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The Isinglass Teen Read Awards

Isinglass Award Winner 2013

2013 Award Winner

Divergent  by Veronica Roth

In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomoly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.
2014 Award Nominees
Enclave,  Aguirre, Ann

15 year old Deuce was raised in
New York Cityís underground
enclaves with the other survivors
who are divided into groups by task:
Breeders, Builders or Hunters. As a
novice huntress, she is paired with the handsome
and brooding Fade. Mysterious circumstances exile
the pair to the surface where they must fight the
diseased Freaks in order to survive.

Witchlanders, Coakley, Lena


High in their mountain covens, red

witches pray to the Goddess,

protecting the Witchlands by

throwing the bones and foretelling

the future. Ryder thinks itís all a

fake, until a terrifying new magic

threatens both his village and the


In a Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat, Ellsworth, Loretta


After receiving a heart trans-

plant, 14 year old Amelia canít

explain her sudden dreams

about figure skating or crav-

ings for grape candy and won-

ders if the heart donor is trying to contact her

from beyond.

Losing It

Losing It, Fry, Erin

When Dad has a stroke, morbidly

obese Bennett is sent to live with

his controlling Aunt Laura. Pledg-

ing to improve his health, Bennett

eventually joins the cross country


Warriors Heart
The Warriorís Heart, Greitens, Eric

In this adaptation of his best selling book,
The Heart and the Fist, Eric
shares his evolution from average kid to globe
traveling humanitarian
to warrior, training and serving with
the most elite military outfit in the
world: the Navy SEALs.
Origin, Khoury, Jessica

Pia was created by a team of scientists in a secret laboratory hidden
deep in the Amazon rain forest to be
the start of a new immortal race. On
the night of her seventeenth birth-
day, she discovers a hole in the
electric fence that surrounds her
sterile home and sneaks outside the compound for
the first time in her life.
Insignia, Kincaid, S. J.

Tom is a virtual reality gamer who
is tapped by the government to
train as a virtual soldier fighting
Itís a chance at a better life than drifting
from casino to casino with his gambling, drunk
dad...but with a cost.
Crazy Dangerous
Crazy Dangerous, Klavan, Andrew

School bullies are harassing an
eccentric classmate and Sam in-
tervenes. But Jennifer isnít just
eccentric; to Sam, she seems
downright crazy. Is Jennifer see-
ing hallucinations or prophetic
The Killing Sea
The Killing Sea, Lewis, Richard

Ruslan, a native Indonesian, and
Sarah, an American vacationing
with her family, are thrown to-
gether when a tsunami hits and
destroys everything in its path.
Based on the authorís
firsthand experiences during the
2004 tsunami.
Throne of Glass
Throne of Glass, Maas, Sarah

In a land without magic, where
the king rules with an iron
hand, 18 year old Celaena
must defeat a series of killers,
thieves, and warriors in order to
win her freedom before a hidden, mysterious evil
destroys her world.
Cinder, Meyer, Marissa

In this Cinderella twist, Cinder
is a cyborg and a deadly
plague ravages the population.
From space, a ruthless lunar
people watch, waiting to make
their move. When the Lunar
Queen is invited to Prince Kaiís ball, Cinder finds
herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle,
fighting a forbidden attraction.
Ghost of Graylock
Ghost of Graylock, Poblocki, Dan

Neil wants to explore Graylock Hall,
an abandoned asylum that locals
claim is haunted by ghosts of mur-
dered young patients. Neil thinks
he's prepared for what he'll find at Graylock, but
he's certainly not prepared for what follows him
Auracle, Rosati, Gina

Seventeen year old Anna has
always been able to astrally
project, and itís never been a
problem until a tragic accident
causes someone else to take up
residency in her body...
Revolution 19
Revolution 19, Rosenblum, Gregg

Headstrong seventeen year old
Nick has spent his whole life in a
community in the wilderness, hiding
out from the robots that have en-
slaved mankind. But when the bots
turn their weapons on their creators
and discover the community's location, Nick and his
siblings are captured and taken to one of the robotís
Endangered, Eliot Schrefer

Fourteen year old Sophie is
spending the summer at her
mother's bonobo sanctuary in
the Democratic Republic of
Congo, and helping to care for
Otto, an orphaned bonobo.
Suddenly, rebels assassinate
the President, throwing the
country into war. Sophie refuses to return to the
States, choosing instead to hide in the jungle with
the bonobos.
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