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September 2017 - Beth Wittenberg

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to host an exhibit of artwork by local artist, Beth Wittenberg, through the month of September.

Wittenberg is a local artist and poet who has been working professionally in Europe and the United Stated and is held in both public and private collections. Locally Wittenberg has work with the non-profit alternative arts collective, Wrong Brain, in Dover, NH. She has been commissioned to be a street artist at the 2017 Water Bear Confabulum at the University of Maine Farmington in October.

Wittenberg says of her current exhibit, “We the People”, …”it IS my responsibility to record history and speak out against injustices. This exhibit at the Rochester Public Library concerns itself with my responses to the political climate in America in 2017. Typically the majority of my artwork concerns itself with spiritual matters, however at this moment in time I am tuned into international, domestic and personal politics that express my disdain for all the hate and mudslinging that’s going on in our country. Wittenberg describes her style as a mixture of raw intuitive art, with a hint of graffiti and abstract expressionist energy.

“This work is full of my angst, energy and passion. She speaks of her process, “I do not approach my painting with anything in mind. I stay in the moment and allow myself to listen to impulses through which the universal consciousness is expressed. I attempt to bring forth the dialogue I’m having in the moment of creating. Often times the paintings speak to me of their meaning after the painting is completed.”

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