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May 2015 - Daryl-Ann Hurst

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to exhibit recent of work of abstract artist, Daryl-Ann Hurt, of Rochester. Large and small pieces highlight her fearless use of color, many of which incorporate palette knife work and oil pastel. Hurst has also begun to introduce figurative elements in some pieces which she says emerge as a result of her subliminal right-brain expressive tendencies. This solo exhibit will run through the month of May.

Hurst, originally from California, is a prominent artist in the seacoast. She began showing her work in 1978 and has been in group shows nationally as well as solo shows in New England. She is in the permanent collection of the Rochester Museum of Fine Art and was recently awarded the Artistic Achievement in the Visual Arts Award by the City of Rochester Commission for Arts and Culture.

In addition to painting, Hurst spent several years doing photography for the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment and the state of New Hampshire’s Office of Coastal Planning. She has garnered other art experience through owning a gallery in Hartford, Connecticut, being a managing member in three cooperative galleries and associations and curating the art of a private music club.

Hurst’s work is on the first floor of the Rochester Public Library on 65 South Main Street. For more information, call 603-332-1428.

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