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September 2016 - Wendy Morneau

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Wendy Morneau, of Create Inspire Repeat.

A lifelong crafter, Morneau began taking pictures of her children when they were young and her interest in photography grew from there. Her current body of work is inspired by nature. Using found objects such as rocks, sticks and flower petals, Morneau thoughtfully arranges her materials into collages which she then photographs.

Her images are vivid and eye-catching: some whimsical, such as an owl made of bark and twigs with acorns for eyes while others are kaleidoscopic in nature, reminiscent of mandalas. Layers of rich color make these photographs sparkle like jewels, luring viewers in to appreciate the fine details. Also on display is a selection on Morneau???s handmade necklaces. Each is unique featuring shells and glass beads. Morneau???s work is on display through the month of October on the first floor of the Library.

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