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Rochester Courier Index 1980-1993

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Courier". It contains entries for issues from January 1980 through January 1993, when the Rochester Courier ceased publication. Earlier issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     References are to the first date in the date-volume-number line at the top of page one (00/00/00) followed by the page number (p#).

      Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association
  1. This article appears in a supplement titled "120th Anniversary Issue" issued as part of the Rochester Courier dated October 9, 1984. The page number listed is in this 48-page supplement.
  2. This article appears in a supplement titled "A Different Kind of Christmas Story" issued as part of the Rochester Courier dated November 20, 1984. The page number listed is in this 40-page supplement.


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Abberton, William A., died 4/9/87: 4/21/87p6

Abbott, Alice P., died 68/80: 6/10/80p2

Abbott, Franklin G., died 11/6/89: 11/13/89p6

Abbott, Gertrude A., died 11/29/80: 12/2/80p2

Abbott, Helen, feted for 50 years' service to education: 7/3/89p5

Abbott, Herman F., died 12/1/89: 12/11/89p6

Abbott, Kyle R., died 11/26/87: 12/8/87p6

Abbott, Mabel, died 12/15/81: 12/22/81p2

Abel, Jeffery, and Deborah Mann are wed 5/12/84: 7/3/84p5

Ackerman Sr., M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/19/80p23

Adams, Duncan M., died 3/23/81: 3/31/81p2

Adams, Gretchen, died 6/11/80: 6/17/80p2

Adams, Jennifer, and Patrick Collins wed 6/28/86: 9/16/86p13

Adams, June C., died 11/16/85: 11/26/85p9

Adams, Nora T., died 11/22/86: 12/2/86p6

Adams, Verna M, died 11/22/84: 12/4/84p15

Adjutant, M&M Richard, are married 50 years: 10/21/86p7

Adjutant, Michelle & Christopher Harding wed 10/26/90: 12/24/90p7

Agri, Joseph M., died 4/9/90: 4/16/90p6

Agri, Michael and Lucy wed 55 years: 8/1/92p8

Agrigo, Rosario, died 12/8/83: 12/20/83p8

Ahlin, William A., died 6/6/92: 6/13/92p6

Aiken, Mary S., died 3/5/86: 3/18/86p12

Aiken, Richard, and Kathleen Tanguay are wed 12/19/81: 1/12/82p12

Aiken Sr., William R., died 6/4/91: 6/17/91p6

Aimes, Angela, and Wayne Torr are wed 9/11/83: 11/15/83p10

Akerman, Wallace, and Theresa Drago are wed: 11/1/83p3

Albee, Philip R., died 7/7/81: 7/14/81p2

Albers, Felicia, has baby's life saved by patrolman: 9/17/90p1

Albert, M&M Lionel, celebrate 40th anniversary: 1/13/81p20

Albert, Norman D., died 6/9/92: 6/13/92p6

Alcorn, Murrie, died 11/11/87: 11/24/87p6

Alden, Arthur G., died 3/7/80: 3/11/80p2

Aldrich, Ethel M., died 10/18/87: 10/27/87p6

Allain, Alderic J., died 9/9/82: 9/21/82p2

Allaire, Kenneth J., died 8/14/86: 8/26/86p8

Allaire, Raymond H., died 9/27/86: 10/7/86p6

Allard, Leopold, sells his own farm produce: 8/12/80p12

Allard, Normand D., died 9/15/86: 9/23/86p8

Allard, Wallie G., died 9/15/80: 9/23/80p2

Allegritti, Paul, and Paula Colbath wed 5/26/91: 4/11/92p9

Allen, Bernard T., died 8/16/88: 8/29/88p6

Allen, Ethel C., died 1/19/82: 1/26/82p13

Allen, Marion O., died 11/21/86: 12/2/86p6

Allen, Barbara M., died 9/30/91: 10/5/91p6

Allen, Ptl. Mike, is City's Employee of Month: 10/12/91p2

Allen, Richard W., died 12/3/90: 12/17/90p6

Allen, Roger N., died 10/19/88: 10/31/88p6

Allen, Roger N., was generous to City's youth: 7/10/89p1

Almond, Beatrice H., died 2/20/92: 2/29/92p6

Almond, William, died 9/13/83: 9/20/83p8

Amadon, James L., died 11/11/84: 11/20/84p13

Amero, John V., died 4/3/89: 3/13/89p6

Ames, David, died 5/3/86: 5/13/86p6

Ames, Louise A., died 4/27/80: 4/29/80p2

Amidon, Frank, died 9/30/91: 10/12/91p6

Amsden, Howard P., died 12/6/80: 12/16/80p2

Anctil, Cheryl, and Kurt Douglas are wed 12/5/81: 12/22/81p19

Anctil, Edith G., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6

Anctil, Lillian M., died 12/26/91: 1/4/92p6

Anctil,, Neree V., died 7/24/92: 8/1/92p6

Andersen, James, and Cindy Dodge are wed 7/2/83: 9/6/83p7

Anderson, Arlene B., died 7/25/82: 8/3/82p2

Anderson, Elizabeth B., died 2/29/84: 3/6/84p6

Anderson, Florence J., died 9/10/85: 9/17/85p6

Anderson, George V., died 2/22/84: 2/28/84p9

Anderson, Harriet B., died 7/19/89: 7/31/89p6

Anderson, Leslie W., died 2/2/89: 2/13/89p6

Anderson, Norris E., died 8/6/92: 8/15/92p6

Anderson, William, died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6

Andexler, Donald C., died 9/15/90: 9/24/90p6

Andrews, Earl E., died 9/7/80: 9/16/80p2

Andrews, Edna J., died 4/815/89: 4/24/89p6

Andrews, Eva T., died 7/14/82: 7/20/82p2

Anestis, John N., died 2/18/92: 2/22/92p6,2/29/92p6

Angell, Richard F., died 3/29/86: 4/8/86p8

Anzalone, Michael J., died 4/25/91: 5/6/91p6

Apac, Patricia D., died 9/7/89: 9/18/89p6

Appleby Sr., James E., died 10/16/92: 10/22/92p6

Appleton, Roland, died 12/10/90: 12/17/90p6

Arabia, Jessica, becomes a mother in the ambulance: 5/20/91p3

Archambault, Alberta L., died 11/5/90: 11/12/90p6

Archambault, David, and Donna LeBrun are wed: 11/8/83p10

Archibald, Dorothy F., died 10/10/82: 10/19/82p2

Archibald, Earle G., died 2/22/83: 3/1/83p6

Archibald, Evelyn M., died 10/11/80: 10/14/80p2

Archibald, Joseph S., died 3/1/86: 3/11/86p10

Arnault, G. Beatrice, died 10/26/88: 11/7/88p6

Arno, Gerald L., died 10/20/81: 10/27/81p2

Arnold, Davis B., died 1/30/89: 2/6/89p6

Arnold, Helen B., died 4/27/84: 5/8/84p7

Arnold, Laura B., died 5/16/86: 5/27/86p6

Arnold, Vivian F., died 9/29/84: 10/9/84p7

Arsenault, Gertrude, died 12/2/91: 12/7/91p6

Ash, Don, physical therapist with special right: 9/4/89p5

Ashley, Beatrice M., died 10/25/88: 10/31/88p6

Ashman, Harry E., died 2/27/83: 3/8/83p8

Atherton, Annie M., died 4/14/89: 4/24/89p6

Atkinson, Glendon R., died 5/6/88: 5/16/88p6

Atwater, Evelyn L., died 1/5/81: 1/13/81p2

Atwood, Clifford K., died 8/25/92: 9/5/92p6

Atwood, William E., died 8/30/86: 9/9/86p6

Aubin, Raoul P., died 4/26/89: 5/8/89p6

Auclair, Arthur, died 8/14/86: 8/26/86p8

Audet, Heather, and Richard Reynolds Jr. wed 8/4/90: 12/3/90p9

Auger, Nancy E., died 11/6/90: 11/12/90p6

Austin, Ada F., died 8/1/90: 8/13/90p6

Austin, Richard E., died 4/26/87: 5/12/87/p6

Avery, Clifton A., died 10/17/86: 10/28/86p6

Avery, Emma P., died 1/10/90: 1/22/90p6

Avery, Ferdinand E., died 2/13/88: 2/23/88p6

Avery, Nelson R., died 2/13/90: 2/19/90p6

Avery, Roger, is inventor of note: 7/2/90p1

Ayers, George, feted on 102nd birthday: 5/27/80p11

Babb, Captola M., died 3/27/81: 4/7/81p2

Bachand, Edward P., died 12/21/88: 1/2/89p6

Bacom, M&M Daniel, are Nat'l Grange Couple of Year: 2/7/84p8

Badger, Hattie D., died 1/5/93: 1/7/93p6

Bailey, Carl W., died 10/2/92: 10/8/92p6

Bailey, Hazel L., died 10/23/88: 10/31/88p6

Bailey, Jonathon, died 3/2/89: 3/13/89p6

Bailey, Marcia, died 6/11/89: 6/19/89pp2,6

Bailey, Philip E., died 2/24/80: 3/4/80p2

Bailey, Phyllis L., died 11/17/88: 11/28/88p6

Bailey, Richard, has climbed 64 NE mountains: 12/2/80p18

Bailey, William, died 3/9/88: 3/22/88p6

Baker, Dorothy G., died 9/28/86: 10/7/86p6

Baker, Fannie I., died 3/24/91(?): 3/28/92p6

Baker, Harry T., died 3/30/90: 4/9/90p6

Baker, Jason R., died 10/1/89: 10/9/89p6

Baker, Jason, to see "Dukes of Hazzard" filming: 12/25/84p1

Baker Jr., Harold, and Penny Nason are wed 6/27/81: 8/11/81p6

Baker, Leonard F., died 2/25/91: 3/4/91p6

Baker, Michael H., died 6/14/88: 6/20/88p6

Baker, Nelson H., died 8/10/92: 9/29/92p6

Baker, Paul F., died 8/21/86: 9/2/86p6

Balch, Joseph, died 12/27/81: 1/5/82p2

Balcom, Chester T., died `1/19/83: 1/25/83p8

Bald, George, is interim City manager: 8/17/91p1

Baldwin, Carl, died 9/24/84: 10/2/84pp8,10

Baldwin, Earle H., died 9/12/86: 9/23/86p8

Balestrine, Bill and Susan love motorcycles: 6/5/89p3

Ballentine, Martha E., died 3/7/91: 3/18/91p6

Ballou, Lucy B., died 6/8/92: 6/13/92p6

Ballou, Robert W., died 4/10/80: 4/22/80p2

Balser, Jodi, and Duane Belheumer wed 6/18/88: 8/29/88p8

Balser, Stephanie, and Troy Gillette wed 5/15/89: 9/4/89p8

Banker, Melvin L., died 4/19/83: 4/26/83p8

Banks, Andrew, and Terri Glidden are wed 5/27/89: 9/4/89p8

Banks, Bertha L., died 4/9/90: 4/16/90p6

Bannister, Ellen C., died 5/13/84: 5/22/84p2

Barba, Emilio, died 11/15/83: 11/22/83p12

Barbin, Daniel, and Jean Cadorette are wed 10/24/87: 2/16/88p17

Barbin, Darlene M., died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6

Barcomb, Louis, died 11/27/82: 12/7/82p8

Barden, Les, is New England's Outstanding Tree Farmer: 1/27/87p1

Barden, Les, is NH Tree Farmer of the Year: 2/14/84p1

Barden, Les, mows his hay with horses: 8/24/82p16

Barden, Les, praises his pair of draft horses: 1/3/84p1

Barden, Les, to represent NH in Gov't program:10/2/84p8

Bardon, Kathleen, and Dwayne Bowen wed 9/27/80: 10/14/80p22

Barisano, Vespucci E., died 10/24/82: 11/2/82p2

Barker, Floyd, UNH environmental specialist, retires: 7/28/81p1

Barlett, Ruth A., died 4/7/83: 4/19/83p8

Barnes, Blanche S., died 6/26/82: 7/6/82p2

Barnes, Harriet R., died 1/17/91: 1/28/91p6

Barnet Jr., John, died 2/4/91: 2/11/91p6

Barnet, Marion T., died 6/24/80: 7/1/80p2

Barr, John F., returns war medal to White House: 8/5/86p1

Barrett, Louise P., died 9/9/83: 9/20/83p8

Barrett, Nathaniel C., died 3/16/84: 3/27/84p9

Barrette, Valentina L., died 3/3/84: 3/13/84p16

Barry, Edward M., died 10/8/83: 10/18/83p11

Bartlett, Clarence M., died 3/18/89: 3/27/89p6

Bartlett, Everett E., died 8/29/88: 9/5/88p6

Bartlett, Florence H., died 5/2/84: 5/8/84p7

Bartlett, Grace A., died 6/11/90: 6/18/90p6

Bartlett, Herbert L., died 1/5/92: 1/11/92p6

Bartley, John T., died 9/23/86: 9/30/86p6

Bassett, John L., died 3/10/84: 3/20/84p13

Batchelder, Izola A., died 3/4/92: 3/14/94p6

Batchelder, Ralph M., died 3/30/84: 4/10/84p12

Bateman, Cynthia A., died 12/27/91: 1/4/92p6

Bates, Virginia, died 8/10/84: 8/21/84p4

Baxter, Eleanor P., died 1/4/89: 1/16/89p6

Baxter, June R., died 3/12/88: 3/22/88p6

Baxter, Milred M., died 11/15/92: 11/19/92p6

Beach, Ella, died 5/21/81: 6/9/81p2

Beairsto, Ernest K., died 10/16/84: 10/23/84p14

Bealieu, Alfred, died 2/13/84: 2/21/84p14

Beals, Wimburn S., died 6/22/80: 7/1/80p2

Bean, Chester F., died 3/28/80: 4/1/80p2

Bean, Donna M., died 6/26/92: 7/4/92p6

Bean, Francena W., celebrates 100th birthday: 3/22/88p8

Bean, Joann, and Robie Kempton wed: 6/13/92: 8/1/92p9

Bean, Joseph D., died 9/3/90: 9/10/90p6

Bean, Russell J., died 9/78(sic): 4/25/88p6

Beane, Agnes E., died 2/26/91: 3/4/91p6

Beane, Benjamin F., died 1/4/86: 1/14/86p6

Beard, Llewellyn A., died 9/29/92: 10/8/92p6

Beaudoin, Alma., died 2/14/80: 2/19/80p2

Beaudoin, Della E., died 12/23/85: 12/31/85p8

Beaudoin, Hazel M., died 12/29/83: 1/10/84p2

Beaudoin, Modeste E., died 9/2/88: 9/12/88p6

Beaudoin, Muriel S., died 106/85: 10/22/85p12

Beaudoin, Paul R., died 7/2/86: 7/15/86p6

Beaudoin, Raymond J., died 8/22/88: 8/29/88p6

Beaudoin Sr., George V., died 7/4/91: 7/15/91p6

Beaulieu, Alice M., died 5/27/80: 6/3/80p2

Beaulieu, Alphonsine, died 4/17/89: 4/24/89p6

Beaulieu, Cecile E., died 2/20/83: 3/1/83p6

Beaulieu, Emma, died 7/31/92: 8/8/92p6

Beaulieu, Loretta R., died 1/3/82: 1/12/82p2

Beaulieu, Matilda C., died 11/25/83: 12/6/83p17

Beaulieu, Roland J., died 11/18/87: 12/1/87p6

Beaulieu, Ubald L., died 12/27/86: 1/6/87p6

Beaupre, Gerard H., died 9/4/86: 9/23/86p8

Beaupre, Helen M., died 10/5/83: 10/11/83p5

Beblond, Georgiana, died 11/16/81: 11/24/81p2

Bebris, Ivars, died 11/21/8: 12/1/87p6

Bebris, Ivars, lives with Lou Gehrig's disease: 10/28/80p10

Beck, Howard F., died 11/22/85: 12/3/85p6

Beck, Marie, died 1/19/82: 1/26/82p13

Becker, Lulu M., died 10/16/88: 10/24/88p6

Beckwith, Alice L., died 1/5/82: 1/11/83p6

Beckwith, Karen J., died 11/3/88: 11/14/88p6

Bedford Jr., William A., died 3/21/89: 4/3/89p6

Beede, Doris B., died 1/2/89: 1/9/89p6

Behre, Loretta C., died 2/26/83: 3/8/83p8

Behre, Louis H., died 12/4/86: 12/16/86p6

Behre, M&M Joseph, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/16/86p13

Belanger, Barbara F., died 12/17/90: 12/24/90p6

Belanger, Emile L., died 3/30/90: 4/9/90p6

Belanger, Eugene W., died 4/24/82: 5/4/82p6

Belanger, Florence M., died 10/27/86: 11/4/86p6

Belanger, Marie L., died 11/27/89: 12/4/89p6

Belanger, Olivia J., died 9/5/90: 9/17/90p6

Belheumer, Duane, and Jodi Balser wed 6/18/88: 8/29/88p8

Bell, Antoinette, died 11/29/88: 12/5/88p6

Bell, Charles R., died 7/17/89: 7/24/89p6

Bell, Kristine M., died 11/11/91: 11/23/91p6

Bell, Robert F., died 11/4/91: 11/9/91p6

Bellemeur, Susan, and Michael Sanfacon are wed 6/14/80: 7/8/80p11

Belleville, M&M Ernest, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/12/80p13

Benham, Joseph, died 3/31/83: 4/5/83p8

Benner, Florence P., died 8/6/83: 8/16/83p2

Benner, Marion E., died 5/12/81: 5/19/81p2

Bennett, Catherine E., died 11/14/89: 11/20/89p6

Bennett, Gail, is City's Employee of the Month: 6/6/92p7

Bennett, John, died 3/9/91: 3/18/91p6

Bennett, Olive H., died 1/7/80: 1/15/80p2

Bennett, Patricia, and Mark Deely wed 8/15/87: 9/29/87p8

Bennett, Sarah J., died 6/2/84: 6/12/84p9

Bennett, Shana L., died 6/20/83: 8/2/83p3

Benoit, Deloria, died 5/10/82: 5/18/82p2

Benoit, Dorothy D., died 5/17/88: 5/23/88p6

Benton, Lucilla M., died 4/4/90: 4/16/90p6

Benton, Margaret L., died 1/27/86: 2/4/86p8

Beranger, Marion C., died 12/16/83: 12/27/83p9

Bergeron, Antonio, died 9/7/85: 9/17/85p6

Bergeron, Irene, died 9/24/80: 9/30/80p2

Bergeron, Irene P., died 6/10/81: 6/16/81p2

Bergeron, Jane, gathers clothing for others: 11/20/84p36 (Note 2)

Bergeron, Kevin, is Mensa test proctor: 9/14/91p1

Bergeron, Louis, died 11/14/82: 11/23/82p9

Bergeron, Lucien E., died 12/1/83: 12/6/83p17

Bergeron, M&M Lucien, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/28/80p20

Bergeron, Martha M., died 5/31/80: 6/3/80p2

Bergeron, Mary J., died 12/22/87: 1/5/88p6

Bergeron, Paul H., died 11/25/89: 12/4/89p6

Bergeron Sr., Wilfred H., died 7/22/83: 8/2/83p3

Bergstrom, A. Dorothea, died 3/19/82: 3/30/82p7

Bergstrom, Grace D., died 9/9/83: 9/20/83p8

Bergstrom, Victor S., died 7/29/86: 8/5/86p10

Berkey, Grant J., died 4/18/87: 4/28/87p6

Bernard, Eugene J., died 2/2/84: 2/7/84p6

Bernhart, Esther E., died 2/1/91: 3/18/91p6

Berry, Agnes C., died 3/23/90: 4/2/90p6

Berry, Alice I., died 11/8/90: 11/19/90p6

Berry, Althea "Dot", retires after 48 years: 11/16/82p10

Berry, Arthur H., died 3/22/81: 3/31/81p2

Berry, Christina J., died 9/29/86: 10/7/86p6

Berry, Donna, and David Mather are wed 5/26/84: 7/3/84p5

Berry, Dorothy L., died 2/2/87: 2/10/87p6

Berry, Frank G., died 6/18/82: 6/29/82p2

Berry, Harry, died 5/24/81: 6/2/81p2

Berry, John I., died 1/2/89: 1/9/89p6

Berry, Joseph N., died 12/29/81: 1/5/82p2

Berry, M&M Horace, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/20/84p9

Berry, Malvina A., died 1/9/91: 1/21/91p6

Berry, Marilyn is president of Rochester C/C: 2/4/91p3

Berry, Maureen, and Tod Pepin wed 4/26/86: 8/26/86p6

Berry, Norman J., died 9/29/85: 10/8/85p12

Berry Sr., John, died 3/31/82: 4/6/82p8

Berube II, Robert A., died 11/1/91: 11/9/91p6

Berube, Matthew J., died 3/4/91: 3/11/91p6

Berube, Robert A., died 3/2/86: 3/11/86p10

Berube, Wilda A., died 9/14/82: 9/21/82p2

Bessom Sr., Edward B., died 1/20/88: 1/26/88p6

Bibeau, Doris N., died 10/10/88: 10/17/88p6

Bibeau, M. Madeleine, died 2/13/91: 2/25/91p6

Bickford, Bernice, is C/C's Citizen of the Year: 3/31/87p3

Bickford, David A., died 6/28/84: 7/10/84p11

Bickford, Fannie K., died 6/6/29/80: 7/1/80p2

Bickford, Helen, is New Durham's oldest resident: 12/18/89p5

Bickford, Kenneth E., died 10/14/92: 10/22/92p6

Bickford, Louis W., died 3/4/92: 3/14/94p6

Bickford, M&M Louis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/31/84p11

Bickford, Maurice R., died 12/12/80: 12/16/80p2

Bickford, Richard W., died 12/10/83: 12/20/83p8

Bickford, Roswell A., died 11/22/87: 12/1/87p6

Bickford, Whielhemina R., died 12/4/90: 12/10/90p6

Bigelow, Ruth K., died ?/?/85: 11/19/85p12

Billings, Kenneth, and Bonnie Lovely are wed 6/19/82: 10/19/82p5

Billings, Stacy F., died 1/13/87: 1/20/87p6

Bilodeau, Arthur, and Barbara Felong are wed: 11/1/83p3

Bilodeau, Jeannette L., died 10/16/91: 10/26/91p6

Bilodeau, Lauria J., died 8/20/84: 9/4/84p12

Bilodeau, Mabel O., died 12/1/89: 12/11/89p6

Bilodeau, Marc, is student-of-term prize winner: 1/7/93p3

Bilodeau, Rosaire, died 10/25/84: 11/6/84p12

Binette, Joseph A., died 122/30/85: 1/7/86p2

Birch, Martha C., died 8/4/83: 8/16/83p2

Biron, Christopher, is in D-Day recreation in France: 7/4/88p5

Biron, Frank R., died 2/13/88: 2/23/88p6

Biron, Marguerite, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/7/86p5

Biron, Rose L., died 9/1/89: 9/11/89p6

Bischoff, Eric M., died 12/28/87: 1/5/88p6

Bishop, Dave, is country musician: 10/2/89p1,11/13/89p8

Bisson, Deisha T., died 2/13/83: 2/22/83p9

Bisson, Olivine, died 9/8/80: 9/16/80p2

Bisson, Pauline M., died 12/9/92: 12/17/92p6

Bisson, Shane P., died 11/26/87: 12/8/87p6

Blackadar, Ina, died 8/2/81: 8/11/81p2

Blackadar, James, and Cynthia Fox are wed 9/5/81: 9/15/81p15

Blaha, Cathie E., died 10/6/89: 10/16/89p6

Blair, Helen L., died 10/20/90: 10/29/90p6

Blair, Leonard G., died 10/22/89: 10/30/89p6

Blair, Rena D., died 1/5/80: 1/8/80p2

Blais, Emma D., died 2/13/90: 2/26/90p6

Blaisdell, Betty J., died 10/1/91: 10/5/91p6

Blaisdell, Edith M., died 5/24/92: 5/30/92p6

Blaisdell, Evelyn E., died 11/14/84: 11/27/84p11

Blaisdell, Lillian H, died 7/8/90: 7/16/90p6

Blaisdell, Norman H., died 5/4/84: 5/15/84p16

Blaisdell, Ruth E., died 1/11/89: 1/23/89p6

Blanche, Neila, died 10/17/80: 10/21/80p2

Blanchette, Albert L., died 4/27/91: 5/6/91p6

Blanchette, Gary, and Claire Caplette wed 10/21/83: 11/22/83p8

Blanchette, Louis W., died 9/3/84: 9/11/84p15

Blanchette, M&M Louis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/1/82p10

Blanchette, M&M Robert, are wed 25 years: 7/22/80p13

Blanchette, Maryann R., died 1/22/91: 1/28/91p6

Blanchette, Ruth M., died 11/16/86: 11/25/86p6

Bliss, Mary E., died 8/2/84: 8/7/84p8

Bliss, Zenas L., died 10/10/90: 10/22/90p6

Blomberg, Annie M., died 10/1/86: 10/14/86p6

Blood, Amelia M., died 1/12/83: 1/18/83p8

Blood, Dora M., died 11/27/85: 12/10/85p8

Blood, Lillian A., died 8/18/80: 8/26/80p2

Blood, Willis, died 1/5/82: 1/12/82p2

Blouin, Paul E., died 7/21/84: 7/31/84p7

Boardman, Diana, and Scott Erbach are wed 5/23/80: 6/10/80p13

Bober, Barbara, honored by Roch. Jaycees: 2/26/80p4

Boehmer, Michael, and Kristen Jackman wed 8/31/91: 10/26/91p15

Boggs, Richard G., died 2/19/91: 3/4/91p6

Bohannon, Dorothy R., died 1/12/89: 1/23/89p6

Boire, Michael A., died 12/2/90: 12/10/90p6

Boisvert, Florence E., died 12/11/92: 12/17/92p6

Boisvert, Nancy A., died 1/26/92: 2/1/92p6

Boisvert, Viola A., died 12/28/87: 1/5/88p6

Boivin, Deborah, and Walter Morrison Jr. wed 6/25/83: 8/16/83p12

Boivin, William P., died 10/25/86: 11/4/86p6

Bolduc, Albert P., died 2/13/88: 2/23/88p6

Bolduc, Aurora F., died 6/15/91: 6/24/91p6

Bolduc, Marion L., died 11/5/81: 11/17/81p2

Bolduc, Rose, died 5/20/80: 5/20/80p6

Bolen, Bret A., died 5/14/90: 5/28/90p6

Bolin, M&M Hugo, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/21/84p15

Bomford, Pauline M., died 5/28/88: 6/6/88p6

Bond, M&M Leroy, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/11/86p7

Bonds, Ruth, sang as "The Blue Velvet Voice": 3/9/82p1

Bonser, Elmer D., died 11/20/91: 11//30/91p6

Bonura, Anthony J., died 2/20/90: 2/26/90p6

Booker, Ralph, died 2/1/91: 2/11/91p6

Booth, Frederick A., died 3/1/89: 3/13/89p6

Booth, Frederick, promoted to major in NH State Police: 7/23/90p5

Borabent, Joseph L., died 4/12/83: 4/19/83p8

Borazzas, Maria I., died 4/13/89: 4/24/89p6

Borbas, Jill, and Stephen Sutcliff wed ??/??/??: 2/2/88p9

Borkum, Max W., died 9/30/82: 10/19/82p2

Borrazas, Lawrence, and Holly Howard are wed 4/7/84: 7/3/84p5

Borrazas, Louis R., died 10/23/87: 11/3/87p6

Bosquin, Robert N., died 3/31/80: 4/8/80p2

Boston, Alice E., died 2/25/91: 3/4/91p6

Boston, Lucy R., died 5/7/82: 5/18/82p2

Boston Sr., Henry W., died 12/20/83: 12/27/83p9

Bostron, Alfhild E., died 1/24/81: 2/3/81p2

Bostron, Susan, and Peter Dube wed 7/19/86: 8/26/86p6

Bottom, Richard D., died 11/21/86: 12/2/86p6

Bouchard, George J., died 2/22/84: 2/28/84p9

Bouchard, Lorraine, died 9/1/80: 9/9/80p2

Bouchard, Pamela, is a private investigator: 11/26/92p1

Bouchard, Robert, is new Superintendent of Schools: 8/18/87p1

Boucher, Arthur, died 4/7/89: 4/17/89p6

Boucher, Lt. Roger R., awarded Navy Commendation Medal: 1/29/90p7

Boucher, Mary F., died 5/4/88: 5/16/88p6

Boucher, Raymond L., died 7/17/88: 7/25/88p6

Boucher, Thomas, and Lynn Chorba are wed 10/2/82: 2/1/83p8

Bouden, Bailey P., died 1/30/86: 2/11/86p5

Boudoin, Stephen, and Marjorie Mesereau wed 1/14/84: 4/10/84p13

Boudreau, Albert, died 11/15/85: 11/26/85p9

Boudreau, Arthur J., died 6/15/89: 6/26/89p6

Boudreau, Brian M., died 4/27/91: 5/6/91p6

Boudreau, Marion E., died 9/30/85: 10/8/85p12

Boudreau, Wilfred J., died 8/28/82: 9/7/82p2

Boufford, Rosalie V., died 2/23/91: 3/4/91p6

Boulay, Paul, nhopes to play pro football: 1/1/90p3

Bouras, Jane, died 10/3/84: 10/16/84p2

Bourasso, Evelyn D., died 1/14/84: 1/24/84p12

Bourgeois, Steven A., died 7/26/89: 8/7/89p6

Bourgoine, George T., died 3/17/83: 3/29/83p6

Bourn, Helen N., died 1/29/90: 2/5/90p6

Bourque, Mary E., died 11/22/83: 12/6/83p17

Bourque, Pauline E., died 11/22/91: 11//30/91p6

Bourre, Leon H., died 10/10/84: 10/16/84p2

Bousquin Sr., Clayton E., died 8/27/81: 9/1/81p2

Bouthot, Leopold G., died 1/4/86: 1/14/86p6

Bowden, Cheri, and Maurice Doucet are wed 3/27/82: 5/18/82p11

Bowen, Dwayne, and Kathleen Bardon wed 9/27/80: 10/14/80p22

Bowen, Harry F., died 7/16/83: 7/26/83p5: 7/26/83p5

Bowen, Lena A., died 6/20/81: 6/30/81p2

Bowering, Herbert, died 4/7/84: 4/17/84p9

Bowser, Iris K., died 5/12/81: 5/19/81p2

Boyce, Blanche P., died 8/9/86: 8/19/86p6

Boyce, Ralph J., died 2/28/89: 3/6/89p6

Boyd, Harriet R., died 10/6/82: 10/12/82p8

Boyd, Wesley J., died 1/31/81: 2/10/81p2

Boyd, William, and Judith Whitehouse are wed 6/23/84: 11/20/84p9

Boyden, Ralph E., died 9/11/89: 9/18/89p6

Boyer, Ira E., died 2/16/80: 2/26/80p2

Boyle, Laura J., died 3/19/87: 3/31/87p6

Boyle, Timpothy T., died 12/29/79: 1/8/80p2

Boyle, Warren A., died 12/10/89: 12/18/89p6

Brace, Leonard V., died 1/11/87: 1/20/87p6

Brackett, Charles R., last Civil War vet: 10/9/84p18 (Note 1)

Bradford, John J., died. 2/28/81: 3/10/81p2

Bradt, Bertha, died 8/3/91: 8/12/91p6

Brady, Charles A., died 7/20/83: 8/2/83p3

Bragdon, Helen R., died 1/30/81: 2/10/81p2

Bragdon, Raymond R., died 8/15/81: 8/25/81p2

Brainard, Ana M., died 6/7/84: 7/17/84p6

Brandt, Aimo, died 8/14/91: 8/24/91p6

Brandt, Richard, died 1/17/82: 1/26/82p13

Branscombe, Ann, and James Maxfield are wed: 2/21/84p15

Branscombe, Elizabeth, and Arthur Tremblay wed 5/16/81: 6/9/81p14

Branscombe, Mary R., died 6/24/88: 7/4/88p6

Branz, Sanuel, died 10/1/84: 10/9/84p7

Brassaw, Doris L., died 4/24/86: 5/6/86p6

Brazeau, Raymond A., died 5/2/88: 5/9/88p6

Brennan, Josephine, died 4/4/83: 4/12/83p6

Brennan, Pauline D., died 6/22/82: 7/6/82p2

Brennan, Thomas A., died 4/9/81: 4/21/81p2

Breton, Amanda, died 9/30/87: 10/13/87p6

Breton, Corrine F., died 3/28/80: 4/1/80p2

Breton, Henry T., died 11/21/82: 11/30/82p11

Breton, Joseph E., died 2/24/91: 3/4/91p6

Breton, Kellie, and John Reed are wed 2/16/89: 6/19/89p9

Bretton, Arthur A., died 5/18/80: 5/20/80p6

Brewer, Doris E., died 4/9/88: 4/18/88p6

Brewer, Harriett E., died 10/27/86: 11/4/86p6

Brideau, Benjamin P., died 11/3/88: 11/14/88p6

Brideau, Gertrude M., died 12/29/87: 1/12/88p6

Brideau, Ptl. Ann, is first City bike officer: 8/17/91p1

Bridge, Phyllis S., died 5/22/82: 8/24/82p2

Bridges, Lester L., died 10/23/90: 10/29/90p6

Brine, Joseph A., died 6/29/90: 7/9/90p6

Brinkman, Joshua & Jeremy, died 3/31/86: 4/8/86p8

Briscoe, Theodore, and Susan Bullis are wed 7/3/82: 9/7/82p9

Briscoe, Theodore R., died 3/2/89: 4/10/89p6

Brisson, Carolyn S., died 5/6/91: 5/13/91p6

Britton, Christ, is March of Dimes poster boy: 1/4/83p8

Britton, Delia, died 7/18/91: 7/29/91p6

Britton, Harry, died 1/24/86: 2/4/86p8

Britton, John, and Paulette Charpentier wed 8/6/83: 10/11/83p7

Britton Jr., Joseph, and Phyllis Roy are wed 1/15/83: 6/28/83p12

Britton, Paul, honored by Jaycees: 9/28/82p3

Broadbent, Olga E., died 5/16/88: 5/23/88p6

Brochu, Beatrice J., died 10/17/87: 10/27/87p6

Brochu, Diane and Brian, are fletchers (archers): 4/30/90p1

Brochu, Michael J., died 7/22/82: 7/27/82pp1,2

Brock, Alan, and Denise Lefebvre are wed 10/8/83: 12/13/83p17

Brock, Alice, died 10/6/90: 12/3/90p6

Brock, Leon L., died 5/29/81: 6/9/81p2

Brock, Rita B., died 2/6/82: 2/16/82p8

Brock, Rita L., died 8/4/80: 8/12/80p2

Brock, Scott, and Constance Jacques are wed 9/10/83: 11/15/83p10

Brock, Vicki, and Richard Messina are wed 5/28/83: 6/28/83p12

Brock, Warren R., died 3/3/87: 3/10/87p6

Brock, William, and Stephanie Waldron wed 10/11/86: 11/11/86p7

Brogden, Alice M., died 11/1/90: 11/12/90p6

Brogden, Joseph W., died 12/3/86: 12/16/86p6

Brooks, Ernest H., died 3/16/90: 3/26/90p6

Brooks, Ethel, returns from Nicaragua: 2/9/88p1

Brooks, Harry B., died 5/29/90: 6/11/90p6

Brooks, Kathi-Jane, and Shawn Demeritt are wed 6/20/81: 8/11/81p6

Brooks, Lorraine, compiling list of City's cemeteries: 9/17/90p20

Brooks, Rena M., died 9/2/92: 9/12/92p6

Brough, Marshall K., died 9/3/86: 9/16/86p6

Brown, Alice E., died 9/17/86: 9/30/86p6

Brown, Chester G., died 1/4/86: 1/14/86p6

Brown, Clarence N., died 4/4/86: 4/15/86p9

Brown, Deborah, and Paul Christie Jr. are wed 7/10/82: 8/10/82p17

Brown, Edward C., died 12/21/79: 1/1/80p2

Brown, Ellis G., died 2/17/80: 2/26/80p2

Brown, Ester M., died 5/2/86: 5/13/86p6

Brown, Forest M., died 8/16/82: 8/24/82p2

Brown, Frank J., died 12/9/80: 12/16/80p2

Brown, Fred, died 10/20/82: 10/26/82p2

Brown, George, and Catherine Taylor are wed 3/22/80: 5/27/80p11

Brown, Gerald, full-blooded Navajo, attends SHS: 8/13/90p1

Brown, Gladys M., died 4/9/80: 4/15/80p2

Brown, Harriet, survives polio for 70 years: 8/22/92p3

Brown, Harry, died 10/30/82: 11/9/82p2

Brown, Helen, and Dennis Kaszynski are wed 6/5/82: 7/20/82p8

Brown, Helen H., died 2/6/89: 2/13/89p6

Brown, Ira S., died 10/19/84: 11/6/84p12

Brown, Irene A., died 9/9/81: 9/15/81p2

Brown, Jennifer, and Gary Wiggin are wed: 12/16/86p8

Brown, Jennifer, is Junior Achievement delegate: 5/27/80p29

Brown, Josephine E., died 6/7/88: 6/13/88p6

Brown, Joyce C., died 8/14/90: 8/20/90p6

Brown Jr., Kenneth, and Monique Michaud wed 7/12/86: 8/26/86p6

Brown, Kathleen, and Mark Reid are wed: 6/5/89p7

Brown, Kenneth E., died 10/26/91: 10/26/91p6

Brown, Lawrence K., died 10/29/87: 11/10/87p6

Brown, Lisa, and Paul Sylvester are wed 6/12/82: 7/20/82p11

Brown, Mabel J., died 6/22/82: 6/29/82p6

Brown, Margeurite H., died 5/13/84: 5/22/84p2

Brown, Marilyn A., died 12/12/88: 12/19/88p6

Brown, Mildred K., died 2/6/82: 2/16/82p8

Brown, Nellie H., died 12/22/85: 12/31/85p8

Brown, Oscar J., died 5/18/90: 5/28/90p6

Brown, Pauline D., died 6/22/82: 6/29/82p6

Brown, Peter E., died 3/4/83: 3/15/83p6

Brown, Raymond, died 3/6/83: 3/15/83p6

Brown, Rebecca S., died 4/7/80: 4/15/80p2

Brown, Robert, and Karen Goodell are wed: 6/30/81p14

Brown, Roland L., died 4/8/92: 4/18/92p6

Brown Sr., Robert F., died 10/25/90: 11/5/90p6

Brown Sr., William R., died 1/14/91: 1/21/91p6

Brown, Susie T., died 4/12/80: 4/15/80p2

Brown, Wendell, and Priscilla DiPrizio wed 7/13/80: 8/26/80p13

Brown, Winifred N., died 8/24/86: 9/2/86p6

Brozosky, Edward O., died 3/3/90: 3/12/90p6

Brunette, Mary B., died 4/6/90: 4/16/90p6

Brunette, Robert L., died 9/11/84: 9/18/84p14

Brust, Agnes V., died 4/11/81: 4/21/81p2

Brust, Donald, and Helen Campbell are wed 5/21/83: 7/12/83p10

Bryant, Albertine, died 1/15/82: 1/26/82p13

Bryant, Catherine, and Gerard Charron are wed 6/26/81: 8/11/81p6

Bryant, Emelia, died 3/3/86: 3/11/86p10

Bubier, Mildred E. died 7/20/86: 7/29/86p9

Buchanan, Thelma C., died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6

Buck, Kenneth, died 5/5/83: 5/17/83p8

Buckley, Dorothy A., died 2/25/88: 3/8/88p6

Buffam, Louise M., died 11/9/87: 11/17/87p6

Bundza, Joseph T., died 12/6/84: 12/18/84p10

Bunker, Estella V., died 2/13/92: 2/22/92p6

Bunker, Jason D., died 1/17/81: 1/20/81p2

Bunker, Leon E., died 9/22/92: 10/1/92p6

Bunker, Robert C., died 11/12/85: 11/19/85p12

Bunner, Pearl N., died 10/2/81: 10/13/81p2

Bupre, Rachel, died 9/28/88: 10/3/88pp5,6

Burbank, Annie, died 10/11/80: 10/21/80p2

Burch, Janet, plans Afgan refugee study on site: 9/22/87p8

Burchell, Gretchen L., died 12/26/86: 1/6/87p6

Burchell, James, honored by Roch. Jaycees: 2/26/80p4

Burchell, Jerry and Verna, grow 30 varieties of apples: 10/9/89p3

Burgess Jr., Warren A., died 10/18/86: 10/28/86p6

Burgess, Lona E., died 6/6/92: 6/13/92p6

Burke, Stephan, and Maureen Wheeler are wed 5/28/88: 7/11/88p11

Burkhart, Jeanne M., died 11/12/87: 11/24/87p6

Burleigh, Sr., Charlotte, 50 years at Holy Rosary: 7/17/84p8

Burnam, William, lauded by Roch. Jaycees: 1/13/87p3

Burnett, Ptl. Steve, is City's Employee of the Month: 11/16/91p2

Burnett, Ptl. Steven, saves baby's life: 9/17/90p1

Burnham, Doris, died 11/2/84: 11/13/84p9

Burnham, Robert R., died 2/12/86: 2/18/86p5

Burns, John, is a foster grandparent: 2/17/81p12

Burns, William R., died 8/13/89: 8/21/89p6

Burrows, Emily W., died 3/9/91: 3/18/91p6

Burrows, M. Lucille, died 3//8/89: 3/20/89p6

Burrows, Marie L., died 5/21/88: 5/30/88p6

Burrows, Marion G., died 10/11/80: 10/14/80p2

Bush, Charles N., died 4/19/86: 4/29/86p6

Buslovich, Joseph, and Laurette Tremblay are wed: 11/10/87p9

Bussey, Phyllis, died 3/21/91: 4/1/91p6

Bussier, Dennis R., died 2/20/92: 2/29/92p6

Butler, Albert E., died 1/6/93: 1/14/93p6

Butler, Corinne, and Steven Phalen are wed: 3/9/82p20

Butler, Jim, runs chimney cleaning company: 11/9/82p1

Buzzell, Arthur J., died 4/29/91: 5/6/91p6

Buzzell Sr., Bernard R., died 7/17/83: 7/26/83p5

Byers, Pam, is Teacher of the Year: 5/21/90p1

Byrd, Donald L., died 4/30/86: 5/13/86p6

Cadorette, Jean, and Daniel Barbin are wed 10/24/87: 2/16/88p17

Cahalane Sr., George R., died 3/22/84: 4/3/84p11

Cahoon, A. Pearl, died 1/24/87: 2/3/87p6

Cahoon, Ecklay H., died 10/11/82: 10/19/82p2

Caldon, Donald B., died 11/16/84: 11/27/84p11

Calef, Clarence L., died 2/15/86: 2/25/86p6

Calef, Mildred, died 12/24/85: 12/31/85p8

Calef, Roger L., died 7/7/84: 7/17/84p6

Caler, Harold and Dot, retire from family business: 7/11/92p3

Call, Edward, died 8/3/87: 8/11/87p6

Callaghan, Daniel J., died 2/21/92: 2/29/92p6

Callaghan, Dorothy, battles leukemia: 9/12/92p1

Callaghan, Dorothy, is Roch. C/C Citizen of the Year: 3/18/91p1

Callaghan, John E., died 9/19/86: 9/30/86p6

Callaghan, Kevin N., died 3/30/90: 4/9/90p6

Callender, Rev. Willard, died 8/10/87: 8/18/87p6

Came, Floss P., died 10/7/80: 10/14/80p2

Cameron, Albert J., died 6/2/90: 6/11/90p6

Cameron, Barbara L., died 6/3/88: 6/13/88p6

Cameron, Beth, and Kevin Robbins are wed 7/16/83: 9/6/83p7

Cameron, Don, sells "a lot of grass" sod: 5/17/83p1

Cameron Jr., John B., died 1/17/91: 1/28/91p6

Cameron, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/22/83p15

Cameron, Sylvia H., died 2/9/90: 2/19/90p6

Campbell, Doris C., died 9/5/82: 9/7/82p2

Campbell, Elizabeth J., died 6/1/82: 6/8/82p2

Campbell, Ernest W., died 2/16/87: 2/24/87p6

Campbell, Forrest S., died 8/24/91: 8/31/91p6

Campbell, Helen, and Donald Burst are wed 5/21/83: 7/12/83p10

Campbell, John L., died 11/23/89: 12/4/89p6

Campbell, Kevin G., died 2/3/90: 2/12/90p6

Campbell, M&M Ernest , celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/29/80p3A

