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The Rochester Public Library presents:

Poetry Through the Generations


Poetry Night and Open Mic

Join us at the Library on Wednesday, November 1st at 6pm to enjoy an evening of poetry featuring four poets, each representing a different age group. The evening will include readings from: Samantha Fitzpatrick, Mackenzie Brisson, Julian Long, and Ed Pacht.

An open mic will follow. All are invited to attend and participate.

This event is free.

Samantha Fitzpatrick
From Samantha: "My poetry is almost always linked to my reckless emotion, lead by what has happened in my life. Itís my vent for what I canít put into words to peopleís faces. Itís where I put my opinions and so much about me, thatís why most of my work remains unedited until I want to enter it into something. My poetry started rather recently in comparison to my narrative writing, coming this past year while Iíve been in narrative since elementary school."

Mackenzie Brisson
Mackenzie Brisson is currently an online student at Regent University. She lives at home, and works occasionally as a substitute teacher. She holds several local town offices and is very politically active. An interesting thing about Mackenzie is that she was homeschooled grades K-12. She rides horses and loves to read. She has participated in poetry for several years, placing in almost every contest. Her future plans include graduating law school and being elected to Congress. Mackenzieís favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.
Julian Long
J. L. Long ( lives in Dover, New Hampshire with his spouse, two cats, and crushing student loan debt. He has the hugest possible writer crush on Shirley Jackson, and his fictional boyfriend is Agatha Christieís Hercule Poirot. Julian has written pieces for some small local newspapers and special interest zines and regularly reads his work at the monthly Rochester Writers Night. When not writing, he enjoys reading, watching detective shows, petting his cats, and playing infinite levels of Super Mario Maker.
Ed Pacht
Ed Pacht is an eccentric 75 year old widower living alone with thousands of books in an old woolen mill that was converted into warehousing for antiques like him.  He and his late wife came to Rochester in 1980 to pastor a tiny church (now defunct), and he is still here after many changes, including the death of his wife, the closure of his church, two other churches, countless menial jobs, and eight different residences in and around Rochester.  Ed is now an Anglican layman, editing the diocesan newsletter, and, in effect, a full time writer and performance poet, appearing at NH Renaissance Faire (as Brother Sylvan, Wandering Bard) and at several of the many open mike poetry events in the area.  He self-publishes his poetry and short stories in a series of chapbooks (booklets of about 50 pages) and has released four books through Lulu Press: two full-length: Sylvanus Anonymus of the Greenfriars (a novel with a Medieval setting), and Strafford in the Flow of Time (poems and photos of that town); as well as two novellas, The House on Brownís Hill and Runaway.