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Rochester Times Index 1993-1999

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     This is an index to the "Rochester Times". It contains entries for issues from January 1993 through 1999. Earlier and later issues appear in separate indices. These listings are for the towns of Barrington, Farmington, Gonic, Milton, New Durham and Rochester.

     Concerning obituaries: Often a female is listed with no middle name or initial, but with her maiden name in parentheses. In order to distinguish between women with the same first and last name, when the maiden name is given, its first letter is inserted as a middle initial in the listing. When seeking a married female, be sure to check for "Mrs." after the last name. Some articles do not list a woman's first name.
The following notes help indicate the location of items that are included in an area column:
B: Barrington
BL: Bow Lake
CP: Crown Point
ER: East Rochester
F: Farmington
G: Gonic
GH: Green Hill
M: Milton
MB: Meaderboro
MM: Milton Mills
N: New Durham
NB: North Barrington
NR: North Rochester
OB: Olde Barrington
OD: Old Dover Road
S: Somersworth
T: Ten Rod Road
W: West Milton
The following abbreviations are used in these listings:
C/C -- Chamber of Commerce
CU -- Credit Union
HRH -- Holy Rosary High School
HS -- High School
M&M -- Mr. and Mrs.
MS -- Middle School
NE -- New England
NH -- New Hampshire
RHS -- Rochester High School (now SHS)
SC -- Strafford County
SHS -- Spaulding High School
UNH -- University of New Hampshire
VNA -- Visiting Nurse Association


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Abbott, Grace A., died 8/22/94: 8/25/94p33

Adabahr, Louis, ties his own fishing flies: 3/26/98p1

Adams, Doris L., died 3/22/98: 3/26/98p27

Adams, Joseph H., died 5/7/96: 5/9/96p30

Adams, Madeline G., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p19

Adams Sr., Peter H., died 9/6/96: 9/12/96p22

Adjutant, Helen P., died 2/20/94: 2/23/94p23

Adjutant, Richard L., died 3/12/94: 3/17/94p23

Albert, Russ, vies for State Senate seat: 9/3/98p1

Albert, Russell, censured by School Board: 8/20/98p1

Aldrich, Stanley C., died 7/7/97: 7/10/97p29

Aldrich, Ward C., died 8/26/94: 9/1/94p31

Allaire, Greg D., died 8/12/96: 8/22/96p26

Allaire, Rose A., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p19

Allard, Antoinette M., died 8/14/97: 8/21/97p27

Allard, Leopold J., died 5/3/95: 5/11/95p38

Allen, Edward A., died 9/2/99: 9/9/99p28

Allen, Eliza B., died 7/25/98: 7/30/98p27

Allen, George, resigns as Opera House chairman: 6/11/98p1

Allen, Ivory L., died 2/1/96: 2/8/96p34

Allen, Marilyn J., died 7/17/98: 7/23/98p27

Allen, Michael, graduates the FBI Nat'l Academy: 5/1/97p2

Allen, Ruth E., died 7/28/95: 8/3/95p30

Allyn, Ashley, summers as US Senate page: 8/14/97p18

Ambrose, Edna V., died 1/18/94: 1/26/94p17

Amero, John, is City inventor: 4/25/96p1

Andersen, Peter, enters World Orienteering meet in Oslo: 7/31/97

Anderson, Harold O., died 12/17/99: 12/30/99p18

Anderson, Kenneth S., died 11/11/98: 11/19/98p26

Andreasson, Gertrude E., died 7/14/98: 7/23/98p27

Andrews, Virginia N., died 2/3/97: 3/20/97p23

Appleby, Ethel M., died 6/26/95: 7/6/95p28

Appleby, Laura A., died 5/14/95: 5/18/95p33

Archambault, Claire B., died 3/19/94: 3/24/94p30

Arlin Jr., Norman, died 5/22/96 : 5/30/96p38

Arnold, Jane, paints mural on DHHS building: 8/27/98p15

Arnold, Jane, places second in Durham art show: 2/4/99p10

Arnold, Roger M., died 9/6/97: 9/18/97p28

Asbell, Mary Lou, new director of Dover Rehab & Living Center: 5/22/97p15

Atwood Jr., Walter C., died 3/17/99: 3/25/99p36

Auger, Daniel, is new Rochester Police Chief: 1/18/96p3

Auger, Louis J., died 1/9/95: 1/19/95p26

Auger, PD Chief Dan, is City's Employee of the Month: 6/13/96

Auger, Philip, honored by Society of American Foresters: 4/16/98p17

Autotte, Laurent V., died 1/10/94: 1/19/94p19

Averill, Doris M., died 2/28/96: 3/7/96p30

Averill, Elsie M., died 3/2/98: 3/12/98p27

Averill, Sandra, volunteer of year at Maple St. School: 7/24/97p11

Averill, Stephen P., died 4/30/99: 5/6/99p38

Avery, Lydia S., died 2/25/99: 3/4/99p28

Ayer, Loren C., died 11/15/97: 11/20/97p34

Babb, Mabel E., died 1/16/94: 1/26/94p17

Bachand, Leo J., died 2/16/95: 2/23/95p30

Bachand, Mabel, makes, donates 20 quilts for babies: 7/24/97p28

Bacon, Bertha B., died 11/4/99: 11/11/99p33

Bagg, John W., died 9/6/94: 9/15/94p26

Bagley, Pauline R., died 7/20/96: 7/25/96p26

Bailey, Richard, hiking Appalachian Trail: 8/6/98p1

Bailey, Sarah, wins Roch. Fair poster contest: 3/30/95p12

Bailey, Walter L., died 2/14/97: 2/27/97p30

Baker, Anita L., died 1/27/96: 2/8/96p34

Baker, Mary H., died 12/12/95: 12/21/95p29

Baker, Oscar, died 3/3/97: 6/26/97p27

Baker, Sonia G., died 3/21/98: 3/26/98p27

Baker. George O., died 5/30/94: 6/2/94p23

Balcom, Sara E., died 3/27/97: 4/3/97p20(RT)

Bald, George, City's Economic Development Director, leaves: 7/28/94p1

Bald, George, is Business Leader of the Year: 2/13/97p1

Balint, Jamie, new Roch. police officer: 8/7/97p2

Ballou, Lawrence F., died 2/21/99: 2/25/99p29

Ballou, Myrtle, died 10/19/97: 10/23/97p35

Balzarini, Marie, died 9/30/96: 10/17/96p23

Bamford, Sebastian D., died 6/6/98: 6/11/98p31

Banks, Virginia, earns Outstanding Volunteer Award: 5/14/98p7

Barber, Geraldine, died 12/30/97: 1/15/98p26

Barcomb, Al (Doc), feted on 90th birthday: 12/18p5

Barcomb, Doc, honored by Kiwanis Club: 11/3/93p3

Barcomb, Dr. Albert, celebrates his 92nd birthday: 3/26/98p6

Barcombe, Albert E., died 1/20/99: 1/28/99p23

Barisano, Ursule, died 1/1/97: 1/9/97p26

Barker, Fred R., died 11/11/99: 11/18/99p25

Barnes III, John H., died 9/24/96: 10/3/96p26

Barnes, Tami, is City's Employee of the Month: 1/18/96p15

Barney Jr., Joseph T., died 2/20/94: 2/23/94p23

Barrett, Charles W., died 10/24/99: 10/28/99p32

Barth, Dr. Robert, honored at retirement reception: 9/25/97p21

Beach, Charles, inducted into Rochester Sports Hall of Fame: 5/7/98p19

Beals, Marie R., died 8/10/99: 8/19/99p21

Bean, Patricia R., died 2/6/99: 2/11/99p27

Bean, Rita T., died 10/23/98: 10/29/98p30

Beasley, Helen E., died 10/5/99: 10/14/99p33

Beauchemin, Peter, founds new ministry: 12/26/96p5

Beaudoin, Germaine A., died 8/20/99: 8/26/99p25

Beaudoin, Leo A., died 11/1/98: 11/12/98p26

Beaudoin, Roger, earns Presidential award: 6/9/93p24

Beaudoin, Sharon A., died 12/28/99: 1/14/99p27

Beaudoin, Yvonne B., died 1/20/97: 1/30/97p31

Beaulieu, Edgar H., died 3/24/97: 4/3/97p20(RT)

Beauregard, Bernadette A., dies 7/6/98: 7/16/98p23

Beauregard, Raymond L., died 3/13/97: 3/20/97p30

Bedard, Paul R., died 3/29/99: 4/1/99p42

Bedard, Raynold E., died 1/18/98: 1/22/98p27

Bedell, Foster D., died 6/3/94: 6/9/94p27

Begin, Georgianna, died 9/5/97: 9/11/97p31

Belair, Rene, died 1/20/94: 1/26/94p17

Belanger, Arthur, died 4/23/94: 4/28/94p23

Belanger, Riobert J., died 6/14/96: 6/20/96p29

Bellen, Harry E., died 8/3/95: 8/10/95p38

Belleville, Juliette, died 8/7/96: 8/15/96p27

Belliveau, Estelle Y., died 5/14/94: 5/19/94p31

Beloin, Cheryl A., died 12/19/99: 12/23/99p22

Belville, Estelle A., died 2/4/95: 2/9/95p28

Bennett, Evelyn L., died 4/13/97: 4/17/97p29

Bennett, Gordon, makes short wave Bosnia friend: 6/30/94p1

Benson, Erick, serves as page in State Senate: 6/4/98p12

Berg, Betty C., died 9/9/96: 9/26/96p34

Bergeron, Lin, is new President of C/C: 2/11/99p7

Berkoski, Richard, carves canes and birds: 7/9/98p1

Bernier, Harvey and Karen, earn Community Service Award: 5/14/98p13

Bernier, Harvey, posts reward for missing canoe: v5/21/98p1

Bernier Sr., Harvey E., died 12/21/98" 12/24/98p23

Berrio, John J., died 10/4/97: 10/9/97p30

Berrio, John J., honored by Rochester Public Library: 1/22/98p1

Berrio, John, refuses to have poem published by Ann Landers: 1/25/96p1

Berry, Don, relives encounter with UFO: 3/27/97p1

Berry, Elaine, retiring after 34 years in education: 5/27/99p5

Berry, Eloise A., died 11/29/96: 12/5/96p31

Berry, Howard S., died 2/10/98: 2/19/98p34

Berry, Jason M., died 6/21/98: 6/28/98p27

Berry, Leonard F., died 2/20/94: 2/23/94p23

Berry, Marilyn, hosts her last MDA Telethon: 9/4/97p11,p15

Berry, Mark, and Ann Jenness are wed 10/22/94: 2/9/95p6

Berry, Rosamond C., died 1/10/94: 1/19/94p19

Berry Sr., Elmer N., died 9/27/99: 9/30/99p38

Berry, Thomas, has sign stolen: 7/23/98p15

Berube, Norma B., died 9/3/98: 9/10/98p22

Betts, George R., died 11/10/94: 11/17/94p36

Biancavilla, Anita M., died 8/20/88: 8/26/99p25

Bibeau, Mary L., died 2/6/99: 2/11/99p27

Bickford, Alan T., died 6/7/98: 6/11/98p31

Bickford, Bernice G., died 5/19/94: 5/26/94p26

Bickford, Bruce L., died 11/30/98: 12/3/98p26

Bickford, Doris H., died 3/26/95: 4/6/95p41

Bickford, Helen F., died 4/20/99: 4/29/99p29

Bickford, Vera H., died 1/2/96: 1/4/96p23

Bigelow, Sarah, died 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27

Bigelow, Sarah W., 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Bilodeau, Dennis J., died 8/15/98: 8/20/98p27

Bisbee, Marie, named Roch. Employee of Month: 10/15/98p6

Black, Adea, celebrates 90th birthday: 6/20/96p3

Blair II, Ted, honored by creation of park: 11/21/96p1

Blair, Pauline, died 9/26/95: 10/5/96p35

Blair, Ruth I., died 2/5/98: 2/12/98p26

Blair, Ted, is City's new Police Chief: 1/12/95p1

Blair, Ted, to undergo surgery:: 7/13/95p1

Blair, Theodore, died 10/16/95: 10/19/95p1,p33

Blaisdell, Albert R., died 5/30/94: 6/2/94p23

Blaisdell, John D., died 5/24/97: 5/29/97p31

Blaisdell, John W., died 10/3/94: 10/6/94p34

Blaisdell, June E., died 12/23/95: 12/28/95p23

Blaisdell, Nathaniel E., died 2/15/97: 2/27/97p30

Blanchette, Alfred, died 10/18/96: 10/24/96p31

Blaney, Jeannette M., died 12/22/94: 12/29/94p29

Blodgett, Glendon E., died 3/15/97: 3/27/97p25

Blodgett, Phyllis M., died 1/9/99: 1/21/99p19

Blouin, Noreen E., died 8/1/96: 8/8/96p30

Boardman, Virginia, doed 10/7/96: 10/10/96p31

Bocchino, Louis J., died 2/20/97: 2/27/97p30

Bodreau, Gary, new Roch. police officer: 11/6/97p2

Bodwell, Mildred G., died 8/31/96: 9/5/96p22

Boggs, Ruth M., died 1/18/95: 1/26/95p26

Bohannon, Earl L., died 7/29/96: 8/1/96p22

Boire, Christopher, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 10/24/96p18

Boire, Dick, has visited 132 different areas of the world: 11/19/98p1

Boire II, Richard L., died 1/??/97: 1/23/97p27

Boire, Richard L., died ????: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Boire, Richard to receive National Leadership Award: 10/29/98p19

Boisvert, Robert M., died 1/15/97: 1/30/97p31

Bolduc, Arthur L., died 7/13/95: 7/20/95p30

Bolin, Hugo, earns Rotary's Roch. Community Award: 5/22/97p21

Bolin, Hugo ends 38 years as football coach at SHS: 11/13/97p1

Bolin, Hugo, lauded before alumni baseball game: 6/25/98p18,p22,p23

Bolin, Hugo: overview of his 18 years at Spaulding: 5/28/98p27

Bolin, Hugo, retiring, honored by a full house: 6/4/98p19

Bonneau, Andrew J., died 6/12/96: 6/27/96p33(RT)

Bonneau, Rose B., died 3/6/96: 3/14/96p30

Bonneau, Tom, is City's Employee of the Month: 2/11/99p12

Bonsell, Marlene, appointed Roch. Deputy City Clerk: 2/1/96p5

Bonsell, Marlene, is City's Employee of the Month: 11/21/96p2

Boone, Alby S., died 8/1/5/94: 8/18/94p31

Borge, Joshua, receives promotion at West Point: 10/1/98p13

Borowski, Katherine D., died 10/4/97: 10/9/97p31

Bosley, Roberta F., died 10/29/94: 11/3/94p32

Bouchard, Irene I., died 6/18/95: 6/22/95p38

Bouchard, Leona R., died 1/13/96: 1/18/96p26

Bouchard, Robert J., honored by testimonial: 2/2/97(RT)

Bouchard, Robert, SHS Principal to retire: 11/7/96

Boucher, Frances I., died 3/30/95: 4/6/95p41

Boucher, Joseph R., died 2/8/97: 2/13/97p35

Bouchie, Walter F., died 12/28/97: 12/31/97p27

Boudreau, Helen G., died 12/14/96: 12/26/96p24

Boudrias, Nanette L., 11/??/95: 11/22/95p30

Boulay, Mildred D., died 6/18/94: 6/23/94p23

Boumel Jr., James F., died 10/25/98: 10/29/98p31

Bourque, John T., died 2/7/96: 2/15/96p34

Boutin, Suzanne, is new Catholic school principal: 7/27/95p1

Bowden brothers hold reunion: 4/2/98p4

Bowden, Hazel M., died 2/20/97: 2/27/97p30

Bowden, Olive V., died 6/7/97: 6/12/97p32

Bowden, Seymor and Mary, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 10/31/96p30