Campbell, M&M Forrest, wed 40 years: 8/5/91p7

Campbell, Marion G., died 5/30/91: 6/10/91p6

Campbell, Winona M., died 9/13/87: 9/22/87p6

Canney, Alice L., died 4/1/91: 4/8/91p6

Canney, Clayton C., died 8/16/81: 8/25/81p2

Canney, Frank, was Rochester's Houdini: 10/9/84p36 (Note 1)

Canney, Jerome E., died 9/30/87: 9/29/87p6

Canney Jr., Robert, died 1/23/92: 2/1/92p6

Canniff, Richard, and Cheryl Quinn are wed: 6/17/80p13

Cannon, Marchmont, and Patricia Rapp are wed 8/21/82: 2/1/83p8

Cantin, Bessie, died 10/14/81: 10/20/81p2

Caplette, Claire, and Gary Blanchette wed 10/21/83: 11/22/83p8

Caplette, Joseph, died 4/3/81: 4/14/81p2

Caplette, Raoul J., died 12/31/89: 1/8/90p6

Capone, Albert J., died 12/4/88: 12/12/88p6

Capone, M. Phyllis, died 10/12/90: 10/22/90p6

Carberry, Kathleen, honored by BPW: 5/20/80p7

Carberry, Kathy, earns award from Women Police Ass'n: 10/1/85p1

Carbone, Wyona M., died 8/1/89: 8/7/89p6

Carbonneau, Mary E., died 9/1/87: 9/8/87p6

Card, Bernice B., died 11/18/88: 11/28/88p6

Card, Henry W., died 3/28/92: 4/4/92p6

Card, Mary, wins craft award for bedspread: 9/24/85p1

Card, William L., died 10/26/88: 11/7/88p6

Cardin, Jason L., died 7/10/91: 7/22/91p6

Cardinal, Bernice, died 4/26/90: 5/7/90p6

Cardinal, Carroll C., died 4/8/83: 4/19/83p8

Cardinal, Estella M., died 5/18/86: 5/27/86p6

Cardinal, Ethel M., died 2/12/88: 2/23/88p6

Cardinal, Rita B., died 8/18/86: 8/26/86p8

Cardinali, Theresa, died 10/6/87: 10/13/87p6,10/20/87p6

Carey, Constance T., died 6/9/80: 6/17/80p2

Carignan, Bertrand H., died 10/17/91: 10/26/91p6

Carignan, Blanche J., died 11/1/84: 11/13/84p9

Carignan, Estelle, died 3/13/83: 3/22/83p8

Carignand, Laurenda, died 8/23/81: 9/1/81p2

Carleton, Paul L., died 1/17/86: 1/28/86p6

Carll, Elaine, and Jean Chasse are wed 3/2/80: 4/29/80p13

Carll, Gladys, died 2/23/82: 3/2/82p9

Carll, Grace E., died 3/9/80: 3/18/80p2

Carlson, Richard V., died 11/12/84: 11/20/84pp1,13

Carnegie, Jean E., died 8/10/91: 8/17/91p6

Caron, Henriette M., died 7/7/90: 7/16/90p6

Caron, Koan P., died 8/12/91: 8/17/91p6

Caron, Laura A.,. died 6/19/88: 8/27/88p6

Caron, Lillian R., died 1/3/91: 1/14/91p6

Caron, Robert G., died 6/6/84: 6/19/84p13

Caron Sr., Leo E., died 8/12/90: 8/20/90p6

Carpenter, Doris T., died 11/18/87: 12/8/87p6

Carpenter, Eric, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2

Carpenter, Gerald F., died 6/10/88: 6/20/88p6

Carpenter, Hollis, died 12/25/85: 1/7/86p2

Carpenter, Isabelle M., died 12/19/91: 12/28/91p6

Carpenter, Jason, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2

Carpenter, Maude L., died 7/17/80: 7/22/80p2

Carpenter, Shane, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2

Carpinelli, Sylvia died 4/11/86: 4/22/86p8

Carr, Linda, and Charles Gerrish Jr. are wed 3/17/84: 7/3/84p5

Carr, Scott, joins NH State Police: 5/14/90p3

Carr, Stephen, and Kimberly Starrett wed 6/15/80: 9/19/80p23

Carrier, Cheryl J., died 12/21/85: 12/31/85p8

Carrigan, John E., died 12/2/91: 12/7/91p6

Carrington, Martha E., died 7/21/90: 7/30/90p6

Carroll, Marjorie L., died 5/10/90: 5/21/90p6

Carroll, Therea L., died 8//24/92: 9/29/92p6

Carroll, Theresa, is a Foster Grandparent: 1/27/87p3

Carter, Albert D., died 4/11/88: 4/18/88p6

Carter, Donella, died 3/4/91: 3/11/91p6

Carter, Mike, and Cary Goldacker speak of love: 2/11/86p10

Carter Sr., Clarence A., died 10/25/92: 10/29/92p6

Cartier, Monique, donates blood for first time: 10/15/85p1

Case, Minnie J., died 4/28/80: 5/6/80p2

Casey, Catherine H., died 12/2/81: 12/8/81p2

Casey, Mary, and Mark Mattina are wed 2/13/82: 4/6/82p15

Casey, Mary V., died 5/17/81: 5/26/81p2

Casey Sr., Gordon, died 7/23/83: 8/2/83p3

Cassidy, Arthur R., died 10/7/88: 10/17/88p6

Cassily, Hilda, died 7/24/87: 8/4/87p6

Cassily, Philip J., died 7/27/90: 8/6/90p6

Castle, Margeurite V., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6

Castle Sr., Robert S., died 1/1/89: 1/9/89p6

Castonguay, Henry, died 9/22/89: 10/2/89p6

Castonguay, Norman and Louise, wed 50 years: 8/15/92p10

Castonguay, Richard, and C. Gerrish wed 8/14/81: 9/15/81p15

Caswell, Effie A., died 12/30/79: 1/8/80p2

Caswell, James H., died 5/3/91: 5/13/91p6

Cate, Eleanor F., died 6/19/88: 8/27/88p6

Cate, Laurence E., died 1/6/80: 1/8/80p2

Cate, Lois, died 11/14/82: 11/23/82p9

Cater, Leo H., died 12/2/83: 12/13/83p20

Cathcart, Ethel M., died 1/14/90: 1/22/90p6

Cavanaugh, James W., died 1/4/88: 1/12/88p6

Cavanaugh, Laura M., died 1/18/88: 1/26/88p6

Cavanaugh, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/30/83p7

Caveretta, Anthony, died 8/15/89: 8/21/89p6

Caverly, Annie A., died 8/4/83: 8/16/83p2

Caverly, Jolene, and Joseph Wernig are wed: 12/12/88p7

Caverly, Robert E., died 3/25/88: 4/4/88p6

Caverly, Valmore S., died 1/7/81: 1/13/81p2

Cayhao, Lisa, and Thomas Whittier wed 4/23/91: 3/21/92p9

Cecchetti, Nina G., died 2/9/90: 2/19/90p6

Chadbourne, Charles G., died 6/12/84: 6/19/84p13

Chadbourne, Michael, and Wendy Cooper wed 8/8/87: 9/29/87p8

Chagnion, Raymond N., died 3/30/80: 4/8/80p2

Chagnon, Aldea D., died 5/25/88: 6/6/88p6

Chagnon, Pearl, helps the handicapped find jobs: 12/7/82p10

Chamberlain, Albert, died 8/20/85: 9/3/85p12

Chamberlain, Gardner M., died 12/24/79: 1/1/80p2

Chamberlain, Hazel G., died 8/2/81: 8/11/81p2

Chamberlain, Helen, died 6/2/86: 6/10/86p10

Chamberlain, M&M Roscoe celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/7/86p5

Chamberlain, Nellie C., died 12/15/90: 12/24/90p6

Chamberlain, Rita J., died 7/7/86: 7/15/86p6

Champagne, Francis J., died 3/9/91: 3/18/91p6

Champagne, Rita M., died 11/7/87: 11/17/87p6

Champagne, Yvonne M., died 9/7/82: 9/14/82p2

Champlin Jr., William H., died 12/20/92: 12/24/92p6

Channey, C. Beatrice, died 5/16/88: 5/23/88p6

Chapman, Ernest M., died 6/22/92: 6/27/92p6

Chapman Sr., Donald H., died 12/27/81: 1/5/82p2

Charette, Earle L., died 4/3/92: 4/18/92p6

Charier, Albina R., died 8/27/80: 9/2/80p22

Charles, Lorraine, and Arthur Hill are wed 1/22/83: 4/19/83p12

Charpentier, Paulette, and John Britton wed 8/6/83: 10/11/83p7

Charrette, Delores, died 1/25/86: 2/4/86p8

Charrette, Richard, died 9/17/81: 9/22/81p2

Charron, Gerard, and Catherine Bryant are wed 6/26/81: 8/11/81p6

Chase, Bonnie, and Mark Henderson are wed: 12/14/82p20

Chase, Deborah, and Brian Moore are wed 6/14/80: 7/15/80p13

Chase, Dorothy C., died 5/18/86: 5/27/86p6

Chase, Ethel M., died 1/4/88: 1/12/88p6

Chase, Frank B., died 8/18/80: 8/26/80p2

Chase, Gene R., died 7/27/83: 8/9/83p2

Chase, Geneva J., died 5/17/86: 5/27/86p6

Chase, Helen E., died 8/3/88: 8/15/88p6

Chase, Inga J., died 1/21/87: 2/3/87p6

Chase, Leslie O., died 3/11/92: 3/21/92p6

Chase, Margaret E., died 2/26/82: 3/9/82p7

Chase, Penny, and Michael Richard wed 6/6/80: 9/9/80p14

Chase, Prescilla T., died 11/16/87: 11/24/87p6

Chase, Regina C., died 12/30/91: 1/4/92p6

Chase, Rev. Horatio, feted on ordination anniversary: 11/24/81p2

Chase, William C., died 1/31/86: 2/11/86p5

Chasse, Adelard, died 2/14/88: 2/23/88p6

Chasse, Adrien, on Nat'l American Legion council: 11/19/92p3

Chasse, Helen M., died 12/20/86: 12/30/86p6

Chasse, Jean, and Elaine Carll are wed 3/2/80: 4/29/80p13

Chasse, Meril J., died 12/9/89: 12/18/89p6

Chauvey, Alfred A., died 10/16/87: 10/27/87p6

Chayer, Beverly H., died 9/19/80: 9/23/80p2

Cheney, Bernice P., died 1/12/81: 1/20/81p2

Cheney, Marion L., died 8/23/92: 9/29/92p6

Chesley, Irene B., died 10/14/86: 10/28/86p6

Chick, David, new principal of East Rochester School: 9/5/92p3

Chick, Flora H., died 3/18/86: 3/25/86p7

Chick, George A., died 3/24/86: 4/1/86p6

Chick, Janet, and Norman Collins are wed 7/1/83: 7/26/83p1

Chiefalo, Elsie, died 7/31/86: 8/12/86p6

Childs, Amanda, wins City recycling logo contest: 5/6/91p17

Chisholm, Wendy, and Richard Clough are wed 9/26/81: 11/24/81p14

Choate, Martha S., died 2/27/83: 3/8/83p8

Chod, Lisa, and Richard Farrington are wed: 7/12/83p10

Chod, Rita, died 11/22/86: 12/2/86p6

Chorba, Lynn, and Thomas Boucher are wed 10/2/82: 2/1/83p8

Chouinard, Annette V., died 8/29/81: 9/8/81p2

Christie Jr., Paul, and Deborah Brown are wed 7/10/82: 8/10/82p17

Christo, Kathleen, wins Air Force "angel wings": 11/12/90p7

Chrusz, Dr. Mark, says the dentist shouldn't hurt: 2/16/82p3

Cicchetto, Giovanni, died 10/30/92: 11/5/92p6

Claflin, Glen, and Linda French are wed 5/1/82: 5/18/82p11

Clapper Sr., Gerald M., died 12/18/84: 12/25/84p9

Clark, Altie L., died 4/24/82: 5/4/82p6

Clark, Barbara C., died 2/7/91: 2/18/91p6

Clark, Charlotte, and Lance Thornton are wed 7/3/81: 8/11/81p6

Clark, Dale H., died 8/18/92: 9/29/92p6

Clark, Eugene F., died 11/9/81: 11/17/81p2

Clark, Gertrude L., died 9/16/87: 9/29/87p6

Clark, Gladys M., died 10/7/81: 10/13/81p2

Clark, Hazel A, died 2/8/84: 2/14/84p9

Clark, Paul J., died 3/16/86: 3/25/86p7

Clark, Radioman Steven, meets Russian counterpart: 9/10/90p8

Clark, Ralph W., died 2/17/81: 2/24/81p2

Clark, Roger E., died 6/2/83: 6/14/83p2

Clark Sr., Herbert C., died 11/16/84: 11/27/84p11

Clark, Thomas E., died 2/18/92: 2/22/92p6

Clark, Wallace T., died 6/20/89: 6/26/89p6

Clark, William J., died 9/24/85: 10/1/85p10

Clarke, Richard L., died 1//10/93: 1/21/93p6

Clay, Charles W., died 2/18/80: 2/26/80p2

Clay, Leslie T., died 9/7/89: 9/25/89p6

Clay, Mildred C., died 8/25/82: 8/30/82p2

Clayton, Letty A., died 11/8/83: 11/15/83p17

Cleaves, Elaine D., died 4/23/92: 5/23/92p6

Clement, Arnold T., died 7/11/89: 7/24/89p6

Clement, Glenn W., died 7/13/89: 7/24/89p6

Clement, Robin, and Steven Vincent are wed 8/20/83: 2/21/84p15

Clement, Stella V., died 10/2/89: 10/9/89p6

Clements, Rita M., died 12/11/87: 12/22/87p6

Cleveland, Betty, died 8/13/84: 8/21/84p4

Cleveland, Herbert H., died 5/11/89: 5/22/89p6

Cleveland, Louise, died 4/1/91: 4/8/91p6

Cleveland, Willard C., died 12/16/85: 12/31/85p8

Clites, Dale H., died 3/14/80: 3/18/80p2

Clooney, Shirley M., died 12/18/89: 12/25/89p6

Clough, Elmer R., died 9/13/85: 9/24/85p9

Clough, Ida A., died 5/5/87: 5/12/87/p6

Clough, Ira L., died 5/30/82: 6/15/82p2

Clough, Leland U., died 3/14/86: 3/25/86p7

Clough, Melva G., died 2/11/84: 2/21/84p14

Clough, Richard, and Wendy Chisholm are wed 9/26/81: 11/24/81p14

Clough, Tang, and Debra Mackey are wed 6/14/80: 7/15/80p13

Clough, Tom, bags bull moose: 11/4/86p1

Clough, Wendy, and Richard Huntress are wed 9/3/83: 11/8/83p10

Cocarus, James, survived Pearl Harbor bombing: 11/16/91p1

Cocarus, Yvette M., died 4/26/91: 5/6/91p6

Cochrane, Dorothy F., died 6/12/91: 6/24/91p6

Cochrane, Madeleine M., died 11/7/91: 11/16/91p6

Coffin, Marie F., died 3/3/91: 3/11/91p6

Cogswell, Leander, died 7/3/92: 7/11/92p6

Cohen, Judy, tells of Soviet visit experiences: 12/21/82p8

Coisuneau, Richard, solos in helicopter at 74: 10/8/85p1

Colbath, Barbara E., died 9/7/90: 9/17/90p6

Colbath, Dalton S., died 1/13/89: 1/23/89p6

Colbath, Floyd N., died 8/28/80: 9/2/80p22

Colbath, Frances, and Richard Nichols are wed 5/15/82: 6/22/82p4

Colbath, Kevin N., died 9/15/83: 9/27/83p11

Colbath, Paula, and Paul Allegritti wed 5/26/91: 4/11/92p9

Colbath, Robert G., died 8/12/87: 8/25/87p6

Colby, Beatrice J., died 2/24/91: 3/4/91p6

Colby, Donald C., died 12/2/85: 12/10/85p8

Colby, Earl W., died 12/14/84: 12/25/84p9

Colby, Harry N., died 10/27/87: 11/3/87p6

Colby, June V., died 5/29/92: 6/8/92p6

Cole, Alvaros, died 12/19/81: 12/29/81p2

Cole, Candance L., died 10/18/87: 10/27/87p6

Cole, Ellen M., died 4/28/83: 5/3/83p6

Cole, John B., died 6/30/80: 7/8/30p2

Cole, Rita M., died 1/2/89: 1/9/89p6

Collay, Peter N., died 1/8/89: 1/16/89p6

Collins, Emma W., died 3/30/87: 4/7/87p6

Collins, Julia A., died 7/18/82: 7/27/82p2

Collins, Mary L., died 12/19/89: 1/1/90p6

Collins, Norman, and Janet Chick are wed 7/1/83: 7/26/83p1

Collins, Patrick, and Jennifer Adams wed 6/28/86: 9/16/86p13

Collins, Ralph A., died 8/22/91: 8/31/91p6

Collins, Ruth E., died 8/10/81: 8/18/81p2

Collins Sr., Edward J., died 10/1/85: 10/15/85p5

Collins Sr., William A., died 12/21/92: 12/24/92p6

Colman, Charles D., died 11/20/94: 12/4/84p15

Colpitt, Timothy A., died 4/29/87: 5/12/87/p6

Colwell, Abbie F., died 6/13/86: 6/24/86p14

Colwell, Rena, died 8/6/90: 8/13/90p6

Colwell, Rena, earns Vaughan Award: 6/6/88p12

Comeau, Margaret, died 5/12/88: 5/23/88p6

Comfort, James, and Lisa Hudson are wed 4/23/83: 6/28/83p12

Comfort, Paul, and Gloria Varney are wed 6/11/88: 10/24/88p11

Coney, Grove C., died 6/30/86: 7/15/86p6

Congram, Bernice I., died 2/14/86: 2/25/86p6

Conley, Beatrice B., died 9/17/84: 9/25/84p7

Conley, Bill, grows and sells Christmas trees: 12/13/83p1

Connell, Dennis C., died 12/16/81: 12/29/81p2

Connell, John A., died 2/22/88: 3/1/88p6

Connell, John, is centenarian: 8/1/87p1

Connell Jr., Deniis C., died 3/19/87: 3/31/87p6

Connell, Shirley M., died 2/9/87: 2/17/87p6

Connelly, George R., died 12/2/84: 12/11/84p20

Connelly, Yvette J., died 12/9/92: 12/17/92p6

Connor, Clarence E., died 4/30/81: 5/12/81p2

Connor, Linda, is published in "Highlights" magazine: 4/7/81p16

Connors, Aldean S., died 8/17/90: 8/27/90p6

Connors, Charles J., died 5/12/91: 5/20/91p6

Conrad, Gladys T., died 3/29/87: 4/7/87p6

Constant, Adrian J., died 8/12/89: 8/21/89p6

Constantine, Madge M., died 9/28/84: 10/9/84p7

Constantine, Melvin L., died 9/8/83: 9/13/83p9

Constantino, Anthony, died 3/21/86: 4/1/86p6

Constantino, Anthony, died 4/27/80: 5/6/80p2

Constantino, Cynthia, and R. Whitehouse wed 5/18/80: 7/15/80p13

Converse, Raymond E., died 10/18/86: 10/28/86p6

Conway, Steven T., died 11/3/90: 11/12/90p6

Cook, Aurore, died 11/7/89: 11/13/89p6

Cook, Carl K., died 5/1/92: 5/9/92p6

Cook, Charles A., died 8/17/91: 8/24/91p6

Cook, Ernest P., died 3/18/92: 3/28/92p6

Cook, George W., died 6/12/89: 6/19/89p6

Cook, Loretta R., died 12//4/91: 12/14/91p6

Cook, Mildren A., died 2/10/84: 2/21/84p14

Cook, Peter, and Victoria Hamilton are wed 2/26/82: 3/9/82p20

Cook, Priscilla, died 3/23/86: 4/8/86p8

Cook, Wilhelmina S., died 11/11/98: 11/20/89p6

Cook, William H., died 9/10/83: 9/20/83p8

Cook. Abbie I., died 6/18/82: 6/29/82p2

Cook. Larry and Pam, are NH Jaycee Family of the Year: 9/28/91p15

Coombs, Rovin E., died 7/10/88: 7/18/88p6

Coons, Vivian, died 3/6/86: 3/18/86p12

Cooper, Glenn, honored by Amer. Biographical Inst.: 4/11/88p11

Cooper, Martha, listed in 1992 "Who's Who/Teachers": 10/22/92p22

Cooper, Nancy, believes in money-saving coupons: 7/15/80p12

Cooper, Ralph H., died 5/10/83: 5/17/83p8

Cooper, Richard F., died 9/?/85: 10/1/85p1

Cooper, Walter J., died 10/15/83: 10/25/83p12

Cooper, Wendy, and Michael Chadbourne wed 8/8/87: 9/29/87p8

Copeland, Michael and Carol give to needy: 11/20/84p8 (Note 2)

Copp, Maynard D., died 4/9/82: 4/20/82p8

Copp, Verna M., died 8/27/88: 9/5/88p6

Coram, Alinor A., died 10/15/86: 10/28/86p6

Coran, Archie T., died 4/20/82: 4/27/82p6

Corbett, Catherine R., died 11/24/89: 12/4/89p6

Cordeiro, Anthony M., died 3/5/82: 3/16/82p9

Corey, Jean C., died 10/23/90: 11/5/90p6

Corkery, Joseph J., died 11/23/92: 11/26/92p8

Cormier, Albert J., died 3/5/89: 3/13/89p6

Cormier, Armand J., died 7/28/92: 8/1/92p6

Cormier, Lillian, died 7/19/80: 7/22/80p2

Cormier, Norma W., died 8/24/90: 9/3/90p6

Cormier, Paul, and Theresa Lafontaine are wed 6/26/81: 8/11/81p6

Cormier, Peter, and Misty Eiler are wed 8/14/88: 10/24/88p11

Cormier, Regina M., died 8/8/88: 8/15/88p6

Cormier, Rena I., died 1/14/84: 1/24/84p12

Cormier, Robin, and Eric Poitras are wed: 12/16/86p8

Cormier, William, is new head of Roch. C/C: 4/1/80p9

Corno, Clara M., died 12/7/87: 12/15/87p6

Corpening, Elizabeth F., died 9/24/86: 10/7/86p6

Corriveau, Henry, cuts wood for coming winter: 8/27/90p2

Corson, Clara E., died 10/27/87: 11/3/87p6

Corson, Edna M., died 4/13/91: 4/22/91p6

Corson, Gladys E., died 10/7/82: 10/19/82p2

Corson, Hebert F., died 10/10/81: 10/20/81p2

Corson, Hilda, died 1/17/87: 1/27/87p6

Corson, Judith, receives Vaughan Award: 5/20/91p3

Corson, Leon M., died 10/23/87: 11/3/87p6

Corson, Mary L., died 6/23/81: 6/30/81p2

Corson, Myra B., died 10/20/84: 10/30/84p13

Cosgrove Sr., Elliot A., died 3/9/90: 3/19/90p6

Cosineau, Richard L., died 10/10/87: 10/20/87p6

Cossette, Luger J., died 10/17/87: 10/27/87p6

Cote, Alpjonsine C., died 6/24/80: 7/1/80p2

Cote, Amanda E., died 1/26/86: 2/4/86p8

Cote, Darlene, and Maurice Langelier are wed 8/7/82: 12/7/82p5

Cote, Dorothy M., died 11/15/83: 11/22/83p12

Cote Jr., Camille F., died 6/17/84: 7/3/84p13

Cote, Michael, trains in Army near Death Valley: 6/30/81p14

Cote, Nancy, listed in 1992 "Who's Who/Teachers": 10/22/92p22

Cote, Viola L., died 11/9/87: 11/17/87p6

Cote, Wilfred G., died 6/14/84: 6/19/84p13

Cotter, Madelyn M., died 9/3/88: 9/12/88p6

Couch Jr., Harvey, and Sharon Leslie are wed 8/9/81: 9/15/81p15

Couch, Michael, and Kathy Radwin are wed: 2/5/80p17

Couch Sr., Raymond E., died 5/8/90: 5/14/90p6

Coughlin, David F., died 10/5/80: 10/7/80p2

Coughlin, Florence B., died 10/27/86: 11/4/86p6

Coulombe, Harvey A., died 9/30/85: 10/8/85p12

Coulumbe, Marion P., died 1/3/88: 1/12/88p6

Coulumbe, Sadie, is a foster grandparent: 2/17/81p12

Courchesne, Alene D., died 10/17/87: 10/27/87p2,11/3/87p6

Courmier, Yvan J., died 2/19/86: 3/4/86p12

Cousineau, Carol, and Edward Fabian III wed 8/13/83: 10/11/83p7

Cousineau, Robert R., died 12/13/92: 12/17/92p6

Coutrue, Anna E., died 2/16/84: 2/28/84p9

Couture, Gerard R., died 1/12/90: 1/22/90p6

Couture, Henrietta, died 8/2/92: 8/8/92p6

Couture, Leon E., died 10/23/88: 10/31/88p6

Couture, Mary J., died 2/12/92: 2/22/92p6

Couture, Robert, died 8/4/90: 8/13/90p6

Couture, Robert R., died 2/17/82: 2/23/82p7

Couture Sr., Ernest, died 9/25/84: 10/2/84p8

Coviello, Michael, earns BSA Eagle badge: 5/6/91p9,2/1/92p3

Cowan, Marcelle M., died 3/6/86: 3/18/86p12

Cowan, Raymond P., died 3/13/84: 3/20/84p13

Cowell, Bernard K., died 6/30/81: 7/7/81p2

Cox, Angie S., died 7/15/91: 7/22/91p6

Cox, Bertha E., died 11/10/84: 11/20/84p13

Cox, Brian M., died 8/26/81: 9/1/81p2

Cox, Deborah, and Timothy Cox wed 6/21/86: 7/29/86p13

Cox, Ernest A., died 11/5/85: 11/12/85p6

Cox, Frank C., died 1/30/90: 2/5/90p6

Cox, Jeffrey C., died 12/30/85: 1/7/86p2

Cox, Timothy, and Deborah Cox wed 6/21/86: 7/29/86p13

Craig, Bea, is Roch. Citizen of the Year: 2/21/84p1

Craig, Celia, died 9/28/84: 10/9/84p7

Crandall, Dennis, handicapped, in 10K road race: 9/28/91p1

Crapeau, Elizabeth A., died 1/12/91: 1/21/91p6

Craven, George H., died 1/23/89: 1/30/89p6

Creighton Jr., Edward W., died 4/14/86: 4/22/86p8

Creteau, Maria, and Edward Miles wed 6/27/92: 11/12/92p8

Creteau, Richard W., died 11/7/91: 11/9/91p1,11/16/91p1

Crichton, Ronald K., died 2/1/90: 2/12/90p6

Crisp, Marcia, and Donald Lyons Jr. are wed 8/28/81: 10/6/81p14

Critchett, Lillian, died 4/22/89: 5/1/89p6

Crocker, Myrtle J., died 6/27/82: 7/6/82p2

Crocker, Walter J., died 8/18/88: 8/29/88p6

Crockett, Lilla B., died 4/16/86: 4/29/86p6

Cronin, Edna F., died 8/17/90: 8/27/90p6

Cronshaw, Scott, tojoin Up With People: 4/14/87p1

Crossan, Gary M., died 9/13/86: 9/23/86p8

Crossan, Gary, wins 4th Mt. Washington Road Race: 7/8/86p3

Croteau, Eddie G., died 6/13/81: 6/23/81p2

Croteau, Ernest, died 1/10/81: 1/13/81p2

Croteau, Flora L., died 9/8/92: 9/12/92p6

Croteau, Kilda, died 11/16/87: 11/24/87p6

Croteau, Robert E., died 2/15/86: 2/25/86p6

Croteau, Severina B., died 8/21/81: 9/1/81p2

Crow, Margaret A., died 9/7/89: 9/18/89p6

Crowley, Doris, died 4/3/83: 4/12/83p6

Crowley, Lillian C., died ?/?/85: 10/15/85p5

Cubbage, Frederick K., died 12/22/88: 1/2/89p6

Cuddahy, Roy, and Debra Rocheleau are wed 1/24/81: 2/24/81p3

Cudmore, Shirley, and Greg Duval wed 10/3/87: 12/8/87p5

Cullen, Alice R., died 1/7/82: 1/19/82p8

Cullen, George F., died 5/26/89: 6/5/89p6

Cullen, Mary K., died 11/3/82: 11/9/82p2

Cullinane, Clarise B., died 9/19/88: 9/26/88p6

Cumming, Alexander G., died 3/3/90: 3/12/90p6

Cumming, Hannah, died 12/5/91: 12/14/91p6

Cummings, Harry, died 7/15/92: 7/25/92p6

Cunningham, Robert, and Karen Lamontagne wed 5/17/80: 6/3/80p13

Curfman, Charles, and Andrea Freeman are wed 2/6/82: 4/13/82p7

Curran Jr., George S., died 6/28/88: 7/4/88p6

Currier, Albert W., died 9/8/80: 9/16/80p2

Currier, Aurey, died 8/13/84: 8/28/84p12

Currier, Dorothy L., died 10/25/88: 11/7/88p6

Currier, Eleanor, died 5/16/83: 5/24/83p6

Currier, Elsie F., died 8/14/91: 8/24/91p6

Currier Jr., Matthew, died 12/1/87: 12/15/87p6

Currier, Norma S., died 1/11/90: 1/22/90p6

Currier, Sherburne, died 8/12/88: 8/22/88p6

Curry, Jeanette, died 6/2/82: 6/15/82p2

Curtis, Austin S., died 10/20/87: 11/3/87p6

Curtis, Helen L., died 1/26/86: 2/4/86p8

Cushing, Marion, died 3/25/83: 3/22/83p8

Custeau, Mildred B., died 1/30/90: 2/5/90p6

Cutler, Beverly J., died 3/27/90: 4/9/90p6

Cutter, Edward H., died 5/26/81: 6/9/81p2

Cyr, Joseph R., died 10/3/92: 10/8/92p6

Cyr, Kevin M., died 1/17/82: 1/26/82p13

Cyr, Philomene H., died 3/20/88: 3/28/88p6

D'Anna, Katherine M., died 2/25/89: 3/6/89p6

Dadura, Edward A., died 3/27/92: 4/4/92p6

Dadura, Michaelena, died 12/8/88: 12/19/88p6

Dagan, Roland, survived Pearl Harbor bombing: 11/23/91p1

Daggett, Barbara, died 10/30/88: 11/7/88p6

Daggett, Dwight D., died 8/20/83: 8/30/83p2

Daigle, Jennie D., died 3/20/86: 4/1/86p6

Daigle, Lionel L., died 5/15/90: 5/21/90p6

Daigle, Robin, and Gregg Fornier are wed 8/14/82: 11/23/82p13

Daley, Ann, experiences San Francisco earthquake: 10/30/89p1

Daley, Jacqueline, and Keith Goldwaite are wed 7/3/82: 8/3/82p9

Dallaire, Gladys, died 5/13/80: 5/20/80p2

Dallarie, Marie L., died 1/28/81: 2/3/81p2

Dalpey, Arline D., died 3/26/80: 4/1/80p2

Dalrymple, John A., died 4/28/91: 5/6/91p6

Dame, Catherine R., died 4/27/92: 5/2/92p6

Dame, Eldridge W., died 9/4/88: 9/12/88p6

Dame, Gladys M., died 2/2/88: 2/9/88p6

Dame Sr. Edward E. died 5/3/83: 5/10/83p8

Daniels, Mary E., died 7/16/81: 7/28/81p2

Darnall, George E., died 11/19/83: 12/13/83p20

Darnell, Dorothy D., died 12/11/85: 12/31/85p8

Date, Todd, and Kay Larochelle are wed 7/29/89: 9/4/89p8

Daudelin, Bessie E., died 5/12/92: 5/23/92p6

Daudelin, Diane, is NH Miss Teen USA: 12/3/85p2

Daudelin, Eileen G., died 4/20/89: 5/8/89p6

Daudelin, Murray M., died 11/22/81: 12/1/81p2

Daudelin, Norman A., died 11/3/87: 11/3/87p6

Daudelin, Rick, and Mari Sartain are wed 1/16/82: 2/23/82p8

Davenhall, Frances E., died 12/14/82: 12/21/82p12

Davenhall, Thomas K., died ?/?/??: 6/12/89p6

Davenport, Hollis L., died 12/30/89: 1/8/90p6

Davenport, Margaret a., died 12/26/88: 1/2/89p6

Davidson, Joseph R., died 9/26/90: 10/8/90p6

Davidson, Mation G., died 4/16/86: 4/29/86p6

Davidson, Richard A., died 6/24/88: 7/4/88p6

Davis, Alberta M., died 12/3/89: 12/11/89p6

Davis, Annie D., died 10/26/91: 11/2/91p6

Davis, Beverly H., died 8/3/8: 9/13/83p93

Davis, Charles E., died 10/5/87: 10/13/87p6

Davis, Chester A., died 12/15/90: 12/24/90p6

Davis, Daisy P., died 3/27/88: 4/4/88p6

Davis, Elsie A., died 2/14/91: 2/25/91p6

Davis, Francis E., died 11/3/85: 11/12/85p6

Davis, Frank E., died 1/13/80: 1/15/80p2

Davis, George A., died 12/12/83: 12/20/83p8

Davis, Gladys M., died 9/17/91: 9/21/91p6

Davis, Grace T., died 7/13/82: 7/27/82p2

Davis, Irving E., died 9/10/83: 9/20/83p8

Davis, Janet, first woman president of Roch. C/C: 1/11/83p10

Davis, Janet, wins C/C Athena award: 2/18/86p1

Davis, Lettie C., died 1/14/81: 1/20/81p2

Davis, Mamie A., died 1/7/80: 1/15/80p2

Davis, Mary E., died 12/8/92: 12/17/92p6

Davis, Mary H., died 11/9/82: 11/16/82p8

Davis, Nathaniel B., died 11/4/92: 11/12/92p6

Davis, Norma B., died 5/8/89: 5/15/89p6,6/12/89p6

Davis, Norman G., died 9/27/83: 10/4/83p15

Davis, Raymond A., died 10/18/83: 10/25/83p12

Davis, Rodney C., died 10/7/85: 10/15/85p5

Davis, Violet M., died 7/2/81: 7/14/81p2

Davison, Margaret, died 4/6/82: 4/13/82p8

Day, Beverly A., died 8/15/88: 8/22/88p6

Day, Carole A., died 11/30/80: 12/9/80p2

Day, Debi, creates High Hopes chapter: 11/15/83p12

Day, Jeremy L., died 4/27/83: 5/3/83p6

Day, Linda, wins Business Week Award: 6/18/90p7

Dean, Carl B., died 12/14/90: 12/24/90p6

Dean, Louis R., died ??/??/??:: 12/25/89p6

DeAngelis, John, is off-beat cartoonist: 11/20/89p3

Dearborn, Stanley, died 1/29/86: 2/11/86p5

Deely, Erica, is New Durham's newest resident: 12/18/89p5

Deely, Mark, and Patricia Bennett wed 8/15/87: 9/29/87p8

DeFalco, Pasquale A., died 10/29/90: 11/5/90p6

DeGroat, Howard L., died 8/5/86: 8/19/86p6

Delciello, Amedeo, died 11/26/84: 12/4/84p15

DeLeo, Rachel B., died 10/2/92: 10/8/92p6

Delisle, Annette, died 3/8/87: 3/17/87p6

Dellner, Mark, is City's new Fire Chief: 7/23/90p1

Delorme, Mary, and Alvin Sheldon are wed 11/24/83: 12/20/83p16

Demeritt, Alice M., died 6/25/81: 7/7/81p2

Demeritt, Jay, and Linda Varney wed 10/8/88: 3/20/89p8

Demeritt, Mildred A., died 6/29/86: 7/8/86p6

Demeritt, Shawn, and Kathi-Jane Brooks are wed 6/20/81: 8/11/81p6

DeMeritt, Carrie S., died 4/9/92: 4/18/92p6

DeMeritt, Mary E., died 9/21/88: 10/3/88p6

DeMerritt, Mary E., died 7/20/84: 7/31/84p7

DeMerritt, Mildred A., died 10/24/84: 11/6/84p13

Demers, Alice E., died 8/8/82: 8/17/82p12

Demers, Ed, carves birds and dulcimers: 4/16/90p3

Demers, Elizabeth B., died 12/16/84: 12/25/84p9

Demers, Robert, and Monique Sylvain are wed 11/29/80: 2/17/81p21

DeMott, Karl B., died 10/7/85: 10/15/85p5

DeMott, Rebecca W., died 6/27/91: 7/8/91p6

DeMott, Sharon, and Dwight Marble are wed 6/26/82: 7/20/82p11

Dempsey, Joyce E., died 11/23/91: 12/7/91p6

Denault, Leo A., died 2/15/80: 2/19/80p2

Dennery, Eileen C., died 11/26/90: 12/3/90p6

DeNobile, Ellen is BPW Woman of the Year: 2/10/87p10

DeNobile, Vincent, is Roch. C/C Citizen of the Year: 3/19/90p7

Dent, Adam, died 7/3/90: 7/9/90pp2,6

Denton, Lucille F., died 9/16/88: 9/26/88p6

Deptula, Pete D., died 2/29/88: 3/8/88p6

DeRoy, Omer, died 4/9/80: 3/18/80p2

Deschenea, Amelia S., died 11/12/89: 11/20/89p6

Descheneau, Flora B., died 9/19/85: 10/1/85p10

Desmarais, Alfred M., died 7/28/81: 8/4/81p2

Desmarais, Alphonsine, died 1/6/83: 1/11/83p6

Desmarais, Anne M., died 3/29/89: 4/10/89p6

Desmarais, Aurore E., died 3/10/86: 3/18/86p12

Desmarais, Leo, died 3/31/89: 4/10/89p6

Desmarais, Michael J., died 9/16/90: 9/24/90p6

Desmarais, Pauline R., died 11/2/82: 11/9/82p2

Desmarais, Raymond W., died 11/12/85: 11/26/85p9

Desmarais, Walter J., died 12/30/80: 1/6/81p2

Desmarais, William J., died 5/10/89: 5/22/89p6

Desmarais, Yvette B., died 12/26/89: 1/8/90p6

Desmond, Mary P., died 2/5/86: 2/18/86p5

Desmond, Thomas V., died 3/26/87: 4/7/87p6

Desrosiers, Kevin M., died 4/23/83: 5/3/83p6

Desseault, Ronald, and Colette Donlon are wed 1/28/84: 4/10/84p13

Deveau, Lawrence D., died 4/14/84: 4/24/84p8

DeVeau, Ronald J., died 4/5/90: 4/16/90p6

Dever, Lawrence, died 8/12/80: 8/19/80p2

DeVittori, Ernando J., died 1/17/88: 1/26/88p6

Devoe, Sharon, and Dale Smith are wed 5/10/80: 6/17/80p13

Dew, Helen M., died 3/14/92: 3/21/92p6

Dewhurst, Vera A., died 8/27/87: 9/8/87p6

Dewing, Bernice E., died 4/7/90: 4/16/90p6

Dewitt, Karen, died 6/27/83: 7/5/83p3

DeWitt, Merton C., died 8/11/92: 8/15/92p6

Dewsnap, Robert, died 1/25/91: 2/4/91p6

Dexter, Ella G., died 5/22/81: 6/2/81p2

Dexter, Ellen D., died 6/4/92: 6/13/92p6

Dexter, Fred J., died 1/20/91: 1/28/91p6

Dexter, Robert H., died 11/18/86: 11/25/86p6

Dexter Sr/. Fred E., died 9/10/92: 9/17/92p6

Dexter, Viola M., died 9/23/89: 10/2/89p6

Diambri, Lydia, died 6/10/82: 6/15/82p2

Diambri, Lydia, died 6/10/82: 6/15/82p2

DiBona, Domenico, died 9/6/82: 9/14/82p2

Dickie, Kenneth W., died 10/26/90: 11/5/90p6

Dickie, Mary, died 6/13/86: 6/24/86p14

Dickie, Ralph I., died 11/4/82: 11/16/82p8

Dickson, Charles L., died 11/16/92: 11/26/92p8

Diesel, W. Brent, will tour the USSA: 11/21/88p3Barber Jr., Dignard, Dignam, Meighan, and Frederick Garnsey wed 5/24/80: 10/14/80p22

