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September 2022 - 3S Artspace

3S Artspace presents a traveling exhibit Culture Keepers, Culture Makers: works by students in race & equity workshop.

"In the fall of 2021, 3S Artspace selected and welcomed 14 adult participants for a series of art workshops led by artist Richard Haynes. The group represented a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds, with express interest in the experience. During the workshops, which were free to participants, Haynes guided the group through the creation of two-dimensional pieces which were first exhibited in the Lobby Gallery at 3S Artspace from November through January.

Workshop participants included MHB, Lisa Burk-McCoy, Alizah Coraccio, Jiff Cornwell, Beth Falconer (Executive Director of 3S Artspace), Jan Fonseka, Nihco Gallo, Mark Giuliucci, Amanda Howerton, Kiyoshi Imai, Arul Mahadevan, Nancy Vanbenschoten, William Wright, and Gabriela Yeshua.


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