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September 2015 - Berwick Art Association

The Rochester Library is pleased to present a show of work by the Berwick Art Association. This is the second time the BAA has exhibited work at the Library. The show will run through the month of September and the public is invited to visit during normal Library operating hours.

Although it is a young group, the Berwick Art Association has already made significant contributions to local art through exhibits at River Stones and Traip Academy, the Prime Tannery Community Wall project and participating in the Strawberry Festival in South Berwick. The group represented in the Library show is larger than earlier shows and includes some new members contributing pieces. Some of the artists whose work is offered include: Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst (winner of 2014 Achievement in the Arts Award, Visual Arts, Commission of Arts and Culture, Rochester), Taryn Myers, Anne Vaughan, Bob Farrell, Amy Frances Jonann, Valerie Cooper, Vanessa Issa, Gloria Houlne, Chris Kfoury. There will be abstract expressionism, plein air landscape, realism, found-object work, and photography and some surprises. The group is free and open to all in all mediums and is always welcoming new members. Please check out Berwick Art Association at

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