Dilboy Sr., Anthony T., died 5/6/90: 5/14/90p6

Dillman, Eva A., died 10/10/83: 10/25/83p12

Dingle, Charles, is Homemakers' Citizen of the Year: 8/7/89p7

Dion, Susan H., died 3/27/89: 4/3/89p6

Dionne, David J., died 8/30/86: 9/9/86p6

Dionne, Eugenie, died 4/18/82: 4/27/82p6

Dionne, Irene R., died 6/3/88: 6/13/88p6

Dionne, Joseph H., died 9/3/81: 9/15/81p2

DiPrizio, Lois, and Danny Vaillencourt wed 12/14/80: 1/27/81p6

DiPrizio, Priscilla, and Wendell Brown wed 7/13/80: 8/26/80p13

DiVirgilio, Barbara A., died 9/29/86: 10/7/86p6

Dixon Sr., Arthur W., died 5/14/80: 5/20/80p3

Dobson, George F., died 9/26/88: 10/3/88p6

Dodge, Cindy, and James Andersen are wed 7/2/83: 9/6/83p7

Dodge, Elona J., died 3/5/91: 3/11/91p6

Dodge, Marjorie H., died 3/31/88: 4/11/88p6

Dodge, Unola, died 6/27/83: 7/5/83p3

Dodier, Edward J., died 2/8/87: 2/17/87p6

Doe, Walter H., died 12/10/84: 12/18/84p10

Dolliver, Kathleen H., died 1/1/86: 1/14/86p6

Donadio, Francis, died 12/29/79: 1/8/80p2

Donahue, Carol A., died 6/28/90: 7/9/90p6

Donahue Jr., William F., died 10/20/87: 10/27/87p6

Donlon, Colette, and Roanld Desseault are wed 1/28/84: 4/10/84p13

Donlon, Richard J., died 2/1/80: 2/5/80p2

Donnell Sr., Edward H., died 3/18/86: 4/1/86p6

Donnelly, Cody S., died 2/14/91: 2/25/91p6

Door. Norman W., died 6/4/83: 6/21/83p9

Dopp, Jacqueline, and David Lacy are wed: 10/24/88p11

Dore, Blanche N., died 8/25/83: 9/6/83p2

Dore, Kenneth E., died 11/30/89: 12/11/89p6

Dore, M&M Gene, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/29/86p13

Dore, Myron W., died 7/8/88: 7/18/88p6

Dore, Norman, and Tina Place are wed: 7/29/86p13

Dore, Robert, and Darcy Lancey are wed: 12/7/82p5

Doris, Mildred M., died 12/8/82: 12/21/82p12

Dorr, Lucia E., died 10/19/85: 10/29/85p12

Dotson, Edward J., die 3/27/89: 4/3/89p6

Doucet, Lillian, and Daniel Wise wed 3/17/90: 8/20/90p9

Doucet, Maurice, and Cheri Bowden are wed 3/27/82: 5/18/82p11

Doucette, Lucien J., died //6/4/88: 6/13/88p6

Dougherty, Doria, died 12/13/80: 12/16/80p2

Dougherty, Richard, died 8/1/81: 8/11/81p2

Doughty, Donald J., died 5/31/89: 6/12/89p6

Douglas, Angela, and Richard Gray are wed 6/16/84: 11/20/84p9

Douglas, E. Morrison, died 12/31/79: 1/8/80p2

Douglas, Kurt, and Cheryl Anctil are wed 12/5/81: 12/22/81p19

Douglas, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/6/83p8

Douglas, Margaret V., died 2/23/91: 3/4/91p6

Douglas, Rena M., died 9/30/88: 10/10/88p6

Douglas, Richard and Marianne, run Scala's: 12/11/84p2

Douglas, Ronald G., died 3/13/91: 3/25/91p6

Douglass, Eileen, prevents caller's suicide: 5/16/88p2

Douglass, Thelma E., died 12/20/92: 12/24/92p6

Dow, Iola M., died 4/3/88: 4/11/88p6

Dowd, Lawrence C., died 10/14/83: 10/25/83p12

Downes. Leon G., died 7/29/84: 8/7/84p8

Downing, Annie, died 10/15/88: 10/31/88p6

Downing, Clara F., died 9/9/80: 9/16/80p2

Downs, Chester K., died 4/21/89: 5/1/89p6

Downs, Donald A., died 3/20/92: 3/28/92p6

Downs, Lewis P., died 2/23/80: 2/26/80p2

Downs, Rebecca, and Timothy Thompson are wed 6/30/82: 8/3/82p9

Downs, Ruby J., died 11/21/83: 11/29/83p12

Doyle, Francis W., died 12/25/87: 1/5/88p6

Doyle, Jarod L., died 6/11/80: 6/17/80p2

Doyon, Alfreda M., died 4/27/92: 5/2/92p6

Doyon, Deborah, and Christopher McKenney wed 3/21/81: 4/14/81p11

Dozois, Anna R., died 2/23/89: 3/6/89p6

Drago, Pauline A., died 9/23/91: 9/28/91p6

Drago, Theresa, and Wallace Akerman are wed: 11/1/83p3

Drakos, Spiros D., died 5/12/89: 5/22/89p6

Drapeau, Anna M., died 10/18/86: 10/28/86p6

Drapeau, Edward A., died 10/11/81: 10/20/81p2

Drapeau, Gwendolyn A., died 2/23/91: 3/4/91p6

Drapeau, Henry, died 11/3/86: 11/11/86p6

Drapeau, Leon C., died 4/29/80: 5/13/80p2

Drapeau, Leona B., died 1/3/81: 1/6/81p2

Drapeau, Lorena A., died 9/10/85: 9/17/85p6

Drew, Barbara, reties after 30 years in health care: 6/9/81p8

Drew, Carolyn M., died 8/14/82: 8/24/82p2

Drew, Gertrude B., died 3/1/86: 3/11/86p10

Drew, James E., died 7/4/80: 7/15/80p2

Drew, Wendy, and Timothy Webber are wed 6/10/89: 9/25/89p9

Driscoll, Dorothy E., died 12/2/91: 12/7/91p6

Driscoll, Edmund W., died 10/20/81: 10/27/81p2

Drouin, Joseph A., died 10/21/87: 11/3/87p6

Drown Sr., Earl A., died 9/28/82: 10/5/82p2

Dube, Estelle A., died 6/16/81: 6/23/81p2

Dube, George, died 2/4/89: 2/13/89p6

Dube, Mary A., died 6/26/90: 7/2/90p6

Dube, Peter, and Susan Bostrom wed 7/19/86: 8/26/86p6

Dube, Raymond E., died 3/22/82: 3/30/82p7

Dube, Ronald, died 2/10/82: 2/16/82p8

Dubois, Agnes L., died 12/8/92: 12/17/92p6

Dubois, Albert L., hits $1.6m jackpot: 5/12/87p10

Dubois, Barbara M., died 3/15/87: 3/31/87p6

Dubois, George L., died 1/22/89: 1/30/89p6

Dubois, Paul, died 12/14/87: 12/29/87p6

Dubreuil, Gedeon, died 11//11/81: 12/1/81p2

Dubreuil, Leopold J., died 1/3/92: 1/11/92p6

Dubreuil, Nancy, and Derek Peters are wed 6/18/83: 7/19/83p3

Ducett, Ruth E., died 6/22/91: 7/1/91p6

Duchesneau J., George, died 9/29/81: 10/6/81p2

Duchesneau, Robert, retires as City's Fire Chief: 10/9/89p1,1/1/90p3

Dudley, Marion C., died 11/30/88: 12/12/88p6

Duez, Robert L., died 7/12/86: 7/22/86p6

Duffy, Exilia M., died 7/6/89: 7/17/89p6

Dugas, Eugene A., died 6/3/89: 6/12/89p6

Dumais, Albert R., died 1/19/89: 1/30/89p6

Dumont, Brenda L., died 7/9/82: 7/20/82p2

Dumont, Dana M., died 11/4/86: 11/18/86p6

Dumont, Emile J., died 8/1/90: 8/13/90p6

Dunlap, Kenneth R., died 9/25/82: 10/5/82p2

Dunlap, Ruth A., died 12/19/81: 12/29/81p2

Dunlap, Ruth G., died 6/30/86: 7/15/86p6

Dunphy, Evelyn M., died 6/19/92: 6/27/92p6

Duntley, Ouelma A., died 10/25/83: 11/1/83p5

Duplessis, Antonio, died 10/13/88: 10/24/88p6

Dupont, Edward C., died 10/27/81: 11/3/81p3

Dupont, Elzear, died 6/16/81: 6/23/81p2

Duprey, Rita M., died 3/21/80: 4/1/80p2

Dupuis, Carrie P., died 2/21/80: 2/26/80p2

Dupuis, Gertrude T., died 10/17/84: 10/23/84p14

Dupuis, Marie, and Mitchell Hanson are wed 5/19/94: 7/3/84p5

Dupuis, Norman M, died 9/30/89: 10/9/89p6

Dupuis, Randall M., died 7/28/84: 8/7/84p8

Duquette, Gladys M., died 11/3/88: 11/14/88p6

Duquette, Leo, died 1/26/82: 2/2/82p8

Durant, Alan, and Linda Lavoie are wed 8/1/81: 12/15/81p15

Durant, Harry, died 6/27/83: 7/5/83p3

Durant, Red, elected Kiwanis Lt. Governor: 3/22/83p16

Dureau, Beatrice C., died 7/7/91: 7/15/91p6

Dureault, Charles H., died 10/31/87: 11/10/87p6

Dureault, Ernestine G., died 7/25/92: 8/1/92p6

Durgin, Harold S., died 2/3/91: 2/11/91p6

Dusablon, Alfred J., died 1/31/84: 2/7/84p6

Dusault, Barnaby, died 2/25/83: 3/8/83p8

Dusseault, Annette E., died 6/10/86: 6/17/86p7

Dustin, Charles W., died 12/23/86: 12/30/86p6

Dustin, Edith M., died 7/27/83: 8/2/83p3

Dutilly, Claude M., died 10/17/86: 10/28/86p6

Dutton, Mildred F., died 10/12/86: 10/21/86p6

Duval, Greg, and Shirley Cudmore wed 10/3/87: 12/8/87p5

Duval, PFC Greg, serves in the Sinai: 2/1/83p5

Dwyer, Violet H., died 3/10/90: 3/19/90p6

Dyer, Nathan T., died 8/19/88: 8/29/88p6

Dykerman, Dyna, died 9/12/86: 9/23/86p8

Dylewski, Nicholas, died 7/1/84: 7/10/84p11

Earle, George, died 9/27/80: 9/30/80p2

Earle, James A., died 3/3/83: 2/15/83p7

Eason, Walter R., died 8/8/81: 8/18/81p2

Eastman, Dorothy L., died 12/31/87: 1/12/88p6

Eastman, Lorin B., died 8/17/88: 8/29/88p6

Eaton, Cindi, and Thomas Mireault are wed 12/30/88: 6/5/89p7

Eaton, George D., died 7/25/86: 8/5/86p10

Eaton, Red, operates sugaring shack: 4/2/90pp1,3

Eaves, Hollis A., died 11/29/87: 12/8/87p6

Ebelt Jr., Paul L., died 1/18/88: 1/26/88p6

Ebelt, Phyllis A., died 12/7/86: 12/16/86p6

Edgerly, Bernice, died 2/25/83: 3/8/83p8

Edgerly, Beth, and Roger Allard are wed 11/4/84: 4/9/85p8

Edgerly, Beth, is NH finalist in Teenager Pageant: 5/20/80p13

Edgerly, Claudis E., died 3/4/86: 3/11/86p10

Edgerly, Cynthia, earns United Methodist Award: 5/22/84p12

Edgerly, Jay, and Nancy Wawrzkiewicz are wed: 8/8/88p9

Edgerly Jr., James H., died 1/17/80: 1/22/80p2

Edgerly, Royal H., died 6/9/85: 6/18/85p20

Edmunds, Ilsa B., died 8/13/82: 8/30/82p2

Egan, Lillian V., died 10/9/81: 10/20/81p2

Eighmey, Daniel, and Kathleen Wheeler are wed: 9/29/87p8

Eiler, Misty, and Peter Cormier are wed 8/14/88: 10/24/88p11

Eis, Alma M., died 7/30/83: 8/9/83p2

Eisan Jr., Howard L., died 2/22/80: 3/4/80p2

Ekola, David, and Susan Ramsey are wed 8/1/81: 9/15/81p15

Eldredge, William, died 5/16/86: 5/27/86p6

Eldridge, Doris G., died 9/20/90: 10/1/90p6

Eldridge, Fred R., died 12/19/88: 12/26/88p6

Eldridge, Garth W., died 6/21/88: 8/27/88p6

Eldridge,Isabelle, Milton clerk for 23 years retires: 12/22/87p3

Eldridge, Maggie, died 10/20/82: 10/26/82p2

Eldridge, Melvin H., died 11/11/83: 11/22/83p12

Eldridge, Ruth H., died 2/18/89: 2/27/89p6

Elithorpe, Michael, and Susan Jacques wed 4/21/90: 11/19/90p9

Elliot, Barry, is Farmington Business Person of Year: 8/15/92p3

Elliot, Clarence G., died 10/21/92: 10/29/92p6

Elliot, Earl F., died 1/16/88: 1/26/88p6

Elliot, Gladys I., died 9/9/91: 9/14/91p6

Elliott, Ann, finally decided to work for herself: 5/4/81p1

Elliott, Annette E., died 12/24/85: 1/7/86p2

Elliott, Beatrice D., died 7/8/89: 7/17/89p6

Elliott, Freda, died 2/15/88: 2/23/88p6

Elliott, George C., died 1/1/80: 1/8/80p2

Elliott, Harry, died 4/3/84: 4/10/84p12

Elliott, Jesse A., died 11/10/91: 11/16/91p6

Elliott, Joseph L., died 5/6/84: 5/15/84p16

Elliott Jr., Clayton P., died 7/30/91: 8/12/91p6

Elliott, Laura M., died 7/23/84: 7/31/84p7

Elliott, Mabel G., died 12/6/90: 12/17/90p6

Elliott, Michael, and Denise Nason are wed: 12/14/82p20

Elliott, Parmelia M., died 4/18/86: 4/29/86p6

Elliott, Pearl O., died 5/6/81: 5/12/81p2

Elliott, Robert L., died 3/13/91: 3/25/91p6

Elliott Sr., Kenneth E., died 2/7/89: 2/20/89p6

Elliott, Susan N., died 11/9/86: 11/18/86p6

Elliott, Vernard W., died 12/11/90: 12/17/90p6

Ellis, Charles P., died 4/24/86: 5/6/86p6

Ellis, Daniel E., died 5/20/92: 5/30/92p6

Ellis, Dorothy P., died 9/4/82: 9/14/82p2

Ellis, Frank, died 6/27/91: 7/8/91p6

Ellis, James F., died 2/1/80: 2/26/80p2

Ellis, Kenneth W., died 10/11/81: 10/20/81p2

Ellison, Charles A., died 10/19/86: 10/28/86p6

Ellison, Chester J., died 10/14/88: 10/24/88p6

Ellison, Gertrude E., died 6/25/83: 7/5/83p3

Elwell, Becky S., died 6/8/84: 6/19/84p13

Elwell, George F., died 6/12/91: 6/24/91p6

Emerson, Anne E., died 6/2/91: 6/17/91p6

Emerson, Bernice W., died 3/23/86: 4/1/86p6

Emerson, Charles, and Karen Larochelle wed 5/24/91: 8/5/91p7

Emerson, Cindy, and Gino Harmon are wed 9/2/89: 4/23/90p8

Emerson, Dennis, and Lorie Hilton wed 8/23/80: 9/9/80p14

Emerson, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/22/83p15

Emerson, Robert S., died 7/19/83: 7/26/83p5

Emerson Sr., Maurice, died 8/23/86: 9/2/86p6

Emerson, William I., died 3/7/85: 3/19/85p20

Emery, Edith G., died 6/4/82: 6/15/82p2

Emery, Gertrude E., died 6/7/91: 6/17/91p6

Emhardt, Mary C., died 5/20/81: 5/26/81p2

Emmonds, Don, relates alcoholic life: 12/25/84p1

Emond Jr., Louis, died 11/2/86: 11/11/86p6

Emond Jr., M&M Louis, celebrate 55th anniversary: 3/9/82p20

Enaire, Alfred W., died 7/17/88: 7/25/88p6

Enaire, Raymond E., died 2/18/83: 3/1/83p6

English, Mary E., died 11/18/91: 11/23/91p6

Enright, John, died 3/6/82: 3/16/82p9

Erbach, Scott, and Diana Boardman are wed 5/23/80: 6/10/80p13

Erdos, Edna R., died 6/19/92: 6/27/92p6

Erickson, Emerich E., died 1/17/80: 1/22/80p2

Erickson, Helen M., died 10/24/88: 10/31/88p6

Erickson, Minnie, died 2/18/84: 2/28/84p9

Eschman, M&M Nelson, celebrate 25th anniversary: 3/16/82p13

Eshenwald, Henry, died 8/26/92: 9/5/92p6

Eslao, Imelda, and Robert Kearney wed 5/23/91: 8/5/91p7

Estee, Joseph E., died 9/5/83: 9/13/83p9

Estes, Philip and Eva, honored for Grange work: 5/1/89p10

Estes, Philip J., died 6/15/91: 6/24/91p6

Eugley, Shirley A., died 8/10/86: 8/19/86p6

Evans, Agnes M., died 4/27/81: 5/4/81p2

Evans Jr., Elmer F., died 9/15/86: 9/23/86p8

Evelyn, Joan, died 10/23/81: 11/3/81p2

Everett, Dan, teaches handicapped to play banjo: 12/8/87p1

Evvard, Richard M., died 6/3/88: 6/13/88p6

Ezzell, Kevin, and Marcia Poire are wed 2/16/90: 4/23/90p8

Fabian, Anna E., died 4/13/86: 4/22/86p8

Fabian, Elizabeth M., died 4/11/81: 4/21/81p2

Fabian III, Edward, and Carol Cousineau wed 8/13/83: 10/11/83p7

Fair, Lawrence H., died 10/24/90: 11/5/90p6

Fairbanks Jr., Roy, and Cindy Goodwin wed 12/27/87: 3/22/88p8

Fairchild, Clarence, died 4/12/82: 4/20/82p8

Faist, Frances B., died 5/13/89: 5/22/89p6

Faist, Walter H., died 8/22/87: 9/1/87p6

Fall, Arnold A., died 10/1/90: 10/8/90p6

Fall, Frances C., died 12/25/87: 1/5/88p6

Fall, Leba M., died 9/28/80: 10/7/80p2

Fall, Richard G., died 11/23/90: 12/3/90p6

Fallon, William, died 2/5/88: 2/16/88p6

Farmer, Celia M., died 10/21/82: 10/26/82p2

Farrar, Irene N., died 2/17/83: 3/1/83p6

Farrell, John, died 1/22/82: 2/2/82p8

Farrington, Daniel K., died 6/8/84: 6/19/84p13

Farrington, Elsie S., died 10/17/88: 10/24/88p6

Farrington, Jeffery, and Sandra Fecteau wed 6/25/83: 10/11/83p7

Farrington, Richard, and Lisa Chod are wed: 7/12/83p10

Faucher, Marie Y., died 5/19/83: 5/31/83p6

Faulkingham, Allan D., died 11/16/89: 11/27/89p6

Fay, Hazel C., died 5/3/84: 5/15/84p16

Fecteau, Rebecca, earns Hanna Dustin award: 7/3/84p7

Fecteau, Sandra, and Jeffery Farrington wed 6/25/83: 10/11/83p7

Feiniman, Robert E., died 9/9/83: 9/20/83p8

Felgar, Alvin, to head Frisbie Memorial Hospital: 11/19/92p7

Felong, Barbara, and Arthur Bilodeau are wed: 11/1/83p3

Felong, Christine, and Steven Radwan are wed: 11/20/84p9

Fenerty, Ruby L., died 4/7/83: 4/19/83p8

Fennelly, Canice J., died 12/28/83: 1/3/84p6

Fenton, Francis X., died 11/4/90: 11/12/90p6

Fenton, Nettie C., died 4/26/80: 5/6/80p2

Fentross, Corrine, died 1/23/81: 1/27/81p2

Ferland, Bernard N., died 3/9/81: 3/17/81p2

Ferland, Harriet H., died 3/8/86: 3/18/86p12

Ferland, Joseph A., died 7/1/89: 7/10/89p6

Ferland, Juliette M., died 3/21/90: 4/2/90p6

Ferland, Kelly, and Mark Heon are wed: 6/5/89p7

Ferland, Ralph D., died 5/17/85: 5/28/85p16

Ferland, Ralph R., died 9/8/86: 9/23/86p8

Ferland, Robert W., died 2/25/84: 3/6/84p6

Ferland, Roland, died 1/21/93: 1/28/93p6

Ferland, Rose,. died 3/18/89: 3/27/89p6

Ferland, Rose, died 6/27/90: 7/9/90p6

Ferland, Venna M., died 4/20/87: 4/28/87p6

Ferland, Walter H., died 3/2/82: 3/9/82p7

Fernald, Mattie L., died 1/28/81: 2/3/81p2

Ferrall, CPO Charles, is Navy sonar technician: 4/23/90p5

Ferrante, Flora A., died ?/?/84: 10/2/84p8

Ferrelli, Steven G., died 4/27/91: 5/6/91p6

Ferrigan, Antoinnette, died 11/20/88: 11/28/88p6

Ferris, Margaret E., died 4/7/89: 4/17/89p6

Fessell, Elida A., died 2/13/87: 2/24/87p6

Fetter, Tammy, and John MacDougall III are wed 7/30/83: 9/6/83p7

Fickett, Doris M., died 5/30/88: 6/6/88p6

Fickett, Howard E., died 7/28/90: 8/6/90p6

Field Jr., Harold G., died 8/2/89: 8/14/89p6

Fielding, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/6/83p8

Fifield, Emma E., died 10/20/84: 10/30/84p13

Fifield, Florence V., died 2/9/83: 2/15/83p7

Fifield, Marjorie B., died 4/20/90: 4/30/90p6

Fifield, Phyllis A., died 8/18/90: 8/27/90p6

Fifield, Wesley R., died 7/8/81: 7/14/81p2

Filby, Bertha, honored by The Homemakers of SC: 4/18/92p8

Filiau, Josephine M., died 11/8/92: 11/12/92p6

Fiore, Gus, died 6/7/90: 6/18/90p6

Fischbach, Emil E., died 1/15/83: 1/25/83p8

Fisk, Douglas, and Terese Gilbert wed 7/19/86: 2/10/87p5

Fisk, Lyla E., died 1/26/91: 2/4/91p6

Fisk, Michael J., died 5/14/81: 5/26/81p2

Fitzgerald, Mindy, judges the Fair racing: 9/21/82p1

Flaker, Roy H., died 11/30/80: 12/9/80p2

Flanagan, Anita D., died 5/2/89: 5/8/89p6

Flanagan, Edward L., died 8/8/90: 8/13/90p6

Flanders, Bernard, died 9/16/81: 9/22/81p2

Flanders, Cheryl, and Frank Parsons III are wed 2/14/85: 7/2/85p9

Flanders, James H., died 5/11/83: 5/31/83p6

Fleming, Alice M., died 11/9/92: 11/12/92p6

Flint Sr., Charles T., died 2/16/86: 2/25/86p6

Flood, Lillian, died 5/16/83: 5/24/83p6

Flower, Addie M., died 6/5/88: 6/13/88p6

Flower, Harold E., died 4/18/90: 4/30/90p6

Flower, M&M Harold, are wed 67 years: 2/24/87p3

Flynn, Adrienne M., died 7/16/91: 7/22/91p6

Flynn, Michael, is 17th in Youth Golf Classic: 8/25/87p7

Flynn, Robert P., died 4/11/87: 4/21/87p6

Fogarty, Jeffery M., died 7/22/88: 8/1/88p6

Fogman, Jeff, building 50-foot schooner: 5/3/83p1

Foley, Donald C., died 12/18/92: 12/24/92p6

Foley, Wendy, and Rick Nichols are wed 6/9/83: 8/16/83p11

Fontaine, Albert P., died 8/6/85: 8/20/85p14

Fontaine, David, and Wendy Goodell are wed 8/1/81: 9/15/81p15

Fontaine, Juliette P., died 9/24/87: 10/6/87p6

Fontaine, Leonida M., died 10/4/91: 10/12/91p6

Fontaine, Michael, and Brenda Goodell are wed 2/5/82: 2/23/82p8

Forcier, Antonio, died 2/17/82: 1/26/82p13

Forcier, Eva, died 4/29/92: 5/9/92p6

Forcier, Theresa, honored on 80th birthday: 1/23/89p9

Forcier, Willie E., died 12/19/85: 1/7/86p2

Ford, Herman L., died 1/1/3/90: 11/12/90p6

Forest, Anna A., died 10/23/90: 11/5/90p6

Forest, Clarence J., died 4/9/80: 4/15/80p2

Forest, Everett A., died 6/18/91: 6/24/91p6

Fortier, Louis W., died 3/24/88: 4/4/88p6

Fortier, Richard M., died 5/30/91: 6/10/91p6

Foss, Carlyle W., died 12/10/86: 12/23/86p6

Foss, Ella L., died 6/13/81: 6/23/81p2

Foss, Ethel P., died 12/24/86: 1/6/87p6

Foss, Evelyn J., died 4/9/88: 4/18/88p6

Foss, Harold, died 7/31/90: 8/13/90p6

Foss, Kenneth A., died 1/14/91: 1/21/91p6

Foss, Laurence J., died 2/2/83: 2/8/83p12

Foss, Lillian L., died 10/2/84: 10/9/84p7

Foss, Madeline S., died 3/21/86: 4/1/86p6

Foss, Marion B., died 5/17/89: 5/29/89p6

Foss, Norman E., died 3/4/90: 3/12/90p6

Fosse, June H., died 4/27/90: 5/7/90p6

Foster, Alice G., died 10/2/86: 10/14/86p6

Foster, Carl, died 9/29/88: 10/3/88p1

Foster, Flora, died 4/12/84: 4/17/84p9

Foster, Helen M., die 7/27/90: 8/6/90p6

Foster Jr., Carl A., died 9/29/88: 10/10/88p6

Foster Jr., Louis W., died 9/10/84: 9/18/84p14

Foster, Lillian, died 89/14/87: 10/6/87p6

Foster, M&M Pearley, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/12/83p10

Foster, Perley R., died 5/22/85: 6/4/85p13

Foster, Richard A., died 3/20/86: 4/1/86p6

Foster, Telesphore W., died 7/20/80: 7/22/80p2

Fournier, Barbara I., died 8/24/91: 8/31/91p6

Fournier, Florence S., died 4/11/92: 4/18/92p6

Fournier, Gregg, and Robin Daigle are wed 8/14/82: 11/23/82p13

Fowler, Philip, and Cynthia Wiggin are wed 10/15/82: 2/1/83p8

Fownes, Marion T., died 9/19/89: 9/25/89p6

Fox, Cynthia, and James Blackadar are wed 9/5/81: 9/15/81p15

Frase, Paul, honored by sports fraternity: 12/14/91p1

Frase, Paul, now plaing for NY Jets: 1/23/89p1

Fratoni, Ethel M., died 7/19/85: 7/30/85p14

Frayer, Alan L., commended for rescue: 9/12/88p3

Frechette, Evelyn M., died 9/30/91: 10/5/91p6

Frechette, William F., died 7/29/88: 8/8/88p6

Frederick, Robert L., died 9/10/86: 9/23/86p8

Freel, Rita H., died 11/12/90: 11/19/90p6

Freeman, Andrea, and Charles Curfman are wed 2/6/82: 4/13/82p7

Freeman, Chester A., died 7/20/84: 7/31/84p7

Freeman, Cynthia S., died 6/20/90: 7/2/90p6

Freeman, Forrest, died 6/27/90: 7/9/90p6

Freeman, Frank I., died 4/29/90: 5/7/90p6

Freeman, Helen S., died 8/24/80: 8/26/80p7

Freeman, Roland G., died 11/13/84: 11/20/84p13

Freeman, Roseanna O., died 8/19/81: 8/25/81p2

French, Beverly A., died 12/31/87: 1/12/88p6

French, Bruce, outstanding PNS handicapped employee: 12/4/89p10

French, David W., died 11/3/88: 11/14/88p6

French, J. Wesley, died 10/24/82: 11/2/82p2

French, Lawrence L., died 1/13/83: 1/25/83p8

French, Lillian E., died 8/4/84: 8/14/84p20

French, Linda, and Glen Claflin are wed 5/1/82: 5/18/82p11

French, Walter, died 3/20/89: 4/3/89p6,4/17/89p6

Frenette, Leo, died 10/15/83: 10/25/83p12

Frenette, Olive M., died 12/7/91: 12/14/91p6

Frenette, Wilfred, died 8/29/86: 9/9/86p6

Friedel, Kimberly L., died 12/2/91: 12/14/91p6

Frigoletto, Rose L., died 2/1/87: 2/10/87p6

Frigon, George, is Homemakers' bus driver: 3/28/88p10

Frisella, Pat, is U.S. Sheepwoman of the Year: 9/3/90p1

Fritz, Steven, and Maureen Levesque are wed 1/7/84: 2/21/84p15

Frost, Ernest L., died 9/23/89: 10/16/89p6

Frost, John H., died 2/7/88: 2/16/88p6

Frost, Myrtle A., died 5/3/92: 5/9/92p6

Frost, Richard A., died 1/19/92: 1/25/92p6

Frye, Bernice E., died 1/26/82: 2/2/82p8

Fuchs, Bernard A., died 12/13/90: 12/24/90p6

Fulton, Dorothy C., died 12/11/88: 12/19/88p6

Furbish, Lera S., died 6/23/81: 6/30/81p2

Furbush, George, and Diane Lefebvre are wed 6/26/82: 10/12/82p16

Gaeta, Shirley L., died 2/22/88: 3/1/88p6

Gaffney, Kelly, wins Honorable Mention on piano: 7/15/91p5

Gage, Jennie L., died 526/92: 5/30/92p6

Gagne, Alfred A., died 3/24/80: 4/1/80p2

Gagne, Alida M., died 12/31/84: 1/8/85p9

Gagne, Anne M., died 7/16/81: 7/21/81p2

Gagne, Beatrice M., died 6/9/88: 6/20/88p6

Gagne, Bernard and Blanche, sell own farm produce: 8/12/80p12

Gagne, Beulah G., died 12/25/83: 1/3/84p6

Gagne, Blanche Y., died 1/19/92: 1/25/92p6

Gagne, Evelyn C., died 3/1/89: 3/13/89p6

Gagne, Exillia, died 8/18/83: 8/23/83p2

Gagne, Jerome W., died 7/28/80: 8/5/80p2

Gagne, Joseph D., died 2/14/85: 2/26/85p7

Gagne, Larry, and Doris Waskiewicz are wed 9/27/80: 2/17/81p21

Gagne, Laureat J., died 4/9/89: 4/17/89p6

Gagne, Leo F., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6

Gagne, M&M George, celebrate 50 years together: 2/19/80p31

Gagne, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/7/82p9

Gagne, Marianne, is expert album quilter: 10/2/89p9

Gagne, Marie A., died 11/23/86: 12/2/86p6

Gagne, Omer P., died 1/18/81: 1/27/81p2

Gagne, Peter, and Sandra Rigazio are wed 8/20/83: 10/11/83p7

Gagne, Raymond E., died 3/12/88: 3/22/88p6

Gagne, Robert and Chris, make maple syrup: 3/15/88p3

Gagne, Robert D., died 11/4/90: 11/12/90p6

Gagne, Roland, earns BSA Eagle badge: 3/26/85p9

Gagne Sr., Ivan E., died 12/23/91: 12/28/91p6

Gagne, Tyler M., died 3/5/90: 3/19/90p6

Gagnon, Adelard, died 7/3/83: 7/12/83p10

Gagnon, Calen, and Shelley Gilman are wed 9/5/81: 10/6/81p14

Gagnon, Catherine G., died 6/16/86: 6/24/86p14

Gagnon, Joachin, died 11/16/82: 11/23/82p9

Gagnon, Katie M., died 11/6/87: 11/17/87p6

Gagnon, Kenneth, and Bonnie Parker are wed 9/2/84: 1/29/95p9

Gagnon, Leo C., died 6/19/86: 7/1/86p6

Gagnon, Lorraine J., died 5/19/91: 5/27/91p6

Gagnon, M&M Arthur, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/21/84p14

