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"Our librarians provide patrons assistance in identifying and using legal resources within the library's collection. We do not perform legal research, interpret legal materials, or provide legal advice. If legal advice is required, a patron should seek the assistance of a licensed attorney."

Access hundreds of online and printable legal forms.

NH Law Library Guides organized alphabetically or by subject or type.

The New Hampshire Law Library is the only public Law Library in the State of New Hampshire. Its mission is to advance the administration of justice by providing legal information and related services to the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government, the legal communities of New Hampshire, and the people of the State.

NH Legal Aid helps low-income people find free legal help for their problems in New Hampshire. They offer information, advice, legal representation, or referral to the right source of help to those who qualify for services. This website is a cooperative effort of New Hampshire's Legal Services.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance is a nonprofit law firm working to make justice a reality for and with people who experience economic hardship that threatens their basic human needs.

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