Bowden, Winslow F., died 5/26/98: 6/4/98p30

Boyce, Helene W., died 5/25/97: 5/29/97p31

Boyden, Christine M., died 6/14/98: 6/25/98p27

Brackett, Ralph E., died 1/7/94: 1/12/94p8

Bradbury, Doris L., died 1/4/98: 1/8/98p23

Bragdon, David B., died 12/4/99: 12/16/99p20

Branscombe, George R., died 1/9/99: 1/14/99p26

Braungart, RN Joyce, is certified diabetes educator: 7/3/97p3

Bray, John D., died 8/17/95: 8/24/95p30

Breen, Judith, to speak on therapy in Russia: 6/26/97p17

Brennan, Jeannine Y., died 1/30/99: 2/4/99p23

Brennan, Kelly A., died 12/5/98: 12/17/98p31

Brennan, M. Madalyn, died 4/21/96: 4/25/96p38

Breton, Iris, died 3/8/99: 3/18/99p32

Breton, Pauline D., died 6/14/97: 6/19/97p32

Brewer, Mae R., died 10/27/97: 11/6/97p35

Bridges, Florence M., died 9/2/95: 9/7/95p26

Briggs, Elizabeth M., died 3/25/98: 4/2/98p30

Briggs, Minnie M., died 12/23/93: 1/12/94p8

Brochu, Eli J., died 6/24/97: 7/3/97p23

Brock, Alice V., died 4/3/94: 4/7/94p22

Brock, Ethel H., died 12/22/94: 1/5/95p22

Broderick, M. Helen, died 5/11/97: 5/15/97p27

Bronson, Berna H., died 8/18/99: 8/26/99p24

Brooks, Charlotte S., died 7/25/97: 7/31/97p31

Brooks, Lorraine A., died 6/28/94: 7/7/94p24

Brooks, Nancy J., died 9/20/98: 9/24/98p27

Brooks, Pauline M., died 12/9/99: 12/16/99p21

Brooks Sr., Kenneth E., died 5/28/97: 6/5/97p28

Brough, Mary E., died 2/19/97: 2/27/97p30

Brown, Bob, indicted into Rochester Sports Hall of Fame: 5/7/98p21

Brown, Bob, is City's Citizen of the Year: 2/15/96p1

Brown, Bob, wins SGMA National Hero Award: 4/9/98s2p1

Brown, Donald E., died 12/18/97: 12/31/97p27

Brown, Donald H., died 7/23/94: 7/28/94p30

Brown, Dorisann, died 8/3/99: 8/12/99p23

Brown, Joan, picks raspberries: 7/9/98p1

Brown, Julie, addresses NFWL convention in Hawaii: 9/11/97p14

Brown, Malia B., died 8/17/97: 8/29/97p31

Brown, Norman W., died 11/14/96: 11/21/96p27

Brown, Officer Tim, is city's Employee of the Month: 3/20/97p2

Brown, Orrin R., died 8/23/99: 9/2/99p28

Brown, Phyllis S., died 10/23/99: 11/4/99p34

Brown, Susann Foster, etchings on exhibit: 7/2/98p6

Brown, Walter W., died 8/7/98: 8/13/98p22

Browne, Edna M., died 12/26/95: 12/28/95p23

Bruce, David K., died 12/14/96: 12/26/96p24

Bruley, Laurier E., died 11/30?/98: 12/3/98p26

Bruni, Rev. Philip P., died 10/10/95: 10/12/95p1,10/26/95p39

Bryson, Charles F., died 8/30/96: 9/5/96p22

Bryson, Helen M., died 12/29/96: 1/9/97p27

Bryson, Jane E., died 8/30/96: 9/5/96p22

Buck, Alice, died 8/18/99: 8/26/99p24

Bucknam, George R., died 12/21/98: 12/31/98p19

Burke, Sgt. Steve, is City's Employee of the Month: 11/21/96p2

Burleigh, Jamison R., died 7/31/94: 8/4/94p27

Burnett, Officer Steve, leaves Rochester Police Dept: 7/16/98p1

Burns, Daniel G., died 5/19/97: 5/22/97p31

Burns, Emma F., died 9/15/98: 10/1/98p27

Burns, James G., died 6/25/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

Burrill, Egline A., died 3/11/94: 3/17/94p23

Burrows, Daniel H., died 9/3/97: 9/11/97p31

Burrows, John A., died 5/9/96: 5/16/96p23

Buswell, Catherine S., died 3/24/94: 3/31/94p22

Buswell, E. F., died 8/31/97: 9/25/97p26

Butland, Diana M., died 11/20/96: 11/27/96p31

Butler, T.J., honored with Asche Jr. Sports Award: 5/14/98p24

Butler, Thomas E., died 5/10/96: 5/16/96p23

Buzzell, Basil A., died 2/9/98: 2/19/98p33

Byrnes, William A., died 8/21/94: 8/25/94p33

Byron, Bertha C., died 5/25/95: 6/1/95p30

Caldwell, John, is City's Employee of the Month: 3/21/96p3

Callaghan, Dorothy, helps Navaho Mission School: 7/23/98p1

Callaghan, Robert J., died 12/21/98: 12/31/98p19

Callahan, Elizabeth N., died 11/2/95: 11/9/95p30

Cameron, Ada E., died 10/4/97: 10/9/97p31

Cameron, Keith D., died 4/15/96: 4/25/96p38

Camlin, Glynnis, is Strafford County's Poet of Year: 6/25/98p4

Campbell, Forest, died 9/24/99: 9/30/99p38

Campbell, Larry B., died 5/25/94: 6/2/94p23

Campbell, Orville K., died 3/2/98: 3/12/98p27

Canney, Helen R., died 2/10/97: 2/20/97p23

Canney, Mark, earns BSA Eagle Award: 6/26/97p4

Canney, Melvin H., died 2/10/97: 2/20/97p23

Caplette, Arthur J., died 6/24/99: 7/1/99p25

Caplette, Jerome J., died 7/13/96: 7/18/96p22

Caplette, Romeo J., died 11/29/94: 12/8/94p36

Carbone, Christina L., died 2/4/95: 2/9/95p28

Card, Robert, died 6/15/96: 7/25/96p26

Cardinal, Helen R., died 9/24/97: 10/2/97p31

Cardwell, Evelyn E., died 9/18/94: 9/22/94p36

Carey, Marion C., died 1/12/94: 1/19/94p19

Carignan, Rita L., died 6/6/97: 6/12/97p32

Carll, Stephen A., died 6/13/97: 6/19/97p32

Carlson, Barbara A., died 8/5/99: 8/12/99p24

Carlson, Louise, receives Vaughan Award for volunteerism: 6/25/98p9

Carlson, Verne R., died 6/21/97: 6/26/97p27

Carmody, Patrick J., died 8/30/96: 9/5/96p22

Caron, Alberta S., died 10/22/96: 10/24/96p31

Caron, Roland N., died 4/27/96: 5/2/96p29

Carpentino, Frank, completes Executive Fire Officer program: 10/10/96p21

Carpinelli, Camillo, died 8/17/97: 8/21/97p27

Carroll, Jenna, recording Rochester history: 10/14/99p1

Carroll, Karyn P., died 11/6/96: 11/14/96p27

Carruez, Felipa, died 10/13/95: 10/19/95p33

Carswell, Clifton R., died 11/23/99: 12/2/99p25

Carter, Polly, receives City citizen award: 12/8/93p2

Cassell Sr., John D., died 3/31/97: 4/17/97p29

Castner, Michelle, receives City citizen award: 12/8/93p2

Castonguay, Edwin J., died 10/17/96: 10/24/96p31

Castonguay, Marie J., died 1/28/98: 2/5/98p21

Cayer, Tanya, wins Best in Roch. Library photo contest: 3/24/94p3

Chadbourn, Aaron, earns SCCD Dedicated Service Award: 5/19/94p7

Chadwick, Harlan K., died 11/1/97: 11/6/97p35

Chaloux, Julianne, wins trophies at Rochester Fair: 9/24/98s2p2

Charest, Dorothy I., died 7/12/98: 7/16/98p23

Chase, Florence, visits Halifax, NS: 7/23/98p7

Chase, Jennie, stars in Nutcracker ballet role: 12/19/96p25

Chase, Sean, helps refurbish Opera House piano: 4/16/98p1

Chasse, Danny M., died 10/19/97: 11/6/97p35

Chasse, Florence named Catholic Woman of 1997: 10/30/97p17

Chasse, Forrect G., died 12/22/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Chatigney, Beatrice, died 6/16/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

Cheney, Evelyn I., died 10/26/99: 11/4/99p34

Chesley, Fred H., died 1/8/94: 1/12/94p8

Chesley Jr., Norman, died 8/8/98: 8/13/98p23

Chesley, Mary H., died 3/7/99: 3/11/99p33

Chesnel, Donald, appointed to national Elks committee: 7/24/9p97

Chesnel, Donald E., appointed President of State Elks: 6/6/96p5

Chorba Sr., Stephen J., died 12/29/99: 1/6/00p17

Chretien, Eugene V., died 7/27/95: 8/3/95p30

Christensen, Chris C., died 9/26/99: 10/7/99p28

Chrusz, Mark, chosen to be in National Ironman Triathlon: 10/6/93p1

Chudy, Virginia, died 4/8/96: 4/18/96p29

Clark, Ann, Exec. Dir. RVNA, guest speaker: 9/10/98p3

Clark, Ann, new executive director of Rochester VNA: 4/30/98p1

Clark, Barbara H., died 4/4/99: 4/8/99p32

Clark, Patricia A., died 7/14/96: 7/18/96p22

Clark, Vernon, died 5/5/97: 5/8/97p29

Clarke, Warren R., died 8/23/95: 8/31/95p38

Clary Jr., Fred, died 5/1/97: 5/15/97p27

Clausen, John, is goodwill ambassador to Japan: 6/12/97p1

Cleaves, James S., died 7/5/99: 7/15/99p22

Cleaves, Joseph W., died 4/27/94: 5/5/94p27

Clement, Tricia, is City's Employee of the Month: 9/21/95p3

Clements, Blanche M., died 2/23/96: 2/29/96p26

Climo, William C., died 7/4/97: 7/10/97p29

Clough, Dora M., died 10/7/94: 10/13/94p24

Clough, Myrtle G., died 2/8/97: 2/13/97p35

Cloutman, Mary M., died 7/26/99: 8/5/99p24

Cochrane, Mabelle, died 9/10/97: 9/18/97p28

Cochrane, Robert P., died 9/28/97: 10/2/97p31

Cohen, Bonnie, is new Roch. VNA executive director: 10/12/95p3

Cohen, Bonnie, RVNA Exec. Dir.to leave: 1/29/98p1

Cohn, Nathalie A., died 5/28/95: 6/8/95p42

Coinverse, George E., died 4/18/96: 4/25/96p38

Colbath, Frances A., died 1/4/98: 1/8/98p23

Colbath, Hannah, earns Creative Book Project Award: 6/25/98p25

Colby Sr., Parker E., died 2/8/95: 2/16/95p34

Cole, David A., died 3/27/95: 4/6/95p41

Cole, Marcia, died 6/23/96: 6/27/96p33(RT)

Colell Sr., James P., died 2/1/98: 2/12/98p26

Collinge, Dorothy M., died 4/3/98: v4/9/98p27

Collins, John J., died 3/6/96: 3/14/96p30

Colwell, Clarence O., died 9/22/97: 10/9/97p31

Colwell, Late Clarence, honored by rockingchair donation: 6/17/99p13

Comeau, Jeffery, and Susanna Godfrey are wed 5/28/99: 7/8/99p22

Conley, Verna R., died 5/6/94: 5/12/94p27

Connolly Jr., Kevin F., died 11/20/96: 11/27/96p31

Connolly, Terry, chosen as City's Employee of the Month: 9/19/96p22

Conroy, Martin L., died 11/8/96: 11/14/96p27

Constance, Frank, died 12/9/95: 12/14/95p34

Constance, Mark, and Bethany Damson wed 7/13/96: 7/18/96p7

Constantine, John A., died 3/1/98: 3/5/98p29

Cook, Elizabeth A., died 9/14/98: 9/17/98p27

Cook, Gary S., died 6/29/97: 7/3/97p24

Cook Jr., John W., died 5/10/96: 3/14/96p30

Cook, Louise D., died 10/11/97: 10/23/97p35

Cook. Margaret B., died 12/22/95: 12/28/95p23

Cook II, Charles S., died 10/17/99: 10/21/99p32

Cooney, Tom, is City's Economic Development Director: 1/19/95p27

Coraine, Donna L., died 10/30/98: 11/12/98p26

Corbin, Sarah, on P.E. Andover honor roll: 7/23/98p11

Corkery II, Joseph J., died 1/31/99: 2/4/99p23

Corlin, Laura and Meagan, win Miss Northeast Princess titles: 12/1/94p31

Cormier, Evelyn S., died 8/17/97: 8/21/97p27

Cormier, Leo, died 11/16/98: 11/19/98p26

Cormier, Leo, now Rotary "Paul Harris Fellow": 8/13/98p12

Cormier, William, named to State Realtors Exec. Comm.: 2/5/98p15

Cornellier, Beatrice H., died 6/9/99: 6/17/99p25

Corson, W. Bradley, died 3/5/97: 3/13/97p25

Cosgrove, Estella M., died 10/31/98: 11/5/98p23

Cosgrove, Sarah, earns BS/Physical Therapy: 7/23/98p12

Cossette, Antoinette, died 3/3/99: 3/11/99p33

Cossette, Aurore L., died 12/27/95: 1/4/96p23

Cotton, Dorothy M, died 11/2/97: 11/6/97p35

Coty, Paul L., died 2/8/94: 2/16/94p26

Coulombe, Philip J., died 3/24/99: 4/1/99p42

Coutire, Beatrice E., died 11/29/98: 12/3/98p27

Couture, Antoinette, died 3/5/97: 3/13/97p25

Couture, Donald J., died 2/19/96: 2/22/96p26

Couture, Emile G., died 5/2/97: 5/8/97p29

Cover, Ernest F., died 7/15/95: 7/20/95p30

Covini, Adam, serves as page in State Senate: 6/4/98p12

Craig, Robert E., died 8/1/96: 8/8/96p30

Cram, Sarah A., died 3/28/96: 4/4/96p30

Crater, Olive V., died 12/5/94: 12/8/94p36

Creighton, Beth, NE Cablevision, wins award: 6/18/98p18

Creteau, Marion J., died 10/18/95: 10/26/95p39

Crimmel, James H., died 8/18/97: 8/21/97p27

Cronin, Fred H., died 10/6/94: 10/13/94p24

Crossan, Gary, inducted into Rochester Sports Hall of Fame: 5/7/98p19

Crosser, Dr. Mark, is Fellow of Medical Acupuncture: 10/29/98s2p7

Croteau, Arline D., died 3/4/99: 3/11/99p32

Croteau, Eunice A., died 3/23/98: 3/12/98p27

Croteau, Juliette M., died 10/12/94: 10/20/94p32

Croteau, M<atthew, earns BSA Eagle badge: 3/7/96p3

Croteau, Philias J., died 6/8/94: 6/23/94p23

Crout-Hamel, Andy, parachutes with George Bush: 7/29/99p15

Cullen, Raymond, died 11/16/95: 11/22/95p30

Cullen Sr., Donald J., died 10/6/96: 10/17/96p23

Cullen, Steven K., died 9/15/95: 9/21/95p26

Cullen, Steven K., died 9/15/95: 9/21/95p26(RT)

Cullimore, Wiliam B., died 12/6/95: 12/7/95p1,p38

Cummings, Jeannette W., died 3/13/96: 3/21/96p29

Cumminskey, Martha L., died 1/1/00: 1/6/00p17

Cunningham, Christopher M., died 7/2/99: 7/8/99p21

Curran, Joe, new Rochester city ombudsman: 2/19/98p1

Curran, Joe, Rochester Ombudsman, resigns: 5/28/98p1

Currier, Charles R., died 6/18/97: 6/26/97p27

Currier, Herman W., died 6/4/99: 6/10/99p25

Currier, Marion C., died 1/6/98: 1/15/98p18

Curtis, Bernice T., died 4/24/98: 4/30/98p30

Cutter, Carroll E., died 12/23/97: 12/31/97p26

Cutter, Elizabeth A., died 3/12/97: 3/20/97p30

Cutter, Jean W., died 6/22/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

Cutting, Mildred E., died 1/16/94: 1/19/94p19

Cylik Sr., Richard R., died 7/9/94: 7/21/94p27

Cyr, Norman V., died 4/26/97: 5/8/97p29

Dagastino, Mark, hope to strike gold in CA: 7/15/99p3

Dallaire, Roselle, died 1/23/94: 1/26/94p17

Dame, Harold E., died 6/26/98: 8/13/98p22

Damson, Bethany,and Mark Constance wed 7/13/96: 7/18/96p7

Dandeneau Jr., Robert L., died 8/22/99: 8/26/99p25

Dandeneau, Pauline B., died 1/28/95: 2/2/95p22

Daniels, Norma L., died 2/18/98: 2/26/98p25

Davis, Albert M., died 1/3/97: 1/9/97p27

Davis, Alice D., died 6/29/97: 7/3/97p24

Davis, Alice, to celebrate 100th birthday: 3/21/96p3

Davis, Anastasia, died 12/14/99: 12/23/99pB10

Davis, Derek, new Roch. police officer: 11/6/97p2

Davis III, Norman G., died 12/10/98: 12/17/98p21

Davis, Janet E., died 4/5/97: 4/10/97p25

Davis, Joey, wins Martin Luther King essay content: 2/5/98p7

Davis Jr., Alden N., died 6/29/97: 7/3/97p23

Davis, Paul RE., died 1/22/98: 1/29/98p26

Davis, Rae P., died 1/30/97: 2/6/97p26

Davis, Rev. Proctor L., died 12/22/98: 12/31/98p19

Dawley, Andrew, earns BSA Eagle badge: 6/17/99p15

Dawley, Joe, earns BSA Eagle Scout Award: 5/15/97p7

Day, Rudolph E., died 1/16/98: 1/22/98p26

Dean, Frances, 7/4/96: 7/11/96p22: 7/11/96p22

Dean, Winifred C., died 7/18/94: 7/21/94p27

DeAngelis, Robert J., died 10/10/97: 10/16/97p32

Decker, Stephen, earns BSA Eagle badge: 10/30/97p15

Decoteau, Mark, new Rochester business manager: 4/30/98p1

DeFalco, Constance, died 7/12/99: 7/29/99p25

Degrace, Wilfred, died 4/29/94: 5/5/94p27

Delaine, Hilda G., died 3/1/98: 3/5/98p30

Dellner, Mark, earns Emergency Manager of Year award: 4/30/98p2

Deluca, Anthony, lauded as an Outstanding Young Citizen: 3/27/97p2

Demers, Ed, is Farmington's Man of the Year: 5/16/96p1

Demers, Norman A., died 3/1/97: 3/20/97p30

Dempsey, Maude N., died 7/18/98: 7/23/98p27

DeRoy, Raoul J., died 10/25/96: 11/1/96p22

Desaulnier, Wilfred E., died 1/5/99: 1/14/99p26

Desmarais, Jeannette S., died 4/5/98: 4/9/98p27

DesRoches, Berniece I., died 10/16/97: 10/23/97p35

Devito, Sue, chosen State's Young Citizen of Year: 2/9/94p1

Dewsnap, Eleanor L., died a/?/98: 1/29/98p26

Dickenson, Everett M., died 1/4/94: 1/12/94p8

Dickenson, Sonya A., died 7/1/99: 7/8/99p21

deGaribody, Carroll R., died 10/22/99: 11/4/99p34

Dingle, Leo S., died 12/6/95: 12/14/95p34

Dingman, Vance L., died 2/9/96: 2/22/96p26

Dinnbeen, John W., died 5/13/97: 5/15/97p27

Dionne, Arthur R., died /5/8/96: 5/16/96p23

Dionne, Norman L., died 8/9/96: 8/22/96p26

DiPalma, Albert A., died 1/29/98: 2/5/98p20

DiPerre, Linda M., died 3/7/97: 2/13/97p35

Dodge, Joanne, honored with Vaughan Award: 9/30/99p11

Dodier, Antonia, died 3/13/98: 3/19/98p23

Doherty Sr., Robert J., died 12/5/99: 12/16/99p20

Dolen, Bob, died 7/26/97: 7/31/97p31

Dollen, Florence I., died 7/5/98: 7/9/98p27

Donatello, George, is new president of Roch. Rotary: 7/10/97p4

Donatello, Lydia, died 11/18/94: 11/23/94p32

Donini, Erin, is new state trooper: 5/22/97p9

Donohue, Kelly, earns 1996 Athlete of the Year: 2/13/97p1

Dore, Steve, is president of Roch. Rotary for 1995/96: 7/27/95p19

Dore, Steven, and Lisa Ann Wilk are wed 10/8/94: 3/2/95p12

Dorrer, Ruth B., dies 1/4/94: 1/12/94p8

Dostie, Charles A., died 3/14/98: 3/19/98p23

Dostie, M&M Armand, celebrate 50th wedding anniversary: 1/7/99p22

Dotson, Warren F., died 9/17/94: 9/22/94p36

Dougherty, Willard E., died 11/7/95: 11/16/95p30

Douglas, John R., died 10/5/96: 10/10/96p31

Douglas, William H., died 4/4/99: 4/8/99p33

Douglass, Clyde J., died 6/30/97: 7/3/97p23

Douglass, Eileen, is City's Employee of the Month: 10/12/95p2

Dowd, Albert W., died 8/4/95: 8/10/95p38

Downes, James W., died 5/12/95: 5/18/95p33

Downs, Ann M., died 4/7/95: 4/13/95p34

Downs, Beverly R., died 10/9/96: 10/17/96p23

Downs, Harold W., died 8/6/95: 8/10/95p38

Downs, Jane G., died 9/25/99: 9/30/99p38

Downs Jr., Arthur F., died 5/1/94: 5/5/94p27

Downs, William E., died 1/8/98: 1/15/98p18

Downs, Wilma, died 1/19/95: 1/22/98p26

Dowst, Robert, joins The Homemakers Board of Directors: 2/19/98p2

Doyle, Louise E., died 2/3/97: 2/6/97p25

Doyle, Maria F., died 6/6/98: 6/11/98p31

Doyle Sr., Joseph E., died 4/4/98: 4/9/98p27

Doyon, Lionel A., died 5/24/98: 6/4/98p30

Drapeau, Frances Y., died 5/31/97: 6/5/97p28

Drapeau, Jennie, died 9/6/97: 9/11/97p32

Drapeau, Robert J., died 2/19/94: 3/2/94p23

Drew, Dwight S., died 2/19/98: 2/26/98p25

Drew, Marjorie E., died 11/14/98: 11/19/98p25

Drugg Jr., Charles J., died 11/12/98: 12/3/98p27

DuBois, Joseph R., died 2/20/95: 2/23/95p30

Dubois, Richard R., died 10/25/99: 11/4/99p34

Dubreuil, Arlin F., died 5/13/97: 5/15/97p27

Duchesneau, Robert & Angele, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 3/2/95p12