Gagnon, Orena A., died 12/24/84: 1/8/85p9

Gagnon, Raymond N., died 3/30/80: 4/1/80p2

Gagnon, Reno, died 5/21/89: 5/29/89p6

Gagnon, Robert A., died 1/27/83: 2/8/83p12

Gagnon, Roger L., died 1/22/91: 1/28/91p6

Gagnon, Verna A., died 6/24/92: 7/4/92p6

Gagnon, Viola R., died 9/23/87: 9/1/87p6

Galarneau Sr., Milford L., died 2/28/90: 3/12/90p6

Gale, Joe, died 11/26/84: 12/4/84p15

Gallahue, Joseph, died 10/26/91: 11/9/91p6

Gallant, Barbara A., died 10/11/92: 10/15/92p6

Gamblin, John F., died 1/14/81: 1/20/81p2

Gannon, Melvina H., died 1/23/81: 1/27/81p2

Ganung, Fred A., died 4//27/87: 5/12/87/p6

Garand, Howard, died 6/17/88: 6/27/88p1

Garand, Ruth B., died 1/24/83: 2/1/83p6

Garcia, Felipe, visits with mother in England: 5/1/84p2

Gard, Asia, graduates, thnaks to the fire department: 12/15/87p1

Gardner, Jami, and Mark Warren are wed 7/11/81: 8/25/81p8

Gardner, Marion E., died 3/6/87: 3/17/87p6

Gareau, John P., died 4/6/83: 4/12/83p6

Garland, Gloria I., died 3/9/80: 3/18/80p2

Garland Jr., Walter M., died 9/3/92: 9/12/92p6

Garland, Julia L., died 6/8/90: 6/18/90p6

Garland, Marion L., died 2/23/80: 2/26/80p2

Garland, Robert E., died 1/13/89: 1/23/89p6

Garneau, Kyle M., died 1023/89: 11/6/89p6

Garnet, Isabelle N., died 4/4/80: 4/8/80p2

Garnett, Carroll E., died 12/28/80: 1/6/81p2

Garnsey, Frederick, and Meighan Dignam wed 5/24/80: 10/14/80p22

Garon, Olive A., died 4/9/87: 4/21/87p6

Garvey, Eldridge M., died 1/15/82: 1/26/82p13

Garvin, M&M Clyde, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/18/85p8

Garyait, Arthur P., died 9/22/84: 10/2/84p8

Garyait, Charlotte E., died 10/9/90: 10/15/90p6

Gaskell, Etta M., died 11/20/81: 12/1/81p2

Gaskell, Harry C., died 7/29/84: 8/7/84p8

Gaskell, Irene G., died 1/2/93: 1/7/93p6

Gaskell, John, died 5/26/88: 6/6/88p6

Gaskell, Rachel Y., died 9/22/91: 9/28/91p6

Gaudette, Elizabeth, is NH Teacher of Year: 12/18/89p3

Gauthier, Joseph, died 1/4/80: 1/8/80p2

Gauthier, M&M Arthur, wed 50 years: 12/3/90p9

Gauthier, Regina A., died 4/16/82: 4/27/82p6

Gauthier, Sonny and Lynne, produce blueberries: 8/29/92p3

Gauthier Sr., Robert J., died 1/16/86: 1/28/86p6

Gauvin, Florence B., died 3/8/91: 3/18/91p6

Gauvin, Lena R., died 10/17/86: 10/28/86p6

Gauvin, Roland J., died 4/10/84: 4/17/84p9

Gay, Mabel P., died 7/1/88: 7/11/88p6

Gazda, Diane L., died 8/27/86: 9/9/86p6

Gechus, Annie R., died 6/26/80: 7/1/80p2

Gechus, Joseph E., died 2/10/89: 2/20/89p6

Gedney, Edmund G., died 2/9/85: 3/19/85p20

Geer, Ronald S., died 11/20/88: 11/28/88p6

Gelinas, Diane, and Ricky Rines are wed 6/21/80: 7/22/80p13

Gelinas, M. Beatrice, died 8/11/88: 8/22/88p6

Gelinas, Maurice R., died 2/14/90: 2/26/90p6

Gelinas, Yvonne M., died 11/11/83: 11/22/83p12

Genest, Thomas J., died ?/?/81: 9/1/81p2

George, Albert A., died 7/2/84: 7/10/84p11

George, Kathy, new head of Roch. C/C: 8/5/86p12

George, M&M Henry, descendants have reunion: 10/15/90p9

George, Rita, hosts French student: 9/1/87p9

George, Rita, retires 6/1 after 48 years of working: 5/27/86p1

George, Theresa M., died 11/1/89: 11/13/89p6

Gerlach, Bertha B., died 12/28/87: 1/12/88p6

Germon, Frances H., died 8/18/84: 8/28/84p12

Gerrish, Catherine, and R. Castonguay wed 8/14/81: 9/15/81p15

Gerrish Jr., Charles, and Linda Carr are wed 3/17/84: 7/3/84p5

Gerry, Patricia M., died 1/15/81: 1/20/81p2

Gervais, Alaire, died 8/6/89: 8/14/89p6

Gervais, George P., died 8/9/80: 8/12/80p2

Getchell, Michell, is champion Monopoly player: 9/8/87p3

Gibb, Florence B., died 8/26/87: 9/8/87p6

Gibbs, Clyde A., died 10/8/89: 10/16/89p6

Gibson, Edith B., died 2/18/84: 2/28/84p9

Giglio, Laurianna A., died 4/11/84: 4/17/84p9

Giguere, Andrew W., died 5/7/89: 5/15/89p6

Giguere, Ferdnannd E., died 8/25/87: 9/8/87p6

Gilbert, Alice G., died 9/11/80: 9/16/80p2

Gilbert, Anna L., died 3/24/81: 3/31/81p2

Gilbert, Armand J., died 3/7/88: 3/15/88p8

Gilbert, D. Raymond, died 4/22/89: 5/1/89p6

Gilbert, Erna G., died 9/25/83: 10/4/83p15

Gilbert, Karen, and Joseph Murtagh are wed 9/19/81: 10/6/81p15

Gilbert, Leon J., died 11/29/91: 12/7/91p6

Gilbert, Oscar S., died 4/10/82: 4/20/82p8

Gilbert, Terese, and Douglas Fisk wed 7/19/86: 2/10/87p5

Gilbert, Vera M., died 1/8/81: 1/13/81p2

Gilbert, Walter A., died 10/8/87: 10/20/87p6

Gilbert, Wilfred T., died 7/28/82: 8/3/82p2

Gilchrist, Harriet F., died 6/23/89: 7/3/89p6

Gile, Jeannette, died 8/6/89: 8/14/89p6

Gile, Olive P., died 11/3/89: 11/13/89p6

Gile, Sarah W., died 2/3/85: 2/12/85p11

Gile, William E., died 7/6/90: 7/16/90p6

Giles, Clara E., died 5/4/81: 5/12/81p2

Gillen, Roland T., died 7/31/90: 8/13/90p6

Gillette, Troy, and Stephanie Balser wed 5/15/89: 9/4/89p8

Gillis, Mary F., died 9/13/89: 9/25/89p6

Gilman, Alice B., died 12/13/81: 12/22/81p2

Gilman, Erman F., celebrates 90th year: 7/1/80p13

Gilman, George P., died 1/7/83: 1/18/83p8

Gilman, Herman F., died 4/27/81: 5/4/81p2

Gilman, James W., died 5/1/87: 5/12/87/p6

Gilman, John G., died 1/1/87: 1/13/87p6

Gilman, Mildred L., died 7/22/89: 7/31/89p6

Gilman, Patricia, and Paul Minnis wed 8/2/80: 9/9/80p14

Gilman, Polly, honored at school retirement party: 6/20/92p5

Gilman, Shelley, and Calen Gagnon are wed 9/5/81: 10/6/81p14

Gilmore, Hattie L., died 1/14/87: 1/27/87p6

Gilmore, Sam N., died 2/26/84: 3/6/84p6

Gingras, Lucille M., died 4/6/92: 4/11/92p6

Gingras, Nick, 10-year-old earns karate black belt: 2/13/89p3

Gingras, Nick, is no. 1 in Karate age group: 7/31/89p1

Gingras, Sr. Rose, died 5/11/86: 5/27/86p6

Giroux, Homer P., died 7/14/82: 7/20/82p2

Giroux, Marjorie, died 3/27/91: 4/8/91p6

Glendye, William W., died 10/27/92: 11/5/92p6

Glidden, Chester E., died 1/5/87: 1/13/87p6

Glidden, Elsie, died 8/15/91: 8/24/91p6

Glidden, Evelyn O., died 1/17/88: 1/26/88p6

Glidden, Jeffrey, and Sarah-Kate Venison wed: 12/12/88p7

Glidden Jr., Norman H., died 8/19/83: 8/30/83p2

Glidden, Kevin M., died 9/25/82: 10/5/82p2

Glidden, Lillian M., died 1/1/85: 1/8/85p9

Glidden, M&M Carl, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/21/84p15

Glidden, Roland, and Debra Neal are wed 5/18/84: 7/3/84p5

Glidden, Rose M., died 5/13/88: 5/23/88p6

Glidden, Terri, and Andrew Banks are wed 5/27/89: 9/4/89p8

Gocbout, Antoine J., died 11/30/89: 12/11/89p6

Godbois Sr., Edward R., died 11/24/84: 12/4/84p15

Godfrey, Ben, attains BSA Eagle badge: 1/18/92p16

Godin, Robert H., died 1/30/90: 2/12/90p6

Goldacker, Cary, and Mike Carter speak of love: 2/11/86p10

Golden, Marion A., died 1/8/85: 1/15/85p9

Golding, Ivamn P., died 9/17/84: 9/25/84p7

Goldthwaite, Benjamin A., died 2/7/86: 2/19/85p7

Goldwaite, Keith, and Jacqueline Daley are wed 7/3/82: 8/3/82p9

Gomes, John F., died 11/20/81: 11/24/81p1,12/1/81p2

Gondella, Louis, died 8/3/86: 8/12/86p6

Gonthier, Arthur J., died 7/15/80: 7/22/80p2

Gonthier, Joseph W., died 6/5/85: 6/18/85p20

Gonthier, Paul H., died 12/20/92: 12/24/92p6

Gonthier, Roland W., died 3/30/92: 4/18/92p6

Gonyer, Norman P., died 7/13/81: 7/28/81p2

Goodchild, Ada L., died 8/29/81: 9/8/81p2

Goodell, Brenda, and Michael Fontaine are wed 2/5/82: 2/23/82p8

Goodell, Karen, and Robert Brown are wed: 6/30/81p14

Goodell, Wendy, and David Fontaine are wed 8/1/81: 9/15/81p15

Goodfield, Nelson, died 9/2/90: 9/10/90p6

Goodman, Amos W., died 3/3/92: 3/14/94p6

Goodrich, Mary E., died 1/8/89: 1/16/89p6

Goodspeed, Nathaniel, and Renee Laurion wed 7/31/82: 11/23/82p13

Goodstone, Arline J., died 11/4/89: 11/17/87p6

Goodwin, Charles E., died 8/4/82: 8/10/82p3

Goodwin, Cindy, and Roy Fairbanks Jr. wed 12/27/87: 3/22/88p8

Goodwin, Dolores J., died 4/18/84: 4/24/84p8

Goodwin, Harold S., died 7/15/84: 7/24/84p8

Goodwin, Karen, and David Johnson are wed: 11/20/84p9

Goodwin, Laurence W., died 7/8/88: 7/18/88p6

Goodwin, Lloyd and Barbara, wed 50 years: 9/17/92p9

Goodwin, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/22/83p15

Goodwin, Ruth E., died 1/10/93: 1/14/93p6

Goodwin Sr., John F., died 3/5/87: 3/17/87p6

Goodwin, Vivian W., died 3/28/84: 4/3/84p11

Gordon, Mart T., died 5/15/92: 5/23/92p6

Gordon, Maurice E., died 11/9/91: 11/16/91p6

Gorman, John F., died 12/5/89: 12/11/89p6

Gorrill, Elaine A., died 9/4/91: 9/14/91p6

Gorton, Clifford A., died 2/2/83: 2/8/83p12

Goslin, Victor J., died 9/6/89: 9/18/89p6

Gosselin, Albert A., died 5/28/81: 6/9/81p2

Gosselin, Edla E., died 10/21/89: 10/30/89p6

Gosselin, Nellie M., died 10/13/83: 10/25/83p12

Gosselin, Normand W., died 6/9/88: 6/20/88p6

Gould, Anna M., died 8/7/89: 8/14/89p6

Gould, Helen R., died 8/21/80: 8/26/80p7

Gould, Timothy J., died 12/19/89: 1/1/90p6

Goupil, Hervey J., died 6/20/83: 6/28/83p2

Goupil, Louis, and Ronalee Kolobitz are wed 5/24/80: 6/10/80p13

Goupil, Raymond J., died 9/18/83: 9/27/83p11

Gove, Gertrude M., died 7/20/86: 7/29/86p9

Goyette, Arthur A., died 11/16/81: 11/24/81p2

Grace, Donald, and Linda Nordell are wed 7/26/81: 9/1/81p11

Grady, Garon J., died 4/11/87: 4/21/87p6

Grady, Kevin J., died 7/27/91: 8/5/91p6

Grady, Patrick E., died 3/25/88: 4/4/88p6

Grandonico, Vincent, and Sharon Smith are wed 3/26/83p5

Granquist, Karl J., died 9/21/84: 10/2/84p8

Grant, Frank M., died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6

Grant, George T., died 10/6/86: 10/14/86p6

Grant Jr., Kenneth E., died 8/4/88: 8/15/88p6

Grant, Rena O., died 12/12/84: 12/25/84p9

Grass, Edna D., died 5/16/86: 5/27/86p6

Grassia, Harriet H., died 4/10/90: 4/23/90p6

Grassie Jr., Charles, is named Outstanding Young Man: 9/22/81p17

Grassie Jr., Charles, lauded by Roch. Jaycees: 1/13/87p3

Grassie, Juliette C., died 11/11/92: 11/19/92p6

Grassie, Pascal J., died 6/30/88: 7/11/88p6

Grassie, Paul J., died 10/13/90: 10/22/90p6

Grassie, Robert A., died 8/4/85: 8/13/85p17

Gravel, Alice W., died 6/3/81: 6/9/81p2

Gravel, Barbara A., died 1/?/81: 1/20/81p2

Gravel, Carol, and Thomas Nierzwicki wed 8/2/80: 9/2/80p11

Gravel, Ronald A., died 10/1/88: 10/10/88p6

Graveline, Anita C., died 3/4/86: 3/11/86p10

Gravenmier, Lorette J., died 2/28/88: 3/8/88p6

Gray, Arthur M., died 1/2//82: 1/12/82p2

Gray, Charles F., died 8/1/83: 8/9/83p2

Gray, Clyde S., died 4/13/86: 4/22/86p8

Gray, Edwin J., died 4/30/88: 5/9/88p6

Gray, Everett, died 7/9/92: 7/18/92p6

Gray, Frank P., died 11/25/80: 12/2/80p2

Gray, George R., died 11/23/91: 11//30/91p6

Gray, Gloria M., died 8/20/81: 8/25/81p2

Gray, John F., died 6/20/88: 8/27/88p6

Gray, John I., died 12/19/92: 12/24/92p6

Gray, Josephine, died 10/2/89: 10/16/89p6

Gray, Lucille T., died 2/20/82: 3/2/82p9

Gray, Natalie J., died 2/7/90: 2/19/90p6

Gray, Ralph H., died 6/9/86: 6/24/86p14

Gray, Richard, and Angela Douglas are wed 6/16/84: 11/20/84p9

Gray, Sadie G., died 4/25/92: 5/2/92p6

Gray, Stanley R., died 7//12/88: 7/18/88p6

Gray, Susan, died 7/25/89: 8/21/89p6

Gray, Velma E., died 6/25/80: 7/1/80p2

Gray, William, awarded WWII medals posthumously: 11/13/89p1

Greeley, Lois F., died 1/26/92: 2/1/92p6

Greeley, M&M Robert are wed 41 years: 11/10/87p9

Green, Edna K., died 1/14/82: 1/26/82p13

Green, George B., died 2/5/82: 2/16/82p8

Green, M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/19/82p5

Green, Richard: Review of his life to date: 12/25/89pp1,3

Greenaway, Herbert D., died 7/19/84: 7/31/84p7

Greene, Charles L., died 4/23/83: 5/3/83p6

Greene Jr., Jerome, died 8/23/86: 9/2/86p6

Greenfield, Sara E., died 12/7/84: 12/18/84p10

Greenlaw, Charles E., died 1/19/84: 1/24/84p12

Greenwood Jr., Alfred M., died 1/19/81: 1/27/81p2

Greer, Christine D., died 6/7/89: 6/19/89p6

Gregoire, Anthony G., died 6/27/91: 7/8/91p6

Gregoire, Carol, and Stephen Tufts are wed 8/14/82: 12/7/82p5

Gregoire, Ginny, and Normand Hebert wed 5/24/80: 6/17/80p13

Gregoire, M&M Del, celebrate 35th anniversary: 9/15/81p15

Gregoire, Roland J., died 10/?/81: 10/13/81pp2,26

Gregorio, Sgt. Keith, likes duty in Germany: 11/20/89p7

Grenier, Arthur E., died 10/25/84: 11/6/84p13

Grenier, Bernard, died 7/22/87: 8/18/87p6

Grenier, Charles, died 6/3/86: 6/17/86p7

Grenier, Darlene, and Richard LeClair wed 3/15/80: 4/8/80p11

Grenier, Mary, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/28/80p20

Grenier, Raymond J., died 11/25/81: 12/1/81p3

Grenier, Raymond R., died 9/22/81: 9/29/81p2

Greulich, Else R., died 10/7/89: 10/16/89p6

Grierson, Harry W., died 8/19/86: 8/26/86p8

Griffen, Clarence W., died 6/10/80: 6/17/80p2

Griffen, Norman C., died 1/17/86: 1/28/86p6

Griffin, Blanche M., died 2/21/82: 3/2/82p9

Griffin, Roland K., died 3/13/80: 3/18/80p2,4/29/80p2

Griffith, Mary P., died 7/20/82: 7/27/82p2

Grimes, Thomas G., died 12/7/90: 12/17/90p6

Groen, Fenton and Shirley, move into moved house: 10/21/86p1

Grondin, Diana E., died 11/26/88: 12/5/88p6

Grondin, Edgar J., died 12/13/86: 12/23/86p6

Grondin, Ernest M., died 7/23/84: 7/31/84p7

Grondin, George D., died 8/15/82: 8/24/82p2

Grondin, Henry J., died 8/4/81: 8/11/81p2

Grondin, Kenneth E., died 1/7/87: 1/20/87p7

Grondin, Leon A., died 12/29/80: 1/6/81p2

Guay, Alice E., died 6/29/92: 7/4/92p63

Guerin, Joseph T., died 7/3/82: 7/13/82p2

Guilbeault, Anita A., died 6/10/88: 6/20/88p6

Guild, Eva, died 6/5/92: 6/13/92p6

Guild, Frederick A., died 6/22/88: 7/4/88p6

Guild, Frederick W., died 5/29/92: 6/8/92p6

Guild Jr., M. James, died 1/28/81: 2/3/81p2

Guild, Kenneth, died 9/17/81: 9/22/81pp1,2

Guilmet, M&M Rudolph, celebrate 50th anniversary:: 3/11/86p7

Guilmet, Rudolph E., died 12/7/87: 12/15/87p6

Guinbault, Joseph E., died 4/21/82: 4/27/82p9

Gulbrandsen, Eric C., died 8/29/83: 9/6/83p2

Gullison, Rachel C., died 4/4/83: 4/12/83p6

Gunther, Kathy A., died 5/19/89: 6/5/89p6

Guptill, Cecil, and Colette Michaud are wed 6/19/82: 7/20/82p8

Gurney, Lillian W., died 2/17/85: 2/26/85p7

Gustafson, Irene, died 8/27/86: 9/2/86p6

Gustafson, Mary A., died 2/22/82: 3/2/82p9

Gustin, Richard H., died 1/5/83: 1/11/83p6

Guyer, Annette L., died 10/18/92: 10/22/92p6

Guyer, Hector F., died 8/31/87: 9/8/87p6

Haas, Ariel R., died 1/3/81: 1/13/81p2

Haas, Helen F., died 8/31/90: 9/10/90p6

Hackett, Ida C., died 1/30/91: 2/4/91p6

Hadley, Wendy L., died 6/12/81: 6/23/81p2

Hagen Sr., Robert J., died 6/13/91: 6/24/91p6

Haines, Sara B., died 1/5/91: 1/21/91p6

Hainsworth, Norman B., died 6/17/85: 6/25/85p14

Hale, Eleanor F., died 11/23/88: 12/5/88p6

Hale II, Robert G., died 3/22/82: 3/30/82p7

Hall, Almon C., died 8/28/80: 9/9/80p2

Hall, Catherine, and Gary Heckman are wed 8/21/82: 12/14/82p20

Hall, Cecil J., died 8/17/81: 8/25/81p2

Hall, Donald M., died 1/11/85: 1/22/85p7

Hall, Doris E., died 1/10/82: 1/19/82p8

Hall, Edward W., died 3/7/90: 3/19/90p6

Hall, Gean F., died 4/20/85: 4/30/85p11

Hall Jr., Kenneth W., died 9/12/89: 9/18/89p6

Hall, Margaret, died 2/16/86: 2/25/86p6

Hall, Mike, bags half-ton moose: 10/12/91p3

Hall, Robert E., died 3/25/85: 4/9/85p16

Hall Sr., Fred W., died 8/11/90: 8/20/90p6

Hall Sr., John W., died 1/23/87: 2/3/87p6

Hall Sr., M&M Fred, celebrate 68 years of marriage: 2/2/88p9

Hall, Veral, died 11/1/82: 11/9/82p2

Hall, Viola A., died 4/21/90: 4/30/90p6

Halling, Judy, vies in Mrs. NH America contest: 9/13/83p2

Ham, Delphine M., died 3/9/86: 3/18/86p12

Ham, Frank M., died 5/21/82: 6/1/82p6

Ham, Gladys L., died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2

Ham, Jennie S., died 5/17/85: 5/28/85p16

Ham, Linden M., died 1/31/89: 2/6/89p6

Ham, Lucille, died 3/6/90: 3/12/90p6

Ham, Ralph A., died 10/9/90: 10/15/90p6

Ham, Russell, and Tracy Howard wed 6/14/86: 7/29/86p13

Hamel, Diane, and Mark Lamprey are wed 6/24/83: 11/1/83p3

Hamel, Edgar J., died 8/18/80: 8/26/80p2

Hamel, Edward J., died 2/3/91: 2/11/91p6

Hamel, Emily L., died 10/22/92: 10/29/92p6

Hamel, Ernestine L., died 12/12/90: 12/24/90p6

Hamel, Herman J., died 5/19/80: 5/27/80p2

Hamel, Jennie P., died 2/7/84: 2/14/84p9

Hamel, Lucille M., died 8/10/84: 8/21/84p4

Hamel, Marie A., died 10/27/87: 11/10/87p6

Hamel, Matthew, and Lisa Swanson are wed 8/25/90: 11/19/90p9

Hamel, Melodia F., died 3/26/86: 4/8/86p8

Hamel, Pearl J., died 12/5/84: 12/18/84p10

Hamel, Rachel H., died 7/11/90: 7/23/90p6

Hamel, Robert, appointed to VFW position: 1/8/80p9

Hamel, Victor, is Roch. C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/19/85p1

Hamilton, Hazel M., died 1/9/89: 1/16/89p6

Hamilton, James E., died 11/4/87: 11/10/87p6

Hamilton, L. Rose, died 5/30/89: 6/5/89p6

Hamilton, Marcelle, died 1/25/85: 2/5/85p1

Hamilton, Ralph C., died 7/5/82: 7/13/82p2

Hamilton, Richard, died 8/21/89: 8/21/89p6

Hamilton, Richard, is new Superintendant of Schools: 7/5/83p1

Hamilton, Spencer W., died 2/4/85: 2/12/85p11

Hamilton, Victoria, and Peter Cook are wed 2/26/82: 3/9/82p20

Hammer, Donald I., died 3/31/92: 4/4/92p6

Hammond, Jennifer B., died 9/2/84: 9/11/84p15

Hammond, Leon, is Pease Employee of the Year: 3/15/83p7

Hammond, Mark, and Colleen O'Leary are wed: 12/15/81p15

Hammond, Paul R., died 9/17/81: 9/22/81p2

Hancock, Hazel M., died 1/4/83: 1/11/83p6

Hanscombe, Alfred J., died 10/15/88: 10/24/88p6

Hanscome, Dorothy E., died 3/14/92: 3/21/92p6

Hanson, Mitchell, and Marie Dupuis are wed 5/19/94: 7/3/84p5

Harding, Christopher & Michelle Adjutant wed 10/26/90: 12/24/90p7

Harding, Joseph H., died 1/11/81: 1/13/81p2

Harding, Meriam, died 3/18/84: 3/27/84p9

Hargreaves, Albert W., died 3/9/89: 3/20/89p6

Harkins, George C., died 12/25/87: 1/5/88p6

Harmer, Laurette G., died 3/29/84: 4/10/84p12

Harmon, Gino, and Cindy Emerson are wed 9/2/89: 4/23/90p8

Harmon, Reta M., died 9/10/90p6: 9/17/90p6

Harmon, Robert E., died 3/13/91: 3/25/91p6

Harmon, Walter E., died 3/13/91: 4/1/91p6

Harriman, Eleanor, died 7/3/83: 7/12/83p10

Harriman, Frank R., died 7/17/80: 7/22/80p2

Harriman, William J., died 2/4/81: 2/10/81p2

Harrington, Herman F., died 11/12/90: 11/19/90p6

Harris, Cassandra M., died 2/13/89: 2/27/89p6

Harris, Edith L., died 1/19/80: 1/22/80p2

Harris, Esther P., died 2/25/88: 3/8/88p6

Harris, Michael, and Linda Stevens are wed 5/16/81: 7/21/81p7

Harris, Rex, died 6/19/85: 7/2/85p12: 7/2/85p12

Harris, Rick, broadcasts Spaulding football: 11/16/82p10

Harris, Ruth C., died 12/12/92 : 12/24/92p6

Harris, Stephen, died 4/582: 4/13/82p8

Harris, Wayne G., died 5/12/84: 5/22/84p2

Harris, William C., died 1/3/81: 1/6/81p2

Harrison, Doris E., died 11/29/82: 12/7/82p8

Harrison, Kate D., died 10/29/84: 11/6/84p13

Harrison, Rose M., died 11/4/83: 11/8/83p10,11/15/83p17

Hart, Donald B., died 12/1/92: 12/10/92p6

Hart, Hazel H., died 3/25/88: 4/4/88p6

Hart, James N., died 4/2/86: 4/15/86p9

Harte, Carl, died 7/25/87: 8/4/87p6

Hartford, Carolyn A., died 1/5/92: 1/11/92p6

Hartford, Effie L., died 1/3/87: 1/13/87p6

Hartford, Elizabeth M., died 1/17/84: 1/24/84p12

Hartford, Hazelle H., died 5/25/80: 6/3/80p20

Hartford Jr., Harold C., died 6/10/88: 6/20/88p6

Hartford Jr., Horace W., died 7/22/84: 7/31/84p7

Hartford, Levi E., died 9/19/80: 9/23/80p2

Hartford, Margaret E., died 9/20/86: 9/30/86p6

Hartford, Marjorie E., died 3/17/90: 3/26/90p6

Hartford, Richard D., died 7/7/90: 7/16/90p6

Hartford, Rufus C., died 12/6/80: 12/9/80p2

Hartford Sr., Mitchell E., died 1/8/93: 1/14/93p6

Hartigan, Lena B., died 11/22/81: 12/1/81p2

Hartigan, Peter F., died 4/20/89: 5/1/89p6

Hartigan, Winifred E., died 8/22/81: 9/1/81p2

Harvey Sr., Sheldon D., died 4/10/89: 4/24/89p6

Harwood, Wynetta B., died 4/18/83: 4/26/83p8

Haselton, William, died 7/27/87: 8/4/87p6

Hashem, Etta F., died 11/22/91: 11//30/91p6

Haskell, Alexander C., died 11/30/92: 12/10/92p6

Haskins, Harold N., died 12/8/89: 12/18/89p6

Haskins, Harold, still chopping wood at 84: 3/6/85p10

Haskins, Madolyn L., died 9/13/82: 9/21/82p2

Hassen, Phillip, died 5/30/8: 6/3/80p20

Hatch, Chester, died 2/24/85: 3/12/85p8

Hatch, Franklin C., died 11/27/84: 12/4/84p15

Hatch, Winifred, died 1/26/82: 2/2/82p6

Hatcher, Ronald, died 6/22/86: 7/1/86p6

Havener, Newell C., died 8/12/82: 8/30/82p2

Hawkins, Dorothy E., died 12/9/81: 12/15/81p2

Hawkins, Howard, bags second-place 244-pound deer: 4/2/85p1

Haycock, Evelyn M., died 4/5/89: 4/17/89p6

Haycock Jr., Preston M., died 5/14/80: 5/20/80p2

Hayden, Leslie R., died 6/24/80: 7/1/80p2

Hayden, Philda K., died 7/27/86: 7/29/86p9

Hayes, Alice, died 11/22/82: 11/30/82p11

Hayes, Brian, and Korey Landry are wed 7/20/85: 8/13/85p15

Hayes, Ethel M., died 6/30/81: 7/7/81p2

Hayes, Gerald G., died 9/17/86: 9/30/86p6

Hayes, Gertrude M., died 2/18/83: 3/1/83p6

Hayes, Jack G., died 10/1/83: 10/11/83p5

Hayes Jr., Cpl. Richard W., awarded Marine Bronze Star: 4/11/92p7

Hayes Jr., Maurice W., died 4/15/82: 4/20/82p8

Hayes, Philip G., died 4/29/90: 5/7/90p6

Hayes, Rosaria M., died 8/24/87: 9/1/87p6

Hayes Sr., Robert W., died 7/31/92: 8/8/92p6

Hayes, Viola M., died 1/10/86: 1/21/86p10

Hayes, Willis, died 7/29/86: 8/12/86pp1,6

Hayward, Edna T., died 11/22/84: 12/4/84p15

Hayward, Guy D., died 2/12/90: 2/19/90p6

Hazelton, Dora M., died 6/19/82: 6/29/82p2

Hazlett, Mervin M., died 8/11/86: 8/19/86p6

Healey, Diane L., died 9/4/86: 9/16/86p6

Healey, Russell, died 11/5/91: 11/16/91p6

Healey, Ruth T., died 2/16/83: 3/1/83p6

Healy, Alice M., died 4/9/83: 4/19/83p8

Healy, John J., died 12/7/81: 12/15/81p2

Heaney, Alice C., died 8/13/81: 8/25/81p2

Heath, Bessie C., died 10/22/87: 11/3/87p6

Hebert, Blanche L., died 7/9/89: 7/17/89p6

Hebert, David C., died 1/3/93: 1/7/93p6

Hebert, Edna E., died 2/17/90: 2/26/90p6

Hebert, Emilia, died 11/14/87: 11/24/87p6

Hebert, Eva G., died 10/7/83: 10/18/83p11

Hebert, Fernald A., died 9/27/83: 10/4/83p15

Hebert, Gerard A., died 12/5/87: 12/15/87p6

Hebert, Janette, died 8/15/80: 8/19/80p2

Hebert, Joseph, died 1/3/93: 1/7/93p6

Hebert, Levi L., died 3/3/88: 3/15/88p8

Hebert, Noella J., died 1/7/88: 1/19/88p6

Hebert, Normand, and Ginny Gregoire wed 5/24/80: 6/17/80p13

Hebert, Raymond, writes book on Florence Nightingale: 5/13/80p28

Hebert, Romeo A., died 6/13/84: 6/26/84p11

Hebert, Romeo, died 4/30/86: 5/13/86p6

Hebert Sr., John P., died 4/13/92: 4/18/92p6

Hebert, Yvonne L., died 5/12/89: 5/22/89p6

Heckman, Gary, and Catherine Hall are wed 8/21/82: 12/14/82p20

Heiss, Wilbert A., died 8/27/90: 9/3/90p6

Helie, Marcel P., died 6/6/82: 6/15/82p2

Hemenway, Grace E., died 2/27/92: 3/7/92p6

Hemingway, Pearl S., died 11/15/89

Henderson, Clifford R., died 9/21/86: 9/30/86p6

Henderson, Elda A., died 10/4/86: 10/21/86p6

Henderson, Harold D., died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2

Henderson, James L., died 5/6/81: 5/12/81p2

Henderson, Lena L., died 4/4/89: 4/10/89p6

Henderson, Leona B., died 7/31/86: 8/12/86p6

Henderson, Mark, and Bonnie Chase are wed: 12/14/82p20

Henderson, Roland A., died 3/2/85: 3/12/85p8

Henderson Sr., Joseph R., died 7/21/81: 7/28/81p2

Henderson, Stanley, and Mary Vachon are wed 7/17/82: 8/17/82p17

Henner Jr., Roland J., died 12/14/84: 12/25/84p9

Hennessey, Eileen R., died 11/13/91: 11/23/91p6

Henry, Jessie L., died 12/11/82: 12/21/82p12

Henry, William S., died 4/23/87: 5/5/87p6

Heon, Mark, and Kelly Ferland are wed: 6/5/89p7

Herbert, Gene L., died 6/26/82: 7/6/82p2

Hermanson, Elmer, died 8/25/82: 8/30/82p2

Herries, George H., died 9/3/82: 9/14/82p2

Herron, Lester J., died 4/17/84: 4/24/84p8

Herron, Louis R., died 2/11/81: 2/17/81p2

Herron, M&M Lester, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/30/83p7

Herron, Robert N., died 6/28/86: 7/8/86p6

Hersam, Edith M., died 6/10/84: 6/19/84p13

Hersey, Beatrice C., died 3/9/89: 3/20/89p6

Hersey, Edna H., died 2/8/83: 2/15/83p7

Hersey, Irving W., died 3/5/82: 3/16/82p9

Hersey, Ralph P., died 12/19/92: 12/24/92p6

Hersey Sr., Daniel F., died 2/9/91: 2/18/91p6

Hersom, Charles E., died 3/30/82: 4/7/81p2

Hersom, Joyce M., died 3/20/90: 3/26/90p6

Hersom, Lillian, died 5/28/85: 6/4/85p13

Hersom, Lydia E., died 6/29/91: 7/8/91p6

Hersom, Steven, and Patricia Newhall are wed 9/3/81: 12/15/81p5

Herson, Helen, died 11/19/81: 12/1/81p3

Herson, John F., died 12/1/91: 12/7/91p6

Hervey, Alice E., died 9/3/91: 9/7/91p6

Heselton, Gary, and Cindy Ward are wed 5/22/82: 7/13/82/17

Hess, Madeline, and Steven Olson wed 9/27/86: 2/10/87p5

Hey, Jessie W., died 12/10/82: 12/21/82p12

Hickman, Corey D., died 3/24/87: 4/7/87p6

Hickman, Earl E., died 3/10/81: 3/17/81p2

Hickman, Michael, and Linda Whitehouse are wed 2/14/81: 5/4/81p9

Higgins, Catherine N., died 7/31/80: 8/5/80p2

Higgins, Donald E., died 1/28/87: 2/10/87p6

Higgins Sr., David F., died 6/21/86: 7/1/86p6

Higgins, Stephen L., died 4/6/85: 4/16/85p10

Highfield, Frances A., died 3/7/87: 3/17/87p6

Hildreth, Harold, died 12/6/82: 12/14/82p8

Hill, Antonia, died 5/12/91: 5/20/91p6

Hill, Arthur, and Lorraine Charles are wed 1/22/83: 4/19/83p12

Hill, Earl A., died 1/3/82: 1/12/82p2

Hill, George A., died 6/17/81: 6/23/81p2

Hill, Jesse J., died 3/30/86: 4/8/86p8

Hill, Leslie J., died 2/25/83: 3/8/83p8

Hill, Lisa, and Michael Langelier are wed 8/28/82: 12/7/82p5

Hill, Louise M., died 7/2/86: 7/15/86p6

Hill, Roscoe A., died 5/17/87: 5/26/87p6

Hill, Sophie H., died 6/2/84: 6/12/84p9

Hill, Sylvia F., died 11/2/88: 11/21/88p6

Hill, Velma C., died 12/20/87: 12/29/87p6

Hilreth, Daniel H., died 10/30/86: 11/4/86p3,11/11/86p6

Hilton, George D., died 7/29/80: 8/5/80p2

Hilton, Holly, home from teaching in Africa: 8/12/80p22

Hilton, Lorie, and Dennis Emerson wed 8/23/80: 9/9/80p14

Hilton, Martha A., died 5/21/84: 5/29/84p7

Hilton, Phil, retires from East Roch. Post office: 9/30/80p4

Hilton, Sterling, died 8/7/87: 8/18/87p6

Hinch, Paul W., died 3/2/92: 3/7/92p6

Hinkle, Catherine, died 5/23/88: 5/30/88p6

Hirsch, Carl S., died 4/5/84: 4/17/84p9

Hiscock, Katherine, died 3/12/80: 3/18/80p2

Hiseler, Mary N., died 10/2/88: 10/10/88p6

Hitchcock, Alice A., died 4/22/90: 4/30/90p6

Hiughes, Kathleen C., died 5/29/82: 6/8/82p2

Hjort, Robert E., died 3/25/90: 4/2/90p6

Hoage, Cynthia, and David Kingsbury are wed: 8/16/83p12

Hoage, Raymond O., died 2/24/84: 3/6/84p6

Hobbs, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/10/83p16

Hobby, Edgar N., died 9/7/81: 9/15/81p2

Hobson, Arthur L., died 10/29/92: 11/5/92p6

Hobson, Julia, died 6/19/83: 6/28/83p2

Hodgdon, Jesse G., died 7/26/81: 8/4/81p2

Hodgdon, Leon, died 2/10/92: 2/22/92p6

Hodsdon, Barbara P., died 9/14/87: 9/22/87p6

Hodsdon, John W., died 1/26/90: 2/5/90p6

Hodsdon, M&M Wesley, married 50+ years: 2/11/86p1

Hoell, David C., died 5/1/91: 5/13/91p6

Hoey, Donald J., died 10/15/80: 10/21/80p2

Hogan Sr., Francis G., died 5/14/84: 5/22/84p2

Hoitt, Irene RE., died 11/3/92: 11/5/92p6

Hoitt Sr., Carl B., died 2/9/85: 2/19/85p7

Holcomb, Patrick S., died 10/6/90: 10/15/90p6

Holden-Lane, Dorothea, died 4/2/90: 4/9/90p6

Holder, Ralph, died ?/?/86: 5/13/86p6

Holdsworth, Brian, is active in Big Buddy Program: 10/8/92p3

Holland, Richard J., died 2/1/87: 2/10/87p6

Holman, Ruth B., died 6/9/92: 6/20/92p6

Holmes, Alice M., died 8/13/86: 8/26/86p8

Holmes, Shiela J., died 4/13/90: 4/23/90p6

Holt, Janet, and Frank Vinciguerra are wed: 8/29/88p8

Hooper, Barbara A., died 3/4/90: 3/12/90p6

Hooper, Donald, Died 1/15/84: 1/24/84p12

Hooper, Emeline E., died 5/30/84: 6/5/84p12

Hooper, James W., died 8/28/81: 9/8/81p2

Hooper, John R., died 2/16/89: 2/27/89p6

Hooser, Sarah S., died 9/2/89: 9/11/89p6

Hopeer, Lillian H., died 2/6/87: 2/17/87p6

Hopey, Lillian B., died 8/14/83: 8/23/83p2

Hopkins, Christable H., died 2/1/86: 2/11/86p5

Hopper, Harold C., died 10/12/90: 10/22/90p6

Horgan, Blanche E., died 9/12/91: 9/21/91p6

Horn, Catherine M., died 2/8/88: 2/16/88p6

Horne, Beatrice I., died 7/24/91: 8/5/91p6

Horne, Clyde W., died 6/1/91: 6/10/91p6

Horne, Jessica T., died 8/23/88: 9/5/88p6

Horne, Les, is a private detective: 10/14/86p10

Horne, Linda L., died 8/18/84: 8/28/84p12

Horne, Marjorie M., died 11/17/84: 11/27/84p11

Horne, Mildred, died 9/25/80: 9/30/80p2

Horne, Richard C., died 5/2/92: 5/9/92p6

Horne, Ruth, died 8/7/87: 8/18/87p6

Horwitz, Roy, died 8/21/88: 8/29/88p6

Hosser, Charles F., died 1/19/90: 1/29/90p6

Houle, Ardala H., died 3/22/91: 4/1/91p6

Houle, Harold A., died 1/15/84: 1/24/84p12

Houle, Rena, died 11/25/82: 12/7/82p11

Hourias, Charles J., died 10/18/84: 10/23/84p14

Hourinane, M&M Stephen, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/21/84p14 Hoverman, Houston, Janette E., died 3/30/92: 4/4/92p6

Hoverman, R. Bruce and Rosanna Kusnierz are wed 9/26/81: 11/24/81p14

Howard, Alatha L., died 8/31/92: 9/5/92p6

Howard, Alfred, died 7/27/87: 8/4/87p6

Howard, Bernard R., died 4/16/92: 4/25/92p6

Howard, Carlton A., died 1/26/81: 2/3/81p2

Howard, Delores L., died 8/17/87: 8/25/87p6

Howard, Elizabeth J., died 1/11/88: 1/26/88p6

Howard, Elmer L., died 6/22/88: 7/4/88p6

Howard, Holly, and Lawrence Borrazas are wed 4/7/84: 7/3/84p5

Howard, Jeanette A., died 12/12/80: 12/16/80p2

Howard Jr., David H., died 3/25/92: 4/4/92p6

Howard, Roger H., died 1/22/88: 1/26/88p6

Howard Sr., Louis F., died 6/4/86: 6/17/86p7

Howard, Tracy, and Russell Ham wed 6/14/86: 7/29/86p13

Howe, Frank M., died 12/26/81: 1/5/82p2

Howe, Mildred I., died 5/22/81: 6/2/81p2

Howland, Ruth K., died 8/31/90: 9/10/90p6

Hoyt, Dr. Gus L., died 3/1/91: 3/11/91p6

Hoyt, John F., died 1/21/87: 2/3/87p6

Hoyt, Lee, died 4/1/83: 4/12/83p6

Hoyt, May M., died 5/31/82: 6/8/82p2

Huchins, Margeurite O., died 1/29/84: 2/7/84p6

Huckins, Catherine, and Donald Plante wed 6/21/86: 11/11/86p7

Huckins, John, and family are Fresh Air hosts: 8/5/80p18

Huckins, M. Esther, died 7/27/88: 8/8/88p6

Huckins, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/8/80p17

Hudson, Lisa, and James Confort are wed 4/23/83: 6/28/83p12

Huggard, Elizabeth G., died 1/17/93: 1/21/93p6

Hughes, Flora B., died 12/23/88: 1/2/89p6

Hughes Jr., Henry, died 8/20/80: 8/26/80p2

Hughes, Leo J., died 8/9/90: 8/20/90p6

Hughes, Rosemarie, died 11/8/86: 11/18/86p6

Hull, Arthur R., died 2/29/94: 3/13/84p16

Hull, Ethelyn B., died 3/1/82: 3/9/82p7

Hume, Herbert, oversees Hume clan reunion: 9/19/88p5

Hunt, Bernard I., died 7/16/81: 7/21/81p2

Hunt, Mildred M. 12/23/86: 1/6/87p6

Hunt, Robert, and Carolyn Tucker are wed 4/21/90: 10/15/90p9

Hunt, Robert, died 1/14/82: 1/26/82p13

Hunter, Ada A., died 3/18/86: 3/25/86p7

Hunter, Edwin J., died 10/29/91: 11/2/91p6

Hunter, Jennie E., died 9/30/88: 10/10/88p6

Huntress, Richard, and Wedny Clough are wed 9/3/83: 11/8/83p10

Huntress, Virginia F., died 7/6/82: 7/13/82p2

Huppe, Adelard J., died 4/12/87: 4/21/87p6

Huppe, Jean, and Russell Morse are wed 7/3/81: 10/13/81p5

Huppe, Joseph L., died 6/11/81: 6/16/81p2

Huppe, Laetitia V., died 12/15/83: 12/27/83p9

Huppe, M&M Joseph are married 65 years: 7/8/80p11

Huppe, Matt, has leukemia, aids liver cancer patient: 12/14/91p1

Huppe, Merilda M., died 9/24/90: 10/1/90p6

Huppe, Thais Y., died 10/23/92: 10/29/92p6

Hurd, Angie, died 7/28/87: 8/4/87p6

Hurd, Dean L., died 3/15/91: 3/25/91p6

Hurd, Lester W., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6

Hurd, M&M Wesley, celebrate 65th anniversary: 7/13/82/17

Hurlburt, Bertha C., died 2/15/81: 2/24/81p2

Hurlburt, Ralph N., died 10/1/81: 10/13/81p2

Hurley, Lena P., died 3/15/90: 3/26/90p6

Hurley, Sidney J., died 3/21/91: 4/1/91p6

Hurst, Robert H., died 6/1/90: 6/11/90p6

Huse, Ruth E., died 3/30/87: 4/7/87p6

Hussey, Beatrice H., died 12/2/84: 12/11/84p20

Hussey, Catherine G., died 3/8/85: 3/19/85p20

Hussey, Charles D., died 10/5/80: 10/7/80p2

Hussey, Charles R., died 6/2/89: 6/12/89p6

Hussey, Ellery F., died 9/19/98: 9/25/89p6

Hussey, Gladys E., died 11/4/90: 11/12/90p6

Hussey, Joanne, and David Joslyn are wed 7/9/83: 9/6/83p7

Hussey, Margaret M., died 4/19/91: 4/29/91p6

Hussey, Matilda, died 10/21/88: 10/31/88p6

Hussey, Matt, wins Hawaiian trip from Amer. Heart Ass'n: 3/5/90p2

Hussey, P.D. Chief Ken, to retire: 11/5/90p1,12/31/90p1

Hussey, Robert, is a water dowser: 8/5/86p1

Hussey Sr., Ralph B., died 1/14/89: 1/23/89p6

Hussey, Walter L., died 4/27/81: 5/4/81p2

Hussey, Wilfred D., died 9/18/98: 9/25/89p6

Huston, Irene C., died 4/19/87: 4/28/87p6

Hutchins, James, and Kathy Laurent are wed 2/29/84: 4/10/84p13

Hynes, Catherine A., died 5/21/92: 5/30/92p6

Hynes, Mary S., died 12/21/91: 12/28/91p6

Inkham, Charles I., died 8/8/80: 8/12/80p2

Innis, Donald D., died 4/16/80: 4/22/80p2

Irish, Gladys E., died 12/18/83: 12/27/83p9

Irish, Lucienne, died 10/9/83: 10/18/83p11

Irving, Harold F., died 8/12/85: 8/20/85p14

Irving, Minnie L., died 7/18/89: 7/31/89p6

Irwin, James F., died 8/2/92: 8/8/92p6

Jacklin, Harry L., died 2/27/81: 3/10/81p2

Jacklin, Lorraine, and William Lewis wed 8/23/80: 9/30/80p11

Jackman, Kristen, and Michael Boehmer wed 8/31/91: 10/26/91p15

Jackson, Albert S., died 10/12/88: 10/24/88p6

Jackson, Alice G., died 2/17/80: 2/26/80p2

Jackson, Gerturde, died 11/3/86: 11/18/86p6

Jackson, Gladys C., died 9/7/86: 9/16/86p6

Jackson, Gladys V., died 12/23/84: 1/1/85p9

Jackson, Joan, oversees Grange vegetable garden: 8/22/88p1

Jackson, Kevin, and Tami Lepene are wed: 3/12/85p10

Jackson, Lulu M., died 8/7/92: 8/15/92p6

Jackson Sr., M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/15/81p5

Jackson Sr., William H., died 2/7/82: 2/16/82p8

Jacobs, Edith G., died 8/24/83: 8/30/83p2

Jacobs, Henry N., died 5/8/86: 5/20/86p6

Jacobs, Irving J., died 6/2/80: 6/10/80p2

Jacobs, Jeffery, and Jill Ann Pierce wed 12/21/91: 5/23/92p9

Jacobs, Jon A., died 8/27/82: 9/7/82p2

Jacobs, Lucile C., died 7/8/81: 7/14/81p2

Jacobs Sr., John I., died 6/24/85: 7/2/85p12

Jacobs, Steven, family holds reunion: 8/17/82p13

Jacobus, Mildred A., died 2/8/89: 2/20/89p6

Jacque, Aime M., died 12/9/81: 12/15/81p2

Jacques, Albert M., died 12/5/83: 12/13/83p20

Jacques, Christine, sees dancing as a way of life: 8/10/82p1

Jacques, Christine, to dance Sugar Plum Fairy: 12/9/80p2

Jacques, Constance, and Scott Brock are wed 9/10/83: 11/15/83p10

Jacques, Dorothy M., died 9/2/84: 9/11/84p15

Jacques, Henriette A., died 9/23/87: 10/6/87p6

Jacques, Kenneth, and Laurie Kidder are wed 6/4/83: 7/12/83p10

Jacques, Patricia R., died 6/26/90: 7/2/90p6

Jacques, Pauline, knits for others: 11/20/84p32 (Note 2)

