary: 10/15/70p4

Bergeron, M&M Mark, have first Frisbie baby of New Year (photo): 1/3/74p1

Bergeron, Martin J., died 11/5/75: 11/12/75p2

Bergeron, Ora, died 10/21/75: 10/29/75p2

Bergeron, Scott, and Cheryl Blanchette are wed 10/2/71: 10/14/71p4

Bergeron, Thomas, and Beatrice Files are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71p2

Bergeron, Vicki, and Thomas Griffis are wed 10/5/79: 10/30/79p5a

Beriault, Sharon, and Lawrence Sheldon are wed 10/2/71: 11/11/71p4

Bermier, H. George, died 10/?/72: 10/26/72p4

Bernard, Albertine G., died 9/6/78: 9/12/78p3

Bernard, Alfred L., died 10/2/76: 10/6/76p1

Bernard, Daniel, and Jeanne Desmarais are wed 4/3/70: 4/9/70p4

Bernard, Rita, and Philip Cushing are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Bernard, Sadie B., died 3/11/70: 3/19/70p2

Bernard, Stanley E., died 10/3/70: 10/8/70p3

Bernard, Wilfred, died 1/7/70: 1/8/70p1

Bernier, Joyce, and Raymond Chabot are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

Bernier, Leo, and Lori Tacy are wed 12/6/75: 12/31/75p12

Bernier, Nancy, and Fred Little Jr. are wed 5/23/70: 6/11/70p4

Bernier, Rene A., died 9/2/73: 9/6/73p4

Bernier, William, and Donna Mick are wed 5/9/70: 5/28/70p4

Berry, Bernard R., died 2/11/79: 2/13/79p2

Berry, Dana D., died 7/30/73: 8/2/73p7

Berry, Dawn, and Mark Dellner are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Berry, Dean I., died 6/29/71: 7/1/71p3

Berry, Denise T., died 1/21/74: 1/24/74p4

Berry, Edna J., died 5/22/74: 5/30/74p4

Berry, Harry O., died 10/23/76: 11/3/76p2

Berry, Helen, apppointed director of RVNA: 1/16/75p1

Berry, Helen, is BPW Woman of Achievement: 10/2/79p1a

Berry, Helen, is C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/9/77p1

Berry, Howard M., died 10/28/79: 10/30/79p2

Berry, Karen, and Jerome Grosman are wed 7/4/71: 7/22/71p4

Berry, Ken, earns BSA Easgle Badge: 7/5/73p5

Berry, Lucille A., died 8/29/74: 9/5/74p4

Berry, Maitland J., died 8/14/75: 8/18/75p2

Berry, Millie W., died 3/2/72: 3/6/72p3

Berry, Nelson M., died 11/4/72: 11/6/72p4

Berry, Ora E., died 5/21/73: 5/24/73p4

Berry, Paul C., died 10/16/73: 10/18/73p4

Berry, Shirley M., died 11/20/79: 11/27/79p2

Berry, Stephanie, and James Faria are wed 7/3/76: 7/28/76p6a

Berry, Sylvian, feted by Jaycees: 1/23/75p4

Berry, Tessie H., died 9/12/76: 9/15/76p4

Berryman, James R., died 7/21/76: 8/4/76p2

Berube, Kathleen, and Stephen Brown are wed 9/23/73: 10/15/73p6

Berube, Louis, died 2/12/74: 2/18/74p4

Berube, Michael, and Janet Wallace are wed 7/29/78: 9/5/78p2a

Berube, Peter E., died 5/17/75: 5/22/75p3

Beshaw, Geraldine M., died 4/6/73: 4/9/73p4,4/12/73p4

Bezanson, Cynthia, and John Harper are wed 7/1/72: 7/13/72p6

Biancavilla, Mary J., died 2/24/78: 2/28/78p3

Bibeau, Cyrille J., died 12/21/72: 12/28/72p5

Bibeau, Elainne N., died 10/4/79: 10/9/79p26

Bibeau, Joseph V., die 8/27/72: 8/31/72p4

Bibeau, Leonidas J., died 6/27/78: 7/4/78p2

Bickford, Barbara, and Denis Lamere are wed 9/26/70: 10/1/70p12

Bickford, Charles, and Margaret Cameron are wed: 1/31/78p2b

Bickford, David, and Kimberly Varney are wed 8/5/72: 8/10/72p6

Bickford, Edna M., died 10/29/78: 10/31/78p3

Bickford, Gladys C., died 5/15/70: 5/21/70p3

Bickford, Guy T., died 7/14/74: 7/18/74p4

Bickford, Helen, honored at Gafney Home: 6/26/75p4

Bickford, Martha, and Donald Kalapinski are wed 7/20/74: 8/22/74p6

Bickford, Patricia, and William Dearborn are wed 4/20/74: 5/6/74p6

Bickford, Richard, and Susan Copp are wed 11/10/72: 11/16/72p6

Bickford, Ronald, and Carlene Vickery are wed 1/1/74: 2/4/74p7

Bickford, Thomas, and Dorothy Hugo are wed 6/24/72: 7/13/72p6

Bickford, Walter A., died 9/23/78: 9/26/78p3

Bickford, Wilbur I., died 4/2/78: 4/11/78p3

Bickford, William, and Yvette Proulx are wed 9/25/71: 10/7/71p4

Billings, Luke D., died 11/26/71: 12/2/71p2

Bilodeau, Barbara, and David Haney are wed 3/20/70: 4/9/70p4

Bilodeau, Liliane, and Wesley Bolog are wed 5/1/71: 5/13/71p4

Bilodeau, Linda, and Robert Glidden are wed 7/8/72: 7/13/72p6

Bilodeau, Mary J., died 1/22/70: 1/29/70p3

Bilodeau, May, and Paul Ferland are wed 6/28/75: 7/17/75p4

Bilodeau, Michael, and Joanne LaBranche are wed 11/4/72: 11/9/72p6

Bilodeau, Norman, and Diane Ferland are wed 6/29/74: 7/15/74p7

Bilodeau, Raymond, and Doris Normand are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Binette, Kevin, saves brother Tommy's life: 2/26/70p1

Binette, Lorraine, and Frankie Hawkins are wed 8/23/74: 9/12/74p6

Binette, Sylvia, and Normand Lachance are wed 5/2/70: 5/7/70p4

Bingham, Caridwen, died 12/3/75: 12/10/75p2

Birch, Arlene R., died 2/24/79: 3/6/79p2

Birdsey, David, and Andrea Stevens are wed 7/4/79: 9/4/79p13

Birdsey, Sydney, and Ada Harrison are wed 5/12/76: 6/16/76p2a

Bishop, Helen, and Donald Jacques are wed 2/26/72: 3/9/72p6

Bishop, Thomas, and Linda Dotson are wed 8/22/70: 9/3/70p6

Bisson, Angelina, died 5/2/71: 5/6/71p3

Bitton, Steven E., died 3/1/75: 3/6/75p5

Bixby, Alice, died 3/8/71: 3/11/71p2

Blackadar, Paul, and Ann Morrissette are wed 5/28/76: 6/23/76p11a

Blackadar, Susan, and Randall Parsell are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p2

Blackey, Gertrude C., died 12/15/72: 12/21/72p4

Blackstockm Carol, and William Waterman are wed: 10/28/71pA5

Blaidell, John D., died 8/5/73: 8/9/73p4

Blaidell, M&M Willard, celebrate 30th anniversary: 10/26/72p4

Blainey, Francis, and Elaine Tremblay are wed 5/27/78: 6/20/78p2a

Blair, Robert, and Marlene Cressey are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

Blair, William J., died 1/4/72: 1/6/72p3

Blais Jr., Charles, and Dominique Lacroix are wed 1/22/72: 2/3/72p4

Blaisdell, Abbie, died 8/30/75: 9/10/75p2

Blaisdell, Anna E., died 10/14/78: 10/24/78p2

Blaisdell, Elizabeth, and Michael Dunnells are wed 5/11/72: 5/18/72p6

Blaisdell, Ernest (Fred), died 6/21/70: 6/25/70p3

Blaisdell, Ethel M., died 3/31/72: 4/3/72p3

Blaisdell, Josephine, died 7/7/71: 7/15/71p3

Blaisdell, Richard, and Patrice Babcock are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71p2

Blaisdell, Sherry, and Melvin Atkinson are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

Blake, Edward L., died 8/15/70: 8/20/70p3

Blake, Homer C., died 10/9/72: 10/12/72p4

Blake, Mary W., died 7/2/79: 7/10/79p2

Blake, Richard, and Patricia MacFarland are wed 5/20/72: 6/8/72p6

Blakeney, Susan, and Michael Williams are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70pA1

Blanchard, Valentine, died 12/29/72: 1/4/73p5

Blanchette, Cheryl, and Scott Bergeron are wed 10/2/71: 10/14/71p4

Blanchette, Donald, and Denise Ward are wed 8/21/76: 9/8/76p2a

Blanchette, Glenn, and Diane Barton are wed 8/10/74: 8/22/74p6

Blanchette, Gwen, is City's only female gas pumper are: 8/7/72p7

Blanchette, M&M Louis, celebrate 40th anniversary: 6/22/72p6

Blanchette, Paulynn, and George Holmes are wed 10/13/73: 10/25/73p7

Blenk, Kenneth, and Susan Welch are wed 7/14/79: 8/21/79p4b

Blisky, Violet, died 6/27/74: 7/1/74p5

Bliss, Phyllis J., died 1/5/75: 1/6/75p9

Bliven, Eva H., died 8/21/77: 8/30/77p2

Blouin, Victor L., died 6/19/72: 6/22/72p3

Bluemel, Kevin, and Susan Lagasse are wed: 12/25/79p25

Bluett, Mary T., died 6/25/72: 6/29/72p3

Bodah, Gary, and Allison Sparhawk are wed 5/15/76: 6/2/76p2a

Bodge, James C., died 2/13/72: 2/17/72p3

Bodwell, Charles, and Sandra Taylor are wed: 8/21/79p5b

Bogan, Edith E., died 9/10/74: 9/12/74p4

Boggs, Allison, and Albert Rouleau Jr. are wed 6/24/72: 6/29/72p6

Boggs, Lucien A., died 10/2/79: 10/9/79p26

Boire, Patricia, and Paul Guilmette are wed 2/25/78: 3/7/78p5a

Boisvert, Frank J., died 12/6/70: 12/10/70p3

Boisvert, Gerald, and Sharon Hoage are wed 7/12/75: 7/31/75p7

Boisvert, Joseph W., died 1/15/70: 1/22/70p3

Boisvert, M&M Alan, adopt two LeBlanc sisters: 1/29/73p12

Boisvert, Wilfred J., died 12/28/70: 12/31/70p3

Boivin, John J., died 11/13/72: 11/16/72p5

Boivin, Sr, Jennie, honored on 60th anniversary: 6/26/75p16

Boivin, Sr. Jennie, died 11/16/77: 11/22/77p4

Boivin, Victoria M., died 7/8/72: 7/13/72p3

Bokly, Maxine L., died 4/23/78: 5/2/78p3

Boldoc, Mrs. Exilia, died 1/2/71: 1/7/71p3

Bolduc, Leona M., died 7/20/77: 7/26/77p3

Bolog, Wesley, and Liliane Bilodeau are wed 5/1/71: 5/13/71p4

Bond, Bruce, and Catherine Smith are wed 7/27/74: 8/29/74p6

Bondelevitch, Mancy, and Allan Joy are wed 5/26/73: 6/14/73p7

Bonenfant, Lydia C., died 6/4/75: 6/9/75p3

Bonenfont, Betty F., died 3/22/70: 3/26/70p3

Bonenfont, Martin A., died 2/1/74: 2/7/74p5

Bonneau, Elizabeth F., died 11/20/78: 11/28/78p2

Bonney Jr., George, and Sharon Lachance are wed 6/30/78: 8/1/78p2b

Boodey, Cecil W., died ?/?/78: 8/8/78p2

Booth, Ronald, and Betsy Thompson are wed 6/12/71: 6/17/71p4

Boothby, Susan, and Richard Foster are wed 1/7/70: 1/29/70pA4

Borrazas, Richard, and Paula Filiau are wed 8/23/74: 9/12/74p6

Boston, Louis M., died 7/17/71: 7/22/71p3

Boston, Mona E., died 11/24/72: 11/30/72p4

Boston Sr., Kenneth, and Olive Belanger are wed 7/3/76: 7/28/76p6a

Bothroyd, Frank B., died 1/11/77: 1/19/77p2

Bouchard, Marcia, and Louis Dubois are wed 6/22/74: 7/11/74p6

Boucher, Arthur E., died 8/29/71: 9/2/71p3

Boucher, Collette M., died 6/12/78: 6/20/78p3

Boucher, Ray, raises racing pigeons: 2/13/79p4b

Boucher, Rev. Roger, will be ordained: 4/26/73p4

Boucher, Roger, to be ordained a RC deacon: 3/27/72p3

Boucher, Ronald, and Sharon Grant are wed 1/26/74: 2/11/74p7

Boucher, Valentine, died 1/20/79: 1/23/79p2

Boucher, William, and Hope Goodfield are wed 8/7/76: 8/18/76p6a

Boudoin, Violet A., died 7/21/78: 7/25/78p3

Boudreau, Albert, died 1/24/72: 1/27/72p3

Boudreau, Brian, and Dianne Sylvain are wed 9/23/77: 10/11/77p2a

Boudreau, Ruth, and Howard Garand are wed 8/29/70: 9/3/70p6

Boufford, Gideon J., died 6/28/73: 7/5/73p4

Bougas, Thomas M., died 7/9/73: 7/12/73p5

Boulandger, Clement N., died 8/23/70: 8/27/70p3

Boulanger, Andre, and Brenda Buck are wed 1/11/74: 1/24/74p6

Boulanger, John J., died 10/17/77: 10/25/77p3

Boulet, Alexander J., died 4/22/73: 4/26/73p5

Bourgoine, Barry, and Helen Dame are wed 9/21/74: 10/3/74p6

Bourque, John, and Patricia Coughlin are wed 9/29/73: 11/19/73p7

Bourque, Paula, died 7/31/71: 8/5/71p1

Bourre, Hervey, and Sandra Cook are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73pA7

Bousquin, Audiana M., died 12/31/73: 1/3/74p4

Bousquin, Florence, died 10/13/76: 10/20/76p4

Bouthot, Darlene, and Michael Asselin are wed 5/31/75: 6/5/75p4

Bouthot, Norma F., died 10/6/79: 10/9/79p2

Bowden, Pearl, and James Eaton are wed 1/30/70: 2/19/70p2

Bowden, Sandra, and Carroll Canney are wed 7/3/71: 8/26/71p13

Bowden, Stephen, and Laura Colby are wed 3/11/78: 3/14/78p2b

Bowlby, Brian, and Linda Dalrymple are wed: 11/10/76p1b

Bowley, Edith L., died 11/30/73: 12/6/73p4

Bowley, Pamela, and Bruce Trefethan are wed 5/1/79: 7/17/79p5a

Bowley, Ralph, and Deborah Boyle are wed 11/28/70: 12/3/70p4

Bowley, Richard, and Patricia Connelly are wed 3/17/73: 3/29/73p6

Boyce, Helene, feted for 50 years with Cooper Law: 2/26/70p4

Boyd, Mrs. John, bakes 80-pound cake for church party: 11/11/71pA2

Boyd, William S., died 7/26/70: 7/30/70p1

Boyle, Deborah, and Ralph Bowley are wed 11/28/70: 12/3/70p4

Boyle, Virigina, and Gary Fernald are wed 6/30/73: 7/26/73p9

Brackett, Alison, and Richard Weeks are wed 9/8/79: 10/9/79p15

Brackett, Blanche M., died 10/7/77: 10/11/77p3

Brackett, Charles R., GAR vet, is 91 years old: 1/13/75p11

Brackett, Grace, died 12/19/74: 12/23/74p5

Bradford, Ellen M., died 7/8/70: 7/9/70p3

Bradley, Charles, built over 100 houses in the City: 2/17/72p1

Bradstreet, Alan, and Susan Washburn are wed 2/12/72: 2/24/72p6

Bradstreet, Helen M., died 1/9/76: 1/14/76p2

Bragdon, Cindy, and Richard Vander-Bloeman wed 2/11/77: 3/2/77p2a

Brakeville, Judah, and Lloyd Goodwin Jr. are wed: 3/30/72p6

Branscombe, George, and Patricia Fradette are wed 12/4/71: 12/16/71p4

Branscombe, M&M George,celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/19/71p4

Branscombe, Mary, and James Miller are wed 8/26/78: 9/12/78p3a

Brant, John M., died 8/27/72: 8/31/72p4

Braudis, Ray A., died 9/12/71: 9/16/71p3

Brazeau, Della M., died 6/11/71: 6/17/71p15

Brazis, Kathy, and Robert Johnson are wed 9/1/73: 10/1/73p11,10/8/73p2

Bready, Annie R., died 8/14/75: 8/18/75p2

Breen, Robert J., died 8/24/72: 8/28/82p3

Breil, Helen M., died 7/5/71: 7/15/71p3

Brennan, Dennis E., died 11/4/76: 11/10/76p2

Brennan, Elizabeth H., died 3/5/70: 3/12/70p2

Brennan, Louise C., died 2/5/73: 2/8/73p4

Breton, Barbara, and Glenn Michael are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p4

Breton, Bruce, and Angela DePardo are wed 4/22/77: 5/11/77p1b

Breton, Dwella A., died 10/8/79: 10/16/79p14

Breton, Herve, died 1/18/78: 1/24/78p3

Breton, Michael, and Kathleen Doucette are wed 6/18/77: 7/5/77p6

Brewer, Bonita, and Theodore Russell are wed 6/17/73: 7/16/73p4

Bridges, Linda, and Ernest Horne are wed: 7/28/76p7a

Bridges, M&M Lester, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/21/71p7

Bridges, Sandra, and Winston Chaffan are wed 4/18/70: 4/23/70p4

Bringhurst, M&M Bert, celebarte 50th anniversary: 10/10/74p6

Britton, Helen C., died 1/21/70: 1/22/70p3

Britton III, Paul, named Outstanding Young Man: 4/21/76p2

Brochu, Brian, and Diane Goulet are wed 8/23/75: 10/15/75p2a

Brochu, Conrad J., died 3/21/79: 3/27/79p2

Brochu, Elizabeth, and Donald Waskiewicz are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Brochu, Emily B., died 3/7/71: 3/11/71p2

Brochu, Leopold, died 2/14/74: 2/18/74p4

Brochu, Norman A., died 2/3/75: 2/6/75p5

Brochu, Raymond J., died 5/18/75: 5/19/75p2

Brock, Grace, died 2/16/72: 2/21/72p3

Brock, Grace, is BPW Woman of the Year: 10/15/70p4

Brock, Mary A., died 8/3/75: 8/7/75p2

Brock, Michael, and Elaine Portrie are wed 4/6/74: 4/15/74p6

Brock, Vicki,listed in Students' Who's Who: 10/1/73p6

Brock, Yvette, is Jaycees Woman of the Year: 1/21/76p1

Broderick, William E., celebrates 90th birthday: 10/1/75p4a

Broderick, William E., died 10/25/71: 10/28/71p3

Brodeur, Ednah E., died 7/23/79: 7/31/79p2

Bronson, Emery C., died 3/24/72: 4/17/72p2

Bronson, Gary L., died 12/4/76: 12/8/76p4

Bronson, Gery, and Jean Gregoire are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p1

Bronson, Jeanne, and Ronald Descharnaise are wed 5/26/79: 8/14/79p2a

Brooks, Anita M., died 8/4/70: 8/6/70p3

Brooks, Carlyle, died 3/4/78: 3/7/78p3

Brooks, Daniel, and Marlene Duchesneau are wed 6/2/79: 6/19/79p2b

Brooks, Edward, died 5/11/74: 5/16/74p5

Brooks, George H., died 11/14/72: 11/16/72p5

Brooks, James A., died 8/27/73: 8/30/73p4

Brooks, Jerry, and Tammy White are wed 12/17/77: 1/10/78p2b

Brooks, John P., died 5/31/71: 6/3/71p3

Brooks, Kenneth E., died 5/3/78: 5/9/78p3

Brooks, Kim, and Ronald Riley are wed 5/30/76: 6/16/76p2a

Brooks, M&M Reginald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/12/77p2a

Brooks, Percy J., died 10/13/71: 10/21/71p3

Brooks, Peter, and Laurie Horne are wed 11/4/78: 12/5/78p2b

Brooks, Rhea M., died 2/23/71: 3/4/71p3

Brooks, Tom V., died 3/22/70: 3/26/70p3

Brosnan, Michael, and Margaret Chod are wed 8/6/72: 8/17/72p6

Brown, Addie M., died 7/21/71: 7/29/71p3

Brown, Albert E., died 2/24/72: 2/28/72p9

Brown, Alice, is missionary in Philippines: 7/25/78p8,10/24/78p8a

Brown, Alice, to Philippines as missionary: 6/26/75p4

Brown, Arthur L., died 3/13/72: 3/16/72p3

Brown, Carolyn, and Victor Chase are wed 7/1/78: 8/8/78p2a

Brown, Carroll, and Christos Stamnas are wed: 8/2/77p10

Brown, Cheryl, and Richard Howard Jr. are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Brown, Cynthia, and John Dame are wed 6/13/70: 6/25/70p4

Brown, Donald, died 5/25/70: 5/28/70p1

Brown, Eda C., died 3/12/71: 3/18/71p2

Brown, Edward E., died 4/16/76: 4/21/76p2

Brown, Eleanor, and Scott Mercer are wed 1/10/70: 1/22/70p4

Brown Jr., Sgt. Robert F., earns USN-USMC medal for heroism: 1/31/74p4

Brown Jr., Walter, and Janet Herbert are wed: 7/29/71p4

Brown, Kathleen, and Roger Mains are wed 5/17/75: 6/9/75p16

Brown, Keith, and Edith Cosgrove are wed 5/22/71: 6/24/71p4

Brown, Lannie, and Theresa Saltzman are wed 7/12/75: 7/24/75p4

Brown, Laura, and Joseph Ratay Jr. are wed 7/3/71: 7/8/71p4

Brown, Laurence, and Carol Potvin are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p6

Brown, Laurence, family holds reunion: 8/30/73p6

Brown, Lillian M., died 12/3/73: 12/6/73p4

Brown, Lilly M., died 2/26/71: 3/4/71p3

Brown, Linda, and Gregory Hoey are wed 6/17/72: 7/6/72p6

Brown, Linda, and Robert Mikula are wed: 5/22/72p6

Brown, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/21/74p6

Brown, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/12/74p3

Brown, M&M Ira, celebrate 60th anniversary: 10/17/78p2b

Brown, Marshall, authors book on English language: 5/6/71pA1

Brown, Mary B., ordained to ministry: 6/11/70p3

Brown, Patricia, and Donald Rawski are wed: 1/6/75p10

Brown, Pearl, and Raoul Marcotte are wed 7/18/74: 8/29/74p6

Brown, Randall, and Wanda Duguay are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Brown, Rob, and Ruth Purvis are wed 8/4/79: 9/25/79p20

Brown, Robert, and Paula Collins are wed 9/14/74: 9/30/74pA4

Brown, Sherman, and Darlene Chagnon are wed: 12/19/78p3b

Brown, Stanley R., died 3/24/78: 4/4/78p3

Brown, Stephen, and Elaine Winchell are wed 6/21/75: 7/14/75p2

Brown, Stephen, and Kathleen Berube are wed 9/23/73: 10/15/73p6

Brown, Violette L., died 12/22/78: 1/2/79p2

Browne, Jennie H., died 7/20/71: 7/22/71p3

Brownell, Debra, and Timothy Merrill are wed: 3/6/75p6

Brownell Jr., Lawrence, and Pamela Ferrigan are wed 12/8/73: 12/24/73p7

Brownlee, Libby, and Terry Comeau are wed 7/1/73: 7/9/73p7

Brozeau, David, and Denise Jacobs are wed 4/21/79: 7/3/79p10a

Bruce, Donald, and Pamela Cross are wed 11/29/75: 12/24/75p3a

Bruce, Kenneth R., died 4/8/75: 4/10/75p2

Bruce, M&M Kenneth, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/20/72pA9

Brunelle, Leslie, died 3/15/76: 3/24/76pp1,2

Brunner, Jacqui, teacher, works with the parents: 1/6/72p7

Brunner, Zelma I., died 10/2/75: 10/8/75p2

Brunnett, Mrs. Wilfred, helps The Doll Lady : 12/12/78p2

Bryan, Linda, and Paul Couture are wed 9/20/74: 11/11/74p6

Bryant, Amelia, and Kenneth Ball are wed 6/24/72: 7/6/72p7

Bryant, Burton D., died 8/24/75: 8/28/75p2

Bryant, Harry, awarded USAF Bronze Star for Valor: 4/9/70pA3

Bryant, Harry, celebrates 90th birthday: 3/8/73p5

Bryant, Harry E., died 7/24/73: 7/30/73p5

Bryant, Melody, and Robert Hillsgrove are wed 9/17/77: 10/4/77p2a

Bryant, Ralph A., died 6/29/72: 7/6/72p3

Bryant, Robert, and Eva Hoyt are wed: 8/30/77p2a

Bryant, Robert, and Vicki Harriman are wed 9/18/71: 10/28/71pA6

Bryant, Steven, and Sheila Beaudoin are wed 5/13/73: 5/31/73p7

Bubier, Victor J., died 11/6/77: 11/8/77p3

Buchanan, Kurt, teacher, believes in freedom to learn: 3/30/72p3

Buchanan, Myra L., died 9/17/71: 9/23/71p3

Buck, Brenda, and Andre Boulanger are wed 1/11/74: 1/24/74p6

Buckless, Mary, and Alan Dickenson are wed 9/17/78: 9/26/78p2

Buffam, Leon E., died 9/15/72: 9/28/72p4

Bukowski, Rudolph P., died 11/22/75: 12/3/75p2

Bulduc, Napolean J., died 10/21/71: 10/28/71p2

Bullis, Bonnie, and Robert Robinson Jr. wed 8/18/78: 9/5/78p2a

Bullis, Nancy, and Robert Smith are wed 5/27/78: 6/20/78p2a

Bumford, Frank, and Roxanne Thyng are wed 5/15/76: 6/30/76p4a

Bunker, Rev. Fred L., died 8/10/73: 8/13/73p4

Buote, John S., died 1/3/72: 1/6/72p3

Buote, Lillian L., died 8/10/71: 8/12/71p3

Burbank, Audrey, and Fay Burrill are wed 12/28/78: 1/24/78p2a

Burbank, Joseph P., died 1/19/71: 1/21/71p3

Burbank, Muriel, died 12/27/76: 1/5/77p5

Burbank, Welley J., died 2/6/72: 2/30/72p3

Burch, Robert, and Janet McAllister are wed 7/30/76: 9/1/76p2a

Burchell, James, selected as Truman Scholar: 4/25/78p8b,5/9/78p2

Burchfield, Scott, and Dawn Ammerman are wed 6/14/78: 7/11/78p3a

Burgess, Joseph E., died 10/1/78: 10/3/78p3

Burke, Douglas, and Jennifer Edgerly are wed 9/?/79: 12/4/79p23

Burke, Edna I., died 10/7/78: 10/17/78p3

Burkhart, Dennis, and Peggy Comeau are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Burleigh, Ervin, and Alice Goodwin are wed 9/15/73: 10/8/73p9

Burleigh, Harold E., died 7/21/78: 8/1/78p3

Burleigh, Violet M., died 8/23/77: 8/30/77p2

Burlingame, Eileen C., died 9/17/79: 9/25/79p2

Burnham, Eva M., died 12/13/71: 12/16/71p3

Burnham, Lindon P., died 6/28/79: 7/3/79p2

Burno, Clifford A., died 5/18/75: 5/22/75p3

Burr, Leslie, and Janet St. Pierre are wed: 7/9/73p7

Burr, Richard receives US Army Legion of Merit award: 12/2/71pA13

Burrell Jr., Merton E., died 2/16/74: 2/21/74p2

Burrill, Elizabeth M., died 8/15/77: 8/23/77p3

Burrill, Fay, and Audrey Burbank are wed 12/28/78: 1/24/78p2a

Burroughs, Edna, and Robert Skinner are wed 6/19/76: 7/14/76p2a

Burroughs, Gene, and Paula Donlin are wed 6/14/74: 7/11/74p6

Burroughs, Howard W., died 5/17/78: 5/23/78p2

Burroughs Jr., M&M Warren, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/18/76p3

Burroughs, Marion C., died 6/28/78: 7/4/78p2

Burroughs, Roy, died 7/8/75: 8/11/75p2

Burroughs, Warren D., died 10/22/79: 10/30/79p2

Burrows, Bonnie, and Ronald Mailhott are wed 8/26/78: 9/19/78p2b

Burton, Leland, died 9/10/71: 9/16/71p3

Bushway, Buddy B., died 5/14/79: 5/22/79p2

Bussier, Goldie, died 3/13/71: 3/18/71p2

Butler, Wayne, and Carolyn Plummer are wed 7/8/72: 8/3/72p6

Buttrick, Marilyn L., died 3/19/76: 3/24/76p2

Buttrick, Steven, and Lea Labreque are wed 4/2/77: 4/20/77p1b

Buzzell, John, and Paula McCann are wed 10/?/73: 12/10/73p9

Byrd, Bonnie, and Michael Logan are wed 9/28/74: 10/3/74p6

Byrd, Cheryl, and Stephen Labrie are wed 3/23/73: 3/29/73p6

Cafasso, Janice, and Robin Goldsmith are wed 11/27/71: 12/2/71p4

Cafasso, John, and Cynthia Soule are wed 10/20/79: 12/11/79p22

Cafasso, Joseph L., died 1/4/79: 1/9/79p2

Cafasso, Lillian M., died 8/18/73: 8/23/73p4

Cahoon, Pearl, celebrates ?? birthday are wed: 7/16/73pA1

Caignan, Laurenda, celebrates 95th birthday (photo): 6/13/74p12

Caldwell, Dexter H., died 1/18/77: 1/26/77p2

Caldwell, Ruth E., died 1/11/79: 1/16/79p2

Calef, Andrea, and Martin Conley are wed 7/25/70: 8/13/70p4

Calef, Clarence, is accomplished octogenarian: 2/21/74p7

Calef, Leon C., died 3/29/79: 4/3/79p2

Calef, Linda, and John Svenson are wed 8/15/70: 8/20/70p4

Calef M&M Roger, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/11/73p7

Calef, Patricia, and Donald Cope are wed 12/6/69: 1/1/70p4

Caliendo, Jane, and Barry Flanagan are wed: 11/1/77p4a

Call, Frederick E., died 11/21/75: 12/3/75p3

Callaghan, David, and Diane LaFleur are wed 11/6/76: 1/12/77p2a

Callaghan, Michael, and Janet Coraine are wed 5/22/71: 6/10/71p4

Callaghan, Peter, winner in DAR essay content: 5/22/75p13A

Callaghan, Timothy, and Cynthia LaChance are wed 8/18/76: 10/6/76p2a

Callahan, May A., died 4/4/18/73: 4/23/73p4

Calo, Ruth, and Ralph Gero are wed 10/31/70: 11/26/70pA4

Cam,pbell, William J., died 5/5/76: 5/12/76p2

Cameron, Alfred J., died 8/6/75: 8/11/75p2

Cameron, Lawrence E., died 7/1/70: 7/9/70p3

Cameron, Margaret, and Charles Bickford are wed: 1/31/78p2b

Cameron, Sharon, and Carlton Worster are wed 1/30/71: 2/11/71pA6

Camire, Henry, died 8/15/70: 8/20/70p3

Camire, Leo A., died 3/30/78: 4/4/78p3

Camopbell, Sidney F., died 1/31/70: 2/5/70p3

Campbell, Doreen, and Joseph Phelan are wed 2/5/72: 2/30/72p4

Campbell, Gary, and Theresa Roy are wed 8/29/70: 9/17/70p4

Campbell Jr., John, and Terry Lamie are wed 10/9/71: 10/21/71p4

Campbell, M&M Ernest, celebrate 40th anniversary: 1/29/70p4

Campbell, M&M Ernest, host Fresh Air kids for 46 years: 5/31/77p2a

Campbell, Marion and Ernest, serve RCSC: 12/4/72pA10

Campbell, Shirley, and James Redden are wed 7/16/71: 7/29/71p4

Campbell, William C., died 3/8/72: 3/9/72p3

Candelari, Lucy R., died 10/1/75: 10/8/75p2

Canfield, Robert J., died 5/22/76: 5/26/76p2

Canney, Carroll, and Sandra Bowden are wed 7/3/71: 8/26/71p13

Canney, Everett S., died 5/22/72: 5/25/72p3

Canney, Lulu L., died 2/10/75: 2/13/75p4

Canney, M&M Ralph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/23/71p3

Canney, Marjorie E., died 11/25/74: 12/2/74p9

Canney, Ralph W., died 2/21/74: 2/25/74p3

Canney, Sandra, and William Woods III are wed 6/29/74: 7/15/74p7

Cantin, Emile D., died 10/30/76: 11/3/76p2

Caplette, Diane, and Glen Grassett are wed 12/16/78: 1/16/79p3a

Caplette, Erika, and Lloyd Murray Jr. are wed 7/28/73: 8/27/73p5

Caplette, Maryan, died 11/7/77: 11/15/77p3

Caplette, Norman, and Susan Dumont are wed: 10/21/74p6

Capodestria, Cynthia, bakes trigona for friends: 12/16/71p5

Capodestria, Dennis, died 2/18/75: 2/20/75p5

Capodestria, Magdaline, died 12/1/70: 12/3/70p2

Capron, Edna C., died 5/29/73: 5/31/73p4

Carbonneau, Henry, died 3/31/76: 4/7/76p2

Carbonneau, J. Albert, died 6/19/74: 6/24/74p4

Card, Elsie B., died 11/17/79: 11/27/79p2

Card, Henry, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/17/73p11

Card, M&M Lloyd, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/8/74p15

Cardin, Antoine, died 7/23/77: 7/26/77p3

Cardin, Germaine J., died 7/21/72: 7/24/72p2

Cardin, Raymond, and Karen Feyler are wed: 11/8/77p4b

Cardinal, Arthur, and Bonny Woodside are wed 1/10/70: 1/22/70p4

Cardinal, Kim, and Terri-Ann Fleming are wed 4/20/74: 5/6/74p6

Cardinal, Raymond B., died 4/11/79: 4/17/79p2

Cardinal, Samuel M., died 12/30/75: 1/7/76p2

Cardinal, Yvette L., died 3/9/74: 3/14/74p4

Cardosi, Lynn, is Little Miss Lovely of 1973: 6/28/73p5

Carey, Marion "Grandma", feted on her retirement: 12/12/78p1b

Carfagno, Philip J., died 6/?/77: 6/28/77p2

Cargil, Michael, died 9/6/75: 9/10/75p1

Cargnan, Josephine, died 10/11/75: 10/15/75p2

Carier, Monique, returns home from cardiac surgery: 6/26/75p16

Carier, Monique, will lead March of Dimes Walkathon: 5/22/75p1

Carignan, Edgar J., died 11/20/75: 11/26/75p2

Carignan, Laurenda, celebrates 92nd birthday: 6/10/71p5

Carignan, Rodolphe O., died 7/18/78: 7/25/78p3

Carkins, George E., died 10/1/78: 10/10/78p3

Carlberg, Barbara, and David Michaud are wed 9/23/77: 10/4/77p2a

Carlberg, Diane, died 8/9/77: 8/16/77p2

Carle, Susan, and George Dennis are wed 6/3/78: 7/11/78p3a

Carleton, June, and Richard Corson are wed 6/16/79: 7/17/79p5a

Carlson, Judy, and Dennis Jordan are wed 10/13/73: 11/1/73p7

Carlson, Richard, is the only male volunteer at Frisbie: 5/1/75p1

Carlson, Sandra, and Ronald Wilson are wed 2/22/75: 3/20/75p5

Carlton, Louise P., died 12/23/74: 12/30/74p4

Carlton, William R., died ?/?/72: 9/7/72p4

Carney, Henry F., died 8/20/77: 8/23/77p3

Caron, Edward L., died 2/20/70: 2/26/70p3

Caron, James, died 3/1/78: 3/7/78p3

Caron, Jim, celebrates 102nd birthday: 1/10/78p12

Caron, M&M Roland, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/28/76p8

Caron, Richard, and Kathleen Prill are wed 10/30/70: 11/19/70p2

Carpenter, Brian, and Robin Martin are wed 6/10/78: 6/27/78p2b

Carpenter, Carol, and Ronald Carrier are wed 9/23/72: 9/28/72p6

Carpenter, Edrie, died 12/9/71: 12/16/71p3

Carpenter, Hattie, heads five generations (photo): 4/28/76p7a

Carpenter, Herbert B., died 10/12/75: 10/22/75p2

Carr, Eileen, and Van Bergan are wed: 8/11/76p2a

Carrier, Gabriel, teacher, loves kids: 11/18/71pA14

Carrier, Robert, and Diane Rouleau are wed 10/22/72: 10/26/72p4

Carrier, Ronald, and Carol Carpenter are wed 9/23/72: 9/28/72p6

Carroll, Howard W., died 1/28/71: 2/4/71p3

Carroll, Mary, and Elmond LaFleur are wed 6/20/70: 7/23/70p4

Carros, Elizabeth, and Norman Keroack are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

Carson, Clarence P., died 4/12/79: 4/17/79p2

Carson, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/2/71p9

Carter, Grace, and Richard Drapeau are wed 11/10/73: 12/17/73p7

Carter, Mary, died 1/24/77: 2/2/77p3

Carter, Rose M., died 12/12/73: 12/17/73p4

Cartier, David, and Elizabeth Hance are wed 4/30/77: 5/11/77p1b

Cartier, Linda, and Michael Gould are wed 10/14/72: 11/9/72p6

Cartier, Louis A., died 2/19/73: 2/22/73p4

Cartier, Michael, and Sandra Woods are wed 10/11/75: 10/29/75p7a

Cartier, Richard, and Donna Grenier are wed 5/14/77: 5/31/77p1a

Cartier, Susan, and Frank Poland III are wed 8/7/79: 8/21/79p5b

Carton, Louis, died 2/28/78: 3/7/78p3

Carver, Florence E., died 7/17/75: 7/21/75p2

Carvill, Arthur L., died 3/29/70: 4/2/70p3

Casey, M&M Gordon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/20/79p7

Casey, Rosamond A., died 11/12/78: 11/14/78p3

Casey, Sharon, and Thomas Herlihy are wed 12/26/76: 12/29/76p4a

Casler, A. Lester, died 11/17/74: 12/2/74p9

Cassella, Joseph, and Susan Fitzgerald are wed 11/7/70: 12/10/70p4

Castonguay, Claire, and Stephan Sleeper are wed 8/8/70: 8/27/70p4

Castonguay, Jean B., died 6/20/74: 6/24/74p4

Castonguay, Paul, and Jeannine Tremblay are wed 10/19/74: 11/4/75p6

Caswell, Anne, helps The Doll Lady : 12/12/78p2a

Caswell, Dale, and Barbara Delude are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p4

Caswell, Dana, and Denise Routhier are wed 9/21/74: 10/17/74p6

Caswell, Earl W., died 1/25/75: 1/30/75p4

Caswell, Earle, has pet raccoon namned Charlie: 2/22/73p16

Caswell, Earle, missing Charley, his pet racoon: 5/23/74p13

Caswell, M&M Earle, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/19/74p6

Caswell, M&M Earle, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/26/74p14A

Cate, Albert E., died 5/15/79: 5/22/79p2

Cate, Carlos, and Frances Colwell are wed 8/31/72: 9/25/72p6

Cate, Lora E., died ?/?/75: 6/9/75p3

Cate, Walter T., died 12/26/73: 1/3/74p7

Cater-Decatur family has 100th reunion: 9/10/75p6a

Caverly, Elixzabeth F., died 2/26/79: 3/6/79p2

Cegiel, Arthur E., died 1/19/72: 1/20/72p3

Chabot, Raymond, and Joyce Bernier are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

Chadbourne, Charles, and Heather Wass are wed 6/30/79: 10/9/79p15

Chadbourne, Marcia, and Mark Haase are wed 1/7/79: 4/10/79p10a

Chadbourne, Pamela, and William Goddard are wed 6/16/79: 8/14/79p2a

Chadwick, George L., died 12/13/79: 12/18/79p2

Chaffan, Winston, and Sandra Bridges are wed 4/18/70: 4/23/70p4

Chagnon, Darlene, and Sherman Brown are wed: 12/19/78p3b

Chagnon, Frederick, and Janet Dionne are wed 9/11/76: 9/29/76p2a

Chagnon, George P. died 12/5/79: 12/11/79p2

Chagnon, M&M Raymond, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/29/73p12

Chalmers, Dwightt W., died 12/17/79: 12/25/79p2

Chamberlain, Margaret, and Mark Stevens are wed 9/25/79: 10/23/79p13

Chamberlain, Marguerite, 30 years a teacher, retires: 5/14/70p1,6/11/70p1

Chamberland, Gratia, died 8/28/70: 9/3/70p3

Chamberlin, Charles H., died 3/4/78: 3/14/78p3

Chambers, Mary L., died 4/16/71: 4/22/71p14

Champa, Delores, died 3/17/74: 3/21/74p5

Champagne, Gladys M., died 11/4/78: 11/7/78p2

Champeon, Thayne N., died 9/21/75: 10/1/75p2

Champlin, Carrie, and Michael Newton are wed 9/5/71: 9/9/71p4

Champlin, Helen H., died 3/18/76: 3/24/76p2

Chandler, Ella J., died 4/14/70: 4/16/70p3

Chapdelaine, Elzire, died 3/13/75: 3/17/75p2

Chapdelaine, M&M Rene, celebrate 45th anniversary: 2/11/74p7

Chaplin, Julia M., died 12/17/77: 12/27/77p3

Chaplin, Lester E., died 9/1/76: 9/8/76p4

Chapman, Ann, and Philip Parker are wed 3/20/71: 4/1/71p4

Chapman, Clara E., died 1/15/70: 1/22/70p3

Chapman, Harris W., died 11/26/74: 12/2/74p9

Chapman, Joyce, and James Foss are wed 4/19/75: 5/15/75p6

Chapman, Leon, died 12/12/25/73: 12/27/73p4

Chapman, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/24/72p6

Chapman, Paul, helps the blind with Braille: 7/22/71p1

Chapman, Preston K., died 3/6/70: 3/12/70p2

Chapman, Thomas, and Vicky Daudelin are wed 6/10/78: 8/1/78p2b

Charette, Albert O., died 6/18/72: 6/22/72p3

Charles, M&M Russell, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/28/79p23

Charpentier, Thomas, and Nancy Merry are wed 8/28/77: 9/6/77p9

Chartier, Roger, died 8/4/71: 8/5/71p11

Chase, Arthur L., died 3/8/76: 3/17/76p2

Chase, Beverly, and William Rope are wed 10/7/79: 11/6/79p23

Chase, Claire, and Gary Thayer are wed 8/5/72: 8/7/72p6

Chase, David, and Arlene Nesbitt are wed 10/10/75: 10/22/75p2a

Chase, David B., died 6/30/76: 7/7/76p2

Chase, M&M Bernard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/28/78p3a

Chase, M&M Custer celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/20/77p1b

Chase, Victor, and Carolyn Brown are wed 7/1/78: 8/8/78p2a

Chasse, Camille, and Larry Upson are wed 9/10/77: 10/4/77p2a

Chasse, Celeste, and David Reed are wed 7/26/75: 8/11/75p4

Chasse, Kathline, and Thomas White are wed 2/21/75: 3/3/75p6

Chasse. Brenda, and Wayne Hartford are wed 7/1/78: 8/8/78p3a

Chauvey, Magaret, died 8/27/74: 8/29/74p5

Chayer, Lawrence, is eight-gallon blood doner: 3/25/71p2

Cheetham, Ruth, and John Kane are wed 6/29/74: 8/19/74p6

Cheney, Arnnold J., died 12/6/75: 12/10/75p2

Cheney, Maurice, died 1/13/76: 1/21/76p4

Cheney, Robert, promoted to colonel in US Army: 10/15/70pA1

Chesley, Alan M., died 10/23/75: 10/29/75p2

Chesley, Grace, died 9/29/71: 10/7/71p3

Chesley, James, and Debra Frost are wed 4/27/75: 5/19/75p4

Chesley, Ralph J., died 2/15/78: 2/21/78p2

Chevalier, Claude, died 2/16/70: 2/19/70p3

Chick, James A., died 4/15/79: 4/17/79p2

Chick Jr., Donald, and Kate Peyser are wed 10/26/74: 11/4/74p6

Chick, Michael, and Rene Lowry are wed: 5/2/78p2b

Chick, Ragna M., died 5/4/79: 5/8/79p2

Chiefalo, Juiseppe L., died 11/20/71: 11/25/71p3

Chisholm, Clyde B., died 2/21/70: 2/26/70p3

Chisholm, Hattie M., died 7/24/70: 7/30/70p3

Chisholm, Michael, and Nancy Glidden are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p3

Choate, Cynthia, and J. Robert Choate are wed 2/17/77: 3/9/77p4a

Choate, Ernestine, fought for equal rights for women: 3/27/72pp1,6

Choate, J. Robert, and Cynthia Choate are wed 2/17/77: 3/9/77p4a

Chod, Margaret, and Michael Brosnan are wed 8/6/72: 8/17/72p6

Chretien, Amanda, celebrates first birthday: 2/6/75p6

Chretien, Madeline R., died 3/28/72: 3/30/72p3

Christie, Marion L., died 5/11/77: 5/17/77p3

Christie, Melvin, died 9/25/78: 10/3/78p3

Christy, Ellery C., died 1/5/74: 1/10/74p2

Churchard, Tim, lauded by Jaycees: 2/9/77p2

Ciccotelli, Kyle, and Paula Morgan are wed 10/29/77: 11/29/77p4a

Ciccotelli, Thomas, and Melanie Gould are wed 5/1/76: 6/23/76p11a

Cilley, Edna, celebrates 85th birthday: 8/15/78p3

Cilley, Edna, collects salt and pepper shakers: 1/15/70p4

Cilley, Edna M., died 10/17/78: 10/24/78p2

Cilley, Harold G., died 8/9/72: 8/14/72p4

Cilley, Jean, and John Norman Jr. are wed 2/21/70: 3/5/70pA13

Cilley, Phyllis R., died 8/2/71: 8/5/71p3

Cilley, Rhona, and George Cullen are wed 9/17/77: 11/15/77p2a

Claflin Jr., Royce, and Linda True are wed 9/28/74: 11/4/74p6

Clancy, Helen B., died 12/6/72: 12/11/72p4

Clark, Arthur L., died 8/13/79: 8/21/79p2

Clark, Betty, and Roland Grenier Jr. are wed 4/11/77: 5/11/77p1b

Clark, Charlotte A., died 1/10/75: 1/13/75p4

Clark, Dale, and David Plourde are wed 8/16/75: 9/10/75p9

Clark, Debra, and David Gilpatrick are wed 3/18/78: 4/18/78p3a

Clark, Evena B., died 11/16/74: 11/21/74p5

Clark, Harry, teacher, encourages school spirit: 3/16/72p2

Clark, Ida F., died 5/23/75: 5/29/75p2

Clark II, Harry, and Ann Demosthenes are wed 2/15/75: 3/10/75p8

Clark, James, and Leslie Oliver are wed 8/20/77: 9/20/77p1b

Clark, Loren M., died 6/30/75: 9/3/75p2

Clark, M&M Arthur, celebrate 60th anniversary: 12/31/70p4

Clark, M&M Arthur, celebrate 64th anniversary: 12/19/74p6

Clark, M&M Herbert, celebrate 60th anniversary: 5/1/75p6

Clark, M&M Irving, celebrate 50th Anniversary: 2/25/76p10

Clark, M&M Melvin, celebrate 40th anniversary: 7/20/72p6

Clark, Mary D., died 10/4/71: 10/7/71p2

Clark, Maud F., died 6/30/73: 7/5/73p4

Clark, Mrs. Ernest, holds Farmington Boston Post Cane at 94: 12/10/70p15

Clark, Nancy, and Richard Rogers are wed 8/26/78: 9/26/78p2

Clark, Robert, and LuAnn Secord are wed 8/25/73: 9/13/73pA1

Clark, Rodney, and Judith Gregoire are wed 2/5/72: 3/6/72p6

Clark, Terri, and David Hersom are wed 9/29/72: 10/12/72p6

Claseman, Charles, and Donna Monroe are wed 8/7/77: 8/30/77p2a

Clay, Hester V., died 10/7/79: 10/16/79p14

Cleaves, Walter T., died 10/8/75: 10/15/75p2

Clement, Arnold T., is C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/13/79p1

Clement, Dwight, and Betty Drouin are wed 12/19/70: 1/28/71p4

Clement, Jonathon, and Holly Reynolds are wed 6/10/78: 7/11/78p3a

Clement Sr., M&M Arnold, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/29/74p12

Clements, Patricia, and Robert Sabin are wed 3/20/71: 4/8/71p4

Clough, Eli L., died 6/20/72: 6/22/72p3

Clough, Gertrude M., died 4/21/75: 4/24/75p2

Clough, Grace F., died 7/17/72: 7/20/72p11

Clough, Sheryl, and Scott MacDonald are wed 6/26/76: 7/28/76p7a

Clough, Thomas, and Joy McGranahan are wed: 1/24/78p2a

Cloutier, Eva, died 2/4/77: 2/9/77p5

Cloutman, Ralph E., died 10/24/70: 10/29/70p2

Clow, Maude B., died 11/2/76: 11/10/76p2

Coburn, Floyd P., died 8/14/76: 8/18/76p4

Coburn, Frederick, died 11/16/76: 11/24/76p4

Cochey, Arthur G., died 9/18/73: 9/20/73p4

Cochran, James, and Elizabeth Harkinson are wed 12/31/69: 1/8/70p4

Coco, Donald, and Antoinette Benenate are wed 9/6/75: 9/17/75p2a

Cofferen, Gary, owes his life to a friend: 3/8/73p1; photo 3/15/73p2

Coffin, John, awarded USAF Commendation Medal: 4/9/70pA3

Colbath, Bethany, eats pie without a fork (photo): 3/25/74p1

Colbroth, Carissa, and Lawrence Ramsey are wed: 3/20/79p2b

Colbroth, Susan, and T.J. Shaughnessy are wed 2/17/78: 3/21/78p2b

Colburn, Bessie A., died 9/18/76: 9/22/76p4

Colburn, Bessie, feted by Pythian Sisters: 11/16/72p4

Colby, Barry, and Christine Ronayne are wed 3/12/77: 3/30/77p4a

Colby, Bernard A., died 3/15/73: 3/19/73p4

Colby, Cathy, and Richard Lepene Jr. are wed 6/16/74: 7/22/74p6

Colby, Eileen, and William Mattocks are wed 11/28/70: 12/17/70p4

Colby, George A., died 4/28/72: 5/4/72p3

Colby, George B., died 4/28/72: 5/1/72p3

Colby, Harold P., died 4/23/79: 4/24/79p2

Colby, June wins First in Nat'l Grange Sewing contest: 5/22/72p6

Colby, Laura, and Stephen Bowden are wed 3/11/78: 3/14/78p2b

Colby, Mabel C., died 3/5/75: 3/6/75p5

Colby, Susan, and Rudy Cormier are wed 8/28/71: 9/2/71p4

Cole, Charles W., died 4/2/72: 4/6/72p3

Cole, Clarence S., died 5/16/70: 5/21/70p3

Cole, Donald, and Paulette Desmarais are wed 4/16/71: 4/22/71p4

Cole, Grace H., died 6/14/77 : 6/21/77p3

Cole, Stanley, and Sally Gray are wed 7/24/76: 8/11/76p2a

Coleman, Gordon, died 6/5/77: 7/12/77p3

Coleman, Ruth A., died 12/29/69: 1/1/70p3

Coleman, William W., died 7/4/78: 7/11/78p3

Collette, Andrew E., died 1/29/73: 2/1/73p4

Colley, Bernadette, is named "Outstanding Teacher": 9/29/76p2

Collins, Dorothy, and Robert Quesnal are wed 5/30/70: 6/25/70p4

Collins, Edward, and Donna McKay are wed: 5/23/78p2b

Collins, Kermit L., died 8/15/77: 8/30/77p2

Collins, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/19/78p3b

Collins, Paula, and Robert Brown are wed 9/14/74: 9/30/74pA4

Collins, Raymond D., died 8/27/71: 9/2/71p3

Collins, Richard, and Bonnie Gault are wed 11/22/74: 12/9/74p11

Collins, Theodore R., died 6/18/77: 6/21/77p3

Colombe, Marion, died 5/16/75: 5/22/75p3

Colpitt, Robert, and Jeanette Garland are wed 6/30/73: 7/12/73p7

Coltin, Michael, and Mary O'Leary are wed 4/29/73: 6/11/73p7

Columbus, Arthur N., died 10/6/71: 10/7/71p2

Columbus, Esther J., died 8/13/76: 8/18/76p4

Colwell, Frances, and Carlos Cate are wed 8/31/72: 9/25/72p6

Comeau, John, and Vicki Trask are wed 2/28/76: 3/17/76p4a

Comeau, Peggy, and Dennis Burkhart are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Comeau, Terry, and Libby Brownlee are wed 7/1/73: 7/9/73p7