Duffy Sr., Thomas P., died 3/1/98: 3/5/98p29

Duggan, James D., died 5/28/99: 6/3/99p29

Dugger, John R., died 10/9/94: 10/20/94p32

Dumais, Doris L., died 4/23/97: 5/8/97p29

Dumais, Elsie, died 5/4/96: 5/9/96p30

Dumas, Patrolman Scott, investigates burglary: 1/29/98p1

Dumond, Marion, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Nursing Home: 6/4/98p17

Dumont, Charlotte L. died 9/21/96: 9/26/96p34

Dumont, Eva, died 2/2/98: 2/5/98p20

Dumont, Jamie E., died 2/11/98: 2/19/98p34

Dumont, Michael D., died 3/31/99: 4/8/99p32

Dumont, Paul, invents device for safer mobile homes: 9/11/97p1

Dumont, Paul, vies for County commissioner post: 9/3/98p1

Dunbar, Kenneth, W., died 1/15/97: 1/23/97p27

Dunbar, Kenneth W., died 1/15/97: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Dundon, Jeanette, died 3/16/95: 3/23/95p33

Dunphy, Birten R., died 1/18/98: 1/29/98p26

Dunton, Mildred A., died 11/9/94: 11/17/94p36

Dupont, Philiup L., died 11/13/96: 11/14/96p27

DuPre, Annette C., died 6/12/95: 6/15/95p34

Dupuis, Euclide R., died 10/10/95: 10/19/95p33

Dupuis, Eva M., died 2/1/94: 2/9/94p10

Dupuis, George P., died 12/15/97: 12/18/97p34

Dupuis, Irene J., died 2/10/94: 2/16/94p26

Dupuis, Kurt, is lead trumpeter in US Marine Band: 10/2/97p1

Dupuis, Mark, attends National Fire Academy: 2/13/97p1

Dupuis, Mark, compiling histories of local fire departments: 1/29/98p10

Duquette, Alice F., died 4/27/95: 5/4/95p34

Durand, Edward E., died 7/15/98: 7/23/98p27

Dureau, Tara, and William Frank are wed 5/8/99: 9/9/99p28

Durkee, Estelle A., died 3/20/98: 3/26/98p27

Duval, Barbara, died 9/8/99: 9/16/99p25

Earle, John G., died 12/5/96: 12/12/96p35

Eason Sr., John H., died 12/31/99: 1/6/00p17

Eastabrook, Addie D., died 7/16/94: 7/21/94p27

Eastman, Harry & Bernice, mark 25th wedding anniversary: 8/8/96p14

Eastman, Harry H., died 10/28/98: 11/5/98p23

Eaton, Eleanor W., died 5/17/98: 5/21/98p35

Eaton, Emma E., died 3/6/98: 3/12/98p27

Eaves, Constance E., died 1/23/96: 2/1/96p30

Edgerly, Anastasia M., died 7/17/96: 7/25/96p25

Edgerly, Ethel M., died 12/6/99: 12/16/99p20

Edgerly, Lois, died 10/5/95: 10/12/95p31

Eldridge, Emily "Peggy", is 92 years old: 3/4/99p4

Eldridge, Emily M., died 11/14/99: 11/18/99p25

Eldridge, Emily, feted at 90th birthday party: 2/13/97p4

Elias, Dr. Mark, new surgeon at Frisbee Hospital: 10/15/98p18

Elliott <robert A., died 3/5/96: 3/14/96p30

Elliott, Edith L., died 5/4/30/96: 5/9/96p30

Ellis, Erwin E., died 11/19/96: 11/21/96p27

Ellis, Gary A., died 1/5/97: 1/9/97p27

Ellis, Ruth E., died 7/22/97: 7/24/97p41

Emerson, Burton E., died 6/22/99: 7/8/99p21

Emerson, Dennis, inducted into Rochester Sports Hall of Fame: 5/7/98p19

Emery-Gigliotti, Deborah, Citizen to Citizen Deputy Director: 8/13/98p6

Engler, Susanne B., died 4/9/98: 4/16/98p30

Erickson, Evelyn V., died 2/9/98: 2/19/98p34

Ervin, Kelly, chosen as Colby-Sawyer track MVP: 5/28/98p28

Estes, Michael E., died 10/2/96: 10/10/96p31

Evans, Mark A., died 11/5/97: 11/13/97p29

Evans, Robert L., died 5/28/95: 6/15/95p34

Fall, Jane Cooper, honored by Governor for volunteerism: 12/3/98p1

Fall, Jane, lauded for 22 years on Farmington Planning Board: 5/28/98p1

Farley, Vincent P., died 10/26/98: 10/29/98p31

Farmer, Eileen L., died 11/30/98: 12/3/98p27

Farrington, Henry A., died 4/20/95: 4/27/95p30

Faucher, Edmond, died 1/23/98: 1/29/98p26

Faulkner, Clayton F., died 4/25/98: 4/30/98p30

Fehling, Agnes G., died 6/14/98: 6/18/98p27

Fenstermaker, Florence C., died 10/18/99: 10/21/99p33

Ferland, Annie S., died 9/23/98: 10/1/98p27

Ferland, Germaine C., died 8/6/98: 8/13/98p23

Ferland, Raymond E., died 12/23/97: 12/31/97p26

Fernald, Doris T., died 4/9/95: 4/13/95p34

Fernald, Winfield G., died 12/13/96: 12/26/96p24

Fidelis, Sister, died 12/4/98: 12/17/98p31

Fielding, Yvonne W., died 12/24/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Fifield, Errol P., died 1/20/94: 1/26/94p17

Fifield Sr., Charles R., died 11/26/98: 12/3/98p26

Finnegan, Norman, lauded for Cold Spring Park Coalition work: 7/6/95p1

Fisher, Brenda O., died 5/9/98: 5/14/98p30

Fizz Jr., Grant E., died 8/8/98: 8/13/98p22

Flaker, Nedra S., died 10/12/99: 10/21/99p32

Fletcher, Robert, died 2/25/95: 3/9/95p31

Fletcher, Warren M., died 6/29/97: 7/3/96p24

Flynn, Florence M., died 9/??/95: 9/14/95p30(RT)

Flynn, Florence M., died 9/??/95: 9/14/95p30

Flynn, Kevin, is C/C Citizen of the Year: 2/11/99pp1,3

Flynn, Richard becomes State Trooper: 11/2/95p20

Fogarty, Helen P., died 12/3/99: 12/16/99p20

Hescock, Pauline J., died 12/?/99: 12/16/99p21

Fogarty, Ida M., died 11/17/97: 11/20/97p34

Fogarty Jr., William B., died 9/25/97: 10/9/97p30

Fogg, Bill, plans international nail art contest win: 1/29/98p1

Fogg, Willard, died 12/28/93: 1/12/94p8

Folger, Alice M., died 2/11/98: 2/19/98p33

Fontaine, Bertha, died 12/8/96: 12/12/96p35

Fontaine, Euclide O., died 1/20/96: 1/25/96p26

Fontaine, Russel J., died 8/14/97: 8/21/97p27

Forbush, Helen S., died 5/31/94: 6/2/94p23

Ford, Adam F., died 1/12/98: 1/22/98p26

Ford, Bethany, of S.C. Headstart, meets a horse: 9/3/98p11

Ford, Carol, donates doll for Opera House raffle: 6/25/98p25

Ford, David, is city's Employee of the Month: 9/11/97p2

Ford, Etta E., died 9/27/96: 10/3/96p26

Fortier, Rev. Roger, arrested on sexual charge: 10/30/97p1

Fortin, Chester L., died 3/8/99: 3/11/99p33

Foss, Cecil, died 12/4/96: 12/12/96p35

Foss, Florence, celebrates her 96th birthday: 3/28/96pp7

Foss, Florence, died 3/13/97: 3/27/97p25

Foss, Harry, died 1/21/96: 1/25/96p26

Foss, Marjorie A., died 1/9/99: 1/21/99p19

Fossa, Thelma M., died 8/27/96: 8/29/96p30

Foster, Cindy: locals object to her new postal route: 6/30/93p1,7/3/93p1

Foster, Lena, died 5/6/98: 5/14/98p30

Foster, Thema D., died 7/2/99: 7/8/99p21

Fowler, Nancy & Rick, donate diorama to Opera House: 4/23/98p29

Frank, William, and Tara Dureau are wed 5/8/99: 9/9/99p28

Fraser, Dan, new City police officer: 11/27/96p3

Freedman, Michael D., died 2/26/95: 3/2/95p28

Freeman, Herbert W., died 1/3/00: 1/6/00p17

Freeman Jr., Maynard L., died 11/8/97: 11/13/97p29

Freeman, Mary W., died 1/6/99: 1/14/99p26

Freeman Sr., Maynard L., died 4/24/97: 5/1/97p28

Frost, Louise, died 9/20/97: 9/27/97p26

Frye, Paulette, earns Girl Scout Gold Award: 1/8/98p1

Fuller Jr., Fred E., died 1/24/98: 1/29/98p26

Fullerton, Ruth M., died 9/27/99: 10/7/99p28

Furber, Evelyn A., died 3/16/97: 3/20/97p30

Furbush, Erlon, died 11/21/94: 11/23/94p32

Furbush, Howard M., died 3/6/97: 3/13/97p25

Gadbois, Robert G., died 9/25/97: 10/2/97p31

Gaeta Sr., Peter A., died 2/4/94: 2/9/94p10

Gagne, Cecile D., died 4/15/95: 4/29/95p35

Gagne, Christopher A., died 9/19/94: 9/29/94p16

Gagne, Marie A., died 11/27/96: 12/5/96p31

Gagne, Wilfred, died 4/19/99: 4/29/99p28

Gagnon, Fortunate A., died 12/10/98: 12/17/98p21

Gagnon, Herbert J., died 2/13/94: 2/23/94p23

Gagnon Jr., Francis A, died 7/27/99: 8/5/99p24

Gagnon, Kathy, is president of Roch. C/C: 1/5/95p1

Gagnon, Nelida & Arthur, observe 65th wedding anniversary: 11/25/98p3

Gagnon, Richard A., died 5/24/97: 6/5/97p28

Gagnon, Sister M. Fidelis, celebrates 75 years in Order: 5/29/97p2

Gaige, Stephen, police prosecutor, to leave: 7/16/98p1

Gala, Theresa, is City Employee of the Month: 4/10/97p3

Gale III, Franklin, died 8/18/99: 8/26/99p24

Galuska, Charlie, holds sheaf of patents: 7/8/99p1

Gagnon, Henrietta O., died 12/5/99: 12/16/99p20

Garland, Judith M., died 10/18/96: 10/24/96p31

Garland, Muriel A., died 3/8/95: 3/16/95p34

Garland, Robert D., died 9/6/97: 9/11/97p31

Garnett, Adeline F., died 8/19/97: 8/29/97p30

Garnett, Clarence, died 3/4/94: 3/10/94p23

Garnett, Clayton F., died 1/18/96: 1/25/96p26

Garyait, Virginia R., died 5/13/95: 5/18/95p33

Gauthier, Orana M., died 2/9/94: 2/16/94p26

Gay, Milli, artist of Farmington: 2/24/93p1

Gay, Milli, rents original art works: 6/11/98p1

Geary, Lola E., died 6/27/95: 7/6/95p28

Gehres, Jessica, enlists in US Navy: 10/30/97p13

Gelinas, Florence E., died 12/6/99: 12/16/99p20

Gelinas, Oscar and Lorraine, celebrate 50 years of marriage: 9/27/97p26

Geoffroy, Yvonne B., died 5/3/98: 5/7/98p26

George, Francis J., died 1/26/97: 1/30/97p31

George, James M., died 10/16/99: 10/21/99p32

Gerames, Louis N., died 3/22/97: 3/27/97p25

Germon, Harry, auto mechanic retires after 48 years: 6/22/95p1

Germon, Harry, died: 7/12/96: 7/18/96p1,p22

Gerrish, Randolf W., died 12/23/99: 1/14/99p27

Gerry, Linda D., died 1/12/98: 1/15/98p26

Gervais, Louis G., died 3/10/95: 3/16/95p34

Giampa, Alphonse J., died 10/15/97: 10/23/97p34

Gibb, Alice E., died 11/9/97: 11/13/97p29

Gibb, Ethylen, died 3/13/94: 3/17/94p23

Gibbs, Barbara J., died 10/10/96: 10/10/96p31

Gibbs, Berta A., died 1/31/98: 2/5/98p21

Giberson, Kathryn, earns BS Business Management degree: 7/2/98p10

Gibson, Emily, stops breathing, is rescued by family dog: 1/30/97p1

Gilbert, Greg W., died 5/8/95: 5/18/95p33

Gilbert, Jeanette, died 11/4/94: 11/10/94p32

Gilbert, Kathryn E., died 6/3/96: 6/6/96p29

Gillam, Evelyn F., died 10/30/95: 11/2/95p37

Gillespie, Beatrice E., died 7/21/98: 7/30/98p27

Gillis Jr., Robert N., died 12/21/99: 12/30/99p18

Gilman, John, retires after 35 years in Milton Fire Dept: 8/22/96p1

Gilman, Norris V., died 4/1/97: 4/10/97p25

Gilman, Sara, is named Rochester's '97 Athlete of Year: 2/12/98p1

Gilman, Stacy, is City's Employee of the Month: 6/16/93p15

Gilmore, Mary Anne, earns State Vaughn Award: 5/22/97p29

Glidden, Bernice, died 1/13/98: 1/22/98p26

Glidden, James E., died 3/1/99: 3/4/99p28

Glover, Pauline V., died 2/9/97: 2/20/97p23

Godfrey, Susanna, and Jeffery Comeau are wed 5/28/99: 7/8/99p21

Goldstein, David A., died 2/4/98: 2/12/98p26

Golightly, James E., died 4/28/98: 5/7/98p26

Gonsalves, Alice L., died 6/15/97: 6/19/97p32

Gonthier, Irene H., died 12/9/98: 12/17/98p31

Goodfield, Richard A., died 5/12/95: 5/18/95p33

Goodman, Roland E., died 10/20/97: 10/23/97p34

Goodnough, Audry B., died 10/16/99: 10/21/99p32

Goodrich, Stephanie H., receives BA degree: 6/18/98p10

Goodrow, Charles A., died 12/23/97: 12/31/97p26

Goodrow, Jane T., died 10/7/98: 10/15/98p31

Goodrow, Kim, enlists in NH National Guard: 6/11/98p7

Goodstein, Michael D., died 6/27/96: 7/3/96p22

Goodwin, Janet, proposes public garden for handicapped: 9/11/97p1

Goodwin, Roberta, & Christopher Harding are wed: 11/2/95p23

Goon, Rachel, and Robert Zimmerman wed ??/??/94: 11/3/94

Gordon, Denise, wins doll in Opera House raffle: 6/25/98p25

Gordon, Ralph S., died 1/6/94: 1/12/94p8

Goslin, Irene M., died 5/2/95: 5/11/95p38

Gosselin, Georgianna, died 10/3/95: 10/12/95p31

Gosselin, Irene E., died 2/14/98: 2/19/98p33

Gosselin, Mary R., died 7/2/98: 7/9/98p27

Gould, Joseph A., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p19

Gourgue, Cynthia, earns Nursing Honor Society award: 5/1/97p16

Goyette, John, chosen new Opera House director/manager: 9/17/98p3

Grace, Joseph E., died 2/23/99: 2/25/99p29

Grago, Scott F., died 12/27/99: 1/6/00p17

Grant, Christine, and Leff Gudim wed 3/20/99: 3/25/99p38

Grant, Jillian M., died 5/18/95: 5/25/95p38

Grant, Maurice M., died 5/16/97: 5/22/97p31

Grassie, Chuck, voted Rochester deputy mayor: 1/8/98p13

Gravel, Ronald G., died 6//9/94: 6/16/94p21

Gray, Angie, is City's Employee of the Month: 5/16/96p2

Gray, Arlene B., died 4/22/99: 4/29/99p28

Gray, Clyde W., died 11/20/94: 11/23/94p32

Gray, Frank N., died 4/29/96: 5/9/96p30

Gray, Jean C., died 4/26/98: 4/30/98p30

Gray, Leora R., died 122/15/95: 12/21/95p29

Gray, Roger L., died 12/22/95: 12/28/95p23

Gray, Roland C., died 10/18/94: 10/27/94p32

Gray, Thomas A., died 8/8/96: 8/22/96p25

Greeke, Richard W., died 12/21/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Greeley, Robert, died 12/9/96: 12/19/96p27

Greenwood, Adelma D., died 7/2/96: 7/11/96p22

Gregoire, Eric S., died 12/19/99: 12/23/99p22

Gregoire, John R., died 8/8/98: 8/13/98p23

Grenier, Cecile D., died 1/26/94: 2/2/94p11

Grenier, Mary, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Nursing Home: 6/4/98p17

Grenier, Olia M., died 5/13/96: 5/16/96p23

Grenier, Thelma, died 4/298: 5/7/98p26

Griffen, Maybelle J., died 8/26/94: 9/1/94p31

Griffin, Roger C., died 1/13/94: 1/19/94p19

Grinnell, Douglas H., died 4/14/98: 4/23/98p31

Grodin, Leo P., died 3/25/97: 4/3/97p20(RT)

