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Rochester Times Index 

January 6, 2000  through June 30, 2005

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Times".  Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing. When seeking a married female, be sure to check for "Mrs." after the last name. Some articles do not list a woman's first name.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Barbara (Hanscom), died 11/21/03: 12/4/03pB8
Abbott, Bertha (Page), died 12/12/02: 12/19/02pB12
Abbott, Ella May, died 8/21/00: 8/24/00pB10
Akerson, Mary T., died 6/13/00: 6/22/00pB9
Aldrich, Doris (Robertson), died 1/29/03: 2/6/03pB12
Alex, Joshua D., died 6/3/03: 6/12/03pB10
Allain, Annette M., died 6/14/00: 6/22/00pB9
Allain, Lorena (Bernier), died 4/28/05: 5/19/05pB8
Allain, Roy J. Jr., died 10/12/02: 10/3/02pB10
Allain, Roy J. Sr., died 5/18/01: 5/24/01pB3
Allaire, Robert J., died 5/12/02: 5/23/02pB6
Allard, Jessica, displays 6-unit painting: 12/12/02pA5
Allard, Jessica: “Art is a healing process”: 2/12/04pB7
Allen, Alice (Baker), died 12/11/04: 12/23/04p10B
Allman, Michael C., died 1/30/04: 2/12/04pB9
Alphonso, Sylvia (Colbath), died 12/4/03: 12/11/03pB9
Ambroszewski, Ted, is City Employee of Month: 5/10/01pA3
Amero, John V., died 12/18/01: 12/27/01pB3
Anctil, Ila, died 2/25/00: 3/2/00pA7
Andersen, John G., died 3/12/02: 3/21/02pB9
Anderson, Albert I., died 2/27/00: 3/2/00pA7
Anderson, Jo, died 6/21/01: 6/28/01pB2
Anderson, Lucille B., died 1/12/01: 1/18/01pB5
Anderson, Robin, died 4/12/02: 4/18/02pB10
Andrade, Joseph L., died 2/14/01: 2/22/01pB10
Andrews, Earle E. Jr., died 10/7/02: 10/17/02pB10
Andrews, Eugene B., died 10/13/04: 10/21/04p7B
Andrews, Morris H., died 8/21/03: 3/28/03pB8
Andrews, Rita (McGinn), died 4/23/03: 5/1/03pB12
Angeliotti, Ryan, wins Space Camp scholarship: 5/22/03pB12
Angwin, Richard Everett, died 1/22/03: 1/30/03pB10
Arigo, Mary (Giampa), died 3/12/03: 3/20/03pB10
Armer, Elizabeth (Alley), died 9/30/02: 10/10/02pB7
Armstrong, Rite (Piper), died 6/21/03: 7/3/03pB9
Arnold, Samuel V. III, died 1/4/03: 1/16/03pB10
Arsenault, Sarah, is SHS Top Student of Year: 5/30/02pA10
Arts Rochester merges with Rochester Creative Arts Center: 1/2/03pA1
Atkins, Vernon Porter, died 2/16/04: 2/19/04pB7
Auger, Dan, retires as Police Chief: 04/11/02pA1
Austin, Albert Weston, died 5/31/05: 6/9/05pB6
Autotte, Laurent A., died 4/25/02: 5/2/02pB10
Ayer Jr., Robert H., died 12/7/00: 12/21/00pB8
Ayers, Ramona (Copp), died 6/11/04: 6/17/04p10B

Babb, Alice (Collins), died 4/11/03: 5/1/03pB12
Bacom, Daniel, is National Grange Gatekeeper: 5/25/00pA7
Bailey, Christine (White), died 6/15/03: 6/26/03pB9
Baillargeon, Albert G., died 4/18/05: 4/28/05p6B
Baker, D. Arlene, died 5/27/02: 6/6/02pB6
Baker, Richard Paul, died 3/31/03: 6/12/03pB10
Ballou, Donald, died 8/17/03: 8/21/03pB10
Ballou, William, died 9/30/04: 10/7/04p9B
Balmforth, Edmund E., died 6/25/01: 7/5/01pB3
Baribault, Adelaide (Byron), died 12/8/02: 12/19/02pB10
Barlow, Rose (Raucci) , died 3/19/04: 3/25/04p6B
Barney, Robert W., died 2/21/02: 2/28/02pB4
Barr, Ruth K., died 11/23/01: 12/6/01pB6
Barrett, Carole (Provencher), died 8/13/03: 8/21/03pB8
Barron, Richard E., died 2/12/04: 2/19/04pB8
Bartlett, Carrie (Cooper), died 12/18/03: 12/25/03pB8
Bates, Allan M., died 2/8/02: 2/14/02p13
Baun, Errol Wayne, died 1/13/03: 1/23/03pB10
Baxter, Luverne C., died 1/17/00: 1/27/00pB4
Beal, Margaret (Thomas), died 3/19/04: 3/25/04p6B
Bealieu, Edwina L., died 6/2/01: 6/7/01pB3
Bealieu, Paul A., died 5/25/02: 6/6/02pB6
Bean, Mary F. (Roberts), died 5/25/05: 6/2/05pB6
Beard, Edith (Borstell), died 4/17/04: 4/29/04p7B
Beardsworth, Florence (McKeen) died 2/7/03: 2/13/03pB10
Beaudet, Catherine (Doucette), died 12/25/03: 1/8/04pB8
Beaudoin, Edward, died 1/3/03: 1/16/03pB10
Beaudoin, M&M Kenneth, celebrate 50th anniversary: 11/16/00pA5
Beaulieu, Fabian E., died 4/23/00: 4/27/00pB17
Beaulieu, Marie (Croteau), died 4/24/05: 5/5/08p6B
Beaulieu, Robert E., died 4/14/01: 4/19/01pB4
Beaupre, Omer P., died 8/17/00: 8/31/00pB8
Beauregard, Shiela (Parzych), died 8/21/03: 3/28/03pB8
Becard, Maurice, recalls D-Day invasion: 5/27/04pA1
Bedard, Isola M., died 7/17/00: 7/27/00pB12
Beety, Rose (Patch), died 2/18/04: 2/26/04p5B
Beland, Laura G., died 1/11/02: 1/17/02pB6
Beland, William J., died 9/27/00: 10/5/00pB7
Belanger, Carol (Waldron), died 5/15/05: 5/26/05pB8
Belcher, Edgar E., died 7/4/02: 7/11/02pB7
Bell, Frederick C., died 9/8/04: 9/16/04p7B
Bell, Janice (Censabella), died 2/23/05: 3/10/05p7B
Bell, Susan L., died 9/3/00: 9/14/00pB12
Bellows, Earl E, Sr., died 8/20/02: 8/29/02pB12
Bemis, Helen (Belanger), died 3/2/03: 3/13/03pB10
Bennett, Alice (Heydock), died 2/28/04: 3/11/04p7B
Bennett, Flora A., died 1/19/02: 1/31/02pB6
Bennett, Robert D., died 1/8/01: 1/18/01pB5
Beraldi, Antoinette (Toni), died 3/1/02: 3/14/02pB10
Bergstrom, Irving S., died 9/11/02: 9/19/02pB10
Beriault, Normand J., died 8/7/04: 8/12/04p7B
Bermier, Helen (Coryea), died 6/24/03: 7/3/03pB12
Bernard, Wilfred G., remembered 60 years after his death: 9/21/00pA3
Berry, Barbara (Cadorette), died 5/28/05: 6/9/05pB6
Berry, Barbara B., died 10/27/03: 11/6/03pB9
Berry, Robert (Cider), is Citizen of the Year: 2/10/05pA1
Berry, Susan (McNally), died 6/5/04: 6/17/04p7B
Bertram, George R., died 5/2/00: 5/11/00pB10
Bertrand, Jean (Knowles), died 5/24/04: 6/3/04p7B
Bickford, Franklin Sherman, died 6/27/03: 7/3/03pB10
Bickford, Marie (Fields), died 3/27/04: 4/1/04p7B
Bickford, Richard A., died 3/12/03: 3/20/03pB12
Billings, Florence (Stevens), died 12/14/04: 12/23/04p6B
Billings, Katherine, is on UNE Dean’s list: 2/17/05p6B
Bilodeau, Timothy E., died 4/1/05: 4/7/05p7B
Binette, Lea (Cote), died 10/28/02: 11/7/02pB10
Birch, Lillian M., died 5/12/02: 5/30/02pB7
Birdo, Richard J., died 11/23/04: 12/2/04p7B
Bisaillon, Conrad P., died 3/19/05: 4/7/05p6B
Bisallion, David, is US Navy commander: 1/30/03pA3
Bishop, James C., died 4/9/05: 4/21/05p6B
Bisson, George R., died 1/5/01: 1/11/01p6
Bisson, Leo J., died 3/27/05: 4/7/05p6B
Bisson, Roland R., died 2/20/02: 2/28/02pB4
Bixby, Norman A., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7
Bjornlund, Shirley (Hanson), died 10/19/02: 11/21/02pB10
Black, Agnes (Brickey), died 1/16/04: 1/29/04pB7
Black, Richard A., died 2/12/00: 3/2/00pA7
Blair, Tom, is Employee of the Month: 2/13/03pA10
Blais, Mary (Boissonneault), died 8/26/04: 9/2/04p5B
Blaisdell, Arthur S., died 1/4/03: 1/16/03pB10
Blaisdell, Bertha R., died 1/4/01: 1/11/01p6
Blaisdell, June (Copp), died 11/22/02: 12/5/02pB10
Blaisdell, Robert E., died 4/28/05: 5/5/08p6B
Blaisdell, Robert Max, died 4/8/04: 4/15/04p7B
Blaisdell, Willard T., died 4/27/02: 5/2/02pB10
Blakeney, Oliver E., died 2/23/04: 3/4/04p7B
Blanchette, Arthur L., died 1/20/00: 2/3/00p6
Blanchette, M&M Robert, are Knights Family of the Year: 7/24/03pA4
Blanchette, Olida L., died 10/13/00: 10/19/00pB11
Blanchette, Ronald A., died 12/21/03: 1/8/04pB8
Blaney, Jerome R., died 8/3/04: 8/12/04p7B
Bledsoe, Yvonne N., died 4/27/01: 5/3/01pB6
Bliss, Myrtle (Kirk), died 3/10/02: 3/21/02pB9
Blougouras, Charles N., died 2/27/02: 3/7/02pB5
Bober, Brooklyn, died 3/2/02: 3/14/02pB9
Bocchino, Florence B., died 3/14/00: 3/23/00p7
Bodge, John L., died 4/30/00: 5/11/00pB10
Boire, Gisele T., died 2/21/02: 3/7/02pB7
Boire, Martin Gerard, died 11/23/04: 12/2/04p7B
Boisevert, Joseph Omer, died 1/5/04: 1/15/04pA9
Boisvery, Conrad J. died 8/18/00: 8/31/00pB8
Bolduc, Pauline (Masse), died 10/15/02: 10/24/02pB10
Bolduc, Robert A., died 11/14/03: 11/27/03pB9
Bonar, Gale A., died 11/23/00: 11/30/00pB6
Bond, Irene A., died 2/17/02: 2/28/02pB4
Bond, Karl D., died 12/12/00: 12/21/00pB8
Boodey, Pauline E., died 6/26/01: 7/5/01pB3
Booth, Dorothy H., died 9/17/00: 9/21/00pB14
Bouchard, Robert, died 3/13/03: 3/20/03pB12
Boucher, Edna (Henry), died 10/21/03: 10/30/03pB9
Boucher, Henry A., died 8/19/01: 8/30/01pB7
Boucher, Rita M., died 10/22/04: 10/28/04p7B
Boucher-Stickles, Jeannette (Courture), died 12/24/03: 1/8/04pB8
Boulanger, Brenda (Buck): died 5/27/03: 6/5/03pB9
Boulanger, Clint, died 12/13/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Boulanger, Evelyn M., died 1/8/02: 1/17/02pB6
Bowden, Harold R., died 7/13/02: 7/18/02pB9
Boyd, Pauline (Wiggin), died 12/11/02: 12/19/02pB11
Boyle, Mildred F., died 2/9/02: 2/21/02pB6
Bradberry, Scott W., died 1/19/05: 1/27/05p6B
Bragg, Victor M., died 8/8/04: 8-19-04p7B
Bray, Dorothy (Westgate), died 3/28/05: 4/7/05p7B
Breton, Richard, runs Squamanagonic choo choo: 12/18/03p1
Brewster, Ida (Hale), died 4/4/03: 4/10/03pB12
Brewster, R. William, died 10/13/03: 10/23/03pB9
Bridges, Grace, died 11/18/02: 11/28/02pB10
Bringhurst, Hazel (Wells), died 6/29/03: 7/3/03pB10
Brisson., Charles A., died 7/28/00: 8/3/00pB12
Britton, Frederick J., died 5/31/00: 6/8/00pB11
Brochu, Rowena (Marston), died 5/23/04: 6/3/04p7B
Brody, Donald, died 1/5/04: 1/15/04pA8
Brooks, Allan A., died 6/20/03: 7/3/03pB10
Brooks, Donald E. Sr., died 12/27/04: 1/6/05p6B
Brooks, Ethel A., died 3/13/01: 3/22/01pB5
Brooks, Nathaniel F., died 1/11/03: 1/23/03pB10
Brooks, Robert E., died 8/20/00: 8/24/00pB10
Brown, Arnold J., died 11/13/03: 11/20/03pB10
Brown, Arthur Edward, died 6/29/03: 7/3/03pB10
Brown, Charles R., died 5/27/05: 6/2/05pB6
Brown, Dennis G., died 6/21/01: 6/28/01pB2
Brown, Douglas L. Jr., died 1/31/03: 2/13/03pB9
Brown, Earl, makes miniature coaches: 11/21/02p1
Brown, Elizabeth (DeMerritt), died 9/18/02: 10/3/02pB10
Brown, Harriet (Chase), died 4/8/05: 4/14/05p6B
Brown, Jeannette L., died 10/6/00: 10/12/00pB8
Brown, Katherine E., died 12/4/01: 12/13/01pB14
Brown, Marilyn A., died 9/22/01: 9/27/01pB5
Brown, Robert, died 9/?/00: 9/1400pB12
Brown, Roberta (LaRosee), died 4/4/03: 4/17/03pB12
Brown, Samuel K., died 6/5/04: 6/10/04p7B
Brown, Thomas J., died 8/1/03: 8/7/03pB8
Brownel, Jim & Kathy, honored as volunteers: 6/3/04p3A
Bruce, Marion A., died 10/18/00: 10/26/00pB8
Brudeau, Patricia (Poletta), died 11/2/02: 11/7/02pB11
Bruley, gertrude (Dupont), died 3/13/02: 3/21/02pB10
Brunelle, Rhenda (Routhier), died 12/17/04: 12/23/04p6B
Brunelle, Robert L., died 3/17/00: 3/23/00p7
Bryant, Robert J., died 5/7/04: 5/13/04p7B
Bryant, Winifred (Knapp), died 1/17/04: 1/29/04pB7
Bryer, Stewart A., died 7/1/01: 7/12/01pB3
Bubier, George I., died 1/29/05: 2/10/05p6B
Bubier, George I., died 1/29/05: 2/10/05p6B
Buchanan, Ruth (Hale), died 1/19/04: 1/29/04pB7
Buck, Margaret, died 1/5/02: 1/17/02pB6
Buck, Steve, died 11/12/03: 11/20/03pB10
Buffett, Bion, died 4/5/01: 4/12/01pB8
Buote, Donald E., died 12/03/00: 12/14/00pB6
Burnell, Preston P., died 5/28/01: 6/7/01pB3
Burns, Barbara (Wyatt), died 9/15/04: 9/23/04p9B
Burroughs, Evelyn T., died 2/6/00: 2/17/00p23
Burrows, George D., died 12/6/02: 12/12/02pB10
Bush, Hazel, (Hanscom), died 2/5/03: 2/13/03pB10
Bushby, Audrey, died 6/2/02: 6/13/02pB10
Bushby, Curtis L., died 7/21/00: 7/27/00pB13
Butland, David A., died 1/21/02: 1/31/02pB6
Butler, Jeannette, died 1/29/02: 2/7/02pB6
Buzek, Maria (Zarrillo) , died 11/13/04: 11/18/04p7B
Bynam, Dylan A., died 12/23/02: 1/2/03pB8
Byron, Dorothy E., died 4/116/02: 4/25/02pB10

