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June 2017 - Fred Hunter

Fred Hunter is a local man who rides a bicycle, enjoys trains (model and real), goes fishing, is a devoted friend and a creative visual artist. Fred wanted to show his art work to the Rochester community in the month of June because it is often good bicycle riding weather! He wants viewers to know; “It is not easy being born with a disability.” In one of Fred’s dreams he enjoys driving a “chopper” like the one in the film, Easy Rider.

Fred has been drawing and painting and making jewelry with instructors from the MindsEye Designs Creative Art Program at Community Partners in Dover, NH. You can see some of Fred’s handcrafted art in the cases here at the Library as well as his paintings and drawings on the walls nearby the main circulation desk. All of Fred’s works are for sale unless noted otherwise. To arrange any purchases of Fred’ work call Taintor Child 603-842-5784 or email, 100% of any sales goes to Fred.

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