Grondin, Agnes V., died 4//3/94: 4/7/94p22

Grondin, Evelyn, died 8/21/98: 8/27/98p22

Grondin, Pamela, died 12/23/94: 12/29/94p29

Grossman, Jerry, photos youngest "Titanic" survivor: 4/22/99p28

Grossman, Karen L., died 9/27/99: 9/30/99p38

Grossman, Todd, places third in In-line Challenge contest: 5/14/98p27

Gudim, Jeff, and Christine Grant wed 3/20/99: 3/25/99p38

Guignard, Robert, died 4/20/99: 4/29/99p28

Guilbault, Florida E., died 1/4/97: 1/9/97p27

Guild, Cecilia M., died 4/26/95: 5/4/95p34

Guillemette, Olivine V., died 9/13/99: 9/23/99p28

Guillemette, Olivine, starts her 99th year: 4/9/98p10,3/18/99p6

Guilmet, Mary C., died 7/17/98: 7/23/98p27

Gustafson, Bob, named C/C Business Leader of Year: 2/16/94p11

Gustafson, Carl T., died 9/2/94: 9/8/94p36

Hackett, Doris B., died 11/29/98: 12/3/98p26

Hackett, Elizabeth V., died 9/16/96: 9/19/96p26

Haeger, Albert, died 1/19/94: 1/26/94p17

Hagar, Alan G., died 10/31/98: 11/12/98p26

Haines, Mildred M., died 8/17/95: 8/24/95p30

Hale Jr., Maurice E., died 2/6/98: 2/12/98p26

Haley, Frances A., died 12/25/97: 12/31/97p27

Hall, Fred, honored for 50 years' service with firm: 12/17/98p14

Hall, Grace R., died 2/9/99: 2/11/99p26

Hall Jr., John W., died 6/8/96: 6/13/96p29

Hall, Kenneth W., died 9//14/94: 9/22/94p36

Hall, Martha A., died 6/18/98: 6/25/98p27

Ham, Carlton W., died 2/8/95: 2/16/95p34

Ham, Mae E., died 10/30/96: 11/21/96p27

Ham, Rita G., died 8/13/97: 8/21/97p27

Hamann, David, earns BSA Eagle badge: 3/7/96p3

Hamann, Rodolphe O., died 1/28/96: 2/1/96p30

Hamel, Doris B., died 2/17/94: 3/2/94p23

Hamel, Elsie C., died 5/8/99: 5/13/99p29

Hamel, Victor L., died 2/26/97: 3/6/97p30

Hamel, Victor, nominated for State's Vaughan Award: 4/21/94p25

Hamel, Victor, receives State's Vaughan Award: 6/16/94p16

Hamilton, Adrienne L., died 1/21/95: 1/26/95p26

Hamilton, John B., died 5/29/99: 6/3/99p29

Hammer, Larry, is Rochester Employee of Month: 4/23/98p2

Hamner, Theresa A., died 8/6/96: 8/15/96p27

Hancock, Francis L., died 12/13/97: 12/18/97p34

Hanover, Eleanor, died 6/12/96: 6/20/96p29

Hanover, Timothy J., died 6/15/94: 6/23/94p23

Hanratty, N. Phyllis, died 12/27/94: 12/29/94p29

Hanscom, Raymond R., died 6/29/98: 7/9/98p27

Hanscome Jr., Alfred J., died 12/19/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Hanscome, Roland A., died 5/26/95: 6/1/95p30

Hanson, Glenn C., died 8/1/95: 8/10/95p38

Hanson, Marion, died 3/25/98: 4/16/98p30

Hanson, Richard C., died 7/22/94: 7/28/94p30

Hanson, Rob, new pricipal at Allen School: 8/14/97p4

Harriman, Doris, died 6/8/97: 6/12/97p32

Harriman, Merton L., died 7/7/97: 7/10/97p29

Harriman, Paul, earns BSA Eagle rank: 8/29/97p10

Harriman, Richard N., died 1/12/98: 1/22/98p27

Harris, Alma M., died 5/7/98: 5/14/98p30

Harris, Gordon B., died 3/1/95: 3/9/95p31

Harris, Lillian E., died 4/4/96: 4/11/96p26

Harris, Richard F., died 5/9/96: 5/16/96p23

Harrity, Bernard A., died 6/15/98: 6/25/98p27

Hart, Amber Marie, is City's firdt Millenium baby: 1/6/00p3

Hart, Emily E., died 9/26/97: 10/9/97p30

Hart Jr., Walter H., died 11/24/99: 12/9/99p25

Hartford, Carl S., died 10/24/98: 10/29/98p30

Hartford, Charles E., died 7/25/94: 7/28/94p30

Hartford, Wilfred A. died 2/6/97: 2/13/97p35

Harvey, Ethelyn M., died 7/23/96: 8/1/96p22

Haseltine, Nancy, is new Director of Rochester Fair: 1/18/96p1

Haskins, Sadie J., died 5/11/98: 5/21/98p35

Hassen, Ruby M., died 10/7/97: 10/16/97p32

Hasty, Debra L. died 5/10/99: 5/13/99p29

Hatch, Dora F., died 8/13/98: 8/20/98p27

Hatch Sr., Norman N., died 11/15/97: 11/20/97p34

Hawthorne Sr., Robert K., died 11/28/99: 12/9/99p25

Haycock, David P., died 3/17/97: 3/27/97p25

Hayes, Elaine M., died 4/29/99: 5/6/99p38

Hayes, Florence, died 1/19/99: 1/28/99p22

Hayes, Harold A., died 3/22/98: 3/26/98p27

Hayes, Leon F., died 9/9/99: 9/16/99p25

Hayes, Raymond C., died 1/31/96: 2/8/96p34

Hebert, Betty L., died 2/17/95: 2/23/95p30

Hebert, Isabelle L., died 11/16/95: 11/22/95p30

Helie, Delores H., died 9/27/95: 10/5/96p35

Helliesen, Walter, is new Roch. Middle School principal: 4/17/97p1

Hemenway, Leon A., died 1/18/96: 1/25/96p26

Henderson, George A., died 12/8/97: 12/24/97p23

Henderson, Jack, lauded at tea: 6/18/98p1

Henderson, Phyllis W., died 9/6/97: 9/11/97p31

Henlin, Loretta C., died 7/13/98: 7/16/98p23

Henry, Eugene E., died 7/9/98: 7/30/98p27

Heon, Julie, new principal of McClelland School: 5/1/97p9

Hersey, Ruth I., died 5/19/99: 5/27/99p36

Hersom, Ethel B., died 11/19/95: 11/22/95p30

Hervey, Denise, is City's Employee of the Month: 3/10/94p11,1/14/99p2

Hettinger, Stanley, retires as Wind Symphony director: 5/29/98s2p1

Hickey, Gertrude E., died 1/6/99: 1/14/99p26

Higgins, Donald, died 7/30/99: 8/5/99p24

Hill, Donald C., died 9/23/94: 9/29/94p16

Hill, Florence, died 3/12/96: 3/21/96p29

Hill, George, died 7/31/99: 8/5/99p24

Hill, Helen F., died 11/8/96: 11/21/96p27

Hilliard, Allan V., died 6/20/99: 6/24/99p25

Hills, Mary M., died 3/10/97: 3/20/97p30

Hillsgrove, Mabel E., died 1/26/95: 2/2/95p22

Hindle, Thom, is historian-photographer: 12/1/94p18

Hirsch, Queenie M., dioed 2/3/94: 2/9/94p10

Hoage, Donald C., died 3/23/97: 3/27/97p25

Hoage, Ronald H., died 2/15/99: 2/18/99p32

Hodgdon, Clayton, died 5/12/98: 5/21/98p35

Hodgdon, Ellsworth & Agnes celebrate 55 years ofmarriage: 11/6/97p31

Hodgdon, Royce C., died 11/?/99: 11/18/99pp1,25

Hoell, John, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 11/14/96p19

Hoell, Johnny, earns BSA Eagle Badge: 10/17/96p22

Hoerman, Dr. Walter, lauded as an Outstanding Young Citizen: 3/27/97p2

Hoffman, Bernard N., died 4/6/95: 4/13/95p34

Hogan, Paul, named Spaulding HS athletic director: 6/11/98p21

Hoke, Richard, is new superintendant of SAU 61: 5/26/94p1

Holland, Charles W., died 11/13/97: 12/24/97p22

Holmes, George H., died 5/19/95: 5/25/95p38

Holmes, Wilhemina A., died 10/22/98: 10/29/98p30

Holup, Michael W., died 7/26/95: 8/3/95p30

Hooper, Arthur B., died 1/26/94: 2/2/94p11

Hope, Aaron D., wins UNH scholarship: 7/2/98p10

Horne, James, died 11/28/98: 12/3/98p27

Horne, Richard F., died 7/21/97: 7/24/97p41

Horner, Phil and Eileen, adopt Russian child: 4/8/99p1

Houle, Barabara J., died 9/1/96: 9/5/96p22

Hourinane, Caroline E., died 2/27/99: 3/4/99p28

Hourinane, Mark and Leanne, celebrate 25th anniversary: 5/21/98p32

Hourinane, Stephen and Caroline wed 62 years: 2/25/99p7

Howard, Cecile D., died 6/2/99: 6/10/99p25

Howard, Christine M., died 11/22/96: 11/27/96p31

Howard, Cleon E., died 2/16/98: 3/5/98p30

Howard, Francis W., died 4/18/96: 4/18/96p29

Howard, Hilda M., died 5/23/97: 5/29/97p31

Howard, Ina F., died 2/21/96: 2/29/96p26

Howard, John F., doed 3/23/97: 3/27/97p25

Howard, Natalie K., died 8/14/98: 8/20/98p27

Howe, Lena M., died 4/12/97: 4/17/97p29

Howe. Arthur, died 12/27/96: 1/9/97p27

Howes, Traci, thanks folks for support for daughter Echo: 3/26/98p25

Howie, Mike, completes 8-day NH Police Cadet course: 8/29/97p3

Howie, Mike, completes PD Academy training: 7/3/96p6

Huckins, Anita M., died 4/7/97: 4/17/97p29

Huckins, Bertha, wins Homemakers' raffle: 11/12/98p17

Huff, Grace M., died 4/24/98: 4/30/98p30

Hulse, Stella F., died 1/29/94: 2/2/94p11

Hulsey, Esther H., died 1/29/97: 2/6/97p26

Hume, Herbert J., died 1/20/98: 1/29/98p27

Hunt, Kenneth P., died 5/14/94: 5/19/94p31

Huntress, Donald R., died 11/21/99: 11/24/99p17

Huntress, Robert J., died 4/13/97: 4/17/97p29

Huppe, Angela, is Employee of Quarter at Holy Rosary CU: 7/16/98p12

Huppe, Bertrand J., died 4/3/97: 4/10/97p25

Huppe, Roland and Norma, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 12/24/98p23

Huppe, Rosalyn D., died 1/9/98: 1/15/98p18

Hurd, Alberta J., died 2/8/97: 2/13/97p35

Hussey, Christine P., died 12/9/98: 12/17/98p21

Hussey, Jerry M., died 7/25/95: 8/3/95p30

Hutchins, Roland G., died 12/19/97: 12/24/97p23

Hutchins, Teresa H., died 9/3/97: 9/11/97p31

Hynes, Dave, recalls life as part of rock and roll: 7/31/97p1

Irish, Neal, member of American Legion for 50 years: 3/6/97p3

Irving Sr., Robert, died 7/16/97: 7/24/97p41

Jackson, Georgia T., died 12/28/98: 1/7/99p23

Jackson, Joan--a native corn seller: 8/18/94p1

Jacobs, Emma B., died 4/21/99: 4/29/99p28

Jacobs, Marjorie H., died 10/25/95: 11/2/95p37

Jacques, Pauline E., died 3/3/96: 3/7/96p30

Jacques, Romeo, died 5/31/95: 6/8/95p42

Jacques, Tomasia E., died 3/26/94: 4/7/94p22

Janelle, Genevieve L., dioed 12/9/97: 12/18/97p34

Janetos, Costas S., died 12/9/96: 12/19/96p27

Jeffery, Rev. Zaferis A., died 1/10/98: 1/15/98p26

Jenness, Ann, and Mark Berry are wed 10/22/94: 2/9/95p6

Jenness, Lloyd K., died 10/26/95: 11/2/95p37

Jenness, Robert, died 10/30/98: 11/19/98p25

Jenness, Teresa M., died 8/8/99: 8/12/99p24

Jewell, Blaine R., died 3/2/99: 3/11/99p32

Johnsen, Dorothy, appointed Dean at McIntosh College: 7/13/95p17

Johnson, Abby, new Roch. Recreation program coordinator: 1/30/97p29

Johnson, Bruce A., died 1/25/94: 2/2/94p11

Johnson, Elinor V., died 10/24/96p30: 10/31/96p30

Johnson, Eric G., died 9/15/96: 9/19/96p26

Johnson, Fred A., died 3/1/98: 3/5/98p30

Johnson, Gertrude V., died 1/25/98: 1/29/98p27

Johnson, Mary C., died 8/22/99: 8/26/99p25

Johnson, Peggy, earns "Media Professional" TV award: 11/25/98p6

Johnson, Peggy, hosts Channel 12 women's show: 8/29/97p16

Johnson, Rev. Rollin, retires from Farm'n First Cong. Church: 9/4/97p1

Johnson, Ruth M., died 7/1/94: 7/7/94p24

Johnson, Shirley C., died 7/2/97: 7/10/97p29

Johnson, Violet C., died 5/29/94: 6/9/94p27

Jones, Helen L., died 8/28/98: 9/3/98p23

Jones, Robert F., died 10/13/97: 10/16/97p32

Jones, Robert S., died 2/8/98: 2/12/98p26

Joos, Dennis L., died 8/19/97: 8/29/97p31

Josephson, Harold W., died 1/6/97: 1/9/97p27

Joy, Jessie-Ann, died 8/22/98: 8/27/98p23

Joy Sr., Robert A., died 11/3/98: 11/12/98p26

Julin, Elsie E., died 4/30/97: 5/8/97p2

Kairo, Patty, is City's Employee of the Month: 12/10/98p2

Kamhi, Lisa Yvonne, to summer in school in England: 7/2/98p10

Karlberg, Tonya M., died 6/5/94: 6/9/94p27

Karlik, Betty J., died 5/9/94: 5/12/94p27

Kaucher, Joseph P., died 1/20/94: 1/26/94p17

Keays, Elizabeth J., died 11/13/97: 11/20/97p34

Keefe, Florence C., died 12/25/97: 1/15/98p26

Keefe, Jamie, plays shortstop in Oregon Western League: 6/11/98p20

Keene, Leslie L., died 12/5/96: 12/12/96p35

Keith, H. Merritt, died 11/4/95: 11/9/95p20

Kelley, Gary E., died 1/12/94: 1/19/94p19

Kelsey, Carolyn V., died 1/16/99: 1/26/94p17

Keniston, Louise B., died 5/17/99: 5/27/99p36

Kennedy, Susan J., died 9/11/94: 9/15/94p26

Kenney, Dennis E., died 11/10/96: 11/14/96p27

Kenney Sr., John T., died 1/5/98: 1/15/98p26

Kerkensen Sr, John W., died 8/24/98: 9/3/98p23

Kerr, Joseph H., died 7/14/96: 7/25/96p26

Ketcham, Helen C., died 11/28/99: 12/16/99p20

Kicks, Evelyn J., died 7/2/99: 7/8/99p21

Kidder, Allen G., died 1/20/96: 1/25/96p26

Kidney, Olivia, died 12/16/97: 12/31/97p26

Kilcullen, Wilda C., died 8/12/99: 8/19/99p21

Kimball, Regina V., died 2/18/95: 2/23/95p30

King, Grace E., died 1/14/94: 1/19/94p19

King, Irene M., died 5/9/99: 5/13/99p29

Kinney, Virginia T., died 10/10/95: 10/19/95p33

Kirouac, Henry L., died 11/24/95: 11/30/95p1,p35

Kirshtel, Debbye, displays her art at Gallery 111: 5/21/98p17

Klapprodt, Edna M., died 11/23/94: 12/1/94p33

Knapper, Frank, died 7/10/94: 7/14/94p28

Knapper, Mary R., died 1/20/95: 1/26/95p26

Knights, Rita S., died 3/2/99: 3/11/99p32

Komar, Jessica, wins Siemon Scholarship Award: 6/25/98p26

Kondrup, Maggie, retires from East Rochester Annex: 5/21/98p16

Kondrup, Richard E., died 5/15/97: 5/22/97p31

Kothman, Bob, makes his own maple syrup: 3/19/98p1

Koulalis, Nicholas, died 11/3/94: 11/10/94p32

Koziba, Walter J., died 12/18/95: 12/28/95p23

Kraut, Beverly, authors book on years at St. Charles Home: 6/23/94p1

Krisiak, Freidolph F., died 4/19/94: 4/28/94p23

Krueger, Richard H., died 3/25/97: 4/3/97p20(RT)

Kudlacek, Moonyeen C., died 3/5/94: 3/10/94p23

Kuehl, Charles W., died 2/13/99: 2/18/99p32

Kuriger, Gloria D., died 3/25/95: 4/6/95p41

Kusnierz, Mary E., died 9/18/98: 9/24/98p27

Kwok, Maggie, wins National Kidney Assoc. poster contest: 6/19/97p10

Labell, Edward V., died 2/10/98: 2/19/98p34

LaBonte, Leo F., died 12/21/94: 12/22/94p33

Labrecque, Rita M., died 12/12/97: 12/18/97p34

Lacasse, Ruth A., died 6?/??/96: 7/3/96p22

Lachance, Douglas, feted at Mayoral Inaugural Banquet (photos): 1/29/98p3

Lachance, Jerry and Ginny, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 12/24/98p9