Cadieux, Alice (Valliere), died 1/26/05: 2/3/05p5B
Caforio, Christopher S., died 2/6/04: 2/12/04pB9
Calef, Robert R., died 11/6/01: 11/15/01pB5
Callanan, David L., died 11/4/00: 11/16/00pB8
Cameron, Marion (Haycock), died 1/12/03: 1/23/03pB10
Campbell, Forrest E., died 9/23/01: 10/4/01pB4
Campbell, Ian Joseph, died 4/14/04: 4/22/04p7B
Canfield, Edward R., died 7/21/04: 7/29/04p7B
Cann, Ralph M., died 8/22/01: 9/6/01pB4
Canney, Vincent P., died 11/30/02: 12/12/02pB12
Canney, William M., died 8/18/04: 8/26/04p6B
Capelotti, Glen M., died 8/5/03: 8/14/03pB9
Capen, Robert Sr., died 12/4/01: 11/28/01pB6
Caplette, Norman E., died 8/1/04: 8/12/04p7B
Caplette, Priscilla Alice, died 9/22/01: 9/27/01pB5
Caplette, Priscilla S., died 8/23/00: 8/31/00pB8
Capodestria, Stephen, died 11/24/04: 12/9/04p7B
Cardinal, Ernest E.,died 8/16/01: 8/23/01pB8
Cardinal, Leon J., died 6/16/05: 6/23/05pB6
Cardinali, Edward S., died 1/21/00: 1/27/00pB4
Carignan, Gladys (Dallaire), died 9/17/03: 9/25/03pB9
Carlberg, Zachary D., died 10/19/03: 11/13/03pB10
Carlsen, Everett C., died 12/24/02: 1/2/03pB8
Carlson, John W., died 5/8/05: 5/12/05pB6
Carlson, M&M Paul, are Milton Citizens of the Year: 1/20/00pB3; 3/30/00p12
Carlson, Robert A. II, died 2/10/04: 2/19/04pB7
Carlson, Robert A., died 5/10/04: 5/20/04p7B
Carpenter, Barbara (Gould), died 8/3/04: 8/12/04p7B
Carpenter, Martha (Bagley), died 6/25/04: 7/1/04p7B
Carpenter, Robert Laing, died 4/11/01: 4/19/01pB4
Carrignan, Blanche, died 1/7/00: 1/27/00pB4
Carter, Arlene (Forrest), died 12/25/04: 1/6/05p6B
Carvill, Gertrude, died 9/30/00: 10/12/00pB8
Cascadden, Barbara, School Psychologist of Year: 5/30/02pA1
Case, Mackenzie, makes a splash in art world: 5/17/01pA3
Cataldo, Roberta (Permatteo), died 5/28/04: 6/3/04p7B
Cate, Doris (Lebrecque), died 12/31/04: 1/6/05p6B
Cate, Ronald L., died 3/9/02: 3/14/02pB9
Caverly, Elvena E., died 8/17/00: 8/24/00pB10
Caverly, Thelma (Kendall), died 7/19/03: 7/24/03pB9
Cegiel, Marie Madeline, died 12/3/03: 1/29/04pB7
Censabella, Germaine (Veilleux), died 12/5/02: 12/12/02pB11
Censabella, Joseph D., died 1/13/05: 1/20/05p4B
Chaberek, Walter W. Jr., died 5/27/03: 6/5/03pB10
Chadbourne, Gwendolyn (Cluff), died 9/20/03: 9/18/03pB9
Chadwick, Loretta (Wohlt), died 3/21/05: 3/31/05p6B
Chagnon, Matt, named Educator of the Year by UNH: 8/17/00pB3
Chamberlain, Arlene Y., died 9/10/02: 9/19/02pB10
Charbonneau, Irene W., died 3/28/01: 4/5/01pB8
Charland, Tammie (Gaudette), died 8/15/03: 8/21/03pB9
Chase, Joan (McQuade), died 9/3/04: 9/16/04p7B
Chase, Mildred (Smith), died 12/14/03: 12/25/03pB8
Chasse, Adrien N., died 3/5/04: 3/11/04p7B
Chasse, Dorene (Deschenes), died 1/10/04: 1/22/04pB7
Chatterton, Bonnie J., died 10/1/04: 10/7/04p9B
Cheetham, Evelyn (Goddard), died 11/5/04: 11/11/04p7B
Chenette, Arthur G., died 8/14/03: 8/21/03pB9
Cheney, Doris V., died 9/17/02: 9/19/02pB12
Cheney, Velena M., died 12/20/00: 12/29/00pB8
Chesley, Rhonda, died 8/18/01: 8/30/01pB7
Chick, David S., died 3/22/05: 3/31/05p5B
Chick, Don, wins photography awards: 6/26/03pA10
Chick, Don, wins state photographer award: 6/3/04p3A
Chick, Edith C., died 10/8/00: 10/19/00pB10
Chick, Margaret W., died 7/15/00: 7/20/00pB13
Chick, Tatiana R., died 3/18/02: 3/28/02pB10
Chorba Sr., Stephen J., died 12/29/99: 1/6/00p17
Chouinard, Edgar J., died 4/27/02: 5/9/02pB10
Christie, Core (Kelley), died 9/11/04: 9/16/04p7B
Christofore, Elizabeth (Bergquist), died 7/24/04: 7/29/04p10B
Ciccetto, David G., died 5/29/00: 6/8/00pB10
Cicchino, James V., died 12/10/04: 12/23/04p6B
Cilley, Cleon F., died 9/2/02: 9/12/02pB10
Cilley, Jacqueline E., died 2/10/02: 2/21/02pB6
Cilley, Richard C., died 2/19/03: 3/6/03pB10
Cilley, Roger S., died 7/20/04: 7/29/04p7B
Cirone, Pat, is Employee of the Month: 1/16/03pA9Miller, David, makes new sign for Historical Society: 1/16/03pA10
Clafin, Marlene (Porter), died 6/2/04: 6/10/04p7B
Clark, Everett R., died 10/19/02: 10/24/02pB12
Clark, Jennifer Anne, died 3/7/04: #/18/04p7B
Clark, Margaret (Cleveland), died 4/16/05: 4/28/05p6B
Clark, Marian M., died 7/18/02: 7/25/02pB9
Clark, Melville L., died 8/7/00: 8/17/00pB12
Clark, Roger M., died 10/23/04: 11/4/04p7B
Clarke, Beverly A., died 9/10/02: 9/19/02pB10
Clavett, August, died 12/8/00: 12/21/00pB8
Clement, Ann (Hopey), died 1/14/03: 1/23/03pB12
Clement, Chuck, is City's Business Leader of Year: 2/15/01pA1
Clement, Warren J. Sr., died 3/9/04: 3/18/04p7B
Clements, Genevieve (Yankosky), died 10/24/03: 11/6/03pB
Clements, Paul G. Sr., died 9/12/03: 9/18/03pB12
Clough, Colleen J., died 4/14/02: 4/25/02pB10
Clough, Leonard W., died 10/10/04: 10/21/04p7B
Cocarus, James, died 3/22/01: 3/29/01pB7
Cockfield, Dorothy (Henderson), died 4/14/04: 4/29/04p7B
Cody, Dennis J., died 12/8/04: 12/23/04p6B
Codyer. Paul Joseph, died 2/6/05: 2/10/05p6B
Cogswell, Vaughan H., died 11/1/00: 10/9/00pA7
Colavolpe, Beverly (Kunde), died 4/5/05: 4/14/05p6B
Colbroth, Betty L., died 5/30/00: 6/8/00pB10
Colby, Ann (Gowell), died 4/12/04: 4/22/04p7B
Colby, Pauline (Seavey), died 7/7/04: 7/29/04p7B
Colby, Roger, died 2/4/03: 11/22/03pB9
Cole, Charles Jr., died 1/10/05: 1/27/05p6B
Cole, Frances V., died 4/12/00: 4/20/00pB4
Collins, Irene (Prunier), died 8/14/03: 8/21/03pB8
Collins, John J., died 2/12/02: 2/21/02pB6
Collins, Liam A., died 1/4/03: 1/16/03pB10
Colpitt, Bryan A., died 11/4/01: 11/15/01pB5
Columbus, Reynold G., died 4/5/00: 4/13/00p32
Connelly, Kevin, wins TV award: 5/27/04pA1
Connor Jr., Frederick W., died 3/15/01: 3/22/01pB5
Connors, Madison G., died 8/10/04: 8-19-04p7B
Connors, Roland, is Employee of the Month: 4/10/03pB6
Constantino, Ronald, died 10/2/02: 10/10/02pB7
Cook, Beverly A., died 10/2/01: 10/11/01pB6
Cook, Cris C., died 3/13/01: 3/22/01pB5
Cook, Daisy (Evans), died 10/13/04: 10/21/04p7B
Cook, Lera (Howard), died 3/17/03: 3/27/03pB10
Cook, Marguerite C., died 2/10/02: 2/21/02pB6
Cook, Merle L., died 11/10/01: 11/15/01pB16
Cook, Miles, is Business Person of the Year: 6/10/04p10B
Cook, Stacy L., died 1/19/02: 1/31/02pB6
Cook, Wayne S., died 3/19/00: 3/23/00p7
Cope, Edward D., died 6/14/00: 6/22/00pB9
Copp, Brenda Rand, died 1/13/05: 1/20/05p5B
Copp, Shirley L., died 5/28/00: 6/8/00pB10
Coran, Gladys M., died 12/19/00: 12/29/00pB8
Coran, Robert J., died 12/22/01: 1/3/02pB3
Corbett, Timothy, died 5/27/05: 6/9/05pB6
Cormier, Carol (Hudson), died 2/23/03: 3/6/03pB12
Cormier, Clifford J. Sr., died 5/14/03: 5/22/03pB9
Cormier, Clifford J., died 5/14/05: 5/29/03pB9
Cormier, Daniel G., died 6/2/02: 6/13/02pB10
Cormier, Dorothy M. (Clifford), died 11/12/04: 11/18/04p7B
Cormier, E. Leon, died 8/4/02: 8/15/02pB8
Cormier, Leon E., died 4/13/02: 4/25/02pB10
Cormier, Roland J., died 10/19/03: 10/30/03pB9
Cornellier, Pauline (Carle), died 5/11/03: 5/22/03pB9
Cornish, Beatrice N., died 11/16/01: 11/29/01pB6
Correll, John Dale, died 6/11/03: 6/19/03pB9
Corriveau, Alberta (Baker), died 9/21/04: 9/30/04p7B
Corriveau, Yves J., died 10/26/01: 11/1/01pB6
Corriveau, Yvette A, died 8/28/00: 8/31/00pB9
Corson, Gerald J., died 9/25/01: 10/11/01pB6
Corson, Wayne R., died 11/10/04: 11/18/04p7B
Cote, Charles C., died 1/6/03: 1/16/03pB12
Coulombe, Oscar, died 5/28/03: 6/5/03pB9
Coulumbe, Sarah G., died 5/13/00: 5/18/00pB3
Cournoyer, Alexander K., died 6/2/01: 6/14/01pB3
Courtemanche, Eva (Lambert), died 2/27/03: 3/13/03pB10
Couture, Alfred G. Jr., died 1/7/05: 1/13/05p6B
Couture, Lucia L., died 11/28/00: 12/07/00pB8
Couture, Marie A., died 11/22/00: 11/30/00pB6
Couture, Pamela J., died 2/14/01: 2/22/01pB10
Covell, Porter F., died 12/28/03: 1/8/04pB8
Cox, Murray N., died 8/13/01: 8/23/01pB8
Coy, Frank G., died 9/10/04: 9/16/04p7B
Craig, Beatrice W., died 4/18/01: 4/26/01pB7
Cram, Frances (Ramsdell), died 2/22/05: 3/3/05p7B
Cram, Frank J., died 1/2/03: 1/16/03pB9
Cramer, Beatrice (Welch), died 10/7/04: 10/14/04p7B
Crawford, Geddy W., died 10/4/03: 10/16/03pB9
Crawford, Henry W. Jr., died 1/14/04: 1/22/04pB8
Crocker, Onyse, died 6/29/01: 7/5/01pB3
Crockett, Lorraine (Brown), died 5/27/05: 6/2/05pB6
Crosby, Andrea, died 3/25/03: 4/3/03pB12
Croteau, Regina L., died 5/10/00: 5/18/00pB3
Cruea, James E., died 9/27/03: 10/9/03pB9
Crumrine, June (Anderson), died 5/18/05: 5/26/05pB8
Cuff, Alexander, died 12/8/02: 12/12pB11
Culbert, Frank J., died 11/29/03: 12/2/03pB8
Cullen, Eleanor (Hardy), died 8/22/04: 9/2/04p5B
Cullimore, Marilyn B., died 7/13/02: 7/25/02pB9
Cumminskey, Martha L., died 1/1/00: 1/6/00p17
Cummisky, Melvin S., died 1/19/02: 1/31/02pB6
Cunningham, Elaine P., died 12/24/01: 1/3/02pB3
Cunningham, George B., died 11/19/03: 11/27/03pB12
Cunningham, James A., died 6/7/00: 6/15/00pB6
Cunningham, Sharon E., died 3/31/02: 04/11/02pB10
Currier, Merle (Bunker), died 3/31/03: 4/17/03pB10
Cushing, Constantine J., died 12/3/01: 12/13/01pB6
Cutter, Dan N., died 2/6/05: 2/17/05p4B
Cutter, George, died 1/20/05: 1/27/05p6B
Cyr, Marjorie (Tardy), died 6/10/05: 6/16/05pB6
Cyr, Raymond, died 6/24/03: 7/3/03pB9

Daggett, Andrew W., died 10/19/02: 10/24/02pB12
Daigle, Bernadette (Berube), died 10/29/04: 11/4/04p10B
Daigle, Dorothy, died 7/25/02: 8/1/02pB9
Dailey, Gerard J., died 7/5/03: 7/10/03pB10
Dainys, Velana (Babb), died 11/19/02: 12/5/02pB10
Dalgety, Lorraine (Craig), died 12/24/02: 1/2/03pB8
Dallaire, Annette M., died 9/5/02: 9/12/02pB12
Dame, Charles M., died 3/12/01: 3/22/01pB5
Damon, Sheldon R., died 8/8/02: 8/15/02pB8
Danaher, Michael D., died 3/25/05: 3/31/05p5B
Danforth, Scott A., died 2/10/00: 2/17/00p23
Daniels, Gladys, died 1/11/00: 1/20/00pB5
DaSilva, Haley K., died 11/27/04: 12/9/04p7B
Daudelin, Eldore L., died 1/8/03: 1/16/03pB12
David, Joseph Paul, died 1/15/03: 1/30/03pB10
Davis, Ina V., died 4/6/00: 4/13/00p32
Davis, Merton E., died 7/26/03: 7/24/03pB8
Davis, Richard W., died 2/8/00: 2/17/00p23
Davis, Ruth (Brooks), died 12/9/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Davis, Verna (Carll), died 3/23/05: 3/31/05p6B
Davison, Grace (Thieman), died 12/12/02: 12/19/02pB12
Dawson, Natalie F. (Foss), died 8/5/01: 8/23/01pB8
Dean, Bing E., died 6/30/03: 7/10/03pB9
Dean, Joan, died 2/11/00: 2/17/00p23
Defosses, Pamela A., died 4/21/02: 5/2/02pB10
Dejourdy, Ted, honored by Knights of Columbus: 2/7/02p1
Delaney, Irene (Durrenberger), died 12/19/03: 1/1/04pB8
Dellner, Mark, fire chief, leaves Rochester: 11/25/04p1
Delude, Joseph E., died 5/28/03: 6/5/03pB9
Demers, Albert J, died 2/2/04: 2/12/04pB10
Dennison, Mark, died 1/??/05: 2/3/05p6B
Denton, Douglas A., died 10/12/00: 10/19/00pB10
DesJardins, Hazel M., died 1/22/02: 1/31/02pB6
Desmarais, Joseph Sylvio, died 2/10/04: 2/19/04pB7
DesRoches, Cora (Jennings), died 4/7/04: 4/15/04p7B
DesRoches, Raymond, died 9/7/03: 9/11/03pB8
Devaney, Linda (Ellis), died 11/6/03: 11/13/03pB9
DeVito, Anthony, in choir in Rochester England: 2/13/03pA1
DeVito, Helen (Barber), died 4/3/04: 4/8/04p7B
Devlin, Dale M., died 11/17/03: 11/27/03pB10
DeVore, Rita S., died 9/16/01: 9/20/01pB6
Devost, Pauline G., died 1/22/00: 1/27/00pB4
DeWolfe Sr., William E., died 12/15/00: 12/29/00pB8
Dexter, Florence O., died 1/2/02: 1/10/02pB12
Dexter, Marie D., died 8/28/01: 9/6/01pB4
Dickie, Phyllis (Carpenter), died 2/5/03: 2/13/03pB12
Dickson, Karen Lee (Mitchell), died 1/6/05: 1/13/05p6B
Dinneen, Ann B. (Delaney),died 8/10/01: 8/23/01pB8
Dionne, Ethel M., died 12/31/01: 1/10/02pB5
Dionne, George G., died 8/31/00: 9/7/00pB12
Dirsa, Daniel J., died 6/20/05: 6/30/05pB10
Dodge, Esther G., died 1/8/01: 1/18/01pB5
Dodge, Mary E., died 4/25/02: 5/2/02pB10
Dolan, Thomas D., died 4/27/02: 5/2/02pB10
Donahue, John Lincoln. died 8/4/04: 8/12/04p7B
Donovan, Funk, is Employee of the Month: 5/15/03pB6
Dorr, Harry W., died 9/10/03: 9/18/03pB12
Dorr, Wayne D. Sr. died 7/18/02: 8/1/02pB9
Doucette, Pauline (Corson), died 1/10/05: 1/20/05p4B
Doucette, Robert H. Sr., died 2/20/03: 2/27/03pB12
Douglas Sr., Richard L., died 10/9/00: 10/19/00pB10
Douglas, Desmond N., died 6/15/04: 624/04p7B
Douglas, Robert R. Jr., died 8/29/01: 9/6/01pB14
Douglass, Hillary, to work for Gov. Benson: 1/23/03pA1
Downing, Beverly C., died 1/24/02: 1/31/02pB6
Downs, Jeffrey M., died 5/10/01: 5/17/01pB6
Downs, Joan M., died 10/17/00: 10/26/00pB8
Doyon, Marion (Coulombe), died 3/3/05: 3/10/05p7B
Doyon, Mildred (Welch), died 10/30/02: 11/7/02pB10
Drapeau, Alixina (Lamie), died 11/18/03: 11/27/03pB12
Drapeau, Henry Philip, died 5/21/05: 5/29/03pB9
Drapeau, Kenneth, died 6/24/04: 7/1/04p7B
Drapeau, Marie (Plante), died 10/7/03: 10/16/03pB9
Drapeau, Maurice N., died 4/22/01: 4/26/01pB8
Drapeau, Rose (Burgoine), died 1/27/05: 2/3/05p6B
Drew, Eunice (Downs), died 8/3/03: 8/7/03pB9
Drew, Jeanne M., died 12/21/01: 1/3/02pB3
Drew, Robert E. Jr., died 4/1/03: 4/17/03pB10
Driscoll, Iran R., died 10/31/03: 11/13/03pB9
Driscoll, Margaret G., died 5/1/02: 5/9/02pB10
Dryer, Fernand (DeVoll), died 11/18/02: 11/28/02pB10
Dube, Joseph J., died 9/12/04: 9/23/04p9B
Dube, Lina L., died 4/23/00: 4/27/00pB16
Dubois, David, is new Police Chief: 04/11/02pA1
Dubois, Florence A., died 12/20/01: 1/3/02pB9
Dubois, Pauline (Poisson), died 12/8/03: 11/20/03pB9
DuBois, Ronald Paul, died 2/21/05: 3/3/05p6B
Dubois, Scott P., died 7/12/02: 7/18/02pB9
Ducharme, Norman P., died 12/30/00: 1/11/01p6
Duffy, Juliet (Stevens), died 2/14/03: 2/27/03pB10
Dufresne, Chandler A., died 3/28/04: 4/8/04p7B
Dugas, Terrence A., died 7/7/00: 7/13/00pB13
Dumais-Roberge, Flora (Charrette), died 1/31/05: 2/10/05p6B
Dumont, Alan, died in fire 8/26/01: 8/30/01pB1
Dumont, Allen W., died 8/26/01: 9/6/01pB4
Dumont, Courtney J., died 11/26/02: 12/5/02pB12
Dumont, Susan M., died 12/8/01: 12/20/01pB5
Duntley, Dorothy A., died 9/30/00: 10/12/00pB8
Dupont, Corinne M., died 4/14/00: 4/20/00pB4
Dupont, Ida (Carr), died 5/10/04: 5/20/04p7B
Dupont, Madeleine (Colell), died 11/1/02: 11/7/02pB12
Dupuis, Doris ( Downs), died 12/6/03: 12/11/03pB9
Dupuis, Jane, died 5/1/01: 5/10/01pB7
Dupuis, Norman L., died 6/13/05: 6/23/05pB6
Duquette, Cameron Jason, died 8/12/01: 8/23/01pB8
Duquette, Jason Michael, died 1/18/04: 1/29/04pB8
Durand, Olive S., died 11/24/00: 11/30/00pB6
Dusseault, Roland M., died 8/5/03: 8/14/03pB9
Dutilly,Leda R., died 5/3/02: 5/16/02pB5
Dutton, Bernice (Bastberg), died 3/24/03: 4/3/03pB8
Dutton, Walter E., died 5/31/04: 6/10/04p7B
Dwyer, Robert E., died 4/12/04: 4/22/04p7B
D=Ambroise, Louis, died 8/8/00: 8/17/00pB12
D=Ambroise, Paul A., died 7/21/00: 7/27/00pB13