Comfort, Carol, and William Shost Jr. are wed 5/7/77: 5/17/77p2a

Comfort, Maryanne, amd John Cowles are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Comier, Norman R., died 2/12/77: 2/16/77p2

Condon, Ralph G., died 1/27/73: 1/29/73p4

Congram, Bernice, celebrates 80th birthday: 3/29/73p6

Congram, Gail, and Robert Feineman Jr. are wed 6/10/72: 6/15/72p6

Conley, David, and Robbi Lilljidahl are wed: 10/6/76p2a

Conley, Martin, and Andrea Calef are wed 7/25/70: 8/13/70p4

Connell, Florence M., died 12/4/75: 12/10/75p2

Connell, June, and Timothy Pease are wed 8/19/72: 9/7/72p6

Connelly, Christine, and Philip McGraw are wed 9/21/74: 10/17/74p6

Connelly, Clairette L., died 11/24/79: 12/4/79p2

Connelly, James, and Linda Ruel are wed 9/7/74: 9/23/74p6

Connelly, James E., died 10/19/71: 10/21/71p3

Connelly, John, and Teresa Dupont are wed 6/5/71: 6/10/71p4

Connelly, Patricia, and Richard Bowley are wed 3/17/73: 3/29/73p6

Connick, Bruce, and Nancy Rhoades are wed 3/6/76: 3/24/76p4a

Connor, James, and Betsy Meader are wed 7/1/78: 8/1/78p2b

Connors Jr., Everett, and Michele Jacobsen are wed 8/8/75: 9/24/75p2a

Converse, Elizabeth. died 2/6/77: 2/9/77p5

Converse, M&M Ray, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/8/74p5

Converse, M&M Raymond to celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/1/74p4

Converse Sr., M&M Raymond, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/19/74p6

Conway, Fred, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/16/74pA13

Conway, Fred, nearing 90, remembers very few dull moments: 5/2/74p6A

Conway, Frederick, died 8/3/78: 8/8/78p2

Conway, Grace B., died 8/28/79: 9/4/79p2

Conway, M&M Fred, celebrate 53rd anniversary: 4/2/73p5

Cook, Cheryl, and Paul Beloin are wed 1/30/71: 2/11/71p4

Cook, Fannie J., died 7/25/73: 7/30/73p5

Cook, John, and Angele Perreault are wed 6/7/75: 7/7/75p4

Cook, Jonathon, and Ruby Hackett are wed 6/17/76: 6/30/76p4a

Cook, Raymond R., died 10/24/70: 10/29/70p2

Cook, Roland A., died 9/23/73: 9/27/73p4

Cook, Sandra, and Hervey Bourre are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73pA7

Cook Sr., Edmund E., died 12/15/70: 12/17/70p3

Cook, Timothy, and Susan Sylvain are wed 9/9/78: 10/24/78p2b

Cooley, Dan, and daughter rebuild 1940 airplane: 7/9/70p12

Cooley, Pamela, wins place in All-New England Band: 3/18/74p5

Coons, Mark, and Karen Davids are wed 6/15/74: 7/25/74p6

Coons, Stephen, honored in Students' Who's Who: 8/26/74p9

Cooper, Candace, and Edward Walworth are wed 12/27/69: 1/1/70p4

Cooper, Elizabeth M., died 10/18/76: 10/28/76p4

Cooper, Lillian F., died 5/6/71: 5/13/71p1

Cooper, Lillian, feted for 20-year service to RVNA: 2/26/70p16

Cooper, Richard, and Carolyn Lucet are wed 10/7/78: 11/28/78p2a

Cooper, Richard F., is C/C Man of the Year: 2/7/78p1

Cooper, Richard, feted by Jaycees: 1/23/75p4

Cooper, Suzanne, and Michael Downs are wed 6/4/77: 6/28/77p2a

Cooper, Warren, and Charlotte Stanley are wed 6/16/78: 7/25/78p2b

Cope, Donald, and Patricia Calef are wed 12/6/69: 1/1/70p4

Copeland, Harold, died 6/19/74: 6/20/74p5,6/24/74p4

Copp, Joyce, and Richard Fox are wed 1/11/75: 1/20/75p6

Copp, Nora F., died 10/26/78: 10/31/78p3

Copp, Richard, and Sharon Lovejoy are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Copp, Susan, and Richard Bickford are wed 11/10/72: 11/16/72p6

Coraine, Janet, and Michael Callaghan are wed 5/22/71: 6/10/71p4

Coram, William A., died 8/23/79: 8/28/79p2

Coran, Wallace, and Robin Mooney are wed 1/8/72: 1/20/72p15

Coran, Winifred E., died 1/15/71: 1/21/71p3

Corbet, David, and Sylvia Fogg are wed 5/20/72: 6/1/72p6

Corbett, Margaret O., died 11/27/76: 12/1/76p4

Corbett, Paul, and Debra Henderson are wed 8/26/78: 11/7/78p2b

Cordella, Richard, and Brenda Beland are wed 4/20/74: 4/29/74p6

Cormier, Arthur J., died 10/13/71: 10/14/71p3

Cormier, Diane, and Charles McWilliams are wed 3/17/73: 3/22/73p6

Cormier, Ernest A., died 10/9/72: 10/12/72p4

Cormier, John, and Linda Jenness are wed 6/25/77: 7/26/77p12

Cormier, Kristie, amd Steven McDuffee are wed 9/22/79: 10/23/79p13

Cormier, M. Stella, died 11/12/72: 11/30/72p4

Cormier, Mary I., died 4/29/70: 5/7/70p3

Cormier, Pauline, and Charles Croteau are wed 8/15/70: 9/3/70p6

Cormier, Raymond, died 3/5/71: 3/11/71p3

Cormier, Richard, and Jay Roberts are wed: 6/25/73p11

Cormier, Rudy, and Susan Colby are wed 8/28/71: 9/2/71p4

Cormier, Theresa, and Gary Dame are wed 6/28/74: 7/15/74p7

Cormier. Mattie C., died 12/1/78: 12/5/78p2

Corneau, Terry, and Dianne Mros are wed 10/9/71: 10/28/71pA8

Cornish, Beatrice, retires from teaching: 6/17/74p16,7/1/74p4

Cornish, Beatrice, teacher: Latin and culture go hand in hand: 2/3/72pA12

Cornish, Sharyn, and Norman Stuart are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p4

Corr, Robert J., died 3/27/77: 4/6/77p3

Corr, Ronert A., died 5/27/73: 5/31/73p4

Corriveau, Barry, and Barbara Beaudoin are wed 8/26/72: 8/31/72p6

Corriveau, Edward, and Christina Nadeau are wed 5/30/70: 6/18/70p4

Corriveau, M&M Amable, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/12/73p8

Corson, Etta S., died 6/11/76: 6/16/76p2

Corson, Georgina W., died 7/11/74: 7/15/74p6

Corson, Leo & Leon, twins, celebrate 75th birthday (photo): 3/11/74p16

Corson, Muriel, is BPW Woman of Achievement: 10/10/78p8a

Corson, Murle A., died 4/10/71: 4/15/71p3

Corson, Nellie M., died 7/14/79: 7/17/79p2

Corson, Ralph, 83, reminisces with his notebooks: 4/26/73p1

Corson, Ralph P., died 6/24/79: 7/3/79p2

Corson, Richard, and June Carleton are wed 6/16/79: 7/17/79p5a

Corson, Royal, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/10/70p12

Corson, Susan, and Albert LaRoche are wed 1/27/73: 2/15/73p6

Cory, George, is tennis king of the City: 8/30/73p1

Cosgrove, Edith, and Keith Brown are wed 5/22/71: 6/24/71p4

Cossette, Wanda, and George Rickar are wed 8/28/76: 10/6/76p2a

Cota, Ezra F., died 7/12/77: 7/19/77p2

Cote, Agnes C., died 12/24/69: 1/1/70p3

Cote, Beatrice A., died 6/26/72: 6/29/72p3

Cote, Francis W., died 6/14/71: 6/17/71p3

Cote, Larry L., died 2/17/70: 2/26/70p3

Cote, Nancy, teacher: The Teacher has to grow, too: 1/20/72p16

Cote, Rene A., died 5/10/74: 5/13/74p5

Cote, Robert J., died 3/30/72: 4/3/72p3

Cotton, Abbie, died 6/7/73: 6/11/73p4

Cotton, Nellie M., died 11/5/72: 11/9/72p5

Coty, Ronald, and Mitzi Barker are wed 5/19/73: 5/31/73p7

Couch, Harvey, enjoys his family on Father's Day: 6/15/72p7

Couch, Roberta, and Edgar Gagnon Jr. are wed: 7/17/75p4

Couch, Wesley C., died 4/8/72: 4/10/72p3

Coughlin III, David, and Heidi Cutter are wed 9/29/73: 11/19/73p7

Coughlin, Patricia, and John Bourque are wed 9/29/73: 11/19/73p7

Coughlin Sr., David, retires after 27 years: 1/30/75p6A

Couiture, Seraphine, died 2/12/72: 2/17/72p3

Coulombe, Eugene T., died 11/23/71: 12/2/71p3

Coulumbe, Phyllis, and Robert Thurston are wed 10/?/75: 11/19/75p2a

Courier, Etta A., died 11/7/71: 11/11/71p3

Courture, Joseph A., died 3/19/74: 3/21/74p5

Coussoule, George, and Althea Lazarus are wed 10/20/74: 11/4/74p6

Couture, Bethra A., died 11/4/75: 11/5/75p2

Couture, Dennis, and Elizabeth Foley are wed 8/28/71: 9/23/71p4

Couture, Edgar J., died 10/24/71: 10/28/71p3

Couture, Emilio M., died 11/22/77: 11/29/77p3

Couture, Jennie A., died 2/23/77: 3/2/77p3

Couture, Leo, postmaster, retires after 40 years: 6/20/78p16

Couture, M&M Emile, celebrate 40th anniversary: 10/25/73p7

Couture, Paul, and Diana Horne are wed 7/28/73: 8/9/73p7

Couture, Paul, and Linda Bryan are wed 9/20/74: 11/11/74p6

Couture, Paul, chosen as new Rochester Postmaster: 6/9/75p1

Couture, Robert, and Martha Quintal are wed 6/1/74: 6/17/74p6

Covell, Mark, and Anne Marcotte are wed 7/19/75: 8/18/75p4

Cowan, Elsie M., died 11/20/70: 12/3/70p2

Cowan, Mary, and Richard Krapohl are wed 7/25/70: 9/24/70pA9

Cowell, Margaret K., died 2/18/75: 2/24/75p4

Cowgill, Gwen, died 7/26/73: 7/30/73p1

Cowles, John, and Maryanne Comfort are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Cox, Carolyn M., died 11/7/74: 11/11/74p5

Cox, Jo-Ann, and Kevin Hunch are wed 9/1/72: 9/18/72p6

Cox, Pamela, and James Anctil are wed 6/26/76: 7/28/76p7a

Cox, Richard, died 11/22/73: 11/26/73p7

Crafts, Heather, and David White are wed 5/3/75: 5/29/75p4

Craig, Donna, and Steven Landers are wed 7/10/76: 8/18/76p6a

Cram, Eric, and Alice Proctor are wed: 12/2/74p10

Crandall III, Hart, and Jane Grovenstein are wed: 10/15/70p4

Crandlemire, Paul I., died 6/24/71: 7/1/71p3

Crane, Jonathon: Teaching is not an 8 to 3 job: 3/9/72p3

Cresner, Anna G., died 1/15/75: 1/20/75p5

Cressey, Beverly, and David Hussey are wed 9/25/76: 11/3/76p2b

Cressey, Darlene, and Kim Veno are wed 8/13/77: 8/30/77p1a

Cressey, Marlene, and Robert Blair are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

Cressy, Orrin, and Darlene Therrien are wed 12/8/73: 12/24/73p7

Crew, Doris R., died 2/1/78: 2/7/78p3

Crisp, Fred G., died 11/7/78: 11/14/78p3

Crist, Cathleen, and Kenneth Beaudoin Jr. are wed 5/8/76: 5/12/76p4a

Crocker, Esther M., died 7/3/72: 7/6/72p3

Cronin, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/16/76p2a

Crosby, Anna M., died 1/20/72: 1/20/72p3

Crosby, Ralph E., died 1/23/74: 1/28/74p7

Crosby, Thomas, and Linda Roberts are wed 8/16/75: 9/24/75p2a

Cross, Pamela, and Donald Bruce are wed 11/29/75: 12/24/75p3a

Crossley, Hazel R., died 4/19/77: 4/27/77p3

Croteau, Charles, and Pauline Cormier are wed 8/15/70: 9/3/70p6

Croteau, Grace D., died 7/2/71: 7/8/71p3

Croteau, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/1/70p3

Croteau, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/19/71pA2

Croteau, Mary R., died 10/5/78: 10/10/78p3

Croteau, Virginia M., died 6/25/71: 7/1/71p3

Crout-Hamel, Sandra, and Michael Flynn are wed 9/10/78: 10/3/78p13

Cruz Zavala, Jose, and Marylyn Grondin are wed 12/20/75: 1/28/76p8

Cullen, Barney, died 9/18/78: 9/26/78p3

Cullen, George, and Rhona Cilley are wed 9/17/77: 11/15/77p2a

Cullen, John H., died 11/8/75: 11/12/75p2

Cullen, Joyce, and Richard Ackerman are wed 2/5/72: 2/14/72p4

Cullen, Patricia L., died 8/13/70: 8/20/70p3

Cullen, Thomas R., died 1/3/71: 1/7/71p3

Cummings, Earle H., died 4/15/77: 4/20/77p2

Cummings, Frances, died 7/30/70: 8/6/70p3

Cummings, Miriam, and Jonathan Freeman are wed 4/19/75: 4/24/75p6

Cummings, Roger, returns from European concert tour: 8/14/75p9

Cunningham, Kathleen, and Michael Norris are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p7

Cunningham, Leslie, is DAR Good Citizen: 11/8/77p3b

Currier, Charles F., died 6/16/76: 6/23/76p2

Currier, Herbert H., died 9/14/79: 9/18/79p2

Currier, John, earns Air Force Commendation Medal: 8/7/72p5

Currier, Joseph, died 1/1/77: 1/5/77p5

Currier, Joseph W., died 3/26/77: 4/6/77p3

Currier Jr., Albert, and Edith Wood are wed 6/6/70: 6/11/70p11

Currier Jr., Fred E., died 9/18/77: 9/20/77p3

Currier, Lawrence, and Karen Dupray are wed 11/21/79: 12/25/79p25

Currier, M&M Fred, celebrtate 41st anniversary: 2/28/74p4A

Currier, Marie A., died 1/12/78: 1/17/78p2

Currier, Mary E., died 4/10/71: 4/15/71p3

Currier, Norma, visits 17 foreign countries: 11/12/70p5

Currier, Ray B., died 1/12/70: 1/22/70p3

Currier. Virginia, and Kerry Veno are wed 8/3/73: 8/30/73p7

Curry, John T., died 4/?/72: 4/27/72p3

Curtis, Perley, died 5/17/75: 5/22/75p3

Cushing, Gorson G., died 10/22/71: 10/28/71p3

Cushing, Joseph, and Cindy Huckins are wed 8/21/76: 9/15/76p3a

Cushing, Philip, and Rita Bernard are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Custeau, Charles, died 5/22/74: 5/30/74p4

Cutter, Allen, and Janice Wilkie are wed 9/18/71: 9/30/71p4

Cutter, Ernest, died 6/18/79: 6/26/79p2

Cutter, Frank M., died 10/5/74: 10/7/74p5

Cutter, Heidi, and David Coughlin III are wed 9/29/73: 11/19/73p7

Cutter, Jeffrey V., died 7/16/72: 7/20/72p11

Cutting, Joanna, and Harvey Muscovitz are wed 5/24/75: 6/2/75p6

Cutting, M&M Paul, celebrate 32nd anniversary: 2/21/74p2

Cyr, Antoine J., died 10/13/74: 10/17/74p5

Cyr, Frank X., died 10/24/75: 10/29/75p2

Cyr, Joseph, died 2/6/77: 2/9/77p5

Cyr, Wilfred, died 11/28/73: 12/3/73p4

D'Auria, David, died 5/17/70: 5/21/70p3

Daggett, Ernest A., died 9/5/77: 9/13/77p3

Daigle, Norman J., died 6/22/79: 6/26/79p2

Dailey, Margaret, teacher, says students can read properly: 4/17/72p3

Dallaire, Raymond J., died 12/24/70: 12/31/70p3

Dallaire, Renda G., died 6/30/77: 7/5/77p2

Dalrymple, john, is responsible for upkeep of 175 acres: 6/20/74p2A

Dame, Alan, and Faith York are wed 9/8/73: 10/8/73p9

Dame, Charles E., died 5/5/78: 5/9/78p3

Dame, Charles, retires after 17 years with City PD: 8/7/72p1

Dame, Charlie, is a parachute rigger: 7/12/77p3

Dame, Clinton W., died 5/30/73: 5/31/73p4

Dame, Diana, and Maurice Whittem are wed 3/30/74: 4/15/74p6

Dame, Florence E., died 9/28/71: 9/30/71p1,10/7/71p2

Dame, Forrest, creates flags the old way: 7/22/74p1

Dame, Forrest P., died 2/2/76: 2/11/76p2

Dame, Fritz builds 10-foot working destroyer: 9/24/75p8

Dame, Gary, and Theresa Cormier are wed 6/28/74: 7/15/74p7

Dame, Gladys E., died 12/23/72: 12/28/72p5

Dame, Harry E., retires from US Navy: 8/27/70pA5

Dame, Helen, and Barry Bourgoine are wed 9/21/74: 10/3/74p6

Dame, John, and Cynthia Brown are wed 6/13/70: 6/25/70p4

Dame, Kenneth O., died 4/14/78: 4/18/78p3

Dame, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/2/77p10

Dame, Madeline L., died 7/20/75: 7/24/75p2

Dame, Norman C., died 9/18/78: 9/26/78p3

Dame, Richard O., died 12/14/77: 12/20/77p2

Damon, Albert, died 4/17/77: 4/20/77p2

Damon, Anna M., died 7/18/70: 7/23/70p3

Damon, Deborah, and Richard Gaulin are wed 6/28/75: 7/14/75p4

Damon, James, and Kathie Nason are wed 9/22/72: 9/28/72p6

Damon, Les, lauded by Rotary: 2/9/77p9

Damon, Sheldon, and Linda Hunter are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p8

Damon, Susan, and Ernest Riley Jr. are wed 12/27/70: 1/22/70p11

Dandeneau, Laura, died 9/25/76: 9/29/76p1

Daney, Isabel C., died 3/16/79: 3/20/79p2

Daniels, Maurice L., died 1/13/79: 1/23/79p2

Daniels, Ruth H., died 1/17/76: 1/21/76p4

Darling, Brian, and Ann Waterhouse are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Darling, Charles R., died 10/22/78: 10/31/78p3

Darling, Florence M., died 9/28/77: 10/4/77p3

Darrow, Joseph, and Kathryn Weeks are wed 1/5/79: 1/30/79p5a

Daudelin, Becky, and Philip Dirck are wed: 2/8/73p6

Daudelin, M&M Alfred, celebrate 60th anniversary: 11/19/75p3a

Daudelin, Roxanne, and Royce Hodgdon are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Daudelin, Vicky, and Thomas Chapman are wed 6/10/78: 8/1/78p2b

Davario, Adolph G., died 2/21/74: 2/25/74p3

Davenhall, Katherine, and Roger Sargent are wed 10/21/72: 11/13/72p6

Davenport, Donald, and Ethel DiPrizzio are wed 7/16/71: 8/5/71p2

Davenport, Guy L., died 4/18/79: 4/24/79p2

Davenport, M&M Guy, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/18/74p6

David, M<&M Harry, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/21/76p4a

David, Roland, operates a fish market: 7/2/70p5

Davids, Karen, and Mark Coons are wed 6/15/74: 7/25/74p6

Davis, Annie, celebrates 94th birthday: 1/22/70pA1

Davis, Arthur E., died 5/8/71: 5/13/71p3

Davis, Barbara, and Charles Tersolo are wed 6/3/72: 6/8/72p6

Davis, Barbara, is BPW Young Career Woman of Year: 4/13/72p6,5/18/72p7

Davis, Charles S., died 6/21/71: 6/24/71p3

Davis, Daniel, and Jacqueline Keating are wed 7/1/72: 7/13/72p6

Davis, Donald J., died 11/21/74: 11/25/74p4

Davis, Donna, and Richard Keelty are wed 7/6/79: 8/21/79p4b

Davis, Harry W. died 12/22/77: 12/27/77p3

Davis, Helen G., died 11/1/77: 11/8/77p3

Davis, M&M Eugene, celebrate 68th anniversary: 12/17/75p3a

Davis, M&M Forrest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/29/70p4

Davis, Robert V., died 12/15/70: 12/17/70p3

Davis, Rose M., died 10/18/77: 10/25/77p3

Davis, Shirley, and Joseph Dube are wed 8/28/71: 9/2/71p4

Davis, Wallace W., died 5/29/77: 6/7/77p3

Davis, William, and Diane Moore are wed 8/27/77: 10/11/77p2a

Davism Joseph H., died 12/13/71: 12/16/71p3

Dawson Jr., Robert, and Linda Snyder are wed 8/10/74: 8/29/74p6

Day, Charlotte, died 11/?/70: 12/3/70p2

Day, Donald, and Deborah Lucas, are wed: 5/30/78p2a

Day, Mause E., died 11/28/77: 12/6/77p2

Day, Perley C., died 11/16/77: 11/22/77p4

Dean, Nancy, and Raymond Dee are wed 7/4/70: 7/16/70p4

Dearborn Jr., David M., died 5/31/72: 6/5/72p1

Dearborn, Paul, and Mary Galluzzo are wed 12/20/69: 2/5/70p4

Dearborn, William, and Patricia Bickford are wed 4/20/74: 5/6/74p6

Decareau, Karen, and Shepley Ross II are wed 7/15/78: 8/8/78p3a

DeColtmacher, Robert, and Debra Keravich are wed 11/11/72: 11/16/72p6

DeCourt, Diana, and Richard Swazey Jr. are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Dee, Raymond, and Nancy Dean are wed 7/4/70: 7/16/70p4

Deharo, Jean, and Lois Mansfield are wed 5/28/70: 6/4/70p2

Dehls, Caroline, and Thomas Bedford are wed 8/25/73: 8/30/73pA1

DeLand, Mark, and Sandra Henderson are wed 5/22/71: 5/27/71p4

Delaurier, William L., died 1/10/77: 1/12/77p4

DeLillo, Salvatore, and Betty Jewell are wed 6/9/79: 7/3/79p10a

Delisle, M&M Donat, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/30/72p6

Dellaire, David, and Cheryl Goodell are wed 5/26/72: 6/5/72p6

Dellaire, Wilfrdd J., died 9/4/75: 9/10/75p2

Dellner, Mark, and Dawn Berry are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Delude, Barbara, and Dale Caswell are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p4

Delude, Carolyn, and David Inglis are wed 1/15/72: 1/20/72p4

Delude, Joseph, and Lorraine Peare are wed: 7/11/74p6

Demarett, Raymond, and Nancy Germon are wed 11/18/72: 11/27/72p6

DeMerritt, Robert E., died 10/17/70: 10/22/70p2

Demers, George A/. died 11/1/79: 11/6/79p2

Demers, Lorraine, driving school bus, saves child's life : 1/13/75p4

Demers, Raymond, and Rachel Lachance are wed 12/12/70: 12/17/70p4

Demers, Sharon, is first black female NH Rep.: 12/19/78p2b

Demon, Leslie, celebrates 83rd birthday: 9/17/73p11

Demosthenes, Ann, and Harry Clark II are wed 2/15/75: 3/10/75p8

Dempsey, William H., died 11/30/70: 12/3/70p2

Dennett, Charles, built his S. Main St. home in 1812: 6/9/76p1

Densmore, Frederick E., died 12/21/74: 12/30/74p4

Denton, Deborah, and Earlon Foss are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71p2

Denton, Donna, and James O'Brien are wed 10/14/78: 11/7/78p2b

Denton, Kenneth C., died 8/8/77: 8/16/77p2

DePalma, Gail, and Stephen White are wed: 11/1/73p7

DePalma, Lawrence, died 9/25/71: 9/30/71p3

DePardo, Angela, and Bruce Breton are wed 4/22/77: 5/11/77p1b

Desaulnia, Cancia A., died 4/1/73: 4/5/73p4

Desaulnier, Charles J., died 12/18/74: 12/19/74p5

Desaulnier, Wilhemina E., died 2/14/79: 2/20/79p2

Desautel, Karen, and Michael Paquette are wed 9/2/78: 9/26/78p2b

Descharnaise, Ronald, and Jeanne Bronson are wed 5/26/79: 8/14/79p2a

Deshaies, Annie M., died 8/6/73: 8/9/73p4

Deshaies, Annie, to celebrate 100th birthday: 6/3/71p2

DesHaies, Patricia, earns Masters in mid-life: 6/14/77p3a

Desjardin Sr., David L., died 3/2/79: 3/6/79p2

Desjardins, Pamela, and Paul Roy are wed 6/11/74: 7/25/74p6

Desmarais, Donna, and Donald Gagnon are wed 9/9/78: 9/26/78p2b

Desmarais, Elaine, and Leo Beaulieu are wed 3/4/72: 3/9/72p6

Desmarais, Gary, and Janel Bean are wed 5/18/73: 5/31/73p7

Desmarais, Jeanne, and Daniel Bernard are wed 4/3/70: 4/9/70p4

Desmarais, Jeannette M., died 11/27/73: 11/29/73p4

Desmarais, Paulette, and Donald Cole are wed 4/16/71: 4/22/71p4

Desmarais, William, died 6/14/79: 6/19/79p2

Desmerais, Neal, and Marilee Martin are wed 8/15/75: 9/10/75p9

Desrosiers, Gary, and Charlotte Horne are wed 7/21/79: 8/21/79p5b

Devine, Katherine, and Eric Perkins are wed 10/21/72: 10/26/72p4

DeVoe, Joseph H., died 10/3/72: 10/5/72p4

DeVore, Dale, and Regina Matthews are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p11

Dewey, Garry, and Valerie Smith are wed 10/18/75: 11/5/75p2a

Dewing, Robert K., died 7/30/75: 8/4/75p2

DeWolfe Jr., William, and Susan Woodard are wed 6/9/79: 7/17/79p5a

Dexter, Bertha C., died 1/22/79: 1/30/79p2

Dexter, Nancy, and Alan Friend are wed 1/25/74: 2/25/74p6

Dexter, Owen A., died 2/13/73: 2/15/73p4

DiBona, Rose F., died 7/10/73: 7/16/73p5

Dicey, Doug, is Softball Commissioner: 5/16/74pA3

Dickey, Leroy J., died 12/21/71: 12/23/71p3

Dickie, Emma, died 1/18/77: 1/26/77p2

Dickinson, Alan, and Mary Buckless are wed 9/17/78: 9/26/78p2

Dickinson, Esther R., died 8/17/74: 8/19/74p4

Dickson, Allie, earns Milton cane at 94 (photo): 7/3/75p10

Dierauer, Velma, died 12/28/77: 1/3/78p3

Dietrich, Deborah, and Richard Miller are wed 10/16/71: 11/4/71p4

Dilboy, George, died 11/12/76: 11/17/76p4

Dilboy, Jane L., died 3/31/74: 4/1/74p5,4/4/74p5

Dillingham, Elmer, manages the Wishbone Farm: 6/29/72pA10

Dimond, Chester L., died 10/13/73: 10/18/73p4

DiNoble, Dinato, died 10/21/79: 10/30/79p2

DiNoble, Maria, died 3/11/76: 3/17/76p2

Dinsmore, Ruth E., died 5/11/75: 5/15/75p2

Dion, Kenneth R., died 12/3/78: 12/12/78p2

Dionne, Janet, and Frederick Chagnon are wed 9/11/76: 9/29/76p2a

Diprizio, Joseph, and Kimberly Lefavour are wed: 11/3/76p1b

DiPrizio, Dianne, and Kenneth Reed are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

DiPrizio, James, and Shirley Murphy are wed: 1/17/78p2a

DiPrizzio, Ethel, and Donald Davenport are wed 7/16/71: 8/5/71p2

Dirck, Philip, and Becky Daudelin are wed: 2/8/73p6

DiVirgilio, Nola, and Michael Goodell are wed 9/6/75: 9/24/75p2a

Dixon, James I., died 8/15/70: 8/20/70p3

Dlabal, Gerald R., died 7/23/76: 7/28/76p2

Dobbin, Leo G., died 5/8/70: 5/14/70p3

Dockham, Harry F., died 8/11/72: 8/17/72p4

Dodge, Harry I., died 2/16/72: 2/21/72p3

Dodge, Johnny, and Kathy Fecteau are wed 8/4/73: 8/20/73p6

Dodge, Pauline A., died 1/26/78: 1/31/78p3

Dodge, Raymond E., died 1/21/72: 1/27/72p3

Dodge, Robert A., died 9/21/78: 9/26/78p3

Doe, M&M Walter, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/19/74p6

Doherty, Karen, and Ernest Smith are wed 4/30/76: 6/2/76p2a

Doherty, William, and Jayne Woodward are wed: 11/2/72p6

Dolan, Daniel J., died 6/29/72: 7/6/72p3

Doll Lady renews dolls for needy children : 12/12/78p2a

Donlin, Paula, and Gene Burroughs are wed 6/14/74: 7/11/74p6

Doolin, Lovina, and Robert Adams are wed: 6/27/78p2b

Dore, Daisy A., died 2/3/77: 2/16/77p2

Dore, Ivan, and Shirley Lavertu are wed 4/21/79: 5/22/79p10

Dore Sr., Frank E., died 12/10/71: 12/16/71p3

Dorr, Jana, and Donal Megee are wed 7/24/71: 8/5/71p4

Dorr, Jean P. died 12/2/79: 12/11/79p2

Dorr, M&M Harry, celebrate 30th anniversary: 10/22/70p4

Dorsey, Anne C., died 11/14/78: 11/21/78p2

Dostie, Julie, and Robert Smith are wed 11/5/77: 12/6/77p4a

Dostie, Nancy, and Paul Ramsey are wed 11/3/73: 12/17/73p7

Dotson, Bonnie, and David Topliffe are wed 10/28/72: 11/2/72p6

Dotson II, Edward, and Beverly Landers are wed 10/27/73: 11/26/73p8

Dotson, Linda, and Thomas Bishop are wed 8/22/70: 9/3/70p6

Doucette, Debra-Anne, and Dennis Roseberry are wed 2/15/75: 3/13/75p6

Doucette, Kathleen, and Michael Breton are wed 6/18/77: 7/5/77p6

Doucette, Lucien, and Cheryl Perry are wed 12/13/69: 1/8/70p8

Dougherty, Edward J., died 8/11/77: 8/16/77p2

Douglas, Debra, and Norman Sanborn Jr. are wed 4/6/79: 5/8/79p2b

Douglas, M&M Richard, celebrate 15th anniversary: 10/18/73p8

Douglas, Robert, died 12/14/73: 12/27/73p4

Dow, Albina, died 3/2/79: 3/6/79p2

Dow, Marion, is editor for RCSC: 11/6/72p12

Dowing, William, died 11/5/70: 11/12/70p3

Downes, George A., died 10/17/79: 10/23/79p17

Downes, Kenneth, and Donna Veno are wed 6/14/74: 7/1/74p6

Downes, Kenneth, and Gale Mains are wed 6/23/72: 7/6/72p6

Downes, Leonard, and Kathryn Wilson are wed 9/8/73: 9/24/73p3

Downing, Gerta, died 4/14/75: 4/17/75p2

Downing, Thomas F., died 4/17/77: 4/20/77p2

Downs, Edith L., died 12/21/71: 12/30/71p3

Downs, Gloria, and Derald Goodwin Jr. are wed 12/7/74: 1/13/75p6

Downs, Hannah N., died 5/18/73: 5/21/73p4

Downs, Ina A., died 4/7/71: 4/15/71p3

Downs, Irene A., died 5/15/77: 5/24/77p3

Downs Jr., Herbert, and Nancy Pelletier are wed 4/10/71: 4/22/71pA4

Downs Jr., William, and Karen Hanson are wed 6/11/77: 6/21/77p2a

Downs, Kenneth, awarded US Army Commendation Medal: 6/4/70p13

Downs, Michael, and Suzanne Cooper are wed 6/4/77: 6/28/77p2a

Downs, Rena H., died 12/24/78: 1/2/79p2

Doyle, Beatrice M., died 2/19/73: 2/22/73p4

Doyle, Emma, died 2/10/71: 2/18/71p2

Doyle, Joseph L., died 3/21/76: 3/31/76p2

Doyle, Kathryn M., died 11/15/77: 11/22/77p4

Doyle, Nellie A., died 5/29/77: 6/7/77p3

Doyon, Ernest L., died 1/12/78: 1/17/78p2

Doyon, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/30/72p7

Doyon, Michel F., died 3/31/75: 4/3/75p2

Doyon, Patricia, and Timothy Wentsorth are wed: 8/23/77p6

Drago Jr., Christy, and Barbara Hill are wed 9/23/72: 10/5/72p6

Drago, Martha, died 6/22/73: 6/28/73p4

Drake, Bill, "who'll never walk again", runs 20-miler: 5/1/79p3

Drake, Ernest, and Cynthia Pierce are wed 7/9/75: 8/18/75p4

Drake, Gregory, and Diane Sicard are wed 2/22/75: 3/10/75p8

Drake, Priscilla A., died 9/25/79: 10/2/79p12

Drapeau, Ernstine, died 9/25/77: 10/4/77p3

Drapeau, John, died 1/18/73: 1/25/73p4

Drapeau, Joseph H., died 5/19/78: 5/23/78p2

Drapeau, M&M Alfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/16/71p9

Drapeau, Mildred D., died 7/3/71: 7/8/71p1

Drapeau, Napolean J., died 7/3/75: 7/7/75p2

Drapeau, Richard, and Grace Carter are wed 11/10/73: 12/17/73p7

Drapeau, Robert J., died 2/5/74: 2/7/74p5

Drapeau Sr., Howard R., died 5/31/76: 6/9/76p2

Draper, Joyce, is valedictorian despite arthritis: 6/4/73p1

Drew, Barbara, is a public health nurse: 5/24/77p3b

Drew, Charlotte J., died 5/29/72: 6/1/72p3

Drew, Clarence L., died 2/21/70: 2/26/70p3

Drew, Lydia, celebrate 88th birthday: 1/6/75p8A

Drew, Lydia, celebrates 86th birthday: 1/4/73p16

Drew, Lydia, celebrates 87th birthday: 1/14/74p14

Drew, Robert B., died 4/7/72: 4/10/72p3

Drew. M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/12/72p6

Drolet, Christopher E., died 1/27/74: 1/31/74p4

Drolette, Joseph P., died 2/24/77: 3/2/77p3

Drouin, Betty, and Dwight Clement are wed 12/19/70: 1/28/71p4

Drouin, Ophelia, died 3/9/73: 3/12/73p4

Dubanevich, Barbie, and Dennis Pine are wed 8/7/76: 8/25/76p6a

Dubay, Blanche, and Daniel Hughes are wed 8/31/73: 9/6/73p7

Dubay, Norman, and Jeannine Turgeon are wed 6/29/75: 7/3/75p4

Dube, Almoza, died 4/18/75: 4/21/75p2

Dube, Andrew R., died 2/21/79: 2/27/79p2

Dube, Arthur A., died 10/29/72: 11/2/72p5

Dube, Arthur, died 9/10/7: 9/13/77p37

Dube, Claudia G., died 1/25/75: 1/30/75p4

Dube, Edmund, and Cynthia McCoy are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p4

Dube, Jeanne, and Richard Gagne are wed 5/5/73: 5/24/73p7

Dube, Joseph, and Shirley Davis are wed 8/28/71: 9/2/71p4

Dube, Joseph, feted by Jaycees: 1/23/75p4

Dube, Joseph, is Frisbie's only male nurse: 7/15/71p1

Dube, M&M Charles, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/1/71p2

Dube, M&M Ludgar, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/5/75p4

Dube, Pauline, and Gerald Paquette are wed 6/30/72: 7/13/72p6

Dube, Rita, and David Lesperance are wed 4/25/70: 4/30/70p4

Dube, Rudolph R., died 9/21/77: 9/27/77p3

Dubois, Anthony, died 6/13/77: 6/21/77p3

Dubois, Charles, died 5/1/76: 5/5/76p2

Dubois, Leda M., died 4/1/76: 4/7/76p2

Dubois, Louis, and Marcia Bouchard are wed 6/22/74: 7/11/74p6

Dubois, Louise G., died 12/19/75: 12/31/75p2

Dubois, M&M Paul, celebrate 35th anniversary: 1/20/75p6

Dubois, Roland, and Lorraine St. Pierre are wed: 7/9/73p7

Dubois, Ronald, and Sharon Remick are wed: 4/30/70p4

Dubois, Sheila, and Paul Allard are wed 10/9/71: 10/14/71p4

Dubois, Yvonne M., died 11/28/72: 11/30/72p4

Duchesneau, David, and Diane Audet are wed 10/3/70: 10/22/70p4

Duchesneau, Marlene, and Daniel Brooks are wed 6/2/79: 6/19/79p2b

Duchesneau, Palma D., died 6/21/72: 6/26/72p3

Dugas, Conrad R., died 4/10/77: 4/20/77p2

Dugas, Evelyn Y., died 1/25/77: 2/2/77p3

Dugas, Romeo, died 12/31/70: 1/7/71p3

Duggin, M&M Jim, celebrate 42nd anniversary: 1/3/78p2a

Duguay, Wanda, and Randall brown are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Duhaime, Fred, and Claire Tanguay are wed 6/3/78: 6/20/78p2a

Dumais, Eva M., died 5/30/71: 6/3/71p3

Dumont, Arthur, died 5//24/75: 5/29/75p2

Dumont, Carmen, and Ronald Gagnon are wed 6/16/72: 6/29/72p6

Dumont, Deborah, and Robert Fortier are wed 9/16/78: 10/3/78p13

Dumont, Donna, and Ricky Tanguay are wed 10/10/75: 10/29/75p4a

Dumont, Elaine, and Philip Thivierge are wed 5/20/72: 5/25/72p6

Dumont, M&M Emile, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/28/78p3a

Dumont, Patricia, and Terrell Waterhouse are wed 10/12/74: 10/17/74p6

Dumont, Susan, and Norman Caplette are wed: 10/21/74p6

Dumont, Walter, died 12/24/74: 12/30/74p4

Dunbar, Jack, and Sally Hunter are wed Easter/77: 4/20/77p1b

Dunlap, Ralph W., died 11/25/75: 12/3/75p2

Dunlap, Walter J., died 2/2/76: 2/11/76p2

Dunn, Wayne, and Pamela Place are wed 8/2/75: 8/28/75p4

Dunnells, Michael, and Elizabeth Blaisdell are wed 5/11/72: 5/18/72p6

Dunnells, Otis C., died 8/31/77: 9/6/77p2

Dunnnells, Winona M., died 6/18/74: 6/20/74p5

Duntley, John, and Sharon Lewis are wed 6/6/70: 6/25/70p4

Duperre, Leo A., died 6/12/78: 6/20/78p3

Duperre, Mary V., died 6/20/79: 6/26/79p2

Dupont, Janice, and Allan Wood are wed 2/28/76: 3/31/76p4a

Dupont, M&M Edward, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/28/71p4

Dupont, Teresa, and John Connolly are wed 6/5/71: 6/10/71p4

Dupray, Karen, and Lawrence Currier are wed 11/21/79: 12/25/79p25

Duprey, Robert, and Rita Edwards are wed 3/5/76: 4/7/76p4a

Duprez, Nora M., died 7/29/71: 8/5/71p3

Dupuis, M&M George, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/26/75p2a

Dupuis, Robert R., died 3/15/73: 3/19/73p4

Dupuis, Victor, and Lucille Hubert are wed 5/9/70: 5/14/70p2

Duqette. Philip E., died 9/5/72: 9/7/72p4

Duquette, Mary J., died 10/17/72: 10/19/72p4

Durant, Hazel A., died 8/22/76: 9/1/76p5

Dureau, Joseph E., died 7/9/73: 7/12/73p5

Durgin, Bernard, died 9/17/71: 9/23/71p3

Durgin, Fred C., died 10/21/70: 10/22/70p2

Durgin, Gilman N., died 3/25/77: 3/30/77p3

DuRie, Susan, and David Pepin are wed 5/19/79: 6/26/79p6

Durkee, Porter J., died 10/15/79: 10/23/79p17

Durost, Evelyn M., died 11/20/73: 11/26/73p4

Durost, Steven, and Lorraine Skelton are wed 4/8/72: 4/13/72p6

Dusseault, Rose, and Robert O'Brien are wed 10/7/77: 10/25/77p4a

Dustan, Caroline R., died 12/24/71: 12/30/71p3

Dustan, Cecil C., died 2/5/76: 2/18/76p2

Dustan, George R., died 7/4/77: 7/12/77p3

Dutilly, Marie A., died !2/10/74: 12/12/74p5

Dutton, Maurice W., died 4/30/73: 5/3/73p5

DuVarney, Douglas, and Diane Pierce are wed 7/9/72: 7/13/72p6

Dyer, F. Everett, died 1/19/79: 1/23/79p2

Dyer, Jeanne P., died 8/13/75: 8/14/75p2

Dyers, M&M Everett, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/9/72p5

Earle, John E., died 6/13/79: 6/19/79p2

Earle, Nellie J., died 1/31/76: 2/4/76p2

Eason, Deborah, and Donald St. Laurent are wed: 7/7/75p4

Eason, Mary, died 8/1/71: 8/5/71p3

Eastman, Bertha M., died 8/3/75: 8/7/75p2

Eastman, Mary E., died 1/26/72: 2/3/72p3

Eaton, James, and Pearl Bowden are wed 1/30/70: 2/19/70p2

Eaton, Sean R., died 2/20/72: 3/23/72p2

Eaton, Velma, wins $10k on 50c ticket: 2/24/75p1

Eaves, Emery D., died 5/25/73: 5/31/73p4

Eaves, M&M Hollis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/8/75p2a

Ebare, Joyce, and William Sauser are wed 4/29/72: 5/15/72p6

Edelen, Penelope, and Richard Hall are wed 7/10/71: 7/22/71p4

Eder, Lara, brain-damaged, is being cared for at home: 7/10/72p7

Edgerly, Bessie M., died 12/28/77: 1/10/78p3

Edgerly, Beth, is finalist in NH Pageant: 5/8/79p11

Edgerly, Carole L., died 11/11/70: 11/19/70p3

Edgerly, Debra, and Allan Lowd are wed 4/12/75: 6/12/75p4

Edgerly, Frank H., died 8/17/76: 8/25/76p4

Edgerly, Jennifer, and Douglas Burke are wed 9/?/79: 12/4/79p23

Edgerly Jr., Rolly, and Ellen Tracia are wed 7/29/78: 9/12/78p3a

Edgerly, Lawrence, donates 33rd pint of blood (photo): 4/12/73p4

Edgerly, Olga H., died 1/7/79: 1/9/79p2

Edgerly, Royal, and Susan Sintz are wed 2/25/72: 3/2/72p6

Edin, Reuben E., died 10/3/72: 10/5/72p4

Edney, Helen M., died 12/11/77: 12/13/77p3

Edwards, Ida I., died 11/2/70: 11/5/70p3

Edwards, M&M Millard, celebrate 42nd anniversary: 3/30/72pA11

Edwards, Robert E., died 11/27/79: 12/4/79p2

Edwards. Rita, and Robert Duprey are wed 3/5/76: 4/7/76p4a

Egan, Anthony E., died 9/23/78: 9/26/78p3

Egerton, Albert M., died 12/3/72: 12/7/72p5

Ehines, Marjorie H., died 4/14/73: 4/16/73p4

Eitel, Kathleen, teacher, is challanged by special children: 3/13/72p2

Eldredge, M&M Chauncey, celebrate 40th anniversary: 4/29/71p10

Eldridge, Ester A., died 8/8/13/74: 8/15/74p4

Eldridge, Francis W., died 5/21/76: 5/26/76p2

Eldridge Jr., Roland, and Janet Leone are wed 2/9/79: 3/13/79p2b

Eldridge, Melvin, and Mary Hill are wed: 4/25/78p2b

Eldridge, Sophia, died 3/19/73: 3/22/73p4

Eley, Pamela, and Clause Quirion are wed 7/31/71: 9/23/71p4

Elliot, Mark A., died 5/10/74: 5/16/74p5

Elliott, Dawn, and Glenn Taylor are wed 9/19/73: 10/29/73p6

Elliott, Elmer C., died 8/21/72: 8/24/72p4

Elliott, George R., died 11/27/76: 12/1/76p4

Elliott, Nancy, and Robert Gould are wed 8/2/75: 8/14/75p4

Elliott, Norman, and Jean Morgan are wed 3/19/77: 4/20/77p2b

Elliott, Olive L., doed 9/2/71: 9/9/71p3

Elliott, Rev. Murray, celebrates 60th ordination anniversary: 6/13/74p8

Elliott, Rev. Murray, died 1/12/75:: 1/16/75p5

Elliott, Shiela, and Lawremce Jacques Jr. are wed 3/1/74: 3/28/74p3

Elliott Sr., Herbert W., died 5/24/77: 5/31/77p3

Elliott, Violet M., died 1/12/75: 1/16/75p5

Ellis, Diane, and Pierre Savoie are wed 10/27/72: 11/6/72p6

Ellis, Etta V., died 1/9/71: 1/14/71p3

Ellis, Harold R., died 5/28/75: 5/29/75p2

Ellis, James, died 11/22/74: 12/2/74p9

Ellis, Julia M., died 2/5/78: 2/14/78p3

Ellis, Lloyd F., died 5/14/73: 5/17/73p4

Ellis, Robert, died 6/?/73: 7/2/73p1,7/26/73p4

Ellis, Robert, teacher, perceives education in totality: 4/24/72p2

Ellis, Terry, has five different careers: 4/27/72p36

Ellis, Tressie M., died 6/11/72: 6/15/72p3

Ellison, Douglas, and Linda Franagan are wed 12/6/69: 2/26/70p4

Ellison, Edgar, died 6/22/71: 6/24/71p3

Ellison, Edgar E., died 6/22/71: 7/1/71p3

Ellison, Thelma F., died 11/3/78: 11/7/78p2

Ellsmore Sr., Charles A., died 6/1/75: 6/5/75p2

Elwall, Anthony, and Fay McCarthy are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p2

Embark, M&M Caswell, embark on 50th year of marriage: 1/14/74p3

Emerson, Almie, died 2/11/78: 2/14/78p3

Emerson, Geraldine, and Michael Wiggin are wed 5/21/78: 7/4/78p3a

Emerson, Irving C., died 11/1/78: 11/7/78p2

Emerson, Kevin, and Sharon Wheeler are wed 5/26/73: 6/14/73p7

Emerson, Lillian G., died 2/2/19/75: 2/20/75p5,2/24/75p4

Emerson, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/17/70p4

Emerson, Nellie S., died 4/20/78: 4/25/78p3

Emerson, Robert, and April Goodwin are wed: 8/22/78p3b

Emerson, Sarah F., celebrates 90th birthday: 11/11/71p4

Emerson, Sarah S., died 12/16/71: 12/23/71p3

Emerson, Vivian A., died 12/29/74: 12/2/74p9

Emery, Edgar H., died 5/11/74: 5/16/74p5

Emery, Lillian, died 6/?/75: 6/30/75p2

Emery Sr., Roger L., died 5/15/79: 5/22/79p2

Emmond, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/2/72p6

Emmons, Dennis, and Patricia Lefebvre are wed: 3/17/75p7

Emond Jr., M&M Louis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/2/77p2a

Emond, Rachel, and Frank Tozier are wed 7/29/72: 8/3/72p6

English, Donna, and David Mattocks are wed 11/11/73: 12/3/73p6

English, Glenn M., died 7/26/75: 7/31/75p12

Enman, Elma C., died 5/19/76: 5/26/76p2

Erbach, Linda, listed in Student Who's Who: 1/10/74p9a

Erickson, Lee, and Thomas Tozier are wed 1/25/74: 3/11/74p6

Erickson, Robert, and LuAnn Richards are wed 5/14/77: 6/7/77p2b

Ericson, Paul, and Gail Waitt are wed 8/11/73: 8/13/73p6

Ernst, Linda, commended by Pres. Carter: 5/11/77p2

Eschman, Deborah, and David Hemeon are wed: 9/17/75p2a

Estes, Annie M., died 8/7/71: 8/12/71p3

Estes, Frerick E., died 1/17/73: 1/18/73p4

Estes, Philip, and Evan Harriman are wed 4/11/73: 4/30/73p7

Estey, Ruth M., died 7/3/70: 7/9/70p3

Esware, Henry J., died 4/13/70: 4/16/70p3

Evans, Alice M., died 12/19/70: 12/24/70p3

Evans, Eleanor A., died 2/1/71: 2/4/71p3

Fabian, M&M Eugene, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/31/78p2b