Lachance, John D., died 9/26/97: 10/2/97p31

Lachance, Mayor Douglas, makes inaugural address: 1/8/98p1

Lachance, Richard, finally awarded WWII medals: 3/31/94p1

LaChance, Dick, relates his D-Day activities: 6/2/94p1

LaChance, Douglas, in auto accident: 7/9/98p1

Lachapelle, Diana A., died 7/12/94: 7/21/94p27

Lachapelle, Dorothy A., died 10/21/98: 10/29/98p30

Lachappelle, Raymond H., died 5/9/96: 5/23/96p36

LaCouture, Rita, died 12/6/95: 12/14/95p34

LaCroix, Dan, is Citizen of the Year: 2/13/97p1

Ladd, Gordon C., died 1/11/98: 1/15/98p26

Laferte, Martin, Commissioner of Public Works, steps down: 1/9/97p1

LaFleur Sr., Alfred P., died 4/4/98: 4/9/98p27

Lagotte, Estelle, died 12/31/95: 1/4/96p23

LaGuardia, Katharine, died 6/5/97: 6/12/97p32

Laliberte, May D., died 10/1/99: 10/7/99p28

Lamarre, Clarence M., died 8/3/94p31

Lambert, Cecil, died 12/12/95: 12/21/95p29

Lambert, J. Walter, died 8/17/98: 8/20/98p27

Lambert, Phyllis M., died 1/20/95: 1/26/95p26

Lambert, Rose A., died 12/18/97: 12/31/97p26

Lamie Sr., Lawrence B., died 2/9/98: 3/5/98p30

Lance, Anthony F., died 3/30/98: 4/2/98p30

Landry, Annabelle B., died 8/12/99: 8/19/99p21

Landry, Barbara N., died 1/24/98: 1/29/98p27

Landry, Corey, is City's Employee of the Month: 6/16/94p16

Landry, Marquis, died 1/1/99: 1/21/99p19

Landry, Ronald D., died 11/27/99: 12/9/99p25

Langlelier, Rose E., died 6/8/96: 6/13/96p29

Langley, Ronald G., died 4/29/94: 5/5/94p27

Langlier, Dick, still delivering mail at 69: 9/10/98p1

Langlois, Robin, wins 20 weekends of free camping: 4/9/98p11

Lapanne, Paul A., died 5/24/98-6/4/98p30,6/11/98p30

LaPanne, Robert E., died 10/8/97: 10/23/97p34

Lapierre, Marguerite, died 4/12/96: 4/18/96p29

LaPierre, Jeffery A., died 7/22/95: 7/27/95p30

LaPierre, Lucille E., died 1/12/94: 1/19/94p19

Laplume, Aurore M., died 9/5/96: 9/12/96p22

Laprise, Julia K., died 7/12/99: 7/22/99p25

Large, Roberta, wins rifle in Opera House raffle: 12/26/96p5

Lariviere, Marie, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Home: 6/4/98p17

Lark, Christa, wins scholarship for Traffic Safety essay: 12/1/93p2

LaRoche, Rose E., died 1/13/94: 1/19/94p19

Larochelle, Dick, named Employee of the Month: 3/13/97p2

Larochelle, Mildred, died 10/13/99: 10/28/99p32

Larochelle, Roger, died 1/26/98: 2/5/98p21

Larochelle, Wilfred J., died 2/4/94: 2/9/94p10

LaRochelle, Jane, retires from East Rochester Annex: 5/21/98p16

Laskey, Kenneth M., died 1/12/98: 1/22/98p27

Laurion, Jayne, painting wins Currier Galley of Art award: 12/8/94p34

LaValley, Hazel M., died 10/5/97: 10/9/97p30

Laverdiere, Alfred J., died 4/12/97: 4/17/97p29

Lavoie, Doroth B., died 6/20/98: 6/25/98p27

Lawrence, Marjorie a., died 12/??/98: 12/31/98p19

Leary, Janaya M., died 10/11/97: 10/23/97p34

Leathe, Arthur N., died 1/28/94: 2/2/94p11

Leaver, Betty Lou, has a book published: 9/18/97p10

Leavitt, Charles R., died 6/11/96: 6/20/96p29

LeBlanc Sr., Arthur J., died 4/4/95: 4/13/95p34

Lebrecque, Norman, retires from Roch. Hous'g Authority: 5/18/95p4

LeBrun, Joan H., died 7/29/95: 8/3/95p30

LeClair, Carl W., died 2/15/97: 2/20/97p23

LeClair, Virginia M., died 3/30/98: 4/4/96p30

Lefebvre, George A., died 4/26/97: 5/8/97p29

Lefebvre, Roger, still delivering mail at 69: 9/10/98p1

Lefebvre, Wilbrod A., died 8/30/94: 9/1/94p31

Lefevre, Genevieve A., died 9/12/95: 9/21/95p26

Leighton, Cora A., died 11/22/98: 11/25/98p21

Leighton, Robert F., died 10/29/99: 11/4/99p34

Leighton, Roger, honored by tree farm inspection: 9/8/93p3

Lemire, Aime A., died 12/1/94: 12/8/94p36

Lemire, Alphie W., died 11/26/96: 12/5/96p31

Lemoyne, Pauline M., died 12/30/95: 1/4/96p23

Lemoyne, Raymond A., died 9/1/94: 9/8/94p36

Lenane, Kevin P., died 4/4/99: 4/8/99p33

Lennon, Charles J., died 12/11/95: 10/3/96p26

Lepage, Alma R., died 9/13/97: 9/18/97p28

Leslie, Edward and Shirley, celebrate 50th anniversay: 8/1/96p6

Lessard, Roger L., died 43/9/97: 4/17/97p29

Letourneau, Fernand, died 1/5/99: 1/14/99p26

LeVarn, Mary I., died 4/23/95: 4/27/95p30

Levesque, Lucien, vies for County commissioner post: 9/3/98p1

Levesque, Viola, died 11/1/95: 11/9/95p30

Lewis, Robert W., died 2/12/98: 2/19/98p34

Lewis Sr., James P., died 5/19/94: 5/5/94p27

Lewis Sr., James P., died 4/19/94: 4/28/94p23

Lewis, Steve, wins Community Relations Beacon Award: 4/23/98p18

Libby, Arthur L., died 7/9/99: 7/15/99p22

Libby, George V.,, died 1/5/99: 1/14/99p27

Libby, Lorraine H., died 3/26/99: 4/1/99p42

Lincoln Jr., Harold G., died 1/5/97: 1/9/97p27

Lindsay family holds reunion: 8/26/99p12

Lipinski, Julie K., died 3/23/99: 4/1/99p42

Little, Norma, honored at Governor's Volunteerism Awards: 1/29/98p15

Littlefield, Clara, died 1/3/99: 1/14/99p27

Littlefield, Frances L., died 3/16/98: 3/19/98p23

Littlefield, Russell E., died 6/12/93: 6/23/93p13

Lizotte Sr., Henry W., died 9/8/99: 9/16/99p25

Locke, Margaret, died 11/9/97: 11/13/97p29

Lockwood, Paul F., died 12/7/99: 12/16/99p20

Logan, Charles H., died 12/25/97: 12/31/97p27

Long, Clyde B., died 1/26/94: 2/2/94p11

Long, Marvin R., died ??/??/95: 3/2/95p28

Longo, Jessie E., died 10/11/99: 10/21/99p32

Loomis, Angelo and Bette, celebrate 50 years of marriage: 10/9/97p31

Loomis, Michael A., died 9/9/99: 9/23/99p28

Loper, Marion E., died 1/13/97: 1/23/97p27

Loper, Mation E/. died 1/13/97: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Lord, Clifford, died 8/18/96: 8/29/96p30

Lord, Frank W., died 8/15/94: 8/18/94p31

Lord Jr., George T., died 2/15/97: 2/20/97p23

Lord, June F., died 4/8/97: 4/10/97p25

Louden, Arlene pictured with four other generations: 5/21/98p30

Lovely, Jean E., died 10/11/97: 10/23/97p34

Lover, Merle V., died 6/6/98: 6/11/98p31,6/18/98p27

Lovett, Lillian M., died 7/18/97: 7/24/97p41

Lowden, Richard F., died 11/21/95: 11/30/95p35

Lucek, Melissa, earns Gurl Scout Gold Award: 10/16/97p15

Lucey, Donald J., died 9/7/96: 9/12/96p22

Lucey, Marguerite, died 7/16/96: 7/25/96p25

Lumbard, Robert, died 10/1/95: 10/5/96p35

Lundborn, Ray, visits Washington at President's invitation: 2/16/94p1

Lynch, Peggy, is BPW 1996 Woman of Achievement: 10/17/96p3

Lyndes, Eunice, died 2/1/98: 2/5/98p21

Lynns Jr., CWO2 Donald R., retires from Navy: 8/13/98s2p2

Mabey, Jr., James C., died 2/4/99: 2/11/99p27

MacEachern, Novella, is CEO of The Homemakers of SC: 2/16/95p5

Macfadzen, Mary, is Senior 911 Dispatcher: 3/6/97p29

MacGranahan, Warren B., died 5/21/96: 6/6/96p1,p21,p29

MacGregor, Bruce E., died 6/7/97: 6/12/97p32

MacKay, Elwin, died 5/24/96: 5/30/96p38

MacQuarrie, Robert M., died 10/10/95: 10/19/95p33

Maguire, Olin F., died 12/13/96: 12/26/96p24

Maleham, Elsie M., died 9/25/98: 10/1/98p27

Mann, Irving, died 4/23/95: 4/27/95p30

Mann, Verna, died 8/16/96: 8/22/96p26

Mantelli, Liz, new Spaulding HS principal: 3/20/97p1

Mantos, Louis W., died 11/11/96: 11/21/96p27

Marble, Alwyn B., died 7/24/94: 7/28/94p30

Marble, C. Edward, died 2/21/94: 2/23/94p23

Marble, Harold F., died 6/28/95: 7/6/95p28

Marcey, Germaine, died 9/5/94: 9/15/94p26

Marchacos, Carol Ann, inducted into Roch. Sports Hall of Fame: 5/7/98p21

Marchacos, Deus and Claire, observe 25th wedding anniversary: 1/5/95p19

Marchacos, Theresa E., died 5/2/99: 5/13/99p29

Marchand, Frank, has been cutting hair for 46 years: 7/10/97p1

Marchand, Franklin P., died 7/20/99: 7/22/99p25

Marcotte, Laura, died 3/25/94: 3/31/94p22

Marcotte, Peter, is City Hall intern for six weeks: 8/4/93p15

Margerison, Virena G., died 2/28/98: 3/5/98p30

Mari, Ellen L., died 8/17/95: 8/24/95p30

Markey, James T., died 9/2/97: 9/11/97p32

Marr, Agnes M., died 1/30/98: 2/5/98p21

Marsh, Louise P., died 12/9/98: 12/17/98p31

Marshall, Joel A., died 10/9/97: 10/16/97p32

Marshall Jr., John, died 5/23/96: 5/30/96p38

Marston, Freeland S., died 6/9/98: 6/18/98p27

Martel, Lionel G., died 11/29/96: 12/5/96p31

Martin, David C., died 9/4/97: 9/11/97p32

Martin, Jeannette W., died 1/28/96: 2/1/96p30

Martin, William J., died 5/9/94: 5/12/94p27

Martineau, Amy, crowned Miss Northeast Teen: 9/15/94p5

Martineau, Edward J., died 12/13/98: 12/17/98p21

Martineau, William R., died 10/8/96: 10/17/96p23

Martocchio, Denise, awarded Frisbee scholarship: 7/16/98p21

Massey, Kenneth P., died 8/22/97: 8/29/97p30

Massingham, Helen M., died 10/21/99: 10/28/99p32

Mater, Toofey R., died 2/21/97: 3/6/97p30

Matsumoto, Larry, Certified Master Dog Trainer: 9/22/93p20(RT)

Matteson, Truman F., died 2/8/94: 2/16/94p26

Maxfield, Chris, promotes healthier living: 12/31/98p1

Maxfield, Geraldine A., died 12/19/99: 12/23/99p22

Maxfield, Vera A., died 8/14/98: 8/20/98p27

May, Alexander, wins City's Pothole/Frostheave contest: 3/24/94p1

May, Anne, is City's Employee of the Month: 4/14/94p12

May, Anne, wins Lockhart Memorial Award: 2/5/98p13

Mayo, Alden L., died 10/27/99: 11/4/99p34

Mayotte, Stella I., died 3/14/94: 3/17/94p23

Mayrand, Bernice C., died 11/29/96: 12/5/96p31

Mayrand, Rev. Paul G., died 12/9/96: 12/26/96p24

McAllister, Linda, reaps Roch. BPW Women of Achievement Award: 10/13/93p5

McCabe Sr., Edmund, died 10/19/97: 10/23/97p35

McCann, Paul R., died 8/17/95: 8/24/95p30

McCarn, Robin, and Tony McClain are wed 6/12/99p: 8/26/99p47

McCarthy Jr., William E., died 12/14/94: 12/22/94p33

McCarthy, William, died 9/27/94: 10/6/94p34

McCarty, Francis J., died 3/3/97: 3/13/97p25

McClain, Tony, and Robin McCarn are wed 6/12/99p: 8/26/99p47

McDaniel, Priscilla M., died 8/19/97: 8/21/97p27

McDuffee, Gerald E., died 7/5/95: 7/13/95p34

McGarghan, Terry, hosts his last MDA Telethon: 9/4/97p11,p15

McGarghan, Terry, named Rochester Citizen of the Year: 2/12/98p3

McGilvray, Cindy, is Holy Rosary C.U. employee of the quarter: 5/21/98p32

McGlauflin, Christopher M., died 10/17/97: 10/23/97p35

McGowan, Lt. Mark, completes Police Command Training Program: 6/4/98p6

McGrail, Loretta, now officer in Roch. B&P Women's Club: 8/13/98p12

McGrail, Loretta, wins Bus. & Prof. Women's award: 8/20/98p11

McGranahan, Mac, is Elks Citizen of the Year: 12/21/95p1

McGranahan, Warren, receives State's Vaughan Award: 6/1/95p15

McGuigan, Walter, died 11/21/98: 11/25/98p21

McInnerney, Tillie M., died 6/23/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

McIntosh, Alfred P., died 4/26/95: 5/4/95p34

McKenney, Ada L., died 6/16/96: 6/20/96p29

McKinney, Sarah, died 6/8/96: 6/13/96p29

McLaughlin, Neal P., died 5/14/94: 5/19/94p31

McMahon, Hugh M., died 12/8/99: 12/16/99p21

McManus, Eleanor L., died 6/9/94: 6/16/94p21

McManus, Melissa, and Michael Peterson are wed 7/24/99: 11/18/99p26

McNally, John, died 8/17/97: 8/21/97p27

McNally, Richard G., died 4/22/99: 4/29/99p28

McSheehan, Mary C., died 2/26/94: 3/2/94p23

Meader, Frieda E., died 7/28/97: 7/31/97p31

Meader, John M., died 10/22/96: 10/31/96p30

Mears, Dorothy, celebrates 80th birthday: 8/20/98p3

Mee, John A., died 11/11/96: 11/14/96p27

Meissner, Edna M., died 11/12/94: 11/17/94p36

Melanson, Marcia F., died 12/11/96: 12/26/96p24

Melville, Charles, honored Civil War hero: 9/19/96p24

Melville, Charles, story continued: 9/26/96p32,10/10/96p29

Menzel, Adam, is Roch. Fair poster winner: 5/20/99p10

Merchant, Patricia L., died 9/27/97: 10/2/97p31

Merchant Sr., Donald L., died 9/26/94: 9/29/94p16

Mercier, Bruce A., died 2/10/97: 2/13/97p35

Merrill, Grave C., died 11/11/97: 11/20/97p34

Merrow, Gertrude B., died 4/29/95: 5/4/95p34

Merz., Ann P., died 9/19/97: 9/27/97p26

Mesiaone, Officer Anthony, is City Employee of Month: 6/18/98p2

Metcalf, Perley G., died 2/20/97: 2/27/97p30

Metrick, Stephen M., died 5/4/95: 5/11/95p38

Meunier, Dorothy M., died 11/26/98: 12/10/98p27

Meyers, Jamie, selected as NH Teacher of the Year: 3/10/93p1

Michel, Kathleen N., died 10/13/99: 10/21/99p32

Millen, Edward J., died 10/7/99: 10/14/99p33

Miller, Helen M., died 4/25/96: 5/2/96p29

Miller, Ken, died 2/1/99: 2/11/99p27

Mills, Archibald, doed 8/27/96: 8/29/96p30

Mills, Charles M., died 12/11/96: 12/19/96p27

Miltner Jr., Al, is Rochester Business Leader of the Year: 2/11/99p10

Minnon, Francis J., died 7/7/95: 7/13/95p34

Mireault Jr., Norman G., died 8/18/97: 8/21/97p27

Mitchell, Jim, of PSNH makes hurricane repairs in Puerto Rico: 11/5/98p1

Mondou, Antonio J., died 2/20/94: 3/2/94p23

Monroe, Doris M., died 7/26/9: 8/4/94p27

Monroe, JohN A., died 5/27/94: 6/2/94p23

Montgomery, Bob, tells of early years at St. Charles Home: 6/23/94p1

Montgomery, Miranda, chosen for Granite Girls State: 6/25/98p6

Montgomery, Miranda, wins VFW Voice of Democracy contest: 3/6/97p29

Moody, Brian, receives Outdoor Leadership Award: 6/25/98p14

Moody, Diane, is City's Employee of the Month: 5/11/95p1

Moody, Dorothy K., died 8/24/98: 8/27/98p22

Moody, Edward L., died 9/28/94 : 10/6/94p34

Moody, Steve, Rochester Employee of the Month: 1/22/98p2

Mooney, Shirley A., died 6/25/99: 7/1/99p25

Morales, Roy P., died 22/4/95: 2/9/95p28

Moreau, Carol S., died 2/19/99: 3/4/99p29

Moreau Sr., Raymond J., died 10/27/94: 11/3/94p32

Morgan, Charles K., died 7/5/96: 7/25/96p26

Morgan, Florence J., died 6/3/99: 6/10/99p25

Morin, Patricia D., died 5/1/95: 5/11/95p38

Morin, Robert O., died 3/3/99: 3/11/99p32

Morin, Walter L., died 7/27/98: 8/6/98p26

Morneau, Emile H., died 7/5/98: 7/16/98p23

Morphy, Addie M., died 3/7/94: 3/10/94p23

Morrill, Betty F., died 9/22/96: 9/26/96p34

Morris, Karen A., to study in Kenya: 10/1/98p12

Morrow, Emily R., died 8/27/98: 9/3/98p23

Moses, Diane, is City's Employee of the Month: 12/1/94p28

Moses, Lila R., died 2/6/94: 2/9/94p10

Mosher, Jean, seriously hurt in riding accident: 8/25/94p1

Moulton, Alden L., died 6/30/98: 7/9/98p27

Moulton, Stan, School Street School teacher lauded: 2/9/95p1

Moynihan, Agnes W., died 1/31/97: 2/6/97p26

Mros Jr., M&M Edward, celebrate 50th anniversary: 10/21/99p33

Munroe, John C., died 4/8/97: 4/24/97p33

Murby, Guy W., died 9/18/99: 9/23/99p29

Murphy, Francis J., died 8/20/96: 8/22/96p26

Murphy, Gertrude N., died 7/5/95: 7/13/95p34

Murphy, Madalyn J., died 1/9/99: 1/14/99p26

Murray, 7 year-old Emilee, donates to Gerry's Food Pantry: 7/31/97p1

Murray, Doris M., died 12/29/98: 1/7/99p23

Myers, Lonzo C., died 1/19/94: 1/26/94p17

Myers, Marge A., died 9/25/97: 10/2/97p31

Nadeau, Edgar J., died 1/4/97: 1/9/97p26

Nadeau, Ronald J., died 12/21/98: 12/24/98p23

Nangle, John C., died 6/18/96: 6/27/96p33(RT)

