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June 2018 - The Road Not Taken: Artistic Interpretations of the Poetry of Robert Frost

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: Artistic Interpretations of the Poetry of Robert Frost during the month of June 2018. The Road Not Taken is an art exhibit inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost and conceived by Derry artists Corinne Dodge, Judy Krassowski and Ingeborg Seaboyer for the grand re-opening of the Derry Public Library, Derry NH, in September 2011. After a few months’ residence at the Derry site, the artists decided to look for other New Hampshire venues for the exhibit - other “roads” for it to travel. The presentation is currently touring public libraries, community and university venues throughout southeastern New Hampshire.

The artwork viewed in The Road Not Taken includes both new works inspired by the words of Robert Frost and some older pieces that provide vivid and connective imagery for his anthology of poems. Planning for this exhibit afforded the three artists the opportunity to revisit Frost’s work, reading and re-reading, to match just the right words to its appropriate visual. Many of the poems resurfaced with the familiarity and comfort of old friends; others, more unfamiliar or obscure, presented their own intrigue and challenges. The artists chose one poem to be interpreted with their individual styles as the lead works for the exhibit. Each subsequent work is accompanied by a selected verse with artist’s notes, explaining the process or personal perspective that the artist applied to that particular piece. The exhibit is scheduled for display during a one to two-month period at each venue, and can now be seen at the Rochester Public Library, in Rochester, NH for June 2018. Stop by and view the works inspired by America’s most famous unofficial poet laureate. Enjoy the comfort of an old friend, or introduce yourself to his view on neighbors, survival and nature. It’s worth checking out. For more information contact:

Inge Seaboyer (603) 479-6491

The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street. Call 332-1428 for more information.

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