Fabian, Ruby A. died 7/25/75: 7/31/75p2

Fabian Sr., Edward R., died 5/31/77: 6/7/77p3

Fabiano, Robert, earns AF Meritorious Service Medal: 12/28/72p4

Fairchild, Debby, wins SC 4-H honors: 11/13/79p32

Fall, Elizabeth R., died 3/9/75: 3/13/75p4

Fall, Rose E., died 9/23/78: 9/26/78p3

Familgetti, Anthony J., died 12/11/76: 12/15/76p4

Faria, James, and Stephanie Berry are wed 7/3/76: 7/28/76p6a

Farina, James, and Janet Foster are wed 11/29/75: 12/10/75p2a

Farley, Linda, and Wilfred Roy III are wed 11/5/77: 11/22/77p2a

Farmer, Charles H., died 7/9/77: 7/12/77p3

Farmer, Marion W., died 2/27/74: 3/4/74p4

Farnham, June G., died 12/20/75: 12/31/75p2

Farnum, Sherman G., died 2/13/77: 2/16/77p2

Farrell, Walter L., died 9/20/71: 9/23/71p1

Farrow, Kathryn, and Desmond O'Malley are wed 6/16/73: 7/2/73p3

Faucher, Wilfred J., died 10/23/71: 10/28/71p2

Fay, Brian, and Elizabeth George are wed 11/16/73: 11/26/73p8

Fazekas, Ervin, and Kathleen Flynn are wed 10/27/73: 12/10/73p9

Fearon, William, died 2/18/72: 2/21/72p3

Fecteau, Kathy, and Johnny Dodge are wed 8/4/73: 8/20/73p6

Feeney, John, and Dolores Wyatt are wed 7/4/70: 7/9/70pA12

Feeney, Terrilee, and James Kenyon are wed 5/16/70: 5/28/70p4

Feeny, M&M Willard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/1/72p8

Feineman, Ardys D., died 1/31/77: 2/9/77p5

Feineman Jr., Robert, and Gail Congram are wed 6/10/72: 6/15/72p6

Feineman, M&M Robert, celebrate 35th anniversary: 10/22/75p3a

Felker, Carrie, 90, paints and braids rugs: 12/3/75p6

Felong, Michael, and Beverly Stinson are wed 7/25/70: 8/6/70pA1

Fenske, Donna, and Carl Seely Jr. are wed 7/11/70: 7/30/70p4

Fenstermaker, Robert F., died 1/2/71: 1/7/71p3

Fenton, Doris M., died 3/19/74: 3/21/74p5

Fenton, Nettie, celebrates 89th birthday: 7/13/72p2

Fereira, James, and Merle Stowe are wed 4/10/71: 5/6/71pA5

Fergerson, Anna, died 5/11/74: 5/16/74p5

Ferland, Alcide, died 8/13/71: 8/19/71p3

Ferland, Cedulie, died 9/6/70: 9/10/70p3

Ferland, Diane, and Norman Bilodeau are wed 6/29/74: 7/15/74p7

Ferland, Lillian R., died 1/16/76: 1/21/76p4

Ferland, Lionel G., died 11/14/71: 12/2/71p6

Ferland, Lucia, died 10/15/71: 10/21/71p3

Ferland, Normand, and Sherry Belamger are wed 10/6/72: 10/16/72p6

Ferland, Paul, and May Bilodeau are wed 6/28/75: 7/17/75p4

Fernald, Abbey, honored at retirement-birthday party: 3/25/71p2

Fernald, Abbey, retires after 40 years in nursing: 3/11/71p4

Fernald, Donna, and David Pelkie are wed 9/14/74: 9/30/74pA4

Fernald, Gary, and Virginia Boyle are wed 6/30/73: 7/26/73p9

Fernald, Harriet S., died 7/2/73: 7/9/73p4

Fernald, Judy, and James Slane are wed 8/6/77: 9/6/77p9

Fernald, Llewellyn F. "Skip", died 5/13/73: 3/15/73p1

Fernald, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/18/73pA4

Fernald, Rachel B., died 1/28/77: 2/2/77p3

Fernold, Abbie R., died 12/21/76: 12/29/76p2

Ferreira, Deborah, and Ralph Wiggin III are wed 4/14/73: 4/19/73p7

Ferrigan, Pamela, and Lawrence Brownell Jr. are wed 12/8/73: 12/24/73p7

Ferris, Clair A., died 2/4/79: 2/13/79p2

Ferris, Ella, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/8/73p2

Ferris, Ella J., died 8/9/77: 8/16/77p2

Ferris, Ella T., die 8/9/77: 8/16/77p2

Ferris Jr., William, died 8/23/72: 8/24/72p4

Fessel, Einer S., died 9/19/77: 9/27/77p3

Fewless, Constance C., died 11/26/72: 11/30/72p4

Feyler, Karen, and Raymond Cardin are wed: 11/8/77p4b

Fickett, Jessie, died 7/1/74: 7/8/74p5

Fickett, Linda, and Norman Lefebvre are wed 1/11/74: 2/4/74p7

Fifield, Aerona, and Dale Smith are wed 8/8/70: 8/13/70p4

Fifield, Albert D., died 8/27/73: 8/30/73p4

Figgins, Jeffery, and Velma Ashworth are wed 3/12/77: 4/6/77p2a

Figueredo, Sylvia, and Steve Weeks are wed 8/19/78: 10/24/78p2b

Files, Beatrice, and Thomas Bergeron are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71p2

Filiau, Paula, and Richard Borrazas are wed 8/23/74: 9/12/74p6

Finnigan, Martha, teacher, enjoys team teaching: 4/3/72p2

Firth, Oley, and Ernestine Bellamy-Choate are wed 10/1/77: 11/29/77p4a

Fischer, Edithe C., died 4/3/79: 4/10/79p2

Fisher, Danielle R., died 10/22/78: 10/31/78p3

Fisher, Delvina, died 7/30/77: 8/2/77p3

Fisher, Frank E., died 11/18/75: 12/3/75p2

Fisher, Gary, and Colleen Hayes are wed 6/23/72: 6/29/72p6

Fisher, J. Raymond, died 7/5/70: 7/9/70p1

Fisher, Thomas M., died 11/15/72: 11/20/72p4

Fisher, Urbina, died 5/21/71: 5/27/71p15

Fisk, William, remembers his job at Woodstock '69: 12/10/70p1

Fistere, David, and Elaine Talbot are wed 8/5/78: 9/5/78p2a

Fistere, Nancy, is DAR Good Citizen: 11/4/71p3

Fitz, Harry M., died 10/19/72: 10/26/72p4

Fitzgerald, Ernest J., died 12/20/72: 12/28/72p5

Fitzgerald, Susan, and Joseph Cassella are wed 11/7/70: 12/10/70p4

Fitzpatrick, William J., died 1/11/76: 1/21/76p2

Flanagan, Barry, and Jane Caliendo are wed: 11/1/77p4a

Flanagan, Edward J., died ?/?/79: 2/6/79p2

Flanagan, Linda, and Douglas Ellison are wed 12/6/69: 2/26/70p4

Fleming, Edward R., died 9/19/76: 9/22/76p4

Fleming, Elizabeth, and Lawrence Golden wed 11/25/78: 12/12/78p1b

Fleming, Terri-Ann, and Kim Cardinal are wed 4/20/74: 5/6/74p6

Fleury, Ida V., died 6/26/78: 7/4/78p2

Flint, Sandra, and George Lazarus are wed 4/16/77: 4/27/77p1b

Flood Sr., Martin J., died 9/24/79: 10/2/79p12

Flynn, Kathleen, and Ervin Fazekas are wed 10/27/73: 12/10/73p9

Flynn, Marie S., died 1/25/79: 1/30/79p2

Flynn, Michael, and Sandra Crout-Hamel are wed 9/10/78: 10/3/78p13

Flynn, Patricia, is Welcome Wagon lady: 2/14/74p6A

Fogg, Dianne, amd Ross Zielfelder are wed 6/23/73: 6/28/73p7

Fogg, John A., died 7/7/76: 7/14/76p4

Fogg, Kim, and Randy Keravich are wed 7/17/76: 7/28/76p6a

Fogg, Sylvia, and David Corbet are wed 5/20/72: 6/1/72p6

Foley, Bertha, died 10/23/71: 10/28/71p3

Foley, Catherine, and Lawrence Hebert are wed 6/2/76: 7/14/76p2a

Foley, Doris M., died 12/6/79: 12/11/79p2

Foley, Elizabeth, and Dennis Couture are wed 8/28/71: 9/23/71p4

Foley, Harold T., died 9/21/78: 9/26/78p3

Foley, Joseph, and Linda Hardy are wed 6/25/71: 7/1/71p2

Foley Sr., Joseph M., died 5/7/77: 5/11/77p3

Folsom, Col. Arthur, awarded Navy Commendation Medal: 3/12/70pA4

Fontaine, Denise, and Lionel Gagnon are wed 5/26/73: 6/7/73p7

Fontaine, M&M Aime, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/30/79p5a

Fontaine, Raymond, and Ellen Lund are wed 10/2/71: 10/21/71p4

Fontneau, Betha M., died 3/4/74: 3/7/74p5

Foote, Raymond W., died 4/3/71: 4/8/71p3

Forbes, Katherine, and Ryan Howard are wed: 2/23/77p6a

Forbes, Peter, and Michelle Myers are wed 6/30/79: 8/21/79p4b

Forcier, Blanche V., died 12/19/79: 12/25/79p2

Forcier, David, receives US Army Commendation Medal: 4/9/70p13

Forcier, Julian A., died 8/4/73: 8/9/73p4

Forcier, Linda, and John Gisis are wed 9/22/79: 11/13/79p12

Ford, Ella B., died 2/10/72: 2/14/72p3

Forgues, Edgar J., died 3/6/71: 3/11/71p2

Forro, Augusta, died 1/20/73: 1/25/73p4

Fortier, Elaine, and Robert Merrill are wed 12/29/72: 1/11/73p6

Fortier, Mary J., died 810/71: 8/12/71p3

Fortier, Robert, and Deborah Dumont are wed 9/16/78: 10/3/78p13

Fortier, William K., died 11/4/76: 11/10/76p2

Fortin, Bertha, died 8/14/70: 8/20/70p3

Fortune,Ethel, died 8/26/72: 8/31/72p4

Foss, Althea I, died 11/1/77: 11/8/77p3

Foss, Andrew J., died 2/24/76: 3/3/76p2

Foss, Carrie, is BPW Woman of Achievement: 10/6/76p10

Foss, Carrie, is Jaycees Woman of the Year: 1/31/74pp1,9

Foss, Clyde E., died 11/6/78: 12/5/78p2

Foss, Delight, and John Beranger are wed 9/3/77: 9/20/77p1b

Foss, Earlon, and Deborah Denton are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71p2

Foss, Emma C., died 9/1/79: 9/11/79p2

Foss, Evelyn R., died 3/8/78: 3/14/78p3

Foss, Harry, died 5/2/77: 5/11/77p3

Foss, James, and Joyce Chapman are wed 4/19/75: 5/15/75p6

Foss Jr., Harold D., died 5/3/76: 5/12/76p2

Foss, Judith, and John Marston are wed 12/5/70: 1/7/71p4

Foss, Pamela, and Brian Littlefield are wed 7/30/74: 8/12/74p6

Foss, Pamela, and Harold Oulton are wed 11/10/79: 12/11/79p22

Foss, Sarah J., died 10/12/72: 10/16/72p4

Foss, Stella A., died 11/16/74: 11/21/74p5

Foster, Bessie M., died 10/5/76: 10/13/76p4

Foster, Bessie, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Foster, Bonnie, and David Lamper are wed 8/25/78: 10/10/78p2b

Foster, Charles A., died 7/1/72: 7/6/72p3

Foster, Edith R., died 12/4/77: 12/13/77p3

Foster, Frank, and Darlene Sargent are wed 7/30/78: 9/26/78p2b

Foster, Germaine B., died 4/21/73: 4/26/73p5

Foster, Glendora L., died 1/3/73: 1/4/73p5

Foster, Janet, and James Farina are wed 11/29/75: 12/10/75p2a

Foster Jr., Albert S., died 4/28/77: 5/4/77p3

Foster Jr., G. Frank, died 9/10/71: 9/16/71p3

Foster, Richard, and Susan Boothby are wed 1/7/70: 1/29/70pA4

Foster, Stephen, and Marsha Marenghi are wed 2/23/74: 3/11/74p6

Foster, Tina, and Brian Vachon are wed 7/3/77: 8/23/77p6

Foster, Walter L., died 8/10/76: 8/18/76p4

Fournier, Florence E., died 6/2/79: 6/5/79p2

Fournier, M&M Charles, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/20/72p6

Fowle, Herman L., died 11/20/72: 11/27/72p4

Fowler, Ben, is a time management consultant: 11/6/79p22

Fowler, Charlotte, died 4/17/77: 5/4/77p3

Fowler, Linda, and Gregg Sargent are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Fowler, Lottie C., died 11/25/73: 11/29/73p4

Fox, Cynthia, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 10/28/74p1

Fox, Deborah, and Robert Howard III are wed 8/4/79: 8/28/79p22

Fox, James J., died 9/3/79: 9/11/79p2

Fox, M&M James, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/4/71p4

Fox, Richard, and Joyce Copp are wed 1/11/75: 1/20/75p6

Fradette, Patricia, and George Branscombe are wed 12/4/71: 12/16/71p4

Frake, Robert, and Jean Minicucci are wed 6/9/73: 6/11/73p7

Francis, Elaine, and David Weathers are wed: 10/22/75p2a

Fraser, Ethel, died 3/10/77: 3/16/77p3

Fraser, Frederick, died 3/20/76: 3/31/76p2

Freedman, Harriet, and Donald Lachance are wed 4/26/75: 5/8/75p6

Freedman, Harriet, teaches cermics, knitting, other crafts: 8/10/72p6

Freeman, Flagg B., died 3/28/79: 4/3/79p2

Freeman, Jonathan, and Miriam Cummings are wed 4/19/75: 4/24/75p6

Freeman Jr., M&M Maynard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/22/70pA2

Freeman, Lucienne L., died 3/28/79: 4/3/79p2

Freeman, M&M Forrest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/1/71p2

French, Deane, and Judyth Roberts are wed 5/20/78: 6/27/78p2b

French, Douglas, and Shirleen Perkins are wed 8/3/73: 8/9/73p7

French, Evelyn H., died 4/8/70: 4/9/70p3

French, Hattie M., died 6/20/78: 6/27/78p2

French, M&M Wesley, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/6/79p4b

French, Vivian M., died 8/2/76: 8/11/76p3

Frenette, Leonie, died 4/27/76: 5/5/76p2

Frenette, Raymond A., died 8/15/75: 8/18/75p2

Frenette, Richard A., died 4/15/70: 4/23/70p3

Frenier, Arthur J., died 2/10/70: 2/12/70p3

Frenier, Eva E., died 5/30/75: 6/2/75p2

Friend, Alan, and Nancy Dexter are wed 1/25/74: 2/25/74p6

Frigon, Marc, and Sharon Amiralion are wed: 11/17/76p1b

Fritz, Cynthia, and Robert Thomas are wed: 5/23/78p2b

Fritz, M&M Wayne, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/11/79p22

Frost, Debra, and James Chesley are wed 4/27/75: 5/19/75p4

Frost, Hazel, celebrates 89th birthday: 2/2/77p2a

Frost, Hazel M., died 12/8/79: 12/11/79p2

Frost, Ralph H., died 6/23/77: 6/28/77p2

Frye, Phillip, and Pamela Turner are wed 8/4/73: 9/17/73p11

Fugere, Wilfred M., died 9/21/78: 9/26/78p3

Fugure, Hope B., died 10/25/77: 11/1/77p3

Fuller, Raymond G., died 2/17/78: 2/21/78p2

Fullinwider, Sylvia, is successful artist: 4/11/78p1b

Fulton, George A., died 5/21/75: 5/22/75p3

Fulton Jr., Albert E., died 10/22/74: 10/24/74pp1,4

Furber, Gail, is new president of BPW: 6/12/79p9

Furbish, Harold M., died 3/20/77: 3/30/77p3

Furbosah, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/11/72p6

Furbush, Gertrude F., died 1/1/75: 1/6/75p9

Furbush, Gertrude S., celebrates 95th birthday: 8/8/74pA8

Furbush, Mary, and Charles Nutter are wed 5/21/77: 7/12/77p2a

Furlong Jr., John A. died 4/13/78: 4/18/78p3

Fyffe, Krista J., died 2/17/74: 2/21/74p2

Gadbois, Edward, and Diane Mooney are wed 9/8/72: 9/21/72p6

Gadoury, Walter L., died 12/29/74: 1/6/75p9

Gagnan, Roland A., died 6/6/75: 6/9/75p3

Gagne, Albert, died 5/13/78: 5/16/78p3

Gagne, Albert L., died 9/9/70: 9/17/70p3

Gagne, Andree I., died 6/9/72: 6/12/72p3

Gagne, Aurore, died 9/15/75: 9/24/75p2

Gagne, Blanche M., died 4/21/70: 4/23/70p3

Gagne, Delia, died 9/24/74: 9/30/74p4

Gagne, Delia G., celebrates 100th birthday: 7/8/71pA7

Gagne, Denise, and Charles Hussey are wed 1/15/77: 2/2/77p2a

Gagne, Dorothy H., died 4/16/79: 4/24/79p2

Gagne, Emilio, died 8/10/72: 8/14/72p4

Gagne, Fayelyn, died 4/24/77: 4/27/77p3

Gagne, George R., died 2/1/78: 2/7/78p3

Gagne, Gordon, and Linda Russell are wed 5/15/76: 5/26/76p4a

Gagne, Jennie, died 10/16/70: 10/22/70p2

Gagne, Joseph A., died 9/5/73: 9/10/73p4

Gagne, Joseph C., died 2/25/78: 2/28/78p3

Gagne, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/3/75p4

Gagne, M&M Bernard, celebrate 35th anniversary: 10/30/72p6

Gagne, M&M Omar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/29/70p4

Gagne, Marion B., died 1/11/78: 1/17/78p2

Gagne, Pauline, and David Welch are wed 8/4/77: 8/30/77p2a

Gagne, Richard, and Jeanne Dube are wed 5/5/73: 5/24/73p7

Gagne Sr., Harold P., died 9/6/79: 9/11/79p2

Gagnon, Carole, and Jerome Garlough are wed 8/13/77: 9/27/77p2a

Gagnon, Carollann, and Ronald Walker are wed 8/13/77: 10/11/77p2a

Gagnon, Dehlia D., died 12/31/71: 1/6/72p3

Gagnon, Donald, and Donna Desmarais are wed 9/9/78: 9/26/78p2b

Gagnon, Ellie, died 7/21/74: 7/22/74p5

Gagnon, Joseph A., died 8/8/6/78: 8/8/78p2

Gagnon Jr., Edgar, and Roberta Couch are wed: 7/17/75p4

Gagnon, Leo J., earns Army Commendation Medal: 3/30/72pA2

Gagnon, Linda, and Joseph Huppe are wed 9/2/72: 9/11/72p6

Gagnon, Lionel, and Denise Fontaine are wed 5/26/73: 6/7/73p7

Gagnon, Louella, and Rodney Waldron are wed 9/26/70: 10/1/70p2

Gagnon, Marie, and Kenneth Luthanen are wed 8/23/75: 9/10/75p9

Gagnon, Martha, and Joseph Oakes are wed 4/3/70: 4/9/70p4

Gagnon, Michael, and Melanie Keller are wed 9/30/72: 10/5/72p6

Gagnon, Richard L., died 8/31/70: 9/3/70p3

Gagnon, Roger, and Lorraine Howard are wed 8/14/77: 8/30/77p1a

Gagnon, Ronald, and Carmen Dumont are wed 6/16/72: 6/29/72p6

Gahagan, Elizabeth, died 3/20/76: 3/24/76p2

Galaneau, Francis E., died 7/16/78: 7/25/78p3

Galarneau, Cora M., died 1/14/78: 1/24/78p3

Gale Sr., Leslie A., died 7/9/77: 7/12/77p3

Gallant, Ann W., died 10/17/71: 10/21/71p3

Gallant, Ralph B., died 4/27/70: 4/30/70p3

Galluzzo, Mary, and Paul Dearbord are wed 12/20/69: 2/5/70p4

Gamblin, Lottie, died 2/25/74: 2/28/74p5

Gangone, Conrad, and Joyce Reynolds are wed 8/14/76: 9/8/76p2a

Ganley, M&M Austin, hire oxen to haul their logs: 2/18/74p1

Garand, Howard, and Ruth Boudreau are wed 8/29/70: 9/3/70p6

Garand, Howard, lauded by Rotary: 8/4/75p14

Garand, Jack, is retiring newspaper man: 1/7/74p1

Garceau, Addie M., died ?/?/70: 10/15/70p3

Garcia, Jose, and Virginia Trudel are wed 1/2/71: 1/7/71p4

Gardner, William, and Kathleen Roy are wed: 7/10/75p4

Gariepy, Ruth R., died 5/3/77: 5/11/77p3

Garland, Alan, and Cheryl Smith are wed: 3/5/70p4

Garland, Annie L., died 6/6/72: 6/8/72p3

Garland, Gladys L., died 4/1/76: 4/7/76p2

Garland, Jeanette, and Robert Colpitt are wed 6/30/73: 7/12/73p7

Garland, Lena R., died 2/14/72: 2/17/72p3

Garland, Luther S., died 9/20/71: 9/23/71p3

Garland, Mary, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Garland, Marysue, to continue studies in London: 9/25/79p16

Garland, Robert M., died 2/11/71: 2/18/71p3

Garland Sr., Walter M., died 11/1/70: 11/5/70p3

Garland, William, and Carmen Laurion are wed 6/28/74: 7/18/74p6

Garland-Allfrey families hold reunion: 7/3/75p5

Garlough, Jerome, and Carole Gagnon are wed 8/13/77: 9/27/77p2a

Garnett, Estelle O., died 2/14/70: 2/19/70p3

Garnett, Sadie I., died 8/17/74: 8/22/74p4

Garon, Adalbert E., died 12/18/75: 12/24/75p2

Garrison, Isabelle F., died 8/25/79p: 8/28/79p2

Garside, William, died 1/16/73: 1/18/73p4,1/22/73p4

Gartland, Sr. Mirium, died 7/25/75: 7/31/75p2

Gaskell, Joseph, died 2/14/73: 2/19/73p4

Gaskell, M&M Harry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/5/72p6

Gaskell, Thomas, and Theresa Talon are wed 10/22/77: 11/8/77p4b

Gates, Everett I., died 5/6/78: 5/9/78p3

Gathman, Katherine W., died 5/23/70: 5/28/70p3

Gaudette, Arthur J., died 4/22/74: 4/25/74p1

Gaulin, Richard, and Deborah Damon are wed 6/28/75: 7/14/75p4

Gault, Bonnie, and Richard Collins are wed 11/22/74: 12/9/74p11

Gauthier, Ester A., died 8/30/72: 9/7/72p4

Gauthier, Joseph L., died 7/15/73: 7/16/73p5

Gauthier, Juanita, and James Murphy are wed 2/22/75: 3/10/75p8

Gauthier, Kathy, is Miss Strafford County 4-H: 8/29/78p11

Gauthier, Leo J., died 2/26/79: 3/6/79p2

Gauthier, Richard, and Wanda Smith are wed 7/1/72: 7/6/72p6

Gauvin, Alfred E., died 11/15/71: 12/27/1p2

Gauvin, Gayle, and Steven Barger are wed 9/20/74: 10/10/74p6

Gearwar, Kathleen, and David Sargent are wed 9/26/70: 10/8/70p13

Gechus, Dera B., died 3/24/74: 3/28/74p5

Geddes, Kenneth D., died 11/21/70: 11/19/70p3

Gelinas, Ernest J., died 10/30/78: 11/7/78p2

Gelinas, James, and Linda Pappajohn are wed 10/15/77: 12/6/77p4a

Gelinas, M&M Maurice, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/26/72p4

Gelinas, Theresa A., died 12/31/70: 1/7/71p3

Gelinas, Thomas, and Donna Stone are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

Gendron, Thomas, died 8/31/74: 9/5/74p4

Genovesi, Gail, and David Malone are wed 4/10/71: 4/15/71p4

George, Anna, died 2/27/74: 3/4/74p4

George, Dennis, and Susan Carle are wed 6/3/78: 7/11/78p3a

George, Diane, and Stephen Hodgins are wed 3/20/76: 4/7/76p4a

George, Elizabeth, and Brian Fay are wed 11/16/73: 11/26/73p8

George, Laura C., died 7/19/77: 7/26/77p3

George, Laura, celebrates 82nd birthday: 9/11/72p6

George, Peter, and Gail Kidder are wed 8/4/73: 8/27/73p5

Geranis, Christine, and Donald Hamann are wed 10/20/73: 11/1/73p7

Gerish, Paul, and Ruth Meek are wed 10/10/75: 10/22/75p2a

Germon, Diane, is DAR Good Citizenship Girl: 11/2/72p5

Germon, Harry, is elected Shrine president: 1/30/75p9

Germon, Nancy, and Raymond Demarett are wed 11/18/72: 11/27/72p6

Gero, Ralph, and Ruth Calo are wed 10/31/70: 11/26/70pA4

Gero, Ralph L., died 4/12/71: 4/15/71p3

Gerrish, Hilda, retires after 37 years in education: 6/11/73p4

Gerrish, Hilda, teacher for 35 years: 3/23/72p3

Gerrish, Randy, retires, delivered mail for 34 years (photo): 11/13/72p1

Gerrish, Walter H., died 3/12/79: 3/20/79p2

Gerrish, William E., died 4/29/78: 5/2/78p3

Gerry, Arthur, and Molly Wood are wed 11/6/71: 11/11/71p4

Gerry, Dennis, and Barbara Gilman are wed 8/5/78: 10/10/78p2b

Gerry, Ethel, celebrates 80th birthday: 7/15/71p4

Gerry, Ethel G., died 2/2/74: 2/7/74p5

Gerry, Nancy, and James Andrews Jr. are wed 10/11/74: 11/11/74p6

Gervais, Gerald, and Diana Hoyt are wed 4/27/74: 5/30/74p6

Gervais, M&M Louis, celebrate 30th anniversary: 8/23/77p6

Gervais, Mona, and William Potter are wed 10/13/79: 11/13/79p18

Gessis, Nicholas, died 1/29/77: 2/2/77p3

Ghareeb, Gerry, and Linda Hoage are wed 2/5/72: 2/14/72p4

Gibb family reunion held: 8/8/74p4

Gibb, Linda, and Robert LaRoche are wed 8/6/71: 9/16/71pA8

Gibb, Pamela, and David Talon are wed 3/24/78: 4/11/78p2b

Gibb, Susan, and Stephen Keller are wed 9/22/72: 10/5/72p6

Giguere, Anna M., died 2/4/73: 2/8/73p4

Giguere, Arthur H., died 5/15/77: 5/17/77p3

Giguere, Glenna, and Brian Nickerson are wed 12/4/71: 12/23/71p4

Giguere, Richard, and Cynthia Gourgue are wed 5/21/72: 5/25/72p6

Gilbert, Arthur A., died 3/4/73: 3/8/73p4

Gilbert, Blanche N., died 12/29/78: 1/9/79p2

Gilbert, Daniel, and Cheryl Gillis are wed 6/26/70: 7/2/70p4

Gilbert, Ernest J., died 3/13/73: 3/19/73p4

Gilbert, Harold E., died 11/18/72: 11/20/72p4

Gilbert, John, and Linda Williams are wed 4/28/73: 5/3/73p7

Gilbert, Mary, and Leo Tanguay are wed 8/11/72: 8/17/72p6

Gilbert, Mary, sies 2/18/71: 2/25/71p2

Gilbert, Priscilla, and David Wentworth are wed 7/8/72: 7/13/72p6

Gill, M&M Glen, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/24/72pA11

Gillis, Cheryl, and Daniel Gilbert are wed 6/26/70: 7/2/70p4

Gillis, Ronald J., died 5/7/78: 5/16/78p3

Gilman, Barbara, and Dennis Gerry are wed 8/5/78: 10/10/78p2b

Gilman, David, died 8/4/76: 8/11/76p3

Gilman, Donna, and Michael McCarthy are wed 10/20/73: 10/25/73p7

Gilman, Douglas, and Rachel Levesque are wed 5/3/75: 5/29/75p4

Gilman, Margeurite T., died 6/10/77: 6/14/77p3

Gilman, Patricia, spends summer digging holes in Arizona: 6/12/72p6

Gilman, Sandra P., died 1/24/77: 2/2/77p3

Gilman. Martha L., died 1/2/78: 1/10/78p3

Gilmore, Mary F., died 4/15/76: 4/21/76p2

Gilmore, Mary, refuels aircraft in flight: 7/17/79p5a

Gilpatrick, David, and Debra Clark are wed 3/18/78: 4/18/78p3a

Gilroy, Jennie B., died 12/8/72: 12/11/72p4

Gimas, Timothy. and Tamara McAllister are wed 6/10/78: 7/11/78p3a

Gingras, Alphonse F., died 6/19/74: 6/24/74p4

Gingras, Jeanine, and Nelson Leatherman are wed 8/29/75: 10/1/75p4a

Gingras, Napoleon J., died 7/25/77: 8/16/77p2

Gisis, John, and Linda Forcier are wed 9/22/79: 11/13/79p12

Glass, Carol, and Timothy Lamb are wed 4/30/77: 6/14/77p2a

Glass Jr., William, and Ann Page are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Glenn Sr., Robert B., died 8/3/77: 8/9/77p2

Glennon, Timothy, and Carol Peterson are wed 10/13/79: 12/4/79p23

Glidden, Alice P., died 6/28/73: 7/2/73p5

Glidden, Charles H., died 5/3/75: 5/15/75p2

Glidden, Clarence A., died 10/15/71: 10/21/71p3

Glidden, David A., died 12/3/79: 12/11/79p2

Glidden, David, died 3/20/76: 3/24/76pp1,2

Glidden, Doris M., died 8/22/76: 8/25/76p4

Glidden, Homer O., died 9/3/70: 9/10/70p3

Glidden, Nancy, and Michael Chisholm are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p3

Glidden, Robert, and Linda Bilodeau are wed 7/8/72: 7/13/72p6

Glidden, Roger F., died 10/2/79: 10/9/79p26

Gloria, Ramsey, and Paul Grondin Jr. are wed 6/23/72: 6/29/72p6

Glover, Ernest R., died 7/15/72: 7/20/72p11

Goddard, William, and Pamela Chadbourne are wed 6/16/79: 8/14/79p2a

Goddell, James H., died 10/11/70: 10/15/70p3

Goff, Ina A., died 12/16/79: 12/25/79p2

Golden, David E., died 2/25/78: 2/28/78p3

Golden, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Fleming wed 11/25/78: 12/12/78p1b

Golden, William H., diede 2/16/78: 2/21/78p2

Goldsmith, Robin, and Janice Cafasso are wed 11/27/71: 12/2/71p4

Golledge, Charles W., died 4/19/73: 4/23/73p4

Gonneville, Florence D., died 2/16/79: 2/20/79p2

Goodell, Cheryl, and David Dellaire are wed 5/26/72: 6/5/72p6

Goodell, Mary C., died 4/15/76: 4/21/76p2

Goodell, Michael, and Nola DiVirgilio are wed 9/6/75: 9/24/75p2a

Goodell, Steven, and Jacqueline Grimbilas are wed 11/12/77: 12/6/77p4a

Goodfield, Diane, and Gerald Lassor are wed 8/3/74: 8/22/74p6

Goodfield, Hope, and William Boucher are wed 8/7/76: 8/18/76p6a

Goodfield, M&M Nelson, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/15/71p4

Goodfield, Susan, and Joseph At. Laurent Jr. are wed 6/8/74: 7/1/74p6

Goodrow, Betty, and Robert Masse are wed 12/29/76: 1/12/77p2a

Goodrow, Carol, died 9/30/72: 10/5/72p4

Goodrow, Ruth M., died 10/25/73: 10/29/73p4

Goodwin, Alice, and Ervin Burleigh are wed 9/15/73: 10/8/73p9

Goodwin, April, and Robert Emerson are wed: 8/22/78p3b

Goodwin, Arlene M., died 10/17/76: 10/20/76p4

Goodwin, Clara C., died 12/24/78: 1/2/79p2

Goodwin, Delores, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Goodwin, Doreen, and Robert Warburton Jr. are wed 10/2/70: 10/15/70p4

Goodwin, Elwin, died 5/9/77: 5/17/77p3

Goodwin, Frank E., died 6/22/78: 6/27/78p2

Goodwin, Glenna M., died 4/28/79: 5/1/79p2

Goodwin, Irving, died 1/31/70: 2/5/70p3

Goodwin, Jaca, and Daniel Hussey are wed 9/30/72: 11/30/72p7

Goodwin, Janice, and Bruce Wiggin are wed 3/3/73: 3/8/73p6

Goodwin Jr., Derald, and Gloria Downs are wed 12/7/74: 1/13/75p6

Goodwin Jr., Lloyd, and Judah Brakeville are wed: 3/30/72p6

Goodwin, M&M Cecil, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/20/72p6

Goodwin, Marjorie, business teacher, retires: 6/17/71p16

Goodwin, Maurice, and Donna Malone are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71pA7

Goodwin, Neil, died 1/12/76: 1/21/76p2

Goodwin, Pamela, and Arthur Libby Jr. are wed 4/23/77: 6/28/77p2a

Goodwin, Raymond, died 7/5/70: 7/9/70p3

Goodwin, Robin, and Robert Hamilton are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

Goodwin Sr., M&M John, celebrate 40th anniversary: 12/14/72p6

Goodwin, Stella D., died 9/5/70: 9/10/70p3

Gookin, George, and Cecile McClure are wed 8/8/70: 8/13/70p4

Goon, Sau King, from Hong Kong, is naturalized: 2/19/70p4

Gordon, Larry, and Nancy Sprague are wed 4/10/76: 4/28/76p4a

Gordon, Ruth T., died 7/20/74: 7/25/74p5

Gordon, Ruth T., died 7/20/74: 7/22/74p4

Gormna, Philip F., died 11/11/77: 11/15/77p3

Gorton, Rita K., died 8/25/77: 8/30/77p2

Goslin, Francis D., died 10/7/77: 10/11/77pp1,3

Goslin, Gerald J., died 7/21/75: 7/24/75p2

Goslin, Michael, and Patricia Tufts are wed 9/19/70: 9/24/70pA9

Goss, Tom, and Aline Landry are wed: 2/3/72p4

Gosselin, David, died 4/16/77: 4/20/77p1

Gosselin, Joseph A., died 1/12/74: 1/17/74p5

Gosselin, Marilyn M., died 9/10/76: 9/15/76p4

Gotz, Jack, died 10/21/70: 10/22/70p3

Gould, Harry, died 3/9/72: 3/13/72p3

Gould, Hazel, died 2/29/75: 3/10/76p2

Gould Jr., Robert, and Barbara Sargent are wed 5/23/70: 6/25/70p2

Gould, Melanie, and Thomas Ciccotelli are wed 5/1/76: 6/23/76p11a

Gould, Michael, and Linda Cartier are wed 10/14/72: 11/9/72p6

Gould, Richard, and Susan Poisson are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Gould, Robert, and Nancy Elliott are wed 8/2/75: 8/14/75p4

Goulet, Alma D., died 1/26/72: 1/27/72p3

Goulet, Diane, and Brian Brochu are wed 8/23/75: 10/15/75p2a

Goulet, Joseph A., died 3/12/79: 3/20/79p2

Goulet, Wilfred, and Dorothy Grenier are wed 4/3/71: 4/22/71p4

Gouplil, Arthur J., died 5/24/76: 6/2/76p2

Gourgue, Cynthia, and Richard Giguere are wed 5/21/72: 5/25/72p6

Gourgue, Madeleine, died 2/24/77: 3/2/77p3

Gourgue, Rachel, and Harry Peinkofer are wed 6/9/72: 7/6/72p6

Govey, Donald, and Pamela Smith are wed 4/23/77: 5/24/77p1b

Govey, Michael, listed in High School Who's Who: 12/30/71p4

Gowen, Lillian M., died 10/6/75: 10/15/75p2

Grace, Mildred P., died 7/23/79: 7/24/79p2

Grady, James A., died 3/12/70: 3/19/70p2

Granier, Joseph A., died 3/11/71: 3/18/71p2

Grant, Anna G., died 6/29/72: 7/6/72p3

Grant, Harry W., died 8/8/71: 8/12/71p3

Grant, Jacqueline, and Gary Malone are wed 6/10/72: 7/6/72p6

Grant, Judith, and Raymond Beaudoin III are wed 6/17/72: 6/19/72p6

Grant, Sandra, and John Scruton are wed 6/5/71: 6/10/71p2

Grant, Sharon, and Ronald Boucher are wed 1/26/74: 2/11/74p7

Grass, Thoma E., died ?/?/76: 12/29/76p2

Grassett, Glen, and Diane Caplette are wed 10/7/78: 1/16/79p3a

Grassie, Rita M., died 3/5/79: 3//13/79p2

Grassie, Roland, and Darlene Beard are wed 7/10/71: 7/22/71p4

Grassie, Roxanne, and Gary Reynolds are wed 6/11/77: 6/28/77p2a

Gravel, Aime, died 11/5/79: 11/13/79p24

Gravel, Arthur, died 1/20/77: 2/2/77p3

Gravel, Eugene C., died 10/18/78: 10/24/78p2

Gravel, Kim, and Brian Laurion are wed: 2/21/78p1b

Gravel, Larry, and Stacey Baker are wed 7/15/78: 8/1/78p2b

Gravel, M&M Aime, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/3/78p13

Gravel, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/30/75p4

Gravelle, Ruby, died 6/18/73: 6/21/73p5

Graveman, Florence, died 1/3/78: 1/9/79p2

Graves Jr., Harold L., died 8/13/79: 8/21/79p2

Gray, Adeliza D., died 4/12/70: 4/16/70p3

Gray, Annette, and David Sprague are wed 6/21/75: 7/14/75p4

Gray, Cheryl, and Jeffery Allard are wed 3/3/72: 3/9/72p6

Gray, Doris and Ernest, honored by Shriners: 7/7/76p5

Gray, Everett L., celebrates 75th birthday: 8/24/72pA10

Gray, Everett L., died 3/20/77: 3/30/77p3

Gray, Gary, and Marcella Hall are wed 8/3/74: 8/12/74p6

Gray, George W., died 6/4/78: 6/6/78p3

Gray, Herbert H., died 3/8/73: 3/12/73p4

Gray, Jean, and Karl Laudenbach are wed 7/3/71: 7/29/71p15

Gray Jr., William E., died 4/?/77: 4/27/77p3

Gray, Linda, and David Tufts are wed 8/5/72: 8/17/72p6

Gray, M&M Everett, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/7/70p9

Gray, M&M Roger, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/10/75p4

Gray, Marion L., died 2/15/74: 2/21/74p2

Gray, Mildred V., died 6/21/75: 6/26/75p2

Gray, Pamela, and Michael Venuti are wed 12/18/76: 1/5/77p3a

Gray, Rhetta, died 9/2/75: 9/10/75p2

Gray, Robert, and Deborah McGinnis are wed 2/10/71: 2/11/71p13

Gray, Robert, and Judith Priest are wed 9/18/70: 10/1/70p14

Gray, Robert G., died 6/28/73: 7/2/73p5

Gray, Robin, and Richard Ringer are wed 4/26/75: 5/1/75p2

Gray, Sadie, celebrates 70th birthday: 10/4/73pA12

Gray, Sally, and Stanley Cole are wed 7/24/76: 8/11/76p2a

Gray, William, died 8/22/76: 9/1/76p5

Gray. Debra, and John Hildreth are wed 12/28/73: 1/14/74p3

Greeley, Clara W., died 11/15/77: 11/22/77p4

Greeley, Sheila, and George Lamper are wed 6/23/73: 6/28/73p7

Greely, Sharon, and Paul MacDonald are wed 8/12/72: 8/31/72p13

Greely, Walter C., died 4/27/74: 5/2/74p4

Green, Dorr D., died 4/13/70: 4/16/70p3

Green, Maud E., died 7/?/73: 7/30/73p5

Green, Steven, survived crash of his plane: 11/7/78p12

Greenlaw, Bruce, died 12/22/77: 12/27/77p1,1/3/78p3

Greenwood, Ernest, died 10/25/79: 10/30/79p2

Greer, L. Eugene, died 5/19/73: 5/21/73p4

Gregg, Yvonne M., died 1/30/78: 2/7/78p2

Gregoire, Gerard, and Donna Scala are wed 8/10/73: 8/27/73p5

Gregoire, Janie, and David Lefebvre are wed 2/11/78: 2/21/78p1b

Gregoire, Jean, and Gery Bronson are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p1

Gregoire, Judith, and Rodney Clark are wed 2/5/72: 3/6/72p6

Gregoire, Lt. Ronald, earns AF pilot rating: 9/16/71p13

Gregoire, M&M Del, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/21/71p7

Gregoire, M&M Phillippe, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/30/71p4

Gregoire, Margaret V., died 11/26/78: 11/28/78p2

Gregoiry, Anthony A., died 4/20/75: 4/24/75p2

Greif, Carolyn E., died 11/9/71: 11/11/71p3

Grenier, Alice, died 2/10/72: 2/14/72p3

Grenier, Arthur, died 5/15/72: 5/18/72p3

Grenier, Cheryl, and Peter Meyer are wed 12/26/77: 1/17/78p2a

Grenier, Clifford J., died 4/7/79: 4/17/79p10a

Grenier, Donna, and Richard Cartier are wed 5/14/77: 5/31/77p1a

Grenier, Dorothy, and Wilfred Goulet are wed 4/3/71: 4/22/71p4

Grenier, Ethel H., died 3/24/74: 3/28/74p5

Grenier, Florence, is accomlished soapstone carver: 9/30/71pA3

Grenier, Joseph A., died 3/15/71: 3/25/71p3

Grenier Jr., Roland, and Betty Clark are wed 4/11/77: 5/11/77p1b

Grenier, Lawrence, and Wanda Sprague are wed 8/19/77: 10/4/77p2a

Grenier, Marcia B., died 4/3/70: 4/9/70p3

Grenier, Marion H., died 7/15/70: 7/23/70p3

Grenier, Norman, died 3/12/79: 3/20/79p2

Grenier, Patrice, and Thomas Nickerson are wed: 9/17/75p2a

Grenier, Rene, and Bonnie Lovely are wed: 5/16/78p2b

Grenier, Ronald, and Lisa Shost are wed 9/?/77: 9/20/77p1b

Grenier, Trifly J., died 5/31/70: 6/4/70p3

Grenlaw, Bruce, died 12/22/77: 1/3/78p3

Grierson, Harry, is Jaycees Man of the Year: 1/24/74p1

Grierson, Harry, reviews his career 6/24/74p1

Grierson, Harry, to be honored: 5/16/74p1,6/6/74p1,6/13/74p5,6/20/74p1

Grierson, M&M Harry, celebrate 20th anniversary: 1/1/70p4

Grierson, Martha, retires from SHS after 24 years: 6/10/71p5

Griffin, Katherine, and Eric Young are wed 6/4/77: 6/21/77p2a

Griffin, M&M Roger, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/7/79p2

Griffin, Nancy, and Richard Tilton Jr. wed 7/1/78: 8/15/78p3a

Griffis, Thomas, and Vicki Bergeron are wed 10/5/79: 10/30/79p5a

Grimbilas, Jacqueline, and Steven Goodall are wed 11/12/77: 12/6/77p4a

Grimes, Mary-Lou, and Richard Roberge are wed: 7/10/72p6

Grimes, Steven, and Georgeanne Richards are wed 10/7/79: 11/6/79p23

Griswold, Jean N., died 4/24/72: 4/27/72p3

Grochmal, Janice, and Ernest Tabor Jr. are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p7

Grondin, Albany, and Evelyn Quirion are wed 2/7/70: 2/12/70p4

Grondin, Clara E., died 2/9/74: 2/14/74p5

Grondin, Dona, and Paul Plourde are wed 7/23/77: 8/23/77p6

Grondin, Jeanne, and Ronald Beaulieu are wed 6/4/77: 6/7/77p1b

Grondin Jr., Paul, and Gloria Ramsey are wed 6/23/72: 6/29/72p6

Grondin, Lawrence, named for Students' Who's Who: 8/12/74p2

Grondin, Marylyn, and Jose Cruz Zavala are wed 12/20/76: 1/28/76p8

Grosman, Jerome, and Karen Berry are wed 7/4/71: 7/22/71p4

Grovenstein, Jane, and Hart Crandall III are wed: 10/15/70p4

Grovenstein, M&M Robert, donate nine gallons of blood: 12/10/70p16

Grover, Mae L., died 12/23/74: 12/30/74p4

Guay, Julie, and Roger Roberge are wed 2/26/71: 3/4/71p4

Guenther, Sandra, and Edward Beane are wed 6/10/72: 6/22/72p6

Gugliuso, Patricia, and George Sylvain are wed 8/21/76: 10/13/76p2a

Guilmette, Paul, and Patricia Boire are wed 2/25/78: 3/7/78p5a

Gulian, John, died 9/4/76: 9/15/76p4

Gulian, John, teacher, seeks one child's progress: 2/24/72p2

Gullinello, Rev. Frank, honored by Jaycees: 1/21/76p1

Gullison, Carol, and Robert Jenness are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71pA12

Gullison, Christine, and David Jennison are wed 4/7/73: 4/26/73p3

Gullison, Gerald, and Jean Huppe are wed 11/4/72: 11/20/72p6

Gullisor, Edward, died 9/19/70: 9/24/70p3

Gunner, Albert J., died 9/12/73: 9/17/73p4

Gustafson, Arthur F., died 1/14/78: 1/17/78p2

Guyer Jr., Anthony, died 11/8/75: 11/12/75p2

Haase, Mark, and Marcia Chadbourne are wed 1/7/79: 4/10/79p10a

Hackett, Edward, died 3/19/76: 3/24/76p2

Hackett, George E., died 9/7/78: 9/12/78p3

Hackett, Henry L., died 9/25/76: 9/29/76p2

Hackett, Ruby, and Jonathon Cook are wed 6/17/76: 6/30/76p4a

Hagar, Carroll C., died 9/30/76: 10/6/76p1

Hagen, Carol L., died 7/14/72: 7/20/72p11

Hale, Hazel E., died 7/24/75: 7/31/75p2

Hale, Lucia C., died 10/6/73: 10/11/73p4

Hale, Preston E., died 2/19/75: 2/24/75p4

Hale, Robert, is new director of Boys Club: 9/17/75p10

Haley, Alan, to continue education in Spain: 1/30/75p6A

Haley, Donetta, and James Parks are wed 7/27/74: 8/5/74p6

Haley, Ernest, died 10/3/71: 10/7/71p2

Haley, Eula M., died 11/21/73: 11/26/73p4

Haley family hold reunion, Four generations of the: 8/28/75p4

Haley, Gertrude B., died 4/18/73: 4/23/73p4

Haley, Gerturde, celebrates 81st bnirthday: 1/15/73p5

Haley, Josephine, celebrates 85th birthday: 7/5/73p7

Haley, Josephine O., died 2/13/74: 2/14/74p5

Haley, William A., died 5/24/78: 5/30/78p2

Haley, William F., died 1/30/72: 2/3/72p3

Haley, William L., died 12/10/78: 12/19/78p2

Hall, Arthur W., died 6/23/79: 6/26/79p2

Hall, Cleon O., died 6/8/74: 6/10/74p5

Hall, Fred G., died 2/9/78: 2/14/78p3

Hall, Harry, died 12/1/75: 12/10/75p2

Hall, Ida S., died 12/28/71: 12/30/71p3

Hall, John C., died 3/245/77: 3/30/77p3

Hall, Kim, and Barbara Howard are wed 12/22/77: 1/10/78p2b

Hall, Leon G., died 1/16/71: 1/21/71p3

Hall, Linda M., died 12/28/70: 12/31/70p3

Hall, Louis, and Paula Hughes are wed 7/14/73: 7/16/73p7

Hall, Marcella, and Gary Gray are wed 8/3/74: 8/12/74p6

Hall, Marion L., died 9/?/70: 9/17/70p3

Hall, Minnie F., died 2/10/72: 2/14/72p3

Hall, Richard, and Donna Trask are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p2

Hall, Richard, and Penelope Edelen are wed 7/10/71: 7/22/71p4

Hall, Ruth E., died 2/21/73: 2/22/73p4

Hall, Sally, and David Roberts are wed 9/10/71: 10/21/71p7

Hall Sr., Fred W., is member of RCSC: 9/11/72p10

Hall, Susan, and Patrick McGurty are wed 9/3/77: 9/27/77p2a

Ham, Carroll C., died 10/8/71: 10/14/71p3

Ham, Douglas, and Mary Richardson are wed: 5/22/79p10

Ham, Edwin, died 9/5/73: 9/10/73p4

Ham, Eric H., died 11/15/73: 11/19/73p4

Ham, Francis, died 4/15/77: 4/20/77p1

Ham, James J., died 10/?/72: 11/20/72p4

Ham, John H., died 4/10/75: 4/14/75p2

Ham, Lila A., died 2/18/71: 2/25/71p2

Ham, Mildred S., died 5/28/79: 6/5/79p2

Hamann, Donald, and Christine Geranis are wed 10/20/73: 11/1/73p7

Hamblitt, Sue Ann, and Kenneth Sargent are wed 6/12/71: 7/8/71p4

Hamel, Albert E., died 2/23/78: 2/28/78p3

Hamel, Aldea G., died 1/8/70: 1/15/70p3

Hamel, Alphonse J., died 1/2/72: 1/6/72p3

Hamel, Hilda V., died 11/11/76: 11/17/76p4

Hamel Jr., Dennis, and Catherine Hobson are wed 8/27/77: 9/27/77p2a

Hamel, Noella E., died 6/15/73: 6/21/73p5

Hamel, Victor, and Emily Hebert are wed 8/19/72: 8/24/72p6

Hamel, Violette S., died 1/3/71: 1/7/71p3,1/14/71p3

Hamel, William D., died 10/25/72: 10/30/72p4

Hamel. Rebecca H., died 7/29/78: 8/8/78p2

Hamilton, Harry G., died 2/15/78: 2/21/78p2

Hamilton, Hilda, died 2/3/79: 2/6/79p2

Hamilton, Lawrence R., died 4/20/73: 4/23/73p4

Hamilton, M&M Clarence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/6/73pA10

Hamilton, Mildred B., died 10/8/74: 10/10/74p5

Hamilton, Robert, and Robin Goodwin are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

Hamilton, Suzanne, and James Thomas are wed 1/6/79: 1/30/79p5a

Hamlin, Cathey, and David Zimmerman are wed 6/12/76: 7/14/76p2a

Hammond, Clara H., died 4/4/79: 4/10/79p2

Hammond, Florence, died 8/22/73: 8/27/73p4

Hamor, Gertrude W., died 11/25/72: 11/30/72p4

Hamor, Robert, and Joyce Barratt are wed 4/17/71: 6/17/71p2

Hance, Elizabeth, and David Cartier are wed 4/30/77: 5/11/77p1b

Hanchett, Larry, and Linda Tripp are wed 3/17/73: 4/5/73p7

Hanchett, Pamela, and Francis Riley are wed 10/16/76: 11/17/76p1b

Hancock, Frank E., died 6/20/72: 6/22/72p3

Hancock, Janice, died 1/13/76: 1/21/76p2

Hand, Ted, and Gail Littlefield are wed 7/8/72: 7/20/72p6

Haney, David, and Barbara Bilodeau are wed 3/20/70: 4/9/70p4

Hanscom, Francis W., died 6/7/79: 6/12/79p2

Hanscome Jr., Alfred, and Marilyn Mosher are wed: 10/29/70pA3

Hanson, Arline F., died 10/29/79: 11/6/79p2

Hanson, Cathy, a loser, is a winner (diet): 2/6/79p1b

Hanson, Cathy, lauds Cancer Society: 4/4/74p1

Hanson, Grace L., died 7/31/78: 8/8/78p2

Hanson, Julian, died 12/14/70: 12/17/70p3

Hanson, Karen, and William Downs Jr. are wed 6/11/77: 6/21/77p2a

Hanson, Lewis P., died 11/4/73: 11/12/73p4

Hanson, M&M Howard, celebrate 50th anniversay: 8/5/74p6

Hanson, Malvena, died 5/28/74: 5/30/74p4

Hanson, Margaret K., died 1/26/78: 1/31/78p3

Hanson, Richard, died 10/10/70: 10/15/70p3

Hardenbrook, Bruce, and Janet Hubbard are wed 6/8/74: 6/20/74p6A

Harding, Cora T., died 6/5/75: 6/19/75p3

Harding, Evelyn A. died 4/22/78: 5/2/78p3

Harding, Harold V., died 10/9/78: 10/17/78p3

Harding, M&M J. Harold, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/1/71pA4

Harding, Mrs. Merle B., died 6/27/73: 7/2/73p5

Hardison, Dorothy, died 11/14/77: 11/22/77p4

Hardy, Debbie, died 5/20/72: 5/22/72p1

Hardy, Edgar D., died 5/20/72: 5/22/72p1,5/25/72p1

Hardy, Linda, and Joseph Foley are wed 6/25/71: 7/1/71p2

Hardy, Madeline, died 8/31/74: 9/5/74pp1,4

Harkinson, Daniel, and Caroline McCarley are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