Eason Sr., John H., died 12/31/99: 1/6/00p17
Eaton, Velma (Gooch), died 6/14/03: 6/19/03pB9
Eck, Kenneth R., died 9/11/04: 9/16/04p7B
Edgerly, Dorothy D., died 12/4/01: 12/13/01pB14
Edgerly, Judith (Randlett), died 12/9/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Edgerly, Robin Gail, died 12/27/04: 1/6/05p7B
Eisele, Robert, is butterfly collector: 5/13/04p1
Eldridge, Julie (Gagne), died 5/15/03: 5/22/03pB10
Eldridge, Royal Gene, died 4/14/05: 4/21/05p7B
Elia, David F., died 9/30/00: 10/12/00pB8
Elina, Lena, visits Rochester from Russia: 9/12/02p1; 9/19/02p1
Elliott, Henry A., died 12/23/01: 1/3/02pB3
Ellison, Gordon, died 8/14/02: 8/22/02pB10
Ellsworth, Audrey M., died 2/10/02: 2/21/02pB6
Emerson, Sally (Hogan), died 7/18/02: 8/1/02pB9
Enaire, Marie (Larochelle), died 2/27/03: 3/13/03pB10
Erickson, Elizabeth (Folsom), died 7/10/04: 7/15/04p7B
Erickson, LuAnn (Richards), died 1/27/03: 2/6/03pB10
Eschmann, Nelson P., died 4/13/02: 4/25/02pB10
Eshenwald, Josephine (Mazza), died 2/26/03: 3/6/03pB12
Estee, Walter C., died 6/9/04: 6/17/04p7B
Evans, Sylvia M., died 4/22/02: 5/2/02pB10

Fall, Kenneth H., died 8/30/04: 9/9/04p7B
Fall, Norman E., died 1/24/02: 2/7/02pB6
Faria, Beatrice Joan, died 8/19/01: 8/30/01pB7
Farrell III, George E., died 5/6/00: 5/11/00pB10
Farrell, Kenneth I., died 6/9/05: 6/16/05pB6
Farrington, Donald E., died 10/16/03: 10/23/03pB9
Farrington, Nancy (Moores), died 3/7/03: 3/20/03pB10
Faucher, Roland, died 3/12/02: 3/21/02pB9
Faull, Larry, died 4/6/02: 4/18/02pB10
Fay, Thomas N., died 4/6/02: 4/18/02pB10
Fecteau, Alice (Reynolds), died 4/20/03: 5/1/03pB12
Fecteau, Sheri L., died 1/6/02: 1/17/02pB6
Fecteau, William, died 2/8/05: 2/24/05p7B
Felong, Diane (Beauliueu), died 4/5/05: 4/14/05p6B
Felong, Elizabeth (Robinson), died 1/8/05: 1/20/05p5B
Felong, Michael, died 11/7/01: 11/15/01pB5
Fennell, Ronald J., died 7/13/03: 7/24/03pB7
Ferland, Armand L. died 10/5/02: 10/17/02pB10
Ferland, Conrad A., died 10/5/00: 10/12/00pB8
Ferland, Doris (Lizotte), died 12/26/02: 1/2/03pB8
Ferland, Emil T., died 1/16/05: 1/20/05p5B
Fernald, Margaret L., died 2/9/02: 2/14/02p13
Ferrigno, Anthony J., died 1/28/05: 2/3/05p6B
Ferry, Robert R., died 6/14/04: 624/04p7B
Ferullo, Carol Ann, died 3/5/02: 3/14/02pB9
Feylor, Harlan E. Sr., died 3/6/05: 3/17/05p4B
Field, Erileen (Harmon), died 11/27/02: 12/5/02pB12
Figueredo, Silvia (Balsinde), died 8/18/04: 8/26/04p6B
Filiau, Paul G., died 5/13/02: 5/30/02pB7
Fillmore, Bettyjane, died 5/8/03: 5/15/03pB10
Fillmore, David L., died 12/17/01: 12/27/01pB3
Finnigan, Blanche (Tessier), died 6/6/04: 6/17/04p7B
Fish, Beatrice (Hartfiel), died 3/12/02: 3/21/02pB10
Fisher, Shirley (Gingrass), died 3/2/04: 3/11/04p7B
Fister, Louis A., died 5/30/00: 6/8/00pB11
Fitzgerald, Frank S., died 7/11/01: 7/19/01pB5
Fitzgerald, Marie (Wetzel), died 9/17/02: 10/3/02pB10
Flanagan, Kayla, donates braids to Locks of Love: 5/15/03pA1
Flidas, Reuben C., died 10/13/00: 10/19/00pB10
Flint, Daniel, Jr., died 10/5/03: 10/16/03pB9
Flowers, George W., died 9/6/04: 9/16/04p7B
Flynn, James T., died 6/21/03: 7/3/03pB9
Fogerty, John W., died 7/6/03: 7/10/03pB10
Fogg, George David Sr., died 11/14/04: 11/25/04p7B
Fogg, Russell L., died 8/6/02: 8/15/02pB8
Foley, Ellen (Sanphy), died 4/30/04: 5/13/04p7B
Foley, Paul Joseph, died 6/23/04: 7/8/04p7B
Folsom, Esther (Bridges), died 1/28/04: 2/12/04pB8
Folsom, Gabriel S., died 12/25/00: 1/5/01pB4
Fontaine, Joseph A., died 12/9/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Foote, Ronald E., died 5/27/02: 6/6/02pB6
Forbes, Ruth Evelyn, died 8/17/01: 8/30/01pB7
Ford, Julie, is Young Careerist of Year: 5/31/01pA1
Forest, George William Sr., died 3/29/03: 4/10/03pB10
Forest, Sandra L., died 2/3/02: 2/14/02p13
Forslind, Mitchell, died 1/18/03: 1/30/03pB10
Foss, Charles, died 11/29/03: 12/11/03pB10
Foss, Dorothy E., died 8/23/01: 8/30/01pB7
Foss, Russell Shane, died 5/15/03: 5/22/03pB10
Foster, Bruce Allan, died 3/23/03: 4/3/03pB8
Foster, Carol (Zink), died 9/?/03: 9/18/03p10
Foster, Ralph H., died 4/8/01: 4/19/01pB4
Foster, Telesphore Jr., died 3/22/02: 3/28/02pB10
Foster, Theodore C., died 10/4/02: 10/17/02pB10
Fournier, Wilfred L., died 7/17/03: 7/17/03pB9
Fowler, Isabel, celebrates 90-year friendship: 8/15/02pA1
Fowler, John A., died 10/26/03: 11/6/03pB10
Frank, William F., died 6/15/04: 624/04p7B
Freeman, Dennis Sr., died 4/17/05: 4/28/05p6B
Freeman, Herbert W., died 1/3/00: 1/6/00p17
Freeman, Lawrence A., died 10/28/02: 11/7/02pB10
French, Grace (Gerrish), died 2/20/04: 3/4/04p7B
French, Millet: a Milton character: 2/1/01pA7
French, Priscilla (Knowles), died 5/30/03: 6/5/03pB9
Frennette, Albert P., died 4/9/00: 4/13/00p33
Freudenberger, John G., died 6/3/04: 6/10/04p7B
Friend, Robert, died 11/5/02: 11/7/02pB12
Frost, Gladys (Winkley), died 2/10/05: 2/17/05p4B
Frost, Steven W., died 12/15/03: 12/25/03pB8
Fuchs, John M., heads Public Library: 10/24/02pA1: 11/14/02pA1
Fuller, John J., died 7/3/02: 7/11/02pB7
Fuller, Mary V., died 5/13/00: 5/18/00pB3
Funk, Donovan, is Housing Authority officer: 2/17/05p1B

Gage, Edna R., died 9/22/01: 10/4/01pB4
Gagne, Antoinette (Dupres), died 4/29/04: 5/6/04p7B
Gagne, Dorothy, died 3/25/00: 3/30/00pB4
Gagne, Hazel (Putnam), died 5/15/04: 5/20/04p7B
Gagne, Mary E., died 6/18/02: 6/27/02pB7
Gagne, Sandra (Pike), died 1/28/05: 2/3/05p6B
Gagne, Theresa (Caron), died 11/17/04: 11/25/04p7B
Gagnon, Mary E., died 4/9/00: 4/13/00p33
Gagnon, Robert J., died 1/13/00: 1/20/00pB7
Gale, Franklin C. Jr., died 3/22/02: 3/28/02pB10
Galloway, Michael T., died 11/22/04: 12/2/04p7B
Galuska, Mary (Solenski), died 5/6/05: 5/12/05pB6
Galvin, Paul F., died 6/18/04: 624/04p7B
Gardner, Gerard M., died 3/27/05: 4/7/05p6B
Gargano, Dorothy P. died 8/18/01: 8/30/01pB7
Garland, Doris I., died 12/14/00: 12/21/00pB8
Garland, Victor I., died 5/15/00: 5/25/00pB12
Garland-Angell, Vicki, died 3/19/04: 3/25/04p6B
Garnsey, Carolyn M., died 7/3/00: 7/13/00pB12
Garntt, Edith E., died 3/19/00: 3/23/00p7
Garry, Sandra L., died 10/15/02: 10/24/02pB10
Gaudette, Madeleine (Hebert), died 11/30/04: 12/16/04p7B
Gaudette, Mary E., died 4/13/00: 4/20/00pB4
Gault, Mildred (Corson), died 6/4/05: 6/16/05pB6
Gauthier, Constance, died 10/29/00: 11/2/00pB10
Gauthier, Ernest H., died 6/29/03: 7/3/03pB10
Gauthier, Gerald, died 12/23/03: 1/1/04pB8
Gauthier, Wilfred E., died 7/2/03: 7/10/03pB9
Gay, Frank, died 5/15/00: 5/25/00pB12
Geary, Marjorie H., died 6/29/02: 7/4/02pB7
Gebhardt, Erik W., died 10/15/01: 10/25/01pB16
Geer, Terryl, died 7/24/04: 7/29/04p10B
Gegiel, Marie Madeline, died 12/3/03: 5/13/04p7B
Gelinas, Alice (Gauthier), died 2/26/05: 3/10/05p10B
Gelinas, Mary (Winkley), died 7/27/02: 8/1/02pB12
Genaw, Treasure Lee, died 6/7/04: 6/17/04p7B
George, Muriel (Downs), died 4/20/03: 5/1/03pB12
George, Warren W., died 1/22/01: 2/1/01pB4
Gero, Lisa, is Employee of Month: 10/11/01pB2
Gerrish French, Grace, died 2/20/04: 3/4/04p7B
Gerrish, Florence N., died 10/10/00: 10/19/00pB11
Gerrish, Irene (Hoey), died 6/13/05: 6/16/05pB6
Gerry, Robert A., died 3/18/04: 3/25/04p6B
Gervais, Bernadette M., died 4/9/02: 4/18/02pB10
Getchus, Ulrich E., died 5/31/03: 6/26/03pB9
Geyer, Ethel (Cress), died 8/9/02: 8/15/02pB8
Gibb, Glenn C., died 3/18/01: 3/29/01pB7
Gibb, Herbert W., died 10/4/01: 10/11/01pB6
Gibbons, Pearl (Goddard), died 7/25/03: 7/31/03pB8
Gibbs, Eugene C., died 1/13/02: 1/24/02pB6
Gibbs, George H., died 4/27/05: 5/5/08p6B
Gilbert, Donald O., died 3/17/03: 3/27/03pB12
Gilbert, Rachel M., died 1/25/02: 1/31/02pB6
Gilbert, Sarah (Dalton), died 1/19/04: 1/29/04pB7
Gilfert, Ronald F., died 2/22/03: 3/6/03pB10
Gilgallon, Sandra (Moody), died 1/15/03: 1/30/03pB10
Gillis, Jeannie, died 1/2/02: 1/17/02pB6
Gilman, Stacy, is Employee of the Month: 2/13/03pA10
Gingras, Isidore A., died 10/9/02: 11/21/02pB10
Girl Scouts receive Roch. Fair awards: 10/11/01pA4
Glidden, Bernard S. Jr. died 5/15/02: 5/23/02pB6
Glidden, Kenneth W., died 6/5/00: 6/15/00pB6
Glidden, Lois (Morgan), died 5/7/04: 5/13/04p7B
Glidden, Mary (Webber), died 2/20/03: 2/27/03pB12
Glover, Henry, died 11/17/02: 12/5/02pB10
Glover, Lillian J., died 6/8/00: 6/15/00pB6
Godbout, Donald, died 2/24/05: 3/3/05p7B
Goddard, Norton R., died 3/24/01: 3/29/01pB7
Goddard, Ronald J., died 3/19/02: 3/28/02pB10
Godfrey, Antonio, died 7-24-04: 8/5/04p5
Goff, Jack, died 8/17/02: 9/5/02pB7
Goff, John R., died 9/29/04: 10/7/04p9B
Goff, Shirley, died 12/11/01: 12/20/01pB6
Goodrich, Helen M., died 10/4/00: 10/12/00pB8
Goodstone, John, died 4/24/01: 5/3/01pB6
Goodwin, Camilia, squawks about lost parrot: 8/30/01pA1
Goodwin, Eva E., 6/20/00: 6/29/00pB10
Goodwin, Frederick W., died 1/14/05: 1/20/05p5B
Goodwin, Harold G., died 12/30/00: 1/11/01p6
Goodwin, Harvey M., died 3/5/01: 3/15/01pB6
Goodwin, Justin M., died 1/15/01: 1/15/01pB7
Goodwin, Lewis H. Jr., died 11/9/04: 11/18/04p7B
Goodwin, Michael Thomas, died 3/3/04: 3//18/04p7B
Goodwin, Rhonda (Drew), died 3/12/03: 3/20/03pB10
Goon, Paul, died 7/2/03: 7/10/03pB10
Gordon, Franklin V., died 8/9/03: 8/14/03pB9
Gordon, Lorraine (Coulumbe), died 2/18/05: 2/24/05p8B
Gorham, Daniel F., died 1/31/02: 2/7/02pB6
Gorman, Claire (Allaire), died 1/3/04: 1/8/04pB8
Gorman, Helen (Lee), died 6/21/03: 7/3/03pB9
Goss, Frank N. Jr., died 10/26/04: 11/4/04p7B
Gould, Willis P., died 5/15/03: 5/22/03pB10
Goupil, Anne M., died 7/7/00: 7/13/00pB13
Gowen, Rachel I., died 7/5/00: 7/13/00pB12
Grace, Norma M., died 5/15/00: 5/25/00pB12
Grago, Scott F., died 12/27/99: 1/6/00p17
Granahan, Elaine (Lavene), died 3/16/04: 3/25/04p6B
Granite State Camp #5 gets charter: 8/2/01pA6
Grant, Chester A., died 1/2/05: 1/6/05p7B
Grant, Chrisopher, died 8/14/04: 8/26/04p6B
Grass, Wesley G., died 11/7/01: 11/15/01pB5
Grassie, Bernard A., died 9/3/02: 9/12/02pB12
Grassie, Douglas Arthur, died 9/9/04: 9/16/04p7B
Grassie, Gerard J., died 11/9/02: 11/14/02pB11
Grassie, Ida M., died 7/27/02: 8/8/02pB9
Graves, Roger E, Sr., died 9/7/02: 9/12/02pB12
Gray, Arthur K., died 1/23/05: 2/3/05p5B
Gray, Donald F., died 5/15/00: 5/25/00pB12
Greene, Carolyn (Edwards), died 3/4/05: 3/17/05p4B
Greenway, Florence (Philpott), died 4/7/05: 4/14/05p6B
Gregg, Henry James Jr., died 2/15/03: 2/27/03pB10
Gregg, Larry R., died 10/15/02: 10/24/02pB10
Gregoire, Francis A., died 9/29/04: 10/7/04p9B
Gregoire, Paul Albani, died 9/22/04: 9/30/04p7B
Gregoire, Philippe J., died 7/26/02: 8/8/02pB9
Gregoire, Raymond J., died 12/2/01: 12/13/01pB6
Grenier, Armand H., died 11/22/03: 12/4/03pB8
Grenier, Beatrice E., died 12/07/00: 12/14/00pB6
Grenier, Mary, died 1/8/01: 1/18/01pB5
Grenier, Muriel E., died 1/20/02: 1/31/02pB6
Griner, Billie A., died 11/26/03: 12/4/03pB9
Grogan, Robert Allen, died 11/4/04: 11/11/04p7B
Grondin, Gretchen L., died 5/8/02: 5/16/02pB5
Grondin, Paul R., died 9/7/03: 9/11/03pB8
Guerin, Alice M., died 5/9/02: 5/23/02pB6
Guild, Agnes B., died 5/11/01: 5/1701pB6
Gulbrandsen, Flora A., died 6/21/00: 6/29/00pB10
Gustafson, Andy, is Employee of the Month: 2/14/02pB1
Guy, Frank C., died 2/17/04: 2/26/04p5B
Guy, George F., died 4/10/03: 4/17/03pB9
Guyette, Curtis, died 6/2/05: 6/9/05pB6