Napolitano, Kathleen, honored by Assoc. of Letter Carriers: 4/6/95p1

Napolitano, Postal carrier Kathy, returns to favorite route: 1/28/99p1

Nartel, Jeremy Ian, died 5/23/97: 5/29/97p31

Nason, Carlton W., died 12/17/96: 1/9/97p26

Nason, Rodney E., died 10/19/96: 10/24/96p31

Nason, Sarah, attends FHA meeting: 7/23/98p12

Nason Sr., Clarence, died 3/12/94: 3/17/94p23

Nathan, Doris L., died 3/28/96: 4/4/96p30

Nation, Barry, celebrates 30 years with Rivers Camera Shop: 2/27/97p13

Nau, George. F., died 6/30/98: 7/9/98p27

Neal, Eleanor M., died 10/9/97: 10/16/97p32

Neal, Frank L., died 11/20/99: 11/24/99p17

Neal, Myrtie A., died 1/25/98: 1/29/98p26

Nedeau Sr., Alfred B., died 2/2/96: 2/15/96p34

Nehring, Viva M., died 8/30/97: 9/11/97p31

Nerney, Carlene, is NE Shop & Save store manager of year: 3/18/99p4

Nesbitt, Thomas F., died 3/17/99: 3/25/99p36

Newcomb, Barry, new Roch. police officer: 8/7/97p2

Newcombe, Deborah E., died 3/11/97: 3/20/97p30

Nichols, Marianne, named city Employee of the Month: 3/12/98p2

Nichols, Ronald D., died 6/28/99: 7/1/99p25

Nickless, Art, is City's Business Leader of the Year: 2/15/96p5

Nickless, Arthur, is chairman of Roch. Housing Authority: 8/31/95p38

Nickless, Arthur, named to Pease Development Authority: 10/24/96p3

Nickless, Arthur, re-elected Roch. Housing Authority chairman: 2/6/97p15

Nixon, Abbie, celebrates 100th birthday: 8/8/96p14

Nixon, Robert, died 8/23/96: 8/29/96p30

Noel, John E., died 8/29/99: 9/2/99p28

Nolan, John, and Stephanie Piro are wed 12/29/94: 1/5/95p19

Noonan, Arthur C., died 11/17/95: 11/22/95p30

Normand, Jean p., died 6/29/95: 7/6/95p28

Norrish, Virginia L., died 2/2/97: 2/6/97p26

Norton, Harrison R., died 1/8/99: 1/14/99p26

Norton, Hazel L., died 2/25/96: 3/7/96p30

Norton, Helen M., died 10/7/96: 10/17/96p23

Norton, John, completes cross-country bike ride: 7/28/94p1

Nute, Marilyn E., died 10/25/99: 11/4/99p34

Nutter, Clyde, is BPOE Elk of the Year: 3/21/96p4

Nyman, Maude R., died 2/18/96: 2/22/96p26

O'Brien, John F., died 4/??/94: 4/7/94p22

O'Connell, Robert A., died 2/12/95: 2/16/95p34

O'Neil, Francis P., died 3/6/97: 3/13/97p25

O'Neil, Frank, visits area of his D-Day activities: 6/2/94p1

O'Neil, Michaeline D., died 12/7/99: 12/16/99p20

Odess, Linda M., died 8/6/95: 8/17/95p26

Odom, Aaron, completes PD Academy training: 7/3/96p6

Olden, Stephen H., earns BS Business Management degree: 7/2/98p10

Olivier, Julion, earns ACA Legion of Honor award: 414/94p26

Osbourne, Gretta W., died 12/9/95: 12/14/95p34

Otis, Elfreda C., died 5/30/05: 6/8/95p42

Ouellette, Gerald L. died 2/1/98: 2/5/98p21

Ouellette, Gertrude R., died 2/25/97: 3/6/97p30

Ouellette, Leona L., died 1/17/94: 1/26/94p17

Ouellette, Winona K., died 9/30/94: 10/6/94p34

Owen, Claudia A., died 12/13/99: 12/30/99p18

Paey, Caroline L., died 6/15/99: 6/24/99p25

Page, Ethelyn L., died 8/8/99: 8/12/99p24

Page, Wesley L., died 8/2/99: 8/12/99p23

Paige, Raph W., died 1/21/98: 1/29/98p26

Palardy, Felix E., died 12/2/96: 12/5/96p31

Palaski, Margaret, died 11/14/97: 11/20/97p34

Pallas, Betty E., died 12/24/96: 2/6/97p26

Palmer, Rodney W., died 10/17/97: 10/23/97p35

Pappalardo, Pat N., died 11/28/94: 12/1/94p33

Paquette, Everest A., died 2/21/97: 3/6/97p30

Paradis, Ethelyn L., died 7/16/97: 7/24/97p41

Paradis, Gertrude E., died 11/27/94: 12/1/94p33

Pare, Albini C., died 2/21/98: 3/5/98p30

Pare, Paul E., died 1/19/95: 1/26/95p26

Pare, Rose I., died 1/25/94: 2/2/94p11

Pare, Roseanne A., died 3/6/95: 3/16/95p34

Pare, Suzanne RE., died 7/16/94: 7/21/94p27

Parker, Mildred, died 5/25/95: 6/1/95p30

Parker, Norman E., died 6/26/97: 7/3/97p3

Parker, Winifred B., died 12/16/97: 12/24/97p22

Parsell, William O., died 10/31/98: 11/5/98p23

Parshley, Sheldon C., died 7/1/96: 7/11/96p22

Parzych, William A., died 4/??/96: 4/25/96p38

Patch, Louise E., died 5/26/96: 6/6/96p29

Patch Russell E., died 2/8/97: 2/13/97p35

Patriquin, Janet L., died 3/31/95: 9/7/95p26

Patten, Mona B., died 3/3/94: 3/10/94p23

Paul, Richard E., died 5/23/98: 5/29/98p31

Pearson, Florence W., died 10/13/97: 10/16/97p32

Peaslee-Radcliffe, Christine, earns Certified Funeral Award: 12/10/98p25

Peavey, George, died 7/9/96: 7/18/96p22

Pelletier, Cecile E., died 2/3/97: 2/6/97p25

Pelletier, Don & Pat, to erect H/H house: 6/9/93p17

Pelletier, Fernand J., died 7/4/95: 7/13/95p34

Pelletier, J. Arthur, died 11/6/95: 11/9/95p30

Pelley, Janet, is RB&PW Club Woman of Achievement: 3/18/99p7

Pennell, Alston E., died 1/31/97: 2/6/97p26

Perkins, Dora E., died 9/13/99: 9/23/99p28

Perkins, Doreen, died 3/6/97: 3/13/97p25

Perkins, Katherine W., died 8/16/98: 8/27/98p23

Perkins, Meredith, died 8/25/96: 8/29/96p30

Perreault, Claire A., died 9/4/95: 9/7/95p26

Perreault, Maria, keeps her French-Canadian heritage alive 12/2/99p1

Perreault, Philip & Anita, celebrate 50th wedding anniversary: 1/7/99p22

Perreault, Robert A., died 1/13/99: 1/21/99p19

Perry, Anthony G., died 9/10/99: 9/23/99p28

Perry, Warren H., died 11/25/96: 12/5/96p31

Peterson, Michael, and Melissa McManus are wed 7/24/99: 11/18/99p26

Peterson, Thelma Nutter, died 8/3/98: 8/13/98p22

Phillips, John L., died 6/1/96: 6/6/96p29

Phillips, M&M Fletcher are wed 50 years: 5/6/99p38

Phillips, Paul R., died 4/22/99: 4/29/99p28

Phyllis, the Bear Lady (last name unknown): 5/1/97p1

Picard, Josephine M., died 1/30/97: 2/6/97p26

Pike, Barbara E., died 7/22/97: 7/31/97p31

Pike, Florence G., died 1/31/94: 2/2/94p11

Pike, Joshua L., died 6/28/97: 7/3/97p24

Pike, Royden H., died 7/21/95: 7/27/95p30

Pion, Eugene E., died 5/1/97: 5/15/97p27

Piper, Ann, died 8/22/96: 8/29/96p30

Piper, Ralph L., died 3/1/95: 3/9/95p31

Piro, Stephanie, and John Nolan are wed 12/29/94: 1/5/95p19

Piro, Stephanie, cartoonist, to be syndicated nationally: 4/18/96p1

Place, June H., died 10/15/98: 10/22/98p31

Place, Margaret, died 8/1/94: 8/4/94p27

Place, Paul R., died 1/1/99: 1/7/99p23

Plante, Gerard A., died 2/5/94: 2/9/94p10

Plante, Rene, died 10/10/96: 10/17/96p23

Ploude, Irene R., died 9/25/95: 9/28/95p31

Poirer, Beatrice M., died 2/15/97: 2/27/97p30

Poisson, Conrad E., died 12/8/95: 12/14/95p34

Poisson, Ida S., died 7/31/95: 8/3/95p30

Poliquin, Aaron T., died 8/22/98: 8/27/98p22

Pollini, James, died 9/16/96: 9/26/96p34

Pollock, Richard, is new head of YMCA: 1/19/94p3

Pomeroy, Margaret A., died 2/19/99: 2/25/99p29

Pont briand, Caroline B., died 8/31/95: 9/7/95p26

Porelle, James, City's Employee of the Month: 12/14/95p2

Potter, Lynn E., died 1/15/98: 1/22/98p27

Potts, Cynthia, is City's Employee of the Month: 9/21/95p3

Potvin, Gloria A., died 3/25/99: 4/1/99p42

Potvin, Maurice, died 5/20/96: 5/30/96p38

Poul;iot Sr., Leon A., died 10/31/95: 11/2/95p37

Pouliot, Barbara L., died 12/22/97: 12/31/97p27

Pouliot, Flora R., died 6/13/99: 6/17/99p25

Powell, Lorraine R., died 9/1/94: 9/8/94p36

Powers, Mike, new president of Roch. Federation of Teachers: 9/7/95p1

Powers, Mike, President of Roch, Teachers Ass'n: 9/14/95p1(RT)

Pratt, Elsie P., died 11/25/96: 12/12/96p35

Pratt, Ruth, retires after 41 years with Farm'n Nat'l Bank: 4/27/95p1

Preston Jr., Joseph J., died 5/30/97: 6/5/97p28

Preston, Thelma L., died 2/24/94: 3/2/94p23

Price, Nancy E., died 12/5/98: 12/10/98p27

Pritchard, David L., died 12/7/95: 12/14/95p34

Proulx, Blanche G., died 5/4/99: 5/13/99p29

Proulx, Marie, died 8/26/96: 9/19/96p26

Proulx, Palma P., died 1/19/94: 1/26/94p17

Provencher, Dennis, donates 25th pint of blood: 7/9/98p17

Pulsifer, Rachel H., died 5/3/98: 5/7/98p26

Purpura, Ida F., died 10/5/96: 10/10/96p31

Putnam, William O., died 11/13/99: 11/18/99p25

Quayle, Dan, attends Republican rally: 8/20/98p1

Quinn, Dr. George, uses hypnosis as well as medicines: 4/7/93p1

Quinton, Theresa M., died 10/20/94: 10/27/94p32

Quirion, Arnie, lauded for leadership in the community: 11/20/97p30

Raab, Patricia A., died 7/29/95: 8/10/95p38

Rabbitt, John L., died 8/23/95: 8/31/95p38

Raiche, Mary, died 11/1/97: 11/6/97p35

Rainboth, Pat, is invited to speak in China: 9/27/97p1

Rainville, Gerry, lauded for Thanksgiving Baskets: 11/12/94p1

Rainville, GHerard A., died 3/11/95: 3/16/95p1,p34

Raizes, Panagoita, died 10/11/96: 10/17/96p23

Ramsbottom, James, honored Civil War hero: 9/19/96p24

Ramsbottom, James, story continued: 9/26/96p32,10/10/96p29

Ramsey, Alphonse H., died 7/17/95: 7/20/95p30

Ramsey, Emma, Milton Citizen of the Year: 10/12/95p1

Ramsey, Howard A., died 3/16/94: 3/24/94p30

Ranagan, John W., died 1/13/99: 1/21/99p19

Rand, Florence E., died 2/12/98: 2/19/98p33

Randall, Laura M., died 9/12/99: 9/23/99p28

Randall, Robert A., died 5/18/94: 5/26/94p26

Randall, Samuel E., 10/3/97: 10/9/97p30

Randall Sr., Fred B., died 10/12/97: 10/16/97p32

Rashed, George G., died 10/10/95: 10/19/95p33

Rawski, John, died 12/19/99: 12/23/99p22

Reade, Gordon A., died 1/9/94: 1/12/94p8

Reardon, William J., died 12/5/99: 12/9/99p26

Reed, Annette C., died 8/17/95: 8/24/95p30

Reed, Bettyann A., died 8/22/98: 8/27/98p232

Reed, Sherman M., died 11/11/95: 11/16/95p30

Reed-Erickson, Alan, Exec. Dir. of Child Development Center: 10/24/96p16

Reed-Erickson, Alan, is NH Citizen of the Year: 11/3/93p2

Reeves, Dr. David, new medical director at Frisbee Hospital: 10/15/98p18

Reigada, Vincenta, died 12/19/95: 12/28/95p23

Reinhagen Sr., Robert C., died 1/16/98: 1/22/98p27

Remick, June D., died 10/499: 10/14/99p33

Remick, Verne E., died 2/29/96: 3/7/96p30

Reuell, Helen I., died 6/30/96: 7/3/96p22

Reynolds, Margaret, died 9/4/94: 9/15/94p26

Rhodes, Katherine, accounting manager for Roch. VNA: 7/3/97p3

Rial, Rita M., died 12/15/97: 12/31/97p27

Rice, Constance C., died 5/16/98: 5/29/98p31

Rice, Rachel B., died 4/26/94: 5/5/94p27

Richard, Edna, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Nursing Home: 6/4/98p17

Richard, Evelyn M., died 2/18/94: 2/23/94p23

Richard, J. Marcel, died 10///20/94: 10/27/94p32

Richard, Raymond R., died 8/26/98: 9/10/98p22

Richards, A. William, wins Rivier College award: 9/10/98p1

Richardson, Oliver A., died 12/24/97: 12/31/97p27

Richardson, Rolfe E., died 8/21/95: 8/24/95p30

Richardson, Virginia C., died 6/28/95: 7/6/95p28

Ricker, Florence M., died 6/10/98: 6/18/98p27

Ricker, Richard N., died 1/25/98: 1/29/98p27

Riddel, Jon, receives ROTC Silver Valor Award: 7/16/98p3

Riddoch, Irene H., died 12/22/97: 12/31/97p27

Riley, Dal, named Propane Gas Assn. serviceperson of year: 11/19/98p11

Rimey, Rita Mae, died 5/24/98: 5/29/98p31

Ring, Ernest F., died 12/2/95: 12/7/95p38

Rippett Jr., Edward T., died 5/4/97: 5/15/97p27

Ritvo, Lynn, leaves as McClelland School principal: 6/22/95p26

Riviezzo, Rose, died 1/11/98: 1/15/98p18

Robbins, Sumner V. "Red", died 6/7/98: 6/11/98p31

Roberge, Lorraine M., died 1/19/96: 1/25/96p1,p26

Roberge, Rev. Robert, accepts assignment to Africa: 6/19/97p9

Roberge, Roland R., died 8/8/94: 8/11/94p1,p5,p31

Roberge, Roland R., Manor dedicated: 9/28/95p5

Roberge, Roland, visits brother's D-Day gravesite: 6/2/94p1

Roberts, James P., died 6/15/97: 6/19/97p32

Roberts, Rev. Carlyle, died 1/1/97: 1/9/97p27

Robichaud, Marie M., died 10/10/98: 10/15/98p31

Robinson, George W., new president of Rochester C/C: 2/26/98p1

Robinson, Mitzi, certified as Bone Density Technologist: 6/25/98p16

Robinson, Silas, wins DARE bike in Red Ribbon program: 10/31/96p1

Robitille, William E., died 6/5/95: 6/8/95p42

Rocheleau, Betty R., died 12/15/97: 12/24/97p22

Rocheleau, Rosaire O., died 12/6/96: 12/12/96p35

Rodway, Walter S., died 7/3/95: 7/13/95p34

Rogers, Helen F., died 5/13/96: 5/16/96p23

Rogers, Laurence, died 9/19/95: 9/28/95p31

Rogers, Leo, earns Hammer Award from VP Al Gore: 3/13/97p23

Rogers, M&M Sam, celebrate 60th anniversary: 8/12/99p15

Rogers, Tom, is finalist in State spelling bee: 4/13/95p1

Rollins, Julia M., died 1/27/98: 2/5/98p21

Rollins, Thomas M., died 9/11/99: 9/23/99p28

Ross, Efdith E., died 3//14/99: 3/18/99p32

Rothermel, Raymond H., died 9/24/98: 10/1/98p27

Rouleau, Helen E., died 9/6/97: 9/11/97p31

Rowe, Clarence R., died 7/24/95: 7/27/95p30

Rowe, Daisy B., died 8/21/97: 8/29/97p31

Roy, Alex, recognized by 911 Committee in Concord: 2/15/96p1

Roy, Barbara A., died 8/12/99: 8/26/99p24

Roy, Edgar L., died 9/??/95: 9/14/95p30(RT)

Roy, Edgar L., died 9/9/95: 9/14/95p30

Roy, Gerard S., died 1/19/98: 1/22/98p27

Roy, Robert J., died 3/22/95: 4/6/95p41

Roy, Wilfred F., died 4/21/99: 4/29/99p28

Royce, Charles J., died 12/12/97: 12/24/97p22

Ruel, Alfres J., died 7/4/97: 7/10/97p29

Ruginski, Kevin J., died 6/27/97: 7/3/97p24

Ruginski, Roberta C., died 1/21/94: 1/26/94p17

Rumazza, Edward F., died 8/26/97: 8/29/97p31

Rumazza, Pauline B., died 4/28/95: 5/4/95p34

Runde, Lucinda J., died 1/24/97: 1/30/97p31

Rundlett, Rufus, still barbering at 84 years of age: 3/24/93p1

Russell, Dorothy S., died 11/18/95: 11/22/95p30

Russell, Frederick C., died 12/20/94: 12/29/94p29

Russell, Lee, earns County Forestry Stewardship Award: 5/21/98p6

Ryea, John, takes 4th place in Voc'l Ind'l Club meet: 8/6/98p2

Sacheopfer, Joann D., died 1/18/99: 1/28/99p23

Safford, Martha Ann (Hayes), Rochester painter featured: 5/7/98p1

Salter, Karen & Chris, named "NH Parents of the Year": 8/13/98p3

Sample, Jamie Lee, sings for Jesus: 7/13/95p1

Samson, John Calvin, Civil War hero, remembered: 5/21/98p1

Sanborn Jr., Norman named City's Employee of the Month: 4/11/96p2

Sanborn, Lloyd, died 1/31/94: 2/9/94p10

Sanborn, W. Henry, died 6/8/97: 6/12/97p32

Sandstrom, Maynard W., died 1/9/99: 1/14/99p27

Sansoucie, Curt G., died 2/15/95: 2/23/95p30,p31

SanSoucie, Merrilyn, is accomplished fabric artist: 12/15/94p4

Santullo, Lisa E., died 3/6/94: 3/10/94p23

Saucier, Joseph P., died 1/8/94: 1/12/94p8

Savary, Lewis, carves Nativity scene for Holy Rosary Church: 1/7/99p1

Savasta, Mary T., died 3/11/96: 3/14/96p30

Savoie, Elaine M., died 5/28/97: 6/5/97p28

Savoie, Ruby E., died 9/23/96: 9/26/96p34

Scahill, Pauline D., died 1/16/98: 1/22/98p27

Scannell, Francis F., died 12/30/97: 1/8/98p23

Schoff, Hazel, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Nursing Home: 6/4/98p17

