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November 2021 - Susan Schwake

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present the artwork of Susan Schwake during the month of November.

Susan Schwake is an artist, author and art educator. In her artwork, she is inspired most by the natural world and the changes it goes through – both inherent and external forces. She often abstracts these interactions through simplification, distortion, heightened or changed color and viewpoint. She works with ink, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and paper on paper, panel and canvas. Her work has been exhibited on the East Coast of the US, Mexico and Europe.

In addition to teaching art at artstream studios in Rollinsford NH, Schwake has written several books, and paints most every day.

This body of work is from her “Details” collection originating in 2017 and is still in progress in 2021. It examines natural forms in the artist’s world, choosing and discarding natural color and shape as she sees fit. These forms have appeared in these gouache paintings and have spread to work including monoprints, acrylic large-scale paintings, and sculpture.

To learn more about Susan Schwake and artstream studios, visit, or

The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street. Call 603-332-1428 or visit for more information.


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