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  •      This directory was last updated in 2018.
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This listing contains basic information about infant and toddler care, preschools, kindergartens and before and after school programs in Rochester.  Addresses and phone numbers only are listed for childcare services in the communities surrounding Rochester. 

For more information about Strafford County Programs or help choosing care in general, please contact:

Strafford County Child Care Connections

150 Wakefield St.

Rochester, NH 03867

 (603) 335-3849 (888)-440-4914

We cannot endorse any of these programs.  This directory is simply a service to our patrons.  Please contact providers for up to date prices and space availability.

We hope this collection of area childcare providers is helpful to you and your family during your search for childcare. 

Some additional things to consider?

Plan to visit facilities that interest you in order to find the best situation for you and your child. This will give you the chance to meet the caregivers and children and choose a caring, stimulating environment for your child(ren).

?        Does you child respond best to a structured day, or a flexible schedule?

?        Do you want your child to spend more time actively learning, or more time in unstructured play with other children?

?        What is the Teacher/Child Ratio?

?        Is the fee schedule set for the year?  When are payments expected?

?        Are the hours convenient for your family?s schedule?

?        Do you like all of the programs at the school or center?  Will your child be in the same place next year, and do you like next year?s program?

?        Is reading aloud a regular part of the daily schedule?

?        How often do children get ?screen time? (computer, video games, television, movies)?

?        Are there a variety of developmentally appropriate activities available for the children?

?        Are most of the children happily occupied?  Is any child doing nothing or unhappy?  How long does it take for the care‑giver to notice and direct the child?  How long for the care‑giver to comfort an unhappy child?

?        What are the sunscreen and bug spray policies?

?        How are the caregivers interacting with the children?  Are care‑givers making positive comments to the children?

?        Do care‑givers touch the children?  Hug them?  Hold the babies?

?        Are you comfortable talking about your approaches to childcare with the caregivers?

?        Do the caregivers have experiences or/and educational backgrounds that have trained them for work with young children?

?        Do the caregivers continue to learn more about their job by attending workshops, taking courses, and reading?

Once your child(ren) is/are enrolled in a program, it is VERY important to continue to observe the care that your child(ren) is/are receiving.

?        Ask your child(ren) about his or her day and LISTEN CAREFULLY for clues about problems your child might be having.

?        Ask the caregivers about your child(ren)?s day?

?        Discuss any issues and questions you have with your child(ren) and the caregivers.

?        Speak up if you are concerned about the program.

?        Always remember, you know best what is right for your family.

The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 S. Main St.
For additional information, call 603.335.7549. For directions to RPL, click here.