Hagerman, Dorothy (Witham), died 2/19/04: 2/26/04p5B
Hall, Barbara (Rhodes), died 8/22/03: 3/28/03pB8
Hall, Brian Keith, died 6/25/05: 6/30/05pB6
Hall, Doreen, died 3/8/03: 3/20/03pB10
Hall, Eda, died [no date listed]: 3/1/01pB6
Hall, Jane (Coe), died 9/28/04: 10/7/04p9B
Hall, Leon, died 1/30/03: 2/13/03pB9
Hallahan, Stephen “Stanley”, died 3/22/05: 3/31/05p5B
Hamilton, Antoinette (Tagariello), died 10/17/03: 10/23/03pB9
Hamlin, Dwight R., died 11/23/00: 11/30/00pB6
Hamman, Anna Marie (Ranese), died 1/7/04: 1/15/04pA8
Hammer, Margaret (Bryant), died 10/24/03: 10/30/03pB10
Hanagan, Gertrude (Winslow), died 12/4/02: 12/12/02pB10
Hancock, Marie (Vanasse), died 2/9/05: 3/3/05p6B
Handy, Allan W., died 5/14/02: 5/30/02pB7
Hanlon, Horace W., died 6/1/00: 6/8/00pB11
Hanscom, Mary (Godin), died 9/2/03: 9/7/03pB9
Hanson, Bruce C. Jr., died 6/7/03: 6/19/03pB9
Hanson, Lucia Provencher, died 8/3/04: 11/11/04p7B
Hanson, Paul W., died 9/10/03: 9/18/03pB9
Harding, Earl Whiteman, died 3/28/04: 4/1/04p7B
Harkinson, Lucille (Jenness), died 12/27/02: 1/2/03pB8
Harkinson, Ralph E. Jr., died 9/27/02: 10/3/02pB10
Harmon, Frank J., died 1/8/05: 1/20/05p5B
Harmon, Jean A., died 11/23/03: 12/4/03pB8
Harris, Helen (Kline), died 9/23/04: 10/7/04p9B
Harris, Margaret (Hunt), died 3/31/05: 4/7/05p7B
Harris, Wendell R., died 4/4/03: 4/10/03pB12
Hart, Amber M., is City's first 2001 baby: 1/6/00p3
Hart, Phyllis, died 3/31/03: 4/17/03pB10
Harte, Edith (Hert), died 6/4/03: 6/12/03pB12
Hartford, Alice (Yerakes), died 1/31/05: 2/10/05p6B
Hartford, Elizabeth S., died 1/9/00: 1/13/00pB7, 1/20/00pB6
Hartford, Eva B., died 4/30/00: 5/4/00pB12
Hartford, Robert M., died 12/9/01: 12/20/01pB5
Harwood, Jon Elbert Sr., died 2/15/05: 3/3/05p6B
Haselton, Kenneth V., died 1/25/01: 3/1/01p6
Hasham, Lewis K., died 4/21/05: 4/28/05p7B
Hatch, Leon R., died 2/10/05: 2/17/05p5B
Hates, Mary Anne (Tardiff), died 2/15/04: 2/26/04p5B
Hatfield, Patricia, is City Recycler of Year: 12/13/01pA3
Hayes, Carol (O’Neil), died 7/18/02: 8/1/02pB9
Hayes, Fredina (Atkinson), died 1/13/05: 1/20/05p4B
Hayes, Gladys M., died 6/26/01: 7/5/01pB3
Hayes, Leon H., died 11/21/03: 12/4/03pB8
Hayes, Norman, died 4/2/02: 04/11/02pB10
Hayward, Calvin M., died 9/20/03: 9/25/03pB9
Head, Frederick A., died 12/12/00: 12/21/00pB8
Head, Irene (Bordon), died 4/13/04: 4/22/04p7B
Healy, M&M Robert--Christmas Lights winners: 1/16/03pA9
Hebb, W, Howard, died 8/??/03: 8/12/03pB9
Hebert, Allen J., died 12/2/01: 12/6/01pB6
Hebert, Daniel, died 8/4/03: 9/11/03pB9
Hebert, Marc T., died died 12/14/01: 12/20/01pB6
Hebert, RoseMary, died 12/2/01: 12/13/01pB6
Heger, Joanne (Vorel), died 7/8/04: 7/22/04p7B
Heiss, Ruth (Waterhouse), died 12/19/03: 1/1/04pB8
Helmadollar, Charles A., died 8/2/03: 8/7/03pB9
Helmadollar, Edyth J., died 1/14/00: 1/20/00pB6
Henderson, Ken, is City Employee of the Month: 6/12/03pB7
Henderson, Nadeen (Arnold), died 3/16/05: 3/24/05p8B
Henricks, Christopher A., died 4/15/03: 4/24/03pB10
Heon, Paul A., died 8/?/00: 8/10/00pB8
Hermonat, Judith (Rouleau), died 11/11/04: 11/25/04p7B
Hermonat, William A. Jr., died 6/18/03: 7/3/03pB9
Herook, Phyllis (Arthur), died 6/2/05: 6/9/05pB6
Heroux, Joseph R., died 7/31/00: 8/10/00pB8
Heroux, Mickey (Morrell), died 9/16/02: 10/3/02pB10
Hescock, Elisabeth (Putnam), died 1/11/04: 1/22/04pB8
Hester, A. Louise, died 11/13/01: 11/22/01pB6
Heuss, Frederick H., died 3/5/02: 3/14/02pB10
Hickman, Micael A., died 9/1/00: 9/7/00pB12
Hicks, Amelia (Bart), died 3/23/03: 4/3/03pB8
Hildreth, Frederic, died 8/26/01: 8/30/01pB7
Hill, Dorothy (Stilson), died 6/21/05: 6/30/05pB6
Hill, Elizabeth (Pray), died 9/20/02: 10/3/02pB10
Hill, Richard H., died 4/22/04: 4/??/04p7B
Hilton, Larry, died 4/5/04: 4/15/04p7B
Hirtle, Christine R. (Devins), died 2/25/04: 3/11/04p7B
Hirtle, Frank W. Jr., died 7/23/03: 7/31/03pB8
Hoag, David, died 1/21/02: 1/31/02pB6
Hoage, Joyce H., died 6/30/02: 7/11/02pB7
Hobbs, Robert E., died 4/5/05: 4/14/05p6B
Hobby, Sylvia, retires as Frisbie Hospital volunteer: 6/6/02p1
Hodgdon, Mary (Massey), died 1/22/03: 1/30/03pB12
Hodgson, Thomas A., died 6/5/02: 6/13/02pB10
Hoerman, Walter, elected mayor: 12/6/01pA1
Hogan, Marion (Connor), died 3/30/03: 4/10/03pB9
Hoing, Garnet (Young), died 1/19/04: 2/5/04pB7
Holman, A. James, died 10/2/04: 10/14/04p7B
Holman, James, died 10/2/04: 10/14/04p7B
Hooper, Darlene (McKnight), died 12/29/04: 1/6/05p6B
Hope, David N., died 2/20/04: 3/4/04p7B
Hope, William W., died 5/30/05: 5/26/05pB8
Hopkins, Glenn A., died 6/19/03: 6/26/03pB12
Hopper, Alice (Trout), died 7/2/04: 7/8/04p7B
Horne, Bernice (Almond), died 1/25/03: 2/6/03pB10
Horne, Gwen T., died 8/30/01: 9/6/01pB4
Horne, Herbert R., died 3/21/03: 4/3/03pB8
Horne, John L., died 1/3/02: 1/10/02pB12
Houston, Joanne, is BPW Woman of Achievement 2000: 10/26/00pA7
Howard, Fred Gray, died 3/12/05: 3/24/05p7B
Howard, Louis F. Jr., died 10/31/03: 11/13/03pB9
Howard, Marion W., died 5/29/00: 6/8/00pB11
Howard, Marjorie H., died 1/27/03: 2/6/03pB10
Howard, Paul Sr., died 1/25/03: 2/6/03pB10
Howe, George H., died 1/25/01: 1/5/01pB4
Hoyt, Elizabeth (Brochu), died 2/24/03: 3/6/03pB10
Hubbard, George Lewis Sr., died 1/27/05: 2/10/05p6B
Huckins, John H., died 10/27/04: 11/4/04p10B
Huckins, Sarah (Johnson), died 9/22/03: 10/2/03pB9
Hudon, Bonney, died 9/28/03: 10/2/03pB9
Huggard, Clayton O., died 12/07/00: 12/14/0pB6
Hughes, Debra Castonguay, died 6/15/05: 6/23/05pB6
Hughes, Margaret M., died 5/11/o1: 5/24/01pB3
Hunt, Shannon D., died 11/18/04: 11/25/04p7B
Hunter, Roxieanna Y., died 11/3/01: 11/15/01pB16
Huppe, Armand W., died 8/4/01: 89/01pB16
Huppe, Jeanne (Veilleux), died 3/27/04: 4/1/04p7B
Hurd, David, died 7/17/00: 7/27/00pB13
Hurley, Michael W., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7
Hussey, Laurie A., died 6/4/02: 6/13/02pB10
Hussey, Robert D., died 3/21/04: 4/1/04p7B
Hutchins, Edward H., died 7/19/03: 7/31/03pB8
Hutchins, Norma (Young), died 7/26/03: 8/7/03pB8

Imbeault, Margaret (Clough), died 9/12/04: 9/23/04p9B
Ireland, Richard H., Jr., died 9/18/01: 9/27/01pB5
Irwin, Jeannette D., died 1/27/02: 1/31/02pB6

Jackson, George N. Jr., died 10/17/03: 10/23/03pB9
Jackson, Theresa, died 1/3/01: 1/11/01p6
Jacobs, M&M Harold, honored by Grange: 11/21/02p2
Jacques, Helen (Bishop), died 10/28/03: 11/6/03pB9
Jacques, Rachel R., died 9/14/02: 9/19/02pB12
James, William C., died 9/24/00: 9/28/00pB14
Jameson, Kreana, is Employee of the Month: 10/10/02pB6
Jemery, Ralph, died 1/29/04: 2/12/04pB8
Jenkins, Joan (Lucey), died 11/04/03: 11/13/03pB9
Jenness, Clarence Eugene, died 7/20/04: 7/29/04p7B
Jenness, Dorothy (Willey) died 10/22/02: 10/31/02pB10
Jenness, Helen C., died 5/3/00: 5/11/00pB10
Jenness, Irene (Oakes), died 7/18/04: 7/29/04p7B
Jenness, Kay (Brooks), died 2/6/03: 2/27/03pB12
Jerome, Mary (Giberson), died 12/15/02: 12/26/02pB7
Jesseman, Shirley R., died 1/223/02: 1/31/02pB6
Jewett, Harold L., died 5/26/03: 6/5/03pB10
Jillette, Patricia (Smith), died 4/9/03: 4/17/03pB9
Johnson, Doris DuPree, died 6/3/05: 6/16/05pB6
Johnson, Dorothy (Morris), died 12/17/02: 12/26/02pB7
Johnson, Esther (Southwick), died 6/22/05: 6/30/05pB6
Johnson, Kelly (Grady), died 6/18/03: 6/26/03pB12
Johnson, Robert J., died 10/13/00: 10/19/00pB11
Johnson, Robert L., died 9/1/02: 9/12/02pB10
Johnson, Roland C., died 11/25/04: 12/2/04p
Johnston, Kenneth C., died 7/24/02: 8/1/02pB9
Johnstone, Walter A., died 4/28/05: 5/5/08p6B
Jones, Angelina (Laurion), died 11/26/04: 12/2/04p
Jones, Beatrice L., died 10/7/00: 10/19/00pB10
Jones, Dorothy (Brooks), died 1/13/05: 1/20/05p5B
Jones, Thelma (Farnum), died 11/23/04: 12/9/04p7B
Jones, Victor A., died 3/1/03: 3/13/03pB10
Joy, Abbott L., died 8/28/02: 9/5/02pB7
Joy, Mason I., died 12/26/00: 1/5/01pB4
Joy, Mildred (Berry) died 1/1/03: 1/16/03pB9
Joy, Oscar K., died 4/22/05: 4/28/05p6B
Joyce, Cynthia (Bond), died 5/2/04: 5/13/04p7B
Julin, Sandra (Perrow), died 1/31/03: 2/13/03pB10
June, Charles W. Sr., died 9/5/04: 9/16/04p7B

Kakoleski, Alan J., died 2/10/05: 2/24/05p7B
Kane, Dorothy M., died 4/12/04: 4/22/04p7B
Karcher, MaryAnne (Soucy), died 3/26/05: 4/7/05p6B
Katwick, Arthur David II, died 2/25/05: 3/10/05p7B
Keaton, Francis, Jr., died 3/28/03: 4/10/03pB10
Keene, Judith (Marshall), died 9/8/03: 9/11/03pB8
Keene, Rachel, died 1/8/00: 1/20/00pB5
Keith, Rita B. (Beaulieu),died 8/18/01: 8/23/01pB8
Kelley III, John L., died 4/18/00: 4/27/00pB16
Kelley, George, died 8/17/03: 3/28/03pB8
Kelley, Vina L., died 12/21/01: 1/3/02pB9
Kelly, Lawrence F., died 5/31/05: 6/9/05pB6
Kendall, Robert N., died 2/4/02: 2/14/02p13
Kendall, Vernon W., died 12/26/01: 1/17/02pB6
Kenney, Myrtle (James), died 1/21/05: 2/3/05p5B
Kenyon, D. Christopher, died 5/3/03: 5/15/03pB9
Kenyon, Katherine Rippett, died 1/6/04: 1/15/04pA9
Keravich, Arlene D., died 10/13/00: 10/19/00pB11
Kiehl, Priscilla (Boulanger), died 1/28/05: 2/3/05p5B
Kierstead, George Russell, died 4/9/03: 4/17/03pB9
Kilmon, Linda, died 5/30/05: 5/26/05pB8
Kilpatrick, Jack E., died 5/9/02: 5/23/02pB6
Kimball, Marion (Johnson), died 1/4/04: 1/15/04pA8
Kimball, Teresa M., died 4/4/00: 4/13/00p32
Kimplin, Robert E., died 7/16/04: 7/29/04p7B
King, John P., died 4/29/02: 5/9/02pB10
King, Reginald W., died 6/16/02: 6/27/02pB7
Kingsbury, Star (Montgomery), died 4/27/04: 5/6/04p7B
Kinney, Thomas M., died 10/10/01: 10/18/01pB5
Kinnison, Daniel Lee, died 4/3/05: 4/14/05p6B
Kinsley, James, died 5/8/02: 5/16/02pB5
Kirchdorfer, Henry W., died 4/4/04: 4/15/04p7B
Klein, Barbara (Bray), died 11/29/02: 12/12/02pB10
Knapper, John, died 4/7/02: 04/11/02ppA4,B10
Knight, John W., died 9/25/02: 10/3/02pB12
Knight, Mark T., in Honor Society: 3/15/01pB5
Knowles, Sumner J. Jr., died 2/21/03: 3/6/03pB10
Knox, Doris (Ames), died 2/7/05: 2/17/05p4B
Kohrs, Roger, died 6/27/04: 7/8/04p7B
Kotasenski, Anna (Cullen), died 10/20/02: 10/31/02pB10
Kovach, Marie A., died 4/16/01: 4/26/01pB7
Kruschwitz, Carl W., died 11/4/02: 11/14/02pB10
Krygeris, Peter J., died 1/9/04: 1/22/04pB7
Kulp, Joyce (DeGrave), died 10/8/04: 10/21/04p7B