Harkinson, Elizabeth, and James Cochran are wed 12/31/69: 1/8/70p4

Harmon, Arthur E., died 8/13/70: 8/20/70p3

Harmon, Michael, and Donna Hill are wed 9/22/72: 9/25/72p8

Harmon, Thelma E., died 11/22/77: 11/29/77p3

Harp, Warren, is a harness horseman by trade: 8/19/74p12

Harper, John, and Cynthia Bezanson are wed 7/1/72: 7/13/72p6

Harper, Richard, and Karen Triplett are wed 7/8/78: 8/8/78p2a

Harriman, Evan, and Philip Estes are wed 4/11/73: 4/30/73p7

Harriman, Floyd A., died 11/21/75: 11/26/75p2

Harriman, Leona M., died 6/1/77: 6/7/77p3

Harriman, Lucinda, and Harry Knox are wed 10/3/70: 10/15/70p4

Harriman, Melissa, and Thomas Kean are wed 7/4/72: 7/6/72p6

Harriman, Peggy, and Theodore Parent are wed 7/15/78: 7/25/78p2b

Harriman, Vicki, and Robert Bryant are wed 9/18/71: 10/28/71pA6

Harrington, Bonnie, and Robert Bell are wed 3/27/76: 4/14/76p4a

Harrington, Donald, and Mary Lord are wed 1/31/70: 2/5/70p11

Harrington, Mary A., died 5/14/71: 5/20/71p3

Harrington, Peter, and Deborah Jones are wed 5/1/70: 5/7/70p4

Harrington, Violet E., died 9/9/79: 9/11/79p2

Harrinton, M&M Bradford, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/6/72p3

Harris, Jesse M., died 2/11/79: 2/13/79p2

Harris, M&M Rex, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/3/75p12

Harris, Mary, and George Lamper are wed: 6/26/79p6

Harris, Mary M., died ?/?/79: 8/7/79p2

Harris, Ora W., died 10/5/72: 10/9/72p4

Harris, Randy, and Ellen McCluskey are wed 5/28/77: 6/7/77p2b

Harris, Rose M., died 2/1/75: 2/6/75p5

Harris, Timothy, and Donna Leeman are wed 8/13/78: 9/12/78p3a

Harrison, Ada, and Sydney Birdsey are wed 5/12/76: 6/16/76p2a

Harrison J., Edward F., died 12/13/79: 12/18/79p2

Harrity, Peter, and Kathleen Reichard are wed 12/20/69: 1/29/70p4

Hart, Anne R., died 3/27/70: 4/2/70p3

Hart, Frank C., died 9/213/77: 9/20/77p3

Hart, Louise L., died 10/2/70: 10/8/70p3

Hart, Sally, and Ribert Riley are wed 12/23/69: 1/1/70p4

Harte, Michael, named U.S. Marine Honor Man: 6/5/75p2

Hartford, Bill, gets recipe request from "Gourmet" magazine: 2/11/71p5

Hartford, Darrell G., died 12/11/79: 12/18/79pp2,11

Hartford, Edith M., died 8/28/71: 9/2/71p3

Hartford, Edna J., died 1/?/79: 1/30/79p2

Hartford, Harold, died 5/20/79: 5/22/79p2

Hartford, Jo-Ellen, and Robert Meehan are wed: 2/13/79p2b

Hartford Jr., Albion, and Kathleen Richrode are wed 7/15/72: 7/31/72p6

Hartford, Marie P., died 2/17/74: 2/18/74p4

Hartford, Michael, died 2/22/71: 2/25/71p2

Hartford, Richard J., died 12/15/72: 12/18/72p4

Hartford, Tina, requires heart surgery: 12/28/72p1

Hartford, Wayne, and Brenda Chasse are wed 7/1/78: 8/8/78p3a

Hartigan, John L., died 10/?/72: 10/26/72p1

Hartigan, Noreen, and Edmund Waters Jr. are wed 8/29/70: 9/3/70p6

Hartley, Wilbur G., died 7/28/71: 7/29/71p3

Harvey, Phebrinie P., died 1/2/76: 1/7/76p2

Haseltine, George, and Nancy Quimby are wed 12/29/73: 1/7/74p7

Haselton, Elsie, died 2/28/72: 3/2/72p2

Haskins, Horace W., died 2/13/70: 2/19/70p3

Hastings, Amanda, and Donald Huppe are wed 10/8/77: 10/18/77p6a

Hastings Sr., Everett A., died 1/2/79: 1/9/79p2

Hatch, Della, died 9/12/71: 9/16/71p3

Hatch, Hilda, and Edgar Howe are wed 12/29/73: 1/7/74p7

Hatchj, Richard G., died 3/28/71: 4/1/71p3

Hawkins, Frankie, and Lorraine Binette are wed 8/23/74: 9/12/74p6

Hawkins, Marion W., died 6/9/77: 6/14/77p3

Hayes, Addie S., died 1/6/74: 1/10/74p2

Hayes, Arthur D., died 6/19/70: 6/25/70p3

Hayes, Arthur S., died 12/14/71: 12/16/71p3

Hayes, Bertha G., died 6/20/74: 6/24/74p4

Hayes, Bertha M., died 9/4/77: 9/13/77p3

Hayes, Charles M., died 12/18/77: 12/27/77p3

Hayes, Colleen, and Gary Fisher are wed 6/23/72: 6/29/72p6

Hayes, Dennis, and Sheri Lachance are wed 10/27/73: 12/3/73p6

Hayes, Effie M., died 10/22/78: 10/24/78p2

Hayes, Ernest W., died 6/23/72: 6/26/72p3

Hayes, Forrest H., died 6/15/77: 6/21/77p3

Hayes, George D., died 5/26/71: 5/27/71p3

Hayes, John W., died 12/26/69: 1/1/70p3

Hayes, Leon R., died 6/21/70: 6/25/70p3

Hayes, Lucien, and Carol O'Neil are wed 6/14/75: 6/23/75p4

Hayes, M&M Maurice, celebrate 60th anniversary: 1/7/74p7

Hayes, Margaret E., died 11/18/79: 11/27/79p2

Hayes, Pauline, retires after 22 years as teacher: 1/25/73pA2,3/8/73p14

Hayes, Ralph E., died 3/1/70: 3/5/70p3

Hayes, Robert, and Diane Regan are wed 11/18/72: 2/1/73p6

Hayes, Ronald D., died 4/2/71: 4/8/71p1

Hayes, Ruby A., died 5/27/75: 5/29/75p2

Hayes Sr., Maurice W., died 4/25/78p

Hayes, Virginia L., died 9/20/73: 9/24/73p4

Hayes, William G., died 5/3/70: 5/7/70p3

Hayes, Willis "Red", retires after 32 years: 7/2/73p5,7/9/73p5,8/13/73p4

Hayes, Willis "Red" to be feted on "Red Hayes Day": 8/16/73p4

Hayes, Willis L., died 8/1/73: 8/6/73p4

Haynes, Cora B., died 8/17/71: 8/19/71p3

Haynes, Grace M., died 4/28/77: 5/4/77p3

Haynes, Jeannie E., died 12/8/74: 12/12/74p5

Haywood, Alexander, died 2/23/77: 3/2/77p3

Healey, Charles, and Jeanne Nadeau are wed 5/6/72: 5/15/72p6

Healey, M<&M Charles celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/29/71p12

Heath, Velma B., died 10/30/72: 11/2/72p5

Heavner, Frances E., died 7/14/78: 7/18/78p3

Hebert, Alice, died 4/10/79: 4/17/79p10a

Hebert, Anne, and Michael Walter are wed 9/6/75: 10/1/75p4a

Hebert, Emily, and Victor Hamel are wed 8/19/72: 8/24/72p6

Hebert, John, died 10/14/71: 10/21/71p3

Hebert, Kimberly R., died 10/9/71: 10/14/71p3

Hebert, Lawrence, and Catherine Foley are wed 6/2/76: 7/14/76p2a

Hebert, M&M Ronald, move to Spain: 9/23/71p4

Hebert, Placide, died 12/16/72: 12/21/72p4

Hebert, Robert G., died 12/27/69: 1/1/70p3

Hebert, Sr. Corinne celebrates 25th anniversary: 8/23/77p16

Hebert, Susan M., died 12/6/70: 12/10/70p3

Hedberg, Ann Marie, is Miss Barrington: 8/3/72pA4

Hede, Gordon, died 1/16/76: 2/4/76p2

Heidler, Lena A., died 3/12/75: 3/17/75p2

Heiss, Allen, and Virginia Wood are wed 9/5/70: 9/10/70p6

Hemeon, David, and Deborah Eschman are wed: 9/17/75p2a

Hemeon, Steven, and Theresa Meattey are wed 7/8/78: 8/8/78p3a

Hemmingway, Ellis L., died 8/?/74: 8/19/74p4

Henderson, Debra, and Paul Corbett are wed 8/26/78: 11/7/78p2b

Henderson, Edwin D., died 8/22/70: 8/27/70p3

Henderson, Grace J., died 9/6/71: 9/9/71p3

Henderson, Harold W., died 9/6/75: 9/10/75p2

Henderson, Karen, and Robert Pitts are wed 7/21/79: 9/4/79p13

Henderson, Louis F., died 9/4/73: 9/6/73p4

Henderson, M&M Hartold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/28/73pA9

Henderson, Richard, and Janet Lavoie are wed 6/12/76: 7/7/76p2a

Henderson, Ruth G., died 8/22/79: 8/28/79p2

Henderson, Sandra, and Mark DeLand are wed 5/22/71: 5/27/71p4

Hennessey, Steven, and Elizabeth Hourigan are wed 11/14/70: 11/19/70p4

Hennessey, William E., died 11/17/71: 11/18/71p3

Henry, Alice R., died 1/1/72: 1/6/72p3

Henry, Jennifer, and Scott Pitman are wed 11/28/75: 12/24/75p2a

Henry, Jennifer, lauded by Farmington APT: 5/1/75p12

Herbert, Janet, and Walter Brown Jr. are wed: 7/29/71p4

Herbert, Jeffrey, and Claire Trepanier are wed 7/21/79: 8/21/79p4b

Herlihy, Thomas, and Sharon Casey are wed 12/26/76: 12/29/76p4a

Herman, Robert, and Fawn Winter are wed 7/30/77: 8/30/77p2a

Herron, Helen G., died 10/9/75: 10/15/75p2

Herron, Sandra, and Elbert Whitehouse are wed 7/22/72: 7/27/72p6

Hersey, Austin E., died 12/18/78: 12/26/78p2

Hersey, Sandra, and Albert Trudel are wed 4/25/70: 4/30/70p4

Hersom, Alma P., died 5/24/71: 5/27/71p3

Hersom, Annie F., celebrates 98th birthday: 2/15/73p6

Hersom, David, and Terri Clark are wed 9/29/72: 10/12/72p6

Hersom, Edward, and Joan Therrien are wed are wed 8/29/70: 9/17/70pA16

Hersom, Herbert E., died 12/27/76: 1/5/77p5

Hersom, John R., died 7/1/71: 7/8/71p3

Hersom, Linda, and Mark Neddy are wed 11/22/75: 12/24/75p3a

Hersom, M&M Clarence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/28/76p7a

Hersom, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/20/72p6

Hersom, Muriel, serves the deaf, the dumb, the blind: 9/10/70p9

Hersom, Walter E., died 4/17/79: 4/24/79p2

Herson, Carroll L., died 5/30/73: 6/4/73p5

Hert, Elenora, died 12/3/79: 12/11/79p2

Hervey, James, was first baby of 1964 (photo): 1/3/74p5

Hervey, Jane is NH State social worker: 6/12/79p16

Hervey, Louise, and Perry Wood are wed 2/13/71: 2/18/71p4

Hescock, Bruce, wins AAU Masters Decathalon at 40: 8/12/74p1

Hescock, John A., died 2/7/76: 2/18/76p2

Heselton, Karen, and Raymond Apac are wed 7/16/77: 8/9/77p8

Hewison, Nancy, is BPW Career Woman: 6/13/74p4

Hickey, Maurice D., died 2/24/73: 3/1/73p4

Hickey, Roger, and Sylvia Beaudoin are wed 7/12/71: 7/22/71p4

Higgins, Benjamin H., died 7/26/79: 7/31/79p2

Higgins Jr., David, and Rebecca Lamper are wed 5/27/72: 6/1/72p6

Higgins, Terence, and Nancy-Jo Steves are wed 12/19/70: 1/28/71p4

Higgins, Walter L., died 6/17/77: 6/21/77p3

Highfield, Carl, died 4/9/76: 4/14/76p2

Hildreth, John, and Debra Gray are wed 12/28/73: 1/14/74p3

Hildreth, Pauline M., died 8/2/76: 8/11/76p3

Hildreth, Roann, and Ronald Bailey are wed 2/19/72: 3/16/72p6

Hill, Barbara, and Christy Drago Jr. are wed 9/23/72: 10/5/72p6

Hill, Donna, and Michael Harmon are wed 9/22/72: 9/25/72p8

Hill, John W., died 7/16/79: 7/24/79p2

Hill, Justin W., died 2/18/75: 2/20/75p5,2/24/75p4

Hill, Lotta E., died 10/8/78: 10/17/78p3

Hill, Mary, and Melvin Eldridge are wed: 4/25/78p2b

Hill, Nelson E., died 10/16/79: 10/23/79p17

Hill, Orlo P., died 3/21/70: 3/26/70p3

Hillsgrove, Robert, and Melody Bryant are wed 9/17/77: 10/4/77p2a

Hilton, Ora J., died 10/26/74: 10/31/74p5

Hilton, Ora J., died 10/26/74: 10/28/74p4

Hilton, Sterling, enjoys his family on Father's Day: 6/15/72p7

Himler, Jean H., died 12/19/78: 12/26/78p2

Himler, John L., died 10/2/76: 10/6/76p1

Hinch, Althea, and Kenneth Hooks are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Hinch, Kevin, and Jo-Ann Cox are wed 9/1/72: 9/18/72p6

Hinkle, Sylvia J., died 3/30/72: 4/3/72p3

Hitchens, Edna B., died 12/19/79: 12/25/79p2

Hoage, Linda, and Gerry Ghareeb are wed 2/5/72: 2/14/72p4

Hoage, Lucille H., died 7/15/77: 7/12/77p2

Hoage, Marie E., died 2/15/71: 2/18/71p3

Hoage, Robert A., died 12/27/75: 12/31/75p2

Hoage, Robert C., died 9/7/79: 9/11/79p2

Hoage, Sharon, and Gerald Boisvert are wed 7/12/75: 7/31/75p7

Hoage, Travis T., died 3/8/72: 3/13/72p3

Hoage, William A., died 10/18/73: 10/25/73p4

Hobbis, Ethel, died 9/30/77: 10/4/77p3

Hobbs, Abby M., died 2/3/72: 2/30/72p3

Hobbs, Margaret L., died ?/?/74: 3/7/74p5

Hobbs, Una D., died 4/21/70: 4/30/70p3

Hobson, Catherine, and Dennis Hamel Jr. are wed 8/27/77: 9/27/77p2a

Hockenhull, Beverly, and Roger Babin are wed 6/17/73: 6/25/73p11

Hodgdin, Ida M., died 12/30/69: 1/1/70p3

Hodgdon, Blanche H., died 3/27/70: 4/2/70p3

Hodgdon, M&M Clayton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/15/74p3

Hodgdon, Robert E., died 5/1/70: 5/7/70p3

Hodgdon, Royce, and Roxanne Daudelin are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Hodge, Linda, is BPW Career Girl of the Year: 5/14/70p4

Hodgins, Stephen, and Diane George are wed 3/20/76: 4/7/76p4a

Hodgkin, Elizabeth D., died 12/8/74: 12/12/74p5

Hodgkins, Lester E., died 10/31/78: 11/7/78p2

Hodsdon, Alice A., died 11/29/76: 12/8/76p4

Hoey, Esther, died 3/25/76: 3/31/76p2

Hoey, Gregory, and Linda Brown are wed 6/17/72: 7/6/72p6

Hoey, Leah M., died 4/11/77: 4/20/77p2

Hogan, E. Franklin, died 6/18/75: 6/23/75p2

Hogan, John, died 3/18/70: 3/26/70p3

Hogan, Joseph E., died 1/17/71: 1/21/71p3

Hogan, Kevin, and Candyce McCullough are wed 4/?/73: 5/24/73p7

Holder, Ralph C., died 3/31/76: 4/7/76p2

Holliday, John, and Sharon Lamper are wed 11/19/72: 1/18/73p6

Holmes, George, and Paulynn Blanchette are wed 10/13/73: 10/25/73p7

Holodinski, Brenda, and Richard Perreault are wed 10/31/70: 11/26/70p4

Holt, Bradley, and Mary Shea are wed 8/6/78: 8/29/78p3a

Holt, M&M Howard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/19/76p4a

Holt, Richard T., died 11/22/78: 11/28/78pp1,2

Hood, George, died 7/31/78: 8/8/78p2

Hooks, Kenneth, and Althea Hinch are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Hooper Jr., Lawrence, died 6/5/79: 6/12/79p2

Hopkins, Beatrice, is BPW Businesswoman of the Year: 10/25/73p7

Horn, Richard, and Sherryl Bartlett are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70p4

Horne, Alice E., died 10/12/70: 10/15/70p3

Horne, Annie L., died 1/5/71: 1/7/71p3

Horne, Beulah J., died 7/27/79: 7/31/79p2

Horne, Charles M., died 6/16/71: 6/17/71p3

Horne, Charlotte, and Gary Desrosiers are wed 7/21/79: 8/21/79p5b

Horne, Clara B., died 11/22/71: 11/25/71p3

Horne, Diana, and Paul Couture are wed 7/28/73: 8/9/73p7

Horne, Elizabeth, died 9/17/76: 9/22/76p4

Horne, Ernest, and Linda Bridges are wed: 7/28/76p7a

Horne, Ernest E., died 12/17/78: 12/26/78p2

Horne, Eva H., died 4/3/75: 4/7/75p2

Horne, Herman, died 6/6/78: 6/13/78p3

Horne, James, and Annette Levesque are wed 4/16/77: 5/4/77p1b

Horne, Kenneth E., died 12/3/79: 12/11/79p2

Horne, Laurie, and Peter Brooks are wed 11/4/78: 12/5/78p2b

Horne, Lloyd L., died 2/17/75: 2/20/75p5

Horne, M&M Ernest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/25/74p6

Horne, Nancy, is City swimming director: 7/29/74p9

Horne, Ralph D., died 7/1/76: 7/7/76p2

Horne, Ruth E., died 7/23/77: 7/26/77p3

Horne, Sarah C., died 7/14/78: 7/18/78p3

Horne, Sarah, has first story accepted and published: 12/9/71p4

Horne, Valea G., died 11/11/73: 11/15/73p4

Horne, Velea, celebrates 72nd birthday: 10/7/71pA3

Horton, M&M Alton, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/7/79p6b

Hosser, Arthur, and Cynthia Abry are wed 8/21/76: 9/8/76p2a

Houde, Cordelia, and John Tillery are wed 9/21/73: 10/8/73p9

Houghtaling, M&M Erle, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/20/76p9a

Houle, Gladys T., died 11/25/74: 12/2/74p9

Houle, Roland, died 1/23/77: 1/26/77p2

Houreas, Nancy, and David Trudeau are wed 5/7/77: 5/?/77p2b

Hourigan, Christopher, finalist in Scholars Program: 6/6/78p8b

Hourigan, Elizabeth, and Steven Hennessey are wed 11/14/70: 11/19/70p4

Hourihane, Mark, and Leanne Robbins are wed 5/5/73: 5/17/73p7

Howard, Barbara, and Kim Hall are wed 12/22/77: 1/10/78p2b

Howard, Donna, and David Allen are wed 10/10/70: 10/15/70p2

Howard, Ella, ce;ebrates 94th birthday: 6/1/72p6

Howard, Ella F., died 5/28/73: 5/31/73p4

Howard, Emery E., died 12/2/76: 12/8/76p4

Howard, Everett, died 10/30/79: 11/6/79p2

Howard III, Robert, and Deborah Fox are wed 8/4/79: 8/28/79p22

Howard Jr., Richard, and Cheryl Brown are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Howard Jr., Russell, and Susan Scala are wed 2/17/79: 5/22/79p10

Howard, Larraine, and Roger Gagnon are wed 8/14/77: 8/30/77p1a

Howard, Laura, and Kerry Magee are wed 7/27/74: 8/19/74p6

Howard, Marie O., died 5/7/77: 5/17/77p3

Howard, Michael, and Linda Sinclair are wed 8/18/73: 9/6/73p7

Howard, Ryan, and Katherine Forbes are wed: 2/23/77p6a

Howard. Ormsby L., died 3/2/74: 3/7/74p5

Howe, Edgar, and Hilda Hatch are wed 12/29/73: 1/7/74p7

Howe, Edgar L., died 5/25/78: 6/6/78p3

Howe, Guy C., died 2/1/72: 2/3/72p3

Howe, Hilda H., died 5/7/79: 6/12/79p2

Howland, Eilene K., died 7/7/79: 7/17/79p2

Howland, Ruth, authors book on Rochester history: 9/15/76p8, 9/22/76p4

Hoyt, Crissie E., died 1/16/72: 1/20/72p3: 1/20/72p3

Hoyt, Diana, and Gerald Gervais are wed 4/27/74: 5/30/74p6

Hoyt, Dr. Gus, honored: 6/2/76p2

Hoyt, Eva, and Robert Bryant are wed: 8/30/77p2a

Hubbard, Janet, and Bruce Hardenbrook are wed 6/8/74: 6/20/74p6A

Hubbard, M&M Ronald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/15/74pA6

Hubener, Maude J., died 1/18/79: 1/30/79p2

Hubert, Lucille, and Victor Dupuis are wed 5/9/70: 5/14/70p2

Huckins, Cindy, and Joseph Cushing are wed 8/21/76: 9/15/76p3a

Hudson, M&M Lloyd, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/7/71p12

Huff, George A., died 3/28/71: 4/1/71p3

Huggard, Daniel, and Susan Purvis are wed 8/17/74: 9/9/74p8

Hughes, Daniel, and Blanche Dubay are wed 8/31/73: 9/6/73p7

Hughes, Eugene E., died 10/11/75: 10/15/75p2

Hughes, J. Napolean, died 6/2/70: 6/4/70p3

Hughes, Joseph E., died 6/4/70: 6/18/70p3

Hughes, Kathleen, and Richard Raffio are wed 6/10/72: 6/15/72p6

Hughes, Paula, and Louis Hall are wed 7/14/73: 7/16/73p7

Hughes, Ruby L., died 11/23/70: 12/3/70p2

Hugo, Dorothy, and Thomas Bickford are wed 6/24/72: 7/13/72p6

Hull, Robert H., died 4/5/76: 4/14/76p2

Hulse, Karen, and Larry Knights are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

Hunt, Gerald S., died 8/4/79: 8/7/79p2

Hunter, Diane, and Alan Pinkham are wed 4/17/76: 5/19/76p4a

Hunter, Janice, and Lawrence Otto are wed 4/16/77: 5/17/77p2a

Hunter, Linda, and Sheldon Damon are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p8

Hunter, Linda, is Miss Rochester Fair 1970: 9/24/70p1,(photo)10/15/70p14

Hunter, Linda, wins Miss New Hampshire Fairs title: 3/25/71p1

Hunter, Louise J., died 10/2/71: 10/7/71p3

Hunter, Louise, to celebrate 101st birthday: 12/17/70p4

Hunter, Sally, and Jack Dunbar are wed Easter/77: 4/20/77p1b

Hunter, Sandra, and Peter Rothwell are wed 1/23/71: 1/28/71p4

Huntress, Florence B., died 10/1/79: 10/9/79p26

Huntress, Fred L., died 3/30/74: 4/4/74p5

Huntress, Gail, and David Rogers are wed 7/3/70: 7/23/70pA7

Huntress, Ralph E., died 7/23/73: 6/28/73p4

Huppe, Alcide W., died 5/16/77: 5/24/77p3

Huppe, Denise, and Gary MacDonald are wed 7/26/74: 8/12/74p6

Huppe, Donald, and Amanda Hastings are wed 10/8/77: 10/18/77p6a

Huppe, Elaine, and Conrad Anctil are wed 11/14/75: 12/10/75p2a

Huppe, Gedeon J., died 5/15/74: 5/20/74p4

Huppe, Jean, and Gerald Gullison are wed 11/4/72: 11/20/72p6

Huppe, Joseph, and Linda Gagnon are wed 9/2/72: 9/11/72p6

Huppe, Linda, and Randy Taylor are wed 10/15/77: 11/1/77p4a

Huppe, M&M Joseph, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/3/75p4

Huppe, M&M Joseph, celebrate 64th anniversary: 8/7/79p2

Huppe, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 45th anniversary: 9/2/71p4

Huppe, Nancy, and Marc Labrie are wed 10/7/72: 10/16/72p6

Huppe, Paul, and Patricia Talbot are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Huppe, Wilfred H., died 10/12/75: 10/22/75p2

Hurd, Reginald, died 11/2/73: 11/5/73p1

Hurley, John, and Marie Lachance are wed 10/14/72: 10/26/72p4

Hurley, Lena, with helper, mans City's information booth: 7/20/72p11

Hurley, Patrick, and Diane Talon are wed 8/16/75: 8/28/75p4

Hussey, Charles, and Denise Gagne are wed 1/15/77: 2/2/77p2a

Hussey, Daniel, and Jaca Goodwin are wed 9/30/72: 11/30/72p7

Hussey, Daniel, earns USA Commendation medal: 7/29/74p2

Hussey, David, and Beverly Cressey are wed 9/25/76: 11/3/76p2b

Hussey, George, and Melody Witham are wed 6/26/76: 8/4/76p2a

Hussey, George V., died 11/20/77: 11/29/77p3

Hussey, James S., died 4/16/79: 4/24/79p2

Hussey Jr., Kenneth, and Patricia Barrett are wed 7/28/79: 8/28/79p22

Hussey, Keith, saves life of a friend: 3/8/73p1; photo 3/15/73p2

Hussey, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/25/76p10

Hussey, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/4/72p6

Hussey, Philip W., died 8/23/75: 8/28/75p2

Hutchings, Ida, died 12/14/78: 12/19/78p2

Hutchins, James, and Mary Marcoux are wed 8/28/76: 9/8/76p2a

Hutchins, Louise S., died 2/?/73: 2/22/73p4

Hutchinson, Sherrilyn, and Arthur Scruton are wed 3/30/74: 4/11/74p6A

Inglis, David, and Carolyn Delude are wed 1/15/72: 1/20/72p4

Irving, John, and Jeanne Talon are wed 9/6/75: 10/1/75p4a

Jablonski, Edward, died 11/13/79: 11/20/79p4

Jackson, Caroline, and Phillip Auger are wed: 3/23/77p4a

Jackson, Craig, and Kim Knight are wed 6/12/76: 8/7/76p6a

Jackson, Erma, retires after 38 years of teaching: 6/11/70p1

Jackson, Lisa, and Leo Libby are wed 8/4/79: 9/11/79p12

Jackson, Marjorie T., died 6/15/77: 6/21/77p3

Jackson, Nichole, was first baby of 1970 (photo): 1/3/74p5

Jacobs, Denise, and David Brozeau are wed 4/21/79: 7/3/79p10a

Jacobs, Kathleen B., died 4/10/73: 4/12/73p4

Jacobs, M&M Irving, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/9/70p6

Jacobs, M&M Irving, celebrate 54th anniversary (photo): 4/25/74p7A

Jacobs, Roger A., died 12/24/69: 1/1/70p2

Jacobs Sr., Myron P., died 12/16/70: 12/24/70p3

Jacobs, Stanley, returns from sixth trip to the South Pole: 6/10/71p9

Jacobs, Stephanie, and Paul Bailey Jr., are wed 6/1/74: 6/6/74p10

Jacobsen, Michele, and Everett Connors Jr. are wed 8/8/75: 9/24/75p2a

Jacobsen, Violet M., died 11/15/71: 11/18/71p3

Jacque, Fernande H., died 9/6/74: 9/9/74p4

Jacques, Alberic, died 5/2/76: 5/12/76p2

Jacques, Donald, and Helen Bishop are wed 2/26/72: 3/9/72p6

Jacques, Donna, and Robert Paradis are wed 11/5/71: 12/9/71p4

Jacques, Joseph A., died 4/12/75: 4/14/75p2

Jacques Jr., Edmund, died 1/11/70: 1/15/70p3

Jacques Jr., Lawrence, and Shiela Elliott are wed 3/1/74: 3/28/74p3

Jacques, Kenneth, awarded BSA Eagle badge (photo): 6/14/77p2

Jacques, M&M Lawrence, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/23/79p2a

Jacques, Paul L., died 12/?/75: 12/31/75p2

Janosik, Robin, and David Wiggin are wed 11/27/76: 12/15/76p1b

Jean, Jeanine, died 10/8/72: 10/12/72p4

Jean Jr., Francis W., died 4/10/77: 4/13/77p2

Jefferson, George D., died 8/1/77: 9/13/77p3

Jefferson, Wesley E., died 8/4/74: 8/8/74p4

Jeffery, Ernest, remembers a part of WW II: 12/6/77p1

Jellison, Linda, and Joseph Barry are wed 8/28/76: 10/13/76p2a

Jenisch, Richard, teacher, avoids approach of text books: 2/17/72p11

Jenness, Charles: A record of service to Rochester: 3/9/72p1

Jenness, Charles W., died 11/19/73: 11/26/73p4

Jenness, Cynthia, and Terry Place are wed 1/26/74: 2/25/74p6

Jenness, Daniel M., died 2/?/73: 2/12/73p4

Jenness, Harold E., died 2/21/74: 2/25/74p3

Jenness, Joseph, and Bonnie Shepherd are wed 1/18/75: 2/27/75p6

Jenness, Linda, and John Cormier are wed 6/25/77: 7/26/77p12

Jenness, Pamela, and Bruce Thayer are wed 8/1/70: 8/13/70p4

Jenness, Patricia, and James Thompson wed 4/27/72: 5/15/72p6,6/16/72p6

Jenness, Robert, and Carol Gullison are wed 6/19/71: 6/24/71pA12

Jenness, Ruth L., died 4/14/73: 4/19/73p5

Jennings, Irving E., died 11/15/76: 11/24/76p4

Jennison, David, and Christine Gullison are wed 4/7/73: 4/26/73p3

Jewell, Betty, and Salvatore DeLillo are wed 6/9/79: 7/3/79p10a

Jewell, Ernest C., died 1/10/77: 1/19/77p2

Jewell, Roland H., died 10/20/70: 10/22/70p3

Jezierski, Anna, died 3/7/73: 3/12/73p4

Jines, Joseph, and Janine Lemay are wed 1/18/76: 2/25/76p10

Joblonski, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/19/73p7

Johnson, Alfred W., died 6/?/75: 6/23/75p2

Johnson, Bradford, and Darlene LaBranche are wed 3/13/76: 3/3/76p2a

Johnson, Bruce, and Joanne Kathios are wed 8/19/72: 8/24/72p6

Johnson, Chester A., died 8/12/73: 8/17/72p4

Johnson, Eileen R., died 7/9/78: 7/11/78p3

Johnson, Eric, mans the Blue Job fire tower: 5/7/73p1

Johnson, Evelyn M., died 1/30/70: 2/5/70p3

Johnson, Everett H., died 4/23/75: 4/28/75p2

Johnson, Florence, says her budget doesn't include extras: 7/20/72p7

Johnson, Frank O., died 3/25/74: 3/28/74p5

Johnson, Freeman L., died 3/8/78: 3/14/78p3

Johnson, Gertude, feted by Pythian Hope Temple: 11/11/71pA4

Johnson, Grace M., died 3/19/75: 3/20/75p2

Johnson, Harriet M., died 12/1/78: 12/5/78p2

Johnson, James J., died 8/30/77: 9/6/77p2

Johnson, Jan, died 5/16/76: 5/26/76p2

Johnson, Jan I., died 5/14/76: 5/19/76p2

Johnson, Jennifer, and Lee White are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

Johnson, Joyce, and James Stuart are wed 12/15/73: 1/7/74p7

Johnson Jr., Frederick, and Deborah Adams are wed 6/18/72: 7/6/72p6

Johnson, Laurie, and Paul Kane are wed 9/6/75: 9/24/75p3a

Johnson, Meggin, and Alan Yeaton are wed 6/?/76: 9/8/76p2a

Johnson, Melvin H., died 11/27/70: 12/3/70p2

Johnson, Robert, and Kathy Brazis are wed 9/1/73: 10/1/73p11,10/8/73p2

Johnson, Ronald, and Susan Newhall are wed 4/21/79: 5/29/79p7

Johnson, Rose, died 5/20/75: 5/22/75p3

Johnson, Russel O., died 2/5/75: 2/10/75p4

Johnston, Harold L., died 5/18/73: 5/21/73p4

Johnstone, J. Neil, died 6/8/79: 6/19/79p2

Jones, Arthur A., died 4/1/74: 4/4/74p5

Jones, Charles D., died 9/12/74: 9/19/74p5

Jones, Deborah, and Peter Harrington are wed 5/1/70: 5/7/70p4

Jones, Doris: 9/10/70p3., died 9/7/70: 9/10/70p3

Jones, Earl P., died 7/31/79: 8/7/79p2

Jones, Elaine S., died 9/11/74: 9/12/74p1,9/19/74p5

Jones, Elizabeth, died 10/24/75: 10/29/75p2

Jones, Florence M., died 12/14/70: 12/17/70p3

Jones, Frank, died 6/20/73: 6/21/73p5

Jones, John, celebrates 94th birthday: 7/2/70pA12

Jones, John F., died 10/21/70: 10/29/70p2

Jones, Margie, and Ronald Turner are wed 8/16/74: 9/9/74p8

Jones, Mark, leaves for second Peace Corps stint: 3/31/75p1

Jones, Richard, is NH Outstanding Tree Farmer: 11/8/73/3

Jones, Scott, found after six days in woods: 7/14/75p1

Joos, Joseph, died 7/12/72: 7/17/72p3

Jordan, Dennis, and Judy Carlson are wed 10/13/73: 11/1/73p7

Jordan, Janice, and Steven Wagner are wed 9/18/70: 10/1/70p4

Jordan, Sterling, and Deborah Smart are wed 4/14/73: 4/19/73p7

Jost, Helen, is chief helicopter pilot: 1/16/79p6

Joy, Allan, and Mancy Bondelevitch are wed 5/26/73: 6/14/73p7

Joy, Mable A., died 11/9/71: 11/11/71p3

Joy, Nelson, died 4/23/75: 4/24/75p2

Judd, Aldage J., died 6/24/77: 6/28/77p2

Jury, Karen, and Richard Rocheleau are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Jury, M&M Ralph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/10/75p2a

Kalapinski, Donald, and Martha Bickford are wed 7/20/74: 8/22/74p6

Kalil, James T., died 9/3/71: 9/9/71p3

Kaltsas, Lorraine, and James Waterhouse Jr. are wed 8/7/71: 8/26/71p4

Kaltsas, Louis, and Diane LaChance are wed 11/14/70: 11/19/70p4

Kane, John, and Ruth Cheetham are wed 6/29/74: 8/19/74p6

Kane, Paul, and Laurie Johnson are wed 9/6/75: 9/24/75p3a

Karacas, Christy A., died 3/20/70: 3/26/70p3

Karcher Jr., Charles, and Gail McCann are wed 1/31/70: 2/5/70p4

Karcher, Katherine, and Laurent Picard are wed 6/15/76: 6/23/76p11a

Karcher, Martha M., died 9/14/73: 9/20/73p4

Kaszinsky, Alexander, died 9/20/78: 9/26/78p3

Kathios, Joanne, and Bruce Johnson are wed 8/19/72: 8/24/72p6

Kean, George, and Brenda Pierce are wed 11/18/72: 11/27/72p6

Kean, Stacy, died 9/11/73: 9/13/73p4

Kean, Thomas, and Melissa Harriman are wed 7/4/72: 7/6/72p6

Keans, Roland, and Sandra Balomenos are wed 1/9/76: 2/4/76p10

Keans, Roland, lauded by NH School Board Ass'n: 11/17/76p8

Keating, Jacqueline, and Daniel Davis are wed 7/1/72: 7/13/72p6

Keating, Jacqueline, lauded by Beta Sigma Phi: 1/23/75p6

Keating, Joanne, and Paul Parent are wed: 5/6/71p2

Keating, Mrs. Thomas, is chairman of Cancer Crusade: 4/1/74p4

Keays, Rose, doed 8/21/72: 8/24/72p4

Keddie, Kathleen, and Frank Bennett are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

Keefe, Chester R., died 5/29/74: 5/30/74p4

Keegan, Agnes I., died 12/12/79: 12/18/79p2

Keelty, Richard, and Donna Davis are wed 7/6/79: 8/21/79p4b

Keen, Charles, and Lorraine Lemoyne are wed 4/4/70: 4/30/70p4

Keene, Carl H., died 4/26/75: 5/1/75p2: 5/1/75p2

Keene, Nelson B., died 12/3/70: 12/10/70p3

Keener, Lynn, teaches others to save on groceries: 5/8/79p1b

Keesee, Thomas, and Linda Nettleton are wed 9/9/72: 9/21/72p6

Kellc, Beth, is new children's librarian at City Library: 12/10/73p1

Keller, Curtis D., died 10/4/79: 10/9/79p26

Keller, Eugene, and Deborah Lamoureux are wed 6/2/79: 6/19/79p2b

Keller, Melanie, and Michael Gagnon are wed 9/30/72: 10/5/72p6

Keller, Stephen, and Susan Gibb are wed 9/22/72: 10/5/72p6

Kelley, Donald W., died 9/30/71: 10/7/71p2

Kelley, Ernest J., died 12/?/73: 12/27/73p4

Kellogg, Vera, died 6/9/75: 6/12/75p3

Kelly, Henry P., died 7/14/75: 7/17/75p3

Kelly, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/6/72pA5

Kelsey, Daniel E., died 7/19/75: 7/24/75p2

Kelsey. Patricia, has 2000 home-canned goodies: 10/8/70p5

Kendall, Grace, celebrates 79th birthday: 2/25/74p6

Kendall Sr., Kenneth, is C/C Man of the Year: 3/11/71p1

Keniston, Lura I., died 12/13/72: 12/18/72p4

Keniston, Robert L., died 6/29/73: 7/2/73p5

Keniston, Rose., died 4/14/76: 4/21/76p2

Kenyon, Doris C., died 5/5/74: 5/9/74p4

Kenyon, James, and Terrilee Feeney are wed 5/16/70: 5/28/70p4

Kenyon, Sandra, and Richard Weymouth are wed 9/20/73: 10/29/73p6

Kenyon, William R., died 1/13/75: 1/16/75p5

Keogh, Mae, is new executive of Rochester C/C: 11/12/70p1

Kepler, John, and Amy Ramsey are wed 6/9/79: 8/14/79p9a

Keraghan, Mary G., died 29/77: 2/16/77p2

Keravich, Debra, and Robert DeColtmacher are wed 11/11/72: 11/16/72p6

Keravich, Randy, and Kim Fogg are wed 7/17/76: 7/28/76p6a

Keroack, Norman, and Elizabeth Carros are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

Kessler, Andrea, and David Snapp are wed 4/1/72: 4/24/72p6

Kidder, Gail, and Peter George are wed 8/4/73: 8/27/73p5

Kiehl, Diana, and Raymond Lovoie are wed 1/7/78: 1/17/78p2a

Kilburger, Edith, died 10/18/71: 10/21/71p7

Kilkelly, Frances A., died 2/7/78: 2/14/78p3

Kimball, Arthur E., died 11/25/76: 12/1/76p4

Kimball, Carroll H., died 7/25/70: 7/30/70p3

Kimball, Edward, and Ann Quimby are wed 7/31/71: 8/12/71p4

Kimball, Ernest, died 2/6/71: 2/11/71p3

Kimball, Gerry, and Michele Lachange are wed 7/22/78: 8/8/78p2a

Kimball, Gertrude R., died 6/15/70: 6/18/70p3

Kimball, Grace H., died 7/13/71: 7/22/71p3

Kimball, John, and Beverly Stevens are wed 12/17/76: 12/29/76p4a

Kimball, M<&M Earl, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/3/76p2a

Kimball, Queenie H., died 1/27/74: 1/28/74p7

Kincaid, Beatrice E., died 12/12/78: 12/19/78p2

Kincaid, Jerome, and Michele O'Neil are wed 10/7/78: 10/31/78p2b

King, Barbara, is NH Librarian of the Year: 5/31/73p1

King, Elizabeth, died 9/15/71: 9/23/71p3

King, Frank L., died 4/26/78: 5/2/78p3

King, Henry F., died 2/3/72: 2/30/72p3

King, John, died 2/24/72: 2/28/72p9

King, M&M C. King, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/13/70p5

King, Ray S., died 3/19/70: 3/26/70p3

King Sr., Murray A., died 1/22/73: 1/25/73p4

Kingsbury, Donald, and Deborah Bennett are wed 8/2/75: 8/25/75p4

Kingsbury, Ralph L., died 5/5/78: 5/9/78p3

Kirk, Stephen, and Emily Young are wed: 12/3/70p7

Kirkpatrick, James, observes 40 years in the monistry: 12/16/71p2

Kjerulf, Torvald, died 3/3/73: 3/8/73p4

Klinger, Bernard, and Mary Rhodes are wed 6/18/72: 6/29/72p6

Klinger, Charles, is part of scientific effort at South Pole: 2/22/73p6

Kluesener, Joshua. died 9/13/77: 9/20/77p3

Knight, Herbert C., died 8/11/70: 8/13/70p3

Knight, Kim, and Craig Jackson are wed 6/12/76: 8/7/76p6a

Knight, Kim, is Miss Junior Barrington: 8/3/72pA4

Knights, Larry, and Karen Hulse are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

Knights, Mrs. Frank, is Cancer Society honoree: 10/29/73p1

Knights, Sharon, and David Tarby are wed 8/18/73: 9/6/73p7

Knowles, Ola H., died 7/9/72: 7/13/72p3

Knox, Alice, died 3/22/71: 3/25/71p3

Knox, Blanche R., died 1/26/73: 1/29/73p4

Knox, Harry, and Lucinda Harriman are wed 10/3/70: 10/15/70p4

Knox, M&M Chester, celebrate 35th anniversary: 3/2/77p2a

Knox, Millie B., died 12/18/71: 12/23/71p3

Kondrup, Janet, and Philip McCoy are wed 10/31/70: 11/5/70p4

Koopman, Barbara, and Richard Marsh are wed 2/19/72: 3/2/72p6

Koopman, Karol, and Michael Ware are wed 12/19/70: 12/24/70p4

Koopman, Robert B., died 9/?/79: 9/11/79p2

Kovach, Johnnie, died 1/11/79: 2/20/79p2

Kraemer, Ethel H., died 11/14/77: 11/22/77p4

Krapohl, Richard, and Mary Cowan are wed 7/25/70: 9/24/70pA9

Krashinsky, Michael, and Katherine Urion are wed 4/15/72: 4/17/72p6

Krasner, Emmanuel, teacher: Getting children to think: 2/30/72p12

Kuliga, Kenneth, and Cheryl Wood are wed 10/5/79: 11/13/79p12

Kuligowski, M&M Stanley, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/27/71p9

Kuneck, Frank, and Linda Rowe are wed 5/3/74: 5/20/74p6

Labelle, Blanche T., died 2/17/75: 2/20/75p5

Labelle, Norman E., died 8/19/76: 8/25/76pp1,4

LaBlond, Sandra, and Mark Rodgers are wed: 12/10/73p9

Labonte, Alice W., died 3/21/70: 3/26/70p3

LaBonte, Kimberly, and Robert Perkins are wed 7/22/78: 8/1/78p2b

LaBonte, Richard J., die died 8/10/79: 8/14/79p2

LaBranche, Archer L., died 7/7/79: 7/10/79p2

LaBranche, Darlene, and Bradford Johnson are wed 3/13/76: 3/3/76p2a

LaBranche, Joanne, and Michael Bilodeau are wed 11/4/72: 11/9/72p6

LaBranche, Joseph C., died 5/1/79: 5/8/79p2

LaBranche, Louis, died 7/23/77: 7/26/77p3

LaBranche, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/16/71p4

LaBranche, Rachel, and Kenneth Maxfield are wed 6/13/70: 6/18/70p4

LaBranche, Suzanne, and Steven Pina are wed 7/15/72: 7/20/72p6

LaBrecque Jr., Norman, and Barbara Phillips are wed 9/20/75: 10/1/75p4a

LaBrecque, Norman, shares fruits of his labors: 9/24/75p10

Labreque, Lea, and Eteven Buttrick are wed 4/2/77: 4/20/77p1b

Labrie, Clara M., died 6/5/72: 6/8/72p3

Labrie, Ida, died 5/27/77: 6/7/77p3

Labrie, Joseph N., died 7/12/72: 7/13/72p3

Labrie, Lawrence, and Sandra Paradis are wed 5/21/77: 6/14/77p2a

Labrie, Marc, and Nancy Huppe are wed 10/7/72: 10/16/72p6

Labrie, Stephen, and Cheryl Byrd are wed 3/23/73: 3/29/73p6

Labrie, Wilfred J., died 9/17/77: 9/20/77p3

Lacasse, Alphonse, died 10/10/72: 10/12/72p4

Lacasse, Arthur J., died 11/27/72: 11/30/72p4

Lacasse, Florence, died 1/8/79: 1/16/79p2

Lacasse, Lucien A., died 12/11/72: 12/14/72p5

Lacasse, Marc, and Cathie Williams are wed: 11/14/78p2b

Lacasse, Maryann, authors text book on New Hampshire: 8/29/78p1

Lachance, Albert J., died 11/2/70: 11/5/70p3

Lachance, Armand R., died 9/7/71: 9/9/71p3

Lachance, Arthur J., died 5/10/76: 5/19/76p2

Lachance, Donald, and Harriet Freedman are wed 4/26/75: 5/8/75p6

Lachance, M&M Lucien, celibrate 25th anniversary: 11/12/70pA3

Lachance, M&M Raymond, hold family reunion: 7/29/74p7

Lachance, Marie, and John Hurley are wed 10/14/72: 10/26/72p4

Lachance, Michele, and Gerry Kimball are wed 7/22/78: 8/8/78p2a

Lachance, Normand, and Sylvia Binette are wed 5/2/70: 5/7/70p4

Lachance, Rachel, and Raymond Demers are wed 12/12/70: 12/17/70p4

Lachance, Richard, and Dee McLain are wed 10/3/70: 11/5/70p4

Lachance, Rita, teacher: Parents should help in the classroom 2/28/72p9

Lachance, Sharon, and George Bonney Jr. are wed 6/30/78: 8/1/78p2b

Lachance, Sheri, and Dennis Hayes are wed 10/27/73: 12/3/73p6

Lachance, Stephen, and Anita Battista are wed: 8/29/78p3a

LaChance, Cynthia, and Timothy Callaghan are wed 8/18/76: 10/6/76p2a

LaChance, Diane, and Louis Kaltsas are wed 11/14/70: 11/19/70p4

LaChance, Linda, and Gary MacIsaac are wed 6/23/73: 7/16/73p7,7/23/73p3

Lachapelle, Aime J., died 5/5/76: 5/12/76p2

Lachapelle, George A., died 8/8/71: 8/12/71p3

LaCoss, Lawrence, died 7/8/72: 7/10/72p2

LaCoss, Mildred M., died 4/16/73: 4/19/73p5

Lacroix, Daniel, and Donna Vittum are wed 6/10/78: 8/8/78p2a

Lacroix, Dominique, and Charles Blais Jr. are wed 1/22/72: 2/3/72p4

Lacroix, Rose A., died 7/22/75: 7/28/75p2

Lafintaine, Denise, and James Smith are wed 9/15/72: 9/21/72p6

LaFleur, Diane, and David Callaghan are wed 11/6/76: 1/12/77p2a

LaFleur, Elmond, and Mary Carroll are wed 6/20/70: 7/23/70p4

Lafontaine, Lena, and Bernard Michaud are wed 8/19/77: 9/27/77p2a

LaForest, Effie E., died 2/22/77: 3/2/77p3

Laframboise, Mabel, teacher, says parents do too much for kids: 2/21/72p2

Lagasse, Robert R., earns doctorate at Princeton: 2/20/75p8

Lagasse, Susan, and Kevin Bluemel are wed: 12/25/79p25

Lagasse, Susan, named in College Who's Who: 10/28/71pA1

Lagasse, Wilfred A., died 3/21/75: 3/24/75p4

Lagotte, Mederic, died 5/11/74: 5/16/74p5

Lagotte, Rose A., died 11/6/72: 11/6/72p4

Lagueux, Renee, was first baby of 1973 (photo): 1/3/74p5

Laidlaw, Richard, and Jeannette Langotte are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p2

Lajoie, Mark, died 10/12/77: 10/18/77p14

Lajoie, Rev. Davaid, is Jaycees Young Man of the Year: 3/24/76p8a

Lakin, Philip, died 3/19/74: 3/21/74p5

Laliberte, Wilfrd J., died 9/5/78: 9/12/78p3

Lally, Celia P., died 1/8/71: 1/14/71p3

Lally, Edward M., died 11/?/74: 11/11/74p5

Lamb, Franklin T., died 1/24/74: 1/28/74p7

Lamb, Hattie, celebrates 84th birthday: 11/15/73p5

Lamb, Joseph, and Juliette Bergeron are wed 7/10/71: 7/15/71p4

Lamb, Martha, teacher, rued pressures on today's child: 4/10/72p3

Lamb, Nelson F., died 1/25/79: 1/30/79p2

Lamb, Timothy, and Carol Glass are wed 4/30/77: 6/14/77p2a

Lambert, Albert J., died 3/15?/72: 3/16/72p3

Lambert, Alfred G., died 1/26/73: 1/29/73p4

Lambert, Arthur R., died 6/5/77: 6/7/77p3

Lambert, Delma B., died 4/4/78: 4/11/78p3

Lambert, Joseph A., died 4/18/73: 4/23/73p4

Lambert, Rudolph J., died 12/6/75: 12/17/75p2

Lamere, Denis, and Barbara Bickford are wed 9/27/70: 10/1/70p12

Lamie, Genevieve M., died 7/23/75: 7/28/75p2

Lamie, Harry L., died 11/6/71: 11/11/71p3

Lamie, Terry, and John Campbell Jr. are wed 10/9/71: 10/21/71p4

Lamieux, Joseph O., died 6/28/75: 7/3/75p2

Lamon-Tagne, Anna M., died 12/4/78: 12/12/78p2

Lamontagne, Alphonse C., died 6/23/71: 6/24/71p3

Lamontagne, Edgar H., died 4/17/75: 4/21/75p2

Lamontagne, Florida M. died 6/26/71: 7/1/71p3

Lamontagne, Louis L., died 12/27/69: 1/1/70p2

Lamontagne, Paula, and Mark Young are wed 6/16/79: 7/3/79p10a

LaMontagne, Paul, and Judith Morrill are wed 8/4/73: 8/30/73pA7

Lamoureux, Deborah, and Eugene Keller are wed 6/2/79: 6/19/79p2b

Lamoureux, Michael, and Nancy Taylor are wed 2/16/79: 4/10/79p10a

Lamoyne, Mark, died 8/5/76: 8/11/76p3

Lamoyne, Zoe, celebrates 93rd birthday: 10/15/70p4

Lamper, David, and Bonnie Foster are wed 8/25/78: 10/10/78p2b

Lamper, George, and Mary Harris are wed: 6/26/79p6

Lamper, George, and Sheila Greeley are wed 6/23/73: 6/28/73p7

Lamper, Rebecca, and David Higgins Jr. are wed 5/27/72: 6/1/72p6

Lampman, Deborah, and Milton Thurston are wed 11/4/72: 12/4/72p6

Lampron, Annie, died 2/15/75: 2/20/75p5

Lampron, Marie E., died 8/7/72: 8/10/72p5

Lamy, Robert E., died 10/4/77: 11/1/77p3

Lancey, Virginia R., died 7/18/79: 7/24/79p2

Landers, Beverly, and Edward Dotson II are wed 10/27/73: 11/26/73p8

Landers, Steven, and Donna Craig are wed 7/10/76: 8/18/76p6a

Landi, Emil, and Marion Laudenbach are wed 4/27/79: 5/29/79p7

Landry, Aline, and Tom Goss are wed: 2/3/72p4

Landry, Charles W., died 4/16/78: 4/25/78p3

Landry, Debra, and Jere Thompson are wed 10/25/74: 12/2/74p10

Landry, Donald, and Jeannette Pitre are wed 8/4/73: 8/23/73p2

Landry, Everett, commended by U.S. Army: 8/28/75p14

Landry, Everett, lauded by National Guard: 7/24/75p1

Landry, Janine, and Joseph Mountain are wed 9/1/79: 10/30/79p5a

Landry, Kelly, and Brian Shevenell are wed 6/9/79: 7/10/79p9

Landry, Louise, and Charles Sylvain are wed 9/17/77: 10/11/77p2a

Landry, M&M Charles, celebrate 70th anniversary: 4/28/76p4a

Landry, M&M Charles, celebrate 71st anniversary: 4/20/77pp1,12

Landry, M&M Joseph, celebrate 60th anniversary: 3/4/71p5

Landry, M&M Joseph, celebrate 65th anniversary: 3/17/76p4a

Landry, M&M Vharles, celebrate 65th anniversary: 4/15/71p4

Landry, Maurice R., died 8/24/73: 8/30/73p4

Landry, Rita, and James Mavel are wed 3/27/71: 4/1/71p4

Landry, William, and Roxanne Smith are wed 4/3/76: 5/5/76p2a

Lane, Antoinette B., died 9/28/79: 10/2/79p2

Lane, Joseph B., died 11/24/78: 11/28/78p2

Lane, M&M Ralph, celebrate 40th anniversary: 2/16/77p4a

Lane, Ruby B., died 3/5/73: 3/8/73p4

Langelier, Lucien A., died 1/12/75: 1/13/75p4

Langelier, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/27/75p6

Langelier, M&M Lucien, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/27/73p5

