Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

The Rochester Public Library participates in the New Hampshire State Interlibrary Loan Program and the OCLC Lending Program.  The Interlibrary Loan Program is a cooperative service through which libraries may lend and borrow materials with cooperating libraries.  When patrons request material that the library does not own, the library may attempt to borrow the material through this service. 

​I. ILL requests from other libraries:

​Requests from other libraries will be accepted through NHAIS, OCLC, telephone, fax, email and ALA form.

A. Material Loaned

​The Rochester Public Library will loan via interlibrary loan any part of its collection which it normally loans to library users. However, some material may be limited at the discretion of the Library.
Requests for photocopies will be sent as long as the Library is in compliance with Copyright Law.

B. Guidelines

Delivery will be made by NHSL van service, US Mail, or Fax. 

Loan Period:

  • All materials are loaned for 5 weeks.

  • Renewals of two weeks may be arranged if requested by the borrowing library. 

Lost/Damaged Material:

  • Material lost by borrowing library will be paid for by the borrowing library upon receipt of a bill from the Rochester Public Library

Overdue charges:

  • The Rochester Public Library does not charge borrowing libraries an overdue fee until a bill is generated.


  • The Rochester Public Library may reserve material requested through ILL only when asked specifically to do so and at the discretion of the Library.  

II. ILL requests from our patrons:

​When requested material is not available at the Rochester Public Library, patrons may initiate an interlibrary loan request.

A. Materials Borrowed:

​Patrons cannot request items owned by the Rochester Public Library, items published within the last year, rare items, fragile items, or items in heavy demand. Patrons cannot request an item they have already borrowed within the past year.

​B. Guidelines:

Before requesting an interlibrary loan, patrons must have held a card for three consecutive months and have no fines or fees.
Patrons may borrow no more than three interlibrary loan materials at any given time. 

Patrons must fill out and sign Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Any patron who has neglected to pick up ILL material borrowed on their behalf by the Rochester Public Library or returned their material late may be denied access to ILL.

Loan Period:


-The loan period is set by the lending library.

Lost/damaged material:

-Charges for lost or damaged items are billed to the patron in the amount the lending library charges.

Overdue charges:

-There is no grace period for overdue interlibrary loans; overdue fines are $1.00 a day.  There is a $5.00 charge for items not picked up. 

​Adopted by the Rochester Public Library Board of Trustees 2/01/1994.
Last revised 9/19/2012.


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