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August 2022 - Marcey Buchakjian

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Marcey Buchakjian during the month of August.

Over the last decades, I have explored diverse artmaking concepts and techniques - from bronze casting and ceramic sculpture, to traditional oil painting of portraits and landscapes. On occasion, I have experimented working in installation, using such oddities as pet fur, human hair, and roughly a thousand crocheted doilies created by my Grandma.

I am especially interested in the evocativeness of textural objects - ginger roots and prickle pear cactus fruit, seashells and seed pods - and enjoy setting up imagined relationships between them. To me, they become couples and families when seen in the right light. I am also a fan of children’s picture book art and illustration, and have dipped my toes into creating images and characters that may someday help to tell a good story.

I currently teach elementary art to children in Rochester, and am a mom to two funny, creative kids, who have cheered me on as I put on my “artist hat” during pandemic teaching life.

My students and kids are my heart. They inspire me to take creative risks, play, and allow for ideas to make twists and turns in the process of creating.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, I can be reached at:


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