Langevin, Eleonor M., died 7/1/71: 7/15/71p3

Langevin, Leo R., died 2/6/79: 2/13/79p2

Langley, William H., died 6/18/76: 6/30/76p2

Langotte, Jeannette, and Richard Laidlaw are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p2

Lanoie, Imelda R., died 10/23/78: 10/31/78p3

Lanoie, Joseph G., died 6/21/72: 6/26/72p3

Lanoie, Pamela, and Dennis Shewell are wed 10/24/70: 10/29/70pA16

Lanoix, Ethel, died 5/31/76: 6/9/76p2

Lanoix, Robert, died 6/19/74: 6/24/74p4

Lanoix, Rose A., died 10/6/73: 10/11/73p4

Lanouette, Rena A., died 3/25/72: 3/27/72p2

Lapanne, Mary J., died 7/6/71: 7/8/71p3

Lapanne, Wayne, died 8/17/78: 8/22/78p16

Lapierre, Alma, died 7/30/76: 8/4/76p3

Lapierre, Brett, and Doris Levesque are wed 7/21/73: 8/13/73p6

Lapierre, Mark, circling South America with the Navy: 9/24/70pA6

Lapierre, Paul, and Rosanne Trudel are wed 8/7/71: 8/12/71p2

LaPierre, Sean A., died 5/21/73: 5/21/73p4

Laplume, Normand, and Carmen Levasseur are wed 6/27/70: 7/2/70p4

Lapointe Jr., Paul, and Claire Sylvain are wed 9/22/73: 10/15/73p6

Laprise, Arthur L., died 11/28/78: 12/5/78p2

LaPrise, Donald, and Ruby Welch are wed 9/26/70: 10/8/70p7

LaRocca, Melanie, and Alan Walker are wed 12/17/77: 12/27/77p4a

LaRoche, Albert, and Susan Corson are wed 1/27/73: 2/15/73p6

LaRoche, Albert J., died 4/23/73: 4/23/73p4

LaRoche, Jean, to represent NH in Miss USA Pageant: 4/8/71p1

LaRoche Jr., Eugene, and Mary Timmins are wed 5/31/74: 6/17/74p6

LaRoche, Paul, died 7/30/74: 8/1/74p1

LaRoche, Robert, and Linda Gibb are wed 8/6/71: 9/16/71pA8

LaRoche, Ronald, and Marcia Poire are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Larochell Jr., Armand, and Ann Sloan are wed 1/23/71: 2/4/71p2

Larochelle, Edward E., died 2/26/74: 3/4/74p4

Larochelle, Jon, and Sharon White are wed: 8/29/74p6

Larochelle, Joy, and Eric Smith are wed 8/10/74: 8/29/74p6

Larochelle, Rita, and Carlton Worster are wed 1/2/71: 2/4/71p4

Larochelle, Ruth, and Russell Reid are are wed 8/19/72: 8/31/72p5

LaRochelle, Lodoiska P., died 11/15/75: 11/19/75p2

Larose, Donate E., died 6/3/72: 6/8/72p3

Larose, Mary H., died ?/?/74: 5/6/74p5

Larouche, Rev. Robert, died 8/14/76: 8/18/76p4

Larson, Patricia honored as Air Force wife: 3/4/74p6

Lashon, Florence, died 3/22/72: 3/27/72p2

Laskey, Linda, and Christopher Winters are wed: 6/23/76p10a

Laskey, M&M Ralph, are 60-year members of Grange: 6/14/73p14,6/28/73p5

Lassor, Gerald, and Diane Goodfield are wed 8/3/74: 8/22/74p6

Laudenbach, Jack F., died 2/15/75: 2/21/74p2

Laudenbach, Karl, and Jean Gray are wed 7/3/71: 7/29/71p15

Laudenbach, Marion, and Emil Landi are wed 4/27/79: 5/29/79p7

Laughton, Paul K., died 7/29/72: 7/31/72p1

Laurion, Blanche E., died 4/6/76: 4/14/76p2

Laurion, Brian, and Kim Gravel are wed: 2/21/78p1b

Laurion, Carmen, and William Garland are wed 6/28/74: 7/18/74p6

Laurion, Flora L., died 12/3/73: 12/6/73p4

Laurion, Lucien, and Juliette Croteau are wed 11/6/76: 12/1/76p1b

Lavallee, Emelda, died 12/28/74: 1/6/75p9

Lavallee, Pamela, and Francis Bald are wed 9/4/72: 9/7/72p6

LaValley, Eleanor M., died 10/3/76: 10/6/76p1

LaValley, M&M Joseph, celebrate 65th anniversary: 8/22/74p6

Laverdiere, Diana, died 12/3/76: 12/8/76p4

Laverdiere, Laurel, died 4/23/75: 4/28/75p2

Laverdiere, Louis, died 12/5?/73: 12/6/73p4

Lavertu, Shirley, and Ivan Dore are wed 4/21/79: 5/22/79p10

Lavertue, Joseph W., died 12/12/76: 12/15/76p4

Lavertue, Roxanne, and Robert Rand are wed 12/6/75: 12/24/75p2a

Lavigne, Joseph, and Martha Wentworth wed 8/26/78: 10/17/78p2b

Laviolette, M&M Henry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/14/72p15

Lavoie, Alexina, died 1/17/74: 1/21/74p9

Lavoie, Anton D., died 9/11/77: 9/20/77p3

Lavoie, Janet, and Richard Henderson are wed 6/12/76: 7/7/76p2a

Lavoie, Lena T., died 3/15/75: 3/20/75p2

Lavoie, Raymond, and Diana Kiehl are wed 1/7/78: 1/17/78p2a

Lavoie, Reginald, and Sharon Perrault are wed 5/10/75: 6/2/75p6

Lavoie, Ronald, and Jan Warburton are wed 4/6/74: 5/13/74p6

Lavoie, Wilfred E., died 1/9/73: 1/11/73p4

Lavoire, Raymond, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 3/19/70pp11,12

Lawrence, Abbott W., died 1/26/71: 1/28/71p3

Lawrence, Arthur F., died 7/256/78: 8/1/78p3

Lawrence, John W., died 9/16/71: 9/23/71p3

Lawrence, Marie A., died 2/20/76: 2/25/76p2

Lawson, Nora L., died 9/19/77: 9/27/77p3

Layton, Edna M., died 9/8/72: 9/11/72p5

Lazarus, Althea, and George Coussoule are wed 10/20/74: 11/4/74p6

Lazarus, George, and Sanrda Flint are wed 4/16/77: 4/27/77p1b

Lazzaea, Peter, died 1/3/72: 1/6/72p2

Leach, Chareles A., died 7/25/73: 7/30/73p5

Leach, Charles, is a 50-year Mason: 5/14/70p2

Leach, Mildred F., died 11/24/76: 12/1/76p4

Leahy, Grace M., died 8/31/76: 9/8/76p4

Leary, Jane, died 3/5/75: 3/6/75p1,3/10/75p4

Leary, Kenneth, and Tori Therrien are wed 11/24/73: 1/14/74p3

Leatherman, Nelson, and Jeanine Gingras are wed 8/29/75: 10/1/75p4a

Leavitt, Albert, and Kimberly Tuttle are wed 4/6/74: 4/15/74p6

Leavitt, Edward F., died 8/22/79: 8/28/79p2

Leavitt, Florence C., died 3/29/71: 4/1/71p3

Leavitt, Jeanette N., died 12/12/76: 12/15/76p4

Leavitt, Marion E., died 7/18/74: 7/22/74p5

Leavitt, Viola E., died 10/11/77: 10/18/77p3

LeBlond, James J., died 3/12/77: 3/16/77p3

LeBouthillier, Odelle E., died 5/13/77: 5/17/77p3

LeClair Jr., Carl W., died 12/26/73: 1/3/74p4

LeClair Jr., Leon W., died 11/11/73: 11/15/73p4

LeClair, Richard HJ., died 10/26/74: 10/31/74p5

LeClair, Rosanna, dired 3/17/75: 3/20/75p2

LeClair, Susan, and Raymond Bennett Jr. are wed 4/21/73: 5/10/73p7

Lee, J. Richard, and Jo-Ann Welch are wed 7/15/78: 9/19/78p2b

Lee, Linda, and Bryan Wilson are wed 10/2/71: 10/14/71p16

Leeman, Donna, and Timothy Harris are wed 8/13/78: 9/12/78p3a

Leeman, Paula, and Owen Seeley III are wed 6/?/75: 6/19/75p4

Leeper, Durwood D., died 9/17/78: 9/19/78p3

Lefavour, Kimberly, and Joseph Diprizio are wed: 11/3/76p1b

Lefebvre, Adeline, died 12/31/69: 1/8/70p3

Lefebvre, David, and Janie Gregoire are wed 2/11/78: 2/21/78p1b

Lefebvre, Eose A., died 5/1/79: 5/8/79p2

Lefebvre, Joseph, died 1/11/72: 1/13/72p3

Lefebvre, Norman, and Linda Fickett are wed 1/11/74: 2/4/74p7

Lefebvre, Norman, listed in Students' Who's Who: 1/4/73p13

LeFort, Goerge F., died 12/12/79: 12/18/79p2

Legere, Ronald, and Janet Leveille are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70p16

Leib, Ralph, educator, likes guidance work: 4/20/72p3

Leib, Ralph K., honored for service to Great Bay School: 11/20/72p5

Leighton, Carrie B., died 11/11/72: 11/13/72p1

Leighton, Evelyn M., died 10/17/79: 10/23/79p17

Leighton, Richard, and Heidi Pheasant are wed 8/13/77: 8/30/77p1a

Leighton, Ryan L., died 10/30/78: 11/7/78p2

Lemay, David, and Mandy Stuart are wed: 11/28/78p2a

Lemay, Janine, and Joseph Jines are wed 1/18/76: 2/25/76p10

Lemay, Mary K., died 8/24/75: 8/28/75p2

Lemay, Napolean P., died 7/1/72: 7/6/72p3

LeMay, Catherine K., died 314/77: 3/23/77p3

Lemire, Ann, and Leon Potvin are wed 6/14/75: 7/14/75p3

Lemire, Antoinette E., died 8/24/74: 8/26/74p4

Lemire, Avila A., died 1/19/71: 1/28/71p3

Lemire, Joan, namned to Students' Who's Who: 6/24/74p3

Lemire, Methilda, died 3/31/71: 4/1/71p3

Lemire, Natalie B., died 3/26/72: 3/30/72p3

Lemoyne, Hector L., died 7/26/76: 8/4/76p2

Lemoyne, Janine, and James McCallion are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p4

Lemoyne, Lorraine, and Charles Keen are wed 4/4/70: 4/30/70p4

Lemoyne, Omar H., died 8/26/74: 8/29/74p5

Lemoyne, Zoe, died 6/16/71: 6/17/71p3

Lenzi, George R., died 8/22/70: 8/27/70p3

Leocha, Leona, and Jonathan Tsoronis are wed 12/14/75: 1/7/76p8

Leocha, Mitchell J., died 10/16/77: 10/18/77p3

Leonard, Elsie M., died 5/3/75: 5/8/75p2

Leone, Janet, and Roland Eldridge Jr. are wed 2/9/79: 3/13/79p2b

LePage, Dorothy R., died 5/10/74: 5/16/74p5

Lepene, Dennis, and Carol Auger are wed: 5/2/78p2b

Lepene, Glenn, and Ronda Piro are wed 10/1/78: 11/14/78p2b

Lepene Jr., Richard, and Cathy Colby are wed 6/16/74: 7/22/74p6

Lepene, Lawrence, died 9/19/75: 9/24/75p2

Lepene, Linda, and Ronald Roberge are wed 2/24/79: 3/6/79p4b

Lesperance, David, and Rita Dube are wed 4/25/70: 4/30/70p4

Lesperance, Jeanne, died 12/30/71: 1/6/72p3

Lessard, Emile, died 11/10/74: 11/14/74p4

Lessard, Forrest, participates in YCC Project: 8/8/78p12a

Lessard, Hazel, died 7/26/71: 7/29/71p3

Lessard, Joan, and Leon Planche are wed 9/30/78: 11/7/78p2b

Lessard, Paul E., died 9/9/76: 9/15/76p4

Lessard, Rose,, loves Mothers' Day: 5/4/77p2b

Lessard, Wilfred A., died 10/16/73: 10/18/73p4

Letch, Ida, becomes NH's oldest citizen (photo): 11/8/73pA8

Letch, Ida, celebrates 103rd birthday: 5/28/70pp1,12

Letch, Ida, celebrates 104th birthday: 5/20/71p1,5/27/71p4

Letch, Ida, celebrates 106th birthday: 5/21/73p1

Letch, Ida, celebrates 107th birthday: 5/23/74p1

Letch, Ida, NH's oldest citizen, died 11/7/74: 11/11/74p1

Letch, Ida, to celebrate her 105th birthday: 5/18/72p1,5/22/72p1

Letendre, Delphis, died 11/1/79: 11/6/79p2

Letendre, Joseph A., died 4/14/74: 4/18/74p5

Letendre, M&M Ernest, celebrate 30th anniversary: 2/25/71p4

Letendre, M&M Joseph, celebrate 65th anniversary: 6/7/73pA11

Letendre, Octave T., died 3/10/71: 3/18/71p2

Letendre, Roger, and Shirley Yates are wed 8/3/73: 8/20/73p6

Letourneau, Alphonse E., died 426/78: 5/2/78p3

Letourneau, M&M Alfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/2/77p10

Levasseur, Carmen, and Normand Laplume are wed 6/27/70: 7/2/70p4

Leveille, Denise, and Jeffrey Smith are wed 6/1/74: 7/8/74p6

Leveille, Janet, and Ronald Legere are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70p16

Levesque, Annette, and James Horne are wed 4/16/77: 5/4/77p1b

Levesque, Bernice A., died 5/3/77: 5/11/77p3

Levesque, Doris, and Brett Lapierre are wed 7/21/73: 8/13/73p6

Levesque, Ernest, died 2/10/72: 2/14/72p3

Levesque, Kevin, died 8/17/74: 8/19/74p1

Levesque, M&M Sylvio, celebrate 45th anniversary: 10/2/72p6

Levesque, M&M Sylvio, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/27/77p3a

Levesque, Rachel, and Douglas Gilman are wed 5/3/75: 5/29/75p4

Levesque, Victor, and Janna McLaughlin are wed 6/12/76: 6/23/76p10a

Lewis, Demerise, died 3/1/77: 3/9/77p3

Lewis, Frank W., died 10/4/78: 10/10/78p3

Lewis, Louise F., died 3/18/79: 3/27/79p2

Lewis, M&M Charlie, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/17/75p4

Lewis, M&M Henry, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/24/76p4a

Lewis, Patricia, and Raymond Purvis are wed 11/28/70: 1/7/71p4

Lewis, Sharon, and John Duntley are wed 6/6/70: 6/25/70p4

Lewis Sr., Robert E., died 2/16/78: 2/21/78p2

Lewis, Sylvia S., died 10/8/79: 10/16/79p14

Libbey, Harold B., died 3/12/74: 3/14/74p4

Libby Jr., Arthur, and Pamela Goodwin are wed 4/23/77: 6/28/77p2a

Libby, Leo, and Lisa Jackson are wed 8/4/79: 9/11/79p12

Libby, Marc, died 7/10/75: 7/14/75p14

Liberi III, Bernard, and Kathryn Mone are wed 10/6/73: 10/18/73p8

Lifter, Eli W., died 11/7/74: 11/11/74p5

Lifter, Elizabeth M., died 10/20/76: 10/20/76p4

Lightbody, Mertie B., died 3/23/73: 3/29/73p4

Lilljidahl, Robbi, are David Conley are wed: 10/6/76p2a

Liming, David, and Louise Pelletier are wed: 10/11/77p2a

Lincoln, Alice B., died 5/4/72: 5/8/72p3

Lincoln, Eleanor D., died 10/14/70: 10/22/70p2

Lincoln, Patricia, and David Young are wed 4/3/70: 4/23/70p4

Lineweber, Merri, presides at church organ: 4/7/76p4

Ling, John D., died 1/22/73: 1/25/73p4

Linscott, Leland E., died 12/5/71: 12/9/71p3

Little Jr., Fred, and Nancy Bernier are wed 5/23/70: 6/11/70p4

Little, Merle E., died 10/5/74: 10/10/74p5

Littlefield, Brian, and Pamela Foss are wed 7/30/74: 8/12/74p6

Littlefield, Fern, and Kristian Teshera are wed: 2/23/77p6a

Littlefield, Gail, and Ted Hand are wed 7/8/72: 7/20/72p6

Littlefield, Madeline, died 1/16/77: 1/19/77p2

Littlefield, May G., died 1/18/77: 1/26/77p2

Littlefield, Maynard J., died 5/22/77: 5/31/77p3

Littlefield, Michael, and Fay Therrien are wed 6/20/73: 7/16/73p7

Littlefield, Neil, and Christina Sherwood are wed 6/8/74: 6/17/74p6

Littlefield, Payson E., died 7/19/76: 7/28/76p2

Littlefield, Perley, is NH Airman of the Year: 10/6/76p1

Lizotte, Ervin, and Colleen Williams are wed 11/22/75: 12/10/75p2a

Lizotte, Henry, and Kathleen Sherman are wed: 11/26/73p8

Lizotte, Joseph A/. died 9/7/73: 9/10/73p4

Lizotte, Lucy, died 5/25/76: 6/2/76p2

Lizotte, Mary, and David Bennett are wed 2/28/76: 3/17/76p4a

Lizotte, Wilfred, died 3/22/79: 4/10/79p2

Lizotte, Yvonne R., died 9/28/79: 10/2/79p2

llis, Carrie M., died 9/16/73: 9/20/73p4

Locke, Daryanne, teacher, likes working in ability groups: 4/27/72p3

Locke, Eva M., died 1/6/70: 1/8/70p3

Locke, IOsaac W., died 12/6/76: 12/15/76p4

Lockhart, Agnes G., died 1/28/71: 2/4/71p3

Loechle, John, and Sharon Rennebu are wed 3/9/74: 5/2/74p14A

Logan, Michael, and Bonnie Byrd are wed 9/28/74: 10/3/74p6

Londo, Erwin, receives patents for engine: 8/1/74p4,10/16/72p14

Londo, Erwin, seeks patent on rotary-type engine: 7/29/71pA12

Longley, George, at 89, feted at town meeting: 3/18/71pA11

Longo, Estelle, died 1/16/75: 1/20/75p5

Loomis, Dwight D., died 1/4/77: 1/12/77p4

Lord, Alfred E., died 8/22/72: 8/24/72p4

Lord, Elsie J., died 4/8/76: 4/14/76p2

Lord, Frank, and Brenda Nason are wed 6/5/71: 6/24/71p4

Lord, Frank, and Pamela Stevenson are wed 7/3/76: 8/11/76p2a

Lord, George W., died 1/6/71: 1/7/71p3

Lord, Jennie M., died 12/17/71: 12/23/71p3

Lord, Judith, and George Sargent are wed 7/15/72: 7/20/72p6

Lord, M&M William, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/31/75p4

Lord, Martin L., died 6/11/73: 6/14/73p4

Lord, Mary, and Donald Harrington are wed 1/31/70: 2/5/70p11

Lord, Robert E., died 9/2/73: 9/6/73p4

Lord, William C., died 1/21/78: 1/24/78p3

Lord. Grace R., died 12/31/73: 1/3/74p7

Loring, Auralie E., died 3/18/71: 3/25/71p3

Loring, Richard, and Linda Portrie are wed 5/23/70: 7/23/70p4

Lougee, Clarice P., died 6/16/74: 6/20/74p5

Lougee, Harry S., died 11/14/72: 11/20/72p4

Lougee, Joseph, and Josephine Ricker are wed: 12/6/77p5a

Lovejoy, George, and Elva McCrillis are wed 5/16/75: 6/2/75p6

Lovejoy, Sharon, and Richard Copp are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Loveladdy Jr., Jack, and Jill Piper are wed: 12/19/78p3b

Lovely, Bonnie, and Rene Grenier are wed: 5/16/78p2b

Lovely, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/17/75p8

Lover, Alice M., died 6/20/70: 6/25/70p3

Lover, Richard, and Nancy Swain are wed 2/9/74: 3/14/74p7A

Lovett, Charles S., died 4/22/73: 4/26/73p5

Lowd, Allan, and Debra Edgerly are wed 4/12/75: 6/12/75p4

Lowd, Bessie W., died 9/23/74: 9/27/73p4

Lowd, Charles, died 11/11/71: 11/18/71p3

Lowd, Florence, died 3/31/76: 4/7/76p2

Lowe, M&M Edgar, celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/16/77p2a

Lowell, Iola, died 8/4/77: 8/9/77p2

Lowell, M&M Stanley, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/12/77p2a

Lowell, Stanley H., died 6/2/78: 6/13/78p3

Lowery, Ellis C., earns Meritorious Sevice Medal: 4/4/74p4A

Lowery, Leo C., died 7/10/73: 7/16/73p5

Lowry, Adella, celebrates 81st birthday: 2/11/76p4a

Lowry, Ardella, celebrates 80th birthday: 1/23/75p6

Lowry, Ellis, retires from USAF after 23 years: 7/11/74p14A

Lowry, Rene, and Michael Chick are wed: 5/2/78p2b

Lucas, Deborah, and Donald Day are wed: 5/30/78p2a

Lucet, Carolyn, and Richard Cooper are wed 10/7/78: 11/28/78p2a

Lucey, Josephine, honored by TOPS: 5/16/78p2b

Lucey, Josephine, honored by TOPS: 11/15/77p12b

Lucey, Mary, died 12/17/72: 12/21/72p4

Lucey, Richard O., died 6/27/77: 7/5/77p2

Lufkin, Helen G., died 10/25/76: 11/3/76p2

Lund, Ellen, and Raymond Fontaine are wed 10/2/71: 10/21/71p4

Lund, Herbert C., died 12/6/70: 12/10/70p3

Lunt, Adelia G., died 4/1/75: 4/3/75p2,4/7/75p2

Lurvey, Hazel A., died 9/17/71: 9/23/71p3

Lurvey Sr., Carlile L., died 10/29/73: 11/1/73p4

Luthanen, Kenneth, and Marie Gagnon are wed 8/23/75: 9/10/75p9

Lyle, Robin, and Gail Trudeau are wed 5/24/75: 6/5/75p4

Lyndes, Eunice, is BPW Woman of the Year: 10/18/77p1b

Lyons, Edithe L., died 1/18/76: 1/28/76p2

Mabbett, Lois, died 3/1/73: 3/5/73p4

MacCallion, Neil, died 6/19/78: 6/27/78p2

MacDonald, Craig, and Elizabeth Andrews are wed: 6/25/70pp4,5

MacDonald, Gary, and Denise Huppe are wed 7/26/74: 8/12/74p6

MacDonald, Jennifer M., died 6/8/75: 6/12/75p3

MacDonald, Paul, and Sharon Greely are wed 8/12/72: 8/31/72p13

MacDonald, Scott, and Sheryl Clough are wed 6/26/76: 7/28/76p7a

MacDougall, Ruth, writes 11th novel: 1/11/73p6

MacDougall, Ruth, writes books, makes little money are: 2/3/72p5

MacFarland, Patricia, and Richard Blake are wed 5/20/72: 6/8/72p6

MacIsaac, Gary, and Linda LaChance are wed 6/23/73: 7/16/73p7,7/23/73p3

MacKay, M&M Robert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/6/73p7

MacKay, Mrs. Donald, died 8/22/75: 8/28/75p2

MacKay, Nancy, and Ronald Nickerson are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

MacKenzie, Carolyn A., died 7/9/77: 7/12/77p2

MacKenzie, John A., died 3/20/75: 3/24/75p4

MacKenzie, Waneta T., died 7/1/78: 7/11/78p3

MacMillan, John R., died 11/19/71: 11/25/71p3

Macriyanis, Celine C., died 11/11/74: 11/14/74p4

Macurdy, Robert, and Kathleen Robinson are wed 8/9/72: 8/31/72p6

Madore, Joseph L., died 1/17/77: 1/26/77p2

Madore, Rita, enters Carmelite Order: 4/13/72p3

Magee, Kerry, and Laura Howard are wed 7/27/74: 8/19/74p6

Magoon, Arland, died 5/5/73: 5/7/73p7

Magoon, G. Malcolm, died 6/19/75: 6/23/75p2

Maiden, Roger, and Louise Martin are wed 8/24/79: 9/25/79p20

Mailhot, Archie, died 10/4/70: 10/8/70p3

Mailhot, Ernest, and Doris Preston are wed 7/27/73: 8/2/73p7

Mailhot, Ernest, died 2/19/78: 2/21/78p2

Mailhot, Flore Y., died 4/8/71: 4/15/71p3

Mailhot, Rose, died 9/18/70: 9/24/70p3

Mailhott, Ronald, and Bonnie Burrows are wed 8/26/78: 9/19/78p2b

Mailloux, Diana, died 10/13/72: 10/16/72p4

Mailloux, Napolean J., died 12/25/74: 12/30/74p4

Main, Anna, retires from St. Mary's school: 6/8/72p6

Main, Fanny, died 12/14/73: 12/17/73p4

Main, Harley S., died 7/13/78: 7/18/78p3

Mains, Gale, and Kenneth Downes are wed 6/23/72: 7/6/72p6

Mains, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/19/79p2b

Mains, Roger, and Kathleen Brown are wed 5/17/75: 6/9/75p16

Maleham, Herbert W., died 9/5/789: 9/12/78p3

Mallett, Sandy, authors New England bird book: 5/16/78p5

Mallock, Dorothy L., died 12/14/71: 12/16/71p3

Malone, David, and Gail Genovesi are wed 4/10/71: 4/15/71p4

Malone, Donna, and Maurice Goodwin are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71pA7

Malone, Gary, and Jacqueline Grant are wed 6/10/72: 7/6/72p6

Malone, John, died 12/12/74: 12/16/74p9

Malone, Lilly A., died 7/11/73: 8/16/73p4

Malone, M&M John, celebrate 63rd anniversary: 7/2/70p4

Malone, M&M John, celebrate 64th anniversary: 7/8/71p4

Malone, M&M John, celebrate 65th anniversary: 7/6/72p3

Malone, Norman G., died 1/10/78: 1/17/78p2

Malone, Paul, and Colleen Mansfield are wed 6/14/74: 7/8/74p6

Maloney, Ernestine, volunteers in RCSC: 5/7/73p11

Manning Jr., James, is new Boys' Club director: 1/10/74p1

Mansfield, Colleen, and Paul Malone are wed 6/14/74: 7/8/74p6

Mansfield, Dale, and Toni Sessler are wed 6/19/76: 7/28/76p6a

Mansfield, Dana, and Patricia Welch are wed 7/24/76: 9/1/76p2a

Mansfield, David, and Lorraine Strafford wed 9/9/78: 12/12/78p1b

Mansfield, Mildred G., died 11/127/70: 12/3/70p2

Manson, Judith, and James Quinn are wed 5/18/74: 5/30/74p6

Marble, Martha S., died 5/3/74: 5/6/74p5

Marble, Mary A., died 5/5/75: 5/8/75p2

Marble, Mattie, celebrates 90th birthday: 8/13/70p4

Marcey. Joseph T., died 3/27/79: 4/3/79p2

March, Lori M., died 9/28/79: 10/2/79p2

Marchand, Alfred R., died 6/17/74: 6/20/74p5

Marchand, David A., died 5/22/77: 5/31/77p3

Marchand, Norman E., died 12/16/75: 1/14/76p2

Marchiony, Ethel, died 9/5/70: 9/10/70p3

Marcotte, Anne, and Mark Covell are wed 7/19/75: 8/18/75p4

Marcotte, James, and Lynn Smith are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Marcotte, Jeffery, awarded BSA Eagle badge (photo): 6/14/77p2

Marcotte, Joseph E., died 10/26/72: 10/30/72p4

Marcotte, Laura retires after 47 years in banking: 1/22/70p1

Marcotte, Phoebe N., died 10/3/72: 10/5/72p4

Marcotte, Raoul, and Pearl Brown are wed 7/18/74: 8/29/74p6

Marcotte, Raoul J., died 4/26/76: 5/5/76p2

Marcotte, Robert W., died 9/4/73: 9/6/73p4

Marcotte Yvonne G., died 10/21/73: 10/25/73p4

Marcou, Alfred F., died 11/9/70: 11/12/70p3

Marcoux, Collette, and Bruce Parmerleau are wed 6/30/79: 9/25/79p20

Marcoux, Lucy M., died 12/23/78p: 1/2/79p2

Marcoux, Mary, and James Hutchins are wed 8/28/76: 9/8/76p2a

Marcoux, Sr. Roseline, celebrates 25th anniversary as a nun: 7/25/74p4

Marcucci, Stacia A., died 7/13/76: 7/21/76p2

Marden, Maude A., died 10/12/73: 10/15/73p4

Mareau, Jerome A., died 2/2/73: 2/5/73p4

Marenghi, Marsha, and Stephen Foster are wed 2/23/74: 3/11/74p6

Margeson, Ethel M., died 3/17/79: 3/20/79p2

Marple, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/27/77p3a

Marquis, David G., died 11/22/70: 11/26/70p3

Marquis, Leon A., died 5/30/70: 6/4/70p3

Marquis, Rose, semi-retires from Courier after 48 years: 2/5/73p1

Marsden, Lewis A., died 10/1/74: 10/3/74p5

Marsh, Alta, celebrates 75th birthday (photo): 7/12/77p7

Marsh, Esther J., died 11/21/73: 11/26/73p4

Marsh, Fred E., died 12/29/75: 1/6/75p9

Marsh, Heber A., died 9/21/71: 9/23/71p2

Marsh, Kathleen, and Clay Prewitt are wed 6/23/79: 7/31/79p4a

Marsh, Richard, and Barbara Koopman are wed 2/19/72: 3/2/72p6

Marsh, Roland G., died 10/17/79: 10/23/79p17

Marshall, Sophia I., died 9/26/78: 10/3/78p3

Marston, Charles E., died 1/22/78: 1/24/78p3

Marston, John, and Cheryl Neal are wed 11/21/75: 12/24/75p2a

Marston, John, and Judith Foss are wed 12/5/70: 1/7/71p4

Martel, M&M Raymond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/20/71p3

Martel, Myrtle, and Everett Pelletier are wed 7/21/72: 7/31/72p6

Martell, Peter, and Cheryl Sparks are wed 10/26/74: 12/9/74p11

Martell Sr., Clayton O., died 5/22/71: 5/27/71p3

Martin, Alice, died 3/31/72: 4/6/72p3

Martin, Fred, died 2/6/76: 2/11/76p2

Martin, G. Robert, died 9/17/79: 9/25/79p2

Martin, Louise, and Roger Maiden are wed 8/24/79: 9/25/79p20

Martin, Marilee, and Neal Desmarais are wed 8/15/75: 9/10/75p9

Martin, Meagan L., died 4/4/79: 4/10/79p2

Martin, Robin, and Brian Carpenter are wed 6/10/78: 6/27/78p2b

Martineau, Edna M., died 11/14/79: 11/20/79p4

Martineau, Joseph O., died 10/4/75: 10/8/75p2

Martineau, Ramon F., died 3/8/77: 3/16/77p3

Martineau, Wilfred, died 1/26/79: 1/30/79p2

Marvel, Dorothy, and Keith Baker are wed 6/17/72: 7/17/72p6

Maskell, Al, died 5/29/75: 6/2/75p2

Maskell, Alton R., die 1/3/72: 1/6/72p3

Mason, Elizabeth C., died 7/24/71: 7/29/71p3

Mason, Sharon, and Ronald Phillips are wed 9/15/73: 10/8/73p9

Mason, Veneda S., died 4/28/79: 5/1/79p2

Masse, Dennis, and Lea Routhier are wed 9/1/73: 9/6/73p7

Masse, Napolean I., died 12/26/71: 12/30/71p3

Masse, Robert, and Betty Goodrow are wed 12/29/76: 1/12/77p2a

Masse, Wilda, celebrates 80th birthday: 6/15/72p2

Masterson, Harriet H., died 1/14/72: 1/20/72p3

Matheson, M&M Chester, doing the Lord's work in Brazil: 8/14/75p6A

Mathews, Michael, and Priscilla Page are wed 12/20/70: 12/31/70p4

Matthews, Regina, and Dale DeVore are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p11

Mattocks, David, and Donna English are wed 11/11/73: 12/3/73p6

Mattocks, William, and Eileen Colby are wed 11/28/70: 12/17/70p4

Mattson, Gary, and Elosia Robinson are wed 5/22/76: 6/9/76p2a

Mavel, James, and Rita Landry are wed 3/27/71: 4/1/71p4

Maxfield, Alphonsine, died 10/5/78: 10/10/78p3

Maxfield, Elile W., died 8/1/73: 8/6/73p4

Maxfield Jr., Edward, died 4/13/78: 4/18/78p3

Maxfield, Kenneth, and Rachel LaBranche are wed 6/13/70: 6/18/70p4

Maxfield, Laurette, died 8/25/75: 8/28/75p2

Maxfield, Leland L., died 6/9/79: 6/12/79p2

Maxfield, Lillian M., died 4/20/75: 4/24/75p2

Maxfield, Morris A., died 10/27/77: 11/1/77p3

Maxfield, Ozias, died 8/28/79: 9/4/79p2

Maxfield Sr., Edward R., died 7/24/73: 7/30/73p5

Maxfield, Vera, wins Optometric essay contest: 4/21/76p8

Maxfield, Virginia, and Joseph Pollard are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Maxfield, Walter J., died 3/29/73: 4/5/73p4

May, Mary L., died 5/21/73: 5/24/73p4

Mayo, Blanche E., died 3/7/70: 3/12/70p2

Mayo, Regis A., died 10/3/70: 10/8/70p3

McAllister, Janet, and Robert Burch are wed 7/30/76: 9/1/76p2a

McAllister, Roger J., died 10/4/76: 10/13/76p4

McAllister, Tamara, and Timothy Gimas are wed 6/10/78: 7/11/78p3a

McBride, Cheryl, and Clayton Quimby are wed 6/12/71: 6/24/71p4

McBride, Doris, teacher, believes learning can be fun: 12/9/71p14

McBride, Mary, and William Milanese are wed 6/2/73: 7/5/73p7

McBride, Ruby F., died 3/15/78: 3/21/78p3

McBride, Susan, and Stephen Shaw are wed 10/20/73: 11/19/73p7

McCallion, James, and Janine Lemoyne are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p4

McCallion, M&M Niel, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/12/74p6

McCallister, M&M Irving, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/2/71p2

McCann, Gail, and Charles Karcher Jr. are wed 1/31/70: 2/5/70p4

McCann, Paula, and John Buzzell are wed 10/?/73: 12/10/73p9

McCarley, Caroline, and Daniel Harkinson are wed 6/1/74: 6/10/74p6

McCarron, Vicky S., died 12/17/76: 12/22/76p4

McCarthy, Fay, and Anthony Elwall are wed 9/1/73: 9/17/73p2

McCarthy, Joseph, and Jane Tabor are wed 5/13/72: 5/18/72p6

McCarthy, Joseph, died 4/13/76: 4/21/76p2

McCarthy, Michael, and Donna Gilman are wed 10/20/73: 10/25/73p7

McCarthy, Olive A., died 1/8/73: 1/11/73p4

McCauley, Margaret M., died 3/22/70: 3/26/70p3

McCawley, Thomas J., died 4/28/73: 5/3/73p5

McClary, H. Amy, died 8/30/75: 9/3/75p2

McClure, Cecile, and George Gookin are wed 8/8/70: 8/13/70p4

McClure, Florida, died 2/25/74: 2/28/74p5

McCluskey, Ellen, and Randy Harris are wed 5/28/77: 6/7/77p2b

McCormack, Carmen is Miss Lilac Mall (photo): 4/24/79p1

McCormack, Jame M., died 1/11/73: 1/15/73p4

McCowan, Vaughan F., died 3/11/76: 3/17/76p2

McCoy, Charles, and Paula Morris are wed: 1/13/72pA7

McCoy, Cynthia, and Edmund Dube are wed 9/25/71: 9/30/71p4

McCoy, Philip, and Janet Kondrup are wed 10/31/70: 11/5/70p4

McCrillis, Arnold, died 1/2/77: 1/12/77p4

McCrillis, Elva, and George Lovejoy are wed 5/16/75: 6/2/75p6

McCullough, Candyce, and Kevin Hogan are wed 4/?/73: 5/24/73p7

McDaniel, Arthur, is A Remarkable Man: 4/30/73p16

McDonald, Cecelia, died 6/1/70: 6/4/70p3

McDonald, Emma V., died 9/8/72: 9/11/72p5

McDonald, Finlay R., died 4/6/72: 4/10/72p3

McDonald, Ida A., died 2/20/76: 2/25/76p2

McDonald, Lewis, died 2/13?/79: 2/20/79p5

McDonald, Patricia, and Ronnie Watts are wed 5/13/78: 6/6/78p3

McDonough, Alma, died 12/7/72: 12/11/72p4

McDuffee, John, died 11/15/77: 11/22/77p4

McDuffee, John, is 50-year member of Masons (photo): 6/8/72p3

McDuffee, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/6/72pA3

McDuffee, Steven, and Kristie Cormier are wed 9/22/79: 10/23/79p13

McEntire, Beverly, and Roger Richard are wed 12/23/73: 1/11/73p6

McEntrie, Steven, and Jill Miller are wed 10/27/73: 11/26/73p8

McEwen, Ezra A., died 10/16/75: 10/22/75p2

McEwen, M&M Thomas, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/15/77p3a

McFarland, Jeremiah J., died 11/18/75: 11/19/75p2

McGarghan, Terry, is NH Outstanding Young man: 3/19/73p15

McGary, Bertha E., died 3/22/77: 3/30/77p3

McGee, Howie: A Man As a Housewife: 12/20/73p1

McGettigan, Charles, and Niki Rogers are wed 8/25/73: 8/30/73p11

McGill, Ardelle D., died 8/30/70: 9/3/70p3

McGinnis, Deborah, and Robert Gray are wed 2/10/71: 2/11/71p13

McGlauflin, Mrs. Wallace, celebrates 75th birthday: 8/14/72p6

McGlauflin, Wallace H., died 7/1/74: 7/8/74p5

McGranahan, Earl W., died 10/24/75: 10/29/75p2

McGranahan, Helen M., died 7/25/74: 7/29/74p4

McGranahan, James, teacher, has a feeling for history: 3/6/72p3

McGranahan, Joy, and Thomas Clough are wed: 1/24/78p2a

McGraw, Philip, and Christine Connelly are wed 9/21/74: 10/17/74p6

McGregor, Ferne C., died 623/70: 6/25/70p3

McGurty, Patrick, and Susan Hall are wed 9/3/77: 9/27/77p2a

McGurty, Thomas, and Jane Moore are wed 1/20/73: 1/29/73p6

McHugh, Francis A., died 10/12/79: 10/16/79p2

McInerney, Charles, died 12/11/71: 12/16/71p3

McInerney, Margaret V., died 4/11/75: 4/14/75p2

McInerny, Bernard A, died 2/17/75: 2/20/75p5

McKay, Betty Lou, and Richard Sawyer are wed 8/14/76: 9/8/76p2a

McKay, Charlotte, teacher, fulfills the need of each child: 12/2/71p10

McKay, Donna, and Edward Collins are wed : 5/23/78p2b

McKay, William H., died 2/2/72: 2/30/72p3

McKeage, June, died 4/24/72: 4/27/72p3

McKeage, Pearl, died 11/4/76: 11/10/76p2

McKeen, Jacqueline, and Kenneth Moulton are wed 6/6/71: 6/24/71pA6

McKenna Jr., John, and Anne-Marie Valley are wed 5/28/77: 6/14/77p2a

McKenney, John W., died 78/1/75: 8/4/75p2

McKenney, Norman, died 4/6/76: 4/21/76p2

McKinney, Ginger, died 5/21/74: 5/23/74p5

McLain, Dee, and Richard Lachance are wed 10/3/70: 11/5/70p4

McLain, J. Donald, died 2/15/73: 2/19/73p4

McLain, John, and Dorothy Moulton are wed 11/16/73: 12/10/73p9

McLaughlin, Belle, died 2/15/76: 2/18/76p2

McLaughlin, Gail, and Richard Barbin are wed: 4/9/70p15

McLaughlin, Janna, and Victor Levesque are wed 6/12/76: 6/23/76p10a

McLaughlin, Mercy A., died 11/8/71: 11/11/71p2

McMann, Rodney E., died 2/21/79: 2/27/79p2

McManus, Henry, and Diana Wiggin are wed: 8/30/77p1a

McManus Jr., James, and Sharon Talbert are wed 7/29/72: 8/14/72p6

McManus, M&M James, celebrate 30th anniversary: 6/6/74p6A

McNally, John C., died 11/22/73: 11/29/73p4

McNeil, Beatrice M., died 1/26/77: 1/31/78p3

McNeil, Paul, and Suzanne Wyer are wed 9/8/79: 11/13/79p19

McNiff, Ellen, honored as noteworthy teacher: 5/23/74p4

McParland, Bernard, and Clair Palmer are wed 12/28/75: 1/6/75p10

McPherson, Howard, and Kathy White are wed 8/24/74: 9/9/74p8

McPherson, Michael, died 4/3/71: 4/8/71p3

McPherson, Norma E., died 12/1/73: 12/6/73p4

McVicar, David, named Pease Airman of the Year: 4/18/74p4

McWilliams, Charles, and Diane Cormier are wed 3/17/73: 3/22/73p6

Meade, Charles, and Susan Nordholm are wed 8/13/78: 9/12/78p3a

Meader, Albert E., died 5/17/74: 5/20/74p4

Meader, Betsy, and James Connor are wed 7/1/78: 8/1/78p2b

Meader, Carlton E., died 3/11/77: 3/16/77p3

Meader, Elwin, earns honors in pomology: 12/15/76p8a

Meader, H. Dwight, died 4/9/79: 4/17/79p2

Meader, J. Laurence, died 10/31/74: 11/11/74p5

Meader, John, and Carolyn Stone are wed 4/4/70: 4/9/70p4

Meader, M&M John, celebrate 40th anniversary: 11/25/71p4

Meader, Mabel, died 2/4/77: 2/16/77p2

Meader, Wilma, retires from SHS cafeteria after 27 years: 6/10/71p5

Mears, Ruth K., died 2/19/70: 2/26/70p3

Mears, Sara M., died 1/16/77: 1/26/77p2

Meattey, Theresa, and Steven Hemeon are wed 7/8/78: 8/8/78p3a

Meehan, Linda, and Gerald Richard are wed 10/21/78: 11/28/78p2a

Meehan, Robert, and Jo-Ellen Hartford are wed: 2/13/79p2b

Meek, Edwin J., died 11/6/72: 11/6/72p4

Meek, Ruth, and Paul Gerish are wed 10/10/75: 10/22/75p2a

Megee, Donal, and Jana Dorr are wed 7/24/71: 8/5/71p4

Meickeljohn, Jeannette, died 3/28/77: 4/6/77p3

Meinelt, Margaret, died 3/6/77: 3/16/77p3

Melanson, Suzanne, and George Pinkham III are wed 6/2/72: 6/8/72p6

Menard, Edmund J., died 10/4/72: 10/9/72p4

Menard, Joyce, and Edwin Shepard Jr. are wed 12/20/69: 1/1/70p4

Mendayer, Clandette R., died 3/3/71: 3/11/71p2

Mendler, Alden R., honored for service to Great Bay School: 11/20/72p5

Mendler, M&M Alden, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/21/71p4

Menten, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/5/73p7

Menton, Gladys, died 6/18/74: 6/20/74p5,6/27/74p4

Menton, TYhomas H., died 4/11/78: 4/18/78p3

Mercer, Scott, and Eleanor Brown are wed 1/10/70: 1/22/70p4

Merola, Patricia M., died 1/25/72: 2/3/72p3

Merriam, Sadie, died 1/25/75: 1/30/75p4

Merrill, Arthur H., died 2/28/79: 3/6/79p2

Merrill, Beth, lauded in Student Who's Who: 3/10/75p4

Merrill, Claramond H., died 9/22/78: 9/26/78p3

Merrill, Robert, and Elaine Fortier are wed 12/29/72: 1/11/73p6

Merrill, Timothy, and Debra Brownell are wed: 3/6/75p6

Merry, Nancy, and Thomas Charpentier are wed 8/28/77: 9/6/77p9

Meserve, M&M Irving, cxelebrate 25th anniversary: 10/26/72pB9

Metayer, Abani J., died 9/22/79: 9/25/79p2

Metcalf, Robert, and Charlotte Proulx are wed 7/23/77: 8/23/77p6

Meulenbrock, Peter, has Studley's green thumb: 3/30/77p1

Meulenbroek, Pieter, helps Studley's 50th anniversary: 11/29/77p4

Meyer, George and Lorraine, restore Farmington eyesore: 6/13/78p2a

Meyer, Jamie, and Michael Peterson are wed 11/17/73: 12/13/73p5A

Meyer, Peter, and Cheryl Grenier are wed 12/26/77: 1/17/78p2a

Meyer, Sandy, The independent young woman: 3/9/72p7

Michael, Glenn, and Barbara Breton are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p4

Michaud, Antonio A., died 4/1/79: 4/10/79p2

Michaud, Bernard, and Lena Lafontaine are wed 8/19/77: 9/27/77p2a

Michaud, Carol, and Mark Taylor are wed: 12/13/77p10

Michaud, David, and Barbara Carlberg are wed 9/23/77: 10/4/77p2a

Michaud, Jean, and Francis Ames are wed 11/26/76: 12/8/76p1b

Michaud, Thomas F., died 12/27/69: 1/8/70p3

Mick, Donna, and William Bernier are wed 5/9/70: 5/28/70p4

Mickelonis, Agnes S., died 1/8/71: 1/14/71p3

Mikula, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/29/71p4

Mikula, Robert, and Linda Brown are wed: 5/22/72p6

Milanese, Barry, and Gail Raab are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71p4

Milanese, M&M Raymond, celebrate 30th anniversary: 12/17/73p7

Milanese, William, and Mary McBride are wed 6/2/73: 7/5/73p7

Miles, Bruce M., died 8/23/79: 8/28/79p2

Miles., Edith M., died 10/1/74: 10/3/74p5

Miliner, Mildred J., died 9/23/73: 9/27/73p4

Miller, Charles W., died 7/13/76: 7/21/76p2

Miller, Ethel J., died 10/9/78: 10/17/78p3

Miller, Harley W., died 6/22/71: 6/24/71p3

Miller, James, and Mary Branscombe are wed 8/26/78: 9/12/78p3a

Miller, Jill, and Steven McEntire are wed 10/27/73: 11/26/73p8

Miller, Leroy C., died 2/11/79: 2/20/79p2

Miller, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/9/70p4

Miller, Richard, and Deborah Dietrich are wed 10/16/71: 11/4/71p4

Miller, Robert J., died 11/9/72: 11/13/72p5

Miller. Elinor M., died 8/14/71: 8/19/71p3

Miller. Rev. Gerald, retires after 42 years in ministry: 6/4/70pA5

Mills, Henrietta M., died 10/1/77: 10/11/77p3

Mills, M&M Walter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/13/79p12

Miltner, Albert, is C/C Man of the Year: 2/12/70p1

Miltner, Gwen, and William Ross are wed 7/14/79: 8/14/79p9a

Mingus, Phyllis, and Richard Pepin are wed 4/26/74: 5/13/74p6

Minicucci, Jean, and Robert Frake are wed 6/9/73: 6/11/73p7

Mitchell, Clyde F., died 9/26/72: 9/28/72p4

Mitchell, Emily, died 7/4/78: 7/11/78p3

Mitelhofs, Olga, died 1/4/74: 1/7/74p5

Moffett, Marie O., died 11/13/76: 11/24/76p4

Moffitt family holds reunion: 8/26/71p4

Moholland, Cora, died 7/18/73: 7/23/73p5

Moholland Sr., Clinton R., died 1/6/73: 1/11/73p4

Moirin, Rose A., died 1/25/76: 2/18/76p2

Moisan, Rudolph D., died 8/10/79: 8/14/79p2

Monahan, Kenneth, and Cynthia Smith are wed 6/8/73: 7/16/73p7

Mondoux, Noel, died 1/11/78: 1/14/76p2

Mone, Kathryn, and Bernard Libery III are wed 10/6/73: 10/18/73p8

Monroe, Donna, and Charles Claseman are wed 8/7/77: 8/30/77p2a

Montbleau, Martha, seamstress, is legally blind: 11/5/75p2a

Montgomery, Bob and Bev, live the simple life: 12/25/79p24

Montgomery, Bob, grows and touts benefits of organic veggies: 7/24/79p4a

Montgomery, David, and Jane Rowe are wed 6/3/78: 6/27/78p2b

Montminy, Paul, and Marcia Bellemeur are wed 6/7/75: 6/30/75p4

Montour, Pauline R., died 3/21/73: 3/22/73p4

Moody, Ronald, and Susan Bennett are wed 6/2/73: 6/18/73p11

Moody, Rosalind, and Barry Nation are wed 5/23/70: 6/4/70p4

Moody. Michael, and Florence Duhaime are wed: 11/15/77p2a

Moon, Ernest F., died 8/3/77: 8/9/77p2

Moon, Evie L., died 10/23/76: 11/3/76p2

Moon, James D., died 4/16/72: 4/20/72p3

Mooney, Diane, and Edward Gadbois are wed 9/8/72: 9/21/72p6

Mooney, Framcis J., died 10/11/72: 10/16/72p4

Mooney, M&M Francis, celebrate 55th anniversary: 10/22/70pA2

Mooney, Robin, and Wallace Coran are wed 1/8/72: 1/20/72p15

Mooneym, Maxime R., died 11/23/75: 12/3/75p2

Moore, Charles W., died 1/22/71: 1/28/71p3

Moore, Charlotte M., died 3/6/71: 3/11/71p3

Moore, Diane, and William Davis are wed 8/27/77: 10/11/77p2a

Moore, Elmon, died 11/24/71: 12/2/71p3

Moore, Gerard D., died 1/14/71: 1/21/71p3

Moore, Jane, and Thomas McGurty are wed 1/20/73: 1/29/73p6

Moore Jr., Vaughan H., died 12/23/71: 12/30/71p3

Moore, Leonel J., died 9/7/74: 9/12/74p4

Moore, Lewis, and Maureen Nadeau are wed 10/30/76: 11/17/76p1b

Moore, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/13/76p2a

Moore, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/31/75p12

Moore, Patricia, and Ralph Tingley are wed 8/30/75: 9/24/75p3a

Moore, Timothy, and Faith Barber are wed 6/16/79: 7/24/79p6b

Moors, Helen, died 9/17/71: 9/23/71p3

Morahan, Kenneth H., died 12/14/79: 12/18/79p2

Moran, Mary C., died 6/25/75: 6/30/75p2

Morency, Gary P., died 10/1/72: 10/5/72p4

Morgan, Herbert F., died 8/30/70: 9/3/70p3

Morgan III, Charles H., died 1/13/76: 1/21/76p3

Morgan, Jean, and Norman Elliott are wed 3/19/77: 4/20/77p2b

Morgan, Jeffery, died 11/22/73: 11/26/73p7

Morgan, Michael, and Lydia Pheasant are wed 8/9/75: 8/14/75p4

Morgan, Paula, and Kyle Ciccotelli are wed 10/29/77: 11/29/77p4a

Morin, Alfred, and Lorraine Becker are wed: 5/16/78p2b

Morin, Arthur A., died 6/14/77: 6/21/77p3

Morin, Emile, died 11/13/72: 11/16/72p5

Morin, Emma A., died 6/22/78: 6/27/78p2

Morin, Emma, celebrates 83rd birthday: 12/3/70p4

Morin, Emma, celebrates 84th birthday: 12/16/71p4

Morin, Emma, celebrates 85th birthday: 11/30/72p7

Morin, M. Virginia, died 9/11/75: 9/17/75p2

Morin, M&M Alcide, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/10/74p4

Morin, Margeurite M., died 9/21/76: 9/29/76p2

Morin, Maurice, and Cindi Paquette are wed 3/15/75: 3/27/75p5

Morin, Priscilla H., died 8/11/75: 8/18/75p2

Morin, Raymond, and Christine Tarlton are wed 2/5/72: 2/28/72p6

Morin, Rosalia M., d8ed 8/1/78: 8/8/78p2

Morison, Helen, texher, is happy with the first grade: 3/27/72p3

Morphy Sr., John W., died 9/1/71: 9/9/71p3

Morrill, Judith, and Paul LaMontagne are wed 8/4/73: 8/30/73pA7

Morrill, Naomi J., died 9/13/76: 9/22/76p4

Morris Jr., John, and Christine Kovach are wed 10/5/74: 10/10/74p6

Morris, Nick A., died 6/24/70: 7/2/70p3

Morris, Paula, and Chalres McCoy are wed: 1/13/72pA7

Morris, Samuel E., died 5/6/73: 5/10/73p5

Morrison, Brenda, and John Wright Jr. are wed 6/15/74: 7/22/74p6

Morrison, Clara H., died 9/5/72: 9/7/72p4

Morrison, Harold, and Robin Palmer are wed 6/21/77: 8/23/77p6

Morrison, Kathleen, and Peter Adams Jr. are wed 8/21/76: 9/15/76p2a

Morrison, Lillian D., died 12/20/70: 12/24/70p3

Morrison, M&M Phil, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/5/71pA4

Morrison, M&M Roger, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/6/72p2

Morrison, M&M Walter, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/18/75p4

