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Jennifer Bird 
March 2015 Art Exhibit

Artist and Rochester resident, Jennifer Bird, exhibits her ability to transform trash into beauty with her current show at the Rochester Public Library.   Through her work she strives to discover the beauty in items that have been discarded. Many of the pieces in this show are mixed media and assemblages of found and recycled components.  Originally from Pacheco, California Jennifer has been living in New Hampshire since 1989 and been creating artwork for twenty years. 

Jennifer works primarily with recycled materials using, for example, frames and canvases from thrift stores.   Jennifer’s jewelry is often formed from old costume pieces she has taken apart, and then reshaped into new compositions.  She says she enjoys making art for the sake of it rather than as a career.  In fact, she often donates profit from her sales to local charities, allowing her art to do something positive for the world.  Donations from items sold through this exhibit will be made to the Friends of the Rochester Library.  Jennifer’s creative work will be on exhibit at the Rochester Public Library through the end of March.

These images don't do the work justice...
Please visit us to see them in person!!


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