Schoff, Hazel F., died 10/19/98: 10/29/98p31

Schofield, Lois M., died 3/25/97: 4/10/97p25

Schwarz, Emily, new City police officer: 11/27/96p3

Schwitzer, Ruth V., doed 2/27/98: 3/5/98p30

Scott, Cindy, resigns as Library head: 11/25/98p1

Scott, Isabelle, died 7/10/98: 7/16/98p23

Scott, Louise M., died 3/17/98: 3/26/98p27

Scribner, Idamay, honored by NH School Transportation Assoc.: 3/27/97p7

Scribner, Petty Officer Neil R., to Asian seas: 8/6/98p2,8/20/98p15

Scruton, Sherrilyn K., died 4/19/97: 4/24/97p33

Seagals, Louie R., died 1/18/98: 2/5/98p20

Seale, Patricia A., died 10/18/97: 10/23/97p35

Seaman, Lucille A., died 2/12/97: 2/20/97p23

Seamans, Earl H., died 3/8/99: 3/18/99p33

Searles, Elizabeth H., died 3/15/98: 3/19/98p23

Searles, Irene M., died 10/25/99: 10/28/99p32

Seavey, Enid J., died 8/16/96: 8/22/96p26

Seavey, Richard E., died 8/14/95: 8/17/95p26

Semco, Mary G., died 3/28/97: 4/3/97p20(RT)

Semprevivo, Margaret CV., died 1/14/97: 1/30/97p31

Sessler Sr., Lawrence A, died 98/22/97: 9/11/97p31

Seton, Saint Elizabeth, patron of a Rochester school: 3/12/98p1

Sevigny, Helen B., died 3/14/96: 3/21/96p29

Sexton Jr., Harry E., died 8/16/99: 8/26/99p24

Shambos, Laura, graduates Institute for Organ. Management: 9/24/98p10

Shambos, Laura, named President of NH Ass'n of C/C Execs: 2/4/99p14

Shaw, Thelma M., died 3/21/98: 3/26/98p27

Shebertes, Margaret, died 2/7/94: 2/16/94p26

Sherburne, Flora, earns Boston Post Cane: 7/1/99p29

Sherman, Kenneth D., died 5/3/97: 5/8/97p29

Sherys. Walter S., died 1/28/94: 2/2/94p11

Siembab, Michael A., died 7/31/97: 8/14/97p32

Silva Jr., John J., died 6/9/95: 6/15/95p1,p34

Silver Jr., Frank E., died 8/20/94: 8/25/94p33

Silwoski, Amelia, wins Roch. Fair poster contest: 4/25/96p1

Simms, Elsie M., died 2/14/99: 2/18/99p32

Sinclair, Robert M., died 3/12/96: 3/21/96p29

Sindorf, Rev. John H., died 9/17/98: 9/24/98p27

Sivaine, Rosalie B., died 3/2/94: 3/10/94p23

Skidmore, John P., died 6/27/96: 7/3/96p22

Slack, Esther L., died 2/26/95: 3/2/95p28

Sloan, Frances M., died 3/12/94: 3/17/94p23

Smalley, Barbara R., died 9/2/96: 9/5/96p22

Smart, Leon F., died 12/6/94: 12/8/94p36

Smedley, Annie L., died 6/16/97: 7/10/97p29

Smith, Cathy, is City's Employee of the Month: 12/15/93p2

Smith, Charles H., died 5/17/97: 5/22/97p31

Smith, Dr. Alexander, honored at retirement reception: 9/27/97p21

Smith, Edward L., died 9/9/96: 9/19/96p26

Smith, Etta D., died 10/3/99: 10/7/99p30

Smith, Florence, authors photographic history of Rochester: 12/12/96p1

Smith, Henry O., died 7/22/98: 7/30/98p27

Smith, Jason, attends Nat'l Young Leaders Conf. in DC: 7/27/95p4

Smith, Jean, named NH Dental Hygeinist of the Year: 2/29/96p11

Smith, Michelle, named an All-American Collegiate Scholar: 6/25/98p14

Smith, Patricia G., died 5/12/95: 5/18/95p33

Smith, Petty Officer David, deployed to Asian seas: 8/20/98p17,9/24/98p13

Smith, PO David R., deployed to mid-East with USN: v#40s2p10

Smith, Sheila, and Ronald Washburn are wed 6/19/99p: 8/26/99p47

Smojice, Ebrue, died 8/22/98: 8/27/98p23

Snook, John A., died 23/1/98: 3/5/98p30

Snow, Veronica M., died 11/9/95: 11/16/95p30

Sorenson Jr., George W., died 3/12/94: 3/17/94p23

Soukaris, Pauline, died 1/12/95: 1/19/95p26

Souliere, Robert L., died 12/24/99: 12/30/99p18

Souza, Kathy, attends FHA meeting: 7/23/98p12

Sowa, Chester J., died 8/18/98: 9/3/98p23

Sowards, Lorraine J., died 3/30/99: 4/8/99p32

Spaulding HS Class of 1953 reunion: 11/19/98p16

Spinale, Frankie N., died 1/30/95: 2/2/95p22

Spinney, Liliian G., died 9/6/98: 9/10/98p22

Spinney, Ruth, honored by President and Mrs. Clinton: 5/19/94p21

Sprague, Alice, died 3/12/96: 3/21/96p29

Sprague, Constance H., died 20/29/98: 11/5/98p23

Sprague, Evelyn M., died 6/16/97: 6/19/97p32

Sprague, Irene, died 9/16/94: 9/22/94p36

Spurbeck, Jared, is runner-up in State Spelling Bee: 4/10/97p1

Spurbeck, Jared, winner of Regional Spelling Bee: 3/13/97p1,p24

Spurling, Alexina L., died 5/2/95: 5/4/95p34

St. Cyr, Rick, makes hurricane Puert Rican repairs: 11/5/98p1

St. Germain, Reginald, died 7/31/96: 8/8/96p30

St. Jean, Mariue L., died 12/13/97: 12/24/97p22

St. Laurent, Elise M., died 10//11/94: 10/20/94p32

St. Laurent, Matt, is City's Employee of the Month: 5/12/94p7

St. Saviour, Florence W., died 8/25/95: 8/31/95p38

Stacy, Dr. Sara, named associate of Family Practice: 1/22/98p6

Stanton Jr., George H., died 1/26/98: 1/29/98p27

Starrett, Carlton E., died 6/17/99: 6/24/99p25

Staylor, Ruth G., died 2/26/99: 3/11/99p32

Steele, Rose A., died 2/22/95: 3/2/95p28

Stevens, Elsie R., died 1/18/94: 1/26/94p17

Stevens, Fernande A., died 10/16/96: 10/31/96p30

Stevens, George A., died 5/8/95: 5/18/95p33

Stevens, Gerald E., died 12/30/98: 1/7/99p23

Stevens, Jeannette C., died 5/31/97: 6/5/97p28

Stevenson, Vera A., died 11/26/94: 12/1/94p33

Stewart, Glenn W., died 6/16/96: 6/20/96p29

Stewart, H. Lillian, died 5/21/99: 5/27/99p37

Stewart, Marion L., died 2/25/94: 3/2/94p23

Stickney, Whitman E., died 9/25/97: 10/2/97p31

Stilson, Chris, and Randee Wentworth are wed 7/23/99p: 8/26/99p47

Stilson, Ruth A., died 9/23/99: 9/30/99p38

Stoddard, Ruth A., died 2/15/98: 2/19/98p33

Stone, Carl A., died 1/9/96: 2/1/96p30

Stone, Lucille F., died 5/28/95: 6/8/95p42

Storer, Trudy, is City's new City Clerk: 12/1/94p4

Stowell, John. resigns as Code Enforcement Officer: 11/25/98p1

Strong, Dora L., died 12/4/96: 12/12/96p35

Stuart, Alameda L., died 9/5/98: 9/10/98p22

Stuart, Jennifer B., receives BA degree: 6/18/98p12

Stuart, Phyllis I., died 4/19/99: 4/29/99p28

Styevenson, Alexander, died 12/19/94: 12/22/94p33

Sullivan, Lawrence J., died 12/19/97: 12/24/97p22

Sunderland, Mytle, died 6/8/96: 6/13/96p29

Sutherland, Cicely L., died 9/18/98: 9/24/98p27

Sutherland, Douglas B., died 11/30/94: 12/8/94p36

Swan, Frances H., died 5/10/97: 5/15/97p27

Swebilius, Carl C., died 9/10/97: 9/18/97p28

Sweeney, Timothy, died 3/26/95: 4/6/95p41

Sylvain, Leon R., died 3/9/99: 3/18/99p32

Sylvain, Robert J., died 6/13/98: 6/18/98p27

Tabor Sr., Ernest E., died 5/25/97: 5/29/97p31

Talbert, Ethel J., died 6/15/97: 6/19/97p32

Talon, John J., died 1/8/98: 1/15/98p26

Tanguay, Leon R., died 12/8/99: 12/16/99p21

Tanguay, Marie J., died 8/12/98: 8/20/98p27

Tanner, Yvonne M., died 3/2/96: 3/7/96p30

Tara, Mae, honored by AHCA as Volunteer of the Year: 9/23/99p12

Tara, Stanley J., died 3/22/98: 3/26/98p27

Tasker Jr., Theodore L., died 2/22/97: 3/6/97p30

Tattrie, Helen M., died 12/??/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Taylor, Charlene A., died 6/14/97: 6/26/97p27

Taylor, Harlan and Saundra, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 5/2/96p26

Taylor, Herbert, earns Vaughan Award: 6/27/96(RT)

Taylor, Richard F., died 11/9/97: 11/13/97p29

Taylor, Russell J., died 8/3/99: 8/12/99p24

Taylor, Shiela, died 9/30/97: 10/9/97p30

Taylor Sr., David G., died 2/24/95: 3/9/95p31

Tessier, Albert J., died 8/24/95: 8/31/95p38

Thayer, Beulah, celebrates 86th birthday: 5/21/98p6

Thayer, Frances E., died 10/29/98: 11/12/98p26

Thayer, James E., dies 10/7/97: 10/9/97p30

Themelis, Carol, honored by American Hospital Assoc'n: 10/16/97p17

Theroux, Alma L., died 4/7/97: 4/17/97p29

Theroux, Raoul J., died 4/28/95: 5/4/95p34

Theroux, Yvette, died 4/4/99: 4/8/99p33

Therrien, Claire M., died 12/2/99: 12/9/99p26

Therrien, Irene M., died 1/21/99: 1/28/99p22

Therrien Jr., Alphonse B., died 9/28/96: 10/3/96p26

Therrien, Paul A., died 12/11/96: 12/19/96p27

Thibault, Gladys S., died 1/17/96: 1/25/96p26

Thomas, Donald S., died 8/6/98: 8/13/98p23

Thomas, Faye E. V., died 6/18/98: 6/25/98p27

Thomas, Joseph, died 8/15/96: 8/22/96p25

Thomas, M. Colette, died 8/20/97: 8/29/97p31

Thompson, Barbara J., died 4/27/97: 5/1/97p28

Thompson, Blanche E., died 2/8/95: 2/9/95p28

Thompson, Jack E., died 11/3/96: 11/1/96p22

Thone, Francis A., died 6/??/97: 6/26/97p27

Thremblay, Gerard, died 4/18/97: 4/24/97p33

Thurston, Patricia A., died 8/31/99: 9/9/99p28

Thurston, Ranae, wins VFW Voice of Democracy award: 3/27/97p23

Thurston, Richard M., died 10/??/95: 10/19/95p33

Tibbetts, George C., died 12/13/97: 12/18/97p34

Tibbetts, Mary L., died 3/18/97: 3/27/97p25

Tibbetts, William H., died 3/17/94: 3/24/94p30

Tilley, Charles L., died 12/16/96: 12/26/96p24

Tilton, Liliane S., died 1/27/94: 2/2/94p11

Titcomb, Dorothy L., died 6/20/98: 6/25/98p27

Toigo, Donna M., died 2/4/98: 2/19/98p33

Toland, Bernadette M., died 12/12/97: 12/24/97p22

Tolley, Shannon, is Air Nat'l Guard Recruiter of Year: 5/23/96p34

Toof, David, honored by Order of Purple Heart Foundation: 11/17/94p4

Toussaint, Paul, new City police officer: 11/27/96p3

Tower, Amanda S., died 6/23/98: 7/2/98p27

Towne, Reita P., died 2/27/97: 3/20/97p30

Townsend, Archie L., died 12/17/99: 12/30/99p18

Tozier, Karen F., died 10/24/94: 10/27/94p32

Trask, Rena A/. died 5/5/94: 5/12/94p27

Trembay, Pierre S., died 8/7/98: 8/13/98p22

Tremblay, Arthur M., died 2/9/94 : 2/16/94p26

Tremblay, Lucille M, died 10/15/98: 10/22/98p31

Tremblay, Roger, died 2/15/98: 2/19/98p33

Tremblay, Thelma B., died 12/19/95: 12/28/95p23

Triandafilo, Georgia, died 7/20/99: 7/29/99p25

Trogdon, Regina C., died 11/14/98: 11/19/98p26

Trudel, Simonne, R., died 9/8/96: 9/19/96p26

Trudel, Zatae M., died 12/8/97: 12/18/97p34

Trueworthy, Albina, died 5/12/96: 5/16/96p23

Tuck, Gordon, died 6/16/94: 6/23/94p23

Tucker, Frances L., died 9/14/96: 9/19/96p26

Tucker, Sr., Paul D., died 2/11/98: 2/19/98p33

Turcotte, Germaine, died 9/16/95: 9/21/95p26

Turcotte, Germaine, died 9/16/95: 9/21/95p26(RT)

Turcotte, John A., died 10/12/9: 10/20/94p324

Turcotte, Leonia F., died 6/14/95: 6/15/95p34

Turgeon, Azilda, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Nursing Home: 6/4/98p17

Turmel, Yvonne, died 6/12/96: 6/20/96p29

Turmelle, Nancy Ann, died 6/20/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

Turner, Frederick A., died 8/10/96: 8/15/96p27

Turner, Linda Lou, died 8/11/98: 8/20/98p27

Turner, Margaret A., died 8/31/97: 9/11/97p32

Turner, Robert G., died 6/9/98: 6/18/98p27

Turner, Vincent E., died 10/7/97: 10/16/97p32

Tuttle, Annie M., died 10/1/99: 10/7/99p28

Tuttle, Bernard A., died 7/1/95: 7/6/95p28

Tuttle Jr., John W., died 9/7/99: 9/16/99p25

Twitchell, Adelbert, retires after 55 years at Blue Seal: 3/5/98p18

Twombly, James, candidate for NH rep primary: 6/18/98p1

Tyler, Stella M., died 12/12/96: 1/2/97p20(RT)

Urquhart, Andrew G., died 11/27/99: 12/9/99p25

Uskokovic, Ana, wins Rochester Fair poster competition: 6/11/98p7

Uzdavinis, Maria, is Rochester Employee of the Month: 5/14/98p2

Vachon, Raymond J., died 3/15/95: 3/23/95p33

Vaillancourt, Sophie, centenarian, lauded at Riverside Home: 6/4/98p17

Vaillancourt, Sophie, died 6/12/98: 6/18/98p27

Vallee, M. Elizabeth, died 5/28/99: 6/3/99p29

Valley, Blanche, is city's Employee of the Month: 5/15/97p2

Valley, Mildred R., died 1/26/94: 2/2/94p11

Valliere, Nelson J., died 12/14/95

Van Syckel, Maxine J., died 6/3/98: 6/18/98p27

VanBuskirk, Catherine, died 1/31/97: 5/1/97p28

Varney, Arlene, died 1/4/94: 1/12/94p8

Varney, Gail, is Elk's Citizen of the Year: 2/9/95p1

Varney, George H., died 12/6/98: 12/17/98p31

Varney Jr., Charles W., died 10/26/98: 10/29/98p31

Varney, Timothy W., died 11/7/96: 11/14/96p27

Vatcher, Jo-Ann, honored by American Heart Foundation: 10/16/97p17

Vecsey, Howard V., died 3/25/94: 3/31/94p22

Veno, Arthur A., died 12/10/99: 12/16/99p21

Veno, Arthur and Lillian, observe 50th wedding anniversary: 3/21/96p26

Veno, Bernard J., died 7/15/98: 7/23/98p1,p27

Viel, Jerry, died 10/2/97: 10/9/97p30

Viel Jr., Rudolph, died 12/29/99: 1/6/00p17

Vigneault, Theresa M., died 10/30/96: 11/1/96p22

Vince, Alice M., died 3/15/98: 3/19/98p23

Vincent, Charles I., died 12/9/94: 12/15/94p32

Vincent, Maurice D., died 12/25/94: 12/29/94p29

Vincent, Roland A., died 10/7/98: 10/15 98p31

Vitagliano, Kerra L., died 12/14/94: 12/22/94p33

Vossahlik, Dorothy T., died 11/18/95: 11/22/95p30

Votour, Charles S., died 6/30/94: 7/7/94p24

Voyda, George, died 7/5/96: 7/11/96p22

Wagenfeld, Kenneth B., died 3/30/99: 4/8/99p32

Waitt, Elmer R., died 9/20/9: 9/22/94p364

Waldron, Robert D., died 1/21/98: 1/29/98p27

Walker, Antoinette M., died 6/8/96: 6/13/96p29

Walker, Ian, is part of Bosnian children-rescue effort: 6/2/94p1

Wallingford, Emily M., died1/22/98: 1/29/98p26

Wallingford, Lorraine E., died 10/14/95: 10/19/95p33

Wallingford Sr., Harry E., died 8/11/99: 8/19/99p21

Walsh, Frank, died 2/14/98: 2/19/98p34

Walter, Vincent J., died 1/17/95: 1/19/95p26

Warburton, Becky, is City's Employee of the Month: 8/15/96p11

Warburton Sr., Robert, died 6/19/96: 7/11/96p22

Ward, Edna C., died 7/21/98: 7/30/98p27

Ware, John M., died 3/31/97: 4/10/97p25

Warnecke, Francena I., died 7/25/96: 8/1/96p22

Warner, Craig & Gina, are Rochester Parents of Year: 7/23/98p1

Warner, Shannon, is Roch. Parents of the Year essay winner: 7/23/98p1

Warren, Elmer L., died 8/5/95: 8/10/95p38

Warren, Richard, died 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Warren, Richard, died 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27

