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Susan Schwake
December 2014 Art Exhibit

This eclectic body of work spans the past ten years to present in my work. The subject matter changes and returns for further examination across media. Oil painting gave way to watercolor and gelatin printing for me. Acrylics replaced oil in the opaque painting arena.  Form and line yields to color and experimentation, which is where I feel most at home.

Susan Schwake is an artist, art educator, author and curator. Her passion for teaching art for more than 20 years has found her working in many diverse settings, as well as her own art school, which operates in conjunction with their gallery and design firm in New Hampshire - artstream.

Susan exhibits her own artwork in galleries in the United States and Europe. To date, she has curated over 100 compelling contemporary exhibitions in her own gallery with hundreds of national and international artists' work. Susan has worked with many corporations installing original artwork from the gallery's stable of artists.

In keeping with her passion for art and teaching, Susan has offered, and continues to offer, workshops and programs to parents, teachers at universities, art studios, community organization, public and private schools - and most recently online with e-courses in teacher training,  painting,  printmaking and mixed media.

Susan has four books to date released: Art Lab for Kids Series is a best seller and two subsequent titles in that series published by Quarry Books. Her latest release is first in the Kid's Art Series called Art For All Seasons, Published by Two Little Birds Publishing.

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