Jacques, Pauline Y., died 7/21/82: 8/3/82p2

Jacques, Raymond E., died 7/8/83: 7/19/83p2

Jacques, Susan, and Michael Elithorpe wed 4/21/90: 11/19/90p9

James, Catherine A., died 7/15/85: 7/23/85p16

James, Marie A., died 10/28/81: 11/3/81p3

James., Frank H., died 7/11/83: 7/19/83p2

Janelle, Josephat, died 4/10/82: 4/20/82p8

Janes, Joyce M., died 11/29/90: 12/10/90p6

Jappe, Paul, and Margaret Wade are wed: 9/19/80p23

Jarest, Francis P., died 2/3/83: 2/15/83p7

Jarvis, Theresa, New Durham Fire Fighter of the Year: 3/21/92p9

Jean, Mary, died 5/17/80: 5/20/80p6

Jeannotte, Irene V., died 7/22/91: 8/5/91p6

Jeffrey, Ernest, died 3/14/87: 3/24/87p1

Jenisch, Richard, principal of McClelland honored: 5/23/88p3

Jenkins, Llewelyn R., died 1/12/85: 1/22/85p7

Jenkins, Raymond L., died 3/1/90: 3/12/90p6

Jenkins, Roland A., died 8/17/92: 8/22/92p6

Jenness, Barbara L., died 2/5/90: 2/12/90p6

Jenness, Grace S., died 3//30/88: 3/28/88p6

Jenness, Rachel I., died 5/7/83: 5/17/83p8

Jenness, Robert, wins Dairy Science Ass'n award: 10/7/86p24

Jenness, Roger F., died 11/11/86: 11/25/86p6

Jenness, Sumner, died 5/18/86: 5/27/86p6

Jessing, David C., died 8/14/86: 8/26/86p8

Jewell, Charles, died 4/18/83: 4/26/83p8

Joblonski, Beatrice A., died 4/19/87: 5/5/87p6

Johnson, Alexander J., died 2/19/84: 2/28/84p9

Johnson, Bertha R., died 10/6/80: 10/14/80p2

Johnson, Bessie P., died 2/9/82: 2/16/82p8

Johnson, Carl E., died 1/10/87: 1/20/87p7

Johnson, Christine H., died 2/29/84: 3/13/84p16

Johnson, Clara E., died 1/28/87: 2/10/87p6

Johnson, Clarence E., died 3/1/80: 3/11/80p2

Johnson, David, and Karen Goodwin are wed: 11/20/84p9

Johnson, Doris H., died 3/12/86: 3/25/86p7

Johnson, Eric, died 12/28/85: 1/7/86p2

Johnson, Fances R., died 3/2/89: 3/13/89p6

Johnson, Hazel W., died 9/9/89: 9/18/89p6

Johnson, Hilda I., died 9/13/89: 9/25/89p6

Johnson, Ingvar, died 4/3/90: 4/9/90p6

Johnson, Joshua A., died 10/9/83: 10/18/83p11

Johnson, Julia A., died 7/1/83: 7/12/83p10

Johnson, Kathleen T., died 11/25/88: 12/5/88p6

Johnson, Kenneth, is Pearl Harbor veteran: 9/21/91p1

Johnson, Mary R., died 2/5/83: 2/15/83p7

Johnson, Nellie B., died 10/3/87: 10/13/87p6

Johnson, Ovid A., died 2/11/90: 2/19/90p6

Johnson, Raymond P., died 5/6/85: 5/21/85p14

Johnson, Wilfred, died 2/19/83: 3/1/83p6

Johnston, Pearl B., died 12/29/80: 1/6/81p2

Johnstone, John, died 5//4/83: 5/17/83p8

Jones, Arnold M., died 11/6/83: 11/15/83p17

Jones, Brian P., died 7/20/86: 7/29/86p9

Jones, Carl L., died 10/28/84: 11/6/84p13

Jones, Douglas C., died 2/12/85: 2/26/85p7

Jones, Eva B., died 4/8/88: 4/18/88p6

Jones, Gladys E., died 4/5/81: 4/14/81p2

Jones, Harriet T., died 2/3/83: 2/8/83p12

Jones, Jeffrey, and Doreen Lagueux are wed 5/25/85: 7/16/85p8

Jones, John, died 2/7/82: 2/16/82p8

Jones, Lena R., died 7/2/82: 7/13/82p2

Jones, Mary G., died 5/3/87: 5/12/87/p6

Jones, Maude M., died 12/7/84: 12/18/84p10

Jones, Ruth R., died 3/1/83: 3/8/83p8

Jones Sr., Chester N., died 2/1/83: 2/8/83p12

Jones Sr., Elwin V., died 2/23/81: 3/3/81p2

Jones, Stanton E., died 7/7/85: 7/16/85p9

Jones, Violet, wins Community Citizen Award: 5/27/80p3

Jones, Warren D., died 4/11/81: 4/28/81p2

Joos, Peter D., died 9/10/90: 9/17/90p6

Joos Sr. Victor J., died 1/6/82: 1/12/82p10

Jordan, John N., died 12/2/84: 12/11/84p20

Jordan, Norman P., died 2/29/86: 2/18/86p5

Jordan, Ruth M., died 5/7/81: 5/12/81p2

Joseph, Darcella, died 8/16/92: 9/17/92p6

Joseph, Lee, died 8/16/92: 9/17/92p6

Joslyn, David, and Joanne Hussey are wed 7/9/83: 9/6/83p7

Joy III, Samuel O., died 9/10/89: 9/18/89p6

Joy, Mason and Milly, extol joys of blueberrying: 8/5/86p1

Joy Sr., Arthur A., died 5/27/82: 6/1/82p6

Julin, Arthur S., died ?/?/84: 8/28/84p12

Junkins, Elmer V., died 6/19/81: 6/30/81p2

Junkins, Ethel L., died 7/21/85: 7/30/85p14

Junkins, Helen M., died 5/2/90: 5/14/90p6

Kaichen, Shannon, is Miss NH National Teen-ager: 7/22/91p9

Kairo, Patty, is City's Employee of the Month: 12/10/92p2

Kaltsas, Andrew, died 4/2/80: 4/8/80p2

Kane, Ruth L., died 12/9/92: 12/17/92p6

Karcher, Frederick C., died 4/5/92: 4/11/92p6

Karkavelas, Mary L., died 9/21/88: 10/3/88p6

Karolak, John J., died 3/14/92: 3/28/92p6

Karolak, Mary K., died 1/14/83: 1/25/83p8

Kaszynski, Dennis. and Helen Brown are wed 6/5/82: 7/20/82p8

Katwick, Alice R., died 1/11/85: 1/22/85p7

Katwick, Arthur D., died 4//4/86: 4/15/86p9

Kaylor, Kevin, died 11/21/82: 11/30/82p11

Keans, F. Roland, died 6/17/82: 6/29/82p2

Keans, Frederick, listed in "Who's Who": 1/18/83p11

Kearney, Robert, and Imelda Eslao wed 5/23/91: 8/5/91p7

Kearns, Anita R., died 2/4/91: 2/11/91p6

Keays, Walter H., died 4/5/89: 4/10/89p6

Keefe, Aubry G., died 8/16/80: 8/19/80p2

Keefe, Jamie, signs with Pittsburg Pirates: 6/6/92p1

Keefe, William, honored by Roch. Jaycees: 2/26/80p4

Keegan, Nancy J., died 1/22/91: 1/28/91p6

Keen, Edith, is just naturally compassionate: 12/21/82p1

Keen, Irene M., died 12/21/91: 12/28/91p6

Keene, Richard L., died 4/2/86: 4/15/86p9

Keller, Charman A., died 11/7/82: 11/16/82p8

Keller, Geraldine, died 6/28/84: 7/3/84p13

Kellerhouse, George H., died 6/23/84: 7/3/84p13

Kelley, Eleanor K., died 3/24/80: 4/1/80p2

Kelley, John E., died 3/9/86: 3/18/86p12

Kelley, John, makes an iron wood stove a week: 10/4/83p10

Kelley, Lillian P., died 9/21/89: 10/2/89p6

Kelley, Lucy H., died 6/30/89: 7/10/89p6

Kemp, Robert G., died 12/15/81: 12/22/81p2

Kempton, Robie, and Loann Bean wed: 6/13/92: 8/1/92p9

Kenaley, Christopher, is winner in BIC writing contest: 5/22/89p3

Kendal, Herbert G., died 5/??/91: 12/24/92p18

Kendall, Alec D., died 2/4/90: 2/12/90p6

Kendall, Mina B., died 2/6/84: 2/14/84p9

Kendell, Grace H., died 4/20/86: 4/29/86p6

Kendzerski, Sephen E., died 4/15/91: 4/29/91p6

Keniston, Edward R., died 7/22/83: 8/9/83p2

Kenneday, Clayton H., died 11/29/80: 12/2/80p2

Kennedy, Cheryl, is Mrs. New Hampshire: 3/26/90p1

Kennedy Jr., John, and Maria Shuetz are wed 12/20/82: 3/8/83p7

Kenney, Bernard J., died 7/8/88: 7/18/88p6

Kenney, Catherine H., died 11/9/91: 11/23/91p6

Kent, Diane E., died 4/18/88: 4/25/88p6

Kent, Robert G., died 12/15/81: 12/29/81p2

Kenyon, Wilfred R., died 1/23/90: 2/5/90p6

Keohan, Margaret Q., died 4/10/82: 4/20/82p8

Keslar, Elizabeth, died 10/13/80: 10/21/80p2

Ketcham, Wesley, died 3/25/86: 4/1/86p6

Ketchum, Charles R., died 8/29/88: 9/5/88p6

Kidder, Laurie, and Kenneth Jacques are wed 6/4/83: 7/12/83p10

Kilbury, Kenneth, and Donna Shaw wed 8/7/92: 11/12/92p8

Kimball, Angie C., died 1/26/83: 2/1/83p6

Kimball, Clara C., died 12/8/90: 12/17/90p6

Kimball, Ernest A., died 4/15/85: 4/23/85p17

Kimball, Gertrude B., died 1/28/80: 2/5/80p2

Kimball, Gladys M., died 1/21/91: 1/28/91p6

Kimball, Helen M., died 12/31/79: 1/8/80p2

Kimball Jr., Earl L., died 7/8/91: 7/15/91p6

Kimball Jr., Frank, died 5/22/86: 5/27/86p1

Kimball, Maurice E., died 8/19/86: 8/26/86p8

Kimball, Norman L., died 5/17/82: 5/25/82p2

King, Alice L., died 10/30/88: 11/7/88p6

King, Bernice W., died 1/1/86: 1/14/86p6

King, Dorothy E., died 8/6/85: 8/20/85p14

King, Ellen F., died 3/24/85: 4/2/85p7

King, Evan F., died 11/15/91: 11/23/91p6

King, Guerdon E., died 4/15/84: 4/24/84p8

King, Isabelle B., died 5/17/88: 5/30/88p6

King Jr., Harry, died 1/14/89: 1/23/89p6

King, Levina R., died 12/24/86: 1/6/87p6

King, Paul A., died 11/29/90: 12/10/90p6

King, Ruth D., died 10/20/89: 10/30/89p6

Kingsbury, David, and Cynthia Hoage are wed: 8/16/83p12

Kingsbury, Iva V., died 6/3/81: 6/9/81p2

Kirkier, Phyllis A., died 11/11/83: 11/22/83p12

Kirouac, Ernest J., died 6/3/90: 6/11/90p6

Kirouac, John J., died 11/22/90: 12/3/90p6

Kirouac, Marie T., died 1/14/81: 1/20/81p2

Kitner, Rhonda, has Frisbie's first 1990 baby: 1/8/90p1

Kittredge, Goldie T., died 3/15/87: 3/24/87p6

Kittredge, Theodore, and Goldie Tirrell wed 6/12/80: 6/17/80p18

Kitts, Suzanne, and John Silvia III wed 7/19/80: 8/26/80p13

Klapprodt, Arno, died 3/26/91: 4/1/91p6

Knapp, Amanda A., died 3/1/81: 3/10/81p2

Knapper, Alice H., died 10/21/91: 10/26/91p6

Knight, Bobby, breeds and sells exotic birds: 1/17/84p14

Knight, Gretchen E., died 12/17/92: 12/24/92p18

Knight, Wayne F., died 5/19/80: 5/27/80p2

Knights, Laura M., died 3/21/84: 3/27/84p9

Knights, Lawrence D., died 4/9/82: 4/20/82p8

Knox, Alisha A., died 5/7/86: 5/20/86p6

Knox, Chester E., died 7/14/84: 7/24/84p8

Knox, Emelda G., died 3/12/80: 3/18/80p2

Knudson, Robert G., died 5/23/83: 5/31/83p6

Knutson, Earle R., died 7/30/88: 8/8/88p6

Kocian, Ellen, resigns as Roch. C/C Executive VP: 10/15/92p9

Kolobitz. Ronalee, and Louis Goupil are wed 5/24/80: 6/10/80p13

Koulalis, Jeanette, is school artist-in-residence: 10/23/89p1

Koutzoukis, Ernest P., died 7/19/86: 7/29/86p9

Kraemer, Fred O., died 8/21/80: 8/26/80p7

Krapohl, Mildred S., died 6/9/88: 6/20/88p6

Kraus, Anna D., died 9/27/88: 10/3/88p6

Kreiensieck, Wayne, & Charlene Maxfield wed 8/23/80: 9/16/80p13

Krzystyniak, Walter J., died 6/25/88: 7/4/88p6

Kunz, Robert I., died 5/2/80: 5/6/80p2,5/13/80p2

Kupccs, Maria, died 11/7/88: 11/14/88p6

Kurihara, Momoyo, teaches Japanese culture to schoolers: 5/9/92

Kusnierz, Rosanna, and R. Bruce Hoverman wed 9/26/81: 11/24/81p14

Labell, Harriet I., died 1/7/82: 1/12/82p2

Labranche, Margaret A., died 11/22/86: 12/2/86p6

Labrecque, Donald, and Angela Mountain are wed 7/16/83: 9/6/83p7

Labrecque, M&M George, are wed 50 years: 9/25/89p9

Labrecque, Michael T., died 10/15/87: 10/27/87p6

Labrecque, Msr. Sgt. Gerard, retiresL 10/15/90p8

Labrecque, Yvonne J., died 9/10/82: 9/21/82p2

LaBrecque, Laura A., died 5/17/82: 5/25/82p2

LaBrecque, Pamela, and Allyn Maffee wed 11/29/86: 2/10/87p5

Labrie, Edmond J., died 5/27/84: 6/5/84p12

Labrie, Margery, died 1/16/90: 1/22/90p6

Lacasse, Alfred L., died 5/18/85: 5/28/85p16

Lacasse, Desneiges, died 3/24/81: 3/31/81p3

Lacasse, James L., honored for 50 years of service: 1/25/92p3

Lacasse, James L., listed in "Who's Who Registry": 4/11/92p6

Lacasse, Lucy I., died 3/7/81: 3/17/81p2

Lacasse, Maryann, honored at school retirement party: 6/20/92p5

Lacasse, Maryann, retires after 34 years in Roch. Schools: 5/2/92p3

Lacasse, Peter, and Shirley Whitney are wed 7/10/82: 10/19/82p5

Lacasse, Wilson R., died 1/15/83: 1/25/83p8

Lachance, Bernard J., died 5/9/86: 5/20/86p6

Lachance, Florence I., died 3/20/88: 4/11/88p6

Lachance, John, and Carol Lockyer are wed 2/25/89: 6/19/89p9

Lachance, Joseph L., died 4/14/88: 4/18/88p6

Lachance, Lorraine R, died 4/4/89: 4/10/89p6

Lachance, Marion L., died 10/10/82: 10/19/82p2

Lachance, Pauline R., died 9/1/90: 9/10/90p6

Lachance, Ruth M., died 7/26/83: 8/2/83p3

LaChance, Lucien J., died 7/28/80: 8/5/80p2

LaChance, Robert C., died 5/22/82: 6/1/82p6

LaChance, Venita E., died 7/11/86: 7/22/86p6

Lachapelle, Leon H., died 7/19/92: 7/25/92p6

Lachapelle, Merida, died 8/28/86: 9/9/86p6

Lacroix, Adam, died 12/15/87: 1/5/88p6

Lacroix, Claribel, died 11/19/88: 11/28/88p6

Lacroix, Eugenie M., died 10/20/89: 10/30/89p6

Lacroix, Marcia, and Thomas Vina are wed 5/23/81: 7/21/81p7

Lacroix, Yvonne E., died 11/23/83: 11/29/83p12

LaCroix, Donald P., died 3/14/92: 3/21/92p6

Lacy, David, and Jacqueline Dopp are wed: 10/24/88p11

Laderbush, Patricia, and Mark Rousseau wed 8/15/86: 10/7/86p5

Laferte, J. Hector, died 9/23/92: 10/1/92p6

Lafontaine Sr., J. Oliver, died 9/18/82: 9/28/82p2

Lafontaine, Theresa, and Paul Cormier are wed 6/26/81: 8/11/81p6

Lagasse, Gladys S., died 12/1/88: 12/12/88p6

Lagasse, Louise R., died 7/10/89: 7/17/89p6

Lagasse, Raymond R., died 12/6/90: 12/17/90p6

Lagasse, Rita L., died ?/?/81: 7/21/81p2

Lageuex, Doreen, and Jeffrey Jones are wed 5/25/85: 7/16/85p8

Lagotte, Walter C., died 2/2/84: 2/14/84p9

Lalame, Clifford A., died 3/20/88: 3/28/88p6

Lamb, Dorothy J., died 3/23/91: 4/1/91p6

Lamb, Martha L., died 8/27/92: 9/5/92p6

Lambert, Albert, died 8/18/88: 8/29/88p6

Lambert, Helen M., died 6/26/83: 7/5/83p3

Lambert, Lorraine E., died 6/21/83: 6/28/83p2

Lambert, Melida, died 12/4/84: 12/11/84p20

Lambert, Wilfred A., died 8/27/82: 9/7/82p2

Lamie, Andrew, and Dawn Taylor are wed 2/16/80: 4/1/80p22

Lamont, Alexina P., died 10/21/84: 10/30/84p13

Lamontagne, Albertine, died 8/22/86: 9/2/86p6

Lamontagne, Jerome A., died 5/17/86: 5/27/86p6

Lamontagne, Karen, and Robert Cunningham wed 5/17/80: 6/3/80p13

Lamontagne, Lucien R., died 11/5/89: 11/13/89pp6,7

Lamontagne, Norma H., died 10/1/86: 10/14/86p6

Lamontagne, Paul F., died 10/1/90: 10/8/90p6

LaMontagne, A. Eugene, died 5/13/85: 5/21/85p14

Lamoureux, Dianne, and Gerald Sanfacon wed 12/22/79: 1/8/80p17

Lamper, Hazel D., died 6/2/84: 6/12/84p10

Lamper, Herbert D., died 4/20/80: 4/29/80p2

Lamper, Herbert, died 1/18/86: 1/28/86p6

Lamprey, Mark, and Diane Hamel are wed 6/24/83: 11/1/83p3

Lamson, Frances E., died 7/25/89: 7/31/89p6

Lancey, Craig, and Kathy Larochelle are wed 6/15/85: 7/30/85p13

Lancey, Darcy, and Robert Dore are wed: 12/7/82p5

Lanciano, Francis, died 12/2/88: 12/12/88p6

Landi, Doris M., died 5/19/91: 5/27/91p6

Landi, Marion L., died 4/26/87: 5/5/87p6

Landry, Francis A., died 8/6/83: 8/16/83p2

Landry, Joseph A., died 7/29/86: 8/5/86p10

Landry, Korey, and Brian Hayes are wed 7/20/85: 8/13/85p15

Landry, Lillian M., died 12/13/87: 12/22/87p6

Landry, M&M James, celebrate 45th anniversary: 8/12/80p13

Landry, Marian A., died 2/16/83: 2/22/83p9

Landry, Ralph V., died 8/17/82: 8/24/82p2

Landry Sr., James W., died 3/26/87: 4/7/87p6

Lane, Eunice M., died 8/2/91: 8/12/91p6

Lane, Isabelle L., died 11/23/86: 12/2/86p6

Lane, Kenneth B., died 4/24/80: 4/29/80p2

Laney, Stephen G., died 6/26/91: 7/8/91p6

Langelier, Arthur J., died 5/11/82: 5/18/82p2

Langelier, Bertha G., died 10/6/91: 10/12/91p6

Langelier, Michael, and Lisa Hill are wed 8/28/82: 12/7/82p5

Langevin, Aime W., died 10/8/86: 10/21/86p6

Langevin, Benoit R., died 11/12/86: 11/25/86p6

Langevin, Eva, died 9/13/83: 9/20/83p2

Langevin, Paul, on ABC's "America's Funniest People": 11/26/92p3 Langille, Mary E., died 7/11/92: 7/18/92p6

Langis, Wilfred L., died 7/17/91: 7/29/91p6

Langley, Laurie, creates anti-SIDS effort: 2/22/92p1

Langley, Ray E., died 1/23/88: 1/26/88p6

Langway, Rod, made it to hockey's big leagues: 1/18/83p6

Lanoix, Gustave, died 7/12/85: 7/23/85p16

Lanoix, Homer J., died 22/1/80: 2/5/80p11

Laoretti, Florence W., died 11/9/86: 11/18/86p6

LaPage, Emile O., died 12/13/80: 12/16/80p2

Lapanne, Edward B., died 8/29/82: 9/7/82pp1,2

Lapanne, Thomas R., died 8/29/82: 9/7/82pp1,2

Lapierre, Lorenzo A., died 3/31/89: 4/10/89p6

Lapierre, Roger P., died 3/14/80: 3/18/80p2

Lapierre, Shirley A., died 1/23/92: 2/1/92p6

Lapierre, Ulderic J., died 7/28/84: 8/7/84p8

LaPierre, Antoinette R., died 2/21/87: 3/3/87p6

LaPierre, Gerald G., died 3/1/90: 3/12/90p6

Laplanne, Glenn D., died 4/29/89: 5/8/89p6

Laplume, Juliren C., died 11/2/90: 11/12/90p6

Lapointe, Florence R., died 9/13/86: 9/23/86p8

Lapointe, Steven, and Betty Prince are wed 1/19/85: 4/9/85p8

LaQuerre, Girard, died 8/24/87: 9/1/87p6

Laroche, George H., died 7/8/84: 7/17/84p6

Laroche, Valoria, died 1/3/93: 1/7/93p6

LaRoche, Diane, and Kenneth Whitten wed 4/12/80: 6/17/80p13

Larochelle, Cecilia C., died 6/23/90: 7/2/90p6

Larochelle, Eugene B., died 6/2/83: 6/14/83p2

Larochelle, Karen, and Charles Emerson wed 5/24/91: 8/5/91p7

Larochelle, Kathy, and Craig Lancey are wed 6/15/85: 7/30/85p13

Larochelle, Kay, and Todd Date are wed 7/29/89: 9/4/89p8

Larochelle, Kevin, and Tracy Sanborn are wed: 11/10/87p9

Larochelle, Leo, died 12/26/84: 1/8/85p9

Larochelle Sr., Armand J., died 1/28/87: 2/10/87p6

LaRochelle, Alice M., died 2/22/81: 3/3/81p2

LaRochelle, Lee, earns teaching award: 8/13/90p8

LaRochelle, Maurice, died 1/26/92: 2/1/92p6

Larochrelle, Richard P., died 11/21/90: 12/3/90p6

Larose, Alma M., died 3/27/83: 4/5/83p8

Larose, Marie G., died 6/4/91: 6/10/91p6

Larrabee Jr., Wayne N., died 4/11/92: 4/18/92p6

Larry, Mary E., died 3/14/87: 3/24/87p6

Laskey, Clyde, died 12/16/83: 12/27/83p9

Laskey, Elizabeth P., died 9/18/83: 9/27/83p11

Laskey, Matthew C., died 4/23/88: 5/2/88p6

Lasky, Ralph D., died 2/17/81: 2/24/81p2

Lassonde, Richard M., died 2/24/90: 3/5/90p6

Laueux, Jean J., died 11/4/87: 11/17/87p6

Laufman, Dudley, is fiddler and dance caller: 10/24/88p1

Laurent, Kathy, and James Hutchins are wed 2/29/84: 4/10/84p13

Laurion, Alexina M., died 7/10/80: 7/15/80p2

Laurion, Alfred G., died 12/12/90: 12/24/90p6

Laurion, Andre, and Norma Mercier wed 6/28/86: 9/16/86p13

Laurion, Edward W., died 9//13/88: 11/14/88p6

Laurion, Eva, died 1/5/89: 1/16/89p6

Laurion, Josephat, likes flying his Cessna 150: 7/19/83/1

Laurion, Leda J., died 8/24/82: 8/30/82p2

Laurion, Michelle, pens musical show: 3/27/84p1

Laurion, Renee, and Nathaniel Goodspeed wed 7/31/82: 11/23/82p13

Laurion, Roger L., died 5/9/90: 5/21/90p6

Laurion, Ronald, died 4/9/90: 4/16/90pp1,6

Lauton Sr., Hartford C., died 6/27/89: 7/3/89p6

Lavallee, Joseph J., died ?/?/82: 6/22/82p2

LaVallee, Fred, serves through his ham radio: 8/14/84p2

Lavalley, Henry J., died 1/21/84: 1/31/84p10

LaValley, John M., died 5/4/88: 5/23/88p6

LaValley, Renee L., died 2/28/89: 3/13/89p6

Lavertue Jr., Joseph W., died 7/3/88: 7/11/88p6

Lavertue, Margaret M., died 11/21/91: 11//30/91p6

Lavertue, Rosalie A., died 1/17/92: 1/25/92p6

Lavertue, Veronica, died 7/26/87: 8/4/87p6

Lavoie, Brenda E., died 5/3/86: 5/13/86p6

Lavoie, Linda, and Alan Durant are wed 8/1/81: 12/15/81p15

Lavoie, Marie L., died 3/12/91: 3/25/91p6

Lavrich Sr., Anthony A., died 7/14/91: 7/22/91p6

Lawrence, Altice A., died 3/14/89: 3/20/89p6

Lawrence, Arlene C., died 10/24/81: 11/3/81p2

Lawrence, Beatrice, supports array of national causes: 5/14/90p1

Lawrence, Charles P., died 11/3/89: 11/13/89pp6,7

Lawrence Sr., John W., died 5/30/86: 6/10/86p10

Lawry, Elizabeth-Ann, died 5/28/90: 6/4/90p6

Lawson, Audry Y., died 2/16/86: 2/25/86p7

Lawson, Helen E., died 10/9/80: 10/14/80p2

Layton, Rachael E., died 10/12/84: 10/23/84p14

Lazarus, Gregory, and Gayle Spence are wed 10/10/81: 11/24/81p14

Le Bouthillier, Leo chosen as UPUC meeting guide: 3/27/89p5

Leach, Charles F., died 4/?/83: 4/12/83p6

Leach, John, and Lori Potvin are wed 7/4/81: 8/11/81p6

Leach, Margeurite I., died 3/13/84: 3/20/84p13

Leach, Priscilla E., died 12/28/91: 1/4/92p6

Leahy, Marjorie R., died 12/18/86: 12/30/86p6

Leary, Ellen M., died 10/5/84: 10/16/84p2

Leary, Kenneth R., died 11/6/92: 11/12/92p6

Leary, Marcia L., died 7/12/86: 7/22/86p6

Leavitt, Arthur, died 12/3/80: 12/9/80p2

Leavitt, Florence M., died 8/??/87: 9/1/87p6

Leavitt, Roy, died 6/29/83: 7/5/83p3

Leavitt Sr., Maurice I., died 2/20/83: 3/1/83p6

LeBlanc, May T., died 3/1/88: 3/8/88p6

Leblond, J. Arthur, died 1/4/90: 1/15/90p6

Leblond, Joseph M., died 2/26/86: 3/11/86p10

Lebrecque, M&M Robert, celebrate 25th anniversary: 8/11/81p6

Lebrecque, Rosina J., died 3/9/80: 3/18/80p2

Lebreque, Anita, died 10/26/83: 11/8/83p8

LeBrun, Donna, and David Archambault are wed: 11/8/83p10

LeClair, Richard, and Darlene Grenier wed 3/15/80: 4/8/80p11

Ledbury, Harry J., died 6/20/88: 7/4/88p6

Lee, Denice, and Christopher Picard wed 12/21/79: 2/29/80p3A

Lee, James E., died 3/24/83: 4/5/83p8

Lee, Michael, listed in 1992 "Who's Who/Teachers": 10/22/92p22

Lee, Mildred C., died 6/25/92: 7/4/92p6

Lee, Thomas F., died 3/30/82: 4/6/82p8

Lefavour, Robert E., died 7/28/82: 8/3/82p2

Lefebvre, Albert, died 4/23/92: 5/2/92p6

Lefebvre, Denise, and Alan Brock are wed 10/8/83: 12/13/83p17

Lefebvre, Diane, and George Furbush are wed 6/26/82: 10/12/82p16

Lefebvre, Gerard A., died 8/27/87: 9/8/87p6

Lefebvre, Robert, awarded Army WWII Bronze Star: 12/30/86p1

Lefebvre, Robert L., died 3/11/90: 3/19/90p6

Lefebvre, Thelma J., died 7/12/80: 7/15/80p2

Lefebvre, William F., died 2/6/89: 2/13/89p6

Lefurgy, Mabel, died 12/22/82: 1/4/83p6

LeGendre, Irene M., died 1/1/80: 1/8/80p2

Legere, Geore A., died 4/22/84: 5/1/84p9

Legrand, Beatrice, wins $100k in sweepstakes: 9/11/84p8

LeHoullier, Robert S., died 11/26/90: 12/3/90p6

Leicht, John M., died 2/20/82: 3/2/82p9

Leighton, Ernest L., died 8/12/85: 8/20/85p14

Leighton, M. Agnes, died 11/3/88: 11/14/88p6

Leighton, Martha, and Richard Trudel are wed 7/3/82: 8/17/82p17

Leighton, Ralph R., died 7/1/88: 7/11/88p6

Lemay, Louis C., died 11/20/88: 11/28/88p6

Lemelin, Kenneth J., died 8/21/90: 8/27/90p6

Lemieux, William A., died 11/10/86: 11/18/86p6

Lemire, Alfred, made largest banjo in the world: 3/11/86p1

Lemire, Donald E., died 9/12/90: 9/24/90p6

Lemire, Raymond B., died 5/16/89: 5/29/89p6

Lemire, Sadie, died 1/9/83: 1/18/83p8

Lemke, Audrey V., died 10/2/80: 10/7/80p2

Lemke, Harold J., died 7/10/81: 7/21/81p2

Lemke, Harry, died 4/5/86: 4/15/86p9

Lemoyne, Exila, died 2/25/83: 3/8/83p8

Lemoyne, George H., died 4/10/89: 4/17/89p6

Lemoyne, Henri and Zoe, family hold reunion: 7/21/81p15, 8/30/83p3, 10/21/86p7

Lemoyne, Irene A., died 10/6/84: 10/16/84p2

Lemoyne, John P., died 4/18/89: 5/1/89p6

Lenzi, Ruth M., died 8/13/80: 8/19/80p2

Leonard, Chilson H., died 3/9/82: 3/16/82p9

Leonard, Dick, is amateur radio "ham" operator: 4/7/81p12

Leonard, Edith P., died 2/1/87: 2/17/87p6

LePelley, Dorcas, died 2/3/91: 2/11/91p6

Lepene, Donald M., died 6/11/85: 6/18/85p20

Lepene Jr., Murray N., died 10/16/81: 10/27/81p2

Lepene, Patricia A., died 2/17/91: 2/25/91p6

Lepene, Tami, and Kevin Jackson are wed: 3/12/85p10

Lepine, Patricia L., died 3/30/86: 4/8/86p8

LeSieur, Frederick A, died 1/18/89: 1/23/89p6

Leslie, Sharon, and Harvey Couch Jr. are wed 8/9/81: 9/15/81p15

Lesperance, Armand, died 4/21/89: 5/1/89p6

Lesperance, Elwin L., died 10/23/80: 10/28/80p2

Lessard, Archibald, died 8/18/81: 8/25/81p2

Lessard, George E., died 1/31/90: 2/12/90p6

Lessard, Mary A., died 2/23/86: 3/4/86p12

Lessard, Rene, new Homemakers of SC Public Relations director: 7/8/91p12

Lessard, Rosalie, celebrates 100 years of age: 3/17/87p8

Lessard, Rosalie, celebrates 102nd birthday: 3/27/89p3

Lessard, Rosalie L., died 7/1/91: 7/8/91p6

Lessard, Stella M., died 12/11/84: 12/18/84p10

Lessard, Yvonne E., died 12/20/89: 1/1/90p6

Letendre, Albert P., died 5/18/91: 5/27/91p6

Letendre, Christine M., died 8/22/88: 8/29/88p6

Letendre, Ernest N., died 12/26/85: 1/14/86p6

Letendre, Virginia, died 1/8/83: 1/18/83p8

Letourneau, Edward J., died 4/4/86: 4/15/86p9

Letourneau, Gedion, died 12/1/83: 12/6/83p17

Letourneau, Lydia, died 7/17/86: 7/29/86p9

Letourneau, Mabel D., died 3/1/89: 3/13/89p6

Letourneau, Paul R., died 5/7/91: 5/13/91p6,5/20/91p6

Letourneau, Raymond J., died 10/20/86: 10/28/86p6

Leveille, Azilda A., died 11/18/87: 12/1/87p6

Leveille, Real J., died 6/22/88: 7/4/88p6

Levendahl, Jules E., died 3/8/84: 3/20/84p13

Levesque, Cecile, honored as foster grandparent: 1/18/92p3

Levesque, Ernest J., died 10/9/80: 10/14/80p2

Levesque, Ida M., died 5/16/88: 5/23/88p6

Levesque, Leslie, and Thomas Morgan Jr. wed 7/12/80: 9/16/80p13

Levesque, Lydia, died 8/15/84: 8/28/84p12

Levesque, Maureen, and Steven Fritz are wed 1/7/84: 2/21/84p15

Levesque, Silvio A., died 1/20/89: 1/30/89p6

Lewis, Benjamin F., died 3/13/80: 3/18/80p2

Lewis, Bertha, died 7/21/86: 7/29/86p9

Lewis, Brandy, Roch. Fair Talent Show winner: 10/15/92p11

Lewis, Charles W., died 3/10/80: 3/18/80p2

Lewis, Dorothy, philanthropist: 11/6/84p1; 11/20/84p6(Note 2)

Lewis, Lorraine M., died 5/1/80: 5/6/80p2

Lewis, Lucille M., died 4/11/91: 4/22/91p6

Lewis, Robert, new Roch. C/C Executive VP: 12/10/92p9

Lewis, Sr., Roger S., died 4/13/81: 4/21/81p2

Lewis, William, and Lorraine Jacklin wed 8/23/80: 9/30/80p11

Lewis. Henry W., died 12/24/88: 1/2/89p6

L'Heureux, Marie R., died 11/12/92: 11/19/92p6

Libby, Albert R., died 7/16/83: 7/26/83p5

Libby, Betty G., died 1/21/80: 1/29/80p2

Libby, Carlton C., died 4/15/92: 4/25/92p6

Libby, Christine C., died 2/20/88: 3/1/88p6

Libby, Jasper M., died 10/1/87: 10/13/87p6

Libby, Joseph, and Denise NcNulty are wed 3/27/82: 4/20/82p5

Libby, Leroy H., died 4/26/92: 5/2/92p6

Libby, Lillian, died 7/6/84: 7/24/84p8

Libby, Mabel, died 7/1/88: 7/11/88p6

Libby Sr., Donald T., died 6/28/82: 7/6/82p11

Liberi Jr., Bernartd H., died 9/22/92: 10/1/92p6

Liberi. Bertha M., died 8/18/80: 8/26/80p2

Liberti Sr., Bernard H., died 10/31/82: 11/9/82p2

Liberty, Barbara T., died 1/3/90: 1/15/90p6

Lieberman, Melvin, died 12/8/87: 12/22/87p6

Lielasus Jr., Sgt. Philip, on duty in the Azores: 4/15/86p3

Lincoln, Albert T., died 12/29/84: 1/8/85p14

Lincoln, Eunice D., died 7/26/91: 8/5/91p6

Lincoln, Harold G., died 6/2/81: 6/9/81p2

Lindemann, Frances, died 105/88: 10/17/88p6

Little, LLoyd F., died 9/91: 9/15/81p2

Little, Margaret C., died 7/15/80: 7/22/80p2

Littlefield, Perley E.,. died 10/9/80: 10/14/80p2

Livingstone, Gordon, died 7/3/82: 7/13/82p2

Lizotte, Angela, died 9/11/81: 9/22/81p2

Lloyd, Frances H., died 9/19/86: 10/7/86p6

Lobao, Derek, now believes in Santa Claus: 1/6/87p1

Locke, Jim, honored by Soc. of American Magicians: 9/28/81p3

Lockhart, William B., died 9/25/88: 10/3/88p6

Lockyer, Carol, and John Lachance are wed 2/25/89: 6/19/89p9

Lombard, Carrol and Elvera, wed 50 years: 10/26/91p15

Londo, Erwin, creates new engine builds tractor: 11/3/81p1

Londo, Erwin, died 4/21/92: 5/2/92p6

Long, Randy, and Nina Shost are wed: 12/7/82p5

Longchamps, Rev. Adrien, collects St. Nicholas: 12/22/87p12

Longley, Maude, died 1/5/84: 1/17/84p13

Longo, Hector d., died 12/12/88: 12/19/88p6

Loomis, Bradley, retires from City Police Dept.: 5/2/88p1

Loomis, Sherry, sings for attention at camp: 7/17/84p1

Loporcaro, Tina, and Bruce Viel are wed 5/10/80: 5/27/80p11

Lord, Alta and Doc, to pack 70 tons of blueberries: 8/9/83p1

Lord, Augustus and Hazel, are wed 67 years: 10/30/88p1

Lord, Charles J., died 12/19/91: 12/28/91p6

Lord, Christine B., died 11/19/88: 11/28/88p6

Lord, Clayton, repairs horse harnesses: 5/10/83p1

Lord, Clayton S., died 9/30/88: 10/10/88p6

Lord, Erich, died 4/14/90: 4/23/90p6

Lord, Francis J., died 3/16/81: 3/31/81p3

Lord, Heman G., died 11/21/84: 12/4/84p15

Lord, James E., died 3/25/80: 4/1/80p2

Lord, Jeff, organizes expedition to the Pole: 9/17/90p1

Lord, Lovisia G., died 6/1/86: 6/10/86p10

Lord, Luella E., died 3/6/83: 3/15/83p6

Lord, Ruth G., died 4/3/82: 4/13/82p8

Lord Sr., Donald J., died 9/12/88: 9/19/88p6

Loring, Melvin, died 1/12/82: 1/19/82p8

Loring, Norman A., died 1/8/87: 1/20/87p7

Loring, Norman A., died 12/2/80: 12/9/80p2

Loring, Rupert L., died 1/17/89: 1/23/89p6

Louden, John, died 2/27/91: 3/11/91p6

Lougee, J. Walter, died 12/12/80: 12/16/80p2

Lougee, Marjorie M., died 6/13/90: 6/25/90p6

Lovejoy, Jennie L., died 5/4/85: 5/14/85p13

Lovely, Bonnie, and Kenneth Billings are wed 6/19/82: 10/19/82p5

Lovette, Rose A., died 1/31/80: 2/5/80p2

Low, Marjorie G., died 4/29/81: 5/4/81p2

Lowd, Burton W., died 6/12/91: 6/24/91p6

Lowe, Robert L., died 10/1/89: 10/9/89p6

Lowell-Wallace, Margaret T., died 5/11/84: 5/22/84p2

Lowry, Ardella F., died 4/23/83: 5/3/83p6

Lucas, Annette M., died 4/27/92: 5/2/92p6

Luchini, Bertha G., died 8/11/88: 8/22/88p6

Lucier, Mark, and Laura Young are wed 5/24/80: 7/15/80p13

Ludden, Alice M., died 2/21/80: 2/26/80p2

Ludden, John V., died 5/31/80: 6/3/80p20

Ludwing, Jane D., died 10/7/81: 10/13/81p2

Luick, Marion D., died 1/19/85: 1/29/85p14

Lull, Norman G., died 6/9/86: 6/17/86p7

Lund, Verne R., died 2/18/87: 2/24/87p6

Lundwin, George, died 1/11/85: 1/22/85p7

Luneau, Norman G., died 2/25/92: 3/7/92p6

Luongo, Gladys V., died 5/18/91: 5/27/91p6

Luongo, M&M Nicholas, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/20/82p5

Lusier, Betty, crowned Mrs. New Hampshire: 5/2/88p7

Lussier, James J., died 12/25/85: 1/7/86p3

Lutes, Clifford, and Gail Wheeler are wed 2/23/80: 4/29/80p13

Luther, Charles W., died 4/9/90: 4/16/90p6

Lynch, Alice E., died 5/17/91: 5/27/91p6

Lyndes, Elery J., was editor of Courier for 27 years: 9/9/80p12

Lyndes, Ellery, Roch. Courier editor: 10/9/84p10 (Note 1)

Lyons, Alan, and Diane Sanfacon wed 1/20/89: 3/20/89p8

Lyons, Angie L., died 3/11/88: 3/22/88p6

Lyons, Dorothy S., died 10/13/89: 10/23/89p6

Lyons, Flora E., died 7/13/82: 7/20/82p2

Lyons Jr., Donald, and Marcia Crisp are wed 8/28/81: 10/6/81p14

Lyons Sr., Donald R., died 7/22/88: 8/1/88p6

Maccabee, Wayne K., died 2/20/88: 3/1/88p6

MacCallum, Ada P., died 12/13/90: 12/24/90p6

MacDermaid, Dora S., died 3/29/86: 4/8/86p8

MacDonagh, Turlach, wins Kodak photo awards: 12/4/84p1

MacDonald, Alfreda B., died 4/9/80: 4/15/80p2

MacDonald, Genevieve S., died 12/11/89: 12/18/89p6

MacDonald, Gladys J., died 1/28/91: 2/4/91p6

MacDonald, Robert A., died 1/22/90: 1/29/90p6

MacDonald, Scott, and Jean Miller wed 9/27/80: 10/21/80p20

MacDonald Sr., Mitchell, died 9/15/91: 9/21/91p6

MacDonald Sr., Russell T., died 6/7/91: 6/17/91p6

MacDougall III, John, and Tammy Fetter are wed 7/30/83: 9/6/83p7

MacDougall, Raymond J., died 10/16/91: 10/26/91p6

MacDougall Sr., John D., died 12//7/84: 12/18/84p10

MacDowell, James H., died 8/23/83: 9/6/83p2

MacDuffee, Mavis W., died 1/30/82: 2/9/82p9

MacEachern, Suzanne, died 4/ 8/80: 4/15/80p2

MacGregor, George A., died 12/21/83: 1/3/84p6

Machon, Mause, died 1/25/84: 1/31/84p10

MacIlvane, Esther L., died 2/17/84: 2/28/84p9

MacIver, Angus, died 5/17/83: 5/24/83p6,5/31/83p6

MacIver, Janet, died 4/5/86: 4/15/86p9

MacIver, Jeffrey A., died 6/14/91: 6/24/91p6

MacIver, Marjorie M., died 8/24/91: 8/31/91p6

MacKay, Albert W., died 3/1//90: 3/19/90p6

MacKay, Alden J., died 4/17/90: 4/23/90p6

MacKay, Levi E., died 1/4/87: 1/20/87p7

MacKay, Mae L., died 3/1/88: 3/15/88p8

Mackey, Debra, and Tang Clough are wed 6/14/80: 7/15/80p13

Mackie, Rudolph A., died 2/12/91: 2/18/91p6

MacKinnon, John F., died 11/8/90: 11/19/90p6

MacLaughlin, Florence, died 2/11/84: 2/21/84p14

MacNicholas, Martin, died 10/30/92: 11/5/92p6

MacPhail, Alex, is new Alternative School director: 8/22/92p3

MacRae, Arleen E., died 11/8/89: 11/20/89p6

Madden, Emily, died 11/11/82: 11/23/82p9

Madore, Lucille L., died 11/9/81: 11/17/81p2

Maffee, Allyn, and Pamela LaBrecque wed 11/29/86: 2/10/87p5

Magee, Blanche K., died 11/13/92: 11/19/92p6

Maglione, Mildred L., died 4/1/91: 4/8/91p6

Maher, Dorcas, died 10/12/84: 10/23/84p14

Mailhot, Doris E., died 8/8/92: 8/15/92p6

Mailhot, Fred W., died 8/25/89: 9/4/89p6

Mailhot, Henry, died 10/27/87: 11/10/87p6

Maine, Gloria A., died 9/18/90: 9/24/90p6

Mains Sr., Walter R., died 12/31/92: 1/7/93p6

Mains, Walter, operates sugaring shack: 4/2/90pp1,3

Major, Louis, died 11/21/85: 12/3/85p7

Malerba, Joanne, and Dal Ray Riley are wed 8/3/85: 11/5/85p9

Mallen, Joseph F., died 12/24/82: 1/4/83p6

Mallett, Sandy, is a wild bird specialist: 7/26/83p1

Malloux, Blanche J., died 7/29/84: 8/7/84p8

Malloy, Alberta M., died 7/19/86: 7/29/86p9

Malloy, Virginia B., died 4/2/88: 4/11/88p6

Maloney, Dorothy E., died 11/21/82: 11/30/82p11

Maloney, Jack C., died 3/17/92: 3/21/92p6,3/28/92p6,5/9/92p6

Maloney Jr., John B., died 1/14/87: 1/27/87p6

Maloney Sr., John B., died 10/9/84: 10/16/84p2

Manganelli, Marguerite B., died 4/15/90: 4/23/90p6

Mann, Deborah, and Jeffery Abel are wed 5/12/84: 7/3/84p5

Mann, Gladys I., died 6/9/92: 6/13/92p6

Mann, M&M Irving, celebrate 25th anniversary: 7/10/84p3

Mann, Steven, and Cherie Woodman are wed 6/4/83: 8/16/83p11

Mansfield, Debra, and Dennis Wilson are wed 4/26/81: 5/12/81p6

Mansfield, Donna, and Mark Sessler are wed 10/2/82: 4/19/83p12

Mansfield Sr., Gurdon R., died 5/18/86: 5/27/86p7

Manson, Robert N., died 8/27/86: 9/9/86p6

Marble, Dwight, and Sharon DeMott are wed 6/26/82: 7/20/82p11

Marble, Harold N., died 12/19/87: 12/29/87p6

Marble, Laurette, died 1/27/84: 2/7/84p6

Marble, Laurette, has second kidney transplant: 11/15/83p12

Marble, Scott, takes his dancing seriously: 3/29/83p1

Marc-Aurele, Joseph H., died 7/2/89: 7/10/89p6

Marcey, Mary, is a Foster Grandparent: 1/27/87p3

March, Mildred E., died 12/26/81: 1/5/82p2

March, Winiford J., died 3/15/90: 3/26/90p6

Marchand, Florence T., died 1/15/83: 1/25/83p8

Marcotte, Cheryl, and Ronald Root are wed 3/6/82: 4/13/82p7

Marcotte, Marie A., died 1/17/93: 1/21/93p6

Marcotte, Robert J., died 4/15/89: 4/24/89p6

Marcoux, Henry E., died 10/7/85: 10/22/85p13

Marcoux, Joseph R., died 9/18/89: 9/25/89p6

Marcoux, Pierre J., died 3/19/81: 3/31/81p3

Marcoux Sr., Joseph R., died 7/5/84: 7/24/84p8

Mareau, Irene D., died 10/12/81: 10/20/81p2

Marenghi, Guy J., died 11/17/86: 11/25/86p6

Marion, Yvonne I., died 12/25/83: 1/3/84p6

Mariotti Jr., D. Charles, died 2//20/83: 3/1/83p6

Marmiris Jr., Theodore J., died 1/19/92: 1/25/92p6

Marotti, Fern Y., died 6/24/84: 7/3/84p13

Marquis, Wilfred J., died 6/24/91: 7/1/91p6

Marsan, Hilda A., died 2/7/91: 2/18/91p6

Marsden, Lena F., died 11/28/85: 12/10/85p8

Marsereau, Charlotte E., died 4/25/80: 4/29/80p17

Marsh, Belle B., died 5/13/80: 5/20/80p2

Marsh, Rev. Donald H., is C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/9/82p1