Morrison, Roger H., died 1/21/79: 1/23/79p2

Morrison, Steven, and Crystal Thurston are wed 9/24/77: 11/8/77p4b

Morrissette, Ann, and Paul Blackadar are wed 5/28/76: 6/23/76p11a

Morrissette, Joe, raises racing pigeons: 2/13/79p4b

Morse, Belle, teacher, retires after 25 years: 6/8/72p2

Morse, Elizabeth, and Michael O'Donnell are wed 12/27/70: 12/31/70p4

Morse, Velma A., died 10/29/76: 11/3/76p2

Mortimer, Albert C., died 11/24/72: 11/30/72p4

Mortimer, Fred H., died 5/9/70: 5/14/70p3

Mosher, Dennis, and Pamela Adams are wed 10/18/75: 11/12/75p2a

Mosher, Marilyn, and Alfred Hanscome are wed: 10/29/70pA3

Moulton, Chester, celebrates 70th birthday: 10/15/70p9

Moulton, Dorothy, and John McLain are wed 11/16/73: 12/10/73p9

Moulton, Kenneth, and Jacqueline McKeen are wed 6/6/71: 6/24/71pA6

Moulton, Lori L., died 2/6/79: 2/13/79p2

Moulton, Lucille F., died 1/9/78: 1/17/78p2

Moulton, M&M Chester, celebrate 50th anniversar: 8/23/73p6

Moulton, M&M Fred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/30/74p6A

Moulton, Stanley, teacher, prefers to be in the classroom: 12/23/71pA11

Moulton, Teresa M., died 10/10/79: 10/16/79p14

Moulton, Wayne, and Sandra Lowd are wed 6/30/73: 7/23/73p3

Mountain, Joseph, and Janine Landry are wed 9/1/79: 10/30/79p5a

Mros, Dianne, and Terry Corneau are wed 10/9/71: 10/28/71pA8

Mros, Katherine M., died 8/9/70: 8/13/70p3

Muggleston, Frank A., died 7/8/71: 7/15/71p3

Muldowney, Joseph, died 12/23/75: 1/7/76p2

Mullem, Jean R., died 3/27/71: 3/25/71p3

Mullin, Jean R., died 3/27/71: 4/1/71p3

Murby, William G., died 7/1/73: 7/5/73p5

Murphy, Amalia J., died 4/25/71: 4/29/71p3

Murphy, Christine S., died 2/1/73: 2/5/73p4

Murphy, Eileen M., died 11/11/2/73: 11/8/73p4

Murphy, Frances, and Alan Stimpson are wed: 12/6/73p3

Murphy, Henry J., died 1/16/78: 1/24/78p3

Murphy, James, and Juanita Gauthier are wed 2/22/75: 3/10/75p8

Murphy, John R., died 10/28/79: 10/30/79p2

Murphy, Linda, and Aidyl Randall are wed 9/22/79: 12/4/79p23

Murphy, Pierce, died 12/8/70: 12/10/70p3

Murphy, Shirley, and James DiPrizio are wed: 1/17/78p2a

Murray, Charles, is member of RCSC: 10/2/72p11

Murray Jr., Lloyd, and Erika Caplette are wed 7/28/73: 8/27/73p5 Myer, Murray. Boyd, died 8/4/78: 8/8/78p2

Murtagh, Diane, and Geary Wright are wed 2/15/75: 3/6/75p6

Muscovitz, Harvey, and Joanna Cutting are wed 5/24/75: 6/2/75p6

Musler, Sally, and George York are wed 8/17/74: 9/19/74p6

Myatt, Isabel I., died 7/8/74: 7/11/74p4

Myers, Michelle, and Peter Forbes are wed 6/30/79: 8/21/79p4b

Nadeau, Christina, and Edward Corriveau are wed 5/30/70: 6/18/70p4

Nadeau, George H., died 1/13/73: 1/15/73p4

Nadeau, J. Arthur, died 1/4/79: 1/9/79p2

Nadeau, Jeanne, and Charles Healey are wed 5/6/72: 5/15/72p6

Nadeau, Josephine F., died 2/4/70: 2/12/70p3

Nadeau, Maureen, and Lewis Moore are wed 10/30/76: 11/17/76p1b

Nadeau, Olide, died 9/11/75: 9/17/75p2

Nadeau, Richard A., died 4/2/71: 4/8/71p1

Nadeau, Robert, and Denise Poulin are wed 6/27/70: 7/23/70p4

Nadeau, Wilfred J., died 3/3/78: 3/14/78p3

Nagy, Mrs. George, died 5/1/76: 5/5/76p2

Nangle, Bernard J., died 5/21/76: 5/26/76p2

Napolitano, Mario, died 8/22/74: 8/26/74p4

Nason, Brenda, and Frank Lord are wed 6/5/71: 6/24/71p4

Nason family holds 68th reunion: 8/28/75p4

Nason, James, celebrates 83rd birthday: 3/29/73pA1

Nason, Kathie, and James Damon are wed 9/22/72: 9/28/72p6

Nason, Leslie, died 1/22/74: 1/24/74p4

Nation, Barry, and Rosalind Moody are wed 5/23/70: 6/4/70p4

Nau, George, is writing a book on moose: 8/4/76p1

Nau, Michael, and Kathleen Worster are wed 5/?/70: 8/27/70p4

Neal, Bess D., died 2/8/72: 2/30/72p3

Neal, Cheryl, and John Marston are wed 11/21/75: 12/24/75p2a

Neal, Janice V., died 3/20/71: 3/25/71p3

Neal, M&M Erlon, celebrate 59th anniversary: 6/17/71p4

Neal, Myra, celebrates 88th birthday: 1/6/75p10

Neal, Myra, died 5/25/76: 6/2/76p2

Neal, Roger E., died 6/5/71: 6/10/71p3

Neddy, Mark, and Linda Hersom are wed 11/22/75: 12/24/75p3a

Neil, Ruth F., died 12/18/71: 12/23/71p3

Neil, William, died 2/17/77: 2/23/77p5

Nelson, Albert, died 8/10/73: 8/13/73p4

Nelson, Ivory A., died 5/21/71: 5/27/71p3

Nelson, Jan, offended by city over offered donation: 2/19/73p1

Nelson, Marion, retires after 42 years of teaching: 6/17/71p2,6/24/71p10

Nelson, Rev. Wayne, is ordained on 11/22/72: 11/20/72p5

Nesbitt, Arlene, and David Chase are wed 10/10/75: 10/22/75p2a

Nesbitt, Harry, and Dinah Tarlton are wed: 8/25/76p6a

Nesbitt Jr., James M., died 5/26/79: 6/5/79p2

Nettleton, Linda, and Thomas Keesee are wed 9/9/72: 9/21/72p6

Nettleton, Mabel, celebrates 77th birthday: 4/19/73pA5

Nettleton, Mabel, celebrates 80th birthday: 4/24/75p10A

Newberry, Edward W., died 5/1/78: 5/9/78p3

Newbury, A. Walter, died 10/4/74: 10/7/74p5

Newbury, Henry L., died 6/16/70: 6/18/70p3

Newell, Katherine, died 5/5/74: 5/9/74p4

Newhall, Beulah A., died 5/31/73: 6/4/73p5

Newhall, Patricia, lauded by NH School Board Ass'n: 11/17/76p8

Newhall, Susan, and Ronald Johnson are wed 4/21/79: 5/29/79p7

Newsky, Alice V., died 10/12/76: 10/20/76p4

Newton, Lottie L., died 11/1/77: 11/8/77p3

Newton, Michael, and Carrie Champlin are wed 9/5/71: 9/9/71p4

Niblett, Robertine L., died 2/3/70: 2/5/70p3

Nichols, Allura C., died 10/27/72: 10/30/72p4

Nichols, Della J., died 2/9/71: 2/11/71p3

Nichols, Fred, died 12/7/70: 12/10/70p2

Nichols, Henry R., died 1/14/78: 1/17/78p2

Nichols, Howard A., died 6/23/75: 6/26/75p2

Nichols, James, died 2/1/71: 2/4/71p3

Nichols, Randy, and Catherine Beasley are wed 6/29/79: 7/31/79p4a

Nichols, Winston S., died 6/23/76: 6/30/76p2

Nickelonis, Peter M., died 5/8/76: 5/12/76p2

Nickerson, Brian, and Glenna Giguere are wed 12/4/71: 12/23/71p4

Nickerson, Drucilla S., died 5/3/74: 5/9/74p4

Nickerson, Leone, teaches pottery and ceramics 2/28/74p1

Nickerson, Lucy, died 4/15/78: 4/18/78p3

Nickerson, Ronald, and Nancy MacKay are wed 7/25/70: 7/30/70p4

Nickerson Sr., Leroy S., died 7/11/71: 7/15/71p3

Nickerson, Stephen, and Patricia Allen are wed 12/27/69: 1/8/70p4

Nickerson, Thomas, and Patrice Grenier are wed: 9/17/75p2a

Nickerson, Violet, died 11/21/75: 12/3/75p2

Nienhouse Jr., Ralph, and Linda Baxter are wed 7/17/71: 8/19/71pA5

Nixon, Robert, died 9/19/79: 9/25/79p2

Noftall, Lena D., died 12/13/78: 12/19/78p2

Nolan, Harry J., died 7/31/78: 8/8/78p2

Nolin, Carol, and Merton Waterhouse are wed: 2/18/71p4

Nordholm, Susan, and Charles Meade are wed 8/13/78: 9/12/78p3a

Norman, Alcide, died 9/14/75: 9/17/75p2

Norman Jr., John, and Jean Cilley are wed 2/21/70: 3/5/70pA13

Norman, Robert R., died 7/5/74: 7/8/74p5

Normand, Doris, and Raymond Bilodeau are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Normand, Edward J., died 1/6/74: 1/7/74p5

Norris, Michael, and Kathleen Cunningham are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p7

Northrup, Charles, died 4/30/79: 4/10/79p2

Norwood, Mary A., died 7/20/76: 7/28/76p2

Norwood, Ralph, and Sarah Thompson are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p4

Novelsky, Phillis N., died 2/17/74: 2/21/74p2

Novins, Alan, and Jan Paulk are wed 2/21/70: 2/26/70p4

Nutbrown, Wilfred T., died 10/15/78: 10/17/78p3

Nute, Molly, died 1/6/76: 1/14/76p2

Nute, Ray H., died 7/26/74: 7/29/74p4

Nutter, Arthur, died 9/4/75: 9/10/75p2

Nutter, Bull, died 3/29/78: 4/4/78p1

Nutter, Catherine G., died 10/26/73: 11/1/73p4

Nutter, Charles, and Mary Furbush are wed 5/21/77: 7/12/77p2a

Nutter, Chester C., died 9/28/74: 10/3/74p5

Nutter, Clyde A,m died 4/10/77: 4/20/77p2

Nutter, Ernest T., died 11/14/75: 11/19/75p2

Nutter, Harry, recognized for Forest Service work: 5/26/76p5a

Nutter Jr., Clyde, and Gail Perrault are wed 10/18/75: 11/19/75p2a

Nutter, Louise M., died 7/8/71: 7/15/71p3

Nutter, Lucy, died 9/14/76: 9/22/76p4

Nutter, M&M Chester, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 11/27/72p6

Nutter, M&M Chester, celebrates 60th anniversary: 12/10/70p4

Nutter, M&M Frederick, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/11/71p4

Nutting, Damon P., died 5/11/71: 5/13/71p3

O'Brien, James, and Donna Denton are wed 10/14/78: 11/7/78p2b

O'Brien, James F., died 5/9/79: 5/15/79p2

O'Brien Jr., Eugene, and Suzanne Sans-Cartier are wed 1/17/71: 3/4/71p2

O'Brien, Maureen, and Kevin Ashley are wed 12/21/75: 1/21/76p2a

O'Brien, Robert, and Rose Dusseault are wed 10/7/77: 10/25/77p4a

O'Brien Sr., Eugene F., died 3/29/74: 4/1/74p5

O'Connell, William, died 8/7/76: 8/11/76p3

O'Day, Frank C., died 2/8/74: 2/11/74p4

O'Donnell, John P., died 11/18/77: 11/29/77p3

O'Donnell, Michael, and Elizabeth Morse are wed 12/27/70: 12/31/70p4

O'Leary, Mary, and Michael Coltin are wed 4/29/73: 6/11/73p7

O'Leary, Thomas M., died 8/29/70: 9/3/70p3

O'Malley, Desmond, and Kathryn Farrow are wed 6/16/73: 7/2/73p3

O'Malley, Jennifer M., died 9/9/79: 9/18/79p24

O'Malley. Lucy A., died 5/18/73: 5/21/73p4

O'Neil, Carol, and Lucien Hayes are wed 6/14/75: 6/23/75p4

O'Neil, Michele, and Jerome Kincaid are wed 10/7/78: 10/31/78p2b

O'Neill, Agnes E., died 3/14/76: 3/24/76p2

Oakes, Joseph, and Martha Gagnon are wed 4/3/70: 4/9/70p4

Oakes, Joseph C., died 8/2/79: 8/7/79p2

Oliva, Helen R., died 5/13/75: 5/15/75p2

Oliver, Leslie, and James Clark are wed 8/20/77: 9/20/77p1b

Omand, Richard, and Charlene Potter are wed: 7/30/70p4

Order of Rainbow holds installation: 2/10/75p11

Orlandi, Dawn, and Steven Thomas are wed 7/7/73: 7/26/73p9

Osborne, Gladys, died 9/14/76: 9/22/76p4

Osborne, Nellie F., died 10/1.73: 10/4/73p4

Osgood, Elizabeth, celebrates 90th birthday: 5/25/72p6

Osgood, Elizabeth, celebrates 92nd birthday (photo): 5/20/74p4

Osgood, Elizabeth, is 95 years old: 5/31/77p1a

Osgood, Elizabeth M., died 1/7/79: 1/9/79p2

Osgood, Mary B., died 7/20/70: 7/23/70p3

Osgood, Mary, runs Learning Disability Center: 10/1/73p1

Osgood, Theresa, died 5/17/71: 5/20/71p3

Osgood, Willie W., died 12/2/76: 12/8/76p4

Otis, Alfred J., died 2/12/73: 2/15/73p4

Otis, Ethel M., died 4/23/78: 5/2/78p3

Otis, Irving, died 11/26/74: 12/2/74p9

Otis, Jeannette C., died 11/24/78: 11/28/78p2

Otis, Marion P., died 5/3/75: 5/8/75p2

Otto, Frederick, and Veronica Pierce are wed 12/27/69: 1/8/70p4

Otto, Lawrence, and Janice Hunter are wed 4/16/77: 5/17/77p2a

Ouellette, Clarina, to celebrate 99th birthday: 12/23/71p4

Ouellette, Isadore C., died 10/11/78: 10/17/78p3

Ouellette, M&M Albert, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/4/78p3a

Ouellette, Rene J., died 10/16/75: 10/22/75p2

Ouimette, Ann, and Gene Poire are wed 9/7/74: 9/23/74p6

Oullette, Clarina, died 3/14/72: 3/16/72p3

Oulton, Harold, and Pamela Foss are wed 11/10/79: 12/11/79p22

Owen, Clifford E., died 1/13/77: 1/19/77p2

Pacquette, Robert, pl;ans foster home for teenage boys: 1/8/73p7

Page, Alice F., died 5/10/72: 5/11/72p3

Page, Alma C., died 7/6/78: 7/11/78p3

Page, Ann, and William Glass Jr. are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Page, Charles B., died 1/22/73: 1/25/73p4

Page, Holly, and Andrew Roy are wed 7/17/71: 7/22/71p4

Page, Lucille A., died 7/5/76: 7/14/76p4

Page, Marcia, has two families to care for: 8/24/72p7

Page, Margaret O., died 3/17/71: 3/18/71p2

Page, Priscilla, and Michael Mathews are wed 12/20/70: 12/31/70p4

Pageau, John, and Sheri Reed are wed 9/13/75: 10/8/75p2a

Pageau, M&M James, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/11/70p13

Pageau, Roland A., died 6/15/70: 6/18/70p3

Pallas, Socrates S., died 1/14/73: 1/18/73p4

Palmer, Catherine P., died 12/28/78: 1/9/79p2

Palmer, Charles E., died 11/7/70: 11/12/70p3

Palmer, Clair, and Bernard McParland are wed 12/28/75: 1/6/75p10

Palmer, Harold E., died 12/20/73: 12/27/73p4

Palmer, Isabelle, died 2/12/78: 2/21/78p2

Palmer, James M., died 5/23/73: 5/31/73p4

Palmer, Mause, died 5/30/76: 6/9/76p2

Palmer, Monroe E., died 9/4/70: 9/10/70p3

Palmer, Raymond C., died 7/6/71: 7/8/71p3

Palmer, Robin, and Harold Morrison are wed 6/21/77: 8/23/77p6

Palmer Sr., Weston H., died 11/4/77: 11/8/77p3

Palumbo, Michael, and Theresa Paquette are wed 5/22/76: 6/16/76p2a

Paone, Maude M., died 8/9/75: 8/14/75p2

Pappajohn, Linda, and James Gelinas are wed 10/15/77: 12/6/77p4a

Paquet, Evelyn, died 8/9/75: 8/14/75p2

Paquette, Gerald, and Pauline Dube are wed 6/30/72: 7/13/72p6

Paquette, Harry A., died 12/16/70: 12/24/70p3

Paquette, M&M Everest, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/8/70p4

Paquette, Mary, celebrates 85th birthday: 10/31/78p2b

Paquette, Michael, and Karen Desautel are wed 9/2/78: 9/26/78p2b

Paquette, Theresa, and Michael Palumbo are wed 5/22/76: 6/16/76p2a

Paradis, Frederick, and Nancy Weeks are wed 1/3/70: 1/8/70p4

Paradis, George A., died 7/10/71: 7/15/71p3

Paradis, Jeannine, and Marc Shevenell are wed: 6/13/78p3p

Paradis, Lucien G., died 8/18/75: 9/24/75p2

Paradis, Robert, and Donna Jacques are wed 11/5/71: 12/9/71p4

Paradis, Sandra, and Lawrence Labrie are wed 5/21/77: 6/14/77p2a

Parent, Celinier, died 1/2/77: 1/12/77p4

Parent, Clare, and Ronald Sherlock are wed 4/23/71: 4/29/71p4

Parent, Patrick D., died 5/8/78: 5/16/78p3

Parent, Paul, and Joanne Keating are wed: 5/6/71p2

Parent, Ralph, and Judith Beaumier are wed 8/26/78: 10/31/78p2b

Parent, Theodore, and Peggy Harriman are wed 7/15/78: 7/25/78p2b

Parenteau, Mary J., died 8/16/74: 8/19/74p4

Parizzo, Barbara J., died 1/27/79: 1/30/79p2

Parker, Alice, died 12/10/71: 12/16/71p3

Parker, Carroll A., died 11/27/71: 12/2/71p2

Parker, Cindy, and Ralph Bassett Jr. are wed: 6/28/77p2a

Parker, Elmer L., died 5/17/71: 5/20/71p3

Parker, Evelyn F., died 12/14/76: 12/22/76p4

Parker, John W., died 5/8/77: 5/17/77p3

Parker, Karen, and Paul Whitmore are wed 6/25/77: 8/9/77p8

Parker, M&M Willie, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/6/70p6

Parker, Philip, and Ann Chapman are wed 3/20/71: 4/1/71p4

Parker, Raymond E., died 4/24/75: 4/28/75p2

Parker, Robert, and Elaine Vickery are wed 8/4/79: 8/28/79p22

Parker, Robert L., died 10/24/71: 10/28/71p3

Parker Sr., Willie E., died 3/6/74: 3/7/74p5

Parker Sr., Willie E., died 2/20/74: 2/25/74p3

Parkinson, Edna H., died 6/20/77: 6/28/77p2

Parks, James, and Donetta Haley are wed 7/27/74: 8/5/74p6

Parmerleau, Bruce, and Collette Marcoux are wed 6/30/79: 9/25/79p20

Parmerleau, Joseph N, died 9/30/79: 10/2/79p2

Parsell, Randall, and Susan Blackadar are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p2

Parshley, Evelyn E., died 4/4/75: 4/7/75p2

Parshley, Gracia M., died 7/1/73: 7/9/73p4

Parshley, Harry G., died 4/16/72: 4/20/72p3

Parshley, M&M Richmond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/23/73pA13

Parshley, M&M Richmond, celebrate 48th anniversary: 11/20/72p6

Parshley, Ralph W., died 4/2/73: 4/5/73p4

Parshley, Sherry and Shirley, celebrate 7th birthday: 2/5/70pA13

Parshley Sr. M&M Richmond, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/5/74p6

Parshley Sr., M&M Richmond, celebrate 49th anniversary: 11/26/73p8

Parshley Sr., M&M Richmond, celebrate 55th anniversary: 12/11/79p22

Parshley Sr., Richmond, family hold reunion: 7/25/74p6

Parsons, Kelley, and Bruce Senter are wed 6/23/79: 8/14/79p2a

Parsons, Lucille N., died 12/23/69: 1/1/70p3

Parsons, M&M Ralph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/30/73pA3

Patch, Abbie S., died 7/16/70: 7/23/70p3

Patch, Everett F., died 6/28/70: 7/2/70p3

Patch, M&M Everett, celebrate 60th anniversary: 6/11/70p4

Patricia, and Dana Bennett are wed 8/5/78: 9/5/78p2a

Patrone, May, spends three days stuck in swamp: 7/8/74p5

Patterson, Everard M., died 10/5/76: 10/13/76p4

Patterson, Vera L., died ?/?/73: 9/6/73p4

Paul, Joseph H., died 5/2/72: 5/4/72p3: 5/4/72p3

Paulk, Jan, and Alan Novins are wed 2/21/70: 2/26/70p4

Payette, George, and Jane Witmer are wed 10/19/74: 10/21/74p6

Peabody, Myron F., died 8/18/77: 8/23/77p3

Peach, Augustus R., died 4/12/79: 4/17/79p2

Peare, Lorraine, and Joseph Delude are wed: 7/11/74p6

Pearson, John, died 5/31/70: 6/4/70p3

Peas, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/5/72pA5

Pease, Timothy, and June Connell are wed 8/19/72: 9/7/72p6

Pease, Willis S., died 4/26/74: 4/29/74p4

Peavey, Frederick R., died 6/3/79: 6/12/79p2

Peavey, George, receives US Army Commendation Medal: 7/9/70pA5

Peck Jr., Benjamin T., died 5/24/72: 6/1/72p3

Peebles, William G., died 8/30/76: 9/8/76p4

Peinkofer, Harry, and Rachel Gourgue are wed 6/9/72: 7/6/72p6

Pelkie, David, and Donna Fernald are wed 9/14/74: 9/30/74pA4

Pellerin, Louis P., died 11/24/71: 12/2/71p2

Pellerin., Noella M., died 3/4/79: 3/6/79p2

Pelletier, Alta M., died 8/3/74: 8/8/74p4

Pelletier, Arthur, earns CAP Honor Flight Award: 7/28/75p2

Pelletier, Everett, and Myrtle Martel are wed 7/21/72: 7/31/72p6

Pelletier, Louise, and David Liming are wed: 10/11/77p2a

Pelletier, M&M Fernand, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/6/72p6

Pelletier, Thomas, and Donna Weeks are wed 4/15/72: 4/20/72p6

Pelletier, Thomas, died 8/1/78: 8/8/78p2

Pelletier, Wilfred, and Susan Watson are wed 9/19/70: 9/24/70p4

Pelletier. John A., died 4/30/75: 5/5/75p2

Pelley, Alfred S., died 10/10/77: 10/18/77p3

Pelley, Louise, died 1/29/75: 2/6/75p5

Pelton, Kimber, and Daniel Bascom are wed 8/14/76: 9/15/76p2a

Pelton, Kimber, plans to teach agriculture in India: 6/12/72p6

Pence, Bertha S., died 5/25/79: 6/5/79p2

Penny, Susan, and Norman Strong are wed: 3/9/77p4a

Pepin, David, and Susan DuRie are wed 5/19/79: 6/26/79p6

Pepin, M&M Philias, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/27/70p4

Pepin, Richard, and Phyllis Mingus are wed 4/26/74: 5/13/74p6

Perkins, Charles E., died 6/29/73: 7/2/73p5

Perkins, Eric, and Katherine Devine are wed 10/21/72: 10/26/72p4

Perkins, Eric W., died 8/13/77: 8/16/77p2

Perkins, Esther, died 65/76: 6/9/76p2

Perkins, Evelyn M., died 7/9/74: 7/11/74p4

Perkins, Frederick R., died 2/18/79: 2/27/79p2

Perkins, Harry C., died 5/27/71: 6/3/71p3

Perkins, Jacqueline, and Norman Poisson are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Perkins, Justine P., died 1/23/76: 1/28/76p3

Perkins, Lester A., died 8/17/73: 8/23/73p4

Perkins, Louise D., died 2/6/72: 2/30/72p3

Perkins, M&M Frederick, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/24/73p7

Perkins, M&M Herbert, celebrate 62nd anniversary: 9/26/78p2

Perkins, Robert, and Kimberly LaBonte are wed 7/22/78: 8/1/78p2b

Perkins, Shirleen, and Douglas French are wed 8/3/73: 8/9/73p7

Perkins, Steven H., died 12/25/75: 12/31/75p2

Perr0n, M&M Ted, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/7/74p7

Perrault, Gail, and Clyde Nutter Jr. are wed 10/18/75: 11/19/75p2a

Perrault, Sharon, and Reginald Lavoie are wed 5/10/75: 6/2/75p6

Perreault, Alphonse, died 1/22/76: 1/28/76p2

Perreault, Angele, and John Cook are wed 6/7/75: 7/7/75p4

Perreault, Angeline, died 5/27/77: 6/7/77p3

Perreault, Joseph E., died 9/28/72: 10/2/72p4

Perreault, Louise E., died 10/15/73: 10/18/73p4

Perreault, Richard, and Brenda Holodinski are wed 10/31/70: 11/26/70p4

Perreault, Richard, sails to northpole on USCG cutter: 3/25/71p2

Perrin, John, is named Jaycee of the Year: 6/5/75p13

Perrow, Samuel R., died 9/11/79: 9/18/79p24

Perry, Charles, is Jaycees Man of the Year: 1/21/76p1

Perry, Cheryl, and Lucien Doucette are wed 12/13/69: 1/8/70p8

Perry, Vicky, and Gregory Ware are wed 10/21/72: 10/26/72p4

Perusse, Alfred, died 11/3/73: 11/8/73p4

Perusse, Rodolphe L., died 11/10/78: 11/14/78p3

Pessoa, Alex, is exchange student from Brazil: 2/17/75p7

Peterson, Carl L., died 12/21/73: 12/27/73p4

Peterson, Carol, and Timothy Glennon are wed 10/13/79: 12/4/79p23

Peterson, Dallas J., died 4/11/75: 4/14/75p2

Peterson, Doris H., died 12/3/78: 12/5/78p2

Peterson, Doris L., died 12/29/71: 1/6/72p3

Peterson, Elizabeth T., died 6/26/74: 7/1/74p5

Peterson, Harold L., died 7/2/79: 8/7/79p2

Peterson, John M., died 1/15/73: 1/18/73p4

Peterson, Michael, and Jamie Meyer are wed 11/17/73: 12/13/73p5A

Peterson, Ruth M., died 7/21/73: 6/28/73p4

Peterson, Ruth M., died 9/24/74: 9/30/74p4

Peterson, Walter, died 1/25/77: 2/2/77p3

Petris, Alice, completes eighth quilt for Frisbie kids: 7/16/73p5

Petterson, Selma S., died 6/22/71: 6/24/71p3

Peyser, Barbara, and Paul Riley are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Peyser, Kate, and Donald Chick Jr. are wed 10/26/74: 11/4/74p6

Phalen, Clay, completes 25-mile unicycle ride: 5/11/77p12

Pheasant, Heidi, and Richard Leighton are wed 8/13/77: 8/30/77p1a

Pheasant, Lydia, and Michael Morgan are wed 8/9/75: 8/14/75p4

Phelan, Joseph, and Doreen Campbell are wed 2/5/72: 2/30/72p4

Philbrick Sr., Wesley A., died 9/10/70: 9/17/70p3

Philbrook, Louise C., died 9/8/74: 9/12/74p4

Phillips, Barbara, and Norman LeBrecque Jr. are wed 9/20/75: 10/1/75p4a

Phillips, Bruce, and Cynthia Weeks are wed 3/14/76: 3/24/76p4a

Phillips, Dorothy, died 1/24/77: 2/2/77p3

Phillips, Linnette, and David Richardson are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Phillips, M&M Fletcher, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/29/74p6

Phillips, Paul, and Kathleen Waterhouse are wed 2/12/72: 2/17/72p4

Phillips, Ronald, and Sharon Mason are wed 9/15/73: 10/8/73p9

Phillips Sr., Charles E., died 3/15/79: 3/27/79p2

Phillips. Gladys O., died 7/7/77: 7/12/77p3

Piader, Florence M., died 8/21/77: 8/30/77p2

Piader, John, died 10/3/76: 10/13/76p4

Picard, Debra, and Arthur Young are wed 7/20/79: 8/28/79p15

Picard, Gary, and Stacia Reynolds are wed 4/6/79: 5/29/79p7

Picard, Laurent, and Katherine Karcher are wed 6/15/76: 6/23/76p11a

Picard, Peter F., died 1/25/75: 1/30/75p4

Pickup, Herbert W., died 5/14/72: 5/15/72p2

Pierce, Brenda, and George Kean are wed 11/18/72: 11/27/72p6

Pierce, Cynthia, and Ernest Drake are wed 7/9/75: 8/18/75p4

Pierce, Diane, and Douglas DuVarney are wed 7/9/72: 7/13/72p6

Pierce, Edna, celebrates 85th birthday: 3/6/75p5A

Pierce, Lewis D., celebrates 80th birthday: 8/8/74pA4

Pierce, M&M Clyde, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/22/74p6

Pierce, M&M Lawrence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/26/70p4

Pierce, Veronica, and Frederick Otto are wed 12/27/69: 1/8/70p4

Pieroni, Frances C., died 2/7/78: 2/14/78p3

Pike, Addie B., died 10/19/79: 10/23/79p17

Pike, Cecil M., died 11/8/71: 11/11/71p3

Pike, Cora E., died 7/11/73: 8/16/73p4

Pike, Harry, died 7/29/79: 7/31/79p2

Pike, James C., died 10/1/75: 10/8/75p2

Pike Jr., M&M Roland, celebrate 20th anniversary: 12/24/75p2a

Pike, Mabel E., died 2/26/76: 3/3/76p2

Pike, Roland S., died 9/?/72: 9/21/72p4

Pike Sr., Roland, celebrates 75th birthday: 3/12/70p12

Pike Sr., Roland R., died 3/3/71: 3/11/71p3

Pina, Steven, and Suzanne LaBranche are wed 7/15/72: 7/20/72p6

Pinault, Cleo M., died 5/3/71: 5/6/71p3

Pine, Dennis, and Barbie Dubanevich are wed 8/7/76: 8/25/76p6a

Pine, M&M Alfred, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/16/70p4

Pineo, Mary E., died 1/18/79: 1/23/79p2

Pineo Sr., Clarence P., died 3/19/72: 3/23/72p2

Pinkham, Alan, and Diane Hunter are wed 4/17/76: 5/19/76p4a

Pinkham, Bernard B., died 3/5/73: 3/8/73p4

Pinkham, Carl E., died 7/3/71: 7/15/71p3

Pinkham III, George, and Suzanne Melanson are wed 6/2/72: 6/8/72p6

Pinkham, M&M Frank, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/22/70p4

Pinkham, Winton H., died 11/23/73: 11/29/73p4

Piper, Jill, and Jack Loveladdy Jr. are wed 11/11/78: 12/19/78p3b

Piro, Ronda, and Glenn Lepene are wed 10/1/78: 11/14/78p2b

Pitman, Scott, and Jennifer Henry are wed 11/28/75: 12/24/75p2a

Pitre, Jeannette, and Donald Landry are wed 8/4/73: 8/23/73p2

Pitre, Joseph A., died 10/2/73: 10/4/73p4

Pittman, Peter, and Carolyn Turmelle are wed 6/3/72: 6/29/72p6

Pitts, Robert, and Karen Henderson are wed 7/21/79: 9/4/79p13

Place, Cynthia, and David Wilson are wed 9/22/71: 9/30/71pA4

Place, Frank A., died 8/11/79: 8/21/79p2

Place, M&M Stanley, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/1/75p9

Place, Maude B., died 11/19/70: 11/19/70p3

Place, Pamela, and Wayne Dunn are wed 8/2/75: 8/28/75p4

Place, Roger, died 3/6/70: 3/12/70p2

Place, Terry, and Cynthia Jenness are wed 1/26/74: 2/25/74p6

Planche, Leon, and Joan Lessard are wed 9/30/78: 11/7/78p2b

Plante, Anita A., died 9/2/78: 9/12/78p3

Plourde, David, and Dale Clark are wed 8/16/75: 9/10/75p9

Plourde, Joseph A., died 2/14/71: 2/18/71p3

Plourde, Laurent J., died 6/16/76: 6/23/76p2

Plourde, Paul, and Dona Grondin are wed 7/23/77: 8/23/77p6

Plourde, Susan L., died 9/26/75: 10/1/75p2

Pluff, Ida G., died 3/8/72: 3/9/72p3,3/13/72p3

Plumer, Harry E., died 2/22/70: 3/5/70p3

Plumer, Ralph M., died 5/?/75: 5/29/75p2

Plummer, Bard B., died 11/20/70: 11/26/70p3

Plummer, Bard, died 6/12/77: 6/21/77p3

Plummer, Carolyn, and Wayne Butler are wed 7/8/72: 8/3/72p6

Poire, Gene, and Ann Ouimette are wed 9/7/74: 9/23/74p6

Poire Jr., Edouard, and Darlene Sargent are wed 10/12/74: 11/4/74p6

Poire, Marcia, and Ronald LaRoche are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Poisson, Eddie J., died 8/1/71: 8/5/71p3

Poisson, Marie A., died 3/21/77: 3/30/77p3

Poisson, Norman, and Jacqueline Perkins are wed 9/11/71: 9/16/71p4

Poisson, Paul R., died 2/7/79: 2/13/79p2

Poisson, Susan, and Richard Gould are wed 9/20/75: 10/8/75p2a

Poland III, Frank, and Susan Cartier are wed 8/7/79: 8/21/79p5b

Polichnowski, Bronislaw, died 12/1/72: 12/4/72p5

Polichnowski, Mary, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 10/29/73p1

Pollard, Joseph, and Virginia Maxfield are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Polson, Isabel L., died 2/10/77: 2/16/77p2

Pomerleau, M&M Joseph, celebrate 46th anniversary: 2/21/72p6

Pomerleau, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 3/10/76p4a

Pomfret, John, died 1/22/79: 1/30/79p5

Pomroy, Donald, died 6/1/75: 6/5/75p2

Pomroy, M&M Donald, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/25/72p6

Poppema, Louise, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 12/24/70p1

Portique, Jessica M., died 10/2/74: 10/3/74p5

Portrie, Doris M., died 7/?/71: 7/29/71p3

Portrie, Elaine, and Michael Brock are wed 4/6/74: 4/15/74p6

Portrie, Linda, and Richard Loring are wed 5/23/70: 7/23/70p4

Portrie, M&M Edmund, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/18/72p6

Portrie, Stephen, and Sheila Vahey are wed 4/7/73: 4/16/73p7

Post, Jonathan, died 10/3/78: 10/10/78p3

Post, Patricia, and Arthur Snyder are wed 1/21/73: 1/29/73p6

Potter, Charlene, and Richard Omand are wed: 7/30/70p4

Potter, Charles A., died 1/30/76: 2/4/76p2

Potter, Lynn E., died 9/?/77: 9/13/77p3

Potter, William, and Mona Gervais are wed 10/13/79: 11/13/79p18

Potvin, Adelard J., died 7/17/70: 7/23/70p3

Potvin, Armand, died 9/16/78: 9/19/78p3

Potvin, Carol, and Laurence Brown are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p6

Potvin, Emma, died 6/11/71: 6/17/71p3

Potvin, Leon, and Ann Lemire are wed 6/14/75: 7/14/75p3

Potvin, Marie R., died 12/5/77: 12/13/77p3

Potvin, Ronald A, died 12/7/73: 12/13/73p5

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 100th birthday: 5/8/75p6

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 95th birthday: 5/7/70p5

Potvin, Rose, celebrates 98th year: 5/10/73p7

Poulin, Denise, and Robert Nadeau are wed 6/27/70: 7/23/70p4

Poulin, Hector J., died 10/8/72: 10/12/72p4

Poulin, Jean L., is now a U.S. citizen: 4/8/74p4

Poulin, Pauline, and Thomas Sieminski are wed 6/19/76: 7/21/76p2a

Pouliot, M&M Edward, celebrate 44th anniversary: 1/14/74p3

Powell, Ethel M., died 3/24/73: 3/29/73p4

Pratt, Grace, celebrates 80th birthday: 3/20/75p5

Pratt, Ida F., died 8/4/72: 8/7/72p4

Pratt, LuAnn, and Stephen Sceggell are wed 6/11/77: 6/28/77p2a

Pray, Ernest E., died 7/2/70: 7/9/70p3

Preston, Bertha W., died 3/14/79: 3/20/79p2

Preston, Doris, and Ernest Mailhot are wed 7/27/73: 8/2/73p7

Preston, John D., died 4/23/76: 4/28/76p2

Preston, Kenneth H., died 1/26/74: 1/31/74p4

Preston, M&M Russell, celebrate 40th anniversary: 3/23/72p6

Preston, Rose is NH Diet Instructor of the Year: 4/28/75p6

Preston, Rose, used diet and willpower, lost 119 pounds: 4/27/72p6

Preston, Verne F., died 12/26/70: 12/31/70p3

Prewitt, Clay, and Kathleen Marsh are wed 6/23/79: 7/31/79p4a

Priest, Judith, and Robert Gray are wed 9/18/70: 10/1/70p14

Priestly, Ralph L., died 1/8/72: 1/13/72p3

Prill, Kathleen, and Richard Caron are wed 10/30/70: 11/19/70p2

Proctor, Alice, and Eric Cram are wed: 12/2/74p10

Proulx, Charlotte, and Robert Metcalf are wed 7/23/77: 8/23/77p6

Proulx, Leonard J., died 10/5/74: 10/10/74p5

Proulx, Raymond J., died 10/20/78: 10/24/78p2

Proulx, Yvette, and William Bickford are wed 9/25/71: 10/7/71p4

Provencal, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/9/77p4a

Provencal, Michael E., died 5/30/78: 6/6/78p3

Pulcinella, Jean E., died 8/31/75: 9/10/75p2

Pulsifer, John L., died 5/30/73: 6/4/73p5

Purrington, Ernest, died 2/1/76: 2/11/76p2

Purvis, E. Leonard, died 10/17/70: 10/22/70p3

Purvis, Raymond, and Patricia Lewis are wed 11/28/70: 1/7/71p4

Purvis, Ruth, and Rob Brown are wed 8/4/79: 9/25/79p20

Purvis, Susan, and Daniel Huggard are wed 8/17/74: 9/9/74p8

Quackenbush, Susan, is finalist in NH Pageant: 5/8/79p11

Quagan, Arthur E., died 12/8/73: 12/13/73p5

Qualey, Martha, died 3/3/70: 3/5/70p3

Quesnal, Robert, and Dorothy Collins are wed 5/30/70: 6/25/70p4

Quilan, Charlotte E., died 8/3/72: 8/7/72p4

Quimby, Alfred L., died 5/30/79: 6/5/79p2

Quimby, Ann, and Edward Kimball are wed 7/31/71: 8/12/71p4

Quimby, Clayton, and Cheryl McBride are wed 6/12/71: 6/24/71p4

Quimby, Marion, earns Distinguished Artist Award: 5/30/74p6

Quimby, Marion, featured North Light magazine: 9/12/74p12A

Quimby, Nancy, and George Haseltine are wed 12/29/73: 1/7/74p7

Quimby, Normnan G., died 5/7/72: 5/11/72p3

Quimby, Ruth G., died 7/24/79: 7/31/79p2

Quinn, George, and Linda Young are wed 6/12/71: 7/1/71pA4

Quinn, James, and Judith Manson are wed 5/18/74: 5/30/74p6

Quint, Robert, died 1/8/77: 1/12/77p4

Quint, Russell C., died 4/30/77: 5/4/77p3

Quint, Vernard A/. died 1/3/75: 1/6/75p9

Quintal, Martha, and Robert Couture are wed 6/1/74: 6/17/74p6

Quirion, Claude, and Pamela Eley are wed 7/31/71: 9/23/71p4

Quirion, Evelyn, and Albany Grondin are wed 2/7/70: 2/12/70p4

Quirion, Joe, runs in Boston Marathon: 4/24/79p1a

Quirion, Linda, and Peter Varney are wed 5/29/71: 6/17/71p2

Raab, Gail, and Barry Milanese are wed 4/17/71: 5/6/71p4

Raab, Helen F., died 6/29/73: 7/2/73p5

Raab, M&M Edgar, ce;ebrate 30th anniversary: 7/23/73p3

Radey III, Harvey, and Cynthia Spence are wed 10/19/74: 11/4/74p6

Radey, Susan, and Ralph Bannister are wed 8/9/75: 8/28/75p4

Radwan Steven, is delegate to national 4-H symposium: 1/24/74p7A

Raffio, Richard, and Kathleen Hughes are wed 6/10/72: 6/15/72p6

Raiche, Albert F., died 2/3/70: 2/5/70p3

Rainboth, Pat, lauded by Jaycees: 2/9/77p2

Rainboth, Pat, teaches parents how to be effective: 7/12/77p3a

Rainboth, Paul & Pat, head Salvation Army fund drive: 3/31/76p2

Rainville, Gertry, is C/C Man of the Year: 2/6/75p1

Rainville, Pauline V., died 10/3/79: 10/9/79p26

Rainville, Rene, and Teresa Rogers are wed 11/15/75: 12/3/75p13

Raizies, M&M Peter, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/27/77p4a

Ramsdell, Kevin M., died 11/19/77: 11/29/77p3

Ramsdell, M&M Frederick, celebrate 35th anniversary: 8/29/74p12

Ramsdell, M&M John, ar guests at housewarming party: 11/8/73pA6

Ramsdell, M&M William, artists, exhibit in Ogunquit: 7/15/71pA2

Ramsdell, M&M William, celebrate 35th anniversary: 1/14/76p2a

Ramsdell, Muriel, has her first art exhibit: 1/15/73p5

Ramsdell, William, exhibits paintings at bank: 3/4/74p2

Ramsell, Fred S., died 3/23/73: 3/25/73p5

Ramsey, Amy, and John Kepler are wed 6/9/79: 8/14/79p9a

Ramsey, Dale T., died 2/7/71: 2/11/71p3

Ramsey, Earl E., died 9/10/70: 9/17/70p3

Ramsey, Frank E., died 6/10/77: 6/14/77p3

Ramsey, Helena M., died 5/30/71: 6/3/71p3

Ramsey, Lawrence, and Carissa Colbroth are wed: 3/20/79p2b

Ramsey, Paul, and Nancy Dostie are wed 11/3/73: 12/17/73p7

Rand, Dona, died 9/17/73: 9/20/73p4

Rand, Doris P., died 7/4/74: 7/8/74p5

Rand, Harold F., died 6/13/73: 6/18/73p5

Rand, June, and Joseph Tufts are wed 2/26/77: 3/16/77p4a

Rand, Leo E., died 8/2/79: 8/7/79p2

Rand, Liucy, died 5/30/76: 6/9/76p2

Rand, Nat H., died 10/8/72: 10/12/72p4

Rand, Robert, and Roxanne Lavertue are wed 12/6/75: 12/24/75p2a

Rand, Robert D., died 11/4/73: 11/8/73p4

Randall, Aidyl, and Linda Murphy are wed 9/22/79: 12/4/79p23

Randall, Charles H., died 2/10/74: 2/14/74p5

Randall, Edward, and Gloria Walker are wed 12/16/78: 1/9/79p2b

Randall, Eugene W., died 12/29/69: 1/1/70p3

Randall, George A., died 8/4/76: 8/11/76p3

Randall, M&M Gary, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/14/75p4

Randall, M&M Roswell, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/13/70p9

Randall, Roland S., died 6/4/74: 6/6/74p4

Randell, Ruth M., died 8/2/76: 8/11/76p3

Ransom, Kathryn, and J. Scott Reynolds are wed 7/22/78: 9/5/78p2a

Ratay Jr., Joseph, and Laura Brown are wed 7/3/71: 7/8/71p4

Rattanupap, Nipon, and Ann Tanguay are wed: 5/16/78p2b

Rawski, Donald, and Patricia Brown are wed: 1/6/75p10

Raymond, J. Emile, died 3/5/79: 3//13/79p2

Reardon, Herbert, feted by 4-H'ers: 1/3/78p11

Redden, James, and Shirley Campbell are wed 7/16/71: 7/29/71p4

Redden, Sara J., died 11/25?/73: 11/26/73p4

Redlon, Leroy, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/24/75p3a

Reed, Hazel L., died 10/27/76: 11/3/76p2

Reed, Kenneth, and Dianne DiPrizio are wed 9/16/72: 9/21/72p6

Reed, Sheri, and John Pageau are wed 9/13/75: 10/8/75p2a

Regan, Diane, and Robert Hayes are wed 11/18/72: 2/1/73p6

Regis, P. Joseph, died 12/5/78: 12/12/78p2

Regis, Theresa R., died 4/20/78: 5/5/76p2

Regnell, Inga, and William Ackerman Jr. are wed 9/23/72: 9/28/72p6

Reichard, Kathleen, and Peter Harrity are wed 12/20/69: 1/29/70p4

Reid, David, and Celeste Chasse are wed 7/26/75: 8/11/75p4

Reid, Russell, and Ruth Larochelle are are wed 8/19/72: 8/31/72p5

Remick, M&M Verne, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/20/79p7

Remick, Pauline G., died 1/19/76: 1/28/76p2

Remick, Ruth, died 11/25/78: 11/28/78p2

Remick, Sharon, and Ronald Dubois are wed: 4/30/70p4

Remick Sr., Norman M., died 8/18/72: 8/21/72p10

Remick, Verne, and Virginia Walsh are wed 6/30/79: 9/25/79p20

Rennebu, Sharon, and John Loechle are wed 3/9/74: 5/2/74p14A

Rev. John, authors book on western culture: 1/4/73p9

Rewitzer, George, was "Doc Cobb", columnist: 9/20/77p1

Reynolds, Gary, and Roxanne Grassie are wed 6/11/77: 6/28/77p2a

Reynolds, Holly, and Jonathon Clement are wed 6/10/78: 7/11/78p3a

Reynolds, J. Scott, and Kathryn Ransom are wed 7/22/78: 9/5/78p2a

Reynolds, Joyce, and Conrad Gangone are wed 8/14/76: 9/8/76p2a

Reynolds, Olive E., died 5/16/72: 5/18/72p3

Reynolds, Peter, and Victoria Rousseau are wed 2/10/79: 3/13/79p2b

Reynolds, Stacia, and Gary Picard are wed 4/6/79: 5/29/79p7

Reynolds, William H., died 7/1/79: 7/10/79p2

Rhines, Luman E., died 10/4/79: 10/9/79p2

Rhoades, Nancy, and Bruce Connick are wed 3/6/76: 3/24/76p4a

Rhoads, Bernice, died 9/2/77: 9/13/77p3

Rhodes, Mary, and Bernard Klinger are wed 6/18/72: 6/29/72p6

Rhodes, Mercy E., died 3/26/73: 3/29/73p4

Richard, Gerald, and Linda Meehan are wed 10/21/78: 11/28/78p2a

Richard, Mary S., died 5/20/70: 5/21/70p3

Richard, Oliva J., died 7/22/75: 7/24/75p2

Richard, Roger, and Beverly McEntire are wed 12/23/73: 1/11/73p6

Richard, Sadie S., died 2/4/78: 2/7/78p3

Richard, Wilfred J., died 11/13/71: 11/18/71p3

Richards, A,elia M., died 9/27/74: 9/30/74p4

Richards, Allan, and June Worster are wed 7/29/78: 9/5/78p2a

Richards, Cora P., died 5/18/71: 5/20/71p3

Richards, Georgianne, and Steven Grimes are wed 10/7/79: 11/6/79p23

Richards, LuAnn, and Robert Erickson are wed 5/14/77: 6/7/77p2b

Richardson, David, and Linnette Phillips are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Richardson, Florence G., died 2/17/79: 2/20/79p2

