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January 2017 - Joanna Gould

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present an exhibit of encaustic works by Maine artist, Joanna Gould.

Gould's work fuses oil pigments and found objects with layers of translucent beeswax and damar resin, creating pieces which can be described as dreamlike and mystical.

Gould says her work is highly influenced by place and that her paintings are lyrically obtuse. Light and dark colors with seasonal hues and shapes combine to create delicate, ethereal impressions of natural landscapes.

Gould studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Boston, as well as landscape architecture at the Arnold Arboretum Landscape Institute of Harvard University. Four years ago she attended an encaustic workshop and has been working in the medium since.

Her work will be on exhibit on the first floor of the Library through the month of January. The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street.

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