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March 2024 - Marina Forbes

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Marina Forbes during the month of March.

A conversation with the award-winning artist will be held on Tuesday, March 26th 2024 from 6-7:30pm in the Rose Room. The exhibit "Paint Your Town Beautiful" features picturesque architecture of Rochester with fascinating facts provided by local historians Bob Griffin and Kent Marzoli.

Marina writes: The central focus of my professional life is my effort to expand awareness and appreciation of the beautiful nature and historic charm of New England. For me, my creative work is always joyful and rewarding. My art is infused with my heritage and my unique perspective on the world around me. I love dedicating a major part of my life to studying, exploring and painting nature outdoors "en plaine aire". I always arrange to spend time travelling and enjoying the beauty of different seasons of New England and sometimes even braving the elements to enhance my understanding of the rich variety of color palette, patterns and motifs of nature. The play of light, the sense of atmosphere and physical experience of floating in a groundless world are irresistible for me. I love being involved in the total creative process. My contemporary work is always well researched and filled with diverse traditional themes and styles combined with the freedom and exuberance of Impressionism and Avant-garde forms. My ultimate goal is always to satisfy my creative impulse by producing lasting works of great imagination, strength, universality, dignity, and spirituality. For more information regarding Marina Forbes’ art, classes and traditional arts workshops please contact her at: (603) 332 2255, e-mail: or visit:

Painting "A Day at the Library" by Marina Forbes


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