Richardson, Jill, wins Betty Crocker contest: 2/4/74p1

Richardson, Mary, and Douglas Ham are wed: 5/22/79p10

Richardson, Mildred A., died 11/16/75: 11/19/75p2

Richardson, Olga F., died 3/4/72: 3/9/72p4

Richardson, Ralph E., died 10/20/72: 10/26/72p4

Richer, Auralia, died 9/19/78: 9/26/78p3

Richey, Ronald E., died 11/13/76: 11/24/76p4

Richrode, Kathleen, and Albion Hartford Jr. are wed 7/15/72: 7/31/72p6

Ricker, E. Louise, died 1/10/73: 1/15/73p4

Ricker, Edith B., died 10/30/74: 11/4/74p5

Ricker, Florence D., died 4/9/79: 4/17/79p10a

Ricker, George, and Wanda Cossette are wed 8/28/76: 10/6/76p2a

Ricker, John E., died 12/18/73: 12/20/73p5

Ricker, Josephine, and Joseph Lougee are wed: 12/6/77p5a

Ricker, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/17/73p7

Ricker, Ronald, and Joy Rollins are wed 8/21/71: 9/23/71p2

Ricker, Winslow E., died 5/30/75: 6/5/75p2

Ridings, James A., died 8/20/70: 8/27/70p3

Riel, Alphonse., died 4/25/77: 5/4/77p3

Rigazio, Cynthia, and Leon Rouseau are wed: 10/31/74p6

Rigazio, Cynthia, earns Betty Crocker award: 2/7/74p2

Rigazio, Lena B., died 1/14/75: 1/20/75p5

Riley, David, and Laurie Waterhouse are wed 12/18/76: 1/5/77p3a

Riley, Edward J., died 7/25/78: 8/1/78p3

Riley, Francis, and Pamela Hanchett are wed 10/16/76: 11/17/76p1b

Riley, Gerald E., died 6/12/71: 6/17/71p3

Riley Jr., Ernest, and Susan Damon are wed 12/27/70: 1/22/70p11

Riley, Paul, and Barbara Peyser are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Riley, Robert, and Sally Hart are wed 12/23/69: 1/1/70p4

Riley, Ronald, and Kim Brooks are wed 5/30/76: 6/16/76p2a

Rinaldo, Paul F., died 1/7/71: 1/14/71p3

Rindfleisch, Susie, has three brain operations: 5/18/72p1

Rindfleisch, Susie, recovers, life looks brighter: 1/18/73p1

Ring, Florence E., died 10/?/72: 10/9/72p4

Ring, Gladys A., died 10/22/74: 10/24/74p4

Ring, John E., died 4/2/73: 4/5/73p4

Ringer, Richard, and Robin Gray are wed 4/26/75: 5/1/75p2

Ripley, Clair L., died 1/6/76: 1/14/76p2

Rippett, Gale, died 9/24/73: 9/27/73p1

Rippett, Grace A., died 8/18/77: 8/23/77p3

Rippett Sr., Thomas L., died 1/3/73: 1/8/73p4

Robbins, Leanne, and Mark Hourihane are wed 5/5/73: 5/17/73p7

Roberg, Richard, and Debbie Therrien are wed 6/19/76: 7/7/76p2a

Roberge, Janet, and Edward Snyder are wed 6/28/74: 7/8/74p6

Roberge, M&M Omar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/14/71p4

Roberge, Paul M., died 3/16/79: 3/27/79p2

Roberge, Richard, and Mary-Lou Grimes are wed: 7/10/72p6

Roberge, Roger, and Julie Guay are wed 2/26/71: 3/4/71p4

Roberge, Ronald, and Linda Lepene are wed 2/24/79: 3/6/79p4b

Roberts, Arthur, and Mary Witherell are wed: 8/4/75p5

Roberts, Coral, and Ronald Wilson are wed 1/7/77: 2/2/77p2a

Roberts, David, and Sally Hall are wed 9/10/71: 10/21/71p7

Roberts, George C., died 3/26/72: 3/30/72p3

Roberts, Jay, and Richard Cormier are wed: 6/25/73p11

Roberts, Juduth, and Deane French are wed 5/20/78: 6/27/78p2b

Roberts, L. Ethel, died 5/28/75: 6/2/75p2

Roberts, Linda, and Thomas Crosby are wed 8/16/75: 9/24/75p2a

Roberts, Perley H., died 10/19/77: 10/25/77p2

Roberts, Richard, died 11/16/74: 11/18/74p1,11/21/74p5

Robichaud, Edith M., died 12/24/70: 12/31/70p3

Robidas, Delina, died 9/10/71: 9/16/71p3

Robinson, Edwin N., died 6/15/73: 6/21/73p5

Robinson, Eleanor F.., died 2/10/79: 2/13/79p2

Robinson, Elosia, and Gary Mattson are wed 5/22/76: 6/9/76p2a

Robinson, Ethel, died 8/30/78: 9/5/78p2

Robinson, Harold A., died 11/28/78: 12/5/78p2

Robinson, Jeannine T., died 7/17/76: 7/21/76p2

Robinson, John, to Hiroshima to monitor drilling: 6/19/75p2

Robinson Jr., Robert, and Bonnie Bullis wed 8/18/78: 9/5/78p2a

Robinson, Kathleen, and Robert Macurdy are wed 8/9/72: 8/31/72p6

Robinson, Robert W., died 2/17/76: 2/25/76p2

Robinson, Ronald, died 12/2/78: 12/5/78p1,12/12/78p2

Robinson, Scott, died 11/7/73: 11/8/73p4

Robinson, Thomas M., died 3/23/70: 3/26/70p3

Rocheleau, Lionel J., died 12/20/70: 12/24/70p3

Rocheleau, Michael, and Kristina Beaulieu are wed 6/16/79: 8/21/79p5b

Rocheleau, Michael, in Students Who's Who: 7/24/75p3

Rocheleau, Richard, and Karen Jury are wed 9/8/73: 10/1/73p6

Rodgers, Asel W., died 10/9/76: 10/13/76p4

Rodgers, Mark, and Sandra LaBlond are wed: 12/10/73p9

Rodney, Bill, is gunsmith and hunting guide: 1/3/74p9

Rodriguez, Maria V., died 9/4/79: 9/11/79p2

Rogers, David, and Gail Huntress are wed 7/3/70: 7/23/70pA7

Rogers, Edward M., died 5/17/76: 5/26/76p2

Rogers, James, and Christine Taylor are wed 11/20/71: 12/16/71p4

Rogers, Linda, and Nelson Vachon are wed 5/15/76: 6/9/76p2a

Rogers, Niki, and Charles McGettigan are wed 8/25/73: 8/30/73p11

Rogers, Richard, and Linda Wentworth are wed 7/3/71: 7/8/71p4

Rogers, Richard, and Nancy Clark are wed 8/26/78: 9/26/78p2

Rogers, Teresa, and Rene Rainville are wed 11/15/75: 12/3/75p13

Roleau, Josephine M., died 4/24/79: 5/1/79p2

Rolfe, Ernest L., died 11/27/74: 12/2/74p9

Rolfe, Merrill B., died 1/8/72: 1/13/72p3

Rollins, Dorothy, died 5/2/77: 5/11/77p3

Rollins, Ella C., died 10/4/71: 10/7/71p2

Rollins, Ernest E., died 8/29/78: 9/5/78p2

Rollins, Gertrude, died 7/28/76: 8/4/76p2

Rollins, Joy, and Ronald Ricker are wed 8/21/71: 9/23/71p2

Rollins, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/24/71p11

Rollins, Raymond L., died 3/6/79: 3//13/79p2

Ronayne, Christine, and Barry Colby are wed 3/12/77: 3/30/77p4a

Roode, Wilhemina B., died 8/13/72: 8/17/72p4

Roode, Willa L., died 6/27/78: 7/4/78p2

Root Jr., William S., died 7/7/75: 7/10/75p2

Ropy, Richard R., is "great with kids": 3/21/74p4A

Roscoe, Catherine D., died 3/4/70: 3/12/70p2

Roseberry, Dennis, and Debra-Anne Doucette are wed 2/15/75: 3/13/75p6

Roseberry, Jay, died 3/24/72: 3/27/72p1

Roseberry, Nancy, and Michael Tarmey are wed 4/4/70: 4/9/70p4

Ross, Bill, composes "Jesus, I Love You": 1/9/75p6

Ross, Hyman, died 8/29/75: 9/3/75p2

Ross II, Shepley, and Karen Decareau are wed 7/15/78: 8/8/78p3a

Ross Jr., Shepley, is an accomplished organist: 2/4/74p16

Ross, Mary, feted as Outstanding Young Woman for 1971: 8/12/71p4

Ross, William, and Gwen Miltner are wed 7/14/79: 8/14/79p9a

Rothwell, Peter, and Sandra Hunter are wed 1/23/71: 1/28/71p4

Rouillard, M&M Francis, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/19/71pA3

Rouillard, M&M Wilfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/5/74p6

Rouillard, Wilfred A/. died 9/5/75: 9/10/75p3

Rouleau, Andrew P., died 8/8/78: 8/14/79p2

Rouleau, Benjamin, died 9/3/75: 9/10/75p2

Rouleau, Diane, and Robert Carrier are wed 10/22/72: 10/26/72p4

Rouleau Jr., Albert, and Allison Boggs are wed 6/24/72: 6/29/72p6

Rouleau, M&M Samuel, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/27/77p4a

Roulx, Exilda, died 2/17/79: 2/20/79p2

Roulx, Henry A., died 2/11/75: 2/17/75p7

Roulx, Shirley, and John Young are wed 8/1/70: 8/6/70p6

Rouseau, Leon, and Cynthia Rigazio are wed: 10/31/74p6

Rousseau, Diane, and Edward Sullivan Jr. are wed 5/30/70: 6/11/70p4

Rousseau, Victoria, and Peter Reynolds are wed 2/10/79: 3/13/79p2b

Routhier, Denise, and Dana Caswell are wed 9/21/74: 10/17/74p6

Routhier, Lea, and Dennis Masse are wed 9/1/73: 9/6/73p7

Rowe, Anna E., died 12/16/70: 12/24/70p3

Rowe, George E., died 6/2/77: 6/7/77p3

Rowe III, William, and Ann Viel are wed 8/1/75: 8/11/75p4

Rowe, Jane, and David Montgomery are wed 6/3/78: 6/27/78p2b

Rowe, Linda, and Frank Kuneck are wed 5/3/74: 5/20/74p6

Rowe, Maurice R., died 8/8/72: 8/10/72p5

Rowe, William, and Beverly Chase are wed 10/7/79: 11/6/79p23

Rowell, Edward M., died 11/9/75: 11/12/75p2

Rowell, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/17/73p11

Rowell, M&M Louis, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/17/78p2a

Roy, Andrew, and Holly Page are wed 7/17/71: 7/22/71p4

Roy, Henry & Sons, start dairy-ing at 5 a.m.: 6/27/74p1

Roy III, Wilfred, and Linda Farley are wed 11/5/77: 11/22/77p2a

Roy, J. Paul, died 9/15/74: 9/19/74p5

Roy, Jean L., died 12/17/79: 12/25/79p2

Roy, Kathleen, and William Gardner are wed: 7/10/75p4

Roy, M&M Leah, celebrate 30th anniversary: 8/25/76p2a

Roy, Mary E., died 11/2/78: 11/7/78p2

Roy, Paul, and Pamela Desjardins are wed 6/11/74: 7/25/74p6

Roy, Theresa, and Gary Campbell are wed 8/29/70: 9/17/70p4

Roy, Verna, and John Zuzick are wed 8/20/78: 9/19/78p2b

Royce, Amanda D., died 8/5/72: 8/7/72p1

Royce, James F., died 4/3/71: 4/8/71p1

Royce, Madge, died 4/2/71: 4/8/71p1

Ruel, Deborah J., died 1/30/77: 2/2/77p1

Ruel, Emma, died 12/23/70: 12/31/70p3

Ruel, jerine R., died 9/29/77: 10/4/77p3

Ruel, Linda, and James Connelly are wed 9/7/74: 9/23/74p6

Ruel, M&M Al;fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/24/79p6b

Ruel, Norma, and James Wycoff are wed 7/20/74: 8/5/74p6

Ruest, Jo-Ann, and Randy Taylor are wed 6/30/73: 7/12/73p7

Ruest, M&M Cleophas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/12/77p2a

Rumaza, Carlo R., died 1/?/79: 1/16/79p2

Rumazza, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/28/79p23

Runnels, Pearl E., died 12/30/73: 1/3/74p7

Rupprecht, David, serves aboard destroyer in Kenya: 1/5/77p2a

Russ, Paula, and Mark Armstrong II are wed: 8/28/79p15

Russell, Dorothy, is successful business woman: 10/18/77p6a

Russell, Ethan E., died 1/11/70: 1/15/70p2

Russell, Horace, died 8/11/78: 8/15/78p2

Russell, Iva M., died 9/21/73: 9/24/73p4

Russell, Linda, and Gordon Gagne are wed 5/15/76: 5/26/76p4a

Russell, Theodore, and Bonita Brewer are wed 6/17/73: 7/16/73p4

Russo, Susan, and John Walsh are wed 7/21/79: 8/14/79p2a

Rutstein, Hilda, died 9/12/79: 9/18/79p2

Ryan, James H., died 11/9/76: 11/17/76p4

Ryan, Joseph H., died 3/7/75: 3/10/76p2

Sabin, Robert, and Patricia Clements are wed 3/20/71: 4/8/71p4

Sabine, Sadie W., died 4/29/73: 5/3/73p5

Sage, Ethel M., died 8/6/73: 8/9/73p4

Salisbury, Lyndal c., died 1/30/76: 2/4/76p2

Saltzgiver, Richard, died 10/14/78: 10/24/78p2

Saltzman, Theresa, and Lannie Brown are wed 7/12/75: 7/24/75p4

Sample Jr., Russell, and Jean Stuart are wed 6/22/74: 7/15/74p7

Sanborn, Agnes S., died 7/22/77: 7/26/77p3

Sanborn, Dorothy C., died 6/15/75: 6/19/75p3

Sanborn, Harley N., died 9/22/73: 9/27/73p4

Sanborn Jr., Norman, and Debra Douglas are wed 4/6/79: 5/8/79p2b

Sanders, John H., died 12/27/73: 1/3/74p5

Sanderson, Eva A., died 10/23/78: 10/31/78p3

Sanfacon, George J., died 2/18/73: 2/22/73p4

Sanfacon, J. Onisime, died 5/23/70: 5/28/70p3

Sanfacon, Julie, and Jeffery Thorne are wed 5/20/78: 6/13/78p3

Sanfacon, Linda, and Ronald Veno are wed 10/22/71: 11/4/71p4

Sanfacon, Lucia, died 5/28/72: 6/1/72p3

Sanfacon, M&M Walter, celebrate 35th anniversary: 5/30/74p5

Sanfacon, Raymond W., died 9/24/72: 9/28/72p4

Sanfacon, Susan, and James Bell are wed 11/20/71: 12/9/71p4

Sans-Cartier, Suzanne, and Eugene O'Brien Jr. are wed 1/17/71: 3/4/71p2

Santerre, Frank L., died 3/31/79: 4/3/79p2

Sanville, Edward F., died 12/20/74: 12/30/74p4

Sargent, Annabelle F., died 1/28/77: 2/2/77p3

Sargent, Barbara, and Robert Gould Jr. are wed 5/23/70: 6/25/70p2

Sargent, Darlene, and Edouard Poire Jr. are wed 10/12/74: 11/4/74p6

Sargent, Darlene, and Frank Foster are wed 7/30/78: 9/26/78p2b

Sargent, David, and Kathleen Gearwar are wed 9/26/70: 10/8/70p13

Sargent, Freeman M., died 12/25/75: 12/31/75p2

Sargent, George A., died 5/28/72: 6/1/72p3

Sargent, George, and Judith Lord are wed 7/15/72: 7/20/72p6

Sargent, George L., died 11/19/74: 11/25/74p4

Sargent, Gregg, and Linda Fowler are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Sargent, Ida M., died 8/15/78: 8/22/78p2

Sargent, Jessie H., died 8/23/73: 8/27/73p4

Sargent, John W., died 9/10/77: 9/13/77p3

Sargent, Kenneth, and Sue Ann Hamblett are wed 6/12/71: 7/8/71p4

Sargent, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/16/72p6

Sargent, Malcolm, died 6/15/77: 6/21/77p3

Sargent, Roger, and Katherine Davenhall are wed 10/21/72: 11/13/72p6

Sargent, Vivian Y., died 5/19/79: 5/29/79p2

Saucier, Donna, and Peter Staples are wed 5/23/75: 6/5/75p4

Sauser, William, and Joyce Ebare are wed 4/29/72: 5/15/72p6

Savoie, Amanda J., died ?/?/75: 10/8/75p2

Savoie, Ephraim J., died 8/8/77: 8/16/77p2

Savoie, Pierre, and Diane Ellis are wed 10/27/72: 11/6/72p6

Sawyer, Allen, died 4/9/76: 4/14/76p2

Sawyer, Mary V., died 11/19/71: 11/25/71p3

Sawyer, Richard, and Betty Lou McKay are wed 8/14/76: 9/8/76p2a

Sawyer, Roscoe L., died 5/10/72: 5/15/72p2

Sayward, Caroline O., died 2/13/71: 2/18/71p3

Scagliotti, Louise A., died 12/13 79: 12/18/79p2

Scahill, Annaliese, is TOPS Queen: 4/1/74p6

Scahill Jr., Thomas E., died 2/11/74: 2/14/74p5

Scala, Donna, and Gerard Gregoire are wed 8/10/73: 8/27/73p5

Scala Sr., Michael F., died 12/13/78: 12/19/78p2

Scala, Susan, and Russell Howard Jr. are wed 2/17/79: 5/22/79p10

Scannel, Matha, died 5/6/73: 5/7/73p7

Scannell, Richard L., died 8/19/72: 8/21/72p10

Sceggell, Stephen, and LuAnn Pratt are wed 6/11/77: 6/28/77p2a

Schaefer, G. Evelyn, died 10/15/75: 10/29/75p2

Schofield, Phyllis, died 12/29/78: 1/9/79p2

Schreiter, Lawrence K., died 3/25/78: 3/21/78p3

Schurian, Bernhard, died 1/20/76: 1/28/76p2

Scott, Elizabeth M., died 1/25/75: 1/30/75p4

Scott, Mignon T., died 8/12/78: 8/22/78p2

Scott, Phil, refinished JFK presidential desk: 7/17/79p4a

Scott Sr., Charles H., died 3/4/79: 3//13/79p2

Scott, Walter, died 4/16/79: 4/24/79p2

Scott, Wemyss B., died 12/2/79: 12/11/79p2

Scoville, Pinkney A., died 6/7/77: 6/21/77p3

Scranton, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/5/78p2a

Scribner, Carrie L., died 1/17/78: 1/24/78p3

Scruton, Arthur, and Sherrilyn Hutchinson are wed 3/30/74: 4/11/74p6A

Scruton, Arthur G., died 11/4/72: 11/9/72p5

Scruton, Barbara, is DAR Good Citizen of the Year: 11/11/74p4

Scruton, Bertha E., died 2/11/75: 2/13/75p4

Scruton, Edith R., died 1/30/74: 1/31/74p4

Scruton, Frank, is NH Dairyman of the Year: 9/26/74p1

Scruton, John, and Sandra Grant are wed 6/5/71: 6/10/71p2

Scruton, LLoyd H., died 4/11/73: 4/12/73p4

Searles, Walter J., died 2/28/73: 3/1/73p4

Seaver, David, proof that heart research works: 2/21/74p1

Seavey, Edgar, died 2/24/75: 3/13/75p4

Seavey, Ernest J., died 10/18/74: 10/24/74p4

Seavey, Flora B., died 10/3/71: 10/7/71p2: 10/7/71p2

Seavey, Fred L., died 7/26/75: 7/31/75p2

Seavey, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/30/72p6

Seavey, Ralph, honored at farewell banquet: 3/25/71p1

Seavey, Ralph, is enjoying his retirement as Fire Chief: 4/8/71pA14

Seavey, Ralph, retires after 25 years as Fire Chief: 2/18/71p3

Seavey, Samuel F., died 12/10/75: 12/17/75p2

Seavey, Walter K., died 7/21/74: 7/29/74p4

Secoird, Gertrude M., died 1/2/79: 1/9/79p2

Secord, LuAnn, and Robert Clark are wed 8/25/73: 9/13/73p4

Seeley III, Owen, and Paula Leeman are wed 6/?/75: 6/19/75p4

Seely Jr., Carl, and Donna Fenske are wed 7/11/70: 7/30/70p4

Semco, Donald, and Marlene Arigo are wed 11/15/75: 12/17/75p3a

Senter, Bruce, and Kelley Parsons are wed 6/23/79: 8/14/79p2a

Sessler, Toni, and Dale Mansfield are wed 6/19/76: 7/28/76p6a

Sessler, Walter E., died 11/22/71: 12/2/71p2

Sevigny, Eugene F., died 7/15/74: 7/18/74p4

Sevigny, M&M Eugene, celebrate 43rd anniversary: 12/14/72p6

Shackford, Martha, displays painting at Library: 6/3/74p4

Shafer, Joseph M., died 7/4/71: 7/8/71p3

Shafer, M&M William, celebrate 22nd anniversary: 2/11/74p7

Shafer, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/16/77p4a

Shannon, David W., died 10/28/78: 11/7/78p2

Shapiro, Boris, died 10/7/70: 10/8/70p3

Shapleigh, Doris, celebrates birthday: 3/18/74p6

Shatford, Antoinette D., died 6/25/77: 6/28/77p2

Shatford, Raymond A., died 10/27/72: 10/30/72p4

Shaughnessy, T.J., and Susan Colbroth are wed 2/17/78: 3/21/78p2b

Shaw, Annie G., died 1/23/71: 1/28/71p3

Shaw, Catherine J., died 3/19/79: 3/27/79p2

Shaw, Deborah, and Bruce Taylor are wed 12/13/69: 1/15/70p4

Shaw, Ruth B., died 10/15/70: 10/22/70p3

Shaw, Stephen, and Susan McBride are wed 10/20/73: 11/19/73p7

Shaw, Stephen, wins County spelling bee: 3/28/74p5

Shea, Arnold, died 7/24/76: 7/28/76p2

Shea, Florence D., died 6/8/74: 6/13/74p5

Shea, Mary, and Bradley Holt are wed 8/6/78: 8/29/78p3a

Shea, Matilda M., died 7/16/71: 7/22/71p3

Shea, Michael, and JoAnne Weismantel are wed 6/3/77: 6/28/77p2a

Sheldon, Lawrence, and Sharon Beriault are wed 10/2/71: 11/11/71p4

Sheldon, Scott A., died 3/11/77: 3/16/77p3

Shelton, Alphonse J., died 3/8/72: 3/13/72pp1,7

Shepard, Gl;adys A., died 7/25/74: 7/29/74p4

Shepard Jr., Edwin, and Joyce Menard are wed 12/20/69: 1/1/70p4

Shepard, Margaret L., died 5/13/78: 5/17/77p3

Shepherd, Bonnie, and Joseph Jenness are wed 1/18/75: 2/27/75p6

Sherlock, Ronald, and Clare Parent are wed 4/23/71: 4/29/71p4

Sherman, Kathleen, and Henry Lizotte are wed: 11/26/73p8

Sherman, Mrs. Maurice, died 2/19/73: 2/22/73p4

Sherwood, Christina, and Neil Littlefield are wed 6/8/74: 6/17/74p6

Shevenell, Brian, and Kelly Landry are wed 6/9/79: 7/10/79p9

Shevenell, Marc, and Jeannine Paradis are wed: 6/13/78p3a

Shewell, Dennis, and Pamela Lanoie are wed 10/24/70: 10/29/70pA16

Shields, Maybelle, died 11/10/77: 11/15/77p3

Shorey, Diane, and Walter Stacy are wed: 10/8/70p4

Shorey, Florence M., died 4/25/71: 4/29/71p3

Shost Jr., William, and Carol Comfort are wed 5/7/77: 5/17/77p2a

Shost, Lisa, and Ronald Grenier are wed 9/?/77: 9/20/77p1b

Sicard, Diane, and Gregory Drake are wed 2/22/75: 3/10/75p8

Sidney, Earle E., died 3/8/72: 3/13/72p3

Sidwell Jr., Howard H., died 4/?/76: 4/14/76p2

Sielian, Servart, died 12/5/74: 12/9/74p4

Sieminski, Thomas, and Pauline Poulin are wed 6/19/76: 7/21/76p2a

Silman, John L., died 10/27/75: 11/5/75p2

Silverblatt, Jennifer, is successful business woman: 10/18/77p6a

Simard, Joseph A., died 9/4/74: 9/9/74p4

Simes, ASndrew F., died 9/21/79: 9/25/79p2

Simmons, Jennie E., died 12/6/72: 12/11/72p4

Simms, Joseph C., died 11/21/72: 11/27/72p4

Simoneau, Marie R., died 9/26/79: 10/2/79p12

Simpson, Richard, died 6/12/74: 6/17/74p4

Sinclair, Linda, and Michael Howard are wed 8/18/73: 9/6/73p7

Sintz, George W., died 5/18/70: 5/21/70p3

Sintz, Susan, and Royal Edgerly are wed 2/25/72: 3/2/72p6

Skammels, Veronica D., died 11/6/75: 11/12/75p2

Skelton, Lorraine, and Steven Durost are wed 4/8/72: 4/13/72p6

Skidds, Alice M., died 3/5/75: 3/10/75p4

Skidds, Earl, and Ruth Whitney are wed 6/13/70: 6/18/70p4

Skillings, Noel, died 6/3/76: 6/9/76p2

Skinner, Robert, and Edna Burroughs are wed 6/19/76: 7/14/76p2a

Slane, James, and Judy Fernald are wed 8/6/77: 9/6/77p9

Sleeper, Stephan, and Claire Castonguay are wed 8/8/70: 8/27/70p4

Sleeper, Stephen J., died 5/14/76: 5/19/76p2

Sloan, Ann, and Armand Larochell Jr. are wed 1/23/71: 2/4/71p2

Small, Vicki, and William Ward are wed 9/18/76: 9/29/76p2a

Smallidge, Ralph W., died 4/21/76: 4/28/76p2

Smart, Deborah, and Sterling Jordan are wed 4/14/73: 4/19/73p7

Smart, Lila M., died 7/6/75: 7/10/75p2

Smart, M&M David, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/29/75p4a

Smart, Marguerite A., died 1/22/79: 1/30/79p5

Smith, Alfred, died 2/23/74: 3/7/74p5

Smith, Alfred W., died 2/25/78: 2/28/78p3

Smith, Alice B., died 5/13/71 are wed 5/1/71: 5/20/71p3

Smith, Alice, died 1/8/76: 1/14/76p2

Smith, Ann QW., died 2/10/74: 2/25/74p3

Smith, Arthur A., died 4/7/71: 4/15/71p3

Smith, Barbara S., died 11/22/75: 12/3/75p2

Smith, Benjamin R., died 4/7/71: 4/15/71p3

Smith, Bertha C., died 10/3/76: 10/13/76p4

Smith, Buran M., died 2/18/73: 2/22/73p4

Smith, Catherine, and Bruce Bond are wed 7/27/74: 8/29/74p6

Smith, Cheryl, and Alan Garland are wed: 3/5/70p4

Smith, Cheryl, and Richard Wolf are wed 8/27/71: 9/9/71pA9

Smith, Clarence H., died 5/24/78: 5/30/78p2

Smith, Craig, and Marsha Young are wed 8/12/72: 8/17/72p7

Smith, Cynthia, and Kenneth Monahan are wed 6/8/73: 7/16/73p7

Smith, Dale, and Aerona Fifield are wed 8/8/70: 8/13/70p4

Smith, Denise A., died 2/25/78: 2/28/78p3

Smith, Donald, family holds multi-purpose celebration: 9/5/74p6

Smith, Dr. Alexander, lauded by NH Nursing Homes Association: 12/14/72p1

Smith, Earl F., died 7/15/77: 7/12/77p2

Smith, Edna H., died 8/20/75: 8/25/75p2

Smith, Edward W., died 12/4/71: 12/9/71p3

Smith, Ellis W., died 5/28/70: 6/4/70p3

Smith, Elwood F., died 5/8/70: 5/14/70p3

Smith, Eric, and Joy Larochelle are wed 8/10/74: 8/29/74p6

Smith, Ernest, and Karen Doherty are wed 4/30/76: 6/2/76p2a

Smith, George A., died 4/8/71: 4/15/71p3

Smith, Gladys D., died 1/4/72: 1/6/72p3

Smith, Gregory, and Jean Waitt are wed 8/12/72: 8/17/72p6

Smith, Hattie, died 5/1/76: 5/5/76p2

Smith, Hazel D., died 8/9/79: 8/14/79p2

Smith, Hazel L., died 1/2/71: 1/7/71p3

Smith, James, and Denise Lafontaine are wed 9/15/72: 9/21/72p6

Smith, James, died 11/20/71: 11/25/71p14

Smith, James E., died 9/30/73: 10/8/73p4

Smith, Jeffrey, and Denise Leveille are wed 6/1/74: 7/8/74p6

Smith Jr., Irving A., died 6/13/77: 6/21/77p3

Smith, Larry, and Pamela Barker are wed 9/12/70: 10/1/70p4

Smith, Lynda B., died 10/27/74: 10/31/74p5

Smith, Lynn, and James Marcotte are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Smith, M&M Gerald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/22/73p6

Smith, Marion E., died 10/1/78: 10/10/78p3

Smith, Marion L., died 9/16/74: 9/19/74p5

Smith, Marion M., died 4/24/78: 5/2/78p3

Smith, Nancy Jo, tells mothers about SIDS: 10/7/71pA14

Smith, Pamela, and Donald Govey are wed 4/23/77: 5/24/77p1b

Smith, Patricia, and Albert Webster are wed 6/24/78: 8/15/78p3a

Smith, Peter, and Sylvia Thomas are wed 6/14/75: 7/7/75p4

Smith, Robert, and Julie Dostie are wed 11/5/77: 12/6/77p4a

Smith, Robert, and Nancy Bullis are wed 5/27/78: 6/20/78p2a

Smith, Roxanne, and William Landry are wed 4/3/76: 5/5/76p2a

Smith Sr., Charles W., died 6/15/70: 6/18/70p3

Smith, Stanley S., died 3/10/70: 3/19/70p2

Smith, Steven, died 10/19/79: 10/23/79p2

Smith, Valerie, and Garry Dewey are wed 1/18/75: 11/5/75p2a

Smith, Wanda, and Richard Gauthier are wed 7/1/72: 7/6/72p6

Smith, William R., died 9/8/73: 9/13/73p4

Smith-MacRae family holds reunion: 8/22/74p6

Snapp, David, and Andrea Kessler are wed 4/1/72: 4/24/72p6

Sneirson, Carl, and Maureen Anctil are wed 7/11/70: 7/30/70p4

Snyder, Arthur, and Patricia Post are wed 1/21/73: 1/29/73p6

Snyder, Edward, and Janet Roberge are wed 6/28/74: 7/8/74p6

Snyder, Linda, and Robert Dawson Jr. are wed 8/10/74: 8/29/74p6

Solomon, Margot, studies graphology: 4/3/79p1b

Solomon, Mrs. Frederick, is handwriting analist: 1/22/70p4

Sommerville, Harold F., died 11/10/78: 11/14/78p3

Sona, Charles M., died 12/4/77: 12/13/77p3

Sona, Jeanette E., died ?/?/73: 4/5/73p4

Sonia, Everett J., died 6/16/76: 6/23/76p2

Soper, Fred S., died 5/19/70: 5/21/70p3

Soper, Hazel, publishes first book: 11/7/78p6

Soule, Cynthia, and John Cafasso are wed 10/20/79: 12/11/79p22

Soule, Mildred E., died 5/27/72: 6/1/72p3

Sparhawk, Allison, and Gary Bodah are wed 5/15/76: 6/2/76p2a

Sparks, Cheryl, and Peter Martell are wed 10/26/74: 12/9/74p11

Spaulding, Day, died 3/4/74: 4/1/74p5

Spaulding, Vera G., died 9/5/75: 9/10/75p1

Spear, Alan, and Kim Wagenfeld are wed 6/12/76: 8/25/76p6a

Spear, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/28/78p3a

Spear, M&M Wayne, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/26/74p2

Spence, Cynthia, and Harvey Radey III are wed 10/19/74: 11/4/74p6

Spence, Ralph G., died 9/13/79: 9/18/79p2

Spence, Robert, and Cynthia Barboza are wed 10/30/76: 11/17/76p1b

Spiers, John R., died 7/4/72: 7/6/72p3

Spiller, Burton, honored by NH Fish & Game: 12/14/72pA7,12/18/72p5

Spiller, Burton L., died 5/26/73: 5/31/73p4

Spiller, Carl, died 12/22/70: 12/31/70p3

Spinazola, Joseph, died 10/29/77: 11/1/77p3

Spinazola, Ruth C., died 10/23/78: 10/31/78p3

Spinney, Martha, and Ronald Weston are wed 7/17/76: 9/15/76p2a

Spinney, Ruth E., died 1/?/74: 1/31/74p4

Sprague, David, and Annette Gray are wed 6/21/75: 7/14/75p4

Sprague, Irving S., died 7/14/74: 7/18/74p4

Sprague, Nancy, and Larry Gordon are wed 4/10/76: 4/28/76p4a

Sprague, Wanda, and Lawrence Grenier are wed 8/19/77: 10/4/77p2a

Springfield, Carl K., died 10/31/75: 11/5/75p2

Springfield, Edith M., died 12/11/77: 12/13/77p3

Springfield, George W., died 11/10/79: 11/13/79p3

Spritch, Karl C., died 1/22/76: 1/28/76p3

St. Clair, Brenda, is BPW Young Career Woman: 5/8/79p8b

St. Hilaire, Ludger J., died 3/11/70: 3/19/70p2

St. Jean, Anthony W., died 12/2/78: 12/12/78p2

St. Laurent, Donald, and Deborah Eason are wed: 7/7/75p4

St. Laurent, Germain L., died 4/21/77: 4/27/77p3

St. Laurent, Joseph R., died 5/15/74: 5/20/74p4

St. Laurent Jr., Joseph, and Susan Goodfield are wed 6/8/74: 7/1/74p6

St. Laurent, Mathilda, died 3/14/72: 3/16/72p3

St. Laurent, Tammy, was first baby of 1970 (photo): 1/3/74p5

St. Peter, Orena, died 8/9/76: 8/18/76p4

St. Pierre, Janet, and Leslie Burr are wed: 7/9/73p7

St. Pierre, Joseph F., died 11/20/71: 11/25/71p3

St. Pierre, Lorraine, and Roland Dubois are wed: 7/9/73p7

St. Pierre, Paul E., died 1/26/79: 1/30/79p2

St. Pierre. Angeline, died 3/3/76: 3/10/76p2

Stabile, Denise, died 9/23/77: 9/27/77p1

Stabler, Russell E., died 9/26/71: 9/30/71p3

Stachkunas, Joseph J., died 9/11/75: 9/17/75p2

Stackpole, Bertha E., died 12/24/71: 12/30/71p3

Stackpole, Mary F., died 5/9/77: 5/17/77p3

Stacy, Myrtle R., authors poetry book: 11/17/76p8

Stacy, Walter, and Diane Shorey are wed: 10/8/70p4

Stacy, Walter, lays telephone cable under Lake Winni: 9/19/74p12A

Stadig, Stanley W., died 4/9/72: 4/13/72p3

Stadtler, Monica E., died 1/17/78: 1/24/78p3

Stahl, Jean R., died 9/8/74: 9/12/74p4

Stammos, M&M Costas, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/3/75p6

Stamnas, Christos, and Carroll Brown are wed: 8/2/77p10

Stamnas, Virginia, and Anthony Tsoukalas are wed 10/22/72: 11/2/72p6

Stankiewicz, Mary, being feted on retirement: 9/5/74p5

Stanley, Charlotte, and Warren Cooper are wed 6/16/78: 7/25/78p2b

Stanley, Ethel, died 3/8/74: 3/11/74p4

Stanley, Leonard C., died 5/5/78: 5/9/78p3

Stanley, Marion, retires as teacher after 27 years: 6/29/72p13

Stanley, Ronald R., died 3/28/71: 4/1/71p3

Staples, Bernard, died 3/14/75: 3/20/75p2

Staples, Helen L., died 7/22/72: 7/27/72p2

Staples, Peter, and Donna Saucier are wed 5/23/75: 6/5/75p4

Stead, Harold L., died ?/?/76: 11/17/76p4

Steadman, Nichole M., died 10/29/77: 11/1/77p3

Stearns, Guy B., died 8/24/78: 8/29/78p2

Steer, Marie A., died 6/5/79: 6/12/79p2

Stein, Fred D., died 6/1/77: 6/7/77p3

Stetson, Clyde F., died 11/11/74: 11/14/74p4

Stevens, Andrea, and David Birdsey are wed 7/4/79: 9/4/79p13

Stevens, Anna L., died 11/16/72: 11/20/72p4

Stevens, Beverly, and John Kimball are wed 12/17/76: 12/29/76p4a

Stevens, Bradford, and Judy Atkins are wed 9/4/71: 9/9/71p4

Stevens, Dennis, and Linda Thompson are wed 6/27/70: 7/2/70p4

Stevens, Douglas, and Paula Witham are wed 5/26/78: 7/4/78p3a Stewart, Stevens, Ella E., died 3/31/71: 4/1/71p3

Stevens, Fancelia W., died 6/19/75: 6/23/75p2

Stevens, Harold S., died 12/22/73: 12/27/73p4

Stevens, John I., died 6/12/77: 6/14/77p3

Stevens, Louise W., died 3/28/75: 3/31/75p2

Stevens, Margaret, died 3/12/73: 3/15/73p4

Stevens, Mark, and Margaret Chamberlain are wed 9/25/79: 10/23/79p13

Stevens, Maurice, died 12/28/70: 12/31/70p3

Stevens, Mrs. Willis, died 2/18/74: 2/21/74p2

Stevens, Thalma A., died 5/10/79: 5/22/79p2

Stevens, Thomas, and Patsy Taylor are wed 5/10/75: 6/2/75p6

Stevens, Thomas, and Priscilla Wentworth are wed 10/19/74: 11/21/74p6

Stevens, William L., died 5/18/71: 5/20/71p3

Stevenson, Fieda, died 2/20/73: 2/22/73p4

Stevenson, M&M Alexander, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/24/72p6

Stevenson, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/1/71p2

Stevenson, Pamela, and Frank Lord are wed 7/3/76: 8/11/76p2a

Steves, Nancy-Jo, and Terence Higgins are wed 12/19/70: 1/28/71p4

Stewart, Hildred M., died 8/11/79: 8/14/79p2

Stillings, Harold, was WW II war correspondent: 11/8/77p1

Stimpson, Alan, and Frances Murphy are wed: 12/6/73p3

Stimpson, Norma D., died 10/13/73: 10/18/73p4

Stinson, Beverly, and Michael Felong are wed 7/25/70: 8/6/70pA1

Stokes, Mark, and Rita Beaudoin are wed 6/10/77: 6/21/77p2a

Stone, Arlene, authors East Rochester history: 1/19/77p6

Stone, Carolyn, and John Meader are wed 4/4/70: 4/9/70p4

Stone, David, and Delores Wagenfeld are wed 3/28/70: 4/9/70p4

Stone, Donna, and Thomas Gelinas are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

Stone, Elsie M., died 12/14/79: 12/18/79p4

Stone Jr., Richard S., died 11/18/78: 11/28/78p2

Stone, Willie, died 4/14/79: 4/17/79p2

Storrs, Ira, and Deborah Tracy are wed 9/11/76: 10/6/76p2a

Stowe, Merle, and James Fereira are wed 4/10/71: 5/6/71pA5

Strafford, Lorraine, and David Mansfield wed 9/9/78: 12/12/78p1b

Strang, James F., died 11/2/70: 11/5/70p3

Strang, Virginia C., died 1/17/77: 1/26/77p2

Stritch, Bertran E., died 8/26/70: 8/27/70p3

Stritch, Gertrude, died 11/23/73: 11/26/73p4

Strogem, Sandra R., died 5/31/75: 6/5/75p2

Strong, Annellen, and Anthony Balakier II are wed 7/4/70: 7/9/70p4

Strong, Fred E., died 7/27/70: 7/30/70p1

Strong, Norman, and Susan Penny are wed: 3/9/77p4a

Strout, M&M Revillo, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/22/74p8A

Stuart, Alice A., died 1/16/72: 1/20/72p3

Stuart, Blanche L., died 10/13/73: 10/18/73p4

Stuart, Elena, teacher, is a speech specialist: 1/13/72p10

Stuart, James, and Joyce Johnson are wed 12/15/73: 1/7/74p7

Stuart, Jean, and Russell Sample Jr. are wed 6/22/74: 7/15/74p7

Stuart, M&M Earlon, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/29/76p2a

Stuart, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/9/79p2b

Stuart, Mandy, and David Lemay are wed: 11/28/78p2a

Stuart, Norman, and Sharyn Cornish are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p4

Stuart, Reginald E., died 9/23/75: 10/1/75p2

Studley, Adella J., died 3/7/77: 3/16/77p3

Suart, Jim, is third generational greenhouse operator: 5/2/78p6b

Sudley, Adella, celebrates 96th birthday: 2/8/73p6

Sullivan, Bessie E., died 5/23/78: 5/30/78p2

Sullivan, Eugene J., died 2/25/71: 3/4/71p3

Sullivan Jr., Edward, and Diane Rousseau are wed 5/30/70: 6/11/70p4

Sultemeier, Stephen, and Wanda Yates are wed 4/22/77: 6/28/77p2a

Sutcliffe, Matilda, died 1/16/71: 1/21/71p3

Sutherland, Bessie, died 5/8/77: 6/7/77p3

Svenson, John, and Linda Calef are wed 8/15/70: 8/20/70p4

Swain, Ellie G., died 7/27/74: 8/1/74p4

Swain, M&M Ralph, celebrate 35th anniversary: 8/5/71p4

Swain, Mattie E., died 5/12/76: 5/19/76p2

Swain, Mattie E., died 5/8/76: 5/12/76p2

Swain, Nancy, and Richard Lover are wed 2/9/74: 3/14/74p7A

Swain, Sherburne, has Barrington's Bushiest beard: 8/3/72pA4

Swain, W. Sherburne, died 11/27/74: 12/2/74p9

Swasey, Robert, and Susan Belleau are wed 7/21/78: 8/8/78p3a

Swazey Jr., Richard, and Diana DeCourt are wed 5/7/77: 5/24/77p2b

Swenson, Dale, and David Whittemore are wed: 1/21/76p2a

Swinerton, Herbert B., died 6/12/72: 6/15/72p3

Swinerton, Janette I., died 10/1/78: 10/3/78p3

Swinerton, Ruth B., died 6/29/72: 7/6/72p3

Swinterton, Henry M., died 11/17/71: 11/25/71p3

Sylvain, Alfred P., died 6/10/74: 6/13/74p5

Sylvain, Charles, and Louise Landry are wed 9/17/77: 10/11/77p2a

Sylvain, Claire, and Paul Lapointe Jr. are wed 9/22/73: 10/15/73p6

Sylvain, Dianne, and Brian Boudreau are wed 9/23/77: 10/11/77p2a

Sylvain, Donald, died 9/20/73: 9/24/73p4

Sylvain, Edward, died 1/25/72: 1/27/72pp1,3

Sylvain, Ernest J., died 9/1/75: 9/10/75p2

Sylvain, George, and Patricia Gugliuso are wed 8/21/76: 10/13/76p2a

Sylvain, J. Alphonse, died 9/7/75: 9/17/75p2

Sylvain, John J., died 4/14/79: 4/17/79p2

Sylvain, Kathy, and Richard Ackerman III are wed 4/9/76: 5/5/76p2a

Sylvain, Lionel, and Jo Ann Thompson are wed 8/4/73: 8/9/73p7

Sylvain, M&M Roland, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/12/79p15

Sylvain, Roger A., died 9/25/79: 10/2/79p2

Sylvain, Susan, and Timothy Cook are wed 9/9/78: 10/24/78p2b

Sylvain, Yvonne M., died 1/11/75: 1/16/75p5

Symons, Floyd M., retires after 39 years in the Navy: 7/13/72pA1

Syvain, Eudore J., died 10/24/71: 10/28/71p3

Taber, Phebe D., died 4/10/73: 4/12/73p4

Tabor, Jane, and Joseph McCarthy are wed 5/13/72: 5/18/72p6

Tabor Jr., Ernest, and Janice Grochmal are wed 8/11/73: 8/30/73p7

Tacy, Lori, and Leo Bernier are wed 12/6/75: 12/31/75p12

Talbert, Sharon, and James McManus Jr. are wed 7/29/72: 8/14/72p6

Talbot, Elaine, and David Fistere are wed 8/5/78: 9/5/78p2a

Talbot, Patricia, and Paul Huppe are wed 10/3/70: 10/8/70p4

Talon, David, and Pamela Gibb are wed 3/24/78: 4/11/78p2b

Talon, Diane, and Patrick Hurley are wed 8/16/75: 8/28/75p4

Talon, Jeanne, amd John Irving are wed 9/6/75: 10/1/75p4a

Talon, Theresa, and Thomas Gaskell are wed 10/22/77: 11/8/77p4b

Tangdon, Tsering, and Arthur Taylor Jr. are wed 10/5/74: 10/21/74p6

Tanguay, Ann, and Nipon Rattanupap are wed: 5/16/78p2b

Tanguay, Claire, and Fred Duhaime are wed 6/3/78: 6/20/78p2a

Tanguay, leo, and Mary Gilbert are wed 8/11/72: 8/17/72p6

Tanguay, Ricky, and Donna Dumont are wed 10/10/75: 10/29/75p4a

Tanner, Charles E., died 6/9/74: 6/10/74p5

Tanner, Mildred E., died 10/8/74: 10/10/74p5

Tappan, Dick, teacher, believes in being totally involved: 12/16/71p13

Tapper, Frederic H., died 12/11/78: 12/19/78p2

Tapper, Russell, died 1/21/72: 1/27/72pp1,3

Tapscott, Alfred E., died 10/24/74: 10/28/74p4

Tapscott, Arteline P., died 2/28/78: 3/7/78p3

Tapscott, M&M Alfred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/17/70p4

Tarby, David, and Sharon Knights are wed 8/18/73: 9/6/73p7

Tardif, Rosaire G., died 12/20/78: 12/26/78p2

Tarlton, Christine, and Raymond Morin are wed 2/5/72: 2/28/72p6

Tarlton, Dinah, and Harry Nesbitt are wed: 8/25/76p6a

Tarlton, Jeanette A., died 5/31/75: 6/5/75p2

Tarlton, Karen, and Alan Wheeler are wed 9/11/76: 10/20/76p4a

Tarlton, M&M Olin, celebrate 25th anniversary: 6/10/71p4

Tarmey, Grace A., died 11/29/78: 12/5/78p2

Tarmey, Michael, and Nancy Roseberry are wed 4/4/70: 4/9/70p4

Tarmey, Patrick, and Pamela Bisson are wed 9/21/73: 11/8/73p6

Tarrantf, Tony, died 8/3/75: 8/7/75p2

Tattersall, Ivan L., died 5/18/79: 5/22/79p2

Tattersall, Theo M., died 1/12/74: 1/17/74p5

Taylor, Bertha L., died 1/17/73: 1/18/73p4

Taylor, Bruce, and Deborah Shaw are wed 12/13/69: 1/15/70p4

Taylor, Christine, and James Rogers are wed 11/20/71: 12/16/71p4

Taylor, Glen, died 12/4/75: 12/10/75p1

Taylor, Glenn, and Dawn Elliott are wed 9/19/73: 10/29/73p6

Taylor, Herman H., died 6/26/71: 7/1/71p3

Taylor, Jean, is first USN physician's assistant: 4/1/74p1

Taylor Jr., Arthur, and Tsering Tangdon are wed 10/5/74: 10/21/74p6

Taylor, Kelly, and David Walton are wed 8/18/78: 10/24/78p2b

Taylor, Lawrence, died 8/20/74: 8/22/74p1

Taylor, M&M Fielding, family reunion takes place: 9/6/73pA10

Taylor, M&M Russell, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/1/71p4

Taylor, Mark, and Carol Michaud are wed: 12/13/77p10

Taylor, Mildred E., died 6/29/72: 7/6/72p3

Taylor, Nancy, and Michael Lamoureux are wed 2/16/79: 4/10/79p10a

Taylor, Patsy, and Thomas Stevens are wed 5/10/75: 6/2/75p6

Taylor, Randy, and Jo-Ann Ruest are wed 6/30/73: 7/12/73p7

Taylor, Randy, and Linda Huppe are wed 10/15/77: 11/1/77p4a

Taylor, Ronald, volunteers for RCSC: 3/5/73p7

Taylor, Sandra, and Charles Bodwell are wed: 8/21/79p5b

Taylor, Walter L., died 5/6/73: 5/10/73p5

Teague, Harlan L., died 5/10/77: 5/17/77p3

Tebbets, Ruth A., died 3/23/72: 3/27/72p2

Tebbetts, Fred O., celebrates 85th birthday: 7/31/75p7

Tebbetts, Fred O., died 7/6/78: 7/11/78p3

Tebbetts, Robert F., died 12/16/76: 12/22/76p4,12/29/76p2

Tebbetts, Rodney A., died 2/20/73: 2/22/73p4

Tempest, Jeffery and Scott, prove boys can cook: 12/23/71p5

Temple, Dawn, and David Wormhood are wed 5/17/70: 5/28/70p4

Tersolo, Barbara, is NH BPW Woman of the Year: 5/17/73p1,7/16/73pA1

Tersolo, Charles, and Barbara Davis are wed 6/3/72: 6/8/72p6

Teshera, Kristian, and Fern Littlefield are wed: 2/23/77p6a

Tessier, Charles R., died 7/22/71: 7/29/71p3

Tessier, Louis C., died 10/25/70: 10/29/70p2

Tessier, Lucy, died 7/24/71: 7/29/71p3

Thayer, Bruce, and Pamela Jenness are wed 8/1/70: 8/13/70p4

Thayer, Gary, and Claire Chase are wed 8/5/72: 8/7/72p6

Theberge, Joseph H., died 1/3/71: 1/7/71p3

Theberge, Wilford J., died 2/18/73: 2/19/73p4,2/22/73p4

Thereault, Sharon, and Alfred Williams are wed 7/24/71: 8/19/71p4

Theriault, Helen L., died 8/9/71: 8/12/71p3

Theriault, Samuel, honored by Green Berets: 6/3/74p1

Theroux, Emile J., died 11/24/70: 12/3/70p2

Theroux, Roland C., died 1/11/72: 1/13/72p3

Therrian, Edith A., died 9/29/75: 10/8/75p2

Therrien, Alcide N., died 10/2/73: 10/4/73p4

Therrien, Alfred B., died 1/17/75: 1/20/75p1

Therrien, Annie L., died 9/5/78: 9/12/78p3

Therrien, Brad, is Athlete of the Month: 4/16/70p11

Therrien, Darlene, and Orrin Bressy are wed 12/8/73: 12/24/73p7

Therrien, Debbie, and Richard Roberg are wed 6/19/76: 7/7/76p2a

Therrien, Fay, and Micheal Littlefield are wed 6/20/73: 7/16/73p7

Therrien, Lucille B., died 10/27/73: 11/1/73p4

Therrien, M&M Rene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/7/78p5a

Therrien Sr.,, Edward N., died 8/21/70: 8/27/70p3

Therrien, Tori, and Kenneth Leary are wed 11/24/73: 1/14/74p3

Thibault, Frankl;in A., died 9/28/79: 10/9/79p2

Thibault, M&M Ellwyn, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/2/73p7

Thibault, M&M Gerald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/17/73p11

