Facility and Grounds Library Visitors Conduct & Use Policy

The Rochester Public Library is committed to providing and maintaining a clean, comfortable, pleasant, and safe environment for the many residents who utilize the facility for appropriate reasons and in an appropriate manner.  In order to create an environment conducive to responsible use, the Library determines expectations for appropriate use and enforces standards of behavior consistent with these expectations.
While the rights of all individuals are respected, those individuals whose actions interfere with the right of others, including Library staff members, to have available at the Library, a clean, comfortable, pleasant, and safe environment, will find that inappropriate actions cannot be and will not be accommodated or accepted.
The expectation is that Library visitors and users will be provided an environment in which their use of the Library will not be infringed upon by social disruption or offensive behavior caused by inappropriate words, actions, or conditions.  The expectation is that Library staff members will also be provided a similar environment for performing their duties and without being subjected to threats, harassment, condescension, or a climate of fear initiated or caused by a few individuals.
To make these expectations a reality, the Rochester Public Library establishes standards of behavior and rules of conduct and determines prohibited activities.  The Library will seek to enforce the standards of behavior, and, as deemed necessary, will restrict or deny use of the Library, temporarily or permanently, to individuals who violate these rules.

The following are prohibited within the Library facility and on Library grounds:

1. Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, Local, or other applicable law or Library Policy.

2. Possession of weapons of any kind, including firearms and ammunition (except by law enforcement officers). 

3. Possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or being inappropriately under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Verbally or physically threatening, harassing, or intimidating other Library visitors or Library staff members, including stalking, staring, lurking, inappropriate touching, indecent exposure, or the display of sexually explicit or violent materials or photos. 

5. Fighting or challenging to fight, hitting, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing items.

6. Trespassing in nonpublic areas of the Library unless specifically authorized by a Library Staff Member.

7. Vandalism within the Library facility or on Library grounds.

8. Theft of, or damage to, Library property, equipment, or materials.  The Library reserves the right to inspect personal belongings for concealed Library items.

9. Creating disruptive noises such as loud talking, screaming, swearing, banging on computer keyboards or other equipment, or using a cell phone in a loud and disruptive manner (or any cell phone use, or ringing, within a designated ‘cell phone free” area of the Library facility), or excessive or disruptive talking within a designated “quiet zone” of the Library facility.

10. Gambling or any disruptive group activities.

11. Using restrooms for bathing , shampooing, or doing laundry.

12. Littering within the Library facility or on Library grounds.

13. Smoking, chewing, use of water vapor or electronic cigarettes, or other tobacco use within the Library facility or within 30 feet of the facility and its entrances. 

14. Spitting or any other unsanitary actions, including misuse of the public restrooms.

15. Leaving bags, laptops, or other items unattended. 

16. Storing, or attempting to store, personal items or inappropriate items, including bedding materials within the Library building or on Library grounds. 

17. Offensive body odor or a lack of personal hygiene, including open wounds, disruptive to the Library environment.

18. Barefoot, shirtless, or wearing inappropriate attire, or a lack of attire, disruptive to the Library environment.

19. Wearing hats, hoods and sunglasses.

20. Consuming food or beverages in public areas of the Library including restrooms (except at authorized programs).  Water in enclosed containers may be permitted.  

21. Bringing garbage or other foul smelling items, into the Library or disposing of garbage or non-library related items, within the Library facility or on Library grounds.

22. Sleeping within the Library facility or lying down on the floor or on Library furniture. 

23. Blocking or congesting the sidewalk, Library entrances, or any Library stairways or passages, by congregating, or by sitting or lying down. 

24. More than one person to a chair, three to a couch, six to a table, one to a carrel. 

25. Inappropriate displays of affection, including sitting on another’s lap.

26. Using skate boards or roller blades or similar wheeled devices within the Library or on Library grounds, except that bicycles may be parked at the provided outdoor bike racks. 

27. Bringing any pets or animals, other than service dogs necessary for disabilities, into the Library. 

Service dogs must adhere to the Standards of Behavior as detailed by the NH Governor’s Commission.

28. Use of the ground floor (Children's Room and Lobby) by patrons other than children, their caregivers, and those actively using the children's collection.

29. Leaving a child under ten years of age unattended at the Library or on Library grounds. Neglecting to properly supervise children.

30. Use of cameras, including cell phone cameras, within the Library facility or on Library grounds, without permission. 

31. Use of Library phones or equipment.

32. Loitering or not visiting or using the Library for its intended purpose.

33. Soliciting or panhandling staff or patrons for money within the Library facility or on Library grounds.

34. Sending Library Staff inappropriate messages, or messages delivered in an inappropriate manner, through the mail or through phone calls, emails, text messages, and other means. 

35. Violating the Library’s Internet Use Policy, Wireless Access Policy, or Library Internet Use procedures or guidelines. 

36. Any other behavior or situation deemed inappropriate by Library Staff.

For anyone in violation of the above standards of behavior, use of the Library and access to the Library facility and to Library grounds may be restricted or denied, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the situation.  If needed, Police will be contacted, a Trespass Notification will be issued, and other steps taken.  Suspension or revocation of use or access may be appealed by writing to the Board of Library Trustees, 65 S. Main Street, Rochester NH 03867. 

​Adopted by Board of Library Trustees 7/16/1997. 
Revised 4/22/2014.


Main Desk: 603-332-1428    Children's: 603-335-7549

Reference: 603-335-7550


65 South Main Street
Rochester, New Hampshire



please call 603-332-1428 ext 2 for hours

Sunday: Closed

The Library's outer doors are locked 15 minutes prior to closing.

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