Labor, Philip J., died 6/13/03: 6/26/03pB9
LaBranche, Laurette B., died 11/19/00: 11/30/00pB6
Labrecque, Donald Robert, died 6/24/03: 7/3/03pB9
Labreque, George A., died 6/17/00: 6/22/00pB9
LaBreque, George F., died 8/3/03: 8/14/03pB9
LaBrie, Florence (Brenneis), died 1/18/04: 1/29/04pB7
Lacey, Elizabeth McMahon, died 2/18/03: 2/27/03pB10
Lachance, Dick, recalls Omaha Beach: 6/3/04p1A
LaChance, Donald A. Sr., died 9/5/02: 9/19/02pB10
Lachance, Kathryn (Veno), died 3/4/04: 3/11/04p7B
Lachance, Tressie D., died 12/18/01: 12/27/01pB3
Lachapelle, Ronald, leaves Rochester PD: 11/27/03p1
LaCouture, Raymond A., died 1/19/04: 1/29/04pB8
Ladd, Dorothy E., died 9/16/00: 9/28/00pB14
Ladisheff, Michael E., died 6/2/03: 6/26/03pB10
Lafland, Preston A., died 11/28/01: 12/6/01pB6
LaFleur, Odelie (St. Laurent), died 5/28/04: 6/3/04p7B
Lafontaine, Jeannette (Fournier), died 4/12/04: 4/22/04p7B
LaFrance, Bertha M., died 3/18/05: 3/24/05p7B
LaFrance, Joel Adam, died 1/2/05: 1/13/05p6B
Lagueux, Roger, died 9/23/02: 10/3/02pB10
Laitres, Doris R., died 4/29/00: 5/18/00pB3
Laitres, Emile, died 4/10/03: 4/24/03pB9
Lajoie, Jacqueline (Rossignol) died 11/12/03: 11/20/03pB9
Lambert, Raymond, died 11/12/03: 11/27/03pB10
Lambert, Rita (Kilderry), died 3/6/05: 3/17/05p4B
Lamontagne, Robert E., died 4/2/05: 4/14/05p6B
Lancaster, Richard E., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7
Landers, Maurice W., died 11/23/01: 12/6/01pB6
Landry, Armand O., died 8/29/00: 9/7/00pB12
Landry, Francoise (Harton), died 3/25/05: 3/31/05p6B
Lane, Dorothy A., died 7/22/03: 7/31/03pB9
Lane, Ralph E., died 5/21/04: 5/27/04p7B
Lang, David Lawrence, died 3/30/05: 4/7/05p7B
Lang, Louise A., died 10/31/00: 10/9/00pA7
Lanoix, Evelyn (Webber), died 3/26/04: 4/1/04p7B
LaPanne, Nelson h., died 1/30/04: 2/12/04pB8
Lapham, Anne (Shanahan), died 1/23/05: 2/3/05p5B
Lapierre, Rene G., died 4/4/05: 4/14/05p6B
Laplume, Brenda (Mcrae), died 8/12/02: 8/22/02pB10
Lapointe, Jeannette (Fortier), died 11/24/04: 11/25/04p7B
LaPrise, Clement D., died 11/2/00: 10/9/00pA7
LaRoche, Richard Louis, died 3/19/03: 3/27/03pB12
Larochelle, Ernest A., died 6/1/02: 6/6/02pB6
Larochelle, Mildred M., died 11/20/00: 11/30/00pB6
Lashua, Gladys (Harrison), died 4/1/05: 4/14/05p6B
Lassor, Leonard L. II, died 4/24/03: 5/1/03pB12
Laurent, Thelma (Browne), died 4/13/05: 4/21/05p7B
Laurion, Lucien J., died 12/2/03: 12/11/03pB8
Laurion, Rita S., died 11/2/03: 11/13/03pB9
Laurion, Roland J., died 11/19/04: 11/25/04p7B
Lavalee, Elmer A., died 8/26/00: 9/7/00pB12
Lavarnway, Ernest J., died 8/14/02: 8/22/02pB10
Lavertue, Stephen J., died 8/30/02: 9/5/02pB7
Lavoie, Gerard, died 6/12/03: 6/26/03pB9
Lawrence, Sarah (Johnson), died 9/24/03: 10/2/03pB9
Leach, Charles W., died 10/12/03: 10/23/03pB9
Leach, Sally, volunteers and saves lives: 12/5/02p1
Leaden, Gerard M., died 8/18/03: 3/28/03pB8
Leahy, Daniel G., died 1/5/03: 1/16/03pB10
Leavitt, Juliette R., 6/21/00: 6/29/00pB10
Leavitt, Lillian (Choquette), died 4/4/05: 4/14/05p6B
LeClair, Donald J. Jr., died 12/30/02: 1/16/03pB9
LeClair, Leon W., died 6/20/02: 6/27/02pB7
LeClair, Peter F., died 6/2/00: 6/8/00pB11
Lee, Mabelle E., died 8/27/02: 9/5/02pB7
Lefebvre, Rachel (LeBlond), died 11/4/03: 11/13/03pB9
Legassie, Dois (Smith), died 1/9/04: 1/15/04pA8
Leister, Adeline (Patrick), died 8/17/04: 8/26/04p6B
Lemay, Pauline (Knowlton-Jenness), died 4/13/04: 4/22/04p7B
Lemieux, Rose B., died 12/2/01: 12/13/01pB6
Lemire, Dorothy D., died 4/24/01: 5/3/01pB6
Lemire, Hubert E., died 8/28/02: 9/5/02pB11
Lemire, Mary (Brunette), died 9/19/02: 10/3/02pB10
Lemoyne, Annette B., died 12/16/03: 12/25/03pB8
Lenfest, Harry N. Jr., died 10/22/01: 11/1/01pB6
Lenfest, Simone (Charland), died 1/25/03: 1/30/03pA10
Lennett, Katherine M., died 2/28/02: 3/14/02pB9
Leonard, Arlene Treadwell, died 4/23/03: 5/8/03pB9
Lepene, Murray Norman, died 3/4/04: 3/11/04p7B
Lesieur, Florentine S., died 10/21/00: 10/26/00pB9
Lessard, Lillian M., died 10/1/04: 10/7/04p12B
Lessard, Normand L., died 5/24/05: 6/2/05pB6
Lessard, Roderick D. Jr., died 9/30/03: 10/9/03pB9
Letourneau, Alfred J., died 9/27/01: 10/4/01pB4
Letourneau, Marjorie F., died 3/15/03: 3/27/03pB10
Leveillee, Joseph Walter, died 1/11/04: 1/22/04pB7
Levesquer, Lucien, reviews his political life: 10/30/03p1
Lewis, Leon G. Jr., died 2/11/05: 2/17/05p5B
Lewis, Lydia E., died 9/5/00: 9/14/00pB12
Lewis, Martha E., died 5/7/02: 5/16/02pB5
Lewis, Merle K., died 3/4/05: 3/10/05p10B
Lewis, Merle K., died 3/4/05: 3/17/05p4B
Lewis, Raymond F. Jr., died 2/26/03: 3/6/03pB10
Lewis, Thelma (Tozier), died 4/24/03: 5/8/03pB9
Libby, Donald P., died 12/27/01: 1/10/02pB5
Libby, Greg Gardner, died 4/8/04: 4/15/04p7B
Liberi, Helen (Gagne), died 4/20/04: 4/29/04p7B
Liberty, Cora (Plante), died 1/1/03: 1/16/03pB9
Lind, Sandra (LaBombard), died 8/9/04: 8-19-04p7B
Lindner, Frederick H. II, died 3/30/04: 4/1/04p7B
Lingard, Ralph E., died 2/1/05: 2/10/05p6B
Lizotte, Paul A., died 10/25/03: 11/13/03pB9
Lizotte, Roger A., died 5/29/00: 6/8/00pB10
Locke, Davyanne (Dunnells), died 1/10/03: 1/23/03pB10
Lockett, James Paul, died 3/18/05: 3/24/05p8B
Logan, Nadene (Wright), died 5/13/05: 5/19/05pB8
Lombard, Elvera (Giantonio), died 5/25/04: 6/3/04p7B
Londo. Eleanor G., died 7/7/04: 7/15/04p7B
Longo, Richard, to seek cemeteries with GPS unit: 1/10/02p1
Loomis, Angelo Vincent, died 1/17/04: 1/29/04pB7
Lord, Helen E., died 3/3/02: 3/7/02pB6
Lord, Janet F., died 6/22?/01: 6/28/01pB2
Lotti, Ronald S., died 1/25/04: 2/12/04pB8
Loubier, Therman A., died 9/12/02: 9/19/02pB10
Louden, Arlene (Richardson), died 2/23/05: 3/3/05p6B
Lovett, Fred C., 1/24/00: 2/3/00p6
Lowell, Kenneth. died 5/30/04: 6/10/04p7B
Luther, Lora (Bragg), died 5/28/04: 6/3/04p7B
Lynch, David, feted for Sept. 11 Red Cross help: 3/28/02pA9
Lyons, Florence S., died 9/16/00: 9/21/00pB14

MacDonald, Alfred N., died 3/5/05: 3/10/05p7B
MacDonald, John D., died 3/7/03: 3/20/03pB10
MacDonald, Linda (Gray), died 4/23/03: 5/1/03pB10
MacDougall, Edgar S., died 6/2/04: 6/10/04p7B
MacEachern, Donald, died 8/8/01: 8/30/01pB7
MacIver, Pauline G., died 1/2/7/00: 2/3/00p6
MacKay, Addie K., died 3/2/02: 3/7/02pB7
MacKimmie, James P., died 11/5/02: 11/14/02pB10
MacNutt, Keith, died 9/26/02: 10/10/02pB7
Magada, Audrey, died 5/1/00: 5/11/00pB10
Maine, Claude W., died 1/5/02: 1/17/02pB6
Mains, Margaret (Delory), died 1/5/04: 1/15/04pA9
Makepeace, George E., died 11/9/02: 11/14/02pB12
Malo, Skyler Andrew, died 11/9/04: 11/18/04p7B
Malone, Ruth (Clark), died 3/5/04: 3/11/04p7B
Maloomian, Ralph Sarkin, died 12/7/03: 1/15/04pA9
Malsbury, William, died 5/9/02: 5/16/02pB5
Mann, Edwin R., died 1/7/02: 1/17/02pB6
Mann, Kern, is Employee of the Month: 8/14/03pB4
Marble, Violet (Wiggin), died 4/16/03: 4/24/03p10
March, Clifton L., died 1/3/05: 1/13/05p6B
Marcotte, Camilla G., died 9/16/02: 10/3/02pB10
Marcotte, Eloria, is 104 years old: 9/9/04p1A
Marcotte, James M., died 2/23/02: 2/28/02pB5
Marcotte, Norman L., died 12/30/04: 1/6/05p6B
Marcou, Mary (Mattocks), died 8/13/01: 8/23/01pB8
Marcoux, Beverly M., died 7/8/02: 7/18/02pB9
Marouthis, Dianh (Melitus), died 3/19/05: 3/24/05p7B
Marquis, Annette (Perreault), died 10/23/04: 11/4/04p7B
Marsh, Edith J., died 1/20/02: 1/31/02pB6
Marsh, Elden, died 12/10/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Marshall, Leo A. Sr., died 10/27/01: 11/1/01pB6
Martel, Georgette (Trempe), died 1/30/04: 2/12/04pB9
Martin Sr., Alfred P., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7
Martin, Audrey M., died 1/21/01: 1/15/01pB7
Martin, Roby (Lovely), died 10/27/04: 11/4/04p10B
Martineau, Leon E., died 6/15/04: 624/04p7B
Martinucci, Maria, died 5/3/01: 5/10/01pB7
Mattocks, Delia (Moffet), died 3/23/03: 4/3/03pB8
Mattocks, Francis S., died 11/15/01: 11/22/01pB6
Maxfield, Ernest G., died 2/24/04: 3/4/04p7B
Maxfield, Mary M., died 5/10/00: 5/18/00pB3
May, Ann, honored by Women’s Club: 11/1/01pB8
May, Robert C., died 8/31/03: 9/11/03pB9
Mazza, Charles Richard, died 8/25/04: 9/23/04p9B
McAdoo, Lucy (Lachance), died 10/27/03: 11/6/03pB10
McAllister, Raymond W., died 6/29/02: 7/4/02pB7
McAllister, Russell, new Rochester City Manager: 8/22/02pA1
McBride, James L., died 3/31/02: 04/11/02pB10
McBride, Michael J., died 11/2/00: 10/9/00pA7
McCarthey, Francis P., died 8/8/00: 8/17/00pB12
McCarthy, June, died 9/2/01: 9/13/01pB3
McCarthy, Leo E., died 2/10/01: 2/15/01pB7
McCawley, Lillian C. died 8/3/00: 8/10/00pB8
McClelland, Margaret (Conroy), died 11/24/02: 12/5/02pB10
McDonald, Margarete (Schmitt), died 1/18/03: 1/30/03pB11
McGarghan, Terrance R., died 3/2/01: 3/8/01ppA1,B7
McGranahan, Prudence (Hersom), died 7/11/03: 7/24/03pB8
McKeen, Mary (Miller), died 3/9/05: 3/17/05p5B
McKenney, Ira Sr., died 7/25/02: 8/1/02pB9
McLain, Effie (Brown), died 3/30/04: 4/8/04p7B
McLaren, Donald, Sr., died 2/4/02: 2/14/02p13
McLaughlin, Svea (Nelson), died 5/12/05: 5/19/05pB8
McManus, Marie (Bourque), died 7/30/02: 8/8/02pB12
McNally, Linda (Carraway), died 3/27/03: 4/3/03pB12
McNeil, John C., died 2/10/00: 2/17/00p23
McPherson, Jerry E., died 4/21/01: 4/26/01pB8
McPherson, Susan (Lund), died 4/18/04: 4/29/04p7B
Meader, Dwight V., receives 33rd Freemasonry Degree: 10/11/01pA5
Meehan Sr., Roland A., died 3/2/01: 3/8/01pB7
Meehan, Bruce E., died 5/23/00: 6/1/00p26
Melanson, Lauren J., died 1/8/02: 1/17/02pB6
Melanson, Roland J., died 3/24/05: 3/31/05p6B
Menard, Therese (Frechette), died 3/28/03: 4/10/03pB9
Menter, Carol (Hogan), died 2/26/05: 3/10/05p7B
Merigold, Imelda (Lincoln), died 1/9/05: 1/20/05p4B
Merrill, Gladys M., died 5/19/01: 5/31/01pB3
Merrill, Stephen J., died 7/28/04: 8/5/04p5B
Merryfield, Hilda (Kelley), died 8/2/03: 8/7/03pB9
Mersereau, Ruth (Sanford), died 7/16/04: 7/29/04p7B
Meserve, Harold M., died 5/11/02: 5/23/02pB6
Metivier, Robert E., died 4/28/05: 5/5/08p6B
Metrick, Mary (Welch), died 1/4/04: 1/15/04pA9
Metrick, Nicholas A., died 11/8/03: 11/13/03pB12
Michaels, Elizabeth (Roy), died 11/20/04: 11/25/04p10B
Michaud, Alice (Pelletier), died 1/19/05: 1/27/05p6B
Michaud, Alice (Whitten), died 7/6/04: 7/15/04p7B
Michaud, Wilfred, visits his old carrier, the JFK: 8/3/00pB5
Mick, David P., died 10/3/03: 10/9/03pB9
Mikula, Sarah (Lyons), died 7/1/03: 7/10/03pB9
Milbury, Leslie V., died 8/17/03: 3/22/03pB8
Miller, Hugh R. Sr., died 2/21/02: 2/28/02pB4
Miller, Joseph J., died 6/7/02: 6/20/02pB7
Miller, Karl R., died 10/17/00: 10/26/00pB8
Miller, Laura, is Employee of the Month: 2/14/02pB1
Miller, Richard H., died 6/11/05: 6/16/05pB6
Mills, Garold W., died 12/30/00: 1/5/01pB4
Minnon, Laurette (Grenier), died 7/19/04: 7/29/04p7B
Miranda, Joan (St. Laurent), died 11/11/04: 11/18/04p7B
Mitropoulos, Stella (Karanicolopoulos) died 1/7/04: 1/15/04pA8
Mohr, David E., died 7/18/00: 7/27/00pB12
Mohring, Dorothea (Schneider), died 1/25/04: 2/5/04pB8
Monast, Roland F., died 2/23/03: 3/6/03pB10
Mondoux, Gerard, died 12/4/04: 12/9/04p7B
Montini, Christiana, featured in magazine: 3/15/01pA7
Mooney, Marie C., died 4/13/00: 4/20/00pB4
Moore, Delores G., died 3/7/03: 3/20/03pB10
Moore, Edward R., died 10/3/04: 10/14/04p7B
Moore, Gail L., died 10/16/02: 10/24/02pB11
Moore, Kathleen L., died 6/7/00: 6/15/00pB6
Moore, Richard E., died 1/1/02: 1/10/02pB5
Moore, Thomas Adam, died 4/28/05: 5/5/08p6B
Moores, Sterling A., died 10/23/02: 10/31/02pB10
Morancy, Paul Alan, died 6/2605: 6/30/05p10
Morgan, Emma M., died 10/31/00: 10/9/00pA7
Morgan, Josephine (Cates), died 5/5/03: 5/15/03pB9
Morgan, Odelia, died 7/12/03: 7/24/03pB7
Morin, Beatrice K., died 9/11/02: 9/19/02pB12
Morin, J. Alfred, died 4/19/01: 4/26/01pB7
Morneau, Meaghan, died 1/19/02: 1/31/02pB6
Morneau, Morgan, died 1/19/02: 1/31/02pB6
Morphy, Faye (Sawyer): died 8/30/04: 9/2/04p7B
Morrill, Charles Silas, died 2/8/04: 2/26/04p6B
Morrison, Erma (Emerson), died 2/2/03: 2/13/03pB9
Morrison, Margaret, died 5/16/05: 5/26/05pB8
Morrison, Robert K., died 9/26/04: 10/7/04p9B
Moses, Marie (Conroy), died 8/30/04: 9/9/04p7B
Mosher, Harold W., died 10/15/02: 11/21/02pB11
Mourgenos, Kenneth A., died 3/23/02: 3/28/02pB10
Mourgenos, Priscilla A., died 1/16/02: 1/24/02pB6
Mullany, Paul, heads CLL Rochester Center: 10/11/01pB7
Mullavey, Norma R., died 11/13/04: 11/25/04p7B
Mulvey, Judith A., died 4/8/00: 4/13/00p32
Munroe, Clayton B., died 4/21/02: 5/2/02pB10
Murphy, Doris I., died 2/2/01: 2/15/01pB7
Murphy, James (Shamus), died 1/4/05: 1/13/05p6B
Murphy, Leo, died 2/18/01: 2/22/01pB10
Murphy, Margaret (White), died 10/1/04: 10/14/04p7B
Murphy, Robert S., died 2/5/01: 2/15/01pB7
Murphy, William T., Jr., died 3/7/03: 3/20/03pB10
Myshrall, Alice B., died 2/15/02: 2/21/02pB6
Myshrall, Alice B., died 4/15/02: 5/2/02pB10

