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July 2018 - Samantha Eldredge, Megan Donahoe, and Krystal Stover

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Samantha Eldredge, Megan Donahoe, and Krystal Stover, MindsEye Designs artists, during the month of July.

Samantha Eldredge is in love with rainbows. The sequence of color in a rainbow is important to her as she works with intention, moving from “red, orange, yellow, green, blue to purple.” These colors are repeated and often drawn into her favorite shapes: flowers, hearts, and stars. Samantha has been attending the MindsEye Designs visual art program since 2012.

Megan Donahoe likes to illustrate birds and cats using collage, drawing and painting. “With collage I created a work combining mixed shapes of colored papers and fabrics, buttons and string to portray a cat tangled up in yarn!” When painting, Megan carefully selects colors and enjoys finding ways to create different kinds of shapes and textures.

For many years, Krystal Stover has participated in the MindsEye Designs Creative Art program at Community Partners. There she learned to make clay beads and design beaded jewelry. A few years ago, Krystal decided she wanted to draw and paint. Influenced by artist Alma Thomas, Krystal began creating intricate collages with paper and glue. Krystal enjoys exhibiting and selling her work to art lovers in her community.

MindsEye Designs is a vocational program in the creative arts for adults with developmental disabilities participating in day program services. The primary focus is to encourage and explore creativity, acquire new skills, and to support people in their quest to become working artists. For more information, visit

The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street. Call 332-1428 for more information.

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