Marsh, Shawn, earns BSA Eagle badge: 7/1/86p2

Marsh Sr., Robert D., died 12/16/89: 12/25/89p6

Marsh, Tracy B., died 12/9/92: 12/17/92p6

Marsh, Wilson, died ?/?/82: 8/17/82p12

Marsters, Louise W., died 2/7/82: 2/17/81p2

Marston, Exilia F., died 11/11/87: 11/24/87p6

Marston, Thomas J., died 8/28/89: 9/4/89p6

Martel, Arthur, Vietnam vet, tells his story: 11/17/76p1

Martell Sr., Robert B., died 7/27/90: 8/6/90p6

Marteneau, Joseph, died 6/1/82: 6/8/82p2

Martin, Kenneth M., died 1/12/89: 1/23/89p6

Martin, Kenneth, now owns two wild mustangs: 7/20/82p1

Martineau, Audrey M., died 9/15/91: 9/21/91p6

Martineau, Dorothy H., died 7/2/84: 7/10/84p11

Martineau, Ernest J., died 12/22/83: 1/3/84p6

Martineau, Esdras B., died 8/22/82: 8/30/82p2

Martineau, Muriel O., died 1/24/90: 2/5/90p6

Martineau, Valmore W., died 6/27/80: 7/1/80p2

Martucci, Armando, died 9/6/84: 9/18/84p14

Masse, Louise B., died 11/13/91: 11/23/91p6

Masse, Wilda C., died 1/25/88: 1/26/88p6

Massey, Christine L., died 9/20/91: 9/28/91p6

Massey, Hilda M., died 1/19/87: 1/27/87p6

Massingham, Arthur, died 9/16/80: 9/23/80p2

Mathena, Charles, died 11/4/83: 11/8/83p10,11/15/83p17

Mather, David, and Donna Berry are wed 5/26/84: 7/3/84p5

Matheson, Ray, named Glohbe carrier of the month: 11/27/89p8

Mathews, Marion E., died 8/28/81: 9/8/81p2

Mathews, Wendell I., died 4/25/89: 5/1/89p6

Matthews, Charles H., died 2/10/91: 2/18/91p6

Mattina, Mark, and Mary Casey are wed 2/13/82: 4/6/82p15

Mattocks, Mabel L., died 1/26/84: 1/31/84p10

Maurice A., died 11/10/88: 11/21/88p6

Mauser, Florence E., died 10/15/83: 10/25/83p12

Maxfield, Arthur J., died 4/30/87: 5/12/87/p6

Maxfield, Charlene, & Wayne Kreiensieck wed 8/23/80: 9/16/80p13

Maxfield, James, and Ann Branscombe are wed: 2/21/84p15

Maxfield, Lena M., died 3/4/86: 3/11/86p10

Maxfield Sr., Rene J., died 7/24/84: 7/31/84p7

Maxfield, Zena J., died 5/11/90: 5/21/90p6

Maxfielkd, Rose L., died 11/25/88: 12/5/88p6

Mayer, David, died 10/17/88: 10/24/88p6

Maynard, Edward, is Army intelligence specialist: 4/3/89p5

Mayo, Leon, died 10//21/90: 10/29/90p6

Mayo, Roland J., died 11/22/89: 12/4/89p6

Mayrand, Janna R., died 4/28/81: 5/4/81p2

Mazur, Adam, died 9/28/80: 9/30/80p2

Mazza, Ethel, compiling list of City's cemeteries: 9/17/90p20

Mazza, Ethel, honored for 55 years of service by GSA: 6/20/88p8

McAlister Sr., Walter N., died 3/2/90: 3/12/90p6

McAllister, Charlotte N., died 1/12/91: 1/21/91p6

McAllister, Linda, and R. Patnode Jr. wed 10/24/81: 11/24/81p14

McBride, Joanne E., died 9/2/92: 9/12/92p6

McCabe, Patricia, and Robert Musick Jr., wed 12/31/82: 3/8/83p7

McCarron, Daniel J., died 6/24/92: 7/4/92p6

McCarthy, Arthur T., died 6/18/82: 6/29/82p6

McCarthy, Gilbert L., died 1/21/90: 1/29/90p6

McCarthy, Kevin, died 4/19/80: 4/29/80p2

McCarthy, Pauline A., died 8/30/85: 9/10/85p2

McCarthy, Wayne, and Patricia Trask are wed 6/27/81: 8/11/81p6

McCoy, Richard W., died 5/13/80: 5/20/80p2

McCrea, George E., died 4/20/89: 5/1/89p6

McCue, Thomas I., died 9/12/92: 9/17/92p6

McDonald, Lorraine E., died 5/29/80: 6/3/80p20

McDonald, Louise P., died 12/19/81: 12/29/81p2

McDonald, Vorey D., died 4/2/86: 4/15/86p9

McDonough, Lucette M., died 12/29/79: 1/8/80p2

McDormand, Eugene A., died 8/16/89: 8/21/89p6

McDuffee, Frank V., died 4/16/83: 4/26/83p8

McDuffee, Gilman, died 5/25/92: 5/30/92p6

McDuffee, Steve, still letters signs by hand: 6/4/90p3

McGarghan, Terry, suffers heart attack: 2/26/90p10

McGlauflin, Alice F., died 2/24/81: 3/3/81p2

McGowen, Russell W., died 3/2/91: 3/11/91p6

McGrath, Annie B., died 1/19/86: 1/28/86p7

McGrath, Cedric O., died 5/23/84: 5/29/84p7

McGuinan, Nancy M., died 12/28/86: 1/6/87p6

McGurty, Francis E., died 4/17/84: 4/24/84p8

McGurty, James, and Darlene Pepin wed 9/13/86: 10/21/86p7

McHugh, Irene C., died 4/10/91: 4/22/91p6

McIntire, Frank E., died 1/14/93: 1/21/93p6

McIntoch, Frances M., died 8/29/83: 9/6/83p2

McIntosh, Leona D., died 2/23/80: 3/4/80p2

McIntyre, Barbara E., died 4/21/83: 5/3/83p6

McKenna, M&M John, celebrate 25th anniversary: 4/7/81p9

McKenney, Christopher, and Deborah Doyon wed 3/21/81: 4/14/81p11

McKenzie, Gordon C., died 5/15/84: 5/29/84p7

McKernan, Beatrice M., died 1/5/87: 1/13/87p6

McLaughlin, Helen M., died 1/22/82: 2/2/82p6

McLean, John B., died 10/1/92: 10/8/92p6

McLellan, Dale, died 12/17/87: 12/29/87p6

McLellen, Kathleen P., died 10/27/87: 11/3/87p6

McLennan, Hugh R., died 6/9/86: 6/17/86p7

McLoud, Dorothy, died 7/31/84: 8/7/84p8

McMahon, Lisa, died 7/3/90: 7/9/90p2,7/16/90p6

McManus, Jim, sells his own farm produce: 8/12/80p12

McManus Sr., James L., died 6/12/84: 6/19/84p13

McMullin, Harriet T., died 8/24/81: 9/1/81p2

McNeil, Priscilla E., died 10/26/91: 11/2/91p6

McNeil, Raymond S., died 3/10/92: 3/14/94p6

McNulty, Denise, and Joseph Libby are wed 3/27/82: 4/20/82p5

Meacham, Martha R., died 12/15/87: 12/22/87p6

Meader, Bud, runs maple syrup operation: 3/15/83p1

Meader, Charles F., died 2/21/88: 3/1/88p6

Meader, Elwyn, farmer, creates his own species: 9/1/85p1

Meader Family Assoc. holds 10th reunion: 9/14/82p5

Meader, Hazel M., died 3/13/91: 3/25/91p6

Meader, Julie A., died 12/8/91: 12/14/91p6

Meader, Lorraine, and Dana Rines are wed 6/19/82: 12/7/82p5

Meader, Louise E., died 5/4/86: 5/13/86p7

Meader, Louise G., died 6/20/89: 6/26/89p6

Meader, M&M John, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/22/81p16

Meader, Mary J., died 7/10/92: 7/18/92p6

Meader, Wilma O., died 9/18/82: 9/21/82p2

Meanley Jr., Edmund, and Holly Nordholm wed 3/4/89: 4/24/89p9

Meattey III, Herbert E., died 9/12/87: 9/22/87p6

Meatty Jr., Herbert E., died 1/10/89: 1/16/89p6

Melanson, Germaine M., died 4/15/90: 4/23/90p6

Melanson, Richard, mans Blue Job Mt. fire tower: 8/20/90p1

Menegoni, Frank J., died 12/25/88: 1/2/89p6

Mercier, Norma, and Andre Laurion wed 6/28/86: 9/16/86p13

Mercieri, David, and Lorraine Preston are wed 9/12/87: 2/16/88p17

Meredith, Connie L., died 2/3/86: 2/11/86p5

Merrill, Bertha A., died 4/2/91: 4/8/91p6

Merrill, Carlene R., died 12/6/80: 12/9/80p2

Merrill, Catherine F., died 6/22/81: 6/30/81p2

Merrill, Warren, is active in Big Buddy Program: 10/8/92p3

Merritt, Dallas K., died 3/3/84: 3/13/84p16

Merritt, Kenneth R., died 4/?/83: 4/26/83p8

Mersereau, Russell E., died 10/16/83: 10/25/83p12

Mesereau, Marjorie, and Stephen Boudoin wed 1/14/84: 4/10/84p13

Meserve, Irving E., died 5/26/92: 5/30/92p6

Messa, Richard A., died 9/23/91: 9/28/91p6

Messina, Richard, and Vicki Brock are wed 5/28/83: 6/28/83p12

Metcalf, Arthur N., died 12/5/89: 12/18/89p6

Metcalf, Bernard R., died 7/24/86: 8/5/86p10

Metzler, Robert M., died 7/8/88: 7/18/88p6

Meulenbroek, Peter, new head of Roch. Red Cross: 3/8/83p11

Meuse, William E., died 7/28/83: 8/9/83p2

Meyers, Jamie, NH Teache4r of the Year: 11/19/92p1

Meyers, Lorraine, runs Ye Olde Brush Factory: 7/17/89p1

Micaud, Alice M., died 1/3/83: 1/11/83p6

Micaud, Oscar E., died 9/2/89: 9/11/89p6

Michalski, Hedy, died 3/31/90: 4/16/90p6

Michaud, Colette, and Cecil Guptill are wed 6/19/82: 7/20/82p8

Michaud, Elise M., died 3/7/88: 3/15/88p8

Michaud, Leon L., died 4/17/88: 4/25/88p6

Michaud, M&M O'Neil, celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/6/81p14

Michaud, M&M Walter, wed 25 years: 1/15/90p8

Michaud, Michael, died 12/28/80: 1/6/81p2

Michaud, Monique, and Kenneth Brown Jr., wed 7/12/86: 8/26/86p6

Michaud, William E/. died 1/8/91: 1/21/91p6

Michel, Albert J., died 5/28/88: 6/6/88p6

Michel, Andre J., died 3/2/84: 3/13/84p16

Michel, Arline F., died 11/12/90: 11/19/90p6

Mickelonis, Jasonpatrick A., died 3/28/92: 5/9/92p6

Miles, Edward, and Maria Creteau wed 6/27/92: 11/12/92p8

Miles, Russell A., died 11/11/90: 11/19/90p6

Miller, Eda B., died 5/19/81: 5/26/81p2

Miller, Eleanore E., died 1/21/90: 1/29/90p6

Miller, Francis, died 2/27/89: 3/13/89p6

Miller, George R., died 10/18/89: 10/30/89p6

Miller, Hugh R., died 1/27/83: 2/8/83p12

Miller, Jean, and Scott MacDonald wed 9/27/80: 10/21/80p20

Miller, M&M Frank, celebrate 60th anniversary: 7/1/86p5

Miller, Richard, and Kristina Shaw are wed: 10/15/90p9

Miller, Roy W., died 1/20/86: 1/28/86p7

Miller, Shirley E., died 8/8/86: 8/19/86p6

Miller, W. Paul, died 7/28/86: 8/5/86p10

Miller, Wilfred E., died 11/20/91: 11//30/91p6

Miller, William D., died 6/26/81: 7/7/81p2

Millette, Roland F., died 11/22/83: 11/29/83p12

Mills, Ethel M., died 1/19/90: 1/29/90p6

Mills, Walter S., died 4/26/91: 5/13/91p6

Milne, Louis E., died 9/5/82: 9/14/82p2

Minnis, Paul, and Patricia Gilman wed 8/2/80: 9/9/80p14

Minnon, Joseph C., died 8/18/87: 8/25/87p6

Minnon, Joseph E., died 2/21/90: 3/5/90p6

Minnon, Mary R., died 1/2/92: 1/11/92p6

Mireault, Evelyn E., died 10/16/91: 10/26/91p14

Mireault, Thomas, and Cindi Eaton are wed 12/30/88: 6/5/89p7

Mitchell, James, and Cheryl Whitten wed 5/3/86: 7/1/86p5

Moffet, Doris, is a foster grandparent: 1/3/84p8

Moffett, Doris, died 9/17/84: 9/25/84p7

Moffett, Miranda, died 3/20/84: 3/27/84p9

Moffitt, Leo J., died 1/24/81: 1/27/81p2

Molleur, Francis J., died 9/30/80: 10/7/80p2

Mollica, Phillip, and Linda Lucier are wed 4/12/80: 5/13/80p13

Monbleau, Wilfred, died 9/1/80: 9/9/80p2,9/16/80p1

Mondou, Alice S., died 5/1/90: 5/14/90p6

Mondou, Marie, died 9/2/90: 9/10/90p6

Monroe, B. Rosalee, died 2/1/89: 2/13/89p6

Montgomery, Ada M., died 1/22/88: 1/26/88p6

Montgomery, Joseph, new Community Baptists pastor: 9/12/88p7

Montieth Sr., Frank O., died 9/5/88: 9/12/88p6

Montplaisir, Josephine T., died 6/1/86: 6/10/86p10

Moody, Charlotte E., dued 1/6/81: 1/13/81p2

Moody, Ed, builds dogsleds: 9/9/86p1

Moody, Eugene H., died 12/11/89: 1/1/90p6

Moody, Joan A., died 10/5/80: 10/14/80p2

Moon, Dianne E., died 9/18/81: 9/29/81p2

Mooney, Benjamin W., died 10/3/81: 10/13/81p2

Mooney, Geneva M., died 9/22/84: 10/2/84p8

Mooney, Michael W., died 10/26/86: 11/4/86pp1,6

Moore, Brian, and Deborah Chase are wed 6/14/80: 7/15/80p13

Moore, Gary, and Irene Stoddard are wed 8/30/81: 10/6/81p14

Moore, George A., died 10/16/83: 10/25/83p12

Moore, Kathryn, died 4/23/89: 5/1/89p6

Moore, Leon, invents talking sign board: 1/1/90pp1,10

Moore, Mervin E., died 4/30/81: 5/12/81p2

Moore, Richard P., died 11/13/82: 11/23/82p9

Moore, Theodore F., died 1/19/81: 1/27/81p2

Morand, Michael H., died 8/26/84: 9/4/84p12

Moreau, Gerard E., died 3/26/80: 4/1/80p2

Moreau, Timothy P., died 9/17/91: 9/28/91p6

Morel, John S., died 6/21/86: 7/1/86p6

Morey, Mary E., died 4/14/869: 4/22/86p9

Morgan, Ellen, died 9/24/82: 10/5/82p2

Morgan, Harry D., died 11/13/82: 11/23/82p9

Morgan, John J., died 5/28/90: 6/4/90p6

Morgan Jr., Thomas, and Leslie Levesque wed 7/12/80: 9/16/80p13

Morgan, Mildred J., died 8/22/81: 9/1/81p2

Morgan, Patrick T., died 8/26/84: 9/4/84p12

Morgan Sr., Thomas F., died 8/5/91: 8/12/91p6

Morin, Alcide, died 4/16/81: 4/28/81p2

Morin, Angela, died 4/10/88: 4/18/88p6

Morin, Benjmin, died 2/2/89: 2/13/89p6

Morin, Henry L., died 1/10/80: 1/15/80p2

Morin, Louis J., died 8/11/90: 8/20/90p6

Morisen, David A., died 12/13/92: 12/17/92p6

Morneault, Nancy, coordinated volunteers: 11/20/84p27 (Note 2)

Morphy, Margaret M., died 9/1/86: 9/9/86p6

Morrill, Frank H., died 2/1/87: 2/10/87p6

Morrill, Howard, died 4/10/87: 4/21/87p6

Morris, Leona, died 3/13/83: 3/22/83p8

Morrison, Arthur C., died 8/8/80: 8/19/80p2

Morrison, Frances S., died 5/7/89: 5/15/89p6

Morrison, Harry A., died 10/6/86: 10/21/86p6

Morrison, John, died 4/12/88: 4/25/88p6

Morrison Jr., Walter, and Deborah Boivin wed 6/25/83: 8/16/83p12

Morrison, Mary L., died 1/25/92: 2/1/92p6

Morrison, Mary, meets old school pal after 70 years: 4/17/89p3

Morrison, William G., died 9/18/83: 9/27/83p11

Morse, Harold E., died 4/1/80: 4/8/80p2

Morse, Kalvin, and Vicki Smith are wed 5/17/80: 6/3/80p13

Morse, Russell, and Jean Huppe are wed 7/3/81: 10/13/81p5

Morton, William B., died 7/12/90: 7/23/90p6

Mosher, Alberta W., died 3/24/89: 4/3/89p6

Moulton, Chester RE., died 2/15/89: 2/27/89p6

Moulton, Elsie A., died 9/22/85: 10/1/85p10

Moulton, Linda A., died 5/25/92: 5/30/92p6

Moulton, Phyllis C., died 2/3/81: 2/10/81p2

Moulton, Ted F., died 5/15/89: 5/22/89p6

Mountain, Angela, and Donald Labrecque are wed 7/16/83: 9/6/83p7

Mourgenos, Kenneth, and Ruth Quackenbush wed 2/15/87: 5/5/87p8

Mowry, Emma E., died 12/22/86: 12/30/86p6

Mowry Sr., Clarence A., died 5/9/80: 5/13/80p2

Mucher, Nonie A., died 2/8/86: 2/25/86p7

Mulvey, Judith, teacher, earns Presidential Award: 10/13/87p10

Munroe, David, runs the "Blackberry Farm": 8/7/84p1

Murphy, Bernard M., died 11/5/87: 11/17/87p6

Murphy, Daniel A., died 11/7/86: 11/18/86p6

Murphy, M. Bertha, died 7/15/81: 7/21/81p2

Murphy, W. Ruth, died 10/11/81: 10/20/81p2

Murray, Elsie T., died 4/15/80: 4/22/80p2

Murray, Nellie W., died 6/7/88: 6/20/88p6

Murtagh II, Michael J., died 9/2/90: 9/10/90p6

Murtagh, Joseph, and Karen Gilbert are wed 9/19/81: 10/6/81p15

Murtagh, Joseph J., died 8/19/90: 8/27/90p6

Musick Jr., Robert, and Patricia McCabe wed 12/31/82: 3/8/83p7

Musick Jr., Robert. recruits for Army in Rochester: 10/27/81p3

Myhre, Kathryn E., died 1/17/80: 1/29/80p2

Nadeau, Emma M., died 5/15/86: 5/27/86p7

Nadeau, Florence, died 2/12/92: 2/22/92p6

Nadeau, Yvonne A., died 1/27/80: 2/5/80p2

Nangle, Emma D., died 6/11/88: 6/20/88p6

Nangle, Francis J., died 1/6/91: 1/21/91p6

Nangle, Helen M., died 9/17/88: 9/26/88p6

Nangle, Philip A., died 8/14/91: 8/31/91p6

Nangle, Thomas, died 5/18/87: 5/26/87p6

Nason, Charles E., died 7/3/84: 7/24/84p8

Nason, Denise, and Michael Elliott are wed: 12/14/82p20

Nason, Frank, died 4/1/86: 4/8/86p8

Nason, L. Gover, died 12/4/80: 12/9/80p2

Nason, Penny, and Harold Baker Jr. are wed 6/27/81: 8/11/81p6

Nason, Robert F., died 6/1/90: 6/11/90p6

Nason, Wyman I., died 9/8/82: 9/14/82p2

Nathan, Robert E., died 6/23/83: 6/28/83p2

Naylor, Odalie, died 11/14/88: 11/21/88p6

Neal, Debra, and Roland Glidden are wed 5/18/84: 7/3/84p5

Neal, Erlon H., died 12/29/79: 1/8/80p2

Nealand, Simone L., died 6/8/80: 6/17/80p2

Nedeau, Roland P., died 11/2/92: 11/12/92p13

Nelson, Annette I., died 10/29/86: 11/11/86p6

Nelson, David, and Donna Turgeon wed ??/??/??: 2/2/88p9

Nelson, Jan, is Roch. C/C's Citizen of the Year: 2/22/83p1

Nelson, Jimmie J., died 11/2/87: 11/10/87p6

Nelson, Viola B., died 11//26/90: 12/3/90p6

Nelson, W. Paul, died 11/11/90: 11/19/90p6

Nelson, Zelda F., died 3/4/87: 3/17/87p6

Nescot, Marcia, earns C/C's Athena Award: 3/31/87p3

Nescot, William T., died 2/19/88: 3/1/88p6

Nevers, Guy L., died 3/7/80: 3/11/80p2

Nevins, Lyle R., died 6/13/86: 6/24/86p14

Newbury, Leo L., died 10/3/85: 10/22/85p12

Newhall, Patricia, and Steven Hersom are wed 9/3/81: 12/15/81p5

Newhall Sr., Lester E., died 2/18/86: 3/4/86p12

Newton Jr., William A., died 8/10/84: 8/21/84p4

Nicastro, Judy, Roseanne look-alike finalist: 8/7/89p1,8/14/89p5

Nichols, Dorothy K., died 1/3/86: 1/14/86p7

Nichols Jr., David R., died 10/23/86: 11/4/86p6

Nichols, June, died 2/7/84: 2/14/84p9

Nichols, Margaret C., died 9/22/90: 10/1/90p6

Nichols, Richard A., died 8/8/92: 8/15/92p6

Nichols, Richard, and Frances Colbath are wed 5/15/82: 6/22/82p4

Nichols, Rick, and Wendy Foley are wed 6/9/83: 8/16/83p11

Nichols Sr., Rensford M., died 12/9/91: 12/14/91p6

Nicholson, Norman, died 9/1/88: 9/12/88p6

Nickerson, Leone R., died 3/19/90: 3/26/90p6

Nicklass, Evangelia, died 4/18/83: 4/26/83p8

Nickless, Donald, died 6/26/84: 7/3/84p13

Nicola, Harold G., died 2/27/92: 3/7/92p6

Nierzwicki, Thomas, and Carol Gravel wed 8/2/80: 9/2/80p11

Niland, James, and Brenda St. Clair wed 8/23/80: 10/14/80p22

Niles, Stella, died 1/21/83: 2/1/83p6

Nisbet, Donald E., died 5/14/84: 5/22/84p2

Nixon, Helen, feted by Child & Family Services of NH: 3/13/84p2

Nixon, Paul A., died 5/14/80: 5/20/80p2

Noel, Daniel, died 10/7/89: 10/13/87p1

Noel, David E., died 4/2/91: 4/8/91p6

Nolan, Gertrude H., died 12/11/84: 12/25/84p9

Nolan, John honored for Parks & Rec. work: 5/16/88p3

Nolan, John wins Writer of the Year award: 7/2/90p7

Nordell, Linda, and Donald Grace are wed 7/26/81: 9/1/81p11

Nordholm, Elaine P., died 5/24/92: 5/30/92p6

Nordholm, Holly, and Edmund Meanley Jr. wed 3/4/89: 4/24/89p9

Norman, Lillian G., died 11/2/91: 11/9/91p6

Norman, Nelson J., died 4/24/80: 4/29/80p2

Normand, Mary A., died 7/12/91: 7/22/91p6

Northridge, Howard W., died 12/5/80: 12/16/80p2

Norton, Albert W., died 4/30/89: 5/8/89p6

Norton, Charles A., died 7/8/83: 7/19/83p2

Norton, Orena, died 12/27/89: 1/8/90p6

Norton, William E., died 9/23/91: 9/28/91p6

Novack, Phyllis M., died 6/1/91: 6/10/91p6

Novins, Murray H., died 3/7/90: 3/19/90p6

Nrown, Orrin G., died 9/20/86: 9/30/86p6

Nutter, Amanda M., died 3/31/80: 4/8/80p2

Nutter, David, is winner in Arbor Day poster contesnt: 10/21/86p3

Nutter, Harry W., died 12/16/83: 12/27/83p9

Nutter, Jeanette N., died 10/31/92: 11/5/92p10

Nutter, Louise, died 8/20/82: 8/30/82p2

Nutter, Vaughn A., died 4/14/92: 4/18/92p6

O'Brien, Donald C., died 10/13/85: 10/22/85p13

O'Brien, Matthew M., died 8/29/87: 9/8/87p6

O'Brien, Rodney, and Lions Club help people: 11/20/84p14 (Note 2)

O'Donnell, Michael, and Vicki Wright wed 8/23/80: 9/23/80p13

O'Leary, Colleen, and Mark Hammond are wed: 12/15/81p15

O'Leary, Lt. Col. Paul, honored by State Police: 2/29/80p16

O'Neil, Luretta, died 8/31/87: 8/11/87p6

O'Neil, M&M Bernard, celebrate 50th anniversary: 8/30/83p7

O'Reilly, Charles L., died 7/23/84: 7/31/84p7

Oakes, Lydia F., died 5/12/88: 5/23/88p6

Oakes, Martha, died 11/20/85: 12/3/85p7

Oakley, John, tends church clock for 25 years: 5/2/88p1

Oesting, Frederick W., died 3/14/81: 4/7/81p2

Oetjen, Esther E., died 12/6/83: 12/13/83p20

Oliver, Bertha M., died 12/31/85: 1/21/86p10

Oliver, Nellie J., died 11/20/88: 12/5/88p6

Olney, William, is new Rotary president: 7/9/90p5

Olsen, Bessie E., died 12/1/89: 12/18/89p6

Olsen, Eva A., died 11/10/88: 11/21/88p6

Olsen Jr., John G., died 12/14/86: 12/23/86p6

Olsen, Oscar W., died 3/18/89: 3/27/89p6

Olson, Steven, and Madeline Hess wed 9/27/86: 2/10/87p5

Orcutt, Esther, has major refrigerator troubles: 5/14/90p3

Osborn, Barbara L., died 3/10/86: 3/18/86p12

Osborn, Mary, died 4/27/84: 5/8/84p7

Osborne, Brenda A., died 7/3/88: 7/11/88p6

Osborne, Downing W., died 5/8/82: 5/18/82p2

Oscarson, Bertil C., died 1/29/90: 2/5/90p6

Osgood, Evelyn C., died 4/28/82: 5/4/82p6

Osgood, Harold P., died 7/12/92: 7/18/92p6

Osgood, Jean, honored at retirement party: 12/14/82p20

Osgood, Loretta M., died 8/2/80: 8/5/80p2

Osgood, Wilfred B., died 3/18/88: 3/28/88p6

Osmunsen, William, creates bronze sculptures: 6/4/90p3

Otis, Effie, died 4/19/80: 4/29/80p2

Otis, Grace, died 8/6/87: 8/18/87p6

Otis, Herbert H., died 4/16/81: 4/21/81p2

Otis, Marjorie, died 12/1/92: 12/10/92p6

Ouellette, Albert A., died 10/27/85: 11/5/85p6

Ouellette, Albert H., died 6/8/91: 6/17/91p6

Ouellette, Alfred J., died 10/11/85: 10/22/85p13

Ouellette, Alice M., died 12/10/84: 12/18/84p10

Ouellette, Eleanor M., died 8/2/90: 8/13/90p6

Ouellette, Gerard A., died 1/3/91: 1/14/91p6

Ouellette, Leonelda C., died 11/2/92: 11/5/92p6

Ouellette, M&M Roland, are wed 46 years: 10/7/80p19

Ouellette, Omer J., died 10/20/91: 10/26/91p6

Ouellette, Ruben E., died 7/29/83: 8/9/83p2

Ouellette, Zilda J., died 5/21/88: 5/30/88p6

Oulette, Bradley, honored for heroic act: 6/1/82p1

Oullette, Yvette, died 12/28/92: 1/7/93p6

Owen, Dorothy E., died 5/7/86: 5/20/86p6

Packer, Harry M., died 11/5/88: 11/14/88p6

Page, Bill, is new Ice Arena director:: 9/28/81p5

Page, George P., died 10/7/91: 10/26/91p14

Page, Leona M., died 4/24/86: 5/6/86p6

Page, Lorna, died 3/23/89: 4/3/89p6

Page Sr., Franklin N., died 6/30/91: 7/8/91p6

Paige, Emma G., died 5/18/92: 5/23/92p6

Pallas, Helen T., died 8/1/84: 8/7/84p8

Palmer, Ellen, died 4/30/83: 5/10/83p8

Palmer, Lily G., died 10/22/83: 11/1/83p5

Paolini, Anthony F., died 12/12/92: 12/24/92p18

Paquette, Albert, died 11/22/84: 12/4/84p15

Paquette, Lena M., died 9/24/91: 9/28/91p6

Paquette, Leon E., died 6/12/82: 6/22/82p2

Paquette, Maude F., died 12/4/82: 12/14/82p8

Paquette, Roger and Karen, wed 25 years: 8/15/92p10

Paradis, Emilia M., died 9/4/88: 9/12/88p6

Paradis, Gerine M., died 10/22/89: 10/30/89p6

Paradis, Mavis B., diued 1/14/88: 1/26/88p6

Paradis, Ronald R., died 6/6/90: 6/18/90p6

Parcell, Alice M., died 9/2/81: 9/8/81p2

Parcell, Robert D., died 5/11/90: 5/21/90p6

Pare, Wilfred J., died 9/25/84: 10/2/84p8

Parent, Helen E., died 9/23/89: 10/2/89p6

Parker, Albert E., died 8/3/81: 8/11/81p2

Parker, Edith E., died 1/30/80: 2/5/80p2

Parker, Ruth A., died 4/27/82: 5/4/82p6

Parker, Thelma D., died 8/3/84: 8/14/84p20

Parker, Theresa M., died 2/2/90: 2/12/90p6

Parkinson, Myrtle G., died 4/11/91: 4/22/91p6

Parks, Joe, is Homemakers' Citizen of the Year: 12/14/91p7

Parrock, Mildred P., died 3/24/91: 4/1/91p6

Parrock, Ronald D., died 1/5/86: 1/14/86p6

Parshley, Beatrice M., died 4/18/90: 4/30/90p6

Parshley, Bernice A., died 1/20/90: 1/29/90p6

Parshley, Evelyn V., died 12/19/91: 12/28/91p6

Parshley, Floyd, publishes "novel" novel: 10/15/90p1

Parshley, Freeman V., died 9/21/90: 10/1/90p6

Parshley, James H., died 7/27/81: 8/4/81p2

Parshley, John and Charles descendants hold reuniton: 9/12/88p7

Parshley, Joseph E., died 8/16/81: 8/25/81p2

Parshley, Mary A., died 1/26/81: 2/3/81p2

Parsons, Albena, died 1/3/86: 1/14/86p7

Parsons, John W., died 8/6/90: 8/13/90p6

Parsons, Ralph L., died 6/11/86: 7/1/86p6

Parsons, Zelda, meets old school pal after 70 years: 4/17/89p3

Pasek, Albert A., died 5/15/83: 5/24/83p6

Patch, Scott M., died 2/27/92: 3/7/92p6

Patnode Jr., Roland, and L. McAllister wed 10/24/81: 11/24/81p14

Patrone, May E., died 12/3/82: 12/14/82p8

Patten, Edward W., died 12/20/82: 12/21/82p12

Patterson, Pearl R., died 11/25/82: 12/7/82p8

Paul, Lydia C., died 3/11/83: 3/22/83p8

Peabody, Cheryl, and David Rochette wed 9/26/87: 12/8/87p5

Peabody, M&M Charles celebrate 25th anniversary: 10/13/81p5

Peabody, Ruth E., died 5/18/80: 5/27/80p2

Peacock, Lillian M., died 8/1/88: 8/8/88p6

Pearl, Carl B., died 9/11/80: 9/16/80p2

Pearson, Carl A., died 5/20/81: 5/26/81p2

Pearson, Charlie, survived bombing of Pearl Harbor: 11/9/91p3

Pearson, Joan A., died 12/15/82: 12/21/82p12

Pearson, Virginia C., died 3/14/88: 3/22/88p6

Pease, Edith T., died 5/15/82: 5/25/82p2

Peaslee, Christine, & Kevin Radcliffe wed 12/19/88(sic): 8/8/88p9

Peavey, Merton, and Margaret Perkins speak of love: 2/11/86p10

Peavey, Merton L., died 3/4/86: 3/11/86p10

Peavey, Theresa A., died 9/26/84: 10/9/84p7

Peck, Eleanor B., died 8/5/81: 8/18/81p2

Pelhank, Harry, died 8/25/80: 8/26/80p2

Pelkie, Theresa P., died 8/3/82: 8/10/82p2

Pellerin Sr., Harry S., died 8/11/82: 8/17/82p12

Pelletier, Willam, died 1/4/81: 1/6/81p2

Peltier, Florence, died 2/12/83: 2/22/83p9

Peltola, Pia, is Finnish exchange student: 8/29/88p7

Pence, Gertrud, died 7/26/92: 8/1/92p6

Pence, Horace S., died 11/15/87: 11/24/87p6

Pence, Trudy, received public service award: 11/29/83p10

Pendleton, Mabel E., died 11/6/92: 11/12/92p13

Peper, Jessie I., died 1/18/92: 1/25/92p6

Pepin, Antonio A., died 11/26/89: 12/4/89p6

Pepin, Darlene, and James McGurty wed 9/13/86: 10/21/86p7

Pepin, Louise Y., died 6/15/88: 8/27/88p6

Pepin, Philias, died 9/25/82: 10/5/82p2

Pepin, Tod, and Maureen Berry wed 4/26/86: 8/26/86p6

Pereira, Albert F., died 3/29/89: 4/10/89p6

Pereira, Bertha, died 9/19/86: 9/30/86p7

Perkins, Adam, died 6/13/83: 6/21/83p9

Perkins, Dorothy M., died 12/10/90: 12/17/90p6

Perkins, Elna, is active senior citizen: 1/13/81p1

Perkins, Hattie F., died 9/22/84: 10/2/84p8

Perkins, Herbert S., died 7/20/83: 7/26/83p5

Perkins, Jeffery, and Monica Yelle are wed 7/4/82: 8/17/82p17

Perkins, June C., died 4/30/82: 5/11/82p8

Perkins, Margaret, and Merton Peavey speak of love: 2/11/86p10

Perkins, Margaret E., died 5/22/90: 6/4/90p6

Perkins, Nellie N., died 4/2/91: 4/8/91p6

Perkins, Roseanna P., died 3/9/80: 3/18/80p3

Perkins, Stanley R., died 11/9/81: 11/17/81p2

Perkons, Antons, celebrates 100th birthday: 10/2/89p1

Perkons, Milda, died 9/25/92: 10/1/92p6

Perreault, Berthold L., died 4/10/84: 4/17/84p9

Perreault, Roland E., died 3/31/87: 4/14/87p6

Perry, Eva M., died 9/19/82: 9/28/82p2

Perry, Lewis A., died 7/21/90: 8/6/90p6

Perry, Mark, is last Rochester dairy farmer: 10/21/86p1

Perry, Renny, made permanent City Manager: 3/26/90p1

Peters, Derek, and Nancy Dubreuil are wed 6/18/83: 7/19/83p3

Peters, Louis B., died 2/26/87: 3/10/87p6

Peters, Violet M., died 8/11/91: 8/24/91p6

Peterson, Carrol H., died 8/21/84: 8/28/84p12

Peterson, Elsie L., died 4/25/89: 5/1/89p6

Peterson, Ethel, died 7/6/83: 7/19/83p2

Peterson, Roger D., died 9/20/88: 10/3/88p6

Peterson, Ronald F., died 4/3/89: 4/10/89p6

Petit, Armand T., died 4/28/84: 5/8/84p7

Petriello, M&M, wed 40 years: 8/1/92p8

Petti, Louise, died 10/29/80: 10/7/80p2

Pettis, Ernestine D., died 11/1/88: 11/14/88p6

Pettit, Lucien M., died 2/5/83: 3/15/83p6

Peyser, Anne W., died 10/19/92: 10/22/92p6

Phalen, Steven, and Corinne Butler are wed: 3/9/82p20

Philbrich, Edith B., died 8/7/80: 8/12/80p2

Phillips, Evelyn M, died 12/30/80: 1/6/81p2

Phillips, George W., died 12/23/83: 1/3/84p6

Phillips Jr., Melbourne S., died ?/?/84

Phillips, Nelson W., died 10/27/83: 11/8/83p8

Phillipsw, Alice G., died 8/6/82: 8/17/82p12

Picard, Christopher, and Denice Lee wed 12/21/79: 2/29/80p3A

Picard, Lorraine, died 2/11/83: 2/22/83p9

Picard, Marvin, died 1/16/92: 1/25/92p6

Picard, Napolean, died 3/16/86: 3/25/86p7

Picard, Sarah, died 8/30/87: 9/8/87p6

Piel, Robert A., died 2/1/81: 2/10/81p2

Pierce, Debra Ann, died 5/15/84: 5/22/84p2

Pierce, Doris E., died 2/10/81: 2/17/81p2

Pierce, Edna F., died 3/8/81: 3/17/81p2

Pierce, Ethel B., died 7/17/82: 7/27/82p2

Pierce, Fred N., died 7/27/89: 8/7/89p6

Pierce, Harold C., died 8/31/88: 9/12/88p6

Pierce, James D., died 11/23/85: 12/3/85p7

Pierce, Jill Ann, and Jeffery Jacobs wed 12/21/91: 5/23/92p9

Pierce Jr., Ernest L., died 12//20/90: 12/31/90p6

Pierce, Laurence R., died 3/28/89: 4/3/89p6

Pierce, Mary E., died 2/22/89: 2/27/89p6

Pierce, Maude R., died 5/31/90: 6/11/90p6

Pierce, Maurice A., died 12/12/86: 12/23/86p6

Pike, Alvah E., died 2/27/84: 3/13/84p16

Pike, Harry R., died 2/8/86: 2/18/86p5

Pike, John and Alice, descendents hold reunion: 8/16/83p11

Pike Jr., L. Gerry, and Carol-Anne Randall wed 9/5/81: 10/6/81p14 Pike, Lua M., died 6/4/89: 6/12/89p6

Pilgrim, Katherine M., died 1/4/90: 1/15/90p6

Pinard, Aldea E., died 10/11/90: 10/22/90p6

Pinault, Felicite, died 1/21/91: 1/28/91p6

Pinfold, Blanch M., died 1/5/92: 1/11/92p6

Pinkham, Doris B., died 1/10/83: 1/18/83p8

Pinkham, Edith W., died 7/28/84: 8/7/84p8

Pinkham, Frank B., died 12/26/87: 1/5/88p6

Pinkham, Harold B., died 2/19/80: 2/26/80p2

Pinkham, Hazel L., died 12/12/84: 12/18/84p10

Pinkham, M&M Frank celebrate 60th anniversary: 12/2/80p22

Pinkham, Vera B., died 6/18/88: 8/27/88p6

Pipkin, Alicia, wins Harvard Prize Book Award: 9/28/91p8

Piro, Stephanie, cartoonist, gets national exposure: 3/26/90p3

Piro, Stephanie, is T-shirt cartoonist: 3/20/89p3

Pitrie, Germaine, died 1/17/93: 1/21/93p6

Place, Donald R., died 7/18/90: 7/23/90p6

Place, J. Frank, starts Roch. Courier: 10/9/84pp1,2 (Note 1)

Place, Tina, and Norman Dore are wed: 7/29/86p13

Place, Virginia M., died 10/2/85: 10/22/85p13

Plaisted, Eleanor M., died 8/24/83: 8/30/83p2

Plante, Agenor A., died 12/23/91: 12/28/91p6

Plante, Cecelia M., died 2/8/91: 2/18/91p6

Plante, Donald, and Catherine Huckins wed 6/21/86: 11/11/86p7

Plante, Donald E., died 1/10/90: 1/15/90p6

Plante, Roland W., died 8/25/82: 8/30/82p2

Plickert, Alitha E., died 12/21/90: 12/31/90p6

Plickert, Richard A.,, died 10/28/84: 11/6/84pp10,13

Plourde, Joseph, died 5/2/82: 5/11/82p8

Plowman, Faye, is Ms. Senior NH runner-up: 11/19/92p1

Pluff, Alvin A., died 4/3/90: 4/16/90p6

Pluff, Freeman G., died 6/18/83: 6/28/83p2

Plumer, Etta A., died 4/18/80: 4/29/80p2

Plummer, Linda A., died 3/30/87: 4/7/87p6

Plummer, Rev. Donald, joins Emmanuel Church: 5/7/90p10

Plummer, Ruth W., died 10/10/92: 10/15/92p6

Poire, Marcia, and Kevin Ezzell are wed 2/16/90: 4/23/90p8

Poirier, Rene, died 7/2/86: 7/15/86p6

Poisson, Celia C., died 2/91: 6/10/91p6

Poisson, Gary, selected for Up With People program: 9/28/91p7

Poisson, Sr. Alberta, died 1/14/83: 1/25/83p8

Poitras, Eric, and Robin Cormier are wed: 12/16/86p8

Polletta, Lena, died 7/29/87: 8/11/87p6

Pomerleau, Carolyn, died 2/16/86: 3/4/86p12

Pomfret, Edith, died 5/19/92: 5/30/92p6

Pommer, Olga C., died 11/15/81: 11/24/81p2

Pommerleau, Joe, guitars French and bluegrass: 6/21/83p10

Pomroy, Pamela, and Daniel Vachin are wed 9/24/83: 12/6/83p8

Pomroy, Steven J., died 5/1/86: 5/13/86p7

Pons, Pamela, and John Silvia are wed: 4/13/82p7

Poore, Cecil H., died 11/16/91: 11/23/91p6

Poore, Donald L., died 11/29/85: 12/3/85p7

Poore, Mildred H., died 7/26/88: 8/1/88p6

Pope, Lee, is mother to six adopted children: 10/15/90p3

Porter, Daisy M., died 6/14/84: 6/26/84p11

Porter, Ernest A., died 3/9/83: 3/15/83p6

Portrie, Arthur J., died 12/25/87: 1/5/88p6

Portrie, Barbara M., died 2/24/80: 3/4/80p2

Portrie, Edmund, died 1/28/87: 2/10/87p6

Post, Charles E., died 6/13/89: 6/19/89p6

Post, Florence M., died 6/20/92: 6/27/92p6

Post, Lillian B., died 6/13/81: 6/23/81p2

Pottle, Marsolie, died 7/16/83: 7/26/83p5

Potts, Cindi, is City's Employee of the Month: 5/16/92p2

Potvin, Beatrice M, died 7/13/84: 7/24/84p8

Potvin, George J., died 12/18/90: 12/31/90p6

Potvin, Lori, and John Leach are wed 7/4/81: 8/11/81p6

Potvin, Mary A., died 10/30/89: 11/13/89p6

Potvin, Robert P., died 7/12/91: 7/22/91p6

Poulin, Alain, blind artist, wins award: 6/17/80p4

Poulin, James, died 8/2/80: 8/5/80p2

Poulin, Lena J., died 11/3/86: 11/11/86p6

Poulin-Gonzalez twin babies died 7/11/88: 7/18/88p6

Pouliot, M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/29/80p3A

Pouliot, Raymond, died 9/25/82: 10/5/82p2

Pouliot Sr., M&M Leon, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/14/82p20

Poulis, Aristedes, and Kathleen Taffe are wed 1/11/81: 2/24/81p2

Poulis, John A., died 12/11/92: 12/17/92p18

Powles, Harry A., died 4/11/84: 4/17/84p9

Pozdziak, Eugene S., died 6/29/81: 7/7/81p2

Pozzi, Antonio, died 2/12/83: 2/22/83p9

Pozzi, Mary A., died 2/18/83: 3/1/83p6

Pratt, Grace W., died 4/21/80: 4/29/80p2

Pratt, Herman L., died 7/7/80: 7/15/80p2

Prescott, Emme M., died 2/17/83: 3/1/83p6

Prescott, Leonard G., died 1/1/83: 1/11/83p6

Prescott, Leroy M., died 2/13/91: 2/25/91p6

Preston, Howell, died 2/25/83: 3/8/83p8

Preston, Lorraine, and David Mercieri are wed 9/12/87: 2/16/88p17

Preston, Marie, died 2/28/91: 3/11/91p6

Preston Sr., Russell W., died 8/13/88: 8/22/88p6

Pretty, Suzanne, weaves tapestries: 6/25/90p1

Pridham, John H., died 7/23/92: 8/1/92p6

Prince, Hazel W., died 11/28/87: 12/8/87p6

Printy, Thomas L., died 6/9/92: 6/20/92p6

Probst Jr., Fred, and Carol Sawyer are wed 6/6/81: 7/21/81p7

Proulx, Rose A., died 12/26/81: 1/5/82p2

Proulx Sr., Henri E., died 10/7/88: 10/17/88p6

Provencher, Edward A., died 3/14/88: 3/22/88p6

Provencher, Lillian S., died 3/5/92: 3/14/94p6

Provost, Joanne B., died 5/10/87: 5/19/87p6

Pulliam, Robert C., died 5/27/90: 6/4/90p6

Puopolo, Michael J., died 4/8/92: 4/18/92p6

Purdy, Dorothy L., died 5/28/84: 6/5/84p12

Purington, Eugene F., died 12/31/79: 1/8/80p2

Purington, Trisha E., died 5/23/88: 5/30/88p6

Puryea, Isael L., died 7/9/83: 7/19/83p2

Quackenbush, Ruth, and Kenneth Mourgenos wed 2/15/87: 5/5/87p8

Quinn, Cheryl, and Richard Canniff are wed: 6/17/80p13

Quinn Jr., John J., died 6/2/81: 6/9/81p2

Quint, Blanche B., died 4/1/89: 4/10/89p6

Quint, Julia R., died 12/13/89: 12/18/89p6

Quint, May W., died 2/16/92: 2/22/92p6

Quint, Woodrow L., died 10/3/91: 10/12/91p6

Quirion, Leonard J., died 5/2/90: 5/14/90p6

Raab, Adolph G., died 11/4/83: 11/15/83p17

Raab, Dwight F., died 1/15/86: 1/28/86p7

Radcliffe, Kevin, & Christine Peaslee wed 12/19/88(sic): 8/8/88p9

Radloff, James E., died 9/15/89: 9/25/89p6

Radwan, Katherine B., died 6/25/84: 7/3/84p13

Radwan, Steven, and Christine Felong are wed: 11/20/84p9

Radwin, Kathy, and Michael Couch are wed: 2/5/80p17

Ragonese, Mark, is a creative woodworker: 7/30/90p1

Rainaud, Evelyn M., died 7/18/91: 7/29/91p6

Rainaud, William W., died 3/16/88: 3/28/88p6

Rainboth, Pat, is executive director of Victims, Inc.: 11/9/91p3

Rainville, Gerard, is Outstanding Citizen of Year: 12/14/91p1

Rainville, Gerry, runs a food pantry: 11/20/84p13 (Note 2)