Nadeau, Carl H., died 7/24/03: 7/31/03pB8
Nadeau, Holly A., died 6/20/03: 7/3/03pB9
Nadeau, Joseph P., died 11/10/04: 11/25/04p7B
Nadeau, Pauline (Lemay), died 12/14/04: 12/23/04p6B
Nagy, Michael F., died 2/29/04: 3/11/04p7B
Nason, Bernard F., died 8/21/01: 8/30/01pB7
Nau, Carlyne (Faulkner), died 8/17/03: 8/21/03pB10
Nau, Everett H., died 3/15/02: 3/21/02pB9
Nau, Jane (Chamberlain), died 3/12/02: 3/5/02pB9
Navatto, Helen (Cipala), died 5/7/03: 5/15/03pB9
Neal, Jacob L., died 8/??/03: 8/21/03pB9
Neal, Robert, died 7/26/01: 8/2/01pB2
Nealand, Charles M., died 7/6/02: 7/11/02pB7
Neilson, Constance (Michaud): died 9/28/03: 10/2/03pB9
Nelson Jr., Alton E., died 2/2/01: 2/15/01pB7
Nelson, Einar D., died 1/23/05: 1/27/05p6B
Nelson, Gloria (Potvin), died 12/1/02: 12/12/02pB10
Nelson, Mary (Campion), died 1/3/04: 1/15/04pA9
Nelson, Nancy (Bodman), died 1/31/04: 2/12/04pB9
Newbury, Henrietta G., died 6/18/01: 6/28/01pB2
Newcomb, Arnold Charles, died 6/20/05: 6/30/05pB6
Nichols, Rensford M., died 12/21/01: 1/3/02pB3
Nickerson, Alice (Leavitt), died 11/8/02: 11/14/02pB11
Nickerson, Gerda, died 4/7/02: 4/25/02pB10
Nilsson, Pamela (Thomas), died 6/8/03: 6/19/03pB9
Nisbet-Marble, MaryJane (Marshall), died 4/15/03: 4/24/03pB10
Nix, John D., died 10/31/00: 10/9/00pA7
Nolan, John F., died 1/4/00: 1/13/00pB7
Nolet, Joseph R., died 10/20/01: 11/1/01pB6
Norcott, Veronica (Galway), died 3/9/04: 3/18/04p7B
Norcott, Walter, died 4/8/02: 4/18/02pB10
Nordell, Sophie (Balvich), died 5/12/03: 5/22/03pB9
Nordstrom, Ernest O., died 8/16/03: 8/21/03pB9
Normand, Robert J., died 11/3/00: 11/16/00pB8
Norton, Paul R., died 11/23/04: 12/9/04p7B
Nutter, Ernstine F., died 6/1/02: 6/27/02pB7
Nutting, Percy S., died 8/20/02: 8/29/02pB10

O’Hara, James Edward II, died 11/19/04: 11/25/04p7B
O’Rourke, Timothy M., died 6/26/05: 6/30/05pB6
Oakes, Mary (Sullivan), died 6/4/04: 6/17/04p7B
O'Brien, Josephine A., died 1/19/00: 1/27/00pB4
Ochrem, Beryl V., died 7/21/00: 7/27/00pB13
Olin, Tarlton Norris, died 12/19/02: 12/26/02pB11
Oliver, Claire E., died 5/10/02: 5/23/02pB6
Olney, Bertha N., died 10/3/02: 10/17/02pB10
Olson, John R., died 10/7/02: 10/17/02pB10
Onderdonk, Wilbur H., died 4/23/03: 5/8/03pB9
O'Neal, Helen D., died 1/12/01: 1/15/01pB7
O'Neil, Bernard P., died 2/15/00: 2/24/00p25
Opera House launches web page: 2/8/01pA1
Ortman, Christine B., died 2/28/02: 3/7/02pB5
Osgood, Carlyle L., died 3/3/02: 3/7/02pB6
Osterstuck, Myron C. Sr., died 3/31/04: 4/8/04p7B
Ott, Alan Richard, died 3/4/04: 3/11/04p7B
Ouellette, Berthe L., died 7/26/02: 8/8/02pB9
Ouellette, Marion (Deline), died 9/2/04: 9/9/04p7B
Ouellette, Roland J., died 2/8/05: 2/17/05p4B
Ouimette, Rosalie Ann died 3/27/01: 4/5/01pB8
Oxx, Esther (Del Ross) died 9/10/03: 9/18/03pB9

Paey, David G. Sr., died 4/9/03: 4/17/03pB9
Page, Susan, City floral coordinator, resigns: 7/11/02p1
Pageau, Everett L., died 12/26/00: 1/5/01pB4
Paiton, Peter S., died 9/10/03: 9/18/03pB9
Palumbo, Catherine M., died 12/2/01: 12/13/01pB6
Parent, Jeannette A., died 12/14/00: 12/29/00pB8
Parent, Marie J. Y., died 11/26/00: 12/7/00pB8
Park, Mildred (Ham), died 1/22/03: 1/30/03pB12
Parker, Bernice Haseltine, died 6/18/05: 6/23/05pB6
Parker, Jeannette (Max) , died 4/14/03: 4/24/03p12
Parker, Lauren E. Jr., died 11/29/03: 12/11/03pB8
Parsons, Douglas H., died 7/16/01: 7/2601pB4
Parsons, Randolph B., died 1/10/04: 1/22/04pB7
Patch, Albert R., died 1/24/05: 2/3/05p5B
Patch, Alfred G., died 1/12/02: 1/24/02pB6
Patch, Irene (Emery), died 6/10/05: 6/16/05pB6
Patch, Robert A., died 8/25/01: 9/6/01pB4
Patch, Sandra L., died 6/22/00: 6/29/00pB10
Patch, Trent R., died 2/27/05: 3/17/05p4B
Paten, Betty (Clark), died 12/17/03: 12/25/03pB8
Paterson, Brian R. died 1/25/04: 2/5/04pB7
Patterson, Harold G., died 4/4/01: 4/12/01pB8
Paul, Theodore, died 7/27/03: 8/7/03pB8
Peabody, Leslie A., died in fire 8/26/01: 8/30/01pB1; : 9/6/01pB4
Peace, Phyllis (Lemieux), died 3/23/04: 4/1/04p7B
Pearson, Charles E., died 6/22/04: 7/1/04p7B
Peavey, Catherine (Buffam), died 9/13/02: 9/26/02pB10
Peavey, Nathalee (Weeks), died 2/24/05: 3/3/05p7B
Peckham, Milton M. Sr., died 4/6/02: 4/18/02pB10
Peckham, Richard L., died 8/8/04: 8-19-04p7B
Pecor, Richard W., died 9/19/03: 9/25/03pB9
Pederson, Bob, starts as new Spaulding principal: 6/6/02p1
Pellerin, Leona (Lockwood), died 6/12/03: 6/26/03pB9
Pelletier, Dale S., Jr., died 3/4/03: 3/20/03pB12
Pelletier, George F., died 10/16/02: 10/24/02pB10
Pelletier, Myrtie L., died 10/30/00: 10/9/00pA7
Pelley, Janet, is Rochester Citizen of Year: 2/15/01pA1
Pelley, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 5/8/03pB12
Pence, Myra (Wallace), died 9/7/03: 9/11/03pB8
Penniman, Edna M., died 7/16/04: 7/29/04p10B
Pennock, George I., died 11/23/04: 12/2/04p7B
Pepi, Enes M., died 4/7/03: 4/17/03pB9
Pepin, Rene R., died 5/11/04: 5/20/04p7B
Percy, Gladys (Chase), died 5/9/04: 5/20/04p7B
Perkins, Charles E. Jr., died 3/7/03: 3/20/03pB10
Perkins, Donald A., died 1/4/00: 1/13/00pB7
Perkins, Henry O., died 5/16/04: 5/27/04p7B
Perkins, Hilda A., died 5/24/00: 6/1/00p26
Perkins, Jim, is the Employee of the Month: 12/13/01pB1
Perkins, Lloyd A., died 8/29/02: 9/5/02pB7
Perkins, Melvin Roy, died 2/6/05: 2/17/05p4B
Perkins, Walter V., died 12/25/02: 1/2/03pB8
Perko, August Andrea, died 8/4/04: 8/12/04p7B
Perreault, Maurice N., died 9/23/03: 10/2/03pB9
Perreault, Susan (Rainaud), died 10/25/02: 11/7/02pB10
Perron, Theodore J., 3/3/03: 3/13/03pB12
Perry, Charles E., died 11/1/00: 10/9/00pA7
Perry, Harry V., Jr., died 2/2/05: 2/10/05p6B
Perry, Mildred V., died 5/18/00: 5/25/00pB12
Perry, Thomas L., died 3/23/01: 3/29/01pB8
Peters, Derek, is Employee of the Month: 11/15/01pB1
Peterson, Donald, died 11/10/01: 11/29/01pB6
Peterson, Jason E., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7
Petit, Madeleine, died 5/31/00: 6/8/00pB11
Pheaant, David J. N., died 1/28/05: 2/10/05p6B
Philbrick, Charles Jr., died 1/31/04: 2/12/04pB10
Philbrick, John K., died 5/24/04: 6/3/04p7B
Phillips, Dorothy died 2/25/04: 3/4/04p10B
Phillips, Marie A. (Huff), died 5/16/04: 5/27/04p7B
Phillips, Roger V., died 19/12/02: 11/21/02pB10
Phoenix, Ken, is City Employee of the Month: 11/14/02pB7
Picard, Elise, is honor society inductee: 3/15/01pB5
Pierce, Carl H. Jr., died 4/14/02: 4/18/02pB10
Pierce, Clyde E., died 5/6/04: 5/13/04p7B
Pierce, Margaret (Wright), died 6/24/03: 7/3/03pB12
Pierog, Ronald G., died 9/11/02: 9/19/02pB10
Pike, Mary D., died 9/17/01: 9/27/01pB5
Pilotte, Henri J., died 5/31/04: 6/10/04p7B
Pimental, Arthur, died 8/16/00: 8/24/00pB10
Pimentel, Kristina Theresa, died 6/15/05: 6/23/05pB6
Pinard, William N., died 1/25/02: 2/7/02pB6
Piro, Stephanie, cartoonist, goes national: 1/20/00p1
Piro, Stephanie, honored in New England contest: 2/13/03pA1
Plaisted, Robert J., died 2/9/05: 2/17/05p4B
Plante, Louis Joseph, died 4/5/05: 4/14/05p6B
Plotkin, Joan (Estes), died 9/12/04: 9/16/04p7B
Plourde, Jacqueline (Emond), died 11/18/04: 11/25/04p7B
Poisson, George Norman, died 6/15/03: 6/26/03pB9
Pollard, Richard L., died 12/27/02: 1/2/03pB8
Polychronis, Peter, died 8/22/04: 8/26/04p6B
Pomroy, William, died 4/22/03: 5/8/03pB9
Poore, Robert Harvey, died 2/12/04: 2/19/04pB8
Post, Cindy (Smith), died 11/25/03: 12/4/03pB9
Potvin, Dorothy (Hartford), died 2/13/05: 2/24/05p7B
Potvin, Jeanne F., died 4/6/02: 4/18/02pB10
Potvin, Verna (Ripley), died 6/29/04: 7/8/04p7B
Poulin, David Lee, died 2/12/05: 2/17/05p5B
Poulin, Lena (Desaulnier), died 1/4/05: 1/13/05p7B
Poulin, Louise, died 7/6/00: 7/13/00pB12
Pouliot, Jean Paul Sr., died 4/22/03: 5/8/03pB9
Poussard, Linda M., died 6/21/03: 7/3/03pB9
Powell, Bill, to be feted by E. Rochester church: 8/22/02pA1
Prado, Lawrence L., died 1/5/04: 1/15/04pA8
Pratt, Harvey H, Jr., died 5/19/05: 5/29/03pB9
Pray, George E., died 11/14/03: 11/27/03pB12
Prescott, Claire (Murphy), died 3/19/05: 4/7/05p6B
Prescott, Mary (Termini), died 2/15/05: 2/24/05p8B
Price, Raymond W., died 5/31/02: 6/6/02pB6
Price, Shirley (Smith), died 9/17/02: 10/3/02pB10
Prime, Florence (Longmire), died 7/2/03: 7/10/03pB10
Printy, Gerine M., died 5/17/00: 5/18/00pB3
Proulx, Elozabeth (Marsh), died 8/18/04: 8/26/04p6B
Proulx, Ephrem H., died 1/23/00: 1/27/00pB4
Proulx, Leo, died 8/25/02: 9/5/02pB7
Provencal, Theresa (Routhier), died 9/1/03: 9/11/03pB9
Pugh, Rachel D., died 12/04/00: 12/14/00pB6
Pugh, Rachel, celebrates 94th birthday: 3/9/00pB1
Purington, Evan J., died 8/22/04: 9/2/04p5B
Purington, Richard B. Jr., died 4/11/03: 4/17/03pB9
Purrington, Olive L., died 3/20/00: 3/23/00p7

Quinn, George Eliot Bertwell, died 10/26/04: 11/4/04p7B
Quinn, George N., died 3/16/02: 3/21/02pB10
Quirion, Norman A., died 4/20/02: 4/25/02pB10