Washburn, Ronald, and Sheila Smith are wed 6/19/99p: 8/26/99p47

Waskiewicz, Pat, jumps from plane for Muscular Dystrophy: 8/25/94p1

Watson, Charles A., died 4/13/95: 4/29/95p35

Watson, Edgar J., died 4/10/95: 4/13/95p34

Watson, Isabell D., died 2/8/98: 2/19/98p34,3/12/98p27

Watson Sr., Richard, died 6/22/95: 6/29/95p34(RT)

Watts, Jeffery, wins Siemon Scholarship Award: 6/25/98p26

Weeden, Albert E., died 6//5/94: 6/9/94p27

Weeks, Claire W., died 6/26/97: 7/3/97p23

Weeks, Florence H., died 10/25/98: 10/29/98p31

Weeks, Janette, died 7/31/98: 8/6/98p26

Weeks, Pauline A., died 11/4/94: 11/10/94p32

Weisen, Chuck, is new Executive Director of The Clinic: 1/9/97p13

Welch, Dandra L., died 11/18/95: 11/22/95p30

Welch, Mariann J., died 10/31/98: 11/12/98p26

Welch, Mary Louise, died 7/8/98: 7/16/98p23

Welch, Warren, takes prompt courageous action in motel fire: 9/5/96p1

Wells, George A., died 7/23/97: 7/31/97p31

Wells, Pearl R., died 12/25/98: 1/7/99p23

Wentworth, Ethelda M., died 2/12/98: 2/19/98p33

Wentworth, Randee, and Chris Stilson are wed 7/23/99p: 8/26/99p47

Wert, Anne N., died 4/24/96: 5/2/96p29

Wessell, John E., died 1/15/94: 1/26/94p17

West, Ruth E., died 1/25/97: 2/6/97p26

Whalen, Barry J., died 7/16/96: 7/25/96p26

Wheeler, Hazel A., died 7/3/99: 7/8/99p21

Wheeler, James W., died 8/21/98: 8/27/98p23

Wheeler Jr., Charles I., died 2/3/97: 2/6/97p25

Whitaker, Elizabeth M., died 4/24/97: 5/1/97p28

Whitcomb, Madeline J., died 9/8/95: 9/14/95p30

Whitcomb, Madeline J., died 9/8/95: 9/14/95p30(RT)

White, Burton E., died 8/8/95: 8/17/95p26

White, George & Bette observe 50th wedding anniversary: 11/9/95p28

White, Juliette D., died 4/14/99: 4/22/99p25

White, L. Russell, died 77/94: 7/14/94p28

White, Leslie I., died 3/18/98: 3/26/98p27

White, Riberta L., died 12/15/97: 12/24/97p22

White, Roland C., died 6/27/98: 7/9/98p27

Whitehouse, Donald L., died 8/8/96: 8/15/96p27

Whitehouse, Jeff, wins ice auger in Farm'n VFW raffle: 11/20/97p3

Whitehouse, Marie A., died 12/30/94: 1/5/95p22

Whitford, Dr. Charles: new pastor of United Methodist Church: 7/7/93p15

Whitney, Freda E., died 7/21/98: 7/30/98p27

Widill, Kristy, reaps sports awards at NH College: 5/14/98p21

Wiggin, Dana C., died 10/28/95: 11/2/95p37

Wiggin, Dwayne S., died 5/15/95: 5/25/95p38

Wiley, Alma K., died7/22/99: 7/29/99p25

Wiley, Dick, restores Opera House seats: 10/22/98p1

Wilk, Lisa Ann, and Steven Dore are wed 10/8/94: 3/2/95p12

Wilk, William W., died 8/16/95: 8/24/95p30

Wilkens, Velda M., died 7/29/99: 8/5/99p24

Wilkenson, Melbourse A., died 3/14/98: 3/19/98p23

Wilkins, Irma L., died 2/26/99: 3/4/99p29

Wilkins, Virginia B., died 4/13/97: 4/24/97p33

Wilkins, William W., died 1/31/99: 2/4/99p23

Wilkinson, Wilfred A., died 6/25/97: 7/3/97p24

Willey, Kimberly A., died 1/3/97: 1/9/97p26

Willey, Norman F., died 11/29/94: 12/1/94p33

Willey, William H., died 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27

Willey, WilliamH., died 1/14/97: 1/23/97p27(RT)

Williams, Chad, serves as page in State Senate: 6/4/98p12

Williams, Clifford J., died 3/6/99: 3/11/99p32

Williams, Elizabeth C., died 10/7/99: 10/14/99p33

Williams, Fred S., died 7/17/97: 7/24/97p41

Williams, Laura P., died 1/29/94: 2/2/94p11

Williams, Louise F., died 12/1/97: 12/18/97p34

Williams, Richard, died 10/9/96: 10/24/96p31

Williams, Terk, leaves post as Skyhaven Fixed Base Operator: 10/30/97p1

Wilson, Orrin and Louise, celebrate 50th wedding anniversay: 7/3/96p22

Winkley, Harry A., died 7/1/95: 7/6/95p28

Winkley, Joseph A., died 2/18/99: 2/25/99p28

Witham, Juliette, died 8/19/98: 8/27/98p22

Wittman, Dr. R. Peter, honored at Frisbie Hospital: 7/17/97p25

Wood, Alice E., died 12/20/97: 1/8/98p23

Wood, Amalia, died 2/21/97: 3/6/97p30

Wood, Mary E., died 4/8/95: 4/13/95p34

Wood, Wayne H., died 12/27/95: 1/4/96p23

Woodruff, Frank C., died 10/3/96: 10/10/96p31

Woods, Jean L., died 7/1/99: 7/8/99p21

Woolson, Eleanor B., died 12/27/98: 12/31/98p19

Wormald, Timothy J., died 3/19/99: 3/25/99p36

Worster, Dot, retirement party planned for: 5/14/98p13

Wright, Joy, to tour Europe as People to People ambassador: 4/6/95p5

Yates, Frederick J., died 3/2/99: 3/4/99p28

Yeagley, Raymond, shares arrowhead collection with students: 12/22/94p1

York Jr., Norman A., died 9/25/96: 10/3/96p26

Young, Bruce, is Roch. Employee of Month: 10/15/98p30

Young, Doris B., died 12/11/96: 12/19/96p27

Young, Elizabeth A., died 4/28/99: 5/6/99p38

Young, Fred A., died 7/19/98: 7/30/98p27

Young, Rhonda, named City's Employee of the Month: 2/12/98p2

Zietala, Matthew, journeys from Poland to HS valedictorian: 6/9/94p3

Zimmerman, Robert and Rachel Goon wed ??/??/94: 11/3/94


4-H Fun Day well attended: 6/25/98p7

40 et 8 Voiture announces new officers for 1996/97: 9/12/96p3

40 et 8 Voiture "ice creams" St. Charles Home kids: 7/30/98p1

40 et 8 Voiture announces new officers: 5/8/97p3

40 et 8: What is it?: 3/14/96p4

AFJROTC Awards Banquet held at Spaulding HS: 6/4/98p3

Allen School Coalition restores Woodman Park: 10/1/98p17

Alliance for Better Child Care announces new Board members: 1/29/98p16

American Heart Association elects 96-97 officers: 8/1/96p4

American Legion announces 1996/97 officers: 4/11/96p1

American Legion Auxiliary names new 1997/98 officers: 5/22/97p9

American Legion Auxiliary officers named: 5/28/98p20

American Legion names new officers for 1997/98: 5/22/97p9

American Legion officers named: 5/28/98p10

American Legion supplies American flags for vet's graves: 5/14/98p2

Boy Scout/Cub Scout troops in the area--an overview: 12/21/95p4-6

BPW Club officers for 1998/99: 6/25/98p7

BPW Club officers for 1996/97: 10/24/96p15

BPW Club officers for 1997/98: 7/24/97p11

BPW Club--an overview: 9/14/95p4-6

Bridge Club is 30 years old: 1/2/97p1(RT)

BSA Troop 186 takes part in Fire Department exercise: 11/13/97p2

C/C announces officers for 1993: 3/3/93p20

C/C elects new officers: 2/20/97p3

C/C holds Operation Thank You: 10/1/98p4

C/C lists officers and staff: 4/8/99p7

C/C names outstanding citizens of 1998: 2/4/99p13

C/C new president is George Robinson: 2/26/98p1

C/C receives donations from Richard Energy, Frisbee: 10/22/98p5

C/C to publish magazine: 5/28/98p16

C/C--an overview:4/6/95p19,4/13/95p17,4/20/95p18,5/11/95p25(Note 1)

Citizen to Citizen Advisory Board members named: 8/27/98p15

Citizen to Citizen links up with Homemakers of SC: 10/29/98s2p10

Citizen to Citizen meets with Homemakers of SC: 10/29/98p3

Citizen to Citizen will apply volunteer assistance to elderly: 6/25/98p24

Civil Air Patrol color guard wins first place: 10/29/98s2p7

Civil Air Patrol squad is NH State Champion: 12/15/94pp2

Club Victoire--an overview: 7/27/95p5

Cocheco Watershed Coalition cleans up river: 10/29/98s2p8

Cocheco Watershed Coalition explores the river: 9/24/98p1

Cocheco Watershed Coalition forming: 6/4/98p1

Cub Pack 175 Webelos II gets Arrow of Light Award: 5/21/98p17

Cub Pack 186 help cleans up Cocheco River: 5/14/98p9

DAR, Mary Torr Chapter---A quick history: 5/23/96p4

Eagles Auxiliary awards grant to East Rochester library: 7/23/98s2p1

Elks Auxiliary announces 1996/97 officers: 6/6/96p5

Elks celebrates 75 years of service: 7/6/95p9

Elks install 1996/97 officers: 4/11/96p6

Elks names Drug Awareness Poster contest winners: 5/1/97p3

Elks Scout Appreciation Dinner photos: 10/22/98p18

Elks--an overview: 8/3/95p4-6

Emblem Club announces officers for 1997/98: 6/19/97p11

Emblem Club holds Installation of Officers for 96/97: 6/20/96p5

Emblem Club lists 1995 officers: 3/16/95p33

Emblem Club reports new officers: 6/18/98p7

Emblem Club--an overview: 8/17/95p20-22

Families Assisting Families offers clothing: 6/25/98p24

Federation of Teachers launches standards campaign: 8/29/96p5

Frisbie Auxiliary officers for 1997: 1/30/97p2

Frisbie Auxiliary officers for 1999: 12/17/98p13

Frisbie honors junior volunteers 8/26/99p37

General Federation of Women's Club NH lists scholarships: 5/21/98p16

Gerry's Food Pantry, Review of: 8/22/96p4

Girl Scouts of Swift Water Council--an overview: 8/24/95p4-6

Golden Age Club officers for 1996: 3/14/96p14

Granite State Choral Soc. to perform in England: 9/10/98p21

Headstart Awareness Day pie-eating contest: 8/27/98p4

Historical Society cataloging graves: 7/30/98p1

Historical Society displays photo history of Hansen St.: 8/6/98p13

Historical Society gets new home on Hanson St.: 12/8/93p1

Historical Society holds open house (photos): 10/6/94p17

Historical Society officers for 1997: 11/14/96p18

Historical Society sells new book: 2/27/97p28

Historical Society--an overview: 8/10/95p4-6

Holy Rosary classmates circa 1950: 1/7/99p9

Holy Rosary CU announces new board members: 5/29/97p16

Homemakers Auxiliary announces 96/97 officers: 1/9/97p26

Homemakers of SC acquire fourth van: 11/6/971p18

Homemakers of SC and Citizen to Citizen link: 10/29/98s2p10

Homemakers of SC announce new Board members for 1998: 11/6/97p21

Homemakers of SC at May Day Fair at Gunstock: 6/18/98p18

Homemakers of SC Auxiliary announces officers for 1998: 9/25/97p34

Homemakers of SC board members attend conference on aging: 5/21/98s2p1

Homemakers of SC Foundation announces members: 12/31/97p2

Homemakers of SC gets grant for Champlin house rework: 9/10/98p21

Homemakers of SC hold open house in Champlin building: 10/22/98p2

Homemakers of SC honor volunteers: 5/21/98p11

Homemakers of SC honors twelve volunteers: 9/3/98p3

Homemakers of SC's two top executives resign suddenly: 5/26/94p1

Housing Authority wins award: 7/10/97p2

Housing Authority wins Merit Award: 8/20/98p11

Housing Partnership receives $30k grant: 2/15/96p32

Humane Lodge --an overview: 9/7/95p4-7

Humane Lodge installs new officers: 1/11/96p4,3/26/98p7

Interfaith Council concert aids soup kitchens: 7/16/98p9

Jaycees announce Distinguished Service Awards: 1/15/98p1

Kiwanis announces new officers for 1998: 11/6/97p21

Kiwanis celebrates 70th anniversary: 6/22/95p38

Kiwanis crew cleans Cocheco (photos): 9/17/98p1,p7

Kiwanis joins in Cocheco River cleanup: 10/29/98s2p9

Kiwanis plan clean-up of Cocheco River: 8/13/98p1

Kiwanis sponsors Kiwanis Terrific Kids at Chamberlain School: 2/26/98p16

Kiwanis--an overview: 10/5/95p4-6

Knights of Columbus Council 2048--an overview: 11/16/95p4-7

Lilac City Beautification Program is under way: 5/7/98p9

Lilac City Beautification Program plants garden areas: 5/21/98p33

Lilac Family Fun Day kicks off (photos): 5/21/98p4

Lilac Family Fun Days held (photos): 5/28/98p19

Memorial Day parade (photos): 5/29/98p4

New England Language Center welcomes Russian students: 6/18/98p17

NH Air Force Ass'n new officers for 97-98: 12/24/97p11

NH Civil Libert'n Union comments on Lachance welfare resolution: 5/7/98p1

NH Friendship Chorus returns from Africa trip: 7/30/98p1

NH Habitat for Humanity to erect house: 6/9/93p17

NH Snowmobile Association elects officers: 6/4/98p25

Opera House boutique items sale: 2/20/97p15

Opera House campaign passes the halfway mark: 2/12/98p1

Opera House chairman George Allen resigns: 6/11/98p1

Opera House efforts rewarded with 1997 Governor's Award: 7/31/97p3

Opera House holds marketing meeting: 5/28/98p31

Opera House license plates on sale: 7/16/98p11,8/6/98p24

Opera House new director/manager chosen: 9/17/98p3

Opera House, Rent Charlie Hervey's sign and help the: 5/28/98p28

Opera House reopens after 24 years: 7/17/97p1

Opera House repairs continue: 6/18/98p26

Opera House restoration, School kids raise funds for: 6/4/98p1

Opera House seeks housing for summer stock youth: 5/28/98p18

Opera House wins support (6 photos): 11/6/97p5

Order of Eastern Star 1996 officers announced: 11/2/95p20

Parent/Child Center announces summer program schedule: 6/18/98p17

Parent/Child Center--an overview: 1/19/95p12

Rainbow Assembly announces new officers: 3/20/97p3

Rainbow Girls travel to national assembly in Missouri: 9/17/98p6

RHS Class of 1929 holds reunion: 8/26/99p9

Roberge Community Center enters national awards contest: 7/9/98p26

Roberge Community Center recognized for national award: 6/11/98p29

Roch. Fair 1998 winners and photos: 10/1/98pp5,6,7,s2p2

Roch. Fair Entertainment Center, history of: 9/24/98p6

Roch. Fair to open, attractions noted: 9/17/98pp12-16

Roch. Family Fun Festival kicks off downtown: 5/7/98p9

Roch. Public Library celebrates 100th birthday: 1/30/93p4

Roch. Woman's Club disbands 12/23/99pp1,11

Rotary announces new officers for 1996/97: 7/11/96p1

Rotary Paul Harris Fellows honor organization's founder: 2/6/97p2,p7

Rural District VNA offers health screenings: 6/4/98p4

RVNA annouces 1995/96 officers: 8/17/95p26

RVNA & RDVNA to merge: 6/10/99p1,12/16/99p1

RVNA take course in care of dying patients: 11/6/97p19

Safe Place for abused women opens, A: 4/13/95p1

Sexual Assault Support Services creating new groups: 6/28/98p16

Share Fund, Review of: 8/22/96p4

SHS 1944-47 era Marching Band photo: 4/20/95p38

SHS Band & Chorus to Disney World: 6/29/95p1(RT)

SHS Class of 1934 reunion: 8/24/95p21

SHS Class of 1937 holds reunion: 7/3/97p9

SHS Class of 1937 holds reunion: 10/29/98s2p7

SHS Class of 1940 holds reunion: 9/28/95p16

SHS Class of 1944 holds reunion: 12/6/94p32,12/2/99pB7

SHS Class of 1946 holds reunion: 7/25/96p13

SHS Class of 1947 holds reunion: 10/9/97p10

SHS Class of 1948 holds reunion: 10/22/98p10

SHS Class of 1952 holds reunion: 10/30/97p15

SHS Class of 1961 holds reunion: 9/28/95p18

Societe des Quarante Hommes elects new officers: 5/14/98p3

Sons of the American Legion officers named: 5/28/98p20

Sports Hall of Fame inductees since 1985 listed: 5/22/97p27

St. Charles Home run by Mother Paul Marie, Sisters of Charity: 6/23/94p1

St. Charles Home swimmers finish courses: 9/10/98p7

St. Charles Home youngsters join in 5K Run/Walk: 5/14/98s2p1

St. Mary's Marian Society helps students prepare for school: 9/24/98p25

Tri-Area VNA and VNS of So. ME merger negotiations end: 9/17/98p9

Tri-Chamber open house a success: 6/18/98p7

Tri-City Toastmaster annouces year's awards: 2/26/98s2p1

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VFW opens bingo and function hall: 10/22/98p3

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Victims, Inc. celebrates two anniversaries: 7/2/98p27

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Working Capital-NH aids self-employed financially: 6/28/98p24

World War II Honor Roll names listed, Rochester: 10/26/95p33-35

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