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March 2019 - Vanessa Marie Simms

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Vanessa Marie Simms during the month of March.

Vanessa Marie Simms is a self-taught acrylic and oil artist. She was born in Dover, New Hampshire, and grew up in Lee, New Hampshire most of her life. Growing up with an artistic mother, Vanessa’s artistic inspiration began at a very early age. As she got older she took art classes at school, as well as wood working which was her favorite class. After school her favorite pastime was to sit in the woods, under trees, sketching. Her passion for art and nature continued into adulthood.

In her early 20s she discovered a deep love for acrylic painting. She started painting murals, then progressed to canvas, with different mediums and textures. Since then she has illustrated a children’s book, hosted custom paint parties, and actively participates in local charities. Vanessa has displayed her pieces at numerous libraries, doctor’s offices, frame shops, and galleries. She specializes in local landscapes, seascapes, and pet portraits. Some other things that Vanessa enjoys to do is run and hike in New England’s beautiful mountains. During which she always has an eye out for the next painting inspiration.

The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street. Call 332-1428 or visit for more information.

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