Raab, Edgar F., died 9/10/02: 9/19/02pB10
Raasumaa, John, died 4/23/05: 4/28/05p7B
Rabb, Arthur S., died 10/19/04: 10/28/04p7B
Radloff, Gaye (Bronson), died 2/2/03: 2/13/03pB10
Raiche, Stephen M., died 9/4/02: 9/12/02pB10
Ramsdell, Pauline (Glidden), died 3/18/02: 3/28/02pB10
Ramsey, June T., died 4/25/00: 5/4/00pB12
Ramsey, Lawrence A., died 6/23/04: 7/1/04p7B
Ramsey, Terry P., died 5/13/02: 5/23/02pB6
Ranagan, Warren F., died 4/24/04: 5/6/04p7B
Rand, Charles E., died 9/?/03: 9/18/03pB10
Randall, Roger Miles Sr., died 2/28/03: 3/13/03pB10
Randall, Thomas Raymond, died 4/28/05: 5/5/08p6B
Randall, Timothy J., died 11/5/04: 11/11/04p7B
Randlett, Marguerite (Gerry), died 3/19/02: 3/28/02pB10
Raney, Clarence., died 1/12/05: 1/20/05p4B
Rasch, Frederick V. Jr., died 5/25/03: 6/5/03pB10
Rautio, Lucille Newell), died 1/24/05: 2/3/05p6B
Reed Sr., Eugene L., died 4/11/00: 4/20/00pB4
Reed, Ann B., died 6/2/00: 6/8/00pB11
Reed, Yvonne G., died 5/15/02: 5/30/02pB7
Reid, M&M Thomas, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/5/01pA12
Reinholz, Loring, died 2/7/00: 2/17/00p23
Rennebu, David J., died 5/8/03: 5/22/03pB9
Reynolds, Kenneth A., died 12/6/01: 12/20/01pB5
Reynolds, Meg, places as DAR Good Citizen: 12/19/02pA2
RHS Class of 1915 holds reunion: 6/29/00pB7
RHS Class of 1929 holds reunion: 8/31/00pA7;8/23/01pA7
RHS Classes 1935-39 hold reunion: 10/10/02pA4
RHS/SHS Alumni Association: See SRAA
RHS: Short history of Rochester High Schools: 9/5/02pB8
Rhuland, Brian D., died 2/21/02: 2/28/02pB4
Richard, Ellen (Lovett), died 1/25/05: 2/3/05p5B
Richard, Robert J., died 4/18/05: 4/28/05p6B
Richardson, B. June, died 12/15/00: 12/21/00pB8
Richardson, James A., died 5/16/00: 5/25/00pB12
Richardson, Marie (Morin), died 2/3/04: 2/12/04pB9
Ricker, Pauline H., died 12/3/01: 12/13/01pB6
Ridley, Charlotte I., died 12/14/00: 12/21/00pB8
Rigazio, John, is Citizen of the Year: 2/13/03pA1
Riley, Earle P., died 5/8/01: 5/17/01pB6
Riley, Pamela G., died 7/5/00: 7/13/00pB12
Rivard, Arthur J., died 6/5/00: 6/15/00pB6
Roach, George Jr., died 12/28/04: 1/13/05p7B
Roberge, Alice, (Turgeon), died 5/10/04: 5/20/04p7B
Roberge, Gerard J., died 3/7/04: 3/11/04p7B
Roberge, Rob, family missionaries to Kenya: 2/3/00p1
Roberts, Bruce, saves E. Rochester Library: 7/15/04p1
Roberts, Horace W., 3/3/03: 3/13/03pB12
Roberts, Lillian E., died 12/23/00: 12/29/00pB8
Roberts, Myrtle I., died 11/10/01: 11/22/01pB6
Roberts, Theodore W., died 4/28/02: 5/2/02pB12
Roberts, Thomas J. S., died 9/9/03: 9/18/03pB9
Roberts, Virginia A., died 5/2/00: 5/11/00pB10
Robinson, Adrienne V., died 5/10/00: 5/18/00pB3
Robinson, Delores M., died 3/2/01: 3/8/01pB7
Robinson, Gordon E., died 12/31/01: 1/10/02pB12
Robinson, Stephen J. Jr., died 1/2305: 1/13/05p6B
Robinson, Stephen J., died 6/7/05: 6/16/05pB6
Rodrigue, Gerard G., died 10/28/02: 11/7/02pB10
Rogers, Alvina M., died 5/28/00: 6/8/00pB11
Rogers, Dorothy T., died 2/9/02: 2/21/02pB6
Rogers, Eileen R., died 5/18/01: 5/31/01pB3
Rogers, Leo D., died 1/25/04: 2/5/04pB8
Rogers, Tom, is Teacher of the Year: 7/29/00p6B
Rollins, Gloria (Hardy), died 6/8/03: 6/19/03pB9
Rollins, Joyce E., died 5/5/02: 5/9/02pB10
Ronayne, Constance (Polk) died 7/13/04: 7/22/04p7B
Ronayne, Emmett F., died 11/4/01: 11/15/01pB5
Ronayne, Evelyn H., died 12/26/00: 1/5/01pB4
Ronnquist, Carl H., died 11/7/02: 11/14/02pB10
Roseberry, Jacqueline T., died 3/30/02: 04/11/02pB10
Ross Sr., John M., died 11/13/00: 11/23/00pB6
Ross, Marjorie A., died 1/12/02: 1/24/02pB6
Rossi, John P., died 2/6/05: 2/17/05p4B
Rossley, Richard A., died 10/27/04: 11/4/04p10B
Rotary: 75th anniversary review: 8/24/00pB6
Rotondo, Alfred, died 12/25/02: 1/9/03pB8
Rouillard, Francis E., died 6/29/01: 7/12/01pB3
Roulx, Adrien, died 2/13/00: 2/17/00p23
Rousell, Rosemary L., died 2/24/05: 3/10/05p10B
Rousseau, Anna M., died 3/5/02: 3/14/02pB9
Roussell, Robert E., died 8/9/03: 8/14/03pB12
Routhier, Dorothy (Blaisdell), died 10/31/03: 11/13/03pB9
Routhier, M&M Roland, celebrate almost 60th anniversary: 2/10/00p2
Rowell, E. Richard, died 4/1/04: 4/8/04p7B
Roy Jr., Wilfred T., died 8/19/00: 8/24/00pB10
Roy, Alice R., died 10/26/00: 11/2/00pB10
Roy, Armand J., died 6/12/03: 6/19/03pB10
Roy, Charles, died 11/22/01: 11/29/01p14
Roy, Germaine (Lajoie), died 1/31/05: 2/10/05p6B
Roy, Margaret E., died 4/3/02: 04/11/02pB12
Royce, Zelma (Gray), died 4/10/03: 4/17/03pB9
Ruel, Roland, died 6/?/04: 6/10/04p7B3
Ruggles, Lloyd C., died 8/8/03: 8/21/03pB8
Rumazza, Orestes L., died 4/21/02: 5/2/02pB10
Runions, Betty Lou, died 3/10/01: 3/15/01pB6
Ruths, Donald A., died 10/21/02: 10/31/02pB10
Ruths, Nancy (Beede), died 11/28/03: 12/11/03pB8
Ryan-Caroll, Mary, died 6/14/04: 624/04p7B

Sallinski, Evaline, died 6/4/02: 6/13/02pB10
Samia, Elizabeth (Ferris), died 3/17/04: 3/25/04p6B
Sanborn, Joseph F., died 12/18/03: 12/1/8/03pB10
Sanborn, Norman, is new fire chief: 1/27/05p1A
Sanborn, Winfield S. III, died 7/6/03: 7/10/03pB10
Sanders, Dan H., died 8/19/02: 8/29/02pB10
Sanford, Joseph S., died 5/3/05: 5/12/05pB6
Sanford, Leonard M., died 6/25/03: 7/3/03pB9
Sansone, Dorothy L., died 7/5/00: 7/13/00pB12
Sargent, George W., died 8/27/00: 9/7/00pB12
Sarvary, Louis, died 11/15/03: 11/27/03pB9
Sassi, Angelo, died 1/17/04: 1/22/04pB8
Sassi, Simone (Theberge), died 5/26/04: 6/3/04p7B
Saucier, Marie (Lauze), died 12/28/02: 1/9/03pB8
Saucier, Ruth (Crisp), died 3/30/04: 4/8/04p7B
Savasta, Richard Angelo, died 2/20/04: 2/26/04p5B
Savoie, Cecile M., died 7/24/01: 8/2/01pB2
Savoie, Maurice M., died 1/25/05: 5/19/05pB8
Scahill, Annaliese (Haggenmiller), died 12/19/03: 1/1/04pB8
Scheffer, Constance (Hall), died 10/22/04: 11/4/04p7B
Schneidler, Jennifer G., died 3/25/04: 4/1/04p7B
Scott, Cindy, is Head Librarian: 11/16/00pA9
Scott, Cindy, to leave Rochester Library: 1/10/02p1
Scott, Lucienne A., died 4/4/02: 4/18/02pB10
Scott, Nathan L., died 8/17/04: 8/26/04p6B
Scott, Ronald J., died 11/10/01: 11/22/01pB6
Scott, Vincent T., died 4/22/04: 4/29/04p10B
Scranton, Elizabeth (LaFountain), died 2/17/05: 2/24/05p8B
Scruton, John, to attend Leadership NH Class of =01: 9/7/00pB5
Seamans, Katherine (Brewer), died 9/17/02: 10/3/02pB10
Seanoa, Loriann (Webber), died 11/5/04: 11/11/04p7B
Sears, Joseph A., died 4/30/04: 5/6/04p7B
Seavey, Deborah (Woodward), died 6/21/05: 6/30/05pB6
Seavey, Lucille (Raab), died 10/24/04: 11/4/04p7B
Secord, Robert B., died 10/15/01: 10/25/01pB16
Seifert, Molly (Katz), died 1/10/05: 1/20/05p4B
Seifert, Oscar E., died 5/6/03: 5/15/03pB9
Sellers, Marie (LaBrack), died 5/25/05: 6/2/05pB6
Semco, Stanley A. Sr., died 1/24/02: 1/31/02pB6
Sewell, Graham H., died 10/7/03: 10/16/03pB9
Seymour, Carole (Eldridge), died 11/11/03: 11/27/03pB9
Shackford. Joseph A., died 5/26/05: 5/29/03pB9
Shafer, Dorothea (Farnum), died 6/17/04: 7/15/04p7B
Shafer, Katherine J., died 1/29/00: 2/3/00p7
Shannon, Ann (Cole), died 4/7/02: 4/18/02pB10
Shapiro, George A., died 1/31/03: 2/13/03pB9
Shaw, Elaine M., died 11/12/00: 11/23/00pB6
Shaw, Isabella (Ricard), died 1/22/05: 1/27/05p7B
Shea, Kelly, died 4/10/03: 4/24/03pB9
Sheehy, Patrick O., died 1/23/01: 2/8/01pB4
Shelden, Alvin P., died 1/8/04: 1/22/04pB7
Sherburne, Flora B., died 6/1/01: 6/7/01pB3
Sherwood, Dorothy (Pettigrew), died 10/2/04: 10/7/04p12B
Sherwood, Norma B., died 5/17/02: 5/30/02pB7
Shevenell, Richard N., died 4/17/04: 4/29/04p7B
Silvia, David, is Employee of the Month: 3/20/03pB7
Simonsen, Mildred (Boney), died 6/8/04: 6/17/04p7B
Simpson Jr., Edward H. died 2/16/01: 2/22/01pB10
Sirois, Adam M., died 2/1/04: 2/12/04pB9
Sirois, Adam Maynard, died 2/6/04: 2/19/04pB7
Sirois, Rosella (Fox), died 7/6/03: 7/10/03pB10
Skaltsis, Michelle (Canney), died 3/18/04: 3/25/04p7B
Slattery, Contance (Steeves), died 4/4/04: 4/15/04p7B
Slattery, Sabina (Gurney), died 3/29/03: 4/10/03pB9
Smart, Neil David, died 11/22/02: 11/28/02pB11
Smart, Valmore Nevers, died 6/8/04: 6/17/04p10B
Smith, Alice (Swenson), died 6/2/05: 5/31/05pB6
Smith, Clifford B., died 11/7/02: 11/14/02pB10
Smith, Edward F., died 8/12/04: 8/26/04p6B
Smith, Gertrude (Ames), died 1/16/05: 1/27/05p6B
Smith, Grace, died 12/30/00: 1/5/01pB4
Smith, Helen (Corliss), died 4/21/04: 4/29/04p10B
Smith, James R., died 3/7/01: 3/15/01pB6
Smith, John J., died 5/3/03: 5/15/03pB9
Smith, Justin, died 9/15/03: 9/25/03pB9
Smith, Leo M., died 12/29/04: 1/6/05p7B
Smith, LeRoy, died 6/26/02: 7/4/02pB7
Smith, Lucena H., died 10/8/02: 10/17/02pB10
Smith, Lucena, celebrates 100th birthday: 8/22/02pA3
Smith, Norval, died 2/3/04: 2/12/04pB9
Smith, Richard A., died 1/23/04: 2/5/04pB7
Smith, Timothy Herbert, died 5/23/03: 6/5/03pB10
Smith. Lillian (Hoage), died 2/14/04: 2/19/04pB7
Smojice, Evelyn B., died 4/4/00: 4/13/00p32
Snow, Elmer F., died 12/27/01: 1/10/02pB5
Snow, Patrick R. Sr., died 10/21/04: 10/28/04p7B
Snow, Robert J., died 2/19/04: 2/26/04p6B
Snyder Jr., Paul C., died 2/23/01: 3/1/01p6
Soucy, Armand Joseph, died 9/12/04: 9/23/04p9B
Soucy, Edgar J., died 2/25/02: 3/7/02pB5
Soucy, Rene, died 12/16/04: 12/23/04p6B
Southmayd, Hazel (Holland?), died 8/22/04: 9/2/04p5B
Speake, John M., died 5/27/04: 6/3/04p7B
Spear, Barbara, enjoys "Goodbye" party: 3/9/00p3
Spinney, Ruth E., died 1/17/00: 1/20/00pB7
Spinney, Shirley (Scott), died 12/4/02 : 12/12/02pB10
Sprague, Elizabeth A., died 9/18/00: 9/28/00pB14
Sprague, Everett, died 10/9/03: 10/16/03pB12
Sprague, Kevin J., died 5/28/00: 6/8/00pB10
SRAA: Alumni Association formed: 12/14/00pA1
St. John's United Methodist Church, Overview of: 9/7/00pB10
St. Laurent, Jane A., died 2/27/03: 3/13/03pB12
St. Laurent, Paul J., died 12/24/00: 12/29/00pB8
St. Pierre, Cecile M., died 7/24/01: 8/2/01pB2
St. Pierre, Marc, is City Employee of the Month: 12/12/02pB6
St.Cyr, Albert R., died 9/9/01: 9/20/01pB6
Stafford, Hayward Earl, died 3/25/05: 3/31/05p6B
Stankiewicz, Bolish, died 10/13/00: 10/19/00pB11
Stanley, Eldred E., died 1/25/05: 2/3/05p5B
Stanley, Jeffrey A., died 5/22/02: 6/6/02pB6
Stanley, Job R., died 4/13/04: 4/22/04p7B
Stanley, Robert F. Sr., died 3/20/03: 4/3/03pB8
Stanton, Gordon P., died 3/2/02: 3/14/02pB10
Stanton, Phyllis. died 12/12/01: 12/20/01pB6
Staples, Cora (Caney), died 8/31/04: 9/9/04p7B
Staples, Evelyn F., died 9/11/00: 9/21/00pB14
Staples, John A., died 12/21/01: 1/3/02pB3
Stapley, Shirley (Gilman), died 5/7/03: 5/15/03pB10
Steere, Clark W., died 11/29/04: 12/9/04p7B
Stenhouse, Gary, leaves job as City manager: 5/2/02pA1
Stenhouse, Gary, to step down as Administrator?: 3/28/02pA1
Stepanik, Jaroslav, died 10/25/04: 11/4/04p10B
Stevens, Barbara J., died 10/12/02: 10/17/02pB10
Stevens, Gloria R., died 5/3/02: 5/16/02pB5
Stevens, Leslie A. Sr., died 5/7/03: 5/15/03pB9
Stevens, Theodore L., died 7/18/00: 7/27/00pB12
Stewart, Anita (Thibault), died 7/6/03: 7/17/03pB9
Stillings, Mildred E., died 1/17/01: 1/15/01pB8
Stillitta, Eric L., died 7/13/02: 7/18/02pB9
Stockford, Margaret (Bernard), died 2/14/03: 2/27/03pB12
Stockland, Stephen A., died 2/17/00: 2/24/00p25
Stokes, John M., died 8/5/03: 8/14/03pB9
Stone, Reginald H., died 1/10/02: 1/17/02pB6
Stout, Leona (Johnson), died 1/25/05: 2/3/05p6B
Stover, Fred L. II, died 4/1/05: 4/28/05p6B
Stover, Jay A., died 2/18/02: 2/28/02pB4
Stowe, Donald W., died 5/1/00: 5/4/00pB12
Stowell, Betty (Gallagher), died 6/6/04: 6/17/04p7B
Strachan, George Carol, died 2/6/04: 2/19/04pB8
Stuart, Patricia (Dexter), died 8/12/03: 8/21/03pB8
Sullivan, J. Michael, died 7/26/03: 8/7/03pB8
Sullivan, Robert A., died 12/21/02: 1/2/03pB8
Sutton, David, family honored: 4/10/03pB7
Suydam, George Robert, died 2/29/04: 3/11/04p7B
Swamp, Aiden, died 6/19/04: 7/1/04p7B
Sweeney, Evelyn (Mathis), died 4/24/05: 5/5/08p6B
Sylvain, Wilfred J., died 10/3/03: 10/9/03pB9
Sylvia, Victor J., died 2/22/00: 2/24/00p25