Rainville, Irene M., died 10/15/89: 10/23/89p6

Rainville, Leonidas J., died 1/8/89: 1/16/89p6

Rainville, Rene R., died 1/30/80: 2/5/80p2

Raitt, Emelda L., died 7/23/91: 7/29/91p6

Raizes, Anthipe P., died 3/15/86: 3/25/86p7

Raizes, Peter C., died 4/12/90: 4/23/90p6

Ralstin, Charles A., died 1/25/86: 2/11/86p5

Ramsbottom, James, civil war medalist mystery: 10/1/90p3

amsdell, James B., died 6/3/86: 6/10/86p1,10

Ramsey, Herbert A., died 12/13/89: 12/25/89p6

Ramsey, Renee, a witch, opens occult shop: 7/24/89p1

Ramsey, Susan, and David Ekola are wed 8/1/81: 9/15/81p15

Ranagan, Alice M., died 10/31/82: 11/9/82p2

Rand, Cecelia F., died 11/12/89: 11/20/89p6

Rand, Gertrude E., died 9/1/86: 9/9/86p6

Rand, Gladys P., died 10/9/92: 10/15/92p6

Rand, Grace H., died 1/14/88: 1/26/88p6

Rand, Lester E., died 2/23/91: 3/4/91p6

Rand, Myrtle M., died 11/9/88: 11/21/88p6

Rand, William F., died 10/19/85: 10/29/85p13

Randall, Beatrice A., died 6/27/82: 7/6/82p11

Randall, Carol-Anne, and L. Gerry Pike Jr. wed 9/5/81: 10/6/81p14

Randall, Dorothy H., died 2/20/90: 2/26/90p6

Randall, John M., died 1/11/87: 1/20/87p7

Randall, Roswell, died 8/8/90: 8/20/90p6

Randall, Thelma N., died 10/30/90: 11/5/90p6

Randall, Timothy, and Alisa Tetreault wed 8/30/80: 9/23/80p13

Randlett, Talbot C., died 3/19/84: 3/27/84p9

Ransdell, William C., died 5/9/89: 5/15/89p6

Rapp, Patricia, and Marchmont Cannon are wed 8/21/82: 2/1/83p8

Rasch, Sarah L., died 8/11/92: 8/15/92p6,8/22/92p6

Rasch Sr. Frederick V., died 12/25/79: 1/1/80p2

Ratciffe, William, died 4/18/82: 4/27/82p9

Ratcliffe, Edna M, died 4/21/81: 4/28/81p2

Ratliff, Monika J., died 11/23/89: 12/4/89p6

Rawls, Sharon, carves gremlin, other things: 9/12/92p3

Raymond, Ila G., died 3/30/82: 4/6/82p8

Raymond-Weeks, Wilda, in BPW Who's Who: 12/15/87p12

Rayworth, Horace B., died 9/27/84: 10/9/84p7

Reagan, Dorothy A., died 11/9/84: 11/20/84p13

Redlon, Gladys, amateur City historian: 12/20/83p1

Redman, Earl, died 12/1/81: 12/8/81p2

Redmond, Florence E., died 3/2/84: 3/13/84p16

Reed, Diane P., died 11/14/89: 11/27/89p6

Reed, John, and Kellie Breton are wed 2/16/89: 6/19/89p9

Regan, Dorothy L., died 9/2/92: 9/12/92p6

Regan II, James V., died 12/28/81: 12/8/81p2

Regbell, Keigo J., died 10/15/88: 10/24/88p6

Reid, Mark, and Kathleen Brown are wed: 6/5/89p7

Reid, Reba M., died 9/3/81: 9/15/81p2

Reidy, Michael J., died 8/10/88: 8/22/88p6

Remick, George, died 6/3/81: 6/9/81p2

Remick, Grace C., died 7/22/83: 8/2/83p3

Remick, Laura M., died 1/26/81: 2/3/81p2

Remick, Vena E., died 4/12/90: 4/23/90p6

Remick, Verne O., died 7/22/90: 7/30/90p6

Rendar, Rita G., died 5/30/81: 6/9/81p2

Rennebu, Donald J., died 2/22/91: 3/4/91p6

Rennebu Jr., David J., died 11/21/91: 11//30/91p6

Rennebu, Lawrence W., died 2/19/86: 3/11/86p10

Reppert, Vivian M., died 10/2/92: 10/8/92p6

Reppuci, Andrew H., died 8/17/88: 8/22/88p1,8/29/88p6

Rewitzer, George E., wrote as "Doc Cobb": 10/9/84p29 (Note 1)

Reynolds, Bertha, died 8/8/84: 8/14/84p20

Reynolds, Carlton G., died 10/20/80: 10/28/80p2

Reynolds, Eleanor H, died 12/6/81: 12/15/81p2

Reynolds Jr., Richard, and Heather Audet wed 8/4/90: 12/3/90p9

Reynolds, M&M Paul, celebrate 25th anniversary: 2/23/82p8

Rhoades, Roland and Muriel, wed 40 years: : 12/24/90p7

Rhoads, Ethard A., died 7/7/89: 7/17/89p6

Rhodes, Harry C., died 10/8/89: 10/16/89p6

Rhodes, Thad, died 10/18/80: 10/21/80p2

Rice, Paul G., died 1/1/88: 1/12/88p6

Rich, Annie M., died 7/1/81: 7/7/81p2

Richard, Adrien, died 8/7/87: 8/18/87p6

Richard, Emile, died 7/28/92: 8/1/92p6

Richard, Jay A., died 4/11/87: 4/21/87p6

Richard, Michael, and Penny Chase wed 6/6/80: 9/9/80p14

Richards, Emma F., died 7/6/88: 7/18/88p6

Richards III, Ernest W., died 8/26/80: 9/2/80p22

Richards, Louise J., died 9/18/86: 9/30/86p7

Richards, Marion C., died 1/8/83: 1/18/83p8

Richardson, Blanche R., died 8/18/83: 8/30/83p2

Richardson, Guy and Ann, wed 50 years: 3/21/92p9

Richardson, Joan, authors book on local plants: 11/17/81p1

Richardson Jr., William E., died 7/31/88: 8/8/88p6

Richardson, Laura, now truant officer and meter maid: 10/1/85p1

Richardson, Marguerite, died 2/18/86: 2/25/86p7

Richardson, Mary P., died 3/24/81: 3/31/81p3

Richardson, Nathan J., died 8/31/87: 9/8/87p6

Richer, Edith A., died 5/26/83: 5/31/83p6

Richie-Radloff, John, died 3/6/83: 3/15/83p6

Rickard, George, died 3/4/84: 3/13/84p16

Rickards, Claire M., died 11/28/91: 12/14/91p6

Ricker, Charles H., died 2/9/82: 2/16/82p8

Ricker, Kenneth S., died 6/13/92: 6/20/92p6

Ricker, Robert, died 2/4/84: 2/21/84p14

Ricker, Robert E., died 5/12/80: 5/20/80p2

Ricker, Ruth A., died 8/18/84: 8/28/84p12

Ridley, Mable A., died 1/21/87: 1/27/87p6

Ridley, Robert H., died 4/1/86: 4/8/86p8

Riel, Sybil G., died 11/10/88: 11/21/88p6

Rigazio, Joseph D., died 10/16/90: 10/29/90p6

Rigazio, Sandra, and Peter Gagne are wed 8/20/83: 10/11/83p7

Riley, Beatrice E., died 12/20/90: 12/31/90p6

Riley, Dal Ray, and Joanne Malerba are wed 8/3/85: 11/5/85p9

Riley, Earle, died 11/25/91: 12/7/91p6

Rinden, Gertrude J., died 2/29/92: 3/7/92p6

Rines, Dana, and Lorraine Meader are wed 6/19/82: 12/7/82p5

Rines, Ricky, and Diane Gelinas are wed 6/21/80: 7/22/80p13

Ringer, Kenneth C., died 2/3/81: 2/10/81p2

Rippett, Thomas, is veteran of Pearl Harbor: 10/12/91p1

Rivet, Robert, died 4/24/83: 5/3/83p6

Riviezzo, Alfonso J., died 1/9/90: 1/15/90p6

Riviezzo, Laurette S., died 1/12/87: 1/20/87p7

Rixford, Elmer L., died 10/21/90: 10/29/90p6

Robbins, Dave, teaches woodworking at SHS: 12/25/89p3

Robbins, Kevin, and Beth Cameron are wed 7/16/83: 9/6/83p7

Roberge, Constance L., died 1/21/80: 1/29/80p2

Roberge, Dora T., died 6/12/91: 6/17/91p6

Roberge, Omer J., died 4/27/83: 5/3/83p6

Roberge, Roland, is County Commissioner of year: 11/6/89p7

Roberge, Roland, is Rochester's new Mayor: 11/13/89p1

Roberts, Charles C., died 12/18/85: 1/7/86p3

Roberts, Clifford L., died 11/22/92: 11/26/92p8

Roberts, L. Isabelle, died 11/28/84: 12/11/84p20

Roberts, M&M Lawrence, are wed 50 years: 2/16/88p17

Roberts, Sarah A., died 1/8/81: 1/13/81p2

Robichaud, Anthony J., died 1/15/90: 1/22/90p6

Robichaud, Irene L., died 7/8/90: 7/16/90p8

Robinson, Darrell G., died 12/21/85: 12/31/85p8

Robinson, Deborah L., died 6/8/81: 6/16/81p2

Robinson, Fae, and Harmon Whitcomb are wed 8/23/81: 10/6/81p15

Robinson, Herman L., died 4/2/92: 4/11/92p6

Robinson, Irene E., died 8/13/84: 8/28/84p12

Robinson, Louise M., died 9/22/84: 10/2/84p8

Robinson, Pearl F., died 1/22/80: 1/29/80p2

Rocheleau, Debra, and Roy Cuddahy are wed 1/24/81: 2/24/81p3

Rocheleau, Maurice, and Darlene Cote are wed 8/7/82: 12/7/82p5

Rocheleau, Wilfred died 10/18/81: 10/27/81p2

Rochette, David, and Cheryl Peabody wed 9/26/87: 12/8/87p5

Rockford, Martha B., died 4/9/86: 4/22/86p9

Rockwell, Albert L., died 12/24/87: 1/5/88p6

Rodrigue, Hazel A., died 7/22/86: 8/5/86p10

Rodrigue, Joseph M., died 11/17/82: 11/23/82p9

Rodrigue Jr., Gerard, died 10/28/83: 11/8/83p8

Rogers, Bill, Barrington film maker: 11/12/90p1

Rogers, Catherine, died 1/13/82: 1/19/82p8

Rogers, Elizabeth C., died 1/26/90: 2/5/90p6

Rogers, Granville M., died 1/13/81: 1/20/81p2

Rogers, Helen S., died 5/10/92: 5/16/92p6

Rogers Jr., George, died 6/3/84: 6/19/84p13

Rogers, Lucien D., died 1/16/83: 1/25/83p8

Roland, Marion S., died 1/?/81: 1/27/81p2

Roleau, Dorothy A., died 4/29/87: 5/12/87/p6

Rolfe, Hazel B., dued 5/29/89: 6/5/89p6

Rollins, Bessie, died 6/23/80: 7/1/80p2

Rollins, Bessie T., died 3/14/90: 5/7/90p6

Rollins, Chandler W., died 10/14/90: 10/22/90p6

Rollins, Doris M., died 8/7/88: 8/15/88p6

Rollins, Kenneth H., died 5/14/92: 5/23/92p6

Rollins, Leona F., died 5/23/92: 5/30/92p6

Rollins, Theresa L., died 5/23/89: 5/29/89p6

Ronayne, Agnes, died 9/18/84: 9/25/84p7

Ronnberg, Hazel A., died 9/14/83: 9/27/83p11

Roos, Tedine, resigns as Roch. Public Library head: 10/29/92p1

Root, Ronald, and Cheryl Marcotte are wed 3/6/82: 4/13/82p7

Root, Vera M., died 5/29/86: 6/10/86p10

Rose, Harry B., died 10/12/91: 10/26/91p14

Rose Jr., Richard E., died 8/28/90: 9/17/90p10

Rose, M&M Harry are C/C Citizens of Year: 2/18/86p1

Ross, Florence J., died 3/20/86: 4/1/86p6

Ross, Robert, serves through his ham radio: 8/14/84p2

Ross, Trisha L., is Little Miss Rochester Fair: 10/1/92p1

Rosseau, William J., died 1/23/82: 2/2/82p6

Rouillard, Doris M., died 7/6/81: 7/14/81p2

Rouillard, Ralph, died 2/13/81: 2/24/81p2

Rouillard, Walter E., died 11/29/87: 12/8/87p6

Rouleau, Bernice T., died 9/22/87: 9/29/87p6

Rouleau, Dionne, baby has "vater syndrome": 4/24/84p1

Rouleau, Dionne, died 11/4/84: 11/13/84pp1,9

Rouleau, Ernest J., died 10/9/82: 10/19/82p2

Rouleau Jr., Ronald J., died 11/27/83: 12/6/83p17

Rouleau, Louis H., died 4/14/90: 4/23/90p6

Rouleau, Margherita P., died 11/18/92: 11/26/92p8

Roulx, Delvina, died 6/23/82: 6/29/82p6

Roulx, Emily, died 10/17/92: 10/22/92p6

Roulx, Victor C., died 6/12/81: 6/23/81p2

Rousseau, Leon J., died 7/14/92: 7/18/92p6

Rousseau, Lynne P., died 2//8/86: 2/18/86p5

Rousseau, Mark, and Patricia Laderbush wed 8/15/86: 10/7/86p5

Routhier, Alberic J., died 7/7/83: 7/19/83p2

Routhier, Lionel R., died 4/4/84: 4/10/84p12

Routhier, Rudolph, died 10/13/92: 10/22/92p6

Rowe, Emma F., died 2/10/84: 3/13/84p16

Rowe, Harlan, died 6/23/92: 6/27/92p6

Rowe, Howard H., died 4/19/80: 4/22/80p2

Rowe, Mary, died 8/14/91: 8/24/91p6

Rowe, Walter A., died 2/10/89: 2/20/89p6

Rowell, Hazel S., died 7/16/81: 7/21/81p2

Rowell, Susan, is Rochester Fair's Miss Teen Queen: 10/1/90p3

Rowley, Clarence A., died 3/26/92: 4/4/92p6

Roy, Frances T., died 1/16/92: 2/1/92p6

Roy, Frances, wills curios, antiques to housekeeper: 9/24/91p1

Roy, Henry, delivered milk by horse and wagon: 11/3/81p1

Roy, Phillippe J., died 5/22/81: 6/9/81p2

Roy, Phillis, and Joseph Britton Jr. are wed 1/15/83: 6/28/83p12

Roy, Roland J., died 8/12/82: 8/24/82p2

Roy, Ryan J., died 11/17/91: 11/23/91p10

Roy Sr., Richard E., died1/12/81: 1/20/81p2

Roy, THomas G., died 8/15/83: 8/23/83p2

Royce, Peter, is SC Tree Farmer of the year: 3/8/83p3

Rubino, Alvira A., died 10/24/80: 10/28/80p2

Ruel, Blanche, died 12/21/83: 12/27/83p9

Ruel, Francis J., died 12/29/79: 1/8/80p2

Ruel, Richard E., died 4/17/86: 5/6/86p7

Ruel, Robert, and Lisa Stimpson are wed 7/25/81: 8/25/81p8

Ruel, Viola R., died 7/25/84: 7/31/84p7

Ruginski, Bobbie, has heart-lung transplant:: 1/14/93p3

Rumrill, Fay, died 11/13/86: 11/25/86p6

Ruplenas, Hazel E., died 8/10/86: 8/19/86p6

Ruplensis, John, is extreme baseball card collector: 4/17/84p1

Russ, Alfred, died 5/21/89: 5/29/89p6

Russell, Etta L., died 4/6/90: 4/16/90p6

Russell, Theodore, died 8/5/87: 8/11/87p6,8/18/87p6

Russell, Viola T., died 1/22/90: 2/5/90p6

Russo, Eileen, wins NH Mis Teen title: 9/29/81p11

Russo Sr., Louis R., died 7/7/82: 7/13/82p2

Ryan, Abbie S., died 11/1/88: 11/7/88p6

Ryan, Herbert L., died 5/12/83: 5/24/83p6

Ryan, Jack, a witch, opens occult shop: 7/24/89p1

Ryan, Jennifer M., died 9/24/87: 10/6/87p6

Ryder, Florence L., died 9/12/83: 9/20/83p2

Ryder, Grace B., died 5/26/81: 6/2/81p2

Ryder, Warren, died 5/18/83: 5/24/83p6

Sabine, Ena M., died 8/31/87: 9/8/87p6

Sabine, Frederick H., died 4/10/90: 4/23/90p6

Sabine. Iola L., died 4/19/88: 5/2/88p6

Sabol, Alexander R., died 6/18/88: 8/27/88p7

Saddler, Eugene, died 1/3/83: 1/11/83p6

Saddler, Linwood, died 12/20/84: 1/1/85p9

Sage, Fillmore B., died 4/20/84: 5/1/84p9

Saks, Jennie, died 1/7/81: 1/13/81p2

Salisbury, Olive J., died 7/27/89: 8/7/89p6

Saltzman Jr., Melvin F., died 9/13/86: 9/23/86p8

Saltzman Sr., Melvin F., died 2/1/91: 2/11/91p6

Salvatore, Jeffrey A., died 12/9/88: 12/19/88p6

Samia, George, died 11/25/89: 12/4/89p6

Sammalsito, Eino K., died 10/2/81: 10/13/81p2

Sample, Priscilla E., died 11/13/88: 11/21/88p6

Sanborn, Alberta A., died 10/1/87: 10/13/87p6

Sanborn, Carleton I., died 3/29/88: 4/4/88p6

Sanborn, Cora, died 6/26/84: 7/3/84p13

Sanborn, Ernest H., died 1/16/84: 1/24/84p12

Sanborn, M&M Carleton celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/15/83p10

Sanborn, M&M E. Chandler, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/3/84p12

