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July 2022 - Sher Lester

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Sher Lester during the month of July.

Most of my work is fueled by a love of color. Beaded jewelry and batik fabrics were great ways for me to indulge my passion; but a few years ago I was inspired to leave that all behind and paint. It was interesting that I experienced an internal reluctance to follow this inspiration. Having an introspective nature I discovered I’d connected my identity to what I did, my work. I actually felt like I was going to die if I stopped designing jewelry, etc. and started painting. Once I understood what was happening, I took the leap. My son, Chris Lester, who is a songwriter/musician wrote a song “It’s Never Too Late to Change” and in that spirit, at the age of 75, I made a change.

Now I’m playing with color in new ways. I enjoy the freedom and surprises of the fluid pours (not the mess so much!) as well as the focus and precision of the mandalas and sacred geometry.

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