Taber, Theodore Earle, died 4/28/04: 5/13/04p7B
Taffe, Sr., Joseph L., died 4/25/00: 5/4/00pB12
Taggert, Virginia (Woodward), died 4/10/03: 4/17/03pB9
Tapscott, Eugene W., died 3/21/05: 4/7/05p7B
Tardiff, Joshua L., died 2/10/05: 2/17/05p5B
Taylor, Randy, died 8/20/01: 8/30/01pB7
Taylor, Samuel F., died 3/6/00: 3/9/00pB4
Taylor, William C., died 3/10/01: 3/15/01pB7
Tebbetts, Doris M., died 5/23/02: 5/30/02pB7
Teodorson, Dan H. R., died 4/25/03: 5/8/03pB9
Tessier, Albert J. Jr., died 3/21/05: 3/31/05p5B
Tetu, Orize (Baron), died 3/24/05: 3/31/05p5B
Thayer, Beulah, celebrates 90-year friendship: 8/15/02pA1
Therrien, Martin J., died 12/31/00: 1/11/01p6
Thibault, Joseph Edward, died 5/28/03: 6/5/03pB9
Thibault, Yvonne (Provencher), died 5/1/05: 5/12/05pB6
Thistle, Marguerite B., died 2/19/02: 2/28/02pB4
Thomas, Clarence (“Skip”) died 7/17/04: 7/22/04p7B
Thomas, Merriel J., died 12/30/01: 1/10/02pB5
Thomas, Ronald Parker, died 1/23/03: 1/30/03pB12
Thomas, Sameul E., died 5/13/05: 5/19/05pB8
Thompson, Dennis, died 6/12/04: 6/17/04p10B
Thompson, Edwin C., died 1/28/04: 2/12/04pB8
Thompson, Francis P. Jr., died 4/25/03: 5/1/03pB9
Thompson, Matilda (Esposito), died 4/11/04: 4/22/04p7B
Thurston, Michael Sr., died 1/7/03: 1/16/03pB12
Tibbetts, Eva M., died 3/1/02: 3/7/02pB6
Tibbetts, Gloria H., died 4/7/00: 4/13/00p33
Tilton, Richard Sr., died 9/16/04: 9/23/04p9B
Tobin, Michael A., died 8/16/04: 8/26/04p6B
Todd, Odella A., died 7/15/01: 7/2601pB4
Tompson, Vera E., died 9/19/00: 9/28/00pB14
Tone, Wesley W., died 8/5/03: 8/14/03pB9
Tornrose, Margaret A., died 11/18/02: 6/5/03pB9
Towle, Arlyne (Goodwin), died 3/19/03: 4/3/03pB8
Townsend, Dick, reigns as king of fireworks: 4/27/00pB15
Trafton, Michael H., died 6/3/04: 6/17/04p7B
Trask, Erma, celebrates 95th birthday: 9/28/00pB17
Trask, Richard H., died 3/27/04: 4/8/04p7B
Trask, Ruby (Gray), died 11/8/03: 11/20/03pB9
Treble, Geraldine B., died 4/13/02: 4/25/02pB10
Tremblay, Antoinette R., died 2/26/00: 3/9/00pB4
Tripp Sr., Earl L., died 8/30/00: 9/7/00pB12
Tripp, Earl L., died 6/2/01: 6/7/01pB3
Trudell, Winifred (McFarland), died 5/20/05: 6/2/05pB6
Trueworthy, Raymond E., died 5/30/02: 6/6/02pB6
Trull, Stanley A. Jr., died 5/3/04: 5/13/04p7B
Tucker, Lauretta M., died 211/01: 2/15/01pB7
Tucker, Ruth M., died 11/2/00: 10/9/00pA7
Turmelle, Elizabeth (Osgood), died 8/9/04: 8-19-04p7B
Turner, Duane, died 11/5/03: 11/13/03pB9
Turner, Frances, died 1/22/01: 2/1/01pB4
Turner, Raymond Edward, died 2/25/05: 3/10/05p7B
Turner, Robert K., died 12/25/02: 1/2/03pB8
Turner, Winifred (Pulsifer), died 11/24/04: 12/9/04p7B
Tuttle, Denise (Weeks), died 3/15/03: 3/27/03p12
Tuttle, Ruth A., died 9/2/01: 9/13/01pB5
Twitchell, W. Wendell, died 11/28/01: 12/6/01pB6

Umling, John, died 6/16/04: 624/04p7B
Vaas, Frances D., died 2/24/00: 3/9/00pB4
Vachon, Fred E., died 6/19/03: 7/3/03pB10
Vachon, Normand W., died 11/9/03: 11/13/03pB12
Vachon, Valmore R., died 11/21/01: 11/29/01pB6
Vallee, Donald R., died 4/21/02: 4/25/02pB10
Van Slyke, Leah, died 2/12/01: 2/22/01pB10
Vanasse, Doris (Tranz), died 3/20/04: 4/1/04p7B
Vanasse, Kathleen Ann, died 7/9/01: 7/19/01pB5
Varney, Alice (Michaud), died 10/19/02: 11/7/02pB10
Varney, Beatrice Blanchard, died 6/15/05: 6/23/05pB6
Varney, Burnham, died 7/12/04: 7/22/04p7B
Varney, Norma (Sicard), died 4/8/03: 4/17/03pB9
Vasquez, Bernard died 8/2/00: 8/10/00pB8
Vaudreuil, Jane (Rand), died 7/11/03: 7/17/03pB9
Veno, Marian, is Rochester Citizen of year: 2/10/00p1
Vezeau, Lucienne (Nadeau), died 12/9/04:12/16/04p7B
Vickery, M&M William, celebrate 50th anniversary: 9/28/00pB16
Vickery, William Dennett, died 5/30/04: 6/3/04p7B
Viel Jr., Rudolph, died 12/29/99: 1/6/00p17
Vilandry, June P., died 12/11/00: 12/29/00pB8
Vincent, Alan B., died 7/22/04: 8/5/04p5B
Vincent, Irene A., died 12/16/01: 12/27/01pB3
Vincent, Pauline (Littlefield), died 12/8/03: 12/1/8/03pB9
Von Fricken, Henry A., died 12/14/04: 12/23/04p6B
Voss, Gregory, died 6/21/04: 7/1/04p7B
Votour, Edith D., died 3/20/01: 3/29/01pB7

Wade, George E., died 1/4/05: 1/13/05p6B
Waitt, Elizabeth (Kleinberg), died 12/?/04: 1/6/05p6B
Walbridge Sr., Alvin S., died 6/9/00: 6/15/00pB6
Walbridge, Bertha, died 11/6/01: 11/15/01pB5
Waldron family donates 20 acres for park: 2/3/00pp1,3
Waldron, Louella M., died 1/15/02: 1/24/02pB6
Walker, Carrie (Ellis), died 1/7/05: 1/13/05p7B
Walker, David, elected Rochester mayor: 11/6/03pA1
Walker, Gisela (Schneider), died 2/15/03: 2/27/03pB10
Walker, Gladys (Skidds), died 5/12/05: 5/19/05pB8
Walker, Jean (MacArthur), died 5/12/05: 5/26/05pB8
Walker, Roger H., died 9/24/04: 9/30/04p7B
Wallace, Althea (Johnson), died 11/30/04: 12/9/04p7B
Wallace, William H., died 10/29/04: 11/11/04p7B
Wallingford, Harriet R., died 2/25/05: 3/10/05p10B
Wallingford, Theodore, died 8/30/03: 9/11/03pB8
Walsh, William L., died 7/11/03: 7/24/03pB7
Walton, Olive (Argraves), died 7/22/03: 7/31/03pB8
Warburton, Caroline (Bibeau), died 8/19/04: 8/26/04p6B
Warburton, Corey W., died 6/16/01: 6/28/01pB2
Ward, John A., died 4/7/04: 4/15/04p7B
Ward, Nancy (Branda), died 6/10/05: 6/16/05pB6
Ward, Richmond E. Jr., died 12/16/03: 12/25/03pB8
Ware, Arlene, died 3/18/00: 3/30/00pB4
Warner, Francis G., died 5/31/05: 6/2/05pB6
Warner, Shannon, earns GSA Gold Award: 12/5/02p1; 1/23/03pB7
Warren, Millie (Haines), died 7/28/02: 8/8/02pB9
Washok, Ben, feted for 35 years Rochester service: 9/20/01pB7
Waters, Kenneth E., died 9/16/03: 9/25/03pB9
Watkins, Andrew, earns BSA heroism award: 2/3/05p1A
Watson, Alice (Freeman), died 4/26/05: 5/5/08p6B
Watson, Fred P., died 8/11/02: 8/15/02pB10
Watts, Ann Marie, died 9/11/01: 9/20/01pB6
Weare, Mildred (Ellis), died 6/2/05: 6/16/05pB6
Weeks, Michael Jay, died 7/14/04: 7/29/04p7B, 8/5/04p5B
Weeman, Ethel (VonMalder), died 12/24/03: 1/1/04pB8
Weeman, Fred Harris, died 5/25/05: 6/2/05pB6
Weigman, Joseph B., earns Vaughan Award: 10/11/01pB16
Welch, Beverly Mae (Brady), died 11/20/01: 11/29/01pB6
Welch, Dorothy (Lavarnway), died 11/21/04: 12/2/04p7B
Welch, Elsa S., died 12/28/00: 1/5/01pB4
Welch, George A., died 3/26/00: 3/30/00pB4
Welch, Roland died 7/25/02: 8/1/02pB9
Welch, Rose A., died 10/29/00: 10/9/00pA7
Weller, Priscilla E., died 2/15/02: 2/28/02pB4
Wells, Lillian B., died 5/18/02: 5/30/02pB7
Welmer, Elvira, died 3/21/05: 3/31/05p5B
Wentworth, Carlton W., died 11/14/01: 11/29/01pB6
Wentworth, Clifton Edgar, died 1/16/04: 1/22/04pB8
Wentworth, Laurence Dean, died 6/26/05: 6/30/05pB6
Wertz, Anthony Thaddeus, died 4/18/04: 4/29/04p7B
Weymouth, Clayton W., died 1/12/00: 1/20/00pB5
Wheeler, Hylas R., died 7/19/04: 7/29/04p7B
Whelden, Roy Jr., died 9/7/03: 9/11/03pB8
White, Davida, died 7/6/04: 7/22/04p7B
White, George W., died 10/21/02: 10/31/02pB10
White, Gerald F. Sr., died 11/11/04: 11/18/04p7B
White, Jennifer, is City poet laureate: 2/3/05p1A
White, Katherine A., died 4/10/02: 4/18/02pB10
Whitehouse, Albert R., died 12/15/03: 12/25/03pB8
Whitehouse, Dorothy, died 8/2/01: 8/9/01pB16
Whitney, Evelyn B., died 5/8/00: 5/18/00pB3
Whitten, Dorothy (Dodier), died 8/30/04: 9/2/04p7B
Whynott, Ethel Patterson, died 7/4/04: 7/15/04p7B
Wiggin, Albert L., died 4/18/05: 4/28/05p6B
Wiggin, Earl A., died 11/23/02: 11/28/02pB10
Wiggin, Frederick L., died 11/21/01: 11/29/01pB6
Wiggin, Loretta, died 3/7/05: 3/17/05p4B
Wilcox, Mary (Duprey), died 6/1/04: 6/10/04p7B
Wilkenson, Helen (Webster), died 3/24/01: 3/29/01pB7
Willard, James H., died 7/21/02: 7/25/02pB9
Willey, Uldene (Bizzell), died 1/15/05: 1/20/05p4B
Williams, Earl T., died 3/14/01: 3/22/01pB5
Williams, Lindsay, earns golf congratulations: 1/16/03pA9
Williams, Mark, died 5/14/04: 5/20/04p7B
Williams, Melvin F., died 10/22/01: 11/1/01pB6
Williams, Walter B., died 6/8/00: 6/15/00pB6
Williams, Winter Nova, died 3/26/05: 4/7/05p6B
Williamson, John J., died 3/29/00: 4/6/00pB5
Williamson, Virginia (Tedford), died 6/9/02: 6/20/02pB7
Wilson, Carolyn L., died 11/4/01: 11/15/01pB5
Wilson, Charles F., died 4/?/04: 4/15/04p7B3
Wilson, Isabel (Campbell), died 12/29/04: 1/6/05p6B
Wilson, James M., died 12/8/02: 12/19/02pB10
Wilson, Lester A., died 2/25/05: 3/10/05p7B
Wilson, Louise M., died 10/8/00: 10/12/00pB8
Wilson, Marjorie M., died 12/29/00: 1/5/01pB4
Winship, Lorenzo, died 6/27/02: 7/4/02pB7
Winship, Ramy (Reyes), died 1/16/05: 1/27/05p6B
Winship, Vernon E., died 2/18/04: 2/26/04p5B
Wintje, Kim, to exhibit in Boston gallery: 7/6/00pA4
Wisniewski, Alice (Thibodeau): died 9/13/03: 9/25/03pB9
Witham, Paul H., died 9/26/04: 10/7/04p9B
Witham, Robert R., died 2/28/02: 3/7/02pB5
Witherell, Mary (Mitchell), died 5/12/03: 5/22/03pB9
Wondal, Antonia, died 7/19/02: 8/1/02pB9
Wood, Evelyn R., died 11/20/01: 11/29/01pB6
Wood, George H., died 4/4/00: 4/13/00p32
Wood, James A., died 3/23/05: 3/31/05p6B
Wood, John R, died 11/18/04: 11/25/04p7B
Woodard, Amos W., died 1/26/02: 1/31/02pB7
Woodbury, Maude F., died 1/24/04: 2/5/04pB7
Woodes, Robert Clifton Jr., died 5/15/04: 5/20/04p7B
Woodill, Beatrice (Beliveau), died 10/15/04: 10/21/04p7B
Woodman, Arline (Bessey), died 3/1/02: 4/18/02pB10
Woodman, Arline L., died 3/1/02: 3/7/02pB7
Woods, Irene, died 2/28/04: 3/11/04p7B
Woods, Shirley C., died 9/15/00: 9/21/00pB14
Woodside, Bernice (Terhune), died 3/13/02: 3/21/02pB9
Woodsome, Herman R., died 6/5/03: 6/12/03pB12
Wormald, Evelyn (Bergeron), died 8/14/02: 8/22/02pB10
Worster, Carl Sr., died 9/20/02: 9/26/02pB10
Worster, Harland S., died 5/16/02: 6/6/02pB6
Worster, Robert Y., died 6/20/04: 7/1/04p7B
Wozmak, Albert E., died 2/9/04: 2/19/04pB7
Wyndham, Winnifred P., died 12/9/01: 12/20/01pB5

Yates, Albina L., died 4/26/03: 5/1/03pB9
Yeagley, Raymond, is NH School Superintendent of the Year: 12/29/00pA1
Young, Andrew A., died 4/24/01: 5/3/01pB6
Young, Carol (Hurrinus), died 8/2/03: 8/7/03pB9
Young, George A., died 12/30/04: 1/6/05p6B
Young, Ivory H., died 8/21/00: 8/31/00pB8
Young, Ralph, died 11/17/01: 11/29/01pB6

Zakszewska, John, designs Opera House web page: 2/8/01pA1
Zakszewska, John, died 5/13/05: 5/19/05pB8
Zinck, Stanley R., died 12/2/03: 12/11/03pB9
Zsigray, Michael W., died 4/21/03: 5/8/03pB9
Zuromskis, Etta M., died 1/7/02: 1/17/02pB6


1.   This Cocheco River history starts in the issue of 4/11/02 and is continued in the ensuing four issues.  It is also available in the Reference Department at the Rochester Public Library in booklet form.

2.   These articles are in a separate book titled Rochester Has Many Architectural Jewels at the Rochester Public Library.  The librarian at the desk can obtain it for you.

3.   There is no date of death in the obituary.


Architecture, History of City’s2
Cocheco River Watershed, History of: 4/11/02pA11
East Rochester Library is 117 years old: 10/23/03p1
East Rochester Library saved: 7/15/04p1
East Rochester Library to close: 6/24/04p1
Encore Shoe building revitalization plan: 11/27/03pA1
Library votes in union: 7/12/01pA3
Library, Cindy Scott to leave: 1/10/02p1
Library, John M. Fuchs to head: 10/24/02pA1
Lilac City?, Who originated: 12/23/04p1
Middle School additions under way: 04/11/02pA3
Opera House gets $20,000 boost: 7/24/03p1
Riverwalk, Options revealed for Cocheco: 4/7/05p1
Schools:  See “Organizations” category
Squamnagonic woodland examined by City: 3/14/02pA1
Street names added, Thirty new: 3/14/02pA1

Arts Rochester merges with Rochester Creative Arts Center: 1/2/03pA1
Emblem Club honors 15 past presidents: 5/2/02pA4
Girl Scouts receive Roch. Fair awards: 10/11/01pA4
George & Ed’s Market changes hands: 5/5/05p1
Granite State Camp #5 gets charter: 8/2/01pA6
K of C celebrates 80th birthday: 11/30/00pA9
K of C honored by State Council: 3/28pA5
Opera House launches web page: 2/8/01pA1
RHS Class of 1915 holds reunion: 6/29/00pB7
RHS Class of 1929 holds reunion: 8/31/00pA7;8/23/01pA7
RHS Class of 1934 holds reunion: 6/26/03pA4
RHS Classes 1935-39 hold reunion: 10/10/02pA4
RHS/SHS Alumni Association: See SRAA
RHS: Short history of Rochester High Schools: 9/5/02pB8
Rochester Creative Arts Center merges with Arts Rochester: 1/2/03pA1
Rochester Fair prize winners: 9/26/02pA10
Rochester Grange celebrates 125th anniversary: 5/30/02pA1
Rotary: 75th anniversary review: 8/24/00pB6
SHS Class of 1941 holds reunion: 10/19/00pA7
SHS Class of 1945 holds reunion: 10/16/03pA4
SHS Class of 1946 holds reunion: 7/5/01pA7
SHS Class of 1947 holds reunion: 10/24/02pA4
SHS Class of 1949 holds reunion: 10/7/04p9A
SHS Class of 1951 holds reunion: 9/13/01pB4
SHS Class of 1952 holds reunion: 10/3/02pA4
SHS Class of 1953 holds reunion: 10/30/03pB6
SHS Class of 1954 holds reunion: 7/1/04p4A
SHS Class of 1958 holds reunion: 7/31/03pB12
SHS ROTC serves as role model: 12/14/00pA1
SHS Ten top scholars of the year 5/30/02pA10
SHS/RHS Alumni Association: See SRAA
SHS: Short history of Rochester High Schools: 9/5/02pB8
SRAA: Alumni Association formed: 12/14/00pA1
St. John's United Methodist Church, Overview of: 9/7/00pB10
Your VNA celebrates 90th year: 11/27/03pA1