Sanborn, Myrtle M., died 9/23/92: 10/1/92p6

Sanborn, Tracy, and Kevin Larochelle are wed: 11/10/87p9

Sanborn, Troy M., died 5/8/83: 5/17/83p8

Sanburn, Julie, has a mulberry tree: 8/23/83p1

Sanfacon, Delia M, died 3/27/88: 4/18/88p6

Sanfacon, Diane, and Alan Lyons wed 1/20/89: 3/20/89p8

Sanfacon, Ella, celebrates 95th birthday: 5/13/80p6

Sanfacon, Gerald, and Dianne Lamoureux wed 12/22/79: 1/8/80p17

Sanfacon, Michael, and Susan Bellemeur are wed 6/14/80: 7/8/80p11

Sanfacon, Richard F., died 10/20/90: 10/29/90p6

Sanfacon, Robert A., died 9/2/80: 9/9/80p2

Sanfacon, Rolande E., died 6/25/91: 7/8/91p6

Sanfacon, Sr. Lina R., died 12/21/89: 1/8/90p6

Sanfacon, Walter J., died 3/26/86: 4/15/86p9

Sanford, Blanche E., died 5/27/84: 6/5/84p12

Sansone, Algelo R., died 7/20/91: 7/29/91p6

Santerre, Ruth E., died 3/7/84: 3/13/84p16

Sargent, H. Stephen, died 1/25/85: 2/5/85p1

Sartain, Mari, and Rick Daudelin are wed 1/16/82: 2/23/82p8

Sarvary, John H., died 3/8/81: 3/17/81p2

Sarvary, Lorette M., died 4/30/80: 5/6/80p2

Saucier, Clarence, died 10/14/84: 10/23/84p14

Saucier, Louis A., died 2/11/91: 2/18/91p6

Saulnier, Thomas, died 7/17/83: 7/26/83p5

Saunders, Rufford T., died 6/19/84: 6/26/84p11

Savary, Louis, carves religious figures: 3/26/85p1

Saverse, Ralph, died 12/6/83: 12/13/83p20

Sawiki, Alfred J., died 7/17/90: 7/23/90p6

Sawyer, Bertha Mae, died 7/1/92: 7/11/92p6

Sawyer, Carol, and Fred Probst Jr. are wed 6/6/81: 7/21/81p7

Sawyer, Ellen, is a "Stress Buster": 12/18/89p8

Sawyer, Florence E., died 12/6/92: 12/17/92p18

Sawyer, Guy E., died 12/31/86: 1/13/87p6

Sawyer. Charles L., died 6/12/90: 6/18/90p6

Scahill, Nora C., died 12/23/89: 1/1/90p6

Scala, Mary Y., died 5/26/90: 6/4/90p6

Scannelli, Eugene, died 4/17/86: 4/29/86p6

Sceggell, Forrest, died 5/16/82: 5/25/82p2

Schafer, Ernest E., died 11/9/86: 11/18/86p6

Scheffer, Lily, died 6/8/90: 6/18/90p6

Scheu, Arnold L., died 6/27/82: 7/6/82p11

Schmedes, Susan B., died 4/25/86: 5/6/86p7

Schmottlach, Miriam P., died 11/26/87: 12/8/87p6

Schoch, William J., died 7/4/86: 7/15/86p6

Schofield, Marjorie L., died 4/28/85: 5/7/85p14

Schurian, Alwine A., died 8/11/85: 8/20/85p14

Schwartz, Andrew, teaches juggling: 3/28/88p3

Schwentke, Lydia K., died 10/4/84: 10/16/84p2

Scott, Amy N., died 2/28/80: 3/4/80p2

Scott, Dora C., died 5/22/88: 5/30/88p6

Scott, George W., died 2/16/91: 2/25/91p6

Scott, James E., died 3/28/86: 3/11/86p10

Scott, Jean M., died 7/13/91: 7/22/91p6

Scott Jr., M&M James, celebrate 25th anniversary: 12/20/83p16

Scott Jr., Reubin E., died 5/7/82: 5/18/82p2

Scott, William, died 11/27/91: 12/7/91p6

Scott, Yvonne B., died 9/10/84: 9/18/84p14

Scoville, Eula L., died 7/31/86: 8/12/86p6

Scribner, Walter B., died 4/30/85: 5/7/85p14

Scruton, Esther D., died 3/25/91: 4/1/91p6

Scruton, Frank, cuts back on milk production: 6/5/89p1

Scruton, Frank, milks 160 cows every day: 6/9/81p1

Scruton, Gilbert P., died 2/20/80: 2/26/80p2

Scruton, Pauline, is NH Mother of the Year: 4/14/81p10

Seale, William A., died 3/21/89: 3/27/89p6

Seaman, Paul W., died 7/22/88: 8/1/88p6

Seavey, Christopher M., died 5/28/86: 6/24/86p14

Seavey, Esther, died 5/17/83: 5/24/83p6

Seavey, Genevieve L., died 2/24/80: 3/11/80p2

Seavey III, Edward, & Deborah Waskiewicz wed 7/12/80: 9/16/80p13

Seavey, Ralph, died 10/26/87: 11/3/87p6

Seavey, Raymond, died 12/1/87: 12/8/87p6

Seavey, Weldon H., died 12//7/91: 12/14/91p6

Seaward, Melinda, is owner-operator of large crane: 4/2/90p1

Seccus, Corinne M., died 4/12/86: 4/22/86p9

Secord, Harold B., died 2/7/90: 2/19/90p6

Seekins, Caroline E., died 9/7/86: 9/30/86p7

Seimons, Carl & Beverly, are 1991 Tree Farm winners: 2/1/92p3

Senter, Clarence N., died 5/4/85: 5/14/85p13

Senter, Gertrude S., died 3/31/85: 4/9/85p23

Senter, Larry P., died 3/13/84: 3/20/84p13

Senter, Ronald P. died 5/30/88: 6/13/88p6

Sequin Jr., Henry A., died 4/26/81: 5/4/81p2

Sessler, Mark, and Donna Mansfield are wed 10/2/82: 4/19/83p12

Sessler, Roland F., died 7/1/83: 7/12/83p10

Shafer, Ernest, and Tamara Smith wed 8/16/86: 10/7/86p5

Shanks, Victory B., died 10/29/80: 10/7/80p2

Shannon Jr., Daniel W., died 3/26/87: 4/7/87p6

Shapleigh, Doris, died 3/27/90: 4/2/90p6

Shave Sr., Edward F., died 1/26/87: 2/3/87p6

Shaw, Carol and Steven, support Chronical Ill Children: 3/8/88p1

Shaw, Donna, and Kenneth Kilbury wed 8/7/92: 11/12/92p8

Shaw, Everett A., died 6/25/89: 7/3/89p6

Shaw, Frank E., died 8/14/87: 8/25/87p6

Shaw, Georgia P., died 12/22/88: 1/2/89p6

Shaw, John, died 4/3/82: 4/13/82p1

Shaw Jr., Robert E., died 10/15/83: 10/25/83p16

Shaw, Kenneth N., died 6/8/85: 7/2/85p12

Shaw, Kristina, and Richard Miller are wed: 10/15/90p9

Shaw, Margaret L., died 12/24/84: 1/1/85p9

Shaw, Margaret S., died 11/23/80: 12/2/80p2

Shaw, Rev. James F., died 1/10/80: 1/15/80p2

Shaw, Roy, died 10/17/87: 10/27/87p6

Shaw, Ruby E., died 10/9/89: 10/16/89p6

Shaw, Ryan B., died 10/27/88: 11/7/88p6

Shaw Sr., Robert E., died 1/26/80: 2/5/80p2

Shea, James A., died 8/15/88: 8/29/88p6

Shea, Ryan D., died 12/10/88: 12/19/88p6

Sheehan, Joseph T., died 1/11/81: 1/27/81p2

Sheing, Elizabeth S., died 10/30/92: 11/5/92p10

Sheldon, Alvin, and Mary DeLorme are wed 11/24/83: 12/20/83p16

Sheldon, Dorothy M, died 6/23/81: 6/30/81p2

Shepard, Harold R., died 1/19/80: 1/22/80p2

Shepard, Leona W., died 12/11/86: 12/23/86p6

Shepard, Norma L., died 9/18/86: 9/30/86p7

Sherman, Charles, elected Roch. C/C president: 1/29/85p5

Sherman, Harold R., died 1/4/87: 1/13/87p6

Sherman, Meretta, died 6/22/89: 7/3/89p6

Shevenell, Wilhelmina A., died 1/18/88: 1/26/88p6

Shields, Darren K., died 10/29/88: 11/7/88p6

Shields, Dorothy E., died 10/14/91: 10/26/91p14

Shields, Ralph K., died 4/21/82: 5/4/82p6

Shiely Jr., Albert R., died 2/27/89: 3/6/89p6

Shiere, Lester C., died 10/2/82: 10/12/82p8

Shorey, Frank R., died 5/30/80: 6/3/80p20

Shorey, Fred N., died 4/17/81: 5/12/81p2

Shorey, Stephen, died 12/14/81: 12/22/81p2

Shost, Nina, and Randy Long are wed: 12/7/82p5

Shuetz, Maria, and John Kennedy Jr., are wed 12/20/82: 3/8/83p7

Sidney, Donald E., died 3/7/82: 3/16/82p9

Sidney, Gertrude, died 5/12/82: 5/18/82p2

Sidney, Walter E., died 7/16/88: 7/25/88p6

Siemon, Carl, is NH Tree Farmer of the Year: 10/19/82p3

Siller Sr., Arnold F., died 1/30/87: 2/10/87p6

Silvestri, Dorothy L., died 1/6/83: 1/18/83p8

Silvia III, John, and Suzanne Kitts wed 7/19/80: 8/26/80p13

Silvia, John, and Pamela Pons are wed: 4/13/82p7

Silvia, Sherry, and Thomas Strout are wed: 11/22/83p8

Simard, Msgr. Giles, retires after 28 years: 9/4/89p1

Simonds, Ruby B., died 5/8/86: 5/20/86p6

Sims, Alfred, wins trip to Dallas for his chili: 10/19/82p1

Sinclair, Alfreda D., died 12/19/85: 1/7/86p3

Singletary, Tasha L., died 10/20/88: 11/7/88p6

Sintz, Bernice M., died 4/17/91: 4/22/91p6

Sirois Jr., Richard L., died 9/2/86: 9/9/86

Sirois, William A., died 7/20/89: 7/31/89p6

Skalieris, Evangelos, died 9/23/87: 10/6/87p6

Skammels, John T., died 10/14/88: 10/24/88p6

Skelton, Cartha H., died 6/16/85: 6/25/85p14

Skinner, Harry H., died 3/30/90: 4/9/90p6

Skinner, Nora B., died 10/22/82: 11/2/82p2

Slack, Helen G., died 4/28/82: 5/11/82p8

Slattery, James P., died 7/12/83: 7/19/83p2

Slocum, Gladys H., died 8/10/86: 8/19/86p6

Slover, Frank, retires from postal Service: 9/17/92p1

Smalley, Jason, aids special-needs friend: 1/6/87p1

Smart, Ada F., died 7/13/89: 7/24/89p6

Smith, Alice H., died 6/10/92: 6/20/92p6

Smith, Altie H., died 5/31/85: 6/11/85p15

Smith, Anna R., died 10/9/80: 10/14/80p2

Smith, Barbara H., died 11/7/88: 11/14/88p6

Smith, Bernard R., died 7/7/83: 7/19/83p2

Smith, Carl L., died 9/20/91: 9/28/91p10

Smith, Carolene M., died 2/11/84: 2/21/84p14

Smith, Celia A., died 8/13/91: 8/17/91p6

Smith, Chareleine D., died 12/7/88: 12/26/88p6

Smith, Clyde R., died 10/7/82: 10/12/82p8

Smith, Dale, and Sharon Devoe are wed 5/10/80: 6/17/80p13

Smith, Donald H., died 4/7/82: 4/13/82p8

Smith, Dr. Alexander, honored for community service: 6/13/88p15

Smith, Elevina R., died 5/5/89: 5/15/89p6

Smith, Elliston W., died 1/4/81: 1/13/81p2

Smith, Ethel L., died 2/16/91: 2/25/91p6,3/4/91p6

Smith, Grace I., died 10/25/91: 11/2/91p6

Smith, Guy R., died 8/30/91: 9/7/91p6

Smith, Helene M., died 2/1/89: 2/13/89p6

Smith, Jim, has been shoeing horses since 1969: 5/31/83p1

Smith, John A., died 11/27/88: 12/5/88p6

Smith, John A., died 6/21/85: 7/2/85p12

Smith Jr., William S., died 10/18/86: 10/28/86p6

Smith, Judith C., died 4/7/90: 4/16/90p6

Smith, Leila B., died 1/26/86: 2/11/86p5

Smith, Lona H., died 11/13/81: 11/24/81p2

Smith, Lucille E., died 6/20/89: 7/10/89p6

Smith, Miriam L., died 10/17/90: 10/29/90p6

Smith, Mona, and Michael Nuttall are wed 4/27/85: 6/4/85p9

Smith, Paul S., died 3/30/82: 4/6/82p8

Smith, Pearl I., died 9/30/87: 10/13/87p6

Smith, Robert W., died 6/2/84: 6/19/84p13

Smith, Ruth E., died 9/3/82: 9/14/82p2

Smith, Sharon, and Vincent Grandonico are wed 3/26/83p5

Smith, Shirly D., died 3/21/82: 3/30/82p7

Smith Sr., George R., died 9/26/84: 10/9/84p7

Smith Sr., Raymond I., died 12/25/90: 12/31/90p6

Smith, Susan A., died 8/13/91: 8/24/91p6

Smith, Tamara, and Ernest Shafer wed 8/16/86: 10/7/86p5

Smith, Vicki, and Kalvin Morse are wed 5/17/80: 6/3/80p13

Smith, Wayne S., died 8/6/88: 8/15/88p6

Smith, Willard E., died 5/4/81: 5/12/81p2

Smith, Winthrop L., died 4/4/87: 4/14/87p6

Sneider, Eleanor P., died 8/29/91: 9/7/91p6

Sneider, Jack, died 6/6/81: 6/16/81p2

Sneider, Jeannette F., died 6/12/80: 6/17/80p2

Sneirson, MS Carl, honored by NH Air Nat'l Guard: 4/11/92p9

Snow, Katherine H., died 1/7/85: 1/15/85p9

Snyder, Lucilla E., died 8/3/90: 8/13/90p8

Soar, W. Henry, died 4/12/80: 4/15/80p2

Solomon, Frederick, died 5/13/80: 5/20/80p2

Somerville, James S., died 11/20/88: 11/28/88p6

Sones, Pearl F., died 2/2/89: 2/13/89p6

Sorman, Raymond, died 5/12/82: 5/18/82p2

Sosnowski, Mary P., died 8/15/92: 8/22/92p6

Soucy, Mary, died 8/1/86: 8/12/86p6

Soucy, Mary J., died 10/2/86: 10/14/86p6

Souza. Manuel A., died 2/24/88: 3/8/88p6

Sowards, Fred, died 1/16/91: 1/28/91p6

Spaulding, Pat, gives puppet shows: 12/13/83p12

Spear Sr., Wayne L., died 1/25/90: 2/5/90p6

Spear, Viola P., died 9/22/91: 9/28/91p6

Spence, Edna G., died 8/18/84: 8/21/84p4

Spence, Gayle, and Gregory Lazarus are wed 10/10/81: 11/24/81p14

Spencer, Josephine B., died 2/12/85: 2/26/85p7

Spencer, Lillian F., died 3/7/91: 3/18/91p6

Spencer, Nellie J., died 7/8/88: 7/18/88p6

Sperl, C. Paul, died 7/18/88: 7/25/88p6

Spiers, Mildred L., died 2/27/92: 3/7/92p6

Spiller, Jay, operates tatoo parlor: 10/1/90p1

Spinney, Beverly A., died 4/14/92: 4/18/92p6

Spinney, Shep, has 40-year musical career on guitar: 12/3/90p3

Sprague, Bertha A., died 2/23/89: 3/6/89p6

Sprague, Evelyn, celebrates 80th birthday: 4/9/85p8

Sprague, Grace G., died 2/24/83: 3/8/83p8

Sprague, James L., died 12/3/88: 12/12/88p6

Sprague, Patricia I., died 1/2/93: 1/7/93p6

Sprague, Richard E., died 12/1/90: 12/10/90p6

Spraker, Irving W., died 4/29/89: 5/8/89p6

Springfield, Lola M., died 2/8/88: 2/16/88p6,5/16/88p6

Sprinkle, Carolyn A., died 12/14/86: 12/23/86p6

Sprowl, Raymond E., died 1/16/86: 1/28/86p7

St. Clair, Brenda, and James Niland wed 8/23/80: 10/14/80p22

St. Clair, Carole, commended for saving child: 1/25/83p10

St. Germain, Henry C., died ?/?/86: 2/18/86p5

St. Germain, Mozart R., died 5/12/92: 5/23/92p6

St. Germaine, Rite A., died 4/21/88: 5/2/88p6

St. Hilaire, Bertha, died 10/13/86: 10/21/86p6

St. John, Arthur J., died 10//13/86: 10/21/86p6

St. Lauirent, Pauline H., died 12/21/92: 12/24/92p18

St. Laurent, Janice A., died 12/4/90: 12/17/90p6

St. Lawrence, Rose M., died 1/28/92: 2/1/92p6

St. Peter, Joseph R., died 7//24/90: 7/30/90p6

St. Pierre, David A., died 1/4/83: 1/11/83p6

St. Savior, Dolphis J., died 7/4/80: 7/15/80p2

Stachkunas, Isabel S., died 1/6/80: 1/15/80p3

Staff, Steven R., died 10/10/81: 10/20/81p2

Staley, Violet, participates in Adventures...Over 40: 2/5/85p1

Stanhope, Robert A., died 6/12/90: 6/18/90p6

Stankiewicz, Mary, retires after 49 years of nursing: 8/2/83p8

Stanley, Donald E., died 9/22/91: 9/28/91p6

Stanley, Edwin P., died 4/4/89: 4/10/89p6

Stanley, Eva C., died 3/9/86: 3/18/86p13

Stanley, Paul H., died 4/6/82: 4/13/82p8

Stanley, Ruth H., died 4/24/88: 5/2/88p6

Stanton, Freda A., died 5/18/90: 5/28/90p6

Staples, Frank M., died 12/8/90: 12/17/90p6

Staples II, Warne D., died 12/1/83: 12/6/83p17

Staples Jr., Clarence V., died 12/24/87: 1/5/88p6

Staples Sr., Clarence V., died 3/7/85: 3/19/85p20

Staples Sr., Robert L., died 8/13/91: 8/17/91p6

Stark, Lorraine G., died 5/23/92: 5/30/92p6

Stark Sr., Paul P., died 11/13/87: 11/24/87p23

Starrett, Kimberly, and Stephen Carr wed 6/15/80: 9/19/80p23

Steadman, Marcia, and James Taylor are wed 5/1/81: 6/30/81p14

Steadman, Marjorie W., died 12/6/90: 12/17/90p6

Stearns, Elstelle B., died 11/28/91: 12/7/91p10

Stearns, Myron & Rose, wed 65 years: 4/22/91p7

Steele, Marie L., died 12/9/80: 12/16/80p2

Steeves, John F., died 2/18/81: 2/24/81p2

Steeves, Sharon, and Jeff Walters are wed 7/7/84: 11/20/84p9

Stemmermann, Linda, and James Varney are wed 8/1/81: 11/24/81p14

Stenberg, Henry G., died 8/29/81: 9/8/81p2

Stenhouse, Gary, is new City Manager: 1/14/93p1

Stetson, Jean C., died 6/28/81: 7/7/81p2

Stevens, Barry, still letters signs by hand: 6/4/90p3

Stevens, Edna, died 8/15/84: 8/28/84p12

Stevens, Janet E., died 3/7/92: 3/14/94p6: 3/14/94p6

Stevens, John E., died 4/24/84: 5/1/84p9

Stevens, Leon F., died 1/24/80: 2/5/80p2

Stevens, Linds, and Michael Harris are wed 5/16/81: 7/21/81p7

Stevens, Mabel A., died 5/28/85: 6/4/85p13

Stevens, Sally, and twin Anne Baker are 90: 1/1/85p6

Stevens, Sylvester E., died 1/2/80: 1/8/80p2

Stevenson, Carl H., died 6/14/82: 6/22/82p2

Stevenson, Douglas, died 7/25/87: 8/4/87p6

Stevenson, Ernest & Ruth attend Gonic school dedication: 7/9/90p3

Stevenson, Mrs. Douglas, died 5/13/82: 5/25/82p2

Stewart, Deborah A., died 8/1/92: 8/8/92p6

Stewart, Gerald A., died 1/14/83: 1/25/83p8

Stewart, Izetta M.., died 7/15/83: 7/26/83p5

Stewart, Joseph A., died 12/16/83: 12/27/83p9

Stewart, Josephine M., died 4/11/86: 4/22/86p9

Stewart, Patricia L., died 7/7/92: 7/11/92p6

Stickroth, Lucille E., died 12/26/85: 1/7/86p3

Stiegele, Theresa, died 1/7/93: 1/14/93p6

Stiles, M&M James, celebrate 40th anniversary: 8/29/88p8

Stillings, Elmer O., died 12/28/85: 1/7/86p3

Stillwagon, Nancy G., died 11/4/83: 11/8/83p10,11/15/83p17

Stilson, Wesley J., died 11/17/83: 11/29/83p12

Stimpson, Lisa, and Robert Ruel are wed 7/25/81: 8/25/81p8

Stoddard, Irene, and Gary Moore are wed 8/30/81: 10/6/81p14

Stokes, Donna L., died 6/24/89: 7/3/89p6

Stone, Eunice E., died 4/15/88: 4/25/88p6

Stone, Harry R., died 4/23/88: 5/2/88p6

Stone, Stanley, died 2/8/80: 2/26/80p2

Stowell, Arlene J., died 2/25/91: 3/4/91p6

Strange, Margaret T., died 1/16/81: 1/20/81p2

Strong, Lester, died 6/12/86: 6/24/86p14

Strong, Melody, and Bruce Viel wed 10/25/86: 11/11/86p7

Strout, Thomas, and Sherry Silvia are wed: 11/22/83p8

Stuart, Archie, died 6/4/88: 6/13/88p6,7/11/88p6

Stuart, Calvin, and Rae Johnson are wed: 3/16/82p13

Stuart, Earlon C., died 9/12/91: 9/21/91p6

Stuart, Helen A., died 12/3/82: 12/14/82p8

Stuart, Jeremiah, celebrates 100th birthday: 2/11/86p1

Stuart, Jeremiah, celebrates 101st birthday: 1/13/87p1

Stuart, Jeremiah J., died 11/6/88: 11/14/88p6

Stuart, Kezia V., died 11/23/88: 12/5/88p6

Stuart, Richard, and Lisa Sylvain are wed 5/17/85: 6/18/85p8

Sullivan, Cornelius H., died 4/10/80: 4/15/80p2

Sullivan Darlene, wins medals in Special Olympics: 8/18/87p1

Sullivan, Doris N., died 9/24/87: 10/6/87p6

Sullivan, Grace M., died 5/3/81: 5/12/81p2

Sullivan, Mary A., died 1/11/80: 1/15/80p3

Sullivan, Patrick, died 11/20/88: 11/28/88p7

Sullivan Sr., Robert L., died 5/29/92: 6/8/92p6

Suskauer, Sheldon, and Barbara Dwyer are wed 9/8/84: 3/12/85p10

Sussman, Anne L., died 2/7/83: 2/15/83p7

Sussman, Arthur H., died 10/31/86: 11/11/86p6

Sutcliff, Stephen, and Jill Borbas wed ??/??/??: 2/2/88p9

Sutherland Jr., Daniel A., died 1/11/87: 1/20/87p7

Suzio, Cheryl, is BPW Woman of the Year: 3/27/84p8

Swanson, Lisa, and Matthew Hamel are wed 8/25/90: 11/19/90p9

Sweeney, Emma, died 2/22/89: 3/6/89p6

Sweeney, Larry R., died 8/15/91: 8/24/91p6

Swensiski, Albertine, died 12/4/84: 12/11/84p20

Swicegood, Leona L., died 8/7/84: 8/14/84p20

Swinerton, Bernice, died 7/15/89: 7/24/89p6

Swinerton Jr., Jacob M., died 8/16/82: 8/24/82p2

Sylvain, Arliene M., died 9/9/80: 9/16/80p2

Sylvain, Armand M., died 5/19/90: 5/28/90p6

Sylvain, Enza, died 4/1/83: 4/12/83p6

Sylvain, Georgianna A., died 12/31/82: 1/11/83p6

Sylvain, Lisa, and Richard Stuart are wed 5/17/85: 6/18/85p8

Sylvain, Monique, and Robert Demers are wed 11/29/80: 2/17/81p21

Sylvain, Octavian R., died 11/21/89: 12/4/89p6

Sylvain, Raymond J., died 5/6/83: 5/17/83p8

Sylvain, Romeo L., died 9/2/84: 9/11/84p15

Sylvain, Simone R., died 10/18/83: 10/25/83p16

Sylvester, Paul, and Lisa Brown are wed 6/12/82: 7/20/82p11

Symonds, Philip L., died 8/25/82: 8/30/82p2

Szymbor, Nancy J., died 11/9/88: 11/21/88p6

Taber, Helen B., died 6/3/85: 6/11/85p15

Taffe, Gertrude M., died 11/22/89: 12/4/89p6

Taffe, Jacqueline Y., died 1/18/90: 1/29/90p6

Taffe, Kathleen, and Poulis Aristedes are wed 1/11/81: 2/24/81p2

Talon, Ronald, and Cynthia Thibault are wed 4/17/82: 5/25/82p16

Tanguay, Jeannette B., died 12/11/80: 12/16/80p2

Tanguay, Kathleen, and Richard Aiken are wed 12/19/81: 1/12/82p12

Tanner, Cordelia D., died 8/13/85: 8/13/85p17

Tanner, Helen, is an adopted grandmother: 12/4/84p1

Tanner, Helen R., died 3/18/91: 3/25/91p6

Tanner, Hervey C., died 7/4/82: 7/13/82p2

Tapper, Dean C., died 3/2/92: 3/7/92p6

Tarlton, Margaret R., died 8/5/85: 8/13/85p17

Tarmey Lance T., died 8/2/92: 8/22/92p6

Tarmey, Lloyd W., died 7/22/90: 7/30/90p6

Tarmy, Norma J., died 4/10/86: 4/29/86p6

Tasker Sr., Cecil W., died 6/3/85: 6/11/85p15

Tasso Sr., William J., died 6/28/92: 7/4/92p6

Tatterfield, Francis H., died 8/9/84: 8/21/84p4

Tattersall, Doris E., died 7/15/8: 7/23/85p165

Tawney, Cheryl, died 3/4/90: 3/19/90p6

Taylor, Carrie, died 7/29/87: 8/11/87p6

Taylor, Catherine, and George Brown are wed 3/22/80: 5/27/80p11

Taylor, Cecil S., died 8/4/82: 8/10/82p2

Taylor, Celina E., died 7/17/88: 7/25/88p6

Taylor, Dawn, and Andrew Lamie are wed 2/16/80: 4/1/80p22

Taylor, James, and Marcia Steadman are wed 5/1/81: 6/30/81p14

Taylor, Jeff, new manager of Rochester Fair: 7/29/91p1

Taylor, Louise, died 2/19/92: 2/29/92p6

Taylor, Ronald C., died 11/12/92: 11/19/92p6

Taylor, Ruth F., died 1/24/93: 1/28/93p6

Taylor, Stanley M., died 12/20/86: 12/30/86p6

Taylor, William F., died 3/11/80: 3/18/80p3

Teague, Charles M., died 10/12/82: 10/19/82p2

Teague, Edith J., died 3/19/87: 3/31/87p6

Tebbetts, Gertrude M., died 1/2/91: 1/14/91p6

Tebbetts, Roy H., died 8/8/91: 8/17/91p6

Tebbetts, Virginia G., died 11/4/92: 11/19/92p6

Termelle, Raoul A., died 2/17/92 : 2/22/92p6

Tersolo, Barbara, honored by BPW: 5/19/81p3

Tessier, Katherine B., died 11/23/81: 12/1/81p3

Tessier, Kilda M., died 9/28/91: 10/5/91p6

Tetrault, Leona B., died 4/23/89: 5/1/89p6

Tetreau, Cordelia E., died 1/9/81: 1/13/81p2

Tetreault, Alisa, and Timothy Randall wed 8/30/80: 9/23/80p13

Tetu, Amos J., died 1/27/92: 2/1/92p6

Thebeault, John, teaches co-students painting: 4/10/84p1

Theberge, Lionel J., died 4/?/82: 4/27/82p6

Theberge, Lionel W., died 10/9/92: 10/15/92p6

Theriault, Rose, displays her art: 11/1/83p10

Therrien, Alfred J., died 11/1/84: 11/27/84p11

Therrien, Edouard, died 6/13/81: 6/23/81p3

Therrien, Stella G., died 1/25/85: 2/5/85p1

Thibault, Cynthia, and Ronald Talon are wed 4/17/82: 5/25/82p16

Thibault, Joseph and Florence, wed 50 years: 12/3/90p9

Thibault, M&M Girard, are wed 40 years: 12/12/88p7

Thibedau, Edward J., died 6/21/83: 6/28/83p2

Thibedau, Thelma I., died 8/15/87: 8/25/87p6

Thibeddau, Arthur M., died 6/22/82: 6/29/82p6

Thivierge, Lucia M. died 12/18/86: 12/30/86p6

Thomas, Bill, brain-damaged artist: 11/30/91p1

Thomas, Blanche M., died 11/27/84: 12/4/84p15

Thomas, Keith, died 12/18/83: 12/27/83p9

Thomas, M&M Tom, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/31/84p11

Thomas, William, handicapped, has bike stolen: 10/8/90p3

Thompson, Allen, died 8/10/87: 8/18/87p6

Thompson, Almeda P., died 5/5/91: 5/13/91p6

Thompson, Eben, died 3/28/86: 3/11/86p10

Thompson, Edna E., died 7/1/80: 7/8/30p2

Thompson, Harold A., died 7/4/81: 7/14/81p2

Thompson, Herman A., died 1/8/83: 1/18/83p8

Thompson, Herschel C., died 1/10/86: 1/21/86p10

Thompson, John F., died 6/7/80: 6/10/80p2

Thompson, Lorraine, died 8/25/86: 9/2/86p6

Thompson, Margaret G., died 4/25/90: 5/14/90p6

Thompson, Muriel E., died 9/23/83: 10/4/83p15

Thompson, Newell F., died 3/22/89: 4/3/89p6

Thompson, Timothy, and Rebecca Downs are wed 6/30/82: 8/3/82p9

Thompson, Mary A., died 8/26/89: 9/4/89p6

Thomson, Ryan, is acclaimed fiddle player: 5/21/85p24

Thornton, Curtis E,. died 11/19/89

Thornton, Lance, and Charlotte Clark are wed 7/3/81: 8/11/81p6

Thurber, Deanna J., died 12/31/83: 1/10/84p2

Thurston, Albert J., died 12/5/87: 12/15/87p6

Thurston, Beatrice M., died 8/20/84: 8/28/84p12

Thurston, Leslie D., died 6/9/80: 6/17/80p2

Thurston, Mary A., died 5/18/83: 5/31/83p6

Thurston, Vila B., died 4/12/87: 4/21/87p6

Tibbets, Merle E., died 3/26/89: 4/3/89p6

Tibbetts, Edna Mae, died 6/4/90 p15: 6/11/90p6

Tibbetts, Lawrence J., died 12/6/86: 12/16/86p6

Tibbetts, Melvin L., died 9/11/90: 9/17/90p10

Tibbetts, Thelma P., died 7/13/81: 7/21/81p2

Tierney, Joseph O., died 6/7/88: 6/13/88p6

Tilton, Margaret E., died 2/18/89: 2/27/89p6

Tilton, Thornton C., died 8/18/85: 8/27/85p18

Timberlake, Jenny W., died 4/2/85: 4/16/85p10

Tirrell, Carla M., died 3/30/88: 4/11/88p6

Tirrell, Goldie, and Theodore Kittredge wed 6/12/80: 6/17/80p18

Todd, George T., died 11/19/88: 11/28/88p7

Torr, Franklin T., died 11/18/82: 11/30/82p11

Torr, Wayne, and Angela Aimes are wed 9/11/83: 11/15/83p10

Torrey-Pearson, Virginia, is centenarian: 11/11/86p8

Toussaint, Georg E., died 1/12/80: 1/15/80p3

Towle, Agnes C., died 2/12/84: 2/21/84p14

Towle, Beulah M., died 6/27/92: 7/4/92p6

Towle, Esther M., died 9/9/84: 9/18/84p14

Towle, Floyd R., died 12/31/85: 1/14/86p7

Towle, Harold J., died 6/13/86: 6/24/86p14

Towle, Marion H., died 4/27/81: 5/4/81p2

Towle, Stanley L., died 5/16/83: 5/24/83p6

Tozer, Carl A., died 12/14/88: 12/26/88p6

Trace, Faustina, lauded after 27 years: 11/29/83p1

Trafton, Celiar D., died 4/30/88: 5/9/88p6

Trafton, Edward T., died 11/16/87: 11/24/87p23

Trafton, R. Bradley, feted by US Jaycees: 12/6/83p8

Trafton Sr., Harold A., died 5/6/89: 5/15/89p6

Trahan, Ethel A., died 7/4/82: 7/13/82p2

Trask, G. Daniel, died 2/23/86: 3/4/86p13

Trask, Patricia, and Wayne McCarthy are wed 6/27/81: 8/11/81p6

Trask, Philbert R., died 5/3/85: 5/14/85p13

Treble Sr., Kenneth B., died 5/16/87: 5/26/87p6

Tremblay, Andrew E., died 9/19/91: 9/28/91p6

Tremblay, Arthur, and Elizabeth Branscombe wed 5/16/81: 6/9/81p14

Tremblay, Charles E., died 2/3/84: 2/21/84p14

Tremblay, Eugenie, died 2/17/89: 2/27/89p6,3/6/89p6

Tremblay, George J., died 6/7/90: 6/18/90p10

Tremblay, Laurette, and Joseph Buslovich are wed: 11/10/87p9

Tremblay, Leo, fundraiser for corneal operation: 7/9/90p8

Tremblay, Louise. died 6/18/85: 6/25/85p14

Tremblay, Lucia, builds gingerbread houses: 12/25/84p2

Tremblay, Raelene M., died 2/26/92: 3/7/92p6

Trembray, Jennie, died 12/24/89: 1/1/90p6

Trepanier, Adam, died 6/11/85: 6/25/85p14

Triandafilu, Alfred, died 4/30/91: 5/6/91p6

Trickey, Phyllis, died 4/3/80: 5/13/80p2

Tripp, Helen F., died 12/22/82: 1/4/83p6

Tripp, Henry A., died 6/13/88: 6/20/88p6

Tripp, J. Thornton, died 6/4/86: 6/17/86p7

Tripp, Laura G., died 8/27/87: 9/8/87p6

Tripp. William L., diesd 9/23/90: 10/1/90p6

Trites, Robert E., died 7/30/92: 8/8/92p6

Trogdon, Rosalee A., died 4/26/89: 5/8/89p6

Trudel, Richard, and Martha Leighton are wed 7/3/82: 8/17/82p17

Tucci, John L., died 12/4/87: 12/15/87p6

Tuck, Donald L., died 11/22/86: 12/2/86p6

Tuck Jr., Joseph C., died 12/13/80: 12/16/80p2

Tuck, M&M Donald, celebrate 25th anniversary: 1/29/95p9

Tucker, Burton A., died 1/15/86: 1/21/86p10

Tucker, Cariolyn, and Robert Hunt are wed 4/21/90: 10/15/90p9

Tucker, Lily R., died 9/24/81: 9/29/81p2,10/13/81p16

Tucker, M&M Burton, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/15/82p13

Tucker Sr., Raymond C., died 4/3/86: 4/15/86p9

Tufts, Alice M., died 8/4/85: 8/13/85p17

Tufts, Charles F., died 5/3/90: 5/14/90p6

Tufts, Lucy E., died 8/24/83: 8/30/83p2

Tufts Sr., Orrie M., died 5/31/86: 6/10/86p10

Tufts, Stephen, and Carol Gregoire are wed 8/14/82: 12/7/82p5

Turcotte, Albany, died 8/10/90: 8/20/90p6

Turcotte, Albert A., died 11/22/91: 11//30/91p6

Turcotte, Angelina, died 11/23/86: 12/2/86p6

Turcotte, Annette, died 6/26/80: 7/1/80p2

Turcotte, Bernadette, died 6/3/81: 6/9/81p2

Turcotte, Edna E., died 8/12/84: 8/21/84p4

Turcotte, Emilianni B., died 1/23/88: 1/26/88p6

Turcotte, Eva M., died 7/3/88: 7/11/88p6

Turcotte, Leo J., died 8/27/91: 8/31/91p6

Turgeon, Donna, and David Nelson wed ??/??/??: 2/2/88p9

Turgeon, Larry, and Barbara Young wed 8/23/80: 9/16/80p13

Turgeon, Priscilla J., died 4/23/90: 4/30/90p6

Turmel, Pauline E., died 3/11/89: 3/20/89p6

Turmelle, Anna M.,. died 2/25/88: 3/8/88p6

Turmelle, Beatrice M., died 4/25/85: 5/7/85p14

Turmelle, Edgar, died 3/5/80: 3/11/80p2

Turmelle Jr., Alfred A., died 11/16/82: 11/30/82p11

Turmelle, Marjorie V., died 2/17/86: 3/4/86p13

Turmelle, Raymond, died 1/5/86: 1/14/86p7

Turmelle, Wilda B., died 9/12/86: 9/23/86p8

Turner, Almira E., died 2/26/89: 3/6/89p6

Turner, Arthur J., died 9/13/84: 9/25/84p7

Turner, Joan M., died 11/15/87: 11/24/87p23

Turner, M&M Vincent, are married 50 years: 12/16/86p8

Turner, M&M Vincent, celebrate 45th anniversary: 12/15/81p15

Turner, Mary A., died 4/1/85: 4/9/85p23

Turtiainen, Hilma, died 2/5/91: 2/11/91p6

Tuttle, Chester R., died 7/13/84: 7/24/84p8

Tuttle, Frederick, died 4/27/83: 5/3/83p6

Tuttle, Grace, died 3/13/92: 4/4/92p6

Tuttle, Keven L., died 7/9/82: 7/20/82p2

Tuttle, Lawrence S., died 10/15/90: 10/22/90p6

Tuttle, Lucille A., died 4/14/91: 4/22/91p6

Tuttle, Willie M., died 2/16/81: 2/24/81p2

Twitchell, Adelbert, ends 50 years service at Blue Seal: 1/7/93p1

Twitchell, Margaret, died 6/12/83: 6/21/83p9

Twitchell, Nellie J., died 2/12/87: 2/24/87p6

Twombley, Karina L., died 9/29/92: 10/15/92p6

Twombley, Kenneth H., died 6/29/84: 7/24/84p8

Twombly, Archibald P., died 4/11/80: 4/22/80p2

Twombly, Elizabeth H., died 3/22/91: 4/1/91p7

Twombly, Lucy E., died 9/9/91: 9/14/91p6

Tyrrell, Verne L., died 7/14/80: 7/22/80p2

Udall, Mercie C., died 7/8/83: 7/19/83p2

Upham, Marion L., died 12/26/83: 1/3/84p6

Urlau, Agnes M., died 2/7/89: 2/20/89p6

Urlau, Rudolph J., died 10/3/88: 10/10/88p6

Urmston, George A., died 10/17/91: 10/26/91p6

Urquhart, Glenn A., died 6/28/86: 7/8/86p7

Vaas, Joseph H., died 4/21/87: 4/28/87p6

Vaca, Peter S., died 6/5/82: 6/15/82p2

Vachon, Alfred H., died 4/16/87: 4/28/87p6

Vachon, Christine F., died 4/22/90: 4/30/90p6

Vachon, Daniel, and Pamela Pomroy are wed 9/24/83: 12/6/83p8

Vachon, Henry P., died 4/15/86: 4/29/86p6

Vachon, Mary, and Stanley Henderson are wed 7/17/82: 8/17/82p17

Vachon, Robert N., died 9/17/91: 9/21/91p6

Vahey, James A., died 9/25/89: 10/2/89p6

Vaillancourt, Raymond J., died 9/3/80: 9/9/80p2

Vaillencourt, Danny, and Lois DiPrizio wed 12/14/80: 1/27/81p6

Valentine, Irene E., died 11/14/89

Vallee, Joseph A., died 5/8/85: 5/21/85p14

Vallee, Margeurite E., died 8/17/85: 8/27/85p18

Valleton, John P., died 6/14/81: 6/23/81p3

Valley, Bob, opens old-fashioned store: 10/21/80p14

Van Buskirk, Eva, died 8/5/85: 8/13/85p17

Vanasse, Armand L., died 7/19/80: 7/22/80p2

VanBuskirk, Dorothy W., died 2/19/82: 3/2/82p9

VanBuskirk, Harry H., died 2/21/92: 2/29/92p6

VanBuskirk, John N., died 9/8/92: 9/12/92p6

VanBuskirk, Lawrence A., died 3/21/91: 4/1/91p7,4/8/91p6

VanBuskirk, Theresa W., died 4/7/92: 4/11/92p6

Vancour, Della P., died 11/21/86: 12/2/86p6

Varney, Bettina F., died 10/21/90: 10/29/90p6

Varney, Bonnie, can't stop skating: 12/27/83p10

Varney, Gloria, and Paul Comfort are wed 6/11/88: 10/24/88p11

Varney, Harold C., died 1/20/84: 1/31/84p10

Varney, Helen M., died 9/19/86: 9/30/86p7

Varney, James, and Linda Stemmermann are wed 8/1/81: 11/24/81p14

Varney, Linda, and Jay Demeritt wed 10/8/88: 3/20/89p8

Varney, Lucia G., died 1/12/86: 1/21/86p10

Varney, Mabel K., died 5/19/83: 5/31/83p6

Varney, Marjorie W., died 1/30/86: 2/11/86p5

Varney, Myrtle S., died 11/28/88: 12/5/88p6

Varney, Rita J., died 7/17/81: 7/28/81p2

Varney, Robert G., died 11/15/89

Varney Sr., Harold H., died 4/6/80: 4/15/80p2

Varney Sr., Josiah W., died 10/8/87: 10/20/87p6

Varney, Warren E., died 3/6/80: 3/11/80p2

Vashey, Henry, died 8/27/84: 9/11/84p15

Venison, Sarah-Kate, and Jeffrey Glidden wed: 12/12/88p7

Veno, Gerald A., died 10/26/90: 11/5/90p6

Veno, Irving W., died 2/13/81: 2/24/81p2

Veno, Raymond A., died 2/7/86: 2/18/86p5

Veno, Ronald A., died 3/4/87: 3/17/87p6

Veno, Samuel R., died 9/11/92: 9/17/92p6

Venuti, Frances W., died 10/7/87: 10/13/87p6

Verge, Roland E., died 1/13/80: 1/15/80p3

Verity, Lois, died 6/3/86: 6/17/86p7

Vickery, Bill, operates apple orchard business: 10/7/80pp1,18

Vickery, William, farms 1500 apple trees: 9/27/83p1

Viel, Bruce, and Melody Strong wed 10/25/86: 11/11/86p7

Viel, Bruce, and Tina Loporcaro are wed 5/10/80: 5/27/80p11

Viel, Donald J., died 11/25/81: 12/8/81p3

Viel, Gary P., died 5/8/87: 5/19/87p6

Vigneault, Lillian V., died 10/20/90: 10/29/90p16

Vigue, Raymond J., died 9/3/86: 9/16/86p6

Vina, Thomas, and Marcia Lacroix are wed 5/23/81: 7/21/81p7

Vince, A. Raymond, died 4/5/86: 4/15/86p9

Vincent, Dorothy M., died 11/21/86: 12/2/86p6

Vincent, Steven, and Robin Clement are wed 8/20/83: 2/21/84p15

Vincent, William J., died 4/22/85: 4/30/85p11

Vinciguerra, Bruce, and Dawn Norwood wed 8/11/84: 1/29/95p9

Vinciguerra, Frank, and Janet Holt are wed: 8/29/88p8

Viola, Shiela J., died 10/23/81: 11/3/81p3

Vittam, Donald, is City's new Police Chief: 2/11/91p2

Vittum, Beatrice M., died 1/29/90: 2/5/90p6

Vittum, Ray E., died 3/11/80: 3/18/80p3

Vizziello, Frank, died 7/3/83: 7/12/83p10

Vondell, Arthur H., died 9/7/82: 9/14/82p2

Voss, Margaret G., died 8/20/84: 8/28/84p12

Voye, Det. Bonnie, is City's Employee of the Month: 12/14/91p2

Wade, Dr. Thayer, SAU 64 Superintendent, retires: 10/26/91p1

Wade, Gordon E., died 12/24/84: 1/1/85p9

Wade, Margaret, and Paul Jappe are wed: 9/19/80p23

Wade, Margaret J., is BPW Woman of Achievement: 10/23/84p3

Wadleigh, Charlotte A., died 6/14/85: 6/25/85p14

Wagenfeld, Velma P., died 9/23/89: 10/2/89p6

Waitt, Elmer, is Roch. C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/17/81p2

Wakefield, Frances H., died 12/28/80: 1/6/81p2

Walbridge, Charles, died 12/29/82: 1/11/83p6

Waldron, Gladys A., died 12/1/83: 12/6/83p17

Waldron, Stephanie, and William Brock wed 10/11/86: 11/11/86p7

Waldron, Stephen P., died 11/3/89: 11/13/89p6

Waldron, Vivian D., die 7/2/81: 7/7/81p2

Walker, David R., died 6/19/92: 6/27/92p6

Walker, Joseph A., ddied 6/29/80: 7/8/30p2

Wall, Ruben B., died 8/4/92: 8/8/92p6

Wallace, Achilles H., died 9/29/92: 10/15/92p6

Wallace, Arthur S., died 10/13/84: 10/23/84p14

Wallace, E. Cora, died 5/26/85: 6/4/85p13

Wallace, Elizabeth, wins NH Law Day Essay content: 5/19/81p21

Wallace, Eva J., died 12/22/91: 12/28/91p6

Wallace, John W., died 10/13/89: 10/23/89p6

Wallingford, Hazel M., died 2/1/89: 2/13/89p6

Wallingford, Ora M., died 5/3/84: 5/15/84p16

Walrath, Aline K., died 2/20/84: 2/28/84p9

Walsh, Emelia A., died 11/14/82: 12/21/82p12

Walsh, Glenn I., died 3/20/83: 3/29/83p6

Walsh, Myrtle E., died 7/13/86: 7/22/86p6

Walters, Jeff, and Sharon Steeves are wed 7/7/84: 11/20/84p9

Walters Sr., Richard N., died 12/22/87: 1/5/88p6

Waluck, Chester S., died 3/9/90: 3/19/90p6

Warburton, Goldie B., died 3/20/83: 3/29/83p6

Warburton, Jason M., died 4/27/81: 5/4/81p2

Warburton, N. Albert, died 3/10/91: 3/18/91p6

Warburton, Virgil, died 5/30/92: 6/8/92p6

Ward, Charles O., died 12/27/87: 1/5/88p6

Ward, Cindy, and Gary Heselton are wed 5/22/82: 7/13/82/17

Ward, Dorothy R., died 1/7/86: 1/21/86p11

Ward, Harold C., died 4/18/89: 4/24/89p6

Ward, Madeline, died 10/3/92: 10/8/92p9

Ward, Troy M., died 5/24/83: 5/31/83p6

Ware, George L., died 1/23/86: 2/11/86p5

Ware, Gregory A., died 7/27/81: 8/4/81p2

Wargo, Gary, died 12/4/91: 12/14/91p6

Warren, Alice, died 1/13/82: 1/26/82p18

Warren, Dorothy E., died 12/3/89: 12/11/89p6

Warren, Edith H., died 1/14/84: 1/24/84p12

Warren, Mark, and Jami Gardner are wed 7/11/81: 8/25/81p8

Warren, Neal D., died 1/13/93: 1/21/93p6

Washburn, Glenville W., died 8/7/86: 8/19/86p6

Waskiewicz, Deborah, & Edward Seavey III wed 7/12/80: 9/16/80p13

Waskiewicz, Doris, and Larry Gagne are wed 9/27/80: 2/17/81p21

Waterhouse, Charles E., died 4/1/84: 4/10/84p12

Waterhouse, Lester D., died 2/23/82: 3/2/82p9

Watkins, Henry S., died 9/19/90: 10/1/90p6

Watson, Donna, and Larry Nason are wed 4/27/85: 7/16/85p8

Watson, Emma F., died 4/26/85: 5/7/85p14

Watson, George W., died 10/4/82: 10/12/82p8

Watson, Gladys E., died 1/5/92: 1/11/92p6

Watson, Helen, died 9/26/84: 10/9/84p7

Watson Jr., Richard E., died 1/29/87: 2/10/87p6

Watson, Maryanna, died 2/16/85: 2/26/85p10

Watson, Robert W., died 11/29/90: 12/10/90p8

Watson, Wendy, qualifies for Nat'l Junior Olympics: 5/14/85p1

Watts, Roscoe L., died 2/27/92: 3/7/92p6

Wawrzkiewicz, Nancy, and Jay Edgerly are wed: 8/8/88p9

Weare, George R., died 4/6/92: 4/11/92p6

Weare, Scott, died 6/12/84: 6/26/84p11

Webb, Zelma L., died 5/30/89: 6/12/89p6

Webber, M&M Ronald, wed 25 years: 6/27/92p7

Webber, Timothy, and Wendy Drew are wed 6/10/89: 9/25/89p9

Webster, George A., died 9/4/88: 9/12/88p6

Webster Jr., Albert E., died 4/27/91: 5/6/91p6

Weed, Charles A., died 7/10/82: 7/20/82p2

Weeden, Thema R., died 9/25/90: 10/1/90p10

Weeks, Betty L., died 8/15/85: 8/27/85p24

Weeks, Calvin H., died 3/25/81: 3/31/81p3

Weeks, Ethel L., died 12/1/91: 12/7/91p6

Weeks Jr., Brian R., died 6/30/91: 7/8/91p6

Weeks, Meriden G., died 4/29/90: 5/7/90p6

Weeks, Quentin, died 11/1/89: 11/13/89p6

Weeks, Ruth E., died 7/3/92: 7/11/92p6

Weeks Sr., Richard E., died 10/3/83: 10/11/83p5

Weeman, Roger, died 4/10/87: 4/21/87pp1,6

Weinstein, Sara, died 6/2/86: 6/17/86p7

Welch, Arlene, honored at school retirement party: 6/20/92p5

Welch, Charlie H., died 1/11/89: 1/23/89p6

Welch, Donald E., died 1/1/27/91: 12/7/91p10

Welch, Kenneth W., died 10/1/84: 10/9/84p7

Welch, Mary E., died 12/20/85: 1/7/86p3

Wells Sr., Daniel J., died 10/21/91: 10/26/91p6

Wemtworth, Joseph A., died 1/14/87: 1/27/87p6

Wendell, Beulah C., died 6/19/89: 6/19/89p6

Wentworth, Eve L., died 3/14/86: 3/25/86p7

Wentworth, Linwood, died 12/31/80: 1/20/81p2

Wentworth, Nelson E., died 8/28/80: 9/2/80p4

Wentworth, Walter, celebrates 90th birthday: 7/2/90p3

Wernig, Joseph, and Jolene Caverly are wed: 12/12/88p7

Weymouth, Christine T., died 10/28/82: 11/2/82p2

Weymouth, Ellen M., died 12/13/84: 12/25/84p14

Weymouth, Vera C., died 4/2/84: 4/10/84p12

Weymouth, Walter, died 10/8/81: 10/13/81p16

Whaley, Helen W., died 3/5/87: 3/17/87p6

Wheeler, Charles P., died 8/19/91: 8/24/91p6

Wheeler, Daniel J., died 4/13/81: 4/21/81p2

Wheeler, Gail, and Clifford Lutes are wed 2/23/80: 4/29/80p13

Wheeler, Hilda M., died 2/27/83: 3/8/83p8

Wheeler, Hylas T., died 7/29/82: 8/17/82p2

Wheeler, Kathleen, and Daniel Eighmey are wed: 9/29/87p8

Wheeler, Kenneth M., died 12/30/91: 1/4/92p6

Wheeler, Lorraine M., died 1/16/91: 1/28/91p6

Wheeler, Maureen, and Stephan Burke are wed 5/28/88: 7/11/88p11

Wheeler, Mildred T., died 10/14/92: 10/22/92p6

Wheeler Sr., Charles I., died 5/30/92: 6/8/92p6

Whelan, Laurie, is NH finalist in Teenager Pageant: 5/20/80p13

Whelan, Newell J., died 4/3/88: 4/11/88p6

Whipple, Mildred E., died 3/31/84: 4/10/84p12

Whitaker, Wallace E., died 12/3/92: 12/10/92p6

Whitcomb, Harmon, and Fae Robinson are wed 8/23/81: 10/6/81p15

Whitcomb, Hollis H., died 4/25/91: 5/6/91p6

White, Harriet A., died 9/1/83: 9/13/83p9

White, Irene W., died 4/26/91: 5/6/91p6

White, Jeffery, named president of Roch. C/C: 2/5/90p5

White, Richard, and Tammy-Jo Lemay are wed: 1/4/83p9

White, Robert A., died 2/6/82: 2/16/82p8

White, Roger J., died 8/2/89: 8/14/89p6

White, Ruth, is a Foster Grandparent: 1/27/87p3

Whitehorn, Margery, died 6/6/80: 6/10/80p2

Whitehouse, Charles R., died 1/21/82: 1/26/82p18

Whitehouse, Enoch F., is famous singer: 10/9/84p18 (Note 1)

Whitehouse, Joseph L., died 1/25/92: 2/1/92p6

Whitehouse, Judith, and William Boyd are wed 6/23/84: 11/20/84p9

Whitehouse, Linda, and Michael Hickman are wed 2/14/81: 5/4/81p9

Whitehouse, Lisa A., died 4/9/80: 4/15/80p2

Whitehouse, Marie A., died 6/2/88: 6/13/88p6

Whitehouse, Pauline B., died 7/6/86: 7/15/86p7

Whitehouse, R. Elsie, died 10/4/89: 10/16/89p6

Whitehouse, Ralph H., died 2/29/84: 3/20/84p13

Whitehouse, Ralph T., died 6/23/91: 7/1/91p6

Whitehouse, Russell, and C. Constantino wed 5/18/80: 7/15/80p13

Whitehouse Sr., Fred, died 3/9/88: 3/22/88p6

Whiting, Karl M., died 6/1/92: 6/8/92p6

Whitney, Carol L., died 12/26/79: 1/1/80p2

Whitney, Ethel L., died 10/13/88: 10/24/88p6

Whitney, Ruby L., died 8/13/90: 8/20/90p6

Whitney, Shirley, and Peter Lacasse are wed 7/10/82: 10/19/82p5

Whittem, Maurine G., died 12/7/81: 12/15/81p2

Whitten, Cheryl, and James Mitchell wed 5/3/86: 7/1/86p5

Whitten, Kenneth, and Diane LaRoche wed 4/12/80: 6/17/80p13

Whitten, Marcia E., died 3/2/86: 3/11/86p10

Whitten, Walter F., died 8/10/86: 8/19/86p7

Whittier, Thomas, and Lisa Cayhao wed 4/23/91: 3/21/92p9

Whynot, Elmer E., died 10/14/86: 10/28/86p6

Wiggin, Cynthia, and Philip Fowler are wed 10/15/82: 2/1/83p8

Wiggin, Gary, and Jennifer Brown are wed: 12/16/86p8

Wiggin, Henry C., died 6/22/84: 7/3/84p13

Wiggin, Otto S., died 2/17/82: 2/23/82p7

Wiggin, Richard D., died 10/3/86: 10/14/86p6

Wiggin Sr., Gerald L., died 9/14/88: 9/26/88p6

Wiggin Sr., Russell E., died 5/25/90: 6/4/90p6

Wikman, Sussanne, Swedish exchange student: 9/27/83p10

Wilbur, Ralph, died 11/16/81: 11/24/81p2

Willard, Joyce, promoted to dean at Bentley: 5/10/83p9

Willard, Kathleen H., died 3/21/82: 3/30/92p7

Willard, M&M Theodore, celebrate 40th anniversary: 3/11/86p7

Willard, Steven, and Tonja Kirk are wed: 5/4/81p9

Willey, Lillian A., died 2/24/88: 3/8/88p6

Willey, Mahala M., died 1/30/91: 2/4/91p6

Willey, Richard M., died 121/29/88: 12/12/88p6

Williams, Donald, died 10/6/91: 10/12/91p20

Williams, Dorothy E., died 8/21/84: 8/28/84p12

Williams, Gertrude A., died 4/7/89: 4/17/89p6

Williams, Lester, earns NH Vaughan Award: 5/1/89p3

Williams, Lester, is foster grandparent at Chamberlain school: 2/1/92

Williams, Lillian M., died 8/15/87: 8/25/87p6

Williams, Lillian M., died 9/8/82: 10/5/82p3

Williams, Louise, weaves on a hand loom: 8/29/88p1

Williams, Mark, raises and rehabilitates exotic birds: 6/11/90p7

Williams, Ralph A., died 11/12/92: 11/19/92p6

Williams, Timothy, earns special award: 5/28/90p3

Williams, Wesley R., died 2/8/87: 2/17/87p6

Willson, Vera D., died 2/28/83: 3/15/83p6

Wilson, Alice G., died 4/13/91: 4/22/91p6

Wilson, Ardis E., died 12/9/83: 12/20/83p8

Wilson, Beatrice A., died 1/6/91: 1/14/91p6

Wilson, Charlotte F., died 10/10/87: 10/20/87p6

Wilson, Dennis, and Debra Mansfield are wed 4/26/81: 5/12/81p6

Wilson, Florence, died 8/24/86: 9/2/86p6

Wilson, Gertrude E., died 8/26/90: 9/3/90p6

Wilson, Harry and Isabel, wed 50 years: 10/26/91p15

Wilson Jr., Donald A., died 6/16/92: 6/20/92p6

Wilson Jr., Edward L., died 1/29/83: 2/8/83p12

Wilson, Ralpg E., died 10/13/84: 10/23/84p14

Wilson, Ralph & Bernice, mend broken toys and hearts: 2/8/83p10

Wilson, Ralph and Bernice--M&M Santa Claus: 11/20/84p16 (Note 2)

Wilson Sr., Joseph R., died 9/19/83: 9/27/83p11

Wingate, Martha, is finalist for McAuliffe award: 4/9/90p1

Wingate, Martha, is Teacher of the Year: 5/21/90p1

Winkley, Ada P., died 2/3/81: 2/10/81p2

Winkley, Charles T., died 1/17/89: 1/23/89p9

Winkley, Dorothy M., died 4/29/91: 5/6/91p6

Winkley, Ernest L., died 9/3/88: 9/12/88p6

Winkley, Estelle E., died 10/17/92: 10/22/92p6

Winkley, Eunice M., died 8/11/86: 8/19/86p7

Winkley, Forrest R., died 10/8/94: 10/16/84p2

Winkley, M&M Joseph, celebrate 50th anniversary: 12/15/81p5

Winkley, Marjorie V., died 2/18/80: 2/26/80p2

Winkley, Maureen, died 2/3/82: 2/9/82pp9,14

Winkley, Mildred E., died 2/23/81: 3/3/81p2

Winkley, Noreen, is active senior citizen: 1/13/81p1

Winkley, Roscoe E., died 7/31/80: 8/5/80p2

Winship, Beulah E., died 3/21/90: 4/2/90p6

Winship, David, retires from City PD: 8/15/92p2

Winship, George I., died 2/16/85: 2/26/85p10

Winslow, Ernest R., died 7/31/81: 8/11/81p2

Winston, James J., died 4/5/80: 4/15/80p2

Winter, Lauri, saves man's life with CPR: 8/24/91p2

Wintje, Kim, creates fabric sculptures: 10/30/84p1

Wintje, Martin, listed in 1992 "Who's Who/Teachers": 10/22/92p22

Wise, Daniel, and Lillian Doucet wed 3/17/90: 8/20/90p9

Witham, Albert M., died 8/10/92: 8/15/92p9

Witham, Frances G., died 3/10/91: 3/18/91p6

Witham, M&M Clarence, celebrate 60th anniversary: 4/23/85p6

Witham, Norris H., died 4/28/89: 5/8/89p6

Witham, Raymond O., died 3/13/89: 3/20/89p6

Witham, Tessie K., died 4/4/80: 4/8/80p2

Withell, Raymond B., died 9/7/81: 9/15/81p2

Wolcott, Darrel, died 7/20/85: 7/30/85p14

Wolters, Betty Lou, feted by BPW: 10/18/83p2

Wood, Alma J., died 7/23/82: 8/3/82p2

Wood, Edna F., died 1/?/81: 1/13/81p2

Wood, Edward G., died 10/4/91: 10/12/91p20

Wood, Frances M., died 1/23/89: 1/30/89p6

Wood Jr., Mahlon J., died 4/29/86: 5/13/86p7

Wood, Robert W., died 12/3/83: 12/13/83p20

Wood, William A., died 9/13/84: 9/25/84p7

Wood, Yvonne, competes in Ms. Sr. American pageant: 4/22/91p6

Woodard, George H., died 11/20/82: 11/30/82p11

Woodes, Doris C., died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6

Woodes, Ralph B., died 2/8/88: 2/16/88p6

Woodes. Norman E., died 5/2/92: 5/9/92p6

Woodman, Cherie, and Steven Mann are wed 6/4/83: 8/16/83p11

Woodman, Evelyn J., died 2/20/91: 3/4/91p6

Woodman, Geneva M., died 3/11/88: 3/22/88p6

Woodman, Walter G., died 6/13/90: 6/25/90p6

Woods, David A., died 2/26/91: 3/11/91p8

Woods, Edith M., died 12/22/85: 1/7/86p3

Woods, Mildred E., died 9/21/82: 9/28/82p2

Woods, Woodrow W., died 1/8/81: 1/13/81p8

Woods. Clarence A/. died 9/1/89: 9/11/89p6

Woodside, William C., died 9/4/86: 9/16/86p6

Woodward, Bert A., died 8/4/80: 8/5/80p2

Woodward, Joshua P., died 12/2/82: 12/14/82p8

Woodward, Lisa, and John McSheehan Jr. wed 10/27/84: 3/26/85p8

Woodward, Marjorie M., died 10/30/99: 11/14/88p7

Woodward, Pauline A., died 11/29/87: 12/8/87p6

Wooten, Norma, listed in 1992 "Who's Who/Teachers": 10/22/92p22

Workman, John H., died 3/20/88: 3/28/88p6

Workman, Mary H., died 3/20/88: 3/28/88p6

Wormald, James, died 6/28/88: 7/4/88p6

Wormhood, Loretta M., died 8/24/81: 9/1/81p2

Wormhood, Malcom H., died 11/16/89

Wormhood, Mertie, died 1/23/85: 2/5/85p1

Worster, Catherine Y., died 4/8/81: 4/14/81p2

Worster, Hazel F., died 12/3/84: 12/11/84p20

Worster, Laura N., died 5/24/90: 6/4/90p6

Worster, Mabel, died 10/13/81: 10/20/81p2

Worster, Wilfred H., died 6/16/89: 7/3/89p6

Wortman, Carolyn M., died 5/3/85: 5/14/85p13

Wotton, Delia P., doed 11/23/81: 12/1/81p3

Wotton, Flora V., died 3/14/85: 3/26/85p15

Wotton, Norma, is Teacher of the Year: 5/21/90p1

Wotton, Robert M., died 12/7/86: 12/16/86p6

Wright, James, died 7/24/90: 7/30/90p6

Wright Jr., John K., died 4/28/91: 5/6/91p6

Wright, Vicki, and Michael O'Donnell wed 8/23/80: 9/23/80p13

Wyatt, Pearl T., died 6/22/84: 7/3/84p13

Wyckoff, Charles K., died 12/11/90: 12/17/90p6

Yagi, Rumiko, is teaching intern in Farmington: 10/9/84p1

Yankosky, Madeline M., died 5/27/92: 5/30/92p6

Yates, M&M Fred, celebrate 50th anniversary: 4/23/85p6

Yates, Mildred M., died ?/?/??: 1/11/83p6

Yeagley, Dr. Raymond, is new City school superintendent: 5/9/88p1

Yeaton, Ernest W., died 12/1/87: 12/15/87p6

Yeaton, Irene S., died 11/5/91: 11/16/91p6

Yeaton Karen L., died 4/?/81: 4/28/81p2

Yelle, Monica, and Jeffery Perkins are wed 7/4/82: 8/17/82p17

Yetman, Augustus, died 1/13/85: 1/22/85p7

York, Alice J., died 7/10/92: 7/18/92p6

York, Christopher C., died 2/20/88: 3/1/88p7

York, Doris H., died 3/23/89: 4/10/89p7

York, Lois C., died 3/19/85: 4/2/85p7

York, Robert E., died 3/27/82: 4/6/82p8

Young, Albert, died 10/31/86: 11/11/86p6

Young, Barbara, and Larry Turgeon wed 8/23/80: 9/16/80p13

Young, Beatrice V., died 7/11/86: 7/22/86p6

Young, Edna M., died 3/29/88: 4/4/88p6

Young, Elze S., died 1/4/88: 1/12/88p6

Young, Flossie A., died 12/18/91: 12/28/91p6

Young, Herbert A., died 1/6/80: 1/8/80p2

Young, James A., died 8/12/81: 8/18/81p2

Young, Laura, and Mark Lucier are wed 5/24/80: 7/15/80p13

Young, Mabel, died 3/13/92: 3/21/92p6

Young, Rita C., died 4/2/89: 4/10/89p7

Young, Willard J., died 7/3/88: 7/11/88p6

Young, William D., died 8/28/87: 9/8/87p6

Young, William, lauded by Roch. Jaycees: 1/13/87p3

Young, William R., died 5/10/82: 5/18/82p2

Zabkar, Robert E., died 3/1/86: 3/11/86p10

Zachesky, Denise M., died 1/9/84: 1/24/84p12

Zachesky, Lawrence, died 6/17/88: 8/27/88p7

Ziegra Jr., Louis R., died 6/15/85: 6/25/85p14

Zierfelder, Eleanor M., died 4/17/87: 4/28/87p6

Zimmerman, Edith H., died 11/20/89: 12/4/89p6

Zimnoch, Fred A., died 3/10/88: 3/22/88p6

Zinck, Katherine W., died 1/29/89: 2/6/89p6

Zins, Albert J., died 11/21/88: 11/28/88p7

Zuromskis, Joseph G., died 12/24/88: 1/2/89p7


Arts Rochester lists new officers: 2/2/82p12,1/25/83p14

C/C announces officers for 1991: 2/4/91

C/C elects new officers: 1/24/84p16

C/C lists 1987 officers: 4/28/87p12

Camera Club organized: 5/27/91p9

Country Roads Quilt Guild sew 1000-foot banner: 6/17/86p1

Emblem Club celebrates Golden Jubilee: 11/30/83p9

Emblem Club officers for 1992/93: 7/25/92p7

Federation of Teachers honors three: 5/22/89p5

Frisbie honors candy stripers: 10/4/83p2

Frisbie volunteers recognized: 9/17/90p7

Granite State Street Rodders mean vintage cars: 11/9/82p1

Homemakers of SC appoints Public Relations director: 7/8/91p12

Homemakers of SC to operate Meals on Wheels: 1/6/81p1

Humane Lodge honors 25-year members: 1/12/81p13

Jaycees are Number One in the State: 12/7/82p2

Jaycees celebrate 30th anniversary: 11/28/88p5

Jaycees named number one in NH: 9/29/87p10

Jaycees rated number two in State: 6/2/81p192

Kiwanis--An overview: 5/28/85p2

L'Association Canado-Americaine upsurge: 5/15/84p1

Meals on Wheels to merge with Homemakers of SC: 1/6/81p1

Newspapers in Education: Supplements to 4/17/84 and 6/14/83

Nute HS Class of 1929 holds reunion: 9/10/85p3

Pigeon Racers highlighted: 5/29/84p1

Red Cross volunteers honored: 7/3/84p2,11/13/84p6

RHS Class of 1916 holds reunion: 8/26/86p9

RHS Class of 1929 holds reunion: 11/27/84p5, 8/24/85p11, 8/29/88p12, 9/11/89p5, 9/28/91p8

RHS Class of 1938 holds reunion: 12/5/88p2

Roch. Courier, History of: 10/9/84 (Note 1)

Roch. Historical Society publishes calendar: 9/3/90p3

Roch. VNA, History of: 6/22/82p12

Rochester, History of City of: 10/9/84 (Note 1)

Rotary Club--An overview: 7/23/85p5

Rotary completes overhaul of bandstand: 9/18/89p13

Salvation Army observers 100th birthday: 5/6/80p8

SHS Class of 1940 holds reunion: 8/20/90p8

SHS Class of 1946 holds reunion: 7/22/91p5

SHS Class of 1950 holds reunion: 10/29/90p15

SHS Class of 1955 holds reunion: 9/10/90p7

SHS Class of 1962 holds reunion: 10/13/87p7

SHS Class of 1966 holds reunion: 10/26/91P15

SHS Class of 1972 holds reunion: 11/24/87p5

SHS ROTC staff officers chosen: 12/27/83p3

VFW Auxiliary officers announced: 10/22/92p9

Wentworth Hunt Club follows the hounds: 10/30/84p12

YMCA names officers, lauds volunteers: 5/26/81p5