Thibauly, Ellwyn, died 5/3/74: 5/6/74p5

Thivierge, Benoit J., died 1/28/73: 2/1/73p4

Thivierge, Odile, died 9/20/72: 9/25/72p4

Thivierge, Philip, and Elaine Dumont are wed 5/20/72: 5/25/72p6

Thomas, Adella M., died 8/11/77: 8/16/77p2

Thomas, Bernice G., died 8/24/77: 8/30/77p2

Thomas, Eleanor B., died 8/23/72: 8/28/82p3

Thomas, James, and Suzanne Hamilton are wed 1/6/79: 1/30/79p5a

Thomas, James, featured in High School Who's Who: 11/17/76p2a

Thomas Jr., Carlton, died 11/25/71: 12/2/71p2

Thomas, M&M Donald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/2/71pA8

Thomas, Matthew, featured in High School Who's Who: 11/17/76p2a

Thomas, Robert, and Cynthia Fritz are wed: 5/23/78p2b

Thomas, Steven, and Dawn Orlandi are wed 7/7/73: 7/26/73p9

Thomas, Sylvia, and Peter Smith are wed 6/14/75: 7/7/75p4

Thomits, William, and Beverly Vaughn are wed: 10/22/70p15

Thompson, Betsy, and Ronald Booth are wed 6/12/71: 6/17/71p4

Thompson, Curt E., died 2/18/74: 2/21/74p2

Thompson, Eva, celebrates 90th birthday: 11/12/70pA5

Thompson, Eva F., died 1/16/77: 2/23/77p5

Thompson, Frank G., died 12/18/74: 12/19/74p5

Thompson, Gladys V., died 3/2/73: 3/5/73p4

Thompson, Herbert E., died 10/8/70: 10/15/70p3

Thompson, Hilda M., died 8/26/70: 9/3/70p3

Thompson, James, and Patricia Jenness wed 4/27/72: 5/15/72p6,6/16/72p6

Thompson, Jere, and Debra Landry are wed 10/25/74: 12/2/74p10

Thompson, Jo Ann, and Lionel Sylvain are wed 8/4/73: 8/9/73p7

Thompson, Julia E., died 2/23/73: 3/1/73p4

Thompson, Kathleen J., died 6/27/79: 7/3/79p2

Thompson, Kenneth W., died 2/28/78: 3/7/78p3

Thompson, Lawrence R., died 4/16/73: 4/23/73p4

Thompson, Linda, and Dennis Stevens are wed 6/27/70: 7/2/70p4

Thompson, Lloyd E., died 9/26/71: 10/7/71p2

Thompson, Lydia, died 2/24/77: 3/2/77p3

Thompson, M&M Elmer, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/7/75p4

Thompson, Marion C., died 1/11/76: 1/21/76p3

Thompson, Sarah, and Ralph Norwood are wed 6/26/71: 7/1/71p4

Thompson, Thelma A., dued 5/14/75: 5/15/75p2

Thompson, Vinnie E., died 11/27/78: 12/5/78p2

Thoren, Marie F., died 9/11/79: 9/18/79p24

Thorne, Chareles, teacher, likes the new math: 3/2/72p2

Thorne, Jeffery, and Julie Sanfacon are wed 5/20/78: 6/13/78p3

Thurlow, Ida M., died 10/3/74: 10/7/74p5

Thurston, Crystal, and Steven Morrison are wed 9/24/77: 11/8/77p4b

Thurston, Donald G., died 6/1/79: 6/5/79p2

Thurston, Donald H., died 3/11/78: 3/14/78p3

Thurston, Ethel R., died 4/17/76: 4/21/76p2

Thurston, George S.,died 11/11/71: 11/18/71p3

Thurston, Hanis L., died 8/10/74: 8/15/74p4

Thurston, Milton, and Deborah Lampman are wed 11/4/72: 12/4/72p6

Thurston, Peter W., died 1/19/79: 1/23/79p2

Thurston, Robert, and Phyllis Coulombe are wed 10/?/75: 11/19/75p2a

Thyng, Roxanne, and Frank Bumford are wed 5/15/76: 6/30/76p4a

Tibbetts, Eva L. ndied 4/28/77: 5/4/77p3

Tibbetts, Fred G., died 7/9/76: 7/14/76p4

Tibbetts, Gary, and Linda Woolson are wed 4/27/74: 5/2/74p7

Tibbetts, Isabelle, died 1/31/78: 2/14/78p3

Tibbetts, Katherine, died 10/29/72: 11/2/72p5

Tibbetts, Mrs. Maynard C., died 11/4/72: 11/9/72p5

Tibbetts, Nelson S., died 5/30/79: 6/5/79p2

Tibbetts, Theresa, died 7/2/71: 7/8/71p3

Tibbetts, Wayne, and Monique Arsenault are wed 5/29/76: 6/23/76p11a

Tierney, Abbie B., died 4/25/73: 4/30/73p5

Tierney, Jackie, to compete in national pageant: 7/30/70p6

Tierney, Jacqueline, died 7/26/79: 7/31/79p2

Tillery, John, and Cordelia Houde are wed 9/21/73: 10/8/73p9

Tilton, Eleanor, volunteers with RCSC: 4/2/73p6

Tilton, Glenn W., died 11/28/73: 11/29/73p4

Tilton, Helen J., died 5/9/77: 5/17/77p3

Tilton Jr., Richard, and Nancy Griffin wed 7/1/78: 8/15/78p3a

Timm, M&M Frederick, hold family reunion: 8/28/75p4

Timmins, Mary, and Eugene LaRoche Jr. are wed 5/31/74: 6/17/74p6

Timmins, Vernon P. died 11/9/73: 11/12/73p4

Tingley, Ralph, and Patricia Moore are wed 8/30/75: 9/24/75p3a

Titcomb, Robert, awarded US Army medals posthumously: 4/23/70p8

Titus, Mrs. Charles (Helen) died 12/11/70: 12/17/70p3

Tivierge, Edna M., died 9/2/75: 9/10/75p2

Tobin, George R., died ?/?/72: 6/22/72p3

Tolliver, Frederick K., died 2/23/76: 3/3/76p2

Tompson, Adrian O., died 8/24/72: 8/28/82p3

Tompson, Laura A., died 10/12/76: 10/20/76p4

Toohill, Velma H., died 1/5/73: 1/11/73p4

Toomey, Daniel L., died 12/18/79: 12/25/79p2

Toomey, Geneva B., died 11/22/77: 11/29/77p3

Topliffe, David, and Bonnie Dotson are wed 10/28/72: 11/2/72p6

Torr, Bernice, retires after 16 years with Library: 11/19/70p1

Torr, Mark, survives Coast Guard helicopter crash: 2/20/79p1

Tossier. Sharon, and Craig Wood are wed 3/26/77: 5/4/77p1b

Touchette, Adelard, died 10/12/71: 10/21/71p3

Touchette. Adelard, died 10/12/71: 10/14/71p3

Tower, Donald H., died 6/17?/72: 6/19/72p3

Towers, Arthur E., died 9/9/71: 9/23/71p2

Towers, Srthur F., died 9/8/71: 9/16/71p3

Towle, Evelyn M., died 5/31/73: 6/4/73p5

Towle, Joi, died 3/30/73: 4/2/73p4

Towle, Patricia, named Rochester Teacher of the Year: 10/17/74p1

Towle, Stanley R., died 10/19/74: 10/24/74p4

Townsend, Rev. Edward, celebrates 25 years in ministry: 7/16/70p6

Townsend, Richard: The man behind the fireworks: 6/26/79p1b

Townsend, Rick, studies art of working with glass: 1/23/79p1b

Tozier, Frank, and Rachel Emond are wed 7/29/72: 8/3/72p6

Tozier, Thomas, and Lee Erickson are wed 1/25/74: 3/11/74p6

Trace, Arthur A., earns his MD degree: 6/23/76p15

Trace, Arthur R., died 3/3/79: 3/6/79p2

Trace, Faustina, is BPW Woman of Achievement: 10/22/75p2a

Tracia, Ellen, and Rolly Edgerly Jr. are wed 7/29/78: 9/12/78p3a

Tracy, Deborah, and Ira Storrs are wed 9/11/76: 10/6/76p2a

Trafton, Brad, resigns, is lauded by Jaycees: 10/1/75p12

Trafton, Bradley, of Jaycees, is elected State president: 5/30/74p1

Trafton, Iva M., died 1/1/70: 1/8/70p3

Trafton, Norman E., died 11/25/76: 12/1/76p4

Trask, Bethany, was first baby of 1971 (photo): 1/3/74p5

Trask, Clytie M., died 11/27/74: 12/2/74p9

Trask, Donna, and Richard Hall are wed 7/18/70: 7/23/70p3

Trask, Edward B., died 6/10/73: 6/14/73p4

Trask, Lawrence, died 10/13/71: 10/21/71p3

Trask, Ralph C., died 9/2/78: 9/12/78p3

Trask, Roland, died 3/28/77: 4/6/77p3

Trask, Roland, died 9/14/78: 9/19/78p3

Trask, Vicki, and John Comeau are wed 2/28/76: 3/17/76p4a

Trautman, Beatrice P., died 6/28/79: 7/3/79p2

Treadwell, Gerald P., died 8/21/75: 8/25/75p2

Treadwell, Leo H., died 7/22/73: 7/26/73p4

Trefethan, Bruce, and Pamela Bowley are wed 5/1/79: 7/17/79p5a

Treites, Velzora, died 3/5/75: 3/10/75p4

Trela, John M., died 4/3/71: 4/8/71p3

Tremblay, Adjutor, died 5/23/77: 5/31/77p3

Tremblay, Elaine, and Francis Blainey are wed 5/27/78: 6/20/78p2a

Tremblay, Jeannine, and Paul Castonguay are wed 10/19/74: 11/4/75p6

Tremblay, Joseph N., died 9/6/71: 9/9/71p3

Trepanier, Claire, and Jeffrey Herbert are wed 7/21/79: 8/21/79p4b

Triplett, Karen, and Richard Harper are wed 7/8/78: 8/8/78p2a

Tripp, Blanche, died 2/4/77: 2/9/77p5

Tripp, F. Leroy, died 12/28/78: 1/9/79p2

Tripp, J. Thornton, celebrates 75th birthday: 8/3/72p6

Tripp, Linda, and Larry Hanchett are wed 3/17/73: 4/5/73p7

Tripp, M&M J. Thornton, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/12/71p4

Tripp, M&M Leroy, celebrate 36th anniversary: 6/4/73pA2

Tripp. Leroy, died 10/4/76: 10/13/76p4

Trudeau, David, and Nancy Houreas are wed 5/7/77: 5/?/77p2b

Trudeau, Gail, and Robin Lyle are wed 5/24/75: 6/5/75p4

Trudel, Albert, and Sandra Hersey are wed 4/25/70: 4/30/70p4

Trudel, Albert N., died 6/23/79: 6/26/79p2

Trudel, Rosanne, and Paul Lapierre are wed 8/7/71: 8/12/71p2

Trudel, Virginia, and Jose Garcia are wed 1/2/71: 1/7/71p4

Trudinger, Ethel I., died 2/25/71: 3/4/71p3

True, Linda, and Royce Claflin Jr. are wed 9/28/74: 11/4/74p6

Tsoronis, Jonathon, and Leona Leocha are wed 12/14/75: 1/7/76p8

Tsoukalas, Anthony, and Virginia Stamnas are wed 10/22/72: 11/2/72p6

Tufts, David, and Linda Gray are wed 8/5/72: 8/17/72p6

Tufts, Joseph, and June Rand are wed 2/26/77: 3/16/77p4a

Tufts, Lucy, celebrates 80th birthday: 8/28/75p6a

Tufts, M&M Merton, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/12/75p2a

Tufts, Patricia, and Michael Goslin are wed 9/19/70: 9/24/70pA9

Turcotte, Edmund, died 12/30/74: 1/6/75p9

Turcotte, Frederick P., died 7/29/75: 8/4/75p2

Turcotte, Marie V., died 8/2/74: 8/8/74p4

Turgeon, Eugene L., died 6/24/76: 6/30/76p2

Turgeon, Jeannine, and Norman Dubay are wed 6/29/75: 7/3/75p4

Turgeon, Marsha, and James Witherell are wed 8/27/74: 8/29/74p12

Turgeon, Treffle J., died 3/13/77: 3/16/77p3

Turmelle, Carolyn, and Peter Pittman are wed 6/3/72: 6/29/72p6

Turmelle, Ernest J., died 11/24/72: 11/27/72p4

Turmelle, Ethelbert, died 1/12/77: 1/19/77p2

Turmelle, Fred A., died 7/18/72: 7/20/72p11

Turmelle, Leola F., died 3/3/70: 3/5/70p3

Turmelle, Linda, and Robert Abbott are wed 4/1/72: 5/4/72p6

Turmelle, Mona G., died 10/27/72: 11/2/72p5

Turmelle, Ray, founder, resigns from Graniteers: 7/31/75p1

Turmelle, Ray, scales Alps' Matterhorn: 4/11/74p1A

Turnbull, Mary L., died 5/30/71: 6/3/71p3

Turnbull, William D., died 7/22/70: 7/23/70p3

Turner, Alice, celebrates 81st birthday: 1/25/73pA1

Turner, Alice, celebrates 82nd birthday: 1/31/74pA6

Turner, Mildred B., died 11/21/77: 11/29/77p3

Turner, Osborne F., died 5/22/76: 5/26/76p2

Turner, Palmer D., died 7/8/78: 7/11/78p3

Turner, Pamela, and Phillip Frye are wed 8/4/73: 9/17/73p11

Turner, Paul, and Sharon Tuttle are wed 9/18/71: 9/23/71pA6

Turner, Ronald, and Margie Jones are wed 8/16/74: 9/9/74p8

tuttle, Ellen H., died 10/14/70: 10/22/70p3

Tuttle, Cecelia E., died 2/27/72: 3/2/72p2

Tuttle, Earle M., died 11/4/75: 11/12/75p2

Tuttle, Kimberly, and Albert Leavitt are wed 4/6/74: 4/15/74p6

Tuttle, Leonard C., died 10/7/73: 10/11/73p4

Tuttle, M&M Leonard, celebrate 35th anniversary: 10/21/71p4

Tuttle, Rhona W., died 4/15/70: 4/23/70p3

Tuttle, Robert D., died 2/15/73: 2/19/73p4

Tuttle, Sharon, and Paul Turner are wed 9/18/71: 9/23/71pA6

Tuttle, William D., died 1/1/77: 1/12/77p4

Tuttle. Merlon A., died 5/29/77: 6/7/77p3

Twombley, Albert W., died 2/10/78: 2/14/78p3

Underberger, Edward A., died 3/31/74: 5/2/74p4

Upson, Larry, and Camille Chasse are wed 9/10/77: 10/4/77p2a

Urcuioli, Carmen J., died 8/10/78: 8/15/78p2

Urion, Katherine, and Michael Krashinski are wed 4/15/72: 4/17/72p6

Urion, Katherine, completes 12 months in VISTA: 5/21/70p4

Vachon, Alice S., died 1/11/72: 1/13/72p3

Vachon, Brian, and Tina Foster are wed 7/3/77: 8/23/77p6

Vachon, Eileen M., died 3/1/75: 3/6/75p5

Vachon, Eugene J., died 10/26/75: 10/29/75p2

Vachon, Henry L., died 4/1/77: 4/6/77p3

Vachon, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/6/72p10

Vachon, M&M Valmore, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/25/71p4

Vachon, Nelson, and Linda Rogers are wed 5/15/76: 6/9/76p2a

Vachon, Paula, and Kenneth Winton are wed: 10/30/72p6

Vachon, Robert, has Dominican Republic adventure: 2/19/70p1,3/26/70p1

Vachon Sr., Joseph M., died 8/6/71: 8/12/71p3

Vachon, Thomas J., died 12/6/71: 12/9/71p3

Vachon, Valmond, died 2/28/74: 3/4/74p4

Vachon, Walter, died 4/19/73: 4/23/73p4

Vadeboncoeur, Albert, died 3/29/72: 4/3/72p3

Vaillincourt, Alfred A., died 3/3/73: 3/5/73p4

Vallee, Edmond, died 4/13/73: 4/16/73p4

Vallee, Esther M., died 11/26/79: 12/4/79p2

Valleton, Dorothy G., died 12/21/78: 1/9/79p2

Valley, Anne-Marie, and John McKenna Jr. are wed 5/28/77: 6/14/77p2a

Valley, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/13/79p2b

Valley Sr., Maurice E., died 3/27/74: 4/1/74p5

Valllentine, Clemence L., died 12/8/76: 12/15/76p4

Van Buskirk, Charles C., died 4/21/79: 5/15/79p2

Van Buskirk, John, recanes chair seats: 1/16/79p2

Vanasse, Annette, died 3/20/74: 3/25/74p4

VanBuren, Marion died 9/24/73: 9/27/73p1

Vander-Bloeman, Richard, and Cindy Bragdon wed 2/11/77: 3/2/77p2a

Varney, Ardis S., died 11/6/79: 11/13/79p24

Varney, Benjamin H., died 8/6/75: 8/11/75p2

Varney, Edgar K., died 9/21/71: 9/23/71p3

Varney, Elizabeth A., died 10/3/75: 10/8/75p2

Varney, Elizabeth, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/28/74p6

Varney, Elizabeth has been "making quilts all my life": 3/1/73p1p

Varney, Elizabeth, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Varney, J. Winfield, celebrates 90th birthday: 12/12/78p5

Varney, Kimberly, and David Bickford are wed 8/5/72: 8/10/72p6

Varney, Linnie V., died 7/16/78: 7/25/78p3

Varney, Lucia, feted by Haven Hill Garden Club: 6/12/79p9

Varney, M&M Edgar, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/17/71p4

Varney, M&M J. Winfield, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/4/71p4

Varney, Peter, and Linda Quirion are wed 5/29/71: 6/17/71p2

Varney, Ralph, died 2/4/76: 2/11/76p2

Varney, Robert, retires from UNH Equipment Maintenance: 9/12/74p3C

Varney, Thomas, and Gail Wiggin are wed 6/12/71: 6/17/71p2

Varnum, Angie, celebrates 80th birthday: 9/30/74p3

Vaughn, Beverly, and William Thomits are wed: 10/22/70p15

Vebsky, Muriel, authors book of poetry: 9/2/71p4

Vennard, Dorothy S., died 1/29/79: 2/6/79p2

Veno, Donna, and Kenneth Downes are wed 6/14/74: 7/1/74p6

Veno, Kerry, and Virginia Currier are wed 8/3/73: 8/30/73p7

Veno, Kim, and Darlene Cressy are wed 8/13/77: 8/30/77p1a

Veno, Ronald, and Linda Sanfacon are wed 10/22/71: 11/4/71p4

Venuti, Michael, and Pamela Gray are wed 12/18/76: 1/5/77p3a

Venuti, Veronica A., died 12/7/77: 12/13/77p3

Verney, Arthur F., died 8/21/78: 8/29/78p2

Verville, Eunice, died 9/4/76: 9/15/76p4: 9/15/76p4

Verville Sr., Edward D., died 9/7/77: 9/13/77p3

Vickers, Antoinette P. died 1/25/79: 1/30/79p5

Vickers, M&M William, celebrate 49th anniversary: 7/20/72p11

Vickers, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/16/73p7

Vickers, Wallace R., died 8/23/74: 8/26/74p4

Vickers, William J., died 6/1/75: 6/5/75p2

Vickery, Carlene, and Ronald Bickford are wed 1/1/74: 2/4/74p7

Vickery, Carlene, is 1970 NH Apple Queen: 3/12/70p1

Vickery, Elaine, and Robert Parker are wed 8/4/79: 8/28/79p22

Vickery, Elaine, is "Outstanding Young Woman": 9/26/78p3b

Vickery, Harold J., died 1/6/77: 1/12/77p4

Vickery, M&M William, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/14/75p4

Vieira, Robert P., died 1/13/79: 1/23/79p2

Viel, Ann, and William Rowe III are wed 8/1/75: 8/11/75p4

Vigneault, Joseph A., died 8/24/75: 8/28/75p2

Vigue, Henry J., died 1/12/70: 1/15/70p2

Vigue, Louise C., died 1/24/70: 1/29/70p3

Vigue, M&M Raymond, celebrate 25th anniversary are wed 3/20/71: 4/1/71p12

Vincent, Arthur J., died 1/5/78: 1/14/76p2

Vittum, Donna, and Daniel Lacroix are wed 7/10/78: 8/8/78p2a

Vittum, Katherine G., died 3/21/72: 3/23/72p2

Vittum, Marion E., died 10/2/74: 10/7/74p5

Vittum, Paul W., died 8/30/77: 9/6/77p2

Wade, Patricia, is BPW Young Career Woman of the Year: 3/10/75p8

Wadman, Elizabeth T., died 6/?/79: 7/3/79p2

Wagenfeld, Delores, and David Stone are wed 3/28/70: 4/9/70p4

Wagenfeld, Kim, and Alan Spear are wed 6/12/76: 8/25/76p6a

Wagenfield, Kenneth W., died 9/12/79: 9/18/79pp2,24

Wagner, Burpiee H., died 12/2/70: 12/3/70p2

Wagner, Steven, and Janice Jordan are wed 9/18/70: 10/1/70p4

Waitt, Elmer R., retires after 39+ years: 2/22/73p1

Waitt, Gail, and Paul Ericson are wed 8/11/73: 8/13/73p6

Waitt, Jean, and Gregory Smith are wed 8/12/72: 8/17/72p6

Wakefield, Eva E., died 7/5/71: 7/8/71p3

Wakefield, Eva E., died 7/5/71: 7/22/71p3

Wakefield, Mary S., died 12/20/73: 12/24/73p4

Waldron, Aroline W., died 10/10/70: 10/15/70p3

Waldron, Gary, will graduate, stay on to teach: 1/4/73p15

Waldron, Harrison G., died 2/10/78: 2/14/78p3

Waldron, Rodney, and Louella Gagnon are wed 9/26/70: 10/1/70p2

Walker, Alan, and Melanie LaRocca are wed 12/17/77: 12/27/77p4a

Walker, Edwin L., died 11/24/71: 12/2/71p2

Walker, Frank E., died 4/26/76: 5/5/76p2

Walker, Gloria, and Edward Randall are wed 12/16/78: 1/9/79p2b

Walker, John R., died ?/?/72: 4/3/72p3

Walker, Ronald, and Carollann Gagnon are wed 8/13/77: 10/11/77p2a

Wallace, Albert L. died 5/10/74: 5/13/74p5

Wallace, Ebenezer, built his mansion on Main St. in mid 1800s: 6/16/76p1

Wallace, Harry E., died 11/10/71: 11/18/71p3

Wallace, Janet, and Michael Berube are wed 7/29/78: 9/5/78p2a

Wallace, M&M Van, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/31/75p4

Wallace, Roseann, and Scott Benoit aee wed: 4/25/78p2b

Wallace, Sarah M., died 9/?/72: 9/21/72p4

Wallace, Stephen W., died 7/15/70: 7/23/70p3

Wallace, Thomas R., died 5/14/74: 5/16/74p5

Wallingford, Beatrice P., died 3/3/79: 3/6/79p2

Wallingford, Collis E., died 8/14/78: 8/15/78p2

Wallingford, Harry B., died 3/10/74: 3/14/74p4

Walrath, Raymond L., died 5/22/73: 5/24/73p4

Walsh, John, and Susan Russo are wed 7/21/79: 8/14/79p2a

Walsh, Norma S., honored by Ayers Lake Association: 7/31/75p2

Walsh, Virginia, and Verne Remick are wed 6/30/79: 9/25/79p20

Walter, Michael, and Anne Hebert are wed 9/6/75: 10/1/75p4a

Walton, David, and Kelly Taylor are wed 8/18/78: 10/24/78p2b

Walton, Deborah, and David Wyman are wed 1/30/72: 2/30/72p4

Walworth, Edward, and Candace Cooper are wed 12/27/69: 1/1/70p4

Warburton, Bessie K., died 9/17/79: 9/25/79p2

Warburton, Charles E., died 3/22/70: 3/26/70p3

Warburton, Edward R., died 8/11/70: 8/13/70p3

Warburton, Jan, and Ronald Lavoie are wed 4/6/74: 5/13/74p6

Warburton Jr., Robert, and Doreen Goodwin are wed 10/2/70: 10/15/70p4

Warburton, Ralph, and Susan Bailey are wed 4/17/70: 4/23/70p4

Ward, Denise, and Donald Blanchette are wed 8/21/76: 9/8/76p2a

Ward, Ronny, chosen for DAR Good Citizen award: 11/28/78p10

Ward, William, and Vicki Small are wed 9/18/76: 9/29/76p2a

Wardsworth, Merle S., died 6/28/71: 7/1/71p3

Ware, Grace M., died 9/16/76: 9/22/76p4

Ware, Gregory, and Vicky Perry are wed 10/21/72: 10/26/72p4

Ware, Michael, and Karol Koopman are wed 12/19/70: 12/24/70p4

Warnecke, Ruth, died 7/28/76: 8/4/76p2

Warnock, Chandler R., died 4/3/77: 4/6/77p3

Warnock, M&M Chandler, celebrate 60th anniversary: 6/12/72p1

Warnock, Mildred F., died 2/4/79: 2/13/79p2

Warrell, Judith, died 7/7/72: 7/10/72pp1,2

Warren, Richard, andLinda Hoyle are wed ?/?/72: 10/16/72p4

Washburn, Elizabeth M., died 11/11/72: 11/13/72p5

Washburn, George, celebrates 90th birthday: 10/12/72p6

Washburn, George H., died 2/16/75: 2/20/75p5

Washburn, Marion V., died 9/7/71: 9/9/71p3

Washburn, Susan, and Alan Bradstreet are wed 2/12/72: 2/24/72p6

Waskiewicz, Donald, and Elizabeth Brochu are wed: 7/21/76p2a

Wass, Heather, and Charles Chadbourne are wed 6/30/79: 10/9/79p15

Waterhouse, Ann, and Brian Darling are wed 9/11/76: 9/22/76p1a

Waterhouse, Ethel E., died 1/7/74: 1/10/74p2

Waterhouse Jr., James, and Lorraine Kaltsas are wed 8/7/71: 8/26/71p4

Waterhouse, Kathleen, and Paul Phillips are wed 2/12/72: 2/17/72p34

Waterhouse, Laurie, and David Riley are wed 12/18/76: 1/5/77p3a

Waterhouse, Merton, and Carol Nolin are wed: 2/18/71p4

Waterhouse, Stephen, and Cynthia Beaudoin are wed 5/20/72: 6/1/72p6

Waterhouse, Terrell, and Patricia Dumont are wed 10/12/74: 10/17/74p6

Waterman, William, and Carol Blackstock are wed: 10/28/71pA5

Waters Jr., Edmund, and Noreen Hartigan are wed 8/29/70: 9/3/70p6

Watson, Dorothy E/. died 1/25/79: 1/30/79p5

Watson, Helen M., died 11/3/73: 11/8/73p4

Watson, Susan, and Wilfred Pelletier are wed 9/19/70: 9/24/70p4

Watts, Ronnie, and Patricia McDonald are wed 5/13/78: 6/6/78p3

Waymouth, M&M Harold, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/22/70p4

Weare, Bertha M., died 2/22/74: 2/25/74p3

Weare, Charles E., died 1/11/70: 1/15/70p3

Weare, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/3/72p4

Weare, Marie A., died 6/25/72: 6/29/72p3

Weathers, C. Donald, died 7/9/77: 7/12/77p3

Weathers, David, and Elaine Francis are wed: 10/22/75p2a

Weaver, Floyd A., died 5/20/74: 5/23/74p5

Webb, George L., died 9/21/78: 9/26/78p3

Webster, Albert, and Patricia Smith are wed 6/24/78: 8/15/78p3a

Webster, Arthur G., died 7/29/76: 8/4/76p2

Weeden, Peter T., died 9/9/75: 9/17/75p2

Weeks, Alberta E., died 6/6/78: 6/13/78p3

Weeks, Anna E., died 12/18/72: 12/21/72p4

Weeks, Cynthia, and Bruce Phillips are wed 3/14/76: 3/24/76p4a

Weeks, Donald G., died 1/28/77: 2/2/77p3

Weeks, Donna, and Thomas Pelletier are wed 4/15/72: 4/20/72p6

Weeks, Dorothy, died 1/29/79: 2/6/79p2

Weeks, Kathryn, and Joseph Darrow are wed 1/5/79: 1/30/79p5a

Weeks, Mrs. Richard, oversees six-acre garden: 7/6/72p7

Weeks, Nancy, and Frederick Paradis are wed 1/3/70: 1/8/70p4

Weeks, Richard, and Alison Brackett are wed 9/8/79: 10/9/79p15

Weeks Sr., M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/31/78p2b

Weeks, Steve, and Sylvia Figueredo are wed 8/19/78: 10/24/78p2b

Weeks, Yvonne, died 7/8/73: 7/12/73p5

Weichert, James E., died 12/24/70: 12/31/70p3

Weightman, Helen M., died 2/13/72: 2/17/72p3

Weinstein, Louis, died 4/?/75: 4/24/75p2

Weinstein, Reuben, died 4/28/76: 5/5/76p2

Weinstein, Rose E., died 4/26/71: 4/29/71p3

Weismantel, JoAnne, and Michael Shea are wed 6/3/77: 6/28/77p2a

Welch, Arlene, teacher: Parents should be involved: 1/27/72pA4

Welch, Charles J., died 1/21/73: 1/25/73p4

Welch, David, and Pauline Gagne are wed 8/4/77: 8/30/77p2a

Welch, Ella, died 8/29/77: 9/6/77p2

Welch, Frank O., died 10/13/74: 10/17/74p5

Welch, Jo-Ann, and J. Richard Lee are wed 7/15/78: 9/19/78p2b

Welch, Patricia, and Dana Mansfield are wed 7/24/76: 9/1/76p2a

Welch, Ruby, and Donald LaPrise are wed 9/26/70: 10/8/70p7

Welch, Susan, and Kenneth Blenk are wed 7/14/79: 8/21/79p4b

Wendell, Inez G., died 6/26/70: 7/2/70p3

Wenig, Jack, authors "Let's Talk Sewing": 5/30/78p2a

Wentworth, Bessie H., died 4/7/79: 4/17/79p10a

Wentworth, David, and Priscilla Gilbert are wed 7/8/72: 7/13/72p6

Wentworth, Emma B., died 11/13/79: 11/20/79p4

Wentworth, Homer R., died 4/16/72: 4/20/72p3

Wentworth, Ida M., died 5/12/76: 5/19/76p2

Wentworth, Linda, and Richard Rogers are wed 7/3/71: 7/8/71p4

Wentworth, Martha, and Joseph Lavigne wed 8/26/78: 10/17/78p2b

Wentworth, Mildred J., died 11/13/76: 11/24/76p4

Wentworth, Natalie M., died 2/10/73: 2/12/73p4

Wentworth, Perley L., died 2/4/79: 2/13/79p2

Wentworth, Priscilla, and Thomas Stevens are wed 10/19/74: 11/21/74p6

Wentworth, Reginald R., died 1/21/79: 1/30/79p5

Wentworth, Richard, died 5/7/76: 5/19/76p2

Wentworth, Russell C., died 5/9/79: 5/15/79p2

Wentworth, Russell G., died 11/20/72: 11/27/72p4

Wentworth, Timothy, and Patricia Doyon are wed: 8/23/77p6

Wentworth, Virginia, donates five gallons of blood (photo): 7/10/72p3

Werner, Alan, and Marcia Anderson are wed 8/25/74: 9/5/74p6

Westerberg, Mabel M., dieed 11/18/79: 11/27/79p2

Weston, Ronald, and Martha Spinney are wed 7/17/76: 9/15/76p2a

Weymouth, Andrew E., died 1/16/74: 1/21/74p9

Weymouth, Carl H., died 4/28/74: 5/2/74p4

Weymouth, Guy F., died 4/27/75: 5/1/75p2

Weymouth, Harold E., died 12/7/74: 12/12/74p5

Weymouth, Richard, and Sandra Kenyon are wed 9/20/73: 10/29/73p6

Weymouth, Theora, died 2/12/73: 2/15/73p4

Wheeler, Alan, and Karen Tarlton are wed 9/11/76: 10/20/76p4a

Wheeler, Ernest H., died 2/11/71: 2/18/71p3

Wheeler, M&M Chester, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/5/73pA13

Wheeler, M&M Earl, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/18/72p6

Wheeler, MRM Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/6/73p4

Wheeler, Ruby E., died 7/25/79: 7/31/79p2

Wheeler, Sharon, and Kevin Emerson are wed 5/26/73: 6/14/73p7

Wheeler Sr., Arthur J., died 11/3/76: 11/10/76p2

Wheeler, Yolande B., died 12/20/78: 12/26/78p2

Wheet, Rexford, died 12/22/73: 1/7/74p5

Whetnall, Eleanor, died 9/10/70: 9/17/70p3

Whidden, Shirley S., died 11/27/74: 12/2/74p9

White, Adam K., died 7/20/79: 7/24/79p2

White, Anna M., died 10/31/76: 11/3/76p2

White, David, and Heather Crafts are wed 5/3/75: 5/29/75p4

White, Edward H., died 11/4/76: 11/10/76p2

White, Genevieve H., died 8/11/77: 8/30/77p2

White, George O., died 11/16/72: 11/20/72p4

White, Hazel, celebrates 84th birthday: 10/9/72p5

White, Hazel M., died 11/10/73: 11/15/73p4,12/3/73p7

White, Jennie A., died 3/26/76: 3/31/76p2

White, Kathy, and Howard McPherson are wed 8/24/74: 9/9/74p8

White, Lee, and Jennifer Johnson are wed 8/21/71: 8/26/71p4

White, Lee, elected to president of Italian organization: 6/12/75p11

White, Lena F., died 3/4/77: 3/9/77p3

White, Leslie M., died 10/15/79: 10/23/79p17

White, M&M Morris, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/12/73pA2

White, Mary M., died 11/4/77: 11/8/77p3

White, Ralph C., died 2/24/70: 2/26/70p3

White, Sharon, and Jon Larochelle are wed: 8/29/74p6

White, Sheila, and Wayne Bennett are wed 5/31/71: 6/3/71p4

White, Stephen, and Gail DePalma are wed: 11/1/73p7

White, Tammy, and Jerry Brooks are wed 12/17/77: 1/10/78p2b

White, Thomas, and Kathline Chasse are wed 2/21/75: 3/3/75p6

Whitehouse, Elbert, and Sandra Herron are wed 7/22/72: 7/27/72p6

Whitehouse, Jasper, died 11/22/76: 12/1/76p4

Whitmore, Paul, and Karen Parker are wed 6/25/77: 8/9/77p8

Whitney, Harold E., died 4/30/74: 5/2/74p4

Whitney, Ida M., died 9/11/70: 9/17/70p3

Whitney, Ruth, and Earl Skidds are wed 6/13/70: 6/18/70p4

Whittemore, David, and Dale Swenson are wed: 1/21/76p2a

Whitten, Maurice, and Diana Dame are wed 3/30/74: 4/15/74p6

Wickey, John W., died 12/21/76: 12/29/76p2

Wiggin, Bruce, and Janice Goodwin are wed 3/3/73: 3/8/73p6

Wiggin, David, and Robin Janosik are wed 11/27/76: 12/15/76p1b

Wiggin, Diane, and Henry McManus are wed: 8/30/77p1a

Wiggin, Gail, and Thomas Varney are wed 6/12/71: 6/17/71p2

Wiggin, Gerald, is ordained to thge ministry: 3/1/73p5

Wiggin III, Ralph, and Deborah Ferreira are wed 4/14/73: 4/19/73p7

Wiggin, Jasper R., died 5/6/78: 5/9/78p3

Wiggin, Kenneth A., died 4/15/70: 4/23/70p3

Wiggin, Leo C., died 9/3/70: 9/10/70p3

Wiggin, M&M Ralph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 7/25/74p2

Wiggin, Michael, and Geraldine Emerson are wed 5/21/78: 7/4/78p3a

Wiggin, William P., died 6/18/75: 6/19/75p3

Wiles, Bertha F., died 8/4/71: 8/12/71p3

Wilkenson, George M., died 9/?/74: 9/9/74p4

Wilkie, Janice, and Allen Cutter are wed 9/18/71: 9/30/71p4

Wilkins, Olif M., died 5/26/72: 6/1/72p3

Willard, Gertie B., died 1/23/70: 1/29/70p3

Willard, M&M Theodore, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/3/70p6

Willard, M&M Theodore, celebrate 30th anniversary: 9/17/75p2a

Willard, Ralph H., died 10/1/77: 10/4/77p3

Willey, Emma L., died 2/20/71: 2/25/71p2

Willey, Lawrence L., died 9/1/76: 9/8/76p4

Willey, Leon M., died 1/27/70: 1/29/70p3

Willey, Mahala, is woman of may facets: 3/24/75p1

Williams, Alfred, and Sharon Thereault are wed 7/24/71: 8/19/71p4

Williams, Alfred G., died ?/?/74: 1/10/74p2

Williams, Cathie, and Marc Lacasse are wed: 11/14/78p2b

Williams, Colleen, and Ervin Lizotte are wed 11/22/75: 12/10/75p2a

Williams, Jefferson, died 6/27/79: 7/3/79p2

Williams, Linda, and John Gilbert are wed 4/28/73: 5/3/73p7

Williams, Louise, is a Journeyman Weaver: 7/8/74p2

Williams, Ludie L., died 9/3/74: 9/5/74p4

Williams, M&M Arnold, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/21/79p4b

Williams, Maude L., died 10/20/74: 10/24/74p4

Williams, Michael, and Susan Blakeney are wed 8/23/70: 8/27/70pA1

Williams, Robert, died 8/4/72: 8/10/72p1

Williams, Ruth D., died 8/14/75: 8/18/75p2

Williams, Shaber W., died 8/3/75: 8/7/75p2

Williams Sr., Ralph, died 2/18/77: 2/23/77p5

Williams, Walter, died 9/17/75: 9/24/75p2

Willson, M&M Orrin celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/8/71p4

Willson, Nellie J., died 9/24/73: 9/27/73p4

Wilmot, Katherine E., died 5/20/77: 5/24/77p3

Wilmot, Roland T., died 11/30/71: 12/2/71p2

Wilson, Brian, awarded US Army Bronze Star: 4/16/70pA1

Wilson, Bryan, and Linda Lee are wed 10/2/71: 10/14/71p16

Wilson, David, and Cynthia Place are wed 9/22/71: 9/30/71pA4

Wilson, Donald, and Ruth Ballou are wed: 6/5/79p2b

Wilson, George F., died 4/13/76: 4/21/76p2

Wilson, Henry, was U.S. Grant's Vice President: 2/11/74p5

Wilson, Irma, celebrates 91st birthday: 8/20/70p4

Wilson, Irma, says "It's nice to be a mother": 5/11/72p7

Wilson, Kathryn, and Leonard Downes are wed 9/8/73: 9/24/73p3

Wilson, Kenneth R., died 3/4/72: 3/9/72p3

Wilson, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/13/74p5

Wilson, Orrin, is chicken-cooking champion: 7/15/74p5

Wilson, Robert P., died 2/19/72: 2/24/72p3

Wilson, Ronald, and Coral Roberts are wed 1/7/77: 2/2/77p2a

Wilson, Ronald, and Sandra Carlson are wed 2/22/75: 3/20/75p5

Wilson, Sophia E., died 2/4/73: 2/8/73p4

Winchell, Elaine, and Stephen Brown are wed 6/21/75: 7/14/75p2

Winchester, Josephine, died 10/8/76: 10/13/76p4

Wing. Harry F., died 11/4/73: 11/8/73p4

Wingate, Fred E., died 6/14/78: 6/20/78p3

Winkley, Ernest, feted by WW I Veterans Council: 4/18/78p6a

Winkley, Ernest L., earns Mason's 50-Year Pin: 2/14/72p2

Winkley, George L., died 6/22/73: 6/25/73p4

Winkley, Jennie B., died 10/12/75: 10/22/75p2

Winkley, M&M Harry, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/21/73p7

Winkley, Mable H., died 6/17/72: 6/22/72p3

Winkley, Maureen, builds farming museum: 7/24/79p4a

Winkley, Noreen, volunteers with RCSC: 12/3/73p7

Winter, Fawn, and Robert Herman are wed 7/30/77: 8/30/77p2a

Winters, Christopher, and Linda Laskey are wed: 6/23/76p10a

Winton, Ellen A., died 7/15/78: 7/25/78p3

Winton, Kenneth, and Paula Vachon are wed: 10/30/72p6

Witham, Arthur J., died 11/7/78: 11/14/78p3

Witham, Ernest F., died 3/26/78: 4/4/78p3

Witham, Grace E., died 5/14/72: 5/18/72p3

Witham, M&M Arthur, celebrate 25th anniversary: 11/8/77p5b

Witham, M&M Clarence, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/13/75p6

Witham, Melody, and George Hussey are wed 6/26/76: 8/4/76p2a

Witham, Paula, and Douglas Stevens are wed 5/26/78: 7/4/78p3a

Witherall, Jay, died 8/16/75: 8/25/75p2

Witherell, James, and Marsha Turgeon are wed 8/17/74: 8/29/74p12

Witherell, M&M Raymond, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/6/70p6

Witherell, Ralph, died 9/16/79: 9/25/79p2

Witherspoon, Benjamin, died 10/16/72: 10/26/72p4

Witmer, Jane, and George Payette are wed 10/19/74: 10/21/74p6

Wolf, Richard, and Cheryl Smith are wed 8/27/71: 9/9/71pA9

Wood, Albert, died 5/29/78: 6/6/78p3

Wood, Allan, and Janice Dupont are wed 2/28/76: 3/31/76p4a

Wood, Charles H., died 5/7/75: 5/12/75p2

Wood, Charles, is home gardener/farmer (photo): 10/1/73p1

Wood, Charles J., died 2/16/74: 2/21/74p2

Wood, Cheryl, and Kenneth Kuliga are wed 10/5/79: 11/13/79p12

Wood, Craig, and Sharon Tossier are wed 3/26/77: 5/4/77p1b

Wood, Edith, and Albert Currier Jr. are wed 6/6/70: 6/11/70p11

Wood, Grace M., died 4/28/79: 5/1/79p2

Wood, Linda L., died 12/23/75: 12/31/75p2

Wood, M&M George, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/2/70p4

Wood, Margaret I., died 5/27/74: 5/30/74p4

Wood, Molly, and Arthur Gerry are wed 11/6/71: 11/11/71p4

Wood, Natalie, and Michael Bartlett are wed 7/25/70: 8/6/70p6

Wood, Perry, and Louise Hervey are wed 2/13/71: 2/18/71p4

Wood, Virginia, and Allen Heiss are wed 9/5/70: 9/10/70p6

Woodard, Grace I., died 1/15/77: 1/26/77p2

Woodard, Susan, and William DeWolfe Jr. are wed 6/9/79: 7/17/79p5a

Woodes, Doris, visits 17 foreign countries: 11/12/70p5

Woods III, William, and Sandra Canney are wed 6/29/74: 7/15/74p7

Woods, Kenneth, died 6/21/73: 6/25/73p4

Woods, Sandra, and Michael Cartier are wed 10/11/75: 10/29/75p7a

Woodside, Bonny, and Arthur Cardinal are wed 1/10/70: 1/22/70p4

Woodward, Edward S., died 10/7/76: 10/13/76p4

Woodward, Frederick W., died 3/12/75: 3/17/75p2

Woodward, Grace, died 1/16/77: 1/19/77p2

Woodward, Jayne, and William Doherty are wed: 11/2/72p6

Woodworth, LeRoy J., died 11/30/78: 12/5/78p2

Woolson, Linda, and Gary Tibbetts are wed 4/27/74: 5/2/74p7

Wooster, John G., died 4/1/73: 4/5/73p4

Worcester, Alzatta, died 10/15/78: 10/17/78p3

Wormhood, David, and Dawn Temple are wed 5/17/70: 5/28/70p4

Wormhood, Harry, died 1/3/71: 1/7/71p3

Wormhood, Laura M., died 6/15/79: 6/19/79p2

Wormwood, Lora, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/29/73p5

Worster, Carlton, and Rita Larochelle are wed 1/2/71: 2/4/71p4

Worster, Carlton, and Sharon Cameron are wed 1/30/71: 2/11/71pA6

Worster, Clara A., died 3/9/74: 3/11/74p4

Worster, Dorothy, teacher wants carpeted classrooms: 2/14/72p7

Worster, June, and Allan Richards are wed 7/29/78: 9/5/78p2a

Worster, Kathleen, and Michael Nau are wed 5/?/70: 8/27/70p4

Worster, Mark, named Boys Club Boy of the Year: 5/29/75p3

Worster, Meaka L., died 10/5/77: 10/11/77p3

Worster, Rba R., died 8/16/71: 8/19/71p3

Worster, Stillman, died 11/16/74: 11/18/74p1,11/21/74p5

Wotton, Flora, teacher, says first graders are fresh, lovable: 5/8/72p3

Wright, Bruce, grows and touts benefits of organic veggies: 7/24/79p4a

Wright, Geary, and Diane Murtagh are wed 2/15/75: 3/6/75p6

Wright Jr., John, and Brenda Morrison are wed 6/15/74: 7/22/74p6

Wright, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/28/76p8

Wyatt, Dolores, and John Feeney are wed 7/4/70: 7/9/70pA12

Wyatt, Eva M., died 4/16/70: 4/23/70p3

Wyatt, Ralph F., died 7/14/74: 7/18/74p4

Wyberg, Carl A., died 3/6/78: 3/14/78p3

Wycoff, James, and Norma Ruel are wed 7/20/74: 8/5/74p6

Wyer, Suzanne, and Paul McNeil are wed 9/8/79: 11/13/79p19

Wyman, David, and Deborah Walton are wed 1/30/72: 2/30/72p4

Wyman, Geraldine B., died 2/29/76: 3/3/76p2

Yankosky, John J., died 10/10/79: 10/16/79p14

Yard, Barbara, cited by NH Recreation Society: 5/19/76p5

Yates, M&M Fred, celebrate 40th anniversary: 9/30/74pA4

Yates, Mary M., died 9/11/73: 9/13/73p4

Yates, Shirley, and Roger Letendre are wed 8/3/73: 8/20/73p6

Yates, Wanda, and Stephen Sultemeier are wed 4/22/77: 6/28/77p2a

Yeaton, Alan, and Meggan Johnson are wed 6/?/76: 9/8/76p2a

Yeaton, Della B., died 5/22/77: 5/24/77p3

Yeaton, Snifrid I., died 12 14/72: 12/18/72p4

Yoder, Charles, invents faucet flow control device: 7/7/75p12

York, Faith, and Alan Dame are wed 9/8/73: 10/8/73p9

York, George, and Sally Musler are wed 8/17/74: 9/19/74p6

Young, Angie B., died 9/26/73: 10/4/73p4

Young, Ann M., died 2/6/79: 2/13/79p2

Young, Arthur, and Debra Picard are wed 7/20/79: 8/28/79p15

Young, Blanche, teacher: Individual help is nothing new: 3/20/72p2

Young, David, and Patricia Lincoln are wed 4/3/70: 4/23/70p4

Young, Edna, celebrates 90th birthday: 11/8/77p4b

Young, Ella A., died 12/20/72: 12/28/72p5

Young, Elton V., died 7/10/78: 7/18/78p3

Young, Emily, and Stephen Kirk are wed: 12/3/70p7

Young, Eric, and Katherine Griffin are wed 6/4/77: 6/21/77p2a

Young, Florence E., died 10/25/73: 10/29/73p4

Young, Gertrude M., died 5/21/79: 5/29/79p2

Young, Helen C., died 12/14/71: 12/16/71p3

Young, Helen, died 12/8/72: 12/11/72p1

Young, Herman F., died 7/29/76: 8/4/76p2

Young, James & James, create unique sports car: 6/27/78p1

Young, John, and Shirley Roulx are wed 8/1/70: 8/6/70p6

Young, Kay, and Paul Bedard are wed 8/17/74: 9/23/74p6

Young, Linda, and George Quinn are wed 6/12/71: 7/1/71pA4

Young, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/11/70p4

Young, Mark, and Paula Lamontagne are wed 6/16/79: 7/3/79p10a

Young, Marsha, and Craig Smith are wed 8/12/72: 8/17/72p7

Young, Norris H., died 2/14/78: 2/21/78p2

Young, Pauline, died 11/25/72: 11/30/72p4

Young, Raymond, died 10/8/77: 10/11/77p3

Zielfelder, Ross, and Dianne Fogg are wed 6/23/73: 6/28/73p7

Zimmerman, David, and Cathey Hamlin are wed 6/12/76: 7/14/76p2a

Zuzick, John, and Verna Roy are wed 8/20/78: 9/19/78p2b


4-H Achievement Awards given: 11/18/74p4

Air Force ROTC trains leaders (overview): 1/15/73p5

Altrusa to establish Rochester chapter: 7/3/75p7

American Legion & Auxiliary hold installstions: 5/26/76p3

Austin-Cate Academy Class of 1925 holds reunion (photo): 10/1/78p2a

BPW obnserves its 50th anniversary: 12/19/78p8b

BPW--an overview: 10/8/75p4

C/C gives Community Appreciation Awards: 11/21/74p5

Carlton Relief Corps installs new officers (photo): 1/27/75p2

DeMolay marks 60th anniversary: 4/3/79p6b

Farmington HS honors Class of 1925 7/3/75p2

Farmington VFW celebrates 25th anniversary: 4/22/71pA10

Frisbie honors volunteers: 3/25/71p4, 5/11/72p12, 5/3/73p7, 9/27/73p12, 2/11/74p16, 9/10/75p4, 6/9/76p3, 10/20/76p12, 9/27/77p7, 5/30/78p5a, 9/12/78p12, 11/28/78p10a

Girl Scouts--An overview: 9/3/75p9

Grange celebrates 100th anniversary: 6/2/76p1

Grange honors 25 past masters: 5/29/79p5a

Grange, Rochester, is 99 years old: 11/19/75p8

Head Start celebrates 10th anniversary: 5/15/75p12

Jaycees are the best in NH: 6/4/73pA10

Jaycees celebrate 20th anniversary: 11/28/78p4

Jaycees honor three for outstanding service : 1/25/73p16

Jaycees sweep NH Annual Convention awards: 5/29/75p2

Kiwanis celebrates 50th anniversary: 5/22/75p5

Knights of Columbus celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/28/71p1

Knights of Columbus elect officers: 6/19/72p2

Masons honor five for 50 years of service: 6/10/74p16

Post Office staff of 1920 (photo): 2/22/73p6

Quota Club organized in Rochester: 11/21/78p2a

Rebekah Lodge gives 50-year awards: 4/3/72p36

Red Cross volunteers cited: 6/5/79p3

Retired Senior Volunteers receive honors: 4/14/75p3

Retired Senior Volunteers receive service pins: 11/18/74p4

RHS Class of 1910 hold reunion: 7/16/70p5, 8/7/72p6, 7/16/73p5, 10/3/74p6

RHS Class of 1916 holds reunion: 10/29/70p4,9/25/79p23

RHS Class of 1922 holds 50th reunion: 8/10/72p6, 8/21/75p10a

RHS Class of 1924 holds reunion: 6/13/74p5

RHS Class of 1926 holds reunion: 8/11/76p9a

RHS Class of 1928 holds reunion: 7/8/74p4

RHS Class of 1929 holds first reunuion: 10/28/74p6, 12/25/79p26

RHS Class of 1932 holds reunion (photo): 4/18/74p7, 8/30/77p2a

RHS Class of 1936 holds reunion: 7/27/72p6

Rotary may admit female members: 2/14/78p3a

RVNA--an overniew: 10/1/75p11

Salvation Army Board/Officers named: 4/4/74p4

SHS Class of 1942 holds reunion: 7/27/72p5

SHS Class of 1945 holds reunion (photos): 7/30/70p4

SHS Class of 1952 holds reunion: 7/27/72p6, 8/23/77p11, 8/30/77p2a

SHS Class of 1961 holds reunion: 11/25/71p4

SHS Class of 1963 holds reunion: 7/26/73p2

SHS Class of 1966 holds reunion: 9/9/71p4

Sons of Italy lodge to be formed: 4/21/76p3

VFW Auxiliary celebrates 35th anniversary: 3/19/70p4

VFW Auxiliary hosts district convention: 5/19/75p2

VFW celebrates 50th anniversary: 12/4/79p10

YMCA Camp Foss celebrates 50th anniversary: 8/17/72p5

YMCA celebrates 125th anniversary: 9/8/76p16